#1289 - Eddie Izzard

May 2, 2019

Eddie Izzard is a British stand-up comedian, actor, writer and political activist. He's currently on a world tour with his show "WUNDERBAR" and can be seen in the US this summer.

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The Joe Rogan Experience trained by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day I'm good I'm pouring coffee in the first sections the perfect little chat that's a good way to do it with a cafeteria could win yeah I think anything guys named in a French way a French press that's what they're called is it called what it's called I think it's called cafeteria but it's probably going to put a coffee but that makes sense but you know there's a French word for it that we just ignore here in America they did event a lot of the food you know because you have herbs you know herbs and I used to do this bit of material which I really enjoyed saying you know the difference between British and American you see this and you say herbs and we say herbs because there's a fucking H in it right and I used to the fucking age but and I thought why has the H dropped off for America I think it's because put a lot of French guys would have come over emigration and they would have done a lot of cooking you know so these French guys know

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cookie elves and they cut the H of totally so I think influence from that probably Julia Child Julie Joshi French yeah I think wasn't she she is now I mean she's in a French cooking all right okay well that was worth a try yet maybe that's why I sit next to Washington said we will use a herbs with the staff here at that we could do the Revolutionary War and then and then you guys are win and then they will hate each other forever well you asked you guys also do a lot of weird stuff where you put like a you and color and you have a why and tires what are you putting toys open high res yeah I think we had we had first dibs on the language yeah I don't understand what we did to know what you got on the your guys got on the Mayflower and they said okay we're going to talk like this but I'm going to say woo a lot and we're going to get put get rid of it why in tires we're going to advance stars get rid of the one yeah I just think the you and color and honor is a you and honor as well and we've got it and you've got it out I think yours is more logical

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on larger honor yeah not for her boobs no boobs is a small French influence I agree yeah I always wondered because I grew up in Boston and I always wondered like those were the first people to leave England and Europe like what the fuck happened to their language because they developed the most disgusting brand of it well you've got your A's you're busting a search icon here strong Boston coming out of yeah I got rid of it I heard myself on television once when I was like 19 years old I was like holy shit what is that well you guys had or we used to have that Mother Father Brian said yes I can kind it's the eye yeah and we say mother mother father sister we don't have an r at the end of a mother by the mothers that and you mother yeah we say mother I said of mother mmm and the rest of America has a much stronger and island has that that's a very Irish influenced thing and for us the eye when with playing when I'm playing American when I was in you know doing

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roles like that the are was the hardest thing to get a hard time in befriend saying hey I was cooking this thing that came out like hard hard tar and I thought that is the one to practice because that is just hard hard Tower we've called it hot hotter when she's just doesn't sound the same you spent a lot of time over I won't the only the only time I've ever spent in England is working like little bit of down time doing stand-up and hang out over there but most of it's just been working either working for the UFC or I didn't really get a chance to really spend time in England I'd like to I'd like to do that just to kind of understand you folks well I are different breed when I think of the base having played 45 countries now I think everyone is actually the same when you get down below level but you know if you're going to reach for you there's got to be a number of things which would make it seem different brand names will be different than you sports stars you know everyone Sports does the very ones positive you that kind of thing but Underneath It All it's going to be there's going to be more

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Main Street people can be alternative people to me and the whole Spectrum now like in the old days it used to be everything was mainstream and a bit of alternative now we I think your country my country have whole spectrum of what's interest people it's much more open in that way hmm yeah no I certainly agree we yeah it's the collection of people is very similar it's just they're operating in a different environment and different theater right yeah and you know where tightly smash together what are we 65 million in your 300 million and you're such a large your country is so large compared to us yeah because there was a thing of 10 only 10% of Americans have passports but if you love it through an aerial something like that but then if you look at where the 10% can go in America it's just so huge row it's slightly more understandable by a lot of Americans I don't need a passport because I'm just going to go to that place which is miles away that's understanding of you but I think you know I think it would do everybody good to go somewhere like

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like Asia yeah every time I go to Asia I always think okay people are like this to this is this is an interesting thing to experience Thailand in particular which I really loved right Thailand is is amazing because it's like wow they might they hit like this perfect frequency where everybody's really friendly and really nice and it's a you know they called the land of the smiles it's his very unusual environment there where everybody seems like warm and greeting I don't think I'm ran into one rude tie while I was there I that sounds very interesting and I when I towed Asia but unfortunately it was kind of in out and you know doing yeah but that's interesting about the times more than any other country because I'm sure they must have a black market and a thing and some gangster up sometime maybe they're very nice gangsters maybe the nicest gangsters we know I'm sure they're not ask you first before they shoot you I'm sure when it gets to the drug smuggling and yeah sex

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forget all the other day which probably section but would you mind awfully polite drug smugglers I mean they have obviously a very open environment when you go to see Bangkok it's like Muay Thai fights and chaos and a lot of expats wandering around drinking it's just you know there it's a different sort of world over there but when I was there I was in Chiang Mai and it's just super friendly people beautiful landscape very nice have you been in Vietnam no never heard it's amazing though but yeah I mean I find that from a market perspective would be very interesting people going there even if they you know were there before and during the time of war or after just to see how people are because they fought for so long because there's all the French stuff before that the end but even before yeah Mary got involved in it they call it a Thousand-Year war that they fought anyway it's interest it's I hope new generations coming along don't bring the baggage of before of you know previous generations

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we can all move try and move forward in a world that's more positive even yeah it doesn't necessarily look like that well what has always been really interesting to me about Vietnam that I learned from Bourdain was that they don't hold any grudges towards Americans which I find incredible I I got that sense of it I have not played that haven't been there but I got that sense that they were looking forward they just accept it there's the past and they don't have any grudges and it's like it's an amazing attitude it is amazing attitude I suppose it's better if you

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they did an empirical empirical window and then kind of they didn't like do a massive Concrete in the end America left and so they got what they were I assume the majority of them were trying to get it you know yeah they can run it however they want to run it but yeah it's tragic the things the words are going to do I was going to be in the military when I was a kid that was one of my I want to be in Special Forces then I you look at me now being a transgender guy with that but yeah that was where I was I know Trump wouldn't have let me in the post is right now if I want applied right this second but yeah so I follow everything I kind of run my life on Military that sounds a bit with I run my career on a military think it's quite difficult to any career putting it together kind of weird what's your next move was this house oh you look strategize and that yeah strategy out there was ooh I plan 50 years ahead really oh yeah well if you think about you came after I came out as transgender 34 years ago

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that's not the first good thing that an agent wants to hear you're transgender that's exactly why this is such a thing this is even now they would say okay well it's got a little better than it was for about 5-10 Millennia it's a little better now but it's still not the hottest ticket that everyone's we want transgender guys in here for this that the other it's not the top of the list right and I've also got boy mode and girl mode and I do dramatic dramatic films in boy mode and then I'm touring a girl mode and doing stand-up and I campaign for politics in go mode I just how do we do that I just switch change you know take off heels flat shoes yeah because if you were just talking like if you didn't have makeup on and you didn't have the heels in the nails you just seem male yeah yeah well it's I think it's genetically inbuilt you know there's some I think there's quite a lot of people maybe who were the way they're like they live their lives live their own personality they're not particularly

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or female mmm I feel but I felt I've always felt since I was four or five I want to express this side of myself and it's built in I think its genetic and if you analyze masculine feminine if you really get down to it you can I find it impossible to come up with anything that was particularly masculine particularly feminine except for the ability to build muscle mass is easier for men in a promise that's it but you know great footballers soccer players men and women Athletics Runners men women strong character men's weak character sure men and women mathematicians whatever whatever it is there's nothing that you can really say ah that is only good shot and with a gun now anyone could do that it's we're all humans and so and we get fixated by the masculine feminine whether it is a tiger for the tigers attacking you and trying to kill you you don't go now is this a girl tiger abort egg we don't care about and they don't care either the Tigers so you've always felt like you gravitated towards feminine things toward

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gravitate towards both I am I gravitate towards playing soccer I was in the first team for two years when I was a kid was planning to do officer training Corps and then go Marines or Paris and then get into the special forces are SAS which would be the equivalent of your Delta Force and that was a distinct plan your lot about that and I thought which were they going to send me to actually which one is than we do and they could be the idiots that I'm at school with will send me to the wrong War well what is very clear and then after that every other war is kind of hazy

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but there's all this feminine side girls side I'm not sure how to do it that the articular even after 34 years it's difficult to articulate but I wanted to express that and if I look more like a woman than I you know it would be much easier but yeah so I decided to do that in 85 when it wasn't cool and I got mad I've had a lot of fights in the street lot of people screaming abuse at me taking a couple of people to court or just reported in policing then we went to court and yeah and you fight you fight your fights instead of going to do a military fighting thing I've I've done I've said this might be wrong for me to say this by say I've done Special Forces civilian division you know fighting people think that people see and now performing for languages I've run over 80 marathons I'm going into politics next year and and yeah and I came and the transgender thing is it's in a better place than it was back in 85

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World certainly now I think because of probably Caitlyn Jenner and the the movement that you're seeing for to accept people that want to do whatever and anything I want to do yeah it is just more accepting of each other we do see to be more what's the word begins with a teeth more open more allowing there's a word for it was just whatever my head billion that would but yeah and at the same time people going around doing more killings and stuff at the same time and I well there's more people there is just there's just sheer volume of human have the and the population growth is insane this to go something like 200,000 years to get to 1 billion yeah and then it's taken this and they're sick 50 years to get to Seven a half billion which is scary yeah when I was a kid I think the United States population was less than 200 million now it's 300 million and Global was whatever it was

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now it's 7 + bordering eight yeah so people I came out I think it was six point five I think that's just running away and one of the weird things is if we are having less Wars if we're getting better health to people then more kids are around and some people in those low income backgrounds and around the world they will say well we need to have six kids because that's what hmm you know from a forward much money yeah that's what we do but as economics cope better people have less keys and that hopefully that should calm down there should be a button me I think they feel ya leveling off of the populace yeah I've read that theory that they believe that industrialized nations and westernized society when people start having two careers you know and then to Career households people are less likely to have a bunch of kids yeah so as people do better they have less kids yeah yeah so I'm a I'm a glass is 2/3 full person that's what I feel instead of a glass is half full

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half empty person so you're optimistic I'm a big okay I need to do I couldn't be here yeah in the hills with the nails I'm planning to do this go to film coming out then entering the country and then I'm going to Politics as well and when you first started wearing women's clothes and dresses and makeup onstage is people think it was a gimmick what did they think they did I got the I decided not to go on women's clothes just remember I say that Sam I close I would just wear dresses right you know like women can wear trousers or pants on we used to call that men's pants and I see how that pans fight so but yeah they fit I first started talking about it and not wearing anything again look on a boy like and male liking then you were talking about it like I had to first check this is my first ever jog I have this about two years before I did I said look you don't stand up so if you're from a minority it's kind of a good thing so if you in standup term so if you are from a low income background you say rich people come so easy for them as your

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what music man man from ethnic backgrounds a white people level so if you're white male middle-class stand-up is useless so thank God I'm a transvestite that was my first love and everyone thought he's making jokes about something that he's not yeah and and they wouldn't believe me and Jonas were going I don't know why he's doing this because he's doing pretty well now but this is I did it is this a joke so I thought I better wear a dress has going to put some makeup on and then they said okay he's doing this he is serious but he looks a mess it's kind of baby elephant thing I was doing you okay gotta get your weight under control you could have better hair cutting that and you just got to fail a lot and there's a humiliation period I mean this is the weird thing about coming out that it's kind of humiliating people say you look people say horrible thing what they say what the fuck is that somebody said to my face right there as I was walking out of a restaurant so I thought that's not very nice and you have to be able to deflect it and go well that you're obviously a scumbag so fuck you man so I'm mostly

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yes and occasionally women case new women but yeah I mean you know it's low its people have lower character they are less a character if you're strong character in yourself you don't get living that live what the hell right you know people okay doesn't look like together but you know life's tough enough but if if you want to put someone down you raise your own State as mother yeah and they will do that and so I have stood in the street and people have unloaded you know swear words effective to me and I've just I value in a violent they got what you fuck you fuck you and my identity and it literally you know two or three of them or one of me just screaming at each other and I just won't back down now but this happened recently was nine months ago someone outside my house and in London just having a go at me so I know he knew who you were as well yeah they did they knew exactly what they who I live with said we're going to do your house is odds you know who the hell is this asshole now what else because of the way you dress well it was he added that into it there was a there was an altercation

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Nova I was just packing my car because I was just driving home to my dad and 17 you got to give me a ride in your car and I said I know it's just someone heckles me like that in the street I just come back with the you will never have a ride in my car it's I have to give you what I'll give you so that happened and then this guy went off and yeah this and that and the other one it's just screaming at me and so on shouting back at him giving him word for word and then when I said who is that idiot and they said oh that's this guy he's a known he's a Nutter you know he's just he does this I went all right maybe I should mention because he said he didn't do it I mentioned it to the police there with them two weeks later the same thing who's shouting at me oh it's the same dickhead so I don't write next time I go by now he knows where you live what he always did he was right for another house that's always fun isn't it yeah well and he said we're gonna do your house when your way you know so this was this that was his opening Gambit we're going to do your house when you're aware mmm so Eric do letting you know there are coward yeah well it was it was

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a positive he didn't want to pay our company that thing that's kind of terrorism right there trying to strike Terror in you when you're away well yeah that will that is yes that is the hatred thing is the did you think about just going out there and fucking them up I don't think I'm quite that I would have liked if I've gone through the military thing I forgot that I would learn how to do that you know I've never have crab my guard myself up to the the thing I do need to grab my gun myself up but I haven't got there so well I see we were talking before and you were trying to tell me that you were lazy I'm like fuck you I saw that thing that you did that documentary where you ran a series of marathons in a row with no training at all and I remember thinking before that

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I had this opinion of you and the opinion of you was you're funny guy you're a funny comedian you have good stand-up you obviously work hard at it but then I saw that and I was like oh okay there's something going on there like he does a different kind of human being the kind of human being that could push themselves into doing that day after day after day and I looked at your feet wear your skin was literally falling off and you're taping everything up and that's a that's a person that's got you have an iron will like that's a very unusual will for a comedian who doesn't really exercise like when you were doing I mean you were mean you may be exercised a little bit but you weren't in shape now and you decided to run how many marathons and well was it the UK one was it the first one yeah that was 43 and 51 days forty three marathons in a row in 51 days with no training at a definitely I did have training about six weeks training yeah which is not a lot but

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they said that you know sometimes if you run a marathon you should train for nine months before that yeah and I thought well if I'm going to do 43 that's going to be I don't be trying forever and I can't be bothered with that so I you know and this happened in your Civil War in maybe an any War I don't quite insulting someone encyclopedic about your civil war and revolution what a bit and bits World War II but try on the spot training you know training as you go along that's what I did the first 10 minutes and strains you for the next 33 what was it like when you go over the first day though the first marathon you but this is my first time is ok fuck no first days okay well because well it's all in your head there's a more mental than it is physical and so the first method I've heard of people running marathons Run/Walk staggered not very fast get it done boom the second method is weird because you go I've done one I'm on the second and you can't really Rejoice you can't punch the sky you can't put a medal around your neck you already you've got up at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning and your it's midday and you're

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so your second one and then you threw the third one and then you threw the fourth one and then it was raining and my feet were shredding and of the moisture it was yes it made it to soft yeah and they were rubbing on the on the running shoes and I didn't know how to how do I fix it when I'm actually wearing on it all the time so we started bathing in surgical Spirit which you call something else it's a ethanol methanol for anyways it's some sort of alcoholic spirit and it it takes the moisture out of your feet and so we became limestone's it's come up with any way if anyone does have surgical spare if you Google it now you'll see what it's called in America but it's some sort of alcoholic thing that just removes moisture and so it made my feet my toes like little stones and kind of tough and actually that got us through and then I started and also apparently because I did twenty seven mountains in 27 days in South Africa in 2016 and that was the temperatures were crazy on that but it seems that the

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the switch on a healing property that we've got latent in ourselves that we don't use and you will heal quicker you will heal faster the more you get so I got you get stronger in both the British one and the South Africa won I got stronger as I went on really the first 10 days of the other key thing and after that it's kind of easier you're used to it your body just adapts and he understands Yep this crazy asshole is gonna do this every day or so and the Brain goes what kind of math and shall we run today as opposed to what the fuck are you doing what kind of marathon yeah well I think that's what the brain is doing because the first of this fight is going you gotta do what this Marathon the but be okay the second day the Rays going now we're going to do another one third day fourth day fifth day this is insane and then they tend to raise going okay you're on this kind of kick or something I understand let's let's try better matters don't push it too hard you know you the brain starts talking to the body and somehow it levels out and about main then it gets to real math in 18 Matthew 23 I remember me

