#1356 - Sturgill Simpson & His Band

Sep 30, 2019

Sturgill Simpson is a Grammy Award-winning country music and roots rock singer-songwriter. His new album "Sound & Fury" is available now on streaming services everywhere, and the anime visual album "Sturgill Simpson presents Sound & Fury" is now streaming on Netflix. He is joined by his band members Miles Miller, Chuck Bartels, Bobby Emmett and by Green Beret Medic Justin Laseck.

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Sturgill motherfuckin sense and and his band just let's introduce everybody okay want to do that yeah you do it all right next to you as my my drummer miles with Chuck he plays the bass down on the end is Bob he plays the keys and this is our head of security is Justin he's a you know we weren't sure about this place will be brought it's a sketchy joint um you guys are fucking fantastic last night we had a great time thanks man so the Troubadour is such a great place to see you too because it's so intimate man you know it's such a it's a really interesting place it's so tight you know so old school and a fucking million chose of happen in that joint everybody everybody it was fun interesting for us we didn't feel like it was a good show I think what we're gonna woke up about halfway through but also some we've been

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this close to people and while it was a great show man I enjoyed the fuck out of it and Suzanne from honey honey Suzanne Santo she came with me to that she loved it it was great and we had a good time yeah it was a bad show either no come on it was amazing we had a great fucking time and it's just it's such a treat to see someone in such a small venue you know that venue is so like everybody was like jammed up on top of her but it's so when people went nuts for the songs you know like you felt it like you really realize when you're in a venue like that how much that contributes to the experience you know intimate intimate relations event have been you can ruin a good show sure yeah anything we don't really like the the Amphitheatre like the outdoor Amphitheatre yes to the tin roof sheds I feel the same it's not there's no connection because everybody that is close to you is sitting down and then there's this giant picnic going on behind them up on the grass it's always just a weird separation what happened to him

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what are we doing

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Oh I thought you were trying something new out um yeah the Amphitheatre is our weird I mean they could be great oh there oh there's the picture from the true door last night that was fun man nice that place I mean how many people is that seat over 400 I think 500 500 stuffed in there that is a fire hazard sure someone someone father's organs of fire hazard it was a good time though really was I saw every last performed there recently he was there like just a few weeks ago I met that dude once he's awesome he is a chill guy man he really is the best we're at it was at Moses god almonds like a skate it's like a skate shop my buddy Ian took me to the skate shop the other bunch of sneakers I was looking for some sneakers and it's just this little sleepy skate shop and then he's like yeah let's go out back and walked up back there's like 12 X Games Champions back there just slaying this halfpipe I've never really seen that shit that the up

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it's like that just like you know thrashing and it was intense and then we're sitting there hanging out and then fucking Everlast shows up just like this new browser pay this crazy he was so cool he's super cool but I remember the one of the first times I've ever met him it's one of those weird ones where you like my really hanging out with this guy it's really Everlast my house of pain right so you know jump around with such a goddamn gigantic hit was like one of the greatest hits of all time like one of the greatest I mean I guess you would call that a hip-hop song right but it was that was a giant hit with like my generation so to be hanging out with him was super surreal

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I'm sure he's had a very interesting Journey fuck yeah has he was the first guy I ever smoked a joint with with inside a casino to he just fired up I go where you want to smoke that he was where he just starts smoking it was all right I guess we're going to do that that was a pretty the album I think I was in like seventh grade it was very nefarious I remember that yeah the fairest is good word for it you know ripshit kill it yeah cut your gut and spill it treat you like a gas tank take that ass and fill it

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yes that's nefarious go for a ride to where I reside put your face in the pillow and heavy weeping like a willow it's what it is y'all

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it's prolific yeah prolific that's intimidating right for sure that doesn't that doesn't freak you out a little especially if someone says it with with his voice no I'll smooth Angela Larry Bird Jersey you tried a lot of different forms of music do you ever think you would ever do hip-hop oh God no that would be a weird stretch well there's just so many other people that should do it other than me you know I would love to but no I would love to produce a hip hop record with Bob I think we could probably make some fat fucking tracks and just get some rappers to do the actual art yeah you know

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I think I know what you're saying I know how you're feeling but I think you could pull it off I think what happened yeah I think you could stir Jill yes you can you can already does inside all right you gonna give me up man yeah yeah I think I'm absolutely no bullshit I Spit On The Bus a little bit truth be told all right yeah you'd have to be lit

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but you could do it you know who can fucking rap for a White Guy Shia LaBeouf man yeah you did some radio show years back out here in LA and like it was actually impressive wow yeah it's pretty styles

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fire it for a dude it's a who's a white guy it's a risky choice right it's a risky Choice brought it and you got to figure you got to decide whether or not you going to go with organizes a Shia LaBeouf album rap out wow there you go open up the doors manifest it make it happen yeah white guy rappers have to they have to be real careful with their accent like get a figure out how you're going to do this is we're gonna pull that off I went to high school with a lot of those white guys that like did that tried to like talk like they were black and never could understand what was going on it's a weird one it's a weird one Myles Now - Myles and I went to the same high school he graduated like 15 years after me so he knows about the wolf of Woodford County what I'm talking about I'm sure it was still very much a thing oh it still is yeah we were just talking about like how few white guys become successful rappers like what are the if out of all the things that people attempt to do that might be one of like

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only like a few there's like you know Eric from Everlasting house pain there's a mmm there's Phoenix Miller Mac Miller yeah Third Base third base for sure those guys those guys were great Eminem of course yeah mmm of course not yeah he's number one I think he's a just an all-time great rapper period white guy or not but like white guys that want to wrap boy the white guys that want to wrap versus white guys were successful wrapping that fucking number stupendous those are not good odds that's intimidating right there's no denying that some white guys are pros at all no yes inform like he had like a whole yeah yeah yeah talking to Mike brother sorry I just said he did the Patois thing yeah yeah he went you're making us right but it was really good is even weirder it was he's from Jamaica is he oh was he yeah what's that

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but there's no no just keeps getting better that's killer nice as hell up there how did he beat ya go to the mic goes in those from Toronto yeah oh you look never guess yeah let's look that up good call good call I love that one song though that in former song was badass this insane it would be know what I would say what city but he's from Toronto from Toronto Toronto Toronto born in Toronto where he night wow do you go yeah he went Jamaican and no one else even ventured to step in his footsteps it was like a successful hit song but it didn't like open up a whole door of like Jamaican it didn't even open up a door for him and that's the only fucking song about ever heard like how could it be that good that always freaks me out about your business is that there are a few cats that come up with one song that just fucking smash well that happens because whoever's in charge of their career as one investors interest which is pushing that single and then it does its thing and if they can't

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what was the identical thing again they don't know what to do and then they just stick them on a shelf and you never hear from them again I know but it just sits so fat it's so final like if you're a comic and you have a shitty special you can get your shit together and come up with a good neck special there's nothing like a huge hit to destroy your music career

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how many I mean really really good songs if you stop and think about history we're from a band where you heard like maybe two of their songs ever I would say 90% of them so many

► 00:14:26

so many popped in that in that world you know if you're like it's radio songs yeah and syndication yeah this is usually how much is that changing for you guys because the internet I mean you when you first started your career like how much of an effect of the internet have on like promoting things or getting the word out on things versus now huge because we were not on radio even now when did you when did we are AAA play now things like that but you're not gonna I guess I'm early on touring blogs and reviews press and things like that get circulated Word of Mouth from shows people come to shows to get the mind-blowing they talk about on Twitter you know and then it just it's organic Grassroots kind of thing and you sort of realize that a point you don't really need any of that other Antiquated shit people but to but to make it happen like we did you have to go out and do the labs you have to put the time in and earn your medals you can't like

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just sit on YouTube right right right so fall time that's a big part right your shows like how many live shows you guys are doing well now it's already out there so people just do it for you really spreads easier and faster now but like you know miles has been with we've been playing together since he was 19 man and like in a fan for people sleeping on one file about two weeks ago you drive seven miles and or some sort of seven hours and you hope 13 people show up to maybe buy a T-shirt and shit so you got gas to get to the next town there's a lot of Life questioning nights out there in the early days you know like you know Roy wood is why would Junior really hilarious and I'm comedian he had a really similar story when he was talking about his Beginnings as a comedian that he would get these gigs and he wouldn't have enough money to get home and that he would get gigs and while he was there he would take a job like a day job like a day laborer who would you know where fucking hard hats and gloves and shit work all day and then do the stand-up at night it's like that those

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should go through that kind of stuff there's no substitute for that no there's no it does no other way like to really get that there's something about the seasoning of the unsuccessful or barely successful early years it seems for all my favorite artists it's so critical like they all have it whether the comics or whether the musicians there's that fucking grind in the beginning where it go left or right like you can make it or it could completely fall apart and you have to be almost delusional and a little crazy yes I was I mean I had a great job that I quit to go do this shit finally like give it a go I was probably 35 years old you know you know there's a lot of nice was like what in the fuck am I doing you know what I mean but it worked and it yeah but that's why last night so fun because nobody else well I wrote a song about turtles and drugs when you're in nobody else did so I just I feel like yeah whenever a country music song comes out with DMT and it you got my attention

► 00:17:28

psilocybin LSD that was a great song though it was a great song to introduce the world to a different idea that you know it's just music man you know like whether it's country or psychedelic or psychedelic country if it's great it's just great you know and you switch it up this new album is so weird man it's great it's great but it's so interesting if you go back to like your first album and then listen to this out it's like that's not the same fucking but it is I know that they're all different expressions or interest but that's really exciting you know when someone mixes their style up as much as you do and you guys put together these albums you know each one of them is they're uniquely you but they're all different it's a it's a you've got a real weird thing going on man like if you went back and listened to your first album and then listen to the they're all awesome but they're awesome in like all these different ways man and it's so cool to see all this experimentation like this

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anime thing you're doing with this and its really bad that was really just sort of

► 00:18:32

a lot of things lining up out of my control that that movie we only started on that literally a little over a year ago and just the way it all came together and how many people were working simultaneously is the only reason that got finished as fast as it but it definitely delayed me releasing the record for at least a year but it's such a great idea it was coming you know we're here well the whole reason we went in the studio made this thing is because we reach the point of burnout I thought I definitely did and then you also reach a point where it now you realize the only way we're going to survive and make money as musicians is touring so why wouldn't we make this as fun for ourselves as possible and you know you play these festivals and then you're rocking out through four songs and the people are jumping and I just kind of asked everybody why would why can't we just go do that for two hours and make music that people can dance and have a great time too and still you know Myles is probably been listening to me talk about

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you know fucking dubstep rock and roll record for five years and we finally did it yeah

► 00:19:42

but it's it's great that you take those steps you know these guys helped a lot to last we were touring in 2018 and the music was just sort of going there anyway on stage how is it how is it going there anyone say it's like you guys we're just stretching out more abandoning course fundamental structures of the songs like I want to be a karaoke machine anymore I got I got I just got so bored and burnout with stand there and play in the shit the same way every night and you do isolate some fans with the same time like if we're not inspired how the fuck is anybody else going to be right So eventually you will find your audience that wants to go with you and music you know one of these songs were turning into 10 and 15 minute just me being high and I was having a good time you know yeah that's what I caught that the brace for impact on Colbert somebody shared it yeah you know I hadn't seen it basically since we did it in 2016 and it's almost a completely different song right like you could literally see the the changes from

► 00:20:42

from 16 to now it's amazing Yes we made this record June of 2017 and had to sit on it couldn't play it any other you know you go out and you do the other thing so now almost to almost two and a half years later from the time we recorded in the studio and I was writing those lyrics we were making this music and in the moment we'll go out we've been rehearsing for two weeks and it's already at a point like shit what I wish we could have recorded it now because you have all these ideas that you just don't have in that moment and you get a year and a half later on a tour playing that material it's a whole other animal you know because you just found all these little idiosyncratic nuances and things that you can flourish that you just don't think about when you're in a control room for 18 hours a day is that a common tactic that we are always changing your songs you're always fucking with them and continuing oh so yeah but is it common with other artists it should be it should be me up there you know

► 00:21:42

worth a shit but is that a normal thing like when you guys get together and talk about how you make songs like comedians talk about how they make jokes we don't really talk about it you guys aren't even together right lyrics and stuff or maybe have like a rough idea structure and form of these guys are all like bona fide musical Geniuses man they're always like their flavor that's what you know like on this record I've never done it before but at a certain point anybody that's in the room is contributing whether they're writing the songs are not just their presence The energy they bring to that track like there if you got a guy that plays the perfect thing the first take your what are you really producing you know you're hired you're hiring someone for what for as a tool

► 00:22:26

and you know the Nashville there's all these session players so it is since it's just this giant toolbox and there might be ten guys you could call today to do this thing but Act 2 of them might be way more perfect for this specific thing than those other eight they're all badasses but you know you know you can flavor and I just found the right the right flavors that I want to stand up there with because he's got I could make 10 records with these guys and they're all going to sound like 10 different bands no is this because you guys don't have I mean how much of influence do record companies have on new bands like when new bands are coming up and they're trying to put together their music how much influence the record companies have on the creative process it just depends did they discover them or they already are they are they jumping on board with something that's already working but well I mean someone like an as an artist like someone looking at you as an artist to go yeah you let him do whatever the fuck he wants you know like let him let him know that's a very rare thing it's rare without your exactly

► 00:23:26

record companies right I had I got it contractually written into my contract that nobody could tell me what to do so it's common that you get fucked with their droids gonna have their two cents input there's a gonna here's what we really want you to want to do right because like is brought probably I would think there would be Executives go stop stop fucking with it right there just leave it right there trust me put it out like that those would be like actual record men the guys that used to run the record business like they knew what the real shit was and you don't fuck with the real shit but there's very few of those people actually working in the record business anymore it's all like 25 30 year old bottom line quarterly report motherfuckers it's all about the money yeah but wouldn't you think that Excellence would bring money I just especially today in this day and age with the Internet it's like okay so Excellence but yeah then they have to work and find it because opposed to like formulating this tried-and-true Mrs Butterworth

► 00:24:26

happy proven yeah you know give me 17 of those

► 00:24:32

I get it oh just would suck to be in a business with art you know will order like you thinking about it like a business yeah but it's art yeah it's product and it but your mediator enough people involved anything turns into a product right yeah but it's just the the business aspect of it like someone trying to think about what's the best way to sell it what's the best way to what's the best way to push it what if we change this and added that we've put some gospel singers in the background what if we did this what if we you know

