#1298 - Neal Brennan

May 15, 2019

Neal Brennan is a stand-up comedian, actor, writer, director and producer. He is known for co-creating and co-writing “Chappelle’s Show” with Dave Chappelle. Check out his podcast "How Neal Feel" available on Apple Podcasts & Stitcher.

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Rogan yay all right folks my guest today is one of the best stand-up comics on the planet Earth he was the one of the co-creators along with Dave Chappelle of the Chappelle show worked with him on many different projects half-baked he's got some fantastic Netflix specials he's got a great podcast what is it Neil be like how Neil feel

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I had asked Jamie I knew it was something like that how Neil feel is the new new podcast he's fucking awesome give it up for my friend mr. Neal Brennan

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The Joe Rogan Experience Train by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day

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signed a waiver before at we're live great while you said that sounds great I'm glad that people are seeing me Neal Brennan sign as witness everyone will be a notary notary public I wonder if they can listen there's a software that can listen to the sound your pain is making and figure out the lines your drawing you know they have technology now where when people are speaking at a room with a window that I get rid of the window noise they can know they can tune into the vibrations of the window from the sound of your voice and pick up everything that's being said in the room I heard that there's a Netflix queue because before I mean Netflix doesn't give people ratings but there's a way that there you can get they can gauge Reflections off of wit some weird fucking technology where and it's fairly accurate Reflections off of Windows yes I don't know what it is your second hand yeah like second

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not it's like so I believe it sound waves oh wow yeah what are they monitoring Jamie's got some I have no idea Jimmy I'm Jimmy by this right now if you Kimmie long-range laser listening device the long-range laser listening device laser microscope is a highly sophisticated surveillance apparatus that utilizes an invisible infrared laser beam to eavesdrop on a Target this is the most effective long-range laser listening device in the world that allows the operator to conduct an undetectable surveillance operation on any Target from Tony Stark Industries with at least one window at an impressive distance of over 500 meters that is actually very impressive are that's far as shit with the laser beam fuck and you just buy that the say that's commercially available and I wonder what is not commercially available know for sure right out there like you remember when there was that story about some weird sound weapon they think that the Cubans using on yeah Americans that were in Cuba

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this probably a bunch of shit like I was reading an article they can list like submarines have technology they can listen to basically like fish farting in the ocean if they if they wanted to they can hear sounds that quiet it can hear anything so if of like literally a fish farts there like what was that what was that was that a sub nope there's a fish net WoW the next sound yeah good for us or something I guess good for somebody good for us I guess yeah but sound thing was funny because it was like people would get sick yeah and they could and then at there was also they did it in China to there were like they at American Civil like Angie I like non-government are like kind of work for the government tangentially or they were to the Embassy their Apartments were above each other two separate people and both of them it was on 60 Minutes like not long ago likely targeted the rooms yeah it's like a dog whistle for people yes in essence and it's like well what do you want me to do I guess you just leave I guess it is like a

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I want you to feel like the shares yeah the fuck out of here huh yeah there's probably a ton of Technology like that they're not aware of my friend Mike swick used to fight in the UFC and before that he did a brave brief spent stint rather in the military he was doing something some sort of either is either Secret Service work or something along those lines but anyway he was at the embassy in Russia and he said that they had found listening devices that were so sophisticated that they were being powered by the natural sway of the building wow With the Wind so the went they didn't need a power source the natural swaying of the building in the wind was powering up this little microphone that was listening in on things and he said they were they were looking at the stuff they like we don't know anything like this like this yeah completely new stuff and we found it and yeah building I like I mean I don't love it but it's like kind of cool it's cool

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yeah like I just don't kill me or us you don't even like the hope is we just both would they have their thing and we hadn't it's just like mutually assured destruction like an arms race of Technology because that's what's going to happen the amount to use the cloud yes I know like I don't use it for important stuff yeah but I use it for like my apps yeah my apps are backed up in the cloud recording so backed up in the cloud sets sets of them yeah but there's like no photos or video of it's just a bit like I don't know man it's fucking crazy I mean we're we're getting down to some very strange place with the cloud with stuff being yes in the air and the amount of trust it takes the presumption that will just never run out of energy and will never run out of the ability to tap into the cloud is like I don't that seems presumption I I'm not even like a doomsday person but I just feel like

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it's like the difference between how men dress in public and how women dress like on a night out women are wearing heels and guys are dressed in case they have to fight I'm still like we will do the thing in the mirror like yeah I'll fucking I'll fuck you up and like that's how I feel with technology where I'm like what do I have a back-up plan for this even people with like Wi-Fi door locks I'm like I don't know man I don't know man I don't know the Wi-Fi goes out what do ya like please be care I don't I don't know what the what the negative scenario is but even my garage in my place and I live in like a townhouse thing and there was a power outage the gate won't open and like okay there's no relief there was a fail there was a release that somebody better person than I figured out something like I was just like I can't come like uber

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I didn't have a fucking plan but someone figured out like you open a hatch and then there's a chain and you gotta pull the chain and it was like okay but it wasn't it wasn't easy right like you know it's the Doomsday thing it's like yeah well this guy yes guys been on my show several times and he's just done recently and he's one of the main proponents of this theory that something somewhere around 12 thousand eight hundred years ago hit the earth and fucked up everything and probably reset civilization killed off the vast majority of us 12,000 12,000 that long you're not not that long ago it also corresponds with the end of the ice age is a lot of physical evidence for it and increasingly we're seeing more and more evidence in terms of ancient cultures that existed far before twelve thousand eight hundred years ago they really didn't understand that they thought people just hunter-gatherers back then now they're finding evidence of things like it's a place called Gobekli Tepe which is a giant these huge monolithic

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that are made out of stone carved like huge columns yeah that don't seem like they were made by hunter-gatherers it seems like there was probably some sort of A Lost Civilization and they know that this all happened somewhere around that time somewhere around 12,000 years ago so it can happen again and if it does happen again all our stuff is on digital now which is even weirder it's weirder than books right we have books but the vast majority of most of the data that we all keep and share we share on phones and on computers yeah and we can't read it we can't read it without program I don't know the first thing about can do you don't even like I don't know anything about I was I was talking last night like I don't know much about my the different the the level of Education women have about their reproductive organs versus men oh yeah like my my balls I know about my balls I know the medical term is testicles mmm

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that's about it you don't go hot get him hot yeah again that's like that's like a child not a bit and you only know that from like because I got a hot one time but I don't know how semen gets to the I don't know the name of the to I don't know where anything is that's my body right women know tons they know Fallopian tubes were evolved cervix like everything yeah guys know prostate cancer who was my ass home oh yeah good answer and not curious I mean like not like Curious in a way of like I let's just hope just hope for those it's none of my business plus to get checked out you have to have a finger in your ass and everybody puts out off yeah now meanwhile women do that once he constantly always getting jabbed at and swabs to swab yeah they get the pap smear a smear smear the in the title yeah Jesus just ever

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imagine if you needed people to come inside you you needed them to not just not just exchanged bodily fluids by kissing now they have to squirt something in you to make people yeah so if the Synod they're poisonous little dirty DNA their dirty little fucking infected it's awfully gross maybe get like 10 feet away from it you're like Jesus yeah what they're doing but why you're in the moment it seems like they think the most logical you gotta do them can't not do it yeah did you speaking of that did you see the thing about Jerrod no did I don't they want to bring it up but he basically came out a little on HBO came out a little came out a little to his mom said I've had sexual experiences with men oh and it's just like oh we should cool with it yeah

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what's going on yeah - I think when I people are like what do you think I'm like I don't know that sexual preference at this point to me is about as interesting as like your workout or just like I just don't care like what are you doing uncle cool know what I care about are you funny are you funny and are you cool yeah and and like do we have shit to talk about right great yeah I don't I couldn't care less who's what type of hand you like jerking you know what I mean like I think what kind of mouth with some guys who like Tim Dylan I think it's an advantage with his active he's gay yes he's so ridiculous and over-the-top and he's like a big fat gay guy yeah but he doesn't really talk does he talk about every little talk about it sometimes yeah but I mean you know it's not a big deal to him he treats it the way a guy treats his sexuality look you don't have to go blaring through the streets of your straight all the time right you are usually assume you're really not right like there's no yeah there's straight you're straight yeah if you're not no one fucking cares in the comedy community literally no one cares yeah it doesn't it makes a difference the only thing that bums me out is when God hide it

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so I come on does it bum you out for them or you for them yeah I'd really bumped but having said that I get it I get it like it's a real bummer it's sad we know a few guys that are up in the closet and it's you just feel bad for them like Zach like yeah man I hope it's not unbearable right you know what I mean like like I get while you're while you're in the closet I get why actors in the closet like especially male actors like because it doesn't serve them to come out it's not going to it's not going to help them I think it's the worst thing for them in terms of like getting roles as a heterosexual if you're a known homosexual you almost can't get roles as a heterosexual yeah I remember there were some who is that what is that guy's name Neil Patrick Harris he was in something where he played like this arrogant guy who likes girls he was in it no well no he and know it was on till How I Met Your Mother yeah and that worked he also played a straight guy

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in Gone Girl pretty well

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yeah was that before or it was a became both been after really and I was all because I said I was surprised that that's what he played but like certain people they just I don't know he might be the only guy that I agree that like he came out and it's not nanhee you buy it somehow as a romantic lead you think that it's like it cancels that out like if Tom Cruise decided to come out if Tom Cruise is gay and he decided to come out like that would be a real problem I turned you know what I was talking to somebody about this even though you know will be a hilarious movie idea gay couple caught Tom Cruise and John Travolta John Travolta gets kidnapped and gay Tom Cruise has to save his gay husband John Travolta and but other than that it's a real action movie wow it's just gay I like it when that be fucking cool I like it like just a straight get if anyone out there is a screenwriter that have at it because I'm never going to write it with that fly

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would people enjoy that like if it's really good like John Wick style I think it would I really think it would if it was if the guy just kick it's not like gay guys are like a feet and if you know I know plenty of like rough gay guys at a whup your ass like this bro Bears bro her they got I got the wrong crowd that's how fucking bad these guys are yeah I to really it would be fucking so cool like he's going yeah because that's how I feel with someone like drunk him and I'm like I don't care okay it's never come up we we've been good friends for a decade just never came up yeah like it just he didn't seem that interested in women but I also don't think he's not interested just maybe a little this is definitely a spectrum right and yeah people are just yeah that's fine too yeah yeah I'm also not Matt like if I run the Spectrum I think I would absolutely do it yeah I'm just not on the Spectrum like I but in terms of opportunity

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there's a lot of nights a Year Joe oh yeah there's 365 nights a year yeah you could you're not gonna do the big pussy dick pussy yeah go back and you gotta learn more same nice but it up Dahmer I had the best joke about that he goes he goes he goes this is how little I give a fuck he goes I wish I was gay just so I could come out yes I wish I wish I had a secret like that yeah it's That's how little I give a fuck it's a row it's like his joke about I'm gaining weight for a movie I don't know what the movie is yet but great joke yeah but yeah gay action movie would fantastic I like it I do too I within a year or two people would be definitely ready for it I if it were a legit good action movie yeah I think they'd be if it were Tom hard even if maybe if they were both one of them straight and one of them is Tom Hardy and he just plays gay and mmmm and like he it's taken but it doesn't have to be too

► 00:21:55

gay guys could be even crazier two straight guys who have to make out yeah they could be played by straight guys absolutely then we're right now we're talking now we're really talking now you're talking and now the target commitment because I was thinking about do with if Tom Cruise was gay right and he just came out and there's a movie where you save his wife would women not believe it do you know any men like yes like so if you come out so it's like alright so now in the next mission impossible they just kidnap his husband yeah well for sure you could do that with lesbians if you had to hot lesbians yeah of course hundred percent yeah no there's no real issues that would be no problem there'd be no resistance and that's a difference between a lesbian actress they can go a woman who's a lesbian you know why they raised I believe gay straight because there's a big portion of men who never truly believe a lesbian I have a bit about it yeah I had a bit about from one of my old specials it's like we

► 00:22:55

that you believe you're a lesbian yeah but this ain't got a place at this week dick yet he never spent a Saturday with man fucking Applebee's Haiti with an Applebee's and a bar Corner Bar forget it the panty dropper tequila shots when he got Brokeback Mountain yeah it wasn't really an action know I know but if we do we know for sure that both of those guys are not gay we do not we I mean Jake Gyllenhaal straight and you say so Heath Ledger but you saw that movie how strong I mean come on man you saw Eve I you believed it Jack no one's that good at acting definitely crazy there's no way he could play Crazy that guy's definitely gay trust me I know things I've seen many movies and understand them I know when someone's acting and someone's just ye a fucking kid but that was easy for him ya know that it would be that but running around yeah that could happen that could I think that could happen I think we're on

