#1359 - Roseanne Barr

Oct 2, 2019

Roseanne Barr is a comedian, actress, writer, television producer, director.

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and enter J R E my next guest is a woman I'm a gigantic fan of and I have been for my entire comedy career I think she is truly one of the all-time greats and and she's a wild woman and I always enjoyed talking to her so please give it up for Roseanne

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The Joe Rogan Experience trained by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day it's so great to see you it's easy to I love the sunglasses the pre-select the perfect okay I thought I was getting the coolest ones but then my friends who were shopping with me they came running back and they're like ah don't pay yet don't pay it honey take a look at these and I looked and there's a separation like

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frame right see you want to look okay I did my own eye makeup so it's a mess I couldn't get anybody to fix my makeup today what's the benefit of the separation

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fucking art looks dope fuck yeah get it a little bit of brow peeping through I see see I like him a lot they're very cool and look at the pink or Flash or whatever you call this that's my color I like the bracelet to the pink one that's jamming one it's pretty dope I've had it for a long long time like Phyllis Diller I just collect weird costumes you know yeah and just warm in the house but I decided to start wearing them out more now

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I like it yeah it works you pull it off for sure I like the hair now to your all blonde now Hells yeah yeah y'all Debbie Harry rock star now because I'm like okay well you know whatever okay nothing can ever stop me because I'm a comic right right not can stop us nothing because we have some fucking weird DNA band that we just have to get the fucking last laugh right we have to get the laugh

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and I have to I'm just glad you're back to stand up to I'm really really excited about that I don't know about that it wasn't sparking joy as that woman says she says if you're doing anything in your life that is not sparking Joy then fuck it who said that that lady that tells you to throw out your clothes that don't spark Joy oh she like a minimalist lady I don't know she's on the internet okay she's really helped me because I'm a hoarder yeah me too a little bit

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tip top of his desk I got a lot of knickknacks and stuff I save yeah

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I but you saying that stand-up wasn't sparking Joy yeah when was this sparking joy in the past yeah in the last few you know in a while because I'm so nervous it's like oh my God I get so nervous because I don't really know I don't really know anymore you know not really the funny moved I see what you're saying yeah yeah yeah it does yeah like I was saying I need a line one

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killer line on killer opening line that in caps you lates the entire year I've just lived through right right I need that kind of a line or it's not going to work for me you know oh there we know something happened sure yeah and I just don't talk about it that much beside call nobody a bitch do you ever work with writers look stand up stand up writers yeah no I want to but All My Friends Are Dead uh-huh

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all right and Thomas Friends Are Dead I'm sure we know Nation Israel and became Chabad you know who would be great Tony Hinchcliffe who's that is that Solaris how great comic he's 36 that's a good age 35 36 he's really funny Ellie sees things fantastic joke writer and he writes for roasts all the time he's a big gross Rider yeah yeah yeah I would love to connect you with I would love to help you would you know:

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thoughts you know the comics are the comics that like me you know push this mic up to you a little closer to you there we go the comics at like me everybody likes you well I know that Comics do yeah the comics that while some don't like me they're silly yeah well sums benches and they're going to they're looking for a fucking Smackdown I say this every time when the day comes they won't get their fucking Smackdown from me Joe and it will not be like no Smackdown they've ever had before in their

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Rivers fucking little while that's a bully you're going to raise your kids on welfare when I'm done with your house whoa kind of thing because I was raised on welfare I was well we're yeah yeah well until we were like 13 14 yeah did you get the government cheese we did we didn't get the government cheese my dad used to take that whole 5-pound brick of cheese you know my dad was the greatest comic really yeah but crazy like never knowing when to stop because it stops being funny at all

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certain point right but keep pushing it and pushing it till somebody slaps you down like yeah it's that DNA thing that Comics have it's bad it is bad like my friend Sue mengers remember her Jo Soo mangers I do know the name yeah well she was on that Kinder Kinder whatever it was where they move these Jewish children from Germany to England Kinder sport or something hmm

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and you know to save them and she was one of those and her dad was a comic in Germany and it's just so it's so weird how things go round and round and we'll get to what we're going to talk about today but her dad was a comic in Germany in a real funny real popular and Hitler came and took over and he kept on telling the jokes you know he was telling the jokes wherever he went every little Club doing the jokes and he was warned don't you know switch up your joke

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and if you want to keep work and switch that joke up to be you know not what you're saying you know and he wouldn't do it and she said he even got louder and he was arrested and of course murdered in Auschwitz but she lived and she said I said what would you say to your dad now she said you know at a certain point at fucking stops being funny do something different you know don't be don't write it to the Destructo

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I don't go all the fucking out sway over you know try stay in the middle don't distract yourself for comedy is another problem with some Comics so again we don't really know where the line is until you cross it then you go I fucked up across the line but you're just trying to be funny and that's that's something that I think that non Comics don't really understand when when a comic fucks up makes a mistake they're just trying to be funny they're not trying to be mean and they just missed they missed and it happens all the time because you're

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creating you know your ad libbing you're basically improvising and that's a lot of what comedy is is improvising a line and trying to say something and in the moment you might think it's funny but if you had more time to think about it you might have said I shouldn't say it that way people going to get it wrong or maybe I should bre correct myself but people it's when you start being not funny cuz self-censorship that's how they want us to be they want us to like always be like should I say this or shouldn't I say the and you know just like her dad they're in

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Germany you know should I say this or should I say that or instead of I guess the more intelligent of us go how can I say this and Reach people yeah because you know the people are thinking just like you because they're people too but we're not ruled by people let's really get into it now okay let's get into it who ruled by artificial intelligence already uh-huh shit has been it's been an experiment for almost seven hundred years

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dear more did you see today Joe it was the biggest news I've ever seen in my life

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that and I didn't get a chance to vet it you know so I realize okay I'm not going to say it but I did yeah well it better ourselves on the show okay and I thought you know the lot of these Christians out there I mean they're really connected in with the whole Q thing have you noticed that q and like you and ions are you saying yes you what is Q7 explain to people what does that mean 17:17 like the letter Q uh-huh and that means eight and

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you reduce that down to two and reduce it to one

► 00:14:21

you know it's a mystical thing oh so it's like like numerology types and we thanks numbers right and everything is like appreciating the numbers and that's why I told you there's this whole process to smoking a cigar you don't just go like this you got it you have to sense it smell it mmm hold it I believe I'll have a light now joke thank you dang I love cigars

► 00:14:57

No One's Gonna get mad at me for giving you a cigar they know no you're okay with that yeah because you don't inhale okay yeah hey I can't I just can't do cigarettes hmm

► 00:15:10

But I'm going to start on cigars because they last a lot longer than a cigarette and they never go out you smoke about half of one per day when did you stop with the cigarettes because last time you were here you a chain-smoking chain smoke I smoke three three packs you were smoking three packs a day and this was right after all the bullshit went down and

► 00:15:31

yeah I needed a smoke screen between myself and the world that's what my psychic counselor said yeah psychic counts my daughter but she's a psychic counselor I'm sorry no worries and so they say shit like that the youth see they're on another wavelength that's a good idea though to have like a smoke screen or glasses like glass is kind of feel like that to me sometimes like my sunglasses on I feel like I can like maneuver through crowds better of course you can because you're protecting your eyeballs because everything is go

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so your eyes like those things those worms that they got now they go right for your eyes you know what I'm talking about right oh Jamie does he lie about how skilled you are in this shit let's go back to the 700 year AI thing first I don't want to lose that we've been ruled by artificial intelligence for 700 years ago probably longer this like Haley days of Babylonia well it's Babylon it's all Babylon

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Babylon chant down Babylon you know it's Babylon like yeah that's like a rock right sir mayor Mesopotamia the whole part of the world well that it's not really part of the world so much as it's part of the brain in the memory now where was Babylon change now was it it's over there somewhere in the Bible as they say right there in the Bible I don't exactly know what part of the world it's the Middle East there were Iraq okay yeah and Iran what a crazy part of the

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you know I mean what an amazing history that part of the world has this is still is having him yeah still is having as per my tweet which was mischaracterized by people have low intellect is what I'm saying now instead of fucking idiot motherfucks I don't say that anymore now I say those of lower intellect as I know what I think big Partners about Iran and the people spite in Iran of which I so I'm so thrilled and supportive for the people the working people of Iran

► 00:17:26

who want to overthrow their ruling class mullahs who you know control the way they think do and say and every aspect for Diglett for women and that's getting ready to go and I hope Trump helps push that a little bit further to because everybody wants Freedom now from Hong Kong to Tara the Hong Kong riots are insane there but there I can't believe what's going on the strength of the human Spirit it blows me away well they've been riding for so long now yeah I mean it's

► 00:17:56

not slowing down at all 17 weeks of riding that insane crazy hmm 17 everything something everything's over find out sooner it's just in the air lock so as he Levin did you ever notice at about 11:00 every time you look at your clock at something be Lovin right a lot of was that I don't know it just is I don't know what it means just look at my watch and it's always like more times than not something 11 what does it mean to you though just that hey there's a short again okay just like I'm like yeah

► 00:18:26

there's a pattern to this oh no it's just there again right there it is it's like something synchronicity us synchronicity is that right word I hope it isn't knesset is now put it in the dictionary Urban Dictionary trademark that that's the beautiful thing about Urban Dictionary right you can just like guy my new words right and I love making up words me too I never have the I don't think I made one up but I like it when other people do I've fucked words up before but I never stuck with him synchronicity is yeah that's legit thank you

► 00:18:56

you sound like my pleasure thank you that means a lot to me so 700 years of us being controlled by my name or whatever Babylon thing the whole Descent of Babylon which is artifact itself is artificial intelligence that's what and the Tower of Babel which is the time of artificial intelligence where everybody was trying to go higher higher in the pyramid and the hierarchy where there's only like a certain percentage of people at the top and billions at the bottom and chains you know

► 00:19:26

that that pyramid I mean it's getting over its tip now it's over it's not going to work anymore because people got too damn smart and goddamn we I shouldn't say God damn you can say it off people goddamn goddamn smart and I'm so proud of them because I keep going keep going don't let nothing stop you this is the first time in human history and this guy told me this once I have talked to the most interesting people have ever lived this guy he was the one that

► 00:19:56

wired all of Mexico for Ted Turner some shit some old big old parties I used to go to before I stayed too long at first they're fun but anyways anyways um I forgot what I was saying oh yeah he said we put these satellites this is the age of Miracles two messages bouncing off satellites and appearing in billions of places at once at this faster than the speed of

► 00:20:26

of light and that this this would engender a new

► 00:20:35

what do they call it Renaissance mmm in art and everything that you know when art gets fucking cool everything gets cool buildings Commerce everything gets creative and it's just a creative creative time is coming from after this particular time of like a deadening or something where we didn't think but now they can't hold it down this is the first time in history I said to him it seems to me like this might be the first time in history where no church or state can keep the facts

► 00:21:05

the people that is true said yeah that's true that does feel like this and I made that's going to create the most coolest shit yeah like cars that'll fly or something I don't know how it will manifest but it's high thinking and it's good and the more we see the rot at the bottom which is everywhere now and he's kind of keep looking up just keep looking up Don't Look Down where you know when you're on that tightrope that's what they say never look down when you're walking a tightrope just keep looking forward and up a little bit

