#1337 - Dan Crenshaw

Aug 20, 2019

Dan Crenshaw is a politician and former United States Navy SEAL officer serving as the U.S. Representative for Texas's 2nd congressional district since 2019.

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how about a podcast with Dan Crenshaw how about that coming at you whoo

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The Joe Rogan Experience joined by day Joe Rogan podcast by night yeah this one is from our condoms Tim targets getting this one it's his coin yeah it's goes on quite so it's needed and Crenshaw coin bro I do this is kind of a big coin it's a fat one it's not one you can really carry in your pocket now so it stays on this desk is really trying to outdo everybody else's that's declined David goggin The Uncommon amongst uncommon men even with your fucking coins so I could I could not going to be that big I'm still working on it are you going to get a coin for real we are yeah it way behind the power curve on this we need one it's all about you know I got to get the right symbology in there you get the right amount of Texas right amount of seal to write them out of Congress yeah pack that in into the right symbologies yeah test different ingredients tried over and over again yeah to get the bacon right basically yeah basic well thanks for being here man appreciate it I'm glad to be here this is pretty cool you

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Rose to prominence through a joke isn't that strange yeah I mean it's out a form of a joke yeah Saturday Night Live yeah that was a weird moment I was like whoo it was you handled it really well though thank you when that happened it was a Saturday night obviously Saturday night life and we heard about it the next morning I got a lot of texts and everybody's like oh hey man you made it it's just been a bunch of seals to so the seal Community is not prone to you know righteous indignation kind of reaction they're more likely there they were more likely in private to just double down and make fun of me more right right which I love about them but here's what they would say only were allowed to make fun of you I'm not not this guy so that's how we found out about it we watched it and we were right in the middle of the campaign it will the the election was about two days away so you're struggling just to do all your last-minute things to get the vote out

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so this was it was it did not Don upon me how big of a deal this was going to be at the time it felt more like an annoyance it felt more like a I've got a I've got to come up with a statement I'm seeing people really upset about this but I'm not going to lie to them and tell them that I'm emotionally upset like I'm emotionally triggered by this that would be a false reaction on my part so we crafted I think the the right statement which was listed like it's offensive doesn't mean I'm offended and you don't have to be if you don't have to choose to be offended here and as just a general rule we should try hard not to offend people and try or not to be offended okay there that's it and I'm going to demand some apology and kind of stand on my high horse and play this play this aggrieved victim role which is which is the expected role to play these days we don't want to do that well good for you good for you for not doing so refreshing yeah but the joke was kind of funny I mean I have to admit

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this look you look like a bad guy in a porno film that was not the offensive part was offensive part yeah that part was funny now it drew a lot of questions he called me a hit man in a porno right and so the obvious question is what kind of porno is I mean that's right that's the very odd that's that's the next thing because it has a hit man right right and like what's the role of that I mean there's just either your mind goes to all sorts of directions that that part wasn't defensive part was he lost his eye in the war or whatever that's what set people off that was that's very peaceful massive yeah yeah and you know after having gone on the show and seeing how they do things and how carefully scripted it actually is it's it's unclear to me and it always will be and nobody will ever come out with the actual truth on this on how that mistake got made I think I think probably Pete Dave if I'm just giving him total benefit of the doubt and and also have after having met him and just you know having a general rule that we should try to give some people some

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space and assume that they're not the evil people that we might assume they are he probably just kind of looked at the line and didn't feel like finishing it and just set out whatever and it just in in that but that caught in that and that created this you know what would actually was a pretty offensive comment but you know did he mean it will never really know now I'll back up and say the whole premise of that joke was ill-intentioned I mean they said as much right they said look at these gross people we don't like them and just to appear somewhat Fair will make fun of One Democrat mmm I mean they did they did say that so there you know there was this was the thrust of the entire skit was obviously not well intention but I'm not sure he meant to be as deeply insulting as it yeah he could have said the same thing that you're an American hero but you look like a hit man to porno film yeah it would have been funny and it would have been okay yeah it's the whatever it's that part but he's no Joe Rogan he was just trying to be funny man that's all it was

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you know people look so deeply into why Comics do things but the majority of the reason why they say offensive shit is because they think it's going to work that's why they find a thing it's not like they Harbor some deep resentment or anger towards any protected class or anything like that this is like what people who are non Comics look into it guarantee 100% like this is going to work that's all it is this going to get a laugh that's all it is all right percent and there's other things you talked about that are important to you that you trying to figure out how to make funny but for the most part especially in something like Saturday Night Live Well they're all kind of competing to be funny together and that's a very weird show it is it and it's it was cool being behind the scenes and watching how it all takes place you know they come up with these wacky ideas they test them out the Riders go try it out they see how it goes they changed some things they'll do it in front of an audience they'll see how the audience reacts and I'll go with that it's fun and it's fun to be a part of his fun to actually get

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my input on what was great about it those that you came back after that and he apologized to you and you accept it graciously but it also got I mean it was great for you because it got people to know who you are and then I started paying attention to you after that I started watching some interviews and watch it some speeches and different things and I found you to be a very reasonable right wing guy which I think we need way more of in this world you know it's like in this polarization of left versus right it seems It's so toxic right now that when you can find people that are reasonable and intelligent and and think along logical lines that you could easily follow you go okay maybe I agree or disagree with this guy but I see where he's coming from yeah and you're what you're getting at is a problem in politics is politicians and political leaders I think forgot to explain why we believe what we believe yes and that's pretty important you know will I think too often talking points are relied upon and

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out of those talking points are false necessarily but they're not persuasive because you haven't gone a couple layers deep again I think you talked about this a lot why our podcasts so popular they're popular because people wanna hear a little bit more information they want to get a deeper understanding of why you think what you think people are ready to hear that they're ready for some Nuance that being said being in politics you wouldn't think you wouldn't think that we're getting any closer to nuanced conversations and I think political conversations on podcasts are opening up a whole new door where you understand people like Tulsi gabbard or and Joo Yang or Bernie Sanders the people that have had a I've had on this podcast one of the things that I've talked to people about this and I didn't know that Bernie was like a normal person you hear him talk and you know it's always in these very quick sound bites on television and he's always yelling about wealth or race or something it looks like a madman yeah then you sit down and talk to him for in a long-form conversation you let them expand on his thoughts you all

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a reasonable guy just has this these are his principles is are his ideas and he's not a cartoon yeah I mean on a personal level most people in Congress are not exactly you think they are they are just people make jokes and we importantly we make small talk in the elevator these things happen Bernie in particular IVs in the Senate side I don't really interact with him at all Tulsi gabbard I do you mentioned her we do we do have good conversations that does happen we disagree vigorously on lots of things what do you guys disagree on Tulsa in particular sure well most things I would say one thing she's quite outspoken about is is our involvement overseas she's she would generally say she's much more of an isolationist than I am what I remind people when we're talking about that particular subject why do we keep troops in Syria why do we keep troops in Iraq why do we keep troops in Afghanistan isn't the war over

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why don't we bring the boys back home and the answer is this is not a conventional War this is not something where you sign a peace treaty with a uniformed Army it is it is a different it's a different situation we some guys like me over there so that they don't come here we've seen guys like me over there so we keep pressure on them and prevent them from the operational space and timing to commit another 9/11 have to understand that these people over there wake up every single day trying to plan another 9/11 is it is that is what they do and we've already seen an increase in Isis activity just from the drawdown that we already did have in Syria so you know that's a that's a fair disagreement again but she's a really cool person and I want to I had brought up Tulsi just specifically because we do talk and then I can die just like her as a person we just disagree on things but there's a respect their to play Devil's Advocate some would say that the reason why they want to Plat plot another 9/11 is because we're over there yeah I disagree with that it was so let's let's look at the Asama been Lon

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example what exactly did we do to the sky you know what would help them right yeah exactly fighting over then I Soviets with the mujahideen exactly in the he was a majority in fighter we help them fight the Soviets we protected Saudi Arabia from Invasion from Saddam Hussein that's his homeland he hated us and when we left we never occupied Saudi Arabia we left when they asked us to leave after we defended them and prevented another Invasion from Saddam Hussein after invaded Kuwait what is it we did to make this guy so mad in the answer is we didn't do anything objectively speaking he hates us because of our Western ideology he hates us because he hates us and in Evans hard for us to understand because it's not logical but it is the truth and it's so that's a definite the prime example of why we with this this is a long-term fight and it's it's not likely to go away anytime soon and at the last thing I would say the world is a very small place we can we pretend

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we to ignore things going on in the Middle East we can pretend that they won't come here but the reality is that's a 12-hour flight and in the speed of information travels even faster you know when we were seeing a lot of attacks in the US and in Europe when Isis was at its peak as its that's its peak strength that was because they were able to radicalize online notice that they've stopped having that power and it's because we actually took the fight to them well there there's certainly are some conflicts between their ideology and Western ideology but why on Western values but why is it that they're dedicating their entire life to try to take down America

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well I mean there's this is always the question it is a question million it's and it's you don't need almost have to ask them exactly why right but it mean at its core we are infidels at its core there is there they're taking an extreme view of Islamic fundamentalism and believing that we were infidels that must be destroyed I mean that's at its core there it's less political reasons and a little bit more emotional reasoning there has to be some some part of it because of our policies and some part of it because of our actions and I'm not so sure that we should always assume that it's our fault that and I think that's a common that's a common theme in politics these days where anything bad happening must be America's fault must be decisions we made I mean maybe but let's objectively make the case if that if that's if that's true I think there's an automatic assumption and I it's not self-evident to me but we're in what are we in a hundred and how many countries do we have bases and what's the number do you know

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it's a lot of my it's definitely over a hundred yeah and if you were one of the people that is in one of those countries and you had to deal with that and you saw like the Drone attacks in Yemen that have killed people and wedding parties and the kind of shit that we hope never happens again but has happened in the past you can kind of understand why there would be a hatred against the number one superpower in the world will opinions in these countries are not are not homogeneous right they're vastly diverse there's a there's millions of people in Yemen probably begging for us to come there same with Iraq Iraq is did not want us leaving they knew this would go badly but again not all Iraqis right so the ones who understood right I mean it just depends on who you talk to so again it's everything is more complex than a simple than a simple black-and-white scenario where America's bad or good it's just it's always more complex than that so you feel like if we did pull out of all these countries particularly pull out of the Middle East Afghanistan and

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the basis that we have over there that it would be very similar to like what's going on in Iraq what happened in Libya there's a power vacuum the vacuum gets filled by bad guys little a hundred percent happen that way you know and it's it's there's not a doubt in my mind there's no doubt in any experts - who's looking at this I would also say when we're when we have a base somewhere that is that is at the that is that is at the discretion of of that local government there's there's no cases here except in the case of Syria where you know their local governments Bashar al-assad doesn't want us there that's the only case I that I can think of and that that we don't have an agreement a status of forces agreement with the government there so I don't think it's quite right to paint it as some kind of imperialistic occupation that's just that's just not how we how we do things and

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you're right over there yeah I'm just making sure the sound is off good for you before anything actually did happen now do you think this is a political Ploy that this is a popular thing to say because so many people that have you know a cursory understanding of foreign policy they look at our military bases overseas and they say hey let's bring those people back let's end these wars let's stop spending this money but you're not the only one that's a told me this and particularly not the only one that's told me this that's has a military background saying it's virtually impossible to prevent any of this stuff without having basis over there that's a hundred percent right yeah I mean and you need you need that relationship with the host nation of course that you want to partner with and that's generally what we do is specially the Special Operations Community when we're in a hundred plus countries were there to partner with them or not they're doing our own thing where they're partnering and training and equipping and enhancing their capabilities so that that's part of what we're doing the other part is just

► 00:21:12

knowledge we want to know what's happening if we don't know what's happened why do why do we have embassies everywhere part of that is just relationships and knowledge and understanding of what's going on because we can't look at it from afar and actually get it it's just it's doesn't work that way so and again and I'm not I think it is reactionary to just assume that we have bad intentions all the time and that everything is America's fault here that constantly mostly coming from the left but by that isolationist sentiment certainly comes from the right as well and and it's a reaction it's a reaction to the Iraq War and some of the mistakes we made there it's a reaction to Vietnam it's never that's never left the American psyche in many ways but these matters are complex and they deserve complex reasoning and Analysis and a little nuanced understanding and I just think that's how we should look at it we don't we don't say that we're always right that's that's not what I'm saying but it's no one gets really educated on it it's not like there's a cursory

► 00:22:12

you know examination of this that's given to the American person like when they sign up to register to vote it's like you know say okay before you vote let's explain to you what's going on and this is why there's bases here and this is why we do this and mean not even as a real simple explanation of these things it's just have to go searching for it or you have to rely on political pundits usually have a bias one way or the other it's MSNBC or it's Fox News and it's you know you don't know where the reality is you can apply and you can apply that it's not just our foreign policy it's every issue yes you know why are things the way they are it's a really good question to ask yeah when we're trying to find the solution for the things we don't like the first question we should ask is why are things the way they are and that question really gets manipulated again on any issue and it is unfortunate how do we fix that I don't know my my message when like high school kids are asking me how do they get involved

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politics and what I tell them is it's okay not to know things first of all and it's okay not to choose a side just yet right because there's nothing wrong with your ignorance on the why behind this issue there's nothing wrong with that you're young and have the experience is that it's fine but there is something wrong with having a very strong opinion on that when you don't actually understand and yes that's that's what creates the animosity that's what creates the divisiveness because once you're emotionally attached to an opinion it's it's not easy to remove yourself from that it takes a massive amount of I think humility and which is it was an attribute we all aspire to but maybe don't have exactly yeah and it's hard and so it's okay not to know and ask questions and to just wonder and to think maybe what I'm hearing isn't exactly the whole truth maybe I'll look into it before I start posting on social media about how awful that situation is or whatever people love to know you know even if they don't they love to be the person that has the information and one of the things

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social media has done this is allowed this sort of text-based debate format where people can shut people down wrong and say this the problem with that is this and this and everybody wants to be correct about things because they're married to these ideas if these ideas succeed they succeed if they get a Zinger off on someone and some sort of online political debate they walk around with like a fucking like a peacock struttin feel like they want they got one in and for many people this is like the only form of competition they participate in which I think is a real problem in our culture human beings desire competition especially men it is a giant and when they shy away from it they usually become secretly quietly angry and they Harbor Harbor resentment and bitterness and they never understand the feeling of losing and getting better the feeling of failing and improving the feeling of not knowing something and then learning something like these these things are critical and to pretend that you know

► 00:25:11

when you don't it's a terrible way to go about your life yeah I mean that's a very good point on the competitive aspects of things you have to compete a lot I've competed a lot in my life and I can't imagine a world where that didn't happen and I can't imagine a world where I didn't have to suffer as a kid through some losses and my soccer game and then my parents didn't say well you deserve to win they said well you lost so so that's what happens and guess what welcome to life yeah I mean I do still love you but yeah I fucking lost that's life that's real should have trained harder it's the idea that they're doing that with these little kids man when my daughter was three she had a soccer game where there was no winners no losers like the other team fucking one I watched the ball went in the goal everybody was cheering man what are we doing we don't we're not keeping score yeah this is bananas you're gonna you know it's soft times than this this is what we're living in soft times create soft people yeah that's right and

