#1361 - Cmdr. David Fravor & Jeremy Corbell

Oct 5, 2019

Commander David Fravor is a retired US Navy pilot, who has a close encounter in 2004 with the so-called Tic Tac UFO, and Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker.

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my guest today is Commander David favor and he along with Jeremy Corbell

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Jeremy Korbel who directed and produced the documentary Bob Lazar Area 51 and flying saucers he contacted Commander favor and asked him to come and do this and he listened to the Bob Lazar podcast and Jeremy thankfully talked him into coming here and talk to us it is a fascinating conversation and if you get a chance watched a YouTube video because in YouTube it actually has the real live video footage the infrared and the TV footage that they got from the United States Navy aircrafts so without any further Ado please welcome Commander David favor and Jeremy Korbel

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The Joe Rogan Experience Train by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day

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and here we go first of all gentlemen thanks for being here Jeremy thanks for coming back again thank you and thanks to you sir it's very excited to be here very exciting for me to be here to be able to talk to you about your story thank you I'm glad to be here David tell everybody who you are and tell everybody your background please okay and my name is David favor I served 24 years in the military enlisted Marine for a couple years they sent me the Naval Academy then I flew for 18 years for the Navy had literally flew a-sixes hornets and then Super Hornets had every qualification you could get near plane everything even the stuff they're not doing anymore so I had nvg high-low went to Top Gun and at the time of the incident we're going to talk about I was a commanding officer of EFA 41 the Black Aces

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I've gone through a journey with this whole UFO stuff from being a full-on True Believer to be incredibly skeptical to trying to be open-minded to being more of a Believer now than I think I've ever been before and one of the things that I've always said is the people that I believe that there's a lot of loony people out there but the people that I put my trust in our high-level military people like yourself so when I hear someone like you who has a story that defies logic or defies conventional understanding of how aircrafts work that's when that's when I sit back and I go okay this this is a different thing because you know there's always people that are telling you their psychic or they can you know they sense things are there in communication with Bigfoot as always Looney people out there but when someone is in the military someone who is trained to fly these incredibly how expensive those Jets when we

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about 70 million dollars a piece yeah they don't give those two morons typically not some people in my family would probably argue that point but better lucky than good it just seems to me that this is for rational people that want to look at this whole UFO phenomenon objectively you're the type of person that I want to talk to so I was very excited to have you in here so what year was your incident and you have a very very famous Incident That's korob corroborated by actual evidence which is one of the rare ones what year was it and where did it take place so as 2004 November 14th of the it's really if you draw a San Diego to Ensenada Mexico or about 60 miles off the coast in between the two we're doing work up so when we get ready to deploy this was for the 2005 deployment we were going at sea for November and December 2004 so we'd been out I just taken over the Squadron

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October so I've been the CEO for a month

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so we go out and we're putting the battle group pieces together so it's not just the air Wing but we were you know we're on the carrier we've got the cruiser we've got all the support ships out there and we're going to integrate all the defenses and trained as one unit so the exercise we're going to do is an air defense exercise where there's good guys bad guys are all from internal from the Air Wing So the bad guys today are going to be the Marines VM FAT32 the Red Devils so they're going to launch in are going to go buy a hundred miles south of the ship and we're the good guys and it's we called a 2v2 so it's two of us against two of them we're going to work with the USS Princeton which is going to be the controller and they're going to control the blue forces and then the red guys are going to give us a presentation that you know they're going to try and intercept so we can stop them from getting up towards a carrier so that's kind of the training set that we're all good so the Marines take off first and they start heading to the South now we have no idea that for two weeks this the two weeks we've been at Sea they've been tracking these things coming out of the sky and when I talk to the prince controller he's like up to about a dozen

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they would come down from above eighty thousand feet they drop down to about 20,000 feet it hang out and then they'd go straight back up after about three or four hours now when you say they've been tracking them who specifically this is the USS the Princeton is tracking them they saw him on the Nimitz radar and the E2 could see them so because they're out there you know that Radars on all the time in the spy-1 system on an Aegis Cruiser is you know the state is probably was one of the most sophisticated systems in the world so typically when something like this happens and there is some unexplained phenomenon what do they do in this case that you know if it was if we were in a threat environment they would tell us but beer off the coast of San Diego it's it doesn't come to the Air Wing so we have no idea that these things are out there at all so they observe these things and they never bother telling any you guys that's correct so they just knew that these things had been visiting this area but they just allowed this training exercise to take place anyway yeah talking to him the previous for the two weeks they would show up but it was when we weren't flying so the typical

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your schedule is you know for us it was about noon to midnight it's a 12-hour day there's reasons for that you can go a lot longer they can but for training we just do the 12-hour day thing and it's cyclic Ops you guys taking off and Landing periodically so we are on one of the first goes you know it's you know noon 1:00 o'clock somewhere on there and we take off the Marines take off first and my buddy cheeks who's the CEO of the Marine Squadron was one he was leading the red are they had when he launched off the carrier first they called him up and said hey what do you got on board well the small the original Legacy f-18s don't have as much gas as the Super Hornet Superman's about 30% bigger so they start talking to them about Fuel and based on how long we're going to be airborne and everything else they go hey why don't you just go ahead and proceed to your your cat point because we had just taken off and that's when the controller had come up and said hey I forget our costumes Pride like dealers usually what we went so that'd be like dealer 1 1 this is a Princeton control what do you got it you know so your Loadout I kind of chuckled he said I so I got a cat them 9 which is a

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it's a basically I'm just a blue metal tube with a Seeker head for a name 9ir missile it's a training it doesn't come off the airplane you can beat it with a sledgehammer that's the only way you're going to get it off or you got to unlock the lugs with a key so I'm like kind of chuckling goes well hey we're going to cancel the training so we're like okay he says we got real world vector and they're going to send us out to the West so picture if it's you know you've got a clock the Nimitz is in the middle we're a little bit south of that about 40 miles south and then the Marines are about a hundred miles south of the ship about 60 miles between the two of us so as this is all happened in my wingman is joining up right and these are f-18s so there's two people in each jet so it's me and my wizzo which is weapon systems operator and I've got the other pilot and the weapon systems operator now their jet so they tell us all this hey we're going to real-world vector and they send us out to 7-0 about 60 miles away from where we're going so now we're going out even further out to sea

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we have no idea what we're intercepting and this is when the controller starts talking to us he says Hey sir we've seen these objects they've been for two weeks they've been coming down and he's given us the whole story says we need you to go investigate we want to know what these are but they're asking you to investigate in a jet that's unarmed that's correct okay here we have know there's reasons for that that we don't fly we typically don't fly with live Ordnance unless we're actually going into like a combat zone or on a training range and we're going to shoot something and the reason is you can go through history of the Navy or Air Force if you put live missiles on airplanes and then you start doing training where you're squeezing the trigger someone always messes the switch ology up and someone gets shot down it's happened multiple times so we don't do it you know there's times that we do but it's rare

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so we start flying out to the West now I want you to think because the other pilot has a you know when you talk to its gets out that it was a female when you talk to her it's here's the kind of goes through the mind set of here off the coast of Mexico real world Vector we have no idea we're going to look at probably drug Runner because you get the drug Runners coming up the coast so we're like okay so we drive out in the their calm down ranges so they're telling us hey it's two seven zero at thirty miles at 20,000 feet and it's you know and then you just count down the range is and we're talking back and forth whole time so they got to a point where they say hey merge plot which means Radars have resolution cells you know range and Azimuth of what the radar can actually see once you're inside that box you can't tell the difference between me and the object I'm going at we're just become one Big Blob hmm so they call merge plot and so that other jet is on my left hand side and we're going to go to a clock code to make it simple

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of the object we're going to end up looking for is it right in the middle of the clock and we are at the 6 o'clock position and my wingman is off to my left side so it's she's further down with her window so as we're looking around we look to the right and there's a it's it was pretty yesterday was a perfect example out here the water is perfectly calm no White Caps I mean it's literally a perfect San Diego California day and we see white water something like if you see a seamount you know rock under water when you're standing on the shore and the waves were breaking over and you're like what is that it's usually because there's a rock under the water so it looks like that but it's about the size of a 737 it actually kind of has a shape of like a cross and it's pointing to the east so you've got the long part going east west and you got a couple things going north and south

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so as we're looking at it because that kind of draws our eyes were like oh that's kind of odd we look down and we saw in the other airplane comes up and says hey Skipper do you and that's about what he gets out of his mouth and I'm kind of looking at the same thing I could do do you see that what is that thing and what we see is this white Tic Tac looking object just above the surface of the water pointing North South and it's going north south east west it's just radically moving forward back left right at will and it's moving around the disturbance the Whitewater that we see how big is this thing safe over time it's about 40 feet long and the way I asked to make that is I mean I got a lot of time fighting other airplanes so it's about lot size of a hornet fuselage that's what you say 40 feet this thing's just going left so the first thing you see when you look down you go and this is with our eyes it's not sensors right so we're looking down at this thing and first thing I think is helicopter right there at these day two helicopters typically stay below 200 feet when we're out there and they're just drive around we're pretty far away from the ship for a helicopter for one of ours so what is it so we first

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look for is rotor wash you know if you watch any TV show that starts kicking the water up and you can see that it's really easy to see from the air so we're like no rotor wash matter of fact don't see any rotors don't see any tail rotor don't see any you know the main rotors or like that's kind of weird so as we're driving around we're looking at this thing we get to about the nine o'clock position how far were you from this thing I'm at 20,000 feet and it's right down on the surface the right off our right side so I'm probably maybe a couple miles lateral and 20,000 feet and we're just watching it move around and so it's very small in your eyes not overly smarming an airplane down that low it's 40 feet you can see pretty well with it was pretty clear so I'm like okay so I said I'm gonna go check it out that's what we're trying to do the other pilot says hey I'm gonna stay up here and I'm like that's perfect so now we'll get some separation will get it from different views and the other airplane will a kind of a God's eye view of everything that's going on as I go down and check this thing out so I start driving around and it's still doing its forward back left right it's still pointing North

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we get to about the 12 o'clock position I'm just in a nice easy to sent a reason because I've been asked how can you go more aggressive you can but when you're out over water the water looks the same at 20,000 feet as it does it 2,000 feet you don't you know so you can easily put yourself in a non recoverable position if you're not paying attention and you go into the water so I got this nice easy to send I get to about twelve o'clock and as I'm coming down you know I could guess probably about you know 18,000 feet now couple thousand feet below the other airplane the Tic Tac just kind of rapidly goes Boop and turn so now it's kind of point east west and out mirrors us so it's above the surface or up high we're coming down it starts coming up like well this is getting interesting so we kind of drive all the way around a circle I'm just sending it's coming up and I get over to about the eight o'clock position of the on a clock and it's over at about the 2 o'clock position well the quickest way as we know as kids to get someone you know you can keep going around the circle nothing's going to happen you cut across the circle

► 00:18:02

some about I don't know pry two to three thousand feet above it and I just kind of dropped my nose aggressively and I cut across the circle and it's coming this way it's because I'm trying to fly to where it's going to be because I want to join on it I want to see how close I can get to right and as I'm pulling up it's kind of starting to cross my nose and it starts to accelerate and within about less than a second is I start to pull nose onto it across is right in front of me it just goes poof and it's gone

► 00:18:28

so I call the other airplane I said hey you guys you guys see that thing in there like sir it's gone we don't see it at all so I'm like okay that's kind of weird so we don't see it we're looking at the same time I say hey let's turn around and let's go back to see what was in the water you know there's was there something there so we turn around we right there we haven't gone anywhere it's gone Waters perfectly there's no white water nothing it's just blue like okay so we turn back around now we're heading back out towards the east and I tell the controller I said well

