#1346 - Zuby

Sep 5, 2019

Zuby is an independent rapper, creative entrepreneur, speaker and podcast host. Check out his podcast called "Real Talk with Zuby" available on Apple Podcasts.

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get honey for free at join honey.com Rogan that's join honey.com Rogan my guest today is a musician he's a rapper he's a speaker an entrepreneur and he broke the world's well sort of he broke like the world world's woman record for deadlifting by identifying as a woman briefly in a loophole he's a great guy I enjoy them you are really like talking to him he's very wise very intelligent and a cool guy so please give it up for Zu P The Joe Rogan Experience joined by day Joe Rogan podcast by now

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and we're live what's going on brother how are you I'm awesome man it's good to be here good to have you here man thank you I've never had a guy come in where his own hat and his own t-shirt you're number one you're the first I'm surprised by that given how many podcasting done but that's how I roll I don't know if anybody's ever come in wearing their own shirt Jamie any thoughts

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someone has to have I just can't recall it yeah definitely no one is Ward their own hat and their own shirt oh yeah maybe Eddie's warned his own shirt but that's the tenth planet sure that doesn't totally count to share it with my face on it too so that's a triple whammy Ari Ari or something maybe I don't know I don't think so maybe anyway it's going on man how long you here for I'm all good man I'm in La for two weeks it's my very first time here so I just got here two days ago so just let me soaking it in what's the mindfuck like it's crazy huh it's weird man I feel like I was driving her I was driving around and stand in Uber and it feels like GTA I think more like GTA feels like LA because that's what it's based on but it was just kind of trippy there's levels to the game right the the top level the game is probably either like Singapore Beijing or Mexico City in terms of Mexico City's the only thing that I've ever seen that's more chaotic than Allah but Allah eyes it's right up there yeah I think

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us is more chaotic Lagos Lagos Nigeria I've never been okay that's more chaotic yeah and Cairo then think they're definitely more chaotic Cairo Egypt really yeah found the more chaotic well Cairo man I would love to go to Cairo but I just I am nervous about traveling to Egypt I keep hearing let's I keep hearing two stories from people that go all the time IE gypped ologists they'll say it's amazing amazing don't worry about it the worst thing you have to deal with is constant Beggars and then hear from other people fuck that don't go there it's catchy yeah I haven't been I haven't been for a long time when I went it was when I was a kid okay yeah but Lagos I've been to more recently and it's certainly more hectic and chaotic and I think you're as here it's just it's just interesting is very very very spread out and just seeing yes people driving everywhere and not much public transport and all that even compared to other cities in the u.s. it just seems like a totally different vibe but I like it yeah there's just too many people stuff into one area and

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one's driving or they're in an Uber so someone else is driving them it's just constant driving yeah but I'm happy to be here man little bit surreal but it's cool yeah I'm sure right so what are you doing out here I'm doing I'm doing this I was on the Reuben report yesterday actually I've got a whole bunch conservative guy that conservative guy conservative guy that got a on Blaze TV yeah story they wrote about him and he responded he's like I'm pro-gay marriage Pro weed legalization Pro prison reform pro-immigration Pro all these different things and yet people are calling them conservative well you know we live in a time where everyone saying is right wing so so it let it be so hard to know well if you're not as Progressive as humanly possible you're all right well yeah exactly pretty much I've seen all sorts of titles levied on to everybody including including yourself so yeah what about you just did you get four people don't know Zu b 1 the

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championships and women's powerlifting you identified as a woman for a brief period of time and I'm seconds left it's all you have to do yeah I mean this is the world we live in dude that thing blew the internet off but it's crazy we're allowing saying how far it went mad yeah I know I saw that people there it is let's what should we do yes I identify as a woman whilst lifting the weight don't be a bigot you know I think I think when you first talked about that I had like 40,000 followers it's now well over a hundred and hundred and fifteen and when I posted it I had 15,000 followers so I've gained a hundred and I've gained a hundred two thousand followers yeah like hundred and five thousand hundred five thousand followers it work as video congratulations yeah thank you it really does highlight how Preposterous these new world rules that we have in regarding gender but to their credit the u.s. powerlifting Federation I believe that's the name of the organization they just band transgender women from competing okay just said

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stop just flat does enough enough of that I think if you want to compete I don't think there's anything wrong with transgender women competing but I think they should compete against transgender women just like how we have men compete against man and we have women compete against women let's have transgender women compete against transgender women let's not deny science and biology yes to make people feel better and just to support some strange Progressive ideology yeah I think if they if the goal is that's why I think the goal is more about it's more ideologically driven yeah I think it is actual inclusion driven because if it's just about inclusion and yeah you can either just have an open category like most men's categories already are they're not actually restricted to men it's just you know the best of the best so anyone can do this so either that or if there are enough athletes in whatever the given sport a competition is then yeah you can just have a different a different category and that way everyone can be included without stepping on the feet of half the population that's a bold move by the men say anybody can be in here Mommy

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that's how it is in pool you know men can't compete in the women's division of pool but women can compete in the men's division yes the same when they miss Sports most people aren't aware that most people think that they're they're have specific restrictions saying only men can do them but that's actually quite rare well there's a lot of successful female to male athletes where females transition to males and dominate male Sports okay I don't know it wasn't true I made it up okay all right two percent it's never going to happen is I'll just try to figure out what the fuck is this what is going on what have you seen this there's a soccer players wants to be in the NFL as a kicker because she there's a video of her doing a place kick of a 55 Yard yard field goal recently that's incredible that's really far right no one coming at her anything was just like in practice but she nailed it which is pretty far yes well can you tackle kickers

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they can get hit yeah they're not during the actual play of the kick you're not supposed to be touched but for sure they're in the play of the field so well that's fucked up that's not good that's where the problem is Carla love you but stop yeah it's a bad idea oh oh by the way I brought a couple things for you man okay so that's is it as Ubi t-shirt it's a lie latest album that is zubi t-shirt that one actually glows in the dark it glows in the dark if it does this is good for the environment I hope the turtles does it kill turtles not that aggressively and that's a my new fitness book there is no you have a booger you are you are no Shinoda what is is it basically it's workout routines and yeah just giving people what they need to know about nutrition training mindset motivation I just wanted to keep it brief and concise all the stuff that I think is most important that people need to know whether they're beginners or intermediate oh this is a good-sized book to read yeah I put it out first as an e-book but then a lot of people ask me to do physical copy so all that's cool those just before leaving the UK and they've

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we sold out already nice congratulations on that all you lazy fucks get out there this is a good book for you because it's short you don't have people see a fat book to do much work but this is not even a hundred Pages it's 86 what is it 93 page 93 boom so there you go there we go strong can all we can all benefit what is your background athletically athletically um I used to actually play rugby yeah so I don't know how much you know about my background so I was born in the UK I grew up in Saudi Arabia so when I lived yeah when I lived in Saudi I used to play baseball and football or what you guys would call soccer and those were my sort of main sports I also did swimming and a bunch of other things and then I went to the UK for boarding school actually when I was 11 years old and there's no there's no baseball there so I yeah rugby became my main sport I started playing rugby when I was 11 years old and I played that all the way through to University

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and I got into just lifting weights and stuff when I was in my mid-teens I have a friend is British and he says that that is way more common in Europe and the UK sending kids off to boarding school yeah I do I do think so I mean with me it was largely because I was in the American system school system in Saudi Arabia so after fifth grade because there's a little bit of a transition between the two systems they're quite different so it was thought that if I'd stayed all the way up until ninth grade then it would be a little bit difficult for me to transition into the British school system and University system so my parents decided when I was eleven same with my older siblings like we all went to boarding school when we were pretty young so yeah came came back over to the UK and was kind of back and forth between the two countries for several years and yeah did things that way but um well you was your dad in the military or something now my dad's actually medical doctor okay he's a medical doctor but I'm he works for a big oil company out in Saudi so we lived there for

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public now two decades pretty what was that like I enjoyed growing up in Saudi man really yeah I actually really liked it what was it what was it like it's we had a reminds me of La I'm being I'm being serious yeah the hose is there I wasn't ready for that if there are then you don't really don't really see them now but just I think the Heat and the way that the way the roads are the way it looks actually really yeah because if you live a like where I lived was sort of an expat Community basically so we live kind of in a compound so where I lived was a little bit of a little bit of a bubble and then outside of that you kind of got what I call the real the real Saudi so if you go out into the city or you want to go shopping or something like that then you're out there in the real City so it's very very different it's interesting with me because my family backgrounds originally from Nigeria but then I was born in England I live in England now but I lived in Saudi Arabia for 19 years or so so I've kind of had

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exposure a lot to three different three very different cultures and ways of doing things and even laws and just the way Society is structured and stuff like that so I think it's given me a pretty interesting and unique perspective on quite a lot of things yeah what a broad range of culture that you've been exposed to that's that's pretty fucking cool yeah Nigeria is a strange spot because I've never I've never been but when you look at the numbers of successful immigrants like businessmen and people that have come over from Nigeria and how industrious they are and then you look at how many successful Nigerian scammers there are it's a wise very clever place you got the email from the prince to I didn't get it well I'm sure I have but one I was thinking about was Jamie was telling me a story yesterday about a guy who would he sell I sold a non-existent bank airport airport the airport yeah to of that's right he sold a non-existent airport

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there's been several stories over the last couple of weeks about Nigerian scammers making big scores yeah there's one that I think closed down in Brazilian bank took so much of their money that the bank had to show the bank had to shut down what is it about Nigeria why are they so good at that a lot of smart and enterprising people and I think if that's channeled in the right way then that's a very good thing well I think something obviously there's the resources are very limited so they're they're deciding to just go dark and scam people but as a person who hasn't been a victim of this it's quite amusing yeah if you see if you see some of the stuff that that can get pulled off it's it's quite impressive you pull that story is it is very much like men it's actually 330 equivalent to American dollar three and thirty million G that happened in the 90s though I guess the stories just now going around okay reason open in the 90s which is what this says a con man Once Sold an airport that didn't exist for 330 million

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now if you stop and think about that 330 million in the 90s is probably like 600 million today or something fucking bananas that's hilarious yeah there's some there's some crazy stuff that Nigerian fraudster and con artists a manual how do you spell is how do you pronounce his last name and wude Woody may be moody no say it again Moody and yes something like that what are you you starting with a em how do you saying Moody with an N but are you manual but how are you doing it's an N but it's is the pronunciation is a little bit different say it again Woody well it sounds to me like you're saying mood a now it's an N going again I'm calls weirdly enough that guy's name is two letters off my actual first name really yeah my until my first real first name is Hamza Bey whoa which is spelt n Zu b e so it's actually two letters different so you just said zubi would be a little bit more

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Yazoo he's just he's just easier it's cool to call name to no one no one has that yeah thank you I've never heard of you so he pulled off the third largest Con in history by selling a non-existent airport to Brazilian bank for $200 million u.s. dollars before Nigerian internet scams became synonymous with your original early 2000s email account mood a to do it yeah close enough thank you successfully convinced an unassuming bank manager by the name of Nelson sakaguchi that he was selling a yet-to-be-built airport for a price of 330 million dollars as the former director of the Union Bank of Nigeria himself mood a was privy to confidential information that was crucial to him pulling off his long con also he knew shit about banking mmm using the information he then impersonated the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria at the time Paul okay here's another one Paul oguma agree

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aguma aguma so you wouldn't go womb it's oguma oguma aguma and connected with Saco Gucci we need Steve Aoki to come back what's with the Japanese name to inform him of a mouth-watering deal Nigeria's plan to build a brand new airport in another one Abuja Abuja of cast the capital to Juice It Up a bit for poor sakaguchi mood a promise the head of the Brazilian of the Brazilian bank a commission fee to the tune of ten million u.s. dollars of the deal was approved Get It Over The Line soccer Gucci paid a hundred 91 million in cash as you do and the remainder in the form of outstanding interest to waited patiently for the construction of said airport well wow that's the kind of thing you can only pull off one so yeah if you get that guy again your wizard I saw a guy that got scammed and there was a documentary about

