#1363 - Dakota Meyer

Oct 8, 2019

Dakota Meyer is a United States Marine. A veteran of the War in Afghanistan, he was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Ganjgal on 8 September 2009, in Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

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the Afghan war he is a recipient of the Medal of Honor and just an absolutely extraordinary young man and an honor to sit down and talk to him please welcome Dakota Meyer The Joe Rogan Experience trained by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day

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let's go I know if I did this I know finally we talked about it I feel super connected to you man because all day I've been listening to you on jacko's podcast and what first of all anybody who really wants to know you in depth in your element talking with a fellow Warrior I like strongly recommend that podcast for people don't what number is it you know which number but I don't know number it is just listening to it it's

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Jocko podcast 1 1 5 Into the Fire and Beyond the Call of Duty yeah Jocko is a fucking beast and you together talking about the incidents that happened with you overseas it's insane I mean it is like I had to call Buddy - stop the podcast and call my friend Brendan just to talk to him yeah I was like this is so intense it's like I was driving I was

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getting nervous right you know yeah drive it in my fucking my Tesla right I will let her car drive my hands are sweating and I'm breathing heavy I'm like fuck yeah it was if you hear all those like you know when you're listening to that podcast that was by far the most I mean he like Jocko just pulled it out of me like right like you know most everybody hits like the the high points of it but you know me and Jocko just made that connection it was the first time we'd ever met and we love face-to-face yeah we just went like here you pick me he actually picked me up from the airport

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for and we went we went there and we sat down and did the podcast and I don't know I think I think he knew the questions to ask because I think it was good for both of us because you know if you got to the point kind of in the middle of it if you start hearing those silences it was both of us trying to keep from tears Fallin right like it was like it was like that moment you're trying to say just you know it really we really connected and it was you know it was a tough podcast well you could tell because for Jocko you know I listen to a lot of jock

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goes podcast but that was one where he was really in his element first of all it's very obviously has a deep respect for you and who you are and what you stand for and then to it brought him back to his own experiences and more and so the whole thing is just it's one of the most intense podcast I've ever listened to if not the most intense it's fucking heavy me yeah it was it was Heavy it was a hard like it was a hard one you know he liked Ike you said I think I think we both I think Jocko was getting as much out of his eye was right and I have the utmost respect for Jocko the guys just

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you know he is he's the epitome of of a warrior all around you know like from day day in and day out I mean he wakes up everyday and lives the things that he says I mean you know he does what he says and he lives it and he puts people first and he's just he's one of the he's one of the greatest guys I've ever met and I agree I couldn't set it better and Tim Kennedy as well you know we're both friends with Tim and that's the same thing that kind of so rare rare human being it is those guys it is you know and I think that's what like you know that's what I'm so fortunate about it's like I'm just

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I'm surrounded by just people like that right like you know I'm so I'm so fortunate to have a circle like that you know I think that that that's what makes us who we are you know I mean that's the true the epitome is is iron sharpens iron and when you're surrounded by guys like Jocko and Tim Kennedy and and I mean what will you have no option but even if you're you know even if you're last in that group like you're still you're still above average you know well there's a cliche you know that comes up when people talk about

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military you know that you know people will say things and sometimes it's hard to understand whether or not they grasp exactly what they're saying but that people make sacrifices so that you could be free and I don't think I don't think people realize it's hard to truly internalize that without having experienced what you've experienced with Jocko and Tim Kennedy experience when I'm listening to it I'm I know that it's correct I know that it's true I supported a hundred percent but it's almost like an alien thing to me because I've never experienced it so

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so when hearing you guys talk about it and climbing inside your head for a bit and letting listen to describe it that that cliche the land of the free because of the Brave it gets highlighted will you understand like this is why America's not like it is in other places because of this strong military and one of the things you guys talked about in that podcast was this idea of us invading Afghanistan but you are fighting alongside Afghan absolutely

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most people who talk about war who have this peripheral sort of cursory understanding about what they would like the world to be like you know that they would like no war and that this is terrible we shouldn't be over there they don't truly understand what you understand you know they don't and and and I think you know the perspective that I get to come back and I think all these guys telling their stories you know from Rob O'Neill to Marcus Luttrell like I think every Warrior out there has to tell their story

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to make people understand right like it's so important for that because we've got a perspective of the world that a lot of people don't get yes and you know I mean I stood next to I stood next to people that we couldn't like you talked about not believing not being raised not come from the same place not having you know we could have found every reason not to to be on the same ground but we stood next to each other were willing to die for each other we found we chose to find the common denominator and that was because there's only two types of people in this world there's good and evil yes I think that it really comes down to that like like war is so simple life is so simple when you try to complicate it there's other reasons and it's like this this whole this whole thing we were all over there fighting for this for the belief to be free this disbelief of democracy this belief of of what we all live for and it's you can't see it but but we live it every day and we were willing to give our lives for 4 people we didn't even

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people we didn't even meet one of the things you talked about with jock always you said you didn't just lose four brothers that day you lost 10 because you lost 6 Afghani Brothers as well yeah we like you know the Afghans were as close to me is as the Marines were you know my team of Afghan soldiers you know I lived on a basis for us and 80 Afghans and every day I went out on patrol and I'm patrolling with them and they're no different than me and you you don't they just want a place I'll never forget that really hit home to me is I had an Afghan we were sitting up on the mountain actually the cover of my book it was that day we were sitting on the on the on that that mountain because we had chased some Taliban up that hill and we were sitting up there in this Afghan looked at me and he just said I hope that someday you can bring your family here on vacation I hope that we can get it to that point wow and it really hit home to me it's like you know we're all just like you know

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I'll just to like we all just want to live a great life and we all just want to get along I mean if you don't if you don't get along it's because you choose not to get along for people don't understand the conflict of in Outcast and explain what is happening and why were over there yeah so you know the basically Afghanistan and it was the same thing in Iraq to I mean you know that's where these terrorist organizations were right and you know we're over there fighting alongside Afghanistan world are fighting alongside Iraq we're not fighting Iraq and fighting Afghanistan we are fighting alongside

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I'd both of those countries and trying to rebuild it up and trying to get rid of these terrorist cells that are inside those countries you know like you said I mean everybody thinks it's you know we're fighting Iraq and we're fine Afghanistan it's not the case we're alongside them helping them rebuild their countries you know when you go to Black Rifle coffee in Salt Lake you know those guys are awesome awesome they brought a bunch of former Afghani troops over they work for him over there like a lot of the guys working in the factory yeah

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you like oh okay I guys like these guys are so close these people they brought them back and gave them jobs and America absolutely you know and this is just think most people don't really have a full picture of what what's at stake and why it's even happening they just don't want war they just don't want war but it's like

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you know I mean there's no way you can go in your house and lock your doors and and sit there and try to pretend that the evil that we fight doesn't exist but it exists

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it exists it's there it's there and if we don't go fight it over there it's going to come here that's another cliche that like seems alien to people you know it's a true statement it's always been true throughout human history but when you live in a country like America were so fortunate it's so awesome here even when it sucks it's awesome in comparison to the rest of the world you know it's very rare that you have a place where you really can start at the bottom and make your way up to be a successful person I mean literally you can start here and come from nothing

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and within your generation be the president of United States you could literally start from that and it's only country on the face of planet and I tell people all the time like you know just because you know we get so caught up like right now is like an emotional time for America rights getting ready to I call it the draining time you know from now until you know November you know until the election time it's going to be draining right everybody's getting so emotional and fired up and you know and it's like you know like it's going to be whatever but the cool part is that this country like from all of us in the military from all our First Responders our police officers you know we're the only country on the face of planet that doesn't swear allegiance to a person we swear allegiance to a document to a piece of paper

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that's what that's what allows us to be us that's what allows us to not have one person come in and be able to change up this idea that we have of democracy of freedom and and that's that's that's something that's just it's incredible that's what keeps our country the way it is right like there's not you know the people will always be in charge here and you know what most of America most 99% of America is incredible is incredible and you know what they're going to they're stopping they're helping people and it's just the loud ones that make us

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you know make it look like it's all chaotic well people love to point out the horrible aspects and they love to ignore the good aspects they love to dwell on the bad parts and I think ultimately that's going to prove to be good for everybody because those people that are highlighting all these bad things than everybody else has to think about it and we'll slowly but surely evolve and come to an understanding and and make the world a better place it's a way better place now than it was a hundred years ago or 200 years ago and I think this is a Steven Pinker talks about this all the time in his books but in this criticized for because a lot of people don't like the idea that things are getting better they want to dwell on the negative aspects and they want to they want to magnify those and make it the most important focal point I think the most important focal point if we want to have a good world is concentrate on the good aspects and how amazing it really is that we have this incredible ability to express ourselves this incredible ability to prosper to move and

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and mean you know people don't get the the same share or the same stake in life a lot of people get a terrible opening hand of cards yeah but you can improve and this is one of the rare places in the world where you can if you're if you're so inclined if you have the discipline if you can figure it out emotionally if you could figure it out in terms of like what you want to do in your life you can you can live a healthy healthy and successful life in this country it's possible it's a hundred percent a hundred percent like nobody's holding you down right like you have the choice to be able to do that you have the choice to go out every opportunities here like there's no other country that has more opportunities in the United States of America especially I mean for anybody and I agree with you I think that this the society has gotten into this to this place of where we're trying to out victimized each other like who can be the bigger victim who's had it harder yeah and and you know it's the thing that I also believe is it with technology and all this

► 00:18:32

is the empathy like like suffering has became normal for people right like it's became entertainment like look at reality TV like peoples messed-up lives That's Entertainment for people now right video games of you know and I talk about this all the time about war right we came back and it was wheat like War has now been romanticized it's been romanticized that it's this cool image of like I hear people say I just want to go kick in doors and shoot people in the face it's like well you've probably never done it then and it's like we've got our kids playing video games of the stuff that keeps me awake at night

► 00:19:09

and it's like you know at what point do we start humanizing these things when you see one of those crazy video games those first person shooters involved in war does that bring back memories I mean does it does it does it does it irritate you it you know it you know I under I think that what's not put out there is is you know I hear kids talking about hey you know did you use this or did you use this or did you know you hear people say well did you kill somebody right it's like kids

► 00:19:42

and I don't think that that's you know I like to me that bothers me because it's not there's nothing cool about taking another human's life and and when you're playing video games and it's like oh I got you know this many kills like these kids are just watching this screen over and over in the more you know the more graphic it gets like the less desensitized that we have to another human being suffering right the more descents did ya desensitize right like the more desensitized and then you start you know the the more the movies go and the more I mean you know I think I think that like we've just like we've pushed ourselves away from you know from being empathetic to the hey this is a real people these are real people's lives like what if they you know we've stopped looking at looking at people and saying you know this is Someone's Child yes this is someone's mother right this is someone's son

► 00:20:37

I think we've gotten away from that and like like the you know the old art that I was always told to live by his treat someone as you'd want to be treated yourself and if you were in those shoes and every time I pass somebody every time I see somebody suffering I always look at that and be like well what would I want somebody to do if they see my daughter suffering or My Son suffering right I mean look at all these times I see is people holding their video cameras up in their video and somebody like getting just beat

► 00:21:08

and it's like what how do you do that not help how does that not just suck everything out of you to not want to do something yeah there's a thing called diffusion of responsibility that happens people in crowds unfortunately and is also the same thing that I think when you're filming something that's happening in real life is the same thing that you see in these video games and television shows mean we have never had more violence in film form and in video game form ever ever

► 00:21:38

but yet we've never had less violence violence like how many people who play these games that have seen people get shot over and over and over and over again I've never seen a body never seen anybody get severely wounded or shot and so to them getting shot and shooting people is always it's almost like empty it's like bang bang bang there's a guy comes out of the bushes bang bang bang you shoot them here comes this guy by my man you shoot them it doesn't feel like anything and then shut it off and you have a sandwich and you turn it on again you do

