#1333 - Tom Papa

Aug 12, 2019

Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. Check out his new show with Fortune Feimster called "What A Joke" available on SiriusXM.

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definitely should make those noises and start off a podcast Tom pop with it what are you doing freaking people out if you know what is it called ASMR you know what that is yeah like when you like you like certain sounds yeah find them soothing well think that's one of them that this is what I use to drive my kids crazy I say it's mac and cheese it's a spoon and mac and cheese

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yeah they're like oh my God my dad was funny professionally this is ridiculous it probably thinking I start again this is crazy my younger my younger one who's like comedian funny this is her things this is she so she doesn't care about parents or what we're doing or she's just out for herself whenever I make a joke at that around the house she that I think is funny she just goes huh jokes how old is she 14 that's hilarious do you think should be comic she yeah she really wow she definitely could be you have a healthy household it is healthy that doesn't seem like a good recipe for comedy right yeah well you know it takes all kinds it does take all kinds that have you met anybody that came from a good childhood that's really funny me you yeah really I'm pretty funny you you're very funny where you came from no problems at all I think every kid you move around a lot

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I moved once one town over and traumatize me in third grade third grade yeah I still can't I'm still not over it but I think that everybody has I think I think as a child even if it's not real heavy stuff it feels heavy to you you know I mean like my father was super strict and like yeah you know spanked us and stuff and I was like this nervous oh you know what I mean and stoic so I think you can grow a pretty normal and be pretty funny you know it's like there's a line with kids it's like you don't want to be mad at them but you can't let them get away with too much yeah so you have to go hey hey seriously stop screaming at me stop this yeah like you can't do this like because every now and then they'll test it totally because they fight amongst each other like I've daughters are two years apart they'll fight amongst each other that's what I have now and then they'll turn it on you like a hey yay toys I'm not wearing your pants yeah I'm not in the good guy it does

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it is a weird thing especially when you know how you were as a kid oh yeah and you know we've got daughters and I'm probably they're probably similar that where they're not as nutso is we were when we were little but you still have to bring the hammer down even though you think it's kind of funny or you think it's not that big a deal right right you have to lay down the law even if you don't feel it you have time for some guidelines and then you have to communicate about why those guidelines exist yeah I didn't get enough of I think when I was a kid as communication about why those guidelines exist because in the moment the kids knocking internalized it they're going to be mad I wanted to do this and I wanted to do that and they just have it in their head I want to play one more game why can't I just pay why am I getting so just get freaked out because what we heard was because I said so yes exactly there was no reason there was nothing behind it just go to bed why it's seven o'clock because I said so all right yeah we don't put parameters on play though like

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much we put parameters on you only have a certain amount of Television time certain amount of video game time but but as far as like play play like doing stuff like playing in the pool or doing others like I don't feel like there's any you can play in the pool all day all day yeah I'm happy fright it's interesting right yeah oh yeah no complete yeah because it's and it's probably their learning more from that than anything else that they would rather it is purely play but all play is not considered equal like play when you're sedentary in front of a video screen and you write playing some silly video game right and you're just sitting there and you just your brain up to be physical but to be out to be doing something but they do have this one game that I let him play for a long time it's this crazy dance game oh yeah Dance Revolution I don't know what it's called but they dance and they make amends thing they dance to what's-her-face Crazy what's crazy face oops I Did It Again Britney Spears they didn't they dance so you better work bitch you want a Maserati you better work you know work passion their turn to dance it's hilarious

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but that's extra size like have you done it with them yes terrible at it's funny you have to I've only done honestly couple times they probably played it a million times but you have to coordinate your movements to mirror the person on the screen right now but my instincts are to like to Not Mirror but to to do what he's doing if his right arm is going up my right growing up right because like that's he get taught in martial arts I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be doing that or from supposed to be just mirroring him when he lifts up his right arm and my supposed to live up my left arm because that's that's the one that faces me is that how you're supposed to do you do whatever you see yeah but it using you have to track you have to switch it over in your head why don't you see that arm okay we'll go with you well this hardly seems like well you shouldn't have that option this with your children that could be the only way I'm gonna do it it seems like they'll that it would be easier for all involved if you just had the mirror it not do the same exact side of their body is your body I don't know I've not I've never gotten that deep because I've done

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and then quickly became exhausted and just pretended I thought it was stupid so I could lay down well it's critical in martial arts that you like if you're learning something if you prefer a especially kickboxing for most Fighters most Fighters have one good side and one side that they're not so good at right and like the really great Fighters like one of the best in the world today is Terence Crawford and one of the things about him is he can fight equally well from south paw or from Orthodox oh really yeah so will mine which is stance yeah yeah he'll do whatever he wants wow he just fucks people up he does whatever you want many fights really top shelf competition to and he's just he's so Technical and so so clever at figuring be brought but I think he has a giant advantage and that he literally has as good a southpaw as he is an orthodox so he can box the best boxers in the world Orthodox Rite and then just switch up south paw on them and there's you know he might be a little better as a southpaw but God damn it's so close my in my dolls

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be the his fucking their head up because they thought him one way and then he switches dancing and starts fucking them up the other way is he born that way no no it's a learn think my point would be if you had a southpaw instructor and he was teaching you and you are mirroring him it would be weird right right right you know right if someone's teaching you something you want to see how their bodies doing it and and mimic their movements you were right see it a mimic their movements right you don't want to mirror it would be too confusing yeah which is interesting because it seems like the mirror room work better if it was the stupid video game you know because like lift your arm up you do with it right boxing or any I think any martial arts style ya know it's messed you up you can be a good dance revolutionary someone's got to walk you through it to Dance Dance Revolution I'm probably doing everything wrong probably risking all these joints like there's certain but you know you could dance like really dance for him for him do you know for him Anwar no you don't know him from the store he's coming on

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you know tomorrow is on tomorrow he's a Leo yeah really funny guy but it was Instagram is filled with him dancing oh really yeah Amy but he dances really good yeah and I was watching this and I got I got a little self-conscious watch this I was like I don't think I could do any of this and if I had to do this like watch watch him dance I was like if I had to do this I wow so self-conscious that I was doing this like look he's really good yeah there's I made a New Year's resolution this year that I was going to dance more that was it and I haven't done it because of the same thing I come I always feel like someone Carol Leifer once said to me you look like a guy who's never danced in his life I was like whole area what do you mean I've got some flow Carol Lee feels she's fucking hell yeah she Zumba Dennis I'm Sam sir damn but that first thing I just showed you Fortnight took a video from his that was six years old on his YouTube channel and just put it in the game this like last past week whoa and are charging people money for it well

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out any but he's not making any money most likely know this happened over and over to people with their dances look how good he did he's a great that's really funny too I can't really funny guy well super cool guy to he's filled with joy obviously you're not you're not like an asshole if your dance like that good point right that's a happy that's a happy fellow that's a happy fellow he's super nice guy super smart guy out cause he had some sort of technical job didn't he wasn't he like on with figured out why I don't know someone someone told me he had some very intellectually strenuous job and then decided to bail on that to be a comedian which makes sense that's interesting hope that's true story yeah you never know with people man I know you know I know I think that we probably could take a dance class together dude I don't want to learn how to dance like that I'm worried about my wife can really move have a meniscus issue oh yeah what's that Tora something in my mind

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yes what's the meniscus and you need padding in between your knee and between your bone you tore it yeah not that bad like it's a little tear and I've been trying to deal with it without surgery with stem cells the problem is I like everything in my favorite things making things and it's hard for me to not kick things for a long time and when I when I don't kick things see I just don't feel as good we all have our things some people dance some people kick things I feel good when I hit that fucking bag I like to smoke weed a smoke like 2 or 3 hits uh I get to the State of Mind where I'm just I just feel like my tendons I feel my muscles in my bones and then I just like to fucking zone out I'll put on some Led Zeppelin or something like that ba ma ba but I'll put and I'll just start just going off on the back papa and if he becomes like you feel like you're like you're just riding

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like a wave of movement right you're not even thinking about it you're not thinking about anything other than making sure that you don't do anything stupid in terms of like launching a strike when the bags in the wrong place where you could Jam yourself or hurt yourself so it's like you just flowing around the bag and it just like you don't even have to really hit it your hardest yeah it's more like you're in there like a dance and you have a pressing yourself with the movements but is there an age where that becomes like I'm going to start tearing stuff a lot but just turned 52 I think it's about 51 yeah it might be time for sure there's definitely trade on yoga I love the yoga to yeah it is good but it probably doesn't give you the same rush to it's a different rush it all but they're both great Russia's though yoga is a great Rush yoga is great because the thing about the hitting things though that it like leaves nothing no violence in you I don't know if that's real or if that's just I've been doing it so long that it's just a normal part of my life when I don't do it I'm like a baby and I want I want I want know

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aggression juice left my body want to pound it all out yeah nothing pounds it all out like hitting the bag right yo leave you just change your brain out yeah it's more of a mellow thing it's put it straightens you out more without like indulging you you know I'm saying like if you were

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it's like food right here it's like if you were addicted to something if you were doing it so often that you just you just needed to Gorge that's all you did yeah they just kept getting fat because of that yeah you'd have to stop and you would realize you'd have this urge to Gorge right so I always wonder like what I want to do it is that like my urge to Gorge I do I just want a car go fucking crazy and be self-indulgent is that what it is or is it is is it that I'm really recognizing that there's a need that people have to have some explosive movements and that if you get rid of those that need whether for me it's running up hills is a big ones one of the reasons why I like it and it's challenging and it leaves me completely spent and I feel like I'm a nicer person I feel like I feel nicer I feel I want to be nicer to people so that's not an aggressive hitting thing though but it's explosive it's just wow because you're going up this fucking hell yeah no it's um they're heavy Hills out here when you feel a little while

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you getting off of a treadmill or know we're like when you do the elliptical yeah that's great I mean that feels great right but um there's something about an actual physical Hill that's outside in nature you feel like what if something was changed in me could I get away how long could I do this for what if I have to catch somebody how could I get them yeah like what if you know what if you know horrible things happen if I don't reach the top of this hill yeah when I always loved running through the woods who's caring that's but it's exciting there's something Primal about it there's something more there's more at play than just I'm just running down the street yeah but I think that I think to write something down or I'm going to forget it I think I have this thing about the woods that I keep forgetting to do I think that it's what you're describing and like having the kick is equated to stand up it's like I'm no longer the same person when I'm not doing stand-up for several days right that and I think it's because I learned it I created

► 00:20:32

this addiction I created this thing that I no longer am the same person without it became a junkie yeah we're all for sure laughs junkies I think we are so lucky that regular people don't know what it feels like to get a big laugh yeah or they would do it dude no one in it do any other job hey Meg like fuck these are the jobs I want to kill yeah I think about that every time I walk through Vegas and you see all these people like drinking and at the tables and they're trying to get a rush to try to get something I'm done and you walk around with this secret see in your mind that like I'm getting something so much more potent than you're going to get out here just from being on stage Joey Diaz did this bit the other night in the in the original room and it was so hilarious it was really fresh and you could tell because it was making him laugh and he was laughing he was he you know Joey's got ha ha ha he's fucking dying laughing and I'm in the back of the room I'm like you can't get any happier than that just happy as a person can go I can in that

► 00:21:32

those bursts of moments other like the love of your children that is as happy as you can ever get ya a new clip working the love family love yeah people you care about the only thing that Clips is it yeah no you're right but everybody can get that everybody get the family love so everybody can get the best kind of love yes but it all takes work oh fuck but I think that I think when you have a mean it could be so small to you could be like one line that you added to an old joke that works your whole night is different yep your whole drive home is like yes yep where if you don't try something and just kind of go through it mmm it's not as satisfying so you constantly have to keep pushing to because you need that more potent rush but the other side of it is if I have a set and everything's amazing except one new line that I tried that ate shit you don't want new line will haunt me for days when I say it that way yeah idiot

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you're managing this weird thing you know your axes is weird thing that you're producing and managing it and yeah oh constantly constantly constantly your head constantly tweaking constantly trying to express trying to trying to have something that you think oh this is It's almost like the cockier you are it's so rare when you feel like this is going to be a great one and you bring it up and it works like you know what I mean like it never matches expectation but if you think like a maybe this'll work those are those I love because they surprise you it's like this is funnier than even I thought yes those are interesting right well yeah the setup is actually the funniest part of the joke you know right people are dying laughing it's something the setup you like oh yeah okay I see oh my God why didn't I see that yeah and then you like yeah that's funnier be funnier that's not funny or part of it yeah but that's one of the weird things about having to do it in front of people like you have to do it in front of people there's no other way you can't like really practice stand up in a vacuum now I

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that's so cool it back to the premise thing Chris Rock said that to me once he said that's what that's the Greatest Secret in comedy he goes it's the it's the setup that's the real joke he said the punch line you know that's kind of icing yeah but you really you're nailing the joke in the setup Mmm Yeah and if you fuck up a setup or even if the rest of joke is good yeah always remember that fucked-up part of the setup yeah why do you say it like that maybe say that it's so did such a weird little dance you play with your head yeah trying to put it all in line and get all the bits together correctly how big was that crowd you played I saw on Instagram this weekend I was in Portland Portland Oregon it was big it looked huge as like 10,000 people now what is that what is that doing to your act in your performance you have to slow down a little bit because it's so loud like you have to give them more a little bit more time because I went to see Lou

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black ones I didn't and I didn't realize it tonight actually done theater was already and I was even doing the very theater that he was in uh-huh and Joey Diaz and I were sitting in the back of this this big theater that Lewis Black was playing in and we watched him right and he would hit a punchline and all these people around us be laughing really loud and then he hit the tag and I couldn't hear the tag because there was so many people laughing at the punchline I was like oh right really like cemented in my head I was like oh this is a whole different feeling for the audience member that a club right one of the crazy things about like if you like the original room right over some small room like that when you when you hit a punch line when everybody's laughing you can hit a tag and they're going to hear it perfectly clearly yeah because there's not enough people's laughter to overwhelm the sound of the speaker you have you on the microphone when there's 10,000 fucking people yeah you gotta give that one a little bit of air let it come back yeah you gotta give those bits a little more are right you adjust quickly

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but do you feel are you happy doing it like do you feel like it's fun it's as because I'm the only thing closed is when I worked with Seinfeld and we did win the Fox Theaters and that was a little over 5,000 yeah and I got the Detroit fact that started it was no it was Atlanta oh and that started to feel a little out of my control how many Fox the owners are there by the way there must be a million of them there's funds what in Hell a boxing Louis but isn't the same company yeah it was the same kind of wow I thought it was just a bunch of people name their theater the fog now and then and I know it only 20th Century Fox it was like if you decide on the salmon theater do you own the salmon theater yeah that's how can you own salmon you can own right now the fuck off come on look if you have a ban you call your band salmon you can't you can't name your band after shit that everybody knows the words to our nose knows the like what it is right about part of now

► 00:26:32

it just seems weird it's got to be like salmon work boot you can't Nick could you name your like if you named your beef I'll give you had you had a band you named it beef hmm you don't own beef beef you can't say you can trademark be you can it be for the name of a band it's just such a common name it's like you can't own it with anything that you know what I think makes sense yeah but I looked up yesterday I was online I was writing and for I looked up fun just the just the word fun somebody owns on and there's a band Fun okay everything that came up was fun the band fuck off you can't have that name war war yeah but that was a long time ago that was when they were first making bands it's better dude you know we were at that Shoreline Amphitheater and they have all these posters on the wall of different shows and one of them was it was Jimi

► 00:27:32

and fuck who's the other band they were her some other insane band oh Jimi Hendrix fuck was it the Birds was the birds and another band but it was it was so crazy like looking at this thing like wow like this was a real show that you could have caught back then yeah you could have walked into this theater and seeing Hendrick you to watch Hendrix it's crazy that it was right there I'm like wow that and that night he was there so they were all in front like laughing and jovial and someone snapped this picture jeez Louise sometimes a photo and you go oh yeah that's a photo from 1973 yeah no big deal and sometimes one hits you and you go whoa yeah that's Ronnie Van Zant great exactly what it is like to be around that guy that's Miles Davis talking to Mick Jagger Jesus Christ yeah like someone was there with a fucking camera when that went down I know it's crazy so I think that so when I back to the fox thing how big was it five thousand like a little over 5000 and that started to seem like something different yeah from like

► 00:28:32

I'm like 4,000 seem like you're still in that club kind of you know theater back and forth at five it started to feel like this is this is bigger than I can control right do you feel like you can control it and 10,000 have a good time yeah but do you feel like you know what I mean like we did 25,000 Tacoma did you really Dave and I did yeah

► 00:28:56

that's crazy that's crazy it's a lot of people feels feels insane it has to feel in some accounts so fucking Roar of humans but it's fun you know it's like everybody was there to have a good time like everybody's there for the same reason and people keep it together remarkably well yeah if you really stop and think about Live Events like how well people in be like we don't get enough credit I know every nutty person who does something crazy yeah there's so many people that can keep it together I know it's really unfortunate that we view people the way we do sometimes because we concentrate on every single bad thing that happens in the news and yeah there's a lot of bad things that happened in the news but at scale if you just have the skin the scale of people I think we're looking at a completely skewed I think most people are really fine most people are cool but they are nice but that's why terrorism works right because it's so spectacular that it scares the Daylights out of everybody but I think the same thing it's like okay so this horrible thing happened

► 00:29:56

this night but think about how many people were out that night right think about how many people were filling amphitheaters and Arenas and small shops and small clubs I mean in a minute just in America yeah millions and everybody's cool everyone's getting along everybody's doing the right thing you're right there is definitely a lot of cool people but it's the it's the spectacular it's like a plane crash right there's been placed there hasn't been a major playing crash in the US and a long time but when it happens it's it's so mind-blowing because it's something fell from the sky it's a big deal yeah it's a bigger deal than a train a train crash that killed the same amount of people doesn't shock us as much and now it's on the ground you know what I mean it's like that thing fell from the sky what happened we've all fantasize about how horrible it would be it has a big impact yeah that's a real big impact you know but that's amazing I mean to people that there were 25,000 strange like-minded people just out that

► 00:30:56

coming to laugh they want to have a good time that's amazing that's the cool thing about even when you're at the Improv you know where The Comedy Store yeah you know there's a group of people that comes to have a good time yeah there's always you know occasionally it's someone who's drunk and doesn't get it and they want to yell out and ran things but most of the clubs in town now are good at getting rid of those people yeah another really good at but the vast majority of people are cool yes but vast majority yeah no it's great but it's when someone isn't cool it's so disturbing so that we start we think about people in that regard yeah you know we think about people like because no yeah the worst possible scenario like did you see once upon time in Hollywood I did so those flower kids right yeah the murderous flower the Manson kid those that's like worse case scenario yeah sometimes we think about people just on you know just because that's a possibility it's such a glaring one but it gets a disproportionate amount of energy and interest because for the

