#1269 - Bryan Callen

Mar 20, 2019

Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts “The Fighter & The Kid” podcast. His new stand up special "Complicated Apes" is now available to download on iTunes, Amazon, and various other platforms.

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ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show

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is the new show over at TruTV was jamming TruTV they're making it the go to place for comedy for Thursday nights and at 10 p.m. they have new episodes of Impractical Jokers this starts off with 2 premieres on March 28th so 10 p.m. new episodes of Impractical Jokers Jokers which is that fucking shows a gigantic success like I didn't realize how big of a successor was until I saw some the Crowds Are performing in front of the junie's gigantic enormous Arena place has sold out shows Salma Joe into Staten Island's finest bring the deres punishments and laughs that you've come to expect but they have after that something new if you liked Super Trouper films you're going to love trutv's new comedy Tacoma FD starring Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemay from the Broken Lizard comedy

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those the guys that were from the original Super Troopers Jamie

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it's set in a firehouse where elaborate pranks and hilarious Dunst dominate The Cruise downtime Tacoma FD Premiere Thursday March 28th at 10:30 9:30 Central on TruTV right after the season premiere of Impractical Jokers they have a Power Hour of Comedy Thursday March 28th at 10 p.m. central with Impractical Jokers followed by the series premiere of Tacoma FD only Thursdays only on TruTV we are also brought to you by Postmates other than your absolute best friends who could you ask to bring you red wine at 4 p.m. sushi at 9 p.m. and a breakfast burrito at 8 a.m.

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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yes and we live in town and we all live on the internet in my house and there's nothing you find a value that there's not a fucking thing so your car is in a lot of money right not work for years but I was thinking about that I did some soul-searching about the motivator job is for Real about fame or money and I still don't have a very precarious relationship with that this coming up with new ideas and you stand up and do you know

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haven't done the album now I got to come up with a whole new bag of tricks. That's a really fun time I probably more happy or never as happy as when I'm on the road at some cafes and where I could live I'm have lived in rudimentary places and I have I don't notice yeah I noticed that when I when I first started making money you get everything gets normal like this is your house wake up is normal you know it doesn't change wouldn't always makes you feel good as abuse I was about to say that I can't believe you just said that a fuse underrated views are very underrated I so interesting you say Ray Kurzweil of you when I interviewed him he was

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a very high floor in an apartment building in San Francisco that's where he lives and you out you look out from his apartment and you see the city and you see the bag is beautiful and expensive yes he said views are very important to him like if you put me in a French cafe Bassam so French, how about you so much that I can give me give me six months and then you'd have the dating pool in France

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Auburn Cafe in France which is this restaurant where you're crammed in with a bunch of people and the walls and the wood has been there a comedy club that's been around since the 70s. I was just saying that the other day about the ice house it's it's it's very special and put it up on my walls and stuff. I like things that last I like marble old railroad tracks reclaimed wood table

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like a nice handmade craftsmanship my shoes made in London I'd have bespoke shoes spoke about that when they use that I have bespoke shoes the problem of jewelry watches nice shoes and everything is I have to maintain them I'd rather have I don't have to maintain watches just put them on that's right but I have a weird I have another weird thing which I think if I have leather under my feet I don't feel insecure and I don't feel like I can run or fight like leather soles white subpoena those bitches useless but it's good for pivoting if you want a pivot like you want to throw a wheel kick

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you wanted to have some something to push off I don't need that much you really need pivot with Kik spinning kick this is the kind of bulshit you and I still talk about it it's so bad situations it might be that way about more than anything Leslie asteroid Olympics yep it's really Graham Hancock put up they found a new impact site at 12,500 years ago that that coincides at the end of the Ice Age that this is one of the things that he and Randall Carlson have been saying

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ad nauseam and it now Brian Robert schoch rather is a professor of Boston University did you hear about the explosion explode in December had something like 50 times the amount of power it in the atmosphere atomic bomb 10 times the power of the atomic bomb that exploded in Hiroshima and explode in our atmosphere but now there is this impact that they think happened it will there's two concepts Robert schoch thinks that it might have coincided these impacts might have coincided with he believes there is a great deal of evidence for a mass coronal ejection that there was some sort of a solar flare massive solar storm that happened which can periodically happened every few thousand every few hundred years something can happen and when that does happen it just wipes out of

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and he said there was thunderstorms so if there's any thunderstorms or lightning storms that were like like the hell that was coming outside that we found today but that but like lightning

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so this is the impact created they found in Greenland its gas 31 kilometers across which is not 15 miles around 15 miles in fucking saying the huge but do you think as you think about your impending doom which is going to happen right I just worry about the the civilization being we're so dependent upon electricity and any small catastrophe all this is they have an impact video where it hit

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wow wow so it's all all this this hit like where there is glaciers right now with his massive impact they got Hitman the people that lived 12,500 years ago got hit they got there's more than one crater too by the way there's this is one of the many craters that they found during the time. Of 12500 BC or 12,500 years ago rather to 10,000 years ago in that time. That mm your time. I think it was multiple impacts on the earth why I guess it just wasn't our time now well we're lucky we just been through a really lucky stage but what he's saying essentially is that this is what wiped out the Egyptian civilization the first Egyptian civilization this is what wiped out the civilization that builds Aqua Beckley Tepe this is what wiped out the civilization that preceded Sumer and ancient Babylon and Mesopotamia that all those were a rebuild

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of a I can't wait for him to come back on again he's coming back on again Graham Hancock is coming back on again I think 8 is great like he's he's a skeptic and there's an issue with Skeptics that the issue is not that it's not good to be skeptical it's very good to be skeptical the problem is when you approach things as a skeptic to not approaching them as a scientist and I'm not saying that Michael does this but that I think you did in that debate I think it was a mistake people they approach these things looking to debunk them rather than objectively assessing all the possible evidence and so because of that you miss out on big thing like this is evidence this is not like Bigfoot tracks or some shit like that this is fucking real evidence of a crater that they have dated back to 12,500 years ago a hard time believing in doomsday scenarios

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you know when you talk about taking the entire chessboard and throw it in the air and you have evidence for it look at global warming and stuff like that whether it's late or not a religious notion that we are ultimately sacred and that God would never do something that terrible to us on Moss I really believe that like Humanity itself to go away now because that would make no sense where we're moving in a certain direction we're making progress there's there's a sort of neural net it's becoming easier to understand what it is to be each other you know virtual reality and the one I guess Universal Consciousness me you can go on and on to the idea that that would be all but obliterated before too much to bear

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make no sense for us because we have this narrative that we all adhere to it's very easy to do that well it's a psychological disorder I want to see a trick that we plan on ourselves but it's really defense mechanism it's a little trick that we try to pretend that we're important God damn it just look up at the sky and all you can see it there are stars that are being swallowed up by black holes like of the universe isn't give a fuck about something that's a million times bigger than the earth why would you think about you it's eating star that's a terrible question most people at a terrible insult in question or problem you know that that's kind of a question is why wouldn't you just commit suicide because

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he said but but the truth is most people don't want to kill themselves but they'll commit philosophical suicide meaning instead of like really starting to listen to spare you just you just come on to a certain philosophy gives you hope religion or whatever it might be the way out of that is just to enjoy everyday taste your food enjoy your friends and realize that it could end in any in any second you know one another thing that's fucked with me the concept of reincarnation not the concept of reincarnation Carnation the coming back is a butterfly or something like that but the concept of living your life over and over and over again until you get it right now here's what fux with me I am having a great time so why wouldn't I want to do this again I'm having a great time I have great friends like you and young Jamie over there and

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and I have my love my family I love what I do for a living I love our circle of friends is amazing and we are for sure some of the luckiest men I've ever met in my life there's no doubt there's no doubt we have fun man I've made a fuckload of mistakes we all are but we're also risk-takers I mean we're professional performers we wanted to a job that has zero job security fucking head-first no safety net Dove right in you know we make mistakes when they make mistakes with our our job we make mistakes with our personal life and make mistakes with others just know the scenario

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doctor was and I saw how precarious it was where the business was moving so guess what I start a podcast didn't go out but you know it's following the models that works I was doing the wrong thing over here and next thing you know you know that's where a lot of comics fuck up like they do it like once a week and then they take a few weeks off to come back and do it again and they're like how do you do it all the time I'm like cuz I know how to grind I'm a grinder

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to take the way I think so we can scare me and they make me angry and I don't know how to react by creating said that's beautiful in the progression of my my specials for example like man class little too you know just about being funny in a silly goose then never grow up a little more personal by my dad but in this last one complicated Dave's oh my God is this the number one iTunes comedy album right now in the world and learn my special

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I guess it's out right now

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any platform all the platform you know Amazon is really getting into the special games are doing Alonzo bodden special he's going to be coming on soon I love of Lonzo they're doing he's a very smart guy about the joint Jim Gaffigan special he's fucking hilarious and I think they're talking to a bunch of other people but doing specials as well they decided to I love that there are all these other people and everything else in your what's beautiful about the road now so I don't have to do that local press that's so good come see me in Kansas City of Kansas City Kansas City Outdoor Theater there this summer and Santino

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amazing man. Let's go over like Google Earth you drive all over those fucking City yeah yeah great song lyrics you said like Pittsburgh that's true that's totally true last time I was in Pittsburgh first time rather I should not even the first time one of times I was in Pittsburgh I was there for a Furry Convention I was there for UFC and the UFC was in Pittsburgh at the same time a Furry Convention

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that's when I found out about furries I thought I had a nice long conversation with the dude to work behind the desk at the hotel or tell me the fairies were asking for their food and bowls and so they can eat off the ground they were all furries except us in Duncan but they were asking for a litter box so they can shit and piss in a box but here's what's interesting and there's a lot of people that think that

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look I am 100% in support of people being trans don't get me wrong if you want I meant sport I'm supporting you being whatever you want to be a person who believes in Free Will free your ability to freely express yourself I should say but if you work for Corporation you work for a tech Corporation especially a particularly Progressive Tech Corporation you run into some real problems and I was talking to a guy who is telling me that you don't know the half of it that we're dealing with a guy who he identifies as an animal and that he is he believes that he's kin like he's a fox can or a dog can or something like that and he wants a litter box in his office this guy wants to be able to shot in his fucking office into a a box of appreciate

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is that he is crazy but here's to think like you're letting people be crazy when you're letting a six-foot-four man compete in women's weightlifting because he's decided he's a woman now and and now he's winning and he's wearing makeup and he looks like a gorilla he's onstage lifting his arms up during your cheating your fucking 100% cheating anybody says or not you're an asshole you're an asshole humanness and when when someone's feelings identify and it's a big bright Amazon you could get it on iTunes