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talked about this before yeah for the shower running whole book on this actually glad and it's about outrage culture it's about becoming too soft and but I try to make it a a productive conversation each chapter will be lessons derived from my own experiences and and derived from psychology derived from ancient truths actually the you know nothing I will say in this book is going to be new but that's kind of the point that's how you know it's good yeah we need to hear those things over and over again so you know sometimes you forget them sometimes they just need to be cemented in your psyche and competition doesn't mean being mean it doesn't mean people they're associating it and equating it with either violence or aggression or toxic masculinity there's all these words that kept throwing around for people feeling bad because they lost but that feeling of feeling bad because you lost something is extremely valuable in your life it and I don't want to say it hard

► 00:27:11

you because it doesn't hard you emotionally you still are the most same amount of emotional availability but you get if you're accustomed to it I always tell people young men get involved in martial arts especially Jiu-Jitsu because you can do it you're not going to get brain damage you get strangled a bunch get your ass kicked all the time and it teaches you humiliating teaches humility and then you learn after that that you can get better and then eventually you become the hammer instead of being the nail and that's that's something you can actually apply to your real life you can understand that these lessons of failure and humility and humiliation and just getting pummeled like all that stuff pays off ultimately if you just keep showing up and that's analogous to life in life if you can just keep showing up and keep working hard you're going to have setbacks you can but you don't let them Define you and you can move forward but if you don't if you just like the world's toxic we need to Nerf everything and you know everyone needs a safe space well we're just going to make a whole

► 00:28:11

full of pussies and we're in danger of doing that yeah we're definitely in danger of doing it if it hasn't already happened in many ways and like what you're saying is intuitively true that hardship creates a stronger mind yeah right lesson but it's not just intuitively true this is this isn't data this is in this isn't science as well and in a lot of psychological research you know this is and and we know it to be true but the reason I like Exile of the subject of psychology because it kind of tells us things that we already into it to be true hmm and and just makes sense and this is certainly one of those and there's a lot of studies that showed people who have suffered deep trauma end up better for it as long as they're telling themselves the right stories so this is I go into this a lot my book to you have to tell yourself the right story about that trauma you have to tell yourself that you are resilient and that you in that you are empowered to overcome it that's it's a very important narrative that you have to tell yourself if you tell yourself it just happened to you and it's not fair and everybody's out to get you

► 00:29:11

which that psychological State on my worst enemies I agree well maybe my worst enemy but but that's the point right like you would never wish that upon somebody you like and that's and that's that's that's an important truth I think we have to tell ourselves when you were in the military is this something that they taught you or is it something that you learn through example

► 00:29:32

yeah I think learned through experience so you know the reason buds so buds is basic underwater demolition / Seal training it is it is our six month trial by fire selection process that we go to become a seals the very first thing you do and it's where you see all the infamous footage GI Jane and hell week and all that stuff that's all it's all first phase in Buds and so like how you brought up Gina chain yeah the malarious yeah it is that that yeah it it's probably the wrong example in hindsight puts all the Navy SEAL because I can't think of any other movies that show buds now that you bring it actually Lone Survivor of the very yoga in first intro I think has some but anyway find it on YouTube most people know what I'm talking about but is dij is not a realistic movie it's one of the least realistic movies and every single aspect about the SEAL Teams but the point is is that there is a there's not just a hardening of the mind that

► 00:30:31

there's from hell week it's like a it's a it's a increase in confidence in a pretty excessive way like if I can push my limits this far imagine what else I can do and in that and then you continue to push those limits I mean just even after hell week you do it when you're kind of what we would what I would describe as control drowning and second phase where we where we learn to be super calm under water under the worst conditions meaning you can't breathe and you're about to pass out and you're still going to go through procedures in a very specific way you have to learn that that that calming and then you pushed another limit and you've pushed another limit so bet that by the time we do get to combat we have already suffered so badly in training that the combat doesn't feel all that bad and and we're ready to get your eye blown out of your head like I did you're ready for that you understand it and it's not surprising you don't react as in an emotional way when it does happen

► 00:31:32

because you've allowed yourself to be hard and you've told yourself the right story about that what is a traumatic experience but in the help we can be it's a really is I broke my leg the first time through I had to do it again so it's particularly just a stress fracture that turn into a fracture and it just snapped at a while we were running with the boats on alright so we run with you two or three hundred pound boats in our heads they're basically kind of boats you use and river rafting and what we run everywhere with them some estimates may be up to 200 miles in just how weak alone so it's one of the reasons older older guys you know maybe 25 and older have a lot of heart a hard time getting older guys 25 the yeah because your body just breaks where are you know it's very early 20s or probably The Primetime your muscles are developed about that time your bone structure can still handle the just immense amount of punishment that it's taking and you know except for mine we called it we do and then we'd make fun of each other and say oh nice week jeans you have there why you broke so your leg broke

► 00:32:31

how much time did you need before you went back to do it again six months I was rolled three classes what which which bone left tibia okay yeah that's a big one yeah yeah it hurt you know it's a dangerous one to Break to the not a lot of blood flow there yeah amazing that you got back in there six months later a lot of times I know guy broke his leg and he was he was fucked up for a good solid couple of years yeah and it was a risk because we weren't sure frankly the command was getting impatient they're like we're not gonna let you heal anymore six months is it so go for it and you know it's you know it's not like a compound fracture either this is a crack in the bone so maybe in any case it worked out just fine but it's a risky thing because you knew it broke right I have and I felt it I rounded a corner in my adrenaline kind of took me through the rest of that run then we sit down for lunch and I couldn't get back up from from that seat like it was it was the adrenaline worn off there was something bad

► 00:33:31

badly wrong there and there's always this question that the instructors will ask are you hurt or are you injured because there's a difference like and if you're just hurt because everybody here is hurt if you're just hurt then you're just quitting right if you're injured okay we might give you another chance because that interesting that's for the average person that's such an alien thought alien question are you hurt or are India it is but there's a difference there is a difference yeah now do they have any courses where they explain to you how your mind works and how to overcome questions and doubts that creep in your head are they just they're teaching you through fire right and we wouldn't want those courses regularly so when you see all those like online people what you got to do is you got to face your fears and understand who you are and in say it's going to be okay the disease that drive you crazy nut and drive me crazy I don't mind that somebody's trying to do that I say that we wouldn't do it because

► 00:34:32

the point is the point is that you're already that person mmm you're a seal before you got there okay we're just we're just making you prove it but you are already that guy okay because you never had a choice and is another chapter in my book I call it no plan B go through this with no plan B if you ever thought for a second that maybe I can make it through buds like maybe I'll make it through hell week I hope I do you're not going to make it right there there's a choice there you're telling yourself that you actually have a choice that's with everything yeah it is with everything that's okay this is planet extreme example but it's the most certainly applies to everything if you replied to my run for Congress like if I didn't plan anything after the primary on March 6 they just didn't now you could argue that that was probably not a great idea maybe should have had some kind of backup plan well worked but but but meant it was more of a mental state than it was like it don't have a back-up plan I'm not saying don't have contingencies in your life I'm just saying it only you know when you've actually decided to

► 00:35:32

right because it's one thing to be like I have tried to be an artist for so long and it's just not good at it then you quit well is it really quitting or is it just facing reality that you're just not good at being an artist you know that's so it's different you have to distinguish between those two things but you know you know if you quit because you actually quit you gave up on yourself and that's and nobody nobody can really judge that for you and I just that I think that's an important lesson and that's how you make it through buds because you never had a choice yeah I don't think there's a way you can get through what I've heard described and while having a plan B like I hope I get through this but if I don't I've got you know I'm gonna open this pizza place with my cousin and yeah I always talk about it like bandwidth and I would say to people if you want to really do something you only have assets like let's call it's like pretend you have like a certain amount of juice like your juice is 100 and when it's fully on you have a hundred well if you take 30 of it and you put it towards this and another 20 and you put it towards that well guess what you think you're all in but you really only

► 00:36:31

percent in because you've got all this 50% of your juice is on all these different things you got to be a hundred percent involved in what you're trying to do at your best yeah if you're not like for fighting that's a big one when I tell guys there's a lot of guys that I know that are kind of one foot in one foot down I'm like get out get out because there's a fucking animal out there is some Mike Tyson when he was 20 years old and he's going to rearrange your liver yeah don't do it get out now because there's people that are all in and when you're half in those people that are all in you become their highlight reel that's a good that's probably good advice that's the best advice you see it you see guys that are starting to think well maybe one more fight like fuck stop to stop now yeah don't do it that's how you get hurt yeah it's um it's a it's an interesting thing because of this world where there are so many people that are teaching lessons that are teaching you know what you got but then there's real ones like Jocko you know like what a guy like Jocko says something everybody listens because he's done it

► 00:37:31

this is real shit and you know you see as watch every morning on his Instagram 4:30 in the morning so annoying he's up it's one of the very annoying when you wake up it and not a morning but we're not all morning people Jocko he's not either guess what he's not a morning person either I'd like to sleep in but he gets up and he fucking gets after it and that guy's fuel for fucking millions of people in this country is because of his grace books and his videos and all the that video good you've seen that video I think I've seen a lot of them I'm not sure which one is the one good I think about that when I run because like it's talking about things going wrong good oh yes to get better yeah you know everything fell apart welcoming the front group yeah welcoming the failure and that's just when I was on his podcast while back and I hadn't gotten to his book yet I was like Jocko so sorry having read your book yet he's like it's fine it's just it's one less thing you have to know everything is your fault it's extreme ownership he's like everything we learned the team's I'm like okay I know that because you've got it to me you were

► 00:38:31

you know he was a he was the head of trade at when I went through and he just crushed us I'm sure every every every training op was just people on this life that I'm gonna Crush things yeah that guy's boss he's put here to crush things he rolled my friend John my friend John Dudley who's a professional archery coach and a bow hunter and I wanted to learn Jujitsu so we started taking some classes and then he rolled with Choco Choco literally broke his neck he broke a bone in his neck and didn't even mean to broken but the other guys now yes there he broke John's a bone and John's neck yeah something in the back of his throat that still tickles him to this day where it's none of this helps find that Jocko broke somebody's neck don't fucking roll with that gorilla what are you crazy the guy's 510 he weighs 240 pounds don't fucking roll with him he's terrifying pearls for Jiu-Jitsu yeah built the snap things off yeah that's what he's built for

► 00:39:31

exactly right but people like that that you know have real lessons because of real success and real failure in life and the real understanding of what it takes to motivate people what it takes to be a leader I think those guys are extremely valuable but they get watered down by so many people that are out there giving lessons and like making a career out of being a motivational speaker when you just want to grab him go what the fuck have you done right what have you done other than motivate people and and with words that have you've just you like collecting words out in the field and jumbling them together and you're like a word Harvester and you're putting them together but they're not really coming from a real place yeah and in the question is are they even are they successful that maybe they are but you're right if you're not backing it up with I think real experience in a real story to do to frame the argument that you're trying to make and maybe the arguments the same as the other guy that you're talking about it doesn't really have the experience but if it's going to be

► 00:40:31

powerful and meaningful to somebody I think it does have to come from a place of experience well it's one of the reasons why I really like politicians that have served I think it's so critical when you talking about sending people overseas to have an honest understanding of what that really means and have been there so one of the reasons why I really liked all see and it's one of the reasons why I really like you I think that is it is a giant factor I mean I don't want it to be mandatory but goddamn when people start talking about going to war and they have no understanding personally about what that means it bothers me yeah and it's going to war or not going to yes we're not going well it's because again we're mentally really disagree on fundamental I think on a deeper level is whether our troops out there are victims are not and I I do I think there's a common misunderstanding that our troops don't want to be there that our troops are being victimized by our bad political decisions and that's to me as one of those people who voluntarily goes out there which is by the way everybody

► 00:41:31

everybody volunteers to do it you know that's that's a deeply problematic opinion because it's just not true you know the truth is is that we want to be there we want the reserving debate in her on this and had her clarify her positions no no we we we can we talk a lot but be interesting to have you guys sit down talk about it yeah that would be good again I like Tulsi so yeah well these days we that's also nice to the you guys have these differing political philosophies but yet you can be friendly with each other because in today's day and age mean I don't know what the fuck happened somewhere around 2016 when Trump won everybody went haywire and now you're either with us or against us you can't talk to Republicans and if you do you're a bad person and you're part of the problem and you probably a white nationalist and like it's just it's the most divided I can remember ever this country being it yeah it's insane now

► 00:42:30

on Capitol Hill it's a little less like I think behind closed doors people do talk to each other quite a bit and I think it'd be good if the American people understood that that's actually what happens so they we do debate vigorously in public and and some of us don't talk to each other just to be clear it's not you guys not Natalie show not everybody yeah wouldn't that be well we kind of do right I've Capitol Hill I mean between we kind of do I mean I put so much of what I do every day out on social media yes and others as other members of Congress do sometimes new thing right yeah and it's a great way for people to get to know you I think there's a lot of value in that yeah you know the old political way of thinking is don't say too much because they'll get crucified for it and stick to your talking points because there's just there was for a long time they're still there's a still this argument to be made that there's no reward for being open and honest about things for having that nuanced conversation and that is still true by the way I've certainly discovered it on my own really how so but just the backlash this is I think the back

► 00:43:29

glass that you'll get from from certain groups of people is is is quick and Swift and unforgiving and this is and this is why this is why now again is it worth it for me yes I think it is because I'd still rather have that open conversation I'd rather sit with you for hours and actually get through this stuff I think that that backlash is just the vocal minority and I think there's a tremendous amount of people that are happy but that you've done that and support you for doing that they're just not vocal about it then you're probably right before my fault I know for sure because when I talk to my buddies that you know when I said hey I'm having that Dan crunch all know that fucking like that guy man I'm like you never post on his Twitter no you ever post on his Instagram know they this the lot of people like that they just most people are not going to comment on a YouTube video most right the vast majority most people going to watch and go oh that was good or ever I can suck I've never commented on that's really too bad there you go that means no I mean I have disparage

► 00:44:29

people comment on YouTube videos in the past but like I don't have a cubicle job people get fucking bored I'd probably be commenting to but the the idea that just the people that are angry at you or the only ones that are paying attention that's all backlash I think you just not see you know reaping the positive aspects of respectively perspective is hugely important and you're absolutely right but you know trying to go back to the political culture trying to move it into this little bit more of an open and honest nuanced discussion I think is important and we just want to be part of that solution and it's why I come on a show like this it's why it's like other politicians come on shows like this it is moving in that direction and I think it's I think it's a cool thing I think so too and I think people need to understand that there's you know what are the motivations Behind these decisions like what's the thought process Behind these decisions right just don't never get that on one of those panel shows where there's two people barking over each other