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it was a television show rather it was really sad because he was a dude who's older gentleman looked like he was in his 60s and he was convinced that there was this woman who is you know his love and she lived in Europe and he traveled there and he was sending her money and the whole deal and he traveled there twice to meet her and both times she couldn't see him both times well but he still believed in his daughter was like I don't know what the fuck to do this guy really believes and you can see how this loss look in his eye like he really believed that there was a woman over there that was corresponding with him back and forth and he was sending her money like Center a lot of money yeah I think was more than $100,000 for remember correctly and he really believed that she was going to be there for him and then when he went over there something came up and she just couldn't meet him and yeah it's weird with stuff like this I always feel like in some way you kind of feel sad for the person but in another kind of like what what were you thinking how do you bounce back from

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that like people hit some lows he people had some lows in life how do you bounce back from thinking that there's a girl in Europe that's going to be your love and sending her $100,000 and traveling over there twice and getting duped both times and then how do you bounce back from that the first thing you should do is not tell anybody like daughter take take the L without just quiet he'll just take it take it quietly and privately and Dona don't tell people his daughter knew about it okay so it was like and then the camera crew I mean this motherfucker brought a camera crew I don't know why I think the show is a very vaguely remember this and I think it was about ten years ago I think the show was all about people that were getting scammed okay it was about why people get scammed and what you know what is it that makes people believe ridiculous things yeah but when it comes to romance and money those are the two were people get greedy yeah I was I was literally going to say

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greed is greed because only greedy people can fall for some of those things I mean you see some of those scams in it'll come through saying okay I've just inherited 30 million dollars and I need somebody in the US with a u.s. bank account to help me out with this and I'll give you a 10% cut and you know that should raise a lot of red flags for anybody who's kind of thinking with that with the head on straight that's true but if you pay attention to televangelists do you have those in the UK not like the ones in the US and us it's another level your u.s. it's another level man everything's another level over here yeah everything's bigger yeah including I mean you get those mega churches and I don't there's probably one or two mega churches out there in the UK or in Europe in general but not one or two so that's it I don't know I'm not even aware of any I'm kind of hedging my bets saying that's probably a couple but I'm not aware of any not any megachurches do you think we have in America how many do you think we just haven't Texas yeah Texas

► 00:22:08

I have a million of them yeah because I mean the guys who run those things they're like I mean they don't sell Justine's yeah though themselves are celebrities right yeah there's at least 10 because it says here's an article about the ten largest so in Texas and just in Texas wow yeah though Letting Go Alstyne guy he's a fucking baller and a half he's got private jets mansions and he he bought a stadium he bought a sports stadium and converted it into his gigantic metal jangling megachurches defined as a church with over 2,000 members over 2,000 a lot of nerves giving you ten percent at least two other people this up in everyone's giving 10% or at least most of them are giving 10% right the tithing correctly what is the how many do you think there are nationwide let's take a guess how many mega mega churches are there in America so do we know how many there are in Texas that's just 10 biggest and exit at least 200 and Texas 210 oh wow

► 00:23:08

two hundred and thirty two hundred two hundred fucking people ripping people off 200 if that's 200 in Texas wow I must say 3000 Nationwide as what I want to say you're going to say three thousand three thousand mega churches Nationwide yeah I'd approximate around that I'd approximate around that what do you think Jamie

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you got your hand on Google though don't be cheating no too late I'm already yeah because I'd imagine some states don't have any what did you think it was going to be Jamie a couple hundred five hundred but this is the button that taxes 11 times even I don't know I don't think there's that many that's somewhere in the range of well so since it's 2,000 that seems low because like I went to Catholic church and there's more in 2000 people some of those churches right but they're saying megachurches right yeah but that's if that's how they do founding members are in the church well I mean maybe they just think mm scammers look it says there's thirteen hundred such Protestant churches but then it goes into like there's 3,000 individual Catholic parishes have more than two thousand people so hmm it gets to where that's why I said it I think several thousand like the welding I think there are large churches that are legitimate yeah like they're really following the Christian doctrine and they're really holding real services and they're really wanting good for people and then there's those dudes that have the super expensive tailored suits and drive it around and

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Rolls-Royce Prosperity Gospel they called Prosperity Gospel if you if you give then you'll get see what I have you'll get what I have yes you bring me your money yeah it's I've got the flying oh wow oh wait wait wait wait wait wait wait Mississippi Pastor dubbed the flying Pastor Glides into Christmas service he's gliding in with an angel outfit on please rewind I want to see the beginning oh my God this is so crazy this is he's got an outfit on and he's flying from the sky oh my God that's his move that's a good move okay because now everybody knows about this move

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always bring a chick singer Beyonce yeah I was gonna say is that Beyonce spinning around yeah you know pink had one of them goddamn things no she didn't she was doing aerial those silk things and she fell oh really and how fucked herself up really bad like she had like internal bleeding and fluid in her lungs yeah it was bad well yeah now these megachurches think like I think you know a church like you said with a Congregation of over 2,000 people if they're sticking to the script in doing what they're meant to be doing and not trying to yeah at least their fleece their congregation then absolutely nothing wrong with that it's the ones who use their position of power and their Cult of Personality to then just enrich themselves at the expense of their congregation those are the people I think God's going to be having a serious word with God's gonna be very mad at them I don't think but it's interesting that they like the Nigerian scammers they're just playing off of weak Minds they've just tapped into this group

► 00:26:14

humans that's gullible and believes nonsense and they know how to they know how to pull those strings yeah I think it's a like I say when I say I think God is going to be having a word with those people I mean that I mean that very seriously because I think it's you know it's one thing ripping people off or doing some kind of scam or deception or something it's another one using the power of religion to do so we're you know that this is what these people believe and you're in this position of power and you're now just using that authority to you know buy yourself a new Bentleys and I mean wasn't there one where was that guy's name is it Creflo Dollar the yeah what did he do well he think he had a I think he had a G4 he he only yeah he won yeah and he he did basically like a crowdfunding appeal to his congregation yeah saying that his pride his current private jet is the old model and he needs the new

► 00:27:14

model and he crowdfunded I think to get the Jeep I saw this thing I was just like oh my gosh if you're Shameless and you're famous like I bet Taylor Swift could crowd fund a private jet it's ridiculous as it sounds probably if you just were Shameless yeah if you just like I don't give a fuck I need a private jet I want y'all to buy it for me here's the link I think that Shameless but to say you're going to do this and you're going to go to heaven because you did this that's did Creflo Dollar say that you're going to go to heaven if you well his whole thing's the Prosperity Gospel that so I'm sure there was something in that you know be generous now and you know you'll be rewarded later there it is Creflo Dollar would get 70 million dollar Gulfstream G650 yeah that's not right man whoa so so somehow or another he crowdfunded 70 million dollars is that real did you really get that much money that is a lot of money for a jet why do they cost so much they're miniature metal well they made out of what's going on in there that's so much money how is that

► 00:28:14

million dollars like if that was a car right the same shape

► 00:28:19

you'd be like well it's nice car in the air right lies it does fly get it I mean no matter how much the fucking air I understand but how much different is it it's a lot is it goes it's safely nose in the air right right right but but how much different is it build it very fast right it's definitely different but how much different because of a car was that big if a car was that big it was a dope is car ever like a Bentley made a bus let's just say it was a million dollars if they like right I think the new Bugatti is like 12 million dollars something yeah but that's a different kind of animal right because that first of all that shouldn't be 12 million dollars they're fucking people write in their assholes but also they broke World Records like the new Bugatti hit 304 miles an hour which is how insane that is insane how fast that is I personally don't like them I don't like the way they look I think they look kind of gross if you bought there's a difference

► 00:29:18

just thinking if you bought a Bugatti you get to drive it you buy this plane you don't get to fly it that's true unless you take the lessons well God would you want if you're gonna say yeah I think if you're going to spend seventy million dollars on a plane I don't think you should be one of the one flying it I think you should have some staff asking price 67 million $950,000 whoa that's a stage where they just rounded up to 70 what is this a total hours 1616 you don't want to use that total Landings oh so this is item used one they're all use yeah what they don't make lots of new ones back to gets passed around and yeah it was made December 16th 2014 it's a five-year-old Jet and it's still 67 9 so let me show the interior is clean total Landings just everywhere 5 go with that fucking thing with a one of those little blue lights what is it black light yeah oh my God just splatters age is all the Seer if it you goddamn bilzerian's jet oh that's

► 00:30:19

it's Coke and between seeds just calm everywhere she's Dan's beard hairs everywhere you go you're picking up beard hairs definitely make sure your pastor gets that one yeah I mean what what are the what's the building cost of making a jet like that it's amazing they retain their value to give a yacht is way more like we're super Yachts you know hundreds of millions of dollars or a great yeah yeah I know some guys that for titas that owned the UFC they have some Preposterous yacht I saw Steve Jobs yacht

► 00:30:53

after he was dead in Italy it was it was in on the road and Italy and the guy I was with pointed out to me and it looks like an Apple Store looks like a floating Apple Store once it does that it was gonna say yeah that's it okay look at that oh God damn floating Apple Store doesn't look real flooding happens that looks weird and the back is weird it's all got everything is run with IMAX like yeah that's how it looks and if you look like in the back windows it's like everything seems really seems like an Apple store and everything is run with IMAX so those IMAX screens are all over the place interesting yeah Google needs to step it up develop an Android boat and remote so cool-looking boat but yeah not much that fucking thing cost that had a cost five hundred million dollars or something ridiculous yeah I gotta Step Up Games Ubi yeah man hundred million hundred pounds

► 00:31:53

more than a hundred million yeah oh Euros is yours yeah what is a Euros to pounds it's almost up almost it's almost the same oh really almost parody now yeah but is pounds almost double what all changes yeah your own pounds are almost one-to-one no okay that's like 1.03 or something used to be awesome to go to Canada because if you go to Canada your money would go way further because United States dollar is stronger last time I came to the state's it was 2 to 1 pound like you for every $100 was 50 pounds last time I came real and now it's like Phil Collins is like $60 now I also was fucked up yeah that breaks it got 10 pounds taken a beating over the last couple of years is it is it weird the whole brexit thing over there um for people who are really into it I don't follow it that hard I'm kind of just bored of it I'm just kind of just do something just make your decision and while the decision should have already been made three years ago but just execute it like let's go let's get out of here what's the general

► 00:32:53

consensus of like your friends people that you hang out with over there people I hang out with those who live in London are primarily on the remain side those who live outside of London primarily on the on the leaf side oh so it's an urban thing like it indicted State yeah very much so like the cities are anti-trump mmm and the farm areas Yakko so if you have that if you imagine like London and the south east are more equivalent kind of like the coastal cities Pacific Northwest of the u.s. in terms of being much more far more liberal in general and being more pro-eu and pro remain whereas if you go outside of that if you go up north or to the Midlands or anything like that then people are yeah I guess both more conservative I guess in a way and also a lot more nteu in general sentiment hmm so a lot of the people in London and around London work totally blindsided

► 00:33:53

by the brexit vote in the same way that a lot of people I imagine live in Los Angeles and New York were blindsided by the Trump presidency yeah yeah have you ever seen the girl with the sock hat on the gloves on her knees yeah I seen her yeah well I watch that one on when I'm feeling a little down I watched the Trump reaction video that seems to sort of embody the beginning of the chaos that has ensued because things were kind of squirrelly before Trump is elected but now they're just off the reservation yeah well that's part of how he got elected I mean I was want I remember in 2015 before he even won the Republican nomination and I was talking to people both friends and family and saying I think he has a good chance of winning and people were looking at me like I was like I was smoking something yeah I'm annoyed I didn't put any money on it because at the time was a gambling online gambling for yeah I think the first time that the time I first said it I think it was I want to say like 40 to 1 or 50 to 1 or something ridiculous like that I called it on my Netflix special

► 00:34:53

people shouldn't get the fuck yeah crazy I'm like we are that close to President Trump yeah like yeah well you travel the country right so yeah I think your perspective is going to be a lot more balanced and actually accurate well also I we don't realize the problems with Hillary like cheese that I don't think

► 00:35:14

I think that if they had gone with Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders could really one I really think it could have one he could have beaten Trump yeah I don't think Hillary is ever going to win she's good too many skeletons there's too many things you can point to there's too much too much Madness do you smoke yeah this is way too much weight just way too much it's been going on like most of my life to yes that's the thing is like this isn't a new person she's been involved in this thing for decades yeah and then when the actual DNC was rigging the primaries against Bernie and Donna brazile wrote about it in her book and you go like such a dirty organization it's dirty yeah and she is that's the thing people always forget with Trump is people are always on how did he win or why did you wonder what end it's like you also have to consider like there's all the factors in his favor but there's also I mean who he was running against that's a big part of it yeah that's that's a that's a big part of it so people are acting acting as if the alternative was so much better or something and I like they found

