#1332 - Annie Lederman

Aug 7, 2019

Annie Lederman is a stand up comedian. She is also the host of "MEANSPIRATION" podcast on All Things Comedy.

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he sank you to the cash app my guest today is a hilarious comedian a good friend of mine from The Comedy Store a young up-and-coming Banger out there in the world of joke-telling and I always enjoy her company please give it up for my friend Miss Annie Lederman

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The Joe Rogan Experience Train by day Joe Rogan podcast

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hello the leopard theme you have leopard Jackets today you have a leopard top is this just coincidental or is there something to this well I'm a little bit white trash and I want everyone know I don't know I I liked I liked Married with Children pull this up you know I'm a little bit and I'm trying to get comfortable are you comfortable I don't know and it seemed comfortable a supposed to be here you're fine I'm with the King anyway okay so leopard leopard like marriage children I don't know I always pick Monday well I was gonna go for Kelly but thank you I like dumb and slutty and nope I do have my friend who started begging her boyfriend and my phone has Peg Bundy whoa what's her name she started paying her boyfriend she got a new one in here his I think he's gay honestly sure listen if you get pegged I'm not saying you're gay for sure but this guy this guy this guy I think is gay and

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what does she think they broke up she thinks he's got Jesus Christ they broke up why did they break up he was emotionally available because he's gay wow

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I think he's looking for something with a deck so what was her other signs with him that he might be I don't know I think that he just was not he may be he's just emotionally unavailable guy but he seemed to have a lot of issues around wanting to get Dixon is so it seems like maybe you need to try maybe a less plastic one yeah we probably is already trying it you think maybe I'm out think you just why would you waste your time with a rubber

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dick strapped to a woman if you could just go get maybe Jesus Jesus made from Christian stuff like he's can yeah like the real dark yeah maybe it's like internalized homophobia probably or maybe he's just like transitionary like maybe two years now he will look back and go guys to make girls fuck me in the ass I'm so such a dickhead why did I do that I should just come out yeah or maybe he likes the feminine aspects of a woman and the rock hard cock part of a dude there's a lot of people that like that he needs to get there needs to be like well I guess that's what he needs are hermaphrodite is yes well Whitney Cummings was telling me that those sex robots you know you saw her special them in a sex robot that there's they're really popular where they have a woman's body in a dick those ones are really popular all right all right you got to live your you get to live here

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reading just want everything inside outside give it to me all right I had a guy call in to my podcast about his wife won't peg him enough and he's a cock but she won't yeah but she's like she's like to marry she like makes love to him while she begs him and he wants to be just cried you know Jesus Christ and he's a cock but he/she won't fuck black eyes so he's just he's like I'm like I feel like for what you want you should be very grateful you have as a woman that's pretty down but there's always more so I'm wondering if he just wants more or if his ultimate same with but just that's how it is with people if you go back to the early days of porn it was basically just pizza delivery man and sorority girls and and sex and everybody had a bush but then you look at today everyone's gagen and slapping and yeah token and spit and not choking on pubes in his mom there was none of that back then now it's like standard you know it's like everything keeps getting pushed boundaries keep getting pushed

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it's getting the fish hook posies it's fuck are these watch the the war the wrong porn disease I'll tell ya what a disaster hmm have you seen a special I haven't watched it yet I watched a clip and it shot so bad it's like you see him and then you see people behind him in the backstage area Milling around and he's on a seat it's so dumb it's like there's there's doors open in the back and then people walking behind the doors it's like some odd artistic choice to try to be like it doesn't matter that I'm up here yeah like it's no big deal life still goes on even I'm up here which means you're thinking that life doesn't go on and you wanted to show people that life goes on to that's deep you are you are insecure about how narcissistic you are and then you tried to fight it well I was thinking it was the directors choice or was the director who has a director Spike Jones yeah I think he tried to do something

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crafty witch you know it's kind of interesting in any other format I mean it'd be interesting if it was a conversation it was just you know two people talking and they're in a public square and see people Milling around behind him that's not distracting but with stand up the more things you have to think about other than what the person's saying the more it's going to take away from what the person's saying yeah it does feel weird to just I mean you know I go on with the leopard print jacket sometimes but I like to dig myself a little home but the leopard print jackets just cool just funny it's not distracting it's just he or she is I like you know I have my toy sword on if you've been around for any of those sets but toy sword you know it's late at night you gotta wake him up gotta wake him up I just fucking here shorter just a plastic sword from the toy store I spent a lot of time with props I I have fake blood on me and most times I don't know when there's gonna I'm Gonna Be Inspired to take a funny picture to make a pratfall like to make a friend fall did you see the pratfalls that we did me and Steven Randolph one of the

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guys at The Comedy Store when was this thank you they posted on the console thing we did I did we chatted a bunch of 23 pratfalls it's so embarrassing listen after Brody died I was like I'm going all out I'm experimenting I'm having as much fun as I can you know obviously it's about jokes but sometimes you got to really just you gotta just have your time up there the Brody one was hard on everybody I was the one making sense that was one that it just like felt like swallowing a dry rock yeah wow like how's that guy gone it's just feel he was just such a big presence and then it's sad to I don't want to talk too much about Ayahuasca on here because I know that's what everyone does but I did in one and when I did trip on Ayahuasca it was right after that and helped me a lot with that because I kept thinking about how sad it was that he couldn't feel as like hugging us him we loved him Brody was loved like we loved that man he was our brother you know him and that was the sad part well I mean I just feel like

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there's no way any of us could ever understand what's in anybody else's brain you know I don't know what's in yours you don't know what's in mind it's like they're we assume that there's a similar thing happening inside our head is other people's heads and I think that's wildly incorrect I think some people are just in pain all the time and there's not much you can do as a friend to help them you know I mean I felt the same way about Bourdain when Bourdain died it was just I don't get it I just don't understand how someone who so loved you know he has this amazing job his beautiful daughter has this life that's extraordinary and very interesting and and deep and he gets to meet these Fascinating People and travel travel the world and expose people to all these incredible artists and culinary artists and yet still didn't couldn't take it didn't work here for whatever reason and I just think about it it's like so they're they're okay you know they're off

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ver we go or whatever happens they've transcended came back there floating around somewhere but it's like selfishly I'm like I want more Brody like course I want him back course yeah and it's you know and then you see people they just fade you know like each year goes by and they just which is going to happen to all of us so yeah but you know luckily he had a lot of catchphrases a lot of stuff on my poster in the back of the store my love I kiss it over to my want to do you really yeah I'm not touching any more yeah I lick it I give it my herpes I don't have herpes yet Joe Rogan audience you do it's on that it's okay and honestly if you have it it's fine what are they going to have a vaccination they must have one already they've got him even if I must sure what do you think conspiracy theorist Jamie's not a conspiracy that's why do you say that because he already sparked up when we talked about the aliens thing with oh did he bring up a high oh no I left it all out but he got his eyes

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there's just something there's a spark they have conspiracy yeah I have a little spark in their eyes when they he perked up he killed his asshole a little bit when I brought it up yeah but I know it was really funny like those the last question I asked him was about UFOs just kind of almost as a joke but just just as a goodbye yeah like to keep it silly that's all I'm reading it's in fucking hundreds of Articles it's all Bernie Sanders says he will tell the world about aliens if he becomes president that's the thing that they took out of that well it's smart of him it feels like Trump straws it's like smart if Bernie had said it if Bernie had brought it up I would have been like that is a brilliant tactic but don't you think the people that believe in aliens are already going to vote for or that are the most common up on it no no no you don't think that the same no no I think they they vary wildly conspiracy theorists or left-wing right-wing and did the alien one is different than any other one and I think there's a lot more people that are that are alien

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covers that cross both sides I think it's just one of those things where you like really lovers guys that fucking aliens oh no that's how only civilian workers you're holding out to people in Manhattan yeah do people claim that I bet you they do know for sure do you know this people really into Bigfoot's actually there's like all these novels written about Bigfoot and just go data tall Armenian no no now that hardly ever go to Glendale everywhere go to the Galleria there's this Bigfoot this is a very localized reference there's Bigfoot you want it Bigfoot or eyes you get it Bigfoot erotica yeah I mean it's like really common what if he had a small deck big like you always hear about the really tall guys with the tiny dicks and when I say here about them you hear about them look at this seduced by Bigfoot look at come for bigfoot Virginia Wade big flare is by Lolita young wait a minute narrated you mean this is an audio book you know what they say the bigger the

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foot the bigger they are in the bones what is that I like a guy with a really hairy dick you know like you like two people say listen people say they don't like too much hair on balls I say get it all the way under the shaft look at this absolutely that barfing Bigfoot what is happening I feel like I know I like that her name's Anna wait wait wait gay Bigfoot look at this last row and I'll prep what is gay Bigfoot look he smells right after we fucked look at that what the fuck I'm full of Sasquatch I've met that man one of the door guys at the comedy store that's one of the World Tour guys I got fired this is a whole genre of erotica there's a bunch of women that write these books this Virginia Wade lady is she's apparently very prolific with her Bigfoot erotica she writes quite a few of these how many did she have that was 13 at least 13 come for Bigfoot come for bigfoot number 13 is just make shit up

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there I was walking the dog and the dog had a heart attack next thing Bigfoot's dick is in my mouth how about I have a good pun Harry and the huh merson's Henderson and don't think Harold thinking out loud and then just I was sounding it out I can't read ever leave me alone would you expect me to come on in Barron's fucking smart um so there's at least 13 books I bet Virginia Wade lives in a fucking giant mansion drives around in a Rolls l.ron Hubbard it's probably a dude no it's a but I get to I bet it's a wood that Bigfoot five baby come for bigfoot baby what is that so that one time for a Bigfoot five baby was it's a baby see that see more right hand side all the way the right all the way the right all the way the right up above it they go bam what is that fuck is that maybe they have a Bigfoot baby it looks like a come inside or one so she's got what's find out Google Google Virginia Wade's big is that her right there she looks

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normal might have been said a photo of her go back gotta go back go back there's a different book they're talking about okay the boss for bigfoot does that hurt because that Virginia Wade that's a normal-looking lady might not be oh Amazon pulls buffed by Bigfoot romance novels from shelves what why are they censoring Bigfoot porn yeah that is hot look at that gif okay why don't why didn't anyone tell me about these literary Treasures oh my God I thought for a second too long but interesting read was about the book The Law this is a long but interesting read why are they pulling it why are they pulling us to stay at home mother from Colorado of course she is no real riding experience no of course not you don't even have to be good I mean he spent all day waxing her nipples she was couldn't get to come to terms with her hairy body and then she realized all she needed was to find her match she says I give this crazy idea for a story so she sat down wrote the entire book in an hour Bella is no fucking there's no second draft that's what I love to hear

► 00:21:02

by my for my authors you wrote this all in one draft she said just 12,000 words in a matter of weeks she's been considered trying to sell it to mainstream publisher instead she went directly to Amazon's Kindle Direct publishing an online platform for self-publishing 70 percent royalty rate for authors I think she sold a fuckload of the viral here's a line from it if you want

► 00:21:28

I don't think he's monogamous well it's Bigfoot and are so big click on that Bigfoot Insider Monster porn Amazon Crackdown only so let's find out what the fuck is going on here why would they crack down on that new ad blocker you son of a bitch okay what's the textured so hot author Virginia Wade's fiction debut follows a group of women embark on a week-long camping trip to Mount Hood National Forest they are in the shadow of Oregon's highest mountains they're they're kidnapped and sexually assaulted how curious Woodland creature what the hell is that thing ask one protagonist that's some good writing it's fucking Bigfoot his Shelly he's real for fuck's sake heart filled her eyes with a huge sea - - - I'm saying that says cock corn in the book his feet are fucked up with decidedly unpeaceful title like come for bigfoot see um of course it's just the first of six teen fiction ebooks weighed a pen name has written about the

