#1291 - C.T. Fletcher

May 6, 2019

C.T. Fletcher is an ex-powerlifter, actor, video-blogger, and owner of Iron Addict Gym. He is a 3-Time World Bench Press Champion and 3-Time World Strict Curl Champion. http://ctfletcher.com

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most inspirational human beings that I've ever met that I've ever come in contact with online a genuine Powerhouse of a human being who has just well he just celebrated one year and yesterday actually from a heart transplant and he has had an incredibly transformative experience because of that and just he's always amazing to talk to but it was particularly amazing getting to spend some time with him this time he's a made I fucking love this guy please give it up for CT Fletcher The Joe Rogan Experience trained by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day

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how are you Joe Rogan I am so happy to be here I'm so happy to see you fuck you've gone through a journey oh man this is the last time I see is today yesterday was one year from your heart transplant anniversary exact wow one year and Joe if I told you it was easy I'd be lying but man it was so worth the journey and ain't even funny what does it feel like right now like have another person's heart in your body what does that feel like well a lot of times it feels like I actually did die and this is just a dream you know how right now yep

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wow this is this is I think this this would be my heaven you look great you're still jacked no no I don't know that losing any weight oh yeah yeah but I mean you still you still jacked you still got muscles you know it's such a fall from where I was you know I really appreciate that though but there and I you know I look at myself now on it's just you know fragmented what I used to be but you know I'm still here that's what's so important to me man well the ridiculous thing you were doing you're making videos of your working out like getting ready and after your heart a heart operation this you have a heart transplant and you're running in a parking lot you trip and fall I'm like Jesus man slow down yeah yeah I got a lot out of it you just decided you were just going to start pushing from the beginning well actually my brain was ready but my body wasn't they warn

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about doing that they say it was okay what did tell me that you know became missing walk and you know me I'm like fuck shit I can rest in peace my mind so that I could rewrite what is it feel like though like when you like what is the difference between the way your heart feels now it's night and day you know before I got the transplant it had got really bad in a really bad Flatline two more times you know before the actual transplant it was I couldn't go through one another flat right I mean that would have been it but the difference there I mean it feels uneasy Flatline like your heart stop yes yeah well and what did they do to start it back up again okay after had this last heart attack they asked me seems for us to do you wanna us to put in a pacemaker and I thought about it a lot because my brother my older brother

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I had a pacemaker installed before he passed away and his pacemaker was actually going off when he when he died so I'm like man I didn't really do any good for him so I was like going back and forth and then how this something voice said yeah go ahead and get it and so I told me I put it in a pacemaker save me wow so it went flat like she heart gave up and then the pit what is the pacemaker do exactly it's like a defibrillator you know like they have the paddles to give you electric shock you know that that's what the pacemaker does just give you a little jolt on the inside you know inside and is connected directly to your heart wow that sucker flatlines it gives you a jolt wow yeah did you feel it no no I was I was dead well you dare you don't feel nothing so you're blocked out too

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is not a blackout or like you doze off when you're sleeping death is totally different totally different and you I knew that I was dead before I die before I flat right was just being my wife and at home and I was talking to her just like I'm talking to you and the next thing all the lights went out it was like one of those old-fashioned TVs I don't know if you're old enough to remember these black-and-white TV show yeah yeah that's exactly how it was just a tiny pulp tiny pinprick of light yeah you know that that's it wow it's not you know you absolutely know that this is it and it's not you know this is the irreversible and your you know that it's this is death and not just you not just dozing off yeah you know did you have a near-death experience I

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everything the only thing you have to only thing I had time to say was I had time to call my wife's name but I mean when they say things rush you know everything is like this is it this is it you know not gonna be able to do this anymore not going to give it this is it this is it the final finalization of everything hits you like you know this isit you know this is the final thing this is your last moment on Earth and you know it is clear and I'm like what do you do big aha could do was say my wife's name that was it that was it so the hot that pacemaker kicks in and then you bring them back online yeah and it was so it's a damn good description I mean it was like I thought I felt like that I had been asleep for hours it was the best

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most peaceful restful time of my entire life Wow it just a short moment if they're like I had been asleep you know for eight hours so rested so well rested so and my wife told me no it's just a short period of time but it felt like I've been asleep for eight hours so this happened twice yes the second time was in the hospital oh yeah wow so they tell you okay mr. Fletcher we have a heart for you yeah they call me like 240 in the morning I think so you have to get in there right now is that how well no hours before I had to actually be at the hospital I said be at the hospital thing like six or seven that money and then you thinking whoa boy I was happy and sad when I got the call I was happy for myself because I didn't think I could go through another flat line but I was sad for the

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owner and John's family yeah I knew somebody had to pass away in order for me to get that heart so I felt real bad about that

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so they put it in you you wake up what does that feel like

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it felt like

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being born again a rebirth another try another go at life

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wow yeah I get another start another chance at it I said ain't over wow so from the moment this they have to open you up right here do that chest spreader thing and what is all that like well are you quite sure that you are out yeah but when you wake up and you look down you're covered with stitches right I mean it must be a giant scar right know what they it's they are so good now till date you know I have a scar but considering it in this my second time being split open you know first time in oh five when they put a metal valve in I flatlined during that operation three times on you know on the table during the operation itself so many flatlining all five flatlines I think I'm at my limit man why so

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I seen the Stars they had to take a paste the pacemaker out they took the metal valve out of it well they took the whole heart had the metal valve and is he took the whole heart out they put in a new heart and it's just and it's unbelievably close before shower would kill me if I took a shower I'll be done for the rest of the day shower yeah I shall we kill me for the rest of the day and I had to seat in the shower you know hold it how about a shower kill you with oh man it was that that amount of physical activity and you know how you know people take taking a shower for granted but that amount of physical activity would kill not be white out just for washing your yes for the rest of the day made it was so you were hanging by a thread oh yeah definitely death while it was kill me you know in my wife was opening jars for me here I am former benchpress world champion

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I got my wife hey baby could you open this jelly jar for me wow yeah it's humbling humbling great big time Big Time how long did you have to stay in the hospital for the hospital not very long I mean we got out of went straight to intensive care they keep you there for like three days but I think I was probably released within two weeks total wow yeah and then are you using a walker or are you walking fine like well I would say I was walking fine but I was walking just walking slowly oh big-time big-time slowly yeah I was crawling along wow and how long did it take to you for you to get to where you're at and like now like now it have no idea that you had a heart transplant really well I appreciate the exhibit know when I saw you mean you look very happy oh I am happy you look like you're glowing I make

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dream you happy just to be alive when you come that close to dying every day is just a blessing man if people have how you doing sweetie I'm blessed man I'm so I got no complaints Gentlemen We blast oh yes no complaints whatsoever dude I see I would've hugged here Joe I'm so happy to see her so happy to see you too man I'm alive wow because we you know that someone's on we talked about me needing a transplant and I needed to transplant it now back I had it the first six months were rough yeah the first six months after it was like how so the jelly jar oatmeal jelly jar just not being able to do you know normal things the first thing I tried to do was walk sort of having walk around I guess a city block maybe City plot

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Joe and I first tried to walk around the city block I'd have to stop probably 12 13 times and take a seat and get up and try to walk and it was it was killing me man my oh no my wife Slow Down slow down and walk with me and I'll sue them it was such a struggle and I'm like you know I I'll give a damn how long it'd take me I'm gonna make it I'm gonna make it since keep keep going and what kind of activity are you out it will do now a year later I am lifting again but very lightly I'm able to do you know let me see me and Stephanie 10 I think I've been able to do that for the last two months so when you say lightly is this by doctor's orders oh yeah that that I can't do anything you know without them approving it first yeah I accept the running the parking lot getting approved mine was like oh yeah you can do it my body is

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lead me out this motherfucker yeah so what what holds you back in terms of like lifting weights like why do you have to go light my strength is just nowhere near what it used to be the strength is still you know I can tell that you know I have a long way to go but you know just to be able to do anything so I get it I get it I do it I do what I can that's why I tell people all the time and if you can't you know do what you want to do at least get in and do what you can do yeah it's better than doing nothing yeah so now do they have you on medication to make sure that the heart doesn't get rejected by your body most definitely in are people out there who have had transplants I know that they're like oh man yeah I take about twenty one different medications at once

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yep 21 different medic and with the side effects of the stuff they used to be worse but now you know my feet are swollen pretty much every day something in make it kind of kick smart arthritis I have arthritis through so it kind of kicks in the toes are still few know pretty much every day but when I compare the side effects to the what could possibly happen which is deaf or side effects a shit I'll take them now what you have to take this medication forever it gets less less and less when I go back this month back up to Palo Alto where they did the transplant they're going to take off about four or five different medications so I'm a year out now they lasted me and the further you get out the less medication and thinking events will get down to two or three well you always have to take some oh yeah definitely and is this because your body doesn't

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understand why it has someone's heart in it for a while that's that in the beginning like that's why I'm taking 21 now it's because you know to keep the chances of rejection down wide wide body has rejected they understand that yeah well it wasn't the one that you was born with right yeah it's a foreign you know foreign heart and I really want to talk to you about that heart what I know about it it's a woman's heart right yeah so you know you know I really thought I was going to drop a bomb on you following you very good yeah but I tell you that that threw me for a loop yeah and I was you know I'm always talking about how strong my faith is and you know I'm faith faith faith faith Man and Superman of faith and I have so much Faith to and can't faze me and I went into the operation hey I see you guys in the other side

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is because you know I got I know I'm going to be our I got so much faith that you know I'm going to get through this so I'm going to see you guys but when the doctor came in and told me that I had a woman's heart that suck the shit out of my face because I had done studies you know I looked at you know studied on this the the survival rate of male to female and it wasn't good the stage III read wasn't good when they do female to me I'm sorry female-to-male the it's not good and I was like everything I had read said it's not a good thing the doctor comes in and says yep you got a woman's heart and she wasn't that much younger than you are

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dad that you know sock man that yeah testing my faith big time how did she die I have no idea I have no idea but the thing I have feelings and I haven't talked to the family I would love to I don't know anything about it but I had these feelings and I really would like to know if what I'm feeling is right you know I want I really want to meet the family and let them you know let him know that I'm out here doing everything I can to raise their own awareness and if their mother or their wife or their sister or their aunt didn't die in vain and then I'm doing my absolute best to carry on and let people know that you know she was a donor and that is so utterly important for people to donate to give the gift of Life what are these feelings you have I have feelings that for some reason I can see that I feel

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like she was an oriental lady really yeah and I you know I don't know why but I really have feelings like that and I feel like I can see this woman telling her husband you know I'll see you when you get home from work and making plans with her kids for the weekend and I have no idea if this is right or not why but I just have those films they are recurring yes and do you do like do you remember it like a memory it's it's like I get to look into her you know her existence her her life and I you know have no I could be totally wrong she give me a Jamaican lady right here I have no idea if I'm in the ballpark or not I just have this feeling I just have a feeling wow do you have any unusual Cravings or anything like I don't think

► 00:23:18

no I don't think I have anything that I do talk to her and I feel like that you know when like when I was walking around and I tell him trying to make it around that block I would often ask her for help to help me make it around there plow yeah off and I talked to her a lot wow come on lady I need your help you have a name for it I just can't wait I'm already I need your help wow wow that's crazy Superman from Captain has a lady's heart now when you say that there it's not the results aren't good for lady hearts and male bodies yeah what did you say that the doctor yeah my mimic doctor it's so it's so funny I don't even know if the doctor spoke because it was one doctor he would come in and young guy and you come in every day how you doing mr. Fletcher and I always say I'm blessed I don't care

► 00:24:18

when I woke up from the transplant I consider every second after that a blessing is borrowed time and it wasn't supposed to be here so I my answers always I'm blessed so he can buy you diamonds for I'm blessed I'm but he said you know what you're going to change that I don't know Doc it's nothing you can say that's going to make me change my answer I'm going to always be blessed no matter what you say he see you think you're doing really good don't you and I'm a hell yeah I think I'm alive yeah I think I'm doing good I walked around this Hospital Corridor I think I'm doing really good he said you're not you doing about what you supposed to be doing and you have a woman's heart and it's too small for you and she was almost your age I got fuck it's too small yeah he told me that the heart was too small

► 00:25:16

and is the lady was I was fifty eight or nine and 59 because I'll be 60 on June 8th so he says too small and

► 00:25:31

you're not you know you're not doing anything extraordinary you just do an average and she's your ex right man for the rest of the day I was fucked I was fucking like man I was you know God why did you do this to me why did you give me a woman's heart and an old woman attacked why can you give me a tea all right well I mean why God I was questioning why did you do this to me did you ask him heck yeah what do you say you mean the doctor or God the doctor riding any to ask the doctor that my doctor did come in and I didn't hear I'm sorry I did ask dr. I asked her I said dad why why could you not dude I had tears in my eyes because this was you know Mike fuck I got another heart but I ain't gonna last long right I'm gonna be out of here so it was you know it was fucking me and the doctor has to die

► 00:26:31

I mean why and she looked me in the eye balls doing she said mr. Fletcher we didn't want you to die it's just that simple we didn't want you to die you know that was what was available that was what was available it was a healthy heart and I needed one bad joke now will that heart grow to match your body it already has really it is the proper size that it's it did yes and the doctor that told me was too small is the one who told me that he had grown to the proper size wow so why did it grow because it recognized it was in a bigger body Joe I you want that's on the physical if you look at it physically and probably you know on a rational mind that would probably be it realized it had to adapt to a larger but I'm going to give a little credit to God because it's just me man so it because he came back too fast I mean it's like a week later and said it's already sizes should be a week later a week after the

