#1345 - Steve Aoki

Sep 4, 2019

Steve Aoki is a musician, author, DJ, record producer and music executive. His new book called "Blue: The Color of Noise" is available now.

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check it out The Joe Rogan Experience Train by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day

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loose yeah that's the kind you want that's that's the most recent that's so Skype last to sell Fang Tran he creates all these he hand paints each one yeah he sculpts it and then he makes like a mold and then he's got a bunch of dopes ones it's all on its line and you gotta fuck bro I do color that noise blue the color noise yeah what's this about it's my Memoir it's talks about the beginnings goes through my process it goes through a lot of different things I mean in the end of the day it's been more so it's more about it's less about what's happening now and more about like how

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I got there you know the story and different piecemeal stories that that are thematic and you know with this overarching idea of blue which is like different shades of blue of my life it's my favorite color and actually my last name is means blue tree really yeah yeah so it's like there's a lot of synergy with the color so when I was coming up with the idea to name the book you know I had to think of like you know something that relates throughout my whole life so there's so many different shades emotions feelings that are represented and all these different stories have you always been a writer I'm like a yeah I guess like a piecemeal writer you know II needed help finishing this book there's no doubt about it I had so much it's like

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you know because I've still like you know of the pen and paper still you know like I grew up before before computers and all that stuff I was when I was writing lyrics for my bands I was always like a notepad so I had just so many different stories I didn't know how to put it all together I started the Inception of writing you know these different stories of my life six years ago and then I shot a documentary for Netflix and we dropped it called its called I'll sleep when I'm dead we dropped it three years ago four years ago fifty thousand fifteen to sixteen I think and I after I saw the reception on and how people responded to the dock then I knew that like you know this is really going to take shape this is going to be front centers finishing and and writing a proper Memorial so the the idea of writing a memoir is only the idea of writing and writing about yourself as only to write this Memoir you sound like you you write on a

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they say no no no I mean you know like I am actually coming up with some new ideas for the next you know conception of what I would put out there in book form because it's a different process for me that's quite exciting just to like the challenge to do something like this because I'm my natural way to express myself is through music and and I love being able to step outside my comfort zones I think at the end of the day when you do that enough you just you just get better as a human being yes and try you know if you always see the same thing over and over again you're never really learning so it's it's been like a great learning process you know putting out this Memoir and and and and like actually opening up this is vulnerable side to who I am that I don't necessarily I don't talk about really you know like people that know me like my fans are my music fans or anyone else at no Steve Aoki they don't really know what's in this book

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you know they might have a glimpse of it from a documentary which I did because I talk really deeply about my relationship with my father and and like this drive that I have as a kid to make it and and it shows you enough where it's okay now I have a little bit more than my live shows and what's already out there but this goes you know obviously a lot deeper because it's a book and we're going through the motions in the vulnerability and and and I want to tell stories of the hardships and at the end of the day I want to speak to young kids out there you young people out there even older people that are trying to figure that their own thing out and and because the documentary related in so many ways on a personal level that I shared their this is how I wanted to share that through my own words do you find that writing these things down and just thinking about your life and and trying to express it in a way that's going to

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resonate with people that this helps you think about it and helps you sort of categorize it and put it all in your head and because do you know Eddie Wong do you know who that is yeah yeah Fair Chef yeah yeah yeah his friend of mine great guy and writes every day and I asked them why am I why are you writing he's written books but he's he writes to sort of collect his own thoughts yes yeah hundred percent it's like once you that's the trigger for me because even when I read I write right after like what I gained from it will almost like it's like my note my homework yeah for retention on what I gather it took away from what I'm reading so I'm always like reading and writing or writing a scribbling in my in my book or or like writing off the side in a notepad or like now like you know I look at tablet or something but I've like a need to gather your your your head space so you have retention yeah you right to understand right yeah and then you

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right to express it so that other people can understand yeah and in that process you can understand yourself better right and that's that's how I'll sort of Eddie described it when he said it to me I was like God damn it I don't ride enough like that I write more comedy stuff I trying to write material and essays on things and pull jokes out of them right but like I think there's probably a great benefit for anybody to just sort of write about your thoughts your diary you know you know that guy you know I mean there's something to that because in that time I mean you could speak to this because you've written a book on yourself but in that time of writing about yourself and reflecting upon your life you probably learn a little bit about who you are and why you are the way you are yeah and you know thinking about this I never really thought about it to this point or found the the parallel here but when I started seeing a therapist to go into my past and try to break down what like why make the decisions I do or like why I spiral out here or do something that I am not comfortable with or I want to

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change a lot of that I'm able like after these sessions I go and start writing you know and then a lot of that you know eventually makes it in the book do you run longhand or do you write on keyboard I would do both now I do both but like I have scribbles of stuff everywhere you know but then I'm like in the end of the day for organizational purposes it's just got to go in like okay I gotta put in a computer yeah yeah yeah yeah this is a very this is my own therapy you know as you can say it's like it is putting all these stories and these memories and the feelings and the emotions and the hardships whatever might be you know

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it's like I think the hardest part is like picking the right ones you know the other day when you put all this stuff together and you spend so much time on this do you find that the process of that in any way enhances your music yes it does because I mean when I think about first of all I think about the process of making music I think about it very simple similar to what you're doing when you're when you write for your comedy skits and you're efficient you're like okay this is going to work as I'm going to be able to

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share this way you're not just run your thoughts down good so like when I'm in the studio I'm very efficient you know I'm like I'm going I'm going I'm going to make a Club Banger just for the festival so the crowds go crazy and it's less about the emotional message

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you know what with this being able to talk about that side that's that as that other layer that I'm seeing now more than ever in the last like three or four years when I started making songs with lyrics that actually you know you know seeing the fans come out and drove saying how much it's gotten them gotten them through hard times because the lyrics were able to speak to them a certain way so it's and that's the essence of collaboration at the end of the day you know working with songwriters and singers and and being able to be pulled in that direction is incredible as an artist you know instead of just having like all right we're making this record to make everyone go crazy even though essentially electronic dance music is all about the music yeah it's not about you know the touching lyrics they might be like the flavoring on top but the the foundation is all about the beat you know but now it's like about mixing Both Worlds as much as possible

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you know except the end of the day when you think about my shows it's a very full on experience like when I when I put on a show I'm trying to like I'm trying to come compound all the senses you know I want to be entertaining as hell I want it to be fun and engaging I want you to leave knowing that you saw Steve Aoki show so that's why I try to do different unique things like you know I cake people I don't know if you know this but a cake people at my shows take them you hit them in the head with cakes yeah I would say the head but yeah but this is all consensual by the way so yeah I'll give you a little story this so you know

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I think as you are on the stage all the time you want to make your skits do you want to make your everything that you do unique to Joe Rogan you know like you don't want to be like oh yeah he's a copy of this person no one wants to be that you know so I'm thinking like what am I going to do is going to be unique and different engaging hey oh you know like everyone's doing that everyone sit down everyone jump so you know I'm like you know your brains always thinking so I got an idea after a song that I really saw my label have my own label and we release this artist where the video was cakes exploding in people's faces super slow motion high def really beautiful and then I was like you know what

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I'm going to go to a bakery I want to buy a cake scribble like the song on the top of the cake and let's just see what happens it'll be funny little thing you know and I brought the kisses 2011 mind you so this is 7 years or however long ago that was you know a long time ago do the math anyway so I was a long time ago and I walked around the front of the stage and one of the one of the kids in the front one of the guys front was like why is he walking around the front like am I supposed to like grab it and then he just starts pointing at his face and then all his friends around him as are pointing at him and the whole place was just staring and waiting and watching and wondering what the hell's going to happen so I kicked him we filmed it before this is pre Instagram put up on YouTube it's like I gotta do this every show this is incredible and then six months later people started coming out with cake me signs six years later look at the okay here we go so six years later

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if I think I've kicked over 15,000 people now you know oh my God jeez look at her go crazy you had it right in the mug to Dude Perfect shot I'll tell you I mean you know it's just practice makes perfect you know how you've grown 15,000 kids I get you get a you get a feel for look at her she's dancing yeah wipe it up a little bit see more time this is like that was Ultra oh my goodness we have a cake Rider we have very specific cakes that are you know at our shell you have a sister it's like a special Aoki cake what is in it the strange thing is there's there's like not as much cake as you think it's like frosting it's just soldiers explodes everywhere so it's less bread yes just so like less carbs more sugar well you're diabetic just get out of the front row please what a crazy thing for people to enjoy to get kicked in the face yeah he was having a good fucking time that that's because that's the most important

► 00:19:01

thing at the other day is like the show's take me with a bull's eye okay this is very normal for me to see you don't like some cases there's like 50 50 people with signs up now that's so crazy look at that cake face one of the borough I wash my face yeah I mean it's just a it's a signature part of the show it's fun it's exciting dude I need to go to one of your shows because everybody that I know that's been says it's a wild experience is not just music it's just there's something like you're doing something transformative you know that people come out of there that just like whoa there buzzing yeah yeah lion that's the goal you know and if I if I feel like I'm doing that if I feel like I'm really having this impact then I go that not that's why I end up doing like so many shows because I on average I'm doing about 250 shows around the world every year that is so crazy and I do this I've done this consistently for over 12 years so

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it's it's a it's not like an artist that just drops an album and then they tore like around the world for a year or two like I'm on I'm on a worldwide tour you know every every single year is that sustainable how's your body holding up I didn't work out a lot yeah you're really into health and wellness and all that stuff but that seems insane basically with all the travel it does I mean you have to you have to like treat yourself out like an athlete that's for sure the way I think about my regiment is different you know and I and I'm like obsessed with trying out new ideas using myself as a guinea pig to work with different scientists sleep doctors you know different people and if various fields that are testing new ideas to like deal with jet lag or things that I'm dealing with the there on the road the that can wear you down and make it not sustainable do you do IVs

► 00:21:02

like stem cell no no like vitamin like my mom's or anything like that not as no I don't but I you know like at one point I was I wasn't down the same road as Ray Kurzweil doing 250 vitamins a day but I was probably you know experimenting with about 50 have you met him I have he's an interesting dude yes yes he's quite a trip he behind his eyes as though there's a lot going on yeah absolutely and I mean my so like I have a whole album series called neon future so I have neon future one two and three that just came out my out my albums and each album I actually work with a scientist on a song oh wow so I'd Ray Kurzweil on on one so he's talking on a song about like life expansion life extension I'm big singular not a necessity Larry not but like I'm a big fan of the idea that we can live indefinitely on both enthusiasts of that world I might not definitely not an expert but I'm an Enthusiast for sure

► 00:22:01

yeah and I got JJ Abrams onto I got Aubrey de grey on 20 managing I've had mom's well yeah and like I interviewed him I went to I went to raise Ray Kurzweil is apartment in the Bay Area yeah yeah so I mean I know that we have a lot of synergies on Science and Tech stuff and three-eyed Bill Nye wow and for which is coming out next year I'm having my favorite author on the album that I've read so far so I'm very excited I've you know I might as well now I might as well now sit here if I'm going to announce it anywhere okay I haven't announced it yet but you've all Harare oh wow I love that guy yeah sapiens is amazing yeah savings my favorite book I'm on the second one right now yeah just finished on what Davis and I mean he has a very like see I think of the future very positively it's a neon future yeah he doesn't think of it so it's a Rosy yeah but you know I like his like his

► 00:22:58

is analysis and you know the way he's trying to understand how we've evolved or pushed outwards yeah and I agree with a lot of what he's saying well what he's saying is irrefutable but what's interesting is the way he sort of coalesce is it the way he combines it all and you really get a sense of wow that this is what a person is like this is how it all went down you know he's a brilliant guy too I've seen him interviewed really fascinating character yeah I know

► 00:23:28

yeah I'll be degrees a Trippy Dude too because he drink so much I know I've hung out with him and like like pint after pint I'm like hey man are you supposed to be the fucking Wellness longevity guy yeah he's so in trenched in science that he thinks that the solutions are going to come through the laboratory right he he doesn't seem to exercise if he does I think it just Rose a boat I think we've seen that like he's like rose boats around the harbor where every lives in England and he drinks I think it's in his beard though the booze the beard the beard us' is like magical Wizardry you know actually is again science but but yeah he's a very interesting guy he judge I have a foam pit in my house he jumped my phone pit watching this 50 year old man with a beard down to his blows nipples jump into a foam pits actually pretty cool that is cool scientists as well you know this is like you know it's this cool he's willing to be silly yeah yeah

► 00:24:28

exactly you know like and I have a of the AARP Foundation which I'm wearing in some obsessed with the human brain so all of our money that we raise goes to brain research organizations brain science orgs and but also like oryx that deal with anti-aging or anything that's interesting that relates to you know living longer healthier lives and one of which is ascends work which is Aubree's org have you ever hurt you do know who David Sinclair's remind me he's a Harvard Professor he's on the podcast next week he's been on before but he is at the front of the line of anti anti aging technology the podcast I did with him was incredible he's brilliant brilliant guy dealing with things like nmn and you know and NAD and all these different drip infusions and concoctions and molecules that lengthen telomeres enhance the you know the the the body's ability to

► 00:25:28

regenerate and age much slower really really interesting stuff that I mean I love that stuff yeah so how did you get in this because you're thinking about your own mind or is this just something you've always been fascinated by I think it it started when after my father passed away seeing the death of your father he died of cancer but it started with hepatitis C from a boat accident he had in like the late 70s the boat actually gave him hep C huh yeah but blood transfusion and then he I mean he was surviving with hep C for four decades changed his his interferon and the things that were keep him going before there's a vaccine or cure this is all before then I'm not sure if there is but I'm I'm almost positive there is but I think there is

► 00:26:28

yeah very expensive involved process but that that like hurts you know what I mean it's like right someone dies close to you and then like something like that happens yeah so this is all happening right and I see him dying I'm also like you know I think I know about health I'm vegetarian you know this down the other I'm like sort of healthy but after I saw him die I read books on cancer I sort of reading like try to research like what could I have done to help my father and I still have people in my life that I absolutely love that I want to learn and share like my mother like you know anyone else that's like close to me that's getting older and then it just I just I just went on this like Bender like you know reading books on anti-aging and then you know I'm really big sci-fi nut so if anything I love living between the world of science fiction and science fact and finding out in that gray area what

► 00:27:28

is going to be science fact in our you know in our though as long as I'm alive you know and there's a lot of things happening because I do agree with that that that curve that we are not moving at a linear rate you know we are moving I don't know if it's exponential but it's definitely between linear and exponential with technology with what we're learning in science and medicine and as I'm learning more about this stuff my music career is also raising my platform as a personality is is also getting raised so then now I get to go and make a phone call to Ray and he'll answer and I could get to meet him and then I want to have fun too hmm so I'm like let's make a song let's do a video Let's do an interview so I created this whole neon future session so I can meet you know Stanley rest in peace like I got to meet him hang out with him did an interview with them took some photos and Lee Stanley Marvel who's Stanley Marvel Stan Stan Lee the the

