#1277 - Gabrielle Reece

Apr 3, 2019

Gabrielle Reece is a world-renowned athlete, TV personality, New York Times bestselling author, and model. Together with her husband Laird, they launched a new all-encompassing fitness program called XPT. http://www.xptlife.com

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as a american professional volleyball player but also her internet and intranet what is that her internet presents her at particularly her Instagram presents a follower on Instagram and she's very positive and a deep thinker and she's just always thinking about stuff and considering things to talk about stuff and she's a great gas has a podcast so please welcome Gabrielle Reece

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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Joe Rogan podcast

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all day

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and we're not Hello daddy hello how are you thanks for being here appreciate it very positive informations beneficial it's great stop trying to figure that out like for younger person it's like oh yeah well this is how you do it and for me I'm like what do you really want to say and I don't know I think sometimes I I would like to take more chances but I do play it probably safe house oh but sometimes you're always very aware that you just I'm not interested in getting roasted or spending a lot of time and energy in a hassle with somebody so I think what I'm doing it I'm as honest as I can be but it's also I'm aware of that what do you hold back on stuff

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I think for me it would just maybe you just be more even maybe more direct but you're you know I think it when your truck when you start to say okay I'm going to occupy this space professionally that feels good to me in like I want it to be over all pretty positive you know like you're selling something like maybe I'd like to try to sell some positive but hopefully towards the honest a little bit and sometimes

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when you're doing that you're also aware that like you're not as harsh as sometimes your inner voices and so you don't want my not being completely honest and transparent because I don't really want to deal with it and so I'm just saying feedback comments or or or also they're not getting maybe the new you want or the subtlety of what I'm trying to say let's just say that social media is not the place for subtlety now not in the comments for sure pretty real but hopefully skewed towards like either fun or something positive is that some of the frustration when people do lash out and you like this is like out of proportion some of it is due to the fact that it's very frustrating to just not be a part of the conversation if you disagree with Selleck when you're listening to

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the fundamental the act of listening to someone have a conversation and something comes up you like his great point I think you've probably been tempered by doing this and have probably looked at it from a lot of different points of you cuz you have to be interesting to like watch you over the years I think what's interesting is watching you have an interesting place where you keep your own sort of keep the level of neutrality even though you have an opinion so you let other people Express themselves whether it's about a religion or vaccination or whatever I think that that it's been interesting to see like you.

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that skill even more well it's hard for people to express themselves

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as it is like live on a podcast is difficult it's harder still if you don't allow them to if you interject and you know as well that we all know that when someone when you have something you're trying to say and someone talks over you it's fucken frustrating and when you trying to formulate these words in someone but sin and then you lose it it's hard so that's one of the key skills of learning how to communicate with people who think a lot of people loses the ability to listen you know and also you have to have a good enough memory so you can hold on to what you were going to say and then allow this person to elaborate on their thoughts and then when you give them the respect and allow them to elaborate on his thoughts hopefully they'll return that favor and they'll allow you to elaborate on your thoughts need to get a much more balanced conversation but there's so many people talking with it just talking over each other and shoving each other down or taking the conversation into a weird place it's a stye

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the only way to find out how someone feels about something is to let him to express themselves and if people get mad that I don't push back so that's not always the best way to find out how a person feels you got to let them let them talk right now I want to know why I want to know the whole thing I want to know as far into this as you can tell me why you think this Friday instead of me just saying no you're wrong I want I want you to explain it to me I want to know whether or not I trust your process do you bring that skill home with you I mean you're surrounded by women I could not even see it with my own husband we have three daughters but I mean especially you know when you have a pretty masculine male I'm always fascinated to watch them navigate their home is it when they're surrounded by Westin I just give up most of the time I lose every argument I think I tried to get a lot

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walking and I don't want them to be like me I want them to be themselves and I want to be girls I want to be able to be themselves I don't want him to mirror my resilience and I want them to be vulnerable they want to be vulnerable but it's when terms of like how I decorate the house or any I have no say nothing that's why this place has a barn perfect you know he when he meets young guys getting married he goes here I'm going to teach you okay you're right honey I'm sorry and oh yes whatever color you choose to get it always works on people it's enough if you have the right relationship sometimes it be to work that way cuz I don't give a fuk with my house looks like I really don't have a good view where's the coffee okay okay

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where's the TV is a good one TV want to get that painting okay get the painting I don't know I don't know why you want to put it put it where it feels right I don't give a fuk I mean like sometimes if I infringe on if it's functional than Larry steps in like what you know that's not really functional but otherwise he's like I'm tearing some stuff out of my house right now and he just gives me a look and I'm like I'm this age if I want to do this support me and walks out a nervous if a guy is really into it design in in their own house like a really really into it like a cow

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obsessing about where things are and where they supposed to be placed, sexual yeah but you might have showed your white supremacy I'm not exactly sure yeah it's a funny thing right but if I didn't have this place though I don't know if I like traditionally men had pool halls they can hang out or Jim's they would hang out in and they would get their dose of toxic masculinity if you live in a house like I do with all girls to it's it's just everything's girly I just whatever I'm fine he's like I needed to be more specific I said I wanted to be surrounded by women I didn't mean to be related to all of them that's hilarious

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elevated body temperature so athletes people train a lot that they're statistically have a greater chance of having daughters because I think they are hot we called hot balls basically if he kills off the male sperm and if you was a real bunch of guys either in the NFL or whatever and statistically they just have a lot more daughters and I think it's like Nature's Way of going oh you're going to be all like moving and active and Ron all the stuff guess what

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put a bunch of girls around bounce it out to my husband I could never say is a wife you know it's like well they know that for sure he loves them so they can get away with it okay so I'm not really clear with this when I have alone time I'm by myself and when you and Dad need a long time like you're together and I try to like well you know it's important for moms and dads cuz you don't have to work if I go you know you're you're always going to be dad's daughter I you know I'm we're working at being a husband and wife and then she'd keep going with it I probably would just say like one of Christmas in separate houses for second like well maybe you know and I'm like we need a long time

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shoe but I don't know you know how to dance at Rick and they're on you and they're on their dad like nobody's business songs by the way they say it is it's like you take one or two things either you have this wild animal it's tearing things apart if someone is screaming and crying about something you don't understand take your pick you wanted to mental Destroyer or physical Destroyer broken bones and girls it's like I have learned so much being a mother two daughters and I've been around my whole life Digger playing volleyball being around tons of women it's very different as a parent I mean I've learned the most especially teenagers watching them grow so strange it's such a strange experience watching a person figure out the world from from jump and I like out the womb figure out the world it's so educational field I don't think

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I want you to have children I'm not one of those Outlets that tells everybody hate you not allowed to have a kid girl friends to like it's unfair also to romanticize like to your friends who either opted not to have children or whatever met a partner to later didn't or whatever because I think it is a really rich I mean there's nothing like it I mean I love my children but if I had one friend she was like got married later and she's like you know where can adopt and she's also taking your business and I was like listen I need to come I want to talk to you and she also like to consider taking naps occasionally I was like if you think you're going to adopt and like you're going to have a 12 year old that I can hear really appreciate you guys thank you so much I go that's not what you know like if you think you're going to have a kid and it's going to make you happier that's not what having a kid is I think it makes you

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it makes you know yourself better in a different way and you can adopt and do something different but I think when people try to sell that bill of goods like I have kids do you want to have kids you know I think it's like you said not for everyone you definitely shouldn't adopt you think it's going to be easy that's where the kid is coming from and then also you have a room I think every parent going into it has a romantic idea I did and I'm a pretty realistic person of like I'm going to do all these things right it we're going to be you no running in sunflower fields together and my kids are never going to think my music sucks or I can't drive then you realize I had a friend tell me everyone gets their turn the barrel no matter what you do you. You have to navigate stop you're going to have to deal with stuff on the other hand it's awesome when someone does adopt people they're really into it they know what they're getting into

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those Martyrs out there in those people that are just super kind and generous and love to adopt children. God bless them so glad it's just agree with you that there are some people that have a romanticized idea what it's like to raise a child and you know like they just want everyone to be in the psychoticness with them a sign of three kids you should have three kids you know my ground looks like they're doing something during a adult near you just a fool a person for raising kids does it make you feel like you're more in-tune and nicer and just more aware of what it is what it means to be a human

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yeah I I not only that I I feel like

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I feel like it's it's a forced expiration if you're trying to participate like if you just lay down the longo hey and this house this is how we do it then you're not doing anything but I think if you you learn to adopt and also go while I was doing that wrong for like 10 years amazing you know like one of my daughters at dad 12 or 13 sort of revealed some stuff about what she was unhappy about about my parenting and I was like God I've been doing that for a long time so I think it's a school that she had the confidence to do that though yeah it's so cool

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I wanted to hear that like when she was 30 at the Thanksgiving table look at turned out great. What time is your flight no I think I just think you think you're in control of stuff and you think I've got some discipline and work ethic I just work my way through it or power of my way through it and then you realize like no you have to surrender and and also it's not just about solving it quickly and yeah it is I'm I Know Myself certainly better but also it forces you if you're willing to to Really expand in Hawaii that he is

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I've always had this like idealized I did one day like the move the big eye on just chilling the side of a mountain stop fucking I fly out to do gigs but live out there where everything's just more relaxed you know is it okay you know there's a lot going on and like the big island is obviously Big City Beach but you know there's a couple things I think because it is a primal environment like we live on Kauai which is pretty heavy duty as far as it's quiet there's not a lot of distraction there's a really heavy duty nature and

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and so I and I grew up in in St Thomas on the Virgin Islands I was used to kind of being on an island but

► 00:21:27

you're you're with yourself a lot so if you have things to do that are you know productive then it's perfect but what you have to always calibrate is like the down time or like it's been raining off and on for like over a year on Kauai in that way where people it starts getting heavy but it's sunny to the islands there's different climates on this I like the big island has desert yes it has tropical rainforest is a volcano that is all the snow climate except Arctic I believe at least Maui and the Big Island have sort of every type of climate is crazy that just a little bit further down it'll be different to be raining constantly

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they never see the Sun but then there you know 200 feet in the places that it's sunny it's trippy and you could drive around the whole thing and how many hours it take you to drive around the Big Island I don't know like 4 hours or something like that I think so maybe a little more yeah you like the big island but I like it I mean we've been doing this for over 23 years when I met Larry he was big waves sort of come in winter so when low pressures bring snow like to the rest of the Mainland that low pressure can also bring big waves and then my season was summer so we sort of went back and forth and that's a really good blend cuz you can come to California be like oh it's a busy world I can see a lot of people I can learn stuff I can do stuff and then I also makes you appreciate when you go back to Hawaii or like

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clean are really clean water very beautiful place some of the ways the ideas about the way they live there it's it's simple and a good way I don't mean that in any way like a derogatory take they're not trying it they're not angling and trying to get somewhere it's like nowhere living but it can be also very really hard place her really hard place well I think and you're also talked about a warrior culture right Polynesians

► 00:23:53

so you have like this

► 00:23:57

this very intense love and you know when they talk about the Aloha Spirit generosity they like this and then they're very powerful people as well and sometimes if they're let not living as they're in their most natural way that they were supposed to and then you couple it with you know there's not a ton of opportunities there it's hard to live there it's far away it's expensive and and sometimes you know it sounds cliche but it's like we really do as human organisms either need to be busy so like okay working from sunup to sundown for a food which is how it used to be and then you're just so tired just go to bed and it's pretty simple and don't let you survive it or in the world that we live in now it's like how do we get people doing things that are kind of productive and you think oh I just would sit on the beach and look at the mountain and it's like you and after awhile you get bored and if you're a warrior