► 00:25:04

yeah but you've avoided it what if we get this person to like yeah perverse on it how did you avoid it what did you what did you do to avoid most of that bullshit

► 00:25:19

still figuring it out I don't know man just don't didn't do it it's like know a lot I think that's the thing to say I'm lazy shit I got really want to do something yeah especially when you don't have to right man what were you doing at 35 when you quit

► 00:25:40

you were going to Railroad we Rose operations manager at a rail yard of Intermodal yard on Utah wow running a rail yard just overseeing the switching Crews that when the trains would pull in from the east and west side of the yard we would break those trains apart like look at other manifest and drab cars off of the rails and build them into those trains and then crew them again and get them online Tanis was working like 90-hour weeks most of the cleaning up train wrecks and derailments or like the blue switch and put three cars on the ground we were the central artery and in the midwest there are the really that that Corridor is kind of the cross-section of the entire country's shipping Commerce if we fucked up and tied up the main lines then we kind of shut down the railroad do you know what's fucked up you could never tell a kid hey you want it you want to make meaningful music this what you got to do you got to struggle in like difficult jobs to your about 35 and but you know barely

► 00:26:39

to where you want to be where you really kind of freaking out about your future and then pour yourself your heart and soul and then find success after that that's good move if you want to have impact for music if this but if you if you get into music like early on in your life and make a career early on in your life you miss everything that you did by being an older like you're you know a 35 year old man that makes it jump yeah that's all right bold move that makes sense but there's been a lot of incredible artist that made some truly

► 00:27:08

Visionary shit at 20 you know for sure but there's a life experience aspect to your music well yeah I mean I wouldn't know what the following have any this shit's right about if I'd done it at 20 yeah I'll be right with God knows what I'd be writing about probably pussy yeah for sure for sure yeah and you young well that's what are you thinking about you know we talked about stars and horoscopes and shit you're probably bullshit and people

► 00:27:41

podcast got weird real quick let's he does that now start talks about stars and horoscopes now right what do you think about horoscopes you think that shit's real I'm just Rollin G what do you think of a horse Coast I'm actually interested but he thinks about horoscopes yeah what do you think about it man I mean somebody just making shit up for other people knew that Mike so you don't have to break your neck yeah you're just making stuff up if you're if you're reading a horoscope or someone's trying to plant like give you some sort of indication of what's going to happen serendipitously or by Fate either way it's just someone making the shit out of this horseshit

► 00:28:20

people looking for patterns I think I'd have to learn about like the astrology aspect if they're trying to they're using that something absolutely numerology is the only thing in that world that even remotely interested me well how's that interesting is based on like mathematics and Universal equations and shown of basically like don't write some people can get a little loopy with it and they will they'll like they won't fly on an airplane they'll have their numerologist look at the flight numbers mmm were on the plane and and how these things all Corley whether this is a wise decision or not you know that that to me is just like what you know Nancy Reagan was all deep into that really she was deep in her astrology actually and she had like some famous astrologer who would read do the readings for them and she would dictate whether or not Ronald Reagan should go and do shit based on numerous based on based on astrology it's not the same right numerology is just not only strategies but

► 00:29:20

but she didn't she is that the case I'm pretty sure she was like balls deep into it like really into astrology after the Assassins we looked it up what's that look that up yeah we're looking at Jamie's always on it you got it what you got

► 00:29:38

here it goes Quigley was born in Kansas City Missouri she was called on by first lady Nancy Reagan in 1981 after John hinckley's attempted assassination of the president and stayed on as the White House astrologer in secret until being ousted in 1988 by ousted former Chief of Staff Donald Regan she said I was responsible for timing all press conferences most speeches the State of the Union addresses to take offs and The Landings of Air Force One she claimed a bigger role in her 1990 book so what does Joan say well yeah interesting that's crazy interesting yeah people that will love to believe in pattern so that's but then there are patterns so like maybe there's a thing you know maybe maybe there's a reason why we like to believe in patterns but does I agree with you this idea that someone's going to be able to like when were you born oh Tuesday 7:00 a.m. okay yeah stay home tonight the fuck out

► 00:30:37

here since you can't you don't know what the hell's going on this is guesswork but also statistically you're gonna have patterns 330 million people yep same thing that kind of person earlier yeah hundred percent really notice patterns and people also fight they find a way to take what someone has said and like make it seem like oh that's he means my brother my brother my brother and I have this problem we have to work it out that's what you're saying yes I think it is your brother in fact what color is his hair it's black yes oh guys look here what do you think about everything about my brother looks like if you ever been to an empath no I have not know what do you think about that exactly what is that means they like the I don't know I guess it's what they call psychics now so you don't think you're getting ripped off I really think I'm an empath they're very empathetic feel things I was that what it is you're dead you're dead family and I don't think that anyone on this planet I don't think there's a

► 00:31:37

an equal ability to perceive anything I think some people way more perceptive some people are smarter they see patterns better they see trouble coming they see problems they see things better than other people do and I think there's feelings that you get sometimes like weird feelings then someone will call you in like fuck I was just thinking about that dude that is weird like someone sends you a text you haven't thought about them or talk to them in months and months and months and also do you think about them and Bam a text comes through or they're calling you I don't know what that is but one time we were all texting by Jean-Claude Van Damme and five minutes later my Netflix recommendations are full of Jean Claude Van Damme I've never washed the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie on Netflix in my life that's the government 800 something that should creep you out that should creep you I had a meeting with Netflix about this anime thing early on and I brought this shit up and asked him point-blank they said no

► 00:32:30

Cornelius maybe they just get results maybe it's like they have a cleaner and they say to this guy listen I don't give a fuck how you find out what these people are talking about but you can find out right yeah maybe we'll say just don't tell me just do it just do it and this guy just like this thing is just listen to every goddamn word you saying providing suggestions for things you could buy on Amazon

► 00:32:52

maybe but I was thinking about psychics though is I think some people are probably better at that I bet there is moments where some people have a weird sense I just don't think it's consistent enough for anybody to pay money for it right now the anybody's ever demonstrated a real like provable psychic power but it doesn't mean that I don't think that that's look we can smell why can we smell what does that is some shit you can't even see and you can determine whether or not something is terrible based on it I mean you can smell rotten meat you like oh what the fuck that's your whole body you don't even see it where is it how do we not know that there's other senses that we can develop our ability to perceive good and bad people or ability to perceive whether or not someone's like a truly kind person or with someone sociopathic maybe there's ways to see whether or not people are compatible with your way of thinking maybe there's ways to see weird shit the people are thinking like if someone's planning and they're angry

► 00:33:52

but hit somebody maybe you could see it maybe you could feel it maybe you don't even know what the fuck it is but it smells like the same way rotten meat smells like whoa I gotta get the fuck out of here his feelings you get from certain people that are just unhand my buddy sense spidey sense yeah I mean it's just sucks just like early chimps were really bad at talking you know and then eventually they became people talk for a living we talked all day you think you know fucking gym so I got a couple fucking noises that's all they have you know they lie to each other Monkeys do I was I was listening to this podcast I forget I forget what they were talking about but they got to this thing where it was deception with primates that they'll pretend like that there's an eagle coming so that everybody Dives down and they'll steal the fruit they'll make noises they'll make noises like different animals coming to get you and they fuck with each other like they have noises that equals Eagles and they'll duck down like they hear a fucking Eagles oh Jesus like they imitate the eagle no no they have any word

► 00:34:52

they have a word for it the word for these monkeys like there's a certain Screech that they make that represents something coming down from above miles just sings take it easy on the bus I do the same thing your favorite song I Gotta Sing it yeah he loves the Eagles I'm like some of the after Joe Walsh there were different band right yeah he actually does like pre Joe Walsh Eagles to Walsh makes everything better job loss is the Savage yeah Victim of Love anybody doesn't love that song you fuck off it's a great goddamn song

► 00:35:27

this is a oh do we even if we did we didn't introduce you properly

► 00:35:33

no okay that's Justin I think we did introduce its Mike Tyson was always gentle Mike Tyson I'm hanging out with these guys because I'm a Green Beret and I got hurt and you saw the show last night so I'm speaking at the shows because Sturgill on his own well let me back up I got blown up in March and was in the hospital previous year I'd like come off of a deployment had like 11 months before the second one was a bit down in the down in the dumps got divorced had a dude died in the first trip so it's kind of like lose real rough to deal with and then was listening to these dudes quite a bit and then let into the next deployment I was there month boom almost died pretty hard teammates save me and we had blood on the ground like I got blood on On Target and then they made a hellacious movement to give me the Medevac long story short I'm eating dinner in the hospital one of the first meals jamming out to these dudes and I was like Mom I want to on it

► 00:36:32

Sturgill Simpson and then she tried to get ahold of them so come eventually did and he came hung out for like two hours I made my friend now General beaudette wait like 15 minutes so that we could finish talking about what you're talking about which when you're when you're an enlisted dude you don't make generals wait but I was on a lot of ketamine sews it was sweet but then startled had it I've had it on his own accord to like donate to the foundation so this little tour going on that coincides with the actual album release is donating to the Special Forces foundation so that helps gold star families which are the families that remained of remained of the friends I got killed on this trip so there were four Green Berets into EOD Tech's and

► 00:37:24

so that money is going to them and that's that's what I care about I don't like I'm alive I don't have any legs below my knees for those I can only can't see my legs on the video anyway but I don't have my testicles either so that's a different set of challenges but I don't care about getting taken care of other than the normal Army processes but I want them to get taken care of from the foundation so I'm grateful to have these guys as friends now they're awesome they're amazing musicians but amazing people and then I'm grateful to be here and just push that out and so people are coming to the shows all that money goes to the the foundation and then people can go on the foundation's website which is Special Forces foundation.org and yeah I appreciate it

► 00:38:10

that's fucking awesome man yeah it's really really really cool that's really cool that you're doing this and and thank you for coming here and telling everybody is you know this is it's a great way to great way to help out and and your music you know to connect it to that I think that's that's just a fucking incredible thing it's really cool you know when you send me the text messages telling me that you were going to the hospital you know it's very touching

► 00:38:40

it's it was like yeah

► 00:38:44

yeah you were you know you can tell you're seriously moved by this and you know for someone like you who truly understands the consequences of War like the physical consequence of in a way that none of us will understand you know it's it's very not just it's Brave of you to talk about this but it's also it's so valuable so valuable for everybody that that hasn't served to understand what it really is so thank you for that well I always say really like combat because I was in a lot of it relatively speaking but bunch of guys have been away more combat bunch of people treated more casualties I'm a medic but I was in a fair amount almost got killed on the first trip good handful of times and then

► 00:39:28

so I just don't like the war aspect when you see your friends get killed and you're stuck in a hospital bed on top of all the stuff that's you know I didn't shit for a week I piss blood for a week I've had tons of nights of excruciating pain that's the life of an amputee or they're guys that are worse than me so I'm just grateful for having what I have and

► 00:39:52

yeah that's the beginning of it like especially on ketamine when you're going through all that and you're just like I was telling like the people that took the trash out in the room like hey I'm grateful for you brother right on brother what is what is kind of mean like after a catastrophic injury like that

► 00:40:10

does it relieve the pain does it just put you in another dimension so ketamine is a an mdl this sucker right yeah just and ketamine is a nmda antagonist in the brain so it's essentially is a dissociative so the way that it feels because we learn this in class as a medic and everything but the way that it feels is kind of

► 00:40:31

it takes your perspective and it's like it always felt like a whirlwind when the if I was getting a push of it but things like you're starting to get your vision masked and your present you're still there but you're dipping into like subconscious because you're still conscious because unconscious would mean that you're like you pass out and you cannot have a gag reflex depending on how unconscious you are so

► 00:40:56


► 00:40:58

I would close my eyes and immediately trip the most insane balls that you could imagine open I'm going to be back in the room and be like what the fuck oh and then a friend of mine when I left my first rotation he was an Air Force CCT that got blown up in the same Village I had a few casualties in he stepped an ID he's an above-the-knee some missing fingers but when he was on ketamine when he was awake and looking around he'd see the walls on fire and then there'd be like women like white pale skin in the corners peeling the skin off their back and he was like a wake and I was like Jesus that's yeah like whatever I don't know it's must be like someone psychology when they go in like set and setting type thing but I was in it when I got a lot of ketamine my legs were blown off I'm getting worked on I'm telling dude how to treat me I cut my own shirt off and then I get the ketamine and I'm like in and out and I see these Visions back and forth and like I was convinced I was there are two distinct moments I was like I'm not going to make

► 00:41:58

and had that conversation so

► 00:42:05

and what's the real about this right here is that you were talking to him on this show and you guys talked about combat Medics and you were like and I just sing a key I was like right on there talking about me and then I got all kinds of jacked up

► 00:42:25

makes you appreciate makes you appreciate life and I've gone through a huge development last year through depression and then this year after this blast of like being grateful and like in do an introspection and communicating and having empathy for other people and being compassionate human which general mattis's told us a group of us on the way back from my first trip it's like don't let this experience of War make you more hateful human being because people haven't experienced it let it allow yourself to go through post-traumatic growth and become a better human being and treat other people like you want to be treated and tree and I would add on to that which came from Tim Ferriss treat yourself the way you treat other people too that's not a sign of Madness that you ever hear in the Press huh I suppose not that's what that think that would be very valuable for people they know that he thinks that way that's a

► 00:43:21

it's a very powerful way to view this inevitable the in the inevitable consequences of war that that started scraping me off the bottom to focus on that

► 00:43:34

after that trip yeah that ketamine shed is a weird one because a lot of people do it recreationally and apparently they they blast off and go into other dimensions and shit and they go in a k holes and I never did you try to do a do died from it he was really into it it's doing a lot with what happened I don't think affection he I know he probably was doing a bunch of other things as well but he was getting treated for ketamine for addiction and then he wound up dying you can dose the shit out of me yeah you couldn't it doesn't kill you you can give a kid three hundred Meg's of it and

► 00:44:14

they will fucking trip balls but they are going to they're not going to die like the opposite of all the other drugs the think he was doing other shit too yeah I think the ketamine was just something he was treated for I think he was doing a bunch of speed and stuff to which its ketamine was originally like isn't a cat tranquilizer or something like that they give it to my wife Best Friends veterinary and she definitely has like Jack and animals with ketamine on the road it's increasing now and like civilian hospitals was started as like a veterinarian drug which I mean it works great and you combine it with some other stuff do you know John Lilly is