► 00:28:28

I will post an Lea okay I'm like going across the board Marvel's like who's Stanley Marvel okay but you know like I just went across the board of all the people outside of my music space that I can talk to science people science fiction people JJ Abrams still like whoever might be even authors of books I've read like Richard Dawkins I flew to Oxford University and I sat with him oh that's great and and I talked to him and he was like I don't know why I'm here with you but someone told me I should be you know I think I'm gonna get the same response he's supposed to be coming on next month yeah and talk to him yeah it's like did you talk to him after a stroke no this was I remember him riding his bike to interview which was kind of cool seeing Richard Dawkins ride his bike felt like Albert Einstein was coming at me or something you know because he's kind of like that kind of like like he has a towel or with him yeah he does but that was 2015 16 I think so that sounds like around

► 00:29:28

that is true okay may I mean I actually wouldn't find out when he had a stroke he's recovered very well though apparently he's still has some residual issues oh wow so this is definitely pretty stroke yeah so this is pretty short pretty struck the the craziest thing is I've did all these interviews with all these different people didn't didn't actually post them up online why we did to with Wired Magazine we did one with Ray Kurzweil along with Stanley and I had like the rest lined up but we wanted to know like present them the right way and yeah yeah well a section you're great on the internet Jamie's the best school is that in his office no we got Oxford University gave us this room you know and I took it over that's awesome with them

► 00:30:21

when you talk to Kurzweil did you get into his idea of being able to download Consciousness no we didn't get that far but I would love for you to tell me more about it's a weird one because we went to this I think it's called a 2045 conference in New York City and the idea behind it is that they think that somewhere around 20 45 there's going to be some sort of a technological singularity with the exponential growth or perceived exponential growth whatever it is the leaping the new innovation the creating these new possibilities that somewhere around 25 2045 there's going to be so many changes in so many new innovations that they believe they're going to be able to put your Consciousness either into some sort of a hard drive some sort of quantum computer or perhaps even a physical embodiment of a Steve Aoki have a an artificial Steve Aoki like a sleeve yeah and

► 00:31:20

you're caught your actual brain right inside this thing so as your body dies now you will exist in this whatever the fuck it's made out of right you know and he thinks he's going to be able to do that you know he's got a really bizarre motivation to his father died when he was young and he didn't really get to know him that well and he has all these images and all these two and he thinks that he is going to be able to in some way shape or form recreate his father and have some sort of reasonable facsimile some sort of a real like way to communicate with this is Dad yeah actually have his with all the memories that he has of his father all the the video and images and actually recreate his father to have a communication with them it's very weird stuff yeah well I mean I think a lot of these those those storylines get drawn out and in sci-fi yes because that's essentially where we want like we want to go without any issues and problems and and back

► 00:32:20

fire and know like Black Mirror episode you know kind of blunder because I mean it we are we are definitely going in that direction we're going somewhere weird for sure we're a hundred percent going there and there's no stopping it no way yeah everything's can't average buying new phones and new technology and we're pushing it as far as we can there was a guy I think it's from the University of Connecticut he is the preeminent researcher on time travel and he is right out of a fucking Spider-Man comic book his dad died when he was young same sort of situation and he wanted to figure out a way to go back in time and save his dad so he's literally trying to come up with a workable theory for time travel that's that's a gentleman what is his name dr. Ron Mallet yeah dr. Ron Mallet and it's right now I mean he's got a working Theory but it's it becomes a matter of having enough energy to actually

► 00:33:20

all this off but the idea behind it was all inspired by his father dying and he thinks he's going to be able to or someone may be able to go back in time but what hear stories like this right when you hear the story because I know you like this is like what you do you get a total of people do you believe them to certain extent and then you'd like you go because for me I need the scientific understanding is you know yes I'm not too much into the Paranormal I need to like understand to see if this actually is conclusive why I think he found out something unfortunate in that the idea as far as time travel as we know it will only exist from the time the time machine is invented forward and backward to that moment the idea like Terence McKenna described it the idea that you cannot travel where there are no roads and so once a road is established then things get really fucked up because if you create a time machine

► 00:34:18

is Lisa's in terms of what they understand or what dr. Mallett believes about time travel right now and I hope I'm not butchering I'm sure I'm butchering it but I hope not but you're too bad he you can only travel back to the moment the first time machine is invented so once that door is opened then time ceases to become linear anything from the end of time till the adventure of the time machine happens all at once because anyone can come back to that moment because a time machine exist now it's made so of course they're going to innovate anyone in the future is going to innovate these people that do innovator going to have a much much Superior version of this time machine and everyone is going to be able to go back to the moment that the time machine was invented in any point along the way from the end of time to the beginning of time from the moment that time machine is invented so in that case if that really is the case has a time machine been invented I don't think it has why well I could be wrong yeah but what's your like I

► 00:35:17

everything is going to be completely fucking Gonzo you're going to have people appearing and disappearing and and showing up and going and it's a normal thing it's like oh yeah he's traveling through time it's just a family that like all events say if like you words of would you know that but what if he was a World War five a hundred years from now and you were like Fuck this I'm going back in time a hundred years before World War 5 and I'm just going to live there and they do they decide to do that or World War 3 or World War for their just keep going back in time and forward in time you could go if you had a time machine and The Time Machine was and again I'm butchering this I'm a moron I'm not a scientist if you had a time machine and time machines existed from now until you know the perceivable end of the lifespan of the Earth right when the sun supernovas and there's no more life left on Earth you could kind of go anywhere you want from now to a million years from now as long as there's a place to go right as long as there's a time machine available and the idea is that

► 00:36:18

time as we know it will cease to exist because our time now is dependent on you know our biological entities waking up moving forward what time is it oh it's 3 on my meetings at five better hurry hurry over to downtown traffic's rough this time of day all that stuff's going to be nonsense if there's time machines because you're just going to be able to move anywhere you want at any point in time sounds ridiculous but so does the internet have you brought the internet up to some guy who lived in Victorian you know times right and say look at this this is my phone and you can ask it a question I'll give you all the answers anything you want that would be the most astounding form of Witchcraft ever invented now my 11 year old daughter has one of those yeah you know she asked that thing questions all the time she gets answers to stuff all the time that we used to have to go to a library for him she can watch videos that just come out of the air that's magic yeah and but it's we are accustomed to it we adapt very fastly so the idea is that what this would do is change every aspect

► 00:37:17

reality as we know it in terms of like linear time it would no longer exist but what what only those people that know how to use a machine have access to it well I mean wouldn't it be like cell phones eventually everybody gets one and we're talking about time right so if everybody gets access to it a year from now or three years from now it doesn't matter because the time machines already been invented so they could travel back to that moment and forward from that moment so the moment they turn that fucker on everything goes Haywire wow so let's so let's not turn that thing on Public Square and it's inevitable people that prize good yeah well they want to see if they can even make that happen I used to have a bit that I should do about the Big Bang because they were tried everyone's always try to figure out like what was the universe like before the Big Bang like what what happened how was it created and when you look at the progress of Technology my thought was that if you look at where we're going and we're constantly

► 00:38:17

innovating and people are constantly coming up with new and more impressive forms of technology that one day we're going to create a big bag machine and that this is what happens the every five billion years or so things get so intelligent they develop a big bang machine and they sit around these dudes are on Red Bull and Xanax and simulation and one guy goes off on compress it and he hits the button and boom the whole universe starts all over again and if you had a big bang machine and you knew that if you pressed it within five billion years humans would create another big bang machine this is an endless cycle would you press it fucking for sure there's someone that would press that button yes 100% a person out there that would press that button yeah no I heard more about the simulation idea well that's another that's another idea but that's Ilan believes that he believes that it's very possible like one of the things they said if you could ask a I what would you ask

► 00:39:17

he said what's beyond simulation what he believes is a simulation but if you're Elon Musk of course she'd believe it's a simulation people letting you drilled tunnels under Ela and shoot rockets off into space you make it electric cars fucking solar roof panels I mean he's literally living like some character in the movies like Professor X or something yeah but if you're in the simulation is nothing you can do about it right so just might as well just do it all I saw it's a great way to think like what is a simulation if everything is a simulation it's still life right like your existence example everything you're accustomed to and everything you experience and if it is a simulation at least some aspects of this are comfortably are comfortingly like obvious like work hard you can get better things right you can you know be nice to people they're nice to you like be a good friend you get good friends eat healthy food you're healthier

► 00:40:17

is this like some comfort to the lack of mean there's there's certainly some variables that are very difficult to account for but there's also there's a surprising amount of life that's pretty straightforward so it is a simulation it's not the most difficult one to follow it's pretty crazy and chaotic but there's there's a lot of comfort in it like as much as we try to dwell on the horrors of humanity and ensuring a lot of them because a lot of beauty and people do and there's a lot of cool shit and people yeah I mean when you focus on that then yeah there's real growth I was at the comedy store last night till like 2:00 o'clock in the morning in this comedians bar just hang out with all these comedians we're just laughing and talking and this is no no audience just a bunch of people that get paid to make people laugh like Jon Stewart was back there Michelle wolf and all these really funny comics were all just laughing and having a great time talking and it was like wow this is so

► 00:41:17

nice and reward so fun it's rewarding it's like there's cool things in this life yeah you can find good people and friends and and communicate and and spread love and have interesting fascinating thought provoking conversations there's a lot of really positive things right so this is a simulation it's pretty badass in life Steve Aoki yeah you know making a brain Foundation I mean what a fucking great simulation you're in absolutely I think it's like you you can make what you want of it I mean it's not it might not be the dream like the Elon Musk scenario right away but it takes time to get there you don't want that dream I don't want his dream yeah exactly his dreams crazy well I mean his dream of like I mean like you said he's just like almost the superheroes of his Bruce Wayne you know he's doing whatever you know he's he's Iron Man you know well you know some some cars have small engines right there's Honda Civics out there and then there's fuck

► 00:42:17

rocket cars he's got some sort of crazy Quantum rocket car engine for a brain like yeah if you talk to him no I haven't he's a trip he's actually on the list of people I would love to be in the studio with the make music with and you know just get into his mind a bit I've been putting that out there to the universe he's one of those guys who were you talking to him you have this feeling that he's running code in the background while he's talking to you that's right he just gets bored with like regular mundane conversations and he's got 50 million things going on constantly and he's also trying like he was talking about it to me about how difficult it is to manage his mind's like you wouldn't want to be me like I was crazy when he was younger because he liked so much was bouncing around in his head and he realized that other people weren't like that it's like oh no no but I'm alone yeah I mean like literally he's probably alone who the fuck is like that guy right in terms like a public intellectual who's responsible

► 00:43:17

for so many groundbreaking Technologies you know the number one electric car in the world like SpaceX tunneling under Ela with the boring company makes fucking he's a crazy man yeah fast thank God he's around though yeah I know I know people like that so cool to have like a true outlier someone is just really out there and man he's constantly attacked and maligned and people are misrepresenting him and you know people who like all the crabs in a bucket don't like it yeah to pull him down yeah to goddamn smart all these people that fancy themselves smart you meet that guy like oh okay there's levels to this game yeah no he's like my the top of my list just so you know being his presence but I think would be very exciting to try to do a song with Elon Musk I'll ask him well after the podcast because I'm a text message yeah so he's probably busy yeah I could I could always make it as easy as possible yeah we'll just go to SpaceX or Tesla where yeah

► 00:44:19

so what in particular you doing with this brain Foundation I mean I think one of the most important things is inspire people more about brain the brain you know like I mean obviously it's to raise money for brain research works for one finding cures for degenerative brain diseases and to just understanding the brain more working with orgs that that want to understand the brain more so that we can expand what our limitations are you know in the conversations that we're talking about you know bring some of the science fiction and science fact you know I love this idea that like you know telekinesis is when you can move things with your mind that's possible it's it already is really not like in the Supernatural sense like Magneto like you know it's like you know there's I mean it's happened like five years ago people moving wheelchairs with there with like a implanted thing planted yeah exactly I'm not sure the right terms but I've seen the videos you know

► 00:45:17

like a monkey being able to move an arm to its mouth to eat the apple yeah those are have those happened like two thousand thirteen or fourteen or fact check that but it was not 2019 it was like years ago so whatever they're doing at DARPA whatever they're doing it like Google what whoever's got these research orgs and Labs I wanted I would love to jump in there and just like put my ear out there and just listen and find out what's going on and you know because I have my own interest and passion on what the breakthroughs are and I would also love to try some of these things do you think I'd let you then let sometimes I mean listen you gotta try this Boston Dynamics might be your best bet the rock the robot people yeah they might let you in but darpa's that's a dark dark dark but won't let me in obviously it will not let me and you have to sign some paperwork yeah but I want to get in to as many doors as I can on any of this kind of

► 00:46:17

and that's like my own personal gain but also with the with the brain or get just the brain Foundation it's just a like you know help out the smaller Orcs to that are that are one find the cures because at the end of the day what I've learned is that if you don't die of cancer or heart disease you're going to have a brain disease you're going to you're going to go crazy you're going to you're going to lose your memory going to deteriorate yeah and you know you know years down the line we're going to be able to literally turn our body into like a used car and change are all the parts you know but you know if you start losing your memory then you start losing who you are did you talk to Kurzweil about those

► 00:47:03

yes it was years ago some trying to remember even like the interview that we did but I you know I went in deep on a lot of the anti-aging stuff and you know I think the struggle that he's going to have as if he's going to make it to 20 45 because he's 70 or something right yeah that's and he has a heart he has a genetic defect with his heart yeah so but I mean he's just like one of those like those Heroes of mine that was lucky to be in his space you know playing on his Kurzweil keyboard that he invented yeah the synthesizer that was that was a moment where both on the his speech to text too didn't he yeah I think I mean he's invented more than a hundred really significant inventions yeah fascinating guy absolutely yeah but can we squeeze 25 more years out of them yeah yeah it's biological life to get to 2045 because if he's going to

► 00:48:04

like he's going to be the one that's going to really push that envelope art I think he's if there's anyone out there that's why I'm you know it's clearly obvious why Google picked him up yeah you know and had him like head the whole I forgot what the department is called but you know we'll go didn't Google by Boston Dynamics as well they bought a robot company I know that which is like what are you guys planning you can control everybody's email you have the number one search engine on the planet Earth you have the number one browser like what are you guys doing what are you doing over there yeah you make the robots but you'll but don't you want to be in the room yeah you want to be in the room but you know some of their choices are a little bit questionable it's there's so much there's there's science but then there's so much there's social decisions you know that they're making in terms of like what people get to see and talk about in here and a lot of is based on the Zeitgeist is based on the you know the current state of

