#1288 - Jon Reep

May 1, 2019

Jon Reep is an American stand-up comedian and actor. Check out his podcast "Fried with Jon Reep" available on Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud.

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my friend mr. John reap

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The Joe Rogan Experience Train by day Joe Rogan podcast by

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my name

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to drink you want a zero alcohol kind of--can sure if you haven't won a fella zero alcohol let's get crazy they're actually let's Pace ourselves it takes cheers I'm gonna chug this whoa don't do not do that dude sweet dangerous zero alcohol how many calories though we scare calories bro it's how you stay alive that's gonna get you I mean I got plenty of calories already I have to ask you to drive in the Hemi no I did I got dropped off in a Chevy oh my God this is outrageous I had one for a little while just a little while yeah figure like you would have to have one for quite a long time it was fun well okay I'm going to backtrack a little bit so first commercial right that thing got a Hemi right I did six of these things yeah and around commercial three I was talking to my agent I said man you know if they asked to do another one oh shit here we go yeah

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that's the worst I've ever looked in my life I really felt like I was sitting in a desert like no one's ever going to see these commercials that wasn't gonna know what a hammy is incorrect and I could have been I could not have been more wrong yeah there it is a look at that badass did they give you one or two just go out and buy one well I said listen if they if they want me to do another commercial see if you can get a vehicle out of them right in my agent was like you know make it their problem he calls him up he goes hey I don't know if you know this but your Hema guy your spokesman is driving around Los Angeles right now on a Suzuki Sidekick oh and they're like what a mess we can't Factor that's what I said the same thing it's the lightest it's a box guy if you can put a string to it and float in the air that that shitty looking cheap thing yes oh wow you have one of those I did yeah red wow I don't know why for some reason I like that thing I got it in college and as I really like it yeah Nostalgia it was cool for tailgating and shit there it is

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yeah that's that's the LL Cool J vers didn't have that one let's Cool J but I don't know I think I saw that the video one time because it's a that's the one I had right here at that hardtop damn yeah I had total that thing in North Dakota one-time hit black ice and I mean a gust of wind just knocked me off the road and I was in a ditch but it was you know how people are motorcycles they'll see another motorcycle no wave and it's like a little club that you're in and jeeps do it too and I started doing that to other Suzuki Sidekicks and out of whatever reason I'd wave to him nine times out of ten it's like an overweight black lady and now I just went with that in the like what is he doing I was like when the club man so but yeah people like Jimmy nice cars yeah but to do that with shitty cars to yeah that's what that's next level that's more fun yeah like I see you what did they give you when they give you a hemming it was a 1500 Dodge Ram quad cab black lot of Chrome

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comfortable that they loved it I loved when I first got it you know it's like it's like in the middle of you know I did six those commercial so as right around La with the windows down just blasting you know Lynyrd Skynyrd and shit yes perfect hobby store and like park it I made they hated park in that thing that that light because it's gigantic that's a wide and it like really mad can you just have some I drop you off yeah Brendon shops been showing up in his he got a raptor oh yeah realize how wide those things are until you stand in front of him like one huge fires a fucking giant vehicle and then trying to valet that thing anywhere in Los Angeles you know it's a lot of tiny little Mexican dudes are like really man well the worst is if you try to valet a stick shift I tried to get I try to give a valley my keys to my Bronco and he didn't know what to do I got you don't know how to drive a stick shift he goes no I go what the fuck are you doing here man how can you have this job yeah yeah that should be a part of the resume I can't drive all cars it's crazy yeah my mom thing most people don't

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you know anyone under 30 could drive a stick I don't think so no think going it's going gone yeah Portia doesn't make them any more the only American muscle cars are one of the last holdouts like Corvette and Camaro I haven't driven a stick in a long time Mustangs you have no one try sure actually last time I did I was in Costa Rica row and I rented a rented a car and I'm like I just assumed all cars now or when you rent them are automatics you know you get another country it's it's whatever and so I'm pulling out of the lot and that's like oh shit it's been a minute it's pretty embarrassing I got this yeah when you're in Italy they all drive stick shifts even like minivans yeah it's weird yeah everything's a stick shift over there I'm not sure why I don't know what's the advantages and disadvantages I made what do you prefer well if I wasn't where I was in Italy it was in ravello which is very small little roads it's very tiny and

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like crazy congestion because of Tourism yeah and the guy was always on the clutch back and forth back and forth I was like yeah this is you got to be annoying as fuck you want an automatic and this like LA right if you're in if you're commuting to La bumper-to-bumper every day you're going to want an automatic Zach that's what happened right I think you're right yeah yeah it's just more comfortable but if you let the car do the work but if you're on a Mountain Road like the Angels Crest Highway and yeah yeah want to share there's something cool about being in command of the vehicle and you telling it when it's due you know manly yeah it is and if you got dick in your hand yeah and if it's a woman I Gotta Go whoo don't get too close to this one yeah checks driving stick shifts like well she's a rebel might be a problem right Scrappy I'll be great in bed though maybe yeah for a little while and then and then perhaps problems she gets mad at you for your email for 12 years ago I didn't even know you that yeah what the fuck

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I can't go back you find this right we don't have phone come from that's fun flip phone where was that Meg Zuki sidekick we were looking at that thing from CES a Jamie pulled up what does that goofy thing called These are good right our like I don't feel like I'm drinking a non-alcoholic it tastes like a regular beer and it computers Cosmo Communicator which look at the fourth outside of that anything that is that is wasted development like someone was doing coke and they decide it's not have a spaceship it does oh my God it looks at it like he's has a planet or a spaceship back on the front of it look at that it looks like one of those metal wallets that you get to keep your credit card secure yeah but that shit's Preposterous but you're not using your fingers see the only but would you who makes you fat fucking hands are not going to fit on that thing yeah you must not be able to write do that like I mean at this point we're so used to doing this why go back and go to back to that now

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ever go sideways on your iPhone yeah like a pitcher I well yeah but never got typing no way I thought that was the move I'm gonna call once we go sideways that's going to be the shit have you tried on an iPad have not it's not bad yeah sideways on - yeah like when you have to type on the full screen so the full yeah with both hands not bad yeah not perfect but it's from way better than just your thumbs on iPhone yeah that makes sense I suppose if you can type I used to think I would never get used to that just that you know the the the screen without feeling it look at that little front screen like you got a bunch of shit that comes in on it look at that absent stuff I guess what that's gonna no one's buying that son Ham I got nothing well here's the thing there are so many options now if you don't like apple and you're committed to like an Android phone there's so many options yeah why would you buy that thing what I don't even know what companies that Moon exactly that's also part of the problem right that would be gone like where do you bring that thing to get it fixed yeah this

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in cracks you bring it to the mall what is it yeah Cosmo Communicator bro I'm gonna have to go to the Future and fix this like yeah we can't do this in 10 minutes nothing's a mess I mean I got a cracked screen now and you know it's not even that bad but I've seen people walk around with like damn spider web on the phone I'm like Nicholas how when are you going to go get it fixed what's the point where glass is falling off this is an indication of you you need to get your shit together yeah that's true yeah if your phone looks like a like a haunted house that's a good one yeah let's go into like you know see if this girl's going to be crazy right how cracked is her scream that's a good point give me your phone like a girl who can deal with a little crack that's probably some yeah that's okay she's cool just a little crack in the window and of corner no big deal five years ago fuck she's easygoing yeah she doesn't even need to wear makeup bro notice he says to do like this and yeah get the light just right because it's like a damn that's a full-on for a Waterway get tea

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because that part of the glass won't work and yeah what about the other way they're going with the Flex phone because this oh no this is gonna be broke but this is another one that came out at CES to mmm that they recalled Samsung recall the ones I suppose they were called all of them huh they done release date now they're not going to who knows we're going to come out they break in like crazy apparently Flex phone but then the zip flexible and ends yeah but how does that one work all I'm seeing is like yeah it opened up video of that yeah but the Samsung one had like a little teeny I don't know I thought we got a line in the center of it looks like a little flat aquarium that we put sea monkeys in it does right looks like one of them ones it's like a pillar and a shitty hotel yeah right thank you Miami is up there by full four hours yeah someone needs to clean the tank they have a Huawei has a Flex phone it looks way better than the Samsung one it looks thinner and it looks like they just nailed the design better and on the side of it that's it

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I had two different con oh is it different how many to someone oh no I'm sorry Royale flexpod beat Samsung and why way to Market sells out that's what this one was it phones it folded in half yeah yeah they're making these things where you can Flex them and bend them like a thousand times look at that oh how weird yeah that's weird how am I supposed got fat that thing is it's like carrying a VHS tape in your pocket right I mean imagine the advantages and disadvantages of watching porn on that thing oh there's advantages yeah just like last year ass and then he got turn your phone upside down right that's pretty wild how it works that isn't it yeah well I'm hoping it works so that the version 3 or 4 in a couple of years is way better than these broken ones yeah well for sure you're going to see people at concerts holding up looks like 12-inch iPads that's going to be these goddamn things in the future I've seen that before now yeah oh yeah baby

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they're assholes yeah they're everywhere I mean you're right yeah I hate it especially like a comedy show it's like the phone's bad enough yeah iPad I have a Tesla in the Tesla has this huge screen right its enormous yeah and you get so used to it yeah so I go from that to another car with a little tiny navigation screen like what is this bullshit yeah it's funny how you get used to things like I really have a Thomas guide when I first did you have one and he came down by God you have to pull over every five feet Bill Burr had one of those as recently as 2011 wow my house I really came to my house in his fucking Prius he still has a Prius that asshole probably got a billion dollars gonna fucking Prius he pulls into my driveway and I see the Thomas guide his backseat it's like yeah those fucking that navigation shit if that goes down I can't figure your way around town yeah you lost up in the hills no connection thomaswguy works every time I knew

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how to do it man I get back in the day Joey 10 I know how to do that you go yeah 10 that's why I need to go I need to write it down yeah that was always dangerous fuck up and all sudden you're in a romantic and Community chickens are running across the street sounds great yeah his son Talia sketch never been to Sun Valley I think it is yeah lots of hot been there once I got lost I was like this is this is not so when you got rid of your Hemi did you say hey this is from the Hemi guy like this should be worth some money yeah oh well if I thought I could like auction at all yeah yeah on eBay like I took pictures with it and everything it didn't work yeah it was like it was I think it was when gas was at its highest price and people like now I think we're moving on to other things so fucking high now it wasn't him five bucks a gallon again

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but I had it for about two years watch him do it well I was married at the time and that thing was hard when I would leave and she'd have that car it was just hard to back into the garage or any way has a small $2 to 2 car garage and it was hard to get that thing in there and so she she she convinced me that I wouldn't need it so luckily we got a we leased a Lexus RX350 for a while those are dope I like them I like it when you drive like a backup camera in those things that's very nice yeah we drive a truck and then you get into a little car like that like oh yeah Giles I'm like a dancer right yeah what was your first car my first car was a 1973 Chevelle Chevelle SS it was a shitbox I drove it from the guy's house to my house and then it died and never it never worked again I think I drove to my girlfriend's house and then I drove it back to my house

► 00:19:11

and then it died yeah and I called the guy up my hey man you're fucking car died and he came and gave it that gave me the money back and took his cars and what happened to my car I'm like a died just doesn't work wow and do you have like a day I had it for a day and then my horrible yeah that I had a 1968 for for to the wrapped around a telephone pole oh shit yeah whoops hydroplaned yeah yeah if you didn't know how to drive back then and you had to like kind of balding tires yeah and you hit some water yeah cars would just go sideways yeah what is this bigger floating in the air yeah it's crazy it's crazy for you can't do anything about nothing about it they always tell you to turn into it's like good luck nothing's happened I was just going sideways looks like I can't believe this shit I just got this car I had that one for a few months and then bang fuck that one up just hydroplaning just hundred yourself no I was with a couple of guys from school might get hurt no where are ya but it fuck the car up I was in a Fiera member Fiero yeah my sister had one of those it's like a little