► 00:24:52

you're either going to go you know do something with that that is good for you or you might not so I think there's there's a lot a lot of that there I've learned a lot from that culture but it I mean there are pretty powerful Derek powerful group and you know it can go the other way pretty quick where it's you know if there's drugs and alcohol are you know beefing and like it's all that so it's good that was really disturbing I found out how much drug abuse there is on some of the island Crystal Method you know the rest of the world has a perfect they're all busy and doing fabulous perfect things and and it's hard like you got to find people that you're like let's do something let's go I mean can you

► 00:25:52

praying alone every single time no so you have to have a tribe of people that are like let's go do this activity and sometimes at all it's not that easy to 70,000 people on the island on Kauai Hawaii is probably the least inhabited it's the oldest island so it has the most erosion largest beaches

► 00:26:16

and that's where they're grew up and it's it's so really

► 00:26:20

Anais least inhabited of the island is the Big Island you can be but you got to ask permission to go hang out over there yeah it's cool though cuz it's like if you know if they'll be like no you got to go out you got to go totally great is this it's just the people that live there you can't like move to Mullica I mean like you know the place I'm all ties for many many years but I think he probably asked if that was going to be cool it's and it's beautiful and the people are amazing but you it's not like I'm just going to buy a house there a build a house there's no way they all these different

► 00:27:20

is that why you can't even you can't go there a big fan of me I probably have the largest percentage of pure Hawaiians their school I mean pretty. Scout to be a great be like I found it like there's a big difference between the culture of say Maui vs. the culture of Lanai Lanai is more Island D2 me where is Maui seems like a lot of gentrified so you're also have not only Mainland you ass and then Japanese culture you know 80s now you're talkin about Europeans from wind and wind surfing so it has a lot going on

► 00:28:20

I think Maui it was almost like a surprised how quick it developed and they never had a chance to get on top of it if that makes sense. It's so populated it so a light so Beverly Hills is having a love affair with her many years so we live there with you know so we can be close to his girlfriend picture of a strange they didn't know every boy needs their girlfriend every boy needs a wave they do you know just something that's what I think is kind of natural is at least for my experience is like I don't know if you ever go through this when you go home or go out and Surfer many hours I can go for 5 hours at a time and if they're Surf and he comes home and I see how happy he is like to see us and then about I don't know 7 and 1/2 8 minutes in

► 00:29:18

he sure is he starts to get this look on his face like oh yeah I'm in the house like a family I wanted to do a book years ago Called Death by domestication because it's like how did how did how did he manage both of those sides like I need to go I need to be free I need to you know Chase things in like scare myself and do all the stuff and then be no comes home and it's like you know on the floor laying you know with one of my daughters and and being attentive and a great husband all these things but I always get him used a little bit by the push-pull actually I think with the big wave surfer mindset like the type of person that those are like some of the freest wildest humans on the planet it's a very unusual group of people that rides giant waves water on the top of the ocean and that's a that's a crazy thing to do

► 00:30:18

there's some stuff I mean and weirdly you know he's been doing this so long that you realize hit he's actually even more different than some of the other guys because if you think about it he's sustained doing this for right now for two years so he's a guy who

► 00:30:39

he has both so it what he wants to do is write a huge wave during the day and then be with his family at night and sometimes you know who take going in a halfway around the globe or whatever and so I think the pursuit and they have to wait a lot that's the other thing these things don't come around that often it's it's very interesting to live with because there's a there's a little bit of suffering that goes on and sometimes they will say to me cuz he's aware of time going by he'll be like you don't have a lot more ways I need to ride and I'm like I know like it's pretty deep calling and now that I mean he's been filing for 25 years but now that they are getting that equipment better it's sort of like now we can ride places that we couldn't ride that we're not really attractive for riding on top of the surface of the water even if you towed it so now it's opened up a whole other Pursuit for him

► 00:31:36

that's why I don't know why you would go towards that so like we're just put me on a ski in front of a wave it's like 60 ft and like being on the back of a ski with him driving there's a moment where you go okay I actually and I'm sure you've experienced this with other friends at taking maybe on a flying or something he is this is what he does right so I'm like okay I trust him more than I'm afraid that's fine I can do that and I'm going to surrender to that I'm not going to torture myself the whole time I'm just going to trust him and you turn and there's a six-story building behind you moving and you just think like well how is that fun you know how is she saying like I'm going to actively

► 00:32:25

ride that but now with the foils because they're actually catching the energy below the surface of the water so so they have these things called hydrofoils so originally there was a guy named Mike Murphy who created something called the air chair water skis and different funky ways like even in the 50s Soulard and his friends got an air chair cut the chair off and put us snowboard boots and bindings quick release so you stand on it you're booted in and below is this basically a mini airplane with a strut so for example there's a shot of one and this is a smaller one Jamie you have any ones at the big with the boots I think Larry this is what people use

► 00:33:13

wow he knows about everything what are you talkin about he's plugged in

► 00:33:19

give a girlfriend

► 00:33:22

what would happen if this dude's head on the left obviously so you see how he there in the boots and also he the reason look so puffy is he has flotation underneath his wetsuit so if you hit your head or what-have-you but it's basically a miniature airplane underneath the surface and if he gets into trouble if they wiped out they have a quick-release but now they've gotten this developed so that he can do it without the boots cuz that adds an element of danger that in a 4ft long you know how it's so strange looking. I'm sure if you look on Lord stuff you can see the bottom it's like a miniature airplane because water is denser than air so it's sort of like a miniature plane and it is like the Oracle guys that do those boats

► 00:34:22

do have made foils for Laird it's so low performance ones when you see the high performance they I mean you know what are dynamics hydrodynamics it's all of that so now what you're doing is cuz there's energy below the surface moving so we think of a wave like pushing and dropping but there's actually the energy circular energy below so now you got the Foyle that can ride back but you're not you don't have dragged so like they can go there's a wave on Kauai where they're going over you know if they got about 50 taking up get up to 52 miles an hour but then there's like a new way to do it until he's been doing the big stuff for 25 years but now they're getting the equipment right that he can ride ways that actually wouldn't be that great but now they're super fun

► 00:35:22

so he gets it it makes him excited and he still pursues it and that's not that's on Kauai right there and see how it's not even breaking where you rides it so it can correct and it's actually riding the energy below the surface which

► 00:35:39

you know for him he's just interested in what's the most efficient way I mean look at that you never introduced in regular surfing be able to ride that so the neighbors got me so much fun that's what it's the difference right so they're flying so I think he kept him interested but

► 00:36:03

you know his his pursuit of this as it's pretty

► 00:36:09

pretty addictive pretty interesting relationship to watch I think it's important I mean as a female for me I think playing volleyball help me understand like having a Pursuit you know like something like you I got to go do that and I think it's something about living with a person who has a Pursuit other than like I need a bigger War chest or whatever Brian text can be really cool is when when you're riding that thing and there's a little airplane on the water is there any risk of something thinking that airplane is a fish no animals are pretty smart don't have great vision and I think Larry is you know hit a homerun a turtle like you know not anything by like Grey's dead or something but those animals are pretty smart

► 00:37:09

Marlon thinks it's fishy as a jacket to do with that thing the shape and also it's still near a wave but you know what maybe you never know and if I hear of a story I will definitely call you and tell you all those animals I mean they usually I know sharks again don't have great sight but they're not like huh I think they understand what's most times what's food obviously shiny things and things like that but but there are instances of people getting hit by sharks right now why is a big one isn't it really a lot of sharks there for sure but

► 00:38:02

nothing crazy

► 00:38:05

there's a story that happened like 3 weeks ago and quiet and Hanalei Bay the sky great Surfer finishes his right eye jumps off his board and jumped onto a shark Jesus Christ centered and he was a firefighter the sky and like Grace is a leg and split and I think it's just a reminder that sharks ultimately really don't want to have anything to do with you I mean maybe Hammerheads maybe a little more aggressive bull shark is the most cuz I think right there the most amount of testosterone spending animal for the ones but I mean I don't think a shark you're not good eating I watch the television show they took they found bull sharks way of the Illinois River in Illinois on North Wood River it is but they found deep in freshwater sharks make their way all the way from the ocean

► 00:39:05

Tyrone or something like that their mean little fuckers they're responsible for that the actual news incident that influence the creation movie Jaws River in New Jersey Jersey did I didn't know that these Fockers can swim way up in the freshwater and they just got a hold of people got a hold of a few people because those buggers are my little more grass at night I think you know for me with the sharks like even Jaws impacted me with that soundtrack and I was living in in the Caribbean and it's just like I don't know my kids at whenever my $1 I go can I get this movie on truck sound like now cuz we live in Hawaii like I can't be watching that stuff

► 00:39:58

shark testosterone myth busted by Richard what's on even meaner Mike Mueller doll photographer shoots sharks and they go in the cage with the great whites out at the Galapagos and they said it's pretty far out you should do that sometime suffocate people probably doing stupid things

► 00:40:58

under that you have a different feeling they'll like you're not it's not that you're not as scared but you you just see them a little differently not just like a predator that you can see the people there I and everything did you hear that Canada has their Banning whale and dolphin captivity I think it's great to have a Blackfish one documentary initiated movement for sure they needed to see it in and read articles about it and news reports instead of that they get to see it there is a very digestible formula oh my God this is chaos this is horrible atrocity you taking these incredible animals that are probably the most magnificent creatures that Evolution has ever created and you're putting in a fish tank you put him in a swimming pool there's their fins goldlink

► 00:41:58

actually if you think about the killer way out I mean that's the King has a crazy video that I just watched yesterday of one killing a Beach seal and it injured the seal in the seal try to make it over into it and it literally beached itself smash this seal nose just blood everywhere and his bunch of people standing around watching it going holy shit and then it flopped its way back in the water and swam off nature right it's it's it's kind of brutal but it's not personal like the sea salt like you know that she'll give me kind of a funny look when I go and give it to him it's like oh there's some food if she the one where they're on the iceberg and they look all that Bakker still holding on and then push it again it's Cavs at a hunt to mark that she was setting it up but showing like he can make them slide like watch this will slide well I was listening to my friend Steve rinella podcast and he was talking about the difference in the orcas in

► 00:42:58

Puget Sound and that their local orcas which are essentially salmon specialist and they don't eat animals that don't eat marine mammals but then there are other ones that travel into the area and they are Marine Mammal specialist so they all they eat is like seals and and and things along those lines and they have a totally different language they don't interact with each other and every pod has its own language

► 00:43:30

crazy they they put a a whale in captivity once and it was not eating because they didn't know it was a seal eating well not a fish eating well and so it learn how used to joke can you imagine like okay Susie and Billy were going to go watch the you know the orc of Shamu and then the trainers there like throwing it feel like that would not work out well like give it a slab of cute little animal they're very complex if it didn't exist it would be way more interesting than Bigfoot everybody's like so into Bigfoot being real like that can you talk to me about what's the concept of Bigfoot big hairy guy but I mean really, what is it most likely there was interaction between human beings and something called a gigantopithecus for thousands and thousands

