#1270 - Lenny Clarke

Mar 25, 2019

Lenny Clarke is a legendary Boston comic and actor.

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guess one of the funniest human beings on the planet Earth I have known him for a long fucking time he actually was a comic that I opened up for the second time I ever got paid to do stand-up he's hosting movies has been in Rodney Dangerfield's HBO Comedy specials he's a brilliant comedian and a Boston Legend and I just I fucking love is got to death please give it up for the great and powerful he's with his brother Lenny Clarke is his name but he's with his brother Mike Clark who's also a guy who runs Giggles Comedy Club in Saugus and he ran a bunch of comedy clubs he was there for the hay day he used to run the dang Hall which is like the legendary comedy club in the history of stand up in Boston I fucking love these two guys. So please give it up for Lenny Clarke and his brother Mike Clark

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set a reminder on The Joe Rogan Experience

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can he ha Lenny Clarke ladies and gentleman and his brother Mike Mike Clark the second man to ever give me paid work ever in my tire professional career opening up for Lenny. J's in Pittsfield yeah right by joji yeah I remember that big I don't even know if you don't mess around anymore but I remember that kid like it was yesterday.. I paid my rent many times many times and you did to working for you pay my roommates I work I work for Mike one of the crazies gigs I ever did that I think was a one-and-done you never did it again it was a restaurant and I was in the seating area in the microphone for the people when they announced their table was tied to the PA system so you'd be in the middle of this punchline be like so I said to the guy Clark party to party to Clark your table's ready by call know was that that was at the Mexican place down the cape was it

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a lot of one-nighters back in the day

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cool thing about being a comic in Boston is that if you lived in Boston you could go anywhere within like an hour or two hours outside the city and work basically every weekend we were working seven nights a week at one point because a lot of people are very bad with the taxes I always my mother told me don't fool around with the taxes or the mob you might have been the only guy hamstring that knocks you got killed Kennedy get killed hundreds of thousands yeah yeah there's no getting out and I'm getting out you wanted to paint it for the rest of your life it's like student loans or something you know

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what are you doing out here it's going on about to do that I was going to do was ice melt single mother I'd like to fuck it was on the shuttle I thought I'd show you were doing today and I played in about 35 years ago she never forgot it and she was falling through the night to make sure we were going to do that and then it didn't pan out in the show got canceled so sexual impropriety something at nothing to do with me I was crazy and now we have cameras cell phones run

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Haitian big fundraiser we do every year. San Diego Navy SEAL that we golfing Monday and we've been in touch with ever since he's is that the real bad if ya novels that Island it's going to the logs Debbie spinning logs give a mouthpiece or Donald Rumsfeld Rich warmonger type dudes Jay has a lot of a lot of money out there I was sitting room shelves office at the Pentagon to Joseph cross on you but you know my buddy will lose

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I was reading the stuff on this desk cuz he's a contract when you can read upside down and also thinks it's this God realize what you seek is not good it's amazing of those guys are still alive. What am I me to Elliot and he had the person killed for that hot since that's what I used to do that I used to do a bit about how you had an extra secret service agent there was only like vegetables and physically and had a jog everyday is like what the fuc why do I have to do all this stuff it could have been either one day he had a pump inside of his body one point time we didn't have a heartbeat

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why was he had this crazy pump it would just circle the blood but there was no don't don't don't don't tell someone checked his heartbeat through think he's dead there was no heartbeat show me could fake that situation monster movie I was doing a show and they make it show that made you have a I went into the gyrus oh my God is mighty God you feel okay I feel great is your heart is beating 283 beats a minute so he said this is horrible to an 83 beats a minute yet they stay watch me to hospital but before that I said if I give you some money are you trying to bribe me a yeah

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I need to drop you off at 8 review for ablation and then it was both sides and I hold the record for being jump-started to know a different relationship is like a phone book how many times did they restarted you a hundred times and you see the future they finally did the ablation where they go in and they burn the pot that flapping and they found out the other side was flapping too so they was like eight hours on the table at the Straight Talk them my friend. Avelino Everlast from House of Payne Calvin died while titanium valve it's really creepy wow push the microphone

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Grace, I didn't know I was a ship tomatican how do I set the doctor what do you think of you spell you know you wait probably has something I did a lot of blood when you have to do what was the small mountain in Peru Mission I talked about it when he did the show that whole crew that Nick comedy stop crew was cocaine fucking Extravaganza oh yeah I was very fortunate that I did that didn't still haven't never did Coke. I don't know how to blow for $200 I had a lot I couldn't finish it in a week ago but I've tried to blow what is it look like

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did you go there just for a couple years ago burn notice they were filming a movie okay and dash me to come down and I went down there and I went I remember some of this but I'm doing it now but when did you stop doing it

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22 years ago wow that's a good amount of time what had to be you know I was doing this movie and I finished the guy I had a guy through a wall and I really like the guy in on it and I don't want to hurt him and should not try to put him through the wall and took a door off the hinges and this is Whitey bulger's play psycho I'm done after today if someone's going to pay Whitey show the guy I got I finished and I bought a bag of blow and whiskey and back at the open some music as you happy that she get real happy I said you don't scare me up at 6 a.m. so I went back to the hotel I met my buddy my childhood buddy we went out and we can go before they charge us for boys

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what bag and we doing blow in the dog bags open it and I just clicked and I thought it was a cactus I tried to blow with me and just listen to Mrs after a bender after did you have a problem going to be a wife

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wow 23 years ago and the comedy that feel to it because the colony was frantic when I was a thing about the guys who came out of Boston like still to this day they had like the fastest pays the most punchline and the audience is there we're used to that today I want any bullshit and I would tell you if you were going to be new material by the minute you do anything you've done before I get off the stage so rajstopy sitting at the back and suck your Shadow next it was just me and the people you like you said the audiences that came in there would come every week and they would not settle for any bullshit

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that's no good stuff in there that wasn't there was so many people that came to those shows that with legendary will the Ding Ho Wednesday night Lenny would put like 32 axon call shut up I got a couple more guys want to give a break to finish up here the first night he took over when krementz left grandmas was leaving and she was 85 86 someone I don't know

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Grover from Barry injunction lease Esther Haman baby sleep from you stay for me I'll double your pay on the 15th of $30 right at the time and he says I'm a nice guy you just got laid off and fall what if he screws up my mother will be fine she says to shut the food sucks close the back room close the restaurant we're going to make that it I shall room too so you can open the front room he go through the kitchen and do a show in the back room then they come back there and wait till it and we started doing chick shows tonight but the first night he comes in I was pretty little because you're not going on tonight you're drunk and I got you a man so he gets cabin

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I said you're not going on tonight I apologize okay you're right but it shows tonight in the front three in the back of the Chinese dominoes over Chinatown and he didn't pay his food tax and so I guess a year-and-a-half later they came and locked it up but the first they came and he would send a kid to a liquor store by post cuz they took all the pores so we have to buy booze for that night and then after that date they took the chairs they put the tables but it was Wednesday night Lenny Thursday night DJ has it Friday night Don Gavin Saturday night crimmins and Sweeney on Sunday night

