#1278 - Kevin Hart

Apr 6, 2019

Kevin Hart is a comedian, actor and producer. His new stand up special "Kevin Hart: Irresponsible" is now streaming on Netflix.

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there's a few people that I follow online that make me go wow like that guy's got some fucking horsepower just some people are just Deb boundless and GN and enthusiasm for things this guy is at the top of the list he is inspirational people I've ever met and I really really enjoyed this conversation he's fucking awesome please give it up for Kevin Hart

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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Joe Rogan podcast

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all day

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yes and all the fucking people that make me feel lazy in this world is to that made me feel you and The Rock you fuckers don't look like no days off that's why love is unattractive as he's a he's a person that that motivates me inspires me and the fact that we're or co-workers were friends I think it's a I think it's like a it's a blessing it's a blessing to be around that because it's truly it's it's uplifting you know it makes you it just makes you weed out the circle when you're around people that truly give you like give you some good serve a good value to you and your life you then look at those that don't and you can you can then push away so I'm big on I'm big on personality I'm big on energy I'm big on will and once I believe that's contagious so if you have a a bunch

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laziness in a bunch of bulshit around you naturally going to feed off you going to find yourself becoming what's in your environment so I feel the exact same way and when I see you play John Cena Avatar I see you I see you if you don't get enough sleep but you could you have a much higher risk of Alzheimer's all those other serious issues but I see a guy like the rock of my car the fuck is he sleep where's the room for sleep you know that that's true I can't say that I did I've witnessed the Sleep patterns but he's a he's a late ass

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so he does I know he's sleeping at some point when you say you had to sleep expert system on it's always a thing that I go back and forth by because what is enough sleep like I'm a person I function high off of 6 7 hours 6 7 hours and I'm great do I do the 5-Hour thing all the time no but if I have to I'm fine I don't need the 8th and the night I feel like that's too much for me like I'm an early riser and now I'm getting older you know if I can get in that bed by 9:30 or 10 off work day I'm very happy with that but then I'm up at 5:30 so what is enough sleep but they tell you that

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4 hours a night I got that don't need as much they can they can go a long time without sleep with me I'm one of those people who brought you might be a bit a lot of high functioning people are cuz you bought it tends to you get more efficient you know like you're always going use burning time to shut down it's like shutdown get that 5 6 hours in all right I will confess this I am amazing Catnapper I'm one of those guys if you stop talking to me long enough I'm a fall asleep right here in about silence real just not doing anything and I will it Sprout you're probably going on momentum all the time you probably you probably going on motivation and momentum okay your body has his break

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she's asleep right now I know for sure that that's accurate cuz I'm how catnapping heartbeat do you feel like you've hit a good balance of the so I was wondering about with guys like you were guys like to rock when I look at your Instagram social media and you just consulate go and let God damn do you ever feel like you do too much like maybe I just need to take a little break here if you ever feel like that I think the perception deadly perceives reality you know what it looks like so much is always so much because you have a schedule and you know within that schedule there is the things that mean the most that come and act as down time you know me and my house is down time even though it's still active and I got to be dad and I'm with the kids and a wife in this conversation and I'm running around the back for that still access down time for me like I'm shutting the work off so the phone is in the off

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I'm not going back to get it until the morning and it's all conversation it's all TV it's all taco Tuesdays it's couch and cuddling you know baby time whatever that's my down time because I'm taking a step outside of the other shit that's why I was that's that's what I think I do very well I can step outside the other shit I can separate it so I think when you're able to do that then you're you're managing your mental you don't mean like if it's if it's always one thing all the time that's how you fucking drive yourself crazy cuz you never you never shutting it off and I think I do a good job of shutting shutting this off and focusing on this I want with my family with my family nothing is nothing interjects or comes between fantastic that's so important

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so much success is how you have to be with that fucking phone all the time that's that that's the phone is the big one right the phone is is the gift and a curse you know I think that we we shout out the gate and saw the GIF oh my God it's it's it's Community is connecting as we're able to share waiver to meet new people with old people find new people as Entertainer I can engage with my fans and this is so dope and then after that you get hit with the the curse and the curse is this isn't this a high level of negativity that's out there that's on that shit you know there's there's a lot of people that are you know not happy going through things and they interject on a certain amount of negativity and hatred through these devices these devices are the easiest way to touch everybody

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so when you're just consumed on that shit all day you start to see yourself being a part of the negative shit so what I've learned to do is go and I don't I don't I don't I don't I don't pay that any mind I don't read that shit for what it's not it's not helping me is not making me better it's not it's not pushing me to new limits if anything is taking up just create a space by me literally spending time going in and navigating through what I think is is a bunch of bulshit so I don't let the device beat me in at one point I definitely did at one point it was everything that was everything you know now I separate I know what you break clear of it was when you realize when you see when you see the bed you know when you see the bad side of it I thought the other day

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this is some real shit and really made me think my phone died my phone died and I'm driving and I was using the fucking maps and other shit

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imma get to where I don't know where I'm going I said I was like you know how did we how do we get from point A to point B before the mcshit what I used to print out directions from Google Maps I remember that but then before that how did you get to the places where you were going that you didn't know how to get to I don't even remember to get rid of a Thomas guide I did have a timeskip when I first moved to LA to get one of those 100% really fuck me up cuz I was like how

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we don't even know how how to do the common the Normandy more because of device has made everything available and I literally had to drive to a store where I can buy a charger to charge up my phone to get back and use the map to get to where the fuck I was going to say I had no idea how to get there I know I didn't know numbers by heart I didn't know who I was going to call this is the moment I was like what level of success have I reached I just pulled over and over how the fuck am I going to get the wrong with your phone I don't know what it was but it felt like the end of the world if that's when the light bulb

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start the click Start The Click like how how do we function without I want to go backwards a little bit still need it I still think it's dope with all of the things that we can do on it but I still want to be able to put it down and then step away from it is my kids to be able to step away from that's why when I come in the house my phone is up cuz I can't I can't complain at all about being on your phone if you see me doing the same thing those conversations me wanting to know about your day you talkin to me about your day your friends who you like who don't you like my daughter you what boy who what time is no my son yeah I like somebody who are Jesus here and come it's a great thing and I want to be able to have those moments and you know I think it's it's it's big to make sure that you prioritize that are you worried about what comes next

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hundred percent I'm worried that something is going to be way more intrusive than that it's it's what do you mean it's already happened the biggest scare happen already with the the the FaceTime ship that happened where one of them well apple on the iPhone that was like people can listen in to your pick up the gaps are they can just listen to you know that it's that easy to have a bug like that what's the thing that's not a bug that's there that you just don't know about all this definitely government listen to us in case one day you do something wrong I go back to the next level of the merge intrusive yeah I think everything is become intrusive now like the toughest thing for me is that there is no there is no privacy outside my home

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right you know the the amount of money that you have to now spend just on security on you know people to to be with me security to be on my home you know it's like they're literally is no privacy and it's not the bitching complain about it because without the fans without the people that support me I want to be where I am but there is no middle ground run you know there is no handshakes anymore it's it's how you doing right right right hand shaking so much better I get a moment like we can talk if that's what you want where did you doing this to me kind of weird to have a conversation so you just starting to see yourself become a little older and wiser and just really see the times for what they are and see the direction that we're going in these people and just hope and pray that we find a middle ground cuz I think right now that is it one that's what I'm say

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no I feel too and I especially the mean what you're talking about is you being super famous and losing all your privacy but everyone's losing their privates it it's it's happening to you because you're very famous and because you do something that's in the public I want to see you in front of you but there's going to come a point in time where what we're dealing with now which is like you have to turn your phone on you have to you know ya have to reach out to somebody have to put something up that's that steps going to be out of the way and it just could be people being able to access your life here is what I said is bad that really sucks with me

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I don't like that negativity

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is the the want no like like the the thing that's popular is the failure the the fuk up you know the fight that I can catch the hateful moment that I can catch in post like the bad is being highlighted and celebrated that's what fux with me what the social media should now what what really bothers me is you know when you see these things online like you know the fight and there's a man hitting a woman in this capture rap that's bad

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bad things that you watched that the video was more important than the actual help run or the moment to step in and you know when you see these things where you're catching people do these things for kids in this cart the moment of what you got and what you want to post it get likes or whatever on is the focus instead of the hell yeah and that's that's the part that is just just have a hard time processing have a hard time processing what the lights mean to certain people will you get an extraordinary amount of attention so it doesn't mean anything to you means something to a regular person and put it up with my video Got 5 million hit my videos gone viral videos everywhere for them it's like the point of excitement that's why when they see you though shit how often are going to run into Kevin Hart

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you know Costco where the fuck you were in the bathroom restaurant and I go to the bathroom you know by the way that went to the bathroom you could definitely tell her I had the shit I was moved fast if I was he knows one of those abrupt eating bad my stomach immediately said that's not going to happen today I get up and I go and literally like like 3 seconds I hear it as I'm walking out of the Kevin Hart in as I'm walking by a guy gets up files me in the bathroom they said y'all got to get a picture man and I said let me let me go to the bathroom when I'm done I'll take a picture with you go to the bathroom is a true story Bible Bible assume the guy is outside the bathroom and I'm going to see him and I say what I say

