#1364 - Brian Redban

Oct 9, 2019

Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Also look for him on “Kill Tony” available on Apple Podcasts & YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwzCMiicL-hBUzyjWiJaseg

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yeah you're not sober are you this is sober October for yeah now I'm doing it now you can get high I watch okay if you want to blow it on you yeah I don't think that counts oh this is a joint this this fellow really yeah that's all we'd That's Mike Tyson sweet sweet yeah look at that Sky got a torch cigar towards I could smoke a cigar with you oh sweet that's legal we are in our thinking that when we started sober October we started smoking

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as we're thinking maybe that will disqualify us and when you just quit yeah what does like kombucha has our culture yeah but it can't really get you drunk you stay sober you'd have to drink a case of it to even catch a bus but if you schedule a doctor's appointment like a dentist appointment they gave you some oh yeah yeah those are some kids that up okay yeah like what if she gets surgery like what if somebody got their appendix taken out yeah you're allowed to do any kind of like medication or medicine or no no you have to

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die no there's no real rules for that I mean look it's not the thing about this contest it's really stupid is there's no consequences that's not even a friendly penalty of life there's nothing open for something there I could have a glass of wine right now nothing had happened yeah oh no I lost yeah oh my God I'll tell you what though I've been getting a lot of messages from people that are inspired and it makes me feel real good

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I reached out to some dude yesterday on Instagram because he lost something like 200 fucking pounds you know I mean it's crazy that's the due to the scars all over because he got his the extra skin removed after he lost all the weight it's amazing sober October you know sometimes you just have to have a thing like that where everybody goes I'm gonna do it too and then it gives you the reason like a motivation to get going that sometimes it's all people need ma'am yeah I just got over it

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the keto thing so now I'm just like fuck that I feel like a free again like I can you know have normal food again and that's hard to do man I see those are to do it kind of got to me to the point where now I'm like doing the opposite like I'm just like I want to eat everything because I've been wanting to eat pizza for so long and like Catholic schoolgirls tell him to stay away from Tech and they can't we had a hold of 90% that's what it is it's people don't like being told what to do they don't like

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like being forced into something that they don't enjoy that's you know that's why school was ineffective that's why so many things don't work but the keto thing the problem with it is I think it's a healthy thing for a lot of folks if you have epilepsy apparently it's the thing because it can stop your seizures those people that have epilepsy they get ketogenic and he just kicks it to kicks it off it just you don't you don't get seizures anymore but it's boring

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so now and then I want pasta and also fruit I like fruit that was the biggest one for me just fruit like watermelon you know how great just having some watermelon in the morning is you know it's the most delicious food ever I think I got a good perfect watermelon on a hot day my God it's amazing you know it's fun it's a fucked up fruit though because it's only racist fruit you know it's like the only fruit it's attached to racism there's no other fruit where you can make fun of

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someone for eating and it's like racist if you ever had that durian shit yeah it's good it's not bad right but God it smells horrible it's not horrible have you had a Jenny it's like they haven't in Thailand in Thailand they love it I tried it in Thailand it's like this weird Spike spike deal yes spiky on the outside than the inside is kind of mango like sort of like a pale mango it's not my favorite but I tried it but goddamn it smells like dog shit it smells so bad that they ban it in

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a lot of hotels because people go into hotels and you know like folks that the come from a culture where they eat that stuff all the time they'll bring bags of it the whole family's eating that stuff and it walks down the hallway and people like what in the fuck because it smells like Limburger or that's pretty cheap Herda Limburger yeah it's got a weird smell you can't take it on public transportation in some places either wow yeah it stinks it's weird but tastes good my friend did that fasting diet you know that when that

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not fasting the one night where you only eat like a small part of the day yeah I did that yeah intermittent fast intermittent fasting and he woke up sleepwalking one night and found out on his nest cams like his security cameras he goes into the bathroom passes in like not falls down and hits his head and he showed a picture it's just blood everywhere in his bathroom goes back to bed didn't even know about it wakes up and he sees blood everywhere checks his camera

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finally his sleepwalking couple days later he starts having seizures like like out of the blue goes to the doctor doctor says it's because of that that died he was doing his brain was starving that's what that doctor said that doctors making shit yeah you think that yeah that guy needs to go to a neurologist it's probably got a fucking brain tumor one thing though I didn't know is that when I was on keto I slept walked a lot and it I think was my body trying to find sugar be really yeah because I never sleep walk because I have cameras in my living

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room and do some yeah I know it's kind of weird but when I was a kid I slept walk maybe 10 times haven't since I've been off haven't slept walk once and I say slept walked love that the right slept walk Sleepwalk is it sleep when you talk about past tense is it sleep walked or slept walked slept walk what is it it's sleepily which I've never heard anybody walked yeah I Sleepwalk but I don't think I've ever heard anybody say it past tense you can't pass tends to first part of the

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compound word I was a weird one where do I slept slept well last night but I slept walked yeah I did some sleepwalking you could say that sleepwalking hmm

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yeah but Matthew that's kind of interesting I wonder if it was my body craving sugar so bad that it woke me up because I was like going through the cupboards trying to find sugar oh well that makes sense yeah it was but I don't remember any of it and then how long will you kiddo for seven months yeah eight months hmm the intermittent fasting is a good move because I think most of the time look for me I eat when I'm bored I do it all the time like when I come home from the store and I'm writing I just started eating and I'm like what am I doing because I try to do intermittent fasting so that

► 00:14:54

means if I come home it's midnight and I'm writing and I start eating that means I can't eat until 2:00 in the afternoon the next day and then just don't wake up till two and a half like am I gonna work I got stuff to do you have kids I will have responsibilities I'm not a like a Peter Pan like you all right no I think that would be the diet that makes the most sense but because I already seem to only eat once a day with That's not healthy though to eat once a day no it's not you should get a nutritionist you got some cash

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you should hire a trainer and get a nutritionist yeah I think about going to back to Weight Watchers I'm almost at my fat is level really you know I want to get really fat and then take do what I always prefer for this if you want a strategy before I'm like you keep saying you're gonna lose what you like I know what I'm doing I'm gonna get really big and then I'm going to lose weight Mike why because I always forget to take the before photo and then I'm like halfway through a diet and my God damn it now I'm just normal now it's like oh yeah but you didn't look that bad before it died right I got a big fat beard on just this beard it looks like a

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20 pounds yeah just shave the beard at the end it's sort of like when people get a tan and there after photos and they look more ripped yeah you know it wasn't before after like the after you just and bro tan with better lighting yeah yeah I follow a lot of bodybuilder girls and I don't know why it's disturbing to me but when they start cutting down wait and then you see them like monitoring their food and watching their portions and shit and getting leaner and leaner it bothers me like I get nervous why I don't know I'm like it's

► 00:16:24

I don't do that like yeah that's fucking why like what are you doing just losing all your fat just so you can get on stage and squeeze everything and pose I get it you know but I don't see I don't think that looks the best that's why I don't understand that's what weirds me out I don't think it looks the best especially for ladies when you like super shredded it just doesn't I don't even like when they have those those man shoulders you know where you see like it really

► 00:16:54

beautiful girl and she takes off her cardigan or whatever and you're like she has like her frame looks like a man I don't like that doesn't bother me I like the mean she's durable it bothers me when they get shredded I don't know why I just see it seems like they're suffering like it's it seems like a mistake you know what I mean like like I guess maybe I guess this is probably what it is I guess I connected to anorexics because anorexics legitimately freaked me out there was this one girl that I used to yoga with

► 00:17:24

and it was so sad man it was so sad she would come in and everyone would be like fuck she was like 80 pounds her whole body was bones she was just bones joking Phoenix in the Joker oh my god do to get down to that lost 50 pounds in his shoulder looked all fucked up to well he was just posing and weird ways to I mean he nailed that roll dude he really seen it I didn't want to talk okay much no spoilers so you think you think I should go to the theater for this one

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no you watch it at home okay I mean it went to coming out at home you have to wait it just came out she stuffed the wait oh there's a new thing apparently where you can get home movies at home what home movies and of course you can get theater no not new endurance you can get it like legitimately and you pay quite a bit of money really yeah there's some new thing yeah that should be a thing like you pay how many people would you normally go to a movie with like four people each tickets about 20 bucks nowadays no pace

► 00:18:24

60 bucks so you can rent it for 24 hours that would be the shit I wanted to do the opposite I was trying to look up to see how much it would cost to rent Interstellar to have a screening at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood hmm that was the coolest movie and sound I've ever seen and I want people I know to experience that oh right right with God so awesome mmm I don't like it's you look up how much it is couldn't you can do screenings there I think you'd have to figure how much it cost to rent that the print of the movie yeah used to be there you

► 00:18:54

to be 35-millimeter print when I was a projection as they people would rent like hey we use rented Back to the Future for our company picnic and you would like as a projection she would get it in the mail with all the other films in your bed what the fuck why is Back to the Future here in I think I don't think it's that much I think it's only a couple hundred as well we have a JRE movie night I mean perfect we rent a movie theater hey that would be the shit where would we go though and big theaters I don't you know what you want to go you want to go to the one of them Sydney Apple has sent AA Palace and another one's drinks yeah they have drinks and food

► 00:19:24

does the seats lean back get an assigned seat or do this yeah we should find out that really wanted to watch those movies like that Roar movie with the tigers or the other I know some stupid movies well according to Joey Diaz the new Rambo is Roadhouse times a million he goes Joe Rogan you gotta see this fucking movie I was crying and laughing I was crying laughing he goes it's Roadhouse times a million it seems like it looks ridiculous well he's a thousand years old and he's fucking everybody up and

► 00:19:54

already was low budget though like like really like what I'm surprisingly low budget maybe he's like decided he's going to keep all his money when you're that age right like how old is still oh no z77 let's guess how old 74 I bet and do you think he's older younger than Arnold Schwarzenegger I think he's older how old is he Jamie I want to say 72 but I okay let's try a year older let's try I'm saying 76 any 473

► 00:20:24

III just turned 70 3 July 6 okay so when you're 73 you got to feel like at the most if everything goes amazing you got 30 years and the last 10 you ain't going to remember shit so you got 20 years to burn through a big-ass pile of cash what do you do you gonna spend it all on Rambo movies yo is a book a dog over here what is that picture of a coyote on a golf course why is your wife a coyote on a golf course

► 00:20:53

course the to keep like birds away or some shit I don't know whatever the protective don't come get me what is he doing it's got some skinny legs man take that picture of his legs again that is crazy that makes me nervous that he can walk upstairs what's up why is his leg so skinny that looks like an injury or something like his leg has shrunk now look weird I mean he doesn't even look like he has anybody right there he's so Jack though apparently

► 00:21:24

in that movie Super Jack he might have like knee and back problems though when you got back problems men your leg shrink this is weird I was younger I was fucking jacked and when you I know a dude who's got a severe back problem and one of his legs is like shriveled up because his nerves aren't firing correctly he went to Germany apparently he got a bunch of disks replaced and it just didn't work well and he's just got all sorts of inflammation and

► 00:21:53

scar tissue and his nerves are blocked off like he you know he had a bunch of fucked-up disks so he went and he got a bunch of them replaced in one shot and stayed over there for a few months and now his body's just fucking up like left and right when you get Rick real back problems are fucking scary as shit I said Dean Delray to lifespan lifespan medicine to deal with his neck Dean Del Ray's got a bulging disc so bad he's like dude I worry when people bump into me like when people

► 00:22:24

bump into him he's in pain hey yeah I thought I had a stroke yeah like if you if you pass you pass by him and accidentally like bump into him a little bit he's like ah like he gets a stinger from head-banging or no from a motorcycle crash some messed-up lady nailed him on like from a few years ago yeah he's got fucked up pretty bad and it's not getting any better yeah it was so weird because he's like I quit riding bikes you know for after that but then you got a bike like six months later what the fuck are you doing you you all

► 00:22:53

almost died well I think for Dean you know he's trying to make some he bought a nice car like a Porsche had a great deal on it and then he flipped it yeah yeah I'm not flipped it like died like in the crash like Kevin Hart style he just he turned it over and made some money out of it yeah yeah yeah and so I think that's when he bought a bike yeah I guess people who love bikes man they they think it's worth the risk fuck that out here I can't believe that there's not more of those scooter death

► 00:23:24

everywhere I know right yeah do those things are goddamn fast well we're in Denver they're everywhere everybody's riding those electric scooters all over the place you know like is that really how you want to go out and try mine yet did you know the fast 24 miles an hour do yours looks pretty good way faster than those bird to all this do you trust that shit I don't trust that shit anymore and I flipped over my bike a couple years ago and like something that's that's a message yeah I know too many people that are in the broken my friend broke both of his arms on one of those scooters he'd