► 00:31:56

part most people yeah are super fine yeah those people are great most people are friendly most people just wanna have a good time in this life yeah assholes right exactly and even the Manson kids there's probably a couple of them that were fun I bet there was the girl who took off the girl who was like hey I'll be right back oh yeah that girl you know like is Takeoff know who is it in real life who do you watch stranger things yes she's the she's Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman's daughter what yes wow yes she was the one in the the two worked in the ice cream shop all those crazy yeah okay that's what I thought you were going to say the actual Manson kid did take off so was mm what's that doing in real life in real life they confuse a shit out of everybody I'm so sorry when we were talking about the other day that story with Bruce Lee that was Loosely based in reality yeah and do with the gene lebell

► 00:32:56

oh Jesus crew is a stuntman on like the Green Hornet or okay well let me let me tell you that he said it didn't it wasn't real let me tell you this thing because talking from Jean Jean was always so I've known Gene for years he's always super respectful about Bruce Lee but he's also he's okay let me put it this way if that actually did happen that way if Bruce Lee fought Gene lebell Gene lebell would grab ahold of him and obliterate his brain on the concrete 100 out of 100 times oh really let me just say that for so I'm not talking about the movie and like there was a thing in the movie where I felt like they made Bruce Lee seem like a buffoon and I'm like well I don't think he was ever really like that this is like kind of an important historical figure for martial arts and I get it's just a crazy Quentin Tarantino movie and I get it the the end of the movie did not I mean I'm spoiler I don't want to say what happened but these he makes takes Liberties for entertainments sake with a lot of different things yeah but with that one I was like ooh just gonna have some random dude that that you

► 00:33:56

is a stuntman and Bruce Lee's a buffoon to him and he kicks his ass on the set but with that said yeah that got if that was a real life event with Gene lebell and Bruce Lee Gene lebell would crush him so Gene lebell he said of Guerrilla that would have been him in that scene oh yeah it would have been quick right it would have been a different thing man he's a gorilla right I mean he's like a judo Champion with a severe arsenal of neck cranks and Joint locks and he is strong like a fucking bear I mean dude in his prime he was a tank of a man really far bigger than Bruce Lee oh wait and obviously we small right he was a small guy but Bruce Lee was an innovator in martial arts and one of my personal Heroes yeah he's like the most important early innovator because he was the first guy to think that you should combine the best elements of all these different styles when I was coming up man I was doing Taekwondo and you were brainwashed to think that Taekwondo was

► 00:34:56

best martial art everything else was bullshit and you shouldn't even practice it so if I was practicing other stuff like I was doing some boxing I was dancing like I'd get some frowns from some people it was like a thing and if you were in some schools that were less open-minded than mine you know my school was a little more practical than some of them but some of them they would say Kung Fu or death like all they wanted to do is fucking kongfu they doing this shit in the park there and you can say hey man a wrestlers going to grab ahold of you and he's going to just pound you into a fucking tree and there's not a goddamn thing you can do about there's a gene yourself this Gene lebell who was he was in a bunch of different movies as a stuntman but yeah that's that looks like greenhorn yeah became friends so that's what they were very good friends and he had nothing but good things to say about Bruce Lee but he said he taught Bruce Lee a lot like some of the moves that Bruce Lee Bruce Lee used an armbar and one of the early scenes and Game of Death that was from Gene lebell labelled I guarantee you helped him here but look at this like if Gina

► 00:35:56

L really wanted to grab a hold of Bruce Lee Bruce Lee would be unconscious as would I as with many many many other trained martial artists not James Bruce Lee was a fuck I mean Bruce Lee was a fantastic martial artist and like I said one of the most Innovative guys ever we don't even realize how much his style had a gigantic effect on making Untold millions of people sign up for martial arts classes including men right now people are amazed because he was a movie star right he had the looks and the Charisma yes that allowed him to bring it on film and show everybody he had everything he had a philosophy he had a deep understanding of all these different martial arts and he had the courage to try to combine them which was unheard of at the time and it got an exercise from a lot of these Kung Fu like circles where did he learn it he learned it from a bunch of different places I mean he learned in the you actually learned it in China he learned different things for different people I know he did he worked with a lot of different martial artists including Gene lebell of course was a what's Gene LaBelle's Judo credentials I know I

► 00:36:56

use National Champion I think it was a world champion but he was whatever he was he's a fucking gorilla I feel like Kung Fu is more popular earlier well the UFC changed all that shit yeah yeah Dan what is his own Judo but what is his competition accomplishments blue belt no yellow belt

► 00:37:19

he's but if that makes sense that the kind of based on him because he really was a legendary stuntman as well wouldn't that be cool though if Tarantino had the inside scoop on that story may be there but I'm too Bruce Lee and him were friends I guarantee you liked that didn't go down like that didn't write fight right right right if they did have a fight Jesus Christ now you have been horrific yeah that guy's a fucking gorilla Judo people is a different man they have a different their core Judo is yeah their core is so goddamn strong there's only a few Judo guys I've ever rolled with it a lack of consequence of Karo parisyan was one of them I think when I was a blue belt I rolled with him and he was like rolling with a chimpanzee it just threw me around like really Christ it's so disheartening when you grapple with like are like a really good wrestling or really good Judo person they just have this insane ability to manipulate bodies it's crazy okay it says he won the national heavyweight Judo championship and the US

► 00:38:20

USA overall Judo championship title so he won the national heavyweight title and he went on to win both the heavyweight and overall champion in 1955 as well so that's that's a 8 National amateur athletic Union I think that's a think that's that stands for so that's a that's a big-time Judo title especially for back then in 1954 the probably wasn't that many Judo championships was probably fairly recent thing where's Judo come from Japan Japan yeah Japan Jiu-Jitsu is to even Brazilian jiu-jitsu really came from Japan because count my Ada who was this traveling Judo Master he taught people in Brazil he taught the Gracie's so the Gracie family in Brazil they took that Jiu-Jitsu and they were find it and made made it much more much more emphasis on submissions because of Carlos Gracie and Helio Gracie and Carlson Gracie and like the early Masters right really amazing amazing story of one really one family the kind of revolutionized the way people

► 00:39:19

fight on the ground they just off focus that right I remember yeah they just were they just were badasses yeah there was just fight each other all the time they were trying to figure out what works best and they will they just got it down to a fucking science the story about from Gene the Bell but you could make this a little bigger so I can carry them because labelled said when you're on the set diamonds so they put me in a headlock or something so it was labelled went up and grab lie he started making all those noises and maybe they became famous for labelled said but he didn't try to counter me so I think he was more surprised than anything else so he probably just grabbed him got him in a headlock right then labelled lifted lie on his back what's called a fireman's carry around the set with him said put me down or I'll kill you Lee screamed he said I can't put you down or you'll kill me labelled said holding lie there as long as he dared before putting him down saying hey Bruce don't kill me just kidding champ back on his feet again Lee didn't kill the balance deadly recognize his lack of grappling was deficiency in Jeet Kune do-- style of martial arts he was developing C so it wasn't really a fight but this is what I'm telling you

► 00:40:19

LaBelle was so fucking powerful and such an amazing Judo God that if it was a fight it would have been right really quick right so if that's who he was supposed to be portraying in the look if that's if they showed that the Brad Pitt character was some Judo Champion that became a martial artist later okay maybe this guy was like a roofer yeah well I was five I was a fun part of me yeah it was great fucking like that movie man I think about that long and it's so it's so it's like split camps on it like just in my circle of friends that I run into whatever people either loved it and feel like they could have hung with it for two more hours or people like what's the point what was the story I don't get it those I don't get it guys keep a real close eye on them like the Jeffrey Epstein you're trying to keep them alive it's those people I don't understand their thinking I don't either it was so do not have enjoyed that oh my God wild ass movie like were you not entertained like there was a lot of times in that movie I was like fuck yeah

► 00:41:20

ah great move I could have just hung with it forever and especially being out here in la la just like that cool Musso and Frank's yes they didn't even have to do anything to make it look different I know that place looks like it's from 1969 are we supposed to go yeah we're supposed to go yeah you and me and Joey we've been talking about it forever gotta do it well I'm in town this week There's a UFC in Anaheim this weekend oh really oh ah yeah you know we all week I'm in LA to graze in the first two weekends in a row that I've been home I think in a year and a half pull up Tom Pappas Instagram and took a look at that sweet elk meat did you put it up on your Instagram now I didn't didn't hear I'll send it to you or I'll send it to Jamie right you send it to Jamie

► 00:42:01

oh my God that was so good dude that shit's ridiculous that's why I'm here today because I'm running out of elq you cooked it so well hold on and I'm in the food porn obviously yeah I was gonna bring you bread of course but he's annoying thing about Apple this was if you want to take a photograph from a text message you can't search that person's name you because otherwise you can't get the photo you know I'm saying like if I search your name on high have to actually send you a text well I'm doing something totally wrong swipe down when you open up the messages app swipe down yeah look at that sweet sweet breads or that does look sweet okay but it was a it was just I couldn't I couldn't give it to you it was just a little too stale I'm like I don't want to get ya next time you had stale bread how is it how many days is an actual real bread go before its tail about four days that's so crazy so I make two at a time so it depends how much the ladies are eating

► 00:43:00

wow yeah Jamie I just sent you I just sent it to you again a photo of the meat this was so good I just can't believe you cooked that put that perfect gas grill grill that's amazing gas grill on high and I do it four times what cut was that was that a roast that was the tri-tip oh wow that looks good so good damn that looks good I know dude you're a really good cook thank you nailed that yeah tri-tips a tricky one because there's not a lot of fat I tried tip now it's not doing right now there was there was I remark that that they're wearing a lot of flames coming up it wasn't like dripping fat into the thing it's a different kind of mean but I just did it by feel and I was like you know you don't want it to be too you know stiff and then he just pulled it off and still nice dude that's still have it waiting for me in the fridge that's a plus right there well it's good stuff so did you got another one you sent is that mean you hunt it again or does the I got a deer you got a deer ya gonna do

► 00:44:00

Ellen I am going to give you some access to your to really yeah whoo boy oh boy was that is that what's the taste difference um it's it's different it's definitely different there but it's really delicious yeah they're one of the fastest deer species on earth crazy-fast a bigger they a hundred and thirty hundred and fifty pounds of change size no Jimmy's bigger than yeah like Tony Hinchcliffe sighs all right oh really that's Little Ponies like hey I'm here for meet ligaments and wiseass attitude to put it in perspective you get about 400 pounds from an elk and you get about 40 pounds from a deer oh my God yeah definitely very different the elk is so good it's great I don't appreciate it you know last time you gave it I gave me a bunch it's just been in the freezer to go and like by like a steak at Gelson's or whatever your Ralph's it's not happening well I'm glad you enjoy it man so good so cool to see that

► 00:45:00

like it it's so good for you you feel good yes right crazy right that's not yeah it's not just a placebo effect I don't think so no I was I didn't get in the game to feel good I just wasn't because it was delicious so many Hunters say that yeah so many Hunters say that like you eat you eat it and it gives you like this boost of that you feel like energized yeah because it's so nutrient dense so dark and I mean it's an animal that like their main photo is wolves dry mountain lions I mean they're out there hustling yeah if you can get it get ahold of that meat that's that's a meat of champion it's good stuff it's just they scream they screaming each other I worry when you're eating like a mystical Beast yeah that's what it feels like I respect it but when you get in a store a lot of times it's from farms it's from a farm in New Zealand most likely hmm I think they probably can do it at some places the United States may be some places in Canada where they commercially Farm elk but most elk that you

► 00:46:00

you actually get from New Zealand wow this is really interesting is he owns a weird place man you have never been a lot of the Lambs you guys from New Zealand oh yeah yeah the dude the New Zealand is really kind of crazy because they don't have any Predators everything was brought over by a bunch of Rich European guys they're like wouldn't it be great if we had sheep over here sheep well it'd be great if we had Stag and so they brought over Stags you see and Antelope have you ever seen a red stag now beautiful beautiful animal oh yeah yeah they're all over the place in New Zealand they brought him over there there was literally no large mammals in New Zealand and they brought all of them over there yeah he's see if you can get a photograph of a red stat New Zealand Red Stag they're beautiful animals it's kind of like an elk and a lot of ways and it looks like it's like the cousin of an elk they have these gorgeous gorgeous antlers and they're just these big crazy beautiful animals you have another trip coming up I've never been in New Zealand

► 00:46:57

um are you on for elq again yeah I'll be going in the fall I was going to fall that's nice see you got a photo of once yeah okay that's a Scottish one don't they have a New Zealand Red Stag okay well that's the dark side click on that photo click it no no the one okay that's good too and the one below it let me see the one below that huge who want that's okay this is the dark side see okay now what this is jeez this is a New Zealand elk that's grown in a place where they grow them like this so it's probably a high fence operation and they probably feed these things so they probably have like big bundles of food right and the more food an animal like that gets the more impressive Iraq though that rank Isabella saying yeah there's actually a really amazing podcast about OC that looks like it's caught up in ropes or something the hell is happening there it's like in a tree or something what the fuck is going on it looks like a Vine I must have got caught on something it looks like a Vine I'm not strapped around in there that's so

► 00:47:57

we're died really don't understand what that is it's very absurd so it looks like the antlers are wrapped up and Vines and then they shot it and left the vines on the head they could have taken the vines off just out of respect how to respect that does happen though like sometimes deer will get like barbed wire and shit stuck in their antlers oh yeah or bail wire they'll get that shit stuck in their antlers he will still get it wrapped around their legs and shit it's terrible it's awful people always catch um deer or find deer rather that have been caught in fences it's like they're jumping through a fence and it gets twisted around and their leg it's stuck yeah it's terrible it's not cool it's a drag it's a drag they find him they're like coyotes find them and they just eat them along you know it's really good to is the sausage oh yeah the sausage is fantastic anyway so that's why those antlers are so crazy they're not the you don't because they were in the wild it's not happening you wouldn't get enough food right there's where I was going to say that there's a great podcast called the meat eater

► 00:48:57

my friend Steve rinella and there's an episode that they're they're talking about that that's out right now time to find out which one is because much better be interesting you've I just emotionally and mentally feel so much better eating it than I do knowing that something came from like a big factory farm it's just like it's called episode 1 80 teeth horns and Claws and he sits down with a wildlife biologist and they're they're talking about why animals grow things why they grow you know antlers and why they why they let go of their antlers and how you could take animals from one area where it looks like they have poor genetics is their antlers just small in the move it to another place is more food their antlers grow big so it seems to be a direct correlation between their diet right how much their antlers grow so what they do with these these animals most likely and I don't know how all of them do it because it's probably very but I know in the United States like when they have deer farms they feed them like a super high

► 00:49:57

protein diet out of these feeders and so these animals eat is crazy high protein diet their antlers just go fucking the filled with minerals and like antler bone is a weird thing it grows faster than any known bone on Earth mmm so when you see a deer's antlers their gigantic yeah that deer might have just grown those over the last three months really yes cheese it's crazy especially Ozzy elk antler and particular because they let go of their antlers very late like antlers fall off once they get done having sex they don't need the antlers anymore because the antlers are mostly to like show dude that's what I was going to ask like a bird like yeah it's floral it's to attract but it also helps them in fights with each other right because like the male's will fight and they want to kill the lady yeah they kill each other all the time especially elk you'll find Elks like puncture wounds and their sides where they just jab each other and they yeah one of them will trip the other one will run is fucking antlers through its body cavity so when these people are feeding them this

► 00:50:57

protein stuff is it for the antlers or it's just jump to its for the antlers it is yes it's so the develop these freakish antlers because then it's a trophy yes but it's there's two schools of thought on this yes people that think that's great look at the antlers and then there's people who are the purest people that would be in the Steve rinella camp that we refined it grotesque and really find it a direct evidence of a person meddling with it like almost like yeah that's what it kind of feels like right like almost Akin in a way to like an animal that's wearing a collar hmm like why is so obviously manipulated by a person like every wild they don't have like small squirrely crazy shit that grows all over the place yeah if you find one in the wild that has anything remotely like that it's a freak of all freaks they do exist right but in places that have like amazing food and it would be more special because it's yeah they're just Island right where's these all take place inside a fence and it's kind of sketchy yeah it's a little sketchy yeah but a little

► 00:51:57

some it's Troublesome because they also have to hunt them right so what so one of the problems is they will do these purges where they fly over and helicopters with certain species and they just got him down and they leave them to rot why because they took they have too many of them their devastating to the local Flora all the different plants and that is eat through every there's no Predator no credibility right and I want to import wolves and start some crazy gang war it sounds fun dude there's a coyote coyotes in my neighborhood are going nuts right now they ripped apart a cat three of them on one cat and somebody else lost one with a two coyotes they gang up together and they go after these my cat is staying inside a lot Castle the terrible life in the in the Hollywood area yeah it's good it's theirs caught ya cats are there in real trouble with these coyotes they're everywhere I know their tricks smell your cat they know where your cat is right they know when you catch their the know when you cast out there you don't even have

► 00:52:57

see him really oh yeah the wind's coming down like say if your if your cat's in your backyard there's a coyote a mile away on the street and the wind hits that cat and blows towards that coyote that coyote might be able to smell it she's dead they can smell some insane amount of distance wow and you know if the wind is blowing right so it's blowing towards them they can pick up these little things and next thing you know they're there knowing that you got something in your yarn jeez Louise I want to help with the effective distance with the way it was related to me was like you should consider the way a coyote could smell or a bloodhound or any kind of crazy Dawn smelt the way you smell skunk you smell skunk like a skunk could be like Yaks away yeah but you fucking smell it so strong you can smell it like almost a mile away maybe yeah maybe half mile yeah probably a little laughs that's how dogs are with everything with everything with your feet it's a little smell your feet or got that far away or puppy

► 00:53:58

imagine they could smell another dog taking a leak walk away like what yeah motherfucker is it funny when you're hanging with your dog and I was something just hit their head goes up oh my God purely out of smelling something in the distance now take my dog out today and it was amazing the stuff he stops for yes what a fucking going on with this bullsh I know just freaked out like yeah what the fuck is he smells man you smelling this like I have zero idea when he smelled there was a possum here five hours ago that's what they say about bears the bears cannot only smell you yeah they could smell you hours later and know how long it was that you pass through so know whether or not it's worth going after you she's hired for the best they just have core they have a multiple I think I want to say a bears nose is 9 times stronger than a Bloodhounds what yes I think that's the case really yeah I think it's like

► 00:54:57

nine times stronger than a Bloodhounds that's amazing yeah so think about insane a Bloodhounds knows yeah see if that's true that's what is this a jacket either somatic looking at smaller ranges and I typed in Bear small range it says it can smell a carcass from up to 20 miles away Jesus wow 20 miles yeah let's let's bring those back what a good idea you fucking assholes you know California's to have a lot of them Grizzlies Emma really oh yeah we killed them all or not us but people in 1800s right that's our state flag bro and push them up up north let's not push them off they murdered him there's no pushing they killed them all she's yeah the last time a guy died at the hands of a grizzly bear that was documented in California was a guy I think his name is Steven Levesque and there's a town up on the way to Bakersfield if you ever going to go do a gig out and biggest field give to Bakersfield yeah great out there it is nice that I get out and have fun people's got that cool desert by