► 00:21:35

forward and up hmm you know and just keep going it's tough for people right now who and I know people are getting censored and what the hell you know what are we going to do about it you wanted to talk about that it's well terrible yeah for sure and we were as we got here Jamie was informing me that there's some new YouTube policy that is saying what was the descriptions of our podcast number 13 57 got

► 00:22:06

a human review with harmful or dangerous acts hmm that's your subject remember what we talked about we probably joked around about harmful or dangerous acts yeah so I mean it's disgusting it but I think I think that they're saying it's it's in the video of it like they're saying is this in your video and I would say no no no it's gusting it's that's right I don't know so when we can we repeal that or is that it maybe they want to open a dialogue oh that's it that's it

► 00:22:36

it's not appealed through a deeper process right now and we'll wait to see what they say but this is a very new thing that just happened within the last two weeks on YouTube and we're probably one of the first channels to get it have we had one of our guys look at the video to see if they can find something that they think you should research and find out what exactly is broken into clips and putting the clips Channel those were all allowed okay so I don't know if it was a different person a different person probably so it's subjective then maybe yeah I have to say I'm rather staggered at what they allow

► 00:23:05

ow and don't allow I am so glad I'm fucking old because I'll be passing away from this fucking room soon enough please God nothing makes any fucking sense it doesn't make sense but I think it's fascinating it's interesting to watch all these different people scrambling for control you know scratch is that what they're doing Square they're scrambling for control they want to control the way people communicate and they also want to make a profit see part of this is their their incentivizing people to do

► 00:23:36

shows that they can profit off of so if you have a show that has no bad language if you have a show that has no controversial topics those shows are more appealing to advertisers so for them as a business they'll look at someone like me and say well this is a limited Advertiser option but I just think they're looking at it incorrectly you know if you looked at the popularity of it you'd say well there's a lot of people that are paying attention to this just find the right ads fine ads for I don't know fine

► 00:24:05

dance for shit that's a little bit more risky under what that would be Corvettes whiskey I don't know whatever the fuck you want to sell but it's not like we're not we're not saying dangerous things like encouraging people to do harmful things or asking people to do illegal things this isn't the same just you you don't realize it I don't think so I think what it's more like is they've got very rigid ideas of what is or is not suitable for advertising

► 00:24:36

and maybe this is coming down from the at Executives maybe this is coming down from the people that are at the top that have a much more Progressive stance on things what you call Progressive more I would say like hard left like a more hard left and sensors yeah there's a lot of that and they think it's okay and they think it's particular there's a lot of people that are getting sensors that are not not just people that are on the right which I'm not on the right but people that are

► 00:25:06

journalists I'm more of a certainly more in the middle like like I can't I just came from a gun right now that's who's getting it yes is getting the axe or people in the middle because it is a war between those two far right and far right left yes and they're so similar labor well the control the way people communicate and talk to it's just people like controlling people it's a natural thing people want other people to comply when you see all these riots and like these protests were people screaming

► 00:25:36

and each other they want power I mean whether it makes any sense or not it's not like these people are in a position to actually do anything with that power but they want people to comply when they're yelling at someone they want people to decide that this person is good or this person's bad or they're right or they're wrong and this is what a lot of it is it's a psychological game it's just a it's a social experiment I don't know if it's an experiment but it's the whole country is an experiment in self-government right and this is an experiment in

► 00:26:06

expression because this is the first time that anyone like Sally Montgomery whatever and pick a name this lady can start a YouTube channel and make a lot of sense start talking some shit and be funny and all of a sudden she's got 20 million subscribers and she's making a ton of loot but maybe she starts talking shit about things and maybe Sally likes to joke around about certain things and they'll just decide well this is not suitable for advertising or this is this is dangerous or harmful and what people decide is harmful and isn't

► 00:26:36

awful the problem is this is not First Amendment right and they and their defense they're not keeping me from saying these things but they're incentivized you to not say these things by costing you money the question is are they doing this because they just want to maximize their profits and this is just how the deals that they have with advertisers or they're doing it because of their personal views on what you're saying and that's where things get squirrely right when a person tells you personally Rosanna I don't like the way you talk about

► 00:27:06

the country or about liberals or about this or about that so we're going to try to silence your voice there's a lot of that happening to whether people like it or not really long time but there's also a lot of left-wing journalists that are getting silenced there's a lot of people that are independent journalists that are getting pushed out you know it's it's like Tulsi gabbard his she's a she's a liberal she's Democrat which is also a two-time she served overseas to deployments and she's a six-year veteran and a see more than six year veteran six year Congress

► 00:27:36

woman she's you know she's getting censored she's suing Google so it's they're not just going after people that are on the right obviously she's on the left she's running as a Democratic candidate for president she suing them because they censored her search results allegedly I don't you know I don't know enough about all that there's no way I could well they also hold people's numbers of followers down they can flip a switch Yeah they can Shadow ban you yeah that's what everybody Shadow everyone I know Shadow bands

► 00:28:06

a lot Santino actually a conversation we are people doing it for the advertising my that's what I asked myself I don't don't make a dime and I've been out of for 20 years I mean I don't make a dime in fact every time I open my mouth I cast myself some money I mean on social media yeah and so of course I won't be on there anymore well then you need a goddamn podcast your podcast monster monster people do not know what to tell me what to do well I

► 00:28:35

I can help you I can help you need someone to tell me what to do you're in the right place God damn it I really need to tell people what's going on and they don't even know but I know because I did the reading for this and I mean this is all just a social experiment to see how far they can push us let's make that happen each other away from any kind of possible power we could have to coalesce and go wait a minute you

► 00:29:06

they're not going to take a more of our money for your fucking travels hey bitch yeah I do no you can't know you it was not in the public sphere when she said it was in the public sphere who's she Nancy Nancy Pelosi oh it was not about in the public sphere goddamn Nancy oh Nancy does she do Nancy is on my last nerve what

► 00:29:35

insane up for 10 years to Nancy you're on my last nerve you've got a lot to answer for

► 00:29:41

in San Francisco what you have allowed on the streets there to the homeless people it's disgusting I go up there and I am disgusted it's crazy right now and I don't think most people know how bad it is people are living and shit and felt their children around drug addicts dying in this fucking streets of the richest Financial District on the west coast you know where's that money going to you I dislike and then Laura Loomer went up there to of Nancy's

► 00:30:11

trying to find her it's like if you guys don't get yet that it don't matter who the president is it's all a fucking scam to put public money into private pockets and nothing else you're being robbed and nothing else and they're both doing it both parties both sides both up and down it's about the American people

► 00:30:41

we have got to go to Washington you know that movie mrs. mr. Smith guy I think about we're all need to be mr. Smith and all go to Washington because like this is our government that is our tax money and it will be audited As Trump has promised and as long as President Trump continues to make the moves to keep that promise to us I will be supportive of him because that needs to happen the Federal Reserve must be audited and we have to thank

► 00:31:11

Trump for going in that direction how much time do you spend thinking about this stuff

► 00:31:17

18 hours a day my kids everyone's mad at me I have to figure it out it makes no sense otherwise I mean his mom to help me understand what I've done you need a co-host you need like a like a journalist like someone's gonna yeah someone good idea yeah someone's gonna like sit sit with you need McHenry who's that Tiffany mix fits Henry my can't remember

► 00:31:47

spits Henry Hill find F Tiff I want her or my co-host what is she doing shit what if she do she can uncover anything okay she goes out that she's like oh here it is oh he was arrested in 1922 when he had this in that John Bolton blah blah she gets it all all Declassified the government's own shit do you have to make it up Freedom of Information Act stuff and greatest story never told the story of this country

► 00:32:16

it's phenomenal I'd like to see somebody make a movie on it talk to Oliver Stone he seems I forgot I have talked to him before did you he's so glad aft I'm like give it a rest huh two left give it a rest it's not about that you're not gonna have your one fucking commie world just dumb bastard let's go away evil race somebody's fucking wage ha pay your people decent

► 00:32:45

for fuck's sake let's start there he hasn't paid people decent well I don't know that I'm just saying if he didn't then wrong that's true you know what I'm saying I'm sick of people say ma Chrissy I understand how people get their their fucking money back that belongs to him like public money that's for roads streets hospitals schools okay public money when they give it to private contractors to go to you know where they go you know move guns

► 00:33:15

share all around the world that means like Eisenhower said that's one less High School for the kids come on we're going to be the kind of a country that leads the world we cannot we're not we cannot be imperialist one world fascist we can't do it won't work we have to do something else so we can't be one world fascist you mean like one world government yeah wait people are fuck alone leave the tribal council

► 00:33:45

people in the Middle East to live where they live forever fuck you know you know and if you can't then separate them separated yeah if they can't live together then don't force him to live but people you talking about like the Palestinians and the Israelis like that kind of deal well in Israel the Arab population is very well integrated so I don't mean Israel but out of Israel they're not very well integrated you know because they just get their

► 00:34:15

from bullshit propaganda peddled by the left but the people on the ground are what I'm saying the people on the ground are the ones that matter to me and if you can live together then live together that's great and if you can't then don't nobody can force you to live with people who want you dead what is that that's all sweats are you shitting me I'm going to live with people that want you dead I'm not sure what you're referring to though I'm by far

► 00:34:45

into the entire world the whole world the entire fucking world led by

► 00:34:53

you know

► 00:34:56

bad ideas man that haven't worked this far it's going to have to be something new that actually works for the people in the world not just the people at the top like do you have any people in the world of course I'd love to hear him like what do you think when I ran for president I had my Solutions or solution well I have to tell you Joe when I was a little girl I made a promise to myself I guess or and the

► 00:35:26

and God and everything that

► 00:35:30

I was now is not ever going to I was going to keep trying to know no matter what I was going to keep trying to know and know something new

► 00:35:42

know something new and different like what

► 00:35:50

how to create a world where something like Auschwitz

► 00:35:57

doesn't exist and even the thought of it doesn't exist but you really can't cuz I think when you read about Western society and all of that you're like maybe that was you know that's where it leads well it seems like throughout history there's been evil governments has been certain evil organizations that have done horrific things yeah like way back to as far as we know from Rome to the Inquisition to the manga

► 00:36:27

close to the yeah you know mean there's been horrific things done by human beings and one of the things about knowing about things like Auschwitz is it lets us know that even though things in this country right now are relatively great in comparison to the rest of the world relatively great comparison to some parts of the world that are war-torn and terrible right now it could go bad it could go bad because that's what humans are capable of humans are capable when they're led by the wrong ideology when they're their cult minded

► 00:36:57

when they're all in there they can do some terrible awful things and we need to know that and that's one of the things about having something like Auschwitz in our history that we know that that's possible well we know that you can make you can convince people of anything yes we know that yes for sure and if you like he said if you tell a lie if you make it big enough until it often enough everybody will believe it well if you just keep talking one of the things that I think is

► 00:37:27

interesting about the internet today is you're seeing groups of people that are connected to groups of people and for sure this podcast is guilty of it in a certain way although it's unintentional but there are people out there that are essentially running online Cults yes it's not hard to do no it's not hard to do it's people love a leader we have an inherent desire to be a part of a tribe right it's not because we're tribe yeah look I have a goddamn American flag behind me I mean there's a reason for that I love America I really do I love the idea of it the idea of