► 00:20:11

Shake Ferrari thing yeah remember these to do so small these are do Ferrari kits for those yes it turned into a fake Testarossa yeah put a car Braun there yeah those were those were interesting my friend Joe had one of those two those were cool little cars yeah Jim Carr right back in the day it was like either in my hometown it was like it is yeah fake one that ridiculous car okay that is adorable that's those cars are so gross when people do that yeah and it's obvious well it's like what do you no one wants that once you get is that one that can't know that is that the arrow that says wow great job that's crazy that one actually looks good yeah what time you could trick some really dumb girls with that Miami you see yourself only really dumb one yeah like if that's the like if you were only looking for really dumb gals yeah that's your car Dom gold diggers what does that mean about those loafers what is that

► 00:21:11

back yeah it looks like Lance lubbers yeah it's probably a plastic rear window oh my God they make some cars with plastic windows just to save weight okay relax relax with that yeah we are my buddy and I he had one of those we hydroplaned mmm spun around a couple times totaled it hit another car that was parked at a body shop and they had just finished it no where to go he's like cool I guess I'm doing two cars she's totally by slamming into a car that was just finished at a body shop yeah it was serendipitous Uber is that guy's friend yeah get on down the Uber yeah I love over I wonder how much that's preventing drunk driving I just had this conversation yeah I think what you know Mothers Against Drunk Driving mad you know maybe even the government should like kick in go like you know these guys

► 00:22:11

are saving lives yeah for sure yet because if you're not doing that then you're drinking and driving most likely most likely so it pretty it gives you a real easy option yeah and so quick it's so convenient you don't have to pull cash out it's great it's kind of a weird organization of both of them it's like they're trying to figure out if their employees of their contractors yeah and then there's like this fact that you're just getting into someone's car you don't know them yeah yeah I mean you assume if you get a limo that there's a background check right if you get a cab you living on the edge right that sounds right if you never know exactly Robert De Niro you look at me that's all I'm gonna fucking psychopath right that's what you'd like but you get cat like New York City cabdrivers he'd get characters you get either like Angry white dudes or like guys who come from other countries I could tell you cool stories yeah you get like characters yeah weird smells and Jet crazy smells lots of weird music

► 00:23:11

possibly a voodoo doll but now you know what you get when you get a New York City cab driver you get advertisements you can screens like they have little laptops facing yeah and they play these these credit card machine back there and they play these these videos about things about restaurants and this and that shows that its own network at this point yeah like just the cab Network it is kind of right it must be that yeah probably has their own little Loop that they play Jimmy Fallon and I mean I've seen him on there many times ya doing stuff remember they should do that HBO show taxicab confessions yeah that was crazy I enjoyed that I was like who the fuck is signing this release what are you giving these people like I just want to be on TV and they would say the worst stuff like if you're fucked up on coke and you get into a cab and you start just talking shit about all the crazy sexual stuff that you like and then and then afterwards they like hey you're going to be on HBO you like fuck yeah besides that thanks

► 00:24:11

you wake up in the morning no I'll call him at this this waiver at the right time yes that's gold that's a good move how does that work like does that you may be able to get if you're hammered there's got to be some loophole I always wondered about that the Catch a Predator show yeah why the fuck would they signed with they have to sign a release do they yes or cops they have to sign a release yeah you have to sign a release so yeah and then there's like the is it entrapment even you know there was that whole thing to well that shows definitely entrapment yeah but it's entrapment I support yeah totally I support entrapment if it's like yeah hey do you want to fuck a six-year-old percent and they're like yeah do okay get in the cage fucking piece of shit that's right yeah this is not certain to trap me all for now so I'll talk to you in the fucking anybody under 18 right orsolya is how do they get away with that how do they going to show in their face

► 00:25:11

maybe because it they were proven guilty you waived your rights but just by being guilty you have no rights when you're I don't think Ellen right thank you are selling you have no rights all right well you have rides Bernie Sanders wants you to be able to vote even if you're a terrorist if you seen that he's like anybody in jail for anything yeah like you should still be able to vote my whoo okay I don't know a lot of people in jail that's true what if they come as residents of the state like what if you have like a Maximum Security Prison somewhere right and these prisoners have everything like they have all day right then I really do and they register to vote while they're in there if you have a few hundred thousand prisoners yeah you literally can shift an election one way or the other that's true all you have to do is get into that prison and go hey guys here's the deal I'm for shortening your fucking sentences okay yeah I'm forgetting you better lawyers people would start campaigning in prison that's legit man yeah like these laws of

► 00:26:11

shit and you can bribe him real easy with the little ketchup cigarettes bigger bring in cigarettes yeah just truck in the car yeah of cigarettes how do you win this election Marlboro Reds what's that guy's name Budaj what's his name yeah how do you say his name Tulsi gabbard's my girl I'm voting for her I decided I liked her I met her in person who is it I don't know I give up I give up not nine pay attention anything else Tulsi gabbard but if you could go into a prison like what is it what's a what's a giant prison population like what's the biggest biggest one o we think the biggest one is the biggest one I don't know what to be in New York California there was no what isn't there a giant one in Colorado that Joey was talks about does it take the serial killers they stuff on the ground isn't there what is lot of what's the biggest 150 thousand four he looks it okay do you say fifty thousand prisoners I don't know much about that that's probably

► 00:27:11

a lot of people think about 50,000 spread that ball Arena right yeah that's all that's true okay well no okay 50 to 60,000 the biggest one the biggest yeah what's the smile it's was probably some Elders rinky-dink you in the ass but a bit I wanna know yeah I'm gonna say a little lighter I'm going to say 30,000 dumb say 30,000 the biggest they put money on this I'll put a dollar on this I don't give a fuck bro I'll put my bet you Heineken double zero shit now we got you a rich for my blood

► 00:27:44

what do you got Jimmy's confused I have to be very specific about what I look up to find this answer so do you want largest maximum security sure yeah Killers not people smoke weed known as Alcatraz of the South the Louisiana State Penitentiary we go has it inmate population of 5,000 that's it damn it okay let's go with thieves let's go with medium security maximum is like violent crimes the biggest prison yeah the biggest prison largest prison that's thing that popped up so okay yeah maybe we're way off its $5,000 it looks bigger the X in Florence the supermax prisons there's one old supermax prison that's the one I think you're talking about okay even higher that would pray I have way less people trying to see if it says oh that's even higher criminal level

► 00:28:44

that was like where they put the Ice Man 3 hours a day dun-dun-duh single-cell confinement five thousand is a lot of people confinement is so weird because like we're just we're killing you but we're just killing you with nature we're going to kill you with old age and shitty nutrition yes can keep you in a box here with your own brain and now weird yeah it's like it might be more cruel to put someone into a small cage for 23 hours a day then is to just kill them I think so yeah have you just kill you it's over with yeah your little boring side suffering yeah hundred percent Yeah a hundred percent like that was my take on Chelsea Manning who's now free yeah like they tortured her they tortured I did yes she was naked in a cage by herself for years I think it was like the whole time she was in solitary we have to find this out once Jamie's done with this search I'm like looking around is the one in California's male-only were Manson is it's got

► 00:29:44

you 500 there's one in Illinois a medium-security it's got a thousand okay so we're waiting we're way off Yeah by a factor so passing I thought it was going low and I was off at factors in I don't know if it's just his countenance to this private ones and don't know if I can get the numbers on private and those dirty bastards stuff them in on top of each other although it makes sense if there were 30,000 inmates in one place I mean it would be hard to contain that and control that yeah what's the largest private prison see if that's yes but the Chelsea Manning thing she was in solitary confinement when she was still a dude does that count like as her being like has a two different studies say that do you say Bradley or do you say Chelsea when she hadn't changed yet I have I think like to ask you still say Bruce Jenner won the Olympics would you say Caitlyn well Bruce won the Olympics no no Caitlin what does it say he's Caitlin now you can't get it now you know if you dead name him you're getting kicked off a Twitter dead name him

► 00:30:44

no the dead naming is no I never heard of you didn't know so say if you'd become Johanna reap yes as you decided at this stage of the game you know what fuck him he's transitioning yeah I'm wearing it's time for Prius yeah that's time to get my legs waxed the what we got Reeves County Detention complex and pesos Texas has a combined capacity of 3763 prisoners and it's three sub complexes wow so that's probably about as big as it gets yeah if you've dug that far and you still can't get anything over 5,000 yeah so it's in the 30s the 3300 for 3,500 what about the world so if you change your name is Johanna rape and I started saying hey John reap what's it like wearing dresses pretend you're a girl that's dead naming you I dead named you cuz I called you John because I knew name is Johan right right what Bruce Bruce is the one who won the Olympic yeah but that's his dad name well that's what he was going to be an asshole John you're so insensitive

► 00:31:44

I can't believe this I find this day and age I'm gonna make you subscribe to this Summit on the Lionel podcast get your shit together shit you need to get up on the timer bro that's the way behind I just kidding about Melissa more on what she's doing there I don't either it was a good name though the throw around oh yeah Alyssa Milano hmm what's up because she has she's active on the on the twittersphere I believe so yes she's very political yeah she's always arguing with people I think I was one of them people you know they booted John Woods you know John Woods the actor they booted him off the Twitter onehand something naughty I don't think he did anything that big a deal with it when you first of all he's got refresh my memory James Woods I'm sorry teachings what yeah New York City's Rikers Island has a population of 11,000 but I don't know if that were all prisoners are not well I mean like there's these little vacation or selling workers I live on people want to regret it might be half

► 00:32:44

yeah do they really physic I don't think any of the fifteen thousand prisoners where's fifteen thousand prisoners today about how big is it get it yeah now we're in the neighborhood is went to Turkey that's got 10900 M wow okay so that's about it she gets yanked out that's a lot of metal theater like if you did an arena like 15,000 people like Madison Square Garden that's a lot of fucking criminals yeah you can tell you you got a baton so the Chelsea Manning thing like now she's free but then she got locked up again for contempt of court but I think when she was locked up in solitary confinement they took away her clothes they wouldn't let her have closed because they thought she was suicidal really mmm I think that's just an excuse to kill when they okay so when the key to hold was a male yes he's another Bradley I brought some kind of not dead babe don't do it what's up when Chelsea won the Olympics yeah was that was

► 00:33:44

was he only left to do that

► 00:33:48

well let's he in a male prison that's a good question and then as a female does it go to a female prison that's a good question okay I don't know maybe that's why they put her in solitary right right protector from dudes and then that's kind of a loophole that lets say if I know I'm going to prison and I got like a year before I get sentenced am I just going to get that sex change right so I'm with females right I don't know maybe yeah or just your chest pains anymore you just have to identify oh okay there you go oh good do you see that male who identifies as a female just broke all these world records and weightlifting new one that just came out wonderful that's congratulations everybody you broke everything fucking do you want so Progressive so Preposterous that we broke everything you have men that are winning winning Women's World Records in fucking weightlifting which is like the dumbest shit for men and women

► 00:34:48

Peter gets this everyone thing what even though like the tennis arguments like well you know Billie Jean King Beat Bobby Riggs yeah but Bobby Riggs was 55 she was 29 and they say that he threw the match because he bet against himself all right he was a big Gambler that was what I heard yeah I would say that to of I lost it yeah yeah you know it's a threw the match Yeah well yeah basketball you this 10 is the woman the one yes this is Chelsea this is the women whose win this is not Bruce Jenner records okay let's get a look oh my gosh here we go seems like a gal huh that seems like a very strong man yeah so rude how much weight is that doesn't leave a lot of weight so all this is about this is about reps here yeah 300 300 3:15 yeah I'm like okay that's a ridiculous amount of weight for a woman lift and two together if you're going to be a real woman biological woman excuse me

► 00:35:48

and live that kind of weight you have to be a real outlier yeah it's very rare yeah but this is so ridiculous wow