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I get done I go to the stink wash my head he was just sitting behind a wall and he's like got his phone out. Mikey brought did he just take me while I was shooting did Jesus say about to be on my God is over this is it is the bottom of my feet is whatever we just waited and in that moment was so it was so important that he was in the bathroom and and soon as I got to come on let's go outside the bathroom to take a picture as a bathroom or something nice guy man I'm going to take the picture I just want to lose you it's not even a thought

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is that even a thought about it's a bath right so weird weird moment man you just waiting for me to finish it and I don't know what you got on your phone get too big for me that I have to go through your phone so whatever you got you got but I had to go out and take the picture and I never going back to the table just like what what's happening at this point what is happening now that didn't exist before I think of you were famous before people just want to get an autograph or shake your hand will pass autograph State it's been awhile and a while I don't know how to write I was kind of think I would know what that it's been a minute man I want to make this very clear you know it's not like I don't I don't know I understand like once again I want people to more importantly I'm still welcome it a welcome the moment

► 00:24:19

I can talk in and Converse with the fan but it should be that like it's normal the moments are better when they're real you know and after a real moment you you get a picture because you like yo who's that you're a nice guy and I know I did it that you would be this calm and cool you don't even get to see how genuine of a person I am because the first thing you do you do stick the camera in the face you and that's when people think that you're an asshole cuz they they they they have the intrusive moment and then gets mad with it can you can you please I'm sorry you had to see my face when does it start getting weird for you but how many years in

► 00:25:12

an event has been pretty crazy I've been pretty crazy for the last 45 the last 45 years and the last three you know the guy in insane because now you know you you want a national-level its Global and the following is is bigger and it's all ages which is which is really really good bad thing you know comedians it's a different thing because you feel like you know comedians you know you're laughing or in your arms everything is met with warrants so when you see it comedian in front of your fan of a comedian your social and everything was funny and you're just looking for the funny moment you're you're looking past the normal moment you almost are frowned upon if you are normal if you just chill

► 00:26:12

pop lock my front light on site in the morning and you run into me and I say hey how you doing man that's not enough when you workout your shit now I've seen at the comedy store but only once you're like the gold of random comedy clubs you know I think I'll go to New York first New York is always been a home when it comes to building put some structure within a set that you're trying to figure out once I got a skeleton of what I want to do I just go to West I love that comedy club The Improv down there in Utah I'll go to Denver do the blood Wise Guys I go to comedy clubs random comedy clubs that you would expect to see me yet but I'll do a hell of a run and the goal is to get out of there which is the foundation not to have

► 00:27:12

complete set I want to get a foundation so when I'm done getting the foundation then I'll do a low Comedy Club run I do a full comedy club run while just put two or three months and it's Comedy Club, Co comedy club and I'm doing 7 shows weekend and people are shocked that I'm there as I'm doing it but you know that's my that's my gym that's how I work and I end up leaving that. Of time with a complete set after the first three or four months that I spent now after the Comedy Club 3 or 4 months on that run then I take it to like a small theater I see my last two pills I can a small theater and I do love running small theaters and then I finally feel like it's at a point where I'm getting the the laugh consistently in the punch lines are working and I put the back front with Ford every direction and my story is real roller-coaster and it has an ending I feel like we get off the roller coaster and we're happy and you don't feel like you were there for an hour

► 00:28:12

when I go test it out whenever you and if they are Raina and the last of sound the way it supposed to then I say okay I'm ready if it doesn't then I'll go back to small theaters and then I'll go to an arena again tonight to that Arena sounds way it's supposed to do I say I'm going on tour so sometimes it takes me about a year and three months a year and 4 months and I'll people on sale hard it is to develop and our stand-up material are you just turn on the new our it's an hour to get to an hour you going through 4 to 5 hours of bullshit that you thought was funny ya to come up to that power that you finally say is going to be the representation of me this year it's a lot to me to do that especially at this level you no more especially while you're always doing movies and you're always busy with a bunch of other stuff to you don't you don't take any breaks actually you know what I'm touring if there's a movie I make the movie schedule around the doors to my shooting

► 00:29:12

days will go Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday rap Thursday

► 00:29:17

maybe have a show Thursday night and then I'm going Thursday Friday Saturday sometimes no show Sunday sometime show Sunday depending on with the work schedule in the workload for the following week look like some information that in so I think I'm out going so I'm not that movie out in 2 months and then when I'm not that tour schedule shifts so the money to the weather Thursday dedicated the family dedicate to office everything Thanos weekend 2 torrent but that sore last for a year and 1/2 minutes year we did a hundred fifty-seven shows on my irresponsible tour 150 before you decided to put it on the Netflix Netflix the taping I think I did it three weeks before we were done so we're probably at 143 Joe's then I'll take it and finish it or did you always have this kind of structure like when did you how did you design this thought out individual now you seem like I'm a I'm a whip thought out individual that is a condom

► 00:30:17

is plan if you look at all my stand-up specials there's a two-year Gap in between them so the two-year Gap is because at the end of that second-year my new special should be coming out with a new special should be coming out I'm now focusing on what the next special is going to be so that first year is all development like right now I'm off I'm not touring but now I'm mentally and the gym and throwing all the old stuff that I talked about a way that's now phone out Canton Pita can't say it now it's talkin about with the new version of myself is going to be what do I want the conversation to be what's my thinking and just taking notes So eventually now I'm going to start just popping up in random comedy clubs and trying to figure out what the next thing is so by mid mid 20 I'll probably doing comedy clubs by the end of 2000 should have a full fledge concept that new hour and by the beginning

► 00:31:17

21 I should be ready to go out with my new our end of 21 film I knew our mid 22 that I will come out as soon as I can schedule schedule except it's a perfect day every year and every year but I think even he said that's it that's a shout out to those that can't do it I think that's amazing I think this for everything that I have going on and all of the different things in my hands are in within the brand the business I need to make sure that I'm giving 100% choose those things so they have the highest opportunity to be successful if I'm trying to cheat it then it's going to show it's not going to come out to the best of my ability and will that stand up you got to you got to fucking magnifying glass on you you know you're always being judged off of what you did at one point

► 00:32:17

just like a musician you're always judged off of the album that everybody thought was whatever so the big thing for Entertainer artist whatever your craft is is creation how you recreating yourself how you constantly showing that you're growing for me the only way to do that is to talk about my life and the things that grow along with me the only thing that grows along with me my experience has my family my marriage my mistakes my UPS my Downs those are the things that I can talk about forever because as you get older things changed it gets different is all coming from my personal opinion of me my view on me and how I see like you can't lose material in that state that's why I stay away from certain things because those things can become boring after awhile for me because I don't have

► 00:33:17

the knowledge of everything that I should politics joke in the politics I don't I don't joke and anything that has to do with the slander of others other communities I don't do anything divisive that's my that's my biggest thing and you know this past year was was one that got a little weird because I really dedicated myself to Bringing people together like I'm I thought that was my goal that's my priority I damn sure. That's what I was doing on a global scale everybody all Races shapes sizes whoever you are whatever you are you come to a Kevin Hart show have a good time so when it came off as if I was a person that was divisive that was tough you talk about the Oscars being like who is he

► 00:34:17

Ross super positive concentrating on that you are and try to concentrate on some jokes that you did what 9 years ago it's a wake-up call of understanding the times but it more importantly you know for me it was okay I went through it I made sure that the people of the lgbtq community really understand it hey guys I apologize if I'm apologizing again I'm sorry I'm not that guy I don't want you think I'm that guy then it just became the constant conversation never happened if it's it just became the constant conversation in and now it is cuz I'm not only sorry I don't condone anything that has to do with hate Danny by

► 00:35:06

this is no longer conversation so guys I'm going to stop talkin about it because now I feel like I'm feeding into what I'm not I know I'm not the world in public shit understand and know that I'm not because over this time. As shown that I'm not so the apology once again I'm sorry genuinely I'm sorry but then it just kept it just it never stopped and at that point I just made a decision and I'm like guys at this point I just I'm making a decision to not talk about it anymore that doesn't mean that I'm being disrespectful to anybody that doesn't mean that I'm shutting down anything it means that from me I'm going to stop talkin about it because at this point I don't know what to do

► 00:35:57

at this point I thought I thought the apology is what you want me to do I make sure that you understand that I'm not a hateful person I don't don't hate I did that I step down so I don't take attention off of that night knows people that are there to be celebrated I don't want to draw attention to myself and what's around me I stepped out everything I did was for the better of good stepping away guys because I don't want this to be a negative night or negative thing and then it's still became a conversation so I waited for it to die down I want on my radio show give it another public apology make sure that you understand and I'm sorry I hope these words didn't hurt anybody I once again apologize I don't condone hate to anyone I hope that you guys can forgive me for those jokes of all