► 00:22:08

and so you're you're experiencing this thing that's empty it's like you're pretending to drink water but there's nothing in the glass you just keep doing it over and over again and then you get some real water and you like oh this is this is different yeah this is Dennis not even a good evening that's a terrible analogy but the analogy of numbing that people are numb to this fake violence and have no experience with the real stuff so they think of the real stuff the same way they think of the fake stuff they do and and then you know and sometimes when they see it they still are not they still can't act right like the still don't it's kind of like it's kind of like imagine the way I look at it is you know you look at all these simulators like flight simulators like I mean there's all this virtual reality right of that people are using this for actually training

► 00:22:52

and so like you don't think that it's the same way when you're doing this and then you got games that come out like Grand Theft Auto right like where you're just running around and you're shooting hookers shrimpy person running like yeah how does that how is that how is anything positive come from that right right how is anything positive yeah it's weird culture and then weird you could see all the violence you want like I watched John Wick three last night at finally finished it Jesus Christ three-quarters of the way through like I'm like how many fucking people have they killed this is so ridiculous yeah it's just a murder Fest it's murder porn that's what it's like isn't it kinda yeah but the crazy thing is like that kind of violence is unheard of but yet you don't show sex like you could show people's brains exploding but if you showed a girl's pussy in a penis going inside of it people yeah that's the one thing that doesn't hurt anybody

► 00:23:52

everybody wants yeah yeah that would be horrific to show like if you had a film with you know Brad Pitt and give me a hot woman actress Jamie you know hot women actresses whose on Scarlett Johansson okay Scarlett Johansson and Brad Pitt have a sex scene and they actually fucking cat after it yeah and you you see it you see her feet up in the air and see if he'd be like what are we watching oh yeah this is crazy but yet you can see Brad Pitt spoiler alert if you see that

► 00:24:22

it's Upon a Time in Hollywood's at the name of it the Quint Enter he beats a woman to death smashing her face against a mantle of a fucking fireplace and you're like holy fuck and that's okay that's okay that's okay that's okay that's fine that's fine that's fine but it's fine Buck shark Scarlett Johansson you saw her asshole you'd be like what I see her actual asshole this is crazy get this up you should go to jail it's weird

► 00:24:52

is it everybody wants to do like we all want sex everybody likes sex everybody likes sex but yes so but you know that's a really beaten stoned to death if they're fucking head off of mantle and that's our daughter to that's somebody's daughter fucking weird bro we're we're we are weird yeah when you look at it like that so we're so we're know how outrageous it would be if Scarlett Johansson and Brad Pitt had an actual sex scene in a movie they just fuck they said listen I like her she likes me let's do this yeah and she's like let's do it fuck it I'm ready I'm ready to Method act that actually happened in a movie called brown bunny it was a long time ago there was a movie with Vincent Gallo and there was an actress her name is Chloe I forget how you say her name is Sven gee how do you say it 7g it's really good actress and he's a really good actor and for whatever reason they decided to do a sex scene where she gives them a real blow job yeah and everybody who saw it in the theater

► 00:25:52

I was angry all these critics were angry they like this is fucking outrageous this is tearing it really killed his career I mean he killed her career a little bit too I think definitely derailed it but it fucking killed his career yeah everybody thought he's a creep after that it's a great like a creates wizard a crate for something that everybody's done right but he while everybody loves Keanu Reeves and he's like that doctor that you shouldn't people with a negative asshole in the face and eye balls in the mouth he's cutting them up and stabbing them and throw them off motorcycles like that's okay though that's okay that's okay but Vincent Gallo actually getting a legitimate blowjob that's outrageous that guy should be pulled out of Hollywood Forever Donnie's terrible who want a blowjob yeah just weird like we can't freaked out about watching people do something that everybody wants to do it's it's insane very weird yeah it's insane engine yeah it's super weird that's

► 00:26:52

what do you got Jimmy don't he produced edited directed cinematography of the video it was his idea to get his dick sucked so he's been he made the whole thing he made the whole thing he did make the whole thing with your sex tape try getting somebody else to do it try getting something like a and this scene how about she actually sucks my dick through all Vincent no no really open let's do this for real everybody would be like get the fuck out of here he probably had a film at not let anybody know what was happening until after it was over the crazy thing is he talked her into it you

► 00:27:22

and she'd be like wait what the fuck did you just say

► 00:27:28

but he talked her into it and she went with it but that would be fine but you know there's a scene in Apocalypse Now where there's a water buffalo and they killed a water buffalo with a machete they used a real water buffalo in a real machete they really killed the water buffalo for that scene oh and Alice people went nuts I bet they went nuts and they go nuts now when people find out about now they freak out yeah like I wouldn't like it I mean I wouldn't even post anything on my Instagram of hunting because Peter would just like people just tell you like oh we should we should we should hunt you we should shoot you with a bow and arrow I mean yep yeah you know but but but but they can go watch people get killed uh-huh no problem no problem yeah I'm very rarely post things I posted the first elk ever shot with a bow I posted a picture of that because I was it's hard work man it was hard for me to do I was proud of it yeah it's difficult and I was going to eat that elk for a year and I did eat it you know and to me that meant a lot to me like this is how I'm getting my meat now this is my nutritionist

► 00:28:25

I'm going to feed my family with this but yeah the comments just their they're ridiculous right they just go crazy but hey you know that's their trip you know part of it yeah their trip is save the animals everybody's got their own it's interesting like the only thing that gives them a sense of purpose that makes them feel like they're doing something that makes a difference makes a change that matters yeah and for a lot of people it's that like stop eating eggs yeah stop eating eggs okay good luck with that my favorite is when they're rabid

► 00:28:55

David fucking vicious nasty vegans and then like eight years later they give up they start eating fish and the next thing you know they get hard-ons again and hits it doesn't last you know it's so fucking hard to just eat only plants it's not the healthiest move for most people I mean everybody did everybody varies biologically but for most people it's not the healthiest move but you know you me you gotta give respect I mean a vegan like you that's discipline yes that's discipline hundred percent and I've friends

► 00:29:25

vegan my friend John Joseph he's legit as fuck and he's he's been plant-based for more than 20 years I think more than that right 30 maybe even 20 30 years he's an animal but for him like it's part of his discipline that helped him clean up he was addicted to drugs it helped him you know me and he's done 10 Iron Man's you know so and then a bunch of half Iron Man's as well so like you know it's part of who he is as a man because discipline and a part of his discipline applies to his diet yeah I've been a vegan at some like I couldn't do you could do it now I'm sure you could you don't want to do it the way you've done you can probably do anything that people can do you know the way I just fight is is like I'm you know I'm vegetarian through secondhand Source right you eating vegetarians well yeah exactly yeah so let's just do a secondhand Source yeah I don't think they count that it doesn't know I don't think so you know it's I don't know man it's one of those things where you can I drink is from corn right so Anthony Bourdain used to get really angry about this

► 00:30:25

one of the things that he said was this is a first world problem he's like we are so fortunate with that we have this problem and in other countries they're just trying to get enough protein to feed their family they just trying to get enough food to feed people you know and he was it wasn't like he was in different animals but he was deeply concerned about people about you know because of all his traveling he had like a great deal of empathy for all these different people in these different cultures in their Cuisine and he did a tremendous amount of respect for like he would talk about it like

► 00:30:55

it was religious to him almost you know yeah like you know when we would go into Villages and eat I mean if they if they had meat like that was a big deal like if they brought me out to you didn't they you know that was a huge deal yeah I mean you look at it and it's just like gosh you know we you know we're over complain about stuff that that most countries wish they had those problems like almost 90% of stuff we're complaining about most countries wish they had those problems right but I get it the people don't want those problems to exist

► 00:31:26

they want those problems go away they want to Utopia and the only way to build towards Utopia is to improve upon the problems that we have and we do have problems across the board but incomparable just I would just love some perspective from people and we just love some and I think that would go a long way to help people have more happiness let me but I mean how do you wake up when all you do is focus on problems right like it's kind of like you know when you're when you're working or you're at a job right or you own a company like everybody's you're always just fixing I call it putting out fires yeah and if that's all you do is constantly put out fires like at what point do you become grateful like like at what point at what point of the day do people stop and look around right and they're grateful for what they have and they are appreciative of at a guy tell me you know when I was going through my divorce I mean I was I was a train wreck this called Tim Kennedy and he'll tell you

► 00:32:19

you know I'll never forget a guy set me down I was talking about all these problems and just knit if I mean just nitpicking and fighting over the small stuff and I mean literally just well she worded it this way and she needs to do it this way like literally just every little thing and a guy finally sent me down he looked at me and he goes look Dakota he said if you can make choices or decisions to change it then it's not a problem it's an inconvenience the day that you can't make a choice you've got cancer your kids sick or something like that he goes That's a day you got problems until then you just

► 00:32:49

inconveniences that's a great way to look at until then you just got inconveniences and I was like you're right it's a great way to look at it because there's levels of problems right there's insurmountable problems cancer injuries things things of that nature car accidents are mountable you know what and the thing is and I think you know the I think I'm so fortunate to have gone through the experiences that I have because I know each one of them it's all perspective it changes my perspective on the way I look at things it changes the things that are important to me I call it I always call it everybody's got their length of life and that lends a life you know your lens of life looks different than mine mine looks different than yours and it all we all have our own lens life and at the point you know we get so focused and get into autopilot and it'll focus on you know it's kind like your camera you pull it up and you got on autofocus it never focuses on what you want it focused on right until you go back to the manual focus and you push where it's at and I feel like all these problems that we have are just made to hey we need to tighten

► 00:33:49

lands back up to focus on what really really really matters yeah well I think sometimes people need to hear it from some of their like you you know or someone like Jocko or you know the the beautiful thing about these podcasts is that you get to hear people's perspective and a lot of them are eye-opening now there they literally can change the world because they change the way you behave and you interact with people when you listen to it yeah and that podcast that you did with Jocko when I was listening to me it changed my whole day

► 00:34:19

day it changes like how I was going to look at my day I was you know instead of like looking at my daily cup it's a normal day I was thinking God damn I'm lucky God damn I'm lucky and goddamn imagine experiencing what you and how old were you at the time I was 21 21 years old and experiencing what you experienced in that insane firefight being locked down and how many guys did you wind up engaging with

► 00:34:47

I don't know how you know I don't know I mean everyone that I got an opportunity with right and it just you know it was just you know so chaotic I mean I still look I think about all the time obviously it's something I could have never experienced I mean I trained for war every single day when I was in the Marine Corps I mean it was what it was what my job was and I still could have never imagined that day the way it was or anything to turn out I could have never pictured it I could have never and I think every day that goes by I think there's a reckoning of it right the way that I seen it that day is not the way I see it today and I think that comes with you know just just sharpening and just your body you know you change and you see different things in perspective but yeah I mean

► 00:35:32

you know I you know that day I mean it's still I mean it still is just you know just it's just there's so many lessons that come from that day that you know I look at people complain about stuff here in America and it's like

► 00:35:48

you know I seen him one day the best of humans the worst of humans

► 00:35:53

and everybody nobody thought they were wrong

► 00:35:58

and it's possible you know it's just it's just one of those deals of you know that that day was just that's an important point we just said nobody thought they were wrong not them not you yeah you know I but and it changed me that day like I walked into that day and I was the guy who was cocky who would tell you you know I love fighting you know I mean like I like I just want to go fight like you know but every fight I had before that it was like you know I always had airplanes sitting you know

► 00:36:27

or a helicopter sitting sitting around I always had you know it was like I'm gonna go in there and start the fight and then I'm going to call and all this other this other stuff to to win right and that day it wasn't there and and they really I walked out of there and I just think about all the time today I just think about all the time of how many generations just that day were changed

► 00:36:53

how many generations of of people's lives were changed

► 00:36:59

you know all my teammates died so don't ever have kids that Generations stopped their families forever exist so many lives were changed that day by that that that piece and guess what and everybody in America had no clue what's going on like right now there are u.s. troops somebody wondering if they're going to be able to come home and see their family again

► 00:37:23

that's reality whether you want to ignore it or not like that's reality and that was me September 8 2009

► 00:37:33

and it was just a cashier with a chaotic day it's amazing how you could have thousands of days in your life and one day changes the way you look at everything one day changes the way you look at everything and you know and like the the further I go on I look at it different you know I always talk about the story of