► 00:35:56

what is this what is this guy's quote what is this guy one guy in the comments say congratulations on your excellent performance screw anybody tries to knock achievements the hard work speaks for itself hey whoever you are fuck you yeah fuck you and your nonsense you're the reason why this shit is happening in the first place because people tolerate this that is nuts if you if you had a daughter that trained her whole life to be a weightlifter she's really into it and this fucking guy decides he identifies as a woman and then competed as a woman in weightlifting it's just fucking stop yeah everybody just stop your in Crazy Town this is officially crazy hell yeah out of our fucking minds how it's legal what's how is it legal it has nothing to do with being open-minded tolerant it has something to do with logic just basic reason this is craziness this is your enabling people to do something that's preposterous this has nothing to do with being open-minded are kind to people I'm a hundred percent for people being trans sure I'm a hundred percent for people doing whatever they want to do

► 00:36:56

hurt anybody and I'm cool with that same here but this is just your in make-believe town why not pretend you're a fox and go live in the forest like you're in make-believe this is make-believe you can't you can't just decide you're a woman and compete with women right that's make-belief you Cal why there's no advantage make-belief that's make believe there's more there's an advantage fucking know there's an advantage yes everyone knows this is crazy I want to see that in the NFL you know you got like because that before-and-after is a two different looks so need to see this person is II don't want to shame this person look someone's letting her do this right you know that's the problem that's the problem they should sit there should be on transgender league right or there should be you know some rules where you have to compete with the chromosome your birth you don't have to fucking compete most people don't compete in organized Sports most people don't and if you're trans maybe that should be something you can't do it and particularly for girls who transition to boys you know that's cool

► 00:37:56

I'm in Texas that won't let this girl is transitioning to a boy they won't let her compete with boys so they make her compete with girls and she's on fucking testosterone right so she's taking testosterone to be or he's taking testosterone whatever you want to say I mean I get so confused I yeah to become a bulldozer is taking testosterone to become a boy yes and then now is forced to wrestle with women with young girls in fact all jacked right jack like a boy it's like a boy wrestling Girl's Crazy probably pop a boner doing that I don't think she has one yet you can get a little thumb but if you grow a thumb yeah that's what happens oh yeah yeah the clitoris gets a little bit bigger yeah and did that ovary sort of like start getting suspended in a I don't know they come to they dropped what do they do now wonder the wonder if they remove those parts you know because they do hysterectomies on women when they have disease I want if they do that when a man when a man transitions from a woman yeah man transitions from a woman yeah when

► 00:38:56

to be a woman and now you're going to do yeah what do they do I just can't wait till it's the day where they can do it genetically where a woman really becomes a woman like a man becomes a woman or a woman becomes a man but guess what even if they do here's the issue if you knew that a woman took steroids for 30 years and developed insane tendon strength and muscle strength and then stop doing steroids it is a scientific fact that you are going to keep a very big percentage of those gains what are the game what is the percentage of 30% or 40% whatever the fuck it is whatever percentage that you would keep after you get off the steroids that is significant and even if you're not currently on these performance enhancing drugs your body has been artificially boosted to this Superior level through these drugs yeah and you lose a lot of the feminine you know you lose the breast yes and that's what does might not come back well I mean I think if you take estrogen the probably

► 00:39:56

yeah I don't want no fucking doctor I'm a moron but what I do know is when this is where in nonsense land yeah because it's not it's not saying that someone can't become a woman and be a woman and I'll talk all them a woman I'll treat him like a woman I'm cool with it I'm a hundred percent cool did I I'm in his open mind as I come with this but this is this is unfair for women which is what's so ironic about this because everyone's supposed to be looking out for women if you're looking out for women but you're also blindly Progressive to the point where you let and shit like this fly well that now you're not looking out for women right because now women are in this weird position where you putting them at an unfair disadvantage right fucking crazy not agree goddamn it makes me want to drink real Heineken I'm getting all weepy on this double zero no it just sent the stuff to me it's good yeah I used to love Heineken Light I talk about that subject a little bit too much but it's just it's a symptom of a sick Society that's it's a symptom of Allah

► 00:40:56

of rational thinking to symptom of people just just being bending over backwards so hard to be Progressive and open-minded that you're just you're giving in to these extremist these crazy people that are looking at this thing completely delusionally when will it snap back I mean it coming Trump that's why Trump's present that is he's gonna win again yeah I don't he's gonna win again other who can beat him they're not going to be there's no one who can write he's gonna win again he's gonna win again because of shit like this the more shit like this happens there's an it wants after Trump that mean it's another four years on Donald Jr Donald you Donald Jr was with a friend of a friend of mine his name is crispy and he's a disabled veteran or a she's very able I should say but he's a wounded veteran he's missing he had his leg amputated Burns over most of his body super positive attitude great guy anyways he doesn't get political online he took a picture with Donald Trump jr. right

► 00:41:56

and Instagram took it down for violating their terms of service it's just a photo picture of just photo with hesitant son yeah photo with him at Rupp jr. just standing there and they took the picture down like what that's not what are you doing yeah maybe the day he did they ever when I do that that it give you a reason why they just do what they want well he posted it on his he sent me a direct message about it too yeah I asked I actually reached out to him because I'm following him and he falls me and I was like this is this shit real and he's like yep and he's super positive about it I mean this is a guy who served our country too and he is a great guy like his his it's his Instagram handle is crispy 11 be okay yeah and he just put it up there and they said that they got him for terms of service and they took it down he put it back up again good good for him so this is the photo right here I'm going to say when asked Instagram says that they didn't do it so I so didn't do it but

► 00:42:56

took it down there that said however an Instagram spokesperson told Fox News the post was reviewed but was not deleted by the company after found the post did not violate their standards but that's not true because it's missing spokesperson said that there are a number of reasons a post May no longer be available including the account holder deletes either the account or the post the cut it in the he's saying you didn't do that so it could have been something else exactly I mean you can't prove it yeah don't know that well the combined load this dude is not an attention whore he wouldn't do that he wouldn't do that in lie about it that's ridiculous I make Twitter Instagram could be lying and that's not really could be a glitch to yeah you know sometimes it's a fortuitous glitch that looks like a massive conspiracy yeah but he said they sent on notice it said it violated terms of services so if he said that he's okay yeah that's what was it back to I'm pretty sure that's the screenshot you want to make sure that's what it says you violated something yeah that's what you want I mean it's just so weird what's going on now this is everything just seemed

► 00:43:56

so fucking Preposterous yeah just like on Facebook Twitter all that stuff if I get if it's something negative I just you know that's gone I don't I don't let don't let people just start bashing me on that stuff I just okay here it is once I landed I opened up Instagram and got a message that your post was taken down for violating Instagram guidelines so did he post that yes he did oh there you go in a minute you see the did

► 00:44:24

yeah I posted a thing saying it okay here's what he posted yeah it said wounded veteran violated Community standards by posting with Donald Trump jr. he didn't post the actual notification but he probably won't even save it right I would yeah he's I believe him I believe him I just think you're right it is a sad I think you also have overzealous employees I think there's that oh yeah I think there's probably a huge company yeah I mean you know anybody I don't really get a minute yeah still with the what that whatever they want you think the reading dick pics and has been fucking with them on the other way the other way around someone could have just flagged it by a bunch of bots it's just made up disappear right to get a reaction like this yeah so it could be simple as that can you do that sure so if you just had a bot that directed an Instagram review it manually before they delete it no because I could just be taken down happens on other accounts for that doesn't we get reviewed that way and it just got taken down because it got flagged so many times I don't know well that's one thing that we did learn from talking to what

► 00:45:24

Jack Dorsey the CEO of Twitter like it's impossible to manage there's too many ghosts they're going up right now by the thousands like if you can see everyone everyone in America posting on Twitter right now be like it was just yeah I mean imagine if you got it all happening super nova explosion oh my god of ones and zeros just busting out all over the place and text chat yeah who do you think like if you were to grab somebody's phone the most popular person that gets the tweeted the most can just look at it just looked at it yeah how fast would that go you know what I mean like just that that one account oh be insane I'll be your spy ghost I don't have my notes follow people yeah for a lot of the people yeah I follow a lot of other people I just follow whenever whenever things someone's interesting so he's got cool pictures of Molokai yeah yeah I just like how it like first yeah that's good let me see me go back yeah

► 00:46:24

the check yeah what else is persons not sure they're not wacky that's really funny people get mad at you for certain people you follow yeah like people that you just stop following our Kelly now don't tell me what to do that's first of all first of all don't tell me what to do I have a second of all what am I doing am I boosting up his profile yeah these fucking Arkell I don't know doesn't matter if I follow them if I don't I want to know how crazy he is that's right dude did you see Tyrant Tyron Woodley UFC top welterweight former Champion had a thing on his Instagram page of him watching our Kelly getting interviewed where who was who is denying that he knows how to hog-tie people it's laughing at him play this play this he's funny but dog

► 00:47:24

I sit at her hog that's great he's not using the continent to know the ha ha ha oh ha ha I fall are Kelly for the same reason that the various yeah that I love real talk if you ever watched a video real talk we played it on the podcast multiple times real talk is one of the greatest unintentional comedy that's ever been grilled Tom real talk yes in it oh my God what is it it's an R Kelly song okay well he's an argument with his girlfriend on the phone while he's our friend was girlfriend the phone he's like getting his hair done and shit he's smoking stogies drinking skunk different outfits on he's still in the conversation and there's one part where he goes bitch I wish you would burn my motherfucking clothes real talk bitch I wish you would burn my

► 00:48:24

close real time he's serious about that listen I absolutely feel for any person that he's victimized absolutely do you got but you cannot deny that that it is five hilarious that shit is funny yes there is well they just play that

► 00:48:47

with your trifling ass trifling is the best African-American saying about the rifle trifling trifling and it's one that why people cannot use its to I pronounce it to good day on that word hang on that word as much as they own the n-word right top trifling you can't be traveling you can't you can't pronounce the G and trifling yeah you can't handle it yeah that's why why people are not allowed to use it they would run exactly is out there trifling he's not there try physical shit he's just a bullshit hint - gasps he's trifling well here's the thing I bet gay guys use trifling I've been gay guys will pull it out out him over there but it's trifling ass you know it's like a rifle that you travel with it's a trifle it yeah like a trifling is a travel rifle the thing at a Banning those are good for long range he'll bring a trifle with young people do you think had to look it up before Webster had to like answer this question what is it

► 00:49:47

I fling heifer definition Piper laughs lacking in significance or solid worth such as a frivolous trifling be trivial a trifling gift see chiefly dialectical my God lazy shiftless in a trifling fellow a trifling fellow that fellow is a that's the most English things that every time it got very wider questioning fellow he's a trifling fellow don't bring your ass over here with that Kathleen's hello yeah that's a word bro that's a that's a legit word trifling shit I was gonna say something else so I totally forgot what did we talk about right before the engine are Kelly Kelly yeah I like to add a point he did an album where it was a lot of just talking oh Trapped in the Closet yeah there's a whole series of videos yeah I think as he's had a whole thing on that I think I did like Aziz Ansari did a bit on it I believe so I know he had a bit

► 00:50:47

yeah but our Kelly it might have been about Trapped in the Closet yeah trap the closet is great but it can't fuck with real talk real real talks into the jam have you seen Ashoka Weird Al Yankovic's trapped in a drive-through no it's really good no it's the same length as our Kelly's Trapped in the Closet and it's the same and it's all about being trapped at the McDonald's drive-thru because the person in front of his taken too long and it's like the fucking he did the whole song there's this one guy fact yeah yeah respect commitment I made it to its hole card it's animated oh my God that's hilarious which one is this