► 00:23:53

flipped and he landed on his arms both of his arms and he had to have his mom live with him for like a couple months because he couldn't do anything when I was doing the Zookeeper with Kevin James I did a lot of my own bike riding and I fucking wiped out hard because I didn't realize that if we were in this scene where he was beside me and I was trying to hit him with a flag and he was beside me on his bike and I was holding onto the handlebars with my left hand which is your front wheel

► 00:24:24

so when I hit the brakes on my left hand I just went flying over the top of the handle bars I didn't do it just once either I fucking wiped out pretty hot like here watch says In Summer DVD extra watch but boom yeah it's a pretty good Wipeout yeah that's exactly what I did in my bike I flipped over like exactly like that but I got lucky didn't get hurt but it's just luck you know you land on your arm wrong elbow goes backwards and then you're fucked and then

► 00:24:53

I was just grabbing the brake to the wrong breaker yeah I just went over the fucking went over the handlebars but you can you know bikes you could get fucked up that when I was in Utah recently we were driving down the road and we saw this lady fall on her bike she was across the street and the other side and she was trying to she's trying to do something and she just got tangled up in her pedal and just dumped over and landed on one arm tried to post on her left arm and snapped her arm and

► 00:25:23

and she couldn't get up she's screaming so we went over and pulled over and people don't know how to deal with injuries so people like okay let's take your backpack off I got don't touch her I go she has a broken arm listen to me don't touch her you know and I'm like listen we got we got to we're gonna get you a hospital you know we'll get you an ambulance and was lucky that she was like a block away from the police station but people want to do things they want to like okay let's take her arm and put it in a splint let's let's

► 00:25:53

let's tape it up no doubt of their don't do shit yes neck injuries also and back in the car accidents people are like not even well Kevin Hart's accident they pulled him out of the truck out of the car and then they took him to his house I'm like and he had three broken vertebrae like yeah don't don't do that don't touch anybody like you can like you can just yank someone the wrong way after an injury and make them way way way worse especially something like this lady's arm was so obviously broken the cops didn't even notice that the cops came over

► 00:26:23

and they're like oh so how's everything like now a you feeling okay anything wrong I go she's got a broken arm it's like where's the arm broken I can look at her left arm is like oh like like look I fucking left arm was so broken it's like when you see someone's bro like broken bones and unfortunately I'm really used to it I see so many injuries from fights you know from the UFC I'm so used to seeing breaks and things broken I'm I just looked at I'm like yep that's that is like her elbows like her arm went

► 00:26:53

straight and her elbow went back like we're not moving don't take her back back off but she started hyperventilating she'd never broken anything she was 50 she's like I never broken a bone before I'm like it's not a bad one it's just arm like you're going to be all right put it in the cast you know six weeks from now you're gonna be laughing at this people sign your cast you'll have a funny story you know it's just a broken arm have you ever broken arm Jamie knock on wood have not broken a bone no bones what about you same here

► 00:27:23

God we got that Ohio Water good good good Dairy yeah serious child Dairy that in no contact Sports big football stick my Joe did you play football yeah I'm not not in high school but up to high school up to high school when you're a little kid it seems like you can just get fucking plowed over and your Bend and now they found each other that just the depth of this grab your to smack you in each other but kids are so light they're so light and they just bounce off each other

► 00:27:54

when we tie my bikes have you seen this before I'm gonna play this video but fuck this is this it's called the like mountain of Hell there's another name for it to I can't remember like Mountain eclipse or something like that they start in France on the top of the Alps thousand two thousand bikers is that snow yes on the top of a glacier you end up going like 5,000 feet downhill so I could Scott mile or two down you're riding on Ice yeah these are the guys in front but here in a second when they have to turn it creates it's just fucking and

► 00:28:23

same pile up of people that you can't avoid yeah yeah oh my God happened here we go here's the first one and then it just causes of major pileup Bing Bang Boom and then do the trying to dive out of the way and just going downhill it's like on a ski slope but everyone's on mountain bikes for those that are listening oh now oh it's like ants and then dudes are breaking early to try to avoid it and they just

► 00:28:53

wipe it out at the top oh my God this is what a stupid thing to do when you know that that many people going to crash look this guy on the outside trying to go fell on his own made it down there yet still the top yeah and then it's going to try to figure out a path but you can't really hit the brakes right you're on Ice yeah going downhill nice yeah it works this is so dumb look at that boom if you make out of there you're safe and you get to win what does that what do you win there might be some money at the end I don't know like doing sober October

► 00:29:24

for you what songs you got a croissant yeah it's just like so rocked over it's just stupid yeah with the best thing I really believe the best thing about sober October's it inspires people that actually do have a problem / Crusher inspires people to Burke crush and here's a crazy thing that Bert Kreischer told me because you know Ari shaffir and him had a little bit of an incident with some MDMA I don't know if you know about that Bert said that ever since taking that MDMA has zero desire to drink he said it really cleaned it out and that he heard

► 00:29:53

heard that when you take ecstasy that ecstasy like kills your desire to drink that it does something to to make makes drinking seem really silly and he said he's super focused it probably was actually honestly I really could think for him if he hadn't done in a while because there is positives for doing it I mean yeah circumstances were not the best circumstances were the worst home with his kids already dosing them but he said that you know he feels amazing and that like it really does feel focused and clear that's great hey

► 00:30:23

if I would have done it to me I would have went on with cared as much but yeah your body's like a fucking guy no I was wondering because I did a pot his podcast the day before you wonder if he's gonna dope you know I was I was wondering if he did and then it was like oh that didn't work because we ended up passing Red Band sit around hoping he's getting drugged my but everything's crossed for our podcast I'm like did I cause we did smoke a lot of weed but I'm like did I maybe I was doing that well I remember I gave

► 00:30:53

McGuire some weed and he was sure that it was laced with something yeah you know who shows like this is not regular wait there's something in this somebody was like really paranoid that there was something in it you know like if you if you don't if you're not use this California weed and you don't smoke a lot and then you like oh all right I'll have a cup of come on guys you know and you get a peer pressured into it yeah well I had something the other day that fucked me up it was because they don't tell you especially when you're at the comedy store and everyone's just passing joints so this

► 00:31:23

person was one of those we'd Fanatics where he had put Keef on it and whatever oil THC oil like I had like three things on it those guys can fuck off yeah those guys they give you these joints and it's got like it looks golden when you open it up it's just got so much Keefe and all the the the oils and the hash oil and it's ridiculous like why do you want to get that high like what is wrong with them their tolerance I guess you know like I can't I don't understand because I could take two hits of the shittiest

► 00:31:53

oh and be like you know what that was great I'm fine did you ever do be real Smoke Box be very kind of yeah I've been passed to actually please be careful because you gotta drive home after that and you don't even know where you are if it wasn't for navigation systems I still be living downtown LA yeah I would have never figured out how to get home that's what the Tesla comes in for it dry for you yeah it's like these guys just smoke all day every day and to them that's their Baseline like their normal is just being super

► 00:32:23

hi so they're used to it like that we we got so high before we even got into the car you know and then you get into the car with the cameras in it and you and they do like this podcast and you like it's surreal it's like an out-of-body experience yeah you get feel really paranoid and really worked up like well yeah no thanks I don't like that shit I don't like that for the why why even bother doing that no one likes that they do obviously somebody likes that there's people that like that

► 00:32:53

yeah they put that like the leaf blowers full of weed and just blow it on each other's tons of videos of that yeah it was like High Times conventions and yeah cannabis cups could they take a leaf blower in the pump a bong up yeah it's ridiculous I mean but this is like these are the arguments for weed being illegal it's like look at these idiots

► 00:33:13

it's not a butt chugging but Charlie light show yeah but the thing is like it's weird it's like we have this line of personal responsibility right you can go to any bar and they don't check to see if you've already been drinking they don't know what your tolerance is they don't anything you get any bar you give me two shots of Jack Daniel's and grey goose on the Rocks there just give it to you bang nobody cares they just think you could figure it out you know and how much of a responsibility as a bartender actually

► 00:33:43

lat who then they can go they can go to jail to the bartender can if they don't think obviate I think yeah that's me is so ridiculous I don't think the but I think over-serve like if you get over serve and they can prove it you're just as responsible if he could he be like drives home drunk and kill somebody do you well if you know someone's going to drive this the problem is like I was talking about this on stage once that the real problem with drunk driving is not that people can't drive when they're drunk the problem when you're drinking it

► 00:34:13

is you don't know if you can drive or not you don't know how drunk you are because you're drunk like you might have three drinks and you might fail a drunk-driving breathalyzer but you may have might be able to drive perfectly you know but if you have for drinks or five drinks you might think it's okay to have six or seven like you don't know where you are you don't know like where you are on the spectrum of drunk or not drunk when you're really drunk that's part of being drunk you know the fuck's going on

► 00:34:42

that's why I like that's why the consent issue when you're really drunk is weird you know it's because it's like some people like to get drunk and have sex and then some people say well you should never have sex with someone when they're drunk because they can't consent because they're drunk okay but then that's like 90% of all people having sex yeah how many people have sex while they're drunk I've only had sex I have to be drunk when dealing with a bunch of

► 00:35:12

stuff yeah well I think autonomous cars it's going to that's going to be very interesting how they deal with alcohol and autonomous cars because if like you have a drunk mode like if autonomous car like save you have a Tesla in 2026 right and it has the option to be completely autonomous drives on its own or you can go manual

► 00:35:42

oh so it detects that you're drunk says mr. Red Band you are intoxicated we would like to drive and then you have to let it take you like would you get what do you think there's going to be a common point in time we're drunk driving doesn't apply because your car is going to drive you home it makes the final decision for you I'm all for it like just wouldn't be hard to have a breathalyzer on a car they do that now yeah I have a friend who he got arrested for a DUI like

► 00:36:12

they're one and he had to blow in his thing on his van as work van hit a blow into his little thing before it would let him start the car this is another Demolition Man coming full circle again because there's that scene where he gets in and he makes the car he's like give me give me control and she's like what the fuck are you doing you're going to drive he's like yeah manual control give me that shit needs chases after it what year was Demolition Man supposed to be in now I think I'll double-check this is my need to watch that again

► 00:36:42

a lot of Wesley Snipes they're doing that thei breathalyzer next year what are they going to find out supposedly it detects there's THC like if you have smoked in the last whatever 3 a problem with that is there's I don't they've done studies that show that people drive well when they're high

► 00:37:04

you know they have done studies there's been these tests and they're not you know it's not randomized double-blind placebo-controlled studies but they are they have done some studies where they show the people drive well hi I know they have 20 look at me 20:32 isn't too far away that's actually pretty close it gets frozen for 36 years and wakes up in 2032 oh wow it's not funny what they used to think is going to be going on

► 00:37:34

now again mm I'll just be able to freeze you wait wasn't that Back to the Future that was like 2017 or something like that or two and then you look at your like that's yeah when they came back yeah the second one You Back to Future too yeah I know what it's like nobody ever gets it right like they get a couple things right but everybody thinks we're going to be way more advanced than we are remember space 1999 remember that 1999 what's that was a TV show oh he thought that 1999 with

► 00:38:04

can be flying around and spaceships and living on the moon they're always wrong what year was The Jetsons supposed to be the way office that was like 1950 what year was that supposed to be yeah the Jetsons dad flying cars but see the problem with three dimensions is you got to keep people locked into grids because that way you can keep them from just going up or down or left or right randomly like birds and slamming into each other and that's probably what how it's going to be

► 00:38:34

so it's probably going to be automobile you could only do it with the Tesla driving right right if it goes flying you mean hmm do you think they'll have that yeah because I would have to stay in a grid there have to be some kind of traffic you know too that people can't be flying all over it like you say all over the place so you write shuttle have to have like Lanes in the sky but by that time were probably not going to have any control of it's probably all going to be probably right yeah well that's why helicopters are so weird because helicopters if you get a

► 00:39:04

it's like when I went up with brr I was surprised and how much Freedom you have like we were flying around downtown LA was like let's go here you just take a left in the sky go right go down go up go around here we were we're really close to buildings and you'd be amazed at how many buildings in Downtown LA have helicopter pads on the roof and so you land on the roof you get out you open the door you go downstairs you avoid all the bullshit apparently that's the move in New York City Tommy Barnes

► 00:39:34

saying that right I think it's called yeah it's wrong Uber has Uber has helicopter now in New York City we were helicopter imagine some chatty Uber driver that's flying fucking helicopter won't shut up that's a Kobe Bryant did when he first got like his first big contract I heard he moved down to Orange County and was just fly the helicopter every day to practice downtown magic flying a helicopter to the store sick yeah if you just go super baller Kevin Hart style put a fucking helicopter