► 00:29:00

731 that was a lovely man so weird yeah but it was fun and you own the road you know Woody Guthrie This Land is Our Land son Ismail and the you become like it's your land is like that it's everybody's land because you're running on the roads of this country I grew up in and you feel that the roads the fields the bird I didn't listen to any music I want the slightly a safety thing for traffic but also you could hit everything that's going on birds chatter Rivers Running there was I ran past somebody's house this isn't about day to and there was a river running there and it went through the back of this guy's garden and he said oh well oh I said could I got went and visited him and I washed my feet in the river and then I put the socks back on I carried on running I thought I can you can do with his I took blackberries out of the bushes like I did when I was a kid it just became effective Farrell this holistic or feral marathons that's what I was doing it's not run it's not people shouting from the sides no one cares

► 00:29:59

ready which is fine and I'm just wrapped up in this other place and it was it's beautiful I mean it's really Zen what seems like it would change you like accomplishing something like that like on the last day the last run when you cross the line what was that feeling like why this is a pitch he brought up that picture this we got in there they put up some flags and stuff that was beautiful I tried to do it a five hour marathon now if you know the speed is two hours is what the trying to break that so this is really slow but then having done 42 mountains it's maybe it's fair and I missed it by about 30 seconds but it was it was beautiful to finish it I was really quite strong all the way through I didn't stop at any time that was that was good in South Africa though I did 27 and 27 days to salute to Nelson Mandela's 27 years in prison and a five they put me in the hospital because they thought my kidneys were given up when you experiencing rhabdo that what has happened in my life you know but yeah

► 00:30:59

yeah your first brother ever talk to who's that about Rhabdomyolysis yeah I got rhabdo in 2012 how'd you get that I was on a anti-cholesterol drug just a sort of Health drug your cholesterols bit high tech this thing once today and side effect is rhabdomyolysis uh I couldn't spell being dyslexic and I was paying Brown p and and did it there's no real pain lot of left the Juniors really tired from the spillway and this is without exercise you were getting it that was on Meredith and three imagine for so I had trained and I trained before that I'd done some training before that one a bit weird with my training but yeah so there wasn't a huge amount of training before that one but third math and and I was started paying a bit of brown but this was not through the whole series of marathons or it was now well I tried to do South Africa twice in 2012 was my first one after day for on an anti

► 00:31:59

Astro drug try to control my cholesterol and I started bringing Brian p and then they said you got to go to hospital now the guys that you've got to put fluids through you have to go see a specialist especially said you can't continue this 27 thing because you have to get all the stuff out of your system otherwise the kid needs because the it shreds them out you know the shrimp mussels into the bloodstream clogs up kidneys kidney failure very dangerous a lot of Fighters get it really yeah yeah I'm a fighter died from it recently in Boston in the Massachusetts area yeah it's it's apparently something that happens when Fighters over train as well like sometimes they're not doing it scientifically so they're not analyzing their heart rate their heart rate variability and they don't know that they have a really truly recovered and they continue to push themselves because they want to prepare harder and they have this sort of mental mindset just train harder and you'll be better off but that's not necessarily the case of your body can't physically keep up with the recovery and sometimes they'll

► 00:32:59

go into a fight over trained and then they wind up getting rhabdo from the fight it's happened several times and it's caused a few deaths yeah well they said this you said you carry on running now and 2012 you won't make it so 2016 you get off that medication yeah I would think that all that running you wouldn't need that medication I would have thought but you know they check you out and you say any class was just at that chart fuckers are you know you beyond this sort of your life that's stuffs gives a shit out of me though statins yeah it's it's it goes to a scary place but 2016 day five Bloods were looking a bit weird day off so day 27 I did double marathon and that was kind of interesting day so you run one Marathon the as your last day of your run you've only done 25 mountains and it's the day 27 so and when you go through that finishing the final flag whether what you they should be waving flags you've got another Marathon to go and it's just yeah I might bring like a this is kind of good but you got it it's 90k you gonna do today ignore it

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carry on and it was a rough rough all day that's five hours then another five hours five hours plus another 5 hours plus the end it was six I took 11 hours and 50 minutes to run 90k so I did double marathon in 11 out of 10 that's damn good yeah it was good enough and this they gotta they got a comrades marathon in South Africa which is 90k and they got a 12-hour cut off so I said I will do 90k in 12 hours mmm the devil mathur was 84 then I did another 6K after I'd finished that last moment must been orgasmic when you finished it must have been incredible finishing the 84 was beautiful you finish it the steps of Nelson Mandela statue right he was made president and that was beautiful and and rough I'd have to speed up in the last hour because of complications so I actually got faster if you have you ever done a thing where you're knackered and neck is it now Go why'd you have to speed up

► 00:34:54

there was a wind it was a thing called sport relief has doing it for so is raising money and and I wanted to finish inside the camera whether they had a window till 3:15 South African time police escorts were needed at certain bits otherwise you'll get carjacked things and and this is and you won't survive this big so I said can't we just ignore the the carjacking thing no you can't ignore it so I said okay stop the clock put me in the thing drive me to Pretoria stop me off and then I'll run there and we'll just continue it on there so we had to do that so we got behind because I wasn't running because that would be driven across this dangerous period of part point of road to be dropped to Pretoria and then I just had to run the kilometers off so they have like a carjack area yeah they have said there as well as it's kind of out there there's no one really out there and you just go along there and they'll be though anything can happen so my field producer fixer he was just saying we don't do this just you can't go there so I said well just get me closer to the Finishing Line and then I'll just run it doesn't really matter

► 00:35:54

where I'm running now we notice Pretoria no we need to finish I need to just run that distance so I ran the distance off but the time it got behind so I had to speed up from seven point five kilometers an hour to 10 kilometers an hour so an extra third this move which was kind of evil now I'm owned a lot that day I just I was just a moaning whining oh God I can't do this I did but I was never considering not doing it and I got there the the live feed that to London finished at quarter past and we got there about 30 minutes past we got about two minutes and they just caught it before they went off at was like you know like in a film you know it's perfectly designed I just knew if I got that probably get more money a raise more money and extra hundred gram because we've seen this idiot finish he's actually doing it you know so that was beautiful and then I talked to them this very interesting thing because you know if you're talking to pray it was a press I talked to the Press after that was a Sunday and so they kept up normally they said we can't talk anymore we've got two minutes and then we go to talk to important people

► 00:36:54

go away that's what normally happens if you're talking to live press national press but I was on thing and they just kept talking to me because obviously a slow news day nothing was happening and they say we got this idiot who's just run you know 27 marathons and they kept asking me the question what favorite color do you have and what what how how big is your legs are what make it legs yeah just I don't know what they were asking me but in the end these two interviews I did with national freight I just said I'm gonna go away now I get to stop this I had to stop my own interview which I've never done in my life and I realized they've just got no one else to talk to desperate did you notice a big change in public perception of you once you completed those marathons yeah the yeah the certain community and if you're transgender guy and you come out and certain people get worried but I crossed into a line of well if you're going to do that and you hate I know you do some comedy you do drama stuff we think you're a bit Bonkers and out there but fair play I got this sort of I got a pass them are play to you if you're gonna do that

► 00:37:54

at and I was trying to do selection you know SS they have selection your Delta Force is Navy Seals they all have this thing that can you just go on and on and on and it's the stamina thing yeah and that was my sir villian selection for my own whatever civil edification horses just understand yourself yeah I know I can go a lot for having coming out as transgender when you're straight I'm straight transient so I fancy women so I'm a wannabe lesbian so if you come out you could stay in the closet and down the Millennia if we go back to the ancient Egyptians and further there's probably a lot of guys I don't tell anyone about this I just I fancy women I just go that I just won't mention this kind of feelings in my head and I thought I should mention it because if people shout and scream at me in the streets I will I will fight that at least verbally fight that or you know if they start going for I have had one fight in the street and I landed one punch yeah I taught myself to you here to fight on

► 00:38:54

streets because of this yeah yeah the guy was just giving me oh Tracy oh what only you're dressed up and and I was I've been a street performer for four years at Covent Garden so I was living on the street you know I'm not leaving the house working on the streets and you know just knew a lot of people go around I just had met you don't have to be like this we can all the space enough for everyone Live and Let Live kept giving me stuff it was a bit drunk every Lester so he was just going to stay on that Wicket keep saying and I said just chill out chill out and then the third time I just said I just fuck off and I went no I am I am loaded load of swear words on him and then he swung for me which was the handy thing because that came up in court and then I swung back and I landed one punch which I was pleased when I was doing the wipe on wipe off stuff I was doing this you love Larkin yeah for the Jiu-Jitsu book that I taught myself Jiu-Jitsu from a book if you could believe that which is you know you get these books with the different moves in and you can teach yourself that but I did Judo when I was six actually as well so I like the idea of doing these things but I felt Judo was always at the bigger kid

► 00:39:54

you all get in pajamas and the bigger kit just throws you around a bit I can never quite get the hang of couldn't throw the bigger kids I could do it now but I've never anyway yeah this is a fantastic video online of a very old judo expert in I think he's in his 70s or his 80s and he's working out with these young men and you see his Mastery of Judo as these young powerful men try to manipulate him and throw him around and he effortlessly watch this this old man and he see him he's very very old and he's throwing these guys around and me as a martial arts expert these men are not doing this willingly this is legitimate like even that guy tries to throw him and this is a black belt who's trying to throw him but he's so good and his use of balance and Leverage is so amazing he just knows where to be like see how yeah just throws himself into a perfect position it's really stunning to watch and this looks like it was from the 50s

► 00:40:54

or something like that because it's really old but yeah is this a just a 75 year old judo master I mean this is an old man and the young man is much larger than him yeah I mean significantly like 25% larger than any at least maybe even look at him he looks like he's twice as big as him and he cannot throw this old man it's really amazing Judo is a beautiful art he's getting more and more full on is these guys I gotta get this he's trying I mean he knows that this guy's a master but it's just look at that like it's incredible I mean the way that guy's body can toss these people through the air and yet they are helpless they can't do anything to him away that look at that boom anytime 75 years old

► 00:41:40

I mean that hurts my hips just looking at that and I you do you can have many different martial arts that yeah yeah which ones you Jujitsu and striking martial arts my background was in Striking which is in Taekwondo and then eventually kick boxing and Muay Thai and then I got really into Jiu-Jitsu when I got older and what I'm Jiu-Jitsu is what's the difference is you choose a grappling it's all choking people it's like you it's not throws like Judo there are throws in Jujitsu but there it really comes from Judo it comes from the ground fighting aspect of Judah which is not as emphasized but the Brazilians really really emphasized it and it sort of they figured out what the best way for a smaller person defeat a larger persons through leverage and Jiu-Jitsu is really the only martial art that I can think of that works like you think of a martial art in a movie like in a Bruce Lee movie like there's all these people and they were always bigger than Bruce Lee Bruce

► 00:42:39

fuck them all up but in the real world that doesn't usually work like the bigger people have such a giant Advantage when it comes to like striking like you're never going to see like a heavyweight in the UFC fight a bantamweight find a person who is a hundred thirty-five pounds just wouldn't it's just too much of an advantage in Jiu-Jitsu it's legitimately possible 440-pound man to strangle a 200 plus pound man and do it relatively easily if they're talented I I saw a documentary on Bruce Lee and he had the way of no way yeah which really appealed to me I mean that it's like a philosophy quite my Mo fighting philosophy but to be so trained up in so many things that they do not know what you're going to do and I kind of adopted that he had overcome significant Prejudice Prejudice to adopt that perspective because when he was studying martial arts you were supposed to be loyal to your style

► 00:43:39

if you learn Kung Fu you were supposed to be a Kung Fu Man For Life you weren't supposed to also dabble in boxing and wrestling and all these different things that he was interested in he was interested in taking what's useful from all different martial arts and applying them so in a sense he was really the founder of mixed martial arts which you see today and in the UK they have cage Warriors and u.s. is UFC and you know there's this worldwide now the art of mixed martial arts of putting all the different styles together and you could do whatever you want within the rules now I like the attitude of that sort of a life attitude I mean there's obviously the fighting attitude of and then there's the life attitude of just be prepared for anything and everything yeah and and be like water like that was his other thing yeah just go around things move through things yeah don't don't headbutt things figure out what's the best way what is the what's the Beth best path yeah you know yeah I just

► 00:44:37

I haven't learned what I think I'm waiting for someone to give me a really hard time and I said now I am checking in and I am learning martial arts I've really do live in England yeah this so many places and we do here and I'm are you hello everybody I'm always touring yeah I was touring and and filming and so I just keep moving but yeah I know but it's you've got to make the time especially if you're moving around all the time yeah you'd have to line it up so okay we're going to check in with this guy in that picture so yes and you'd have to take it in like you do it's got to be something that you're serious as opposed to down I didn't want to dabble like stand up when I'm filming I was still do stand-up when I'm filming and if I'm doing stand-up and I will think about doing drama you know drama and comedy the killer related but different so I keep pushing both you've got to keep everything match fit for life and that's what I like marathons I can drop me off in style I just did three marathons I just dropped three men took got home from playing Australia

► 00:45:37

to the trailer up to Barrett upon tweet on the Scottish border ran up to Dunbar which is one mouth and went across to Edinburgh second mouth are you running a marathon with other people or just wanting it for yourself get a backpack put my stuff in there change your clothes wow Shake It Off I go no backup and is this something that started because of the series of marathons you did yeah it's and I want to stay match fit for life because that's what I notice that everyone's a natural at all animals and natural animals and there are the wild animals which we were then they're domesticated animals we are self domesticated we are actually designed to be wild we're supposed to be match fit for life and I think as time goes on you know people get back into training or whatever they said would that really hurt so I backed off I think it hurts because you're not doing it enough I'm not sure if it's a pure sighs this is just a feeling for me maybe that that I need to stay fit and running and swimming and whatever I'm doing and the less I do the more the body punishes me mmm if I'm doing it all the time if I'm always out

► 00:46:37

run run every morning I almost did this morning but I had to get up and do stuff today but I'll do if I miss one and that's kind of good because it's a recovery time but I would just do hit training high intensity interval training every morning and then the ability to just drop three math as job seven hours and 7 days you love that yeah I love to have that in my back pocket and I don't think that's that's not allowed that's not in the list of things you're supposed to have but I know I can do it now I can do it it was just a Backpacker well you can do it too because you have autonomy you can kind of do whatever you want to do right yeah in the adding a living when you want to go make the tire yeah but there's also the actual that's not supposed to be in the list of what is what humans do right right you know just go from run three and three or seven and seven and I love that that's kind of that's that's out there well this is clearly people that are doing that yeah it's clear oh yeah that's Pete everyone everything I'd done everyone is someone's done way more than I've done yeah and I kind of know I feel that even if I don't know that for sure

► 00:47:37

one crazy friend is named Cameron Haynes and he's a he's actually a famous bow hunter but he's also an ultramarathon Runner and when he prepares for these like big foot 200 sorts like 200-plus miles of the mob 240 238 miles in the desert he runs a marathon a day so run a marathon every day and then he works full-time job he's legitimately crazy and you know he's always says that it doesn't take any days off and he works at so run a method actually running the mug out really early early early run in the morning run at lunch running at dawn is beautiful it's an African imagine the African Dawn's I got coming up we worried about some running up and grabbing you well I'm that thing I wasn't I mean they told me I supposed to have security I wasn't I was kind of cool that's for people we worry about people do you around any and I was I'll animals I was in a mountain zebra National Park and you know if you've ever been on a safari they say see ya well they tell you the sit in this shutter shower bang big open top view

► 00:48:37

it's got metal bars over and they say the animals they know that the shape of that they know is metal and metal doesn't taste very good so you'll be fine and there's a guy with a gun you feel good but when I went there of course they said well you're running outside near the vehicle and I thought is this right this pretty good television but another isn't the okay I'll just stay close and if something's coming and they did I said what about how the Lions doing the lines of eating yesterday they're fine and they told me you know and that's what lines that come they never go for snacks lions are kind of organized like that we ate yesterday we ripped apart some animal and we don't need to go and have a bag of Crystal they knew they knew the line anywhere that I knew where they were and that they were okay but they said the Buffalo around and they can stamp you to death about I didn't know Buffalo so Black Death they call them really what we're calling blocked out they're responsible for so much they're not as responsible as hippos hippos are number one but they fuck a lot of people up man they don't take any shit from you think about bulls like people when people try to ride Bulls

► 00:49:37

yeah like domestic cow Bulls their ruthlessly aggressive animals you mean they'll fucking throw you through the air now think of them but wild and in Africa and fighting off lions and that's that's African buffaloes I mean they are ferocious animals and that just I didn't know what I had to do I know that with hippos if you come in between their water source then they'll just kill you they'll fuck you up I didn't know what I had to do two buffaloes whether I had to race it can't go anywhere near like to that grab Morrow yeah if they find you to be a threat at all they're just so powerful they just just launched you in there there's a great video that I was watching this morning of a lion there was trying to take out a small Buffalo and the other one got behind the line and launched it through the air was literally flying like 40 feet in the air like flipping head over heels because this the strength of this thing to take a giant cat and just with its head just won't and just flies that