► 00:45:29

got five minutes to talk less than that you know and it's white or on every major bill I'll put out a video and I have to be conscious of how deep I can go into the policy because again people just stopped listening at a certain point so there's there is a the appetite for long-form discussion isn't all that big but two three minutes five minutes this is on YouTube or what do I put them on YouTube I put them on and I put them on all my social media accounts so I don't every Big Bill Devery Big Bill that were voting on and I just try to explain why am I for this why am I against this here's the reasons here's what the other side says here's what I say about that okay and so just let me explain to you why I do what I do and it's turned out people really like that no people love that and they didn't exist before yeah I mean we are the first generation that's experiencing politicians having their own channels to express themselves you used to have to go to NBC or CBS or what have you in order to and you had a you had to be prominent enough to have a conversation with someone

► 00:46:30

yeah they're only going to talk to a select number of people and the only reason why they're going to talk to those people because they think those people be viable in terms of the amount of numbers of people that would tune in so they can get a good advertising money for it and that's really the market that's what it was all about we're in this new world now yeah and I think it's for the better for everybody it is it is I mean I like everything it's got its pros and cons one of the cons well the just a social media in general I think allows a lot of that that vocal minority who's mostly angry and it elevates that to it will high extent and it makes us a little angrier at each other I think and that's that's just a down side now the does that mean I want to get rid of social media know what is your take on what we're seeing now with social media in terms of like algorithms that sort of accentuate that that that hate where they find the things that piss you off whether you like to post about immigration or abortion and whatever it is and that's what you're going to find in your feet let's

► 00:47:29

in front of you yeah you know I think my concerns with the social media companies are more the censorship issues that was good yeah and that's generally what we talked about I don't know I haven't thought a whole lot about the algorithms and how that works I kind of wish they would do it differently but they don't and I can't force them to do do it differently but maybe they should recognize that it is accentuating that anger quite a bit and you have to ask yourself in a certain point why why why why encourage that right it's not it's not helpful so no it isn't helpful and it seems like it's only for profit the reason why they do it is because the more people click on things the more advertising Revenue they're going to generate right the best way I mean it's not malicious idea it's just the algorithm to figure out what's the best way to keep people engaged and that's through outrage it's not true through cuteness and yeah it is memes in it's it's it's frustrating you know you know what tweet

► 00:48:29

going to get 50,000 plus likes yeah it's got to be hard hitting it's got to be Punchy it's not going to be like a your nuanced thoughtful take on issue exes is not going to get a ton of traction and so there's an incentive there and I get so we can and it's not totally the social media company's fault like we always have to look to ourselves as a culture and I think and be a little introspective and and just ask ourselves like why am I rap do I want to be this way do I want to be that person that reacts so angrily that and that that post comments to somebody that I would never have the guts to say to their face right you know do you really want to be that person we do have to ask ourselves as a culture about that and and it's this you know it's a lot what I wrote about after the Saturday Night Live things like let's we have to get to this point and it's a pretty low standard where we're attacking ideas and not people and not the content and character of people and it's a low standard frankly as far as the

► 00:49:29

cool discourse but it's a good place to start it is a good place to start and there is a problem with The Gatekeepers of social media and that these companies are all left with their policies and they might be right in terms of their business practices and David pakman came on here and argue that and actually makes a lot of sense that in terms of like how they still Shuffle money overseas and avoid taxes and they do this a lot of right-wing business practices but my thought on that is it's probably just compartmentalization and you're dealing with business people that have taken over some multi-billion dollar Corporation and that this is the business aspect of it and then you've got your social engineering aspect of it and the social engineering aspect of it is it's very problematic for me there was an article that was written recently and one of the guys he was saying something about me and that no silencing white nationalism and keeping them off your platform is not censorship

► 00:50:29

which is the the the dumbest way to sort of boiled down my position on censorship and ignore the real problems of other people deciding what someone can or can't say and what is or is not offensive one of the best examples is a woman named Morgan Murphy Megan Murphy Megan Murphy is what name that she's a what's called a trans exclusion exclusive exclusionary what's the word why am I exclusionary trans exclusionary radical feminists like Turf and she was in a debate with I don't blame you for not be able to remember that trans exclusionary but exclusion there's a weird word she was in a debate with people about whether or not trans women should be able to invade feminist women spaces so a person who's biologically male who becomes a female later in life should be able to make decisions in feminist debates and decisions

► 00:51:29

right and get into their sport so he says yes the sports is the big one for me so particularly fighting she says but a man is never a woman this is what she says okay so Twitter after take it down so she takes a screenshot of that she takes it down take a screenshot of it and repost it like fuck you like I'm going to put it back up again this way they ban her for Life For Life you know who's on Twitter with no problems OJ Simpson OJ Simpson murdered two people he fucking went to jail for armed kidnapping and he's on TV he's not every day hello Twitter World come on among other things this is Megan Murphy she says a man is not a woman she's fucking correct biologically just biologically correct I mean if we want to decide socially and culturally that we're going to accept this person as a woman as a completely different discussion but she's right she's biologically correct scientists would say well here we go we've got some chromosomes

► 00:52:29

we've got X and Y in this is a penis is a vagina this is a man as a woman and you know maybe this person identifies with being a woman but she's saying you're not a woman and you're Banning her for life it's this is crazy this is that it's pretty much woke culture in its most boiled-down form it has nothing to do with white nationalism it has nothing to do with race it has to do with a person that feels like their own particular protected group being a feminist being a woman and and trying to like carve-out rules where women are protected and she's saying I don't like the fact that these trans women are entering into the space and dominating it in certain aspects right and it's it's an example of this intersectional Coalition that they've created yes coming coming to terms with itself and you know the a lot of the feminist groups aligned with us against the equality act because the equality act would have put into real practice this into concrete terms biological men getting into women's sports yes and so lat

► 00:53:29

among other things by the way that that and a lot of feminist groups were finally coming out and saying no this is not correct like we were a feminist groups of let's protect women which I fully agree with and but you know at a deeper level it's interesting to watch that intersectional Coalition just implode and it stems from this desire on their part to divide everybody up into three categories of oppressed the oppressors and in the than the champions of the oppressed right in the world culture is the champions of course that's how they label themselves they were they label their intersectional Coalition is the oppressed and then they lump and then they have this whole other kind of intersectional Coalition of oppressors and they connected all with the worst of the worst which is white supremacist Nazis not suits your all and they say you're all connected with that somehow even even if you're just making a pretty bland statement about biological men and women somehow that connects to this and this is how you see them reason their way through it and

► 00:54:29

and what the what that does is it undercuts real basic arguments because you're attacking the intent of that argument because you're connecting it with the worst of the worst right not we kill Nazis that's what our country does we did it and so if you're connecting all of these things you disagree with with that well you don't have to make an argument anymore yes and the idea that you're going to somehow or another convince people that everyone is a Nazi just because you say so that's not going to work yeah what's going to work as people are going to just they're going to go to the other side you're making more Republicans with this crazy talk you're my hope so well that's really what's going on me my friend Chris Pratt wore a t-shirt that said don't tread on me getting over that what the fuck man it's a goddamn ancient flag representing our separation from England and our want to be able to start our own country I mean that's what it was it yeah exactly and it gets to a deeper culture War one of there's many fronts on the cold

► 00:55:29

Roars this is a big one is America based on bad things are good things are we good intrinsically good or we bad this is this is a huge fissure in the culture War right now and you know it when we and I have a lot of fear that that that these things are boiling up and that were destroying the things the few things that hold us together you know as a country like what makes us Americans it's not ethnicity it's not religion it's not even really geographic area because our geographic area has changed over time it is it is ideals it is ideals and those ideals are symbolized by certain things and it's USS Constitution the US Constitution the Declaration of Independence the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the national anthem like these things matter and I think they're very important for a culture and and B and in this actually all ties back into this sort of oppressor oppressed kind of ideology because if you tell people that they're oppressed will then they have to look for an oppressor and it starts small it starts with your parents or your boss or

► 00:56:29

don't like it's their fault that's why I have something bad happen to me it's somebody else's fault then it grows into groups okay now you get into identity politics and putting identities against each other then you're starting to blame institutions okay and this is kind of the this is this is when we talk about Bernie Sanders this is he's doing this often is blaming institutions for our for our four issues constantly that has meant that has morphed into blaming the entire country the entire country as a as an American ideal is to blame I just think that's really both I think it's historically inaccurate I think it's an accurate objectively but I just think it's dangerous I don't think it can go anywhere good unless you just want Total Revolution which I think some people do it just it tears us apart right and we're getting divided along we're we're allowing the pop culture to get involved in this too so we can't share pop culture anymore because musicians are getting involved in politics and Comedians and late night shows and it's like okay well

► 00:57:29

half the country can't even watch it because those people are just telling them they're not stupid they are yeah we're losing these basic symbols that bring us together and there were lots of losing the pop culture that kind of brings us together that should be something we can just share and then not talk politics but that's been removed as well and I just the culture war is a it's not going a good direction I'm hoping that this is an adolescent stage in the development of this strange country that's an experiment in self-government that's what I'm thinking and I think this is experiment in self-government which is a completely new thing in human history that's redefined the way the rest of the world governs itself I mean this that's what America really is is it perfect fuck no but Puma is aren't perfect there's not a goddamn human anywhere that's perfect there's not a single culture anywhere that doesn't have something that's inherently wrong with it it's the best system for imperfect human being yeah right and it's it's a system based on the fact the unavoidable fact that we are imperfect yeah okay and that in that you

► 00:58:29

you cannot constrain Mankind's nature to the extent that progressives would like to there's there's a belief from an assumption just Marxist ideology and going to French Revolution thought that you can perfect human nature that you can get people to be perfect eventually if you just give the state enough control and and and stop certain thoughts that are bad keep those down keep these Elevate these other ones you can eventually get us to where we think we should be I think that's utopian I don't see how that's ever possible and I think our u.s. constitutional system understands that you know it's not it's not like the founders got together and just made a bunch of stuff up right they were they were they were very well-versed in history they studied it relentlessly and they took ideas from Jerusalem and Athens and Rome and London they took all these best ideas and these best practices and they said this is probably how we should govern we're first going to say why government exists okay we're going to say that in the Declaration of Independence which I'm Thomas Jefferson wrote that the Declaration of Independence was wasn't

► 00:59:29

clearing its independence it was also declaring why government exists and it exists to protect the nail enamel rights life liberty and pursuit of happiness when he gets these ideas from guys like John Locke who said life liberty and property are those are unalienable rights and you protect rights you can't give them to people but you can protect them because they're already inherent in you their natural rights okay then the Constitution told us how to govern it's like how do we live together well there should be checks and balances you should have an emphasis on local state control because the problems are closest to the people and they should be closest to Representatives down at that level 51% of the population shouldn't be able to tell the other 49% what to do you know we should have an electoral college so that the biggest population centers can't tell everybody else what to do there's important structures like embedded in the Constitution that have that have allowed us to actually last I think as long as we have we have the oldest political diets the oldest document the world the oldest constitution is what were the youngest one of the youngers countries but were the only ones that had such a long-standing

► 01:00:29

the tution I think that's important to realize too it's very bizarre that they had the insight to realize that shit could go so sideways that they put all these checks and balances together that actually can reasonably well in a reasonably well way work today yeah I mean there's a lot of people that disagree with a lot of the aspects of it one person one vote they would like that they don't think that representative democracy is an important now because we have this ability to communicate that we didn't have in the 1800's you know you had a send a fucking Pony with a letter on it in order to get your word across now you can actually tweet and you could vote online if we so demon and we made it legal but the Electoral College do you feel like that that and especially with like things like super delegates do you think that that's still the way to do things and he's still an effective way to why is that because the the alternative is the 51 percent versus the 49% and that what that really boils down to is New York and Los Angeles

► 01:01:29

telling everybody who the president should be but the vast majority people don't live in New York and Los Angeles not exactly the problem 20 million and 7 what is it nine million or something in New York I'm just a but and that's the issue right because you really are your and when people congregate and population centers they also tend to start to think alike and I I just think in a more fundamental level look at the difference between Democrats and Republicans who oppose wonder what that difference is and there's a lot of differences of course but uh really kind of simple heuristic I think about it is the word Democrat and Republican okay One Believes In a pure democracy One Believes In a republic I was saying Democrats believe in total pure democracy but but when you're saying abolish the Electoral College you are saying pure democracy or saying 51% of the population can tell the other 49% what to do the Electoral College is a is a check and balance against that that gives those states in the middle some kind of voice that they wouldn't have otherwise had it makes them why is everybody in Iowa right now do you think they'd be in Iowa if

► 01:02:29

if we didn't have Electoral College could deer hunting there yeah that's a good reason to go but the like what but the reality is they would only they would only be campaigning in the big population centers they wouldn't bother going to the rural areas because you're gonna get the most bang for your buck going to just the population area painting physically campaigning physically and also but also who you're accountable to see that's the most important thing who are you accountable to your I'm gonna care if you're accountable to the rural areas like you should be into the middle of the country like you should be because if you only care about 51% of the vote you're just going to go to those main population centers and you're only going to talk to them you're only going to care what they think now think that's good it's not a good it's not good for democracy especially when we have such a wide diversity of preferences and and just styles of living across the country still that important to be physically in a place to campaign like the physically go to Chicago to camp Lee and physically go to Iowa yeah people I think people want to see you you know there's a good argument to be made that Hillary Clinton lost because she just didn't go to Wisconsin you must days

► 01:03:29

so I think people some people want to get to know you people want to see you well the good argument of Hillary to is she people didn't believe she had enough energy to go and campaign

► 01:03:40

and I don't know I never met him you know I can't I can't tell you what the inside look at that campaign was it I just know it didn't work yeah whatever happened um when you think about what are the problems that we're facing today in terms of voting and registering to vote in primaries and electing someone from you know your party to to get to go against other parties and that this whole process is convoluted gigantic involved process could that be simplified do you think that in any way doing something online and having your ability to register to vote when you get driver's license and that it automatically registers you to vote is there are other ways to get more people involved

► 01:04:30

well you know that there's two different philosophies here is are you just trying to get everybody to quickly spend five minutes of the day and then vote well that we're trying to do on the most part anyway don't you think a lot of people know if you have to actually take the time to register and go to the polls you're going to do at least a little bit more research on what's going on I think you haven't talked to my friends yeah let's get everybody that night everybody but you're really getting into it but I think you'll exponentially increase that number when you the other the other problem is is simple election security and if we're worried about the Russians hacking on our elections then I fail to see how putting everything online is also a good idea so that's we can't we can't be worried about both things there and we are worried about Russians attacking our elections they've obviously tried when using the tried hacking the results I mean they've clearly tried to influence the way people they did try each other they tried everything try to do they did try to hack the results they're unsuccessful one of the reasons they're unsuccessful is because a lot of our election machines are air-gapped

