#1365 - Cameron Hanes

Oct 10, 2019

Cameron Hanes is a bowhunting athlete, “training intensively each and every day to become the Ultimate Predator” and he also has a podcast available on Apple Podcasts called "Keep Hammering with Cameron Hanes."

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Smith Angley Gemini man don't fuck around get to the theater and see this movie it looks fucking amazing check out the trailers online is a killer film Gemini man in theaters today my guest today is one of my best friends on planet Earth he's the man who introduced me to Bow Hunting he is an ultra-marathoner a concern conservationists and truly one of the greatest Bowhunters it's ever lived give it up for my friend

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and Cameron Hanes

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The Joe Rogan Experience Train by day Joe Rogan podcast by now

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all day Cameron Haines ladies and gentlemen hey what's up my shirt buddy it's a ridiculous joke that's you and me in Utah and it says must be nice yeah because yeah the start you know everybody says they look at somebody and be like man must be nice to whatever to be able to have that or you get this you'll be able to go there yeah so it's like you know we obviously have a great elkind I see a couple of comments and it's like people

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then must be nice which it is it's amazing but yeah so just kind of I think you read too many comments so I'm saying I think you reason what do you think everything you've always said that I think you'd ever catch me read them no dear you mentioned comments before to I catch them if they're in the top and I look comment the other day and it said always well that was because my wife sent it to me it was hilarious so yeah that was after the video of you and I were were

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Aiden and there you go I love this man I'm like I love this man yeah and someone said I always wonder what it looked like what it would look like if Cameron Haynes and Joe Rogan had a baby and we almost found out that was a good one every once in a while you get a gym yeah yeah the internet is filled with funny fucking people man I like there's a lot of Larry frustrated comedians out there there is that get Express themselves occasionally in comments yeah because in like I sometimes answer because

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I feel like I'm let off the hook a little bit because it's not like I'm making a post called somebody a dipshit but I can say in a comment and it kind of sneaks through but why do you want to or just be funny you're just you're so busy that's what I don't understand how do you have the time the full-time job mean it's normal that you run a marathon in a day so how the fuck do you have the time to be commenting I don't know I'll well like waiting out here right now on the plane I don't know times of boredom

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mm I guess yeah yeah it's all good look a man I know a lot of people that read their comments you know and smart people are quite Stein was making an argument that you probably should read some of them that there's like and you know he's a genius he was saying like you don't want to be cut off completely from from feedback so you have to find that sweet spot between reading some and yeah I'm like I feel like other people read them I'll get them they'll come to me yeah yeah now the good ones people share with you yeah or yeah but I know some people who go crazy they

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their comments and then they become obsessed and they read them all day long and then they go and they have these little Twitter Wars people back and forth yeah and they just argue all the time yeah there's sometimes where I mean like I posted a couple times yesterday and I don't think I don't think I read any till maybe this morning you know just so it's like I don't post and then just like totally check them yeah every second you know refresh refresh but but every now and then something nice like I saw this dude we were talking about in the last podcast I reached

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shout out to him he lost how much weight did that guy Lewis Jamie 270 she went from like 417 the 190 so I sent him a DM I'm like oh this guy Dean yeah that's fucking amazing it is it's amazing congratulations you do see people because you know like when you reach okay you're going to reach millions of people there's going to be a few dip shits but there's also going to be a few like that you're just like oh my God this is I mean how impactful is that that's like it affects your life yeah

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yeah because it's so positive well one of the things that you do online that I think it's super important is you provide inspiration you know we were talking yesterday when I have Dakota Meyer on we were talking about Goggins and Jocko and you do the same thing it's like you provide something where people they can see you working hard and see you smiling and getting after it and it makes people want to do things and when they know that you're doing these Hundred Mile races and all this crazy shit that you do they it gives them

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like that's just enough of a push to get off the couch and get going and sometimes that's all someone needs to change their whole life you need a day a good day a good day where you get moving and you get your legs pumping and you you know you get huffing and puffing and you get your heart rate up and you sweat and then afterwards you feel great and you go okay tomorrow I'm going to do it again yeah and the next thing you know you got 15 days in a row and the next thing you know you down 10 pounds it's right next thing you know you're cutting off on the booze and you're eating good and that now you're joining a

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em and you start to do chin-ups and shit and you're getting in shape and you look way better and you feel better you make better choices yeah life moves smoother it's yeah I mean it's it builds up momentum and it you know the Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with one step and that one step is one day or maybe the first first step on your first run but you know I see that all the time too because I genuinely enjoy working hard and so I am smiling and as like people say okay

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okay enough's enough I'm gonna I've been watching you for whatever I'm gonna do it yeah and so it's like I don't know if you beat them into submission finally but whatever the case is whatever route for whatever reason people get out there they do and then it starts that Journey like like you said towards a different life essentially I joke around about it on stage about accidentally influencing dudes and I apologize to the girl friends but there is a certain amount of

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possibility that you have to assume when that starts happening when you do have a positive impact on people you realize like hey you know this this show having people like you and Jocko and Andy Stomp and all kinds of interesting Fascinating People on directly influences people's lives for the better and changes the way they view things for the better gives them a positive outlook and it also gives them the opportunity to hear from people the way people think that maybe

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they would never get to meet these people in real life right they would never get to know these people that they feel like they know you have them or who you know that's the one thing I love about Jocko to is you know just the shot of his watch every day I mean you know he's up at 4:30 and he's getting it done yeah no excuses no none yeah and he's done and that's I think that accountability is probably accountability for him but also it's like the people know okay this is what we need to expect of ourselves

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yeah some one guy said I don't like phone Jocko because all it does is take pictures of his watch I'm like you're missing the point that's a new picture yeah it's a new picture every goddamn day of a new day with his fucking watch getting up and getting after it then afterwards a puddle of sweat in the ground yeah he's doing it every day yeah yeah and that's a good for you it's a it's like and that was I'd never met him until our our alkyne Utah and man people ask

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so how is Jocko and I'm like exactly like what you'd expect I mean about what he says and how he portrays himself yep that's how he is that's how he is and he's like you know they had that day they were expecting a long day of of blood trailing or just covering miles in the mountains and he's like he couldn't wait yeah looking forward to it couldn't wait three plates of Meat Loaf he did he carb load I mean he's like hey I'm going to need these but yeah big old the old plates of food but he said and I remember

► 00:14:39

specifically he said what sucks is when it doesn't suck hmm he wants the challenge yeah if something without a challenge it's like what's the point yeah he's turned his mind into this like challenge seeking missile yeah yeah well that's why I love the fact that he you know at 45 years of age or 46 whatever is decided to get into bowhunting hardcore and a year in he's taking on his crazy elk hunt I know and you Tommy it's awesome I was amazed it's awesome I love when people are not

► 00:15:08

scared to take on new challenges you know like something that's completely outside the Wheelhouse like when he started shooting and he got together with Dudley and Dudley started giving them some instruction I got pumped because I knew I'm like this guy's going to dive into this headfirst right you know yeah it's that discipline I think guys like you and him it's just easy transition because you've had the like and I would say this but when he's done this for me it gave me discipline or structure when I didn't have any

► 00:15:38

I think you know Jiu-Jitsu did that for you to at that or no wasn't Jiu-Jitsu then Taekwondo started out - boxing a lot of different martial arts but yeah so it's the same it's different but it's the same type of discipline for young I mean I guess it was young for us but it's a it's a transition to people who have that mindset and they like know that I'm gonna have to punch this time clock every day for a while before I get to a high level yeah and it's just like that

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a certain type of Personality or people don't they don't shy away from that they like her gret they gravitate towards it well it's also being able to pull it together in the moment which to me I got I've always sought challenges where the like it requires you to maintain your mental state like whether it's stand-up comedy or fighting and to me archery might be the ultimate bow hunting is the ultimate because in these moments where like that bowl is going to be in between

► 00:16:38

those two trees for five seconds oh and you got to draw back and make that shot these are crazy moments that you have to you have to have practiced yeah have to put in the time there's no substitution is I don't think people who haven't done it realize how difficult it is and then I think people who've done it they definitely know how hard it is that that is one of the as you mentioned one of the hardest things to do but that's why that that's why that video of you and Utah 67 yards and it was just like we had been in

► 00:17:08

on bowls like had opportunity with the moment the beginning of the morning it was a real close it was Rocky's day but these opportunities were like right there all you could almost grabbed them and they would they were gone and it didn't happen and in that one just enough time but he's like you had to do it all you know that like the clock's ticking like it's not you don't know you don't have unlimited time that bull takes a step it's over yep and

► 00:17:38

for you to make that shot so perfect in crunch time that was such a beautiful thing is like that's why it elicited the orgy type response well that's also why I said afterwards practice is so important it's always thinking yeah that's what you said that's it you said practice something about practice and it's like that's what it goes down so that's a building block yeah and it's just those reps because you can't I guess you could get make a lucky shot but the chances of screwing that up

► 00:18:08

are very high unless you got the Reps yeah my my thought process when I was making that shot was exactly the thought process that I go through when I'm practicing and that's why and when I executed and I saw that Arrow hit exactly where I was aiming beautiful it was I was that's the first thought that came into my mind practice is so important well and then I was impressed because you actually made notes to yourself oh yeah on your phone so what tell me walk me through your yeah your

► 00:18:38

your process I have I even added to it oh you did yeah because there's a certain way I like to grip the the release that I didn't put in yeah so back straight strong posture draw back elbow High light pressure on the nose Center the peep level the bubble now this is the new one that I added connect the fuck you finger to the thumb because as this finger yes it connect to the thumb on the release as I pull back yeah

► 00:19:08

because I use that Silverback release yeah I'll pull back with the index trigger pick a spot pull with the scapula and then the last one be the arrow right you know Tommy that whatever you warrant so what does that mean Ramey warrant said well remove the whole thing no no the beauty are all like be I'm not hoping yeah that it hits in that spot I'm aiming I'm gonna I want I'm concentrating 100% on that Arrow going to that spot yeah Ramey warrant said

► 00:19:38

to me one time he goes he goes this sounds crazy but someone gave me this advice and it's like the best advise anybody ever gave me said be the arrow yeah he goes like I don't know what that means but like I am I doing different things to different people yeah but to you it means yeah you're in you're so in the moment yes you're the arrow I'm a hundred percent foot when that arrows release I I'm I'm a part of it as it's going towards that outright the arrow like don't just oh I hope it works like I got that from Joel Turner's well you know Joel

► 00:20:08

Turner has that shot IQ website and he goes over and he helped me a lot because he goes over the disc difference between a closed loop and an open loop process I always forget which one is which but one of them is automatic you know like like a ball comes at you you swing a bat can't stop in the process and the other one is you're in control of it every step of the way and that's where a shot routine helps me because you think I'm thinking I'm making sure that all my things are checked off so there's no there's no chance I'm

► 00:20:38

thing wacky rise no chance you're spazzing out in the moment yeah and so that those two things and then what Remy said be the arrow like that sounds like to someone who's never shot an arrow that doesn't make any sense but when there's a thing that you do when you release an era where you're so focused your Technique is on point Everything is Everything is lined up but you're so focused as you're releasing that out you never break that Focus right the only thing that the only way I could break it was when I heard the air

► 00:21:08

I'll walk and I saw it hit right in The Sweet Spot I was like now I can relax yeah well and I remember and I said this at that time but I remember your follow through it was just like so I remember that Arm coming back in his just I don't know it's you know and I think that's where a lot of people make mistakes is if you're new in it and there's so much pressure in the moment and that moment he thought about it for so long that it's just like the pin goes on the animal and the foolish

► 00:21:38

trigger yeah because they want they want to they want to be there before they went through the process and so that's where people screw up and all that whole thing you making that a actual process each step but I think I don't know do you do it or is it subconsciousness you know do you think about all those steps I was thinking about all those steps while I was walking okay while I'm going through the woods I'm thinking about those I don't know shot on this

► 00:22:08

just kind of sad o matic almost out of a subconscious that's why I said practice is so important because it's like I'd practiced it so many times that I just looked at that elk like it was a Target yeah I knew what to do and just but it was only because of the Reps reps racks right was wraps wraps wraps that moment was so crazy because you know we had that bowl and I don't know if is that bowl but as a big bowl but we were stuck over more to the left and we could see him up there we had these

► 00:22:38

smaller satellite bowls kinda in the way we were in the sun which is driving me crazy so we ended up having a circle all the way back around and get back up there had a line of spruce we could sneak up but it was you know those Bowls the bull you shot went and fought with another bowl for a brief time and we were switching back and forth with which one to shoot because they're both big bulls and it's just like just to be able to slow that down and make such a perfect shot in a moment like that oh my God it's so

► 00:23:08

hard it was so awesome it so that yeah I was so amazing but it's so hard oh this is the this is it yeah he just got done fighting with a bowl

► 00:23:23

oh my God oh my God so he runs can't see it in this film he runs up this Ridge right here and boom he's down right there mean couple cock couple seconds left but this is everything that you hoped for as a bow hunter yeah you know it was a I see a lot of people who haven't hunted they they're under the impression that maybe as soon as you the arrow hits animal how come you didn't go down right what I mean

► 00:23:51

because they just don't know so that bowl was alive four seconds after that essentially ran up probably went about a hundred yards he ran until there's no more air he's broth of his lungs were gone right right sprinted he never knew what happened he probably thought he got jab by another bull or something yeah it has no idea he was just fighting with that other yeah and they have take tines to the shoulder and everything he had holds all the number of times I'll just eat up yeah he's beat on them but they you know a lot of times Bulls get

► 00:24:21

shot with an arrow and they don't even realize it you know all of a sudden their blood pressure drops because they're because it's hemorrhaging and then they essentially pass out but then they die well the bull that I shot last year in California that's what happened to him he walked four yards yeah he just walked four yards and tipped over boom and he's dropped right there I mean it was the closest to shooting an animal where he died that I've ever seen yes died immediately I had him right in the heart yeah I think it's a you know people may might be more familiar with rifle kills and maybe they think that they

► 00:24:51

even with the rifle that don't go right down and I think it's like a rifle is even can be you know they hear the sound a rifle killed by shock instead of humor image so it's you know shits gettin blown apart I think it and a well-placed arrow is about as Beautiful Death as an animal's going to get yeah I mean these aren't animals that are living in a controlled environment where they're going to die of old age they're going to get torn apart by animals and in fact John

