#1287 - Rich Benoit

Apr 30, 2019

Rich Benoit is a car enthusiast who salvages Tesla vehicles typically by combining several cars which have been totaled. Check out his YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfV0_wbjG8KJADuZT2ct4SA

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and you listeners this podcast you can try zip recruiter for free at this exclusive web address zip recruiter.com Rogan that's zip recruiter.com Rogan zipper Cooter.com Rogan zip recruiter the smartest way to hire Tata Tata ladies and gentlemen my guest today this is an interesting one I heard about this guy's name is Rich Benoit he bought a fucked-up Tesla and he rebuilt it himself and you know you're like what you gonna have a guy fixes cars but then I listened to his YouTube channel and it's like this really interesting cool guy who has a YouTube channel with 460,000 subscribers for and 60 1050 actually called Rich rebuilds it a rich rebuilds and it's all about most of it is just about him rebuilding this car and how difficult it was to do Tesla doesn't make it easy but along the way reveal his

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now he's really interesting guy very smart and very funny and I was like this guy be fun on the podcast I'd like to hear that story turned out way better than I hoped the fucking guy was cool as shit I really enjoyed talking to him and I think you're gonna enjoy it too even if you're not into cars we talked about a lot of cool shit a lot of technology stuff but that's it I enjoyed it I hope you do too please welcome Rich Benoit The Joe Rogan Experience trained by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day

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boom and we're live what's up rich how are you - Poppin Baby Let's Dance for doing this I really appreciate it thank you for having me on the show man well I read about you fellow Boston native and I read about your Tesla journey and I was like this is a fucking interesting story this guy buys a broken Tesla right and then you couldn't get parts for it anywhere so how what had happened to the card had been an accident no so the I met the previous owner and he actually I was thinking was during Hurricane Sandy thought that he goes wait a minute that water level seems low enough me to drive through it and he said of driving through the water I think it got to like the almost like the b-pillar oh no it's like we're his neck is yeah she's crying yeah I know right so he thought he could fight the water he lost obviously and it was just under water and I'm like you know what I gotta try this thing and so what would Tesla do in that situation if he wanted to bring it back to them they would have to rebuild the entire car they wouldn't even do it because at that point once anything liquid you know any kind of like

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intrusion happens at an EV this right the whole car off insurance companies this like we're not going to do with too risky too risky not worth it we you aware of the Fisker dilemma at Hurricane Sandy when they had the Fiskars that were parked at the it was like add a some sort of a dock right where they withdraw tomorrow to ship the exploded yeah I'll burn the water level Rose Byrne the water got into them they just went off like they fucking fireworks the whole bunch of them yeah look he's a video of it you can watch the video of the fucking blowing up so as the water level Rose in the hurt you can see the water breaching yeah well the water gets to the cars and when it gets to the cars they just start going off like fucking fire oh yeah oh yeah I know that feeling oh yeah there it goes look at that boom boom boom Supernova I mean those are big ass fucking batteries just blowing that fuckin jokes at turns night in the day that's amazing how many they lost like 40 cards with my God

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so fuck load and the company essentially went they went radio silent yeah for like a year that's a big al to take yeah they took a hit yeah once we realized our car could just explode out that's not good what happened this get this video up I didn't look at the name of the video popped up when I type in the the Fisker explosion but this was the explosion of the ConEd plant that something different yeah that was a joke those cars but there is a video of the actual Fiskars exploding is nothing definitely pictures pictures I have a feeling the second video will be as exciting now yeah we're yeah let's leave it off fuck it more than this information set us back an hour yes that's the cars that's what was left of them wow they all fucking blew up it's a beautiful car though Fisker did a great job of making car that looks really good right but you know it's funny I think the back ends kind of ugly do you think the front is like a fish The Backs kind of ugly and then actually have you ever driven one no I've been in one know when you drive one you'll be like ah I

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why this didn't work out well Justin Bieber had all Chrome one I remember that yeah does he still have it though but you still have it he prayed he probably doesn't even know yeah he probably doesn't know this point you know the my money that dude myself probably has no idea if he has that car no kidding got tucked away somewhere but what do they drive like they just it's not really great cause it's not really a driver's car yeah it's a 2+2 the this center cap just think yeah closer to sorry that I'm sorry it moves around if you want to take away the the center console super wide it's a super awkward car and drive and it's not really good at really anything you know it doesn't styling wise I'm like there's there we go yeah so you think that back and looks ugly I don't feel like it that much no no I like but you know what's funny the chromosomes look that bad some guy got arrested in Germany they pulled him over and compounded his car because he had a gold shiny wrap on it right was it to reflective or something but see now in Center Stack Up on Sunset like a yeah yeah they'll let you do that in America but in Germany they like fuck off

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it took the chitra you know they're like harsh cold stoic folk you know they don't want you doing that and then I don't want you flexing too much over there not too much I bet they were like reluctantly or making cars like super flashy feel like American markets and shit I think so too I you know I wonder you think so I don't know I don't know it may I wonder how much of an influence it has like if you could leave them to themselves right what kind of cars are that yeah yeah because I feel like so much of it is like market-driven but they when it comes to like engineering and handling like goddamn German cars haven't nailed they really do everybody will nail you know what the Americans are they were trying to sneak up and get clothes for a while but I mean like the Germans just it's just a standard the only weird microplace with the Americans fuck with it is like have you ever driven a Camaro ZL1 I have yeah there that's a Preposterous car it's an awesome

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car so amazed I have a Corvette ZO6 which here and 0 6 6 which is you know the ls seven seven liter and it's an insane card by today's standards only has like 505 horsepower funny but like it's not a lot it's a mean it's a mean car the car put you on your ass really quick man to a man our friend Taylor out there was telling us that they put a Tesla in ludicrous mode on a Dyno and it had some insane number of torque is like 900 pound pound feet of torque right and somewhere in the neighborhood of a thousand horsepower and the dino could barely even read it a lot of times even go that high in a lot of cases yeah they're insane cars man I'm telling you the Americans know how to do it now I think it's interesting that you know people don't realize is when they see a Tesla it's a fully American car yeah I didn't realize that they're just like oh it's probably something like you know German or like Japanese car but the car is a hundred percent made here is this it right here Jamie yes is this the witch

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model is this if you wanted to be 100 so that's the biggest one so what does it say on a Mustang Dino

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somewhere cool little boys will tell you this Tesla up here figure out how fast she goes I think I can get it to jump yeah I know I think it'd look at them he it even almost jumps off the dyno at this point there's so much torque

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yeah it's a very very very powerful car

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but I've tried to describe it to people especially people that never driven electric car I'm like it doesn't even seem real it seems like it violates physics so how do you like yours by the way I know I know that Elon Musk came here and Bamboozled you into buying one pretty much how dare you I love it I love it it's great isn't it makes other cars seem stupid right that makes and I love cars oh yeah I know you're a car guy I've loved them I love cars I don't even drive that fast I love mechanical engineer Excellence I love the when people figure things out right now which is what brought me to you I love the fact that you took this car that was fucked up right and you refuse to let it go you like I'm going to figure out how to fix this fucking thing how much did you buy it for it was 15 grand just to be clear on something I'm not like some like Evil Genius or Brainiac this was driven by my cheapness because I didn't want to spend the kind of money they were asking for one right so so basically this car is like 15 grand and the whole sort of started with my friend came over

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he actually had a job at Tesla and he's like buddy listen did he's crazy cars I know you have a ZO6 but this car is faster than that you're going to love this thing is like that electric crap box I don't want anything to do with that whatever right he brought the car over great looking car I said all right and I'll take it for a drive or whatever and the thing was amazing right amazing car so I was in tech and I'm just like listen like you know like how much is this thing cost like I make decent money whatever I'll just throw some money at it he's like listen this will cost about a hundred twenty I said you know what have a nice day I'm not buying that shit and then he so he left and I thought to myself like every night I was like you know I got to get my hands on one of these cars man I gotta get one like you know sell a kidney whatever is still a testicle whatever I can do and it's I was searching online and you know at what happens is whenever a car gets messed up

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whenever a car gets as I say total in a way and it's a total loss and insurance company will take it and they'll kind of auction it off to like the highest bidder so I went to an auction site and I saw one for sale was like you know 15 grand they said it didn't run or drive and it was in a flood just like 15 grand I could do that it's a piece of cake man throw some money at it whatever hard can it be you stick in a bag of rice right side up he's like - you know each other - right right your enemy it's like that sucks doing a bag of rice and you get to go so I figured I'd do just by more rice for this thing and I got it home and I was like you know what this is I got myself into some shit here because this it was a lot more work than I thought I was going to be so you didn't sight unseen you practice it no presidency and that's the way it is the most times I don't really let you on the auction lots too often so they took five photos of it it was some from the interior some from the side and one under the Frank and I was just like I could probably do this right no big deal so this begins is Project which takes how long from to

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completion I think it took me about maybe six or seven months or so of straight work know so I have so I was working at the time and I think only between the hours of like 7:00 p.m. and like 11:00 p.m. like every night cheese and then weekends for a few hours until I figured it out yeah so goodbye social life pretty much yeah I was I was a Hermit for that for those months and what actually ended up doing was so I had the car right so I was freaking out because my wife was just like how much was that thing like yeah but I mean of course yeah she had a divorce papers ready pretty much and oh they're him is that it no no different one that's fucked up yeah that was really messed up now I couldn't say how much did you get that one for that one was about the guess for Grand 20 grand I paid for that yes what yes the things total yeah I know but these kids are so valuable man really because you know why it's the The Battery Technology on the motor technology that Tesla's

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everyone's just dying for that stuff man so any any any wrecked I saw that you find minimum and I'm still in the secret sauce here minimum worth 15 grand even if it looks like that dead serious that's insane what that thing does doesn't even have doors yeah which is no winter I took the doors and took the doors off but the battery pack is still in there right and the modes that you want and the motor was still in there to do people take those and put them in like old cars or anything yet absolutely yeah it's a he that's the new generation of hot rodders because you saw something like that about a Mustang I was like a 65 66 Mustang that was electric but I didn't know what training used so you know how you're a Gearhead you know this the ls swap they put literally an LS into everything yeah I have a landscape Land Cruiser Toyota Land Cruiser with one LS swap oh shit so that's the new LS swap basically so the Tesla motor is the new LS what everyone is swapping a Tesla Motor until you know Volkswagen bugs into Audi's into into portions

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the to everything well I know they people are doing LS swaps in the 911s and Porsche people are losing their fucking minds I now take an old air-cooled cars yep which are really notoriously difficult to get to a high horsepower exactly because those are cooled cars like you can only get them like around 400 plus horse probably start crumbling unless you're singer right well they've got that insanely engineered new one what is that called lie no wait either way it's going to cost you like you know damn near $100,000 yeah 80 power something Dynamic lightweight something it's the most gorgeous looking of Those portions of ever seen ever sandwiches and they built that one up to 500 plus horsepower right that's a hundred how much that cost though that's the thing fucking million six actually a million 6y1 that's a giant house man that's a that's a house with land you might have a wait actually that's not true in La that's not a house no the L is not the real world what is that 67 Mustang needs Tesla AVR Motors all-electric muscle car

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fuck that's a 68 that's a good-looking to that's one of the best-looking rear ends of any car ever an awesome-looking cock fuck that looks incredible two point two zero to 60 you go what the fuck so that's the new that's new at so there's it's gonna cost you a ton of Mark that yeah it's gonna cost you a ton of money to recreate that same look God you know what yeah well hasn't screen to look at that's so weird though to not shift a muscle car I think I think I'm out I'm out I'm backing out backing out the way but you love your Tesla they don't have that but it doesn't look like that would be a super ultra poser right the door handles come out like a test all the way that's a Tesla door handles fuck off next no no there's a company that does it's a company called rev ology that makes old like 1966 to like 68 Mustangs but they do it with all new parts right and modern technology

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pretty much not though because it's a new car there they buy the full that's a that's actually a brand new car that's never existed oh really yeah so ground up boom ground up built they buy the whole you know because it's I think it's called a unibody construction is that what it is there's something the way that these Mustangs are constructed the body's built into the frame and they bought this company sells them like completed versions of the body kit that a perfect with perfect tolerances right so like that like it's going like that's one the 67 Shelby GT500 what's the price of oh wow stupid expect yeah yeah it's not going to work it's like to Teslas yeah pretty much yeah but they're dope it's dope as fuck if you look at like what it looks like go down see some pictures of it Jamie you get a better a better sense of it but this guy is so that's ground meticulous yeah this company is very meticulous I'm been following their stuff for quite a while what they do is really incredible that's an all met all-new sheetmetal like everything's new but

► 00:20:07

has killer breaks and it has a modern coyote Mustang engine and write 500 yep so it's a 460 horsepower engine and these old badass muscle cars and that one's the GT500 that was actually my per charge that is a 600 horsepower engine did it's dump their fucking gorgeous they're gorgeous cars they're really pretty so what would you think about someone dropping an electric motor one of these things see I love it look I love I love people doing crazy shit but it's not for me yeah I need to shift if I'm driving that thing I got to pretend I'm Steve McQueen I hear you and I want to say something so what do you think about the new you seen the new Tesla Roadster right gorgeous what do you think about I love isn't yeah but it's there's from the bottom up you know I'm saying it's like I don't mind not shifting in it that thing seems like it's gonna literally punch a hole through space-time okay man I think so too I think they're looking at it like zero to 60 in like one point something II yeah I think it's 1/9 and that's what they're saying it's insane that's bizarre I know it's crazy when you feel it in the p101

► 00:21:07

d mine like everybody that I get in the car and I stomp on the gas they like they can't believe it the fuck yeah they can't believe that these are around you it's like it's like vampires being around people or people that just leap to the top of buildings now walking around wrecking regular until shit goes down yeah no they're absolutely amazing cars man and I think that's that's what the main reason why I was like I gotta get one of these man so what was the struggle initial struggle you have the car you take it apart and what did you see writes pretty much I was kind of taking my time because I knew there was a point where I couldn't fix the damn thing and I'll just kind of wasting everyone's time was like hey is this thing almost done I was like yeah babe don't worry about it we're good don't worry your money safe and there's a certain point where I took everything apart and I was like all right cool I found a dead fish in the back of the car so actually you know what the turning point was whole thing was that the turning point was I realized it was salt water and not freshly so you know what salt water does to stuff right so it just it just kills everything so

► 00:22:07

90% of the car was kind of toast and I said to myself all right I'm gonna call Tesla up you know by a motor by a battery pack I'll be good you know what I mean maybe I'll spend like 20 grand for a battery and like maybe ten for a motor I'll be pulling for 40 it's still cheaper than a hundred right so so I called them up and you know they were like hey how's it going man I was like hey you know what crazy thing happened right so I bought this test was underwater and I need like a couple of things either battery I mean like a motor you know just just tell me those things it's fine like we're not going to sell it to so why not because you have no capability of fixing the car yourself you know you're gonna get yourself killed it's not going to work you know give me your VIN number I gave him the VIN number they're like no that cars listed as Salvage that thing was underwater we're not going to help you and they hung up the phone pretty low yeah so like this is the crazy part two is that they know

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you know I'm putting my conspiracy theorists out on they know where every single car is they know what it's doing they know if the air bags went off and if you farted in the front seat they know everything about these cars right so pretty much when you give them the VIN number you know the cars are always connected back to the Mothership to give you the status in the car so they have going on so you know if you try to hide from you just you just can't do it hmm so so I had the I had the car and I said to myself you know what this is going to work I got to figure something out so what I did basically I bought another car for 15 grand and I was like I got to swap this stuff over so I saw Theresa the other one that you bought for 15 grand everything worked well it wasn't a front-end Collision okay it wasn't a hard front-end collision and so the frame is bent or something frame was bad thing was toast and I just took all the electronics from one of the other how do you check to make sure that everything is damaged Gwen what that's a good thing a lot of the wiring harnesses were cut right in the front end collision car but the interesting part was that in the flooded car the wiring harnesses were still good for the most part

► 00:23:56

the front really so what I did was I mean meeting not broken or torn or haven't been connectors I just took those connectors off and actually clean them because I couldn't get parts you know from Tesla my took like the wet wiring harnesses that were all corroded pulled them out got like you know a Q-tip toothbrush and all that stuff but he claimed them with so I cleaned them with with baking speaking soda and like a wire brush and I got a toothpick to really get in there and like cleaning the contacts and stuff I just rinse them out with water but this time your wife is probably like what she's pissed so fussy because I noticed we're missing $30,000 for my bank account and that two cars that don't work exactly two friends don't work you know and there's a $30,000 missing from our bank account like what's going on here so it was just it was painstaking but eventually you know I got the job done then so when up doing was so 30 grand right right I told my friends Hey listen you know I'm in a mess here and we're building a test on the just like you know you're an idiot you're not going to figure this out like no one's doing that

► 00:24:56

was years ago this is when the cars were still kind of coming onto the scene and they weren't as popular as they are now and like you can't fix that like you're an idiot you can't do that I've seen your work and so yeah so after a while you know I took all the parts from one of the other got one running and then the parts I didn't need any more like the the the old battery pack and some of the action so there were some parts of the battery that we're still good so I actually sold those parts like online and on eBay and stuff like that and then I sold at the motor he had water in it someone give me five grand for motor they had water in it that's all valuable these parts are wow so that was he plan on doing the same thing the cleaning it out I have no idea to this day I don't know so I think he had in the same situation I think he brought it home to his wife he said hey look what I got probably slowed his house and so after all that so all the parts added up getting the car have now for about six grand

► 00:25:57

so you take the engine and is that one of the four wheel drive ones the ones you have this was just a rear-wheel drive one and you'd so it has just the rear engine the single motor yep one engine and so you take those out you put it all back in your place the wires and then it's good to go what about the computer what about like all gosh so pretty much the computer thing was interesting because there was like all Tesla again right I was like hey buddy like this car is like 99 percent of the way there do you know do they know who you are at this point they still don't know who I am nor do they care they said probably don't care who I am but but did you say hey man remember you hung up on me yeah hey yeah right still doesn't work all of a sudden work right so the tough part was I had to so remember I had no had no key for the car oh so I was like hey I need a key you know what I mean like help me out here hickey and they were like you the same idiot that called my yeah I need the key they're like we can't as I stated