► 00:50:37

the one with the crocodile in as well no no this was one that was like on the side of a dirt road all right have you heard about the crossing a busy it go too busy Wild on Instagram I think that's the have you heard about the car yes I saw that yeah that's interesting is it because that I feel that Buffalo there are acting like the local townspeople yes and that the I think the lines of the SS and and the crocodile is is another yeah this is it this is the video so it looks like the lines attacking this one look at that boom that's actually not nearly as high as I thought it was

► 00:51:11

maybe I'm thinking of another one yeah that one's pretty good though I mean just to see it do that oh you know what I'm thinking I'm thinking of Relentless enemies that's what I'm thinking of there's a there's actually a documentary about this one particular strain of lion that there was a apparently the river split sides or the river changed its path and it turn this area into an island and the Lions had to adapt because the only thing that they could eat was Buffalo which is very difficult to kill you know usually they're eating Antelope and other smaller things that aren't nearly as dangerous so these Lions developed became far larger so the female lions are as large as a normal male lion and their hulking like massive muscles and they're just enormous it's just an enormous strain of line that's exclusively eating buffalo and as a whole documentary it's a National Geographic documentary I think it's really good

► 00:52:11

it's just incredible to see these things walking around and they look cartoonish they're like the Hulk

► 00:52:17

so it's hard to tell you'd have to compare them to a regular line but there's some images of these things walking around they just look so much larger than a regular line because they just had to adapt

► 00:52:28

and I would think that if you're running around like if you're running you got to think like you're you look like something that's trying to get away what made running in that box yeah now I was right next to the green vehicle so the big metal green vehicle was there and they just said stay close so I was one door flip away from I just launched myself into the it's open top so I would have been in that vehicle before they got to me I hope did you hear about the woman from she was an editor on the Game of Thrones and she was in one of those parks and she had a window rolled down and she they told her keep your windows rolled up at all times she was trying to take better photographs and the cat reached in and grabbed her and pulled her out of the vehicle and killed her this is last year

► 00:53:14

and then they're they're dangerous creature yeah and you just hope they're running with him yeah well I am yeah this is us at a picture of it yeah oh God they have a picture of it happening is in 2015 oh well it really that long yeah I just looked it up yet that's great last year knows my facts terrible have slime Bro Look at that though that is just so awful that they actually caught it on camera well she just thought it was you know she was safe she's in the car I reached in and grabbed her and pulled her out yeah I you're out there running around I would have it was a guy with a gun next year will be a good shot he said he knew how to shoot things I think I played my cards you know yeah sometimes you play your cards and what might have been kind of exhilarating to there's something about it right well that there was I was talking to the zebras I just I went out because you obviously there was a dangerous this hole in a non Dangerous Ones it was actually the first day and the

► 00:54:14

that was about math and 10 or 11 or something and I felt you know what's your over the 10 Mark and I've never got that you know if you've done the whole South Africa thing in failed and people are tweeting about me it is a you know Africa kick your ass you know you just go t IA you know this is Africa I guess on where huge fucking cunt CIA that's a nice name yeah it's a big Afghan because Africa is did you tell them hey man I was on medication my fellow web didn't really matter they're just not whining so I just had to come back I tried three times to come back and then I came back and three times yeah I kept trying can we start the day that can we get back and do the thing but it didn't know we weren't here I haven't got enough money to be able to that won't be able to set up your cables and then suddenly it's on it's on it's on and I didn't I couldn't train ago and so I thought let's just go get it done and then day five of the hospital day six was in hospital as well for how after two thirds of the marathon on day six had to go to hospital so for what well

► 00:55:14

kept what happened they might read my doctor had gone away but my train that the thought he thought I just didn't look good it was you know 35 38 degrees whatever you know and I'm used to it is that like one oh sorry Fahrenheit yeah I'd say 110 115 someone up there and I was not used to that and so I was I would have made it I feel but he's didn't he felt he wanted me to see an expert so I saw a nephrologist I didn't even know what the word meant but that knowledge is nephrologist is a kid the expert I thought that would be a renal expert but now it's like nephrologist and this very cool black dude and he was there in South Africa and Eastern East London it's called is the city so it's the big plays and he's going what are you doing who are you I'm running for Mandela what and well do this thing and okay and he said it's okay we've checked out your kidneys your all right your Bloods it's your hydration hydration terrible so I'm going to put three liters into you and your BP

► 00:56:14

I mean like a horse all night and I didn't pee once so that's what do you have under saying you need some Hydra wow and then after that it got better with and so day 11 I got into National this National Park there's no one else there just me and animals and this you know the security people and whatever with me and it was kind of beautiful it was just beautiful and that the sun was great a sunset going down and there's a rainstorm as well in the middle of it there were wild animals out there I haven't I just felt again this is n weird place of beauty and and also knowing I'm getting stronger I'm getting stronger I've gone through the barrier and I also because I'd run for matins then a day off and then the fifth sixth day I ran two thirds of mouth so I'd run for two thirds marathons in six days which is not good numbers for your head you need five and five or something in something but for one tooth is math and 68 just didn't work and then I run another marathon and I said hang on I've got to run a marathon in the third to get these numbers match

► 00:57:14

yup so I think I caught up to the third method and then it was always day 7 and I've run six eight Martin's in nine days there's always one day behind so I thought last day I'll do a double marathon and that'll be good climactic and of my South African thing what is going on with your mind when you're doing this because you're not listening to any music in your in this sort of meditative state where you just Left Foot Right Foot Left Foot Right Foot breathe in breathe out yeah it's I'm saying it's kind of Zen but it's not in that kind of like I'm listening to my heartbeat or anything it's more like

► 00:57:53

I just feel it's just some sort of beautiful thing of May because that's what we used to be as humans and maybe I'm reaching back into some pause memory we humans just used to be out on the Plains and we were looking for honey Wild Honey or berries or fruit stuff and and if we could trap something we could get you know I don't know what it I can't quite work out what it is but I just find it beautiful and I do know that you're getting vitamin D in you're getting stronger from that somebody once read my head I never do the hand palm reading but I was at a Halloween party and there's a palm reader there's I'll try I'm in a good place let's read my hand and I can't know what she said except a you need to get out more you need to go outside more and I thought okay I always felt that I need to be out back doing stuff because when I was a kid I live for soccer for football I used to run like a crazy idiot I love that game and then from the age of 12 I went to a school that didn't play it and I never played Sports this is one of my gifts to my

► 00:58:53

of accent I think for the age of 12 you know you need teenagers your bones really moving and setting and at that time I was hardly doing anything so I think I my knees have never gone people say running in the knees my knees are not gone I've got a whole theory about the heel of the foot which it should never you know you should you know sprinters already toes crawl running should be on the table yes and I think if the heel hits that's what it causes the nails just needs a script and it could be wrong there's no no that's that's correct that's not how people are supposed to run that was actually changed by Nike they developed a running shoe with a fat heel and they changed the way people run they change their gate and it's responsible for a lot of injuries I think that I'm not just a horse's if you look for the hail of a horse it's right up by that bum because the the toes you know the hoof is the toes and then you go all the way up that leg and right by the bum is that's the heel that's just an enormously long foot you know that's never going to hit the ground and dogs don't like cats don't do it we are the ones that use this heel thing obviously

► 00:59:53

initially to for walking to make us balance when we went from the chimpanzees gorillas stage into the your we need yeah but even then I mean most people if you just give them if they're Barefoot like children for example like one of the things that I was reading this book about barefoot running and how important it is to develop this and that most people that have problems from that they're really having problems because their feet don't have strong muscles in them because of the atrophy and the way they were describing a regular running shoes is essentially like a cast and that you're so used to being protected in this cast that everything sort of just gets mushy yeah inside of it and then you're also striking down the hill which is a very unnatural thing and when I watch my kids run like my kids will run with me sometimes and they naturally know to run on the balls of your feet that's how they naturally run and when people start running he'll first that's where all the problems come it's just not a normal way for people to run yeah and I was also initiative South Africa running on set and Road surfaces where they just

► 01:00:53

instead of doing Atomic Adam kind of covering they had just put rocks obviously some Laureate come along this track of just dropped rocks out of the back to sort of hold together the mud in the Rainy times and very uneven surface very heart of the foot and I was I was doing these very thin sold running very thin sold shoes what kind of shoes are you running with well I kept changing them now so I could but there were the Vibrams in the world Vivo Barefoot ones and she running in Barefoot we running marathons and barefoot shoes well initially I was and then my training it just got so hard that my chose to look you gotta wear these and then I left it to them to choose my Physio and whose Olympic level so he said right these are going to be better for that I prefer you not to be in these so I said okay you tell me what shoes to wear I'll take care of running the marathon I do remember seeing little South African children running on the roads next to me with Akon hey were wrong with you and they are completely nothing on their feet and they could deal with these sharp rocks

► 01:01:53

I thought were really shocked I was every few steps okay well how and they were just yeah and they were just they had they were laughing and running along now because their feet had built up like in this very this very house I South Africa yeah it's a weird watch this now it's kind of fun because I go right back to Iran with flags that's that's a beautiful thing and I was running an Eastern Cape and they're looking at white guy so white guy doing this is very rural area so I led same or low more of that was in the African National Park that was the rain that was the the they were the rain still happy because he thunder and lightning but that's that that's the truck there on the left you can see the thing and this guy just turned up out of the blue to track with their what did you hear I just give me a letter saying thank you for doing stuff and but if Iran with the flag and I said more load to people and I led to say how are you and in in a cutter Go sir

► 01:02:53

this guy seems like he's wearing women's clothes as well yes he's wearing a skirt and I think he's a transgender guy with less hair than me and yeah he's bald but it's a transgender girl now do you take hormones or anything or no no my but I could I could transition but then I've got some of these boy genetics going on in me I really think it's jeans I think they're going to find out how it works but I can't prove that the moment but if I transition over then I'll just be in the other side of this kind of fence that weren't we give ourselves and I've decided okay I'm gender-fluid I'm just going to have like a super hero boy mode and girl mode like the Human Torch can go flame on flame off so I'm going when do you just do decide some day today I'm boy mode I can but I tend to do sort of block periods now but what I campaign I mean girl mobile I'm doing films dramatic films I've been boy mode and if I pay the transgender character think about it not really no but it's easier for me to be in girl mode because then if I can if I can

► 01:03:53

with that you know some people stare at you and I have a confidence now I carry myself with a certain confidence there he seems to be quite confident so just relax about that and I can I can actually I can control other people's embarrassment because if they don't want to do I say Hi how are you can I have a cup of tea the oh yeah what we sell to oh that's why you're here okay so I can just relax people by just chatting to them and then boy modes quite easy for me to do because I just write Joe Boy versus Pearce and I scrub up quite well in boy mode do you have but you've given thought to transitioning yep yeah yeah but you know the part of me wants to be Steve McQueen in greatest game part of me wants to be Elizabeth Taylor in looking like a home in a cat and Hobbes Afraid of Virginia Woolf there in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof more like which I just saw on the plane yesterday so these are the two looks like over to Anna going well I kind of both of them as a kid I thought you know Carl I look more like Clint Steve McQueen

► 01:04:53

kind of fascinated by Steve McQueen and what he went through to get to where he was and he was so driven and if you know about this yeah Steve McQueen story but you know that he was in a film with Paul Newman and he was like ninety third on the list of credits somewhere someone up there likes me if you watch it you can see him there's a knife fight between pulling him and Steve McQueen and he's like a heavy you know Young Thug Heckler heavy guy but it's just a small player and then the second firmly thing with him is tearing Inferno where they are equal billing and I think Paul Newman is first and Steve McQueen is higher if you look at if you look at the names on the poster Paul Newman comes in from the left so he's name is first and Steve McQueen is on the right but higher than for new and that's how they got that equal billing them get a how do you put equal billing if you're going to start from the look reading from the left right but and if you remember the film they come out it is too

► 01:05:53

two guys you say yeah that both decent guy yeah these are both Heroes yeah that's a funny thing with actors right that billing they want they want to make sure that their name is read first well that's that's I mean you got to have egos to do these things I mean so many things need an ego to do yeah and then hopefully you can switch dial your ego down when you come off stage some people can't do that when it comes to billing Steve if you know about Steve McQueen and his mum was a sort of sometime prostitute and had men in and out that their house would end his dad was just never there and he found himself through a boys boys Retreat you know that because he was breaking the law and they sent him off to this place and then they told him to talk to these kids out of train wild horses and that was one of the first things he did and he's just so ambitious and in with your Brynner in in my recent 7 because you know if you know that film at the beginning we've got your brother did you know that film well wasn't that

► 01:06:53

don't remember it well it's Maxim's have is a great film she's got Yul Brynner with his coloring and but no hair but such an amazing look and Steve McQueen at the beginning they go up to Boot Hill to bury this Indian guy up at boot hill and people are not allowing at this racism in the town and they both go up and they ride shotgun again to Heroes but he was he was Yul Brynner was the top guy and probably seem like he could he see what you you see what Brenna's dying to see what his Caravan is man of God he's got all this stuff here and he just wanted to be the top guy yeah and he got there and it's a beautiful story doesn't end brilliantly but you know bullet is great great escape is great yeah here's a fascinating guy Steve McQueen he became a race car driver like see ya well serious race card yeah he came second and the one before there's a documentary on on the limb all the morays the 24-hour race and he became he didn't race in a in America

► 01:07:53

which I think was a 12-hour race and they came second with a broken foot he didn't she know and he was just he's kind of a force of nature but he was also do crazy things I mean really crazy things were just not we died fairly young 250 there I can't say he was sinking and drinking yeah I don't know what it was it had you know we still don't know why people get cancer my mom died when I was six and she was a nurse and never smoked and she died about cats I mean what shoes what is that yeah nothing makes sense if you went and less you put in random into the world that's my theory of the universe it's a good theory yeah if you put random and it makes sense stuff to thirteen point five billion years we've had about 300 years since the Enlightenment and I just think we're lucky enough to be here we've had five great extinctions and we could have a six or we could look after ourselves and treat as a people as you'd like to be treated yourself that Great rule do unto others as you'd have done

► 01:08:53

you and that if we did if we all did that tomorrow the world would all work

► 01:08:57

yeah just how do we do that how do we get that going well it's better than it was yes it's better than it was even though it seems kind of hellish if anyone's pissed off with politics at the moment track yourself back if you look at politics of any time back in history it's always been hell it's always been rubbish it's always been all over the place yeah and

► 01:09:18

I think transparency as opposed to a pasty if that's the word you know the more transparent things are the more you can check hey that guy's lying about that you can work out what's allowed and what's not a lie that would be really nice I don't know if we could have life detectors all the time do we I think it's going to be mine reading mind really well I really think that we're going to have technology within the next 50 years that allows people to definitively understand whether or not someone's being honest that would it would make it and I'm sure someone could get it bad side of that but it sure up front you think there's a lot of good stuff on that yeah so we can say this is going to happen though I want this to happen a lot of people scams are going to fall apart what do you call them Ponzi schemes yeah Ponzi schemes pyramid schemes yeah a lot of that is going to fall apart while the KO punch these games was a guy collapsed upon Z yeah I think so I think you can there's like a there's a bunch of those little terms like fugazi Jeff punsie I think fugazi is one that people use for fake it was a there was a limo

► 01:10:18

in company that was writing bad checks fugazi limousine service and it became like a thing on the East Coast where this guy is a he's a fugazi cop that means you're a fake cop yeah wow yeah fugazi became a big word Charles policy that would be nice if punsie way that Dirtbag look at him he looks happy it's not 20 he's about to leap over his own walking the Roaring 20s just wrapping paper love do we tell people as you're listening please look up Charles Ponzi on yeah pedia and yeah so that's it and how did he die do they explode hopefully get hit by a meteor

► 01:10:54

be nice so you are running for something now what are you doing I'm gonna I've said that for nine years quite consistently I would like to say that I was going to run in 2020 we had set terms in our politics like you always had you had a 4-year we arrange it into a five year but then we've gone back to the old system which is where the prime minister of the country can choose when they have an election and it can be anywhere up to a day you know the next day after the election or up to five years later so we have no I really so prime minister can decide you know what we'll have another election yeah and two weeks yeah and they wouldn't do that for them but you know like we had a generation of 15 2015 and then in 2017 having been inferred only two years tourism a was persuaded that if you go over lecture now you're going to win big you can on tons of extra seeds and then we'll be able to do whatever we want but in fact they lost seats and I'll actually so you know sometimes they grab it sometimes

► 01:11:54

you go in the fourth as a there's a traditional thing of going in the fourth year because if you got all the economics going everything's pretty good okay let's go now we got 40 but a year the spare but let's go in the fourth year and we can because we know we're in a good place and then you have to allow addicts six weeks for election campaign but yeah that's we do that I think other countries do that but it I'm sure to America go that's crazy but anyway that's what we've been doing for some time what are you going to run for Member of Parliament for some constituency hopefully in England would be my thing as opposed to United Kingdom because there's Wales and Scotland is this a step are you going to move further along the line or you are going to eventually that would be well it's time for them P then I would Glenda Jackson of you know Glenda Jackson she did this well honest Schwarzenegger you know about him because he went away and then came back to creative work that he was doing to doing films but he went away for seven years so I will go away for a period of time and put my career to hibernation and just

