#1313 - Duncan Trussell

Jun 18, 2019

Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour”.

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episode 13 13 ladies and gentlemen

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that's a it's a number it's very important number very important tell me why why 1330 is important yes well we got to 13s back to back so it doubles the normal potency of 13 which is already a mystical number which terrifies people in the west I think it's unlucky but in Tibetan Buddhism it's considered a very lucky and auspicious number yeah I'll stay in a hotel in Vegas they have no 13th floor and I don't think they had a fourth floor either the fourth yeah there's something about some cultures the number four is unlucky how many cultures do we get to influence our buildings these days that's what's crazy and what's crazier is it some point someone convinced a person listen can we just not do a 13th floor and they listen to him I'm like all right I guess we'll just go from 12 to 14 um Shooter Jennings has it in a song

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when I check into 14:10 I know what room I'm really in that's cool yeah yeah well are you know what that's what's so funny about it is because like that's the whole problem isn't it it's like people want to pretend they're not in the 13th floor when they fucking know they are instead of just acknowledging this is where I'm at no no no we're in the 14 we're 1414 called the 14th floor just call it and they'll be that dude I went when I was in college we had to do service for like to get the degree you had to go do like service overseas so we went to India to dharamsala and we taught the monks English and I was sitting with like listening overhearing a monk and a conversation with someone teaching him English and the person's trying to explain to him how there isn't a 13th floor and buildings in the west and the monk was like does it

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levitate like is it missing how do they do it was genuinely perplexed it was like a magical thing yeah in a culture that forces its citizens if they want to run the country you have to believe in something that whether you're a Christian or whether you're a Baptist or Mormon whatever whatever you are

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there's certain parts of your religion that if you just don't want to analyze them just want to put them out on paper and it's okay did this really happen to this guy really dying come back to life is everybody agreeing on this and everyone's agreeing that a zombie a guy became a zombie and he came back three days later and we're cool with that this is a part of the doctrine so there's like a part of running the country you I don't think you can be an atheist in this country I don't think we would let you run it to be you have to I think you do have to have some affiliation with some religion or another problem yeah I need the right now it seems to be like a needs to be Christianity like there needs to be like every president that has aligned themselves with it's like we're trapped in this this thing that you are when you're young you know this thing you are when you're young where you're looking at the people that are older than you you looking at society and you're like 16 you just starting to think God

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and my be graduating from high school soon what am I going to do with my life you know it's you filled with so much angst yeah but you always think yeah this shit doesn't make any sense but one day it will and one day will be the grown-ups yeah and we'll be the ones that get to make the rules and we'll go hey this is we're doing things all wrong folks we're doing things out of momentum rather than out a logic but that time never comes and then I'll sudden you're like you or I were you're middle-aged we're middle-aged men I'm a 51 year old man I'm already fucked to we're middle-aged if we're lucky if we're Super Lucky reality were closer to death yeah for sure so and we're still trapped by this thing where you you have to pretend you absolutely no look live your life like Jesus is real live your life like you want to follow those tenants and you'll probably live a better life if you really follow the actual true tenets of Christianity if

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I really want to believe that a guy came back to life and that only happened once and that you have to follow this book if you don't follow this book that was clearly written and Rewritten and fucked with by people and you know that people are known Liars yeah like this why do we have court because people lie what really happened you have to fucking get a bunch of people to sit down and figure out what really happened this guy's a I didn't do anything your honor yeah and they got prints and DNA and in that world of known Liars we believe a crazy story that was written when people had no science but we accept it because we think it makes the world a better place yeah man it's not and there's like so many levels of that where it's like yeah that's one obvious level that they if you want to take Jesus literally which is you have to in certain forms of Christianity you're going to have to deal with some pretty severe cognitive dissonance you'll be taught maybe to question your instincts but then go one step

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deeper and start thinking because the real question is well what is real like I mean the others obvious shit that's clearly bullshit yeah but wait they didn't when you start going down you realize like you get to the point of the self and then you start realizing that the self and this Jesus that everyone believes in her very similar in the sense that like you know I don't say I believe in gravity you would think I was crazy if I said I was to be a crazy thing to say look you know I believe there's gravity there is gravity it's testable it works but what do you always hear when people are like if you want to succeed what do you do you believe in yourself and it's like wait what do you mean believe in yourself I am a self why do I have to believe in it right so that's just a it's a clunky way of saying self-doubt is crippling well the self-doubt self you know rejection I hate myself I love myself all these things have within it this concept of the self and a lot of folks have not

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spent much time really exploring like well what is the what is the self like what is my particular self and I think it kind of reminds me of when we are Sasquatch humming you know the self or the many people self is very similar to Bigfoot yeah it's a thing that they imagine that there's signs of but they've never really quite seen the Bigfoot you know right but you know remember the feather and the trail it's a gift that means he likes you yeah they would think it's a squatches were taking and leaving gifts taking their gifts and leaving their own gifts whopping gifts yeah and we believed it they believed in me believed that the same way people believe in a religion you know yeah I have a friend and she was a Mormon I've told the story before so forgive me if you've heard it she was a Mormon but I think it's important and she was a devout her whole life and then the family just fell out of it and then they started realizing like they started going into the history of it and they started

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it was Preposterous it was right around when Book of Mormon was coming out to you know that hilarious Musical and yeah it's great it's really good but she was really honest about she was like the problem is like growing up in that fundamentalist background it makes me very susceptible to like healers and like psychics and Clairvoyance and bullshit Are Spiritual people she's like I get sucked into bullshit and she was like almost kind of upset yeah we know not almost like she was kind of upset but like perplexed like how do you rewire yourself when you've been trained to believe that a 14 year old boy in 1820 found golden tablets that contain the loss work of Jesus and all them Native Americans were the Lost tribe of Israel oh my God I mean this is that's the story right 14 year old boy had a magic Rock he was only when it could read it it's crazy she started looking into it and she's she's out son yeah I'm gone and that's sad to man because like if you take you could take some like basic tenets which are true

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and not based on it kind of reminds me of like you know you hear someone he's taking Ayahuasca and he comes to you and he's got a profound message that came to him from some mythological creature a dragon a butterfly his told him some kind of profound fucking thing and you realize oh the bubble machine the profundity of a machine for 1313 yeah whenever we're talking about I like it let's keep it rolling the yeah the so you don't get caught up in popping them know that when yeah I know that's a problem getting too high like done talking what do we do is just pop bubbles the bubbles fly but you're on TV right it's like the for them to really like take in the basic wisdom they got from the mythological creature they needed a mythological creature the mythological creature said something to them along the lines of you need to love yourself more you need to give more to your community whatever the messages but if your boob

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driver said that to you it wouldn't get through because it wasn't like phosphorescent didn't have multiple heads so similarly with these religions what happens is you do get some real Transcendent wisdom that's sort of Timeless mixed in with it and then the people because they realize like oh my God I was kind of a fairy tale they also reject the good stuff inside of it and that to me is the big tragedy of any kind of fundamentalist literal interpretation that's being forced on people is because within that is inevitably something great I wouldn't be so viral like Christianity wouldn't be here right now if there wasn't a core thread in it that had a beautiful message in it it makes people nicer people I actually had a really big conversation this weekend with a very good friend about it about another very good friend is very religious and we were saying like I think for some people it's an amazing framework and a guide to live your life I really do believe that I have several friends are very

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devout Christians yeah it's beautiful and they are the nicest people I know and Mormons by the way I have friends that are Mormons still to this day I have several friends that are Mormons and they are some of the nicest people yeah and I don't care if they believe something that I don't believe in that's okay it's okay it is okay but I mean the idea that everyone is supposed to buy into stuff without questioning it is the reason why we are 51 year old 16 year olds dude I agree and then there's the deeper symbolic shit it seems to be encoded in Christianity whether from people projecting their own understanding on a pretty wild symbol set or maybe it was intentional either way there's like a cool like you know the if we talked about this like if you take a cube and unfold it it makes a crucifix and like the cube represents pre-big Bang

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Nations whoa and crucifix represents past present and future intersecting with eternity and so if you have a square oh I get it so the length the height is twice as the with yeah that's okay make it unfolds into a crucifix for people that are annoyed with that sound it sounds like a pencil sharpening over and over and over again we're sorry sorry about that y'all but bubbles don't come free you need anything you got to have a higher somebody hired some dude just blow bubbles what are you I blow bubbles on the JRE bro

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something like fucking manly wrestler dude what do that man all right definitely do that yeah different people come in and blow bubbles and occasionally Charming hey I'm gonna be on the JRE next week what are you doing I'm blowing bubbles oh cool your the bubble blower for the week you could start something that became like that's just what people do it's like did you get your bubble man yet right yeah I'm a classic bubble man I know how to do it the new guys they're too loud when they blow well it did Johnny Carson was Ed McMahon the first sidekick

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well what did Jack Paar have a sidekick I don't know you know how many options are before that Ed Sullivan and well there was the other guy Steve Allen I think Steve Allen might have been the first was he the first Tonight Show the second Tonight Show

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yeah but I think that Ed McMahon was probably the first sidekick and once they had a sidekick people like oh yeah you need a sidekick do you need somebody to play that part because you can bounce stuff off of them it's so great the reaction yeah so much better than a laugh track yeah yeah yeah so Christianity it's on one level are you fucking kidding me it's like and I this nerdy part of me man when you're doing the Jesus a zombie thing I really wanted to go well technically not a zombie no zombie I don't think so because he was buried right like it's not like he did come back to life but this is what there's a move and Jiu-Jitsu called the zombie yeah and with the zombie is is when you're in mission control and you trying to get an underhook you push your hand through like a zombie Rising through the ground so zombies get buried yeah but I guess you know I don't want to get into like a cool comfortable why not let's break it up so what

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is not like when is it just a person who's like severely disabled and when it is a zombie well you know what I mean like as a well they're dead they're dead they die their heart stops beating but their doctor says they're dead you would be like a complete asshole if you're like they have this they have the same intelligence as humans they're clearly there's some brain damage has happened to a zombie right it's a most movies it's a person with brain damage is there any zombie movies where they're smart I've net that's just every movie yeah but this I guarantee you like there's there's zombies movies where they run fast that was an evolution of the zombie it started running the zombie became like kind of like hyper violent and then but still I guess what they all have in common is that they're technically they're dead and the since they don't have a heartbeat they're not dead like a biologist would be like the zombie is alive right it's just like a fungus now or some running through a parasite inside of its Central yeah it's some kind of fungus rabies yeah some new rabies or got biome problem what was the 28 days

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later is that it yeah mm first one when they ran yeah now's the scariest good fucking awesome running zombies so good so good and because it was all so shaky like when the zombies were chasing after you fucking panic because the screen was shaking when it was running at you they were the first like Berserker zombies you know man all this gut biome stuff that we're hearing now like the study I just read about the study today like they found out that what the gut biome what you're feeding your your baby affects their like there seems to be a correlation between their gut biome and the way they act when they're like five or something there are two years old or something or dude and the autism link you know where they're saying they think autism might be related to like well who sang that Jamie would you mind pulling that up for there's a guy named dr. Peter hotez and he was on the podcast and he is an expert in autism and vaccines and

► 00:22:31

uses and foreign countries particularly tropical diseases and warm moist climate to see ya and he was talking about how they've got it narrowed down to five environmental factors that happened during the womb that they think possibly contribute to autism yeah but they don't think that it comes from something that happens later huh this is current science according to him obviously I don't know what I'm talking about like for sure I'm not a biologist at all people looking at us are probably like how do these scientists not know this I should barely be able to say those words in order yeah pretend like I know what they mean but I listen to experts the mothers microbiome the collection of microscopic organisms that lives inside of us as a key contributor to the risk of autism some that might be one of the factors so it's during the womb and neurodevelopmental disorders and Offspring well it would make sense that if your body is not getting the proper nutrition

► 00:23:31

your body's not healthy that whatever's going on inside of you is not going to be the best environment for a baby to reach a hundred percent Health just makes sense if you're eating terrible yeah while you're pregnant it's not going to be good for the kid but if you're eating really well and you're relaxing and taking care of yourself it's probably better for the kid this seems like obvious it doesn't seem to make any sense that it that wouldn't be the case I think the weird part of it to me it's this runs into like I ideas of free will or like autonomy in the sense that how much is the gut and the neurons in the gut and the neurons in the heart and all the interactions they're having with things that have different DNA than us affecting what we do and like there go long that's so weird because they contribute to depression yeah yeah and it contributes to

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what else autism what other behaviors are in other words are we just essentially being driven around by some kind of strange microscopic Hive of creatures living in our shit in some way yeah but you know Brian Cowen had a pretty bad case of like of psoriasis kept coming back nasty really bothered him tried a bunch of stuff couldn't get it fixed went to one Doctor Who's a specialist specialist in gut biome its connection to autoimmune disorders and I fixed him up just changed up his probiotics like what he's taking prebiotics and probiotics gave him some like heavy-duty shit I forget exactly what he said but it fixed it and it was basically something going on in his gut biome and that can be affected by stress yeah could be affected by lack of sleep there's all sorts of stuff that goes on in your body like we have to think of ourselves as

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like a super organism like essentially like an ecosystem we have to think of ourselves as like you think of yourself as you hey it's me it's Joe it's Duncan we're talking we're friends hey what's up buddy but really what we are is the keepers of the realm okay we got a whole realm of things living inside of our body and we're feeding it twinkies and it's freaking out it's like you fucking moron here but it like what it feels like when Twinkies go in my face yes your fucking knees hurt all the time yeah your back is killing you you have all these inflammation problems getting sits in your 40 years old like what the fuck because you're eating dog shit man you're not giving your body thing anything good you're The Keeper of the realm and also this is something I've been thinking about is like how much data were eating which is equivalent to Twinkies it's like you eat a bunch of Twinkies your body starts hurting then you're just slurping up whatever the fuck on the phone right which I oh by the way I'm talking about me this is what I do you know my bouncing around from like

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report to Huffington report to Reddit conspiracy to read it what the fuck is it papi how long before you're looking at like a zit popping video and then that takes you down into a place of like let's just move to animal cysts and then and then you fall asleep you wake up screaming yep and that's the equivalent of getting like gas isn't it from eating like a huge Taco Bell me lonely said of farting you're just just screaming in the middle of the night because you dreamed a cult was dragging you into the forest it's like this is to me we seem to have not quite acknowledge that data is as much a is like a food and it so much of the weirdness that is people are showing these like Strange Behaviors it's got to be because of the crazy shit they're sucking into their optic nerves right is it's also the ability to affect people very rapidly order to get a reaction from someone positive or negative people are so addicted to that yeah I watch people getting these Twitter beefs back and forth

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and fucking smart people man a smart friend of mine who I respect greatly tried to get me to retweet something mean to do saying to someone else in my get the fuck out of here like what are you what are you doing yeah like what are you doing with your time we get the one thing that I've done over the last week we did a podcast with Bert and Tom and re and we all looked at the amount of screen time we put in our phone because I was proposing no smartphones yeah my fucking screen time was like four hours yeah for a day I was like what and I lie to myself and also almost let's email and taking care of business yeah most of it is going through Google news feed looking for crazy stories of like animal attacks abscess is looking at man I watch the video today of a guy riding his dirt bike and a bears chasing them like what in the fuck what is happening look man I don't want to try to like enable your addiction but honestly I think the internet has come to depend on your wild animal attack video