► 00:23:55

virge that I would enjoy it I'm happy for it because then people stop getting free passes where you're goofy but you're gay so we let you slide with right silly Behavior like no no I want equality I want you to me to be able to call you a dunce and not have to worry about being homophobic and no one hears gay dunce right when you say use guy has guy's a fucking dummy like hey dunce yeah I got your homophobic yeah and my God it's my God yeah it's the that's how it would go at The Comedy Cellar like it just like this fucking dunce that's where it would count did I hear that the The Comedy Cellar is like seriously has a social justice Warrior infestation like they need to like spray the place oh I don't I mean when I've been there in hasn't been like that that I mean they've been there have been people writing about it there Ben I mean it's like The Comedy Cellar is like the main Hub and culture now it's like main Hub of woke - yeah I mean it but it's also like the main battlefield of Wellness where it's like

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Louis came and they were protesters and then I couldn't sit at the table and I because it is like night I mean I don't think it's pull your dick out yeah exact old Louis to put dick out and she was a hero I was quoting all these tweets that were talking about it and articles were written hero she was heroic I think I think someone sent me a Louis article today I think there's just fatigued at this point yes I think people are just like taught like what see I don't ya okay like try to find a new Stormy Daniels article yeah everybody's like enough yeah it's right we thought it was going to work it didn't work he doesn't give a fuck he doesn't give a fuck fuck he doesn't care shit you Justin Martin deals and I'll never forget he's in the fucking hallway The Comedy Store as flamboyant as he could ever be yep and he goes That's our Monica Lewinsky she's gonna take them down and like good luck Stormy Daniels yeah my good luck man ain't gonna do shit yeah so what's the worst thing that comes out of this that he fucked her or that paid her to keep

► 00:25:55

why didn't she didn't keep quiet what's the worst thing do we think he doesn't fuck yeah it's all different strains unlike we knew he was gross no one cared the only way that wheel it goes even raises taxes or then he'll lose his base or you raises taxes on Lower middle class people and if he if he like doesn't stand by as abortion step but otherwise all the donors are sticking with them everyone sticking with them what happened yesterday there was a new abortion ruling was in an Alabama yes that it would basically outlawed I personally believe it's going to backfire you think so yeah because I think people the thing that that's always been true as Republicans were against abortion and they would go like we and they never got to repeal it right but I think they're gonna repeal it and then people going to go like whoa whoa whoa whoa this is crazy if you don't want to get abortions fine but you can't change a law based on a lot of times not even

► 00:26:55

a plurality of in a like in general elections like in the general presidential election like it's not even the majority of the country that elects the president what who vote was this something that the people of Alabama vote now it's the it's the government like the state legislature has a slippery slope yeah and it's like you're going you're doing 99 years in jail if you get an A if you give an abortion or real one yeah that's what it is now yeah that's what it's going to do that's the law that they passed I just personally believe that I mean I'm obviously hopeful but it's a bit like now that's too far it's a bit like when they made Clinton testify and people are like ah that was to that was like the the to too far a line was crossed when they make Clinton testify about his sex life and it was like mmm we don't like that we understand that you wanted to repeat the guy but don't make the press and I feel like I'm hoping and I believe it's true that

► 00:27:55

we'll be too far field firm moderate people I hope you're right and it's just it's very dangerous when you just decide that no one can do it anymore based on a few people's decision that is going to affect the millions of people that live in Alabama and will also be portion laws are odd because it it's the assumption is the reason Christians want to Outlaw it is because they think God is going to say what's with your vote on that I saw that you voted for abortion what like you want to kill baby yeah see you want to kill babies like well no I didn't I didn't kill any babies yeah but you voted for it's like they don't want to live in a country where that's legal having said that if you Google the worldwide rights of abortion it's not legal everywhere which surprised me because I was like wait is it what is America's

► 00:28:49

Where Do We Stand within the rest of the world and there are not a ton of countries but there's a there's I think it's illegal in a quarter of the world wow if not more well abortion is one of those things where it's like okay when does it bother you doesn't bother me at all if you're two days pregnant doesn't bother me at all bothers me a little of your four months pregnant Bob's me a lot of your five or six bothers me a lot if you look really pregnant you get an abortion it's like what it would have what is that is that a baby that would be viable outside the womb because it's one of those it's it's something that people just have a deep discomfort about when discussing even if you're a supporter of it if you just discussed the actual reality of what it is what the ACT is with this surgical procedure is and it makes you know it's not it's a not nothing that's the thing it's not nothing like and and I think that one of the indicators it's not enough

► 00:29:49

thing and I'm pro-choice as I yeah like you're right wing Joe everybody knows that some so far right to go the other way and left the backside the I actually do want to talk about that the the presumption of value that you know the one of the indicators is when people talk about even getting an abortion they are out they always whisper about it yeah and I don't know if it's because of the sigma yeah I think because they it's kind of not nothing yeah it's a personal thing to I don't think they want to discuss it with other folks but I wouldn't care if you got if I got a cyst removed I mean if that's the indication just that yeah it's just a medical procedure and again pro-choice have at it yeah I'm sure I've never I don't I haven't had any abortions that I know of but I don't I don't know what point I'd be like aah and these attitudes about it about the taboo of discussing it though and impedes rational discourse an MP

► 00:30:49

zero ability to talk about things and communicate about them because you have to have this very rigid opinion that you're always pro-abortion Pro women's rights woman's right to choose which I am it it but we're still talking about a real thing and that real thing is killing a thing that would grow up to be a person and that's why people freak out about it and to pretend it otherwise yes just disingenuous Louis was the first one I heard talk about that on stage and in a way that was funny where like if they think their partner and babies down there yeah I'd protest to yeah if I thought they were if there was a place that I thought these people are murdering babies right I'm out there every day yeah he's like I don't care I personally think they are murdering babies I don't care Ivy Dallas to do words got in trouble and yes this is one of the things like when like that Parkland joke that he did I was like look that's not his best joke but it's also he's working it out yet done stand-up in ten fucking months he's working it out but if you say that he's different now we're getting to see the real Louis like bitch you better go through his Library yeah that's what he did

► 00:31:49

yeah the part that was like his ninth most offensive joke yeah not even close he's that's what he does yeah called comedy yeah they the idea was like well but we didn't know he was he didn't know him yeah cuz you know anything you assume what you believed what he fed or you you wanted to believe I actually I have a theory that one of the reasons people like the New York Times and other media Outlets got brought the hammer down so hard on him is because they'd heard the rumors and ignored them so now they have to signal that like this is wrong because there were rumors before right and they were like we don't like they they ignored them so now they have to overcompensate be like he is absolutely he's the face of hypocrisy and evil I was like okay well he just caught it at the worst time ever exactly yeah he just has that the bad he had beachfront property during a tournament game yeah yeah yeah just like yeah

► 00:32:49

some hurricanes you can just start you got the Deep stilts not that one the other fucker this is yeah like he had fun structure flattener he's walking around let's go oh my god this is my cock up my cup yeah here's what I want to talk about with you the idea cuz whenever I tell people were friends or that I go on your shoulder like how can I I'm like first of all cause you're fucking good dude and have been a good dude for 27 years that I know of to me thank you it doesn't mean you're always good whatever you're always good to do every time I said whatever I don't fucking know your life I don't know what you do outside of fucking Encino the and now the next question becomes why do you have cranks on there and what people would consider cranks on the show and you and I talked about this a little bit off the show explain because you are basically liberal yes but you believe in having hardcore right-wing people on because you

► 00:33:49

them personally or you like do you believe it's were some of them I like personally so it's worth having a conversation like Ben Shapiro was one that I had a long conversation with he's one of the more controversial guys that I have on how people get upset at me and call me in alt writer meanwhile he's been attacked by the alt-right you know they mean he wears a yarmulke for Christ's sake he's not all right it's not a white supremacist by any stretch of the imagination he was the number one target for anti-semitic remarks in the entire world is in 2016 well he's that there's that I've definitely look at him he's a Jew but we had a in-depth conversation of very long one about gay people yeah because he's I saw a little bit of it where he was like he kind of didn't he kind of got a little lost well yeah because it doesn't well he had two different take here's like David Parkman had an interesting take on it pakman said that if you look at his explanation cause I asked him a couple things I'm like do you really believe that most

► 00:34:49

as part of the Red Sea and he said I would look for more naturalistic explanation for that but then when I talked to him about gay people and gay things he wasn't he was absolute and naturalistic explanation and he also wasn't interested in giving people the ability to do whatever they want he felt like you're not you're supposed to resist that and his take is that like you you have an urge to murder people but you don't do it because you're a good person and you should do the same thing with being gay and I was like wow that's a crazy that's crazy mental gymnastics that is and that he believes the natural occurring thing that God is testing you with I mean I'm putting words in his mouth I think but essentially that's his position his position is a God doesn't want you to do that it's in the Bible he doesn't do it I mean he goes hard yeah he doesn't use electricity in the Sabbath till the sun goes down the whole deal yeah and you know a lot of people like you know you giving this guy a platform like look I'm communicating with someone and I like him as a person he's a very nice guy I don't agree with them at all about that about

► 00:35:49

and you believe it's worth giving people a platform what does that mean see what that platform but like think that's a real problem that discussing things like that like giving people a platform because we're living in this world of D platform you people I think that's inherently dangerous and I think that just stopping people from their ability to communicate just makes more pressure on their side it makes more people that are on the fence support them because I see you as being a sensor and that's why I think we found out with Jack from Twitter Jack Dorsey when he came on and talked to me about it and when he brought vid John who's the lawyer and you know like sensor one is censoring all sort of it's not smart it's not good it does the opposite of what he intended to do it makes the other side magnified it makes whoever your censoring more popular makes them an underdog and it also goes against core American values like the freedom of speech and I know that these are private institutions and I know that they're not necessarily forced to uphold what we determine as

► 00:36:49

speech in terms of like how it's written in the Constitution the Bill of Rights I get I understand that but I think that the principles of human interaction on this planet are largely dictated by our ability to discuss things even if you disagree I actually do agree with you that that the I think like d platforming and silencing and he's a danger I don't there are very few people that well there's no one that I agree with a hundred percent of the time right including yourself yes including your joke about like you don't agree with yourself like I don't I don't like real yeah well that's also there's something Buddhist about it which is like your thoughts are not correct right they're not even your thoughts they're just like pendant upon your ocean sometimes yes dependent upon your stress levels yeah you know sometimes you just like your you just don't have it in you you like stop yeah other times the same situation you'd be super calm and reasonable and maybe you could turn it around yeah if you've eaten yeah like there

► 00:37:49

something yesterday doctors are worse in the afternoon oh I'm sure judges are worse I've heard surge before lunch surgeries in the more yeah yeah so to your right we have think the right wing thing is just an easy way to dismiss me because I'm not right wing if you ask me my positions on things it's very left-wing yeah the only thing that I vary with the Orthodoxy is with Second Amendment with gun rights I don't think it's that simple I know a lot of really good people that have guns and I know a lot of really good people that never shoot anybody that have guns to protect themselves yeah and to label everyone the same as just like labeling everyone who drives a car the same as those in cells that drove into people in Montreal or where that it was because at Toronto wherever that was yeah it's we have a real problem labeling people and labeling people with it's lazy and it's an attempt to marginalize or dismiss their positions and it also feels good to do it sure feels good to like guess what writing them off I'm superior I have a

► 00:38:49

clear moral view I'm taking out one of my moral paintbrushes joints shoot you are that and even if it's not a moral position even if it's like that Neal Brennan he's such a left-wing cuc yeah he's at this into that and boom there you go I got him in a box I'm going to put a ribbon on it yeah ship them off so you've read the comments - when I'm on the canceled your cancelled I heard ya so I brought up that make up boy and the makeup on my daughter is in love with she watches his makeup on YouTube and now he's been canceled I understand he lost three million and she's she was telling me to have an eleven-year-old sit down and tell you about a gay makeup artist and this is the funny part she goes well there was a couple things okay so there was the thing with he has a friend who and he tells me This Woman's name who got him into the business and then she asked him to promote her hair stuff but he said no and he went with another hair stuff so he totally totally betrayed her it's like my 11 year olds

► 00:39:49

this and then this is the best parts goes there is also some talk that he know he's gay and there was boys that were not gay and he tried to get them to be in a room with him it's like listening to an eleven-year-old tell me Well by the way that also could have been how that's how that's the tone of the internet anyway is an 11 year old girl I'm actually hurt at least it came from an 11-year girls there like so and so's canceled your reward ever like ya know you're a fucking forty-year-old don't the file why are you talking like a little girl you're on a fuck your on BuzzFeed you're on Fox like is in the point where the New York Times is going to be doing that like it's a close to it now I mean I think that Alabama owns abortion people yeah what it is is Media right now especially journalism their fucking starving for hits it's so hard to make money it's so hard yeah so they're drowning yeah and so they're trying to grab whatever branches they can

► 00:40:49

yeah they got to make a good story with a click Beatty title fuck it line deceptive title who gives a shit yeah we got a good story The story's vetted yeah and even if it's not totally valid if it's a little slippery but that you can make an amendment later you know I'm sorry we have a little bit of an apology we have to make a retraction yeah nobody reads those goddamn retractions no you should have to have a retract if you if you fuck up so hardcore that you attribute a crime to someone or you do something like that when you have to make it a retraction it should be on the front page of your paper and nothing else for a month yeah every that's it this is your newspaper now yeah well I'm sorry we don't get to tell you the news anymore by the way fuck this up so hard that we printed out to millions of people to just put in a little column in the corner yeah we'd like to Apollo we fucked up last month also 9/11 happened also playing thrown into the World Trade Center fucking too hard to be a journalist man well that's what I this is what another thing I want to talk about which is