► 00:37:57

of Freedom self expression as this is one of the rare places on Earth where you can come here with fuck all and really make something out of yourself there's no caste system here we celebrate people that are poor that make it to become huge look at all the Entertainer need that singers Rock I believe that basically because you know basically I'm still like I always was people think oh you're no longer a socialist well I'm not going to call it socialism anymore you know I ran as a socialist candidate in 2012 what's changed for the PC

► 00:38:27

Freedom Party there's a Peace and Freedom Party Yankee who suppose not that's a good move call yourself the Peace and Freedom Party no I suppose Peace and Freedom well it was a party of the Black Panthers and was really just go yeah oh and so that was very important for me to run on there like with Dick Gregory he's the first comic that did it and I loved taking resident he left a mentor to me and so I did it because Dick Gregory did it and I don't want to be worthy of talking to Dick Gregory ants yes

► 00:38:57

thanks great things and kind of glad he wasn't around I hope he wasn't around when they start calling me a racist you know he's the guy that brought the Kennedy assassination film to Geraldo Rivera yeah he brought the Zapruder film I know it's a television that's he's a very important guy never when he was fat he was fat for a little bit yeah then he became like a vegetarian and then a fruitarian or something you started having like a Bahamian diet oh here's his son and his sons

► 00:39:28

good people and stay in touch a little bit I said I bet your dad's haunting you guys I can't see him being quiet up there they said things happen where they wonder if it isn't their dad he's one of those guys that I really feel sad that I didn't get a chance to meet him I'm fucked up shit sorry I don't mind like wow that was to Century looking at him was going back centuries you know just the storehouse of information he had in his brain of History yeah

► 00:39:57

kind of History we never hear yes and now I feel sorry for the kids in school these days with they don't hear any real history at almost it's almost like there's too much information at their fingertips that's true like there's a Poverty of information because there's an overwhelming amount of stuff that's coming their way it's hard for them to figure out what's important like I don't think that school is the way that most people learn correctly because I think it's too rigid and limiting but one thing at least is school gives you a core set

► 00:40:27

of a base of knowledge that you need to learn you need to learn some American history you need to learn some you know world history you need to learn some science that I think having that core Foundation of information there's a lot of kids that are just really lacking that today if they're not paying attention in school they're just fucking off and there you know Googling things on the internet and they go in one ear and out the other after the test is over they don't remember any of it not really in time like that me too I'm when I'm interested

► 00:40:57

in things I retain them but when I don't give up Mike someone else say something to me if I don't care it's gone like I couldn't for my life tell you what you just said thirty seconds me either I don't even remember remember what I said but if someone says something that's really significant to me to means a lot I don't remember forever yeah I mean I can pull up like after this whole thing today what I'll remember is he said he liked my hair Roseanne you know I love you I love everything about you so much I love you too thank you

► 00:41:27

Wendy look first of all you really could and should do a podcast and we can definitely help you I can connect you with people that'll make it a plug-and-play thing or it's real easy only yeah okay are you staying here now are you in Hawaii that's the problem so about back and forth because well kids make me come and babysit all the time but that's not hard you just get someone to serve up the back spot so I do it what is the best pot these days there's so much pot it's like it's hard to say with I've no I don't even know what bad pot is anymore well

► 00:41:57

now that it's being sold on every street corner out here it's like heaven the only issue is there's a guy named John Norris and he was he was working for the Department of Fish and Game as a game warden and he started stumbling upon these illegal cartel grow-ops and I heard about that apparently some crazy number like between 80 and 90% of all the illegal marijuana that's sold in this country is coming from Cartel grow-ops or similar illegal grow-ops weather

► 00:42:27

dangerous pesticides right pesticides so there's a movement right now for people to test marijuana and in fact my friend Todd is actually starting a business doing this where they want to check marijuana plants and check you you know make sure inspect the stuff that people are growing to make sure there's no harmful chemicals or pesticides because they using this stuff to keep animals away to keep bugs from eating the leaves and then you can smoke that stuff and it's toxic yeah because that's what they're saying about fentanyl you know they're just

► 00:42:57

bringing that in and like that drug the people that can't get their drugs anymore because it's too expensive those prescription painkillers exactly and Fentanyl is way stronger it's way smaller and it kills people so out a guy was telling me that cops where he works have to wear gloves when they're handling people at overdose how much because they they're literally getting it through the pores of the skin of the people that are overdosing that's how potent the shit is so if you grab some sweaty guy who's over

► 00:43:27

I was saying and you're a cop and you have bare hands and that's wet continue hands you literally can get fucked up from that often take God's insane so there were much pressure I don't know it's just an incredibly potent opiate or like it out of poppies I don't know I think it's completely synthetic it is I think it's completely synthetic and they're always releasing new and more potent versions of it the prop there's just a massive profit margin and making drugs that people like whether

► 00:43:57

they're illegal drugs or illegal drugs I mean we make this big distinction about illegal or legal the good thing about the legal ones is they don't come with violence it doesn't come with cartels but it's still you're killing people kill people are dying left and right from legal drugs from an overuse over prescribed amount of legal drugs and there's so many legal drugs that could fucking kill you - I think everything's just a crime syndicate and basically it's just a distribution Channel which means roads and trucks

► 00:44:27

yeah and like Union you know used to be unions but you know they probably don't really keep tabs on which comes in legal and which comes into illegal well maybe they do but they probably come on the same plane from Afghanistan that's what they say come on it's all like a crime as a whole economy it's all fine I don't think there's anything people do to live that could be wrong I just think we could be really smart and organize it better like we could create a whole

► 00:44:57

whole new thing since we have all these

► 00:45:01

computers and intelligence open to us and available to us plus the thinkers that know how to program those and you know programmers and all those people that know about zero and one and one you know just fucking invent something way better that helps people and I know people have the brains to do that in about an hour if somebody I'll be that later I mean if that's called for somebody just has to tell them to do it I think I think people need to figure out a way to

► 00:45:30

off it off helping people that's where things would get good the problem is everyone's product and I know but fuck that that's all going to go there's not going to be any more money what do you mean it's all gone it's not I just don't think there's going to be any more money you know thought this Google Quantum Computing shit yeah this Google Quantum Computing thing they think it's a huge threat to cryptocurrency yeah I don't I'm too stupid to understand whether or not the right but I'm way too uninformed to

► 00:46:00

but what they're trying to say is that there's no way you would be able to encode or encrypt this information that would keep it from this insane computing power they're developing and this is there is yeah there's a way to get around all of it and I don't know why I'm like I'm in I know I'm on the autism spectrum Spectrum yeah and you know a lot of us autistic people we just started talking to each other on the internet quite a while ago

► 00:46:31

about like hey

► 00:46:33

let's try to Envision solutions to Everyday problems that actually people face and and that threaten them and see what we can come up with and so there's whole websites about it and I wish I had them but I I will post them after I do the fucking research so I can't get a goddamn assistant to do any goddamn research I can't you get an assistant

► 00:47:01

who's that journalist lady she was asking about did you find her Tiffany Tiffany who is it shit just actually tweeted about Roseanne oh fuck he's my friend oh okay that makes sense I was like that is a great thought I was crazy for sale now we've been friends for a number of years different love she lives down there in the South and well I don't know she wants me to say but L don't say well we could always do it remotely so how she might want you to shut up well the with today's show

► 00:47:30

some good shit like did you see her story on George Clooney no I don't know anything about her so and that's that that that billion dollar tequila he was selling with Randy Gerber they got they got it added up to being worth 1 billion dollars by that company that owns the most liquor stores in the world and Roads and trucks and blah blah you know their distribution channel is a good one a billion

► 00:47:59

dollars and and the stuff they make tequila with well you'll have to read the article it's for people who fancied themselves Progressive and then when their eyes beheld what the left actually does with its invested money there their eyes bug out and they don't doing with this tequila money well it's not what he did doing with it it's how they valued it looks like you're just shows

► 00:48:29

how corrupt Everything is Everything is totally but a fucking scam I'm confused because it's just like a successful tequila business writer something wrong with what the way they're doing it in some way some people are saying you know that the recipe it's grown in families for Generations right and it's to their it's like a Walmart kind of deal to their demise you know the products they used to produce the Tequilas so there are like

► 00:48:59

Ting waylaid like in a Walmart shopping cart called George Clooney's company and these families who have lived for Generations are getting the screwed and Deals like they do when Walmart comes in the community okay I see what you're saying so people who are progressive they need to know where all that one worldy crap goes I don't think they know so what you're saying is that he is basically profiting off of the hard work of these people that are

► 00:49:29

meaning core and they're buying their formula and then using that formula to make that tequila and they're growing everything but they're making all the prophets that were saying yeah I think it's about a gavi which is a resource right and I think it's about growing that and the native people owning it rather than it being bought out from under them so yeah it's a whole one world issue Ron why it's got a great tequila company yeah you know Ron I don't know him you don't know him

► 00:49:59

he smokes a cigar he's awesome I love him like I love you really he's a cool guy I think he's funny salt of the earth oh it's amazing I love him but he's got number one tequila he sells his his own tequila it's really good isn't it weird when you really get connected and understand that

► 00:50:19

everything is connected everything else a lot of things are connected yeah for sure so I just I'm kind of a I mean I know I'm a weirdo I know I'm different than other people right you know thank God I don't know why I always tried to be normal and it just never worked nobody's funny is you is ever going to be normal I guess not thank you so much yeah I want times thought that but it's quite a lesson to get public sense

► 00:50:49

Lord huh yeah and and it still goes on and is that show still on the air without you yeah how's it doing

► 00:50:58

oh I don't know I don't really pay attention well I kind of do now but I don't know I mean not really I don't but I don't know some people called me and told me to look for something so I did yeah yeah you could do a podcast very easily and I think if you did it would be awesome it wouldn't be awesome because you know what after they kicked me off TV and said I was a threat to America

► 00:51:28

and everything because your threat to America well something like that that's right to Hollywood that's right so everything's a threat to Hollywood right now I want it seems to be crumbling at the foundations isn't it great it's horrible to great well I love movies so I'm bummed out but the movies I'll sock well I can't ever talk to I'm very excited about our I'm not weak three was pretty fucking awesome that's my favorite John Wick is my favorite I love

► 00:51:57

that movie we just thought it was awesome I was just at a Terran tactical today where they train John Wick we're doing the the pistol course

► 00:52:11

shit really yeah Keanu Reeves train John Wick they train Keanu Reeves this pictures of him there yeah training and I've seen videos of him training there too it's really cool how cool is he he's a really sweet guy I just seems like the nicest guy of all time he just seems like so down-to-earth and normal like almost to normal you know that's why he complained John Wick oh yeah you totally buy it I love how he does it without any emotion yeah my boyfriend said he'd rather die and be taught

► 00:52:40

to death and watch anything Hollywood makes he hasn't seen a movie in years to come watch John Wick I told him that because he's a he's a like animal activists and all that he's real fat guy right he's real like fucker lied to me he voted loved you Jill Stein fuck he lied to me and told me this one for Trump and now it feels like fuck her live but anyway does he eat meat no no meat at all Trish

► 00:53:10

Heats a little fish and fish but I said you would love John Wick I'm telling you he guy go he kills everyone because they killed his dog and that's the greatest line of all time you killed my dog I like that and he goes what I could almost get into that I go yeah he rip their fucking heads off of yeah it's down their throat yeah fuck yeah