► 00:49:03

medically correct ideology what you can and can't say or can and can't do and that becomes really dangerous because you're kind of controlling information your throttling information like you know Tulsi gabbard is suing Google for what is it like 50 million dollars or something crazy like that they say that they purposely stifled her search engine results so that people wouldn't be able to find her as easily and they've she's apparently proven it well excuse me it's so it's not a pure information based company there's ideology behind it there's motivations behind it that you know politically leaning motivations right now so I don't know yeah what do you goes into that though he goes into that world I'm like oh I you forget about that sometimes when you're like I want to be in the big breakthrough rooms you know well there was an internal memo that were they referring to Ben Shapiro and someone else I think it was Jordan Pederson and maybe Dennis Prager as Nazis

► 00:50:03

which is hilarious because both Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager or both Jewish so it's like their perception of who a person is this was brought up this is brought up by people in Congress like they had to have hearings on it trying to figure out like what is Google doing like what are you allowed to how are you allowed to Define people internally in your memorable memos and then of course once you call someone a Nazi then you can act as if there are not seeing and you know stifle any sort of search on them or stifle results or you know yeah point point people in the direction that you think would be better for Humanity versus just pure information and it gets very weird you know but as a technology company look they're amazingly just what they're doing with Android and Google searching and Google assistant and Google Maps is by far the most the superior map application on the planet Earth and it's constantly getting better

► 00:51:03

and constantly Gathering up new information I mean Part of Me loves the fact that they exist and part of me is like that is too much power as too much power for one ride one company to be able to influence people one way or the other so what's a what's your was The Joe Rogan solution is something like that regulations no Mom too stupid for this this I need to rely on people that have actually spent real time studying the effects and understand it from a very deep level I don't I understand it that it's I understand that it's problematic I just don't understand what the solution is and I don't know if it's even it's just a free distribution of information across the board because then what do you do about actual Nazis like if you find act like there's a new Hitler anybody arises and it really does want to exterminate the Jews what happens there you just allow that guy to be on Google these even Google Hangouts with all Nazi hang out there planning on exterminations and where the right where's the next

► 00:52:03

- wits you know I don't think that that shouldn't be the case no so what is the case do you allow white supremacists on there to organize rallies fuck where does freedom of speech end you know yeah it's very complicated questions yes we're all learning to navigate yeah I think in many ways and this is a weird thought that I have and I repeated over and over again but I think technology is going to provide us with a new way of communicating that's not dependent upon language but rather can read actual intent like an actual mind-reading technology and I when I when I see Ilan some neural link this thing that he's trying to do with their opening up the bandwidth to humans and information through use of implants and some sort of a Bluetooth wearable device like that I think is like a step in that direction and I think Ilan

► 00:53:01

and you know many of these he said that he thinks that human beings are the organic biological bootloader 44 artificial intelligence so if we're a boot loader for aii the way to sort of combat boot loader bootloader yeah like like a computer boot loading writing system okay got ya what we're doing is with a biological the way I've described is that we're sort of an electronic cocoon that's about to make the butterfly and that we're at the caterpillar that's making the Cocoon and we're constantly in pursuit of Innovator fly is the AI yes the butterfly like if you see a caterpillar right a kettlebell doesn't know what the fuck's going on it's just making a cocoon so what it does yeah and yeah it is that's what it knows to do is yeah and the idea is that we don't know what the fuck were doing either like why do we need five G's 4G not good enough goddamn I get on the internet pretty God damn quick cool what are we doing what seems like five G's better and 6G will be better

► 00:54:01

5G yeah if you want to get that mind reading software you got to get 7g yeah we're gonna do this to the point where one day there's going to be a real thing sitting over we will merge with the AI because that's I mean that's the future that I hope for you don't lose yourself in that you know like your are you yourself once you've merged with the AI and then what's holding you back kind of these emotions are bullshit that's getting yeah right let's get rid of those yeah let's just have pure people pure people now available through Nabisco it's interesting because I because like my whole point with neon future is the convergence of me the ultimate goal is to have convergence of technology and our Humanity to the point where we live you know forever through you know this downloading system that we're talking about earlier on or yeah or you know whatever seemingly makes sense in the trajectory of where technology is going you know so we do live indefinitely you know I mean that's like a

► 00:55:02

for me as well you know my insurance policy for if I don't make it to this point like my dad didn't make it to that that cure is you know obviously cryogenically freezing the body do that while I'm already signed up Gene so you know because I feel like I mean if we are really this discussion is are we going to make it there in our timeline I'm 41 so I better chance of Ray Kurzweil obviously yeah so if I know and I really believe that you know I guess it's hopeful you know that will get to this point in our generation that will they'll make it whatever it's that close right so either we make it and then I die and then everyone lives forever do I want to be that generation that of people that died or the generation of people I go oh death is is a cure we just we just found we found a cure for death just like a cure for cancer just like a cure for whatever what if after your biological body ceases to function you move into

► 00:56:02

new realm of reality that is a completely different dimension that's filled with love and understanding like the after death yeah that's you know it is that we don't know there's no biological shortcomings there's no emotions and is no fear none of that and there's no bodies you just you're a soul in another dimension and then someone unfreezes you like well Steve wanted to be unfrozen and suck back in caking people like a fuck man I was I was there I was on the other side the other like you'd be like click off doubt no no I can't believe this and so then you go well I'll just die again well here's okay this is this is what I know because I don't know I mean we both don't know what's really going to happen it's that's likely I mean anything is likely okay I'm not saying that I'm not like I don't believe in God or I do believe in God I just don't know what's really happening afterwards but I know I know that what I've seen as

► 00:57:02

what I understand of what's around me and my feelings is that if I wake up tomorrow or if someone I love wakes up tomorrow with an incurable disease that's going to kill them it would be the most horrific thing and I think at the end of the day the human race is going out to find cures for those kinds of situations sure so that's like yeah suffering pain I mean that's what we do we try to stop any Long Gate our life you know essentially we all want to live indefinitely you know like through finding cures for all these issues so we want to live healthily yeah yeah exactly you want to be in a wheelchair like for 450 years just like staring at a TV Mike Hawkins yeah yeah which is but then again maybe he found all the Silver Lining I'm not sure but you know if you're healthy and moving and then boom night and day are there of course that's awful but at the end of the day you just don't want that you know like I mean I mean you don't want that kind of thing to happen

► 00:58:01

for me it's like I would rather opt out then have someone make the some like disease make that decision for me yeah the suffering thing is the thing that we all want to avoid we want to avoid discomfort and pain and also causing discomfort to our loved ones like one of the scariest thing about dying is leaving behind Grievers leaving behind people that are sad and miss you terribly yeah it's like when you've seen people with their loved ones have died it's you know and we'll have lost loved ones we all have and it's a weird void it's a it's horrific is traumatic and it's you know that's where my conquests are my interests and passion led to anti-aging the future you know and then building on that for the ones that I love that are alive now you know and doing whatever I can to like share the information so that they live as long as they possibly can in the healthiest way possible you know so like I'm like just Gathering

► 00:59:01

gathering information as I go you know and it's and it's exciting because of those things as I get bigger as a personality you know sometimes I do jump into these rooms and in one case just recently I was a doctor that that just that I've worked with everyone's done some stem cell injections with him in Denver and he came to my house he was with some other doctors and they're like oh yeah this is dr. convention I live in Las Vegas those conventions all the time there so they all came over and like hey you know some breakthrough groundbreaking stuff that's happened this year you could Now find out on a cellular level cancer detection for at least 16 different cancers you know so like it's like very very preventative you know more along the line so I was like I want in so I got the information and I just like that was a Christmas present for everyone what kind of stem cell procedures are you getting I mean the first time was through

► 01:00:01

Dan Bilzerian he's introduced me to the one in Panama so I went down there Neal Reardon exactly but my mom was just telling there oh yeah last week yeah sitting down there twice that's great and it was in the verge of getting a knee replacement and her knee was really bad and eight months it was took a while you know my mom is 73 and within eight months Ernie stop being in pain and she was able to walk and she can you say they went to the Grand Canyon and hazing yeah and now she went back again to just get a second dose and Juice It Up some more it's incredible I just know when I was there I saw a lot of kids in there

► 01:00:42

the one in Panama because it's it it grows muscle or does something like I don't want to run the regenerate tissue right so kids with muscle dystrophy kids with like where they can't walk anymore they get the stem cell injections and they can walk for and then after six months you know the stem cells do leave your body or like the original stay with you in it right so once again I don't scientific terms I could be off but they have to go back in get the stem cells and they can have you know as you know that kind of Life instead of having me in a wheelchair so I went I went in there because I just wanted to try it out my friend also came with me he has asthma knocked out his asthma he never had to use an inhaler for way past six months really yeah because the stem cells also really affect the lungs the umbilical cord cells they travel to the lungs first from what this in Ivy

► 01:01:42

Ivy version yeah an IV we did Ivy I did shoulder my shoulders because I have I later got a rotator cuff surgery because I don't like a bone spur going into my tendon but I try to use the stem cells to sudden have to go to surgery but you can't erode bone right so yeah so you got to shave down and see what they did exactly yeah and but I just liked my performance level went up the like the general kind of markers of what it's supposed to do actually increase actually right after right after that I went back and went went back to Vegas met up with Dan and we did to work out it was like it's just you know two times more and he you know it worked like you know it did what it was scientifically supposed to do for me for my stamina my energy yeah and you would do it for three days to do the three days yeah

► 01:02:42

is and three days of IV and then injects into different joints and exactly and that did that and then about a year later I was with Dr Grossman he's the doctor I work with in he wrote the book with Ray Kurzweil called I think it's the sub the sub text of the book is staying alive until we get told her till we reached Singularity or something like that and it's like a book on being healthy basically antiaging book he wrote that in with with with a record as well so that's why I heard about him I went to him a few years back to get like the full blood work going for me and my family what we did like two days of testing all kinds of stuff to learn more about our bodies and see what were deficient in what we're not what vitamins we need to take to supplement the things that were deficient in and I came back just you know maybe a year ago to do his version of stem cells because in America

► 01:03:42

different kind of thing like Panama's obviously out of America so they're doing the umbilical cord stem cells or they harvest the stem cells from umbilical cords so they have stay 0 stem cells he's doing stem cells it's almost like a plasma therapy when they took my blood spin it and there you know pulling out the stem cells from my own blood so it's 41 year-old stem cells but his point that he's saying is that the size of the stem cells they're much smaller so they're able to travel past where it ends up clogging which is like the lungs and like certain areas of the body so it does travel more just it's not the day Zero stem cells but it's still effectively doing its work when you think back to like 20 years ago there was no discussion of this so this is yeah this is a completely you know I've had stem cell shots to and I had a full-length rotator cuff tear in my right arm that's gone just it went fruit sealed up well healed yeah I was having real problems with his arm while

► 01:04:42

can I was going to need surgery now it works great no problems at all hit the bag lift weights and you you injected intravenously and in the arm yeah I've done both yeah exosomes of done there's a new thing called Wharton's jelly that had a pretty profound effect so very potent mixture of stem cells we're getting close to the point where you don't have to go to Panama but going to Panama right now is the way to go so that's why you like purple no I didn't go to Panama did it all in America where Santa Monica please call the lights pain medicine yeah have to try that out so pleased that we originally started going to for Regina Keen do you know we're genican is Regina King was originally invented in Germany and a lot of guys like Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant they had to fly to Germany back in the day to get this and what they do is it's a more advanced form of platelet-rich plasma right like they're taking your blood out they spin it in a centrifuge and heat it through some process and they add things to it and in the process it creates this incredible

► 01:05:42

probably potent anti-inflammatory agent that's from your own blood like this yellow serum then the inject this yellow serum directly into areas where you have injury and or inflammation and has a radical healing effect and it's really really good for bulging discs people that have disc issues and back issues and I had a pretty bad one in my neck that was keeping me out of jujitsu my hands were going numb you know because the the Bulge was pushing against my nerve now it's gone like I've got it I got MRI six months later after the procedure there's no more bulge now most of the time when you have a bulging disc sometimes it can go back and heal but most of the time it does not and most of the time what happens is you wind up having to get a discectomy where they go into the disk they remove the offending piece that sticking into your nerve but now you have a smaller disk of less disk tissue so your discs start to collapse your your actual spinal column you know the actual hard bone

► 01:06:42

moves closer to the other hard bone and you know becomes real problem arthritis form scar tissue forms the more discs tissue you have you know the better off you are and they're able to do that now to the point where they increase the distance shoe well it doesn't decrease it okay so when the disc is bulging it actually gets to go back in it gets it to retreat the stem cells of the blood plasma therapy Regina King okay but stem cells have been shown to start to do that too they've actually started injecting stem cells directly into Dick's disc tissue and I was talking to dr. Rodney McGee out of Las Vegas he's one of the guys that's really at The Cutting Edge of all this stuff well with UFC fighters and they're doing that with them and he was the guy I originally went to to drink to treat my shoulder because of dr. Davidson from the UFC who's the the main doctor for the UFC he was telling me he had shoulder surgery he's a little bit older than me and his shoulder surgery took but he

► 01:07:42

don't have any issues with it it's trying to figure out what he what he should do because he was still having pain when you swimming went and got some stem cell injections all the pain went away so he's telling me about that he's like you know you got some pretty significant tears you might really need surgery but maybe this will help you for now so I went there and the the the amount of help that it the amount of alleviation of pain and discomfort was stunning house I can you believe this is a real thing you just shoot this into whatever is bothering you and then all sudden like four months later you like where's the pain and let me fucking pain anymore I need a meat can you understand oh yeah he's great yeah I'll give you his number other great I send people to him all the time but he's on The Cutting Edge of everything like anytime he's a young guy and he's a really enthusiastic and super brilliant and anytime there's any sort of Cutting Edge Medical Practice that guys he's on it like for instance one of the things are doing now is when people get ACL tears which usually when you get an

► 01:08:42

CLT are usually you need reconstruction and what usually with that reconstruction is either a cadaver graft where they take the Achilles tendon out of a dead person and shove it in your knee and then your body re proliferates that with its own cells it takes about six months and then you have a functional tendon again it's great I had it done myself well but now they're able to reattach the actual torn ACL with they have some special technique they do and they've had people tear an ACL and then compete in the Olympics four months later wow which is fucking bananas that's crazy yeah and he showed me this procedure and how they do it then he showed me this guy for months post-op doing all these box jumps and shit and I was like this is nuts it is not well yeah so there's a lot of Hope when in terms of regenerative medicine absolutely thank God for people like dr. Reardon and dr. McGee and dr. Ben ruhi who's the guy that I go to in Santa Monica I mean these guys

► 01:09:42

just on top of this incredible New Wave of regenerative medicine yeah I'm obsessed with that world so how are you talking about it's like a very exciting yeah well you're in Vegas she got a visit Roddy I would love to me these are looking great guy too yeah you'd love them yeah and he's like super enthusiastic about it if he finds out that you're enthusiastic about it he just he's a hill geek out with you yeah what else have you had done stem cells shoulders shoulder I had just had focal surgery vocal cord surgery whoa did you get polyps or something yeah I did yeah polyploid on my vocal quarks I used to sing in a band I used to I used to be a like in a screamo hardcore band or a few of them I mean that's where I like that's my roots of who like my where my music was as far as what led me to DJing was being in these like hardcore punk bands so that's a lot of screaming lots of screaming yeah

