Richie Incognito And Marlins Man

Apr 23, 2017

Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Capitals advance (1:11 - 7:02). NBA feuds, Rondo vs Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart vs Jimmy Butler, Russ vs the media, and Lebron vs Paul George (7:02 - 17:28). Who's back of the week (17:28 - 23:28). Buffalo Bills lineman Richie Incognito joins the show to talk about draft memories, the Ryan brothers, his new Head Coach, and Mean tweets (23:28 - 38:17). Segments include Bad Visual, Respect the Biz, the debut of "Marlins Man is on national TV so we called him", hurt or injured, Perspective, Guys on Chicks, Hank Explains, and Thats enough internet for today.

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