► 01:05:30

and they're all so different every County you go to I mean so it is a mess because because you know we allow counties and states and counties to be in charge of that but that also makes it highly resilient because it's so complement alized I mean it's a from an intelligence operations perspective you want things to be compartmentalised in our election system actually meets that so and we're working a lot with the DHS is working a lot with local authorities to even improve upon that a lot so they were going in the right direction you can't hack dangling Chad's remember those things what were those what was it called they'll get hung up the hanging chad hanging it just hanging wasn't dangling could have been both that's totally different remember those like like they weren't exactly sure where they're gonna vote counted they had to like examine them yeah that seems like a silly way to I mean if we can do Banking online why can't we vote online it was isn't there a way to make something where it's hack-proof as I possible it might be it might be again but now you're getting into a problem with

► 01:06:30

with identity you know again there's a lot of people believe you shouldn't even have any voter IDs I think that's crazy I think these IDs all the time I think you should have an idea to register so we know it's you right of course and then you should have a nice to show your idea when you vote but what I'm saying is like what did wouldn't it be a better thing if more people voted or do you think that it's better if only the people motivated to vote and participate vote the way we're doing it now where you have to register within a certain amount of time you have to show up at an actual polling place do you think that's better it's not self-evident to me that by nature of more people voting things will get better I'd like them to go vote I'd like them to put in the work and the Civic and the do their civic duty and to get educated and go vote I would like them to do that but that's a separate discussion from just from a moving safeguards on our elections just to get make it easier for them to do what is already quite easy and there's this is weird arguments against this like it's so hard to vote or so suppressed there's just no evidence of that and it's just hard but it's not as easy as it could be if you could just

► 01:07:30

register online yeah I mean I can make a million things easier but that again that removes safeguards that the create safe elections and elections that we can have faith in it this is a very important thing if and I think you see this when you have this discussion with people they're already on edge about whether their vote really counts because you know some people think illegals are voting again there's not a huge amount of evidence for that either that does happen but it's not illegals vote and put in place register in in places where there's no voter ID you can you can make it a lot easier with other know where's the no voter voter ID I don't believe there is in California that my right on that are you California and that's right let's check on that but it's definitely not the law of the land everywhere in Texas it is so Texas is a good example I think of like very it's very easy to vote I just can't imagine that people don't think it's easy to vote in Texas if you're a senior citizen or disabled you can mail in your ballot 30 days prior we've two weeks of early voting you can go to any election place in the county and and vote from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

► 01:08:29

new week straight ballot yeah yeah yeah minute and you just show your ID and you vote I mean this is it I we feel in Texas like it's safeguarded we're not we're not overly worried that our vote doesn't count because it's cancelled out by some fake vote and and it's hard to an entire to argue that that there's suppression either because again it's so easy to vote or you can go on Election Day it's just a shame that we have so little faith in our ability to do things electronically that were worried and that we wouldn't want people to vote online because we're worried about people hacking it let's that is a shame because I just feel like if you could walk like maybe if you were going to vote online you would have to watch a five minute video explaining people's positions on things explaining where they stand and why this makes sense and show the and after that five minute video then you get to vote yeah that's an interesting idea I'm not opposed the videos of course forcing people to do things just to us because truth is tough

► 01:09:30

but it still goes back to how do you even know it's the right person who's sitting there at the computer that's true too yeah I mean that that's what about that's the difficult part with your phone you have faced ID you know Apple ID yeah she just you know use fingerprints with other phones no sure I mean--' is interesting ideas that you could that you could look into to make this work but it's a pretty massive change and be a massive Federal takeover of what is what is constitutionally States right right to implement that so you know it's just and then the question is what are we trying to fix you know what we're going to do is a massive change on to something what kind of improvements are we expecting and why and those are just good policy questions to ask it doesn't mean we don't have those discussions but there's always been an issue with voter turnout correct I mean isn't it's a fairly insignificant number of people that actually want to voting right yeah but is that because is that whose fault is that that's a good question it's people who don't go to vote right so do you think that those people like fuck those people they're just lazy and

► 01:10:30

no not shouldn't have a saying that at all it's just that I just would encourage them to go vote right like it's right but that isn't it been fairly consistent like the the number of people that vote the percentage of people that vote across the board yeah but again it's not self it's not self-evident that that's a problem that Governor it's up to government now to force that into into a fix you know I'm not sure I see that arguments not self-evident that things would all be better if we force people to vote or made it so easy that they didn't have to think about it at all and just got on their app and voted so yeah it's an interesting question do we want to increase voter turnout and then yeah sure how do we do it I think civic education is a more appropriate answer to that as opposed to as opposed to making it as easy as buying some of the grocery store civic education and what form in our I mean it's starting with our schools we just don't we don't teach a lot of civic education anymore and I think that's obvious from our political discourse sometimes it's

► 01:11:30

required like I think it should be you know just I mean the basics like where does government happen if you're concerned about your school's we should you go to your Congressman or you should you go to your mayor you go to right we're gonna tell people this stuff like nice go to get involved in your School Board elections for one thing you know it just as an example it's just a lot of things that I think need to be taught before we so I think we're trying to solve the wrong problem when we say well voting is not easy enough and I'm not so sure that we're hitting at the heart of the issue when it comes to voter turnout mmm when people talk about issues in this country there's there's a giant does a giant divided with one thing in particular and that is mass shootings mass shootings and gun control there's a giant divide between people that are Second Amendment Advocates and people that want to round up all the assault weapons and take away all the guns and they think the guns are the problem when you see this

► 01:12:28

pretty disturbing increase in mass shootings in this country mmm what is what is your take on it and what do you think could be done

► 01:12:38

well it's awful their terrorist attacks and I think I think it's safer to call them that the the in weather depending on how you define a mass shooting now you define when we look at murder statistics we're actually at a very very low point in our history I mean look at the early 90s is vastly more murders by gun then we have now I was just statistically speaking what's that because of this they know well there was a massive kind of War on crime I think in the 90s increase in police you know you had the crime bills that went through which are obviously the source of a lot of debate right now in the Democrat primary and yeah it just it was just there was a there was a approach to fix that okay you know tackling gang violence happening all of these things and we live in a much even though the you wouldn't think so because of these kind of theatrical again their terrorist attacks I don't know what to call them because because the person doing it is trying to commit Terror right and you know for different reasons of course but

► 01:13:38

but there are at least they attach themselves to some kind of reason but in the end they're they're angry at something and they're there the probably you know probably been taking some kind of psychotropic drugs over time and they've gotten to this point and they'll attach themselves to whatever reason they need to do this and it's awful so you know how do you fix that we have to understand the problem we have to diagnose it and and then we got it and I think we have to be realistic about what the solutions really are and what our ability to influence those outcomes really is and that's a that's an emotional conversation for people you know we've been doing with the last few weeks of course I mean it's front and center and the debate so but we got to have it

► 01:14:24

what can be done yeah well these so obviously the reaction by many is to go after the tool right to go after the guns I don't think that's the right approach it's not it's not again it's not clear that that would actually solve the problem there's two there's two main requirements when you're looking at a approach to gun control it's like does it infringed on law-abiding citizens rights number one what's the answer to that and to is it going to actually affect the outcome that we're trying to effect is it going to feel good or is it going to do good okay and I think the vast majority of proposals failed both of those standards they definitely infringe on law-abiding citizens rights and they probably wouldn't even solve the problem look at examples assault rifles are all is not well ARS okay they're called assault rifles they're really the reason they're in a are is because they're called ArmaLite that's a brand assault rifle is not a is not a real thing it's not a real definition and

► 01:15:24

but what if you ban them well rifles are responsible for less than three percent of all gun deaths about two point six six percent of all gun deaths okay Hammers and knives I think are responsible for far more deaths so true yes Hammers and knives are responsible for more deaths and rifles got statistics including a on my back yeah really yeah rifles account for for 2.6% focus on telling people with hammers it's a good weapon I guess I feel right now is if somebody has a hammer if all you have is a hammer will but you have you have a gun yeah yeah but I mean even if you don't have a gun I feel like I could stop by Hammer yeah but you're a pretty good fighter goddamn thing about an AR

► 01:16:06

that's not dragging take away your AR if you're frowning know how close you have to be to do that it's got to reach it it's very easy to take away in a are yeah yeah how easy I just she's ideas need to get a hand on the barrel you should get out is one yard to every class has yeah I know I mean I've taken those glasses that's why I know it's so easy it whoever controls the barrel of any gun controls the gun right people don't quite realize that they think if they're gripping it then they control the gun that's not true right we can get that leads now that we have are we going to the way that we can demonstrate that yeah afterwards so have a flamethrower maybe grab that yeah no rifles in is that what that I went to see you on my wasn't sure what that was are you gonna take a picture with that later oh yeah can I and I actually use it though we can turn it on long as you don't cook the ceiling okay but I got anything else yeah you'll be the only one who's ever turned it on here other than anyone we don't have to be in the room yeah it does though okay picture is doing in the room so have you thought

► 01:17:06

about this I mean if you if you had a magic wand and they said hey Dan Crenshaw what can you do to solve this mask gun violence what can you do to solve these mass shootings yeah I mean you have to Target the source of them and it's just not an easy conversation right so this let's also think about where these things started they get that we're talking about the theatrical mass shootings is a lot of Statistics out there let's say we have hundreds of them you know which include four or more deaths but these are usually gang violence so gang violence is it's in a category rights to believe there was 279 mass shooting so far this year and some of them they do include gang violence right I think it's two or more is that what it's deemed mass shootings yeah it might be more which is so fucking weird that we have a statistic well that doesn't count only yeah oh yeah oh yeah I mean you gotta draw the line somewhere you got it you got to be able to analyze if you're going to analyze it you have to have to look into that but the theater I think the the dramatized shootings at these that these guys are doing it all started with

► 01:18:06

online and it's become the sort of CopyCat crime that has occurred over time and it like we didn't have this before that and I think that's interesting I think it's something to take note of and it and it's not clear what you do about that you have to you have to look for signs of people before they do it and so one build a Time on which is theirs I've taken a lot of fire for because of the people are just I think Miss understand what it actually is is the Taps act which is the threat assessment prevention and safety act all this does is give local law enforcement the ability to apply for Grants to get training and and behavioral threat assessment training and data analytical tools to identify these threats beforehand and people that are opposed to it they look at it like red flag laws they combine those two quite a bit and that's just that's just not it's not true I mean the Taps act doesn't actually have anything to do with guns and red flag laws depending on how they're implemented

► 01:19:06

it takes someone who looks like they're erratic or who has a penchant for violence and they say you do not have access to guns right in theory that would that would be how they work and they would fill a gap I think in it depends on the state some states have all the ability they need to see threatening behavior and then arrest that person but it depends on criminal law within that state so I theoretically red flag would fill that Gap the concern with red flag laws obviously is is there really due process a lot of people here that and they're like okay that means my neighbor can tell on me and they're going to cut my guns the next morning well yeah I mean if that's how the law was written then yeah you better be against that because that's a terrible law right and and and to be fair to a lot of the people who don't like red flag laws they see how these are written in a lot of states that California has one and and they see how there's a written and they say this doesn't protect due process how can we possibly be for this now the on the other hand there hasn't been any cases where there's been some obvious abuse of that loss

► 01:20:06

are so you know I've encouraged the conversation I think the conversation has to happen at the state level because every state has different criminal law and that's where criminal law happens it says it does not happen at the federal level the only other controversial approach that I've heard is putting armed police or soldiers at schools which is like that that seems incredibly disturbing to me now that you have to have people what I'm not opposed to it but it's disturbing to me that you would have to have someone standing by yeah ready for violence we have guards everywhere why not our schools which because we've never had them before and it sort of signaling that we've reached this point of impasse where we have to do something about it and we're not doing anything to prevent these things from happening what we're doing is protecting the people that are going to be there when these things happen yeah yeah I think inner city schools have long had police presence there

► 01:21:06

it's not it's not I don't think it's totally new the idea and I think we could rapidly get used to it as a good argument with a gun free zones are the first thing they're attacked too so I mean you know it's a counter intuitive response to this but it's true if I'm going to commit a terrible act I would of course you're going to go to the place where you know nobody's carrying yeah you're not going to a gun show right let's you were just just want to really I really looking for a fight but that's that's there's some truth to that and it's just hard it's so hard for people to have this conversation because it's so emotional and there's a cultural Fisher here too there's some people don't understand some people who like guns right and there's there's a cultural divide there yeah and I just don't like people who like guns I think that's we have to admit that's true well they have this idea of guns that guns bring violence and violent people want guns and that that's just not true and one of the things that people like to gloss over is how many people have defended their life

► 01:22:06

defended the lives of their loved ones with guns in this country every year it happens all the time I've got a whole list of stats and yeah and examples that I'm sure you I could read to you right now unfortunately one of the things that gets brought up during gun violence statistics and talk about how many people die from Firearms every year in this country there are also talking about people who have defending their lives and defend the lives of their loved ones people get their house is broken into all the time by armed criminals and they shoot those people and they live to see another day and that person dies and that is the whole reason why people don't want to get rid of guns right and I want to bring something up along those lines so it's far more likely in countries like Great Britain that you'll get your house broken into while you are there far more likely than in the United States like it bye bye good order of magnitude actually so that the why is that right because they know that there is no gun in that house you do that in Texas there's a good chance there's a gun in that house a hundred percent yeah even the Liberals like they're wet

► 01:23:06

never gone right okay take one month Yeah Fuckin doing out a gun so that's important and interesting point yeah the other the other good statistical analysis to do as a kid like when there's high amount of concealed carry what is that due to crime rates and the correlation is there's less crime you're going out now it's not fair to say that's a causation that would be would be intellectually dishonest but it's an important co-relation to know it's also important to note okay per capita places like Switzerland and Israel have far far more gun ownership than we do people don't realize that is it true yeah I wouldn't switch Helen I wouldn't come in here and lie to you and I know but I mean I've done as a rhetorical question it's because of the now now somebody would counter again that's another Tsar those are government weapons issued to people yet fine but they still are with the people like the people have the guns okay and then at a rate higher than the United States but there and there's like over there yeah yeah but they are that's how they stay neutral that they have almost no crime almost No Cry

► 01:24:06

Israel to almost no crime except for the obvious issues that Israel has in general with the palestinian-israeli conflict but as it is a criminal act like they have very little crimes like this is interesting so you combine that with what we know about concealed carry data here in the United States you know how do you solve this problem the other thing to think about is the vast majority over 50 percent of all gun crime it happens in the like 2% of all counties so it's highly concentrate it you can you can so as we look to solve this problem like we do have to really peel back some layers here like who is committing the crime where is it happening why is it happening you know we can detect the tools but it's just it's so far from self-evident that that would work again going back to a ours the responsible for less than three percent of gun deaths and also let's say you banned them are you actually stopping three percent of gun deaths no because why don't they just use another gun one of the use a different weapon one of these are truck like they can use if they want to kill they can kill that the the