► 00:19:02

I said you know for said I'm kind of weirded out and I told my backseat of that we start heading back in the controller on the Princeton and comes at me says sir you're not going to believe this but that thing is back at your cat point that was our original point where we're going to hold 40 miles south of the ship so this thing is went from wherever we were at to know about 60 miles in you know maybe 30 40 seconds it's already over there and it just and they didn't track it it just appeared he just shows back up on the radar and they go it's here so we're like okay

► 00:19:35

so we fly back we don't see it we don't see it on our radar we don't see it on any of our sensors we do like two runs and we come back to the ship and land

► 00:19:44

so as we're in our it's we call the pr shot we're taking off our flight gear one of my Cruz is getting ready to go out and I think they were going to be on a tanker Mission but they had a targeting pod on board so they launched off and we're talking about this before and I in the back Cedar Chad says he's really determined he's going to find this thing so he tells a pile here we're gonna find this thing so there's out driving around and in the back seat of a Super Hornet there's no stick but their side stick controllers and there to control the sensors because that's what the weapon systems guys do and they can change displays really fast by just hitting a button it'll flip from the radar to the targeting pod and the way the system actually works is when you see something on the radar and you designate it as your primary target all the other sensors will look at that point so it's everything is kind of sink together so he picks up a hit on his radar and he goes to lock it up because I watched all the tapes he goes to lock it up and immediately the radar can tell it gets signals back that it's being jammed

► 00:20:44

so in technically jamming is an act of War it starts jamming the radar goes into a jam extrapolate a bunch of stuff happens on the scope well he's smart enough to Castle to his targeting pod and he takes a passive track and that's the video that you see of the Tic Tac where it's just sitting in the middle of screen real quiet so he does that and he goes through if you watch the video if we had it I'd go through it with you but they go through all the different modes so he goes it's an IR and a Neo is TV it's black and white TV Camera we do we can get the video right on line yeah yes let's get the video Jamie where would you can't show it to anybody we can't we can't show it on YouTube but you can see it and people will be able to go to it you know we'll do go to the video and we'll tell people when we're starting and will tell people what the title of the video that you get to is and they can sync it up themselves if they're watching it it's probably out yeah it's publicly owned it's you know American government right so it is actually something in the public domain so you think we could play it on YouTube and not get pulled

► 00:21:44

a hundred percent you think so Jamie's the government those things I would say yes we should be able to but sometimes those things get messy so I'd let's take a chance okay let's take a chance with this one I know if you go if you want a New York Times article there's a link to it it's a pentagon released YouTube is crazy with copyright stuff and we've always been like two steps away from getting pulled off YouTube completely it's a real disaster it's true I understand from their perspective there's a lot of legal issues they have to deal with but I have it on a private server I could maybe send Jamie issue I believe though is the actual copyright of the video itself it's just that some kind of got kind of got released Public Enemy on the pentagon's can come after us I don't think so buddy so either you find I want to find a good version of the video that doesn't have somebody Jeremy do you know and Watermark version me just look it up in a 70 tons of Jeremy will get up to us to figure out how to send it to you right here give me a second do you have air drop

► 00:22:43

could you are drop yeah but I've got it on a bit pay I got it on a page private page that can send Jamie oh yeah okay okay okay to have Jamie's info no scent okay I'll figure out what send it to me and I'll send it to him okay that's pretty easy sorry to disrupt the momentum know your gum but I think this it's probably important to be able to have this the video itself so you can just talk about it and we're about to yank it up here okay Jamie wrote it down for you there you go give me a second to get it at okay and for people don't know Jeremy also produced Bob Lazar Area 51 and flying saucers and he was in here when we had Bob Lazar in talk about Bob's experience and Jesus if that wasn't a game changer for me and for a lot of other people this is a subject that it's so easy to mock you know this is why I think it's so important that

► 00:23:43

we talked to people like you because like I said just your average everyday UFO crackpot they believe everything and anything have you did you have you ever had any UFO experiences before this now the irony and I tell this story my mother-in-law she'll be listening she literally every time I would go home she would ask me hey you see UFO do you see a few of and I'd be like no when I first started dating my wife she was a big like National Enquirer she had all the you know Supermarket tabloids and I would always just feed her craft for it so this happens and you know and I never say a word so my friends all new is a great story over beers because I go hey what's the coolest thing ever so fine ago I chased a UFO and they go yeah here I got no seriously and I tell them the story they're like dude I go yeah so I go home and I got asked by Lou Elizondo to do the New York Times article which as like anything else I always say no like it took a bunch of times to get me on your show Jeremy kept asking asking asking and

► 00:24:42

is thank you Jeremy Mike yeah it was a he got to thank my contractor's wife Angel who we were at a party drinking and she goes you gotta do Rogan I go what she goes it's the biggest podcast on the planet she goes you got to do it and I go all right I'm going to do it just for you I'm going to do this show so shout out to Angel yeah from New Hampshire so so my mother and I were sitting there and I know the New York Times article is going to come out and so I'm was at Thanksgiving in 2010 there were two coconuts 17 so it's Thanksgiving 2017 and everyone had kind of left the house it's just my wife and my in-laws a couple of sitting in the kitchen and I say I got to tell you guys this they said what I said there's going to be this article comes out in the New York Times and I'm in it and they're like yeah go well I chased a UFO my mother-in-law's like ha ha look at my father-in-law he's rolling his eyes looking at me like are you serious and I go yeah and then she's like you never told us I got never really told anyone I mean My Wife and Kids knew the event happened but they didn't have all the details because there's just one of those things we just didn't I just didn't get into is it classified no

► 00:25:42

is there any point in time now there's a lot of rumors out there that I was classified and no ship got locked down no it wasn't it was we were never men in suits did not show up no one told us not to talk about it and this is because there's a lot of other people saying other things and I said this look at it the here's the context so in the battle group you've got the Admiral you got the captain of the ship the captain of the Princeton and then you've got the other CEOs so in position wise I'm probably as a CEO of a squadron in the top 20 out of 6,000 and no one came to talk to me no one came to take my tapes no one showed up in a suit no one told me not to talk no one talked to any of my air crew that were involved in this all there are six people total involved the to the shot the video on the four of us that looked at it for five minutes with our eyes no one nothing it just and I can get into how you know there's a report that that George Knapp got released it's a I call it the unofficial official report

► 00:26:43

um and I had met someone and I'm like hey can you find any I had this incident I know normally when you tell people this they look at you like dude what are you smoking I'm like no no I'm good I'll tested and they go and and they said well let me let me see what I can do and I'd got a call I was working I was doing some Aerospace work and I had gotten a call on my cell phone from a guy and he said hey I want to investigate your incident and I go okay so he did he investigated the incident and it was very very thorough I mean if you've read that it's about 10 pages long then he I mean he Tracked Down everybody he tracked down all the people that were the air crew that were involved he talked to he Tracked Down The Admiral he talked to him and he was a pretty thorough report and I didn't think anything of it you know because you know people are worried that's out there so they want to do foil but it was never released in a foia request actually had the Navy call me I'd been out of the Navy for like six years and explain to people

► 00:27:43

means Freedom of Information Act so I got called by public affairs person from the Navy and said hey is this Commander favorite I said yeah they said hey do you know of any documentation on your UFO incident off the Nimitz and I said official and she said yeah I said no because I knew the report existed but to me it was an unofficial because I didn't know who wear it when Ty and I had a copy of it but because it wasn't official well then years later I find out that the guy who actually did the report was part of the a tip team and I was talking to Lou Elizondo who runs that program and lose showed me the documentation of the original things like 13 people that were part of a tip and they were fully exempt and I'm like well that's kind of well Faye I know that guy he's a guy who did the report which is why it never ever came out until George got his hands on has something Freedom of Information Act exempt obviously DOD has the ability because I'm a I'm not a conspiracy theory person at all I mean I'll just tell you that you know I think

► 00:28:43

reasons that the government doesn't tell the public everything and I don't speak for the government but I think there's a good reason for that not everything needs to go out to the public but most of it does and they just what they do is they put a clause on hey for this program or whatever we're doing which would been in a tip program the work that they do and what they find is not it's not releasable through Freedom of Information Act there's probably other avenues to get that you know and then you go well what really is freedom information because I got into this on a I was talking to someone who's a conspiracy theorist and they said well so and so wrote and they're not getting any information on your event I said so what are they going to do they're going to call up you're going to put in your request for for freedom information you go here's what I want it goes to some poor guy at the Pentagon who's like I have no idea what this is and he searches around he doesn't find anything he looks at his bud and I getting all for you I go Hey Joe you got a thing on the Nimitz incident you go like okay well I didn't find anything I looked I did my due diligence but I'm not going to spend the next six months of my life doing your research project for you right so you get nothing and then you assume the government's covering up when the government really isn't they just you know the guys doing the research doesn't know where it's at

► 00:29:43

our next success to it makes sense Jamie we have the video okay here we go now explain what is what are we seeing why are we seeing it in this this particular K so we'll just kind of go around and so if you look at the don't oprs operate on the top left corner Nar is narrow field of view which is zoomed in I are at the top middle it means it's an infrared mode so instead of seeing color you're seeing temperature variations and these things are extremely sensitive to win like tents of degrees they will tell you the difference due to color so it'll go from black to white so in this case white is hot so if you look down in the bottom left corner it says waht that's white that means white is hot so the object that you're looking at is hotter than the sky around it but we also notice is there's no plumes knock if you're looking at an airplane when you get closer you'll actually see the exhaust coming out and there will be a really going boom that's important as we look at the video and then the most of the stuff on here you really don't need to know what you can look at is the bottom right corner it says

► 00:30:43

1990 in a b that's the altitude and if you look up in the little words or says hdg and then be a LTB it's autopilot so it's on altitude hold it's just flying for that so you can go ahead and play the video

► 00:30:59

and so those two bars next to the white object that's a that's a that's a passive track so what he's done is he's commanded the flyer to track that so what the system does is it uses its actually tracking it can track pixels and it's just basically blocked those hot pixels those white pixels from the black ones and you're going to see now pause it real quick so it over the top see it went to white screen with the black object this is a black and white TV mode and even look at the top says TV so narrow in TV mode is actually you can get closer than narrow and I are it's literally narrowing IR is about medium and TV mode so there's you can get closer with the TV mode so as you look at it now in this case you would actually start to see stuff going on and even in TV mode because you get exhaust you know the black exhaust it comes out you'll usually be able to see kind of some of that coming out the back and you don't see anything this thing's just sitting there and if you look at the top where it says three right that's the Pod is looking three degrees right on the nose of the airplane right so he's just flying along the bottom numbers don't worry those are time

► 00:31:59

it's 4156 so go ahead and hit play

► 00:32:03

and what what he's doing is he's going Chad's going through all the different modes because he's like oh I got it and he's going to try and see the best video they can get now there's rumors that this video is like 10 minutes long know what you're looking at is the entire video now notice where it says 99.9 so hit pause real quick what that means is the why he's got the Pod to targeting pod because that's his primary sensor right now the radar still trying to look at this object and try and arrange it and the radar can't get ranging on it so the object is doing something to say I'm not giving you back because it's just a Doppler radar just like a police radar as a Doppler it's trying to get arranging on you and it can't do it so when it says 99.9 it the radar cannot see this object right now it's not allowing it to get ranging and I think that's super important day of the way he explained it to me active jamming compared to passive jamming this is a technology that is actively jamming this system rather than something like stealth aircraft which is the shape and the texture of the yeah it's