► 00:44:53

no John John Lilly was this scientist that he was a Pioneer in interspecies communication to those work with dolphins and he was also a big asset freak and he would like to take he would take acid and try to communicate with dolphins he did he allegedly give Dolphins acid he was a part of his long-standing program try to get Dolphins to talk to him but one of the things he invented who was or not a movie about this there is altered state no way Altered States based a lot on John Lilly because he invented the sensor sensory deprivation and give the Dolphins acid the movie now because it's and it just was Loosely based on him because in the movie The guy experience what a bunch of different types of sensory deprivation tanks and everybody knew that this guy he was a legitimate doctor a brilliant guy but he was also a ketamine freak and one thing he would do is like you take intramuscular ketamine and then get into the sensory deprivation tank yeah that's a double whammy yeah a double whammy

► 00:45:52

so is that stuff difficult to get off of or do you have to worry about that is there like a withdrawal symptom the issue would be with the pain like when you have something that's controlling some sort of level of pain and then coming off of that you usually wean off of it but it's not a physical addiction issue

► 00:46:11

you know I should know the answer that definitively but as a medic yeah but I haven't heard of anything that words car to come off of they had you on other stuff way harder to come off oh yeah I was on methadone roof and Sturgill friends shooter and Duff McKagan came to the hospital and Duff was like methadone is worse than heroin like because Gene our guys were rocking it in the 80s but that was like I mean one one week I dropped down 20 mig's instead of the 10 and it was like being a junkie like for nine hours I was just like rubbing my legs like whoa because they're just lit up with nerve pain feels like there's daggers in your leg or some sort of electrocution and you look like on a movie with like a someone cracked out or something I was just like rubbing my shit there's we used to see these guys would come into the pool hall when I used to play pool in White Plains they would come in there was a methadone clinic down the street and they were all heroin people and my friend Johnny Be would call the method

► 00:47:11

audience because they would come in they all had like this like sort of like dull Shuffle to them they were all slow down and I can never understand it was like I was like is this like a culturally like did someone agree did we make some sort of agreement like this drugs okay this is it's got you know it's got some stamp of approval so we're accepting that they have to get methadone every day but they can't get heroin anymore why don't we just give him heroin like is how much different is the methadone is the methadone get them high with synthesized so it's easier to control but does it get him high I didn't have any effect while know it's just fighting off the physiology is so it just fights the physiology of they're not getting you'll never get high like the first let's some spike really potent narcotic yeah for like the other the adverse effects but don't people have like the best effects with like ibogaine and things like that when it comes to opiates forgetting kicking up his yeah I mean if you want to go through that I would say you know I would probably be your best bet for a quick solution

► 00:48:11

that's what you mean like the methadone's like it is actually bad for you isn't it yes it fucks your I didn't sleep I don't have deep sleep for four months and I was I'd go to get in bed at nine not fall asleep till 3:00 in the morning that fucks with everything to yeah

► 00:48:29

the pretty shitty year damn and how long does it take to get you off of the methadone

► 00:48:38

I mean once you're off of it they are doctors were saying that it stays in your adipose tissue because you're fat for like two or three weeks because I'd have random nights when I was off of it and just get lit up with nerve pain and like getting hit with a hammer and my toes so probably for to probably like six weeks of weaning that and then I went to another drug Lyrica I mean for you it had to feel me because you were there at Walter Reed the whole time you had to feel frustrated but for somebody like Mike the first time

► 00:49:09

I came to see you it was only what

► 00:49:12

how about a month after the blast at most so you he was still in a lot of more pain than I could even comprehend somebody being in you know from nerve pain for how many of those how many surgeries on each leg

► 00:49:29

it's close to 30 surgeries total which yeah lobsters Staples in your back to for they taken

► 00:49:37

I mean you you describe just man just like how can anybody

► 00:49:41

you know and then he was still as he said the first time we met he was high as giraffe balls on Academy but like I was I was profoundly

► 00:49:50

impressed by even then like how clear-headed and articulate and I was obviously these guys obviously brilliant you know I mean like you just through the fog and awareness of everything going on in the room despite the faint the pain he was trying to pretend like he wasn't in I just and then the place is full of guys like him and every and then when I went back it's like all new faces you know these people

► 00:50:12

hmm But then when I went back the second time I went to see was there a couple days and it was like just in a matter of short time it was Leaps and Bounds and you're using the gym on one leg like fucking busting out 20 pull-ups and everything you know just kind of like there's got to be something we can do anything you can do to help in whatever way and these guys since I've known him I've never once ever heard him ask for anything his only concerns were like for the families of the guys that didn't make it you know so

► 00:50:46

let's just work really well around an album release if I'm going to have a bunch of attention on me I thought it would be a good opportunity to put attention on what other people can do to help these guys then their families because they're you know the sacrifices especially sitting in these rooms and looking at these dudes man I can't even

► 00:51:02

you can't

► 00:51:06

you know what do you what do you what do you call that

► 00:51:11

yeah well I want to help so after the show let's figure out what we can do to jump in hmm I want to I want to help so help with the podcast help with some comedy shows maybe do just whatever we could do that yeah listen I'm Blown Away by all this as much as I think all these people are listening and watching this is it's beautiful that you doing this man and I think that you know when it's inspiring me to do something I think it's probably inspiring a bunch of other people and that's that's that's those things that people talk about one thing that you might experience or here in life that are changes your world view and moves you in a better Direction

► 00:51:53

this is this could be one of those things you know

► 00:51:58

well you're a good man I thought well I'm not thankful for anything man he's

► 00:52:04

so I'm just a dude just to do well you're just an awesome dude all you guys it's cool I'm very happy that you're bringing awareness to this I'm real happy that you do on that makes me feel great and it's not you know like Justin said the war side of it is the

► 00:52:21

the tragedy I guess so it's not like you know right or left it's just like this is the reality of it and people are making these sacrifices for you and when they come home what do we do for them you know it's a hard thought for people to accept that war is inevitable

► 00:52:40

it's a hard thought and it doesn't seem like it's inevitable because it's not inevitable in this room I mean if we were the last people on Earth and there was a bunch of food and places to sleep I think we'd probably not kill each other I probably wouldn't go to war right it's like what is the number where you go to war is it a million is a two million is it separated by oceans is it just mountains or boundaries but the fact that no one thinks that war can be solved like no no one that I know thinks that in our lifetime they'll be no war there's never been a period where someone on Earth its human has been going to war with each other

► 00:53:19

it's a horrible truth of being a person and nobody nobody knows it the way you do so for you to come on and tell your story the way you just did I appreciate the fuck out of that man and I would just want people

► 00:53:39

if they hear that in that moves them it's more of like a just be grateful on a regular basis for what for anything yeah I mean Steven Pinker was on your show I ended up FaceTiming with him as a result of all this but like he has that book about basically the enlightenment worked and we still have war and then there are people still fighting it but overall the world is continuing to improve and like steadily getting better and fewer people are dying from genocide and War but it still exists so that I would want the respect for war if someone is wanting to go to war

► 00:54:17

you know if someone is going to be a commander in chief and that's it that's a heavy thing to like toss back and forth these it's dream lie it means that

► 00:54:26

I may never have kids because I don't have my balls you know like like that you there's sacrificed like I and I'm the one that lived and I didn't have any kids but like my friends have four girls my other my other friend has three kids so like when you're if you're going to move the chest piece to war then we need to understand the implications of what that means and try to do everything in political power and state strategy to avoid over War because it yeah especially when I see the near Pier

► 00:54:57

let's rush rush nuclear war would be the worst thing yeah it's a Miss World War Three mutually assured destruction is the strangest thing on Earth that we all have enough weapons pointed each other to literally nuke every fucking man woman and child off the face of the Earth many times over and that's what keeps us from using them but yet we still have them

► 00:55:17

and we still have them pointed at each other

► 00:55:20

I mean remember when you were kids and we were worried about Russia you remember that shit I'm older I'm alright guys I'm worried about people walking into Target with a suicide vest yeah yeah when's that coming right yeah you could all of it

► 00:55:38

is Europe's been dealing with that shit for decades you know we really haven't tasted that yet

► 00:55:43

like on a widespread habitual scale so that means a lot of people working very hard to make sure we don't yes

► 00:55:54

how how does anybody ever fix that how does any country how does civilization as a whole ever fix that

► 00:56:03

I don't think you really can't because it's an idea it's like you have to change somebody's mind I was gonna say Mushrooms but the Vikings took mushrooms isolation the Vikings love taking mushrooms and fucking people up ketamine isolation tanks be a pretty great artist like you would put everybody in a good place yeah it's weird just it is the I mean most people most of the time are never not thinking about killing somebody but we know that it is a just inevitable part of being human that groups of people going to get together and fuck up other groups of people yeah it's always been a part of us it's one of the strangest things about human beings it's truly strange because the consequences are so awful and yet it's inevitable I had to make the decision this year I found out I'm not a psychopath it's very reassuring yeah you told me about that story yeah yeah

► 00:56:59

those I don't know to be honest I'll tell the story but for forget the thought it was everything else associated with what happened after that I found more impactful and

► 00:57:16

you know the stuff that lasted or stays with you it wasn't what actually happened it was seeing the aftermath and like the system and how it all yeah pans out but we had a we had two home invasions within 36 hours I guess the first time the guy came in and middle night but 2:30 3:00 a.m. and our backdoor had the sensor on made a very signature noise and if you live in your house you know the noises in your house and spur for whatever reason it just woke me up from a dead sleep and I knew what I heard and there's only thing that would make that noise so I kind of snake my way out the hall and down to the top of the stairs and when I hit the top of the stairs I heard the dog growl and the door closed back so I knew that was somebody leaving we have a huge fucking dog basically useless but he did growl and he made a very primitive noise I was proud of him and we got in come in because of that and I also went downstairs and

► 00:58:15

swept the ground floor and then he was gone I don't want to freak my wife asshole waited till the morning to tell her and then we called police of course one of the neighbors got it on like a ring Cam and the back alley the guy leaving and going down the street so I had a very clear view of him

► 00:58:32

for whatever reason my wife and the kids they had to go on down to where we actually live I was working that week in Nashville probably mixing a record or something so I had to stay behind and as a result of me being home alone that day I was cleaning and working on a firearm I'd recently purchased an assembled and so went to bed that night locked everything up and you know because they weren't home I put the gun on the floor on a padded case next to the bed so I'm letting the next morning it's like 7:15 a.m. like sunshine neighbors going to work I hear the back door open again and I was like this can't you know what the fuck is that the maid who would be here that early and I guess out of paranoia

► 00:59:19

for whatever reason I grabbed that gun and just went to the top of the stairs to look I still think it's the maid and when I hit the top of stairs and look down the staircase same guy same clothes just standing in my living room rolling the court up on my headphones and I'll say well alright was almost impressed one that he came back was just like I couldn't believe it was happening at this time and so I started down the stairs on him very quietly and I got about halfway down by the time he like turned and saw me and I was looking through his at his fucking head through a red dye like a video game I'll never forget that image this guy like probably thinking he's about to die

► 01:00:00

and the back door was thankfully still open the only thing I said to him was what are we doing here man and I hit him with a strobe which kind of like probably he did his brain was he thought was the gun going off because he kind of like seizure and then I saw the adrenaline Spike and he turned and went out the back door and jump clean off my fucking porch like never hit a single step and ran at the back gate he had latched it and I saw this on the video later when he came in he shut the back gate back so he hit that back gate on a dead rant on a dead run and just like blew it the hell latches and wood splinters flying and they took off down the alley and I was just I was still I was standing on my porch with a fucking you know yeah looking like a jackass and my like when neighbors are literally walking out of the house going to work and shit I'm just like okay that happened and then so then next thing there's like eight police officers in my living room all they wanted to see was my gun

► 01:00:57

and every single one of them asked me why I didn't shoot the guy

► 01:01:02

and which I found very interesting as a warming and I thought about it finally you at one when I'm down going down the stairs you would not believe how much shit can go through your head like four seconds like they're I had this whole conversation with myself as to like

► 01:01:21

wife and kids aren't here you know this guy doesn't even know I'm here yet I'm holding a fucking assault rifle and he's not a threat to me

► 01:01:31

but if I put one through his dome which I have every legal right to do right now there's gonna be news vans on my lawn this is going to be on your fucking Wikipedia page you know really all of them just like this guy's not a threat yeah and thankfully he chose to go out the door with all those it was just so weird they're all why didn't you shoot him I was like well I said that and they just kind of looked at me and was like by the you know literally by the time we engage man two seconds later he's running out the door so what we're going to shoot him in the back and then you put me in prison and they were like ah fuck man twice in a week you'd been finally figured something out figured something out

► 01:02:10

and who wants to take that chance oh yeah yeah well life in prison or not yeah roll the dice I mean if he did turned and ran at me we'd probably be having a different conversation but yeah but he didn't you know or if you reach for a gun anything yeah well she didn't ya was he a junkie no no he's like 25 I honestly like saw his whole fucking life on his face you know I mean it just like a probably hard times just a mess Punk kid probably like I was I didn't do any shit like that when I was his age but no his tox College came back clean he had one prior for possession just hard times desperate and so I got subpoenaed because I was the only one that actually met him and I go to the court case and you know it was very interesting and telling experience for me because I've never really been to anything like that and he was one of maybe eight or nine other people on the docket that day all signed the same public defender who literally shows up 15 minutes before they start the day to familiarize himself with every

► 01:03:09

the case and you just saw this Factory like these young underprivileged black males just getting pumped into the system the da came over and she was just like thanks for being here yada yada and you know the unluckily for him he broke in like 13 other houses and they had him on tape and a lot of things we had 13 or 14 aggravated burglary charges which is pretty fucking heavy you know it's a every one of those figures Class B so he was looking at 12 to 15 I think he sang like a bird pleaded down got six and then if he does a successful rehabilitation program in prison he could be out in two and and she was like yadda yadda and I just realized like wow they're just just throwing this kid's life away because he

► 01:03:54

you know Granny came into some people's houses and he probably almost got fucking killed and they called him the next night like three streets over in the ACT doing the same thing but he had no priors he wasn't on drugs it was just like no Direction probably no discipline no guidance no Heroes

► 01:04:12

and I struggle with that I was like man has got to be like

► 01:04:17

what if I gave him a job

► 01:04:23

it depends entirely on who he is right which I never got the chance to sit down and find that bond that out I never got to talk to him face it might turn out he was just some punk fucking kid I'd be like good luck man you know I like it might turn out awesome it might turn out terrible to depending upon the person but there's so many people in this country that are set up to fail so their circumstances their life their environment the way what they're surrounded by all day long they're set up to fail and I've always said that if we really cared we have someone would really we have this plan that we always sort of in part we put x amount of money toward this and why I'm out in money towards that but if we wanted to make this country