► 00:41:48


► 00:41:51

meaning if you believe like I still believe in like institutional journalist I believe in your talent I believe in watching as well as long as it Washington Post like so and you use the fact that they wrote about a UFC fight they just said he was bloody and early and looking McGregor fight where you bloody I wasn't just a bad very bad description it was very inaccurate and like why would you do that like you guys are crazy that the New York Times is allowing this yeah completely inaccurate description of something that millions of people say yeah it's so silly and it makes everybody question everything else you say and you might think it's trivial because it's just a boxing match but it's completely inaccurate yeah and completely exaggerating what actually went down well if you've had articles written about you try fuck up everything yeah everyone now having said that we can't dismiss all the different like there needs to be an absolute kind of an absolute truth and that's what I feel

► 00:42:51

is sort of melting in this era of anyone who's like well they said this and that's not true so everything else they say is fucking bullshit right of course which I think the the Trump does a lot and I think people are all too happy to believe it because they resent institutions they resent the smartypants motherfuckers which I also get I get the impulse I just don't think New York Times right yes a smartest of the old grey lady yeah and it's like it just plays on every stereotype like there are so many stereotypes of work that can make you write it off I think we're a transitionary period that's what I think I think what do you think it gets replaced by them that's the real problem the real problem is they have all their pieces all the best journalists write all the best people are all locked into two ancient systems one ancient system is print medium the other ancient system is broadcast medium the broadcast medium the ancient product part of it is it has to

► 00:43:51

go on at a certain time Tuesdays at 8 p.m. and then you have to sit there and wait for the commercials unless you DVR it right so that's inherently flawed and then the print medium well they figured out a way to get it on your laptop and your phone now so okay they've got a little bit of a work around there but they have a really hard time getting people to sign up for digital subscriptions is to the distribution is not nearly as good as it used to be yeah and it's hard it's hard to get people to buy newspapers but at least they've they've got their foot in the door with click that I think titles like the times and the post are yeah are pretty successful online they're actually doing much better because of President Trump yeah because he talks so much shit about them to people actually said I need to see what the New York Times what is it well then yeah I'll check it out because they're like fuck man this guy's oh yeah that's here times it's irresponsible he's trying to mack who I think might have with abortion where it's like oh wait well I don't even want to get it but if you if this is where you motherfuckers were headed because they were being held back it was like motherfucker I'll

► 00:44:51

you up and then they got free and now they're beating the shit out of abortion people like whoa accidental pregnancy is of the real problem it's not even I mean obviously abortion is a solution right if you have to if you want to do it but if the accidental pregnancy is the real fucking problem like it should be it's one of the things that I talked about with Jesse its Soul who is on the other day we're talking about genetic engineering so like they're going to eventually one day move away from sex for procreation and sex is just going to be for fun just going to people bonding and joining each other's bodies that's not going to be how we procreate we're going to we're going to procreate through some sort of you like your own and I could cause it'll certainly drastically reduce the amount of people that have kids you know but what eat so does everyone do you freeze your eggs and likely give sperm I don't know how they're going to do it I don't know how they're going to do it I mean I think there's also the problem that the baby's supposedly bonds inside the mother's body like to have a baby grow up in some sort of a fucking

► 00:45:51

weird electronic womb and then you make that kid a fucking sociopath right is no connection to people when he's born doesn't give a fuck just a little bit yeah I mean there was that test tube baby thing which I think started before me but I remember that being an insult they put the Bots but the baby in the body yeah they put the embryos in the person's body and there is the thing of surrogates yeah so they who do they bond with that's a weird one man like that's that's the Kim Kardashian way now yeah she's having a bunch of babies with surrogates like you know you show up for the wedding or that you show up for the birth in a fucking tight skirt and like yeah my baby being born today like what what your you have your clothes on yeah what is happening here yeah now she's I got a hired somebody my friend I got a girl on it my friend actually did that he's gay and he and his husband they mixed their sperm to they shot it in a turkey baster something into some gal I don't know who said something I might you don't make me laugh I love science too tight anyway she got pregnant their surrogate got pregnant had

► 00:46:51

maybe and decided to keep it decided she couldn't part with it and is their baby so it's their DNA and mixed with hers and she decided to keep it and she got away with it they sewer or they just were like I don't know I didn't want to push they were very upset and then they want up getting another surrogate and then having a child and everything worked out as quite a while ago yeah but they were really bummed out man when they were ready to be parents but then you know some people say we will do no ruin repairs in the first place because you're gay no need even have sex with her right but it is their baby right it's their DNA that made that base not they didn't adopt a child right they chose to have a surrogate so

► 00:47:30

yeah no it's complicated and it's getting well that's the thing of like it feels like the level of danger and difficulty in the world is just getting steeper by the day we're like wait what and then there's always global warming you like oh fuck do you see a fucking the Science Guy Bill Nye going crazy screaming he's on out we're using the planets on fucking fire and yeah let's get a little silly yeah I know my bro we're all right go to Antarctica that's on fire bro no I saw thing that an artist has Lee 84° oh my God it's on fire I mean yeah it's really do you really see something and say an ark was 85 yeah something in the dark circles 84 degrees like three days ago fucks that what it's gonna be a it's going to be different think about like global warming but really what it will look like like in 70-year what it will do to

► 00:48:25

the art like and I'm not talking about just Miami's gone or any that's like incredibly like crazy to think about it's not infallible those Miami people they're going to move other places and ruined that's probably the biggest that's my biggest worry every week he comes gonna be Lamborghinis dudes yelling a girls and Spanish eating outside everyone's fucking eating outside but like would you fucking get indoors you maniac ready though a lot of salsa I love goes off in like North Carolina like that fuck out of here salsa dancing and fuck out of here with a fucking dead ain't been anything that's a good but there are like another country that's attached to Florida yeah it's like Europe if I always say it's like people you see like Italian people like in Beverly Hills or Miami and there I would say to my friend those are people that were too douchey for Italy we're like we gotta take it to the next to do she level my

► 00:49:25

me and then that go that deep yeah that but but you think about like okay I like not like 28 Days Later but like yeah you know like man that's like scary fucking scary especially because we're going to be near dead and no disrespect you're not gonna be in the same shape you're in now and you're not you do I mean people may give you respect hmm But like it's going to be fucking me every we're gonna have to move to the mountains where would you move the shit hit the fan somebody Sam who's what's Callens friend Sam Fighters mine Sam Cedar no Sam the fighters mind he wrote him and how can I not remember his name yeah I'll tell you real quick this is gonna be worth it guess listeners this is this Sam Sheridan that's right yeah I'm sure thank you told me 10 years ago and stuck with me go to the marina because I live in Venice

► 00:50:25

he's like go to the marina and basically just get basically you gotta pay to get on a boat or just be like I will be the hard part is how do I qualify to like I can help you right right because I get seasick here's what I have going for me seasick so easy because you just get away you get away from La anyone you get away from in LA's case millions and millions of people and you can if there's a attacker you can see them you assume that they're not going to be like you know SEAL Teams coming onto your boat attackers well I know but that's what I mean like how crazy could it get ya gotta go to Alaska the how do you get there good call how do you can you draw Airport's closed airport I mean I or lights connected right you could drive where you could technically drive yeah it's likely cut off that road all the time and like the Napa Valley because the landslide

► 00:51:25

yeah and you're fucked yeah it's like birds got the helicopter but he's it's he's got to go to get it yeah that's his Escape got a great bit about that yeah quite special yeah yeah I would move north I'd probably move somewhere that was if I could just go to a place if I knew I just had to get to a place I would go to a place that is sustainable like whether it's Alaska or Minnesota or Michigan somewhere there's a lot of animals and there's wildlife and you've cold you have water you have a lot like cold is better than heat because cold you can make a fire like if you have shelter and you can make a fire in the cold you can live I have a counter argument which is I don't I the cold kills more people than he does like every yes but that's just because you know people are unprepared for it you can prepare for cold with clothing you

► 00:52:25

we prepare for heat with clothing with heat you need air conditioning and you need water those are the leaves are trade yeah you need something if you live in like there's people that have lived in very cold climates as long as they have a good house and they have a good supply of wood they're fine if you live in the desert man you kind of fucked your kind of fucked up the power goes out you don't really have anything to keep you cool you have to stay in the shade and stay indoors but it's not good enough and it's a hundred and ten degrees inside it's a hundred twenty if you're hydrated though I don't think you will just die from expect from heat exposure know you won't but you're not going to find a lot of water one of the problems with global warming is going to be that things like Lakes lakes and streams are going to there's going to be less there's gonna be less water is going to be less dribbling down to the creaks creaks are going to dry up streams will dry up you have a hard time getting water if you're in a desert environment if you have by the same token if you have enough water you have as much water as you have would obviously the it's not a one-to-one analogy

► 00:53:25

you can go get more wood easily yeah but if you had a shitload of water right if you just had like

► 00:53:32

I hear your thought about getting cold but I don't know if I had shade I guess you don't I guess with cold you don't have to have electricity you don't have to have electricity with cold and also you have more of an opportunity to find animals you'll find more animals in cold climates and you're going to for delicious animals for sure yeah more things to eat but you might you could still eat easily starve to death like the idea that it's easy to go out there and shoot a bunch of animals and eat them all the time like not most places most places you don't have an abundant enough supply of wildlife you're also a guy who does archery yeah I know how to do you have skills for this and I will still be panicked I'd be like fuck this is not good if I had to feed my family with a bow and arrow first of all I'd say okay how many arrows do I have I would have to make sure that I have enough arrows I mean you have to practice to arteries myself like a rifle if I have a hundred rounds I can kill a hundred things I don't

► 00:54:32

I need a practice that much of my rifles on off I can I have good Trigger Discipline I'll pull to the shot I'll try not to Flinch and I'm not going to literally in the two of those three things I've no fucking idea what you've done meaning shooting you don't want to anticipate your anticipate I go home you don't want to Flinch when the trigger goes up so a lot of guys like Tim Kennedy who's a friend of mine who's a one of the baddest motherfuckers in the world he'll practice with dummy rounds so he has regular bullets and then four bullets are just not real bullets so it's like bang bang bang click and then he has to get rid of that that bullet but he leaves he knows if he was flinching because if you're flinching you'll see this movement where right no no gun goes off the bullet doesn't go off but you make that weird moot because you're anticipating the shot that's the way to train yourself out of it yeah you have to do something like that you have to have what's called Trigger Discipline well first of all Trigger Discipline means don't put your finger on the trigger but also the way you squeeze you got to just squeeze squeeze squeeze

► 00:55:32

squeeze and let the shot go off by surprise and not react to it the same thing with a bow and arrow you have to have a surprise shot you want you wanted to just do you want to concentrate on the target Zone it in and which feels like you kind of can't even be there meaning like you just have to be like I'm doing a thing yep like you can't think about the release you have to just think about the target that's very astute of you there's actually courses is a guy named Joel Turner who has this whole course called shot IQ he's a teaches First Responders like SWAT teams and shit yeah Trigger Discipline and about how to how to shoot properly under pressure and he works with people with archery for this with the same thing because it's a psychological thing to be able to but my point is with a bow and arrow your kind of fucked you need a lot of goddamn Arrow so you need to make sure that Bo is going to stay okay with an animal to like like a deer well dear deer or bear would be like the most edible thing you want a bear

► 00:56:32

if you have a bear you can eat that motherfucker for a long time and you can take that fat and you could render the fat down use it for cooking and use it for you know you could do do a lot of things with it and that meat is a lot of meat anything big he want a big animal because you want to be able to dry it out make jerky you want to have something that's going to sustain you for a few days or weeks until you find another animal you don't want to dig a hole in the ground to make some sort of Cold Storage you want to get below like the frost line You Gotta Be You Gotta protect it from other there's yeah you got you're gonna have to do a lot of things and you're probably not going to make enough food it sounds hard it's the hardest yeah every time I go on a hunting trip I always think like imagine if this is the only way I could get food yeah it's so goddamn hard to get close to an animal so hard yeah people see videos of it like on YouTube and there's a deer and you draw your bow back and you hit in the heart and the deers down everybody celebrates what you don't see is days and days of writing all day long just go if you could watch from

► 00:57:32

live stream of the moment a hunt start to the moment you're successful and you just sat through the whole thing like as a fucking games of thrones Marathon then you would understand it but even then you wouldn't really because you wouldn't be out there in the cold exhausted hiking uphill going thousands of feet up and down in elevation and then the wind shifts and the deer smells unit starts off and like fuck it's hard man it's like tedious and to survive off of that so I'm doing it for my own food but if I don't get a deer I'm going to live I'll go to a restaurant if your only option is dear that you catch and kill and find your shot or sick oh my God and he got a fucking catch a deer that's when you wonder you know you wonder how am I going to am I going to watch them starve to death that must have been really exciting for Native American serve just any ancient people of just like getting like kit like you know I think we could kill a buffalo yeah