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it's in my sock drawer that's amazing we are complicated your feelings and everything in between it's very difficult to which means you're this position of a verb which is I'm always changing the problem with when you identify when you're emotionally identify with something for now you do for now. That's what's important to you but I can't I can't Taylor my life and my entire Corporation this is what the part of the problem is and is what you just hit on part of the problem is these people want to be special for no reason at all and so to be special for no reason why one of the best ways to do a Bruce Jenner did he become Caitlyn Jenner and then a special that guy was a fucking loser even though he was a gigantic superstar in the

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next 20 years ago but from then on they shat on that guy every fucking show it's right they shitted on him he was the buffoon of that show and then all the sudden becomes a woman ever is like you're amazing and woman of the year after being a woman for 6 months this is hilarious this is a dude who's a, cuz you, and he's fucking jacked so he decided to identify as a woman destroyed the British deadlift record without even trying

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imagine that the biological men don't have any physical strength zubi zubi zubi is his stage name. I'm going to go right to my goddamn Twitter with a lot of these progressives is that they're really nice people that's what it is to be follows me and now I follow him this thing next to Richard Spencer as being a far-right influencer

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they're Liars I am fucking left-wing on universal basic income a really good idea I want free college education kitties I would like to spend more in taxes if they could fix inner-city communities and and take these poor neighborhoods and spend more

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1.6% compassionate compassion to everything I think these people are too compassionate this is what the problem is identified as a Wood Elf bow cool you're an elf or your feelings and here's the thing they're terrified of someone coming after them so they try to embrace the more Preposterous the better like they're having a real hard time now with this woman the congressman you know who said a bunch of anti-Semitic share who's that Muslim make a distinction that should be you should be able to make it there is a difference between being having problems with their policy us

► 00:30:26

Jews are critical of Israel but sometimes but I'm not either I will be saying about about the prop they don't know what to do with her they're stuck in this weird spot because they don't like here's a perfect example where was it

► 00:30:53

was it was somewhere in Europe wear these this Muslim group was shouting down does lbgt demonstration and that like everybody's Jesus what do we do here we've protected classes going to war with each other and one of them is shouting down the other one saying that you know homosexuality is forbidden by God but then we're supposed to be protective of lbgt people were supposed to be open-minded in Progressive and allowing that but but then you have these people who are saying that it's their religion that they think that this is this is wrong and this is also protected class you don't want to be islamophobic so what does everyone do when everyone stands back and this is one of the weird moments are people are standing back lbgt people getting absolutely crucified in the street yelled at with bull horns told her being there Center is in a blasphemer part of free speech

► 00:31:53

express yourself as long as you don't incite someone to violence as long as you don't say hey you guys go kill the Constitutional constitutional and I agree it is Free Speech but what I'm saying is there's no outrage there's no commensurate outrage like there would be if they like white nationalist were screaming at these people so here's my issue with the argument I always noticed that the narrative is very binary is always think we could be as identical as penguins and would still find reasons to break into US versus them

► 00:32:53

I couldn't agree more and it's fun to break the internet has made it very possible for you to purify your Echo chamber that's a big problem and and then you surround yourself with people who think and and see the world exactly like yourself and I think we get smarter when we listen to the other side of me if you don't agree with that because your ideas are working in their ideas are working but put your ideas together and maybe somebody gets pregnant with ya need the ideas that there's some way that you could stop all division between human beings as long as people allowed to express themselves they live unique and individual life

► 00:33:53

it's never going to happen now you going to have people to come from different parts of the world where different things are more important you're going to have people to come from different economic situations is Suits going to be different when I say that I'm almost a socialist what I mean is like look there's certain things we just accept that we need like here's one you need a well-funded fire department right whose money everybody we're pulling all our money into that we agree with that we agree there's well-funded public education you have to have that right well we barely do that right now but we do have that induce teachers getting fucked left and right they're going to minimal pay two children are going to school in hazardous conditions but it's at least there's some money being pumped police officers we fixing the streets we agree we agree on a lot of things but then it gets a certain things we go okay well that's where we draw the line why do we draw the line there why do we draw the line with when it comes to a community upheavals like fixing fixing communities why do it mean

► 00:34:53

not sure why did why why don't we have like it when we if we really a team or the United States really team why don't we look at it as a team in terms of equal allocation of resources to solve conflicts and problems including crime we don't ride with the problem is isolating the source of the problem on what the actual problem is I can give you examples I mean when we talk about illegal immigration what to actually do about it people are all over the board with it and I'll challenge your solution and court and there's all kinds of Steel mace was probably is a good thing so things don't get to Universal basic income universal healthcare gun control actually fairly complicated issue you know I don't want spree Shooters you know but when you get down to it you hear people are really educated on the subject of guns they can get you twist

► 00:35:53

you realize this is a complicated issue and maybe it's a mental health issue maybe it's a thousand issue we certainly is it only one guy more than one person got arrested in New Zealand correct but if you have to be here till there's no other way you have to be mentally ill nor to do that there are people so in this country alone there's 300-plus million people does more than 300 million guns the number of mass shootings is incredibly small in comparison to the amount of guns and the amount of sick people and how many people are sick who don't become a chew to write the big numbers

► 00:36:53

talks about the lot of it yeah a lot of suicides a lot of it is cop shooting bad guys thought of his people defending themselves and then after that you've gang violence these things very simplistic and they're not you know even the even identity politics straight white males are essentially because this is all power right it's all talking into Melissa's I know I'm not as if it would be equal in a communist Society the people closest to the government making decisions they become the new Elite so you're not going to fucking avoid and also there's no equality of effort the problem with the quality of income inequality Village People want success to

► 00:37:53

you're more successful that is because of some sort of a cheat you view rig the system or cheated somehow or another but that's not true some people work harder they just varsity just do some people become obsessed with success and some people Uncle my uncle Vinny doesn't give a fuck you know what my uncle Vinny does he makes art that sells it yeah he's always been that way I used to be a photographer and now he he makes a he sent me some Driftwood that he painted The Painted signs for my daughter's made out of Driftwood he's just so relieved that he's so eccentric but he's never given a fuk about you drove his ex-wife crazy just makes beautiful things for he's an artist is he is only interested in feeding his brain heal out like he listens to a Stephen West podcast philosophize this which is my love that but I knew you're talking about

► 00:38:53

29 and he's got such a command philosophy but he makes it so accessible like Jimmy all started with philosophize this just listen to get nugget and then he goes and works out and plays tennis he's a National Treasure because he only lives to educate himself and make the world a better place he just makes people feel good about themselves he's trying to enjoy life but you think you want to do it over and over and over again the exact same life I do the closest thing to a monk I was just with him I am down the Florida way too high, three or four hits deep and it doesn't smoke weed helps when you smoke weed BBQ. Dudek week we threw him in a Traeger grill and set it set at 2:25 to 6 hours

► 00:39:53

which is too bad because you tell some great stories now the world will forever know him as a guy who couldn't keep it together and he got it from his grandfather when he was 3 years old and it laid dormant and they couldn't find the outside of Islam holy thanks won the disease that killed Bernie Mac or too long these killed Bernie Mac and he was just talkin to me like that and joking you are you've been given like they are looking at you either being

► 00:40:53

yeah you're dead or dead I don't understand how you're not even missing a Beat That Goes come on I've made peace with my death a long time ago I live everyday is and that he was getting ready for them to come out and tell him and the doctors he was there for three weeks and the doctors finally found that he had to work at this point all the doctors fell in love with him all of them they come in and listen to stories so the doctor came by months of antibiotics

► 00:41:36

the antibiotics are color blind monk like about it he's does he have a good diet now when he was on the antibiotics they give him probiotics as well Beast he's never stopped working out he's never stopped eating really well they know what caused his antibiotic reaction that made him colorblind very strong cocktail and antibiotics you know and that shirt at the nine months later. There's no way on its own consumption and almost you died eventually but some people would go up into the mountains and it would it would tuberculosis can go into remission and not come out again when you go to the mountain

► 00:42:36

breathe fresh air and sometimes you could go into remission with his brother had it and he knew his brother was going to die and he just watched his brother deteriorate it was a like it was like having AIDS or something you would cough and spit up blood and I think Chopin piano player died of it people talk about when they're at their anti-vaccine are there anti antibiotics are Western medicine just read just pick up a history book or a piece of literature written before 1950 which most people don't 1968 classic book and the fact that people especially children or something

► 00:43:36

enrolling for smallpox was a fucking it was the biggest killer forever Spanish Flu of 1918 be told if you just did forget forget my history book or pick up a piece of literature it was really good and people killed them better than killed that's a that's a unequivocal fact we don't live in that world anymore we don't worry about those those diseases like tetanus and diphtheria think it would roll through some kid got tetanus and I saw people arguing that one of the dumbest fucking things I ever saw in my life someone saying there's a simple cure to tetanus just expose it to open are like

► 00:44:35

now that was supposed chemtrail believer believe there's some sort of a some sort of an organized clan people that rent to keep your health down or support big Pharma the real facts of diseases like smallpox and like polio like all these horrific diseases that people in our grandparents generation had to deal with is it they were Cure by Madison it is modern farmer greedy fucken look no further than the Arctic Oxycontin Crisis crisis facing this thing's country big Pharma left unchecked is like anything else where it's a corporation that wants to have Universal growth do you want to have constant and never-ending growth and they want to keep making money in the way you do that is prescribed more people poison

► 00:45:35

who takes over there is evil exact cam Hanes son had staff and he called me I was like how bad is staph am I Jesus Christ because you told me son son got at the gym I might get into the fucking doctor immediately my wife's friend went into a coma she should we start having seizures because of unchecked staph infection she got at the gym start having seizures I'm at sushi with Frank Grillo are buddy and he boxes every day and I see his arm and he's got a long sleeve shirt in his arms bleeding and I go what's going on and he's always on his hip

► 00:46:35

I should moves moves very good at playing pool and he's limping what's going on with your leg and it goes I got a spider bite go let me see you like he poses like a good dude listen to me you're going to the doctor right eye I unscrew my queue he's like you serious I got work waiting right now and I'm taking you the fucking hospital I go you got to go to the hospital now he goes now I go do you have a staph infection it's bad you could tell fuck you like a giant zit on his knee I guess that's a spider by bro and he was been doing Jiu-Jitsu cuz me how you got bottom a year membership for a Hanukkah but yeah man was fucking nasty and he would have just walked around with it and then it would have gotten really bad he probably would have got systemic and died that happens to people because