► 00:22:28

and area but sometimes best sometimes known as Sasquatch each legendary beast each detailing a series of graphic and often violent sexual encounters between ape-like creature in their female lovers okay wait wait is made an exceptional living writing these stories wow okay but why are they take them down this reminds me of my friend from middle schools boyfriend who was Sicilian he was just so Harry and he looked been downloaded more than a hundred thousand times holy shit that that's five bucks that means she made $500,000 for The Flipper one hour's work what she made 70 percent of it at least do you think I bet you the other books didn't take as long either wow during her best months she's getting thirty thousand or more in a month writing Bigfoot jerk-off books wow taken by Pirates oh she ran she branched off an utter genres it's all just getting fucked taken by Pirates sidhu

► 00:23:28

by the dark lord it's like getting fucked by demons and Pirates and hilarious I'm getting traumatized a traumatic thing is coming up for me right now it's weird do you want to hear it what my mom wrote romance novels when I was shut the fuck yeah did you remember never publish no I didn't read them they're never published it was really just a fucking Journal you read your mom's fucked her and I didn't read it but she had romance novels around and I would definitely knew I was really good at skimming to the sex scenes I know to flip through flick my being to it so your mom wrote she was a part of this thing called Romance Writers of America and she actually won awards and then she never followed through so she could have published the book and probably a success and then she had a whole it was like a whole

► 00:24:18

suspense romance Salinas Revenge was what was called she was Alina like the saying now but that's really funny she came back just to fuck Bigfoot no she fucks the girl killed her make sure he does oh yeah I like that lady that little weirdo I mean I don't like her because she killed her but she's like a real weird I mean the girl killed Sammy Nest like she you know she reminds me of she reminds me of a night of us don't like her but she she reminds me of the little woman from

► 00:24:50

okay can't remember but the called the David Lynch that show which one Twin Peaks which ones didn't whether they're a little lady in it I don't remember Twin Peaks very well but there was a little late in the day but I just remember usually from the TV movie with Jennifer Lopez in it it she play selenia played Selena that was her big break she was a Fly Girl yeah and then she got super hot and that big-ass was exposed to some saline outfits that's interesting but why they're girl killer she was your assistant right yes she was just such a big fan I think she was just obsessed with her so she killed her because she was a big fan people are doesn't fucking crazy that doesn't make sense it's probably hate her because she made her washer laundry and shit she's our system right or I think she was the head of her fan club assistance get weird with people do you ever hear the David Spade story his assistant taser demand fucking tied Malcolm said one of going to jail yeah

► 00:25:50

I guess but that a girl or a guy a guy was he trying to fuck him I don't think so I think you just hated him oh my God I feel like Spade would be a nice employer but maybe not Maybe not maybe is now at a starving it up wow I didn't know that yeah yeah see if you find that story Spade some shit I be got catfished he's your gets finished he got catfished by he told it on the norming Donald show who catfished him someone catfish him he thought he had met this model and Twitter oh and then he saw them out on real life was like hey it's what and she's like what are you doing when he says something embarrassing Fades cool as shit there goes David Spade's assistant pleads guilty to assault make that larger please

► 00:26:35

oh my God David Pete Spades former assistant pleaded guilty stop to assaulting the commune with a stun gun and agreed to seek counseling for drug and psychological problems Beverly Hills Superior Court Judge Eldon FOX also sentence David Warren Skippy Malloy on Thursday to five years probation that's it to not hire someone named Skippy artem stay at least a hundred yards away from spade and perform 480 hours of community service if somebody taste me I want more yeah that's not an IT service because that's a threat and they tied you up and shit how did it end wait a minute says David's P36 losses in the 20s shut the fuck up oh my God mmm he tied them up how do I wonder how the story ended how did he get out of it she just really good with untying not get the guy get tired of fucking I'm shocked

► 00:27:34

he was angry and a psychotic State due to cocaine the morning of the attack dumb dumb dumb I mean I've done coke before I don't think I've been like let me tie up my boss and taser him never done coke with David Spade you're right around him yeah maybe you know telling you to take the dog out and be like I can't do this I can't hyper said that he said the coast are the NBC sitcom just shoot me in the new movie Joe Dirt said at the time that Malloy a thirty-year-old aspiring actor was a friend who is obviously mentally troubled right now wow and I'm more shocked by Joe Dirt as a new movie yeah we're digging back 1001 we are digging back well fuck that seems like a long time ago but you know what doesn't seem like a long time ago 2009 you say 2009 like oh that just happened nope 10 years a decade like 1960 to 1970 seems like forever 70 to 80 seems like forever 80 to 90 seems like forever

► 00:28:34

but 2009 in 2019 for whatever fucking reason seems real close yeah and it's not it's not it's not closed whole years you style show you that too because I was I was born in 83 I'm 36 and the kit the the younger kids right now are dressing like I dressed in high school like it's cycled back around there in my Styles yeah but that's nothing like not 2009 to 2019 is there a difference in style yeah they're coming from someone as 0 star yeah there is what is it it's okay from 2009 I would say 2009 was maybe when they had started having some

► 00:29:17

I remember where I was in life I just moved to New York people were wearing I don't know I'd lived in Santa Fe and I was drinking a lot so I definitely know I quit drinking 2009 I still have never been a startup company then Santa Fe supposed to be a weird place that's where I'm at Tate Fletcher Hollow cave man coffee I'm at Tait and in Santa Fe he used to come in with a bunch of sober dudes after meeting I don't know if I'm supposed to say this but whatever he's pretty open but he I mean it was the truth they were so annoying I was like a drunk I was wasted at this Cowboy Bar to wear cowboy outfit you have to you have to do that's your uniform really being a waitress is not humiliating enough you will also have to address just have a John Deere hat on now you have to where you had to wear a cowboy hat and you had to have a shirt that had yolks on it oh if you work there if you worked there not when you went in yeah that would be crazy that would be crazy but so table come in with a bunch of people and they just wouldn't order Alkali mean it was just like low sales high-maintenance was like who is this fucking guy so big and

► 00:30:17

ridiculous and then I was talking to him I hadn't quit drink I didn't quit drinking till I moved out of Santa Fe but I told him I want to do comedy and he made them turn the karaoke night into a comedy show for me really yeah and I got my first time you were one up yeah wow did you have put things prepare yeah that's good yeah and then I heard ya and then and then I moved to New York to do comedy and I was I crashed my Motorhead a little scooter a Yamaha Zuma and I crashed because I would drive drunk all the time I was my happy place like to this day really was honestly that feeling like driving wasted on a scooter was the wind blowing through here because you're not wearing a helmet think about that matters is you don't really think you can kill anybody else so it's not that bad at drive drunk yeah but you can you can get in the way of someone else or do anything I fucked myself up so bad I woke up just had blacked out completely my face was split open I had road rash all over my death this was Father's Day 2008 you don't remember falling

► 00:31:17

I don't didn't all I remember I just remembered like little pieces I remembered that someone helped me I woke up I was living at my friend's house I woke up at the house he was staying at his girlfriend's house so I was there alone but my chin was split open I've been wearing a dress and it looked like I'm my throat had been slit like there's just blood all the way down it road rash all over my tits all over this side of my arms my knees like I just was fucked up just face planted just face split open I just I went I peeled out and like just when Shin first and everything and then I remembered that someone who didn't a girl that didn't like me had helped me that's all I could remember was someone who usually hated me helped me wow and then so I went out I went to the hospital I called my roommate he came back I went to the hospital they gave I got nine stitches and then I was still wasted I'm still so hammered and the doctor kept going were you drinking and I kept going just between us he's like Ya Doin nope like I'm not gonna fucking jail you motherfucker I think know you scratch my scooter it's crazy he didn't know that I didn't wake up

► 00:32:16

drink through the ban so so then I got the stitches and I was friends with all the cops in Santa Fe because I was an alcoholic so that's a really good plan you gotta befriend them so they don't arrest you and they had told me if they had caught me because I ended up finding my scooter on the side of the road my friend drove me around so I found out where I had peeled out and there was like a bunch of loose gravel so I just peeled out on the gravel and the cop said that they would have arrested me for an aggregate aggravated DUI because I hurt myself I'd injured myself that's what an aggravated DUI that's what they said back then I mean I was still wasted when they said that it's worse if you hurt yourself you would see ya because I had to go to the hospital and stuff you think you got a little punishment in there yeah wow so then I didn't learn the lesson I went out drinking that night with the stitches in my face and I had my line was I would carry Neosporin around and ask as if they wanted to rub Neosporin on my titties like I almost lost a nipple I mean it got so close yeah I looked crazy but I was a drunk so I was like

► 00:33:17

fun girly at they still call me fungi and me behind my back and I thought they were I thought it was like a cool that didn't realize they're making fun of mom she's so anyway so then I went out that night and I saw this guy with a puppy and I started playing with the puppy and I was like oh your puppy is so cute and he goes do not remember me and I'm like I've never met you before because last night I helped you you crashed your scooter and I was like oh fuck is like I ride a motorcycle so I didn't want to call the cops or anything cause I know you would've got in trouble and there's like who helped me and he's like some girl so that my friend called me he's like my boss told me it was my friends boss from this hotel that he's to get wasted at he was a bartender so she hated me because I would just go get hammered at their nice establishment do you look back on those days with any fondness because you're sober now you're all clean yeah I mean I think I have a wealth of stories I was a juvenile delinquent and I had so many childhood traumas and abuses and weird things that happen I was running for my life in Jersey City when I was 15 from like a fake model

► 00:34:16

Ling agent who was like a six-foot eight drag queen in Mahogany running for my life hold on a hot this is a long there's a lot of stories and on a story you can brush all right what happened you were 15 so I was I had gone to me mahogany so I gone to John Robert Powers modeling school one of those like fake remodeling schools and it's you pay like 200 bucks and they make like a compilation headshot yeah you like go that give you classes and modeling like that's a thing it's like you either like are weirdly weird-looking alien hot and tall and skinny or not yeah or you're not I mean I maybe could have done commercials or something I was cute but I also had very low self-esteem is just such a weird it was such a weird thing to be doing so and I'd been a tomboy up into that point so we go I go to this modeling thing and then we went to paid more money to go to like a modeling convention and then they had actual modeling agencies and then they had just random people

► 00:35:16

that I guess paid to be there so mahogany was one of them and my moms like super liberal and so she likes anything that's like a little On The Fringe that she could brag about her book club or whatever if that sounds like I'm angry I'm not angry I've forgiven my mother but so they ended up there like we want to take your daughter for two weeks and we'll send her out on auditions and stuff over spring break and we have this nice place when you jerseys teen yeah your mom let mahogany take you for dinner we so many more stories Joe Jesus fucking Christ ya know there was my mother did not have anything bad happen to her when she was growing up she was adopted by a very nice family and she went to a nice boarding school and stuff and nothing happened to her and she read the newspaper she didn't read the newspaper I don't think much so she it just shouldn't she wasn't aware so anyway so then okay so I was I went to this place in Jersey City New Jersey

► 00:36:16

City I don't know how it is now but it was fucking crazy back then it's still fuck it was fucking crazy so we were in this one little condo and it was mahogany and then there was like some other people that were there none of us were really that I mean I probably was like the hottest but I was pretty rare I mean I don't know I think I was cute I don't think I was like a

► 00:36:39

I don't think I was a model and I don't think that was my future maybe I could have done something but the only person that I had really bonded with was this 23 year old guy Chris who was this black guy from I don't know where he was from but he was really cool it was really nice and he was a little creepy like he would say things like if I was your age but he never was trying to fuck me or anything but he kind of was protecting me and at some point mahogany got mad and there was it was fake like I just he would make me go by and we'd on the corner and stuff and just a fake thing my parents paid like $1,500 to send me to this thing and he would I think he sent me out for to be a I'd gone to New York by myself on the train I've 15 wearing the sluttiest glows ever to this thing to and then he would tell me Pretender lie and say you're 21 to be an extra on like Sex and the City and stuff it just wasn't real there was nothing real about was a total scam so I was starting to catch on to that I was supposed to be there for maybe 10 days I think and these next door neighbor's shorty