► 00:55:57

you don't seem like you're in the country some yeah but anyway on the way up there there's a town called the veck and Levesque was named after the last man to get killed by a grizzly bear oh really yeah and they they gu they exhumed him many years later to see if the story was true and yet his body was destroyed like something bit through his thigh bones mauled through that guy's you get torn apart by a bear there's a New Jersey right now they're having a North Jersey they're having a black bear problem yeah you know why no because their government stopped the hunting on Bears the governor decided to stop the bear hunt it was a part of him being elected but these people you're going to come face-to-face with the consequences of not managing dangerous wildlife black bears are dangerous wildlife their beer all over yes there are problems beautiful they're amazing it's definitely good to have them around but you cannot let them overpopulate without a management plan right and that's what I think was the difference between the way this

► 00:56:56

guy was approaching it in the way Wildlife biologists were approaching it they're approaching it from an emotional issue they don't want people to kill bears right but you have to take if the bear becomes something that kills you which it could at one point in time I mean there's a kid from Rutgers it got killed by a bear well years back it's very rare it's very rare that a person gets killed by a bear but that shit can happen more often and that very rare it's not gonna do you any comfort it's if your kid turns up missing right you know your kid can't be in the backyard because Bears might get your kid that's real right you guys out of your fucking mind right like bears are giant wild dogs that again like Jamie said can smell a carcass 20 miles away get the fuck out of here kill them all yeah got em got em down don't let them don't let them overtake your neighborhood I'm not saying they shouldn't be out in the woods that they should but they should say they'll fuck out of like suburbs suburb neighborhoods what the problem also is that it's just growing there's so many humans every year more and more humans more and more developments there's really not much land for

► 00:57:56

animal that's an interesting argument to not that good though but literally tear like but it has expanded that much what's it what's happened is the populations of the animals has arisen but isn't it the but there is sprawl there's stories about mints and certainly sprawling comparison like the 50s the 60s 70s 80s and 90s yeah what is happening now with these over populations of animals is there's no one doing anything about if you have Bears right they don't have a fucking there's no Predators for Bears right they occasionally eat each other right do it all the time actually the kill it eat each other all the time especially cups oh yeah males he comes females are eat their own Cubs did why did they get do that from what we were in Alberta and one of the guys that I was with my friend John his son saw a bear kill a cub and then the mother of the Cub ate it jeez yeah it's with these guys this is the life they live man they're not movie characters right they're wild predators and their enormous yeah several hundred pounds and if you think it's cute

► 00:58:56

to have millions of them in a state you know that New Jersey has the densest population of black bears and all of North America really yeah New Jersey right bananas that is it's also the most densely populated for humans is it really yeah really the most populated state because densely populated state yeah he's not but as on this a lot of people there's a lot of was still a lot of woods there's a lot of places for these things to live if you have bears and there's nothing there's no wolves and there's no there's no mountain lions there's nothing taken the Bears out let's just Bears physical em out of deer to yeah a crazy amount I was just there with my family there and we were just driving around this Summer's like they were just popping up everywhere I mean the Bears probably eating the shit out of them to be responsible for the death of 50% of all deer fawns bears bears yeah these go around and eat the half of the deer fawns get eaten by bears wow yeah they did this study like where there are deer fawns getting jacked it's like mostly Bears welfare it means mountain lions get them to

► 00:59:56

various bonds hanging out at the mall even in a Chick-fil-A but there's no mountain lions in New Jersey so that's all bears The Fawns there they're all getting jacked by various well that was the big debate I believe when I was there was there were thinking about allowing bear hunting well was a big legal it was a big kerfuffle what weather in illegal it's been leaked it was like that then it was this new governor right made it illegal right right right but the people that live there think it's terrible idea to make it illegal to make it illegal but I get it I get people don't want Bears to die but you just have to understand management you have to manage Wildlife numbers when you're around people I mean this idea that you shouldn't do that because they should they should be here because they were here first and we're taking over the land you're right you're right about all those things you're right but we're Team people okay but that's where I think you're dealing with right exactly can't let many many bears moving your area it's a fucking disaster they can eat your garbage you going to get scared someone's going to get bit someone could die

► 01:00:56

yeah I mean and and it accelerates with the population increase right whatever it is I mean there's a wild video from fuck what Far Rockaway which is a really yeah and these two bears that's an intense that's like the New York these two bears get in there and start duking it out she's look at now that's not the Far Rockaway one there's it is that Far Rockaway is that what it says okay Far Rockaway New Jersey okay this is going this is a different one but it's the same brand new oh Jesus Christ she's those are like Grizzly these are Big Bears I was pictured them smaller these are more than 200 pounds whoa that's what it looks like to me I'm looking at them easy 200-plus pounds Bears it's like Jamie times 2 well there's another one where these bears fight where I'm not bullshitting the Bears look like 400-pound Bears they're fucking enormous and they knock over this they knock over this mailbox and they crash into some garbage they're so big dude and they spill out on the street where I cars

► 01:01:56

oh my God cars are watching this and you get a real perspective sense yeah big they are with the cars right I'm guessing 300 pounds-plus maybe 400 pound they got to be fast and they're duking it out with each other in front of everybody in New Jersey dude in people's yards God another one with two giant bears in the same area oh my God earlier this year I ain't got time to talk I know that one is a different route up a few times so this is another one yeah God's plan my sister had a whole family just walking down her street dude this this is going to be a problem yeah and they're going to have to hire people to go and kill these things all the take sends one person getting eaten well at the Taco Bell and could be a lot of different things could be people's dogs yeah this was the original video that I saw so these do their fighting right outside these people's house and then they duke it out they duke it out they eventually crashed into the mailbox let's shake don't camera work yeah well this because he's terrified of this they're duking it out

► 01:02:56

although this is like a good sign that these were old ass fucking cameras this is like before they really had stabilization on cell phone camera right yes I see these fucks cheese and they're just fighting that's on the streets but all these people yeah man oh man this is what happens when you don't let people hunt them or this is what happens if you don't hunt them enough you got a man approached yes dude it's fucking dangerous man these are wild animals and these people that live there are soft as domesticated people they don't they're not fight they're not like us they don't know how to fight back thanks that is massive these are Big they're very big those are big bears that's not what I pictured like can we go to the Black Bear Diner

► 01:03:42

yeah but they amount here look at it they have like all these wooden Bears that's really cool look at this they make them look so adorable they wear hats they've got vests on I didn't see them crashing anything maybe I was wrong about that maybe it's another one wow this is so many of these videos bears fighting again you know Alaska takes it one step further though one of my favorite videos is oh yeah with I'll say they did knock into something now that's know well didn't they saved in Alaska so you can shoot them in their den now I don't think wasn't that thing oh I don't think so that's what I heard wants to try to get rid of certain number of them but I was going to talk about was moose and people's driveways there's this crazy fight with this guy sitting in front of his car yeah in the morning sitting in his car in front of his house in the morning and he's filming these jug antic moose duke it out on the front lawn is great they are fucking enormous cheese and there's Smash and antlers right on this guy's there it is look at this look at this man wow this is fucking crazy they're so big they crash into that car okay

► 01:04:41

fuck that car up but imagine this is your house and you watching two huge moose do ya like this this would like to live in a place like that well you can move to Anchorage Alaska that's gonna happen to you it would be fun you'd move right next to Sarah Palin Mike Ashley loved cats fucked my cat wouldn't make it cap comes into our cat lock her in the house when you open the door don't let her out because everything else Jacker yeah look at these things man they don't bro ya back take down there so big man these are so so you this guy's running it all down in the cameras this isn't this how you put in perspective right a deer is like maybe like a like an access to your like maybe a hundred fifty pounds right and Elk a big one is like closing it off a thousand pounds yeah 800 900 pounds a moose is twice as big twice that big quite that big 1,800 2,000 pound some time oh my God big male moose like those moves right there he's like had been six

► 01:05:41

1,600 pounds Seventeen hundred pounds they're so big and those are big ones man they had giant antlers yeah they're see how wide their antlers on yeah you see what that's like a fully mature moose whom they're fucking enormous I came around a bend on my motorcycle and Main ones there was just a moose just standing there in the middle of the road like this it was like a wall it was like I think there's a wall in the middle of the road and it was a gigantic moose Greg Fitzsimmons did this gig in New Hampshire and they told you told him that he couldn't swear so Greg when he was young as he is today assumed was a smartass but yeah today's professional partner back then he was just kind of learning the smartass crap so he immediately opened up with hey what's going on fuckers like and then of course doesn't doesn't clean up his act at all and they sent him home but was crazy was on the way up there they were telling him do not drive at night because of the mousse right as you can hit a moose but he goes after the my show they were so mad

► 01:06:41

like fuck you go drive with the most they send you home state in the dark in New Hampshire with the Moose out just love the picture of a young Fitzsimmons he was hilarious you're such a smart ass that just smart as I've known Greg since we literally started out like within a week of each other oh really you an open mic night well yeah I got him early in New York do we did so many shitty gigs together he was he was he was he was

► 01:07:10

mean what Greg yes ecoan greatest cutting grow I mean I always got along really great ice but no but he had that you know you had Fitzsimmons attitude where he if he locks it on you you're toast oh yeah he thinks you suck yeah he thinks you suck and you annoy him yeah because if you're not if you're not if you're cocky yeah I know I am you don't know me motherfucker here it's here that joke of it yeah that's hilarious it's a hilarious bit I don't got a lot of hilarious I tell them every time I see him it's the best it's the best bit of the year yeah I think Greg and I probably we don't how many gigs we did together but for like the first few years of our comedy when we're really starting to get like Road gigs yeah we did a shit ton of them together of including Open Mic nights man we just drive all the way down to Rhode Island we drive to Providence Rhode Island to work the do like 10 minutes for free wow of course yeah it's like couldn't yeah we're so excited Maybe

► 01:08:10

Drake had been five minutes who would drive whoever whoever is fucking car worked right I remember one time ago me and Gregg and this other dude were in a car and the other dude starts talking about vibrators in his ass and about how much is his girlfriend likes to put vibrators in his ass and we're making saying this another comment uh-huh this comic is telling us this crazy store I mean we're trapped with this guy all the way to Maine driving and he's in the backseat talking about take it in the ass with vibrators like what we didn't get that close like this is it's a weird time to bring up the subject it's is opening conversations like I'm not averse to that subject I'm not averse to you discussing I don't think but play first of all I don't think it's anything wrong with being gay and I don't think but play makes you gay so let's let's just like it's just it's intimate it's an intimate opener that's what I'm saying let us choose all those worries right there all right yeah I'm fine

► 01:09:10

whatever your no problem with you getting your butt touched and I have no problem with you being gay this is just not what I'm talking about this is like why you're driving this is also like a my girl she loved it to put vibrators in my asshole like what hello how do you do nice to meet you my girlfriend I mean we knew this guy but we didn't know this guy like know this guy didn't know him as much as I knew Greg and if Greg was telling me that with in a car with somebody else I'd like why you tell me what this for the dude is here this is something you don't want everybody to know yeah it does Nene on the ass play yes it doesn't seem like there's would want to broadcast that to just random strangers it's just really wanted us to know that his girl like to put vibrators in his asshole and we were in a we're trapped with this guy and sadly he wasn't that good of a comedian either boy yeah neither were any of us back then but we were a little better than him right he was in this he was in this range there's a range that happens with early comedy

► 01:10:10

young Comics coming up with you like I don't know if you're ever going to get out of this yeah now you can see pretty quickly Sometimes some of us you suck in the beginning but you have a hint yeah there's something there something there ya know exactly yeah Kyle Dunnigan and I did it show early on for a high school in New Jersey and we drove out there and they'd same thing just be really clean make sure it's really clean it's got to be clean and Kyle went up I went up and I your bombing because it's high school kids you don't have a great act to begin with and it's all high school children and you have nothing to relate to them and they don't want to listen to a man talking and I will you at the time probably 32 some like that I don't know 35 and I'm just bombing and just trying to get through it and then and then Kyle comes out and he's whole time backstage like do I do the my songs do I do my songs I'm like

► 01:11:10

you know I don't know whatever works you know just try and keep it clean he comes out he sings this song it was about the Irish parade the st. Patrick's Day Parade song like in an Irish brogue and one lines was if it was about though with they were allowing they were debating whether or not homosexuals could March in the parade that was a big thing and he worked for me for like a decade and Kyle had a funny song about it in the line was if your ass if your if if my cock is you if my cock is the ladle your ass be the stew like song is like an iron if your cock be the little me ask be the stew and I just hear them like starting to get to it any goes into it it's the first thing that the audience loves the kids are so excited by God fast forward the show's over we're gonna get paid and a high school principal is livid he's got a he has a Winnie the Pooh to

► 01:12:11

and there's two girls there's there's two he's got a Winnie the Pooh to high he's purple he so angry and he's yelling at us what are you these are children your assets your cock is the ladle and there's two and there's who girls they made us cupcakes and I'm construction paper saying thank you for performing at our school is stars and moon oh my God they don't know whether they should give us the treats or not because the principal is just yelling at it but these are high school students so funny these are high school kids though we got the check yes high school kids there are new those things that's why they laughed oh of course of course but he couldn't sanction it but Kyle just you know you're dying and you have you have no you have no material so what else is going to do he had to break out the song yeah there's nothing else you can do right you just try to survive and get paid yeah get out of there yeah you got to survive you have to take it on the chin hey you gotta come on my radio show I God oh yeah did you say

► 01:13:10

due to 7:00 in the morning 79 why do you got to do that well I don't think you should do it when you're awake I know you wanted to be good it's really early does it stream live or something yeah it's on serious okay it's Netflix is a joke radio you know they have they took all their specials and then they run the - so confused on the Network's radio I was thinking that Netflix was going to have its own radio channel like you have a Netflix channel that their own radio channel that's what I was thinking like oh you like there's gonna be a comedy yeah like a like an app like a new thing that they're doing it's like raw dog on Sirius XM or companies bring up serious to listen to now yeah that's was thinking to do you can listen to it on the Netflix app because you know so many people listen to Netflix on their phones now oh really yeah so many people watch specials I think they said they're like 50% of the people that watch my Netflix special watched on the phone wow yeah they're actually even many people are formatting their specials to make them better too

► 01:14:10

watch on phones how interesting yeah like them the way they're shooting it in terms of like weird how they zoom in on the shot what shops they choose really now they're doing it so you could look at it on you know fucking Samsung Galaxy that's just 10 plus or something you know so you have all these specials from all these people so they started their own channel and I have the first radio show on it and it runs seven to nine out here and then and then 2 to 4 so and it's both drive time here in the morning and drive time in New York in the afternoon and you and Fortune Fortune Fortune Teamster yeah she's so funny he's very fun I loved her some very cool person yeah they were like who do you want you know to do this with you and I and she was on his short list I was like oh done she always seems very friendly she's really funny she just murderers to be murderers murderers on stage it's not funny she's very very funny her Instagrams really funny is that she dances she does ice cream dances with she always gets an ice cream cone and dances along with it we need to get her in for him

► 01:15:10

together yeah work out but it's cool because it's all comedy it's all comedians coming in talking about the specials talk about comedy and yeah it's pretty fun but it's early it's all right why they make you do that I just make me so I'm not sure if it's really necessary yeah you got to put your foot down you could do it the night before and have it run in the morning because we're not like doing hard news you could just bypass that system and do a podcast I do have a podcast I know you do but do it like do it in the podcast form yeah just do a successful podcast you have a specific contract for certain amount of time I'm not trying to get you out of here yeah we're going to do it for a year and then it is fun I am enjoying it but it's good but you know what it's going to mess with my spots during the week oh yeah yeah yeah that's what we're saying I was saying if you wanted to do the Improv tomorrow night and you said you really can't because you got to get up early in the morning I could do an early show I can't do late shows tough shit The Late Show

► 01:16:10

show starts at 10:30 I don't know what to tell you I'm going to move everything back for you Tom why you thought we were friends you shouldn't have a job like that Preposterous job you're up at 7:00 in the morning talking crazy yeah it's doing morning radio all the time if I'm up at 7:00 in the morning I'm exercising I'm not I want to get things done first I don't want to just jump wake up and talk I'm not ready anyhow can't remember names my memory is 50% is good when I first wake up really yeah 50% Stars sucks it's terrible hit me with a pop quiz how longs it take you to dust off the cobwebs I don't know I often thought about that right I've often thought about like how dumb I am during the day if there's like a meter you could like see like now I should make some good decisions he's getting smarter gets two in the afternoon I'm feeling pretty fucking good you know but somewhere around late at night and everything starts to fall apart in early in the morning everything falls apart what's late at night for you

► 01:17:07

like one ish 130 I don't work out at 1:30 in the morning yeah I really don't have the energy to work out means physically work yeah like sometimes I'll be writing at 1:30 in the morning and I can write at 1:30 in the morning but if I had to go through one of my workout routine things physical activity like a real work yeah I can't do it not too tired well you shouldn't it's one o'clock in the morning right but that feet that's letting you know that there's a cycle to where you have energy right and where you don't have energy when you awake when you're not awake yeah but some people they perform way better late in the afternoon like I used to feel that way about Jiu-Jitsu class like early morning Jujitsu classes I was terrible I just couldn't get my body warmed up it's no really yeah I didn't like them but the evening ones like an 8:30 class I was peeking yeah interesting yeah I'm better working out early yeah yeah it's like after lunch what is it typical Tom Papa day like how do you start your day radio day or no radio day

► 01:18:07

regular Knopf Parts I want to hear those for well because we're fast forward in the noon okay give me a radio today and not on radio - okay non-routine on radio day I get up at 7:00 damn I get up at 7:00 I go upstairs a soldier I make coffee I get one cup of coffee do you play classical music softly once in a while yeah usually I picture you OCD butter in your toast that's what a weird now I don't I don't eat straight away it's just straight black coffee into the office of an office and I try and write I sit at the desk I called going into the shop mmm and I sit there and I write and I make sure that there's no appointments until noon anything I'm going to do I don't do until noon except if I'm going to go for a run or work out I'll put in a couple hours and then when I start to fade I'll I'll go for a run

► 01:19:07

come back and continue mmm I skip something what sorry before the coffee if I'm up early enough and the house isn't up I'll meditate first 20 minutes before you even right before I coffee before I write really yeah wake up water in the face Maybe brush teeth up into the office and then take 20 right away because it's more restful than sleep so even if you had like a bad night's sleep or you're tossing or whatever was going on you're now ready to go through the day what kind of meditation you doing TM how mental meditation but Transcendental Meditation there there's a weird thing about that right some people think it's kind of culty it's not cult it's not called to there's no there's no leaders right but it wasn't there wasn't there some controversy with TM a while back I think so no

► 01:20:07

my misconstruing it with something else yeah no chiz that's why I like I'm very into it I'm doing it for a long time it's great but I don't like yoga I like all that kind of stuff unless you get a little hippy dippy with it a little too preachy and then I'm out yeah me too and this is totally basic simple when I was taught it there was nothing you know like hippy dippy flaky about it what's meant that hippy dippy flaky shit it's only it only feels shitty if the person's not really living that life and you can kind of feel it kind of bullshit yes there was this guy's to take classes from seems Peter it's from South Africa I only took his classes a few times but he was like one of those genuinely spiritual people right and he would say these things and you could tell he wasn't trying to manipulate you or Namaste you or sadhna more he wasn't trying to bullshit you that's yeah and then there was another guy ladies to take classes with it it felt like he was always bullshit