► 00:37:59

you know whenever this guy came up behind me and I ended up I end up killing him with the rock and

► 00:38:07

I always remember just like I remember it like I see it every night like I remember like I just see his face and I could just because there was a point there's a point that I feel like that anybody that when they whether they're injured or anything like they realized their defeated like they like it like yeah I don't know I just think there's a point when you look at somebody and they know they're going to die and I'll never forget that and I you know now I look at it and I see it and how we spanked it like

► 00:38:37

this guy is a son to somebody his mother and father are going to miss him

► 00:38:45

this guy he believes in his cause as much as I do

► 00:38:50

he doesn't believe he's wrong

► 00:38:53

this guy this guy he

► 00:38:59

he could have had a wife or kids that are never going to see their father again just like you know my dad might have never seen me again if it was switched and really I don't even know I don't hate him I don't even know this guy

► 00:39:14

we're just here at this place right now because we were born in two different countries

► 00:39:19

when you add a weapons will you out of ammo so my know he had came up and he started choking me my dad shot him once before and he got was trying to pick my buddy dato Lee my my one of my closest Afghans Donnelly have been shot he got caught he'd been killed and I came here on this Terrace to get him and I was on my knee and this guy came up behind me and so he didn't have a weapon either he was so he did he had a weapon and I end up shooting him from the ground and I thought he was dead when he fell on the ground and I kind of moved down and got down with Donnelly cuz we I was still getting shot at from this machine gun up on this hill and I was trying to make myself small as I could and this guy ends up coming up at choking me like I thought he was I thought he was dead and he ends up choking me out he starts trying to choke me out and eventually let up a little bit and I end up getting around him and I just got we were fighting back and forth and I can remember all of us thinking about was like don't let his legs to get on me like you know these guys are like

► 00:40:19

I mean they've been crawling up mountains or whole life and he's up he's a pretty big dude and

► 00:40:25

I just remember getting on top of him finally got on top of him and I needed I was rolling on top of him he didn't have all the gear on I did and I hate up I remember getting on top of him like like I was straddling him and I'm just reaching up trying to grab for anything I can I'm holding him and hold him down with my throat with my my forearm and I'm just grabbing anything I can't it finally ended up grabbing a rock and I just started beating this dude's face in and I start beating and beating him beating and I remember I remember just like finally like after hitting him you know I don't know three or four times four five times whatever I remember him like finally just kind of looking at me and like just it's it's like he's like just I'm just looking him in the eyes like obviously closer than me to you right now and you just see all the you can tell like he knows where this is going

► 00:41:13

and I always think about that you know obviously I would kill him a million times over again right he was the enemy like I don't feel bad about that part of it but I just think about like in that moment if I can find a way to relate to him in that moment a man I'm taking his life

► 00:41:33

we all in America can find a way to connect with each other if we don't connect with each other's because we choose not to

► 00:41:40

I don't care what your differences are like don't like find a reason of why we can get along not why we should not get along right and and I always think about that moment you know this guy and you know obviously ended up dying and it would it show me was is that no cause that you have that's built on hate

► 00:42:02

we'll survive I didn't hate this guy didn't even know him but I was willing to to take his life

► 00:42:10

because of what I loved

► 00:42:13

and that's what that's what we have to build our lives in our foundation on is not not being angry and hating each other but because we love the cause that we believe in so much

► 00:42:27

does that make sense it doesn't make sense I understand what you're saying the way they look at it in Afghanistan this so it's

► 00:42:36

is it Al Qaeda or the Taliban so Al Qaeda is mainly in the so Al Qaeda was in Iraq I'll cut so I'll Qaeda is the issue that's in a wreck in the Taliban are bandits in Afghanistan Afghanistan and the Taliban what are they trying to do they trying to run a religious caliph and yeah I mean they just want that you know they want to run you know if the way that they want to write like they want to they don't want they don't believe in you know women being educated they mean they don't believe in any like like they don't believe in you know they go back to that their beliefs of you know it's driven by religion of all that control they want to they want to control and how much support they have from the general population I mean I think it's not not necessarily the support but because I think that it's not necessarily supported the power that they have right like they come in and they lead with a heavy hand right I mean there's these they don't these the locals run the place

► 00:43:35

but the Taliban is kind of like look at it like a gang right like kind of like a like a mob or or or like the Taliban is kind of like the cartel right and so that's that's where they come from and they try to lead with violence and same thing that you would you know you would see with cartel talibans kind like an over a Big Cartel and so the general the population they would like that to not be the case yeah I mean they want us as a system of democracy similar to what we have I mean I don't know what they want that but I didn't want to so I don't get in then what they do of course like I mean I think they all see that they live in shitholes right they all see you know I think that they know what could get you know how it could be better and how life could be better you know the cool thing about America is that we know what freedom is and I promise you this like you want to have all the differences stop if anybody ever invaded us I mean people don't want to give anything up

► 00:44:35

so they would all start fight everybody would get on the same page and start fighting if anybody tried to come to America because nobody would want to give up their stuff will post 9/11 remember that what that was and you were a younger guy how old were you at 9/11 I was in 8th grade and I always say

► 00:44:49

I would never wish for another 9/11 but I would give anything for a 912 hmm I would give anything for a 912 it was crazy like people were friendly people were letting people in and traffic people had

► 00:45:05

like American flags were everywhere everywhere everywhere people were proud of America like it was it was crazy it was crazy like how on insync everybody was it's hard for people who weren't there on those days to understand the mood of the country it was a different world like we people were patriotic everybody was I don't necessarily remember what it was like before the day 911 so I don't have much perspective on that but I do remember 912 I remember I mean everybody was proud to be Americans I mean you I mean it was everybody was everybody was proud of our country and who is our switch and turned it was and in that the way it goes though like when something tragic happens like isn't that the way it goes like like we refocus on what really matters like all these differences go away yeah but we come back to what matters well that's something that a lot of people who experienced War have said that this is where they felt the most

► 00:46:05

acted because their life was literally in danger and because they knew because they had lost loved ones to this thing they had lost Brothers to this thing that this was real and that to this day that is the most exciting and happiest time of their life because they were so connected Sebastian Junger wrote about this in the movie the traffic tribe yeah to be read it I haven't read it it's very good and it probably would speak to a lot of the exact same things that you say but you know like I

► 00:46:35

I find the same thing not the same thing obviously because my life is not in danger and I hope that I never have to go a day where my life's in danger again and I find the same appreciation back here in a country that that I love I can you know I narrowed it down because I had to come up with a reason of like why you know I mean it's hard to sit here and watch The Valleys that you fought for and then the government go and give those valleys back to the Taliban you know there's this one video me and my buddy were laughing about the other day a base that that he had been on and he shows me this video and it's like literally the treadmills that were in the gym there it's a Taliban guy running on our treadmill right like they left it there and we're just like whoa you know and and and I always think about

► 00:47:23

because if you get down in the weeds of and you start really getting you'll get upset about you know that Valley did I really did did did my teammate sacrifice really change your life like if they had a sacrifice that day would your life be changed like because that's what we're fighting for is America and so I just thought I always looked at it like this and I came to peace with it of you know all we were trying to do any where we went when I served and I wore the nation's cloth like I got to I got the best opportunity when people thank me for my service I'm like don't don't think me like I appreciate you letting me represent America be the away team for the United States of America like I got to wear the nation's cloth in so many countries but I always

► 00:48:07

I justify it as all we tried to do no matter whether we were passing out soccer balls to kids or we were going in and providing security for a whale or we were taking out an enemy combatant all we were trying to do was make that part of the world that we were in a better place that's all we're trying to do we're trying to leave it better than we found it that moment and if we take that same concept and we apply it here

► 00:48:31

and we all go over and do it for the person on the left and the right of us and if we use that same concept you can apply it here in America every day every single day you can make this world just a little bit better there's a lot of people in this country that don't think we should be nation-building in other countries and including people like Tulsi gabbard who served but then you got people like Dan Crenshaw who I've had on the podcast

► 00:49:01

what his perspective is you have to go over there like that you can't allow these groups to get more powerful and gain more control you just can't you can't you can't and if not us then who and and the thing is is America is a Beacon of Hope across the world

► 00:49:20

America is a Beacon of Hope and and you can notice when America's strong everybody hates us

► 00:49:31

when America is weak the world suffers and I'm not saying we need to go in and fight everybody's battle obviously right like but on the backside of it you know we're not necessarily going in and fighting for other countries but we do have an obligation to go and help

► 00:49:49

people like you take Syria when they are gassing

► 00:49:54

when they are gassing

► 00:49:57

kids and women

► 00:50:01

if nobody else is going to go send rockets in there if nobody else is going to go hold somebody accountable for it I'm Dan there's nobody that serving that's wearing the uniform that it's not gladly doing that and going to go hold them accountable for it has nothing to do with anything other than Good and Evil

► 00:50:20

and if we don't go fight the evil then who's going to do it who's going to do it and we don't want the evil to get bigger you don't want the able to get bigger you don't want the evil to to progress and you don't want the evil to to thank that they can I mean imagine you see what they're doing right now and I think the world knows that that America will Common show up and you see how how they're still going imagine if they didn't have to worry about us doing it

► 00:50:46

imagine what they would look like

► 00:50:51

you know and I think you can imagine better than most that's part of the problem is that you know when you're in Calabasas you know going to the mall you know getting yourself a fucking smoothie it doesn't seem real you know and you can have all these opinions about what we should be doing you know and that we need to stop these War mongers we need to stop this and stop that and I've had those opinions myself in the past and gone back and forth and

► 00:51:20

the only thing that's changed my mind is I listen to people that actually know I think it's one of the most important things you could ever do and don't try to form an opinion if you don't really have any facts and real or any real understanding I've done that in the past two I've made those mistakes but what I can tell you this like you know you look at 9/11

► 00:51:41

thousands of people died and they none of them volunteered

► 00:51:45

to give their country for their life that day except obviously the First Responders

► 00:51:50

you look since 9/11

► 00:51:52

besides a couple of tax that's been in America

► 00:51:56

but you look since 9/11 everybody that's given their life overseas has volunteered to do that

► 00:52:02

they volunteered to go fight the evil

► 00:52:05

and for us to go over there and do that and keep it off the country to keep it out of our country to keep it to where you know our kids and our families and our mothers and fathers and don't have to worry about this I mean obviously obviously it could happen anywhere but but I can't think that us being over there and giving them a place to fight us

► 00:52:27

has not helped this country keep from being attacked multiple times if we had not gone over there that's a hard pill for people to swallow right they don't want to think that but they want to think the reason why they would attack us is because we're over there yeah well you know what I mean what do you have why did we get attacked on 9/11

► 00:52:49

it's a good question you know like these people hate us just because they hate us like they they it's not it's not about you know I there was that one worker that said that well we should go over there and get them more jobs and more opportunities now these people don't care like these people have they wake up every day and try to think of a way to kill us like there's no negotiating with these people these people are evil these people will do nasty things to human beings that know you couldn't even imagine you couldn't make a video game about I mean you look at you look at some of these Isis stuff of what they're doing I mean putting somebody in a cage and burning them you want to be empathetic to that throwing people because because of their sexual preference off the top tying their hands and legs together and throw them off top of a building

► 00:53:42

diesel type of people that this is the type of evil like

► 00:53:47

the that we're going after and if we don't do it who's gonna do it right who's going to do it

► 00:53:56

do you think it's possible that this all could be resolved some day that maybe if it's not our children our children's children do you think it's possible nope that's that everybody says that there's that's one of the most disheartening things about any kind of conflict but I mean if you look at any of the books that came before us

► 00:54:18

this is this is what you get

► 00:54:21

this is this is just part of any at any point in time there's there's conflict going on it will never be resolved it will never be resolved it will never be resolved so it's main it's like a maintenance program

► 00:54:41

it's hard for people to swallow right because people want to think that the reason why I will never be resolved is because the military industrial complex wants to keep us at War and this is just a big money grab and that's all they're trying to do is the reason why they have us over there as they're sending people over there to die so they can make money this is this is how people love to look at it I mean everybody wants to fight I think it's just because everybody wants to find a reason you know everybody wants to everybody wants a reason that they can touch feel and Blaine like they want something to blame right and they you know there's nothing to blame except the people who are doing this