► 00:53:41

all right that's what I'm talking about maybe like that yeah Tiffany make fits Henry she's a screenwriter and rights you know movies like that well her partner and I'm like can't you make a killer granny scripts for me because I'm going to have the gun you know like death wish with Roseanne the way yes right why not dad through it yeah the Jewish version I come in yes listen here young man whoa

► 00:54:10

whoa I'm already scared woo was this that was my grandma my grandma

► 00:54:17

curved space whoa wow that's a father my grandma she didn't like my dad oh no he didn't like her neither really he said it's like we're here say hey call your grandma up in the winter he said go call your buddy up and tell her to come to the house and visit you kids and tell her to walk down the side where the icicles are so I can crawl out on the roof of and fucking hammer it and it will fall down and Pierce through her brain well

► 00:54:47

you heard this kind of shit when you were a kid yeah it was all about that the whole thing this is how it was hilarious so hilarious what was wrong with your grandma that he was so upset her this is so I'm assuming that was his wife's mom yeah his wife swamp oh she was a bitch there was no big bigger than her boss she also she owned her own apartment house had 12 units she controls

► 00:55:16

old everyone's lives who lived within their whoa nobody would dare bark you know I like ladies like that when I don't have to be under the thumb yeah you know if I like he just know them I'll I think it's fun she got a guy under her thumb this was I want to write this as a to a movie oh yeah I can't breathe one of her

► 00:55:38

tenants was a guy or golf shirt she'd never seen that before she is seeing like one-legged fuckers in an Army fatigues you know in America because this is in the ghetto where she had her apartment house

► 00:55:54

and right by the bus station there that's where I grew up but

► 00:56:00

you know got under her thumb oh yeah so so he's running his golf shirt she's like Tyler won't share thick Lithuanian accent Tyler Waters and gulps I can't do anything ghost shuts he's going to golfing it's a classy guy you know he's classy classy kind of guy classic customer

► 00:56:24

ha ha so he made the mistake of thinking she was a warm person as many people make that mistake with all Jewish women thinking they're warm and loving people she wasn't well she was but there was a dark side there too dun dun dun yeah so he tells her that he's a fugitive

► 00:56:46

oh and that was her favorite show at the time The Fugitive the one with the guy had one leg or something one arm one arm one arm right the few shit Eve those are show so he told her tell her he was a fugitive she turned him in to the cops nope she moved him underneath her her apartment so under a fine she was under and she put him above and she hooked up a bell on a rope that went into his kitchen and her bed and she goes ding-ding-ding yet to come running and get

► 00:57:16

a fucking no no no I'm she was a Jewish woman are you kidding my garbage cans okay to this treatment I was hoping it was a positive end slavery issues you to cut the grass I need you to go fix the toilet number eight well once she finds out he's a fugitive he's fart yeah so she goes so anyway we are us kids was there he falls in love with my mother who looked like Elizabeth Taylor and so

► 00:57:46

my mom you know he's thinking that all her daughter she'll help me out it's she's working me to death this little bag so my mom being that way too she gets in on it I need you come over cut my grass and pretty soon as job was to sit at our dinner table between her and my dad and go Helen this is the most delicious roast I've ever tasted in my life that was his job yeah and my dad just sitting here like

► 00:58:16

yeah it's good yeah she's like make my husband jealous too so it became psycho and it goes on and on whoa nice 12 but at the end of that summer he turned herself in couldn't do it anymore huh it was worse being into her prison yeah the two of them oh my God then they got in a family fight and tore at each other's hair over this guy whoa that was my upbringing good everything's funny on hell

► 00:58:46

your mom look like Elizabeth Taylor yeah she had a waste God damn it I wished I had a waste I got my dad's body he was a football player and they called him Jerry bar the boy built like a barrel the barrel body I totally got it and so I thought when I was in Hollywood I would get like a girl body with some ass cheeks and a waste whoo so I'm still trying to work on that well you mean like surgery wise don't you like the Kardashian family

► 00:59:16

I idolized them they're out here you know they are out here yeah yes I've seen him have you ever looked at their ass right not up not uptight pull that microphone I have this problem with no headphones forget I'm sorry yeah I've seen their ass firsthand in Beverly Hills I was I was through I never saw anything so incredible in my life is like the eighth wonder of the world it was completely up there was no

► 00:59:46

sag whatsoever right I'm like see I just had like a crack in my back I never had it I was asked to listen and ask based economy and that was my whole problem and I was like oh my God but be like you're never gonna get it my parents both you're never going to get a husband because you're too fat and you have you know you have no ass you have no waist need to work out you know that whatever and you have a big mouth and no guy will ever like that obviously was wrong well I proved them wrong

► 01:00:17

three assholes I got a good one now you got a good one a good man that's good for you 18 years beautifully made it that's awesome that's a long time how he did it he hung in there he's like goddamn say ever since you went on that one antidepressant things have been a lot nicer around here what was the one you went on Cymbalta is that the newest one no I'm yeah I've been on it for four years I think I'm you know with this whole thing I realized I go on too much I talk too much like all

► 01:00:46

old women no you don't talk too much just the problem is not the talking the problem is the people reacting to your talking I like to see people get lit yeah it makes them Go whoo my ass itches no I think it goes like this shit oh someone's off program a bit of water got on you it's off program right yeah eat it

► 01:01:16

the problem is not what you're saying it isn't no it's how I promised people reacting to you that's the problem but I'm pools get a reaction yeah but they're fools the ones who are freaking out and canceling this and firing that they're just fools they don't understand you it makes me think of that song What you know I said fuck it I don't care about it no more I'm going to become the Rockstar that I've always wanted to be and I'm going to sing that song and here's a song I'm not going to say it right now but this was the song that refers to all that I'm just a soul

► 01:01:46

soul whose intentions are good oh Lord Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood cuz yeah life has its problems yeah that's a great my share that's a great quote isn't it that was great words Eric Burdon what a great artist you know we talked about on the last podcast I think was really important that people understand you know I've been a fan of yours forever and I know your story and I know what happened to you when you were a little girl when you get hit by a car and you were in a mental institution for nine months afterwards

► 01:02:16

how it completely affected the way you think and behave and I don't think people knew that and it's one it was a really important thing for me to talk about during the last podcast one reason why I wanted to get you in as quick as we could people need to understand what's happening here what's happening there was a genius comic who's also an Ambien smoking pot drinking and Malta and has legitimate brain injury I do and yes and I have mental health issue but I think a lot of that is from Nigel to genetics but your

► 01:02:46

brain injury well I

► 01:02:49

I the problem is people reacting to you they're reacting to you like you're calling for people to be assassinated or murdered or your your your yelling racial slurs in the streets you're not doing any of those things you know you're not that person the reaction was so overblown and then ABC got so wacky and canceled you it was so foolish so foolhardy and to try to change who you were the reason why the goddamn show is successful is because of who you were and the fact

► 01:03:19

that other people on the show didn't have your political ideology and you would argue with them and fight with them and it's like real life conflict like people know in their own homes that relatable aspect of your show was why was number one so quickly and why the old show was so great your that's you and they try to mold you to these woke times and foolishly reacted to the way you were talking as if you were doing something that was like they change what you were doing and made it

► 01:03:48

this horrific terrible thing it's just not accurate because I said that I like Trump as soon as they heard that you know a lot of cabals here in Hollywood that's all they needed to hear it's like okay this short she must be destroyed and I did hear people say oh my God I'm afraid she's going to try to humanize Trump yes the network I said that yes and I think that and it's like what you mean Trump

► 01:04:18

first is that who you're afraid it's going to get human I fucking country I know it's like such an elitist out-of-touch view of humans at it's always offended me it always offended me that they didn't like Their audience and I liked the audience because I thought I'm from there and they're familiar to me and I vowed to myself I'm not going to disrespect the audience yeah I never did and I never did sell out neither I saw everybody

► 01:04:48

you know there will come a day I believe when you know no there won't who knows what the fuck will happen who knows nothing who knows what the fuck's going to happen inside my own head though I've I guess I've made peace with it it was like the worst horrible thing I've ever gone through my friend Tiffany she says she says that this might be the beginning of the valuing of an artist rather than the Divas

► 01:05:18

was the lowest point of ever devaluing an artist and an artist work she says so maybe now it's turned around and and the artists will be you know better respected for what they bring I hope so because I mean they were even pulling your old show off of things yeah which is fucking ridiculous that's kind of what killed the comedy thing for me is that I was also told that one more one more Mega and trouble one more time I wouldn't have my reruns anymore and

► 01:05:48

I live on that you know Jesus Christ so that's kind of what killed the so the killed and the idea of coming out and do what I asked for I asked for it to be defined I said could I have a definition of what

► 01:06:02

offensive means right to you right and they said you know what it means oh I said could you would discuss it with my lawyers no you know what it mean what does it mean I don't know no but the this is the problem that made me a fart or something sometime I mean these people that think people are rude are the rudest fucking asshole's on Earth they're the most he was arrested in the people who think they're so sensitive they are insecure yeah do you think they think they're doing the right thing I do too I think cuz I don't think they ever get to hear anything

► 01:06:32

ready like me say you're not doing the right thing when we live in this chamber oh yeah we thinking about I know that's why it's up to us to go you guys think things through a little bit more I'm I'm not condemning anybody I'm not that kind of person think we need more conversations absolutely we need more best dinner parties till all these self-righteous fucking progressives ruin that starting with my own family on Passover when we were celebrating the Jews

► 01:07:02

leaving fucking Egypt and I had this horrible cousin I can't even remember his name and he goes well maybe any had long hair well maybe we should shouldn't be celebrating the death of all the Egyptians like well that's like the stories our brow and then we'd have like fist fight broke out yeah and I'd always be the one going

► 01:07:26

can we just get back to the story

► 01:07:29

yes get back to the story always someone looking to be offended by some aspect of any story I'm offended every fucking day of my fucking life Al goddamn stupid people goddamn they can't be more offensive to me right now than ever has been before I'm about ready to get out there and tell people what in the fuck like that that is hit me many times in my life there's been times I got out of my car to chase after a mother to the way I seen her treating her kid I do it

► 01:07:58

I'm boots on the ground I'm not no I'm not I'm not a trifling sword trifling is a strong word for white person use I've only said that it's like it's a next door neighbor to the N word like trifling no it's not Jews use it we use excellent but it's like if seems when a guy uses it that's a white guy it's like a woman to get away with it better than a guy can be when I grew up we lived right next door to African-Americans you know we we live down

► 01:08:28

well everybody live together you know there wasn't any nobody had got to the suburbs yet God we lived Mid City and we had all kinds of people down there at the bus station where we live trifling is just a great word it is a good word it should come back but it's just white people using it always sounds awkward does it but why was he women for women can pull it off for some students with it's like such a good word you just quit like I mean whatever you say yeah wallowing in felt maybe that's doesn't isn't that what it

► 01:08:57

means yes does it mean wild wild and Phil I think it more means like you're a fool you're like a moron living a stupid fucking Petty life right unimportant or trivial trivial yeah that's the word perfect trivial I tried that wallowing in filth or pandering so much better than trivial right hand during to yeah I love that word pandering is common amongst cowards is Lauren Howard's a lot of cowards today yeah yeah they are they're cowards but you can't blame them because

► 01:09:28

that's some shit well it's also so people don't want to be attacked no they don't and they have every right to be that way I mean I have like this is just before the Jewish holiday should do a Yom Kippur where I have to repent anyway what he repented for all the bad shit I did this last year that I enjoyed I don't repent for the shit I had to do right but the stuff I did because I enjoyed seeing

