6X Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte

Jan 24, 2017

Does Lebron need help and other mid week talk while waiting for Super Bowl Week (2:59-7:22). Bachelor recap by guys who don't actually watch the Bachelor (10:41 - 13:19). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (13:25-21:00) World Premiere of PFTs latest hit single song (21:00 - 25:30) . Olympian Ryan Lochte joins the show to talk about competing in the Olympics, what it takes to be a world class swimmer and whether or not he regrets anything from his experience in Rio (25:30-40:42). Segments include Hurt or Retired for Big Ben, PR 101 for Johnny Manziel, Locker Room Talk with Pacman Jones, Hmmmm, Sabermetrics, Trouble in Paradise and Bad Radio while we work out using our new thigh masters. #TightVaginaSquad

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