► 00:27:30

you made it before I left the hospital he was telling me that it's already decided she'd be Jesus and I said see doc I told you I'm blessed man that doesn't make any sense I know what did he say did the doctor say it doesn't make any sense to you're out there is just a normal thing yeah I have no idea I have no idea if it's a normal thing and not but you know me I'm getting cramps wow another miracle thank God and I said that question guy and my answer was what did I I got back was was simple he said if I gave you a 18 year old Olympic athletes heart CT and you recovered was doing well then people are going to say that that's why you got 18 year old Olympic gold medalist heart and you're able to recover and stuff because this hmm But if I take the old lady's heart

► 00:28:31

this is too small and that not you're not supposed to be able to come back and do these things with this heart then they're going to have to give me a little credit he said I have a habit of taking the least of the least and most of the vote and making something out of it and I see anyway let me shit the fuck up you're absolutely it would be that impressive right it wouldn't be a miracle if I eat more Foods it's wonderful heart but because I'm God I'm going to take this heart and give it to you and you can still do all those things the shit up CT okay that's good now when you exercise now eight you just are you pushing or you just getting to a point where you just feel a little tired you back off so rho G I can't help but push - I know that's why I'm asking ya if you don't I give I give you an I give everything I got yeah I can't

► 00:29:30

help it and Mac do you feel weird when your heart starts beating heavy or should I say her start her heart yeah her heart starts beating pretty fast and now I don't feel weird I feel like it's something I've done my whole life and I'm just glad to be back able to do you know some of what I used to do it's just I feel good you know but I still talk to her though come on lady I'm sure she'll get through this fitly and now you feel it building up like you feel like every month or so you get stronger definitely yeah definitely feel the longer that it's in the long as that the heart is indeed the more it feels like you know it's that's where it should be in my body adapts and how long does a heart transplant usually survive in a person well

► 00:30:30

I think the longest at this point is close to 40 years 40 years wow yeah yeah I don't want 40 years that's what I want to be a hundred you don't know why not

► 00:30:46

I want you know I never expected I said on June 8th I'll be 60 I never expected to make it to 40 so go really really yeah I never I never expected to me I was like I expected to die young so I'm way past where I thought I would make it anyway so it supports why do you think you're gonna die that young oh man I never have I want you to be my always always my and I wanted to be the skyrocketing and shoot brilliant like to shoot way up in the sky be a brilliant burst again I thought they would be the perfect ending Just Go For It Go For It Go For It Go for it and explode it did motherfucker yeah but he was he was something else when he was alive and happy with that that's what you thought yeah yeah now you gotta settle in for 40 more years yeah I warned you

► 00:31:46

why do you say that though you know what to be alive right now and every day is a blessing yeah yeah so why isn't 40 Years of blessing it would be a blessing but I mean yeah I will be I don't want to be around where I'm I don't wanna be a burden on anybody and I think we got hungry man you know somebody else got to take care of you wipe your ass yeah yeah we're diapers and shit and I don't know if I wouldn't want to be around to be a burden on somebody yeah yeah yeah I know what you mean but right now you're not a burden I hope not no I think my wife might disagree but you're moving around mad at me like I said if I didn't know I would have no idea well I appreciate that even though I know you must have lost some muscle you still if I just met you I believe there's a jack dude really yeah you still got the size of your arms man there's still huge I don't think so but I prepared to what they used to be that's why

► 00:32:46

yeah I guess I don't see him as he is that's kind of stuff don't even matter that much to me right I'm sure you have a new lease on life oh yeah big time what matters to you know IM really important things are course my family and spreading donor awareness is so so important so many people died this waiting to get a heart you know I'm on the list the 21 things 21 people a day passed away just waiting trying to get in I was so fortunate so blessed to be able to get one that I want to try to make sure that other people get one too so if whatever I can do to try to raise awareness what is the problem by people putting that they'll donate their organs yeah yeah it's simple its you can do it online now Johnny drivers like the California king I don't know about other states but in California you can do it all online

► 00:33:46

and through the DMV and get your diet on your driver's license and I want to be a donor and I mean you can't take the stuff with you know ways know people get paranoid to I've heard people say I'm worried about doing that because what if they don't resuscitate me because they need someone to get a heart or liver or something like oh man I really don't think that's what doctors are into no no it's I had a i younger you know when I first got my driver I was 16 years old and ask you do you want to be a donor I'm like no oh I'm breaking everything that God Gave Me Whitney I ain't even know how I don't make nothing but you know time brings about a change and get a little older a little more wisdom and if I can got something somebody else can use definitely most definitely take it at my mother and all nine of her brothers and sisters all

► 00:34:46

passed away from heart yeah so it's just something that's in your family oh yeah it's very glad my older brother walk passed away just a couple years ago from congestive heart failure another complication so heart problems are run big time in the foot if am that's a crazy one right that does run in families yep it is crazy yeah but it's reality yeah so now do what kind of diet do they have you on I am very clean Angelo I guess I I have my kids crack up I trust I'm a presbyterian but actually that's pescetarian fish a fishing on vegetables and it's no bullshit yeah no bullshit no time for bullshit right time for bullshit exactly right man cuz you drank coffee time is precious no I used to but the

► 00:35:46

everything but actors don't like romantic caffeine yeah I would imagine yeah so rest must be very important for you to yeah they I get plenty of it we have it is what other things they make sure that you do the diet has to be on point have to take my medication they don't want me to do too much strenuous activities they had limited me I wouldn't I was not able to travel out of the country until yesterday so yes so at one year anniversary that's when they give you the green light yep now I can go all over what did they say when they saw you run in the parking lot fall down all my doctors and you know they all fit CT what we think except one except one my cardiologist

► 00:36:46

and he said University I'm not going to lecture you like everybody else did you already know that they shouldn't have done that but man I am so proud of you you see you have inspired me to start working out again wow yep that was dr. Salam dr. stromm if you listening thank you he was only one that didn't condemn me how far out where it was that first surgery when you fell down three months yeah so crazy yeah I felt like I could do mine was like go yeah well that's that mentality that you have you know

► 00:37:29

I would imagine that's very hard to adjust yeah is big time I am from being a villain it will be the same for you George your active guy kicking the shit out of the bags and stuff oh lightning foot over there and didn't even any think it and not be able to raise your leg Yeah Yeah or throw a punch man I'll be walking around and grocery something like that with my wife and I'm like man out nobody fucks with me all right right right yeah how would you feel if somebody you thinking man it's my fucks are you can't even punch them yeah you can't do anything you can't do nothing you'd be helpless that's man that is hard to a swell little old ladies have to go oh yeah it's super hot guy might have some I fuck with me I'm just going to get beat up I got no defense

► 00:38:26

that's a terrible thing it's a terrible thing but awfully humbling yeah damn can you really realize you know just how your whole life you live for strength you know I've been a strong man my whole life and then all of a sudden all of that is taken away hmm you just you know fucking invalid me and you're just weak as shit it's very hard mentally to deal with but your past that now yes now you're just in what what how would you categorize like how you feel right now I categorize my emotional feelings as being probably better than ever really yes I'm a see things in such a different light after coming back closer time the things that I thought were important

► 00:39:26

eat just don't even matter like what community I used to I give you one example you know people isotope okay you asked me about this last time I was on the show and I tell people they say well it's about the steroids steroids into CTU you take Sara's I tell them the same thing that I've been saying for fucking 25 years and magazine articles and stuff I tried them guess I tried them when I was young and didn't work for me I stopped taking many many reasons nobody nobody like people don't believe they don't believe that nail tell me all your fully shit CTU lying and I don't like that and Joe that used to bother the fuck out of me people who might not be arguing with people online and she fuck out take your goddamn drug test anytime 24 hours a day you can test me I fucking I'll tell you what I gave you ten thousand bucks if I fail your drug test all you got to do is get off fucking social media nobody ever took that Vibe about but

► 00:40:26

in fact if people say I take steroids now okay who cares right okay now it's a fucking cop for me do you you don't still go back and forth and argue with people online oh no not anymore you know I sure did oh shit I would doubt it jump on him in a minute I used to see you doing it I shake my head and be like why is it doing that oh man just because that was my mentality yeah Tak Tak Tak hit me I'm gonna hit you back man try to hit you harder to get that's that's all ops Oh yeah what you know I do the all caps can you talk to me about your yelling you're yelling 50 but I can't have seat so I make it all caps so I can read what I'm what I'm right right right are you going I said can you actually hear that you can actually hear that through those workers you're so fucking loud it's you got spidey-sense man got is one of the most humbling things about getting older is the vision going oh yeah I've known it like from when I was like 14

► 00:41:26

two are sort of notice it by the time I was 46 was like God damn it I think I need glasses yeah so I would just try to like read the computer and I'd be doing this with my eyes like bulging my eyes and squinting and trying to look at it sideways and try to see what the fuck I was worried it's a weird thing it's like oh boy my ability to see the world is fading it happens yeah it was to the best of his but it's a warning sign like hey man this is you know this is a finite existence yeah oh get some shit done right yeah now right now don't wait somebody waiting time is such a precious commodity Billionaire's you cannot buy one second now one second of Life yeah can't do it nope it's oppressive anything that you're thinking about doing you've been putting off my advice is to get this step and get the doing that shit right now get out

► 00:42:26

don't put it off any longer get it done so do you feel like you're like CT Fletcher 2.0 definitely that I knew dude I knew dude with a new attitude yep big Dino Boy won't be arguing I'll tell the guys I used to argue it online hey I love you man you can hate me all you want to I love to see I ain't got time for hate yeah racism or big guy got time for another day it's all foolishness it's so much bullshit and just a waste of time and ain't even funny yeah I'm like look if the in the transplant experience enhanced my view I've always said we're all the same under the bar my mom taught me love everybody but look they took I have no idea

► 00:43:15

the nationality or race up the donor it don't matter I hope you're right if you're right and it's an Asian woman I think that would be fantastic that you could feel that that you would know that and you could feel it man we might be something be amazing I gotta find out how can you find out II don't I have no idea I want that hopefully they're listening to The Joe Rogan podcast well why don't you give him some details like when what day did it happen and what like where did the they tell you where the donor came from no part of the country you know I know I know that the their heart was flown in hmm and I actually you know my wife baby how crazy is that it's something that took a heart out of someone's body and then put it on ice and I grew a toy and we actually see as video the ice first you know me going into the room and then dice just come following right afterwards yeah that's so crazy it is crazy it's I mean it's when I was a kid

► 00:44:15

be like dr. Frankenstein yeah they didn't start doing it to 68 now it's boring 59 so you know why they did heart transplants and safely V8 yeah my wow yeah 1960s long time but when I like see when I was a kid would've been like dr. Frankenstein you told me something like that was possible I was it oh hell no you're crazy just making it up as science fiction but it most that it most certainly is possible don't think they're going to be able to grow your own heart yeah they're working on that right now growing your own heart with stem cells yeah and I know it's going to happen which is just crazy yep it is going to happen I have no doubt yeah they've already grew a woman's bladder the woman had bladder cancer and they grew her a new bladder wow yeah replaced her bladder yep so the hearts coming yeah it's coming me yeah they're already working on I think they're 3D see if you can find a Jamie their 3D printing human

► 00:45:15

art and they think that they're going to be able to get to a point where they have a working model of a human heart like what yeah and put your heart in your body a freshie wow new one which is just so crazy that yeah I'm just crazy yeah and how about for people who are amputees and things along those lines will be able to swim 's with your own limb actually grow you a limb in fact yeah let me hear it is the first 3D printed heart made up of living human cells like yeah

► 00:45:51

yeah man thank God is people smarter than us oh yeah how are you get that that is a heart made by universities Tel Aviv University heart the size of a rabbit marks the first time an entire heart has been 3D printed

► 00:46:09

so that's a tiny one right now but complete with living cells blood vessels ventricles and Chambers intact incredible gag kind of incredible many heart can contract but it can't get pump out blood so they're working on all those different variables I guess but man in that incredible look at that do you want it with a 3D printing machine like 3D printing machines freak me the fuck out like there that's the future they're gonna be able to make things yeah look at that look how that works if you folks who haven't seen this this is what the future it's on cnet.com you can Google it and just watch the video of them actually creating this it is unbelievably fascinating

► 00:46:51

so did you look at the heart before they put it in you did you get a chance to see it no no I was out yeah I was out by that time yeah wow nope didn't look at it and say wake up lights come back on yep and doctors are wife's there yep back to see are my wife's there and it was you know a new day and I was like

► 00:47:18

I want I kind of want I kind of wanted to say I told you so yeah that was a that's hilarious I told you some was a funny thing to say when you come back from a heart transplant on me because you would be you would be surprised at how many so funny though if you did say I told you so it was so many I got so many people and I was overwhelming support but I got quite a few well too many for me messages at the engine I hope you don't make and I hope you die and your I wish we did already know stuff like that do you feel sorry for those people now oh yeah most definitely now yeah I do you know better be an angry yeah before more thing I'd like to shit out of them but you know now maybe you got to be

► 00:48:13

what is your in your existence must be pretty pitiful for you to you know feel that much hate for somebody that you don't even know never yet met I just can't stand your Rogan I hate them then I never met him I never sit down there's no happy people that are doing them now I'll just get so transparent you gotta be pretty you know unbelievably miserable miserable and miserable I'm a follow Joe Rogan just so I can talk shit about them I don't get it I wish the world was off the air but I'm following every word he says because I don't want to miss nothing to Joe Rogan has to say but I hate them yeah makes no sense man well it doesn't make sense but a lot of people don't make sense that's true but live their lives and just very counterproductive ways and they feel like as long as they've got something they're excited about that they're doing something even if it's excited about hating you for no reason just