► 00:51:29

wanna do Weird Al has been around for a long time man yeah I mean I remember when Michael Jackson's Beat It came out and he had eat it eat it yeah I mean that was and said I had it was a fad yeah what year was that that's got might have been the eighties it's gonna be late eighties early nineties yeah it is Hello My Name Is Real at real how old is here Weird Al's got to be 85 years old I think so 59 what yeah 59 z12 yeah back then his first song aired in 1976 what he was that big on dr. Demento six that's insane so he was really young dr. Demento dr. Demento God I remember him listen I was a kid but that's they played always weird goofball nerdy songs yeah he was the king of it he has a huge following now he said like he'll sell out places Weird Al yeah that makes sense yeah he's got some urgent work yes guess so

► 00:52:29

and body of work yeah I like his hair to he's got the tail he's a super nice guy too yeah it's smart I've heard yeah but they were once marked what else can we say well he's nice yeah he's a good dancer too and accepts his gender you know I'll feel like he's not trifling that's what that's definitely not trifling yeah that's a word it's like there's certain words like that one you just seemed so ridiculous if you try to use it oh this is what I was gonna say yeah we're talking about we weren't even talking about this but my daughter is watching these YouTube videos of this there's this young gay fellow that does makeup tutorials oh yeah okay he's enormous like he's enormous you know he probably gets more views in any network show that's ever been created how old was this fellow he's young he's like 20 okay what do you say Jim I'm trying are you laughing

► 00:53:29

to bring this out he I just put the last thing that popped in my head during Coachella he got accused of being in this viral video that happened it wasn't him but there's a the ferris wheel Coachella ignored have you ever seen that you know I'm talking about no the big famous thing that people take pictures in front of during a concert you could see a silhouette of somebody getting head in there and it's two guys oh really it's a very Vivid Video that was going went super viral on Twitter that night and they were saying it was him ya know how dare they he's all about makeup not had sons of bitches we apply your lipstick keep it clean but it's hilarious my sister I mean my sister my daughter sits in front of the TV cackling watching it just really going I was like is it supposed to be funny she thinks it's funny yeah she thinks it's hilarious going for laughter I don't know yeah I mean he's covered in crazy makeup I think what she was laughing at though in all fairness was he was making fun of somewhat subscriber 6 million 16 million oh my God

► 00:54:29

I think he was making fun of people that put on too much makeup okay so he was going crazy with the yeah she thought it was really funny that is fucking banana 16 million people and he's doing makeup tutorials they looks great he looks great that's the thing it's like we there's an object that's Kardashian all kinds of shit like this that you would have never expected yeah and because of the access because on-demand access especially like through a computer is so easy it's so easy just type in the next thing John reap it just bang what's next just pops up yeah so like these people that know Network in their right mind like NBC would never say hey that young guy let's get that guy to do a makeup show the but get the fuck out of my office you don't know shit about ratings meanwhile 8 million subscribers that's crazy that'd be a fun game to play is like what Rabbit Hole would YouTube send you down if you typed in this I just let it keep going that's upon its own those

► 00:55:29

them's they the real problem is people think that a lot of those algorithms are essentially designed to get you angry oh yeah he pissed off so he walked the next thing tick yeah well her condition our children what are they teaching our children next this is the problem of illegal immigration I knew there's a fucking problem and then you know and then next thing you know you just more and more Angry yeah that's like the argument with Facebook to is that there's they're trying to figure out what gets people to engage and so the algorithm realize what you engage with and then that's what they show you more and what gets people to engage is shit that makes a man yeah

► 00:56:08

yeah totally it keeps me wanting to I want to fight videos on Facebook all day do you really do well just like you know like brawls in the school yard or like you know just it just keeps going I'm like oh man what's gonna happen here let's get em it's in did I yeah well you know I'm not I don't do much of the fighting so when I see it it's like oh this is interesting who's gonna win this one and I like it when you know when the underdog yeah I enjoy watching it yeah I mean I will watch them I watched you stuck it's obviously someone's about to die right that sounds like a good luck her a couple punches to the face well the best ones are when someone deserves it yes so those are the ones you enjoy if someone's being a real dick and someone's like listen man you're being a dick yeah I just thought one is a guy on a it was a I want to say like an old Middle Eastern couple that are on a subway and this dudes like smacking his wife in the face like that and there's this other guys he's across from him and he's

► 00:57:08

again and he's like no not not in front of me and he walked over there and say he told like eight times to stop and then if he had just punching the shit out of him so it's nice to see it you know yeah that's one of the Galea okay it's like a bus and some guys running his mouth to this old white guy who's obviously a like X Vietnam vet he's telling like just leave it alone man leave it alone and he comes down there and then he walked up to the front and he just beats the shit out of him and and you just see blood coming out of his face and it's like you know he started this he engage that whole thing the guy was walking away and then he was the best ones yeah those are the best ones yeah when someone deserves it

► 00:57:51

yeah how many like that's the thing about like a guy smacking his wife in public yeah like how often does he smack her that he's so confident that he'll just smack her to everybody right like it's it must be he must think it's acceptable and everyone else was cool with it you know we must think that he could just get away with things yeah sometimes people just think they can get away with things yeah it was a there was not many people on that bus yes video probably thinking like most people can't even pay attention to it or that most people just going to be too scared to say anything yeah that's what I mean that's this is where it gets real scary because that is the best argument for the end of all privacy is that no one would ever be able to do anything like that because the whole world will be watching yeah exactly honest like you might it depends on what kind of action you could take yeah if you could literally see everything that's happening at any time everywhere in the world

► 00:58:50

yeah well now that everyone's got cam so it's like it's closed it's closed yeah right then they're gonna have those fucking football things cops honest you're keeping the yeah the people on it's now a little bit until too much alcohol is involved now this is something to it because if you think about like like the Kennedy did a speech on secrecy is like a 1961 or 62 about how abhorrent secrecy is how dangerous it is for a free society and they're basically talking about secret societies and secret you know packs in the government and he was basically I think a lot of it was him talking about some of the shady shit that you experience and intelligence agencies and I know but when you have like kings or when you have people that are in power like how do they wield that power one of the ways they will their pride it's all secrecy if they want to execute people going to kill people or what you do it's all secret right get out no one's the world is not privy to it like what happened to him they took him to a bunker or something

► 00:59:50

and they're beating the shit out of him torturing them I'm gonna Stir It Like North Korea yeah exactly they are just isolated from the rest of the world and who knows what the hell he's doing over there so if we if we just know the stuff that he allows us to know ya know that's the perfect example yeah of power and secrecy right now like they just take you and make you disappear the he's executed a bunch of people all yeah the way don't even know I'm sure don't ever close to the tip of the iceberg on that I'm sure that still goes on here too oh yeah I'm sure I'm sure people are killing people for someone right now mmm you know some of them deserve it yeah give me an extra one for me right stop your trifling ass it's it's also weird like what will accept people dying from like I was listening this podcast

► 01:00:37

where this wolf lady she's a wolf biologist who's talking my friend Steve rinella on the mediator podcast and that she was talking about how we accept people getting killed by mountain lions yeah like it's it happens it happened twice last year at it happens it's not it's not really common but it happens but the moment that people start getting killed by wolves in America people going to get furious really yeah because with a reintroduce more wolves all the 1994 that's right also that's so that's their outrage that we did that too yeah well she was basically there were sent it was there was two really interesting things about the podcast a lot of really interesting things but to that really stood out was one that the these people they reintroduce these animals in 1994 but there were already some wolves here and the Wolves would have probably eventually made it down there was it Yellowstone right yeah but that we aren't because the fact that they brought him in and it wasn't just

► 01:01:37

natural fixture we have this thing like oh somebody ruin this somebody fucked this up yeah the other thing is that they number them instead of name them because if you name them it's like there's Dolores off Dolores killed some sheep we're gonna have to take her out we can't kill not Doris what number three wolf one57 right yeah yeah that's true it's like inmates and prison just giving them exactly it's easier to kill them easier to treat them like cattle right so but we did the one guy killed that mountain lion he fought back yeah that's that's right not to be horseshit is that right yeah that the mountain lion was there's a kid yeah it was a real kitten and have been separated from its mom I think his mom got killed and was really really small and really young so it wasn't like I mean he might attack it who knows all right created yeah well he's still got it yeah he's a bitch if he's listening right now I'm sorry bro yeah but I think what

► 01:02:37

you're alive and we're happy alive you better not touch wolves buddy I think it probably was starving to death and it took a chance to try to kill him yeah that's possible too but it was really small it's like 30 pounds which still a 30-pound cats fucking terrified I've never saw pictures of the cat the one on either because I think something and ate a lot of it but I'm local yeah so did he say how he did it did he put it like a choke hold or did he he said I bet with a hooked it right stepped on it something like that oh man yeah that's if you saw this thing going around the internet about this wolf pack being tracked or this actually six unless it's like a moving GIF over time but oh yeah I have seen this it's amazing it shows how they never cross territories oh cool six different packs I would think yeah they all establish their territory they mark their territory and they were spell respect it yeah it's like over Minnesota yeah Minnesota has a shitload of wolves apparently if it keeps going and it's a picture Jimi Hendrix Wisconsin has a shit if you pull back

► 01:03:37

yeah Wisconsin is a shitload of wolves apparently like thousands

► 01:03:43

yeah I could see that and it's a lot of you know Woods up there and just yeah land not many major cities I think I saw Keith once I think I saw a wolf ones but it was you mean like in the wild yeah it was big it was a he's either a coyote or was a wolf with a think might have been a wolf as it was just getting Dusk and I was in Alberta and I saw this thing run across the road I was like that might have been a wolf yeah but if you see a wolf that's the spooky thing is what do they do in a circle and you are checking you out and they're not a usually a long right and those are the Lone Wolf that's rare that's an asshole he got kicked out you're seeing this video this one's great look at the size of this thing comes out of the woods walks across the street look at this oh my God this mother fungus that's a bear that's such a big wolf that's a bear

► 01:04:36

no that's wonder what that way is that it's a big-ass wolf that's what that is that's probably 130 pound wolf or somewhere is this if I had to guess that looks like an usher Russia yeah it's Gotta Be Russia that's a gigantic wolf rushes head real legitimate problems with Wolves we're in Siberia they have these super Pacs they would get together like because they were starving so you get like a hundred wolves would form a Super PAC because they could kind of do whatever the fuck they wanted once they get that big and they start killing horses yeah go on a horse stables just take that horse easy yeah but it's just the idea that the super Pacs they realized it was too hard to to just take over shit all these pesky people in their guns and houses yeah so they got doesn't cry fucking horses now Siberia is always been an interesting place in Russia no no I'm gonna have you do up there 1990 yeah right before

► 01:05:36

I mean Isabelle I was there for three weeks whoa before communism fell yeah we do much off is in power whoa yeah it was your spy review of the cocktail like usual stuff why would you say I said hello I don't understand please and thank you it's just words I remember it was just program founded by Dwight D Eisenhower and the four days of it's called People to People where they send the Youth of America to other countries to hang out with that youth to promote world peace and that's all it is and certain kids from high schools are selected and they go you're going to Washington D.C first four three you know for three days they debrief you and then you go to another country and ours was Russia was awesome had a great time wow yeah and I told Bert Kreischer that to you know because he has the whole machine story I said I feel like I can't tell my Russian story because you've you've owned it so much with your machines doing that if I do anything

► 01:06:36

about this that it's going to look like okay you too huh yeah you gotta Rush the story do you should tell it yeah yeah people want to hear it they'll understand they like to get I kind of got in trouble because I was trading illegally on the black market over there well we don't on purpose I didn't know I was doing it because you guys look full story follows a cop and like tell me more that's kind of what happened this dude I was talking to is after like a function that we were at you know where they we would go to the some some Town some Village and they would come and they greet you with bread and salt and they would dance around and you would just eat with him and hang out or whatever and so I was just talking this kid you know they speak perfect English you know we're the ones who don't speak Russian so this kids trying to teach me Russian cuss words and I thought he's pretty cool it's before the internet you know so I had a bunch of these ink pens that my mom gave me from the phone company where she works she was just giving me pills they love anything with English riding on it anything America they're gonna love it bubblegum jeans ink pens so I was like yeah they let's let's be