► 01:21:07

Ray's always it was so annoying now and he went up banging this other dudes wife and course became a giant disaster exact guy with the acoustic guitar making eye contact with so funny to that he would sing yeah singing classes of course of course now there's you can you can smell it and that's why I had a hard time with yoga until I found this one teacher and she was just great it's the same thing with the controversy here it is called controversy or something yeah while ago with yeah okay yeah with TM can we make them a little larger I can barely read that shit yeah that's really small but inside the organization organization been subject of controversy label the cult by several parliamentary enquiries or anti-cult movements of the world some also suggest that TM its movement or not a called the TM movement has been characterized in a variety of ways has been called a spiritual movement a new religious movement a millennia Aryan and millenarian mmkay world of Furman world of fur

► 01:22:07

movement social movement a guru centered movement how a new book exposes the Dark Side of Transcendental Meditation I don't even understand where you would have liked where it would happen like there's no place to go honestly and ignorant of it so explain it to us yeah there's nothing it's very you know I tried meditating in all these different ways and this was this kind of made it very simple it doesn't Seinfeld do this too yes into TM yeah he's actually the one that that got me into it and for a long time I was thinking well I meditate I can't breath side kind of do it and wasn't really feeling maybe I was I was always had my head that maybe TM is different maybe maybe going and learning that would kind of dial it in so we took classes on it so I took four classes you went and saw this guy here in California and just go for an hour for four days in a row and he teaches you what to do it and the analogy is that there's this

► 01:23:05

the reality is just in this tumultuous ocean waves we're on the top we're on the surface that's where we live and this is just a way through a mantra to get you down below the waves to sit for 20 minutes and it's very freeing because there's no there's no controlling your mind there's no forcing it to come back and compressors know you're never you're not you're not thinking about what you have to do you just do the Mantra do the Mantra and then let it go and if your brain starts thinking about work at thinks about work if it starts thinking about your wife it's I just let it be let it be let it be and 20 minutes you pop out of it and you feel not right away I don't feel changed immediately like I'll feel you know I have an Apple Watch it my heart rate is low like it's 40 to 50 all the time or when you doing now and I'm doing that how much

► 01:24:05

normally probably like 80 what's the right now hmm how long does it take to find that out it's going to take a while doing his he's here it's at 80 80 yeah and you get down to 40 when you get him yeah oh yeah it's very calming and it just kind of like gives your nervous system a respite that's pretty heavy it's pretty great does it gives me a lot of energy activate Siri by saying Hey Siri

► 01:24:33

something oh yeah my series I didn't catch that Syria's paint now people right now screaming at me because their cars going to what would you like me to do yeah but I don't feel it like right away but but like I'll notice it hours later that I have more energy like I'm still going what is the process how do you do it I just sit and what's the Mantra everyone has an individual Mantra tells you much I can't come on bro what if someone's a gigantic Tom Papa family wants you want to do everything that you do it's true it's jelly beans that's what you say now it's just annoying Liberty would it be weird if you just kept saying Jerry Seinfeld sourdough would be cool it's our delicious food but an hour but it wouldn't be nearly as weird or something about Brad Garrett yeah

► 01:25:36

Brad Garrett yeah it's really weird right so I'm tout so I do it first thing in the morning 20 minutes and then sometime in the late afternoon so can you explain all you do is you sit and you just change your Mantra in my mind and you don't say it out loud don't say now okay so as you're just repeating the Mantra in your mind you just try to stay on path of just keeping just keep saying it and when I don't try and stay on a path I don't force anything I just keep saying it but if your brain cells to trick you and said hey Tom I have really great idea for a new bit do let it happen Let It Go exotic how did you write the bit down or do you go back now well you're risking it all I'm not that great of a comedian so those moments where I am fucking been laying in bed and I was too tired to get up and I would wait I'd say I'm gonna remember that or yeah I definitely didn't know and

► 01:26:34

and yeah 20 minutes and I'm telling you it go my one friend described it as its adds another four hours to your day wow and it's really true when I when you call me today last minute to come in I took 20 before I came because I was dragging I went for a run this morning I meditated this morning but then I went for a run I came back I was writing and you called and you're like can you come on over I was like yeah that's cool but let me drop for 15 minutes before I get in the class we did he meditated for 15 minutes yeah wow do you do that before sets if I'm tired yeah if like it's towards the end of the day and I've got something that you know at night that's a little later does it help you make decisions yes how did you still make the decision to do a radio show at 7 in the morning

► 01:27:25

because I'm not afraid of it because I know that I can meditate and I'll have energy how many days a week you don't have to worry about getting a good night's sleep ever no that's crazy I can meditate and then I'll be okay for the show that's crazy I can't do that yes you can you should go okay you should go okay really yeah I'd love to I'll hook you up with the guy can I just watch a YouTube video that good enough now I've learned so much from YouTube though have you yes it's true why can't you learn transcendental meditation for YouTube you know what there's this mystery about it and I would research it and I was like maybe like why can't I just learn it mr. the only difference is having this man explain it to you it kind of dials it in and I went back once since I learned it initially just to kind of tune up tune-up there's not that much but it's just you know they give you a little bit you know it's like playing tennis or something they're like no just hold it like this I all right okay we're like in yoga they like you think

► 01:28:25

doing this but your elbows are out just finding them in that's big in yoga like sometimes the instructor will give you one thing she'll say one thing about your with the way you're standing or the way you keep your weight you're like oh yeah and you just change it just slightly yeah right oh my God so much harder I know which you never would have learned at home yeah it's kind of a similar thing and it just an overtime so that's what it is on a daily basis but over time it it makes you more chill things don't bother me the way they used to bother me just day-to-day aggravations my mobile shit normal bullshit there's it's there's it's your you slowly transform without realizing it do you know who Dan Harris is Sam Harris Dan Harris Dan Harris from know from what is this show Nightline

► 01:29:24

that sounds right yeah is that was on anyway he'd been on the podcast for a really nice guy he's got a is it night Lon he's got an app called 10% happier hmm and it's just a meditation app and just he wants people to know that it's been super beneficial to him so talks about it off and talked about on my podcast and he actually used the tank he's the oh yeah yeah he's the only guy other than me that's a reuse that time I want to use the tank okay this was a weird thing afraid to fucking everybody but Dan Harris is only one who said I'm in let's do it when you called me today I was online looking at tanks to everyone you asked for one no that thing's big it's big it's big it's harder than I thought going to be cold in there no it's true it's 94 degrees 94 yeah that's what you want that's about the about the temperature of the surface of your skin somewhere in that range how did he like it how long do I stay in there as long as our you can stay as long as you want the most I ever do those two hours I've done more

► 01:30:24

on Edibles really excuse I could I move it said stay put for real yes yeah I've gone on so you ate animals and went in there how many times really oh for sure yeah yeah that sounds kind of crazy it's crazy Edibles have a unique visual quality when you're in a sensory deprivation tank because the tank enhances any sort of any sort of sensory experience many psychedelic experience is enhanced by the tank right because the tank removes the environment it removes the world right and I put you in this place where you don't see anything or hear anything or feel anything you just flying through space but the ear things and I don't I just let saltwater getting my ears that's what I saw online they put little I just rinse my ears out after it's over it seems to be fun right and just float you have to keep your head up I like my ears in the water doesn't bother me my put my ears in the water when I swim to it's like yeah I mean not you're wearing earplugs when I swim in the ocean why am I wearing earplugs when I lay in this tank I thought it wasn't

► 01:31:24

audio thing that you're trying to shut out noise can you can do it but I'm always aware of the plugs the kind of fuck with the the balance of your head yeah I got that it doesn't but if you had something over the ear well anyway you go and you can do it but some people like it that way some people use the white on after the no you don't have to some people actually get them form fitted to their ears so they slide in really easily she barely even knows that they're there and my understanding is that you lay like you're floating and you don't have to support yourself you have to do shit your neck your head and nothing nothing just yeah you have to do it I can't believe you've never done it before and they are now I'm really super easy it's right here you tell me when all right we'll open it up that'd be great so there's a shower in that room it's so it's really easy you just have to lay there and just slow down and just concentrate on your breathing and if you already have your TM routine I bet I'm sure you could do it in there yeah just doing they're probably amazing right you'd want to buy a house with a

► 01:32:23

extra garage Bay so you can see the point in it hey yo guy had one like the actually I knew a guy who had one in a I didn't know him but I knew the guy who installed it the guy installed a shed in his backyard just so he could have the tank for healing yeah so we bought like a you know like a tool shed that you can buy and build right built the shed had electricity plumbed out to it got like you know Musta got some sort of a building permit and then plug this fucking tank into the shed and that's where you know because he wanted one so bad in his house he didn't have any room ins actual house how often do you do it and what does it give you well I do whatever I can it's what I like is once a week if I get once a weekend they'll be awesome wow that's a lot lately I haven't been lately it's been more like once a month right but when I do get in it I just I just can have a better perspective it makes it calms me down right puts me into this place where it things I'm not connected to the world anymore so I feel like I can look at the world

► 01:33:23

an outside perspective and you can do a carry that with you when you leave you mean you take carry something I mean I think all these things are cumulative yeah you know all the books you read the documentaries you watch all the conversations you have with insightful people all those things have an accumulation effect I agree right like you as you become exposed to more things and talk to more cool people and listen to more cool ideas and have these cool conversations with people your your perspective enhances yeah it just does now it does it's like it seeps in yeah yeah no I totally buy it I think we should think of your perception the same way you think we think about other skills that like some people are really good at running with the football right super hard to take them down and they just they're so good at anticipating your moves and getting out of the way and and and they have they have everything down right yeah I think that's the same way with everything everything including your own perceptions of life and your own the way you view and the way you

► 01:34:23

our own life I think you can get really good at it were things coming your way you just whooped not today motherfucker oh shit not me and getting me yeah and then or you could be that person who's like you know super uncoordinated unathletic kid all reaction yeah who is trying to tackle a super athlete right yeah you know right no I hundred percent by think we always think about it that way because the the one way is thoughtful the other way is thoughtless yes that I think that seems to be like kind of the key for just paying attention to that aspect of your life that have definitely has an effect on it yeah what I'm saying is also that that is definitely true but I don't what I'm saying is also that I think the way you interface with life is a skill and I think we don't think of it as a skill I think we don't think of it as something you get better at or that we even try to get better at and this includes the way you communicate with people yeah this includes like the friendships that you

► 01:35:23

even though the making sure your friends know that you love them making sure your friends know you care about them like all these things are this is a part of the way you live life like and you get better at this as a skill we only think of skills is things that we decide to do right I want to play piano oh my God use a skillet playing piano I'm a really good golfer oh you have golfing skill right you don't think of like the way you interface with people and the way you don't think of that as a skill no I know what you think we should yes absolutely that's what I always think of that in terms of like the interpersonal stuff just in basic manners like there used to be real guidelines for how you said hello to somebody and when you took your hat off and yes how you said goodbye and all those little all those what were perceived as stuffy mannerly things that people had to do stuck-up people had to do they're helpful they're really like how to act at a funeral how to act it a birthday party all those cattle rule etiquette

► 01:36:23

exactly and they used to teach courses in Etiquette yes and without it it's kind of like it's stupid not to play with it because we all we need a bit of all the stuff we're talking about is creating your own little guidebook to get through life do you think they still teach etiquette and any high schools is that a stun a focus of study we have know we have such little money for Schools they're getting rid of art they're getting rid of Jim there's probably there's probably not a lot of etiquette that seems like a critical life skill that it is really it really is because how you the one of the things that's true is how people how much people enjoy being around you that makes your life more enjoyable and people don't think of it that way they often times think I want to be the one that's joining life especially selfish people rightly think of what they want uh-huh right right but if people enjoy being around you right you'll enjoy everything more this is what they don't

► 01:37:23

stand like the solo effort that's right of going through life like with a narcissistic perspective yeah one of the major problems with that is there's no one to share it with because you're all out for yourself that's right even if you get there you're going to be filled with sadness and despair that's right it's not what you want what you want us to be happy right well I know you think that you have to be all about yourself to be happy but in fact that is a way to ensure unhappiness regardless of success that's right that's the mind fuck yeah exactly that's the mindfuck well you think that the small things wouldn't have a big effect on you right you think that well like having a sense of community going to the same shops all the time you would think that's just me doing errands know you're now connected to the woman that works at that Pharmacy you're connected to that bagger at the grocery store you're connected to that person at the church whatever it is in your little world and you think you're just going about your day but you're not you're getting enriched by these by these

► 01:38:24

interactions with people dealing with the other human beings in a in a nice manner is rewarding and it gives you a sense of place it gives you a sense of belonging a sense of love all of those things but you have to learn that yourself that's the problem strip but that's yet nobody guides you along that path it's an important perspective I mean it really is like it's an important angle on life that look at it this way and you'll benefit greatly and you also bring up those around you yeah that's and also bring up those around you benefits you greatly benefits everybody yeah and when you're in a position where you can help your friends in that way and you support each other and build each other up when that person has success you get great joy like great satisfaction from seeing your friends exceed yeah right type of a hard time especially I mean I don't know how it was when you were starting out comedian but I had a hard time with other people success when I first started out

► 01:39:23

I think we all did because nothing was happening for me right I was like God damn it how did he get that show oh my God how did he get this right it's a dumb way to look at it and I had a recognized that it was dumb I had to learn me too just by paying attention to myself going why don't what is wrong with you like I will occasionally talk to myself as if I'm me outside of me what the fuck is this is like sometimes the only way to really look at yourself right it's hard to do but if you just put how would I feel if I wasn't me if I was outside of me watching me right I'd be like what are you what are you bitching about that guy get anything that fucking idiot you're not even working on yourself you sitting here complaining about stuff yeah but that's default for so many people well that's Envy right right and it's very easy to have when you're discovering yourself and trying to make your way and yeah as a comedian and you're like well I'm doing all the right things people laugh at me why did that guy just show up and he's on MTV and I'm not sure I mean in that also exists in haters right like when you see someone

► 01:40:23

actually when it comes to sports teams you see some of the guys that are like sports haters or the call this guy a pussy and this guy fucking sucks and he's a bum and he's at this and he's yeah how much effort you put in into your own life or how much she putting into shitting on this guy right it seems like it's easier to do that oh my God so much easier Centennial yeah right there instant gratitude yeah a gratification rather I remembered I had I had the same thing that you did I was in New York I was working at The Comedy Cellar and I was just getting angry and frustrated I couldn't get on Colin and I wanted to get on the phone I just wanted to get on code and it wasn't until I stop paying attention to what everyone else was doing consciously like told myself don't even go in the room don't even dont read about other people just Mmm blinders put blinders on this is just you and your little path enjoy yourself and go about it right try and really shut it out yeah and that's when everything got correct and when it got correct that's when I got Conan that's when all these things started happening because I was only

► 01:41:23

he worried about myself and then later on now you have perspective you can watch other people and actually have joy that these people are doing these things Conan is the nerd seal of approval if you're a nerd comedian he and I mean that in a good way like you're smart comedian and you get Conan that's like damn you nailed it you got the smart show that's the smart yeah right it was always I did it yeah isn't the first one was in New York yeah when he was in New York my one of my friends was writing for him in the early early early early early days yeah well he was so creative like he had such a writer yeah he was a real funny writer and it and everything came from that yeah so you wanted to be a part like if you couldn't be hacky and get on the show so like you had to be working you had to try and be unique like it was a seal of approval that you were comedic Ali unique yeah and that was important I knew a couple guys who work for him

► 01:42:21

um Brian Kylie I think yeah he's still there yeah he's still there yeah Brian and Lori kill Martin oh I don't know Lori but I knew another guy Amir Amir go along he is his stage name was stage name was James lemur funny dude oh yeah but he worked for him and when he and I were friends and I went to one of the early tapings it was weird to see because they had scripted conversations now eventually the he went on to become so comfortable on stage where he just would ask questions and then playoff and riff and right but in the early days they have them their conversation scripted what do you mean the come so like him and a guess and no and what's-his-face the guy his sidekick Andy Richter yeah him and Andy Richter would have would be reading off cue cards oh really yeah so they have to they would know what they were going to say well basically doing like a sketch that's a writer most right yeah it's like they had written out the jokes right but it was like course the network wanted that because they wanted to make sure it was funny how do you know it's not fun right it right

► 01:43:21

make it funny don't take a chance that you guys are going to be funny it's right confined space seem like such naturally funny yeah like but it's hard when you have all these people on your back to free yourself up to like to fail well the early days of any kind of a new talk show are so risky yeah it's like who the fuck knows where this is gonna go yeah Shin Hyo ha he was one of the only guys that like figured out a way to break into that system right like George Lopez did for a little while but that late-night system it's all fucking hard thing to do It's a Grind it's a weird show because it's everybody does our version of the same show that Jack Paar did and like 19 yeah zero and yet and yet and yet like trying to do something completely different mmm fails a lot of the time yeah you but they all have a desk yeah the desk to get desk sits next to them at desk which is a fucking Holy Week

► 01:44:21

way to have a conversation imagine if you came over guy's house yeah and he's above you in a desk is an elevated desk like they're elevated elevated but you know what's weird is like when James Corden does it like just they're all on chairs and there's no desk and it's just like weird to each other their weirder weirder yeah I don't want to see your legs weird you know I watched it once and I was like three people on the couch together I'm like what the fuck is happening we're going on just drained she yeah it's weird well I'm so spoiled by podcasts yeah so spoiled by no time constraints yeah so spoiled I buy all of it but you know it's it's kind of yeah it's a spoiled is when Bernie was on last week I listened to your Bernie episode it was so good because I never got to hear him just breathe yes to just hear him talk yes he's super reasonable anybody just to hear them just go for

► 01:45:21

length of time you really get to know who they are when you're trying even in these late night shows it's just boom boom pop pop pop pop pop sound bites and bites soundbite you don't really get a sense of who these people are it's impossible I'm sure some people listening right now wish this was Tom it's a sound bite but no don't you think like if you were on a show right now like one of those panel shows was five people on they come to you real quick and you have like 15 seconds of talking you're worried that someone else is going to jump in and try to stomp on your punchline right which does happen have you tried to do a show and it was like just us and our friends right it's like it's like Chris D'Elia was in the air and Bryan Callen was in here we were all talking like men you you you had better get something out quick right any other people in the room yeah this is what those debates are like it's like a condensed version that's right have a conversation and you also have an actual physical time limit like you have X amount of seconds to respond and then and then they start talking over you I know your time is up scuse me mr. Senator mr. Senator your time's up it's just