► 00:37:39

this little Puerto Rican lady I don't she was a glycemic bunch of there but so this guy Chris was kind of protect him and he would go into the city with me and then all of a sudden mahogany didn't like how close we were so he's separated us and he said you can't see each other anymore and I was like well I don't feel safe if I can't talk this guy just would rather go home I want to call my parents I don't think this is real the seems like bullshit and a scam and he was like you can't talk to your parents and he locked the door and took the phone away from me so I packed all my shit up and I throw it out the window and I yelled down to shorty I was like yeah I'm going to run so grab my shit and then the guy one of the other kids that was staying at the modeling Place knew the situation so he went down and bumped into the door unlocked it without him noticing and distracted him and I just jetted out of the fucking house and he started chasing me I was like screaming I was like call the cops help me help me and I was wearing a tube top my like 15 year old titties I'd nipple rings were like hanging I mean I looked like a prostitute the cops ended up coming and they thought I was a prostitute mahogany got me at one point I was hiding under cars for my life

► 00:38:39

I thought I was going to get killed like screaming people were just watering their plants like what the fuck kind of your car yeah because he was chasing me I was trying to hide and he finally got me was like get in the Hat like you're ruining my scam pretty much and then he scratched my arm but that's all and then the cops came and arrested both of us thought he was my pimp thought I was a prostitute I come from like a like a day when he came home well they came to the cops and the cops told them that they should arrest my parents yeah they're like we should and I think they just were in denial about should arrest him for a day at least yeah they didn't and then more stuff happened after that what they'd made more mistakes yeah but it's okay we all make mistakes I love my family that's good now but I also look at all these things know I really like have had to do a lot of work on it because to forgive them yeah because well I blame myself for all that for most of it which is my defense mechanism like the stuff I had some stuff happen with a teacher in high school too

► 00:39:39

right after that actually was about six months after that happened and you notice that there are P session I don't want to do a therapy session I don't want to do that but anyway you would ask me about am I happy about these things and so because once I'm coming today but the point that I'm coming to his I am happy with them I'm so happy with like where my life is now that I can't be mad about any of these other things do you know what I mean like they're they're like exciting and now they're funny because I didn't get hurt that's what I'm saying like looking back on the wall it's fucking hilarious yeah there's some crazy shit to some romance to it if you survive I flashed a chain gang once on my motor scooter and then it didn't start and I had to like put my shirt down and keep walking it look it's hilarious I did crazy shit and I came out like genuinely I feel good you know I'm happy with my life so it's good thank you for getting me getting me off of that path but well it's just everyone that I know that's funny is fucked up and had something go wrong it's just that's how it

► 00:40:39

like how you get through it and then your Insight yeah get on the other end you persevere and then you don't blame people you don't like go around being mad at the world I think it's easier to be

► 00:40:54

I don't know it's just well some of the most hilarious people did blame people yeah that's Tennyson yeah kinnison was always you know screaming about his Ex-Wives yeah you know that's true that's funny to I just for my own personal sanity cannot run around angry at everyone well you don't need to be I mean it's not necessary and especially now that you're sober which obviously can is never got he we friends with them no no never no never met him Psalm Psalm live a few times once once at work once when I was working I was working at a great Woods Center for the Performing Arts was like oh and it's like a Amphitheatre in Mansfield what were you doing son file kicks no security oh cool yeah and I got to see Cosby there Rodney Dangerfield got to see a few people more you did you want to do comedy up I was 19 I probably had thought about it a little bit you know maybe maybe had been in my head like slightly

► 00:41:52

but I didn't really start thinking about until I was like 23 feel embarrassed when you had that thought at first of doing comedy yeah no but I did feel like it was Preposterous yeah I did feel like look at such a difficult way to make it look I remember my girlfriend when I was Twenty-One her dad was mocking this idea that I was going to be a comedian like I remember him saying guy well you know I realize we're not in your favor no did not in anybody's favor but I remembered that's what he was saying you know that like who makes how many people make it as a kid and even if you do make it how much money do you make he was a doctor that's so funny he was really angry like he just felt like I was a waste of his daughter yeah it's really funny he's still alive got them on the podcast idea it's probably not doctors don't live that long a lot of them it's my doctor died I was so so it was sad when he died it was like I trusted you well there's a great book called Dead Doctors Don't Lie but

► 00:42:52

Joel Wallach and what a lot of it has to do with nutrition and it's about mineral deficiencies and vitamin deficiencies and doctors who abuse drugs and it's essentially talking about how people rely on doctors for advice about health yeah when in reality doctors are good at very specific things like if you're a podiatrist you're good at fixing feet if you're in a you know an orthopedic surgeon you're good at knees and shoulders and shit but you probably don't know a fuckload about nutrition yeah and you really don't understand like the mechanisms of about as absorption of nutrients and minerals and vitamins and one of things that I've learned from doing this podcast is to understand that even like what I the cursory understanding over that I have you have to go through fucking hours and hours and hours of reading and watching documentaries and listening to experts and I still have to go back over and over and over again so I've talked to doctors before and they've been like super dismissive about even taking vitamins and I get angry at them what well I think all you need is a balanced diet my bull you're retarded like what are you talking about

► 00:43:52

and by that way I don't mean someone with Down Syndrome that is a retarded way in slow down you are your you have a diminished capacity for advancement you're slowing down the reality of the progress of nutritional science yes this is a stupid thing you're doing right now you're giving me bad advice you really don't know what the fuck you're talking about I get angry like why would you say that like this is Donald don't tell me that there's no benefit to taking vitamins when there's a fucking ass load of studies yeah there's data and Science and it's all proven do you think it's just thousands of hours researching this stuff and trying to figure out what the fuck is good for you and what's not good for you and some chubby asshole with a fucking skinny fat body is telling me that all you need is a balanced diet like bitch what's your diet laughs you ain't got a balance and you think that they're just doing that because they don't take money out of their out of the vitamins no no they don't have this not feel like reading up on the new stuff but they haven't did having decided to pursue it that's all it is I mean

► 00:44:52

if they did pursue within realize it's a fucking bottomless pit of information yeah from essential fatty acids different kinds of proteins and absorption of plant-based proteins versus animal-based proteins what's the benefit of grass-fed beef over regular be it's a fucking endless stream of mean if you follow someone like dr. Rhonda Patrick you realize really quickly that she is in the heart of this shit 24 hours a day 7 days a week and she still learning things yeah you know it never ends it never ends I mean we and also it varies what's good for you is not necessarily good for me your diet might not be as effective as my die all need Alec is that bad that's good that's good for everybody it is alcalde turn you into a fucking Savage I'll give him fucking L can give you some I got some weight fanny pack and some goddamn lcross my money what kind of cooking set up do you have at your place I just have just a stove with frying pan like cast iron frying pan I do I have another cookie you could cook I'm all right decent okay decent I'll hook you up with some elk sausage will

► 00:45:52

that'll give you a recipe how to cook it correctly do you have a thermometer I'm really I'm really into Bigfoot porn can you not say elk sausage in front of me um I don't have a meat thermometer no well that's good for elk sausage it's fine you'll get a sense of when it's going to leave you want one1 me why because I didn't get to talk while you're talking about joke sausage bro I'm sorry I'm insulting her no it's just Bigfoot dick elk sausage that I don't know why I wouldn't draw those two

► 00:46:23

I wouldn't pull those together why you wouldn't yeah why would I not have one of them is undulate the other one is a legendary primate oh my God you're really getting stuck in semantics here listen you're the one who cracked the joke let me just make some fucking jokes I just got accused of doing a therapy session and now I'm telling jokes well I'm feeling triggered are you feeling Josh no no but I'm not feeling judged but everybody that I know that has had those wild drunken days it has come out on the other side there's something like nostalgic about it like you look back and you go huh I made it through that have you been to an AA meeting you can't it's like the good old times and AI or I always felt like people were either telling these stories that were so insane I was like I'm not an alcoholic or there were like I'm going to pussy shit like you know now get out of here you have been cool enough to be here like Celebrity Rehab right do you ever watch that show huh one of the best parts about it was

► 00:47:23

McRoberts you know Julia Roberts brother's been a bunch of movies he was therefore we'd addiction yeah and everybody else is having the fucking DTS or on the floor in the fetal position shaken he's reading the paper listen we got a treadmill is so ridiculous like some people you know their stories are a joke I did quit smoking weed and it did make things a lot easier like laundry just little things I was like oh that was maybe making things I would always smoke weed before I clean my apartment and I was like seven years ago my apartment Glenn yeah it can get distracting it doesn't it does not affect me well yeah well when I do things like if I want to clean my office I just have a the thing like this is what we're doing now I don't know even listening to music is not good so yeah I find that I used to listen to podcasts while I clean my office but then I find that I would be like pausing and listening to a particular part that I'd want to rewind it and like I'm fucking with myself here I'm distracting right and then that's a weird defense mechanism to because I do that all the time too I'm always

► 00:48:23

multitasking and I was at to be doing three things at once the why yeah because it's going to make me I'm going to slow down so much I might have to like deal with yeah so like writing to like sometimes I write listening to music but most of the time it's better without music with lyrics yeah yeah sometimes lyrics and sometimes foreign music I like foreign music is I don't know what they're saying what kind Brazilian I like a lot of Brazilian music I like a lot of Spanish music Bollywood or what I listened to some of that all right dollar mende do you know daughter Mandy has no you don't know dollar model he's amazing it's really cool I just listened to I listen to a lot of Elton John that's what I'm into right now that's why I like to wear all my crazy things too like telling John that shit play some dollar menu we have played on my phone then we get Bandai percent a hundred percent all right even if we have a cuz you can how do you spell his name DEA

► 00:49:18

there it is dollar Mandi

► 00:49:23

what is this a the song is not currently available in your country or region oh my God I love it now I'm really into it and but I want that shit what does that I here goes

► 00:49:39

La we can we can we can hear it we can hear you that's actually a woman getting fucked by a Bigfoot the guy yelling yes wow okay welcome to the wonderful world of the internet

► 00:49:53

anyway I like dollar Monday it sounds cool but this is named dollar DEA h-hold on I would like to be better if it was like the dollars de L ER M eh ndi but I think he got arrested for human trafficking but can you still like his work that's a problem like I was at a Dave Chappelle and I did some shows the other day oh yeah DJ and the DJ was playing all this Michael Jackson music and he is so good yeah it's great though he's a fucking pedophile allegedly most likely yeah pretty probably yeah definitely did something wrong yeah even though it's still fucking great yeah but also he's dead

► 00:50:40

yeah so what if you don't listen to his music you're punishing what are you punishing okay a man's dead right but even if he wasn't dead like if Ted Bundy had some great poetry would you want to read it

► 00:50:53

would you enjoy it

► 00:50:56

no I don't agree probably not yeah I mean I don't know this I really don't know what Michael Jackson did I don't know and I don't think anybody does in the people that he did it to ya but there's a lot of fucking weirdness to it for sure yeah hands of little boys and I know it's really uncomfortable just like an appropriate boundaries and that's enough to like molesta que honestly just having that inappropriate this is blurred thing between kids and grownups it's not good yeah you hold hands with your nieces nephews and that makes sense your children that makes sense but if you're a 55 year old man in your holding hands would 11 year old boy in Dubai yeah that's where I gotta get I gotta get suspicious yeah I got a question whether I'm going to enjoy this song that I'm enjoying right now what a beast on its to be done and something yeah oh good I was listening to music I was like goddamn this guy was amazing yes oh except there's no way he wasn't molested I mean does he seem so molested well in the interest of being