► 01:09:57

somebody squirm what you do the enjoyed seeing somebody squirm

► 01:10:02

oh I had to say anything that's gonna get reruns canceled have the last word in personal real yeah that kind of shit and in the larger world over the yes I'm just trying to be a forgiving person and so I'll be forgiven and I do ask to be forgiven and I by apologizing I'm I am sorry that I made even one embarrassing day for anyone who gave me the chance to come on TV and make a number one show and to all those

► 01:10:32

who am I embarrassed I am very sorry and I think that I think I owe that and and I feel it and I am sorry for you know

► 01:10:50

allowing myself to become unwell mentally it because I worked so hard I didn't look out for myself I didn't take the vitamins I didn't take the shots we talked about that too and your difficulty sleeping and then taking sleeping aids I've been sober a Fabian for since that happened fantastic yes that's excellent I take melanin melatonin melatonin melatonin yeah from the drugstore really good that's really good advice I mean really good

► 01:11:20

I'm very happy to hear that that's what happens shit out of me I haven't done any weird things I mean you'd that tweet was just one of them oh yeah no I know I follow you on Twitter I would see the Tweet storm Black Roses hands on one oh yeah Rosa is my daughter goes you've got to stop with these ambient tweets mother before you lose everything for us whoa that's hard for us whoa whoa that's our worry I'll get even I get

► 01:11:49

my grandson's I'm like I hate you guys I think this now and I thought this then you just need an advocate who understands you that's all you needed you needed it back then and you know I needed not to be totally drained of vitamin B12 because the side effect is psychosis that's a good thing I believe that I was in a psychosis because the doctor goes you have okay good news I go to the sky what is it Cedar Sinai

► 01:12:19

good news you have no vitamin you let it go too long because you know I'm in Hawaii I don't keep up with my infusions vitamins I have to take do you take IV infusions yeah often you do that I take them about every three months because I can't process iron because of your stomach operation yeah that fucking operation yeah well I'm glad I got it or I'd way 902 pounds right now yeah those stomach operations they mess with your body's ability to absorb nutrients right yeah I can absorb nothing is

► 01:12:49

the old way these do it like do they have a better now then I'll do better now now they're just do a lap band right right right it's not a suggestion for Hudson said I had the old one they shrink your stomach right they cut it and I heard I heard Beyonce got one to did you hear that she's never been fat

► 01:13:10

well I wouldn't that would you heard your honor and I heard all the stuff of who got what were he's got a perfect body I can't imagine I know she's gorgeous yeah I heard she had a I heard she had a what do they call it that the lab and I bet someone's hatin that's what I bet I bet someone's hatin I bet you never had anything actually put it all on the table I put it all on the table at someone's hating a little overweight why would you be if you are in great physical condition like she's always been she dances

► 01:13:40

she does so much physical stuff that if she got a lap band it would fuck with her body that's what I think I don't think you can get that I don't believe that but they are saying that they who's the other one they said who are these people that called a on the lap band community that ladies always had a perfect body is so perfect when what about that boys what's that's our voice is incredible but the dancing that song if you like it then you better put a ring on it remember that with all those girls dancing her body's insane it's always been saying that girl

► 01:14:10

why should a lot of good grass she's got Superior genetics yes she does oh my God she's so pretty to us but at the that there's no way she has a lap band I would all my money ha ha ha yeah okay fuck you Hider thank you okay I have no chance you're watching this I just don't think she would why would she ever get that operation she was if she was like really big and then she got small that's when people get suspicious but she was never big well she was big when she was pregnant she's pregnant but it's a lot of people get big one

► 01:14:40

pregnant they shrink back down what's her name the really hot blonde lady with a large toss Jessica Simpson she just lost a hundred pounds she did yeah she got pregnant had a baby got real big got up to a 240 whoo that's a heavy one I must be 40 whoo oh yeah you can you can do some damage at 2:40 all you fuck people up but now she's 140 good for her anger for her she's lost a hundred pounds good for her just shut another baby yeah she did I think she just died

► 01:15:10

exercise you know did it right no lap goddamn I hate hearing that lie ha ha counter it what is it what's your goddamn it that's all it is all's I have is Wildcats and Johnny well you got me Barney I'm around Johnny talks to cats as he not only talks to them he knows what they're saying do you got

► 01:15:40

far no I don't think I know what my cat saying Johnny does yeah cause what they're saying I think my cats and pepe come on bro give me a massage Johnny goes like this she's saying hi wolves dead will you come a bit we please just give me some future that's probably I got pretty sure she's not that you that's not the cash probably thinking that I'd like to get Pat and have some fish yeah but like most cats think that I can pretty simple creatures I think they think leave me the F alone is a little bit of that

► 01:16:10

that yeah you ever see a kitten stalk like a bird yes crazy yeah they know right from the beginning so I'm Del X that intelligence is its DNA they know the creeper really I was watching a kid it's not something you get when you watch TV it's like the real intelligence right you got to be out there well so there are a lot of burgers yeah cats know I may give us us yeah you got to be out there you got to move around he can't be confined human beings are

► 01:16:40

products of experience and I think we need a lot of experiences I think we need experiences all the time I think you need to travel need to talk to different people need to try different things it's one reason why I wanted to go to the gun range today I mean I've shot guns before but I don't really know how to do it right oh you don't know really see that's what made Owen Benjamin mad at me because I he's because I called him a name I shouldn't use that word but because you know he's doing all that farming stuff well I'm doing the farming to and I have Farm vehicles

► 01:17:10

okay and he does not have that or any rifles or anything so I kind of called him a pussy bag but he thinks I'm up to the microphone he thinks I may be mentioned for other reasons but no it's just like man if you're going to go do this you got to get yourself you know one of these four wheel drive here is like I got with the rifle and you know if you're going to do the job yeah why do you need a rifle when you're farming well for killing wild pigs I told you I got nothing but

► 01:17:40

out pigs over there well you're in Hawaii yeah of course for sure yeah my friend Shane started hunting because he was farming and the wild pitch and destroy all of his vegetables yeah they do some of these fuckers are like Volkswagens oh they're crazy yeah it is crazy and they don't know limits I mean they're like politicians I've noticed the have any limit like they want not only what they got but what you got to they don't stop you put barriers up to them and they keep pushing them down going under

► 01:18:10

round pigs are designed to survive I mean they're ruthless in terms of their ability to survive they have many litters a year yeah and they sure do litter they have multiple piglets right and they can get pregnant as early and start breeding at six months I know six months and they're having their own babies and then six months later their babies having babies that's exactly why there are millions and millions of them in this kind of taken out what was it 30 pigs a month but the great eating

► 01:18:38

oh I don't eat pigs I don't I don't want it I don't eat animals either you don't do much unless they're really cute how come you know how come you don't eat animals if they're cute enough all Ido so cute thing no I I don't know because I'm old and you know make it just sits there for a while so is it because of the stomach operation as well yeah I do better just chicken for me when Ralphie May had that operation he had the same sort of operation he couldn't eat meat anymore it was crazy because Ralphie was an

► 01:19:08

and cook and Ralphie would invite us over for barbecues and he couldn't eat it he had to eat vegetables like the did wouldn't sit with them it really fucked with his stomach so he would make these incredible ribs and brisket and everything like that we would all eat it and Ralphie couldn't eat it was crap but he loved cook yeah it sucked yeah I wrote a part for him in a show and his sweet guy he was wasn't he he's out a demon he had a fuck is it a comedy demon or a drug or alcohol demon or is it all the same demon this is a

► 01:19:38

good evening you know I mean people have demons like everybody's got their own little weird thing what's your demon

► 01:19:46

it's probably anger yeah me too once mean I grew up yeah involved in violence and martial arts and stuff when I was really little I think I developed that way and I got good at figuring out how to channel that and then when you stop doing that the difficulty for a lot of people's figuring out how to turn it off you know that's that's that's the the demon and I think the whole thing right now is like

► 01:20:14

being able to control your temper one your buttons are pushed that's the hardest thing when it went away way way way way way better at it way better idea it's like everything else like if you learn comedy in the beginning when you're an open mic or you're terrible but then you're 20 years in you're a master right you know how to kill that's the same thing with being a person I got better at being a person I just think you get is just got to understand your own mind better I started meditating spent a lot of time in isolation tank I do a lot of yoga I smoke a lot of weed I mean all those things are good weed

► 01:20:44

makes I don't know what it does to other people but for me it makes me nice it makes me really friendly I want to hug people me to want good things to happen to them it gives me a sense of community like it really means that that's what it means to me and I'd open some kind of channel in my head to where the big the big we comes in the big smoke together yeah Community it's not a drug that is an isolation drug like a drug that makes you want to look this is all for me I'm the one I'm the fucking man it's like the opposite makes you

► 01:21:14

humble I mean that's part of what people call paranoia the paranoia that you get from weed I think it's an understanding of your place in the universe that you're kind of denying most people are denying because they're so self-focused they're focused on their own life and their own objectives and what they're trying to accomplish and how they want other people to look at them and then you smoke the pot and you're like oh my God this is crazy we're on a ball it's hurling through Infinity there's a giant Fireball in the sky like all this is not a new live for a certain amount of time and nobody really figures out why they're here you're all just scrambling trying to

► 01:21:44

find meaning and then it's over yeah then what happens then you come back as a baby and try all over again as a some people believe some people leave you go to another dimension you know some people believe that you live the exact same life over and over and over and over again until you get it right yeah I know I've heard all those I'm trying to get it right I would love that I would love that this be the one that I figure out but maybe I've lived a million of these lives and this life even though I still fuck up all the time I'd love for this one to be the life that I do my best in well it's not going to be on

► 01:22:14

sorry to let you know it's not going to happen what did I do wrong because you didn't do nothing though it's not that you can't say you did anything wrong it's you know you're on your journey but how do you know that this isn't like the best version of it maybe I can do better next time around but this this time I'd like to do my best I'd like to do better than the last time if that's a real thing like if that's the way to look at life that you are living this exact same existence over and over and over again that's what Deja Vu is that's what all these intuitions

► 01:22:44

Ian's that you have all these feelings that you have when you meet someone you know that person supposed to be in your life you know this guy's a great friend and just meeting them like you have weird feelings like that the Universe sort of tells you certain things about certain people if you're if you're really paying attention and you really honest and objective we all have fragments of memory yes it come and go yeah well sometimes we're bombarding you know I had a cat knows how to chase after them right well the cannot just is something in that cats DNA we have that too we just have it

► 01:23:14

in different ways we have it for our ability to understand when people are deceptive we have it for our ability to avoid insects and spiders and snakes and certain things that we know are dangerous like a meat like I that's why I believe people have when people have like Arachnophobia when they have like an unnatural fear of spiders they probably have some distant memory in their DNA we either someone they know dying or themself almost dying or maybe their them even dying you know that might be a fragment of I think about this and talk about it all the time with friends you know

► 01:23:44

it might be a fragment of the memory of when you were an iguana it right it might because we're always going to go back to the connection you know that's our route I want I would chakra is an amoeba single cell organism right it's in our body and it just replicated a lot so each one of those things have the same kind of makeup that intelligence moves well you're a collection of things right yeah we're not just