► 01:10:42

and then I carried that through when I finally like when I finally you know retired that hat and I started DJing years and years later and I started doing these bigger bigger shows and started during the festivals I brought out that same energy again and I started you know when I started producing the music electronic music I was bringing and guitars I was screaming on some of these songs so I'm bringing some of my past in with my music and I'm back again but in a different world and and I just I'm not I'm not a trained singer you know so I destroyed my vocal cords and I was just like raspy as hell like I was just like an old Italian man so much shows and and then I saw doctors like you don't have a choice you're going to have to like

► 01:11:35

you have to take a break and I'm you know I'm doing like 250 shows year so it's like well because stop for the month and and and not talk for a month that was crazy natto talking for a whole month yeah I imagine Joe Rogan not talking for a whole month but a lot of people be excited but I had to do that that was very hard I actually saw life coach before because I'm like I'm terrified I don't want my like demons or Whatever anxiety whatever things that I have like creeping up or they're like okay you're mine now you can't you can't talk to someone about you know yeah like I don't love scared you know but I got through it I just I'm a very busy body kind of person so like I just scheduled it was like going back to college but with things that I needed to train and get better at like get better at piano get better at meditation get better at at you know twisting the knobs engineering whatever it might be that I want to be better at I just brought more people

► 01:12:35

my world then I finished like an album that month making music with different people so I just was just so focused on creation and and learning and reading and you know all that good stuff so when I left I was like okay now I know how to do TM meditation or Transcendental Meditation and you know I'm more comfortable doing the things that helped me be a better artist well obviously worked right but what was the first sound that you made after a month what was the first word I'll tell you something that's really interesting I know now to do the most hygienic sneeze you can possibly do tell us because now I could sneeze with no visible Vapor Reddit residue because you know what I mean people sneeze you can Li see those videos it's like it's like this cloud of trillions of bacteria floating in the air yeah of course

► 01:13:32

if you do that to me you'll probably see some Vapor but you don't feel on your hand if you sneeze and you just like your it's all like gunky and you know it happens sometimes right yeah well now I can sneeze because I'm not using my vocal cords so as I sneeze I blow out really hard because I had no choice I couldn't cough I couldn't actually use a vocal cord after the surgery also what if you had a cough so I bet

► 01:13:58

whoa so when I sneeze I sneeze like that I go so if you do that exactly I can now he's was that that's how you do it that's how I sneeze almost want to get some dust see see if he's yeah if you could make these I will show you and then basically so you just breathe out yeah it's the cleanest sneeze you could possibly do yeah so that's one very important thing I learned through this hole but the first sound I mean I don't remember scared to say a word

► 01:14:31

like when the 30 days is up yeah yeah it's probably just you know you know also Whispering is really bad Whispering span like that yeah likewise pretty much yeah so you really Whispering is not good for your vocal cords you think it's likes gentler on them but from what I was told to not whisper so I literally was texting all the time for mmm you know until I had to make that you know you probably developed fucking Lightning Fast thumb as he wanted to get things out but did you that's what you did most of the time just hex people text to tie our it's called text to talk when I was in my meetings because you know I've run various different you know businesses and I have to you know be on call so I'm like texting and talking I was Stephen Hawking yeah you know yeah yeah but it's so if we go back to the yeah here is the agenda for today yes they apparently wanted to give him a better

► 01:15:31

listen he didn't want it now he's like you're like that smoother more Siri like voice yeah sorry I didn't understand your you know you can get Syria nice English voice and yeah yours he was not interested he likes that he liked while he was alive that weird Ruff computer voice he I mean from what I heard about him he just his sense of humor was was very funny and he's just a very sarcastic guy see you seem like a really interesting guy yeah who also really like strip clubs no no no I did not yeah Eric Weinstein told me about that member see there was a really interesting article written about him that he would love to get wheeled into a strip club he like he enjoyed it and like like being there but I guess that completely makes sense if you lost

► 01:16:20

control of your body still were attracted to women you have still found them amazing you'd want to see them naked dancing in front of it's like it makes total sense yeah you know yeah because you want like I mean exactly you can't get it but you can at least be there yeah what do you got Jamie there it is a claimed physicist Hawking a regular that California trip he's a regular wow it's hilarious look at it make it rain I am proud to say that I saw him speak when I was in college oh wow no kidding yeah look at him when I was Trippers Hollow Peterson Steven Hawkings go to strip clubs look at them that's amazing what does it lead a smile he looks so happy they look so happy Well we'd hate absolutely yeah

► 01:17:14

yeah I would I would imagine that would be a very trying 30 days so when it came when it was over was your voice normal did it come back to its it was it was different but I was warned that it would sound a little different like you sound different now than you sounded before the operation I'm used to what I sound like now so I almost forgot what I sound like before but I think maybe a semitone differently you know but you know it's like you just get used to the new year like if I was going to be half cyborg half half man I'll probably just be like okay yeah that's just me you know like you just get to that when you when you

► 01:17:55

situated in that the half cyborg thing is going to be really weird when people start replacing legs because I think if you could develop a leg like a cybernetic leg that's better than a normal leg someone's going to say chop my leg off and give me one of those someone someone somewhere is going to do that and if that becomes seamless and you know you get some Steve Austin Six Million Dollar Man type shit going on things get real weird that's a what you've all talks about in homogeneous you know that whole idea that like first we use the technology to heal the people that need it but at the end of the day it's going to be used for advancing Humanity hmm you know like there's like you know the you want to save you want to help people that need to walk first right yeah but then it's like

► 01:18:49

just like you said if it becomes very normal then the upgrades will be used as well to advance the people that don't need it yeah and then we get to a point where your unscrewing your head taking your brain out slut and and it's that's also what's interesting is that when you say that you know now it sounds crazy it does but it doesn't yeah well to you it doesn't yeah but to me it doesn't either but that's exactly what you're saying about the phone to you know or like what you're showing someone in the Victorian age yeah it's about the internet right and when we get to that place it's going to you know it's going to feel like oh well everyone everyone did it so like when Luke Skywalker got his arm chopped off and Star Wars and they put another Armand yeah really quick member yep yeah that shit's gonna happen I believe it yeah I don't think that's so

► 01:19:48

I think that's too far away is probably 25 years away I hope so I think I hope so too because we are seeing some pretty Advanced artificial limbs so there was a guy who got his leg and his arm bit off by a shark and I met him at the comedy store and he has this carbon fiber arm and a carbon fiber leg the guy doesn't walk with a limp he walks completely normal and he shook my hand I was scared because I was like don't crush my hand because he's got some fucking Iron Man hand and he shook my of in have like the look like a hand or is it because if I don't hand well yeah we got black carbon fiber hand that articulates it moves as our speaker they're starting to make it where you can feel yes I think they are yeah so that way it's all right there wow yeah we've actually been got the next level right it's like when you can make an arm that has nerve joints into the this artificially intelligent artificially connecting with your

► 01:20:45

with your brain yeah he's he's an interesting character because that arm I mean it's you you really get this I am robot kind of feel yeah from seeing his arm and his leg like because it's I mean I'm sure he would tell you that he's much better off with his arm and his leg back yeah but when you see the guy walk around man he fucking just walks around he looks normal I mean what they used to have in comparison to what they have today I mean it is Leaps and Bounds and I'm sure the future so that's his actual arm well it sort of looks like wow shark bit his fucking arm off that's a I mean I wouldn't want to put the arm and leg yeah that was a Hungry Shark just asshole yeah it's you know

► 01:21:35

it's interesting because this is the wherein wherein this new frontier of what's possible I'm sure they're upgrading his stuff all the time as well you know and what's or what's available to someone like him yeah but it's exciting to see like when you when you like you know when you see it firsthand and see him not lipping and you know where we're going you know like like I'm saying like all the Sci-Fi films that we see that some of them are going to have very real you know scenarios in our life for sure yeah yeah are you a technology geek outside of the sort of thinking about the body as in I mean I am of course I've definitely say I'm a techie yeah because you kind of have to yeah right if you're you create electronic music yes I'm a gadget guy too you know I love like gadgets and trying new little things that are out there I'm you know like I just want to try it all

► 01:22:35

when I like experience things in different ways to enhance my experience overall yeah creating music electronically is its kind of polarizing to some people though right because I mean I think your music sounds fucking amazing but for some people they want to hear an actual sand ring of a guitar the rap of a drum the you know like people have this like very narrow idea of true music is is true and you know I think that there's two layers to to like electronic music so you know you have to first of all make the music so you're all you are making the music in one form or another with and I don't actually don't use like live instrumentation so much but sometimes I do and because I come from that world it's natural for me to bring a guitar in but it's not necessary you know everything can be made from a laptop you don't even actually need very much anymore

► 01:23:36

you can make like a garage fire sound yeah GarageBand I guess we'll be the rudimentary first you use Windows to use a Mac I use a apple Ableton Live and it wasn't lives the software yeah it's like the doll that I used to create the music but you know you can literally you don't even need a keyboard you're not even a mouse what if you really just need a hard drive of samples or you know having enough that you can build off of and your keyboard becomes you know you know how you're going to paint your notes and so you can make it that streamline if you want it to now having like this big studios it's great and I have a really beautiful studio in my house but it's more about the energy of the room for me like I want to go in there like going I'm going to work 12 hours and I'm going to be excited to do that all the way until whatever time it's at Las Vegas Vegas effect of being in a club or being in a casino and you don't know what time it is

► 01:24:36

I want that same effect in my room to be like energized and it also energizes people that come in but if I'm on the road like you know making an idea and just like strip lining it I don't really need much you know and I think that's what your setup right there oh yeah yeah dude what a fucking bad-ass room so I love your carpet yeah I call it when I'm with that it's a you know blue obviously my foot my books called Blue is my favorite color and I want the the feeling to feel new futuristic so it's the neon future cave if you look up at the ceiling if you scroll up and that picture whatever you get to see maybe it's not in that picture but I have yeah so you have like these like lollies lights coming through the ceiling as if you're in like a cave whoa and

► 01:25:27

and then you're looking at everything in this enormous projection screen so what that is yeah and it's and it's eats a ton of people so you know just I'm releasing my neck singles with the Backstreet Boys so I can fit all the Backstreet Boys guys in my house and my studio and we can you know do what we do have you always lived in Vegas I moved to Vegas in 20 I bought my house in 2013 what made you move to Vegas I was living in LA and my career broken Los Angeles so there's no doubt about it being in La for as a musician as an artist so when I music that's where you if you want a break you can have all the connections and build your network here fastest than anywhere else in the world New York I feel like is the media hub or fashion and then La is is a Music Hub and then Atlanta is like the hip-hop club Nashville's country but I broke in LA and

► 01:26:27

when I started touring 2009-10 2008 9 10 11 I was just gone I start I wasn't like living in La the way I lived in La going out to all the places that I love to eat all the culture of what Elly is offer I was only there 50 days of the year maybe so I was like well just on a residency to in Las Vegas when The Nightlife boomed for DJs and from 2010 it was a big shift of of what night life has to offer in Vegas and DJ's were big part of that and so on a you know big residency deal and then I was like I mean I'm here more than I am in LA and

► 01:27:13

you know it's a good tax situation there there's no state tax there and I'd have to leave La my home turf but I'm not even there right so I just moved ship entirely bought a house but the dream situation house that's noticed that like there's so many perks for me because La I had like a 2000 2500 square-foot maybe 3,000 square foot house which was nice million-dollar house in the hills and that's when I finally made it before I lived in an apartment on delongpre in El Centro East Hollywood I guess Hollywood and Vine area $900 for 900 square feet that's where it all started for me is when I first moved to LA and started making money took time to get there I kind of talked about that in the book like the hardships of get there because one of the best lessons of my father shared with me was this tough love attitude were you know he was a very rich flamboyant restaurant or Benihana's had fancy cars

► 01:28:13

very flashy very American he's the one that broke to the American dream the Japanese the one of the few Japanese people that actually did that so he's just like y'all look at me with you know flying hot air balloons offshore boat racing and and then like you know I guess a traditional thing is like the he would financially help me you know because he has the money to do that but one of the most powerful things he did was he just financially he didn't financially help me and I had to figure they'll my issues my hardships my business plans my financial issues that I was going through on my own so I just start there and because of that I was able to succeed through some of the hard stuff and and have that drive to want to make money for myself so during that time in LA you know I'm kind of like resting here you know I lived in this apartment

► 01:29:05

for about seven years and then the DJing my first priority is my record label that was like why I moved to LA sign artists develop them help them and then I was DJing building the brand of the label and we created a really cool scene in LA and we were breaking some of the biggest acts not breaking where we were the underground hot bed you know like I say like the comedy shop or something where like everyone would hang out so like Lady Gaga was playing for free at our shows Skrillex was there every single week William was dancing in the corner and then going back to the studio making Black Eyed Peas hits because 2007 through 2009 Black Eyed Peas were the biggest artist LMFAO was there every single week this is and then they became the biggest acts so we're like this hotbed of music culture and LA but it was my parties wow and and then that's how I you know

► 01:30:05

made a name for myself is that I was throwing these parties and I was DJing them but no one cared that I was DJing them the only reason why they're going is because of these acts would always be there and then the celebs were come in you know that's what I met DJ am in 2006 2005 and then we got together and he brought the celebs in so now like there's a spotlight of pre TMZ kind of like oh what's going on over here with this Electro sound with we have like Daft Punk their unmasked and and like really cool underground like Kid Cudi there and Kanye West coming through and then there's Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton and all these different people all like in the small room and people wanted to know what the hell is going on in that little space and this is what's great about this time was that it was pre Snapchat pre-social media was just my space so you had to be in that room to experience what was happening so people would fly in to just be in that room to hear what was the cutting-edge sound that was

► 01:31:05

going to be eventually popular you know people wanted to play in that little 300-400 cap room did you film any of that there is always one guy filming I mean that's the thing because back then there was no phones that could films like razors and right you know like like blackberries that you know you just can't kicks yeah it's like it's the worst quality so a guy who has to bring a camcorder in right and this one guy Glenn Jamin he would always film those parties would cobra snake my he was my best friend I would just run with me to all the shows and parties because back then I would play like five nights a week in LA and and he would photograph and he would document and that's how you would find out about the lifestyle that the the clothes like this the look of you know what it was to be on Cahuenga in Hollywood and that whole you know and then you see Kid Cudi there and you see Kanye West there and you'll see you know whoever else that was just like hanging out absorbing