► 00:47:35

screw so every time they so he had to have when they took out the they took out the bone and they had to put a plate there they they would use screw so for whatever reason the screws in the metal with somehow they were infected they kept inspecting the bone graft what's that something like that happens though how happy are you when you're healed yeah I had a cold Riesling just a little cold not that bad but I was running ragged too many trips and too busy and getting up early and going to bed late and I just really tired and sick and then I couldn't work out for like 4 or 5 days and I remember thinking myself you got to remember this you got to remember this shity feeling when

► 00:48:35

can't even exercising Hawking up green shit and spit in the sink just to look at it do that you blow your nose in the sink I do that I just big fucking Smurfs Big Green Gables all over the fucking sink but I just remember thinking like you got to be smart or stupid just be smarter most of the time I am but sometimes I just go I gotta hit that gas I got nothing in the tank but I got to fucking keep that accelerated pressed Matthew Walker is amazing should not you should not sleep as critical you know what is amazing for sleep man can you please get yourself a sauna

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really oh yeah you do 20 Questions clowns you wear a rubber nose me to do it yeah you got a rubber nose clown clown because you have a nice bath you want to do that the real ones only made by cryohealthcare they they have one in New York or one Center in New York they have one in the LA to have one here for 20 minutes and talk to me okay it sucks I'm sure but so does 250 degrees below zero

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I get it to where a fucking do you wear a I said I'd probably some real benefits to ice bath to benefit of cryo override spouse if you workout right afterwards recommend you not work out like you just chill out for a while but it's great for muscle strength and development it's actually not good to do it right after training he actually should wait quite a while like maybe an hour or two events count as conversations with cutting-edge scientist in exercise people the five things that you do everyday like that that without fail what are they in terms of for your health first of all I supplement that I think you even said I believe absolutely wholeheartedly and sell them like which athletic greens it's it's a sponsor

► 00:51:27

they have its great whole food supplement I'm doing a bathroom right now serving as 12 one scoop has 12 servings of fruits and vegetables in terms of the amount of interaction very healthy eats good just for like a back-up plan take these little packs with me on the road I take a la vie on it yet I take a obviously shroom Tech you know we have some awesome Whole Food supplements his Bunch grade step I take a lot of vitamins I take vitamin D I take vitamin D I take a lot of fish oil out of essential fatty acids I believe in all those things I cut back on my sugar I mean why are you back to where maybe once a week I'll have dessert made

► 00:52:24

just a random yes 16 hours a day everyday dengar 88 at gmail to need his email he's a fuk so we can check that money's really really smart guy he's a scientist to scientist in there working with the Cleveland Institute of Dermatology psoriasis effects

► 00:53:24

give me a diet and find some an opportunity opportunity Confections in my gut like a bacteria that shouldn't be there in like oil oregano and fucking garlic pills and stuff like that but hey what can I do for 4 months then there's a protocol that I do all that is just goes away it's just it has not come back and it's been got no manners but it when I say complete cuz you saw my back memories it's all gone and I had that for 9 months it got bad so it's somehow a gut issue know how Jordan Peterson cleaning near podcast house where is that I guess you you kind of gives your gut bacteria a cover reset or or Elimination Diet you take away virtually everything except one thing yeah

► 00:54:24

body adjusts and eat your body just somehow or another did yourself of a lot of ailments with an Elimination Diet and fasting in general so beneficial but helps me but these carnivore diet very fascinating because people fuck it swear by it man there's people that they look great their health has improved of lost weight and gain muscle that that is the question I don't think so some people have issues in the beginning of it but many people have been doing it for years they've been doing they've been on the carnivore diet for you let dr. Shawn Baker he's been on it for years and he all he needs is fucking Ribeyes disease Ribeyes and eggs

► 00:55:24

person look like the effect on their body they don't look Mountain a six-foot-six snooze for 6 weeks and I'm not mad I tried to run with those guys I tried to do some of those guys in like a blade of grass and the way it was bent or like a certain area and go cuckoo or whatever they could do ran through here whatever the fuck it was whatever it was and he said that I could I was so embarrassed he was embarrassed he was just such a bitch I have northern European bulshit chains

► 00:56:24

for sure it's really interesting that the cradle of civilization which is where all human beings emanated from Africa has the best genes they have the best athletic jeans when it comes to like physical performance is there's no denying that's a lot of Senegal wrestling they call I know what you're talking about went to synagogue 646 like that then and that guy wrote the sports Gene Richard Bernstein I think Sports Illustrated writer said the fastest people in the world come from the world of Biafra Coast Jamaica that's where they at the slave trade have gone and they they they came from that area so you can actually isolate the jeans

► 00:57:24

wow this is interesting because now you'll see watch this high-level Greco shit they throw single he's wrestling in Dakar Championship beautiful it's La luta is the the title of the video l a space l u t t e Single Ladies wrestling in Dakar championship and if you like fish and rice and so I don't understand what they doing here

► 00:58:24

Velasquez shoots power double on these motherfuckers and it's nonsense clinch camera why I said just as headband called keep going with this got to be a better one better than this isn't playing patty can't hear out of respect lab okay there you go kickboxing world champion now we'll see what's up

► 00:59:24

manganese wrestlers who is this kickboxing world champion like a documentary who is this a kickboxing Orland Orland Duarte or leave work a French multiple kickboxing Muay Thai and Shotokan karate champion okay so looks like he's learning from these folks yes and I don't think it's really challenging them okay let's see what happens in the dairy go still

► 01:00:09

what is the saying for the same still just let it go and see what happens here

► 01:00:15

other wrestling also there wrestling but what it's all that dude back up that do the kickboxing guy interact with them there we go

► 01:00:25

and I do it

► 01:00:27

okay let's see

► 01:00:31

okay this is teaching him I throw other teach him some technique

► 01:00:37

it's not cool to do it on the beach though that's smart. The duck under right there took his back to the Nelson thing is probably the best thing you could ever do coming up if you want to get an MMA like to have the base is the most important sport because you see guys like a perfect example who was just on the podcast he's another example of awesome African genes but he's he's in he's an excellent example of a guy who really didn't start striking at all until like 2009

► 01:01:17

I mean I mean he's been watching and fucking around and put it doesn't matter like the way he strikes now you would think he's been doing his whole life he's been only striking for 10 years I think wrestlers are just tougher his knees are so fucked up for some of his fights he had to walk on grass cuz it hurt to walk on concrete. His daughter makes fun of him cuz he goes down the stairs backwards cuz he was downstairs back on this yes yes she thinks it's hilarious big fella he couldn't be a nicer guy he couldn't be a nicer guy and when you hear him talk on the podcast he's like he's so almost soft-spoken he's easygoing you know it's like it's weird that he's so good but in the way he describes it when he gets Inside the Cage of a switch gets flipped and he just becomes a different person

► 01:02:17

all due respect to the great Tyron Woodley but he was little different and he looked a little bit I don't know he didn't look as he didn't look the way he normally does I didn't see it I didn't see it and I look for that shit but Sunday looks like go to go to Tyron Woodley you could get a the video of the two of them right about the fight whiteway shaking your head so new I don't know if I can so new happened so what not online yet

► 01:02:53

precious online everything's online you don't think it's online how much money back when we don't have to show it like people have a show us show us people find it going to have to go to ESPN for now on folks all fights are on ESPN all pay-per-views ESPN plus you have to get a subscription for ESPN plus if you want to get a pay-per-view now

► 01:03:17

yes yes yeah that's a good word strange good where I love you know certain favors fighters of course I down surround me I love Nick Diaz choice but I just love I love just a true fighter like animal and he's so smart you stubborn man clever and subtle he lives for fighting to you really does he's a smart man and then this horse has just for sure is on another level cowboy and then takes 2 years out of the Octagon I don't know what he must have been injured knocked out there until he knocked him the fuck out I mean

► 01:04:17

I'm with that left hand a couple times early in the fight to he was doing some sneaky shity was switching stances it was switching stances and throwing that left hand or the right hand switching stances to run the left hand and I think it start to read till pulling back like that he'd caught him with that left hand several times caught in the first round and then come the second round he's a bad motherfuker man he's coming onto into I'm going to have Mom with Joey Diaz mom said I was going to come up with your ideas to get a little too and I just regained his composure not tempt first punch of the fight was the first bunch of the phone and tries to side kick him in the thigh and hits him in the dick yeah like right away first shot right this sack

► 01:05:11

yeah he's very crafty he's a real veteran you know I remember him knocking out Yves Edwards in bodog fight you never vote on that boat. You know Calvin ours has some super millionaire Playboy character who he came up with this bodog fight thing and it was back when you used to be able to gamble online right you were able to gamble online now you can again but you used to be able to gamble online a lot of businesses we're sort of constructed around the premise that online gambling was going to be legal but through some bullshit finagling the federal government put the kibosh on online gambling they put a stop on this thriving business and a lot of these companies like there is professional pool organizations like the ipt that went under because they were counting on online gambling but bodog was counting on it too cuz he had like this online gambling website

► 01:06:11

well because of the the online gambling shit he's like I don't want to say this I don't want to be incorrect is Dana White with saying he's a fugitive he wasn't even allowed in the country but that's not too far removed from the truth I don't think he's allowed back in the United States I think he has to live in like you know the part of online gambling when it was illegal I think that's the issue it's fucking stupid tomorrow's. So we'll see what time do smile looks jacked and see what time and looks like when he gets into the cage..... T to me he looked exactly the same let's see what happens when he takes his shirt off

► 01:07:02

hurry up timer Beast yeah I just don't think that was it man I mean you're also dealing with Tyrant he's 37 now he is also in the middle of he's in a transitional stage in terms of his career was pretty goddamn good to me it means you're always saying that's a good hard to say

► 01:07:39

yeah he's 36 I think he's 37 now he's also he's got a rap career now is like opening for Wiz Khalifa yeah yeah he does a bunch of shit for TMZ now you know he's busy man on top of the fighting he's yes he's one of those guys that can do that too is great talker and he's he's he would be a great commentator if you decide to get in the commentary percent but he wants a rematch you know I don't think he's happy with his performance and I think he thinks he could have done better try and I just look like a bigger in a different way class man what was months definitely taller but I think even more importantly Usman gas tank is just fucking it's a lot of cardio should I can't cuz he knew

► 01:08:39

what he can do it for five rounds too many doesn't get off the gas weird if he's pretty honest who's funny man when he was talking about the fourth round cuz in the fourth round he had Tyrant hurt and he poured the gas on to the pour the gas on head Tyrann Mathieu survive and when Tyron managed to survive he was thinking of something I don't know what am I done but he recovered quick yeah yeah yeah he does look a lot bigger though huh nice and lungs are the only size cap and someone said to you all right is that guy in Elite athletes get the fuck out by its cover you'll go to sleep you have a Jon Jones is the mall while his upper body I was leaving Strong's boys frame for for combat sport