► 00:36:47

so now I say if you don't understand that you don't believe it at I don't know what else to get I don't know what else to do there's nothing else you can do that's why you to step away like that because if you didn't they would probably pursue it forever but I mean it's at it becomes a point of attention so it is going to focus on, talk about this so many friend of mine Lee Daniels you know manly Daniels Lee called me told me want to talk to me no Lee Daniels is director-producer the show Empire is Big Show's you know so he called me like ever want to talk to you and I'm not stalking he's like look this is a time where you could speak up

► 00:37:36

and talk about you know the community that's been affected by hatred and you know hateful crimes you can step up and be a voice and say that you don't condone or don't stand with any type of hate or whatever you can take the stage and do that I said Lee I said that's what you're saying why don't you expect me to know what's been happening with in this community

► 00:38:12

in regards to hate and crabs as I am not aware I said some people can just not be aware I'm not even know I have no idea what's going on I've no idea it was within that Community I have no idea when you tell me this I'm now educated and I understand so it's easy to Simply inform information is Keith what people get information they process the information when you can process the information you will all wait a minute that makes sense hey if you guys think that I can don't hate wait a minute I don't and anybody that does fuck you man that's bad you shouldn't I can say that but instead when this happened it was become an ally

► 00:39:04

become a voice and that's that's where there was just a miscommunication that's where a back-and-forth kind of was established that I think people just started to take things and run with it and I'm just not I'm just not one to feed into what I feel

► 00:39:26

isn't going to eventually evolve into a positive thing that's the problem is so much clickbait out there because it's such an effective way to get people to pay attention things besides you said people focus on failure and negative and angers want to see controversy I want to see the anger you know where that is just the times that's if that's what school now is that stars being negative you know how you always have some people that's a great example how you have people we mean you can talk about a movie right we can talk about that. Teaneck biggest movies of all time fucking great movie oh yes it was great

► 00:40:23

why you ain't like Titanic fucking bullshit why but that the cool thing is just being different I want to I want to be completely opposite than all these entreri other people you know it na na na

► 00:40:47

what why why why would you have people that just like to do that or you're for sure and and and what happens when one person does it another person for no resolve get me to did you see it talk about what they're talking about the negative train rides because that's what's cool it's not cool to be positive is not cool to be happy I don't know if it's a cool thing I think it's usually people that are really frustrated with their lives hundred percent like the best of factual side to it I did a joke before we like to think Michael Jordan leaves YouTube comments like I bet he does not having people that want to get mad and complain constantly about shit like that you know what it takes to do this right here

► 00:41:43

not much right in your comment section Joe Rogan you can kiss my you know what that takes what do you have going on that you have the time to just simply be that negative in and do it in this world of uniforms just a mismanagement of your time is so valuable and I don't think people understand how valuable they can be if they use their time correctly love you always been like this has always always always a light in every dark tunnel

► 00:42:26

I will find a goddamn light man I hear it all the weight on my back is so heavy of all the stuff that I deal with and I'm fine the reason why I'm fine it's because I'm genuinely happy

► 00:42:41

I'm happy and I'm not happy just because of the success the Seth X is a bonus I'm happy because I truly know the definition and the feeling that comes with happiness I truly know it I felt it I felt it when I said you're what really makes me happy and I look at heaven and Hendrix and I look as though I look at my wife I know yo

► 00:43:06

I don't have the family shit when I was coming up

► 00:43:11

I got one

► 00:43:16

these people depend on me I provide these people that makes me happy that makes me happy my daughter comes up Dad you're not only my dad you're my best friend Happy

► 00:43:27

that's my world so everything else from the outside that comes in your your your throwing shit at a at a at a bubble that can't be popped the force field around me is a force field around me because what matters really matters loves me wholeheartedly and when you had that and you understand

► 00:43:51

your unbreakable so if you don't add to that force field if you don't make my voice feel stronger and you don't you don't you don't get time for me my team hartbeat Productions the people underneath my umbrella you're part of my forcefield you believe what I believe we all see the same things we want the same things so we march with the same beat you can't you can't shake that when you're an individual that seen that and understands that if you've never felt that

► 00:44:28

we have no idea what that feels like it's easy to shake you

► 00:44:32

that's why some people are easily broken

► 00:44:36

being broken is not a hard thing about hard things so those that do get broken those that do get down those that do get depressed I understand I understand I don't know not people for I don't not anybody for it but I also understand is that the encouragement that can come from so many can add value for those that may need a little push the may need a little amen packaging up it's so easy to be that positive reinforcement for somebody and add value

► 00:45:11

it's so easy for some people choose to throw that aside and kick while you're down I try to put out the light of positivity because whoever's out there you I don't know what it can do for somebody else to somebody else may just simply look at me say you're way too he Embraces his kid makes me wanna be a better father your way to this man doesn't stopped and waited every day he wakes up and he's just positive regardless of what's going on makes you realize that this shit ain't so bad the way that he gets up and says hey today is another day at the morning let's all be better than we were yesterday somebody probably needed to hear that the more that I can give that out and I can take my platform to throw good energy out I'm doing my part

► 00:45:53

because there's so many that. The complete opposite I don't want to be a part of that that's beautiful and that's true I believe you it's not it's not forced it's not funny it's not fake you should everyday I hear shit everyday very contagious to

► 00:46:20

roll down windows are you going to make a good movie. Sounds good what that alright ma'am you have a beautiful day that's alright alright with such conviction my little things I can say to you ma'am when you going to make a good movie red snapper

► 00:47:20

the movie that's out now try my best to try my best if it's not working for you hopefully I do better soon but what are you what am I going to feed into that ended why why why why for what for what it seems to have been working thus far are you getting this positive attitude towards life from Life experience are you getting it from books did someone teach you how to think I am this I'm getting it

► 00:48:04

from the experiences and from the V real understanding of

► 00:48:13

perfection doesn't exist

► 00:48:15

don't exist Joe with wearing a time right now we're people expect Perfection you expect Perfection I don't know where this came from I don't know what happened that this is the criteria for living

► 00:48:30

my true understanding is all right you got one life and that one life

► 00:48:36

the Gulf of us it's a live it to the best of our ability from the beginning to what said the n in the middle in the beginning middle you going to do things going to make mistakes you want to fuck up your supposed to learn and then move forward with the understanding of what not to do and when you move forward like make it better it may not but somewhere along the lines going to click and everything I went through back here was supposed to happen so that now that I'm here I'm able to go ahead with such a high level of knowledge and I can make other people better I can make myself better I could do more for my family and my dad at the prom is a crazy drug addict in and out of jail

► 00:49:28

life was very bad very fucking balls my dad son got successful sunden took money gave it to his dad his your house use your truck is your monthly at this age I want you to live your life you'd have made mistakes you can't rebuild and correct the things you done I'm your son I love you you can't go back in and redo you can't try to keep going backwards in about me your grandkids will be the best Grandpa me to be with his grandkids was his energy devoted to being a grandpa for the grandkids don't worry about me for something happen in your life something happened

► 00:50:14

that took you in the direction to reap the benefits of your son's happiness and success my energy is now contagious enough and I handed to you so now you're able to give that off to all these other people that you're around something happens and I can every single life and every life I understand that there's a payoff a bad eventually does pay off a can't be bad but for so long if you got the strength and the understanding to realize that shit will change it or change it's impossible to play poker play poker or not he play poker you can run bad forever but it will eventually turn around once you grasp the understanding of the game eventually turn around

► 00:51:03

Blackjack you never going to be the casino but eventually going to have a good run if you catch a run you'll do good get the fuck out of here you waited long enough for it to happen here come catch it anything in life will eventually time to know but this is coming just from your own personal experiences have any role models that booty like this about positivity and about reinforced

► 00:51:34


► 00:51:36

my mom reinforced you don't start things and not finish him you don't quit

► 00:51:42

there's nothing that comes out of quitting besides knowing that you didn't finish we finish everything you started finish it if you're going to do it do it to try and be the best not be better than other people be the best for you if you're in school and you going to class I'm not asking you to get straight A's I'm asking you to get the best grade that you can possibly get give me a hundred percent all the time and I'm a happy mother when you have fast me I'm on your ass mom I want to do this I want to I want to play baseball when you going to play my mom like that no more than why you start the season

► 00:52:24

cuz I thought I wanted to do it do you know finish the season you don't quit there's other people that invest the time and energy into you you don't just quit on people but I don't want to do it finish the seasoned mom I want to swim and you going to finish with it didn't matter what I did I was never allowed to quit so now in anything I do when I pick it up and say I'm a start it I got to finish it at all don't work

► 00:52:48

it only the best it all ain't knocked out the park but I walk away saying I finished it