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maybe I'll just kill it show people don't know is that Boston a different way doing it so it was the Lenny Clarke show Lennie would host the show 15 minutes. Hit open with 42 you know what you know what I came up with that joke that was my idea because it used to be close if I can host it I can through lines and smoke help in between the guys take it over that guy and it just took off it was great and then you would different different routes to like Calves like I was always working Wednesdays and IP other clubs in when I was going to work a show cause Cafe

► 00:22:12

did not go formation they hated being asking what the fuck it was a hold and I had to learn to adapt to different honey it's just

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say it was more than just his fucking, he was so sharp he would have punch lines you never saw coming to the top of punchlines you never saw that you were recovering from the last pain so I need to hit you in another one. Yeah it was the first time I saw him he came on and I watched him and I sent a message I I like it but that was my first I might be a fucking life like with competitive you always welcome and one night I was doing a show with him and some guy came on stage behind because coming by Meg Ave jumped over this railing and squatted the guy off and I was pretty good because I got you back and then we drove home to his place but was like 3 days to get my and we've been friends episodes

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if you could be the richest person or the most famous person what would have been a rather be purchased a frameshift a bunch of bulshit glad you came around to do the nobody knows is Rich Project nobody I mean it's unbelievable I mean to live like that you're not your billion save out of here it's these guys are just like that more money more than that's a weird life yeah we're like everybody else is struggling but no one knows these people are like Anonymous and if more money than you could ever

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check very clever. That's what this way to go to show up and do clubs and just do a set what's your on-stage telling jokes either they'll probably don't laugh but you're funny you'll kill it doesn't matter if you're famous I would like to I would like to be I like doing this now because it's a different crowd you don't I still do a lot of cuz I work nights Club all the type that got for him but it's back up for me I still go with the flow and then everyone know what I'm going to do I'm just going to go and I try to keep it up with what's happening in the news today and some of those just and I don't want us to have them and I'll bet you can't always happen that's the thing it does happen but it does not block it out

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no one there walks out worse than the Apollo is the worst that I went with neck with doing some comedy tour us Toronto or something maybe Ottawa and I was looking at them I was hosted I'm looking at him and he didn't smoke at the time it was Benji Club in it look like watching Lenny Bruce it was just like that so unless I step outside and this is what a pregnant woman goes oh my God oh my God I really enjoyed your but he's going to make me go fund he's a funny mother fucker in here he's been going crazy

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what do you care so crazy so crazy I put a gun and some people put a gun in their mouth with oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

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fucking animal he's always been glorious every time a little skinny guy to do stand-up but I cuss like he was as it'll bring back in the days playing football. You should on demand night and die they just put any was always angry from the vents and even then I got them is big and it's almost like he made it happen like it was him and Bryan Callen and Epstein from Welcome Back Kotter with play my brothers and the episode after they beat the

► 00:27:48

Academy we all bleed the fuck out of each other up broke bottles overhead Bryan Callen threw me through a window and before the thing was cast I told the producer I said I got this, he's hilarious I go he looks like he could be my brother it looks it looks hiring meals yet perfect so I can see the different ideas she had a friend who she want to wish you were on it so she cast this other guy unbeknownst made a deal with the producer and the showrunner and so they call makeup and tell them that he didn't get the gate find out what happened and you know and she's like well I already hired my friend ago you weren't supposed to hire your friend and she's like well I just you know I don't know what to do

► 00:28:48

simple like the producer wants it the network wants him and so Nick came back and neck. The part you couldn't believe it he's like it worked out for my friend and want to join the show and it worked out but it was like he was convinced he was going to get fucked over he got fucked over and then he's going to be in the shop I love it I love that guy enjoy one you hear stories about people remembering where they came from and to help people up and when I was doing the Sunday comics at Fox and it wasn't a shout-out while I always want to come but when I got some of the troops came home I shall we got cancer that's a whole another different story I want to talk about

► 00:29:47

Twentynine Palms Marine base we pull up in a limo we blow anything up down anything down up and I said I'ma like this place so we going in George Lopez and George Miller a couple of comics to Jeff Altman at least the host and I go to shake his head and he blows me I guess when I have watched while ago so they say I'm going to purple. He's back now and we want an item with his mother in the US that's kind of corny watch out for you I'll do it and so I can write how you doing I miss my family

► 00:30:24

what's crazy and they said that you want his job I said yeah give me a dollar more than him and I took all the Sunday comics at night wow yeah yeah so I mean we go from like a hundred two seven in the ratings and they said what do you want me some what's your height is kid Kenny Rogers I miss my head writer and then what you bought me a couple of letters from prison in one second. I'm not sure what you told me what I want this what I want so they hire make slime out I pick him up the airport we drive to my place Marina Del Rey to go see which floor is yours I followed me I was incredible should we get jammed up for 3 Days the job it's okay alright we'll go to work you drive to Fox

► 00:31:24

Maury Povich's you suck. You should have been have all these offices synastry couches at Y-3 couch I said when people come over there so I bring Kenny at the meet the producers and I should just come by the office when you're done so 20 minutes later. They told me my job is to make you happy with that show was great show but there was a crazy thing attached to that with your agent that wand up fucking over notches you but a slew of people one guy who was the star agencies that would have went with the fuck was the name of spotlight

► 00:32:24

Lenny and I was making all sorts of money they said you need an agent I said I want Seinfeld and linas age at you and at the same time he was doing both of them and he screwed them but they got their money back I was like the lowest guy in the totem pole so I can identify $2000000 Jesus will try to keep you from killing me I want I thought it was kids went to school and everything to put the you can't do that video Let It Go but it took a long whatever happens I know it didn't get the memo Fox it was I was I was I was so pissed cuz I have the show but when I went there everything was going good and I invited Barry Diller to epoxy was the head of Fox at the time

► 00:33:24

cast The Crew everyone at foxed and that were they all showed up and you know how I showcased a bunch of my friends so they could get jobs and buried under goes you've really done a great job for us or should I really love you don't work out with you mr. Lee said okay so later in the night this song Asian man came up to me I should have Everyone likes you but I don't get it to stick around I'm saying you'll catch you on she's a bad I didn't think I see how it the next morning I shouldn't they give me a made out of bonus and they raised my my weekly salary I'm it was a lot of money like over two million bucks and I was going to Dallas to do the tech deck Texas State Fair with one of the Mandrell Sisters not not early and the other one is just some crazy name and I land in Dallas and he calls me said I got good news and bad news did you have a problem with a Chinese guy last night

► 00:34:24

well that's very jealous right him and you're done lost a lot but I didn't know they've already taken all the stuff out of your office and put it in boxes, and yet you're done and now I do the state fair and I'm going Madness this sucks you know maybe I want to get back to LA Salvage do you have a career in August I made this is enough at work that I'm no longer welcome at Chatham one conversation I've screwed up my life more than myself and this

► 00:35:10

wash my clothes out of control and wiped out and did you get that but that was that was in the box that's crazy from one conversation where guy said he didn't like you how about this I'm at GPS and it was doing good and then the other Gulf War came out that that that killed me and then they brought me back and we were hanging on by a thread and they said listen forget about the show we think you're a great actor let's give you a a movie deal and really it's the first picture 2 million dollars and then the next picture of May by Daughtry picture deal is that one question I'm making believe I'm having fun with you I might get out