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it's like you have kind of a comb like a news outlet for the best wild-animal attack people need to know people need to see this shit man like we don't know I've never seen a vulture fighter rabbit or out of people do have a very weird idea of what animals are and I think that the average person I'm certainly no expert but amongst the average person I have a much better understanding of wildlife because I'm out in the wild yeah several times a year hunting it's a different world it's a different world I'm no expert but my perception of it is as someone who sees wildlife in the wild is she dead ones that other ones have killed we came across a calf that had been ripped apart by Wolves I mean we see stuff and you realize what that is what that what that fucking Forest really is it's this competing ecosystem of life and it's going on all the time and there's big things jacking smaller things and there's

► 00:29:27

bird snatching things off the ground and snatching other birds out of trees and it's happening all the time and it's magic and you have to have it that way because otherwise the the whole population the plant would be overrun you have to have your sorrow of watching The Bear tear apart the Fawn that has to happen because if it didn't happen you'd have too many fawns they'd be everywhere you have too many deer and you have to have someone who can take care of the Bears otherwise the Bears were overrun the city where the humans live we need to think about that and people don't want to because they don't want to shoot Yogi they don't want to shoot Yogi and Boo-Boo they're our friends this is a teddy bear I grew up with a bear you don't know what a bear is I've seen a bear in the wild when you see the bear in The Wild you like oh you're you don't give a fuck about me you're some weird heartless Beast that is majestic looking who runs around eating moose and deer babies that's what your deal is you eat grass and berries and you like to lay around your fucking cool as shit it's a cool

► 00:30:27

a Sanam yeah doesn't mean you hate it but you gotta understand what the fuck it is it's not like this idea of people don't want people to hunt bears in certain places like particular like they're they're they're trying to regulate the size of the amount of grizzly bears in certain parts of the country they like hey we we need to keep a handle on this like the couple people get mauled you know people start walking through Yellowstone and get attacked it happens like a little bit more rapidly the numbers get to a certain they like these things have no fear of people like we can actually help the population if they hand out bear tax people start freaking out you can't kill the Bears you can't kill the Bears don't you kill the bad there's a reason why there's no fucking bears in California Duncan only black bears with there are fucking state flag has a grizzly bear on it you ever notice that yeah the state flags exhibit they eradicated all the grizzly bears because they were eating people so in the fucking 18-hundreds dude there's a town I think it's called Levesque

► 00:31:28

I think it's called Levesque it's out near like on the way to Bakersfield yeah Lebec Lebec think it's called Lebec it's a town named after the last do the got killed by a grizzly bear in California yeah and to investigate this they exhumed his body and his legs were fucking ripped apart like is you know knees were snapped in half and shit you have to destroy this tape and get torn apart by a bear and they killed the bear and they buried him and that was the last bear those the last bear attack they killed all the Bears the reason why they killed all the Bears because that's what you have do you fuck you want to be able to walk to your car yeah see you don't you don't want bears in Santa Monica okay shut up just shut up we do we're going into their territory man they'll come into yours too okay stop don't be silly we definitely shouldn't kill all the Bears push you kill a few she definitely kill some she kill some wolves to I disagreed your family have to keep everything alive I'm gonna bring back pterodactyls I wouldn't mind that snatching people right off a Carswell come on they could be

► 00:32:27

controlled come on they could be control put him in a some kind of domed I don't know it happened um we never knew there were bulletproof bring them back fuck it people shoot down a bullets just bouncing down hitting people on the ground yeah well our skin it's that what you know I saw something you know your podcast it's like everywhere now it's like dandelions ever you can't anyway I'm always getting suggested videos from your podcast and I saw one because I've been cutting down my meat consumption good for you and but that doesn't mean I don't eat meat I just want to cut it down a little bit and

► 00:33:08

and I have been feeling kind of enjoyable from time to time since of

► 00:33:14

you know that I don't know if you let yourself do this you probably don't but that feeling of like kind of bullshit like I'm a little better now you read a little bit of a person and I was really like I wasn't like avert it wasn't like hyper obnoxious you know but just to kind of sense like I did it I can cut down my beef consumption and I'm eating you know I meeting you know a cheese here and there and anyway this video popped up and it some gas I don't know who it was talking about the number of animals that died in a bean field like any Bean field that you see ya so many animals just ground up and murdered and it was great because I realized like oh course yeah right you the trick I was trying to play a myself is the same thing it's the 13th floor shit it's like I want the world to look like a Disney film but it's a bit it's a bit of a cop-out even saying that my my saying that because the reality is there's another solution the solution is organic

► 00:34:14

then right so you can organically Garden if you get a plot of land and get some friends together you could all grow enough vegetables so you have to take place in large which lot with large-scale agriculture or if you're dealing rather with large-scale agriculture that's the problem the problem is we have to feed in just in La alone the Greater Los Angeles area what is it like 20 million something people that's so many goddamn people yeah ones growing anything other than weed so what do we have what do we have we have someone has to grow this fucking food for us so they have to do it large-scale yeah I'm gonna do it large-scale like it involves combines and those fucking things are indiscriminate they're just chewing up the ground and things get caught up in it and that's why when they clean Fields when they pick whatever they're growing you'll see vultures after they run the combine and sea vultures circling the field because they know rabbits and rats Jesus man all kinds of bugs mean any kind of I mean I don't know if you care about bugs which is that's a weird thing right it's like vegans will get to this some vegans we get to this like line where the like yeah but that's

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mosquito fuck mosquito yeah they have malaria you know you get to like a life-form ethical boundary right can't relate to a roach also the hilarious thing when it comes to assigning levels of sentience and then based on that deciding if you should eat something or not you run into like a lot of weird problems which is like number one you're assuming a lot just because they don't have the sort of nervous system you have I mean and who knows we project most of everything we are into the world and we don't really know what the phenomena is but I saw some like video of a little of an ant taking care of the ants baby and I don't know if you probably heard about how trees communicate with the machine yes and like how they'll send nutrients to their children and then so then you start running into I think which is a really fascinating problem which is what if it's all alive and sentient and feeling for real what

► 00:36:14

the there is throughout the entire universe just as sentient field of Consciousness that is interacting with matter in a way that it produces what we call life and that life is feeling Terror love maybe in different ways than we would understand it but it's still there you know there's that's really under consideration by legitimate scientist in fact Sam Harris his wife just wrote a book about that overlooks one of the subjects of it's called conscious and conscious or Consciousness sorry I don't remember which I haven't read it yet but I heard them talk about on his podcast and the concept that used to be like super woo woo was what if everything has Consciousness yeah would have everything had but it just can't move can't express itself can't change its environment it's limited just like we can't fly and we can't swim underwater and breathe water like we're limited in our physical abilities but we assume that whatever limitations we have like this is where it ends this is where the buck stops here yeah like everything that doesn't moves

► 00:37:14

we state that it might not be which is one of the reasons why nobody wants to buy a house after someone's been killed in it right like what if that house retains memory that was something that Rupert sheldrake proposed a long time ago you know he's got that was that's very strange Theory where everything is connect morphic Resonance of the yeah well they're of morphic resonance he's a fascinating guy and he's like a guy who's not afraid to take some chances and and say some really whoosh it yeah I think he's a Christian as well yeah I love his book I think you're the one who like was telling me some of the studies are not so great and it - well it wasn't that I said that is that other people would complain right that and they could because there's some there's some studies that apparently people lean on that aren't super legit like the dog knowing you're coming home one yeah but you got to replicate that shit because first of all the guy might have allowed car dogs can hear shit way better than you can yeah how far away is the guy when the dog starts going towards the door or does the guy just come home every night

► 00:38:14

the dog has like an internal clock and he knows hey it's five o'clock Mike must be coming home like if you cut does have they replicated this of it for 11:30 what if Mike starts coming home in the Tesla where you can't hear shit who knows what if he comes on to the dog actually no he's coming or is it dog just hearing things dog hearing aid or a car I mean it's almost isn't always doesn't always kind of seemed like the most boring possible solution is usually the right one it's like you know what's the most boring thing the most boring thing is nothing's happening but you're Imagining the dog is somehow yeah has a telepathic link to You Occam's razor right yeah exact is the simplest but it's also the most boring like you know these crazy fucking UFOs I'm sorry if you talked about this a bunch on the podcast but the UFO is that we're seeing that the you know Navy is releasing these videos of these Tic Tacs zipping around and it's Navy Pilots it's not the people we interviewed in that show its Navy

► 00:39:14

two are like yeah I don't know what the fuck this is and I was I have great conversations with Uber drivers and like we were talking about it and this guy was like in a lot of them are programmers and shit and this guy was like it's probably a Tecna it's a glitch and then in the type of radar they're using I think it must be a glitch I mean that's the most likely reality they're not seeing it with their own eyes do not I don't think so I think they're just picking it up on radar and so he's like it maybe it's a glitch or maybe it's like we should find that out can you Google if the pilots were picking it up on radar the pilot spotted UFO to see if they've because I know some guys have spotted things with their own eyes I know I know for sure some guys have I'm just I'm not sure if the dad is so I think it's probably very relevant to the conversation though it's probably nothing that we know people listening going yeah with the fuck I get super skeptical yeah I feel like I feel like almost like it's a

► 00:40:15

I Don't Wanna Go full any Bravo but I feel like when I see people talking about UFOs my okay what else is going on what are you distracting me from Mmm this is really a big issue was like is it really happening what can I see it what do you got got nothing oh you got like some braids are you got radar from one two pilots three Pilots okay I believe it but I want to see more why do I want to see more like what am I and you'll get caught up and it'll chew up hours of your day yeah man there's a lot of those guys that we ran into on that show I felt bad for them because they didn't understand what had happened to them they had gotten caught in this weird Loop of looking for secrets and looking for Mysteries to be solved and looking for hidden conspiracies and they get caught in that and some of that shit is real which is part of the problem some of it you can come across the Gulf of Tonkin in the Northwoods operation Northwoods you can come across a bunch of them that are

► 00:41:14

real Enron you can see how they put that together like what you could see real crazy conspiring yeah and then you can get lost and think it's everywhere that's right yeah well I mean this is like dude I was just as a stream oh according to De the aavs what does that mean

► 00:41:35

is that thing you always say UFO you come on yeah we really going to change UFO there like they have their own little thing the gravy's we don't refer to us as UFOs is my pronouns Davies appeared in altitude greater than 80,000 feet far higher than commercial or military jets typically fi fly initially the print Princeton's radar team at the radar really high price our print stories what it's called it's like a really high processing radar system why is it spelled Prince ton it's print store not is for instance apostrophes in a weird spot okay the radar team didn't believe what they're seeing chalking up the anomalies to an equipment malfunction but after they determined that everything was operating as it should they begin detecting instances which aavs I want to know how much that means dropped with astounding speed to lower busier airspace day approached the Princeton's Commander

► 00:42:35

about taking action he said I was chomping at the bit I really wanted to intercept these things what yeah that's we have the fucking craziest people in this country yeah like there's a fucking there's an alien man I want to chase it I want to catch that tail fucker I was shocked by the tail anomalous aerial vehicles to come to me for it whoever invented that new name as an ass he's an asshole oh so actually the one who decided to call them aav come on you know technically it's not undone if I'd flying object it's taking our fucking UFOs man I'm going to fight that what is it again what is the exact phrase aerial vehicle anomalous aerial vehicles and aav you're an asshole and yama's it's an anomaly I want to propose a new name for UFOs Anonymous aerial vehicles are we a part of a billion dollar study 252 Fighters were diverted to intercept one of the strange objects when they first arrived on the scene the pilots didn't see any flying objects

► 00:43:35

but they did observe what the lead pilot Commander David favor later referred to as a disturbance in the ocean the water was churning with white waves breaking over what looked like a large object just under the surface yeah then they know it's one of the objects flying about 50 feet above the water favor the commander of the elite Black Aces Squadron some goddamn Nicolas Cage movie who was a Top Gun program graduate with more than 16 years of flying experience described it as about 40 feet long shaped like a Tic Tac handy with no obvious means of propulsion it's white it has no wings it has no rotors I go holy shit what is that dude you know they got whoever the company is that makes Tic Tacs you're like Tic Tacs it's free publicity totally tic-tacs is the one sponsoring this whole deal he think it is yeah man people are buying Tic Tacs right now listen to this you just say Tic Tac enough you like remember those

► 00:44:36

subliminal things he's doing movie theaters when you're watching the movie it's a hungry eat popcorn like every like 50 100 frame they would stick like a hungry eat popcorn dude likes ya put subliminal text on the sharing anybody damn I want some popcorn if you just say Tic Tac Tic Tacs to Define Tic Tacs right now well we do know that Pilots got great Breath Right that means Tic Tac man it's like the first time you saw a UFO you the first thing that pops in your head is it looks like a mint that's nuts there had to be other ways to describe it that's talking Tic Tacs bro for sure I Googled Tic-Tac after he said that to her because I couldn't remember if they were square or if they were like take you know the they look like I would expect a good UFO to look like yeah you know boring yeah like super Apple like like if Apple made a UFO yeah it's like applique pretty Sleek yeah but don't going into the ocean part that's the part I like the best because that kind of lines

► 00:45:35

up with hollow Earth theory and that and like that maybe like they're flying down he's yeah in the center of the earth course they have a basin or why would you have a base in the ocean we never go there do you ever fly over I was just know why you fly over five hours of water just water yeah well that's that Strava app thing I feel like we've talked about literally everything you know this drama have to worry about okay good it's great man I love that I have to think if pretty sure we've talked about this the heat Maps the Strava heat maps that seem to show people walking under the ocean and stuff walking yeah we haven't no it's oh yeah because like Strava you know it's like I think it was Strava right it was like a way for you to track your steps hmm and some people apparently weren't some basis in the Arctic or in the ocean walking around and it showed up before they could like turn that function off or top secret facilities like the places they blur out on Google Maps so do you think there's like a military base under the water somewhere with submarines go it's God man

► 00:46:35

you know I want to think that but I'm a voice movie The Meg yeah I think it's probably a technical error but fuck maybe I mean I don't know it's like the implication of these Tic Tacs and all of it if you really want to like the first to me the most obvious one - the churning water evidence is that it's some kind of equipment malfunction what's also the they have an unlimited budget for Black Ops we don't know what that number is that's right we don't get to know yeah right all that weird shit they do when they're making stealth bombers and all that area 51 stuff how much money goes to that like what is the number let's Google this how much does the u.s. spend on Black Ops I had I was going to bring us up in the middle of we got to talking there's a program here that was going on the a a tip Advanced Aerospace threat identification program was going on and how did she

► 00:47:35

a a tip I'm just gonna fuck you out of your money but I'm just gonna use the a a tip 22 million is what their budget was in 2012 and this said that doesn't still go on but apparently it does Louis Elizondo was says it's still operating and he is part of so they spent 22 million dollars to see if the UFOs were a threat a year and then there's the to the Stars Academy that's that's Tom DeLonge stuff yeah well some of it's still going on it's all it's a listen I am I'm fucking rooting for it I want it to be real I would love it if it was real but if you look at like the history of the great ideas a lot of them did come from like weird moments you know like Tesla like basically had a seizure and felt like it was being contacted by something like you do run into stories of at the very least inspiration but quite often Innovation coming to people via

► 00:48:36

transmission almost I transmission well I've been thinking this for a long time that maybe ideas are living things and these ideas even though they you think of them as something you brings creating and maybe brain is creating it yeah but maybe it uses your brain to create it so that it can manifest itself in the real world so when you have ideas whether idea that turn out to be art or music like you know Jimi Hendrix comes out with Voodoo Child your you are inspired by that you see it it gives you a great feeling you exchange currency to listen to it we just that one song how much money has been generated by Voodoo Child it's one of the greatest songs in the history of the known universe is the opening guitar riff I've listened to that a thousand times easy I listen to it all the time whenever I'm like I need a pick-me-up that mean it's just it's a master