► 01:05:08

we want to really make it stronger you would want less losers so how do you get less losers you prevent them from ever becoming losers but you helped them when you're their kids during the development developmental period you mean spend more money on education spend more money on cleaning up impoverished neighborhoods and crime-ridden neighborhoods they it's not impossible it's not like fucking breathing on the sun like it can be done like neighborhoods can get better they get better right but the idea that there's so little time and effort put into fixing those parts of the of our own country mean we have the most resources we have this fucking spectacular country filled with amazing people and some of them just don't get a chance because they're stuck in a rut from the moment they come out of their mother's body they're stuck in his this rut you've been assigned your lat you got fucked you got a bad roll the dice and that's a lot of countries man this young a few countries were like anybody can just put the fucking boots down and make something happen like one of the few look like you know

► 01:06:08

and you pretty much know about second or third grade what your life is going to be by your test scores already like you know you know if you're going to be working class or if you want to University this country we applaud when you started out poor right we love it like people who start out poor and then become successful that's like our favorite shit that's right like what do we what is this country like more than a success story you know like he started out eating bread and Holly Holly had his money to barely get to school and barely get home but he keeps showing up every day everybody wants hear that story that's the fucking story Rocky heart yeah bro

► 01:06:48

how many shows you guys doing we're doing six of these just as we a conversation starter and within the realtor will be oh I should probably announce that they told me to while we're here we're going to do a u.s. full US tour starting mid or late February and with myself and a young man named Tyler Childers opening I love that dude yeah we do too big fan of that deal so that's happening next year and those will also tie into fundraising Ticketmaster and itg everybody participating that's gonna I was listening to his Purgatory album on the way over here well yeah miles and I are both fucked around the room when that got made it's great shit most played drums on its really good but its records right yeah I just stood in the control room and pretended to do stuff

► 01:07:36

I could confirm that

► 01:07:38

that's so when you do a show like the Troubadour is it like knock the rust off let's fucking will definitely we haven't played in over a year Ryan we're going back and like working up material we literally haven't played since we recorded it two and a half years ago and just to get we don't really rehearse we just sort of knock the rust off it takes us about three or four shows to feel like we even know what the fuck's happening so you guys don't get together before you know Chuck and Bob was live in Detroit miles and out of Tennessee I we hadn't seen these guys since October we get a lot done at soundtrack yeah basically yeah but you're all still active as musicians even when you're not together Turin I don't know what they do and I am I'm a freelancer and Detroit So when you say freelancer like what does that involve like like what he was saying if someone needs yeah I've been in the area for like 25 years so I play with a lot of bands a lot of friends whose big group of people Detroit's a great City for musicians so you can stay busy you know if you know the right people

► 01:08:38

when you're not a dick so dude just I mean I have zero musical Talent or never it never pursued any of it so I love music it's one of my favorite things to hear stories about people because I just love like the idea of you going out and you know hey we need a badass bass player in the you send you over to this place and that like a fucking gun for hire like to me as like a kid growing up in Newton Massachusetts used to always listen to music I never thought about doing it so when I see people that do do it's like whoa that guy is making a living making music it's one of the to me one of the coolest forms of art because everybody gets inspired by almost everybody loves it and almost nobody knows how to do it you can take you can always tell the people who do it better than others to I mean yes there's levels to it man yeah I mean there's there's make Suzanne Santo and I were talking about Gary Clark jr. last night like this guy he's got

► 01:09:38

weird thing going on with his fucking guitar like it's a Gary Clark jr. guitar you know what I mean like I said sound he puts out he has a certain sound that's like you could hear it like a hear a new song oh that's Gary Clark jr. song like by his guitar sound yeah this like something to the way he's got like this he did a cover of Midnight Rider with Suzanne and honey honey at this like little hole-in-the-wall place in Downtown LA it was like maybe maybe a hundred people in the room tiny-ass little crowded like midnight on Tuesday night and maybe I'm exaggerating maybe this 300 people but it was fucking small shit and he did his Gary Clark jr. version of Midnight Rider fuck it was amazing it was amazing it's like there's there's a guy like him he could pick up any guitar yeah and plug it into any amp and he's still going to sound like him yeah

► 01:10:37

yeah I mean I don't know that but I believe it I don't know shit about playing the guitar but I believe it makes sense to me it was something still yeah he's got a thing yeah I think it's awesome that a guitar driven Act is headlining huge rooms to yeah heaters and they played they played the Hollywood Bowl yeah that's amazing you know he's undeniable you just got to get the fuck out of the way you know he's undeniable yeah I mean that kind of music I never I've never met him it will be played a festival once he was at and I just saw him walking across the grass backstage I was like that's cool motherfucker right there he's the nicest guy ever you'd love them he's so nice he's a really really cool guy does any of your family play music or did oh well my oldest daughter does yeah but no one in my like my mom side or my dad's side like no one in that part of the family played music but everybody loves it I think it's there's some kind of music and everybody you can you can repeat rhythms back for sure and then yeah

► 01:11:37

counts conjunction Junction what's your function you're a musician everybody everybody has music in their life I mean everybody and people don't like the only person I know who doesn't like music he might have changed his stance on its Doug Stanhope it's okay I fucking hate music hate songs but I don't know if that's true if he's just working on a bit but I mean it's hard to tell but he's the only guy I know that's even espouse those ideas that he doesn't like music do you ever do that you ever have conversations with people and they don't know you're actually working on material no because if I'm saying it I probably really do mean it right you know or I'm just trying to be funny and then it turns out like oh I could say this on stage but it's never like hey I'm going to work out my I hop joke on Sturgill today right hi Sturgill than I have lately Waffle House yeah well Waffle House is so that was a better choice Waffle House is synonymous with fucking knife fights and brawls and Sturgill Simpson

► 01:12:37

food actually I used to work at IHOP so my loyalties go back and I'll sing for Waffle House my hop but no one's totally relaxed at a waffle house at 2:00 in the morning fuck no no no no like you got to be like a fuck buddy here this is over I just now because it is so rare and Waffle House interior it's not even the most interesting people I've ever met in my life were in the wee hours of the night in a waffle house oh for sure yeah for sure but you got to take a risk well yeah you taking a rest for that delicious ask food delicious - oh man do you take those big slabs of butter and lather that shit out of that waffle just don't even worry about your cholesterol counts poor that fucking syrup on it because a fuck about calories tonight we live and you cut up that ham steak and eggs with that fucking waffle with thick like a half an inch of butter and syrup all over we do shortstops in the South sometimes two three more than him and some of the other younger

► 01:13:37

they go in hard and brave me or like what the chili with the back well now that was who did that Dalton Dalton yeah don't shut up the Dalton Rowe was Dalton yeah it was he born before after Roadhouse it's really after but he'd never seen the movie we were musical or down and Roadhouse or double douche I finally had to see it he's like man this shit was fucking whack be Roadhouse's like you don't you know nothing how can you say it's wacky does it's got the wrong content you dare talk bad about Patrick Swayze that's an all-time classic terrible movie but in the best way like you get super excited it's example keep dreamily homoerotic looking back now I mean the whole fight scene with him in the galley I used to fuck guys like you in prison we what was going on there yeah I think that's just bad writing that tough guy talk I think it's know about Swayze so handsome everything with him was homoerotic right because he's beautiful

► 01:14:37

guy man yeah he was a he was literally a ballet dancer yeah he moved like one yeah when he's like the karate expert and shit like you said just a right amount of muscular Dawn brother that to what we got here oh man this is one of the worst fight scenes look how bad this is like in terms of movement ha dude the speed of his techniques the impact of these strikes look at this is worth Sam Elliott shows up eventually yeah boom boom Oh the double headbutt move oh the bottle over the head there he is oh my goodness Sam Elliott is we've actually seen a guy take a bottle to the head so I can test for a fact that you can still fight after taking a giant full unopened bottle of Grey Goose to the Head fuck it only in a Mexican discotheque in McAllen Texas after a Dwight Yoakam he had a big white cowboy hat on he look like a bodybuilder and he had two ladies at the table

► 01:15:37

Slauson hard I think he turned around and like spit a little game at somebody else's woman and Miles that we yeah we back up that fucking story that was the first real tour we ever did we finally got a booking agent and we went out and we did two weeks open for Dwight Yoakam which was fucking awesome I like felt like an actual huge break you know what I mean we're like went from playing Dive Bar shitholes 212 drunk still like standing in front of four or five thousand people so Texans Texans with that and we're down in Pharr Texas PHA Double R which is right on the border and we went down did the gig and it was fucking amazing because it was in this giant Auditorium and they had these long tables like you would have in like a school cafeteria but they were just they were rows of them as far back as I could see and when they had it look like

► 01:16:29

it might as well be in 1955 man and we were playing the hayride or some shit because it was always white cowboy hats just a notion of white cowboy hats whites and Hispanics and like everybody was like seated and sort of like turn sideways enjoying the shows very civil little Vibe and then after the show the promoters these guys will you guys want to go to a club

► 01:16:51

you know I was like not really but you know the younger guys might had the I was basically babysitting you assholes at that point no fucking kids and so they round us up and take us to this fucking discotheque and we're the only Gringos in this place man and it was like there was some serious machismo being thrown around as a little threatening and the guy starts telling it they get on the mic with a DJ and they're telling everybody that we're Dwight Yoakam is Ban I realize like oh shit this guy we're a promotion tool you know I mean to make his Club look cool like we don't play for Dwight Yoakam but they said it like 50 fucking times you know and finally we're just kind of sitting in the corner not speaking in mind her own business so we don't die and

► 01:17:34

miles an hour sitting at a table and some chairs and all sudden is just liquid and broken glass just raining down on us from behind and I kind of turned around to see this guy sort of stumble and to do still standing there holding the bottle neck and it was like he had these big unopened bottles of Grey Goose like big-ass Grey Goose bottles on ice and the do just came up to the table hunting like fucking next one it took it to the Dome whoo and the guy kind of you kind of Stutter Step he turned around he took his cowboy hat off and he went at him and beat the fuck out of both of them and I told him I was like I think this is where we leave everybody left yeah it just cleared the whole place out whoa I couldn't believe it I thought like would kill somebody it depends on where you hit them and how you hit him how hard you hit him you could definitely kill somebody with a bottle though right mean it certainly happened I was reading some horrible story about a 13 year old kid who got sucker-punched and wound up dying

► 01:18:30

yeah I mean you get you could kill somebody accidentally even if you didn't mean to you hit somebody they fall they hit their head they die that happens all the time like the dead at the hockey game oh that was horrible man kid watch that happened over nothing over a hockey over kids hockey

► 01:18:53

yeah I mean people get real weird Bob's being awfully quiet I just want you know he's fucking Bob Bob was so high last night you could say anything this is probably Bob just was hitting that joint so hard I didn't have anywhere to put it down you know is playing so now you're going to come over and take it going there the path wasn't hard as clear as I thought it might be yeah I noticed that right when we walked out Heston introduced and it was like where do I walk to get to the thing was it what was the instrument that was facing the crowd like to your left well up there yeah but keyboard is a Hammond B3 and then on top of that was a clavinet and what was this one that was face like it was facing you but the back of it was to the crowd was all exposed wiring the shall be 300 and yeah that's a trip to look back into the gears Bob's like a Gearhead kind of a reverse engineering genius and we he only uses like

► 01:19:53

move audio gear and I'm pretty sure now I've known him for since like 2011 I'm convinced he only does it he buy shit he knows a little break so you can fix it that's it right there yeah there's a picture from my Instagram yeah it looks cool I mean it's supposed to have a wood back but it looks cool looks cool as fuck yeah man but it's it's it's very revealing like go oh there's a lot going on there you can surf them to I've seen him do it on top of it you mean oh yeah Saturday Night Live it's Saturday Night Live stuff and I looked up like what was going on and Bobby was standing on his organ I was my God

► 01:20:47

why not why not hey man fucking do whatever you want just keep doing what you're doing do whatever the fuck you want if you guys can keep doing what you did last night I love it I'm in it's only going up from there really you know those the first one so we were we were very like critical and unhappy but it was fun as fuck man it was fun as fuck here we go well that's when he did on SNL oh there it is boom We there's the first time we played that record last night hmm you know

► 01:21:19


► 01:21:22

that's some good shit right there ma'am if I gotta say so myself there's a lot of adrenaline man as we'd all literally everybody get all the horns with us but everybody in the band you know you you're as a kid you dream about that shit right there from the time you even think about playing music you know what I mean yeah being on a rock and S&L so I we were before the second song There we go yeah we were backstage and I just told everybody like you know this is most likely the only time we may never get to fucking do this so don't leave anything out there you know yeah somebody wrote a great article about it saying that a musical artist named Sturgill Simpson just knock in a song about the illegal heroin trade on SNL yeah yeah that happens

► 01:22:06

it wasn't like I didn't think about it that way we just knew that should be fun to play but yeah it is kind of a I mean that's lyrics did yeah I mean that's what it's about

► 01:22:17

do you remember you ever see that video of Geraldo Rivera go walking through the poppy fields where the military was guarding the poppy fields know yeah the military was guarding the poppy fields because in order to get information from the people that live there you had to get them on your side so the way to get them on their side was to protect their heroin production so they got the United States military walking through these poppy fields with Geraldo Rivera's interviewing them and they're trying to explain suspect it's the craziest thing you've ever seen in your life you like with this is a movie this is not real this is a movie Geraldo Rivera's interviewing soldiers and the soldiers United States soldiers fucking machine guns out are guarding poppy fields you like what wait a minute they're guarding heroin yeah we're Afghanistan it's a fucking trip if we play it we have an issue right if we play it how does that work will get kicked off of YouTube it's not as easy

► 01:23:17

why would you get really yeah I mean I'm just looking and it's hard to find now we've played it on the podcast many times they might be trying to wash it from the internet well they know they did it's a trip yeah it's Geraldo Rivera interviewing this guy is old clip it sit here it is so real that we won't play the volume because otherwise we'll get kicked off of YouTube but when we're watching this Geraldo Rivera is interviewing these soldiers who were talking about how they have to guard these poppy fields

► 01:23:46

so they guard these poppy fields so that they can get information on the Taliban and that these these guys who are the farmers will be on their side you have to see it if the see the whole thing it's a long video that plays out was it was the Taliban would they burn it down or do they just control the money from it's a good question I don't know are you protecting the heroin or these Farmers like means of income that's a good question yeah it's I think it's the farmers means eventually I guess you're asking everything's about money everything's about money was it the Taliban anti-heroin