► 01:32:05

the culture that we were that we were like creating there and then eventually that was what got me out of my debt bubble that was you know because I was pretty bad businessmen I was running Dimock I thought I was doing shit right because I signing acts that actually mattered and we're taking off but I just didn't know how to you know I was just spending spending like yo we keep going with this and then you know that's are bringing the right people and I was like okay I need to build a team I need to build some people that have some sensibilities in this world while I'm creative and then the DJing just took off as I was getting more into production getting 12 remix and getting more into creating myself as an artist and then that is what people know about me now but really it was people knew about me because of the Dimock and and it's a it's interesting how sometimes that evolutions of the errors of who you are you know change over time and then you know

► 01:33:05

as forward 2013 is when I was like okay I got La help grow me to who I am my management my label there's still AA you know but Steve Aoki is going to be Las Vegas so I would love to see a documentary on that to see that would be an amazing film like to see how that all was going down right now like if you have video footage if you get somebody to edit that and put together a documentary of that time period because it's a really interesting time period yeah you know for the the creation of electronic music and the what you pointed out that's so interesting was that 2010 was really somewhere around the time Vegas started becoming these these electronic music show started taking precedent they're the biggest fucking thing I was staying at the Wynn recently and the hotel room we were at was over

► 01:34:05

looking the pool and I forget who it was that was playing there but it was fucking chaos and like you don't and and especially when you're up you know where I like above like high above looking down the pool at hotel room for its I view it was so crazy was so loud and so crazy and there was everybody's not pulled it was fucking Madness and you going this never existed yeah I mean I've been trying to Vegas for a long time yeah this is a new thing it is a new thing over the last nine years exactly and it's overtaking Vegas everywhere you go there's these gigantic billboards with your there your face on it or whatever other DJs in its place and who's the guy with a fucking marshmallow head is a guy marshmallow yeah well I hit that smart fellow yeah you know okay that's like the unknown comic I've got a marshmallow on his head but there's so many I didn't even know who that was like my kids were explained to me my 11 year olds explained to be marshmallow my fuck do you know who Martin

► 01:35:06

and we're there and it's just it's everyone that's going out in Vegas but it used to be Vegas used to be like a cultural weird void yeah right you would have some big acts that would come through there but it always seemed like they were at the end of their run right yeah you know you had to be at the end of your run yeah like when Michael Jackson was considering doing Vegas it's like okay he's like finally saying that this is the right or you know it's like the Legacy mounted like Celine Dion right did a residency in Vegas like she's probably just tired Donny and Marie yeah no perfect metal oh yeah yeah I'm a little you know like Carrot Top does a residency there's he's doing really well it's not it's not a knock yeah I know it's not it's really not but it's that's what it was but then all of a sudden it became electronic music and it's like wow what is happening like the you know these things are enormous like there's so much bigger than

► 01:36:05

other kind of event that you have in Vegas other than like massive sporting events like pricing or something yeah well it definitely it's provoked by energy to you know like and it's that's infectious yes yeah that's a fucking great time like if you go to see Barry Manilow or you know whatever who they have no knock on them but you know I'm saying it's like I'm sure it's fun it's mellow so like whatever you're into but when you're seated you know like you're seated for a reason because you're there to like sit and just enjoy yes at there's no seats at a Steve Aoki show I mean there are there like the tables and stuff but no one's sitting down right it that's the they'll be strange to see someone unless there was passed out drunk or something but for the most part everyone's standing and jumping and being part of the moment and that's that's my job yeah I need to make sure everyone's attention is on me and then I'm taking them to this next level I've always wondered what it's like to live in Vegas though like I've never lived there in am I

► 01:37:05

friend Dana White lives are he loves their he's he Raves about it but I've always liked like Vegas okay so in as it is for me so I my leg I write like my heart and like you know I love Los Angeles I know Allah Allah so well and you know that La you have your limitations it's Los Angeles you can't like if you want to build your dream house you cannot have to have a lot of money to do that in Vegas when I move there in 2013 I got sick deal I bought my house 16,000 square feet whoa 2.8 million I think to hilarious yeah 2.8 it was a short sale as a total steal I mean like the guts were not good I like it was like one of those like prop homes almost so I had to re gut in like I spent like 5 million into the house and it was more about building my own dream house as I would want to have it I have a foam pit in there with a trampoline room I have ai ai ai the pool in my backyard was too far away from my house so I

► 01:38:05

filled it in and I built a pool at 16 feet deep right next to my patio as 20 feet up I built the patio out so that way I can jump into the pool from the top I'm like kid and basically a big kid and I just think about how I want to make my house fun interactive for the artists that come there for me I have a I have a fun jim I've you know I got my own like chess station backgammon station have a poker room you know it's the most hospitable house you know and I have all this space I have like a big shoe room mm big shoe collector I got crazy library with books and Records you know and have a Bruce Lee mirror room a mirror room it's my closet but it's just like you walk in and it's like LED strips everywhere with mirrors and you know I'm just having fun I'm having fun with my house

► 01:39:03

there's a mirror room I have some really crazy really beautiful artery but I got this amazing Banksy peace and saw you know been starting to collect our there's my shoe remote doesn't Banks you get mad at people by shit I bought it from him oh you met him tell us what he looks like he is a he's a girl whoo just kidding I never met him but you know I got into through his some people to get into as he definitely a real person

► 01:39:34

you know I don't know how weird is that it's someone in 2019 is managed to stay that secretive really kind of amazing credible because he's a cultural phenomenon yeah I mean he's I mean everybody knows her Banks he is yeah right or you know of yeah see I should say but no one knows who he is which is crazy little fuckers never pulled that off right with a unique human being yeah that's true how does that work how did not sure who that I think I mean it's it's like his he's always seeming to find a way to troll people in a social or political critique just like he did with the the art sale of of the shredded paper yeah so amazing was that yeah that was pretty crazy yeah but watch those people after they paid it and see the thing dropped out read the are without let me ask you this though I don't want to go too deep into this but

► 01:40:33

because I don't know if I'm like stepping on anyone's toes here but if this is really suffrages or you know what like a real Auction House aren't they going to look at the painting or the piece are they going to open up the frame and make sure there's not some weird drill going through like I think they would ever expect that to be the case I mean but your but your and your antique you should be checking everything making sure everything's authentic no well if it's an authentic piece and it somehow or another some reliable source brings it to them as an authentic piece they just accept the fact they don't check the details of the season I mean what can they do Meanwhile by the way I'll take that and fucking glue that bitch back together again even that will you want to like that that's okay that's like what makes the value is it right like actually have it hanging there that's why you wanted in your house really you want it just like that

► 01:41:29

hey look at the people's face sometimes I forget that I got a phone oh no oh no Thurston we've lost the piece whoo-hoo

► 01:41:40

yeah you know I wish I could funny that we're talking about this because sometimes I forget like you know we're having a chat and I realized oh there's a lot of people listening in on this so maybe I shouldn't give away some of the stuff that I've learned about it but yeah anyways I'll leave it there well he's definitely unique human yeah so let's get back to Vegas so you don't feel weird living there because at the one thing that I've felt about Vegas is I always enjoy going there and enjoy leaving more like gimme home give me when we get it that's because you go there with that intention like for me I built my compound right so it is home it's a hundred percent home it's exciting to be home and the best part about it is like first I built the compound this dream house to invite like all my friends I'm a hospitable guy so I like artists to come there my friends had come there stay there with me my family and the next best thing was calling my mom and my sister who lived together and I said

► 01:42:38

will you move to Vegas will you be in my neighborhood and they said yes and that was the best money I ever spent was buy my mom a house and they you know like they live around the corner my mom's cooking like by the time I'm home I see my mom all the time and I never had the opportunity we had this 10 plus your Gap where I see her like once every six months because I'm just touring like a beast right now I just see my family a lot more you know like it's so in a way I'm trying to bring my family all to Vegas my cousin's moved from from the East Coast with his wife and his mom to Vegas you know before he my mom so I have my cousin there I my mom my sister there with their daughter my brother Kevin who's a restaurant or as well he's you know planning to make the move because we're going to open up some restaurants on the Strip - dude you got your fingers in a lot of pies and on that pie note I do have pizza Aoki no yes I do I have 19 kitchens now

► 01:43:38

whoa yeah it's been about about year and two months and we're growing at a rapid rate and I would imagine 19 1919 kitchen that's crazy most of them are in Los Angeles because that's you know like that's where we kind of broke ground and we were just like opening up kitchens and all the areas that that Postmates was giving us information like you know this is where it makes sense to do that so we work with all the delivery hubs and the mostly delivery thing or do you have yeah I do have two dining locations but the whole business model is about delivery really yeah it's all about delivery and that way my costs are very low and then I could be effective like I'm not really spending much money on marketing and and was funny as is that people love to post about pizza and pizza Aoki is a pretty fun concept dude fight companion Pete Aoki Saturday let's make it happen I'll do is I will send as many pizzas Okies you guys need like whenever

► 01:44:38

Wanna Live fight companion for the UFC this Saturday the be like 11:00 a.m. in the morning because it's in Abu Dhabi so we'll hit it up make that happen yeah all right what kind of pizza you got man oh we got all kinds of pizzas all right but most importantly you know the the idea of pizza okey might sound like a gimmick and you're like okay I'll try it out but 60% of the people or in PCR return so we know that its quality you know I would imagine that you do anything half-assed no I don't think that's you so do you do you get you don't so you have a said essentially like created your own world in Vegas so everyone's there that you know and you can stake the thing about Vegas right is like the Allure of the strip but you're kind of removed from that anyway you don't do drugs you don't drink right you don't fuck around with anything no yeah that's like one of the things that we talk like you know when we talked about how I'm sustainable is that you have to not do the certain things that that make it unsustainable right so I never

► 01:45:37

got into drugs I do talk about my book my first acid trip when I was 13 but that scared the living shit out of me to stay away from anything that loosen the genic and like literally got 13 so you I just stay away from drugs that's a bad time to do acid it's a very very funny story but it got to the point where I just became this this straight edge hardcore kid I became extremely religious because I was in this like I was 13 I was looking up going I'm going to be fuck the rest of my life like when you're on acid you're like fucking out there you're just so fucked up and and when you start thinking like this is how I'm going to be forever you're Clinging On to anything that can get you out right and for me when I grew up as a kid my mom was putting me into like Catholic schools and one of the best thing that Catholic schools do is indoctrinate kids on fear

► 01:46:29

so you know like I remember going up to the drawing board like there is like a drawing of what hell is like guess who's going there forever people that don't believe you know and you know when you're young you start seeing that and and then when you get into a place of vulnerability where you're like where I was I was like scared shitless I was like I'm going to go to an insane award when I'm 13 because I can't get out of this acid he'll trip how long it lasts I guess like what 17 hours but every second is like a minute you know because you cannot sleep you cannot stop thinking about what you're in I mean there is like it's like this exaggerated emotions like the first part of my Acid trip was like if I was so funny I was laughing at everything it was like the best thing I ever did oh my God everything is so funny I'm just laughing I'm like in pain because I'm like so just laughing and everything just everything is joyous and then like I went into this

► 01:47:29

upside-down world like stranger things when I got dropped off at my friend's house and everyone went dark and my friends were my friends 14 he doesn't do drugs so he was just his mom was coming down you okay everything's okay even though you're on acid know they knew I was on acid but they're like you're like I'm like an 80-pound Japanese kid you know five foot you know like a little kid like what the hell is my doing acid for you know I do talk about like where that came out but um

► 01:48:00

yeah so like when I was when I got flipped in that world then everything was like I saw Street Fighter like Fireballs from why you coming at me like when I close my eyes I close my eyes it was very very vibrant and Vivid and I mean it was it's a trip for sure so once you were gain sanity you're like enough of any of this nonsense yeah once I was like oh my God I'm back this is

► 01:48:24

this is for real like I have fucked drugs fuck this shit you know like and then I was like I'm straight edge because that's the music I was starting to get into and then I was like I'm all about God and Jesus is going to save me you know like he saved me so like as a kid I was very religious going out and that you know start exploring more about the world and and then went more from this face or faith-based concepts of living through life to you know things that need to be more needed to make sense for me I'm very much more scientific unlike the understanding of how I want to see things where did the change take place when did it take place that would happen to be college and post where'd you go to school UC Santa Barbara so when you went was great Errol of Santa Barbara God's like the Hidden Gem of California right yeah so sweet out there yeah so

► 01:49:24

you just became educated started learning more about things and then yeah I don't know if there's like one spark that happened it was just kind of like I just said questions about why things happen like what what is religion like what you know you know how things work in the world how societies are built did you study theology a little a little but I don't know if that would be like the philosophy classes I was taking was not really the Crux of it sociology was my major I was women's studies and sociology when I was in college women studies yeah well well yeah I'm serious I'm out yeah obviously the bottom of this I'd have to say like strangely enough it's the first thing you think about right why would why is it going women studies like try to understand you're angry I mean the reason why I was in that department is because my favorite teachers were the ones teaching those

► 01:50:24

classes so I just was like all right I'll try this one and then I was like wow this is actually pretty interesting I'll try another one and and then I was like well I'll just I'll finish off the major and you know I'd have to say like the stuff that I learned in school it's in large part of how I kind of looked through kind of like navigate through my life like sociology I am a sociologist I want to study people like why they do certain things you know like how do I navigate them in different directions well and then you've become a purveyor of great fun like that's essentially what you do professionally yeah right you give people great time yeah your shows this wild extremely energetic experience for people and they leave there's a certain level of transformants right now I've watched some of your shit online and you do these enormous crowds man it's

► 01:51:24

epic and you see all those people going fucking crazy and dance along to your shed I mean it's got to be a wild wild feeling knowing that you're giving this really positive experience these for thousands and thousands of people that are just roaring along to your music yeah wow yeah as you say I'm like you know you know like Goosebumps yeah it's because it is exactly what you're saying and that's why I'm I guess you could say I'm addicted to that and because I care so much about that I have to be sustainable

► 01:52:00

you know it goes back to what we're talking about like what do I need to do is you do too there's no fucking way you can do 250 shows a year and get fucked up 252 Oh yeah because there's a lot you know and that business especially you know the business of electronic dance music is a lot of people doing Molly right there's a lot of people doing all kinds of amphetamines and all kinds of crazy shit and you got to think like you do that every night man you're going to look like an 80 year old man 40 years old because you've literally burn the candle with a blowtorch if you use that Elon Musk not a flamethrower birthday candle you know I mean it's but you know what I always say if whenever I have the opportunity is that for the people in my crowds and I have to say country by country they're very different as far as like what I think if they're doing drugs or not where they do the most drugs Island no I don't think so I don't but you know it's Hari I it's like I'm just judging right I don't know like what people are doing out there

► 01:53:00

I could judge by how interactive they are that's the best way I can tell right if they're like yeah if they're here that's the worst that's the worst like subject to play too it's like literally playing at a cocktail party when their backs are turned to you it's the same kind of thing for me so if they're already high and they just like loss in their world like it's no fun for me plus I spend so much time making like my set so interactive so engaging and entertaining like it's bit disrespectful yeah yeah I know but like you know some people are gonna do it you're not going to be like the Debbie Downer be like you know everyone all drugs get the hell out of here you lose 80% of crowd said that everyone would leave

