#1316 - Abby Martin

Jun 25, 2019

Abby Martin is a journalist and host of the “The Empire Files”  —  The Empire Files documentary "Gaza Fight For Freedom" will be available soon. 

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God damn it Jamie Breaking the Set said it I felt like that was another show she did she's done multiple shows we're going to find is that it Breaking the Set she's awesome it's radical she's crazy Lefty she's my favorite lefties my crazy my favorite crazy radical Lefty I love her to death please welcome Abby Martin

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The Joe Rogan Experience trying a Joe Rogan podcast by night

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hello hello Joe what's going on nothing much I saw your chilling with Oliver Stone the other day was that it's pretty cool he's an interesting guy very interesting guy yeah he likes to support radical politics so he came out for the screening of the new film that we did yeah he's a very unusual character in that regard right because he's like this Blockbuster Movie Maker guy but he's also a pretty radical guy in the way in his politics and when he supports and yeah he's kind of like the black sheep of Hollywood for a while you know doing all the radical kind of the radical outlier Polly would basically yeah but the do you saw the JFK movie right yeah was that was a weird one right it's like I kind of like it but I've kind of like hey man that fucking General wasn't even a real person like you made up a real person like you put them in there like I didn't exist like the automobile yeah yeah very good very very good but I get it he kind of needed to move it along for a 90 minute or two arm over whatever

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I get it kind of needed like this little character to like be dishing out the inside scoop that Donald Sutherland character yeah but in real life there was no guy I didn't know that yeah God damn it Oliver if you knew would you tricked again would you like a motherfucker would you do why did you add that guy because it's weird because like people talk about that they said hey you know in the Oliver Stone movie they detailed all these things and happen like yeah but they also added a guy right wasn't a real guy like ice at the end of the day it's a fictional is it if it's a real president who was shot by someone and you trying to explain who in your your movie you have all these real characters but then you got this one guy you just kind of shoved in there hmm he had a felt the professor what was what did he call himself in the movie again the Donald Sutherland character I do not remember I'm 17 years yeah because if I remember correctly it was him kind of just filling in the gaps

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kind of tying the narrative together as believe so yeah they used him as a tool to kind of write the right movie to get yeah yeah there's another way to do that and to make up a dude brilliant ask movie though right very good movie I don't know what do you think happened the Oliver Stone how do you think right off the bat let's just fuck you okay I don't know I mean I think you had yes if I give you a hundred bucks you said all right Abby coil bet on red or bet on black did you think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone or do you think that there was some sort of conspiracy involving various nefarious groups I think Oliver Stone's movie is closer to the truth than obviously what the official narrative is I think that if you look at all those high-profile assassinations in that era I think a lot of them are Highly Questionable I mean it doesn't just stop at JFK we're talking about RFK I feel relieved that story at all Martin Luther King you know I mean all of our sure there's really really

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she things about all of them and if we were conducting at the CIA was conducting basically an assassination program around the world hmm to expedite u.s. foreign policy and imperialism why would we not have been doing that here at home you know I mean we know that Fred Hampton was killed outright the the leader of the Black Panther Party so all of these things are kind of make more sense when you look back at history and see how kind of out of control the CIA was at that time yeah I mean it only makes sense that they would want to get rid of certain characters that were causing trouble right you know I had Mike Baker on from who used to work he was a CIA operative and he looked into the JFK or excuse me the Martin Luther King assassination and he said that one more than any other one that he looked into seemed like something was really because James Earl Ray was like a loser just like the Shifty guy and then before the assassination all the sudden he had money all the sudden he did like he was he looked like he was being steered and he went into great detail about I don't remember all the details but

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I was shaking his head about his like that one out of anyone that I looked into had the Fingerprints of manipulation on it well you know about his family obviously Martin Luther King's family that had that Civil Trial and basically concluded that the u.s. government had to have been involved for the circumstances to have happened the way they did and if you look at how Martin Luther King at the time was considered the most dangerous quote unquote negro in the country that's what the government was saying about him I mean he was hated he was loaded he was trying to basically Implement Like A Poor People's campaign to occupy DC to get poor people economic rights that was a that was really really threatening I think to The Establishment at that time also you know it's hard for us when we're thinking back about that era I mean we weren't really I mean I was I was born in 67 you were born laughter that it wasn't we don't understand that era that's a hundred years after slavery just hundred a person's life person's lifetime yeah kind of crazy right you know and things

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still had been resolved and then when you look at it now I mean Juneteenth they had the Congressional hearings they're talking about reparations and you see just the the different polarized sides of how people look at it even today whether or not reparations should be given or whether or not there should be any any sort of effort to rectify the obvious if you look at the the economic Strife that's in these Southern cities that are primarily African-American that you're really From Slavery I mean this is literally the remnants of slavery and it's never been fixed it's almost like any other problem that would be in our infrastructure any other problem that would be in anything with you know pollution or anything else that people clearly did where someone did and fucked it up there's efforts made to fix it and I had discussions about this is so much resistance right Tallahassee coats I think his name is he was tough

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fine there and he was saying that you know the argument is we had nothing to do with this because again it was more than a person ago why should we have anything to do with what slavery did and it's beyond that though as you mentioned I mean this was an institutionalized racism that we stole see the effects of yeah very sharply within the prison Community within I mean all these things and he said we were still paying out Civil War soldiers families pensions decades after that so like why why do that but not actually try to you know provide some economic Justice to the black community yeah it's a weird conversation because it's not just a conversation about whether or not something wrong was done but it's also a racial conversation like I've seen some weird posts like you know Chuck Woolery the guy who's from the love connection will be right back into and to remember that guy yeah yeah that guy is turned into this like serious hardcore right-wing

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pundit and I think it was him that was tweeting about reparations for Union Soldiers for their families that died so he was fighting in the Civil War like it was like how about these people and then like not saying how about the fucking people who's like brought over here from Africa right chains and their great-grandchildren are alive today in the same communities was the basis of our capitalist society mean that's why were the richest country in the world because it was predicated on the and you know the enslavement of Africans yeah I don't know if you can fix it by giving people money today but I do think the money should be spent to try to fix those communities and I think that can be engineered and done and I don't hear anybody talking about it other than Tulsi gabbard talks about it and I think Bernie Sanders inmate has made some indications that something should be done although I don't know if anybody has like a real definitive plan but when you talk to people that have

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like Michael Wood who was a Baltimore Police Officer I've told the story before but it's a crazy story he when he was a cop in Baltimore they found these papers that showed that the exact it was papers from the 1970s the exact same crimes in the exact same areas in the exact same problem areas they were dealing with in the 70s they were dealing with in the 2000s and he was like what the fuck like wow imagine that feeling like here you are your police officer right you're putting your life on the line literally and you're out there dealing with the same problems that existed in the same exact areas and no one's ever done anything to fix it I'll do never get to the interesting people ya know get to the root I mean Tulsa and Bernie are the only candidates worth giving a shit about what about what did you do how many candidates are there now I feel like to two other ones just jumped in the race now we have liked when I don't fucking know

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name is you know anyone other Beyond Buddha Jesus I know yeah righto better solar panels on the way out though he's too close to Beta it's too close he doesn't doesn't look like he would be called that but his dad actually just openly said in an interview he's like yeah I called him Beto because I wanted him to get the Mexican vote because I knew he would eventually run for office what his real name is like Robert oh Robert oh Morgan is Christ that sounds like the old people I mean these people are like a hundred shades of Hillary I mean every single one of them other than Tulsi and Bernie just seem like they're just like Hillary Clinton light well they've offered on this weird thing where they're like no straight white men like okay like this like straight white men we're not voting for straight white men that's just as bad as saying you never voting for a woman that's just as bad as saying you're never voting for a black person a did you do I get it there's been a lot of straight white men have been present

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get it right you're right but to say no straight but to disqualify someone based on something they have no control over whatsoever is a form of discrimination I know you don't think it's a form of discrimination because so many of these people have already had that job I get it seems unfair you're right but you can't say that because that's a shitty way of thinking it's piss-poor logic and thinking it's discriminatory identity politics yes it Reigns Supreme and I saw there was like a combating supporters from Kamala Harris and Bernie at some Rally or something and they just kept shouting we need a woman president it's like that's that's like the only reason why you like Kamala Harris you know I mean Kamala Harris I've saw this one speech that she was giving when she was talking about forcing children to attend school by holding their parents accountable where she instituted a policy where if the kids miss school the parents could be arrested do you know about that now

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it was soup that is Urbane it was super disturbing and she was talking about how effective it was and that you know they had cops show up at the door of the woman's house who was a single mom who have these children the kids weren't going to school like hey know she was a cop I mean yeah the Top Cop exactly but that authoritative yeah authoritarian nonsense like that way of thinking you know why you do that because no one's ever done that to you right somebody ever knocked on your fucking door and said hey we're going to lock you up in jail because you're 16 year old boy when you have three kids right and if you're a single mom anyone who's a single mom who has a boy knows and that fucking Boy Hits puberty if they run with the wrong crowd good fucking luck trying to control them good luck it hard it's real hard and if she's got a job or two jobs maybe because she's trying to put food on the table and keep the fucking lights on and you're gonna arrest her because her kid doesn't show up at school holy shit can you imagine looking at all the problems in our country and being like you know what we need to arrest parents if their kids are true and yeah

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it's it's insane I mean make sure a lot about that I'm 99% sure I'm correct about that about they're talking about her like regret about this policy and yeah she's wonder why I think I love it and because she's running for fucking president you should regret something like one here another in the same oil policy going back to Rome Robert or roared has the human cost of come on my God on truancy the progressive prosecutor wanted to transform how California responding the students business school parents like I don't know her surname Sheree Sheree people's wound up paying the price so she this lady I read that I remember reading this one up going to fucking child yeah so I'm crying there was a good reason her kid was sick or something and she so bed oh I don't know let's not call him Beto anymore his name's Robert Robert Robert actually has a really great idea Joe he wants to tax non military families to pay for veteran's health care what pay for veterans yeah it's not nice so punish the people who don't want to join the military what very smart

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robbery but wonder how many fucking people who make the weapons right right once the politician hacks the defense contract find out what the military industrial complex is really made of find out how much money they're really making and saying hey look at you guys you made x amount of billions of dollars and look at all these guys that you know we have to fund we have to rely on Charities and we have to rely on things like the Wounded Warrior Project and all these foundations that are taken care of these veterans when you're the ones who are profiting and yeah I mean that that's where the money should come from Mmm Yeah sound like they're poor and since these are fucking insanely Rich organization yeah their stocks have like tripled in the last four years there they're doing real well when we had that situation where Dick Cheney who's the CEO of Halliburton was giving Halliburton no-bid contracts to go over and fix places that we bombed it's like what yeah that that is like a doctor breaking people's legs so he can fix them it's so crazy

► 00:21:22

drive around a Porsche it's fucking crazy yeah well Trump was sitting down at some table with all the head defense contractors a couple months ago and it was after the khashoggi you know dismemberment in the embassy and he was openly talking about how we cannot stop that hundred and ten billion dollar weapons deal and and you should see the just the Glee on these people's faces I mean it was just it's just unbelievable how transparent it is especially under Trump that was a weird conversation where who was he being interviewed by oh Steve Steve help my friend I know Steve held oh my God forever we're actually family friends our families have gone on vacation together and shit it's a good guys at the Fox News going to errors no no it's the fuck is named Paris Hilton is Dad okay no he's British but he was interviewing Trump and they were talking about the militant Trump was openly discussing how these people want to go to war the military industrial complex want to go to war I mean

► 00:22:22

Trump saying that you know he didn't want to have anything to do with this but that they want to go to war and it's like I get see Trump is a weird guy because he's such a loose cannon that he says shit like that that you don't that Obama would keep it is cards you know Obama would hide his cards but Trump hate him or love him he gives you glimpses that you're not going to get as far as like what kind of influence does the military industrial complex really have on policy change and decision making and whether or not they take action and he was openly discussing it he removes the mask you know it's interesting because he I think that he's talking out of both sides of his mouth because on one hand he says that kind of stuff but then on the other hand I mean he hired all the most rabid war generals yeah and his cabinet and also just John Bolton I mean come on this is like a maniacal neoconservative who took a mustache fine for war with Iran since the day he was born so it's like if you don't want war with Iran I mean he campaigned on