► 00:49:13

I'll get it times too precious to waste don't hate it's just foolish it's just it's a foolish way to exist yeah new tactic they can take livers and hearts and different organs from any nationality and and switch them around where interchangeable Joe were interchangeable what we're all one thing yeah the only thing that separates us is the climate that we came from that's it that's it so in it so it makes racism so stupid everything stupid tribalism is stupid across-the-board conservative versus liberal that stupid Southern versus Northern that's stupid yeah Asian versus black and white versus Pakistani stupid stupid dogs so stupid where are interchangeable do we mean that we're all that that fear right there shows that we know we're all one yeah we wouldn't be interchangeable now could make every

► 00:50:13

if this outer shit that's on Top This epidermis disk in this stuff that you know defines this and it's so it makes us interesting that's what your foolish about it it's like what's fascinating to me is that human beings came from every single spot on the earth and the one time they originated in Africa and spread out all over the planet and adapted to each individual environment when you meet someone from Ireland their white like paper yeah that's just because there's no sun exact your body developed it's like a solar panel for vitamin D not like we got to figure out I get fucking vitamin D this black skin and cut it out here yeah we don't need this melon and because we're not protecting ourselves in the sun anymore so they turn white yes that's what did the same exact thing they can take that guy from Ireland guy from African and this guy needs a partner hey let me switch it up with me this gentleman here Graham Hancock was on my podcast last week and he's

► 00:51:13

brilliant brilliant guy but he studies ancient civilizations and people and one of the things that they're studying now is the various civilizations that we didn't even know existed that existed in South America like huge multi-million size of population civilizations in the Amazon like 20 million people living in the Amazon one point time and they think they were wiped out by Spanish explorers in European explorers it came up with game smallpox like the way they wiped out 90% of the Native Americans they think the same thing happened down there in the Amazon it just did huge cities down there that European settlers had reported on they were just wiped out but the point is that we were everywhere yeah it's all one thing it's all human it is talking about these human race death and the funny thing about white people that are racist is that especially like I have Neanderthal DNA does more primitive than Homo Sapien DNA and it's only in white people like it's

► 00:52:13

funny that way you know because white white racists like they have to deal with the fact that the only white people carry that Neanderthal shit and mm yeah Katie when you think that the I don't think that they would find that a bad thing I didn't the end of told ya know I think they'd be hell yeah all right yeah well they weren't smart enough to stick around for whatever reason I don't even know why you know they don't know if we outbred them or we interbred with them or if we wipe them out when they don't even know they're also finding new humans there there's a human they found in Russia called a dentist I think it's called denisovan as I said they just found more bones of them in Tibet so maybe they know that these Russian people that was totally distinct subspecies of human traveled traveled to Tibet yeah and and Neanderthals lived for half a million years so they were around way longer than we've ever we've only been around I think for a couple hundred thousand years writing Sapien yeah so they were around longer than us like by 3

► 00:53:13

actors like somewhere around 300,000 years yeah all over the world man just so what a crazy animal we are we just travel everywhere and find a spot and adapt that's right we make it work yeah stay in a community so you could help each other and live off each other and adapt and unfortunately that's where all tribalism comes from to that we have this tight-knit group and everybody else fuck everybody else it's US versus them and that's inside of us you know when it when it be I'm great and in and this is where I was I don't think that it's wrong if you're Italian guy I don't think it's wrong to be very proud of being Italian and if you're a Polish guy I don't think it's wrong to be very proud of being posed

► 00:54:04

why can't I be proud or why can't you be proud of being whatever race you are you can be proud of that but does that mean that I have to hate another guy because he's not know the race and I am you can be proud of what you are and not hate another guy for being different than what you are how about we give that a try well I think the feeling that you got from the second chance on Life is Beautiful feeling of appreciation and celebration of this existence that's what we need to try to Foster in people we need to try to like let people know this is this is a temporary thing man if you're lucky like we're talking about a hundred years if you're lucky you get to a hundred years I'm 51 I'm halfway there right if I'm lucky if everything works out perfect and it probably isn't let's be honest I beat the shit out of my body right so it's probably not going to be able to make it to be a hundred to I'll see what's up yeah I do because I'm a I'm a science nerd

► 00:55:04

I'm fascinated by all these 3D printed hearts and all this shit I want to see what the fuck they can do I really think and talking to guys like David Sinclair and all these anti-aging specialist I think they're on the verge of being able to reverse aging that they're treating aging like it's a disease like it's a disease at the cellular level instead of accepting it and that like wow you get older hey you gonna have to accept you can't do as much by is not going to work as well why maybe that's not the case maybe if they can correct certain things about the human body maybe they can correct that I think it's very likely that in the future I don't think that's an insurmountable as situation I think the going to be able to correct what happens to your body when it ages the deterioration that's caused by the aging process body produces less hormones your body starts to slow down Alzheimer's all these different things I think they're gonna be able to correct those things wow the problem with that is then what we're going to live forever

► 00:56:04

you'll be happy living forever like what if when you die it's amazing what if when you die the really is a heaven you really really do go to some spectacular Dimension filled with love and peace and happiness and there's no emotions like we think about here there's no fear there's none of the things that hold people back know the anxiety and The Angst is just Consciousness in love and then you're wasting time here just trying to stay alive taking pills to live to be a million boy you open up a big-ass can of worms right there where I will tell you Joe

► 00:56:46

without a shadow of a doubt

► 00:56:49

none whatsoever death is not the end you don't think so I know I know to how do you know because I've been dead right yes I've been there what what what about that experience cemented in your head

► 00:57:06

when I like I said it was the most peaceful and I don't feel like it was the most peace most restful most I was I woke up laughing I was yeah yeah well I'll tell ya I was overjoyed you woke up laughs yeah I was overjoyed do you remember anything about what happened when you blacked out extra egg that that the time actor extremely peaceful extremely I didn't have a worry extremely dry and I was not sad at all you know I was overjoyed very happy very peaceful and erased any fear that I might have had and I have any fear of dying is gone I don't fear death

► 00:58:06

at all is so I maybe that's why I don't want to live to be a hundred because it let me I wouldn't mind visiting that place again and it was so much peace so much and it wasn't like you know this is you know I'm just in the ground and I'm not a plant just dirt hmm you know I know that I'm in a very comfortable place and you know I wouldn't mind visiting again I wouldn't mind so I'll definitely holds no fear that so when I say that it's definitely not the end your I believe that your soul you know some people have a different name for a consciousness of whatever is definitely Eternal and it has how else could you have these feelings or emotions or you know have that that sort of conflict the feeling of comfort and being in the right place if something didn't I

► 00:59:06

because my wife my wife was gone the essence life my my bangs you know gone it was gone fat lying Dead with him I told my doctor that diagnosed said no you actually it's called some kind of pauses some shit like that and I'm saying look if I if the pause last attack I wouldn't be talking about so I got you okay you call it a pause like oh well during that pause I was dead so it's it was a wonderful feeling to well I think with a guy like you that's so physical and you've been so physical your whole life the big fear is to not be able to take care of yourself or move like that's what we're talking about when you rise to talk about being a hundred like having someone wipe your ass and take care of you like that's the big fear it's not death death is just peaceful it's the end but the big fear is to deterioration of the physical body to the point where it's just painful everything is painful you can't go anywhere you can't count on yourself

► 01:00:06

yeah it's it's very peaceful but I definitely don't think it's the end I think it's the beginning yeah yeah and that's it's an overwhelming feeling like I had I was able to peek over into the other side and that is definitely assurance that it's not the ends that there is something else on the other side I have that Assurance is able to peek it just peek into it well I think we all have this feeling that we are something other than our body most definitely I mean II have that feeling like I feel like there's like a little ball of energy in there that moves this thing around where you're right that's what it feels like yeah it always feels like that yeah that's what I've always rejected the label atheist like people say are you religious and like I was when I was a little kid I had to go to Catholic school and I you know I did all that jazz but

► 01:01:06

my parents when I grew up with hippies after that my mom split up for my dad my mom shacked up with my stepfather who was a he's a hippie and there was no church after that but I'm not an atheist I'm not I don't know like I don't believe anybody that says they know what life is or what life means or what happens when you die I want to hear your opinions I want to hear your thoughts but you don't know and anybody that says they know what happens when they died I know what happens when I die it'll be black and and cold and that is the end and just like there was nothing before there will be nothing at the end and like you don't know that you just saying that there is no God how do you say that how do you say that well one day what if you stand in front of God or in in God's presence in some non physical form and then you're weeping and your arrogance and say stating that there's no higher power like it might be the the universe itself might be God

► 01:02:06

we don't know anything you we are strange little monkey people living on this fucking planet making things that alter our environment moving around driving flying talking to each other talking shit but at the end of the day you're only aware of what you've experienced right and when you don't know that's like when people who I've talked to several friends that had near-death experiences a very good friend of mine she was in a car accident and she had very similar thing where she said it was so peaceful yeah she said you know they got I think I got rear-ended and like really banged up and when it felt like she was going to die she felt so peaceful it's so true yeah I think a lot of people get have come that close to dying are a lot of them were going to say the same thing that they have no fear of death and yeah it's erased and you but you also have the feeling that you know that

► 01:03:06

this existence on Earth you have any physical body that is definitely not the end the way she describes it as exactly the way you do that she's my manager and you know I talk to her all the time the way she describes things is essentially exactly how you did that it's just so peaceful just felt just felt peaceful yeah but not you know like

► 01:03:29

like people who don't believe in back there your by the way anything I mean he's here I'm not religious either yeah I was raised super religious in a super religious home by a Pentecostal Heaven and Hell Brimstone fire and brimstone preacher and they do the tongues oh yes oh that's hilarious shout my favorite speaking in tongues everything everything wow everything was the saying all sooner everything oh dancing dancing was this in the rock and roll music yeah oh yeah everything was a sin so I think that's really what drove me away from being a religious person yeah I'm definitely not always say I'm a man of faith I have a tremendous amount of Faith but faith and religion are two different things a lot of people confuse them yeah they talk about him as being the same but they are definitely not a religious man

► 01:04:29

maids and you know Federal rules and may say okay we're going to be this and if you want to be this religion then you're gonna have to go by these rules yeah and it's in it's all man-made but faith is not man-made and so I'm a tremendous man of Faith but not religion yeah some would say that like you're a spiritual person that's like a thing that gets thrown around today like I'm not religious but I'm spiritual people say that a lot like what does that mean no one really knows it's a strange sort of definition but I feel what you're saying like that there's something more to this there's something more to this than just tissue and bone and blood moving on this rock that's traveling through the universe there's something more there's something there's something there's some and maybe it's just something more for us but the beauty of friendship and love and family like those things are intense beautiful emotional experiences that I don't I don't know they seem to transcend just regular life itself they seem to

► 01:05:28

have there's a higher power to them a higher Beauty to them I think that's one of the things that we like when we see people doing something really great we love seeing people accomplish things because we love we like seeing people succeed we like seeing people like that have doubts and and something almost insurmountable and Incredibly difficult in front of them and then they they overcome and it gives us all hope and it gives us all like this inspiration is feeling we're connected in some sort of very very strange way that I think you could just chalk it up oh oh that's just camaraderie we needed that because of evolution that's how we stayed alive like maybe maybe but maybe there's something else maybe the whatever this Consciousness is that's totally not no one has ever defined Consciousness and there's certain people to think that it occurs only in the brain and the neurons and synapses and it might or that might just be an antenna I mean Consciousness might very well be you are using your physical tissue to tune in to whatever this

► 01:06:28

thing that we share is this life force that we all seem to share and when this I think like looking in someone's eyes man like when you know someone's like there for you and you know you're there for them like that camaraderie that intense camaraderie the sides like that that that expression the windows to the soul that the eyes are the windows to the soul it really does seem like that's right like you see people you see them you know like the Avatar lady said I see you yeah and you can it's

► 01:07:03

looking at being able to look into somebody's eyes you can tell a lot you tell if they're bullshitting he has to finish it or not man or if they feel weird about something yeah you're really feel like maybe this isn't a smart thing or maybe maybe maybe I should have done better by you or yeah jover yeah yeah you tell that and I am I told you the first first time I had the open-heart surgery and flat line three times during that surgery I also had an experience that also strengthens my belief in there being something after the body dies I Vision or whatever you want to call it okay which I see I see I was able to see my mother who had passed away the year before and you know I say I see my mother I asked you your face I just heard a voice and I knew it was her

► 01:08:03

and she was pleading to I say God lot of people may say you know what whatever they look up to and I ain't got no problem with that I don't think that because people don't believe exactly like I believe that their doom and they're going to hell although that was the way I was raised or if you don't believe like this all Catholics went quoting my dad all Catholics were just lost mmm they're not going to make it because they don't you know believe they believe the wrong shit ain't fucked em bleed right shape before of course you're not going to what about Jews don't leave me if you don't believe like this Muslims fucked up just lost me Mormons fucked all met you scientologists phone oh yeah your specially lost and as you know but that's how they felt yeah that's how they felt that's how I was taught messages and I just you know I don't believe that you got you got this

► 01:09:03

that was some people they found my dad thought that he could walk on water and could do no wrong and it's the same guy that you know still break my nose and send me to the fucking emergency rooms make my and my mom was a slave and I was perfectly fine with him and and also this was a guy that was fucking women in the church but

