#1314 - Charlamagne tha God & Andrew Schulz

Jun 19, 2019

Charlamagne tha God is a radio presenter, television personality, and author. Andrew Schulz is a stand up comedian known for his work on Guy Code. Check out their podcast called "The Brilliant Idiots" available on Apple Podcasts & YouTube.

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boom and would live ladies and gentlemen Charlamagne Tha God my man Andrew Schultz yeah being here thank you thank you for having me sir my pleasure I've been a fan of yours for a while you I think you're the last great radio host and you will be the last famous radios because I think radio dying thing you're the last great one you're the one who made it famous from Radio who fuck else yeah in this era I mean yeah I think radio was like one of those one of those rare Lanes where it's really not a lot of people who prosper in it yeah you know I mean like yeah think about especially in the black radio space I mean you've got the time join us to Doug Banks to Wendy Williams you know so it's rare in that lane but I think I think you've got people that have established good career isn't real no but that's a great question but it was the last one he's the last one you're the last person to become famous from Radio static Samurai hundred percent Gotta Give Bobby Bones Bobby Bones well that's nice I don't know what that is

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fired identifier know who you are sorry Bobby knows nobody's fucking respect I'm sure he's great even nationally syndicated radio host for the but he's on the country stays he just want to marry you want to dance with the stars okay yeah I'm out Joe's like I don't give a shit I only know Bobby b as you talk about really yeah yeah he's got two national New York Times best-selling book season that's one of those things though it's like comedians like you know you talk about a comic that everybody loves and people like I never heard of them hmm like monks Comics should be respected yeah Bobby healthy host on Idol now okay yeah we're on the same age so I would have to give it I would have to put him in that file you and Bob you're a gracious man yeah in my opinion are The Last Samurai that's it guys like you I just want to snatch you up and bring you over to podcast like get the fuck out of there get out of that censored Bossman world that was interesting was it was he calling you guys I know you guys know podcast together the brilliant idea to know we do you know pod track right no yeah sure like we just cracked pot Trek The Breakfast Club he's number two

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the on Padre okay so you put that online as well yeah we put it out of the pot that's a good I feel like we're radio that's what it is I people still listen to terrestrial radio but you have to go where the people are so you have to have the podcast you have to have the YouTube following like you can't wait for people just to come to radio every Bush would you guess I wish you could swear though so that's the problem they do that's the thing heat City they release all the interviews they do on Breakfast Club and those things explode yeah you too and they have all the curses for everything not about exactly that's where most people globally yeah would watch and listen I mean yeah yeah that's what separates this radio this Arrow video from other eras radio like Howard Stern didn't have YouTube you know saying of how its third Ahead YouTube wouldn't be no question he'd still be the mother fucking guy even though he is the guy right but he still be like super super the guy in this are right he's in that pay wall which is very strange a serious pay wall That's the strangest pay wall yeah yeah he took the check but then you get financial Independence man well he's already checked let's be realistic he's already financially independent so why do you do it it's the

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the thrown at him yeah that was a different 300 million right I love I think that was just-- initially it at the different key makes like a hundred million every year something crazy 300 was flat and then another hundred and then he has so much stars I got the difference tween like your kids being straight and like your great great great grand kids being scraped right yeah but serious talking serious is me is like Blockbuster stock hang on to that I remember when Netflix used to have those DVDs that you would get like front of the fuck it's the red box yeah the red box you have to send them back I'm not sending this back now I was so funny I was home this weekend are the most kind of South Carolina and like there was a black panther DVD from the library in my mom's house I'm like what the fuck Library black panthers in the original Black Panthers are now back in the day

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that's an original black head like who got the Black Panthers DVD that they checked out from the library and have not bought it back yet you didn't bring it back to the library now you don't have to like what are they really gonna do why would it matter if the Black Panther from the library because you know I wanted it and it was there and you were at the library I'm still trying to understand why you call library what is it Library I don't fucking know I mean gradually got it Barry it's like Library yeah that's one of those words you know Balaam that is very lucky rare especially you and especially yeah but everyone even like George Bush when he was president would say expecially yeah that's exactly yeah yeah I think a lot of it has to do with regen cause I still say Screech Screech strong

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okay yeah that's up another Screech Screech growl I get it I get it scrumptious yeah they pacifically specifically specifically it says specifically yeah but somebody knows then it's fun that's the point of view on the other person is saying well crap them right it's like a dick but it's like dialects like my grandparents were from Sicily and they would talk and dialects and even people that new Italian wouldn't know what the fuck they're saying yeah like just like people that knew pure Italian it's some weird like Pig Latin type shit yeah you know I mean my mom Scottish like if you listen to real Scottish people talk you know understand what the fuck they're talking about that without accent so stir the way they're older words together that back and then they get him drunk it's impossible where you from Joe I was born in New Jersey and I grew up mostly in Boston but most really all over the country we have a lot of suffering sensibilities like before we started the podcast you was talking about all the hunting hunting that you do I didn't get into that

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2012 wow why because I was thinking about being a vegetarian I was like I was watching these animal rights videos right Peter videos and I was like I don't want to participate in this factory farming shit it just it's fucked up you watch these pigs slammed into these cages together and cows and chickens and like this is inhumane right it's insane decided to go out of thought killing them yourself I decided one or two things either I was going to I was going to try hunting and either I was going to become a vegetarian or I was going to become a hunter and so I became a hunter I did it I killed a deer I ate it I was like this is perfect I love this home Jonathan got make sense I'll try to forget the thought process that you know I've talked to you well you saw that it was inhumane for these animals to be dying no not me you want to kill him factory farming factory farming I'm not there look every animal dies they don't live forever become Angels they live in the wild when you hunt you dip your feet into the wild you go out there and you've Fair Chase you'll find them you track them you stay downwind you get in a good position you

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Wilden then you eat them right and it's a different animal again when you're eating that like of Aida elk steak I know it's good that it's delicious yeah I know that I was there can I see a picture of the psyche I'm still trying to imagine what it is because I understand dear and I understand mousse so giant deer is that those antlers from the ahlers on like an 800-pound Hannum how tall is it it's huge they're big like six feet o taller yeah yeah L can mushroom gravy moose is crazy I saw the first time I saw a moose was like that scene in Jurassic Park with Jeff Goldblum looks out the Jeep and the dinosaurs like you can't believe how big a Musa I don't think I've seen a moose in person I said he'll double an elk the double the size of an L yeah yeah we need to go hunting them you want to go I'm being dead serious thank you hunting camping and hunting where it's one or the other well you could do both okay are you drawn do you could camp or you can hunt rather and then stay in a nice Lodge that's the move yeah but also kind of want to do like the full outdoor Yeah because sometimes I watch this

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goes on like natgeo or something like that and it's they're just living off the land and they got to like makeup or maybe York you know you make it out of snow yeah don't do that don't do that no but what if like two days like a cool you what you what you want is like a real tent with a real sleeping bags and stay warm and you're healthy and you're not worried about fucking freezing to death or anything weird like that yeah and make sure you have water filters he could drink out of a stream if you really want to do that it's yeah yeah it's a big I want to try it you should try hunting in New York like nobody's ever done that like you got Hunter rats I'm serious think about all them big ass wrapped in New York like nobody's ever done that I'm not gonna line you probably get a lot of attention for those back in the day you go 200 25th Street and like Spanish Harlem and you could by pigeons people were like catching pigeons and they were selling them and trying to front like they were exotic pigeons bullshit I swear to God I'm we know pigeons were brought over here for food that's what squab is what the fuck is qualit squab is like a like a bougie restaurant item and it's

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Lee Young pigeons really yeah that's what that's what squab is yeah I didn't know that all pigeons all pigeons you see in the United States or all brought in from somewhere else for food and then they release to become Pharaoh they're like the wild hogs of the bird world what a young rats called that are used for foods good question dude who uses young rats for food I don't know but there's a common that rats documentary know this is what this is just the dogs that hunt rats in New York oh yes I don't believe that shit what do you mean you don't believe that they're really guys sending their dogs out to go get rats all they are but there's so much because they're assholes yeah I guess I mean they're not going to fix it there's no way to fix it but like Jack Russell Terriers they fuck rats up there designed to fuck rats up but it's got to be people who live up north in New York who have the same desire to hunt they just need to go down south so why not go here right they hunt deer the New York has a lot of deer Jersey yeah Jersey are they got a lot of yeah I live I live in Jersey and that's one of the reasons I love joy because I am from South Carolina so I'm used to seeing tears and possums and just yeah

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different types of wildlife running through the streets that's why I like living in Jersey yeah Jersey is an unusual Place Jersey has more black bears per capita than any state in the United States I don't know if that's a fact but I believe you because I've seen it myself yeah they're everywhere you see Bears on your property not on my property when I used to stay with my aunt in the Poconos the Bears used to come in her backyard because it was like a scream in the backyard and they would like coming in just grab fish out of the script they kill the kid one bear killed a kid a couple years ago from one of the college's what college was it the one near New Brunswick what was it Rutgers you know seen a video in Jersey to walking bed bed I would walk on two feet through people's backyards it had a bad front paw hell yeah I should happen there it is look at it through video the bear walking around oh yeah look at that that's a Bigfoot yeah that's it you know who believes in Bigfoot yeah you have a believer in the studio right now who believes in Bigfoot do you really yeah absolutely okay no not 100% of these but you know I believe in Bigfoot because of

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shit like Moses you know what I'm saying if you see something if you see a fucking species like a moose you like my God look at that shit yeah some point in life somebody was trying to explain that to somebody else it's like they get the fuck out of here right now when he's trying to explain it to me look at the size of that guy yeah that's insane and then elegant look at those legs work the fuck you up to there's those are the rare deer species that will fuck their direction of death yeah they used to deal with Wolves if they think you're a threat they just run up on you and stomp you to death why don't you believe in Bigfoot that well I actually did a television show where I went hunting for them I'm gonna do it on finding the No No I was I did a show called Joe Rogan questions everything we spent a whole week in the Pacific Northwest talking a Bigfoot Hunters yeah we camped out there me and Duncan Trussell went and interviewed scientists and interviewed all these different archaeologists all these different people that didn't believe in did believe it wasn't real animal at one point

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yes the I don't think it exists now I think it existed it's just a primate in the fucking Woods yeah okay you don't think it exists Oh I thought you believed that exist now I did up to a certain point but I was like in this era with all of the cameras and everything else somebody would have caught one okay good yeah I was going to work no it's like yeah I don't believe in it now you know I believe it existed at some point but I don't believe it exists let me tell you something Charlemagne has this amazing power to manifest shit okay so I see how it could lend itself when you believe something so much it becomes real right right I can see it manifests itself into things like Bigfoot like you believe in things I mean Sasquatches wasn't it's not a far-fetched idea literally just a primate in the wood I'm just saying when you were young and you believed that you were Team Wolf yeah that was like he doesn't believe that his ears actually changed shape but he did I was sitting at the lunch table

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at the lunch table and I'm telling everybody I was going to turn into this werewolf at lunchtime and I was saying this for like a week straight and we was all sitting at the table and I was just sitting like it's going to happen is happening in my ears actually went from round to point B for like two seconds I can't win all the kids at the table saw and jumped up and ran so they fucked up my concentration so if I hadn't kept that concentration going I probably would have turned full-fledged werewolf in that moment may be levitated pause I've done that before really oh yeah I think I grew up Jehovah Witness I used to leave the Kingdom Hall and I would walk outside of the Kingdom Hall and I would like jump in the air and be looking down at the Kingdom Hall not stay up there for a while and then I would come down but here's the thing he's not he's not doing this right he really believes that shit I'm just telling you what happened in my life if you believe it you believe it if you don't you don't memories a strange thing you think it's one of those like you recreate the pass well memories of strange thing like you couldn't believe

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something and know something to be true when it didn't actually happen mmm you can absolutely do that I mean this is what you have people have memories in their head that never happened you have memories that people positioned in your head they proven that you can talk someone into a memory you can change someone's memory that's why it's particularly dangerous for kids when you know there's a whole case where there were talking kids into saying that their teachers molested them and all these people like lost their careers lost their lives turned out was all hundred percent made up but those kids believed it they believed when they were telling them that they were molested they believed it yeah that was called into it what is it called when you give that information to the police what is it called when they like interrogate you I think arrogation called me Porsche you yeah of course yeah but it was a whole articles reading the other day about why people make false confessions why like they just get talked into believing that they actually did something scared to death of you you can't especially a young kid from the hood and you like 15 16 years old and Felice like are you going to jail for 20 years if you don't tell us what we need to know you don't fucking know no better not only that they put you under duress

► 00:20:20

steam the put you in a room they sit you across from a position of authority and this person questions you start you start talking you start saying things that aren't true and you seem Beyond Scared Straight they tell you gonna get 20 years and get butt-fucked 15 of them so the first 518 they let you kind of settle in for the first five yeah you know the but that's how much like that bucket nice and tight birthday when I was young I used to have a tractor trailer it was a red plastic trailer with a farmer on top of it like when those hard plastic trailers that farmer used to get off that trailer and fuck with me and I took it in the yard one day put kerosene on it and set it on fire and in my mind I remember hearing that farm farmer scream my mom would even tell you the story of how he's always talked about how this fucking far

► 00:21:20

are used to come off with his tractor and fucking me and she's she saw me set it on fire and I thought I was crazy until years later I met Tiffany haddish and she said she had experiences with her teddy bears used to come to life and fuck with her so I'm just saying hmm I'm just saying shit happens all this happening I haven't heard this could happen at night when did it happen I don't remember I can't remember I don't remember like the details of when it was at night or during the day that's why these things are trying to figure out with UFO abductions okay you know almost all those UFO abductions happen while people are sleeping and they think what's happened is your brain is releasing endogenous psychedelic chemicals and it's forcing you to have these hallucinations and that you really do believe you're taking a board these UFOs and gone what if someone is watching you with the camera nothing actually happens question people swear by it have you ever had one of those dreams where it feels as if someone's holding you down yet OK Hagg the hag's riding you I mean it has to be really call it a sleep / paralysis but growing up

► 00:22:20

in South Carolina he would say that hag was riding you okay what do you have to take the salt is that you would either put a CD to put a straw broom at your door are you a take salt and sprinkle salt at your door because when the Hagin teaches run we gotta pick up every kernel assault so by the time he picks up every journalist all this fucking date what does that I had was like these little old women that they say would come ride people in the middle of the night I think I've seen him before but it's really looks like just a shadowy figure and it's the same feeling you get that feeling like your body is frozen they can't jump your eyes are open yes but you feel like you're talking but nobody hit you that that's what that's it they say that's the Hagrid what do they say that is like what a science paralysis yeah the blood is not flowing in your body it's like when you're sitting on the toilet too long and your fucking leg only likes go yeah I think it's a psychological thing Ling you your brain is just not sending signals to your body but you want to move and you just don't feel good I gotta move but I can't yeah not as frightening I had that before and I've had that before and I had when I woke up it was just you seen the movie Signs yeah so

► 00:23:20

was this creature that looked like he was from the movie size but it was purple and black and it was standing over me and I couldn't move and so I was making noises trying to get it to go away and the sun came up it just faded away now that I don't know if it was a dream or an actual visit from extraterrestrial it could be the thing about extraterrestrials you believe in it well you know I believe in this will you believe in everything the reality even toys that can harass you as a child there's no evidence but the numbers of humans I mean the numbers of planets rather that could support humans there are they're pretty we just won't be documented so far as pretty interesting just what they know about the thousands of plans to discover this hundreds that could possibly support human life and then there's hundreds of billions of galaxies the idea that we're the only one not only that Neil deGrasse Tyson's explain this to me is this is a mindfuck and a half that the universe is so big that not only is there another you out there that is done everything

► 00:24:20

exactly as you've done to edit every pause like that pause every Paws down to the second yeah an infinite number of yeah yeah you're talking about is it called the infinite in an infinite universes there's this exact conversation happening yet people look exactly like that because Infinity implies that any amount infinite variations there's one when you get up right now and you have to take a piss right corner of the room or Charlemagne's there you were here on there there's one would you get up and you're mad that we don't believe you that you saw Bigfoot or something you know that kind of shit yeah this the idea that when you think of infinity right we think about it as being really big it's not it's impossible to put in your head yeah the infinite infinite universes like the size of the universe 14 billion light years apart infinite numbers of those not only that they think that inside every Galaxy is a supermassive black hole and inside that black hole may be another Universe with hundreds of billions of galaxies with hundreds of millions of black holes inside each one of those

► 00:25:20

hundreds of billions of galaxies hundreds of millions of black holes that it's fractal and that it's impossible for you to even conceive yeah I think it's very selfish thing just based on the numbers there has to be something they have to be now the question is are you going to be to think that were the only life in this fucking penguin over only life in the universe I'm just saying like hmm whether or not it's reached us it well yeah I don't think it's reached us and if it has reached us it's like they have to find a way to bend time right time is the biggest issue no I'm going to say what the problem like where our feelings right yeah and if you look at how diverse the Earth is like there's different species of shit in the woods different pieces of shit in the water different species of shit in the jungle different species of shit in the sky why wouldn't the Earth be I mean the universe be just as diverse yeah and we're assuming shorter we're assuming we're the smartest life form in the universe no no I'm not at all and sure it is all I'm saying is life has an end right what is the oldest species on the Earth right now what a turtles live like 200 or some shit like that what hula Morgan Freeman of those

► 00:26:20

on the goddamn so let's say it's 200 300 years right let's say that's the max now we have 300 years to travel millions of light-years away to get to another galaxy to see other planets to see if they have some shit and they have the same for us so let's say there is another species that somehow found a way to take your the Consciousness that they have and put it in a robot that can then last for thousands of years then they would have the opportunity to come here but we're limited by time right you will die before you get somewhere like to go to Mars we can't come back think we're not think we're basing that off our intelligence there might be a species in this universe that can fly to Earth way we fly to LA but that's what I'm saying they would have to spend time not necessarily what they do is fold time or fold it whatever you don't even create that Wormhole fan where you're going where instead of it's not linear it's whatever since I'm really time like it was in Event Horizon they talked about how they did that remember that movie yeah and there's another one to it Matthew