► 00:32:59

because everyone thinks stealth is invisible it's not it's just it's a technology to to basically make it harder for Radars to see you you know and that's the whole thing you know if you look at you know airplanes under nose on are harder to see than airplanes at the sides kind of like think of a barn door if you're looking at the whole barn door it's really easy to see if I turn the Barn Door sideways where it's really thin it's gonna be a lot harder for you to see it so that's that's the easiest most basic way to look at this so keep going you can play again and you can look to the airplane is still sitting at 20,000 feet it's doing 250 knots he's going to go through different modes and try and lock it and it's just kind of sitting in all of a sudden as the video goes on I think it's a minute and a half long see it's going to try and reacquire it re-centers the Pod so it's it's slowly drifting to the left the The Hornet is still go on the same heading just kind of hanging out and they're just filming this thing and I want to get close its going to Zing off the left hand side when you see it on a full because this you know you think digital you be able to get a one-for-one

► 00:33:59

be unlike you know I need copy your album to a cassette you know you lose a little quality will you still do in digital world and off it goes to the left and that's pretty fast to leave that field of view on the when we have big monitors that we look at these when they come back so we're looking at the original tapes so the end of that again please Jimmy so when it's taking off how fat when it just sort of like leaves the field of view and takes off to the left how fast is that going I would say pretty fast it's an estimate be if we had ranging you know you could obviously do the triangle and go hey because we know how big the field of view is but for something to leave the field of view that fast with the Pod just staring is pretty fast I mean it just it's like out of here like nothing that we have now because we can't I Don't Care What airplane is so let's just use the F-22 Raptor that's probably one of the it's probably the best airplane in the world right now performance-wise it can't take off like that especially if it's a hover I mean you're talking something that's just sitting in space in the wind and then it just all of a sudden accelerates airplanes don't

► 00:35:00

it's not leaving any exhaust plume no notice there's none and when you go back to the iron pen

► 00:35:05

even in the eye are you yeah so there's I are zoomed in and there's no you would see a pluma thousand airplane it's creepy how it takes off yeah with active jamming its intelligently controlled there's no rotors there's no plumes there's no exhaust there's no tail fin there's no tail number this thing goes from a standstill takes off it's a propulsion system we don't have in our inventory and No Other Nation does that's how it's understood by the government now that that's so if the fastest plane on Earth was trying to do that same maneuver this system would be able to track it

► 00:35:43

yeah oh yeah would stay with it until it got to the limits of the Pod you know as far as looking to the left but yeah and you know the radar would see it I mean we get it close enough you're going to you know we everything becomes visible because you get burned through with radar and how how Radars actually work this one is you know you tell me but this was

► 00:36:07

performance Beyond I mean it's like when we saw it disappear when it flew in front of my nose I'm I'm talking something I'm within a half mile of it looking at it and it gets in front of me and just disappears so take we'll just go to something that everyone knows is fast let's just say SR-71 that's doing Mach 3 you know the visibility's 50 miles so even at 35 miles a minute I'm going to be able to see this thing turn into a little dot as it goes off into the Horizon for probably a minute the thing that we saw disappeared in a second just gone and that's from two different angles remember the other airplanes 8,000 feet above me because we get close to it about 12,000 feet so the other airplanes above me looking down and when it disappeared I said you guys see it and they said no it's gone

► 00:36:50

they just literally was poof now when you came back and what do you do with this information do report it do you talk to people about it so the typical process any time we fly everything gets debrief so because it was a two-seat airplane usually the junior person in the jet goes down so I was the boss so I wasn't going down there so we have a thing called Civic SI the IC which is the carrier until Center so they go down we always take our tapes because we record stuff on are fighting they take it down and it's really to exercise the system when we're in training so that when we actually get over to in this case we are going over to the Persian Gulf you know anything that we do comes in gets deeper reason that it all gets sent off that's how you get the CNN video and all that so they go down and a debrief and have to tell hey we we chase this object we don't know what it is you know and of course everyone now is going to make jokes because we know we're going to catch shit because that's how the Navy works you know and I told him I said I remember telling the guy my

► 00:37:50

see that's a dude you know we're going to catch maximum shit for this and he goes yes sir I'll show you the comics I have them on my phone we do the airplane comes out so we know it's going to come down so he goes and he did a debrief this both Crews go in and of course everyone in Intel thinks this is hilarious so the flight that you know Chad comes in with his tapes you know and when he lands and the here's the thing ovf a41 haha guys see any UFOs out there and he pulls out that tape and drops it on the counter goes yeah it's on here so they're like oh shit so they copy it they play it and there's a big looks like a rack system they put the 8 million it gets copied to a hard drive and then they archive it so you go okay so I got this video and then you know the ship the spreads you know if you have a rumor on the ship 5,000 people are going to know about it within probably 30 minutes I mean it spreads that fits like a virus so the whole ship now knows that we chase this I guarantee the whole Princeton

► 00:38:50

stuff was going on and it goes all the way up the Admiral knows about it the captain the ship knew about it and and then all the movies because we have they play movies for us on a ship and they run like a 12-hour Loops of course the movie selection is Men in Black Men in Black 2 signs Independence Day and and we know we're going to be on the airplane comic because there's always a comic so you do some stupid or like this then you're going to be on the cam I'll show you the comics here a little bit they're pretty funny but you know so that went on for two days but you know we're in the middle of workups I got a squatter neuron so it's like you know there was after about the first day and a half early die down and then it was the there's always that closet people that you don't think that are really like UFO Buffs and you know like we had one of the one that one of the Marines would always come in each sit down hey hey Skipper kind of sit with you I got you want to talk about the UFO yes yeah just I can't get it out of my mind and then we would just sit there and talk about it you know and to me it was like you know we're just saying you know my entire now flying career

► 00:39:50

is defined by five minutes of chasing this white Tic Tac Vice almost 4,000 hours you know flying so now did you encounter any one else that had a similar experience I've talked to the guys couple of guys from the East Coast event the gimbal video mmm one of my talk to daily he's pretty good friend of mine totally different now keep in mind ours is 2004 the gimbal video is 2015 the funny part about the gimbal video in the east coast stuff that was going on because that's off of a cape so off the coast of the United States are called warning areas and all they are is there if you look on an aviation map they're these big areas that are blocked off by Blue and they say like whiskey 291 or whiskey 243 and is the gimbal Video available in the same way that that video is available yes yeah government okay find that Jimmy so and I was talking to him about it because I actually a buddy of mine who just retired he was the he'd led to fight

► 00:40:50

hang on the east coast and I'd call them up because we start finding out that these things were so prevalent out off the east coast of the United States and there's a couple of them so there's the we're going to talk what they started seeing originally was these things and one of them almost hit airplane almost hit one of these things but it looks like a cube inside of a clear beach ball so they don't know if it's actually like a surrounding or it's you don't know if it's a force field and you see kind of in the gimbal veal video it's got like an aura around it where ours didn't I always laugh I go ours was a Tic Tac these are not that means there's different stuff out there that we don't know but they had two airplanes flying and we fly when we go out to the train we're usually have a distance you know we'll just say we're you know my mile apart as we're flying out so they're flying out and there you know the airplanes are deployed we call combat spread and one of the airplanes almost hits one of these ghosts close down like 50 feet down the side and almost hits one of these floating cubes inside of the beach ball and someone goes out it's a it's a balloon it's not a balloon I mean these things are literally sitting

► 00:41:50

still there are no effect from the wind so if you got 90 knots of wind and they talk about it these things are just sitting there so 60 or 70 people that see it because The Radars the the newer radar in the super Hornets is extremely extremely capable okay and at first when they started seeing stuff they were like that's just like maybe it's the radar just give me a false Target that right are really doesn't give false targets and then someone did exactly what Chad did is they threw their targeting flare out there and all of a sudden when you see a heat signature there's a return there's obviously something out where that blip is at what is it targeting flare that's a we caught the ATF Laird's it's an advanced targeting flirts it's on the left side of the airplane and it's we've launched it like a flare no no it's a flare forward-looking infrared receiver so it's when you see the bombs blowing up on TV and it's that looks like a black and white and you see it play that's the targeting pod okay it's got a laser in it's got an IR marker in it it's a very capable system that syncs up to this to the Hornets everything kind of me

► 00:42:50

so this is the go fast now this is go fast now it's the other one is the what is this looks like the what does that that's called the go fast that looks like a Tic Tac that was another one taken off the east coast but they grab it and just Mark that one it's going it's screaming across the ocean at a very high rate of speed and there's been some D bunkers at say well that's really not going that fast it's just the way the airplane is and how the mechanics of the Potter work and when you talk to the crew because it's actually I could ask my blood I'm pretty sure it's the same backseat or took both of these videos took the go fast video and took the gimbal video and my body was on the flight with the gimbal video but they these things like that so I called my buddy because I'm like hey how many people are seeing these things and I got like 60 or 70 60 or 70 60 or 70 people had seen these things on radar and I said well what do you do and they said we put out a note am which is a notice to Airmen that just says hey these things are out there so just be careful because we don't want you to hit one yeah whoa and it's kind of like ours you go because you

► 00:43:49

ask you know who you tell well everyone knows what do you do and I said well because it was all white and it didn't have any markings on it and it didn't have any wings and it didn't have any rotors and it was just out performed anything that we have I think if I would have painted China Russia on the side is this the gimbal video yes okay so it's the same pod the beginning chairman what we're looking at and when the crew finds it now you what you're not seeing you're seeing a targeting when you hear him start talking when you listen to the video you'll hear the guy go dude look they're all over look at the essay page so we have a situation awareness page and when whatever the radar is getting Returns on it'll show up it's kind of like our God's eye view in the airplane so the Pod can only look at one thing so he designates that as his primary target so that's where the Pod is steering the radar still seeing everything else so what they're actually seeing this video is what your when you see the object that he's tracking when I was talking to one of the other Pilots he said there's actually when you see the real

► 00:44:49

our video there's like a almost looks like a formation in front of them like five smaller ones that are moving in front of it and then they turn so like a formation these things turns and starts going the other way and then again while they're filming the gimbal video and that's kind of the comms when you hear it dude holy cow look they're all over this is unreported new information that he's actually saying right now everybody knows this video this is the one that they say turns like the Lazar craft like belly first however what he's telling you right now is something that is not public yet he's telling you that there was a V formation of other objects that the public has yet to see you're not going to you're not going to the radar tape but not going to do or more objects surrounding this is what he's telling you right now which is fascinating because the world is know that yet

► 00:45:35

just so you know I mean that's brand new that's never been reported by New York Times anybody okay so you go ahead and play

► 00:45:45

so the cool thing with this is you know when he goes into so he's in our IR mode right now you're still seeing no plume he's looking 47 so they're actually turning into it so it's starting to pull it back towards an OCR the number at the top is decreasing and it's against the wind now he's in TV mode and this thing is going to start to roll you can kind of see it's got that aura around it hmm he said they were saying that the the ones with the squares inside that look like the beach ball or the same and this thing is just hanging out so it's on the airplanes and left-hand turn and it's so now it's right in front yeah it's just rotating know this is how Lazar described you know put that up right Lazar describe that that these things would lay flat and then when they would travel they would turn up on their side and that's that's how they maneuvered so this is very similar