► 00:49:35

it's a masterpiece of music and where that idea come from well it came from his brain right but where was it before it was in his brain well how does brain cook it up and what is it what are these things they're just floating around you grabbed out of culture and how do you turn them into something that people go crazy for yeah because occasionally had guy will take one of those ideas and make Voodoo Child or you know make someone else's song or make someone else's painting or you know make a fucking building that's inspiring this these things that come into your head that's right and you're at the end what they really do is they like the eggs of objects because they they come to your mind you think about them and then you say I'm going to make a fucking clock and you start making a clock that's where is that coming from with oh it's just your creativity and it's just your mind it's just your imagination well it's just your thought process your synapses firing yeah yeah yeah you're right you're right we're all you're absolutely right there's no

► 00:50:35

whoo or is there what the fuck is a thought figure that out no one knows we've done is especially where are they coming from you I mean how many times you've written a joke you laugh in yourself as you're writing like where the fuck did that come from yeah well I mean or saying anything sometimes likes you're watching sentences come out of your mouth and you're sort of your ideal feel like yeah every day all the time right now where is that you know who's articulating there's a this I've been studying Buddhism and any Buddhist out there if I fucked this up I'm sorry if you if you're more advanced or know more about us I'm pregnant say the words wrong and stuff it's really interesting so it's like there's like eight consciousnesses I think it's eight and the sixth one is your thought the Continuum of thoughts right so that's like where most people hang out and they think that's who they are is that infinite cycle of repeating thoughts in their head so below that is your senses

► 00:51:35

and then the one right above that is the seventh and that's what is considered your subconscious in the west but so that's where all your memories are that's where all your like just all the shit you can't remember that happened to you that that stuck back there that appears in people's Arbor appears in your Neurosis or whatever and then above that is the eighth Consciousness and that's the stored experience of all human beings and whoa it's happening it's like the global mind or it's which records yeah we have the akashic records yeah and so basically that one drips down like like water and a cave it drips down into your subconscious which drips down into your thoughts so when you're having these thoughts according to this model it's not necessarily your thoughts you're getting a kind of distillate that's rolling down through the

► 00:52:35

Global mind being flavored by your subconscious and then being flavored by your identity or who you think you are and then so by the time it comes out of you it's got you wrapped up inside of it but it's a projection of some like shared mind it's pretty cool that makes that makes actual sense yeah no that sounds like crazy Voodoo hippie talk but it actually makes sense yeah that we all know that there's something that we share the site and we all feed off of each other I mean you know I've said this many times that I am a different person with you yeah like we're different together and we're different with other people as well I mean that's how human beings are when we when we interact with each other we have this bonding thing there's a there's an interaction thing yeah and that's why some people are toxic for you I mean the idea that you're supposed to stay with everyone is like crazy like some people are just not good for you it's not a good mix you know you're not good

► 00:53:35

they're not good for you get out yeah but that there's something that's going on it's not you just as an individual and then we're talking about gut biome and and that as well yeah you're you're also sharing gut biome with each other sharing DNA with each other you're sharing the skin there's there's little organisms living on your body you hug people with no shirt on you sharing organism yeah so when the reasons why feels good I bet ya ya ma'am it's probably a great way to swap organisms to keep spreading you I mean yeah it benefits your bio I feel like it wants to like pollen Ator get out into the world for sure I was reading about those listening or actually listening to a podcast the Steven rinella podcast meat eater and there was a guy on who is an expert in moving Wildlife around how they like sometimes I'll move wolves and to certain particular areas they had too many moose and this one Island and so they moved wolves in but the Wolves there wasn't enough of them and they were on an island so

► 00:54:35

off start fucking each other and they were fucking their kids and their did their DNA just was a mess yeah just all sorts of inbreeding and it was just terrible which is also fascinating it's like Nature's like no no no you can't just stand around and fuck each other you gotta get out there like nature even with animals nature is like the banana this is not the game we're playing gotta move the game we're playing is that male and female the gamer ban is mailed it doesn't know female that's the game because you can't fuck your sister and you can't fuck your mom stop if you do it a few times but after a while your kids are just not going to come out good which is weird right like how come if you're good and your sisters good how come if you have sex there's a high likelihood that the kid won't be good there's something wrong with the child and if the child fuck's the sister and then they have a child it's even more likely if that you know I mean this is what inbreeding is and this is one of the reasons why I have a lot of problems with certain dogs BC sure yeah and it's a weird little thing

► 00:55:35

Nature's got built into it yeah just like keep moving bitch keep touching each other keep spreading the biome Gotta Move yeah well no matter what you are swapping spit that keep it moving if you save planet Earth with that poor sloth that poor horny lonely sloth just horny pretty sure it was a sloth it was some kind of slow-moving tree creature and they set it up you know I don't know how much of it is real like how much of it is they're just filming animals and telling a story about them but this sloth is horny like bullet howls out into the forest like and here's like a shriek of a of a woman a female like it's like a fuck you know it's they yet this poor guy look how fuck can you get it from where he's in the tree are we allowed to show the dust thrown up I don't show it so he doesn't have a girlfriend that's what's up yeah so he's climbed out of the soft world this is and it's in South slav it's not because this one's actually work is that this flap is going for it's like it's not staying in his apartment on the Internet it's it's leave

► 00:56:35

his tree swimming across an ocean climbing up another tree but what a dirty trick nature played on this motherfucker to have him move so slow everyone can catch you yeah it's like Nature's like listen you guys are too fucking stupid there's too many of you we're going to have to have it so Eagles pick you off so they have them so slow literally no one can miss them what a goddamn dirty trick you ever see a bear run they run fast ever see a fucking wolf or a coyote run the ridiculous this poor bastard this poor bastard is going so slow it looks like he's on slo-mo like we're looking at the leaves leaves are moving at normal speed but he looks like he's on fucking slow mo he looks like he's been eating benzos for the last nine months like just fucked up he's got an infinite Xanax prescription but yeah

► 00:57:27

yeah it's barely getting by yeah what a we must look so fast to them like did then we must seem terrifying and how quickly we're moving about the Eagles you know what does that eagle that gets them in South America the harpy eagle is that what it is the biggest ego and Earth I didn't know harpies eight slots all they eat is monkeys and sloths crazy that's their favorite shit they snatch these slots out of the tree bitch get over here they just dumped what is it a fight between them whoa oh my god oh that's a real young Eagle what kind of although the sloth is actually swinging at the Eagle imagine that you'd be like what are you doing now it's more like when someone's trying to wake you up it's like yeah that's like a drunk guy at a bar and you trying not to fuck them up yeah please don't make me hit you

► 00:58:22

that is exactly it in the eagle seems perplexed by it yeah but you see the harpy eagle killed one because it's crazy man they just swooped down there so enormous and one of these guys first of all kudos to all these wildlife biologist that actually go down there and risk their ass like that boom hold on back that up again motherfucker boom Jesus that is a big killer bird he just snatches that poor little guy but someone had to be there to film that and there was one of them that are watched on the harpy eagle which is a beautiful animal where this guy who was a photographer who was one of the scientists who studying them got attacked the eagle swooped in and fucking fine took a swing at them gee it was he okay yeah barely but I mean that gets sketchy when a 25-pound flying bird with knives coming out of its feet trying to snatch you I'm something that can literally carry a fish

► 00:59:21

imagine how strong your hand would be if you could shove your hand into the river snatch a salmon and pull it out with one hand I'm going to be honest it's that strong I do that that's how I fished amazing I love the feeling make it YouTube video I don't want to film myself out in nature you know how it is I prefer to that's my private time in the wild they just snatch them and then they fly with them they're so fucking strong yeah that thing was coming after you and I think the Harpy eagles probably even bigger than 25 pounds I think 25 pounds like a big bald eagle yeah I think that Harpy eagles even larger than that to one of my friends told me something that is always kind of creeped me out it's obviously pretty not true but like you know human things yeah my do University of Bro Science is 11 pounds that's it what's the heaviest eagle

► 01:00:12

wow I'm off big time I guess that makes sense though because like a turkey is the giant turkey like a 20-pound turkey the Steller's Sea Eagle is average weight 15 pounds oh wow the by eagle 14 pounds harpy eagle 13.1 no shit why why do I feel like we've done this before I don't know I feel like you were I thought you were right though but maybe it's just I guess I always in Vegas and I had a bet whether or not you looked up the weight of the biggest eagle I would bet a million dollars they know what a definitely looked at I know exactly what it is it's I got to confuse with it with an extinct Eagle in New Zealand that was enormous that they think hunted people and that one was 25 pounds and I was shocked at that's it was only 25 pounds called the Hast Eagle a jast show a picture of what that fucking thing was left none of them verified to exceed 20 pounds but yeah I think there were bigger yeah see that's it that's where I fucked up I was looking at this thing and I was like why it's only 20 pounds or 25 pounds because you look at the size of it like it was a fucking

► 01:01:11

huge and they really think they might have hunted humans they think that's that might be why the people I think it was New Zealand why the people in New Zealand wiped them out and this was like before the white man came and fucked everything up did you see that documentary on Falcon earring know which one is that it's this woman who's like I wish I could remember her name but she like goes up to I think like to bet and they like took her in and taught her how to like hunt because it's the way they hunt with birds and like the whole relationship you have you sort of have to raise the Falcon from a baby and they're like connected to it but it's the most insane thing to witness because it's such a remote place and it's such a like traditional people they don't watch TV they don't know you know they're not like absorbed and shit like we are there just out there hunting with giant birds and you know they figured out how to do that you know that's to me

► 01:02:11

all this stuff like horse right any human animal relationship when you think back to the first person who saw a falcon and was like I'm going to catch it and I'm going to train it to catch rabbits so we can eat yeah how how that shit is I don't know if this is the exact documentary but this is one on it called The Challenge where that's not it but that's its these are like in their good looks like Saudi Arabia these are like some sharpening their claws and sharp in the beaker and a second to what are they using them to hunt it seems like they're having an event here so I don't know their sharpening their beak what the fuck yeah this wasn't at this is another version they're watching soccer they're riding on Sand Dunes these guys are driving Land Cruisers in the middle of the desert somewhere yeah Pros on dementia there in Land Cruisers and they're letting go pigeons pigeons are going to get jacked

► 01:03:09

oh my God oh my God they had a room filled with pigeons or those Falcons or Falcons well now those are I can't which one is the pigeon some of them have to be pigeons right those are pigeons so what is the challenge like who Jack's the most pigeons the fuck is that wait a minute it's called The Challenge on the challenge it's documentary that came out 100 words a couple years ago really yeah and it's just about Falcons Jack and pigeons I thought this was the one he was talking about but apparently it's not I want to watch that one is sharpening the P the beaks and the sharpening the Clause this is gonna be your next thing you're going to get into Falcon nearing the next time I come here you're going to have a falcon some kind of like when them Mongolian dudes with the fur hat in the ring yeah the fucking Spike on the top of it that is the one that's it mongolia's driving around with a goddamn cartel about the about this movie oh wow no shit

► 01:04:08

yeah dudes have crazy money man they just got to figure out some way to ball so they get killer birds look at those chairs to birds are an amazing thing if you if you really watch them and see them in the wild like do their thing like snatch a fish out of the water it what it is is a raptor it's a flying Raptor that just we tolerate it because it's small but we probably killed all the ones that could kill us well yeah right they were like giant giant eagles at some point I'm sure eyes on that thing man look at that look at the eyes on that thing

► 01:04:48

it has a giant if that was a big thing like the size of you coming at you and trying to kill you and eat you first of all you'd be totally helpless that thing was your size you would be 100% every human being would be 100% helpless they those things are so strong it would grab a hold you with its feet it would start ripping you apart with that fucking bolt-cutter it has grown out of its face

► 01:05:13

yeah fuck man it would just just that fucking thing would be the size of a sword like a samurai sword that would just be smashing in ripping your guts out you'd be able you'd probably still be alive for a second to watch it take a like taste of your guts it would probably be like the size of one of Shaq shoes right that would be his beak size 22 yeah I got beak right he looked at his beak big-ass shoe huge knife big fucking head this big big-ass shoe for tearing you to feed its babies right that's what they do they eat you first and puke you into the baby's mouth and they eat other birds to be whatever the fuck they want those things are always fun you know I used to find them headless in my backyard there was like a little bit of a war between the the Hawks in my yard and we put in this glass fence in the back of the yard and the Hawks can figure out the fence and they

► 01:06:12

goodness dank and they a couple of them got kayode one of them one of them we managed to save we brought them to a wildlife rescue place and they rehabilitate them and saved him but other couple of them died and then we would find dead hot so I think that one of them was like the dominant Hawk and he died and then other ones are start moving into the area like they were flying around my chicken coop and like little juvenile hall yeah kind of assholes almost like teenagers I was like what the fuck is going on here and then I'd find one of them with his head missing she's like so like some other Hawk killed it and ripped it's fucking head off and a bigger Hawk left it in my yard Dead with no head like a message I'll try to figure out what the fuck eat something's head but apparently that's something that a hawk will do do they'll do to each other so it's like the equivalent of like the Mad Max putting your enemy's head on a spike in front of your areas you claim you won't like all his friends get to see his headless body when you shit on it when you fly over fine

► 01:07:12

that's true that might be a lie do you it's true but I want to find out if Hawks because I believe I'm almost were very high right now ladies and gentlemen but I'm pretty sure that I read that when I found the Headless bird in my yard if you seen the Tibetan sky burial shit yes yeah that stuff's cool man that's easy yeah it's amazing tell people what it is that's when you basically instead of cremation your friends hack your body up into pieces and take it to where they're vultures buzzards I'm not sure which vultures scatter your body they descend on it they eat it and all that's left is Bones even smash the head so that the vultures can get inside that your brain all your memories and then I just saw this incredible documentary on the history of I think was the Himalayas there's a civilizations there because like they're genetically they it's why the Sherpas are able to help people like they

► 01:08:12

able to take oxygen and more there's some kind of split that happen and at that high in altitude but like he's fucking crazy scientists were repelling down the side of these Cliff faces and going into tombs and the side of cliffs and looking at these bones of these people where they're not sure of what their history is and like they'd been pecked by birds you know so they were like okay they were doing the sky burial even now but some of them had spikes nailed into them so like they nailed them tires or something like maybe there was like a zombie like a who knows what the fuck happened but back then they thought that you know I mean even in Western graveyards you'll find spikes through what part of the Rowdy I think their chests are their heads I think only killed them oh numbers is post-death part of their ritual yeah yeah pretty sure not for sure but pretty sure but that was not uncommon

► 01:09:12

and I mean we there's so many examples of finding like Graves that have spikes hammered and then because people thought that the body was a vampire that's didn't come from nowhere you think that there was a time when body's just come back to life and that parasites dead now now no I think there was a fucking time where people's neocortex had informed enough to separate their subconscious from their conscious so they were like hallucinating more and also they were like they had a kind of they were projected a lot of crazy shit into the world also Imagine when you found out you could lie like the first Liars yeah this is like there were people that would have language and then people once they started communicating like hey who fucking ate the tomatoes not me and you realize you can get away with that yeah you could lie and say you didn't eat tomatoes when you did

► 01:10:09

who's the first liar because before language there was no Liars there's no Liars in the lion Kingdom it's not even a concept because you can't have a lie until you have communication well you could say there's the I guess you could say lying is the equivalent of camouflage and the sense that when you see a some of these insane like animals but bugs in particular that look like flowers that look like or you know it that's yeah that's a lie it's a form of deception it's a form of evolutionary deception so yeah I think that like it's a linguistic it's a linguistic camouflage that people use to try to like navigate through Society not just people monkeys and monkeys monkeys use language and they lie to each other yeah they found out that monkeys have a very specific sound they make when it's an eagle and they have an other sound that they make when it's a cat like something on the ground so they have something for up high something on the ground and