► 00:40:04

pad on the roof of the store how do you want in the higher right no no no they have a rooftop light bar up there yeah I mean the van does next door the and has one last night was the Hyatt you weren't even living yeah it wasn't that long ago yeah it's been a while I'm Leon - like it there when it was the Hyatt really yeah when you might have been 10 years ago or actually let's do this yeah that's probably what it was yeah it seems like it's been went what was it when that dude jumped off of it that was a long time that was a that was before our weekly Artemis what was the 70s I think because it was

► 00:40:34

during the strike when people didn't get paid to do comedy the store right and the guy who jumped off they said he wasn't even good it's like one of those guys that's like yeah I'm gonna fucking do this for everybody and everybody's like hey man you don't even really working you know what I mean

► 00:40:53

like there's always those got that's one of the weird things about the store there's there's Comics that are hanging around there that are all working you know and then there's a few people that will never work and you know they'll never work and they know the Nevel but they're always they're kind of comics because they've done it a few times right there more just there for the bar does therefore the hang the Hang yeah but it gets weird right all sudden they're in your conversation and yeah there's a lot of people

► 00:41:22

like that but luckily lately that I haven't heard hasn't been as many I don't think because I think they've been kind of getting called out more by other Comics it's kids weird it's you know can you imagine if that was the case with other occupations you know like CEOs of Corporations hang out with people who want to be CEOs but they never really started a business they're all just hanging out together

► 00:41:46

that's one of the weird things about art said anybody can create it and no one's to say that someone who sucks can't just figure it out there's nothing stopping you from figuring it out but something is like something keeps you from figuring out but you don't know what it is

► 00:42:06

like how many Comics do you know that used to suck and that became good I know a few I know quite a few I know some of them some of them who struggled early in the day and you're like wow I don't know about this guy I hope he makes it and then look Sebastian had a hard time Sebastian used to have a hard time now he's one of the biggest comics on the planet Earth he's fucking huge my friend Mark tell garate sent me a picture of Sebastian on stage at Boston Garden in the round

► 00:42:36

people and like look at him look at him like I remember when he was struck I remember when I was first starting out he was he's like a great success story he really is because he was a waiter at the Four Seasons he's waiting tables and also doing stand-up at night you see him and he makes me laugh is fucking hilarious you see him at that and be Music Awards this year yeah that that was a mistake I could have told him that was a mistake but I still funny like he's coming out to like he's like hey

► 00:43:05

ladies you know I don't know that's like the biggest mistake a bad like higher like this it makes sense nobody wants to do it wants to do it just for next talking to do it you know who the fuck's gonna do it who you gonna get to do it Jeff Ross would he do it he would yeah he definitely you probably do it I mean you could probably get some Comics to do in the Jeff could probably pull it off he's that's like his kind of gig fucking around talking shit right and jokes about it but Sebastian is like he's Sebastian that's his thing his thing is being

► 00:43:36

in your mind an old-school you know that's his joke like these phones you know whatever but you don't want to see him like hosts up you want to see him to an hour set you want to see him do his set it was him oh some fucking Malarkey award show bunch of music that you know he doesn't listen to it he's probably listening to The Temptations every night should know who is it who's listened to by goes to bed to Frank Sinatra Springsteen day what do you thought I did it Mom

► 00:44:07

repeat yeah yeah I probably played it over and over again yeah the Summer Winds came blowing in you see the Phil Hartman documentary know that was interesting I didn't know a lot of it they really like you're in a little bit I didn't know a lot of things one thing I didn't know is how they gave you a part on the show where it was supposed to be Phyllis character writing you or something like that like a will or something and they gave it to each person of the cast

► 00:44:36

and they didn't let you read it before hand so that when you are reading it in the show it was actually a first time reading like this letter that was supposed to be from Phil yeah and I didn't know that that was amazing yeah that was that was one of the weirdest moments of my life you know getting phone calls that the he's dead the phone just kept ringing people just kept calling and friends and loved ones and family members and it was just it didn't seem real life

► 00:45:05

who would kill that guy he was the nicest guy I wish you would met him he was so cool like the fucking everybody like that guy

► 00:45:18

he used to like to get high and go to strip clubs yeah he's like to get high and go to strip clubs get high and ride around his boat I went to a strip club with him do you remember which one I think it was Bob's classy lady that's what it was called I don't think it's around anymore but he had an appreciation for these young ladies that was like

► 00:45:45

it was it was almost childlike but it wasn't creepy he was like God you're beautiful you look at me cuz he was high he's like look amazing this is incredible like he was having a good time

► 00:45:59

he was it he was a really really unique character I remember there was a guy whose some guy was blackmailing him and some guy had filmed him at a strip club with his wife and his wife was getting a lap dance and he was getting a lap dance to and the guy was like he wrote some really creepy letter saying that this is going to violate the policies because you know fill it had endorsements and Commercial deals and he's doing movies and stuff like that I was just blowing

► 00:46:29

got a Ferrari you know he's blowing up and this guy had went to his house and nailed this VHS tape in an envelope to his garage door and I was with him on on a phone call so feels like I'm gonna talk to him right now I'm come come come come in my room so I went in his dressing room and the guy calls Mills hey what's going on buddy he was talking the guy like the guy was his friend and they were set in the guy up

► 00:46:59

and you know Phil's going to give him like I forget what the money was tens of thousands of dollars meet me at this place and I'll meet you there and he had these for lack of a better term he had someone who's a dangerous person meet this guy and let him know and no uncertain terms

► 00:47:21

that is life is going to take a terrible turn for the worst if we continue down this path

► 00:47:27

and but it was it was weird to see like someone trying to exploit him and the guy was so dumb he actually met with Phil like filled knew who the guy was like he saw his face it was there with you I think I was like look now I just need some money and feels like I get it so big deal no just it's weird when you see someone trying to like prey on like they think that's their way out like this is my way out I'm just going to get this guy to give me some money and I'm going to put it all together you get

► 00:47:57

it fell I mean I just need some money he's like I get it buddy no big deal it was just playing this guy along until the dangerous men came and talked to him wow they also really focused a lot on the wife which I didn't really know much about about how she wanted to be an actress also and like she was trying to get Phil to like put her into shows and doing that you know and stuff like that and she was very resentful of him

► 00:48:23

yeah she would insult him like insult him publicly ago it was just really gross sad

► 00:48:32

but he didn't think he should get divorced because he felt like it was bad for his image he was like really concerned about his image because he was like the squeaky clean family guy who was you know I mean it was really starting to take off for him so you fill didn't really make it until he was older in life like I don't think he was I don't think he got on Saturday live until he was in his late 30s

► 00:48:55

might have been holding that and when he was on Newsradio I think he was like 46 yeah he looks so he was like he had worked as a graphic artist you know he that you see that album cover that's out there pinned to the wall that's him yeah he drew that yeah she's drawn a few amazing things I was very surprised about that his a super versatile guy he could do a lot of different things and his work ethic was amazing like he would have a

► 00:49:25

and his scenes he would have different colored tabs for each scene and he would go over his notes and go over his lines like I'd never seen anybody do with like none of us did not know the rest of us did like the only the only one who's like him like Stephen Root was even more different than him because Stephen route was a character like you played Jimmy James and he in real life is like the sweetest most normal guy but when he was playing that character like he would become

► 00:49:54

um this Jimmy James guy you'd like it was spooky you've seen him in a milli like off what is the movie no I just a deal yeah stapler yeah what was that movie Office Space he was great in that new Western to what is it the ballad of Scruggs Buster Scruggs what is it called the Coen Brothers thing right isn't it yeah really weird have you seen that no I haven't seen it it's very weird it's very weird it's really good but it's like

► 00:50:25

all right just weird you know but but Stephen Root is in it's amazing he's just a real actor you know one of those dudes and that I would never do a sitcom again ever but I'm so glad I did do it like I learned a lot it was a great experience you see Andy Dick got arrested again yeah I did a few and Tommy weren't like buddy cops you wouldn't do that shooting people with guns I do a sketch who cares

► 00:50:54

about TV anymore right like it's like anything I don't watch any TV shows except for cart the South Park's and the you know the cartoons and stuff but there's not like a sitcom I give a fuck about you know there's only existing what I caught by Mexican joker last night it's great right I'm trying to catch up because I saw there they have a new one tonight yeah they got controversy with China to work those those are the guys that still to this day I look forward to watching every week they go hard in the paint GC the response that traded to China

► 00:51:24

oh James you said so yeah Trey didn't an official response to China of them in that that's what yeah I feel explain to everybody what happened so they had South Park had an episode that kind of mimic or made fun of the NBA's response or the president of the NBA is a response to China that was in the news recently and it's about how Hollywood edits their films like Iron Man 3 has a host

► 00:51:54

12-minute seen that they added just for the Chinese release because they like make things to make China happy so they can make more money because there's so many millions of people in China what do they have you know I it was a scene of an Asian doctor in like I think there were taking out the thing in his chest and saving his life or something like that so we put a chain to it and I think they cut like this happens a lot in Hollywood I guess they

► 00:52:25

they edit for like a Chinese version where they even add stuff to it and make it more Chinese happy so that they so Trey Parker and Matt Stone made this whole episode about that and of course you know I got banned from China China scrubbed the whole internet free of everything official apology to China from Trey Parker and Matt Stone like the NBA we welcome the Chinese censors into our homes and into our hearts we to Love Money More Than freedom and democracy what how do you say x i XI I think G doesn't

► 00:52:54

look just like Winnie the Pooh at all tune into our 300th episode this Wednesday at 10:00 long live the great Communist Party of China met this autumns sorghum harvest the Bountiful we good now China oh my God he's the best he's the best they are the best they are the best I love them they're the best we to Love Money say that put bullet point out the exact quote again what does it say we to Love Money More Than freedom and democracy

► 00:53:25

I like how he said also she doesn't look just like Winnie the Pooh at all I like yeah just adding that just 300th episode love it that's what we welcome the the Chinese censors into our homes and into our hearts like the NBA well the NBA thing is a weird one right like the guy like he's he's like super social justice Warrior he's always criticizing this and that when it came to Chinese like huh everything's really good over there all the yeah the commissioner of the

► 00:53:54

what did he say I don't know what he's to necessarily it definitely soft-pedal yeah he's flowing over there now that I have a meeting about yeah and there's there's a chance even though I heard that he might even could even get fired from this because that's how much money that NBA is a company is going to be losing from China China now what is the big deal about China they just like basketball or is it just just a giant market so many people they've got them hook line on on basketball since like Yao Ming back in the teen years ago got it

► 00:54:24

what about Lin sanity is that still going on he got popped he's he signed to play over there this year actually what happened with him he took off he was kicking ass for like a very short period of time he had a very good NBA career he just won an NBA title with the Toronto Raptors but how can people stop talking about them it was a hype train that happened and he like had a very good run of like 10 12 games he was in part of it was he was in New York with the New York Media train the Knicks they weren't very understandable

► 00:54:54

good now but that it all got wrapped up in all that kind of oh and you got sent off to another team in winter in a small Market kind everyone kind of forgets about you the whole China things very strange man we got hit up by someone from Huawei once it come on the podcast yeah like no thanks I'm good yeah out of the phones yes yeah drop some phones off that he's listened to everything you do follow you home that's really interesting that be like one of those phones you leave at work and you wake up in the morning it's it on your sink

► 00:55:25

fuck what's going on here hey man it's like a Black Mirror episode those Huawei phones are fucking bad-ass though that's the thing it's like look I got Sky wish it know the here's the deal okay I gave a thorough examination I went from the iPhone 10s Max whatever the fuck the last one was and then I got a note 10

► 00:55:52

and then I got the new one iPhone 11 x Max Pro fuck your mother whatever it is the note can't fuck with it at all right the notes just not as good as clumsy they're not as good their clunky their keyboard sucks worse keyboard ever made like I don't understand why people don't bitch about that more than theirs at you could add those other keyboards because they all have their little bit better but not Apple just got the keyboard down down down it's like you don't realize how much better apples keyboards are

► 00:56:22

you try and this is only on their phones their laptops are dog shit the laptops keyboards are so bad I got a 15 inch one there's companies that take the old ones the old 15 inch ones from like 2012 and they put a SSD card in it or they do it put a solid state hard drive in it and update the processor and update the graphics the update everything and they give you like one terabyte of storage but they basically Paul modern internal components into the old Shell so you get the real keyboard it

► 00:56:52

keyboard that you can actually feel the keys you actually feel where they are and feel them moving around the new keys those flat fucking keys or just so bad you're going to hate the future your of MacBook Pros so you might as well just switch off because the definitely is going to become a screen on the bottom as a keyboard what's yeah they're definitely going to use the with whatever feedback where that you know it's not succeed yeah so it's out feels like you're tapping on the screen but you're actually just going to have a whole screen in the doubled that