► 00:23:22

so we know that he hates Iran he campaigned on abolishing the nuclear deal with Iran but he picks John Bolton to lead all of these efforts I mean it's like it's like starting a fire and then getting applauded and congratulated when you stop the fire at the last minute before it erupts and takes over the whole planet and that's what would happen if we actually did bomb Iran I think that people don't understand how precarious the situation is that Trump and these cronies have laid out not just is but came so close to being a reality just a week ago you mean you don't think we should go to war after for bombing oil tankers and Saudi oil tankers you know they would go to war over the shooting down a robot yeah they shot our robot that's it I would die from Saudi oil tankers and I'd be the first one I put my body on the line there was a lot of people that were saying this seems like the Gulf of Tonkin yeah to do like I don't but I'm not buying this at all there were so many people that were like really kind of credible people who are openly saying this stinks like it just seemed staged it seems like some samba

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like why would they do that why would a little false flag shit going on over and over and over again they're just trying so hard because they want to provoke Iran to the point where Iran will be forced to respond and this is after suffocating X fixating the sanctions that have that are causing people's lives I mean what is it what for the folks at home that I haven't been paying attention to this what is it that makes them want to go to war with Iran so we have to just look at what Iran is I mean Iran just won its independence less than a hundred years ago in a you know an era of and a wave of anti-colonial struggles and we immediately the MI6 as well as the CIA CIA instigated a coup so we always talk about how we want Iran to have democracy they had democracy they had a revolution of people's Revolution that was overthrown we overthrew Mohammad mossadegh and instated a absolute monarchy for decades and at the time it had the highest human rights abuses documented in the world it was pretty unique in that sense and you know you can only

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imagine why Iran is the way it is today and there was such a suppression of the left and of the Communist Party in Iran that the Islamic revolutionary Revolution happened in the Ayatollah was the leader of that political movement and that's why Iran has the political system it has today but it's about the oil man it's always about the oil and it's always about the foreign domination of the region they hate that Iran is an independent country and doesn't bow down to us imperialism and u.s. capitalism and Iran also is allies with a lot of states that Israel in the US and Saudi Arabia do not want it to be allies with you know Hezbollah Hamas and so that's that's a big problem for the US and it's getting in the way of a lot of kind of goals in the region but it's really fascinating when you look at what actually happened because you know the nuclear deal was amazing it was huge I mean Trump keeps belaboring the fact that Iran should not have nuclear weapons they

► 00:26:22

have nuclear weapons they never did and they were agreeing to never have them that was the whole Iran nuclear deal but Trump just immediately rescinded that slapped insane sanctions on Iran and now you know sanctions every month just continuing to constrict their economy and even basically sanctions on threatening sanctions on China and India and other countries that actually do deals with Iran now to which is totally insane so once you do that and then you say well you know you're hitting yourself you're hitting yourself why are you doing this it's like no you're doing this to them and on top of that John Bolton keeps saying you know there's all these unique threats coming from Iran we need to surround them with all these warships and they keep sending thousands more troops thousands more troops so you're getting to a position now and now the Drone right were flying a drone into Iranian airspace and expecting that they're not going to shoot that down why the fuck are we flying a drone and here on the fuck would we do if Iran flew a drone in here right I mean it's just unbelievable the chauvinism and arrogance

► 00:27:22

u.s. to be doing all this shit and then be like okay now you guys are a belligerent threat we have to do something it's like no you guys are the ones encircling them in closing all of their you know basically just encapsulating their entire territory and threatening them over and over and over again basically hoping for something to happen and if you look back at the Gulf of Tonkin there was a guy who was actually on the USS Maddox the ship that was eventually attacked and got us into the war with Vietnam and he even said my dad was on the ship and he said we had no idea why we were there and one of the generals are captains on the ship just said they want us to be hit they want us to be attack so they can get into a war that they want to get into and that's exactly what's going on and what's sad is whoever's in the Navy circling Iran they're going to be the ones who fucking die when here on does launch back there are sacrificing themselves for these generals and defense contractors profits now there's some reason to believe that Iran is not

► 00:28:22

not being honest about its nuclear program right I mean that was one of the reasons why it wasn't that what was the virus that the United States stuxnet yeah stuxnet virus that they put on the Iranian nuclear program to kill it while they were in the middle of doing whatever they do to uranium right the centrifuges for the enriching enriching uranium I mean yeah that was that was also crazy to cyber attacks right right but the cyber attacks weren't the effective though in stopping the nuclear program there was like a secret nuclear program that they were doing I don't know what exactly they I don't think that there ever was a nuclear program but I know that that was another crazy thing that the US did was basically in fact their thing and destroy all of this technology but I mean basically all we need to know is that they agreed to not develop nukes and it was all agreed from the International Community and then Trump gets in there and just unravels it all and it's so dangerous because Iran would make you rock look like Child's Play yeah it's not a joke

► 00:29:19

and I mean literally so precarious at this point that anything can happen in erupt into a full-blown war and then when Trump says oh I pulled back the air strike because I wanted to save a hundred fifty lives no dude you're starting fires all over the world and then you get applauded and you want to congratulate yourself because somehow he's still kind of appealing to this like non-interventionist line which is just fake to me because you don't appoint the most rabid War hungry people to surround you and to carry out these policies if you don't want that to a certain extent but also created is really weird ideological Rift where people were complaining that he didn't do anything and people were upset that he was going to take action he didn't there is even another drown yeah well did he will about the Drone and about the attack him the oil tankers and that he was ready to launch then he didn't and what wasn't one of the fox guys it was talking about the consequences of taking no actions like Brian Kilmeade or one of those guys media is insane but

► 00:30:19

yeah he has been attacking him from and the Democrats to the media and the Democrats always attack this Administration from the right whenever there's some sort of military involvement they always want him to bomb and go to war it's pretty shocking I mean I guess not too shocking when you realize the corporate media is literally subsidized by like oil companies and Banks and defense contractors no I know you didn't that's pretty crazy you didn't have to deal with that at Artie but what do you think happens when someone is a pundit and they're on a television show and they're talking about something that has he's Global implications do you think they get talking points do you think they're allowed to express their own personal opinions or are they informed that they're supposed to tow a certain line like I think there's varying levels I think that it would be naive to say okay these people are paid to lie I think that the vast majority of people working in corporate media are lackeys for the Empire they really truly believe that you know they believe that America is the greatest country in the world they believe that were the

► 00:31:19

policemen they actually believe that these countries are evil and they need to be taken out to in state kind of global hegemony I truly believe that they cater to the line of American exceptionalism and that's pretty sad but also pretty dangerous because they're the perfect mouthpieces for u.s. foreign policy I mean they essentially are stenographers for whatever the government is laying out which is really disturbing because the premise of Journalism is to actually challenge power and challenge the US government especially when you are working in America you're an American citizen and there's all this destruction going on from on behalf of your government and you're not challenging that especially when it's War claims especially when you have assholes like John Bolton claiming you know all these things are happening in these channels and bodies of water and people are just like okay I mean God damn you should see when fucking Mike Pompeo was talking about how Hezbollah was in Venezuela and these people just just printed it they're like well hezbollah's in Venezuela now it's like what are you talking

► 00:32:19

thing about you're literally just printing what the Trump Administration saying without even questioning these claims it's disturbing do you think that the people that are talking about it on TV are just saying it because they really don't understand what they're talking about and this just seems to be a way to cover the subject in sort of a way that is acceptable to the network and acceptable to the party and acceptable to this sort of ID out whether it's left or right with it whatever ideology they're they're participating in yes that there is definitely that as well where they know kind of the line that they can't cross so even if you individually believe you know you think that climate change is an existential threat you think that the war in Yemen is a serious thing that you should address I think that you definitely get kind of Knocked Down in the editorial meeting yeah before and you're just like okay no I can't do that but what I can do is just you know talk about whatever that's it's so weird advertisers will agree with in this

► 00:33:19

day and age there's not like a really respected independent source of news right that you've got some the online stuff which is my there's some online stuff is very good but some online stuff is so entangled with insults and and bullshit and emotions and distorted perceptions and ego that it's like it's sort of discredits whatever they're trying to promote whatever ideas are trying to get across there's no Walter Cronkite there's no there's no one person who or no one organization who you emphatically trust with their perspective on the news everything is either left or right everything is like flavored by an ideology it sorry I don't have a place that I go to that I know I can get clear unbiased emotion

► 00:34:19

objective analysis of any International issue right side it doesn't exist I don't mean unless you can tell me if one do you what do you get I mean I go to real news I go to democracy now and the only reason no super left wing right left wing leaning but you think left-leaning I mean I go to places that are not this is the problem like with capitalism and trying to have an independent media is that you need funding and you need funding from like donors and Grassroots sources because once you get funded by these right-wing billionaires and corporations and states and governments then it becomes very ideologically driven and then you're kind of just catering toward what those interests want you to present and I that's why the Empire files does what it does it's we're basically based on donations now because Trump sanctions on Venezuela shut down the show a year ago so we did a big donation drive and that's because been a tree on patreon we're on go fund me and Just Pay Pal but we're just trying to survive on a very minimal budget

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I don't want to take you know I don't want to like Lobby to corporations or states or go that route because I don't want to I don't want to answer to anyone other than myself but then you just come with a whole host of problems you're not getting your message out there I mean that's why it's incredible for you to have me on but that's why the fake news Mantra resonated so much with the Trump campaign because people are extremely disillusioned with the corporate media you know New York Times Washington Post these so-called Beltway Publications that pretend to be like the arbitrator's of our objective reality they they are the premier Advocates of fake news when it comes to u.s. foreign policy you know American exceptionalism and corporations and like the corporate line they're always the ones Towing the things that basically prop up the system and so I think people you know became really really

► 00:36:15

just attracted to that whole fake news Mantra that Trump was saying because people have an extreme distrust in the corporate media because of the Iraq War because of all these things that have happened but as you know and as you've talked about extensively Joe this wave of censorship but has happened in the last two years since Trump got elected because of Russian propaganda and fake news hysteria yeah and it's just propped up these same institutions and it's really just gone after a lot of alternative Independent Media that have gone by the wayside yeah and you know people who have been propped up by right-wing billionaires and billionaires in general are not going to be affected at the end of the day but all of the people who've been caught up in this censorship with the algorithms with the D platforming it's really scary it's really really scary what happened it is scary to me because the internet in my eyes is this unique place where people can get information and distribute information and then

► 00:37:14

top of that you have this almost parasitic entity that is allowing you to distribute information and gather information through it but also controlling the flow of information and then controlling the flow in its own ideological Bend like what to sort of match its own ideas of what should and shouldn't happen and I think they feel justified by having a guy like Trump and office having a guy like Trump coming to office then go we have to do something about that so what we're going to do is we're going to silence conservative voices we're going to silence conservative pundits we're going to silence what we call people all right and just change our algorithms to make it much more difficult for them to get propagate to for them to propagate their ideas I just find that really distressing because I think that in the marketplace of ideas you you're supposed to be able

► 00:38:14

combat a bad idea with a better idea and this is how we this is how ideas evolve this is how people get to communicate you get to look at what someone's saying look at someone how someone's dissecting what someone's saying and then for yourself figure out what you believe what you don't believe and there should be a free exchange of information so that you can figure that out and when you show when someone's shown to be a bad actor or a liar or show have deceptive news fake news whatever you want to call it the okay now we know and this is a clear example that so now take it with a grain of salt whenever they say anything about anything else when you D platform them and shove them aside they say see they're trying to silence us because they don't believe us or they they don't they don't want us to be in power because they're trying to prop up whatever left-wing socialist economy that their dictator that they want to put into place and it's this weird sort of situation where you've got people dictating and almost engineering our culture right curating are real

► 00:39:14

the you know what's going on in Toronto with with alphabet the parent company of Google no it's a very disturbing thing to a lot of people where they're essentially setting up blocks and they're putting cameras in these places and they're Gathering data and information and the trying to engineer a Utopian city yeah I was reading about it yesterday and I was like no like this is a terrible idea was like What if terrifying what if these people don't want to be filmed what if these people don't want information gathered about them like they're still doing it under the guise of here it is alphabets plan for Toronto depends on huge amounts of data yeah we need more data collection data mining their idea is that they're going to make it easier for people to get around and smoother but how I like my facial recognition I love how they always say oh people are being sex trafficked and this will help it's like no dude this is like point zero zero zero one percent of all the people that you're you know data mining says

► 00:40:14

slabs release more detailed plans for Toronto the site of Google sister companies first attempt to bring its teca fide digital forward sensibility to a full-scale development project the sidewalks lab sidewalk Labs projects dates to 2017 when the Canadian city welcomed the company to an undeveloped section of its waterfront now after 18 months of speculation work I am these motherfuckers especially working backlash from local Advocates the company has a 1524 page master plan for the 12 12 acre lot called quayside first of all hey what is the name what Wayside that was quite a four-volume plan highlights ambitious and sometimes flashy Innovations from sidewalk Labs which is played pledged to spend 1.3 billion on the project if it goes forward the company hopes to construct all the buildings with Timber which it says is better for the environment also catches fire and build an underground pneumatic pneumatic