► 00:55:25

and it exists and it's real and these are real people and you know what we're just so lucky that we have an all-volunteer military with some of the greatest people that's ever walked the face of the planet who are willing to go do this who willing to do it on mining your behalf I mean how cool is that

► 00:55:43

it's pretty wild when you think about it right because it's a complete volunteer army volunteer complete volunteer military these people

► 00:55:53

are willing to raise their right hand

► 00:55:56

to a piece of paper to an idea of democracy

► 00:56:01

go over a put their whole life on hold their wives sacrifice I mean you take military spouses and in they sacrifice if not more than than the people you know then then then then the veterans in the service members and their they're willing to go over and fight for my your freedom they've never met us but they're willing to give their lives for it like think about this I like I challenge people who are listening to this like what can you name one thing right now that you're willing to give your life for

► 00:56:38

I think about that what would you give your life for right now like like like somebody pulled a gun out

► 00:56:45

you know you're going to die what would you give your life for I mean these people are willing to go do it on idea of democracy on the idea of me and you on the idea of of good

► 00:56:57

it's incredible it is incredible you when you signed up how old were you 17 you're 17 wow at my 18th birthday in boot camp no shit wow so you can do that I didn't know I didn't know you I thought you had to be 18 no no I graduated high school at 17 and my dad signed for me oh someone can sign for you wow

► 00:57:20

and did you have any other aspirations or was that something that you knew you were going to do no I like honestly I'm Marine recruiter Chan told me I'd never make it as a marine and so I yeah yeah like I was like what was he fucking wrong yeah well yeah he told me I was walking through my lunch room like II don't have any cool stories like oh I woke up and knew I was gonna be a marine like you know I was walking through the lunch room and this marine recruiter was there I started asking him a lot of smart like smart aleck questions and just you know being a typical high school student and he's like look you're wasting my time you'd never make it as a marine and you know look I was up for the challenge so I signed up that so him saying that was what really sturdy yeah that was it wow I didn't even really know what the Marine Corps was before that really it's terrible what did you think you were signing up for you know I just told him I wanted to go fight wow yeah yeah holy smokes you know but you think about that like our whole life is built off decisions

► 00:58:19

you know our decisions our control we are today

► 00:58:24

where were where we deserve to be because we made the decisions up to this point hmm I can that's a hard pill to swallow to yeah it's variable right there's there's some things that are out of your control there are but but a lot of it but a lot of it yeah you you can't control situations and circumstances

► 00:58:43

but you can control how you take it you can control your response you can control your response growing up like that I mean you are growing up in combat you're growing up at 18 years old I mean I was a fucking baby when I was 18 yeah you're growing up in combat I did it yeah I guess if you look at it like that yeah yeah and you are here now ten years after what we were talking about yeah and you said it still keeps you up yeah I mean I wake up you know a couple a couple nights a month and just you know an anxiety attack going up I was actually speaking last week I was on the road it's the first time you know I always like I'm always nervous like if in the middle of night my daughter get scared or shoot you know she comes down and gets in my bed like I'm always really like nervous about that because like I don't I would like it like it was so I was so nervous about it because I was just gosh I never want them to see me in that in that

► 00:59:43

state right in the other day we were on the road speaking out in North Carolina and she's obviously we're in a hotel so she was staying with me and I don't know I didn't feel good that night so what I did is I put a put a pillow between us

► 00:59:59

and gosh I had one I knocked my tooth off my knocked my veneer off like it was so terrible and she just looked at me she's three and she just looked at me and she said it's okay Daddy you're not you're not a bad wow and re had three and I was like gosh you know but yeah I mean you know you still I mean this is that's that's why you look at it and I see these people who plays video games and they get nothing from like there's no emotional attachment to it and it's like

► 01:00:32

this stuff is real like there's nobody who my would go out on a limb and say there's nobody who sees this stuff and they don't you don't come back and deal with it

► 01:00:46

like it's a normal process to to being part of not normal situations what kind of resources are available to when you do come back like how do they treat people that are suffering from PTSD and well you gotta be careful with it right because I mean the last track you want to get on is all the the pharmaceutical drugs right like the pills and stuff and you'll get on that real quick the VA is notorious for it so you know we what do they try to give you I mean I Klonopins Annex I've been on tons of blood pressure medicine I mean you go down the list right and

► 01:01:27

and I like I went down that I went down that road and it got me nowhere but now you know like we're you know there's tons of nonprofits out there who are doing a lot of great stuff try and trying to help out

► 01:01:42

you know we're was one thing that we found out and actually studies are starting to show that this helps is it's called a Stella Stella gang the ganglion Block it's called sgb to still ganglion block and you get a shot it goes in your neck and I'll tell you this like when I got that shot

► 01:02:05

it instantly before the needle came out of my neck dr. Sean Mulvaney is the guy that sits putting all this together when the needle came out of my neck it instantly took me from being like like my whole life was downtown New York City and rush hour traffic 15 minutes late to a meeting that my life depended on to instantly being driving down a quiet country road with no where to be real instantly and so what is it doing so basically what it does is this is how it was described to me and you have like two systems you have like your your your automatic nervous system and then you have your mango right so your automatic is like your eyes blinking breathing things like that your manual is like hey I need to reach over here and grab this bottle of water and what happens is fight or flight gets stuck in your automated like it there's no longer do you say I recognize this as a threat and now I go into fight or flight so what it does is you've been in that so long that it gets put over into the automatic side

► 01:03:04

and so what this does is it's kind of like a restart like it there's no nothing that last long in it it goes in and it basically I think it gets on this called the sciatic nerve and it basically gives you a restart and it just it took away all my anxiety I mean it just it instantly like just melted away how long does it last so it comes down to me sometimes I get one one of year one every six months but just comes down to do you go back and expose yourself to these chaotic situations right like do you go keep making bad decisions but for me I look at it is like a it's a it's a solution to I call it the flashbang of anxiety so like it's that flashbang that gives you the moment the separation to where now I can make decisions

► 01:03:54

don't feel like I'm out of control now I can I can make decisions to get get things back together what is the actual chemical that they're using I don't know I would have to look he's got it article about it that's crazy that it's so effective using stellate ganglion block to treat post-traumatic stress disorder okay make that a little bigger Jamie post-traumatic stress disorder develops in response to being exposed to extreme stress do to do to do to do okay the sympathetic nervous system fight or flight has been known to play a part in PTSD it's believed that extra nerves of the system Sprout or grow after Extreme trauma wow leading to elevated levels levels of norepinephrine and adrenaline like substance which in turn over activates the amygdala the fear center of the brain this chain of events results in PTSD symptoms that may be that may persist for years so part of the sympathetic nervous system called the stellate ganglion a collective nerves in the neck

► 01:04:54

seems to control the activation of the amygdala a recent Innovation offers potential and rapidly treating symptoms of PTSD for a prolonged period of time placing an anesthetic agent on this delicate ganglion in an anesthetic procedure called the stellate ganglion block can relieve the symptoms of PTSD in as little as 30 minutes and for you it said just a few seconds before the needle is out and last four years the sgb reboots a sympathetic nervous system to its pre trauma State similar to a computer reboot in the brain norepinephrine levels are rapidly reduced and the extra nerve growth is removed wow SG B is an aesthetic procedure that has been performed since 1925 and is considered a low risk paying procedure done under x-ray guidance that's insane yeah they use a so dr. Sean Mulvaney is the guy I've been to other doctors and he's dr. Mulvaney's only guy I would go to who does it the way he's got the

► 01:05:54

procedure set up he was a Navy SEAL he's a doctor and he does it out of DC and and but nobody you know most people hadn't heard of this and I've never heard of this yeah yeah and it's a I went in and he called me the next day and he was like so how do you feel I said man I caught myself singing in the shower this morning I got caught myself sing in the shower he's singing I can't remember but I was like man I caught myself singing Shower like I actually like I walked out there and I and to me you know I got to a point at that point like I got to a low point and I just there was nothing like there's nothing in my life I can complain about like there's nothing I have this country has given me a life that I could have never dreamed the ever have I have no problems zero and I just woke up every day and I was just like

► 01:06:51

I just don't want to wake up feeling like this and so he's like come do this come through this and I came out there and did it and it it changed it changed my whole life

► 01:07:03

that sounds infinitely better than therapy or talking through it or any of the other methods I've ever heard of yeah well I mean I think all that I think you I think all that matters I think the therapy like if you want to go do talk therapy that's that's good like you should do that but I always tell people who go to talk therapy like going there with a plan of where you want your life to be like it's like going to a nutrition coach or a workout coaching and not giving them goals right you know don't go in there just to go in there like going there with the plan you know hey how and have them help you get that plan but this this is instantly just like that doesn't grow edible now did they do they try to do that in conjunction with medication does it just a standalone thing Standalone thing wow sound thing you know the only thing I do to help mine in my anxieties like it can get bad like I'm talking bad when you say that like what happens like what's what's the process you know I usually feel it building up over days yeah days like it's almost like a like a

► 01:08:02

common it just builds up and then it's like a little you'll have like a little little bit of an anxiety attack or whatever you'll start feeling anxiety or anxious and that becomes your new Baseline mmm and then it keeps building and people don't recognize it

► 01:08:18

and for a long time I used to like I used to drink a lot and I didn't because I didn't I didn't know what anxiety was I mean what do you mean like this is how I feel all the time right and then you know then what usually happens is at night it'll just when I go to sleep it'll just it'll rock me it'll rock me I'll start throwing up I'll be sweating and I'll be crying like I mean I'll be in the floor no are you thinking things when this is happening or is it just an overwhelming sense of anxiety just just all encompassing I just I don't know where it comes from

► 01:08:48

I mean obviously I know where it comes from I thinking about war with this is happening no no I think it just in my subconscious I think you know obviously your brain is always trying to like when you're asleep trying to file things and process things and I think that's what happens is like consciously you know you know consciously it doesn't bother me to talk about it

► 01:09:10

like I went back and with I was in another gun fight four days later

► 01:09:15

and I mean I literally I was packing up all my teammates stuff and getting ready to go back to fight again and I got another gun fight and

► 01:09:26

I think that you know coming home your brain still trying to process all that stuff and I think it happens to anybody you don't have to go to war you could be in a car wreck I mean you look at you look at October first shooting in Vegas you know you could you can go through anything right like whatever it is I think it's what people are dealing with and it's just I think that's why you see so much anxiety across the world is because of all this desensitization consciously and people are processing it subconsciously

► 01:09:57

that makes sense that really makes sense that it's they're taking in all this information I think it's not affecting them at all but it really is it is and I think that's why you see all these people feel like their lives are out of control and it's because consciously like we're not sitting here talking about it like well yeah yeah you know I seen a car wreck till the day where you know so-and-so died or you know what I mean and it's like they're not ever processing it consciously but their body will subtract your body will I always say you can either exorcise your demons or they're gonna exorcise you

► 01:10:26

that's a great way to put it

► 01:10:29

what do they recommend when you I mean do they check on you to see if you are having anxiety or do you have to come to them and explain it yeah I mean you just you go to them does anybody get through it without anxiety I'm at like I would worry about the people that got through it without it me yeah you know what I mean right you can go kill people and night without nightmares or anything you know but I think I think some people do I mean I think people just deal with it different ways right but me you know like I used to drink a lot and and but I was doing it not because I was an alcoholic I was doing it as a I just I had rather I could regulate my drinking better than I could the effects of what medicine would do to me now do the Marines have a system that they will they check on you and make sure you're okay or guide you into a specific type of treatment when they know there's something

► 01:11:28

yeah yeah but you know the problem is for all these warfighters is like they don't want to go talk about it or tell the Marine Corps because then they're you know your your or the military I'll just say military why'd you know they they look at you as well now this person can operate everybody everybody's too worried to talk about this because they're afraid of not being able to do their job because they're afraid that somebody will look at them and say oh you got PTSD so you don't need a gun and it's and it's like you know most people that have PTSD are car wreck victims