► 01:24:19

do we know that I don't know heroin is ramped up since since this time period heroin use well from that time for her to that video yeah yeah it just keeps ramping up right yeah ramps up Vietnam pretty hard to yeah what a coincidence hmm crazy there's no way that the United States government back then the 60s when no one was accountable whatever be involved in heroin trade I've met if I used to Elder gentleman in my life randomly and bars who claim to fly airplanes for the CIA in Vietnam I just assumed they were both full completely full of shit who knows did you ever see that CIA CIA drug plane that crashed in Mexico with like a ton of cocaine on it they ran out of gas and they would let him land in Mexico to refuel because they knew what they were doing yes guys like you know the way too much weight and they crashed and it's the craziest fucking series of images you look at this plane all fucked up strewn across the field but all the hair or the cocaine is intact it's all stuffed in this airplane

► 01:25:20

wow this is what that's what they recovered often this but there's pictures of the wreckage you can kind of see the wreckage in the background there yeah so in the wreckage like as these planes crash is just plumb full of cocaine or tons of Coke but Guyana 8,000 pounds man that's so heavy 400 tons oh not for don't know one of these is not a cure but that can't be right 400-ton prostrate and lot bag did you ever see that that Tom Cruise going to be about Barry seal yes it's all about that it's all about a few Cowboys Rogue CIA agents the decide to try to make a little noise in that movie for like five minutes and he steals the whole fucking thing who's lazy plays his his wife's younger brother oh yeah the like the like the little degenerate dipshit yeah he was awesome he's a great he's a funny dude that's a lot like the Bluegrass Conspiracy you know about that what's what

► 01:26:19

Bluegrass there was basically it was a Lexington Kentucky police officer oh man it went all the way up to there's a governor's office yeah and it was it was deep in Kentucky politics for years and years and years and he he was he was flying a plane little prop plane with weed and and like money millions of dollars in cocaine he crashed in Knoxville Tennessee and they found on everything they didn't know as a police officer until he died and he was like he jumps out of the plane with a parachute with the coke strapped to him the way the fuck the shoot she loafers they found him on the ground with his chute half open and just like yeah like a powder coke yeah and a bear also ate all the cocaine and died right a big Strawberry Shortcake just laying there no horse farm field you know there's pictures of all well not all that how much coke does it take to kill a bear

► 01:27:11

it says how much he ate I don't know if top of my head oh poor thing I think they have it stuffed in Lexington this is a really good book you should read that book Bluegrass Conspiracy yeah one of the true story but it

► 01:27:27

small state level corruption at the utmost level in terms of drop less kubera story the legendary cocaine bear of Kentucky that set wow is that the bear they mounted them wow that's it it's fucking it's like he's gonna fuck inside out his neck just cocaine bear I think this looks like a gold chain it's like he's a rapper look he's got his hat sideways he's gonna fucking sign right as next his cocaine bear it's all gold

► 01:28:02

Bluegrass I got to read it that I definitely heard about the bear eating the coke yeah the Barry seals one is a terrible one because the reason why they found out about us because these two kids found the coke drop they found the Coke and they want to murder in these two kids when they went to achieve the Coke and they put their bodies on the railroad tracks and they told the parents that the kids got high and fell asleep in the where the railroad tracks but the parents did an independent autopsy and they found stab wounds in the kids you know it's really fucked up also what would give that away I've seen that when like transients are bums get ya come in on you know it's always a part of our we would have to finally young kids and shit playing hop car and you know doing the gutter rat lifestyle and $1,000 fucking North Face parkas and shit just like what are you doing man you're gonna die right but like bums would come in on the trains this didn't happen already orders over the north guard this guy he thought they were done with the movement

► 01:29:01

you know you took fifty seven hundred foot steel with fucking 45 thousand horsepower on the front of it like when it starts moving it's very sudden and hard so you just go to stand up all that thing all of a sudden when it starts Roland and then you you lose your footing and you fall down the tracks when the cars but when you get run over by a train it's not bloody and messy because the especially if it's been on the main line it's rolling really hard and hot you put a limb on a track or a body or a corpse all that weight and friction and heat when it goes over it just cuts it like butter and Carter arises everything like pisses you off like sausage

► 01:29:37

so we find pieces not a mess just pieces oh my God unless you hit a fucking cow or something stand in the middle of track and going 70 miles an hour and then he's just an asshole and guts hanging off the front of the train does that even slow the train down oh no not at all a cow doesn't feel like it's less than a bug on your windshield whoa yeah could you imagine

► 01:30:02

being in the fucking seat the driver seat I've done it have you back to look at motives I've never hit a cow but I've definitely driven a train but what did you what was the biggest thing you had I didn't really hit anything nothing no I mean imagine though being we were switching only operated one with in the yard so I would probably like 35 40 miles an hour tops but on the main line when they're really rolling they're doing like 70 72 miles an hour like I said it's 50 you know a mile and a half long train with five four five locomotives on the front of it all the thirty thousand horsepower each full of I mean you did the bag of fucking blood man you're not even going to put it just like do they have special fronts that are designed to hit things like that yeah it's a big giant steel plow is designed to push ten feet of fucking snow out of the way it has to whoa yeah so like essentially like those things that semis used for deer on the middle of the night but it's actually a big Steel

► 01:31:02

shovel with like an axe wedge in it whoa and it just kind of just hangs and it's it's about six inches off the rail itself and its whole idea is to just splatter everything anything out of the way and destroy it so the train from derailing because the only thing holding those things on the rail the inner flange of a wheel set you know it's there's like a little 3/4 inch lip that kind of hangs over on the inside of the Rails yeah so it's all just gravity and down Force keeping that thing going so you could put like a brick technically you can't take anything a piece of fucking metal or a carjacked and just lay it on that thing when that train hits it at 70 miles an hour it's coming off the rail and everything behind it is still going 70 miles an hour stacking up behind it and you go you don't think about every time you pull up to a Crossing in the city and you see a train go by 10 miles an hour and there's like 20 tankers on there

► 01:32:01

overall chlorine you could really fuck some shit up if you knew what you were doing you know kill a whole city you do real that train

► 01:32:12

we have to us we'd have to think about that and like Homeland Security would come out we have to have courses and shit and you have so many miles track oh yeah you make sure that nobody does anything there are Crews that drive that track on daily basis and repair things and

► 01:32:28

dude you freak me out fuck training that's why I quit the job if you watched enough of those things happen right in front of me and I was my job to clean them up and get a crane out there at a fucking cop my office I would live at the yard for three or four days until we got everything repaired and back together and rolling but like you know two or three times where you'd be sitting out there in the middle of switching leads this happen where I'd be in a pickup truck at night or during the day time like with one of the guys I work with

► 01:32:54

you know maybe it's a guy you're tired you're trying to get done early and you got a bunch of empty cars on the back and the dude push the throttle down before the air goes through the system all the way to the rear of the train so you get this dead weight you think so fucking I got three locomotives I can push it'll be okay until the when they designed the system a hundred plus years ago nothing has changed since then it's very primitive functional air brake system design you hook all these hoses up from the front to the back runs are through which allows the brakes to release so then the engineer can control those brakes with are doesn't go all the way to the back the brakes are still on those cars so when all this horsepower pushing rolling metal hits metal that what does not want to roll it just buckles up in a teepee almost instantaneously goes off and you won't even feel it if you're 30 cars up that you're pushing shit into the dirt and it's all just pile no top of itself and like I want like two

► 01:33:54

I watched this triangle from being on the track to literally digging out a 10-foot trough of Earth and just displacing it and I think like every day me or one of my guys is standing right there I was like I'm gonna go write songs dude good thinking yeah yeah very good thinking

► 01:34:16

it's good job but

► 01:34:20

it should be somewhere someone is on a fucking train listening to this right freaking out freaking out there just about to go to sleep I'll just listen to Sturgill Simpson let's just go Rush song brother

► 01:34:37

are they trying to do some bullet train is that one of the Elon musk's ideas once it do a train that goes all the way across the country in 30 minutes or something I get from here to Vegas first and then hmm maybe one up to Sacramento yeah I think people would use it the Americans would use a mass transit drink something they don't use the one we have I'm really much well not look down here we don't because it's slow as fuck we ride them in Europe because it's awesome when you come you don't ever want to get on a fucking train from DC to New York be the worst day of your life really yeah man I did it once never again I did a whole tour on the East Coast by myself by train

► 01:35:11

awful experience why is it so bad self-importance lack of compassion or understanding of considerations of other space on the part of Americans we don't we don't function well in cramped spaces okay that's very specific yeah

► 01:35:29

and then when I was in DC I can't what stays at was stations a big one in DC Union is a union now that's I'm just guessing that's a good name for station I blow okay yeah you train at the train got delayed they announced this delay because of whether there's like a downed power line is a fucking winter storm is nothing you do and I we travel all the time and as you do so if you travel all the time you don't get the same anxieties about travel that most people don't travel all the time get you can you are I would rather ride a bus for 20 hours then go get on an hour flight and Airport because that anxiety is just fucking palpable but and she's like view just so we kind of like you go to this like calm weird place like when we're out in the bubble on a long tour where everybody's just sort of like not talking at the airport or whatever it is and you just in your le happy Zone and I'm at this fucking terminal in DC and they announced this cancellation in this place just erupts

► 01:36:29

it's like 30 people litter over screaming at the Amtrak employees like it's there for us while pregnant lady get pushed down in front of me like when they finally opened the doors and people like trying to get up on the trade and straight up just knock this pregnant lady down no you know I was just like wow

► 01:36:50

you go to Europe or Japan everybody rides the tram he's paying the bill like more people than you've ever imagined and your train car and nobody's touching one another it's like sardines yet no one is touching you there's so considerate for the space and privacy and existence of everyone around them that you feel somewhat less crowded somehow isn't it interesting culturally that they have that whereas China has very very different China they just bump into each other

► 01:37:20

so where is he and then you know every country has their own way of interacting it's so so interesting and Japanese it when I'm when I've only been to Tokyo once but I was like if you told me if I didn't know about Tokyo at all and someone said hey I'm going to take you to another planet or human beings live and they're so much like you but their city is very orderly and they have like beautiful neon signs and great architecture and they're all like there's millions of them this one Island but they're super consider it's this weird parallel universe that's what it felt like it's like if you didn't know about the Japanese culture and then you went over there you be like what is happening here why is this a real place like what is going on here is about the most foreign or alien experience as a person as a miracle if I was going to tell anybody to go anywhere to feel like a man fuck that would be the one yeah that's what you told me earlier it's kind of the place to that you can go

► 01:38:18

drinking at night and going bars and its people passed out drunk right there on the floor on the street on the street with their cellphone wallet nobody's going to follow but yeah yeah where does that happen yeah it's such a unique country and you think about the history and their contributions to the martial arts in particular just I mean the warrior ethic of the Samurai like that book Miyamoto Musashi's the book of five rings that's a great book for your life just to just to think about excellence in your life from pursuit in your life and health all things balance out all other aspects of your life like his idea of being a great Samurai you had also be great a calligraphy it'll be a great artist yet either be able to write poetry you had to be a balanced human being in order to fight correctly that's fucking guy was like 60 and oh in one-on-one sword fights and became a pacifist yeah his later life and that book of five rings has fuck man it's an amazing but we got a Musashi quote

► 01:39:18

end of the anime film that's him yeah that's him on my arm yeah just that whole the the culture look what their contributions to martial arts like what they've been able to do with design like this it's a interesting place even their automobiles you know I mean they make like bulletproof cars that last forever like they were the first people to figure it out just make cars that don't break and go really fast yeah they're it's a fascinating culture so what what connection did they have to the anime thing do who like who is making all that animation for you well we had the idea for the record first and we played Fuji Rock in 2017 I have a very good friend a Japanese friend who grew up in Kentucky on Exchange program with with my wife and he later moved back to toe

► 01:40:18

for college came radio DJ has a mission Scotia and he did the radio thing for one then he got into voice narration from Marvel over there he's just a good dude and we were talking I went over for a couple weeks before we played Fuji Rock to hang out with him and my buddies get some time on the ground and the record was recorded the month before and I was like man it'd be really cool to do some animated videos for this album if it's like one or two and we were sitting around his place watching a lot of old animation and Anime films and the textures and the color and everything just stuff you don't really see any more and I was just thinking about like some of my favorite cartoons from that especially the older stuff the seventies and eighties that came from that world so he we decided to start taking meetings with producers just to get an idea of like what would this cost how long how long will it take is it even possible would they do it and this kind of trial and error for a while we finally had a

► 01:41:18

with a guy named Hiroki who

► 01:41:21

Bulls very understated in the meeting sold himself short you know just like a mid 50s got a track suit but we come to find out a week later he's the fucking man and like all his buddies are the man to and those guys are also used to working under not Nursery restrictions but if they take a project on it's from a big Studio the story's already dictated the parameters are dictated like basically they have to stay within someone else's Lane with their vision and so one of the first he asked me this what kind of Animation I was interested in so I named off some of the references of the things that I loved and was looking to sort of get in terms of aesthetic and texture and he just went straight to the guys that made those things because they were drinking buddies with all of them and June pay me Sasaki especially was the one director who I think shun translated all the lyrics for them because I wanted them to know one what the record was about and so they could gauge interest and he just sort of said

► 01:42:21

everyone eyes like you're talking about the same things that I deal with as an artist he's like a you know I feel like this is this could be me talking we deal with the same things in terms of dealing with business and commerce versus art so he just sort of reacted passionately to the music and he just said I want to do the whole record he's like this kind of dream project for me and I said okay and then there was like well how are you going to do the whole record in a year because we've already been sitting on this thing for a year and a half now and he they assembled for other directors who are running teams or project teams at the same time simultaneously breaking the songs up into chapters so even though there's somewhat of a Leonard a linear narrative told out of chronological order and the two little side vignettes which are sort of same universe different world just to give up a different perspective on some of the songs because some directors were doing one song other teams had to

► 01:43:20

and he was overseeing the entire thing but had them all working simultaneously on it so we could finish on time so I went over six times in the last year and I realized about the second trip the those visits were very beneficial because those guys don't do half ass you know what I mean and they they definitely Pride themselves on the work and they all wanted me to be impressed so every time I would come back they knew I was coming I could tell it was really motivating them to go outside the box and everybody wanted to be the guy that blew my mind the most you know what I mean and they did every fucking time there's just like