► 00:41:14

tube system for garbage removal it wants residents to lean on public transit walking and biking rather than personal vehicles good luck it's fucking zero degrees in Toronto you assholes and plans to build streets with autonomous vehicles perhaps from a sister company way Mo their listen we re robots would you know what way MO is no no no he delivery robots might trundle down its wide sidewalks that your strategic use of large very large umbrella like coverings might make outdoor spaces comfortable all year round no small feat and Lakeshore Canada sidewalks sidewalk wants to designate 20% of its of the apartments to as affordable and another 20% as middle income so there are engineering are ya City yeah right this is by people who are really just openly social justice Warriors I mean these are the people that censored that James D'Amour guy and fired him for having this memo will that really kind of discussed women in Tech based on

► 00:42:14

evolutionary biology based on studies and they said that he was highlighting or harmful gender stereotypes which is not true it's not accurate if you look at what he actually said when he actually wrote even had a page and a half dedicated in that memo trying to come up with strategic ways to encourage women to get into technology the study that the the paper that James de more rope has no relation to the way he's been framed in the way people talk about him this is a direct result of Google and girls social justice Warrior sort of ethos like the way they operate as a company well Google pretends to be you know don't be evil this is this seamless algorithmic shave update on the Ebola took that which why the fuck would you ever take that down they're like okay we're evil now but this this just seems like they like plugged in some shit and algorithm they're like all right this is our city now like where they're creating Sims but I'd roll I mean Google I agree with David Pac-Man's kind of depiction on Google I think that there

► 00:43:14

a giant Corporation they have billions offshore tax Havens and they are not liberal they they appear to be liberal because that's capitalism you're trying to basically adapt to where Society is at and you want to pretend like you are socially conscious but when you look at their actual policies they're conservative is fuck I mean they actually fund a lot of crazy like Coke brother Alec they fund a lot of right-wing organizations the Federalist Society they've given huge grants to so I think that they're kind of playing both sides deregulation to lobby for kind of the deregulation of their industry so I think that all of the perception and the Mantra of Google and YouTube and you know catering to like the social Consciousness and you know what you're talking about I think is honestly just to make more money well I'm sure they're going to make more money in the process of doing this but the idea that they're going to engineer a city to me it's terrifying that's insane I just don't I don't like it you know there was a

► 00:44:14

great podcast that Sam Harris did with the guy who was explaining what Google has essentially done and what they've done with data the data is essentially a commodity that we didn't know as a commodity and we all gave up our rights to this commodity and this commodity turns out is worth billions and billions of dollars and no one had any idea and they just took it and now they have it and they have it for and what are they giving you for this right they'll let you search things like what are they giving you for this I'll let you use their email like it's it's kind of crazy there they search your email for certain keywords and all sudden you know you looking for a patio chair and like I'm looking to buy a patio chair and also in your fucking Google mentions of filled with patio chairs because you sent an email really really creepy or just talk about something and it talks about yeah yeah yeah my guest yesterday my friend will Harris he was talking about trading in his car and he got a fucking text message a text message that said hey I hear you're looking to trade in your car so

► 00:45:14

you know here here's a here's a link as to what you could get for it he goes I'm not clicking that fucking link like a text message with a link showed up on his phone because of something he was talking about he wasn't even talking on the phone that's what I crazy really really scary it's fucking insane I know that's not what is horrifying I know how that happens right like if you and I were talking right now and you said I need a new laptop and you started getting laptop ads in your Google feed what is happening is your phone listening to you say that yeah yep does that look like no I mean it comes through everything I mean that's what's so fucking scary and not apple is the best at it in terms of like not giving up your data it's one of the reasons why I still use an iPhone support apple apple goes out of their way to not share your data when you use maps that's why apple mountain suck it's one of the reasons why it's not good just fucking great article that was written about it they called Apple Maps the Bing of

► 00:46:14

of navigation tools it's like you know Bing the search engine for the fuck uses that I write I use a Windows laptop around Bing fuck out here with yeah it's Google's better right so you just got automatically use it but Google just growing Giggles fucked I mean knowing all the going back to this whole like Tech censorship thing they preemptively change the algorithm that's what's so scary to me is that there wasn't even a law you know like China we are we all know that China sensors the internet we've done the same thing here but people just think that we still have you know the Freedom of Information that we can all access all these things know I mean Google YouTube because YouTube is owned by Google now but they preemptively change the algorithms they back paged all of this Progressive media Independent Media so it wasn't just about what they're saying it's about I mean this this was targeted to basically all extreme views everything that they felt like was too radical I mean going back to the DNA report which is where this all started from this kind of conclusive report that they said these 17

► 00:47:14

Odin's agencies you know here's here's all the evidence of how Russia colluded and cost the election for Hillary they cited my show on breaking on Breaking the Set the you did it yeah they said I was part of the conspiracy of Russian meddling did you rush in metal Abby Martin are you a Russian never told me to do man I mean I'm sorry take that but is it as a snippet but in but in the in the report it said she fomented radical discontent and when you look at what all this is sowing Discord all of these you know the Black Box algorithm from Hamilton 68 dashboard like this US government funded Twitter crawler that just like determines what's Russian propaganda what's fake news and then you have you know Facebook working with the Atlantic Council which is an organization stacked with literal Spooks cops CIA heads and defense contractors UAE US Government that's who's like curating our reality now and it's all about expunging the

► 00:48:14

his radical views on the internet to prop up essentially the system in the establishment and and that's why I know it's not a liberal or conservative thing it's literally just extremists thought and radical thought that challenges the status quo because sowing Discord just means disagreement that's what they said this was about these websites sow Discord Joan I mean that's I thought that was a fundamental thing about American democracy is that you talk about what we disagree on and when you look at what the report says of what Breaking the Set covered DMT and I've been at that wasn't in the report you were on there talking about DMT but talked about aliens but because I talked about things like inequality and an Occupy Wall Street and Hillary Clinton that was all part of this Grand conspiracy to sow Discord on behalf of the Russian government so it becomes very comical once you you know kind of poke at the underlying narrative driving this way but are you aware of Renee to rest as work did you

► 00:49:14

pay attention no shoes on my podcast and she detailed what the IRA did the internet research agency right in Russia and it was really fascinated they set up like a fake black lives matter account and and then they would talk about how as black Americans we can't vote for Hillary Clinton because of this and they started they develop these communities these right really large online Pages where there was on Facebook or Instagram or whatever it was where they spoke as like a southern separatist or as a Muslim that yeah I mean they would have had dozens of them and they develop these communities and they developed these communities and they would set up these organizations and then they would have events where they had one where they had a Texas secession event directly across the street from a Muslim Pride event and they did it on purpose so that they would fight they put them across the street from each other the organize these Facebook

► 00:50:14

pages and these events and these people show up these people that are Texas said we should leave the union you know we can Texas is a republic and then they have these other people online than want like Muslim rights and they want the Sharia law and they put them right next to each other yeah they're they're literally engineering argument their engineering fighting and the idea was that someone wanted this to this idea of promoting Discord they wanted arguments they wanted to fuck with our democracy and then they could shift it just a little bit by doing this by having these arguments by pretending that they're there for LBGTQ rights but they're really not but they're really just some Russians are just you know talking shit and that this is what we need to do we need to radicalize they had antifa groups they had all these different groups I mean Israel and Saudi Arabia do the same thing except we yeah so I Shrunk the government's doing it right now it's fascinating that we just focus in on Russia when my God this is happening on every front I mean look at going back to Pete Buddha judge

► 00:51:14

name but he has like hundreds of sock puppet accounts that are all like propping each other up on your oh my God I just saw it's like blacks for Pete Buddha Jesus gaze for Pete Buddha it's like all these making these his I mean I guess he thought that that was I don't know injected with corporate money that he's just like all right make a hundred sock puppet accounts it's like everyone does the ship but when we focus in on just Russia and then of course you have the removal of you know Syrian account you have the removal of pro Maduro accounts on Twitter why is it only that we're talking about our so-called enemies that these are the people who are sowing Discord in fomenting radical discontent what about all the other countries that you know we do it all over the world what about all the other countries that are doing the same thing so if he really does have these sock puppet accounts that are doing this that are pretending that these are just fans that's that's some sleazy shit yeah it sleazy as has that I mean that's a sleazy as it gets in my opinion that's dirty shit you're pretending

► 00:52:14

person who's just an independent person who supported you when really just is an employee who's there for some propaganda purposes and especially like the identity politics thing like all of the different groups you know marginalized groups support you yeah it's all fake well the crazy sister has her you saw that town hall after the shooting Kyle my Ops guy and then everyone saying how the fuck are you going to run for president can't even run it right city right yeah does he have a job this time confused like have jobs right barking running for president giant who's running the city well he's there what's going on yeah imagine right if I just said hey during this I can do this podcast anymore I'm gonna go get a Brian Cowen he's going to be meeting now on and I'm gonna run for president yeah just jump in the race show me what you have a city to run yeah why are you running for president how can you the fucking metros

► 00:53:14

part Deux much time do you spend actually being married is shit that money back did they just want the book Deals they want to go on The View they want to no reason to be relevant for you it's disgusting it's pretty gross it should be illegal Meghan McCain you really should be if you really shouldn't you should quit your fucking job whatever you have and dedicate 100% of your time to doing that if you think that you could have that but first of all everyone knows what a grueling thing it is to run for president it is a fucking time-consuming right massive commitment to your energy yeah how can you do that and also be the mayor of South Bend yeah you just have to be on the phone begging for donations when you're not you know jumping on tables like Robert O'Rourke is the country it's a lot of work yeah there's no way you're running a city where I am fucking crazy are these people's egos I mean they say that Trump is this existential threat that he's the next Hitler he's mentally incapacitated yet they all jump in the race because they think they're the smartest people in the world so it's like ew it's like really yeah

► 00:54:13

I don't know they're pulling so low Dropout do this is all to try to prevent Bernie from winning does it really is who makes sense to use Bernie makes sense Bernie is my guy Bernie's my guy through and through and I'll tell you why because a we need Medicare for all we need to abolish student debt and that shit you just tax Wall Street gambling done medicare-for-all cut the military budget done I don't want to live in a country where people are rationing insulin I don't want to live in a country where half of the GoFundMe campaigns are because people are going to die if they don't get donations for healthcare what is wrong with this country but back to Bernie I mean you look at the last 30 years of political advocacy this is a guy who's been saying the same thing for 30 straight years no matter if it's veterans rights about Gulf War syndrome about just a political revolution is needed I mean he's been talking about that since he won the senate seat initially and you can't really say the same thing about any other candidate and I do like what Tulsi gabbard is saying and I do

► 00:55:12

like some of the things Elizabeth Warren same but it seems like she's just making it up on the Fly and adopting kind of burning light policies and I think this is all strategy to siphon all the delegates away from Bernie because we already know this Third Way corporate Wall Street funded organization that's like corporate Democrats have said they want anyone but Bernie Bernie is the biggest threat to the establishment by far did you see when Charlemagne called Elizabeth Warren the original Rachel dolezal oh my God your face if she's not she does have a chance not he doesn't have a chance with the Trump's shit no Ultron has to say is Pocahontas over and over again it was hilarious to me is this a Pocahontas is racist it's a fucking Disney movie

► 00:55:56

how can Pocahontas be ready so let's see how it turned out really really screwed up that's a big fuck up it's a really big Grand up getting the DNA test I am 200 times more African than she is Native American I'm 1.60 graphical man the ego of these people it's like she's just so upset that Trump yeah I mean I so nuts that she went and got jobs saying she was Native American I mean yeah it's one thing to say I have Native American blood it's another thing and I don't know how much you know ancestry Native American ancestry she has but I do know that she was you know that was unlike her Harvard yeah bio and all this stuff and it's just like what is going on well Jay what is going on James talked about it he didn't he thought he was a lot of people thought he was my wife thought she was my wife thought she was part native American though

► 00:56:55

DNA doesn't lie huh fucking bunch of fucking Liars you know what Warren's more Native Americans that wife that was the thing I think my life still more Native American she's a little bit but that was the thing where people were like they wanted to be spiritual they would say they were part native American they want to be extra cool well my Native American blood I can I smell when wolves are coming you know what he's like you put your ear to the ground you know what it's gonna rain just like there were more connected nature it's like some weird thing I remember in high school like when kids wanted to be cool they would say they were part native American you like wow well the Native American Community came out after she got the DNA test and they said this is not this does not make you native Native as much more than like whatever percentage of your blood I mean Native is a you know it's a way of life it's a culture they were and it and it was really kind of gross that whole thing was just bizarre it was gross is even after the