► 00:36:11

and I and I just by being funny and never do that again so joke it's better I refinish movie True Romance you know so I go over and it's Ridley Scott brother one of the famous Scott directed at chickens out of how many people in that is 13 that's cuz I was like to know how many even the room cuz you don't want it so I walk in and look at the script on the flooding as I guess you already has hit it from the left I was hitting frightened said you better like it cuz you're going to lick pussy again pussy like pussy I hope you like it you looking right everyone under one breaks out of you

► 00:37:04

driving home, what did you do

► 00:37:11

I said you were pretty inactive but you got to get off the drugs I said I was serious for the spot

► 00:37:23

that's hilarious my God that's crazy that's a problem with people that have so much power they want you to suck their dick every second of the day and as soon as is any deviation at all I think you're oh you think you're smart ass that you're done in this town sleep with women ever get that I had a woman told me she wanted to fuck me but she was hideous and it was at 9 in the morning and get that job she's a Christ

► 00:38:23

bang all these like a sad little actor guys she was always a little sad actor guys look all squeamish and chitty bang them all to get these guys part and she said she was she was aggressive it's not what I want thing is though there's no victim there like nobody feel sorry for those guys at all not even for a second a guy that fucks a lady with a casting director hey we want to do it's like it's a such a different thing than a guy being casting agent that fucks the actress what would you want to do you know how bad is that

► 00:39:23

I retired from acting so I thought I'd like to see what it's like no wonder how much different it is how much it's changed in a shot at the club do you know after his statement that he called me up and said do you mind if I do a spot and I thought about eyes I should have no problem. I like Lewis did a convicted of anything and so I put them in he did fantastic and the backlash was just unbelievable I go how long is enough what does this guy have to do to try to get his career back up what is the backlash though because the backlash is not your actual customers right the grab some female Comics at work and that I'm working for me and they said that Mike lock the doors and put a sexual predator on stage and I was like

► 00:40:23

they're enjoyed Louis and you know I'm just trying to help a friend get a shower and give me your number he didn't give me an I know that's what I told him I said so himself that was the problem they just happen to be in the world but I said you could have jumped off and put me as long as you're going to my shirts with my shirts pretty expensive job still has a lot to that story would make him look very different and why these people that are accusing them and one day I think he's going to tell us what he had a conversation with him about it it's it's not as cut-and-dry is everything out and start

► 00:41:22

sex talk it was it was a lot going on it wasn't that simple and he's very very end he hadn't done anything like that and more than a decade it was a long time does that make weird faces that I know you don't like if you were in the ocean and you could be in the ocean on a on a fucking surfboard and you just catch this little tiny wave and everything's fine or you could fuck up and be in the right spot when that giant wave, and slams you in the head and you have the same intention in the same person and other in other times in history he would have been fine he might would probably be fine today because everything is kind of this enough of the feet

► 00:42:22

females that have come out that have been full of shit like Asia Argento and the girl has Chris Hardwick and Chris Hardwick released all these text messages that show that she actually cheated on him and she wanted him to punish him for all this but these there's a few of those situations now where people realize what this definitely sexual predators is definitely bad men and women were taking advantage of this movement and I think the world is sort of like calm down a little but the Asia Argento. One was a big one you know when Chief it turned out that she was calling Harvey Weinstein a rapist while she was fucking a seventeen-year-old right but she was she played his mom in the movie 10 years ago when he was 7 it's like Jesus Christ how could you how could you have that kind of hypocrisy but there's a lot of that in them people that are the screaming for attention is in front of line of a lot of these things a lot of them have like dark secrets themselves

► 00:43:22

want a guy like glue to have a road Redemption they don't want them to work or you going to cry like Aziz Ansari which is even worse he had a bad date with a girl and a bad date where she blew him like three different times and didn't want to keep going that sounds pretty good to me it's pretty good. It's like there's more than one side to every story like that and to take someone's opinion or someone's perception of something as 100% the actual event that happened without any other evidence seems kind of crazy I mean I don't think I just I just think people have to recognize that Louie in particular he's been out of work he was out of work for 10 months lost all the shows why I don't think he didn't suffer from that 30 million dollar that you didn't suffer crazy

► 00:44:22

so what are you saying you should be able to stand up clubs now in a lot of clubs and it's on YouTube so now all that material has to Chuck away so he was he was going on but not performing new shitt it's got some goddamn holes in it right right no way comes up I never written a bit ever maybe one or two in my whole career that was the it was the finished bit when I first did it on stage to ever throw a monkey into it and sometimes you have ideas you like why the fuck that even try that one time like the Parkland shooter bit like that wouldn't he was doing that

► 00:45:22

Club hear it and then it would have been someone didn't take that offensive didn't shit on those kids in the same way I was before a cell phone that I didn't know I was thinking all don't go that don't do that someone definitely should have said absolutely delicious display my dad I have no I want people to spend 30 40 bucks to go out and have me pick them up I ruined your night with your wifey a date now exactly

► 00:46:22

it's just so Jo I can remember back with you and Mike McCarthy it was like who could work the dirtiest you guys would be in the back just died that were nice if we can walk to step on my Garmin one night I was feeling great and I said what does you should come it's not to try to win them back for the back of a poppy right the fucking face and I did I want them when I have to stay

► 00:47:22

it took me 45 minutes just to break even

► 00:47:34

well that's amazing in Orlando this guy just and I fucking hate and that's the Machine Boston Orlando you gave me the best true true I guess atleti comes over him

► 00:48:34

I've seen everybody I just want when I started doing comedy but 41 years old it was only a hundred comedians maybe in the whole country I would fly to that town to go on stage and said let's get out you don't you know I would like to see what it is you know you're getting from those live audiences have seen I seen those YouTube

► 00:49:17

birthday to drop people out to the club and you know develop an act but you either can do it if you don't tell Jerry Seinfeld one side very famous with it if you're famous you advise you 30 seconds by 230 seconds of summer crop happy you there I'll give you 30 seconds after that like okay so I think he's got he's got new material he looks good to eat healthy and then they have a shortcut

► 00:50:17

they make funny videos on YouTube but they said they'll get a crowd even though they're not really funny but if they put in the work they can pull it off but get it has been done the most courageous guy ever saw was Charlie Murphy Charlie Murphy was essentially a famous open my car right and that's why would he started out hosting it would be him and Donnell and Bill Burr and they would do the shows together and Charlie had never done stand-up buddy of the most famous brother ever made his brother was fucking Eddie Murphy and people saw him on the Chappelle show us and then the guy had balls of fucking steel man I did a 22 show tour with him and he had only been doing comedy for 2 years and I've been doing comedy from 120 and headlining so I would headline

► 00:51:10

and I mean to be to be able to go on after a guy's been doing, 24 years or the fuck was that and go on after him and do 40 minutes whenever we've been doing yeah just a ball that guy had and he would just go on out there like you own the place but that's the way

► 00:51:34

yeah about a little over you're going wrong all the people say I would you know you always make it a point and the people still material one of the biggest snake that ever lived is Ollie Joe Prater I never met him a big breakfast fat Redneck Island Florida and bring the green room and he watches The Tonight Show and that's his mama. He went out and did nothing