► 01:09:25

you know believe like I believe you're going to hell yeah people have a remarkable ability to be Hypocrites yeah there's soup sauce and I seen that so much from Super religious people sure that it is turned me off yeah from being a religious person but I think a lot of what it is is control people want to control other people they want to be able to tell people what to do and when to do it and it gives them some power in their own life by doing so yeah man I thought I just you know it destroyed my faith and just super you know people that are in church every Sunday every day we went to church three times a week three times three times we every Tuesday every Friday every Sunday in church and church is an enduring the the Watts Riots I'm little kid we went to church wow yeah the guy that soldiers are National Guard on the streets they pulled my dad

► 01:10:25

over little kid in the back seat where you going I'm going to church and I'm like fuck these got this tanks on the street this guy's got fuck em 616 and actually in my dad's like we're going to church I'm like fuck could you leave us at home could you give me my brother Mike can we leave I want to be at home looking at fucking heckling Japanese cartoons man we went to church man so he was super dedicated you know to you know pardon was super dedicated to what he believed and then you know you go over sisters Sally's house to give her consultation and I'm looking the room her bedroom doors open there's my dad with his fucking t-shirt on sister Sally's in her slip and shit and I guess me and my brother were there to be his scapegoat or you know please excuse my mom you know if I take them and I you know nothing could be

► 01:11:25

me wrong I still remember dates you like fuck what kind of Castle tasting is he doing I think right now we're experiencing some of the most Insidious aspects of religion in the people attacking people while they're worshipping yeah yeah Muslims attacking Christians and Christians attacking Muslims and it's like in synagogues and Christians attacking Jews mean it's a whole thing is so insane attacking people while they're worshiping things it is insane chances this sign of how fucked up things are right now that this is something that's happening on a regular basis now in the name of religion I mean doesn't I mean what kind of religion

► 01:12:09

would you know say this is okay I mean aren't we supposed to love our neighbor as thyself I mean the the Christchurch one you could not you it's hard to even say that that was about religion there's more about bigotry and racism in any yeah right and then the response to that is what you're seeing in Sri Lanka and you know people blowing people up and in churches and synagogues and it's just it's insane it's just we've reached this very critical moment in our society and just civilization in general where people are attacking people for things that they believe in yeah which is just it's one of the most insane things to attack people on you know that a key people because they're aggressive because they're coming towards you they're trying to take away your your resources or harm your family no no no they believe the wrong shit yeah which I'm gonna kill him yeah they don't believe like I kill hundreds of them yeah

► 01:13:09

I'm going to kill him since Saturday I mean it doesn't I don't know how to fix it we thought the overriding principle of most every religion is love yeah I'm supposed to be loved I thought all of them

► 01:13:27

Taub love isn't that the overriding principle of religion your religion doesn't it teach to love people if you're really to teach you to hate people to go out and kill people then something's fucked up yeah that's supposed to be reinforcing this idea of community of you all together working towards a goal that's wrong yeah it's I mean it's so I mean there's so many issues right there's so many issues with with poverty with crime with all these different things in this world today but the religion issue and the hatred hatred of other people's religions got to be one of the one of the strangest aspects of our community our culture's is so crazy man I am Anna and I just want to do everything that I possibly can possibly can do and I know I'm just a little guy from Compton nobody knows me nobody knew who the fuck is safety for us right

► 01:14:27

Joe Biden but whatever I can possibly do to try to bring people together man let it just come together and lovely and it's the same for all the same under the bar that's my equivalent of trying to you know write bring people in a weightlifter just use it says a similar thing all the same we're all brothers and sisters on the map exactly that's exactly what it is yeah but that's that's a thing sometimes you know when someone has like this common struggle like look you find out a lot about someone when you lift with them right oh yeah when you know that they can do 10 and they got start bitching out at 7:00 yeah like come on bro that's right steer your friend come on I mean that's that's similar in I mean marathon runners have that sort of camaraderie that feeling like what if someone can can actually complete marathons and then Ultra marathons and do you have the goods doesn't know what no one gives a fuck of your Chinese or black girl or a boy you're a bad mother fucker or you are not if you are not you should work towards becoming

► 01:15:27

yeah that's the same with MMA right yeah that's martial arts in general I mean it's all about a vehicle for developing your human potential I've always said that one of the best ways to stop bullying and stop all this agreement sounds counterproductive and counterintuitive but the stop bullying teach kids how to fight they won't fight they won't do that man I mean and the ones who are the strongest they won't they won't have this need to impose on people they don't that doesn't exist in Jiu-Jitsu the way it exists in in kids yeah because kids are insecure and they have this weapon being bigger or being mean or being more aggressive and scaring kids and they see some intimidated and they can't help themselves they don't have any guidance yeah they don't have they don't know nuns taught them the proper way to behave and think and then no one's taught them the consequences of that shitty behavior and thinking they just get away with it they do it they don't think that it's hurting anybody ever they don't they don't care they don't feel it yet whereas numb to it they're not they're not

► 01:16:27

haven't been taught no they have not been taught this is this is the way that I can stand out yeah and Mama a lot of it is because like they need a real cause they ain't a real cop something real to work towards instead of like looking for conflict in some fucking kid is looking at you at the bus stop weird yeah but look for find real conflict find something that you could really work towards and you'll feel better about yourself and you'll feel better about the way you communicate with other people that's one of the reasons why a lot of people talk about Jiu-Jitsu like it's a religion and in some ways I think it kind of is because you learn not in the bad ways but in the good ways that you learn this sense of community through struggle right now I think the same thing could be said for weightlifters to yeah no it's a bond you guys all man it so it and it is it translate it's so many MMA guys that you know have come to the gym and I trained and worked out and

► 01:17:27

it's so relatable then the weightlifting world and the fighting world except you're not getting bused upside the head when he needs you but that struggled yeah this truck last saw when you train Tyron Woodley oh man sort of struggle yeah and he's another dude that looks like he's on steroids yeah but he's not actually just got that fucking beautiful roll of the dice yeah and you had a girl the dice that's exactly right and by the way Tyrone if you're listening you have not been back and I would like for you to come back you can't do to do the type of fighting that he does though you can't really lift away you had them lift all the time no no no no no it was just be incorporation most most fires issues weight lifting as a tool yeah and just when they come they want to test themselves when they come train with me they what's up yeah at one time I just want to see ya

► 01:18:27

take it take it or not you know but I motherfucking set yeah no matter what no matter what your I know those guys do really well because it's so much mental sure involved in it you know and they the mines are tough to even make guys minds of toughening they do real well no you don't get tougher it's just you just got here yeah just get different yeah you know I mean like I said about ultra marathon runners or anybody who does anything that's extremely grueling and brutal you know you don't get tough for you just find a different different path exact for that sort of toughness and it always leads through the mind that there are always these through the mine and yeah that whole expression that Idle Hands Are The Devil's playthings that's so true that's so goddamn true yeah we'll need they need something they need a cause I need a struggle they need they need something hard they need something difficult to Define themselves through if they don't they just they get scattered and insecure and crazy but through that struggle you you gain confidence

► 01:19:27

and character you know who you are I know you are man you could you could pull off a workout with CT Fletcher at the end of that fucking workout you sitting there on that bench drinking water you know who the fuck you are did it yeah people need to know that they did it yeah we'll need that they need I did it you need I did it all the time you need I did it like five days a week it's true if I take a couple days off I feel like man I gotta go do Somethin yeah I don't know if you feel bad yeah I still want you to show me how to kick I'm show you how man that man is slow we didn't cover a little more yeah well the good thing is the best way to learn is slow oh well I'm ready for ya Tek enough you real slow yeah the people to prove real problem with strong people is that they want to put their strength into it you know and you know you want to like really just fucking drunk yeah that's it's a hard for strong dudes to learn how to kick properly really is why is it

► 01:20:27

perfect time for people to learn because I know because they put so much grunt into everything oftentimes The Not pivoting So they put too much pressure on their leg they want to pop in their knee yeah I mean there's a lot of shit now thing and you kicking me sick goddamn chose got some of the meanest kicks I have ever seen from anybody I'm like no you can kick that fucking it's a funny thing there's a guy named John danaher who's a Jujitsu genius and he came to me once and it turned out he actually knew but he was playing it off like he didn't know he was telling me that he wanted George st. Pierre who is the ultimate Champion to the time no I know exactly what he is one of my favorite yeah they wanted him to get some coaching on his spinning back kick there was like he's thinks the fundamentals are a little bit off do you know anybody and I was like all right this is gonna sound crazy I know I'm a comedian

► 01:21:27

no I'm just a commentator but I have a really good spinning back I'm like I could show you how to do it and I can show you as good as any human being that's ever lived my God could show you how to do that that was my shit I mean but when I was a kid and I you know it's hard for me to even talk about it now because it seems like a look of different life like a different person for from the time I was 15 till I was 21 I was obsessed I trained all day every day I mean that's what I did I basically lived there and so that's why I developed all that observation it's a bad word I don't think so no password to find my life yeah it's a bad life you know I mean I've had a good life I've had a good life through Obsession eggs damn yeah coin that phrase but I'm also had a good rifle workstation I'm careful with that shit yeah like like a bad dog I keep that motherfucker on a leash and I keep it away from the wrong people yeah

► 01:22:27

got some good things like you have to be careful like Jamie knows we've been having problems with his goddamn Quake game with players who play this video games first person shooter called quake and I have a real problem I get obsessed with things why I want to play all day long I want to play fucking 8 10 hours a day I can't I don't allow myself to but that's the same thing it's the same thing that got me into martial arts when I was a kid I have a fucked-up brain but it's fucked up in a good it's it as long as I know how to guide it as long as the the managers in the building the manager is me right now going to hey settle the fuck down all right you got shit to do you got a family got stuff to do you can't just go run off and decide you're going to be a professional disc or a professional dab because that's in my brain wants to do my brain wants to find something and go what's this thing okay what's be the best in the world we're gonna be the best in the world does this is everyday going to wake up and don't know hey I gotta pay taxes yeah

► 01:23:27

fucking love that show because you are not alone now there's a bunch of yeah it is blacks in a whole lot of money in the UFC yeah there's a whole lot of mouths are in jobs right yeah crazy yeah going crazy like tapping the things on the desk can't wait to get out to what the fuck they want to do when you get off work ain't that something that's not fucking 28 years at the post office I hate thinking about your fucking bitch yeah we're way back it up and you know go do what I really am yeah it's lot of people out there listening that have that same feeling no man punching a clock every day and they fucking hate it hate it and you're not alone not alone not alone for 28 years yeah I hated it when ever had a job whatever job I had a fucking hate it and I had a bunch of part-time bullshit job because I wouldn't take a real job on because I was so scared that if I had like a real nine to five and then started getting a career and then have a family got married I've been trapped yeah dropped I would think that that was me I would definitely trap it

► 01:24:27

the home they had to eat something yeah but then you got it mean and then you take that time when you get off and that's your obsession time then yeah and there's a lot of people that lived that life you know and but I've always tell people is before you have all those other things the mortgage and family and all that other stuff damn dude funnel that energy into you into what you like you could live up a wonderful existence and as you Charmed Life if you could do what I mean Whatever It Is Well do you like making knives or fucking painting whatever the fuck you like to do if that's your thing and you think about it all the time goddamn you got to find a way to do that yeah that is your calling oh most definitely excellent advice from Joe Rogan he is so so right before you get you know the wife the kids doing it because any trap yeah but but had the Mind everyone's mind is so different you know there's some people that they don't have that obsessed mind their mind is like they're they're better off like

► 01:25:27

you know but running a country store somewhere just being real friendly to people to come in and being a baker and making good food for folks yeah they're happy but that's their thing that's their call and that you know that's perfectly fine as the people you know people did annoy the fuck out of me I love you but you're annoyed the fuck out of me is people that have no ambition no Drive whatsoever I'm just happy not doing shit I always wonder about that damn it but I was always wonder like what if I got them when they were little what if I got a hold of them when they were little and and just introduce them to exciting things and rewarded them when they did well high five them and hug them you know what I mean like it could possibly change yeah I mean you came to me reinforcement of of positive goals and reinforcement of positive experiences I think there's some people that just they never got any of that and everything was just work and just drudgery and they'd rather just lay around

► 01:26:27

that is the alternative to work and drudgery wow I'm fine I've gave a speech and I'm talking about Obsession and being driven and all those and you know one of the questions after these guys asked me so what if you know you what if you don't want to do anything you don't have any goals or obsessing could you tell me how to get one

► 01:26:52

I was like fuck how do I tell this motherfucker his he wanted one he said he wanted when I wanted to find a goal or something but I don't know you I don't know you I don't know I we this the first time I ever met you and you're asking me how to give you an obsession or get or make him give you an I don't think I can tell you is find something do you have anything that you love is anything that you love anything that you like to do then you know start there dude yeah start if your effort but if the person looks back at you said no not really right then I'm like fuck his duties arcing the fuck I mean if you don't have any fucking thing I know some people that have nothing yeah some people it is nothing it is nothing absolutely nothing

► 01:27:52

you people I love you guys but debug the fuck out of me but this you don't have a calls a goal nothing that really you know excites you that you really want to make a difference you just you're happy being blond braids and fucking average I just want to be a cog man I just want to be a fucking car do you think that the world needs cogs do you think that some people look here's a thought like not everybody could be a fucking psychopath right not not everybody could be obsessed by things the world will be too insane and regular stuff would never get done right right you and I are getting regular shit done yeah you know what how about being the best fucking Cog there is gonna be the best fucking cock very expand I'm a support the fuck out of your room no man I don't know what people I don't I would like