► 00:25:21

Dudley while he was there was 20 yards away from a mountain lion it was stalking the same bull he was right which is I Praise You See That Lion for the guy put up yeah so there's Lions all over there all over and chances are it's going to be death by a lion or or in that usually will happen once I get weak because they can't fend off they get injured maybe they're too old to get the feed they need the winter and then they're lying food and they also get jacked

► 00:25:51

because they're they're blowing out all their energy while they're in the right yeah and they don't eat their just hump it up a storm and then when it's over this is like oh Jesus in the winter comes oh I know the perfect storm heels yeah it's rough it's a rough life out there but that's why I say it's like death by a well-placed arrow is you know people say well people have the impression that these things aren't going to die ever or they're going to live like we live or well they also done understand that all the money that's spent on

► 00:26:21

on this elk hunt all of it goes to ensure the healthy populations of these animals yeah most of it and most of it goes to Wildlife preservation goes to keeping the the habitat strong the number strong this is what pays for what the people love animals you should love Hunters because Hunters pay for most of the wildlife conservation in this country yeah you know and that message is of course that's you know we've talked about that numerous times but that message is is getting out the

► 00:26:52

the groomer today that I had she was groomer talk Marshall goes to a group right yeah so similar but she doesn't hunt but she wants to hunt because she wants to be you know self-sufficient especially but she was talking about she doesn't know but she knows that doesn't hunting pay for protection of the animals and you know you know explain what you just said and so it's people are figuring it out yeah I mean

► 00:27:21

I mean we're getting the message out so that's good yeah I mean this there's so many different messages that you here stats you know about meat consumption and food and like what's bad for the environment what's good for the environment is there's so many like small little sound bites that people like to Rally off yeah and that's this is something that's this without a doubt it's the best way you could ever get your meat yeah there's nothing even close not even close second no it's the best way

► 00:27:51

is the Animals by the time you get into in the Rut they're already breeding they're very in the ones we're getting there's you know eight nine years old the Brady had multiple breeding season yeah in the prime yeah their genes are passed on yeah and you're getting an animal that's out there eating grass and living a wild life it's me so good it's the best meat ever I had it last night it's City Sensational it's so good of an eating all week yeah that's why I feel

► 00:28:18

you know I got into hunting I don't know if me was up on the high on the list I was just a young kid just wanted to hunt want to get my buck hey you get your buck that's all I wanted to do is give my buck and then but now the meat is man it's it's as much as the antlers for sure yeah you know just getting that meet hundreds of pounds of meat bring it home eating it fuels us for everything we do and it's like to me I mean

► 00:28:49

at our age were the same age now but not long ago our age was old we were dead yeah I don't I don't feel I feel better than I've ever felt and I'm just like if I was 25 I didn't feel as good as I feel right now and maybe that's wild game me I don't guarantee you there's something to do with it I guarantee you and don't how I mean how do you feel feel fucking fantastic 52 I had a hard run this morning right before my podcast yeah yeah man I think it's the most

► 00:29:18

dense food you can ever get yeah I mean you just look at it when you look at a like a back strap from an elk it's like a dark red it looks like it's filled with nutrition it tastes so good like when you're eating it I feel like energy yeah you know like it's hard to describe yes it's just a way better meet it's just way better I always watch and I took video of Colton pulling out the tenderloin of your boom because people don't understand how you can get without getting it you can get The Tenderloins out which are under the spine

► 00:29:50

and that when he pulls that out it's just like I mean if I mean if a sound bite could have came in or something and does it is like beautiful it's like there should have been doves flying around because that piece of meat looked so perfect and it's just like like you say when you eat it it's like I don't know it's like energy injection well they've done studies on game meat versus domestic beef they've also done studies

► 00:30:18

domestic beef that's raised on grayned versus domestic beef it's raised on grass domestic beat that's raised on grain is probably like the least nutritious and then domestic beef that's raised on grass as far superior much healthier but then you go with Wild game meat yeah I mean it's another hundred percent more nutritious it's way more protein like the difference between a piece of beef and a piece of rope pull up the difference between like a one pound of beef versus one pound of elk

► 00:30:48

Luke I think it's more than double the amount of protein really yeah and then there's also a insane amounts of amino acids and and essential fatty acids like all you're getting all the the grass fed these this animals eating wild grasses this this animals eating the same diet it would have eaten 4,000 years ago yeah it's a I remember when I used to hunt elk and he go cap Wilderness I remember I used to think those elk or like high-octane like because they were so fast compared to the bullet

► 00:31:18

they hunted over on Western Oregon and I always thought that it was just that that feed must be I don't know it just seemed like the elk were different it quicker and so I'm thinking well if I'm eating those bowls and those bowls are Elite athletes for bowls it's like this can't I mean it's got to be amazing it's got to be amazing for me what makes sense because the Eagle Cap Wilderness is like real Rich dense forest yeah right it's so green up there yeah it's they call it the little Alps I mean that's it's rugged

► 00:31:48

added and it's it's steep its but there is Good Feet up there to for the animals yeah as like man those bowls they're they're studs amazing yeah they are yeah it's rough country though yeah it's rough country I mean that's where they let you know what's interesting is before people came around elk were like prairie animals yeah they were right maybe they got to the mountains because of humans yeah and then wolves and all these other animals mmm but when the Pioneers first came here there's elk

► 00:32:18

we're just roaming the the fields yeah this is kind of crazy yeah that is yeah they but they wised up like we got to make it harder on these assholes they got into the to the rocks for sure up in the mountains what you got Jim

► 00:32:33

I don't know varying information that's the problem side so yeah varying information anyway super good for you doesn't it say it's bad for anything it's just no yeah well that's the thing about you know there's there's like not one standard website what's good for nutrition and figuring out what this stuff is but yeah I know you can you can pretty much have anything validated you want validation on the on the internet well you know it's interesting I was listening to

► 00:33:03

now le talked recently about this horrendous trip that they had in the back country because there were so many Hunters during Muzzleloader and archery see this year yeah in Colorado yeah and I wonder like

► 00:33:17

wonder how much us talking about it all the time is affecting the numbers of people that actually go out and try it because you just stop and think about the the numbers of people listening to this podcast it's a bananas number so yeah millions and millions of people well the feedback I see is like there's you know and they say because I just had this this talk with my buddy Wayne Endicott you know Wayne as out of his place shooting the other day and you know it says we've lost since

► 00:33:47

2016 2 million licensed hunters and I told him I said I don't know where we lost them from but bowhunting has got because he owns the bow rack and bow bow hunting is skyrocketing because I see I mean I see the following and people talking about like you mentioned and he said he was in Colorado to looking for elk and ran is like ten different guys back there yeah so yeah there is

► 00:34:17

yeah I don't really I think people are looking at it more as like a Pursuit like a difficult Pursuit not just hunting no not for me no it's different now yeah it's like it's yeah it's changed yeah I wonder if that's because of us talking about it I'm it had to have been some sort of an impact I think it's I think it's had an impact for sure and then I'm so I'm trying to think I don't want to

► 00:34:40

you know but then on the other hand so in the Eagle Cap Wilderness my buddy was back there and said he said you need to come back here and hunt again and I'm like yeah I know I you know the thing with with the Wilderness as you I as a commercial that if you do a commercial activity you can't even share the photos because they won't give a permit for it that's why I had to I had to quit filming back there they made it illegal to film and release it as a commercial property well

► 00:35:09

even me with my following now I couldn't even put up a photo from back there because it would be commercial just commercial you have sponsors yeah and they're they're making it seem like you're back there shooting a full-length feature film you know it's like they don't differentiate between your iPhone shooting a movie or an iPhone and so so like what we shot it in Utah you couldn't have done no wow that's not in the wilderness knotted in the National Forest yeah Wilderness they won't allow filming permits hmm so

► 00:35:39

but anyway he said I go I go man I said I've got so many good elk Hunts on tap I said I'd you know he knows I love that country and he goes well he was just For Old Times Sake he goes because I'm looking up a 3/16 A340 Bowl screaming elk everywhere and not a truck at the trailhead wow so but it's a long way back is rugged country so I think

► 00:36:10

I mean there's still their spots yeah there's still spots that are going to be hard to get to right those are the spots that discourage people where you know that you're going to have to hike in 12 miles and then you have to get the animal out yeah so if you're hiking in and you're off horse you know it's a places that are off horse pack trails that don't get the attention because you have to if you kill a bowl it's coming out on your back yeah that's a bunch of trips that's a lot of jobs if you're going 12 miles out or even if you have to pack it to a to a

► 00:36:40

we're horses can get it's a lot of work will Green Tree when you shot his bowl and when he was on that crazy 28-day hunt didn't take him like seven days to sensible out yeah by himself on the back yeah I think so I think that we went up and helped him but still I mean tons of work but he had snow I think and he was like 9 or 10 miles in write something like that yeah so he's walking out nine or ten miles with a hundred plus pounds yeah on his back each trip it's a lot of work yeah it's amazing I mean you know how

► 00:37:10

much work it is bring down a bowl because yeah because we've done it but then you go from there to okay now I gotta walk it out 10 miles then you got to preserve the meat so you got to hang it and make sure it's getting cool and I mean that my friend Ryan Callahan shot a bull he got a tag in New Mexico and he wrote a whole article about it because he lost that all I read that very disheartening yeah was huge bull yeah that was Imus I was a nice

► 00:37:40

point it was yeah he was yeah I mean it's real and I mean I think it's important to share those honest experiences but also it's like man you don't want people who don't get it to get the wrong impression yes always the right right right with a wounded animal in particular right yeah we see an animal get and he even mentioned that in the article he said he realizes about the

► 00:38:10

the nuts I don't know about the what people might think about being on the stigma of times the stigma yeah that's yeah and he I mean I don't know it was I think he shoots with stick bow to which is really weird he shoots it a longbow did he yeah he shot that both that he shot his last bow with a longbow I think that's what he hunts with you know yeah I think we yeah you know I get it people like doing that

► 00:38:41

I get it but like come on man it's hard it's hard and people ask me about that all the time nobody hard enough when you gonna do that and I'm like God I am not that good with a compound bow so I don't really I'm not really ready to make it harder well our friend Aaron Snyder he's completely committed to a recurve it's always shoots with I just saw him the other day like a post yesterday I think he had a compound oh did he yeah maybe he's giving up on it now I don't think he's given up I just back and forth yeah maybe maybe I just practicing unless you're somebody else's Bob

► 00:39:11

I don't know but he is a crazy video of him shooting a mountain goat with a compound yeah you see that you know with a recurve bow was a recurve yeah he was on top of a cliff and shot down I know that was pretty sweet was pretty sweet yeah it was amazing video and I think he said he hurt his shoulder

► 00:39:28

like before he didn't know if he's gonna be able to shoot with a bow oh really yeah because he had done something to his shoulder so I think I read is like he was going to have to get try to do half draw or so now as far back as he could get and he ended up hitting it through the heart I was that his own shoulders that fucked up I guess so I don't know what happened that's the one thing that freaks me out about you how do you not get injured as much as you do like I just don't understand how you don't get injured

► 00:39:54

kind of weirds me out weirds you out yeah cuz as much as you lift weights as much as you run I'm like waiting for you to get injured I'm always getting injured are you rooting for me to get injured ever so you're like ever I'm like no I'm like time crazy I'm stunned I'll make you made out of something different because you all the running that you do and all the weightlifting you do especially because you do High Reps you don't all these wraps wraps wraps wraps wraps like no tendonitis nothing like nope everything's fine like what the fuck

► 00:40:24

part of it is

► 00:40:27

I'm not going to ever say I'm hurt so I mean I heard I mean I'm you know I'm not young sore but not injured yeah I don't say I'm injured but I'm not sore but I mean remember the one time we had to go to Vegas where I was going to get a stem cell shot you have riding meagre check out one of your feet yeah if it was kind of fucked up yeah I mean we have stress fractures yeah and I get you know you can't you just can't do that and not get there's going to be

► 00:40:56

repercussions to yeah but you put all the smiles but I just

► 00:41:01

that's just part of the part of the deal so I just work through it just you know I'm never going to you know I mean even my wife today because it's like haven't been sleeping then I had that whole thing this morning with GQ and then this and she's and then I whatever she's like well how are you feeling I said I have no choice but to feel a hundred percent I said so that's all I'm focusing on so that's how I do I mean I don't even if I'm down or don't feel good or haven't got sleep or

► 00:41:31

I'm hobbled I'm only thinking about I'm a hundred percent so I don't have to I can't I don't I can't afford to think about oh maybe I shouldn't do this or maybe I'm not going to be as good as I could be a stunt even think about it that's ridiculous I don't accept it don't get one of these whoops drops it'll tell you listen why what is that sleep oh yeah tell you you need to recover I could tell you I could not like I could not sleep last night because I was thinking about that whole thing today the

► 00:42:01

then turn I was thinking God what if that goes long and then traffic you know traffic in La then I'm late getting over here so you've got all these things the least thing to worry about this is I know schedule here I still thinking about it yeah so instead of Steve's you up really yeah stupid shit like that stupid yeah that's but that's first world problems oh my God I have a GQ shoot today yeah what if what if it runs late and I can't do the podcast until 3:00 yeah I know could you imagine crazy I know see now you know what real struggle is the real

► 00:42:31

go yeah yeah I don't have any real struggle anymore my struggles are all fake God you have to manufacture yeah I make my own bullshit man struggles yeah workouts and and training and all that shit yeah but like I always say because like so I could be a must be nice guy so he knows I'm still punch the time clock 9 to 5 yeah that's what's ridiculous so I'm like oh must be nice to be Joe Rogan it is nice I'll tell you but in sweet but what I always

► 00:43:01

ways like to tell people because I some I was arguing with why I was arguing with some somebody on somewhere but God where was it anyways about the elk on like you oh yeah no yeah I want to see you and Joe do a public land elkind Joe's got her learner's way or whatever I'm like I said don't trust me Jose earned where he's at I mean what because because you have a different version of

► 00:43:31

turn it in this one one small aspect of life hunting I said Jose earned his whole everything he has so it was like all the way from so it's like people who say must be nice to be you holy shit you've been through the fire for years decades and you're reaping the rewards yeah but they don't see that I know they that's irritating yeah doesn't bother me what bothers me I understand what they say when people say like oh public land is harder