► 00:57:22

a pressure-sensitive off the new iPhones yeah so it's just long press nice that trust and because no one used it yeah nobody sorry I used whatever I used it and I did you one of the few people because there's one thing that they haven't replaced yet like a lot of the other things you hold down it does all what it used to do but I don't know if a lot of people don't even know about it but when you're on the keyboard and you just like hold your thumb down used to be able to use it as like a mouse like a cursor so if you're trying to you know we can accurate do that with the space bar

► 00:57:52

you can still do it now you hold the space bar down okay normally it's the spacebar people don't know explain that because it's pretty dope its base bar when you hold the space bar down you can move that cursor around anywhere you want yeah so really nice yeah when you're typing or anything like that it's like having a mouse in a good thing yeah thanks man that was one I was so bummed about that I'm like I was like like there were I was that was what really pissing me off well they do a lot of things that you don't know what they do like a lot of people don't know how to make

► 00:58:22

screenshot or how to do screen screen record there's like a lot of things that people don't know how to do that that it's I mean it's a really complicated device in most people use like three tenths of what it's capable of but there's so much better than Android phones right now I mean Maybe I'm Wrong maybe Huawei has a better keyboard but the Samsung keyboard in comparison to Apple this is no competition there's so much there's so less accurate and they their prediction like prediction of like what you're

► 00:58:52

to say next is so bad it just doesn't work good the notes camera was very good that's very intense guy like the camera I like the focus video you could do you do pretty much do the portrait mode but in video mode which you can't do on the iPhones yeah suck that's better that's one thing that the note does better that pain I've never used that thing yeah me neither it's cute I like to have it around I like showing people look you can take a picture with you press the button it works like a remote control never use it once yeah you see this at the Anu

► 00:59:22

find that got leaked yesterday now I like this I think I've talked about this before how I wouldn't mind a thinner Skinner longer phone so dinner just leaked and so they don't we let slept walked what is that looks like a remote control yeah it's that's the phone it's a central phone to should um can you show the video of it because there's a video of it that's really cool when he's like scrolling through the scrolling through the operating system one of the videos it's a new Android operating system they have put on the phone

► 00:59:52

I don't know if it's going to have like things removed from it because I so is it their own thing I think it's a proprietary for them huh is that a camera on the back like a huge fucking camera that's going to be like one of the best cameras ever if well it's a really small phone so like if that iPhone camera was on something so thin that would look huge to and that's a it's a very thin thing it's like not even it seems like it's almost half the size width wise of your iPhone

► 01:00:21

why would you want that I don't get that different just everyone I mean I tell you what since are good hand cramping and Graham yeah like how wide the phone is like I'm constantly like trying to lean over that's so weird I've are an Apple TV remote sighs looks like yeah exactly what it looks like I like that do you I really do well I'll tell you what though who had was it Dan Aykroyd who had the old iPhone in here the other day oh Commander favor David favor had an iPhone 4 when them little the with us

► 01:00:50

flat sides metal yeah the metal sides it's so small like he was showing me pictures on I was like squint and see the picture that so little but it's so tiny just like fits in your hand and that's what I like because I my hands sore it hurts like I bet it's at night like it's it feels like I've been typing all day you know stretching it out she really that big of a deal my he's way smarter than yours though yeah but if you if you just got a smaller iPhone just get the small one I could barely

► 01:01:20

reach over yeah it's it's pretty big but when you're watching YouTube videos is the shit I'll tell you what that is one thing that yeah I have a hard time of getting all the way over there to get to the max right the big one yeah yes my girlfriend has you have the other one I have the yeah the smaller one I like that better my girlfriend has that size and I might be the move because it used to be a bigger deal like there was like a camera stabilization for going to the small to the bigger one we have any pop sockets here we have the

► 01:01:50

pop sockets keep me when Nikki plates are stolen did she die why I gave it to her I thought there were more of them then that's not stealing I know I know obviously sorry Nick she took it with some weed oh we gave her about five pounds of weed I hope she didn't try to fly back with that magic she got arrested special right yes it's all right now it's hilarious you that's why I let her take the lady's fucking funny she's great she's very funny but pop sockets my point was if you have a pop socket you just it's way easier you could text like a

► 01:02:20

work with a pop socket just slide that bitch right in there like that pop up my new favorite thing Joe is Apple watch now allows you to record voice memos on your watch so when you're doing stand-up it's right there so it's a perfect recording because it's right next to your mouth one thing though is to turn your phone on airplane mode before you do it if you because then it's sometimes switches to the phone Mike light what so what I did is I put them both on airplane mode so then

► 01:02:50

have audience and then voice right next to it so if I wanted to mix it I go to have almost a perfect sounding stage recording so it's two separate recordings the same show yeah so you keep your phone on your on the stool you're recording the audience and then you have your voice right and see if this thing come up yeah you just whatever Crunch and what okay wow that actually sounds badass yeah that actually makes sense like a real reason to have an iPhone watch yeah I like the opposite you can monitor your sleep now you'll wear it

► 01:03:20

or I guess it's coming soon bye you could wear it and tell us how many times you wake up and it tells your heart rates and stuff I already have that with this thing I have this whoop strap this thing is amazing this is thing it doesn't just measure that it measures heart rate variability it measures all the disturbances how much REM sleep you had how deep your sleep was it also measures because of heart rate variability it measures how much you've recovered from your workout measures how many calories you burned I mean the the application that comes with it this whoop

► 01:03:50

fucking incredible it's got I mean it takes a long time to learn all the shit but there's so much data that you get off of these things and it gives you like these little things to fill out little questionnaires it lets you know here my recovery today is only 16 percent but I just got done running though so it's not a watch at all it's just a Strauss Justice right like that doesn't tell you the time at all it has no no readout on it nothing you just keep it on you oh that's badass because that looks cool to yeah it measures all your shit it measures your recovery

► 01:04:20

free or strains got a sleep coach and so here with sober October we're all wearing them so we all get to see that's like us today Bert Bert the most well how is he number one when he burnt 1,700 calories and I burped 1800 1/4 because no no it says 12 point his day strain is 12.2 - 12.1 even though my activity was harder than his I'll look at this it's on the internet they have a website sober October now what check it

► 01:04:50

track it watch it shit yeah because I'm a big fan of this strap this thing is really really effective it's pretty fucking amazing maybe our he's wearing Birch strap for him to go felt bad no first time talking to our they're not talking let's just for Recovery of put that is yet depends on what you're looking at I yeah I mean there's a bunch of different metrics honey believe you can look so you could read your strain your recovery you can read your performance like how much how many calories you're burning how much how much

► 01:05:20

you've recovered how efficient your body is it just lets you know where you stand physically it also lets you know whether or not you should push it or not you should slack off I look worse than I look at all that shit man that's incredible we're sleep Bert of course he's haunted by re re these memories of re drugging him keeping him awake and I both look at all

► 01:05:43

Sensei on the new on the iPhone something I did notice that you were getting close to was that they added in the health app your headphone audio levels so it tracks how loud you're listening to stuff over time and it tells you when you're in a good or bad audio listening range like if you're listening to shit too loud you're starting to damage your hearing whoa so this then gets into the Apple watch yeah they if you turn it on on your watch it listens to the Ambient sound so if you're in an environment like in a city where it's too loud it adds that into your

► 01:06:12

or your audio Health it gives you warnings also because one thing I've been doing lately at The Comedy Store when you know the back back back place where you smoke the weed you can download a audio meter that tells you how loud it is and so I've been down I downloaded a long time ago it is so bad back there when there's a lot of people back there that it's like emergency get out of that area bad for your eyes our ears like a bar yeah I know but it's way high hired well yeah you got a bunch of comics back there trying to Echoes off the oh that's true to write the concrete

► 01:06:42

thing I would say though allowing them to listen to all these microphones you're just giving them access to listen to you everywhere now what did I listen to you shit fuck I'm like yeah it's plotting yeah you planning is the government gave me this stuff like a mesh Network that's good creative with some of these like cameras on people's doors there's like a test that happened in La Basin 700 cameras gave them access

► 01:07:12

yes to almost the entire LA area whoa because the way that they linked to each other and there's like some like Watchdog people are saying that like even if you're smart enough to like not do this the person next to you might not be or your neighbor might not be they might have it on and just because your proximity is close enough your iPhone knows that your iPhone's next to it it just goes yeah you were here Joe was there yeah you can't it's gonna be really hard bullshit off in the future and it seems like with all these Nest phones and ring phones and are you know

► 01:07:42

bring phones ring cameras and net cameras Nest cameras have people have on the front doors after a while it's everywhere you go you're going to be filmed they passed the law I think today that the California like body cameras that cops use can't be used for fish recognition like the ACLU got a law passed through that said like that won't be able to happen or something like that huh too bad we're the caught a lot more people that seems that's it is weird because that seems like when you would want to use it so when you're a cop looking

► 01:08:12

four bad guys it's like yeah but that think what's happening right now that I've been reading is like there's a third party companies are getting access to that stuff and like they can buy it and that's where some of the discrepancy cuz it's just happening too fast there are laws in place to stop some of these things from happening I think that's just a good there's lots of gray area that can people can maneuver in it seems to be that people just a matter of time before you have surveillance everywhere everywhere you go everywhere everything is available

► 01:08:42

everyone except inside your house like people going to tin foil up the inside of their bedrooms just to try to keep people out and then you have a fucking television the probably has a webcam on it you know people by watching you fuck Jamie they do watch they listen to the some TVs have that stuff on to listen to what's going on in your house and what your they cross references audio let's say Siri is all of that is yeah they're listening to everything I mean even contractors who work for Alexa and apple pods and all that shit but or

► 01:09:12

I think apples one of the ones that is that apple as well because apples pretty damn strict on privacy which is kind of interesting it's one of the reasons why Apple Maps is not very good yeah because they don't collect data on everybody the way Google does like the benefit of the Google Map collect the Google data collection is you get like really detailed analytics on everything and so they know exactly what's going out why something like Ways work so well because there's so many different people giving up information you know that's

► 01:09:42

I mean it shows you where the slowdowns are and where the cops are and you know it's it's there's benefits to it it's super effective but the drawbacks are you're going down this weird Road where these companies are selling your information that's what would Google is is a company that provides you data they provide you information but they're also selling your data they're constantly selling what you're interested in like if you ever went like say like you're interested in the watch like I want to get a new watch let me

► 01:10:12

look at watches every fucking time you go to any website now those Google ads will be a watch yeah it's weird it's like they're there they're just tempting you like come on Jamie I was listening to a podcast about the beginning of the hitch the history of the Internet it's called like mint cast this was a couple months ago but he was talking about how like when arpanet was starting up in the 60s there are a lot of protests about just even turning it on because people were knew that was going to be a surveillance system like sort of like what is happening now

► 01:10:42

yeah even back then and they ability it doesn't work if people aren't using it kind of like it needs to spread and get aggro and then personal Computing is sort of like tied in and came along the perfect time for this to like grow more like phones there's even the next the next evolution of it now but doesn't it make life better I mean there's pros and cons right and the cons were all terrified of but isn't it amazing that you could just Google things yeah but you know like I I said

► 01:11:12

the other day that I thought was a line in the movie I was like is that a line in the movie and my wife is just Googling it and she's like nope nope nope no Mike well crazy is that you just find out like in a movie like how many goddamn movies are there he just type in something in quotes and it'll say oh that was from The Shining and then bam the lyrics for every song running every song every song it's just the the pros I think at least right now outweigh the cons it's just we all wonder where

► 01:11:42

going that's what's scary what's scary is the unknown you know scary is this unknown surveillance State aspect of it all

► 01:11:51

you know it's just it's better though it's like there are benefits I've bought some of the sads I've got shit for I do it all the time right for sure well John Carmack had an interesting take on that you know who's Carmack is the guy who created quake and doom and all those games and he was talking about Oculus and we're talking about technology and people being ditched their phones he's like yes but it makes your life better he's like his take on it was but people's lives are improved because of this technology and that this is

► 01:12:21

you know the guess people do get addicted to be on the screens but one of the reasons why is because it's it seems better to them than not being on the screens like there's benefits it's making their life more enjoyable I'm like okay but you're I see how you're looking at it that way but that's you know convenient when you're in technology to look at it that way but the people that look at it like in terms of like human beings and our connection with each other like how much of his how much of it is getting eroded because so much I mean how many times do you and I

► 01:12:51

hi and once we see each other at the store how many times we talk on the phone like I called you up the other day and like hey what's up I doing I was like your first phone call of 2019 I called Santino yesterday I'm like I just want to talk on the phone like I think it's good to talk on the phone I don't think people talk on the phone enough I definitely don't well we're lucky to and that our job we go out at night we see each other we all see our friends you know we talked like there's a lot of folks who don't do that they