► 01:28:52

and I think one day we're going to probably be able to experience this through technology I would like to know how people think like I would like I would like to know like what is going on in someone's head when they experience like some sometimes things will happen to you in life and you're just in the worst possible State of Mind when it happens and sometimes it's the best possible state of mind and sometimes when it's the best possible State of Mind something that should be like catastrophically like yeah it'll be all right you know like the person who did it to you like look man I know you didn't mean to do it's all right don't worry about it take it easy and then you just drop it and you like feel good about it and then other times like fuck that guy I'm gonna fucking kill that guy and it's all like it's all in white how are you wired that day like what's how you coming into it you coming into this with a lot of stress you got a lot of other bullshit piling up in your life or you coming into this fresh off a heart transplant yeah will you feel love for the world and you and you have like a new found Enlightenment where you realize that this is all

► 01:29:52

bullshit all this nonsense and fighting and arguing for nothing like why why you do you enjoy relax appreciate matter just think that serious have passion for your existence and what you enjoy what you truly love and and your friends and camaraderie and fellowship that's what it's all about yeah I think you know they got a whole field of psychologists and psychiatrists to that's their field and some of the worst some of the most mentally challenged people I've ever met were psychiatrist like what I have a theory about that I have a theory about that I've theory about that that's very similar in my theory about cops you know I have a deep respect for cops need to and I think it's insanely difficult job just think it might make my same feeling I have for soldiers like you cannot expect someone to just do

► 01:30:52

at with no guidance and no no you have to have an appreciation for the stress they go through every time a cop pulled somebody over this might be the last moment of their life every time they come to that window and it's tinted and they don't know who the fuck is in there and what kind of Warrant that guy might have they don't have any idea and we've all seen videos online at cops getting shot and people getting killed it fucking happens and they're everyone they're dealing with is lying to them everyone they're dealing with is if you're a psychiatrist every day you're dealing with people who are fucked every day everyone's fucked up everyone's in some some of their fucked up is nonsense and just want to grab him and Shake him by the collar and get your fuckin shit together man yeah the fuck is wrong with you come on you know the something wrong stop doing what you're doing stupid but you can't even say that notes you have to go so Mike you know you're still getting tied up by that woman she still kicks you in the balls

► 01:31:52

blur into like if you imagine every day you showing up and everyone's nuts everyone you work with yep you know I'm very fortunate I show up here I get to talk to nice people like you I hang out with great people are Jamie and everyone's fun here it's all nice my experiences on a daily basis are very mostly positive I go to The Comedy Store hang on what comedians do Jujitsu hang on would you do to guys it's a fun experience these are good experiences psychiatrist or just dealing with crazy fucker all day long after you chose and fog have to deal with next year when I was when I was briefly in college one of the things that I was concentrating on was psychology because I was trying to find out what like I knew there was times when I fought and I was very confident and I knew there was times when I thought that I was a nervous wreck and I was like why what is that that feeling of nerves were you scared is very compromising it fucks me over formance oh my God yeah I mean Luke you might get hit you might lose you this could happen but to dwell on that it's crippling

► 01:32:52

will you got to be able to accept those consequences but you also have to not dwell so if to be Zen and so I was reading a lot of psychology books and philosophy books a lot of Samurai books and but one thing I realized in talking to people that were like psychologists or psychology Majors like you're dealing with fucked up people yeah all the time especially psychiatrists oh yeah people and then there was grabbing them drugs we can't go get out of here take this this bill get numbers but it's like I was crazy he would he was crazy it had very nice guy but I think you get crazy yeah I think you get crazy deal with all those people all the time too man yeah I mean if your birthday is blocked off you have your secretary and then you got patients all day long they're out of their fucking minds yeah very good point the terrible diet yeah you know but you know I don't know if you knew but I used to do tournament fighting karate stuff yeah

► 01:33:52

yeah and the reason I what discourage me are made me know that I didn't want to be a fight is just what you described the anxiety oh yeah it would pay it was paralyzed it was paralyzing yeah I mean I'd be Frozen with and it's so crazy that I mean last time I was with Ed Parker's International karate championships in Long Beach California and I really fight until my feet were stuck and I was a Taekwondo black belt but my feet were frozen to the fucking man I couldn't lift them my next wait a thousand pounds each me and I was so prepared because all these people it was long as people were around and I was so afraid that I was gonna do something to embarrass myself and I'm like oh my God everybody's looking any obvious upon T Max is going on at the same time

► 01:34:52

yeah but it felt like everybody was looking at me and I'm like man they're gonna watch me through something my technique is going to be wrong or it's got I'm just gonna fuck up in front end of the fear was paralyzing my you know I can't fuck it I'm not cut out to be a fighter me and I just can't the pressure just kick my ass up it's a hard thing to overcome it's hard to sort your way through it it's what's really hard for a lot of Fighters is coming back from A Loss they get beat up and smashed and then they have to come back and figure out a way through you know and especially devastating loss of course you season yet but a devastating loss no Raymond Daniels is of course a goat did you see his fight this past week a 720 degree punch I mean so go to Bellator and find that clip man I left we won't be able to show it right

► 01:35:46

I can show you guys yeah just show us so for folks who don't know what the realm of the reasons I brought up Raymond Daniels is Raymond de novo is a belt or kickboxing champion now he lost in devastating fashion to Nikki holtz-eakin who's another world champion and also to Joseph Volta lini who's another world champion so when he was making the transition from karate champion to kickboxing champion he had some stumbling yeah didn't didn't go hundred percent smooth right but that guy's got an iron will man

► 01:36:18

stunt coordinators and move here this watch this look at re McDaniel Raymond Daniels well hi that's fucking fucking crazy he went for a 360 roundhouse kick ass dude wasn't there and then he continued to spend further and boom I mean that is insane that is such an insane the land a punch at the end of that I mean so bananas and he landed a spinning back kick to the body right before that too yeah I mean he did a thing find the thing he did in and in glory he did a jumping side kick spinning back kick combination where he touched him he touched him with the front leg and then spun in the air and spinning back kick areas right here yeah I mean this is fucking crazy yeah he watch watch how he does let this go here it goes watch he touches on tap pain

► 01:37:18

be shit and to do you have two world-class kickboxer like that what upset I mean the movie aesthetic qualities are looking at his highlights particles High to come up with you know fights eat her food is eat that stuff that they don't even do in the movies in a real fight yeah yeah and like me he's hard to handle here is he I gave her a pep talk or speak some to a group of Fighters he was in their group they came out and I got Frank got to meet I'm like man I don't know it's fan a fan boy big-time all right motherfucker oh he's big I love watching those guys in like guys like Michael Venom page was another one who has those karate skills but then they learning all the skills of MMA yeah and then you see like man if you don't know that karate style and he knows Emma met your kind of fucked because they really do shit that's like outlandish yeah like you know Venom page yeah man this shit is real

► 01:38:18

q and he's so long to and his timing and movement is so unpredictable and he can Sprint at you and you don't even like all of a sudden bangs much him in the face you saw that that knockout way knocked out Cyborg and caved his head in with that knee the cave demands head in yes I've seen thousands of fights that I never saw a man get his head caved in ever a long hard look at that look at the skull his head is pushed in I mean man that was that the video above it does that show the actual knock out right now that's not it yeah it is yeah my knee on that was how he fights to hand down bam I mean that is correct and if you know how tough that guy yeah riding in agony like that I remember his fight with was one of the best MMA fights every real muscular guy he's real muscular cyborg yeah no yes

► 01:39:18

Borg had a fight with this this another old he's kind of on the the downhill now but it one time he was like the Mike Tyson of MMA we built I know you know who I'm talking about Melvin manhoef yes yeah I knew you knew what did you see Cyborg and it may be good to see that fight yeah yeah yeah Melvin's a motherfucker Mount these another one man man yeah came from that he comes from Mike's gym in Holland which is a famous kickboxing gym for Savages just yeah just War yeah well the young a young man was a fucking serious up yeah there it is there it is and Melvin is built like a fucking he was another one unbelievable power and speed when he was in his prime yep he's not the same anymore you right he's been through so many wars but man had two superb and it was one of those Gladiator Jeff to yeah

► 01:40:18

here's a beast might one of my biggest but that showed you how tough cyborg was yeah that was a war that was in cage Warriors I think that was a name that was a war yeah

► 01:40:28

yeah I mean I've had a privilege watched so many great Fighters fight it's interesting to watch all the different styles and all that but the thing that they all have all the great ones have they have this Unstoppable belief in themselves and if they lose they just they learn they lose they learned they come back they get better I'm one of my favorite interviews voice Gracie and man his mentality hmm he says you know I make no plans for after the fight yeah these guys guys guys now talking about the after party and meet me over here say no no no I am prepared

► 01:41:14

to die hmm in octagon my hell yeah that shit up too because I was prepared to die on the weight lifting platform the doc says hey if you go CT you're able to advance could burst right there on stage and die in front of all those people good good that's the way I want to be if you want to if you want real greatness you have to be able to give it all away but to find somebody else does that crazy dude did you see the middleweight championship fight between Kelvin Gastelum and Israel adesanya style Bender did you see that Phi of course right before the fifth round means a close fight and style Bender came out and just destroyed in the fifth round but right before that he said I'm ready to die yes I heard he's looking at him goes I'm ready to die I heard that man

► 01:42:14

yeah yeah I was one of those just yeah unbelievable moment I love Kevin Kevin Kevin Eastman was a great was also at the the talk in speech that I gave him the article Kevin was their young guy yeah he's still a young heart and you really should be fine at 170 honestly he's yeah I mean he fought at 170 he just he likes to eat you know just overlap of a heart I lived Okay Kevin from this and I love you mean Calvin's Beast he's not even near his full potential yet I don't think so style Bender is either oh no it's you all know young guy yeah I mean style Benders better now than he was in his first fight in the UFC which is only about 16 months ago yeah he's better now he's trouble for anybody man he's an assassin he that guy has he's probably the most technical strike of its ever fought in the UFC so technical all right but okay let me ask you about this I heard a rumor

► 01:43:14

him and John Jones no no no other yeah John was talking shit about him and he was talking shit about John you know that maybe they'll fight John is way bigger John's a big man yes I know yeah and he's bad motherfucker so stop thunder man I mean maybe one day they could fight but John I think John's Futures and heavyweight I really do I think John is going to clean out the light heavyweight Division and then move up and I think he's probably going to try to catch DC before DC steps out because DC is going to fight against deep ABO chick they're going to have a rematch and then I think DC vs. John Jones probably what yeah heavyweight I think John want to go up there and take that heavyweight title you know but I think DC has a better chance against him at heavyweight I don't think DC likes cutting weight I don't think it's good for his performance or is durability or anything you know I think I mean judging by his fights with Derrick Lewis who's a fucking huge guy yes

► 01:44:14

knocking out steep a mule chick who's nobody's ever been able to do it like that before the way DC did it mean DC says it heavy weight is just way more powerful hits harder takes a punch better you know he's not tall guy he's only five eleven but he's is why does his fucking table yeah he sees a tank of a man and his wrestling ability is just phenomenal well that's why is John so God damn impressive at John Deere him down yeah John of went right at him with wrestling's like motherfucker I'm going to take you down and scare you Dan Jones is my favorite enemy fire that dude is if he's not the greatest of all time he's in a conversation in a conversation it's like me my painting is that Mighty Mouse Johnson's the greatest of all time but the caveat is that Mighty Mouse never really fought the Caribou caliber of competition that Jon Jones did Jon Jones first fight in the UFC at for a title he's fighting Mauricio Shogun Hua who is a legend yeah that's John's first fight John opens up with a flying knee

► 01:45:14

yeah I mean if like me it's alleged yeah no jokes Lyoto Machida completely unconscious you know chokes out Rampage chokes out he's just smashed everybody yeah John smashed everybody he's only lost one time that's a bullshit long yeah well it wasn't bullshit laughing disqualification if I thought he was dominating yeah he's a freak man he's a real free he most definitely is my favorite especially since he told me listens to my ass before I fight always listen to your I am the one speaks eating - yeah yeah he's something special there for you really is he's something special and I think you know he's had some troubles in his life and troubles but I think he's got that shit behind him I really do I think he's you know I mean he hasn't had a near-death experience but I think he's had so many like near career yeah appearances that he appreciates it now I also think to be that good you got to be fucking crazy and I think Jon Jones is fucking crazy and he's just getting his crazy online he's just getting his

► 01:46:14

crazy and Order yeah like he's my crazy Under Wraps just keep my crazy together yep keep it together gonna be that good you gotta be a wild motherfucker oh you gotta be wild if that's what he is he's smart too though he's got like the perfect combination of things like smart and wild yeah you know and physically talented like and then and then long long as fuck for the weight class and he's very strong total weight lifting many time zones into the value of the Beast oh no it'll go I'm sure maybe after the fight with Thiago Santos allow some time off but he is interesting his coaches thought that his power lifting was a bad idea for him apparently Matt coaches well I think that he got really into that before the OSP fight remember he had a big oh you betcha time off and OSP fight he didn't look as good but I credit that to OSP I just think that OSP fought a real hard fight he's a real big strong guy it's fucking dangerous

► 01:47:14

and I think yeah there's a television Crews a beast matter yeah I think that it's just one of those things where stylistically you know ovince fought a really good fight and mean opens had a broken arm for I think the last round yeah that round with a fucking Shadow Dom never let anybody know didn't say a goddamn word about his forearm snapped yeah from you can't go throw some beads to do that it's the hardest game in the world next to being a copper firefighter or Soldier MMA fighters the hardest game in the world yeah I totally agree I'm glad you brought up soldiers because as I'm a veteran and Manufacturing myself and I you know I have a lot of PTSD I was hoping that during the conversation where you get a PTSD in there some kind of way because my dad suffered from PTSD big time he went in the Korean War at age 16