► 01:43:54

some of that stuff I know how they did it and I don't know how they did it where can I buy see the whole thing Netflix so it's all hands on Netflix right now but you put some of it on YouTube well tonight is onto the label has to have a single because they got you know they got the relationship Spotify and all that shit so they got a which is also frustrating because we make cohesive concept records that are meant to be consumed as a whole right and then like if I'm not going to radio why do I need a single you know what I mean put the fucking record out skip the lead up the whole traditional setup because we're not we don't fit that model right just by making records were Antiquated you know hmm but they put a single out so they put one section of the movie Up on YouTube which I think will take down now that the whole films out but yeah for people who they'd be like what is going on here yeah yeah we basically made a you know heavy metal or the wall but with Japanese animators

► 01:44:53

love it I wouldn't compare it to the wall but same idea is just a visual to visual age

► 01:45:01

it's beautiful to the the animation that they did for it's really it's incredible did you was it weird seeing like their Vision connected to do to your music no I mean I wrote the initial Story the main byline screenplay and then told Jim pay like we were trying to do an homage of specifically Yojimbo and then a couple other famous Samurai films like Takeshi Kitano those as a Twitchy a lot of Kurosawa things like very reoccurring story lines and we were watching kurosawa's films in the studio making the record on silent in the control room just to kind of keep our mood right like to keep everything kind of dark and ominous and no second-guessing so but yeah it's kind of like a futuristic dystopian Yojimbo which which is also A Fistful of Dollars where you got one town of people being oppressed by a couple rival factions were gang leaders

► 01:46:00

and sort of using them for the wrong building so in the future now we just jump and I talked about it well sex drugs and weapons and War are really the main drivers of the economy so let's just say that those are the only economy you know this is the only things that have value anymore at that point

► 01:46:23

and you got weird so I gave him a rough script and then they just I said but you know I want you guys to do what you do so feel free to add or take things in any direction you want at any time so then you get 30 women with their tits out dancing and which was that was June pays idea I told him there was a very old famous Samurai film calls the toichi and at the end of it one's this blind swordsman conquers this evil force and the townspeople celebrate there's this very famous scene in the end of it with his traditional dance and they're doing this dance and I said you know can we sneak this in as a dance sequence / homage anybody that has to be like a film buff geek like me would get it anybody else just me like this is fucking cool so they decided to take the gimps and the sex trafficked slaves so to speak and then just make a big Chorus Line but then they had a woman a traditional Japanese Dancer come in and they put her on motion capture and green screen and she did the actual dance from the film and the animated everyone to that well

► 01:47:21

I was like that's pretty sweet I would have thought of that what are you did what I wanted you just gave me what he wanted to do with it now how long is the whole thing for the same length is the audio is the album It's 42 minutes wow

► 01:47:37

it's a fucking brilliant idea man it's really cool I just love the idea that you're experimenting with something like that just trying it out but it had to be a long stretch it like that was the hardest part was sitting on it so long and yeah hyper focusing on mix the record I think three times mastered it twice and then we had to do a surround sound mix for the movie so I'm pretty fucking burn out on I'll be honest ready to go play live but I don't ever want to hear that shit again does that contribute to you the way you get creative with the sound when you perform in life you change up absolutely

► 01:48:15

do you think you're going to do this in the future again like this kind of Animation this or is this a one-off all know that there's already talk of doing a see I wouldn't do the music again I would certainly I might

► 01:48:28

if they want to run with the story I'd be all about it either prequel or sequel action but I don't wow I wouldn't want to make this Sonic signature again I would probably use like traditional Japanese musicians and then contemporary production methods and they actually have dialogue and sound effects and make a story you going to get into the cartoon business

► 01:48:50

I got three kids that would be fucking awesome it looks awesome I got to watch the whole thing I got to check it out it's really fucking weird man it's super trippy light a Big Bright Light That Big Mike Tyson blunt when you get home tonight at midnight your kids are asleep and watch that shit and then think about what a weird motherfucker I am now when you when you think about like doing another story line like that like following that store Leventhal haven't thought about it be pretty easy though because she rides off with the two robots and there's like an AI monster on lift dealt with or you could go back in time to the origins of the the to slick and Slims Feud with her dad while they show up to the dojo and kill everybody I don't know there's all kinds of this is right and making up shit pretty straightforward yeah now when you when you go back to writing new music do you are you constantly working on new music like when know when like when do you decide like when when you have an hour

► 01:49:49

release like when will you decide to try it because you've been pretty consistent like every what how many years will re hardtop and metal modern came out like nine months apart from each other Sailors God was 2016 now who are 2019 so but we recorded their record 2017

► 01:50:09

no I mean it's like there is a tread water or drown mentality now everybody thinks you have to be in front of people all the fucking time are you got to be like blowing air into your brain balloon on Twitter and shown everybody else finding a light and you are to be a musician but like I think sometimes the best thing you just go fuck away and process and recharge and like look for holes that aren't being filled and exercise other interest you know this like I said these guys I don't want to play music with anybody else and I'll only reason I would need another band is like if I made a Bluegrass record

► 01:50:44

you know so you just get the hang down and the people you want to be around and love and have a good time with like we could like I said we could make 10 records it's all going to sound like 10 different bands because are all these guys having extremely Broad and diverse influences and ability

► 01:51:01

so I just don't you know why I don't want to be in a box I don't want anybody to put a lid on it for me

► 01:51:07

and we love all kinds of music so it's not really saying we're going to make this kind of record we just went in and made fucking noise and this is what happened with those tools it's interesting to see this your conscious decision to sort of just check out and recharge oh yeah I get you got a certain point you just realize you're not in charge and I'm a break controlling personality I like to be like to feel like I'm going to control these to myself with music I've learned like you can put ideas out there but they decide what they want to be you know I knew I didn't want to put a wonky fucking noodley guitar solo on every single song two or three of those on a record you're pretty good to go especially now on the guitars kind of dead but Bob's an amazing keyboard player and we had this badass hold mode Model D synthesizer that does the Dr.Dre shit and we did it on one song and we just kept going and cracking it out and like putting like higher in a lower octave and then running it through amps and blowing it out and getting it really dirty like a big crack that laser beam I was just like that's the fucking sound

► 01:52:06

we got to put that on everything and like cohesively tie the album together so most of the solos are Bob

► 01:52:14

making this fucking sweet ass like sent thing over some Black Sabbath and I never heard that record growing up you know so we made that record wow

► 01:52:25

so when you're torn with this music now and you're fucking with it and you're switching things up like when will you decide that it's time to write some new shit we just tore and then stopped touring and then I'm always writing poetry do you want anymore I used to sit down with a guitar and like I'm going to write this song you get like a part in words and you find meter and phrase I've discovered I'm really just a poet it's easier to write the words out and crafts the meter and phrase to those words musically in the studio I would say both all the other three records I would probably wrote half of them while you go in to make the record you think you have the songs and you realize that those songs are not supposed to be a part of this record I would go home at night and write songs that fit that record where I would come in with parts like Sailors got a head a lot of parts of Music they get piece together in the studio and these guys probably all thought I was fucking insane Fergus cared for her to death because he's like I want to hear the song of those like I got some notes you know

► 01:53:25

but really the music happens you lock yourself in that room with the right people for a matter of days and you just keep going until it's done and you have ideas in the moment but now I don't even pick a guitar up to right I just write what I want to say what I'm feeling and then these guys

► 01:53:43

you know push and encourage and motivate me to try to do the other thing as well as I'm able so you are you writing longhand you riding on a computer no I write always write it it was right around your hand like I have no pads I'll go through and just scribble out sections or pick this can fit with this this record was very

► 01:54:03

deconstructed I guess we did some loops and we would like record riffs and a certain key and then record that same riff and every other key so I could take it and chop it to a loop and make it super precise like a hip-hop album and there's some stuff was just live as fuck you know

► 01:54:21

and you just having fun we had a lot of fun hmm the improvisational part of it sounds terrifying but awesome that's been tossed what you want I mean sometimes you get something if it's a melodic hook or something the first take It's usually the one you keep you know yeah you go back and try to make it perfect it sounds cool we did and we knew that having done this before so with these sessions we win at that was the Only Rule there was no second guessing or indecision hence the samurai films on the wall hmm because like in a sword fight you got one fucking move you know I mean that was like that was the mo for these sessions like the first thing is the matter of the right thing it's the thing so when you're doing that new recording things do you pause and go listen to it and play it again how do you how do you guys do it something something you know if it sounds true like Bobbi said then you just keep it and if you like and it didn't really work try something else most of his solos on record were like for a second take I mean Chuck I

► 01:55:21

think of ever fucking punch the single thing in Chuck's life Chuck's perfect you just kills it he's the man but Bob I've got a bunch of video somewhere computer like I made him record all of his solos with the jointness mouth well like the intros thing they're like we needed thing for this and I was like well I needed I need to do be and I smoked it and I just played that I have some of those videos to on myself from that point on every time you played he had a joint his mouth so he's like not just thinking about the music it was like so you know anything to

► 01:55:52

just settle

► 01:55:55

that word is it was pretty fun I mean we're kind of just we were fucking wasted you know just kind of like doing the Arsenio well yeah can you get too high and play music only if you have to remember I'm still trying always what did you say so you said you want to get so high you don't even know what's chord you're fired I don't know what song were playing I was like no no the problem is like we get so high when we record that and then we have to remember that live or relearn it and then if you get high live you can't remember what you played High when you record that is an issue so then you go back and listen to recordings and go what yeah what was that fuck are we doing I mean we had to add to go back after

► 01:56:43

before rehearsals this is a really weird thing has never happened I went from mixing and like processing looking at this film for the past year to now we have to like learn these songs so your fight you're actually like paying attention to what you did there play these chords I'm just like why the fuck did I do that you know just so weird that we did it so relatively quick quicker than the other stuff that we did shit you know we yeah we had to learn it all over again because I did we didn't remember doing you know it was just so creative and quick like that they hadn't heard any of the songs since we recorded them until I sent him the record three weeks ago yeah

► 01:57:21

is it surreal going and listen to all of it after it's all pieced together

► 01:57:25

a little bit yeah yeah for me it was yeah

► 01:57:30

yeah let's like riding a bike the really you know especially not playing in a year we know each other you know just jump back on I'm still catching things in the recordings that I have don't play live out here little bits and things still so wow I got a question when you're when you're in the studio with them are you in producer mode because you've produced other artists or you kind of are they kind of producers with you and you guys are finding it together

► 01:57:58

oh man I couldn't I couldn't tell these guys to do what they do why would I mean I don't want to work with you I want to work with the guys that just do shit that amazes me but no I'm not like I have a rough structure in my head of what the what it sounds like

► 01:58:17

you know there I guess I don't know maybe you guys should answer that question yeah I mean you said at the but you have an idea of what you want but you kind of give us the rains yeah if it sucks I tell them tell us you know but give you an opportunity to not fuck up be like you know Wu-Tang Vibe or something and then you know dang well I so there's definitely I have like the idea of the sound I'm chasing and it's hard to articulate mmm

► 01:58:44

but with this it was just I realized like maybe by the end of the second day we were doing something I know I hadn't really heard before or maybe I was hearing like 15 of my favorite records all the same time I was just like okay this is what this is going to be and it's probably going to destroy my career and that's okay because this is fuck I like it it's all about know everyone brings such a different hole to a you know and I'm obsessed with old records and equipment and getting sounds like oh what's this sound it's this piece of gear in this and just like I'm obsessed with it you know and it's like we can find those things and put them all together and you know big Porter is to to be completely honest was like every other record of made even ones that these some of these guys have played on it was much more like I came in

► 01:59:30

you're the songwriter and like it session musicians you know and then you go out and you're the commodity your the singing head you're the star and I think maybe around 2017 there's a big part of me that really rejected all that the newness of it and like the responsibility of it I just all I ever want to do is play guitar in a band you know as a kid and maybe I wanted to feel like a part of something that wasn't all about my fucking head right I mean then I realized like I was finally in the band I'd always wanted to be in since I was 13 and my bedroom you know so why wouldn't I make those records right it's funny because we imagined I mean think about the first one that we made together right opposed yeah Bobby I met I actually met Bobby before I met miles Bobby played Oregon on my very first record I'd never met him he got called down by producer and we instantly I was just like okay this guy's cool shit and then I think like we're hanging out really good week and we were going out we were both going

► 02:00:29

be hard in the paint still back then like we Bobby and I would go out drinking and then come home and wake my wife up at 4:00 in the morning eat all the ice cream and that was like yeah no no I think it was one night in particular in Nashville I was working at a fucking grocery store he was sleeping in his car you know we're both just like pretending we're not miserable and enjoying each other's company we went out and got real shit face man and we were walking up the mumbling and going to the only place that was still open to get some food at like 3:00 in the morning so all these Meat Market bars are letting out and we both look like a couple degenerate scum bags probably and we walked by and there's this group of like four or five obviously Vandy fucking football players like this huge dudes young men and pretty neat rated and we're walking by and I hear one of them say oh look as The Strokes he's like I Love You Records man you know and I blew it off whatever we're grown-ass man I just kept walking and I got about

► 02:01:29

feet I don't know why I could just tell Bobby wasn't with me anymore

► 02:01:34

and I turn around and look back to see this motherfucker standing in the middle of the circle of all of them like literally eight inches from this guy's face with his hands on his hit wearing his LoJack and baggage from Detroit man you know if I can play you know and I look I was like all right well I guess I'm going to jail with Bob tonight and I turn around like kind of walk back over there in about the time I get to the group of Goo dudes one of them was eating a street hot dog and I will never forget this as long as I live Bobby Lake snatch the hot dog out of his hand and kind of crushed it like a paper Wad and bounced it off his forehead Bobby and I was like well they're definitely going to jail with Bob at night you know so Bradley Cooper's and you get yeah the Bradley Cooper's we call them Bradley Cooper's because there's like this swarm of like dues that had pink shirts on the rug as Bradley Cooper's and I don't know that we just fascinating

► 02:02:33

watch them all immediately knew that they were dealing with something that they've never experienced and they wanted fucking none of it I was like I want to I think I this is my new best friend would be friends with got to rest my life just hot dog destroying man it's not to be fucked with just diet as David Lee Roth organ playing motherfucker is alive and we were just walking having to drink father nobody their decks total yeah then we went back and made all of his ice-cream about of the same container with it and now we sleep on a bus and have her own hotel rooms