► 01:46:21

it's not like okay no it's just that you fuck it's a no wait it's no way to really understand people and you have to be a forceful moderator but then when you are a force for moderator you like injecting yourself into this conversation America doesn't want that's good way to peep for people to hate you it's you want people to hate you yeah because yeah shitty moderator gonna be a moderator on a presidential debate everybody's going to fucking hate you everyone's going to hate your guts yeah it's it's it's one of those weird ancient holdovers from the past that is wholly and completely unnecessary and in fact probably kind of fucking dangerous because you're you don't ever get a chance to see what a person's actually like you just get a chance to see their show well you know it's the Donald Trump show like Donald Trump a show I'd lock you up you'd be in jail like that kind of shit right everybody cheers Roars that's a show it's who's best at Television right right right and he's a fucking television guy he's a television way better than those clowns a star yes and it was like why did you insulting me

► 01:47:21

and he came through and was debating against the Republicans in the in that run up to in all those debates he got up there

► 01:47:29

like a comedian he was like I'm going to talk about I'm in the moment yes I'm gonna call everything out I'm not going to play this BS of the all your little etiquette that you've got going on and he was a star he was a star he knows how to work it so still does it is was this Biden thing that he's doing now she's constantly making fun of Biden called him sleepy Joe Biden and he shows like some misquote that Biden said has anybody else something about we're here for the facts not the truth or something like that what is it what is the crazy Biden quote that he had that everybody's been making fun of listen this I say stupid shit all the time everybody does who talks a lot but they're talk a lot you're going to jumbled your words together you're right I do it all the time of course but if you're running for president man they find something like that a jumble here a jumble there you better be ready to defend yourself that's right but that's the thing you he someone has to act the way he acts exact you've got to be in the moment got a call things I gotta be honest you gotta be a comment you got to be a comic yeah Trump

► 01:48:29

he was running he reminded me of like the comics from Long Island big loud insult Comics Biden tells irons we choose truth over facts what was I mean that that that seems like they might have wrote that truth over fat like to see what he said how he said it how did he say yeah because he might have been like we truths to truth truth truth over facts and that's not good

► 01:48:55


► 01:48:58

Gino shoe Donald Trump is even his supporters know who he is we got to let him know who we are we choose you to the over division we choose science over fiction we choose truth over facts and so folks if you're interested join me look we all mess up a line here and there seems like a remote control with a shitty battery you know that one we like it's kinda getting the volume but not quiet kind of change the channels you gotta move it around bro he's got so little juice left in the tank I know Donald Trump will chew him up unless he gets a good doctor you need a good doctors get on steroids immediately don't you think try and take something for sure yeah you can age and not be able you got to take something always got billions of dollars why wouldn't he take something course he's supposedly he has been on some sort of form of amphetamine prescribed by a doctor in the past I was like this because with some nipples that's why sniffling all the time but that but you also could have a cold I mean

► 01:49:58

fucking 80 years old he's the president had States I'm sure fairly stressful job yeah but he there was a journalist that was claiming that he had some sort of diet pill prescription even brought up the very Pharmacy where you got it fulfilled right who knows if it's true who knows if it's true and right so many people run Adderall today so so have you ever taken it no I have not I'm scared Jamie kami-sama threw it away he alleged that gave me some allegedly I would legislate because he's not a criminal and I don't have a prescription that I would like I imagine it's probably pretty fun to write with I would imagine it would it would kill a lot of your creativity you think so yeah because I think it would be great to organize with that's how the great late great Robert Schimmel that's how he described it to me I loved him I loved him too he gave me my first Starbucks ever did he really hmm wow you guys are on the road together or something yeah we're in New Jersey and I'm like now you know I stopped drinking milk and stuff he's like

► 01:50:58

come on come on who's always a sweet guy I miss him really bad so funny he was a great person to nice so sweet yeah super nice fucking hilarious so funny where you ever hear is Siegfried and Roy jokes yes yes yes yeah this shit Ends Tonight so many good oh my God what he had a heart condition right know that yeah and the accidentally took an Adderall once uh-huh he thought he was taking some other medication forgot what he accidentally took the Adderall and he goes I fucking freak down the call my doctor I'm like hey I'm talking to you tell me what the milligrams is how much it takes I took one of these so don't worry about it but you're gonna be wide awake for like the next 12 hours wow it's not gonna kill you it's not that bad you're not dying and he goes I went over all my notes because I start organizing things that's what I've heard from people and they take Adderall makes them like want to organize shit show which is weird but not create this

► 01:51:58

early if you give me speed I'm going to want to go run up a hill or something I'm gonna go want to do something stupid that you're not going to want to organize I want to be like Jaw heart would explode I just imagine if I'm if I'm on some kind of speed I'm gonna want to do something stupid yeah you know I always have yeah you want to be physical yeah if I drink coffee if I drink too much coffee I'm just start jumping up and down there fuck you I've been drinking your drink tone Aid with coffee with caffeine in it forget it makes it's like this little drink one of the Ketone companies that sends me shit oh yeah a bunch of Quito companies they'll send you a centimeter our stuff yeah I apologize to the company but they make this shit that has caffeine and ketones together fucking wonderful before exercise you're grinding your teeth just talking about a nice you want to go crazy you wanted yeah real good weight lifting exercise - all right good just got the stuff

► 01:52:58

don't know caffeine's good to work out on fuck yeah it's great for lifting it opens you up yeah opens up the vessels yeah Mase you shit your brains out though you got to be careful that time on correctly great another worse than when I go for a run and a half mile in you're like I'll Ketone Aid probably yeah I was that it is it his company um look I mean he's probably just doing I looked up involved with them no that's not the same stuff no looks different but I think he's giving me some of that too I think it's very similar is that have caffeine in it you still eat that way predominantly no no no really no it's too rigid and wasn't enjoying it as much but I do eat a very low carb high protein high fat diet that's your balance yeah but I fuck off I'll have a brighter and jelly sandwich if I want one we're gonna have so much fun at Musso and Frank's whoo enjoying it but I will eat like cream of corn stuff like that oh yeah but I it's like for me I try to think of it as an 80/20

► 01:53:58

80% super healthy huh and 20% I'll allow myself questionable choices that's good yeah notnot like sugar yeah I mean I'm not--that's not the 20% yeah but not like 20% desert you know I mean right there's a 20% of my diets on ice cream or candy or something is I might have spaghetti with clam right right you know I mean I read yeah which is not the good food right vegetables meat that's what I'm most officials meet no fruit yeah I've proved sure in the morning morning's yeah usually before first workout I like I like fruit hi this is you yeah it's easy to it's easy on your body and you can work out on fruit with no problems at all right we're good I could run like hills with like a couple peaches in me rights not gonna be sick how great our peaches right now right now beaches he teaches her how did Georgia gets so connected with peaches think about that shit right if you think about peaches you think about Georgia there's not a goddamn this maybe Hawaii and coconuts but no yeah right is Georgia and P Georgia and

► 01:54:58

peanuts oh that's what Jimmy Carter yeah but what other of Florida oranges I guess Florida oranges but I think Georgia Wisconsin cheese oh yeah for sure yeah but that's like Dairy yeah that's a process that's like food you're making my butt up a fruit that grows Jersey tomatoes yeah that's like if you were playing Family Feud w like you said Jessie Tomatoes let me see clay says survey says I'm still doing the voice from the Hogan's Heroes guy as Family Feud if you just noticed that the Dawson Richard Dawson he is the original I stick with him in the E90 Uncle Steve Harvey don't what there was a guy in between him and Steve Harvey ago Community is person no there's a guy who killed him so yeah that's right smell that guy yeah

► 01:55:52

dead on the feud yeah what did he do did he died while he was hosting a nor did he quit and then kill himself I don't remember he hung himself to all right yeah I think so he was the host of Family Feud right yeah yeah but I think he had I think it was see the second host I think it was over Ray Combs break homes that's right Holmes he was the second host correct probably could live up the shadow Richard dr. it's just yeah yeah that's the guy man tell me that be tell me that couldn't be a great movie right like there's something about that gig that smile go back to that first picture with his hands up in the air I could I could see I could play that role I could I could see you playing that role I was gonna go with Steve Carell but yes I guess he's not available trying to make some money but if you have crazy movie about a guy like you remember that movie they did about Hogan's Heroes Sky about the thus delete

► 01:56:51

Hogan's Heroes know the guy who was with Richard Dawkins on Hogan's Heroes one of the guys who's with it what the fuck was his name there was a movie called Longshot the Gangnam autofocus autofocus right Willem Dafoe yes Willem Defoe was one guy but then there was another guy who played the Hogan's Heroes guy what the fuck's is named Bob

► 01:57:16

God oh yes yeah Green Bob Crane thank you Bob Crane so that's Greg Kinnear yes right yes yeah we can hear was excellent yeah and it was it a real porn habit right he would make porn and he would make it with Willem Dafoe apparently they would be filming girls and then they think the Willem Dafoe character killed him but I don't think they ever solved the crime really I think it was one of those murders when they never totally solve the crime I'm not true I'm mashing to movies up because Greg Kinnear also played Chuck Barris from The Gong Show who did he was in the CIA yeah yeah right yeah that was you know actions of a dangerous mind was that it some feel like that wasn't him though God wasn't that him who the fuck remembers anything too much data my stupid head but Sam Rockwell

► 01:58:10

Sam Rockwell's it wasn't can hear you right right right no it's an amazing Sam Rockwell movie The Moon oh yeah oh my he's the whole movie so good I'm telling you folks like this is all I'm going to tell you but all I'm going to tell you is it's only Sam Rockwell for a whole hour and a half and it's fucking amazing I saw that in the theater in New York oh good yeah is there even another actor so one other actor in the movie maybe I think I think you're right maybe like half way through something someone I don't want to know anymore it's a good fucking great it's a fucking great movie such a good actor you watch Fosse Verdun

► 01:58:45

he played Bob Fosse it was a know I'm an effects know it was a TV show yeah about Bob Fosse you know the choreographer uh-huh and his wife Holly I did that burden it's like Chicago you did a version of jazz hands yes like it's really good he played Giza yeah he's really good in it he's a great actor man yeah he's really good he was dating Leslie Bibb when Leslie Bibb I did a movie with Kevin James and Leslie Bibb was playing Kevin James is girlfriend and my ex-girlfriend we're like competing for her love and I got to meet at São Roque what was the movie it was called zookeeper oh yeah shoot kids movie yasodara ball Tyler better than Kevin James says yeah this makes me laugh it's a great guy to yeah Mall Cops come on yeah he's I mean are there modern pratfall type super physical Comedians and movies today I know a guy who's that

► 01:59:45

he might be the last yeah he was very athletic he was very light on his feet oh he was a martial artist is he he's very talented oh really yeah he's very good I heard he was really good at basketball really yeah I believe that I mean he eats a lot for sure he would not be denying that but he has martial arts technique is excellent really he's got serious power he's got really good punch is really good kicks yeah he had up a bunch of different different styles of martial arts that he trained when he was coming up how interest some of the I think some of it was kung fu some of it was karate but it was but he's he knows what he's doing now he played he played a mixed martial artist in that movie Here comes the boom right right yeah he played a guy who's like a high school coach them trying to raise money for school so he had some UFC fights he's physically just funny he is five ever used like the comic strip early on watching him he I think he was he was famous

► 02:00:46

but he had a bit about picking out greeting cards being in front of the greeting card I'll yes yes right and would like pick them all out and yeah just physically yeah without a word at times just looking at the cards so damn funny he had a one of my favorite bits ever about it was back in the day when you had automatic locks on a car and when someone would try to open the door while you were hitting unlock their cancel each other out so he had this old super frustrated bit about his girlfriend reaching for the door and you know and it won't and it keeps canceling out and he's getting more and more frustrated it's no I mean there's so many moments of that and Kings King of Queens oh yeah yeah all of us like physical just frustration but never like physical guys like if you really stop and think about this show few a Chris Farley of course was a giant physical yeah he was very Ralph Kramden yeah Jackie Gleason a big guy but very very graceful yeah but like

► 02:01:46

he was he was like an accelerated version right yeah of like John Belushi I got a larger Yeager more spastic more crazy yeah I mean he would fucking get sweaty and scream and right where's Belushi was like really physical to but they didn't get to that no no he's just like Farley is more in that Kevin James kind of yeah lightness you know what Belushi had Belushi had like this weird hilarious feeling of danger yeah like he was dangerous but it was funny like an animal house right he was danger it was Reckless it was rock and roll it was like a filter yes yes when he smashed that guy's guitar when he's playing songs yeah there's on this Danger from him and like yeah Blues Brother yes yes that is dangerous right yeah that off-kilter kind of thing mmm no Kevin James Farley they had a sweetness yeah it wasn't danger it was it was uh

► 02:02:45

jedec but always you weren't in danger but ours are quite like I'm sure someone could do that Belushi thing without drugs oh yeah I'm sure but I'm no one has no here's my point yeah why am I so sure that someone can do it without drugs yeah is that be just being cocky I don't like hey man you don't need vitamins just eat bread and lift weights yeah no you need vitamins but what was that was fueled by yeah that was cocaine right that was cocaine probably yeah out of it but I think he was doing speedballs right so he's doing cocaine and heroin oh man that's how he died yeah that's how real Chateau Marmont yeah I don't know I don't know that's one of the things about like great wild people whose is whose a who's really wild now like that nobody really right nobody that

► 02:03:45

want to throw under the bus but yeah like cocaine wildness doesn't like we're just like that Reckless like danger I guess what's his name has a little of it in his acting who Tom played Tom Hardy yeah yeah he's pretty rough he's got that kind of thing like I mean he did two movies he did the Dunkirk and Batman with his face completely covered and he still was able to remote danger yeah and like he was just able to express someone with half of his face yeah guys pretty serious he's a bad motherfucker yeah for he was even good in that movie Warrior your see that could that movie Warrior is that when he played two characters know he played a fighter him and his brother they want it was an MMA movie mmm they want to fighting and see that Nick

► 02:04:45

in it Nick Nolte has this incredible performance Nick Nolte oh yeah completely steals the movie as this guy's alcoholic father who was a formally trained both of them that's a wild man it's it's he's so good you forget how goddamn good good Nick Nolte has like whether or not it's drug-fueled or not there is something to actors who have some manic part to their personality that the camera that they can harness yeah but still so look how much it's not bullshit when they when they film it you know what I mean who's that guy doesn't come off as fake and like Nulty Mickey Rourke

► 02:05:28

it's him from different movies are we shine okay I'm Warrior and then Bronson I think yeah Bronson was like his first big break have you seen what the pictures of him playing Capone but the Warrior One look at the one in the middle that's what's crazy own dude he got fucking jacked yeah when you see him in the movie mean he looks like a professional fighter yeah I mean there's no if ands or buts no I mean he really does he looks like a guy who could fight in the UFC physically he got his body into that form that's hard to do man didn't it didn't Hanks get diabetes from going up and down so much whoo Tom Hanks Tom Hanks went up and down and wait yeah how dare you compare Tom Hanks and Tom Hardy first of all fuck look at what time I need to do is fucking body and Tom Hanks night on that now he didn't just not a fucking jail he did the other thing he got real big and fat you know who else did that like Castaway he was really scrawny and then he was like a regular dude maybe he fucked his body over starving himself to death Jamie is there a picture of Hardy is Al

► 02:06:27

own that's coming out not a great shot yeah do you know who else did that for a movie who got super jacked like kind of a crazy way Jake Gyllenhaal oh wow look at that look at fucking score Robert or Al Pacino rather Dick Tracy villain yeah wow

► 02:06:50

oh they're saying he looks like a dick it looks like they're making fun of them they're making fun of the shop yeah Al Capone and that's a bad shot Dick Tracy that's Al Pacino playing a Dick Tracy character right yeah hang on Capone had victories oh that's what it was okay goob now Jake Gyllenhaal it's friends ha ha Google that guy from the movie Southpaw the movie south paw he was fucking jacked bro he played a boxer I mean fucking shredded he's look dude look at that I mean he looks like well Andre Ward in his prime I mean that's that's how shredded he is my God it looks like Roy Jones jr. almost it doesn't look like him at all bro he's so shredded but how much of that is 3D animations oh yeah yes you just take steroids and Bock yeah I mean maybe they 3D animated them it's possible but he looks so good well I mean well maybe we should Google that okay look why don't you

► 02:07:50

go back go back to the picture he's go back to the picture we just had why how did Jake Gyllenhaal get so ripped okay the manly man blog click on that shit yeah I think he probably took some Mexican supplements and worked out like a motherfucker but either way there's no way you get that ripped without insane work insane because All-Star all the time right all steroids are doing is helping you recover makes you recover you'll develop more muscle quicker because but you have to break down the muscle for the muscles grow so you have to go through the workout so it doesn't stimulate the growth of it yes but you can't be lazy and have that body it is fucking impossible right says for five months long you've been working out twice a day even on Sundays is workout regime was about four to six hours a day he started training as a fighter sparring with real opponents and taking in some real punches his boxing workout consisted of all the things that a boxer would do shadowboxing heavy bag speedball sparring Focus pads double-end rounds he says I was

► 02:08:50

re and really getting hit it helped me understand the sacrifice it takes to be a fighter you can't play a boxer and just look like a boxer you have to believe that you can exist in that world well it's a good actor he's amazing actor but he is always anything it is he's always been an amazing act now he's really great in everything I know there was something other recently I just saw he was in and I forget Brokeback Mountain now stop playing games that's what you were watching all right Dave what he's that's a rare person that can do that I don't care what he was saying yeah I don't care what if you're working out six hours a day there is not a fucking drug in the world that gets you that discipline right you have to do that right you have to do that yourself you have to force yourself it's mostly willpower well I'm Pals with with Jason Bourne and he Jason Bourne's not a real person it's not

► 02:09:46

I'm sorry what who do you think Jason Bourne is it is he's a character in a movie no he says he works for the government wait how do you say I'm Pals with a from Bourne Identity I want you say I'm Pals with Superman makes just as much sense Jason Bourne's on a real person wait what who he's saying you're friends with Jason Bourne um he's he's Matt Damon repressive Matt Damon

► 02:10:17

oh yeah okay

► 02:10:21

my day was at the Improv the night he was yeah I didn't get a chance to say hi if he hears this hi Matt Damon yeah I love that guy I'm very impressed with him he's great he seems like a really interesting person to is like he's very very wise person he is he's very smart and he won't but watching him for the last Bourne movie he knows how to fight yeah he's got a great trainer Matt met him Aunty oh look at them you're like what's his name is Angelo Dundee and I literally yeah this he's legit he's a great guy and but watching the two of them train all the time and it was like when he dials in it's like that's their life well you can tell when you watch someone doing something in a movie whether or not they put the time in right Keanu Reeves in John Wick right that motherfucker put in the time I'm buying everything he wanted Sinker right behind him kicking people's asses and find him shooting people he shoots guns like a guy who's been tactically trained yeah as a real assassin I buy every fucking second of yeah even though it's cartoonish and over the top