► 01:12:54

politics history politics but you have a set period of time where you going to do this and then afterwards going to retire no I would do it no set period of time I just gonna go off and for as long as I can as far as you can and then I come back when I choose to come so no stand up no nothing during that time you could do stand up if you're raising money for charity if I'm raising money for the Labour party though I party I think that would be allowable I think my constituency members wouldn't mind that I was raising money for constituency but if I was just doing it for myself less well you can write books you like to write books and articles it's all a bit hazy but hmm not sure if you have the same system in we have a similar system my friend Doug Stanhope was running for president briefly kind of as a lark and realized that he really couldn't do stand-up because if he did stand up he would have to allow equal time for everyone else who wanted to perform who also had something like his stand-up performances were then thought of as political campaign

► 01:13:54

romances something along those lines it was like some weird bullshit that he was going to have to navigate that he decided to just back out of it yeah but he was bullshitting the entire time really we're just doing it for fun now I'm going to do it I'm going I think a lot of moderate people don't go and I consider myself a radical model I do radical things with a moderate message and already done a number of things like that in my life so I'm just going to take that in and what's your goal my goal is to try and encourage my country in the world to go in a positive direction I think I've been saying this politically that I think this is our last century on Earth or it's our first century I think next 80 years is for everything we're going to choose everything here we're either going to wipe us off the planet or we're going to make it a fair world for 7.5 billion people where you have a right to have a fair old enough democracy and transparency enough money to live a life to have a family not everyone not billions of people living on $1 a day or two dollars a day so

► 01:14:54

I think we need to get to there because then immigration raises its head your country my country every country in the world and that's all people moving around because they haven't got enough money to live on or they have enough security because there's a war Civil War and if we could get beyond that then a lot of those problems drop away so but I'm going into politics and talking about a global vision of the future in whatever it is is slightly it's very difficult thing to do because people can say oh you've just asked for that how is that helping this this global vision but I just thought we seem to be trying 1930s politics again and in political area so I thought well I'm going to I'm going to look for a vision of a positive Vision the future and I know when I came out as transgender in 85 there was no way I could eat you imagine anything I didn't know where it was going to go I just thought I could need to go out there need to argue or discuss at least try and set up a positive image version you know because I'm not sure what age you are but I think you'll see if T1 if everyone so you know I'm 57 so

► 01:15:54

the earlier years of Our Lives it was just so out that transgender you need to talk about it right or gay and lesbian people out but transgender was like some crazy out there plays what the hell are you on about and that's what I was when I came in the middle of that yeah it wasn't it wasn't an easy thing but I just thought I'm I'm not going to do Special Forces I'll do this civilians that is a hilarious group of choices Special Forces or transgender well I did the the civilian Special Forces but do you know to fight on the streets in our young people and and be and it's all mental isn't it right if you're if you're in a isn't any way the same because people are shooting bullets at you and me and people are dying and getting blown up so I'd know there's a massive difference there but everything in the end is psychological and if I was going to do that I was going to try and do this and I would take risks in these areas of of you know I'll go out and people say things the street or whatever they do and do that and then I'll run them out as well so you were just going out

► 01:16:54

knowing that you might have to be in an altercation yeah I was sure that was going to happen teenagers about this because the yeah poison screaming yeah they're all assholes teenage boys this gives a shit on me my friend Eric said it's my friend Eric crisp he said it to me once he's like you know because he was dealing with some teenage boys in his hometown and he was like the teenage boys of the most fucking dangerous animals on the planet because they have all this testosterone no one's really giving him any guidance yet they're sort of just out there wild and they're trying to outdo each other one up each other yeah you know and then they're cruel their cruel and they also are insecure and so one of the ways to combat that insecurity is to try to make someone else feel like shit it's like some weird Natural Instinct that people have well that that is so that's what gossip hatred gossip is mild hatred and gossip when you say so and so they're less that you lower their standard you lower their respect or their value or whatever by saying something or you can

► 01:17:54

is an action and in doing so you raise your own yes I think at least we're not damn right they are shithead sure less than us and that is a that has gone on since the dawn of time unfortunately well that's where you see the social currency of today's like shame climate like shaming people for this or that or attacking people for whatever various thing to do in trying to get public shame against people especially people that haven't really done anything wrong what they're doing is they're trying to do that to elevate themselves and they see someone in the public eye I see someone who's famous or Rich and they're saying that person's a fucking loser and there that you know sports figures and perfect example you know like some super athlete and they drop a ball you fucking loser you know and they're they're doing this to sort of maximize this sort of this like this downfall this if they see anything that's going wrong with that person's life and if they can accentuate that pump it up it somehow or another they think it elevates them it actually does the opposite

► 01:18:54

terrible for them it's terrible for everybody but they have this Natural Instinct as competitive instinct to push down the person they think is elevated to hi well I think that leads you to the trolling thing online that if you do from behind a firewall of no one knows who I am oh yeah and and and I'm a little something we have banknotes like your bank notes that had a woman on the back of one of the banknotes The Queen's favorite pictures on the front and then they change it up every few years and they took the woman who was on the back of it I think is a ten-pound note something they took her off and they changed it and then there was a campaign we need to get a tan that woman on the back of another different motives ugly that and two people trolled this I think two women saying you should die should be raped and I mean hellish stuff one of them turned out to be a woman who was actually attacking another one that you think what's going on in your head where's that coming from but behind this firewall you can yeah and go to any place of also

► 01:19:54

it's almost like they don't think that a person that they're attacking online is an actual person they're not getting the social cues from them than not looking them in their eye yeah I just think it's a piss-poor way to communicate with people I don't I don't do any communicating with people online I don't go back and forth with people and Twitter back and forth I don't I don't comment on things I don't know anything I said I talked so fucking much as it is doing this I'm like I said enough I don't know if you don't know how I feel about things Jesus Christ if you listen to this goddamn podcast that's me all right I don't need to comment on other shed I definitely don't you comment and text form back and forth with a person and try to explain myself or not there's no benefit in it I used to when I was doing stand-up in the clubs and people might shout out fuck all of you also you know from the front and I know you're drunk you're an idiot what am I don't care and I would not think that person really knows what they're talking about so I wouldn't go into a thing I would try and Destroy them with you know you know put you know my stuff yeah but that's what's happening online if she was coming here

► 01:20:54

and I used to not worry about it before and suddenly I was worried about I don't know actually I'm I'm not worried about that it's it just literally like thousands and millions of hecklers yeah that's really what it is it's a heckling thing somebody I came up the last one I did was something I said something and someone says hey Eddie is a fuck you and I wrote back no fuck you very witty response that's like five year olds as they say yeah you're a loser just yes exactly yeah you he was the loser and connect so stupid you never really feel good about it even if you get a real good Zinger on somebody just like what am I doing with my life yeah there was yeah my dad's bigger than you would that that your yeah that's what's going on and my dad wasn't terribly tall so I could never used a lot but what did it matter it has been yeah and and does that really work for him now he keeps bumping into stowaways when he goes it's Much Too Tall my death and so

► 01:21:54

you guys are dealing with brexit right yeah we've got a house that change the climate of England well it's made its made of a toxic very kind of like what's happening over here you know it's all gone polarized like with the build the wall stuff and yeah and it's one side the other there's no one in the middle and a way if if you look at secession and American Civil War that was bound to happen sometime if you could make the Constitution and 17 1787 that was my seventh and I think once you European Union no one's ever tried from countries that have hundreds of years of History choose to try and learn to live together work together some shape or form this tricky thing we're trying to do it's the hardest thing for literally there's ever been done in the history of the world and I think that's because I'm saying the American model with Native American lands and rolling Over Manifest Destiny is a different

► 01:22:52

model is a different way of things happen different times well yeah different time and Native Americans didn't have this idea of oh we mark this off and we've registered this lamb so the idea that people learning to work together is It's tricky at some point someone was going to say I think we'd like to change this or we like to move out so this fight was bound to happen and so it's very toxic it's

► 01:23:21

I'm not getting to in right at the center it because you could just you know probably like you have on your news broadcast you can listen to people talking hours and hours and hours are all what do you think about what do you think of it and it doesn't seem to get any way right so I've worked out what my worldview is this worldview that everyone's got have a fair chance in life I know that automation is happening right now so there's going to be a whole load of people who won't be able to get jobs because the unskilled labor force could their jobs going to get automated that's going to get tricky so the universal wage is probably going to have to come in the idea Universal basic income yeah that's the basic in which everyone's gonna have to get this not going to be a negative thing it's got to be something okay then you can go off and you can retrain or you could live your life and and then there's artificial intelligence parity by 2050 next 30 Years and that's what is that mean we can't even work out what that means I think it's going to get harder for it gets easier and so I'm going to just

► 01:24:21

always through the long game I always do the long game so you know I came out and back in 85 and I just thought well hopefully it'll get better over time and now this world up in 2019 and it's definitely better than that was but you can go backwards forwards backwards but I just I'm going to try and shoot for that and the everyone have a fair chance in life and as to brexit where that goes with me you know positive negative you know I'm against it so I was just going to find that I don't need to think about whether I'm against it I just know that I want the younger people are coming online to vote now they're old enough to vote and they 78 percent of them want to be part of Europe and the older people who are passing away probably 78% of them wanted to be it out of you so it's a fear thing like yeah immigration fear of well is the thing you gotta be have to be brave and curious rather than fearful and suspicious and these are the two ways I think people can go if we're brave enough we can be curious and say Hi how are you where are you from and what do you do can we learn from you can you learn from us I think that is the way for

► 01:25:21

Manatee to go forward or you could be fearful and suspicious of what hang on they'll back off outside don't I don't wanna talk to you I don't want to know about you and that's the fearful and suspicious way and I think we have to be brave and curious otherwise we're not going to make it so for us in America what you're essentially dealing with a bunch of different countries that speak a bunch of different languages whereas we're dealing with a bunch of different states that speak the same language but it's kind of doesn't make any difference yeah it's interesting so I thought if everyone could get the Hank is English has become a lingua Franca for the world hasn't made much difference and at America shows you could be completely at loggerheads whether you're saying the same words or not I think if you're not saying the same words it's easier for people say who are these people we hate them but girls can't understand a single word they're saying that's easier but yeah it's an easier way to be xenophobic / racist on it and I've always said the xenophobe is just a racist with a xylophone which I got to use the word of political situation but

► 01:26:21

it doesn't seem to make the big difference in the end we have enough ways of translating and stuff and you and and most people in most countries now can reach for English if they need to you know like some people I think Putin will always speak in Russian any any leader of a country will probably use their own language first of talk to their own country people first and then they might throw in something in English or in an interview so but we can always tent we can work out from Vibe you know where most people are standing coming in so well I think that we're probably pretty close to some form of viable translation technology like you know Google had these Google earbuds yeah the way you can do on the Google app yeah even the earbuds if you go to Google Translate and you get the microphone on that you can just say hello good afternoon with it and you can if it's on the French button will come out in friend so you should I haven't done it in the field I would like to get out somewhere out in the stereo and actually I should test that I'll make better the Googled earbuds I

► 01:27:21

the idea is that like if you were talking to me in French it would translate it instantaneously to English you know it's probably a beta version of it now or like a clunky version of it but ultimately we're going to have something that allows you to do that there's also Google Lens you could I use that when I was traveling or you could take the the camera and you look at it and they translates yeah I've got one languages into that song Google Translate iets in so the Google translate verbal one at the moment does line by line so you have to say a line yeah Shiva line yeah I mean just think about what technologies existed 20 years ago and how more much more advanced they are now and then add that to translation that exponential increase it's probably going to we're probably going to lose a lot of these barriers of misunderstanding it is interesting I do think we have created some amazing positive things going forward and we tend to bank them and then we don't get a hit off wow we've got that now yeah like we can make coffee quite easily with the grinding of coffee beans in so but then we just

► 01:28:21

okay and then we'll find something else to piss us off right so trying to keep ourselves happy because when were happy enough and they usually economics when people are happy enough there's less racism less immigration problems less everything's less yeah whatever one's runs out of money to get pissed off I'm totally understandably but we need to make the economy of the world work and then it would be an easier place but what how do we do that how do you make the economy the world work yeah no yes that's an easy line to say and it's very difficult to work it out but I do think as you gradually learn to live together work together as we gradually come together I mean it's like in the European Union saying America if certain parts of America or Europe in unit I having a tough time then money goes to this place is having a tough time to try and get them back on their feet so that they can come back in and start making enough money to be able to help other parts and that's that's the idea and that's a logically a model that should be able to work in the world

► 01:29:17

as we as we head towards it because you know we know that Wars are terribly expensive in a lot of people died there doesn't seem to get anywhere it surely we should have learned this as we go back so conquer Wars of Conquest I don't think they had going to happen anymore quite like the you know the idea we're going to invade this thing like the old Empire stuff yeah which I think that Nancy's did the last version of that for our Wars of conquest and now being replaced by Wars of defense was of defense or Wars that are hidden behind things you know under some other auspice intense yes you know we need to we've come in to defend these people they didn't need the fence oh yeah what was Grenadier of are not and still don't know what good Reagan was doing grenadiers if we failed attempts to control natural resources yeah well I think that's what a lot of these are ya and you know and then it's economic Wars as opposed to and then stopping terrorism in his tracks and trying to keep these radical terrorists from taking over certain countries and strongholds but we really haven't

► 01:30:17

good job of that this is political will you need to do that and people that countries understandably don't like people dying abroad and then you know was a defense do they wonder whether that's going to happen in that you know this is the goal right to defend the idea that the countries that are better setup should be able to go in I should be willing to go in and defend people having a really tough time and try to get the politics to work on that you know if someone is managing this year when Hitler was menacing within his own country no one did anything like when Stalin was menacing in his own country they want you talking about 30 million dive understanding but no one went in there was it hey we got a whistle blowing time to go in and help you just we didn't go in well we don't even go in for North Korea I mean we're in this weird position with North Korea we we have this military dictator who's clearly oppressing his entire nation and this was strange to see and to

► 01:31:17

thousand nineteen the limited internet I mean they have like an intranet they have like their own version of the internet where they have a few websites that you could visit yeah I've got everybody locked down and extreme poverty extreme hunger like the ones that have escaped from North Korea I mean if they've had these soldiers in their malnourished they have parasites it's it's an awful awful condition is that we right now if you see when North Korea does military Maneuvers it looks like the Nazis and you thought well that Nazi thing well you know I don't like that she's at all but how did they get all these people doing these are all the North Korea could do it will hang on this is just a thing if you spend all your time just marching up and down

► 01:31:56

you can make that happen and Leni Riefenstahl can go and film it and with low angles and make it look dramatic make you look Fierce mm-hmm yeah that's what we're better off globally than we were during World War II right the world is better off the world is better off in the western world is more Progressive and more open-minded since you came out in 1985 versus in 2019 where we're sitting here today yeah so different worlds definitely varmint I bet that's why I'm a glasses 2/3 full I do think we are in a better place there is more tolerance but it does go you know few steps forward one step back and then I'm always you're always going to have Charlottesville Nazi rallies your was gonna have like weird pockets of racism and weird thing where you like I can't fucking believe this is still happy yeah but you're going to have a little setbacks I don't know it was something like in Germany something like 10,000 people were wanting to vote for the not supply the old maybe it's more but you know that's it country of 80 million so let's get the perspectives right

► 01:32:56

are certain things happening there on television you go whoa that's obviously why they do them right to create an outrage get on television and you go wow that's it's all over it's happening everywhere oh well no it's another this small place

► 01:33:09

yeah I mean sometimes well the beautiful things that human beings can do it is stunning we you know you can we have so many stories of just amazing things that humans do and then you put the horrible things that we can do that goes on forever yeah if there was a God I don't believe in a God but if you did come down to what if you guys do who are these bastards and you guys well done you guys with who are these better well I don't know well the voice of the Lord works in mysterious ways so like the world I doubt that's fucking mysterious yeah maybe it's evidence there correct I think what we'll to was a test for God because 60 million people died and at some point we think okay how many people need to die before you come and blow whistles whoa what's the guy with Moustache doing that's gonna get him off the board flip him off the board that was my test for God and he didn't come so I think it's up to us kids well he didn't come when we what they did the Nazis did was obviously horrific but what we did when we drop nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that's pretty fucking horrific as well no intervention whatsoever from the big guy no now he

► 01:34:08

coming I mean you didn't catch the bomb and midair going Hank there's kids down there there's women down there is disease are not soldiers exist City I need to say this and I know I'm not taking the from the the Japanese I thought the Nazis were fanatics but the Japanese that time took it even more fanatical you know when the last Germany Soldier surrendered you know what year that was like 1980 or something 75 I think it is I think at this point you can Google he was on and I mean that I mean how fanatical do you need to be committed still 1975 and 7475 says yeah okay I give up they have an amazing Warrior culture me thing we were talking about martial arts giant percentage including Judo and Jujitsu of martial arts it came from this one Island I mean they perfected so many different martial arts and it's more the Japanese than any other country yeah well being they I think the ties did it best I think the ties develop the best striking style and then the