► 00:44:01

it is harder but here's the problem with that you're dealing with a pressure to animal I don't want to deal with pressure to animals I know that you deal I know it's harder it's harder to have success in public land but I don't think it's better because dealing with all those people that are going after the same animals and those that like like we're now it was talking about elk that were silently bugling like they're opening up their mouth and they're not bugling because they don't want to get called to you know what to get chased down because they're so fucking pressured and wolves have yeah have that

► 00:44:31

don't call around wolves either because the wolves come yeah so like what I've found is

► 00:44:38

because I've done it I you know I probably I was only on public land for 20 years you know I couldn't afford anything else so I haven't found that that that killing an elk is any easier harder it's just they're bigger because they're older yeah so I could still I've always killed Bulls but they are they're going to be like a three-year-old boy a five-point right now I'm going to kill it in your elbow is still a bowl but it's just different they just on public land there's not as many that are getting to that age class because every other Hunter out

► 00:45:07

there's going to shoot the first Bowl they see right so yeah that's the difference it's not the hunting doesn't seem harder or easier to me or different it's still killing a bowl with an arrow but just that that size when you go to private lunia more opportunities is more animals but to me they're acting wild they're acting like wild animals because they're not pressured because there's not that many people out there so it's rare that they encounter people and you know and when you're in a place like we were at which is

► 00:45:37

a thousand acres in Utah they're all just living in the mountains like they've been living in the mountains for thousands of years that's to me it's a pure experience and I know it's not available to everybody I know you have to pay money to do it and I get that I get that it's not available to the average working man I get it but it's definitely harder to do public land without a doubt hmm But I don't think it's as good the reason why I don't think it's as good as because those animals are acting like animals that are

► 00:46:07

hunted all the time the pressured I've been I've on been on public land hunts I get the difference and it's definitely more satisfying when you're successful because it's more difficult and I know how people can take pride in that but I think a lot of the pride they're taking in it they're taking the because they don't have the option like if you could say to these people that are talking shit like you say hey would you like a free hunt at the Deseret and Utah they'd be like yeah of course they would say yes if they didn't want to experience what we

► 00:46:37

parents that day which was a pure wild rut Fest pure wild experience with these animals just going off I mean we're deep deep deep into the mountains they're by themselves they're all bedded down up there there's a hot cow and they're all going crazy they're fighting each other mean just the sounds that we were hearing was so epic that video that you got of us walking and you just here bro all day all day they were going off is amazing we hit the perfect spot that that

► 00:47:07

spot that day that time yeah that was it and I've I've I've been in rough fast on public land you know I mean they that's how they act and that's in the wilderness deep whether or not getting so it's like you always I've always looked for places my whole career hunting career where the animal I'm not I'm not competing against Tom Dick and Harry an elk right you know so to me that was always like well the way I can do that as go further than anybody wants to go

► 00:47:37

go so I'd go to the Wilderness to hunt those so it's essentially that without having to go 12 miles deep right right right no and it's those elk are there acting natural and you know I've been on the other side though to I get with the guys are saying I get it when I couldn't hunt my goal has always been to go on the best outcomes I could write sometimes that was instead of hunting the Oregon coast that was going to Eastern Oregon

► 00:48:09

then I went from Eastern Oregon to Wyoming I'm like oh my God this is so much better than Oregon it was better than I went from Wyoming to Colorado Colorado that's right Eastman's had me going in 2005 I killed 7 by 6 and Wyoming then they said the next year and that was Will public land hunt day 9 and then it's like hey 2005 we want to film you on this on and I'm like well if it's better than

► 00:48:38

while me and I'll go to Colorado that's what I'm trying to do I'm trying to get a better hunt and so it's just been that and so now it's been the places that I go I spend my month of September they're the very best places I can find in the United States and is just as an extension of that process 30 years of it right that's it that's all anybody's trying to do yeah you don't you don't try to go on a were style kant's some people do I don't some people really love her did some people just love the grind yeah

► 00:49:08

crying rights I get the grind but it's still I didn't want to go to worse I'll cut though but they want the bragging rights of public land but they'll definitely take a public land limited entry draw tag yeah get it which is essentially like being on a private land yes nobody can hunt there no and that's what like back home is so when a whole unit they give 20 tax 2020 and it's the entire State huge huge area this just one area it's a you when I use a people apply for it as well

► 00:49:38

yeah that I don't think they get Oregon's terrible for out of state for non-residents but I know residents get 20 so huge area 20 tags

► 00:49:49

that's not that much different than paying a landowner to to have this area for yourself right so I put in for when aha if I you know if I draw it I'm hunting there it's kind of the same thing I understand where people are coming from and whenever someone's got something that you can't afford you get that must be nice yeah yeah I I just the problem that I have with it is

► 00:50:19

at the animals when they're pressured then not acting natural food and you're dealing with too many people it's definitely gives you better bragging rights right if you shoot a giant Bowl on public land it's like wow that's another level of accomplishment it's a big deal you know that's that's the real grind like what we're doing is what I'm doing first of all is the easiest way to the to the to the road because I've got some of my best friends are the best hunters on Earth I mean having you as a great friend and Dudley

► 00:50:49

and being able to take instruction from you guys and learning how to bow hunt and like just having you that day with me first of all what a wake-up call about endurance here I am fucking running hills every goddamn day trying to keep up with you is such a fucking bummer man it's still like it's such a it's so annoying Jamie he gets the top of the hill he's not even out of breath I'm soaked with sweat I'm he even in home and I'm like what if I didn't run like what if I wasn't doing all this goddamn

► 00:51:19

running well that one little bursts we had because the wind to give the wind ride and that bowl coming over I didn't know if the bowl is going to that was a kind of a was a hustle it was a hustle we had straight up out of this pretty straight up thank God I do that all the time yeah yeah and I recovered there you got up yeah you did and that's that's that's bow hunting is like tomato to be able to think you're going to make an accurate shot after pushing yourself like that ass that's rough very rough that's what I think people need to understand about like the

► 00:51:49

NYU condition yourself and I know you've taken a lot of shit from lazy Hunters that think it's unnecessary to work out as hard as you do come with us bitch yeah come with us come that day just do what we did that day goddamn it as much as I run I was still struggling to keep up yeah it's fucking hard it is and then the whole thing is your whether or not you can recover so even though your heaving and hoeven and you know he even and even in Hoenn with or we say heave ho yeah your fucking heaving yeah

► 00:52:19

gasping for air at the top your heart rate drops down if you're in shape yeah so even though you've done the Sprint within a minute everything's dropping back down and then your cool again and then you can make the shot the biggest thing I see is not only that recovery but making good decisions yeah because it's still hunting but he's still have to outwit so what happens is when people get gassed they take shortcuts you know they get gas from going up the hill hard trying to get this and then they're like God do I really have to circle around to keep the wind right

► 00:52:49

right right right maybe I can just get away with here so it's like you take shortcuts and you can't take shortcuts so the the more fatigued you are the more inclined you are to take shortcuts a better shape you are you're going to do it right and you're going to make make good decisions the first bowl that we got into in the early morning that bull was at was like 52 yards and I was at full draw and he caught a whiff of us yeah and he was right he was walking right into the path yeah right into the path he would have been brought

► 00:53:19

side I mean that would have been 17 yards closer than the ball shot or close to it yeah and he just fuck this Puro use gone yeah that wind will get you their sense of smell and their their their understanding of their environment is so humbling yeah it's so amazing to watch them like peek their head up and catch your win for a second and just start running oh I know and you see I thought I don't know you see him in the like kind of they'll put

► 00:53:49

their nose up no be like what is that guy yea smell cologne I don't know about Cologne but I spice yeah I did want to say one thing about the whole must be nice type thing is I don't a big pet peeve of mine is not so much the public and private and all that but it's just like Hunters are small group anyway why the hell are we trying to rip each other apart

► 00:54:19

judge cannibalize the small group which were fighting for a space in this world anyway right come on I mean like when I say in and I was defending a one-time you and Jocko I think maybe he's on Andy's page but whatever most Bruno's yeah and it's like guys they're fucking out hunting celebrating our lifestyle I'm because they'll be like well I don't have a problem with you because you've been doing it for 30 years I'm like who cares they're Hunters they're talking about it they're doing it this is a

► 00:54:49

win a win what are we doing I mean because you because they haven't been out there for 30 years and couldn't afford an elk tag its they shouldn't do it that I mean come on so people get short-sighted and selfish it does it that's but that's in comedy that's in everything man that's in everything there's always gonna be people that think that way but comedy is not something that that the public can vote out the Publican wrote out hunting right so we start Campbell

► 00:55:19

in ourselves

► 00:55:21

that's not true I mean you know we could I'm not going to say we got some momentum going now but we could lose it yeah is it possible there's enough people that are ignorant to what hunting really is yeah and enough people that actually eat meat that are ignorant to what hunting exactly I mean it's like 96 percent of people ready meat but I think if we explain what how hunting worse and and but we have to have all Hunters on that same page supporting each other my wife was a dinner was with some friends and

► 00:55:51

one of her friends husbands was asking where what I do and she said he well he's actually on an elk hunt right now the guy was eating a steak and he goes well that's abhorrent he's eating a steak yeah and she's laughing at him she was you're eating a steak Yeah do you understand that you're eating a steak it's crazy and he you know he's from England then discarded don't like over there they don't hunt was so they get super confused oh Ricky no was it Ricky with your face

► 00:56:21

it's not Ricky has no problem with people hunting for food yeah he has a problem with trophy hunting yeah I know but I think she also has a distorted understanding what that is to but people also lump it all on together yes they do so especially over in Europe I mean and you know under whatever but it's just like so that's what I say

► 00:56:41

let's just first of all let's for all Hunters be on the same team we should certainly should be yeah and then get that message out correctly that's all I've tried to do well one of the things that I try to do as much as possible is put those images of my cooking yeah you know like look look at that fucking Wild dark meat that I'm cooking and I'm eating all the time all the goddamn time well and what I also try to do too and I put one up today and I think and I think you could even speak to this because

► 00:57:10

because we shared that emotion with your bowl but there is you know I've said it before and maybe some Hunters think I'm full of shit or or I don't know I don't know overemphasizing but the feeling of I'm not happy when I kill I mean they killing of the animal is not in like fun so I known animals dying I've worked very hard to make that shot like you made the shot

► 00:57:41

but then when we got to the animal and there were some he was done but it takes a while for the life to get he was still moving a little bit and I shot him a second time while he was mean he was dead he was he was gasping for air and the correct thing to do is to give him another shot but that moment was Heavy yeah it's heavy it's heavy it's heavy and you know the end we all took our hats off and we

► 00:58:10

we all like we praised him and we said like a little prayer when all the hunters got together we all said you know thank you thank you to the elk we all took our hats off and bowed our heads and the guides took some of the grasses that these Elkie and they've been doing this as a tradition they rolled it up into like a bundle like a meal and they placed it on the remnants of the carcass so like a the Bulls last me yeah like thank you

► 00:58:41

assign of that and yeah but even before that when we just approached your bull it was I mean it was intense and real and it wasn't I mean it wasn't happy not happy it was like it was happy when you make the shot it is but people don't understand that that's because it's a relief because it's so it's so much tension and it's so difficult work so hard to do that yeah to make that we talked about what it takes to make that shot I would like to

► 00:59:10

people to experience that because it's so hard to put into words to be into that moment and to be that person that draws that bow back and makes that shot yeah it's so hard to put that into words I don't even think the video does it justice it's so hard for a person on the outside to get it I know you'll you do have to be there and you have to watch an animal die and it's

► 00:59:36

I don't know I mean it's a heavy moment but so when I put up that like me with my bowl in my hand on it that's not contrived that's real that's real I'm I feel real emotion and I respect and honor and love the Journey of that hunt and the fact I took the animal's life is part of it but that doesn't it's not lost on the fact that

► 01:00:04

I know I took it and it means it's that's a big deal yeah yeah I mean we did that to the dog as he was passing to say anything hmm um and I think about it every time I eat it yeah you know and that's I think that's the special bond Hunters have with their food their meat is I mean specifically yeah that that the guy who is aberrant it's complement or it yeah boring yeah it's like

► 01:00:35

what are you talking about well he's a fool yeah I mean there's literally carving into a steak while we're saying that right so Hunters have that connection and I saw this video today this is what drives me crazy and I don't I don't want to go back rehash everything we've ever talked about but I saw this video today who had it up anyway these vegans were set up in front of this I guess we get hamburgers so that big guy Burger

► 01:01:04

line yeah so when do Hunters ever like get confrontational and violent with people who don't want to eat meat right when does that happen well they think somehow or another by blocking this burger stand that they're changing the world they're just trying to be activists you know the trying to get a message out and most of them were quit their kind of quit veganism and they going to start eating meat again because their health yes that's the truth it's some ridiculous number Google this what number I think they said the number of

► 01:01:34

of vegans and vegetarians who eat meat when they're drunk is something outrageous the close to 90% yeah well but how many how many vegans wind up quitting and eating meat well if they've ever done a study on that this is like a big thing because you know there's been a movement sort of a movement and people have different success rates with being a vegan but Cam Newton who is a quarterback of the Carolina Panthers big dude 6/6 250 260

► 01:02:04

went vegan and he cannot get healthy he cannot he's been injured he's I mean the face of the franchise probably a hundred million dollar contract I mean made it to the Super Bowl but since just been on a decline and it's like almost hand in hand with the change into vegan well you know that guy dr. Shaun Baker he's a yak it up dummy got more diet yeah marks all these people that were in originally

► 01:02:34

in that game changers documentary that James Cameron put out yeah a shit ton of quit before the movie came out and had to pull them out of the movie because they were vegan and because of health reasons they had to quit it's an indoctrination movie and it's also it's extremely biased and it's not focusing on all of the various problems that people have it's only focused on the positive aspects of it and distorting the reality of those positive messages particularly the strong man who's on a fuckload of steroids yeah they

► 01:03:04

forget that part and then all these other athletes like these you're not talking and even the strongmen he's not like an elite strong man you know talking about something like when I had Robert Oberst in here right he's like everybody it's the same shit he's like meat and rice like they meet ya all those strong many the same thing the real strong men the ones who actually win the competitions what do you got Jamie it's very controversial research at Kmart but it's very repeated number of 84% of vegans and vegetarians end up going back