► 00:51:55

the fucking dead horse I have talked about this many times in the podcast where I think that he was a castrato which is someone who was castrated when he was very young to preserve his high-pitched voice then his doctor the same doctor that killed him came out later this is long after I'd predicted this and said that he was chemically castrated to preserve his voice so he confirmed what I was saying now what this doctor is telling the truth castration are you not able to get a boner I don't believe so oh my God so he maybe wasn't blessing them but he was just he could have been just being weird but them I don't know who maybe didn't do anything with them maybe he just wanted to be a child maybe his childhood was stripped from him because he was famous from the time I was five fucking years old and his father did something that definitely was a weird life according to the doctor his his father did did something to my chemical castration is what they do to pedophiles yeah they'll do it to pedophiles so that they can never get erections and it basically stops her body's production of testosterone

► 00:52:55

and kills your testes and they do it with some some chemical injection and apparently according to the doctor that's what they did to Michael Jackson which you think about his voice it makes sense because his voice was insane it was so high-pitched and if you listen to like castrato those those there's there's only a few recordings of actual kristatos but it was a common practice not common those annoying everybody did it but it was a practice that was done two young boys to preserve their high pitch voice with your fucking castrating what Edward horrible because the strata but they did it I mean people would let their children get their balls chopped off so they would think that seeing good and they would you know be very valuable to how long how long ago was that well there's a recording so the recording I don't think they had recordings until like the late 1800s I don't believe but there was a lot of Dance - that little boy in 1922 is the

► 00:53:55

castrato recording and how old was that dude so he's probably born in the 1800's or something

► 00:54:04

died in that same year so Hmm this but it's he died never nothing but always yeah but beautiful singing voice of an angel in the we can't play that either right no you should listen to it though well I'll play for so upsetting listen up it is upsetting It's haunting yeah you can tell ya you can't enjoy that yeah I played it for a friend of mine the other night and he was like what and I was like look you gotta listen to this and I played he's like he's a fucking real and he's like it sounds like someone who'd like did something to somebody like maybe people should jerk off to it like in honor of the man was 63 when he died in 1922 is born in 1958 and those recorded 1851 and 1902 to 1904 so I make some

► 00:54:48

for he's in he's in his 40s you said knows you said 1958 you mean he was born in 1858 and 50s when I was born I'm sorry yeah not a 1922 wow yeah that's the whole thing's dark the look you gave me during my circle jerk idea was red we'll look I'll give you you gave me a come on bitch circle jerk for the I was saying it to welcome Colin are you projecting listen I know this is uncomfortable for you and you nervous to be here but I'm your friend and I love you and I want you to be happy I'm not you want to be happy yes my own now you are so gonna trip you up come on the king no I love you I know I love you too thank you so much for having me I really do appreciate it I am trying to be chill it's just like a cool weirded out by this by being here I'm not weird at all I'm trying to be in the moment I like to be funny impulsively like it's my impulse to always like tell jokes and stuff and this is a more like chill less jokey you could be joking

► 00:55:49

now there's pressure to be joking you're overthinking this shit too much not overthinking anything I'm being chilling normal everyone who cups of coffee that you have coffee one's calling me a con what is one of them one of them is caveman was the other one this is caveman in this is a cunt mug I got it for my dad and I got one for myself too got it for your dad yeah as a joke well my dad and I it also looks like it says Aunt we one time we went to we were at the post office my dad's very funny he reminds me of caddy daddy actually the oh really well done anything by the way that fucking thing is hilarious you guys are doing and doing more those yeah we recorded one and then it just wasn't funny it wasn't we have to rethink it hmm don't want to put out we don't want to disappoint with Captain one you did do the one you did put out a Solarium yeah that was fun yeah he's so funny he's hilarious but so my dad and I were at the post office and manly

► 00:56:48

and I was taking a while male something out and just we're just jokingly antagonistic you know my dad's like come on I was like Dad leave me alone I'm not done you know we're just joking with each other and this old woman who's been observing she goes to leave and then she just pivots before she lives and turns around she goes she goes you know what young lady you're a real itch

► 00:57:08

and it can ditch and my dad goes I think he made an aunt which is fucking one of our best stores my daddy's funny so she doesn't realize you're just joking around you didn't get were just joking she was like oh you're being so intense like did you tell everybody this is my dad were just joking around my dad said she's a nun we laughed so I think she got up to yeah well she was leaving when he said I am we just work with like crying and the fact that someone really needs to stop you and put you in your place yeah it's just so silly but it's like she was old machine oh I'm sure I'm just going to try really hard to not be one of those old people what do you think is going to be like as an old lady I think I'm going to peek I'm excited well I'm trying really hard to I'm trying really hard to be in the moment and appreciate each new age and not get anything in my face or do anything like that and you sing in your face well you know except cumshots obviously no I mean like you know oh you know I don't feel like I'll try not to do anything too crazy it's just it's fighting an inevitable thing in the fit I think it's a gift

► 00:58:07

agent notes we get to be different every day my mom was a she worked at a this organization called gray Panthers which in Gray Panthers for old people but like to fuck old people that like to fuck I mean I'm sure they'd like to fuck but Maggie Kuhn Maggie Kuhn was the woman's name which I know there's a little bit of a parallel between gray panthers black panthers her last name is oh but it was spelled differently but so she was this it was in Philadelphia and she was she like died when she was 90 maybe 89 but we still hang out with her all the time and she had dated famously dated like a forty-year-old I think in her 80s or something Hollow so I think she was fucking is she packing them she might have been bagging him I don't know if she could pack at that point a lot of hats a lot of guys down he could pack a second Peg himself yeah remember Elizabeth Taylor was like she married a series of gay guys for she died oh yeah yeah that happens really pretty old ladies that you know but I just

► 00:59:07

man to tell them they're beautiful I've been showered with Compliments by gay men yeah I think they go through menopause too and they probably give up on the idea sex yeah they just want pretty men around them yeah I mean not that her gaze were that pretty I've had prettier days I've definitely been the last I've been the last post for a couple guys the last post before gay yeah I'm like and then one guy got married and should I was sure he was sure I was sure it was his last listen just because you got married doesn't mean it's not good yeah that's a good point I know it did he was guys would repay men would reach out to him they were try to touch him and I would like he's always wearing a suit we lived in Santa Fe I like wearing a suit like slap isn't their hands I like not until he comes out I know I mean I was like there's no way he's always want to have like threesomes with other guys like I remember we invited my one friend in we were just drinking so much we called we called Jack Daniels OJ so we didn't feel weird and willing past the OJ were just like fucking shit face all the time Shug Avery went to this college at what my college and I'm going out of business just as a little school in Santa Fe

► 01:00:07

hammered and my friend who I worked at a restaurant with guy friend he wanted to hook up with me she's like sweet so he like hops into bed with us and then he leaves him the next day he's like he kept looking me in the eye and he kept looking at me he kept trying to make eye contact with me so he was boning you and your boyfriend like I don't know if he ended up owning me I think he would just he hopped and hopped out pretty quick was that mean because he got freaked out because looking at our we gave it a shot but actually I mean we were in full black onyx at that point I don't remember anything I really feel like I'm five years younger than I am because I just blacked out five years you should write about those days I know I will have various book there were so many I have so many crazy stories and it's funny because I always thought everyone else had them I really thought everyone else had this crate I'm like you didn't steal cars when he was little like you didn't do all these things that never happened to you have you thought about writing a book yeah but they'll be it's also a great like comedy writing actually yeah

► 01:01:07

now I tell these stories on stage two more yeah flash in the Chain Gang was I mean there's just been so many I drew some pictures I draw two so I've been drawn in a while but I drew like a coloring book once that I never followed through with but it was a lesson from a chubby alcoholic and it was just different like true scenes from my drinking days just fucking crazy the shit I did so how did you stop well Tate that actually brings me back to Tate so I moved to New York I wanted to do stand-up so bad I just on that one thing at the cowgirl in Santa Fe and I liked it I really I was nervous and I don't remember I'm sure it was like all abortion jokes I don't really remember but then I do remember my first set after that I remember all the beginning ones so the first one was when I got to New York I moved to New York to do stand-up I crashed my scooter so and I wanted to move to LA I had met people out in LA and I thought that was where I wanted to go but because I kept drinking and driving I was like I have a drinking and driving problem I have to go somewhere where I can't drive so I moved to New York thank God because I think I

► 01:02:07

really I think it helped me really push and get really strong before I came out here so I moved to New York I wanted to do stand-up I was just drinking I was parting I've so many friends I just met on Benders like random shit I was just doing insane things day drinking just way more drunk than everyone else - I left my drinking buddies in Santa Fe and everyone else was kind of like what are you up to so staying on my friend's couch and I wanted to do stand-up and so finally she was like look I'm let's just go to an open mic I'll go with you and I was like alright so I got all my jokes ready we go to an open mic I go up I drop my set list and then I completely black out I'm so nervous and like in this basement at this place called Cake Shop my friend Caper lamp was the host of it or was she the host yet I don't know anyway I got up on stage and completely bombed started yelling at everyone I just started yelling at all these Comics like fuck you you piece of shit like I don't know what happened and then I sat down at the bar and I'd already

► 01:03:07

Yeager Yeager was the first thing I quit so I was sitting at the bar and some guy came up this comic who I did not like or think was funny or want anything to do with and he kept buying me drinks who's buying me shots of Jager and I was like look man I'm like struggling with drinking I really like I can't really say no to a drink but please stop buying them for me he just kept buying them like I just was you know I wasn't going to stop and so he kept buying them and then so then I ended up waking up on his air mattress is that for my first openly waking up as air mattress fully clothed didn't fuck him or anything just like trap somewhere in Bushwick of snowing I was like where am I what am I doing I looked around his apartment and like all I want to do is be a comedian I was so sure that's what I wanted to do I was spending all this time drinking and it sucked out second set this was my second yeah that's what I'd move to New Yorkers my first one in New York what made you so sure that you wanted to be a comedian I just never want to do anything else and when I think but you'd only had one set at a karaoke bar and then the second set where you screamed and told everybody to fuck

► 01:04:07

yeah what was it that made you think that you could do it I just I don't know I just never want to do anything else I just didn't have another there was no other plan I had been a special ed teacher I had done a go-go dancer I'd worked at the bars I'd done all that stuff I just never I just always I just felt like if I could do it I could do it hmm I mean I guess it's a little bit of that delusion and that but I just I never but I knew that I wouldn't be able to do I knew there were obstacles in my way and I knew the drinking was one of them I had talked to a comic before that said at the open mic and he had said just try not to his advice to me was to try not to hook up with the with the guys at open mics because you're going to get a reputation when you're just trying to be respected so he had said that to me good advice I that was great advice because it's also there's no time for that right this was my whole hustle also what are the odds that person's going to follow through if you fall through and become a comic what are the odds that they are yeah you might get hitched up to some fucking loser yeah you definitely want to get a head start but it also was I needed to put all my energy I was in and I'm barely in a place now to be in a relationship so it's like

► 01:05:07

this was 11 years ago so I I I when I woke up on that guy's air mattress I was like fuck like I already broke the thing that I wanted to do and I was already you know from all my like weird sexual assault he stuff when I was younger I just didn't have a good relationship with sex drinking didn't help with it you know everything was just out of control and I have this thing now this like precious thing that I want so bad so you know crashing my scooter almost dying all that shit not wasn't enough but stand up early was that's what I wanted so I went to my friends house and I called tape I just called to I was like I want I gotta just want to do this and I want to quit drinking and so he told me to go to meetings and just chart try it out you might be first meeting yeah I went to one I think there's a lower east side and the guy sharing was talking about he's like I always knew I had a problem because I died when I was two I took all of the Tylenol and I was like what are you talking about

► 01:06:08

any kid with a child / things just going to eat the pills I remember kind of judging him and being like whatever but it was good to have that Community then because I needed to detach myself from like the Partiers and all that lifestyle so I did go to I did 1998 at a meeting every day for 90 days and then I never went back some people actually learn how to do stand-up from those meetings there was a guy named are not a bomb there's a guy named Dave Fitzgerald who was a really funny comedian back in Boston and he learned how to do stand-up from making hilarious stories out of his drunk days is he he was a fucking raging alcoholic yeah same thing just quit and started doing stand-up and literally learn how to do it meetings he would tell these crazy stories about being blacked out drunk and fucked up and being a gun fights you know high-speed gases and all this nuts if you had alcohol to shed crazy stuff goes down yeah but yeah guys many of them learn how to do stand-up yeah you're standing up in front of an audience I was brought up Quaker to so our church was you stand up and speak and everyone