► 01:13:21

each other at work during the day and then at night time there are sitting at home watching TV or steering at their phone and their interaction is severely limited like our business is a social business like we're always out you know we're always out and about and talking to people and interacting with people but I think some folks today because of this technology they're socially a bit stunted that's what I worry about yeah I see it hundred percent I mean that's it's weird that how it's you know a texting came out I was like who's texting

► 01:13:51

acting and that's kind of taken over from the more people like I know a lot of people that don't answer the phone anymore yeah and email addresses I think that's kind of on the way out who emails anymore unless it's like work or something like that like I mostly text or I mostly message each other I saw some girl complaining about people FaceTiming her and she was like you she was like you FaceTime me for no reason she goes that's like just knocking on my door without telling me you're coming over don't just FaceTime me she was angry don't be FaceTiming me

► 01:14:21

people FaceTime people now though that's the thing like Chappelle's FaceTiming really yeah she facetimes that's the new talking with the phone open on speakerphone yeah well the Killer Mike facetimes he's FaceTime me I was taking a shit I was watching answer yes man since he knows live on his Instagram when I was I popped in and he tried to make me like oh do I - yeah I wasn't looking I just woke up and I was very Haggard and it was dark I was like no I'm not joining your shit my eyes aren't even open

► 01:14:51

open like I can't be scared Jamie look like somebody scared your looks your wonderful looking man how many ugly people be happy to look like you thank you yeah I think you and Joey and my parents are the only ones I answer phoner I started calling people every day now I call a lot of people I always call my wife I hardly ever text her but I'm trying to call more people I think it's I think it's a move that's a healthy move just you get a real conversation a little back and forth little laughter you know

► 01:15:21

ground with each other texting is just so fucking impersonal so Bland open to interpretation yeah you know you just a voice memo thing that the text messages allows you to know you know who does that man Alex Jones he'll send me these long Joe Rogan would that what's going on right now the Deep State we're trying to do at Trump will send me these long fucking voicemail messages that come in a text message voice memos yeah I think go away to the go away after a few days that's how I saved every time

► 01:15:51

they were saved yeah people are into those those little voice memos I don't know why get to hear the voice I guess no yeah of course that's true but my voicemails always full so that's the sneaky work around I keep my rules voicemail full I get out of here with that thing yes no spoiler alert by screening phone calls over answering machines popped up in that movie and that was like a thing that I kind of forgot oh yeah go to dude like hey yeah

► 01:16:21

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you would let it go to hey what's up Joe not here right now leave a message you'd probably say something cool Tri-City he'd have some cool music like some White Snake playing in the background I get so many scam calls every day now that I spend most of my time just going through my missed call list and then Googling the phone number to see if it's a scam scam call or not is there a way to block that isn't there a robo call blocker which came up with those new iPhone thing lets you block numbers that

► 01:16:51

don't have saved it goes straight to voicemail yeah that's key because you know if you don't have it saved then you'll just check the voice mail later or see that they called you know yeah I don't check any voicemails all my shits off there like I have it on like silent mode do not disturb everything so it my I have to just make sure I check it every like 15 minutes or so well for me I'm glad I got the note because I wanted to know what the dark side was like I was like you know because I watched a lot of tech videos on phones and stuff like that and I was like well maybe

► 01:17:21

Android has caught up maybe it is better and it's not still clunky fucking key it's good for watching YouTube it's good for Google and stuff it's good for Google Maps it's really good for Google Maps like Google Maps on Android is its native you know to Android so it's actually slightly better than it is for iPhone but that's it they gotta have a when you connect it to your car there's like Android thing Android play Auto yeah yeah it's okay but like a lot of cars manufacturers don't even fuck with it

► 01:17:51

like if the BMW doesn't even fuck with it they use apple carplay and if you have an Android and go fuck yourself they don't care my Honda has both which I thought was cool so you could it has the Apple play and the Android play yeah a lot of the aftermarket ones have both I've never tried Android auto that's one bad thing about Tesla though huh yeah I mean he needs to do something because there's no messaging app on the Tesla's but I think that's better that way you don't fuck with it while you're driving yeah but it's nice just to be at least like hey you got a text message you know Ari

► 01:18:21

it doesn't have anything I guess I don't know man I just I think it's something there's something good about not fucking with that at all while you're driving you know if you can look at your phone if you want to it's still there yeah but that big-ass beautiful screens worth it I like it though I when you know Honda you just hit a button and it just read your text to and so yeah oh yeah like Auto yeah yeah yeah apple carplay yeah yeah that does that I have that on my Toyota but see the thing about Teslas though their navigation system is so Superior

► 01:18:51

Courier like what I love about it is it works like a phone because it's all connected to the internet so you could say to it hey you know navigate to Tom's barbecue and and they just bang it'll just take you to Tom's barbecue and it says like would you like to go on autopilot like fuck yeah I would you press auto pilot would you like us to change lanes fuck yeah change lanes bitch he'll change lanes for you mean it's it's so Superior in like it's application like the way the

► 01:19:21

it first of all the screen is enormous right so you're looking at the entire grid of the city basically and you see where you're going a mile away it's not like sometimes you looking at like a little screen on a phone in like what is this next or is it the next block is it this one or the next one with a Tesla there's no confusion you know and you get it on the front screen on your dashboard yeah you see a part of like what's coming up next Zoom it yeah closest part like oh there's the left right there dude it's so good it's so good

► 01:19:51

good and then driving it other cars feel stupid don't they yeah I tried to drive my Civic the other day and it's sucks like this used to be the coolest car to drive like fun and now it just seems so dumb they're dumb yeah they're dumb he's got me I like yeah I am I'm testing for life because of this I don't know enough about all these analysts that are predicting the Tesla's going to be doomed like some guy said the Tesla's going to lose 80% of its stock or go away like some financial analyst like what they've been saying that forever

► 01:20:21

they basing that on I've read that stuff too I got I have competitors that don't want them to do good you think that's what it is could be I don't know they're doing very good like they're talking about it like the new Porsche I don't know if you saw the news and oh yeah they're Joe but guess what try to charge it try to go try to go like across the country with that thing they don't have the supercharger Network that Tesla has and thats everywhere why wouldn't they have the same interface the Tesla doesn't know that you have a Tesla right it just knows it's electric and it goes into the socket charging

► 01:20:50

uh yeah thing right I don't know I think I think that's a the one of the airport is just electric yeah you're using one of the airport's gotta put on the little adapter but who cares when you're going to the airport you leave your car parked and you plug it in you come back and fully charged there's one in the middle in the middle LAX oh yeah oh hell no no you open like a lot of them open oh yeah oh yeah well it's hard to get them sometimes because a lot of people have electric cars now but I got one the other day I was at the airport the other day apartment got mad

► 01:21:21

you have to pick up your tax season Ubers now like in a satellite lot or take a kid that subtle over there well they need that for the goddamn Comedy Store those dorks always park right in front of the driveway you can't get in or out and it's a nightmare yeah it's out of get mad at you like you're not supposed to be here stupid yeah it's a controls but look at least less people are drunk driving

► 01:21:43

the congestion

► 01:21:45

to fix anything there is a great idea so I don't know like We complain about them doing anything this is trying its that less less traffic definitely don't great it just sucks you mean Ellie yeah worse it's well I came home from Italy with my family at 11 o'clock at night it was bumper-to-bumper worse at night it was so bad I couldn't believe how many people are at LAX it's so bad and then you go to like Salt Lake City and it's just smooth sailing ha you know you go to a night of

► 01:22:15

Moorestown are boy Salt Lake City is a goddamn Hidden Gem kids five o'clock at night five o'clock p.m. Tuesday night nobody's on the road it just smooth sailing they don't have traffic their traffic is non-existent the Mormon scare everyone away like it's beautiful the weather's gorgeous they're surrounded by mountains but I was like these Mormons and they get scared off they don't move there

► 01:22:41

yeah I think Salt Lake's great I mean the only bad things the snow right whatever no I'm I'm those my lips he just did you get a four wheel drive just get a truck you know and fucking yeah well when they home when it smells like Tesla releases their truck are coming out soon I sent Ilana picture of a truck and I said hey man this looks fucking dope he's like that's not really our truck mmm I tried to tell ya he said it what it was his words it's more blade runner-esque that's what

► 01:23:11

said it's more than that picture that depicts our that I think you're talking about the black one that's already pretty big running I but that I could tell us fake because if he's going to make a truck he has to have more of a bed space in the back right I think he's trying to make something yeah that's fake that's like that looks fucking dope man it looks pretty trying to I like the lights oh my God it looks amazing but I think whatever he's doing is going to look even Doper than that but no one is supporting it he's somehow or another been able to keep it

► 01:23:41

under wraps yeah that's good at how many people have trucks you know in the United States that's going to be a game-changer I'm surprised that he hasn't released it yet because it's American yeah that's an American product I mean all these people that want to like it's a weird thing like people you look fucking engines and Ford and Chevy you know I think that's American well guess what else is American Tesla that's an American invention it's American like it's good for the invited don't you love the outdoors yes you do good

► 01:24:11

a fucking electric car drive around on that yeah it's the best part it's it's going to be interesting to see what it looks like if you got solar at your house yet you ever try to fuck with the Tesla solar we were going to get the Tesla roof panels but our roof has the wrong pitch for whatever that means Direction yeah so we have another set up another solar panel that ass yeah but the I think solar is in California it's a silly thing to not have it's like you can get all your power from the sky

► 01:24:41

why should be the law every house has to have well I think it's a matter of time like Tesla has these solar panels that were act as tiles they look like roof tiles and look really good look real nice roof tiles but I think you know they didn't have that ten years ago and ten years from now the probably have something even more efficient the real problem is battery capacity like battery capacity is the thing that holds back these electric cars and they think they're going to be able to fix that too and they think with new Battery Technology you're going to be able to get more mileage

► 01:25:11

and to be able to charge far quicker that's going to be the real game changer because once people there's a lot of people that like Brendan Brendan Schaub he's like resisting the Tesla I drive around like you driving that again you gets mad because you're like why don't you drive when your muscle cars like I love those but I love this you got to drive this man it's like I'm not driving keep quiet doesn't matter when you drive it once you're like holy fuck when you realize how fast they are it's like it time travels it just goes just just just just cuts the distance between spaces

► 01:25:41

has in a way that no other car can do I don't I've never seen another car that and it does that without being obnoxious like it doesn't go bad doesn't make some crazy loud noise it just goes whoosh Ilan should definitely have an update where it makes your car speakers match with your acceleration and he like a so you feel like you're inside like a rumbling car while you're driving down they do they have that with some cars with people get mad at it apparently the new Corvette pipes fake sound into your into the car because

► 01:26:11

when they make cars that are turbocharged when you have forced induction with turbocharged these these turbos they make the engine sound shitty like a naturally aspirated engine is the loudest most rumbly kind of an engine and when you have turbo charges it mutes the sound the engine because all I don't know why but I guess it's because all the forced air they they don't sound as good so what they've been doing is they've been forcing like fake sound like BMW does that

► 01:26:41

like when you're driving the car and here the cool acceleration sound it's kind of fake that's it's coming in through your speakers yeah this is really weird they're about to release a fart horn also the test yeah I heard about that that's a great idea I saw this video today and you started mentioning something that triggered you see have you seen this yet says solar a game changer for technology developed in San Antonio to pull water from humid air so this guy Moses West who is retired and it took him four years he developed this machine called a AWG and I'm trying to find out

► 01:27:11

that stands for but it's a big machine that pulled literally makes drinking water from the air at very low cost you said lower the cost of drug groundwater whoa he already has them in Puerto Rico the Bahamas and Flint I think he's made 12 of them so far I've talked about this with my dad before because I have a humidifier and it does the same thing I have to empty out the water container out of it every dehumidifier I'm sorry right and I had this big tank that when I use it I have to like throw it out and I was like that's just pulled from the air and I was like Dad why can't you drink

► 01:27:41

kit and he's he says it's too it's still waters so you can't you know you can't drink Stillwater right like it's not a little water you know like pond water kind of shit know like the little water it's not still water that the water you can buy a distilled distilled water right yes not good for you gotta add electrolytes to it the science behind the technology is simple condensation the same principle that creates beads of water on the outside of a cold glass of water on a hot humid day the warmer and more humid the air outside the better this his

► 01:28:11

he's able to condense the water in the air making it rain inside the shipping container size device a spigot and a hose allow people to fill up any container with fresh potable water it's like an endless source of water it's a water generator that's really cool for places that are human I wonder if that would work in La though because it's dry as fuck here right I do they have any water in the air here they must have some yeah knows I'd looked on the other day I was 62% humidity outside I was like this is oh that's Ohio levels let's close this