► 00:44:30

you're such a giant bipedal hominid that it existed in Asia that was between 8 and 10 ft tall it was real and it was basically in like the orangutan family looks almost orangutan like the Norma's and I was a real thing and they didn't find out about this until like the 1920s they found a tooth in an apothecary shop in China and an anthropologist examines to that was like where the fuck did you get this and they took him to the site they dug out more things and bones and jaw bones and they determine from the job on I'm sorry if I'm fucking his sub scientist but they determine from the job on that they think it was bipedal but stood up on two legs and so then they said well how big would this thing p and then in the proportionate a real one looks like the Michigan and like is it really like what are they saying bullshit most of it is the people seeing shadows in the trees they want to believe it's big for the Senate Bears or walking on two legs but if there was

► 00:45:30

what's really interesting is that where it would be because if it did come across the Larry the Bering land bridge like they believe humans did if that did happen the many animals navigated from there to here that way that's where Alaska Pacific Northwest I'll be there the natural path and then if you think about how densely wooded that area is that would be a natural habitat for something that's hiding from people the problem is you can we hide from shit anymore this just in case something would catch you on a trail camera some list trail cameras are everywhere there for cat like did you see those guy and his father got caught poaching a mother bear in her Den it's

► 00:46:18

it's horrific it's horrible and such a horrible because the they poach this mother bear and they're down and left us the babies essentially to die but they were talking about how they're not going to get caught doing it but no one is going to tie us to this and the way they were caught there was a 4k camera that was right behind them that was that was observing this this whole area where the bear was dead then they have his trail cameras now they're incredibly accurate there's so like it's so high definition super clear in the audios clear there was something out there to do it since there is something to be said for

► 00:47:00

the tooth fairy and thinking we don't know everything like the the magic of stuff unknown and behind eye I mean for me it doesn't have to be big but but I live I love the idea that we haven't seen everything we don't know everything but obviously we know that was space and who knows you know one dimensions and time and universe but something mythical is pretty fun what's interesting is that there was a bunch of different kinds of humans that's what they found these bones in Russia that I think they call them the denisovans they did Shawna s a coke with this is within the last 10 15 years they found a completely different species of humans that lived in Russia they found those little people on the island of Flores that was only like 10 years ago I mean they're still probably dozens more that they just haven't uncovered somewhere so if there was at 1. time some big giant hominid it's totally possible I just don't think that to eat so much

► 00:48:00

tiny alive today it's like a bear a bear shit everywhere where's the where's the gorilla chappuis the Bigfoot said whatever it is is he is it eating plan is it eating animals what the fuck is it eating a lot of a Down he can put it down on each meal or what's your big mounds depends like sometimes I've giant meals for dinner but sometimes I worked out too hard at night I have a giant breakfast I just do whatever I feel like doing but I definitely always have intermittent fasting it's only 6 days a week I text 16 hours off one day I don't give a fuk amazing how much food we don't really need

► 00:49:00

and stuff when I was

► 00:49:03

playing in going through different phases of training until I cut off a g and do all that to know ya just one was sort of stuck a bigger a list of deeper step when you when you do a little bit in a minute fasting is if you don't start the digestive process so if you just had you can have water and caffeine you can't have fats and things like that the theory is is that whatever cell you know dysfunction you have you kind of can rent out kind of three times the amount the process of when you do intermittent fasting so it can be a really effective way when you're in a minute fasting to say okay I'm going to pick this 4-Hour window for most people probably be between like 3 and 7 or 2 and 6 and I'm going to eat and then the rest of the time I'm not going to so it's it's very close it's just sort of one more twist they can put on it

► 00:50:03

you take a t o p o you know so that's a 20 hour fasted window every day and I have a friend who is doing it pretty regularly and you just know he did he shifted his body composition a little bit and it was interesting in there some interesting data I'm sure Jamie can give you the download on it yeah it's just sort of like one notch higher it's not fun but you know like for me it would have to be kind of I would want to eat between 1 and 5 I could do without it the rest of the time when you can have like I said caffeine in water it's incredible with a pool mouth pleasure has like my kids bought these Entenmann's Cupcakes they're the old scoped AR bull shit these cupcakes they're like most of those chocolate frosted things

► 00:51:03

why was eating and I was like what the fuck are you eating man this is all nonsense you should even be touching this once you pretty strickler to a little more strict than I am I think if you're going to eat that cupcake I think beating you don't even having that small conversation with yourself is a colossal waste of time as you shove it in your mouth and it goes down because that's a human right like it's like I shouldn't be doing this but here I go you know I'll tell you why am I doing why I shouldn't you know it's like I think it's important to do it and enjoy it but yeah that's not food that's like I don't know what that is thinking there for like a hundred years ago and I was full and put in front of me on Blake I'm good.

► 00:52:03

it doesn't change cuz we're older I still have a separate space it's just you know I'm trying to use it so much when they say that for people that are in my competitive eating competitions to the like you can still eat fries fries are you don't like fries and a little and then the bun in the hot dog and then like you know squeezing it down it's the saltiness and the the the carbs you can still eat ate the whole thing but then she those fries aren't surprised and dip them in SketchUp another thousand calories you got no food trance I mean you have people have friends that like you know if you have any likes hanging out on the counter that's snack usually give it for the kids right and your friends that come to visit and say hi

► 00:53:03

hi in their kind of fidgety and all the sudden you're just like eating everything in you slipping like cry like you're in a constant food that like trans snack it like don't have snack you know everything around it for sure no I but I find it easier I don't know if you found it easier like I had a dice have a really heavy chocolate trip heavy like I have a chocolate drawer like the whole thing I know for real like every kind of chocolate like that open it and it wasn't like a spin door wasn't like a silverware with drawer it was like a deep drawer with every kind of chocolate

► 00:53:38

and I mean stress your bust out the chocolate you know whatever right before your time chocolate kid walks in the room they changed something you like chocolate you know it does but then I stopped eating it as much and now it's like I don't even really wanted as as much too weird bomber dark chocolate with peanut butter Skippy peanut butter I like the crunchy stuff to known chemicals to make it really smooth smooth look at that sandwich school lunch

► 00:54:38

you going to commit to a five minute stir before you ever even think about putting that shit on your bread absolutely

► 00:54:52

Jamie can you pull up like a pool training or xpt pool training xpt was us and for another thing that we do but this year old former training we built this pool and Laird you know I was only trying to cure athlete's in their off-season and

► 00:55:10

we were like is cracked like six of our friends we built this huge pool and there's like okay I'll take some dumbbells and go down there there's Kyle anywhere anyway this is all the shallow stuff but there's deep water that girl didn't get going there dumbbells in their crotches

► 00:55:35

this is when he was a little bigger still yeah

► 00:55:38

do we have the idea behind like your 13 ft of you have weights ballistic

► 00:55:49

ballistic training no no punishment to your joints go there's some deep water stuff and I'm not sure why that guy is doing a little

► 00:56:07

do you drop the Dumbo all the way down to the bottom and but there is a deep water element where is he can be ballistic and you can do all the stuff and you don't pounder joints and you can't get stronger so we did we have a lot of athletes that come in trained so that they can serve work on some of these elements are there be more dynamic or what-have-you you're in compression it's it's pretty cool and we couple it so I know you like to do heat and stuff so we'll do like eating ice and then pool and heat nice and pool and things like that it's pretty great and you're tired but you're not beat up Georges St-Pierre actually did a lot of that and training for his last fight a lot of his work in the pool where's the Deep stuff so you can like and what's cool about this too is

► 00:57:03

is that you have to moderate your breath because it's very straightforward are know where are nowhere and just listen to this we're looking at these guys it's probably like a 9 foot pool they have dumbbells in their hands that drop all the way down to the bottom and then let their knees go to full full band and then with their butt to their heels and then jump right back up and pop out of the water get a deep breath and then go right back down again so you're constantly leaping through the water to go to the surface so I actually think it's really attractive when you're a girl to it's going to tell you it was crazy about this I actually think so you're in compression so you got those benefits right and I think your tissue like your fashion everything gets kind of rolled almost in every every set with the Rippling effect

► 00:58:03

exercises at least come up with us all his Crash Test Dummies but it will it kind of makes me feel like a million bucks but you can you can bust your butt on it right but you're not you're not going in the pounding I already have a fake knee since my twenties and then finally at 46 I got it replaced wow what is the difference now so much better sleep with my good leg underneath my knee trying to open my knee joint cuz I felt like metal on like hot metal touching and then your foot gets too heavy you know you if you lose a lot of your your function I tried everything and all like stem cell and PRP in like to try everything so you don't want to be like getting a fake knee and then after I was like I'm sure they'll be something better in 10 years but right now let's just do it so we went in the same day we actually Largo does have done the same day and I got my knee done

► 00:59:03

how did Willard's injure his hip

► 00:59:05

repetitive trauma I mean you know Laird is now 55 he was 52 and he got his hip and he's he's tough on his body when he's on his body and then if you're like doing isometric loading when the foiling that one hip sticking it hits the back leg it's you know it's a lot of lot of load it's amazing though that he's gotten back to surfing at the same level it's he's he's very unique you know he you know he says that everything he does like his relationships what he reads what he eats what he spends time doing is all to enhance him to perform and his you know a ton of people like this his ability to deal with discomfort he has a very good relationship with discomfort so his training and stuff it's you know his mental toughness

► 01:00:05

well you're not his age and foolhardy he's not like what I can do he's a guy who can call it a good idea so when they do the hip they have to put the rod through the center of the hip and then put the new joint on the outside it's all I mean he walked he stayed awake they did a local he left the hospital three. Day it's carpentry a whack out to join that sounds fine surgery it's like carpentry and he stayed away cuz the guys are okay you can you can handle it you know the noise or whatever yeah

► 01:00:45

same time and then he was gone out of the hospital how long it take to rebuild it

► 01:00:52

not long I mean he was once the incision closed he could go out in the water with that 10 days hips are pretty cool that's crazy that they can do that now I had a buddy who did the Graham Hancock she did that six weeks later was here and he told me after we were he was walking around I was saying hi and I was and I have a hip replacement go when 6 weeks ago you walk out of the hospital let's say if you were loading your hip that you load into you might want to not do that right away sounds weird but I'm a weird torque on it I know why guys have gotten back to Jiu-Jitsu with bad hips back to Rolling in training again you wouldn't want to do with your real joint like the guys like Sofia Vergara into car accident you wouldn't want your knees to go back in and told your hips like okay well I don't think I'd want that to happen with my natural hip so I think they're pretty good is it significantly weaker

► 01:01:52

no not at all not at all so he can do basically everything he can do everything that's crazy and he had a pretty wicked limp the two of us were limping around for like 2 years it was really cool people like athletes right. Couple of more like a hobbling around when I guess I'll stay right there will be right there. It right there you know what can you do can you do all the things you used to be able to do the best to give me a million bucks cash right now child supposed that stuff hurts

► 01:02:36

I think for me it's also part of my biomechanics that the tissue on my my quads is like probably like beef jerky from jumping all those years so that someone always working on so maybe I'm more flexible person going in would have more mobility in that bent position but it just you know you get a hard finish on it on the joint but I think it's pretty amazing what you can do like it's pretty far out new sidestep and stuff like that you say just do stuff that you would do normally with your knee yeah I mean yes BB intelligent like you probably wouldn't want to go almond ultra-marathoner now cuz you might wear your joint out like 2 years rides but I think you said I really like to run but I'll go on the grass or the sand Barefoot probably better stuff like that but that's what you want to do again anyway

► 01:03:36

running pretty tough on you yeah it's not just tough on your knees and stuff on your back stuff and everything you write on a hard surface or body weight right like each step I mean unless you're built like when you see those people that are built to run a perfect yeah so that was that was sort of I think that's what's interesting about being when these people are on an athlete and and then it's like and Sundays off I don't I'm sure you feel this way it's like I feel so unathletic or so