► 00:26:57

before we can't help you because you know this this is a salvage car so you're on your own so what I did was I actually in the in the GPS screen because the screen turned on the the guy still had the home location so I pushed home on the GPS screen found the guys address right this is creepy I got gets creepy right finally guys address and I was like hey you know can we call them up I was like hey did you own like a white Tesla by chance and he's like who is the yeah I own one I was like yeah so I bought it and I need the key do you have the key to the car and he's like no I don't have that like what do you call me for like I don't understand like why I'm rebuilding it I'm putting the electronics from your card or another and and I want to figure it out he's like you know what I can't help you don't have the key and I was like damn it sucks you know because you know I have a family and stuff and you know I really kind of gave me the sob story like you know right you can we look for it help me out would be good

► 00:27:57

and we started talking about General topics and he's like you know you know I know you're a car guy that's awesome I had a had a ZO6 once and also hey I have a zero six two and he's like yeah it was it was LeMans blue and I was like Hey Minds LeMans blue and he's like what year is it I was like it's a no 6 he goes I sold that same car or car like it like two years ago to a guy in Florida I was like I bought the car from a guy in Florida who is our bonding so it turns out I actually owned his old ZO6 that's insane yeah it's crazy right what are the odds of two human beings on the planet you own both of this guy's Carl's is guys cars it wasn't it was insane so he's like listen he goes it's awesome you know I'll see if I could I'll see if I could find you know the key friends that dude now nobody ever talked to get after sounds like you should be for know what here's the reason why so he's okay right well one was super creepy for me to call the guy right number two when I went you know I went kind of Silent for a week he called me back and said buddy I found the key oh found the key to the car I was like awesome dude like you're fantastic

► 00:28:56

the send you an envelope to your address so you could kind of give me the key and he's like yeah yeah great great great how about like 600 bucks and I was like broheim we just bonded over the fact that I own both your cars what you doing to me here 600 yeah 60 I remember like you know to a lot of people that's nothing but like to me like I was trying to be the cheapest crappy funds a bit much 600 bucks yeah that's a bit much that's a lot of money and I was like Hey I was like you didn't the key didn't exist to you as of a week ago but now the only can make money from it like now you are going to bucks and he's just like you know did it off started talking again and he goes how about 400 bucks and I was like you know what guy I'll just give you the money take the damn money and blood money yeah right exactly right so I I sold I sold my soul pretty much yeah he did yeah he's got that blood money no but I shouldn't have I feel like I was I shouldn't have taken it I would have rubbed that money on my balls no go bro make sure you sniff that

► 00:29:56

it's like I get he's just being a dirtbag right but no but after that got the key and it's that's what it is and then the cars running and driving today so as soon as you got the key you're good do you have one key or two just 100 if I lose that I'm screwed can you make it does the phone were like your app does it work on the car nope damn no that's big the Apple big huge yeah I like school then could get the car to come to you you can sum it income yeah you could park like like literally than an inch on each side right that's become that's the that's the that's the problem is that I feel like what the test looks I have a model X now I have the SUV now and that's the ultimate Flex Tiffany haddish had one and she had it in the parking lot The Comedy Store and she had it dancing really we're filming Outdoors kind of go up and down and stuff to the music and Jazz out in front of the car Destin her night dancing it everybody's dancing they're filming it was hilarious moment and it's funny because I found myself I feel like this car is ruined me as a person right like I met typically like pretty

► 00:30:56

person but like having like a Tesla the fact that you could push a button and the car comes to you is like the biggest like it's a douchebag move because honestly we were doing we were like getting into our cars like peasants for years yep you know and one day I was at the gym and I was looking at my car from you know from you know from a distance and I was like you know what I really don't feel like walking all the way to my car today how far it was probably like the distance from you to me it wasn't even that far as like it's like a glass in between us and I'm like you know what come to Daddy come to Daddy push the button the car is backed out everyone's like well that car is driving itself I was like yeah that's me push the button open the door got in I just drove off yeah when I take it and I put it in auto drive that's when it really freaks me out yeah we did you use that often alter the scale - yeah it scares me it scares me but I keep my hands right there but it is freaky have you tried to kill you yet no okay that's no does it coming it really always keep my hair in there but I'm I'm always amazed what one thing I'm concerned with is I think I'm lowering my

► 00:31:56

hard yes absolutely I'm letting the car do too much absolutely because when you drive like one of the reasons for road rage is when we're driving around we don't know who the fuck's next to us and we're going very fast and requires like the ability to think really quickly so your brain is in a heightened state of awareness and then someone does something stupid like that smile the fucker right Hugh facade asshole yeah Arrangement exactly that's what that's for the rage comes from but it lightens that almost maybe too much because I think you do need to be a what she's costing the mile and right I think you do need to be at least aware that some shit could happen any moment when cars are flying by you know the 70's please so you don't take your hands fully off you know I got drive itself really yeah just put my hand on it I don't take my hands fully off but if you do you can only do it for so long it'll start to warn you complained like hey what's going on here buddy but apparently some dudes tried they say that didn't work I talked to one of those dudes who did that that experiment apparently that experiment didn't work yeah the orange yeah these aren't that word orange I think I might work man I think what does work better is like they said I like a

► 00:32:56

lightweight like if you take like like a lightweight and put it on like a rubber band you hang it there was a you know what's funny there was a guy that was selling that you hear about that he was selling like it looked like a it was like basically a weight that went around the steering wheel and it actually had the perfect amount of weight balance to make you think that your hand was still on the wheel right people were buying it there it is and Tesla autoplay buddy - yes mag relaunches has a phone mount yeah so that's a some so we had that right he was selling it and it was like 300 bucks and then you know they were like you that's illegal you can't do that you're bypassing like a safety device of the car so then what he did was he came back again with a Vengeance made it a phone mount he's clever he's clever yeah that's a smart move although I'm not sure I support it yeah I don't think I do either that's kind of that's a little bit much don't think it's ready for that yeah it weirds me out it wears me out because the other thing is the other people are not going with auto drive so you're around you're going auto drive and all these other people are just driving

► 00:33:56

yeah and I think when everyone's driving together you kind of in tune with each other all this assholes trying to go really fast right get the fuck over take this guy right yeah let me pass this K you're aware of when you're just when your Auto driving it's like you're like like a cyst right in this moving yeah like ecosystem thinking right all these people be calculating each other but it's probably ultimately like if you talk to e Lonnie says it's way safer and then it's the future I hundred percent agree with them absolutely obviously hates fun yeah because what would you do that somewhere else don't forget righty Lanka talk all this shit he wants remember he had a McLaren F1 yes he did and I still has a Jaguar E-Type when those really old ones like a 69 with the wrong shark no longer yeah he's oh so happy so he at heart he knows the deal yeah I mean but he didn't make that car that fast for a practicality know it makes no sense the same reason he made a fucking blow torch exactly right right so silly person is not a flamethrower we know that it's not definitely silly super genius

► 00:34:56

so obvious what do you think and all the best ways yes right only good ways I never say anything bad about him of the guy he so how so glad he's alive I am I'm glad he's a real thing no honestly and I host a degree I get a lot of crap from people online saying I'm an Elon Musk hater I'm a test later could I could be critical sometimes you know what I mean but it's like the guys because a damn genius behind damn genius damn genius and critical is important guys like you were important it's very important to hear what other people think if it's reasoned and intelligent right I can help you even if you don't like hearing it right so I got to keep I mean he's a genius but sometimes you to keep the company and check the cars are phenomenal cars they're phenomenal cars and they weren't always now absolutely not yeah and what they were when they first came out like you aware of the whole thing with Top Gear yes that was crazy that it would being shady yeah super Shady yeah they were running down the car died they wanted to bash the car which they could but like for stuff like that like I'll stick up and say yo hey yeah can't keep doing that and he

► 00:35:56

you got pissed he loves it that's his baby yeah he's soothe baby I think he lost because I think the way their show is structured that was entertainment yes Taemin Taemin incredibly damaging to the company because it made it look like I don't know why they did that there's a couple things that they the Top Gear did Miles like why would you do that right that wasn't sound of some people remember they their focus is on petrol or gas-powered cars like when it went in EV comes along and it's actually pretty damn good in a lot of cases people just like shit yeah that this thing win especially back back in the day when that was going on right and that was a long time ago I was in 2012 I think yeah 2013 yeah so you get the key from this guy's car right you can't use the app right so you have to rely on the software in the state that it's at there's no software updates no so here's a his a long story so get the car going everything's great in order to get mask masked from the Tesla system so there's a certain system

► 00:36:56

the test signals are all their cars are right and make a disabled whatever they want they can do whatever they want this you shut you down exactly so I had to reach out to like this Tesla black hat hacker pretty much oh Jesus you don't go to the dark web and go to the deep dark web and and he was able to mask tussle from seeing the car which is why I can't have the Tesla app oh so he masked that so he got into the actual software itself in the actual software tell guy's a genius thanks Phil switched 1 to 0 exactly but the bit and then it was able to be the car could supercharge the car could do everything wow and a car gets updates to its great oh it does it does get updates yeah and Tesla doesn't know it's getting updates no you know it's funny shouldn't say that yeah I'm just kidding now they they know the deal and here's here's the problem with that is that people love these cars a lot man yeah I love these cars you know hence me I'm picking the car if I got dirty Lake your I mean fixing this thing you know what I mean so it's it's a lot of the times it's in their best interest

► 00:37:56

interest I believe to help people out a little bit Yeah but but no the things that people go through these cars is insane man people just did his love them my my take on it is that what they have is this ingenious company with this mad genius scientist who's running it who does a million other things at the same time right and they don't have enough people to deal with someone like you they're probably just don't they don't have a like a section of the company to deal with someone like you they'd remember when he was working when he was they were trying to put out the model 3 and he was working 16 hours a day and sleeping on the floor like a tree yeah pretty much shit that don't make any sense yeah like what the people you know it's funny people it doesn't make any sense but people love the company and they love this guy so so Sigma that when he was working 16 hours a day and he was sleeping on the floor in the factory right you know it was a big sob story a billion years before the factory a bunch of Tesla owners rallied together and they purchased a couch for him to sleep on like tens of thousands of dollars

► 00:38:56

what kind of couch is the buffered a nice ass couch was it yeah BB the way like they rallied and they purchased a couch for him and like I made a video on it I said to myself you know what this guy's a billionaire yeah b-but the fact that everyone rallied together to help this guy to show that their support yeah it's great people are hand over fist for this company made our heels it reminds me of apple back in the day how you know I remember there was a guy God bless his heart who was one of the editors on Newsradio the sitcom that I was on the 90s and he was such an applehead that he was like he was talking about it like it was a sports team he was talking about it well I think we're really going to get those PC guys on the team when the new MacBooks come out I keep but he really said something to that along those lines I think we're really going to pull ahead like who's we Maddie Doozers we're all together yeah they were on this weird little tribe Mac and this is the same thing but you know what you know picture the Apple fanboys

► 00:39:56

hmm the Tesla Fanboys times 10 that they live in it like an apple you live in it's you know I'm is 10 because I've been at work in his not because Apple has the technology aspect of it like it's great you know Android socks I have an Apple phone okay perfect perfect but for Tesla's you're talking about technology see if the tech nerds you're talking about sustainability as well for the green people greens you have the tech and the green people and and once they join forces for the scariest force on the Earth right it isn't like War like guns and stuff it's actually Mac owning Tesla vegan owner the scariest thing the way really scary thing in the world because they'll tell you all about it a party oh well you get cornered you get corner but like they say it and it's and I've started with that'll in a lot of cases because whenever I say something remotely negative about Tessa like hey I think Tesla could do a better job here they're just like you're just a gas head I know you own a ZO6 you work for big what someone acutely working for Big Oil

► 00:40:56

now you do yeah what will you do some ACT how do you work from think oil bro what does that mean you work for Big Oil yeah you you're a part of the Illuminati yeah pretty much that's like I just yeah she worked for Big Oil Big Oil what does that what does that mean how much could they pay you to first of all I got before people would realize it all sudden you're walking around with like diamond James Bond shit like a big move to a giant mansion right he still fixing cars yeah right here you know I got another thing oh yeah right right I'm making billions for Big Oil Bike by a gas car go to Shell shells great I don't understand how people think that that whole she'll thing works they just get like a monthly check I don't understand like hey Rich say something negative about us every once in a while give you a check for two three I gotta get that big oil check I suspect that what it is is similar to what my friend who was really addicted to Apple yeah I think you just get on your tribe and that's my thing I'm all about Apple as you can't windows are bolt it's bullshit when this is bullshit do you want to play what are you gonna fuck with the config files honey get in there and then use daus get out of here yeah you lose

► 00:41:56

a loser but but interesting because people like us are very different because we could appreciate both you have a phenomenal collection of cars thank you and then you eat through a Tesla in there but you love both yeah if you love the driving you love the driving aspect of your Porsche you know you love you know the the silence and the desire to 60 of your Tesla to so you could we could be part of both camps but a lot of cases they're only it's Camp Tesla and if you're not with us you're against us silly yeah I have a Windows laptop and I have Apple app to all you do yeah both really yeah you know why why because Windows has more options and when you have more options you get better configurations you get better keyboards right like I haven't Lenovo ThinkPad oh no dude they're the shit yeah it's way better to write on right like the tactile feedback and the travel distance and the keys is so much longer I just know where you're typing it for me as a writer when I'm writing like I'm writing standard for some like that it requires less thinking because my fingers just find the keys easier I mean like 10%

► 00:42:56

plus easier too big to end and I bought an older Apple laptop to I bought a 2015 a refurbished one because their keyboards were Superior yes the new ones are so low profile people think they're terrible it's the shittiest fucking keyboard of any computer that you can buy today is a new Macbook Pro and they got busted for that because now because their keywords are so shitty if it take them back now yeah they didn't recalls in the keyboard while they do have a new patent that they put out for a variable height keyboard where the key travel will vary in the key resistance will very interesting yeah there's a new patent that they filed for it doesn't necessarily mean they even have the technology for it right that sounds expensive I don't know why well I mean if it's something you could press with a button that just raises the keys up that would be like a solution because if you think about the flatness of the key the ideas they want to keep a low profile to this laptop right make it thin and sexy which is like fucking whatever yeah because the I don't have the ThinkPad with me but I have a the X1 Carbon it's super super nice

► 00:43:56

do nothing right and the battery life is excellent six months dude it's a fucking great laptop right so apples just they're just only apple and the problem with that one company only selling laptops is you just don't have enough variety now there's not enough people that are offering challenges to it they don't have any challenges in fact their biggest challenge is the Huawei mate book while way basically stole their idea and but made it way better right they made oh I see what you guys are doing you guys are fucking up I'm going to do it the same way we're gonna make it with better keys right we're going to have no bezels on the side of the screen and you know everyone's concerned about security well we're just going to have the webcam pop up as a key have you seen that no I haven't no dope sounds Next Level shit I want to see why way am I saying that right that's it come on bro Oh shoot that's dope as fuck look no bezels no bezels no no room for the webcam and it has great keyboard travel to I think it's like 1.5 millimeter key travel which is if you are a person who writes all the time

► 00:44:56

I need to get my thoughts out I'm stupid you write a lot yeah I write a lot stand up yeah and I just write things and I extract stand up from them and all right but when I write I don't need to be fucking with the keys man so why do you use your Mac then you this all these Pros about the about the PC but why do you cause I like to have both I use that when I travel because I don't write as much when I travel but I like to watch movies go to that yeah pops up right how about that that's the F6 key or it looks right up you know son pretty wild that's good because of weird because that's the biggest thing is like when you're you probably have like a Skype meetings or whatever Google Hangouts the worst thing in the world is like the camera turning on automatically that's a lie right there that image is a Lie the same go back up there is not what it was no yeah no that's impossible that's not even the right Viewpoint yeah that's ridiculous ones that good-looking yeah she's pretty hot yeah yeah but it does pop up man that's insane so that's that's a thing because look if there's like a Mack yep it looks just like a Mac accept

► 00:45:56

is more key travel right more comfortable and that upper right-hand corner that power buttons also fingerprint reader oh fuck it I'm gonna buy one right now the the shit I would use one but you don't have one no why not I have a little-known of oh yeah yeah just great to ever that mean this is just there there it's all just better options really difference is Windows is not as good as Mac OS but it's not that much worse now it's really not it's pretty fucking close Windows 10 is pretty fucking good and see what this run what is around windows or some windows Windows 10 Windows yeah Windows Windows 10 yeah just on Android no that's a little sad day right there would have to be one of those Chromebooks I was going to run Android which apparently is very good the Chromebook designs are really nice to very nice and you can get one super cheap right and the battery lasts like three months yes forever and if you just putting documents you put them in your Google Docs in the cloud you pull it up instantaneously drive now it's great yeah but why always the weird company man like I don't know what I feel about them I'm buying into all this government propaganda about the Chinese

► 00:46:56

yeah spying on us yeah it's Fe spying on your phone down well dude I've had my credit card stolen my number stolen three times this year why how I don't know never happen to me yeah well I think more money you have the more stuff you could still maybe yeah maybe people find out that's it's annoying though I got a charge but I have an app on my phone that shows me the charge and it was during a podcast while I'm like well that definitely wasn't me yeah no definitely they get you would like $10 once a little three dollars $10 test the waters gonna start quad microphones accurately pick up sound from four meters away with the way but it's a real spy on him yeah what they're not telling you is the microphones are always active always on yeah just like your phone there I was listening to you know government bro translates to bully people oh great Microsoft translator hear about the new TVs hear about the the LG TVs that was spying on constantly listening yeah arborization wonderful and they told you if you want to have a private confidential conversation don't have it in front of the TV what they're basically saying

► 00:47:56

if you bang your wife in front of TV that's interesting yeah does have cameras on them laughing here we'll shoot yeah they have cameras yeah I think it like streams that cheating is like a sex mode after a while everyone just going to watch everybody do everything I really I really think within a hundred years that's going to be the case that's the case now man but I think it's kind of loggers and like you know I'm on YouTube you know that goes like everyone wants to see what are you doing now what are you doing now right and get a video last week is going on what you doing now yeah you know it's it's but we accept is way different than what our parents accepted or what their parents accepted and I think with our children except is going to be way more different and then what their children accepts can be we're like two three generations from above just being ridiculous where there's no privacy how do you distance yourself because you're a public figure right how do you distance yourself like where do you draw the line for privacy I guess you could say the real problem was when you're eating man when people like come up to you while you have uh I'll have a kid in my lap and I'll be eating food and talking to the kid and someone will literally come up to me and try to