► 00:52:55

I didn't

► 00:52:57

right now I've been boxing I saw I saw you working out with Rico verhoeven I'm fucking first of all very strong kicker he's okay he's a good guy but I started I started it and I said why am I doing this I'm not going to be a professional fighter and Tommy amateur fighter I don't give a shit

► 00:53:26

so much that I don't know about the sport I at least want to make sure that I'm paying homage to the people that do this for a living by really understanding and learning it you know what I'ma I'ma get some real people to show me everything so when it's all said and done I look back after my training I can go I gave it 100% and look at how good I got look what I'm a product of Ice Bar I go get in the van I just didn't feel it too so I can say I did it come on that's me that's me is getting it to look at this

► 00:54:10

who is teaching you his name is Big she's in Atlanta that's me learn how to turtle shell with in Punch-Out but you know he's a former Golden Glove guy really good and everything when I was at this far especially when I'm like really tired damn glad I got my ass whooped and every couple times, but I'm not in there with guys that are trying to hurt yes guys that have no control over reality control like they're they're just helping me understand here's why you have to keep your hand up. Is a problem with celebrities trying to spar like if you try to act like you know that's why I make you work started getting all that facial surgery are you serious a sponge and Tony is not a smart move

► 00:55:10

have you ever seen James Toney talk shit wildest bars and some of the most entertaining thing you'll ever find on YouTube he's just he just won't shut the fuck up in your ass is talking shit how old is a chick that's her he's one of the best defensive fighters ever so he's really difficult to hit he's got that shall go on standing right in front of you you can't have them out of God's got a Mikey I'm a sparring with Mikey Mikey hit me with three punches I thought I thought Mikey literally had like six arms this is true story I didn't know what just happened but I thought I had my hands up and no matter where I put them and just tap me he lets me feel it but not to where I am I getting knocked out but I understand now movement I understand. I understand shoulder protection understand

► 00:56:10

no I just want to say that I did it and I learn and I can move and I look the part cuz I put time into it and then you start to look at a guy like a Terence Crawford or lomachenko I appreciate what you're doing cuz before you can fires back with the right and precision the respect that I have people that do that on a day-to-day is from the roof people that fight are in the most amazing shape and universe in the most amazing shape ever to move get hit for 3 to 5 minutes around come back do it come back to it and he's 5 go on and on and on I take my hat off to you through rounds out of me I'm breathing I'm a butt

► 00:57:10

I don't know where the air is coming from I'm searching for it's a crazy way to make a living to make a lot of guy that I mean your brain like think I don't I didn't have to go down that route and you know it to those to do just make sure you just put you your body first like you said it's not it's hurtful when you see the damage that can cause we were talking about that earlier like seeing guys as they start to deteriorate and it's hard because nobody wants to tell him that either of you want to tell him they got one more good fight them and let's maybe at the end of the year then we'll decide the right now we're going to train hard and stuff it's hard to cuz there's no options once you've established yourself as a professional fighter and you don't have an exit strategy you don't know what to do you know now at least thankfully because of the internet guys are getting podcast and they started doing commentary shows that talk about fighting against the positive positive

► 00:58:10

is much will they dinner is very positive for me I mean this is the show with you on the internet mean I'll not just podcast but YouTube videos and also information I no more because the internet ever would have thought about it there's not a doubt in my mind that I am more educated more aware person I want to see internet like you said you would you're able to self educate at a very high level these are the good days I'll look at that is so easy you're not you're positive though you're like crazy ambitious that's the thing that gets me about you and the rock up the Ambitions off the charts like I know you're rich as fuk like when when do you think you got enough you don't have enough there's no don't know enough I don't have enough because it's not over it's all over so you know when you put a cap on it yet you're putting a punctuation to it

► 00:59:10

and the the the ambition comes from seeing what's out there that can be obtained you know when you see what's out there like what Kylie mean physical things like waiting to see what's out there when you see where people are really gaining wealth and knowledge from okay the business relationship that you're able to acquire the people that you're able to partner with and create certain things different revenue streams what I found is as a young black guy in North Philadelphia the biggest problem with

► 00:59:56

the biggest problem within our community is knowledge we don't know debt debt is welcomed because it's celebrated that's all we know and I'm getting my credit karma fuck that credit card up and it is what it is I got figure that out I got it after that yeah well you know what I'm getting student loans they gave it to me and then after that it will your name you put it in my name is a switch it up with whatever they do it unless it's put in somebody else name its welcome the hustle is welcomed the knowledge of Banks and what you can do it can't do is it's fucking you don't even get it cuz go to check cashing places real I go check cashing place cuz I want to go to that she would let me come on now take 30 of them get it

► 01:00:45

the knowledge isn't given so it's not too you obtained that knowledge and understanding that you go oh shit oh this is why you put money up oh this is this is how you increase versus decrease all this how you earn on your money how I can gain wealth by investing in what the stock world is what how many people partake in a stock world and is there a part that isn't a silly gambling is there a low-risk Park beat the snot the information is in there so that's why I got to a certain level and people where I got it and I got it I want to give it so now I'm going to give it I'm going to give it to the people that don't need it most and for me that younger generation of black people

► 01:01:34

that don't understand the cool thing is in financial longevity not in the now it's not in the moment jewelry not in the moment for the car it's in the longevity is in buildings with the end of the day you can say look at what I have look what I work for a look at what I have it's mine Monopoly is real but you have to have the financial understanding and I teamed up I got Chase on it with some call Financial Fitness was just about me educating people on money how to manage money how to how to be smart with your money but it's coming from a person that fuck that money I didn't always understand it I old and taxes before because I didn't understand in the beginning I've had bad credit credit cards wouldn't take me because I'm maxed out whatever I've been there I've done it thank God I was able to fix it and get on the right path and I don't have the knowledge I want to give it could simply don't know

► 01:02:31

So when you say the endgame the end game is getting to a point while taking all the knowledge that I've been able to get over these years and really applying it and providing family was all said and done the last name heart is what I mean just more a lot more than just Kevin Hart comedy hartbeat Productions Get heartbeat heartbeat Ventures your heart be real estate there's so many things that the last name heart will be attached to you sell real estate Kevin Hart in Salem State I buy real estate I buy but the reason why is because investment but as you get older you learn this you learn it and and you know it's such a thing where you talk about black versus white you know a lot of people do that and and rightfully so like they're there is racism racism exist I'm not unaware of that but there is a high volume of it that's

► 01:03:31

that's non-existent to do that are good people and when you can merge yourself with good people and follow the paths that you see that these good successful people have taken you didn't become a part of the world and group that nobody expected you to be in sofa me I now have the position to do that and take all of these relationships and all this knowledge and take it back to the people who need the most I can share I want to go by myself now are you doing this the financial stuff you doing this and videos you like releasing ideas Network right now we're going to start going to start Financial Fitness JP Morgan Chase Jamie dimon very good guy tashonda is well they're their help bleeding charge of the saying how can we get to the people that we feel need the financial information, so I said put me out there like let's let's go directly to the consumer so from colleges from high school's senior class

► 01:04:31

Virginia classes going out and talking to people before they go on to the next stage of their life about the things that you should know for sure you to speak to them to let you know I just share personal information are you going to put this up on mine as well yeah you'll be able to track and find content from it but I'm all Finnick so I said the best way to really do it is it put me in a position to be her I want to be like it's a different story but I explained to the people of JPMorgan Chase just when we were talking about this in as an amazing Board of people that that are just figuring this out in the best way to go into it and I said you can't have the white guy that's never been to the hood not from the has no idea how the economy works here in with the real troubles are you can't throw that man in the situation to talk to people because I'm not listening to you from the gate because you don't relate I don't relate to you but don't somebody in a situation that's

► 01:05:31

that's been in it that's been fucked up in it made it out of it and is now coming back to help it's a different ball game and that's what I want to be and you know we have other voices outside of myself very powerful voices that are going to do it as well but the purpose is to align ourselves to really make a change so you can see the conversation about making change you can be actual part of the action to do it I want to be part of the action and enjoying it you'll also be able to understand my drive you'll get why I do so much you'll get why my hand is in so much because I have access to it in the question should be why not why don't you

► 01:06:16

why aren't you trying to do everything but that's the thing about a girl like you. If it becomes contagious like what you were saying about surrounding yourself with positive people and people that are constantly ambitious and that that this fuel to that you feel good about that that's what you doing I can I get to say seeing you here right we walked around you show me a facility loved it beautiful facility you talk to me about how your podcast is grown to where you are now the success behind it I don't leave here and go your ass don't push it I go hey I just do more work on my radio station laugh out loud radio on it it's mine I got a showing it but you know what your fucking motivated me

► 01:07:01

to do more I want to make sure that we understand really was out here within His Radio world because I just saw my guy and his space and I saw how happy he is with successive he has I don't want to be you or beat you I want to take this energy and apply it to myself that's the purpose of scene that's the purpose of being smart with your eyeball you should be a sponge, sponge so I come here and I look at how you maneuver I look at your setup I not only bow down to congratulate you I'll even say your mom is fired that's dope as hell. Can't wait until years you want to call me you can see my shit you remember I said I was inspired but going to see what I let it grow into