► 01:24:15

all of our cells and all of our DNA we also this weird bacteria floating around in our body and it's keeping us alive and keeping it healthy and some people say that bacteria is telling us a story like yeah I know it's a big one because it's like okay maybe the loop that goes through your mind which maybe this has something to do with me being on Ambien and have being in a psychotic State when I tweeted

► 01:24:41

maybe it was just something something was playing that didn't make all that much sense well maybe at the time when you're taking all that stuff you take all that stuff orally right and all that stuff is getting broken down in your gut yeah it's fucking with your personality a fucks with everything they say that your gut your microbiome actually affects your personality right because it's given you the thought yeah and it's informing your thoughts also sometimes people are inflamed and irritated and that changes their personality and to have a healthy

► 01:25:11

body or healthy microbiome and all that just a healthy system it affects your personality and probably see what I kept your really healthy you're in a good mood all the time that's a good way of looking isn't that weird it's true though I'm always striving for that because you know I'm in sometimes I'm in a good mood I'd say most of the time I'm in a good mood these days

► 01:25:34

but I don't ever want to fuck with the bad mood but you know when you got bipolar I and bipolar a mugs a million other fucking think what does that mean a lot more mental illness than your average bear remember Yogi the bear I do remember you're not more mental illness and you can shake a stick at yo it's hard to live with it what like what is bipolar exactly mean well we used we used to call it Moody yeah swinging manic states rights we up and down yeah one minute

► 01:26:04

this next time you're that but even more protracted as like well you're in a good mood for months and then it's that you know what they say that straw that broke the camel's back that's kind of clue one that you might be bipolar I got it on the back at the camel breaks and you just let our rip you can't control it anymore

► 01:26:27

and things you didn't even think you were holding back come out you know as you don't have the right way of processing emotion you know and it's such extremes and then you followed the extremes through with action like going someplace and you know then having to go some other place it's terrifying mental illness is really terrifying I think maybe this whole thing is going to move me to start talking more honestly about it because I think of all the

► 01:26:57

conversations in America that's the most needed it's a very important conversation and it's also very important that we have empathy towards people with mental health because we have empathy towards people with other ailments right if someone has liver cancer we don't go oh fix your liver you fucking idiot yeah well you know why out here getting sick but if you have a mental issues that affects the way we communicate with people and we think it's your fault like you have a bad knee no one says why can't you run up the hill you fucking moron yeah but if you have something wrong with your brain we just

► 01:27:27

it's your fault it's a real bad thing it's a bad habit that people have particularly people that don't have mental illness I know they're they're such bullies well they don't understand that it could happen to you it could happen to anybody not that but the bullying the mentally ill is so much a part of what's going on in our culture right now abandoning them and you know just in the streets well that's a giant problem that we have in America that no no hair actually brought it up she was talking about

► 01:27:57

I'm share she was talking about them talking about immigration discussing immigration because that's fine and good but we have 60,000 mentally ill homeless people wandering through the streets of Los Angeles alone 60,000 I mean that's a good size small town and it's filled filled with drug addicts and people with psychotic breaks and all sorts of other male mantle illness yes I met a kid the other day always talk to the mentally ill because you know

► 01:28:27

it's partly that they're so oh I forget the word Lou uses it you know sucks well they're so disenfranchised and ignored and they become invisible yes and then they Retreat totally into their psychosis yes and so they can't be reached so right you always do them a favor just to make eye contact and say have a nice day or while you're doing them a big healing favor but I met this kid he was about 20 and his eyes all black that white of his eye and I'm like what happened your eye goes I got it tattooed

► 01:28:57

I go how did you possibly sit and let them put tattoo needle in The Wider your eye 900 fucking 50,000 times and he goes because I have a deep fear of anything going in my eye I've always had that fear and so this was my way to overcome it I go dude

► 01:29:17

you know cause a rough one people when did they start tattooing their eyeballs one you're really obsessive compulsive about it being like and you're trying to get over one fear by you know running through the fear and making it happen to you and a lot of us do that you know I guess I'm maybe in my psychosis I might have had a fear of you know

► 01:29:41


► 01:29:44

a symbol of so much to so many I think it crumbled me like self they kept saying that they kept trying to make me be a symbol of something yeah and I guess I am I have anything I just want to be a symbol for you know good jokes there shouldn't be no censorship on good jokes do you think that the pressure of Fame and of stardom of stuff contributes to this feeling that you know you're worried about the the role that you have

► 01:30:15

you know you worry about people being upset at you you worry about it and almost like it comes out from that oh can I fuck you marijuana I'm celebrating sober October Rosanna so I can I can I have yours sure okay once a week I don't want to drag plenty of we'd hear hear it's good Jamie's not celebrating sober October 3 years in a row I know you only have me on this fuck that I like it I think it's

► 01:30:45

it's good to cleanse out the old pipes every now and again sober for almost a year off pot yeah till recently wondering

► 01:30:53

once one drag is good that's the right amount gives just elevates you a little bit gives you a little lift but I tied one on the day before sober October with Sturgill Simpson and I don't remember even what we were talking about why we're talking it's just so fun to talk and exchange ideas and feel that nobody's hanging over you to send you to fucking prison yes what the fuck is that that can't happen here Ryland we can't let that happen you can't let that happen but that's a natural progression right well we're gonna have to

► 01:31:23

front Google and YouTube obviously and I think they are getting confronted I think everybody's getting it don't you a lot of people are getting confronted about those kind of things yeah and they need to hear me or you and thousands of us frankly say hey you guys bring it back little come on bring it back to the middle well it makes Common Sense where makes comments yeah because of this ain't no sense to this I think when Trump got elected a lot of people use that as an excuse like that it was like a green light

► 01:31:53

fight for them to enforce their own ideology they like look this is a bad thing we're deeply distraught like one of the CEOs of Google one of the main Executives at Google was talking about that recently how about how distraught they were at the election and what a terrible result it was like and they were you know looking at their own role in elections because that is a thing that social media has now right people that openly discuss and support a candidate or deny County and this is what Tulsi gabbard suing for

► 01:32:23

is that they denied her YouTube searches they did something to censor her ability to get her message out well I think that people what they're doing is they're digging in their going back to whose fund funding who write and I kind of support that because I don't think that I want to give my money to anybody who takes money from terrorists

► 01:32:47

yeah why would I want to pay for somebody to kill me of course Americans don't want that yeah that makes don't make no common sense no that doesn't make any sense why are they putting waste next to schools why are companies burying waste next to public schools because they can get away with it where's the public yeah how come the public is factored out of all public life including where the tables were

► 01:33:17

public money is apportioned there's not one public there that's why I ran because I want to be a John Q public I'll be that guy who's putting waste next to schools look it up yeah look it up in New York New York that everybody gets a payoff chill don't act like you're so fucking like school yard everybody's getting a fucking pay off to fucking do whatever the hell they can get away with doing this long they're not getting in trouble for it

► 01:33:47

they're unpunished on indicted the from look at it what is this what what but everybody said is it you know I don't know anymore it's like how come they're getting away with this shit why are they getting away with lying any of them who's getting away with Lion-O of them whose them the whole fucking world the whole world is lying it's a lie

► 01:34:17

that's a lie piece together with fucking bullshit it don't make any sense because it's not supposed to make sense it's senseless and stupid well it's all people that's part of the problem is that human beings are seriously fucking flawed and there's nothing but human beings in the world of humans it's all flawed people running around trying to make sense of this thing here's how it's got to go okay okay it's all about grandmother's take your power

► 01:34:44

grandmother's yes every grandmother in this country is responsible I figure for between 15 to 100 people a woman who lives that long and keeps her family around her that's exactly what happens and it's the truth of it so I call that a community you know depending on where they are geographically but that community in the words of Malcolm X why I ran for president on that party it needs to create Community Health and

► 01:35:14

they sovereignty and Community what's the word work it just keeps going momentum no it it I can't think of the word but it's a kind of farming where it's just like

► 01:35:31

it feeds itself itself generating do you know what I mean the economy of that particular Community is self-generating okay for instance the pineapples you grow you sell it in the market right or that kind of thing but the whole containable sustainable thank you I couldn't think of that word getting old sucks man those are you meant to tell you've entered a good word what was it again

► 01:35:55

synchronicities synchronicities yes yes good we're going to use that one that's what we try to do that in Hawaii where are we we create we create not an artificial economy but a barter economy and of course it's all based on land as is all wealth and the COS you can grow shit and feed people and that's what matters so the biggest problem facing us as humans is how do we get the food in front of the hungry kids that's our problem but we go to all this other

► 01:36:25

shit rather than that so we need to start over get grandmother's in charge every grandmother they'll be Community grandmother's organization all based on the nation of Iroquois which was how the United States was actually founded because Benjamin Franklin was a fan of the Iroquois people in the way they ran their government which was run by a grandmother's Council and that's what he invented the 13 you know they came up with the 13 colonies United

► 01:36:55

because it was 13 tribes and the Iroquois were the judge but didn't you just get done telling us about how evil your grandmother was well she was good but she was like money-hungry you know it's she's a really good person and shit well I'm kind of like well for America including lemming get down here take out my shit oh no I'm not I think people should be paid fairly yes that's what I learned from that is like God damn you know he would have done

► 01:37:25

that and more if you did incentive as eyes dim well that capitalist or it was on yeah incentivised but it's true yeah he had a good heart and they ran him into the ground town that ain't good see that ain't self-sufficient right you got to stop for you're ruining everything it ain't sustainable yeah stop for you ruin it keep it going so have you completely given out him a I know you're going to go on tour with dice I did it already you did it how many dates you guys do to just that's

► 01:37:55

yeah yeah it done well well we're done for now I'm like to travel in the world no I can't take it no do you live under the fear and Hawaii or do you just live in Hawaii I live here Hawaii and a few other places but when you're here constant why don't you come to the store The Comedy Store yeah you know I get so nervous about it and I mean take you there are these depends and they are not holding it back

► 01:38:25

to get the next level and then I will get so fucking nervous well I mean listen I'll take you in there I'd be happy to yeah yeah for sure

► 01:38:36

well anytime you want rolly yes I'm afraid of that audience know who they are they all progressives I hold some God I want to bust a few I'm gonna get a fucking fist fight with most people are just people they're great my kids they're still Progressive at fuckin pissed me off so bad well they're probably good people they want to do the right thing and they think that's the way to do the right thing you know it as fuck the carbon footprint I'm old fucking I will you know what I mean

► 01:39:06

fuck it how far I left a huge one I'm not gonna back off now the promised everything leaves a card in foot carbon footprint including organic farming I know that's what I'm finding out in Hawaii however that's not just fucking selling my farm well I think as time goes on with solar power and batteries and battery life getting extended due to technology they're going to figure out better ways to a lot of the things we're doing now but regenerative farming is really important you know if especially in places like where you have where you have control of

► 01:39:36

and you know there's a lot of methods that you could use to do all sorts of things to grow your own food out there thing that's so great about Hawaii is that has so much oh Christ I kept diversity in the people understand their crops yes and you know that keeps everything really healthy and everyone's talking like Island together they ask me we have to yeah and we have so many we have you know so many Asian people that they really do have a unique it's not like my way of thinking it's kind of Jewish but then at the