► 01:11:09

one monkey will yell out something like oh he goes come and the other monkey scatter then he gets the fruit yeah the caja that's crazy just and then they'll yell if something's on the ground the run-up to the trees they lie to each other to me what the funniest fucking thing is how much we lie to ourselves that's where it gets amazing it's like you know you were talking about and I've done the exact same thing with screen time when you're presented that humiliating number of hours and you've been telling friends you're busy and you're fucking looking at that just thinking like dude I've been like you know looking at bullshit but then before you do that you like but it's my job you know I've got to kind of be online it's like no you're addicted to technology and because you can't stand the fact that you don't have the discipline to stop using it you would rather make up a story involving some absolutely verifiable bullshit so that you don't have to deal with the fact that you

► 01:12:09

are in full control of yourself in this Anon rewarding addiction which is really strange it's like when you looking at stories on like the Apple news feed or something you're scrolling looking for something that's going to Captivate you yeah what is oh the Apple having problems that keyboards and start reading this and it's like oh you can't Huawei can't sell laptops new us anymore like how much of that am I like you were saying earlier how much that is junk thoughts yeah he's a junk thoughts like junk food junk food you just consuming consuming and I don't think it's useless I think it serves a purpose like some of it does if I mean in the sense of maybe not a purpose in the way you're going to be as a human but a purpose in the sense of like

► 01:12:50

if you apply a little bit of like mindfulness when you're using your phone how do I feel right now you know I'm talking about like I do I fucking feel you realize you feel a specific way it's a kind of like numbness there's a quality of like kind of like sedated numbness to the hypnotic State you've been lulled into by the algorithms and there's some pleasant kind of like I guess you could compare it to some like low-level euphoric painkiller but not very euphoric mostly just a mild numbness that is pretty good at turning off anxiety and the city or you could at least displace your own personal anxiety like if I'm scanning through my phone and I find the inevitable bad news whatever form its in I could pretend that my anxiety is related to that news you know and then that's when you get people who are very anxious and they say I've seen it either side who was a famous

► 01:13:50

some person tweeted I'm here in this beautiful place and I can enjoy it because of our president you know what I mean it's like whoa I don't I'm not sure that's the real reason why you can enjoy that place I think it might be actually that you haven't dealt with the fact that you're a vet you're freaking the fuck out right yeah that to me is like this the purpose of a phone it's very good at tricking yourself into thinking that the reason you feel like shit is because of something happening in the world it's a band with either to and here's what the problem with that is sometimes you have these legitimate thoughts and when you have these legitimate thoughts meaning like meaning like something you working on

► 01:14:34

something you're like whether it's an idea you're trying to do on stage or something else another project that you're doing these things they require your bandwidth right and when you're always looking at your phone it chips away percentages of your bandwidth 10 here 5 there when I there at 7:00 there and you don't think about it because no I'm still concentrating on the project I'm still on the project the project the project the project yeah but really no really you're into rivers at the same time you're in this wacky River of nonsense and wondering who got this and how much they're getting in this divorce and who died in the Dominican Republic oh my God another person another tourist oh my God yeah you know and you're just you if you want to look at all the bad stuff that happens among seven billion people you have to think of all the interactions that humans have all the literally billions of interactions Everyday People constantly and occasionally one goes Fucking Western yeah

► 01:15:34

one goes sideways and that's the one you see on YouTube Jesus Christ this world's going to shit and then you watch another one you watch another one you watch infectious diseases and snake bites and what happens when you get necropsy when you're fucking flesh starts falling off flesh-eating bacteria say how they get that snorkeling the next thing you know you're fucking just numb numb to your real life because you're taking in data from everywhere yeah that's it fuck man and it's like then that gets inside of you and now you're just a turbulent you have a turbulent self that is digested a version of the world that's only half true and so because of that you're going to be half a person because you're not looking into like your own whatever the fuck you are you know what are you what are you like that how much do you even think about what are you yeah how much time have you spent to me

► 01:16:34

like the craziest shit that like your your we were talking about the sex drive being this insane compulsory engine inside every sentient being the way that I know of course there's exceptions but like this is if you're writing a computer code right this would be a line of code right it keeps you going keeps you going keeps you going so to me something is fucking astounding lie weird is why the fuck can people not sit still and be quiet for periods exceeding 10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes literally the least metabolically outside of sleeping right your what you're not really exerting energy when you're sitting still and being quiet you're not really doing much and yet if you ask I could ask a person if they wanted to go for a walk that was sure I'll go for a walk but if you're like do you want to sit with me for like

► 01:17:34

and minutes quietly it's weird I get it there's like no I don't want to I'm not into that no I don't want to do that what the fuck is that to me that if not that I believe in simulation Theory but if I wanted to prove it or like play around with it the idea that we're like non-player characters and some super event simulator one of the ways I would experiment would be like oh sit still why the fuck can't you sit still why is it that suddenly your mind goes insane why is it suddenly that you got to get out why do you feel bored or crazy or fucking like overheated or anxious or nervous he productive Duncan yeah that's why that's why everybody wants stimulants yeah that wouldn't be more productive yeah I want to contribute more yeah people I mean I think it's that's what someone might say is an explanation but I think the fucking real reason is like people are carrying a disordered Universe inside of them and when they sit down and there's nothing to look

► 01:18:34

- except what's around them they're forced to deal with the fact that actually a lot of the disturbance in their life is more related to an interior like Maelstrom of thoughts and unexplored feelings and then this is just basically shaping their entire existence there like in every single moment recreating a universe of disorder and then getting really upset because if you see disorder in the world and it keeps reappearing like your friend he's like why do I get taken in by these people all the time it's like well you get taken in by these people all the time because inside of you is a behavior pattern that is replicating this phenomena and you're pretending that it's not in you to the point where it's a mystery it's like why did you know when I drive somewhere I'm not like why do my car drive me here you know unless I'm like fucking high out of my mind and shouldn't be driving

► 01:19:34

Stevie gave noubar man you know anything but pull over and find a Starbucks a person will legitimately be like I don't know why I did that and it's like whoa what is what are you what are you yeah right are you something different if you have sugar in your gut yeah are you yeah what when your candida level hits a certain number yeah it starts telling you need sugar Duncan how about a nice cold Coca-Cola Duncan yeah hmm Duncan just crack open one Coke is not gonna hurt you to have one cuz you're right I need a cake to go along with it water who wants to go and buy water when it's right next to the coke nasty fucking Waters not soaring flavorless hair thing Waverly live stay alive here with my water I want fucking sewage brown sugar death poured into my fucking guts or a nice IPA yeah it's bitter yellow liquid it tastes like wheat yeah

► 01:20:35

having an addictive personality man I like it because it's like it's fun to play around with it meaning that when I am reaching for the thing whatever it may be that I know I shouldn't be doing is in the sense of fun well I like watching the rationalization that my mind starts spitting out for it you know like oh I'm doing this because it's like you know I'm relaxing you know it's a celebratory moment I feel a little bummed out and you look at like the instant way your mind tries to come up with a bullshit story to write off the fact that you are riding around in a vehicle that you can't control and that is not a very appealing way to be no one wants to hear the pilots say guys taking my hands off the wheel what you see what happens for the next 10 minutes up here and yet their whole lives are like that they just taking their hands off the wheel but then they're trying to make sense of it you know like how many times do you mean alcoholic

► 01:21:34

who hasn't accepted yet they're an alcoholic and they're like telling you all these reasons for you'd see my childhood man you just got to understand my childhood or you know it helps my riding I'm a better writer when I'm drunk or on and on and on and on and it's like know the reality is you're fucking hooked you're addicted you can't stop your hand from bringing something into your fucking mouth and you can't deal with that because who wants to deal with that shit man I want to be in control so I'll make up a story I'll make up a story I love watching your shit man that Goggins what's his name maybe God he's great I love them all forwarding laziness globally this guy's Galloping down the road yelling into the camera and I love it man especially as a person who's really good at telling stories you know so like I'll fucking wake up in the morning

► 01:22:27

I'll be like yeah there's time to go for a job but you know I probably should fill in the fucking blank and it's always very important you know there's always a real good reason for it like it but regardless the truth is I have yet to achieve the ability to grab that particular part of the steering mechanism of the my identity you know and so rather than just deal with the eye you can't control yourself I'll tell myself a story I love that it's a tricky one yeah it is that one the Comfort one is a tricky one Comfort is the siren come on come back to the couch too uncommon Marion done game you learn how about a nice cup of tea party has no Vice it's actually good for you it's herbal just relax a little tea some tea well ketamine I'm really worried the New York Times if idea what the intellectuals think about the way the world is yeah right man it's amazing I love find things to do man I don't

► 01:23:27

no I don't sit down and listen to music I'm going to sit down and listen to some albums well I need to because you know I'm interested in music and I'm thinking of like making some songs and I want to become inspired hmm I've think a lot when I'm running and this one of the main reasons why I really like to do it first thing in the morning kind of gets my head going like it gets me ramped up real early I like to do it like first thing in the morning because it gets your head thinking yeah like you gets you like you're out there breathe in and run up the hill and you pushed yourself you're tired then thought will come into your head you know just out of nowhere you get a strange idea just pop in your head and then you start dancing around with that idea wondering why even thinking about that now and you start thinking about shit you need to fix Berkeley my fucking office and just wanted and thinking about why did I got to call that guy back fuck and all these like it's like brain maintenance like your brains like shaking from all the pounding it's okay yeah we got a loose screw over here and I'll for and oh yeah

► 01:24:27

I forgot to call that gamma tighten that bitch down yeah man that this this is what I love about meditating and that's something I am finally have figured out how to do regularly and I love it I'm often doing every day that's awesome every day how much time 20 minutes how much time do you jerk off during the meditation God man you know it varies based on the weather it's so fucking rain made you horny I just get sad I want to beat up she's here when it's raining it's just like I come faster but then like if it's windy I can't get it up if there was a movie about someone who just became a fucking nymphomaniac when it rained out I'm sure that happens like as soon as it rains out like fuckin good we're gonna fuck if there was if that's how I mean you think about humans dude how we are affected by things went depressed when it rains up are you know we don't like I did now again definitely I just feel like saying that shit

► 01:25:27

you get attacked by scientists or smart people like you don't know what you're talking about I know I don't know what I'm talking about I don't know whether we're talking about a hypothetical world people get horny when it rains well yeah but I want to take it into the sun man I want to move it to the next level which is like we're at a solar minimum now apparently which is the sun is not very active and so the son

► 01:25:51

and you telling me this it's a crazy as shit bad the sun freaks me out not just like the fact there is a sun but the solar Observatory the shit that happened over that solar Observatory I'm high I can't even say Observatory Observatory turn the Eternal bubbles on please what's happening in the Solar Observatory well you heard about this shit that happened there's this solar Observatory that just got fucking shut down all of a sudden like the black helicopters came in and like anyway I don't know what happened there but down this son is it as solar minimum right now we have to fucking get through a pay wall you Sam it touches what is this oh you need your fucking mind time guys just come on continue what do they want for my depth fucks UFO sightings NASA Soho space probe spots giant alien disc shoot out of hollow son

► 01:26:48

that's not a rule that's expressed Duncan that's like that's the hardcore scientific stuff take me to like a something less science who is a is the express like the Daily Mail to they make who make stuff up like the acquirer someone but was it the newspaper wasn't daily and his Moto X minus total solar eclipse will pass right over a space Observatory oh wow so if you really not heard about the solar Observatory that got shut down I'm surprised pretty that picture is when you look that up to solar Observatory shut down black helicopters go back to that photo real quick before we do that we'll do that real quick but sorry by the way by charging or dizzy no no it's okay baby I'm very sorry but look at that goddamn photo this is photo of the solar eclipse and you see all the Rays of the Sun by the way magic these are little multiverses each in so we had a juice this thing just devour bubbles you got run out of fucking bubbles we ran out of bubbles right when you're about to talk about

► 01:27:47

Multiverse look at the Rays coming off that thing we want is that is that what that is that all those solar rays is that what the fuck is that coming off of that thing those are called zeit gar spirals those of like they'll fuck you up man yeah they're deadly they're like definitely one of the most dangerous thing in space yo that's what Robert schoch the geologist from Boston University thinks ended the Ice Age his theory is that it was a mass coronal ejection that causes lightning storms like rain coming down but lightning all over the Earth it's a very common fear and Preppers do you watch Preppers I've watched a couple times but it freaks me out the guy Everybody's Got A Reason like I'm building this shelter because I'm afraid of hurricanes but yeah you hear like the Liberals the Hurricanes alligators sun comes up a lot like I should well I mean look we can only exist in a very narrow temperature

► 01:28:47

and that's what you have to think is strange we have a temperature band what is it it's from like fucking 20 below zero till like a hundred and fifty that's all we got yeah and as we got this weird little spot this piece of shit die already God damn it

► 01:29:05

how much how much juice does it use what's got a little observatory in here or not observe the reservoir it's got a tiny solar observatory in is getting shut down it's um you know the the narrow band that we can live in we're so fragile an organism yeah that we should be terrified of this giant nuclear explosion that's a million times bigger than the earth sure that we need to stay stable in the you need to keep I mean imagine relying on that thing to make sure the temperature is in like a range of plus or minus a hundred degrees like what the fuck are you talking about it's crazy crazy crazy request well this is like you know I don't believe it man but I love hollow Earth theory here we go oh yeah baby and like bubbles if I if aliens were watching us like terrestrial aliens not interdimensional aliens important to make the distinction if terrestrial aliens are watching us I think they would be

► 01:30:05

what the fuck is wrong with you y'all live on the outside of the thing you gotta go in like don't because mountains fall out of the sky you're going to build your hold inside collapses well I'm saying like if you dig deep enough maybe there's a way you know are down there well that's you got to get are down there but I mean it is when you think about it it's like we've built this fragile civilization using this super Advanced brand new interconnective technological Matrix that is depended on satellites giving GPS coordinates to keep everything running and we're right next to a ball of fire that has historically from time to time blasted so much fucking crazy shit at our planet there was a time that it cause like telegram wires to spark it's like if that shit hits the satellites they're going to go out all the power grid goes down and everything goes down it's not conspiracy theory it's

► 01:31:05

opened yeah and sometimes it cools down and it enters into a thing called a grand solar minimum I think is what it's called and that's sometimes starts ice ages like there was a mini ice age that happened not that long ago where the sun theoretically just I don't know it stop being so active and then 1790 1790 yeah yeah and that so this is like a reality that nobody seems to really like think about and that to me is the funniest thing when everyone's fighting each other we're all like Furious it whoever the fuck is like nobody wants to accept like mountains fall out of the sky the Sun from time to time burps fire so bright that it causes fires to break out on the planet and then all the other shit we don't know about you know just the stuff we don't know about like that if we could talk to him

► 01:32:04

yeah 1,200 foot asteroid crash into Earth because NASA missed this small detail oh jeez less than a week old story Jesus Christ I don't need to see this NASA fucked up yeah well they haven't been getting any money Jamie you think that's why yes Trump has diverted all the funds to the space force now the truth is they yes yeah I mean would they even tell us I mean I know no you don't think no let it hit you don't think they came alive know what you gonna do it wouldn't War not gonna hit its gonna hit you know Neil deGrasse Tyson says word like decades away from being able to divert it