► 01:48:14

he got here yeah he had a guy signed form and said he was his dad and he was able to to get in for a while like that and that was I that was I give him a pass on a lot of the crazy shit he did because of that right you know he never sit down and had a conversation with me about it I never talked to my dad for more than five minutes at a time you know when I talked to him growing up never be more than five minutes at a time and you know whole life my whole life you know dad when he's 86 and I'm 50 something I was 57 8 somewhere around there before we had maybe 10 minute conversation that was just been apologizing to him for you know hating him yeah we talked about this yeah but he had to clear the way

► 01:49:14

probably - shellshot fact in so explain to me it was an explanation for a lot of his over-the-top behavior I can't imagine myself it's 16 then you know gunfire seeing that dead guys all around me and I would have been a mental mess also so I gave him a lot of and it's such a problem now PTSD with soldiers now they had their 21 push-ups for 21 veterans who killed ourselves every day from PTSD so it's a big cause for me I want to you know do everything I can do to try to bring awareness for the my fellow veterans out there that are suffering from that too so I'm with you guys I'm with you it's yeah it's what we're talking about before to ask someone to be able to get through that yeah it's an it's a

► 01:50:14

incredible ask I want to ask your opinion about something he'll do you think a police chief or of of a guy can be do you think a guy can possibly rise to police chief without ever having been an officer himself

► 01:50:36

doesn't seem like you should be okay do you think your guy can be a fire chief without ever having been a fireman himself doesn't seem like you should be do you think a guy could be the commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces without ever having been a soldier himself doesn't seem like you should thank you Joe yeah it's I think it's way too easy to be commander-in-chief yeah like it how many how many people would have that was like a prerequisite you had to serve like like in the Israeli Army if you're in the Israeli Army everyone has to serve there's a certain amount of time everyone has to put in South Korean army same thing you have to serve you know Chan sung Jung who's a top level UFC fighter took two years off his career because that was the requirement with the South Korean army they had him serve I think that if you are going to be able to tell people where they go and that they have to risk their lives on

► 01:51:36

campaign that many people might think is fruitless or even worse many people might think it's financially motivated and not necessary and you're asking some someone's son to go over there and die for that preach yes you you should have some understanding about what you're saying you should you should have served I think it's impossible for you to have a good understanding of a grasp of what you're asking if you haven't experienced it yourself but now let's go back and look at all the presidents how many of them served Barack Obama never served George w-- Bush didn't serve but George Herbert Walker Bush served and you know he's actually shot down in World War Two right Clinton never served Nixon never served mean you got to go you got here and I think that none of them

► 01:52:34

should have been able to be commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces that's just my feeling as if you didn't serve you shouldn't they got plenty of generals that could feel that spot yeah I think that they should change whatever they need to change whatever Law whatever it is to change that the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces has to be has to be us have been a soldier they have a lot of five-star generals a lot of guys at the top that have been in the military didn't know what their experience let them be the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the 12 presidents who did not serve in the military so it made a minute Nixon did Nixon served as Commander naval Reserve it says oh no we're okay but Clinton didn't know Rocky FDR Hoover cool it's hardened interesting but George W

► 01:53:34

W bush didn't serve did he think he was a reserve for a small period of time or something oh that's right yeah there was some Shenanigans for they got they got them out of I think Trump had like eight deferments like feet hurt on some shit that's a bone spurs how do you get bone spurs by never working out ever how does that happen he's kind of funny though man the the not working out then he thinks his body's and like a battery and then things like if you you work out you use up your juice well that is got a finite number of heartbeats or something like that so what he said yeah there's other people that believe that to I've looked it up well that is but they do believe that that's the case but here's the thing when you train you it lowers your heart rate that's what we understand most like definitely like Michael Bisping as a thirty four beats per minute resting heart rate yeah most fat fucks out there have like 7880 you know they're they're wasting mirror I like doing Ron yeah it's super low

► 01:54:34

yeah and then when you taking speed right now you take your pills he's just described media good fat fuck not - like seventy eight eight no no no no no you ain't a fat fuck you know I'm saying all right fuck yeah live but if even if that is true I mean there's no real evidence that that's man that is true I think yeah I think anybody that is going to tell people you have to fight for our country should have had to fight most or at least should have had to serve serve you're not my friend you have to have you don't have to necessarily have had military I mean it's not your fault if you didn't see our right right and I agree with that you know that a cam you don't have to be a combat vet but it's been have been willing that when you were called yes

► 01:55:27

to accept the call yeah and step up and you know I'm weak because by doing that you're saying and when I sign this piece of paper that I don't know if there's going to be a conflict there's gonna be a war not but I'm signing up if there is I'm available I'm here man so we're always hoping for the best right with presidents but it always disappoints us like not no one no one's been the most amazing part no one is ever like the one person when you look back and go man I motherfucker nailed everything they got it right they got it right with whistleblowers they got it right with human rights they got it right with freedom of speech they got it right with everything you got it right with military intervention they got it right with regime change Wars they got a ride with everything they did do didn't do anything wrong and man everybody should be like them like a lot of goofy people look back to like Ronald Reagan like this all Ronald Reagan he was our guy like just that's just because it's a long time ago and you remember sucks like I remember I remember when people fucking hated Ronald Reagan man I remember when they were trying to

► 01:56:27

him out of office like that wasn't that one didn't work either no one no one's good at the job they're going to boys are you gonna get a lot of comments on me true love ya it's an impossible job I told you to please everybody is always an imposter yes impossibility no I don't know anybody who not as easy as everybody but the idea that one person is going to oversee every branch of government the military the economy yes social issues censorship big Tech yeah problems with the environment like what the fuck are you crazy how could one year's into all that it's not possible no it's not possible and and do a wonderful job at it all to exactly it's right I mean I don't understand how it's even humanly possible I don't think a human I think that job should be there should be a council of wise people decide things yeah and we should be able to decide whether or not they're wise

► 01:57:28

you know I mean there should be I guess I guess that's what the election in Congress and the Senate I forgot that's supposedly what that I guess yes that's what it's supposed to be it's also like it's too easy to vote I mean it's too easy to just say I'm that guy you know why she should be able to tell me why that guy like what's your reasoning does it make sense did you think this through you just like that guys are Republican on Republican fuck it is that how you doing how you doing I could you making these choices in if you throw on your mark on this piece of paper and that could affect the way the world swings like what's the thought process behind it so you think people should have to explain their votes I don't because I don't think that I think the right to vote should not be anything that's infringed upon any way shape or form but it would be a lot better if people knew what the fuck they were voting on

► 01:58:20

it would help with help of they had a real understanding of it people don't have the time that's the other problem and you know we're talking about people slaving away all day if someone's working all day 8 hours a day how much time do they really have to research foreign policy how much time they have to research what's going wrong with the economy sub it you know subprime interest rate loans and all that shit how much time to people yeah they don't think they're you know they're concerned about what's going on in their family and I'm trying to get laid and the trying to eat and they want to get to the game and they got all they can already awake I go to sleep you sleep here now no no I want to sleep all the time before dark

► 01:59:20

fucking he's over me yeah it's over well that's that's all I ain't throw to with people trained a lot already fucking with ya and train a lot though you're always ready to take a nap oh yeah is your body's always like recovering yeah I'm out no problem but overtraining is bullshit I know chain is bullshit oh I know you don't I think I've picked you think it's not bullshit and over chain is very real don't you yes I do yeah who you would say that you know what Rhabdomyolysis is no I have no ideas when you overtraining you're literally your muscles start breaking down the pollute your kidneys people die from it wow that's a big-ass long word and if you look in the dictionary it'll say bullshit

► 02:00:13

no I think it bears under resting under recuperation that's true but overtraining now if you get enough rest and enough group erasing I think overtraining is bullshit right but if you have to work out hard and then you have to work out again the next day and you work out hard the next day that's that's Rhabdomyolysis piss when you get robbed out your piss comes out looking like iced tea I don't mean the rapper yeah you're more than a rapper though right it's hard to say he's a rapper I was like yeah he's a cool dude yeah I mean he had body count that's a metal band so he is that too yeah right excuse cool but yeah it looks like Diet Coke would say that yeah that's what pissed looks like it's fucked up yeah that's um that's what happens you know training every work fucking eight hours a day eight 10 12 hours a day at the post office went to the gym put in another four to six hours for fucking 25 years and my pissed

► 02:01:13

every look like yeah I think that's more endurance athletes and particularly CrossFit a lot of CrossFit people get robbed oh yeah because it competing against other people and they get real wrapped up in it and I got to ask Jason khalipa about this good friend of mine see if he's pissed every look like root beer that's a real it real issue for crossfitters and like Ultra endurance athletes yeah he's one of the top crossfitters guys today yeah he's like world champion two or three those guys are ridiculously full and ridiculously fit look I paid him in the in my gym and I put him through my training it is fun of the he did the shit like it was nothing yeah he's fucking that guy CrossFit me and you know weight with his kind of laugh at crossfitters of like I like to mix you know you know girly shit man it's boiled crossfitting is bullshit but that motherfucker's in extremely good shape

► 02:02:13

crossfitting is definitely not because that meant that yeah it's definitely not bullshit you know it's very hard yep what those guys do is very very very very hard the real question is whether or not it's good for your body and that's where that's where in I'm not qualified just to judge but there's a lot of people that are professional strength and conditioning coaches that frown upon it because they think that those kind of movements like power lifting movements like clean press that kind of yeah that should not be done for the maximum amount of repetitions they think that should be done for power you should you know you should holy stop your maximum or 85 percent of your maximum for x amount of times and that's it but what they're trying to do is just you know if Mike does 10 I want to do 12 right Mike does 12 I want to do 15 you know and they think that there's like Steve Maxwell who's a pretty famous strength conditioning coach he frowns upon it and he just thinks it's just those movements are not designed for endurance his movements are designed for power

► 02:03:13

I think so ultimately as detrimental for your body and that if you want to have a long career in Fitness and constantly be able to work out like deep into your 50s and 60s he just thinks it's very detrimental for your body hmm again I'm not the guy to tell right there a true or not true and maybe even a sure a lot of other I need to get one of those top-level CrossFit guys I don't know I've gone back and forth with Rich Froning said I see ya online but never got him on oh yeah we chop him again yeah I'm sure Jason would die to be on here but he is

► 02:03:47

exceptionally fit in you know the long-term I don't know because he's still pretty young guy but I have a real bad habit of looking at the people that say those things about you know athletes like that I'll always look at them and expat have it I can't help it all the people that give all the advice the weightlifting advice online always go and look at their page and see how the fuck they look and as false the overwhelming majority of Instagram coaches are fat fucks yep it is hard to fuck can you give advice

► 02:04:44

it look like that exactly right how can you I tell people all the time how can I I can't tell you or anybody how to to get through anything if I never been through

► 02:04:57

anything myself you tell you how to overcome an obstacle if I never overcame any fucking thing right and I can't tell you how to be in shape if I look like a fat fuck I just can't do it I have a bad habit of looking at that person and you know examining them first if you're going to give me this kind of advice then I have to you know I got to look at your page joke I need to see them pictures and shit you've been posting man now if I want to know that's why I'm asking Joe Rogan show me how to kick because I seen this motherfucker kick and he kicks like a fucking mule man am I want to learn how to kick from that guy I want to see somebody kicking through walls and shit and program that if you have not seen your own kick look it up that is one kicking SOB to Road kick his ass off

► 02:05:55

yeah I think you got a good point about the people that criticize like some people criticize people that work too hard because they don't want to work that hard like you don't need to work that hard yeah yeah I don't trust trainers it look like shit oh fuck and it's like a gang of a gang of them are pretty popular yeah and I see him like what kind of body is that he's a fucking cop yeah we're fine they give up they got to be great talkers yeah great well they must have good degrees and Physiology and the snack they must man and a man look at them they look dough either like with their chin looks like oh my God big baby Glen skinny I can't when I first got on you time talking talking shit about them guys I couldn't get a job as a personal trainer I had always fucking world championship certificates and shit and they told me you're not certified by this not certify that we can't use you

► 02:06:49

am I fuck your personal trainer this guy look like he had never seen the inside there even drove by a fucking gym and he's a fucking here the head personal trainer here like wonder if someone could be a good trainer without ever really working out hard themselves isn't that sort of similar to someone saying that someone shouldn't be the commander-in-chief without a how an experiment yeah I want very few I'm gonna work out I want to work out with someone who's built like you I want to work out with someone who's built like oh this one the fuckers lift some weights I understand yeah but you know what it takes to get big they know what it takes to get strong it's like not just in theory yeah it's like would you hire a boxing coach the never been a box it has never been in the Rain the snow doesn't seem lies yeah I couldn't do it I could but I think some piece of the interesting thing is some trainers

► 02:07:49

just really good martial artists and they never have competed I don't understand how that works though it doesn't make sense to me and then they would say that you know the their skills and teaching things it's not in fighting itself but I think some of the best best fighters are the best coaches rather have been Fighters yeah some of the best yeah I totally agree because they know what the fight is going through and that that's part of his not just the the skill you know the techniques that the kicks the Pun It's not just that they know everything because they've been there they know what you know they know everything from The Ring walk to what what it's like when it gets hard right when you're down on the cards yes they know that that's a very fair and a guy that never been through that it would be lost to me since we don't know what the fuck to tell you yeah yeah I mean I think that's what most