► 01:12:03

brilliant yeah that's the biggest source of PTSD you can you can Google it see the biggest source of PTSD is car wreck victims wow

► 01:12:14

most probably a lot of those right a tons of them yeah

► 01:12:18

so when you do have an issue how do you go from having an issue to getting treatment what's the process Oh you mean if you tell your command I mean you know there's all types of resources there I mean you know but you have to speak out yeah that's the problem right that's the problem is nobody wants to talk out because you know you start talking and you know how quick your job going to be gone

► 01:12:43

you know I got out I was out before you know I was out so fast after after all this happened I was out you know 7 or 8 months afterwards and I didn't realize what was going on until I probably never started dealing with my PTSD until 2016

► 01:13:02

do you know I just I thought this was just normal

► 01:13:05

what made you change my but my daughter's my daughter Saylor I can remember the day I was in I was actually in the floor like just having an anxiety attack like crazy and I was like I got to do something I've have got to do something because my daughter's they deserve the best father possible like they like they had no choice in coming in this world and you know I might not want to I might not want to deal with it and face it for myself but I they deserve for me to wake up every single day and give them the best father that they could possibly have and and that that is my responsibility to them is that when you first got this shot because block so I end up getting it and 2017 yeah 2017 I think and I didn't know anything about it until you know once I found out about it I did how did you find out about it just another another Warrior that had gotten it and it

► 01:14:05

for them wow and I also use I use I use three methods to maintain all of it I use the stellate ganglion block which is kind of when it gets real bad I'll go get that that's like the whole reboot right for maintenance I usually use it's called alpha-stim and so it goes on your earlobes I've heard of that and quit smoking with that right I don't know but I don't know about that is for usually for pain anxiety depression but I use I use an alpha stamina goes I put it on clip it on my ears and it like I usually do it every day and it just it melts it melts it away as well and then the last piece is is and this is not obviously in our community it's probably not the popular side of it is

► 01:14:50

is is using a pan at night you know before I gonna yeah yeah yeah do you see b d so it tastes it's the Indica yeah and that like that pretty much eliminated all my drinking really yeah why is that not popular I don't know I think it's kind of like still like the taboo right like the town I come from they just made alcohol legal in it what few years ago County from Kentucky Columbia Kentucky that's crazy they just made alcohol legal yeah wow that's a good place to study that's like a uncontacted tribe yeah well you know you like if you if you do if you make it legal the Bootleggers will go out of business right I don't know okay it's Dukes of Hazzard style that's crazy yeah wow they just made alcohol legal holy shit so yeah vape pens are out of the question oh yeah trouble the pot leaf t-shirt they'll shoot you

► 01:15:51

listen yeah that's so crazy yeah that's yeah it's a it's a weird taboo but that that combination to particularly look Indigo it helps a lot of veterans yeah the Indica is like it's you know you you take like two or three two or three puffs of that and at least conk out your sleep you don't wake up with a hangover right that's the cool part of it yeah it's a different kind of sleep and CBD has some great benefits for people as well and alleviating anxiety a lot of people like to use the two of them in conjunction no but at least it's good that that's available to yeah where are you living these days I live in Austin oh okay so you can get it there yeah right I think even if it's legal it's not legal rights not know yeah but it's still there yeah still there Austin's fill with it because it's the weirdest place in all of Texas right if they are they're keeping it weird they definitely keep it weird but it's a weird combination because it's like

► 01:16:50

hippies but there's also a lot of guns yeah like it's like you know what I mean it's like a hunting culture and second amendment culture and there's like a lot going on there and then hippies it's like you want to it's like it's like people wearing fanny packs with guns at them yes right yeah yeah yeah man yeah you see a guy with a fanny pack in Texas assume assume assume he's carrying it's a different animal and Arizona's even weird like Arizona's was open

► 01:17:20

he States right yeah you can just have it on your hip and go to the supermarket yeah all right yeah whatever yeah right you know that the you know when you when you carried on your hip and go Supermarket I mean that's obviously the first person that that they would shoot they should shoot right right right like okay well I know he's armed so let's let's go ahead and make sure we yeah right I think people think of it as a deterrent but sometimes it turns her also attractants absolutely yeah well at least you can get a vape pen there you know what while you're

► 01:17:50

in town I suggest you stock up yeah this place has got it everywhere California's got too much you know Jamie what was what did you just read about the company that's that's got a bunch of fucking pesticides and shit and their stuff pesticide yeah they just tested it they just tested some shit that we used to have in the studio but Jimmy went through it out that's the real problem with this is wild wild west out here and you know your unless you're testing things on a regular basis you might be selling something I had a guy named John Norris who wrote a book called The Hidden War and the book is all about how he was Game Warden and during his normal duties like looking for you know making sure the people aren't over fishing or hunting without a license that kind of stuff they started finding these cartel grow-ops and these cartel grow-ops are extremely the weed that they're putting out is extremely

► 01:18:50

dangerous because it's got these super toxic pesticides to keep animals away and to keep bugs away and so they're putting this shit on weed then that stuff winds up getting to the hands of people particularly in other parts of the country where it's illegal and it's just filled with pesticides and you know you get sick from that stuff and people can get real sick from it it's terrified of him yes they had a petrol solvent extraction or saw me see I'll just let you read it okay

► 01:19:20

so California Vape maker cushy punch caught making illegal products tan tan tan this is in what is the website here this is really so it's like a weed website we'd have it website so what does it say the tip what consumer affairs served a warrant prompted by a tip investigators of the California Department of Consumer Affairs served a search warrant Thursday October the 3rd and in a light industrial space North West Los Angeles

► 01:19:50

Canoga Park District that's over here they found an illegal cannabis product manufacturing operation apparently operated by cushy punch a legal state license company authorities seized a number of finished products including gummies in the cushy punch packaging and disposable vaporizers and cushy Vape packaging and photos obtained by Leafly the facility appeared to be performing petrol solvent extractions where a technician concentrates the active ingredients in cannabis tea

► 01:20:20

THC petrol solvent extracting is legal with a permit and California the extraction method can sometimes have the effect of concentrating pesticides along with the THC but it says it's legal hold on scroll back up Jamie yeah that part did say it was legal so it said it's legal with a permit in California so the problem was that they didn't have a permit I think maybe this place that they went to didn't have a permit Edibles and vape cartridges seized dunked on the San Fernando Valley

► 01:20:50

facility appeared to be in the business of putting those extracts into professional-looking THC Foods as well as disposable vape pen cartridges tall file cabinets held thousands of boxes of cushy vape pens and cushy punch Edibles I don't understand this because it says it's legal you can Source familiar with because you punch accuse the adult use licensee of maintaining two facilities one licensed and one black market okay Leafly is granting the sources request for anonymity Bubba Bubba look I've actually been using the packaging maybe to to you know package some stuff that was well it seems like they have one license at one place and the other place not source alleges that the Cannabis that tested clean went through cushy punches licensed facility and into the license Supply change the source also says the Cannabis might fail the state stringent pesticide standards went to the illicit extraction lab pain Factory okay so some of it but it doesn't say it did fail

► 01:21:50

it says they're using this they're using untested black market oil is heavy and pesticide yeah

► 01:21:58

mmm yeah something got tested well no it was a federal legalization solve all the shit that's what they should do federal legalization and Nationwide standards you know make it make it so it's stupid to grow shit illegally yeah you know that make it to where it's not a he was a great South Park episode I was watching about this it's fucking hilarious the new one yeah yeah with the Mexican Joker okay see that one I did not have heard their new episodes are really good this year Max and Joe it's

► 01:22:28

hilarious they this guy gets pissed because other people are grown we he's got a weed operation and he's giving people weed and everybody's happy and selling weed and doing great but then people start growing their own weed he gets Furious it's like you stole my fucking idea he's like you can't grow wheat is it what I thought I was gardening like fuck you but I mean that is the problem and it's fucking this easy to grow weed yeah there's the Mexican Joker the problem is that was that was a different part of the episode

► 01:22:58

sewed the the B story was that cart man called ice on on his friends because he just just like you found out that you could just call ice and and like happy people suspected so he called it on Kyle and had Kyle fucking arrested and his whole family arrested it's such a fucking you'll get up this lie on their back Cartman and then Cartman got arrested himself it was so ridiculous what they were worried about was one of the Mexican kids growing up to become

► 01:23:28

the Mexican Joker taking like and killing everybody so they had like like an ice agent I'm giving away a lot of spoilers it's worth seeing though it's fucking hilarious so funny it's just so ridiculous that's funny yeah which it's just so ridiculous when you find out like but you can grow your own weed that's the point but you can't legally federally and you should be able to it's fucking stupid it's stupid yeah well especially when it helps cops and firemen and First Responders and soldiers and helps a lot of people man look at how much money we spent trying to fight it yeah yeah that's the problem though there's a business and trying to fight it you know particularly like the prison guard unions they always fight against it there's a lot of people actually fight against legalization which is it's a pretty an American thing to do at that restaurant that just opened up in Hollywood you can smoke weed at now that restaurant can go fuck itself and not going anywhere near that place listen smoke a little weed at home go to a regular goddamn restaurant

► 01:24:28

restaurant people zoned out of their fucking mind have any bong hits at the table that imagine I can't everybody's first I can't imagine the conversations probably real stupid everybody forgets what they're talking about it's he's a rookies you can't be smoking that much weed with rookies showing up at these buildings where you got restaurants filled with people smoking weed that's a recipe for a disaster they have to make you order before you smoke too - yeah not only that after you smoke you like what who the fuck order pizza bitch you ordered pizza is so I don't remember what you order 10 minutes ago yeah it's all those public places like people are used to getting drunk in public they're used to go to a bar you can have a couple of drinks you're fine right to three drinks you're fine you're just you with a little tipsy you're fine but you could have a fucking psychotic spiral if you have a pot edible it's some establishment

► 01:25:28

we've all seen people lose their marbles especially if you got some rookie from out of town like comes over from South Dakota can't believe you guys have free weed what is that what is that a chibi chew and then chew that thing an hour later you trying to peel them off the ceiling like like what happened to Jake the fucking guy still high it's 48 hours later I don't know what's groom for that in the in the back yeah big padded really like the like the like the drunk tank is jail but you have like you have this same thing

► 01:25:59

soft music they just play the Carpenters and then just burn incense for you and just try to bring you down slow down you're going to be fine but I'm not

► 01:26:08

yeah it's it's too risky like I want restaurants where people are there straight everybody's fine it's what our steak regular restaurant people are getting loaded in those two though so now before they go getting snow drunk yeah but I for some reason I feel like that doesn't bother me as much as you used to it yeah yeah that's true I'm just used to it right like do you remember when you were a kid when you first got drunk like how old were you first got drunk we in the military when you got out I was I was wrong before yeah but you remember when you first try it you don't first of all no one's there with you it's not like your dad or your uncle's going here you have two shots that's it no you're drinking with your friends and you don't know how far to go and so I remember throwing up in the cab I was drinking Jack Daniels with my friends were listening to music and I remember I was laying I was like in a beanbag I was 14 I was laying in this bean bag looking up in the whole fucking world is spinning up like this is ridiculous I gotta get out of here and I

► 01:27:07

the cab to take me home and I threw up in the cab I was like oh my God I didn't know how to do it I didn't know how to do it nobody taught you how to do it you just wind up figuring out with your friend you're just lucky if you don't drink yourself to death it's just luck that's pure luck yeah I was 14 probably 234 pounds drink it like a fish had no idea what I was doing you know probably had five six drinks plastered plastered that's terrible but we're used to that by the time where you have you go out with someone in the 28th if they don't know how to drink get rid of them don't hang out with them you know I remember when I first moved to LA I was like 27 I want to date with this gal first day was great second date I met her at a bar and when I met her there she was shushes shit-faced just shit-faced tumbling off the fucking like off the stool couldn't keep your shit together drop the glass broke and I was like I'm out of here yeah I left her at the bar I was like fuck this so you goes to her yes hell yeah those the

► 01:28:07

glorious days when no one had cell phones beautiful time to be alive yeah she had a call my house good luck bitch