► 01:35:08

open he's developed the best grappling style but the Japanese are known as more warlike the tires you never hear the tie or did they used to it the ties figured out the best way to gamble on fights they figured out the best most brutal style of fight and that is they Incorporated a lot of things that other people didn't with including like leg kicks and knees and elbows and and they fought really often like they would have these like to this day they have lumpini stadium and all these different stadiums in Bangkok they have these Stadium Champions and the have matches on a consistent basis and so these people are fighting from the time they're really really young like they're taking like six and seven-year-old boys and they're in girls as well they're sending them off to these Thai camps and teaching them how to fight and then having them fight you know they have a hundred fights by the time they're 16

► 01:36:00

wow yeah it's with Thailand it's very strange because they're so friendly there's so smiley and friendly yet they they developed probably the most fearsome striking Style on the planet I kind of got there's a transgender think I'm yes well got a lot of that going on they've got saved and in the Venn diagrams of what's going on there that that rustler what is intersecting here so much great food I mean they have so much cool shit beautiful environment it's a weird placement Islands a weird place I love it do they film Apocalypse Now there because I think they did was that Vietnam no no just something I think they did some of it Vietnam now they did nothing nothing it was just like he was too close dates watching yeah was it Thailand

► 01:36:47

I bet it took fucking forever make sense fiends Filipino the notes right it was Marcos yeah mmm because they because Marcos kept saying I want the aircraft back I want the helicopters back so the helicopters are coming then they piss off somewhere isn't funny when a Marco's when you that whole regime went down all we heard about was Imelda Marcos shoes yeah I remember the whole thing the debate was had a bad time there because they were invited to a place that they didn't know about and they all right everybody got me out there that's what they've asked hood that was the way the back of a truck they're holding on a tree the back of a truck going okay we don't get it why are we playing all these places you know that's when they started getting a hold of their we're going to do what we want to do rather than what someone else was yeah so I mean I'm with you in that I am ridiculously optimistic I think II think that I think people I mean I'm I follow Steven pinker's logic of that people will sort of look at the the horrible things that we have today and

► 01:37:47

God this world is terrible there are definitely terrible aspects but this is without doubt the greatest time ever to be alive that we've ever seen at least in recorded human history I would I would agree with that I think communication is a giant part of that it is this is this Global World which we thought was going to be beautiful thing and then because I don't know it's a hellish thing in fact it's got beautiful aspects and somehow Jasper yeah as any invention has you know like the internet hey you can teach someone how to save their life on the internet I you can also teach them how to make a bomb on the internet you know so yeah I think this is always about every next step we get we will have some positives then we'll hit the hold of negatives yeah and then we'll go back to small positive so yeah I've got to be optimistic yeah well I'm an optimistic person died otherwise it's just wouldn't be here but this military aspect that I mention I'm flipping back to that but yeah I do try and think I need to do this I think that's a good thing to do not only do that for ten nine years I've been saying I'm going to politics I'm going next year but it might not be a general election I

► 01:38:47

and plan ahead because I can't I can't if i randomized it I just float because a lot of people do how this happened and then that happened and I was and that could be a wonderful life but I have my River analogy if you're canoeing down a river if you go at the same speed as the river it could throw you onto rocks it could give you a wonderful ride it could be anything but it's up to the river where as I pedal like crazy sometimes I backpedal like crazy I have actively backpedal against things and sometimes usually I'm pedaling faster than the speed of the river to try and guide myself to you see that whenever do these canoeing well anyone driving a boat through for a river and when I look at human interactions objectively part of me has to consider that there's a possibility that we need all this negative in order to reinforce the positive that there is some component of human life that desires or

► 01:39:43

or relies upon negative things to reinforce positive things that this yin and yang that we exist under that this this that week we see the horrors of war and horrific poverty and all these terrible things in the horrible violence we see this and it actually serves to reinforce our desire for positive things and reinforce and push our society in a more positive direction I mean I almost think that this is when we see National tragedies and shootings and all these different terrible terrible things there's there's all this fear and anger and frustration but there's also action and the action might be might think there's a lack of action by politicians are lack of action by the police or a lack of action by you know whoever we think should be responsible for mitigating these horrible situations that happen but publicly the social fabric of the world the way people communicate and interact I think it reinforces our desire

► 01:40:43

to not have that happen it reinforces our understanding of peace and our love of peace and I think that these these bad things that we see in our world there almost Propel us towards a better world because human beings are constantly striving for improvement and Innovation this is one of the things that we do we want things to be better and bigger and faster and stronger and we want our society to be better at all times we never say this is good let's keep it just the way it is we never we never say that so my thought is that even this even what we're experiencing in this country we like the it seems at times we're almost like on the brink of civil war between the right and the left and people lying on both sides and conflating people's opinions and changing people's perspectives in order to suit their own narrative that I think that this ultimately all this angst and you see it from the outside and you look at it oh what the fuck are we doing I think it's a natural part of the way human beings figure out life

► 01:41:43

I just saw a responder sure yeah I

► 01:41:49

I think I think almost the same as you I would out to get slightly differently I noticed that Humanity only sometimes gets going and does things when it's right up against the wall hmm you know somebody that needs this these things to go on if you took a World War Two so now we went right to the wire on that and then suddenly we came back and maybe not even it wasn't even the political will on that it was just asking if the Japanese hadn't bombed Pearl Harbor we wouldn't you guys we would have had you guys in us with us for a day or two yeah sure all that over the the forces and the the money and they aren't in the tanks and the Sherman's coming in you know we needed that coming in and without the Russian people we wouldn't have won World War II and that was and they were in this agreement so I can't quite work out Humanity I do think positive I do think of the negatives you can appreciate the positives my do think one thing on on the brexit Breck's hate thing that's been going on as a lot of young people coming on saying well so we're going to lose all this stuff the ability we could travel to Europe without

► 01:42:49

he says we can work there we could retire there we can get a health care they're all across Europe and that's something we cut off and we are roaming charges going to go out with that all that people are valuing what what they they could lose a lot more so yeah the yin and yang the you can I think I think it's going to go on this way and also some people once we get to a good place I've noticed that a lot of people would say okay I'm not going to be politically active anymore I'm just going to carry on doing my life and getting other people can sort things that I've noticed in people will get activated to get to a result may be an election result or something or referendum or whatever it is and then they'll they will just back off they get frustrated they go for it or they just think well that's done that's bagged and part in a positive way maybe and to say but now I'm not even going to pay attention to what's going on but things will start rolling backwards so I think we're going to keep having it like that may be the purpose but the percentage of positive things to negative things is never changed over all the years over the last 10,000 years

► 01:43:49

just as more people in the world doing more positive things and doing more negative things maybe Humanity hasn't changed right brain sizes haven't changed even back to the caveman days you know even back the last hundred thousand years the size of our brains is not moved so we if you went back to seventh 70,000 years ago we would still be able to have conversations like this even though we wouldn't have the radius and the things we would be more on our tribe I think our tribe is better than you're trying to actually Steve I don't know if our tribe is better than that tribe I just think numbers are similar and some good people that drive on the some shit as in that time we need to maybe trade with them or we can go to war with him but then we could die lot of and Shirley could die and Kenny and Roger at number 22 you know because those conversations are happening in the slightly different way I think all the way back and it went all just going me food you'll nice good three fight you it wasn't that it was maybe you know millions of years ago but not 700,000 years ago and we only started speaking I'm the first years ago so what we've developed since then I'm fascinated by us as human beings because

► 01:44:49

we were just another animal and now we are

► 01:44:54

we are kind of amazing animal we've invented beautiful we landed on the bloody moon you guys landed on the moon which I as a child thought that we landed on the moon but in fact you go further than me but they Apollo 11 they kept it quite open I think Michael Collins In The Command Module said this is for the world and there was just kind of feeling and Neil Armstrong it is it's a nice yeah I'll I grabbed hold of it as a kid I was growing up you know but young of me it's a pretty weird thing to think that we went from not being able to talk to space travel in a hundred thousand years yeah I mean that's what they think right they think that people didn't have real language hundred Fox P2 genetic I think it's about a hundred thousand years ago that's when it came to the first words we said was let's go to the moon in a hundred thousand what's your name of Jack Kennedy okay Jack good idea was put on the back burner for a moment what do you think happened that turned us into this do you ever stop and think about well I don't think it's a black upstairs floating in the clouds because they used to live in the clouds and then we flew through the clouds and no one ever mentioned hey he's not in the clouds so I

► 01:45:54

it's a randomizer that you know I think these random like dinosaurs hundred and sixty-five million years of those bastards right and all they did was eat kill eat killed poo and and have sex that's all they did those four things four hundred sixty-five million years we've had three hundred years since the enlightenment of Human Rights and democracy and stuff like that if we say the great Greeks did a great thing but really it's last for only do they have a hundred sixty-five million years of that but why did they come along when we had all these creatures in the sea and suddenly huge ones something happened something twisted

► 01:46:28

randomizing things it's week I don't maybe we'll never know but it has happened and I just don't think a bloke did it upstairs with a big beard said now is the time that you speak and now you make Handbags and now fight was with the mg42 and now now you know it I just I just think it happened and we need to roll with it and try and make humans work on this planet because then we're going to be get a mile soon and you can just say it the future if we got it goin on Mars at some point margin because there we want to vote we've got our own Martian government you sure you earthlings you know they're going to treat us the same way yeah can Street the British yeah and then the marshals come back and attack us the marsh is a good you could just see that in some sort of you know how did you are aligned or yeah definitely happy no I'm not

► 01:47:20

so I despair about humanity and I am I and I celebrate Humanity I do this thing actually which I think is I'm going to say this is not because I'm obviously I'm doing a tour at the moment here in the US but I'm going to come out of this u.s. to on the 75th anniversary of D-Day and I fly to court in Normandy you doing a stand-up tour yeah doing a test up to the whole of America are you doing any dates in La yeah I'm at the Dolby Theater from the 26th to 29th of June okay the W it was the codec which I want to come out that's yeah if I'm 26 I'll look at it later well we'll make sure the wine yeah yeah it's all on Eddies are not common and but I go to I go to Normandy 75th anniversary of D-Day and I do and they fought the Battle of Normandy in German of your website and then French and English on the other side and so I do three shows in germ fish out 50 minutes in German and then I do 50 minutes in in English than 50 minutes and French and then we have a buffet and everyone hangs out and we

► 01:48:20

meet everyone and we all the German speakers the French in English speakers yeah that I'd heard that you're doing that that is incredible that you're doing stand-up in multiple languages yeah that's how long did it take you to learn that well I did school I did French school for eight years I did Germans for two years so it's pretty was partly a sort of low level political thing I just thought if I'm an English guy going to France doing in French then maybe a French kid go well I'm going to do it in English right and now the germs doing is the Russians are doing English the Spanish everyone's going English because you can do a Hollywood career potentially or be on television in English you can also Tour the World in English now you can use it as a bridging language we were talking about Google translate I know French kids French kid my friend yes seen Bellows has performed in the Helsinki in Finland and finish kids have been watching in the second language they've been watching in English and listening in English and he's been performing a french guy performing in English oh they met and laughed in a second language which I think is amazing

► 01:49:20

but now you can tour the world that way hmm so this is exactly what I did so I'm going to go to Normandy and it's a commemoration of the battle happen and 75 years again it's a celebration that now we don't go to war in those three languages anymore and you have different 50 minutes for French different 50 Min exactly the same ideas but the words are all obviously either German French I'll give you an example I had I said Caesar I told about Julius Caesar us it's easier to the everything that one day he would end up as a salad was he always wore like guys he's now so and a French says that Escalade Jamie imagine a 31-day imagine corragio Infineon salad one day he would finish up as a salad in German says I had a Jaeger DAC did he ever think that's are iron Mallet he one time as Zealot and inverter as salad salad end up would have so you got the verb right at the air but they still laugh at the same place but maybe about half

► 01:50:20

and later Split Second later as salad salad end up would help so you have to really have a deep understanding of how to structure the sentences it's just practice really you know anything in life you could do if you were taken out of here you speak you didn't speak any language anything so if they took you and and suddenly for some reason you were had to be in any other Cat Island say so somebody dropped a big block of heroin into your thing just as a test as a social experiment and they filmed this all and you say Hayes he's smuggling sir so you have to go to Thai prison this is going to extreme example anyone and then you'd be learning within one month you'd have basic sentences going anyone who goes to prison is gonna have sure whether you know I if you work in a restaurant you're wet anyway you work with no one's giving you any English coming in you just have to pick up the words and our survival instincts would pick them out and then you might have a strong accent but you did we you me everyone we can yeah so I just again use the Arctic I can set up this artificial scenario of I

► 01:51:20

to do this so I had to learn French so I started before I this show this Wunderbar ja was a German title meaning wonderful and I started it in French so I jumped I say improvised to work I don't write anything I just go and go Hey Jake is what's going on a Chicken's chickens chicken with a gun dangerous you don't write your act no I just improvised it and really I'm over I sort of Workshop it endlessly until it gets it as and then you memorize it well I know it because I said it last time correct so in French I'm just going leepu lately pull it on Dodger no and Pull It Donald Trump still mm mm shows and compare things you record and listen to every word every show and never listen to them haha you record on your phone or do you know also have a professor set up so we sometimes not with the laughter mixed in I've just been listening back to the German shows in Berlin and the laughter is very low in the mix so I'm saying this jokes okay is anyone laughing that we also just from the microphone yeah there's a feed there but they had another one but they had it mix low but yeah you need to have a second microphone on the

► 01:52:20

is and just bring that mix up right well maybe bring it right out so yeah incredibly funny but I just found doing it another language it's a positive thing it sends out a nice message it's Hands Across the Water can we learn from you can you learn from us and the comedy is I do is sort of python ask Monty Python type surreal comedy and so I just need to find that audience in France that already is in Germany that audience in Thailand over there you know I've played Catman do I'm a kid from Kathmandu in New York on the street she said that you can immediately I said yeah what are you from from Katmandu wow Katmandu if you don't count my do what you doing here well I doing I'm a student but your English is good yeah it's really good yeah well can I do a gig in katmai do you think so yeah I think you do again Kappa dude yeah so I said okay that was in 2010 took me seven years I got the 2017 how was it it was good unfortunately the local I Lester the locals they had these couple of earthquakes which the you know you tend to think how everyone has earthquakes and but no they hadn't had them for a

► 01:53:20

using something that had to ban earthquake so they would get over that so I was mainly Aid workers unfortunately but I wasn't actually liking go back

► 01:53:29

but now it was a nice setup but I played you know went all through and bed in Tokyo and I played in Hong Kong and Shanghai and had all the guys from because you have the people from the Communist Party come along to check you out

► 01:53:45

so I'm not going specifically in on certain things but anyway you know my stuff is all the people from The Comedy what the Communist party you know the Communist Party okay you know go to Shanghai I thought you were mainland China comedy party no so Cummings but yeah sorry just me mangling my word also they come and check you out to make sure you're not violating anything yes you certain areas you're not supposed to go whatever I don't know I just want to do a gig so but but I wasn't like I was going to change I have weird stuff about Gandalf talking to two butterflies and and talking about my ancient Kings like Henry the 8th and and William the Conqueror and stuff so they probably apparently they stayed to stay they normally disappear after a while but anyway so it's it's good to get out and you know you said as you said play the world sees us it to see it travel broadens the mind yeah I don't play very many play I played in Australia and England I've done gigs and Stockholm and Northern Ireland Dublin a curfew other

► 01:54:45

is in Europe but most of the time when I go on vacation I just go on vacation and just go to experience it just to have fun so just to be there so you have you never written your act down no I couldn't I see I used to just sketch comedy like a pot Monty Python thing and I wrote those and then I was doing a Street full of the four years and that's very Unwritten there's no that's very difficult right that's difficult to actually develop material for that so did that for four years so I got into this thing of wild street performing like how so what would you do we were double act initially me and my partner Rob and we did with things like escaping from a woolly jumper he just wrap a woolly jumper and I returned to ask Willy jumper what is that Willie cardigan we would pull over you can't pull over okay yeah I guess sweater yes whether yeah so instead of a straight jacket he said we take this fully sweat because take a sweater just ridiculous oh yeah ridiculous and making a bowl of conflicts disappear

► 01:55:45

because it yeah either so at its best they go this is insane these guys are crazy and they plowed when they give us five pins and when it was the worst ago these people are insane this is awful I've been walking then we did sword fighting that was good because I've directed Three Musketeers University and so we were doing showing you how to kill someone when drunk when thing when you do you know all these different moves so that was quite fun that I went solo and I was doing eschatology from chains and ropes and then from a 5-foot unicycle from a pair of manacles eschatology meaning escapology s General real thing is that what apology goes really call it that yeah what do you call it I think is a name for it never even heard of that I think it Google will tell us there is an escape artists I know there's escape artist eschatology does it exist who's the money