► 00:58:32

we all like we all have to be fat like we all have to team up and that's why humans have survived but like it must have been so fucking like it celebration like an Ewok celebration you know what's crazy to this day there are these areas where they find a lot of arrowheads because they would drive these Buffalo off cliffs yeah how fucking nuts is that like yeah I know the spots where they would drive them off cliffs and fall down and sometimes the bodies would Decay because I didn't need all of it they couldn't they just a hundred Buffalo fly off the cliff is only a thousand Native Americans in the spot with the fuck they gonna do yeah they're going to eat as much as we're gonna get rid of me but the rotten ones literally exploded and caused a forest fire in one area they think a forest fire was caused by a rotting pile of Buffalo that eventually exploded like a whale explosion like that kind of deal Google that make sure that's not horseshit because it sounds like a lie coming out of my mouth they believe that

► 00:59:32

rotting pile of Bison was responsible for starting a fire here because that's how they because they found like all this charred like stuff and they're like they were trying to piece it together if I remember the story properly and I think they were like this might happen because the body's rotted so much they exploded and it started fuck is this like you have the gases from all this rotting tissue like you know whales explode on the beach I splatter yeah people yeah fantastic so they're trying to take this to the next level like how much heat would be generated but all this bacteria like what kind of explosion could this make yeah and also why would the explosion is it a spark yeah I mean like cause I was him it's gooey methane gases and rotten gases yeah like there would have to be some something to ignite it you know there's a little arrow heads they find your supposed to leave them in a lot of places if you find me supposed to leave in there just for like luck or something for you go fuck

► 01:00:32

finally even shit Arrowhead like oh you have to leave it and it works guys fucking going up there where is it going like ways if I leave it somebody else gonna pick it up anything yeah the good man have a good person pick it up yet you have to leave it here no no you can't have it is that like the parks Commissioners or neighbor know when I was hunting in Nevada they said that if you found an arrowhead yet to leave it there was like okay yeah oh you know what I haven't talked to you about what they're doing these big venues oh Reno's yeah weird how do you like it it's fun man San Diego was a lot of fun it's it's strange though it's a lot of goddamn people does it feel like disconnected now not didn't surprisingly San Diego's interesting like the people that were in the front they were right there man whose money is it or its 7,000 know San Diego was 12 something almost 13,000 13,000 yeah unbelievable yeah it's a lot of people and

► 01:01:32

they was in the round yeah that was weird too and did you have a plan nope but because like I did a lot I guess I can't really think about you can't worry about the people that are behind you you can't you got it well they have giant screens everywhere right everybody got to see you I definitely was aware of the magnitude of the show and I did a lot of sets that we are do like eight nine sets that week before I did it like a funny thing was I didn't understand I was like how is he not selling this out and then I saw fictive any was like oh it's a fucking Arena I was like I thought Joe was as popular as ever been and I'm like why is this guy posted so much and then I'm like out because it's a he's trying to say is yeah hard to get that last last thousand I know and you're still a you can't the I don't know if it's the human mind or like the competitive comedy mine but like can't leave it alone you want that fucking thousand like you want to hear your sold out yeah like doesn't like yeah but you don't want to go so

► 01:02:32

Rogan 12,000 people give what's it holds like 12:9 yeah oh what a pussy can't even get 900 more people like you bro and you would kind not you would think it's a failure but you would always be like yeah Josh Wolf showed me a picture once of him onstage open enough for Larry the Cable Guy in front of 50,000 Jesus he did a football stadium Jesus get her done well that's what Kevin Hart does those big I mean he did his one of his Netflix but yes like 49,000 people yeah I'm fucking insane if I mean that I wouldn't want to see that show I wouldn't want to go to that weird third balcony like what are you even I mean I don't know why people like communal experiences like that yes I think that's a good way to put it but like when a venues 50,000 you're just far away yeah but I guess if you like Zane's and everyone's in there together it's you've created a culture so people go to be a part of the culture

► 01:03:32

Kevin's created a culture Larry the Cable Guy created a culture so people go it's like to be around their brothers and sisters kind of kind of I mean straight up though like not like it's even intentional that's the thing I like about podcasting as a successful medium and your podcasts in particular is like the shit you're into comedy you're into fucking weed you're into UFOs and The Unexplained you're into government conspiracies you're into gender issues you're legitimately into all this stuff and you created a tent where everybody feels like welcome my guys gonna talk about the thing that I've got like you're interested in a lot of shit generally you're not going I'm only interested in comedy or more Niche about it you just like this shit you're into your nail inventions and fire and guns and hunting you're just into a bunch of shit legitimately and you express it and people

► 01:04:32

love it well that's the difference between actually being in the shit and talking about the things you're into versus talking about the things you think will be popular right yeah you kind of you can't you can't do that for I guess you could I can't think of anyone could but you'd get off the top of your off the top of my head who that would be but would be obvious that you weren't really tuned in you wouldn't be really interested in it you're not you wouldn't be as enthusiastic Yahweh and you are genuinely you only have on people that you genuinely like we're genuinely interested in and doesn't matter if they're famous not famous like whatever its controversial not controversial like it's just shit that you're into your expressing its the the the another reason I like pockets it's like watching someone exist yeah it's like an expression of your subconscious or your your brain like it's like the typical day in your brain of just like I like

► 01:05:32

and then I go over here and then it goes in and you and you've been able to like do it in a way which is why it's so popular is like it is popular but it's not even the right word it's like resonant with people yeah I think for a long time people have been doing shows where the show was produced and there's a bunch of people behind the scenes and whatever that person is it's almost more difficult for them to get their personality to shine through all that shit but it's just stuff that you're really interested in yeah that people got up and it's also to be like and then Sakura takes off and Bert takes off and who am I forgetting the Joey takes off I didn't know how long you'd been friends with Joey Joey guys been friends for 23 years yeah the like guys that you just genuinely like like that they're just kind of like even the the the like sober October thing or like

► 01:06:27

it's you know the numbers are massive no it's because it's like a show it's like a I know it's everybody's a character and it's like an old radio play like here comes fucking Bert Kreischer Ethan he's got something called the Mickey Mantle G what the hell is the Mickey Mantle T think about it like everybody's got like it's set up and it's it's not like it's sloppy in a fun way yeah and and it's cool and you get to reap all the reward all the guys that are responsible for the because the other thing is so many times this is the first time like in in certainly in media history where guys are in charge of their own everything yeah like true you own the labor I mean there's not even a label that's just my thing they're artists tried like the Beatles had a record label and they would bring people on and then they would they it always got fucked up every single time and this I feel like it's the first time where it's like

► 01:07:27

cigar has got like you know his umbrella now he's got like his he's got his spin-offs and it's fucking excellent It's just amazing postulant it's so great I was talking to a guy who used to be in charge of at Viacom and we were talking about you know when they when people do shows now like you know they'll pay Kenny beerus a little patient arrived and they'll pay Dave Allen Chris all these guys like 20 million the writers get a hundred buddy mind Mike schur created good place and Parks and Rec and he's getting 25 million a year for the next five years yeah my cries and it shows aren't hits his heart his shows are picked up and successful but they're not like cheers right and I said to Doug Herzog they got from if I go how much were you fucking guys making before

► 01:08:23

what were these what were these companies making twenty years ago like what was ABC making 20 years ago that they and they even Seinfeld said that he's like I was the first one to get a hundred million an episode and I go which is a pittance compared to what they could have paid you and he's like I know that now but back then a million dollars in it what are you even gonna deal with it and now it's like what are they gonna do with it right what the fuck are they were making they were making a hundred million an episode but because it's a logo and a corporation go well that's what a corporate supposed to make a hundred million dollars an episode meanwhile if a guy makes a million you're like what are you gonna it's like this unfathomable thing like where they get mad at basketball players and not the owners of the teams yeah and it's also that distribution model of like putting something on a network it's there's so much fat there's so many people yeah only things that you have to pay

► 01:09:23

so much so many different places the money goes it's almost like you have to make a hundred million dollars an episode for everybody to make out yeah but also another don't live but also they're still taking 90 yeah you know what I mean yeah even with all the revenues with all like the the all the miles I got to feed it still like a huge profit but as a writer do anything to like investing your time and effort into a sitcom today it's like well good luck with that I don't dude like I just started to I we used to the podcast me motion of this podcast called the Champs great and and now I just started one like a month ago called now Neil fail look for it in your local thanks how do you feel that's the name of the got a theme song everything is very simple but it was I was like why am I trying I did a pilot like a year ago for a network and they gave me notes and I was like oh I forgot about notes I forgot that they were going to give me notes like uh

► 01:10:23

I don't just let me that was always the thing that me and Dave got to with Comedy Central and they finally left us alone after like six episodes where I was like let us show it to the audience and let them decide we don't want to bomb we want a bomb less than you guys do trust me trust me you've never met two people who want a bomb less than me and him and so they'd be like well we don't enter like let's show to the crowd if they like it then great and if they don't then and we they we did this real world sketch and they didn't they're like we just think it's a bunch of unfunny scenes back to back and we were like let's show to the ground and then we showed it killed and they were like all right we don't know we're talking about they literally said we don't know we're talking about so do whatever you want unfun I know what a fucking God those people the but that's the I get that they feel like they have to do something yeah but we're with comedians are willing to like all our skins in the

► 01:11:23

it's all it's all of our it's our hide every time so why do you feel the need to like correct us or I don't mind if it if like a executive is like the first audience you know domain are like a your shirt fucked up whatever like like in minor stuff but it's like material-wise most of you are not good at defining what's special about somebody or what's an Innovative segment or you know I mean like they'd only think about that they're just they're ambitious people who are just like working the way I put thing and I like is it my turn yet right I get it fucking I get to put my stamp on it now yeah yeah want to add something even if it's irrelevant like be I had a joke when we were doing have baked and go two for two with day but we're doing a half-baked and I said to Dave I got we should do a thing at the end where we should just say hey let us do whatever we want and in the end we'll pass a hat around and you guys can take credit for something

► 01:12:23

because ultimately that's what you want you want to be able to take credit for something right what don't fucking make us do it I know you just want credit that's all you want you just want to feel good about yourself you want to do like I contributed to this thing but let us just let us do the thing you know what I mean and if you're like you who just been howling the doing the podcast almost 10 years yeah we 10 years in December you're gonna do a big Network shell about okay never again versus that damn radio that's all I've been thinking about taking over an AM radio station for the day that's so funny they'll be really fucking funny the wonder if they'd let me

► 01:13:03

but even like in when we used to do it in your house yeah I don't mean like and it's like that was a long time ago you were on you are an episode at least seven years ago yeah yeah I did too in your house that was back in the kids be in the background yelling at each other and shit here in the hall yeah and there were little yeah crazy 114 wow episode 114 so that how many that's two years year and a half in yeah probably what is episode now with his 1297 told 98 that was 98 now this is number 109 8 know it's like what is that was 98 in the podcast left our hundred episodes 1100 episodes ago yeah and it's okay from looking at it fauxhawk okay You Beautiful Bastard okay the fog 80% knows that was before I realized I should put a beard on we're a little beard little scruff podcasts are very very strange thing but it's just this the no one saw this coming and everyone

► 01:14:03

can start one but I don't even think you saw it come to you know what I mean like I don't come you'll I can see this yeah like presidential candidates from my phone yeah show ya tell us you coward on yesterday's yeah running by Prezi I don't watch it but yeah I talk about real issues that affect the world my own prom yeah yeah and I'm sure do you feel I mean you kind of can't change your ethos you can't be like I'm a role model but I need to know no it's not no no no I'm just gonna be me you know and the World's Gonna Be weirder but it's just me but it's also the thing of like when you're in these like development TV movie worlds and you're like just let me talk just fucking honey like I promise it'll be interesting like it won't all be interesting but it'll be interesting enough it will be interesting enough often enough yeah that just let me talk why couldn't imagine giving up that reins to someone now like if all the sudden we

► 01:15:03

audience some sort of a producer or network this like look we're going to take this podcast the next level but you got to listen to me Joe yeah yeah well nice shirt that episode you did with Elon Musk you to one of the great reasons that that show was very successful as the way you were dressed yeah I know you don't like to hear this we tested it yeah we did and had nothing to do with him being weird and smoking weed and having a fucking having a rotten flamethrower you were a nice shirt is that I mean is there even

► 01:15:29

there's you could never decide you could never test like whether a podcast going to be successful you could now you now because we're gonna just it's all it's all word of mouth it's just weird fucking they like it they like it like a conversation like this yeah we're actual real friends yeah so when we talk it's very evident we have chemistry yeah what's known as a chemistry yes I could just yeah that's right normal yeah yeah and it's like right like so you're enjoying your time here on this Earth well that's the thing doing so doing this and I told I remember telling somebody like it's like doing The Tonight Show 978 interested in terms of like I was in Singapore and a guy came to the show who saw me on that like every it's this you can't it's not even worth knowing if your you it's like fucking don't worry about it yes show up and talk but I can't pay attention that yeah it's by paralyzing yeah but the