► 00:48:56

picture of you with me asked me to take a picture with me I'm going to come on man we're all out eating at a restaurant like this is like you know just say hi yeah say Hi man and I always tell people when I'm done I'm leaving I'll take a picture with you but you can't you can't just interrupt dinner that's insane but it's just it's just people think like they don't get a picture with you right now you get it right now now now now for the don't care I'm going and I'm going to school right and they don't care I mean and then they'll say hey that's the price you pay for being famous well it's like no that's not true that's it's crazy look this is the deal the deal is some provide something that you enjoy whether it's stand up or thing and I appreciate that you enjoy it right but that's our exchange all the other stuff I don't like anything else it's like meeting me at a restaurant and shit when I'm eating with my kid yeah like come on man that's the you're asking for too much this is ridiculous his another question for you what kind of restaurants you eat at where people feel need to come up to you like your regular rescue their a high-end right like Applebee's and stuff like that

► 00:49:56

yes right I use regular places normal normal spots it's not it's not normal that someone does that most people are super respectful right all it takes is one out of a hundred truth and the night just gets weird right I am and most people don't most people are cool but it's every now and then people just have this idea that somehow or another you have to if you're a famous person you have to abandon everything right that you're not just a that's the other thing that you're not a person anymore right you like a famous person like it's like the regular rules of mine in someone don't apply right like you would never just barge in on a regular person that you did no no but if it's a regular famous person people they don't give a fuck all this is fine whatever happened to clydra station right where your you and your friend are both crying to talk about some of the died I don't give a fuck hey man I'm sorry the rough bro but I get that picture yeah bro damn forget that picture bro so what's the weirdest interaction you've had with someone it's mostly just that kind of stuff you know the weirdest shit is like people that tell me that they're going to give me secrets like UFO type stuff yeah

► 00:50:56

and I know where the bases are like really those motherfuckers yes schizos I've had a few of those restaurants there's welcome treat just usually a comedy shows yeah usually a comedy shows do you ever walk down the street that's a weird thing I just asked you here because like when you're always either driving you're going somewhere you're go for a casual walk like not around why do I walk my dog right but uh yeah I don't walk around Lala nobody does nobody walks now it's like pockets of walking in La okay so time out real quick okay real quick Story Time with Rich so I landed right and you know if you know bossing the deal Boston yeah so I landed and you know I A buddy of mine pick me up from the airport and I got to where I was staying with a in the Mission District and you look at all the sun first of all he was fucking great son was awesome right I was oh my gosh so gray skies and then I look down literally homeless people everywhere what is going on with that look it just it blew my mind because it literally this oh

► 00:51:56

I went to the gym in the morning and I was like 7 a.m. and I saw probably just as many homeless people living in tents next two buildings as there were people commuting to work yeah like thousands it oh yeah it's amazing have you been to Skid Row yet no God who scared you gotta go you should go while you're here because it's like the Grand Canyon it's like the Grand Canyon homeless people I would I want to go there because just you can't believe that it's like did you watch the Battle of Winterfell Game of Thrones no don't know boiler no I won't give any spoilers I'll have it to have a come with the better okay yeah here's a better analogy did you ever see I Am Legend yes okay remember when all the fucking crazy zombies people running at once yeah that's what it's like you seriously I'm telling you you can't believe the volume doesn't someone even like because in Boston listen they freeze to death and die yeah exactly so no in Boston we hide our homeless people we have like shelters and stuff we hide them for the most part you know Downtown Crossing Area Parks you what

► 00:52:56

they're like a junkies that like have that lie the whole gangster lean I just leaned close their eyes and right right they must write and then we you know it gets cold they scatter I don't know where they go but don't really see them that much you know I'm not being rude and I don't mind saying that's great but like insane but they're in your face man like you I if San Francisco's the craziest it was insane so like honestly and I don't know my friends he said listen you know come to my house you know whatever want to hang out for a bit school no problem I went to his house the guy you know small place not badly thousand square feet like pretty nice he goes yeah you know I'm kind of you know things are a little tough can I you know can I borrow some some money is like borrow money from me but he talking about dude this is you live in you doing okay he's like yeah living paycheck to paycheck I was like what we talking about like this is a this is like a you know you had a decent place the house we were in was a 1.6 million dollar house and it was this big and I'm like San Francisco so stupid is expensive man

► 00:53:56

listen hey come to my house you know and I pull up to the house it's a warehouse like they live in a warehouse that's actually cool you can live like blade it's member fitzlee Snipes of Kris Kristofferson if Mario you're right you're right at the motorcycle he had a fucking charger the yeah Dodge Charger but it sounds cool and you have kids living in a warehouse knows that no way no so that's the thing is like it's a common thing I've noticed for people to live in either abandoned buildings warehouses and cars yeah you know people that live in cars and the amount of smashed windows that I've seen here it's I couldn't believe it well most of those people living in cars are actually stand up comedian everybody has a fucking story like so many comments come here and before you know when they first settled in they live in the car that's super normal yeah that's that's it just crazy like more like ten of my friends really lived in their car believe in cars are used to at least and then got an apartment bigger car that's an issue we're having around here

► 00:54:56

we're having around here with these people that live in Caravans they live in these mobile homes I see them yes there's like if you drive around this community you go down certain streets and you just see these moments Caravans yeah and they have like like towels over the windows my cotton meth inside yeah yeah these are dirty people some of these fuckers I don't so how come so again in Boston we just kind of say hey there's no likely to loitering well they're kicking people out now because businesses are complaining because there was one business where this guy had parked his Caravan right in front of it that's where a buddy of mine works and this dude had laid out his like a blanket on their front lawn and was sunning himself in front of his Caravan episode the front of his building became this guy's Lon so this guy in this Caravan was literally using they were sharing grass right so he's got this multi-million dollar building and he's sharing it with a homeless guy right was cooking meth or I don't know if it's math but some quite

► 00:55:56

she's right yeah smoke the crazy but I think Place yeah it's I couldn't so it's it was different for me the weather is awesome but like that was a big thing and I feel like as I'm walking around more if I see a large standing body of water I'm like there's a homeless guy living there to the people just everywhere they're everywhere I'm telling you what you saw is nothing but you got to go to Skid Row it's what is this as a skid row get rested up maps skid ride okay sniffing around they must have cleaned it up right before the time of drinks really could use ya daddy ain't shit let me tell you something man it's look at that look at all that to the right and to the left it's fucking crazy so how people have businesses there they don't or they just deal with it they just deal with it most of them most people they just put out like Gates and locks and shit so what's on Skid Row buddies back wine back on you where you just were Jamie we just were well it's a lot of warehouses and shit and but the interesting thing is this area is getting air quotes gentrified So This is where a lot of businesses are going now they're opening up

► 00:56:56

apartment buildings right and a buddy of mine has lived there my friend Magnus Magnus Walker he's a famous car guy to I don't know if you know who he is he's got all these videos of Porsches old he rebuilds old Porsches he's got this crazy dreadlocks and beard and crazy Englishmen but he's been living down there forever he and he has this Warehouse where he has it set up where you know his living space is one one part of the warehouse and then down below you hostage cars right and he has it all set up but if you drive down some of these roads you'll see like the super expensive apartment buildings that are going up now and then a block over you see these homeless encampment right and people think it's like cute to be around like all this WOW dirt what is this there we go nice look how good so that's someone's apartment what's going on here yeah they just set up tents and then the cops kick them out and they just come back and they move and then they come back but they they make these encampments and you just you just have to deal with it so it's like if you live in that area you know you just

► 00:57:56

to jump over needles and try to figure your way through it I feel it I feel terrible because no it's most of this it most of this is either drug addiction or mental illness those are the real real problems right you guys have no drug addiction or mental in it's like places that you could go to for help here I don't know what it is man I don't know enough about it I'm entirely ignorant about how what's going I know that if you talk to people that work in the field that work with these folks right they say that it all really started to happen like this guy's like run over my lap oh my gosh gonna need disability oh my goodness man that's crazy crazy covering on the street this is like everywhere honestly if you were to take a screenshot what you just showed me I'd be like okay let's some third-world country right this is La people can't even afford to live in LA I know it might as well be a third world country though I mean it might as well be the apocalypse it's the apocalypse for those folks I mean at least they're around all these cars and shit but I mean there are thousands of homeless people in that whole Skid Row area that's the mission there yes that's one of the reasons one of the things that

► 00:58:56

from there I guess would have liked more beds they'll three beds and then the whole thing I don't know how that's wild but they'll allow most of this to go on I don't know like how often they break it up and make people move but this did not the numbers are so high it's not much they can do man that's Chris sad sad it's super sad like but what do you do how do you fix that like I don't have any solution yeah you can't tell people they should we do it it was that your document remember probably documentaries yeah probably yeah went and spent three days down there like undercover and closer he had cried filming him experiencing it then he'd come back and do like an interview like what he just went through and it's it came out 10 years ago so it's different I don't know if I'm assuming it's worse now but it's definitely not good and this and this so many crazy so I I was in my one wheel right just like riding by I was commuting back and by the way the thing is badass pretty crazy right yeah I've wrote it I rode yours today he did ride my it was good and after watching you scoot around effortlessly I was like how hard could it be you need one you should get one

► 00:59:56

also don't need broken elbows like Odyssey it's good for it but it's good it's a good Core workout I'm sure it's a great workout sit-ups I think it's a better Core workout yeah that's it up and she'll show you this yeah hip and glute machine from Rogue we put your ankles in this thing and you lean all the way back go all the way up don't you have some Next Level shit here by the way I got some cool stuff man awesome Mom Man Warehouse it's really it's this place is fuck I live here sure alright cool plenty of room bring it down you can't find the Jutsu baths but but yeah so is right my one wheel passed this past like this kind of overpass and there was a tent there and like a lady sticks her hand out and she offers me a a chocolate what was it I think it was a chocolate ladybug right it was a ladybug wrapped in like that that 10 mix it looks like almost no thank you no thank you right by getting next day offered to begin I was like no thank you no thank you like you know what I'm gonna I'm gonna like you know do something nice right so I get 5 bucks and I was like I'll give it to

► 01:00:56

you know it's nice gesture

► 01:00:58

all right up you know I give her you know hand of the five bucks as I start slowing down in the one-wheel other people started popping their heads out of the tents and they actually saw me give her the money and immediately a guy runs out and like snatches it directly out of her hand snatched it right ahead someone else comes around the corner takes it from him and they start getting into the scuffle and I'm just like it I've never seen anything like that before I know I'm really passionate about that I but I just it's just it since I just can't stop thinking about it's crazy it's really crazy out here man dude that's crazy and everyone comes everyone comes to to LA California to get their big break like all and I'm gonna be like a famous whatever famous you know actor singer exotic dancer a porn star whatever and it's the struggle is real out here it's real it's real everywhere but whenever you get giant groups of people you're going to get you know a higher percentage of people that are out here that

► 01:01:58

homeless or struggling right again I don't know what the fact what's the solution yeah no way yeah you know what I know they don't put enough effort into it it's just whatever it whatever the solution is that's one of the arguments that who was it someone made was it share someone unlikely had a really good argument like that everybody is so concerned about illegal aliens getting into this country and so not concerned about our homeless problem right and what the fuck is that about like there's people right here right now and you know we're not taken care of right and you like but these people from other countries they're trying to all but which I had but I might take on that though is but those people are trying to do better they just got fucked right where's the other people live in America okay that's too many events its share look at her yeah that's what happens when old lady she is the look that good time bro all this year 12 she went back in time if my state can't first of all this is my problem

► 01:02:58

right why is this bitch capitalizing every word oh that's frustrating oh my God she's capitalizing all of them and then afterwards she's capitalizing the Adult World matter yeah if capital m y capital stat2 she have like some of the right this for her I'm not thirsty must be she got an assistant she's got a sister who hates her it's like I'm a subtle going to make this bitch look stupid I'm tired of heard fake pictures and her Photoshop filters fuck you share and we hey just for the hell of it can we find like a recent photo share like how old is share actually 650 she I would say she's 65 how old do you think she is at a guess share home sweet home how old are you 60 maybe 70 72 damn she's about to turn 73 serious when I was a kid what makes sense man I'm 51 she does I was like 20 years ago no way yesterday you asshole wait

► 01:03:58

Europe your massage is that what is that what is that what money does that's vampire facial that's what money does I gotta get some money yeah you got to get that money but money gets you good Google search pictures looks like after all the keep oh wow that's a legit yeah get in there but that's what they sound like when they get to that age they start talking crazy never real here a hundred percent she bought it she but she does own that here yes good man yeah she looks good she married you want to know I do not know why that was a we ever know that's what the moon is like you know really get her to sign no prenup grow and how much time she ain't touching Ching I mean if you can hang in there for 20 years what are the odds yeah that she can to uh I gotta wait it out yeah wait it out man that's awful for her this is announcing her tour this year this picture yeah fuck it is that's something people use my old pictures from my tour I don't even ask them to leave

► 01:04:58

like if you find that picture of me against a brick wall we took that shit back in the old Studio their pictures like four years old yeah she's she's on tour congratulations yeah prefer we were talking about vampire facials at some ladies Jeff told us this lady two people got HIV and AIDS right yeah not necessarily hey sorry I dropped the guy know what I jumped the gun by it's more fun than HIV I apologize for with HIV/AIDS he feels like you know I'm supposed to say it yeah like whoa that's enough brother to test positive for HIV after vampire facial this is vampire facial is girls get jabbed in the face with some is it plasmas it what is it PRP what are they doing didn't didn't get that yeah yeah yeah she took pictures of it on the insta I don't understand so wait a minute don't they get a new needle every time you use the same needle I don't wanna hear no if they're you there's Kim beautiful oh my God

► 01:05:58

awesome - I don't know if they use other people's blood for the facial what yeah I think that's probably what's going on I don't think it's that it's a used needle I think it's that they're using someone else's blood why would you this doesn't make any sense like this make sense to anyone no because I would think that that if you drew blood you would draw it from yourself oh simple thing so it takes it from your body puts it in a sense of Youth and then put it right but those that is basically platelet-rich plasma so but why why would anybody get HIV unless you're giving it to yourself maybe time you've got maybe they already had HIV Bay lion mythbusted blaming it on Mexico wow as per usual what did why did she do it her nose she did on every part of her body butter knows she's got her nose huh yeah your nose to look old that's plastic ah just kidding just kidding came to watch this I'm just kidding just kidding LOL yeah so what happened to these fucking people did they really use an old needle

► 01:06:56

they probably had AIDS that's what it is people are goddamn liar because think about for a second why would you take an AIDS test before right you know we're getting deep I took an AIDS test before and after my facial and then I didn't even have AIDS till after my facial graduation right yeah doesn't make any sense that's like the Indian footage they found Footprints of what they think is Bigfoot in India and people saying hey asshole this is an animal hopping yeah this is this thing's only got one leg is there's a Bigfoot it's a one-legged Bigfoot like some dr. Seuss creature like they're like looks too but that's not yeah two feet it's not bipedal what you guys do look at that that's one leg look at that boing boing boing that's an animal jumping you assholes the thick part is where there but lands the front part is a pause I just keep going see you see one of them it's even broken up like look at that one picture where like one of those Footprints is actually two separate marks in the snow yeah I'm not even a wildlife biologist the one

► 01:07:56

they're I'm not even worried about you know that's a rabbit bro it's a rabbit those are kind of big be a rabbit though over like a whole body wrapping me like the but fucking big ass rabbit there's some big-ass rabbits how big your other clients do to your scenes I don't know that's I want to ask you a question Himalayas like what would it be what is your animal it could be well one of the things this is very interesting about animals is that when they go further north contrary to logic like what you would think they'd actually get larger you would think well that's colder up there they probably get smaller thicker but no they preserve their body temperature by being larger that's why moose are so big they're the farthest north of all the cows make sense to me totally makes sense if you get a deer from Mexico they're tiny they're like a hundred pounds right there's a deal dear called a coues deer and a really big one is a hundred it's cows are Coos depending on who you ask CEO us but it's a variation of the whitetail deer that's really small it only weighs like a hundred pounds and it's in Mexico full ground one it's like a like a dog size

► 01:08:56

and then there's other ones that are in like Saskatchewan the same species that are 300 pounds how do you know so much about gears because I kill them and eat them oh you're a - oh you're at that explains the giant bow outside yeah that's how I get my meat no please you know what a supermarket like everyone else had to go to supermarket case but most most of the meat that I eat I try to eat from animals that I kill where do you hunt and Ela know La is tricky the tents get in the way of your line of sight part of the lineup yeah but you can get a lot of coyote hunting in La if you want this fucking coyotes everywhere out here man would you eat a coyote from La I don't think I need a coyote period right yeah unless it was a goof or I was really hungry you can eat them no I mean you can it's just meat yeah it's you'd have to cook it really really well but when you cut away all the the fur and mange and all the shit on the outsides left just get a tissue where do you out what do you hunt typically the the mountains usually every year I go to Utah

► 01:09:56

hmm in the mountains of Utah go L cut what you got Jim further explanation on this oh it's a bear yeah okay to call Yeti something different Himalayan brown bear or a Tibetan blueberry oh what they call with all due respect what we call Yeti

► 01:10:13

is with all probability the either the own okay there's not like they called the Himalayan Beryl Yeti it's like they're saying that was probably a bear that was making those Mark that makes sense if those are big marks of the Bears hopping through the snow if it's thick snow that's that makes sense that guy could now he's a nice guy with all due respect to everyone right a single footprint so when the bear walks on four feet yeah that makes sense all right yeah so yeah so you go to Utah and you just you just wait well is a lot of hiking you know you go and you essentially you go where you know that the elk are going to be in the area and when they're in the Rut which is that when you hunt that's when it's legal which means there are their mating and breeding and smashing heads together and then you hear them you hear them scream at each other and you're ready to be killed well they are definitely ready to be killed then a little do they know then you got to figure out how to write yet on them they can't help themselves they just they're competing with all these other males are always like whack scream at each other and smashing heads and occasionally a fun