► 00:36:14

but it wasn't so they fucked up Bernie could have won I really I really think could have won it would have certainly been more interesting because I know a lot of the burning people went over to Trump rent yeah and you know as time goes on one of the things that I've been noticing and I watched a David pakman video the other day where David pack was pointing out Trump slurring his speech and I had no idea it was that bad all right I haven't seen it I hadn't seen it there was one time where he literally I mean literally like he's fighting through like say if they someone put you on pain medication they said he's a newbie you got to make a phone call yeah this is really important to talk to a bank he liked how that is me have you ever God Bless America I give you ever seen the video of him swearing no no dude and it's not edited or no no no no no it's he has a really hard time saying God Bless America and pack my pointed out it looks like he's like wrestling with his tongue something wrong oh fair enough I mean not when I see him I mean that guy's got some crazy energy for how old is he

► 00:37:14

the 7373 yeah guys got some guys got energy and yeah it's called pills medications you know you can fucking hoppin Grandma up on fucking speed to cheat up all kinds of shit Hey look it's legal you get a doctor doc I'm suffering of I've got fatigue I've I have a chronic fatigue and the doctor go well good thing for you we've got a thing called Adderall and next thing you know it's something man yeah it's something I mean we've talked about on the podcast too much I don't repeat myself yeah but I really do believe that he's on some kind of stimulus yeah he's been on something in the past there's allegedly a pharmacy in New York that was prescribing him diet pills for years and some journalists uncovered the whole thing I'm not surprised yeah look I know a lot of people on it man some of them that are functional some of them that are off the fucking charts crazy because of it yes video yeah this is

► 00:38:14

but just play the one where you see him slurring his words yeah back up a little bit right there play that

► 00:38:22

listen to this

► 00:38:24

our hearts and Minds to possible and possibilities and finally I asked the leaders of the region political and religious Israeli and Palestinian Jewish and Christian and Muslim to join us in the noble quest for lasting peace thank you God bless you God bless Israel God blessed the Palestinians and God bless the United Church thank you very much there's the last couple words yeah bro that is listen to you now listen to him yeah listen to you now listen to him that's a guy who's hopped up on something either hopped up on something or he's dying could have been drinking he's having it now he doesn't draw he doesn't drink doesn't know that's cool drink is no way of pills bro come on slow down the pills you here for Progress we're here to complete tasks and set goals and Conquer and make America great again Mega the way he was

► 00:39:24

campaigning with the amount of energy that dude had I mean you got assume for a seven-year-old man they've got a medicated on some shit yeah it's entirely possible they've always been annotated people yeah we were talking about the fuck was it that told us about Hitler but Hitler with the we're member who brought it up first but it's a bit like three weeks ago now yeah Hitler when he went to meet Mussolini he was apparently super exhausted so they pumped him up with steroids and liquid cocaine the cocaine they inject him with steroids and cocaine and then he liked it so much he asked for a second dose and they thought they thought I was going to kill him and he said give it to me and then they he went to visit Mussolini apparently chewed Mussolini 045 hours Mussolini was apparently thinking about getting out of the war and Hitler talked him out of it just fucking spit and Coke talk at them the herds in the creek okay

► 00:40:19

the worst thing you can give to that guys that's a fucking Ric Flair right there man yeah I mean I think they've done that to people forever apparently that was the case with Kennedy Kennedy they would shoot him up with amphetamines really yeah see if you can find that what just to keep his energy levels up Kennedy was very sick apparently before he died and he had severe back pains like he was he was really banged up and had some sort of a disease I don't remember what the disease was but during much of his presidency they would put him on and feta means to keep him active and they didn't think about the consequences of those things back then I don't think they truly understood addiction back then I don't think they truly understood look the way it affects your decision making process well that's back when they used to just you know advertised heroin in the newspaper and stuff is a sort of they didn't do that in the 60s not in this one was that one was that I was also thinking was that long they used to just you look and you look in the papers and they just have like such and such heroine

► 00:41:18

take this sir and when these to give women a tapeworm eggs as diet pills and they all right yeah those were the original diet pills right they used to give women a ticker-tape a tapeworm eggs so you ingested and then obviously the tapeworm grows inside of you and eats all the food and you lose weight we have someone to talk about let's find out what Kenny first we've heard of dr. Feelgood that's who is Doctor was dr. Max Jacobson was injecting him and his wife and a list of other people thought it was a Motley Crew song okay dr. Jacobs oh my God hmm here we go what is this a here the most scroll up a little bit the most famous doctor patients were president and mrs. Kennedy dr. Jacobson frequently visited the White House and often travel with the Kennedys in 1961 for example he went with the president to Vienna for a summit meeting with Khrushchev and dr. Jacobson said an interview gave the president injections there in addition to the Kennedys other persons who are patients of the doctor included Truman Capote

► 00:42:18

Cecil B Demille Eddie Fisher Alan Jay Lerner I don't know who that is representative Claude pepper of Florida blah blah blah bunch of other politicians from Tennessee Williams wow including included among the number of a number of other prominent patients dr. Jacobson have been bunch of other famous people blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and extensive inquiry also turned up the names of well over 100 others in ranking positions in government journalism Finance industry society and several entertainment Fields who are said to be patients of dr. Jacobson but who could not be confirmed as such what does it say about okay it cannot be said with certainty that the catanese or with a few exceptions any other specific patient received amphetamine it is known however that dr. Jacobson uses unusually large amounts of amphetamine in his practice the doctor's office reported The dr. Jacobson buys amphetamine at the rate of 80 grams a month that is enough to make

► 00:43:18

good fairly strong doses of 25 milligrams every day so he's got a hundred people taking hardcore doses of amphetamines every day 25 milligrams apparently they're saying it's a big dose I don't know what that is it a lot I can't just take an Adderall she's like 10 to 20 mmm sometimes people that are crazy get 4025 your fucking grinded enamel subjected to go right to the source fuck stomach acids get in the blood baby well yeah I think it's been going on forever yeah it seems like it well I mean it's about energy right look at poor fucking Joe Biden that poor bastard you've been paying attention to him a little bit he's bleeding from the eyes yeah oh yeah I saw that on TV is eyes just start bleeding yeah sometimes old is he a million he's a million years old he's only like 78 or some shit he's not that much older than 78 is too old to be it is too

► 00:44:18

old stool if you're that guy I mean you could be 70 like Jack LaLanne when he was 78 look fucking fantastic when he was 90 was pulling boats yeah do you ever see that I don't get to think of side and size it is eyeball yeah nice to old man ran for evasive answers evasive answers like I can't see fucking bleeding out of his eyeballs that's like some Hellraiser type shit because if you do get into office I mean you age it like four times the normal rate or something anyway well he thinks he's been in office but that's horseshit use a vice president I spent the vice president is pi probably the easiest job in the history of the world the Bryce vice president is like slightly easier than hosting Fear Factor that's what I think you just kind of show up everybody else does the hard work that fucking guy that's a big that's barely a job that's like the best way to go into hiding become vice president nobody gives a shit about you okay unless something happens the present you got to step up yeah but nothing ever happens yes true the only thing the only time it's ever happened when was the last time was Kennedy got shot it was the last time

► 00:45:18

most likely Lyndon Johnson was in on it hey how about that I said it no I cannot confirm nor deny know who knows who knows was in on it but that guy is going to win the idea that there they haven't pulled that guy aside and go Hey Joe no he's the front-runner though right as I don't think anymore I think Bernie and Kamala Harris are very close so Trump is should win me but because Tulsi gabbard shutdown Kamala Harris in a debate they pushed her out of the debates even though on multiple poles she has enough support to be in the debates they're excluding her from the debates because she attack Kamala Harris and rightly so and accurately I think she's on the wrong I think she's on the wrong side I think she's in the wrong party think she should be a republic I do yeah wow yeah why she has all these Democratic ideas though yeah that's true but given the way the Democratic party is going now I think she's far too sensible for them hmm I don't think so I don't know I think the

► 00:46:18

around maybe if she doesn't win this term she will be president some death okay I really do yeah I watched I watched your watched and listened to your podcast with her so that was interesting I've seen a few I saw that one I saw the entry angle as well and I think it would be awesome if we had a legitimate badass woman president I think she's the one I've been Chien do it I think it'll it'll certainly happen eventually no question I don't know next next time I don't know yeah I don't like to make public predictions I do think if things keep going the way they will I do think Trump will take it fairly easily if they say Latin hack just a luck Joe Biden get to the front Trump is going to win yeah trampoline him yeah he'll chew em up cause I'm sleepy Joe Trump will be grinding his teeth and fuck its spitting out fillings

► 00:47:08

I mean fucking name Madam in Trump is a funny guy he says funny shit is funny he knows how to shut people down did you see the thing that he did though with the hurricane map I didn't know he was telling people that the hurricane was headed to Alabama they like mr. president there is no indication that hurricanes headed to Alabama so he posts a map with the hurricane path with a sharpie the drawers Alabama also in the path of the map bro it's so pull the what I loved was yeah oh look at this like you see the path that hurricane and then there's a Sharpie drawn around it okay CeCe this is the original got and then you see the left that Sharpie drawing yeah somebody true that and what was the exact wording that you use today saw on the news they're saying that like White House officials wouldn't deny that he didn't do it or something like that

► 00:48:04

they wouldn't deny that he did or didn't do it so no one's saying the president did not definitely did not draw that he probably like give me the map oh yeah we'll just put it here just draw a bit where's Alabama that one okay I didn't just add it in yeah like okay that guy's funny man the thing with the Trump Tower on Greenland that was amazing yeah that that actually that was funny that tweet that was very funny but it's you know he's a and then you guys have your own Trump that fucking dude named Boris Boris Johnson and he looks like trumpets crazies get the crazy hair yeah yeah you know I mean and he's the one he's a pro brexit guy right yeah he was one of the key leaders of the brexit campaign what's happening well backlash man backlash that would I understand it completely I understand it completely I mean

► 00:48:59

yeah a lot of it like there are a lot of different factors but that's a pretty key one and just you know the condescension from people in certain cities about the rest of the country or all the other cities I mean you see that the same thing in the US and in the UK like I was saying I mean when you've got people even just referring to all of Middle America is what they call flyover country yeah like dude you can't call you can't say that and then the thing is those people it's not even just that it's expanded even further in the best evidence is Dave Chappelle yeah Dave Chappelle's recent Sticks and Stones Netflix documentary for whatever reason Rotten Tomatoes thought it would be a good idea to only have a reviewed by five Super Progressive critics only critics they closed it off to the public it got zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes they then opened it to the public and it got 99% of course if that doesn't show a

► 00:49:59

disparity between first of all the idea that you going to suppress it like you're going to say 0% so no one's going to watch it and we're going to shut Dave Chappelle down he's canceled fuck him but people loved him you can't cancel someone who doesn't care man but you can't cancel Dave Chappelle are you can't but on top of that like how would they not understand that someone is going to know that you're not opening it up to the public and that once it does get open to the public you're going to get a massive Whiplash a backlash where people going to come and even if they didn't want to vote on it now they do and now they're going to give it a hundred percent or 99 percent I knew I had to watch it when I saw how all the media channel many of the media channels that I really dislike and do not respect were coming so hard at it and saying oh no you don't need to watch it and all this all 0 that means I absolutely have to watch it the guardian getting the UK gave it one star and then I saw a vice saying like don't watch it Vox saying don't watch I was like okay this is the

► 00:50:59

means that I have to watch this is going to be good well now he's disappointed the influence of a small group of your relatively small group of human beings that are in charge of these media conglomerates is it's really astounding and that they it's not just opinion right it's like they're they're trying to get people to behave and think the way they do it's not just yes it is activism and and it's also

► 00:51:29

it's undisguised activism it's very transparent activism it's in a postage journalism I really wish there was a place where we could go we we can get 100% unbiased information and news and we can get an honest perspective of both sides this side believes this and this is why they believe that but this side believes that and this is why they believe that it's very hard to do and if you have a podcast one of the things that's really interesting is if you even talk to someone who has an opposing point of view of yours or who is right wing or who it maybe has some questionable ideas you are somehow platforming them and supporting their idea and then supporting some alt white alt-right ideology and