► 01:25:06

horror that we're seeing is that they like to kill this way and maybe that's what why is that and again I go back to Columbine it all started with that and that's interesting we should look at that and like what is driving people to like that well I think there are a lot of people I mean if you look at mass shootings a lot of these people when you read their description they're very disenfranchised are very angry and when you're disenfranchised and very angry there's like an archetype right there's a an image that you have in your mind of shooting all these people that wrong do I mean this is effective are victimhood conversation or yeah I'm blame somebody else well and then the real conversation is how many of these people are on psychotropic drugs and what are those what are those drugs and what are the effects of those drugs have on people when you look at the numbers it's fucking stunning whether it's anti-anxiety medications or ssris or amphetamines or whether it whether it's whatever there on that alters the chemical

► 01:26:06

or the camera or the biological structure of your brain in terms of like what chemicals are in their serotonin dopamine with these speeds that so many kids are on Adderall and various types of speed that stuff radically changes the way you look at the world yeah how many of those drugs contribute or are factor in these mass killings I don't know if correlation equals causation but I do know the correlation is phenomenally High yeah I mean I think it's on the fatherless homes things like that your let's start analyzing it bullying in cells which is a new word involuntary celibates you know about that huh you didn't know about that I taught you about in cells you just did saying look at that thing yeah there's a whole groups online on message boards that they can't believe they can't get laid and and they just go on talking involuntary sighs yeah they're just guys who can't get laid Yeah that's just a fancy word for

► 01:27:06

lose that yeah let's not call them losers that's what some crazy if there's a game there's winners and losers and that high school football quarterback is banging all the cheerleaders that guy's a winner it sucks that's true but you know what another yeah it is unfair you know I'm hoping genetic engineering fixes all that future but you know just yeah this is what you're dealing with a lot of times these guys have got a really shitty roll the dice and that's there's no other way to describe it they got handed a terrible hand of cards right and some of them are pilled up and angry and abused and they have access to guns and then next thing you know there's a mass shooting right and then again go back to the victim of conversation they may be they did were dealt a bad hand but they also tell themselves the wrong story about why that is and who's to blame and it's that narrative just seeps within them and it creates this I mean the drafts rewrite it I is what Bernie Sanders is on here there's one thing I thought I agreed with him on which is we have to

► 01:28:06

look at the effects of these drugs and like really what they are I don't see anything wrong with that well it's amazing how much blowback you get from that and it's by people that want to look at the guns they just want to say no know why you talking about psychotropic drugs it's a the guns now I'm talking about the guns too I mean I don't necessarily think that really angry volatile people that have criminal records should have guns I think they shouldn't right so the guns are already out loud yes we do and we probably should you know have some understanding of who you are before we give you a gun the real question is what is understanding and how do we go about doing that and how do we keep people from making these incredibly rigid rules may seem particularly regionally right if you have a states that decide to have incredibly rigid rules that protrude most people from having guns that can be possible if they just devise their own tests and you're honest about your perspectives on things and that's the fear and it's an honest fear to have because yeah what is the limit you know if you're on psychotropic drugs you

► 01:29:06

you would be barred from having weapons right of course not you know and how do you how do you manage that and the way we do it now again you have to have committed a crime of some sorts because there's other things too if you abuse medication if you abuse yeah medication then I think you're also thinking according to federal law like you're barred from owning that you know that's in the system I think dishonorable discharge from the military things like that so there's there's already a lot of standards that actually preclude you from from buying a weapon and there's a there's there would be a very vigorous debate on how you add more standards to that a dishonorable discharge keeps you from buying weapon that's what I've read we could fact check that but it's interesting I didn't know that when I thought you had to have a felony

► 01:29:54

hmm maybe make sense but it's there's no answers this is the thing that domestic abuse to I came up with from is there something Jimmy yeah

► 01:30:09

dishonorable discharge and NFA what's an NFA firearm

► 01:30:14

NFA refers to the National Firearms Act so that's what band like automatic weapons based on the general court-martial conviction a person who was convicted of a crime that is punishable by imprisonment for more than one year including dishonorable discharge is prohibited okay from perhaps for have it from yes okay that's what it is so it is true so if you're imprisoned not just a dishonor yeah is that it would be it would be there's a lot of people dishonorably discharged the probably not not not violently you know they're not violent offenders what's disturbing talking to you talking to Bernie Talking Tulsi talking to everybody's nobody has a solution I mean well all the brightest Minds that are thinking about this all the time no one has one thing that makes sense it's gets to a very deep question about what our cape and I think I briefly touched on this before like why does government exists and what are we capable of solving and what needs to be solved by ourselves there are there are and what is just inherent to human nature and it's evil and we hate it and we don't want it to be there but

► 01:31:13

is and and and is it is it appropriate for us to scream to our politicians and say save us and sometimes it is sometimes we can solve it we should try but we have to we have to do it with some kind of constrained Vision as Thomas Soul would put it about what is possible and then let's be reasonable about what is possible and and and hit those two categories I said are we infringing on the rights of everyone for the sake of doing this and second is it going to actually solve the problem is there's those are very important questions and if we don't frame the debate within those I think we're we're not doing we're not doing Justice to the problem itself true but again no one seems to have any logical course any logical clear path like this is how we're going to reduce gun violence this is how we're going to stop mass shootings I mean other than arming all these public places I was in Rome recently and when you go there it's fucking stunning this military vehicles

► 01:32:13

guys with Don's just strapped ready to rock just standing by all over the place and I was like used to be that way don't didn't and I was like wow this is very it's you know you were trying to enjoy yourself when you're on vacation you checking all these ancient buildings any like oh fucking guns military tank look at that you know yeah and it's wish it wasn't that way yeah yeah I do and it but again like you know you're right we don't we don't we haven't come up with Perfect Solutions we have some ideas that I think would mitigate these threats and we've discussed those at length but none of them seemed tangible everything seems like just talk well the Taps act that I talked about I think is perfectly tangible again it's not a it won't solve everything but it mitigates something I think armed security at schools I think certainly mitigates things it's our school safety goes so now I don't I don't think it's just talk I think those are tangible things and I think they're

► 01:33:13

really reasonable you know it's when people just sore so reluctant to think that we need armed guards at school and I understand and I'm thinking about it myself more so really what it's going to take is armed guards at school I went to high school in Bogota Colombia so we had armed like a lot of I'm glad that right good one it's over the banker made also do I know it was boiling oil petroleum engineer yeah so we moved to my life growing up was between Houston and overseas far back and forth that would be very bizarre yeah it was fun I mean I don't regret a minute of it it can be hard the times moving Carpenter Spanish they used to be better it's not bad I'll do an interview in Spanish so it's all really not bad by any means but it's not great so you can go to a Taqueria and hang I would totally hang yeah I speak I speak really well conversational Spanish my Spanish it's harder when I'm talking complex policy issues because I didn't learn that kind of Spanish right right right so but yeah

► 01:34:14

pretty good one of the things you said you disagreed with Bernie on was lobbyists that yeah well I disagree with his notion that everything is attributable to some kind of corporate greed and therefore lobbyists it's just not the source of our problems it's it contributes to it in some ways for sure these are not these are selfish actors they have a roll right there advocating for a specific thing but I think politicians like to point to them is like the book named the near the boogeyman was just blame them for everything

► 01:34:49

II have not that has not been my experience that it wasn't it has not been my experience that these lobbyists of any kind of excessive control over politicians I just don't see that okay they you know they the corporate packing give you $5,000 that's it I mean this isn't this is not you know way shape or form can they buy anybody off it's also very transparent form of doing things this other talking point that it's all dark money that's just not true of corporate pack is a group of people who work for a corporation they pooled their money together they can't use company profits just be clear as his personal money and they have limits on what they can donate to that own pack and then they use that to advocate for whatever is important to that business and I tell people where do you work I'll ask you what industry are you in will give me whatever industry I'll see you definitely have a pack lobbying for you on Capitol Hill all right and they'll just point out bills they'll say listen this is problematic in this one this would hurt our workers this would do this put us out of business like don't do that it's it you know and so the other their

► 01:35:46

actors don't get me wrong like there this is for advocating for their thing but so in our democracy individuals can donate more

► 01:35:55

now in its own individual cap is $2,800 to up to a campaign and then a couple like you and your wife would can double that okay so this is the same as a pact it's basically the same it's only five thousand dollars ish yep that's the maximum that is the maximum but there's also influence that comes with that on top of financial there's also influence in terms of just cronyism and people reciprocating getting along with each other and working you know establishing long-term relationships where they agree on things and they make deals and they make deals that might not necessarily be in the best interest of people like deals in terms of like what businesses get subsidies what businesses don't get subsidies what things get negotiated what don't what like here's a perfect example is no I think we should have a less powerful government that can't be bought off like that yes you know you want to give her if you want government because cronyism certainly happens right and they'll say listen like those you know and who can

► 01:36:54

who can lobby as the bigger the bigger company so there's some agreement here hmm but it's I think there's someone misunderstanding of what's really happening so yeah like a big business can Lobby and then the last for more regulation so and then who does that really hurt it hurts their smaller competitors so the answer is actually who's at fault here it's the fact that governments trying to excessively regulate so much and it and it creates it creates a situation where there's no longer competition okay then that's a that's a real problem now you know that excessive influence though again it's it's not something I've seen because there's a lot of competition for influence anybody can come to your office and they all they all disagree right there's all these different interests that actually compete with one another and they represent different interests so it's not it's not self-evident to me that that influence is is it certainly not bought and and I don't necessarily believe it's

► 01:37:54

severe it's just not what I've seen maybe they don't then maybe they just don't come to me well

► 01:38:00

when I think it was Northwestern University did a study recently where they were they showed the public support for policies and public support 444 bills and how low the public support is in comparison to things that get passed and how when the public what it was things that the public absolutely wanted like across the board had something in the range of a 30% chance of getting passed through whereas there's many things that the public absolutely did not want across the board also had a 30% chance of getting through and they were talking about the various influences that may lead to these policies getting past now the argument is that your rep you're electing representatives those Representatives don't do you justice and pass bills and enact policies that would help your community and help you then you let them out of office but the damage gets done while they're there

► 01:39:00

and the idea is that these people would then go on from there once they've established that influence and once they've helped these people get jobs in the corporate sector get jobs that represent what they've done for those corporations while they were a representative supposedly of the people yeah I think that's a you have to really dig into like what issue they're talking about what issues not supported by the public I mean that's a i you'd have to unpack those statistics I think to really understand what's happening there the but I also I think that's too cynical of a way to look at politicians I just don't I don't feel that way around about my colleagues on the left or the right well how long you been a congressman seven months so I just and maybe it's like nine months in they start coming to you maybe but maybe it don't even meet with them it's just like they just they don't have this influence you know they're not I mean listen to it they present one they won they generally meet with a lobbyist that they already agree with you hmm and they're generally

► 01:40:00

bringing up very minut things that are that you just would never know about if they didn't bring that to you well there's some bills that get passed like that don't like here's one right Medicaid Medicaid spends billions of dollars on drugs for the elderly and people that can't afford them billions of dollars but by law the government is not allowed to negotiate the price of those drugs okay so in the price negotiations how did that happen well it how did it happen it's we'll just never it was never a thing

► 01:40:31

to begin with so the there's an argument to be made that the government should be able to negotiate prices right the question is what is the price and the other thing you have to point out is there's already a strong force against the pharmaceutical industry which is the insurance companies because they have an interest in making sure that prices as low as possible they're fighting all the time against the pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry all of these groups are often pitted against each other and then as politicians we kind of look at all of them we say all right what are your arguments where your arguments is what you're saying really makes sense and then we have to make those decisions based on the overall good but you're going to piss everybody off when you do that like that's especially with healthcare because all of these a lot of these groups are pitted against each other so you've got insurance already put it against Pharmacy and then it becomes a pretty good question like what is government's role there because I've when I first looked at this problem I said yeah just negotiate it well that makes sense I learned a lot more I learned a lot more and and it's not because I'm

► 01:41:31

with any lobbyist it has nothing to do with that it's because I meet with Healthcare professionals and experts who know this issue really well and economists who and it's very far from self evident that this would work and it's far from self-evident that would be beneficial at all and actually make a difference you know when we when we look at the differences in health care spending between us and other countries the drug prices actually have very little to do with that variable to negotiate those but they also get they also get last choice for medicine okay when you look at Great Britain and Canada that they're not getting the premier new drugs like we have the United States we get screwed As Americans because the patent laws are not enforced in these other countries so our Pharmacy are pharmaceutical companies they immediately get ripped off in other countries and that that's a problem you know how do we that's that should be something we think it ripped off in that they've done the research to create these drugs and these other companies and other countries just copy these drugs generic step because they have socialized medicine and their obligation is to provide medicine to the people so there are

► 01:42:31

gatien's to they don't care about these copyrights they just care about getting medicine to the people now some people would argue that that is in favor of the population in favor of them the people that need health care I would argue it's not sustainable though might make it feel good but it's not going to do good in the long run because still profit even if they're they're they're having they're profiting because they're charging a merit well America is basically paying for this right okay which is which is why it's which is why it's important for like trade agreements to say hey you guys have to enforce the same patent laws that we have otherwise this is not sustainable situation well that because eventually you don't make a profit right right and that's and that's not fair for American so that the new NAFTA deal was negotiated this way the USMC a look addressing some of these concerns for instance and that's the right thing to do like you have to you have to you have to align a cent incentives when you're talking about any policy we have to dig a few layers it's never as simple as Bernie Sanders says it is it never is he always makes it out to be so simple it's greed everything is attributable to grade everything is attributable to one person

► 01:43:31

they own you they they own the lobbyists they don't all this listen there's elements of Truth and all of that but is what my point is it's just not the overarching think they're still there's so much more complexities to that and we have to have those conversations in like we're just we're instead what we see is just very extreme talking points first of all very extreme interpretations of the actual problem and therefore leading to very extreme solutions to that problem if you say the world's ending in 12 years and why not have a green new deal right like it's your operating off of a premise that is highly extreme and it's just it's not it's not healthy political discourse it's meant to animate people it's meant to get people upset and to have a villain to get it always comes back to the villain and the oppressor and oppressed always comes back to this everything everything Somebody Like Bernie Sanders has can be traced to this specific ideology where one person is to blame or one institution is to blame and I think that's extremely unhealthy way to look at things and also intellectually dishonest I don't

► 01:44:31

the parameters of a green New Deal the new green deal whatever the fuck it is but you hear it all the time what is the idea behind this

► 01:44:40

at its core a complete shift in wind and solar at its core so and idea that if you do that you will you will have zero emissions in the next ten years but it's an obsession with wind and solar which I think is interesting it bans nuclear remember when the talking points came out from the Green New Deal didn't like nuclear so that's how you know it's not an actual environmental plan or at least associated with carbon emissions and climate change because why would you ban the the one reliable piece of energy that we have that has zero emissions which is nuclear so you know it's not about that it also includes free health care for everybody it includes free college so it's like it's like every socialist plan wrapped into one and then they call it an environmental plan and and ban fossil fuels and things like that so that's a fundamentally what it is it's a wish list of things like that well nuclear has this inherent fear of things going wrong Chernobyl yeah you know there is Shima that kind of stuff we also put nuclear reactors on like submarine