► 01:56:32

his word there's a thing called escapology live escape games World Escape rooms and there's a bunch of them I don't know if it's the same thing as escape room no those are escape room yeah yeah well skip ology should be a Wiccan art form it sounds like it's not really obvious a craft well no Houdini yeah was an artist of that I was a I was a jobbing crafting person is what practicing psychiatrist escaping from restraint hey yeah yeah hey yeah steel boxes barrels bags things so I was escaping from ropes and chains and do you made a conscious decision to do this like on the street like this is how you're developing yeah that was developing because I couldn't get my sketch comedy thing wasn't going on there's a thing called the Edinburgh Festival we have Scotland yeah you know so I did 12 of those in the ants right before I took off so I did three doing sketch and then about four doing street but on the street you have this Freedom we know the freedom when things are working a bit and and it's really kind of feral no one's checking you up no one knows what you're doing you just

► 01:57:32

the street right so I was useless at this and then I developed a confidence a gap confidence you know that the stomach's really important probably isn't fighting as well there's something that comes out of the there's a confidence Center in the stomach well yeah there's something about stomach you look into it with fighting against neurons right it's like there's something everything joins their the something to do with it anyway I felt I developed this confidence on my own to go and stand on if you ever seen her the film my fair lady or seen the film of Eliza Doolittle that is set on Covent Garden it's a massive Piazza massive Square Washington Square Park in New York was the quit another Street for in place so it's a big open place and I could stand out there on my own and talk to no one and build up an audience I would set out these tea cozies which a little animal tea cozies ducks and hamsters and that with weird things things that just look like animals and put them on the floor people thought this guy's crazy and then I'd start talking and we literally no one there sometimes and I'd say good afternoon

► 01:58:32

going to do a show Welcome to the invisible audience very nice to have you here and I had this confidence if I just kept talking with like you know in your podcast here you know you keep talking like you and go on yeah because I had some visible people here as well this is Dan's Jack and canyons go and I would just go on and on until I built up that 20 people then I could start the show then we get into it and if you're doing an eschatology show in the end you're going to get out you've worked out how to get out and so there will be a definite end and then you can say now don't go please can you give me some money so that's how I earn my living but it did that's the ninja training of Performing because I learned to perform when people didn't even want to see me right out was no me they've cut leave come into a room and Lisa okay who is this guy I don't know but we're in the room so let's drink a beer and watch but if they're on the street they don't have to watch they could just walk off and they often did

► 01:59:21

so it was a tough I have lost all my confidence on the street in fact in fact I there's a thing Army does this you know break you down build you back at the Marines like you then build you back out they also in drama school they break it down build you about this kind of idea I accidentally broke myself down and build myself back up on the Streets of London so wow it's kind of beautiful that's why I was creatively born this new version that had this thing okay we're going to talk about chickens how many chickens it take to change a light bulb well quite a lot really because you know they can't and unless I had a friend with maybe a dog could help them weather could rig up something you know I just waffle all right stuff and if it didn't hit a punchline I didn't care I just carried on just kept going and then the confidence things to get you through he just talks for hours so if you release a special and you've released comedy specials before yeah how do you develop new material once that specials been released I will do work in progress shows so which I took from Lily

► 02:00:21

Hamlin Who deliver working pressures and then she did have show on Broadway I think and I thought because I used to do the old to I like to torture her to Until the End we'd film it and that begin the next to with the old tour and just keep improvising in the show because I don't even provides on stage and I would build up by the end of the next tool be a different show but that didn't see the work for people cause they said we want a completely new show so now I do this WIP shows work in progress shows and I will go on stage and muck about just talking about chickens or banjos or how do you have a structure when you start like say if it's the day after your specials done and now you have to work on a whole new special you doing a work in progress show first do you how do you develop your mind that with my life I did it once I just said okay let's go through my life and so when I was so you may not know this but I really you know went to I was living in Northern Ireland oh I bought in Yemen I would go through so I've done this where I went trolled through my life mmm I need some sort of structure otherwise I'm stuck I also found that one side recorded the show like I'd lost

► 02:01:21

to force majeure I took over five years because I just found there were no rules on touring I could just keep going back and I did 45 countries so I can just keep on going right and and I found there are certain things I developed after we recorded it that were interesting and worth keeping so I said okay well that's not any old show I'm going to pull that and start off the new show with that little bit which is that little piece of material which is fun about and I was training on America than dog dogs were whooping at me you know I ramparts of house word dog was laughing at me and this is in the show now and I suddenly thought for the first time ever because dogs have worked at people all that yes it's beginning of time I thought what is the dog actually trying to say if the dog had Fox P2 injected into him so he could suddenly talk what would he say to me what is that waffle for what does that mean and so it goes into he's basically saying assassins he shared his assassins out here I know I'm a dog it's my job get a gun it's all dog

► 02:02:21

a very sure you've never heard an uninsured job directing your life when they're barking they're sure they are absolutely sure that it's assassin it's not the postman it's not this guy with a hamster outside assassins are here alarm alarm danger Will Robinson why have you never written anything down well I found initially I started running right stand up but I would go and I was trying to type it all right it so if you go into a super I'm very sorry I'm just like sick so I'm slowing supermarket and there there it I just thought I couldn't I couldn't write I seem to be faster if I was just had living it so you got a supermarket this guy there and you know and it's always fruit you go in and it's fruit the fruit fruit fruit fruit fruit and I found that if I just did it by finding it with the words and there's fruit and some for and you supposed to squeeze it aren't you and so I just think all the things I could think about fruit so why is it fruit there why not toilet paper never going to supermarket and toilet paper there because

► 02:03:21

say well that's a poo shop you know you have to go and it's a fresh shop we've got fresh fruit here so we're very fresh okay that's why the fruits right at the front and you got to squeeze it but how much do you squeeze it and how do you know it's at the right pressure to squeeze it and what if it explodes and so I would just keep chatting every didn't work you just move on and that's how I developed this very conversational style that I have which people say it's supposed to be improvisation it's that is it's just I am I'm always ready to improvise any point some people if you write a thing you say well that is how that piece goes and it's locked in but if you improvise a thing I've noticed I came up with this thing of molten material when you first create a new idea that's it it's working it's very open and live like Quicksilver like Mercury and then you can add another bit and another bit another bit and you can have a bit once you've got it into a shape then it becomes locked down and becomes like a prayer and you can lose the joy of it it becomes a recitation and I thought so don't ever have it locked down keep it open keep it

► 02:04:21

always loose so that every time you say you're saying a bit differently and that's the style of developed and so I can improvise at any point in the show I could just stop it and go what our walls why have we got walls walls other people don't you know most animals in the world don't have walls but we've got wasn't that good house you know it's raining they don't have balls but they're okay should we have what you know I just move about wars and okay don't talk about walls alive ever again so if I don't get anything out of it I get jokes on the way out I get lost on the way out so if I if I don't get in the way and so that's the technique I've developed now when you say dyslexic so if you read something what do you see I read it I see it but I get word blindness word blindness I just see other words long words I couldn't wrap the my license took me ages to say let alone to spell now I just find it I I sub vocalize so in my head I'm going and goes down yeah

► 02:05:21

you doing here I was almost say that and you know when your kids they actually read it out loud and I'm not reading out loud but I'm saying in my head and other people that they can do a page you know they do this speed reading and they just shouldn't shouldn't and they could just take it whole pages and it's stunning I can't I don't understand that either that's that's tricky so my spelling was cat with a K ceiling with an S biological spelling mmm my writing is all over the place bigger letters smaller letters bigger letters and they tested me and they said I'm severely a to a typically dyslexic so I have a huge mental map memory I can hold a lot of things in a memory in my head so that's just sort of a permanent distinction like you just this is just who you are there's no way to fix that it seemed so I haven't heard of anyone this coming out of Dyslexia and saying now I can read much faster now I can do things I just think you're stuck with that but it's a means you think sideways and I think a lot of creative people are dyslexic hmm I think sideways yeah so you see clouds you see a lion in the cloud

► 02:06:21

you see puffed as a train going through the sky you know it's a creative thing juxtaposing things on your wall you have juxtaposed thing which is they don't lead from one to the other it can be fighting right against it or completely Bonkers or out of it just looking at here in the room you know and and linking things together I think creativity we're trying I was trying to throw ourselves by in comedy by something that's weird and opposite and funny Caesar you should you know I'm going for the salad lying when I said that sees a deal with a good salad and then people seems to make people love the guy a Caesar salad and this guy was murdered Millie wrote it a million gaulish people you know and he ends up as a salad is not a cognac Napoleon gets a cognac or brandy but he's a salad what's that so yeah this is my dyslexic traits but I think you get dealt these cards when you're born whatever genetic cars they are and the

► 02:07:21

the art of life is to play your cards as well as you can in the art of Comedy is to relay your life in a humorous way very much and that's your own unique fingerprint yeah as you know if we all have experienced a while it seemed like another comedian will talk about your own life and your own perspective it's got to be different to the next person that's because no two people are the same is that what you enjoy the most the standard yeah no dramatic films I probably enjoy the most because I want to do that when I was a kid I discovered that films which existed I broke into Pinewood Studios one of our big studios when I was 15 broken yeah look like yeah illegally yeah got an idea well I was watching a film Battle of Britain and at the end it says filmed on location in Spain and England at Pinewood Studios Iver Heath bucks and I was 70s and they remember we didn't have videos we couldn't freeze things out you have to scribble things I was scribbling down stuff off the end of films and I said by mysterious have his butt okay where were we

► 02:08:21

he's what is that but so bucks okay bucks a shot for buckinghamshire and to play Iver Heath must be a town it's a weird name turn City Village them through a village or a town so I got a map of the United Kingdom which had alphabetically every town and Village and city they're going listed alphabetically and I went all the way down and I found either he's but okay that's where it is so I took a train for my the south coast of England up to London tube train underground train that to place collapsed bridge and a bus to this this roundabout and I got off they said Pinewood Studios didn't they said it's about half a mile down that road so I marched down the road and I got to the big gabled entrance where all the big stars would come in and I went up and I haven't got this bit worked out so I went up and I said I'm going to I'm going to be in films I'm going can I come in please it's what I'm gonna I'm going to make my God I want to be an actor can I come in let's just piss off cute now that it's just what I need just told me to piss off and I felt

► 02:09:21

no I've come miles this is a big so I thought there must be another way in so I went up and there was another entrance that was near it but it wasn't the main star entrance it was just the kind of more Lori engines the track entrance the bringing stuff in and I saw people going in and out there was a drawbridge a bit like a Where Eagles Dare the film with you anyway someone on the gate and some people was showing them passes and stuff and other people just walking in so I thought okay you've gotta have the confidence to walk in so I did the 16 15 16 year-old confidence I just marched in and and something I was through and I was in I was in the Bible says so then in a spill were broken the universal I broke into into thing he got a career going pretty immediately I didn't get nothing go well you're 59 oh he's well as you expect was gonna happen what was your anticipation where anticipation was as I've said in the piece of stomach but because I had to walk with a certain speed if you're moving the certain speed I thought no one's going to stop

► 02:10:21

so you can't creep around looking what's this because this is what are you doing here you know I just saw in fact it's kind of loose inside Studios no one really knows what everyone else is doing so you can actually creep around a bit but I wove round at certain speed and I should of March I was marching down streets and uh piles and past Studios and and I was hoping some of the hey you kid yeah we you your marching around yeah we're doing the film called the marching around kids leave kid has just exploded can you continue my I could March around can you say words I could string a few words together or I'll agree leave I marched out of those baby we're done here I watched around for two hours and I marched that I have since filled twice or three times in Pinewood know and I'm going to I want to do and where every time I go back and I'm actually filming their guy I broke in here yeah this is what I just walk at very slow speeds down streets knowing that anyone can stop me and I'll go I'm just

► 02:11:21

around the country it's yeah it's um so I love films and I just finished my first film Six Minutes to Midnight that I've co-written and produced in and what is it it's set in just for beauty of World War II the what I grew up this little Seaside town like Medicare Seaside towns well as well for the old days when people used to go to Seaside towns before they were went to the hot countries and it's called Excellency is near Hastings Brighton South Coast ripping and they were 26 schools that for some reason 26 schools it was linked out there was an old Delaware that it set the place up any one of these things new and one of them had young girls German girls who were linked to the Nazi High command and they were over to learn English and make friends and be ambassadors and because there was obviously fascism in Germany and there were fascism Britain and they were making friends and and that was the idea that was going to be hit had this idea of linking up with British and

► 02:12:21

taking everyone Island which some people will in written or forwards and obviously a lot of us were against and so it's set around this girls school and I was showing the badge the Blazer badge all the girls had a blazer blue blazer and had a badge and it had the name of the school or gust of Victoria College Excellency and at the top it has a British flag and then the Nazi swastika next to it and I thought holy cow just never seen those two flags right next to each other the same bad so I thought there's a film in that so we've made a film wow Judi dench's in that Jim Broadbent both Oscar winners and myself what would that be released rolling it out from the end of this year from Full as you call it Autumn for this is so your love of acting and creating films that's that's your primary even trying to stand up I do love stand-up and I could do something whenever I wanted that Trump is still word I know isn't it weird yeah so it's a weird that must he must

► 02:13:21

I love that that word exists that Trump actually means to one-up and better I'm not even gonna go there crazy right yeah it also means making tricks you Trump things and you can make tricks oh really yeah I didn't know that we have tricks and cards and you see how many tricks have you got that's tricky dick Nixon so that's a another person who did one or two lies and truths yeah down his yeah he was also a bad guy so anyway yes it's I love I do love set up it was never planned to be standardized going to be a sketch comedian comedy well I was going to be an actor and I thought I can't do in my teenage years I had no sexual self confidence the transgender thing didn't play a part in it I just I was playing football the socket up till 13 so I was going to hey I'm a Runabout guy I'm kind of fast Athletics whatever then I go to a school I'm nothing and there's no girls here and I can't do this in the world body's changing all that and I just lost all my confidence and I just thought I can't but I was quite small so it's cool it was all about tall kids you play the renowned

► 02:14:21

lead small kids your the slave in the servant so I thought okay forget this I do comment I do the comedy cause I love the comedy right and Monty Python discovered them I thought okay I'll do the darling I love you you're made out of cheese I have my knees on fire with this you know I just make up rubbish and I thought okay that's easier so I did that and it wouldn't take up my career just wouldn't you know left school dropped out of University couldn't get it going and by the time it got going when I was about 30 I thought I'm now going to hold onto this comedy and start doing drum at the same time so I run these parallel things and I'm going to be on Broadway the beginning in the next year who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf at Laurie Metcalf oh wow cutting production so interesting that was a great movie yeah great movie as I said I'm doing who's afraid of Elizabeth Taylor and I'm playing Richard Burton and yeah that's a that's an amazing professional you know performing with Judi Dench in films and Stephen frears film Victorian Abdul some getting great drama rolls now I've pushed a long time

► 02:15:21

that but normally if you do comedy they won't let you draw a few drama you don't redo comedy that's sort of breaking down though right Steve Carell's Steve Carell Jr he has he has moved out if if he does I'm not sure if he's doing the comedy too much anymore but exactly where Steve Carell is gone John Lithgow could also say he was someone who was very short dramatic career but then you did third row for the sandwich beautiful in and he was nominated every year and won two Emmys and not only had six times just fantastic work yeah I was on Newsradio at the same time I was out so we're in the same network right yeah yeah his stuff was his great yeah it's great actor yeah I stunning you know you played them Churchill in the crown with Churchill a darker side of church other people don't know about which I knew it well here's a guy that really has a love of theater a love of Performing when he talks about it you could see like his Goosebumps raised and you just you could see is he gets excited yeah II can absolutely feel that I mean he played such a range of care if he's playing

► 02:16:21

you just think this guy so even when he's playing the character in the in the Third Rock From The Sun It's just so beautiful I watched you can't really for some reason you can't I couldn't download it in Britain but I found a place I could find it so I'm on the second I've watched every single episode and now going through the second time

► 02:16:41

so it's just beautiful stuff so when you're you got into stand-up comedy when you first started doing that what is the scene like in England as it was their comedy clubs where you can go to an open mic night wait how do you hand we were we were copying you guys I think Lenny Bruce set up the more alternative version because if I still think in America it's always stayed kind of Main Street but Lenny Bruce was definitely doing alternative and those you a lot of Lenny I love that guy but yeah you know and I play them on stage and that was a wonderful thing what did you play him in what Lenny you know the film was from a stage play Dustin Hoffman film that was a stage play Dustin Hoffman was fantastic movie he was so close and the guy who plays him in the marvelous mrs. mazal a very good as well I know that's very just because it because I'm watching that I'm thinking okay now I've gone through the clothes myself but I did mine in the 80s and into the 90s and that's in this 50s wow and I sort of take myself

► 02:17:41

and then is Lenny then I think he I know Lenny and and I play the nice to die I got that's me oh yeah that but I was I was doing the stand-up I see that's the photo I did I put that together that was and I call them to Jesus crisis of Comedy because as a Jewish guy he died for us and to give died for us to give us the freedom of speech yeah he died for freedom of speech because they're in the end of a little bit heroin to I know but the mixture together he shouldn't conflating the two yeah he getting a mentor that we could say what we want to do and say yeah the missus mazal things makes it a little it's a little homogenized like him like in even his struggle it's almost like it's no big deal are you in the latest season is yes which is it 3 or 2 is 12 3 hasn't released yet they're filming it right now I've gone through both of them it's really good yeah really it's not accurate like historically its way off the mark there's no woman who's talking like that back then it wasn't there was no