► 01:11:13

when it's dead that was killed by another Bowl but you don't eat that no no no you could I mean you certainly could if it was like a recent kill right if you knew if you got to it like right when it was diagnosed but yeah the blood was still coming out of its body but you will find them they get stabbed and they kill each other yeah that mean that's the whole reason why those antlers exist for war stabbing they just fuck each other up they don't even use it to defend against other animals like wolves and shit right the kick the Wolves most of the time so where do you how do you get that thing back those things don't aren't light yeah you have to you have to do what's called quartering it which is you take the legs off and you take the the front legs off and then you take the meat off the carcass and then you take the heart and the liver and the the edible organs and you have to pack it out so you have a you have a crew that goes with you or is just you with a big-ass knife look I'm not very good at hunting I'm like if hunting was a martial art I'd be a blue belt okay Bluebell is like your Wipeout Bluebell Purple belt

► 01:12:12

on bail black belt right I'm not a black belt okay I'm like a blue belt maybe I could get my purple belt if I look work real hard this year right but I go with a guide who's gonna take me to the places that I need to go and show me in a guy who's an experienced Outdoorsman who basically teaches you is like having a trainer in martial arts exactly the is show you yeah he's he knows the landscape is a hardened Outdoorsman you know these guys never get fucking tired and they'll go and take you and show you like what but then it's it's your job to execute the shot your job to get close your job to stalk in your job to make sure that you don't get what's called winded means the animal smells you the wind is at your back and the wind carries her sent towards the animal so you have to move around a lot that goes into this a lot of thought I think you just put the gun go pew pew look why don't ya gonna use a blow which I have easier yeah but I have used a gun I have really yeah shot a bow once and it didn't go so well it's just kind of fun both just shooting targets is really fun it's very cathartic it says like something there's a release when

► 01:13:12

Arrow Finds Its Target just feels really good yeah it's probably some primitive shit from back we used to rely on killing things with bows and arrows that like accuracy but there's something about hitting something with a like when you're shooting something at a Target and hits it it's very very sad very rewarding yeah and when you do that with a bow and arrow it's very difficult with it's more challenging more rewarding yeah I've never used traditional but I mean I have all your couple of times but I've never really tried to shoot with like a traditional bow or Rico the kind of gun but they also like that no no I have a you draw it I mean you have to pull it back but it's a compound bow it relies on these mechanical these gears that these the call cams it's like the bow and Walking Dead we watch the well now that's a crossbow across both yeah that's that's a bullshit but then once that is a shitty gun okay this guy's got a trigger any well which one do I me that Azam bees it would make me very angry okay very frustrated first of all he doesn't even have a broad head on that stupid thing right he's shooting them with a little pencil holes and it's killing them instantly well that's all that's all he had access to each make our Broad

► 01:14:12

make a broad head bro break into that break into a Bass Pro Shop confessed broadheads you know come on man I she did see a few Bass Pro Shops and Walking Dead they just walk right past those yeah get in there Brothers Guns and Nets and yappin gear kayaks so that's a crossbow and that's a that's a very controversial weapon amongst Outdoorsman lies because they use those during bow season okay and there's a reason why bow season like the if you looked at like statistics across the board if you have a what's called a tag like say if you want to go deer hunting you'd have to get a license and then you would get a tag and if the tag is available for the are you want to pay a certain amount for that tag now if you get a bow tag they they make the bow season earlier you have a higher much higher likelihood of failure with a bow than you do with a gun so like if say like 50% of the people that got a tag it's usually not that high but a 50% of the people that got a tag

► 01:15:12

or rifle we're successful it might be 10 percent with a boat might even even less might be even less in some places depending on how rugged the landscape is how hard it is to get to where the animals are and you have to be able to shoot far accurately right so do you do most of the shooting when you go up there do you have a do all the shooting yeah yeah yeah shoot the myself yeah yeah Frankie that's a man that's a manly acid you do it so well you what I don't do it a lot of manly shit I noticed I know I'm probably compensating for something yeah I didn't want to say that but yeah it's funny because inevitable that like you do a lot of I always have it LM a stand-up make everyone laugh and then yeah I didn't know you were you hunted as well you know what it is man I don't have anybody telling me what to do so because I don't have anybody telling me what to do I gravitate towards things that I'm really interested which is why you're here right you know I'm saying I mean like like I found out about your story I was like that guy seems cool and I saw YouTube videos I go he's cool alright let's do this yeah I mean that's like to have that kind of freedom in your life is a beautiful thing and I feel incredibly fortunate that I have that kind of freedom

► 01:16:12

which is why indulge it I indulge it like a little baby right like a child like I just gravitate towards things that I like to do and you know people could say it's stereotypically toxic masculinity or what it was yeah ever I like it just like I'm nice I'm a nice person yeah but I gravitate towards manly shit I like watching fights I like doing martial arts you like fighting why like by it's like I like hunting cars I like these things I mean I'm one of my gonna pretend that I don't like them to make other people feel happy yeah some people feel intimidated by that I call is too manly on what I that's the problem is you don't want to look like an asshole which I've experienced you know I look like an asshole about yes I'll just look at me just I look like an asshole to me I'm sure I look like an asshole other P true I don't think cruciate that like wow this guy looks like a like a decent guy coming out of that fancy Tesla yeah she I would think your environmentalist I probably douchebag yeah probably like super vegan yeah look at me annoying right yeah but doesn't want your kids to get vaccinated

► 01:17:12

yeah doing this what you want to do that that's that's definitely a big deal man so I definitely respect that about you I think more people should do that and I think one of the things that we have a problem with people doing what they want to do is because we don't get to do what we want to do first when we see other people like yeah that's bullshit we get mad or we like he doesn't even really like that stuff or he's you know yeah you're you're you just phone it to the typical stereotypical masculine Behavior maybe explore your sensitivity man why would you say that because the middle of telling you how to do shit I hate that she's only men that are bitches yeah there's a lot of those out there funny how that works yeah any names for me now just write them down I'll write them down so speaking of that so interesting story for you so yeah I was kind of talking back to your guy back and forth while being on the show and the craziest thing happened where you know I was out here tracks you work on a tussle related project oh and to top secrets going to come out in a couple months but basically that my job right and then I was like hey

► 01:18:12

and I got to take a week off to go out to California work on this project and then I was talking to your guy and they're like Hey listen you're gonna be out here come back the next week as well you know you could say Hey listen you have two weeks out here I told my boss I know he's like listen man like two weeks is kind of a long time you don't have any coverage like you know I know you can be on Joe Rogan's really cool but much like I let you do that or not so made a decision following in your light I said you know what then I'll leave my job then oh shit I left my job man damn I left my job which is why I'm here I need a job Joe did you really leave your job I did yeah it was a big thing because I had this whole meme thing going on my YouTube channel and I say okay I have a full-time job I can't work on these builds I can't do this I can't do that was getting in the way and you have no idea I finally left and this is kind of I was reading

► 01:19:07

your story a while back about how you got started in the whole comedy thing how you went out you flooding Boston went to LA and it just felt so liberating because literally you know when you're doing something you're not passionate about that's literally eight to ten hours of your day doing something that you just you just don't really want to do its most of your day it's yeah it's most your day so it's insane so I thought to myself you know what everyone's in the rat race everyone's rushing to get somewhere Everett you're in but you're you know Boston like you're rushing to get on the train you're rushing to get somewhere that you don't really want to be you're rushing there to work for eight hours for someone else doing something that you don't want to do and it just gets taxing man yeah it was it was just taxing so I and you're not going to do your best with the things you do afterwards if you've been doing this thing for eight hours or four hours that you have before you really have to go to bed when you get home at night right you're not gonna have the same kind of energy that you had at noon ask for it 10 a.m. or whatever it was when you woke up or when you got to work your what you what you're dealing with is this

► 01:20:07

this crossroads right you've hit this path where you can decide to either not take a chance right and just just slowly take like little incremental steps towards what you really want to do or take a risk all right and when you take a risk yeah you don't have health insurance yeah Dental you don't have it you know right that's what the risk is all about right that's that's the only way and people who are doing what if I fail but you can't think like that because if you think like that you're going to fail so and second of all yeah you might but then you got to do it again right and what if you continue to just fail and do it again one day you'll figure out why you were failing if you're paying attention if you're doing your work and then you'll find something that you can do that you're successful at if somebody wants to hire you if you're good at your job if you go to a place and you're valuable to that employer you could be valuable to yourself you just got to figure out how to do it or what it is that you want to do that you could do without having a boss without and some

► 01:21:07

it feels natural something that your you gravitate towards when you get up in the morning go I'm fucking pumped I'm going to I want for myself yeah and I'm a do my thing all right there's not a time where ever come here to do a podcast while I go fuckin believe I have to do this right out of time I miss feel good thank you yeah not today not ever never never I mean there's times where I leave I was like what the fuck was that about I could imagine there's a couple yes in a thousand whatever podcast have done there's only been like a small handful of those that have been like what the fuck was that right if you can do that man if you can find that thing that you love to do whether it's making furniture or fucking painting or whatever it is if you can ask if you can make a living doing that goddamn that's everything it changes the world the world becomes a better place that's a go man so we'll see so again I took some cues from from some inspiration from you when you left boss and you're like you know what and do this comedy thing I want to figure it out so what what was that like for you so when did you make the determination to say Hey you know I work at this gig

► 01:22:07

now this isn't the thing what I want to do and you made the jump like what is it what was that like the Boston thing was super lucky I was only 25 or less 24 damn yeah 24 and I was doing stand-up and I was driving limos during the day and doing a bunch of different odd jobs and shit and then I got seen by a manager who was coming from New York to Boston to scout for new Talent okay I just got dumb luck I wasn't even supposed to be on the show and he asked me to go to New York and do some spots in New York I did some spots there and then next thing you know I was living in New York I signed a contract with them and I just upped packed up my shit in my grandparents we're still living in New Jersey they live on North Ninth Street which is like a when the time when they first moved there was a pretty nice neighborhood middle class but then as norc is got kind of funky like skid row now yeah it's not well it's just it was the next door neighbor while I was living with him they broke down his

► 01:23:07

store because you sellin crack o had a dope Audi parked in his driveway and smashed his door with a battering ram and it's it was it was a legit I was an experienced a sketchy neighborhood but that's that's why did I just packed up my shit and moved I mean I didn't have any money I didn't I didn't know if it was going to work out at all but I knew this is a chance but I was young when you 24 you like whatever yeah health insurance whatever I didn't have health insurance for a long time do you have it now yeah okay good that's good yeah yeah yeah you got it I got it when you quit this job do you have it when Wi-Fi is it okay there you go so that was a scary like shit Hey listen what did she say she go for it oh I like it good you got a good one yeah go for like a go for it because the tough thing is that it's you know I have my little my little shitty Lou tube channel and yeah but your YouTube channel is pretty big you're saying it's a shitty YouTube Channel please get out of you you know it's funny I say that but it's hard because I don't want to be you want to be a dick don't be a dick yeah but I have this massive following well how big how many subscribers do you have make

► 01:24:07

400 that's pretty goddamn cousin or something like this pretty goddamn good yeah it's not bad that's pretty goddamn good so yeah guy who fixes cars rebuilds Tesla's wish yeah it's not bad right and to think that I've amassed that kind of falling only fixing really one car right now imagine if you put all your time into that Bingo I'll make it happen and after the show well what's it called on YouTube for tree built so Shane Richie to be billed to the Scribe yeah it's great videos are really care oh the nice describe subscribe oh look at that right now all right awesome that's it that's a perfect shot of Me by the way the the Frozen four but your videos are excellent you're really good at it and you really good at explaining things and you have a good sense of humor when you're doing it and it's interesting yeah thank you it's interesting stop yeah I try to be it's funny because there's I'm not a super genius there's other people building Tesla's left and right and are there are a lot of other people that are getting yeah now there is no getting more involved in it and they're starting their own little channels and stuff but my thing is I

► 01:25:07

to be little bit different I want to add some kind of humor and like comedy to it to make it interesting because quite frankly not everyone thinks building at us is really that funny or interesting or fun you know so adding a humorous spin to it makes this yeah you know you're great at it and you know when you look at any other kind of car like if you buy a Chevy or if you buy even a you know a Porsche or something like that you can find these little mom-and-pop fix it chops right you can find them all over the place absolutely all around you know you go to West Hills there's a bunch of places that fix cars right exhale something wrong my transmission can you look at it no problem they put it on the lift they go oh you got a leak here you got this you got that with the Tesla you're on your own son you either bring it to Tesla I know man or NADA and I get it from their point of view they don't want a bunch of people monkey around with their shit yeah but is it even like mac

► 01:25:55

like you can go to the genius store which is gross Genius Bar yeah whatever the fuck that name is that's gross just by yeah genius barbecue what let me see your eye cast that's a bit pompous get the fuck out here I've met some people that cannot genius is smarter than you whatever so you can either go there or you can go to these little mom-and-pop Max doors those do exist like actually and they're not approved but they can fix your computer they get shit done they get shit done so that's the goal for me so you know I'm starting my own shop getting a shop called the electrified garage and that's like well like it yeah not bad huh good name I got some swag for you to do so and that's the biggest thing is because there's no Mom and Pop Shop to fix Tesla right like right now it's the only game in town if they're pumping out what like five thousand cars a week now well as a week right which doesn't seem like much but for a small company it's insane that's a lot and he's not a day it's 30 days it's a lie it's like what 20 20 thousand a month it's just a little $5,000 a week oh yeah because like 20,000 a month or so jeez about that so

► 01:26:55

and then all these thousand cars a lot it's a lot of cars right that's a lot of freaking cars I think they're too busy so so so right now you know there's only two places to fix tussles in my state so when someone's like hey I want to get my car fixed you called Tessa they're like yeah it'll be about you know maybe a week I'll get you in like every two weeks oh you get you in a week I get you in a week maybe two weeks and then the go order the park sometimes three weeks and there's a month yeah people weight loss man so that's the goal some opening up and it should be open to probably about a month or so and then we'll drive people there I have a fantasy of one day building a car was unveiled a 69 Camaro I thought you had one no I don't have some ways we have a whole bunch of cars I'll unstrap I have a 65 Corvette but I just I know you had no you had a barracuda yeah that's what is 70 Barracuda yeah I got rid of that why it had problems okay yeah I had all the problems fixed but it was more designed to look really good that it looked really good it was a beautiful car yeah but it wasn't my style like I like a car that you can like that little Corvette that thing drives

► 01:27:55

like a modern car I'll give you drive that thing and handles it's got fuel injection it just feels thank you but if feels like it feels like a car that is not dangerous right that Barracuda is like anytime you wanted you stomp the gas if you taken a turn there are sandwiches are totally special and fun yeah a little bit Yeah but it's so front-heavy like it had a giant ass engine and it was a it was beautiful beautiful car it also wasn't a stick shift in that annoyed the fuck all its automatic that was an automatic well you know I know that I know it was Ill but what was my point I forget that yeah that I have this fantasy of building a car like to spend the time and actually put it together because I would imagine that the way you feel when you drive that Tesla is like this crazy feeling of satisfaction that you made that thing much like the way you feel if you hunt and you eat the steak from an animal that you shot yourself right know you driving that car round you built that fucking thing right it's all about the hunt well you know what's part of its

► 01:28:55

hunt and the chase though yeah because now the cars built I'm kind of like all right now what right after you hunt after you you know you take that kill shot you want to do it again yeah we want to hit something different right what kill an elephant next I will not know but like you know definitely I'm gonna tell her I'm sorry no I don't want that yeah that's what I don't get that one I don't what do you even do people kill out item they want yeah well the thing is when they do kill them in the villagers get to eat the food they get very excited about it yeah apparently elephants are delicious I don't give us a lot of meat man so much meat but that's the thing that if it's one thing that we don't want to ever think about when it comes to like conservation these animals but the money that a hunter would spend to kill an elephant goes towards making sure that the elephant population is healthy and pays for all these game wardens or where they call phh's and Africa and then the money also goes to some of these villages

► 01:29:55

is and then the food the meat from the animal goes to these Villages but still you shouldn't a fucking elephant yeah I feel like bad yeah it's weird how that you feel bad for killing an elephant but other animals is like a rat you kind of deserve it yeah Rockets hit by a car you cheer you like yeah your fucking legs I get it myself right yeah we're totally you know biased towards certain types of animals right and for sure like it's like why we how they say it while we feed pigeons only let me shoot bald eagles Jabba justic yeah you want it to see that beluga whale that they caught that had a net but it had a harness on it and they think that the Russians were writing it now they think it was they were using it as a bio weapon like they would strap up missile to this thing oh and then tell the whale to go to boats how do you tell when a little boat this is where I was trained to go towards boats hole and it had this harness on it and they think that what they did was they train this thing to go toward that both choking the shit out of that thing well

► 01:30:55

you could use something like that to hold a bomb so you train it to go towards the boat and then when it would hit the boat it would detonate the bomb and explode so they must have given this whale some sort of food reward for banging into the boat and still has it that's a yeah so they cut it free of this this harness I mean this is total speculation they don't know where the harness came from but I'm hoping someone was trying to ride it and they weren't sure who it's probably a bomb though I'm pretty sure pretty sure it's a bum I'm pretty sure look at this whale found off Norway Coast believed to be spying already had like watch a cameras and stuff today I might just be click Beatty bullshit to write who wrote this article are they an expert at a security expert yeah they just have a whale with a harness right we don't really know that how often do whales would harnesses show up the fact that you're an expert can speak intelligently about it I think that the u.s. government what it's red equipment of st. Petersburg on the strap oh shit it's not yeah but if I wanted to trick people into thinking that the Russians were involved I would make it super obvious right that too yeah why