► 01:28:17

she didn't have a cell phone very few people had cell phones in 94 you know very few people there's nobody I mean I had one I had a Motorola startac it was like a big fat boy last like you can talk on it for 13 minutes for it ran out of batteries it had an antenna you pulled the antenna Up Click Click remember those things do you thought you were Captain Kirk with those bad boys yeah yeah I was six yeah yeah man 94 we're 606 yeah that's when I first moved here click click hello you hold it up here like the DAP detachable battery you get the fat battery you get an extra 40 minutes of talking did you keep it where do you keep it at how did you carry it around I don't remember I probably have one of them holsters on the side because it's too thick for your pocket yeah can't keep that fucking fat Pastor in your pocket I remember when the Razor phone came out everybody was like holy shit we're in the future it's a credit card talking on a credit card that was the shit that little thing so small

► 01:29:17

but then that was like six minutes of talking got the Razor yeah that's it and nobody had a cord you ain't you couldn't like it wasn't like today like hey you gotta charge her like most people have iPhones or Androids it's either USBC or it's lightning most people have charger somewhere right yeah especially iPhones in America back then if you didn't have a charge your fuck you can go to a rep nobody has a goddamn cable at a restaurant for your fucked-up cell phone didn't exist it didn't exist most people didn't even have cell phones until like two that like when did you get a cell phone for the first time Seventeen or eighteen like my senior year of high school so like mm yeah mm dish around there yeah I had one in 94 I actually had one in 88 I had one that was attached to my car it was like a box like little box had to court on it yeah well sort it was actually bolted into the car it was in the center like look dope looks like a pep you drive it around eyelid

► 01:30:17

Honda CRX and it was like right there in the middle of the seats like the phone but it would help me because I used to get gigs because like booking agents like if someone couldn't make a gig or they needed somebody fell out of got sick they would call me I actually had a phone so I was in my car they'd call me up and I got a number of gigs because I had this fucking cell phone were you in the right age where you had pager codes oh yeah you know that pager was Joey Diaz forever deep into the 2000s and he would if he owed people money or if you didn't like talking to me just throw us page or way I got a new page a dog he's just lose that page you can never get hold of it that's because he had a call you back so he would call you back from just random phone numbers you know I'm going to the pager the page was so bad but then what happened was some people got pagers that could send text messages and said first they expanded it to like you could get sports updates for some like everyone needed to get sports scores all day long I like right paid an extra five

► 01:31:17

bucks a month but I remember I was at the comedy store in the back kitchen area and one of the people that work there had a pain he was a comic I don't remember but they had a pager with a keyboard I like what the fuck is that and like you could send people messages like yeah like yeah like if you're at a club you can send them a message and they can know where you are I was like that is crazy like that's great you're sending messages and I remember thinking I should probably get one of those but then I never got around to doing it but people were they had pager this is what before everybody had cell phones they had paid

► 01:31:47

jurors that you could type messages on that blood Venn diagram bleed over into the next help thinking oh yeah walkie-talkie Eddie Bravo had one of those very close time period I would always give him shit I'm like you have a phone why the fuck would you put a walking talking on a phone a phones better than a walkie-talkie like why not put smoke screens on well how about you know have a drum signals this is a stupid smoke signals in your phone here there's some fucking phone it's a phony everywhere

► 01:32:17

yeah you don't have to say over a phones better you have to say over you know I don't things like you could only one person can talk in the time and the other thing about the walkie-talkie was I was like okay can someone listen like do you have to press the button or could someone just listen that was the concern like you know like your girl could call you and just listen you're talking shit with your friends she just had a thought the other day too this is a 90s thing maybe you might remember this too when you would turn on your home self wireless phone sometimes you just hear your neighbors talking oh yeah like they couldn't hear ya just listen to a half yeah yeah yeah so I live that we didn't have neighbors close enough I remember that clearly when I was living in an apartment I heard your neighbor talking through it like a sock but I hear their whole conversation that was like you picked up on there are frequent really yeah the wireless things got yeah that was what bad there was no encryption back there yeah

► 01:33:17

you don't have to be a hacker who said devil fucking antenna yeah those days simpler days but at least people for the most part were talking to each other face-to-face the faith that was the vast majority of communication was face-to-face now I would venture to say it's flipped on its head and the vast majority of communications probably through text messages 100% I mean text messages emails I mean people can build their own reality now right like I can never you never have to look at me

► 01:33:47

I can build my own reality through Instagram Facebook through all the social media I mean literally I can build my own filter yeah life can be filtered sure like and people don't want to look in the mirror of unfiltered realness yeah yeah they just want to be in a bubble communicate with people that have like-minded views make their own reality yeah yeah you know it is a is extremely strange time when it comes to the way people communicate with each other and there's no accountability right like you communicate through those things like you can say whatever

► 01:34:17

you want there's no accountability there's no accountability for for what you say to people for for you know the shit you talk to people there's no accountability because I can just hide behind a computer screen I can hide behind a screen I can hide behind my Instagram profile I you can't you can't find me you can't see me you know how people can like your posts like to put a little heart that like to post imagine if they give you electric shock oh like like if all the people of people thought you were cunts there's like a little lightning bolt next to the next to the heart guy's a dick yeah I'm glad they don't because in that I'd probably get more of those we all would I'd probably be dead I was shocked to death I mean imagine if someone could just reach out and shock you anytime they want oh that'd be terrible it'll be fucking terrible terrible but I mean the emotional pain that people cause anytime they want where they could just reach out and say something terrible to people especially people doing through Anonymous account that's the worst you know what and it's like people you're saying this to that guy

► 01:35:17

people yes they're real people like the people that you're judging the people that you're that you're criticizing their lives that the media chooses to put out there like they're real people going through real problems to do you think that you have this is going to be a crazy question but do you think you have more of an appreciation for life because you've taken life

► 01:35:42

I think that I have more appreciation for people in life because I have seen

► 01:35:49

I have seen what suffering looks like I have felt suffering

► 01:35:53

like when I look at people and people have their problems and they come to me or they say they you know hey they tell me their experience you know I don't try to compare the experiences like it's not a it's not a game it's not a it's not a you know it's not a fun concept it's not a contest I try to look at them and when they tell me their experience I just instantly go to gosh like I know this person suffering how can I help them get through it because I know what that feels like

► 01:36:26

and that's where I can you know I try to relate to people on that level of not that not the experience because look I look at people yeah my day it sucked people gone through way way worse million times worse you know you look at you know sexual assault victims you look at you know you look at domestic violence victims I feel like they've gone through way worse than I could ever experience right like they've gone through just to stuff and their PTSD saying it's astronomical but it's like we can all find a way to relate on that empathetic side of gosh you're going through something like let me help you get through that like if I can help you get through that I want to I want to help you get through that and I think that I've I know what it's like to suffer and I've seen suffering at such extreme levels that I appreciate I just want to help people I just want to change the world

► 01:37:14

what do you do with your days most of the time these days um so I do a lot of public speaking I work with I work with Hiring Our Heroes was helping veterans transition back getting getting jobs and Toyota and you know I'm also I'm launching a website on on the dash so only - it's kind of like it's kind of like my it's my brand of what I believe in of owning your - you know - - what do you mean by that so Linda Ellis wrote a poem it's called the dash and so she talks about you know on your Tombstone you have the day you were born and the day you die which are two of the most insignificant days of your life they're both the only two days in your life that aren't 24 hours

► 01:38:00

but what matters is that - in between and you don't have control of the day you're born of the third of the day you die but you have control of what that - looks like and how you made people feel and how they're going to remember you the day that you're gone you have that control every day

► 01:38:14

and so I'm all about owning your - on your dice - be the best you don't try to be the best somebody else be the best you wake up every day and and put it all on the table and put it into making people's lives better and so I'm I have I'm launching the site to where it's like it's helping people empowering people to owning their - to being okay with being the best of them I think people want to be the best damn I think people want to be positive I just don't think people have anybody showing them how to do it

► 01:38:49

I think there's a lot of Truth to that I think there's a lot of people that are frustrated because they really don't know how to live life in a positive way and they're spinning their wheels to me people are out there people are out there they're out there surviving instead of succeeding you're just surviving and he said Toyota with higher for Heroes and sort toy are here on Earth is that yeah so I teamed up with Toyota when I got out I mean Toyota has been they they you know everybody Toyota has just been so

► 01:39:18

credible but we teamed up with Toyota in the US Chamber of Commerce and so we built this platform it's a resume engine so basically it helps veterans translate what they did in the military to what corporate you know what corporations are looking for

► 01:39:35

and so Toyota just sponsors this that's awesome yeah and so that's most of your time is these guys speaking engagements out and then I have a canvas company Flipside canvas so we basically do digital art and we also that's why you were asking about the images that we have yeah so we have Flipside canvas so we do digital art and we put it up on different media types so we do in fused metal we do Canvas and we also do floated paper did we order those things already I was going to die that's why I was asking oh perfect

► 01:40:05

talk to ya we'll do it through you yeah yeah we're getting a bunch of shit made right we're about to just now yeah that'd be awesome yeah would you go through you % laughter % we love it yeah you know so I do that and then also you know we just I was telling you earlier you know we just launched you know discipline go with Jocko right I've got the I've got a signature flavor coming out called DAC Savage oh wow yeah so this is jacko's energy drink yeah that's absurd we're just talking about this jacket should not have of goddamn energy to keep that money he drinks tea drinks like herb tea if you could just bottle up Jacques energy balls right if you just bottle up jacko's energy and pass it out yeah he's an interesting dude but the world's better that he's alive a hundred people like that first of all they serve their they're a tremendous source of information inspiration and information yeah but inspiration particularly important because he leads by example

► 01:40:58

and what he does with his life what he does with his days you know like he took an image the other day on his Instagram of the sunset and it's like this is finite yeah you know Go Get It Go Get It On with a few of these you know you don't get many and he does it so simple to write yep like everything like it ain't complicated yeah it's simple it's to the point we played his video Good played it probably 50 fucking times as podcast because I love it so much it's a video where he's talking about his response to anything that goes wrong good is it here's a chance to grow good good learned you know and as like this this video and it's so intense because it's so it's there's there's great music and animation to it in the videos on YouTube and I've literally watched it a hundred times yeah that when I got you know when I get my hardest times out like that's what I watch I watch that good video like it's done so much for me the video is amazing it's amazing like it just it just puts it in perspective it's like I don't know what is it two minutes long yeah and it like

► 01:41:58

two minutes it's like you just if you're driving down the road like you just want to like afterwards just want to kick your windshield out like yeah right it's like this it's fuel its inspiration I mean it makes your fucking hackles raised up you may she gives you Goosebumps yeah makes you want to go it makes you want to go yeah it makes you just want to it's just makes you want to go that's why guys like Jocko and Tim Kennedy and David Goggins and there's these fucking dudes that are out there that provide so much inspiration yeah I heard Coggins he said that he did the one the other day he's out there running and he said I don't know how I'll Slaughter but he goes you know he goes it's hot out here and he goes this guy pulled up to me and he's how do I said something to him about you know why are you running it so hot and he's like you know we need doctors we need lawyers and we also need ha motherfuckers what do you fucking Savages we did have a fuck he sends me random text messages out of

► 01:42:58

where yeah it's so ridiculous because he's so fucking Savage man but he means it like he sends you these these text messages and I get him just randomly like hmm like here's one no need to respond hope all is well brother continued to live in the grip of life as you know nothing gets done by being a bitch they hard brother it's a random David guy is text message I'm not

► 01:43:28

it's Tuesday I'm at home just watching TV or something I get this message like what the fuck Jesus Christ and you know he's out there it's probably a hundred fifteen degrees outside it's been running for 18 hours stay hard oh yeah those guys are a massive source of inspiration they are they are then you know what and like I just love them all so much because they're real yes like they're just they're real like it's not an act it's not a performance