► 01:07:36

ten pounds so it's changing addresses you know like oh keep in touch with you why not and I give him a pen and he gives me his address and what I don't know is this dude's already kind of in trouble with cops over there for trading illegal Black Market I had no idea and this cop just grab both of us drags us into the hotel and no one saw me from my group get grabbed by the way because I was off doing my own little thing at this did right learn Russian cuss words so it go into his office in this hotel and they're just cussing each other in Russian and I don't know what the hell's going on I'm like dude what what is this a mind big trouble here it mean you know he goes at this bullshit's not to worry about that this is bullshit and they scream some more now the cop doesn't speak English and so he's basically my translator this guy's to the cop I'm like hey man I'm with this group you know I don't know what's going on and so he kicks that kid out the Russian cop and now it's just me and this Russian cop and I'm looking at him and he's looking at me and he looks at my bag with all these ink pens and he's like he goes like this he's like

► 01:08:36

let's see you know I'll call you want a pen so I had him up here and he looks at it is that girl cool he puts it in his desk and he goes away and he comes back with this big-ass Russian pendant sickle and Hammer thing with wings coming out of pretty cool looking thing and he's had it to me and he goes like this so he technically arrested me for training and then he traded with me yeah 1990s when that happened I was pretty crazy it was fun to see all that shit though right before it fell did you see like lines in the street for food or anything crazy like that yeah not quite well yeah we I saw Linens we're going to Red's curve Square Lenin's tomb we went to some smaller little donkey Villages went swimming in the Deep of the river right clothes to wear to Noble was like 50 miles from Chernobyl and whoa so but yeah there was definitely tell there was definitely some poverty going on here and there but not not to the extreme that you hear you know I didn't see

► 01:09:36

like these lines around buildings are for toilet paper or anything like that but you know that's what it was communism was on its way out to so it wasn't in the worst part of it but it was definitely an experience I was 18 when I went over there there's a picture of me in red square and I'm like I got acid wash jeans I got a Bugle Boy t-shirt on and I'm wearing a fanny pack with deck shoes and I'm just doing like this that was fun man yeah that's got to be a hell of a flight to write how long does it take to get the right we went to Germany first lay over there for like three hours Frankfurt and then the house so you know I couldn't even tell you how long that thing was it's been a long time thanks Evan now that is an interesting country to me it's always been an interesting country because it gets so fucking cold and certain that there are hard people and they create all these amazing Fighters there's so many great fighters in wrestling wrestlers have come out of Russia former Soviet Union

► 01:10:36

drag off Rocky five or four four yeah the new one was scary the new one the new Creed Rockies yeah you know that I've heard I haven't seen it yet yeah Drago's son is yeah fighting who is this greed son do we know the actor is it out yet the Creed guy now the think the Messiah the Son of Drago I don't know some Russian cat Okay already famous over here I think so I don't think so yeah there's the guy look at him there's the Raghu yeah his son this is my son like a badass it does he still a badass I'm sure that's his jaw is perfectly square that is like a Dam Square come much bigger nose riding like Rocky right how tall is Sylvester I don't know I mean met him yes yes um I think he had that five nine he's taller than me

► 01:11:36

I'm 5-8 okay so he's either five nine or 510 okay so that will the drug all must be huge like hotels and say he is because everybody was jokes around says he's 511 or thirty five seven five five five they do that with everybody yeah they do a Tom Cruise it says 510 see that makes sense so he's two inches taller than me 510 yeah okay well yeah I think I'm 5 9

► 01:12:01

I don't know I haven't measured myself in a while hello how tall do you think I am I think about that bout five nine yeah in high school I always felt like if I have dared have 11 people are bigger now where old people that are small and as people get bigger and bigger these kids today that are getting hitting puberty when they're six the yeah this is the hormones in the meat what's up six five mmm who's excited they probably accentuated his height for that that single that's just his hairs 5 inches look at that damn it looks like he's almost like a foot taller than them yeah isn't it yeah yeah they probably had they probably had him in heels and how strong Barefoot or something for that shot didn't they say like at one point during this movie Rocky said go ahead and go ahead hit me for real one time just what you know some make it look real because they were always like you know they're like an inch apart of it and it swings and it almost had him to the hospital like he hit him in the chest right yeah they talked about that yeah I almost stopped his heart or something dumb I did Dolph Lundgren is

► 01:13:01

right he's a huge professional yeah he's a kickboxing kickboxing yeah really good so that's song longer and put me in the hospital during Rocky for ya leave it don't let people hate you bro you know he he also have to realism though I guess one of the even use the clip right he also has like screws in his neck from doing The Expendables oh yeah yeah what are you watching he's been intensive care for five days because of that whoa for with nuns walking around Jesus Christ wow insurance company would not pay out till after they saw the footage of the incident once they did they wrote the check I want to see that footage he said see that punch he hit my heart so hard that it banged against my ribs and started to swell

► 01:13:53

and that usually happens in car accidents oh my God what is that guy could punch he's a beast man is a giant dude why would he ever has a serious Striker like he knows how to throw shots if you watch him in his movies he's he's obviously trained yeah I want to see that footage I want to say that punk ouch that's gotta be out there but if Sylvester Stallone wouldn't let anybody see it just the way it doesn't want to embarrass him the way he cried like so we face he's like that lady steps of grapes and falls down the sluices are breath you can never be an action hero again if somebody sees you cry that's true right some CC like legitimately cry from a liver shot I just shat yourself and he's looking why shitting yourself is probably the most embarrassing thing a person can do right yeah sure self okay a guy who's known for being handsome and debonair yeah that's just can't make it to the talent I'm black

► 01:14:53

has no control over and show yourself in your car while you're driving you know white leather seats that's the worst it's going to happen the same happens everybody it's gonna be a time in your life if you eat risky yeah right yeah think of the most handsome person in the world most beautiful woman in the world splattering all over herself at some point and her hotness Heyday most likely do you remember that I don't like thinking about what was the Woody Harrelson movie

► 01:15:24

was it no was throwing up but sir it was it Woody Harrelson movie where he played the bowler oh yeah Kingpin Kingpin yeah that was a little more emotional scene right there wasn't a shit seen in that that was I'm thinking a Dumb and Dumber there is a shit seen it well he's bullshitting in the urinal that's about it really oh yeah that's right that's right I know how to do it is that a Farrelly brothers movie I can't go Dumb and Dumber as big shit seem to with Jeff Daniels that's right now we're he's that's what I'm thinking it's laxative in his yeah where he's hanging onto the toilet seat lid like he's going to get shot to orbit his yeah they got all this weird noises yeah because Jim Carrey was tail ceilings girl yeah it poisoned him poisonous friend yeah that's it right there there it is full on but Kingpin would that was it a fairly Rose more that's that's one of my all-time favorite comedy movies came pink that's a great guy it's great I remember loving it but I haven't seen it in so long

► 01:16:24

look out it looked at it again I'm scared to watch movies that I love again and see him in like the light of 2019 and go yeah yeah this is terrible yeah I know that's happened a couple times happens weird right yeah you remember the so fondly yeah look at that don't worry that hair that hair is amazing yeah who's such a good movie man I'm so white hair makeup had to go like I'm sure that was his decision we're going to make your hair just fan out randomly because it's got look like a spoiler on a Fiero there before Donald Trump yeah yeah like a little Trump thing going on there it's very similar professional bowler now the PBA that has a full-on orange afro right now really and he's like really good and he's from my hometown yeah see if you're a bowler you gotta do something like that stand out where like purple glitter each clothes or some shit that's smart that's just Brandon he's peacocking he's like there is that dudes from Hickory North Carolina

► 01:17:24

so he that's why he wears that shit Hmm got it well he's got a Ross has got to I mean how the fuck else do you get attention when you're a bowler looks like that might be the only way to save bowling they might have to like go like roller derby and just knock into each other whether but yeah right we're bored a bowling man I've never sat down and watched bowling ours got a good friend Tommy what's his name he's a professional bowler real nice guy I met him at a couple of shows okay but this guy's a real pro bowler and we're talking about like the financial opportunities of bowling and is not good like Pro pool players house look surprised it sucks it sucks dick Tommy Ari's friend I'm sorry this div boldly recently I bowled my kids yeah I'm bald yeah dilute maybe I think that's it yeah Tommy lose

► 01:18:24

I think that's it you guys go with was a yep that's him did term hundred percent there's already I went to see him Bowl yeah it's good guy oh that's real fucking kill her Bower do you can you make it curve no yeah even try steamroll that motherfucker do to right that's a damn medal I do it as hard as they only possible or it's just disturbing for people to watch and now they have it they have the miles per hour up there you can see how fast it's like a damn you know yeah okay pitching thing I'm trying to get that bitch fast yeah I just want to smash those things I get annoyed at the guys who like curve it really good like he goes way over here and it just whips real fast and then a gutter ball all that for a fucking meth the fucked-up look at all that you did you get shitty whip watch it now watch me ride down the middle strike to me bowling was always like breaking in pool it's like yeah it's cool to break the balls but the real cool thing is to play the game

► 01:19:24

game like this is you just breaking the balls over and over again it's the same look every time every time well it's like bowling yeah Boeing you just breaking the balls that's all you're doing like when you're bowling you got pins just knocking down the pins the exact same words it's the same thing every time yeah and I know the combinations are different in the way they Collide and the where you impact is different but it's still the same thing like it's a dumb game I'm sorry and my grandfather was a big boulder man bold leagues and he had trophies in his house and said he so loved bowling when I was like a little kid I was analyzing Boeing because he'd take me bowling with him I was like this isn't a nonsense game yeah it's came to nonsense like you to get into it just so you can smoke and drink is the thing that they have in the east coast in Boston that they don't even have anywhere else it's called candlepin bowling ever see that shit it's which smaller version dude the you you bowl with a softball that sounds more fun to me but it's huge in

► 01:20:23

East Coast Hometown Ohio they got a few places actually gigantic bars that have all these lanes for this thing for candlepin bowling yeah it's called pens or something yeah that's what I got I was looking down on that because I came for my grandfather in New Jersey bold regular bowling like a fucking American rock and then I'm over what's this Campbellton bullshit like would you guys steal this from Finland or something what is this nonsense yeah I like pins that is ridiculous that one throwing rocks the thrown rocks had pins it's not what I was talking about this is really just a bar what is that this is not what you're talking about well I mean it is but it's way smaller and it's really just like a bar game oh no this have like five lands are ten lands any completo but it's the same game yeah yeah see I've been bowling in New England they'll have like bowling alleys and you all let's go bowl and I got we're candlepin only people like what candlepin only bowling alleys yeah so we're gonna like these candles that's what I want summer fun

► 01:21:23

it only works on the East Coast for some reason there's like a few of those things like how about this High lie I'll fuck people gasp classes I like go fault that ball goes fast that's is actually is way smaller and I was thinking in my head I'm gonna one so different bowling yeah okay we got a little ball to keep my little bit Yeah so it's kind of like candlepin bowling but the candle pins to the pins are different shaped like candles that's why it's called candlepin bowling if you look at them they're thin pins and not do not like fat on the bottom that's like what are we even here yeah well Boulder not make a commitment highlight I think is one of the most corrupt games oh yeah someone someone tried to tell me explain I was Joey he was explaining to me how highlight works that it's all about gambling and the only reason why it works is that people are betting on the games and so because people are betting on the games they get These Guys these guys are just fucking missed it on purpose and they know yeah it's like it's rigged I might be wrong if you're a highlight player you like who Joe Rogan 11

