Former NFL QB Chris Simms And Uncle Chaps

Jan 18, 2018

NFL Championship Weekend + we've decided we're officially a Josh Allen podcast now. Talk about Jags/Patriots, Tom Brady's Hand, Vikes/Eagles and will Philly burn to the ground (2:35-17:05). In honor of the Fake News awards we give out the Fake Sports News Awards (17:08-22:17). Former NFL QB Chris Simms joins the show to talk about his hate for Blake Bortles, breaks down Championship weekend, his relationship with Jon Gruden and Jeff Fisher, and the time he almost died(23:27-1:01:21). Segments include Problematic for Adam Schefter missing the Todd Haley scoop because he was reporting on the NBA (1:03:51-1:06:04). Dad to Dad for Lane Kiffin hiring Charlie Weis Jr. (1:06:05-1:07:48) Uhh Ya Think for Roman Reigns using steroids (1:07:50-1:10:20) and roasts with Uncle Chaps (1:10:22-1:17:52). 

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