► 00:52:29

yeah do it better honor Amongst Thieves and everyone just had jokes they were just jokes jokes like you almost had like a toolbox I go I need a 3/8 and then as television came along and then people started getting in trouble for stealing you know Rob and got in trouble on a few other guys got in trouble and then it sort of died off until like I mean when you two came along that kind of killed it there's still a few thieves that are still running around to this day and some of them are famous but most of the audience knows now and if you like look at someone is a thief and then you look at their Instagram, Mexico with Chile people go after them people know now they know it's the darkest thing you can do when a guy or a girl works Forever on a bit and then you just come along with the finished product snatch and switch a couple words around

► 00:53:29

and pretend pretend you came up with on your own when I started I was working as a janitor and City Hall at Cambridge and I took you out of Janice off of BS we went to Springfield Station when we saw Sweeney Sweeney and Phil Campbell on Empire oh my gosh wait and a couple of guys so I talked to Josh with all about at school the next day and use a diva nobody I know Woody Allen from smoke I know he was a comedian and he said that joke about hitting the Moose up in man so I went on at that butt onstage before it went on that thing all the sprinkler I did this and it was unbelievable Supply

► 00:54:29

and that was it that was said I suck for months I said but it was all mine and I was crazy cuz we both only have like 15 minutes and we had to do a half so it's still 15 is he still 15 of mine material killed in fucking Pawtucket Ave Riverside used to do that Mike Donovan Mike. I saw him

► 00:55:29

and taking the breakfast and he tell me she looks I'm going to tell you everything you did wrong there's no need for me to tell you what you did right cuz you can tell her everything you did wrong and they would listen to all my God and he helped mold man helps make me technically about if I owe him a lot and he helped me as well he told me to record on my SATs yeah I told me to get it till it's like you never know you never know you might say one thing you forget you say it but that one thing might make the bit ten times better so I listened to and I picked everything and used to tape and so I didn't realize exactly so you know a man

► 00:56:20

when I first started doing it I would write 4 hours and I would go down the kitchen say my what you think it is and I told you she has I don't know I guess it's good I really like that ripped a like oh yeah she was cheating take a shitshow HBO and I said

► 00:57:03

talk to my mother bring your phone out there pool

► 00:57:14

it's so nice to a right

► 00:57:22

I appreciate the guy on Hollywood Squares of got to be friends of a good guy. You made me laugh. If you saw Hollywood Squares the Rip Taylor wasn't on you like what's up and you the fuck meter too young, next to this day don't understand and now when I'm working with guys that I like that yet I said you don't listen to you don't need the fuck their truck drop the fuck that you don't you don't need that the chokes fine without it you know I don't do what I can do but you can do it when it's necessary when it's necessary to mean more if you don't have 10 other unusual like what I like

► 00:58:22

where is about the guys on in front of them you know he goes I don't want you doing it just for the sake of doing you know when he was a great guy and he's still taped every show great, he's a very aware that you can dogs get numb to that word you don't hear it until he goes up and then when he only hear it when it's necessary that makes its it's a presentation the issue cuz if there's a guy in front of you some, so use the word fuck the same with these were the biggest fucking shoes are tight and I'm like fuck you it doesn't mean anything right now I don't have to that filthy don't have to but I feel like I'm selling gift cash it in and my mother I was just said you can get more work and then Saturday

► 00:59:22

corporate cakes and people should listen to let it we don't care if you're mildly amusing as long as you don't say Fuck reading and I want ya and I fly so I mean so you did Sela that's the siren song Hills corporate gigs I mean he would make hundreds of thousands of dollars came from gigs and he never put out a special he had one special on Showtime way back in the day in Philly Feliz right thing was he didn't want to do it because that material was gone once he did it

► 01:00:22

places and do the same act like two years later but he just had this polished I said I used to open from and when I was at Nicks and I was supposed to 20 minutes and whatever I was hoping for someone I do my time and get off that's just respect and he come into goes okay so I'll let you know it's so now I do about 45 and let me who he was that good I messaged he was vagcom for young guys to go he had a show and it wasn't too much

► 01:01:22

extremely underrated as a as a, and I think it's a great body of work other than Tonight Show monologue that that I see that is is really I give it up you know you make me laugh if you're successful in its am I getting a little anybody but for this success but if you make me laugh it's a waste of time to worry about something you don't like cuz obviously other people like it. I don't care if there's no room I just want to I just want to laugh if you could help me laugh that that's why some of the people we go out we go out to dinner

► 01:02:21

I don't put yourself out on the table off that's nice just looking at their phone all day now if I wasn't all the same if I was a young kid coming up now animal cuz I wouldn't care and if you know what I started people tell my God what a funny take on that I actually thought cuz I never told anybody I just know that I'm sick and I just use that as the it works yeah you know it works when we were very lucky that in those days in Boston when I started in 88 but in those days there was

► 01:03:21

you have to call me at the Charles above downstairs was the connection right over here was next by an over there was Duck Soup crazy Club in the hotel Bradley documentary right now the store sometime I'm in the back backstage doing lines and he brought the entire Audience Network while the other kids are on

► 01:04:05

Christ the diploma they never did the hosting thing the way they did in Boston there wasn't as many clubs that were like close together with talked to the crowd will different now there's a lot of jokes but the I think I treated that to the size of the rooms in New York you're on top of people that's the first thing I noticed when I moved to New York cuz I got a fucking audiences were literally would be like I'll be staying on stage and you would be the front room I got so close the old catch a rising star Daingerfield, she used to go down I take the train down and standing lightweight for number to go on if catch and that put me on last cuz I was from Boston and I go out when I turned it down

► 01:05:05

the night out and go back and I did that for years and finally some like it was good to me and even Piscopo gave me a break and some other guys but makes it what are you going to do but don't let's go let's have them come to wash explosion scene and I feel so lucky that I started stand up in 88 in Boston I feel like I just caught this way y'all yeah it was Joe could you go to New York or La New York deer I got signed by Jeff Sussman okay that's when I moved out to New York that I was driving limo to LA with Mike stop

► 01:06:05

we do something but they're up in Canada and we getting a beef You Are My Starship We were drinking and we were drinking like from a botched black ice he got the hangover before you get high it was that powerful shit but he said something a man has to work with you what are you doing I wish I was like 350 at the types of what I why they landed on him if he was down and just point me fuk you I'm disappointed you I waited all this time to work with

► 01:07:05

2192 before I met him that's a great he's a great guy what was yes I moved to New York in 92 and I moved out here 94 so was it in New York for a long and then you get do His Radio

► 01:08:05

that was a terrible show sitcoms though that's what I got one of the greats with the pilot was made by the creators of the show and then once and that we decide to pick it up in the start bringing these Network hacks to come in and turn it to some bullshit fucking show and it was terrible they rewrote scenes and it was it was a disaster so I got to see how really funny writers are really funny actors can put together a really funny pilot and then that show return to dogshit because of network meddling and executive meddling and then to go from that to Newsradio which was like the polar opposite that was just didn't give Paul Simms much grief at all they let him do whatever the fuck you want

► 01:09:05

Larry Sanders show the newest brilliant and then they had him working with more gig ever I couldn't believe it and I've been working with those I never even took acting lessons they made me get a coach when I first took like four or five lessons with this lady so I hate I had to give me a deal and they said you got to take acting lessons so I went to the wrong kind of tree is a big tree ant as I got shot