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► 00:27:22

and oh yeah yeah Interstate Interstellar yeah where they get into like space-time space-time is really interesting right it's like the faster you go the the less uh yeah right like so somebody's in a plane come on Iris into someone here on the Earth right so some is flying around the earth and a plane versus us sitting on Earth they will age fractionally less right so if you just increase their speed and decrease hours when that or keep ours at the same they will let's say not aged at all compared to us aging like 30 years even crazier Brian Cox I went to see his Cosmos exhibit and that's the the is a physicist okay from CERN from the Large Hadron Collider yeah is a bunch of different yeah podcast and shows he said that if you were born and right next to you like your mother and you both put on a watch at the moment you were born and then you check that watch 30 years later if you have a perfect watch it was never out of time your watch would have a different time than her watch because you have gone through time differently than she has fraction I don't understand

► 00:28:22

rationally because the amount of speed that how fast you travel it you you you experience time in a different way the path you take in life the different terrain you travel over the Earth all those factors play in to how much time has passed let's say you're on the top of a mountain and she lives at the bottom you're actually traveling at a faster rate right because it's no different than like let's say there's a ball on a tether right and you're just swinging it around in a circle right the ball at the end is actually going faster than your hand in the middle swinging around you're a Jew right so since you're going faster actually aging slower and we're talking about fractions of seconds yeah but over the course of time it proves that everyone experiences time in a slightly different rate which proves Einstein's theory that if you have to travel very fast in a spaceship and then come back you would look at your brother who was your age and now he's a hundred years old and you're 30 so I think I figured it out how we can time travel or not time travel but I think I figured out all right

► 00:29:22

so we're trying to create okay and again I don't know shit but this is just me like you know pain temporary nidhi logic this is brilliant idiot right here okay so we have to do is go faster than the speed of light in order time trial I don't know how to do that just yet but what I think we can do is we're trying to use like rockets to propel us at a certain mile per hour to get close to the speed of light fuck the fuck the Rockets why don't we use light as wind and create a sale that harness light and that sale will naturally take us the same speed or as close as we possibly could get to to speed of light they did in the movie called sunshine I'm a fucking genius I was telling you I wanted to bring you to dinner I'm going to as well if you want to come he's a guy who worked at Area 51

► 00:30:22

and I didn't even know if we just don't apologize tomorrow yeah I believe in are going to bring it up o Area 51 is real but this guy literally worked on what he says or alien spacecraft spacecraft that sale on Sunshine could be the next big thing bro you should work for now Jamie this is public school education get you a job at Trump space for that's it I don't want to do anything man I just want to throw the ideas out there and I think I got it and Mill this is a legit space for shirt from Trump's from Trump Tower Tim Dylan bought me this yo shots hit him I love him this is real this is what the real fucking space force this is the logo hot you got from talking to something I didn't know you had a friend who works on alien spacecraft oh I don't know I told me tonight podcast tomorrow and he worked at Area 51 if you allowed to talk about that she would I get in he is because he's been talking about it for decades really yeah

► 00:31:22

and they've tried to discredit him there's a it's very controversial a lot of people think he's full of shit but the more there's a recent documentary by Jeremy corbyn the more you look at the documentary he knows too many things he knows too many things that that prove that he absolutely worked at Area 51 he got arrested for bringing people to a lookout Peak to just look over where the area where they would launch these spaceships and he's got video of these things flying through the air doing all these Maneuvers that no conventional spacecraft could do in 1980 whatever the fuck it was where you got arrested they must have some type of like like like NDA with extraterrestrials but they don't talk about yeah I feel like the US government or just government in general throughout the world have some type of NDA yeah is will kill you I don't know how is the same one Leonardo DiCaprio uses on his girlfriend dude he's got the greatest Indian history and a game for now holy shit Andy and mean shit nobody gives a fuck about in Diego so we had to pay people and they don't care they'll come out and talk about it later I had Lisa Ann

► 00:32:22

on a podcast right I just fucking porn star yeah go play going to write and Lisa and came on and she was talking about nda's and how stupid women are for obeying them and I was like what are you talking about it she's like what do they have to lose they don't have any money exactly so she's like you have a bunch of fucking heels in your apartment you think that Leonardo DiCaprio's going to take your heels you can break any fucking NDA but for whatever reason they get scared you pay a woman to half a million dollars tell her to keep her mouth closed she breaks the NDA in the ndaa says she has to pay you back when you were only waiting exactly knew it on the money forever my favorite one is Bill O'Reilly he had to pay a lady 32 million dollars on there's no pussy work that I need to see how can we look at this woman I need to know what a wild wild shit so can we there's no picture of this woman I don't know I need 32 million dollars on blast but I'd love to I would love to see what she looks like 32 million the agree to it he greedy

► 00:33:22

something else he must have did something he didn't want nobody to even remotely here's a peg bills get packed with 100% get is it's not even about what actually happened is about what the person said they did to you that can ruin your reputation especially in 2090 compact she's got picked she's got videos something's going to meals ain't guaranteed an TNA she's got his shit under her thumb nail I guarantee and then a guy like bill has to keep a certain like I guess you know standard about himself right you have to look at him a certain way in order to listen to what he's saying yes in order to take his his information you know correctly I guess seriously yeah seriously yeah yes so he could lose all that equity in his audience he out there doing wild she did you actually know him he's gone anyway is it over for Bill well he's not on Fox News anymore he's podcast he was the number one guy and they were like not worth it yeah man that's why we talk about cancer

► 00:34:22

yeah well really got cancer yeah real came over in a big way yeah and I think he does do some type of broadcasting now but nobody cares it while he let out a book and the book was number one New York Times best seller doesn't box yeah it doesn't history books yes you know like I don't even think he writes him I think he just puts his name I wonder about a guy like Bill Dough because think about it like you started your own platform you know I'm saying and people really care about your voice to people ever really care about building voice to things like people did not but check it right so it's like sometimes you become a mouthpiece for a network or for an ideology they believe in and this is the difference this is how you find out if people really fuck with you the second you leave that Network it's like when people leave you have PN and you never hear about them again is that oh you thought you were bigger than ESPN right bigger than the sports they just want you to say strike well that's it yeah so I think we learned that bill really didn't have all that cash a that we thought we had that that's why I like ESPN is a good analogy that's why you gotta give people

► 00:35:22

Skip Bayless props yeah you got to give him L Hill props they can go other places and people still care about what they have to say even if it's just in tweets right I don't even know what Bill O'Reilly's Twitter handle is I imagine something around like Delaware I'm sure it is but you don't ever see him he's never known for like oh Bill O'Reilly said this on social media when the last time you heard Bill O'Reilly say something might not even be I made some news yeah he might not even be on stuff bro yeah he's podcasting from his like apartment something like dude is there's no background nothing really yeah it's bags Ivan wearing like suits it's got like a massive milky shirt it's Bill Rogan but we got to look him up we gotta see the girl you fucked him and see how they're living right thank you guys like that they say will just lay low for a couple years and then someone will scoop you up again now there's only one fox and fox lets you go if you're one of those guys those neocon guys like you don't really have any place else to go hey he's too old to really understand the landscape of like

► 00:36:22

how to navigate this new internet space you got plenty of conservative voices we don't have those big platforms right to Candace on Tommy Laurens been Shapiro's I don't even look at them well no makeup really look at the undershirt is he's wearing a nurse's outfit underneath that funnel pants on for sure Karen yeah that's dad or his y'all think that it was base for shirt for real under the blue button up shirt did that shit take his wardrobes gotta go fat gut now he's been drinking now this is not good those men news watch the film full no spin news nobody hello Riley.com now we need to get some new shorts 1000 views on whatever video that is what is what is Twitter there are no charges you are Presumed Innocent you know if I'll tree this is not what the left wants what is this about was here and about as 819 people maybe weekly report scroll down how many people are watching that how many people have him on Twitter how many how many

► 00:37:22

see million followers he has in that video had five hundred eighty-one thousand views can you look at him right there in that video right now go down now scroll down do you think he's doing the orange thing to reflect raw never sent he's bringing them in white look at that that's a hundred percent the orange thing happens he looks like turmeric yeah but you don't look anything like it looks in real life that's like an Instagram ho but now he's in the vacuum but it's those crazy old white people that live in Kansas yeah but think that people are a man a win is a win yeah I'm saying if you got 580,000 people that can watch when you put up a video and you can still get paid for it I'm cool with that's true you don't say I think we put too much emphasis on

► 00:38:22

whatever mainstream it didn't know there's no such thing as mainstream but there's not just one scream anymore right now it's over that's why and shouts of Brendan Schaub that's why we wanted you guys to connect because I feel like you guys represent the most I think you are both the most influential people in media right and you represent put that kind of pressure on me well I think that even on me Ricky Bobby I think it's important because I think these guys represent and I think the illusion was before I went on before I went on here the first time the illusion was at these things operated in separate spheres right that there are these different vacuums like the Charlemagne world right and then the Rogan world and then I went on I found all these people that knew me from our podcast that also listen to yours right so it turned out in that moment I was like oh shit it's not as fractured as people think because everybody's aware that people always been hitting me for years I go you gotta go on Joe Rogan you got going Joe Rogan you gotta go under Rogan so it's just clearly that the Worlds Collide

► 00:39:22

it's interconnected especially this internet wave that we're all right now the internet we have people are craving this type of information they're craving the type of interviews you guys are doing and talking to the people you guys are talking to right and I don't know for me this is really cool just to see well they like people like the fact that everybody could do everybody show it's not like like Jimmy Kimmel never does like the Seth Meyers show you know science but you know I mean it's like yeah everything is not that world is very disconnected yeah where's this world the internet world is like like for the comics and podcasts like there's no competition everybody helps everybody everybody supports know you have everybody I mean that's one thing I've always noticed about your platform like you've always bought on up-and-coming comedians who just needed that extra push to for people to know who the fuck they are you know what I'm saying that's important that's like a Miss Pat on yesterday over genuinely funny special forces of nature for some a star is insane like you can only take a story that sad and that

► 00:40:22

magic and turn it into a sitcom she was talking yesterday talking yesterday about her ex-husband who shot her in the titty titty shot her in the head shot her in the titty shot in the back of the head shot in the city got her pregnant it was fucking her when she was 12 got her pregnant when she was 14 with two kids by the time she was 16 she had an abortion when she was 16 with with his third kid she called him up to try to get him to apologize to her he wouldn't apologize to her so she forgave him and she said it released like this huge weight off of her shoulders she was talking about it but you can't believe her story I'm not with this shitty she's laughing about course not yeah I'm not I got yeah that whole forgiveness thing we talk about that all the time not with that whole like I forgive you and it makes me feel better I'm fine not fucking with you I'm fine saying fuck this guy fuck this person like are glad to forgive you when I saw you know the Emanuel movie just came out you know the shooting that happened in Charleston South Carolina and like all of the family members forgave dylann roof and I'm like there's one do

► 00:41:22

Renee that's like fuck him you killed my mama I forget them I'm like yes yeah I guess perhaps a perfectly fine emotion you did you go talk to your therapist about it you allow yourself to feel like yes fuck him why do we feel like we gotta forgive I know in a Wayne comes off our shoulders think you should for her it was like she was carrying around her whole life you know I think for her just helped her and she knew he was a piece of shit when she was talking and she said to him like you were fucking me when I was 12 years old and he literally said this to her your mind your body wasn't 12 that's what he said to her and she was just like so she decided after that like I'm not going to invest my energy in this is I'm gonna let it go yeah but a girl so she just doesn't fuck with him doesn't talk with him if she doesn't she doesn't carry around the hate that was a it was poisoning her yeah I get it and I understand the power of forgiveness there's a reason why it exists right now the reason why it's you know it's still here for thousands of years this idea of hey let's forgive so that we could feel better right I think I think I think usually things get weeded out if they don't work

► 00:42:22

well it's hard to forgive someone that doesn't feel bad about what they did it's one thing if you like man I fucked up I'm sorry please forgive me yeah like I get it you're a person human beings make mistakes I forgive you yeah but someone is like you were you weren't you know you weren't 12 with your mind your body he's talking about fucking you when you were 12 years old I have an 11 year old daughter the idea of am grown man fucking her now we gotta go bow hunting vinyl yeah you're not gonna forgive him know my you might fuck him up and then after you fuck him up he's like you know what it's all good what I'm saying what a fucking arrow in his fucking gun that's it oh yeah it's all good maybe you're not actually forgiving the person and letting them offer what they did but you maybe you're just removing them from your Consciousness people forgive when they not gonna do shit yeah people forgive when they have realized I'm not gonna slap the shit out this like when someone huge punches you in the face right I forgive you girls know what you got

► 00:43:14

I'm attaching myself to Jesus carry this no more like give you mine might be you know we do we don't know we do sometimes we make mistakes we all make mistakes out here in the street was somebody gets pumping the fishing like your eye you got it you got it by the way that's probably when I would get to that point of forgiveness when you want to do something to somebody so bad but when you get the opportunity you don't yeah and you realize it's that not that important to you then at that moment I might be like you know what God Bless yeah I wish him the best with me when you guys have like surpassed people in your career that we're pieces of shit to you as you were coming up did did the anger that you had towards them totally leave your body no absolutely not hold on today I write books about it God bless you but the facts are the facts

► 00:44:14

yeah you did fire me you're right no Boogedy from from Philly of this point you did fire me for no fucking reason you did you did it happened right listening Boogie what you doing right now see how you feeling Radio St Louis he does yeah could they told him that if he if he fired me and whatever he bought in didn't work they were gonna send him back to st. Louis he had moved from st. Louis to do be the PD and Philly and so he fired me what he bought in didn't work right and they kept their word and they sent him back in st. Louis garbage probably best thing for him though yeah but everything worked out for everybody he's living a great life of st. Louis I'm living a great life life have you seen that a Jordan what is it yes get into yeah see also what was it it was what is the famous he wouldn't stop talking about journalists bro who remembered every single thing and I was just he's Bernard Hopkins remember

► 00:45:14

he's a fighter he needed to be the villain he need to be real for the motivation y'all don't use that y'all have people that shit on ya'll and like know when I surpassing the comes alone and not for me I surpass him it goes away it's weird it's I'm being I'm not saying it goes away but I have to remind you to remind you that you told me I wasn't gonna make it he'll tell you that when I was when I was starting out as a comic and I was you know it's rough in New York motherfuckers yes dickheads to Showcase to carry a list of people who are pieces of shit in my wallet all the people after the say fuck you to when I passed him and as I would start to pass them I felt 0 I felt your anger I almost start to feel bad yeah I don't have an angle shit you're still in the same place that's why you were dick tamika's right I was all you had to be a dick to well that's the type of person that is a dick to someone who's coming up the person who's like the effect that's famine mentality yes think there's not enough yes you try to keep people away get away get away whereas the people that don't have famine mentality like come on come on

► 00:46:14

let's do it plenty for everybody yeah just don't have everybody I don't have anger like if you like I've been fired four times from Radio you know what I'm saying is I'm not angry at the people that find me but the people who told me things like like there's a guy named DJ cast and shorter cycle on who told me I wouldn't when I first time I got fired he told me I would never work in radio again because I was an asshole and then you know Boogedy told me this is why you'll never make it in radio so those two individuals just need to be reminded people need to know that they made those calls when you like to know the person that cut Michael Jordan from the basketball team yeah yeah wouldn't you like to know the person that didn't hire Oprah the newscaster back they would you like to know any people just want to know these people by the way I've had other Executives in radio you know like sweet my God doc one is like one has told me that one person in particular he would never hire because they fired me and couldn't give him a reason why when he asked him why he was like I just did I just I didn't didn't like what he was doing so he was like I never had

► 00:47:14

first so that's why certain people need to be told and reminded about the Nomad decisions they made it look like a single have strong grudges and come like it's great that you know the difference is also that you get hired for these jobs and you can get fired by these assholes yes and there's always that weird power play between producers and Executives that happens with television shows and networks and it happens with radio happens this this a power play the thing about comedies is like you know you just work at a different Club is no real the only mean there's a little weird struggle between you and the other comedians but there's no we're real struggle between you and the club Owners you go in there you sell out you kill and you're friendly to everybody they don't give a fuck a hundred percent Ellie thank you here's your money bro there's last fucking care and it doesn't matter how much of a diva you are everybody knows this story in comedy Eddie Griffin you know Eddie Griffin Strider Eddie Griffin has the best Rider in common I don't know he has a writer did he get a writer he's had it forever all right yeah right yeah right no right or mean like the thing right

► 00:48:14

it's not about Ghost Rider you gotta go ahead so but apparently his rider which means like the shit that's in the Green Room yeah any means a brand-new pair of Air Force Ones for every show a lot of people do that what yeah yeah a lot of people have like sneaker Riders wait a minute yeah fucking up because I haven't asked for anything but water you would think sneaker the most important thing in stand upright like you need a comfortable fucking shoot right when you're on that stage they're more than just yes yeah some guys have it where they want a fresh pair size 11s whatever they wear right there so they get to the plate they number one to wear them at all until right when they get on stage that's it yeah what's in your Rider I just like Jack Daniels wine meet water simple sugar-free Red Bull kind of meat in that specific with the meat know like like meat plates like roast beef and shit like that suggested that something so I don't eat garbage right now

► 00:49:14

stuff like that nothing nuts macadamia nuts and pistachios normal shit red M&M's the only really green like pick out the green ones I mean that is what you saying about stand-up is the beauty of Independence though right yeah it's like that's why that's why everybody who gets me to run to the stand-up stage afterwards because it's the comedy club still accepted shine they were saying did you see that tweet I felt he was right I forgot Roy wood or something like that he was like OJ will be doing stand-up in three months dude you wash those video no and why do you why do we attain that shit love it Fountain another tutor until the load for the world there's a lot of BS out there first of all I am now it pisses me off that he does videos on Twitter take that shit to Instagram and know he told him things Twitter is bad thanks he's holding his reading glasses in his hand I mean he's going blind he's 71 years old you can you just see the the DME sent that dude amazing with all the all the knife emoji but you understand that what

► 00:50:14

teacher great he spent that on Monday Monday was the 25th anniversary of the fucking Bronco Chase so you think that he didn't just want to be in the news like that was uh that was I was a strategic move I don't think he's not smart I think what's going on is he reacting to someone fucking with him and he doesn't it doesn't know how to just let shit slide so somebody makes a parody video or he's doing his Twitter it was hello Twitter world and then someone's got how please in the background is mad and he DM's that person who made that video I'm going to cut you I don't think I think said I'm gonna cut yeah I see how strategic man I think he knew it was the 25th anniversary of the Bronco Chase and OJ's only relevant is the fact that he got away with murder so he has to remind us of that fact all the time and order for us to give a fuck did you ever see the videos he did when he was doing rap when he was dressing up like a king in Miami yeah who's he dressed like a rapper yeah he had Jamie yeah we can't we can't play it right