► 02:18:41

mrs. main song now I really liked it and it's interesting she yeah like nor McDonald got mad about it he's like yeah there's no woman like that back then there's a she's there's no it doesn't really cover the fucking show man the Hulk's not really either the old guy who becomes the Hulk no enjoy it I really like no McDonald but I love them yeah I didn't have what the was a she was swearing like a like a soldier on stage very quickly very quickly which that was I found I don't know how she wrapped into that and then she dropped out of it it was that was something was right and then she went to France and I went up so and and did stand-up that someone was translating like that was weird I have done it in French and I don't think I could have got that that I don't know why that that seemed just seem to be slightly sharp but it's not jumping a shot going up yeah swimming around a ship was artistic interpretation they it wasn't realistic but it was still

► 02:19:41

I was as a person who makes a living doing stand-up comedy I was willing to let that suspension of disbelief takes and I like the the sexual relationship is always coming back the husband's always coming back into the frame yeah and his and his fight there because yeah but I did watch a binge watch all that's what I'm doing I just sit down and I just watched everything yeah and then I move on but yeah Lenny how do we get into Lenny which we talk about something else but anyway you know it's great it's great playing Lenny but oh yes I was I was doing the steps and I was just told by director Peter Hall I'll leave the stand up to you so I had no direction on it so I just did it as close as I could to howl any would have done it hmm did you listen to a lot of recordings I did that that it's very difficult for British kids or maybe even math and kids of today to know because he's doing a lot of hipster references lot of the Sophie Tucker references and there's a there's a Lawrence Welk is it that Welch well yeah we don't know those guys so when he was doing

► 02:20:41

the sofa talking to going I could look up so if your dad had to look up the some of the punch lines whatever that number the refugees because you without the references you can't get it this is a trick I do in Universal humor that I'd take either huge references or explain my references so that you know Caesar everyone probably knows about season if they don't well I yeah anyway well it's good is Lenny was it's really hard for people to listen to that comedy today it doesn't necessarily trance it doesn't transfer well you talk about Nixon and you go next next knows this is a vice-president Nixon this yeah Eisenhower's Nixon yeah - thing so he I worked out that only all my stuff is non-debatable is no I don't do any topical stuff I don't do party political stuff so it should not date I do historical stuff because that never dates you know right Caesar is not going to come back that was Jesus changes whole thing is much nicer though he's come back from the dead and he's cleaned up his act so I've tried to do that in Python did this as well you do stuff

► 02:21:41

just doesn't really date most of it doesn't date which is a handy thing so that stuff going to Yacon but I did watch stand-up does and it's also the a sure the culture so significantly different between the late 50s and 60s were Lenny Bruce was sort of starting out and making his Mark versus today it's like the things that were naughty back then the things that he could say that were controversial there was nothing today they're the literally and it's a non controversy whether there's one that still was was when he said how many people using the N word that an s word you know just what to old how many are in there - laughs - how many the way and I did this I used to do that on stage every night and that was still a striking tense yeah yeah but the the sentiment behind it was that these words only have power because they're give them forbidden yeah and if he could use him again again again yeah and for the gay community they taking the word queer they reclaim that yes so it doesn't have the force anymore and that is a truth

► 02:22:41

he spoke he was at that was a true analysis that he did yeah yeah it was we had some still just there was a unfortunately accidentally a friend of mine stole one of his jokes and didn't know that he actually just thought of the same premise and he was the the premise was that homosexuality in some places illegal and what do they do if they catch you well they lock you up in jail with a bunch of men and wanna have sex with you like in that was Lenny Bruce's line like dig homosexuality is illegal right so what do they do they put you in jail with a bunch of men when I have sex with you you know like that was his whole like in like that still would work today like if there was a place where homosexuality was illegal today and you did that joke it's a good joke it's like setup punchline it's all right there yeah I'm Lenny was ahead of it and you know he's early stuff was more mainstream yeah ever believe oh yeah doing weiwei met same as Carlin you listen to Carlin's really stuff now I've heard of had yes I got it was like

► 02:23:41

like just like a typical Jack Paar Tonight Show set it was all like really like down the middle squeaky clean and he wore suits and he was a clean cut your seen Carl in the early days I'd I think I've seen once I've yeah I do know that was wasn't there was a guy in a suit there was a changeable any had a complete change and that thing in the film where he says you never play here and what's the area in Upstate New York catskil Catskills you know by the Guess again what a play the Catskills yeah I remember when I watched it first I thought oh that's a terrible thing to have but now that I know what that was it was certain belt of you know how you gonna believe that that's George Carlin play a little bit of this it's crazy from the Merv Griffin show

► 02:24:29

big hassle we never see how the Indians prepare look at how awful that suit is

► 02:24:40

but is that sort of style you know he had that mean that's what you did back then this is the Merv Griffin show I mean really didn't have any options that's how you perform yeah otherwise they wouldn't let you own yeah that's what you did he want change on a dime did he got arrested a bunch of times you know and he became a marijuana enthusiasts and you know who started it just be the that the times changed yeah and I think you can only sit back and observe for so long before we start commenting on things and then he shifted and he became and I think he was also

► 02:25:21

experiencing prior like prior of course was I think Lenny Bruce was the original yeah but prior was the one who made it insanely personal and he was insanely vulnerable stage and also he had a point to a lot of the things he was doing I mean I think if there's a great I don't think there's a greatest stand-up of all time but if there is it might be prior you know that he just he had this perspective that was just holy individual like holy him to 10 years later at Sweet yeah yeah that's crazy sick the bid really does change it and they're happy yeah I mean he was a look at him he's got like a fucking Steve Jobs outfit on now yeah he became he became a you know a hippie hair got longer yeah yeah yeah now Richard Pride I think Richard Pryor is for me he was excited this I had this base of Monty Python which is what I was going to do

► 02:26:21

and then I had Richard Pryor and Billy Connolly Scottish comedian vertically those two Billy talks to just so relaxed meeting the large groups of people and while Richard was doing it was the acting out of all the characters thing that's the wonderful thing that's what I do what are you gonna do what are we gonna it was a row and the dog says the dog is doses come on in here you go gone in two burglars yeah you coming yeah you shall not leave yeah Dobermans yeah flying these these very different voices and characters and what he could do and that was just that was stunning to me yeah he was something special look at him back in the day to that's that's literally him like on the wall back there the mug shot that's the same era could be that could that mean that night yeah might happen that night there's some fantastic recording set I don't know where they are now but they used to be able to buy them I bought them at a truck stop and they were from red foxes comedy club and they were cassette tapes and

► 02:27:21

was honor I was doing a road gig and I think I found them and I bought a bunch of them and these recordings were they just said set up a tape recorder and he was doing these random sets at red foxes comedy club and it was lot of experimenting a lot of ad-libbing a lot of moves clearly high on stage mean he would get go onstage High a lot and we just ramble about stuff and they would you would see these bits forming and coming out of that and then some of those bits eventually would be on some of his more famous albums late it was great great stuff just to see this guy who is just so if you go if you go from you know your traditional stand-up comedian from 1960 like you were seeing George Carlin on stage to what Pryor was doing in the 70s this is so different so radically radically different he took it to a different place we took you're talking about the scene in Britain with interesting we don't really have much of a film industry we don't have it as quite set up

► 02:28:21

no girls it's huge in America compared to what we are we have a quite a good TV industry so but we took like crazy so there's lots of Tours in their hundreds of these 500 to 2000 to 2005 2006 that goes on like endlessly all the time way more than used to before so there's lots of clubs and they were a lot of them would just run that by the public type clubs so I believe the clubs in America which much more set up there was a bar thing the system people come out and do the drinks and and and it was quite a cash outlay had to get this club going and it would be you know most nights of the week we'd have it one night a week it just be a function room in a pub that existed for maybe hundreds and hundreds of years because all these pubs just be taverns drinking and wasn't used and they sit there with some guy would say hey I'll run a club up here I'll take the door money you take the bar money and that was the deal so a lot of amateurs running at so we had lots of club we have that 60 70

► 02:29:21

clubs in London you could you could zip around that many yeah it was a ridiculous amount and so for me what the Beatles have with with playing in Germany I had with London and we all have with playing in London you could you could do for in the night 5 where for a night quotes quite easily on the Friday and Saturday you just jump in taxis and sit between different like they do in New York yeah yeah but it was just so many clubs oh wow so it was beautiful I think there's less now but it's there's lots of Open Mic nights now and it's so many people wanted to get into it you can create there's no top to the Korea now we playing you know people are playing an arena I sort of doing a Rena tours I'm now doing more theaters on this one my oldest has got a bit older but anyway jumping between the two like playing Hollywood Bowl here you know in La that's such a beautiful thing to play and it's the Greeks got it right the laughter rolls down the hill yeah I played it twice now and it's just gorgeous yeah I've never played there but I've been there for a few times for a few different things I saw Annie there and I saw the

► 02:30:21

what is it oh the hot Nightmare before Halloween yeah thatís you so Annie the musical yeah they do the musical are do a version of it and they do The Nightmare Before Halloween with a play them they play the movie and then they have a symphony and the symphony and didn't think anything you'll kind of have kids do you need to say that because I didn't enjoy it all right I'm bored out of my fucking mind I was a resident I was high I'm gonna leave that no sir Annie's your kind of give you and I was always comes either yeah well I like everything I like a lot of things that you would think you wouldn't like you know that for the people of Allah o people of the world I believe that Hollywood Bowl is a la Park so you can actually go up there and have your sandwiches and yes you want yeah she's a beautiful the I do that I can drive up there cause it looks like don't come in here there's berries and stuff but no you can park up and going it's dark it's still a park I love that space it's just got and I knew that Monty Python the played there so I thought I could play with what

► 02:31:21

able to because it's all outdoors and you know La has such amazing weather and you look around you see the houses in the distance it's like this it's a special little spot it is beautiful yeah I don't Dave Chappelle's done some gigs there I think Chris Rock did a gig there yeah it's a must be a fun place to perform to yeah it's just it works that Amphitheatre thing I think it was the Greeks came out democracy and amphitheaters and yeah do you still go to clubs at all I don't so much I was reading the definitive thing on Robin Williams them and you know how he would jump into clubs and do stuff and go and I doesn't let us really work for my stuff I tend to get a small I can do the club like for the work in progress shows I was doing I was taking I was they have the almari club in Islington no angel in London took north-northeast Anna and they had you know show going on at six one at 7:18 and I would take an hour of that

► 02:32:21

that's and just do that again again again so I'll take an hour and I'll go out for an hour and workshop the show and mmm as opposed to coming on doing 15 minutes on a off the top of my head because I find that if I'm completely going scattergun just trying to find funny that doesn't really help me I need to keep crafting the stuff because like more time show yeah I also don't need if it's a if it's just if it's a comedy club they want it faster they want to quickly when it's me you know and I'm not looking to hit the gags I'm just looking to find things and have the space to stop and go what is it about cheese right right why is it got too easy like you know I just want a waffle around until I go okay that's a good but I'll keep that right do you ever feel like like when you're doing that like Jesus Christ I got to get off this fucking subject like there's nothing there well yeah I do that but then I do this thing I write on my left hand like it's a note to self and I go if I do pig Farmington where pigs are some of it don't ever talk about Pig farming are you guys will pick Farmers all right I'm not talking about never talk about cheese again cheese joke

► 02:33:21

do not work specially in North week East London you can you just get it try and get lost on the way out yeah the career is over Cheese's taking over my foot my life but do you do some gigs dressed up in your grill mode and some employment boy mode or a lie can I can I can do it whatever mode I want now is it complete Human Torch thing I can fly well so I can wear dresses or I could wear trousers and it doesn't matter and they don't give a monkey's either that's interesting it's now well they're your fans yeah yeah they're coming but yes exact coming yes oh but I did they get disappointed if you dress as a as a man and I can't wait to see girl mode there are they I dunno I don't care I shouldn't care yeah I can't be a Sage Creek wonder if the right because that's nothing to do with the company yeah yes yeah and I do think some people thought it was you know he's going to talk about lipstick for two hours is this so anyway another

► 02:34:21

I know is cross it at all do you dress is he doing back diagonally I will do it diagonally diagonally yeah so it's never the front part of the the thing I will just say one of the I just didn't know it was a good thing it would not be the front of the subject I might point it and passing so the front I'll talk about ancient Kings stuff with banjos dogs with fighting cats anything like that and then and then I might mention it just in passing as opposed to let me tell you about being transgender I just don't do that I told about the fights I told about the fight I had which is in the street and that this guy was saying there's an I said this and so we took either like I built a fighter huge thing of food standoff stuff so I just I can make that into something but no it's not because it's supposed to be the background of what I'm doing the essentially if you like surreal Comedy Off the Wall

► 02:35:21

buddy that's what I do and I just happened to be transgender which makes no odds in these days do you find that more today than ever people are asking you questions about transgender issues because they're there at the Forefront now less actually less yeah less real treasure there was a point at least he was a spokesperson it was on and they would yes well it's not spokesperson I was someone who was going to talk about it this right tell us all about this and I do an interview and if it was an hour interview about 40 minutes would be on the on that and then and then when it came to writing a thought I'm just writing all about this transient all right let's put that back a bit I'll and then they used to balance it out when they wrote the interview out but would you rather that they just accept it and just not bring it out fight with it now after the manner of things it all changed yeah yeah because they said oh so because I used to say action transvestite and executive transvestite there was I was in New York as playing New York and they said article our guy was

► 02:36:21

on living in one of the caves in the park in New York and he found to have a lot of women shoes in there so he's probably a transverse and I went okay well that's weirdo transvestite I'm not living in a cave I'm traveling business class on the plains this is executive transmitter so I can't with that one then the action transvestite was just kind of a funny because I was more kind of Boise about things that I'll give people grieve in the street if they give me grief and then after the marathon's it came and became a different thing and everyone just went out oh hey I've had some you know I remember a guy this is a very interesting altercation because how many words in it so I'm I live near Victoria Coach Station in London half most of the time when I'm around and I was walking down there and anyways a coach station so people are traveling all over the over the Europe from there and I walked out and I was in girl made this guy looked at me said hey it is you you you run all those marathons and you wear all that clobber which

► 02:37:21

yeah and then he went yeah yeah and he was just like he was giving me a pass he was going well okay okay now they have to yeah well that's what might you know I didn't have a negative opinion of you I had a positive opinion of you but my positive opinion of you elevated once I saw you did those marathons like that's a person with an iron will that's a different kind of person like you it was so huge what you did that everyone had to respect it like they knew they couldn't do it or if they could do it they haven't you know that that actually does covered yes I have you accomplished something pretty spectacular it was beautiful and it's and I did about five things at once and it was raising money yes I think I've raised about four and a half million pounds about I was six million 7 million dollars so that feels great yeah and that's with their help because the organization is good at raising the money and it gave me this this this confidence this health thing back from when I was a kid I used to be a lot of us were run around how old

► 02:38:21

you we needed that first one was I was 47 so you're 47 and just decided yeah I'm off it was it was training I wanted to do something it's an adventure as well and you know I think you have to live life as an adventure otherwise life is too hard but if you look at eventually the means of highs and lows built into it and I got this this health kick out of it it was just a number of it and then I could meet people I member on the first mouth and I met three Army sergeants who were and they said we've heard you're doing this so in the British Army and what I was just having something to eat halfway through my was about my tenth math and he said well hope we heard you're doing this and while there were chatting to me and you know because I know forces and I go of that mentality I'm very happy to chat and so then I thought well this is an interesting respect things said and they said we're trainers we train we work at the training regimes for the Army

► 02:39:21

and so we're very interested in what you're doing what you seem to be able to do so they just found it fascinating and I found that fascinating I can suddenly talk to military service people are in a certain way a sports people in certain way it everything just shifted yeah and and people from Death different ethnic groups some people have a down on some ethnic groups at the down on being transgender whatever but if you're doing that then he says okay we put these two together and you want a different place so it has completely changed the way a lot of people react to me yeah I can only imagine they don't have to come to the comedy but that's fine because they respect you yeah it's just certain different thing yeah happened and you can and I like to chat to people I found the chatting is very important because if you see someone in this block the way make up whatever you get lipstick and you go people go oh but if you say hi nice weather today and they go yes let's go and then on a different footing

► 02:40:21

and so trying to put you into a place of normalcy yeah well I'm trying to put myself yeah they will they are to the like me any kidding you they will allow me in okay absence normal it is the talking is the most import thing just chatting away and being boring I have a natural boringness I think maybe everyone has a little boring this I think the really interesting people probably just blow up in their 20s and stuff in because they just do stuff that's too far out yeah but most of us are pretty boring and then we add layers of interestingness on tops to to reach that level of okay I think I'm quite interesting that I think I've got enough interesting going on but my boringness in chatting I am chatting to talk about whether or wood or walls or you know trees or that introduces the normalcy yeah the boring awoke at it I won't say I won't say we've got to do something extreme now I'll just add about yeah normal thing yeah where'd you get that jacket that's quite a good jacket on you it will work a bit you know just just