► 01:28:41

right now those there's just the other down I was must have been a cloudy day so on a regular day but it is never zero percent humidity it's not know it's like it's slower but it's still not like I always thought it was Zero but it's not always well if what he's saying makes sense right like you've always been able to take a glass with ice and a drink and you get condensation on the outside of it always so all they would have to do is I mean if that works

► 01:29:08

on a hot day in LA to they get water out of the air that's amazing he's just it's this is new as far as I know it's probably not a brand new technology he just figured out a rival but God loves smart people yeah I'm so glad they're real I'm so glad they're out there fixing things I'm I'm really hoping and I've talked to many technologists that believe this as well that technology is going to be the solution for our our environmental problems

► 01:29:38

they're gonna be able to pull carbon out of the air is this it right here that's the machine that's him yeah he was next here constant like filling it up what is this gentleman's name Moses West most powerful Moses West figured it out and he's got that's like a truck container like it looks like the like I look at that yeah that's crazy it looks like one of those things on the what your caboose on a train with the Caboose no cab what's one which one's the cargo holder what are those it's like the front of the engine right yeah what's all this

► 01:30:08

ones in the back where those called the locomotives the front right yeah cabooses bottom look at all that water they're getting out of the fucking air Texas man plans to take water machine to the Bahamas dude the Bahamas is really depressing if you paid attention to the devastation in the Bahamas from the hurricane yeah you know Eve Edwards is from the Bahamas so he went down there and he's he's helping out and I looked at some of the video footage of the devastation down there

► 01:30:38

Bahamas essentially are wiped out I mean they got crushed by that hurricane of the airport was disappeared is gone yeah but pull up some footage European bahamut's no I've never been I love you yeah looks like very Beach like it was the only place where everyone was trying to give you sell you drugs everywhere like I was at Pizza Hut like I guys here's your pizza I like I went to a pizza for some reason I don't know why because I was like how I went American poor cheap pizza and the guy who's here's your pizza had you want to buy any Coke and I'm like I'm not

► 01:31:09

pizza and Cody figured if you're the type of guy who gets Pizza in the Bahamas right the type of guy who does coke look at what it looks like man fuck look at that one of the right the far-right the big picture Go Large with that look at that man that's insane it is essentially wiped out the island

► 01:31:29

see when you're in the path of hurricanes on a regular basis like that

► 01:31:34

and you're stuck there that's got to be such a helpless feeling like you know the destructions coming basically every year what did it it wasn't this bad like 10 years ago right like all these people probably were like yeah we had a hurricane once 20 years ago but now it seems like they're just getting fucked every year well part of it is because of climate change Atlantic Ocean the Atlantic Ocean is a warm ocean right that's why we don't get hurricanes out here in the Pacific because because the water is cold the pros and the cons the pros are

► 01:32:04

it we don't get hurricanes the cons are it's cold to swim in but to me I'll take that all day I don't swim in the ocean that much hurricane seem to come every fucking year side benefit test is that they could drive underwater just the videos of Tesla's like not submerged but like yeah crazy really because it's airtight Tesla's are airtight because the they have the nuclear bomb mode for the air conditioning no I'm talking about the radiation mode nuclear bomb it said they have the filtration

► 01:32:34

estimate at least in the ax I think it's in the S2 has the it's so airtight that like if the air is qualities bad or whatever you can do that forget the name of it it's not called nuclear bomb Oh but it's the nuclear assemble all out Mo yeah and it makes it so no air it's only filtering the air that's inside the cabin and it's air tight so they like if there's bad gas outside how long would it take for you run out of oxygen though I don't know right because like good question so much air in there if you just breathe

► 01:33:04

air and blown out carbon dioxide wouldn't eventually fill up or maybe it's it's filtering the air it because the filters can it's like wearing a gas mask like it's filtering new air into it yeah what is it called hirata's early work like that yeah I think so

► 01:33:21

I remember I was watching episode of Top Gear and they were saying that the air that comes out of a Porsche 911 Turbo is actually cleaner than the air it sucks in in Downtown LA so if you drive around a 911 turbo in La the exhaust fumes are actually cleaner than the air at pulls in

► 01:33:38

bio weapon defense mode is what Elon Musk cause it weapon defense mode it's the advanced air filter systems to the point the automaker has been making incredible claims about it huh now how does it does it filter out carbon monoxide like can they keep give you a continuous supply of oxygen while the batteries charged when those fires are going on are they were like a human I remember he was tweeting something about like they were like being views has escaped vehicle safe

► 01:34:07

pull out because they had such good HEPA filtration on them yeah oh hmm that makes sense yeah I haven't been in those fires myself it's stunning how weird it gets when you're seeing like fire everywhere and then the air is just everywhere you go it's just filled with smoke the worst I ever saw was one year we were filming Fear Factor in the entire ride home for more than more than 50 miles the whole right side of the highway is on five and more water than that but there's a lot of water broke and it was so funny he

► 01:34:37

makes a wave that attacks this reporter look he's like look that's a weird feature because you remember those Karma's those fisca Karma's they blew up at the dock because the dock got overrun with water and they all started exploding yeah that's fucked up yeah they didn't figure that out

► 01:34:57

it's going to be interesting to see who steps into the electric car world like now that Porsche is got this really sweet looking new car that's coming out but apparently it doesn't have as many miles doesn't go as many miles as a Tesla right and it's not as fast as a test right this is your third yeah but that's weird like your Porsche like why don't you have a faster car than Tesla like how did they do that like why would they release a car that's not as fast I think they all can agree that elon's 10 years in the past

► 01:35:27

all the carmaker's right now like oh he's ten years ahead ahead yeah well make sense I think apples going to have something pretty cool bringing because once you know if Apple really does finally release their electric car you know that's going to be the iPhone of cars and everyone's doing that yeah I really do I think Ilan even said that they are I haven't I thought that was by someone maybe or like put their name on something but for them to get in the car but you it seems pretty tough for Tesla to do it to make their own cars no I think I think

► 01:35:57

they're teaming up with like Volkswagen and it's going to be like an apple car something like that seems like an insane waste of time let's just go buy a Tesla Apple has so much money though it's amazing how much money that is yeah they definitely could it's amazing how much money that company is just stored up they could they could by Tesla in just turn them into apples easily be great if he'll on wanted to sell I don't think he wants to sell I think he wants to prove everybody wrong

► 01:36:27

you know when everybody says that the company's going to go out of business it's going to lose 80% of its market share and I think he wants he's a but I don't know how he does everything that's what doesn't make any sense to me like how does he do that and pay attention to the tunnels they're digging under LA and pay attention to SpaceX and pay attention to SolarCity we how are the fucking one guy have so many different irons in the fire a lot of assistance I bet I'm sure but how does he rest like how do

► 01:36:57

you rest when you have that many different things going on that shit ain't good like when the most busy I've ever been how many podcasts were you doing

► 01:37:07

there was a point where with yours and death squad I was probably doing like 11 a week oh oh I was pretty much only doing podcasts I've ruined all my relationships goddamn yeah see that is just not wise right that's just too much it's too much to do when people do that when they just take on too many different I got I've thought about other stuff like doing other stuff I've had offers to do other stuff and I start thinking about it maybe I can find time for that and then I

► 01:37:36

then I give myself coaching like I'm like what would you tell yourself I'm like what the fuck is wrong with you you're not doing anything else like you go barely do all the stuff you're doing now I think for me too as I get older especially like right now in my life my leisure times very important to me like it means something and I don't mean Leisure like sit around doing nothing but like Hobbies like stuff that I do like lately I've been shooting guns yeah it's jealous man dude you should come with us I'm thinking about buying a gun you should get a gun and you want to come with us tomorrow

► 01:38:06

wait a minute what's today I might go in tomorrow we'll talk afterwards but I'm going soon well you should come it's fun it's fun you learn how to shoot your gun and tactical mmm yeah it is fun you know it's like a video game but some people get mad a lot of bad comments well I just get mad don't you shooting guns she's stop it stop it think of the children stop it blinks we're not shooting blanks we're shooting real bullets what

► 01:38:36

but it's there's also a game that you can get we're going to get for this studio that's it's a real pistol like it looks like a real pistol and has a six pound pull so it feels like a real pistol when you pull the trigger and it's like that techno hunt thing where you got a laser beam that shoots out and it even makes a noise like a gun like pie wow and you shooting zombies no way yeah and it's heavy like a pistol so you have to hold it like a pestle yeah dude that's bad that's next for and whatnot oh yeah oh yeah

► 01:39:06

billions you shoot how many zombies you got because sometimes people come run around the corner and it says it's a zombie and then there's a civilian behind him you got to make sure not to say you guys rolling around and shit out there or are you just standing still in that we're not in America Libro I know but I don't know if you guys are having no I don't circles I don't think it's a good idea to have dummies like me roll around with a gun in my hand somebody told me to buy a Glock 19 I was the gonna buy a great gun all right cool yeah we should before you do anything you should learn that shoot I've shot before

► 01:39:36

it's gone a few times with you yeah yeah for rifles right yeah yeah but I've shot in Burbank at the shooting place where a little place near yeah it's Dentistry yeah it's fun man it's fun we should have a JRE shooting range somewhere hell yeah have a just one before that thing that yeah we shot all the hard drives yes that was fun that was fun wasn't it it was rifle shooting is fun but pistol shooting when you're holding in your hand is it's way more difficult it seems is it weird if you think it's

► 01:40:06

difficult more difficult to aim yeah because he gave me a rifle and you know I shoot rifle so much I have shot him so much it's easy you just have Trigger Discipline you just don't yank the triggers pull pull pull pull pull bang and let it go off like a surprise shot and I was hit everything I aimed at and he was like okay you've shot that before but like pistols I've only shot pistols at a range with no instruction I don't really I didn't know what I'm doing at all and once you learn like how to grip it how to hold it how to aim like you don't really hold that

► 01:40:36

and with your right hand most of the pressure with your left so and the grip is very it's not intuitive you have to learn it it's something that you have to be taught correctly and there's so many people there that are like they shoot in competitions and so when you watch them do it you like oh wow Jesus Christ like there's levels to this I just guys that could pull the gun out and shoot four shots inside of a second I have everything in a second pull draw pull shoot four shots inside of a second that's crazy

► 01:41:06

yeah it's ridiculous but they're just begging for someone to break in their house ha ha I'm just people like that out there there's there's people like that word you you know you breaking the house you fucked with the wrong person well ten cities growing so I think I need to get one just like that is going to be a giant homeless encampment it's like if you looked at it the spread right if it was a disease a deadly disease that was killing everybody and you saw a patient zero and then it spread like two people for people six people 10 people now La has

► 01:41:36

more than 60,000 homeless people and every single underpass that you go to UC camps now yeah it's not like it used to be it's a totally different animal now it's like a walking dead man where it seems like it's growing like Laurel Canyon when you're going to Laurel Canyon off the 101 it used to be pretty normal last night or two nights ago when I went through it it was like you there was no sidewalk anymore it was just like if somebody wanted had to walk on that sidewalk yeah good luck with your going through Ewok village you know yep and

► 01:42:06

holes in all kinds of fucked up in human shit I mean human shits all over downtown LA I seen a lot of people shit and that's nothing compared to San Francisco that guy's zubi who's on our podcast he did a bunch of posts about his trip to San Francisco is like it is so much worse he was saying was so much worse than he thought it was it's so it's so beyond comprehension how many people just openly shooting up drugs shitting in the streets homeless people everywhere how do you fix that and like if you would think that if there's something that La needed to fix at all the things

► 01:42:36

is that LE complaints about the homeless problem is like one of the most insurmountable problems like what do you do to curb that how do you get these people homes how do you clean these people up how do you get them off drugs how do you get them off the streets how do you make it not a public nuisance how do you make it so people aren't scared to go down streets because there's certain streets in Downtown LA where you see the street like you're at the beginning of the mouth is treating you look no Street like I'm not walking down there with this is terrible that they need to open up the Mental Hospitals again whenever they closed them down

► 01:43:06

wait in the 70s or the 80s that's what caused all this they don't have those anymore and it definitely was a problem but it seems like it's gotten way worse right like think about what it used to be 10 years ago now think about what it is now mean this 10 years ago it was still decades after they closed down the mental institutions they change the standards so what it was was they had certain standards where you would be institutionalized and they change those standards under the Reagan Administration just sent these people out in the streets and everybody thought it was like really