► 01:09:39

cuz he's got length but he's also has muscle I think that's the best frame that's not real that's not real it's photoshopped that's mom's gonna kick right there. So you can take a look at it is that blurred you doing online car logo thought you didn't make me make me stronger let me see

► 01:10:39

Cavs Point basic terrible funky to the fucking stomach every time he died in the sidekick to the knees you know it's interesting when I see people criticizing that can act like you're crazy that they leave their kicking people in the face you're mad that kick them in the knee I call you can ruin a career like you can't ruin a career by head kicking somebody like Wonder Boy was saying that about Darren till Darren till trying to ruin his career by side kick him in the knee and it doesn't take that technique should be legal damn I came in I mean I get it but you had chicken people will kick Jake Ellenberger in the fucking head how good is that for your career not so good, man yeah it is brutal's against man but it's not the worst thing for your body I think football to work

► 01:11:39

another example less than anybody but there's there's other guys that its they're very hard to hit y'all know ya Cowboys Robbie stop sparring completely for years while he's fighting for Strikeforce but then when he moved to American top team he starts pouring again and it was raining really hard that's when I actually became the wild world champion you look better than I've gone back and forth about five times on whether or not there was a good stoppage but Osman convince me after we watched the footage that was a bad stoppage

► 01:12:39

it was okay I think he just relax but it's hard to tell that again Herb Dean is as good a referee as there is on planet Earth there is no one better than him there's no one better Herb Dean is as good as it gets he made a mistake but it's hard to say if it was a mistake cuz I wasn't even sure I was a mistake we were not sure cuz he couldn't you couldn't talk but here's the thing is only getting choked out like if it's Ben askren it's always only get choked out if it's

► 01:13:17

Francis ngannou and he's fucking punch you in the head and you think you're unconscious then stop the fight but it was just a joke like Ben askren is not known for being in any way shape or form a power Striker and he's not hitting him holding on his neck and I guess I never found it but he figured it out and he even though they disengaged he managed to get a hold of Robbie again and get them on the ground and get that choked on it was it was fun while it lasted but he doesn't want to fight Robbie again I think if I was the UFC I would be absolutely trying to make that fight again Washington want to that's what Dana White said but Ben said why would I want to do that I already went already one thought I want to do that but the thing about you know tomorrow is saying like you don't get a choice like the

► 01:14:17

Chelsea's going to tell you who to fight again this offer been a good amount of money from she's usually up there and he can always be the champion again even more importantly I think that's the fight that makes the most money because people want to see that I want to see it you want to see it all the real fans want to see it but it wasn't what I was going to say is like that he deserves it it's Jesus no one deserves it more than Steve Bay miocic Steve bay loses DC we haven't heard hide nor hair of them he's a fucking most successful heavyweight of all time he defend the title four times no one's ever been able to do that he does that and

► 01:15:13

he gets nothing after that no love no respect no not send some crap no talk about him fighting DC again you know they're just talking about DC Brock Lesnar than enough Brock Lesnar is really going to fight to fight Brock he's going to fight Brock and he's going to retire it's going to just going to get that to me to me the most the most impressive Daniel Cormier certainly one of DC's working with when your 59510 and you you know you just you're dealing with guys with so much taller with so many more weeks and he's undefeated is the only man who's ever lost it was John John everybody else

► 01:16:13

don't get me wrong that might happen that might be the big fight the big fight might be if DC fights Brock let's assume he beats Brock which I think you would then DC fights Jon Jones but he might not be Brock Brock and this is so ridiculous to say he's still a fucking giant Viking human he's so extraordinary big he's so powerful that is Eclipse DC anything can happen if you are not getting punched in the face and working on patterns and really working on your strike you get into the ring with a guy like Daniel Cormier who does that every day true but we don't know this. We also know that he has been wrestling with

► 01:17:13

Michigan State wrestling twin the best wrestlers on the planet Earth is video of him wrestling with this current Phenom and that he's training with like real elite world-class Fighters XIV very striking Daniel Scott that he's also the WWE champ bro I don't know if you know you're right I don't know man I mean I would say the DC would be heavily favored I would also say that that big gorilla can fucking punch any person on the planet with those lunchbox fists and you're fucked he's so big man when you stand next to Brock you just like you're a totally shouldn't you know so long arms giant human ridiculous fist the real questions I mean how much has he really been working on a striking and in these years that he's been outside

► 01:18:13

mackage how much is a whole different animal will particularly sparring not just like hitting mitts and hitting the pad but getting getting good rounds and against people that can crack and people that can crack like DC where he clenches you and then hit you in the clinch that game plan gets shut down and then they change it up right then they do subtle things they just start doing little differences and you got all your you're doing you're doing a whole different can't see it or some other people can't and that's what I think it's amazing then there's the other thing he's got to get off the sauce. You got off the sauce so if he gets off the sauce now he's 40 and he's been on Mexican supplements for the last few years for sure and your whole endocrine system is just like what's going on

► 01:19:13

yeah yeah I mean who knows right now on a long time ago

► 01:19:31

and I want to come and keep squeezing every little ounce of natural juice that I have it's real I mean you you can do it without it but you won't be as healthy you won't be as strong won't have as much energy the real the best the best thing would be if they could figure out a way to revitalize your body's natural production of testosterone that's that's similar to the way it is when you are 30 year old man they can really do that you know right now the only add it you can you can get your because there's a lot of other stuff going on like if you listen to that the podcast that I did with

► 01:20:15

what's the doctor's name anti-aging doctor

► 01:20:18

oh David James Arthur there's a lot of factors you know it's a lot of different things you can do and him and Resveratrol is different things that I want NM NM NM NM mm gatorskin lengthens you're telling me what's what's the best sign of telomeres moments let's keep Google the actual definition of telomeres but it's the best sign of whether or not your body is Asian correct Mexico

► 01:20:54

your online little container out there you can take it everyday with my morning vitamins a lot of meat

► 01:21:14

he also says to take I wasn't him when it's convenient to me or terminal transferase is an enzyme made of protein and RNA subunits that elongates chromosomes by ttaggg sequences to the end of Assisi chromosomes tell him tell him a raise is found in fetal tissues adult germ cells and also tumor cells the result of Aging cells in an aging body so it just slows down aging I'll tell you what man that stuff makes me feel great I want me to die faster know I love you give me some fucking

► 01:22:14

like 10 years ago and I was telling you do should be honest I think I'm good I'm good I'm still nervous about it and jump off a building and glide to the fucking round did you get a nice body let's go ahead and lose that shirt around the corner over there yeah I wish there was a way to do it naturally and I think there's going to be I think they're going to be able to do it through some sort of Gene manipulation that the Bell turn on your but there's so close to doing this to my swith are literally reversing the age of a mouse and Sinclair was talking about this some conversations with some other people that are really deeply entrenched in the world of genetic engineering and and crispr the new Innovations they're they're going to be able to do that it's a matter of when I think when we re T it's there's a high probability the boat time you and I are 80

► 01:23:14

you going to be able to be 20 again come on, I'm not bullshiting I think that's real just five hours of sleep that way phone is thing is in 3% of the population is called adderal and why we sleep talking about it but also my friend has this genome and the only met one of the do like that and that's a gene that's vanishingly rare and some people can can get five to six hours of sleep there going to be able to manipulate your eyesight with germs are going to be able to inject you with a germ that repairs your eyesight what's going on with this bitch can't wait

► 01:24:14

UC San Francisco neurology Professor Yin Hue food PhD discover the mutation of the gene dec.2 in a family of natural short sleepers people who go to bed at normal time 11 p.m. midnight but usually wake up naturally at 5 a.m. I want of Jackal has that shit up with pure control self-control I wish you was right next to you change your tune and start sucking his dick

► 01:24:46

Jacques Cartier serial killer in many ways 240 lb yes shirt off to 2JZ Keller, okay my boy Tarik is got a lockdown we eat we shoot pheasant and you eat the best best & Drink the best wine there's nothing better and smoke cigars in Hangout

► 01:25:46

better time tell me about Jake's buddy Jake Sisko I'd go to San Francisco with a gun no dude cuz I don't listen to that I just got to take a poop when I push hard to try just happens by the way do you flush him and then they fly up in there about 6 p.m. and we were still missing still fucking Christmas

► 01:26:46

one in the feather

► 01:26:48

I saw its feather blue a piece of its feather off and it flew away and laughed at me cuz I took a shet in my general direction stylique off one shot modules on private land public land hunting with a lot of pressure lot of people out there doing it you know there's two arguments and I support both of them one argument is a public land hunting is harder and you should really be more proud of success on public land because it's for everybody it's not elitist thing it's very difficult to do you got to really put in the work you have got have discipline I get that argument but my the problem that I have with its first of all don't have a lot of time and I like success but to the animals when they're pressured they don't act normal they they don't cause much like Elk elk in particular have been in a high-pressure areas problem

► 01:27:48

wolves in wolves move in the areas and what they ought to shut down all the calling one of the coolest things about elk hunting is a fucking Scream 1 the first time I ever went out hunting with Cam and so we took me elk hunting remember this morning we're out there in this base and you can just bought

► 01:28:07

you hear him screaming it's still dark out with walking in like this is the fucking cool that they got a ride of my life just hearing them scream and yelling at each other and that's trying to fight off the other males and either their horns class action against each other because their antlers are there their they're fighting and this was on private land animal is the camaraderie lights like so I'm on this they stock this field with his wedding and stuff in butt but it's more the experience with my two friends and we're out there with a dog I like to say that too but I like to kill elk out to eat. I deleted them off at all, you check my DNA is 65% alcohol need so much of it I feel for working great I bet I mean I think there's something to it as soon as I can get a lot of it to the meeting this dark red Protein that's good for it's coming from this week

► 01:29:07

animals that are Dodge and mountain lions it's good for you get you something do something about looking for an animal that focuses your mind and even in something as lame as when their roosting on a field you got the dog in the dog points a siding like fishing I had sent it what time I don't I'm not going to Fisher I was always in the Bass Anglers Sportsman society when I was like 13 years old but there's something about fishing man there's something about casting a line and the best to me is like a topwater bait like you cast a plug and you see it land on the way

► 01:30:07

pauses the ripples are spread out and then give it a twitch twitch and then a pause again and then a big explosion of water pictures