► 01:03:34

to eating meat of at some level right before right before they die folks we're omnivores we're omnivores We Exist better we are more healthy on an animal and vegetable diet yeah and if you don't want to kill animals please eat eggs eat oysters eat shrimp and lobsters they're fucking heartless sold us a little monsters that live at the bottom of the ocean right but if you want to be healthy just eating only vegetables is a fucking hard road It's A Hard Road and this idea that you're going to

► 01:04:04

save the world Listen large Scare at Large Scale agriculture is fucking terrible for the environment it's terrible you want to like all of our Agricultural and when they talk about greenhouse gases we talked about this the other day nine percent of all of all greenhouse gases is because of Agriculture less than half of that is because of meat less than half of that is because of beef

► 01:04:29

elk yeah how much is that oh it's fucking 0 you have way if you just eat out give way less impact on the greenhouse gases than you do if you're a vegetarian and that's a fact right if you're eating grain not only that you're eating grain menu responsible for a fuckload of death whether you like it or not sure those monsters combines yeah rabbit discriminant deer fawns mice forget about any thirds yeah and then the pesticides

► 01:04:59

listen of wildlife you're not supposed to have enormous Fields filled with fucking corn right and grain wheat and all that shit that's not normal yeah that's not healthy there's definitely animals dying from that which is you know but for us to live animals are going to die yeah no matter how you want to look at it at some point whether it was to build your house or build the road you used to get to work or if or the fields that you eat your your salad and corn and and we from

► 01:05:29

animals dying for us to live that's just that's just how it works you cannot live on this Earth and not have animals died because of that and I like that these people that are vegans are doing this and they think this way because they care because they don't want suffering they want these animals to live mmm look I don't want factory farming I think it's terrible it doesn't none of that appeals to me at all when I see chickens stuffed into cages like that I don't have anything to do with that I don't want to I want a boy cat every step of the way when I see pigs stuffed into

► 01:05:59

cages tick next to each other shitting on the floor I don't want to have any part of that I want to boycott all of that with same thing with beef same thing with anything that's factory farm yeah but that's not what we're doing no no and I there are some good cattle ranchers that have good operations that or not the factory farm they're doing it right and it's like more people are more in tune with that like one of my son's works at a meat shop at a grocery store and he said people ask all the time where is this meat from how was

► 01:06:29

is it raised so people are getting yes and it's like supporting ethical cattle ranching I'm all for that me to that's awesome that's one of the great things about one of my sponsors is Butcher box and what your box has a total commitment to humanely raised animals 100% grass-fed grass-finished beef no antibiotics no hormones ever so they have these relationships with cattle ranchers and they use sustainable ranching sustainable farming so when you're buying meat from a good source like

► 01:06:59

that you're cutting out all the stuff that I hate about about farming yell about factory farming need to yeah they're good outfit one thing I do I did also see is because I killed three bowls this year and and it's like it's weird because people say well there's no way you could eat all that so I said well how good are you a math so I go through I got five people in my family average fat average

► 01:07:29

each person he's 220 pounds of meat A year my family is more than that but just say for that so that's 1,100 pounds of meat as we know say a big bull elk might you might get 300 pounds so if I kill three that's 900 pounds of me that's still less than I'm going to eat so it's like people would be like it'd be better if you killed maybe just one bowl and if you bought the rest then I wouldn't have a problem with it it doesn't that seem weird any sense does it doesn't make any sense they also don't understand you have freezers you keep everything

► 01:07:59

also share it with friends yeah I mean every time I kill a bull I have a ton of friends out of wind up there's nothing I love more than giving love it like I always said is Hunter we are providers that's how it's always been yeah so there's a certain sense of satisfaction and and I don't know if it's honoring the animal I don't know what it feels like but it feels like to me it feels right yeah to give me and is have somebody say man that elk you gave me that was the best meal I've ever had I just

► 01:08:29

bought a ton of freezer bags so I can give away to friends you know I get elk sausage made and went in Utah that the butcher that handles the meat out there makes great jerky yeah so I get a bunch of jerky down yeah and that out to people it's awesome I love it it makes me happy when I get text messages from people do we made elk meatballs and look at the roast I made like you know my friend Tom Papa he makes bread and he makes his own handmade sourdough bread it's amazing delicious

► 01:08:59

he brings bread I give him meat and I'll trade ya we share pictures and shit and it's it makes me really happy when one of my friends sends me a meal and I know that there are there eating an animal that I harvested myself oh man that's awesome yeah it's amazing and it's high octane is almost shouldn't it might screw up you're sober October because it's it's so powerful you know Ian Edwards is going to eat elk is he he needs to know who's been a vegan for ever he said that he falls asleep

► 01:09:29

if you just look at him funny falls asleep but he said that he'll eat a piece of my elk because I killed it myself so we're trying to figure out a time we can come over the house I want to put cook it perfectly oh yeah I have it all set up for him I'm gonna rock his world I'm going to film it too yeah it would be the first meet he's eating them but you said that you did that with your pastor yeah but you have to make sure you don't give them too much though right right right yeah he came over he had been at a vegan for about 13 years and yeah he I mean eight I don't know how he felt the

► 01:09:59

but it's like giving if you gave your dog too I mean you can't mix up the food like have it I don't know it can be too rich yeah basically because people aren't used to that that much richness in their meat so right especially they have these eat and carrots yeah this damn be right it's gonna be like the the polar opposite yeah I want to put in a kitchen here I want to figure out how to put a kitchen in here and then cook for people yeah you know I mean I think like

► 01:10:29

if something where I have a trigger set up with some sort of a pipe that goes through the roof smoke and go to the roof perfect fuck yeah I would love to do that and have like a stovetop or I could see her see your steaks just is like so cook people cook for people just let them know this is what it's like yeah they'll be they'll be going down shooting a bow before yeah it's a long road though what's interesting it's like the road from you know you coming over my house or you coming into the studio the first time many many years ago

► 01:10:59

get me that Hoyt yeah and then show me how to shoot and then you know taking me bear hunting and take me elk hunting and all these you know reps and years and years and years of practice that leads to like two weeks ago yeah that's what's crazy about it yeah and you had a shortened Journey oh yeah it was like a shortened because you had like you said you had so many encounters like you had almost a lifetime of Encounters in one hunt well and also people particularly Lanai

► 01:11:29

why helps you a lot as it does because you're shooting at these little ninjas they're fast as shit that just so delicious and they must know it so fast and they're so pressured their the most pressure Danimals on Earth and you get so many stocks and so many hunts in and you're there yeah I mean to those hunts that we do every year in Lanai that to me I feel like that's my my like training camp yeah for sure tightens up and sure it's still I mean tell me what you thought about like when

► 01:11:59

elk hunting because they're still like when do you move fast when do you slow down what you can get away with right that's still Lanai helps that but it's almost like I've noticed each species is different as far as what you can get away with yeah an elk are there noisy so you can make little bit of noise they're big animals their herd animals so it's almost like each species has its own yeah specialty yeah Alan I you can't get away with

► 01:12:29

shit shit no you can't get away with shit most of what me and Dudley did before I shot my dear this year is crawl yeah it took forever to get to where we were going I took like an hour and a half just crawling yeah just slowly crawling creeping and crawling because those animals evolved around Tigers yeah so they're all just like completely white and then you add on top of that the fact they're incredibly pressured because they have to hunt them there's the I think there's this close to close to 30,000 of them on that island which is just bananas so they've got people it's great for the people that live there because they get

► 01:12:59

fresh delicious organic wild meat all the time I mean everybody on that island is eating access to your left and right me must be some of that fucking healthiest people on Earth even the Four Seasons Services yes those Burgers man those axis deer Burgers is Sensational those two are those sliders so good God but where else on Earth can you hunt in this incredible Tropical Paradise and then stay at the Four Seasons and run a mountain yeah and run the mountain right you you ran more than you

► 01:13:29

arrogant but yeah that was that was far I mean I asked the guys there said hey how far is it if I go from here to here and they're like oh seven miles no it was like 15 it was a grind and humid oh my God yeah well luckily you're accustomed to that yeah no it's good while I was talking to a friend of mine you know and they'll and and I was saying well you know cam when he first started running he had a hard time running a mile and then like what yeah like yeah that's how it works yeah

► 01:13:59

it was a yeah you know and I was when I first started I mean I was okay in high school you know because I did all the sports and we do maybe a 10K during the summer so but then after high school then I was just like I thought it was really cool I could buy beer so it was like 21 and I'd swing by Riverview Market on the way home and buy a six-pack of tall boys and you know I thought that was cool I could pounce on you know coolers light and I'm like oh I'm

► 01:14:29

stud now that started you know to get fat and I'm like I didn't nobody cared it was like I didn't have I wasn't living up to any expectation I was actually living down to expectations and so I went through a phase there where I was just like not healthy I was still hunting but no real sense of I don't know I didn't have I wasn't accountable for anything or to

► 01:14:59

sorry didn't have any high expectations so Mike whatever and I remember I signed up for the beaut beaut 10K and I got there to 5th Street public Mark just about 5 miles I had another mile left and I quit and I'm just like this sucks and so that was think from there I'm like nobody feels good you know you don't feel good when you're in that in that place so I'm it was

► 01:15:29

a slow grind but I got to where I just kept doing more and more and more and then I did my first marathon like in 2002 when you quit the next day how should he did you feel I felt shitty all the time so it wasn't like I mean it wasn't you know I was living with four guys and we just drink beer all the time and you know remember this one guy got a DUI I like two DUIs and three

► 01:15:59

I think both in my truck please I wasn't dry I would never draw you know I mean I ain't never got caught but it was just like just stupid so it was just like another disappointment it wasn't didn't stand out because it was just there was no success no no it was just I don't know I didn't have anything going it's like that's where my life was so it's just like what changed

► 01:16:27

I don't know I will something must have changed because now you're running 240 miles yeah probably the most successful bow hunter on the planet Earth I mean that's that's a joke I mean you have 800,000 Instagram followers something fucking change like what changed how did it go from you being this guy who quit after five miles and you drink it beer all the time and you hanging out with a bunch of ne'er do Wells yeah

► 01:16:55

and then all sudden you are an inspiration to millions of people like how does what's the shift I think having kids you know so got married and then Cantor was born and 93 and then it's like man it's not cool being a loser Dad no it's not that that it's one thing being a loser being a loser Dad could now I'm affecting other people's

► 01:17:24

Ives and so I'm like I thought I got a I got to be an example you know I got it I want my kids every parent wants her kids to have more than they had and had a better life than they had and so you know my dad wasn't around and you know I always remember wanting him around and just you know wanting to see him so Mike maybe that and then it was I think I wanted my kids I wanted to challenge them

► 01:17:54

and so I remember my first marathon I also made Tanner he was 7

► 01:18:02

and yes it is 2002 I think early he would have been no muss yeah I don't know anyway he was young I think he just turned eight actually and I made him do the half marathon so I ran the marathon he did the half marathon a tete a tete she's did good got like 202 which is a good half marathon for especially for an eight-year-old so then I started entered introducing my kids to these challenges because I'm like you know I'm

► 01:18:32

Amber my life growing up and it it wasn't comfortable but not not a positive way and I'm like well I think these kids if they don't have challenges introduced they're going to be soft or going to have a too easy so I would you know that's why they've run marathons and they've done these things is because that's kind of how they grew up so I think it was kind of a combination of being a parent wanting my kids to have a successful path and then just saying I didn't want to be a loser

► 01:19:02

loser dad so just kind of evolved from there didn't true it run a hundred miles with you ran away to get to 80 85 90 90 Jesus Christ yeah isn't he blew up no no his will broke yeah I thought he had a knee issue probably I mean but yeah but all sorts of shit happens you mean you hurt but no he got it was like that was just this past summer and you know because running a hundred miles in 24 hours is

► 01:19:32

that's something I mean I could never do that at he's 22 I think there's no way I could have done that then I mean it takes mental usually don't have that mental strength until you're older you've been through life and you've been beat down and disappointed and and had your heart broken that's when you get like hey this pain is just temporary this is for one day I can get through anything for day well when you're 22 is like point of reference now it's great it's been gravy the whole time but to run a hundred miles in 24 hours is

► 01:20:02

you can tell that to anybody and be like God dang congratulations you know crying so he wanted to do that that was his goal so I said all right I go if you get to 60 miles in 12 hours you can grind out 40 in the second 12 and I said that would be good so he got 260 miles in 12 hours on on Pace everything was good and it's just too painful he's like I think he got 31 miles maybe they are almost thirty one I think was 93

► 01:20:32

I point something just you know he ended up take trying to take a couple naps was in the truck for a while and I remember I would be like so what are we doing I'd go by the truck because I never stopped and so it's a course in that was a one Loop one point one mile Loop oh my God you doing a hundred times right do it for 24 hours and so I'd come by and I'd be I give him a little bit little while to

► 01:21:02

out and but then a bit what are we doing here and whatever for whatever reason he got 90 which is still 90 miles is a long ass way it's a long run your feet that's like San Diego but it's not a hundred bucks go no he I'm like so we joke around to because I am you know I'm supportive but also

► 01:21:29

I mean I am how I am so I'm like I go God you couldn't have got 10 more miles 10 more miles and you would have been in the Hundred Mile Club because he I got this little wood chip it's like the it's like the smallest little token you could get it's not even like Goggins coin right here but it's half the size as a wood chip and it says 100 miles I'm like hey do you got you have a chip like to oh no no no you only got 90 they don't make 90-mile chips and so

► 01:21:59

like we said it's like God the worst part about that is to get those last 10 you got to get the first 90 and that hurts right so I think he's gonna hit his big goal was to get a hundred miles in 24 hours 24 hours of she didn't get and then also qualify room for Boston which he did so I think we're gonna what do you do to qualify for Boston for his age age group he had to run under three hours

► 01:22:28

a marathon so he ran the gene marathon in 257 wow so he qualified that's amazing yeah that's a good run fast yeah Jamie shaking his head yes yeah he ran that would have been that's like 644 that's fast miles for 26 that's fucking fast yeah so the world record the trying to get under to write under to yeah they using like special shoes and shit and those guys are amazing yeah they're there so I bought these