► 00:46:42

eerily similar to the propulsion system that was our talked about and that's why this video we're seeing it very differently now especially with what we know about Lazar but the idea is that it would fly belly-first in high-speed mode so if they have these are gravity propelled this is something that's known within the government they're trying to back engineer at they're trying to understand it we know there's a program currently that they said is is gone however it is currently active to study this these things will turn belly-first the saucer type looking ones and then that's the high speed mode because they focus allegedly you know these gravity wave amplifiers look this thing turns mechanically there again no typical form of propulsion as an expert is telling you this is not a glitch this is seen by multiple Radars multiple people Commander favor was so close to it this is something that is not aerodynamic and it could move in ways and factors when he's underplaying it when we first talked the

► 00:47:42

of this thing going up up up up up up it's instantaneous acceleration back and forth there's no slowing down no turning like a ping-pong ball he said me our first talk ping pong ball in a glass in a glass nothing moves like that with traditional reactionary propulsion somebody has technology that we don't have in our inventory

► 00:48:02

at all so this is counter-intuitive the way it goes from being aerodynamic to being uh narrow Dynamic when it goes sideways and flies belly forward that's correct it's well it's not it's you know if you talk because I was just talking to the guy the other day and he said the the irony with is these things would be out there for hours we don't have you know a high-performance airplane does not have hours worth of gas I mean you know Hornets we if we don't have aerial refueling you know and we're actually out doing a mission and fighting and going fast you know you're talking hour and a half and you're coming back to land some airplanes are even less you know based on their size you know so like an F16 doesn't have external fuel tanks it doesn't have a lot of gas in the Soviet era planes of the same way the MiG-29 does not have a lot of gas the su-27 suit 30s half is equate because of its weight performance size of the airplane so you know even even our InterContinental bombers like be to they still take off and they are or fuel they keep topped off so they can get to range

► 00:49:02

so we extend things you got something like this that's coming down you know just think of the physics so just the I'll use my instincts that's the one I really know the best is you've got an object coming from above eighty thousand feet so I'll just tell you the 80,000 it's somewhere around 70 80 thousand feet is where you can actually start to see the curvature of the earth you know so that's considered space so they're coming from above that they're coming straight down they stop it around 20,000 feet they hang out for three hours and then I go straight back up so and I know you had Ilan on the show so SpaceX is really excited because they can launch a rocket and then they can have the booster come back to earth and actually land on a pad very impressive engineering feat next to this technology that's like a Model T next to a Porsche I mean it's like wow really that's it you know when you got something that can just at will move around now take it to the next level and I know this is there's a lot of talk about this so they just going to go into speculation mobile when you take a

► 00:50:02

ape like that so just take the Tic Tac shape which is shaped like a submarine if you're if you're using a propulsion it's nonreactive where you're just manipulating the median that you're in are whatever you can go into the water so when you see here the all the reports of hey we've seen these things since World War Two that would come out of the water and fly if you have a technology like this as long as the object is Seal where you're not going to get water inside of it there's nothing that says you can't do that because all you're doing is you're not you know where a jet engine sucks in air and blows it out the back or a propeller actually pushes the water it's a force now you've got something that's actually manipulating the gravity field and it's just moving through a void well then it doesn't then are you could literally in theory fly go into the ocean cruise around pop back up fly around go to space you're nothing you remove the barriers of the normal propulsion that we have today there's been many instances of sightings off the coast of California of things that plunge into

► 00:51:02

water or escape from the water and take off into space so you had it with this field propulsion system as Commander favors describing as Lazar describe it doesn't matter the medium of space air or water there's no resistance no splash and this goes back to you know when Christopher Columbus reported a UFO sighting he did oh yeah this idea that so this has been around anyway this idea boom that you can go through these different mediums will pause for sergeant Christopher Columbus had a UFO sighting yeah it's a written account so it's like finding that no JD oh it's not video long shot but it's bullshit let's see that's what's so cool so commander favors encounter it's not the most documented it's not the most dramatic however it has had the most impact out of any sighting because of his credibility and the mere fact that the New York Times picked it up with video footage radar evidence and somebody who

► 00:52:02

is as credible as Commander favorite it has changed the dynamic of the way people the government responds new Navy protocols because of Commander favor coming forward there are there are closed or Congressional and Senate briefings he's been part of them he's admitted that before there's a new study about UFOs because of this encounter it's so much evidence has so much power to it compared to other ones that Christopher Columbus great cool story somebody wrote it down who knows who knows if he even wrote it down we have highly documented cases this one has changed our culture and that's what's so cool people are talking about it differently so here's it is a good story this is true so sitting at home and usually when people try and find me to get my wife cell phone because it's the first one on the cell phone bill and it's on my name so I get to actually just call from California and I'm like a norm I don't answer him and it's her phone like who's call my wife because that is me so I answer it and this lady says hey is Commander forever there and I go who's calling she goes

► 00:53:02

well I'd like to talk to him in a forever ago who's calling and she says hi I'm a 79 year old woman and I would just like to tell him my story I go you're talking to him and she goes I've never in my life told anyone this she goes my I grew up my dad was in the Navy she was I was he was stationed in Rhode Island at first when she was a child she said we were walking her mama walking on the beach and they saw these weird lights so that kind of got her into that o UF o--'s she goes few years later they had moved to San Francisco so I imagine Treasure Island he was at her age it would have been you know pride in the 50s her dad was she had her dad is working as a Navy liaison to the agency and he came home one day and he had a telegram in his hand and she goes for some reason he let me read it she's told me the story and I said well what did say she says it was it basically said hey unidentified objects going in and out of the water and it had a lot of tune longitude in it and he looked at her she goes and I'm a child I always remember that she says

► 00:53:59

he looked at me and said we get these all the time and it's always in the same area and I go of course I go well you got the telegram she goes of course not he had to take it back to work I said you know have to remember that latitude longitude she said no she goes but you seem to be so credible and believable she goes I wanted to tell someone the story that I've never told anyone in my life so that's what you're starting to see is people that you know very credible they're not you know they're not they're not crazy they're not making stuff up but they're coming out and going hey I've had these experiences I've got a lot of that from over the last two years or people just find my email and send me stuff saying hey this happened to me I saw this and and there's some things are explainable because I got asked to tell this o because we're kind of I have a sixth sense of humor at time so like I said I had all these Qualls so we used to fly they don't do it right now because it's a little bit dangerous but we used to fly night vision goggles low altitude in Hornets all right

► 00:55:00

so when you put on night vision goggles they amplify light like a lot so you can see a campfire like 50 miles away so we used to do with a good spots where down in like El Centro California there's a range that there's some bombing ranges but people go camping in the Superstition Mountains which is a kind of north and west of Imperial by I forget what it is the Springs it's real prison the desert it'll come to me in a minute so we would go out at night flying around on goggles and you'd see a campfire and you go UFO time and then you get the airplane going about 600 knots and then you pull the power back to idle so you can't hear it and you get zing and towards the fire will you turn the lights are all down because we're in a restricted area so we can do that and there's lights on it that you can only see if you're on night vision goggles

► 00:55:48

so the other airplanes can see us but no one else can see us then you go sing it at it and then right when you get to the campfire you pull the airplane into the vertical yes stroke the afterburners you let them light off you count to three upon them off and then you just go away instant UFO Reporting I'm sitting on the desert it's all quiet and all of a sudden there's a lure there's lights in the sky and they go away and it's gone the cats are you would you would do that just to fuck with campers yes oh yes yes I did and I'm not the only one that did it but like I said we have a sick sense of humor yes so so some things are explainable because I guarantee there were phone calls made on some of the stuff that we did and I guarantee you not the only one who's ever done that I know I'm not yeah I'm not that creative but it's just you know you think about it you go because people go I saw this I saw that because I've got stuff like that and I go yeah I used to create stuff like that just not tell oh do you are you Jeremy I'm sure you're aware of this the footage from the the Mexican Air Force yeah yeah very aware of that what do you think about that well again it's I are

► 00:56:48

H which is really interesting they actually got the cameras for drug Runners right so you can see in the infrared so it's beyond the observable you know I I myself have not detailed looked at the footage however floor experts and people that work with then I say I've looked at it for me and these are not lights in the distance these are craft very similar to what Commander favor talks about without plumes without heat signatures you know non-traditional field propulsion systems we don't have that and thought they tried to is this it right here it's just a Mexican Air Force footage yeah they tried to say these were lights on on like an oil rig out in the water that's been debunked yeah they tried to say it was a fire and oil is the 2004 to the Comcast video of the year was the Mexican Air Force tracking like six so literally right after our incident I come we come back and I think we were getting ready to go to Fallon and I'm bad Comcast and at the home page comes up and there's this video and I go holy cow that looks like what we chased

► 00:57:48

and it was like six of these things and they were tracking them in the same area to write off the coast Ensenada and it's not as rare there's now admitted an increased frequency the Pentagon spokeswoman finally went off script I was tracking the scripts for the last two years what Pentagon spokespeople say about Commander favors experience someone went off-script last week in the New York Times and she admitted there's an increased frequency of near misses because of these aavs anomalous Aerospace Vehicles so it's pretty astounding we're getting all these kind of revelatory moments in these little seeds that these are not ours we don't have this even Elan doesn't have this I mean this is a propulsion system unlike anything we have it's amazing it's gravity propelled now the gimbal footage when it said that there's a fleet of them how far away are those guys where you're seeing you don't see the individual objects only see a singular spot well the Pod is you know when you get pretty narrow would be like you know if I put three people around you I can look at you and not see the other people

► 00:58:48

that's what the Pod is doing but the radar is seeing everything because it's a it has a nice array radar know which is an active electronically scanned array so instead of like The Radars we had which did the mechanical you know doing this like old-school just thing is just a panel that sits in the front of the airplane and through beams sharing your beam shaping it can move and it can look all over so we used to have what was called track while scan so we would be able to track a Target why we're still scanning this thing has scan while it scans while tracks so it literally if it sees you if the radar sees you it has basically a weapons quality solution then it can do that on multiple targets is that's how it's the same way the Spy radar the Aegis system works on the Cruisers it can track multiple targets and have weapons quality on all these different targets while it's still scanning a volume so in that image you're seeing one individual object but there's other objects yes the radar is seeing the object that the pot is looking at where they're talking and when you hear the video you hear the pilots a dude look at the essay page there's there's a whole Fleet of them so what

► 00:59:48

seeing is the the the Pod is looking at the main that's the bigger object that the gimbal the thing that's roll tighten on the screen and there's five smaller things in front of so this thing's just sitting there and then they kind of he said they turn around on the on the radar and start going the other way while the pods looking at this guy just kind of rotating so like a Mothership and smaller aircraft could be something along those lines is there a video of those smaller aircrafts or just the video of the one large the only thing they have is that the targeting pod I would highly doubt even if they had the video that they're going to release the radar video because the classification levels are you able to tell the story you told me about what was under water with your other buddy because that okay yeah so it's a man's you know people come out of the woodwork when they figure out you've had this because now they don't feel alone

► 01:00:36

so I was working I worked Vice I still do it but I was doing oil and gas at the time on a contract and one of the guys the story came out and he was a Navy helicopter pilot and he comes in he comes in and he goes I can I talk to you man I go what am I guess dude I gotta talk to you I said what do you wanna talk to me about he says did you know your UFO he said yeah because I had a similar experience I said what's that he said he was flying ch-53 s which is a big lift heavy lift that the Marine Corps uses the Navy uses it for certain things and when they go off of for the East Coast they do a lot of shooting off of at the time it was off of Puerto Rico we had Roosevelt roads at the ended up closing but he was flying out of there and you know you got super clear Caribbean water and they have these things got called bqm as they fly around and then when they're all done because I'll fly towards the ships and the ship can sorry about that they can track with the radar and then they also do in the like the ships or submarines shoot Torpedoes they're called Telemetry rounds so they have they gather all the data on what the torpedo or is