► 01:53:49

don't know I don't know I know you want to I don't even have no I don't even want to know honestly like Swede which different though yeah weeds more like chill you know like but if you're so like heís wanked off your head where you can't you don't even know where you are what's going on then like you just lose the whole experience I mean a lot of times people wake up well what happened I mean what's the point of you know the experience if you got your so blitzed out of your head you don't even know what's going on so allegedly during the experience of having a good time yeah yeah but I mean that's that's a that's a really wonderful way to make a living it's like literally the dream come true you know to make people happy get to be I always say like I feel like I'm the chef in the kitchen making the food and I go out and I get to watch people you my food yeah and then they're like all this is really good I'm like I'm like yes you know like I since I see that feeling I'm like let's go back and make more food but we got a Sprinkle more try

► 01:54:49

on that and then let's deliver and I get a c and then they're like you're the you're the chef Mike that's me you know so like it's like I get that luck lucky position to be able to to make my music and then share it and hope that they have the same feeling that I have sharing it so how many shows do you do in Vegas and how many shows you do a broad around 40 in Vegas so to 1040A year 40 year so how do you when do you there like so you do you still have residency but it's just we're at hakkasan Omnia Jewel small Club of theirs and and what Republic so those four properties that I play which is nice because if I had to play 40 shows in one I mean it wouldn't necessarily be that bad because thing about Vegas is a transient crowd right so it's always no matter what even on one weekend I might be playing possibly three or four times for one weekend right and every show

► 01:55:49

I do whether it's a day party and it club the club is a complete different influx of people coming in because let the people that saw me the day party are gonna go see Chainsmokers or marshmallow or you know whoever else or Calvin Harris or whatever is playing out on the Strip the competition is as thick as it gets every night there's the biggest DJs playing alongside you know each other it's really amazing if you stop and think about what a crazy change that is to an entertainment environment like the Vegas the transformation to that electronic music around like you said 2010 there's not a thing like that that you can point to anywhere else in the world where like all the sudden this one dominant form of entertainment has taken over the entire night life of a city right like other than a big some sort of big event that's in Vegas the fucking Rodeo or the UFC or something like that where everybody comes in to see that right you guys are

► 01:56:49

sup I mean that is what's up in Vegas it's the it dominates it what how did that happen that's a crazy thing it really is yeah when you say it like them like no other place like if you go to New York if you go to La if you go to all places all around the world there's no other thing that has transformed The Nightlife of a city the way electronic music has transformed Vegas transformed changed everything went from non-existent to number one with a bullet like there's not even a close second it's all electronic music Anthony Bourdain used to hate it it was hilarious he's 16 he was like he's gonna lose old and crotchety being at these places all the music and he just wasn't his thing but he still was in awe of what happened I love that guy yeah I never met him but he was awesome yeah miss him

► 01:57:46

yeah there's a plenty of people that that do go to Vegas for like this is so annoying and since it's just kids running around like kids but like young adults running around yeah you know especially the day like in their bikinis right I'm actually probably people like that but in any case it's a yeah it's also different from the casino operators because they're dealing with this younger generation of people to write and they have to think differently about how they're going to get them to you know do what they gaze is meant to be you know with the economy serving gambling yeah well they're paying to see you as well and alcohol sales as well I think alcohol sales have become a large large portion of their revenue right I think that like I could be wrong here but the gambling site is actually smaller portion than the everything else I think that's true I think that's shifted I've read something about that recently that entertainment has become the primary

► 01:58:45

three Revenue Source in Vegas whereas it used to be gambling right but it's you know there's there's still gambling but boy it's hard to just convince young people to start gambling yeah it's easy to convince them to start dancing yep you know yeah it's like seems normal its natural there's the beat also when you're young you don't have the money to just risk but you have the money to go and like experience fun yes yeah you know like when you're older you're like okay I can I have some of like flexible income streams I can put down on some Blackjack what I would have loved to seen the Sinatra days like Vegas when it was run by the mob not seem like that was like you know the Rat Pack and Sammy Davis jr. I just would love to been in the room and watch watch one of those shows and then you know come to today and see how things have changed I mean I think that's like the Bourdain thing like he had been there when he was young and then see it changed now right but I am fascinated

► 01:59:45

if I change I don't resist it and I don't I don't say oh the good old days that don't mean shit to me I am absolutely on the same page as you yeah I'm interested in I'm yeah I'm always interested in the next thing I want to try the next thing yeah and you know you want to enhance your experience you want to enhance what you're doing to make it serve you better but if you went to someone like 1985 it's a hey man guess what 2019 electronic music it's gonna be the shit that's gonna be everywhere people go what are you talking about get this guy out of here man there's a lot there's one guy that did say that though whoo Jim Morrison did he really yeah so like he did a prediction it's like somewhere I'm sure you can find it but you did a prediction where whenever he was alive I guess I guess probably 67662272 so he said like the future will be one one person with some sort of computer or something it was that's going to be devised electronically or something like that and that one person will be making music for people and

► 02:00:45

performing that now watch a video so remember this I remember this now yeah so I forgot what he said but he said something to that effect and it's like it's crazy because I was what 50-year play this I'm gonna take it from the beginning indigenous to this country are the black music blues and the kind of folk music that was brought over from Europe and I guess they call it country music or the kind of West Virginia High Lonesome sound that those those are the two main streams of Route American Music there might be some others I don't know but like 10 years ago what they call Rock and roll's kind of blending of those two forms I guess in four or five years the new generations music will be it'll have a synthesis of those two elements and some third thing that will be entire maybe it'll be

► 02:01:47

it might rely heavily on electronics tapes I can kind of Envision Maybe

► 02:01:57

one person with a lot of machines tapes and electronic setups singing or speaking and using machines from what his mindset is what he considers what that would be it's you know he did print media predict I mean they were it is you know like I think that's what happens when you do acid correctly you get those sort of vision yeah because I mean also Jim Morrison like you can tell he's such an artist that you know he could after the doors you just be himself yeah you know he would have done a Jim Morrison album or he's made all the music he's done everything he would be exactly what he's saying he's basically predicting what he would have my opinion what he would become and he was probably like 25 in that video which is even crazier yeah I mean died at 27 that's that's crazy not yeah knots I mean

► 02:02:57

that whole era of the 1960's fascinates me to no end I love the cars I love the sound to this day most of the music I listen to is classic rock I mean I listen to a lot of new stuff but man I will pull out some fucking classic rock I love it I love listening to it yeah there's something about it that makes me just makes me realize what a profound change it was between the 1950s and 1960s the the culture exploded that something happened something happened and the the clothes in the music and the sounds and the fucking muscle cars like everything went haywire like you went from 1950 to 1960 and just a radical shift right right is so many great artists you know Hendrix and like yeah the whole idea of like like okay now it's time to experiment and to free ourselves from the confines of what like you

► 02:03:57

all it ridges yes yeah right the doors wide open I think Buddy Holly was great I love Buddy Holly but if you go from Buddy Holly to Hendricks you like what happened what happened you know that's what acid trip actually goes right like you're saying apparently they said he's to put acid in his bandana I don't know if that's true yeah but it did it with seep into his skin as he was planned and he's just like lighting his guitar on fire and picking with his teeth man how much would you love to watch that guy live oh yeah that was been incredible to be in the presence of something completely unique you know this hippie black dude who's the greatest guitarists of all time Still Still yeah there's no one like there's some amazing guys today Gary Clark jr. and of course you know Stevie Ray Vaughan was amazing there's a bunch of great amazing guitarist it's not alter the Showmanship though you know the outfits the like

► 02:04:57

it's like all of the combined not just as his technical ability yes the fact that he was doing these things that you're like you know some of these guitars won't do that that's not part of their like you know protocol but he was just like on another world yeah and to be a part of that you know see that it's incredible complete outlier yeah yeah yes and again like no one was like that before that and I go to the 1940s it's only 20 years yeah nineteen forties only 2 Min to 20 years ago is you know we're dealing with you know 1999 that's that doesn't seem that long ago yeah but 69 249 you might as well be from another world yeah you really might as well be might as well be another planet so what do you think was one of the bigger cultural shifts of why that happened drugs simply hundred percent a hundred percent yeah I mean obviously when we talk about Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles and

► 02:05:57

The Beach Boys Like whoever else is like drugs yeah doors Joplin drug yeah drugs the doors drugs right everyone drugs they were they were taking mind-expanding psychedelics and the cultured shifted to embrace these mind-expanding psychedelics and there was also the resistance to the Vietnam War there's this rebellious movement there's these young compassionate people that were trying to figure their way through life in a way that didn't resonate with the way their parents had set boundaries and standards and they wanted out of all of it that Goldwater Republican shit they wanted to be free in flower children and hippies and yeah than Woodstock and all that craziness you know yeah and what's amazing is how quickly it ended you know so many things came right some of the things that's the death scared people you know like you know at the end of the day like when they're dropping at 27 yeah your hero's Morrison Janis Joplin Hendrix All 27

► 02:06:56

and and like they're the leaders of this experimental Revolution yep not good that's going to end things pretty quick I think it was that there was also the sweeping psychedelic Act of 1970 that made everything schedule one and they were locking people up in jail they were also passing laws direct was there's a civil rights movement was having at the same time and they were passing laws that were directly targeting the people in the civil rights movement because they knew that they were smoking grass and they were duped into and mushrooms so we're going after them with these drug laws and then the you know they would arrest one person they would turn on everybody else and then you know they do like mob tactics well and yeah the whole thing they just poured water on it it took you know took like 10 or 20 years before shit started popping again yeah you know in terms of like the influence of psychedelic culture again really more like 30 years you know it's like the 2000s were things started happening again or people started becoming more and more

► 02:07:56

we're of the positive benefits of psychedelic drugs and Altered States Of Consciousness not trying to escape reality but trying to get a grip on reality from a different perspective you know but I think that's an interesting like when I think about psychedelics in that regard of Mind expansion or you know if you got the same time it's like this uncontrolled situation like okay we're going to jump in this world but there's no way to really control your lane it's just like this yeah it's like yes we can go there well it might not end up you might get stuck there that's my problem yeah with that you could get stuck you know I mean like you hear the horror stories and that scares the hell did you like Sky still want to ask the trip for 25 years walking around that you know thinking people are chasing it you know acid in particular yeah like Shine On You Crazy Diamond and I think there's people that have a predisposition towards psychosis there's certain people that have skits

► 02:08:56

Rania in their their genius their aunts and for those people it's very dangerous you know what else is very dangerous for those people edible marijuana not just like what you think of is Hardcore psychedelics but I've known acquired quite a few people that have eaten edible marijuana and a blown fuse wow yeah there's something I just recently did which is pretty exciting for me was you know once again the scientific information I'm just going to wing it but I tried this Brain Cap on okay this has all these nodules like that can read the neurotransmitters in my brain and it's connected to a computer and you sit there for about a minute and you just you I kind of meditate on only focus on one one thing so it could start like reading your

► 02:09:45

your brain basically your neurotransmission signals and it's kind of like neural feedback on steroids if you know anything about neural feedback and it gave me a list of categories of what I want to know about who I am I've now I always thought that I had a slight a TD I never was diagnosed because I have like if Joe Rogan's boring me I might like turn over here you know like the my intention is normal yeah I know right but I was like I don't have that bad of a TD where I can't concentrate to get things done because I get things done but I do have I do think about a lot more things and I think I should maybe so anyways I was I did this test and it shows like your signals coming and and it has all these different things like anxiety delusion schizophrenia you know attention so forth you know

► 02:10:43

absolutely incredible I was like okay I'm scared of press this button schizophrenia I'm really scared but I want to know so it gives you the feeling of being schizophrenic no no no no it shows your brain activity if you if you have a tendency to be schizophrenic thought you were saying like there's a way for those like you want to feel what I feel no no that's that's like a futuristic but like I want to see if like do I have the the neural Pathways that that a schizophrenic person would would you know how they would think about the world yeah so you know I clicked on that I'm like I'm good you know I'm good okay good so what about delusion okay anxiety low okay so I got information out of that so I guess the reason why I'm sharing that is that you know you should try this out you think it's something that that I think you'd be interested in buying a majority yeah do you know the name of the well they they flew to me just like I'm saying like I love to meet groups and organizations and research

► 02:11:43

researchers and scientists and these people you always putting out to the world they came they flew all to me like some from Colorado some from Toronto and and and they they did this test on my head my brain well yeah so I'll get you information on that okay now try it out and see if it's something that that that's like interest you but I'm sure it will I'm in it's very exciting stuff sounds I hope I'm not crazy fuck what do you do if you find out you're really insane they put the thing on you in the like dude you're fucked seen results like this before you need to be locked up and I'll send people come well you wouldn't even know it right if you're really crazy you like you've think that like you know the five people are on the corner chasing after you they're always the real or my name is Beautiful Mind guys to have a bit about the problem with dumb peoples that they they're too stupid to know they're dumb so the thing everybody else is dumb yeah it's problem right now so if you're crazy you might think everybody's crazy right

► 02:12:40

even the oh yeah like the brains can't is making you crazy so you might think that everybody else is crazy right then you do the brain scan like no no it's you yeah you're tricking me you're you're doing something to me I have you ever met people that blame everyone else in their life they're all their problems yeah sure yeah and they can't see what we can see yeah I can see hey man it's you yeah you are causing all of your problem yes but yes you never are self-critical yeah looking externally for all of your issues you're criticizing everyone but you are the architect of your own demise and you don't even realize I think that is one of the the biggest problems for like why people are not finding their own success yeah you know because they keep blaming other people for your problems when they could use that same time to actually focus on a small success that's realistic in their trajectory or whatever I'm doing yeah and I've seen that a lot with my you know some people I know it just sits there

► 02:13:40

stuck in that that that framework and then there might be people that enable that same mindset yeah it's patterns as well like sometimes people develop these defensive patterns in order to protect themselves from reality and they put up these psychic Shields to sort of protect themselves from self-critical ideas or externally critical ideas and they just don't want to deal with change they don't they want to pretend that they're the fucking man they're the coolest and they get it everything else is dumb yeah and God it's such a toxic way to view the world I really is and the people that have that view gained no traction they almost always fall apart yeah it's just it's unsustainable it's not a way to live your life yeah yeah it's it's fucking hard to see two men it's hard to see what if you know someone that's like that you almost kind of got to go out man I'm walking away yeah and help anymore yeah well I think also for them they see the success of other people