► 02:08:49

things in life right yeah someone's gonna give you advice on something they better have some actual real world experience yeah I think so I think it's a Miss necessity but what the fuck do I know you know a lot man I'm really came from Compton why in a kid I'm just ask old guy from Gandhi yeah the lot of good stuff comes out of Compton dr. Jay came from Compton a lot of good stuff comes out of pressure yeah for sure Compton's pressure yeah it is definitely pressure bad things come out of it as well oh yeah it's not ideal yeah but damn if you can make it through oh man that's a crazy thing like you don't want your children to suffer but the people who do suffer goddamn they come through with some incredible character

► 02:09:35

it's a conundrum right wow it is yes it's such a I think that you know people tell me it's show people tell I get letters and and DM stuff for people from all over the planet and so many different races next Russian Ethiopian people from Sri like everywhere hey CT it was something about your store if it was your childhood your health problems how you went through that and overcame gave me inspiration to go through my problems that is the best feeling in the world Joe and when I hear that I'm like everything I had to go through or everything I went through and I didn't volunteer to die I read it wasn't my choice

► 02:10:35

if I had a choice I'd have been perfectly fucking else but going through it if it can help that guy in Sri Lanka the guy rush it again Prague the guy and I if he could help them then it was so worth it and hate even fighting try to do it all over again tomorrow hmm

► 02:10:57

just because this guy says that it helped me get through something inspiration man Inspirations very very very valuable very valuable and really hard to I mean it's hard to quantify if you had explained inspiration to someone who's never experienced it but like someone else doing something good makes you feel like you can do something good seems like it shouldn't shouldn't have anything to do with you yeah but it does yeah my first one of the we had a we go to do these Expos he's exposing seven people come and stomped it awakened line two or three hours

► 02:11:37

to seek my hand and I think that's so crazy Joe I mean who the fucking mine oh my fuck I am nobody I'm nobody nothing will stop and think about this many of your videos have like more than a million views so that's that's you're not nobody it's crazy but that's not nobody like everybody somebody right I mean it's an old saying yeah the reality is you have reached out with your videos and touched and if you saw million people in front of you you'd freak the fuck out right well that's more than that you've touched many more than that millions and millions of people is absolutely crazy to me so I just can't buy out because the first Frasier I get on YouTube I go hey look I don't give a fuck if you listen to me or not who would listen to me I listen to

► 02:12:37

I don't give a fuck are you people in a fucking million people looking at things like man I just it's just so crazy so because I like I said I can sit in myself the least at least the lowest of the lowest the bottom of the barrel I'm just you know people people say LCT your you're the greatest you're the king you're a guy oh man I ain't none of that stuff I'm nothing me I'm absolutely nothing well that's not true either what you are is an exceptional person the thing about exceptional people is there are self-critical and the one of the reasons why you got to be so good at what you chose to be obsessed by is that you you worked hard to constantly improve so when you're constantly working hard to improve you're not thinking I'm the best I'm the best healer God damn I gotta go to work I gotta get this in I got to get this done and so when people tell you you're great like party time working I'm over here working trying to get better

► 02:13:38

great man that's inspiring to people though the thing about what inspiration does to people it's almost like a type of intangible fuel it's changed lives Joe people come to me and in the lining because I'll tell me a grown man he starts crying row gets down on his knees he might want to stay away from that guy this guy's crying he get down on his knees and tell me OCT you changed my life you kept me for committing suicide I've heard that story that I that because of me they didn't take their own life at least a hundred times yeah

► 02:14:26

Joe Rogan what I have gone through just to say that these people are are the saying that I save their life

► 02:14:36

because I didn't give up because I didn't get in because I kept the faith and kept going I was gonna do that anyway Joe that's just right buddy change their life for them to tell me something like that I'm like fuck I'll I do this shit all over again tomorrow well you know it's like well what were saying earlier about people that don't have anything that they're inspired by and use I was saying maybe I wish I would I saw them when they were young like maybe if you got a hold them when they were young you could teach them the value of expressing themselves and competing or doing something where you get like positive feedback from your effort and I think that some people they just they don't they don't ever get that and so when someone gets that from someone like you when they they they get that that fuel that intangible fuel that you get when you get inspired by somebody

► 02:15:36

they it's so emotional because it's a really is like you gave them a gift and that gift we model ourselves after other successful people we do it all the time either hopefully if everything goes great you model yourself after your parents or you model yourself after your uncle your brothers and sisters or whoever it is that's around you that seems to be exceptional and that fuels people it helps people it means a lot to people sometimes people don't have that so they got to look inward they gotta you know it's like that old Whitney Houston song you know everybody's searching for a hero oh yes I'm yeah that was like on the Muhammad Ali life story that was a that was that was the song that they sing the original version of that song was on a it was like a docudrama on Muhammad Ali's life

► 02:16:24

but that sometimes you don't find someone for a long time and then when you do it changes your whole life you find someone maybe it's just a YouTube video and it's you saying it's still your motherfucking sat and it's you just pushing people and telling people to go get after it and people see that and all the sudden it's like they get goosebumps their heart starts racing it's like you gave them a drug like you gave them Fuel and then then they want to change their life then they want to watch you tomorrow then they want to watch you when they're at lunch break they don't want you there taking a shit another watch you on their phone that's this Fuel and you literally can change a person's life through that because we need each other I mean this is It's one more piece of evidence that we need each other and that we have this sort of very strange loose fitted community of all human beings together with someone like you does something that's exceptional and says something that's exceptional and has these

► 02:17:24

racional words it can change a person's whole life changed their whole path change who they are I've gotten so many messages from people that say I lost a hundred and thirty pounds you know I did this I got off sugar I'm I'm I'm fucking running everyday I hit the gym five days a week now I'm I'm a different person I'm drinking water I'm exercise that I take vitamins I'm eating healthy I've got more juice I got more energy my whole life is different now I'm positive happens all the time but it is that makes you feel good

► 02:17:56

obligated you know no I know that people you know you feel like you have to kill fail yeah you can't feel you can't because now you've got all these people yeah I'm looking up to you yeah I don't want that I definitely don't want anybody looking up to me but I do like people being inspired and I think people get inspired by me I'm happy but you know they do Jody looking up to you and you can't help me can't help but think I don't want it I mean I don't I always felt I'm yeah I'm nobody I'm the way no look at me man I'm looking at talk about a higher power look at Tire violin oh look at me we fucking need each other we all need each other we really do There's Something Beautiful about that though the only key you can't just go It Alone you really do need each other and like if you accomplish everything you ever want to accomplish but nobody's there for with you nobody cares nobody likes you it don't mean shit yeah it's you

► 02:18:56

list absolutely like love is the most important thing and that sounds so cliche but without love it's all useless yes all useless you know there's no personal satisfaction and accomplishments if nobody loves you you're not going to enjoy it yeah at least your family yeah everybody and the more you can spread positive energy the more people will love you the more you'll have that community of love you know that's that's just like I tell you to I never expected even you know we have passed 40 people tell you I always think about I'm I'm the little kid that used to

► 02:19:37

hide in the closet when I out of here my Dad's keys rattling the door or police car pull up and behind the closeted trying to hide me I just don't want to see anyone in this I'm that kid dude I'm so and my dad would always tell me that you know you're never going to be miserable you're never going to do this you never know and so I'm that kid so that's the fuck's with you had to come from know it I'm reminded of it Iris I think about that when people tell me all your grades either you or your oh man I'm so I come from I'm You Man II watched dishes I cut grass I pump gas I'm those people yeah you know I bus tables as a kid I watched it I never did all those things to ya the people are saying that I am you yeah I'm yeah

► 02:20:37

I'm not anything other than you that's so important people here though yeah that they are you but that they can be someone like you to if they put in the kind of time and effort that you put in that's the real message the real message is we all started from know when I mean we all had bullshit jobs we all felt like losers but through time and effort you build a stronger human you build a stronger body you build a stronger mind you build accomplishments and will and momentum and then you look back and you go hey man I'm not washing tables anymore you know I'm not I'm not washing dishes I'm not Cuttin Lawns I'm not digging ditches yeah I'm a different person now but I used to be and these desire not to be that person acting like that's that's what that's the hardest part race to get out of that right when you ain't got shit and there's nothing going on to have faith then is so difficult to have faith when you're successful it's like yeah yeah listen bitch you've been successful for a walk where you got faith yet keep doing what you're doing

► 02:21:37

yeah it's like absolutely right it's like you already got up the hill now you just coasted yeah you know you're just rolling down the hill everything's great as the he's all smooth sailing yep the hard part is getting up that fucking Hill especially if you got a dad you're hiding from especially if you feel like you're a loser you never really had anything in your life that you could look back on and say hey I was really good at that you know and that's a lot of people out there listening to this there's so many people that are in that space that starting point like the people that come up to you and say what do I don't know what to do what should I do how do I do it yeah how do I get going but you're going to have to figure it out one foot in front of the other we're gonna have to have to find a thing and keep working at it and get better at it that's one of the things that I like so much about martial arts they let anybody in yeah anybody and then from that from learning how to do that you get better and then you realize it might get better at anything yeah because this it's so the first time I ever did you Jutsu I remember just being manhandled so bad going man I'll never

► 02:22:37

be good at this this is terrible I'm fucking awful at this and this is already been a black belt in Taekwondo and already kickboxer did a bunch of shit and I was like I can't believe I'm starting from scratch again yeah but that at least I knew then that I already done that before I already started from scratch so I had some experience started from scratch like I have to do is just put in the time and the effort here they desire to get better damn that's for everybody just find a fair everything and if you find a thing like a particularly martial arts because you get belts and ranks and then you can see how you doing with opponents especially Jiu-Jitsu I like that when the Bowls because you don't get hit and I think there's so many people that in the especially if you go to a bad Jim and the early days people going to tune in tune you up yeah I'm gonna beat you up yep you can get snow damage you have discouraged a lot of people yeah but if you could just find a thing and work hard at that thing you'll realize through that thing that you can get good at anything yeah with time and effort don't

► 02:23:37

and it don't have I mean if you pick the thing yeah but everything calls to you whatever calls to you yep they decide to change to to not to change those circumstances whatever they might be yeah it long as you have the you have to have that desire to will to change her circumstances yeah that's actually start right there man we are how Bleak it makes me but if you have the will to desire to change it they're just starting point the since you started doing these videos on YouTube to now how much of a difference has it made in the types of people that come to your gym and the numbers of people that come in that have Joe Rogan's phone number I've Terry Crews phone number I have dr. Dre's phone number yes are you did you take a lot of pictures with dr. Dre man even hung with him a lot

► 02:24:36

dr. Dre I know you guys look at the news and smiting might see hey it don't say nothing bad about dr. in front of me well nothing says incredible individual incredible dr. Dre I call him Dre now Dre is an incredible individual his heart is huge huge joke I can tell you how you control not to but the is with you yeah that's easy an incredible individual he was jacked it one more time right yeah huge still looks great he told me he's in very good shape right now he's a lot of cardio eats really well matter of fact he's got this Trail he wants me to challenge me to turn hiking up a hill and I'm not ready for Joe but dr. Dre if you're listening I'm gonna make it up that fucking Trail I might have to roll down but I'm gonna break it up

► 02:25:36

he's in great shape but he's a great human being he's a a very good human being that's awesome in here I love hearing yeah I'll just down to earth so he shifted his training from like just he got really big yeah point is go yeah I saw at the comic store one night and he was like the rock yeah it was huge exactly eyes he's more you know health or is it in cardio and he wants to he said his goal is to get down to 200 pounds of just lean low body fat percentage muscle what does he weigh now to 10 I think you see a and with meet him saying around the same way and I my goal is also to get down to 200 pounds I want to be 200 pounds which I haven't been in a long time but I want to be 200 pounds well this pictures of you when you were powered lift yeah where are you 325 your 325 oh my God I wow I need to call this my fucking the world

► 02:26:36

you are as wide as a building that was goddamn 325is are amazing so you were a hundred and fifteen pounds heavier you are now yeah so you see why it's just a couple of hundred pound steak you know I feel like a skeleton now compared to did me but something about a hundred and fifteen one pound Stakes just slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap slap all that me go yeah I guess a lot of Maintenance and I didn't care I would have passed out almost pass out tie my shoes get out of breath walking to the front fucking door I'm like ah fuck the over Witnesses at the door again I'll fucking you were saying you had a terrible diet back then oh it was horrible there you are look at you yeah yeah Jesus Christ look I'll bet you were holy shit that idea

► 02:27:36

fat man that's you look gigantic fat fuck and I'm trying to get like the other guy I don't know can lean lean CT on the other side how much did you weigh in the other side on the other side I was probably about 220 when I want to get down to 200 pounds that's the goal by 60s be 200 pounds Jesus crossing the size of your arm that's so crazy sighs that fucking arm that is so Preposterous and the the tricep line the line between the tricep and the bicep that is that's what am I doing some yeah I don't think so stop lying I think they help me out I don't think so you look pretty young there too yeah I was actually a 50 51 scientist and that picture yeah wow go back to that again

► 02:28:31

that's 50 with no steroids that's ridiculous well why not natural had a professional the natural professional Division I wanted the over 50 category wow that's how I got my Pro card as a bodybuilder but now it looks a little at what that ain't me yeah it's nothing serious big difference so we're talking about people to come to your gym no man I mean no messy flock to you now Flack but it's kind of cool though because you have sort of you've taken on this role as a guru I mean that's one of the things that a lot of people have gotten from your videos and these I mean there's motivation from you know a lot of people can give you motivation some of that motivation seems stale and then there's some people that give you motivation like wow that's live that's just