► 00:57:55

testing she was trying to use that as proof that she was correct and then people will analyze the data like are you fucking crazy you know small this percentage is this is an insanely small percentage but she was saying that Trump need to give her a million dollars because of the fact that she did take the test like it was insulting to the native Community it was embarrassing all around and it was also just weird that she even did it at the behest of trump like why did you do that I got you got you but he had she had to do it because he kept saying it over and over and over right and I feel like she's a politician and I say that in the most unflattering of terms I feel like she's one of those people that just says what needs to be said in order to get exactly that's exactly where I don't get that impression from Tulsa at all I don't I don't feel like that's who she is I feel like she's a veteran who did two tours in the Middle East and who's a congresswoman from Hawaii who really wants to do good I mean I really do think that what she said she doesn't take any corporate money none she

► 00:58:55

this she wants this job because she thinks she can do a better job then what has been done before in the other people that are running for and I really believe she's she makes sense to me what do you think about Bernie I like a lot of things Bernie says hmm you know what I think is interesting now the people are mad at them these rich right but he made a lot of money off his book right is that you go write your own book make your own money I mean there's a lot of you know criticisms that people Lobby against him what I like about him socially is that what he is standing for is the downtrodden he standing for the people that are the don't catch a good break when he starts talking about things like income inequality only I'm like okay I understand what you're doing and why you're saying it but what is the cause of income inequality like what that's what we need to find out we need to find out what's the cause like why why are these poor communities the way they are and what that needs to be helped that needs to be fixed

► 00:59:55

there's so much that can be done that's not being done and at least he seems to be he seems to be calling out to the people that are that are ignored that right aren't aren't being served by Wall Street right I mean I big problem is one automation happened wages stopped going up with inflation and then credit subsidized all of the wages and that's why people are just indebted to credit card companies were you know up to our ears in debt and that and he does talk about that and he talks about the solutions to that but you're totally right I mean what other candidate of these 25 people are discussing things that are going to reach like a populist you know have a populist measures that are reaching Peak Andrew Yang is I'm like what engineering saying and I he again like Tulsi does not seem like a politician I believe him he's an entrepreneur and a business man and he's warning everyone he's he's like the fucking Paul Revere of odd

► 01:00:55

Nation he's like you know look artificial intelligence is coming and your going to be out of jobs right the fucking half the country's going to be out of jobs and we can actually figure out a way to get through this and there's a bridge that we can make and through this Universal income Universal basic income you can develop a bridge where you can give people their basic needs food Water Shelter give them food like make sure that no one's starving that we even though people are out of jobs make sure that their needs are met so then they can go and find a way through this mess and then figure out a way to contribute and make an income and make it make a living and adjust but to have nothing to have nothing like what is that like right you can't just have people out of work because of Automation and people go back to the Industrial Age well hey that happened during this and that and yeah okay did it did but it didn't work out well for all those fucking people that lost those jobs back then we shouldn't have to go through that massive chaotic situation again if there's a way to engineer a better way through it I don't know if Universal basic income works

► 01:01:55

you know I've talked to a lot of people that think like Navarro he was on my podcast recently and his perspective is it doesn't give people meaning and it's not a good idea because you need a life if you want people to be happy and you want to be able to do something they need to have meaning and their time and what they do just to give people money is not going to make people happy yeah I think it's a Band-Aid yeah I think it's a Band-Aid I agree with the concept that Yang proposes about Ubi but yeah I think that if we give people like healthcare and have their basic needs met then that it's going to give them the ability in them like to maneuver to find their passion and yes be able to have that space where they can fulfill their lives yes and I think there's a way to do both there's a way to find meaning and have your needs kept I mean the idea is that it's I don't think that people should get free money to the point where they could live a full rich life and go on vacations and and have

► 01:02:56

nice car and a nice house never have to work again it doesn't make any sense you should you should contribute right everyone should contribute but if you're in a job that's going to be completely annihilated by Automation in artificial intelligence it makes sense that as a community as a culture we should figure out a way to give people money so that they can have a place to live and food and then try to come up with and sort of engineer some sort of a program to help people find new ways of income new ways of making a living I don't know what that would be you know and when I talk to Tulsi about that she didn't know what that would be either as idea of trying to promote new jobs people say that we're going to we're going to create new jobs like I hate that expression like what does that mean if there's not a job how you going to create a new job look at our infrastructure I mean goddamn things like that I mean good God we've been giving an F like every year by the Army Corps of Engineers and shits Fallen apart dude I mean look at the New Deal look at how what FDR did and that's what Bernie keeps saying he's like I'm literally in stating an economic Bill of Rights that FDR did

► 01:03:55

a hundred years ago why am I considered radical radical extremist when I'm just trying to give people basic economic rights and trying to propose jobs to rebuild this country yeah what happened to that promise that Trump lovey during the campaign we want it you know he talked about our infrastructure crumbling what the hell's been done on that front nothing and also the that was the big one is the economy like the the debt rather like how much we're in debt were in debt and more oh my God yeah crippling one point Six Trillion for student debt alone that's insane what do you think about the people that are calling out to try to eliminate student I'm a hundred percent on board because possible absolutely and you just tax Wall Street gambling literally that can do it alone you do not have house oh hey we mean by Wall Street game and Bernie laid it all out he I just read this morning on the way here so I don't know the full proposal but Wall Street just makes you know billions of dollars I don't know how often but just like betting on these trading and shit like Wall Street just makes so

► 01:04:55

money and if we just taxed Wall Street or you know like you're talking about taxing these defense contractors or actually trying to change the laws to not have these corporations hide billions of dollars off shore and tax Havens it solves all of these problems pretty quickly and it's not a matter of how can we do it it's a matter that we have to do it because students are totally crippled there's no opportunities in this country and equality is the highest it's been since the Great Depression and that's a huge problem we're not going to be able to get people opportunities at all or a better life it's also so crazy that you do that to people that are 17 years old right they don't have any idea what it's going to be like to be 35 and be quarter million dollars do your parents have student debt yeah they did yeah my stuff my stepfather was in was in debt when he when he graduated from school it just seems like it's getting so exponential and not bad yeah I mean he handled it but it's what you have today if you don't

► 01:05:55

Vani if you don't have any grants and you just try to go to school based on you know on loans Greg Fitzsimmons was here what was he saying is kids were it was 60 plus thousand dollars a year for each one of his kids 2000 and think a year yeah and then there's each one of his kids and there's no jobs once you go and you know write a school right I mean it's specially if you have anything technologically related to the idea that at the end of four years the technology is going to be relevant it's great exactly and then here's the crazy thing like we all know that kids human beings their frontal cortex doesn't even fully developed by the time they're 25 until they're 25 wow I soaked way too much weed or then yeah I'm so lucky that I always smoke weed like maybe six times before I was 30 I get super little yeah when I was 30 I became a stoner I was not a pothead and I thought it was for losers I thought it was me because in a lot of people that don't smoke pot think that they think it just makes you lazy and stupid but

► 01:06:55

lazy and stupid it turns out makes you lazy and stupid right right actually you're right turns out it was not the Potter yeah I tell everybody just don't do it when you're a kid or if you do do it don't do it often right I mean if you I don't think it's you know like if you're fucking 18 years old you smoke weed once in a while your friends don't think you're gonna get fucked up but but like every day Stoners it's terrible for you it's just you're in a fog like you need to be able to deal with reality but what and it like I always say it's a tool use it use it correctly don't don't you know don't try to do everything with a fucking Hammer sometimes you need a screwdriver sometimes you need a saw judges batter your fucking life with weed right but occasionally you smoke weed smoke a joint rather and you know you have a meal with a friend you feel like more close to them you Communications fund your warm and friendly it's like it's a great I don't want to call the drug because I don't like that expression this blanket thrown over amphetamines and said

► 01:07:55

lives and all these different things and you throw marijuana in there it's a Sacrament and I think it should be used and the most General and lightest use of that term as a Sacrament I like to use it I like to use it for certain things but it's definitely not something you should use all the time it's just it's definitely not something you should use as it was a kid you know and I see a lot of kids that are smoking every day yeah like me out like yeah yeah yeah I mean it's used as a crutch more and more because I think people are trying to numb out what the shore and on but pay better that than pills right you know better that than alcohol god dude I just read something about how death by suicides is going up in the US and it's going down in almost every other country in the world it's like what is it really really fucked up problem everything man I mean it's the same reason why so many people are it's all good it's the same reason why people are dying on you know OD non prescription pills it's like America's uniquely fucked and so many

► 01:08:55

reasons and I think it's it can be the lack of health care it's that were you know the center of global capitalism I mean there's a lot of reasons why it's absolutely empty Percy realistic yep yeah yep it's an empty Pursuit right and when you get there it doesn't doesn't feel good you just like you just keep trying to chase him more and gather more thing yes just like that study that shows like there's a cap on happiness it's like it doesn't make you happier when you have more money rostering point right yeah I a hundred percent and an agreement with that doing something you love is what makes you happy having good friends and having family and people that you love that makes you happy doing things that you find rewarding you know and helping people that's the weird one like helping people makes people happy and it's so kind of like people are gay you gotta look out for yourself go take care of business right turns out no yeah no no looking out for other people it's like super rewarding like it's a selfish thing to be generous

► 01:09:55

kind selfish in love always kisses it really helps yourself well that's the whole Mantra of growing up in America as you need to help yourself and you're a loser if you don't get rich and all this shit it's all these impossible you know goals that we can't do without actually help from each other no the biggest losers rich people who are sad right goddamn right you're rich and you're still depressed you're super successful and you're still depressed I wow you've built a shitty house like your foundation sucks no I mean because like your foundation yeah who you are as a person like the way you treat people the way you view the world the way you love your friends and your family like that's your foundation and if you become successful and you have that Foundation I feel like you can still be happy but if you become successful and you just shit that Foundation away because you just wanted to make it I'm just gonna make it fuck all that stuff I don't need that then I don't need love I don't need any of that and then you make it and you just say

► 01:10:55

alone yes I got the fucking tomb that's why I think that's why a lot of people like Trump because they think of him like I've actually heard this term like a blue-collar billionaire and it's like what he was given a million if everyone's given a million dollars from their Pappy there's a couple million Yeah couple of you couple million from their daddy yeah you'd probably have it a lot better off small loan of a couple million bucks no big deal lievable dude to him that is a small won't loan now that's what's really bizarre yeah he's someone I think Matt Taibbi described him best he's like what a stupid poor person thinks of as a rich person oh my God yeah and and his his ideas just a throw money at everything like the Palestine Israel they could you see Jared Kushner is whole layout of like this is the new peace plan no oh my God it's literally just let's give them jobs meaning let's have corporations like basically profit off the occupation was interesting to me is that even right-wing Trump supporters in particular she's a right-wing Trump supporters

► 01:11:55

do not seem to like them do not seem to like Jared Kushner or Ivanka they don't like the fact that his daughter is working in the White House and that the son-in-law is they're running things like they're very disturbed by that they don't like that yeah nepotism yeah well what's weird is they just blow at the fucking wind man I saw Fahrenheit 11:9 totally recommend it to everyone what is listening Michael Moore's newest documentary oh my God it's amazing but the first 20 minutes just shows like how Hillary lost and it shows that Jared Kushner actually lobbied to have sicko in theaters all across the guy I mean he was for socialized medicine and he was like working hand-in-glove with Michael Moore to roll this out it just shows you how fickle they are and like how they just have no actual value trying to make money yeah just try to make money was like this is a great idea you know his voice is really high as I guess really good yeah it's super weird to the to them together makes its first they're strictly have sex I think they do no I think jerks off with a cup she gets it

► 01:12:55

it's in there and she kicks them

► 01:13:03

never how and in Fahrenheit 11/9 he shows just how bizarre and inappropriate Trump is with Ivanka but there's this one talk show where the host is just like Ivanka she's like what do you have most in common with your dad and she's like real estate and golf and she's like Trump what do you have most in common the bunk and he's like well I would say sex

► 01:13:22

whoa yeah

► 01:13:24

it's like what what father says that well imagine that like what do you have most in common with your baby's sex comment you're not uncommon cuts it just in Commerce in common why is that such a crazy with their just Friday and like I want to fuck her but I can't because she's my daughter's he just says so many crazy things I just I think that guy is just always talking you know and when you're always talking to over good chance to really contemplate what you're saying he's always just talking and then once you talk like so many times during the campaign Trail just seems like he would say things and then you would just have to like justify what he said you know I've done that when I was younger I would say something stupid and then I would have to try to figure out a make that stupid thing makes sense right right right and Trump just constantly going was 27 year old man you have in common with your father

