Ep 48: Marc Goodman, FBI Futurist, on High-Tech Crime and How to Protect Yourself

Dec 9, 2014

Marc Goodman has been Resident Futurist for the FBI and a senior adviser to Interpol.  He is also author of the much anticipated Future Crimes. In this episode, we'll go deep into the digital underground to expose the alarming ways criminals, corporations, and even countries are using emerging technologies against you…and some simple steps you can take to decrease your vulnerability. To start, 3-D printers can produce AK-47s, bio-terrorists can download the recipe for Spanish flu, and cartels are using fleets of drones to ferry drugs across borders (all of which we touch on), but what else is waiting for you? What else is potentially targeting you right now? If you want to hear about current and future threats, and simple defensive steps you can take, this interview is for you. Show notes are available at www.fourhourworkweek.com (click "podcast")

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