► 00:51:14

before YouTube real quick that stuff was fake that D what's up that demos fake yes fuck I listened to Jim and Sam yesterday actually like rub it down instantly he made in a fake account with like it though it was the real OJ he just made the l a capital I gave him donkey today for no fucking reason yeah goddamn look at your mouth I'm going on Mac I'm glad I'm glad he's not that stupid right donkey today the second I go into Breakfast Club I'll get somebody to credit they deserve being stupid I'm like yeah you can't be that stupid that thirsty for attention OJ so it's kind of its kind of a relief that he's not that thirsty this is OJ when he was doing rap music all right well no we can't and now he is yeah we can't play the music but he had girls out there dancing around their underwear and OJ was rapping did he have like a crown on her something there is dressed up in like white face and all sorts of things naked girls in it oh God you don't think oh Damien riding the wave of killing these two people for too long but well crazy bitches will still fuck him bro guarantees sane

► 00:52:14

don't understand this this this part of women at all like the women that like meet people in jail and then they're like get married to them and tell ya what is this about it's about that gel dick when they come home Dale Dixon those guys never get to give them that gel dick they're in jail forever and then you know conjugal visits and they still want to marry him but they wire attracted to Killers so they want killers they want killers in specifically they want killers that kill women what yeah there's that's a thing with some women with really fucked up women they are attracted to men who kill women God do you happen to grow this want to get choked what's wrong that's all you think do you think all the choking him and like you know how like some girls have a great fantasies just like that do you think that's all because men have just become such pussies they want to see if they have the ability to even do it no I think some girls have this Primal need to know that you can

► 00:53:14

them but don't know what don't they know that this thing turns him on never forget again right yeah protect them attack kill him yeah for sure but they want to know you could kill them not that you're going to kill them or guess someone else try to get them that that hand on your neck yeah choking you they want to be like close to the door of you doing something vile to them while you're fucking them so it feels good while you got control over their life you really have like you're holding their Nets your controller why do we need all these dudes that like jerk off with like a belt on her neck and said that we call them weirdos they're just women yeah but that's different this that's auto-erotic asphyxiation they're doing that because it is but I think the choking is you're doing it man is doing it to you it's not just that you're running out of oxygen because someone's squeezing the blood out of your brain right but it's also that someone's doing it to you while you're while they're fucking do you guys go for the whole choke because what I do is I like put my hand there and then I kind of just tense my forearm but I don't

► 00:54:14

squeeze the fingers because I want you know because my wife doesn't like that she won't let me do that she wants the whole choke no she doesn't like that so she doesn't like that yeah I think she knows you could do it well it's not just that it's like she did you choke people out regularly she knows you're capable but the kind of girl that wants you to children like that think you should leave that one alone dude my wife like the little children but I mean we've got as we've got no did all that stuff is kind of like subsided but she's like a lot of choking we know we've been together 22 years yeah you want to play it we have a John Doe she liked it and I think it's really because they see men as pathetic now they see many as babies and the more pathetic and like cocked up a guy is there like okay choke me slap me around show me that you have some testosterone show me you had a remember me from gotta go give OG some pussy though my God that's right that's right Richard Ramirez used to have girls visiting him Manson that was married when he died amundsen had

► 00:55:14

arm he must've had something no you must have held it on godhead fame fame has always been an attraction people missing a beginning when he was getting people to do all that wild shit he was grinning man pit Manson right well he wasn't famous but he was a cult leader so right so he was the leader of a small group so he was Infamous infamouse amongst that group of people you gotta at least turn a couple people to turn it into a call like eventually it becomes part of it but if you look at social media you realize that any really shit right in a really shit to have a following you know what I'm saying 500 followers on social media is pathetic right but 500 in real life yo you Jim you're the man Jim Jones like wow especially in 67 yeah you get 10 people to you get 10 people to kill yourself he's 67 all right my God man some people can't get 10 people to a comedy that's what I'm saying this is a different kind of captive audience yeah you would have met and know like you got a fax them like there's no organization everything has to happen in real life yeah and what would come on Peach like that's well he must have the speech when he made everybody

► 00:56:14

the Kool-Aid bro let me tell you something about somebody he had that must have been they know they were drinking that wasn't even cooler you know cool it took a bad rap it was some like cheap Costco brand with Kool-Aid existed even back then I think who they existed so he went with the generic they were even some bullshit clear laid it's like they didn't have enough money for all Kool-Aid it just can't be hey whatever the fuck they drink they serving it in the Dominican Republic at results right now all right they should try to get at Big Papi no no that Resort that's it that was an assassination attempt hold people are dying at these Resorts they're letting all these Americans are being poisoned one lady got beaten to death and raped she didn't get beaten to death but like beating a half to that she survived but like her whole head was just big swollen mass of blood and injuries yeah everything is going to start at the worked at this Resort she saw him we're at least he was wearing an outfit clubbed her over the head and did all kinds of

► 00:57:14

crazy shit to her and left her for dead did I read a story today is a group of high school kids who went to the Dr of celebrating graduation or whatever all of them ended up in the hospital and nobody knows why this shit is happening nine people have died at these Resorts and nobody knows what a lot of them are dying from pulmonary edema and heart failure that it's like some blood issue and they're drinking things from the minibar minibar Brokenness whatever you know the number of the number of people have died over there now wait a minute seven nine nine nine cheese 98 is happening in the Resort's the shell spots yeah it's happening in the real world fuck yeah we got to go to tr what what we got a hunch that's hunting right there well let's get into it this is a this is let's get to the bottom of it you really want to do some nature shit Joe you want to go do some major shit let's go hunt some rapists in the Dr I wonder what's happening I don't think it's just

► 00:58:14

and that is right as people dying from drinking it said it drinking at these mini bars and drinking at these bars and like they've been testing the alcohol and it's like fake alcohol or some shit like that I don't know what the fuck is going on I just know nine people have died yeah I'm not going nah yeah I'm not going yeah you can tell it's all takes it takes nine people going to fuck up your whole tourist economy you would think but we live in this era where people like oh shit let's go over there and see if we can survive the Dr like it's become like a fucking game on Yeah well yeah well it's when anybody dies of a cocaine overdose everybody wants a shit I just scroll right where you want the good shit hey what the shit they do Coke no never never done it you ever do Coke are fixing of coal coins I smoked in a blunt with some weed okay back in the day when I fake sniffed it like thanks there's like the lines are on the table and I just wanted to make the people I was around feel comfortable almost like on some training day shift you think I like undercover cop some motherfucking you just do like this yeah and you knock it off yeah a little on your face and you just go wow

► 00:59:15

everybody's heart it's not like they really fucking nowhere to Blackness say wou have to do in Coast to I don't know I did a movie every movie I saw they let out a goddamn Ric Flair whoo I've had that t that Marta de cocoa tea what is that he made out of coca leaves yeah those yet apparently the leaves if you just chew them are actually good for you they are phytonutrients it's like cop it's like a cup of coffee okay like but it's healthy it's actually good for you like those hot those high altitude herders they put a big wad of that shit in their mouth they chew on it and the it releases into their bloodstream and it's actually healthy so not bad for you it's when they process it and turn it into cocaine that it's bad that's when it gets what I've had is coca leaves in a tea form so you just take the leaves and it's like a teabag you drink the tea it just makes you kind of like hyper and you talk too much I'm not allow and I smoked that cocaine with that weed by accident that was the best hi

► 01:00:14

I've ever had in my motherfucking really yes I used to always say I would do it again by accident if it was all pitching by accident on purpose but I think I'm too old for that shit now but back then my God I remember that high like it was yesterday why what a feeling like he said if you just feel like very alive like you feel aware like everything just seems bright even when it's dark out and it's just like you feel like you're actually on top of something right it's just like you just feel mad hyper but when you crash you cram over when you crash it Molly yeah well tried MDMA MDMA yeah same shit it was once though you like it or no I love the feeling when I was on it I did not like the next day I couldn't read I was trying to read a magazine and I couldn't read realize like it's just can't I couldn't follow it yeah my brain was so dried out to shut down just it was just dead and then I went on stage that 98 shit yeah because he the synapses are firing up I was slow and sloppy my my delivery was off fucked up because you

► 01:01:14

they should I thought literally I was like oh I can't wait to hear this story started reaching in your fucking pants and I'm gonna dude so I've been going to Burning Man last few years right really and yeah last three years I've been got got to get tipsy pussy bro dude it's not even really like a for me at least I haven't even really been fucking there no no dude you don't you're not showering you're all fucking hopped up on drugs and she'll think I think like the fuck communities exist but I don't want to sell it it's weird to like salad but it's a really cool experience you would probably really love it but and I tried Molly and it was you know people say like when you try drugs it gives you this heightened version of reality that you can't come to naturally right and then you have a new perspective because of it some people say about like acid or mushrooms and these types of things it was weird because For the first time in my life I felt past emotionally fill full it was like excess that make sense you don't you kill on stage and you walk off and you just want to like help people yeah because you filled

► 01:02:14

the void and then you have a little extra right yea Somali put me there and I was like oh this is how people who feel no void operate like I was just calling my parents I was calling my best friends and tell him I love him and I'm gonna take care of your kids if anything happens like what the fuck oh yeah maybe it is gave you the courage to do things you want to do but for whatever reason you choose not to write because you know before I'm busy trying to fill the void right be it through laughs or through content whatever we're doing and here I had the excess it was an interesting experience making okay I can probably hit this maybe without the drug I can do things in my life exercise or rabbit Ood gratitude a hundred percent yeah that's awesome hundred percent it when dr. Wayne W Dy said that you won't find your true purpose your true purpose in life is service to others right so I think most people that are public servants and like give their lives to other people like I think they that's the ultimate high but it's so crazy it's like you don't get to notice that until you're there like it's so easy to

► 01:03:14

if you tell people hey you should be grateful and then you'll feel better but if they're not able to feel the sensation of gratitude you're explaining to them you're explaining Chinese to someone who doesn't even know what the fuck the languages yeah right like what we're all in this like unique situation where we've probably experienced that we probably you know it tried to find ways to give back Etc and then we felt really good because of it more like I should keep doing this this is this is a really good feeling called but imagine someone who's like barely surviving they don't yeah but they still have something to give they just don't realize it like you you might have ten dollars in your bank account but guess what it's a homeless person on the street that has zero right you give me a dollar you might feel great and then we take that doll and he's so appreciative like thank you thank you like that'll make you immediately feel better yeah really just helping people without any you know you have no ulterior motive where it's a great feeling what they did I thought about that with Karma right like we always look at common we think that cam is what you put out is what you're supposed to get back no karma is just an action and you're supposed to do those things just because it's the right thing

► 01:04:13

Who Do Ya period like think also Karma involves you feeling the way you feel about yourself because when you do shitty things you feel you have a bad self-image you live in your karma that's why people don't get it's not like here's a dollar for a homeless guy five minutes later I should get $10 kind of investment normal right it's not I feel better when I'm acting right like that's it it's simple as that you can't run from yourself like you are you go to sleep every night you look in the mirror like and when you jack off you know what you think about you Jax I'm like you know you and I think a lot of people don't understand that concept like it once you like I can't do people dirty because I know I did somebody there that I can't do something to carry that because I know I did something fast you know and even when somebody does something fighting me I I gotta go through my files in my mind I do something fucked up to this person that I do something to cause them to react this way no I didn't that's their problem and that's the competitive advantage of sociopaths is they don't carry the negative Karma sure right they have the interaction we

► 01:05:13

the three of us would walk around afterwards like man I should have fucking done that what the fuck was wrong with me I feel like a piece of shit they just go all right that happened I don't believe it no that's why they if they're effective in business that's why they're effective and politics that's why you see these personality types succeed with the ability to just destroy thousands of flies you just say what I think eventually it catches up to all of them I like that it doesn't motion just depressing shit so much would eventually I think that just I think that she just explodes into me cause them to go crazy if they don't fucking get killed there are people though the don't experience any emotions the way we experience no empathy yeah there's they're broken something wrong with the synapses start was like that for a long time yeah yeah yeah that's when I started going to therapy is when I started like piecing things together but Ike I made myself cold just because of how to protect yourself yeah and how I felt like the world and the business was treating me at a certain point yeah I mean I was purposely making myself code and I thought that was the way that I had to be you fuck around and read books like the 48 Laws of Power

► 01:06:13

when you're young and you know you study all of these people who got to a certain point they all had like this this just this coldness about them like this ruthlessness like I'll step on anybody to get the way I need to be but then you realize these motherfuckers are miserable that's the thing dude so you're on the island right Lanai yeah right and were you hanging out with any down folks all yeah so there's this a comic and Lil Duval he's I really think he's one of the people who understands life better than anybody on this planet my God and good brother he's a good buddy of ours he's fucking brilliant and he says you can't dude for the smile Bitch song There You Go Okay joão belt when I'm telling you sir stop Bender comes out to that scale Shasta is he man let's go on his Pious last time we're talking about how is he was gonna do it yeah but um he's one of these guys I promise you his understanding of life is unparalleled unparalleled to anybody I've ever said and you see a song like smile bitch and we see it may be on Surface value but everything he does has a purpose

► 01:07:14

and he's aware of the purpose right he's aware that energy puts out an ecosystem and how it affects the ecosystem and he was telling me how he likes to go to the island to visit him in Bahamas he likes to be in the moms and I was like why why do you like to be there he goes because people understand what life is here I go what are you talking about he goes they don't get caught up in the bullshit that we caught get caught up in the states right and like in the state's everybody here thinks they're gonna be a millionaire everybody yes we have a lottery a reality show some viral video and you go to the island and they understand that they're going to live and die there and then they start to realize hey I got to just maximize happiness in life try to get some chicken tenders on the island when we were Bahamas takes 50 50 minutes an hour for fucking five chicken tenders I'm like why the fuck is taking so long and he looks at me he goes why should they hurry

► 01:07:58

his philosophy purpose is real Buddhist like it's a lot of it is a lot he doesn't he doesn't know that but his philosophy is like he's aware of Buddhist he don't even know who you calling out there who's boot is he like I am I didn't go to school no Buddha who is who should know anything about anybody knows instinctively she is really had no formal education comes from nothing and the way that he's found a way to understand Humanity it says competitive advantage in the industry is in he just truly understands made fast we've complicated this shit dude we had this like capitalism is complicated things you know the cultures that we strive to be a part of have complicated things the truth to the matter is life is about treating people good being a public servant and dying and all these things that you want to accomplish that you thought you had to accomplish

► 01:08:58

all the shit that you thought you had to get done in order value yourself as meaningless it was just distraction until we get there yeah that's that's the concept by because not believe hard to swallow and could have to let go of ego right you have to go you have to go okay I'm okay as I am and I'm okay having a good conversation with somebody or good interaction today or just fucking sitting on the beach and looking at the stars right these are cool things that's just as valuable as having a YouTube clip hit a million or something like that these things aren't any different in the grand scheme Grand scope of things right yeah I believe in the Law of Attraction write your thoughts become things so that's why it's hard for me to grasp the concept of okay Wendy you're going to die because in my mind I want to die when I'm ninety a hundred years old but you know you read certain things and I'm like no you have to embrace it you have to tell yourself every day you're gonna die cause then you'll live your life like every day is your last yeah I that's a hard concept you know CT Fletcher I've heard that name so we touch of powerlifter back to yeah he had a heart transplant last year and he came on the podcast a year after his heart transplant

► 01:09:58

you've never seen a guy more loving and open and friendly and thankful and tells everybody loves them and he's hugging everybody and just genuinely grateful because he was at death's door like legitimately it does doors heart was failing him his father's heart and failed them is his brothers his like he's got congenital heart disease in his family and he knew that his heart was going he had had heart attacks he'd had surgery and they transplanted his fucking heart and they put a woman's heart inside of him too wow also fucked her that's what his life is wow no but it's just like just that's one the one that fit yeah you know there was like this is matches you and we're ready to do it bam so now here he is a year later but that guy has like this renewed lease on life and he just glows like a like a like a religious figure as he got close a great concept for a movie like somebody who was a male chauvinist all his life and shitting on women and then had to get a woman's heart yeah a whole because I'm scary movie or something

► 01:11:00

jealous for no reason wow yeah interesting crazy but it is interesting it's like that's why I now we're getting to the fucked-up thing right like this idea there is no good and bad things just are etcetera right but like but there's good and bad and how the energy that you put out how it affects people if you do a bad thing and it hurts a bunch of people's lives yes that's you're really you're changing how those people going to interact with all the people they experience as well yeah but the penises and there's a ripple effect with the ecosystem right but like let's say you look at like you early were talking about like Bears right or maybe I was watching a clip of your show but you're talking to I think was you and Duncan and you're like Bears really just attack baby animals that's what they are baby deer yeah they whatever they can but the moment they eat most most of the baby deer that dog had eaten they just they're like animal pedophiles right there just killing fucking kid right that's what they do right that's what I fucking do Coca-Cola Coca-Cola sponsor is an animal pedophile just eating baby seals right so that

► 01:11:58

in our culture would be a piece of shit what if there was a group of people that just killed kits right right we would call them pieces of shit that would be a bad thing right right but that's just you've acknowledged within the you know the ecosystem of that of those animals it's necessary yeah right the Bears need to how do we know though how do we know that is not fucking groups of animal rights activist animals in the woods saying he's fucking damn stop killing each other video we don't know we don't know what these animals are really talking about a really disgusting oh no you know shark fin soup yo Charlie you know shark's fin soup no they cut they just cut the fins off the shark and then they let the Sharks sink to the bottom of the ocean and die and die right it just sinks of I can't swim at the sink to the bottom and and there's some be tweeting about how horrible it is but I bet there's a bunch of fish that are pulling up on that shark like oh look what we got here yeah you're a middle are you gonna be okay yeah deers don't just stand there when they see you