► 01:14:24

either real estate or golf Donald with your daughter well I was going to say sex but I can't relate that

► 01:14:36

that's the crazy thing is he thought about it and decided he wasn't gonna say yeah I was going to say it's like he's on Wendy Williams scream want to say so just a good opportunity to say sex like I was just out of his mind

► 01:14:58

there's a whole montage of creepy shit that he said like he would date her you know he when she was a baby he was like she's gonna grow up and hopefully have big tits or whatever like he's said really insane and he hates Tiffany he hates Tiffany because she is not listening because she's not attractive oh that's the the one he had with Marla Maples is that the other daughter good good point I don't actually know who Tiffany's I mean I think he had her with Marla who's very attractive so it's weird that that is weird something happen some sort of a AA cross and bread lighting but he just pretends like she doesn't exist it's kind of sad well we gonna do he's look I don't know how the fuck you can pay attention to anything other than I don't understand how a president is still a job I mean it was a great job when Lincoln was running things you know and probably right extremely chaotic but with today's economy when you're dealing with all these different threats to the environment cyber

► 01:15:56

threats the economy all the shit they have to deal with the idea that one person is supposed to be the general manager of the country the company that's absurd absurd it's completely absurd and the pardoning power usually that's supposed to be like sympathy pardons for people like Chelsea Manning yeah not for war criminals who have killed a bunch of civilians yeah like what is I mean I've basically saying has he done that yet is he he's he's talking about it this is the seal yeah this is like more than just the seal I mean he's contemplating actually pardoning the Nasser Square massacre Blackwater employees it's like what the fuck is going on here but that's to me that's like sending a message to soldiers like act like Isis and you'll be fine I'll pardon you meanwhile look at what he's doing a Julian Assange yeah this is like going Beyond did you pee on something is weird because I thought that he would be a guy that would want Julian Assange out talking out of both sides of his mouth he said how many times during the campaign Trail Wikileaks I love Wikileaks yeah

► 01:16:55

but then you look back before the campaign he said Julian Assange should get the death penalty on Fox and Friends back in the day but again I think he probably thought about that a microsecond before he said it and then how to justify it right I mean it's just like he's just talking crazy probably at eight cups of coffee for Red Bulls to diet pills just went out there and put that down so scary though I mean Assange that it's beyond the pale because now you're not just Prosecuting whistleblowers with the Espionage Act you're actually Prosecuting Publishers that's like a whole level of direct assault on the First on journalism press I mean he's a legitimate journalists yeah in that regard right what he's doing is he's Distributing information the people that is literally going to change the way people view the way the government and the military my God works it's I mean it's incomprehensible how much the world has changed in what we are aware of because of WikiLeaks revelations in the past 10 years I mean even just the film that I just made Gaza fights for Freedom eyesight away

► 01:17:55

clicks cable about how Israel wanted Hamas to win and Gaza and they said that they were strategizing for that to happen so then they can regard Gaza as a hostile territory and then just relentlessly bomb them that was because of WikiLeaks yeah I found that up because of that I mean I can't believe what is going on because people I didn't I don't think that people really knew that Trump would take these powers and become so authoritarian with them well it's disturbing to me is what Wikileaks used to be something that people on the left would cite as evidence that the military was out of control it's a military industrial complex set of control then because they feel like somehow or another Wikileaks was involved in helping Trump they became a Russian mouthpiece and and a traitor I mean like the left over the last few years in particular since the students 2016 Wikileaks has been sort of read sort of redefined their conflating Julian assange's person

► 01:18:55

politics and I don't know what those are I know that he had those private DM's with Trump jr. which looked bad but what do you say to Trump jr. he was talking to him about you know we need your tax returns then people don't think of us as like a biased organization and it would look good and kind of like you know a little too buddy-buddy with Trump jr. but that does not take away from the importance and you know validity of what Wikileaks is as an organization so awesome obscure Serie Tasha with another person giving their opinion which makes sense people just really don't like join us on Jazz a person and it doesn't matter how much you hate Julian Assange this is completely Beyond The Pale what's going on to him and it's he needs to be defended his rights need to be defended and very few people are defending him rights even an orange so what's crazy as these charges that just got unveiled with the Trump Administration they're trying to extradite him to the US of course and he'll just be sitting in a Cell for the rest of his life if he doesn't face the death penalty but the charges have nothing to do with the

► 01:19:55

sixteen election at all well ever since they all have to do with the the massacre the collateral murder video that's what it has to do with it has to do with the same thing that Chelsea Manning was in jail for releasing to him and so they've just trumped up all these charges based on him publishing war crimes and that's really what this is its publishing war crimes and embarrassing the u.s. Empire what is the what are they saying what are they calling it like what is the the actual jurors saying that he helped Chelsea Manning hack into I forget it's like some sort of charge that it's basically concocted they're saying that he helped Chelsea Manning basically release the information him and that's how he's part of the conspiracy it's total bullshit completely concocted he he's a political prisoner and he needs to be freed and it's absolutely astounding that the Trump Administration is doing this and that people are going along with it I see people applauding this it's sick it's weird it's weird it's weird that shift in how people

► 01:20:55

used to defend him and now no longer you do and nothing really has changed in terms of what he's actually done it was a traumatic election and people's reptile brains got activated hardcore yeah and they think everything is Russia and they think Julian Assange is Russia and I think anyone who's talking about what u.s. foreign policy is Towing the Russian Line Towing the Kremlin line it's not about the people who control this government it's the dark evil forces behind your friends and family and the people who are talking about you know sowing Discord and shit and that's it's a disturbing time because it's hard to relate and actually have these discussions with people yeah I think you nailed it when you said the 2016 elections of sort of they awaken this reptile brain because that's what it seems like you're seeing you seeing so many people that think that there's a war going on like a war in this country right instead of discussing things they don't want any discussion they want to shut things down and that's part of I think some of the motivation behind this in justification for D platforming people wiping them out like remove them get them out you know we

► 01:21:55

War right now we have to fix this we have to get a woman President we have tried gay man we have to get you know like this kind of shit that you see like they feel like they're in an ideological war that's why identity politics is so fascinating because it's just been adopted by The Establishment by the liberal wing of the establishment to try to like trick people that were somehow a progressive society that it's all just like corporatism with you know under the flag in the banner of like social politics and identity politics and it's completely absurd I mean with Barack Obama we thought that we were in a post-racial society because we had a black president right and we know that that's absolutely a falsehood so I just think that we're just going down the wrong path here and neoliberalism has really done a number on this country in the world and we're going to see kind of more authoritarian fascist policies take root because people are really down and out with with how capitalism has morphed and has strangles

► 01:22:55

old basically the economy it's really disturbing because you know you're looking at like left identity politics but it's under the banner of capitalism so really it's just about privatization neoliberalism is just about privatization so it's not about like leftist you know social as politic and even you look at Someone Like Bernie Sanders he's not a socialist he's a Democratic Socialist which means that he just wants social democracy he's not talking about abolishing private Industries not talking about nationalizing anything he's just talking about having workers have a seat at the table and getting the fair share so we're just kind of we've gone off the Wayside of like rhetoric and we just have no idea how to talk about these things in like a fair way because things are so heated and ideological and people are just blinded I think and and don't really understand these issues well enough and it's really disturbing because we're at a point in our country where we need to have conversations we don't just want

► 01:23:55

sound bites but going back to the the censorship stuff and the consolidation of corporate media people don't have the platform they don't have the voice to get these ideas out there which is why your show is so important I mean having people like me like Tulsi I mean bringing out these Concepts and and Shifting the Consciousness is very very important well I think that when people are hearing the same thing over and over and over again from one side and then an opposite view over and over again from Another Side it's very difficult to have an understanding of what the fuck is going on it's very confusing to most people and I think they tend to either just give up or they tend to just find whatever side seems to get them the most social credit or the most most reasonable perspective and their terms like whether it's left-wing or right-wing and just support that just just give in to that and then just have this pattern

► 01:24:55

that they adopt this this conglomeration of opinions they adopt and then they're so busy with their jobs are so busy with their families so busy with their life and then all this other shit when you're seeing you know deregulation all this other shit you're seeing when the stuff that caused the banking crisis the stuff all this stuff is going on and it's going on without their knowledge it's all happening underneath the surface and then something erupts like the economic collapse of 2007 2008 and they're like what the fuck is happening how this happened I didn't see this coming and now the economy crashes and then we have to buy out all these fucking Banks and then then it rebuilds back up and people are still doing the same goddamn thing they're still working and trying to get ahead and trying to and then all this is happening behind the scenes and it's so incredibly difficult to pay attention to all of it and to really develop a nuanced perspective of what the problems are how to fix them and then who is actually going to support a real tangible solution versus who's just saying some Elizabeth Warren type shit

► 01:25:55

get elected well that's why we need a real mobilization in a streets because there's no person who's going to change this there's no top down you know implementation that's really going to revolutionize society and get people a living wage and get people Health Care even Bernie said I'm not going to be able to do this I need you to come out to get my back right but yeah I mean there's nowhere in the country that you can live if you're living on minimum wage and actually afford a two-bedroom apartment I mean that's the reality here but when we bailed out the banks in 2008 no one had a had fretted about how we're going to pay for that I mean it was just it was just kind of understood okay we're going to pay and give the bank's the bailout what about fucking us yeah don't we deserve a bailout but what the people

► 01:26:41

yeah thanks to Big to fail the banks failed in the people fail that is unbelievable man and all this shit that were spent I mean the Venezuela's should all these sanctions it is the Venezuela cool I mean were you following that that was insane well I was following it as much as you or sort of putting all as much you were putting a very alternative view as opposed to like what we're seeing in either left or right wing Publications you were and and you face a lot of resistance because of that right right but you were there yes yes I was there and that's why I knew with my own I mean I saw with my own eyes the reality on the ground and what do you think is happening over there so what is happening over there I mean if you pull Venezuelans themselves they will say that their quality of life has lessened because of us sanctions so back in 2015 Obama declared Venezuela national security threat

► 01:27:41

very random there was no threat obviously posed to the US but it was just too kind of start the sanctions on them but what is the truncation

► 01:27:50

who knows who knows pressure I mean there's always been pressure because of course the u.s. is always hated Maduro and hated Hugo Chavez and the u.s. Empire doesn't forget and it doesn't forgive and you know going back to 2002 Bush tried to engineer a coup against who go Chavez that didn't work and so what we've done with these Civil Society organizations is try to foment radical discontent on the ground and Venezuela to try to you know get some sort of Uprising the guy Juan y dou was just some guy plucked from obscurity who was just well known in Georgetown in Washington DC much more well-known there than he wasn't even in Venezuela so you know this was completely engineered it was totally concocted no Venezuelans really knew who he was I think like 80% of Venezuelans had no idea who won wydo was but you know the economy went into a spiral because oil prices dropped and they would have been able to pick back up their economy but unfortunately the sanctions were so debilitating that it went to

► 01:28:50

freefall Venezuela is not a socialist country that's actually the vast majority is Private Industry and a lot of those private CEOs are very anti-government long story short is that the coup was initiated you know during the Trump Administration after he slept like 70 sanctions on Venezuela and we're talking about medicine food all the things that they're saying that they need right that they're trying to Stage these fake Aid Caravan deliveries that was all bullshit what they're doing is actually preventing the delivery from food and medicine from getting the Venezuelans and this coup was a failure because the resilience of the Venezuelan people they believe that they have a democracy they do have a democracy it's actually more free than our democracy there's not a dictatorship there Maduro one a presidential election last year he won the presidential election the u.s. lobbied the opposition candidates to not run against him so then it can say it was illegitimate that was a dictatorship and so he won he won the popular vote and they tried to implement all these

► 01:29:50

these and they've been blocked and you know the opposition keeps crying to the us that they need help that they need to be invaded it's pretty disturbing when you have opposition candidates saying slap sanctions on us invade our country help us Trump help us I mean it's absolutely ridiculous but when I was on the ground I saw flourishing democracy I saw dozens of people hundreds of people who said that they love the process there that they believe in the bolivarian movement and that their job is mode till death and we don't understand because those people's voices are totally censored from corporate media the only Venezuelan that we hear from in corporate media are rich opposition either you know expats or people who just have fled and what do we hear from corporate media what is what is the corporate take so this is even Elizabeth Warren even Bernie Sanders has been terrible on this I mean it's really bad I mean their take on corporate media if you're looking at like Fox News they'll say we need to overthrow Maduro and and you know everyone's starving and it's a