► 01:22:23

his podcast again hey I get my information from the Church of What's Happening Here we go look at that damn glove it's look how they play with that it looks like somebody with a one long freaky nail are they they're holding it right it's not like wrapped around their wrists they're holding it like I'm like a tennis racket how much more fun would it be if he watched a baseball game with the picture just had that thing boy that looks so stupid this game looks so dark what's the goal the goal I don't know they're throwing it off the wall and then another guy catches it I'm going to throw it and but they were somebody her get hit in the face pretty quick there putting forth minimum efforts even when he falls down it's like that guy he's falling down like he's trying to get a foul like oh yeah he does it looks like he flopped yeah flow soccer the soccer flops oh he sucker flopped it that's why Saco never making America the Flop you can't get up you have 30 years of flopping you can't we watch on TV we know what you do you know though I think it's catching on the

► 01:23:23

FL and then be a flop and starting to flop a little bit more because they see what happened isn't somebody analyze who's free throw to the analyze there was someone that analog there was an ESPN analyst who analyzed what's the guy's name of the big crazy beard really good basketball player Oh from the Clippers oh go to I don't know what literally don't know shit go to Andrew salt Schultz's things Kevin Durant is that it Andrew salt Schultz's go to Andrew Soul Schultz's in Twitter page so he had it up on his Twitter and I watched it I watched it analysis the difference between so him when he's challenged and he throws a free-throw versus unchallenged when he's done talking with the beard that's it James Harden blank okay we've been challenged meaning someone's trying to block him or he has a free open Shaka open shot when he has a free open shot he just jumps up in the air and does his three is three point

► 01:24:23

but when he's challenged he throws his legs up to hit the other person so he can fall down on his ass and like it's like a leg kick I said yeah it's move well he's not even it's not even a self-defense movies like making he's forcing contact with the person so that he can fall down so it looks like yeah it's interesting so it looks like we got fouled so here you'll see him this watch watch no one's there watch watch the jump jump straight up in the air straight up just straight up in the air and this guy analyzes several shots where he does this own team and then then they show when he's contested right and when he's contested he jumps up in the air and look he throws his body weight forward and falls down so in the hopes that they'll be a file yeah they're saying like if you look at the way his body moves when someone's contesting him he moves and leaning his legs towards them to make contact you think that's involuntary or voluntary involuntary I see the problem is that pencil-neck dorks fucking pushing that now

► 01:25:23

this is Kitty he's specifically known especially like in the last two or three years for getting himself to the free-throw line right at a way higher clip than that almost anybody in history so like that's what they're also saying was you can't fault him for that because using the rules of the game sure to play the game right so this guy is exempt who is this guy who is examining this you know that kind of help He's Got Confidence help center guy so the head SportsCenter guy is analyzing this and he's realizing that the legs are moving in a direction towards the other player because the guys there which is might exactly what he's doing it might be that or it might be that he has a different reaction when someone's in front of him he almost want to kick the guy away from him yeah I don't know most times fouled three-point attempt he has 95/60 more than anybody and so yeah I'm going with he's on the phone Scott Van Pelt has anything they made it a rule to because you may be correct there's a big thing that happened over the weekend in their game because you have to give the guy a space to land because a couple years ago there were a couple of defensive players that got

► 01:26:23

double for hurting people they're getting their ankles turned ruining their career which has been ruining this team's chances to win a championship lots of money involved yes I made of it's a flagrant foul like it's very bad to do that and the referees all of a sudden didn't didn't call this on Sunday like the very first time all year they stop calling it that's why they're talking about it really and they stop calling it because people are taking advantage of it why they stopped calling it is the big question that people who literally talking about for 48 hours like why are they doing this bringing up the question of like are the officials really involved in the game and it's become a big discussion about another reason why I won't watch it do you watch sports I watch football that's it yep do you worry about brain damage well yeah because it's going to ruin the NFL do you look at a different links go directly for the way you look at it differently than you did like before that concussion movie well I played High School football I've got hit so hard that I've seen stars and that kind of stuff but I think that could happen I don't look at it differently to answer your question no no

► 01:27:23

I think you know they might change the helmets and they've tried that over the years you remember it like it was just leather helmets there was less concussions because you would not lead with your head exactly now you have a weapon on your head and people have used this such and so I would love you know how to do throwback uniforms let's go I mean let's go throwback equipment he doesn't know whether helmet back on take that take that stupid face mask off you really should but you'd have to change so much you have to change so much in the way people there's so many different factors the way the practice where they set up plays yeah you'd have to be a new game I don't think it's going to happen I think the perception of the helmet being safer fuck the game up I've really think did but you know alright I used to think that bare-knuckle boxing that like they should have bare knuckles in the UFC but then I've been watching this bare-knuckle boxing stuff and people get cut up so bad now I'm thinking you know what it's better to have padded Knuckles it's better yeah it's better for the fighter

► 01:28:23

the helmet leather helmets were patter they just weren't like a hard shell and the shell is what they did you know yeah used it as a weapon so that's literally the only way you're going to be able to stop some of this brain damage and you're still not going to be will stop at all they're still colliding into each other they say these guys are getting brain damage from getting hit in the chest yeah they're getting hit in the chest and the head snaps back and it rains swashing around inside their skull well they're changing I think maybe like a younger like little leg now it's like you can't do tackle football until a certain age so now everyone's you know it's all flag football to a certain age I think yeah that that will probably happen and yeah and then the practices will be different where we only do pads once a week well that for the real game will be amazing if they ever came up with something that definitively fixed it like some stem cell treatment or something like that that we generated brain tissue and bring you back to your normal state right if they do that then we have to worry

► 01:29:23

not anymore right but until that man well that's gotta be around the corner that's close I think that's a very complex question of how to regenerate neural tissue brain tissue how to get rid of all those abscesses and all those things you see in those people's brains that have CTE they develop these like holes in their brain yeah it's serious shit yeah it's wild a sport though did you play football or no no I wrestled in high school I was a little man I wasn't arrested 234 pounds yeah yeah bit of good running back fuck fuck out of here there's another dude kill the fastest guys are small and just you know wasn't that fast runner oh so fast kicking and punching and stuff but I wasn't really that faster runner then do a lot of running but when I was in high school and I was wrestling they were trying to tell me to like the coach coach Murphy who was also the wrestling coach he was also the football coach and he's like well come on you're a sick fuck you should you should play football yeah and I was like dude

► 01:30:23

that guy plays football we have this heavy weight its name is Bobby Baker who's 300 pounds he was enormous it was so big I was like he's not squashing me the fuck out of here the hardest I've ever been hit was by a little didn't practice probably like five seven and he just he was a DB and it was a practice I was like third string running back in there like I was just running up the gut and I was falling into the endzone right it was over and this K he had a running start like 20 yard Head Start and it was like he came up from out of the ground with filed and knocked me back up well that's the hardest I've ever been hit with my little guy so you know think about you momentum heat oh yeah like slamming Torpedoes yeah with a hard helmet he led with that helmet but you know how fast like a really good athlete can run and just think all that mass behind them and just crash yeah yeah - the way those guys get hit in the amount of force behind

► 01:31:23

and them getting his probably unlike anything in sports other than a car accident right other than one walk on yeah yeah that's called there's I think they should bring this shit you know how hockey the you still fight in hockey NASCAR fights yeah pull out in the pit stop let's duke it out let's yeah let's see if there's a caution everyone else's lap and you got two guys have a beef pull over get out of the car whoa in the middle of the infield with a brass we have a wrestling ring and it's like full on let's go get the rink will get it will give you two minutes and then if you win that match maybe you get a little time shaving off you know so it's there's advantage to I'd watch that more if it were like half wrestling half now

► 01:32:05

put the Nacho Libre mask on NASCAR's a weird one right because it's obviously fun to watch it's fun to be there but it's not as fun as Formula One you watch Formula One you like well these guys are going way faster well those Wheels yeah I mean that's the whole nother thing yeah you know these those Wheels touch it's over you're in the air right yeah these guys NASCAR a lot of that happens right fine that's true that one wheel wow yeah those guys died yeah well I guess NASCAR guy's dick to ya not as much anymore but me that anybody's driving a fucking car going fast and I what am I saying but there's something about if you ever see the video between they showed gt3rs racing versus Formula One racing it's the same track and they show a good GT3 car like a Porsche going around this car really fast and then they show the same exact path being taken by a Formula 1 car you like Jesus watch this like I hear pray watching see ya

► 01:33:05

one on the left and two on Wally how much faster they are now what's the okay that's the same track the same track exact same turn look how much goddamn faster they are bad it's look at that it's so wild card going on the right that's insane it seems amazing yeah I think mine is cutting see how the line the perfect racing line is cut into the groove like see that Darkness yep yep that's a bunch of talented drivers no thank you I think the fastest I've ever been is like maybe a hundred and fifteen you ever been on a racetrack I bet on a race track yeah that not you know I had a pace car you know what a NASCAR yeah but that but the Daytona 500 has that huge you know that incline and just being down there and seeing that standing there next to it like well I didn't notice that steep you have to go fast stay on that them yeah that is pretty wild yeah and people get hit up there yeah pump wheels up there and collide

► 01:34:05

fucking spin out each other look at that thing yeah that's not yeah that's a serious Bank look at that wow like a wall that is a little turn to the picture but still what is what do you think that degree is like what angle they've told me before I forgot it's probably like it's pretty serious though 20 degrees 31 degrees wow that's crazy that's the thing that's I mean well if you would be nervous you're on a skateboard on that thing you have to go a certain speed just to stay up on the probably right

► 01:34:41

yeah it's such an American sport man NASCAR so American because it's loud as fuck the cars are gross they looked discuss their so gross-looking they don't look anything like the real car company sponsors are already even if you have a really nice car that's supposed to be the model that that car isn't that the can ask our car looks gross now and they the decal that make fake headlights yes a sticker of I have a wife and put that on there yeah what are we doing why are you lying to me yeah yeah it's a fascinating piece of equipment though yeah that we've decided to make these things that just drive really fast and then hurl them around the circle this oval over and over and over so high-tech like every they count every little the drafting of it they know it every angle that's you know all that but back in the day it was just a couple of good ol boys moonshot trying to outrun exactly yeah that's that's what I wanna see that was hot rod in its finest that's what it was that's what I want to say put moonshine of them car

► 01:35:41

and that fire that that's where it all came from that's guys are trying to figure out how to get the fuck away from the cops yeah just pops used to have the shittiest cars man yeah you think they had to chase people in like Caprice Classics it does that is it with but bench seat yeah that is the worst car for handling with dress shoes yeah I've got to make him wear those stupid shoes yeah yeah get some Nike that's back in the day that's like they're on the days why I taught I was on the ocean was Daytona 500 the first event you know I think so I think well I'm not know I don't know about that I know that's it was on the on the sand could the first Daytona was on the sand I believe so these are on the sand yeah they're driving in the sand this is crazy they're not going as fast all those cars are so this shit invertible those are the Batmobile they are convertibles their convertibles wow that's what I want to see I'll bring back the damn convertible in NASCAR I want to see these dudes faces

► 01:36:41

wonder why they made them in convertibles I don't know yeah

► 01:36:46

well they got the roll bar yeah but still I mean I bet it gets too hot in there they probably didn't have air conditioning right yeah that's probably yeah it's on fire it's easier to get out we don't have a roof yeah yeah those people probably died those things all the time those shitty cars like if you were a car racer back then you were going to crash there's no way you're going to know you're not going to keep together every time what's the fastest you think you've been in a vehicle is running well you know you don't say where what country it was in I don't know it could be on the Germany on the Autobahn in the 100's yeah yeah there's some weird no no that's think that would have fallen apart yeah flying off the the the newest cars though the the problem is there in this horsepower War where every year they have to have a faster 0 to 60 and now they've gotten to the point where they're they're ridiculously fast