► 01:07:44

that's the proper way to get encouraged and motivated as opposed to being a hater hater in a competitive exact same feelings competition at all if you don't have people like that are inspiring around you you might not know how positive it is and how it how powerful it is if you see someone that's on television or on social media and you see them it's hard to be inspired you don't know them but your I can say

► 01:08:18

look at your circle and in your circle if the conversation is all about what we hate

► 01:08:28

I can't stand that song I see the new phone card came out cash it is a stye Can't Stand By Your Man

► 01:08:36

I can't stand the city why the fuk we even in the city we eating I hate that place

► 01:08:42

so easy if you don't even listen to it it's so easy you need a smaller ship in the world the smallest ship but it was always hate can't stay me fuk headphones while we got these headphones car with a white abazi I can't stand this horrible thing I hate horrible could you get a breakfast table fucking hate this shit fucking cheers drink out of chairs I hate these chicks need to talk about and so many people don't realize that in a group get there what you ping pong hate off on them unless it's funny how do you hate funny hate is just between ourselves it was one of the best of the best funny haters okay you okay you you bring up a good point communicate communicate probably the best for us to do

► 01:09:43

I don't know what I would talk and if I was saying something you just hear

► 01:09:50

what what what what what do you talk about just the way you talk to me everything about your voice makes me want to punch you in the face kind of made you feel good to like if you are, it's especially if your comic like I called Opie and Anthony once was talking them and Anthony Anthony always has a gun on them Carries a Gun everywhere like he has a concealed carry permit and shit and I said to my said Do you ever worry that maybe you're putting out this energy and you're manifesting something like some sort of an attack on you because you're constantly dwelling you always have this gut

► 01:10:41

don't believe in magic show Believe In Conjuring up the warehouse

► 01:10:53

but he would go after it's like you just want to step back and watch I'm so fucking mad beautiful thing about Bill Burr but we be snapping bill bill is got to go

► 01:11:14

nervous funny don't want to build like where the punchline Comedy Cellar the days that we had their man Bill Burr Patrice O'Neal Keith Robinson Jim Norton Colin Quinn myself when I say we would sit at this table who said the table for four to five hours and it'll be nothing but beautiful trashin to one another when I say they used to give me so much shit that's probably why so hard to bother me now the trash cans that I took from the age 22 24 am I young committed career about how awful I was I had a joke I had a joke waiting to be getting to my career because of the times of me preface this this was way in the beginning of my career this is a joke that I had about about little people

► 01:12:14

midget at the time so bad cuz I got robbed by cross-eyed Mitch and the joke was I didn't know he was robbing me because I was with somebody else so he was looking at my friend but he was robbing me and phone book comes flying on the stage for trees through a fucking phone book at me I'm talking in the way of the Boston comedy club in a crowded place and you hit the floor is better material in it than what you're saying

► 01:13:08

Krauszer's laughing they used to trash me so bad so bad man the alleged Everett recent news story a couple trees jerking off at my house before this is a move to LA I'm saying the two bedroom apartment I just got there but you was coming out I said y'all you need place I got two bedrooms you come that's my ex-wife of the time you know I come home like afternoon for trees and I know you home

► 01:13:42

but Trace

► 01:13:44

put rice I go in the back open up the door I said his big ass computer

► 01:13:53

all I see is back hunched over.

► 01:14:10

He's so sick he's so sick that he didn't stop but he didn't even break stride him turn around and do nothing

► 01:14:37

fucking Patrice man I love him to death love him to death yeah he had the most don't give a fuck of any comic ever met us the most 100% good to it and there's also some bad to you know a lot of things that didn't have been for the trees probably could have happened but I think these the level of not give a fuck yeah prevent some of those things he was almost too authentic yes like his like Gypsy that what was Charlie Sheen's roast who's roast was it that he did what he just torturing everybody else and then it he got up there and actually change the front door oh my God for trees has so many of those things so many things one of one of the best to do it if you if you are listening and I are educated on Patrice O'Neal just

► 01:15:37

can you just watch Alvin room one of his bachelor's in some of that some of the funniest should have a man and so insightful he was so why very very smart people thought you would say shit like one of the things that he said that I tell people all the time until it's a brilliant thing they said it was controversy it was but he was on television with some woman who was saying that you should never tell jokes about certain things and I want their work they were getting mad at someone and think was Opie and Anthony about a joke and he said you got understand that all jokes come from the same place the ones you like and the ones you don't like the ones that make you laugh and want to make you mad they all come from the same place someone just trying to be funny but sometimes it just don't work I had a talk I had a talk with the the I Got a Name

► 01:16:28

forgot I forgot her name but it was when I was doing all the promo for outside and I kept trying to break down you know where where where the jokes come from you know Kevin these insensitive jokes that you told back in why what would makes you why would you even say those things and the hardest thing for me to explain off-site do you think people think of jokes and while thinking of them think that they're not going to be funny if everything that you think of in a joke form you think of you because you think you're going to get a laugh behind it the gamble is if I get the lab vs not get to laugh don't get to laugh joke was not funny if I get a laughing I guess I'm honest there isn't a bunch of thought that goes into the funny moments that we think may be great bits I wish that I had a more logical answer to put behind it I said I don't especially that's

► 01:17:28

I just thought it would be funny the same way that some people think they're just shut it off I thought comedians are currently throwing it out there out there have to shut you roll ain't good it's not going to be good the other half may be alright maybe kind of good but it's all with the intent of entertaining is not with the intent of being malicious is that with the intent of Sparky hatred is all trying to make you laugh. Simple from a thought with the comedian's mind nothing nothing else and they kept trying to look for this like a hard definition of why I don't have it

► 01:18:18

I don't have the reason why I thought it would be funny and it wasn't

► 01:18:25

that's the downfall that's it in the thing is about this art form is it up until 10 15 years ago there was never any discussion like this it wasn't certain so when we developed and we were coming up there was no it was just like and it was always that would push the envelope and it didn't matter what it was a joke about murder or rape or what are the some people just they choose those dark subjects like they're trying to make us laugh is always going to be in bet you are some of the stuff that I heard music. Susan Smith that lady who drowned her kids I know I know you're talkin about and I know the moment but I'm not familiar with

► 01:19:25

all that involve Holtzman was on stage that week and he's like just like what like 911 or 9/11 happened it wouldn't let him on stage while Mitzi Shore would not let him on stage 4 months after 9/11 like Norway keep them off the stage I can't I mean do you have do you have to do and just start that they'd go for that they go for custody want to hear you Howling Man you know Comics are there in the back of the room they're going to laugh they're fucking ass off at that shit you know right now within the times

► 01:20:11

I'm on the comedian that uses to be sensitive to the times you know I made the choice to say

► 01:20:20

I understand I get why you shouldn't say certain things of why you should avoid this that for this understand and I am the comedians that go you know what

► 01:20:35

I'm on stage I'm going to be me and I'm not going to do that because people are telling me that this is what I I'm going to go harder and do that that's not just exist exist but I think it's easier to just say I'm not a fan that, he isn't for me you know what I don't I don't like the taste of this particular so I'm not going to support a watch that can maybe I'm going to find another comedian there's more to my liking I'm going to go and just turn my head like I want us to get back to just understand that you just don't have the support it today. There's never been more never been more, but how many people do Netflix specials today so many never been more sure there's a push to destroy what you just don't have to support

► 01:21:35

I think it's just a bunch of people that have an ability to influence things now that didn't have an ability before and it's like they see a window and they want to throw a rock it's right there makes nothing to something that but I don't think I can meet for me in particular I really like fucked up comedy and it's one of my fits like I like Quentin Tarantino movies are people get shot and killed. I don't want anybody get shot and killed in real life but I like fucked up, he is a Savage dude he goes so hard but I saw this video I was tears are rolled down my eyes I was crying and I was like okay this guy is needed we need this right now because during his political correct push the big giant gay dude doesn't give a fuck is an animal

► 01:22:31

father died I had a baby with f and Rec on your way it will be raised in captivity it'll be raised privately to be a friend is politician that is half my name is Meghan McCain and I'm on a new show you have to see this to fart because he's a gentleman fuck you Trump I'm going to wear my father's skin mask and I'm going to primary Trump from the right come on if you bitch if you're that tough come on The View

► 01:23:25

wait a minute wait a minute addressed and he's such a fucking animal

► 01:23:49

are you sure you just want to say oh my goodness they need that guy we need him is out there like that is very easy to just to just say you know what that's enough me if you're fine with it is like everybody's busy busy is a viral video of this is old guy trying to hoverboard he's like he's got to be like 69 and 70 and you know his grandkids there and he's like looking up a try and let me let me try it and this man gets on this hoverboard and taste it if you saw my