► 01:31:55

right there yeah we got a fake train a whale and then send it over look what I'm doing you got to look into exactly made in Russia by Russia exactly yeah I would write Maiden rush on it is all in English to yeah he's Russian letters property of Mother Russia love Russia I think the government did that with dolphins see if that's true that the government trained Dolphins to for weapon plenty of them something like yeah I think US government did that find out what the train dolphins to blow up boats damn you what a what a place is the place we live in that we basically trained Dolphins to be jihadists but they didn't know it they didn't know they would you at least a jihadist knows right mean you tricked him into going 72 virgins and blowing up you tricked them but the dolphin doesn't even know it's gonna die yeah probably like what wait a minute what I get fish I love fish just thinks he's gonna get fish if you bought some of the boats this thing on my back whatever I'll do oh my God yeah that's it poor things now and I'm doing yeah this

► 01:32:55

it's a myth oh it's mouth what's a myth well that wouldn't be the first time that I'd read texts all this information yeah well who says that the Navy not why it's just are my stories are coming how Joe second-guesses everything else is that true is that true but then in 2015 it says that the US Navy's combat dolphins are serious military assets so yeah started it stopped and started back they did it I get it though so here's the thing why don't they why are they sending dog wanted to build robots to do it because the robots aren't as advanced as I go through wild dolphin they can't go to the water the way a dolphin can and it would look like a robot a dolphin deducting to do shit they're always in the water so I can get something that's an organic part of the environment and then I got to kill every dolphin that comes near the boat you know so they see a dolphin they think it's just a dolphin right and then it Punk why don't they want to have a missile painted like a dolphin by the time they get it's because oh shit going too fast you creating killer Dolphins Escape Naval training base in search of love if yeah it's starting to seem like it's accurate for some reason I don't know why I escaped there

► 01:33:55

Hurricane Katrina they've escaped multiple times around the Howard for just training more these Dolphins keep escaping everything out we are guards all from Dolphin smarter than us they keep escaping how to make super smart how we not keep a hold of these dolphins not on the loose no that's very confusing when you look it up so Ukrainian military dolphins not actually on the loose who says that that's the government G dot-gov hey you know what you're gonna Dolphins my fun dolphin facts that dolphins are one of the few animals that have sex for pleasure yeah and a few chimps Dolphins people yep and dogs well dogs ashes for fun no I guess want to fuck your leg when they try to do what's right what are they trying to prove yeah all right let me ask you this because you're all in the technology ahead we think about aliens God doesn't seem Tech related at all yeah I think they exist do you think they've ever visited here oh God

► 01:34:52

no no I don't think so I think they would have destroyed us really yeah but why when we visit primitive tribes we don't destroy them necessarily like we try to leave them alone do we tried we end up destroying him one way or the other anyways only a few I think we even when people do for sure you want me try to be nice it's like yeah right look that tribe let's analyze them a few photos right let's give them food and they die pretty much yeah there's always that there's that image famous image of these tribes people in Brazil and uncontacted tribe and their painted their body paint and then they have arrows drawn at the helicopters actually yeah yeah now they know about helicopters yeah well naturally the freak-outs a new Sun God yeah now they worship a new religion I can yank see think about it you imagine if you were uncontacted tribe and all the sudden he's talking helicopter whenever it was whenever I see a helicopter show up I freaked out in general yeah in general you know what I mean so like imagine that that's insane have you ever been in one helicopter yes so weird right right is weird yes we are going around like okay we're in the sky weight makes noisy

► 01:35:52

Lily but no I think I don't know man I think they would have destroyed us they'd be like these guys are stupid don't you think they would want to watch look like if you go to the zoo right you go to the the chimpanzee exhibit and watch him swing around shit people love to watch The Chimps it's probably one of the most popular parts of the exhibit right and we love watching them like how look at them look at them and if you could go someplace where you could wash them in the wild yeah like if there was like a webcam or I could tune into the Congo right now right you would Death I would how do we know they're not watching us right now exactly that's the thing they probably are they probably are but wouldn't they just like watch and observe so we always we don't blow ourselves up we would never know that in general they can live among us we wouldn't know the problem I mean I would imagine that if there was a civilization that's on the cusp of some major breakthroughs far as artificial intelligence goes which is where we are right and what many ways I think that we're all super fortunate to be alive right now absolutely because even though this is a time of incredible turmoil right it's also a time of an

► 01:36:51

using potential and change I'm greedy as Heather I want to see more I know I want to see more I want to see I really want to see a robot Uprising I'm dead serious don't I do I really do and I want to be like 90 ish years old and I want there to be the Super Advanced AI robot just to take over and start shooting shit and I also want a I will because Elon Musk his head he'll still be alive because he'll be in a jar and he'll be like I told you so I told you the robot hand I told you and what I want to see because it's like it's a cool it's like Terminator shit I want to see that white all I want to see the aliens come in and stop us write more about the hit the the green switch Yeah to turn on Artificial Intelligence on what the aliens to come down with their little legs real around and go hey yeah no no no they wouldn't be this us the robot gave this guy so Dynamic yeah it's it's wrestling with him right that's gonna grab your dick what's let me help you

► 01:37:51

at his neck and just crushing it there's nothing stopping at if you get hacked think about the same people that helped you make your Tesla work they're gonna hack into this fucking thing it's going to run right through your walls of skynet's gonna eat your dog you've seen the ones that flip they have them on trapezes like Cirque du Soleil actually have you seen the part where they actually beat the robots and yeah injured like yeah you know what my favorite part of that is what well they beat the robots to find out the robots fall over right kick them and shit right there not just get Heda release the state yes I sank not cool you can do that robot get involved in everything for your and I mean it's not cool wait how about how about a robot Coalition should be a robot Coalition well like with the we stand with robots to say listen we built these things what we can't hit them like all right let me ask you this here's the real question if you're 90 years old and you're still Lucid in your but your body's failing yeah your knees are gone and your hips bad and your back hurts all the time and your shoulders are all torn apart you can't pick things up and they say Rich we can

► 01:38:51

download your Consciousness not this into this artificial body that's like you if you were Anderson Silva when he was 30 years old black mirror shit yeah they give you the super powerful body right it's you're going to feel it just like that but now you're going to be like a super Elite athlete and it's going to be you will put your Consciousness or you can just go to Black and see what happens in the afterlife yeah just let this 90 year old body dies at the silliest question ever you got to take the horse I would shake it yeah yours bird in the hand right yeah what's have to like might be bullshit right I can enjoy what up right now wouldn't you do that fuck yeah fuck yeah actually want to do it right now I'm not even a 90 well I think that's how they're gonna get us I think slowly but surely the going to replace Parts like there's already amazing artificial hands they are creating and you know limbs that articulating limbs he's I think would you want one of the limbs that looks like a human limb would you want a robotic limb like in Terminator I want to terminate a limb for sure would you for

► 01:39:51

I want everyone to stare at me but whatever was a nice and soft do you think we're close to RoboCop then like would that be maybe the first yeah first step yeah that's probably right they're probably going to do that with like soldiers yeah cheffy all the money military yeah so that they'll drop the skeletal drop 10 billion on that I met some robots I saw him was at Pechanga casino at the mall it's the most ridiculous thing ever weird I'll fuck that thing up the one in the middle the one in the middle I want so like I said I put my hat on it and it started freaking out to get mad at you yeah it just has finger in circles I wish if it had a I wish I had a gun on it oh no people take it seriously well that's the worry about those dog things those dog like robots that they just put guns in those motherfuckers that is an episode of Black Mirror yeah that episode no I didn't see that one yeah it's called heavy metal really one of the best episodes It's ladies run out spoilers ladies running from these robots have dogs not to have I wrote it looks like a dog we took one of those things yeah and yeah and and it has potential like actual real technology that it's using

► 01:40:51

like it's not outlandish yeah the things about Black Mirror everything is yeah like react that could happen yeah even a whole the thing with the implant memories and you like live this crazy fake life right that's all that's on the horizon so you're not the interesting part about black mayor is that there's a pro and a con do everything right so there was a episode where a woman wanted to keep better track of her daughter so she implanted that ship we could see whatever her daughter sees look right then her daughter got older and older and she said see some wild shit that the kid was doing right but then to your example what would be the downside of putting my Consciousness in someone with a jacked and like ripped body well the the downside would be would you even really be a human anymore or would you be some sort of a thing that we've created that keeps your brain alive right but who cares who does care well yeah well here's the thing would you want to live a whole nother life like how much time do you want in this fake body do you want to be a mortal do you want to keep going forever not forever

► 01:41:51

no well you add 200 years you know there's an old story about that about a guy goddamn it it's like an old legend about a man who kept killing his sons in order to live longer if the god came to him and told him if he killed his son and he lived to be like thousands of years old but he just had no one around him they cared about him a love story a job in the Bible something like that whatever keep going since from something yeah I don't remember but the point is like when you got to 200 years if you said okay I'm going to take this body and will live in it for 200 years but at 20 years I'll be done that's it 198 years comes along and you still like a thirty-year-old Anderson Silva I could you do it you're having a great time it's a good point but you might be like Super Wise that's the other thing if you think if you've if you think of how smart a person is the keep their shit together and they become like a mature older man who's just wise understands the way the world works and as well read and really is taking the time to do the work on themselves personally they know themselves better than they did when they were

► 01:42:51

on foolish man that's hopefully most of us as we get older but what if you could live the three hundred years how wise would you be then my biggest concern isn't necessarily about being wise I think it's about my loved ones hmm because I watched you know what I mean because you see a lot in at 300 if you see a lot of shit right like that's like three wives actually before 6:00 and who knows right but like as they pass you like you have your kids and like your kid a live to be like 80 years old and you're just like hey you know gonna get you killed a new body yeah yeah that's more incentive to work harder ever thou cause I feel like what's the world going to look like in three hundred years maybe they dope maybe would be the shit it would be maybe it would you know what I don't think you don't might the most fascinating thing I keep thinking about is us going to Mars and oh no I'm actually wants that do you want to go would you go nope why not interested it's a one-way trip I know look I don't want to go to Antarctica rather fuck what I want to go to Mars I don't want to go anywhere where people can't live we go to Utah in the woods and shoot gears and stuff people live there really beautiful the streams and trees it's gorgeous but you were just saying that you don't like when people come up to you at a restaurant in her ass

► 01:43:51

don't like you living alone I like being around people though that's where I go to a restaurant not like in a cave somewhere trying to eat you know what I mean I mean there's nothing wrong I feel like you would want to do that for like what all the other that is manly shit that you do like men want to just go and just like light fires and caves and shit and just like dude going to Mars is stupid you can't come back that's like going to the shittiest neighborhood in the known universe even get to put guess one way to what your name oh yeah we'll live forever will live on without me shit fuck assholes no one cares no what's his name lives forever Hitler yeah some fuck is this Elon Musk space station on Mars throw that neighborhood sucks yeah that's like living in Barstow for the rest of your life what do you even see there yeah if you get trapped in Barstow in a glass bubble like halfway to Vegas hey remember the biosphere I'm a - Pauly Shore yeah no no no but they did a real one now that's right here by the actual biosphere Pauly Shore and who else

► 01:44:51

even Baldwin yeah that's right if I say it like that how did that that didn't go so well now people went crazy go crazy why we like do that again people go crazy man you don't want they don't want to be locked together with each other it's not normal for everybody be just stuck in some bubble with each other it's been 25 years since biosphere since eight scientist sealed themselves in a biosphere for two whole years what ended up happening is my forget they probably won't fuck Rampage took more than three months just to make pizza what really does that mean they don't bring a guy the pride of great ingredients from scratches oh no of course oh yeah they had a live they had to be sustainable inside that little ecosystem with a louder bang each other How Could You forbid that how could you tell people want to do engine work but it's work work environment harassment yeah I guess you're right right broker who's HR who's gonna stop you that's right who is HR so there's 25 people in their 25 scientist and that's the thing do you think that if people if we didn't have laws you know Lawless Society no police how will we just kill each other yes we're variance because it

► 01:45:51

happen there like who was the law there in the biosphere know I think most of the time we don't even what is this a Jamie I've never left the team completed the mission emerging from the outside world after two years of solitude okay I think most of the time you don't need the law but is that because we know the law exists and people formulated Society in the sense that you could always count on the law so that keeps people in check I don't know and it depends on where you live like if you live in a poverty-stricken crime-ridden neighborhood do you need the law they're more or do you need the law they're less like what what is what's is is maybe people being arrested a lot causing some of the problems that you're seeing in that neighborhood and there's some of those arrests because of nonviolent drug offenses right like how much how much are you turning because there is a certain percentage of people to get turned into criminals once they get introduced into the the judicial system as a non-violent person person who's describing the drugs that you're stuck in a fuck

► 01:46:51

full Penitentiary with criminals real criminals like violent people and then you're just a guy who sells weed oh my God yeah fuck what am I doing here this is why it's real to is why we need to analyze those isolated environments those isolated ecosystems we people that's never seen anyone from the outside see how they handle shit well they kill each other they kill people that don't pull their weight should we go people kill the weak now I don't think so this is a great book sapiens from NOAA what is it you've all herati it's a great book but it just it outlines the history of the human race and these various tribes that have dealt with like weird shit like that like there's there's certain tribes that like when they see like old ladies that are moving too slow a lot of the kind of Gap Just Kill a Man yeah this one guy was talking about I think it was that book I'm pretty sure it was that it was sapiens I read a bunch of books or listen to I should say oh doing a lot listen to him on tape

► 01:47:51

from back-to-back on runs right there were dealing with this very same issue and there was talking about this guy was like he killed a few of his aunts damn and yeah they were like all the old ladies are scared of him because he was the guy that they hired to kill them when they weren't pulling their own weight and like yeah but maybe that is that a bad thing though because if you're proud of your little old lady if that's correct if you're part of an older tribe if you bought a tribe right and you guys have to keep moving and keeping things going because you're going to get killed by another tribe and then you have a weaker members of that tribe that are holding the entire Tri back what do you do what do you do you risk getting do that's the real question would you would you would you know would you put a bullet in you know your friend's mom because she wasn't pulling her weight and because that depends on the entire tribe itself she's stolen the whole tribe down see we that's the thing that you do when you don't have much right right when you have Surplus like we have we value our older people want to care for them right and we see nothing stuff yeah like there's a there's a famous

► 01:48:51

video of these two comedians you seen that video this to comedians of find this lady who's trying to buy gas with like pennies and shit and they give her money and she starts crying it's a tearjerker it's a serious tearjerker but what happens the video they give her money they find some lady yeah they just they just these two young guys get out and give this lady money and and she starts crying and it's a station yeah just like games like five bucks a gallon I try to probably paint with like pennies and shit she's like--she's yeah and so they give her some money and she's like weeping yeah it's really she her husband died just a week ago damn it's like it's heavy to turn off I'm start crying yeah stop it I want to see you cry Joe don't know hey Jose last week ride not that long ago really yeah I cry for a happy thing coming oh really yeah you know car beside stuff not as much man I'm all like if someone does something really amazing I'll start crying really yeah you saw my videos you like I gotta get him in here yeah when people do good things I cry I get I tear up for shit

► 01:49:51

gotcha yeah same here yeah I'm not into dudes who cry about like stupid shit yeah like having too much but we go smooth oh God you know if he cry was it always me I ran out of gas yeah well that's what happens when you drive and says right empty you dumb fucking idiot Jesus Christ should be on TV when you think is going to happen that Evie's are all electrical like with the solar oh not for a while man solar density is tough because he a lot of panels but out here house yeah the true well he out here I think a lot of people are rocking it that way into steps they get the solar from the roof or from the panels and then it goes into the battery and the battery in the charge a lot of people what they do is they just it's cheaper there's get a whole bunch of panels mmm and they reduce their electricity bill by not having either battery pack itself right store the electricity right and a lot of the time people don't have a large enough battery pack in their homes to store that energy to charge their cars you know what I mean a lot of people just have the panels

► 01:50:51

offset the price of electricity that feeds back into the grid but what I mean is the car itself like Fisker had that for a while where their roof we've also got our thing that was powering the radio yeah it's like a it's like a gimmicky kind of thing is it give me game it kind of is because you're only because you're very limited in size amount of panels that you could put on the roof it's really only enough to like trickle charge like a couple things here and I mean he's like a bigger array or like heavy solar density and that's coming but like there's not enough to really like power the car from it you know what I mean while you're driving maybe there's an alternative way to gather the sun together with raised yeah because if that would be the most amazing thing ever if we all had cars that were elected just round the Sun and there was no need for oil it's all done and that's the is that the Fisker Jamie yeah so that solar array on the rooftop I think it Powers the radio yeah so like you have that much you only have so much room on the roof and all the powers of the radio whereas in the motor yeah reporters it's just wouldn't even it would be

► 01:51:51

right that didn't even exist 20 years ago so who knows in the future that would it seems like it could be possible you could figure out a way so make it efficient and especially out here yeah there's a ton of Sun out here yeah just be that would be the most amazing thing ever if I don't understand trying to be hot bro try to get some dick look at her try sell cars and what's up with the glasses she's looks really pale to she gonna burst into frames that chair look Cheryl that's shares fetus yeah yeah I mean I think that would be that would really be the future if we had no Reliance whatsoever on oil we think that asked me what do you think about speaking of Reliance what do you think about people no longer relying on driving their own cars what do you think of everyone on the Tesla right well that would look like everyone put an autopilot when they went somewhere what would that look like go you've used autopilot income a hand on the wheel cause you're nervous I think in one day it's going to be amazing but I think it's like if you bought Windows 95 if I bought a computer

► 01:52:51

95 and yet Windows it would crash all the time you get that blue screen of death right it doesn't always work and but you can rely like Windows 10 does not I've never had a crash not once yeah I think that that's what it's going to be like with the Tesla I think it's going to be a few crashes yeah of course if you everyone's driving these things just going to be hiccups errors software problems glitches something then people just dumb asses yeah but then after a while it's just going to work you know it's like if you look at the like we're talking about Windows or Android versus Apple the old Android was dog shit it was terrible but I have a new note 9 a Galaxy Note and I'm an Android guy no I both we both of everything yeah I like to fuck with shit yeah that's why I'm interested in your soul said what do you use to phones what do you need to do drug deal work yes yeah okay one one number I give to people who are squirrelly really and yeah yeah yeah okay I have to you know I'll turn it on every now and then checked X and - Jesus fucking guy yeah and then the other one uh would you give me a job