► 01:43:58

right it's not a it's not a show it's not you know they're just they wake up every day like especially you know Jocko like yeah wakes up every day Tim Kennedy I mean these guys just wake up every day and live everything that they say yeah and Jocko wakes up every day and takes a picture of his fucking watch he doesn't like that for 30 bitch here we go that's not that's not the way that you know somebody like me would do it is like I would take like 10 of them 10 of them in one day and then I would put them on HootSuite and they would come out one day you wake up at 4:30 yeah that's just that it's just that you know but they crush it and that's why you know the world needs the world needs him the world does and also people with the kind of experiences that they've had their there

► 01:44:49

their inspiration means more you know there's a lot of people out there giving inspiration but they haven't done shit when you get inspiration from someone that you know is living it every goddamn day yeah you know pushing it every goddamn day pushing every day and like finding like you know they got every reason to not do it but they always find the reason to do it yeah jock was recently gotten into bowhunting now which is so how is that how is that bow hunt with him it was great well I wasn't hunting with him I was in Camp with him he was hunting with my friend John Dudley who's

► 01:45:19

who coached me and has helped me and he's coaching he coached Jocko to his first elk and you know so but we all got to share camp and talk we did a podcast together it's available on knock on archery and it's also available on my brother Andy stumps podcast which is cleared hot Hello Kitty I love Annie to he's a shit he wasn't in Camp as well

► 01:45:41

and we were there for five days in Utah had a great fucking time it was awesome that was awesome it's gorgeous up there man God it's so beautiful and he's an awesome dude he's crazy he's legitimately crazy and anybody who has the world record for the longest flight suit in one of them flying squirrel fucking seats that guy's out of his fucking mind but he doesn't do the flying squirrel suit anymore he doesn't know know you had a buddy died we've had several but yeah a one-to-many I believe and then base-jumping he's had a bunch of friends died did he quit my shopping yes still skydiving yeah no more base jumping we're supposed to got out together I Scott I have a lot to do so I love it I don't kind of I mean I'm not nowhere near handy stump dude that looks like a ridiculous thing to do I don't get it but I was just in a hot air balloon recently as close as I get skydiving yeah yeah you wouldn't do it come on I'm and I'm definitely would do it but I don't want to jump out of the goddamn plane I would do it if I had

► 01:46:41

do it I would do it but I don't you want volunteer to do it

► 01:46:46

crazy thrill look we're almost gonna die and then we landed who don't you feel better that you didn't die I can imagine that I'll lie in bed and close my eyes and pretend I'm jumping out of a plane

► 01:47:04

I'm good you're good yeah he but and he's like that's not enough he's got to get in that goddamn for squirrel suit and fly close to close to all those you know goddamn you can calculate that shit wrong if you don't know every goddamn Nuance of the surface of the Earth or just like the wind oh yeah yeah well how about that I mean there was one that we played on this podcast that's horrendous where a guy was trying to bridge the gap through the Golden Gate Bridge and he slams into the bridge all these people are watching oh my God oh my God and the sound when it hits the bridge it's like a car accident that sounds terrible oh my God it's so terrible because you realize that people are realizing this guy's going to hit the bridge because he just you know you're floating yeah it's not like you have like controls you just kind of guessing it's like you guess wrong slam right into the side of the bridge it's horrific yeah if it's all about guessing than I'm not usually good at guessing no not interested man

► 01:48:03

the one of the greatest Jiu-Jitsu guys of all time holes Gracie he died skydiving not skydiving what's it called what's it called when you're on the those thing paragliding yeah you know the triangle thing flying around those things that's how you do yeah I'm not slamming into a mountain yeah that would suck yeah yeah yeah but again sees goddamn Savages it can't get enough adrenaline like Andy I love it I love Andy Andy and he's like I blame him for me getting into it you know he got I was interested in it and I did it I love it though I love it no he's got a couple of friends of mine and do it goddamn psycho yeah he took I keep he told me told me though that I can't he said no base jumping he did tell me that he's like no woman - he's like he don't don't don't be base jumping yeah that one doesn't work out all the time it doesn't does it no no that's

► 01:49:03

this doesn't work out and when it doesn't work out it's terrible yeah it's just I get it but those things those Cheap Thrills you know it seems like a cheap thrill I get it I get it man I'm not telling anybody they shouldn't do it it definitely should be legal I'm not saying it should be illegal you should be able to do it for sure you should do it fuck that so you're not even on the fan fuck that not interested oh come on what else you do when you Tommy

► 01:49:33

these days that's it raising my daughter's you know I got two and three year old they're awesome that's always fun yeah man fly my helicopter you got a helicopter yeah I got holy shit my buddy my buddy Tim Tims introduced me to a guy named Shane Steiner and he got me into he got me into flying so I love it like I'm addicted it I love it it makes my life a lot easier I mean it also whenever I you know if I go to Dallas

► 01:50:03

Houston or it's a difference in me getting home that day versus me staying another night and not being able to wake up you know and same house is my kids right so it's I love it I love it that's pretty cool man I been up in them before I was in them in Hawaii I've flown them in them when you do the tour of the volcanoes and then recently my friend Bill Burr he's gotten really into flying helicopters and he took me up when we flew around downtown Allah and all it was crazy we went around Malibu after the fires to waste you see it from the surface for from the sky rather you get a totally different perspective of like how bad the damage was but yeah he loves it he flies all over the place I love it yeah I love it seems like a lot of fun yeah you come to Austin will go fly around fuck that no I'll fly with you for sure how long you been doing it for a couple weeks I should be taking my should be taking my eye so you know I if I do anything like I did this you yes

► 01:51:03

yeah did you buy this thing you bought playing holy shit yeah I mean a helicopter that's ultimate Freedom know right oh my gosh you know wherever the hell you want and they land in a small area yeah like sometimes you just you're flying over your flying over the lake Lake Travis hmm and just like yeah eight eight to ten feet off the after water it's like the other Shane right there and today's his birthday actually happy birthday happy birthday son that's pretty dope that was the day as they I did my first solo oh wow the first how far did you fly so basically you just go up and do three takeoffs and landings so that's his helicopter over there so okay the red one the background yeah we're starting our we're starting Helicopter Club you know oh really yeah Hailey's Angels Have you ever been hella hunting but I have 1/2 Pi view yeah I've watched Ted Nugent there's a show that he did call the pork ellipse now the poor clip where he's hanging Ted Nugent hanging out of a helicopter

► 01:52:03

going down these wild pigs yeah if people don't know is really actually a necessary evil because these wild pigs in Texas in particular they've overrun the state there it is yes Uncle Ted a portal at the God so ridiculous and he's just taking them out Tink Tink Tink I mean there's so many of them like yeah it has to be done it does have to be done he's through it's fucking crazy the video is goddamn crazy you gotta see him doing reload and they're just gonna these pigs down from the sky and that's the doing a talk brianc wackos Pigman that he's got a show called pig man that's in the same type of helicopter it's are maggots are 44 yeah this is a fucking crazy video man it's so crazy it's so awesome they shot I think something like 250 hogs in a day oh my God just flying around got him down that's a lot of bacon a lot of barbecue at is yeah they just round them up and they actually feed the Homeless with them the thing about pigs is

► 01:53:03

destructive and they're terrible and they're terrible for the ranches they're terrible for these Farms but they're Damn Delicious they are so few especially those the Wild Ones actually tastes better than domestic pigs it's a far superior meat but it's you know you gotta lot of times they'll you get to them and they're all nasty I eat up with stuff that can happen to ya you know you know II infected like yep because they eat everything but they'll come in like a big old tear up like it's crazy how fast they reproduce right

► 01:53:33

like I think I think it's like a pig gestation so I think after a pig is born I don't know how long it is when they but when they after they you know they they have their first litter like it's like every I don't know six months or if it's six weeks I don't know what to do think they can have their first litter at 6 months I think someone and then I think it only takes them like I don't know how it is but like usually after they have their litter they're pregnant the next day that's crazy like it's like there's this whole gestation period of why they reproduce so much right

► 01:54:03

and that's the problem with them of you know they're they're everywhere in Texas they're everywhere in California now to there in San Jose and people's front yards chewing up their grass and stuff and there are all over the place man what do they do what do they do about them out here and they're fighting well you can hunt them the place where I'm hunting elk you can hunt pigs as to hone Ranch and there's you know in Northern California mean it's a famous place where Hunter Thompson used to hunt with AK-47s used to go out and hunt pigs that is a famous picture of him with a pig hanging from a rope that he's he's quartering you know gotting it's so awesome yeah it's they were brought to California by William Randolph Hearst believe it or not really yeah yeah you know it hurts Palace up there and Hearst Castle and he wanted to bring a bunch of wild animals up there so you had all these wild animals running around I was long and some of them were Russian boars so we brought over these Russian boars and sows and they bred and now they're all of the hours

► 01:55:03

they are particularly Northern California they get about as far south as Bakersfield the Bakersfield area but eventually they probably got to make their way to the San Fernando Valley the probably link up you know probably just keep going and link up in Texas probably you know but they're fucking everywhere man they're gonna people don't know if you've never seen it before you will have people on the outside like oh why would you want to shoot pigs but if you just saw the kind of Devastation and millions and millions of dollars worth of property damage every year that's farmers and for farmers

► 01:55:33

it's like they're on a tight margin as it is you know if you're a farmer or Rancher you trying to grow crops it's tough to make a living and you got you know you got to worry about whether and everything else much less pigs millions of pigs to Millions yeah I mean people like wait a minute Millions exaggerating know Millions I think they estimate what is find out this what's the number of Wild Hogs estimated in Texas just in Texas alone I would bet let's take a guess I'm going to say 4 million yeah

► 01:56:03

go higher I go 5/5

► 01:56:06

what does it say Jamie 1.5 know they don't know shit liberals yeah goddamn hippies Is that real that's what it says access government website Texas government they're corrupt yeah it's government you can't believe it I believe they got leave it well we were little longer yeah we were a little off also Ted Nugent's out there it's probably probably be 15 million if it wasn't for him yeah Ted Nugent he's awesome he's funny he's awesome he's it's an interesting cat I enjoyed talking to him I had him on the podcast and a lot of people he's a polarizing character you know but that I don't think people understand them he talked to him he's actually a very good man I guess a good guy he's got this outrageous side to him he says a bunch of outrageous shit but that's also part of the way he gets attention for some of the things that he believes it you know he's bad guy at all I mean you gotta make a statement to get people to pay attention right yeah and also you got to realize like this guy's been fighting the same fight for a long time in regards to hunting right

► 01:57:06

for a long long time back when people didn't really have the same information that they have today like now today people can understand like oh conservation is actually very important and it's important to remove certain numbers of the population these animals and also the money that you spend on these tags and on hunting licenses and even on gear a percentage of that goes towards protecting habitat and hiring game wardens and it's a it's a very efficient system and it's a system that's actually managed by Wildlife biologists yeah yeah it's I mean it's a system that's very you know very managed you know like just like in Alaska like they're get their game wardens up there I mean it seems like if you you know if you killed a moose or you fished with the wrong thing you know the wrong hook that's more important than this you know somebody got killed or something you know what somebody told me though which is interesting you know they have that game wardens TV show they you know there's like a show about game wardens

► 01:58:07

and somebody was telling me that game wardens are like some unscrupulous gave morons are actually setting guys up just so they could be on the shows oh really yeah they're trying to set up stings and set up these things just so they could be on the shows and they might even be in trapping people they I know like where I was from like they would put this deer out it's like that you know if you get in trouble shooting you know if you can't shoot from the road right right right and they put that favorite robot dear but the robot dude with a camera on it I can film people trying to kill it yeah that's hilarious huh yeah did you yeah he's had to watch out get will watch out for robo dear yeah make sure it's a real deer yeah

► 01:58:47

moves its head and shit it does I've seen that thing it'll move and stuff and they put it out in the field like where like people drive by and they see it in the field and well you know on one hand I'm like that Solaris the other hand fuck poachers so good yeah you know good for out there doing that if you're out there doing that it's not fair right yeah well it's crazy to and you know there's so many people out there that don't follow the rules that are out there shooting animals are not supposed to shoot and you know there's a reason why we have so many animals because they they have the stringent set of rules that they want you to follow yeah and if you can get a tag for to animals great that's what you're allowed to get you get two animals that's it and if you get four or five and you store them in your freezer and not let anybody know you're a criminal and you're part of the problem and if everybody did that there would be no animals left and that's really what this country had at the turn of the century when Market hunting was in full swing they mean almost wiped out black bears almost wiped out white-tailed deer almost wiped out elk