► 01:45:40

and put a bunch of people on them and yeah down to depths and put Torpedoes and stuff on them so I mean it's sure you know whelming very safe amount of nuclear energy that's been used in this country versus the amount of times we've had nuclear disasters and there's also the problem with these old systems that weren't like Fukushima that were implemented in the 1960's and 1970's they jump they're not as good yeah we just it's true but we do have the technology to make them good and then when I think we should look at ways to research more the miniaturized modular nuclear devices that are that are being looked on nuclear car maybe we can get you home shit I don't have them yet but I imagine you should have a nuclear card you have a nuclear car about a nuclear one xylem thrower now we're getting crazy so the new green deals just wind and solar it concentrates on just windmills and solar and then the idea is to replace the grid with some sort of mean California it seems like it could be possible like you could just put solar panels on everybody's roof in California would probably

► 01:46:40

reduce the amount of electricity that we need from the grid radically yeah it gets complicated because you don't have Sun at night and and so this is the complication of wind and solar in general is that the you need battery backup to really make this work and that technology just isn't there the theoretical it's just not there it would mean you got you drove off the grid with solar power where would you put to make this a to do that but when they don't like I said when there is no sun the plant shift to either you know natural gas or coal or something here this is a perfect example like here this is a goofy place to live because it doesn't rain we have Sun every day but not at night and so that's so this is but 12 hours son is enough we'll only if you have a batteries only if you have the batteries to store it so yeah in theory if you but we didn't we don't right now like for if you actually if you want to see if you want to shift the entire energy grid to that we do not have the the massive amounts of there's some good data on this I don't have it off the top my head its massive it was my massive amount of battery

► 01:47:40

in farms to actually hold that there's an energy density problem with wind and solar is the physics problem so the science can only go so far and even the theoretical limit to how much a battery can hold probably we're not even we haven't discovered yet but it's a theoretical like capacity of a battery it would still make it very difficult to actually do this and so it's it's just real not realistic also ultimately there's other consequences to wind and solar like massive you know solar term or wind turbines okay those are some people don't like those things massive amounts of space needed for for solar and also where you going to get that that the the special materials needed for solar panels like there's there's other consequences to this and it's not self-evident that's the only possible way to do it it's not it's not like we should shun it okay that nobody's saying that it should we advocate for all above reproach if our goal is less carbon emissions than we need to be focusing on one hundred percent of carbon emissions meaning the world

► 01:48:40

carbon emissions the green New Deal focuses on 15 percent of carbon emissions basically says let's kneecap the United States economy will will destroy fossil fuels will have a utopian society full of wind and solar even though the batteries don't exist to make that work but hey we'll make it work so then that then that solves 15% of the problem and has almost no effect on the actual climate so when I say a hundred percent the problem what I'm saying is technological innovation whether its nuclear carbon capture if the goal is less carbon than let's actually focus on carbon capture so I just dropped a bill Senator cornyn did on the Senate side called the leading act and it basically read it repurposes Grant funds in the department of energy to focus on carbon capture for natural gas plants so we have natural gas plants in Texas that are zero emissions they take in natural gas they operate the the facility that create electricity than they recapture that carbon and they power the facility with it zero emissions so for goal is zero emissions let's do it works and also by the way that plant can keep going no matter what does that mean

► 01:49:40

I'm dead I didn't know that that existed that's amazing called net power we talked about something on the podcast before just as a joke I was saying why don't they just make a giant building but make an air filter like a huge building the size of an air filter but a carbon capture yeah huge air filter the size of a building but apparently they're doing that apparently that China is in the process of building things like that I've heard of some things in China think that that because they have an air pollution problem yeah the potential that's different from carbon okay so like because carbon dioxide you're breathing it right now you're not polluting it right let's just say they said they've got a different problem they're just a mess and so that might be what they're doing but the con the carbon capture side it's definitely happening it's all the oil companies actually doing it because there's actually an interest in the oil and gas industry to reduce carbon emissions there's a huge interest I mean they realize where the conversation is going and we should encourage that you know so there's pretty impressive big projects going on by lot of these a lot of these folks so your take is that what the green New Deal is I mean if I can encapsulate

► 01:50:40

you're the green New Deal is basically more of an emotional plea to people that are worried about the future and that see wind and solar as being free and clean Alternatives it's a dogmatic approach to them yeah it's not based in makes people feel good it's a feel good thing and it really shouldn't make them feel good because just because evolved consequences I said about wind and solar it's not these aren't necessarily clean by themselves it also involves conflict minerals right that you need for these know that's what I was getting at to yeah like where do you where do you mind these things it's not it's not time States it's not United States where we have child labor laws okay Hannah stands the Congo is a lot of a lot of places that have these good intentions often lead to bad things so look at the ethanol issue when we decided that we wanted ethanol in our gasoline well I think it was one is its Indonesia Malaysia but they cleared tons and tons of forest to make room so that they could so that they could produce the ethanol oil alright carbon emissions

► 01:51:39

hurt increase rapidly because of that you know all because of our good intentions and like these incentives in the second third order effects they matter we have to think about them when we're we're talking about policy and if our goal again is if our goal is less emissions than let's let's be thoughtful about how we approach that let's not decide on a solution and then look for reasons to back up that solution is there any other things that are on the horizon that makes sense in terms of trying to mitigate all the problems that we have with carbon emissions in this country like there is there anything else that people are working on I listed a lot on the carbon capture technology I think is the most promising because it's profitable you can sell carbon there's a lot there's a big market for carbon so they can use it in cities like can they use it other places other than plants like you were talking about the natural gas plants get what we want to focus you want to focus something like carbon capture on the places that emit the most carbon those are that's why it's generally focused on the the the plants themselves I think so like something like

► 01:52:39

power just makes the most sense yeah I didn't so I think that's still the right way to get the other natural gas to so here's another statistic the department of energy has done a study on this if D replaced coal-burning plants and are the boilers coal burning boilers in China and India with natural gas meaning we have all the natural gas in the world by the way in Texas so we can export it for decades to come it's a far cleaner than oil and coal if you just replace the China is India's boilers you'd reduced you'd reduced emissions by 40% like the reason the United States has reduced emissions by think about 15% since the year 2000 it's because of its largely because of the natural natural gas Boom the fracking business because it's so much cleaner than than these other Technologies and its profitable and it worked but when you say fracking immediately red flag right I saw that movie Gasland people like their water on fire yeah like there's obviously consequences to Natural Gas extraction through

► 01:53:39

tracking as well including earthquakes yeah it's pretty rare in on all the all of these factors have to combine for an earthquake to actually happen in all its of the technology has progressed a huge amount I said that they radically increase the amount of earthquakes in places like Oklahoma just because of fracking yeah and they decided that fracking did have something to do with that but they've also figured out how to make sure that doesn't happen how do they make sure they don't die I don't know I don't know the details I just know what there's just ways to do it like there's in the early days I think there were some problems that the Senate the water setting on fire that had nothing to do with fracking is it turned out that that was debunked something else some kind of methane emission but it wasn't wasn't related to the fracking if I recall how that conversation ended up playing out the that seems like a big factor I mean feel like we should know which would I fuck that factor what yeah I mean I wouldn't I would say to people like fracking happens a lot it's the technology has moved on quite a bit it's pretty safe and there's also the problem the initial implementation of it where they weren't

► 01:54:40

yeah yeah I mean I wouldn't I wouldn't argue that it was perfect you know it and I know it was associated with some earthquakes but there was a lot of other factors so you know specific to that place like there's no others not earthquakes in Texas that I'm aware of and that's where we have in West Texas where a variety of most of this fracking going on so I mean just people should know the like nuclear power like the old plants they really didn't know what they were doing and they made a big mistake I think it's probably like any technology but I would still want to point out its it caused a huge decrease in emissions you know and if we're and again it's over we're looking to decrease emissions why don't we focus on things that work and you have to hook people on my by people I mean the world especially developing countries that don't care about our dogmatic approach to wind and solar they never will and but what can you do to help them get energy to keep their people out of poverty and because that's what they care about in a way that's reliable and cheap and Market base because

► 01:55:39

anything that's sustainable is market-based sustainability is an important term here and I mean that not in the sense of like environmental sustainability although we are saying the same thing I mean in terms of what policy will last and what will implode and it's important question and it's one reason I'm a republican because our policies they don't feel good they're not based on emotional reasoning but they are based on realistic reasoning and sustainability of that policy and this is this is a case like that and if you don't and take into account Market forces and incentives and just I think basic human nature then you're not doing Justice to the problem itself now one of the big issues is in the news right now is the trade war with China I mean this is a huge issue and it's made me dive into a lot of really weird stuff with Huawei and with the Chinese government's involved in and various corporations and it's a hard concept to grasp

► 01:56:39

for the average American citizen that the corporations in China are inextricably connected to the communist government and that this is the work hand in hand they do the bidding of the government they work together even though they are profitable radically profitable they also do things specifically at the bidding of the government including inserting shit that can allow people to spy on people which is why they're banning Huawei devices and yeah this is it all comes back to what you were talking about earlier to intellectual copyright with in terms of pharmaceutical drugs the same thing could be said about electronics and I mean this entire Apple stores in China that have nothing to do with apple they don't even they just make their own stuff and call the Apple stuff thieves yeah it's very strange right well what do you think about this sort of like tiger War that's going on right now that we're seeing play out publicly well I think the Chinese deserve every bit of it for all the reasons you just stated their intellectual property theft

► 01:57:39

is rampant and it has been for a very long time and we've been in this position where our business Community doesn't want to bash them too bad because they want that market to be opened up and they'll be very conciliatory to whatever the Chinese want in order to get openings to that market and you know this is the in Trump is the first president really say no this is enough is enough I've and so while I think that I'm sorry to interrupt you but I think that's because he's the first person that actually has a background in business like real big business that could be it that could be it I don't I don't know why exactly but I know he's doing it felt like that could he's been talking about this for a very long time yeah it's all the same isn't new to him talking about this and and 90s he was yeah and and I'm not overly sympathetic to trade Wars especially with our allies and I was items happy to see us getting to a deal with Canada and Mexico I don't see a point in in strong-arming them but with China and much more sympathetic to it and I think that that should large

► 01:58:39

be bipartisan and you don't even see Democrats slamming Trump too much for this but there are consequences and so I would like to president to be more forthright about listen we are going to feel some pain too because when you implement tariffs you're affecting people Supply chains when you do that you're hurting American businesses to right there has to be a reason for that okay and the reason is the Chinese are Bad actors and we are we are in sort of an economic cold war with them the Chinese think in 50 year terms we think in four year terms they have a huge advantage in the sense if you an advantage that they can prop up their businesses and and and put forth their belt and Road initiatives and made in China 2025 I think is might be getting that wrong but you know they can they can manipulate public opinion to encourage those statist policies and there's disadvantages to that to it means they're much less Dynamic the fact that they steal everything means they'll never be competitive they're not truly a great you know great nation the way they're making themselves out to be because they're thieves and and I think we should point that out but we are

► 01:59:39

cultural war with them we are in this economic you know cold war with them and that's nothing new but it is coming to the Forefront and so we got to be careful I would prefer you know we take fights to the WTO we actually have a good history of being successful in the WTO against the Chinese and we go after singular companies like Huawei that would that would I would like to see that you know again I'm sympathetic to the tariffs but they do hurt us they heard us there are a lot of people in my district Texas is a good competitive market we do well when there's free competition and so we tend to want more free trade and more free competition because we know we can handle it so so when there's not that it can tend to hurt because we very complex Supply chains throughout the world and then it's take note of that what seems like a game of chicken almost I'm gonna see ya that's what it seems like back and forth It's like who's going to blank it is like that yeah the crazy that international business gets done we've seen it so bizarre to a dummy

► 02:00:39

make me sit on the sidelines going what are these guys doing and there's no Playbook that tells you exactly how you should go forth with this there's just you know and so there's this isn't and it makes it harder you've got to take a lot of things into account and have a good end goal in mind and I think I think we could do a better job of having that but but in the end I think I'm as a holistically I'm more sympathetic to being hard on the Chinese I'm realizing as we're talking that I never really continued my thoughts on the censorship in the media and I wanted to know what you think could be done in terms of how how you could stop particularly conservative voices from being silenced on social media and what could be done do you think that like government regulation should be enacted like what what should be done to stop because there's a bunch of stuff that's gone on behind the scenes Shadow Banning and you know what do you think about that so there senator

► 02:01:39

Ali is looking at some legislation in the Senate on this and it it we're getting too much detail because I don't screw up the exact details of this but it essentially gets that section 230 which provides protections for internet platforms right like you can't be sued for libel like whatever you post on Facebook is not Facebook's fault okay so that's it protects them in a way hmm and as it should frankly because how could it be Facebook's fall like if you have a crazy comment on your YouTube videos at your fault they were trying to enact that for a while there they release something saying that we had to be in charge of the comments on our page remember that and crazy Jamie and I talked about I was like we're just going to shut the comments down because otherwise we're going to go to jail yeah this is fucking crazy people are constantly posting nutty things right and like and why isn't it YouTube's fall wasn't your fault exactly you know I mean you were gonna respond like where's the blame lies and so like that's so that's four that's as they should

► 02:02:39

so that's that's that conversations the conversation of what is the platform one is a publication because you can see the New York Times right if they if they publish something that you don't like okay so the problem we're seeing is that Facebook is in Twitter they're acting like both their get it they're trying to get the best of both worlds where this like open platform but then they can also decide and kind of act like a publisher and decide what kind of content is allowed on that platform and the in the problem is the standards they're using are utterly vague and subjective and then politically biased obviously and so that's a real problem and so I think I think this legislation might get at kind of removing that protection basically allowing someone to say hey you're being libelous and once that incentive is there it's like okay there's a better incentive now to say we are a pure platform you know will we have too much stronger standards in the sense of clearer standards you know maybe it's a word that you don't allow I don't know but at least be specific because right now it's like you know they Define hate speech in the vaguest terms

► 02:03:39

possible not just acting move the boundaries all the time like now you can get banned for life or dead naming someone which means like if I wrote something about Bruce Jenner looks cute in these heels if I wrote that I could get dead name banned for life from Twitter like literally if I write Bruce Jenner looks cute in these heels oh no because it's not whose purse not be loosening the sun called him he hilarious and that whoops one of the what was it that the hills and the hills came back oh yeah he's yeah his son is on I think it took a lot of heat for it because he called his dad he said my dad when he became much what the fuck is that supposed to say that's his actual dad told I don't know what it is but that's where we've entered into this cuckoo-land you know you can get banned for life or dead naming but again OJ Simpson hello Twitter world yeah you know fucking kills people and he's on there no violation of terms of a good we looked at the terms of service it seems like you're fine mr. Simpson please ran about politics in the draft Annabelle Draft when we want to hear your pick side