► 01:12:58

no they get the fuck on I got him fucking humans with them guns again like I think animals are way smarter than we give them credit for well they have instincts no more than anything some some do some animals are smart you know what's interesting moves are some of the dumbest the dumbest fuck put to death because what you know why I got so big because we can take them out yeah there's so big all they have to do is stomp stomp wolves that's all they have to do was try to come after him and they just came out of them if I was a mousse I'll beat them too though because I'll be looking at y'all like y'all dumb you're really out here with us yeah and I just my fucking got the D don't have the nerve to try me shooting at the morning like fucking shot me from Game of Thrones what that what's that guy's name yeah Thorn born June until his IQ but I can't imagine it's incredible hmm you think yes 69 300 pounds well gotta figure shit out it might not have to but some dudes choose to this giant dudes that are smart as fuck small cocks that's what level of people would like to think that's what I have to thank you have

► 01:13:58

so you to make yourself feel better I-69 a hammer always say that about Shaq someone saying that well he's got a little dick I compared to who what no all right I read I read compared to a bear I read current stuff is book current stuff and said she had sexual relationships I had super head she said it's not little it's just regular so it's like his dick pilot big on me but on Shaq Ryan's just like nine inches ain't really big for you shacked that Chris Rock joke about the background he's like I don't have a big dick but I got a small background something like that so it looks like he's so skinny this tickles big needs to come through with the Time Warner remote maybe 15 inches Jackie that good on his dick yeah that should be said to have boring company what is that called Joe the born complaint not a flamethrower that that's what shocked me yeah yeah disappointed woman I guess what I'm saying is like like with CT Fletcher right he need to see death in order to like have this

► 01:14:58

amazing Revelation about life maybe the fucked up things that happen in the world right maybe if there is some sort of design to all this maybe the fucked-up things that happen in the world allow us to have a little bit of empathy and joy for being able to be here but you got to give a fuck about life first of all I can think about all the near-death experiences I had with it was somebody pulling a gun on me whether it was you know me being drunk as shit and wrecking my mom's white Lumina Caravan and literally the only reason I survived is because I didn't have a seatbelt on it because I was so drunk that the impact didn't kill me I didn't think about stuff like that until decades later when it happened in the moment it was just like all right whatever I got into a wreck I got a gun pulled on me but when you're old and you know I got three daughters and I look at my wife and I look at people that love and care about me and I really appreciate in value life now I start thinking back on that she like what the fuck was I thinking right I don't give a shit about life back then but I can get an anxiety attack thinking about those past moments because those plasma which would have caused so much not to happen yeah if I did I'd yeah

► 01:15:57

gotta care you got a care and you have to have something to care for and that's one of the things that really changes when you have children oh absolutely just change it Chappelle said the best thing to me he said Not only did it change how much I love he goes it changed my capacity for love it teaches you how to love yeah you may not even know what real love is until you have children and you realize like man that's like my heart walking around outside my body yeah and you feel a different level of love a different level of empathy like like I remember my daughter had to track me like two three years ago and she was learning the long jump and you know it was like the first time she ever did the long jump it was literally was even a meet with like practice right and so she goes to do the jump and I just I go oh my God that was horrible and she just burst out into tears and I'm like what the fuck did I just do what did I say my wife is like it was just what's your problem and then other parents are coming like oh it'll be fine you did perfectly I said shut the fuck up she didn't do good but I didn't understand that my word meant everything to her like

► 01:16:57

three things I just took all her confidence out of her and just that one snap of a finger like Thanos and that should even thinking about that shit now hurts my heart but I've never made that mistake again now I'm the father that that that overly tells her how great she is and I know how to explain to her if she does something that I necessarily don't think it's great I know how to explain it to her in a way where she can do better and she's very receptive to that yeah changes it changes who you are you how many kids three okay so I'll daughter's 200 you was a ho in a past life like me you go Rogue I'm telling you this is about how much it changed the way I feel about life is that when my daughter was little there was two bananas and one of them is brown and fucked up an old and one of them was perfect and I looked those two bananas and I know my daughter loves bananas

► 01:17:58

so she probably want that nice banana so I eat that fucked up and down while sitting there machine with mashed potato texture banana I was thinking about this and not another person in this world I would do that for because I love my wife my wife is an amazing person but it was just me and my wife I'd be like oh I guess that bitch is getting a shitty banana you would have you would ask her three times you sure baby sure who's willing to dive in a fucking grenade yes but if I could die and I knew that my kids would be happy and healthy if but if I lived they would die I would die I flew out I flew he flew out here I left I left

► 01:18:57

New York 5:30 this morning simply because I supposed to fly out last night but my daughter had a trach dinner which I forgot about and it was literally like attract a nurse in a fucking gym and they're serving chicken tenders and lasagna and pizza and listening to Old Town Road ten different times and everybody gets to participate participation Trophy Place goes to 11th Place what I stayed just to be there changed my flight everything just to fly out this morning because I needed to be there for that tractor yeah that's the that you don't do that for people that you don't absolutely love and adore so here's a question you both have these kids and you need to balance loving them so much and telling them the most amazing people in the entire world and not making them horrible human beings well more than that not making them week and not return week you have to give them a diversity or they'll never know what to do with I think Sports is that the key to that make them do not know they're difficult well I know what

► 01:19:57

and about participation trophies but get them involved in something competitive when they have to struggle so they'll learn what it's like to lose the learn what life is like in a kind of controlled environment and then you can still nurture them and love them the difference between people participate in sports and people don't as you learn what losing is and some people never learn what losing is and they just are terrified of it but they're not teaching these kids how to lose no moral in some school schools but I mean like competitive things like get your kids involved in martial arts get your kids involved in these things that are just it's very clear the binary 1 or 0 either you win or you lose those are important you learn you learn like what struggle is if you have a race right track meets perfect example someone fucking want yeah someone did not win yes it you know like who you gotta cross the line and I'm second fuck I gotta be first how the fuck can I be first I got to figure out how to run fast run fast that's it well you guys ever you guys ever be openly disappointed in them will you show them that they let you down the only time I'm that way with

► 01:20:57

kids when they're mean to each other I tell them I go this is unnecessary I know why you're feeling this way I know why you're mad at each other be can't be shitty dear sister you can't do that it's a bad thing and you got to learn how to take a deep breath and think about the consequence of what you're saying and every time you do do something shitty learn from it yeah you know it's a great learning experience I think for me I'm just like that when I when I think that they're being ungrateful come I don't know my oldest daughters 10 my second oldest is 3 but so she doesn't really understand the concept other daughter's nine months over my 10 year old is has lived a very privileged life and sometimes you see that boogy shit come out of here like little things like like I love this island called Anguilla you know what I mean and we vacation like two three times a year like he's long ten-day vacation it's like I think we'll look in you know me all the time and they just like the food is so much better if and and quilladin here

► 01:21:57

like yo not a fuck I was doing it I was never on fire my back you're gonna do to me that me a dirt road in Moncks Corner South Carolina turn into a wolf in a single-wide fucking Trail like that is the only thing that like pisses me off to lack of gratitude but that's perceptive issue though right you'll never they're they're wealthy the Never Gonna understand what it's like to be so how do you instill that in that's impossible you know it's got anyways problem is man all of my favorite people have fucked up child yes but I don't want my kids ever flown a child you're not supposed to my mom my mom told me we're here to make our children's lives better like my mom's actually showed me like my great-great-grandfather's taxes he had to pay one year and she was like a quarter you know what I'm saying like it was just something light but back then that was a lot of money so she was just saying that to me ever just tell me that every generation is supposed to be better cause I got this thing sometimes I feel guilty about doing so well because I don't have no fucking skill set like I didn't go to

► 01:22:57

College you know what I'm saying like I'm not I don't feel special like why am I in the position that I'm in my mother was a school teacher for 30 plus years she must have made was $30,000 in South Carolina I get that for a fucking appearance so it's like that shit'll make you feel bad sometimes like you'll feel a sense of guilt so she was just showing me that to say hey every generation is supposed to be better than Next Generation so our kids are supposed to be way better than us yeah but don't you want to prepare them for that life like you look at any one of these movies or even stories about a king that took power and then the son that he has some he has always small well little bitch who ruins the kingdom well that's the thing find me a great man is the son of a great man find me a man who'd just son find me a great man whose son of sorry of a great man because on great man always has these weak little Sons it's like how do you like maybe you do need to create adversity for your kid maybe you do need to be a dick a little bit and maybe it's selfish to be sweet to your kid all the time because you're not preparing them for the world when you're not there I think you've

► 01:23:57

pay them for the world when you let them find their own way yes meaning like you got to cut the cord yeah I don't want my I don't want my daughter to get in the media you know if they choose to cool you know my daughter likes to right now so she wants to be an author fine I'm not drunk I'm not really an author wrote a couple books you know what I'm saying right what a Ghost Rider right so I want them to find their own way yeah well I think when they find their own way then that gives them that integrity and that purpose and everything else that they're looking for yeah I think when you hand them things yeah that's when the ego yes all that other shit that's a problem they have to work for what I see in the communities that I live in is I always like the rich kids that have nannies that take them everywhere they don't see their parents very much because their parents work all the time and their parents vacation without the kids they like to go places without the kids all the time to see a lot of that those kids are getting fucked up and you see them as they get older they're more and more vacant more and more weird

► 01:24:57

more and more detached yes you know but the kids that around the family all the time and they do things with the family then they get a richer experience it's neglect and it's the parents that are like super driven and they're never home they're working 16 hours a day and that's why they live in this fucking giant mansion and drive around in a Bentley like though those kids get fucked up and they wind up getting on drugs and feel empty and looking for something to fill them up imagine your parents sent you to boarding school I have a buddy of mine buddy - Bryan Callen his his parents sent him to fucking boarding school in the United States and they didn't even live in the United States they sent him to another country Jesus well where is Brian from I love Brian Brian is from all over the world his dad was a banker an international Banker air quotes mmm and traveled everywhere and was involved in some weird gun firing shit weapon deals we could talk later but he was involved in some UFO here and weapon deal weird shit and then sent his kills fucking

► 01:25:57

years old set up to the United States to go to boarding school and Brian to this day still a little shell-shocked because of it yeah dude imagine your parents send you away feel like and you're 13 it's yeah like an orphaned imagine if he was at boarding school and got fucking molested or something for you to really hate like hate your parents by the way I got molested I'm just saying we're sorry listen something's funny that hasn't been yeah you gotta get that funny diddled in something fucked up happened really yeah if you're fucked up if you're funny something fucked up and thinks yes yeah I mean sometimes some pain some struggles because it look like an awesome no it's you have to learn it if it learn it why would you need funny it's like it's why it's so rare to see and people always say this about women but like even attractive dudes like have you ever seen like a male model that was funny right I think say about girls Carrot Top unless you're fat your story suck real talk it's true dude unless you have to earn pussy like lesbians are hilarious not earn pussy right

► 01:26:57

yes tragic is fucked your story yes stag she's not fat no no she's not no but she had that tragedy a tragedy yeah that does the tragedy is the fiance being fat is the tragedy yes oh for sure shit that's why Miss Patty's hilarious because she's that's why I'm is better but you would never want your kid to become as Pat but you love Miss Patty's not me you let me spray only because like that when you go through that kind of trauma when you come out on the other side you really Unstoppable yeah you know especially when you deal what's going on in here which is the toughest part right I think that's what comedy does comedy is therapy for a lot of people Tha just hating it gives you an escape well that's why she was able to accept what that guy did to her and forgive him because she just she's passed it yeah she's on the other side yeah she's gone through on the other side and it forces you to deal with the reality of the world

► 01:27:57

like I think Comics better than most people deal with the reality of the world and often is because we went through some kind of real shit right there we go oh yeah these things happen so I can let my mind even operate in it when you exist in like a really privileged life emotionally and even mentally when you exist in that space you don't want to imagine that there are people starving you don't want to imagine their people hungry or that their parents are abused their kids don't even want to go there because you'll have to when you grew up in it like yeah that's what the life is where's the fun right my dad can hit me for shit my mom when you travel you can appreciate where you're going where is your daughter's like again he'll go again I went to South Africa and December it was like the hundredth year of Mandela had been his hundredth birthday or something like that and so I took my daughter my ten-year-old daughter so like a few months later she had a project in school what she had to do a project about Nelson Mandela in South Africa and so she had printed this picture of the Nelson Mandela statue in from Mandela square and had it as the cover and I

► 01:28:58

where's the picture of you next to the Statue and she's like I don't want to use that what the fuck do you mean you don't want to use the picture of you standing next to the actual statue in Nelson Mandela Square that's the point of these experiences because you're able to do things like that I had to explain that to her you're the teacher had a flex at the teachers know how to stop bro oh I think she's embarrassed you don't think she didn't want the other kids to be like kids a stretch Jersey all these kids are doing well or not the kids but the parents yeah all the parents are

► 01:29:43

well like yeah like what did I get yeah would you guys you guys got you guys got some money and you got kids would you guys pay to get your kid into a good school oh like that lady didn't know no fucking chance definitely not gotta earn that shit yeah you gotta earn that shit you can't do that because they're not going to enjoy it and they're not going to they're going to work hard yeah this some of those people paid a half a million dollars right kiddo alien Bachelor to get a shitty shitty kid into some school that they didn't deserve yeah and the kids not going to have no passion for what they know when you know saying that just dare like they got a fuck it's just like having a regular piece of paper like I want I want my kids to do things that they really want to do that's how you change the World to Change the World when you're doing things that you that you truly want to do what's funny I thought is it those kids that went to the school like did fine at them so those yes of schools just a big fucking hustle it's like if they didn't earn it based on grades they should fill right the fuck out of the school it's becoming a hustle just because of the way the world is working and Jamie went to school for audio engineering

► 01:30:44

not a goddamn thing he learned in school he could use today really yeah I mean for the most part I Got the Touch some stuff I could never have touched before but was he not it was like 2005 Maybe YouTube didn't exist in there wasn't the plethora of knowledge out there that 12 year olds are teaching you how to record audio right whereas I had to learn from the guy that was recording Eminem and Jay-Z you know he's guys dr. Dre right like they can't really do much with that job either besides teach it now either so that's why I like the go back to Joe's point when he said I'm the last and radio the reason I'm probably the last thing radio is because I'm the guy that's tearing people away from Radio when kids come up to me anyway I want to get into radio I'm like for what you can start a fucking podcast like yeah I feel like it's all type of different ways to be heard you can go on YouTube and you want to be a VJ on TV you can start doing your own video countdown is on YouTube like why do you need TV or radio today that shit'll man gone yeah we did

► 01:31:44

they're growing up I had to be on the radio you had to be on radio you had to be on TV we didn't have that shit growing up you know I'm even experiencing that with commentary for the UFC because I love doing commentary for the UFC but you know what I love even better I do these fight companions yes when you only get it here we get hammered Who start smoking weed talking shit and we watch the fights on the screen we have the best time it's way more fun than being there live do you think that's the future of all Live Events right so you could watch the NBA finals and instead of listening to the guys you know Marv Albert who ever do it you could choose your guys that you watch the commentary with oh yeah fight companion for basketball football Dana height was doing that with Snoop Dogg he had he had the Tuesday night Contender series and Snoop Dogg in Urijah Faber would doing commentary and Snoop would just have a constant blunt lit and he was drinking Tanqueray and getting hammered high and talking crazy shit that was an option for the commentary you should be option Snoop cast it should be right

► 01:32:43

should be every single once you've got tired of doing it don't stop doing it yo Snoop is really got to be around Dana White he just cried I think he just got tired of you know having to be there every Tuesday well that's a beautiful thing let me show you the NBA did this during the finals this year they tried an alternative stream using the ESPN app right so the thing about this is you're doing with ESPN guys right yeah correct correct so it's like what would be great is do it with like the funniest commentary guys that you like in your life right here them just the reason why people tune into your thing I guarantee they probably mute the TV right people who are watching they listened to both I think that's what people probably do say never let the good commentator is commentating anything that I'm saying called Berkeley kidneys liver Shack should be actually commentating during the NBA and it would be incredible during the game it would be incredible them talking shit to each other matter of fact put him on a little screen in the bottom so we can actually look at them visually what they're doing I don't know I well they do that with the UFC they have the best guys doing like Daniel Cormier does it that's great Dominick Cruz

► 01:33:43

who's Paul Felder you know they have good Fighters Michael Bisping that do commentary now Cormier is the best though yeah he's great he's hilarious yeah then use the fight fuck he's the heavyweight champion will you compensate he's the light heavyweight champion and then the he vacated his title and knows the heavyweight champion yeah it does commenter we do it all the time together wow you guys are what together because you guys get fucked but we're good we're also good friends okay so we're always talking shit and we'd laugh about things whether it's a judge who's a nice lady but a terrible judge yeah era but just like when Rose namajunas won the title he starts screaming out dog run yeah it's not like a guy's turn into fans yeah we'll be off I mean neither one of us are real professionals right but we do it for a living and it's weird you know it's my worst nightmare like to be out somewhere and fucking get into a argument with an MMA fighter you don't realize that when you got folded up when keeping it real goes wrong

► 01:34:43

if you breakfast here's where are the signs of it in ears here's a good one but but the thing is you can wear it your guards I don't have any cauliflower ear I have a little bit on this year but I whe rearguards it changes the way you hear things what you don't want that cauliflower here it's calcification your stick out already too much oh they would stick out dude not other than a bat yeah you'd have a big old knots and yeah I can't so there's no other signs of what of a guy could be an MMA no not real what about hands what about Knuckles no I mean you could tell and not tell you know it's not you know see that's why it's got to be nice to people you have been fixed are you going to find yourself in one of those you got it broke the child how about fucking Andy Ruiz the new Heavyweight Champion

► 01:35:43

literally he's the UK Ivan Drago he looks the part ladies love him he never had that skill in the ring I told him that I came on Breakfast Club don't think that's true he got dropped by Klitschko and he came back to knock him out go with show CSI shows an old-ass man dude and he's Ukraine he's got Chernobyl in them and she'll yeah he was 7 that's nuclear poisoning as shit he was very old he was trying to win an election for like this you know crazy cut she's got a lot of things going on his life the real fight Anthony want a Wilder Tyson Fury to how about this type is very closest thing we've had in the heavyweight division tolly I'm not so clear I said after that I said a couple fight so I think he is the head movement the foot movement at his size and weight while he was doing that 212 pounds his head was last fight was very early like unbanned amazing on violin that is days but I'll he did that with George Foreman you see there's a difference the guy that he was fighting like that guy did it with de'aunte and Deonte he did it but he also got dropped an almost murdered