► 01:22:59

Souls these insoles that are supposed to be like springy insoles you know those things I don't think they do a goddamn thing I really don't I tried them that I took them out and like these fucking things are just hard yeah we just hard it's are they supposed to do anything spring Insight on I'd end of the day you have to run you got to grind gotta keep going that's you gotta grind it out socially and you going up hills I don't think they do a goddamn thing because you're on you're on your toes and your toes the whole way anyway yeah

► 01:23:28

yeah it's yeah I don't know I did the what I found is nothing really help something you'd I mean it running is just running I mean the better shape you're in probably the more enjoyable it is the born if you can I usually 99% I'm on by myself so I'm is like a as I heard you talking with red band about yoga and it's sort of like that meditation is like you're out and it's just like I feel

► 01:24:00

I feel good I feel healthy I feel centered if I can run with somebody like Courtney then that's just a like Christmas you know you're also running out there when you run Mount pixel you're running up there and that clean air and beautiful view so yeah getting it just as healthy awful around those of nature yeah it's healthy all the way around and it's a so I just look at it as like hey I'm doing this if I get to run with anybody else

► 01:24:28

and it's it's a distraction that's just kind of you know the exception rather than the rule how many days a week you run in these days every day every day Sunday to ever every day every day Jesus Christ yeah I would say Russ days are for pussies the thing is you doing the same thing every day to you don't even mix it up yeah I mix it up yeah you know like I'll do kickboxing one day yoga the next day I for me I have to mix it up if I don't

► 01:24:58

sit up I just yeah crazy a delay I found it because I used to bike I used to do all these things but nothing nothing compares to running if you just want to get not only just just for Fitness but discipline mmm running yeah running sucks for everyone so it's like dust the building get out there and get in a Groove that's discipline yeah and that's I've used that discipline for the rest of my life so but it's you know the building block is and it makes

► 01:25:28

a shooting a bow so we talked about shooting a bow is discipline that's fun yeah if you can't get out and shoot a bow it's like come on yeah it's way more fun than running yeah right so that's that's why I look at it's like you know because I would say run love shoot lifting you get a good pump whatever you got some music going you can get kind of jacked up shooting just fun it's running that's the key to the discipline so

► 01:25:59

Yeah it's you're doing something to your mind you're forcing your mind to this it strengthens that ability to get in that Groove and yeah yeah you know sometimes I hear my breath when I'm running and you know when I'm really pushing it when I'm going up a hill and it's so satisfying that you could keep up the pace yeah you know there's something about keeping up that pace that's so satisfying and me I was running with the dog you know so it's like I got my buddy he comes running back to me

► 01:26:29

so happy he's so fucking happy man I had a film how he jumps out of the truck because when I bring him to the trail and he jumps out of the truck sir yeah his whole body shaking Boo and then I opened the gate he's just jump Celiac she could have that energy oh my God that would be that's how my that's how cash is too it's like no matter where you go he wants to if you're going outside he wants to be first outside if you're going inside he wants to be first back inside how happy is he yeah when you see this doc yeah I know oh Marshall

► 01:26:59

Liz and I mean I tried I told you I tried to take his stuff animal and he's like yeah go ahead just let me know when you're done he's just like sitting there with his mouth closed just looking at me I had in my mouth like my dog would put on your mouth that disgusting still don't know yeah it's just it just might just my teeth dude you're a disease or Marshall that's how they say don't they say a dog's mouth how can a dog is a person yeah they lick their balls I don't know how that works it doesn't let scam another right see that little thing Marshall

► 01:27:29

so not but yeah I'm taking him to work with me because otherwise you know when we run we run in the morning and then he's just bored all day waiting for everybody to come home so he comes here and hangs out he said but yeah so I took that thing from him and he's like nah cuz that's of know like yeah just let me know when you're done I never had a dog like him before no he's so sweet oh nice I'm so used to pit bulls and I had Mastiffs most big scary ass dogs yeah he's just a different thing man he said I have to remind myself yeah he's a he's a

► 01:27:59

he's a sweetie a special dog I don't know if all are all retrievers like that supposedly Golden's are all like that yeah just like Commander David favor who was on the other day yeah he said he's had five golden she said that wouldn't get another dog to the best dogs just loves them I mean I get it now I mean I never had a dog like him he's so nice to everybody everybody is his best friend now just runs from one person to the next so I only thing he does that I don't like as he jumps on people still I'm trying to get them to stop doing that but it's just because he loves her

► 01:28:29

yeah yeah he's not as not malicious or yeah but yeah I've always thought that if I could have the same attitude as my dog running yes I mean yeah I mean so happy he gets tired after maybe five or six and then he'll be like lagging back but up until then it's like ma'am he's loving it so much he trots with you for about five or six miles and then he's like this motherfucker yeah thank you Louis yeah yeah yeah yeah when we going home right he doesn't

► 01:28:59

have the did dirt I mean you get them water to bring water with him I think no but we go to the river oh yeah yeah now buff is it good is it clean yeah their stomachs are not like ours I know obviously I look into balls and shit when Martian my run sometimes we run in the heat like sometimes you know around here gets hot as fuck so I have one of those collapsible dog bowls and I just put it in the backpack and I'll bring a Hydra flash tank 64-ounce Hydra flask and a couple

► 01:29:29

during the Ron I'll pull out that collapsible dog bowl and pour him some water he'll drink it and it makes a big difference and then I pour some on his head rub it on his head Cool Moms cooling down yeah because we'll run it it's a hundred degrees outside oh and it's got a lot of hair oh God I'm so thick yeah you could get them shaved like a lion yeah like a poodle does like I do it poodles yeah when I brush them it's ridiculous I have well I have a brush that I brush them with but I also have these gloves like brushes and you're petting them and then it just like you have

► 01:29:59

hair Mets this is this comes off that was up to me I'd have fucking hundred dogs yeah I love them me too so now and that's another thing that anti-hunters don't understand right they said well how come you don't kill kill your dog Mike

► 01:30:16

it's my fucking dog we're talking about my dogs are squirrel murderer by the way that's sweet Marshall he'll Merc a squirrel really fucking heartbeat yeah we had to keep them from Merck and my daughter's rabbit he's he's got real issues yeah look at that see that's just a hunting Instinct lovable is Marshall is that the one that says every day after calm the demons within what is it what is the it's the circle of life yeah but this is another one go to the there's another one

► 01:30:45

he like Lion back behind them yeah did you do that on purpose no no that's a it's a painting I bought in Utah like I know but like say that's a record like different levels of hunting keep that one right there click on that one scroll down so you can see the the caption every day I must tame the demon within me he looks so guilty for his lies please just open up the door for his mark this fuck

► 01:31:15

fucking stupid rabbit yeah oh my God that's so cute I mean but what's interesting is like those retrievers they have what they call soft mouths yeah they don't tear things apart right they hold things gently and bring them to you yeah like even squirrels but he's killed a squirrel who bring the squirrels not even fucked up really yeah now that's their genetics I mean like Johnny Cash my Mastiff when he was alive he got into my chicken coop one day he tore a hole through the chicken coop

► 01:31:45

so the you know the chicken wire fence yeah he tore it apart so you get his body in there and went in there and he marked eight chickens eight or nine by the time I got to him wow my wife is screaming why is Johnny in the chicken coop my Johnny's in the chicken coop that's not good he tore a hole through the chicken coop let's that was a totally different experience yeah there was no soft mouth going on there was just Carnage she was just a bad battle time killing chickens

► 01:32:12

all right Jesus Christ mouth you reminded me what is this asshole doing is playing with this tiger so it's his tiger and it doesn't it looks like it's about to fuck him up in it yeah oh so where is this at I don't know just some GIF I saw going around yeah man again I guess if you are nice these things and train them you can get away with this for a little bit yeah but what happens is then that line will probably kill that guy I want to die that's what I always have I mean because they're still they just like Marshall yeah Dave

► 01:32:42

Dill lat I don't know maybe not maybe he's whatever but you always hear this that they had this pet whatever and well Marshall with a rabbit for sure yeah that's how that lion is like if I like let Marshall play with the rabbit oh Marshall yeah rabbits your friend then I go and take a shit you come back just keep blood and rabbit hair everywhere and then that guilty look on Marshall I couldn't take yeah yeah it was taunting me Stern etics yeah it's I don't know why people think it's cute to wrestle with

► 01:33:12

lines and do all that crazy shit seems so silly to me I mean they're kind of cool I mean I would be fine okay yes I mean it would that's like animals are amazing but don't be surprised when it can rip your juggle around well when we were in Thailand you can go to these tiger sanctuaries and you can pet these tigers and what's interesting is you would go there and we would Pat the little baby ones and they would be like really calm and and

► 01:33:42

and playful no because they're little babies but they're super energetic but they don't they're not trying to hurt you they're just they're just playing with each other and rolling around and they're like kittens but then you go to the ones that are just a little older like maybe a year old and their little sketchy yeah it's looking around and then there's a guy with a stick and they're keeping you at a distance with them like they don't want you getting too close to them they worry about they might Jack you and when you get to the older lines like the or the older Tigers the full-grown Tigers they're all drugged yeah and it's

► 01:34:12

a real bummer man yeah they're all lying there like like have that out of it and people take pictures with them and these things are on fucking heroin Mass they just laying there completely 100% drug like there's no if ands or buts about it they barely keep their head up and people are smiling and put their hands on and taking self I don't like that it's weird man out I don't like that it's weird I like I like animal wild house be wild yeah me too that's I mean that's that's what's cool about I'm like I mean we've

► 01:34:42

we both experienced bears in the wild and I've never seen a mount line in the while but I did see one in Montecito and Santa Santa Barbara so I want on the street but I mean if I did see one I would think it's fucking cool to be in the woods like hunting and like Dudley was 20 yards away from one yeah stumble across one it's cool that they're out there yeah you know I love the fact that there are real thing but I want to pet them yeah now you got to respect them I don't want to have nothing to do with Peta those things are killing Iron Man those

► 01:35:12

things are killers he said that picture we have outside now with the Hollywood Sign yeah I did some motherfuckers live in Griffith Park God big-ass cat with giant forearms his forearms things are killing machine yeah and he's just out there keeping keeping the coyotes in check yeah marking all those deep if you have died recently because a rat poison yeah well Lions yeah yeah mountain lions young yeah it's a bummer man there's a lot of lines here in California a lot they get a hold of the rat poison because people poison the rats

► 01:35:42

they eat the rats or the coyotes eat the rats and then they eat the coyotes and they get that rat poison in them and they want to dine and another one got killed recently trying to cross the street who's trying to cross the highway and they think he might have been getting chased by another cat and the cat chased him right into traffic and Bam they're territorial that's what that's what that's what have to keep spreading out so much because they won't overlap those males will get a certain territory and then the younger ones have to go

► 01:36:12

go usually further into town do you hear what happened about the woman who had a farm she has a an alpaca Farm in Malibu and a mountain lion just decide to start marking her alpacas killed a shitload of them really and yeah killed like eight of them or something crazy like that and a goat killed a goat to didn't even eat them just so yeah went on a killing spree with is going to eat it goats are terrible are they really yeah tried to that one time back in the early 90s Ted Nugent was

► 01:36:42

and Eugene and he was with the Damn Yankees and we're like we had this place that had these feral goats down by Roseburg and so we're like they wanted him killed and so we asked Wayne asked Ed somehow got a hold of them oh no he's going to come to the bow rack because he's been boning forever it's like hey you want to go bow hunting goats with us so long story short we went down there killed a bunch of goats he had a concert that night but I had a truck full of dead goats

► 01:37:12

a little Toyota two-wheel-drive Little Blue Thunder we called it and I tried to use those goats this is before 94 so you could bear baits still in Oregon try to use them as bear bait the Bears were like we're not eating that shit Bears didn't want to go and not eat the goat what no no so goats yeah it doesn't surprise me that line only to go to either so goat meat not the best but they say that goats like some some cultures love goat yeah I think so yeah that's probably the ones that won't eat cows I don't know I

► 01:37:42

they just cook it they have ways of cooking it yeah you know I've never had one I know I've had goat before the Mexican restaurant I had like Go Tacos yeah it was good really yeah but I think if you braise it yeah slow cooked it with spices yeah hey Trager it like how put it on like a hundred sixty-five degrees for 8 hours or something like that with the right spices yeah you can make anything taste pretty damn good that's what Jen she cooked something up and Bear Camp this year

► 01:38:12

it was Bare I think it was loin maybe I don't know but it anyway cooked it for 12 or 20 hours or something crazy God it was so good not finalized a backhand maybe oh yeah that's right I remember that yeah but I'm talking about the whole good yeah she yeah she marinated it yeah people say Isis I'd like to see people who say well do you eat bear have a plate of gin rivets bear meat my God so no on what rinella was talking about on his podcast when the pioneers

► 01:38:42

Matt West they were shooting deers for their skins and bears for the meat really yeah I didn't know that yeah they were shooting bears from me black bears yeah that they preferred black bears for their meat it's a delicious animal people don't know now they don't know and they think you're lying for some reason then you can eat bear you don't want to eat bear like you don't know what you're talking about if Jen rivet Cooks you some bear I really defy you I defy you if you like to eat me her stir-fry you'd have to be a barrister fire that is fantastic

► 01:39:12

you have to be a pathological liar say it wasn't good if you don't like me maybe you won't like it but if you do like me you'd be like wow this is good though I say it tastes like like a it's almost like a cow fucked up dear mmm it's like a combination of like venison and yeah beef yeah it's yeah I mean the way she cooks it is you know I think there's a typical Taste of bear or does like people always say who haven't had like that they say it's greasy because

► 01:39:42

more like pork dish Kinda Yeah it was some fat in it it's like it's just different but the way she does it in the tray girl or stir-fry it's incredible it's incredible yeah it's a really delicious animal that speaking of that hunt that's all I want to get Goggins on his first hunt just like I took you on all right I'll hunt so that's that's that's we can take him to the dungeons please yeah that'd be perfect try to get a bear yeah good good first bow kill as he shot a bow at all yeah I got him a bow