► 02:04:39

follow him maybe it's fucking awesome so but well Stanhope and I had an idea of way back when we were hosting the man show we had this idea to have OJ Simpson this is after he got acquitted The man shall we were going to wrap up some we were gonna have OJ Simpson wrap up every episode like Mickey Rooney you know Mickey Rooney sort of gives his wow why is toothpaste always come in a tube remember that Mickey Rooney still that Mickey Rooney what the fuck's is named Andy Rooney and emo guy yeah Mickey Mouse the actor but Andy Rooney would we were going to have him OJ Simpson just gives some sort of down-home anecdote at the end of every episode sort of tie everything up and let you know that this fucking show is bananas but then the whole murder thing no the murder scene was before those way after the murder thing okay this isn't like 2002 okay but then you know they The Comedy Central shot it down but now you can actually get that on Twitter I mean that is what he's doing he's

► 02:05:39

tending like you never murdered anybody right and he's just a hello Twitter world and he's not doing this thing well I made it it's it's not clear to me that we should ban him you know like why would we because I get the the right what's again free speech is a very specifically protected thing but it matters to us this is the question is it free speech when it's a company that owns they own this platform should they be allowed Ryan create their own rules because this is what Twitter is done this is what Facebook's done this is what Instagrams done they've created their own rules as to what is and what is not acceptable yeah that's the heart of the question yeah because we've never dealt with this work because the first amendment was always created to protect you from government infringing on your speech because we always assume that government would be the only thing powerful enough to actually infringe on your free speech right we never we forgot about this other world that we now live in we didn't forget about it we just didn't know about it where there are other entities that have very very powerful ability

► 02:06:39

to actually infringe on your free speech and it's but like you said they are private entities and so is it really up to government to tell the private entity are we in forcing the spirit of the First Amendment or are we in forcing the First Amendment according to protecting you from government right and it but that's an interesting question was should we enforce the spirits of the first amendment I think we certainly think we're encouraging it I mean I definitely very vocal about encouraging it and I say you don't have a and I we've Google was in front of me in a hearing the other day I said it and it was go all of them were there I said you don't have a legal obligation to do what I'm telling you but I do think you have an American obligation to actually adhere to free speech standards and to adhere to the same standards of the government adheres to which is your speech is not protected if it incites violence directly there's a pretty clear standard yes everything else is entirely vague and and only leads to a slippery slope and and frankly a very dangerous situation where we're just at each other's throats

► 02:07:39

and worse because not only are you yelling at each other but you're telling certain people that their opinions of just utterly unacceptable and can't be heard at all if you want to create Civil War that's a really quick way to do it right when you really disenfranchised people and it's just so dangerous and we just shouldn't do it I fully agree and I really appreciate the way you were holding their heels to the fire on that particularly in regards to the description of people being Nazis right that was you you were talking about Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro who are Jewish gentleman who were being labeled Nazis by internal memos and was Google that was illegal yeah yeah it's so intellectually dishonest not so intellectually dishonest and not only that no no pushback internally I'll so you know I always I always tell people when when they're when they're complaining about something Trump said I like look at the violence he's inciting all right and I say well you call us all Nazis when you call somebody a not see you

► 02:08:39

are calling somebody something that we agreed As Americans to bomb and kill and destroy so you're labeling me with a label that we all agree should be destroyed like how is that not inciting violence By Your Side by your standards I mean it lands that mean it's you take away Rebel named you take away the word Nazi and there's far less targets for people to be upset about I mean if you just stop using that word stop using the word Nazi and look there are clearly real white nationalist me we saw that Charlottesville in those dorks showed up and tiki torches yeah those are real yeah white nationalist they was real yeah there's a lot of people that are not been Shapiro's one of them you know you can't it's not even close not even close like it's not even yeah it's but it's this convenient label that once you decide that someone is the other dehumanize them their perspective becomes intolerable and you can label them as being this this target right right and they video to Trump to I mean it was

► 02:09:39

trust me this is continues to be said by basically everybody running for president that Trump is a white supremacist and and whites promise did not see you're practically basically I think the same thing I think we we have a we have an understandably deep objection to anything white supremacist as we should be condemned totally and when you're calling the president that I think you're also their fork and they often call his supporters that too yeah so you're calling 60-something million people who voted for him the same thing I just I just can't imagine a worse way to engage in dialogue my descent and a quicker way to escalate things to just the worst possible scenario but it's new this is not something that existed ten years ago people didn't run around calling everyone a Nazi like what happened how did how did the word Nazi just get tossed around like a beach ball to concert because it's so free to use now and people on the left are the ones who are using it's not people on the right who are labeling left-wing people Nazis but fascist and Nazi that were just gets thrown out without

► 02:10:39

any real comprehension or any real responsibility for the actual definition of it yeah and I don't know where the origin is it's really easy organ years right it is it's what they found the word and they liked it they just they found something effective I think you know there's there's Herbert marcuse is sort of the one of the original thinkers from the new Left who said that like the new way of progressivism needs to be dividing people up into that other okay and then and then not only that but but labeling them and then suppressing their speech so the started in the 60s okay this this is a policy this is like a the left wing thinker right past his his ideas yeah yeah this was absolutely strategy that he write write an actual strategy of suppression because the goal was to take the previously oppressed and suppress the previous oppressors this is how this is how they talk about it so that's enslave the slave owners right so this is

► 02:11:39

since this isn't new like this this is the kind of radicalism we're seeing it started in the 60s it was imbued into our universities and now we're seeing it manifest again and Amplified I think by social media and and of labeling somebody a Nazi is just really an old tactic they're just using a different word and I don't know if I think if we were I think if we looked into history there's probably other cases where they continued to call his Nazis but it's obviously extremely prevalent now I mean never to this extent right and and I just I don't know why that it well it's the rise of identity politics yes fundamentally and so and then there were and then I think there's it's fair to because the left would say well there was a there was kind of a white identity politics rise and they were given some kind of voice by Donald Trump right this is what they would say and I think that there's probably some truth to that and then that's terrible but I think that I think that was a reaction mmm you know it was you always point out that like when you do surveys of what race race relations are like in America they were much better before then

► 02:12:39

are now do we really think we've got more racist like what happened and this is under President Obama's presidency and I think those identity that identity politics just came to the Forefront the last decade in a really terrible way and again I think identity politics is one of the worst things we could do to each other when you divide people up into different groups and and and talk about intersectional hierarchies of victimhood I just think it's I it's it's just dividing because fundamentally what it is is you're dividing people up and you're saying your group is oppressed by that group and if you vote for me I'll give you power over that group yeah and you can trace a lot of policies to that and this all stems from Marxist ideology where it was more socio-economic division of groups but that is that that has become an ideology of intersectionality ironically put forth by a woman named Crenshaw really yeah kimberlé Crenshaw it I think she came at it from a much more academic standpoint

► 02:13:39

I think it's I think whatever her original theory of intersectionality was has been transformed quite a bit but yeah I find that interesting some of so opposed to that ya know now that I'm thinking about how many think it's 10 years I think the Nazi thing is only about four or five years old to the extent we're seeing it sure yeah you know and so strange and people use it so freely I look at people on Twitter use it so freely and they use it in regards to my guests and you know it's the use it say that I've had not seized on the show with my mic this is crazy you know you calling a Jewish man and not seek an Orthodox Jewish guy wears a yarmulke you call him a Nazi right the fucking bananas it just doesn't make any sense yeah and we just ended there were Shameless about it the Shameless about these accusations I don't understand here's some more probably disagree about recreational marijuana you you're apparently not a kid Dave I really thought we're gonna do a whole show it to her I'll get it you were going to break up marijuana like what are the chances you're not in favor of

► 02:14:39

racial marijuana now I can I could be convinced but I'm not there you can see right now well Mark one up I I don't like it whatever like I just don't like it I like it I like Scotch okay I like that too we got that we've had Scotch this whole time well you gave me this amazing me gave me this amazing coffee that's actually Hamilton's favor food coffee it's pretty damn good right Need Me Maybe Soco here like yeah I love it the clarity good well it's kind of turmeric it's it reduces inflammation it's what gives you a yellow lips though so I'm definitely I'm definitely more open to just a federal legalization of medical marijuana and all the benefits that come with that I think the science backs that up pretty well sure the on the recreational side I'm happy to leave that to the states okay and then there's the argument of well the states are having trouble with some things the banking laws Etc because the federal government doesn't make still makes it illegal my issue with recreational marijuana still is it's and again on this is not a strong opinion I have this is not a hill I'm dying on by any

► 02:15:39

it's but if we're going to change it I want to understand what the point is and like what the benefits are of it recreationally I understand the benefits medically very well but I understand the recreational benefits and I want to see how this data plays out in places like California and Colorado you know I want to see if there's an increased use among young people because there's there's there's very good science that says if you use marijuana a lot under the age of 26 you're gonna have cognitive issues for the rest of your life along with lot all yes yeah but it is asleep and people compare those things but my counter isn't that my counter is simply this the alcohol issues out of the bag like it just is you know we're never going to put that back in and so they're going to put pot back in the bag well not necessarily my point is this there's a normalization that occurs when you legalize something you're telling okay so let's say you make the age 21 or not what is it in California I think it's 21 is it so let's say I want to thank the same as alcohol so let's say you make it 21 what you've done though is you've normalized it for

► 02:16:39

because you said well yeah it's 21 but it's legal so there's nothing there's no issues with it okay that's what you're I think that's what you're telling people and there's a lot of people who can just live their lives extremely productively and smoke pot a lot there's a lot of people who can't okay and there's lot of people don't those people are lazy bitches well yeah but I help ya you can't live your life you just listen pots not for everybody and I have a lot of friends who don't smoke pot but pot is a tool just like a hammer you could build a house with a hammer he can hit yourself in the dick if you're fucking crazy like Scotch you could drink Scotch recreationally can have a couple glasses with some friends and have a great conversation and it's a social lubricant and people enjoy an I enjoy and that's why we got a bunch of bottles of it over there look but don't you have a drink way more scotch to get even close to the to the basically cognitive and coherence that you'd be was just one bite of a brownie you you would but not me I smoke pot all the time I could smoke pot I could have smoked pot before

► 02:17:39

podcast and the exact same podcast I could have had several hits if I gave you several hits you'd be obliterated and you'd be so paranoid you start running out you think the government's come to get you and they're going to close down the Congress and oh my God I think he's listening my phone it's it's a lot of it is based on our own ideas and perceptions and I had a lot of these misconceptions in my own head I didn't really I smoke pot maybe six times or so seven times before I was 30 years old and then when I was 30 I started hanging around with a guy who smoked a lot my friend Eddie Bravo we started smoking pot together and I realize like oh this is an incredible tool for creativity like if you use it correctly and yeah it makes you paranoid but I think a lot of what that paranoia is is you being acutely aware of your vulnerability and your actual real place in the cosmos and you real place in society and the real dangers of driving cars and the real dangers of being in crowds of people yeah it's the

► 02:18:39

it's a weird uncomfortable feeling but ultimately you get through that and you're going to be okay in a culture that I just don't really have a problem with what you're saying you know like it's I'm just I'm not cultural I guess and a personal level I'm just not opposed to what you're saying at all from a policy level though I just look at things differently like when I extract myself from the personal situations I've had with pot and I look at it from a policy perspective what personal situations idea I've tried it you know and it's a paranoid I don't like it I just I really don't freak out I don't know no I'm not a freak out here I'm not a freak out kind of person within you like it just it's just the Sensation that just in general I just really didn't like it I don't know how much did you smoke too much

► 02:19:24

what sorry good night I think there's something going on with my headphones gloss over this is so but here's the problem with keeping it illegal criminal sell it I mean this is the same problem we had during prohibition this is what propped up the mom right we all know this this is this is the number one problem we have with the Mexican drug cartels number one problem is that there's a goddamn customer base the United States and they're making billions and billions of dollars selling illegal drugs and what's the solution to that and I don't know me not look I don't have kids I don't want fucking heroin to be something you could buy at 7-Eleven I don't want you to be able to go to a store and buy math you know but I guess it's a whole other conversation about real truck right trucks yeah but those are the real Dangerous Ones pots not that and when you lie to kids and tell them that pots the real real danger and you shouldn't do it then they start going well how maybe you're lying about heroin maybe you're lying about math maybe just Square maybe just some loser just want to be stuck in a cubicle all day and you want me to be living like like you but it does reduce I mean it does reduce and like productivity

► 02:20:24

I think more than alcohol does when connected to a highly dependent upon the person I get paranoid and I want to do more things because I don't want to be a loser yeah that's what happens to me when I smoke pot I think it accentuates many aspects of people that are already lazy if you are ready lazy and you have a problem with discipline which I don't if you have a problem with disciplining you smoke pot yeah you're gonna just want to veg out line the grass and stare at the sky the clouds I want to get going yeah I smoke pot and go to the gym I mean I do it all the time and again as a policy maker though I have to look at the whole situation so I see people like you and you're like yeah it'd be fine why not but I do have to take into account the entirety of the situation and ask myself what is the benefit of society Society doing this like what is the nicer enhances the sense of community and makes people more aware of their surroundings I Kinder actually I mean I don't know I think alcohol is much more of a social lubricant definite makes a meaner to but I mean as far as getting along with people going out and interacting with human beings it's different but every deficit in

► 02:21:24

in inhibits your inhibitions it lowers your inhibitions so it allows you to talk more freely with people definitely encourages more sex and more terrible decision making and driving to but the thing about marijuana another policy problem yeah because like how do you test for it you know we have a very kind of clear standards on alcohol it's just does again it's like again I'm not just my dine on this hill I just I have questions and those questions are unanswered I know standing but it's questions often times are coming from a place of propaganda like people have this idea of what it is versus what it really is I don't know I like I have personal experience with this and I'm 35 so like I've grown up around this my entire life this isn't so it's not so much what did you do right but and here's hear you same thing with alcohol you know you could have like driven drunk and crashed your car and go low alcohol is bad look I drove my car into a fucking tree and I go hey man I just had a couple beers with my friends we had a great old time we laughed it up and nobody could hurt the difference is

► 02:22:24

again the way to measure how much to alcohol too much alcohol is is well defined and we also have just hundreds of years of experience with like as a culture with how to figure out alcohol and I we used to have thousands of years of experience of how to use cannabis but it was suppressed in the 1930s by William Randolph Hearst and Harry anslinger and is more of an economic decision that it was a public health decision yeah and I think I've heard your yeah Pakistan is not just an interesting yeah there's many many documentaries and books written on it but I think that the real problem is when you make drugs illegal only Outlaw sell drugs you prop up illegal Enterprises it's a great guy coming in next next month or next week rather John Norris who is a guy who works for the state he's one of those guys that has to go around and find these illegal grow Ops on public land and it's fucking extremely dangerous yeah I mean bottom line is that my position is that the state decision you know it's a state decision are not federally why wouldn't it be federally legal if alcohol is federal