► 01:24:49

Tyson fall on a hoverboard his fall was worse than Mike Tyson I've never seen somebody hit their head harder and my life and I didn't laugh out of wanting to see his old man hurt herself I laughed because it was stupid to try to get on his hoverboard in the first place and when he got up about the kids why the movie

► 01:25:21

play this video so everybody because that ship made me laugh some people will watch his own oh no some people watching another word just. But laughing because everybody has different don't give a shit who you are you falling for me know if you know shut down that something has got to come out falling is funny I still think I should have noticed that this information

► 01:26:21

the ability to just be fucking silly and stupid doesn't always have to have a meaning behind it so should I just stupid that you're old farts on cue she thinks it's hilarious listen I got to talk to you about some

► 01:26:46

as a kid that's all you got that's all you got to maybe we'll let you should enjoy it falling is number one my wife fell down the steps she got so mad cuz I didn't rush to help her out and laugh about a good set of wine glass wine was all over the walls got one of the worst Falls I've ever seen in my damn life got up and she was on one step the other she was all followers like I like it that much I just deal with too many injuries have seen too many people get hurt after Levemir I'm right there with you think you're going to laugh with you

► 01:27:46

client like all I can think of is that guy's head it's got to be Smithereens who slipped and fell down a bunch of steps of the museum in falls in the water you can't you can't beat that. Leave me alone since he keeps, he's like don't do it don't do it and you got to not see that coming from a guy that size it's sad yes that's get your own caved in like I stomped but to not see it once again

► 01:28:46

yeah if you really get some power behind that kick and also if you lost the weight of these incredible X that's all that's all. Just wait what did you see someone from behind there like 500 pounds is that fat around the bone grown really wide to your body does your bones do get denser if you do like heavyweight like this like powerlifter dudes are dense thanks to your body thickens up because you as you go but you know when when you know people that are larger make the the dedication to actually losing the weight and they stay away from like the weights and stuff and just do cardio shut off so fast like a hundred thirty hundred 40 lb and like falling in love with Fitness to the point where

► 01:29:46

it's unbelievable I called everybody is transformed and taking a liking to the new the new premier only possible I've had I don't know how many people come up to me and said they've lost a hundred pounds plus because of listening to my show and having fitness experts on in diet experts and just talking about staying the fuck away from sugar say Don't eat late at night that stunts meeting stop eating at a certain time and give yourself more than enough time to start exercising with me I think that the thing with me that helps me so much as I'm not a fruity I'm not a foodie man I'm just not military guy to go eat with I'm just making a turn that's it I'm literally just let me get that chicken some brown rice that's fine I'm good you don't worry about eating healthy clean my healthy eater because I'm not a

► 01:30:46

so it's not like it doesn't doesn't matter like I don't have the will or want to eat the badshit so if you're passing by In and Out Burger nothing. You can you show me a process Popeyes Popeyes Popeye's chicken batter the same thing and I was Popeyes the only one who figured out that red beans and rice is a great thing to have on the side like it's the best thing ever McDonald's oh good so good that when I was younger about 22 I was on a bike I got hit by a car right not too hard to where I was damaged but I have Popeye's in my

► 01:31:46

like the bag I was riding on my bike and holding it one hand. Hit never let go of the bag that's how good Popeyes is why I'm there Popeyes held on to it nothing was damaged still to go home finish that meal 100% my cheek is Papa's all day telling that I'm going to eat now if you got so do you take vitamins or supplements or anything I used to take multivitamins which inspired me to start doing my own like right now we have Eyes chords to start my own supplement line by the house so his on the multivitamin that we got to put it out but I'mma tell you why I'm even getting into this space so when I look at physical fitness and I look at this world I noticed that you know you have a you have a degree

► 01:32:46

great want and need to look like everything around you that you see like everybody likes everybody that's a part of this where they look so fucking great and fit went to talkin about these products and they and they can do and I said you know what I'm able to do and what I've done in my past I'm always bringing people together of all I can hope I guess nobody's alienated you know when I did my runs with Nike and before I got signed by Nike it was about bringing a bunch of people that never ran before and get you guys to get up just come run with me just try it and you notice I got people out there never thought they were fucking do it and we doing five miles we doing 10 miles whatever just a group run something to say we did I said how can I create a product

► 01:33:35

where I'm putting people in a position to understand there's a hustle in all of us that's what my multivitamin is about it's the energy is the recharge it's the ability of focus is to approach your day with all the tools that you basically need is not just about the physical fitness aspect it's about to help so if I can actually motivate people to take the step in the right direction of Health with a line of supplement that are driven for the everyday individual that may not know or be aware but wants to engage to look like all these different people you end up to be the best version you so how can I do that

► 01:34:17

team Double Dragon people to create the best possible products that I want to do and I said I want to be patient so it took me four years for years of Creep by the house and how many different products you right now just like us by the house was my only one right now so it's just a vitamin multivitamin in Southwest off now it said that's in it cuz I don't want to not say anything and have it to where it's wrong so I was hit by a 10 beta carotene vitamin A

► 01:35:16

it's more than a multivitamin

► 01:35:19

what is that stuff Toco Toco Tren all look it up. The good thing to is that everything that's in it you know it's

► 01:35:40

not only is a researchable but you'll see why I like my biggest thing like as a guy that's not as familiar with the space I said who are the people that are they do it at a high level that I can incorporate into helping me build this private so I feel like you're never going to do it by yourself you shouldn't try to do by yourself and you don't cut Corners you don't go to cheap route you don't you don't do it the wrong so they have to go back to it again so I went and I looked at the people that were involved creating the quote-unquote best Market the best things on the market and I put that team together put of a team like for to buy multi for years with a lot of money develop in the shit cuz I wasn't right in the beginning had to go back and do it again wasn't right had to go back to find out the other things that made us things better of things great had to go right go get it again go try it go do it again not right what else is out there when we compared to until I felt that now when I launch there's going to be a place my product in the market when people understand that is

► 01:36:40

exactly what I said it was there's no lying there is no you know false presentation behind a product Kevin Hart's multivitamins much more than multivitamin but more importantly it's something to everybody and more importantly it's a spark the hustle within all of us and it's the first it will be more but it'll be after I mastered and I'm done this at the highest level that I'm with the product number to Elmwood park on the street before you know it going to see a fucking whole line that Kevin Hart has slowly developed and that people can actually believe in because imma be a product of my own

► 01:37:15

that's the best thing in the world in your pocket of your product has to work for me before I say is going to work everybody else so you take the stuff I've been taking the the one that's launching now for about five to six months since I've been taking this one I'm very happy because I actually feel the difference and the difference is just in the energy that you have within their lot of energy fucking pill but I do feel a difference in my

► 01:37:46

in my ability to last throughout my day like I'm I do a lot man I do a fucking lot so I told you I'm starting at that 5:00 5:30 and I'm not shutting down till at 9:10 so video once for you for taking a video of your your trainer passed out tractor sleeper by the way shout out to the boss Ronald ever like one of the worst sleepers you ever see so you take him with you everywhere everywhere everyday everyday Sunday is a light days like cardio maintenance will be call it not doing the same thing all the time we switch it up love switching about love finding new things with Fitness to make it fun you never want to get bored with in it so your your whole purpose is just to keep your Vitality up keep your energy up just to keep it it's if I don't do it

► 01:38:44


► 01:38:46

there's a lack I need to train I need to do it because I am mentally so invested in and now that when I don't do it I feel like I've cheated myself in a in a day or a week that I'm taking off I feel like your man I'm not myself because when I am doing it I feel like I'm always I'm committed admitted to constantly building in reshaping and moulding I'm working on me so when I'm not working on me I don't feel like my day

► 01:39:23

that's supposed to be about me is starting off with the biggest bang this is my advantage to starting off like nobody else my day starts off before fucking worms in birds get up what time you get up five 5 and that's when you start working out gym 515 520 no food before workout yeah I'm not I'm not eating before workout never have been know what I am now because I'm getting older I'm more kinds of my body so I'm big with sports massages I'm big with you know making sure that I'm not putting myself in a position to get injured in overworked right so getting stretched you know trying to to do as much movement that as I possibly can like when I say a little walking muscle I really am so my flexibility is limited so right now that's my biggest Focus so I'm about to start

► 01:40:23

trying to do that things I can just kind of keep me in position to to not tight enough so I don't pull anything cuz I just so much it's going to be hot yoga that's the only thing that's kept me out of it and then I was like you just got to make sure that the people take care of themselves around smelly people worry about farting but the people that eat breakfast and everything you've talked to me about farting yoga class and now that really you going I'd like to go either 6 a.m. which is rare most of time 8/8 8:30 depends on which place I go to to but you love it.