► 01:40:12

I'm shooting I don't know if you he shot one he came and worked out with me he's got the best fucking Instagram stories ever those guys those videos I know I love it never gets done but being a bitch that was I was reading one of his text messages he sent me yesterday it just sends the multi do lunch yeah show me the what you show me one like not too long ago as every couple months I get a new one yeah I love it I love it they wake you up to man I lie wake me up I start doing chin-ups as soon as I get those messages I love his attitude there

► 01:40:42

few people who I love the most people like you know just they're good people just hard-working but I'm in love with her spirit yes like his Spirit chocolate Spirit yeah Courtney's Spirit their spirit it's like it's amazing yeah it's and he's like one of those guys that it's never going to waiver well you know what you're going to get you get inspiration from it I do I get fuel from yeah yeah yeah I

► 01:41:12

just thought even having the chance to train with them it's like man just feel lucky to see him in action and see him change from David to Goggins right and it's right and perhaps becomes the Hulk oh my God have I watched it and it's like I thought well maybe this is just kind of like a whatever may be just a thing but it was real it's like when when shit got hard he got into this different Zone and it was like he got

► 01:41:42

better got better got tougher yeah he did it was like so would you guys do you ran like 30 miles yeah 35 35 miles and then you went back and lifted yeah and and we shot bows to but all that same day but during that race it was kind of cold and snowy think of spitting snow but rainy is soaking wet

► 01:42:08

and he I remember like a mile 22 he's something was happening with his feet and he had to take his shoes off and untie his shoes and his like normally that's not a good sign I mean people are messing with their shoes 22 miles into 30s like God this is not you know because you know your feet are going to get torn up right so it's like you just kind of your feet they could be bleeding tornados like yeah this is what

► 01:42:38

happens squeaky and he's done a lot so so I'm like man I don't know I said well I thought I'm just going to kind of keep keep chugging along and you know get it figured out and catch up and we'll go from there and I thought man there's a chance that maybe I won't see him again but no sure as shit here he comes he catches back up me and my brother were up there and he went from 22 he got in this different Groove and then

► 01:43:08

I actually my calf on this race kind of locked up and it's like going up this last grade with do one more Summit and I couldn't run it and I'm like he took off I was just kind of power hiking it and I get up there and had a camera man up there and David was like he was in his garments mode by that time this is towards the end of the race read like two miles laughs like 33 miles in and he I ask the cameraman up there I'm like hey I said how did Goggins look and he's like

► 01:43:40

well he had a shirt off and he was in it was cold rain he's had a shirt off and he was saying they don't fucking know me that I'm like who's he is like they don't they don't know me son and doing saying all the stuff I said who is he saying that too and he's like there's nobody up here is an imaginary enemies yeah that is fighting again and that's but that's that's real and so he did and he got better and he freaking just crush the

► 01:44:08

can have that race and same thing happened lifting he liked the more reps we did the better he got and like at the end when we had done so many wraps and like we did this one last thing of doing yeah we did like 95 reps of or know a hundred reps of right there on that incline bench is only 95 pounds but we had done six hundred reps before he ended up on the last set did more than

► 01:44:38

he did in the first set that's insane yeah and that's when he's saying he starts yelling right here somewhere and it makes volume

► 01:44:46

15 shut that muscle down 16 come on get it 17 you don't know me son hey yeah 21 yeah get again how long we want to see it good we do is gonna carry the boats in the Lord's that's it

► 01:45:17

what the fuck's one more carry the boats you're going to do is we live in but oh my God you did it yeah this is that International Fitness just a regular gym and people are like what the hell what is this got but he got into that zone as Ike so whatever he says about who's David that he was Goggins when he gets to God

► 01:45:46

dude look out it's like a whole it's a different person that's unstoppable that's real yes it's real it's real I saw it and he's like it's amazing well that's how I broke the world chin up record yeah I mean you have to be a complete psychopath to be able to do chin-ups for 24 hours a day and then so we went we went after that and we went and watch UFC got pizza and

► 01:46:15

and it was getting late by that time so we'd run 35 miles we shot bows we lifted weights pretty full day ate pizza had a cup of chocolate chip cookies watch UFC pretty good night and then so he's like yeah he goes I had to get get back to my hotel I got still got a stretch a couple hours of stretching and in my wife goes oh you're not gonna stretch it just you can miss stretching tonight is like what are you talking

► 01:46:45

can about Dave have David Goggins Miss stretching where that's like you know take the night off well so does some hardcore stretching and he does for hours and then that's just kind of his routine and then he got up the next day and from his hotel ran 15 miles so people can say whatever they want the dude is as real as they get and a complete Savage a hundred percent it's not it's like you can

► 01:47:15

say whatever you want because on Instagram you never know if what you see is what you get it's he's amazing yeah he's real there's no way he could be doing as long as he's doing it without someone would expose him yeah he would expose himself yeah well that's the real deal that's why it's so special that's why it's so inspirational yeah as you kids like that's all mental strength and he's all super honest about how we used to be yeah my brain was soft I was soft it's helped me because I've thought that I'm like when I get tired I mean I take it

► 01:47:45

operation from a lot of people but it's like I I'm like God I need to have that little piece of Goggins you know to beat to get in that it's got to be mental it's like it's he just puts himself there and he struggles but then gets to this next level and it's like how it's just he just makes himself go there he also has figured out now how to maintain his body which is very important yeah I know

► 01:48:15

see that's why he's into that stretching because he's had some like pretty significant muscle is she a the pass is so awesome muscle right locked up on him yeah but he now he realizes like there's you know there's a maintenance involved too yeah yeah you gotta treat that thing like a vehicle here I got to take care of that vehicle yeah he does and he's I mean it was like I'll never forget Sharon that day with him never I'm into it it changed my life I swear to God I mean he's you know I mean David goggin this

► 01:48:45

people follow him and they're just like I feel I feel like it's like Another Blessing I don't really deserve just to be able to you know who wouldn't want to work with talk like that drives me crazy all this I don't deserve shit I don't that's one thing I hate about you drives me nuts I don't you always say like like we were in talking about that like you always feel like you don't even deserve to be at the these camps with all these great hunters I think I always say I think somebody eventually is going to say what

► 01:49:15

the fuck what is this guy doing here and I'll be like well they figured it out it was it was a good run that's called imposter syndrome I don't know I just don't feel like I may I see you guys I see you you Goggins Jocko I see those and that's who everybody you know it's like you can change people's lives and I feel like pretty soon they're going to go why is this guy here yeah yeah but that's how I feel about everything but I just don't I don't express it you don't hate yourself

► 01:49:45

for that now he was so for that but you hate me well you say too much drives me nuts because I admire what you do so it drives me crazy because you've taught me so much about hunting much I feel the same way I used to feel the same about everything like it's called imposter syndrome what's that mean and it when people have very high standards when people work hard and they have very high standards and then they become successful they feel like an impostor if you like there's no way because you're always wanting better and more and like as I've become famous

► 01:50:15

Amos and become friends with other famous people like when I meet them like I was out at a restaurant the other night and me and my wife were having dinner and Jamie Foxx came in and he comes up to me and gives me a big hug and I'm always like how is it did why does he like me like that's what's like me yeah it's weirds me out that even knows who I am yeah you got to meet my friend he's a huge fan of yours I'm like what you know how many fans like what are you talking about yeah this is your Jamie Foxx like this is nuts just talking to you yeah you know and then he brings me over to

► 01:50:45

friend I always feel like an impostor and I feel like an impostor went like when we did that show in Portland when you came to the show yeah about to go on stage has a fucking sold out Arena people may still feel like an impostor as they're bringing me up I'm like this is so crazy amazing okay so you get it I get it yeah but it's just because I have a very high standard and I work really hard and I never satisfied yeah so even though I know that I can do it I do it every night yeah stand up every night right I know I know I'd practice hard I work hard I ride hard I try

► 01:51:15

I constantly do sets even though I still I'm like what in the fuck is this yeah this is ridiculous still to this day well you know I I get it all the time I mean just today people send me a text hey I sent this to so Joe must have changed his number can you see this I did give me on the podcast and it's just like so I hear like that and I hear like so what's Joe like so what's what's it like to do and it's like I don't know how

► 01:51:45

/ I don't know how other famous people are about how you are is like all I ever say is like he's the most generous support of person I've ever met so however you're doing it you've been a good it's just a somebody good to emulate I think well I would say the same about you man it means a lot to me to be your friend and to learn bow hunting from you spend to me it's like you know there's if you want to learn something you know you want to learn something

► 01:52:15

you want to learn is from someone who really understands it really hasn't mastered in spend a lifetime doing it so for me like you've cut probably decades off my learning curve of learning bow hunting and be able to learn I mean all those different things that we did to get close to those different bowls was all because of your years and years of experience and of course Colton help us as well he's a great guide and very knowledgeable Hunter but you know even he defers to you because you have so much experience so to me that it's just

► 01:52:45

to have a guy like you out there that's such a great role model that does it all the right way and work so hard mean to to learn from use been gigantic there's nothing you go out to that wall there and see all those elk heads that's all because of you man I mean it would have never happened I would've never been able to do it I definitely wouldn't have been able to be this successful this early you know well yeah I mean you've been whatever position you've been Puttin you've made the most of it that's what I say so a lot of people have been put in

► 01:53:15

fortuitous situations that screw it up or don't make the most but because if your work work ethic you've made that 67 yard shot which isn't easy for anybody in crunch time you made that to Perfection so that's that's you I mean getting there may be whatever could have played a role in that but executing God it was so beautiful that is like is like seeing you killed out Bowl was definitely better like when I kill I'm just like well did what I do that did what

► 01:53:45

do you want us to do so I'm like you have to be controlled and like you or even pretty controlled I wasn't controlled from that moment I was so happy and so excited I don't know what just caught up in the moment it was it was beautiful to see I said it was one of the most beautiful shots I've ever seen and that's true but it's just like just to see that and have you be successful It's like got a means everything it was means everything to meet you man it does and to be able to do it with you what like I said in the video it does it means

► 01:54:15

world to me that I could do that you know with being your your student and being able to learn from you and then to be able to execute like that in crunch time was perfect yeah and I mean and now we fucked up and a lot of people going to be in the woods bow hunting now it's a get something out of it man I really I really hope people yeah feel what we feel and get that expanding when you're eating it you'll get that feeling that it's just it's not it's completely incomparable

► 01:54:45

this is nothing like it in terms of like eating a meal eating a meal from an animal that you track down and hunted yourself shot yourself it's just nothing like it yeah now it's amazing hey did you you were at The Comedy Store last night yeah are you there tonight yep yep you are no time to yeah I get to go yeah hell yeah I set up a show just because I know you're going to be here I thought I saw you there last or saw those you were there last night

► 01:55:15

like oh shit I wonder if that's it no no I'm there multiple nights but I was there too I had two shows there last night and then I had a show at the Improv to oh nice so yeah the whole thing about being in La is I can grind it out I could do multiple shows a night you know do different place I'll do like two shows of the store then I'll do two shows at The Improv I do it all the time yeah that's awesome it's amazing like La for comedy it's like the Deseret of Comedy was was Chris and calendar

► 01:55:45

science count yeah they were at the they were the store I left them when I went over to the Improv and then at the end probably yeah Ian Edwards yeah ridiculous what are you counting was roaring like a dragon yes over its guys are so silly it was hilarious yeah it's hilarious The Comedy Store you've never been right no I've never been Mecca you're going to come to Mecca tonight oh I can't wait that's comedy Mecca there's no place like it on earth and its not to be mob Joey Diaz a probably be down there tonight

► 01:56:14

it'll be it'll be incredible this this day has been like I figure if I can die after today I'm good because it's like everything has happened then I get to go to the store it's like now what is this G qu thing you did today it was just so they had me breaking down like archery and movies so I did Hunger Games they fill my reaction and and got me like talking about if it's realistic so I did

► 01:56:45

Jeremy Renner I did Robert De Niro he was in God some terrible movie and I don't even think he knew I was kind of surprised he was actually hunting with a bow in the movie what movie was that I was at a movie with him and Josh John Travolta yes yes and they had a fight yeah John Travolta played like a Russian yeah and he shot John Travolta shot an arrow at him so Robert De Niro is in a tree stand John Travolta shot in

► 01:57:14

it's stuck in the tree Robert De Niro jumped fell out of the tree and broke his bow and so then he like started crawling towards John Travolta for summer anyway they had me but Robert De Niro actually had a pretty good anchor I mean he looked pretty good with the boat really had a whisker biscuit on there which wasn't good for the rest but he was going to shoot this bowl like this five point bull came out and he couldn't do it

► 01:57:45

he like I don't know what happened he like had he hesitated then Johnny felt bad something like that I don't know what how much do this to me do you have it Killing Season yes it's pretty intense how bad I know that's no no that's not it I don't let that grip he had a compound bow it's a different one

► 01:58:07

yeah right there yes hey he looks like look at him I know yes I think he's wearing flannel to we went old-school His Radio went off in a spook the bull but he jumped out and broke that bow yeah so I did that to him and John Travolta were shooting arrows at each other yeah how dumb was the movie did you get you it was terrible apparently the new Rambo is unbelievably bad yeah we did Rambo to because I

► 01:58:37

I go we have to do Rambo I want to talk about when he remember when he had the exploding tip and he shot the guy yes yes that was awesome you got caught in a trap yeah look at John Travolta's beard oh no Jesus it's he's Russian yeah how bad is his accent is that atrocious I'm sure Killing Season what is it again a Rotten Tomatoes fucking with rotten tomatoes one I want to see a three what is it yet please tell me it's like

► 01:59:06

13:10 that's impressive that's pretty low that's that's pretty high well yeah a lot lower than that look at him hey what happened oh no shop and we get up he's trying to get up what is he doing oh he hurt his ankle I took one to the calf oh did he yeah looks like an arrow I think I don't know here's whistles oh boy oh boy it's hilarious yeah

► 01:59:37

yeah there's very few movies that depict bowhunting correctly yeah I didn't see any what does this he's holding him he's got the arrow there you attack them before he draws just shoot me just shoot me come on you hear that listen to Russian shoot the shit oh boy all this stop that right now I'm not I cannot I can't do this that's

► 02:00:07

no no no the the best for my saw any of the movie that I that I reviewed for them today was I think it's called Brave it was an animated movie oh yeah the redheaded girl yeah they're not bad she actually had perfect form really yeah let me see that is there a movie though where someone bow hunts correctly