► 01:16:30

so I'm like the funny thing is when you do TV when you do something that's going to be seen or heard by this many people like a TV show if I do Seth or The Daily Show like I prep this I'm like fucking yeah I don't know what we talked about like so many times I run into you at the store and we basically have like a 10 Minute Podcast in the hallway yeah you know we just start doing you'll save you seen this yeah but you pulled me aside like if you ever heard about ketamine yeah what and y'all so you're telling me you're taking ketamine yeah session but and that's the thing it's there's no there you can't prep and it would be odd you couldn't explain it to people ten years ago like it'll just be people sitting and talking now the The Comedians are by Nature pretty entertaining at least good ones talkative yeah at least very talkative and at an on the high-end entertaining and funny all right I had the worst advice he's like got it doing it for an hour just do it

► 01:17:30

our edit it yeah like all right now I'm gonna listen to you know when people turn it off or anything nope um I know that the average time that someone watches on YouTube we know that which is like what 35 minutes or so 35 minutes on YouTube which is a lot yeah so that's it because the average is like 15 seconds but yeah the at what's a normal average on YouTube video formats you have for everyone that watches for 10 seconds there's someone that watches for an hour and a half or three of them so the average would be like three or four minutes for a normal Channel yeah well you know the difference between something on YouTube and something that's a podcast that you're listening to though I think the people that are listening are I don't want to say this not oh no it's really true but they might be more invested in like because they're subscribing to it and they're listening to in their car on the way to work they're listening to a lot of times in there at the gym people

► 01:18:30

YouTube can flip the unjust decide to go to the next what's this and that and then they get you don't get taken down a rabbit hole with podcast with audio podcast you just listen to you listen to the whole thing or you go to your one of your other yeah where's YouTube like you could stumble upon this accidentally right now someone might be stumbling upon this very video right now on YouTube Welcome welcome welcome friend if you bitch the other thing you forget is how much people fucking drive yeah with a like I'm in my car for hours a day like what why and they're like and and you are their friend yeah that's weird you don't even like your there whether you it's like you don't know them but you they really like you and they feel like they have a connection with you yeah and all the other people that like you and Theo and Deleo whoever's here you know people that yeah come in yeah then those people become characters in there yeah a little world play as well yeah like you'll see it in the comments of like this fucking skinny fuck is like literally like this getting

► 01:19:30

but the reading now we'll the last time I did it the comments were so bad and I didn't even you or you texted me I was like boy they must be very bad because you were like we might we did something right or something I was like well they must be awful and then I didn't because I know what they're going to say it's like what do you think I'm dumb I'm not a dumb you gotta say whatever you think maybe I'm not dumb right so I believe disagree with you politically all right I don't you know like I don't I don't eat that's one of the reasons why I bring people on that I don't agree with I think it's important have conversations with people whether on the left or the right the you don't agree with just to find out who they are and what they think yeah and just to have discussions like testing your own feelings about hundred percent just like okay now that's that's all right I still feel having heard arguably their best argument or a very cogent argument for their side and you go yep I think that I think the thing that is lost in our in one of the things that's lost

► 01:20:30

world now is because of partially Because the Internet had probably blog or whatever where you have to be a hundred percent in every belief and it's like I'm not a hundred percent in any belief no like I'm like I there are some beliefs where I say I'm 50 then I'm 51% and but that still wins 51% is still the thing I tell you where people can't believe you either got to be a hundred percent or zero rack Ock or Europe fucking stud yeah like and there's no like yeah well abortions have perfect example where we're both like I'm for it but but it's pretty brutal or it's pretty it's a severe thing or whatever the but and you're not allowed to have a butt anymore I can't you just can't go I have a measured point of view and it's I took the vote in my head and it's 70/30

► 01:21:30

you're not and you can't change your mind somewhere no that's bad that's my hello someone said well not just one person many people said you flip flop on things like know I consider things yeah and it's not it's also not when politicians do it it's because they it's politically in that going to work in their favor yes you do it because you thought more about it or you heard the right argument at the right time and you can okay yeah I change my opinions all the time I don't I don't I'm not married to those fucking things I don't need them you know my opinions are just ideas in my mind or something that should be explored and there's certain ideas that I just hold steadfast don't rape don't murder people don't steal all the obvious reasons right everybody holds those yeah but then when it gets to unusual weird slippery things I'm like okay well what is it why is there an inclination to lean towards a certain direction like what we virtue signaling are we you know we are sending out the the flag of

► 01:22:30

obedience yeah what are we doing when we're discussing these things and a lot of that is what ruins discourse and this is what I think I have a real big problem with deep platforming we start D platforming people and censoring people you don't just want to not hear them you want no one to hear them and this is where I have a problem it's because who the fuck are you like why are you the one who gets to say even if they're wrong even if they're won't let everybody figured out its misinformation that's the thing it's like pizza Gator one of the are like the right Alex she'll be coming when it's like dude what the fuck are you doing Pizza gate is a good example right because people get wrapped up in it like what and there was a guy been Swan who is a journalist who had all these he was he had this video that he put out that showed like all the different connections with conspiracy theory or with pizza gate and various conspiracies and pedophilia and it was it was a real weird one and everybody's like

► 01:23:30

we'll just take because these things are the similar it doesn't mean there's a pedophile ring going on there like what is that what exactly is happening there but then you hear about someone like Jimmy Savile and you can wait a minute waiting room with this guy was fucking kids for how long yeah and know what like how are there any other one's right now that they have it exposed yeah you know what I mean like that kind of that kind of shit does I don't ya having yeah I I think there's a big there's a ton of distance between there are pedophiles and there are pedophiles in the pizza place in the basement yeah like there I believe there's pedophiles right and that they should be stopped and they're mostly and I'm I bet it I don't think none of them are powerful and that but I don't think that there is a I just don't really buy into conspiracies just generally time buying a some because there's some of them that are provable there's some of them that it really did happen

► 01:24:30

you go Jesus Christ they really did that there's no yeah I mean like the like the like been in like third world countries where will fuck with elections like salmon the shit like that like that is yeah like that's not even a conspiracy that's just like a poorly Told part of history as well as the things our it's all shit honkin right oh yeah yeah but that's I think that's well I think that's out you know what I mean oh yeah do you know about the operation Northwoods do you know what that one I don't know that one's probably the most disturbing one because that one was signed by The Joint Chiefs of Staff they were going to organize a bunch of attacks on America and blame the Cuban so that we could go to war with Cuba they were going to arm to fall from yes and have them attack want Animo Bay they were going to blow up a jet liner and blame it on Cuba they had all these plans and it was assigned by The Joint Chiefs of Staff and then vetoed by Kennedy was like what the fuck are you like what are you guys doing you guys are so I went to fucking hyannisport and

► 01:25:30

compound back and trying to blow up airplanes and the thing is it's this is something that didn't fly but we found out about it how many of these things we didn't find out about that actually did happen yeah and that we think are legitimate instances in the news or real attacks and yeah I just turned out it's a drop in the bucket I think it's a drop in the bucket I think it's less than 1% comparison to absolutely into actual reality person a great yeah and so when when people are the reason I like conspiracy theories I think it people use it to explain their own failure a lot of the time like we see it a lot in comedy like well you can't make it unless you're a lesbian woman you're like all right man that's the worst I hate that fucking that perspective is so crazy

► 01:26:12

it's like listen if you're killing people going to see you if you kill a lot of people go to see you a lot yeah it's that simple you can't fake it is a meritocracy yeah it really is it's the and it's like there are there are certainly like some quota of stuff in the margins but not no one's making it no one's doing Arenas because of a quote you can't pull yeah there's nothing you can do to get into Arenas people have to actually like you and this this excuse making that people do do as a straight white man I can't get a break in this town oh my god when you're a straight of white man and you're complaining like you got one of the most fucking captivated hands of cards in world history in the world history in 2019 straight still great ham still a great hand you might get beat with a crazy you know Nanette yeah and then that handout at the hamstrings man that'll get you on the river yeah but she what

► 01:27:12

I know she got number one but it wasn't even funny yeah the fuck man to man what's anti-car all right my buddy Condon and nothing and I haven't even seen it it's like the people like it yeah good I thought live did you like it yeah I liked it a lot nice if we're not like State I thought New York I saw before was on Netflix like I saw it and met her and was like thought I was a nice it was an awkward conversation I'll say that well she is a little Spectra me right is that I'm with I think that's a fairly open about their estimation yeah like it was it was it wasn't like easy do you find that you when you speak to certain women particular you feel like almost like you're guilty of something like you did like you're a male like you're in a presser do you ever you ever not too many women and it could just be a projection it could be my it could be of I'm like Auto projecting I'm like I definitely do that I there aren't too many but

► 01:28:12

I think you have to work against stereotypes you're working against tattoos built bald yeah right wing podcast well cagefighting commentator I forgot about that Jesus Joe yeah so like you have a lot I'm pretty you know feet the way I look is a problem yes like I and I if you what are the odds you're not sexist right or a dickhead yeah not that good yeah like what are the odds like so you try I mean I don't I don't feel it too much but I can imagine how much what percentage of women do you feel like you have to

► 01:28:50

do that with the ones who don't know me once they know me like I'm pretty pretty nice like go to a venue you go to The Venue that you've never been to hmm there's a woman the backstage one of the works for Live Nation or she works the venue like does she assumed that you're not at the orphanage okay I'm nice all those folks yeah but I think that if someone has like a very staunch feminist perspective and they meet someone like me they might depending upon their perspective they might think that I'm the enemy that's that's a possibility that like right away they look at me like the enemy yeah well that's the thing of like what are you absolute about like even and you can tell sometimes when you're arguing with with people that are super dogmatic about whatever they believe in let they can you can watch them go into a line of logic that they know that they then realize I can't because that will like see

► 01:29:50

some ground to this person they go to it's like yeah I saw you start to go down that like a just a reason I'm not saying Stop Believing what you believe in it's just like it's not you don't have to be a hundred percent exactly just it's fine you can still but you're still win the popular vote just majority rules it doesn't have to be overwhelming just just don't it's dishonest in a way because they don't want to believe they don't want to have they don't want to check in their armor in terms of logical yeah to want to lump people into categories because it's easy to Define them to you know we were goofing yesterday me and Joe list were goofing around about Alyssa Milano sex strike the yes and I was like with one of the things is defensive about that is first of all that that women would agree with you that they would just withhold sex from the person that they love Alyssa Milano said guys I'm Alyssa Milano said yes withhold sex because in fucking Georgia there

► 01:30:50

abortion laws but the second thing is I like that you would assume that all men are responsible for this not even just the voters in Georgia but all men somehow I got a man in Minneapolis should be denied sex from his Progressive girl for that he's gonna call like his friend in Alabama like man did you go to work or something because I'm not getting no pussy up here bro this fucking sucks strike is for real bro this is hitting also it's so delusional and such a dumb flag of virtue that they're throwing up and it's such it's such stupid 2019 woke politics at that was a by the way it's like based on lots of strided like a old Greek play wasn't really yeah no shit yeah sex strike and yeah that's the yeah and that's what that movie Chiraq was about it was a it was a sex strike know in Chicago yeah did that work it's I don't think it's ever I don't know what you Google and see if it's ever been done imagine the girls just uses excuse to not fuck a guy they won't don't want to fuck what

► 01:31:50

so like I'm on a most of them aren't fucking anyway it's like yeah like what are you gonna like rockhead that joke about like what are you gonna do you can't stop you're already not fucking me to die when you hear it when hear women talk about not wanting to fuck their husbands and so I could such a depressing like I was listening this gal she was like wow you know most wives don't want to have sex with their husbands like what you let you listen to that I like oh as a husband it bums you out or as as a human being humans that they're in a situation yeah well the thing that people like the most about relationships but besides the fact that you love someone you care someone is having sex with somebody wants to have sex with you it's great fun yeah it's a fun time it's very rewarding it's feels real nice feels crisp actually take a little hit save really feel it yeah it feels great so when you hear that someone doesn't want that and then you know their attitudes that most women don't want that most women don't

► 01:32:50

thanks to the husband they just do it because they have to well that's also it's very hard to get a clear story about women and sexuality in that like it's I don't I think it's varies from wildly oh for sure like he hasn't in girls you've dated yeah even the other day I put a thing on on Instagram where I said how if you start following a guy how long do you think he should wait to D mu because as a guy I'll have girls follow me and because I'll just do jokes on there I'm like this is girl wanna I don't wanna be like so you came for the comedy also dick and yeah that's a liar thing I don't want to follow one up the bum her out if she just came she thinks I'm funny but like yes but what about fucking me can I interest you in that what about my penis yes so and of course the answers were all over the place yeah I like 4 days 5 days 10 minutes and then I said but if he's cute it doesn't matter they all wrote nope yeah but if it's on

► 01:33:50

man just let them yeah IM slide I like that you're referencing Aquaman is like the Paradigm of hotness not because he really is he's as good as it gets yep he's what this is one my wife said she goes he's everybody's type yeah he's a including fish yeah he's a big giant handsome beautiful man who seems to be extraordinarily kind yeah like he's got a be like open edex an older woman that's older than him like he's got he exercises what is this a furthermore SEC strikes I entirely been obsessed with this and didn't read it as pointed by Chicago assist in Kenya the Philippines Liberia thanks Nobel Prize winner Lima what house say that g bo w a mug will be glowy and in Colombia where women held a 10-day sex strike in 2006 to end gang fighting wow and that's a great it is a great idea it truly is like