► 02:23:24

legal if we know that no one's dying from it no one can over Dorset I just want to see what the data comes out as from Cara it's mixed right now frankly I think we need a strong education program to let people know first of all if you have a problem with reality if you have schizophrenia and your family if you're if you realities already slippery marijuana is not for you and I've personally seen people that have struggled that that do have an adverse reaction to marijuana and they go off the fucking rails it does happen yeah it's particularly with Edibles Edibles in particular two knocks people for a loop but then there's other people that it doesn't do that too and I think we the way to study that is to have actual funding and make it legal where you could you could look at things across the board and figure out why yeah well I think I think as far as the battles we should fight in the federal level we got to start with the medical side I think this I think the science is clear there and like so you know let's start I mean I just use the Gateway right CBD is non psychoactive and helps so many old people with arthritis and so many people that

► 02:24:24

already it's for exactly and it just just again one or another reason I'm a republican is because I believe in somewhat slower policymaking to like these conversations have to play out in society and they we don't always need to solve the problem right away like there's a reason for that things must happen so I think I think the medical conversation is the one we should be fighting for I think the recreational side is a few steps beyond that and we get to that and we'll have the will know more and I think that's that's that's why generally when people ask me that I'm like this is the medical thing is that thing to be talking about right now I appreciate that conservative perspective in the slope roach the things and I understand what you're saying what bothers me more than anything is that American citizens are not doing any harm to anyone could be criminals for something that's been used by human beings for thousands of years and doesn't show any real problems I don't think young people should drink but I drank when I was young I mean I didn't drink a lot but I did occasionally I don't think young people should smoke

► 02:25:24

pot I definitely don't encourage it a matter of fact I deeply discourage it and I tell people look there's a reason one of the reasons why I enjoy it is I didn't start smoking really until I was 30 and you know I take time off all the time it's not an addictive substance to me it's psychologically addicted to some people and there might be some evidence that a very very small percentage of people it's physically addictive but not like alcohol is not like a lot of the things that we can just buy any where are ya those are all fair argument say it's a good discussion to have I'm not it's we sort of disagree on it but it but only because I just think more due diligence needs to be done it's not this is not a something I'm via Millie opposed to well I think anything for young kids could be a real problem especially for young kids with a brain still developing and the trying to find their way through life and you give him something that severely distorts reality whatever it is I wish we had that same due diligence the way they prescribed psychotropic drugs to kids because we don't you know should talk to parents discretion so many parents are

► 02:26:24

the kids on Ritalin and Prozac and adderal and you know you're right you making kids speed freaks as opposed to relying on cognitive behavioral therapy which is yeah work much better yeah because you're getting at the problem you're questioning your questioning the untruth that you're telling yourself it's effectively with CVT is also good practice kids have exorbitant amounts of energy and you can call that hyperactive or you could just say oh that kids got a fucking great engine got a lot of gas yeah just figure out a way to get this kit engage in what they like I guarantee you take that kid put them in front of a video game he doesn't have any problem focusing what he has a problem with his shitty classes with boring subjects right and teachers that are uninterested and so many people are being labeled as being problems because of the blame something else besides reality and that's that's that's that's problematic and it talked about looking into certain drugs I mean you know the opioid epidemic sin issue to anywhere and that's a bipartisan issue it's just

► 02:27:24

it's not exactly clear how do you solve this right how do you solve this I have a ton of experience with opioids because I've been injured so many times did you ever have a problem getting off of them once you yeah it's devastating well that like it's absolutely devastating and I didn't I never knew this was 2012 so I didn't know how devastating it would because I just stopped taking them I don't think I'm in pain anymore it's probably just not take these and then I was in worst pain I didn't know I was sick I don't know what's wrong with me what was the experience like it's not you just you can't move your sick I don't know how to describe it you're just really sick and as your body craving the pills yeah but I didn't know that I think so you're just feeling the sickness just on the signals that wasn't I didn't I didn't quite know where it was coming from and then you know you tell your doctor I'm like oh yeah you got to wean off of that we didn't tell you that no you didn't tell me that is very I was 28 when this happens so my body can get over it you're also 28 with a strong mine who's a seal right

► 02:28:24

but there but the age matters just like it matters with pot just like it matters was addiction you're my 29 agers are hooked on opioids when not one dealer gets into the system like you change that person's brain forever and they're always addicted to it really bad ways and like it's different the way the I'll always remember it like it's ingrained in my brain to but it's different because I was older but if you got an injury today would you be ready would you be reluctant to take them now now I faith in my ability to just stopped responsibly like I yeah you know and so that requires a lot of things but when you went in this is this gets cut this a little bit gets to the War on Drugs philosophy like do you just not do it because we're losing all the time and I actually disagree with that pretty strongly because the the yeah you might be feel like you're losing all the time but you are mitigating it and Supply does create demand especially with something like opioids if that one dealer gets into that one high school and get

► 02:29:24

as kids addicted at one party like those in those kids died 10 12 years later we have and I've watched this happen I've been to the funerals and it's it's devastating and that's Supply that demand was created by supplies so like again there's no there's never a black-and-white to anything so when we say I War on Drugs is stupider it's not stupid like not it's complicated it's complicated in the opioid epidemic so I think a good indication of that what could be done to mitigate that other than sawing Florida off and selling it to the Russians so it had Florida do here Florida was the problem for you know the whole deal with the pill Mills to Everett which is a great documentary called the oxy Oxy Cotton express it detailed how they had pain management centers in Florida set up right next to the like the doctor was next door to the pharmacy that only sold opioids yeah and they didn't realize I was a Florida and they didn't have a database they didn't have a database there's no computer database so you could if you were a doctor I could go to you I could get my opioids then I go over Jamie he's a doctor he could

► 02:30:24

hook me up and then I go down the street and get more and then people started selling them yeah and there was an Express from Florida that went up into Kentucky and Ohio and all these different states that were having giant problems and they found out the pills were all coming from this one area it was a Vanguard documentary and that stuff's been slammed down pretty hard yes ever since and so and in the pendulum maybe is swung a little too far because now pain patients are having trouble getting the opioids they want yeah here's two pills for your surgery and you're like really right so some people generally need this stuff and so we've got to find that correct balance and again you've always got to know why there's a problem is a general policy approach we should always really question why the problem exists in the first place and what the characteristics of that problem are so a lot of people are dying not necessarily they're not like they're not overdosing on oxycontin are overdosing from illegal forms of it or heroin that is laced with fentanyl so like how do you tackle that with finals coming through the southern border that's where it's coming from you know we could talk about immigration to

► 02:31:24

what happens a lot is you know these massive waves of immigrants who were turning themselves into border patrol they're allowed to cross because the drug cartels say they can cross okay that's why they come across an organized groups and then they turn themselves into border patrol and they claim Asylum they always bring a kid with them so that they know they can stay but what's also happening is just down the road the drug cartels are moving the fentanyl another earlier drugs across those are the bulky drugs mostly like marijuana things like that fitting all so small they can just bring it through trucks through ports of Entry so and so we need sensors to actually detect that and we're getting those getting those put in place more and we need to secure the Border because this is where it's coming from and we need to deal with the words coming from South of the Border which is China so the administration actually did that we got the Chinese to say at least that they'll do it and never know how much they're enforcing that so we'll see it's so interesting when you play people clips of Obama talking about the importance of securing the Border I like to play those clips there and sounds just like Trump play the statistics of how many people they sent back and telling people to not

► 02:32:24

I'm over with their children they'll be separated from their children it's one of those things where people like don't like that they don't like to see that it really is deeply disturbing to them that Obama campaigned on this idea of protecting our border because we always have to agree on it yeah now it became a racial issue with Trump yeah I mean he definitely said some things where you fucked it up yeah first up with like an older someone's raping someone's murder and not gonna defend not going to defend Trump's rhetoric on the on your show or on any show that contributed to it sure but again it was a pretty unemotional person I tend to look at what is the policy Ryan so I have tried my hardest to move the debate towards when it comes to immigration towards a matter of sustainability matter of sovereignty in a matter of rule of law do we have standards are doing not you know do we believe in this idea of a managed border or do we not and you know and yeah and Trump has made the Democrats so crazy that they've moved radically to the left hmm and it's interesting

► 02:33:24

watch people always say like both sides have gotten so extreme I always find that interesting and I say there's two ways to manage to measure extremism one is are voting record like how often do you really vote with the other side and you can measure that pretty carefully actually and you looking probably seen a YouTube video maybe where you watch all over time all the red dots in the blue dots and they sort of mingle together in their voting records and then they slowly over time move to the sides so both sides are responsible for that like a lack of lack of actual compromise a lack of deal-making where we say okay I'll vote for your stuff you vote for my stuff that doesn't happen anymore and there's reasons for that we could get into but there's another way to measure extremism and it's the actual policy changes and so that we can observe that and I think I think and and in that respect I don't think the right and conservatives have really changed our policies or I don't think we've gotten more extreme I think the left has gotten vastly more extreme and they've changed their policies radically medicare-for-all open borders I mean effectively open borders then I like to use the word but when you're saying

► 02:34:24

is that what you're saying no infrastructure all in the Border when you're saying no more ice detention beds you're effectively saying open borders because you don't to enforce it you don't want to stop it so I don't I don't know what else to call it you know in those are just some examples Green New Deal I mean socialism is a good word now so I think there's I think that on that loan that measure only one side is really moved to an extreme as far as policy positions go and do your point look at Brock Obama and he's not the only one you can look at Chuck Schumer's old comments on this stuff I mean it's you Trump could have written those statements for them yeah and what can change on the real issue is not people coming over here seeking work good people that just want to do better for their live the real issue is drugs and crime what can be done to mitigate the effect of the Mexican drug cartels because that seems to be our biggest worry our biggest worry is that cartels and cartel violence and now I well

► 02:35:20

our biggest worry that is a worry but there's a there's a again I go back to a matter of sustainability and sovereignty in terms of the amount of people that we had yeah I don't I don't never I actually never when I talk about the immigration issue actually never talk about the drugs and the crime because I don't want to label these good people as criminals drug dealers you know that that's the wrong that's the wrong and most investment already are but that just because you're a good person and you want nice things doesn't mean you get to move to the front of the line on immigration it's also important point to note for people that don't know and it's kind of a shocking statistic we let in more legal immigrants in any other country yeah we yeah over a million a year I think becomes citizens and much more than that granted Visas so and there's a there's a perfectly reasonable debate to have about how many work visas should we have should we increase it or should we decrease it but how does someone get over here and how do we write they don't have a history of violent crime sure like and I know I advocate for a merit-based system with the Press

► 02:36:20

and propose I think is absolutely right we have the opportunity to choose the best people from the world to come here and if you're a refugee we have a system for that and if you're an actual Asylum Seeker we have a system for that but we should be a totally opposed to is this idea that just because you made it to walk across the border that all of a sudden you get to cut to the front of the line and that's exactly what's happening right now because of the loopholes we have if you bring a child with you our laws are written so that we basically can't enforce it we cannot enforce these laws in this is for a couple reasons one the Flores settlement you might have heard that a lot what it means is you can't detain a child past 20 days so if a family comes across her it's usually it's usually just a part of a family because what they actually do is they split up they split their own families up because they don't want to deport one of the parents as I make sense in okay so the Flora settlement says you have to you can't detain children which effectively means we can never adjudicate these claims and time whether it's an illegal Crossing issue like a criminal act

► 02:37:20

13:22 coat u.s. code 1325 illegal Crossing or just they're claiming Asylum either one we can't we can't adjudicate it in time so what ends up happening is a Catch and Release the say Okay show up for a court date then what incentive do they have to show up for that court date you know and they just don't so and we're talking you know cheese in the earlier part of this year we had over a hundred thousand a month so it gets to a question of sustainability let's say all let's say all hundred thousand people are perfectly good people but it's a stain it's a sustainability question and it's also a fairness question why do they get to cut in front of the legal immigrants why do they get so much more priority over all of the other people who want to be in our country around the world I mean they don't have that opportunity as well across the border so it's just it's just completely it's utterly unsustainable and if we value a sense of sovereignty and rule of law but I think we should and we value the idea of having a managed system then we have to put a stop to that and then have a good conversation about well maybe we need more workers okay well then let's increase worker visas if that's true well I think

► 02:38:20

show sympathy about on them because they're poor people that are trying to do better for their life whereas we look at people that are coming over from Canada and if we had a hundred thousand people from Canada illegally immigrating into our country every year we would hey fucks get back over where you are like you guys have a great country already don't have the problem of a lack of opportunity in Canada the way people do in Mexico there's a giant disparity between North America in terms of like United States of America and Mexico the economic possibilities the the sure drug violence are lot of laws are laws have to be written blind to those subjective terminology sure you know and that's that's really important otherwise why have them like why why even have a system at all if you just if it's enforced based on feelings the best case scenario would be Mexico becomes like Canada right wouldn't it be the best-case scenario Mexico be mannequins are not the one ones that are actually we're having an issue you know it's vastly Central Americans so again it stems from loophole

► 02:39:20

our laws okay so a Mexican Mexican to because there are actually border us write our laws work where we can actually just put them right back for the most part a single adults to weaken our system works okay with that the problem is if you bring a child and so every so everybody tends to bring a child and what this also causes human trafficking lot of these children don't belong to these parents okay so now we have to look at DNA testing to try and to try and thwart this and that is what's happening now and we find that good amount of kids don't belong to these parents so they bring over a kid in order for them to stay and what will happen is they'll recycle that kids a border patrol often sees the same kid coming through with different adults you know and it's it's terrible and what other kind I mean if it's not Mexico what are the main countries where these people are coming Guatemala Honduras El Salvador and again it seems like the only way that anyone could really truly fix that is if those countries could rise up to the level of Canada so they could be right commensurate with the United States in this

► 02:40:20

what the left says we need to do and I don't disagree with it at all the problem with what the left is suggesting is that's the only thing we need to do that's just not true we also have to enforce our actual laws but the but it is but it is a bipartisan I think agreement that we want to develop the country's closest to us I'm on a coma co-sponsoring a bill that does just that it's a bipartisan bill and I think it encourages a more creative look at development and Central America the bush Institute is talks about this a lot and I think it's a really good idea which is basically economic empowerment through through digital infrastructure so here in America I mean we make a lot of money just based on the gig economy every individual can Empower themselves and work towards that that's really cool they don't have that opportunity down there and it's a lack of digital infrastructure whether it's Broadband or whatever so working towards investing in the right things as opposed to just tag your some Aid that that you're you're corrupt politicians can line their pockets with and we can feel good about ourselves and Pat ourselves on the back and think like we're doing good for other countries

► 02:41:20

is but really not again feel good or do good so it was a good question to ask and so I think I think we're I think we're working towards those Solutions and Congress now Dan we got to get you on your flight so I'm going to let you go so it's already 320 here it's sad that's sad but fun was a great conversation I really appreciate it and thank you very much for your time and thank you thank you Dan Crenshaw ladies gentlemen goodbye thank you to the sponsors and thank you to you you fucking people thank you to Dan had a good time with them thank you to policy genius workplace life insurance is not enough folks head over to policy genius.com and find out how to supplement your workplace life insurance and better protect your family policy genius.com it's the easy way for you to stop shop for life insurance online and they can also help you find the right home insurance auto insurance and disability insurance policy genius.com get after it thank you also to the motherfucking

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my friends that is it for today much love to you all bye bye big kiss