► 02:11:21

are you sure when did you can tell when he grabbed a couple of flips them on their head and breaks her arm and Stomps their head and then shoot someone there down I'm in yeah yeah he did it he did it right it's legit that's why I do more comedic roles could move dude we lost power pounding on the joints those fucking when you I like my friend tete tete Fletcher yeah he just got a concussion from doing a scene in a movie where he was doing some stunt work his tape does a lot of acting but he also does a lot of stunt work too uh-huh and he hit his head and heard it real bad you know and like he's real light sensitive right now and it's dumb and Biddy and yeah and Tate you notate had a career as a fighter as well yeah well so he fought in the UFC he you know had a quite a few professional fights and a lot of sparring and between the professional fights last sparring rounds you know so he's kind of sensitive to getting hit in the head anyway doesn't want to get hit in the head anymore right for him

► 02:12:20

fall-like on the set hoof white like that that world of like a stuntman like we're talking about Gene lebell yeah that pit character those are the toughest fucking people only man come on toughest animals it's a hard way to make a living man you always falling out of the back of trucks and Rec and motorcycles on purpose and yeah exactly I wonder if the numbers the number of stuntman is gone down since animation 3D stuff is started that's interesting improved I bet there's a lot less of it I bet you're right right but for some things you need a stunt person yeah you need someone also to tell you what those guys are so wild though like we had stunt guys that developed a lot of the events on Fear Factor they develop a lot of them like a lot of times what would happen was like the producers would come to the stuntman and the stuntman and they would say hey this is what we want to do want to take a helicopter and throw someone off in a fucking bungee cord and between the two mountains like can we do this without killing me yeah and then stunt guys has to look at it and say okay let me see

► 02:13:20

we can make this so that no one dies right but they are willing to take so much more risk than regular person like their idea of like you getting hurt right they're not worried about getting hurt like a normal person right no I think it looks Honnold right the guy doesn't he really doesn't have fear no no no no he's that's different is it yeah that's different because the stuntman if that would be if Alex Honnold was telling you you can climb that wall right because he's doing it himself yeah who knows he's really good at it the thing about the stunt guys is this dunk guys they're not trying to get anybody hurt but they're not worried about getting hurt themselves like their their idea of getting hurt is slightly different than a regular person right because they're just so fucking tough yeah and they're used to doing it used to jump it off fucking horses and shit and yeah so we had this one event where they were they were making the contestants ride bulls and it was there's only two times in the history that show was like don't do this don't do this

► 02:14:20

I was a big one and I was like you guys are crazy these are bulls and this is this is really what he said to me is dunk I said he goes out don't worry about it boo these are stunt Bulls I go there stunt balls he was yeah it's there are less aggressive I go example know he's a stunt double I bet he thinks he's a bull I bet he thinks she's a ball and I bet he's not gonna like the fact that all these fucking people riding him because you're having like eight people behind them or looks like six six people right wasn't a stent stunt ball I'd be so pissed right now dude he that bowl launched these people through the fucking air launch them the way you would shake a tennis ball off your forehand if you had a tennis ball in your hand and you would just do like that yeah flying that's what those people did with these that's the bull did with the cheese it literally anyone get hurt the ball and just underhanded it people would fly did anyone get really hurt in the making of that show at all no not want just that's that is come on 7th that's what that was right was a lot of that for sure with the the bowl one because the bowl one the the ball kicked in the air

► 02:15:20

is just barely missing people's heads she's $2 Watson's like this is fucking cry told everyone to not do it was like that the people like well I want to get that 50 Grand ago listen to me man I get I get we're saying with this is not the time for you he weighed 98 pounds is a fucking buzz another way to get this money it just seems like a way to get injured for the rest of your life what about the Mark Wahlberg you see all his videos he gets up at 2:30 and goes into the gym you ever see his Instagram I have not I did see a thing with him and James Corden though oh yeah we're James tried to do the workouts with him oh really yeah might he brought the went over to Marky Mark's basement yeah it worked out together but he keeps posting like he gets up at 2:30 they're in the gym is it Jim three credible and then he goes to bed at seven o'clock and put it because he's up at 2 and these wow it's obviously working for him super disciplined guy yeah and he's in great shape but James Corden tried

► 02:16:20

you to work out with them is pretty funny he's got it he's got a gym in his house it's like a like a Jim Jim oh yeah going to the gym that's his whole house so like his this section of his house where the gym is is epic so you know they had all these crazy workout so we're doing well I guess if those are the roles that your yeah it's always doing it do it badasses yeah yeah so he's doing like you played Micky Ward and that movie The Fighter number that yeah yeah it's got it so he's doing those action roles yeah but you know you could sleep in to still work out at 10:00 yeah why do you mean the 2:30 in the morning no no I'm not that's not healthy for the only thing that's that's big about that is that you know that you are getting up early you know like my friend Jocko gets up every day at 4:30 in the morning and his entire Instagram his photos of his watch 4:30 in the morning or and crazy workouts that he's doing uh-huh or shooting his ball or you know he's when do you wake up Jill

► 02:17:20

do I usually wake up around seven or eight times right yeah it's how like to do different things early in the morning like to take yoga some mornings I like to lift weights some mornings I don't generally like to do Jujitsu at 8:00 in the morning I like to do Jujitsu around noon right wake up right I like to eat something too because it's so ruthless yeah I don't want to be hungry and right class I want to be like if that right hydrated and fueled like two hours after workout after a meal that's really want to go into something like that but like something where I can just push myself and I'm worried about being strangled like yeah kettle bells or something I'll do a brutal Kettlebell workout first thing in the morning I'll just have like a caffeine drink and right maybe a couple pieces of fruit and just go yeah it's good now you you you do spots late at night so you shut it down at some point during the day do you nap no no no you never nap no

► 02:18:17

no I don't think I need it interesting I don't feel it never helps right yeah I'd rather power through right I get it if you need it if I felt like I needed it like a definitely took a bunch of naps when I got back from Italy because I was whacked out because I would say teaching yes we fucked me up and I would sleep for like three hours and then I would wake up and I'd be like why am I wide awake right 2:00 in the morning this is so stupid and then I would be up and then I'll get really sleepy around 6:00 I try to sleep for an hour Mac I had to wake up and I woke up again that would take a nap in the afternoon right it took like a good four or five days before that leveled out and I started sleeping on a normal schedule but you work out so much you don't you're burning energy like usually when you're really in shape you don't need naps you shouldn't just I am for your for your brain yeah that sounds like I should do it while just give me a mantra once you come up with a mantra for me if you don't want to become an instructor you've been doing it long enough I want to go to some other dude Diaz just Diaz yeah which

► 02:19:17

neck or Joey how about Nate Nate Nate Diaz now Joey Joey Joey Diaz just think Joey Diaz Joey's doing idea Joey DIY ideas you could just do it you could just create it just use ohm I don't understand why yeah why do you have a mantra and yeah what tell us your Mantra but I can't I can't I'm not allowed you'll come and get me that's also not true huh that's so not true now they won't come and get me but it's kind of a personal thing because it has no meaning if I say it then you're going to say something back now there's something attached to it that's why you don't say oh okay you know what I mean it's sort of like our word it's just a pure sound that has no mental attachments to it in the earliest days of religion wasn't it a problem if you said God's name

► 02:20:15

are there like certain sects of religion that don't think that you should say God's name whatever God's name is whether it's Todd Yeshua or whatever it is whatever the name of God is hmm isn't a find my trying to remember this sounds like a Jordan Pederson thing no yeah he would know you'd know the answer to it yeah

► 02:20:39

well obviously well obviously like the places obviously that's pretty good that's very Canadian

► 02:20:47

you might be a Canadian spy well obviously you can't you can't how you say you can't talk about the name without a coming back at you obviously is that for this pretty good right he's one of the most misinterpreted guys I think I've ever met not just willfully misinterpret it where people take the words and the things that he's saying yeah willfully misconstrue them mmm they purposefully change what he's saying to make it more offensive more unreasonable people are angry why well it's hard to say I think part of it has to do with the way he initially came onto the scene oh because the transgender that was yes was he was very concerned that they were forcing people to use certain language right new pronouns and people were saying like why do you have a problem with

► 02:21:47

people's pronouns he's saying that's not what I'm saying right the problem is not whether or not I would have a problem with someone's pronouns the problem is being legally compelled to use these new words if someone's inventing things like I am not doing this right the government telling me how I guess exactly speak exactly not just that the government also being influenced by people who want you to be legally compelled to say they're their pronouns right it's a slippery slope of control more than it is a thing of culture or of morals or Compassion or for being Progressive he's not saying that he's saying it based on his very deep understanding of history and of some communist dictatorships that have gone horribly wrong yeah some Marxist philosophies that he's aware of that he thinks right horribly dammit damaging and dangerous if implemented on a large scale like if you allow large groups of people to control language and to legally

► 02:22:46

compel people to say these new words you're inventing write like this is not good this is a bad path for humans right just to store actually it's a bad path right and so that's how we broke on the scene and in that time period all these people who oppose what he was saying they were labeling him as transphobic they were labeling him as homophobic all these different things that are not true right then he gets connected to this Pepe the Frog thing right because he thinks it's kind of hilarious that the internet has taken on Pepe the Frog as like this meme the feels good man frog and now gets you didn't know the whole thing that the Frog wow where you been living on stop meditating read the fucking newspaper you know what I let me do it I didn't know any of this I didn't know no Pepe the frog is racist now okay this is serious okay you have to know this because if somebody wants you to take a picture with this fucking Pepe the Frog thing there are certain group of people out there will decide Tom Papa is some sort of alt white white nationalist white supremacist Nazi persecution

► 02:23:47

why no bullshit a fucking frog a frog yeah you know why why because some people have used that frog in a negative way some people most people use that Frog as a joke like feelsbadman the frog is like and it's an animated thing just a frog a cartoon of a frog but the alt-right or I shouldn't say that all right people on internet forums would constantly and consistently use that Frog as a joke about everything like they had a they had Donald Trump's hair on that frog right but it's more humor and mocking and making fun of things and as the British would say taking the piss he's taking the piss with a frog uh-huh but there were a few that would have the frog with like a swastika armband and a fucking Nazi hat on sure why because they because they're internet people right like if you leave something on the Internet eventually someone's gonna put a Nazi flag yeah it doesn't mean that

► 02:24:47

a symbol of Nazis well then it's a symbol of white supremacy because that's not what it was right and so he dared logically argue this people were very very upset is that actually thought he was defending yes he's defending white nationalist like you say no no it's a fucking cartoon frog guys and it's not only that it's a cartoon frog written by a guy who specifically sued people to get them to stop using the cartoon flag even Alex Jones had to pay out a lawsuit because Infowars used an image of that cartoon flak you see if that's true I'm pretty sure that's true but it was a nominal amount it was only like he lost it in Corbett has like a very small $15,000 they had to pay for Alex that's not a lot of money settlement it's a settlement so there's I'm sure he paid way more and legal fees right deal with something like that uh sure they had to put together some sort of a defense for $15,000 I'm sure that probably cost a shitload of money but the point is that this frog has like all these different meanings so

► 02:25:46

as soon as it gets connected though to an awful thing yeah then immediately like you gotta go okay we can never use that frog again right on the Throgs corrupted now given what we know and here's where it gets really weird given what we know about the internet and specifically foreign influence on memes sure like Russia yeah there were factories that were making funny memes about Hillary Clinton right funny memes about all kinds of things yeah and doing so in order to get people upset or to laugh or to mock mock certain ideas and and push the narrative one way or another through humor and they made some really funny ones there's a woman named Renee to rest assured came on the podcast was explaining shit for a project she had to go through hundreds of thousands of these things she's like someone were really funny right and these were ones that they know are made by Russians were made to try to get people upset about certain things she how many of those Pepe the Frog things

► 02:26:46

came from came from that right how many right if you if you had a frog that was mocking everybody and the Frog like was a really good symbol to make someone think that you're a fool so like you say something ridiculous and you're trying to push her something right and then that frog is in a meme with you what you're saying but he looks like an idiot and bring all sudden you look like an idiot right in the frogs mocking you but you can't beat the Frog right but you can turn the Frog into a Nazi then when you turn the frog in the not see anybody uses the Frog it's now a Nazi yeah so he got caught up in this yeah he took a photo with these guys and he's talked about Pepe the frog on my podcast talked about explained the whole thing to me right depth and yet I've seen articles connecting him to white nationalist because there's a photo of him with the Frog geez Louise pull up photo of Jordan Pederson with Pepe the Frog because he took a photo with these guys where they had like a frog flag and

► 02:27:47

I thought it as what we're just saying that because these guys are taking the piss It's Like A Flat Stanley or something yeah right it's like I'm not thinking innocent a man's internet version of Flat Stanley and it's right primarily a 4chan thing right exactly Jamie knows his shit more than I do honestly there he is so see he's standing there with these guys those two fellows are holding up this Pepe the Frog flag and Jordans laughing and smiling with them and one of them has a I think it's a make America great again hat on look these kids are human trolls they're alive when I think of trolling the internet yeah and then think of one that thinks it's hilarious to be out there in public trolling with Pepe the Frog flag and a make America great again hat oh my God he's fucking with people right this is what this is yeah obviously it's a lot of what internet culture Air Act yes he Jordan understands this and talks about it and discusses it in length and he makes it makes sense right

► 02:28:46

is one other reason why people are upset at him yeah and it's just very easy to label people in certain ways today it's very easy to label someone as a misogynist right there's no I know but if you listen to the breath of his work yes it's not a bad person he's a very good person very enlightening like there's a lot of like real practical ways to you know as he says clean up your room and live right well you know it's a personal friend of mine I like him very much ooh you you how do you how do you say you you you think about these things that you're trying to do you're trying to to have you know what Assurance have a conversation it shows how actually articulate he is because you can't come up with things that he would say that makes sense well I know it's hard right there's no catch phrase for him yeah well they obviously clean up your damn room clean up your damn room let's see how he's got

► 02:29:46

a lot of great advice he's all yeah a very very insightful person what about all of his on a bad guy at all no he's just people have this horrible thing than they do today we're in when they want to dismiss someone instead of instead of listening to them this are listening to them and debating the points that they have or analyzing them in an objective kind way they try to attack everybody's attacking everything sucks everybody sucks everybody stupid everybody's racist everybody's dumb everybody's ridiculous everybody's a liar everybody everybody's you're not in my team you're on someone else's team there's just so much of that today there's so much unnecessary I really enjoy listening to him I will enjoy all those those biblical speeches that he gives yes trying to interpret the Old Testament and stuff like that it's it's it's very very interesting it's very I've never heard somebody connect our practical trying to find our way through the woods to those writings like you always just her

► 02:30:46

it is growing up as a Catholic kid you just kind of heard them as like their stories and their obviously you know they're metaphors and whatever but I never heard somebody really say no it's because it's how you treat your father and have the way you're trying to figure out your way through life that's what these things mean like you know yeah he is a it's a very fascinating listen yeah he's kind of very unusual way of interpreting Biblical verses and stories from the bible stories from you know other religions as well where's yes exploit like what and how it sort of interfaces with man's search for meaning right you know yeah exactly it's like like a practical way to kind of you know approach the world 922 in a time when we have nothing to hang on to it's kind of interesting stuff to think about yeah and that's one of the reasons why some people think that it survived as long as it has that there is some Merit and using it as a framework the living your life

► 02:31:46

yeah you know there's like some practice like we were saying earlier of having some kind of a guidebook you know to get you through life like even just in the etiquette manner stuff so so the big stuff it's like you know I had a friend whose whose father passed away and it's like it's a hard thing when you don't have a framework a guidebook to help you deal with that and get through the woods and you just kind of out there on your own right a just very difficult not in heaven right you know and I watching my watching my grandparents when my two grandmother's who went to church all the time and they didn't muddy themselves with whether or not this was you know the answer but it gave them structure and it gave them okay so the neighbor died and we go to the church and we go to the way can we go to the thing and then we have cake and then we sit and and pay a visit to the to his widow ER to the Widow you know the next week like these things these roots these pathways

► 02:32:46

ways made them very happy people hmm yeah it wasn't like kind of over thinking well is the church bullshit they didn't care about that they didn't get into maybe it is maybe it's not is it absolutely is it all the answers they didn't get that far they just got this is how you deal with this funeral I'm your neighbor yeah you know what I mean there's like that practical little guidebook stuff that we kind of lack right now like wild west Christianity right one of the things about wild west films maybe it's accurate maybe it's not one thing that I always enjoyed is simplistic way they interface with the world the way they discussed the way things are well guess we're just going to have to go do that then around there wasn't a lot of hemming and hawing and everybody just got stuff done yep they had that sort of pioneer mentality right like they were rough folks right so if they were talking about Jesus and what Jesus would have good God-fearing Christian would do they had a very clear and distinct framework for right where they would

► 02:33:46

great you know and like I played by Christian man yeah I'm a good Christian so this is how I feel and like you'd like wow the Simplicity and ruggedness of this guy's Vision yeah yeah and then you know is it corrupted by people yeah is it you know going to do they use that to go attack some Native Americans what's hotter you know what I mean a pioneer woman who's hot who like a Pioneer type woman who's actually hot who can like do chores and shit works hard yeah I mean like she's surviving like you're out there both of your clawing and scratching yeah hot as fuck though hot as fuck but yet a Pioneer Woman something sexy as fuck about that right a good one yeah that's a good one and they had those big fluffy things they were on their legs under the dresses yeah like fucking robbers are trying to take over the wagons to shooting at them yeah so dude masks on for seasonal Westworld yeah like that girl I got ya

► 02:34:46

right that girl from West World hot as fuck yes so hot there she is goddamn do that's the perfect world that's the perfect woman really really hot badass Western chick what does that woman's name again she's really good too I don't think that she'd whatever-her-name-is as an actress what's her name is an actress Jenny would she like an l a comedian though

► 02:35:10

what's that would she like an l a comedian I want some only a Baldwin who makes bread Evan Evan Rachel Wood she's hot she's not just hot she's a really good actor yeah really good like you believe she's a struggling robot trying to figure out if she's real or not and trying to figure out what these memories she has are but she's also hot as the sun Woo's baby she's not just beautiful she's a very specific kind of beautiful right like an uncorrupted Beauty right Shane like a hello right she's not out there with like say yeah you know her ass sticking out like washing a car she's hot dignity yeah well she's a robot she's a robot but don't show that one that's not a good picture of her one of her wishes and good personal relationship with shut your mouth bro is my hot robot friend robot robot

► 02:36:09

we're that close to people yeah like if you could actually make love to a robot then that Westworld concept the freakiest part of that is is that they fuck these things and kill these things right it's not that these things become sentient they realize it and they try to escape the parks parlor do they feel like they've got skin like all the other person do you can't distinguish they don't even know sometimes if they're robots how about that that's how good it is that's pretty great I think that if sex with a robot fuck yeah you would yeah he probably have sex with a balloon I was going to say there's not much I wouldn't say a lot of stuff it's just a matter of like what if someone said don't have sex with this thing your whole family dies he'd have sex with it I hate when someone says oh I would never fuck a pineapple yes you would your life depended on it someone had a gun your fucking head so yeah you fucked that pineapple or I'm going to kill your dog fine you'll fuck the pineapple you have to just reach a Breaking Point please yeah I do it again so have you