► 00:52:17

there's no room anymore for people to have conversations with people with differing opinions and just find out why there is there is it's right here yeah you've literally created a man seriously you you've you and a handful of other people have created this will be a nice fact we could go somewhere well if I could go somewhere and look at things I mean it's nice that I'm doing it but you gotta trust me I don't know what the fuck I'm doing I'm not the guy to be Distributing information I'm certainly not the guy to be analyzing things yeah I'm too busy okay I have too many other jobs I got three kids I got three jobs I got a lot of hobbies you know I'm fucking busy all right I'm not the guy to go to that's going to give you an in-depth comprehensive analysis about the way the world works it's not going to happen I'm not your guy yeah but what I am is someone is interested in talking to people what they should have is someone who has my I don't see my sensibilities but my my willingness to communicate

► 00:53:16

with almost anybody yeah and then also someone who does a real exhaustive research does real exhaustive research on the actual facts behind all these critical issues that are going to affect everybody I don't see that anywhere well you're not going to you're certainly not going to find it on television just because the format just doesn't allow for that you should you've got the time pressure the advertising all that it just simply doesn't allow for it and then in you know the way newspapers in journalism is going I mean the stuff that's been paying is the click Beatty sort of stuff you know the stuff that gets people outraged stuff that gets people fired up highly partisan stuff it's you know being sensible is not the in the old media that's not what seems to be profitable I know but is that everything is profitability anything mean where's real journalism yeah because II feel for real journalist because I do think that they are fighting for their lives in terms of

► 00:54:16

were like nobody I subscribe to a few different things I subscribe to The Washington Post and the New York Times and a few other periodicals online why pay money to read their stuff online because I think they have valuable contributions I just I don't think many people are doing that there's so much free shit Vox is free all these other places are free and so if you're only going with free shit you're only going to get bias stuff and you're also only going to get stories that are commercially viable to the people that are making it and what why would they be commercially viable well they got to be click baiting that's that's the only way you get people to pay attention to shit these Dennett that's I think that's that's already starting to stop working you think so I can click baby stuff yeah I don't know if you I mean if you were met think back a couple of years ago where I don't know you'd go on Facebook and you get all these kind of like BuzzFeed things and you had all these new media companies that sprung up and sort of took advantage of the clickbait era

► 00:55:16

but people are pretty people have become quite wise to that now I think and people are starting to realize I mean I think if you went back even a decade I don't think most people thought that the media in general was particularly biased maybe they would have thought okay maybe that one and that one but not just generally now I think if you were to survey people like a lot of people understand that even the ones that are supposed to be impartial things like CNN things like the New York Times especially when it comes to the opinion pieces you know people know that those things are not just giving it to you straight they know you're getting some spin some cases you're getting it from a totally partisan angle and I think if people are up front with that if they're like look we're a conservative news outlet look we're liberal left-wing news outlet and that's the filter everything is coming through if they're front upfront about that then you know I'm kind of like oh yeah that's that's fine but if people claim to be unbiased or claim to be totally impartial in just bring you the facts without putting too much opinion or spin

► 00:56:16

and then you can kind of see through that and see that's what they're doing and they may not even know that they're doing it right because so many people get stuck in these Echo Chambers so I don't think all of it is necessarily on purpose but that's just how it is and I think the vibe I'm certainly getting I know with myself and with other people and listening to what people are saying is people are starting to notice it a lot more I know you've talked a lot about the online tech censorship and bias and stuff like that which is another thing that again I think if you went back 10 years ago I don't think people thought that Facebook or Twitter or YouTube or any of these things were biased whereas now in 2019 it's like okay you've got enough examples to see okay there defede platforming a lot of people of certain political Persuasions and then you've got other people who are outright calling for violence or just saying like crazy stuff or threatening people and they're fine they're turning a blind eye to it yeah and it's so it's just in your face and it's kind of like well this isn't me being a conspiracy theorist it's just

► 00:57:16

they've taken off that person that person that person that person but all these people are still there so these rules are not being applied fairly that's certainly the case and it's also certainly the case that they're trying to manage this stuff at scale right so the trying to manage like one of the things that I got from communicating with Jack Dorsey that had a Twitter is that you saw many got hacked yes when the head of Twitter gets hacked like damn apparently they used a very simple way to do it SMS text because they used to have a system we could send text through you know to Twitter through text messages and they hacked it that way that was so weird I was on Twitter when it happened like scrolling through my feet I was like what wait what's going on here it is fun right isn't it fun when someone like jackets hat

► 00:58:12

would someone like jackets hacked it's like wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute the guy who's a fucking head of Twitter yeah who's been at the head of this the Helm of the controversy when it comes to censorship got hacked and is pinned tweet is something about how Twitter wants to open up conversations and yeah it's like it's something very very positive yeah and then underneath it it was just like whoa I think he really does want to open up conversations and he really does believe that blockchain is eventually going to have virtually every conversation that everyone has ever had ever available for everyone online and that the idea of censorship is going to be Preposterous in the future and I think he's right and I think that's one of the reasons why his own personal philosophy is that Twitter should essentially be a town hall this is what he and I is when we got into it particularly with the Tim pool and vigil yeah when we talked about it his philosophies personal philosophy is that Twitter should be available to anyone to communicate their ideas and

► 00:59:12

which should operate much like the first amendment so you know the only thing you can't do is call for violence and docks people and things along that are they going to bring people back then they should I told him he should I said they should and then he said that there was a thing an idea of a wild west Twitter like you'd have to Twitter's he'd have a curated Twitter and then he'd have a anything goes to order to bring back Alex Jones and whoever the fuck else has been banned who's if you people yeah I mean the big ones Laura Loomer yeah all them Megan Murphy yeah Megan Murphy is a ridiculous one that's it on my podcast I want to get her on we've talked about having her honor I hope eventually I can if people don't know the what happened she got banned from cheese what's called a Turf which is a Transit exclusionary radical feminist and a trans exclusionary that's a weird word exclusionary I don't even say it right I say exclusionary exclusionary radical feminist is someone who

► 01:00:12

thinks that trans women are not women and so she has said you know publicly that she doesn't think that trans women should be in feminist spaces communicating as women and so she got into it on Twitter with someone and she said but a man is never a woman and they lifetime ban yeah they know they actually told to take that down so she took it down but she made a screenshot of it and then she posted up the screenshot that said a man is never a woman and they gave her a lifetime ban which is God damned hilarious yeah I mean that that's crazy I don't get the lifetime oh you were talking about be people on Milo as well of course my oh yeah got taken off several years ago let's see they wouldn't tell me exactly why Milo got taken off they said that Milo had harassed Leslie Jones but he hadn't he made fun of her but apparently there was some allegations that there was many accounts other than Milo's connected to Milo that my

► 01:01:12

was operating this is the allegation I don't know if that's true yeah and this is one of the reasons why they had made the decision but that might not be the case that might be the case of someone saying hey we suspect that these other accounts are also run by Milo so it's because they wouldn't say it on the podcast thing is look even if even if someone did get banned for a genuinely violating some terms of service the idea of a lifetime ban life I mean forever your 90s still banned that's insane I mean you can be a you've got you'll have literally convicted hardcore criminals on there who can have Twitter accounts and stuff but it's like okay you said something that someone didn't like Gavin mcginnises and yeah Gavin McInnes yeah there's quite a few yeah quite a few you know the problem is when you ban these people the way there they've done it radicalizes people in opposition absolutely and it also look here's the reality man Twitter is a terrible way to communicate it's fucking

► 01:02:12

herbal limited amount of text to text is a terrible way to communicate through I mean we were just talking Jamie and I were talking yesterday about disagreements that people have had that we know through emails like that emails like someone reads it wrong and then someone sends you a message hey you know this guy is disrespecting me and then you go and read it and go what is going on here man because people read into text they they just decide that things and text mean certain things they might not really be accurate yeah I think that's a problem and I think that the method of communication through Twitter is just a terrible method Twitter is good for letting people know you got things coming up like hey I got an album out yep bang perseverance perseverance zumbi Twitter's good for I love it for posting science stories okay and interesting stories for those amazing Twitter is the best social media platform by a mile I don't interact with people anymore I don't even read it I don't blame me I see

► 01:03:12

and things to the world that I think are interesting and I hope people enjoy a genuine I don't want I don't bash anybody on Twitter I don't attack anybody on Twitter I've had opportunities where someone's informed me of something that someone else has said and I'm like that's not even true people say wild stuff about you man that's interesting people say something some wild stuff about just just generally but you know I think when it comes to communication the further you move away from face to face real world communication the further you abstract away from it the worse the communication method is and the easier it is to I mean because you lose so much yes and the easier it is to intentionally distort it is it is and you know you lose so a phone call I mean real life is the best and then second to that probably a video chat after that a phone call yes after that a text after that it's sweet and the further you abstract away from it you just lose yeah more and more of the actual communication because you can't read any body language now there's no

► 01:04:12

intonation in the words you can't tell I could say something now and it's like you know you say something with small any fail it's Joey's joking but if you tweet those exact same words one person will read it and be like okay I think he's Joe I think he tweeted that with a smile on his face someone else is like no that's that's dead serious like that's a yeah something crazy he's saying there and nobody really knows and then because it's all public I mean it's Twitter's weird because there's not it's like just going into a room and just full of people into shouting something yes it's not like a forum where it's like okay this is the topic we're talking about this right now Twitter's just like this is what I think about anything and you just throw it out there and then you wait for people to people to come back with stuff you know what's interesting is when someone tries to be someone tries to establish a narrative about themselves on Twitter like Hey listen as a happily married man who's a Christian and this and that and that like we woe who you talking to well youyou shouting this out to there are you trying to

► 01:05:12

are you trying to describe yourself for people so people have a certain way of viewing you because that shit ain't gonna work they're immediately going to go why are you talking like this what kind of person says these things what kind of person like tries to establish a narrative about them well they do it before they even talk I mean people do that with their Twitter bio oh yeah with their bio I mean some people will put in you know this is my species micro Now location my pronouns my religious or non-religious views you know who I vote for like all of that yeah here's my advice folks if you see anybody that says they them as their pronouns block them just black them right now no cause I've got something I'm trying to coin is zoombies Razor which is that if someone on Twitter has their pronouns in their bio then there's like a 95% chance that you can just dismiss them as I just miss a lot of would absolutely do bees razor is a very good way to describe me and I'm gonna use that from now on I'm gonna call it zeebee razor you know what's interesting I notice that you have an Android phone what Apple did the

► 01:06:12

like people is when someone is about to write a text to get those dots dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot to let you know they're typing and then it goes away like oh they were gonna type something and then they fucking stopped whereas with Android you send a text you get a text back maybe you do maybe you don't but you don't know if anybody's in the middle they could write some long lengthy bullshit tax and then wake up sober and go oh my God thank God I didn't send that you know it's like emails you don't know whether or not someone's going to someone's replying to an email but that dot dot dot dot dot dot you get that on Instagram too if you send a DM to someone it says typing ooh that's a weird one just people anxiety to it does you can annoy people you can you can just start typing then walk away just start typing you go to the movies just just keep the app open and use other apps yeah it's crazy all the Social Media stuff I feel like we're just right now in the middle of

► 01:07:12

sort of the biggest experiment among humankind that's ever taken place and we're you know we're all guinea pigs in it like we have no idea what the long-term implications and repercussions of some of the stuff is going to be but it's like we're all just in here using all these different platforms and I mean you can already see some of the effects yeah it's seems pretty well documented that things like depression and anxiety are going up as use of social media goes up I mean literally during the introduction of it with smartphones it's the combination of smart phones and social media yeah I think that does I don't it's not smart phones alone it's not social media alone like when you had to go log in on a PC to use MySpace or Friendster or high-five or whatever and then you go out the house and you're no longer on it is just affect people are constantly carrying it around and yeah I'm trying to get this validation and you know you've got Instagram now talking about potentially removing likes or that's hilarious YouTube removing views because they're seeing how it's affecting people and all this kind of stuff and yeah if that's not going to work though