► 01:30:50

failed State they never mentioned the sanctions they never mention the fact that us sanctions just from 2017 alone has killed 40,000 Venezuelans this was just a study out by steeper 40,000 Venezuelans have died from Trump's sanctions from insulin shipments not getting their primarily a lot of other things medicine why is that people have not been getting and they are dying so that is absurd you know we like to think of sanctions as kind of like the soft power that just targets Elites of the country know it's an act of war and that's exactly what's happening to Iran and Trump's implemented sanctions all over the world in a really devastating way but but the corporate media will say we need to overthrow them their failed State their you know their dictatorship and reality no they're not they're democracy and they don't like their politics that's really what it is but what is it about their politics their politics are that they nationalized the oil and that's really where it comes from

► 01:31:50

fake Ambassador that was trying to get into the embassy here Carlos Vecchio he's an ex ex on lawyer and you see all of these people who were involved in Exxon Mobil and all of the oil industries that were flourishing in Venezuela before Chávez got a got elected and they just want their profits back they want their money back they don't like the fact that Chavez took the profits from the oil companies that's what that's what the Crux of the problem is Joe and it's amazing it's amazing how transparent it is so ever since these failed coup attempts over the last decade the US has been fomented regime change through the Civil Society organizations usaid off shoots in the country and and basically trying to foment violent unrest violent unrest to the extent that they burned down streets there's lynch mobs I mean when I was there during the height of the violence in 2017 like 200 people died and the news just kept saying but like insinuating that Madara was going out there with police forces and actually gunning down

► 01:32:50

on the streets it couldn't be farther from the truth we looked at all the deaths we broke them all down we looked at death records and we found out that the opposition lynch mobs were actually responsible for the overwhelming majority of deaths in the streets so that's happening people get lynched for being black they get lynched for being Chubby's mode these people are targeting maternity clinics hospitals basically any Enclave of government services because that's what this is really about it's about of kind of a fascistic bent of the opposition wanting to take back the power from the poor the poor people got power and they didn't like it and that's what the Crux of the problem is but when you're looking at the corporate media it's an absurdly cartoonish brush that's being painted and then if you look at the liberal media with Maddow and all these other people they either don't talk about it or they say Maduro needs to let the Aidan you even saw Bernie and Elizabeth Warren saying Maduro needs to let the Aidan let the aid in Maduro the aid was the coup the aid was was a trick they're getting Aid every day from countries that are not

► 01:33:50

actively overthrow them but we staged this big stunt on the border of Columbia and by the way Columbia is actually suffering more than Venezuela Colombia is in dire poverty there's people getting assassinated every week who are labor leaders and teachers I went there and I talk to a teacher who's living in Exile because he's scared for his fucking life but we don't hear about that right because their allies with the u.s. so it's it's cynical stunt to try to get this humanitarian International outcry to say oh my God people are dying people are hungry it's not a matter of that there's no food it's that food is very expensive because there's an actual economic War being waged by Massive corporations in the country and just external entities whether it be the Trump Administration or us multinationals that RX fixating preventing Aid in food from coming in and the a that they're they're claiming that they need to accept is basically a hoax it's a stunt to try to get regime change to happen

► 01:34:50

we just saw Richard Branson stage some ridiculous big concert on the border of Columbia and they had like what they said were Aid trucks on this big bridge and you had CNN on the ground being like all right they need to let the a tin of the why don't they let the Aiden and the aid was it was fake it was just a truck full of like I don't know like very miniscule things but they wanted to try to Ram these trucks through just to get the soldiers up in arms and try to get them to defect it hasn't worked they've been trying over and over again to try to get something going and basically at the end of the day what happened was just a giant money grab it was basically a money-laundering scheme you look at these people who are the opposition leaders now Juan y dou Carlos Vecchio they've just stolen all the money back maybe they realized the crew wasn't going to go forward but they basically ended up stealing at least 70 million dollars in just putting it right in these people's bank accounts

► 01:35:45

it's pretty shocking I mean you have international it's an international conspiracy to try to take the money back from from the people whose money is was was basically administered by Maduro for social services all is nationalizing the oil nationalizing the oil is the root of it all and also just uplifting the poor I mean poor people got a voice and they never had a voice in that country their entire lives and that country was you know it was a colonial hold over and so the bolivarian movement started this pink tied all across Latin America and it was scary it was a giant threat to the US establishment and actually that's why I tell us or was founded tell the sort of the the the organization that I used to sell the show too it was started as kind of a counter to This Global hegemony in this corporate narrative trying to overthrow these democratically elected leaders but it's shocking when you see like the bank of England seized all of this gold that was rightfully maduro's They seized it illegally all of these these Banks and International

► 01:36:45

he's just stole all this money and they just gave it to these opposition leaders so even though the opposition leaders weren't able to take you know take the power back in the country they still have taken all the money and no one's talking about that and everyone just acting like this is some crazy dictatorship that needs are saving how dare you who the fuck do we think we are

► 01:37:05

we're uninformed right yeah that would it is mm yeah you should check out if one should check out our Empire Files YouTube channel because we've done extensive coverage on the ground really going into the nuts and bolts of what the economic crisis really is and my partner Mike prisoner did this epic takedown of John Oliver you know the liberal media is just as bad John Oliver did some fucking absurdly false kind of like analysis of the whole Venezuela situation and we just went through and debunked every single line of it I mean it was extremely disingenuous I bet he had someone who wrote All right right so I bet he probably has no real knowledge of it nor could you really unless you extensively studied it the way you have and especially if you have feet on the ground right I think that most people just in order to understand a complex nuanced problem like some sort of an international conflict that we're involved in that has to do with nationalizing oil like God damn you got

► 01:38:05

a lot of work they were do you do if you're running a show like last week tonight or whatever the fuck the show's called you have producers doing everything every someone else is doing that I mean you find that with a lot of these so-called online experts when you talk to them one-on-one and you get them off the Record without notes like they're just people well there's this guy that's UN Human Rights investigator named Alfred days is that I did this big interview with and he said he tried to propose this to the UN saying there is new no humanitarian crisis there this is all fake yes people are suffering and dying but it's not because of maduro's policies and Corruptions because of us sanctions that have expected the economy and prevented any sort of recovery from taking place and the economy still in free fall they can't work with International bodies again we have the threats of sanctions with institutions that now work with Venezuela so they've been isolated they've been isolated from the world so is the idea that they just put these sanctions in place allow this political unrest take place support the opposition and then just

► 01:39:05

a slow burn until it all collapses and you come in and swoop in and fix everything and make it a part of the United States government and then these people will not have a voice any longer and another thing that they hate is that maduro's given two million free homes to people that's something that's completely unheard of to maybe Americans but that's one thing that Juan y dos said that he would do he immediately implemented a new hydrocarbons law or he was proposing to implement a new hydrocarbons law which is again you know re privatizing the oil and also just immediately privatizing all of the social services that Maduro and Chavez did so it's pretty shocking what would happen and pretty devastating what would happen if why does qu did succeed and the whole Trump Administration I mean it's not just Venezuela it's Nicaraguan Cuba to I mean we can't go to Cuba anymore yes and no wonder yeah one of that happened just a couple weeks ago right what was the purpose and what was the rationale because socialism is terrifying and we can't just let this small island

► 01:40:05

Nation just live its life we have to create some genocide or blockade that prevents food and medicine from getting in there too but what was the did was there a justification did they say why they were doing this while they're imposing these new laws no it just John Bolton's bizarre speech about the Troika of tyranny remember remember the axis of Evil remember that yeah that was the Troika of tyranny Nicaragua Cuba and Venezuela it's like wait I thought that I thought that we are fighting a war on terrorism we're going up to Nicaragua to yeah because of Ortega yeah they hate anyone who leans left they want to crush crush mmm it's pretty fucking nuts what you want is weird one right the Cuba ones because what what has happened over there nothing is there not yeah damn right the only thing they just did was actually give out free HIV prevention pills and they that's what they fucked up with big Pharma

► 01:41:05

this one thing's a mess it's so difficult because it's so nuanced but that's you know I encourage everyone to maybe check out Venezuela analysis and Empire files and tell us or if they want to learn more about that situation have you encountered any D monetization of your channel from discussing these complex issues yes we have so we actually stopped monetizing all together so we are added free but we would we would have been demonetized I'm absolutely sure and we also are slapped with age restrictions and sensitive content bands on almost every single video that we put up whether it be Israel Palestine or Venezuela really and then what would cause you to get an age restriction or a sensitive content like is there anything that is like of Fairly innocuous video that you guys have put out that I was also gotten a absolutely like Mike's video about John Oliver was just literally taking clips from John Oliver and then critiquing them and they said that was sensitive content van it's like well what do you mean why is that sensitive content ban but I

► 01:42:05

it has to do with an issue because you're criticizing an HBO show no no because it's happened with so with almost every single one of our videos and so you have to make sure that you're logged in that you prove your age just all these different steps and gatekeeping methods to prevent people from getting access to our Channel and another crazy thing about it is if you just search like Empire files Venezuela like it will take you a really long time to actually find our work even if you type in the channel name Abby Martin and these subjects it's really difficult to find and they've made that difficult to find on purpose I have no doubt what's also weird like how they determine what is trending right you know because it's not real like right what's trending right not really what is trending like Alex Jones freaked out as like their key because the video had gotten millions and millions of hits like they're they're censoring us from trending I'm like dude I got news for you I've never trended ever really 00 you know that's fake that's where it's very yeah right 0 times a channel

► 01:43:05

Germany's but shouldn't they be building your channel up know some people like it some people over there like it I think it's too fucked up you know I think the the like they don't know what I'm doing like there's not it's not you can't put it in a clear box and there's too much too many comedians on and there's too much weed and people get drunk and they you know they talk crazy shit and it's uncensored I just think I don't it's a very complex thing this sort of but you know it's happening there's you know you know someone is made a choice to never have it Trend it's trended 0 times how many views we had total talking about that one report the guy did that's enough 0 times yeah well we have trended but it's been like a very few amount of times like over five years that report was like over a one year period he but we haven't trended in years

► 01:44:01

the main channel has an eclipse Channel pops up there every so often Clips Channel yeah it's a weird people as such I don't I wouldn't know charge now trending page you have only the only one that's up now is ours it's going pages in a good gauge to Mark stuff I don't like well it's not like this is the news of the day kind of pay but it does help people like see people that are trendy yeah my little friend look I know that he's your friend to Peter Joseph who's been on the show before hit you know Zeitgeist and the Zeitgeist Trilogy was like one of the most popular videos online and that was totally fucking censored yeah hundred percent well in barely find that anymore this is the issue that people have with Facebook and Google and any of these gigantic online corporations that are deciding what is and isn't popular and using algorithms to steer people in directions you know one of the more fascinating discussions it's happened over the past few years is this understanding that their algorithms favor people are

► 01:45:00

write about things therefore like if you want to have a subject like say abortion and you put up a you know if you're a pro-choice or pro-life person you're going to get steered towards things you disagree with so that you didn't you engage with them more because that's where the money is the money is in you being upset and engaging and that's where people that's where people really get into it so the more you engage the more profitable it is for Facebook and the more they encourage that type of behavior so their their algorithm actually encourage pisses you off encourages right pissing you off and wants you to stay on YouTube and just go down the rabbit hole I'm watching it's just a particularly Facebook but with YouTube that was one of the weird New York Times piece the radicalization of some soft-minded child who got online and was turned into a right winger and then was subsequently turned into a left-winger by another video and then like finally he was saved like I sure I didn't read it yeah

► 01:46:00

would nonsense because it sort of connected a lot of people that aren't even right wing including me with the radicalization of this young man and they did link some websites that are some YouTube channels that are right you know that our right-leaning and and even far right but they also threw in a bunch of other ones that like Philly D right who's not right wing at all me and a few other folks well that's the algorithm yeah you know there's over them just takes you down down yeah but they were to New York Times article was suggesting that we all were right wing because it was a sloppy article just wasn't resident really well done but what's interesting is the conclusion ultimately he was saved by this by their algorithm yeah this is such their algorithm led him got him down and got him out yeah led him to an opposition of that if it was like left-wing persons YouTube employee wrote it or some shit just idea that this is the thing that drives me crazy save you believe something right and then if you go online and you