► 02:29:31

I've your motivation is live it's real you can tell it's not scripted yeah Steve did I become the heart yeah definitely everything is right off the top of the head and I think about a guru that's another title I think I'm definitely not worthy maybe you know people say oh he's an old G okay go that's that's more closely to I've Been Around long enough well you're also like people turn because of the fact you've been around you've done so much the people will turn to you and say hey you this is a person with real life experience you really have done things yet done some stuff when you start talking about pushing he started talking about pushing yourself people understand this is coming from life experience this is real and that's a different that's why it's it resonates with people it resonates with people because it's authentic oh man that's a high compliment I appreciate it thanks it if both definitely is really a lot of people

► 02:30:31

listen to this that know you there nodding their head right now and appreciation and understanding they know what we're saying they know that when you when you you fire me the fuck up dude there's videos I get fired up exact High Praise right there it's not just me man's a lot of other people but that must have led a lot of people to come to Jim yeah I get people from I go I guarantee that I'm going to be there on Wednesday nights because people come all the time expect me to be at the gym 24 hours a day where's the gym it's in Signal Hill California and it's iron addicts right iron at extreme Signal Hill California and there's a rumor that we're going to be opening up another one here pretty soon where we haven't decided yet how about over here side you know that's that's a possibility people need a Hardcore gym out here that is a possibility we're thinking we're an area where people can afford to membership

► 02:31:31

yes we were thinking man Mmm Yeah because where I'm at now till I tell you I could make a lot more money but you know First Responders firemen policemen all vets paramedics they train at the gym for free good for you yeah I don't turn to nothing me that's amazing that's the least I could do I think it's the least I can do that's beautiful and so yeah I could make more money but that's something I choose to do good for you yeah but yeah we think it might open up another one in the area where people got some money well when you do man let me know and I'll get that bat signal up in the sky oh hey definitely definitely and I had one of my t-shirts on yeah man thank you Julie I really appreciate that my pleasure brother I was so fucking excited when I see that some like some ICT first one of my kids to you first because they're all the time on social media hey Dad

► 02:32:31

look at you look it's your timing all fuck man well I was happy for you to see that your posters hanging up in yeah Balu till Robbins got my poster hanging up in his room that's cool man that is so cool so you there every Wednesday every Wednesday night and that's when the gym is pretty packed and Wednesday night we do a live work out and people come you take people through this workout oh yeah if they come on Wednesday nights I've trained people you know I don't it Chris on Wednesday nights absolutely free obviously that's none of your own making I have people come over on Wednesday nights they train for absolutely free all you gotta do is sign the waiver so if you get fucked up its on you you don't try to see me in it like that but if you come on Wednesday night sine wave yours absolutely free that's amazing yeah my yelling screaming at them ha ha you let me see call me motherfucker he is so funny

► 02:33:31

romantic isn't that weird yeah and now they want me call my mother fucker you do I want a cameo Cameo and on the Cameo they can for 25 bucks our customer oh that's that yeah application in your lap and 25 bucks I cuss him out and I'm like damn I use because we provide for nothing that's how a family knows could do I do about ten a day really wow man I wish I wish my wish me happy fucking birthday CT and I was happy birthday or whatever the fuck they want right bucks man that's very reasonable yeah yeah you should be more and and snap I get to make it cheaper so more people can afford to do it oh my oh my cousin I would say you got a heart of gold but you have a new heart yeah so you got a new heart of gold are so you really do man the way you look at things as it's very cool it's very cool the way you let First Responders and firefighters

► 02:34:31

Fighters and Veterans workout for free and the Wednesday night working out for free and all that your heart is in the right place your mind is in the right place that's right I tracked you it is man it is so like the environment around the gym how much did change once you started putting up those videos

► 02:34:54

it's it's a type of GM my team is type of Jim that if you don't you know I got to say it's we got number two behind goes dim as a favorite Hardcore gym in America Iron actually really behind Gold's Gym man holy shit you can't beat Gold's Gym because you might be number one who is going to vote for Gold's Gym number one and it's just breakfast in Connick second behind that's incredible that's what I'm that's what I'm saying I think you won that was a super I feel like you got first place you can't really defeat Gold's Gym people coming you know from this have that from Lithuania CT and we came we were in uh in town on vacation in one place they wanted to go was your gym wow I love that kind of stuff it's amazing it is so gratifying you know it might but it's not Planet Fitness know its a hardcore I love the way it looks yeah it looks like it's just

► 02:35:54

go fucking tornado Rams good but if you don't look that you know I love it the weights look like they've everybody's been lifting yeah yeah that's what I like shiny pretty weights get the fuck out of here with that it might but see that's your moment at you if you had that kind of mentality then you'll love it yeah you know it some people going like oh no it's not my cup of tea dear then you won't yeah thank goodness there's enough people like us and what my daughters like could you at the heat could you just put recovered this one bench record Pop I got a lot of the stuff is coming out and I looking I'm going to fuck this is perfect yeah my dog's I know but yeah I've got like a patina yeah I like it too man I like seeing shit that's chipped up a little bit banged up that's me special view you're going to go put yourself through hell yeah you like cars to yeah love car I noticed that you love cars I love cars you

► 02:36:54

Corvette to do yeah 65 I know man see it's fucking bad-ass to but you didn't know that I'm a car nut to I do know your car not we talked about it we did yeah we get old what do you what do you have what do you have oh I have four Corvettes for know your Corvette man damn have a 65 70 to 74 and a 71 I got our c 3 S oh those are the c 3 S that yeah that's all wow damn you are good on that day when you speak about yeah that's yours too that one's nice black with the side pipes as 427 try carve right oh that's a beautiful one where is that at 72 that's so that's all Generation 3 right yeah yeah my my my neighbor's hate that fucker is loud I bet it's got years amazing those those are gorgeous cars man well

► 02:37:54

nothing compared to what you got but you know I like them and I love them I love Corvettes I like the new ones to I like all of them yeah well you got something else besides the Corvette to I heard about but I haven't seen I've seen the Corvette but what else you have a 69 Nova that they're building right now I did not done think I did yeah and you you everything's like super new under its yeah yeah I don't like old shit drum brakes and fucked up suspensions we can't go around corners yeah I'm not interested I'm not like that oh good yeah I like what they call rest oh yes exactly it is that what you do yours oh no well the yellow one I got from Gaza plastic surgeon and that was like his bottom of the line car but he did everything to it it's got suspension and everything and makes a big difference yeah yeah yeah I can try that thing anywhere

► 02:38:54

but the black one 427 tried carb is old school old school all the way and breaks no no it's got this break okay yeah that's where you gotta draw the line yeah I got it I got to be able to stop gotta be able to stop it that fucker is and actually I like I like shit like that I wouldn't mind a rest of my life but I like the I like old shit man I just I like old houses I like old cars I collect old bikes character yeah just oh shit I just yeah I do too yeah I think this character told things yeah it's like either you like it or you don't like some people do like everything new and modern and Shining like when I started making money I started by an older cars I like older shit just it does have a different feel to them totally totally totally totally and I have a yeah yeah this is my latest truck man where did you get this I got that probably six months ago what

► 02:39:54

yeah like that motherfucker yeah look at all the patina on that crew cab if you're 61 crew cab wow and it came from the factory air crew cab man wow that truck looks like me skin windows and shit car is beautiful I love it I love you drive that around that motherfucker no I you know what I'm waiting there I am going to get the body work done on that motherfucking because it's got some holes in it so it's pretty beat up yeah it's beer I got to get the Bodywork but what's funny though there's something to that when you look at those old cars you realize that they don't make anything like this anymore no I did it ripped the style they really put a lot into style yeah ours and 50s and 60s they do now but it just doesn't seem the same even if they look good like a new Corvette like a 2019 Corvettes a beautiful car but you look at that old truck it does not have what that truck

► 02:40:54

it's like you put in a post smile on your face just driving it man the one of my biggest Joys is sitting behind the wheel of that one those old cars manages makes me I feel like a young mother fucking when I'm sitting here like a kid yeah like it's a toy oh like a ride like it driving around in a ride it is yeah it's so much to you pull up to a stop light

► 02:41:17

some are fucking little car next and guys giving me a thumbs up I need cheese in from here to here when that happens and you don't even have to drive those fast no yeah like even that Corvette you don't have to every once in a while it's fun and you know break them loose it's a little fun to break them loose yeah right yeah you don't have to drive well for a powerlifter though it's almost like mandatory if you'd have some sort of a muscle car yeah I guess it's like it goes with the territory doesn't like a big block engine there's you owe somebody got a video you driving by yeah that's hilarious like do you get recognized a lot you know more than I you know I'm still shocked but yeah I go to store hay see I was walking down the street the other day and a guy hey CT girls yelling screaming from the carton like me how do you even know who the fuck I am except for you if you're not a weight lifted you don't look at YouTube then

► 02:42:17

you know I know x a lot of people have a lot of baby yeah well you know what even know who the fuck I was it's Rob's house that still shocked by but I could recognize more than you know more than I thought I would this CT Fletcher 2.0 that your this life that you're living right now yes

► 02:42:35

what what is what is different in like what you're trying to accomplish oh man the first one you know was me me me me me and this 2.0 guy is so much more concerned about other people and doing something to help somebody else is so much more important than you know I like my my initial videos you see that's what you may not know me now but you will you know I'm going to do this and what this guy fuck that guy I'm I'm King I'm the piece I'm the baddest one I'm the baddest man on the planet and you know as II and now I consider myself this new guy is so insignificant that is not even funny man just bunk ct5 feel weird to completely shifted your Consciousness like that

► 02:43:31

it it does a little weird at times it feels a little weird like you're not even you but so much it's me and I know it was me but I feel so much better hmm so much better than it was when the focus on me you know this this new version is news it's I feel so much better than I'm trying to bring people together I've done like I have a my mission my purpose is so much greater I'm trying to do some good oh giri Fletcher ask my mom that's the lady who kept me from being completely retarded as a kid I always reflect your heart foundation you know I'm charted a nonprofit organization named my mom and it's two people cuz our transplant is a very I mean a lot of people

► 02:44:30

if it wasn't for the Army for work for me being a veteran is no way I could afford a transplant it's a million-dollar procedure and a fucking million dollars sure it's so but there's other even if you have insurance there's other things that comes up you know say that the head of the family has to have a transplant a heart transplant he's out okay his medical bills are taken care of but but what about houses wife going to pay the mortgage how she's going back gasps that's going to feed the kids I started always reflect your heart foundation to help people with that to help the model still at home and still has to pay the bills and stuff because insurance doesn't cover everything to help the people who don't you know and when I haven't I haven't had even had my first event or anything like that I just paid the lawyer for the get the name and stuff and secure but it's I won't ask start you got to start somewhere and that started had the vision in my head I'm going to do something for my mom to her memory you know

► 02:45:30

go on you know even after I'm dead and gone those reflected Heart Foundation will still be around and do something to honor her because that woman you know everything I am is because of her so I want to do something to honor her I just got all these things I want to do to help my veterans with PTSD I got so many goals and stuff to live for a job and I don't know what to do and I don't know how much time I got to do it I can you know walk out of here and drive did I don't know but I'm going to be got there too and I'm not gonna waste one second ever I'm gonna be trying I'm on The Joe Rogan show and I'm talking Joe Rogan podcast and I'm talking about it right now so I'm doing something about it joke ways donor wiggle it's beautiful to see your transformation man it's beautiful to see this Evolution view as a person and it's beautiful to see the you got through this you know terrible scare but came out of better person oh man yeah it's something else I've been around the last time we were talking

► 02:46:30

and I say yeah they tell me I need a heart transplant you are transparent oh my god dude are you scared my nose romance gear but it's it's something else man it is it's crazy to see you a year later yeah now you have it yep and you're just as different human man and back on you too Brooke is hate you thank you man my pleasure thank you thank you so much for thank them for being you it was so many people come up to me and tell me that you know I found out about you from The Joe Rogan podcast from Joe Rogan pockets that's how I know even who you are so this opportunity the opportunity gave me last time open up so many more doors man and so to be back on here I can't thank you enough man this is fantastic it was his brother it's my pleasure and for people that are listening that have never heard you before watching you gotta go

► 02:47:30

his videos this is the reason why you got on the first place I got so inspired by your shit and seeing you online with these these videos and this just shows your passion and your motivation and now to see you this new person on top of that still have the passion but now you're just like this like this new enlightened CT Fletcher it's beautiful to see man you've got people going to be good good good laugh or that you are man you like I could tell the moment I saw you today it's like you got a different energy about you it's really interesting oh man I was so happy to see you I'm so happy to see you too man Im so happy to see this new lease on life you have oh my God laughs just very happy to see all travel just I'm alive chair alive man you're alive yeah and getting better every day and getting better he's talking shit and stronger every day tell people how to get a hold of you on social

► 02:48:30

idea what is your Instagram your seat effected.com for everything go there he forgets tried everything and search him out on YouTube Everything Signal Hill yarn addicts gym and then when you do open up a new one please let me know absolute let everybody know where and we'll get there for the grand opening and blow that motherfucker up hey dr. Dre if you're listening I want to ther man dr. Dre he's gonna run that hell yeah oh I'm cracked I promise you dr. J I'm gonna make it up that hill I believe it thank you brother I appreciate you man I really appreciate you I really appreciate you CT Fletcher ladies and gentlemen yes sir

► 02:49:08

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