Jemele Hill and Michael Smith

Jan 26, 2017

On today's show, PFT Commenter and Big Cat talk about Big Cat's RV trip down to the Super Bowl (2:50 - 4:20) and Coach K's decision to not allow Duke basketball players to wear any Duke logos until they straighten their act up (5:00 - 11:00). They debate Trump's Bernhard Langer voting story (11:04 - 13:53). The guys are joined by Michael Smith and Jemele Hill from ESPN to talk about their new Sportscenter, and their plans to include the underrepresented white male sports fan in their show (16:42 - 44:41), Segments include "hurt or injured" for the basketball player who got his eye taken out, "Man card" for Tom Brady's 9-year old son, "Protect the shield" from Roger Goodell, and Jimbos.

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