► 01:04:06

banged up or you know like I have friends that came into training late and everything all their joints are like all perfect and you know they work perfectly and and sometimes like I felt a little bit beat up lyrics been beat up a lot but he he kind of trained his way out of it big-time now when you guys are on Kauai is there a lot of resources and terms like places to train or physical therapist or any of that kind of stuff now actually this group that owns this business there let me use a warehouse and I taught a class 3 days a week for free a dollar so they were covered under my insurance because we have so little

► 01:04:51

training like we have we have asked we have a gym and stuff but like the community on the north then really so I started doing that like 3 days a week to get people there's like a hundred of us it was it was really cool but but because I don't have stuff to they don't have really great facilities what a weird place live is it, don't you think like when I go to New York City with layered he looks there and he looks at the buildings and he's like why do people do this to themselves like we've gotten twisted around like you're like Kawaii what a weird place to live but it's probably closer to how we were meant to live by short stacked up on top of each other but having said that yeah compared to other parts of the world I mean it's remote like you're out there it's I think beside Easter Island it's like the most remote place in the world

► 01:05:45

really that's interesting what makes sense as far as a navigator there and they said that the water sea level was lower so that they could see more or less and when the Polynesian sailed there but it's pretty it's a pretty interesting contrast that living like in Malibu right yeah I think it's probably a far more healthy way to live I just I just know that a lot of people do get that Island fever in the other can't take it they want to get the fuck off music when my kids were young it's like you're doing the same thing you're taking him places you're making dinner as you're making lunches so in a way you're just doing sort of everyday things in a really pretty place and also you probably live a little simpler that it's hot it's got to be better for you in terms of like the amount of stress that you experience in the beauty of nature is very calming and soothing and probably therapeutic and beneficial

► 01:06:45

yeah but it's that reminder

► 01:06:49

I mean this is been thing for me it's like you can have all that at your access but if you're not if you haven't dealt with yourself or your if your feel miserable it's heard it doesn't really matter I think that that kind of place pointed out really quick where would you live in a busy place you can distract yourself from yourself and you can be like oh there's traffic and I have stuff to do and I'm busy I'm a busy person I met an office I draw the stuff and when you're there

► 01:07:15

you can't blame really the traffic you can you sort of have to go oh that's right so it's an interesting thing of when we talked about like health or or beautiful places and things like that it still always comes back to yourself and like it might have I made myself happy am I doing things that make me feel good things like that so I think what's really great about that places that gets clear real quick do guys have out there totally legit internet I mean we had dial up till about 18 months ago for real but I mean if you have high speed internet is like liquid is America not about it we did read something about they do have the ability to it does have an effect on human brain

► 01:08:15

jobs in one day with Innovation we're going to keep going until one day we've talked ourselves sideways when I was a kid we had a Mad Magazine and I'll never forget it I was like 11 years old and there was a sketch of this explosion in space and it was like two aliens talking and they were looking at at this explosion in a millions of miles away and they go oh they said smart beings lived there you know pretty much I mean I think that in a way that we are we're probably I mean we do a lot with water and air and things like that but it is interesting to see I'm always fascinated that people do stuff for money by product and you go yet but your kids or grandkids are going to like money's not going to protect you from

► 01:09:10

if the climate goes bizarre yeah but I feel like someone else going to fix that also there are part of a corporation ask Harmony out she's you have welts also with the fact we've had on it is been over this window of a hundred years affect unbelievably Mass Effect on the environment just a short window of time turns of you know when he saw Jiro Dreams of Sushi just great right around talking about the fish markets back in the day when you get so much more to not like one day this is why you're alive man so when does Skyzone in during his lifetime and went from abundance of tuna to being almost fished out

► 01:10:10

they're not slowing down sushis everywhere so I know what we've done in 30 years is pretty far out crazy I know it's crazy

► 01:10:19

I know it's it is it's funny cuz my kids I don't know if you see this with your kids it's like I think they're pretty aware of it and they

► 01:10:29

I think that they go flip and flop between feeling like the adults are poorly behaved and their left of the pile of you know of our bad decisions and also like my one daughters like would you think it be okay to be like a militant environmentalist you know she's like 6 feet tall and I'm like that be fantastic and I Like a Shepherd on steroid cycle so I think it's going to be interesting to see you know but the next group because of their obviously really different like they don't want big giant houses and all that stuff that you know serve my generation in your generation. This new generation is different in their values and what they give volunteer more I think the tricky thing for them is going to be connection and being able to be connected and being able to have a real conversation and you know even be able

► 01:11:29

concentrate long enough to to be with somebody cuz of devices could you imagine right now if you were 20 and being like dating and swiping and kind of pay attention and my daughter is one of the few girls in a closet doesn't have a cell phone what's the time like there's a debate right now okay so you have a 10 year old going to be at 11 till 8 class all the parents agree so they're not the only person in the class that doesn't have it it's not that way with my daughter's kids the kids in her class most of them iPhones most parents just give the kid a phone that just there is a have you read any of Jonathan hates stuff of the coddling of the American mind around and that that is just so disturbing when you see the amount of especially young girls that are growing

► 01:12:29

depressed cutting themselves self-harm he said like from 10 to 14 or social media the slot machine this thing where people just trying to get likes and trying to leverage their you know their social status and and try to pretend that they're living in a perfect world everybody around them and everyone else is doing it and people look at other people's lives being Perfect Mate reflect upon their only get depressed it's just some of the factors of kids didn't have to deal with just a decade or so ago it's really really right like I had a hard time at school I can go home and have a reprieve from it at least overnight I think for me to that's been a thing with my kids is like

► 01:13:16

especially daughters I do think I understand the gaming is different for boys and pouring up pornography and things like that and not whole trip of rewiring their brain and but I think with girls it's like

► 01:13:29

how do you get them to understand like to hear their own voice I don't know how they're going to get to a place where they I mean cuz every it's like this weird mish-mosh of like me too and then never before had people objectify themselves more because they get them that positive affirmation like I always say if I put out really smart ideas if I'm a young woman I have a thousand followers every shot is of my but I have 10 million followers so we have this mix message going on which is like I'm angry me to treat me equal simultaneously to I'm going to objectify myself in the most hardcore way more than any time in history results and its really but he is a female who's who understands both those sides a little bit I I kind of trips me out because I don't like those girls you know playing that card

► 01:14:29

no violence should be done to you and I agree with all of that knows no and all that but at a certain point you know like what you had Jordan Peterson on her many times it's like biological signaling it's like the place I'd at least and also that don't that's that one side is super short-lived that's what I try to tell my girls on like you listen if you're either you're pretty girls it's great but if that's the card you're playing your cards done but by the time you're 30 35 done Tober you know unless you're like 40 and you marry seven-year-old I don't know whatever doing the MILF porn is that such a thing

► 01:15:07

yeah but even that it's like they got to put a filter on it and like all that stuff I mean come on you know what I mean it's like how do you get these girls to go up for yourself be strong but like what are you doing but look at all these people that are not doing that they're benefiting I know but it's getting them to understand how do you get a 13 year old to talk about the long game mean everything to mediate but for me it's like it's culturally I feel like I'm this weird mix of like the most I came through the most modern time like women went to school and on scholarship like we we there is no thought to being like strong not really and then but then weirdly it's like I feel so kind of old-fashioned when I see kind of this next thing cuz I'm like well strong for me with something else drawing was like you were really physically strong trying to have a strong mind you know strong bases of a person and then

► 01:16:07

okay then there was this other side like your femininity your sexuality also stopped and now it's like I don't know why it's very interesting bunch of different kinds of people gravitate towards objectifying themselves as my people gravitate in this day and age towards you know you see a lot of people's pages are just filled with motivational quotes and inspirational things and you know and then the stories about people that they meet and photos and you get a lot of people that are attracted to that kind of stuff to it's just you're not going to get the immediate gratification of a picture of your ass that that that that picture of your ass if it's a hundred thousand likes like one of those likes yeah it's just a different vibe and you have to decide what are you after you have to quantity or quality or after we eat trying to accurately Express how you feel and and work it out through communicating with people and figure out how they react what you're saying and how you feel about how other people say similar things and how it does good things for you and you want to go do good things for them or do you just want to have fun

► 01:17:07

so a piece of dental floss of the crack your ass if I put my phone on the gas like the sort of checking it all out like that they respond like this but then at a certain point I don't know that the input is like you know like what do you want to be not based on what everyone thinks about you like what actually turns you on and makes you feel excited and stoked because you know it's great that you have a nice butt but there's a lot of nice butts and in the end that's not probably going to

► 01:17:52

bring you that other feeling the problem is it is a thrill to positive reaction absolutely and that Thrills undeniable I would like it when people get that thrilled when you tell them hey that's really bad for you like fuck off mom no no I mean a bolt on to that message how about that simultaneously maybe have some other thought about where you where you like to continue to Journey's to I think when you tell that to a thirteen-year-old the hear it eventually God damn I should listen to Mom I think you just got to be at 2 and have some like cool friends that the hang around you because you're if you're the parent it's like okay you're going to penetrate so much but if you've got some like you don't know why they call antes if you got some bad ass chicks around you and your daughters were looking they see they say but what if you don't have access to that I have a lot of pretty strong cool women around me but

► 01:18:53

I could not that it concerns me I don't want to say that it's just how do you help the next group you know try to be a good example love on them but get them to teach them to love on themselves that's all and I don't mean

► 01:19:10

good eyelash extensions in like perfect things I mean like love on yourself you know what that's the other thing to the Distortion of natural beauty and the make it to the everything has to be artificial the color of your lips the color of your eyeshadow fake lashes everything is just that doesn't doesn't look better six different do you think I'm always fascinated what men think

► 01:19:40

play today even like today it doesn't even register do they know what's going on and what way

► 01:19:48

well I guess we have to ask men of that generation if elected they had two groups of women and one that was like perfectly quaffed with the lip injections were swapped is it about like eyelash extensions with Joe but like just sort of really done like ready for the club let's just say and then just like a girl like hi I'm you know I'm a sweaty Runner and now I'm going to go to the office and put my hair up in a ponytail I don't know what her if guys if they even can they tell the difference for sure yeah yeah I mean it's all what you're into your into some guys just like soft and made up

► 01:20:36

some guys like I'm sweaty and muscular I love that I just mean

► 01:20:44

I got its hardcore signaling and I guess that's maybe that's what it is maybe it's the new biology what's also that there's never been a time like a bit on one of my Netflix specials were about this girl who's got up just pictures of harassed you like 9 million followers on Instagram has ever been a person like this before this is a new kind of personal fuk fuk looking at these frogs in the Amazon and then was going to say there's a new kind of person has pictures of her butt and she's got a millions of people staring at her all day long and every day is Snoop pictures of her but we're going to do the butt on the beach now let's do the button next to the puppy it's like I'm so confused how they keep getting ideas I can't even go to four different things and it's like I know will do but with the cotton candy it's like okay I don't know why you have to stay fresh ideas really keep pushing the envelope