► 01:36:43

he died every time I look at the 12th round when Deonte connected and then walk back and went like that game over and the fact that he just rose up and then outbox him for the rest of the round but that was all that's all those years of therapy that's all those years of therapy in meditation when I say hit him and knocked him out he was in that place of Stillness oh you know how to come up absolutely Kom that was Kayo's are weird man it's like sometimes the the uh punch does not look like much and it drops you and put you away and sometimes you get fucking flat line right there and it looks like you're over watched I mean I was amazed at the ref even gave them a count thought it was gonna come out yeah I thought I thought the ref was going to wave their hands yeah meanwhile this motherfucker Rises up and doesn't even look wobbly unbelievable by the way Anthony Joshua can't beat Tyson Fury he can't be Deontay Wilder can't beat Luis Ortiz well well I don't either Louis is all to here's a good 90 years the think the word is and I get this from a reliable sources inside the fight community that Anthony Joshua got dropped in training camp he did right before the fight

► 01:37:43

bad my garden Philly right I don't know who yeah I heard it but bad to the point where he was kayode essentially and that's why his dad went after the promoter after the fight was you see his dad screaming at the promoter it ring apparently he was not he was not prepared to fight and he had he was looking bad in the locker room they are worried about so we had a panic attack yeah that's why I told you had a panic attack before the fight and if you remember we know it took him a while to come to the ring like they even played every music and everything they never came out and I was told that when if you notice when he was walking out there was rubbing his back and they were rubbing his head I heard he had a panic attack and well you never have a panic attack if you've been kayode like within a week you it takes months to get your ship back together again you the whole world is like shaky to you equilibriums off so he was in there and then when he dropped him he's like Jesus Christ gonna go against them no but no and Joshua drop yeah weird whatever you like good we got was get this motherfucker out of here and then he went right at him and then boom he got clipped and then it was over there's a there was a

► 01:38:43

biggest what is the biggest upset in heavyweight history is Tyson with diverse tongue yeah right guess who got dropped in training camp

► 01:38:51

Tyson did did he yeah drop that right forget the guys drop him drop him but his sparring partners drop them in training camp video of it is video over here qayoumi took Annie know but still it's like I dropped your body shut down for a second and it takes time to recover from that shit not to mention the night before you was fucking a bunch of Japanese women with Bobby Brown in a hotel room and doing drugs I the 58 yeah I'm saying - yes I'll be right back Bobby was I gonna fight tonight he's like yeah I'll be right back I'm going out to God and I'll be right back and he's still got up but he's still dropped Buster Douglas that's even crazier not did you ever watch the 3430 know about Buster Douglas know they had two thirty four Thirty and me I didn't realize how much he dominated Mike Tyson don't like round four round he was punishing yeah I remember that when I was just a Douglas is like one of the most talented guys they just didn't have the kind of drive and discipline

► 01:39:51

that you needed to be a champion but when his mom died mom or dad his mom his mom yeah that's what gave him all the drugs and he's hooking off the jab on Tyson yeah wow yeah like in a beautiful way yeah is skills incredible I'm Not Afraid was a world beater yeah he was a world beater enough I never needed motivation no no no never did feel fucked him up after that he's basically done no he did he was not yeah but he's Infamous and I'm a TV be enticing when it meant something to beat Mike I found out about it after the fact I didn't watch the fight live I had a gig that night and I thought in real time and then I watched it later and I still was waiting for ties to get up and beat him I didn't believe him believe it I remember I remember watching that fight and in my mind I guess I wasn't really paying attention I was just like this is longer than most - fine you can have a dinner reservation on a Titan and then when you finally got nothing it doesn't mean not only did we grow watching Mike fuck people up we grew up trying to beat him on Mike Tyson Punch-Out

► 01:40:51

that shit was impossible so it's just like that I was an unbelievable moment I didn't feel like that will reason Joshua though well there's certain times of people lose you can't believe they lost like for me it was Roy Jones went over knocks him out dude I was just like what I'm on fucking boy Jones they stopped to this day man unreal if he watching the second round it's really interesting thing that happens they both they both throw Hooks and Tarver just gets there yeah and we'll Tarver is actually a South Pole right so I think it's his is kind of like a looping left but they exchange and Tarver jizz hits first Roy timed it and this what happens I think when Fighters get a little bit older they lose a fraction of a second and that fraction of a second earlier in Roy's career he's checking them and then he's moving out of the way well I think the real is there it is there it is a watch watch it looks to see it you know look at some exchange ready it's and yeah boom at one point changes everything everything well you know what Tarver is coach said that Tarver beat him and basketball yes and then when

► 01:41:51

saw that he beat him back letting better out there yeah which is coach mcgirt is it buddy mcgirt yeah I think final that's true dude we had we had Roy on on on Flair and to and I asked him I was like we ever worried about like getting knocked out in like you know losing something leaving something in the ring and he takes a second he goes on be honest with you man I didn't come and ring with much sense to begin with so I wasn't really worried about losing it really competitive nature to Roy last with it last year last year Roy was hitting me because he really wanted to fight Michael B Jordan Jordan say that

► 01:42:51

like read fool you don't let fucking kill manga and black panther you still run up on one of them old boxes right now muscle memory will get you nothing but some would even be close that's horrific and isn't that what happens is like some guys start they start fighting or they start to an MMA they start doing a little Brazilian jiu-jitsu or some shit like that right yeah and they put a couple chokes in in like a safe controlled environment and you get that like delusional confidence and that's why sparring so important do you remember the first time you guys sparked sure I'm not the first time I've ever laughed well you're doing since you're a kid right yeah okay I mean the first time I sparred before I went in the ring I was like oh I got this it's just combos whatever I was fucking frightened frightened when the punch were coming back yeah I'm just a shell I just stopped yeah Miss Bart since the last time I spot a spot with Shawn Porter

► 01:43:37

really yeah he was actually throwing punches yeah because I was mad but this shit don't mean nothing he was talking about bigger one knock your ass out bro and this is one of the this this guy's head moves is impeccable I mean people try to attack them on the street and they know every single time so it's on fucking real Judas what do you got here here it is this you guys far oh yeah that is as far look at him going forward this is a PR move that's not a PR move I strike is sweating hmm now you know I could you gotta be focused people yelling in there your shoulder man got old makeup I mean can I get a drop from the audion left-handed know I'm right-handed I'll just trying to throw him off a little bit really yeah he did it on purpose yeah man I don't know what the fuck

► 01:44:37

his mind did you know feet movement do you train in boxing or we just doing this for a goof now I just wanted to go in and I was like fuck it that's Shawn Porter I'm a boxing fan I'm like you know what's the worst can happen you get knocked the fuck out what's gonna happen is these mean yeah you're right that could be terrible he's being dependent flat-footed yeah he's now we not even really and we went three rounds

► 01:44:58

wow now is about to die at the end of the three rounds he touch you at all bold that a few times and what happens next and my fucking lame you know I mean I hit the punching bag Kalin sparse all the time and doesn't bro what are you doing yeah Brian oh no Brian come on DJ Khaled is not doing any cardio it's DJ Khaled after a Ruiz one Khalid getting out of a car with a gut hanging out it's like all the big guys the day after its release wins the title Khaled Khaled Khaled been working on on Snapchat for a whole year and didn't lose a mother fucking pass this guy and got a Weight Watchers deal God Bless America didn't really yeah a deal Weight Watchers you know we are just wiring lightweight there's plus-size models right there doing that not like Nike and their Nike store has like a big mannequin like a fat mannequin but they don't they don't have plus size models for men Joe there is nothing that enrages me more than fat models there is nothing that enrages me more than fat fuck hey okay let me just say something

► 01:45:57

a comic we want attention we don't feel like we deserve it so we make you laugh so there's an even exchange I get my attention you get some Joy okay actor they want attention and I'm willing to write the script but they'll memorize some lines so do a little bit of effort to get the attention a regular model at least she's willing to lose weight so that she can be looked at but these fat bitches are just like look at me you fucking deserve to be looked at app using the word bitches in 2019 look at what the fuck that's that's that's the plus size model mannequin this is the rage you guys the only thing I don't like about that in rate you get there like just stare at me I'm gonna eat bread all day no but you should stare at me the only thing that bothers me about that is that's out of context because that's an oversized mannequin in workout clothes what's she going to lose the weight now she's trying to lose you guys a better self okay so I need to have some contact if it's workout gear so overweight women want to go lose weight cool other than that

► 01:46:57

are you wearing workout gear because she's trying to lose weight that's the only reason you'd be wearing that she should be even bigger if she didn't work out she liked how the magic of Khalid didn't AJ Khalid needs to eat a salad you gotta have a DJ Khaled level of annoyance to succeed in life though do you yes you do you do you do you so much but you have so much he is your fucking shirt he is the epitome no way you didn't know you could button your shirt he's the epitome of not being afraid to ask for things but you looks like French toast Jesus every time I look at him it's french toast and he has no he's real admires the butter and the maple syrup says he lost 15 kilograms what does that 34 pounds no there you go lost 34 pounds okay listen congratulate you can see his big now congratulations little slimmer

► 01:47:57

right he does look a little Slimmer okay maybe it's a little myonecrosis Christ I don't even know what that is are we watching I respect a coward came from Radio I'll do it Callie came from Radio Khalid used to do 12 midnight to 2:00 a.m. on weekends at w EDR in Miami if I'm not mistaken he's due Friday and Saturday night and then I was like 15 years ago rate so radio is a lot like comedy in a way right and not like this like a sort of a fellowship of radio people you respect people who did it yeah it's so it's so few and far between that actually I guess make it so to speak that you know who those players are right I'm saying like salt so yeah in a way yeah and there's so few like National ones like who's like nationally known radio guys Elvis Duran there's maybe a dozen I um you Elvis Bobby bomb Joiner Tom's retiring this year what about Steve Steve Nash thieves National

► 01:48:57

happy see those out and I respect Steve and I respect your honesty because I don't really count those guys they didn't start in radio and grass Ryan Seacrest didn't start in radio wasn't the eyes on radio guy I have no goals a radio guy a lot I did His Radio Show in the 90s okay so you might even know who you might meet not until one is Radio he has like five jobs right guy from American Idol as he does radio I have my day yeah it does in the more any does that secretary radio when it's like it like hey Dolores you're the one who won you know come on like that kind of shit why do we ride is Never Off no I we work for the sake of me without I've seen Ryan walk out the bathroom like he's walking on stage to introduce the next guest on American Idol like he's always on know that was a perfect example where like you're gay rumors trumped your me to rumors what happened remember when he caught the me to and like a girl said that he meets food or whatever and then grow we worked with something like that and then everybody was like the gay guy

► 01:49:58

sure all right baby he's not okay what is he I think you know what is he what do you call it I don't know all right Ryan is one of those people you just some you he is a handsome those fucking teeth but you don't think about sex with him so what is he right with the letter so it would asexuals are all sexual oh it's the oldest son can you imagine him choking a girl no no absolutely not I imagine she's beating him to death by the way down in the middle Oblivion is one of those people that when you hear something about him you be like nah not right yeah I'm saying like you had that kind of personality which actually works in a lot of people's favorite yeah what's great for top 40 radio yeah it's great for secretaries that call in yes you're the seventh caller congratulations

► 01:50:57

what do you think about the finals of Game of Thrones but it disappoint you

► 01:51:05

that kind of that kind of weird imagine eyes shit that some people driving them that frequency so good at being like authentic in the most in authentic situations explain like like hosting a show is why I like American Got Talent all that kind of stuff and got to be like really excited about somebody like juggling those are some shit that's really in authentic but he kind of comes across as believable like sincere yeah why does it matter meaning like this his reactions in those moments matter I just have somebody wins I deliver and he's like hey does anybody care that no one cares yeah that's a pretty man he's America's host he is yeah it's America's homeless man he could host some dick in that sauce that's for sure but it's a big world's say what dick cream on the cou Clark

► 01:52:03

male 2 yeah got it took a lot of jobs man listen they was propping they would probably dicks corpse corpse up for like ten years before they finally say Ryan just do it yourself when he had a stroke and I'm still do it not that your dick been dead bro wait he had a stroke and he doing out the side of his mouth like to face he was struggling he was definitely struggling to talk that shit was in Seoul they kept him Dad yeah like and it went from he would do it but then it was just like they would pop in on him and like some studio and he'd be like sitting there struggling to talk I'm like why do they keep will and Dick Clark out for New Year's Eve like you're actually depressing people before the ball drops and then they had Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper that was a great combination Captain annoys me man oh man Kappa choking lat

► 01:53:03

mmm I don't know if they're cut from the same cloth thanks oh man I think so I used to love Anderson and Kathy Griffin together

► 01:53:11

you never heard anybody say that look at that chemistry we had cat yeah Cat Nyan breakfast club dancer he cut you cut Trump's fucking head off that was that was a strange thing that would change things what was strange about it is the fact that she didn't think she was going to suffer any consequences from that I think I think people forget that Donald Trump even though he is the executive producer of Celebrity Apprentice and he wasn't reality star he's the president of the United States of America it's rules about threatening heads of state yeah I hate that you just can't do things like that like what is hard is it is almost like a fucking Flavor Flav became president it would be hard for you to look at him as anything other than Flavor Flav yeah but you better respect his position for those goddamn minutes come knock on you fucking door if flavor becomes president well Donald's the first guy who was famous like other than Ronald Reagan I guess Ronald

► 01:54:11

was famous as an actor apparently wealthy famous famous I don't know they use famous famous he said movies and I mean I don't know if he was in big movies and I know the governor California you know this it's a weird one right I mean just having a famous person in a popularity contest is strange yes as you've got a built-in Advantage yes all of them on it is a popularity contest entry loud that's all of them going to be moving for someone could some people might say Obama was the first celebrity president he became a celebrity though I you don't think he was one before going into no absolutely I think they're optional not Trump is on a different level yeah right by The Dominoes commercials bro yeah Trump had rap songs named after him hairline people yeah an airline funky Hotel a name is on buildings all across the world giant giant Trump letters he was a bread truck yeah he might not have been the first stop Trump was the first brand yeah to run for President Reagan might have been the first star Trump was the first brand but he was definitely a bigger star than Reagan I think easily

► 01:55:11

Megan is before our time it's hard to understand what it was like when he was a movie star yeah I don't called it's called Betty White and ask how big rig and what he still alive stay still Kickin live chicken do we have to like do you have these people's numbers just know I don't have her number okay I'm seeing Betty in a while you become famous you get on Rolodex because he's a lift all these famous the auto Reeves Betty wipe some famous people where I text him and I call him just like this so strange like he's always feel like that hmm Steven Tyler's a weird one from Aerosmith Yaks each other in like all right that's the most surreal feeling about sisters wow is where I never get used to that no it's humbling them yeah and but that's why I always say I don't I don't do shit I got no way I don't talk right that I know people have real talent right I actually looked up to growing up that people like about you is that you recognize that in yourself yeah you know you're not you're not oblivious to that you're not delusional I mean I kind of wanted them to be

► 01:56:11

no you are talented you know what you are fucking normal regular guy is double down on yeah you know that you recognize let's change it came up a little bit but Humanity like that in that regard is that's important for people listening they want to know that you know you know you do you can't play musical instruments singer do something crazy but don't they want to feel like reflected like often often at times I think that your audience resonates to you like that it's like you're asking a lot of times the questions that they would love to ask me when people yeah when I when I listen to you I hear somebody who's still a fan and I thought that's how I feel like I'm curious and I'm curious yeah have a curiosity about things and and I'm not afraid that I don't I don't know shit I don't have no I'm not I just got some experiences I'm not an expert at nothing everybody that I sit across from his way smarter than

► 01:57:11

yeah and I'm fine with that let's have a conversation I want to learn that's good that's not that's what that's probably why you're successful it's the way to think about people like oh I can't believe you would say you did you ask Elizabeth Warren about her Native American ancestry did you see that what you call it the original Rachel Dulles hell bro Rachel's by now too but did you see the interview with him and and Elizabeth Warren yes we are out on the Native American shit but you know here's the weird thing about her it's like I don't necessarily think she told the truth in that interview and I don't know how she did it away with it when she said that the Boston Globe did an investigation they said that she didn't she didn't in any way profit off of that or have an advantage She's Gotta hire you got hired for apart from Harvard and she wrote Native American on a resume as they hired her based on her at this city yeah yeah she's a liar yeah that's a lie yeah which is fine but I don't have no problem with my politicians lying he do it all the time but I want you to acknowledge your line hold yourself accountable like none of this shit is disqualified it's not the 80s anymore

► 01:58:11

nineties where shit like that ruined you just be honest like look I'm American I've cheated before I've taken shortcuts I fucking used to put the cheat code in Mike Tyson all the time just to get Mike Tyson is give everybody else that's what we're based on so if she did that at some point in our life was it a horrible thing to do absolutely is to make it a terrible for her make are a terrible person forever no I buy what you saying though that she was told that she was Native American because many people were and then they find out when they get a DNA test this did not happen to you didn't have to you yeah well hasn't been disproven yet but yeah what are you Native American yeah I was like growing up around the time I was going to college might I got to work with my dad found out that he had filed the paperwork to his college ten years after the fact and got a bunch of money back and so my dad's like what were Native American that's what I we've been told her whole time so we're trying to prove it all right birth certificate and whatnot and it's really hard to because they didn't keep a lot of information back then right so I put it on an application got into Ohio state that way cottam and it was real weird

► 01:59:10

I was in like the minority home there's like Don the orientation day there was like they gave me a letter to say show but this like you pull those doggie I'm Elizabeth we got you pulled over that's exactly what I might have a position from a hard-working of exactly Cherokee Kid did it in good faith I had no idea it was so the first time just like when I sent in my application and it was like what's your race I was like I just found out I'm Native American I guess so I'm gonna put that and no one checked no one asked that's hilarious if people don't just yeah I didn't know I was doing anything wrong the wild thing about that is like that conversation is like people ask me why I said that I'm like I'm just too dumb to know that that wasn't a question I wasn't supposed to ask you were supposed to ask that I was having a conversation you're not as ridiculous that's a huge thing we need to find out how she reacts to the fact that she told a lie the rest of her face and her family is did that fuck up the whole lineage right did whole family start tearing shit down off the wall like oh my God we're not Native American how many dream catchers were in a