► 01:53:51

one hmm give me the wrong bro give me the iPhone I said comes up blue if you get a green text from me you know you're on the school that's a good point everyone texture right now and be like hey listen what's this bubble showing up I like the idea of supporting alternative platforms that's one of the reasons why I'm appreciate windows and I appreciate Android but I think that Apple has a better platform it's is a better ecosystem absolutely I just I despise their lack of options with their laptops I despise it I think it's it's

► 01:54:24

it's unfathomable how such an enormous company can have such shit things to type on yeah when they cater to creative people yeah it's there where the highway is how it is and that's kind of it but when I have one at home I have a mechanical keyboard you'll love them you speak it out like an old super sweet and I use a razor those razor once it's a gaming one I use it for typing why do you I never use mechanical keyboard as a tech guy I'm embarrassed with yeah I never use one I just use like the light built in laptop one there's a what are the benefits of it I'm a feedback person I like tactile feedback yeah like the I like to click I like to feel it and the same reason why I like a manual transmission same reason why I like mechanical thing maybe you should get a phone that has buttons on it the shit bro like one of those tickets I'm with those T-Mobile Sidekicks like the flip phones and stuff like that so no shit man I remember people have those jealous yeah what about people that can still type with just the keep

► 01:55:24

and when they have to do for presses down s yeah there's a lot of people out there still well Nokia's that you press like 3/8 times to get the E and stuff like that we're playing snake remote game Snake there it is there's a sidekick oh damn right back no they didn't guess is that what this is everybody it's what year is that bring that back this is coming back that's bullshit I don't know how popular is this for sale right now what what version of T Mobile website is this is no way his from like 1986 still has Sidekicks bro get sidekick so it says for G so it is I think world we live in yeah who's gonna buy that joy that Paris Hilton's got one let's get a pink key with that pinky for is that enter go back in time yeah right time or what the fuck man so that's like a Twitter feed that someone's looking at on their side kick however you know what I will admit it was a struggle for me to go from the physical typing keyboard to the actual me too much Pat it was her I didn't want to let it go I was blackberries bitch for a little

► 01:56:24

how longer than I should have right yeah you have one now no no draw so now I gave up on it yeah but you have to have their boss does what's up Tom Segura is all about that Blackberry he's real shitting you do you not know that it did joke I know those things exist they'll definitely don't use as well they have the ones that will have the physical keyboard attached to a big screen you seen that I think it does it slide down yeah those are like all Android there's all android-powered I think right yes yeah all the blackboards are how about a Windows phone write that kind of faded Into Obscurity Matrix phone that's that they clicked it and it's the mouthpiece like slid down and everyone was super pumped like oh that bed looks badass can't wait till that comes out no came out they made a couple of them just because people are doing fine thousand bucks or something Windows phones it's weird that that didn't take off like a friend of mine had one of those I was like look it I didn't have those weird tiles yeah this house with Windows 10 right exactly tiles are awkward it's still awkward for me I'm like this is not the way to do it yeah I guess so if you have a Windows phone now what are you doing you're fucked

► 01:57:24

like you don't make them anymore you know you're not getting updates not write again shit they're just letting it down kind of just stuck in 1996 it's like be tracked what is this Jamie that Matrix found the same form release last year look at that guy's so excited what's this like yeah that's like the old school that had a slider phone whole you think it look cooler stupid with that thing stupid yeah so what you doing guy get yourself to the banana get a real phone you fucking dork but it does have the keypad what you have to do that shit back to doing that assholes some assholes like 89 texting was pretty fast like you're lucky prick you shut your dirty mouth the weapon t13 I forgot how to do it forgot I never knew I never knew what is that touchscreen as well oh God I hope it is this is just navigate with that stupid thing I hope it doesn't succeed I got snake on it yeah snake was the shit right I'm a snake what is snake that a game yeah old old old game I have avoided games on my phone

► 01:58:24

for a very specific reason why I have a problem with games like you get on you get hooked on it yeah nobody badass gaming rig over there I saw that gaming rig the game room the lamb but that's all for first-person shooters right while we're here I cannot have a game that I love on my phone why not have that why because I'm a child yeah you got obsessed with it yeah I don't have that kind of control if I have a fucking awesome game it's on my phone yeah apparently that's my life my life is gone now you go get the game on me everywhere I go what apps you have on your phone what would ask what have keep you going I have a bunch of normal apps like Instagram and Twitter right but I have a bunch of cool ones like some Starmap shit what do you have never looked for this but I just found some playing Quake on their phone oh yeah now Joe can get that damn it the Xbox controller can sort of like that it's pretty dope shit what they playing they have Quake 3 ported on their goddamn it see why the fuck would I tell me that when I looked before it yeah son of a bitch it was two dimensional though or not to D but didn't have an up

► 01:59:24

and down yeah that does about addiction out and graduations and addiction I'm not gonna do it I don't have anything on my I don't even have chat pod chess on my phone for a little while and even like that yeah because I've started going home how do I get better at this Mike shut the fuck up saying that I had to just shut it off my put that goddamn thing down you have to pick and choose what you want to devote your time and energy to so what do you what are your top three things that you put time and interest to that aren't your family right now well work stuff mostly work stuff or martial arts right so it's like work stuff is stand up which is the most time-consuming yeah because I have multiple sets a night and I'm always writing and always tweaking and listening so you're right so how do you how do you do your stand-up stuff so I want to write shit you want to get in standup not real uh I think that's gonna think about it how do I get into stand-up comedy you very much people watch my videos like well you're kind of funny you're funny you should do stand-up not look like shit I'll trust me I'm a professional you're funny guy you could totally do it thank you all you have to do is go to an open mic night really laughs yeah what I suggest go to an open mic night see how terrible everybody else

► 02:00:24

and then you'll be inspired to try to set you're going to be terrible to don't get me wrong I was terrible when I first started but you'll probably be better than most really yeah that's all you need all you need is people if you say something people haha just that's all you need right just a little chuckle guy in the funny little yeah okay I gotta remember I got an ember yeah I can do this and you'll figure it out you'll get better at it and you work at it and you'll tweak it and how old are you 36 you could do it yourself time you still alive when it's once a cutoff date for tea shit kill yourself I don't mean that don't listen to God you'll never be any jokes folks just kidding but if you if you're a person who can make people laugh and you are willing to dedicate yourself to it it's not like you have to have certain amount of flexibility or you know a certain amount of physical strength right no it's just can you make people laugh I'd okay then you can do it are you going to pull it off right that's another question so how do you get inspiration like how do you so you sit down yeah this is funny and I write this so how do you get inspiration for

► 02:01:24

I think it's you have to be what I would call a professional and this is I've gotten this from Steven pressfield who wrote The War of art which is a great book and I'm also got it from Reading Stephen King on writing and talking to a lot of different writers about how they handle things right if you just waited to be inspired and that's the only time you wrote you wouldn't have half as much shit right not even close written not even close half as much good material as you do if you decide I'm going to write yeah so I sit down and I write and sometimes I don't know what the fuck to write about and I just start writing I start rambling right and a lot of the like the first 20 minutes might be total horseshit doesn't get me anywhere else but then I got an idea what about that well why the fuck do we do right and then I'll start writing about that well this is an L make things up I'll make up a fact and then I'll argue against that fact right and then maybe I'll find out what the real fact is and see if I can argue that way and then I'll try

► 02:02:24

and I'll give up I'll get to like Seventeen hundred words something that'll shut the laptop and what the fuck am I do it how do you know that you're not going to a common thing is when comedians steal jokes yeah so when you're writing and you're like yeah I'm gonna do this is awesome idea how do you know that that content already hasn't been been discussed well you don't like always you don't always you could absolutely write something and have parallel thinking write something and not even know that someone's already written it right but you there's a difference between that stealing like you know when someone's like if you come up with if you like look at something whatever it is like say maybe your wife sends you to to the grocery store to pick up some tampons right and it has a the price things all fucked up and so the guy has to yell price tag I can't check on tampons all right there has been like a hundred variations done bits on that right and it's not that they're stealing

► 02:03:20

they probably didn't hear anybody do it they thought it was funny they thought it up themselves and they did or maybe it even happen to them right we did it that's parallel thinking that's a common one right and then there's other people that did hear someone do it they stole it off that's a different thing it's the worst right but you could get both of those things from that same subject right that's same really common easy to think of subject there's a lot of those with cops and donuts there's a lot of there's a lot of things that are like a part of the Lexicon they like a part of their part of the way we talk they're a part of culture and you could think you thought them up but you didn't so other Seinfeld in a way that should happen to everyone sure right sure but then there's stuff that's clearly yours like if you did a whole bit about how you build a Tesla right you know and that you think and then you got paranoid heavy hitter and you thought Elon Musk is plotting against you and the week you could and that's something do that and that would be something that's wholly unique to you how many fucking people have built a Tesla

► 02:04:20

or even 20 on the earth high tide at this point yeah probably maybe 20 Let's Pretend yeah let's pretend that out of 7 billion plus population of human beings maybe 20 people have done what you've done but does it get old bill is that one bit yeah that's all right yeah but you can the same toxic oh no you just talk about other things then right look you can talk about anything that you find interesting personal shit technology world events right worrying about the environment where you know all this anything yet did that will really have a bomb strapped right I keep thinking about that over and why not yeah I mean and then if you maybe it was like someone from CNN that fucking hates the Russians and you're like wanted to blame everything on the Russians like yeah they think they got duped for two years saying that there was collusion and that Trump was going down they colluded with Russia and it turns out that the mule report doesn't really necessarily say that right and then they're like fuck we gotta do something about these goddamn Russians yeah so they hired this whale and they put

► 02:05:20

strap on them allows good story shit I got a bad cough so so that this you write all this stuff down right you're right like Seventeen hundred words mm or and my out of that I might get one line really maybe how do you memorize that stuff I write it down and then I take it and I extract it and a lot of it I put in notes on my phone your phone your iPhone yeah that's one of the reason why I like the iPhones because when I write something in notes they all show up automatically oh yeah it's all synced but I also have a thing called Evernote and so Evernote he sees or something you have app so have I so I transfer everything into both so one goes into evernote and then one copy of it goes into notes sometimes not like right now I'm a little behind on ever know because I've been using just the Mac laptop for the last couple weeks yeah damn yeah so that's how I do it I go back and forth and you keep reading it and then I write it out on paper wrap and the write it down on paper part is really more just to highlight it and so I'm remember

► 02:06:20

the key points are right I don't necessarily write it out in full I look at what I wrote out and then I say OK I know where I'm trying to go let me just try to go there organically right so this one time I did a I did a speech in front of about maybe like a hundred and sixty people or so I threw some jokes in there which is actually pretty good if you get that weird thing where you're explaining a story and you didn't even get to the joke yet and you start talking people already laughing yeah I'm like wait a minute that wasn't supposed to be funny exactly was a terrible moment my friend died while you yeah it's one of those things sometimes people see where it's going and they are plan ahead and they start laughing oh my God I know where this is going yeah they see where you like oh God is this go oh shit there is this going they stylish start laughing there yeah it's it's kind of one of those crazy things but no I think I think I want to try it you should try it if you want to try to strike most everything is like going up on stage and not getting a laugh because I'm not staying prick that's in the audience like wow this guy's not funny at all Jesus of course I have to friggin stage we are all

► 02:07:20

you're all that person mean and look especially you don't know the guy people love to talk shit it's fun yeah some guy goes up right in front of you and says some shit this guy's not funny it's got sucks we're running late you know like fuck this crack yeah it's got enough sex is normal that's normal jeez you you're going to have jokes that don't work and then you can have jokes at work a lot better than you thought right be like wow but just I can tell you're thinking about it you should do it because attorney but you're also thinking about in terms of like the right way to think about it like that your setups are going to get laughs right and then you that's what it's one of the weirder things about comedy is that it sort of It kind of comes to life on stage right on the paper all I'm doing is looking for seeds like I'm looking for points and seeds and things that make me chuckle while I'm writing it and then I'm taking into Michael here am I just fucked up or just going to be funny and then I try to bring it out on stage and water it in front of all these people that's the only way to do it you have to really develop it in front of people you remember your some of your old bits yeah yeah the return

► 02:08:20

I don't think so oh my God the earliest shit was awful you weren't there no president no but I've heard like recorded those good stuff when I want when I'm in my Tesla yeah II Type in a comedy stations where I was come up I type in Patrice O'Neal and then you come up all the time in terms of through your skits Bill Burr skits and stuff yeah good Patrice one of the greatest of all time for sure hundred his elephant in the room those best thing ever damn it's hilarious it's just a it's awesome yeah I was you know just a few guys you just wish she could get to that good just clean their health up yeah I wish she was here today he'd have a lot of cool show would be so valuable time I sit around like mad if usually have some cool shit to say about that the closest we have to him today is really Bill Burr terms of like ballsy stance against political correctness yeah but he's gets away with it in a way that other people can't get away with yeah it's yeah

► 02:09:20

sadness yeah it sucks man because it was a diabetes thing it's like fuck man come on man I could have been I didn't know him well enough you know I wasn't hanging out with him I was I was on the west coast he was on the East Coast right if I knew a man ought to try to talk to him but he plays you know I try to talk to Ralphie May to that didn't work yeah people there on their path yeah especially Comics is a thing about someone who's that free like Patrice O'Neal like he really doesn't give a fuck not zero he didn't give a fuck who made him hilarious heating a fuck what he said about anything give a fuck what he 80s or though yeah

► 02:09:53

yeah just eat whatever the fuck you want to do whatever the fuck you want it was indulgent yeah that indulgent translated to brilliant comedy but it also translated into him not taking care of his body - man yeah I am so my big question for you is what do you you know you go to a party right everyone has that one thing that they can't stop talking about you have like hey I have a Tesla you know hey you know I do yoga like hey I'm vegan what's the one what's your what's your party trick I don't have one what's the one thing that you can't stop talking about I luckily don't have one because I don't do it really I don't really go to rent parties if I didn't go to parties there for my kids yeah like birthday parties and shit then you just talking to parents yeah and they usually want to ask me UFC question yeah pair or they want to ask me about like what's Elon Musk like you want to ask me like you know what you gonna get Kanye on ya know like that kind of shit yeah what's up so what's that weird thing feel like when you actually go out in public and like you're actually amongst like people and stuff like what was the most frequent questions I ask you those kind of question and it may stop MMA stuff

► 02:10:53

it's real common comedy stuff you'll calm like a stuff yeah they ask weird questions but most the vast majority of people are cool the vast majority people like hey what's up hey what's going on man it's fun it's all great yeah it's all good if you put that out there like what I put out there pretty nice it's like that's why I try to put out there so that's what you get back right so what's next now what's next for Joe wrote you interviewing me ma'am yeah but yeah you're a natural yeah you're a natural for this so yeah so what is the thing you know that X do it just do that but the thing is I'm trying to legitimately I'm telling you there's no next because you're successful person right I came in here he pulled up on the black Tesla it wasn't salvaged he didn't get it at the ocean I want to learn from you anyway I don't know all the things that you do the thing is what I did is what you're doing right now I took my own path all right that's what you're doing right now yeah yeah I mean what your path is going to be assume you're going to be doing more YouTube videos I think I'm assuming your channel is going to grow and I'm assuming you probably going to try stand-up comedy probably going to like

► 02:11:53

you probably do a podcast too kind of cool that you got in the podcast easy you are a podcast you never even done one before tell the like people don't understand like you like how do I put these headphones on yeah we're what do I do with the my say what's this black thing in front of me while you're doing this like a pro yeah thanks I appreciate you even interviewing me yes I want to I want to I want to learn from you but see that's how this comfortable easy nature that you have totally translates in all these things we talked about okay let's get can easily do a podcast you could easily do stand up easily hundred percent well Santa is not as easy as Apple yeah it doesn't if I can't see you ever have like a new stand-up person you have them you name it they just suck on you just like why is this guy for this guy's like should be yes yeah there's a few that you go whoo I got to get out of here yeah I can't be around us you worry it's contagious word yeah if you watch someone that's really bad it's one thing I don't know not everybody like Greg Fitzsimmons thinks it's hilarious yeah he loves watching shitty comedians yeah but if I watch someone Whos bombing I got to get the fuck out of the room because I start thinking there's nothing that's funny really like things that are funny don't exist like this is because certain people like if you go to open

► 02:12:53

nights yeah there's certain people that are just insane you still got over my tights yeah I'll stop by okay if I'm in the neighborhood you know and if I know I want a peek in like once a year once a year and watch a little bit just because it's I want to remember what it was like that's what you started man ha ha it's the fucking to wanting to get on stage seemed to list of people and in the open mic night at The Comedy Store in particular the room is well lit because they have all the there's these signatures on the wall of like Robin Williams and famous comedians and Sam Kinison and those those are all neon so that when the comedians are on stage during open mic night all that neon is on and the room is kind of fairly well lit right and then at the end of the stand-up comedy like okay the no more open mic night boom those lights go off the room gets dark and then the pros go up and then you see this marked difference in skill and quality of material and see like real professionals you know what Crystal Leo go a Bill Bird Chappelle stops in all the time open mic nights yeah they're no joke yeah

► 02:13:53

just Chappelle just show up at 11 p.m. just on it what's up random open mic night now up so you get both things so you get to see people that have no idea what the fuck they're doing you get to see people that have potential you get to see crazy people that are just insane and then you get to see like world-class comedians in the same night it's a cool experience at The Comedy Store Monday nights okay yeah no it's awesome yes be Sunday and Monday yeah then this place started getting too successful hmm and they cut back on the Sunday night open mic night sucks man it does suck a little bit a little bit yeah so you live in a good spot because you're in Boston and that's like one of the best spots in the world for starting out I forgot the try it it's weird because like I feel weird because I have a following and it's like Hey listen Chuck yeah Comedy clips go weird thing know they would like it man you think so fuck yeah if I'm a fan of your video and I am a fan of your video so if I was a fan of your videos and I wanted to go see you live at a club and I just gonna be at this place yeah oh shit what time it o'clock I'll kill Scott yeah