► 02:41:20

talk about things and be human be a human being which is the biggest controversy in America in terms of transgender people probably the biggest one of the biggest is competing in sports with biological women that's the biggest one yes if you're asking me for answers on that haven't really got them I know yeah I've got what good one for for washrooms as you call them life is ready with the decision that urinals as you call me call me rhinos hmm just check them all out and everyone just it's all cubicles and we already do that in restaurants we already share stuff that the toilets in right we did in the airplanes we have no bother if you just remove urinals at in theaters and places the won't be queuing often than women are queuing for ever and the men are not queuing this way everyone shares everyone behaves responsibility I've heard of it working in a school as well there's less bullying in in the lose so it's the other just check go

► 02:42:20

progression of technology I think it says get the euro check it out the window everyone is a cubicle just go to the Loo and then use the mirrors and and then go away it's just everything being for both genders yeah you just make it all even then we get outside a lot of problems some people will have push back on that and have other reasons why they didn't like it but women don't want to be in a washroom with men where they already are going into if they're sharing in the losing the airplane if they're sharing it in there yeah but it'll airplane is one you know it's only a strong person to go in there with I think they're their concern is there's you know some men are fucking creeps and some women just want to have a place where they could just be themselves and High chapter makeup and go to the bathroom and wash and talk amongst other hand the stand that it's just I've you know if you think about anything that's going to change anything there's usually something that won't ever the only reason to do this is to accommodate people who are transgender in a way that it seems like it doesn't

► 02:43:20

it doesn't put them in a position where they can be judged because everyone's doing it makes well if it stops bullying for you know in schools then it's a number of things in there that that it can make easy it just makes a whole area of things a lot easier do you think it will start hold it stop bullying I don't know what it has got I mean I'm just giving you the figures of what I said well they just said that they tried it in the school and the bullying went down she is girls and boys together it's like boys a bully the boys or girls believe the girls but if you yeah so if you have them all together they don't it seems so now I can just punish the creeps which is really what you mean if someone's being a creep in a bathroom the problem is the creep it's not the bathroom right yeah yeah it's anyway so this is you know I haven't scientifically prove this with chemicals and a slide rule of whatever but it's an idea that gets to us to a better place and surely we're all somewhere on the spectrum of something so the idea that

► 02:44:20

that anyone who is expressing themselves in a different way that that is a problem if you take it back just straight bit here if we all went back to how we used to think that there was just men and women and everyone had straight sex even that sex was there when we talk about that people in Victorian age and right York River Victorian agent no one will talk about that that was all horrible day sex was a procreation was nearly yeah the whole idea of everything so if you I'm trying to get out to a practical place where people just go to the Loo and behave like adults even the kids seem to behave more like adults which is interesting that makes the makes sense I see what you're saying yeah then me yeah that is the concern right was it we have a system in place and someone tries to change the system then people get upset think the trench and that always happens yeah I mean but also women Duke you forever and men don't Q at all right what you much less but this makes Achilles as make securing even though even that outside over everyone

► 02:45:20

caves like an adult yeah it's just a toilet the Romans used to have it with open-plan toilets then we have seen that we have made it into a problem we have made this a whole psychological realm whether I was just sit down there and have a poo and have a chat and once they did make it a problem and categorize people by gender then it became this thing and now you don't want to change that well yeah I think the job they might have had male and female toys in the moment eyes but just the fact they were more open about the idea there's bodily functions and just normal and we've you know back in the air before we came in and we were just going out into the woods and the forest and having a pool was just having a poo and now we feel it's a big problem having the pool we don't like that we have but we don't want to admit that we have the proof does the Queen ever have a poop maybe never has that attitude besides the marathon thing has the attitude culturally shifted in the UK the same way it's shifted in America where people are more I think the more more and more people out and

► 02:46:20

if ever you've basically got to from every group this is ethnic groups is from women this is from anyone that feels slightly out of the loop if you can have a positive any positive role models that go out there that do other things you know just something that I can do with sexuality you're very good at cooking on television for this test you television helps your great sports star you this you're the only one of those things people say well there's a positive role model and they are of a different color or the different sexuality or the you know and that just helps everyone adjust their mindset and the younger people come through and they all that's all they know I know about this person I've got mean like you know in baseball you see the bait the famous documentary baseball the Ken Burns yeah the Ken Burns one and that's black people after the Civil War black people were playing baseball and there was some guy was very powerful he said there will be no black people in major leagues at all and it was blocked from about 1890 something like this all the way through

► 02:47:20

to 1950s so there's so it was actually happening in then it went backwards yeah so there was a positive role model and then well they've been bullied by over that happened things can go backwards and things go forward and I just think you know we're trying to get to a world where everyone's living that live yeah that's really what we need right just Live and Let Live in it songs you're not interfering with other people's lives you long as you're not doing something that somehow or another fucks with someone else yeah but who cares why would anyone care I mean what I think people care because they're unhappy with themselves I think that's the only time people care and let my my issue with this that I've come across with is with athletes it's with transgender athletes competing against women particularly in my field and fighting all right there's been some there have been at least there was one very vocal case when very public gaze of a transgender athlete who was mail for 30-plus

► 02:48:20

is transitioned over for a couple years for two years then started fighting women didn't tell them that she used to be a man right and it became a giant issue and people were outraged and anger the women who got beat up or angry because they got destroyed two of them did and then she started with interest public about it and started fighting women that were willing and new got to say things up front yeah I came out that longer because I wanted to be up front about thing so yeah I don't have the great answers to some you know if I don't have the answer of everything right but yeah I can see that I think one of the interesting things about it is that there are no real answers that it's one of those things where you just got to go home what do we do here in this is this is what I think one of the more unique things about being a person is that we have this opportunity to look at this unusual circumstance and communicate about it and try to figure it out communication yeah the whole thing I just need one peso thing if I came out if we started talking about it with get

► 02:49:20

in a better place than not talking about it and just saying it's an egg when you came out to the give you a feeling of relief unbelievable I mean you know skate you know because you got the secret and the secret is is I did self-analysis I lay on a bed and so why am I thinking this way what is going on why do I get the what are the thoughts like what because when I just wanted to like women yeah so okay here's the clearest where I can show it there was a woman on television she said my daughter she was 12 and she was upstairs she was wearing my makeup she's wearing my heels and I told her to get that stuff off what are you doing she said to her daughter was 12 and that was from an age point of view right I just thought well that's what I'd be doing at 12:00 that's what I was doing my stepmothers clothes and stuff so I thought well hang on I'm having the exactly same desire to express myself in that way so I just wanted to express myself in that way and I was told I was a society you're not allowed to and I just thought well you know

► 02:50:20

people are allowed to and I'm no I've decided I gave myself permission I said I'm allowed to and it's not hurting anyone else and I was stealing the makeup with after that I started buying like it because the police got me and you got caught stealing me yeah I go back into the shopping Bexhill nice a I used to stay on that how by this lipstick thank you very much I always think about it yeah it's him again with a bloody lipstick so yeah it's it's you just had this desire to express yourself yeah just like some women doing some women don't sometimes I don't know any makeup micropayment else I'm gonna yeah yeah and if I had a if I look very female then I would I would might wear different things or express myself in a different way but I'm I look kind of more boyish more male ish so I have to you know I choose certain closed set and look and I tried and I do that way and the number I'm quite a lot of people are sort of going okay fair play that seems okay and you're looking fairly well put together

► 02:51:20

that's what I get to so when you finally came out the relief though yeah did you can just be yourself yeah just and you did and you don't tend to look terrible when you first go out you got well that doesn't work with that Lea's why was I wearing that that's correct but you've never had that teenage girl chance to be writings and have your peer group say you're not wearing that are you because that's all right okay so then I gradually learned to okay how does make it work look at that how it works so you gradually get better at things don't buy that that color doesn't work it can work but if you know so but the relief is huge because you no longer got this hello secret yeah and then you could begin the dialogue I had to didn't really have a dialogue with anyone that point but on stage I could the hell is secret I have friends that are in the closet and they don't know what to do and they even comedian friends that they don't talk about it they hide it and I'm like God if the eggs you just let it go I mean people in this day and age the people that will accept you that's the people

► 02:52:20

one anyway the people that don't accept you you don't want them like that's their own problem it's this live-and-let-live thing the people that don't want you to be who you actually are to fit their own narrative in their own head like that's those people The Crazy Ones it's not you it's really obvious there are gay people it's really obvious they're transgender people it's really obvious they're not no one's just making this up down back through history as well as forever and also I think I try I say quite often you know it's just genetic thing because I don't I didn't feel I got up with you know when I was 23 and a half and I said I think I've all become old transgender now no it was I was four or five when I first knew and it has not moved those those thoughts that's interesting so it I think it is for most gay lesbian people I've talked to you I just think it's locked in its built-in it's something you get given these cards as I say and we're trying to be up front and be positive and the express also it only makes sense when you look at the other variabilities the other variables when it comes to people's personality their body shape the their mentality

► 02:53:20

Drive their ambition and all these different variables it only makes sense that there's feminine and masculine variables and that these shift back and forth with certain people and that certain people just like there is somewhere in like where you are well you have boy moaning girl mode and I would imagine that you talking about it so openly and that you're that you're just so free with it that there's probably people out there that are listening to this they're like God damn it that's me well you hoes I'm the young the youngest young people around the world I have met people who are talking about it in school actually when I came back from South Africa my co-writer killing Jones has he said can you go in and let my daughter's in class and we've been talking about your runs in South Africa so I went in and they could talk about racism because I was running it salute to the Mandela 27 hours and suit to his 27 years yet to spend in prison so they could about racism but they could also talk about being transgender or self-identifying and LGBT stuff because it was some kid in this in the classroom

► 02:54:20

is already identifying what did identify as a girl and so they were being positive and these kids were eight I think you know so it's way different to our childhood our childhood it was just do not talk about do yeah actually and if you mention that you're gonna get your head kicked in by your peer group so and I was all that's why I never mentioned it at school especially you know I fancy girls so I could just go in that route and did you run into girls and had an issue with it

► 02:54:50

people that I know less of but if you talk about relationships it gets really tricky yeah it reflects upon people's relationships with yourself so but it's cool and I've never I've never been great at relationships that's always tricky so well you know if I got this career thing and I worked out how I could work there and I can just keep staying four steps ahead of the game and I'm playing on all these countries that are doing the four languages of doing it so I've got all that going with then then it had you you never really in one place to be able to continue a relationship and yeah and there's that being transsexual and that goes on so that all gets complicated you can't be copying everything working no so but I'm okay with that and it's all good and and I enjoy things I'll stage I try to make myself laugh this isn't coming this is my trick I actually just try and live it and go oh that's funny so going off of this this weird trip I'm going to tell you this but

► 02:55:50

is in Li the show and Wunderbar but I talk about JRR Tolkien I talk about the imagination we have written all these stories and animals haven't done that all the wild animals don't seem to have written any stories haven't heard of any good ones but we've written that Jay are talking and I say J are talking AR are talking was born JRR Tolkien you may not know this and people are getting this true and it is born In Bloom sent bloemfontein South Africa you know so he's got up there and then they moved to Birmingham in England and it's a different axis should be cetera connects more than the booming of his rule of this is talk a talk that was we've got this kind of sound like this and then I said what is V he turns to his mother because he's realizes he's called JRR Tolkien and he says it is berm it is South African Birmingham Twang and he goes bottled water water will call those rollers I do this strangulated accent that is trying to fight between South Africa and burning and it's such a stupid line to go on you know there's no logic to where I'm going and it's Mother's Day what

► 02:56:50

you saying jrrr I can understand it because she's still in South Africa and he's good he says you so I'm spending time going into the sidebar which is making me laugh and I think a lot of the audience are going what is he what is he Whispering about and you can't really even hear what I'm saying but I just did this strangulated accent and in the end he has to talking to Yorkshire accent to get his mother to understand if he could cut down the number of hours in his name he becomes JRR Tolkien so that's that's typical of my stand-up where I just go off on a tangent to make yourself laugh and yeah and and it's I think it's sort of funny little bit funny but it's probably more funny for me well it's funny for you though it's funny for people that are listening what comedy is contagious yeah and if I'm you know the person States having a good time then the audience would probably have a better time and this thing of its not being locked down that it's living and breathing in front of them they do love that and and and you put more energy into the next bit when you go yeah and then this and then that the other thing yeah so I do love stock because

► 02:57:49

you know you can just do it and do it and you know there's no one what I was a double like I was a full person act and whenever you're dealt even just a double act if you go off on a tangent then you have to look across your partner your partner is going to work where you going right he might want to go with it you might not want to go with it right keep to the script but on your own you could just go off and Lenny Bruce you know that the gigs he did in front of the band you know that thing in the film The Pom-Pom yes and he's trying to make the band laughs and this is the people of the rain coats in the front and the strippers coming on and because when we did the play Lenny we had a live actual jazz band on the stage a real good jazz musician is high so I was trying to make them laugh in just the way that Lenny I would try to crack them up because I would go off script and and and I could do this and that was just beautiful and they said you're riffing aren't you you're just riffing like we were riffing and I thought well this is weird this is it was really nice to cruise down his life and do stand-up as close as close to him

► 02:58:49

I could even the main student I did the main or means of stuff and then then the more you know the really edgy stuff in the weird stuff in the where where Jesus comes at the back and you've got some Pat's Cathedral that whole sequence where he's got the call the pope called the pokes Jesus is here and yeah that was fun

► 02:59:09

yeah I got very ill doing it how well you started off dead naked and then you've got your put your clothes on and you're talking and start going backwards oh so the play starts up dead yeah you start off dead by so when he killed himself in the bathroom yeah and then as you start and you're talking to either God or that him talking to a judge who is a bit like a god at the beginning of it and explaining things as I'm putting my clothes on so you start off naked then you have simulated sex with my wife about a quarter of the way through the film so that was interested doing that and then you end up dying at the end of the film so it just it took a lot out of me or answer that so emotionally and emotionally drained you and then you physically have never been able to out of a show but that it just took me down I just was not well enough so you think it was just contemplating his existence his life and what he went through I think I think it was yeah I think part of his journey and also it was

► 03:00:09

leave a grueling is mentally and physically quite brilliant mentally really grueling and together that that it made out I was naked and I probably just wasn't drink enough water I should have you know I tend to think as ice is a might have to meet right definitely that I will just carry on until I get ill I wouldn't necessarily think okay you're going into a stress period now so let's get some good water on let's eat some healthy food and so that nothing comes in and takes you out I just hate just bulldoze your way through for yeah I tend to bulldoze we just bulldoze through three hours vary yeah it's three o'clock there yeah I was thinking I'd have no idea how I'm not crazy yeah it's like a Time Warp in here well then yo yo yo you're good at you're used to it I once did a Street show for about two hours without starting which was quite a beautiful because on the street that if you imagine it there's no nothing I am Professor was you know the end of it and there's this place called the mound so there's people Milling around

► 03:01:09

I was almost starting a show and I was just mucking about for two hours I was just there kind of not starting kind of starting kind of chatting kind of playing around beautiful it's I've done the most fun things on the street because no one's in charge of anything that's just no rules yeah I seemed a tripel do that Dave Chappelle did that in Montreal we were doing this club soda and then he came downstairs after we did it I think it was like 18 or 19 and just took his hat off and started doing stand-up and had people put money in the Hat is doing stand-up on the street is that it's pretty wild free free as you see in Washington Square Park East yeah yeah that's Charlie Burnett was famous for that Charlie Burnett was a guy who was one of the original Street stand-up comics in New York and he would do that Washington Square Park and gather everyone around there's video of it to people could watch online he liked I think he went to he might have come over to England I'm fine Daddy I think you might have it he was brilliant

► 03:02:04

brilliant performer really good at grabbing people and grabbing their attention and Dave learned a lot from him Eddie thank you very much thank you a lot of fun I really enjoyed it I really appreciate you coming here ones that we got a chance to sit down absolutely I tell people about your tour where they can find where you're going to be tickets all that git is a.com that's why it's happening and I next two and a half months all the way up to mid-july I'm around so 40 cities for each of these All-America yeah well I've already played all 50 states which is kind of beautiful you played Montana I played everywhere where'd you go to Montana I'm not sure what's the capital city buildings I think yeah I think we play buildings if not only near Bozeman alone Helena is that it yeah what about Wyoming you did while yeah all of them laughter I'm yeah I made it a point to ask it twice wow we ended up in Hawaii but played every single include Mississippi and Alabama as well that's awesome so everywhere but it's nice it's I

► 03:03:04

playing you know I just love playing around the world onward yeah I want up good luck to you thank you thank preciate you thank you

► 03:03:11

hello I hope you enjoyed that I enjoyed the shit out of it he's all I want to say he but am I supposed to I didn't ask that

► 03:03:21

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