► 02:00:10

garbage that weekend I'm saying holy shit just feather sticking out a Hefty bags what she learned that the whole family after realized and we're not Native American I had to fuck up some family reunions are had to fuck up some tradition too oh my Lord there's a lot of people that were shaking their head after that one ja she actually got the DNA test okay can we talk about how fucked up Ticketmaster is real quick yeah you wanted to talk about it really matter I just figured I'd just put my mind to get on this thing as a text he sent me oh my God to get my fat momma I take him master we're gonna take them all down okay so take a master you know the place we buy tickets I had no clue about this Ticketmaster thing I'm just starting to do some theaters and shit on the tour so I'm starting to look at like what they charge to do like the processing and servicing right while it's like a 30 or 40 dollar ticket I looked at yours 40 our tickets $16 and servicing for a service charge yeah is it per ticket per fucking ticket we got it they got to pay 40% I gotta pay for shit in a venue like this No It Dont that's the venue cause

► 02:01:10

that you also got to pay yeah it's just a process that ticket and if you want to pick up a will call another $3 it's unfathomable right so I'm starting to think I'm going okay so for the first time in my life I'm like okay I'm sell some tickets everything's good and I'm just getting piece of the door so I'm happy right in my boy who's like this genius fucking kid OJ Nigerian all these Nigerians are geniuses and he comes up to me he's like okay but what about the processing fee for taking measure how much are you getting off of that I go what is like what percentage you getting off that I go nothing he goes wait but you're bringing all the ticket sales why aren't you getting a piece of it's 40% of your ticket price and I'm like well I don't know and he goes and what about the data from the tickets being sold are you getting that I don't know he goes hold on so they're fucking you and getting paid to fuck you I go what do you mean he goes the game is data now any business is successful right now is all about data acquisition right any business and data is not how many followers we have on Instagram because they could take your account away in a second how many Subs do you get on YouTube because they could throttle your search we can see that happen all the time it's direct connect to fan right and

► 02:02:10

Ticketmaster done is there you're taking psych they get your email they get your data set they get all your fans they know exactly who your fans are May email them and tell them when you're coming into town for when somebody else somebody that they might like that's like you exactly and then their campaign absorber amount of what their fucking over the fans on it so I'm like I'm talking to him and he's like yeah we got to just create another one of these we gotta create another system that gives all that data to the comic why is the middleman even there we could create a way cheaper ticketing service that gives every one of those emails to a comic and it's like Comics used to do back in the days by putting a comment cards on the tables and you collect them afterwards you can have an email list for every time you go to Idaho and email is for every time you go to New Jersey and email us for all these different prices but that's the most author to do and Kevin Hart Kevin Hart that's all Kevin Hart came up Kevin Hart was going into all these comedy clubs and he was getting everybody's mother fucking email people wonder why whenever Kevin would launch on these social media sites he'd get all of these crazy followers immediately it's because of that road work he put in in those comedy clubs and everybody's either you're gonna do

► 02:03:10

for anybody I think Louis CK did that as well we had this massive email and now you have direct connection with your fans yeah and that's what your fans want your fans don't want Ticketmaster tell him that Led Zeppelin's coming through they want to know when Roland's come through but you know Pearl Jam tried to fight them back in the day what they have they have exclusive deals with certain venues they are top to bottom yeah they own so they own Live Nation and Live Nation owns a venue so the complete vertically integrated so if you want to plant the garden or whatever the fuck it is right yeah so you go we're going to process your tickets the only way you do is perform here as you do it with our promotion company which would allow the nation and you're going to have to use our ticket processing fee and and our venue would actually own the venue's yeah but here's the thing there's a handful of you guys that get to play those venues now I think with podcasts now shows are 300 people there's going to be thousands of comics that have 300 fans and the venue where we perform is not imperative that it's this specific one it could be a comedy club it could be a haul it could be some kind

► 02:04:10

front center it could be anything it could be Air B&B but aren't you only know in Ticketmaster when you're doing these big-ass venues well sometimes now that they're Live Nation they own some certain clubs well I do I work with Live Nation so now all I made you eggs all your shit is that stand up yeah really yeah why not just do the podcast live every fucking way different man it's not the same yeah I like podcast like this where it's just people talking when you do it differently when you playing for an audience he's performed for them and it becomes this weirdo day is an issue it just is not a it's not the same it's not a real conversation like I think the intimacy of podcast one of the things that people like about as they listened in their ear right they got an ear plug it's like you're talking to them like you're right there when you're doing it live it becomes a different thing is rad is a bad thing but it's a different thing but stand-up is way better way it's just way more fun what state is what are we doing with this right it's like like you shouldn't you should have a direct connect all your fans I should have direct connect to all my fans right we should be able even the

► 02:05:10

you should have that as well why are why do we why are we giving away all the data yeah to a company that's really not I know my agents gonna call me right after this he's gonna be like why the fuck we have deals you take a message shut the fuck up so you want their email you want your audience has emailed this and that's what the audience wants and I don't want my audience to get charged 16 bucks every time they buy a ticket where does that money go like it costs $16 why don't you just take hey why don't you give up 40% of the ticket price why not just create an email and when you're at these venues is put it up on the Jumbotron and be like yo email me after the email me after the show I mean that's yeah that's one more step or we could just create the ticket process in the Chargers on way letter left scuse me and and already starts aggregating the emails and then if you want to get real crazy with it you have a boy of yours that like let's say my buddy Akash right there do a podcast with it's like a Akash you're about to go on tour yo want you to use my data set man they're going to know you from doing a podcast with me maybe you could that want to see you it's like we get to empower each other through that shit

► 02:06:08

my making sensor is no it makes sense to think it's specifically about data about the the email listen about they get that if you show up in these different places they get the email address because that's how people get their tickets but you get to have that you get the option of saying because they'll ask you they'll say can Ticketmaster reply to you all can Ticketmaster send you the latest updates and news and events you can click no yeah like I and I click know all the time sure that's Ticketmaster but you would click yes if it was us and it was somebody who are investing going to see you just don't want Ticketmaster promoting random events because what you sending me but even if you click no Ticketmaster still get your email address in might sell it absolutely yeah even if you just click know like you do you want updates from Ticketmaster you're not saying is it okay if this company just starts selling my email address because that's what they do that's what they do yeah Rodeo man has any way but they don't have to I'm saying now like everybody that's coming out to your shows is coming out from this podcast they're not coming up because I took a master and if you use a different email service or ticketing service

► 02:07:08

they would come out with that one there was a Sam Harris podcast we talked about this where they had on this expert they were discussing how data is it's like a commodity that no one knew was a commodity and we signed off on it before realized it in these people that don't provide any service are getting that data and it's worth billions billions dollars which is essentially what Facebook is its Facebook but also shaping the way we communicate with each other because the things that attract people are conflict right so things that get you to engage our conflict so that's the stuff that shows up in your email feed yeah they for your Facebook feed they find out what's going to annoy you yep and that's the shit that they show you will click my OJ has 800,000 following two fucking days overnight instantly on Twitter which nobody grows on Twitter anymore you'll but at least we're trying at least Twitter at least at least Facebook they're not charging right take my issue with if take master was like hey here's a free service we just want to get your data all right boom cool Facebook is Josh you gonna charge me with a fuck me in my ass and make me pay you I think Facebook is Chardonnay just not

► 02:08:08

for ads yeah yeah but in and also like think about it there they've stolen a lot of debt data from people yeah lot of ways so that is a charge because you signed up with something but you didn't know you were signing up for that I didn't I was giving you all of this right what's weird to me man is fucking when you're talking about something and then Those ads show up in your Google feed bro we were just talking about coolers bra and I looked at my Google news feed and there's ads for coolers Mike how does my phone no I was talking about cool that's why I said they own us you know what else is crazy when you get in your car and you look down at your phone and it says 32 minutes to whatever the fuck you're going that shit happens to me all the time knows where you're gonna go it knows where you live and your phone it'll be like 32 minutes to to whatever gym I go to start that now it used to tell me 40 minutes to work in the morning now it says 40 minutes to Starbucks bro I'm like I drink Starbucks every morning and as a Starbucks by my job in the building but that's where it tells me I'm going I'm going every morning I

► 02:09:08

one video of Robbie Williams you know that like English singer huh it was a YouTube video with him and Tyson Fury won by just click those two minutes long every other ad on Instagram is Robbie Williams life so it's not good the targeting is imperfect yeah I'm not going to buy those tickets but my point is it scary one YouTube video and then a completely different platform yeah and this is all within the last decade they figured out how to do this yeah even if we unplug with still plugged in if we were all to delete everything that we have on social media right now they got us all ready bro that's why I don't like all that Snapchat shit with the faith-filled isn't all that it's exactly what they did to him what they do to you what did you do this shit what a I think this was nuts made a a complete deep fake with they take they basically took all the recordings of me talking and made me say words that I've never said before it was it talked about me sponsoring a hockey team made of entirely of chimpanzees and a bunch of other crazy shit that I

► 02:10:08

actually say but it said it I've never said those things he just didn't lose my voice with artificial intelligence they've all the sounds that my mouth makes and they use it with all the right inflections and they create these sentences they Pharaoh is out of a job they just passed the legislation about that about deep fake yeah the congresswoman from Brooklyn I can't remember her name she just passed the legislation about defects they also did video of the Mona Lisa talking bro they got the Mona Lisa they took the painting of the Mona Lisa and start it now she's like opening her mouth and saying things they can do with Abraham Lincoln and how can you believe anything you hear on social media anymore yeah it's kind of be in a few years you're not you able to now you'll know what strong was not true in nobody cares about the truth from the lies more in the TV that's better maybe now we could say fucked up shit and big probably fake what are you talking about definitely deep Fang well it's you're already getting porn with actresses they're taking actresses face and putting them on porn stars and you can't tell

► 02:11:08

oh wait yeah oh you could fuck everyone yeah and now they're going to be able to do that with virtual reality so you're going to our porn yeah they have that yeah VR porn and they put something on your dick so it feels like yeah they could put a little one of them little things that jerk you off yeah it's not the same old school you like your puppy oh I just started fucking listen inaudible books because really I'm old got like flipping the pages of the book that I just thought this inaudible only because of time purposes and it's like it's like listening along Forum podcast I'm like you know what fuck it I'm still getting information and I feel like at this age I retain information more by hearing it right so I'm not about to go start fucking virtual reality pussy so here's a shit that's not porn but could be interesting if you seen the one about the basketball games what okay so they put a few cameras so you can sit front row but in VR I don't think I won't mind it that's the best looking around you're seeing all the people that are actually

► 02:12:08

lie there and your front row at the game so last month I went to use the bathroom I want to give me I went to Disney and I went to that fucking that Avatar I will talk to you - of Passage oh my God write write it twice yeah me too that shit was incredible and you know I got anxiety right so I'm on it and I'm like holy shit until you just remember I'm not even moving right and then it's just like it settles everything for you and then you can just enjoy the actual experience and that helped me I mean I was telling my therapist about it because that helps me when I'm dealing my anxiety because it's like you know breathing exercises things that get you back to Center even though you're falling and you can feel the the dragon breathing on you it's like when you realize you're really not moving it just brings you right back to Center then you're okay then you're fine can't do that on a roller coaster no really yes it's real but if there were roller coaster with virtual reality like if you're wearing virtual reality goggles and they put you on a road

► 02:13:09

yeah but I can enjoy it I can enjoy the what do you mean like they put these goggles on okay and then while you're on this roller coaster you're experiencing things that aren't really there but your experience like you like going through wormholes and you're traveling down you seeing things happening I'd have a heart attack but have a panic attack that's not that's not something I want to experience I'm glad you talked about anxiety I'm glad you talked about the way you do because I think you've opened it up for a lot of people I think you've get you've made it a subject that's okay to talk about for someone like you who like a cool guy who's a smart dude who is successful and talks openly about anxiety and about how it's affected you that's I think that's a you're doing a very big service for that I didn't even know what anxiety was until 2018 because growing up in the environment that I grew up in I just thought all those feelings would normal I thought all those feelings of paranoia you know being anxious all the time like you know and I used to smoke weed so you know when you smoke weed and you have a panic attack you just blame it on the weed yeah

► 02:14:08

I remember driving to Burger King one time with two of my homeboys one of them's dead now his name is Darrell rest in peace in my man Zeke and I was high as hell in my steering wheel needed like steering fluid so it was shaking so it was shaking my legs and I'm bugging out just driving a Burger King a two mile ride like yo what do y'all got to drive we're all going to die real right now take the wheel right now I'm gonna crash this motherfucking car I'm tripping the fuck out and they looking at me like yo don't let this motherfucker smoke no more but I had nothing to do with to eat it was we'd probably accentuated don't know definitely did because when I after you know when I found out what anxiety was in 2010 and I didn't stop going to get you know going to therapy until like two years ago because back in 2010 when I when I got diagnosed my first panic attack that somebody the doctor was saying hey this is a panic attack so I just got fired from Radio 4 the fourth motherfucking time and I was back at home living with my mom and like 31 years old with a two-year-old daughter and you know collecting unemployment check so when I having this panic attack and I go to the doctor and he's like your heart is fine you got a perfectly fine hard

► 02:15:08

you're healthy you got an athlete's heart he was like yo are you stressed about anything I'm like fuck yeah you know so my mind all I got to do is get me another job get back in position and everything will be okay yeah but when you get back in position and you know you've made more money and you've ever made in your life and you got books that are selling and TV shows and all this other shit you still having no same panic attacks like what the fuck is going on pressure that's it that's exactly what it is pressure you think you're going to lose everything it's also you experience pressure that most people will never experience because you experience pressure at this this public scale it's not just pressure its pressure with people's eyes on you and expectations and criticisms and all these different things that the average person is not going experience that for millions of people and you do and it's just like it's always on if you're one of those crazy fucks it reads comments good luck Lord have mercy good luck not my problem at first I used to enjoy because I was the guy who came up on YouTube looking at all these WorldStarHipHop conspiracy theories about people

► 02:16:08

and you'd like oh my gosh motherfuck sacrifices hamsters and that's why he got successful you know what I'm saying you think all that shit is cool until you get older then you start seeing things about you and you laugh at it at first right until you realize like I not a really starting to say some wild shit what was the craziest one that you heard about you I mean for me you know what it is like when they tried to meet to the fuck up early last year tried to get him out of here you know that that was that was the most that was the wildest want to because I was always a person that's a live your truth so nobody can use your truth against you right so it's not like they bought up anything that I hadn't spoken about numerous times before written about in my books they just decide to attack oh my God I'll get it targeted plan it can happen it can it so that for me that was like all right this is going too far but it didn't like you really can't do anything about it that's the other thing like there's there's no way to fight it once the two phases out of the tube there's no way to put the toothpaste back in the tube yeah the only thing you could do is just either let it consume

► 02:17:08

you and probably ruin you just because you took it all in you just keep it the fuck moving like you you how you have to be confident enough to know what's the truth and what's not the truth yeah and so now you don't read any comments anymore I don't go on Twitter at all put it through toxic that shit is like yeah we're in verbally abusive relationships that are fucking smart phone yeah I agree yeah it's not it's definitely not healthy you know we were talking about it yesterday me and Duncan Trussell we were saying that it's like your diet like your diet if you take in junk food all the time eat a bunch of shitty things that are unhealthy it's not good for your body well your mental diet is important to if you're always taking in these toxic arguments and yeah I mean half a Twitter is just people screaming at each other and just yelling and insulting each other and trying to find ways in this person's being shitty or wrong or negative and it's like that's not real life no it's the real life that we experience that were designed to experience is like this people interacting with each other reasonably is one of the reasons why I think people

► 02:18:08

podcast so much especially good podcast where people have real conversations as because you go okay this is this is this is V is resonates with me whereas Twitter does not resonate with you Twitter just gets you anxious yes you upset and yes conversations were people actually being nice to each other in person look I don't do podcasts over Skype I don't like it I don't want to see you yes I want you to be in the room and I want everyone to know we're going to be okay you know when you when you have these conversations and people listened to them like just one-on-one like this or two on one to this this kind of like what we're doing now this makes sense to people yeah that's one of the reasons when I when I'm out and about and you know like I'm at the airport and somebody comes up to me and talk to me I speak to him yeah cause I feel like that interaction was supposed to happen right yes you know what I mean normal Twitter light Instagram I'm supposed to be talking to you on this shit yeah I wouldn't think you were not supposed to be human beings are not wired to be that wired know everybody should not have that kind of access to you know so it's just like we gotta we gotta take back some of that ecstasy the facade fall apart when you respond to one of

► 02:19:08

tweets like someone would be like fuck you Charlemagne you a shit and you came back why in the bag I'm just playing bro I'm a fan I am really no ago he's always that they're just trying to get a reaction just wondering yeah because in my mind if people if you like somebody right you see them you're going to go up to them and speak to them I just try to gauge things on how I would do it right for example I'm going to play with Steve Nash this morning okay Steve Nash I'm like yeah she's like oh she likes my boys like oh shit that's Steve Nash and I'm like oh shit that Steve I just speak to Steve did you say hello no nothing no okay I didn't say I didn't feel it I'm not respected right right no he's a great player that's what John Stockton that's a little time like some people you have to say hi to Rachel dolezal get the fuck out of Seattle absolutely where was she at the airport where online

► 02:20:07

a pre-check / bisexual now she's bought yes you bisexual vibrational she's oh no she not biracial transporation she is black trim both transracial I know but what I'm saying is she's by so she's straight and gay with the thing yeah but I said hello said what's up amazing forehead one of the best for has you'll ever see in the game I would recognize her what out of Notre alright so those are you want to get the selfie no picture of oh my goodness in Lafayette Bakery what do you think's going to happen with him nothing nothing we write that out nothing but mazing that's no big lie it's amazing legal I think Chicago is coming after him though you think so no don't they say that they try to get him for the money for the money to taste best that's not that there's no such thing as cancel culture no more cancel coach was absolute bullshit 00 j-- Simpson proved it whoo you know said like when Bill Cosby comes home he'll be on the road doing motherfucking stand up while Kelly still out here selling shows like

► 02:21:08

Charlie Sheen is still out here and flourishing like it's really Sheen duct it all did what not wait a minute not all he did get that age he's got AIDS some say the greatest endorsement deal Magic Johnson ever sign I'm saying we're not going to act like it's created and flourish right looks great take this age you gonna get some movie theater I was in my car the day they announced on the radio that Magic Johnson had HIV and I was shitting my pants I was like oh my God this is like the beginning of a zombie movie we're all going to get it if Magic Johnson with all his money and all his Fame if he's got it I'm gonna get it we're all going to get it I was terrified and I remember I remember in my car driving yeah and then a hear it on the radio I'm like holy shit holy shit this is insane

