Nate Silver and Sam Dekker

Apr 18, 2017

NBA/NHL Playoffs and the guys are buying a Conversion Van (2:56 - 5:12). Panic Button time for various teams across the country (5:12- 10:17) . Hot Seat/Cool Throne featuring a spirited Alex Jones and JNCOS discussion (10:17 - 19:10). Nate Silver joins the show to finish off his interview, mean tweets are read and we ask whether or not the Matrix exists(19:10 - 37:45). Houston Rockets Forward Sam Dekker joins the show to talk about the Russ Westbrook/Patrick Beverly feud, Aaron Rodgers, and what it's like guarding James Harden in practice (37:45 - 49:17). Segments include Mike Greenbergs Dumb Rules, Hmmmmm, Witch Hunt, Bad Visual for Tiger Woods' cargo pants, PR 101 for Carmelo Anthony impregnating a stripper, Sabermetrics, and a thats enough internet for today.

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