► 02:14:40

like like they want to be that but they're like yeah you know they obviously can't with they just blame everyone that they can't be that person right yes yes instead of just like going well we got to take these small baby steps to get out of this funk and then eventually you know stop comparing yourself to other people but compare yourself to your yourself yeah look at yourself critically but I think another thing that's really important is to enjoy other people's success instead of being jealous which is a really common easy to understand sort of an emotional reaction to other people success you what the best way to look at it in my opinion the best way to look at this look at someone else doing amazing things ago fuck this is amazing yeah well they've done right be excited by it and then be inspired exactly you can use it as fuel in a positive way and then also there's no negative feeling like that person doesn't have to feel like you're you're fucking giving them the sour face because you're jealous

► 02:15:40

bitter and weird and you're looking to be critical of them and find flaws in them look at what they're doing like look at like if you were a guy who's coming up right and you wanted to be a guy who makes electronic music and I'm sure you have haters oh my God they're lined up lined up I'm sure why why do you have haters because you're fucking awesome that's why because what you're doing is fucking awesome so instead of saying man this guy is inexhaustible is excited about what he's doing he's got a real passion for creating things people love it and your attitude about making these shows and giving these people this amazing time and how much focus and energy you put into it what a hater should look at that and go oh this I gotta do more of that I gotta do more that I gotta get more Investments but instead they try to poke holes he ever I can use Music Buzz yeah fucking cakes yeah that is a sore spot for people to I'm sure yes

► 02:16:40

awesome is a sore spot for assholes yeah just there's nothing you can do about that you just have to

► 02:16:47

you got to keep on being you but yeah them their their their health and their prison is that they're focusing on you yeah you know their hate and focusing on yeah yeah true words yeah it's um it's a weird world being an Entertainer isn't it yeah it's a different kind of Lifestyle you know it's you know I mean actually the strange thing is when I think about like like fame or whatever is celebrityhood when I walk through certain areas I get like I have to just go okay I have to accept the photos I have to accept like people coming up to me I want to be the asshole because I've been that kids going up to someone and they were mean to me and I'll be like oh that guy's a dick you know I'll never think of you that way for a little bit even if you're just in a bad day or some you know we just the one that bothers me the most is people coming up to you while you're eating I had a guy come to me right now last night in the middle of like literally cutting food and in of crowded restaurant yeah and is hovering over the table trying to

► 02:17:47

to get up and take a photo Mike to what if I did that for everybody like what if I just write that this is a ridiculous request yeah like you shouldn't do that like we're what did you say did you say okay let's take a picture I said we're in the middle of a meal now that we're in the middle it was Andrew Schultz my buddy and we were the middle of talking to ya this guy just interrupted the conversation water pictures like this is a time and a place for it right if you want to say hey when you're leaving can I get a picture sure yeah sure but what you got a mouthful of food and you're cutting food and somebody come on you can't interrupt meals yeah it's a ridiculous thing that happens to me all the time it's what stupid but you know what's really weird in La doesn't happen that much well I people are more accustomed to seeing famous people yeah and they're like I don't want it you know they just get it don't want to bug you but everywhere else La New York I'm not really bothered as much everywhere else it's like

► 02:18:43

it just says just going to have I just have to accept it but you can't interrupt people while they're eating that is just one of those things don't interrupt me I'm eating don't interrupt me when I'm talking to my kid right like this it's a stupid thing to do yeah you have to have manners you have to have some sort of an understanding that this is a human being right is living their own life and even though you're a fan of them you're being a fan does not take president you can't just they don't owe you this right okay just interrupt their life and you shouldn't want that yeah I didn't want to interrupt someone in the middle of a conversation in the middle of a meal and middle of talking to their children it's a foolish way to interact with them I remember one time I was you know in a deep conversation just like you're talking about was someone outside of a casino

► 02:19:32

but to leave and the skies just drunk and he's just like like staring and like wobbling and like you know doing his thing and I just see him hovering and I'm not gonna engage with him I'm just talking and finally I'm like hey man I'm just in the middle of conversation and you know well I didn't say we'll get a photo later like well talk to you later because I didn't want to like prisons be presumptuous and I got done with the conversation and he was just a very aggressive and I just I just ran

► 02:20:09

remember I ran to my car and I'm like I just don't want to get into this you know like and he's chasing me oh my God chasing mean just like fuck you how's your fan you fuck like treating me like shit delayed for your fans like I'm like oh my God this is just too much you know like and it stays with you you know like even though I don't know that's part of the problem with Vegas to yeah people are at it's like they're at New Year's Eve level every night yeah you know that there's like a thing for New Year's Eve and I stopped doing shows a couple of years ago on New Year's Eve because every time I would do almost like why does everybody think it's okay to be an asshole tonight yeah people want to hack all they want to yell things out as like on New Year's Eve I'm just gonna stay home yeah I'm gonna hang out I'm not going to do shows yeah it just seems too chaotic right never feel good that feels like a real show will Vegas is like there's a lot of people that are running around like a

► 02:21:07

tonight like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas they just going crazy it's yeah it's such a wild place it's a hall pass it's like okay we gotta go big we're here 24 hour Dragon right yeah free booze if you're gambling yep so what wacky thing going to give you a drug that fucks up your decision maker and then you're gonna gamble everything you have yeah like how is that legal is that legal you can't beliee enormous sums of money and they're giving you alcohol rights is so crazy I know but I love it I love that it exists I love that there's a city where everything is kind of wild where everything is like things are open like I play pool and Vegas is one of the rare places where pool halls are 24 hours a day so you can play pool till 5 o'clock in the morning 6 o'clock in the morning you know you and they'll be good players in there yeah and you know people really appreciate pool and you know everything is 24 you get good meals like really late at night yeah and that's

► 02:22:07

for sure yeah it's a wild place it really is but you because you're clean and sober guy you avoid all the pitfalls yeah I think that's like how it works for me because I'm not like I'm not a strip club guy you know I just I don't I've learned my lesson on gambling I guess that was like to gamble I did which is play Blackjack mainly and that's just the worst thoughts for you what's the most you've ever lost in a night

► 02:22:40

50 50 k Dana White team you lost a million bucks one night yeah I'm not at that level but he won seven million and then when he won seven million I think babies as far as like kind of crazy Tina's crazy but they kicked him out of the casino they said he can't come back yeah that's the problem actually when you like do well for yourself when the odds are stacked against you and they kick you out that's crazy well the crazy thing is he's just gambling yeah he just happened to win - what are we doing is this really gambling or you try stealing money from people what are you doing yeah Guy 1 and they like where you're not allowed to play here anymore right you know he's not stealing yeah Dana White yeah you know he's Rich yeah exactly I always just a gambler yeah so this is like real gambling this is not like some guy with some sort of a scheme and he's cheating someone's doing something with it yeah exactly actually gambling yeah and you're mad at them right mad because you lost yeah that's the thing that chick you out I know following the rules

► 02:23:40

you can't come back they'll ban you from the casino yeah I almost wish I was like can I get to that level I was like can I get there where I'm just one that much that man but interested I don't gamble at all I used to gamble on fights yeah but then I was like maybe I shouldn't be doing this because I'm doing commentary in these fights yeah gambling like of interest but that was the early days like the early 2000s like two thousand three and four and shit like that oh yeah because they would have some wacky numbers back then too like guys would come in from other organizations and these oddsmakers didn't know who they were and I was a fanatic so I knew who everybody was I need these guys are fighting in Japan I was like I'll just bet on everything at this motherfucker because there was times where a guy was the favorite and I was like that guy has no chance he's gonna get your heart out right and I was right like 80% I'm like my friend Aubrey and I I've given him tips got to give them tips now because I don't gamble myself alright but we're like at 86%

► 02:24:40

when I write y stop then because of because you're commentating I don't there's no law against it I can't affect the outcome but I don't want to be a psychiatrist psychologically I don't want to be subliminally influenced right or subconsciously influence like wanting someone to win yeah like if you got $10,000 riding on a fight yeah you're gonna want that guy yeah right I don't care how much of a professional you are yeah you know when someone loses you're gonna be like fuck what do you fucking made it because like you're supposed to be there to do justice to the experience of these two guys going at it and giving their all that's mostly hoping one guy yeah that's true but it's also really hard for me when a friends fighting you know like yeah Daniel Cormier fights is very hard for me to see him very hard yeah why the last fight with steep a and I love steep a to but to watch steep a beat the shit out of Daniel was rough it was hard yeah because Daniel is such a good guy I love that guy

► 02:25:40

and watch him eat those left hooks to the body and then get beaten down so that must be hard then I'm commentating on it like it's an amazing thing I'm watching right right it is amazing so it's hard to separate you know when Brendan Schaub was fighting it was the hardest that was the hardest because I was good friends with him and I knew he really didn't want to fight anymore and I was like goddamn that that's that's really that must be really hard it was running he doesn't want to fight anymore and he's just getting beaten he was getting beaten and he was getting beaten bad and I didn't I didn't see an end to it who's the guy with the nose that went crooked like this recently Mike Perry all that crazy just crazy crazy again please don't continue fighting when their nose is literally across her face that dudes a Savage I mean you have to be a Savage be like oh 100% bona fide dyed-in-the-wool like he literally like imagine what he's fighting through when he has his his his nose over here it's his face has to be completely numb well well no no no I mean I don't know I don't really know pain

► 02:26:40

massive pain in the sinuses are one of the most sensitive areas of your face when you get your nose shattered first of all you can't see your eyes are watering and his nose is pouring blood oh my getting choked right he's in the middle of getting Chuckles nose like that is the worst fucking nose I've ever seen in my life of all the years of calling fights the only thing that comes close is Rich Franklin when he fought Anderson Silva pull up Rich Franklin's knows versus Anderson Silva and you'll see similar but not quite as horrific but the thing is about Rich Franklin was bummed out about his nose whereas you know Mike Perry was like fuck yeah he didn't you look at the one on the far left right there far left far left far left right there click that one that's the one where Anderson Silva sort of reconstructed his nose it's hard to see in that picture make it larger so that that's his nose after yeah it's all shifted off to the left I see how it looks all fuck

► 02:27:40

wow but that ain't shit compared to Mike Perry smike Perry's is the worst nose in the history of the sport today I mean what does he look like now who's that guy's nose cook on that one the middle above above looks like Gronk little bit Jesus wow who's fucking knows that that Jesus it went up into his forehead look like this worst nose breaks in the UFC who is that dude yeah he looks like looks like half his nose is a up in his eyelids oh my God that's just swelling right but look how much shift Ryan McGillivray

► 02:28:15

woo that's rough

► 02:28:19

wow Jesus Christ wow yeah yeah not till smile knows he's still smiling there Shogun shogun's nose got fucked up to I think that was against Jon Jones yeah Conley are Congolese knows got shattered yeah man and then you got to get it all reconstructed and they got to sort of Stitch the bones back together again and look right because if you get this bone shatters make oh man there's not much there you know it's such a tight if you feel that bone it's like so gentle right so delicate yeah if you take Annie they're like oh that's how they're breaking right yeah he's all right now well it looks pretty good damn they did an amazing job we construe as eating pizza I know you'll keep Itza but the crazy thing is his nose was look like the worst situation that you could possibly get in and his nose now looks pretty normal yeah where the other guys is noses are just like that one guy with the Bulge right by his eyebrows like and his nose is still curve to the right and he's smiling like you

► 02:29:18

assume Mike Perry would have that kind of knows after that that kind of style that guys right after the fight you know Mike Perry had to go through extensive surgery well sees where I was that where's that fight take place Uruguay yeah yeah so he had a stay there and get really extensive surgery was there for several days just to try to recover before he could fly home the scary thing is he said get back in the ring fuck yeah yes he loves it and then that that bone that he's going to have is going to break down again is it going to be weaker or is it going to be I wish I could tell you I don't know you know really depends imagine if it just shatters again he's gotta do it again yeah well then we settle the got his nose reconstructed who's what is this not a UFC but it's called UFC yes he therefore got kicked in the face oh that's the worst news ever that's worse than like Peril my that's horrible oh my God yeah oh my

► 02:30:19

look at that guy's nose that's the one across it well the other guy in the bottom is a guy who got his nose damaged somehow or another and they grew it on his head oh yeah so hard businessman what kind of exercise do you do I'm I like hit training high intensity high intensity and you know kind of like blending to the world's I'm you know I stopped gambling casino but I love gamble with my friends and I love making profits on you know just my recent one was body fat challenge because I was a 19.6 April fourteenth nineteen percent yeah and then I dropped to well my the BET was if I can drop till ten percent in three months oh that's easy well maybe for someone that really understands how to do that but like you know I I wanted to get there and I just like when I work out I kind of work out just on being healthy and cardiovascular and he's like you know just staying in shape but I didn't I never

► 02:31:18

thought I'd get below 10% would you must have changed your diet pretty oh yeah cut out sugar cut out bread cut exactly so all that stuff stay below 800 calories and you are you vegetarian still no I eat chicken and fish but I stopped eating I don't need any cows or you know cows pork pig or lamb or anything like that but I pretty much stay with the chicken and fish my proteins and are you don't do you motherfucker working out looking pretty shredded hey below 10% there what do you there I think I'm 12 really right there yeah cause like keeping your fat in your brain that doesn't make any sense you know it's it's in my eyes on me I'm probably where I am now because I've you know the BET ended in July 14th but I did win the bet so I made 15 grand for my friends that's fine but I you know that's like how I'm motivated to do things I'd like to make Bets with people

► 02:32:19

to have these little challenges and then with that timeline then I you know work with my trainer who's you know pulling the towel down and and he trains me every time I'm home and he gets me on my meal plans so I deal with him all the time do you do like a meal prep service I do it through his company oh yeah so I did that is company diced diced kitchen I think dice kitchen he's your friend huh yeah but like you know he's like it just gets like my assistant puts it in the fridge but you know I saw like chicken and vegetables yeah pretty much sir turkey chicken fish and then and then veggies and you drop down to 1800 calories a day drop down to 800 calories a day and this is the hard part is I'm on the road well like you know more than 60% of the days when I was not touring across Europe and when I'm touring across Europe all summer long I'm gone so how are you getting like really healthy food every meal when you doing this

► 02:33:18

round ball you know eyeball kind of my calorie count whenever I eat and I have MyFitnessPal as my my judge you know is that my fitness pal is on an app it's an app yeah Under Armour up that okay that like I just put in all my food so you just use it to just make sure that I'm eyeballing this 1800 calorie deficit kind of diet and then you know just avoid the over starchy over car be foods and focus more on eating the proteins and the veggies and then that vitamins or supplements yeah like I try to try to switch it on and off like I said like before or after after I met Ray I was like okay I need to just find out what I'm deficient and I'm going to just load up on those and then I went to see dr. Grossman who kind of gave me my like 22-page pack of my telomere links to cancer markers if I have them you know to like what I'm allergic to to what I'm deficient in

► 02:34:18

and then and then I followed that regimen of what the vitamins I was taking some of which was I still take like one is called seller Jin it's kind of like a you know the closest thing to a stem cell-like injection if you can if you swallow it it's like you know it's got this and a lot of anti aging properties in it sell urgent sell urgent what's in it look it up and you could do your Joe Rogan research on that and give me some more but I just trusted my doctor on this one but it's expensive it's like $10 a pill really pull that up seller j'en AI take me a skeptical hippo face and I also take a pro Gert program yeah so it's a 1 trillion probiotics oh wow it's a little like I take that every day really yeah for the bout - cell therapy so Arjun