► 02:00:32

I mean is there one moving right here let me see your I watch her form when she oh here they're teaching her how to shoot yeah I think so

► 02:00:44

yeah but you'll see her she steps up the innocent commits and confidence the confidence the confidence so you know she's going to put put it on the X yeah he watches watches confidence and the attitude see that she's pretty bossy my kids did not like this movie they watch out for some reason weird movie for some weird reason has her she needs that her dress is too tight see that uh-huh back son watch

► 02:01:16

on the move was pretty good I never watch this last one

► 02:01:22

this one's uh-huh yeah right here

► 02:01:27

Don Tom look at this watch this form and this is with a broad head

► 02:01:36

with distractions she's so focused

► 02:01:40

the feather cutter face a little for some reason I like how the arrows I know and look a real Arrow I know but watch this

► 02:01:49

oh oh oh look at this she Robin Hood's I know

► 02:01:55

pretty damn impressive see that come that's so that's what I say the all the ones that I reviewed today that's the best that's the best yeah look at her her release I know see that follow-through yeah follow-through is excellent very sweet but there's no movie where bowhunting now accurately depicted I don't know movie now I'm thinking I'm trying to think of a movie that even involves bow hunting

► 02:02:21

can you think of one no not-not-not bowhunting no I mean there's Deliverance where everyone's up hunting people remember yeah Burt Reynolds I wanted to do that when I'm Bo but they didn't have that today they had Walking Dead they had that I dickless that they call that a bow that's a shitty gun that's what I said I said I don't I'm not down with the crossbow and and you got a rotten a rotten corpse head and it stopped in an arrow it's not a

► 02:02:49

pass through scuse me it's outrageous sticks in their head what is this I don't know how we missed this but Samuel Jackson plays in a movie called big game where I think he might have been Secret Service protecting the president either way the plane crashes or something and he ends up with a kid and learning how to bow hunt to survive all really really came out three or four years ago this ship must went straight to video yeah it doesn't look never heard of it I want the bow hunt to survive I mean I understand he's getting a fight

► 02:03:19

yeah I typed in bowhunting movies in this was the most recent one I think oh that's hilarious he jumps on a helicopter I mean there's one there's one for you stop stop that before I get brain damage yeah I don't interesting like you think that there would be a way to make a movie that involves bowhunting that would be interesting you'd think some yeah like the movie like there's only a couple good pool movies is like a hustler with Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason and then the color of money with Paul Newman and Tom Cruise those are the big ones yeah the the

► 02:03:49

color money change pool like when that movie came out in 1986 it just literally pool exploded the same as in the 1960s when the Hustler came out cool exploded yeah so pull her to like giant explosions where people really started going to pool halls they wanted to learn how to play pool good and then with The Hunger Games apparently a lot of people got into archery because of Jennifer Lawrence we got a beautiful woman janab oh that's what I said I go you didn't like a badass you yeah the confidence is a key but you know and she's hot

► 02:04:19

she's our and then she's got a bow it's like 10 times hotter both those things you good yeah so yeah she and she what was good with her was she could go from having the bow to grabbing an arrow to put it on the string to shooting in like half a second yeah and just over why I go that's not easy to do well she must have had some serious training just to be able to pull that off on film yeah I think she did and I think she shot Ahoy and I

► 02:04:49

think she took lessons from a height shooter and same thing with even Rambo's old Beau I believe was a whole white really yeah that's hilarious I know but yeah he he had the exploding tip and the guy the bad guy was shooting ran out of bullets with his gone through down pulled his pistol out and shooting a Rambo and Rambo just stood up there just like you're not going to hit oh here she is getting a shoot right on her I guess all that's how coach teaching the reporter oh

► 02:05:19

this is the woman who coached Jennifer Lawrence yeah okay I want to see Jennifer Lawrence so I don't even know this chick if I got here with us yeah but it's that did get a lot of people involved in addition girls especially yeah young girls apparently what is your name Geena Davis Jack Davis is a big-time Archer she loves you it's yeah she shoots like that competitions right doesn't she I think so yeah yeah still some Target competitions yeah and I've Anka Trump does she I saw her with a bow before

► 02:05:49

yeah well obviously Donald Jr is the biggest one in the family and Donald Jr is a legit bow hunter yeah he he shot a giant Bowl in Colorado this year did he yeah I'll I don't even know that yeah he sent it to Dudley send a picture of it's done hello its me on this phone really big-ass Bowl yeah God I didn't see that guy shot is great bull yeah wow huh yeah he's a legit bowhunter mean that guy loves bowhunting he hunts a lot yeah now he's definitely Avid Outdoorsman I mean he's always putting up stuff

► 02:06:19

and we learned a lot from Dudley to did he yeah Dudley taught him quite a bit mmm came quite a bit of training yeah but this not as a single movie where someone goes bowhunting like you would think that that could be mean that could be a good movie is that Jim Davis tragedy Olympic team oh shit oh she's shooting a Olympic recurve yeah she tried out to for the Olympic team finished 24th out of 300 women not bad yeah those in the Olympics

► 02:06:49

you know it's no compound is bows just like that wow seven I think it's 70 meters they put them in there wow but you didn't find any of the other so looks fucking super legit look at our form I know a grip and everything yeah though they are such good Shooters it's amazing how good they get ya with tabs I mean it's crazy like you're shooting off your fingers yeah and you shoot and really accurately is she still doing it that sounds like not they made a video with her on

► 02:07:19

don't shoot a video archery tricks is this it's joke you so don't know how much of it is real or Funny or Die sets I don't know what the context was a couple years old she got a gun too mmm good so it's just I'll see you don't actually get to see okay just being silly so you hear form there's a form yeah look at that

► 02:07:41

did we never saw Jennifer Lawrence practicing there is right that's that video I should practice in hiding I know I want to see it yeah I mean she obviously has got to have a lot of training the way she executes yeah it seems because like you know when you see Keanu Reeves in John Wick like okay that guy had some fuck yeah shooting a hundred percent yeah there's no doubt about it yeah you know like I just started doing that recently at the same place where he learned all right fucking hard at shit all that it's hard

► 02:08:11

really yeah it's another thing that you're going to get obsessed with because it's just so technical there's so much technique involved in it was that part of your sober October yeah we're doing a bunch of different classes all sorts of different shit that's cool it's fun man but it's speaking of famous people hunting how about Scott Eastwood on his bowl how was Scott Eastwood first first-ever Bowl I know yeah I know like first day in Camp who's the first guy to Kill Ya Know made a hell of a shot tell me five yards freak out great

► 02:08:41

guy to I know me when we did that podcast with him we got to know him and he said just a sweetheart of a guy that's how he is all the time yeah I know super friendly guy yeah boy was he beaming he came back to Camp first guy to kill big smile on his face hey the rest of the days he was at Camp you just smiling I know so happy I know it's bull and a nice Bowl too oh heck yeah that's a big bowl yeah that was awesome I mean we've hunted with Chris Pratt Jocko in stomp I mean we've had a writable we've had some great times I can't

► 02:09:11

and Andy's Bowl see that video Yeah came in raising three or four yards or whatever and then luckily the got to stop at I know 18 or 20 whatever it was but you know another crunch time I'm coming through and crunched last day I know I know it had very few opportunities he just you know bow hunting is hard I mean I always have the last three years I've scheduled to bow hunt say year yeah because 2L concierge because I

► 02:09:41

I keep thinking I'm not going to be successful and I'm gonna it's not I'm going to come up short at sorry I'll get some at least get maybe I'll have two opportunities for the second hunt and I'll be able to get a second bowl yeah yeah so it's been lucky shit I know now you got one next week yeah I'm very excited yeah I mean it's it's an interesting thing the camaraderie and Camp to because like those kind of camps like we had two weeks ago in Utah it's like we got a group

► 02:10:11

of some of the best people I know and everyone's hanging out and just some of the nicest friendliest people and especially early in the week everybody's on the grind I know everybody's on the bronze all business yeah it's serious serious fucking business yeah you know I had to leave I had to leave an elk hunt to come there that's right still is like is like it was so fun I'm Mike there's no way I'm going to miss this Camp it was called to meet Levi Morgan to yeah yeah really nice

► 02:10:41

guy and all I watched his television show before and he's another one just an elite world champion archer yeah it's yeah it's just like anytime I always feel lucky to be able to rub elbows with people like that at that level and just feel like I don't know I'm just talk with him he's just like and I was amazing to be able to show Levi Morgan that shot that you filmed that was fucking beautiful too yeah that was fun it's just so cool to be in that camp because you know it's everybody in

► 02:11:11

that group is they all get it everybody's obsessed with the same thing everybody's except obsessed with success in bow hunting and here we are the one week that everybody looks forward to most on Earth yeah all year long you look forward to this one week on Earth this is the rut in Utah during the elk season when there was no moon so they're going off this couldn't have been better had a better time they were fucking and Dudley's into that Moon shit man they'll tell you about moon phase

► 02:11:41

Aces and this and that he writes articles about it yeah seems like this week is gonna be amazing and it was oh my God oh my God those Bulls McRae I was watching that clip the other day like I said I watched and cold and pulled out that tenderloin but I also watched that first I thought the ball was going to be dead 55 yards were under that spruce tree yeah and that was a big bowl sent out there oh so close so close so close when I drew back he was looking right at me and yeah fuck this I know I just but reliving those

► 02:12:11

yeah so thankful we have the phones and the video and it's just like you see how good the video is too I know just a maze of phone this freaking phone filming your kill shot yeah and it's like clear as day click Crystal Clear 4K perfect yeah yeah it's almost watch it too much I can almost watch it too much I mean I got to stay in the moment yeah you know it's a it's pretty special Bill to see it though yeah well the one we did for you for Under Armor

► 02:12:41

yeah watch that video least a hundred times have you I'll fuck yeah it's that shot through the trees great video yeah this one this one I like just because you can actually see that Arrow kind of tracking for it comes in and it tracks and just hits money yeah no that's better for sure it's better the other one was like as shooting through a hole Yeah I had a lot like thread the needle yeah punch it through that hole in the tree did yeah but being able to execute during crunch time it's so fucking satisfying

► 02:13:11

that's what gets me up and makes me practice hours and hours and it's just like you feel you did what you're supposed to do and it's just like there's pressure because there's pressure like you're like carrying this pressure and then it's gone it's gone it's gone for a second for a second and then the pressure is you got to be able to do it again that's so so you can't rest on your laurels it never gets easier oh never gets easier it's like unit he's here you know success is fleeting you got to keep grinding and it's like

► 02:13:41

one failure seemingly wipes out years of success you know what I mean you screw up one time and you're just like oh my God it's devastating yeah like I said it's like it's can be soul-crushing well you're only as good as your last execution of whatever you're trying to do whether it's your last comedy show the last bow hunt the alas alas Arrow You released you're only as good as that if you release a bad arrow and you hit a deer in the ass you know like fuck yeah and then your head is like that

► 02:14:11

but I do shoot beers in the ass yeah then they run away and you forget everything yeah you can't it's but that's also what makes me practice so much like I don't ever want to feel that it's like one of those things you have to be obsessed yeah you're going to you're going to be mediocre unless you're obsessed yeah I think bow hunting is a very strange thing because it's not just hunting it's an athletic Pursuit it's a discipline and it requires so much like you know when I was at Aaron tactically other day I was shooting

► 02:14:41

rifles and I didn't miss one so it's like link that clink clink it's just you know I'm on a bench just Trigger Discipline pull pull pull little surprise release go off right it's you you hunting like that is difficult but it's it's not comparable there's nothing like bowhunting it's the most difficult but also the most satisfying yeah and it's a it's I hate to use the term because it's such an overused term but it's a spiritual Pursuit it is there's

► 02:15:11

very spiritual about bow hunting and it's when you when that shot landed and that's one of the things that happens like our Spirits are uplifted like we did it like the grind is over for this one day for this one moment we did it and it always feels the same thing to me after it's over and after the animals down and you know after were thankful to never feels real like this real did this really happen yeah it did a really shut this thing never feels real it always feels like that last

► 02:15:41

you want to shut that giant wanted to hone Ranch same thing didn't feel real but it's an over the thing it's like this real doesn't feel real yeah just feels strange is that what I wonder why that is I don't know I'm crazy probably that's like I just might I don't ever like except I got even when things go well for me there's a part of my brain and I think this is because I've been obsessed with so many different things and I've kind of I kind of understand my own pitfalls and then

► 02:16:11

the traps that I can fall into so anytime anything happens that's great even if it's fucking amazing like that feels good for a little bit and then almost immediately afterwards I think you better get back to work bitch better get back to work because you can't start thinking you're awesome there right yeah you can't get confused right you know I mean that's why I always say like you know what someone's someone asked me once like what's the secret to your success I one of the big secrets is I'm not a fan of me right I'm not like I don't think I'm awesome yeah

► 02:16:41

I I I'm not that impressed with me right so I know what I need to do to be successful and then I'm the guy who's telling me get out get up go go go do it do it do it so anytime anything happens it's great and like settle down pitch that's exactly how I feel like you have to feel like that how I feel Alexander Gustafsson was talking about that once and he was talking about the mindset that you have to be to be an elite professional athlete like you can now you're never satisfied there's no way yeah and I think

► 02:17:12

anything that's difficult difficult Pursuits whether it's stand-up comedy or whether it's bow hunting or even ultra marathon running it's like you no matter what you do that's hard to do once it's over you better not enjoy it for too long now that I get back to work act or you have no horse I know you're going to always feel that good feeling if you think about it at all like I always have that video always feel like Good Feeling if I want to feel good I watch that shot yeah but don't think about it too much now you better get back to work yeah

► 02:17:41

I know that's exactly how I feel it's like it's so it's so hard to get and it's just then it's gone yeah because you can I mean you gotta prove it every time but the real the real fun is in the struggle and that's hard for people to get their head around it's the struggle but then then then not winning but succeeds exceeding yeah and that's what you kept that's what you see in that video yeah because the struggle has been is so evident

► 02:18:11

and then the success and it's just like oh my God this feels like almost surreal and yeah and just amazing but then it's like God I want to feel that again yep but I gotta earn it you got to earn it and never it doesn't give a fuck who you are I mean it's one of the things that I love about archery is the same thing I like about pool at the same thing I like about a lot of things are absolute like when pool the ball either goes in the hole or it doesn't that ball doesn't give a fuck who you are it doesn't give a shit