► 01:08:13

this is too late the Box is open you know you are a grown-ass man so for you you can handle all this shit yeah I think the real problem is kids yeah kids growing up being 13 and 14 and having Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and having Anonymous people say really shitty things to them Anonymous friends or enemies at school that's a real issue and Jonathan hate wrote a great book called The coddling of the American mind look it's really good okay and it goes into that and debit it really made me fucking super nervous for my kids like the growing up and developing during this time where we have this you know sort of Uncharted Territory of social media that's not like a lot of documented history of use we can go back 200 years of people using social media and this is the way to do it healthily and this the way to you know there's people that are just fucking tweeting all day long it's just an experiment a lot and going crazy pulling their fucking hair out taking pills

► 01:09:12

barely barely getting by in this life and just tweeting all day long yeah it's weird and you've got people have different and then you've got people who just post ten selfies a day the same same picture same face and just good it really yeah there's some it's generally women but there's some people's profiles you can go and it's just you go on their Instagram page and it's just all just their face the same face same pose and or just a fun day's just about over and over and over again you see that video clip where the girl had the selfie stick and she's trying to get a photo of her own but with this with a selfie stick she's like on a deck chair I seen that yeah that's hilarious and someone took a picture for doing it so her ass is straight up in the air and she's got the selfie stick up like that oh my God she's trying to get that perfect ass angles like well that's the 2019 stay thirsty people are So Thirsty they want like so badly yeah it is it is very weird and then you've had people who have died because of it

► 01:10:11

oh yeah yeah I don't think Canyon if I keep falling off the ground can't really yeah falling to their death yeah people falling off buildings there was that couple where the there she is Bam selfie stick Still Loving Our Generation who posted that I know she actually has got her selfie stick Barstool she has gotten selfie style she does have a selfie stick oh she put it on the selfie stick look at that dirty bitch see she right there she's got her arm up and she's like not good enough let's get that selfie stick out my God that is so hilarious strange but imagine if that's your daughter you like no it's really strange what have I done because I think it's both exposed people for what they are but it's also change people's behavior yeah you know people do things now that you just wouldn't even something as simple as taking a picture of your food well here's something that never existed before yeah this is a move that women do where to put my phone oh my God I lost my phone

► 01:11:11

it's probably my car oh well no my purse my man members this is something that you see now that you never saw before ready who's the look

► 01:11:23

oh yeah yeah chicken neck girls do the trying to get the right angle gotta get the right side nobody's do that before now right that's a new thing that's a new movement of the head yeah it's taking photos of yourself is a pretty New Concept I remember in my space people used to do it in the mirror and the bathrooms and bathroom and stuff like that right and that's when they first got thirsty yeah the first start seeing six packs and nice asses and people yeah it's just weird I just wonder what the effect will be in a couple decades to be honest with you coincidentally my space is also right around the time that why people started figuring out they like big asses something's happened with that hasn't there I was talking about this with one of my friends let it go back to like the Dukes of Hazzard yeah okay that's what I was talking about the other day Catherine Duke she was like one of the hottest women on the planet Earth and like 1980 and she's a beautiful lady with an ass as flat as this table she probably never did a squat yeah ever

► 01:12:23

and nowadays that won't fly you know you can't get by you can't get by without a Big Caboose it's weird it's part Evolution part diet part I don't know doctors doctors you know going to the gym has become a lot more mainstream though in general hasn't it it certainly has but there's a lot of gals out there faking the funk yeah there's a lot of gals out there with some plastic shoving their buttocks area and ready for this dun dun dumb ass cancer there's a a whole group of humans that are experiencing cancer in their ass because of Assam plant really the same kind of cancer that many women get when they get breast implants oh it's not a hundred percent of them but it's it's

► 01:13:12

it's relevant like is there's an issue there was an article written about it recently that women are started there to start doctors are starting to find the same types of cancer that some women get because you know everyone's body reacts differently to everything and there are certain risks that you take if you get some sort of an implant in your body that your body rejects it or that it causes cancer so women are getting cancer of their ass man that's a rough cancer bro the other go in there and scoop out chunks of your butt and maybe you die maybe you die it's not worth it because you weren't willing to do squats now to do squats that's the thing you can do squats it's like if a guy has a little dick alright and there was a machine that let you build your dick up there would be a line around the block for that machine all right I mean everybody would be on that goddamn dick machine but women have a way to build their ass up it is a real thing you can do squats and deadlifts you can run stairs you can do squats and deadlifts and you will get a big first

► 01:14:12

our mass and it works you know you're not going to get a JLo ass unless you got those hips yeah that's have you seen the when guys do the like the six-pack implants or of course you must have seen like since you know Synthol and stuff with me where they inject the oil into the make tassels will swell up people do weird crazy people do some strange some really strange stuff the six-pack one is the weirdest though yeah because it's just this is just there all the time yeah even if they accept yeah but it looks weird some even if you've even if they gain weight and yeah the rest of their body is kind of flabby you still just got it looks like a ninja turtle so yeah that's it is like that's the perfect way to describe it oh my God yeah it looks like a big implants over his keg it looks like a Bowser Bowser for Mario you know show me that in a large version Jesus Christ that's weird right that's so crazy because that guy is fat it just doesn't

► 01:15:12

wow that's so weird

► 01:15:15

and that's definitely fake is only that guy just does a shit ton of sit-ups no because he's got a barrel chest but it doesn't have any any packs which is weird who is that says celebs think this guy was on Big Brother in the UK and he definitely got a nap in plant yeah that's a fact Yeah a hundred percent I'm pretty sure plastic surgery plastic AB go back to that image that you were just at before go back to where you just wear it now scroll down no no the other side scroll down now the boxer right there on the left hand side yeah that guy was a boxer above it right there that guy had PEC implants okay that was a boxer with PEC implants and like crazy plastic surgery face he we watched a video of him before he was fighting in Mexico he had like fixed fights in Mexico remember that this guy had like fake everything like fake fake chest and fake muscles and so weird because I don't know

► 01:16:15

not because it's so strange because it doesn't it doesn't even function yeah right if you had big arms or arms arms that look big pumped up with Synthol or whatever but then they're not even strong right and then the problem is look at that neck grab ahold of that neck bro you ain't you ain't defending any chokes sir that is a tiny-ass neck oh that that one there that before and after really shows on the left the ABS oh yeah go to the far left yeah you can direct their shows that wow that's incredible my God but what's weird is because your abs only look like that if you're leaning like if you're if you're flexing them yes but when they do that it's like that all the time all the time so it just it just look right look at that that's incredible different is touching touching so it's not an implant but like sculpting in some way with that guy that guy did also lose weight between those two pictures yeah he certainly did he certainly dropped his body and it looks like his arms and chest got bigger to he leaned out I'm

► 01:17:15

buying that one on might be just and then that you got that Synthol guy up there I don't know people do some people do some strange things but the thing is a woman can get things done like boobs and no one cares guys like she looks hot but if a guy's got like a fucking sock in it yeah well that we're looking at a girl who has fake implants of her abdomen her abdominal muscles that are so obviously fake that they're over her ribs like those muscles are literally over the rib cage where they don't even belong no that's not so look at her face to steroids yes so you can see like look at yeah so look at that guy you can see when he's sitting go to that guy like you see the ABS are still just God it's just so ridiculous it doesn't look at ideas to bro you gotta lose weight if you want to rock a fit that's so lazy 8 back to its so lazy see abs are a weird one because if you really desperately wanted ABS everybody can get him if you just work hard enough you know ABS it's not like

► 01:18:15

whatwhat is that Jesus Christ that guy's abs and then a weird swelling underneath yeah it's going on his flesh fanny pack but that's what is that I don't know sorry I just what is that that's just a weird picture yeah yeah but guys with fake things like get no respect you know what I mean like a guy with a fake dick like get out of here I got with a fake packs kit go away what is this whoa inject it into his balls balls oh my God man dies after injecting silicone into his testicles for sex cult game okay yeah that's hella had issues but like dudes with fake pecs and guys would fake muscles like nobody wants to see that shit no I just go to the gym and eat right it does work yeah we mash up there were really if there was a dick rowing machine you know like I squat rack for your dick boy boy would there be a line but after

► 01:19:15

it wouldn't just become like that would just become the new Norm if every yeah girls would be all stretched out everybody have a giant hog but you know I don't actually think most people would do you just like most people don't go to the gym I mean you've already got this option to increase your muscles to make yourself look better and most people don't do it so I'm not convinced that if it took actual work and effort I don't actually think the majority of people would do it I think you're a hundred percent correct yeah it was difficult it was Hardware that's why people want these operations all they have to do is go to the doctor's office and Doc's going to take care of everything Mike I'm going to put you under and when you wake up you're going to have a hog of a lifetime you're going to have the giant pecs and a full sculpted six-pack and Synthol stuffed muscles there's one video of this guy it's Brazilian dude who's got these Synthol muscles and he's dancing and it looks like he's got water balloons all over the body dysmorphia more people just don't see what other people see like same as anorexics

► 01:20:15

and same as you know I guess bodybuilders have that same issue like a lot of really enormous body builders still feel like they look small yeah it's it's weird man it's weird like I just think if you want to change your body you want to change your physique you want to feel better you want to feel more confident there is a way to do that yes that doesn't involve paying tens of thousands of dollars of taking massive health risks or getting caught up or anything like that just go to the gym lift training it works yeah it really it really does work not everyone's going to be able to reach some Elite level but you know everyone can look better man everyone can look better the people that I have sympathy for people with physical deformities and you know issues that you just can't grow muscle or something's wrong with your body or you have a disease like yeah I get it then for those people I do truly hope that science comes up with a solution and it's through some sort of crisper type engineering they're able to

► 01:21:15

he'll question for you Joe do you think that there's any sort of limit in terms of what science maybe could do but sort of should not do you like I science advances and things get a little more crazy and they're looking into things like making people Immortal or all that kind of hmm in your own mind do you think there's like a level where it's like maybe we should like leave this alone and not go not go that far I don't know what I think even if you do think that and I'm sure that you could find examples where I would say that's a bad idea it's not going to matter because I think that people are going to do it and if the United States is going to do it China's going to do it yeah I mean I think China is already experimenting on people and pretty pretty radical ways and are they doing yeah they're doing crisper on fetuses and you know they're they're going to do genetic engineering I think it's in you know it's just in the cards in our lifetime we're going to see some product of genetic engineering

► 01:22:15

during that some super freak athlete yeah I mean I'm when you and I are old men we're going to be watching television or whatever the fuck they have back then or in the future rather and we're going to see someone who can fucking jump over buildings we're going to see someone who can you know literally fly over cars just leap over things and just someone with Preposterous physical attributes that's all created in a laboratory yeah if you think about the greatest athletes the world has ever known you know you look at like the the very best physical specimens that Humanity has to offer and they just figured out okay well what are the traits and how do we how do we impart those on people and how do we actually improve them how do we double them in triple them you know you know what mile Statin Inhibitors are yes I do they allow the muscle to grow far beyond what yeah and they exist in for whatever reason in some cows naturally and also whippets yeah but we just

► 01:23:15

Wheeling weird jacked up so weird I've shown people pictures and like that's not real and like it is real something with whippets apparently when they breed them you know like breeding dogs is weird like I have a friend as a chocolate lab and their eyes are about as close together as my two fingers are that dog is fucked like it just it just like I don't like being around it'll bite you like it's a it's over bread like it's like some fucking West Virginia hillbilly just left alone and some small town I can't get anywhere and then there are people like that right is inbred people well there's inbred dog a big problem in with royalty right yes yes yeah because they only had to breed with other world to yeah this whatever reason when you breed whippets and something goes wrong because they're just breeding with other whippets they developed this fucking Preposterous ability to grow muscle and they would like Hulk dogs that's not that's going to happen to people man there was already a boy who was born

► 01:24:15

in Germany I believe who had a natural problem he's like his body naturally had the same issue that a whippet had have you ever seen I think I know I'm trying to remember his name because I know the kid you're talking see if you can pull that up well there was one kid they're called them the young Hulk it turned out that his father was actually injecting with steroids when I was a little kid which is awful but this is a boy from Germany who had this mile stat inhibitor problem and he was fucking Jack how old he was little yeah like four or five at the time when I saw the pictures and I'm talking just thick muscle caps you know he looked like Paul Costa the guy who fights in the UFC just fucking jacked That's Not Just Jack Jack little baby that's so yeah we're gonna we're gonna see the Hulk and I'll look a real live version of the Hulk it's gonna happen I don't know that that kind of stuff it does freaked me out because it's kind of like Eugenics 2.0 right yeah