► 01:34:50

if you want to effect change just get every I was saying to somebody last night like we all know like every somebody was asking me about

► 01:35:01

cheating on and I was like I'm not a cheater but I was like every guy does what they do most human achievement is because they men wanted to get like yeah like buildings electricity if you think that scab problem in unions just trust me if you got a fucking session them Heroes yeah um how's it going to come in with all the white worm what am I going to use I have no lever this is my main leverage like but but yeah like it's a it's a great bargaining tool oh yeah I mean it's the it is the bargaining I mean that's in some ways that's most of the negotiation of a relationship is like we're girls get like women don't control us like they may not control it explicitly but I know if I do something that's going to get you in a bad mood you're not going to fuck me and legalized prostitution is one of the one of the best ways to combat any kind of sex strike and that is one reason why women fucking

► 01:36:01

the idea of legalized prostitution they don't ever want that to not be negotiable they don't ever want you to be able to go oh I'm an asshole yeah I'm going for a drive by and you go right down to the store yeah will you go to the sex store and you pay for a ten and she's built like Jessica Rabbit and yang and you have a time of your life and you go home and your girlfriend's got a little bit of a God or asshole saggy and you like I just no I'm not you can't tell me what to do anymore I spent 80 bucks just I wasn't that much yeah if sex was legal but financially if it was transactions now having said that it is legal in a lot of countries are not a lot of countries but if you kind of you yet enough but it was legal in this country how much you think it would shift perceptions and with the way what people I think it would I don't know because I was just in Singapore and apparently it's legal there by the way I went to like there's a was in Singapore did some shows excellent and and there was a place

► 01:37:01

called it's Orchard Road and it's a mall during the day and at night it becomes a mall for prostitutes they have a prostitute Mall yes it does like Orchard Road and the awful saying for it is four floors of whores which is I just I don't know it just bugs as something about is like you whore it just feels like dice if you like hooker I don't know I like hookers a term of endearment longer call no not like the morning my way that killing shut your mouth hooker girlfriend who's just joking around but something like shut your mouth hooker in that yeah laughs yeah so but it I would so the the the local guys were going there and I was like well yeah I'm gonna go also because I want to see this place because I've read about it and there was a restaurant there that they ate in which is a whole other issue but it's literally like a mall like a shitty

► 01:38:01

all like not like a you know Glendale Galleria where it's like like a law it's just one of those like square ones where it's like four floors there's escalator in the middle and then there's just basically like and there's just wimp prostitutes hookers as you call them out in the walkway Jamie's got a visual for us is trying to find something but I found a TripAdvisor review of or nice yeah wow don't go here at night time unless you want to be shocked a little the holes Place turns into a countless into countless brothel bars I feel like I need to scrub myself after our visit I don't dislike I was there about three minutes and I was like all right because the thing is there's a difference between legally legalized prostitution and anyone wanting to be a prostitute they don't want to be I mean they are right I don't think they're being forced or coerced but life is coercing them what did you doing what did you think about the Robert Kraft situation

► 01:39:01

here's what bothered me about that two things bother me about that one they accused him of being a part of sex trafficking right but turns out that wasn't true well they weren't they were just regular girls who want to jerk guys off for money right wasn't there's no one there on it I think is a big word would willingly did it voluntarily whatever and they were threatening to release the film footage yeah of him like you're so what are you doing is trying to shame him into submission and the fact that this guy even though he's a billionaire you can't stop that from happening I kept crying well the funny thing is the fact that he's a billionaire and still has to go to them to the fucking drive-through like I boy I wish there was a better system there should be a better system yeah I mean I think it's going to be robots I think sex robots are going to be like blur the morality line I was at a this is a similar thing about like there's no release and relief anywhere

► 01:40:01

at a party recently in DiCaprio was there and there were and there were a bunch it was just like a feud crazy party like crazy Hollywood party like the kind I never go to them the SLI Eddie just everyone's there and DiCaprio's girl wanted to leave and he goes well the girls are tired so I got to leave the greatest party ever like he had to leave like even did Leonardo DiCaprio the King of Kings hmm the girls are tired God I gotta go they've been at the party for I don't know an hour and a half or something but there was like a dinner before but it was it was just a funny thing like okay so there's no doesn't matter who I am yeah you still here at the when they're done yeah when they're when they're done you gonna go so types but having said that we still all do it for some

► 01:40:53

invisible Shangri-La that she would have stayed at the party for Aquaman you know what I mean yeah I'll call him was the two men acting like it's fine let's stay on my feet and take off my shoes yeah the but yeah there's still he's still kind I mean we're still doing it for some Primal like all the achievements and all that shit it's still some yeah well you want to be respected and loved and liked and you want people to desire you yeah it's that's part of it right even if you're not gonna take him up on it right like I told an anecdote on on how many a field this week about the best compliment I ever got I was doing a show in Vegas with two buddies of mine who shall remain nameless we get on the elevator at the end woman gets on and goes can I just say I'm married but I would fuck all you guys whoa and we and it was great

► 01:41:53

well it's like oh you get we feel accomplished we did a great job of the show you're attracted us you just happen to be married and that's so nothing's ever going to happen but thank you for expressing your attraction us a 1 if she was saying even though I'm married now she was saying it like just so you know if I weren't married I wasn't married yeah fuck and not and she didn't mean at the same time either she was a little drunk she was but even these yeah some ridiculous that's a very nice thing to say like that's kind of what you want from everyone for a guy yeah like hey I would fuck you girls don't want to hear that but like yeah thanks yeah they no kidding that everyone wants to come on yeah hey how do you like doing a podcast with Bianca I love don't have boundaries layer because she's funny she's smart smart and she's a pain in the ass in terms of like she is very like no like she has her own logic

► 01:42:53

she has her own belief system and we just argue it out she's more in like and she's also like 10 different races yeah she's like so she's pulling from a like her father's Middle Eastern she grew up in Oakland like she's got a lot of different like got Panamanian in these got Panamanian she's speaks German I think like for real like she's face it she's just like from all over and she's a fun she's fun and funny and she's funny too she's fun to be funny around is she on how Neil feel yeah she's on honey I feel it's not that's the name of this so how often you guys do it once a week that's cool yeah where do you do it do it in my literally in my bedroom oh nice yeah beautiful because it's not that's the only space we have that's cool but it's like you know it works how many have you done so far for okay cool but I get a nice either beginning of a podcast yeah nice you can see what it becomes you like blow expectations email yeah we're still starting up yeah I like it either stiff

► 01:43:53

you done any of the store now I literally haven't done any I don't think maybe I did one in the basement once it's a nice little spot man that it is yeah it's cool it is kind of a cocoon yeah it is it's the way they have it set up down there it's pretty badass and the fact that like wow we're doing a podcast at The Comedy Store feels it feels kind of historical because that is the thing that brought that place back yeah podcast brought that place back from the brink and made it the thriving Center of Comedy I think you can all agree that is the center of comedy in the known you hundred percent a hundred percent yeah and that podcast even like Robbie from Netflix is like podcasts are like the indicator of streams like you know it's pretty direct yeah the correlation and I don't know what Tom would be more popular from Netflix or the podcast they're both pretty fun yeah like it seems like 1 and 1A in terms of he's murdering it right now yeah his podcast has rabid fans

► 01:44:53

whenever they do these Garth Brooks things they all my God Garth Brooks is haunted he doesn't know what to do he's so trapped by your mom's house fans yeah they just won't stop with the memes and the Deep fakes with dams face over Garth Brooks body as Phi DM the defect guy yeah and because I was like is it hard because it's terrifying someone said he did it Jamie used a software to make one with me with Trump's head was it easy yes very easy someone I was talking to somebody about it and they said it bums me out in the way death used to bum me out when I was a little kid

► 01:45:33

wow but I know what he means it's just like unfathomable like oh this is not good jump shot the what you men check this out look at this look at this are you talking about which vice president vice I'm sorry former Vice President Biden apologized vice president is much more actually looks like Joey Diaz but dude it looks like me if I was fat and I had a crazy haircut that look that's me everyone's competition I've you everybody out there is sometimes you did so good how long did it take for real it's about the I was teaching myself how to do it really like this version took I let it run overnight because there's a little bit of what the machine learning kind of thing is doing the longer you let that run the better it is it's right I've been learning so this was just my test of like eight hours maybe we could have multiples going at what was that monster once or in the hopper the crazy thing is porn they're doing that with gals the taking like you know

► 01:46:33

love to give you use the word gals twice like fucking I love it this is a good time to bring this up because I just saw something today literally and it has to do with this and I don't know if this is real but this sounds it sounds scary and this is where someone's taking this technology into a weird place a lady like as a Facebook post it's why I don't believe it but she said she was with her son and while she was out of her house her husband was called saying that her son was kidnapped and that he heard his sons voice saying my mommy help me help me help me and to give them money and at the dad was freaking out didn't know what to do did couldn't get a hold of him and for filing did after six minutes and she said they couldn't even convince the dad that that wasn't real like after hearing no I'm fine we're fine I'm with him but I don't know if this is even real systems how they could do that at this with the capability and now I'm not sure but they might be able to tell for sure they can do it with yeah thank you can mock somebody's voice I mean if they can do it faces they can do with audio they did it with to pocket the Coachella like five years ago that was the way he said Coachella is exactly how he would have said it

► 01:47:33

and they have that that hologram that looks just like him but look a little more jacked just a little while and have more attacks back you like you went to CrossFit yeah and havin

► 01:47:45

yeah that's I can I totally believe they can do the voice chat seven years ago for that one yeah yeah they're so close now even if you go back and watch Game of Thrones like season one and with the wolf's look like they look like shit really yeah they were their shitty CGI wolves a little clunky but now they look amazing now looks like a real fucking wolf what is this that's Tupac look how Jackie is do you have any idea how many sit-ups you have to do to have stomach like that you got to be on that Wiz Khalifa It's also it's routine it's also you gotta not eat any starch right I mean any sugar than any kind you can't be fucking around carbs carbs that would keep you from being really shredded I mean not all carbs but I mean either doing some a lot of fasting you got to do something to get your body fat down that low because it doesn't matter how many sit-ups you do right it's not going too well setups make your ab muscles bigger yeah and make it more defined I can see one of mine ya gotta lose weight the only ways that goes on to that

► 01:48:45

easy to get fat too I'm so amazed at how easy I can get fat on a vacation like one week I gained 10 pounds if I go on a vacation and I just go drink and eat pasta 10 pounds in a week well that's like you're running such a small margin yeah in just in everyday life where like yeah if you if you just eat out it's not a man I mean it's fairly massive but it's not like what do you think it is 800 calories a day no that's true I mean the extra I don't know with me man I go hard when I when I eat on vacation drink drinking and eating like just the drinking when I'm on vacation I might drink four or five drinks a day maybe more every day do you drink during the day if you're on vacation without your sometimes no no not without my kids but when my kids are there I'm hammered yeah you gotta say ya I get no but I'm a mom I'm on vacation and I'm out I might have a drink at the pool or at the beach wherever I am and then at

► 01:49:45

night if I go to dinner I might have two or three so might have four or five drinks every fucking day that's not a normal day for me such as just piling up yeah I went and what are you drinking whatever whatever they got got yeah if I'm on vacation you know I'm trying to get fucked up trying to have a good time doing it like it's my job and are you did your wife get drunk she'll get hammered with you that's great not as much as me though I get more drunk than her that's fun yeah well yeah well you don't know where to go and you can just walk to wherever you're supposed to be yeah yeah but 10 pounds later I'm like you fat fuck and I'm grabbing my sides when I can grab like a fist full of meat right where my love handles on like yes it's Christ well because it's so like you fucked up and you just like have a thing that you have a handful of regret yeah take this like week to get everything back in line by the way that not that long I mean that's not a very long time compared to compared to most people like

► 01:50:45

your age fucking people peoples metabolism take some people get fat a little bit and then they're done yeah but I still do the same shit that I did when I was 21 like in terms of like the amount of working out I do yeah I still I'm still running the hills and doing serious kettlebell workouts and martial arts every day so at least five days a week I'm doing something my soul shit everyday are you doing sometimes I'll do something every day I'll do multiple workouts in a day because I have a gym at home so I'll get up in the morning and lift and then I'll do yoga and then I'll do something later I just you got to keep going when you're 50 years old like your body requires like you can't have too much slack in the because when you slack if you get out of shape fuck man it's hard to get back Jay it's hard like your body is trying to die yes not trying to put muscle on and up your VO2 max it's not interested in that interesting dying and

► 01:51:45

the trick that and continuously working out as the kind of like yeah you know anything I don't I've been cranking the sauna up to 200 degrees because Gabriella Reese told me that Laird Hamilton puts his shit on 220 220 that's what she said right to 20 which is you cook meat at 220 degrees that's like that's fucking hot and I was like the must be some sort of benefit in that so I'm like I'm going to wrap my shit up from 180 to 200 and it made a big difference what and what's the difference first of all it's way harder to do the difference between 160 and one like I was at a saint of this past weekend at a gym like a hotel gym is a nice sauna but it was not hot enough was like one 60-ish and as a point on hot you're sweating and it's helping you're getting heat shock proteins it's good for your body reduces inflammation but not nearly as radically is when you hit 200 200 is fucking hard to do like you are the first of all the wood in the sauna that you're sitting on it