► 01:21:44

headbutt editor here at but, I don't know if you have a girl who has splits that you some of these girls have millions and they're making millions of dollars maybe they're actually the smartest people in the room and I haven't caught on yet it's early and easy crafts to finances if you have a great ass and you like working out anyway and just want to take pictures of it I'll send you have 25 million followers like damn but this goes also okay now no definitely not cuz she can say well I'll do the right thing and work at the library I'm not supposed it's just I mean if it was my kid I'd be like you know sweetie you might want to wait out the economics on that is right I think you said something really important it's a whole new thing and I think however it's sort of like the communication always having which is what is success and for me it's that's all it's like getting people encouraging them whatever that is whatever that looks like

► 01:22:43

you know you said this like oh you do the show whether anyone was listening or not most likely right probably until you couldn't afford it anymore let's just say but obviously I would do it just have the conversations right maybe I wouldn't do it as much if someone said hey you know every few months of physicist to come in here and sit down with you for three hours of like Yeah Yeahs do it yeah well you're bringing information to you and learning to you so for you part of your definition of success and so I guess that is the conversation because we always have this thing that's obvious thing of like success is notoriety its power its money and then we forget those other Communications about like the pursuit of something that really genuinely turns you on well I think people get short-sighted and you definitely can get success we just have money and you just have objects you have notoriety in people view it a success but if you're not doing what you love it's not pure 6

► 01:23:43

it's a different kind of success like if you really find something that you enjoy doing and then you take that like Laird has with surfing or many people have with their passions and then you become successful through that it's a different existence because it's in a it's a pure existence like when I do stand-up comedy or if I do like commentary for the UFC it's a very it's a pure enthusiasm it's genuine the cross I don't have to fake it it's I enjoy doing it that's to me I know everybody can't do that everybody feels like they can't do that or they haven't figured out a way to do that yet but if you can if you can if there's a thing that you can do like maybe I would have made more money if I went into the stock market may be able to make more money if I was a banker maybe I don't know but I definitely wouldn't be this happy there's no way from the same person I am now and I was in a fucking office all day making a hundred times as much money I'd be miserable

► 01:24:43

that's maybe when I see the thing with the girls and like I said feeling sensitive to it cuz I have daughters or just young people in general it's that conversation of like you know just keeping that definition of success open and by the way this other path that taking it like following your own instincts or desires our passions there's elements to that that are are hard or harder for sure it's more unknown you can feel insecure like it's the right thing to do when we've gone I mean in our house we've gone through that 50 different times you know it's like I'm going to do this cuz I really want to I don't know what's going to happen and I don't know if it's going to be successful I might even lose money and who knows

► 01:25:24

but that once you start to do it or you do it once or twice then you go out but it's so worth trying if you can pull it off that's the thing that if everything worth doing is hard to do everything but by the way you might pursue we pursued 10 businesses and like one is soup really thriving two are doing well and the rest like we ate it didn't cash we ate it in time we did so I think that's the other thing that's important is like a you know it's like sports how many times do you lose to you you lose a lot in order to win and I think I think that's something that for me like with my girls it's like he just try to work really hard and hear your own voice and and follow that if you can and it is scary I think it's scary when you're also a person who's had that opinion.

► 01:26:24

Force Through vigorous work over the years I mean you are at your your you are a super successful competitive athlete which is one of the most difficult things or person to do to look for your body to perform better than everybody else's figure a way to win figure a way to get points score figure way we're all these other people were also high level athletes are trying to stop you from doing it figure out a way to succeed and you got a fucking fail there's no way around it you're going to have ups and down but you're going to understand the value of pursuit of dedication and discipline and your kids are going to see that they must know their mom is a badass they have no I don't understand how son's can push against dads and he's sure there's times not my youngest and left my oldest put my middle went through a phase where it was like she was almost like I'm going to

► 01:27:23

I'm going to knock her off her prioris no like my real estate that I had that was my real estate and it's like she's a big strong kid in but then she I think she realize like oh no no no this is more about me fighting my own real estate like my mom did that because that was what my mom had to do and what she was good at and that was my thing and it was but there was a minute that I think listen no kid looks at their parent that they actually live with by the way and is like yeah they're cool I mean like if I deserted them and called like four times a year they be like it's my mom she's on the phone. I'm going to bed like you know it's like it different in any house and by the way I

► 01:28:17

I have this new thing I'm doing right now with my youngest daughter cuz she can get me like she can get me like nobody's business like they're always jokes because you two are not allowed to drive in the car together anymore like we come home from one ride from school and I'm on the mats write this kid is like cuz we're very similar and she just works me and then she work he was just you and her alone or is it with the other kids where is joe-pye like Brody will run something I just want her to have friends at hopefully you know that she's she's pretty radical and she gives you this look too while she's carving you up that's a slight smirk on her face like I'm going to kill this kid you know so and then you say I've been around I'm trying to be evolved and I don't think I'm having a B&O insulin Spike like I should be balanced in, I think I meditated this morning and I'm like 4 seconds and I'm like

► 01:29:17

okay to store years ago he got what he went down a river raft down a river and went down the rapid and got pinned against The Rock okay and it was breaking on his back and he said he was pushing on the Rock and pushing couldn't get off okay and he said he had this image of like a skeleton like on the rocking I like with the water just pounding on it you don't like the clothes all messed up and he said he he moved his foot and wiggled his foot in his whole body slipped out when I see my youngest daughter

► 01:29:54

I'm going to wake up my foot because I keep pushing and prodding and she's just coming and she's a hydraulic like it's not stopping it's not anything like she's younger than me she has more energy she's faster I mean you know until I go I'm just going to wake up my foot like literally to the point where even if I need the physical Q like if she stand there doing some of her weird shit I'll just be like move my foot just to give him a trigger like I've got a pair and I'm like against the ropes like everybody else and so and I have a partner who supports me as soon as he looks to me like that's not that strong of a game cab and stuff

► 01:30:33

so you know what will will get into it and I'll go to pick her up and my whole thing is when I talk to my kids in the morning like first thing I would say hey good morning like I try really hard to be the adult and to be the parent right like that's what I'm really want to do like I really want to show up at the adult and flawed be it I still be like at you know where I at least she's acting like an adult that that woman over there he know get me water and so she'll get in the car and I'll be back hi honey how was your day at school you know I try even the hook a fake nice tone and everything I spent almost 7 hours there I really don't want to talk about to go take a colossal waste of time I'm sorry Mom I'm not trying to be rude I just said you can't tell I don't like to talk that much it seems like a waste of time to talk to his ways.

► 01:31:34

so then I'm like another strategy at school I can be self-contained like I'm cool I don't need to go sweetie I don't care no problem I just click over a little bit into my mail like okay if I drive this car maybe I'm going to drive a little faster and like let's go and within 3 minutes somehow all the things I said I wasn't going to get lured into nothing I'm going to wiggle my foot all this like philosophical stuff I've been reading books she gets me

► 01:32:06

and she's like 95 lb and she gets me she's my only kid that gets in and it's literally like if you went into a restaurant and you said okay I'm not going to order the lasagna and the hamburger and the double fries with the chili sauce and you walk in and you go I'll take the lasagna the hamburger and it's like the one thing I said I wasn't going to do and she gets me everytime so that's something I'm always really trying to figure out and also like some back away from this lady asks you should have run your show have you ever heard of Byron Katie Jimmy got to get her she taught me a lot of stuff but it's basically likes full and men do this better of jet generally and yes there are women to do it as well as man I'm not getting it all that but it's like surrendering like maybe my kids going to grow up

► 01:32:58

and they're going to be completely different than what I thought for what they would be or my expectations and that's actually probably closer to the real the real thing so I can be that you know going through Sports I was like man volleyball is way easier than this it is it's just right it's kind of straightforward take the other line oh okay no that was did you complete that no I didn't hit the Waynoka hit the line is your 11 year old involved in sports the worst sport ever played beauty pageants on big animals parents don't think it's cute to take 6 year olds and think I would so sweet will get them we'll go ride horses cuz then they fall in love with horses and then they want better horses and then they want pretty horse pants and then the boots and my buddy's daughters

► 01:33:58

I'm really so sorry for you it's pretty heavy my middle daughter is rintoo tennis and she's pursuing tennis and I'm trying to figure out how to manipulate my young one out of away from horses and she'll say to me I know you think it's a phase and it's not make it an odd Face Body the horse and by the way frustrate you even tried this I can't believe I'm admitting this I mean I thought you guys love the animals you know like you really loved horses and what you're doing to them it's not good for the horses they land on the same foot and she's like they jump in nature they don't not with a hundred pounds on their back they don't and not they don't lie on the same like I got to try that I can't do that anymore that's not fair and then I totally

► 01:34:53

doesn't it irritate you if you are on a horse and you were more talented as an athlete or you have trained harder but your horse was in his good so you couldn't win

► 01:35:03

Compton and she just looks at me like I'm going to ride this out she doesn't care nothing about her cuz that's what frustrates me imagine if it was like I had a better gear than you so I could kick your ass and you know Jujitsu cuz Mikey was more expensive it rained twice as hard as you I've been doing it longer and maybe it was better than you know my keys more expensive so if you have a shity horse is nothing to do about it and they know they know they now so yeah I would never get into that

► 01:35:38

and I don't come from that I barely come from like if I didn't hit a white ball I wasn't even going to University never mind like you know this whole Horse World thing I had my son went to show once and I was like saying good morning to all the groomsmen like good morning sir good afternoon and like giving stink eye doll the ladies you know I was like yeah this is an upside down horse ladies are different thing

► 01:36:05

yeah I just I I really this is one of my I lose sleep over this show

► 01:36:12

it's a lot of money but that's not the part I mean I lose sleep over that too cuz I'm like they're going to kill me but

► 01:36:21

what time it is I got a kid who's into something she'll go to the barn if she if you letter 7 8 hours she'll work with the horses lunge him do all the stuff so then you're like okay well she's into something this is

► 01:36:34

I just I guess for me it's the

► 01:36:38

you know it's it's a money sport you know that weird bubble weird thing you know so that that part was like oh God how did we get here

► 01:36:50

yeah yeah that's what my friend is dealing with with his daughter how old is his daughter she's 10 horse at least I'm okay yeah yeah yeah yeah there's a whole thing of crazy. That's like well then you got a really fancy horse but it's expensive and I don't know for me that's it but they got is a parent I had these are one more of my lessons like I'm not her and she's not me and I have as much as I used to think I was so in charge of so many things

► 01:37:42

you know I think being in a long relationship I've been with our uttermost 24 years it's like you start to learn like oh okay I'm I'm not I can impact you I can influence you I can support you I can love you I can try to inspire you but not here to it's like even as a parent like I am not here to control anyone and that's a hard thing cuz when you get a little baby you control your in charge that's what you need to be and then all the sudden it's like oh you know that shift is they don't I wish people need to talk more about like the shift Dove cuz we're not objective and

► 01:38:22

do you know the tools that you need to got to keep adding tools and it's

► 01:38:27

Terry humbling do you find it easier to do on Kauai or at in California cuz it ain't different my middle daughter who's a teenager not on Kauai she looks 18 or 19 and you know there's not a lot to do

► 01:38:45

and so that's tricky they're here like she she basically lives at a tennis house and she goes she's homeschooled and she does five to seven hours of tennis her choice as of in the last couple of months so it's easier cuz there's just more productive things to do what I like is when they're little kauai's great because it's so simple but life is simple so what kids are thinking about is like playing and being in nature and likes developing also a toughness to them that may be like City kids to have it different you know cuz like they're Barefoot and they're like climbing trees and they're throwing rocks at each other and it's just like a little more Rough and Tumble

► 01:39:28

so when they're little Kawaii certainly easier and then as they get older that's what we're we're we're serve at now it's like you got to adapt and put these kids