► 01:43:36

rule because here you just releasing these people with all these like severe mental health problems just releasing them out into the street but that was a long time ago something has happened recently I guess is the economy I mean I don't know what it is but another thing you thinking seeing around this area is mobile homes like those the drive those campers like winnebagos fucking everywhere people just get enough money to get one of the mobile homes and just park it on the street and they live in those things

► 01:44:06

yeah which is just like a mobile Camp you know and you get these gypsies that hang out and they cook on the sidewalk and shit like we used to have them here they would they would like they were hanging out and sunbathing on the lawn out here and the owner of the buildings I get the fuck out of here like what are you guys doing this is in the park like go to the park you know what's worse Sovereign citizens what does that there's people that don't drive they travel and they don't follow the rules and they like if you watch it live PD they have

► 01:44:36

one every episode tweet to every episode it's they'll get pulled over and it's like they want even roll down the window and they're like I don't have to follow your rules sir I am you know they never have driver's license or insurance they it's like people that don't think taxes apply to them but don't think the law applies to that that's crop grown so big recently that it's so many people now that do this shit and it's the most grossest like if you watch online media you'll what does live P do like these cops nowadays it's but it's not news

► 01:45:06

I think it's way better was away but because it's live it's like four hours long and the host alive what live in the moment like in seven different cities they have a whole control center like all right we got a speeding going on here we got to up there's a Chase going on here let's go live over here yeah it's my favorite and they have it they also have in Columbus Ohio where they used to but they just got rid of it I didn't even know this was a thing and so these Sovereign citizens like what are they saying they get pulled over and they say I don't have to listen to you yeah they pretty much they like your rules don't apply and they'll be like get

► 01:45:36

you know give me your driver's license and your time right click take you to jail for just a seatbelt you know violation give me your license they won't like I don't need to give you a license sir please you like they have this shit to keep on repeating like and they all go to these websites and they're like reading on their phone sir I don't have to you know do this and that and this and then they finally have to like break their window and just drag them out and arrest them just for a seatbelt violations are smart and you know they're talking about though but other people have just like watch another video like how I don't have to listen to this guy I'm a YouTuber and there's

► 01:46:06

the uniquely satisfying about watching I get pulled over by the cops and he knows exactly what it's rights are and the cops are fucking up and he calls the cops on different codes and laws and the Constitution and then he winds up driving off I've seen that before yeah it's all over the da on accident or like what you see oops yeah that was for that woman who was the New York she was like some kind of high up person that got pulled over and she starts yelling at the cops and shit like she lost her job the next

► 01:46:36

oh yeah saw that yeah that was ridiculous she was trying to throw her weight around yeah she didn't realize she was on camera being a bit corruption man that's corruption you're a citizen bitch you know everybody needs to realize there was one where a judge got pulled over and they let him slide but he got in trouble afterwards as well because it's on camera you know and someone finds that video it's like hey man you are citizen you're like us like if you're speeding or something like that and they pull you over you can't get out act like you own these cops it's I mean you

► 01:47:06

how to give your fucking drive driver's license you gotta you gotta show them your identification if you're doing something that's an infraction or violation that's the whole reason why we have cops do you want everybody just driving a hundred fifty miles an hour no ID and masks on no so you have to have rules so these are the rules if you do something that breaks the law they got to be able to pull you over and give you a fucking ticket and incentivize you to drive correctly and also find out if maybe you're running from the cops and I also they pull you over the get your idea to go and

► 01:47:36

amen you got a murder warrant out for you so please step out of the car with your hands up I mean this is the whole reason why we have cops in the first place then these people think they don't have to pay taxes then the laws don't apply to them it's all instant unconstitutional good luck with that case good luck with the ass Wesley Snipes how that worked out yeah it should they put Wesley and fucking jail for a long time Lauren Hill to from the goddamn Fugees they put her in a cage for like a year right how long did she go to jail for it was a taxes think two men think

► 01:48:06

his wacky whether it's an attorney or a tax professional or some wacky advisor tells them they don't have to pay taxes and they read some internet things as actually it's unconstitutional it's only supposed to apply during wartime like listen pay your fucking taxes okay you can protest all you want you think it's unjust that's good they will put you in a fucking jail and if you're a famous person's trying to pull that off especially a famous rich person look it's not good

► 01:48:36

but it is what it is they're going to make an example of you

► 01:48:40

how long did she go to jail for that's it show me what to jail for three months until hmm so she was released from a federal prison women's low security office ility all-female secure facility just a fact they put her in a fucking cage is crazy like she a danger to the public like what is goin on here she owes you money how come that's the one money that you can't just pay back you know you can't just pay it back how come I can't just pay it back nope not good enough latest on the case - and yeah

► 01:49:10

and yet they take away your ability to earn a living for a long time like Wesley Snipes how long was he in jail for he was in jail for like a solid year a whole year Behind Bars put a halt to his career and all because he owed some taxes because he had some wacky dude that was telling him he didn't have to pay taxes how long had a three-year sentence three years imagine that man because of money they lock you in a goddamn cage it's not like he stole money it's not he held up a bank

► 01:49:39

think it's not like he was a violent person that was a danger to society no he owed some taxes he made money yeah and they had their taking his well you made money but he didn't give his share up to the government so the government decided to lock him in a cage to punish him and to make a statement to everybody else it's also like you pay taxes you get taxed on your paycheck and then you get sales tax are getting tax how many times you know getting texts a lot 10 times well then that's why places like Nevada people like because

► 01:50:10

Vada you don't have to pay state taxes so you make a you can save a lot of money Florida same thing like I know a dude who moved to Florida because he was going to sell his business so he's like look I'm going to move to Florida and establish residence in Florida for a few years and then sell my business so I'm a Florida resident and then I have to pay nearly as much money can see if you want a big business it can save you a ton of money it's just weird that it's different everywhere you go you know like some places just don't have state tax you don't have to pay yeah

► 01:50:39

Anna has different taxes Colorado has different taxes they're all of everybody's going to like a different set up different amount that you have to pay for this and that over there is a weird thing that like a lot of the big corporations have their headquarters in Delaware for some reason it's like somewhere tax law for that mmm nice little tax Havens I'm like that well isn't that why the juice moved to Florida didn't OJ move to Florida because they couldn't take his pension that way well he owes money based off the lawsuit right for the civil suit yeah but

► 01:51:10

has a pension right from the NFL yeah so take right they can't fuck with that pension dude I got to tell you watching him on Twitter every day is one of the strangest thing and him talking about football so there's certain things like if you're if you're a guy who went to jail for embezzlement and he got out but you're a football fan and you still talk about football okay you're just talking about football but if you're a double homicide guy you killed two people with a knife and then you got away with it but everybody knows

► 01:51:39

you did it and then you're talking about football hey Twitter world what is he saying run your studs right your study football all the time let me hear some of this get-go from the beginning

► 01:51:51

well the fifth week is in the can and some things are beginning to reveal themselves one the Dallas Cowboys may not be who we thought they were the Buffalo Bills defense is for Real they are great Teddy Bridgewater is more than the seat holder if and when the time that Drew Brees is side to move on it's just so strange we're just giving them a like picks right what if somebody gets out stopping her is great this weekend yeah

► 01:52:21

no that would be weird yeah well I mean obviously he was a great football player in his day so it kind of makes sense he's talking about football but it is strange and then if you look in the comments All knife emoji and you really cut me up with that one juice look he's choice of words sometime almost make me feel like that that he's doing some shit on purpose though like I don't think so have you ever psychology look at the South part covered

► 01:52:50

judges it's so strange describing - yeah I mean and his it's like you never getting away from that that's my under replies it's never going to go away right I mean that's who he is at least now he's wearing sunglasses and every pick

► 01:53:07

it's so strange though every video Hit look at that it's a loss is inside yeah off it's got a glass those are reading glasses he's got them is ham but it's all like jovial football talk so strange it's just what a weird time we're at where a guy is a is a murderer and legs on Twitter yeah allegedly he's on Twitter and just talking about football

► 01:53:34

like what do you think he gets out of that like why do you think he think that's a good idea as he just miss attention just like I think has anything going for him he has to do that to promote my book signings I bet he's finds that falls because the signings I bet he does that shit at the mall in Vegas yeah I bet him I don't know what the fuck he does like what is OJ do for money Petros type she just gets that pension right yeah there could I might be

► 01:54:04

he might be trying to build his Twitter account to a point where he could use it for that how many people do you have on certain million nine hundred sixteen thousand right yeah well it's one of those things where it's kind of an oddity right it's like an attraction he's going to be boxing Screech any day now

► 01:54:21

he's really old and he doesn't move that good but he's got Killer Instinct I like to My Naked Gun look he's you know before the murders he was a beloved person it's just such a such an unusual like society today is so strange across the board you know like look at us we're in NASA costumes millions of people are watching like what are we doing but what's matter hoarding to this teams are Bleacher Report

► 01:54:51

kimsey article I guess it says that that what he originally owed to the Goldman family due to 22 years of interest is over a hundred million dollars now mmm-hmm so and they can't make him pay huh well that's like why I guess you can't really work as they just take all that money so any autograph signings he does probably would get they take all the money going right away so how does he live he has to have like a certain allowance guess that NFL pension War he has a friend who gives money right price

► 01:55:23

like what would he do with his Twitter but the strange thing is like do you think that this is a calculated effort to try to start a social media business or do you think this is just him just trying to connect with people what's up someone has to be a zero there's no way he just figured out Twitter isn't Borden was like what's this Twitter thing I mean he has somebody downloading that for sure read an article he's got to be the hottest guy on Twitter him and John McAfee

► 01:55:51

the John McAfee guy running around oh yeah he's like halfway trolling people it's hard to tell what he's doing like what he's doing seems to be like almost like a some of it's very theatrical remember when we interviewed him when he was on the Run we interviewed him remotely when he was on the run for murder and he was saying it was all nonsense and I was asking him about math like how much Matthews you really smoking meth like I read an article that showed that you had a meth lab that you built in your backyard is like a thought that was all fiction

► 01:56:21

oh yeah there's like that was a prank I was trolling people I believe that you think so yeah I know he's old-school he's old-school drink it was cooking it I mean he was straight-up Breaking Bad and his backyard where was he in Belize like where was summer really something like that but some place where it all went sideways on him right in his neighbor wind up getting murdered that's why he's on the run right yeah what cared what happened to that what a character the guy was a fucking antivirus mogul

► 01:56:51

you know I mean that's McAfee McAfee Antivirus who's the was like Norton and McAfee those are the two big names in antivirus hunt Norton's up to right now he's probably you know McAfee is old place in Belize smoke his leftover meth those dudes are fucking Escape society and go move to some small island and get some little little you know native girlfriends that's a weird move right that's a great move do you think you'd ever see yourself

► 01:57:20

doing that hell yes you could podcast from an island somewhere as soon as that's possible being hologram stop by hologram style anywhere that's when like you could have you somebody on as a guest as a podcast but in hologram form but listen if we decided to set up a studio like on an island somewhere and do the podcast from an island somewhere and we'd have to fly some guests in right like say if there's a few of us we just talk shit about the news all the things that are going down the Trump impeachment this now we all did it from an eye on someone

► 01:57:51

our and occasionally we fly people in you put say if you do it in on Lanai right you gotta use everybody flies in the Four Seasons stay the nice place has to be somewhere where there's no hurricanes though so don't get too many hurricanes out Heavenly not what it sounds like what like Jeffrey Epstein pitch to get people on his playing I can't come on now we're just having a conversation we're not banging any kids just try to relax still alive anyway so you can just go to his I'll do you think he's still alive oh yeah

► 01:58:20

really yeah he's on that island how funny is the people just stop talking about the fact that God get whacked yeah for sure they whack that guy I mean out of all the things that I'm sure about that I don't know and this is one that I'm most sure I'm most sure they're murdered that guy he knew so much from so many different people and all the things that went wrong even Michael Shermer who is like a professional skeptic who doesn't believe in anything he found out that the cameras were

► 01:58:51

can and then the did they weren't working on the day the guy got offed is like oh maybe this is a conspiracy you think you think the guy Clinton flew to his fucking Island 26 times he flew with Epstein why don't know if you flew into his Island but he flew on Epstein's jet 26 different times held I'll chop over there for quite a quite a long time and nothing happened to him what that same facility oh did it ruin yeah like no one had died there for

► 01:59:20

years or something like that since it's an idea into what I heard they whack that guy the most hilarious thing is you ever see who his cellmate was that no his cellmate was a fucking go gorilla really like the biggest guy you could ever imagine being in yourself like the guy looked like you're like if you're going to have a movie about the worst possible cellmate you could ever have it would be this guy look at this guy look at the fucking size of the guy so glad he's white and he's a former cop of former

► 01:59:51

up built like a brick shithouse I mean he's enormous what is that guy's name Nicholas start toggle yelling yeah he was a bad cop the cop went bad but when you look at the size of them you like come on man that's really his cellmate like before he went in