► 01:30:19

dude my little daughter my youngest is 100% blocked on fishing and she caught a 6lb bass in Florida kicks me out to no end because she's my little fishing buddy like we're at we were in Maui and when we are Maui we went we went hunting for hunting we went and caught a yellowtail and she caught a gang yellowtail in this little tiny girl like a 10 pound yellowtail is a mother fucker to try to reel in there so hard to reel in and she was reeling them in on her own man mean I'll have to do is hold the rod because it literally would have yanked the rod out of her hands I'm trying to show you a picture once I can't find it I got a picture in here somewhere my daughter fishing did it's fun man and then with the bass we let them go okay here's your shirt with a 6lb bass perfect look with the with the bass we let him go is a catch-and-release deal but the

► 01:31:19

Telltale we ate that. Night to the whole family ate something that she called she loved and I want you to hold on iTunes right she would not let me reel it in just like you want me to go do you want me to ruin answer know she had two hands on it going

► 01:31:40

play holding on to it and she made sure she pulled into the boat to it she's obsessed it's awesome I love that what it's like to catch a fish and then cook it and eat it once and by the way if you never had really fresh fish really fresh fish is so flavorful delicious and just a little bit of butter and lemon on it and some seasoning and I've done that plenty of times organize fishing deep sea fishing in Alaska in July during the salmon runs would do a gig up there and Anchorage we'll catch some salmon for a few days do a gig to pay for the whole trip. Just have a good time and I did that 2 years but I have to do that I did that we caught some giant salmon let's do that

► 01:32:41

I love you so fun I'd love to do that but you know it's fucked the mosquitoes crazy the worst never seen anything like it when I when I when I was tracking or orangutans and the rainforest I was 21 or whatever and I thought I wanted to be a naturalist yeah right of love that story about the ants forget the ants you had to carry a salt fork oil because bug repellent didn't work on those mosquitoes you had to carry around a sulfa coil look at that sorry in the Sand by the Cleveland Orchestra

► 01:33:28

there's one other thing that I didn't check that has a big ass fish that look Atari handsome bastard

► 01:33:34

yeah it's fine man I love fishing I really wish there was a place close to my house where I can fish for a peaceful you know I fish for your breakfast catch a trout and then cook that mother fucker in a pan right there on the shore credible so nice now they're everywhere though currently too many of them with professional Hunters that the state has to hire because they get depredation permit because they start killing livestock or dogs or crazy train put on your back with sake let's see if you put a llama in a backpack so you got like a fucking Kifaru backpack

► 01:34:34

Absalom and there you have the whole lot of Alaska he said the slogan up this mountain just like him and they're like looking up that I kept making like inches to be over. Trying to think about this grizzly with an elk in its mouth and it just Bounds at the mountain that just goes shotgun shotgun right by them with a with a no problem in 12 seconds are like well that's a Grizzly that's just on the fucking girls face and this is me

► 01:35:28

Jesus Christ Grizzly because don't start eating you when you're still alive and that's a promise it's not my Grizzlies eat people though or most um Grizzlies kill people they're not killing someone because they want killing someone because you startled them and they're with their female the females with their cubs that's almost as well if it's a female Grizzly you are literally better off letting her fuck you up right just curl up in a ball you supposed to put your hand behind your neck Lane a fetal position and don't let her get access to your organs cuz she wants to chew your organs apart East yeah it's one of the reasons why it's really important to have a strong backpack he was strong backpack so fuck up that backpack while you're on on your you know on your knees curled up in a fetal position but that's assuming you

► 01:36:28

survive that she's probably going to break your arms he's probably going to snap your legs bite into you in ways you can't imagine the kind of force and power she can generate I mean she's trying to immobilize you she wants to mobilize you as a threat to your children but a male or females trying to kill you it's usually because he's starving to death they don't recognize people as a food source so they rarely people so that mail he probably has never eaten a person it's one of the reasons why it's safer to be in a place where they hunt Grizzlies cuz in a place where they hunt Grizzlies Grizzly she's a person to go fuck this still smell you can get the fuck out of there but like Yellowstone they haven't hunt Grizzlies there in forever so people still get Jack there they get jacked there every couple years founded killed you should but you might not be able to get to it and you also have to be prepared to pull it out and shoot quickly you can't think that just cuz you have a gun you're going to be okay as a dog

► 01:37:28

and their shoes and a huge giant animals that attack in the guide and the client went to grab the Glock out of the pack it didn't fire in the bear came after him too so we try to throw the gun the other guy and then I just ran into I guess that's the best story is our story rinella and Remi Warren and Ian Sweet Alice and her friends they they got attacked while they were in a fog neck Island in Alaska yes like two years ago and Remy came on here and told the story and it's fucking terrifies well they killed an elk and then it hung in a tree and

► 01:38:28

they had taken some of the meat back cuz you know you have to hike out a fog neck is particularly dense it's very very dense that shouldn't have to like remember when we were on Prince of Wales Island lights dance yeah well it's like that but even worse when we were on that island that I haven't had black bears which weirdly enough they're not as dangerous but they are more predatory towards people who buy clothes Iron Man suit that's out of my hands I want to be able electrifying immediately cut his head off put on a steak so all the other grizzly bears no not the fuck yeah we just need to go on a hunt again it's so much fun even if if it's a rifle at 11

► 01:39:28

I want to hear what you both very well what I would like you to do honestly but I'd like to do and we should organize this with John or John Dudley cuz we have access to the literally the best archery coach on the planet Earth John Dudley he's the best he's so good we need first voice of worldly was a world-class competitive archery competed on the world stage who traveled all throughout the planet what is his like what are the principles he teaches first of all it's just like martial arts if you have a bad coach you'll develop bad technique and it's going to be very difficult for you to learn you can still Excel some people still works out with bad coaching you know there's people that have just a natural ability to fight right and you teach them just a few things you know how to like put Knuckles Too Faced some people just better at that

► 01:40:28

and they just they have a good mentality for it but they would be way better if they're with farasa Habib they would be way better if there was Duke roufus there's no doubt about great coaching is imperative for achieving your full potential percent that's the same thing with archery with archery a guy like John Dudley will put the fundamentals in the perfect position for you in heat change my archery so much. I've been doing archery for more than a year or so before I met him maybe a year-and-a-half Mike my whole my ability jumped up 20 to 30% within the first couple hours of Minions What percent cheese video of me and him in my backyard and I'm laying these nocturnal Arrow Knox Knox sleep fly to the yard looks like laser beams and I'm laying them into my elk Target at like 65 yards thunk thunk thunk all them going into the vitals

► 01:41:28

explain to me like where to place my feet and what I was doing wrong and why more which be on my back foot but just little things but my boy Tariq like he'll teach me stuff just where where you're looking like what how to judge distance in there a certain techniques to do it or just wear your back foot should be in relation that person's put Bacardi note that they can some people can simplify it and teach of those basic principles we're like damn different sure you know there's ways to do things correctly and people spent their entire life learning these things and learning how to teach these things to which is critical you know there's look like we both came from a Taekwondo background and I got very very very fortunate in that the school that I found that I stumbled into

► 01:42:28

Jae Kim Taekwondo is do in Boston was one of the best gyms on Earth I just got super lucky so I learned from the time I was a young kid I learned the right way to do things with end the emphasis was always on Technic it didn't matter how fast you were if you were doing it wrong you were corrected the Russians are like that like there's this tennis in Moscow who's responsible for the tennis Revolution Sharapova and all those people and she is a coach who she's like 77 she got like two courts and the kids when they get there I don't think you're allowed for the first 6 months I mean what your swing and your your positioning is she in grains those fundamental so that you can do it wrong to before you start playing tennis you are in Groening neural Pathways and patterns that are perfectly correct so that when the shit hits a fan you get a

► 01:43:28

Bushnell you don't know how to do it wrong. Who is Andre Ward's Virgil was the light heavyweight champion Roy Jones jr. knocked out with a body shot I think his reward on Instagram two of us get ahold of him set him he's he's not just a master race of brilliant analyst to he's he's amazing but he was trained where the discipline of a fundamentals and perfecting your way he speaks and I just I obsess over over that I got love watching the old school guy this guy coach Anthony who I watch his videos on YouTube I think he's in Kansas City by the way I'd love to get in

► 01:44:28

train with him but he's he's a guy who like break shit down in those little details and you just realize what a science boxing is and you realized it wasn't that awesome edited his boxer like you're making mistakes but then there are mortal like you're making sense but you're making moral sense by getting hit with shots you don't see she can teach you how to avoid that and that's a little detail in everything in life is that way it's like you want to be really good at something get great coaching and it's those small adjustments that make all the difference and the number two tennis player world is that much but it's all the difference in the world learning how to do things correctly in every single discipline is the most important thing correctly and then from there all your creativity and all your ability to improvise all comes from these perfect fundamentals did you watch Errol Spence Jr Mikey Garcia

► 01:45:28

I just feel like my p r Co I love I am going to watch it but he just looks so much smaller animals bet it's too hard you won't look bigger you won't look that much bigger than Terrance Terence Crawford is about as peace debaser bass guitar same size and he'll come out and fight the first five rounds of the South Bond you think you got to put it out and then I'll switch stances and fuck you up yeah.. What's also ambidextrous ability so critical mean I was Marvin Hagler Marvin hagler's to switch back and forth and know what you couldn't do jackshit about it he will fight you as a southpaw just as good as his fight you Orthodox and you didn't know what the fuk was coming next

► 01:46:28

understood those patterns so well he could he could just he just cut you off yet just feel like you're going to do I can see what you're setting up before you do it that's like Jiu-Jitsu have a role with someone is really good they know they know what you doing way before you're going to do it he's starting his back and check them out I was like what he let them take us back it's like every time I try to move around like she'll just he just no matter what I'm doing I'm doing the Wicky right thing I'm keep my hands here in like there's no and he just find your face looks like everything right things get you get better at everything I mean like you know that feeling that you get when you watch someone is only been doing stand-up like a year and you see them go on front of a crowd and you see that

► 01:47:28

choking up and panicking and maybe rushing a joke or being awkward but then ladies and gentlemen here's your next comic Bryan Callen just go up and just lose some relax you seen it all before but I do but at this is what I like what I like is that there are all these things that you can do like that where are you just get better if you keep doing that you learn more I think learning things and doesn't matter I think that's one of it like learning stuff and doing difficult things we could see incremental Improvement that's that's based on your effort in your concentration I think these are really important for happiness 100% of it all of our friends that I'm really happy you brought pursuing things I know where to place my energy

► 01:48:28

what I'm thinking of what up my next my next one hour is going to be I start kind of like getting to what I think about in Essen cycle where am I right now I'm kind of arrived at a place I set these goals for myself and now what now what now I got to stand still maybe what the fuck does that look like. My life has been out there a fight or I'm not I'm ready to run away right to the joke about not wearing moccasins I had the therapist of water moccasins as I don't trust them anyways moccasin was going to say the only time I mock mock as soon as much as you can sneak up on a cattle guard to take him out with a knife or your hunting deer that's the only time I don't trust you unless you got a bump on your head to come out with his moccasins in you're smiling by just bought a new pair