► 01:41:23

scrape your head to it's 90 minutes of suffering you know it's hot as fuck you want 5 degrees 104 degrees when you get out of there you feel like you did something and it just changes the way your body feels to in terms of your range of motion your flexibility all those weird connecting knots and everything just get opened up and I will be extremely tough in the beginning because you just bring a lot of ice water spring a big ol fucking 64-ounce one of those of you know thermal flask of ice water make sure you have enough water and drink enough water before at once and put me in the back to start and I don't need to be with people to see me just where did he got like a section in the back as I'm sad can I be in a place where they don't see me in the beginning like I don't want anybody to see your athletic man you going to be fine going to be tight it's going to be difficult for you to pull out certain poses but you'll be fine

► 01:42:23

I'm going to try to challenge early 100% going to try your fuk with you just to now that's next that's next that's just it just want to hear was laughing because I said your man don't laugh and potatoes I've never thrown a Kik. So whatever you show me right now this is my first time doing it I don't I don't kick I don't know how to kick right so whatever you show me this is this will be me processing it for the first time and that day we did it we worked on a couple good kicks after I'm done boxing I said this will be my next task to learn how to properly throw some kicks and to move with my bottom half now that I worked on my top that's my next hobby that's what you Jitsu Jitsu is like

► 01:43:23

if you don't find shit to do you lose your mind you would get addicted to that and a journey of shit is also there's so many different variations of each different individual move and entries into new moves and defense and then the structure of it as it gets so crazy it's so it's super complicated send my son does a my son is heavy into boxing and karate I got him into those so he he does them both so the reason why I went do I just like to keep up with him so we can you know do things together I've trained is come to the house and we'll work out together he loves it so I just don't want to get left behind to I kissed you build 1718 what you say that I don't want I just want to be

► 01:44:23

what's good for a kid to have them in your head weighs gotta defend yourself if you need that name puts a Target on your back that you didn't ask for and we don't go and create problems but you should always be prepared for problems if they were to occur and if they do I just want you got to know how to defend yourself so the things that I have my kids doing is just have the knowledge and understanding the worst thing is just not knowing you know they're going up completely different than where I grew up you had no choice but to know you ain't gon fight that's your ass cuz you won't get tested there's no way around it you going to get tried you're going to get robbed you going to get your book bag taken to Michael try to take snakes like it's the reality is not a false reality that's a real so if you're not prepared for it if you don't have any type of heart

► 01:45:20

you won't last from where I grew up heart was everything and heart was sometimes saying I don't care if I get my ass whooped I'm not going to be a bitch I'm not going to I'm not going to allow y'all to think that this can happen so I'm going to lose today but tomorrow I'm a come and I'm a find you on whatever that moment was it was about establishing any level of respect that you could and I respect eventually turned into friendship from all so my kids don't know what that was like they're going to have it so as a parent I just have to make sure that you have all the tools I can possibly could be with my prison have the ability to provide me with that they were in the financial space to to take me here and had this extracurricular activity this extra activity and learn this and learn that didn't exist. Is the big conundrum of successful people cannot sit with successful people have kids then what made them successful is dry I grew up

► 01:46:20

42 we are on welfare and food stamps and stuck in my head this. Like we might not have enough food like I remember thinking that when I was little if we don't have any food what if we run out of food my kids will never feel that they don't understand what that is and everybody that I've ever met that's interesting came from some crazy struggle you and I and most people that are doing well in life you're raising your kids in a completely different way then literally what brought you to the dance in the first two hunger of not being one of those people that's left behind is what makes you successful in the first place and it's scary scared because get on my wife my wife told me she was like you know I love that you're not hard on your kids but you always make sure there's a lesson within your conversation I don't yell at my kids nothing's going to register when I'm yelling so I'll try my best to talk to you when I'm at my age

► 01:47:20

Chris talk to you so you can process this because you need to understand what's the problem you can't understand what's wrong and what I had to really realizes they didn't ask to be born in if you don't mean like that it's not their fault that they're coming up completely different than how we were raised Brian and we can't have anger or frustration as dedicated and thrown towards them because they got it so much better than what we had how do we make sure we pass down the proper lessons so that they appreciate and understand and not take for granted what they have for me is tough because you kissed because students they apply themselves to school they listen they don't do dumb shit they want to play video games and stay up like any other kids his no signs of a bad or or crazy and the fear and panic is

► 01:48:20

you got to know the bed and crazy exist this very town and we're in isn't real and it's some point when I'm not around your mother's not around when your friends are other family on around you may get tested with the other side that's out here that you never seen so I got to prepare you for the shit that you don't know exist I got to take you to Philadelphia so you can see I tried to show my kids where I grew up thinking it's going to be like a oh my goodness backfire it's so cool can we live here shut up

► 01:49:08

so cool that is so different oh my goodness walking around the neighborhood and it's like it's it's it's not a reality you don't have grass

► 01:49:19

understand it's great what you play when you hear when you hear these things

► 01:49:27

it's so different man these were your steps the steps of broken when did you even play oh my god dad so wait where where was yours we live in not the whole thing know it's this is three separate units so the top floor was me and grandmom the middle that was somebody else that was a neighbor and downstairs somebody else three different people lived in is one thing together y'all are strangers

► 01:49:57

what height should I don't know that that's the reality that you get hit with of I got to make sure I'm talkin I got to make sure that I'm constantly teaching if I'm not that I'm not doing my part I'm failing you know took them to the neighborhood and show them how stores are in the neighborhood is what we got candy from here's his we would get little sandwiches from y'all what we don't have no stores like this we can't walk the stuff it's a completely completely different those people that your dad still knows they've been there forever

► 01:50:48

that's what you don't want to do for their force would be decisions just because of what they have to do you just need to see this dad to take you here to see this drove them all around all around North Philadelphia all around South Philadelphia make sure they can see it physically see we go out the country we go to these resort to violence before we go there one drive around so you can see what exists before you get to this this is why we have to be good people this is why we treat everybody with respect this is why your dad likes to give everybody doesn't have I'm constantly beating my kids that information everybody does you come off like such an asshole when you're around people that don't like how did you don't

► 01:51:39

so the advantage of growing up the way they are now it's such a rare thing and they still don't understand that there's not a very small percentage and that's something I never want to let go of either so I was in the back of my head so are you talkin about how you know are we going to have enough food when you were coming up Chris Rock joke is so great that he should tell the high keeps a bag packed at the front door cuz he don't believe that this shit is his

► 01:52:09

I truly would have bet you today at any point somebody going to go get you is so real because even though you have it you can't lose sight of reality of war against what do you are you comfortable where you are now or do you still have those thoughts like this is this real

► 01:52:35

cuz you're you're at the Stratosphere of Fame and success that's it is rare amongst the rare you know it's like David Goggins said you are uncommon amongst uncommon men I will be 100% honest and say

► 01:52:52

I'm comfortable

► 01:52:55

with the understanding of

► 01:52:58

hard work brings great rewards this is a reminder

► 01:53:04

the hard work and dedication that I put into everything that I've done

► 01:53:08

I'm not content

► 01:53:11

because I know where I came from and I don't ever want to go back

► 01:53:17

that doesn't mean I don't want to go back to the city that doesn't mean I'm going to go back to the people that means I don't want to go back to living like I once was going to go back and I want to help I want Inspire go to motivate I want to show people that there is a way out there is a way to do more to get more to obtain more

► 01:53:36

I personally don't want to lose all that I've been able to get

► 01:53:41

I need to make sure I do everything to keep it

► 01:53:45

I can't be content there is an understanding

► 01:53:52

but I refuse to click on the switch of high even if you were even if you have more money than you'll ever spend for the rest of your life that's not what it's about it's about the inspiring people in the influence and constantly giving back and moving forward in a positive way the only way to do that is to stay act it's the story then you know where where are all writing a book

► 01:54:20

what's your book look like what is your fucking book look like I get your life is a book you a bunch of chapters in your book but when they close that book

► 01:54:32

how good was the book

► 01:54:35

how good was your butt was the ending to your book if the ending to my book

► 01:54:42

can be so amazing because of all that was done

► 01:54:47

the money all that was accomplish the first to do the man that did this he calls the merger between this because of his commitment of growth to this the communities within given this made education this change the way to schooling was probably gave books game computers gave the all the things that can be associated with you and your existence

► 01:55:11

become a part of the chapters in your book so my drive is about my book

► 01:55:18

call the New York Times number one bestseller

► 01:55:21

it will be done it did it another book

► 01:55:25

you're in the book right now what's it happened what happens if you are to Tom what happens if you get 3 Hitman how do books become successful who publishes I want to start a Publishing Company heartbeat why not that's all I'm doing is sparking the weariness and others to go why not why can't I create why can't I start why can't I be a business why can't I be a CEO why can't I be a tech Guru cooking products motion since there's so much that some people just don't understand they can do

► 01:56:09

let me be a spot to show how much how many different you don't have to do this one thing was all said and done my book is going to be full of all the shit that Kevin Hart cuz I never was content with doing just one two or three why not

► 01:56:26

Kevin why are you creating fucking health and wellness product why not

► 01:56:32

a big one Health and Wellness why can't I see why can I try to create something that I feel as fucking great and jump into a space that I'm already in already give a hundred percent me in the space why not