► 02:37:09

in have you pay attention is Jeffrey Epstein stuff yeah a little bit we things going on I think I think he yes I think the too many very powerful people he had stuff on too many very powerful people likely right probably yeah yeah they took the guy off suicide watch even though he's one of the most important Witnesses yeah weird really creepy high-profile case that might have connected a bunch of really powerful people yeah this I don't I'm not I don't I don't necessarily believe that it's you know the people from like it's Trump words the Democrat I think there's other very powerful people that would have wanted this guy to go for sure you know I have no idea how many very powerful people want to go away he could sing right he could sing for his freedom my question is is there didn't they get like a whole bunch of evidence and stuff from him that like these powerful people would have oh yeah yeah where's all that stuff yeah

► 02:38:09

yeah you said you didn't know that he had a cellmate this is the guy that was that's the cell mate well that's how hard can that guy fucked him former cop Jeffrey Epstein reported wasn't checked on for hours before his apparent suicide that that guy found him there like how do we think that that guy didn't kill him they left a rope in there that could definitely kill him without leaving that guy looks like he can do some damp look at the guy's arms that guy could just wrap Jeffrey Epstein up in a bear hug and hang himself maybe just choked him yeah I mean he could put that noose around Epstein's neck and then squeeze his arms together and just pull on it until the guy hangs to death and go oh my God if I'm hurt how did that guy is jacked your confusion imagine you go to jail and a high-profile case and they throw you in there with a giant bald guy that's like gross literally picture going stir crazy but look at this this is like caricature of the guy you don't want to be stuck everything exactly literally is the yeah in the bad movie that's the guy you waiting for you in the cell

► 02:39:10

yeah he looks like what is his name what he go to jail for start yeah look at his name right hardly a cool Westchester County charge delicious start taglioni the deaths of four men yeah stepping from alleged cocaine drug conspiracy and bro he's that big and he's 51 how many cops are smuggling steroids in their asshole together to get to this guy yeah how is he staying that baby so how he hung himself so that's so they had like a belt or a rope left in there with him this guy probably should listen you keep getting me the juice I'll keep this fucking guy on Ice all right they didn't they said this is the one conspiracy this is the one conspiracy where nobody believes the true story that I've talked to no nobody except Michael Shermer who Michael Shermer the guy runs Skeptics magazines friend of mines nice guy I couldn't disagree with you more he he thinks that things just happen

► 02:40:09

people kill themselves oh he does his take this guy's innocent he likes a lot conspiracies no no he silences conspiracies never met a conspiracy he likes doesn't like any conspiracy okay and this one is almost predictable he's right and well like now he's right away and I think his concept is pull up his tweets so we can read what he's saying I mean you're not in a good place you can see wanting to kill yourself oh yeah for sure you know make that a larger please I don't know where you like he started but just just make it larger it just seemed to make no scroll scroll down a little bit there okay a new conspiracy theory develop and I'm staying regarding suicide they made it happen on purpose there's first let it out here it is here it is scroll down if some no-name pedophile die by suicide in prison awaiting trial anyone would anyone bother concoct and conspiracy theories about him being married murdered by clandestine outside forces of course not as with JFK Diana Maryland at all Fame warps perspective and fuels

► 02:41:09

warranted speculation first of all mmm this is not unwarranted second of all if you don't think that powerful people have people killed you're hilarious like that is willfully naive they do do it says remember the adage regarding conspiracy theories never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence or chance true sure you shouldn't do that it is possible but what what are the odds there's something this this is something where you can think so bad because he's in so many circles and touch so many super powerful people it's different a powerful people are not of that it's he's not just a pedophile like somebody gave him a 70 million dollar house in New York City gave him one of his clients gave him the sign he was the power of attorney at the time so he signed it over to himself right but the guy let him do that that's the question is whether or not he wouldn't do is happening oh come on like you just stole the house from the guys in control of

► 02:42:09

out of stuff that's where what 70 million Wells 78 that's what's coming out but how would the guy who he signed it off on how did I not know this guy stole his house and not sue him he was in control of all of his finances right but the guy was he was living in the house who the guy waxer no absolutely nobody bought the house for him basically that's what I'm saying well the guy bought it for Epstein right right yeah but he who fucking buys you a 70 million dollar hey I don't know no one's bought me nothing there's there's so many questions yeah this guy's about where his wealth was and then the the color of his house didn't he owned any the eyeballs on the entrance and set the the shit about the house is crazy to well there's like oh yeah MERS inside the house and shit but the other thing was the houses on the island that is the same color it's painted in the same way these rarely flag is uh-huh and this there was an idea people are wondering like how far this guy's influence goes and where it comes from and look at this house bro that was his house as his house

► 02:43:09

this fucking island island is like a building there it's a temple here at on his Island Brothers a dope dump oh by the way that looks awesome she's I love that fills my house come on in guys how do you get so much money exactly no one really knows did he have something to do with Victoria's Secret yeah he managed some money for their better Secrets guide own - yeah correct I gave him the house oh yeah you know Bill Clinton flew on his private jet no less than 26 times wow whatever no big deal he was a grab bar Lago yeah but I mean I flew with them 26 times I've never flown with it would be have to be my very best friends that I tour with all the time I've flown with you 26 times maybe three four five when I mean really ever maybe if we flew together it might be a little more in four five it might be 10 it might be tended and I've known you for years yeah it's not been 26 times so Bill Clinton slide with his one guy why he's the president of the United States I think was he still present then or not

► 02:44:09

afterwards we have two words I'm done I'm done with Jeremy probably 20 times hey man I'm making money I like flying with Jeffrey and off to pay I mean that's a lot of times we'll be partying with a dude you would think that you would find out about how that guy fucks that when he didn't plan on the plane was sort of when he fucked up because he was definitely stop Flying under the radar who did Jeffrey I was doing that when that damn he's been like hiding ever since wasn't that was like 2003 or 400 really when you got busted with shortly after that he's been on the Run since then do it wasn't wasn't Trump talking about it with Howard Howard Stern what was he talking about oh about that he likes them young ladies yeah like why were they talking about him I don't know because he was I guess he was like arrested or something no in the news arrest was later and that was part of the problem was that with the arrest the arrest was for some sexual thing with underage girls and he got a really light sentence

► 02:45:10

you're freaking out about and then one woman pursued this pretty heavily she was a journalist and she / to pursue this story right what is her name I try to find out the Miami Herald but yeah book I was telling you I just read about James Patterson he said everything that kind of came out in that story they already wrote about about 2016 and for some reason the media didn't really pick up on it he said he wrote letters to everyone well yeah that was when that was when this guy got that look really light sentence was around there but there's one woman kept writing about and this is one of the things pull up the name of this woman then because this one woman really doggedly pursued this story and his because of her and I think a lot of it had to do with her recognition that this guy had gotten this creepy lights on Julie Brown yeah not to be confused with Downtown Julie Brown apparently yeah Julie quebra he was great like Michael B Jordan Factor not the not the world's greatest melon well surname is even close to the story about James Brown the fucking

► 02:46:10

well that guy nice guy James Brown sportscaster yeah how the fuck do you call yourself James Brown how dare you like he owns that right Michael Jackson if you're Michael Jackson You're a singer yeah you're who you're right right yeah don't you have anyone in your Camp telling you this is a bad idea isn't there to of those Cuts Like a Knife guys what's that guy's name the guy from Canada no no Brian right Adam bananas it was a new bride in this room it was Ryan again Ryan your fucking name you've got trouble too how about Ricky Adams be Ricky items Ricky Adams

► 02:46:50

whatever happened to Brian Adams man that cuts like a nice guy good night okay that was awesome Summer of 69 yeah it's a great jams I think he's still playing casinos I really I've seen a mission tonight we're Bristol Virginia they should all go to see him we should make a road trip he passed yeah Lube like I'm sure it's a good show we really have to start doing stuff like that yag road trips just go to see ridiculous shows yeah Def Leppard's out their Journeys out there the journey with the Japanese there yeah that's what that guy is badass fuck you if Perry ever did in his prior I know some amazing Steve Perry still out there I don't think it's performing but he's still around what are you playing Ryan Adams giant crowd wow oh God I know Adams yeah that's all I was a star postmenopausal chicks at the summer of 69 what does he look like these days I stretch in here we see it's working he's flipped

► 02:47:49

he's rants fit stretch that back he says right answer that's I'm it yeah Tim next so weird black and white photos yeah got some Snapchat filter on him too he's obviously spiritually sound looks Health working out we'll listen man that guy was a he was a rock star when I was in high school that's right and if you look that good today that's incredible taking care of himself must be yeah he's doing something right yes not run around after teenage girl's hands living a good life floozies flying them a Bill Clinton solving some later huh hey Epstein what are we doing today yeah it's yeah for conspiracy theorist right now like for Sam Tripoli no Sam sharply yeah tinfoil hat podcast he's in his glory of God you couldn't be happier he's taking it to another level he thinks he's not really dead that they faked his death of course he's Louise freaking

► 02:48:49

years ago is when a conspiracy theory is obvious they look for the non-obvious possible because they do the exact opposite of what Michael Shermer was talking about seriously theorist never achieve it to Mouse everything right everything is malice all of it if it looks obvious there's something more it's so creepy god well got good who cares how what it's good he's gone maybe not man maybe now he's gone Maybe not maybe if he stayed alive you could have told us some stuff about some terrible people that are still alive doing things yeah he's the worst one I don't know about that he's a creep how do we know that we know he's a creep most likely but we definitely don't know if he's the worst out of all those people that he was creeping with yeah the thing is if the guy really did film a bunch of people that are super powerful people doing crazy shit yeah there's got to be some stuff right if I was leading the investigation I'd go after the hard drives on Tonto that's where they keep

► 02:49:49

they did they did find hard drives filled with stuff that he had they did yeah that he had with the very young girls and suggestive poses and I don't know if it was pornography but they were talking about how many different photos of young ladies around on his computer all right enough with this guy but I don't know if they were young like you legal or young like 18 you know there's something weird about when you watch some porn where they're pretending to be school girls you know yeah you know the girls 30 but she's pretending I was to put him in an outfit yeah that's good there's something weird about those porns like what is happening here now exactly one guy's a Milkman the other guy you know and you just comes over I must you bring up my fetish Milkman porn he knocks on the door girl answers she's got pigtails yeah my dad's not home right now I guess I guess you can come inside no next thing you know like how about

► 02:50:49

watching the baseball game you know another thing is weird about porn there's a lot of step-sister stepmother porn stepmother stepmother and stepsister dude with his stepmother yeah or dude with his stepsister exactly like Dad marry some new floozy dad's off at work and the sun Sons like 19 he wakes up and he's got a boner next to you know stepmom sucking his dick and now those are fun but it's very popular well there's a you know that's human sexuality there's you know everybody has something they're into so I guess they make a movie for all of it yes but also they're always looking for a new forbidden thing so it's regular porn is not forbidden enough it's not just to people that are hot that are getting it on right now no no no It's gotta be something that shouldn't be doing all my God we shouldn't be doing this and right that's a thrill for a lot of people right they feel sexually suppressed so when they watch porn like oh my God to stepmom she gonna do it it's gonna take

► 02:51:49

Trevor so it's coming right so it's like forbidden yeah like you with the west-world thing yeah yeah just I mean that's the thing with people right they like especially when people get told what to do too much when they're young and they develop this desire to do forbidden things right the be rebellious right yeah I mean yeah but it's also like anything the envelope thing to write you get bored people if people like outrageous things and those outrageous things are not outrageous enough any more than they get more outrageous somehow or another right if that's right that's why you shouldn't go down the path don't don't don't right you should start that's why I needed your healthier working out like crazy or being obsessed with cars or being obsessed with sports it's like it's you want to get more and more extreme with it what you're dealing with tires you're not dealing with human beings that are being trafficked through Florida with the idea that they might

► 02:52:49

have some Fame you know and maybe Florida that's where it all happens right really all bad things where was that Epstein guy Florida yeah Mar-A-Lago Florida he receive Rashida Jones is documentary on porn no it's pretty devastating who's Rashida Jones can she was Quincy Jones daughter she was on the very funny talented she was in parks and rec and the office and the office and she made a documentary on just like all these young girls that especially now with social media and wanting to be liked and wanting to having all these promises of Fame and that what you think is amateur porn and is harmless there's really a very high percentage of these people are being exploited hmm and yeah it'll make you look at porn very differently I'm sure I recommend it but is there any kind of acceptable porn yeah like what if it's like 35 year old ladies that are just

► 02:53:49

X or nobody weeks just they just want to fuck on camera they get they get a thrill out of people watching them fuck is that possible I don't know if it's possible what's the question right yeah it is yeah questions you always worry if but do you what happened to them right put them in that mind space because we don't have fear about men what are you worried about men who are 35 years old who are having sex with women on-camera does it do those trouble you know I'm not that I don't think about them at all concerned about them right so we're concerned about the women is that right wait for it because we're sexist are we are we putting standards on the females that we don't put on the male's because we don't think the women can handle it or that you don't we don't think they can make that choice we don't think that they should be allowed to make that choice or if they do make that choice we think there has to be something wrong with them and they need to be protected whereas we don't have those feelings about a man

► 02:54:43

I just know that so I think that when you thinking about what leads you to that place there's a high probability that some man did something awful to that girl right she was young we don't have that such a high percentage of people that have had all women have had to deal with some creepo at some point in their life for sure and so I think it's built on that it's like well you know rather help her in some other way than watch these porn so is that something we inherently know

► 02:55:15

and how do we know that yeah yeah because men are big and aggressive and can do no no that's not what I'm saying when you see someone that's in porn would do we inherently know that they've been molested do we just know or did I mean we don't you don't but I think but have we investigated like there is a high percentage of women that do porn this is a fact that have been sexually molested what I'm saying is your distaste for it is it based on the knowledge of that or is this an inherent perception that a woman who would do that must be damaged so something must be happy must have had happened to her when she was younger that was awful otherwise she wouldn't be doing this well it's like going to a strip club and you know probably 80% of the guys are just seeing somebody dancing and 20% of the guys are thinking wait you shouldn't be doing this hmm you know what I mean I don't think 20% at strip clubs I don't know maybe higher I just feel like you know what I mean have it's like we I think we're able to him

► 02:56:15

to cut you off but okay I think we're I think human beings are able to not see everything that they want to see because they're enjoying what's before them I think you're right for sure we definitely make rationalizations right but I'm wondering like why if it's a man we don't have any I guess it's because we don't think of a man of being you know if a guy is a an object of sexual desire for women we don't think of them as a victim ever I know which is unfortunate because there are a lot of things happen to young boys you know what did you hear about this guy that soon Katy Perry you about the song no no she says maybe she's not suing her buddies accusing her of sexual assault what he's calling sexual assault uh-huh she pulled down at sweatpants and exposes dick to some people right right and then that magic reaction is well your do do you would love Katy Perry pulling your pants off and that's right and but maybe he was really hurt by who needs to grow a pair but that I love Katy Perry yeah Tupac's the problem she pulled your pants down

► 02:57:16

yeah yeah let's see your dick okay you know when I was a young boy it wasn't like I was a sounds to me like Katy Perry's trying to fuck you leave Katy Perry is that we think she was doing now sounds like she pantsed him hmm for fun yeah so it sounds like Lucy sweatpants now if that was a guy doing it to a girl I would say that a sexual assault yeah think of it very differently I would too if a guy was there in a girl bent over in front of a bunch of guys to pick up her keys and someone pants during her vagina was exposed to all these strangers I would say that guy's a piece of shit and like magic that was your daughter or your wife right some some guy pulls your wife's fucking sweat pants down in front of a crew of people because I think we see the men as a threat as a physical threat right but if Katy Perry does it to a guy Mike huh yeah I know yeah and you can ask the judge I'm like get the fuck out without explaining it or coming up for reasons why that is the knee-jerk reaction a woman got arrested in New Jersey she blew a 14 year old

► 02:58:15

why they gave her a 10-year like a suspended sentence of 10 years on ten-year probation no jail time and she keeps her teaching certificate oh really she was allowed to keep her sir okay stop blowing kids you crazy Yak she probably blew the cop blue judge oh God that's my thought on that always is if a woman's willing to blow a 14 year old she'll blow you to that girl's fucking crazy she's just just love sucking dick she said oh my God she you could talk her into it it's all she's got standards may I think every cop that arrested for to a lady of blows 14 year olds every cop think she'll suck his dick to right don't you think they're crazy no crazy woman yeah well you don't think so do I think she's crazy yes for sure but it's not a so I think every crazy don't scare me now there's something you know look we all know there's a lot of different ways to be damaged right

► 02:59:15

and that's her damaged but not what I'm saying is like that's not heard that what is she doing she's a grown adult see how even you looking at that there's a lot of different ways to be damaged but if that was a grown man having sex with a 14 year old girl you wouldn't worry about what fucking damage he has you'd be worried about what damage he's doing so even in that situation you're worried about her being damaged I'm not worried about it but you know I'm saying but that's what you said right your what you were thinking about was her being damaged right not her victimizing the boy

► 02:59:43

right cuz we don't think of it that way no I know I know like right I mean when we all these stories started coming out when we were younger I've always existed I know but it and it was always like you know with your buddies it was like oh I wish my Spanish teacher did that you know there's been freaks throughout history yeah crazy women to blow boys from as long as time immemorial yeah there was word time immemorial you don't sign wait time in memoriam memoriam yeah sexuality is such a weird bizarre thing that's why they have to make all these laws about it mmm you know to keep some again back to the guidebook hmm right I was reading about a country I think fuck

► 03:00:26

there was one is it cashmere Google this mmmm that 20 percent of all marriages start with kidnapping

► 03:00:39

yes twenty percent of marriages in this country and that country there was a country where twenty percent of all marriages start in today kidnapped today and I'm not not in the 1200 S not during the game is kind of demonstration is it like prom it's like no they just kidnap women and then they're forced to marry their kidnappers so they don't get shamed oh man Google 20 percent of all marriages begin with kidnapping just Google that know that that's not the weirdest thing that's ever been Googled that's a fucking crazy statistic if I remember it correctly I remember is crazy I think I wrote it down somewhere I'll pull out my laptop find it

► 03:01:27

headline one in five girls and women kidnap for marriage and Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan rare is why don't think was casual one in five where is cashmere cashmere project is Stan besides a Led Zeppelin song Donna Donna is that so it's only Kyrgyzstan according to a study published that spot but see Brad napping also occurs in places like Armenia Ethiopia Kazakhstan South Africa and particularly common rule parts of Central Asian country kidnapping just grabbing people well they're strapping people making them are you she's we're still doing that in 2019 but just stop and think about one out of five and that's with them trying to keep it on the down low so what was it hundred years hundred percent of right hundred percent nobody ever got married it just raped there's a thing called groom nap kidnapping it also happens where the eligible bachelors are abducted by a bride's family and forced to marry opens all rise

► 03:02:25

oh my God these people are living like movie characters so weird this is happening today yeah we are so fortunate God yeah here well not just that there's some yeah but people in the western world what would he say 2009 in this place has been be up Bihar bi har 1224 kidnappings for marriage were reported