► 02:03:08

the bus things got to be a trip huh

► 02:03:11

it's a lot like a being on a ship yes just like Navy sleeping bunks and you wake up every day and wonder where the where you are and but no shit on the bus right can't poop on the bus oh that's so thousand dollars you know you pass you can poop on other people for us yeah hmm you don't poop on our bus right so what do you guys do just tell the guy to pull over to rest stop yeah you find a nice pilot somewhere and Omaha and shit on the toilet the same 38th truckers have today it's already warm whoo gets all the glory the Beats being in a van though by far oh for sure right so you guys listening to music playing music what are you doing when you're on the bus movies shell movies movies are you know much chuck serial very Comics travel like that Bert Kreischer is like one of the rare ones he travels by bus honestly man face on it shit I mean at the end of the day and this

► 02:04:08

we are very grateful I want to touch on that but like the bus thing it's a quality of life issue as you well know touring is all about quality of life there's no way to make it not suck other than the show's themselves right but everything else that 22 hours a day it's like just trying to see if one or some kind of circadian rhythm so you don't get all serotonin weird and shit when that nightly adrenaline blasts is the hardest thing on me I find after tour that I have to like figure out what's going on in my brain and not be you get home from that after six weeks you can't I can't get off the couch for a week it's like this weird strange fatigue I've never experienced anything else but the bus we kind of I'd rather like I said earlier to ride the bus for three days and go to an airport yeah you're in a cocoon it's your home on the ground miliar it's a safe haven we're all just chilling yeah we hang out we're all around each other more than we are families most of the time we're in this little

► 02:05:07

home hmm and if you get off that's just like fucking Joseph Conrad man don't get off the boat you step off the boat that's when weird shit happens you know right

► 02:05:18

how many bug when you guys go out how long do you go out for like if you do it well the first couple tours when those records were pretty brutal we played about 300 plus you're straight and 300 nights a year yeah well you know I'm got a problem we're like

► 02:05:37

I felt a had to I felt I had to do that because I Wife and Kids on the way it was like this is it it's got to make this fucking happen you know and then you makes you happen and then other people are making you do that now because it's making so much money they can't afford for you to not be out there doing it and you reach a point of like exhaustion and burnout you're not even aware of because you're still doing what you love every night right but all the other shit catches up and it caught up to me pretty pretty hard around the second kid and I just realized like there's a smarter way to do this that will still provide for my family and all these guys which is like less is more

► 02:06:13

and now I'll never to her like that again because there's no need one but two it's not healthy

► 02:06:20

you're making a lot of people happy but like it's not healthy no it's not and that's where a lot of guys get into substance abuse exactly yeah James Hatfield just checked himself back into rehab next those guys at their age they got fucking more money than God they're still out hitting it harder than ever yeah you know after the live of

► 02:06:41

wow that actually might get me sued I better not see ya no need that's a that's a tough call man yeah it's a real tough call

► 02:06:52

yeah those guys like the great things about comedies you only have to go out for a weekend merely got sometimes I'll travel somewhere for one night come home you know and most of the shit I do is around Allah that's like the practice stuff just to stay sharp but I have friends that do the long touring and they start to go crazy it get a little nutty man I mean if you're single you don't have children yeah but even that even even then it gets a little nutty but they filled even more dangerous if you were single have no kids and your real easy just to stay out there forever yes lost in that cycle of like especially if you like Coke well if you're partying and drinking you don't realize how tired you are right and then we reduce over you're like holy shit yeah right yeah yeah it's the greatest job in the world like to be a professional Entertainer but there's definitely some pitfalls to it just like everything else there's a balance hmm and those those guys that run it too hard they

► 02:07:51

they run that engine too hot eventually I think anybody that really cares about it is going to be accused of that at some point I definitely push things too hard I sing really hard I learned like singing very hard and physical it

► 02:08:06

it's like it's I don't know it's like you're tired from the outside in and then back out it's a weird feeling man comics always talk about it the same way that when they're on the road too much the word stop meaning anything they're saying these things but they don't have a connection to it anymore of the lose their connection to the material and the only way to get around that is to constantly be writing new shit because if you're doing the same shit for too many shows in a row you start to go Bonkers yeah is that that's I mean it seems to be correct me if I'm wrong but like similar to why you guys are always changing your songs you changing like there's a few songs did last night that I recognize the song but it's like a totally different beat right A lot of it was different we can't change the words but I can change the notes I can keep it inspiring for me by like focusing on the notes that I'm singing or play out even read music I don't know what fucking notes I'm saying I just know like he can probably tell you more about that

► 02:08:58

three Master when I was a kid I used to hate live albums because I felt like they went too fast very few of them actually were alive really they're faking it they're faking it like Kiss Alive to was actually not a lava what Frampton Comes Alive that's real no no what are you fucking shit don't kiss records definitely studio record with all the yelling maybe we yeah that's marketing genius come on is that true Jamie yeah hundred percent maybe we should look it up are you looking it up or you'll so why are you guessing are you guessing on know for sure I'm pretty sure the kiss record was a fucking but they sounded different youth because thing is they were like they still tell my friends and it sounded like I'm a moron I don't know anything about music but to me it sounded like they were performing the songs faster which I always attributed to them being like hyped up because they're in front of a an audience that's the tempo is that how that's exactly right the adrenaline because everyone's going crazy and you just yeah

► 02:09:58

what I assumed because I listened they would sound different on some of those records that might not even be them playing the part how dare you they get Ghost players and they have to sign waivers and stuff God like the monkeys

► 02:10:16

what's those records are incredible you know because it's all The Wrecking Crew play in the playing the music those are good songs they're there Harry Nilsson Neil Diamond rotate ninety percent of that shit real that's why they're great songs you know it's a good The Beach Boys The Beach Boys exactly and the they were all cut out here with the 80 musicians the monkeys made some killer records and it's a half a porpoise song psychedelic things I've ever heard

► 02:10:44

yeah they got they got dismissed because everybody knew they were kind of an artificially created but they were yeah that they're put on television they were singing it yeah there are actually singing who do you guys think is the best singer of the monkeys oh Mickey I don't know who's the best I don't know the best singer I think so I went to one name I know Micky Micky dolenz whoo-hoo Davy Jones has the cleanest voice I think the other monkey's Micky dolenz Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork Peter Tork was my computer was a real musicians Mike made the best solo records I think yeah I think Mick he's a good singer Mickey was a good kind of sings it's kind of annoying some of the R&B stuff on like had or something you know

► 02:11:38

it's annoying yeah it's a little much it was seen head I don't remember it no oh man you gotta watch the movie It's what is it the monkeys movie The Monkees made a movie like psychedelic has like Brian Brian Auger and like Julie Driscoll and I'll call ahead yeah all these like guest musician like is in your head like like feed your head like Jefferson Airplane like do drugs really it's an insane like psychedelic movie you know what in the fuck oh my God I live in older are pretty incredible it's a I live in an alternate universe I didn't know this existed do you think that's on Netflix please check was that an event footage from the chilies in it whoa powerful Annette Funicello Jack O'Neill Jack Nicholson Sonny liston's in it the boxer oh my God

► 02:12:31

Jack fucking Nicholson man I forgot about Western desert Saga War film musical or film science fiction its memorable everything and find out the things on Netflix might have to recommend that people and we should have a fight companion where we just watch had we just until it's on YouTube okay good good to know that's what we'll do we'll have a fight companion where we watch the monkey's head list of movies were Jack Nicholson wrote the screenplay did he really yeah wow Bob rafelson that's that's crazy 19 so what does it say 68 8 1968 box office well maybe $16,000 it made probably made $16,000 in the box office somebody got fired for that fucking movie

► 02:13:21

when did they try to make it 68 when was the monkey when was it over for the Monkees was just like their their attempt at 67 68 was sort of the peak right I don't know probably after that movie man when was the TV show when late 60s

► 02:13:38

he had to make a got a cancels they could make room for Joyce DeWitt

► 02:13:44

different Three's Company Chuck and I have the official Joyce DeWitt appreciation fan club if you want to be a member we talked about I think I'm ready in all right I have my own chapter yeah but joining these guys chapter different how do you guys rock it let's say it on their five-year-old fetish Obsession level maybe I don't know I used to be a Mary Tyler Moore found

► 02:14:07

that was my gal

► 02:14:09

she's know Joyce DeWitt no but it's not Suzanne Somers no Chris you can go home really why do you think that do you think she's too needy mmm what happens with Chrissy that she's just not Joyce DeWitt that's just your thing yeah do you feel like she was overlooked sort of like ginger no not Ginger Mary Ann sort of like Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island Janet overlooked

► 02:14:35

seemed like it Marianne was definitely overlooked everybody was in a ginger what a conversation very end looked like a giant pain in the I mean I mean Ginger rather look like a giant pain in the ass laughs George to it oh look at that one there wowee that's not her is it everybody gets old come on is that a mug shot yeah probably looks cops tyo motion sorry sorry Joyce but when she was in her prime what a doll and she very kind of God's creation so what it says on your shirt there no no no do you remember when they took Suzanne Somers off the show yeah she had a call in she was like calling in it's like hey it's me I know I'm still on the show but one vacation I'll miss you guys by like that was her being on the show hmm did they have a phone call with her she wouldn't be interacting with them because I'm Cindy took over yeah and then they fired it right it was like contract negotiation

► 02:15:36

that was the first time you realize like even people on TV are never happy right there on TV they want more money whoo

► 02:15:47

the Regal Beagle oh I remember that

► 02:15:51

remember when they switched the the old folks to yeah I went from mr. Roper to me that's right mr. Farley was a Dizon not you know it was a good feeling our guy at Dan Tana's last night was basically mr. Furley really that's mr. Furley never mr. Furley never broke the wall though the way mr. Roper to those the best part when you get a Zinger in and look at the camera yeah funny shit ever mr. Roper had a special sense of humor and he was also like a lovable pervert right remember he was like really into the girls mr. Rose I was on Lots right kind of a perv to know he was married Dennis is Roper right was though this was he kind of perv to the girls yeah he just yeah guys can be way more pervy on TV back then oh yeah oh man yeah died last was a player remember look at that

► 02:16:51

I met John John Ritter John Ritter was on an episode of news radio super nice guy real real nice guy like everybody loved him yeah I'm a big I always as I got older I always wondered about that guy because I've always been fascinated by people who do a lot of pratfalls mmm like those those guys get really hurt like that that pratfall shit is like it so it's like you're playing rugby with yourself you're throwing yourself into chairs and on to the ground and falling down the way somebody falling down falls down yeah you're falling down and taking the impact on your fucking back and a lot of those guys get like significantly injured and if you read back on like ancient movie stars like a lot of them got like really badly hurt was Buster Keaton got had the broken neck we showed this video of him he did these crazy stunts in one instance he did like he had this water come down from this thing and hit him in the head who told us about this was it pain

► 02:17:48

yeah Penn jillette and he broke his fucking neck from the water hit him they didn't anticipate the weight of the water and the water was so powerful that slammed him to the ground and broke his fucking neck and he continued with the scene and then later when he was older the doctor was examining like when did you break your neck he's like I never did until the fuck you didn't like bro you broke your neck your neck didn't even know I was running around a broken neck different humans back then son they made people different all the cliff booths yeah but him Jack Tripper John Ritter was he just a lot of pratfalls meant a lot I always wondered about guys like that and like how much pain is that dude in like you're like what's-his-face Chevy Chase that was a I got to think there was a contributor to him being cranky because always people always say that Chevy Chase is cranky but there was some recent thing where he's yelling at somebody for something because probably in fucking pain all the time from falling down like guys with back injuries from doing a lot of those

► 02:18:48

like they're always throwing themselves up in their legs up bam bouncing off the ground it hurts being Clark Griswold yes

► 02:18:57

that's right all that shit he did right he was always falling down right he was always falling down and now you fucked up man yeah

► 02:19:05

he fell off the roof that's right it did fall fell out of the attic out of the attic I wonder what they did with that how do they how they set that up these don't guys you think it's hard to say man I don't know I've been treating the thespian Littles this isn't a little bit myself but that you know and I was not really the stunt guys do the crazy shit but like

► 02:19:28

you know you can still get fucked up start guys get fucked up a lot my friend Tate just got a severe concussion from doing some stunt work in a movie he's having a hard time looking at lights yeah

► 02:19:40

I fell on my back and some rehearsals from a movie last year we had to go to New Orleans for like a week and rehearse this scene because it was going to be one like 12 minutes shot and Daniel Kelly and I had to like body slam each other on the pavement but 20 times one day and I guess that landed on the pad on curb wrong I got home that night and it felt like my kidneys were on fire and then I had to piss like every three minutes for the next week that's some blood trace and so of course the next week is when we went to actually film the fucking thing and Cleveland Miller polar vortex we're out there in the shoot the whole time I'm just like I feel like I got a bladder infection from just from falling down one time wrong and you have to do it again

► 02:20:20

we did it like a hundred fifty times you look for this moving through the for one scene in the movie it yeah I'll never really questioned how hard those people work everything man did you get an MRI did you get I went to a doctor in New Orleans and she checked it out and said there wasn't like there was trace blood but nothing was she said don't be a pussy don't be a pussy essentially yeah pretty much I was at all right don't be a pussy

► 02:20:46

yeah that kind of impacts not that's no bueno yeah it's a weird way to make a living

► 02:20:53

I mean you guys probably have

► 02:20:57

every single person that does your job after for at least a few years probably has sustained impact and stress injuries I would imagine now we had these are jacked up all the time these are jacked up while they're active duty

► 02:21:09

like the guys that actually walk in here and are on your show like they're they're probably all jacked up and then they're probably the better off ones because they took care of their bodies a lot of people don't do that that's like becoming more of a thing like the Tactical athlete

► 02:21:26

but these I mean my knee was getting janky before the foot blew off of how much of that was from squatting 8,000 pounds all through your 20s but like I would say that was a preventive measure really like you maintaining like same like you train all the time like you maintain going through full range of motion and take keeping structures loaded and pliable strength training and do conditioning endurance based stuff and maintain Mobility that's like you lose Mobility you start dying yeah

► 02:21:56

yeah for sure definitely with when it comes to like anything that's going to be throwing you around or battering you into something the more muscle more strength you can put into your body the more you can protect yourself but obviously only so much but would you know when you think about wrestlers or anybody who does anything when you getting slammed to the ground a lot you know they're mostly doing it if they're doing it as a competitive wrestler 200 on Matt's you know there are cushioned you know if you're doing it on the street like and they've got you doing some sort of stunt Maneuvers like what kind of path they have underneath you like like a basic martial arts like a big thick Bad Boy real thick Simon took those little blue then one's really sure is it fold up because they want to see your body actually hit the ground correct