► 01:07:07

it's there in silence he catches yeah what's that like which one's Quaker that's the old box oh box I runs like get too confused with Amish which does nothing to do with Hamish the difference creates just a very chill Christianity so it's those the pilgrim hats official grams Quakers no I don't think they were that they were when the Quakers and start I don't have surfaced the other pacifist they believe that God's in the form of an inner light that than everyone and everything so why would you fight I mean I agree with that just from hallucinogens and shit too but it's something I struggle with like I have to look back at you know childhood predators and I'm like can I forgive these people because they are from the same light I guess what is the what's the wacky thing Bankers Quakers are well it's just very it's just you sit in silence so the church is there's two types there's programmed and unprogrammed I was unprogrammed which is the super chill when there's no Bible talk there's no preacher there's nothing you just sit and benches facing each other my meeting house had these old creaky explain we talking about so it's like a

► 01:08:07

it's a meeting house that you meet up with the unsanitary little is you are you look down at your hands you don't really look at each other but you sit there's facing benches and then there's you know benches here so you are kind of all looking at it you're facing each other and what do you do you sit in silence and then if you feel move to speak as opposed to be God speaking through you but if you just feel moved to speak at all you just stand up and you say whatever you want wow and so you know reading scripture I mean some people every once in awhile someone would do that growing up I went to a quaker school to a mover

► 01:08:39

little kids we set to sit in silence for like 45 minutes which was impossible it's about 80 do it was insane I would wear shirts that had like things on and I could play with like a - art with a phone and I had like a cord and I would just wear it and I would set alarms instead of my alarm so when go off I just had to be doing stuff it was crazy you're just a little and you're just pretty much so bored little kids get so bored you know and what's the first thing they do they try to medicate them because yeah they're so bored well I got medicated to just Ritalin and stuff no but when I was older I don't feel like it affected me they put me on antidepressants a little bit but I was pretty good at being like I don't want to do these things you don't feel like it affected you to be why stolen but I didn't take it for that long how long it take you for I don't know I don't think it's a good for them Alan mccroskey duh she was talking about last night I love her love her too she's talking about how like that same shit happen to her which was kid yeah bouncing off the walls and the Medicaid yeah yeah it's so it is interesting because it is

► 01:09:39

I can only imagine what it's like to be a parent you just there's all this information coming at you and you're dealing with your own shit A lot of people didn't go through their healing process or anything to so it must be so hard to be a parent there's just got to be crazy I think about it I never want to have a kid until I did some hallucinogens and then I was like maybe I want to have a kid you'd be a great mom yeah I think I would but I'm just so dealing with all my heel I'm dealing with all my I just want to make sure I'm not in a place I was very angry in the past and it's something that I work on a lot I just wouldn't want to redo patterns and stuff like that but I do think because I've had I had such a traumatic stuff I think I would be I think I could protect my kids so good when the Quakers are allowed to medicate their kids that's part of the doctrine yeah you can so there's no doubt I mean it's pretty loose it's like you can do whatever you want there was one guy that wore his like Jewish stuff to a meeting I went to meeting after the election I want a little bit I was like maybe I want to go back to church what the Quaker Church yeah I just doesn't 16 yeah because I just was it just triggered a lot

► 01:10:38

things in man and I went real crazy for a second I just had a lot of trauma that I wasn't dealing when Trump won it wasn't this is embarrassing okay I was hanging out with a lot of anyway what happened I just got really like I got really mad I don't know I got really mad I just wasn't

► 01:10:55

I wasn't

► 01:10:58

dealing with stuff and it just kind of pushed all the stuff forward for me and how so what do you mean but just like some sexual assault stuff just came up like I think a lot of people that were angry and we're marching around and stuff for had some personal triggers that it happened for though so because of like the grab them by the pussy toe and then you read it and then I read up on it and it's not what it seems and I don't know I just I you know there was a lot of Hysteria and it just triggered just triggered a lot of my ship but I'm glad it did because it helped me get through a lot of stuff and I definitely I think have a different view on those things now and I you know I was running around so mad at who I'm like who am I mad at I did a lot of like when it first happened I was like fuck man I did that for about three months thank God I got out of that but really angry and just projecting and piss and all this stuff and it's like there's a few there's a few men on Matta right there's a feel I'm certainly not mad at men but there are a few from your past

► 01:11:58

yeah you know and that was something I had to deal with and I had to learn to compartmentalize that and not make it this broad thing I hate when people do that so upsetting the drinking days the drinking days and for my childhood you know I had I had some fucked up shit happen but you know it's you can't it's just important for me to not blame a large group of people that have nothing to do with my trauma and it's also when I get triggered what I needed to learn was that's my responsibility to handle my trigger and I can't just be running around like this like unsheathes sword I mean I can but I'm going to cut everyone around me yeah the thing that people do when they blame everyone that's part of that group you know it's so common it's so you remember there was a real problem a few months back where Liam Neeson was talking about one of his friends at gotten something that happened were black I had done something murdered one of his friends and raped one of his friends something awful thing right and so

► 01:12:58

would go out at night with a bat looking for a black guy to start trouble and he talked about and everybody was furious at him yeah and he's saying look look I didn't do anything and I was in a terrible state of mind I'm just being honest about this I'm not proud as it was one of the most embarrassing and darkest moments in my life but I did it right and not letting people Express those things and and talk about it and say a wet because I am embarrassed that I got so man hey T I mean it's a you know there's a couple podcast I did was like fuck Matt you know and I know that hurts people I hurt people by saying that I mean so whatever know but people have lashed out on me for stuff like that but it's like I don't fucking I don't have the capacity to hate an entire group of people and I certainly like I have brothers I have my don't don't you think this is so sometimes you say things and that's not really what you mean yeah and then expressing anger mmm of course and then I think right now it's going on and I've checked out of a lot of stuff I don't pay attention to a lot of things anymore because it was just like what the news you mean yeah it's just like not

► 01:13:58

it's not real I don't read Twitter I don't I just don't do it it's like I got to focus on what I can do and how I can feel good and how I can I just want to make people laugh have a good time make people feel good I want to feel good it's like I can't do that if I'm in this constant state of taking in all this information that's just pushing my buttons pushing my button well yeah some of its not going to be but someone certainly is and you if you're not controlling the like you have a mental diet to and that's something that people don't think of all the time you know I don't remember who described it that way but it's the best way of describing it you have a physical diet and if you have a poor physical diet your body said yeah but if you have poor mental diet your mind is sick yeah you're taking a nonsense all the time up and fights you know I had Bernie Sanders on yesterday and that guy is running for something kind of looks like my dad yeah a little bit cool and I briefly looked into the comments of one of the posts and so many

► 01:14:58

barking people are so goddamn toxic yeah they're just battling it out left and right and misrepresenting his position and Miss Rabbit someone's calling me in all right white supremacist white nationalist like what in the fuck that's so hot I said that I'm a t-shirt so this has someone said that I had someone what is this storm front or something like that what is that white supremacist page storm front of something they said I had the founder of storm front of my public the fuck are you talking about you just make you proud boy no but had proud of those guys and God Gavin McInnes Gavin who is the founder of the problems I had him on before but I had them on before there was a proud boys I didn't even know what the fuck ever always why can't you talk to my son I asked him about it and I was critical I was criticizing him I was like you can't just claim you're going to have violence with people it's so fucking dumb and then all the proud boys shit that happened with violence came far after that but people are

► 01:15:58

blaming me for having him on I don't even know what the fuck it is he's the co-founder of ice that's why I knew just it's also interesting don't you want to hear the other side like don't want to hear everyone's opinions and everyone's thoughts on you want to try to understand and come to a common ground don't you want to realize like I'm not religious really or anything but it's like we are all God's children like there's missing this whole thing it's this fight against each other yes but no okay the problem is there's a lot of these people that do go on shows and try to reinvent themselves disingenuous way and they try to whitewash what they're doing why watch their past and to that point I mean the idea is that you're helping them recruit people okay before he was on my pockets though there was no work there was no people for him to recruit to so people need to understand like he wasn't there was nothing like I had a mom because he was this guy was funny and he used to do a lot of interesting videos right he fucked up when he started that group and he fucked up when he was calling for violence and tell

► 01:16:58

people to choke a bitch and punch people and grab these people and he was doing it in response to the violence that antifa was was pushing on right-wing people that would have these meetings and they show up they are doing like it's all clown mirror back at them it's all crazy area was all poorly thought out but the idea that that makes you a white nationalist cause you talk because you talked to him yeah it's so fucking stupid but it's like this is the world we live in it everything is so polarized it's like your left or right you're black you're white you're one or zero it's like there's no gray area with a also freeze you and the one moment that you said the thing and then there's no before after all there's no growth there's nothing it's like yeah fucking out yeah they just look for this quote trap just that's it you said that you said that like not like I clarify Dykes yeah I took it back I Revisited it like there's a lot of things that people do when you talk or you just you know you say things like you say things like you don't even know what the fuck you're going to say when you're

► 01:17:58

yeah and then you go out there that make sense and then you re clarify and when you're talking a long for in conversation and like this in a podcast and someone wants to take a snippet out of it and I just decided that's who you are it's nuts doesn't make any sense and it's this is the world we're living in today everybody wants to paint everyone as toxic yeah everyone you want to paint so many people I should say want to paint people as being a problem or a negative thing it's like this is the Twitter world where 20% of the people make 80% of the posts yeah so many of them are fucking losers and it's also it's such a you're giving all of your power out to outward you're not paying attention to yourself you're blaming others you're trying to change the world around you you're trying to create a safe space through other people yeah my gel unhappy are going to be in your life if you're expecting other people to come cow or to all of your demands and do all of your stuff everybody has their own fucking shit they're not trying to be happy part of it was what they're trying to do is somehow or another score points and rack up

► 01:18:58

you know and distract themselves from their own life by focusing on these external issues that they think are critical and super important and some of them are obviously running for president whoever is going to be president's very important issue and most of the time like 95% of time I avoid comments but for whatever reason I just found myself flipping through it because I wanted to see what the people think about Bernie yeah I'm like oh what a mistake you can't look you can't look it seems worse though it seems like every time I check if I don't check Twitter for four months and then I check it it's like whoa is that if things accelerated this much are people are so angry at so many different things and just they they paint people and such character caricature with like AOC the she is a woman who I don't think they're I don't think I've ever seen anybody work so people work so hard to mischaracterize her or paint her in a horrible light and I'm like look she says things that I don't agree with

► 01:19:58

why is everyone so fucking angry like what is this well people were put all their thing on things on you know know do they have these beliefs and like definitely when I was in my whole like you know when I was extra angry and feeling you know you have this whole system around you and you know you can't hear the other side and you have to like yes everyone has to be a villain in that or they are either with you or against you and I don't know it's just to me is just unhealthy I had to tap out I stopped paying attention to a lot of stuff and I don't know if that makes me ignorant I just got to live a happy life no I don't think it does make you agree I don't think it's a an effective way to communicate I think it's a really piss poor way to communicate and I think it it Fosters rage more than any yeah there's something about being able to talk to people you don't have social cues you don't have empathy you're not looking at them and people say the meanest nastiest shit each other and it's insulting people and dunking on people's more important than actual communal attention to so it's you know there may be trying to impress their other