► 01:25:15

you know it's kind of like men well how where's this stuff all going to write all going to go well there's a beauty in our diversity like our physical diversity there's a beauty in the factors really tall people and really short people and really smart people really stupid people and sometimes stupid people really good at certain things sometimes smart people are really bad at other things it's and this is like there's a beauty in the chaos of human life is that we are all weird and different and if you can find your way everyone can make some sort of contribution it's not that everyone's going to make some sort of contribution but it's possible that most of us can find something where other people find Value in what you do and you could do something in an extraordinary way yeah definitely I think a great way to stay humble is to always remember that like everybody is superior Superior to you in some way shape or form right you know you it seems like you've got people who are kind of awesome at everything

► 01:26:15

or whatever but it's like you know what like every person out there has got something that especially if they tapped into it and they actually reached some fraction of their potential then people have people are capable of all kinds of crazy things when they actually do it and they trained and they work on it another perspective enhancers that the grave beckons mean you we're all going to die and you would Welling on what you're great at or not great at in this life it's like okay yeah got much time bro it seems like you do but it'll be there before you know it the that grim reapers going to be knocking on your door yeah I think that's motivational though there's a little blanket yeah yeah he's four years old fucking Jack jeez is that the kid it does gymnastics the best I could I thought I'd this is who you're talking to you type in myostatin Inhibitors yeah but I don't know if it's coming up on him if they have studies on him but I don't know if that's him he's Jack though he's fucking it look at look at that he's so Jack he's

► 01:27:15

we're years old and he's built like a seventeen-year-old super dude look at the hottest shit yeah the shoulder striations yeah that is so unusual now that's not normal no so unusual that guy's gonna fuck his way through grammar school that's not normal tank yeah we're going to see a lot of those we're going to see a lot of those coming out of China mark my words you know there is not that big anymore now that's him now okay what happened stop lifting weights they got him off the shit 15 now maybe see when I see something like that and then I also see him lifting weights was younger I don't think this is the same one because that's also he's Italian right Romanian his Romanian there's another kid from Michigan which he said Germany so I thought it was a German kid yeah I think you're talking about but we could search for a long time before we find it interrupts the podcast will never get done but

► 01:28:15

I think we're going to see that I think to answer your question though yeah I think there's probably a lot of things that we shouldn't do you know but what are those things and who's to decide and does it really matter I mean look it's entirely possible that this fucking plan is going to get hit with In Our Lifetime by a giant asteroid we're going to wipe us all out possible that's possible it's possible that's not outside the realm yeah I mean this is there was a big one it's supposed to there's a real chance of might hit around 2029

► 01:28:44

I thought we were all supposed to be marked by in 2000 or so but I don't know that was just the Y2K that's why do you think that was just the bug was going to stop civilization in its tracks yeah hilarious is that when they were coding they didn't take into account that the 1900s going to switch over to the mm Ive ever even even at that time when I was a lot younger and I was thinking surely they work that out like sure you'll just go from 99 to 0 they're not kids not going to just explode and kill this guy they worked it out and you had people like hiding underground and doomsday prepping and although imagine if you spent all your money building a bunker in your backyard and then the day after 2000 you poke your head out birds chirping people driving hi Mike hey Cindy fucking normal bunker to stay in there to stay safe face yeah yeah I mean look people are fucking silly but we all have this understanding

► 01:29:43

in this appreciation the fact that we civilization like our grid our power grid is fragile the internet's fragile there's a fucking there's wires that go under the ocean that connect us to other countries that's how it works the internet is literally wires laid down at the bottom of the ocean that connect us with Europe yeah it's not it's crazy how quickly it's how quickly it happened as well yeah it's interesting with me I mean I was born in 86 and I remember in you know the late 80s when you can even render a circle on a screen right like they didn't have the technology to make an actual Circle so in all the video games and graphics and stuff it would either be a square or at best a hexagon or an octagon because you couldn't actually do round curves and that's in my own Lifetime and then I remember the early days of the internet when I was especially when I was in boarding school and stuff and using Geo cities and Netscape and all that kind of stuff and it's

► 01:30:43

just kind of crazy how it's gone from that and all these Atari 2600 and these very basic video games and stuff like that and the Apple II he's with the big floppy disks and all that stuff and I'm just like man I'm only I mean I just turned 33 and I'm like man that's just in my own lifetime so in another 10 20 30 years it's yeah it's amazing to just think of what stuff's going to be like because they'll look back on what we have now and what we have everything we have now is going to look like the Atari 2600 does to me right now they'll be looking at these phones and being like yeah - people used to use this inevitable yeah you know what's interesting is that there's there's nothing classic from our lifetime either classic classic like like there's classic things from like the night like classic muscle cars for example from the 1960s people love them classic cars for the 90s can go fuck themselves no

► 01:31:43

everyone wants a 1990 car get the fuck out of here with us it already classic by like the 80s though like classic rock was already classic rock yeah man it against it happened quick what people realize that something had happened there was this like this blip in time where people went wild and they you know we talked about it with Aoki yesterday we're talking about Hendrix and Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison these people just were a part of this revolutionary change in culture and then it was swiped out in the 1970s so by the time 1980s came around when I was in high school 1970 cars were fucking classic cars okay they were classic mug at 1970 Chevelle in 1981 when I was 14 was the shit okay it was like a classic muscle car like my mom had a 1970 Barracuda 1971 Barracuda when I was fourteen to nineteen eighty one that was the shit but it was a classic car was an old car but was 10 years old okay it's like we realized some way

► 01:32:44

that the culture has shifted and that was never going to happen again because cars were dog shit in the 80s they were just dog if you didn't have a Porsche Porsche is probably the only cars that are still cool like I have a 1993 RS America it's a very lightweight air-cooled Porsche super lightweight stripped-down no air conditioning no radio it's a fun card so that's like one of the rare cars it's worth a fuck from 1990's one of the rare ones most of the shit from that era is just nonsense you know for whatever reason they just the 80s and the 90s like people just said they went into this dull zone of creativity modicum find a lot of things classic video games though I guess music music in video games entertainment yeah music films comedy condo that was Eddie Murphy Delirious and 80s yeah a lot of Richard Pryor ships from the 80s it was amazing so maybe not in terms of tech or manufacturing yeah but in entertainment I think entertainment and culture I think

► 01:33:44

some key stuff happened in that decade well there's these bursts of novelty and of creativity and we're certainly in the middle of one right now like right now is probably one of the more interesting times be alive in terms of like constant Innovation and new things being created Apple has apparently some new AR glasses they're about to release okay demented reality glasses yeah I also just think now the time we live is people just have the opportunity and potential and power people have as individuals now is insane yeah it's not what it's ever been before I mean nobody told you to start this podcast right this is just something you you'd started and you've been doing any been doing it now for a decade plus and you've got the ability to broadcast this out to millions of people doesn't matter where they are in the world I mean I live in the UK I flew over here to come do this podcast and I had people in the UK all cool awesome you're going on Joe Rogan yeah I watched that and it's like that's thousands of miles away and you've got people all over and you can reach all of them largely for

► 01:34:44

you to write you can just do that you can put something out on your phone you can reach millions of people through their whatever it is you're trying to communicate whatever it is you're trying to promote I mean that's new yeah I really enjoy the fact that it's free I think that's the coolest aspect of one of the big media things today which are podcast is that you could just get them it's just like I download so many of them out and get them all the time and they're they're always new ones they're always available yeah and you get them it's I love the fact that you can get them instantly to yeah like if you have your podcast on you I do yeah real talk with you be real talk with zu viel talk so I can go right now to my iTunes and I'll type in right here we are we guard there when the podcast app and we're going to go with real talk with zubi talk with zu there it is Bam real talk with Zoo be here it is Boom good and I'm going to subscribe and then I'm going to see will check mark and then I'm going to download cop Pals from everybody else go to the same right now everybody goes

► 01:35:44

I mean this is what's crazy is that you can like instantaneously play it I mean we're having this conversation on so by benign images I mean come on and that's crazy I shot up that's that's the most amazing thing in our lifetime it is it you just pull that out of the air this thing is like in the air yeah it's not connected as shit and I'm just pulling things now the sky with you know it's not I feel like people are aware of it but they're kind of not most people are not you know what I mean like people that are are yeah people people use it everybody knows the internet exists everyone knows social medias there I don't think people realize like what you can really do with those tools it's like yeah you can sit there on Twitter and be mean to people and Troy and Troy and Troll and go on YouTube and write mean comments or whatever you can do that but you can also just create something from nothing right if you have a comedian you're a musician you're an actor whatever you can just go Ms make a YouTube channel create new channel create new account yeah and you can just start putting

► 01:36:44

stuff out there you've got a phone which can record an HD 4K video good audio I mean it's not safe enough to I just go back to the 90s or early thousands and you look at music videos and stuff like that and an iPhone or a standard Android can record better quality video than the top tier stuff that they were recording music videos on films with not so long ago and it's

► 01:37:08

like man that's just in your pocket especially the new Android like the Galaxy Note 10.1 the ability to blur the background like portrait mode in 4K video so you're making 4K video not just blurred but they also have this filter that you can make the background kind of fucked up and Scratchy like an old VHS tape okay you could do cool effects with video while in real time I mean it's they also have wide angle lenses so you can film and take photos and wide angle they have night vision mode where it turns night into a much more visible environment it's it's weird it's weird and it's still early yeah crazy thing is that it's still early I love the fact they're all competing with each other right like apple has to come up with something better than Samsung's done and Huawei and you know one plus it's like it's this Mad Dash to come up with the greatest shit the world's ever seen it everyone's doing it I do think that it would be good to have a little bit of a moratorium on new phones though really why

► 01:38:08

they won't do it but they never will there's no of course not of course not they want to keep the competition going keep people fired up but the differences between them now or so incremental it's just diminishing returns now so you know if you put out a new phone every six months or every 12 months the difference between them now is kind of like sort of but the difference between like if you look at like the screen real estate of like a Galaxy Note 10 versus an iPod iPhone 10 which is what I have the 10s - Max that was a shit just a few months ago yeah but when you look at that next to like Steve Aoki was here yesterday and he had a Galaxy S 10 plus is that what it was that thing looks way cooler than this but you look at them right next to each other like oh there's no there's no bezels on the outside and there's no Notch at the top yeah this is a tiny little hole where the camera is yeah what I guess what I mean is like the difference between the Galaxy S5 and S6 Edge was like

► 01:39:08

bleep right and then between the S6 and the seven little less 397 the S8 little less I mean between you what do you got over there what do you use this is a 1 plus 6 I'll give them a should give them a shout out um that's a great phone y 1 plus makes a great phone a sort of unheralded phone and they have the very best in screen fingerprint reader apparently yeah so shout out to flossie car got to teach in me yeah so they've made three new ones since this version I only got this last year but this is already three generations let me see that and that's all pretty fucking cool the new ones the one plus seven the 1 + 7 has a full screen so I got Megatron on the back then oh nice the 1 + 7 has a full screen there's no Notch at all there's nothing I know cam camera go and a little motor which is pretty incredible yeah a lot of people here don't seem to know one plus no one seems confused by my phone here right that's everybody's Apple crazy

► 01:40:08

okay I guess it's everyone's locked into the ecosystem okay Apple's done an amazing job of roping everybody into their ecosystem 100% with imessage and with airdrop okay those two things and FaceTime FaceTime we're thing over here everybody face times people there's a new thing like I got FaceTime calls for my friends I just FaceTiming out of the bloop bloop

► 01:40:28

I'm like all right I guess we're going to talk on video one and then they're there and then your videotape like the first one to do it to me was Killer Mike I was taking a shit and Killer Mike facetimes me I'm like what's up man but apparently kids are doing and your Schultz does it a lot of a lot of people just FaceTime people now that's the new thing yeah people are in the FaceTiming Schultz is an interesting example because he's a guy that couldn't get a Netflix deal couldn't get a Comedy Central deal so he said okay I know what I'll do I know I've got great comedy I will just put it all on YouTube and he created this YouTube channel he put his stand-up comedy special he was self-produced it paid for everything put it up on YouTube and it's got millions of views and he went from being a guy that didn't really sell out clubs all that often to selling out theaters multiple shows and it happened inside of here yeah just all self-made all done by himself with with the people that he works with he puts little Clips on his Instagram