► 02:00:09

that bad dog and that's him now yeah wow he's fucking huge a huge gigantic muscled up dude was his cellmate and was he there when he got offed no he wasn't there what a convenient the first time he wanted suicide all drivers tell me tribes yeah what saved him what did the second gym he killed four people on a bad coke deal whoopsies they had a kind of a big deal

► 02:00:38

whatever whatever a bad coke deal but how funny is that that's his cell mate like what do we got what do we got well only got a murderer that's built like a brick shithouse let's put him in there with him he got some wet cocaine he's transferred out the eve of a suicide okay Vincent in and had the doctor picture with d'Alene mask well at the end and out and Studio City yeah it was just like what they put that out disappeared right made the news doctored photo shop

► 02:01:08

opt for some reason where is that lady no one knows they didn't know where she was at the time and then that picture came out the thought she was in Boston or something out of the high-profile cases out of all of them that's got to be the most strange right this guy has an island on the island he has a building that's colored in the the mate it's painted in the colors of the Israeli flag they think he's a Mossad agent he's some sort of intelligence

► 02:01:38

it the reported that said that he was released earlier was given a sweet deal because he was Intelligence that's not been verified right right that came from one article that Vanity Fair thing right he's on them that got repeated a lot but I don't know that we don't know if anywhere she hated right Jesus the whole thing though Jesus Christ what a crazy story this is a strangest time because every day there's new things coming at you so hard and fast

► 02:02:08

just you can't keep up with it this was his drone there's someone flying a drone over his Island every day it's they stopped three weeks ago I guess but for the like almost every day there was updated Drone footage for some reason I don't know how this person was getting it there it must have a boat yeah he paid someone something like fifty thousand dollars extra to have a cement truck delivered there a couple months before he got arrested wow yeah kid at cement truck shipped out to his Island and they think they had some shit got buried in that tunnel or something I don't know Jesus Christ because I've been like they have footage on this island

► 02:02:38

pre-raid and post rate of the FBI making it there yeah there was one big last week or two weeks ago where they supposedly saw him sitting in a given thought so it's just like a worker from the islands there's gonna be so many stories about this but we're never going to know it's going to be one of those things that's like the Kennedy assassination or something or decades will go by you'll hear all these crazy different stories people write books about it but you'll never really know exactly what happened

► 02:03:06

hey we should get this I like this I like what happens to it how much you think in the island cost probably going to be cheap because no one wants to live on pedophilia Island so this could be the place Joe Yeah I broke a beautiful water I don't know if that's really smart it doesn't seem like good move seems like the what you want to buy you want to do like what Roseanne did you get a place on an island that is already populated bunch of nice people you stabbed yourself as a valuable member in the

► 02:03:35

community and then you set up a little Camp there imagine the Big Island the Big Island might be the move set up a fucking Studio on the big island

► 02:03:46

hell yeah what do you think let's do it it's not a bad idea right Conservatory can we do it up there where they let us know they won't even let them build a new house the telescope take a tent in a microphone up there now they get mad at you you littering temporary no all right now you don't want to be up there anyways no are so that's really hot it's like 11,000 square feet red Bambi blacking out he's have something like like near like Kona like where the Four Seasons is see again the Four Seasons right

► 02:04:17

I'm Four Seasons minded oxygen makes people in the Four Seasons you just we rent a suite at the Four Seasons set it up as a studio yes that's great we have to have an escape oxygen like basement we can go to just in case of a hurricane or something crazy happens an oxygen based you are like like an escape room we could really could Airbnb it out to other podcasters that need to Vacation not anyone like your friends like a good friend of yours fuck that they would ruin it yeah maybe Farm on our he's going to go there and fill it with any water by the seal

► 02:04:46

in the water be broken yeah trust me bad idea it's gonna put acid on the doorknob so I'm going to go meditate there quietly so what I can say is goes on those things where you don't talk for 10 days exactly the fuck out of here with all of that he comes back he still seems the same I don't get it these guys they go on these fucking Retreats I mean I'm sure there's a benefit I'm sure there's a benefit to silent meditation but you can take it stuff at deep in your ass fuck you I liked

► 02:05:16

could have people man's not enough time in this life you don't like to meditate I do meditate for 10 minutes every day 10 10 minutes that's not much so much and I you know I cancel it out when I do yoga I don't don't meditate on yoga days because I feel like yoga is basically meditation anyway it's like a strain and meditation all combined I cancel it out on days I get in the tank but other than that it's beneficial it definitely helps me man I got too much just bouncing around inside my head you know but it's

► 02:05:46

it's like it's controllable I just need to be I just need to get out ahead of it you know like today today I went for a nice run went running with the dog and I feel great you know because I got it all out of the system and just like ah I did what I had to do come here to do a podcast with you everything's Wonderful Life is Beautiful it's all falling into place but when it's not and there's like loose ends that need to be sealed up and I'm behind on this

► 02:06:17

I don't think good you know it doesn't doesn't if I don't take care of all the things I'm supposed to take care of I do not enjoy my time that's to me I found that like that's a painful lesson that took forever to learn that if I don't have all my ducks in a row and my T's crossed and my eyes dotted I'd I'm not happy I'm just it's too much too much things to think about too much anxiety I think that's what's going on with a lot of people I think there's a lot of people out there that just don't

► 02:06:46

have their shit together and they don't ever just say look before I do anything else I got to get like Jordan Pederson talks about this he says just clean your room let's start with that you can clean your room and most people don't you keep your room mess and then your life's a mess and there's an analogy there there's a metaphor there whatever other word you would like

► 02:07:07

you know I'm talking about Brian yes

► 02:07:11

so now that you're not Kido what are you doing with your die trying to be healthy now not really not know but it definitely has made me understand sugar more precise smoking cigarettes I'm vaping a lot more but yeah how much cigarettes you smoke a day half pack still yeah but I don't smoke in my car so I my cigarette has gone down like because of that because of that like 75% that's good yeah what would you think if we decide to do that as a project

► 02:07:41

hire you a trainer and how are you nutritionist would you be down with that sure like filament as a project yeah what would you like what do you weigh now would you don't have to tell everybody but would you like to get down to but see that's the problem when I when I got down whatever like 15 years ago or 13 years ago whenever when I whatever I think I was like 65 pounds or something and I just thought I look like I had AIDS or something which is used to yourself looking big yeah but I think some people like they have

► 02:08:10

have a body shaper look that looks way better way better with a little Chub on them than they do if they look I don't know I feel like I look like you know what Joey Diaz said when he lost a lot of weight matter when he lost a lot of weight my fucking head look too big yeah exactly but you know what that is it's like you got to build up your body because something happens to people when they gain weight your head gets bigger it's like when people get really heavy their head gets bigger and I don't know if like a biologist can back us up on this some sort of science but it seems like

► 02:08:40

you lie over way people their head gets really big to like it grows with them which kind of makes sense because there's like your bones definitely get bigger and thicker when you lift a lot of weights right now when your 450 pounds you're carrying weight everywhere you go so everything's got to be thick like I always said if Ralphie May want to blues and all that weight he be able to kick a hole through a fucking wall because that guy's carrying around 500 pounds everywhere he goes his leg muscles had to be gigantic like underneath

► 02:09:10

with all that his legs must have been fucking huge so if you could just

► 02:09:17

put some muscle on while you're losing the fat see that's the difference like you when you were on that look at you look great then dude look at you sexy bitch now look I don't want you think you look bad no stop that's an okay that's an okay picture pop it you're a handsome beautiful man I was thinking more of the one is you look Jamie how is right you look you look fucking great there I was thinking more of that time when the photo of me and you with that weird guy that died at the 420 award

► 02:09:47

we're that I just look like an 8 that's when I was at my lowest we got the time the one who has all the check anything of his name he has we'd named after him he's very famous oh Jack Herer yeah yeah stroke yeah we were hanging out with their me and you and I just that's when I was at my skinny as I think I was like 160 155 or something like that I don't remember but that I just look like a significant so light though you move around okay just get places quicker

► 02:10:16

lighter definitely had more energy that's better dude you can do this what would you think about doing this as a project like will announce it on the podcast will start it off would you be into doing something like that yeah I mean eventually not like not not like this month because I have to go to Australia and all this shit started now I have to go to Australia for you know that when you going back we do until Tony out there yeah doing kill Tony and then yeah so this month is all I'm on the road okay well I'm the I'm busy being sober this month

► 02:10:46

it's very difficult for me it's fucking surprisingly easy you know it's not hard at all I do enjoy a glass of wine with a steak I do miss that I like a glass of wine but it's not that important yeah it's like a tradition thing like I'm missing the like like something to look forward to a nice nice glass of red wine with steak like a gentleman I think it's only hard when I'm at The Comedy Store everybody's drinking yeah it's almost impossible I do like a shot of whiskey before I

► 02:11:16

go on stage to I've been like that yeah but I can't

► 02:11:23

it's almost over it's yeah it's halfway and I'm going halfway it's the tenth one third and third and Ninth 1/3 yeah it's been easy the weed Parts easy it's really easy shows been great had a great time last night did three shows that I'll tell you one thing though that Jeremiah shows not as easy stand up on the spot it's not as easy when you're not high that's true when you're high you can just ramble about nonsense you come up with bits I've come up with so many bits from that show

► 02:11:52

but not not when I'm sober last night was basically useless that's the only show that I purposely do shots drink like a bunch of weed before I go on you say I don't like to get that stone before I go on stage so that's the perfect show to be out of your head yeah he really should listen to you though and rename it thunderpussy that was the best name when you call the thunderpussy it was the perfect name for that as need to make a new show called thunderpussy it's not like there's the old he's the only one who's ever done a show that has people just making things up and I used to do

► 02:12:22

do that at the end of my shows remember it is to have people you Ace call out but they would call out things to talk about it would yell out subjects I would just ramble about him and occasionally the reason why we do is occasionally like one every two or three shows I'd come up with an idea that actually would come up and become a bit I just remembered something we're in Dallas last week and for kill Tony and there was a bisexual on stage and he was talking about how he's bisexual and a lot of times when people are on the stage that on this show I'll be like on my computer like typing in bisexual

► 02:12:52

Spotify or something you know see what comes up and you come up like number one or number two on Spotify if you just type bisexual it's you and and so I point the Tony while we're interviewing the guy two guys like that I'm like you know what I might try to just play like I can't hear anything so like I'll just play like because I do sound effects on that will do that bit that I used to have a the old one believe in bisexual men yeah Shiny Happy Jihad and so I just randomly like with my I look well looks like just you know yelling something here and it would be like crafty

► 02:13:22

gay guys and so like we started make I start mixing and just randomly picking things and then there's a part of the joke where you I think you're talking like about if you were the gay bisexual guy because it gets into was one where it was like so yeah I have experienced experimented once in a while that was a different bit of the different bits that aren't Shiny Happy to yeah but it works so how's dude it was people on the floor because it sounded like you were just in the back of the room

► 02:13:52

Mike yelling it out heckling that's a funny thing to like if you have one minute on stage the first thing you want to talk about is being bisexual yeah it's isn't it funny how like that becomes like for people's identity like their sexuality becomes an important thing about their identity that they want to blur it out to everyone but like if your head a sec heterosexual Nobody Does that because it's the norm you know it's the norm you don't feel like you have to get it out of the way you don't say well my name is Brian I really like girls right everybody be like what am heterosexual

► 02:14:22

yeah what but if you say you're bisexual people like oh my God you're adventurous yeah Sadiq people always tell you when they're bisexual at least guys yeah our or girls they'll have telling you you're right but it's like the thing they do to get attention it's like you know certain girls they're always around guys they just talk about their guy problems it's like oh groan I know what you're doing you like fishing for saviors you're fishing for some guy to come along and send you some dick and fix your problem you know what I mean like some girl

► 02:14:52

like God these guys I dated just never want to have sex you know those those little bait traps the girls set up and you're like oh my God who's gonna fall for this one stop them knockos Brian of course I do hey man it's two o'clock I've got to wrap this up tickets for Australia they still available yeah Tony there's some left I also I dot TV San Francisco next weekend we're gonna cop for shows cops yeah so

► 02:15:22

Friday and Saturday yeah oh shit she shows you tonight oh damn Tony Mania oh that's fun are you doing stand-up tour just doing kill Tony I'm this were just doing kill Tony because it's like our yearly like like fed okay cool is there a lot of comics up in San Francisco yeah and there's a lot of comics that just come down or come up for this like oh yeah for sure right from all the yeah area Okay red ban on Twitter red ban on Instagram Advance nope that's it check me out on Ari shaffir podcast I just did that come out septic tank

► 02:15:52

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