► 01:32:44

decades decades yeah yeah if something's coming our way some civilization Ender we're fucked and this is not a conspiracy theory folks there was an article today that I put on my Twitter that I read about hyenas these two have hyenas in Canada up until the last ice age there's hyenas and fucking Canada dude like this whole thing changes all the time there was a mile-high sheet of ice up there yeah two miles high in some places that's right I was just in Chicago man and you look out at the lake Lake Michigan yeah she's amazing you look at it from Chicago whoa that was a fucking Glacier that was a that was a nice shouldn't have been melted that's how it got there that's the room the remnants of the melted ice sheet the whole fucking thing was under ice yeah dude there's a place in Wisconsin where my friend Doug has a Farm Cazenovia Wisconsin that's a part of what they called the driftless area and the driftless area

► 01:33:43

the places where the the these glaciers didn't come down and Crush flat everything in front of them that's why you go to the Midwest it's fucking flat yeah flat is this table why is that because the fucking glaciers came down just smush that motherfucker just that's how it came down like this giant mile high wall of ice just destroys everything in front of her as it rolls across the landscape but it didn't hit this one area of Wisconsin and its or didn't hit it as hard because you got all these beautiful Hills and Valleys It's pretty dope wow that's beautiful holy shit isn't that crazy man crazy that that happened 12,000 years ago right this is we're not talking about something that's a long time ago and then boom that shit melts and becomes an interior fresh water ocean is essentially what it is dude it's like our entire

► 01:34:43

ization is living the way like a middle-aged alcoholic who starting to realize all the trouble they caused yeah lives but still dead going to keep drinking kind of like it's like if you look at like our whole species as one thing it's like right now we're dealing with like the same thing maybe smokers deal with after a lifetime of smoking like suddenly health effects are starting to happen right we've had like a nice run but now we're starting to get a little bit of payback for all the decisions past Generations have made we've got fucking radiation pouring into the ocean the ice caps are fucking melting and then on top of that the majority of us can't just can't deal with that we either say fake news or we say nothing I'm going to be dead anyway bad yeah yeah that those are the two things because the reactant to me like this fucking amazing thing about being a human is that we are like a technological Hive that has built

► 01:35:43

self around a planet using the materials of the planet to make technology and we're still at the point of Hive life where were pretending there's different bees when we're all the same fucking be you know it's just some of some of us are running weird operating systems and we can't accept the fact that it's like listen we're a fucking Hive of a super Vance primates that are all living together in a hive because that's the overview effect man where astronauts talk about flying over and looking down it's like it's all the same the cities are mostly all the same it all the structures all look pretty much the same of course it's a fucking Hive a schizophrenic I've wear pieces of the hive or like yeah over there we got a bomb that part of the hive because that part of the hive is different than us so that part of the hive wants to hurt us you know it pheromones being released you know not by queen bees but by influences you know like the news the media

► 01:36:43

blasting out this data pheromone and that gets us ready for the wars gets us ready for the violence tries to justify rationalize it and then there's other weird new like little mini queen bees popping up releasing weird pheromones the influencers you know they're like some of them are making people dress a certain way fashion or whatever some of them are making people freak out some of them are making people more calm but we're dealing with the fact that we're all starting to wake up right we're all going to have to wake up to the fact that we're all the same thing living in a in a hive and and that if we don't come to that Epiphany as an individual we're I mean we're probably fucked like we figure out a split the atom and we've got the technology as it's coming in is making the ability I'm sorry please go ahead collectively we kind of know

► 01:37:39

but it's very difficult for everybody to act yeah right collectively we kind of know that we can't do things the way we're doing but they're going to do it what are we gonna do oh he's gonna drive that truck with the smoke coming out of the back well fuck it I don't want to fix that what am I going to do about this what do I do what do we do who's in charge of who's in charge and what do we do you're asking me no anybody nobody nobody has the answer to that yeah I think you got to like get pragmatic I mean I there's that thing Jean-Paul Sartre said and I'm not throwing balls for Thought once said but I stuck with me ever since I heard it which is whatever you do you give the planet permission to do you give everyone permission to do so to meet what's helped me like live a little less in a in a crazy like asshole way I mean aside from having a baby is realizing that oh if I can't stop

► 01:38:36

you know using as much plastic as I do the world's fucked if I can't stop any kind of activity that I look into the world and think man why are people doing that then the world is fucked because if you you know that fuck I'm sorry man can I ran about ass quick story team I'm sorry you know that Gandhi story which one which one the one about like this and this who knows could be fake news I don't care as a parable it's cool but this woman brings her kid to Gandhi and says I can't get him to stop eating sugar and Gandhi says come back in a month and she's like all right comes back in a month and Gandhi looks at the kid and go stop eating sugar and she's like why did you wait a month for this and Gandhi's like well

► 01:39:26

I wanted to see if I can stop eating sugar first and you know before I'm like wow yeah so it's like to me the cool right there's a listlessness in the world because everyone wants to be heroic but people are wanting to act on the global stage while neglecting the their home their family themselves and it's frustrating because you why wouldn't you think that because it seems like we're being like you're seeing the big big scale of things but it's like personally yeah when I fucking finally clicked man I can't change anybody else like I'm not going to make anyone do anything I'm not going to make any one meditate I'm not going to make anyone do this or that or do anything because everyone's doing their own trip anyway man who the fuck am I to say what a relief but that's part of the problem right is a people trying to get people to behave a certain way that's what we're experiencing a lot of that right now yes yes

► 01:40:26

man and it's like the thing is that's the impulse is Noble but it's unfortunately it's like trying to build a fucking second storey house when you haven't built the first story which is like you need to like get your own house in order and then maybe there's some teaching but usually by the time that happens you don't you're not you're not a talker you know and so to me that has been like a real exciting thing to realize is this Jack kornfield says this I'm sorry if I've said this before tend to the part of the garden you can touch and that's it so it's like to me it's just a big relief number one you can't do shit for anybody else but yourself number two you don't need no one none of us know we don't have to impose some moral thing on you but there is it one actionable thing and action anyone can take which is a

► 01:41:26

Mauro which is find out who you are that's it find out who you are who are you really what are you explore that shit right and then see how you start changing I think that's a real pragmatic solution to all this stuff and it actionable to and it's like you want to find out who you are bye you know rubbing mayonnaise all over your dick and letting your dog lick it off if you get that the true exploration go ahead work for me I'm enlightened now it's the way I'm just kidding speaking of which I was at OJ's on Twitter I saw that shit do you see the one guy who made a parody video of his welcome Twitter world like it when he made this weird dad video It's So strangely what's the word apocalyptic no disingenuous strangely disingenuous I thought it was like he's fake like he's acting again but he hasn't acted in forever and also maybe

► 01:42:26

suffering a little bit from the football injuries because there's a struggle I'm I am very sensitive to people that have been hit in the head a lot of time struggling to talk yeah because I look for it I seen people I don't want to see it in and it's scary we all talked about it like people that work for the UFC fighters trainers it's people do kickboxing we everyone talks about seeing certain folks yeah starting to slip and some folks will start to talk about it about themselves you know they're having a problem yeah that's what I got was listening to that so cool oh Twitter world all right I didn't take that OJ Simpson yeah I'm gonna but I'm I can dispel some of the BS the people have been saying about um about me with no accountability yeah plus the most talked about sports and politics it's like this weird acting job that he did it's creepy man

► 01:43:26

is weird all that yeah it was a weird moment man I that's a cool that that thing that happens to people who have like done shitty things where instead of just saying like yeah I fucked up I'm Chauncey that you can't say yeah killed somebody right well you can but if you do that you're going to suddenly and I'll be I think for anybody who's done she thinks the one we just say it you get to be standing again on the real ground like the real terrain is that of like the bullshit World you've been living in but when you decide not to do that then you do have this like well it's like The Uncanny Valley like you have this like Android quality to you because you're not reflecting reality you're reflecting reality after you put lipstick on it and sunglasses and combed his hair put some perfume on account of the nose job got its ass got a sin plants and that's your

► 01:44:26

realities is super plastic like someone has been getting plastic surgery for years and so you're pretending that that's your existence you see it man when like people are getting sentenced for killing people and they're like the look on their fucking face is like so confused because they have created this Valley in between that person the person they are and and you know it's they've split in half essentially and they can't deal with that's why so many people have murdered people say I wasn't there I don't remember it was a dream I didn't know I didn't do it and Gacy I should be I should be sentenced for running a funeral home without a license he was saying when he was out of town people are bearing kid dead kid bodies under his fucking house you know and he meant it he made it he tricked yourself enough really absolutely because otherwise you have to deal with the fact that you are

► 01:45:26

a murderer that you killed fucking you strangled fucking kids that you dress like a fucking clown you know and like killed kids like it's so unpalatable to deal with that shit because you're just a crazy lunatic who was out of control so you'd rather make up a story usually it's conspiratorial somebody was like somebody's like hey man you know where you could bury those kid bodies I think Casey's out of town Jesus Christ yeah man it's not fucking crazy fucking crazy yeah Jesus Christ I know and that's the thing with the people of always said about OJ that it's almost like he doesn't even believe he did it now but the problem with that is there was a fucking emoji that he tweeted it this guy you know or he had a direct message with this guy and he had like 16 knives and he said he's going to cut them like if that's true if he really did send that if it's not Photoshop the that's not bullshit you imagine

► 01:46:26

a DM from OJ because you made a parody video Jesus God because like while I can't guess what he did was he put OJ's video where he was talking and in the background he had someone screaming help call the police help help and so then OJ sends him this direct message allegedly who knows what really happened who knows but if it did dude I would fucking I would like find a cave somewhere I would want to move to the himaiayas I can't I couldn't deal with it man hello Twitter world I'm just you know because he could get you like he could get you if you wanted to I bet he be yeah I mean I much time you have left is 71 years old after he deems you it disappears you know people like we don't know where he is Norma Donald tweeted out them Solaris Norman said hey juice I just wanted to tell you that through that video I know the golf course that's behind you so I could figure out where your house is and I wouldn't do that but somebody else might

► 01:47:20

yeah that was hilarious Norma Donald so funny he's the best I'm trying to get him to do a podcast was trying to get him in a dummy get to a podcast I don't know what he can do though while he's got this is Netflix deal on these shows I don't know where it's at I don't know if he has a contract but he should do a podcast so goddamn National Travis see that he doesn't have a podcast he's so fucking funny well isn't his show kite is kind of like a podcast like it has that he hasn't been doing it and they don't want him doing interviews and stuff it's like it's a little tricky because he said some crazy shit you know Norm says crazy shit and he said some crazy shit like like if you about someone saying something you will you believe that you'd have to be you have to have Down syndrome huh like he thought that would be better than say you'd have to be retarded stand people like what the fuck damn it and people got real mad at him I think it was on the Stern Show he's just he's just so it's a treasure there

► 01:48:21

Joe I'm sorry to like I want to like I thought I had all these questions for you man I was I guess lame to ask my questions on their show and it's not in the moment like we often do but I really do I know you probably talking about it but I wanted to hear your take on deep fake because like that fucking deep fake of you really bothered me like it's set off like a whole series of thoughts in my head that like of all the futuristic shit that freaks me out the most like what for someone like you or someone like me it's easy for them to do it because they basically got a library of all the sounds that we can make with our mouths and so they put it in a database and then they can get you to say words you've never said before in order that you've never said them before in a way that you can kind of distinguish for now I kind of can hear that it's fake but it was me talking about sponsoring a hockey team filled all chimpanzees yeah and teach impossibly I was sounds exactly like something I would do

► 01:49:20

and it's it's close you know me they had one a few years ago that they did with Ronald Reagan where they had a fake speech and this was way way before the internet and somewhat had pieced together a fake collaboration of a bunch of different Ronald Reagan speeches and then use them with sound editing and turned it into a whole statement that he never gave before and then the White House went on television and showed how they did it and show it on the news all the different speeches that they pulled from and thus the actual sentences where they pulled from they showed it to you so there could be no denying someone I forget what was it was the Russians was it the Russians of course someone that done that but I don't know I don't know who did it I remember once but it was interesting because I was like oh wow they can do that but I thought you know think about how many

► 01:50:20

times Ronald Reagan has given speeches you just take listen someone with painstaking detail mark down all the words and those speeches put them all in some sort of a multi Loop because it's you know you have to go like to Phil spector's house they have the old school reel-to-reel sure sound recorders piece that shit together I slice it up and then release it pretend that Ronald Reagan is trying to start a war with Iran or something like that yeah man I forget what it was do you remember the promise no I don't remember the premise of that but I you know that the recording I don't know I kind of remember it but it's a foggy memory man it's pretty wild fruit but this is like to me fuck the Sun and all the things to worry about this shit is really intense man like you know about the hostage the fucking weird hostage phone thing people are doing where they're like you get a phone call from the phone number of your wife and you answer it

► 01:51:19

it's like we've kidnapped your wife you know it's someone freaking out in the background there like send us money or she's fucked and like they've been right now they've been doing is they've been you know someone will say let me talk to her and they just hand it to some lady who's like I did you think oh my God it's her I'll give you whatever you want people have been sending the money you know and like when you consider like what happens when deep fake technology intersects with just the ability to like call people from spoofed numbers and it suddenly if someone gets your phone number list they're going to be able to call your friends is you and record conversations where as they sort of dredge up you know who knows whatever they want maybe they want to Blackmail you maybe want to get money maybe they want to embarrass you that to me is like so spectacularly fucking weird that we're going to end up having to have passwords that we tell each other away from our Lexus

► 01:52:20

which is like listen if I call you and I'm seeming strange you know the by the password is like go 469 otherwise it's not me you know because that's going to that's a reality we just look what people are already fucking doing with spoofing numbers that's fucked up man and like that that aspect of it and also just like supply and demand in other words there's one Joe Rogan right right now but if an AI starts duplicating you and improving on you like and I'm saying you know five or ten years no offense man but maybe in a I could like turn you twice as smart you know make you like whatever who knows what and then suddenly you're no longer in demand in the sense that once the Joe Rogan AI package goes on the dark web or makes its way into wherever people are going to be able to download you and have conversations with you and make video you don't know that to be is the so what are the most bizarre

► 01:53:19

realities that we are entering into is one where you're going to go on YouTube there's gonna be a video of you looks like you sounds like you but it's like 50 times funnier than you 50 times cooler than you 50 times smarter than you because it's an AI pulling from the Internet it's just you but better No One's Gonna want to watch you anymore cause they're like I want to watch I love the real Rogan but I want to watch the Rogan whose brain is functioning 50 times the speed of a normal human brain because that guy wow so they're gonna take over well right obsolete well yeah they are yeah versions of all of us are going to be like Invasion of the Body Snatchers yeah that's right that's right man and that's not I mean I'm even let's say it's 20 years away that's still too fucking 1600 let's go crazy yeah we're going to be basically like

► 01:54:12

sort of drowned out by multiple versions of ourselves with exponential intelligence that was my concern when I was talking to Kurzweil about downloading your Consciousness into a computer I'm like what's to stop you from making multiple copies if you can make one copy yeah like what's to stop you from being like tell me some fat guy with a little dick was a real asshole wouldn't hack into the system and infest it with copies of him yeah that just overwhelms everyone else's data where he is omnipotent and he is literally the ruler of the realm that he exists in yeah yeah because he's figured out how to hack into the grid and take over ever imagine you think you're going to be in heaven you're going to enter into this virtual reality but look you're gonna get to what fly dragons and have sex with beautiful women and eat fruit and this fat guy with a little dick he acts the system then everybody's going to suck his dick and Everywhere You Go is a version of