► 01:20:58

is that are on there they're trying to get those extra little likes right there like the the main point would be they want to get your attention holy shit they got Joe Rogan's attention that's so cool you know they just want to feel alive or whatever and that's you know people have their own process I try to not take anything personally it's like you don't know me if you don't like me like that's weird you don't know me you shouldn't really have that much of an opinion it's like not finding your validation can't find the good stuff or the bad stuff in the comments you can't but if you look at the comments for good things it's just as bad as looking at for bad things yeah I mean some people think it's a good idea to gauge like whether or not the conversation was effective whether or not you could have done something better than navigating it more efficiently or more more entertaining for the make it more entertaining for the people that are listening looking for the constructive criticism yeah they're mean there can be some of that from some people the problem is you're trying to manage all this data at scale right and you dealing with thousands and thousands of humans that are chiming in

► 01:21:58

a lot of them are deeply unhappy yeah lot of people that are commenting on things that are just really frustrated with their lives like imagine if someone saw or listen to you when you're like fuck man and yeah they like oh that's who she is exactly and you see they see you on here laughing being silly yeah wait who's this bitch yeah like that doesn't make any sense that's not the same person yeah well you're not the same person you know the same person who you were six months ago I know we grow him I was fully yeah I hope so I mean I do I tried to a lot of work on myself I stopped look watching this was huge for me I was watching a lot of True Crime oh Jesus I was watching like Dateline stuff like that all these things and I mean that is fucking toxic people are obsessed with it they're obsessed with it and I just started to realize I know a friend of mine had there was one about her sister and once I saw that and I just realized like this is not good this is finding entertainment out of these really real things that have happened to people in this pain and I have had fucked up things happened

► 01:22:58

friends have fucked up things happen I've seen these things I don't need to bring awareness to this I know that and well not a women get into those True Crime shows it's like dramatic and everything but it's not it's it's real these are real things that happen to people what is it because you want to know that that's out there so you can prepare yourself for so you could be aware like what is what is the appeal because apparently see find out this is true but I remember reading this that true crime shows sort of skew and their demographics more female than male like the more females are into True Crime shows than male yeah I don't know I just I think it's like a beginning middle and end to a story like there's a whole plot line and then they catch the person in the way the editing is and then the interviews and well for a lot of the episodes they will sometimes they catch them before they kill them and that's disappointing but

► 01:23:51

it's just very young women are the biggest True Crime Buffs and here's why if you're even remotely interested in True Crime Story oh and True Crime boy hmm have the last couple years been good to you first there was the mega-hit podcast serial which launched October 2014 several months later the HBO HBO released the Jinx 6 episode documentary blah blah blah blah blah blah blah captivating these as captivating as programs with the general public one group in particular has become particularly enthusiastic about the genre young women hmm it's a weird and a lot of the victims are young women it's like well I don't know what it is hmm I don't know what sort of like we did according to dr. Howard Foreman a forensic psychiatrist at Montefiore Medical Center the trend is rooted in empathy by the time you get to adulthood women are able to empathize with a greater degree than men on average Foreman tells Tech inside of this may lead to

► 01:24:50

True Crime being more interesting to women than men simply because if you empathize more with the victim it may be more relevant to you and more gripping

► 01:25:02

and then if you empathize with the murderer you're in some trouble yeah it's just good job it's just supposed to I don't know just got so dark and weird and yeah I had a guy in my when I was living with my ex-boyfriend in this Hood in this apartment building there was this really weird kid who was so overly familiar and just really weird with me and I felt I really felt threatened by him I felt really uncomfortable with him I told the landlord you know my boyfriend was traveling a lot for work and stuff so I was alone a lot I had a cold that he was like maybe 18 you feel threatened by he just was weird he was off Asperger's a very weird like very just the way he looked at me was weird he overly complimented me in an appropriate way I would set up boundaries he would keep coming he tried to I was bringing my laundry up to my apartment and my boyfriend is out of town and he the kid lived on a different floor than me and he goes oh let me take you on Dragon oh

► 01:25:59

no and he goes I'll only take a no no I'm I don't need your help very clear and then he the door opens to the elevator he tried to take my laundry go no and then I get off the elevator and I start walking he starts following me and I go you don't live on this floor and he goes oh sometimes I get off here and walk up I don't know you don't you're not supposed to be on this floor and then I pretended to go into someone else's apartment cause I couldn't let him know where I lived and then he left so that's when I called Tate again and he set me up with Scott es una tenth planet and that's when I would start doing Jujitsu cause I'm like nobody's fucking with me anymore there's no I cannot control my surroundings I cannot control that all I can do is control my abilities in the same ability oh Jesus Christ yeah that's the thing that women have to deal with and I have experienced it to a far lesser degree with creepy dudes who want to follow me and hotels oh yeah you have I've seen people people are so weird with you yeah it's weird they want to follow you and hotels though yeah look guys follow me into the elevator want to

► 01:26:59

to my room like hey yeah they want to watch you jerk-offs all the gloomy me please leave me alone once I'm near them there's no I think most people come up to you and they're so excited this is their moment there there shivering there shaking I watch it all the time it's I told you I want to do a reaction where they just should have our faces your friends faces when people are approaching you were just all like oh my God I mean they do it on a smaller scale with other people too but I mean you really have it they're always unfolding a paper they've always got something they need to share with you this is their big chance to tell you whatever the thing is that they need to tell you I mean it is really their moment the you're a part of people's biggest moment of their life all day long the biggest one is when they have a business pitch uh-huh the most frustrating thing in it I'm like listen we are not going into business together yeah how do you know if you don't hear it because I don't have time to do what I'm doing already and I friends already selling fanny packs I can't do more

► 01:27:59

super busy with the fanny pack business higher primate.com well they're probably fanny pack needs I died when you told me he said fanny pack so every month after keep restocking on your the king I don't even get it I saw a lot of fucking fanny packs they sell like crazy but they're really high quality I was living out of my car when you told me that it's the company called roots from Canada they make them super high quality leather I just get them to print it with a high higher primate logo on them but you know how I found out about this company and they're excellent fanny pack that involve anal sex no Dice Clay oh my God that's clay how to say anything John and I said where did you get that glorious Fanny Baggers like oh you like it and he showed it to me and I said this is fucking excellent I guess through its roots is nothing in there but yeah it's nothing good is Keys chapstick yeah it's CBD chapstick

► 01:28:52

DVD huh that's the only one I fuck with I took some before I came so I didn't freak the fuck out this is help you well there's some in here okay they're so rich Show Yourself reg I was living at my car next so nice parking next to one of your cars that's it right there see that Roots fanny pack that's where I learned about it oh my God got the fucking beautiful fanny pack and then selected what makes yours yours well I bought it from The Roots company I had them produce them for me and it's hard to see because it's got this is an older one that's why I've had this one for a few years but there's the higher primate logo that's in Boston the can you get one that says Annie Fanny no but you can make it Joe bring it somewhere please let me some money yeah we lend me some money to make my fanny pack glitter on it it's a yeah she do it like a craft thing that'll be fun shall we have a crap yeah we'll do a little craft show it's not hard puffy paints just do it with glue you paint it with glue and then you sprinkles you know glitter all over yeah

► 01:29:51

the glue will stick to glitter I'm very glittery yeah there you go I don't think so I try to work hard dude that's a good look for you yeah I'm trying to Elton John and I watch this video of Elton John live all the time out of what are you showing me Jimmy guys the trend of wearing him on up here those people are about that Howard's their young no no no they come older brother no no no no no no no they are cowards they don't want to wear it as a fanny pack so they wear it over their shoulder because they're cowards yeah and if a hot girl comes it doesn't like fanny packs like it's rather elbow into it and pretend they're injured no that's not what they're doing I Gotta Laugh I'll sling they're doing it because they don't want to they want the functionality of a fanny pack but they don't want the social stigma there coward well it's a new yeah it's like the Jaden Smith was on Jaden's I don't know it's like he would wear that wedding it's the younger this is the younger generation there re they've taken our fanny packs and they've made them into something else has any non-binary maybe what is it saying at the bottom of that filthy picture with that cowardice because it's not cower any pack

► 01:30:51

and see through iridescent zip okay fuck I don't have a see-through bag by the way nobody wants to see her tampons be together my purse maybe I don't know you never know with these young boys these days they're very Wolk Wolk there's some polite I was by there's all these women that want to get choked by Bigfoot so I was reading this thing about Yale and that Yale put tampons in the men's room because they said not everyone who men's traits is a woman and I'm like yes they are I thought maybe they worked for diarrhea no yes everyone who menstruates is a woman scientifically we're getting well I'm a woman right now can you tell wacky yeah it is it is a weird thing that's happening oh my God anyone whatever they want it's just a weird yeah I will too I have no problem I want I would I would love to make you happy it's done is it doesn't it's so wacky well Chappelle's had that thing on his special Ray said

► 01:31:51

to what degree do I have to partake in your self-esteem right that's good way of looking at it yeah yeah I mean it's but it's not just that it's an enforcement there's like an authoritarian enforcement of certain language and certain ways of communicating with people yeah you know there is a goddamn hilarious thing that Tim pool posted up of a communist meeting where this woman is calling everyone comrades and this guy is like it could everyone please stop moving because could you guys please stop moving because I have severe ADD and all this moving is really distracting me and woman goes all right thank you comrade duly noted and then the guy goes please can you stop using gendered language when you say that in my Vera it's very offensive and like it is woke God this is what I was saying before about how it's like if you're expecting the world to accommodate to you like you're safe spaces inside yourself you fool

► 01:32:51

inside you you don't have control of the outside world this is people trying to control the language of everyone around them and then saying it's unsafe if they don't follow your new vocabulary that's an unfair thing you find it and it's an Asian lady and he said this can't be real it's like two days ago he put it me Sam Harris reminded me of it as group fucking howling laughing about it it's just God it's like a parody it's like the onion is not ridiculous enough and like these people are more ridiculous than the most ridiculous parody like you can't even mock it but do you think that it is them trying to see what they can get away with us yes they're a little kid how far can I go they're playing make-believe there there I'm a chicken you know I'm a well as someone said this to me I can remember it was but that all of the the words the keywords that people are using now like triggered save space their autistic terms are terms that people use with autistic was children yes

► 01:33:50

play this if we want to defeat capitalism we are going to need a party that will orange juicer people to fight for the demands that we want and to win socialism thank you so much yes what a privilege quick point of personal privilege guys first of all James Jackson Sacramento he him I see him can we please the chatter to a minimum I'm one of the people who's very very prone to sensory overload a lot of whispering and chatter going on it's making it very difficult for me to focus my God I know it's were all profession ready to go but can we please just keep the chatter to a minimum it's affecting my ability to focus thank you thank you comrade okay is there a speaker against nay more chapter pronoun point of personal privilege yes please do not use gendered language to to address everyone

► 01:34:39

okay red headed monster where is he right now the lower right hand corner with the the halter top right of the something see that that with the redhead red hair crazy right here that's the one that jumped up and said he him she her wearing that red so he's wearing that red so when he gets his period which do not use gendered language

► 01:35:02

this is just this is where we're at we're at we're in nonsense land and people are acting like this is normal your bunch of babies would you give a fuck if someone says God who cares what people said about the girls say girls I could be there say girls I don't care this is your crazy please do not use gendered language what how does that change anything and by the way where you can if you can't deal with a bunch of people moving around and distract making noises and shit just stop yeah get the fuck out of there yes Force everybody else to deal with your fucking weak mind go home no Mom watch this on YouTube eat a steak do some squats you just take eat some elk get your fucking life in or fuck pipsqueak all right go fuck a goddamn Bigfoot go right a Bigfoot fuck book and make millions what is this seminar about about being an asshole communism socialism so it's like it's like I want people to feel good I was a special ed teacher I've done all these things special ed kids wouldn't have been talking like this asking for all these things and what