► 01:01:36

being underwater and then they blow ballast in this thing will come to the surface and float and then they go pick them up and then they can extract all the data out of them so they do it for both so these are the first time they're out they're going to pick up this bqm and those things when they're flying they're done a parachute comes out and I got to go they hook it up the heat load drops the swimmer in the water he goes and hooks this whole thing up and then they host the whole thing up and fly back and then they extracted and so he says he's sitting in the front you know and helicopters there's you know a ch-53 you can actually see down by your feet you know just like typical like you go to Hawaii and ride this week as you can see when you're touching down so you got really good visibility out of those things and you can stick your head out the window to because you're just kind of hanging out he says he's going on there and they're getting this thing hooked up and as he's looking down you know because there are I don't know what 50 feet above the water he seems kind of this dark Mass coming up from the depths and they started to Hoist the diver up and he's got they've got the BQ women as they hoisted up he says and he's looking at this thing going what the hell is that and then it just goes back down under water it just like once they pulled a kid in the bqm out of the water just object descends back

► 01:02:36

Into the Depths so he thinks well I was pretty weird so he goes out he says not too long later you know a few months later he's out and he's picking up a torpedo

► 01:02:45

so he says they got the hook the diver up on the winch and their lower and him in and he's looking down he sees this big massive egos it's not a submarine he seen submarines before once you see a submarine you can't confuse it with something else this big object you know kind of circuit he says is coming up from the depths and he starts screaming to through the intercom system to tell him to pull the diver up and the divers like few feet from the water so they've reversed the winch and the divers thinking what the hell is going on and he's getting pulled up and all of a sudden he said the torpedo just got sucked down underwater and object just descended back down Into the Depths and he never recovered that that torpedo she's and this happened in the late 90s late mid to late 90s I get is I can pry get in touch with him and asked him and he told me this story and I'm like how did you report that you come in and go well or the torpedo go just got sucked down it just went down you know and then you get to people that attributed his eye something happened when it flew ballast and it just took on water and sink and he's like it didn't sink he goes at it

► 01:03:45

it looked like it got sucked down

► 01:03:48

the only reason I didn't they talk to him when they did the New York Times stuff they talk to him but it because the incident was from the 90s they didn't want to they wanted something you know newer hmm so they did not include it but I know they talked to him about it now what was the other footage that we were looking at there was the first footage that Jamie pulled up the wasn't it gimbal footage that well the go fast go fast what is that that's a it actually looks more like a Tic Tac but it's they saw it going across the water and they're just grabbing a lock so they're seeing this with their eyes and he gets the flu to lock out and that's when you hear the kid go I got it because he gets the auto track and it's just something screaming across the surface of the water so in this is in the same area this is east coast yeah this is the same time frame as the gimbal video so the idea that these are birds or the idea that this is a radar glitch or somebody said pilot error like on a clear blue day Commander favor has nerves I mean that kind of thing that people have said on your show to you that you know this these are explanations that make sense who saw the I don't want to say the Midwest yes

► 01:04:48

sure Naina meant Belize everything like every single thing that's ever happened has a rational explanation it's so so that you know the probability that you know all The Radars went off at the wrong time Commander favor you know had nerves that all the other Pilots up there with him that you know this thing shot off like a like a can like a gun instantly like that that was somehow perfectly coordinated that's a conspiracy that that's a fabrication probably Occam's razor is the events happened exactly like we're being told yeah for us it was you know I'll go back to the beginning of the story of you know the other pilot whose brand new she had been in the Squadron for

► 01:05:27

four months five months so she's pretty Junior she used to working on her initial quality airplane and you know she gets the you know we get the real world vector and it's like okay real world Vector cool I'm going to get to do something real exciting then you see the water anything go something sinking because it's kind of that shape of an airplane you know that cross type so now it's oh crap now it's search and rescue we got to go down and see you know because there's people you know and we are sympathetic and to the Tic Tac and as soon as a Tic Tac it's like you know holy shit what is that you know and when you get you know some people get very emotional when you talk about it because for me it was like you know you know for her when you talk to her she has a disdain for some of the leadership that didn't tell us that these things were out there you know they're here now we're getting Vector because we were the first time the man airplanes had been Airborne when one of these things showed up that no one even gave us a brief that hey we're

► 01:06:26

he's object out here for the last two weeks they're just kind of so you might want to know they're out there and they never told us no one knew these things existed besides the radar operators and the radar operators didn't know what they were they just knew they were seeing blips you know so there's a lot of stuff that you know that it flew around and it came around me and it didn't do any of that stuff it's the story that I gave you is just relatively benign but it was you know it's it's an interesting experience so these incidents that they reported were taking place before you saw your that Tic Tac encounter yeah they were taking place over a period of how many weeks two weeks we went out the beginning of the month for the this two week at Sea period we pulled in for Thanksgiving but other than that we were out till thank December 21st is when we pull the ship back in besides pulling in for the three days at Thanksgiving so yeah for the two weeks prior so this was on the 14th and we went out to beginning of the month so about two weeks they'd been watching these things come down go up come down go up but it was always when

► 01:07:26

you're not flying which is really probably like the midnight time frame until early in the morning the next you know till noon the next day and then we just happen to go if you think about it you know I laugh at you know if there was some little green Man flying around in that Tic Tac he probably got back to the Mothership and got yelled at for being seen but you know like oh my God you let him see you so so have you communicated with anybody that has any thoughts on what what these things are doing or whether or not there's any consistency to the size of them or whether or not they think they're coming out of a larger object or anything along these lines no you know you can ask well because I was asking you know what do you think they were doing you know and I said if you can look well they were observing

► 01:08:17

you know because they're coming down and watching number two is they were communicating because I think you know in my heart I think there was something under the water I don't you know what it was doing there but when we went back because of when you saw the X the cross looking yep thing explain that again so the disturbance so thank be in the shape of a cross I like a I describe it is it's about the size of a 737 so it's just think if you submerge the 737 pointing it to the east underwater by like you know 10 15 feet so as these waves are coming across when they you know they hit that object they're going to break on top just like you would with those submerged like a seamount so and it's they're breaking and that's where the Tic Tac was at this only reason we saw the Tic Tac that's what drew our eyes down there as we see this white water when it's a perfectly clear day with no white caps and you go whoa what's that and then you see the Tic Tac and then we you know we do all the chasing a Tic Tac and we turn we're right there and we turn around and there's no white water it's just blue as far as you can see so at that point you go

► 01:09:17

a what was it doing because there was obviously something there that's not there now

► 01:09:22

so that's where I say well it was observing us it was could been communicating with whatever was there you know and then someone else looked at me and said you know I was talking to Lou and he goes what about prepping the battlefield I go okay you know so if you go you know where are these things from we don't know you know are they from China Russia someplace else I don't know but it's a it's a capability that we do not possess to my knowledge and if you ask me in 2004 because there's a lot of guys go out and beat some secret government program I go

► 01:09:55

all right well let's let's let's be honest one if you have a propulsion system that made it gave the capabilities that we observed visually that's a huge leap for mankind period so you would say yeah that was you know think about it's going to be 15 years next month yeah that we saw this I would like to think that okay maybe let's just say in 2004 it was something somebody had this some government had this I don't see ours whatever if you come to now you go 15 years later you don't think that technology would have emerged because it literally would change everything we do I mean we're happy about you know hybrid and electric cars and all this other stuff but if you've got something that works like that are try would change their travel forever no visible percent system of propulsion know it no plumes no it's just we have we joke and said that's a think of a 40-foot long Tic Tac that can move at will through the air at speeds well beyond

► 01:10:55

what we've ever witnessed I mean even when you watch a rocket go off you know want to elon's or one of the NASA whatever you know you sit there and why I grew up during the Apollo ages where you just look at the thing go up up up up up I've seen him shot out of Vandenberg where you go you know I'd sit in my house and central California and you watch it go up and go I can watch that thing for a while this is something that just like poof and matter of seconds is gone now are other Pilots or other people that have cited these things have they also reported something larger that's in the water near it no no not the ones I've talked to I mean I think you know you can get on History Channel there's all kinds of stuff on there about people talking about stuff but you know what here's the question is what do you believe what do you not believe and you know my biggest frustration is you know our incident and even the folks on the East Coast it is what it is to us there's no reason to embellish there's no reason to make stuff up but yet there's still groups of people that are making stuff up like someone came out on ours was talking about and he's like oh I

► 01:11:55

I saw the whole the whole video is 10 minutes long and it was doing all this it's bullshit what you see is that's literally the entire video it's a minute and a half longer things about a minute and a half long what people haven't seen that I saw I mean I've seen the radar tapes because I had them as my Squadron you know I've heard you know the Men in Black show you know I just I'm for you know maybe the okay I'll give you the credit they did but why wouldn't they show up and talk to the guys who actually witnessed it chased it and is one of the senior guys that matter right it's also possible that that men in black stuff was something that they used to do back in the day that that program was no longer continued and you know from Jeremy you would know this the older sightings when they go back into the day to historical sidings and I'm not not Columbus but you know yeah 50s and 60s did they have similar things that they talked about were something moved in this manner yeah it's absolutely incredible and I want to dumb this down because that's how I had to understand it when I was talking with Commander favorite years before I kept his secret

► 01:12:55

years before New York Times blew it up I told them is probably going to happen it wasn't by me we were talking about it this system that we have seen for over 70 years just documented by our military this is so important this is a non reactionary field propulsion system everything we know is a reactionary propulsion system push something out the back it goes forward this is not like a MAG system this is a gravitational field propulsion system and throughout history our military has documented them and there has been ridiculed I'll tell you exactly why 1952 there was a huge flyover of Washington DC Jets were scrambled all the papers covered it is very famous you know case everybody can look up it's an important case because at that time a policy was started and that policy started because it crashed our Communications that teletypes went down the Panic of the UFOs that were being seen by people

► 01:13:55

good fighter pilots trying to capture and try to engage them and and it crashed the teletypes so our government was like oh that's not happening again because you know Russia could use that as a scare tactic so this policy of denial don't look here nothing to see move on UFOs are fake that's what Project Blue Book was tasked to do specifically the guy who ran it admitted that that it was tasked to debunk this and demystify the UFO thing that's J Allen hynek correct right I also yeah jeon hynek he was once asked by a friend of mine do you have the Smoking Gun I'll give you this documents pretty amazing it's an Air Force manual where they explain what they know about UFOs at that time in 1967 but here's the point yes this has been going on since the beginning of recorded human history these propulsion systems that are captured on footage you know that is confirmed now by the by the Pentagon like Commander favors experience this technology is not

► 01:14:55

it's it was here 70 years ago you still have 15 years ago we did we don't we would see it now these exact things at 20,000 miles an hour going on 70 years ago documented somebody has a non reactionary field propulsion system now are they aliens or some sub-sect of human eye you know somebody has them and they're flying through our airspace with impunity and Pilots that Commander favor who by the way defended Los Angeles overnight after 9/11 I mean this is a guy we put all of our trust in he was defending Los Angeles right after 9/11 so we got people like him coming forward saying I saw this and you get internet Warriors being like it's a bird it's a glitch it's Superman let's not concentrate on them what about the Columbus thing did you find that yeah it's just a written that is like light 1492 light signature event that they saw light in the distance the vial is the actual text now available just like Wikipedia stuff it's just one of the oldest the counters trying to throw