► 02:35:10

hmm hello there thank you for visiting sell Origins online store pop-up window boink so Hmm this is what is that $2,000 for six months damn it is expensive very expensive and what is it back by cellular Marine complex peptide ecology and biodiversity and a hydro MN peptide sounds like you're going to piss hot sir other in Glee crazy good lutein grape skin extract settle in selenium which is important coenzyme Q10 I take that that's one thing that Ray Kurzweil really pushes is that Q10 yeah it's great for cognitive function you fuck around with mushrooms at all I mean like healthy mushrooms like lion's mane or anything like that now really good stuff that's why I've been drinking this is all lines made Elixir I'll try that I drink this shit all the time it supports brain function yeah that's like anything that's about the brain I want to know more about yeah this one

► 02:36:10

sponsors this is forcing nanak I'll have them send you some of this stuff please please and then we actually have lion's mane that we put in the coffee too and then Laird Hamilton superfood shit we've seen that coffee machine that I have on yeah I'm gonna get you something to drink yes yes I do okay we wrap this up I'll make you a nice cup of tumeric coffee oh I love to merkava yeah well he's fat Laird Hamilton has this amazing machine out there that he gave us we got one of the first machines and it's he mixes coconut oil coconut milk turmeric organic coffee and it's fucking delicious and it's actually very good for you well and then he also has like this bag of mushrooms cordyceps mushrooms in lion's mane you could scoop that in there but lines meaning particular is what I'm really interested in because it supports brain function you know and have you seen the work of Paul stamets do you know who he is no I'll turn you on to him and send you a link to the podcast I did with him he'll blow your fucking mind when you

► 02:37:10

talking about the power of functional mushrooms not just mushrooms like psychedelic mushrooms with cheese into that as well he thinks it's psychedelic mushrooms in low doses are like one of the most powerful nootropics that you could have like micro dosing yeah yeah but instead of getting blitzed out of your mind going into another dimension you take it just a little bit every day just a little tiny bit and it gives you this like overwhelming feeling of operating at a very high functions of a weird feeling but it's that micro dosing psilocybin thing is swept through the fighter Community as a lot of Fighters that are training while their micro dosing mushrooms wow yeah it's very interesting why are you doing that why is it trainers why well Donald Cerrone he's really into it and a few other Fighters have followed suit and Donald I think started doing it because of Joe Schilling who's a world champion kickboxer and is fighting for Bellator now and they just find that there's something about the way it interacts the way the psilocybin and

► 02:38:10

in low doses interacts with your brain that it just seems to supercharge your ability to understand what a person is doing especially specifically according to Joe when he sparring with people wow he says he like almost can like read their minds wow yeah that's really interesting yeah very very interesting I know a lot of people a lot of skiers skiers like to microdose it's becoming this a thing where people try to take like a functional amount so like you're not getting blitzed you just take what is a functional not it's a good question good question it tastes like a like a stem like a little drop no that's even I mean the best way to find out what it would be would be to grind it up so you know the exact ounces and then put in a capsule yeah and then figure it out and I think that's what a lot of these guys are doing it's just very unfortunate that that is a schedule 1 drug yeah because it's a natural life form that grows on Earth it's a fungus yeah it's not a drug yeah

► 02:39:10

and it's got some pretty potent positive qualities to it right but outside of you know anything that's psychoactive or psychedelic that lines main stuff is the shit well let's put it this one right now then come on son here you go baby it's gonna be a one of these are going to be my Elon Musk smoking weed moment right now sort of nobody gets high off lion's mane thank you

► 02:39:37

so other than that other than this sell stuff what does it again what's it called Stellar job I wish I had like my someone from my team kind of give me my whole list because I take something for take a lot of brain cognitive stuff that I know that our epics know some might can be considered that way but it's for my doctor that you know you know from what I do enough research to on a doctors and they tell me kind of what I should take and and I go okay let's try this out and see if and like you know my my performance increases and then I stopped so I'll do it for like a month and I'll stop and I'll take a different like you know I have like two different routes of vitamins and I take a different route and see if that changes my patterns or how I'm you know what my performance is like and I kind of like just experiment over and over again have you ever done an isolation tank floating in a yeah

► 02:40:36

that do you do that I did it twice it's very new to me but it's like it's incredible yeah you need one of those in your life yes she get one of those in your crazy fun house I know I was thinking about that there's one place in Henderson where I live that does that so I was going to first do that first there yeah do it man we have one here yeah I mean like the the last two years like the ice plunges I'm just learned that but when Pop method I love that love that amazing I've been I've all I've never met him in person but that's great yeah I you know I know he's in your in your lane friend he's a character man yeah see the documentaries like that's what the flick the vice documentary that guy doesn't watch died at all drinks beer and eat spaghetti like he's fucking dick but he doesn't give a shit he goes to Everest fucking Barefoot yeah client ever AZ I climbed Everest in his shorts is like it's too easy yeah he's like but he gets other people do with him she doesn't like anyone could do that yeah it's incredible he is a unique human being like a really true

► 02:41:36

truly unique human being and in the sense that he's just took caught talking about breathing he's on talking about doing some sort of incredible Athletics that you know a rare few people can achieve know he's talking about concentrating on your breathing and understanding how you can inhale like deeper breaths and concentrate on the breath and that in doing so you're changing your physiological State and he's got a whole program that shows you how to do it correctly and it enhances your immune system and enhances your awareness and wild shit is incredible yeah I mean I try to do that breath work whenever I possibly can I there's two people that I've worked with that that Trend underneath whim one of one of them is the New York as Spain so whenever I'm in Mallorca Spain I meet up with him we do the breath work holding breath exercises and then we do the ice bath and then I have one that's based in San Diego this woman and she comes out to Vegas and then I'd like to do the group dynamic ice bath so

► 02:42:36

I have this like pool that's not an ice bath but 50 degrees so it's cold enough to like feel it that's fucking cold yeah exactly so I get like whoever wants to join me but you're like this group kind of you know huddle we getting there we come out we do the breathwork hold our breath you know and it's a great way to get people together and experience something like that to know that's awesome man the UFC training center of the performance Institute in Vegas has this hot bath right next to a cold plunge and they have people going back and forth between the two of you have been to that place yeah I shot my music video there because I had Bruce Buffer featuring on a song of mine called it's time that's hilarious because you're so tied in with UFC but we shot the video there I was training to fight the other DJ that we I made the song with and and Bruce was trained to fight a DJ well I mean the video is like video You're trained to fight the right okay at the UFC

► 02:43:36

facility and this legendary UFC fighter space against name he was training me so it was kind of cool to have him there with me what'd he look like well he put up pick up the video okay I'll find can I can I run a use the bathroom yeah sure go ahead here we go so we're watching it on the video

► 02:43:58

Aoki vs. Luke is Bruce Buffer so who's training them though

► 02:44:04

there's all these people running around Bruce Buffer

► 02:44:10

who is

► 02:44:13

who's training him

► 02:44:15

I don't see any UFC guy training them but you keep jumping ahead we're not going to see it not focusing on their ass it's too quick yeah but who is that oh it's Ken Shamrock are my guys oh oh there you go Ken Shamrock screaming in his face with sunglasses on he's a trap doesn't he he's a very interesting guy

► 02:44:42

cake me oh my God that's hilarious okay

► 02:44:45

he's um it's so interesting when you see all these different people of these different paths in life and you go oh okay you could go down that path to you know like the Steve Aoki path is so different than most paths and I think that one of the cooler things about talking to people is you get this sense that the way you can live your lives not as rigid as people would have you believe dude have you believe that there's only a few different ways to go about this this is not that much variability we're saying nice things about you you just returned we watched it was Ken Shamrock he was the legendary fighter yeah so he was like you know yeah we're watching it sunglasses screaming at you exactly do you do any martial arts training you know strangely enough like my biggest hero growing up is Bruce Lee so you know in the beginning I started

► 02:45:45

wine to learn Jeet Kune do-- and you know she once upon a time in Hollywood not yet there's a scene in there that's very negative about Bruce Lee I love the movie I really enjoyed it I'm a huge Tarantino fan I think it's awesome but this is controversy around that I didn't see that very very controversial because he made Bruce Lee look like a buffoon that sucks really arrogant buffoon wow and I don't think there's any evidence that he was ever really like that yeah but you know Tarantino sort of dug his heels in and sort of defended it but I don't think he knows the culture because he's not a martial artist I think he looked at I think he looked at Bruce Lee a sort of like this historical figure that's you know kicking people's asses and movies and I think to understand Bruce Lee the way you do or the way I do were he was my childhood hero as well so like he's the guy that's really responsible for mixing martial arts when you talk about mixed martial arts like all

► 02:46:45

has to go to the Gracie's because they're the ones who you know Helsing Gracie and whore Ian and voice and Hickson and that family was responsible for really showing people Jiu-Jitsu and also Horry and invented the UFC so without whore Ian and his contributions mean we might not have ever known what we know today right but Bruce Lee was on that path a long time ago yeah he had figured out a long time ago that you got to find what's useful in all different styles of martial arts exactly it's also deeply entrenched in philosophy and he was a brilliant guy so they made him look like this buffoon and then that sucks I didn't like it that's like one of the main things about Bruce Lee that I loved about him was that his philosophy and a lot of things to say about life yes like the martial arts was one thing that's like what made him cool made him such a badass but it's his philosophy the words behind all that and how it can reflect on everyone

► 02:47:45

be like water and the best part for me is that he's an Asian face because I mean at the end of the day you think about what's out there in the media and popular culture you don't see an Asian face that's that's loved and by all different ethnicities yeah he's the number one he's the the like every doesn't matter if you're black white brown purple yellow whatever you are you like yeah you have to honor like one of the greats everybody likes Bruce Lee and he's Asian so he represents something very powerful for Asian people how many Chinese dudes got laid because of Bruce Lee exactly fuck man the numbers probably if you take the main like how many Chinese people that got laid with Don Chinese women oh yeah yeah that's like because at the other day like women love Bruce Lee everybody yeah everyone everybody and there hasn't been someone like that you know that has that striking feeling that's Asian

► 02:48:45

popular culture like that you know so also like the first guy that was really shredded in movies yeah we take a shirt off now you definitely got that stands yeah she's just like yeah he was fucking shredded and you would look at him you go God I guys bodies ridiculous everybody wanted that body everybody wanted to be lean and and muscular and that's where I got my room for a my house that Bruce A Game of Death right yeah is that give him the Death Dragon that's end of the dragons at least for me I got the mirror in front of the Dragon but that the mirror room scene is way more mirrors like kind of hmm in different degrees and yeah it was Enter the Dragon right yeah yeah I was under dragon fuck that was a good movie and for the time those movies you know people don't like them or do like them what's interesting about Bruce's the style of fighting those movies like jumping Flying Kicks and all that stuff that's not what he had vacated at all he did that purely for the Cinematic value right he wanted

► 02:49:45

it exciting and flashing yeah like he was all about kicking people in knees and punch people throat and you know he was really really effective techniques yeah that you could use to end a fight in seconds you know that was what he was all about yeah but what he did do was there was like two big bursts in martial arts and Bruce Lee was responsible in my opinion for the first he was responsible for getting people excited about training martial arts and seeing this guy that could kick everybody's ass and like this guy was like he was quiet and humble but you know when it came time to throw down and take a shirt off and fuck everybody up yeah and then the next stage was the UFC those are like in my lifetime the too big and really culturally the two big leaps in martial arts was people getting into Bruce Lee because of getting the martial arts because of Bruce Lee movies and of course Chuck Norris movies yeah and then the next one was getting into martial arts because the UFC right so I was bummer it was a bummer

► 02:50:45

they made him look like a dope that sucks I'm as excited to watch that movie because I thought that Bruce Lee was going to look like about us because and in the trailer yeah you're like oh no Bruce Lee's and are cool with with Brad Pitt Leonardo DiCaprio Quentin Tarantino's is going to be epic you know fucking great moves out don't let it hold you back because the movies fun as shit I really enjoyed it it's a might look I like all his movies I loved hateful eight a lot of people don't like hateful eight oh I loved it I think his movies are if you're into like a Tarantino movie like I like his style of make all fiction have to Django yeah they're while yeah they're going right films yeah absolutely great films such a fan I'm just glad he's out there because it's like there's more there's moments in that movie where I don't want to I'm not going to give anything away but there's moments in in Hollywood where you go I can't believe you could still do this in a movie like this day and age like you're allowed to do that

► 02:51:45

movie he goes hard while in the paint yeah but the Bruce Lee things you know whatever you do it wasn't real the real Bruce Lee's with yeah interesting exciting to me right you know I mean that's where like my record label Dimock it's you know you know democracy yeah I mean it's not necessarily tied to Bruce Lee but it's my way of like you know instead of calling it Bruce Lee records for I love Bruce Lee record I was like well this is this mysterious death touch and you know there's like said that this mystery around that that's connected sort of to Bruce Lee there's yeah it would be really interesting if there really was a Dimock like a mysterious yeah death touch if it was it was real but a lot of fucking people believe in it if you ever see those videos on when the internet old man that's people fall down this make Dojo life on Instagram he's got a shitload of in the sky just collects them all

► 02:52:45

there's so many of them are so ridiculous I posted one a couple of days ago of this looks like an Aikido guy and he's just like doing this like watch the watch this video comes out and he's like pushes them away oh I make you fall down it's like so you stand there like you fall down look at him you wow round one wow no power here it's so ridiculous yeah it is it's okay playing he believes it yeah it's so so fucking it's like those it avenge a local preachers that like they touching someone's head in the guys like falling over yeah it's you know and they're all practicing it look like they're all practicing all this nonsense that will get you killed in a real fight yeah and these guys are leaving their house they're putting on their fucking outfit right it really think that this is real this is actually happening yeah it's so corny it really is what you gonna do

► 02:53:41

Melissa man I really enjoyed talking to our previous thanks for having me your book blue the color of noise is available right now right everywhere it's out everywhere did you do the audio book did you read it I read the there's drops in there it's called what I call drops or like the these small little chapters between the chapters so I read those I try to read the book but I was touring all summer so I could only read the drops that's too bad yeah I'd like to hear you read it yeah she since it's your life yeah there there is like ten drops so you can hear me talk about it in my tone in my voice and if people want to catch your live show where can they get information on where to go Steve Aoki.com everything Steve Aoki online it's pretty simple all right well thank you brother appreciate it man thank you for having me bye everybody thank you everyone for tuning into the show and thank you to my all-time favorite underwear me undies I'm wearing them right now and you can get 15% off your first pair free shipping and a 100% satisfaction

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thank you thank you to you all much love to everybody bye-bye big kiss