► 01:10:05

22 days later everyone quit like to learn how to read lines but it's just pretending I'm not saying I'm Daniel Day-Lewis how to do it like one of those guys that's a different level of the pharmacy, I'm playing a guy like me but I did and it's just it's just like stand up but easier that's what it felt okay the temperature in doing a sitcom there's a camera and if something goes wrong we take it again Aerosmith I don't get stitches all the time and I had no idea who they were

► 01:11:05

I was at the Disco because it was it was it was crazy so I want to see you. But they combination we want you to open Prosecco got no problem so like walk to the Orpheum Theater at this is what one of them any come back here after but they were still getting high I think I'm I go in with a crowd is going in and it said hey man I heard there's a comedian tonight we're going to fuck him up and I'm listen to some so I go back and they're all I mean it was fucking while I go on stage and

► 01:12:05

incredible lights at Quincy MA and this is 38 bottles I can't see it coming to this kid throws a milk that hits me in the boss drops me to my fucking knees and I like that Steven Tyler has his body I drag me through the curtain cuz I'm right by the

► 01:12:40

what is a come back tomorrow night

► 01:12:53

treated like a rally and I'll see you around 6 if you don't you know you're not going to be not going to push it and I did I had to buy the pleasure working with you I'm out of blow I'm exhausted I pull into this place and I go up there and it's this food bigger than this whole table all this food and Maddie today so I just thought I'd fall asleep

► 01:13:52

you get those glasses and it's fucking oh my God you want to go I told her I got to get that that work with Ray Charles

► 01:14:28

that was the biggest biggest it was great it was amazing that I really had was Juice Newton she was such a bitch to the Cape Cod Melody tent with my High School Bus ocean water comedian over I don't know if you know anybody who was in love with her. Juice Newton post on his wall

► 01:15:28

he was Mike you know who opens up for Metallica is Brewer is a big Metallica fan game show was great I love you and have a good time. Try to get more famous than he already is but he's what if you get a chance to see Jim Breuer Holy Ship to Africa by kids Africa but they would have to have to get malaria shots I don't want to do that like

► 01:16:28

I think she was going to fuck my kids so you got a mosquito bite you what happened at work so you don't think we are find out what everybody was worried about the month

► 01:16:47

the 80s that was one of those of big fears was that mosquitoes mosquitoes going to give you no like one guy would have HIV mosquito bite they would fly over to you and then give it to you but I think the tree a tree monkey this isn't that how the age thing started this is a but they think it was probably from a hunter who was hunting a monkey in front of himself while he was cleaning the monkey very common thing it's it's sounds disturbing but would they call bush meat on wood bush meat is basically any kind of meat from any kind of things they shoot in the woods and they would shoot monkeys

► 01:17:47

change the game they change the change that's the the biggest influence of pornography in American culture is not just that people watch it but it changed the way people groom their pubic hairs Oh Yeah Yeahs Bush but anyway that's how it aids apparently they think HIV spread from patient zero with a guy who cut himself while he was cleaning and he's cutting out a monkey mosquitoes don't be hiding I just don't think that I don't think it's his transmittable is like City area

► 01:18:47

what's the difference between a good chunk of blood going at the same way I just think it's more difficult to transmit which is one of the reasons why men typically don't they get it from Needles and I'll women get it from sex cuz the guy comes inside of you and you know that's how you get HIV this is medical talk 101 on NPR donations without your donations we can operate it back once a week I think he does a little Jean CLX for a couple years. Well is that still kiss and there's really help

► 01:19:47

he was a big proponent he helped me an awful lot of one night he came in just a second wife I said why don't you come on my show I said I had to read it she like you're the best made out of the best DJ to work I tried it we were selling them stay this time it was just incredible every time I want to show it promote it was it was. He was and I really I really appreciate it as help you know but the two weeks before it. This is Max in the Mass General so I went in and I started laughing and then what's going on it's not good when they only got a couple days as it ain't you should know

► 01:20:47

what happened I don't know you know I don't know if it went bad you know and you know it's Matty in the Morning still crazy as he was huge back when I was delivering newspapers he's going to be on the almost 40 years now I know what you did I did I did that show well item sold on the sports channel and I will drop a hundred pounds for children's cancer and then we'll put the chance will donate the chip will put lounge chairs in the

► 01:21:47

funeral at the movie event that his mother passed away from a national hockey and lies all right back to being friends cuz you don't know nothing about you that I've always admired because I liked you before I even though you're a badass I just thought you were nuts I didn't know you were you know don't Kokila but the point is you have such a weight and another friend of mine that I just really you don't dangerous people very very calm you know even when people you don't push you to the Limit you know which is good I wish I did that cuz you know I've been a few times and I'd like to keep my hands to myself and I

► 01:22:47

tickets for the Patriots turn around just do that look and then put it back way to control the madness in our makers I don't want to let the genie out of the bottle know that's awesome going to be like if something does happen you got to be able to stay calm while it's happening then you see where the shots are you when people get frantic the adrenaline starts pumping you start hyperventilating and freaking see things you don't you don't you can't see things that are happening it's how people get hurt you learn how to do that when when competition right emotional emotional you lose all track of what's Happening you lose your breath you get tired quick I know you get that I have much respect for people that you don't like anime

► 01:23:47

in martial arts on that I've been College my freshman year college buddy of mine who's a fight about Jimmy Fallon great fighter Golden Gloves Champion to me you should let me I think you could be a good fight so he took me to this gym in Springfield and I fought this Nigerian he was he was my Nigerian I paid only been helping Billy speak English we got we got the ranking for the first 30 seconds I did he hit me with his shot did put me Airborne I mean I was out cold before I hit the mat and I woke up and ate you stay with them please don't get up man please don't give up that wasn't that was a good fight or flight we are I want a boat that they both get get let's fight

► 01:24:47

dudes around you can't see them to hear about it on the phone to come over and wake up at Mansfield security people and I quit during a Neil Young concert cuz we would catch people bringing the booze Sprite have to check people's bags when you're coming in but they were having bonfires in the launch

► 01:25:26

lighting fires and we had a good friend his name is Larry Jones he was the whole the whole staff of employees was like there's a few guys was an alley cat Alley Cats Libations and victuals and I remember I've always remember that I want to open up a bar that was his dream I had stolen won the golf carts golf cart some drunk kid stole the golf cart and they beat the fuck out of him with walkie-talkies never forget that I was like Jesus these guys are playing for that I might have been getting my twenty bucks an hour I don't know what the fuck is that is but remember thank you Jesus I don't want to get an actual fights here cuz I was competing at the time tonight at 19 years old so that was when I won the US Open and I was I was in the height of my competition days

► 01:26:26

and this fight broke out on his lawn and they were all Taekwondo black belts all like either national champions or state champions there's like five or six of us out there and my friend Larry who is like the nicest guy in the world he was in some sort of altercation this guy and I see him slam is Guyana stomach and drop them by my fucking Larry's punching people bought a hoodie with me because I was a coward as soon as it fights break out and put a hoodie on over my security jacket zip it up and like fuck you not fighting for $20 I know you're at so I put my hoodie on and I quit I walk right out the fucking door with everybody else and I just never I didn't collect my check that week or so you can keep it I'm not dying people's asses and hitting people with chicken and fire everywhere and my my preservation Instinct kicked in I was like there's no fucking way no way I'm getting involved in this is my last day on the job