► 02:22:07

thirty years later he looks great it looks amazing looks great he's on TV telling us why he left the mother fucking leg because they not like her not once did somebody say you know magic got HIV know I saw this how you did it but you did that's all I was thinking about every time he comes he looks incredible he does look incredibly does look incredible yeah that'll grow without even positive and tests anymore wait what yeah I heard that yeah if you give him a test for HIV comes up negative because apparently these protease Inhibitors and all these different things that they take to uh to the different medications you don't even test positive for HIV anymore by the way the and listen it was this older white dude and I forgot what TV show I was on the set of but he was explaining to me the whole situation with magic and he was like the reason that they chose magic was because they wanted to erase a lot of these think most people thought that HIV and AIDS was a gay disease and they needed like a alpha male I guess to have it too kind of erase that stigma

► 02:23:07

and to let people know that you can live with it like HIV like they gave it to him well this is what he told that this is not by the way this is not a Charlamagne Tha God I'm telling you what somebody told me what they said to me was magic I got caught up in some type of Scandal and and under age right yeah and my foot in before the Scandal was the came out just because the person that he was went was like some allegedly some bigwigs child or something like that and so this is they said this is what you're going to do so we don't ruin you I'm now gonna stroll before you take this in he believes in Sasquatch no no it's not Sasquatch was real that just started right now in this podcast if I asked yesterday he did a hundred percent there's I'm not saying I believe that magic Theory I'm just repeating what I was told that that is a common rumor that's out there I've heard that I've heard that rumor is guy but he doesn't actually have it but that it was either that or but we just got done saying how you read rumors about you

► 02:24:07

ridiculous and go what the fuck and then you realize oh this is what happens people just make shit up and then people repeat the shit that people make us enough a them that he beat AIDS bro AIDS was body and people kill like in the day like Freddie Mercury Freddy gone yeah who else is he Eazy-E my downstairs neighbor yeah downstairs neighbor no no I had it down sweet who I date

► 02:24:53

I came here oh a cameo Cameo sunglasses on like what is happening here what is what is he doing yeah it is strange fella somebody has to show me what he's up to he aged very quickly it's like see he seemed to be fine when he was doing Two and a Half Men when he stopped doing that show he aged like a hundred years old he has HIV we don't know how it's affecting to I forgot his exactly I forgot everybody's everybody's not Magic Johnson here okay I'm saying magic I thought that by the way that is why I say magic is like the greatest NBA player of all time why because of that he played 13 seasons in the NBA when 29 NBA Finals 15 of them one in college came in one his rookie year and went one-on-one with HIV and fucking what destroyed he destroyed the stigma of HIV definitely did anybody that catches HIV right now the first thing you're going to say to yourself is give me a magic stuff I can live through anything of magic made it weird

► 02:25:54

I'm saying three years later he's okay what's going to death sentence anymore and and by the way what's worse herpes all over your dick for life not that it comes back and forth but it's always there the open blister forever forever or having HIV definitely the herpes it's worse because that HIV we can think of basically cure it matters you every Star herpes on your dick forever meaning those blisters don't go away you can't even fuck it'll hurt not a bliss is go away nobody's saying that you get it during a specific type of like real hardcore herpes they never go away they're just always they have one that doesn't go away and hypothetically which is how a cynical Herbie's you ever see the Damon Wayans bit about magic and Magic came back to the NBA no nobody wanted to block him we have what's up Dennis Rodman tennis Rob was like fuck you I'll spit in your mouth and accelerate and symptoms

► 02:26:54

enough crap game is a goat man he's one of the greatest of all times is enough credit is we had that we had to actually delete a Damon Wayans joke from The Breakfast Club because it used to play like you know you know you have that plays yes has a loop he had to delete it wants to meet two times up Eric can you say it I mean I'll say it yeah Damon Damon Wayans Damon Wayans was on The Breakfast Club and he was talking about the Bill Cosby situation he just goes yo man have you seen the women that are accusing Bill Cosby they're all under a purple Damon Wayans said that I was like you know what I mean for the always has always give a fuck man but we do so that's what was the dish it out of taking the heat for somebody else Dennis Rodman said I'll spit in your mouth and accelerate your symptoms Bro think about when Karl Malone think about Karl Malone everybody right now Karl Malone would get so much flak for this when you say but in the 90s what he said made sense but none of us

► 02:27:53

only knew what HIV/AIDS was you remember what he said what do you say about cause I'm not playing basketball with him like what if I hit him and he starts bleeding and he gives me like but that was what a lot of people were thinking sure how could you be mad at him for not knowing for being ignorant about mosquitoes remember that yes I do but about mosquitoes I mean yeah that's reasonable though right I think it will works with ebola and other shit no nothing can give you burlier or some shit or malaria why can't they give you some HIV wrote we used to be we used to being somebody said you can't get it in your mouth I thought this would propaganda like you can't get it in your mouth when someone comes in your mouth yeah you can't get magic tell you that what what what what are you talking about

► 02:28:53

for Dengue Fever Japanese infla and simple itís Encephalitis there's no evidence mosquitoes can transmit HIV studies with HIV have shown clearly the virus disappears the mosquito after about one to two days yeah but what if that shit bites you and invites you all right bro look at that last line I've never heard it described like that the time required for the mosquito to digest the blood meal oh Jesus Christ don't even talk about vampires like that blood meal so that means if they get someone who's got HIV and then they get to you within one to two days does not seem like it would get you bro

► 02:29:29

that's all I'm saying it's a reasonable thing to ask these are reasonable things don't have to worry about shit like that I'm married well the real fear is pandemic diseases I'm out the game yeah yeah but not for his fucking we're talking about you're on the beach in Anguilla some dude with a Charlie Sheen's next to you Pittman yeah spitting in your mouth yeah just some Tiger Blood Tiger Blood hashtag we had a moment winning this moment that was the thing that killed around the only thing we couldn't handle before I don't believe you at some point in our lives everybody want to be Magic Johnson's live show what is showing stand up this shop in

► 02:30:30

but that's the problem these days you know what fix that those Russell Peters fix that but Russell Peters fix it because he went with him so what happened was Charlie was trying to do it by himself and really didn't have anything to say and people get bored after a while they would boo them and like he was like oh fuck you I have your money and he's like a bunch of dumb shit cuz he tried to do this live tour but he didn't plan it out right so then when he did is he brought Russell Peters with them so Russell who's the best at work in the crowd he could just make something out of nothing right so Russell just got Tim to talk and then Russell would start talking shit and making fun and someone would say something Russell incorporate that and Russell treated like a comedy show and turned it into something that was actually good I had a bunch of people wish him live he should have told it working rustles there so it's going to be good because Russell's that Russell's going to handle it and turn it into funny Charles you just did a podcast yeah appreciated it yeah when I was at we had all the high caste back then and nobody cared about podcast it was early have some

► 02:31:28

yeah dude oh yeah it's cracked stories in the air if you willing to tell him though he's tell he's already got AIDS what's worse well you remember when he was on television who's talking about just smoking rocks access to all this and the people are what yeah we're saying what does that excite people in 2019 like we've seen all the crackheads know back then it was the right window of time yeah it was like him coming through and just be an Unapologetic about doing drugs and and you don't pay hookers to fuck you you pay him to leave me if you kind of shit that you're saying there was like what was Unapologetic and that's why it resonated and that's also why no one could get him with army to thing it's like what are you gonna say course he'll tell you what he did first of all no woman is going to say they slept with Charlie Sheen drawer yeah maybe he did that to Paul

► 02:32:19

if you're about to catch that me to you just go I got he needs and those girls get quite a real quick holy shit that's genius we just found a way around the system oh oh my God Leo says every time a girl leaves the house oh by the way positive oh my God he's really nice to them they like them they don't want to fucking throw them under the bus some some guys are like the Leo's like that Drake I don't know about Drake Derek Jeter Oh Derek Jeter was given a gift bags baby yeah you know say that would imagine to everyone that came out he was coming signed baseballs yeah think about how many guys got a signed baseball from their girlfriend as a gift think about what was going through their heads when they read the post that moment and there's this signed Derek Jeter baseball no dude yeah and your grandpa like there's no other girls might have but he was just nice to me he's a gentleman but what you got to earn that gift Beto

► 02:33:16

what you're saying is very true to that's why I always like when I see dude still treating women like shit in 2019 like yeah fucking him and kicking him out the room oh my God don't I'm not answering the phone for I have to put I'm like your wildling you should be treating her with the utmost respect and being extremely nice to her because you just never know boober she's your friend he's your friend yeah she should be yeah she should be your friend like I don't understand why guys like I said that's what I'm saying why do y'all still calling women bitches some of them are bitches bitches I like it in a positive way like check this bad bitch out yes that's okay some of them are just old school bitches but there's some bitches were it's like you're saying in a derogatory way like you can say it in a positive way you're laughing about it or you could say it in a derogatory way yeah sometimes I'll say in a derogatory way as a man yeah because I hate it because man in 2019 know what about twat I've never used that ever what about content now I've never used Khan he got in trouble for

► 02:34:16

the work I did in trouble yeah in trouble you get but you got outraged they was his fate was doing all right yeah yeah he is knocking Minaj now I want to ask you this first of all I think what you're doing with YouTube is genius it's brilliant your the first comic to really capitalize on using you to you know Netflix they want to give you special like fuck I don't need you let me do this it'll get more views and it has and it's been amazing it's been beautiful to watch but are you experience because of the popularity increased are you experiencing some push back on some of your material because you go hard bro the weirdest thing no it's like we've curated an expectation for it hmm so the people that are going there are waiting for it it's not people who like got free tickets right A Funny Bones website I know what you do take their therefore it they go there to watch you talk about eating ass to eat an ass that was just talking about this on a pot on the pain the other day but like you're just talking about privilege you have to be to eat at low serotonin could think about all these third world countries but he can't even eat food we're so full in a minute

► 02:35:16

public you can't have a fucking cocktail right up without almost dying you think they're eating s an American was so full we got so many choices that we choose to eat a swim for fun yeah but bro I'm telling you they're not it's pretty pretty amazing they're all leaning into it and I think that people have had enough with the PC shit so they really like to see the fact that this is out there and I mean we're posting you know I'll tell you one thing The Joe Rogan effect we used to do a million views a week on my YouTube channel I came on here to million now wow bolt that's crazy CC what happens now I mean we'll see it was not get the Charlemagne effect in there too well we do pocket I mean but did the channel exists because the Charlemagne affect my channel exists because we're putting the brilliant idiots about idiots idiots videos out every week on the channel like without him that channel doesn't exist I mean like you two guys I swear to God if the biggest influence on the market and it's like he gave me this opportunity to have all these people View and I was able to put the stuff out and luckily they liked it but the same thing happened here we just doubled up again

► 02:36:16

it is crazy that it's all dependent upon generosity and being a fan because that's what I do I mean when I'm talking to a scientist or talking to you I'm a fan yeah I'm interested I'm curious and it's not like you're putting on some fuck shit right you know they like Andrews funny he's been funny for exact years that so now everybody else is actually realizing what we all knew already yeah and the limitations of like those platforms putting you on like Netflix or HBO or some like that that doesn't exist anymore and it's not you you're not playing your whole game that you know that you go you go getting those systems and they teach you I just to shoot three pointers yep you know saying instead of like fucking cultivating you your whole game that's why you know ruin it I love bringing it I tried not to promote million ladies I know this sounds crazy right now because this is interesting and the reason I do is because I love our audience I love that group of people who come to listen to us every week they know that we just out here saying some wild shit not even on purpose just because we're

► 02:37:16

we're trying to get ideas out we're just talking through things it's when you bring those Outsiders in who hear you don't know any context to nothing take that little piece out of context give it to the rest of the world not a rest of the world is outraged we had that's gotta come over here any fucking way right you know what we want to be wild we want to place the second talk about that because where do you think that's going like what it is is outraged culture reached full outrage it's coming back we turn it around I agree I'm on average around you know what made me think about that to situations in the past two weeks I can't remember the first one with the Whoopi Goldberg one from yesterday with Bella Thorne I didn't hear when Bella Thorne she took some nude pictures somebody was going to expose him so she just shared him/herself first are think somebody hacked her out on the way to Hector Cloud somebody like a cloud they're trying to say hey we're going to put this out unless you give us money or some shit she's like Fuck it I'ma put my own shit on Twitter yeah so Whoopi Goldberg gets on a great what's that of Juggernaut my name is lovely whoopee gets on the viewer what we go look it's 2019 when you take pictures they go

► 02:38:16

up to the cloud hackers can hack you so don't take pictures yeah she was like it's just common sense like it's not it's not worth it just don't take the pictures everyone's like oh your victim shaming but I thought that I thought that was what the outrage was going to be it wasn't there was like oh shit will be you're talking super common sense now Bella came out and said she was being victim shame but the general public on social media was like so y'all are mad at will be for talking common sense and I was like oh shit is he can't say it's victim shaming if she's correct because we are moving into an era where all information is going to be available to everybody I think that's a that's going to be a thing that we're going to have to overcome the Privacy is going out the window it's not going to exist anymore like what our expectations of privacy are so much different than people that lived in our parents age well the our kids it's going to be even less and then their kids non-existent so they didn't even know FDR was crippled that's right after y'all was crippled yeah hey they didn't know he would literally hold himself up at the podium I

► 02:39:16

a polio or some shit right so he was a paraplegic yeah right and put the Press respected his role as president and they respected his privacy I mean he had side bitches he had all this shit going on and he was just standing up at the podium holding himself up whenever you were talking everything else besides that they kind of roll them around when the people didn't know because it wasn't this access oh I want us to get back the lion each other all dead Sarah me because I can think about it used to be a time where you didn't know what somebody's religion was you didn't know what somebody's political views were like you didn't like nobody knew like you just went you present it and you went to fuck home I think we need to get back to that well I think it's too much motherfucking so everybody called Truth get back in the closet not just with your Geisha just would ask you back to bullshit and each other everybody should just get back the bullshit and each other because guess what everybody used to say you don't want the truth cause you can't handle the truth that this era the world cannot handle truth that's why he won't tell us about UFOs what

► 02:40:12

we think is happening with UFOs they won't tell us that UFOs exist because if they told us that UFOs exist motherfuckers would probably go crazy when reality is we really probably need to know UFOs exist because it would humble the fuck out of everyone well that's the only time we get along or right like in every movie right the only time Russia and China and America get on a conference call is when broke the movies aliens are coming up the movies Ronald Reagan said that in a speech in the 80s Ronald Reagan told Mikhail Gorbachev why the fuck a we beefin because one day we might be we might have an extraterrestrial threat and then we got to come together and everybody was like what the fuck is wrong Reagan talking about click quickly we would put aside our differences yes we're threat face face with him a threat from an alien world and everybody was like what does he know yeah oh I would respect I'm gonna find out tonight we go find out that I would respect your Prejudice if aliens came and you still had a held on to whatever the fuck you held still racist homophobic

► 02:41:13

this is bigger than alien life that's not a girl that's a fucking dude in a dress can't get pregnant hold on ET pregnant oh my God we respect the fuck out of that I'm like okay all right that's how you know it's true that you know what's real what's wrong with long as his real I really don't have no choice but to respect it hmm I think you're right I think we're getting to the end of outrage I think it's culture I think is almost over we had we put out a clip this last week of there's this kid in the front row in a wheelchair heckling me saw that son that was hilarious and when we back and forth and initially I put it out like a fuck what's going to happen am I going to have these like you know people rolling up to my shows and like fucking pussy you handled it really well he was also a special kid yeah he had something you know people have it you're around people and they just have a fucking yeah like they have a click you know who has it Ari Ari Ari shaffir he has this fucking I don't know something I just when I'm around my just like them yeah I just kind of wanted to tell me his opinions on shit he's asked him to

► 02:42:12

he's just like how you feel about carpets and he'll just fucking tell you how they have done whatever so it's like he just had this thing needs such positive energy and I'm making fun of a guy from fucking being in a wheelchair and he's making fun of me for having a shitty upper body and like literally I go to my I was like I said you know your upper body's pretty good and he goes what's your excuse like Quack and we have this moment and no backlash and the thing was cool no backlash should matter except for the guy in the wheelchair right everybody else is like oh I want to fuck are you picking on him if the guy in the wheelchair don't care and the guy in the wheelchair is going back and forth why the fuck are you jumping in ever people that have it never always parents of people that have things like when there was this person had a seizure in one of my videos everybody who had seizures was cool with it it was always a parent of a kid who had a seizure who was like my son suffers from how dare you wouldn't a clip up like that so it's always a fence on behalf of because I really think that people who suffer for things they've went through way harder things in a joke yeah and actually like that

► 02:43:12

in spoken to as a regular person in the audience not baby like every other part of their life when can I get the door for you can I get ya yeah like they all right for the first time I'm in it I don't post I won't post a like make jokes or talk shit about something that I wouldn't want to happen to me or somebody I loved right you know I'm saying like stuff I can handle right you know I'm saying yeah like HIV/AIDS I don't want it it's not what we used to think it was so it's a different thing yeah do you know what bug catchers are yeah with a book a tour around fucking people who have those that try to get it yeah there's a bunch of guys the gay community were trying to get enough of it yeah there's like a chirping Crow yeah hold on self-loathing are people that wanted to get HIV and this is back in the day where it was a death sentence there was a lot of guys that were doing that hold on their goal their goal yeah

► 02:44:12

I would try they would put out ads like Craigslist looking for HIV positive guys to give me the bug this is why Cults happened because people need to be part of something there it's like in them imagine what some people are just broken exactly cause I heard about that 20 years ago and I thought that was crazy but now that I'm thinking about it I'm like what was their life like yeah I need to know what they like like if they had something to lose if they was actually successful would they be doing that I didn't know what kind of people were out there trying to catch this bulk this every every step in the spectrum of crazy you can you think about it and there's a whole fucking category people that are doing that so bug catching was one of them like it was a big thing where guys were local actively going out and trying and guys who had HIV we're trying to go give it to people yeah that's why I did thing will come I don't even necessarily believe in common anymore because every day of our life we're trying to avoid crazy right yeah but you can't you don't say when a guy comes in with a gun and he shoots up and