► 01:37:46

like the cars of today like if you just bought a regular car today it'd be faster than a muscle car was in the 1970s right and you would even feel when even notice it until you're going that fast yeah like if you bought like a Honda Accord today it probably handle better and drive faster than any Supercar from 1970 right yeah probably find a gas yeah you can't feel it yeah they're real no way safer yeah one more boring have you driven a Tesla no strive that love to those stupid isn't electric cars 0 to 60 way quicker than gasps you wouldn't believe it I mean it's got to be right yeah it's just Instant Power Instant Power and that one has a four-wheel drive the the Tesla Model S he 100d yeah it's got four four wheel drive and so it's got an engine the front and engine in the rear and it flies it's so it's it violates physics do you get like a

► 01:38:46

Whiplash and I think of roller coaster dude you can't believe how fast it's going it's stupid and they're making us stupid er1 they're making a faster one that goes zero to 60 in 1.9 seconds Lord yeah it's a Tesla Roadster looks dope to it looks like a spaceship I would love to have one do you I used to live in LA where you at now I moved back to Hickory North Carolina damn I was out here in 18 years just couldn't do it anymore no well it was a couple things you know my career has always been like a roller coaster and Goodyear's bad years and I actually just said miss I miss my family I haven't you know I missed out on a lot growing up you know so and the market was really good I had this condo in Studio City I bought it for a certain amount and then is its it gained value and I thought well this if I'm gonna do this now is the time to pull the trigger and I think I saw you at the Improv one that's yeah I'm out of here I'm bouncing yeah and I don't road so much right yeah well that's the thing too and the industry's changed like you know

► 01:39:46

I already have a manager in an agent's not like I need to be here for every little audition you know I'll put myself on tape I got Eastbound and Down on a tape I got Harold and Kumar on a tape you know and then now yeah the the second audition yeah you fly up for but like you know getting your foot in the door that tape anybody could do that now they just changed so much that's if you want to act and you so much stand up on the road there's really no reason to be here unless you just want to perform at the store all the time that's right yeah so now moved back to Hickory and I was going to get myself a nice lake house and like Hickory yep still want to do that but then soon as I get home you know Thanksgiving dad has a stroke so I see that happen that you were seeing someone else stroke You There When an app I was looking right at him it was weird but that's a funny guy like I thought maybe because we were going to eat Thanksgiving dinner late so like it was like a six pm thing we were doing to get other people in the house and so

► 01:40:44

he's complaining all day about not eating like I'm hungry we were going to eat going to eat I'm looking around out of me sitting next to the fireplace and a just like a just like nosedives like just head first right into the hardwood floor it was like won't be here like a stump that's like Ah that's making a joke we haven't eaten yet it's you know it's Mega thing about like low blood sugar or something and I was kind of laughing in my brother's like know he hit really hard his head hit that floor way to life that to be a joke and then you walk over to him and arms curling up one I was going like that and it's like this is a stroke and we called 9-1-1 they came pretty quick but he suffered some serious brain damage right here and so he's paralyzed was left side now but I was in a weird way happy that I was at home when this happened because

► 01:41:37

you know how is still out here and I should happen right idea to hate in life yeah but the fact that I'm there and able to help Mom out you know going through it all this this whole thing because she's got glaucoma and she's got brittle bones you know she can't physically lift him up and do stuff right and the fact that we were in the house and able to help

► 01:41:57

it's crazy that it was I didn't see the drooping of the face I didn't see that happen you know that's what people say when you see a stroke you see like the drooping happens you know like that that fat chick and Total Recall you know who wakes right let's see we're at explodes get ready for a surprise I thought that I thought that that was what it was but no he just hit the floor so have you toward at all since that or have you just been Mall just places I could I didn't take on extra gags I but I didn't cancel the ones I had so the ones that I could drive to definitely as well let me go my I have a brother who's there as well so but I definitely didn't take on anything for you know since Thanksgiving that it wasn't already there so yeah it's but he's in a Skilled Nursing Facility now and they showed us the X right you know the MRI of the brain damage that happened had a collided artery he's got it now he's keeps getting UTI

► 01:42:57

infections because he has a catheter because it also it doesn't just fuck with your muscles it's the organs on that side too so his bladders got to relearn how to operate so he's got a catheter you know that that that's just opened you up for UTI infections a lot and those I don't know if you know they like UTI infections when you're older like it really devastate you because you hallucinate so you see shit yeah and it's weird being in there and you know he would like to make sure that bears not out there like a bear like he keeps hearing or think there's a bear outside the window so yeah that was happening back home for that but other Bears where you live not no not that not the Skilled Nursing Facility I mean there might be some planks yeah no bears are you allowed to say to any trouble yes I know but

► 01:43:57

yeah hoping for the best deal going through rehab occupational therapy Physical Therapy the think that he'll be able to recover some function on this left side I think you know that they always want to get dangle a little bit of Light Of Hope at the end of the car I'll chases panicking but you know some people recover quickly some people not at all some people three years later can recover you need a yeah three years later yeah I mean if you know so we're just still we're still doing all of it John Singleton just died from a stroke that's right shit yeah and he was watching 5151 yeah it could happen to anybody at any age Luke Perry same thing 51 stroke that's right yeah crazy the last trucks are happen fuck man I wonder if those folks smoke cigarettes well my dad definitely did yeah yeah yeah they said cigarettes contribute pretty heavily Two Strokes he used to smoke a lot when he was younger and then quit you know when he was in his late 40s yeah but that was a lot you know

► 01:44:57

Tim where you'd smoke at 12 years old or something a whole pack I don't know Singleton smoked but I do know Luke Perry did yeah yeah and this one that I talked to was a neurologist was telling me that that's a significant factor uh-huh it raises your chances of stroke pretty significant yeah so I'm back in Hickory but I came I'm gonna cut my ideas to come out here you know if pilot season keep doing it right yeah right and then hit the store I was there last night yeah it was good seeing you man you too man it's that's on the roast battle that's out of my comfort zone to oh it's so mean yes that's not me no I know you're a nice guy but I'm like okay have you guys shake hands hug at the end bloody hug too well Brian Moses the host of his awesome yeah he's such a nice guy that when he does that show it seems like it's okay yeah because he's so nice like and some funny to yeah I like him hosting it and make it seem like it's okay and Jeff Ross being there yeah

► 01:45:57

sort of like let everybody know kind of what the rules yeah and are you know like listen you know hijabs an interesting cat right like he's really created like roasting is yeah it's like it's come back he's carved out that whole Niche it's all him it's all of him now yeah everybody really is I mean there was so little roasting going on before Jeff Ross yeah there's the roasting was a thing of the past was old Friars Club deal yeah it was like old Jerry Lewis de menthe and that kind of stuff you know kind of amazing though he's dead it's amazing yeah they were great I like those guys are so mean to each other that they were all friends and even laughing yeah while it's happening that's also the difference to it's like those rows there weren't that many of them and they were friends like legitimately friends that's the thing yeah they already were friends yeah a lot of these roasts now is like who am I doing right whoo right and I'm going to come out swinging yep Nene yeah I mean we're gonna get I feel like I could get to know you before I can really bust your balls otherwise I'm just being a dick exactly but it is just

► 01:46:57

he did a lot but it's really clever yeah it is speaking and I enjoy it for what am I far you know yes me too I think it's a great showcase for joke writing a hundred percent yeah really good for the best ones although this the quickest right to the joke brutal you know the guys that I got last night to pull out a laptop and was trying to do some voice created like you know Stephen Hawking voice or something and I'm like this is taking too long you know it's not working like just the neck the next guy had like it was like four words pat pat Pam yeah that's a skill I wish I had see I'm like I get up there I'm a goofball I tell stories I'm animated I move around I but I envy those guys who can go but a bing bada boom I wish I had that skill you could develop that skill but I haven't but you got better at over the years but you have a style you have your own John reap style right and

► 01:47:57

your style then be they would be mad like hey man why are you doing that bada-boom bada-bing shit yeah I like to go tells a great story is he doing impression of a comedian yeah well do you remember like when you first started out there was like a way you thought you had to be yeah you know we did you do anything like cringy there you look back on now and you go what was I yeah back then yeah I mean I used to come out like I used to dance a lot I was the Hickory dance machine the Hickory dance machine I would come out dancing really a crazed laughter okay it all out of here music what kind of music whatever was popular you know something from jock jams volume to you know snap I got the power oh I got the power yeah it's gettin kinda hectic so I come out Dancin I made up stupid little I do a shovel dance a rake dance a mob dance and then I would

► 01:48:57

stop and do comedy and then I would get bored with myself and then I dance again in the middle this is what is featuring and then I would dance again at the end Hickory dance machine my favorite one though this is I'm actually proud of this dance it was any guy washing women's laundry in the 1800's dance it's a very specific a guy what look at you all turn it off look he adjusts it so he smells it well that's before the beard look at those chins look at that baby face yeah how old were you back then oh this is a week ago I think okay this is like it's like Russia that's the theater in right outside of Hickory and placed it in love no more

► 01:49:41

like 700 people wow yeah yeah out of shape right there where did you first start doing stand-up and Raleigh North Carolina at Charlie got a good night's that's a great spot it's one of the people love it it's like one of the best clubs on the East Coast those yeah it is yeah and somebody buy that place yeah roll brat it was Tommy Williams forever then he sold it to Brad reader Brad reader sold it to the guys that own helium so that you know Philadelphia and Portland that club chain so now they own it it's just called good night's now it took the Charlie off of it so I did do a great Club I don't know Charlie good I was some Cowboy I think maybe they didn't like that it's wrong it's probably I'm at Charlie's great but you played it before yeah a bunch of times it's hard not to do great in that club and it's also can kind of you know ruin you in a weird way if you start out of the club where everyone kills all the time because you're thinking okay I got this well it's been a week I've nailed it

► 01:50:41

come on world what you got and then you go to some other little shitty one-nighter it's like no no you can't dance here that's interesting like what do you think made it so good was it the dimensions of the room was it the crowd yes because of the town I think it sounds like well Town yeah towns great it's a college town yeah it's also the capital yes you get a mix of like you know your politicians your college professors your students and ran outside of its the rest of the world so it's a mix of everything and it's really close to campus to so I don't know I think it's they were just at that club it was good at what they did you know like you got to one-nighter it's a bar like I remember the first time I did a gig outside of a comedy club it was just a bar is a pool hall that had a comedy night and I went there and Wednesday and it made this other guy walk in were The Comedians and there we like oh yeah so we're here for the show The Comedians are like oh shit that's tonight

► 01:51:41

fuck all right Johnny go get that amplifier so it's like there's a monkey are you kidding me and then you have to tell people to stop playing pool she could tell your jokes there right away people hate you oh that's why I get people to stop playing pool go back to good night oh wow that was your first Venture first one outside of a club was like a one-nighter pool hall wow yeah that's a rough first one-nighter yeah yeah it luckily you know I had to do like 10 minutes but I did that two minutes seemed like an hour Charlie good night's also was a club that had been around for so long that it's such a history yes there's so many Comics is time fellow came to that everybody came through there yeah everybody I know everybody came to everybody so like the people that lived in that town they were used to good comedy that's right they got great comedy every week yeah and yeah and the 80s was the Heyday you know what else is like that Zane he's in Nashville that's my favorite Comedy Club fucking great spot man my favorite one

► 01:52:41

fucking great Zanies God places the shit yep I've been going there for years as a lot of dead future in those walls probably yeah there is by tens yeah there's eight by tens of comics many of them are there's a guy named Brian Cowen Kylie I know Brian Cowen does this is a different one oh I know the one you're thinking of the guy from Boston Yeah Yeah a different one same name but he started in Nashville big big big guy right by the way like 5 600 pounds and you know Supply guys and they had left open for you and you know do the road and all that stuff I said sure just show up at these gigs and you want to go up I'll let you I don't care and so it got to be a thing you know he did and he did a gig for me and right outside my home town and then that night he goes well I'm just gonna drive back to Raleigh tonight which like a three-hour you know drive and he died on the way there some drunk driver hit him and he flipped his car