► 01:27:26

never performed but I got to see a lot of guys I got to see me perform their Rodney was backstage and one of the guys who I work with sauce hog be fucking full naked underneath this bathroom and a giant dick and his dick was how I was supposed to find a week we shot this movie out here take these clothes that we text a robot but now we said it puts up

► 01:28:26

I believe the shed and I'm sure she'll be how you doing God knows I tried to tell you like California weed today is preposterous I mean it's it's so strong that some people are having psychotic breaks and people having breakdowns and losing their mind and I was in a mental institutions stronger than what we can work out I smoke I buy the bike I smoke I swim I love to smoke I just got I got I thought it was more creative when I was smoke and you know it was just like Highlands of life but it was just I mean not to tell me it's an hour to wiggle when I get it when I got to hide in there and worry about it now it's every what's interesting is my wife

► 01:29:26

openly smoke pot now when I was younger like if people found out you smoke pot they would look at you like you're some sort of derelict like you would do her hair when you were a loser like even if you are successful you were working every day even if you showed up on time if you were a pot smoker you would have some type of a little bit before we die. His downfall but once again I was wrong well everything's a gateway drug if you really want it to be that you know but Rodney that those days of the bathrobe days were his best days is a full-on I don't give a fuk days he didn't give a fuk it was just letting one of his first big National brakes on the HBO special in who is on your special with you

► 01:30:26

Cheryl hix dice. We were out here and Rodimus Edition everybody for it and Mike should go ask him so I said next week I'll take a look at my schedule made it so we flew back the Boston we took the train down and Mike says you have any idea what you got to do so I go into the barn and is Bill Hicks I said Hey man nice to me I should men wipe guess it's me and you up for the best spot in I buy spotted May the best man when will have and have a drink afterwards cuz I'm drinking now so long ago I was so pissed about it what you want to go first I do so I went on and I fucking bright that Randy was Jesus Christ on the show now I said it's not my problem

► 01:31:26

Rodney's in the bathroom of course we left there and we went up to The Tavern on the Green okay we get up we go up

► 01:31:50

come on

► 01:31:52

so you saw Hicks when he was in his drinking stage that I only saw him after drinking I saw him post drinking I saw him at Nick will the first time I saw him I saw him at the connection Summit Nicks and I saw some of the connections those two places. It on sometimes it's the competitive juices how is a different thing in the community now like the comics movies very supportive there's no competitiveness anymore it's not the same because it's not like everybody's up for a limit amount of slots on like an HBO young comedians special cast or Carson does none of that in fact everybody helps everybody cuz everybody knows everybody's podcast everybody supports everybody we work together on the road together that's like it's a different vibe

► 01:32:52

but I was coming up it was like that it was all cut if one of us makes it we kick the door down for everyone else yeah but people will make it how to make no slamming that door shut

► 01:33:14

that's why I had to go from LA to buy come out a minute and make no money I met you go you you'd be funny if you are right. That's so much better when I broke through that's the right there supposed to be here and I don't know I don't know I really don't but she said you're not going to go away I should know I'm not going to your regular I got my $25 out of my pocket so I flew back and forth from Boston and he got me working everywhere and I make enough money to live out here and I did every weekend for 18 months but it was so smart that you did that because you were one of the few guys that left Boston All This brilliant community

► 01:34:13

these guys don't talk sometime if they went to Boston and destroy you saw in the 80s in the early ever saw in my life so you could look the guys in the face Saturday night you can see Lennie Sweeney Gavin Steve Wright all on the same show was crazy and then they would bring in some local some national guy skipping

► 01:35:13

assassin group I mean it was it was crazy with Murderers Row live some of the best Comics ever I remember Richard Lewis and I love Richard Lewis and I think he's a great, but he came in and gave us a man if you seen this Richard Lewis I should know you watch this special so I watch them when I got from filming at being onstage at next so we came in it was may swing and Gavin and him and so we go on and we brought it down and he goes on and then he goes back to the hotel 57 and turns on Channel 4 and 6 joist Culebra put string in a review of it because really I should got it out the window and my first movie the wrong guys with him and he says I never forget what you did

► 01:36:13

he was so nice to me and when I was a wreck cuz I didn't do movies what's a terrible position for a comic like him to be because it had to be set up right now he would have fought which I bet he got most of time on the ride will get out it was a very unusual group guys of guys in Boston too cuz they're all giant dudes like between you and Gavin and Sweeney and knocks the big man you don't like he's a big intimidating men who are doing stand-up you remember the doormat Billy sure Bigfoot

► 01:37:13

hey man you guys were sold out its $200 watch down to the front row takes for kids from south side stroke was crazy it wasn't in your mouth shut keep your head down and don't get on anybody's bad side they told me I did I was doing connection upstairs was a show with out of Trance transvestites guys dress up like women before there was there was no heat all the hate was in the in the middle room with the connection break before the next show at Billy come storming in the back room at at the connection they go snow sledding clock and Steve Floyd Rose

► 01:38:11

they take me down and make sure you made fun of producing at you ever say that again they'll find you know they were stone-cold Killers with my buddy Joe Louis boxing coach and I brought Joe Lake to the show on it and everybody together and Joel was a Savage this guy I'm sure he was a bunch of Coke

► 01:39:11

I did a place in Sarasota and it was a great weekend funny shows in the week to Grand to go see how do you want it you want it in cash or Coke and I want I want half and half I was so fucked up back then it was like time travel you know how to tap you look at that on a map that's not an easy gig that's not an easy trip and I would just show up that I figured out how to get there

► 01:40:11

the laundry Salem New Hampshire you know what I got to do, but Kathy is a Kathy O'Malley hear your kid fell down and hurt his head

► 01:40:36

we got the directions you just you have to write them down a legal test it's in Salem you'll find it that they say so small he had me working Rhode Island Massachusetts and New Hampshire Rhode Island was always fun at the store I said oh my God it was like a rebel I never seen anything that I've seen everybody with us, that's insane and so we bring up the Boston and Imaginext the first stop

► 01:41:36

locked up and you know I got him some blow and he went on stage at the gate just has to win like new material. And I don't want I got to let you go because I figured that but then he got fired from their dad to have a place in mall at 5 then he shows up at stitches at my dick and it comes walking it is to be trusted, she said HBO what happened problem away shut it down right and from then on each other and by the end of the night they had hired him to come back to do

► 01:42:36

the back room at the paradise but oh my gosh is like 86 yeah and I mean everybody was everybody comes out to see the show with somebody and they're going to do a rolling stone is on the cover of Rolling Stone and he's supposed to do the Today Show in a minute twice in every girl that's ever broke up with him and puts them all up in the shape of my gosh

► 01:43:12

play the story the small group of people but we're in the room and I'm light on this side of the bed Brothers build his mom said Champs patched up the chair going for days and he's got it at a showing today show that's huge baby can't pull this up and it was just at the point where he didn't care anymore so I should chance to do it this big fat scrape your crap we turn on the TV and he's putting on his fucking money put on his coat and this challenge it takes off and we also we watch it explodes

► 01:44:01

oh my God I will. I will. Cuz I didn't want to come in today show she was teaching you don't forget her name and I got the kids run in the classroom