► 01:39:37

give him a launching pad if you will because the problem is like I went to his growing up in an island it's like you don't know all that out there to dream to do and it's even if it's you know everything in life is so true about like being like The Alchemist like I even see it with Larry to take he went out into the world he's done all the stuff and there's certain things were doing and projects right back on to Kauai and in so there's always going to be that element probably I went and I I did all these things I express myself all these ways and then there's some basic parts about where I am exactly started that are still really important to me but I think it's important for kids to see like it doesn't matter where you're from or how you grew up like certainly learned I both the same way it's like you you really could try to do anyting and and pursue that if it's in you if it's genuinely and you and calling you and I want that for my kids and I don't care what that is because they have something to pick it up

► 01:40:37

stay in the light turned on did that really is what people need to really need something they love doing that's it and I think that's what kind of tools in attention around getting attention and I think people don't realize that getting attention I mean you know this for yourself it's like yeah it's great but what is it like what is it really and when you close the doors you're hanging with your people that are your clothes to it's like

► 01:41:06

you know what's making you excited for real and who loves you for real and that way of life gets great people appreciate your work that's always feels good but if you're doing it for your real reason then I already think that is a real success and we spent a lot of time working so why not have something that were fired up on and that's the thing because it's like you know it's been a long time of your life working what do you want to do a child into that direction trying to set them up in a way that they view their life as kind of a project and the most enjoyment you're going to get as find a thing that excites youth find a thing that you really get inspired by something whatever the fuck it is going to be different for you than it is for me I got to find out what that thing is but it's all the same thing once you find out what that thing is that think genuinely gels with your person

► 01:42:06

Holiday Inn your likes and your passion to run with it you can do it I think that's also we get to find like okay you were doing with this one job and then it's like okay but that job is over like it's like being an athlete or you know if you know competing competitive Athlete on an organized platform that has it a day at a time and then when that's over do you want to look back and keep talkin about that or do you want to look and see who you are now and who you like to be and I think that that's always a you know kind of an important thing to teach people especially people that have well I'm I'm a comedian I was professional athletes like okay that's cool I had some guy come with me once and say hey

► 01:42:53

I was at the golf course and I was one of my kids are hitting golf balls any good volleyball player Gabby and I was like I'm still Gabby

► 01:43:02

one of the things I've done is play volleyball if we can get to that that's even better it's like who am I and then off of this non you know as far as I care whether you're older or younger or in one part of your career or not it's like you still can always be the essence of yourself and then it's like oh and now right now I'm doing this I was in on but I'm not I'm not for all time just you know volleyball player huge problem with that that identifies being fighter so much that once they retire they almost almost all of them except for a small percentage almost all of them come back cuz they just they miss it so much they miss the excitement in the thrill and they don't know who they are without that Pursuit the pursuit is the next fight the pursuit is training camp getting ready and will they don't have that for a long time and it just starts really chipping away at them what I think to the amount of focus

► 01:44:03

to be really good at that kind of stuff or Toronto company or anything it makes sense why it's so hard to try to diversify while you're doing that it is really hard but I think it's important to quietly keep that voice inside your head going yeah but you are you beyond that expression of yourself who are you what do you how do you feel about things and also the opportunity to kind of grow up you know there's so many opportunities like 30 40 50 like to to try to and I don't mean grow up in the notion of like

► 01:44:39

you're so responsible now I mean like grow up in a way that like maybe you you change your ideas and the way you do things and you know I was I was telling her I was in the situation this week where

► 01:44:53

I thought something had gone down I didn't like the way I had gone down it wasn't to do with him and I was like you know what I'm I'm not going to attach to this like I I know better so now I'm just going to notice that it kind of bugs me and I'm not going to attach all the way to that feeling into that experience and I am for me that's more what I mean about growing up not like being in a grown up cuz I actually think it tomorrow grown-up we are also means we could probably be more childlike to for sure both so it isn't about like be responsible it's just a different Freedom so I mean I thought I would think in the end that that would be a more interesting Quest then I was a champion anything sexy and its internal but I don't know it's can be I think pretty rich weisinger ultimately for a person who's experienced athletic eyes and the highs of accomplishments but also understands

► 01:45:53

personal struggle that's when like a person like you you've experienced so many different things you can you understand what's actually beneficial towards you and it's pretty simple it's like being married to Larry like there'd is want to go to bed at 8:30 and Leonard wants to get up early and he keeps it pretty simple and I it's an interesting thing because we're in it there is

► 01:46:20

he seems pretty good I mean as long as there's sometimes waves with that guy is like that seems like that's pretty straightforward

► 01:46:30

well that's it right like how do I how do I get the highest ideas the biggest ideas you know whether it's like dealing with ego or whatever get the biggest ideas and then get everything else pretty strip down pretty simple because otherwise it just I feel like I'm running around and I'm like I loved the daytime running around like what am I reacting to look for the fight like what it what is going on like I'm like a crazy person and then it's okay you know you're only as good as like you're whatever your kids are going through it mean and then there's elements of it like they're going through things in Hugo probably pretty natural even if it's super hard

► 01:47:17

it's like and that's okay too and you don't want that for them but I think you know that's something I've really learned is like I'd caught it's a bummer that you have to go through that and it's hard to watch and I don't want you too and that's okay too cuz that's part of its really cool to see them come out the other end and then talk to you about it it's not bother me so much more yeah I was just upset but I'm all right you know what it was really cool thing I learned because I am in a listen I'm pretty

► 01:47:49

not Siri I'd say I'm pretty serious person like Larry disorder the lighter person of the two of us and someone sort of gave me some information about like not resisting with my kids like my oldest was going through something and I said I just need to tell you how I feel about this but I didn't make it a big deal I just dropped it off and said hey this I'm feeling and she said to me very clearly when she was like 22

► 01:48:14

I dishes feels like something I have to do

► 01:48:18

and I remember thinking I felt like that and nobody understood what I was doing and I understood I had to something I had to do for my reasons and I was right for myself and what I did is I just went okay I got it and where I wanted her to end up having so much quicker cuz I didn't put up the resistance and that's the other thing I mean the how long does it take me to learn that one it's like you know not having to try to resist or navigate every single situation and just go ok and then you get through it so much faster and they get through it so you're like super in nutrition and you guys have this company

► 01:49:04

my kids if they want to eat pasta and whatever they can eat whatever they want because I cook dinner so we know what dinner looks like my kids I was just know what's the difference between food and fun be clear Bagel is a lot of fun but not food because I just want to send them into the world equipped with the information

► 01:49:25

on how they can take care of themselves because if you make anything a thing don't have that when they go to their friend's house they'll have a bag of chips the clicker and they'll be like I love it here so I am like I eat whatever you want and my kids eat pretty healthy

► 01:49:43

that's awesome that they listen that way they don't listen well that they figure it out that they eat healthy just smart also okay so my middle for a minute like never met a car if she didn't like right and it was like it was bad for a minute she was like 12 13 whatever and then and she knows the difference and she was also using food to sat you know kind of situation feelings and other stuff too that's really interesting thing but then she's come around my kids listen they don't know they're watching listen you think it away learned I could be sort of may be imposing parents in some way and I'm telling you they are not they don't it doesn't they look at us like

► 01:50:37

what are you got like come on it's your move so I'm just learn like it's your choice like this is what I'm serving for dinner I don't have pop in the house obviously but if like we want some place you know I showed him a picture when they were little remember the guy who did like eat This Not That Dave with the Z For Men's Health the editor anyway it was like seven or eight chocolate chip cookies in a Sunkist soda opposite each other do you want to cookies or do you want that soda and they got it like okay cuz it showed how much sugar was in both sets of that kind of stuff but they don't it's not like we live so healthy and they listen

► 01:51:19

you know I mean Ben Greenfield right he lives in like the forest and they eat that's different to different level of control I don't have that kind of control yeah but I've got a weird thing going on out there his kids listen they must there on the forest that's what I mean I don't have that level of containment Predators like living predators in your backyard in a different kind of way I'm just saying like a Ford vs Predator don't go out there like well you know this food in a bag it's gotten you in on something good for you your cell functions like okay what friends do it so you know Predator so I just think I don't know I just think

► 01:52:13

I think I've surrendered to the idea of them listening and I just try to show them the best example and they are intelligent people that I have faith in will arrive at their own conclusion and by the way

► 01:52:27

you know they make my other choices I I don't think so though how many kids leave Kauai

► 01:52:34

like when they grow up many I don't think I think it's it's tough because it is so beautiful and magical and on some level intuitively it makes so much sense there you know what I mean like it makes a lot of sense. The food's growing there certain things that you and you go into the real world you like whoa there good supermarkets they're like $9 no for real

► 01:53:01

so it's hard but some kids leave

► 01:53:04

I would think that would be a difficult transition train going from Kauai to like moving to Chicago or something like that but shocking when you come from an island play Claire go snowboarding in like Alaska and stuff like that cuz he loves all that but I grew up in St Thomas and I'm just like so beautiful and I'm like I'm good you know but I think you don't listen island people they either like Jones for the big city or the number one tourist destination for Hawaiians you know what it is what Vegas is I really official 8 and then you have a lot of like Filipino Japanese Chinese Hawaiians so like fun gambling things like that oh yeah it's the number one like Hawaiian Airlines at their number one destination for locals they go to Vegas

► 01:54:04

it's the antithesis right I guess you see the strip and all the neon the craziness giant flashing this and that you're not really supposed to become Garden of Eden that makes sense either they know the culture shock for sure for sure they have that about living there whenever I go there I'm like what in the fuck is this I Love It I Love New York for like a week and get stuff done in New York and you're a real New Yorker there's no other place

► 01:54:47

like New York right like I can get whatever food I want exactly how I want it stacked on top of each other something goes wrong this is the worst place you ever want to be like yeah it happen. Me 200-year rain in Kauai in April what was I want five feet in a day or watch free radical so and then then we went through the fires so it's just like I think those are the fires and it rains that much until we had that you know some people do things in nature like rock climbers or big wave Surfers or whatever they're more in tune with the fact that like stuff does go wrong and so they're not assuming that it's always going to be as it always is

► 01:55:47

it's a big storms out there where they haven't had really a significant aniki which I believe is in 92 I think it was the Lark the fastest wind speed to hit land however far away are you guys as a crow flies from like the big island

► 01:56:08

he's got it you see he's got a thing for the big island what's happened to you on the big island experience or it's it's like a good medium like not quite as populated as Maui it's not as Metropolitan but it's still pretty big where is Lanai is play my favorite really quiet though it's all so overpopulated so it's like the most it's like the best ethical argument for hunting currently available in the United States of America if you want to call Hawaii the United States of America American there like you know Hawaiian Kauai is the most North so it's the other end of the chain so how far away would it be so if you're going to fly in an airplane it's an hour

► 01:57:07

call or 45 minutes because of takeoff and Landing if it was like straight like we will go on a plane it's probably 28 minutes so how many miles is that cuz you going 500 miles an hour is a couple hundred yeah it is. No no I mean it's an amazing I love it out there I really do hate Steven Tyler try to talk me into moving to Miley he loves it out there loves it yeah yeah I mean he flies around does is Aerosmith shows and does that television show and all that jazz but he loved Maui you don't love it too much I do love Maui I guess I live there also when it was like a little less populated sounds like a great blend for me it has still

► 01:58:07

what were here is crazy what do we have like 35 million people here so seldom the Mexican the Mexican you know whatever non illegal whatever I said I have a friend of mine who he's from here but he's from Mexico and I said you should band together you have the 9th largest economy in the world