► 01:15:55

that this is something that do you know of there's a very famous painting that shows what appears to be men in crafts flying through the sky in the background of an ancient painting do you know what I'm talking about I do actually have a page one of the first Pages ever put on my website is like a bunch of these because throughout history there are these indications of ships of crap but you know what I'm the what I'm talking about it's like and yes that that's the shape of it it's also like a plate turned on its side and then there's a person inside of it yeah yeah man it's flying through in that same yeah that's it yeah like look look how its flying but you know the thing is is it everybody can say are the one above that's pretty cool because that was a hidden thing I've studied that one where it says Discovery 15 Century above the her left shoulder there is an object and if you really zoom in look at the dudes staring up at it as a

► 01:16:55

sir my wife is a painter everything is intentional well where's the god the ground yeah right over there is pretty cool looking up so I think that's 15th century it said so that the problem of this Joe is it go to the original one the one that we just looked at Jamie the one right before that yeah so you get a big picture yeah that is so strange like here you got Christ being crucified and then above him UFOs like it is that supposed to be aliens or is that supposed to be Angels like so what is that supposed to be in these things that they have it's it's real similar to what we're talking about here that's the argument of Miracle of Fatima let's say I'm again this is so speculative we have a witness here of you know pilot but when you see something like the miracle of Fatima if you look at Nasa Miracle Fatima God that's that one that was you know considered a real Miracle by the church and the three kids were getting messages I'll get this all wrong but for like months that they're going to be visited and to bring people and bigger and bigger groups gathered to where there was over a hundred thousand people here

► 01:17:55

this 1917 1917 so you know dozens of thousands if not hundreds but dozens for sure see an event a mass sighting of something that happened we're talking people that were religious people that weren't religious you know doctors at the dust on a real image is a champion that was dr. a little bit so you can see what like they're all looking at something but that's not real but that's the that's the crowd right the crowd is real is that right so here's the thing people come out something happened that was so intense some people thought it was religious that it was a visitation but other people saw it as technological like something descended you know look into I'm just saying art pictures like paintings were talking about man you can interpret them all day I can't hold onto that I can hold on to an eyewitness with other eyewitnesses with radar systems and with video we're in a different era now we don't have to paint it man we get to see it

► 01:18:55

fascinating man it is fascinating but it's way more fascinating when someone like you talks about it versus some fucking random Kook you know that's that's what makes me incredibly interested is the just your credibility in the fact that this is not you know have a history of seeing wacky shit that other people don't see now just this once and but it's the on video and that there's other ones as well this it's really strange that I've seen people try to explain it away and what I don't like about when they explained it away or attempt to explain it away is that they're trying really hard they're not going who knows what this fucking thing is they're not looking at it like cleanly they're looking at it like a quote-unquote skeptic I don't like the idea of being a skeptic not that I don't think you should be skeptical of certain things that certainly think you should be but there's a lot of people that brand themselves as Skeptics and I think it's a lazy way to look at things I really do because I think you're just looking for the holes in things without looking at

► 01:19:54

objectively if you wanted to be a scientist if you wanted to be someone who is a fan of science then you have to look at it as a thing with look at this information and let's study this without any bias any preconceived notions I don't think they're doing that they're looking at it they're trying to find a way where they can justify that it's fake and they're just doing all sorts of mental gymnastics to try to make it fake that video that you show that thing slips off to the left and takes off at incredible rates of speed that alone should freak people the fuck out yeah well I think because people confuse all the time like we took the video knows another crew that took the video we we watched it for five minutes with our eyeballs and there was four of us and we all have the same story we all saw the same stuff we all came back and looked at each other and scratched her head and said WTF you know I mean serious what was that you know and then what do you do you move on we never saw it again

► 01:20:56

I imagine they probably saw him on radar after that but I think the probably seen them on radar all the time they just don't bring it to the attention of the general public oh yeah because if you don't you know for a ship when they see something and you know you what is that well you don't have any way to go out there and look at it like when you're talking about how they were informing you that they were seeing these things previous to your your mission when you're doing this exercise and they let you know that they're seeing these things did you say hey how frequent is this is this something that happens all the time I didn't get in that ours was more of the moment of you know when he's telling us a for the last two weeks we've been tracking these things right and we don't know what they are but you don't know whether or not it was just those two weeks or maybe it was a year ago there was other similar situations or there's other situations that have happened out there but yeah I would say you know for this I don't even know what you got to take it serious we have a tendency if we don't know what it is if we just ignore it it'll go away

► 01:21:55

you know I joke you know there was an incident years Prentiss probably not too far off the same time frame where I think it was like the constellation was doing her work UPS before she got to decommission and an Oscar class is Soviet Oscar class submarine surfaced behind her right and then it's now it's like you know go to Battle Stations World War 3 how did this how did this foreign submarine get in our area and spend monitoring our workups that's a big deal right I said but now we go out and we have these things that are coming at will and there's nothing we can do about it we don't know what they are we have confirmed sighting by to aircrew four of us two planes that said look this is not this is not an airplane this is not a weather balloon this is not a blip it has performance will be on you know on the airplanes that we were flying at the time we're literally brand-new super Hornets right out of the Boeing factory I mean these these these were brand-new first block to series that came out and you go why wasn't something

► 01:22:55

and you know it's like oh we don't know what it is I think it's good now that you know the moves that have happened over the last you know two years since the original article came out that you know there there now there's a new reporting for the pilots the Navy's acknowledged hey these things we don't know what they were you know they're starting to take it serious because you know I know there are other events that are not out recent events where people have been called in to go have seen this thing so the investigation process is still going on you know we don't we don't start in the military doesn't stop even if you take funding away we don't stop you know we don't stop until we're told to stop so you know what's going on I you know you go well a tip ended you know they spent four and a half million dollars a year on it and goes for it is 22 million over the five years so you go

► 01:23:43

what are they doin since then well I mean I'm pretty sure they're still people looking at this and there's still people that are taking this serious I will tell you that I won't get into specifics but there are people inside the United States government that are taking this serious and I've been I've been down to DC twice to talk to folks you know behind closed doors to go because they want to hear the story and I've got a lot of you got to be joking I mean this this seriously happened and I'm like yeah it did happen and it is real what are you doing about it so what kind of people are you talking to

► 01:24:16

high-level government officials is what I'll say and most of that is because that conversation is between me and them and I don't want people speculating but you can say high-level government officials I have talked to well that was always the the speculation about like what would someone do if they became president well the first thing I would do is I would tell everybody about the UFOs I would ask immediately what's going on and I always thought about I said how many people actually know what's going on and how much of the information I mean it's not like if they're dealing with something like this like your experience it seems like what you described is what is known so it's this anomalous event with this thing defies our current understanding of technology and then it's gone yes and so what do you have you don't have anything else other than that like what other information does anybody have well I would say I would say this because

► 01:25:16

dr. Bob we we did a bizarre yeah we did an event together and I leave it to everyone to if it's up to you to believe Bob I'll say this Bob's a normal guy Bob's not crazy he's not crazy at all at all that was the weirdest thing about talking to them but when you when you look at it and go because I had asked Bob I said what he describes in the technology that when he talks about his his story I said well do you honestly think we could you know reverse engineer it I said how long do you think it would take us and his response to me was another hundred years he goes Dave it was so far beyond he goes the stuff that he says he worked on he's like you know they were you use on your podcast because I watched it you know hey there was no wires and because I had asked him when he said you first described the ship that he got to see he said I used to say you know they built it and then it was like Wax and heat it up he goes now I would say it was built with 3D printing because now a 3D printing we can build things literally from the ground up and it be it's basically built as one not panels no rivets it

► 01:26:15

is made right and so when you talk about that and you go well it's still another hundred years so you go well what if you had the technology we still if what Bob says is correct we still don't understand it and how fast would it take us to understand that I mean if it's if it's driven by something that we don't even have on Earth which is when he talks about that element we can't create it you know we can create it for a microsecond and then it you know it decays and we got Element 115 yeah so you know I think we're still a long ways off you know I'll argue with the people that go you know are we really alone I was telling Jeremy we used to go out on goggles you know the middle Pacific there's no light pollution goggles night vision goggles so we can see well you go out at night he'd be on like a tanker Hopper so I'm just hanging out not doing anything drive around in circles with the autopilot on you just turn all the lights down in the cockpit so you have no night light pollution and just look throw your head back and look up there's billions and billions and billions of stars

► 01:27:15

out there and you know I always look up because I'm like you know are we alone and I go I'd look up and go well if we're the only ones around and that's and I'm looking everything I'm looking at some it's a pretty sad place it's a pretty lonely Universe I asked my astrophysics proof that once I said you believed in extraterrestrial life and she's like of course not and I said well there's billions and billions of planets you think we're it

► 01:27:39

I mean just the probability of it is you'd go there's probably something else out there and I'm not crazy I'm just opening up the possibility that we are not the only planet that has life on it I think people don't like to seem silly they don't like to be foolish and I think when people start talking about anything that's not proven or anything that's connected to a bunch of Looney people that are making up stories which UFO certainly are yeah UFOs are connected to so many people that have made up so many stories was that gentleman's name from so you would know that guy was from another country Billy something or another Billy Mayer Billy Meier yeah it seems a hundred percent full of shit yeah he's proven to have done tons of hoaxes with this but here's the deal sometimes I think people have a real experience and they're always like chasing that dragon and they get UFO disease in the brain goes Fucking berserk right I know that there are people that have had profound experiences and then they can't ever replicate them so then they just start going crazy and I don't blame him for it but you got someone like a man

► 01:28:39

raiveer when he saw that aav anomalous Aerospace vehicle his reaction was I want to fly it that's a pretty cool reaction I'd like to fly it yeah I imagine flying that thing that's what I told my buddy is my XO the time Del that got back after all this happened he looks mean we're just standing ready when he goes hey dude I go he goes what do you think it is I God I have no idea of do pretty freaking pressing I'd like to fly it Gore and he goes yeah I go I mean it was it was you know it's just like any pie you always want to fight the coolest thing worse yeah of course you race car driver you want to drive the fastest car that's it and now you look at and go oh that's something we don't have yeah this idea that you know maybe we're not alone that some of these other stars have planets that are maybe technologically advanced so the next thing people say and you know new era's are going to say Well they're not coming here because the distance is so vast hold the fuck up from the very beginning when Bob has are came for and talked about field propulsion gravity propulsion

► 01:29:38

distance becomes completely irrelevant so if we believe the and The Radars are right and Commander favor saw this thing Movin Like A ping-pong ball of glass of water it's gravity propelled that's why you can make those Maneuvers without exploding okay then distance becomes completely irrelevant for travel you're literally warping time and space you're falling into place well it's like the idea of showing someone a video on your phone long before video was ever invented people like what are you talking about like before photography was invented which is shockingly recent right you got to draw pictures of things you saw just like those people that Drew or painted that those images of those men and whatever those things were with Christ in the background the idea that we could understand what some insanely impressive technology from a planet that is nowhere near us could could manifest it's not yeah but Bob has art at talks a lot about this member he's a young guy right in 1989 he