► 01:44:33

I want your cookie this cake

► 01:44:36

but he was he was felis felis yeah you was right you know I don't know if you know the story about him but his brother Bill wrote that book Brother Sam Sam got hit by a car when he was a little kid and he was a normal kid and he gets this horrible head injury and then all the sudden was Fearless like that happened to Roseanne and that happen to him same exact story hit by car on personality changes 100% becomes a totally different personality and becomes is wild Reckless person always call Lisa documentaries about him and stuff when I see people that wanted proof of Ages I was with him but we bought at the Boston when he wasn't making a lot of money and my bedroom and he said he loved it and we became real good friends and it was it was just

► 01:45:36

I never saw anything like that and what he break into the preacher think this will feet that so one night were up he's not a cancer missing cakes and you miss the University of Arizona and this is managing managing and they just got them in a robin from Ice okay so samples come out we'll go back to the place but doing basket with Ben Tampa and we're doing the show it was the year that Tampa lost every game the professional football team they came in some big offensive lineman can we meet Chan

► 01:46:34

el-ada Arizona to you. In shellfish and makeup show that sold out so we'll get on until he can chat so I go on supposed to 2054 I don't know and I'm holding them off and I look over and he's on an oxygen tank for the match

► 01:47:30

show me come on and the price goes crazy crazy crazy crazy at strip club and we go back to the hotel I change you might want to help me sis because once you open this door you'll never be able to close it again and I said I thought my all right brother okay so I left and I went back to my room get an extra cookie from the Doubletree or whatever my room so the next morning

► 01:48:25

I get up and I go over to the room and I opened it and it's fuck it destroyed and there's blood everywhere the first people sitting around crying your ship stop this truck I touch I get a cab I go to the airport and I fly back to this day I never know what happened it was one guy magic and if you ever listen to smash you find because I want to know what but it look like it was broken I trashed place but like dangerously trashed in and blood and still still blow that I don't know what happened that night you know Marc Maron was hanging out with him back in the day when Mark was a doorman at the, he did so much that he heard voices for a year

► 01:49:25

head was broken he heard voices in his head for a fucking year and that's when he sobered up he came to Boston right after that was trying to get his brain back online. 4 days not many people could run and we will go over to Lance. Street is no by so but it's after 2 because you got no place to go

► 01:50:10

wait a minute the limo we had the other night at call a limo so they call a limo it comes. It happened that made you change what comedy was it it became did something before him it was people telling jokes but he was so outrageous and when he did that HBO special that one that he did from the Roxy and on Sunset I was that yeah that fucking special changed, D like you change people's ID it like when you get a joke about the homosexual necrophiliacs

► 01:50:58

I'm at the store one night I go in and the cops the cops and if there's like you're in the wrong line the steps and I'll watch him and his Plumbing you know I made it home tonight I want you to take a piece of paper napkins something anything if I don't want you write on it someone in your life that's past year or a brother or sister the secret that I want to take that home I want you to get home and I want you to wipe

► 01:51:43

he would leave like 20 or 30 tickets for the cops in that top wherever we were and he's up there jamming with Eric Clapton Phil Collins I forgot who the other guy was and I can't play them since it's so the cops come take care of it Eric Clapton son of Phil Collins and it did Shamu Shamu

► 01:52:26

the cops it's okay but you got to come up and take a picture with him and I should I should do that or close it down so it goes up and taking a photo as a salmon the cops about Connex of a guy who was it 1. time one of the best ever but then dropped off hard like he dropped off in a big way just stop writing too much partying his brother talked about in the book he just is what can happen like that I can't respect this fucking thing and he was just all about the ride and then also he became very very famous probably two famous right you know what waist with the dough and outlaws of comedy at the dunes that's how long ago that doing out for tomorrow to my house

► 01:53:26

and I got a call early in the morning let me come quick champagne so I can get my check take the champagne tank take it out for water on and smile push me out of way and welcome to Japan Mr Bond

► 01:53:48

whatever I say that every morning I don't know if she is she still doing, I don't know I haven't seen it ever ask you what she did this issue came up you know in your country you say I work miles to school in the snow and my country you drop atomic bomb on a ship

► 01:54:17

funny funny funny stuff bad but it was they were closing the club that he started at in Austin Texas I guess we're all going laptop so he drove I think I flew down if someone comes in

► 01:54:44

how much I liked about give me all you got and I bring up that so fuck you quit touching Salmon Idaho to show sympathy thank you honey

► 01:55:07

crazy Jesus Christ now I was in my shity apartment in New Rochelle New York my listen to MTV News and they told me that the Young on the television and told us that he died I said have you seen the body because I couldn't believe it kill him by a 19 year old drunk driver seat so much I didn't think he was capable of dying and What needs doing back to school I just come on down the road with Sam for last month it was no problem pictures in the picture so we put my first wife in back to school she got a nice prominent role in it

► 01:56:07

how the fuck did you come out all that so healthy about you know if you work at the hanging thing and when I I did I forgot I was on a TV show and I saw myself and I was 388 of 56 inch waist and I just I was only guy I know with it Coke and a dent out of eating disorder I would have a stake I just did something about it was just really different and I had a problem at all that stuff I said to get better and then I once I get so biased turn it even more food I can figure

► 01:57:07

I want that juicy I'm going to stop and then I started I went that Weight Watchers you know and I lost a hundred pounds for them and I thought it was going to be the spokesman and they ended up giving the job to Charles Barkley and then talking about fat bridges in San Antonio did Oprah get her show and I thought that you would like me on and put that never happened so I started working out of my own I started riding a bike and it started swimming and I started lifting weights cuz I never lifted in high school I was always real that I was like I'm in high school and then I will be up here comes the boom in the lifting

► 01:58:03

it was for my friend you know I mean I go to the gym and it was good for my head you know and I really like I said I wasn't doing it to save my life and how I look I said working on it it's it's it's part of my thing now. You know I'm 65 years old kids in the gym show me how old do I got 80 to purchase amazing from wild party in constant this drugs and booze and partying to 100% healthy lawn wouldn't be here if you hadn't stopped that's a hard turn it's a big right angle that like the kid he he he he said listen but you can get this together you can change your life you can get the sky's the limit and and a kiwi

► 01:59:03

spiritual you don't slip no no no no no no no I don't write them talk about it you know I mean I'm talking about now cuz you asked me but you know I don't judge anybody you know I'll drive and I didn't mean to be I didn't know a lot of this stuff

► 01:59:54

any of it you know I can't I can't go I know how bad I was you know what I mean. And I lost I lost a lot you know I mean I'm still working you know right and you know I mean it it's it's not that I don't want to go back to I did it you know I'm am I should go to play by the time you know I wouldn't have had seven girlfriends you don't give up you're having a good time money I went over and help you with a cop shot you nice is it what you want to spend money should I save money really committed myself and me became best friends Ashland Cruces and she to come get me and you don't jump horrible story I had twice a week

► 02:00:54

show me my camera and you know a lot of my fucking Terry I go to a club and cabbage the same it was a guy she was a, she was a ho yeah Joan Rivers who's doing the movie her life Sallie Mae right and I'm sorry but I have no idea her son would steal her act

► 02:01:19

she was at 83 she was raped by some crazy Mexican a broke into a house that and that's all you got