► 01:58:38

and get together and have demands because you're helping run the ninth largest economy in the world well that's what's hilarious about people that want the immigrants to go back to Mexico listen stupid this thing would fall apart that's why I don't know what else is crazy about is like they're already a part of the system like why don't they get the benefits tomorrow joking you know when I go you guys have like you're making it happen but people are organized like that they're so worried about being shipped out now I see I had a friend of mine who is a veteran and he's an older gentleman he's in his 50s he got pulled over at ice it at the Home Depot they are asked him where was born and he said hey supposed to ask questions like that I can I have a warrant to do I need to start a grill in the guys he pulled out as a military ID he's like what the fuck are you guys doing here what do you think you're doing

► 01:59:38

veteran and then he starts Eagles like you guys this is illegal not supposed to talk to people like this to people that don't know and are scared I mean at fucking Home Depot you're not supposed to get harassed by some guy thinks you might be Mexican cuz your brown eyes and brown skin that's fucking crazy but it's just all so like is this really where our problems are what about these uses resources in a positive way a lot of shit that needs to get done

► 02:00:07

but that timer I mean that's everywhere I think about how much time gets spent on not doing anything and going the other direction I don't know how was it is not less of a problem though when you have a small community like why that's got to be like in a huge alleviation of frustration this is just a giant masses of people in the stupid jobs everywhere it's like you got it you guys kind of kind of boiled down to a much more natural state that's all very accountable right like if I say something to you I don't get to walk away from that I'm going to see if 50 more times that day until I got to own it if I get on that that was all lyrics biggest adjustment is cuz everything he you know does and says he is owns it and so he when he first came here and like it even driving or someone flipped him off like you just don't do that in Hawaii I know your sister like I'm a gummy to your house

► 02:01:07

where he has pulled people over and said listen like you can't go and just like drop off aggressive gestures you just don't know who like what's up with people like you got to be accountable like this like you know and I'm like okay what you cannot stop every vehicle like here it's dangerous yeah I guess

► 02:01:35

and it's true it can be and he spit again he's he's older and wiser together in his early thirties but he still has a look in his eye where it's like I don't know if you really used to that environment to everybody is accountable and then you see these just assholes be pin sticking the finger people you really said okay let's go outside they back I'm going to get a lawyer I think for him that's the weird twisty part it's like in Hawaii if they say it's okay let's go at least it's like oh, to stand up to the words I say in everything here it's like if you go okay and they got you know

► 02:02:17

I'm going to call somebody so he's like okay well which is it like I was telling my kids at my one daughter does that she'll be like really aggressive and then you if you call her on it she gets like she's the victim I don't know you have to pick up like which one are you are you like aggressive are you the victim but I don't know I think it's interesting he he will call people out every time that they are acting weird Al just say what's up how's your day today I am I go people are not accustomed to this very respectful that way and Welding does accountability and I think that's why most of the fighting it's so you know like Uncle slap boys heads and like and it's also now because of the Brazilian influence coming in now you've got you know Jujitsu and and also I think about this they're pretty strong right and and so contact they don't mind little contact like

► 02:03:17

talk about like Polynesian rugby players like it's like all fun like you know like we're leveling each other a little little contact Carol so playful so it's also like this weird thing of like I'm not I don't take myself so serious so there's like a playfulness but also like oh we're going to do you notice a big difference between like female athletes and male athletes like okay cuz fighting is a pretty

► 02:03:46

how do I say exaggerated but it's an interesting thing where

► 02:03:50

you know you have men and women's kind of differently but doing the same thing if you well I'm do you notice a difference in their mentality

► 02:04:00

well they vary so much individually that's what's interesting it's like you'll find even male Fighters her like super laid-back and then you find other ones that are really intense super emotional and it's really hard to tell like there's a there's Gunnar Nelson is guy from Iceland to know is why you cannot get that guy to change his expression it doesn't change you can punch him kick in the balls he quiste stoic it's a weird he's a weird guy he's very on one side of it and then there was like I was like Conor McGregor whose house was training partner who's on a completely different side of it he's screaming and yelling and talking shit to everybody and then that's that's part of his Flair and I would think they vary so widely in this statue with girls to some girls are Brash and outrageous and they get another girls faces and put their Knuckles on their nose and and they're at the stare-down and other girls bow and they hug and they take selfies together it's like everyone has their own sort of approach to it is very interesting

► 02:05:00

I'm I'm in fighting and intrigues me in that I think it's interesting that you're trying to be offensive and defensive at the same time dealing with fear like all all these things happening simultaneously and I then take a look at it one step further with a female because

► 02:05:20

I don't know I I'm interested to know how if if a female can fight from a not a non-emotional place but without her motion like just like okay I'm in my mail I'm in my athlete and I'm not going to be a cauchy didn't just kick me in the ear you know and like freaked out you know what I mean you know like I know you only been in one fight my whole life and it and the girl hit me in the face and when I saw my blood I was like oh no she did not just hit me in the face you know and then went crazy but if these girls can be like cuz they're so well trained as an athlete how that can supersede like or override actually like this feminine impulse of like

► 02:06:09

you don't reaction a reaction that's a masculine imposed too though I think it's a human impulse of a guy punches you in the face of furious it's so hard for people to not get emotional when they get hit because you want to get it back it's a very bad way to react in a fight to fight with emotions because you expose yourself you leave yourself open for counters you just miss you rhythm. Is deceptive emotions you too obvious in your pattern and so many times you you get hit a lot more and that's it it's a big problem with Fighters that that that emotion is very big problem and the wanted to break people like letting them hit you so you could show them that they can hurt you that's a nice thing to stupid is very stupid take it on the face on purpose and then just like come on, that's what you have that's a terrible emotional didn't get completely knocked unconscious doing that happens all the time it's just the smart thing to do is to fight with

► 02:07:09

technique and with a correct strategy meaning you have an understanding of how to execute best it's not his way didn't let bombs fly its do you have to have to be very precise in your tactics going to be very smart I think it's interesting though those Sports where there is that I mean listen versions of it is football you know living with Laird obviously you know he says he appreciates Mother Nature because it's like you make good decisions you're rewarded you make bad decisions you you pay a price but I think it is very interesting when you have to humans

► 02:07:48

strategically trying to deconstruct one another the chest the physical chest that goes on a zit like looking at it from another athletes point of view I think it's a unique person that wants to put themselves in that situation you know it's like I understand almost like you know a surfer and a wave and a rock climber in a mountain I get that like I'm going to be a part of that but I find it really interesting and even sort of I'm even more curious about women like who say like yeah this is going to be my sport very so widely like this Holly Holm lose all that cake but then it's like I'm so sorry I made you these after you don't like chocolate chip cookies it's like okay I'll get it you know when I come back from the hospital

► 02:08:48

like that they're all different I always wondered if they have brothers like where they rabble-rousing that their whole time and it was in they learn to play in it wasn't personal you know in like a little contact was okay I mean Ronda Rousey's case it was also it was very poor around her mom was so World Judo Champion your mom's appt East yeah I'm under how much she loves the WWE I wonder I was wondering when a person is like an elite athlete at the highest level taken a real one if they they still enjoy doing that because I think she enjoyed it though I think she was a fan of it before she ever got involved I think she actually enjoyed pro wrestling you know and she even though it's scripted obviously flying off of Fannin to in a round but it's scripted yes it's not a competition but then again

► 02:09:44

you can only get knocked unconscious so many times you can only get fucked up so many times and she got fucked up two fights in a row really bad the Holly Holm KO vs Amanda Nunes just punched her face and for 48 seconds it was horrific that was hard to watch and women I don't know why I like when guys are a little smaller it's easier to watch as long as they're not kicking themselves in the head I'm just saying so the big scary ones like oh my God. Just that guy took eight years off at guys you know Francis ngannou or Steve Bay miocic or these big guys nice lamps was like oh my God

► 02:10:44

it is it is a very dangerous path that you have to know when to get off and the more I don't know if I would say more so than other Combat Sports but it makes all of them all of them have a path but I think very specifically MMA has you have to be really careful because the consequences of so great there's not enough padding in those gloves are tiny little things you could also get kicked to get needed in the face album the face and once you realize the chin starts going and your reflexes start going and you're slowing down like you got to get out now got to get out and sometimes they don't get their proper advice and sometimes I don't know what else to do they don't have anywhere else to go talk to her about that cuz we have tons of friends in organized Sports so if like you have to be drafted or coach the team has to pick you up or you know whatever

► 02:11:40

and I say to him like how fortunate are you that you're in a sport

► 02:11:46

like other athletes like a snowboarder whatever that you can go you can go out if you want to ride you can go right nobody's dictating to you and if you're really smart you're managing yourself and your health and your well-being in your melon and everything else you can write a really long time that's a big difference between down in a competitive fighter 55 years of age you don't do it no chance I mean you can still train and certain aspects specially Jiu-Jitsu lot of people deep in their sixties seventies eighties train are you can definitely do that but there's at such a such a difference you know where can go out there and do what he wants to do at the same level he was able to do two decades ago I still like Claire dislike I

► 02:12:37

in this way of like when you live with somebody that sort of you know what took you giving you out you have a partner it's like in Waze there a reference to you in certain ways and so if I like living with him and you're referencing him as an athlete you're just like how a man I got to I got to get busy I got to get training I got to get moving or I would just like cuz he's

► 02:13:00

he's nonstop. Guy that's a different type you know a lot of times I'll train cuz I'm like hey I know how good I feel when I'm done and it's important and I've other stuff I need to do but I'm going to get it in and forgot I like. It's just like

► 02:13:15

what it would be like if I took an 80-pound I'm outside the bottom of pool for a minute and then try to do 15 that you know it's just like he also has a creative approach I'm more linear and psyche for time and for this and he was just going to we can't anymore it's like okay when is that girl going to end do you train with him only in the pool I'm telling you got to come with a friend and someone that you feel safe with and I'm going to be honest with you we have Fighters and trainers have the hardest time in the pool really yes and I'll tell you why a lot of them are built they have a lot of masked K like it so number one right there just the mass like him or dad to go to the bottom okay the other side of it is

► 02:14:01

they're used to doing everything quickly and the water is like awesome that you want to do a quick this is how we're going to do it and so it's a pretty cool environment but we've had a lot of it we've had Fighters and trainers and they're built for but once in August in once they get the hang of it but I think it's it's pretty special to the training because you when you're done and it goes back to I am like a noodle you're exhausted and your joints are not just hammered since is called xptz you can follow me I mean what the pool training though it's like you have to kind of do it with somebody else to show you how I think I'm good now like I I cannot swim anymore you know I can't read anymore and then I was actually one of my daughter she might have been like six or seven at the time may be younger and she would swim to the surface of the

► 02:15:01

and there's like what if we made you have wraps and you do sequencing where you're on an XLR on an inhale or whatever he'll go from like a

► 02:15:11

you know

► 02:15:13

versaclimber or a bike and have your heart rate way up and then go okay now you're going to do this out so it's like there's all these ways to adopt and it's pretty cool thing for people who trained that's the whole thing is how do you keep modified like do you get locked in like on your training or do you keep cut okay I've heard you talk while ago a guided yoga and all these things like that's the other thing is I can get pretty good at something but know how do you keep kind of adding doing things that you were sort of unsure you're uncomfortable you're not good at it I think that that's always been easier for later than me I've always heard been like one on good over here like I do this good take okay change it up you know I'm something that's been a I think that's a thing so that's that has everything that has we do a lot of breathing heat nice cuz his other thing is like active recovery people go