► 01:40:05

the end it goes it's very utilitarian hmm I don't know I like the way they designed things especially the new farming things that I'm seeing on the island well the vibe of the island in your on the big island but I love all the islands but the vibe of Hawaii in general is just like this very interesting Vibe because it's it's friendly and nice but proud and strong and they know they have a really beautiful unique place and they have a really incredible history yes people that were

► 01:40:35

old bold that they got in these small handmade boats thousands of years ago and made their way through the goddamn ocean can you believe that mean how many people in their balls in the water to find out which way the tide is going yes I mean yes that right there is so great yeah because that shows that men have a total purpose but it does right Joe because I mean what is that telling them that their what is it telling them well explain to people why they did it

► 01:41:05

loading when the scope willand when there was no wind and there was no current or there was no visible waves they would put their balls in the water to find out which way the current was going because they would feel it on their balls that's why they did it that is so fucking helpful to the human race yeah they're balls really got to Hawaii yeah I mean they got to the most beautiful place on Earth and they did it people are mad in Hawaii over that movie Moana which is my favorite movie I would imagine times while people some of them were mad the activists or

► 01:41:36

but they said that is Hawaiian now I know no he's agasa he's he's Pacific Islander okay but anyway but I grew up in Hawaii right I can't remember the believe he did oh well whatever he's fucking gorgeous and so it's Jason Manoa fuck Momoa yam oh my God damn it anyway so every that is pulchritude yeah that's male pulchritude right there some cheese

► 01:42:06

cake at beefsteak are pulchritude it's like whoa would you like to see them bare naked have you been paying attention to the controversy about building that new telescope in Hawaii all of course I prayed against it did they came to me and all of this is something that shouldn't be told so I'll tell it and I said don't worry about it sis I'm putting in the Jew Jew two cents on this here he don't want them to build a telescope well not on the people's holy place

► 01:42:36

so I went out there and I done some prayers for direction and it stopped three days later and now it's back on but all the people went up there but I like say to the people I got I'm glad you got the telescope I say this never hates me it's okay but I just have to say maybe maybe the telescope which will be the new I to behold the entire universe which will create like

► 01:43:06

a different kind of a human mind forever maybe that should be there I don't know well but in terms of where it sits in the world while it's where Pele is right that's where Pele was born and the Hawaiian people they say they believe that they came out of that mountain you know and that's their job that's that's there what do you call it there their Genesis is that particular Monica

► 01:43:36

shh mother Mountain so they don't want anything built on there maybe there's some sort of a compromise because the the idea that place is that it's in a very unique place on Earth do you have to view the cosmos have you been to the Keck Observatory I've never gone there because I you know I should say season it's amazing the view up there grandkid changes your your your place like your idea of your place in the world the first time I saw it we're so visual beings yes that

► 01:44:06

you know what changed me are those round things around films about The Wall of China not in those whatever those places are those theaters and it shows the IMAX yeah oh I know talking about yeah those gigantic theaters where everything is around you and you get to see it visually yeah well the Keck I've been do it a few times but one time I caught it perfectly where there was no moon out and the sky was clear and it was unbelievably beautiful though

► 01:44:36

the the you see the whole Milky Way see all the stars the entire sky is filled with stars it didn't even seem real and it just makes you feel like you're looking through the windshield of a spaceship flying through the cosmos well there's this app you can get to that little chart the stars for you and it's so cool and if you hold your phone up which I felt my pool and hold it in it you hold it up there and then you look and it's like yeah there's this yeah you know yeah you called I can't move I had a similar app maybe it's the same there's the spot

► 01:45:06

ocean ya know it's incredible it is incredible there's not there's nothing like seeing it all of that pales when it comes to me thinking about me funny it's just so incredible that all that's one of the things that helps people think about their place in the world when you see something as magnificent an enormous as The Milky Way and until all the you see the Milky Way so clear that it doesn't even look real I'm not have only caught it like that once the other two times that I went there we still manful everything the other two

► 01:45:36

two times that I went was still beautiful but not as stunning as the one time where I caught it one time I messed up and I got their own as a full moon it was a mess you can hardly see anything when the other time was really cloudy it was hard to see but the one time I saw it was just to this day I think back on it blows me away because it really shifted you know in a real tangible way the the way I viewed people on a planet in space it just it's undeniable because it's so gorgeous and so epic some touring Europe

► 01:46:06

and expanding your whole mind Consciousness and that does something to your big ass program DNA shit you know once the eye sees it and takes it in its like the image once the image is digested you know the image you know they say where does it stop being that and become this right you know that integration that's the word integration yeah in the mind I think that lack of ability to see that is one of the things that's really

► 01:46:36

really screwed us up more than anything about modern civilization with all our lights our street lights and City Lights you can't see the sky anymore when there's no lights at all then you see all the stars and then you realize oh oh oh we're in space we're in space like this is just a nighttime I'm not just in Manhattan looking at the sky now that we are in space when you have a full blackout and a place like Manhattan also you look at this guy like what is going on all these stars have been here the whole time but you could never see him light pollution

► 01:47:06

it's a terrible I never heard of put like that light pollution is a terrible thing that we've done we've denied people the view of the most gorgeous thing and all of the universe the universe itself there's a lot of a put up those lights to help the homeless so you know they don't get raped and murdered that's what that's what San Francisco did several San Francisco did to help the homeless well there's my life there there's just slide stay on crystallites thanks

► 01:47:36

that's when it really helped though you've got to admit that really helped so many people the lights yeah not to get raped and stuff when they're living in a pile of shit yeah and a few broken needles there one of my guests Riesling it yes I have what I'm like hey it's like where was that place we used to always talk about in India oh yeah Calcutta that's fucking full-on yeah and it goes for blocks and I just don't think that in California that should be allowed well it's way worse than

► 01:48:06

room before and it keeps getting worse my friend what happened with those fires how come that I have any water what was all that fire stuff well it was a perfect combination of wind and dry things and you know the long drought that we have is a lot of dead trees burn through everything that was terrible that's bad Land Management don't you think there's certainly that but there's also a lack of resources you know there's a lack of understanding that something like that can happen sometimes it takes something like that to happen maybe that was hitting bottom liked it

► 01:48:36

Tiffany says and maybe now it's going to come back up that'd be good if you know did The Hourglass flip where some K we hit the Bottom now and now let's build back something good and better and stronger you know just by talking to each other more right because we could come up with Solutions and in every Community I I mean maybe I could do a podcast and try to unite people but there's so many things people could do to help their Community right now that doesn't cost nothing and a lot of people my age you know all they have

► 01:49:06

some free time I mean they're probably all babysitting their grandkids like we all are because their parents are working but if you have some free time in this generation which happens to be the most educated in the most the richest of women it's ever been maybe you could put some time towards doing something that help the children in your community yeah we could start that like in Little pods all over the place you know and then we could all report to each other the data

► 01:49:36

so we can make it bigger and more connected yeah I haven't seen anybody that has a real solution for the homeless problem in LA or even a solution I haven't heard one thing that makes any sense people are saying they're going to do them Walmart's like that

► 01:49:51

on the internet I saw it Walmart's yeah and Walmart's are going to house the homeless

► 01:49:57

that's what I saw because so that's going to be a crash and others going to be a lot of people losing their homes again and they're going to have to go to Walmart's and live live in Walmart's like Walmart in camps like that want you mean yeah the whole thing the whole unit

► 01:50:16

really yeah like you know where they put people who come here and they have to house a lot of people

► 01:50:24

you know like they did after Katrina in the Super Bowl I mean that the house a lot of people after catastrophe okay we had about namik catastrophe causes homelessness yes has to be addressed in the future right like what about right now the problem the homeless problem right now how would anybody fix that 60,000 people just in La how do you fix that while a lot of people do this a lot of people that I know actually go and meet one homeless person and tried to help that one person and take them

► 01:50:52

into their homes these are people who are wealthy and you know the and and they you know help them clean up and go to school and people are doing things like that individually and it works well the problem I think those mental illness and drug addiction and you know most people don't have first we're gonna have to get off drugs right but most people don't have enough time to babysit another adult human being and try to guide them through this life while some of us like to stick our nose in other people's business and get involved too I'm

► 01:51:22

one of I'm an old Jew I love it and I love telling people just exactly what I think they should do to better themselves and you know what I've done it a lot and it's worked every time never had one failure you've never applied myself on that telling someone what to do you mean hell yes really yep you never had one time self we told someone I set myself so you're bad at giving yourself advice I'm going to other people yep I know exactly what should be done to help people turn their life around

► 01:51:52

done a lot and it's always worked some of them are just assholes though right like Tom you know when you're sober up a guy he's you know a sober asshole

► 01:52:04

I mean a drunk asshole can sometimes become a sober asshole and there's not much difference when people should be very aware of that particularly women breast being sober I don't mean shit it's what do they do it don't matter to me like in my ACT I want to say good evening ladies and gentlemen you know who you are you know because I don't care what you look like when I've notice what you do and how you act toward me if you're not nice to me not going to be nice to you

► 01:52:34

was the tour when you return with dice I know you went on stage with him in Vegas that's we're not heard about it that you researched me back from the dead

► 01:52:45

and are you plan on going up that night

► 01:52:49

no no he told me to and I was like oh my God no and I went in the bed and I had like 40 nervous breakdowns I called everyone I knew and you know hardly anyone takes my calls anymore really yeah cause they're like stop you know because I obsess over and over and over and over should I go on I don't know if I should go on I don't I think I wouldn't be able to do it if I could really so you think I should go I don't think I could do it I can't go on what am I gonna do what are you saying

► 01:53:19

hold it up there Roseanne

► 01:53:22

yeah he talked to you like a big brother to me I love that guy never had a big brother you know I was the big sister I said come down here you'll have to do five and I'm going to sit on the stage behind you so how much better can that get during his show oh yeah you can't go wrong and he worked it out to where it would look like it was just happening right we had rehearsed out a few times but it was well received the people in the audience loved it yeah and then

► 01:53:52

this tour it was so wonderful it was a it was a fucking boat load of fun oh my God I had so much fun a lot of my friends came where'd you guys go the audience was great we went somewhere in Long Island and somewhere in Atlantic City and the audience was great and they they were very kind to me and I had a blast I have to say almost because I really got to unload all the shit people I hate

► 01:54:22

oh I hate and why I own I did an hour oh wow usually I do 90 but you know we were sharing so I'm like good I'm happy to do an hour and and then dice came out and you know it was like

► 01:54:42

that guy is you know how he is just he's a fucking Master at what he does fucking guy I can't believe it I mean the level of performance because I was I'm like this my name is that I've had my memories with you know that's it yeah so there is right okay but he's over there you know he gets into it yeah like a rock

► 01:55:12

star yeah and you know it was they loved him they you know it was mostly mad that get a couple jokes I had about feminism it was silent there's a silent because I have this one joke that usually kills her aegyo of talking about Caitlyn Jenner the right she got the you know she went full Chaz Bruce Jenner want full Chaz Bono and now he's Caitlyn Jenner she's Caitlin Jenner and she went

► 01:55:42

well Chaz Bono wow a little different I mean Chaz she had the added dicta me but but no that's name and but it's way harder to go from a man to a woman because of what they do they take in this room they tell you this table they come in there and they cut your pay in half and it wasn't one laughs not one