► 02:01:43

call woman when she was in the hospital baby I remember Sam had her open up his special yeah we did the thing to raise money for it to you know there's a special she she actually she came out with him right yeah. Cuz I had met her she was at the Playboy Mansion would sit down with you know I drive over every way to grate fucking show I mean it's not historically accurate like the way they talk it's like they're doing kind of modern stand up but they're doing mod stand up back in those days and the woman

► 02:02:43

didn't exist Like There's No Woman Like mrs. maisel historically took a long time before me she was more Rowdy than Lenny Bruce was in the television show but it shows you what it was like back when people just getting arrested for saying things and it makes you realize like Lenny Bruce that fucking got paid he paid the price and we're all benefiting from him you don't win when I first started there was one book the last laugh that was all that was about, but it was them in the movies and documentaries and I wanted to know as much as I could about all the guys who came before me there cuz I watch remember I saw Alan King to stand up when I'm at the van when it was a fantastic actor him when he's amazing and I get to work with red buttons

► 02:03:43

that came before me I knew every single one of my I started this was before YouTube and sulfide I just read whatever I could find on them and it was I would tell these young kids, I look at the guys who came before you and that not interested at all you know what I saw Gleason Gleason was what I wanted to be I just thought Jackie Gleason was just amazing and I want to be like that guy you know cuz he was incredible and it was people to realize he was a stand-up you know shit and the boxer Gleason hackleton but UFOs do you know that dude

► 02:04:43

he told me the story and I don't know if it's true but the story was that Gleason was friends with Nixon and Nixon said you want to see some shit Nicks and took him to wire a 51051 I think was Hangar 18 which is at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base things outside of Columbus Ohio UFO that and Glisan build a replica or how to wrap pack of it built in his fucking backyard in New York wow Homestead Air Force Base outside of Miami it says I got a bullshit version of it from a guy in a band give me some book on UFOs you tell me about this and but the Jackie Gleason

► 02:05:43

what were it I mean that you are so shows and I've been around the world and every time I thought I was in

► 02:05:54

off the coast of turkey someplace in the commander of Base took me out for dinner after that and I got them about Area 51 got stolen so there's this conversation never happened

► 02:06:13

I had to take a cab to find a way back to a new face that that no one knows about how long ago that was with these guys in the Air Force and they should Miami really like show with banjos. I got too drunk I just emailed about Area 51 and a good night and I walked away so now me and Mike a golfing buddies Blue Angels and because you're going to ask me go no second gear week off with them again I guess I fell asleep tell me about Area 51

► 02:06:48

well I was flying a plane and I have malfunction title in there and they came out and a pretty much blindfold to me took me into a building and they fix my jet within 35 minutes and then put me back unless you were never here and I want oh my gosh I don't know what's out there was an area where they were testing all sorts of military equipment they were testing different new like that's where the B-2 stealth bomber and the spy plane they were tested so there was a lot of good stuff there I didn't necessarily happy aliens I understand that but I'd love to go but you can't even if you drive up there by the time you get your camera out there on get out of it will lock you up you know it's it's not good

► 02:07:48

don't even go there anymore they've moved to a new area they've they've actually because it's so heavily scrutinized and because of Google Earth and all sorts of different ways you can see things they actually moved to another area I read I read everything I can fight about that too and I think I read the book Area 51 cup two years ago and basic at the end of the book Hitler had these guys experimented with the Jews and cut and put the rounds on different ways had a had an aircraft that was look like a spaceship and it cracked and his people came out with a crazy stuff that was in the type I don't know if they ever gotten off the ground or what the deal was but the most interesting stories the story of Robert Lazar Bob Lazar who is a guy who worked at Area 51 he got fired because his wife is cheap

► 02:08:48

and they were recording all of his phone calls and taping all the conversations and they found out that his wife is cheating on me thought that he was going to be emotionally unstable and so they didn't tell him why they just released him so then he brings friends to watch these what he said was were alien crafts that they were experimenting with and they were flying these things around that had some it's super Advanced propulsion system that they were asking him to help back engineer arrested for doing that and when he did that you started talking about it so he's been discredited by a bunch of people but I don't know who's telling the truth he says that they wiped his college records of the new one but people said they went to school with them and he definitely did work for the government but under what capacity who knows but his story is fascinating you know I want to be true for you to hear it you want it to be true that used to fly the team of people that worked at Area 51 from Burbank yeah everyday flying in

► 02:09:48

worknet flying back if it's like they didn't stay over it was at 1 airport outside of Vegas it was right outside like the where the Riviera was

► 02:09:59

and it would fly them to the people from there and it's unmarked Jets I want it to be true

► 02:10:07

we flew up we believe we did that one tana Mobay and well while you stand up there was a little kid on billions Mike Birbiglia did the show Jesus Christ and I tell if my show to the Marines at what a tease a guy during the week that everyone is just what do you want to watch I want to go with you to show and what we're leaving in like 3 days later and I get to the airport on first one down I see this little a cheetah plane and I go to Spanish

► 02:11:07

so I go into the gift shop and I buy a giant water thing so I can I can piss in it and I got shampoo in space that's great we fought it only took us an hour to fly in disrespect for our flight in at 8 to engine 8 seater over water the whole way in about 15 minutes

► 02:11:35

by the time we hit by a guy at the top of the stairs it was so funny that's got to be very weird it being a what year was this no more horses that horseback ride that beautiful beaches fry troops at work and I could see sailfish breaking and I said can we go fishing you know I've never caught we can't we can't go out and give you a ride in about I want to do anything cuz my wife but faster now you're being honest with you it was so then the golf you had a carry your mat and hit off the mat it's it's all run into disrepair but it's still beautiful and because I did TV and movies I was like a gs-13 and I got the best apartment overlooking the bay and that bay is so

► 02:12:35

big you can fit in a tie a battlefleet with it for the battleship and a destroyer is everything goes with it right in the bay and all of his hands like a robot when it's the tanks are gone so they should you want to go ride the defense I said yeah so we get up in the towel and I see that it's enforced if they wanted to over here calling in a strike they say I said that commanded us if you could do anything what would you like to go in the van and buy some cigars come in my office with a map

► 02:13:35

that's what her battery Cuba is the biggest island in the Caribbean I have no at 736 miles from Havana you said you were closer to Vanna when you went in Miami and the guys were great it was a it was a great show and they said put on TV like I forgot my socks they would let you go fishing I want to take you back the taxes you see all the tank tracks when he went over the mountain and they had taken the prisoners and they taken from Camp x-ray the camp Delta because campestre was practically like dog cages that better quarters than some of the Marines that a condom out of the supposedly and still do have a lot of innocent people in there there's a lot of people that they just scooped up in the wide neck

► 02:14:35

I'm looking to find people that were complicit and people that will work with ISIS or Al queda Obama released the Five Guys to for that one guy on guy and I was reserving this is one of my buddies going to see us is it that bad guys it should be let out and that is like one of the most famous prisons in the world are you doing stand-up there it was it was unbelievable I really liked it Castro has never cashed a check is $5,000 a year we pay him $5,000 a year for the Guantanamo Bay and he never cashed the check it cuz she figured if you didn't cash it and we could get the support I could get out of the deal but that was the deal made like what

► 02:15:35

it was so it was so beautiful like they used to have you don't fire pits in and beautiful but and it's a double to go to hell so strange Play If I can't Brothers locksmith near my bills because you my friend pop all right that's it good night

► 02:16:17

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