► 02:16:02

I'm I'm having a off it's like okay so what you going to do to actively recover not just take the day off so I think he's you know been really into that but so active recovery meeting you do some other lights for something so that you can participate in helping the body actually recover not just sit around and sitting around doing nothing I think it's I think it makes a huge difference because I don't think it's about I have to tax my my adrenals are my nervous system and it out I think it's okay I'm going to take you know a yin yoga class so the poses are along it won't be like this area of high flow class or I'm going to do multiple series of heat nice like some people going just do three rounds in the sauna and three rounds of ice or I'm going to do 35 or 45 minutes of breathing you know recovery breathing things like that to really oxygenate the tissue in the cells and things like

► 02:17:01

not so I think it's just kind of looking at what a day off looks like and making that something that you participate in in in supporting the recovery not just I laid around not having said that their days were after you die without ya great lay around like go to sleep early eat extra more calories whatever you need to do but I think active recovery even riding a bike you know flushing the system to shoot things like that I think people think you know off means like nothing and I think doing something or certain athletes like maybe get a massage. That might be the best thing you know so I think for him it's feeling it out do you guys use any Electronics like in terms of apps or heart rate monitors or anything along those lines not too too much are used to use a Fitbit layered we use is a Maxima text oximeter oximeter to like if he does breathing to see if he can get himself up to altitude so high

► 02:18:01

use that to measure and things like that but I think once you do something a really really long time you serve going my on the edger aren't I heal you sell Electronics more for speed and distance he'll put it on his boards and be like okay we went X miles and the peak speed was whatever 50 miles an hour so he'll use it more for that to measure distance on how many miles he wrote each day on the water but not necessarily micromanaging electronically all the metrics now having said that if you were an athlete where

► 02:18:40

you know little seconds here and they're made a difference maybe you would you know checking your heart rate and things like that but not not too often no don't think that like stinks like heart rate variability finding out your recovery correctly with your heart rate varies in the morning Friday today but yeah that makes a big difference between if you're if you're doing something like Michael Phelps or some like that is trying to track athlete like I feel good today and I'm going to go cuz there's a lot more natural this it's more natural thing isn't it like today and I'll just so tired because there's an interesting thing of feeling tired physically but you're actually emotionally tired because if you look at your metrics on your physical you have a lot more to give and so it's kind of been checking in and saying

► 02:19:40

what's going on for me I'm usually more tired personally that I am physically Maya she's tough but that's what I'm saying like I could be wiped out for an hour and I can hang out with Brody 13 minutes in the car and she's the Victor like you know her foot's on my hip and she's standing now in the pose and that has been my last that's one of my many lessons on going lessons is like

► 02:20:11

you can't you cannot go at everything head on and I've learned that certainly being in a marriage I developed a little bit of finesse and as a parent just kind of going like I'm here to love you I'm here to support you and I'm also going to recognize that you know you're probably not going to always do it hardly ever actually the way I I think you should or I want you to help so what made you guys start putting together the coffee and the superfood supplements and all that jazz really what happened is this a layered you say he's been in as far as long as I've known him he's had coffee come from all around he's have coffee freak and then what happened is Paul Chek

► 02:20:56

I don't know 16 years ago gave him D in his coffee and the two of those animals would be like down in the coffee while getting all jacked up on caffeine and I'll be standing at the gym waiting for them being like Oh my God I like hanging out with these two you know for the next 2 hours ramped up on on a fat and and coffee which is basically the Dave asprey concept of like Yak butter tea and and I'm fat and things like that so the bulletproof concept Soul are used to start to mess around with elements to add to the caffeine for the performance and then we had a guy

► 02:21:30

that we work with I think for about three years he had we have guys come over in the book who can you make me one of those coffees and after a while they started sending me emails like well how much coconut how much this and how much. Did he put in and our friend Paul was like do you mind if I try to put it together in a formula and I was like yeah whatever it was it with the intention of having a business and then before you know it came out and so then we are like original creamer with unsweetened there's tumeric there's hydrate products you know it's all based on things that layered really eats and uses

► 02:22:07

and yeah mushroom and blends that I actually put that tied to my coffee in the morning so I put that in and and do that so you know that's another good example of like if you're doing something cuz you really believe in it and really in that business has we're really fortunate it's we have a factory in Sisters Oregon and they built another one and do everything like no co-packing Partners we do it and now we're looking into farming ingredients and doing a drawing Factory so we can do that and put that into the product and things like that so I don't know I think it started from a genuine passion and and and came into that you know I always say to like I started I was playing volleyball at 8 on college at 17 and then I started working in Windsor doing other jobs by 18 or 19 but Laird his path has been really different and really he didn't get in surfing people like they knew maybe new Laird was you sort of always on the outside

► 02:23:06

it's it's really he was like 35 years old when someone from the outside went well that's kind of cool so 35 would be considered old I think you're an athlete and I think it's somebody who thought I I have something inside me telling me to go forward and I think that I feel that same way like people said to me like why did you do this or that I go cuz I could feel it inside it's like you know that from what you do cuz you've done a lot of different things and

► 02:23:36

and just kind of not only trying to develop that but try to trust it and say even though I've I've you know it it I don't see it all clearly right now I feel it and I'm going to just keep following that feeling and it doesn't always lead to some Grand destination but maybe that those lessons and that place lead you to the next which could be you know the place that we know brings you other things so yeah these businesses are just a natural byproduct of our lifestyle but it's pretty great awesome. Great stuff I didn't start drinking coffee towels 45 yeah cuz I was like try this one and try that and try this I like to caffeine I just wasn't into coffee take it

► 02:24:25

like yerba mate tea for stuff I get all jacked up on that stuff. Stuff you ever drink on stop whatever you're doing. You know like you're crazy so and now I've switch to the caffeine with the fats

► 02:24:46

but I I like it and I like the business aspect of it quite frankly like for me that's interesting to me. I had a podcast with Neil Strauss stop doing it and we have pain in her bathing suits cuz when we get together we were we would sit in the sauna and if you notice if you have friends over you go 8 minutes cuz you're half-naked so you're sort of there you are and so I got an invitation to do a podcast and so I thought and you and I are so very very different like really different and I thought it'd be more interesting to have us with our points of you at cuz then you also realize that as different as we are is we're really looking for the same things we're trying to figure out love we're trying to be parents

► 02:25:46

we're trying to work take care of ourselves age whatever all the stuff you're navigating and so we did that for like a year and a half it was a lot of fun and people were like in their in their bathing suits wedding at my house in the sauna in the tree fell because that's what we always called it you can't lie in the sauna like 10 minutes long now we would open the door to 20 but if you couple with ice you're so grateful for the 2:20 so I would turn it I try to turn it down to like 120 and inevitably the next day when it was our real-life Sonic nerd's like who's been messing with the doll in my song I you know it's like this whole thing and I'm like well we were shooting we can't sit in there for an hour you see people there like can I go out and they jump in the pool and then come back Inn

► 02:26:33

it was really fun I liked it because there's something like you just get right to it just do it on your own

► 02:26:42

you know what your I listen to your podcast a lot and I think to myself

► 02:26:48

very few people can do what you do I think it's really important to not only like recognize when someone does something really well cuz I don't think so I can do that it's like we know you can actually and so for me I'm very curious about people and you know I used to do a lot of TV ride interview athletes like that was more interesting to me than being interviewed because that's how you learn like Hugo okay how do you do it I know how I do it I don't need to know that I need to know what you're doing and I just think it's it does interest me but I would want to do it right and not just assume like you can do it because to do it really well is it it's a special talent show practice they sucked just so you just get better at it I know I don't get that too but I think it's just knowing I think this is important in all things in life because we like something not not maybe for me cuz I do really like this is just because we like something

► 02:27:48

doesn't mean we have to do that too like I think it's still like drilling down on you know what you want to do because when I hear you go from a comedian to like a scientist if physicists you know it's like it shows your genuine passions in all these areas and that's what's interesting I mean I always want to talk about like how do you get it done I'm so interested in how people if they can arrive at any place where there's a sense of like Joy moving in and out of their life and self-care and because when people talk about health and fitness or Wellness

► 02:28:27

I think they're off the Mark about what it really is I think for me what I've learned is like

► 02:28:34

I train and eat well just so I have a fighting chance to support any kind of happiness and it isn't just about like I'm ripped that you know not me but like the snow should have what people are putting out there that Fitness is it's like that's all great but if you still haven't figured out some of these other things as a person it's like I don't know it seems like a wrestling the wrong things so I'm always really interested in and also

► 02:29:01

and I only had to get it done but also not making it seem like it's so easy you know so I can people I always joke like when people do interviews and they come how are your children amazing and I'm like my kids are amazing too and they know pressure balls on daily basis and is not everybody's house you know our people I mean do you learn ever fight I mean we have and we haven't always had perfect you know like there's been times where was like maybe we're not going to stay together and I guess I mean that would be really interesting is to communicate in a way that's like it's not gratuitous but at least I can say you're being kind of honest about like what it is

► 02:29:49

and now like I'm almost 50 it's like even aging like having a having a realistic but good conversation about like hey how's that going you know not like I feel great I just feel great I do I feel great I'm sure you do but there are days where you moving

► 02:30:13

buy the gold Toyota he doesn't notice you know what I mean I said I said today that it was funny I had a thing like I realize like times moving and he goes

► 02:30:24

cuz he knows what that means and I'm sparing him that whole conversation without take a girlfriend conversation not one that you have with your partner I think it's important to like you know go down the hole with some other things I do observe that sometimes I look outside and I know yet this is not a conversation you when I was Laird save that for you know your your girlfriend you have so much to say I think it's like a natural progression for you to do it another podcast for Dave to do your own so much and I feel like you know because you think about yourself so much you're probably annoyed that you thinking about yourself trying to fix this change that and adapt and evolve their you know if you really paying attention while I was even a decent athlete is just like I was just trying to

► 02:31:17

I was just trying to get it and I know it's a human we can never get it and that's a moving Target but I feel like the pursuit of trying to be One's best self in the ism is probably worth

► 02:31:33

spending some time on you you appreciate your existence more I think when you are on that path I think so and I think I think especially when you had the opportunity also to do a lot of really cool stuff

► 02:31:47

I almost think it becomes a responsibility because you're not fighting certain fights like certain battles you don't even like I don't have to I have three jobs but I chose three jobs it's not like you're just trying to survive like those people it's like hey I got it but I feel like if you go like I got to do that and this and this it's like what are you doing what what else are you going to do you know I think that that becomes a worthy task and I and also like I'm trying to stay

► 02:32:21

in my I'm trying to stay married I'm trying to be a decent mom things like that and so that takes some work and I'm sure a lot of people are green right now I can't do a podcast animated ultimate hope would be that somehow and this is why I love your show because I hear it over and over and you don't say it per se of saying it but it's there always in an underlying way it's like power and love always liked be your most badass self all the time that you can have fun kick ass and

► 02:33:04

maybe be kind like for me those are the ultimate because every all the people that I see that are unlike all they could kick your ass and love you

► 02:33:16

you know

► 02:33:18

I think that's really powerful I mean I respond to that because you know

► 02:33:24

it feels important right now I think you're absolutely right I think there's a good way to end this okay thank you tell people your Instagram your your social media

► 02:33:46

describe people take care of themselves

► 02:33:48

Mahalo by everybody

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