► 02:18:41

same thing of arrows being released if you don't you don't hit it right yeah you don't release it right you don't aim perfect be the best in the world and fuck up you screw up a shot fuck yeah and animals don't they're not there's no they're not cutting anybody a break right if they're wild animals in the mountains and you just gotta mean it's tough but it is when you mention spiritual Endeavor I remember when I was in San Carlos this year this is you know

► 02:19:11

of land and it's very special for me to hunt there with with that it's Apache tribe there and I remember I was standing on top of this Ridge and the wind was coming through there and it and it felt like I told the told the guys are this to that it felt like the wind was moaning like there's so much I don't know if it's a motion I don't know if there's life in there but it felt different and it's like when are

► 02:19:41

you ever going to be in a situation where you're going to be so in tune where a feels like that and that's that's what the bow in I don't know I think something about San Carlos to when you know that this is Indian Land it is kind of like a special special feeling connected to it for me did ya it was like and I come to find out that in that Canyon there there is there's these caves down there that there's a mummified

► 02:20:11

body in there apparently and is there's three different levels to the cave there's arrows in there there's to this day right now right yeah that was the story is told about a mile down for more I said it felt like it sound like the wind was moaning why don't you go there apparently they have a barred up now because there's people who steal artifacts getting in there so I want to look at line oh amazing maybe but the history of that land so I've seen an old Arrow he find

► 02:20:41

Darren has brought it on the ground from hundreds of years ago and that be a that'd be incredible fuck it'd be I found a broad head a little Flint Broadhead into nyada yeah but I've I mean I don't know of anybody that's ever found one with an arrow yeah that's apparently there's 25 or 27 arrows in there whoa I know incredible so it's like take picture there is a there is definitely a connection and then it just feels different to me there and it's like and it's like

► 02:21:11

I feel so much I feel honored to hunt there with the Apache the guys from the reservation that's also a place where very few people get to be so you know that when you're there you're sharing the land with very few people see you gotta feel like super lucky I do too yeah I never I never thought I'd ever be I mean everybody knows or giant bowls are what how could I ever be the guy who right there it's like never know

► 02:21:41

never thought that would happen but it's a bully shot there this year is insane yeah they're so big it's big old bull like the hardest part with that Han is like you could go there you could kill Abel if you just wanted to kill Abel it would you can make it happen but killing a big old Bowl was hard that's the hard that's hard anywhere but but there it's a and then that if you're killing an old bull there

► 02:22:11

to be giant mean they're just special animals credible now this is because there's supposed to be two different kinds of elk right that there was a Rocky Mountain elk and the Yellowstone elk as that's just heard yes a gentleman's name that he hunts at the Deseret you also hunts down there oh Steve Johnson yeah yeah he was explaining this to me yeah that there is the the Yellowstone elk was a larger breed of elq it makes sense there George R antlers and you see them in the Gila you see them in New Mexico

► 02:22:41

oh and that that area in particular in San Carlos yeah has a bunch of those Hulk yeah well I also think that that's what's in to hone Ranch oh really yeah that's why they're so big those are giant to yeah it's also you know they don't have a winter like they do and in the mountains of like Utah Colorado right yeah where they got to survive the winter months I'm gonna take my wife and kids next year I want them just experienced the rut I want them all come with it here the bowls just to hear it just because it's so cool

► 02:23:11

you see them like I don't know I mean maybe I'll take them with me to Utah and I'll take a day off Hunting yeah and just just have a booster go with me yeah come with me I just want you guys to experience it it's like when we were heading into that Timber like where that first bull was in the shade and the Shadows I mean those sat that's why I did the video it sounded like Monsters down there are immense yeah we're saying imagine being the pioneers and you know you you you got there maybe and fuck

► 02:23:41

fucking June or something like that and everything's quiet yeah that all sudden a couple months later here boy yeah you would know what the fuck is that yeah must take it a while before they realized it was the elk that we're doing that it must it was I mean it sounded like they were so loud with sound like we should have seen them way before we did right do you remember that how they were so far away and it sounds like they're right there but it's just because it's so loud and the echo through the canyon oh God it was so fun

► 02:24:11

he mentioned I would give anything to seeing what it must have been like to have crossed America back in the Lewis and Clark days when it was totally undeveloped and you know you just run into the the tribes of Native Americans I would just love to see what it was actually like with when the wildlife was undisturbed and you know you have these massive herds of Buffalo and deer where everywhere and Elk were everywhere they said when those Expeditions came across America they just

► 02:24:41

they could hunt Anything ya think animals everywhere it was just of just a plethora then the market hunting is what killed that yeah that's crazy yeah that's what we've come back from now and now as I say there's more big game animals now than there was a hundred years ago which would be after that yeah yeah it's just it would have been amazing to see what it looked like though yeah yeah I mean that's kind of what we're that's why you go over the next Ridge yeah every time yeah let's let's keep going I'm that morning early

► 02:25:11

the morning I killed but yeah it's like over the next Ridge kept us going kept us going sound like there's Bulls going crazy over the next Ridge fine with that shot that you guys got to of that bull coming up to you yeah I'm coming screaming up the hill that big old hole man yeah 10 yards that's so crazy dump them that close is such an enormous animal to yeah yeah now that was it that was Rihanna did a great job filming that she really did yeah he did and

► 02:25:41

in her video that she showed us of that giant humble she shot and that was a public land bull yeah that's yeah big bull my no big old giant yeah and it's footage when she's on her knees and this thing is like coming by her like looked like it was like 15 16 yards was really close right yeah yeah and she shot mid bugle Yak yeah oh just so so happy for because like I told her there's not many women I know of that have went on public land and killed both like that with a bow

► 02:26:11

I mean that just doesn't happen right I mean it was amazing amazing accomplishment yeah it's like another degree harder than it is for men because just the physical difficulty the strength that you have to have to be able to maneuver your way through the woods like that especially her back with I mean she packed it out too so she's got a hundred pounds on her back a lot of guys can't do that yeah she's and then she's worked up to build a shoot 60 pounds with a bow that's very impressive for a girl yeah she's she's strong she works hard she's got a great attitude

► 02:26:41

attitude and man I loved seeing her be successful yeah no she's it's cool to see someone who's legitimately dedicated to it because you know we've talked about this before there's things that are happening right now where people are getting into certain activities when you're a woman because it gets you a lot of attention because if you're a hot woman and you shoot a gun in a bikini a lot of people going to pay attention to if you're a hot woman and you go bow hunting a lot of people going to pay attention to you yeah but it doesn't mean that they're not legitimately

► 02:27:11

shit and in her case she's a hundred percent legit yeah it's cool to see I know nice to see it be all real no I know I told her she makes these cooking videos I'm like God if you just want some views just do that in a bikini the same thing it's like what are you trying to do here she's like no I'm gonna do it the right way yeah she Irish I give her a bad time but I totally respect her because she's because if I was a girl I'd be a whore like a fucking glittery bikini on

► 02:27:41

on everywhere even walk around camp and your panties hundred percent hundred percent of the doing my toes at the table with everybody I'd be a ho if I was a girl yeah Camp full of a hundred dudes bleep yeah boys time to get some attention yeah that's all right you know for women because like they they want a certain amount of attention but you got to be careful on how you get it because then people don't respect you I know and that's just

► 02:28:11

a great job with that yeah it's a different game though than with men I know men don't have that let struggle though the balance struggle of people respecting you but also being attracted to you it's like four girls like they have to they even have to be careful with how they dress you know you dress a certain way you look great certain way you look hot and more over the edge now you're a whore I know you know it's like no got this like a cut-off where it's a sweet spot there's a sweet spot with ladies that's hard to find that sweet spot man

► 02:28:41

yeah it's Tiffany killed a good bowl there this year too yeah she did for we got the yeah yeah and a good Buck yeah he's another one at Tiffany and Lee they're great people yeah it's also cool to have met them you know to I feel just really fortunate to be able to be friends with all these people that I know are these like really world-renowned experienced Hunters you know you like I can learn so much like I said it's like just being friends with you and Dudley it's cut down my learning curve by decades you know just it

► 02:29:11

there's no I mean the comparison would be like learning basketball for Michael Jordan or something like that yeah if you wanted to learn like he's not going to show you how to play basketball the beautiful thing about hunting is and one of the coolest things about you guys is everyone so open about information yeah it's not the not it's not thought of as a competitions everybody's looking to get and Hunters are so maligned and sort of like misunderstood by society that a lot of people that are Hunters are

► 02:29:41

really excited for any new person to get into it yeah and look at it correct though it's huge it's big I mean I used to not tell anybody anything like that like even my buddy used to say he'd give me a bad time because I wouldn't tell anybody where I hunted I wouldn't I was like so protective he'd be like he called me mac because he's like you don't even want to go by your real name it's your name backwards is your code name and so he'd call me mac because I was so secretive on everything so I've been where I'm not helping

► 02:30:11

help me I'm not helping anyone that's why I've been there so it's like it but it's it feels good like I said when you seen you successful as everything that's an interesting thing with a lot of public land Hunters right they don't want to tell anybody they're spots no because you work hard to find those you work hard to find them and it's like it can take you like specially elk hunting there's not good elk hunting spots everywhere I mean you got to bust your ass to find good alkyne and then when you find it

► 02:30:41

it you're like I'm not gonna screw this up because you tell one person and nobody just keep something to themselves so yeah then they say well do you mind if I go there now you can go there then be like well I went there but then my brother had to counter my buddy had to come well then they couldn't go by themselves so the next time they and is a pretty soon there's you know if you have a good spot like in the wilderness it can be ruined by two other guys yep they may sell to people yeah one so it's like

► 02:31:11

that's really hard public land is it's it's you won't we got to protect I love that show the Western Hunter with Nate's yeah and this one of the things that he documents on the show all the time is the grind of public land hunting he's always getting he's always running into guys on Horseback that run off the animals yeah Andy deep deep deep into the backcountry still find guys the wall tent like fuck like It's a Grind he's a great hunter he's a he's a he's a very first

► 02:31:41

person to fill me in the wilderness oh wow nay was as like he had never he wanted to hunt the Wilderness had never done it he knew I had done it actually maybe it was Che man who filmed first but then I can't remember or maybe Nate was first they were both right around 2002 but Nate I saw him at the bow rack and he's like man I've always wanted to hunt the Wilderness and I'm like well do you want to film me yeah I'd love to so he didn't know how to run a camera but

► 02:32:11

his sister was getting married on a Friday opening day was Saturday I said if you go to the wedding you drive to the trailhead after the reception you get to the trailhead at 1:00 in the morning you walk all night 12 miles you can be in there by first light set opening day and I'll tell you where to go and it's like on these maps and all this you know I thought there's no way this kids never going to make it so this was how many are in 17 years ago he's not old now so 17 years ago

► 02:32:40

go so he's probably like 20 back then early 20s and I got up opening morning and I went up to the saddle way deep in the wilderness and I'm like looking where I told Nate to come from first light comes and I look over there and here's this guy walking and is him and he made it all the way in there Drove all night packed in all in the dark made it in there and fill me it took day 6 day 6 I killed a Bach he filmed did a great job Dave

► 02:33:11

Evan I killed a bowl and he that was his first ever with the camera worked overtime and now you see what he's doing on Western Hunter just amazing work but one of the best shows that it it really depicts he hung gets it yes he gets it and he gets the the the grind as you said and the emotion tied to it and he I think his first bowl with a bow as when he's 13 wow and all he's ever done his bow hunt wow his whole life so that he's one of the most

► 02:33:40

I mean I respect him as much as anybody he's just and I was just said I saw 17 years ago he had it he had a thin and he wanted to learn and he wanted to experience it and then he's went from there to making one best shows on TV such a great lesson in that that there's the opportunity it's not easy you're going to a wedding at one of the morning you're going to have to hike in yeah it's a 12 mile hike it should take you about five or six hours but if you want to do it yeah there it is

► 02:34:11

a lot of people like fuck no they can all sorts of excuses not welcome in I'll be there you know that night Saturday night yeah no I said I need you there opening morning that's a giant part of life is those opportunities capitalizing on those opportunities because a person could easily have blown that off maybe another time maybe I'll hang out with you next year yeah maybe I'll hunt with you ugly and then nothing ever happens and then you don't get that momentum who knows and then maybe there's no Western Hunter yeah who knows

► 02:34:40

cause I mean we'd it's but as a human being those opportunities like that's how you build your build on the capitalizing on those opportunities and making it happen and then you keep going that's the whole thing it's like these uncomfortable moments pushing through them having discipline and drive getting it done when you don't want to yeah and then go oh I know how to do that I can do that I can grind through this yeah I can get through it and then that's how you build in life you just step by step by step you keep doing it

► 02:35:11

and that's when that happens I mean that's happened to me in my life where I've decided to do something and it was really difficult but when I got through it I know I can do it I can push through things like yeah like things happened such an important lesson I mean it's probably one of the most important lessons taking advantage it did did you see the he did a show on Roi on a like a tribute did you ever see that not see that made it is it on the western Hunter he did it was yeah I cannot see that yeah find it

► 02:35:41

because he went with Wayne to where Roy used to hunt on Kodiak Island for deer and but at the beginning of the show he had he made he filmed one of the coolest things is Roy and I went to the backcountry and hundred brown bear on snow off snow machines and Roy had a cabin back there and Nate went back there and filmed it all you told me that story oh yeah crazy doing Backcountry fixes on busted snowmen yeah so Nate was there for that that whole thing and

► 02:36:11

he said he's never felt like he's gonna die more times than he did I mean it was so much was going but it's just like a normal back country in Alaska it's like it's different up there than it is here because there's some meat you can die so easily and down here it's pretty tame you know in comparison but he anyway he got it on film so I have that whole film and he took he took clips of that and made a tribute to Roy

► 02:36:42

it was pretty special that's all you should look it up that's awesome I will cam let's wrap this up yeah it's great to see you brother as always thank you so much and I'm bringing to the comedy store tonight I can't wait a comedy Mecca I can't wait all right that's it everybody thank you thanks brother bye thank you thank you for tuning in to the show and thank you to our sponsors thank you to Gemini man the fucking dope action thriller starring Will Smith and made by a Visionary Angley it

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