► 01:41:28

they get hyped up he promotes them that way he put script clips on YouTube and now other Comics are following suit and I realized like hey this is the way to do this in so many people can watch YouTube on their television now today oh yeah of course yeah just the opportunity out there right now is incredible yeah it's incredible I mean I posted a dumb 9 second video on Twitter and you know got International international coverage on it have been invited here by out to LA I'm now on you know The Joe Rogan Experience doing all these other podcasts and it's just it's just nuts you know you can heat for that of course yeah what it what do people say well 99.5% was positive most people got it the people who are angry it was kind of funny because people were angry for different reasons because a lot of people didn't get it so I don't wanna see a lot of people a few people didn't get it so some people were upset with me saying that what I did was not fair towards women

► 01:42:28

but uh yeah it's kind of yeah you kind of got the point but you also sort of usually missed it here so I got some people saying that you know you're not a real woman and you shouldn't be doing this what you did was unfair but against women and blah blah blah so ditch diggers I'm kind of like dude you're always gonna have you're always going to have people that need you need them to dig holes yeah yeah and that not gonna get it and that and then of course there were the people who are trying to say that it was some attack on trans people as a whole or the entire trans Community or something something like this and it was just like no it's just making a very biological factual point this is not an attack on any individual nor group and like you said I mean online once we as people try to read malice and stuff into things that's not there yeah someone will see one tweet and they'll start coming up with all these weird assumptions about what you believe or what they think you are or whatever and you're just like no that's not what I said that's not what I believe I just said what I

► 01:43:28

I said I did what I did that is one of the interesting things about tweets right is that if you can Define some 140 characters a bigoted moron who's this and that and boom and then you send that tweet out there and then you know you read it in like hey that's not me no but it's these mischaracterizations are so easy when there's a hundred forty characters or 280 character a lot of it is malice to you know if people don't understand something or something goes against their beliefs or their ideology it's a lot easier to just try to demonize the person yes saying it or slap some kind of label on them which means that you can just yeah ignore that person yeah it's people try to do it all the time it's not something that works with me because I'm very aware and cognizant of these type of tactics and stuff people try to use to mob people to shut them down or whatever so it doesn't work on me personally I've had tons of mobs come after me and try to you know label me some sure your reasonable yeah this is the thing it is it just doesn't work because I don't play into the game yeah they just end up

► 01:44:28

looking silly because they'll say something and you're just like no well you've got your finger on the pulse of culture and all these shifting tides and turns where do you think this is going because this is not something that we experienced 10-15 years ago this is this is all like the boiling point is completely new yeah what do you what do you think this is going that's a good question I is like a particular aspect of it do you mean the the political stuff or well the animosity for sure but yeah teams heightened it is Idle it seems more people are particularly politically more polarized now than ever before the quickest I've ever seen for people to label someone a bigot or a racist or a transphobic or a sexist it's like everyone wanted there's there's so much intensity involved in discourse today that and I tribute some event to the dismay of having a maniac in the White House you know that was a little bit of that he's more of a

► 01:45:28

the symptom than a cause it was already happening and I'd already seen it happening yeah so that's a big reason why he won as far as I'm concerned because people were getting tired of some of the nonsense yeah well people are getting tired of I often joke I mean it seems like in 2015 and 2016 the the strategy of you know some of the democratic party was to call half the population racist and that didn't work so now their strategies to call 70% of the population racism and it doesn't work I mean it doesn't in dear people to you if you're trying to win people over then trying to call them things that are not is really not a good idea and a big problem with it as well is one it dilutes the terms right when people start throwing around these terms racist not see white supremacist are it dilutes the terms completely because if you start with happen with Google with Google where they called Ben Shapiro oh yeah and who's that

► 01:46:28

Jus an orthodox Jew they call it to Orthodox Jew or what one of those and Dennis Prager was also Jewish they label them and internal memos as Nazis it's insane not see it's crazy I've been called a Nazi whoo I'm a young black man I'll be called watch I've been called a black white supremacist I'm not even just no way that you really yeah so like Clayton Bigsby from the Dave Chappelle Show I am wish I were joking I'm best thing is like three other people who have called me that were white 20 so I was just like you carry the Ridiculousness of what you're what you're saying here yeah so people just throw around these labels and I think his problem for a lot of reasons I think one it massively minimizes the reality of people who have actually gone through some crap or been oppressed or something like that if you start just tossing these things around if you start comparing stuff to Nazi Germany or whatever

► 01:47:22

the people who genuinely went through that stuff will be like wait what are you even talking about right that's not fair number two is it just it makes it really hard to actually determine a sort of it dilutes the terms so things that should have a sting lose their Sting If you're going to just call everybody erases you're going to call everybody a white supremacist going to call everybody these things then it looked these words lose their power and then third it actually provides cover for genuine people who hold these views right like white supremacy is not some big popular common thing but you know those people do still exist neo-nazis do actually exist and you're providing massive cover for them all if you're going to just start going around in bandying out these terms what like willy nilly because now when people hear those terms if you hear oh so-and-so is called a Nazi now my default that you know 10 years ago I would have been like oh really like we know what is this serious right now I mean now

► 01:48:22

do you mean like an actual not see or do you mean like to me he cried wolf exactly exactly and you know it just becomes the stage where words just lose their meanings and I don't even know I don't take these accusations even seriously anymore and a lot of people feel the same way because so many people have been called these things I mean what do you think it's going to normalize where everyone's going to calm down I think it's going to keep ramping up it's a good question depend I think it depends on whether or not Donald Trump wins again I think if he wins again it might ramp up I think he will win again because it's ramping I think that people need to chill I really think that's really that's really what it is people need to chill and not get so caught up in you know it's so weird we're living in this time where people are saying that gender is a spectrum but yet

► 01:49:15

politics is binary okay so your left you're on the left or on the right that's good point that's it and it's like no most people I mean firstly most people are relatively a political most people are not actually that politically charged like right you know most people are busy most most people just want to get on with their lives and not really because I wanna get fucked over there taxes exactly want their schools to be good yeah and they're not you know they don't want people to be discriminated against and outright people exactly they're not ride or die for The Blue Team or ride-or-die for the red team you know it's so weird when they are too yeah it is it's exhausting when you're around someone who's really political oh yeah I mean I get it if that's your job and that's what you do and what not but ultimately look all these people have to live in the same town City Country Planet so we need a way for all of these people and all of this diversity on all levels to work and function and people don't step on each other's toes too much and everyone can do that things have their beliefs how their views and not

► 01:50:15

lovely encroach on other people and I think I think we'd actually worked out pretty well I want to say in like the late 90s to early 2010's stuff seemed certainly in the west like okay we've kind of kind of got it here and that's why I feel a little bit dismayed when I see some of these ideas popping up or some of this identity politics nonsense and stuff popping up over the last five to six years and people are kind of falling back into this very tribal mentality whether it's men versus women or black versus white or Red vs. blue or remain versus leave whatever it is I'm just kind of like look I look at people as individuals people I'm not going to be I'm not running around the street trying to find how do we promote that though how do we promotion looking at people as individuals because I think that is really that that's that's one of the keys to getting out of this mess it is is to stop tribal ideological recognition and definitions of humans just to look at people's

► 01:51:15

is Tom this is Sally this is this guy this is that girl this is this non-binary person where the fuck they are think there's a lot to learn from children in that regard because I don't think kids generally they don't have a fuck it's don't care give a fuck kids don't care I mean where I grew up in Saudi Arabia I mean off the bat I was just surrounded by people of all different skin colors different nationalities different religions and it was just always cool some of these ideas like I'd never heard people talking about race anytime more in my life than now hmm which is really weird to me right there you know in the 90s in the thousands I did wasn't hearing people talking about you know white privilege this white for the white man that weapon and suddenly it's like you know oh let me tell you about my blackness or you know you're in terms like Blackness and whiteness and it's like what you even talking about like this is this is nonsense people of color this but I can't stand that term by the way they don't like just all this terminology and people are just talking in these really bizarre ways

► 01:52:15

just kind of grouping people into these weird groups that I'm just like what's the point of all this what they are paid get some juice out of it you know that's why it for them it's worth the squeeze yeah because they get something you know they get something by appealing to fellow Europeans or by appealing to you know like the straight Pride Parade you know they got a bunch of people to fucking parade they got together like I'm so proud of being straight like oh great you're proud of being 90% of the fucking population more than that shape people are under attack like what does that mean that is so crazy gay pride makes sense they I know a bunch of guys I know at least three that are in the closet that want to come out but can't they're scared whether it's because of their career because their life you know they're gay amongst their friends they let their front but they don't want to tell anybody so for them

► 01:53:15

it's like a lot of conservatives right GE GE is the only thing that you can hide right like if if you're black it's obvious yeah if you're white it's obvious if you're gay no one knows no one knows so you can hear people say gay jokes and say mean things and and you could just swallow it and like you know and you could feel terrible and you could hear pastors talk about are you going to hell if you're gay and you're like fuck and there are gay and they can't come out so for them the idea of Gay Pride makes sense it's a celebration it's an affirmation that it's okay to be who you are yeah that's that makes sense straight pride is fucking Preposterous it's so ridiculous man every fucking most people are straight bitch what are you doing you're taking time out of your busy day and you gonna March you got a flat what what's if the gay pride thing is a rainbow what a straight people get I don't know what's the flag

► 01:54:15

kind of greedy they took the whole rainbow they did they stole from the leprechaun secreted what is the let's stop and think about that like was the straight pride flag what color would it be maybe all black or all white I don't know black and white I don't know hmm what does that black-and-white is a black-and-white for real there's a frog there is I said fagin meditate flag sorry Kent Freud really there's a Googled it there's pictures of please put it on please put up the fucking straight oh there we go yeah black nice Christ it's exactly what I thought it would be I was going to say it'll have them mail it to you fucking nailed it look at that that's incredible I mean but I don't know bro we need to get that hang one of those in the studio straight pride flag holy shit

► 01:55:04

holy shit there's a straight pride flag this life everything you know I know goddamn it that's hilarious though meanwhile the gay one they have a way better flag make America straight again oh my God oh my God it's straight dude that's why there's so many of us you fucking America is mostly straight that's why there's 320 million people look at people can do what they want been the fact that I was joking thinking this a straight pride flag and the fact that you nailed it perfectly that's probably black and white that's another one red and pink and blue the fuck out of here with that one zone another one oh so they're just does division amongst the straight Pride folks they can't decide what's what it's great to be straight look at this oh what do you get what do you get people that no one wants to fuck look at them look at them not guys get an American flag bandana bitch you ain't Hulk Hogan you take that goddamn thing off right now

► 01:56:04

but a bandana around his head stop well what do we do to be doing keep doing what we're doing man I think discussion to answer your question I think discussion is what is needed to keep the keep the lid on the lid on the pot I think I think that's why it's you know when we were talking about like d platforming and all that kind of stuff all that stuff plays into the polarization as far as I'm concerned I agree you know it drives people underground and pushes people to radical fringes and what not what you want is just keep the communication channels open I mean you've only got three ways of dealing with any conflict you can talk you can segregate or you can fight yeah doesn't matter if you're talking individually or countries that those are the only three options so as soon as discussion breaks down or people don't want to talk or people think oh I can't talk to that person because they they voted Trump or that they voted leave or they voted liberal or they voted Democrat or whatever as soon as that breaks down and I mean

► 01:57:04

crazy you seeing all these stories about couples breaking up or families where the parents won't talk to the kids anymore or vice versa or people are kind of you know exiling and denouncing their own friends and family over politics and when I see stuff like that I'm like that is sad it's very very sad I mean if you you can have a disagreement you can say okay I believe in this I think this I'm going to vote that way you vote that way cool but you can still be friends you can still be brothers you can still be cool like that stuff I mean if stuff is functioning correctly politics shouldn't play such a huge role in your life it should be a very much a background thing you know what I mean it's just there so one of the main characteristics and Cults yeah is to separate you from anybody who disagrees it is it really is and that's one of the things that they do in college they separate you from your family it's one of the first things they do it is and that's how people end up in Echo Chambers people are like oh how did we not see Trump coming it's like you didn't see Trump coming because you don't talk to