► 03:02:50

okay 1200 kidnappings for marriage come on people live there twelve hundred and fifty-nine Lord it's just what everyone thinks is getting kidnapped you know we say we don't that's horrible dude imagine that that is fucking horrible men are damaged well and that part of the world you know I mean they have a long tradition of doing creepy shit with women that is one of the weird things about history the further you go back in history the worst women are treated right you know universally you know we say that again the further you go back in history the worst women the worst worst women worse women are treated treated worse the further you go back in history yeah I mean Court what's the original image that we always got of cavemen and cavewomen right turning over the head drag her by her hair right why we do we know that archetype yeah why do we know that archetype that's a weird one yeah hitting her in the head and dragged her by her

► 03:03:50

where are we getting that from right just taking because how it went down by the why do you and I know that same image whereas in cartoons on what it was yeah mine's a cartoon image of it right but why did I cartoon images by that become so prevalent that we both like where'd you grow up New Jersey I live there too so maybe we both got it from the same party yeah maybe we both watch zoom and then it was bossing older and San Francisco but there was a thing you were thought of when you thought of cavemen you thought of the man clapping the lady over the head and drag her by her hair yeah crazy man have a long way to go sure a long way to go the Hang-Ups that men have over women that turn into violence is still at this late date and our human development is still batshit crazy but there is such a violent they don't understand how to even like be around women they don't understand when they rejected by women and it all is culminates still in such a violent

► 03:04:51

nature it's what was its are wasn't that what happened to the guy who owned the stand I don't know what happened I know what I didn't hear stand yeah but it's been explained to me that the the ex ex husband right his old pair of the brain to kill her and he was there and wound up killing him too so he was just coming to find out that's true I don't know what the whole story was but apparently I didn't know him well but apparently super lawful like I know he was a nice guy I met him a couple times terrible Maplewood New Jersey it's a you know a man a man again men crazy if it if that is the case if that's the story a man trying to kill his ex-wife or killing his ex-wife it's just like man talk about lack of guidebook nobody teaches young men frustrated men so that's the story so I was correct I was accurate that's says

► 03:05:47

dad of to kill the Carnage worst and owner David Kim oh it's 40 year old married dad of 2 and the families Colombian all pair Karen Bermuda is Rodriguez 26

► 03:06:01

yeah wow so there's nothing going on between the nanny and him

► 03:06:10

man man stabbed an au pair and her boss

► 03:06:15

horrible yeah hey man nobody teaches these men like how to how to be a man right I've had a pair of those appetites and deal with it and put your violence towards something else you know it's it's still a big hole this is also there were saying Colombian she was Colombian I don't know if she's from Colombia and if he was from Colombia to I mean look there's every culture all around the world but Extreme violence and a lot of parts of South America and certain places you know yeah a lot here I mean it's everywhere anywhere there's dudes they get frustrated and they yeah but more so more so in a lot of places in South America hmm you know in some areas that are like you know I had this guy on who's an expert in Mexico he worked in the Ed called Iran he worked dealing with cartels and for the Mexican Government and you know the stories is kind of tell you about the

► 03:07:15

silence it's happening in Mexico right fucking terrified really and how many kids grow up like sort of enamored with this cartel life get drawn into it and sucked into it and just wind up here these people want up taking people to kill people and show them how to cut people up and get them accustomed to doing it oh my God yeah and that they seem so normal when you meet them and then you realize that they're literally training kids to murder people and chop them up and you're like what yeah dark out there so if you fuck that guy's old pair or rather if you live with that guy's or if she just decided to leave them yeah I mean I don't think he was I don't think anybody said saying that he was having an affair but if the guy thought he was because the guy was you know if you're a man and your ex-wife is living in a house there's a man in the house you assume like you're a piece of shit you assume that they're having an affair even if they aren't ya right and you would just if you were trying to kill her you'd probably try to kill him too or maybe he was trying to kill her and the other guy just

► 03:08:15

happened to be there and he killed him either way that guy went to the house with the idea I'm going to kill it my point was like if you could if you have a dangerous person like that and that dangerous person is trying to go and get his ex-wife and killer and you have to be you happen to get caught in the crosshairs with a knife right that's terrible awful horrible so terrible horrible be careful out there kids Behind to each other I know but I'm nice that's the other thing about the way the world really works yeah I have to recognize there are really people like that out there time that's a real thing yes yes yes yeah it is you have to be aware you can't be naive but there's that this stuff doesn't exist you can't pretend that it's not around now yeah but how do you how do you defend against something like that right if you don't know how to fight and even if you do we have these do a knife yeah your back is turned yeah you know yeah who knows right a lot of its left to chance

► 03:09:15

it's fucking such a horrible way to leave this world someone stabbing draining out just I mean terrible someone's trying to get back at his ex-wife stabbing you yeah just sitting there and your nice little house you running a comedy club just having a nice time people laughing you're managing some other comedians you you're making your way you've got your wife and your kids you're providing for them and then just you've no idea that morning when you wake up and making coffee what's headed your way mmm horrible if you had someone close to you get murder before

► 03:09:55

not close to me closest to me was Phil Hartman and his wife shot him and then shot overnight shot herself right it's terrible yeah do you think there's ever going to be a time with no violence nobody valve we evolved past this to some new thing I don't know if we evolve because there's so many people I think it would have evolved not to that I don't think he would take eons we're still like do you think so many hearts of yeah there's so many parts of the globe are still you know way behind I think it would have to be like putting the water something like we'd have to medicate it out of us that's a real interesting perspective right because amongst us

► 03:10:37

amongst the people that we know what are the odds that we could get through this life with no violence like say if we all all the people that we knew we all live together I could I would bet a lot of money nobody would murder anybody mmm so what happens when you get from that to large groups of people and then you get to large groups of people like you're talking about Kyrgyzstan or one out of five women gets fucking kidnapped yeah that's how marriage is get started yeah kid they're wild and out there to live in crazy yeah or kurata rock with what is that one city that

► 03:11:14

in this one city in Pakistan is a Karachi what does that City why can't I remember the name that is that it it's that was one of the cities that Shane Smith from Vice was saying was one of the most terrifying places on Earth oh yeah because the the sheer cheapness of murder look how cheap it as you get someone murdered about really how much murder and crime goes on over there oh God just a totally different metric yeah for how you view the world totally different perception of what life is worth and what life is like yeah and what kind of violence you have to deal with on a daily basis on I know there's a lot of very dark places that's why I don't like to travel you'd only travel at all I do like to travel but I don't I'm starting to cross off a bunch of places she's catch ya you know between getting parasites that make you have to poop in a bag and send to your doctor or something up in like real violent places that don't ya have the same kind of

► 03:12:15

rules that we do if you know my friend Justin Wren who runs fight for the Forgotten charity he I was just wearing a shirt at the beaches well yeah awesome the best guy ever yeah he has a new intestinal parasite that's draining him he doesn't know what the fuck no yeah yeah he's got something that he caught when he was over there no that's what I'm afraid of he's really sick easy really yeah he's really gonna be okay I don't know they're gonna have to hopefully identify it yeah they have to figure out what it is figure out how you got it I figure out what's going on and then no joke what happened in the Dominican Republic didn't they people died because they weren't drinking from the minibar to hear that story yes yes it has sketched yeah they're saying that people are putting stuff in the minibar that wasn't actually alcohol yeah the story that I had heard was that they would put cheap substitutes for whatever the alcohol was supposed to be so that people would pay for it and then you know they would steal the actual liquor place it with something else

► 03:13:14

and then people are drinking it was like poisonous and they were dying yeah people really die yeah yeah that's terrible I hope he don't know what the actual story was but somebody else described it saying like the one thing is you concentrate on statistics and I don't know if this is true we should find out but that if you concentrate on statistics and it seems like a lot of people died in the Dominican Republic when they were over there but the reality is that it's just the way we're looking at it because we've chosen to start focusing on people who died over there but in fact it's like commensurate with people that died over here when they're on vacation right but it is Wheatley only a certain number go to that Resort you know I mean an easier one Resort of believe it was yeah I think so really well a lot of people go to the Dominican are not now but a lot of people work on their last year well yeah so would you go back after all this no first of all I saw a story about a couple that went there and got hookworm in their feet or you could die from the beach

► 03:14:10

that I was already like maybe I'm not going back and now that you can't even drink from the minibar like you know what there's nice places in Laguna Beach yeah that's what I'm talking about Laguna did you know that hookworms response is my beach hookworms responsible for the stereotype of the Southern dummy

► 03:14:30

no yeah what do you mean people walking around the South Barefoot we're getting hookworm and mass and hookworm has a detrimental effect on your ability to think yeah literally compromises your mental ability it makes you dumber so like the Trope of like a hillbilly what exactly Gloria yeah weird yep yep that's what did we find out about that from Peter hotez is that who told us that and I had a beard how a worm gave the South a bad name oh my God hookworms once sap the American south of its health and few realize that they continue to afflict Millions geez yeah you look so creepy it fucks with the way you think makes you tired did you fatigue yeah it's podcast or exhaustion listens Weeks Later victims to come to an insatiable exhaustion and impenetrable haziness of the mind that some calls to

► 03:15:30

Petit adults neglected their fields and children grew pale and listless victims develop grossly distended bellies and angel wings emaciated shoulder blades accentuated by hunching all gazed out dully from sunken sockets with a Telltale fish I stare that is The Stereotype of people from the South and we just always thought they're just living in hot weather and they're just stupid what it really was was worm was fucking hookworm oh and then amazing this podcast started off we were happy enough to describe we were talking about look at the culprit Behind The Germ of laziness as the South Affliction was sometimes called was neck Contour americanus the American murderer better known as the hookworm it's called the American murder are they still out there millions of those blood sucking parasites live feed yeah for sure and died within the guts of up to 40% of the population

► 03:16:29

stretching from Southeastern Texas to West Virginia to can you imagine 40 percent of the population of the South in these places from Texas to West Virginia was infected 40% of the population with a fucking worm that makes you dumb I'm never going anywhere ever again incredible that's this that's insane but that's what the stereotype came from wow how Wild fucking crazy that's insane you know how many people are getting right now getting Lyme disease and Lyme disease although it doesn't make you lazy it's Rex your health devastate your help for years yep that shit is happening right now in the east coast it's all it's all over these because my kids were back there working on a farm over the over the summer and my daughter had a tick on her we freaked out hmm should freak out yeah you gotta get it off with it okay for 24 hours yeah and you know but you also if you do get infected you have to get on antibiotics really quickly super fast there's a woman

► 03:17:29

and who wrote a book about Lyme disease possibly being a military biological weapon that accidentally was released really yeah apparently this is a popular thought that there's something about Lyme disease that Lyme disease doesn't necessarily make sense how quickly it came from this one area like this Lyme Connecticut area and how rapidly its spread and how devastating its impact was and there is apparently there's has been some research that's been done not some quite a bit of research is done on various biological weapons and various distribution methods and one of the thoughts of a lot of these distribution methods is infecting bugs affecting bugs with some designer disease and then infecting the population like if you release the bugs on this area that you wanted to attack

► 03:18:29

like at a certain point in time and you infected Giants chunks of the population right then you would be able to go back there ten years later and everybody be fucked wow yeah but this this is something that biological diseases whether it's Anthrax like things along those lines they are fighting but they've made those yeah forever you know they've but they've had that and people been aware that forever yeah but the idea of it being something that's in a bug and that can in fact geez Louise that's terrifying yeah are you trying to make are you trying to make sure that I don't go out of my house traffic camera no it's weird that it's I mean the I don't remember being around when we was not around Coast it was not around and I think it took a while for anybody to figure out what the fuck it was how about the new mosquitoes that we have yes well there's also never had these mosquitoes before there's a recent case of a horrible disease breaking out in the east coast I think somewhere in Massachusetts there are some horrible

► 03:19:29

mosquito-borne disease what does that mean what does that thing say about the ticks about Lyme disease what does the book

► 03:19:37

called bitten yes that's it bitten Chris new be okay with KR is Chris is that a man or a woman so woman I believe yes she discovered circumstantial evidence linking the outbreak of Lyme disease in the 1960s the US military some people say this is bullshit but some people say it's just conspiracy theory who's some people put up the Articles we can see it the middle of the to give me a spread it out so I can see it

► 03:20:03

scroll down I'll get the dod go back up stop the dod takes extreme care of all of its research programs to ensure the protection of our personnel and the community what does that when Smith announced his Amendment okay this is this too much there so as there's just too much evidence for a reasonable man or woman to just turn the page and say put on your tinfoil hat this is just a conspiracy theory Smith said and yet people with credentials will say that which begs the question why would they even say that Chris newbie wrote the book bitten said she discovered circumstantial evidence linking the outbreak of Lyme disease the 1960s that's what you said from the US military as proof new besides an interview that she had stopped right there with Will Bergdahl fur American scientist who discovered what causes Lyme disease who told her shortly before his death that he had been instructed to keep his research and he possible cause for Lyme disease a secret my hypothesis was is that the

► 03:21:03

logical weapon they were trying to cover up that oh my hypothesis is that was the biological weapon they were trying to cover up said new be a science writer at the Stanford School of Medicine in California I don't believe it hmm seems like a lot of malarkey she said I can't connect the dots right now it says movie who survived Lyme disease my theory is that it was a genetically engineered Rick ketse bacteria but as a journalist I can't prove that so what is she saying then she's just pulling stuff out as wrote a book it's what about yeah all right buying it but that's not to say that does worry me more than anything I think she's a hoser I don't know her personally but if you have yes probably but I think that that's your bread yeah I would never give her my bread that scares me more than anything else just laying a plague of some sort

► 03:22:00

I always feel like we should be keeping some medicine in the house plague medicine yeah like work on I don't know tetracycline Doug good for plague I don't know what the fuck is good thing what the hell could we get for playing kinds with the plague is really fits a flu you there's certain things you can take if it's knives crazy War bugs probably nothing but there's so many people and it's so gross and you can see how the people just coughing in the airports without covering their mouths that's gonna happen there's a story I was reading this morning Jamie about mosquito borne illness and Massachusetts some new some like Legionnaires disease type Bill cheese or we have these nasty mosquitoes here in Los Angeles we're stuck with these mosquitoes run your neighborhood yeah I have a name of my house I know sometimes neighbors don't take care of their pool I now let's bad it is bad they were saying I read an article about it they said

► 03:23:00

like a crumpled-up chip bag filled with a gets yeah that gets water from a sprinkler that's enough crazy and they're these black-and-white little guys and they just seem Schumann they go from your knee down they're nasty we never had screens before in my house when I first moved to LA I rented house that someone had a pool in the backyard that they didn't take care of really like really bad and when I got there the pool was green the water was green and there was things swimming in it has like what the fuck is that it was mosquito larvae oh my God yeah see so I had contact with here it is Massachusetts confirmed human case of mosquito-borne virus first human case in 2013 of eee what is that see scroll scroll down so we can read that equine Encephalitis that's horse that's horse stuff the first human case since 2013 least nine towns are critical risk of exposure to a

► 03:24:00

are but potentially fatal virus that can cause brain swelling how come on according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health fuck dude I remember when I was a kid yeah I mean this chick made out in the woods and you know want to take our pants off and stuff yeah and I got fucking lit up by mosquitos so bad we had to stop fooling around like this is crazy I mean I had welts all over my leg it was crazy I was like Jesus is what happens if you try to pull around the woods because summertime me in beds terrible cold areas the mosquitoes are way more aggressive the ass I know the whole East Coast main forget it oh Maine is false Canada's worst brutal I've never seen mosquitoes like Alaska though Alaska mosquitoes are fucking Bonkers are they beg they're huge and they're super aggressive they don't have any time they come in they move in quick it just swarm of yeah this is what happens this is why I'm so aggravated

► 03:24:59

we were we didn't have this we did not exist until a year ago I think it's your neighbor but you know you've got a neighbor with them you don't have them by your house really saw Bobcat fight with a rattlesnake though see that I can handle my buddy sent me a video which is in the middle of the street with a rattlesnake on Twitter oh was it on Twitter who put it on Twitter my buddy got it from his neighbor who saw it happen oh wow yeah pull the one up the maybe my the same with versus a rattlesnake yeah that's a good fight you didn't admit the Brows is a big fucking rattlesnake to Bobcats trying to eat it hard out there it's hot it's hard out there I know that's why the coyotes are eating cats yeah that's take whatever they can get I know I was hungry it's hot you gotta get through this month but the thing about coyotes and cats I think we can relate this to the thing about bears and dears there were talking about New Jersey yeah you don't want all the Bears dead because then they'll be so many fucking deers to be slamming into him with your cars right

► 03:26:00

you want some of them alive it's called management yes and you got to manage the fucking deer to the think about the deer to this particularly offensive is you know when people like what you know there's too many deer what do we do they're made out of food yeah you know shoot him and eat him they're fucking delicious my brother-in-law does does he yeah he gets two or three get some put in the freezer that's their meat for the year yeah in New Jersey what do you got Jamie yep that's it that's it look at this whoa yeah look at that motherfucker was like bitch to fuck oh man I'm gonna eat you I mean I'm a bitch I'm going to fucking eat you just trying to eat him he's trying to bite him but we got how he got them that doesn't look good that cat is goddamn well oh he got him tried to bite him and let it but look at his moves he's so relentless to Yas keeps going back at it it's cheese it's hard out here in the west yeah okay that's a rattlesnake

► 03:27:00

I'm man yeah it's tough there's a lot of nastiness going on it's the Wild Wild West singer I was telling you about got bit in the foot I heard about plastic I yeah I Posner you fucked up right I can't walk for weeks he's got a like relearn how to walk what from being bit by a rattler yeah whoo that's can really hurt you bad man she's there's a lot of them out here they can cause your your tissue to deteriorate because necropsy causes like your the death of tissue where every bite is especially don't get it treated really quickly I've seen a guy who I was looking at this picture online this guy got bit it wound up going to the hospital and his skin had rotted away whereas Bones Exposed yeah for how long how much time I don't know I don't know but he had a ton of skin grafts and operations to try to repair the air oh my God terrible jeez terrible terrible stuff all right so don't go to the South don't go to the Dominican Republic don't go to Kazakhstan don't go overseas don't go

► 03:28:00

in the woods but do go to Netflix radio 7:00 in the morning this is the Tom Papa for what I'll do if you want well we'll talk about it but if you ever want to do the show here everyone I'm doing the afternoon for me yeah of course yeah we'll do a whole thing I feel like a diva well you are people are got to work so I'm gonna fucking go to work it's all right that's the funny thing I was complaining about the hours I'm like among seven o'clock till 9:00 my brother-in-law is like dude I wake up at 5:30 I drive an hour to work I'm there till 6:00 at night and then I drive two hours home so boohoo and I'm gonna go hang out and talk with Jerry Seinfeld for an hour it Dick ulis Wolf we don't work that hard no we do not work that hard shout out to Tom Papa thanks for bringing me in my pleasure brother hook you up with some milk after this yeah that'd be awesome thank you so much you got any dates coming up want to tell anybody go to Tom Papa.com I'm coming out

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