► 01:52:45

hot as fuck you need your sweat to cool off the wood because the wood is like a plank like a cedar path of your cooking a fillet of salmon on that's of the wood gets Like It's Hot how long can you stay in it 20 minutes and those last five minutes are rough and how do you deal with the pain whatever the like you can't you don't want to move right yeah well so are you just like still the last five minutes I've get up and I start walking around actually I feel like I have more of a hard time sitting still the last five minutes so I got yeah I would think you have to yeah I distract myself by stretching and maybe wearing flip-flops or that they would mouth know you'd probably give it well you know what works though surprisingly are pods those fuck I really don't die out in 200 your phone would be dead as fuck yeah but are pods keep going so if I put my phone just outside the door yeah but are pods on I could listen to music hardly think they're hot to the touch yeah they're hot I feel them but they're not breaking down

► 01:53:45

they don't do they hang in there at 200 degrees good for you are but yeah they're good and you feel it markedly different yeah you feel good when you get out of there man like all your little aches and pains feel like they get a big bump like a big reduction in the aches and pains and that's and most your aches and pains are age and working out yeah yeah yeah just inflammation in general a what age would you be pissed at be pissed if you died at 60 would you be pissed

► 01:54:20

do you know that not tyranny my piss like fucking fuck you I fucking did all the right shit yeah I don't know man you know I just heard John Singleton he died at 51 yeah you know Luke Perry died at 51 or 52 stroke both those guys yeah fucking that's me that's this age stroy Stevenson even though I mean he was not in good shape but like he wasn't old no no hehe strokes and yeah that one's like how it was Keith when he had his stroke 50 fuck fuck yeah like at what point would you be like feel ripped off probably right now

► 01:54:57

so 60 you would be like the shit out of this body though it's amazing this thing works as good as it does you know if I think about my body is like a car that I've been do you still feel like you're beating the shit out of it or you feel like the judge it's his stuff was beating the shit out of it but I still do that though but I died I went running and the hills yesterday hard fucking workout yesterday how far to miles but it's straight up or steep yeah it's like one one stretches more than 200 yards straight up it's fucking hard it's a hard Sprint like the dog runs ahead and I'm trying to keep up with them it's yeah but you get to the top of these really steep hills when your legs are on fire your lungs are killing you but man it makes a difference but it's also are you beating the shit out of your body or are you just doing it I'm strength right I'm doing it right but I am I am putting a lot of pressure on the joints I'm putting a lot of pressure on the muscles and it's not simple sound like doing yoga every day I'm doing some pretty heavy-duty stuff but I feel

► 01:55:57

like if you do it smart and you warm up a lot and you stretch and I've been pretty diligent about recovery sauna in the big way but also a beginning trigger point muscle release therapy like which is like really hardcore brutal massage that you literally want to cry like like this kind of like elbows yeah I teach fucking puts her elbow on the back of my neck and yeah it's but it makes a big difference man all that stuff cryotherapy all that stuff everything's got a little place yeah oops but the moment the main thing is consistency like you can't you can't take months off you can't you can't take weeks off you can't just eat lecture you'll slip away your body wants to do what it's been doing yeah like your spirit whatever like whether it's like you know whatever the laws that body in motion stays in motion but it just does he's gonna like sugar same thing eat sugar and you like we got to get more sugar don't eat it and four days later

► 01:56:57

like them but go feel like variety is really critical to like I'll make sure that I get at least one or two days ago go and at least one or two days of running at least one or two days of lifting least one or two days of martial arts like do a bunch of different shit mix it all up together because if I don't mix it all up together then is like to just too much repetitive stress but possibility like if I'm just running every day I'm not I don't think that's wise and you you why don't you do interval training with running I do sometimes okay yeah I do I do a bunch of different shit I mean I sometimes I just do Hill Sprints and then I slowly go down the hill away to my heart rate gets below 140 and then I Sprint back up the hill again yeah I mix it up but the the the key is consistency no matter what you're doing whether it's yoga or running you got to do something almost every day yeah I don't do some every day but I try to do like I got a treadmill and now I have a Bowflex I'm proud to say I'm a proud owner of above you're the last guy to buy one I know about to go out of business but they are we just gonna fucking

► 01:57:57

from 1988 bro yeah my my ex-girlfriends roommate had a Bowflex remember using this cone why in the fuck is it it's big actually like it's like it's takes up a lot of space Bo I didn't even put yeah you're right but the pope bro come on they don't that only that's when it yeah it does have like wing it is a wing and bird does it work yeah I yeah you got a good workout I got him getting my gains bro I still have like dumbbells and you know I'm action bans I tell people if you really want to work out at home all you need is a chin-up bar everything else you do on the ground you can do bodyweight exercises you can do plenty of I gotta say I don't even think you need a chin-up bar I mean again you know 10 times more than I know but I'm saying like what are you getting from a chin-up bar that you can't get from a push-up or a dip Roll-Ups you getting but I'm saying it's all that's right you getting your back you're getting your back you're not getting it back much you getting a little bit of you do Hindu push ups where you

► 01:58:57

down and Elevate and come back I'll be getting a little bit of your back but you're really getting your back if you're hanging onto a chin-up bar and using your whole body weight yeah that's what you want that that is that is an amazing I don't work my back out very much am I fucking myself yeah for sure you have to strengthen that bitch to keep the stability and your spinal column you want meet you want that to be armored you know that's very big I have several machines out there that are just designed to keep my back strong and you just think it's good it's best practice Yeah it's I do that almost as much as any other kind of exercise I do a reverse hyper I do a whole series the reverse hyper machine than the the glutes the glute machine where you you know I cannot believe how hard glutes are like it's the hardest that's the one after it of Mike I'm gonna fucking throw up it's the fucking work hard and you have to even like I was talking to trainer and she was like well you need to like

► 01:59:57

activate your glutes and in part of me is like I don't even know what you're talking about and then the more I research it's like our glutes are dead as like normal people we don't use our glutes and they are literally atrophied that's why women to get so disgusted by a guy's flat ass don't like this motherfucker doesn't even activate his glutes now what if but if you want to fix gotta run ton of shit yeah you have to do a ton of shit just and she's like you would take it would take you a couple months to even just get them activate and I was like I don't know what you're talking I just thought it was some trainer shit and it's you have to like turn them on yeah like you have to like do bed like I do a ton of shit and I mean know if I'm doing it right the I think I heard up yeah they gotta get her you gotta get a train I should get a turn to come home now yeah you got cash yeah get yourself a training Neal Brennan yeah I should plus it's good because you have to make is this your Bowflex no I went that's the mirror look if you think I didn't almost by this you're out of your mind what's going on magnets it's like a mirror one meeting wait something-or-other I've been seeing this online recently I just yeah

► 02:00:57

I don't know if it works well it's got two chords how much resistance that's what I wanted the resistance is all internally done just by magnet pressure that you what's the maximum amount of results though cuz I don't know if you know this but I'm jacked no yeah I heard how much 148 pounds in the middle I think you're probably 200 some plus pounds whatever I think it's I think 148 I'll take care of most people yeah and if you just do in cables so 148 on each side is that what it is I don't know literally I just it's new and I was just curious if you had seen anything know that looks badass so the mirror is showing you your form your forms versus video form versus like are you doing it correctly look at that and then tell you what and it goes up and down it fits on the wall is that a gimmick is there any reviews that it's way it's bright it's a brand-new I don't even know the reviews are all pretty strong this is the like as you're saying it all comes down to

► 02:01:57

are you going to do it yeah if you do it every day it's fucking great right you just most people won't do it every day yep they just because it's got to write it down just like he every day I brush my teeth yeah so do that to put takes longer I meditate twice a day that's fucking why is it - yeah really 2020 each wow damn interesting yeah so how does that work like what do you do sit down set the timer for 20 and close my eyes and repeat the Mantra and was your Mantra can't tell you about dr. Cox and it think it works I think I need less sleep as a result real since I've started I started like a year and a half ago and I've needed significantly less sleep from before and I don't know again because it's impossible to know what you know right what's doing what but what other benefits in terms of like Clarity and stuff

► 02:02:57

I don't again I don't know I think they're good but I it I can't say like well I was writing 4.3 jokes a month before and now I read 4.8 like I don't there's no direct correlation I am happy with my output but like mmm isn't that funny that like to an average person they'd be like we wait for Point you're joking right no no if I get for great jokes a month that's an amazing month yeah well it's like that I was going to bring it up when you were talking about deer hunting yeah right where it's like yeah if you it you see the special thought of it all want at once yeah I'm the special you had a great line about writing and that like like writing in a notebook or on your phone that's like a net to catch ideas yeah that really is like thought about that like that is a great way to put it yeah like here put throw this in the put it on the thing and like and then you can look but you ever have an idea write it down and then three days later looking at like that's fucking funny yeah funny well that's why you gotta throw a lot of

► 02:03:57

against the wall I have pages and Pages stuff that I review like late-night rambles that I label them late-night Rambles because I write a lot of times at night after the store so I yourself yeah everyone's asleep I'm high just sit in front of the computer and is it like you have a germ from the day I have Sometimes some but I have one hour they have to write so I'm one hour in front of that computer give myself that one hour and then after that I can watch YouTube videos whatever you like whatever but have to get that one hour in and man there's been many times where I'm sitting there staring at that fucking computer for 20 minutes and then and then I got an idea like oh my God there's something and then the next day I do that onstage boom it gets a laugh like fuck yeah that reward for the tediousness it's just getting through the sitting in front staring at the blank screen staring at some fucking weird notes you're not even sure if they mean anything trying to find some old shit where there's just a spark of Lea and Amber

► 02:04:57

yeah blow on it turn into a fire or a like I had a joke that I tried that I was trying and I was like I know it's good I just have to come up with the right thing yeah and then I tried a couple the huh first couple times you fuck it up you don't say it right it's so it is the TD and the mild embarrassment of just like trying and failing but but having an idea writing it down doing it on stage is the to me the most rewarding thing I can think of it's one of the most rewarding things in all of life yeah I mean honestly and I don't say that lightly I just mean like living a life that is the thing and it's not that's the one that's not really about women or not about that's more like spiritual yeah it's like about like

► 02:05:46

listen yeah and like you it goes through the your filter yeah and you're like no one ever thought of that right now what a fucking ever thought of that right right right that's fucking crazy was the best ones like how did I catch me like how what thank you thank you Earth how often do you write on stage however the ad lib on stage very rarely I you see I come over my sheets yep yep and like but I have a new joke show every Tuesday in Santa Monica and then so I'll go up and do as much an issue as I have hmm and mix it in with my mean you know that when you have a punk then you'll put like I can do it I can put that part in there so you kind of have to do some old jokes to like fit in the new part yeah and but my I'm like I'm I usually am like if I write for jokes one of them will work yeah like and I just like that

► 02:06:46

yeah all right for jokes one of them have son and then sometimes the other ones you like now if you're alive or not I'm going to stare at you for a little bit to try to figure out a way to bring you to life yeah is might be something there I mean maybe missing it on the first pass set it up for you ever have a premise and years later you'll figure it out years later a decade yeah and you're like oh fuck you just know how to do it now yeah maybe you have a bit that you did the taught you about something else or some other aspect of writing a bit and you couldn't explain it to any you couldn't explain it to someone who doesn't do it no like you can't it's kind of not I mean maybe athletes a little bit where it's like they figured the game out in a different way but it's so private and it's so like and that's the thing I was talking to somebody about this like

► 02:07:35

how many funny people are there in the world there's a lot of funny people but how many of them are funny stand up funny yeah they could just go on stage and make a room full of people out that's a hard that's a hard couple hundred if you're being generous if you're going to be really gentle like how many real legit professional comedians that you and I respect yeah maybe 200 yeah man There's 7 billion people in the world and like that's the rare and I as much as comedy is like deified in ways that are sort of goofy now it's still like no this is all we do everything it's fucking interesting it's like we're at especially now the way the culture is like were the only people speaking freely in public or at least in an organized way and this this format as well podcast and stand up those the only two things yeah I mean everything else right now is compromised it seems like yeah and that everybody else feels at work you can't really talk freely yep

► 02:08:35

at home in relationships there's like and it's not like we're just talking extemporaneously like I don't even know where I'm going but I'm fucking know what's gonna happen to the end of this sense but but that and that's the thing that's so riveting about it is like is there no one else is doing and there's only a few hundred people that can do it well yeah it's crazy and it's it's a riveting to like the creation of like these these little things that you come up with if you keep going eventually they'll be a special eventually it'll be something actually can record yeah and there's like these this thought like I'm onto something I've got this I'm piecing this little puzzle together and not even knowing someone said like so what do you how do you come up with and it's like I don't even know what I mean when I start and then I write the jokes I'm like oh I see what I was doing or going through do you sometimes rewrite a bit like right a bit and then rewrite it from a different angle