► 02:14:52

he's gonna be funny I don't know what else we should he was kind of uh yeah yeah yeah we need for people to get a chance to see the first time you ever go on stage two and just be prepared to eat shit yeah if you do eat shit have some stuff to say about eating shit I don't know IH it you'll feel it yeah like little taste like shit yeah like yeah it's definitely shit thanks for everyone have a good night yeah it's look I encourage everyone who thinks they could do it to do it because there's not enough of us and there's only you know is it a dying breed is not a Dying Breed no I think it's actually on the up right now I think it's on the upswing quite a bit because I think there's more Avenues there's more clubs to go to Comedy is more popular than ever like if you go to the comic store tonight it's sold out I have a show at the Improv tonight that sold out it's the places our show tonight yeah and you're here with me always I work almost every night except Sunday and Monday how much do you sleep sleep a good solid seven hours what yeah

► 02:15:50

it was hard well I just was hard to believe I feel like I never I never sleep I don't know what it is you don't think God is like it you know what your health guy yeah I'm gonna get better sleep at night melatonin really takes a melatonin keep doing that they'll forever can I not bad for you really yeah War they get saunas good getting a sauna before you go to bed it'll make you feel better I have to have a sauna yeah that's a problem yeah you can get one of them sauna suits you ever seen those things you know and it looks like a sleeping bag like infrared suit really yeah they make those yeah so I just go in like a it's like a water bed but it's like a bag that I kind of sit in like a bag but it's Mega watt it's up it's like kind of heavy yeah and it heats up and it's like infrared it Cooks your body I think if we just get a you know got turkey when I got out of that thing I think it holds for that bad it's not that bad but it's really good it makes you feel good when you get out of it yeah a lot of a lot of people it helps them sleep you have that like that chamber here that's like a sensory deprivation what is that it's an isolation tank its water heard of it yes what do you what does it afloat

► 02:16:50

water as a thousand pounds of Epsom salts yeah so as you lie down in that salty water your you know your body floats yeah like half of your body is above the water halfs under the water so your ears are underwater but everything above your ears forward on your face your face yeah and then the water is heated to 94 degrees well the same temperature as a surface of your skin yeah and then you shut the door and you're in total Silence of total darkness you can't see anything you open your eyes total Blackness that's not close your eyes I'm totally terrifying it's not because you just open the door anytime you want a lot of people think that like the I'm get claustrophobic you feels wonderful it feels like first of all feels like you're flying so you lean your arms back and once you kind of bump into the walls a little bit you got to Center yourself once you Center yourself and then the water stops Rippling then you just let your arms relax and just float and it feels like you're flying fall asleep and die my biggest concern right now no it's only 11 inches of water and you're floating you can't drown unless you flip over face-first you start breathing the water and place yeah yes sit up and you're fine there's no way to drown in it no one dies

► 02:17:50

okay you're fine you have to worry about that and you floating it feels great man yeah it feels great to this very relaxed with the concentration of salt is what keeps you afloat yes this is a thousand pounds of Epsom salts in that tank wow when we can see you've got your skin to I found out about it first through the movie Altered States I'd heard about it was a movie that was based Loosely very very Loosely on the legend of this guy named John Lilly John Lilly is the guy who created this sensory deprivation tank do you know we is no I do not well he also is a Pioneer and interspecies communication with dolphins yeah he was assigned to it all comes back to dolphins if this get for this guy he gave Dolphins acid he was a part of LSD allows you to do that who on the 50s and 60s gonna fucking people acid you know yeah well they actually shut his program down because the woman that he had he had this woman who was living with a dolphin and she essentially half of her apartment was underwater like she was her house was half submerged so the dolphin would come

► 02:18:50

and out of the house and sleep with her and then go into a tank like her husband or something that was the problem she was jerking the dolphin off oh the dolphin like would be distracted all the time but the dolphin stayed well of course got jerked off all the time so they were like little we're paying for what they were trying to teach the dolphin a talk right right so they're trying to teach the dolphin English words but the problem was Dolphins don't have lips they don't they can't make it they can make phone cords can't make the council we do so they were trying to get it to go how long she sounds like a lot of work for this a lot of work for hello but it was really obvious that they have some sort of language right and so Lily who is obsessed with it he would set up a sensory deprivation tank right outside the dolphin tank and take acid and give acid to the Dolphins and he was trying to communicate with them he was trying to communicate with them like in some sort of a like neighboring Dimension right he was a trip I mean that guy who would take intramuscular ketamine yeah shoot it into his his meat of his body and then lie in the tank and have these crazy ketamine trips while I was in the tank why

► 02:19:50

well I don't know because I've never experienced ketamine yeah but apparently there's something about that particular drug that lends itself very well to the sensory deprivation experience at least for Lily and then you very addictive to you bought the tank well I heard about that and then I read a book called The Deep self and that was a book that Lily wrote about you know I think that one each he even had instruction on how to build a tank he actually had like set up like all these plans yeah or how you cook a blueprint for how to build your own tank yeah use water bed liners and yeah it's probably pretty easy right get a kiddie pool throw a bunch of people have done it which people have done lay down yeah you can do it but you you know you really need is there a filter at all you're not right oh yeah very heavy-duty filtration system really yeah because the one that I have is it's a company called a float lab and the float lab is like the best they make the best tanks and the guy who makes his my friend crash and he's like a super scientist

► 02:20:50

dude yeah am a genius when it comes to tanks he's like over-engineering everything and making everything like it's like complicated as it can as much wouldn't you if I'm yeah I'll show you the whole system it's like all that stuff that's in the back of it as like essentially from a public water purification system it's super super heavy-duty purification and even pumps ozone into the water on oh shit so what do you do when so like let's just say like someone were to go in there yeah yes had a fight whatever makes what you want to relax you go in there the person comes out as does the water change or just a filtered system with the same water that your water is being filtered but nobody the only people that have been in that thing our Dan Harris from Good Morning America me really yeah he's the only one that ever took me up on the offer to climb in there most guys go yeah yeah I'll go in there yeah and they got that rescue what I did you like should go and I was like haha yeah awesome love you buddy take all your clothes off and climb into my little tank literally yeah like this round trip naked Rich well there's definitely no cameras there yeah worry about that how do I know that get that out of your head yeah trust me

► 02:21:49

but I bet I guarantee you Boston but Google sensory deprivation tanks in Boston but guarantee you well it's like I'm some place our yeah yeah yeah there's a lot of places where you go and you rent them and it's like you know 50 bucks for an hour or something like that that's not bad at all it's not it's worth it man there you go float restoration therapy where's it at I discourage float off you go $80 for 90 minutes in Somerville and Medford Street in Somerville there you go papow what if I come out somewhat 89 90 minutes that was a risk right well I hope not I hope nobody steals your clothes usually like you're in a room and you get to lock it I'll make sure that the until Christ dude kids do it too was a kid in there my kids are scared of it but yeah they could do it that's where like they draw the line with Daddy what none of shouldn't floating wow delete bear meat but they won't float away float no I don't know too weird oh my god it feels great man I'm telling you everybody and it's also a great way for your body to absorb magnesium because the you know Epsom salt bastard

► 02:22:49

you have sore muscles well when you get into this this is so much epsom salts yeah you float in it and your muscles loosen up and it kind of like like a little pin judgments and tight areas tanks and Ah that's one little pod yours looks like a safe yeah it's much bigger yeah see this is a 0 a 2 person tank know what you want but you can't get another turn all right that'll be we're doing if your wife wanted to go and come on what should we talk about far to talk about nothing yeah we're not here to talk that's why I'm here now go talk to you before we go into the next Dimension I have to know about the curtain I have six crash I want to buy these curtains huh yeah what is it somebody's new Lily Pad a float tank that hides in a daybed bam samadhi is the company that I bought my first tank from they make great stuff so that is it looks terrifying look what if someone's sitting on it you can't get out oh that's true like hey really can you get off this thing I really want to get out of here getting scared right for like a fat dude gets drunk and falls asleep on the list yeah and you run out of

► 02:23:49

yeah fuck wait can't you can't run away are there's like a their Bros no Anna So eventually you could no no they polmanteer and they don't do this to me he's actually yeah you don't make it there's actually a variable speed fan and the one that I have that pumps in oxygen okay clean purified air okay so purifies the air and pumps in it's not everyone's is that safe though if I know like a sealed system that one here that one right there the daybed one could be a real issue yes you have said drunk fat guy got rich you have 37 minutes of air left yeah it's like an escape room that's another one coming space isn't lights on it what Jamie's this is what yours looks like but it has light well that's bad a similar I see what looks like sorta sorta doesn't like black it's like whoa mine is mine is the state of the art yeah lights and inside there's no there's no lights no lights bro yeah I know what I'm doing and I've been I had one of these in 2002 so I've had one forever I love them we should all love them yeah I think they're one of the best tools ever feel like thinking what else is a good thinking tool

► 02:24:49

marijuana yeah I heard you like marijuana do you know what you know what that's interesting thing for you what do you got well things so because I'm on a budget a little my job and everything I stayed at a hostel damn I'm doing some broke people shit right there said hostile probably not no never say it off so so in case you want to hostel is which everyone listening to songs with hostel has its I shared a room with three other people among that's right right so you know Massachusetts just said Hey listen you know we're going to allow marijuana but it's still kind of like a taboo thing right they don't want it getting too widespread so what I came here to the hostel I walked in and there's a giant bag of marijuana on the table and I was like I'm sorry someone selling this is this like no it's for you man like we welcome all our guests like this you could have as much as you want I'll say Where am I dude I pray these crazy shit man he reels smokebox the other day yeah I think I'm just starting to be non not high

► 02:25:49

really from that from the other day so is it out I don't know if he's released yet anyway it's gave me a bag of weed that every time I open up the trunk of my Tesla it's like whoa so what so on over a skunk I'm not very familiar with with smoking marijuana I think I've done it like once you work for the government I don't know so I don't like once and it's like I try to be cool like yeah you smoke right I'm like yeah who doesn't right man so I was so they offered me this big bag of weed and I was like terrified should be because the thing is like if I try it right I want to be where I'm somewhere I mean safe I'm gonna do chromates only marijuana it's not like you know you don't want to freak out right that could happen and you should only take a little look if you're gonna if you going to this is what you do you go like this like this like it's a little yeah just a touch you know it's like there's a small box first of all be real smoked me in a coma I quit maybe five minutes into the Smoke Box I was like what in the fuck my do we got high before we got into the Smoke Box too yeah it's like so what's levels of

► 02:26:49

so Smoke Box and you put where you were in a car it was like a case is car that's the car it's a an old Cadillac like a barbecued I am I can't keep my eyes open wait that was you okay yeah I'm like I can't believe still smoke as even look like you exactly I'm so high I'm in another dimension holy shit look like you're freaking great grandfather something look at me that's good lighting but the that's crazy what be real does is he gets you in that car and then everybody has a fat tube like a big giant joint of the most ridiculous weed on the planet Earth there's none stronger so wide it's not understand what's the point of having a joint just go in the car and get high that why everybody's so hot you can't breathe there's no air in there when I got out of there my inside of my mouth was cooked yeah if you've never smoked weed he doesn't understand the HotBox cons I don't understand this is all new to me all that smoke you breathing in right so you're smoking it so you're getting high from that and then you breathe in at other people smoke you get an extra hot that's what I'm saying there's no are so why not just go in there and just be like hey you know what I'm just gonna sit in here for

► 02:27:49

minutes get - yeah you'd get high from that I probably wouldn't get really high from the I probably get from you it yeah you smoke every day no no every other day no Sundays on now but I've been taking this stuff every what is that but DMT this is CBD with THC it's 10 milligrams of THC and 10 milligrams of CBD so it's not a lot of THC but it's enough so you just put those pills in like your coffee or something I'll just swallow it like a little gel cap but isn't that like not fun because it's not you're not smoking it looks like I'll look at this it's like a fish oil pills yeah exactly but it's CBD oil with THC it's a hemp oil so you just you just pop it in and I'll swallow it no I take that back I did have marijuana chocolate when was this and it was like last year how'd it go nothing it was it was like nothing I've probably taken off my friends like getting taken off so I had it and then like an hour hour an hour later this is dumb I just sat there got a little high and I was just like yeah we're off and went to sleep and it was fine I didn't take enough yeah you definitely took him out yeah it was

► 02:28:49

the other way yes we're too much it's dumb and have like five more pieces of chalk exactly that's what people do the worst thing that anybody could ever say when they eat pot is man I don't feel shit it's dumb then they take another one yeah and then it kicks in and then it gets in your DNA you like oh no and your kids are high and then you're on a ride you want to ride for like hours really oh my God I have a friend who ate too many Edibles and he was high for 27 or 28 hours wow a full day later he was still high and it took like four hours after that what is this guys doing the leaf blower what is that doing is making a giant hot box out of the biggest that's good but it gets and why you see some Stoners Like That Girl right there they just get too high yeah like me what was in the hot box what you like what can you not do everything can't do anything but get you don't even get is talking is it like getting drunk no no no you get paranoid you get freaked out think about people you fingered in high school you start you fucking you

► 02:29:49

you comb over everything you've ever done ever that might be even remotely questionable so why would you want to get high then well I think there's a lot of the first of all that's too high right that's like paranoia yeah but I think it gives you like a self-examination that I think it's probably critical for people it's just exam like maybe you would be thinking about your life yeah but you if you got like if you got high and start thinking about this job you're quitting like why the fuck would I stay with this job right God I could be here forever you start getting paranoid think about what its gonna be like fuck yeah 60 years old I'm still here and I wish I took a chance but now it's late and I'm tired of the energy to do it anymore I left and I'm on Skid Row fuck I do I don't think like that yeah do you think you think very positively yeah I think if negative shit happens like you should be aware that it can but to dwell on it I think is not empowering at all right I think what's empowering is like if you were a person who was 90 years old and you lived a boring ass stupid life working at a shitty

► 02:30:49

but then someone gave you a chance he said Rich how would you like to be you say 36 yeah how would you like to be 36 again with vitality and youth and energy and ambition and you've really got something going on you're getting YouTube channel with like four hundred fifty thousand subscribers yeah would you think what would you be willing to do to try again anything you did you say anything I want to I want to be I want to live like yeah a fulfilled life a life that I enjoy well that's you right now so that's how I look at things damn I look at things like what would I like to be if I was if I was someone who was broken down and beaten by life and exhausted and I never took any chances all right what would I do now well I would say if I could be that guy that is willing to just try to just take risks and and carve a path for yourself I don't want to be that guy one would want to live a fulfilled life your future so I can anybody could do that man anybody could do that that's not cost prohibitive it's dangerous there's risks but

► 02:31:49

that's why it's good right if you knew you could like if you put your play a video game in god mode and just run around shooting everything pretty much can't die it's boring that's dumb it's boring what's exciting is you could die right yeah I guess it's just like real life yeah it was exciting is risk you don't want to be that guy who's just barely alive but alive right fuck that and by existing yeah exist right religion and so we worked it out you going to do stand upright I'm gonna hand job already wanna go hang gliding all I want to do right now is just smoke marijuana and then go Klein is how one of the greatest Jiu-Jitsu artists of all time holes Gracie that's how you died really Emin is one of the greatest of all time but I'm not have lifted anymore jelly this is told me about this uplifting thing interests and die what the hell's going on what's going on here reward if you land oh great you're still alive there's no reward what you got to almost die flying around but now I'm confused you don't slammed into a cliff bro but wait a bit but you just said that it's this is an exciting thing no look that you could almost died if you quit your job

► 02:32:49

pray and then you take a path that you may or may not succeed on right you do succeed you're going to feel invigorated you took a chance and you want it sitting out here like an adrenaline rush in a way so this right oh no what happened oh she's a mishap oh no the gun gift okay just watch for a second and see what you think is wrong here in the first 10 seconds okay can't believe I can't show this everybody at online people know what's up oh my God he's not attached I'm not just wait well charge here the guy that in the blue he's the he's the like leader guy up and good luck here oh crap they're flying and he is holding on tight by hernán a are very high and they're going higher Jessica just to be clear this is a very this last four minutes this is like this last four minutes yeah perfect turn around do you have any idea how hard it is to hold on yes two for two more minutes yeah even two minutes is hard how did this guy do this how did he manage to hang

► 02:33:49

on luck I don't know like they're the person in blue he's holding on oh my god oh one hand we do I have to do a pull-up and I say this yes I do a public get my arm might not be able to the drag of the wind how does he hang on

► 02:34:05

oh my God I get down to the bottom it is amazing his grip strength is incredible to his forearms was a huge his grip strength incredible because go what a chicken he couldn't wait till I got to the actual ground sobbing I couldn't I'm just kidding well I don't think the guy even really landed this is a very high definition video was taken on hot what's GoPro GoPro wow proper way to land dick first fuck that fuck that what did you hit a rock with the locks sram's okay what do I go back up what is this a rest upon impact my right wrist she suffered a fragmented distal radius fracture which required surgery damn son you got lucky but it's a big so like he took a risk but like there's a reward the words like that Adrenaline Rush does an Apple logo hand gliding and stuff I hit him hang gliding parasailing all the water sports yeah you get a little bit of an adrenaline rush you know I mean if you want to live for that little drug the little adrenaline drug go ahead what if you went hunting right mmm and um we also towards bicep tendon from holding on as long as you did wow

► 02:35:05

yeah baby shopping tomorrow wow she's so what if you want hunting right and you didn't kill anything is it still fun happens all the time yeah sure so it's not it's the thought you might catch something well it's not even that you don't say catch so sorry yes kill something destroy something no nothing's and something well I running water down the called Harvest rib harvesting harvesting it out they actually do real Pro it's not a pumpkin yeah to fucking deer we can be refilled it now yeah I mean it's difficult to do but if you do that's one of the reasons why when you do do it it feels like you accomplished something right yeah so that's the positive aspect of it the positive aspect of it is that there's a reward it would be pull it off not just that you like Survivor like I want to go running with the bulls I love you I lived awesome yeah I guess that's a good way to think about it well or The Coasters I like roller coasters but I have kids okay I like roller coasters for my kids it was just for me I wouldn't go to a fucking Disneyland but you like them because of your my kids okay so I guess what I love it is why people