► 01:56:08

well they should have laughed

► 01:56:12

piss me off so you did too and that's it you're gonna get killed for no guys guys okay well let's let's digest let's see you know after the winters over if we want to do more let's do more because neither of us wants to go anywhere in the winter we're both Jewish guys want everyone to think he's Italian but he's very Jewish Andy Andrews Silverstein saperstein Silverstein I don't know saperstein is it yes how pristine really yeah and you sap okay

► 01:56:42

yeah but who knows I could be wrong I can't remember anything yeah you could be right to though I think all right so he's he's a genius at performance level for 90 fucking minute yeah no I've always say they are yeah so he's he's like back east graegus in here right he just moved to New York he's getting so much work oh really actually took apartment in New York I'd like a you better have two bedrooms and I might crash there because well we kind of work

► 01:57:12

it is fun to do yeah he's doing a lot of stand-up thing about is the amateur view of that same guy interesting you know like dating the same girls as his sons and stuff it's good stuff it's funny that's awesome but I might move New York to because you know somebody's got to shake something up yeah and I feel like shaking something up and then I get very tired let's go to Hawaii but

► 01:57:42

you know I just the thing I mostly want to shake up is Comics be brave stick up for each other now if you guys had stuck up more for me I think it would have stopped but you ignored it because you're like well she is old bitch anyway it's done a lot of fucking stupid shit I think sometimes when the shit hits the fan with certain people other folks get nervous it's going to come at them if they defend you of course but you know now they're starting it's real weird to see it

► 01:58:12

turn around like Piers Morgan you know he was quick to call me a racist on his show he said she's absolutely racist to have compared this and that and saying she looks like this because I never said that that's his interpretation of what I said which now he has a little bit more time away from so he's just called and said he would love to interview me and my publicist said well after calling her a race so I doubt that will happen and he said well I'm very sorry and I want to apologize to her

► 01:58:42

reacted you know a knee-jerk reaction as think he's also recognizing and he wrote some he did some stuff about it recently where he was on he was on the bench appear or show where he's talking about it and it was a clip and I knew that guy retweeted the come gonna do I do beat down on that bench of parallel these days yep why because he needs it what does it need to be town for because he's a young man that's how I'm going to talk to people now listen to me young man you may think

► 01:59:12

think you know a thing or two about Judaism but you do not know as much as I know so you sit down and listen that's what I'll say well maybe he would just listen to you don't have to do all that well I just did it so anyway Piers Morgan has been talking a lot about how ridiculous this outrage culture is cancel culture yeah they call it that because of my show nobody else got canceled you know what's your name called the president's Jewish daughter ACU word see you next Tuesday

► 01:59:42

and that mountain to her right because she liked Hillary I mean it's just going to show it just was all partisan and our media is that belongs to the people the Airways are the people's Air wave another way to show a private public money going into private hands through corporate maneuvering but the the airwaves are belong to the public so you can't use the Public's Airwaves I see it way I see it to two

► 02:00:12

dumb down the public so they won't vote for you not putting poison in their Community or their food it's all scam from top to bottom it's all scam every bit of it it's going to implode it is imploding we fuck off himself I don't think society as long as people have love in their hearts for their children and their children's friends and each other and Community government a close call

► 02:00:42

we keep trying and I want to get back into this 700 years of artificial intelligence yeah well I just explained it for the last however long we got it mean what do you mean by artificial intelligence house artificial intelligence running everything it's MKUltra mind control a mind control program that shoved down the fucking throats of a populist of a captive population what is happening when you say MKUltra mind control artificial intelligence like what

► 02:01:12

what is happening to us well we're being bred for a certain things will be more babe well we were bred but we're being activated for certain things and I'm mostly talking about the mentally ill because I can see where in all these things these terrible things that happened that was a mentally ill person who had mental health issues and that's why it needs to be talked about in mental health issues come in all colors sizes and preferences and

► 02:01:42

it's time to seriously do something about it rather than just looking the other way as people died in filth on your fancy streets and of them of America we can't do this we have to have something else it can't be what it has been either it has to be a synthesis between all sorts of economic plans at like Johnny and I we talked about this 24/7 me and my boyfriend that's all we live for is to come up with a solution really and we talked about people is MM which is a hybrid has to be

► 02:02:12

a synchronous a synchronized hybrid of the use of money of making capitalism local and kind we can't believe nobody's thought of it yet but this was part of my green plan for the Peace and Freedom Party the Socialist in 2012 well I see that the okay

► 02:02:42

Azo Solitude whatever name is horn as easa AOC I can't remember why she took my green she took my green thing and fucked it up and I'm pissed because I did think I did put forth Solutions in fact I before Trump I was the only politician running for any kind of office who came out with Solutions and I thought that I influence Trump because I ran my campaign told

► 02:03:12

me on Twitter and self-financed and you know all those things and talking about plan to make them to make our communities work for us that the citizens are you in contact with him yeah little little bit yeah yeah oh yes I fucking exciting rock star in the Pope I made it is and what happened

► 02:03:42

in the Vatican that's what I was gonna ask you today did you see now you saw it right what did you see I haven't even looked at the night ones let's check in with conspiracy headquarters Jamie's now conspiracy collusion on the internet oh Jamie what does it say about Jamie's like the opposite of conspiracy headquarters

► 02:04:02

the rate of the Vatican

► 02:04:10

really oh finances should be the computers no honey fucking and dead bodies a lot about computers were taken oh it's gonna be a lot of kid porn yes guaranteeing a lot of horrible shit why should I be any place you look whether it's in the church or you know yeah but the vatican's like uniquely gross in that regard I mean I think there's

► 02:04:36

30 women who lives in that City you know that its own Nation it's on Nation yeah and there's 30 women in that Nation see what does that tell you but God tells you something my thing well when they were looking for that missing girl and they found bodies and the kids come through their thousands of Bones not a lot of a lot of teachers bring their students there to see history because it does have history that's what makes me mad is when it has a history of Art and it's all fucking art is totally fucking compromised by church and state

► 02:05:06

right yeah so that the only way you can see it is by supporting their war on us something else is going to happen what's important is talking about a new way of art you know it's kind of like crowdsource art I just like those ideas well what if we made a movie that way that would be cool we say me what is the what's the rate about what to read and financial information and a lot of

► 02:05:36

computers in to take the Never Fully saying because it's being invested and it was the moment it was the Vatican police who did it that's what so great because for a long time I've been saying or feeling like you know all the good people are coming together and leaving the bad people by the side of the way which that's what we have to do we cannot include those parts of our peoples who are bad anymore and that's how they work just for a couple of generations here but now we gotta let our own bad people go and we're

► 02:06:06

not we don't protect nothing bad we Embrace good in every other alt worldwide good comes to good and it even happened with the Vatican police the good because I always say like when I talk spirituality I know you don't care about astrology or any of those things that I meant to but I felt like

► 02:06:29

the good was winning over the bad for a long long time now and tipping the balance and this was proof to me because it's like the good came together against the bad together that's what's going to happen everywhere it is happening it's just really chilling and wonderful to think about the things that you know President Trump has done by jet by one or two actions he's taken like what well he's so nice to the Jewish people

► 02:07:01

he's the only President the whole fucking Western World who ever liked us

► 02:07:06

really yeah he liked us mama didn't like the Jewish people now I'm hitting no no no well first bush

► 02:07:18

no no

► 02:07:22

in another whole way now he don't he he likes some he likes someone else is trumped on that you really like

► 02:07:34

well when his daughter is there

► 02:07:40

she will light the Sabbath candles in the white house on Friday night Ivanka so you're just all about anything Jewish not anything but Allah Only the Good don't like the bad I'm not going further good right the good is but hey we have the ability to really fix some shit that's the best part we can travel deserts and take us 40 years ago three miles because we're so stupid but once we get it right you know we can keep

► 02:08:10

building something that works for all of us and we could all like actually like each other and then I could as a grandmother I feel that it's I'm denied this to be able to travel freely in the world going to different cultures and sampling their wonderful Foods you're denied this yes how was your night this well because you know you know there are some countries who don't welcome Jewish people okay but I like their food so I don't see why they can't have me over I was recently invited to eat

► 02:08:39

Egypt though because I've bitched so much online about why do they know they like me Everyone likes me I don't I'm not I mean person right you know I mean to the devil that's enough I don't like that goddamn devil you think the devil is real the devil and my head is what's the devil in your head say

► 02:09:00

what's the worst thing that's ever said

► 02:09:03


► 02:09:10

said the worst things you could say

► 02:09:13

but do you think it's really the devil or do you know it's not me but did think it's mental illness yeah that's my devil right and I like for a lot of us we do have that devil voice well a lot of people do we got a devil voice well where the you know where the ancestors of some pretty violent animals you think so I used to think that way chill this whole planet of the apes thing Joe and now I tell you exactly what I think about that I think Apes evolved from humans

► 02:09:42

so humans were first yeah and then well you know there's a whole fossil record right yeah they actually understand the very picture understand well they do it by carbon isotope dating they hope I'm not going to accept it up not accepting that's why they call it a theory of evolution because it's not correct the carbon isotope dating was a carbonized totally believe in evolution yes really yeah have you looked around lately yeah I don't think it's perfect

► 02:10:12

I think there's a problem with society that we let I mean it's a terrible thing to say but there's a lot of people that don't really have the best genetics or the best life experiences or the best things to offer and their breeding and they're doing a terrible job of raising children I saw a great idea that's one thing I am really getting pissed at is how these women are raising their kids when I see him out I get so goddamn mad Joe I get son to King I raised a lot of terrible men out there to that's like saying

► 02:10:41

more men women to their kids than men there's a lot of mean men usually painted a mom there's a lot of manner usually mean to the women but the women take it out on the kid don't you think I think men are mean to kids to yeah this is mean people and they were someone was mean to them and it's an imperfect cycle you know I think that's what I'm getting at is that Evolution even if it is real there's a lot of people that are I mean it's not like the best versions of humans are all that's represented today in 2009

► 02:11:11

there's just want to make sure everyone gets mentioned so nobody because the thing I think that is the enemy of humans is self-righteous indignation I think that's the devil and when that devil starts talking in my head that's always where it starts with the self such as righteous indignation which gives me the right to do any means should I write because I'm not like the other right the other wrong there the other you're the right one yeah and it's not going to work just not going to work present I hope you do a podcast

► 02:11:41

I really do and if you really want to do one I'm going to help you I'm going to connect the I'll connect you to someone who set it up plug is why I think I could really help a lot of people cuz I have learned to live with catastrophic mental illness I mean I fuck up sometimes obviously but you know you just need someone with you myself yeah I do your maybe your journalist friend maybe she could do it with you I think you guys I think it'd be very entertaining but I think you'd have a good time I think you can enjoy yourself too

► 02:12:11

well thanks for having me it was wonderful a pleasure it's always great to see you hmm anytime could you tell I did my own eye makeup look wonderful I do oh good so that's all I part of this whole thing I'll remember the Vatican deal are you still active on Twitter can people still finding their own oh no oh no the kids took it away they won't give me the thing what about Instagram nope nope good why do puts my kids put good pictures up there oh that's good I got my own you

► 02:12:41

of channel oh yeah I forgot I got my own YouTube channel where I tried to sneak my drunken videos on but my kids force me to delete we gotta get away from those kids I know I'm going to China I'm not bad I'm going to Beijing we'll talk after this I'm gonna try to set you up thank you Roseanne thank you my pleasure thank you bye everybody sure thank you everyone for tuning into the show and thank you to our sponsors thank you to stamp

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