► 01:56:47

why can't I talk about financial wealth why can I go back and educate those that don't know why not you don't got time I make my usual someone dedicate that much energy and time to to giving back and getting involved with the kind of projects you're talking about as well as be super ambitious with your own career makes me happy now I can tell I'm genuinely happy Discovery makes me happy I can you find different things to be excited about it makes me happy and it's weird when it clicks and school days to tell you all the time information is key read these books is so much knowledge that book I read that book I want to go home I dare Sonic the Hedgehog got that want to play I'm at level 3 I ain't got time to read this book

► 01:57:41

information and stuff that was forced down your throat at a certain age you just you just may not be receiving it correctly but then it clicks

► 01:57:51

do you make Gain information differently and what you do with that information is up to you but people people have different roles they can go down

► 01:58:01

the education wasn't my pic of choice it it didn't do it for me but the knowledge in the common sense that I have naturally allow me to gain information apply it differently it allow me to grow smart and so many different Avenues

► 01:58:20

to where I said oh my God I found my Niche I found my talent and now there's other things that my talent can take me to I don't have the all the knowledge and awareness I can allow myself to teach me cuz now guess what learning is cool

► 01:58:36

you know what happens when you don't have to do it anymore right it's it's when you're a kid they force you don't want to be wiser it's 100% And it's weird how it happens but when you go oh my God

► 01:58:57

learning and knowledge is power when I was 10 years old I heard that shit all the time now I finally get damn I'm about to be 40 me all the time I get the goddamn cold but I got it it hit you in a different time and when it does be excited I'm excited about with 50 is I'm just now getting 240 do you read books I don't read a lot of books do you listen to books on tape I have listen to books I like

► 01:59:42

I like his approach to giving information I like his attitude in general I like podcast I like things that are real and that are presented in front of me I like information that I can go to the store sand and touch and talk to Amaya and I'm reading a book the book that was recommended by Sachin Sachin person gave it to me and as reading that book I learn more about the individual that I thought I already knew and now I gain more Michelle Obama's book

► 02:00:18

great matter

► 02:00:22

talk to her I've been in the same rooms I seen her success what if I'm going to be about wow

► 02:00:33

I get I get wise moving all the units that is moving I get why women are reading this book and walking away feeling better feel like they can't get it oh wow

► 02:00:46

certain friends Dwyane Wade wrote a book focus on being a father his road to becoming a better father what he went through with his kids mother how you develop a relationship than a bond with his sons like nobody else didn't know that day that's dope I love how you put it on page the certain things that you just want to know certain books help I understand why people read books I get what the information does you know the book that I'm working on now is all about the mental approach that you have with life and people not understanding that your biggest enemy is you

► 02:01:33

my whole book is about you battling yourself to understand as you against you the only person that gets in your way is you

► 02:01:42

nobody else did you know what you write a book like this and especially about something like this is like the way you've managed navigate through life do you do write it out in essays. Do you have like bullet points that you think about and then once you have those bullet points you have then you ride on those couches how do you do it on your phone it's all voice notes and transcripts okay so because of your time you don't have you don't have the the time to sit and actually right so you need somebody that you can talk to hours hours

► 02:02:25

hours on an egg a I need an hour like an hour for me to talk to you about Jeff what was that alright book title ideas within my introductions he's all-powerful paragraphs of things that I was just said that and now transcript I have to go back and read it here

► 02:02:49

there's no conversation law every one of them no conversation. That's what the internet is allow people to do is allow people to skip steps 1 through 30 as allow people to jump straight to 100 you should be dead God whatever the hate of the anger is listen listen Okay when I listen and I can change I'm not that guy we're doing these weird things now that people aren't taking the time to sit and think through what I have understood is that what people are doing has nothing to do with me I should always be a step ahead because I'm thinking differently because I'm thinking about myself making myself better put me in a position to make others better be the example not the problem the best way to take away the problem is to alienate yourself from it

► 02:03:46

he's off visiting spots I can go through this is so you just have these philosophies just speak it and so now this is all transcript without mrs. incredible does all fucking transcript this is all so I just go back. The day and have read it and I say this is great this makes sense this didn't let me reword this I make sure that it's all flowing together at the end of the day what's my reason for the book my reason for the book is to make you feel better

► 02:04:19

mariza the bugs make you understand yeah we all agree we all should think that we're great there's no reason for you to not think that you're great if you don't think you're great ask yourself why why don't you think the highest of yourself when you do people have no no choice but to follow suit got no choice but to follow suit a lot of people there base it on their past they base it on the life that they've experienced up until this moment makes you better it does make you better you better make me smarter interesting about it that's what's interesting about life you can hear guy like you say that and it changes your perspective and then you'll go out and take action that you might not have taken before I didn't even take my confessions and put your name on the papers true story I guessed a b a c a d all the way down

► 02:05:17

true story swear to God hand on my mother's grave ABAC Ada all the way down I don't care because of the class trip that saved a I wanted to go Great Adventure

► 02:05:30

I was told that not taking my SAT seriously before hitting me from furthering myself in life I was told

► 02:05:39

at the moment I said damn maybe I should have maybe I should apply myself maybe I should have the different mice all my friends get their test scores back and it was static 800 965 biggest idiot in the fucking world the biggest city in the fucking world because the same people that want to rush to go to Great Adventure with that taking the SAT the week before they already got their work done everything it was supposed to do to that moment of fun was real fun for them I was only dumbass that didn't prioritize and take care of my shit so I'm the only one going to Community College everybody's off the Villanova Temple University Drexel University God damn

► 02:06:21

I just got left behind why didn't y'all tell me that y'all didn't the week before tell me that we was serious about the college so you ain't tell me I was trying to go to Temple or Drexel oh wait

► 02:06:36

it's because my life isn't there like that they're focused on themselves

► 02:06:42

wow that they're doing what they're supposed to do a jackass

► 02:06:47

I'll sit by yourself and figure it out cuz it's where you should be less than learn any opportunity given should be taking serious from this point on because if not you can find yourself feeling just like this. It down myself a fuck moment I learned from it

► 02:07:03

girl from it

► 02:07:05

now but I'll take a goddamn test you best believe I'm studying for that fucking test cuz I don't want you feeling like I'm a guy but then prepare now I got a story to tell my kids about what it feels like to be the kid in class that didn't prepare that's got the worst grade when I give all those grades back but because of my spirits

► 02:07:24

I don't look down on those moments you take those moments you make the best of them because I live less has that's Apple

► 02:07:31

you're saying is positive but it's really just Simplicity that's real

► 02:07:36

drill it's real and it's your life experience and it's your life's lessons but but the fact that a guy like you comes out and talks about it like that that's what makes it really powerful cuz it's not just something that you learn from but no other people can learn from your past to that's what I'm hoping they look at themselves and they didn't realize like we all start from a different spot to get not saying this is why I'm so candid I'm so candid I'm so open they're their there is no like guys I'm I'm fine with being an open book I'm fine with the good the bad the ugly I'm fine being flawed I'm fine with all the things that have happened to me that have been exposed I'm fine with it all

► 02:08:21

I don't hide from it I don't run from it I don't I don't avoid any of it I'm fine it's alright it's a bed that I made myself a happy lay in it and I'll be fine figuring it out moving forward Sunday. Nobody man

► 02:08:41

thunderfunk stop sign going to be up in the morning regardless

► 02:08:44

a son is going to be up in the morning. Regardless of how I fucking feel and how depressed I am the Sun is going to fucking shine in the morning and at night time the moon going to be and you want to look up these days going keep going by

► 02:09:00

so you let the days go by and look up and you don't waste of the Year doing what or do you just pick it up and figure it out makes mistakes life goes on and figure out life from this point

► 02:09:12

I'ma life goes on top.

► 02:09:15

You're bad motherfuker Kevin Hart is very very very inspirational and I'm really glad you came down here and talked about it and I'm more than glad I think that it took too long actually and this is the first of all of what will be many man I'm sure I'm a fan too and I just think what you're doing and did not just inspirational in terms of like what you've been able to achieve and who you are but also inspirational and how you're so dedicated to helping other people that means a lot to me it's very it's very motivating is very powerful I want to call Ulysses to know that is not not to talk just no way could they are you if you were doing that just for talk to be like listen just fake it and then become that guy because she fucken do with them forget about trust me you will be seeing more the financial Fitness is real this relationship with Chase

► 02:10:15

the nurse is making sure that you put me in a position to give the information that I have and to the people that really need it that's the priority I will be sending more kids to college this year shots of the Tony Robbins who's matching my donation so you know I think I'm going to end up probably probably having about a good Millions 1.5 where we taking me to dedicate that money we just provide free education Pennsylvania uncf helps me as well that's a priority like I said this health and wellness side you'll see more from me by the hustle. Com you know get a part of this hustle go get yours are responsible on Netflix stranger film in we about to come out with him Christmas is so much so much shit going on man listen if is ever anything you want promoted you want people know about it I'm a man I like this conversation

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