► 01:49:27

Casino break any Twigs out of your ear

► 01:49:33

yeah I quiet while when I was in when I was in Indonesia in my diet guides the indigenous people of Indonesia didn't break a twig under their feet barefeats her bare feet in the air call Banfield great I do not care of the rainforest snakes in the girl you Estevez why you should be especially warm months the last scene when he has never been bitten but I've had my dog's been three times for Frank Frank a bit in 3 fucking times yeah Frank and Lucy they both got bitten

► 01:50:18

you have to get him to bring to the fucking doctor one time I brought him to the doctor doctor looked at them this is why I don't see any swelling the mighty might not have gotten them cuz he killed a snake and was like he's such a psycho is not smart charge in and just didn't bite him you know if he's feeling bad to take him back in again I bring home an hour later space got growing a basketball to side effects of having my doctor just have to bring them back in but it was expensive to manage it which is a real bummer because it's thousands and thousands of dollars for this Anti-Venom and if you're a poor person and they want that money right now now man entrance wow

► 01:51:18

I want what the fuck and we're walking back I've never seen him like a walking back my dog's tongue is out and my dog starts weaving and then just kind of Falls over to Jesus I picked up bring my dog to the vet I thought maybe you got stung by a wasp or something I didn't know that I was like this this she I think she got bit by a rattlesnake and she was so swollen her head was so by the time I got there was like literally looks like a giant balloon is actually digesting tissue that's fucked up like that what that venomous for ago they bite a snake like a snake bites a rabbit or some shit like that it's actually digesting the rabbit so that they don't have a stomach like we have their their whole body is just like one just rot track of things as rot inside of it

► 01:52:18

Norbit play monsters that video that I posted that I got from one of those guys that I follow on Instagram but are they were in the desert and his big fucking huge fat rattlesnake had a rabbit and was dragging the rabbit away is lifeless rabbit is being dragged away by this thing it's a stick is my forearm oh my God you can find it good luck finding it probably four years ago 3 years ago 4 years ago is it found it amazing how do you do a spider plant what's this so this thing look at this it's got the rabbit wow yeah and date they close in on it and it just drags it away

► 01:53:08

it's creepy that if this is a different video that's the one that I had was a bigger snake in the deposit away quicker but it's just it's it's a gross little animal but then again you need those grow Salon in animals like that's the same like to argue the people say you don't want coyotes in your neighborhood okay I kind of see what you're saying but the problem is you don't want rats in your neighborhood either stupid and coyotes going to kill a rat so what is this one that's right that's right yeah

► 01:53:49

yeah the mom rabbit recognizes some shit is going down fucks up that snake

► 01:53:56

get off my baby look at that I never stopped cat I think it was like a bobcat a small Bobcat like in a village was getting attacked by a some snakes and it's protecting its babies in the mom just left the babies to die or whatever cuz she knows it she couldn't fight it the kids got the snake by the head and walked away and threw it like in the bush came back and grab the babies and give them back to the mom it was a crazy video Wild Kratts snake grabbed the snake is 876 ft x 60 ft

► 01:54:40

some kids grow up hard dudes have no idea what you're alive what would I look like when I lived in Florida I was always worried about running into an alligator we run into alligators and snapping turtles last snapping turtles some snakes there some snakes with running to do got them as pets and now they have a viable population as a sandboy doing regardless of the fact it's a pet python I would have done that not hard to do the kid so he's pulling on it

► 01:55:36

oh they said this up bro I have time does pulling back up again all the cuts out there and make that thing a cock holster that's what I would do cock rings

► 01:56:00

yeah it's like growing up like that around snakes and all kinds of evil fucking shit like that ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous Australia better have no idea in terms of breathtaking really and food any interest in going to Africa and going hunting

► 01:56:56

open African alfor x two long flight what would we be hunting Antelope she like that I love but at the end of the day I feel you'd get the same in a way I feel you could get the same cuz I cannot tell you what that would be you could what game reserve which is probably a cattle on abandoned cattle range yes and they stocked the area with those animals in Texas and Texas and in Texas you could go get Tex-Mex the trip by the time you get there you're older it's just too fucking whore

► 01:57:56

that photo I just flashed up at Cape Town's made me think of something I saw yesterday that I don't know if you saw it since I so they can create a picture like this oh yeah I did see that if you draw like a little sketch yeah they could turn that into like instantly turn that into a photo-realistic picture have you ever seen that on the right so through the software rendering they could you do something like that on the left and then they make it on the right but make it with a lake and a mountain bike watch this damn so this is within seconds they can create this and what is this software called Jamie what's up do you think I'll ever be able to replace

► 01:58:48

Comics no no I don't think they're going to be able to figure out personality but I think what they Kendall never figure out Joey Diaz make artificial reality they're going to be able to make artificial reality it's like how long will it take for that artificial reality

► 01:59:09

I don't think you can quantify creativity but don't think I know what might be wrong though I might be wrong and you might be able to figure it out eventually is surprised and almost destruction like when you hear somebody say something you've never heard before or a different take that kind of destroys the old way of thinking that's kind of infection is a form of Destruction and and so destroying ideas or beliefs when you see a great piece of art like there's a match T2 it isn't all your awestruck like the Vatican the inside of the Sistine Chapel Beauty at Southlake

► 02:00:09

cuz you're making money it's like you you are doing it because you can and because you want to see what you're capable of like creating Beauty for its own sake is but its original it it it it changes in many ways your perspective like you kind of go you you so so nice and schopenhauer talked about the idea that there's the Wale rights to a human being you're stuck in this fucking I got to eat I got a fuck I got to sleep and I got to breed and I eat and I sleep and I bucks so I can breathe you know and I can stay alive and it might be enough for the my gene pool and you're stuck in this kind of like will to live but there is a respite this is when you when you see a great work of art or you're doing great works of art and somehow when you see something beautiful when you're laughing really hard to quit stand-up when you're seeing a maze movie like American Beauty the state of put you in is so incredible because it gets you to forget momentarily about you

► 02:01:09

biology your own your own needs your own wants for whatever reason you rest in this state of majesty this turn off high relief this your higher self or Hugo Hugo man that might be what God says about that might be what it's like to be touching something bigger than myself or bigger than all this other appetites stuff I got it's almost like it's almost like something you forget that you're listening to music music but that is almost the only time you have I guess and of course we can talk about flow when you're climbing a mountain with no rope so whatever it might be I think that put you in those states of true focus and true flow and that's what we stay alive for we stay alive for that and when you are not that you know everything else becomes drudgery almost because everything become

► 02:02:09

I quite like a we stay alive also not just for accomplishments but like when you're with your friends being silly geese for no other reason there's a there's a for temporarily from the world from from from the reality of your own limitations and that there's something that's so beautiful about that I think we need to talk about the idea that you can you can actually make your life that dick your life should be a work of art live dangerously and leave a good-looking corpse don't don't don't worry about all the other things just just it's worth living if she was a mess as part of the problem with listening to him and they were all Concepts and often times and not really putting these Concepts to practice in their own life which is very strange that's right yeah that's very true

► 02:03:09

buy companion where we're just fucking howling and laughing that's that's why an end those you can't recreate that you know what I'm things of this interesting about fight companion is a bunch of people have tried to recreate it they've done their own and they always abandon it I just give up cuz we're really friends and we really go hard as we're really getting fucked up memes how many shows are there where people are just getting drunk and saying ridiculous shit live in front of millions of people and then we'll have a show where there's a you know UFC that may may get a hundred thousand pay-per-view buys and we get 5 million views

► 02:03:55

what's happening between the in between YouTube and iTunes I want to start my own podcast with your friends really friends that's why I hate these fucking organize a fake band no flocking wack we're just we're just friends no matter what and Eddie is legitimately crazy too and he's also legitimately Jiu-Jitsu genius you know any really does think the Earth is flat. I don't understand that thinking but that's part of the reason why he's fine now

► 02:04:55

I love that got a job he's doing my best friend's for 20 fucking you can you always and he's like he's a brilliant when it comes to get you I mean really brilliant but like his unique way of thinking is creativity is what allowed him to formulate that system that system of Jiu Jitsu what's a lot of very unorthodox and trees in and submissions is very very very very clever with his Jiu-Jitsu very clever

► 02:05:28

so important when your strengths are the same as you're super obsessed with compare conspiracies like legitimately super obsessed but I wasn't always that podcast to with Sam Tripoli and then they do conspiracy stand-up comedy with a go the performer clubs together but it's really selling well let me know doing it right great for Sam to UC Santa Cruz a guy in our Circle friends insanely fortunate and the camaraderie that we all have the opportunity to other and look out for each other and support each other and you know I feel so lucky that I

► 02:06:28

and like Johnny Depp like the guy Mickey Rourke and something happens to a real struggle Mary crazy lady with crazy as fuck but you when you've done a movie when you're on set your shooting a page a day and that mundane repetitive process you're in costume you're saying the same fucking lines doing the same thing over and over again there 16 hour days and I don't think that's a satisfying no matter who you are it becomes a very peculiar skill that is a play it's different but I also think that

► 02:07:28

you and I were supposed to stand up like a guy who makes clocks that's his passion a guy who fixes cars I just certain people like my friend Steve strope Who Built My Corvette value builds a bunch of muscle cars that you that finds a guy loves cars he loves the construction of them in the design of them loves putting them together and there's people that are supposed to get into it then become disillusioned along the way because the process is so weird and also it's so fake that's what always drove me crazy like being around all these people that are like not really there talking to you that not really being vulnerable to not really being present a little axe in real life

► 02:08:28

they look good on me imma be a good looking actor do it and I and I go there glass take the hat off right now I'm going to slap the shit out of you thanks what about for the door has no what's the ultimate a straw hat member of the press if you have a brain and a cigarette holder like like Hunter S Thompson and a cigarette holder

► 02:09:28

me too I do want to know if I do want to dress like that like a like a a salsa dancer I want to be a gentleman at the end of the day I want to be an older gentleman and I want to smoke Fine Cigars there is no or pipe there is part of me and I want to pontificate and I want to hang out with Stephen West and I want to talk about philosophy I like want to do you smoke cigars never ever ever would stop at the store down the street

► 02:10:07

Piazza back on the outside of the ship that crashed Tesla stock brought down so is it mostly weed killer will Head Rush from the tobacco

► 02:10:24

when you get a little

► 02:10:28

Global Life Life inside the brain

► 02:10:38

that's why no dude perfect picture I got to the bottom and do we have any more of this and we have cups do you get out of here