► 01:47:00

read something else and that something else is contrary to what you believe in you start believing in that something else somehow or another that's bad this is one of the great arguments against censorship is like you have to figure out what the fuck makes sense the only way to figure out what makes sense is to read all kinds of things to engage with all kinds of content the idea that we're supposed to protect people because we know what's right we know it's correct well who are you let me let me talk to you if you think you know what's correct you're the Arbiter of free speech or the orbital of logical discourse and common sense in this world let me ask you things let me talk to you let me get to the heart of how you feel how do you feel about trans kids transitioning when they're six how do you feel about all sorts of crazy weird things that have just been propped up as logical and makes sense how do you how do you feel about war how do you feel about abortion how do you feel about ghosts

► 01:48:01

how are you who are you and you just you just get to choose whether or not someone lean or information that comes to them leans left or right I think it's Preposterous I just think it's incredibly dangerous because you have to have an unbelievably complex and nuanced perspective in order to be able to dictate what makes or does not make sense and you you have to have a lot of information at your disposal you have to have a lot if you're talking about something like Venezuela let's look at that for example look at what you know and then look what you see in what you would call Progressive left-wing media that to your knowledge is incorrect and is basically propaganda points that's being redistributed in this way that is palatable now imagine if people decide that you Abby Martin are somehow or another part of some right-wing conspiracy now and they they're going to censor your voice and sense of Europe because it

► 01:49:00

don't fit in to this narrative that there but because you need so much information to be able to really understand what's happening in this one part of South America the word right exactly it's so complex they treat us like children and they think that we're not smart enough to actually discern what is right information that we need and I mean I want the Russian perspective I want the Venezuelan perspective I want the Chinese perspective because I feel like we're smart enough to really determine our own reality based on all the available information with this is where we're fucked is that we don't have a reliable independent Source that's not filled with Hyperbole and emotion and and dunking on people and screaming and insulting and I want someone who can break things down logically and clearly with no ideological Bend they are you're not leaning left you're not leaning right what where is that and why doesn't that exist I think it's because it's

► 01:50:00

not necessarily human and and you know people have opinions and they have biases and either they couch those biases and like these think tanks and pretend like they're these unbiased journalists or they just kind of wear it on their sleeve like I do with Empire files and media routes which is my you know my news organization that I do with my brother Robbie but I mean we try to lay it out but we also don't hide where we're coming from I almost appreciate that more than a lot of these journalists so-called journalist who are really kind of stenographers who pretend like they are unbiased and they're like I'm just giving it to you straight and at the end of the day they're really not they're trying to tow a line and they're trying to push a certain perspective but it's just not obvious yeah it's just we live in such a strange time where we are overwhelmed with data mean right overwhelmed you you cannot get away from it and there's no way there's not a fucking human alive that understands all of it it is impossible it really

► 01:51:00

is impossible and it's so hard to find out what is true and what is bullshit right oh my God what you posted about how you can now change people's like you can make a picture talk yes that crazy weren't it away Mona Lisa a wave of Lies I know I was like oh that's what the Mona Lisa look like cool shit talking yeah unbelievable I like to do Coke and my planes even though they invented like you could have the Mona Lisa say anything yeah really disturbing what we're in for what like what's coming buckle up buckle up yeah right imagine the fourth fifth and sixth generation of this technology utilized by government you know oh my God then being utilized by someone to sort of I mean you could easily justify assassinations if you can prove that someone saying something fucked up you killed them and then you release a tape of them saying something fucked up down Ali this person was going to start for whatever man yeah sure for sure

► 01:52:00

sure oh my God just drone strike anyone what I'm hoping is that if you look at what this technology is doing with technology in general is doing particularly like information technology internet cellular phones and smartphones only devices and and all the various new Incarnation that are coming out what they seem to be doing is

► 01:52:23

they seem to be creating portals for which information is more quickly accessed it's more and more transparent like ideas are getting two people quicker there's less and I think this is one of the things that these companies like Google and Facebook and Twitter and all those other they're trying to like figure out a way to manage this like well this is just too crazy we have to figure out how to manage information and get it right people things that they want to see but I think ultimately it's going to fail and I think ultimately as technology as all these Innovations keep coming down the pipe we're going to get closer and closer to this time where everyone has an instantaneous and equal access to information and I think that when that time does come lying will be virtually impossible I really do believe that because I think we're probably a decade away from implementing some sort of a device or an ability to read minds I really believe that that's kind of terrifying I

► 01:53:23

are going to develop some sort of technology that allows us to link up together and through some some sort of some new way of communicating that we didn't we don't foresee now but if you just look at this trend like what is the trend the trend was oh you go to the library and get a book on now you can get a book online well now you get a book on your phone well now you could have that book read to you on your phone and now I mean it's all this now you stallion accent boom boom boom boom boom keeps getting closer and closer to you and I think there's going to mean when Elon Musk he's being very vague about it won't right scoffs what he's doing but this neural link thing that he's doing that he thinks is going to radically increase bandwidth between human beings and information and he thinks it's going to literally change Humanity wow what the fuck that means but if he's working on something like that he's not the only one and if you're wearing some sort of a device that allows you to access information at this round Pace what what the next step would be was to is to

► 01:54:23

it so that you can tap into some sort of a universal language and this universal language would not be dependent upon like these various languages that we were Spanish or Chinese or whatever it is but some sort of a new language that kids learn a new language is a universal language that's distributed through online platforms and wow have this all go straight to your fucking brain wow it's going to happen we're becoming cyborgs and some sort of a weird way and that's the other thing that Ilan said we're already cyborg which is carried around with us and that's what your phone is right we're so dependent upon these devices it's just seems to make sense that the general direction that all this is going is becoming more and more invasive and more and more inclusive more and more invasive in terms of its the way it's sort of ingrained in your body and becomes a part of your life becomes more and more a part of everyone's life

► 01:55:23

and then more inclusive in terms of more access to this information and more access to thoughts and I just think we're just a few years away from someone making a breakthrough wow I think in some ways it's probably okay Joe Biden says he's gonna give you this before this thing is cool yes your ego or he can talk to it without moving his mouth and it can watch communicates with a computer this is this is over a year old so I don't know what the developments they've made since then yeah I sent this to Ilana and he says it's just a trick he said this is basically like a trick he said yeah this is giving you information you need to talk to it but he said what he's doing he's far more complex and then I asked him questions and he went radio silent on me yeah this is gonna be the first step first of all look at that guy looks like a dork wearing that thing is that my teeth aren't so big figured out himself yeah probably but that looks like some Iron Man type shit he's going to wear a football helmet does that and if I destroy them one step this is like the next thing they get this on

► 01:56:22

Bluetooth thing just touched your ear that like everybody's been already been walking around with the last 25 years so he's essentially essentially calculating his groceries as he walks around yeah he's just this is just probably connected to his phone I was just sort of showing you this this is already a may be available and like they're showing this is proof of concept go back this up because it was let's read the narration because it just said something there so without it right there without any voice or just go back to wearing this hat okay really right there without any voice or discernible movements enabling the user to communicate with devices just let it play

► 01:56:57

okay so AI assistance applications or other people in a silent and it's moving too fast Yea Yea So Bad video wrote yeah who the fucking read that fast I'm reading a pretty good very simply by vocalizing there eternally subtype yeah one of these devices to tell your brain they're trying to tell you stupid stupid you need this please hey can I play we have a little trailer for the film could I play it real quick sure where is it check out Empire files and it's the most recent thing how long have you guys been independent like ad-free basically a year since I came out I right after I came on last year the sanction shut down our show and so we had to do this giant fundraiser and it was just absolutely very difficult to yeah here it is yep let's check it out Empire files Gaza fights for freedom and this is this is the little trailer for our film that just came out

► 01:57:57

they've been no resemblance this is our eldest daughter she was my first show and she was killed she's a medic you want to read this fresh young female to field velocity girl she was the first to go to the March encampments and everyone participated I to participated the whole family did my husband my children my neighbor's my siblings did to all Palestinians participated in our March is peaceful

► 01:58:30

we do not carry weapons and we go somewhere with her big chests

► 01:58:36

we stand before a huge force of a fortified army with tanks gas and warplanes are marches peaceful re ask for our rights I have the right to have a country I have the right to have a home

► 01:58:51

all those refugees have the right to return to their homes so during this protest is this when these people were shot what we're seeing here yeah so it's a lot of people who are getting carried out including little kids yeah and they're shooting at them and this is isn't it time yet she says everyone around the world is sitting there watching us and they're all comfortable with their lives here we are under siege we have no borders no life where are we supposed to go

► 01:59:25

so this is coming out in a couple of weeks we're fine tuning it but we just had a big theatrical release in downtown and it was it was really cool that's where you saw the Oliver Stone yeah but yeah it's it's it's sick I mean you texted me that video of the kid you know another medic was just shot so yeah there's something amazing Bilal Muhammad whose whether UFC fighters had on his Instagram and I texted you that it's we

► 01:59:55

it's so again this is another thing that so difficult to understand what's actually going on there so many pro-israel people that put their head in the sand and don't want to look at some of these atrocities and don't want to look at some of the videos that you sent me of soldiers shooting at people that are not doing anything right I mean yeah I mean their whole argument is that it's all Hamas and their human Shields I mean we looked through hundreds of hours of footage that these people gave us and it's mind-blowing footage it looks absolutely cinematic and epic but the footage is harrowing and I didn't see one weapon I didn't see one militant not one weapon it was literally people with slingshots throwing rocks at tanks it's kind of a rite of passage it's very symbolic they're not trying to hurt anyone know Israeli soldiers have been hurt or killed you know during 2018 which is what the film looks at his through 2018 of the great March of return and there's not any weapons there's no militants Hamas has nothing to do with these with the March

► 02:00:55

and it's just shocking I mean it's shocking how many war crimes were committed on camera and it's just amazing the propaganda that's just told to us about what this is and why they have the right to kill people that pose no threat to them when you were on last time when you talked about this one of my email accounts was flooded with literally a chain letter the same letter like denouncing you and your lies and your anti-semitic perspective and your anti Israelis perspective it was it was weird because it was the same email astroturfed yeah I was fake yeah you know that's a campaign you know that that has a lot of money behind it yeah that's a lot of money behind that I mean the film's mind-blowing go to Gaza fights for Freedom.com if you want to check it out when it when it gets released and it just really on incontrovertible Joe I mean they're you know even if it were a war

► 02:01:55

tween armies all of these things that Israel's done are still documented war crimes and very Grievous violations of international law and we're talking about direct targeting and assassinations by Israeli snipers of disabled people of children Man Press and Medics and that's what who resigned was she was a medic and as you mentioned another medic just passed away was killed rather I hate to use the passive voice because you always hear Palestinians died no they were murdered they're all being murdered by snipers and they pose no threat to them and so the film looks at this un investigation basically during the march in 2018 and documents all of the Grievous crimes and atrocities conducted by the Israeli military and I mean you know Palestine has a right to defend itself and this isn't even what that is but if you look at the UN Charter of 1978 they say that you know occupied peoples and besieged peoples have the right actually Four armed self-defense

► 02:02:55

and the fact that this is not even what that is that there's literally people going out there and peace with their bare chests holding flags and they're getting killed and sniped there's so many amputations I mean just in 2018 alone there was 35 kids who were killed

► 02:03:11

900 shot Jesus that's children and you know some of these stories are harrowing a kid hiding behind a trash can who was sniped a kid who went up to the fence and just put a Palestinian flag and she was shot in the head and died instantly it just goes on and on and on and so you know we're just trying to document this to really kind of push the needle for accountability because these laws have been agreed upon by the International Community some of them hundred years ago and to have kind of a rogue State acting with complete impunity knowing that it has Total Protection from the u.s. Empire and given more freedom than ever under Trump with this Golan Heights thing and the moving of the Jerusalem Embassy or the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem I mean it's just it's abysmal and it needs to be stopped and you know they can't control the narrative any longer because we're seeing this with our own eyes and that's what this film does is really lays it all out have you concentrate and focus on so many different fucked up parts of the world

► 02:04:11

but you so you're very friendly and upbeat like see like you're laughing at this how do you manage to maintain your sanity because I have a hard time if I just watch one of your pieces right I watched one of your clips and I just go what the fuck I just want to cry and I don't know what to do and I want to hug my kids but you're in this you're in the trenches every day and you go to these places all the time how do you how do you do it well I think that well first of all I go and Camp a lot I get into nature a lot which is also kind of depressing knowing that you know climate change and blah blah blah but I try to get out and see the beauty of the world and understand my privilege especially as an American citizen because I don't have we can't afford to not be aware and we can't afford to not be educated and talking about these issues especially when our government is subsidizing this around the world ten million dollars every day with our tax dollars you know I mean this is this is going on

► 02:05:12

it's so close to home and we have to acknowledge our privilege and acknowledge the situation which is we have agency we have agency to Lobby our government to change this and to stop these Criminal