► 01:53:41

and he didn't have a seatbelt on because he didn't have the extender he couldn't physically put it on and so no matter how big you are if you're flipping that car you're going out the window and so it killed him and his head shot hangs right there above that door and so that's one of many people on that wall there's no longer with us a lot of comedians dying yeah but that that when did you think that Zanies was started I want to say in the 70s probably there it is I think they started Chicago rest zennis Chicago does a real the dorfman's that's the Chicago one right that looks like yeah yeah it's not yeah that's a weird angry that's a little club that won you that was not as great to me because it's long and boxing and the further you get back to the bar area the more chances you have to lose them back there yeah but it's only a hundred fifty that's yeah that's trying to shit but but it's I swear Nashville's perfect get the flanks

► 01:54:41

it is a balcony right there at the top shout out to the dorfman's and everybody just has a good time at Zanies it's a great Club yeah if everyone and then second favorite would be Denver I was bummed out when they like that Denver's fantastic but I was bummed out when they lost the punchline in Atlanta that was another one that was another one man they lost that window parking issue is that what it was yeah that one it was a nice shaped like a barn perfect yep it had a small balcony but they've just packed people on top of each other yeah so you didn't have room to be you know on your phone or talking it was like you're right on top of people you don't walk through the crowd to get to the yep to the stage yes you hung up that one weird green room to whole time yeah but there's no bathroom that one weird green room yeah electric spot and then had that sign on the back wall that said quit trying to be Hicks yeah yeah in the end there's all sorts of writing on the wall just weird Atlanta is wrong kind of fix

► 01:55:41

boom boom remember there was an upstairs area to we can look down like it was swimming a little balcony with the deejay was up there whatever that's really had like that's with our office was and they had like it's like the Heckle that maybe like five people could sit up there yeah I did I did a good practical joke that place one time there's this comedian named James Sibley great guy very funny Southern dude we were sharing a condo somewhere I think in Myrtle Beach and as a joke I thought it'd be funny when he's leaving to put a condom wrapper in his bag and I got haha not tell him what are you so pissed so I did that right and then did this happen here I'm not okay no but I can tell he goes away I don't see him for a year or two maybe three he's divorced now well the first thing he did this is Atlanta punched out he walked up to his IQ mother

► 01:56:41

you know what you did to me he only got me divorced like it was this long thing as like to I'm so sorry stupid it was just dumped already I would even planned out it was sitting right there I just do it in there ha ha maybe he'll find it when as he's packing to go home I didn't I didn't think yourself you know right so I felt really bad about it because I'm gonna get you back and I'm like okay and that stupid green when they have in that corner at the punch line right where you're sitting in there there's no access to a man through more if you just poke your head out everybody can see you like what's who's in there what's going on the right so I'm sitting there he goes all right here's what I'm gonna do when you go on stage because he was opening for me I'm going to put mustard all over the doorknobs in here okay and you're going to be in such a hurry to get out of there and go back to your stupid merch table that you don't have to remember that I told you there's mustard all over this doorknob and you just gonna grab mustard on your head it wasn't as good as me getting him with the condom obviously but he was right like I go on stage he told you he's going to do he told me he was going to do

► 01:57:41

I said cats out the bag Jen's not going to happen and of course I grabbed it right away I was like okay he's still close with him do you know yeah well not I mean as close as I can be but we're good we're fine did you have to talk to his wife no he's got a new life now I'm not gonna be one if it was it was the first step may be so first identify first nail him that's right and you're welcome you're welcome new wife glass is half full okay settle down everybody yeah welcome to y-yeah yeah that was like God's plan that's right yeah it was like oh come on man a lot of ways what if God was one of us he is it's me isn't that a song he is it is who sang that sort of got Jane Osborne I think yeah you know what's really funny am I right yeah don't judge Joan Osborne pretty close pretty clean and press it the speed of that as very quick like a DJ from the 90s jock jams yeah whatever happened to that lady that was a good song yeah she had her nose pierced he had Pete

► 01:58:41

curly hair just said listen this is not for me I'd rather be in a hippie commune somewhere doing yoga every day who L wonder what she may be she is doing that probably what is she still out there still hot while they're still make it everyday I'm hustling to to Rick Ross what I love that one that's on my playlist of working out I get on the treadmill everyday I'm hustling yeah that one gets me going any sort of got it does Katt Williams started it though like when I saw Katt Williams do his bit I'm not like you could have any stupid job and if you hear that song you do the best you can at it right it was a great bit yeah and I'm like the what and that's where the first time I heard this song I'll go I like that yeah I'm Castle another on the treadmill Katt Williams has some all-time great bits yeah especially the early stuff all that Pimp Chronicles stuff please as it's a murderer yeah shit's fantastic ordering yes he was coming up like right when he was starting to blow up his stuff was so good yeah it was so good it was so way that he talks I did too and and yeah it's really fun

► 01:59:41

funches great comic so there's Rick Ross on my playlist and then I also do soundtrack from Flash Gordon Queen you know you're the best are now that's Karate Kid but you have that one t or soundtrack that was on there too you're the best around no one's ever yeah Rocky obviously I'll go with movies that kind of inspired me when I was a kid and get that soundtrack then I get on that elliptical machine and now I'm doing the elliptical you know for the universe like Flash Gordon you let motherfuckers know I'm saving the planet ever watched the old Flash Gordon from the 1950s nope also the first thing I saw was the cheap shitty wanted 80s I was on a plane not really recently sorry I guess well a couple of years ago and they had one of those video catalogs we could just watch stuff yeah I think was an international flight yeah and it had old TV shows and it had Flash Gordon I watched a bunch of episodes of flash cord wild again it was weird it's weird

► 02:00:40

to watch yeah it's weird to watch what people thought like space is going to be like an alien's it's so strange I mean I think Flash Gordon was probably from the 50s right those are comic book was it yes yeah it's originally a comic book see if you can get pull up video of they need to remake that photos of the Green Room in the punchline I was looking for that hicks line we've showed that before I wish they would remake Flash Gordon and make it a comedy but keep the soundtrack because it's Queen Mo human rights these huge Queens huge right now keep the exact same soundtrack make Flash Gordon a comedy Jack Black kit does were you thinking about Flash Gordon the movie yeah the movie that's that's I'm sorry wait wait wait wait there's the original flash board with Ming the merciless made about look at him cleitus on Bo let's look at him how what how weird is he look look at flash like that's what they thought people going to be wearing weird neck collars in the future belt buckles right like such a strange look man it just a lightning bolt on your chest

► 02:01:40

pull up a video of it so you can watch a video because it's so it's so weird to watch because it looks like what year did say 50 64 255 one Ming the merciless

► 02:01:52

so this is where he like it's so shitty like the special effects were so this is not even the movie This is the I know okay but I mean I'm saying The Claim Jumpers Steve Holland does Flash Gordon Irene Champlin Dale Arden look at she's hot she's hot in a real way yeah there was no National Faking It Back Then

► 02:02:15

dr. zharko yeah same care I've not seen this though so this was a whole TV show ya how many episodes do you think they made finally guess I bet they made 50 or something yeah look at that she's hot that shirt she is hot T that's not a drill yeah no she's holding a drill women back then all have flat butts unless they did gymnastics that's right unless you're some freak of nature accident uh-huh and they that is some sort of weird dildo stupid-looking that's a jackhammer that you know what the hell Jack Hammer looks like that Tim damn that their gun that's what it looks like right there what is that this thing this is a think I do it's for massage oh shit

► 02:03:03

may I yes protein do it right in front of water microphone like idea it's great doesn't hurt yeah it's real good for loosening up muscles yeah all right now bro that's what they had good Lord yeah that's their weapon it's me I'm gonna punch you in the face real fast it's always weird seeing what what people thought the future was going to be like once the future it hits ya because if you think of that movie Alien I didn't we figure that out it was like 2015 or something like that they thought the first one was in 2000 so yeah yeah like the future yeah was 2015 yeah it was something along those lines is weird now like in well back to the future is classic you know their future was what was it to what was the future because it happened in 1985 and they went to in the second when they went to the future but it was like mm wasn't no no it's like 2015 or something right yeah something like we're Biff so is the billionaire now yeah because he took that stupid Sports Almanac and bed on

► 02:04:03

shit I watched that a couple of years ago at a movie theater in Bozeman Montana with my family they had like a Back to the Future night where they were playing it you know the play with old classic movie it's fucking great that what's up what's up it's so good it's especially cool to see an old movie in a movie theater like I know they do though sometimes it certain movie theaters will have like those screen and old moving yeah it's fucking went to the Hollywood Bowl and watched Back to the Future with and I had an orchestra playing live the soundtrack you know they're the movie as it's happening and you kind of forget that that's that shit's happening right now yeah we do that every year we go to see The Nightmare Before Christmas oh yeah they do that yeah Bowl yeah it's great you have a go to the cemetery and watch a movie no forever I did a show there once though he did ya Duncan Trussell used to host a show love him so we're outside no inside the second inside place we do stand-up okay it was real weird yeah we did stand up to that one at the 70 his concerts there and shit

► 02:05:03

yeah well that's what they have that one gigantic white wall that just project movies and everyone sits on the lawn is like 5,000 people how weird is that I watch Purple Rain Cemetery look at that I would scream yeah super weird scream that the are moving moving oh no that'd be good Cemetery that would be good that's actually a great movie but they yes it has to be at a you know I was there watching a purple rain and Dave Chappelle was there they come out as a DJ they do stuff before and after the movie and what dresses up like characters from the film wow yeah it's awesome have you seen Purple Rain the movie lately no it's great is it no it's yes and no yes and now acting is so bad I mean great sarcastically

► 02:05:47

but Prince is that so funny when he does this one when he first makes his full face on film right in this Men the movie It Takes a Minute there's this one scene where it was Apollonia is walking off and he's mad and he just like whips around real fast and his hair comes and does that and that everybody in that in the cemetery was watching this for like five thousand people every girls like look at this guy was four foot one man but it was 80 pounds kind of Changed music yeah I was a huge fan yeah I was I saw this one in the theory came out was the first time the like a french kissed a girl in touched a booby was in this movie well it's also like oh there's a lot of white him up he hit her in this movie yeah there was a lot of yeah didn't he hits her in the movie yeah and he's like oh I want to be like my dad but he actually hits her yeah and he says he said his love the f word as well as yeah not wow yeah

► 02:06:47

that's right if I just say anything to prove how did they make don't do it now you know about that now you got something I was free dad named me know a little bit dead names you can get kicked off at Twitter for life bitch for life I'm barely even on to other really hard yeah well I'm on there but I don't know Facebook seems to be where my people are really yeah what people are those rednecks from Hickory is that more of a thing well I had nothing wrong with my space and I was okay with - you're on - hey Gothic tale well man you've got mail hey guys like this you've got mail that's perfect that's perfect yes dude I'm gonna wrap this up there was one before my space to do was the one big Sven stir and stir Friendster grave and yeah a couple other ones but it was my space then faced with things going to be the next thing

► 02:07:41

Tick-Tock is that a new thing now that's like music videos yeah Michael yeah that's not gonna work it'll work with little kids I didn't really know it with a commercials for it eventually people give up yeah well the next thing will be something in your brain would be a chip yes but in that's gonna happen yeah the iCloud where everyone's just hanging out with each other yeah some virtual world when you're in an avatar right and you get to be a perfect person out there yep yeah that's gonna happen I'll try it out with the world we live in is very strange John reap it certainly is so I'm glad you're around to provide comedic entertainment sir likewise my friend thank you where you going to be next working people come see you oh good question next I am going to Dayton Ohio Funny Bone nice in Toledo Perrysburg Ohio also a funny bone and then it's all on John rape cam after that John and reap.com James German ja brother always good hanging with you man wax figure out tonight you know come on storm yeah

► 02:08:41

laughs Factory on fighting okay beautiful bye everybody who's that's fun

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