► 01:55:11

him is trying to get you suck his dick come on yeah fucking people's ears and he's the holding people down five six of them on a person just fucking you from every angle by that's what he created and it's I mean that's what a computer virus is sure fucking everybody right if you think about that the most is a lot of viruses I don't know what how what percentage of viruses Jamie you know this are not financially motivated there's got to be some viruses that people create just to fuck people sure right in the old days for sure man I mean I think so yeah they were just there to fuck up your 2234 computer fuck up your they didn't they weren't worm they weren't grabbing data to use it again see they're just like you know shutting your computer down to be a dick yeah or making it's a weird things like you know real basic the old viruses in the days of AOL remember those man there are cool they were like scary but not like today where they like shut down the power grid until you send somebody a million dollars worth of bitcoin oh you have to completely

► 01:56:12

map your hard drive completely re upload your operating system it just kills every of the only way you gonna kill the operating systems swipe it clean start from scratch sorry it's all cooked yeah all your work fuck off gone gone man just like this fat guy with a little dick fat guy with and everybody hundreds of them a sea of them running at you pull it on their half our dicks well the ha there's a story going around this weekend about Samsung TVs having viruses in him and you being able to scan it for a virus there's like a program on it that allows you to scan for viruses and then that I guess today Samsung deleted that tweet oh great he was pointing back to this being an act the Weeping Angel program or the CIA could use your TV to listen to your conversations and they are doing that and they're recording it weeping angel what a great name Why doesn't the CIA start dating the fucking Navy UFOs weeping angel why do they call it that why do they call what is that that's why why do they have to bring in

► 01:57:11

Jules is that Satan is Satan a weeping angel is that what they're saying like what the fuck is that Weeping Angel that's weird man that's fucking weird but like you know the implication that they in your deep fake that they sent out to the world was it already happened you know they're like how do you know this hasn't already happened in other words like how do we know we're not duplicates how do we know we're not one of an infinite number an array of like you know versions of us that are being populated all over some server somewhere could be

► 01:57:48

well that's the thing about the simulation theories that one day we if things keep going the way they are like that I was going to bring this up when we're talking about people like looking at cities and looking at the grids and looking at the hive like what is what are these cities doing well they're spreading and they're being productive they're making things and they making better things all the time well if they're making better things all the time like what are they interested in

► 01:58:10

they're interested in computers and CGI and artificial intelligence and artificial life and they're all definitely moving in some sort of a greater technological dependency like we're pretty dependent now but it's going to get greater and greater yeah we get more and more well 110 one day they're going to have a reality that isn't tangible in the sense that without this system you wouldn't be able to experience it but it will be a reality once you're in the system once you're in the system you will feel your elbows on the oak desk you will feel the sweat on your palms you'll feel the sunglasses on your nose you'll feel all those things yeah so who's to say that that's not real well that can happen one day if they can create an artificial reality that you cannot discern from the reality that you're currently experiencing how do you know what has already happened right you don't you don't and you know some soup

► 01:59:10

fucking smart people think that we should keep open the possibility that that is what we're operating under or that the stability and the rigidity of the dimension that we exist in is not nearly as firm and not nearly as permanent as we like to think it is right which is one of the reasons why psychedelics is so exciting and so there's so they're so their transformative but they're also they're valuable but they're also

► 01:59:43

they illuminate the possibility of others of other things other dimensions other life-forms other the other levels of consciousness of other ways of interacting with each other especially mushroom well I kind of all of them all of them when you take the got a transformative dose and you experience some weird thing where you like oh this is possible to like this is like a whole nother way of existing like who's to say that if human neurochemistry right if that's what's causing depression and Elation and dopamine and serotonin all these different wonderful things it's cause melatonin and all these different things that happen when you're sleeping and then the Psychedelic ones like the DMT who's to say that we have to exist with this mixture right who's to say that life with a thicker mixture isn't also possible and might be going on around us all the time like there might be these

► 02:00:43

porous sort of entryways into these other dimensions that are consistently opened and closed and they're constantly around us all the time but when were when we're just in straight normal Consciousness that we experience without perturbing it with alcohol or pot or psychedelics we want to think that this is reality this is rigid this is it but maybe it's a reality yeah there's a fuckload of them maybe when you make decisions you enter into different ones maybe you're constantly shifting the one that's around you and how you interact with people you mean like your decisions are the way you navigate through the Multiverse it's entirely possible right yeah yeah man let's say that too many times Well we get is a thing if you if you if you just think about how little we understand about Consciousness about happens when you die what happens when you sleep with how little we know about what what is going on when you're communicating with people

► 02:01:43

is going on when you're interacting with people what we are these fucking ideas coming from yeah are these ideas little life-forms in non observed State yeah man probably take off the glasses and crazy I just realized I don't get to look at your beautiful eyes show it was enjoying this we did it for hours

► 02:02:05

right here that but the you know man like that when you start the thing you're saying about psychedelics kind of like showing you a different way and that when you're in a base reality State you people spend a lot of energy trying to imagine a solidity that isn't really there and like you know as I've been taught by some people that

► 02:02:28

you know you if you start breaking it down just logically for exactly like you know your past for example you know you ever do that spend any time with your memories and you realize like well your most vivid memory whatever it may be

► 02:02:44

you can't really taste what you're eating or feel that euphoria that you were feeling or the fear you are feeling or whatever because if you did then you the memory would not work for a person who was trying to like stay alive because you and if you just remember the last time you got punched in the face you would feel it you know and also if you could remember tastes you wouldn't be so inclined to eat because you could just go back and think to the last chocolate bar you a and you would taste it or obviously if you could remember orgasms as they are you would really need to fuck you would just think about having sex whenever you had it and you would come you would feel like you were coming so if we look at memories experientially there's a lot of like senses that aren't gratified by memory and also if you look at them from the visual field even the most profoundly quote photographic memory is wavery at best it's not HD it certainly wouldn't be a 4K TV it's got a kind of like quality to it that it's just you know it flow

► 02:03:44

it's a little transparent so then when we think about the future obviously that doesn't exist like it's there's just no future that's nothing is outside of this point in time and so then now you've basically just from a simple analysis of your memories which a lot of people imagine that's who they are like they're a snake in the present moment the head and the back is the past with all their memories sort of intertwined but you realize like no that's really foggy approximation of what happened at best and you really don't remember most of the shit you did anyway like you don't remember what you ate three days ago ten days ago so then you realize your whole past the thing you've been using to Define yourself as a person you barely remember and the parts you do remember it they're not really clear so that's gone now that's death you're dead anything that happened before this moment that's death it's gone there's just this for real that's not now there might be some neurological encoding but there's no

► 02:04:44

forget it now my people are to get really good at things you know

► 02:04:48

well you mean it gives them a sense of accountability that's why if you have a physical skill like say you could do gymnastics like you know Chappelle Lacey no funny funny up and coming new comic but he was a world champion cheerleader like like crazy skills and he's jacked built like a linebacker well not like oh I don't know football defensive back running back anyway stud could do a backflip just please don't jump through the air and land you like wow like what the fuck you're right when he does that he knows that he had those experiences yeah I learned how to do that he has a skill his a very unusual skill yeah like like a break dancer they know they can do that crazy shit with I can hop around on one arm yeah their feet up in the air criss-crossing and going to the Lotus position how many people can do that they can do that they can do it that defines their existence in a way yeah because now they're not just living in the moment they also have knowledge their Chappelle

► 02:05:48

crazy yeah fucking nuts dude there's one that he sent me I'll send it to you Jamie where he flips a girl through the air look at that show you do flips a girl through the air and then catches her on one hand and presses her above his head crazy dude it's fucking bananas bananas bananas so he knows that he can do those things he knows he can do those things he learned those things yeah those things carry him they defined you they give you extra value yeah you can hold onto them as a support like a security blanket this crazy world hey I can play the piano motherfucker let me get on that piano I'm going to show everybody at the party I'm do deep and I think things that you don't already piano Mass oh my God sing us a song You're The Piano Man sing us a song tonight Melody I exist

► 02:06:48

it's just I'm seeing I want more I'm real trying to give someone put trying to spray something out in the world the people like the smell so the come closer to my flower that's right man you deserve more Duncan just sing you should sing all the time everywhere oh thank you just sing and even talk you're an angel I know the way you sing is amazing well I trained for five years I just like to sit around and listen to you have you ever been in a party where somebody breaks out a guitar and actually sings a song like animal hostile that scene is amazing yeah yeah I have I think I'm trying to remember I think that if that has happened it's one of the memories my brains like we're not gonna remember that we're not carrying that with us because it would because it's holding a hostage situation let's face it like once they sit on start strumming that shit if you're the guy who walks out look at that fucking hater he can't play guitars egos being challenged when the reality is you're like I don't want to deal with it man I don't want to deal with her

► 02:07:48

all the levels of having to face the fact that you fired a neuron that made it seem okay that in the middle of a party where nobody was playing music or maybe music was playing you turned it off dude I know of a guy who in the middle of a football game pause the game to show his acting real what well that's just lunacy that's a no that's someone who's like sick paused the game just a broken man or woman paused the game to show an acting reel shambling I knew real man you guys gotta check this out the game can wait seriously guys the game Kawaii he did a great job you're going to get a great pleasure out of watching me fake

► 02:08:32

watch me fake now I'm a detective look at me I got a gun dude it's it's it's a hunger to because it's this is this is the quote I mean it's like you're talking about backflips it's like imagine the self is so the self is so imaginary that we have to exert to the point of doing backflips to give us a sense that the self must be as we think it is it's that's right like you don't have to exert to be sitting in a chair gravity does it for you there's no energy that needs to be exerted but how often do you hear someone saying what a great day isn't this a great day it's a great great day amazing but why are you saying it like why do you feel the need to exert this much energy to announce to me it's a great day hmm could it be that you're not quite certain it's a great day could it be that there's a feeling in you that something's a little Miss so you gotta like pain

► 02:09:32

reality with words to make it okay this isn't a ghost story we're gonna die isn't or is by saying it's a great day are you putting out this hope that I'm going to go wow Duncan such a positive guy he's amazing yeah when he says it's a great day I feel it is a great day he puts me in a better mood thanks Duncan yeah I mean I think if you look at any time I've done that shit I'm too high I'm getting paranoid and I'm trying to get some affirmation from a friend you know that's usually the feeling is one of mead like you know like when you're around someone you realize like they want me to compliment them right now they and you feel that like when they when they open the fucking doors on a spaceship you've they temporarily open the doors of the infinite vacuum of that worse when they get upset when you don't compromise yeah wow that's the crazy no Duncan of known you for a long time you never complimented my art

► 02:10:33

wow castles are my life and yeah you don't you know you don't even say they're cool they're fucking great man okay you think a soldier incredible mean you know just weird that I have to tell you yeah I know I'm sorry man you're great you're great you're real We Worship You Will Worship You Forever you'll be known forever as a Great Sand Castle maker that's a funny thing it did also add to that the very same sort of person who is intent on getting you to acknowledge their fucking saying castles which is a great description of it because no matter what you're doing it's a fucking sand castle look at those glaciers there you whatever you're doing forget it but then you have these people who on top of this sick need for a person to affirm their existence by complimenting their ridiculous Sandcastle art they also want to leave a legacy that somebody's shit it's like they it's not enough that we worship you now you want generations of people to worship you that's a big one for people leaving a legacy

► 02:11:33

it's a big one for artists big one for athletes athletes want to leave records that no one will break that's right leave a legacy behind man this to me this is like being in a dream and wanting to leave a memory of yourself in a dream you know like you want your I want my de people I met in that dream I want their kids to be talking about me after I wake up it's like when you die you know it's done we don't know exactly what's after this but you're pretty much recycled man there might be some karmic momentum there might be some kind of wing some residue and Trace all over again repeating them scratch I often got 91 D lilz two cells three and then you just keep doing an Infinity to get it right keep that Loop going keep that Loop going like we're we're essentially in some kind of like karmic sanding mechanism but if you like life why wouldn't you want to do it again isn't life that it wasn't if you like life do you like life yes if you found out that

► 02:12:33

this was what you were going to do forever and ever and ever and is going to repeat itself over and over and over again would you like know it's pointless it's pointless now it's finite is it different if it's pointless and it's infinite is it different is different don't you just enjoy life is that the key the key to just enjoy life that's where it's ironic when you pick up a skill like learn to play the piano or learn to do backflips or my case learn to do martial arts is that you actually become a better person through learning how to do something because it's hard so you learn about yourself you learn who you are you learn the bullshit that you tell yourself like to really get good at something like you want to get that good it's doing backflips man you got a fucking actually practice you can't bullshit yourself oh it really don't need to come into that you don't know what to do with that guy can do you got a fucking practice and by practicing you put yourself through this rigid exercise routine and you do it correctly and you exert yourself and you have it requires 100% of your focus and

► 02:13:33

doing so whether it's playing piano or throwing kicks or whatever the fuck it is in doing so you understand yourself better yeah so even though ironically your kind of defining you who you are as a person and you're giving yourself like extra clout because you're a you're the fucking man it Duncan a ball into a net I'm the fucking everybody watch and watch that suppose yeah but by doing that you actually learned how to become a better person to because it's hard because it's hard to do and then if you can figure it out the puzzle will help you get a better hold of all your human skills because it would be a difficult thing if you really want to get good at something if you really want to leave behind a legacy like you have to achieve a level of focus and a level of intense thinking and concentration that most people are just going to Peter out before they get to that spot sure I mean that's what I love about what you're talking about is it's a force field

► 02:14:33

between you and an elite like fuck the Illuminati the force field of the learning curve mmm separates every single person from a Terrain that cannot be reached with money like I don't care how rich you are if you want to learn how to do a backflip you might be able to pay for great trainers but you still got to do the fucking bet work you gotta do the work hundred percent so this is cool because he now you enter into a realm that is inaccessible by money is inaccessible by power but is weirdly generally accessible by anybody in other words the only thing keeping you from whatever the fucking thing is you want to get good at to show yourself that it is possible to leave the reality that you're in and enter a completely different reality because for me if suddenly I was in a world where I could do fucking backflips might as well be an alternate Dimension like if I got home I did a back flip in front of my wife she would it would be that she would probably be more amazing if I like

► 02:15:33

levitated you know what I mean she'd be like what the fuck have you done where you've reality must be fragmenting so it's like in other words the you wherever you're at whatever the thing is that you you are there's always this interesting mountainous rugged terrain separating you from a completely different Universe where you can do backflips play the piano play the guitar whatever the fucking specific thing it is you want to pick up that's kind of cool to me it's like the only thing keeping you from it is consistency it's not money usually unless it's like you want to be a falcon are some shit you got to get a falcon but in general you know you could like that's why I love about that Goggins man Ike I like that guy like you it's weird how much he impacts me even though I'm still not fucking talking

► 02:16:22

ha ha ha but in the morning I will look and I like I like it one point I thought someone was running next to him filming him before I realized it was a car and I'm like I want to know who's filming God Teddy yeah it's yeah I realized I was disappointed because I thought there was an anonymous and Anonymous users running getting no credit at all it's probably his fiancee but you know that's that to me that's kind of like I love that because it's like it's equal access no one is being barred from the learning curve now the specific learning curve you might be getting barred from you know what I mean like you want a Moog one it's a thousand fucking dollars okay like you're not going to get that you're not going to learn to play that if you don't have that kind of money what's a Moog one it's like something that fell out of a spaceship that I'm obsessed with Ellen it's just this beautiful synthesizer man like it's fell out of a spaceship dude I have to piss so bad can you talk to Jamie and then I'll let you pick yeah well I know you have to be too right

► 02:17:22

how did you know man cause I could tell shared mine because I'm wriggling you moving a little funny yeah who wants to be first you want to be first what a fucking gentleman you pee first because if you announced it you gotta go I think I can wait okay I'll be right back okay great