► 02:11:01

sorry I'm here

► 02:11:07

did you have a special drop on

► 02:11:11

get me my number one selling 1 hour and I'll be at in Kansas City on the 4th and 6th of April this stuff is single malt scotch and this stuff is made by a boy band this bullshit where's this come from I'm not sure I ever get to a point where they like okay we can call ourselves a boy band in lower 48 band

► 02:11:58

this your eyeglass empty their Venture caucus Park Place

► 02:12:03

hold on chord in there I'll put a coffee and then I could move could move face is much what you doing take it easy so I don't know why I don't know why is that you was on his way to Valhalla Billy Connolly famous so I didn't know that how old is he in the 70s what happened to just got some terminal illness 76 great comedian supposedly I've never met him but supposedly a great guy to

► 02:12:56

World on brother yes I want to I want to be too attached to immortality I want to make this way no more watch I've been doing the area's not dead sir Billy Connolly sends reassuring musical message to fans

► 02:13:15

okay so you still think he's still going he's got some sort of a double dose Sam Harris waking up app for 3 months spirituality without religion and I really liked it. Meditation but without fail done it now for over three months and so my 10 minutes a day soon as I do a little longer you know but it's profound I never would have seen the value of it but it took me awhile to see he helps it's very he's he's a very good guy because he's been doing it for 30 years and he's a very smart guy obviously quiet retreats

► 02:14:15

who's always takes back for being an atheist but he's religious for an atheist Consciousness mine versus spiritual I would appreciate that people say that they just being spiritual guess he's he's very concerned with the the health of his mind he recognizes the power of meditation you know I do a bunch of different things that help me keep my mind clear like one of them is running or something about running. I never really understood until I start doing up to form a meditation in this sort of weird State of Mind where are you just trudging and breathing and that's all you really can concentrate on you don't have much room for other things like when you're really struggling like when I'm running up a steep hill and I'm running with a dog he's so much faster than me

► 02:15:15

heater I have the best dog man he turns around checks to make sure I'm okay so you all right what's a good dog like I never worried about him meeting people he would just be kissing them like the only don't worry about it like cats like mountain lions you sure I do worry about that cuz we do run into these really remote areas and when it when I do that when I'm trudging up those Hills all I'm doing is breathing them

► 02:15:48

pushing my thighs I'm fucking trying to get to the top of this hill and drop off steep fucking Long Hill you don't think about Jack schitt than that and then when you do come down and your heart rate drops and you ready to go again you know what I'll do like a long 200-yard he'll like a Sprint it as much as I can when I get to the top and I have to catch my breath I don't want to kill myself but then when you catch your breath it's like during the time where your heart rate is dropping you start looking at the actual real magnitude of your problems is what are what are they really like what what is mono our biggest problems is the way we interact with each other right if you think about all the problems that people have in the world obviously this the big Global ones global conflict and War and financial conflict and weird shit that countries do to each other back and forth but it's human beings in conflict with other human beings and how

► 02:16:48

two that could be avoided like isn't it mostly avoidable like with people with one two one two reasonable people you and I you and I is perfect if we run into some people we've run into a person and whisks if you only have access to one water weigh and your kids may not be able to drink water you can get genocide all right quick of course the fight for our survival but people go to organize men young men is not with we hate them that doesn't last as much what you do is you you go hey it's about it's about defending our country our way of life and you you crate symbols and propaganda things for them to march behind that's always how you motivate large groups and how you quit

► 02:17:48

geology in your you know you're fighting for skin because they tend to fight for something you know I think it was points is a nation to find something what if nobody wants one world government right that's one of the things that everybody scared of like one world like what one group that runs all the countries on the whole planet that's too crazy as all of us one group having all that fucking power government type would like isn't I mean it seems like they're all ridiculous at this point but if there was laws like laws that we all agreed on like you can't just like to see if you go to Singapore with weed like the rest of your life

► 02:18:48

okay nurse painting crazy like that you're in deep shit charges but people die from drugs from your drug issue in the United States have a perspective it's a hard-ass perspective got to realize that that that prospective exist still on this earth like it's a really interesting we think of all the different cultures like I was thinking alike stoic cultures and cold Northern cultures and the swedes in the Nordic folk actor time with your Harvest when all that stuff also no bulshit some fucking insane jeans in these people Ride Like That Game of Thrones

► 02:19:48

guy you know Brock Lesnar's Fokker from that fucking world the Giants the craziest party as stock survive yeah and the real survivors like they have to deal with some shit in the winter before there was any kind of cars those people are living up there riding animals when was God knows how fucking called a spider in the center of this fucking house and everyone's gathered around the fire was all about staying warm down and then why you slapped taking you as a slave all my God shopping you up in front of your family people just chop people up that's right and that's the mostly what happened forever

► 02:20:48

oh yeah everybody got killed everybody got raped and that was normal that was life and people made it through that to some form of security when they started thinking about rules and laws and how do I force them and keep things civil order of the day of the leading philosophers and moral thinkers of our time from Jesus to the Buddha to Muhammad to Socrates and Aristotle to all of them never ever really spoke much about slavery about owning other human beings about selling someone's children that just was never really brought up and it just wasn't you just see if it was just what was done and then you know what really started the Abolitionist Movement the abolition of slavery worldwide

► 02:21:48

specifically Evangelical questions everything and convinced the crown to enforce a ban on slavery in the high seas so if you are a British naval ship even if the ottoman if there was a Turkish ship of the Ottoman ship over there and they had slaves did British were at basically hanging slave Traders freeing slaves all that stuff on the high seas even though they obviously there was a lot of races and no one on the Brits and their names were the ones that began the abolition of slavery is now how amazing is it that that didn't take place until what 18 what

► 02:22:48

the all countries Britain abolish slavery in America. So we were 18650 battery without so that gives you an idea of a reason that is okay to stop and think about that that number 1865 seem so recent now it used to when I was a kid it felt like it was forever ago I know I was like five years old and I thought about slavery I thought about it as being like eons and eons in the past without besides the Bible a lot arguably one of the most influential books ever in the written in the 19th century what Uncle Tom's Cabin I hadn't read it and I think that and I think the legend is at Lincoln said so you're the little woman that wrote this book that started the Great War

► 02:23:49

because she she put this chicken attract say she was from the north but she interviewed fugitive slaves and you know what such a face on what slavery the brutality but it was really about in this country or anywhere where you could take a woman's child 8 year old and get some money and it's the store that's all kinds of hemming and hawing and dance slave brokers who would come in and go look at your Plantation is in debt you got to start selling some of your slates now I'm not that woman she's got she's got those two healthy looking boys and the end you would sell them and she could do nothing about it that was the reality and and Uncle Tom's Cabin

► 02:24:49

controversial book because the way they describe Uncle Tom is a simpleton and a negro but I'll tell you what I did is she she made you realize in Technicolor with a human face just exactly how horrible it was and what happened to the women would have to see their children sold in front of them and they couldn't do anything but it was it was it was for many people what galvanized the north to say we can't have this is crazy kind of slavery that wasn't 200 years ago

► 02:25:24

I know it wasn't even two hundred years ago that's that's let you know that joke that I have about the president being like we became a nation in 1776 people to be honored that three people doing right now we are so we are infants in something we're in the process of this thing we're figuring out life what's fair what's right how to run shit and we're we're doing it based on this idea that someone had already got it dialed in with us to the Constitution or whether it's through the democratic system where the educational system has different systems that we have that they're they're perfect Nerf place near ready to rock and they've been Rock Solid 4 generation after gen how long is it that's it so what did they do before that what did you do before you know it

► 02:26:19

when did they have the ability to print 500 years ago when was the printing press made Mission bro they were everything you read someone has to write with their fucking hand you have no idea if it's correct you've no idea who telling the truth it is writing it it's not for years and years and years and took that's probably the main reason why they probably had established higher schools of learn it was on what are you doing the stuff that you're writing how do I know it's true what's your method the Irish priest wrote down all the knowledge they wrote it down in books and they carried it with them so it's like this whole story of how

► 02:27:19

the libraries had to be painstakingly images and then the printing press in the 1414 45 or whatever and couldn't Berg invent use a watchmaker and send it this thing called the printing press and whatever they used it but then you could like you could people could disseminate ideas it was like the internet you have an idea you could print out paper and make multiple copies and send them out and then all of a sudden a guy named Martin Luther goes if I have the Bible what do I need these priests for what do I need to be I was just going to say that Martin Luther used to make those posters and put them up this guy was yeah but you never listen to Dan Carlin series on that I didn't oh my God it's amazed explain Lutheranism explain the whole movement how he got away with it because he had a high public standing

► 02:28:19

play didn't prosecute him or sumac they figured out a way to translate the Bible where other people could read it and couldn't speak Latin that's right they figured out a phonetic translation for the word of God what do I need to present an institution what if Jesus sex I can read it right here what everybody was scared about must have been the most horrific thing about the religious power back then like Rome had armies right this was this was like when Genghis Khan was roaming the Earth and running through Russian Asian Eurasia think the Rome was like they were thinking about going to battle with these people the Mongols like the Roman army staff the pope had wives

► 02:29:19

this was like a really in a lot of ways was

► 02:29:23

almost in an ancient way like a similar position to that the United States has now in terms of the whole world right now I'm so high right now I'm sorry but what was what was I took one hit of marijuana blunts why am I in a tunnel it's good good for you there's Tobacco on the outside of it marijuana the inside The Shining I'm going to be honest with you I use a moisture moisture under we can I shall I bring it back before lunch at everywhere wherever you get your car there is a hundred million comedy specials out right now

► 02:30:24

I don't know what the number is limite is 100 million how many of us there are today as opposed to the days of yore you know my question is how much material is Sebastian he's got some new material he was doing at The Improv last night he's so funny so funny he's hilarious he's just got his own roof like we're talking about Theo Von earlier by Key & Co in my mind there they're very similar that they're their Styles weigh different 100% there all day Sebastian has his own family and you love him so you count on him react to these things in a certain way

► 02:31:24

pictures unique is Christopher Walken those always he's in his own right now you know Sebastian is in his own sold out for seat for shows at Madison Square Garden for sold out seats for 18,000 C to show that's nuts funny he's a beast yes I'm sure there's money in it but the point is like he's in that sweet spot of his career you know where it's all American system for 9 years yeah just a smart easy-going dude who's easy to love this is so fun to watch on state I don't want to say what he's talking about I want to ruin any of it cuz you're his stuff isn't even it's on paper I would never do it justice you have to see him in

► 02:32:24

Charlotte you he's fine he mad I said the same thing I say about the electio is in this rare place right now you know like he's on stage and he's just like you just start smiling when you see him his kids hypnosis game is on point every comic. I just stopped doing it at 52 with this Sam Harris app welcome is like a to thing going on right at the two things simultaneously going on