► 01:30:38

shown something and all of a sudden he's trying to interpret it through 1989 technology so he said it looks like it was injection-molded because that's what he had and then run I said I'm this thing about nanotechnology you know working towards an atomic printer he's like dude that makes a lot more sense so he has to view it through where he saw it in 1989 however I will say this it is my knowledge that we understand exactly how these Kraftwerk are one limiting factor is our Material Science we can't replicate not the fuel source itself is another when you say we know exactly how they work yeah it doesn't break our laws of physics this concept of amplification of gravity this concept of gravity propulsion we understand how things can move from point A to point B almost instantaneously our physics doesn't disallow it but our Material Science and the fuel to create that machine that we have machines mother places so we have mean well Bob Lazar whether you believe him or not

► 01:31:38

there was a program I have other witnesses that I will be bringing forward about S4 where he worked we have crowd of other witnesses that worked with alongside people that corroborate

► 01:31:50

Bob's account in that they saw him get on and off the red and whites the Janet flights that come on hmm somebody that went to Papoose Lake and was stopped by by MIT non-military guards at that time people that were aware of sight for and ET exploitation projects one is an SR-71 pilot that I've been talking with her couple years these people are coming forward now with and it's like I'm sick and tired of doing it these little nitpicky things about Bob okay there was a program there was a back engineering program they've admitted there are materials so this is like the metamaterials you heard about the New York Times all that we have materials associated with UFOs that are interesting what does that what are you talking about so this is something that was launched in the first New York Times article I believe in December of 2017 that there is studies being done right now on materials associated with UFOs right so actual metals that have come off of you could say crashes or who was that

► 01:32:50

that explained that there was something they were with Eric Weinstein that was explaining that there was someone who reportedly has something along those lines Jacques Vallee has 17 samples 17 samples how does one guy gets 17 cents well he's shocked fucking ballet right so he is the guy first ever for the United States military created a computer program to for for the study of UFOs for Project Blue Book sees an old school guy they modeled him after in the close encounters movie it's modeled after Jacques Vallee the French guy so he's kind of like been involved with this he's had more access to government databases than any of us he went around collected samples from known you know crashes or like when things will come on and what's the conclusion well they're studying right now there was just something on Fox about their studying some of these materials and what they will find because I actually the ones they're talking about I actually took to New Mexico and had five scientists study it about five years ago I got my hands on it got to study it the the famous Parts they're talking about now

► 01:33:50

it's layered and the way it's layered is what they're trying to see if it's anomalous elementally or the way that they're the elements are bound together and also the atomic level of layering is what's interesting we'll find out if it's explain what you're talking about what is this thing that you saw okay well there is there are a lot of different samples but when you get a sample of something and you can help me get these samples the ones that I looked at they ranged from about this size you know they range from the size orange yeah size of an orange to the size of a quarter these are materials right the materials from a crash so that's allegedly or there's a known crash this is in the

► 01:34:32

public domain rather than you know government control so what we were what I was looking at or having the scientists look at is isotopically and elementally what are the elements that are in this are they engineered and what's the conclusion well I'm not I'm going to leave it to the people that are doing it now who have much better machines that I had you know any Cliff Notes yeah they from what I understand there's Atomic layering there are levels of it like we do with graphene we lay down these layers that are basically oriented at a certain degree that's how you get a super conductor or something like that if you take a piece of graphene and you'd and it's highly machined so it's not doesn't deviate from that Atomic layering you can push it right through istick hot knife through butter so weirdest feeling in the world because you just take this piece of what feels like graphene and it's got swing right through butter because it's a superconductor and the heat from your hand melts the ice so that that is a metamaterial it doesn't occur naturally humans created it and it has special properties

► 01:35:32

because of the way it's atomically layered so if these materials are from somewhere else then there we suspect that they're going to be highly machined that they're going to be created for special use so my whole point is our Material Science has not caught up with the physics that we understand for these field propulsion systems I'm just telling you believe me or not but you'll hear more about it that that our Material Science in 1989 and today is our limiting factor and as our Material Science gets better as humans we know how these things work now the fuel source that's a whole other conversation but as far as creating these machines that's what we're trying to do that's why there is secrecy we're trying to exploit the technology because whoever exploit sit first wins it's a game changer we don't want Russia to do it we don't want China to do it if we had a non reactionary propulsion system the world would look different instantaneously what what is your perspective after the

► 01:36:32

incident versus before the incident like how much did it change the way you view the world and our place in the world for me I mean I always I never believed that we were alone it's just me I just look up and go there's way too many stars up there for us to be able to play after it you know it makes it a little more clear to go you know one my questions are where'd it come from that's that's the biggest one I've where'd it come from what was it doing you know and then I've asked why me I mean why why did I happen to be because you can say wrong place wrong time right right place to see if we're right place right time for me it was I think there's more out there and if I could get word to anyone it's like you know especially the debunkers of one quit trying to debunk it because it is what it is it wasn't a there wasn't a system glitch this is I mean this was a real incident that happened number two is let's open our aperture a little bit and start thinking outside of the box

► 01:37:33

you know if you go you know you look at it go ahead it's non reactive propulsion well it's because when we came up with propulsion we D we you know the people long before it came up with a reactionary propulsion system and that became our standard had we done something different where we developed non-reaction we might look at something like a gasoline engine go holy cow is that thing work right we wouldn't have that idea so you know I think there's you know if you look at it and go people thought Einstein was kind of nuts and we're still proving his theories today and what we're learning is that he was right and he was right there was a time when the Earth was flat except for some people in California the Earth isn't flat ass around the time of people care for you they're all over there's not a nice wall so when you look at that and you go you know a lot of the stuff that we thought was true isn't true it's totally been changed so for me I just say I think let's get outside of the box and go if we can develop a technology that

► 01:38:33

and I don't look at it from a military standpoint because it would be a game-changer for military standpoint technology like that would be a game changer for mankind completely I mean it would literally everything that we do you know and we don't know exactly you know you could you know do you want that system in a car you know people have trouble driving in two Dimensions let alone three right you know they which we you know it's kind of like your joke last night me and he can't even handle The Vaping thing let alone driving a car that goes up down Works in three dimensions we're going to have is what they originally wanted helicopters to be they wanted to be flying cars yeah if you get out on the road you see how people drive I like and I always laugh because people think well we're three-dimensional like we know that this table is not the floor but it really humans are two-dimensional people and you learn that especially when we would fight if you can really work in the third dimension which is up and you go well we are three-dimensional I go now if you look at like a tall building as you know 1,700 feet high the big ones and you go no you know for Anna

► 01:39:32

18 to do a split s which is go from up here and just do a vertical hundred eighty degree turn so you're going this way and you go down here it's like 2,500 feet and that's tight that's a tight turn for a jet you know unless you're running like vectored thrust off but there's everything has a cost so you do some big high akka you bleed off energy there's a cost associated with that that to a pilot that's three dimensions to most people on Earth you go I'm you know I look at a hill and going to want to walk up that thing right now in an airplane it's a totally different thing so just if we just open up that expanse you know for what we're trying to do for technology and go is there another way because we still build we still build suckers and blowers which is a jet engine we just refine the internals the turbines to get them to be more efficient where I go on it you just put your efforts someplace else like I was talking to there's a whole realm of physics that really doesn't get explain and it's I was talking to Steve Justice about it's more into the magnetics type side

► 01:40:32

that we don't we don't spend a lot of time on and I know he said when he was working at skunkworks he did it said I could call I read internal research and development money that he would fun to try and look at some of these other Technologies for propulsion and he's not since retired but really impressive to talk to him at the level that you can which is you know for us would be an unclassified level but you know the stuff that goes on behind closed doors there's reasons for it you know because if a technology like that got out where someone could rapidly reproduce it after all you've done you know or they got it first if you think of the atomic bomb you know Germans almost had it we got it Russians were working on it we got it first

► 01:41:14

change the world literally change the world when we detonated the first one and you go but I'm not going to get into the politics behind it but now we had it and now it was the race everyone else because they had to get on equal par because it's a destabilizing thing and obviously if you develop a technology like this and you keep it to yourself you've got something that no one else has and it's a huge leap I mean it's a Quantum Leap

► 01:41:39

do you share it

► 01:41:42

because it's a mankind thing or do you keep it for yourself you know and that's right now it's not for me to decide I'm just Dave well it's fascinating that some other method of propulsion could have been established in some other place and that we're experiencing her that you've experienced it and some other folks have experienced it in action and I just think for us as people as human beings in 2019 it's really easy to think that what we have now is so amazing and that what we have now is the Pinnacle of discovery that what we have now is you know the with our electricity and with our LED screens and that we are experiencing like the height of Technology when if you're some creature from some other planet that is got easy access to Element 115 and some gravity propulsion system you're looking at us like we're digging

► 01:42:42

holes in the side of a mountain to protect ourselves from the rain were cave people yes yeah well we do that here on Earth yeah I mean you look at like a first world you know like United States or you know these the cunt the developed Nations and then you go to some of these other and go you know people are still getting their water out of a hole in the ground of the bucket right or people in the rainforests are living these indigenous Lifestyles yeah so you know take them something you can we take them one of these flat screens down to one of these tribes that you didn't no one's ever seen and go hey look and start showing them pictures of myself that you're shooting real time where video that's feeding directly into it they'll freak out but think it's Matt would you capture my soul right so it's it's where we at and where we going to do and what can we do did it change the way you look at life I mean even though you knew that or you had this feeling that we were not alone just from looking at the stars and but when you actually see the thing like how I mean I would imagine that that has got to really shift your perspective if it shifted my perspective

► 01:43:42

effective but it was more of a it's a validation a confirmation to go you go yeah you know I've always liked yeah I got there's a lot of stars and then you see something like this and go well maybe we're not because that that pushes you to the next point to go you know you know one lands in my front yard then I'll be 100% sure that we are not alone because it's sitting in my front yard but I mean I got within a half mile of this thing which is people go a half miles pretty far away I can't not when you're flying an airplane half mile is like really tight when they bring you in to have these conversations with high-level government officials how long have these conversations so I went to the I've been to talk to three different groups of people this is post the New York Times article so the New York Times article comes out in 2017 yes and then our our government the other pilot that was involved

► 01:44:35

had been to DC multiple times this is how kind of I got in touch with Lou she had called me and said hey I need to talk to you so I called her and I said what's going on she says hey have you been has anyone called you about the Tic Tac and I said no she does you know I've been to the Pentagon like a half dozen times and they'll take me in and anywhere from Starbucks to you know inside of a vault and she goes until talk to me about the story and then I'll show me a picture something goes to look like this and then she gets pretty frustrating cause we caught the Tic Tac because it looked like a Tic Tac what part didn't you get I mean go get something at Tic Tacs and look at when they're saying did it look like this they showing her something wraps that they have no not pictures that they have but like a video from someone else like they'd show the gimbal video like this okay and and it was no so that's when I told her I said we'll just just tell this guy that you're talking to just give my name and number I go I'll talk to him it's not a big deal to me you know and that started so when we I got asked in a multiple times to go down and talk to two people one of them is supposed to be 20 minutes and these you know these are

► 01:45:35

people get in 20 minutes as some of these folks time is like that's a huge deal so we went in thinking okay we're going to do the thing 20 minutes and then we're in and an hour and a half later we came out I mean that's the interest of you know and there are some Pinot you get the group you know the folks that come in and out but there's a few that just sat there and were enamored by what we were saying like your joke and we're like no this is this is all real I mean he's are these are three senior officials that are taking the time out of their day to take this serious to go you know maybe we do need to put a little emphasis on this I mean

