Mike Pereira and Death 12/14/16

Dec 13, 2016

Twitter wars, PFT is in a twitter war with Jay Mariotti and Jeff Fisher has been fired (2:45 - 9:28). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (9:28 - 16:21). Mike Pereira joins the show to talk about players jumping over the center during Field Goals and what would happen if a dildo were to cause a fumble in live action (17:24 - 34:47). The guys went back to Death to talk about Jeff Fisher's deceased coaching career, Tommy Lasorda, and closure on who killed Larry 1 (34:47 - 43:57) . Segments include Protect the Shield MLB edition, Thoughts and Prayers to Breast Cancer, Lebron Meme Killer, Spinzone for Lane Kiffin, Things I Thought Were Funny When I Was Drunk, and the newest segment Train Thoughts.

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