► 02:22:45

and then when we actually shot the thing the only thing that we didn't what the actor was a part where I definitely had to like Judo flip his ass off onto a pad and we did all that but then like the stunt guys came out and did that shit for real onto Frozen fucking concrete and negative 20 degrees I was like oh yeah y'all can have at that you know but they for real like do straight up suplex this motherfucker on the pavement they had knee pads and elbow pads on everything but you know it had to look real

► 02:23:22

those are the guys you wonder how the how long that career lasts yeah that's where I can't wait for robots to get really good at body slams you know see what they're doing now with the parkour robots and shit that's what we need just robots body slamming each other or just get it to where CGI doesn't offend me you know right now like I watched Avatar the night again I want but remember you go back and look at all those old Jackie Chan movies knowing what that guy is putting his body throw my God for sure yeah no doubt about it definitely was slammed into things left and right but if you go back and watch Avatar it's fucking first of all it's fuckin awesome I mean it's fucking awesome it's really good but the CGI it's so obvious it's not real people so the guy who invented the software that James Cameron used to make Avatar did the video for the number of for song on this film Michael Arias still great for you

► 02:24:18

go so fucking genius he couldn't articulate senses it was like the driest meetings I've ever been in because his brain there was so much shit going on on levels we could never comprehend that he was late so I thought you just like wow you know but he's making computers and shit I can't do that that was ten years ago that our car came out to which is crazy I didn't know it was that long ago some fucking great scenes in that movie Man people got depression after that movie they got a think they're called Avatar depression because they wish that they were living in Avatar they wish that they were on Pandora they wish they were the navi like living a spiritual life convey connected to the Mother Earth what would they call Ari wha right if they only knew they are hmm

► 02:25:10

yeah yeah but you know cell phones and shit they really want to be flying around on dragons man shoot our bows and arrows at people no see I need to be on Twitter man I could like that but that's a powerful movie where people actually got depression from not living in the place where the movie was taken place never seen it never seen me you have seen every time I haven't seen it either you've never seen The Goonies either those let's not really you know have you ever seen The Goonies boredom in 1992 yeah but have you not gone back Avatar that doesn't make any sense when that's 2009 with you get abused as a child knows I'm just I'm just waiting to go on the road so we can watch dude you gotta watch Avatar man it's a three-hour Masterpiece you might tear up a little bit yeah now I got something to do on the dude it's a dope movie James Cameron can direct the fuck out of a movie he can do just about anything he wants to do it I'm basically if you can't do it they just invent some shit so you can go do it but I forgot how good

► 02:26:10

movie was I haven't seen in forever I watched again I was like fuck this is a good movie it's fun people go out it's like an alien version of Pocahontas save it save that shit keep it to yourself I enjoy it it's a Trippy fucking movie man it's fun but every story is like a version of another story that's always existed in his classic archetypes that are unavoidable it doesn't mean it's not an awesome movie fucking pain in the ass goddamn malcontents out there is always somebody avatars fucking terrible he like that movies terrible you have no soul there's nothing inside you slowly Roadhouse exactly this if you were you sober when you watched it yes yes I was out there alone brother how dare you for the insinuation was a lot of colors to be like there's no one perfect moment again you know when you can't be sober for Showgirls Showgirls might be the ultimate bad movie with Elizabeth

► 02:27:10

clicking oh most remember yeah she played she played a girl trying to make it as a choker on Vegas and it's just like cartoonishly ridiculous and they have a scene where they're he's she's having sex with Kyle what the fuck's his name what's that got that dude named Jamie look at the guy from Twin Peaks Jamie anyway she has the most Preposterous sex scene in the history of film where she starts flopping around they're having sex in a pool and she starts flailing just a flagrant like you would he would have to be an asshole to keep fucking her like a healthy person be like this girl is having a psychotic break I need to step away stop thinking about my dick and and help her she's my friend and she's fucking she's having some sort of a psychotic seizure she's flailing like flopping back and forth and flailing if you were dating a girl like that I'd be like oh my god dude she's so annoying she everything she does just to throw her body around flail you never seen that scene you're about to we've put it up on your before it but it's Turtles never seen it I was

► 02:28:10

okay what what year is this movie oh five I was thinking it's right when I first moved to LA girls this is how it is out here huh I've seen tried to block it out dude I still from are still remember the Billboards on Sunset I was driving down sunset first year living in LA and I was like look at that shit what the fuck out of piece of shit movie is this these people are into but it's one of those movies where you watch like people forgot how bad it is it's the the cocaine days of films where there are making these movies that were obviously someone was on coke someone making that move he's on coke is there but do you have the I have seen that yeah you see you see her tatas to her tatas are absolutely seamless seen before you never seen it starts off with off see now it's awful it's awful but if you get really really high might be good again the sex scenes not good it's a terrible sin so much we dice but that's what's good about it is how terrible it is there the movie you have to got yes

► 02:29:10

to see on the road Grizzly Man we've seen that the documentary yes that surely the greatest unintentional comedy in the history of comedies the what could go wrong what was the thing you showed us yesterday bear is that were through the 80s movie buried smush room when he's the mushrooms he has to bear I hadn't seen it but maybe have you seen the know there's a movie about a Bear Lake mushrooms like Jamie look up the seen on YouTube what is this movie about it's about a mascara when I was really hard to get high on fucking terrifying he likes he's a butterfly or something and he is tripping balls so this is a nature documentary well it looks like a real bear though so we're not sure they did I don't think that's what the bear seeing things it's bears taking a nap bro

► 02:30:06

oh this is hilarious that Amanita muscaria mushrooms and weird mushroom that's that one that they think is that's from the gianmarco Allegro book The Sacred Mushroom in the cross he attributed that to the birth of Christianity as a pretty good outfit though yes it does the Santa Claus outfit the pope yeah the pope yeah there's a lot of connections between mushrooms in ancient Christianity's fucking really interesting stuff holy shit what are we watching this is what this is what just are saying this is the bare Bears triples bowls driven ball they glued up butterfly to him look at that that's not really there it is real

► 02:30:46

yeah oh god well you ever see the Jaguar tripping out on Ayahuasca Jaguars eat the the either they eat pork they're either eating the harming or they're eating the Ayahuasca Vine one of the one of the two might just be the harm me whatever they're eating is having some sort of a psychedelic effect on them and the Jaguars eat these leaves and then you just lying there burned and their pupils are dilated they're tripping balls like obviously tripping balls like to see a Jaguar rolling around on the floor in the middle of the Jungle after eating leaves it's very strange you never seen that no young Jamie please he's all right I was trying to find what that movie the bear was all about I just for 1988 what is it about on the whole movie I don't that's about life of a bear I don't know some kids movie from Francis huh kids movie hmm I mean Alice in Wonderland sit find a Jaguar hi Auntie mt2 trip you watch this jaguar eat these leaves

► 02:31:47

here it goes

► 02:31:50

Go full screen and Jamie Go full screen look at him he's tripping

► 02:31:59

so this Jaguar he seeks out these these plants eat some and then he just lying there like

► 02:32:14

the thing about the people take that Ayahuasca Tuesday see Jaguars it's part of the vision wonderful what they're doing is connecting to some Jaguars that are out there tripping balls to look at them really know them yeah that's a really common Vision that people take Ayahuasca the sea serpents and they see they see Jaguars Spirit Animals by asshole mmm this is my treasure seen Young Guns mouth nope when they go to the spirit world he says how come you ain't killing us because we're in a spirit world asshole they can't see us that was Charlie Sheen's brother correct Emilio Estevez he's the only one that kept the family name right yeah they're all the real name was Estevez but Emilio took a chance is like I'm gonna go with this whole Latino angle my first name is Emilio that's you know I write because Charlie Estevez like yeah

► 02:33:11

you've been compromised betas own name can tab there it is fucking bunch of handsome bastards Kiefer Sutherland for Sutherland everybody look at them all Lou Diamond Phillips in the house who's out of the ground the back that guy had a shitty agent Alderman Mar or any dirt Mark Thurmond we'll really he was in a bunch of those movies but the other guy who's the got the KCI slum Moscow oh hey Case shoutout to Casey so let's wrap this bitch up I think we're way too high to be making any sense to people I have a question for you though please do you know who Butcher Brown is oh yeah we got Travelers comes yeah who's Butcher Brown I think it's first name is John he's a doctor that did a bunch of like unlicensed sex-change surgeries and like garages whoa tells he's on murder pedia if Jamie wants to look at what's your brown wow so

► 02:34:10

did unlicensed sex change operations and people died from it yeah yeah while eating so many dollars raw hot dogs drink coffee raw hot dogs yeah it's was eating hot dogs and cutting off dicks it not for their everything so yeah keep going bro that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard he was eating raw hot dogs and cutting off dicks that's what he does whoo man while drinking dr. pepper and how many people did he I think it was almost I mean it was hundreds there's a like a detailed descriptive article that said it work on anybody did everybody died you gotta read it if you watch head and read that why did you ought to all the things to curse me with but he's such a change dr. America's Worst Doctor well ever

► 02:35:07

I think ever once you read it yeah have to look that up to see if that's actually crazy glue and you see the gas picture and you're like yup let me see his picture Jim he put your Bob silicone wherever you want it for like 200 bucks you know and then just like blood caulk look so coming up with crazy glue and tell you to lay down flat for two days oh my God but he's had a lot of business I'm not sure I found how did it work on anybody imagine if you like made one bomb ass like that it's great job it came out great once and he's like I'm just chasing that Dragon every time I try to get one time I mailed it look at here what about a cock in this lady's ass cheeks and of dude it helped it made it look better most the time it looks like a disaster you found them let's see what what your Bob looks like I don't like to judge people based on a periods but oh my God look at the frown on his face he's like a caricature that's a smile I would not assume that guy's friendly

► 02:36:06

homicide self-appointed sex-change specialist practicing medicine without a license oh he didn't even have a license yeah damn it they should make a movie about this guy and let Bryan Cranston sentenced to 15 years to life died in prison in 2010 that he has a funny thing is you reading here that there's another guy that's as competition that's the second worst doctor or debatable

► 02:36:33

but it was this guy real doctor now he was acid self-appointed right so I don't know anybody does that mean he thought he had like a some sort of a military thyroid surgery thing self-appointed sex-change specialist and hundreds of operations yeah don't do that for any gate doctor

► 02:36:52

it's his place was called a what was it called like the room of dream born into a strict Mormon family Brown was a gifted child oh boy how many fucking disaster start out with that sentence board into a strict Mormon family Brown was a gifted child the think that's the open parts of a novel that goes terribly wrong he had a miniaturization technique for clitoris has took the patient's penis and turned into a Classic Couture has apparently guaranteeing his clients full sexual pleasure he presented his work the 1973 medical conference where his technique earned him the respect of some of the world's most famous surgeons without surgical qualifications Brown had to perform his operations in the most unlikely an inappropriate locations one early patient remembers going to his office assuming he would do a checkup but awoke from the anesthetic to discover that he had operated in the office

► 02:37:49

he turned his garage into an operating theater and the more operations he did the further his standard slips oh no oh my God read this next what is yeah despite the concerns of his peers many of Browns patients appeared to be happy

► 02:38:08

that's like if you bought a really small book it would end right there one of his early patients Elizabeth had been delighted with her surgery had a year later things started to go wrong her vagina started to tighten and close up it's a Hemingway sentence you want it tight Brown was abandoning his patients and leaving them to other surgeons like dr. Jack Fischer to pick up the pieces he says it's hard to imagine anyone worse than John Brown he didn't care much for any evaluating his patients before surgery or for post-operative care he was totally focused on the technical procedure itself and he didn't do that very well Jesus Christ man putting some good shit out in the world why have you done this to us right there ya gotta do head this and then watch a Chuck and buck Shopkin but what are you doing to me man what is Chuck and buck and why do I not want to look what the fuck you doing man who are play a game Joe hey Jamie Lee

► 02:39:08

for you want to play a game what's Chuck and buck fairly syllables awkward fucking film ever made wait a minute more Awkward than that what was that one the with the dude they made the room where they made a movie what's-his-face the fucking bathroom made a movie about the movie being made remember the room you guys know that movie the room where you played the you know it is the James Franco actually made a whole movie the movie so insane James Franco made a movie about the making of the movie but how insane it was it's a guy was like this dude who's like an actor and things weren't going so well she put together enough money to make his own movie but it's terrible and in every scene he was like making out with girls yeah Tommy yeah yes all but bro it's it's hard to watch it's one of those movies that's so bad like you think you're going to get schizophrenia from watching it

► 02:40:05

like it's distorting reality in a way that does not it's not compatible with your senses it's confusing you watch scenes in the film that's the that's the movie called the room and he bought Billboards around town when I first moved to LA there was a billboard around town for the room for like a long time

► 02:40:23

where'd you get the money somewhere terrible let's just not cheap yeah I think that movie was a boy the movie crossed are we watching Chuck and bust a trailer in case there's anything worth using this is the Chuck and buck trailer what is talking back about I think the scene what is it is there a thing called let's play a game so what is Chuck doing here he's messing with some dials and he's laying back and then this guy's packing up his gear and he's getting his car getting out of town what the fuck is this movie about man to find out what am I gonna get it from watch it is that Ashton Kutcher no who's that guy that handsome bastard what year is this 2000 that might be Ashton Kutcher bro

► 02:41:07

that is Jack Black's roommate from school around it Crea correct oh that guy over there so if we can't listen to this I have no fucking idea what's going on and there's no way you can listen to us know someone have to do this offline you know just like I said go home kids are asleep it's pokéblock Foster anime film and then right after that watch Chuck and buck yeah I'm going to do I'm going to definitely watch your anime film first yeah Chuck and buck and I don't know if Chuck and buck is master I think I gotta go with head next you might actually want to end on Sound and Fury to end on something positive and cool and good yeah but I might be wrecked this unless you want to go to sleep the amoeba what's in your bag Joe Rogan Chuck and buck head doctor yeah that's a good description right there and oddly naive Man Child stalks his childhood best friend and tries to reconnect with their past Jay has

► 02:41:58

all right gentlemen thank you for last night was fucking awesome thanks for being here today the album its out Sturgill tell these people what it is where to get it Sound and Fury I don't know where the fuck he would go by that probably store iTunes iTunes record store or you can steal it on Spotify and just come and show your call whoo open invitation Special Forces foundation.org

► 02:42:25

get that shit get that shit all right thank you gentleman was a lot of fun appreciate it thanks fun time thank you thank you my pleasure bye everybody

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