► 01:36:02

this is what they with these kids are calling socialism write like this is what I mean everyone has to be like super super sensitive and aware of every single fucking thing they do and every single fucking thing that everybody around them does everybody has to comply and put into a victim too because it's impossible for that to happen so no one's ever going to comply to everything you say there's always gonna be one person even if they don't even if they want to maybe they were listening to something else and they didn't know that that's what they were supposed to do whatever so then there's always going to be you're always going to be a victim of something someone's always said the wrong thing they've always done the wrong thing and all of your worth is from something outside of yourself and you now don't have to deal with your own but also just it ramps up what used to be acceptable year ago now is unacceptable a year from now it'll be something else after a while you won't even be able to say color you're going to have to say the c-word right yeah have to say you can't say people of color which is PSA is that people color that's what that is a weird one well yeah like the NCAA or NAACP rather

► 01:37:02

National Association for the advancement of colored people which is bananas like yeah you can't say that you can't even say that anymore it's like so dumb it's such a weird thing and also people I feel like if people stopped having attachment towards you could stop having the mean anything like they wouldn't hurt you well the winning groom is talked about that in the 60s it was one of his bits in the 60s would he would call People by a bunch of ethnic slurs and then say you know the problem not saying these words is that if you say these words enough time they lose all their meaning and it's not going to hurt someone's feelings I'm paraphrasing but this is the opposite you know what this is ahem nothing they turned him into a woman and miss me is all oh they really think of that shit I've watched a little bit I think it's good I haven't charged but it is worse all right mrs. mazal is him yeah she's the mother audition for that and then when I saw her tits in the front like my tits audition for her Ted's that's an amazing show you because no but in the first scene she showed her tits

► 01:38:03

I was like all right thank you thank you for getting me that audition I don't understand what you're saying she showed her tits in the first scene and I didn't realized that that was going to be in the scene didn't make me go topless or whatever I was honored to have been in the same

► 01:38:17

audition pool is oh okay as Rachel Brosnahan her and her big juicy look great she looks great she really functional guys she's a great actress she is hilarious but I was talking to a male comic was really funny and he was like I don't like that fucking show because there was no woman like that but that is my yeah there's no Superman either man like with the flash talk about is no Walking Dead Rick didn't kill any zombies yeah guess what it's all fake oh yeah it's a really freaked you out there was a woman comic like they're not saying how about comedy right so funny show about comedy you should be excited if there's a show about stand-up comedy the 1950s and 60s it's fucking great yeah except what do you care if they made up a woman like why well they're not getting represented the white man it's not even that it's like it's like a historical thing with yeah it would bought was bothering him historic it is that they are they are intersecting with real things that happen so I can see where that's a little Annoying I want to bring up and down again but I did see Rocket Man and it is it was weird when they were not if there are things that

► 01:39:17

happened in your why did she bring up Elton John again as I keep bringing - yeah you just didn't even when we bring them up earlier I've just been talking about him the whole time did she know so listen Ellen John a lot did you yeah I watch this one live video of him a lot I don't think you said that where it did did you yeah I forgot okay that's okay I can only be expected to be listened to 20% of the time what was wrong with rocket man well it's just he didn't write the lyrics which they said but then the whole movie was like trying to force these life events into the lyrics so it was like he didn't write it so he didn't write it so it just wasn't it didn't feel real I would have rather have heard more shit about when he married that woman and stuff he married a woman yeah he married a woman whoa yeah how frustrated she she must have been a really horny just sliding around in there but we did know spy rich but I think I think probably maybe it was just a beard so yeah sure but also can be a lot of those

► 01:40:17

I so want to believe that they can be straight you know that's what they buy the Whitney Cummings dick towel - but that's where like that all pray the gay away stuff is oh yeah you ever heard of those pray the Gateway camps were yeah it's guys are sitting around holding men with boners they literally get hard-ons holding you and telling you you're not gay yeah yeah what the fuck's going on but yeah it's fucking crazy I'd like it's so wild to not be like just lean into what you are your happiness your joy and yeah but think about yourself you were raised a Quaker what if you raise some wildly been told that a Christian you know anybody who does that as Satan worshipper and you're gonna go burn in hell and you live with all this guilt and just a kneeling like that shame they're rotten or whatever I mean I definitely have my own shame and I know probably everyone carries them with them I can't imagine on that scale that sucks the that is probably one of the biggest ones if you're raised Christian though if you're raised like see

► 01:41:12

is Christian especially fundamental it's one of the worst sins away with another man and and just dealing with it the deck that they must get at those camps oh my I mean they must just be pounding each other out they probably come so quick because you can't believe the Rocks they're just like and then they have that camaraderie in the fact that they both are trying to not be this thing oh my God I'm getting horny just talking about honestly deprive a new genre it's not Bigfoot we have to we have to work through this I mean I'm not getting you're not gay even though we just fucked I know just crying and each other's gay arms what a sneaky trick if you believe in God that God did God said listen you cannot have sex with men but you're going to want your nothing that on it they gonna want that all day you're going to see there you will see assholes all day want it more than food you want more than water you just want dick and but dick and but Dudek but firemen and fuck

► 01:42:12

God oh my God action workers and Indians and cowboys and then bands gonna come out and they're all gonna play its part you're gonna have to try to not fuck them and then you can't even go to the YMCA anymore yeah it's what I mean if you really believe in Jesus and you really believe that you shouldn't be gay but you are gay what a dirty trick God is pleased must be terrible I just feel like there's nothing more dangerous than we're pressed that's got to be aware cancer not just homosexuality but we're pressing any sort of feelings like that sure God me what cancer is well repress sexualities always strange like when I was in high school there was always these girls from Catholic school and girls from Catholic school that went to all-girls Catholic schools worth up biggest homes they couldn't all doesn't count they couldn't wait to get some deck because it was so forbidden it was the forbidden fruit they just would get so excited I couldn't believe it was real just fighting off these hormones it just has such a terrible trick to play on a young person yeah to tell them that their body is

► 01:43:12

already in awful and that these thoughts that are just prevalent omnipresent in their mind or their Wicked Ways of the devil and that which you resist persists you know you're just thinking about that fucking butthole all day fucking sucking a dick fat juicy hog please can't have it yeah I mean it's terrible it's really bad you guys also if you're out there listen let's just say let's God let God give you a hall pass go fucking asshole yeah go fucking asshole go somewhere just move to Boys Town and realize like you're going to be fine there's a group of them they get together and they have a great old time there's up and prayed and so they're so happy if you go down that stretch happy so happy free they don't even their shoulders are exposed like there's just tank tops everywhere just hair shaved anything you want every time I love going I feel invisible it's amazing you don't love me

► 01:44:12

just well I could walk bottomless and they were just I've talked to gay guys so they get mad at straight guys or and straight girls are going to gay clubs down to hang out that it's like a weird thing cultural appropriation yes talk to Martin Dale well I could Marty were you'd be like where you be like hey this was like our place to hook and now you're here like you're wearing glitter yeah get the fuck outta wearing rainbows member Demetri Martin had that joke about where he's like gays just get I can't I'm paraphrasing but gaze just get rainbows that's not fair you just get fractured light like greedy greedy gaze I mean this is what back in the day when you could say stuff like that yeah I have it about those pretty similar about that they it was a because of Duck Dynasty one of the guys from Duck Dynasty was given I don't get it I understand what Jake and my bit was like listen you should shut the fuck up or the game people will take over camo the same way they took the rainbow that's so funny they own the rainbow the rainbow used to be leprechauns used to be Lucky Charms guy yeah now it's Gabe

► 01:45:12

people to the point where if I came on stage with a fucking rainbow t-shirt on people look like I know I knew it we've been waiting for the highway fucking knew it but then the idea was that if like what all the gay guys would have to do is start every gay porn in a Duck Blind oh my God every gay porn with start with that's something they're wearing camo and the duck hunting and then someone would come and a black I would come and go somebody duck hunting make me home that like Duck whistle thing oh my God my friend worked on my friend Mike who I stayed with worked on Duck Dynasty so he knows all those guys what does that seem like a trap other but fucking all the time with no no I don't think so but you know it is funny when you take just a family and then you make them stars and the you know the cross between reality and yeah all that stuff and then they go crazy and then they all of a sudden they're on their own and they get interviewed and they say something really crazy and I do mean yeah when we are not yeah

► 01:46:12

TMZ guy puts a camera in their face yeah are they still doing that show I don't think so how could they stop it seems like it was just printing money yeah I wonder I mean maybe they are I know my friend isn't work for them anymore but yeah he's doing Duck Dynasty

► 01:46:29

yeah I don't know how at it for Duck Dynasty whether he wants to or not I don't know how that show episode March 29th 2017 how does that show end ever it feels like a smart producer should step in and go hey guys it's been a couple of years I don't know if you've got a lot of wacky stories falls asleep with a cigarette in their mouth I don't know it's gone yeah all that camo gone it's just it's weird if you watch that show it's like there's nothing compelling about it at all but it was an enormous hit yeah just a bunch of people doing duck stuff there is something about reality TV that where you're just like it's so thoughtless you just don't have to just being taken on this dumb dumb ride there's like this it's just there's nothing happening it's like all right mate next thing you know you're watching people dissect a storage container yeah but you know what I'd really like is Survivor that one I still

► 01:47:26

survive I still like Survivor thing is the number one reality show because it's making people it's taking away all of their Comforts and they still have to communicate with each other like games with each other they have to they're starving they have to do these physical it's still you're watching people be like tested and put what season is that all oh my God it's there's so many seasons like she's in 1 million I've seen all of them it's so good I don't I don't pay attention to them fully so I can re-watch them at some point I watched them a couple times that show was on before Fear Factor hmm so I we started Fear Factor in 2001 so that show was probably on in 2000 yeah and 19 years later in the 30s now 30 Seasons or something 33rd yeah I'm embarrassed that I don't know because that's how much is actually hit yeah it's a math lesson people either onto Survivor or they're not thirty eight episodes are season somehow it says but this is the 30th yeah they do several year now is it still Jeff Probst is it

► 01:48:26

scrubs he still the host is still under the radar like Jeff Probst just like guess those checks and stays home and yeah but here's the deal I've seen him driving around he had his little summer Fedora he was riding in his Prius was like drops a Prius this was like three years ago I was driving around stockpiling all the cheese yeah maybe he's Rich Dad Poor Dad no I mean he must have all his money just stocked away he's driving around a Prius he's the his I love the show I mean oh said he could take this away from him at any moment I think somebody had placed him would you notice this is a part of the show I think people would be upset there would be upset but you'll be able to help us took a spot I think people would be very upset I think they'd be extra upset but if Adam Carolla took a spot where we get cancelled people be like Trump now is he a trump supporter I think so Adam I think so but I don't know for it listen I don't know for sure I don't want to call anyone anything I think he's conservative I think he has a trump supporter though some people get conservative when

► 01:49:26

start making money though I listen I everyone has the right to be whatever the fuck they are I think I think so about Nazis they have the more of a right a third right I don't think that's right I think it's something that's a different word it's a break what does that even mean what is Third Reich I don't know I don't even literally don't I mean I've know what the Third Reich is but I don't even know what it means

► 01:49:52

so you guess

► 01:49:54

I've literally have no idea what that means I know it means the Nazis right I don't know there's Reich but what does that mean but isn't it a funny thing like that's like Third Reich is like everyone knows now yeah but no one knows what the fuck that means that apology yeah you with the big words I know a few what does it mean third regime or Empire or Third Realm huh so the third version of the Nazi party was the Holy Roman Empire which lasts until 1806 the second would be 1871 to 1918 and this was the third interesting so they were just they were considering themselves to be the third rulers of the world like the Romans interesting yeah what a mask and the crazy thing is that that was not that long ago that was not that long not even a hundred years ago not that long ago at all if you're see the video of Hitler tweaking at the 1936 Olympics working tweak like speed is on the serious speed we were with Brian Moses Brian Moses was