► 02:17:38

I was like look this up the move one yeah forget it what do you what moved you have a mug right now though right I got a sub 37 but the you know the Moog one is polyphonic and the sub 37 is monophonic so you can't really play chords on it but it's not just that it's like the whole I mean it's a cult around these scents because they did figure out a way to dial in this perfect specific beautiful sound that once you even I mean if you like playing music which you know I just do is that you play me because I feel like I ask this he's like a year ago what you just play for yourself most like you just like to sit in a room yeah and turn off the lights are put on mood lights you have earned just make your own music instead of listening to what people are making for you to listen yeah well I mean I like both but I just I like the with Cynthia musical synthesis I really like there's like a weird kind of philosophy behind

► 02:18:38

in it which is not only do you not have to worry about making you know whatever it is you now more something but it kind of like allow yourself a break from imagining you even need to be musical just like you know you give kids pots and pans and they fucking thing it together it's just fun friend of mine Billy Mays the third young he's actually the son of Billy Mays he travels around playing music as a under a name called infinite third and he does a thing called mouth Council which it sounds like almost what you're doing where he takes a loop pedal has a microphone he starts and makes a sound and then he passes it around to the next person it's like you have it you make a sound yeah and Joe would make a sound by the end of the eighth person nine-person thing he knows how to use the pedal enough that it becomes basically a song almost like a song it's just a droning Loop so it's not really yeah I know he probably has a full but it's it's almost like this and he does very similar things with by himself it gets real cool but it's just like like what you're saying though it's not music to listen to necessarily oh

► 02:19:37

structure this is a to have on and like the background sort of in like yeah whatever you're doing really hey use lots of ways it's like yeah I think it's just like you know you could be whoever this is clearly a great what a musician but also you can just enjoy dialing in these like insane howling alien noises for no reason other than you just are trying to make sounds and that's it I mean it really is like you take that and combine it with most any psychedelic marijuana and what you have there is the ultimate fucking spaceship essentially that you're just like you don't need we're deciding how it's not the idea behind this as you can get good at it and these things are so precisely dialed in that if you wanted to be like the you know they teach you music just from interacting with it but also there's just this visceral like pleasure of making noises through sense you know yeah I have to think what would happen if you got sucked

► 02:20:37

this world like his don't do that to me don't you want that evil on me Ricky Bobby I would like to put that evil on you that would be fucking cool if you start playing the motor off playing Quake had to swear off of it and again again I now hours a day hours when you ask me you texted do I play quake and I got the same feeling you get when you have a friend who's like on sober and they're like asking you to forget to drink yeah man I got a problem playing hours a day and I just went cold turkey and went stop what are you doing I'm gonna go take nursing a Pisco piss don't how long does it take you to piss with that suit on this is depends on where I'm at like in a combat situation I wear diapers yeah but in general it takes like 30 minutes or so but I'll be back all right great

► 02:21:27

divers in combat this whole episode 13 13 was a hundred percent Duncan's idea I get this text message from Hey man can I do episode 13 13 they just gave me the finger at the window I'm like fuck yeah you can I need I need to do that with you is that I was gonna ask if you guys have planned it yeah well we planned episode 666 that was also his idea that was the last time he wore a pope outfit and I wore my white NASA outfit I have a white NASA outfit and an orange one that was awesome but yeah 1313 is a real thing but we aren't really on 13 13 because just like podcasts on a planes and their 70 MMA shows my companion yeah those those are hundreds of them

► 02:22:20

that's a crazy number you guys are talking about didn't want to interrupt the conversation but this has sort of just come out to help with the Deep fake stuff adobe's announced that they've got a tool that they've I don't know how well it works right now that just show a picture so they don't show it in action or anything but it's a way to tell if a photo has been manipulated with Photoshop oh we're not keep that off those Instagram hose nobody knows that anybody looks like you know I mean do those this some Instagram people literally look like cartoons like you look at their photos you like what are you what you're not that's all picture you have never fuck with the app is face facetune I think is a lot of people use that the yearly like you can just draw so guys where you do it yeah for sure they do their whole face is blurry it's like What's Happening Here I have to put my glasses on to look closer at it like what are you your spray paint really Rosy Cheeks yeah your spray person well spray I what we're talking about Instagram filters like AI Dobies new AI tool can spot when a face has been Photoshop yeah

► 02:23:20

you're saying that keep that off the Instagram hose yeah you got like a noisy one instagram person who is actually a CGI she's like oh I've heard of that yeah people didn't know her name yeah well they're saying they're going to do that the models now you know they do that with houses like sometimes you look at a picture and you like what is wait a minute is this real and like under construction currently will be completed summer of two thousand twenty like whoa so this is not a picture of a house this is a CGI house you had to see that shadows and the floor has texture I mean it looks fucking real man I've seen some real ass looking houses and that's you know real estate agents using that shit why wouldn't like a clothing designer have like the perfect body to complement their perfect clothes you know yeah that I'm sure you've shown this on here billion times but yeah that you're talking about the AI that just generates people yeah that shakes fake models beautiful Perfect People

► 02:24:20

anyway hmm yeah and every way I agree every way perfect in fact it's funny that some people trip out about people that look really good on Instagram and they say they're giving off unrealistic body images and that this is something we should stay away from unreal it's like that guy from Vox is doing that about he's got everybody's hating on him because he was saying that about Gaither straps they they put out unrealistic body images in the you should think about them the same way you think about cigarette ads or or liquor ads yeah exactly what know they're in shape unrealistic is such a crazy thing to say when you're actually looking at a real person yeah unrealistic body expectations um no that guy goes to the gym and that's what you look like when you go to the gym that is real that's not just realistic that's real so unrealistic some people don't want to look at other people that look good

► 02:25:21

I read this article by a therapist who is saying like that was the other one till you posted that Dad bods are more attractive to women than rock-hard ABS survey said they that survey said was in front of their fucking fat husband's 100% that used millionaires you know did they well it's Chris Pratt and Leonardo DiCaprio the first of all Chris Pratt is not have a dad bod he's sticking his stomach guys being silly that guy is jacked me I meet him in real life he's a stud who's the other guy Leo DiCaprio do you think that Dad bod you know like you hear this like usually find out this way down the line but like some phenomenon Society was like cooked up in a boardroom right like for example let's say I don't know you made Twinkies and you realize like shit man people like really getting into this ketogenic diet and working out and there could be a potential you probably have some AI saying like hey we've got like a health craze predicted for 2021 mean

► 02:26:20

Twinkie sales are going to drop by like 50 percent because guys I want to go there don't want to be fat right and so then you start disseminating into the world like alright let's come up with this thing what so what's the way to call somebody out of shape but like to connect it to their virility because there had a dad bod yeah Dad bought so then you start getting it out there like you know it helps if any product that is like bad for you kind of depends on two things one that it tastes fucking good and to that you can trick yourself into believing it's worth eating right like it needs those two things like in other words if there is like delicious uranium like some lunatic created like the sweetest most flavorful uranium biscuit you're not gonna eat that shit you know you're gonna go to Chernobyl fucking hole your stomach's gonna melt at the dinner table but if you could come up with like you know a nice IPA like you were saying or some kind of thing that so it's just poison

► 02:27:20

going to destroy your liver over time it will be a slow progression and you could like sinking alcoholism you'll your personality will change and it will ignore buddy would do that yeah yeah I don't even know what you're saying right now they go no one's gonna do that such a stupid premise was gonna drink poison slowly toxify as your liver shut who would even do that shit man I would never do that I mean I drink as I'm sophisticated and then like you did you by the way read that shit about how like hangovers our brain damage like when you have a hangover and you get better your brain hasn't recovered yet just the part that you could sense is gotten better but the you have like physiological damage that's happening of course like it's whether when you read it you're like wait duh of course but it's fun it's fun to be drunk to be drawn to the problem it's fun to be drunk oh my God it's fun to be lit if it weren't joking huh I mean that's one of the realities of any great thing is like it is a delight and it is a beautiful part of

► 02:28:20

for many people but we get some point you just start tricking yourself I mean that's one of the things McKenna I love that he said is like how history has survived alcohol like we managed to have that as our Sacrament and still we have civilization wow it's incredible because it didn't like it does turn people into fucking 28 Days Later doesn't it when someone low some people does but it's really interesting when you consider his idea that at one point in time they were psychedelic cultures that really didn't have our standard intoxicants right so they didn't have antidepressants they didn't have stimulants yes it was something like coca leaves that they were eating right they didn't have processed cocaine but what they did have was copious amounts of psilocybin yeah lysergic acid and different plant forms there's like a bunch of different things shrines used Ayahuasca DMT there was that that Shaman when they found his bag they found it was like a two thousand years how many thousand years old

► 02:29:20

five years old had DMT in his bag yeah it's like any fanny pack you find it burning man it's

► 02:29:30

the same ingredients exactly exactly yeah it was a bit yeah that's hilarious I love when they find that shit out what do you got the DMT was in that rabbit nose thing right yeah the fox knows yes that's only a thousand years I thought you were leading done to that twenty five hundred year old marijuana that just oh yeah that's true too there's a new one yeah so people have been just getting blasted forever man the best course they have been soon as they found it there like why would I just go with regular life yeah it's the best what's this it's so wonderful that that's being disseminated in a culture right now it's also people are decriminalizing it all over the place left and right it's slowly starting to happen Colorado First always boom they're on track now Oakland Oakland decriminalize it as a city they put it as the lowest priority all plant medicines including Ayahuasca you saw aoc's tweet yeah it's amazing but she can't get traction other people in Congress like what well it's hard it's hard to say

► 02:30:28

that builds hard to sell psychedelic research and you know Maps has been doing amazing stuff with soldiers and you've been to the actual Maps conference yeah I have yeah it was amazing it was wonderful because it's like these you know it's as much as I love hanging out with you and like my friends you take psychedelics it's really inspiring to be around scientists who are sort of figuring out a way to translate that experience into a data set that can convince legislators to change Draconian laws because they're doing the hard work you know you and I we get to go on and on and on about the Multiverse and the DMT entities we can make things up we can make things out they can't it doesn't matter if they've taken it and had a real experience where some Advanced whatever you want to call it is appeared to them whether a part of their subconscious or an alien and said listen here's what's going on we do this with every planet the first step is we've got to like undercut the hierarchical centralized power

► 02:31:28

structure and we know the only way to really do that is by teaching people that their identities they think it is isn't quite right if we can expand the human identity selfishness goes away if we can get rid of the problem of trauma and people dealing with trauma by being aggressive to the outside world then over time the circumference of the human identity expands beyond the perimeters of me and into us and if that happens then we can like enter into like a type a civilization whatever they call it the beginning of a global civilization but first we've got to get the fucking monkeys to climb down from the Tree of them their selfishness yeah and if we can do that and get out we can lure a few people out of themselves just like getting a buggy out of the tree so that we like people are like wait a minute I don't think I'm just a me I think I'm in I'm connected everything purely interconnected in fact I don't think I'm anything I think what I really am is the connection between me and others

► 02:32:28

that's where I exist not in this but you are something right because you're very unique like you personally are very unique what you're one of my favorite friends but you're also one of my weirdest friends I'll call you okay they're always tough dude you gotta read this book it's like dude you gotta watch this documentary and we will talk for hours about the crazy shit over and but yeah you are very specific like you're very I don't get the same conversation with Joey Diaz I don't get the same conversation if I call Ari yeah everybody has a different thing that they're always so there's something going on that's uniquely you right oh yeah I mean to say yeah because otherwise you think in a nihilism and your like a map which is the point right that's not it at all it's that you don't exist in a vacuum it's like that's the main thing and to me like the fundamental problem right now is selfishness it's like when you're mad at someone on the interstate what are they do something selfish when you're mad at someone in your life what did they do something selfish when someone's mad at you what did you do something selfish

► 02:33:28

almost always and like this is the reality is that selfishness is an innate quality of being a human we are a self there is a sense of a self rather and we feel mixed up in it but the what you realize is like you know those fucking times where you authentically not because you're filming it for your Instagram or whatever help somebody and you don't talk about it you just suddenly do it you're not like giving someone money either but you get engaged with a person and you're there and then it's one of my favorite mushroom trips was when I started coming back and I before I really came down I started thinking like what was I doing I was doing I was being something I was being a human I was being a fuck oh fuck I'm a human but for a second I wasn't a me I had merged into something bigger than me similarly if you just get really engaged in helping people you'll notice that for that amount of time you don't feel quite a

► 02:34:29

and it's not just because you're doing something good and there's some like angel casting blessings on you it's because he got out of yourself for a second and the sense that you became more than just you you are you and the person you are helping and that to me is like a really interesting aspect of where we're at as a species is that the reality is man yeah we are all special and beautiful and wonderful but also you're not happening in a vacuum you're completely inexorably interconnected with everything and you can't get out of that you're in it for real and the boundaries you've constructed around you and whatever you think the rest of the world is there just in your head it's not real you made it up you told yourself a story and you believe that story so much like the poor motherfuckers are getting like the most psychotic Cults you know we're at the end of 10 years they reveal to you some crazy crazy shit beyond crazy you spent like

► 02:35:28

$100,000 in this fucking thing and they're like yeah we all got shit out by woolly mammoths and now you have to be like a fucking either believe this and dive in or I'm like fuck I was wrong all this time similarly most people have constructed this ridiculous armoring boundary around them based on you know this is bad and this is good and that's not good and that's good and here I am in the midst of it and that's a real painful situation to be in because it's you have to fucking constantly exert that force field situation it's really I think why so many people are depressed and exhausted and can't really relax because how can you relax if you're constantly in a state of creating an imaginary barrier between you and infinity called yourself it's a really exhausting probably practice to be engaged in and there's some people who impose themselves on other people they make their life and their

► 02:36:28

problems 100% of the focus of this other person so that person becomes an enabler you see that with husbands and wives and times or even with friends like one person is the active asshole then the other person is the Fixer-Upper man Mike fucked up again I gotta go get them you know active asshole centralization man and it's like our whole from like our family structures usually don't like the entire way we run our government is usually centralized around one key identity and that we and you know we've had this conversation many times on the show which I like the Preposterous nature of a King a president a pope of Bishop world leader a teacher whatever the fuck it is it's Preposterous and it's also quite dangerous you know because it's like not only do we have the situation of the parasitic friend but even worse you can get into the situation of the career is Matic friend who's tricking you into doing some into the idea that you could do something

► 02:37:28

called Cosmic hitchhiking that's what chögyam trungpa calls it which is basically the idea that like I'm going to use you because you are so great and you will be the thing that helps me become a real person it's another option one yeah the chosen one you are our teacher We Worship You O show us the way imagine being born the Dalai Lama so from the jump You're Something Special

► 02:37:56

if the chosen one and the One You're The Reincarnation of who would have supposed to be there are toku is what it's called so it's the tulku system and the way it would work would be you know because you have like if you look at the history of Tibet it was called The Hermit Kingdom and it was closed off from the rest of the world is very hard to get in there Seven Years in Tibet is about somebody who made it through and became friends of The Dalai Lama as a kid anyway so within this system there is this idea that beings reincarnate and that if you're awakened enough if you're like really like it the sort of last phase of the sort of what would you call it the cell cycle you were talking about earlier then you stop losing at least some of the Amnesia that happens when you get processed through the liminal in between period called the Bardo between this Incarnation and the next so anyway they go to children

► 02:38:52

they put in front of them the particular items that belong to the previous Incarnation that they think they are oracle's Vision Visionaries bring the monks to a particular Village and then the kid picks it and then that big kid becomes the next this or that it's called a tulku how many kids they look at I don't know man I don't know the depths of it get turns out to be an asshole I take his powers away well I think it has happened we're told crews are like it's similar to like what the fuck is the what is the thing where those kids get one summer to go like the summer of fucking what does that religion yeah that's Amish that's rumple's bring a rub Springer yeah Rob scissor here what is that there's a great documentary on that yeah something the devil's something