► 02:33:06

there's one that you know you want to do your best and do so you look at everything you do and you go I think I could have done that better God damn it why do it like that so what is that about like what's this about why do like that why don't we work that we do this

► 02:33:24

what time is the other part that has to be like like why are you doing this like a you doing this cuz you enjoy it do you enjoy it okay you're going to feel gross about anything that doesn't work out well everything you do is it doesn't work out well still be a bitch about it just get over it there's a certain Self Indulgence involved and dwelling on your mistakes that you it becomes almost like a self pity thing you got up there there's a strength and a discipline in learning how to go okay I fucked up did you did you ever read Martha Graham's letter the great the mother of modern dance shoot a letter to Agnes what do you help when you asked me that question but still funny I know because I'm I'm asking you about a fucking a bottle bands what is This Woman's name again

► 02:34:23

I'll show you her name is Martha Graham she's the great I'm going to just it's like a really short letter but she wrote this she was a great choreographer she created modern dance she was basically just does not just let's about just moving naturally and doing crazy shit for that Martha Graham she's she's a giant when you think of dance she might be the most famous one of the most famous names ever and dance okay whatever she wrote this letter and I think you'll appreciate this it's really short there's a Vitality a life force a quickening this translated threw you into action and because there is only one of you and all time this expression is unique if you block it it will never exist to any other medium and the lost the world will not have it it has pee and it is not your business to determine how good it is or how valuable it is a comparison to other Expressions it's your business to keep it

► 02:35:23

yours clearly and directly and keep the channel open you don't even have to believe in yourself in your work you have to keep open and aware directly of the urges that motivate you keep the channel open no artist is pleased there was no satisfaction whatever at any time there's only a queer Divine dissatisfaction a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others damn that's Beast chip how about that that's on the money and that is a woman that's her that's her she was doing this you send me that are really into what she's doing here but appreciative words

► 02:36:05

I feel like you shouldn't show me this video is in like 1943 if I'm not mistaken as well you probably struggling than for freedom from the Orthodoxy struggling to express themselves in different ways about stand-up is it it's indicative or it's it's a representative of the time in which it's performed in like they're little windows in time to help people behaved and thought and there was some shit that people did just 10 15 20 years ago that you just can't do now it's like it's not it's not an it's not possible it's not it's not in the the Publix menu list anymore you know but back then it was normal it's like you can

► 02:37:05

it's some stuff just isn't funny anymore too weird like some of the Lenny Bruce stuff man he was for the time he was groundbreaking righty doing nobody's seen anything like this before guy was talking straight and true about real social issues and making them funny on stage and Rise you know

► 02:37:25

handsome looking Jewish fellow with beautiful hair and you just had a look just know that you and I can put ourselves back into the minds of people that lived in the 1950s when Lenny Bruce was doing this there's no way we can put ourselves there we are tainted Forever by technology and Innovation it's it ended the way that it's the way that interaction I think it's the big one right there as soon as people started the exchange information with each other and you know whether it's through television and then threatened a radio and television and television shows and then internet in the more they express themselves the more they sort of figure out patterns of behavior that are acceptable

► 02:38:15

yeah but I wonder times whether or not I think stand-up has is having a Renaissance but like music and things I don't think we're living in a time of Genius are we or do I not know enough about her some great ships being made this is so much to be made The Black Keys are always putting out great shit Gary Clark jr. has an amazing new album It's amazing love I love him it's so good he said he's got such a signature guitar sound man his fucking guitar sounds like I love it that style of you know he's got he did a ham and honey honey did a show together one night in Downtown LA in a recorded some of it and put it up on my Instagram and they were doing Allman Brothers Midnight Rider see if I can find that

► 02:39:02

it was a crazy man she had to go and get it and she was singing in real time while she's ringing I saw that man right there and so he's doing Midnight Rider but he's doing it Gary Clark jr. style It's fucking amazing want to kill Caesar right here it is

► 02:39:30

he see that's like that's his style you know saying

► 02:39:37

jeez Jerry Clark's this song

► 02:39:48

I mean he's a killer but I almost got to drive my I drove Jeff back when I was when I was a limo driver almost got to drive Stevie Ray Vaughan I was thinking I was going to get to drive Stevie Ray Vaughan but he won't take limos he would only take cabs to want to talk to the cab driver all of his people were in the limos man and he went in a fucking calf

► 02:40:30

he was legit as fuck special man who was crazy to me was that Gary Clark jr. he Gary Clark jr. that song while still having it be clearly that song so cool but it was like job they know it's so cool due to be there live at 9 on a Tuesday in Downtown LA was only maybe a hundred people in the room

► 02:40:56

and Suzanne Suzanne Santo from honey honey she's so talented man she looks at the fact that she could read that your voice is insane she's reading that off of her phone and saying it's so crazy yeah but Stevie Ray Vaughan can't put any of his music up hold up yankus off the fucking a deep knowledge and practice of music over your knowledge of martial arts would you take it right now is yes what's up how I feel. Love the Arts I don't have to make it I can't play at all experience because of my obsession with Jimi Hendrix is why I did I stole it from Jimi Hendrix I love music but I don't have any Talent

► 02:41:56

I'm not don't desire nothing you don't have to fucking make movies man you don't have to be a painter you know Taylor boss made this Mitzi that watch over us in the studio I don't know it helps me so much it's so important for me to just to have the ability to get a hundred percent of aggression be able to hit a bag and just get into a flow smoke a joint and then hit that I don't want to do is punch somebody might be interested in what stock did you hear that they're doing it first of all would line up just got announced and A2 is got Gary Clark Sturgill and The Black Keys and Chance the Rapper

► 02:42:56

oh my God cheats

► 02:42:59

wow that's a fucking lineup right there son's Sturgill Simpson in The Black Keys to my top 10

► 02:43:08

is so much music with amazing about music man is that they're they're still making it like everyone still making music so it's not like this is the database just gets bigger it's all my stuff goes away you bring back old Donna Summer shit you know like dude what is that snow ever I got some playlist on brothers or James Brown but you go you go back in time when you listen to that you listen to James Brown song it's not just that you listen to James Brown you're listening to a time capsule from 1963 or whatever it was astonishing

► 02:44:01

I never lose my shocked at how good they were going to a taint Zeppelin is this I know allegations plagiarism which seem to be totally true it's unfortunate because the end result is fucking incredible by you're still so great that he Immigrant Song won the best workout songs of all time

► 02:44:36

I know well what's so crazy how much credit to the I mean did should they have at the I'm not trying to disparage it at all but like they should get a lot of credit for how good they pick the band no doubt that they're so good to see the thing is at every song I don't know you know I don't know how every band does it every songs probably constructed differently put in a lot of cases does a lot of people contributing to the song you know the driver has an idea in the singer has an idea and the guitar player has he's really trying out in the trying to figure out the best way to do the song It's a collaborative

► 02:45:25

it's no doubt that the collaboration was fucking phenomenal the question is was a consensual like how many of these people are collaborating didn't know it so that's what happens if you played Rising it seems like it's okay and you know maybe they just thought that bans going to go away no one's going to care about that anymore cuz we were Led motherfuking Zeppelin that's possible too because before the internet that kind of would have been the case but now we recognized but there's no way you can discount the fact they were motherfukers when they were on top when Robert Plant would stand on that fucking stage with his shirt open I mean he's what's one of the weirdest things like what they think about that change in history right go from 1950 to 1969 and you see you go from people that look like Hank Williams Senior

► 02:46:25

does wearing blouses are dresses or t-shirts that the girl he had the night before at 1 to know that that's her that's what I hear so probably fucked his way through the plans he always work girl shirts that were too small for me when you press to the side every every heavy metal band in the 80s toys and you name it whatever Motley Crue they all had a blonde lead singer with a girl shirt oh my God that's amazing that's amazing that shirt barely fits him damn right Crazy Life that guy said yes or no I don't think any one of us will ever be able to understand even even if you became like the new Led Zeppelin you'll never understand what it's like

► 02:47:25

Led Zeppelin in the 70s in the 70s what imagine if you today became the new giganto fucking multi-country rock this matter what is that watching you and there's a lot of you you got to think back when Robert Plant was Robert Plant LED Rolling Stones at Elton John yet people yeah people but maybe I have 30 might have 30 30 big name artists maybe maybe maybe maybe a hundred Let's Get Crazy lyrics

► 02:48:14

Jonathan Janis Joplin you got a lot of shit and then you got the weird one some Mamas & the Papas and also heroin and cocaine kind of kills all that hold that hold music scene yeah there's a lot of that that's the problem it's store to start sit up and then it poisons it in and heroin the music. You know I get it that is bad for you

► 02:48:49

but I think it's this it can't be a coincidence that so many people that love heroin made Amazing Music before any of them who got into heroin their music stopped movie was always Hendrix and Jim Morrison was a relatively with his musical development I think was done less with maybe maybe it's hard to say mean I don't know why I know he was arrested in Toronto with Heroin I don't know the whole history of is I don't know maybe I don't know when he started using heroin or why you no more artistic or more successful at all but I think what happened

► 02:49:49

I have a substance abuse problem yeah that's just remember writing Cujo happens to a substance abuse problem and yes and no yes or no cuz yes he is unbelievably talented yes he's an amazing writer is one of my personal favorites I mean if I read more Stephen King books in any other fiction author but the stuff that he wrote when he was doing drugs was hard core shit he wrote The Shining and Cujo and the Tommyknockers he wrote all sorts of wicked books man with there's just evil intentions and ruthless actions and shocking scenes and the fact it was a coincidence he was doing coke just a coincidence he was drunk.

► 02:50:49

big squeeze the most out of your imagination while suppressing any sort of any sort of societal

► 02:51:00

handcuffs you might have put on yourself because of the horrific Notions like he said he would say things in his book where you would go whoa are you would have to take a step back like where the what can a fucking person thinks this up a guy who's doing coke was also a great writer it's not that I'm not saying that I think you probably could have achieved the exact same results on the notch because he Steven motherfuker but it's also also positive possible rather than that stuff is Rocket Fuel it's rocket fuel for your your physical energy your anger your mood you're in a bishins dissolve and it might open up the pathway to that for payment or demon rape that you didn't want to get too

► 02:52:00

shooting victims like no no way is it a comedy close it. Thank you for having the number one comedy special on the planet Earth so I think I saw it myself, that's a great Club yeah I hope I'm not still high I know what you do will be challenged complicated Apes

► 02:53:00

very much love you always going to hang with you we should do this more often we would say that every couple months now right last time months to years times flying too quickly

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