► 02:45:12

welcome school yeah like what are we supposed to do we didn't do anything to cause that but he's got something going on with his life right that caused him to snap and it affected us like if you're walking down the street and you know guys just angry about something he bumps into you and you like oh excuse me like fuck you mean excuse me and he's ready to fight I don't have nothing to do with you right I've got everything to do with him so you really can't avoid this crazy yeah that exists I had a conversation with someone they were talking about like everything in your life you have manifested in created I go okay explain babies who get shot in drive-bys bar shut the fuck up yeah this is random things that happened yeah kids get leukemia what would they do something bad yeah come on I used to box it's bigger than you that's a thing that people hate to him we are a very small part of this big fucking ecosystem right we really think that everything in our life is that important that it could affect the world get the fuck out of here sometimes random factors why because you know you think about the secret like the Law of Attraction your thoughts become things I think the thing that we forget about that is not only do our it's not just our thoughts our actions

► 02:46:12

I'm saying it's not like you're just sitting around you didn't think you didn't sit around and think about doing this yeah actually put his own fucking work that's the difference between the secret in reality is that people think that you think things into existence but know when you're successful and people say what did you do well I thought this into existence show me how you did that well I got up every morning at 6:00 a.m. and I fucking hustled to the gym and then I wrote jokes all day long there you go listen bitch put in the work yeah but it's like it's like literally if somebody said you hate one day you're going to win the lottery so you just sit at home right there all day waiting to win the lottery get up and go to the fucking store and buy a Powerball ticket you know what I think Chappelle had that joke he's like you don't think they're starving kids in Africa thinking about food right they get you a nice roast beef sandwich I ain't coming exactly I don't get me wrong I've plenty of things that I've thought about that I've manifested but like you said I took two steps to go put in the work like there's Focus there's a process discipline I got this Theory called putting the weed in the bag you know I'm saying and it came

► 02:47:12

from the movie Belly because neither DMX was sitting at this table with these two young kids and they were backing up the weed and all the kids like I want to thank you money with y'all on got to get money and came back to like put the way in the back first then go out there and get money you have to go through the process yeah so I can start with a thought yeah but you still gotta execute putting fucking working I remember I was talking to this girl she was a friend of a friend of mine and she was telling me how I'm I found the secret and my life is going to be amazing now and I'm gonna I'm gonna get married and I'm going to meet the right man never desire is like okay and then I ran into her like a year later she came to one of my comedy shows and I'm I'm like how's everything going she's like I don't get it I've been using the secret life is a mess my father's in jail she was a sweetheart of a person but she really believed that her life was going to transform I'll never forget the juxtaposition of those two conversations that's why that's why the positions that were in in media you have to be very responsible with these positions

► 02:48:12

make them accept the person who controls the media controls the minds of the masses so you have to be very very responsible what remember when you used to get a lot of flack for putting on just different voices that people didn't agree with ya until that why are you giving these people a platform platform like your everybody deserves to be heard yeah I guess something I'm not everybody but you just I want to know how people think to I want to even if I don't agree with it especially people who don't agree with a conversation isn't a cosine and I think that's what we home we often mistake well in this day and age to was especially in the left it so many people are talking about D platforming they want 2D platformer people I don't like the you know I thought that I don't like that lady my kitty that's why people getting mad at the volleyball this week you know what I'm saying cause the comments he made Molly on ESPN which I didn't I didn't he just was like she was like hey let's shift gears and so you can shift gives me any time but we didn't he said it just like that you should bring me paints a union with me you can shift it was a placeholder if she had said hey let's switch it up he would say Hey you can switch it

► 02:49:13

that's all I got but every people like oh they need to stop putting them on ESPN I'm like wait a minute huh literally just last year you always saying he was too drunk uncle at the picnic and you love him or hate him he's good entertainment but not now because he said that you want to take them off and I'm like we gotta stop doing that because guess what every single one of us is going to say something that's going to offend somebody at some point down yeah that doesn't mean that we shouldn't have a platform I'm not calling nobody to get killed but also makes things fun when people say stupid shit down times you know when Stephen Smith was going off about Andrew he's winning the title in about it looks like butter bean this is a disgrace there was man like the guy is speaking the way he would speak if you were around him do you got appreciate that unless you want everybody to be Ryan Seacrest you should fucking appreciate that there's anything wrong Ryan Seacrest but you should appreciate someone has just given you what they really think yes by the way do that's why he's so popular yeah we pretend to hate it right but the reality is we're going to keep listening there's no has also attention a lot of people like all right

► 02:50:12

that's America feeds off of that shit that's what Donald Trump is President yeah that's what the Kardashians are still viable water conditions of the first family drama every year every year they find a new piece of drama well shit gets calm and cool the show ends so they need a new piece of drama ello who you got cheat on this here who's gonna have a baby you can you give me the baby but whatever it is every year eight you're going to chop it off but you know what I'm respect her for with Kim she is getting people out of jail she's going for it immediately I can go back before that I respect the Kardashians because if we really really pay attention to the Kardashians over the past 10 years first of all you got to put them up there with some of the greatest dynasties of all time this is Lakers this is Patriots this is fucking made billions yes billions with Abby so many so many social conversations have started because of the Kardashians you talking about interracial relationships you're talking about the transgender thing you're talking about well John's mental health with Kanye yeah plastic surgery they did change the shape of American women they changed

► 02:51:12

absolutely they change passes they made that whole fat relocation thing popular they suck it out of your waist turn you away since little thing and turn your ass into this ridiculous platform will it be for real Kim Kim learn that from black women though could people forget but that's a bile of the window you would look at someone who really has it yes differently you see a woman who has a big ass naturally it looks like it belongs on her ass it's a different thing yeah they have thick legs right there they're they're fucking genetically Superior built like a turkey they built sexy yeah Kim Kim's inspiration people don't remember Kim came up in the black circuit she did King Magazine and smooth that's right that's right no no that's right Wendy Williams radio show earlier that's what I better I better what I was going to read it when Wendy he knew her before she was ever on anything when she was whose whose assistance someone's especially was Power Systems know she's to organize organize closets for Paris Hilton I got an old picture like me and Kim from like to

► 02:52:12

Evans looks pick different yeah but I will say she always had that Vision she's always say I'm going to do it Paris is doing times a hundred wow get it she mother fucking did it secret she used to see black dick that's the secret smoke a black cock it's amazing that that kicked her out because it used to be the kiss of death of a girl did porn that was the and Lisa and yeah what was the one to break that down well what's it to her Jenna Jameson think Jenna Jameson was the first one to become actually popular outside of porn Oh I thought you meant like the first person to break the racial barrier and Below yes she wants therapist she was the first to break the racial but I mean doing porn period where you could be aware you could be a celeb outside you talk about radio it's not too many people that came up off celebrity sex tape like a few and far between that really popped off yeah who made it off a sex do you remember when girls were Chemin ah Kelly they were showing their pussy on purpose Remember When

► 02:53:12

get out of the way get out of cars yeah camera just happened to be down with that pussy is yeah fuck did you not know that camera was down near your pussy they set that up yeah that's that's a lot of confidence they were climbing out of their cars showing their pussy not a lot of like spiders Jeff what is happening yes that's all the more reason you got to respect him k bro that girl that was hopping out of cause and you could see her vagina on a sex tape is out here getting prisoners free is doing that I don't give a fuck yeah I don't give a fuck if she's best friends with Donald Trump I don't care what thing right if you care about prison reform care about Criminal Justice Reform yes you should be happy that these people are getting out yeah you're worried about oh she's doing it in the white house with Donald Trump who gives a shit you'd think the guy who just did 15 years right kids nothing nothing she doesn't have to do this right now you just be buying cars and getting her nails done she's choosing to spend her time

► 02:54:12

time to get these people that are unjustly accused and convicted and get them released and that and Trump went like him or not he's listening to her and helping her that but you know why cause he's a celebrity he understands the pure angle yeah so you keep sitting all these politicians to talk to a celebrity and shit that shit goes over his hey yeah you gotta send another celebrity to getting his ear yeah because he understands that type of language understands their power he understands where their reaches he knows that Kim K doing something is way more valuable than some random you know Democratic Congress person we have seen have so much now you look at Capitol Hill to past few weeks you see you know I was there me TI and David grosses they're talking about opportunities on legislation I was there with Taraji talking about bringing social emotional learning in schools and therapy you had a tiny he/she coats and Danny Glover was dead this week talking about HR 40 you had John Stewart they're talking about the victims of 9/11 now be compensated well I don't even by the way to 911 shit I even know that was going on bro if Jon Stewart hadn't done that that would I would have never even known that was going on and that is fucked

► 02:55:12

it was a simple statement the people you said you would never forget you forgotten whoo that's not what I mean nobody's head yeah anybody can get that you can be with no teeth sitting in fucking South Carolina in a trailer park you understand if you understand that like you Jon Stewart doesn't have to do that doesn't do it because he needs to it's in him yeah it gives you a different sense of purpose yeah like that's what really means something when you talk to me about talking about anxiety and mental health like the past couple of years I feel like I've been walking in my purpose you know because I truly feel like if we can get more people to deal with their mental health issues you'll reduce so much of the other bullshit we complaining about in America the violence the gun shootings because when you got a bunch of people who have never dealt with their trauma never dealt with their pain and their hurt hurt people hurt people and all we do is go around redistribution that pain to others you think murderers and rapists do that she comes for the thrill of it no they're broken damaged people so they go and break and damage other people yes so if you can get people to deal with their mental health issues man that's the foundation of it all to me that's the real secret getting

► 02:56:12

Rudy that shit yeah there is a thing about about purpose that like what happens I think when some people reach Financial Independence and I mean like fuck you money meaning like you don't have to work anymore your family good everything is good yeah you have some people go well I'm going to get even more money and I'm going to become a billionaire and a trillion or whatever and then some people go I'm going to live life instead of survive it or if you're working every week so you can get a paycheck there's absolutely nothing wrong with that that's majority of people are but you are surviving yes it that that job is no different than being out there in the forest trying to find some foods you can eat to get some shelter you get financial dependents you have the opportunity to truly do whatever you want every single day of your life yes and some people go you know what I want to do I want to go to fucking DC and how about these causes or I want to put on a whole comedy community you know what I mean and like you really put it on your back I want to help other people out I want to have these conversations and just talk shit about you know fucking magic having HIV whatever it is we're actually

► 02:57:12

thing to do the things that we enjoy because you realize what's important like you know when you talk about something like opportunities on legislation I feel like that goes hand-in-hand with mental health because the environment is so important so if you can you know get into these these communities these poor and disenfranchised areas and you can start putting things in these communities that people actually need like in the hood you replace the liquor stores and the fucking chicken spots in the check-cashing places with you know juice bars and Mental Health Spas and you know wellness centers things that people actually need now you're creating an environment where people can thrive in instead of just trying to fucking surviving yeah you know saying you can't properly deal with your mental health of you trying to survive every fucking day well I think what you're doing is very important as you're bringing up that conversation that conversation wasn't taking place before the mental health conversation about anxiety amongst cool successful people it just wasn't happening everybody was pretending everybody was there they're hiding from it you keep no secrets like you got you got the float tank in your fucking compound yeah you telling people about that oh yeah okay

► 02:58:12

I'm going the reasons why that thing became popular yeah I got one in 2002 wow yeah I did it for the first time like two weeks ago yeah man if you go to some float places that I asked you how you found out about it it's like did you find out from the internet Yelp and then they'll say Joe Rogan that's why one of the cuz I talked about it so much is videos I mean I gave one away I gave one of I had bought a new one and I said I'm going to give one away and I just got random emails and I picked one of them had it sent to this guy's house had it set up I just because I wanted people to know about what these things are I've never felt still in this like I felt inside a float a yeah it's amazing and it's like you know at first you're like okay they want you to get butt naked you know if they're recording you know what the fuck's going on you know I'm saying and then they're like no it's complete a lot of confidence in your cockpit I wasn't even swinging that day I'm a I'm a I'm a grower not a shower my shit is like doesn't swing in that not actually trying to make a little trip a bro I can't believe I actually was trying to make it a little chubby just in case you can't trust these people I don't know record me and shit so the lights went off and it's like when you first get in

► 02:59:12

it's allowing yourself to relax because the first you're fighting it a little bit you got your head up you like Island from a drown when you finally just relax you don't you don't even know what a fucking out what went right and I've never experienced a level of things like that it was point it was period while I thought I was actually like my alive right now mmm right because your eyes are open but it's totally dark it's totally Ducks you don't know if you're really sleep you don't know feel the water you don't feel the water you don't know if you're in and out of Consciousness it's wowed everybody should do float there yeah I agree guys what is the hardest part about having influence

► 02:59:53

that's a nice pregnant pause I was dope right then the clock was going like you just kind of yeah yeah I don't know what's the hardest I don't think about it that way I think it's your very this it's very there's very few people that you have the opportunity to have the kind of influence that you or I have or you it's it's it's very very strange I think you got to realize what harm you can do you got to be careful when the the kind of things you say are the kind of things you promote you know the kind of things that you sign off on or agree to and I think there's also a responsibility to tell people about cool shit tell people things that have benefited you tell people about how you've overcome your own personal mistakes I think all those things are very important yeah I never I never even thought about having influence until like the past three four years because you know I'm just out here doing my thing it's doing it what did when you were at when you

► 03:00:53

realize you are having influence and a lot of that influence could be negative yeah that's when you realize like oh shit let me make sure I'm doing the right things with these platforms you know I mean let me make sure I'm bringing on the right voices that people can learn from them me make sure I'm telling people about the things in my life that are making me a better person so for me it's like the best compliment I get nowadays and people said man you've really grown like you've really evolved like because visible people can see it yeah that right there lets me know I'm putting out the right energy into the equals yeah it also people become inspired to seek that same kind of path when someone in the public eye like yourself and they see you grow and expand and change your views on things it also inspires other people to open up themselves and change their own perspective and enhance their own way of looking at the world yeah can admit when I'm wrong I said I've said a lot of fucked-up watch you're going live on the air

► 03:01:53

reading a script right now you're free balling it's gonna happen and I think the worst thing that can happen to is like for me you know Breakfast Club has only been going on for nine years so I never had experienced this level of attention and you know you start reading things about yourself in the media like you read real articles be like oh the hip-hop Howard Stern and I'm like oh so I got to be like Howard so I gotta give me more of that shit so what Howard oh right because I'm giving him a little bit of 90s Howard Howard do y'all know so is this like you can get caught up in that yeah you know you could get caught up in what people's expectations of you are ya change here you know a lot of people say that happens to certain comedians they become their characterised dice yeah it's gonna bring that up his name's Andrew Silverstein dot The Dice Man was a character that he would do in his bit he would do he was doing a routine where he would be John Travolta he would do a Sylvester Stallone and then he would do this character called The Dice Man and that part was so

► 03:02:53

and so good it took over as all act I went toe-to-toe with days one time toe-to-toe yeah on Wendy Williams Show back in the day when I was one of these sidekick and you know Wendy VH1 Wendy had a show on VH1 and Andrew Dice Clay had a show on VH1 so they bought him on the promote it and like we just ended up going I don't know why the fuck me and it won't happen on each other yes and like VH1 edited it to make it look like he like kind of fucked me up but they kept a couple of mine in he was really upset like I called him I said you like a fat Fonzie and he fucking lost it he was like who the fuck are you could carry when he's bad for fucking living I'm like oh shit it's all I've got it's gone laugh at that I thought it was funny I want to be allowed with that if I looked like a fat Fonzie be like oh shit you have to go down I was on it that's why he's like a discontinued terminate a model remember

► 03:03:54

but what you said is real because I never want to become a caricature of myself yeah and I feel like it was a certain point in my life where I was becoming a caricature of myself and it's like oh that's not real like you can't claim claim to be a real person and be out here pretending to be real you either really you not yeah and what's real is Yo being honest about going to a therapist was real is being honest about your mental health issues was really talking about being a father like that real shit like yeah you can't always be trying to be cool yeah you did that's not cool that's fake and that only existed when there was like some sort of a your pride projecting something you're putting something out there in these small bits when you're doing what you do and you're talking for hours and hours on got to be you got to be you you at the end of the day it's going to come out with his like nothing else no other option the people with the longest careers I feel like the people who evolved born time right yeah you could see the guys who have real growth like Howard Stern in the beginning when we really think about Howard like

► 03:04:53

queef in on speakers oh yeah that was a normal thing in a Howard Stern radio show is come in who has the loudest queef on the speaker they're lucky the Tiffany haddish wasn't around back then it would be over 6 that microphone we pussy she makes Cannon sound it doesn't even make sense what she's like launching midgets into the fucking atmosphere yeah she used to do that all the time she would query function what she's Shameless exactly he doesn't give a fuck that difficult of a guy stool fucker like on Comedy oh yeah well there's not a lot of time in that kind of an elite us approach to Comedy it's quite interesting somewhat peel I couldn't he likes bars he says he likes jokes he doesn't like School fucking hmm still fucking if it's the right bit can be funny really it has to be the right it has to be a real comic with a real reason to fuck that stool there has to be something to it kind of gave Eddie fuck this tool I'm a nobody fucking knows too bro see I like Eddie

► 03:05:53

Richard I like Chris Rock bless you I like Chanel No I'm saying I like I like those guys that actually don't they just say something yes like have something about have something to say Louis C.K has something to say yeah like I want I like people to have something to say oh that's cool fucking his thing and I want to get him on stage I think he could do it oh you never do it without I would never disrespect the craft like that well you don't have to disrespect it you would just have to want to do it and then try it yeah I don't want to do it I tried we do it for fun I don't if you don't want to do if you don't want to do it don't do it but you could do it I tried one weekend my first joke was like you know what I'm gonna sit down I don't want anybody ever say Charlemagne's up a trying to do stand-up well maybe they'll try it okay maybe it's not for everybody but let's bring it home hey Andrew thank you for setting this up thank you and please talk to me shoutout to Brendan

► 03:06:53

I really do appreciate what you do for comments though you know because I've seen what you do for Andrew and jessimae peluso and Miss Pat dye know Riley's people I really fuck with so thank you for that my pleasure it's for me it's I'm honored that I have the platform to be able to help all right bye buddy peace thank you everyone for tuning in to the podcast and thank you to our sponsors thank you to Casper mattress is fucking bad-ass awesome awesome mattresses at Super reasonable price with on top of this a 100 night risk-free sleep on a trial free shipping and free returns why you waiting folks you know you need a mattress and Casper mattresses are the shit get $100 towards select mattresses by visiting Casper.com Rogan and using the code Rogan at checkout it is the mattress that keeps Jamie rested and comfortable terms and conditions apply and again you get $100 toward select match

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