► 02:09:36

I mean there's obviously like threads of like like you just do the inverse so as I take a bit when it's already done and I say okay let me put that aside I know it's done I know it works let me approach the subject from a completely different angle now yeah let me approach the subject as a hater well couldn't you do you end up probably doing both of them right like a lot of your feminism shit yeah the thing you're closing with felt like you'd written half and then we're like well yeah and now my own rebuttal well I wanted to rebut myself yeah and I'll also wanted a shit on myself so hard that by the time I got to shit and on the feminists like it worked yeah that's another thing where it's like if you couch you can say anything yeah as long as she's perhaps you would like I'm not a monster just know that I'm not a monster of course but but some of these bitches are or some of these whoever's are like I'm not a total piece of shit but let's talk about that yeah that's the the I'm fat

► 02:10:36

that I just thought of a another like frame for a for a like I did the true Mike's thing no I did that for Netflix so I thought of that frame as like three microphones on stage and I just thought of a nother not it's not like a structural thing but it's a way to do a show and

► 02:10:57

my first thought was fucking thank God meaning you don't want to be like you don't want to do it a premise he show every time because I did three mics then I did a half hour on Netflix New Year's Day the community to the world thing to lie and Swartz into to and and now I'm like I would like to do a kind of not one man show we think it's not a model inversion but like a way to do jokes that are more it's like jokes but also if you can thread something else in it it's like you see that there was a girls night live I think it was Halsey who sang a song and fucking painted at the same time she painted a painting during this off and I was like wow wow then you can bring it up because what was the song I can play it will get we go now it was the second song it sorry love yeah if we play it will definitely get the boot YouTube is brutal with their copyright shit brutal I mean good

► 02:11:57

bad well it's just very it's good and bad yeah but it's very easy for someone to claim copyright off of just to play a clip and next thing you know your video gets taken down can't stream

► 02:12:08

so part of me is like you know sit right here so she's singing she's singing and painting and it's by the way great looking yeah okay she's got a lot going on and she's Barefoot Jesus yes Barefoot yeah I mean it's an amazing know but it's fucking amazing for singing some yeah better than I can do not singing I bet she's quite a character I don't that felt loaded that said about love Joe yeah so like I thought of another premise so I'm excited about that that's awesome when you think gonna film if you will act on three I gotta like I got a I have I kind of written out but like I'm going to probably do it like in New York like I did three mics right did it like sort of Off-Broadway and okay so when you do something like that what you do like a long run and then film with the end of the Run yeah I basically did three mics at it for like two months four nights a week so and it all in New York yeah and then what you do some theater like in the Lower East

► 02:13:07

I were big lie does his and then and it was cool it's cool to just like have to do an hour every night so cool like oh I'm going to do an hour and I'm in at a time in the same town that is cool and I'm doing an hour every night and you do an essentially like a play on yeah I liked it was an emotional there is a it was a like an emotional fucking I talk about emotional shit this will be less emotional it'll be less wrenching emotionally people saw three mics like it's fucking pretty government but uh but this will be less gut-wrenching but you have a premise it's exciting to you yeah which is fucking you know that every like fucking excellent and it's also the only thing that like

► 02:13:50

it's like well you to make money I don't know I don't care it doesn't matter it's like not even a consideration that seems like that's you're wasting your time thinking about that because all that really matters is do you enjoy doing it does the audience enjoy all that other stuff comes out of that right yeah and if you enjoy it they're probably gonna enjoy it too yeah and and even the thing where people go like so what are you doing and you're like you can say you doing the podcast or you have UFC silica like oh you have to have something that you're working on and I'm like like I had like I'm doing and our comedy special for a huge stream streaming service that's going to broadcast fucking everyone what are you doing that's it yeah you know what that's how they any like this is a what I'm doing is fucking it doesn't it's not time consuming visibly day-to-day but like it's consuming emotional like thinking about it what's your take on what's going on with Louis like what he's trying to do with stopping people from quoting

► 02:14:50

his bits and the quoting I mean I think he's just trying to stop people from writing shit yeah but it was his own fault because he just didn't have the bag he didn't have the under back like he could have him was like yeah it'll be fine yeah what's the worst that can happen What Louis now he's doing everything's got the Yonder bags he's doing small clubs yeah and he also has a sign that he puts up saying that if you leak any of the material that they have legal repercussions good yeah I mean why should why should it's a spoiler it's like that it's like a fucking but it's worse than a spoiler yeah it is worse than a spoiler because every every joke is its own movie right today is going to be nice yeah to exaggerate about it but it's like yeah it's a huge it's a it's a that's a huge problem and it's also it goes to that 11 year old girl thing where it's like yeah Wade said death and God and what he did yeah yeah

► 02:15:50

do your ha yeah when you have 11 year old daughter's man it's like you get it like oh now I see how people are thinking making like a little kid and what's that how would you describe it like sort of like simplistic yeah looking for something to be naughty so I'm going to do something bad what did he do what did she do what are they doing well the will tell you right after the break and you're like oh I can't wait yeah but I don't I mean Louise a hilarious dude and and I hope I'm interested to see what happens I think he's going to come out with a motherfucker of an hour that's what I think I think he's going to Pete he's constantly touring he's on the road all the time doing this I know he's not doing it just for money because he's only doing these little tiny places Ya Doin Zanies in Chicago yeah or Zanies in Nashville right now he's gonna come out with a motherfucker of a special and re cement his position and I think there's going to be people that are still mad at him no matter what I don't matter I don't think

► 02:16:50

you can please most people that are mad at them no meaning and I don't I just think it's like not reasonable they it's more fun to not forgive them yeah it's time or is it feels better to not forgive them yeah fuck him yeah I get it I get their perspective but for everybody else we're going to get treated to a monster our that's what I think I hope when he's all done I think it's probably gonna be his best our I listened to the leaked one yeah it was good yeah it was good but I mean 10 months out yeah no no comedy doll for 10 months and then he starts doing it again and there's you know some bits in there that would have been great if they didn't get leaked the thing about what he gonna do cancel my birthday is so fucking funny is it since it's like he's so fucking funny it's bananas yeah because my life is over I can't cancel my birthday oh God damn funny yeah yeah like I you know he's a he's a fucking hilarious dude yeah that's the front of the line

► 02:17:50

I mean when it comes to Comedy and political correctness in the pushback that's the front of the line for the pushback is Stand-Up light nightclub stand up the stuff that you and I both do we say a bunch of fucked up things and happen also be funny and you're doing it in front of live cry or I said onstage the night they're going to a strip club and complaining about cellulite that's what it feels like it's like what do you eat this is we say a ton of shit some of it doesn't work yep some it doesn't work because it doesn't cross the the comedy barrier some it doesn't work as ideologically fucked up but you don't know it until you set it's like yeah even the funny many great bits that you love are fucked up to someone sure to someone like or you have to figure out a way to make them more like Chris Rock's bit about this difference between black people in the end yeah that bit he said bombed oh yeah long time yeah we figured out how many bombs shortly before he did it on his own

► 02:18:50

the AP objects yeah crazy it's great but he knew he's like God damn it there's something in this yeah and and also it is fucked up it is a fucked-up like it's fucked up you can weaponize that joke chew a lot of white people did write like a lot of races white boy like I told you I've been saying that my car for years and that exactly but at the same time you can't worry about that like I was talking to some I did a thing on the pockets where I was saying like I don't understand the problem with Jordan Pederson and you and I have talked about this I think that the club like and and then and people email me and they said well people use Jordan people right-wing people use him as an example of did it and I'm like that's not his problem right that's and he promotes someone said he promotes and all meat diet no he doesn't he said he does it but he didn't promote

► 02:19:50

didn't make a commercial about the shit you can't worry about how someone takes again this goes to a point is how someone interprets your art you just can t interpretation exact and also by the way then throw away taxi driver and and the Salinger book The Catcher in the Rye because that's responsible for killing Lennon shooting Reagan like taught life's like okay well so these fucking dummies use it as their thing right so now I can enjoy it like to fuck oh fuck yourself yeah you just too many interpretations just too many perspectives there's too many people you just have to be a reasonable person be nice do your shit do your best and you know look we work together all the time and people are laughing yes we were having a good time yeah like and and it's not it's also like what's your intention yeah it's not Mar Our intention is to create right Our intention is to come up with

► 02:20:50

anything and like me as a person who enjoys stand up I like sitting in the back of the or and watching someone kill I fucking Joy it's the best I told somebody like I'm a gym rat but for comedy club yeah I've been seeing you for 27 years yeah just hanging out like me and Chappell were in Vegas and some kid was like what do you he was a chef at a this place yellowtail and and he was just saying like being a chef you just fucking have to cook for 12 10 years 10 12 years just like it's hard and Shams like I've known him for 28 years he's been going to clubs for 33 years yeah like that's the only thing that Matt it just makes sense yeah it's fair it's like it's an economy that you understand if the idea is good enough you will get this response and there's not there's not really politics there's not there's preferences but there's not like you know like oh have him

► 02:21:50

although you got the fact that you got banned from the stores hilarious that is like from a movie like will ban we have to ban one of them but but and you want in the end as of work but but it is a fair thing and it is like the only people

► 02:22:09

as rock says we're like X-Men where it's like they they're always mad at the X-Men they're always mad at the X-Men but like I fucking you still like the X-Men yeah you're mad you're mad at Louis but fun if he went on stage I don't want the money fuck people are crazy yes if he walked on stage they would stand up and give him a standing ovation yes and there's also it's also that it's almost that corporate thing where it's like if you know Chinese slaves are making phones did they make this one right like that this part like where's with Louis it's like this one guy is responsible for all institutional sexism like no he's not he's a fucking he just was a dummy you did was Dumb and he handled he was dumb from beginning to end and you tell you about it he'll tell yes he was fucked he just fucked up and it was stupid but he doesn't have to

► 02:23:09

take the fall on you know for whatever like he is valuable yeah he's valuable he's valuable to our culture he creates a lot of

► 02:23:18

I don't think of stand up this way where it's like you create joy for people like I never think that way but he did create a lot of thought and joy like yeah he's responsible for a lot of positive shit I mean that is what the art form is yeah you're literally changing a person's State and that yeah I mean Anna as an audience member I still love it and that was a that was a struggle for me early on because I was jealous I could see people doing well and I wasn't doing well like God I wish I was doing that I wish I wrote that joke yeah I wish I was doing that show I wish I would and then I realized like oh this is like totally unproductive like yeah the opposite of productive it's negative yeah they can be activating in terms of like if you turn it into will then work harder right well but the problem is like I wish I did that like that part of is no good or God why does he have to get this that part of his is no positive to that but what is positive you watch someone kill go God damn he's funny I gotta go to work I got ya that's good but the

► 02:24:18

Kate part yet like is hanging out of him is like spanning yakked it's not it's counterproductive its router common I think it's then eleven-year-old it's that's your first that's the easy reaction like no yes yes the 11 year old mansion and then it's like okay but what am I what's underneath it what's underneath it is like respect I don't the and then there's certain people that it's like I've never hated Brian Regan right you know and like nice and also like there's several of them yeah and he's fucking hilarious in a way that's like I don't know this fucking dude this suits funny he's so funny and so clean you could take your grandma to see him and never worried for a second Agha where's he going with this yeah grandma gets sensitive fuck I gotta get a drink yeah he's just he's one of those rare cats like Gaffigan that figured out a way to make clean just as Sebastian to though yeah like Sebastian's and I always forget he's clean and Nate bargatze

► 02:25:18

now like getting into that area where he's like clean southern accent like it's a big it's like it's a good place to be but he's fucking so funny if you're naturally inclined to do that yeah like if yeah if you're forcing yourself to it but yeah I think that there's a ton of value in in stand-up I mean it seems so obvious but it's like and I think Netflix must there must be some Metric and Netflix where

► 02:25:51

they at a certain point they're losing a ton of programming meaning all the shit's licensed hmm Disney's taken all their shit back in like a year or two a lot of like parent like all of these places are starting their own apps so they're going to lose and I think they realize like a lot of Netflix is stand up and documentaries hmm and I think that must be in terms of like price they can never monetize it in terms of like if you the Ali Wong special begat this much money but if it cost them five hundred grand to get Ali walks for special including product everything

► 02:26:27

they made a lot of money you know what I mean like the and it's millions of people watch it and and like as well as she looks fucking great so like they it's just a cold it's just the coolest thing I can imagine I agree like a great being a comedian Stephen A man I mean that's that's the to have that appreciation respect for something that you enjoy doing that is actually your your your your your occupation means beautiful thing we're really really fortunate yeah and the gifts that we get like a lot you know what I mean like and it's all for it's all from Comedy yeah glass is shoes car everything you doing yeah basically like every single thing is from just personality card yeah and like creativity work grinding to I like grinding I really do it when I'm doing three four shows at night I get a kick out of it I'm like here we go this is yeah he's good good work a joke out the best that's how they get come alive yeah I got a wrap

► 02:27:26

yeah Brennan tell people your podcast how do you feel go find it fucking doing it with her yeah very cool yeah it's great we got good chemistry and and it's items ever so go check it out in this me it's like this except it's like this yeah it's like that yes except there's a higher pitch voice just yeah not much higher Jeremiah pretty yeah it's kind of high right all right bye everybody

► 02:27:56

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