► 02:36:05

that like roller coasters saying Adrenaline Rush yeah because it gives a little adrenaline rush I feel uncomfortable because I feel like if I die this would be so stupid but I didn't need to do this right but I did this for a cheap thrill and it broke and I went flying off into the fuck yeah tree point-to-point yeah you know you gotta like you know those those weird carnivals it like pull up neighborhood County hokey looking ones that you pull up in like six trucks and it like unfolds as like a checkers board dude one of them came in my neighborhood and they had this fucking thing where you spin around really fast a way to the wall not from Popeye took pictures of the way it was said I think it's on Instagram you probably won't be able to find it I took pictures there's like years ago yeah of the way this thing was like on like five or six different two-by-fours it was like on blocked shot so wacky and people are climbing in their little boy but my gosh that's your chances of dying at those things I like I'm doing yeah there it is there's the picture whoa how dare you how did you find that so quickly how did you find that I'm a Google Master exam good you're good

► 02:37:05

Master but look at that thing look how stupid that it's like I see the stacks of wood that is so goddamn hot as hell man Keys hell they just do that to balance it out because they put that fucking thing on a hill so what were you doing there your kids were on that no I didn't let him for that game I don't let him get on that thing but they you know you squirt the fucking gun the total clown face in the balloon pops and you want to flip it for what would you nail at at one of those carnivals what do you like kill every not gonna do anything yeah no thanks yeah it's said to be against you it's like so I want to bring it back to aliens yeah yeah got ya gotta wrap this up it's already 3 o'clock please please please we've been doing this for three hours you should make yeah what yeah for real damn all right if the aliens came to you yeah said Rich yeah we're going to give you this technology whatever it may not be going to be yes but you know I can't tell anyone else yeah would you be willing to what technology they will if the government brings you to Area 51 like Bob Lazar and they bring it down to the base yeah and they show you an alien spacecraft they go we're going to let you examine this

► 02:38:05

I know that you love to Tinker and back engineer things but you can't tell anybody are you in I'll do it in a heartbeat why the hell not because you have a you owe us the rest of the human race like these fucking assholes in the government they going to keep you telling us the truth yeah don't you think it would affect the whole world if we knew now them honestly I probably tell you in any way because the fact that they called the Tesla guy to go down there of course she's gonna wrap them out well that's who I would call if I was the government I wouldn't call some respectable scientist from Stanford is that guy would call some dude who would be like easily discredited right guy who maybe like maybe I was a little little fudgy with this science reports and vicious yeah maybe plagiarize a little bit in college and knows his shit that's me yeah I would go with some guy who's was that autodidactic is that the word we're someone learns themselves is that what the word there's a lot right so the word is a lot of geniuses out there yeah just don't have the credentials very smart people and

► 02:39:04

doc yeah yeah yeah take that car take that guy would you do that no tell everybody why hundred percent why would you why do you ho in trust those out you know you don't owe anyone anything because I would want everyone to know what I think I do it this way I wake up with a live with myself really a hundred percent yeah if the government wants to tell me some Secrets let me tell you something I'll tell everybody yeah would you say that first I would definitely tell them I'm telling everybody realize I don't show it to me really yeah I would say don't show it to but that's not progressing the human race forward because there's always the goal is for you to see it confirm it right you want to see a convert and tell everyone you just be waiting to say going oh my God I don't want to die and I don't want him to kill me so I would say listen you need a tissue show me how you for that show me that maybe people have died already and we don't know how deep my baby bro yeah look into it I don't know it would be a thing where I would put in all honesty depends on what stage in my life if I was 30 years old and they said I'm going to show you this you

► 02:40:04

show anybody are you willing I'd be like yeah sure show me but at 50 I be like no yeah no I'm not making any deals yeah I don't want to make a deal where you tell me that I can't tell anybody about I mean it's one thing if it's a business thing like hey we're going to Apples going to show you the new iPhone don't tell anybody I know for sure I won't tell anybody right fine but a gun this is something which would affect the human race how would a lie how would the confirmation of aliens the fact that human race you think well yes there are aliens now what we're going to do realistically you would have to have confirmation that was undeniable and your own eyewitness that's not good enough not just think it created the shoot you anyways exactly I just think you're a fool and they'll just make you look like a dunce and know it would actually probably help their cause right because no one would ever believe you and no one would take alien seriously after that which is one of the arguments for like what they actually did with Project Blue Book like there was a guy named Philip corso and J Allen hynek was the guy

► 02:41:04

running Project Blue Book and one of the things they famously said after it was over that they were they would just try to debunk things and make these things look foolish yeah and that anything they found that they couldn't explain they just tucked away but the things that they could explain even if the the explanation didn't Jive it came up with an explanation just to make people realize that aliens were bullshit right but he through the course of Project Blue Book studying now now you have to ask your question this question through the end of it he decided that aliens were real and that we had been contacted yeah however you always have to question whether someone ever is doing that because this is a new Avenue for them to make money is this a new stream of Revenue I'm going to do the lecture circuit I'm going to write books mean if you're a guy work for Project Blue Book and then they shut Project Blue Book down you don't have any more money yeah you're broke and you decide why don't work when work for the government anymore you know what I want to do I'm going to write stories about UFOs the certified cast fuck these assholes right Jo

► 02:42:04

hynek died a long time ago I believe right Google J Allen hynek Project Blue Book UFOs I'm pretty sure there's interviews where afterwards he said he was sure after all of his time studying that there is and has been some contact with extraterrestrials what do you think I don't I don't know see me me me personally I have zero experience right right well so it doesn't experience someone might what are you laughing at talk about it yet you don't want to talk about it talk about it yet something I've been looking into go ahead about this topic or this guy worked at that company I've told and told you about in Columbus Ohio he also the teacher of physics and astronomy at Ohio State 1936 don don don so you think there's some real shit going down by making you think some real shits going down I don't know about all the alien Technologies or actually what beings or aliens or something there's something going on and it has to do with that company and it has to do with everything you're talking about and Project Blue Book

► 02:43:04

know what it is that's very vague I know super soaker hose yeah something's going on guys I can't because it's to me it doesn't seem fair to just go with the big conspiracy but there are facts that you can look up and find so once you get to the bottom of the investigation you'll have a report for you ready to leave some stuff out yeah it's one of those subjects that inherently starts looking crazy until alien show up there was like that what was that movie what was the the recent movie with the the way they spoke in like smoke oh oh God was that big rival rival if something like that shows up

► 02:43:45

then all the sudden our perceptions completely change the whole way undeniable there's like some giant Los Angeles size thing floating over the Continental USA yeah we'd be like okay all right so has to think so why would you so if we let's just say we had a microscope right Periscope whatever the whatever you call it look in the space really telescope telescope yeah Periscope it if I was a submarine so and we see an e an alien you know Colony yeah I'm like Mars what will we do with study it yeah we try to communicate with it but would that be a good move like what if they came over to us now go oh look at these fucking dumb Champs do you think these do they you think the any foreign or alien species with think we're idiots a hundred percent of really think we're idiots yeah if there are Advanced to the point where they've gotten control of their emotions and anger right I mean just think about how much tribal Warfare grows on still in America in the world you know how much how much Warfare is taking place how many people are dying

► 02:44:45

many innocent people are dying who drones all that kind of stuff but they'd be aware of all that they be aware of are polluting of the environment they'd be aware of are depleting the ocean of its fish than just pulling and giant Nets filled with fish kill you what the fuck are you people doing they'd be looking at coal plants in the present United States the greatest superpower the world's ever known saying things like Clean Coal like Clean Coal what do you think so what do you think okay so someone comes to visit us right what's the dumbest thing that they're gonna notice the first and say oh well this is the dumbest thing I've ever see what's the number one thing you visit our planet the number-one dumbest thing they're going to see if they're probably gonna think the pollutions the number-one dumbest like you are you guys are shitting in the environment that you need to sustain you all right you're in you're doing this in it's not like you don't have the resources to fix that infinite money yeah we have incredible amounts of money but yet the money's not going towards that massive resources should be going to removing carbon from the atmosphere removing particulates from the

► 02:45:45

atmosphere yeah like break dust and all the shit that's in these cities and when you're with these cars are constantly slamming on their brakes that Dusty have to clean off your wheels that shit's everywhere in your lungs maybe it's fucking everywhere and takes years off people's lives it absolutely does they would look at all that they would go go why aren't they looking at that like why aren't they why don't they have some sort of system in place to mitigate all the problems of created in terms of like well let me know they got rid of plastic straw right yeah keep keep the Caps though keep the bottles or fine keep the tabs that you pull off a things keep plastic wrap everything's plastic of those new disintegrating straws by the way ridiculously it's like I want to keep around one by stainless steel washer but have to clean it those but the same thing you can call stab somebody if somebody attacks you you get one with shot good shot when the end yeah oh I'm sorry that I snapped this very punch a hole through them like that Walking Dead crossbow bolt yeah yeah I think that's the big one that we would that they would get they would go wow these

► 02:46:45

people crazy the other thing they would say is the nuclear power thing like when you find out things like the Fukushima plant they didn't have a any sort of backup plan shut the hell up shut it down yeah like you don't know what happens if your generator goes out well we're fart well now it's nothing really clear meltdown and everything dies forever yeah yeah they didn't plan on that like that the fact that we they built these plants and they have no idea to shut them off like that's crazy yeah the aliens are probably like these people are they're fucking mind they're smart enough to figure out how to harness nuclear power but what they use it for is to generate a steam yeah constant and it has to stay on forever that's why they put them near the oceans like these guys are assholes any sense yeah the other thing too is that how would you let's just say things are going to shit really quickly right right there's a nuclear power plant that's going to blow up any second now any second how would you

► 02:47:35

are you like I know you're Outdoors a guy you hunt kill Harvest as I say sorry how long do you think you could survive if things went to shit really quickly if you have to survive you have all the money you want right but like how long do you think you could survive in the wilderness it would be very hard it's not easy and not only that you got to get through the winter so you're gonna have to build some sort of a shelter because that was amazing with fire there's no winter here there is there I mean that's here in LA but in Big Bear which is only a couple hours north of here yeah I mean there's plenty of places where you could drive in a couple hours you could go to Big Bear and then you can go down to the beach you could experience the desert you can experience a lot of different climates it would really depend upon where you were stuck and what what you would eat so the thing is if you want to stay in the LA area you're dead because you're not gonna be able to eat shit there's nothing here would you stay in your head what would you migrate give your kids and why you gotta get out of here so you'd leave you drive your Tesla right with car with no way what no way there's a big debate that I

► 02:48:35

if in a crisis situation right uh-huh you take the test oh would you take what would you take I have a Toyota Land Cruiser with a v a gallon gas tank yeah I got an apocalypse mobile but so now I went to maintain icon I got shit on so much for this had the same exact things like listen you know shit situation I would leave the tussle behind the who argued with you about that a lot of people I leave that behind I take my pickup truck yeah it's a coma that's my deal with gabbar strive hundred percent well you know in the emergency crisis situation you don't have access to the Gap what if the gasoline didn't work liquor store you fill it up with alcohol we run where we had the hurricane in Florida yeah now every was saying like yeah the gas pumps wouldn't work because the electricity was shut off but the supercharger still work and you could get your destination still I'm like Tesla's use less energy it's like at the end of the day I happened to pick up truck with like two shotguns and like five things the gasoline and be fine I don't understand that yeah they also make tanks that you can

► 02:49:35

in your gas tank in your of the bed of your truck Rider the right these survival tanks arrived as far as you want and you know your miles yeah and they more and they that you drop thousands of miles there's a guy who actually there was a podcast that I was listen to this guy who is like an extreme prepper and he actually made a trip with one tank of gas from Arizona to Canada damn he drove all the way up to Canada all the way across with one tank of gas because this massive tank and the back of his pickup truck that feeds directly into his primary gas tank yeah yeah and you can get these they're like these survival tanks and you know they'll host like hundreds of gallons are also a terrible I probably should I probably shoot it the guys car that's the thing to do that so I don't know sudden your Lawless yeah definitely yeah the lights go off for five minutes want to kill everyone here starting fires shooting cars yeah so so then all right so you leave you take your family right here you have your kids if your wife where you gonna go you hop

► 02:50:35

a Land Cruiser where you gonna go you have a real problem what are you going to bring you well you would have to bring things to start a fire and things to kill animals right those are the things that would be very important I would bring guns right I bring bows I'd bring ammunition and arrows but I would realistically realize the first of all I'm not going to make more bullets and I'm not going to make more arrows right am I going to do and how long am I going to last big not wanna know okay no no I'll be just trying to stay alive - yeah but you'd also be trying to stay alive for a long period of time right you might want to bring it numbs the pain no really what no it's not going to eat that I mean marijuana for pain relief I'm gonna guess it works yeah that's not what I use a Paint Nite of the impending doom yourself yeah you'd be freaking out even more I'm freaking out plenty yeah and maybe I mean I'm I just--there's no there's not room I would bring water for water purification tablets no food shelters and food that would bring food I'd probably being food in the form of heavy duty

► 02:51:35

bars like the take don't take up a lot of space but dense and nutrient-rich like there's those green barley bars bars yeah something that has a lot of calories High calories in a small package small size right where you heading yeah exactly going oh it's yeah you gotta go somewhere where there's animals and even then you're not going to make it and your kids are probably not going to make it but that's the real thing is true you the idea that you're going to live off of animals this isn't the Serengeti man it's not it's not a lot of animals unless you're somewhere where you can find a lot of fucking animals right like rabbits and Shane you got to keep them like you're gonna have to kill them every other day because they're not going to last with the heat and your kids are going to eat a dead rabbit for sure not until recently a drab really yeah they'll eat a rabbit yeah my kids will eat pretty much anything you have to start a fire yes really yeah but it's not easy no it's not if you have a string in a bow and two pieces of dried wood and you know hardwood and a softer wood you can do it you can do it but it ain't easy

► 02:52:34

like starting a bowl with one of those yeah start a fire with one or two months in not takes a little while really but it's not easy you're better off of the Flint if you have a flint and a piece of metal you can start a fire pretty easy workout and also you want to bring with you some tender you want to if you have some dry Tinder he's been that with you too look you're in for a world of hate yeah now the world of shit if you want to really survive right those whenever I watch those survival shows which have my by the way that they're already into that shit they're exciting right yeah minute that shit what would I do - yeah check it was just this guy YouTube kind of fed this to me the other day three hundred daily self documentary of him spending 300 days on an island by himself she got dropped off with a satellite phone because he ends up getting hurt some point he cut his own hand off no this is fresh fish not sure there's lots of views you can look it up there and it is alone he does it at the very end of it his friend meets him and he shows him what he's been doing for like the last two weeks all alone isn't a volcano on this island yeah he looked like he freaked out his base

► 02:53:34

cast away at the end of this fucking document oh yeah I'm sure pretty cool look that's a fucking hard thing to do just for your mind to do that he's weaving together ropes and shit yeah fuck you what you want an island Hong Eun last I probably last I'd make it maybe 45 minutes depends on if I knew that my family was still alive yeah I will make it really yeah I'll figure out a way to make it a little pig oh yeah oh my God for a little while I thought I was daddy's gonna kill it so nothing he kept it as a pet and like it ended up running away how did he feed it he feeds it he told you shows you what he does it's pretty so it's a wild pig by the piglet so that well it means he's on a very animal Rich environment if he's on an island with pigs trapped it had invited child gets something in it so did you kill any pigs I didn't I honestly didn't want another picture thing that's necessary and around it I didn't watch the whole thing because it's true or drinking the pigs pass right there that's really cool

► 02:54:34

that guy's in Topanga Canyon he's a friend doesn't call back surgery yeah he's right behind Kanye is like I his house I was just how he caught fish he's got a fishing around his right here you got him guys drop him off and he just said don't come back for 300 days if you know the way how did you know how does he charge the batteries for this footage you have a cell phone chargers that use satellite or use a solar power a lot of guys use those when they really but yeah my friend Adam Green Tree yeah he lives in Australia and every year he comes to America and he's a bow hunter and you do like a one-month Trek solo yeah in the mountains hunting for elk and he uses these solar panels they lays out and they charged battery packs and the charge this phone and so he got very famous on Instagram for documenting all this in his Instagram stories yeah like you got an altercation with a grizzly bear and he was documenting it like you could see in the Instagram story The Bear standing up I'm shaking out them and and coming towards him and he's got a pistol out it turned out the pistol was jammed

► 02:55:34

throw it the beer then he didn't have to but he had it pointed at the he didn't even understand that the pistol like wasn't his pistol some yeah let him borrow it for personal safety in the forest and the bullet was the wrong size for the pistol gonna blow up in his hand if you're not careful yeah something who knows yeah not good but he's fine now he's okay okay it's okay he's Australian man they're a different breed of people yeah they have some shit down there yeah they're yeah they're the children of criminals are all of this what is the British like British people who back then when everybody was a criminal right you guys are too crazy yeah get the fuck off our continent that'll put you in Paris Shelia hey put him in Paradise yeah but have crazy animals down there today do plane spiders and shit but the people are cool as fuck man it's like a weird thing like somehow or another that worked you've been there right Bunch time yeah I love Australia like we do down there what you should do stand-up down there maybe you should start your tour oh yeah that's good yeah the things I have no income really right just it's right now yeah for now that's the tough thing is that

► 02:56:34

it's thing up that hostile really like brought things into perspective right it's like snoring and farting that's what I'm saying yeah people just like standing in for me but naked I'm like hey hey whatever hey you know which is crazy it's crazy girl band crazy world listen dude I gotta wrap this up but yeah it's been a pleasure I'm really glad we did it so am I then I had a feeling is going to work out this way can I plug my Instagram in my head my at my shop so check me out Instagram at Richie be kid Ric hie BK I Didi and I my YouTube channel Rich rebuilds and the shop opening electrified garage check it out well thank you sir this is a lot of fun man and I wish I want you to come back a year from now saying you doing stand-up yeah everything's kicking out here like Yeah Joe bamboo man that sucks this sucks man thank you brother it was awesome I really miss you thank you bye thank you bye everybody

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- Joe we're done we did I told you he was great right that was an unusually cool podcast from a guy whose net he didn't even know where to put the microphone he didn't know like whether or not he had have one ear like he's asking all these questions like have you never done a podcast he's like never but meanwhile I was correct the guy was so natural comfortable one day when he has a giant podcast will hearken back to this day and was a member I talked you into doing this shit one day maybe he'll be a touring successful stand-up comedian and we'd be like remember remember alright that's it for today much love to you all bye