► 02:05:26


► 02:05:29

but do you ever feel that it's almost like you're absorbing too much because you are looking at all the problems of all the people and 7 plus billion around the world and all these different horrific Injustice has I try to focus on what I can do and what I can do is challenge my own government and you know as an American citizen living in this Society I think that the u.s. Empire and the Pentagon is the source of a lot of problems around the world I look at the world as complex I mean you have to understand the issues that are going on especially with foreign policy in terms of the colonized and colonizers the oppressed and oppressors and the u.s. is role as well as other previous Empires role in shaping the world as it is today and a lot of the problems that have Arisen are because directly u.s. foreign policy whether it be the global war on terrorism whether it be terrorism in general I mean that you know drone strikes basically cause terrorism whether it be the environmental crises the Pentagon is

► 02:06:28

the largest polluter in the world more than a hundred forty countries that's essentially every country in the world almost a bigger polluter than the top for chemical companies combined so it all kind of stems back from this notion that you know the u.s. is the world's largest Empire that's ever existed and it needs to be stopped to save humanity and so as an American citizen I look at all of the problems and I understand that there is like a very common root and I can do something about this common root and if you're looking at domestic problems the lack of Health Care the lack of Education I mean Martin Luther King called it decades ago he says you know a nation that spends more and more on military spending is facing social death I probably butchered his quote but that's essentially the spiritual death I think he's what he said but I mean that's exactly what's happening is when we're squandering all of our money bolstering up this huge Global Empire we're not taking care of our people at home are brothers and sisters at home my empathy extends as an

► 02:07:28

most all around the world I you know I feel for my brothers and sisters in Palestine Yemen everywhere but I can only do what I can do based on what my government is doing and and you know it's doing a lot that's doing a lot of horrible things and it's time for us to really acknowledge what those horrible things are because we need to reinvigorate a an anti-war movement in this country and when you're saying that drone strikes create terrorism what you're really saying is Well what people if they don't understand drone strikes primarily kill civilians right now okay well yeah it's a it's a really crazy number and it's this very strange sanitized way of handling an issue where if you had a person and you had some Rambo character you send them overseas you said hey I want you to go get this Isis terrorists and in the process kill everybody the fuck that you see everybody that's in front of them that person would be a war criminal

► 02:08:28

if you had a guy and he knew that some Isis guy was in an apartment building so he just started gunning down men women and children in that apartment building until he got to the terrorists that guy would go to jail but if you do it with a remote control and you launch Hellfire missiles out of a drone and it blows up the apartment building a kills all these innocent people but also gets the terrorists it's mission accomplished and it's crazy it's crazy that we're signing off on that right and what gives us the right it's to kill people it's a thing because we're not there where there's this weird sort of a just a there's a bridge that we're allowed to cross into this really sickening act it's a very stiff when you have anything that's ineffective to the point where most of the people it kills are good people or at least are innocent people we should say that's crazy I mean this is not saying that there's not terrorism it's not saying is not horrible people

► 02:09:28

ice there's absolutely look I'm a pro military person I think we need military and I think just like the same I need we need cops but to deny that cops sometimes are bad is fucking crazy to not deny that sometimes when you allow the military industrial complex to do things like have drones that launch missiles into wedding parties because you think one of the people might be a terrorist and are often incorrect often to the tune of 90 plus percent yeah it's crazy and you look at you know the last 10 years you look at some of these terrorists who have conducted terrorist acts you look at actually what their intention was in a lot of them the vast majority literally site u.s. foreign policy avenge u.s. foreign policy I mean every time you kill 98% innocent people whoever survives if you lost your whole family in that you have an incredible amount of motivation to get back at whoever did it right and that whoever did it is

► 02:10:28

United States we need to stop normalizing this and you know militarily speaking Trump actually you know it's not just Trump I mean this is a bipartisan effort throughout the entire Congress if there's one thing Congress can agree upon its to make nonviolent BDS efforts against Israel legal and also to just keep ramping up the military and egging on whoever's sitting in the Oval Office to be more militaristic and that's exactly what's happened with Trump in a bizarre way I mean Congress approved like a seventh near trillion dollar defense budget and the increase alone in the last year was basically Russia's entire military budget more than Russia's entire military budget that's how much this shit's ramping up and then you have the space force I mean it's just like how far is this going to go the society is collapsing if you looked at the argument against this you would say we need this in order to keep people safe here

► 02:11:26

that would be the argument against it I'm my question would be what are we what threat is there Isis

► 02:11:35

one has Isis ever done anything here other than I mean there was like a truck I mean come on we already know the statistics on terrorism in this country and they're very low right I mean you're basically more likely to die from like Furniture falling on you or Sharps Harmon yeah yeah and the whole Isis thing I mean as we know Isis arose out of u.s. foreign policy the failed State and Libya the Iraq War that's still criminally ongoing I mean Trump announced this indefinite extension of the criminal occupation of Iraq it's just crazy how normalize this is you know far longer than Vietnam were in Afghanistan fatalities that aren't all time high all of these things are a direct result of u.s. foreign policy and look at the refugee crisis look at immigration the Honduras qu all the shit's connected and that's what we need to start like expanding our Consciousness and our empathy worldwide to understand all of these things are linked in the struggle is all linked and our world is shrinking really rapidly what

► 02:12:35

speaks in this way like what candidate do you think understands and recognizes all these things that you're talking about I mean Mike Ravel is the only one who's like we need to end the u.s. Empire Bernie and pussy grovel my gravelle was he was the guy who basically read the Pentagon papers and to record he he was a good guy he has yeah like this online campaign that's really awesome but I mean tolst he's speaking a lot about regime change Wars which is extremely important but she still believes in drone strikes she basically has a little bit of Obama's foreign policy that I don't agree with that fundamental understanding limited drone strikes like maybe if there's an Isis Camp somewhere I mean I can't believe that she believes in some sort of just broad brush use of it I haven't looked into the nuances of that but I do think that no one is saying what I want them to about u.s. Empire about you know scaling back the USM

► 02:13:35

her and and stopping all of this Civil Society movements because it's not just about invasions anymore it's about you know usurping the Democratic processes of all of these countries like what we've done in Venezuela what we're doing all around the world to try to foment unrest all of this needs to be stopped do you foresee a time where our dependence on foreign oil is radically reduced to the point where it doesn't justify these regime change Wars in our dependence on these resources that these people have I mean this is almost every conflict in the world you can boil down to the acquisition of resource right and also the protection of capital and that's like what a lot is what a lot of it is now is actually just Capital interests needing to expand and grow and continuing to up and increase the profit structure of these corporations and that's exactly why we've seen imperialism you know kind of go out of control and the way that it has I don't know I mean I thought

► 02:14:35

that we were more independent oil wise I don't think it's good I think that climate change yeah I think that Clan it hasn't stopped yeah you know it hasn't stopped the imperialist Misadventures of the US government so I think there just needs to be a really big shift in Consciousness and people to stop thinking that it's our right and that we have you know the right and the duty to do this around the world it doesn't give us the right we don't have it's not right man it's really not and we need to really reinvigorate the masses here because again Society is collapsing that's pretty fucking obvious well if it's not obvious what is obvious is that we're not evolving right in terms of

► 02:15:21

if we're still involved in drone strikes that killed 98% of people if we're still involved in regime change Wars we're still involved in these unnecessary military actions against Iran these these things that people freaking out about this is all the same kind of shit that people have been fighting against for ever that we don't want our brothers and sisters and husbands and wives to die for nonsense we don't want them to die for some people that live in these air-conditioned rooms that are making billions of dollars that are profiting off of the actions of these these noble people who think that they're doing it to protect America I mean this is the narrative that there being served this is what they're being told and when they're going to these places they're not going to those places to act as evil as to as the the boots of some Empire they're going over there because they think they're protecting Freedom they think they're protecting their family their loved ones back home

► 02:16:21

why they're doing it if we're still doing that we're not evolving well I mean that's what's so scary about the Iran thing because the people who are surrounding Iran and being directed to go out there they're the ones who are gonna be the sacrificial Lambs actually for these defense contractors and I don't think that you can argue anymore that this is for freedom I mean how can you what threat does here on pose to the also AIDS it's a tough sell I don't I don't understand what threat they serve either and what what benefit would it be for them to start some shit with us and it's that is the craziest idea ever it's like my you know nine-year-old kid trying to pick a fight with Mike Tyson's fucking crazy it doesn't make any sense like what are you trying to do trying to get killed I mean inevitably we're trying to get to the global confrontation with China and Russia I guess I mean that's

► 02:17:10

it's scary to think that we only have a couple independent states left to knock down to be under complete subjugation from the US Military and global capitalism it's pretty nuts well not only that even if we do move into some sort of a

► 02:17:27

some sort of a situation where we were in control then we're a bigger Target and with the amount of nuclear weapons that are possessed by these countries that were I mean just what North Korea has just this one small fucked-up country could ruin life on Earth just this one country and forget about Russia we could literally annihilate each other right that's that's a possibility right I mean if if someone chose to launch an attack if they decided they have the justification to launch an attack and then all sudden we're in a real war yeah like a fucking war war war people are invading us shit gets knocked down buildings and bombs blow up I mean over what this can't be avoided this is the only way the only way is missiles and bombs like you said we're not evolving or devolving I mean it's unbelievable

► 02:18:27

we have the capacity to provide for everyone we have the capacity to cooperate to innovate and we're stuck we're stuck dehumanizing the other we're stuck with this mask conditioning to basically perpetuate these these injustices and its really a shame I mean we have all the information at our fingertips but we still keep reverting back to what's the myths the Mitch that underpin our society is conversations I have with your so depressing because it's always I always leave going what the fuck what what can be done what can we do what where does it end where does it go you know these are these are the big questions and then also what we discussed before it's impossible for anyone to really have a deep nuanced understanding of all these different issues right right I mean I think focusing on what you can do we can only do what we can do and you have to understand that you know you can't get debilitated or disillusion with you know the

► 02:19:27

the influx of information are just the complete you know the heaviness of it all you just have to do what you can do you're doing what you can do you have me on to help spread awareness about these issues and that manual freaking oh yeah and you're about to get freaked out you're about to get spammed with a lot of Hasbro and they don't have my real email but that's that's what we can do Joe and and you just have to live your life and provide for your kids and and love what you have and but also just understand your place you know and just extend the empathy that you can and just yeah I mean it's hard because I don't have the answer all I know is what's needed and what's needed is we need a movement of the masses it's not going to come from the top down it's going to come from a Grassroots mobilized effort to try to change these policies that's the only way things have ever changed in the past and I absolutely have hope and optimism that we're going to change things and that we're going to correct

► 02:20:25

this horrible path that were on do you think that the 2020 elections can have a real significant impact of any of this do you think that whoever gets into office can really have an effect on the kind of policies that were talking about with the kind of influence of the military industrial complex of all these lobbyists of Wall Street all of all these like monstrous machines that just pure good old-fashioned democracy can actually step in and turn the ship away from the Rocks Bernie I really do think that he's one of our last chances not because I think that he's going to completely do some revolutionary upheaval from the top down as we know Congress is stocked with a lot of terrible people who will block a lot of these efforts but I think that he's going to mobilize the masses and reinvigorate the labor movement and reinvigorate unions and help workers understand that they need to fight for these rights that have been eviscerated you know over the last hundred years

► 02:21:25

one thing that does inspire me as well as seen people like Elon Omar you know she is incredible she's a Somali Refugee she Advocates BDS against Israel and she does not fucking back down I love that woman what an incredible woman she got Visser viciously attacked for retweeting one of my episodes from Empire files and I think it just shows how scared people are of her and her ideas and you saw how hard everyone came down on her for just saying that Israel has an influential Lobby and DC yeah well the she's also wearing religious Garb that people are scared of that right away the job and then there's something some hit piece on her yesterday they're saying they think she married a brother oh that's ridiculous yeah they think she Achilles to get into this country that she had a religious marriage but then she had another I don't know what he's the only one in Congress other than playing a band of course AOC and you know some other very few people but she's out there every day

► 02:22:25

is speaking against the military industrial complex speaking against the wars I think as a refugee she understands the effects of US policy and I'm really excited that she has a voice in there but again I don't think that the hope is going to come from within Congress and the system is way too far gone with the Electoral College and the gerrymandering and the voter rights you know that have been rescinded it's a lot and it's an uphill battle but that's why someone like Bernie I think we'll turn to the people and say I can't do this alone you have to come out and get my back and we have to have millions of people in the streets demanding these things that's the only way it's going to work

► 02:23:04

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