► 01:46:13

if literary of some can just show up at will and do whatever it wants and I'd probably at least pay attention yeah pay attention but what could be done I mean what could they do if you were put yourself in a position of one of these high-level government officials what do you do just spend more money on looking at them now if you look at money though I mean I know when the article came out and they talked about the a tip program that Harry Reid get fun at 22 million dollars over five years so yeah point four million dollars a year and you go everyone's freaking out oh it's 22 million dollars right now I wasn't 22 million dollars a year it was 4.4 million that's not even in the rounding error for the United States we just got to prove what it was seven hundred and fifty billion dollars for defense budget 750 billion if you took a hundred million out of that it's not even going to put a dent and I go why can't you tell you know if you're if you're only spending for 4.4 million dollars a year and you can actually get some good work done because you don't need a huge team because you figure if you look at I think what's a number like 10 15 % of all these UFOs like if you look at Project Blue Book really remained

► 01:47:12

and and you go okay so you can weed out you know you can read out me flying over someone in a campfire like my afterburners so you go now that was Dave being Dave so you can read that stuff out and now you go now I'm really kind of concentrating the funds the most important thing and I talked to the folks when that we were talking cuz we talked about funding and I said let me leave you with this and I had got some pretty good stuff I was talking to Chris melon who's a former undersecretary and understands how the government works it was where he gave me some really good feedback and I said I talked to I said look I'm all for you guys funding a program but what you need to do is find a program that there's going to be oversight over when I say oversight I mean because what happens is you go here's money but we're going to distribute in the government so we're going to distribute it to these three different agencies across the United States government so you know just calm agency a b and c so you give it to them

► 01:48:00

you know and I'll go back to like the 9/11 stuff where we've really had the answer but all the agencies weren't talking to each other to put all the pieces together and that's my fear that you go hey we're going to take a hundred million dollars of taxpayer money we're going to fund a program to actually seriously investigate this stuff and look at the technology but there are three different entities working on their own and not talking to each other so there's got to be a joint collaboration to we go we're going to do it but you know Joe's going to be in charge and you guys are all going to play nice in the sandbox together because we want to get our money's worth because people will raise the fraud waste and abuse flag that we're wasting money on something stupid now the gimbal video shows a different kind of thing yes how many different kinds of things are you aware of well those are ours to attend if you look at the go fast it kind of looks like a Tic Tac so you could say those two are the same yeah I I think there's other stuff out there you know and sometimes it's not that the

► 01:49:00

you got to look at where do you obtain the video it's just like intelligence you know and I'll use because it had no you got that picture of Pablo out there you know and there was the guy Tom Cruise made the movie bottom what's his name Louisiana due to his flying the drugs for Pablo in and out Barry seal Barry seal you know hey it was all great until Reagan posted that picture that they had the cameras inside the cargo plane and then Pablo puts the garlic the only place that picture came from is Barry seals airplane you know and then now Barry seals a dead man so you gotta watch when you release because you go hey we got this video but it was taken someplace we probably weren't supposed to be or how did they get that video right like I'll look the video are the Tic Tac video that thing first came out it's kind of funny the guy that was in my backseat had sent me an email and this is about probably

► 01:49:48

2008 so I was retired and he sent me this video say Skipper's is familiar and it was on Strange Land.com but not suitable for work just say that but I look and the next thing you know it's on YouTube so when I would tell the story to my friends I would go I'd send them a link to the YouTube video and this is years before the New York Times article and then when they did The Unofficial official report the you the video was taken down off of YouTube and you know it kind of puzzled me like why'd you take the video down and I told the guys when they did The Unofficial Fisher products that we really need to look at is how did this thing come off of a classified drive system on an aircraft carrier and end up on strange line.com and YouTube because at the time the videos were classified Secret

► 01:50:27

and that's not because it was a UFO it's the 80s Flair video they did not want that release so you'd see it on CNN they blocked out all the performance stuff what the airplane is actually doing in this case you know the one you see it's 250 knots of the autopilot on so it's not that big of a deal but you know Jeremy how many different types of vehicles are you aware of that I've been reported credible reports for decades hundreds of different shapes even Lazar himself said he saw you know nine different styles all working off the same propulsion system the Tic Tac shape you know vehicle that goes back in history some people say cigar-shaped you know Big Ships small ships we you know they're all different kinds of I think it's important to State though there are other funded government funded UFO programs it's a misnomer actually that a tip was the recipient of the 22 million dollars was actually Harry Reid created a program called ausa all sap was the sole beneficiary of that 22 million New York Times got it wrong

► 01:51:27

and then what happened is a tip was a different funded program to study military encounters with UFOs all sap was created because of Skinwalker Ranch a government program to study UFOs and Associated phenomenon a tip and all sap communicated and shared information but they were independently funded so the 22 million dollars was for all sap and then a tip had its own sources and then they did collaborate to UFO programs there are more that I think we're going to learn about so the different shapes that Bob Lazar saw there was nine different shapes that he saw yes I was saying there's only one up close yeah and none of them were like to Tic-Tac not specifically however that's not an uncommon if you go back in history of like military sightings of craft going maybe over 20,000 miles an hour the Tic Tac is a shape they have triangles they have ones that look like rectangles the thing that is common with all of them is the

► 01:52:27

on reactionary propulsion system I think even Commander favor said the thing noticed him was words he first said to me and kind of went towards him with its nose but it could move in any direction right I mean it could just move that will however it was when we first thought it was just basically a never turned it was just going left right now we're kind of doing this and shave it probably doesn't matter and then became aware because it turned and it actually mirrored what I was doing when I was coming down it came up and you know so it was obviously knew we were there and I don't know if it was picking up you know energy coming off the airplane or what you know I do know that when they tried to lock it actively you know it jammed a radar made it pretty much useless and you know Chad was pretty good about kicking it over and grabbing that video

► 01:53:08

it's pretty wild it's a big deal to actively Jam a radar of ours you know yeah it's you know whenever someone tells you an awesome story it's great to hear but God I wish I saw it myself you know but you got things yeah he like you're telling me and I'm like wow I'm listening I'm trying to imagine I'm putting it in my head on them I'm visualizing it damn I wish I could see it yeah I said this to it got over it he's he's pretty proud won't say who it was or what his position was he's pretty prominent in the UFO Community I'm not really a UFO guy

► 01:53:45

and he starts quoting like Jeremy can quote event so this was this this event that event that event he keeps looking me goes what do you know about this event I go nope and he goes what about this event I go nope he gets like three of them I look at him and he goes well you're not UFO guy go no but I chased one have you and he goes no I go I'm an expert on the kind of school he kind of got deflate a little bit easier because you looked at me like you suck well it's like people that are into baseball stats but they've never played yeah you know we got to get guy get your hands dirty get out in the field yeah I'm with you Joe like I wish I had seen that I've been so curious about the propulsion System since Lazar and I wish I could see something too oh my God yeah I would give so much I'd almost think about running for president just to win just so I could get in and find out about you everybody's trying letting go I quit bitch everybody tried them Clinton tried he tried to be yo big time that was his that he came in he said out first thing he

► 01:54:45

your Hubble he said I want to know two things who killed JFK and I want to know all about UFOs and they were he was denied access and he later said it's not the first time I've been lied to her denied information after asking for it Bill Clinton said that additionally Jimmy Carter he said before he was president I'm going to find out well Jimmy Carter supposedly saw you if you did he said I'm going to find out I'ma tell you never talked about it again afterwards after he became president wonder what his briefing look like you know and then so many presidents have tried because they're like us man they're curious mmm however this information from my understanding which is an informed understanding is so compartmentalised yeah

► 01:55:23

that makes sense but listen is anything else just one thing I want to make sure to brief you on storm because I still blame you for it a little bit tonight can I do that why d'ya know that my did I just give your aunt a quick break now okay so check this out made a movie Bob Lazar are 51 and find Sausage Joe Blows it up I go on a show with Bob Lazar which was awesome thanks for letting Bob tell everybody what happened pleasure and then the world lit on fire now from a sociological pop culture standpoint what happened on that day is huge and I don't want it to be missed on anybody so kid watches your podcast watches the movie puts up this Facebook page storm Area 51 oh my God that's a big problem right so ended up talking to the kid and all this and helping trying to help him navigate kid went left it should have gone straight anyway vent went down Rachel Nevada where Area 51 is where the access points go up we all went out there right but really Rachel nobody wanted people to come it's a town of 52

► 01:56:23

people one business the residence I live in Pioneer talk about his tiny you don't want your whole town taken over by potentially dangerous millions of people that are signing up for this on Facebook right so it's this huge phenomenon that happened because of going on what happened so here's what actually happened because the media has completely lied to you they said a hundred fifty people showed up yeah it's a total fabrication out of the footage to prove it we had an event in we I participated in an event in heiko Nevada which is safely 50 miles away from you know Rachel where they didn't want us and on the Fly 3,000 plus it's me it's a huge win three thousand-plus people even though they were scared to come because they were told to be scared to come out there that is going to be a riot okay and they peacefully assembled and enjoyed this thing I had but what what happened there's nothing they just got together 3,000 people yeah but everybody came with the idea that they're curious about this and engaged a whole new

► 01:57:23

audience of people we had Dave Foley talked we had Paul Oakenfold some famous artist people talked do ya - set up yeah we had a I set it up I brought in speakers right I brought in speakers Did you avoid this

► 01:57:37

yeah I'm not you know I'm a military guy I'm not finished forming a government that's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard it's like hey let's go that's like jumped the White House fence I'm like are you wacky that that's the dumbest idea on the planet yeah I didn't understand the benefit of getting all those people together no no people were going and so my point was well let's at least bring people who can talk about it and have a civilized fun time and see what people want to do so my point is it's amazing anybody came out to begin with and nobody went crazy so what is the 150 people that were reported where they be at the gate itself to go see so that's probably would have happened if someone like you didn't come along and organize something else yeah I didn't organize it but I definitely advocated for safety and it worked and it was a success so they just got together and talked 3,000 people got together until it was spread out all throughout like people didn't Rachel Community didn't want people there was an event there though and the in heiko where I was was the event with the stage in the fun stuff we all did George Knapp was was there as well how do you promote this well they did the event they promote it because people already coming did you promote

► 01:58:37

social media sure I said if you're going to go somewhere that's where I'm going to be and it's going to be safe and sane my point is this you have so many people that are curious now and don't underestimate what happened on when someone watched your podcast that happen boom you've got all these new people who are interested in it and I think that's important because this UFO phenomenon is real you've got fighter pilots that engage them it represents an on reaction or propulsion system and that's a physics that would change the world so the more people that come together and say we're interested the louder the voice we got I think it's cool and had some alien Budweiser great well I don't know if there's really any benefit to people physically getting together but I do think that there's a lot of benefit I'm glad you had a good time but I just think there's a lot of benefit to this discussion and and I really think there's a lot of benefit to hearing the stories from people like you because that's the only thing that matters to me when it's like I need to know the person who's telling me the stories of

► 01:59:37

shit so when I get it from someone like you I really really appreciate it so that's it thanks for being here thanks for telling your story thanks for having thanks for being you thank you Jeremy for setting this up and thanks for your documentary and Bob was I was really like fucking turn me around that was the one all right that's it bye everybody thank you everyone for tuning into the show and thank you to our sponsors thank you to quip the toothbrush reimagined and improved and you can get your quip it starts at just 25 bucks when you go to get quip.com / Rogan right now and you get your first refill pack for free that's get your first refill pack for free @ g ET Q UI P get quip.com Rogan and we are also brought to you by 4 Sigma Matic makers of fantastic mushroom elixirs and lion's mane coffee and even chocolate mushroom chocolate

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