► 01:58:04

half the population right and if you live in these high population areas where everyone has the same sort of ideology or shares that ideology it becomes a real problem New York and LA in particular yeah it's weird I mean it happens the two things it I guess it happens with most our politics and religion right so if you live in a place where everybody is religious and everybody is of the same Faith then it's easy to sort of assume and behave in a way that everybody else in the world or outside thinks and believes the exact same things everybody you know does the same thing can happen politically if someone lives in a you know a super liberal area or super conservative area you can just think okay well everyone everyone I know thinks this yeah that's what everybody thinks yeah and a lot of people I mean I'm a musician you're a comedian we both go around respective countries to different places and you talk to different people you have this podcast you've had all kinds of people have different Persuasions on here religious

► 01:59:04

really just you know political all across the Spectrum and whatever so I'd imagine that you can understand and empathize with all of the positions you've got your own views but it can be like okay I get what I get where that person is coming from or get how that person believes that or I get that and just that level of empathy is really what is needed I think it's really just about empathy it's about being able to understand that most people most people want the world to be a better place there aren't that many people who wake up every day thinking our I want to make the world worse I want to make my life where I want to make my family's like most people want to make stuff better people have different ideas on what will make things better but I think as long as people sort of extend that charity to other people and don't try to consider things in the worst possible way if somebody says something whether online or offline don't try to interpret it in the worst possible way that you could or read some kind of malice into it that's not there just understand that coming from a good place you may disagree and then you can have that discussion

► 02:00:04

and even if people don't change their minds you would least understand other people better I think you're entirely right and I think the idea that we can get through this world existing in Echo Chambers and solve anything so ridiculous yeah we have to communicate with each other absolutely you know why don't you talk to someone and they said how did this is a real weird conversation I had they're like how do you talk to so many different people people that you agree with and disagree with like oh well I find things that I agree with even in people that I disagree with I try to find like Common Ground you know it's like is that old sting song the Russians love their children to you know look at other goods sold so funny thought of it thought of it for whatever reason but it's theirs we all you can find things that you agree with with people you can find Common Ground morals and ethics and kindness and communication compassion and camaraderie and friendship

► 02:01:04

and we work out from there and try to figure out why does someone have these politically polarizing views why does someone have this idea about that or this and let's figure out what the fuck the middle ground is and you know and freedom is a big part of it man yeah you know and the more people restricting people and the more people are trying to enforce their ideology on other people the more the other side's going to dig their heels in and then you get this this stance that we're out today yeah I mean one of my things I mean like I myself you know I believe in God I'm a Christian always have been and one thing I often say is I think you know if you're taking something like religion I always say like look if someone says I can't do such and such because it's against my religion that's totally cool if you start saying you can't do such and such because it's against my religion right that's when that line gets crossed right when you start trying to force things down other people's throats and try to you know try change all that

► 02:02:04

and I think that's something that you know not everyone is not everybody is there yet but I think most people sort of implicitly understand that you know okay cool like everyone people can have all their different they're different beliefs their different ideas or lack of belief or whatever the case is but as long as you're not trying to force stuff from other people you know people don't like being forced people generally don't like being forced to do things or to believe things were being being punished for what they what they think or what they believe in whatever so when wherever that comes from I think if you start having that whether it's from a government or an individual or whatever that's when people are really gonna clash and Collide and there seems to be there seem to be a lot of people right now who don't really get like that is you know Think Like Us think like me or we will punish you yeah and that's not primarily coming in the west anyway that's not generally coming from religious people now I'm not seeing it's more of a political thing you know like we were talking about some of these some of this weird

► 02:03:04

sectional far-left kind of stuff that's very much what they're doing now even when you're talking about them ostracizing people are can't trying to cancel people or whatever it's very much like look this is what we think is what we believe anyone who doesn't if you're not with us you're against us and we were we're going to attack you we're going to verbally demonize you we're going to D platform you we're going to do all this and I'm like look that's that's a problem you can't be claiming to be tolerant and then you're treating people that way and you're talking about people that way all that's going to do is keep raising the temperature right well so temperature down here well said it's a very very important what you just said the way he said I mean it and there's also a tremendous amount of unhealthy people unhealthy emotionally unhealthy physically unhealthy in terms of their perspective and their ability to be objective about the world they live in and to be introspective about their own Fallen failings and shortcomings and just treat people well I think if we all went through this life

► 02:04:04

with that as our directive let's treat people well I'm going to treat people well and be nice to people try to be friendly as much as possible and try to do my best yeah you know G do you know who Don Miguel Ruiz has I don't Four Agreements I think there's like five agreements now I don't think so see if you can pull up with The Four Agreements are it's be impeccable with your word always do your best

► 02:04:33

why can I not remember them see it pull it pull them out please

► 02:04:37

yeah here we go yeah there we go the impeccable you were a don't take anything personally don't make assumptions that's three that's three where's the rest of them go to all that's hilarious but there's more than that the impeccable with your word don't take anything personally don't make assumptions always do your best they'll always do your best is missing from that for whatever reason that's hilarious so that those only three but that's Wikipedia get the fuck out of Wikipedia go to that Four Agreements the website right there bam okay I hear you this is it's a really good book okay and it's very interesting because it's very simple and they added a fifth one see be impeccable with your word don't take anything personally don't make assumptions always do your best but just those be impeccable with your word very important right say what you mean mean what you say and if you fuck up be honest about yeah don't take anything personally that's very important and I've worked very hard to develop that in myself that it whether people saying things about me or

► 02:05:36

or whether it's something that goes wrong or someone fucked me over I try to take a deep breath and I try to forgive them yeah I really do I work hard at it yeah don't make assumptions that's another one don't make assumptions it's not there's no value in that and always doing your best man you can't go wrong if you always do your best it's one of the best things anybody could say in life and I think the other one he's got a new one is be skeptical but be open to new information I think that's what it else be skeptical but learn to listen their ashes yeah these are great so you added one because he realized yeah I need another agreement that's a really good it's very simple book that's not super complicated book but those tenants ways to live by I mean that is a great way for people especially people that are secular that don't believe in religion like that is a good structure and I think that one of the things that religious people have an advantage in is that they do have a moral and ethical structure to live their life by and

► 02:06:36

you live your life by that look when I was young I used to think there was something wrong with it I was think well it's all fairy tales and nonsense why would you believe in that and then as I got older I realized well no know if you just follow the tenets of it like that's a great ethical moral structure to live your life by yeah and I think there's great benefit in people and there's a lot of people that find tremendous benefit and living life with you know God lines guidelines on how to be kind and I mean as a Christian I mean if you try to somewhat live your life like Jesus it's hard to go wrong can you go wrong yeah I mean even if someone doesn't believe in I would tell people I'm like look regardless of what you believe you can't say that that guy's a bad example of right a role model I don't says Jesus was a dick yeah help me to help people you know being a mom is probably making sure right now Jesus was a dick right it's probably a t-shirt being constructed you know as someone who's been listening to your podcast for a long time actually that's something that's I what you

► 02:07:36

I said is something that I have noticed a change in actually over the years you know going back and listening to some of the older ones where I think you were a lot more how would I put it

► 02:07:48

not aggressive but

► 02:07:52

a lot less tolerant of say like religion and religious viewpoints yeah guilty as charged yeah yeah and I think more recent you know more recently over the years it's been like okay I can I can get where that's coming from and what the value is and what not well I've experienced e a great benefit from this podcast yeah I know other people benefit from it but I've experienced a great benefit in that I've been exposed to a lot of different points of view different personalities different intellects and different brilliant human beings that have very different ideologies I'm at I've met brilliant people that I love and respect that have polar opposite ideas on how the world works yeah on both sides I mean it's and through that I've developed a sort of an understanding of the various

► 02:08:44

mechanisms that are at play with why people believe what they believe and how they benefit from believing that and what's the pros and cons and then I've just sort of opened my mind up much more to various viewpoints Financial viewpoints political viewpoints and I've developed a much greater appreciation for the variety of opinions and ideas yeah yeah I know it's been it's been awesome to see like I've noticed it myself in La that's that's cool so have I realized how dumb I am about a lot I mean if I had lived my life like I'm being honest if I'd live my life without doing this podcast I would probably be a far more ignorant person right now in the same place I feel like I've gotten not just great conversations and met great people like yourself and had a great time but also I've been very privileged to have a tremendous education yeah through all these people and

► 02:09:44

from many of their books and and right after you right now Neil deGrasse Tyson is coming on that's also I'm fucking pumped you can meet him he's in the Green Room okay man yeah awesome so it's like having these incredible people to share their knowledge and a lifetime of learning you know they can fill in blanks and educate you and point you in the right direction and also you can see the way their mind works and then there's guys like you know like David Goggins oh yeah who just realized like oh okay there's levels to everything man this fucking dude you know he will he will make you realize that you have more in the tank you know he will make you realize you can do more you can push more he fucking sends me text messages all the time like he sent me one yesterday and they just come out of the blue and like there's no Rhyme or Reason there's nothing going on no need to respond hope all is well brother continued to live in the grip of life as you know

► 02:10:44

I think it's done by being a bitch stay hard brother that's amazing wow the cockpits wow I get these all the time and I get in my fucking hand start sweating I'm like yeah I'm not a bitch I'm gonna ride I'm gonna go fucking lift what's crazy dude like I said I mean it's all about potential man and I love and I'm drawn to anybody who promotes potential and being and becoming your best I think that's part of why what you do here has been so successful in so inspirational to people all over the world because you promote that you promote being being your best you can be better you can be smarter you can learn more you can be stronger you can be wiser all of that support same thing with guys like Jordan Pederson I think so much of his success is it's like look you've got this potential you can you can do this man you know and that's the same message I've always tried to put out through my music and everything that I do I want to inspire people I want to motivate people so and I think it's so necessary right now

► 02:11:44

you really is so necessary people are just floundering or spinning their wheels and directionless and it's kind of sad to see and it's just like you know we can all do so much more it is sad to see but there's also a light at the end of the tunnel because there's people like you out there there's there's people that are searching to improve themselves and their honest about where they are right now and they're honest about their failings and shortcomings in they're also telling other people about it which I think is so important because if someone sees you and you know you're a guy who's on the radio or television or maybe you're a rap star and you're killing it you're killing it they assume all this guy's just he just is there he's just a winner he's just there and then you know you could tell people about your trials and tribulations about your failings and shortcomings about your thoughts and insecurities about all the things that tripped you up and all the things you learned that allowed you to advance and to be a better person

► 02:12:44

it's all about like all the time every day it's about learning how to be a better person and there's no Finish Line doesn't mean even the fucking Dolly llama I don't know if you've been paying attention but he got cancelled recently and you know the Dalai Lama go yeah he said some slightly sighs yeah he said the next fucking 80 year old man who was picked to be the Dalai Lama with it's going to work female they need to be attractive yeah no one wants to do no one wants to look at an ugly faces no one wants to look at this thing makes a fugly face like duties and 80 year old human being that's what he is and he's also a guy with he's never had a real job is never had a perform and I mean there's there's a lot of people out there that can do better and they know they can do better and they just lack the tools and they lacked understanding and I think a person like yourself or hopefully me and then certainly a lot of the people that I've had on the podcast they can give people an example and they can say oh this guy used to be a loser and he figured out how to not be I

► 02:13:44

you look at Goggins used to be 300 pounds of fat and meat and milk shakes and then you become this fucking Maniac runs a hundred mile races day after day you know you can do something extraordinary with your life and you don't have to be the guy who pushes himself physically to you're almost dead and you don't have to be the guy that writes the most books you but you can find your thing whatever your thing is whether it's just being a better father or a husband or a friend or a bit better at your job or better at your craft like whatever it is man we can all be better you can all be better and that's how you make Society better well better right that's it to be a good man thank you sir I appreciate it thanks for being here much man and everybody this is available yeah perseverance my new album is available right now terrible right now iTunes Spotify Google Play everywhere your podcasts also real talk with you B is out right now me I'm a subscriber and you all saw strong advice you can get that at join teams who b.com all right thank you brother appreciate it man thanks for being here bye everybody thank you to our sponsors thank you too

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