► 01:50:53

saying that Hitler was into a bull semen and I was like what he's like yeah and then we found that the taurine which is in Red Bull actually is from bull semen oh my God that's so fun that's why I like Red Bull do this that's Hitler tweaking oh my God look at him go straight up tweaking at the Olympics so he was on all kinds of crazy speed and then we read this thing about how he was like incredibly fatigued and almost dying and he got injected with testosterone and cocaine as I'm going to make the podium and then went and talked to Mussolini out of leaving the war because Mussolini wanted to get the fuck out of World War II and Hitler went and just talked at him for five hours is probably all coked up and Oxycodone doubt and bull come dripping down his throat oh my God yeah how did he get how did he extract the bull come I don't know but bull semen apparently has this taurine stuff

► 01:51:53

and they extract touring from some other method to make the touring its and actually that's what the guys at the gator pray the gay away camp to that's third take a job in the tap their extractables dick you deserve all that well do you remember I always think about that horse oh yeah and zuo the documentary that documentaries amazing that video of the whole time so try and the part that I'm traumatized by is not the fucking part okay and do you remember the scene okay so he gets up on the bucket right and then you know they need like several people to grab this giant horse cock and put in his ass and then the horse Rams them only once and then he goes this is the part that got me because he looks back and goes did he come look he was so concerned if the horse came was like oh my God yeah and the guy made a noise like I got like a noise where you're dying do you fuck he was he died so soon after that his friend goes too much too much like did you get too much work that damage of course

► 01:52:53

and he did about I'd you look at the math the size of a horse dick I have is of a body cavity it's like where is it going yeah what's getting out of the way to make room for that dick oh boy they dropped him off at the at the hospital they rolled him out he was bleeding he bled out he had bled out from his asshole and that's how I'm happy I don't think he did you don't think he was like maybe this was worth helping if the horse had come do you think he would've been worth it he would have thought it was worth the horse did come but do you know that this whole thing they had hundreds and hundreds of hours of footage of him getting fucked by donkeys and horses and a bunch of other people that these people had met online and zoophilia right is the the medical terminology for someone who sexually attracted to farm animals and so or animals period And so these people all met online and some chat room and then decided to get together in Washington state where it was still legal to fuck animals there's like only a few states where it's okay so funny that you had there has to be a law

► 01:53:54

yeah there has to be a lot of keep you just so happy that's not what you're into I'm just like I just wake up so grateful and blessed I go thank God I could you imagine if that was your oh thank God thank you you can't control that right if he gets it like some people are in the feet some people are into getting fucked segueing into feet huh yes people are in defeat have you heard I've heard they're in a feat I can't believe it well I was reading up on it that it's the part of the brain that that handles your genitals and your feet are right next to their adjacent so sometimes the white they think that the wires get crossed because and the guy that studied it was a guy who studied Phantom limb syndrome and he was so he was following with these people's brains where they would feel that they still had a foot or whatever and some guys would get horny it would get their brain so it was just like crossed we get horny thinking of their own not foot

► 01:54:50

it's hilarious how you pixelate your feet and all those pictures thank you is funny how they get started they just people were they started a Wiki fee account for me I just didn't know if my feet were thing I just didn't know I thought I was just walking around in you know in slides didn't know I was walking around I might as well just have been bottomless I may as well have just been wearing like pajama bottoms with the ass flap backwards open just put I mean My Little Feet pussy is just walking around so then once people I noticed the wiki feet thing and then people were damning me all the time to see my feet I just was like you don't get this we talked to with actually about her DM's Whitney shares GM's with us sometimes that's funny group chatter man with Nick Swardson crystally and Whitney and she'll post pictures of her DM's it's like what in the fuck yeah they're wild I do with this thing on my podcast on my live stream it sometimes where Ice Age my pussy at the end of the night sage it I guess sage and I just yeah I just to break the

► 01:55:49

the negative dick cores that were sent to me The Unwanted two chords from all these dudes I'm like yeah but your dick chords away but you know people are pervs what are you gonna do there's make fun of them but it's more guys that are pervs than girls that are pervs with stuff like feet and yeah is there a thing the girls are into that's kind of gross the money it's so gross but that makes sense like money can keep you don't like your job some people aren't gonna go with money fat guys some people are into I don't know it's people are into all different things but but not in the same way it's not the same you're right it's not the same I saw some guys are in effect girls too but there's a big difference between that and feet men are just very gross you're gross but it's biologically your dicks or just your just World beer dicks are just dragging you through the world right and it's just got to be acknowledged we can't pretend this isn't the thing true just dragging you it's just that's not we're like breastfeeding and shit we're thinking about other shit in the archery there's a term called front of Center meaning how much weight

► 01:56:49

is in the front of the arrow it did the determines like how much penetration the arrow will have on an animal getting so horny this is so weird are you talking about like the same thing with dicks like dicks are like your front of center it's like yeah you for know they're just I like I feel like I should be like holding ourselves back to the doorways because your dicks are pulling you through things and it makes life a lot easier when you just realize that but I think it's like I just have only grown up a girl so I just didn't you know I knew obviously because I've had a lot of sexual tension even very young but it's it's just like your dicks are thing there well there's a reason why There's 7 billion people it's not because of it's not necessarily because women are that horny right I think it's just dudes are trying so hard to fuck and now he's compelled mean this is a revolutionary thing and it used to be really hard to stay alive yeah that long ago yeah now it's really easy and we're kind of left with the burden of this shift yeah we haven't

► 01:57:49

our brains and our biology hasn't really caught up to the fact that we don't need to have as many people as we used to we used to you know you stop 50% mortality rate among children is very difficult to survive and I think that's also was just in China to you're seeing more shifting with you know like like those those guys in that video These beta guys the one guy calling out for people stop being distracting and the other one calling out for people to stop using gendered language like who are they well they wouldn't survive if there was a you know the Roman army was invading they would have never made the wonder who's fucking them nobody nobody maybe they're just men that aren't driven by that you know no that's not true that's just as good as they can get they just jeans circles are getting attention and stuff from yes it's a mess there were mess this is just weird how much we Revival how much of our like caveman should is still there and how much of this survival stuff like I've been doing a listening to a lot of therapy

► 01:58:49

Castle just one called the adulterous woman Michelle Chalfont and she is just it's all about dealing like with your inner child and then all and all of your instincts she's like the Adolescent chair in the adult chair and your adolescent chair is all of your ego and your emotions and your fight-or-flight like all of that the stuff that you do the procrastination whatever is your problem like why is that happening there's something that's coming from either your child share or something from your childhood or things like socially when you have social anxiety and panic attacks and stuff so much of it could be just back from in the days if you were excommunicated from your tribe like you would die yes if we're apart of the club you would fucking die Whitney Cummings have a special and not that that's the reason why people are afraid of public speaking is that when you were speaking in front of a group you were trying to save your life you're trying to plead your case mmm for the most part unless you were the leader of the tribe most of the people were just trying to

► 01:59:49

please I didn't know and don't kill me is that how you feel walking around me getting up with some people the comedy star people like you know merciful King know you know how I feel walking around I feel like they don't it's like they don't have anybody how's it has his the way to put it when you are listening to someone all the time the persons in your ear that person becomes like a weird part of your life and then you meet them and you like whoa this is crazy that you're right here I've experienced that when I when I first met Anthony Bourdain I was weirded out I can't believe you're right here this is so weird I see on and I've gotten used to that over time but still it's strange when I meet famous people yeah you know when I meet and it's even weirder when I meet famous people and they know me and what yeah yeah we become famous people together like - when two famous people just see and then you're just argue already in this weird Club of famous people

► 02:00:49

it's strange you automatically famous people Club well it's it's not a normal State and it's not I mean and people that are that enjoy the podcast and becomes a part of their life and maybe it benefits them and maybe they start getting motivated and cleaning up their life and start being healthier and exercising and eating better and it and then then it becomes this like almost like a religion Yang but because it becomes the thing that you think of you know in terms of like how to benefit your life how to live in a positive way you think about the things you learned on the podcast almost like you would look at a religious Doctrine yeah you look at the the teachings of Christ you know you look at the teachings of Moses or you look at like oh what Rhonda Patrick said what is this oh well you know what Graham Hancock was talking about voice is like in their head you're like a nun hired coach well the lamina little bit of that it's and it's also represents my own quest to try to figure out my own life and to do it publicly and explain what I've learned and how I failed

► 02:01:50

what I've gotten better at it helps other people when you hear that because you go okay I'm not alone like I'm because people think that if like your life is in order right now that it's always been like that so I think it really helps people to hear like oh I used to be a fucking loser yeah and I did and I just be scared to talk to bank teller tellers and it was true yeah I should be weirded out socially I was very strange now can they hear your voice over the ching ching ching to change because you're rich oh that's so rich you're my retches friend probably I'm guessing probably I can't imagine his richer well someday you'll be rich too wow laughs you have laughed at me before will you get those same kind of glasses but surround them with diamonds because now I want to get Jules that could see those how are you think it's going to take to surround them with diamonds yeah just ordered them you don't even think about it because you're too busy doing other things I'm so busy yes so busy are you culture appropriating with those who

► 02:02:49

because I don't think that's have you heard my jug about that know about how I got accused of cultural appropriation for wearing these who it's hilarious because but choose do my best friend she's black but I did I did slide them off her neck she's Africa I don't wanna be a part of her tribe that's the joke that is the craziest shit when they stretch that neck out with those thing I know I'm like this is when you can get mad at the Jenners for cultural purposes when they've have the lip plate yeah I mean when they come at the stretched out things jury women yeah it's just a cultural preparations a weird I don't know I think we should all be dressing like I think it's cool that we all should be people should be driving you shouldn't be like disrespecting people's culture and stuff but I don't know what the moldings like of what we're calling culture appropriation today's people looking for a reason to complain yeah cultural appropriation is one of the reasons why cities are so interesting because we share each other's food we share each other's close and listen to each other's music and you know where each other's jewelry it's nonsense

► 02:03:49

and what's interesting is like how many people from America upset about things but then when people from China or Japan find out that we're wearing Chinese like like Japanese geisha we also do bukkake they're so pissed no they like it but there is one you I feel like there's been times where I've just done stuff online you know I'll have a bit or whatever and then someone else starts doing it and you don't you get mad at that well that's different not a bit not a joke I mean just like a thing I'm doing well that's different because then you feel like someone's copying you you know summarizes making all the time but then some people some people get mad like oh I'm doing a podcast now he's doing a podcast or you copy me like hey fuckface you don't own podcast that's ridiculous I have a pocket like an experience that's fine I've literally had that conversation with people where they were like ma'am but now he's doing a podcast like what are you talking about yeah but there's six hundred thousand fucking times do I have to do with you just write Focus Amy Herrera bitch like handle your

► 02:04:49

life it's so shitty I have lived as a victim for many years it's there is a benefit to it because you're always fed you know if you are looking at the world like your victim you will be given everything you need please don't stop using gender Lane actually you're going to be so everyone's going to be disappointing you ever is going to be upsetting you or you can just accept some fog and responsibilities and it feels so good yeah it feels good does feel good yeah I mean it feels good to be calm and to just be at peace and you know there's a lot of work involved in that you got to fucking got a meditate you got to iron out your own stuff you gotta exercise its progress work in progress yes we all are if I can try and Min I'm fucking trying um after episode if anybody wants to see you or you are at The Comedy Store on a regular basis you got any other day I'm at the comedy start a regular basis I'm at the Blue Room and Missouri what's the blue room let's look at operates shitty answers

► 02:05:49

is it just you have to find it in the state it's a big state their place look it up all right I should have had you don't even know where you are when is this Springfield Missouri talk in the microphone it's in Springfield Missouri when is that it is not this weekend next weekend it is on August 17th and 18th do you have failed Missouri website where people can I do any Letterman.com and Annie Lederman on Instagram Instagram I'm also at Go Bananas October the third weekend in October which one Go Bananas in Cincinnati beautiful

► 02:06:29

I'm all right end of October 2nd to last weekend I should have obviously and my new podcast yes me inspiration on all things comedy what is it called me inspiration for Asian yeah okay Annie thank you thank you Joe good to see you my friend I'll see you tomorrow yeah I'll see you tonight hi everybody hi guys

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