► 01:59:46

to this day elk in this country are only in a small percentage of the population that the these including grizzly bears small percentage of the place where they used to be yeah California is a goddamn grizzly bear as it's state flag is a grizzly bear on the flag there's no fucking Grizzlies here they whacked him all the killed every one of them yeah but I did that because they were killing people the last guy that get killed by a grizzly bear was in I think it's Steve I think his name is Steven Levesque and there's a town named after him when you're headed up north of you're on the way to Bakersfield is a town called Levesque and that's where that guy got whacked so they named it down after yeah then this is the last place where person who killed by a grizzly bear in California they just gone to mall down like e-enough got got rid of all of them that's awesome have you ever been around a Grizzly Bear in real life not a grizzly bear I've seen brown bears black bears well brown bear is a Grizzly is the same thing that's what color fairies black bear yeah but in there like a little

► 02:00:46

with like there's a little difference between them the difference is really their diet yeah grizzly bears are more aggressive because they're out there fucking up moose and deer and shit it's a hard knock life or a grizzly bear well I think that you know the so the brown bears I mean they're out there I mean they're out there crushing most to right I mean they are but they're also eating a shitload of fish yeah brown bears are coastal Bears gotcha and like in like Alaska yeah that's where I was at is Alaska so that's where I was around on this isn't Alaska there's a crazy picture that was went viral couple days ago this

► 02:01:16

a couple the this couple guys are fly fishing and they don't even realize that a bear is right behind them oh gosh just stand there in the river and this is fucking huge bear see if you can find the picture it's these guys are on the River of viral image men don't know Bears behind them they're fishing around this river is fucking huge bear is just right behind him looking at him and didn't even know it's there that's awesome I'm glad it bares her Bears or something else there's something else there's something be seated

► 02:01:46

I thought you were there's another video is looking for you look at that they're you know they're fishing like who go oh my gosh they had no idea there's a fucking 900 pound bear right behind him yeah I mean and then you're kind of screwed right there

► 02:02:05

well like like like do you think the guys yelling at him as he's taking the photo or do you think he took the photo and then total the guy probably stayed there for hours taking pictures I never told him he probably was hoping that the bear ate him you get the best picture there's one crate there's one crazy video of these people riding these bikes down this Trail and all the men in the photo were barely bothered when they realize the bear oh well they must be Alaskan natives yeah goddamn Savages up there are crazy people don't give a fuck those are different that's a different breed of human up there okay that's like they're hard people ask our people our people yeah looked over his shoulder and continued fishing the Bears in the park regularly Walk Up and Down the River Bank searching for food and we'll dive into the water dozens of time per day see the thing is those Bears have so much salmon they get so much meat that they they just think of salmon as food like people are just a pain in the ass that might shoot him and kill him and I interested in that as much

► 02:03:05

yeah they probably would have jumped right over me or walk right past me get the salmon yeah there's I mean that's why they're so big they get so much protein is an insane amount of fish crazy that come up that River and that's that's what the summer salmon are there this is a great video of this guy he's got a camera set up in a bear walks right next to him and just sits down and it's like as close as where Jamie is and it's fucking huge it's so big it's

► 02:03:34

got a lawn chair there he's like hey bear come on man get out of here beerus like 900 pounds or something that sits down right next to where like right where Jamie is just chilling looking at any look out onto the river itself and it's filled with bears like 40 bears and view because they're all just going through the salmon run that's insane it is insane that is insane yeah I lived up in Alaska for a year and it was a whole different world it's a different world a whole different world barely America yeah it's like it's a really nice place to visit I love Anchorage only been once but man I really enjoy the shit out of it when did you go up there I guess there's two three years ago my friend Ari shaffir and I we we did some salmon fishing then do it a did a couple shows up there yeah it was we had a great time man yeah like during I think like April to you know probably September is really it's awesome it's hard to sleep though yeah I mean because it's got a cover your eyes like it's weird

► 02:04:34

yeah like you're tired and it's looks like it's two o'clock in the afternoon like this is fucking strange that's pretty cool though yeah it doesn't get too warm up there then obviously but those mosquitoes are gangster they're like they should be like the state bird the mosquito should be super big her terrible so big and so aggressive didn't even make sense yeah yeah we got out of the car we got to the river and you know you pull up the trailhead and we got out of the car and we hadn't spread the bug spray on we opened up the door I was thinking well we'll get out you know I'll put my clothes on then I'll spray myself a bug spray the moment we open the door the car was filled with a hundred mosquitoes like that how the fuck do they even know we're here well they just found us just glad fresh blood just open the door it's like what the fuck man we're inside the we're spraying bug spray inside the truck it's ridiculous it's so awesome yeah it's a it's a crazy place to live but it's also like when

► 02:05:34

up there you recognize like oh like this is a these people have a way closer relationship with the natural world than we do it gets cold as fuck in the winter they're surrounded by grizzly bears moose her everywhere deer everywhere it's just a different different relationship with Wildlife yeah it's like you know and everything up there like the one thing I noticed is if whether you're going out to there was a cabin there's a cabin at Mount Denali and so what we would do is we'd ride snow machines you have to park and then you have to ride snow machines out to it and it's like everything you do up there is it's like serious you don't mean it's not like you better take it serious or you could die yeah everything everything everything everything know yeah if you want to go Fishin or you know on the river or whatever like it's all it's all serious but it seems like the people have a different attitude what is this the mosquitoes there oh my swarm gosh that's an Alaska yeah they can kill baby Caribou Caribou calves literally mosquitoes will like Sting them around their eyeballs they're assholes until they die

► 02:06:35

swarm engulf scientists recorded god-awful phenomenon that's great I mean that's that's nature right that's what happens when you only get to live for a couple months yeah you just gotta go all out yeah that's why in La this is fucking zero mosquitoes like they just like chill oh my God look at this legs are just covered they'll bite you right through your fucking pants that I give a shit about your pants look at that guy's foot oh my God look at click on the foot covered in mosquitoes

► 02:07:03

that is crazy that is crazy oh my God that gives me the heebie-jeebies just looking at it why is that guy letting that happen backpacking with her monster Skeeters yeah they're doing it for the gram imagine get your feet lit up just for Instagram it's not worth it man will keep your feet protected bro it's too crazy they'll go right through your socks anything terribly don't give a shit about clothes or not going to protect you close nope not up there do you get a chance to do much hunting these days you know I haven't haven't hunted much I haven't I it's not subbing home I used to I grew up hunting grew up hunting and you know we've got a farm in Kentucky and so I grew up there hunting with my help you know my whole life and I haven't hunted the ton since I've been home I've hunted I killed a nilgai down on the King Ranch oh wow that's a big animal yeah that's an elk sized animal it's like a horse with horns yeah right yeah it's beautiful yeah apparently

► 02:08:03

lovely delicious that's what I hear ya beautiful the beautiful animal I killed a bear up in Alaska I've killed I filled some deer stop at home you know on the farm but you love black bear I killed a black bear yeah they're delicious too oddly enough right yeah people don't know yeah there they taste good yeah yeah that King Ranch is crazy how many acres is that thing it's I think it's almost a million right some work I think I think it's weird is right I think it's almost a million taxes is so strange I think it's like

► 02:08:34

it's almost a million Acres I think it's like the largest land one point two two five yeah yeah and the crazy thing is is like you're talking you're talking about I got so fired up because you know I mean I come from a farm and and you know the deer there it's not like they're they're you know they're not we don't feed them you know we don't we don't we don't grow dear there right right and so you're driving out and literally you're getting out to open the gate leaving the King Ranch and your look over to your right you know 10 feet off the road and there's a you know

► 02:09:03

on typical huge deer right there you're like I'll give anything to have that yeah but it's a weird thing right because they do feed them no yeah it's almost like agriculture yeah they mean you know they put out food plots and stuff like that and you know the old pots makes sense that's just plants the animals eat but feeders all feeders yeah that's where I draw the line I'm like okay what are we doing here since agriculture is this hunting and he killed her hunting even if it's a million Acres if it's a million acres in every you know 800 900 yards you have a feeder and all the animals Gather in the fetus you got a blind you hang out by the feeder yeah that's what it says the King Ranch and yeah that's a nilgai yeah it's a how good with those things are good I hear they're better than elk is really good I heard since ainley delicious is so good I've never had out but oh I can take care of that how long you in town for I leave out tonight oh I'll give you some in a freezer bag bring it home with you yeah they were you know so the thing about them is when you see them they're running

► 02:10:03

like in is yes soon as well they used to being around Lyons that's what's so crazy about Texas like they they take all these African animals like you can hunt a fucking zebra in Texas are you bro 5 yeah zebra what why is there a zebra here and the zebras get out to that's what's really fucked up they keep him in these high fence ranches but those fences break and then you get zebras just running around and around yeah I got a buddy you as a farmer who has elk you know down in Texas he's got elk yeah Farm because they got out yeah down the river well that's a real common thing in West Texas now yeah is Elk there's quite a few of them and you know you look at some of the ranges where they were where they hunt them and you it looks like your might as well be in Colorado or something like that's weird yeah I got a buddy who he has drafts on his farm to drafts what is he doing with them they're just there for just go for you go feed the giraffes I had a bit in my act a couple years ago in the my triggered

► 02:11:03

Netflix special triggered about Texas and about how there's more tigers in captivity in Texas then in all of the wild of the world really yep more Tigers includes backyards in private collections it's great is more tigers in Texas than all of the Wilds of the world so these giraffes I think I think the story behind them was is and I don't quote me on it but I think the story behind them was is like this the zoo's couldn't afford to feed him anymore

► 02:11:33

and so they brought him in and let him run so they feed him like it wasn't you know that make sense yes like the zoo's I guess like I guess they couldn't afford to keep up with them or something that makes sense yeah this is something it's something oddly perverse about bringing animals that are not supposed to be at a certain place to a certain place you got some Jimmy what do you got in Texas it's easier to own a tiger than a dog and a dog that's been labeled dangerous it's estimated there could be from 2011 5,000 Tigers living

► 02:12:03

in the southern state of the United States meaning Texas could have more tigers in roughly the three hundred thousand eight hundred Tigers living in the wild globally the yeah if you have a dog that's dangerous people think you're an asshole if you got a tiger like oh you're just seeing the wildlife that's crazy that's crazy that's such a fucked-up thing to have in your yard you gonna fucking tiger how much do you trust your fences my what kind of fence control they have they have fence regulations they surely they have

► 02:12:33

yeah right I don't know man it's pretty nuts but there's a lot of them a lot of them there and again if there's in so many people's backyard no one really knows how many tires are are some people put the United States tiger population around 7,000 others say it's inflated by Animal Welfare activists to raise money of course it is of course that's what it is that's what they would take in money there's a lot of them there though man I know a bunch of people that have seen tigers in people's yards in Texas and in fact it

► 02:13:03

crazy story about these kids were smoking weed and then when it is abandoned house and they go into the band and house and inside the abandoned house is a tiger in a cage and they're like wait what well it's so they walk into this fucking abandoned house to try to get high and they find a tiger

► 02:13:20

that's almost like The Hangover right yeah really similar yeah I mean you find that story yeah it's a fucking crazy story these kids just trying to smoke a little weed escape from Life tiger found in abandoned house by person just wanted to smoke pot that's crazy yeah that's tiger baby that's tigers in Texas that's so often so listen man it's been an honor having you on a machine which I really am glad we finally got a chance to do it and let's get you out I want to get you out with John Dudley take you on one of these hunts that we do in may be great I love this house let everybody know if you have social media I do I do I'm on Instagram Dakota Meyer zero three one seven I'm on Facebook Dakota Meyer so yeah and all the information about all these things you're involved with things like they're actually all that they're beautiful thank you brother thank you appreciate thanks so much we appreciate it bye everybody

► 02:14:17

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