Paul Bissonnette And We Bought A Conversion Van

Apr 20, 2017

The NFL has released their 2017 schedule which means the fastest 2 minutes are back to break down the Thursday night games (3:07 - 7:59). We bought a conversion van with 215,000 miles on it to drive to the draft in Philly next week. NHL/NBA Playoffs, Lebron is amazing and the Blackhawks are dead (7:59 - 22:55). Paul Bissonnette joins the show to talk Playoffs, handshake lines, what he doesn't like about the NBA, and our fake Canadian accents (22:55 - 45:05). Segments include Tiger Woods Update, Lebron Blames, Locker Room Talk for Alex Jones Man Cave weed sessions, PR 101 for those that fail the Wonderlic, and a brand new segment Guy's on Chicks. Plus Jimbos and the craziest update on PFT's e-book

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