► 02:39:46

devil said it's like a great name the devil summer but it's just like the Devil's Playground fuckin the smoke and then a lot of them come back well what feel empty I believe that was one of the ways they studied the impact of MDMA wasn't it by like his like these like if you find someone who's taken MDMA but no other drug it's pretty rare so you need to find a person whose only taken MDMA otherwise you can take like assess their some cognitive damage because it could have been the acid it could have been the mushrooms it could have been the time you fell on your ass when you were hammered who the fuck knows but these kids some of them have only taken MDMA and so I believe that they use them as a sample to like determine if there was any kind of neurological damage caused by the drug itself but so I think it's similar phenomena happens within that system where some kids are like I'm not a reincarnated being a musician I want to go play music and they

► 02:40:45

you've to know who's a musician who's also reincarnated being Jimi Hendrix Steven Seagal what yep when did that happen I didn't know that told him I think the Dalai Lama might have hooked him up told him what one of those guys over there told him that he was The Reincarnation of someone's super special Jesus God it's a big deal over there well they had a ceremony and everything is 4967 this is the long written thing about about it well that's a lot of words I know that's gonna read that shit the recognition of Steven Seagal as a Reincarnation of the treasure revealer Chun dragged or J Wow of that has sale pile you'll Monastery so he's a reincarnation well that's comforting to know he's always been with us you know because it's like one of the things that does bother me is to imagine a world without Seagal you know so it's cool to know he's always been here coming back again and again how come nobody was ever a loser in a past life oh that he was always a

► 02:41:45

I can no awesome well you mean oh right yeah when I went a little foolish it should be well yeah of course like what are you gonna be like 30 you know what it if you're making money is a fucking psychic and you're like whoa you're basically like a gutter rat you were the only been a rat you live in filth you weren't even your a mucus thing like I'm not sure what you call it a kind of jellyfish that killed babies you're a tapeworm you're one of those long worms that went into someone's brain and trichinosis motherfucker your uncooked pork you are a moth you were yeah yeah the whole like to me like the whole reincarnation is a toll cool I told you it's a statement from the guy I'm recognized my student Steven Seagal as Reincarnation toku of the treasure revealer Chung dragged or Jason has been some confusion uncertainty as to what this means I'm writing to clarify the situation no clarifying necessary I'll see you later man I gotta go you might be full of shit cigars got five hookers

► 02:42:45

this guy's house right now as we speak well also the other there so there's talk of like ending the tulku system and the Dalai Lama has even said that and recognizing that because what school it's all right well I'm among many things is that he said you know if site he's very rational and he said if science proves something in Buddhism as off will change Buddhism to fit the rational mind and that's the beauty of Buddhism there's pageantry in it there's ceremony there's ritual in it just like any other religion it's beautiful personally I think that there is a sort of area of experience accessible through their practices that I guess could best be compared to psychedelics or something like that but to me what I love about it is all the pageantry aside and all of it aside it's not faith-based it's a very basic series of ideas that you

► 02:43:45

after digest you have to think about you have to look into you don't just get to be it it's like you know maybe some forms of it there could be an example of that but in general it's more along the lines of here's the basic fundamental principles behind this not and the in the cording of a human life than we've discovered here's where some sufferings coming from all the suffering in fact and here's how to fix it that's the four noble truths of Buddhism and that just hearing it who gives a fuck you could hear life is suffering the cause of suffering is attachment get rid of attachment suffering ends here's the system to get rid of attachment and you know whatever life is suffering was I didn't fucking mean what is life if even mean what does it even mean by suffering this this first Noble Truth it gets completely mistranslated anyway dukkha it means wobbly wheel it's more akin to like if you're riding a bike that's got not enough air

► 02:44:45

it it's going to be a rough ride mmm but it's going to be even more of a rough ride if you have somehow trick yourself into thinking there's enough air in the tire so that anytime you hit some bumps you're like what the fuck is wrong with the world that's it that's it it's like wobbly wheel the things wonky you think you're not going to get disconnected when you've been on the line with Verizon for an hour you're gonna get disconnected it tends to happen you're gonna get cut off in traffic you're gonna fail you're gonna be disappointed this is reality but somehow you've imagined that it doesn't work like that and every single time you're met with the truth you're like ah oh God this sucks and you know so that's going to be that creates a lot of problems and it creates to some ways to deal with it which is desire and aversion so you're somewhere and you want to be somewhere else basically you know you're you're somewhere and you're like I don't want to be in this place or you know you're imagining

► 02:45:45

that if you get this thing or that thing the pain you're feeling is of the wobbly wheel go away do the experiment see if it's true see if it's true that's all you can do is like really look at the shit that you want like I could come home and Moog could have pulled up and giving me seven Moog one's right and I'm going to sit and play those fucking Moog ones for weeks and weeks until I'm sweaty and smell like fucking just someone shoved a salami under the balls of an ape you know I'm not going to take showers stinking like probably weeping into the mug and sneezing into it anyway the point is eventually after I saw the distraction is gone away I'm going to return to my fundamental self you know the fundamental condition of existence as it is regardless and so this is sort of the print some of the principles as I understand it which are really quite intelligent you know it's really and what I love about it most

► 02:46:45

Vols there's always this invitation which is go see go see it's not look because I'm telling you this believe it it's like go see maybe it's different for you and and but you need to go check like every time you're doing the thing that you've been repeating over and over again is it making you happy for real is it really working is it working and if it's working great but if it's not and you're trying to pretend it is because you've been doing it so long well who are you who's winning this game of self-deception what what what there's no winning if the game is tricking yourself you can only what and what do you do it how do you feel about life if you're always tricking yourself hey Twitter world

► 02:47:31

yeah man that's right you will only feel that the everyone is trying to trick you and you'll feel like there's a grand conspiracy and you'll feel like the world is out to get you and there is a grand conspiracy which is that you are running a game on yourself yeah I feel like we should end with that yeah I think that's very important for people to hear yeah I true and think it resonates with all of us we've all done that at the lowest points of Consciousness in your life you've run a little trick on yourself or to get past things where you know and I think in some of that trick is run because you don't totally understand who you are you want to so yeah maybe I'm this guy maybe I'm maybe I'm a hardcore Republican hey you know what those fucking Democrats they tricked me for far too long I'm over here now yeah I found my home found my home over here and that's one of the things that people do to really do the hot for my tea I used to be a vegan but now I'm a fucking car nervous time I just eat all Stakes ribeye steaks all day long

► 02:48:31

what I couldn't believe what a pussy I was when I was just eating vegetables congrats that's a lot of it right yeah man and it's and it's almost exactly like what we're talking about with religions that you look down these grids and these grids are run by different operating systems that require different behavior from their women this operating system you can't drive you gotta dress like a beekeeper and you have to do this you have to do that is operating system you put a plate through your lip and you got a bone in your nose and this is this operating system everybody gets face tattoos and this operating system you know and no one eats Peak pork it's another nail God does not want and are operating system

► 02:49:10

you get the same thing I think with right and left with vegan and meat eater with pick your poison like whatever the fuck it is yeah whatever thing it is that you're into especially ideological especially lifestyle based there's always an opposing one like the people that don't want people to be gay are the people that even a lot of the bortion stuff a lot of the abortion stuff is like how much of that is how much of this really well-thought-out behavior and how much of it is how does your tribe respond to this and one of the ways you can tell you specially we talked to a hardcore lefty or a republican for that matter we can offer two examples but one of the ways you can tell is Hardcore lefties do not like to discuss late-term abortion you see what if it's a fetus what if it's a baby what if what if we're talking like eight months and when it's a woman's right to choose its women's right now it's a baby in this person's body like when is it a baby look I'm a

► 02:50:10

% Pro woman's right to choose I'm a hundred percent pro-choice but late-term abortions are fucking weird it's dark it's strange and everybody knows that everybody knows that but if you're a hardcore left you won't say it and then hardcore righties what if you were raped what if your what if you're a little girl thirteen year old girl and she was raped you want that girl to carrier fucking baby are you crazy she was raped four weeks ago we found out she's pregnant what do you want me to do you want me to pray how about fuck you right how about fuck you my raped little girl is not going to have to carry someone's baby fucking asshole right and the idea that you're invisible man in the sky that watches over everything you do but allows rape to occur allows little kids to get raped you want that little kid to carry a baby I'll fucking kill you right you're goddamn crazy right there's people that feel like that too well this is if you want to find the colic commonality the Common Thread it's just the way you were describing which is a natural reaction is someone saying

► 02:51:09

at T or controlling your life in that way its aggression so like on both sides it's not that there's an articulation of a point of view it's at the point of view is being flavored with anger with aggression is pushing pushing pushing say it's a woman's right to choose yeah and it's or it's not or whatever both sides have with him a quality of aggression so this is like this is you know not to oversimplify things the reality is man we won we got ourselves a break and you know this and you've articulated as better than anybody we weren't we were monkeys not that long ago real recent go look at monkeys see how they act crazy right so give it a number one give yourself a fucking break you an evolutionary like from The evolutionary perspective you're just barely waking up but because you've been a monkey inside of you there's some serious serious aggression because that was the way to deal with the eagle that was bigger than you that carried your wife away to feed to its chicks

► 02:52:10

you are gonna fucking have a sit-down with the eagle and be like listen I know you need to live and my wife I imagine she was delicious we've I've been you know farming for the last several years and feeding her every day and you know the baby's going to die because he was drinking her milk and all legal but listen I wonder if maybe you could just spare the rest of my family what you're going to do is kill that fucking Eagle anyway you can fire Spears whatever so now to think that that is gone away is very similar to a person who takes a vacation and suddenly realizes I can't relax will you can't relax because for the last fucking year you've been going nonstop in a state of constant stress freaking out you're on vacation you think that momentum is going to go away no it's just gonna be more apparent so you're going to like I'm not that guzzle it down and try to fuck it away but yeah and then you're on the airplane hungover and it's like you don't have your whole fucking ugly and it's like what happened that was vacations already over

► 02:53:09

that's what has happened to us which is like listen why don't we've got a good right now but it wasn't that long ago the saber-toothed tigers were dragging our children in the fucking jungle and eating them we find feet that were our kids feet in a bush somewhere and this trauma is in us epigenetically so anyway the point is give yourself a fucking break but the other point is that being said recognize you're being aggressive your approach using anger and intolerance is not working it is my as Noble as your purpose maybe you want to Global civilization of Joy whatever the fuck it is it's not working if you're using the exact same momentum that causes the wars that you're hoping to stop right so the first step has to be I think an internal personal exploration to create some not even get rid of the aggression and be like I'm bad because I'm angry or I'm all that

► 02:54:09

shit but to create some to find out what is the circumference of the self and then within that you realize the thing you thought was all of you that coiled up fucking anger is in fact a tiny piece of view it's still there and it's still useful at times but it's not all of you and because the circumference is widened the next time the angry part of you starts bubbling it's just like it's the difference between somebody throwing a brick and a bathtub and a brick in the ocean it's like a brick in the ocean no big deal a brick in the bathtub fuck you dude what are you doing

► 02:54:44

get the fuck out of my to are you so that's that's the idea is like we're not trying to annihilate the cell for our say this this person this human being you are it's irrelevant or it's not worth this or that it's just what is the circumference of your identity and and that's the exploration I think that gets that Buddhism invites people to do or any religion that is real and good it's inviting people like find out what you are and then as a natural byproduct of that exploration you become a little more gentle and because you're gentle you're more effective that's where it gets really weird gentleness seems to be quite often the what was my friend saying he's like you know if my dogs are outside I'm like get the fuck out the fucking house they're not coming in but if I'm like come on come on I love you and you really mean it they come running into the house so this is the thing is like the aggression stuff it worked man because of the Eagles and the Tigers and all that shit but you know what I mean now maybe there's a new way yeah we have and we're stuck we're stuck

► 02:55:44

with the DNA that's our got us through how to survive yes in the tigers that we needed we needed it don't fucking bitch you know don't like or a violet or something like in fact love it I think that's part of the appeal of the dad bod part of the appeal of like you know someone talking about unrealistic body expectations you you're really talking about like less Reliance on the the flesh the the the virility the athletic ability the ability to conquer you know the ability to breed and spread your jeans and fight off predators and enemies and Invaders it's not nearly as necessary as it used to be but necessary but necessary and but the people who are not capable of it despise it because they think it's the problem they think the ability to conquer is the problem yeah this the the strong and if everyone was weak it's essentially the argument

► 02:56:44

for socialism you know what the hell you don't have it if you don't have it you see other people have it like I only anybody should have it how about that oh yeah and it's also part of it yeah I do I mean people have encountered a give you the thing is is like take a person who has some chip on their shoulder about dudes with muscles right if you look at it that didn't happen by itself they weren't didn't wake up one day and like I fucking hate biceps what happened is like people with muscles who were traditionally like ideally warlike meant to be Warriors and protectors in a noble way they've gotten really aggressive like you see and it's not all of them but how many videos have popped up of you know a police officer I'll blow your fucking head off get the fuck sure because the kid took a doll you know I liked that video we were talking about yes so it's like so so similarly like sometimes what's coinciding with the muscular thing is also a dominant aggressive attitude so

► 02:57:44

you have become mixed together yes you conflate them yes and it's there's there if you've ever been around people are real Fighters usually they're like the most gentle people you've ever met were nice people and it's unnerving because you know like Eddie Bravo he's nice man you when I'm around him like I forget that I could just suddenly be dead you know how dare I mean if you didn't forget even nervous around him all the time like you know you're in a great conversation with him enjoying his company and then like you could just that's it yeah so similarly like that this is what happens so the idea is like what you've got to contend you almost put possible ways that humans Express themselves on one side you have the condition of like the noble Warrior which is a trained disciplined person who's literally putting themselves in front of others the samurai you talk about it a bunch you know who's Fading Into the background who doesn't even give a fuck if anybody knows they did anything heroic because they've given up on that it's a very spiritual way of being well then there's also the concern about the

► 02:58:44

Monger like why does the warmonger exists is the warmonger like the firefighter that starts their own fires a lot of times yeah they live for that deliver that experience because that's what they desire yeah yeah if you if you if you want to sell umbrellas you need it to rain Yeah well yeah but this is again Corruption of of a potential ideal which is like regardless of the fact that we've all kind of like witnessed various examples and pretty much every profession of what it looks like when things aren't so great an imbalanced there's also examples of people who are the opposite of that who are like completely you know in service who like you know how many firemen got fucking incinerated in September 11th man you know when the truth is I can't name unfortunately embarrassingly enough I could name one of them if you paid me to these are people who literally gave their entire life up who went up that fucking thing they didn't think they were coming back down there

► 02:59:44

firemen they looked at that and they were probably like I'm gonna die I bet I die today but they're like if I don't do it well no one does it so that's an example of how good it can be and why we need it and what it can really be that's a sacred way to be and the exact same is true for pretty much every profession And yet when aggression gets in there it fucks it up it's ours it imbalances it and it's like ultimately completely ineffective you know and it's also another version of selfishness yeah right right what we're talking about before being the problem the real problem with naked aggressive behavior naked aggression meaning unprovoked aggression is that it's entirely selfish like I want what you have I had a guy conquer yeah that that is selfishness and it's worse most Primal form that's right and on that note we're going to wrap this bitch up Duncan Trussell you're the fucking man you're the man I'm gonna miss you too man

► 03:00:44

and let's do a shrimp rate to where's Chris Ryan is driving that fucking van around the world just Chris Ryan is gonna come back here Enlighten every really look at his paycheck every picture he's getting further and further out in the woods and they got away I love you buddy love you too bye everybody

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