#1300 - Michael Malice

May 20, 2019

Michael Malice is an author and also hosts a podcast called “Your Welcome with Michael Malice” available on the GaS Digital Network. His new book called "The New Right" is available now. http://michaelmalice.com/

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as interpreted he is a funny dude and I always love talking to him and he's the author of a new book called the new right he's barely raised more of an anarchist and anything but I like them a lot give it up for Michael Mouse The Joe Rogan Experience trained by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day sup buddy how are you great good to be here we're talking before the podcast about people who get mad when I have you on like as if you're some sort of a monster if you're a mean person with a veneer to say you're a New York Jew your snarky you say funny things but this idea that you're a Nazi or something like people have gotten it so I like this is this Icebreaker by the way why do people think you're in knots because if someone sent me I don't read comments on Twitter but someone sent me something like you having this guy on today and I'm like that is so hilarious I go this guy's yeah there's some shit you say I don't agree with sure you're very reasonable and very intelligent

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is it yeah the last chapter of the book is me arguing with the knots conversation folks it's not bad it's not bad so I talked I thought well it's kind of for them a religious thing right is if someone is a sinner you can't acknowledge that they have to be outside of the fort that's a good way to look at it that is what it is you know what's interesting it's I know these people don't mean to do this is not their plan but if you wanted to keep Donald Trump in office the the way the people that oppose Donald Trump are behaving is the perfect way to keep them in office if you tell high schoolers if you smoke your parents are going to get upset and the teachers going to get upset that's the biggest commercial right right sure you tell these kids hey if you go to these websites and read these books then your parents and the establishment and the teachers are all going to be afraid of you well sign me up I mean it's simple as that the same exact psychology and they're driving people to The Fringe they are in the

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daddy platforming thing is fascinating because the way this stuff works folks is when people get D platform the first people that will get D platformed are people that you agree with getting D platformed people like you know I'll go real Nazi like someone who's an avowed white supremacy like yeah D platform that guy and that's a little slippery because then it's like this guy's a suspected Nazi are this guy is friends with a Nazi or this guy had an icy on his show this guy had a white supremacist on his show this guy had a guy who thinks it's okay to be white on his show and then it gets it gets more as it gets more and more Progressive it gets more and more Preposterous but it really is greats once you accept one grade then you drop below in a little bit more Preposterous and then that's acceptable and then a little bit more and then that becomes accept and it's a double standard between people who are Orthodox and people who are unorthodox Barbara Walters sat down with Castro she sat down with Qaddafi who's killed how many people yeah that's fine

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you could sit down with the murderous dictator if you're Qaddafi if you sit down with someone on a podcast with someone who has all point of views that is somehow different what's a new thing the right there's a platforming and d platforming and you putting this car in your platform like all this this kind of this kind of communication is very new I just didn't exist no one saying that to Mike Wallace no no I'm saying that as you're saying to Barbara Walters that was my argument to the data and the data and Society lady I said oh Jesus I said Barbara Walters interviewed Fidel Castro does that make her a communist like right and I interviewed Milo am I gay conservative provocateur now are you I don't think so need to go to a doctor well I mean what the hell was what they what they're trying to do is thanks to social media they no longer have a monopoly and I don't mean that I just mean like Orthodox thought evening left-wing or right-wing Orthodox thought no longer has a monopoly on the microphone and that's very dangerous if you want to basically set the boundaries of what acceptable discourse is same thing with it forget politics like

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music right if you want to say these are the kind you shouldn't have lyrics like this people shouldn't dance like this they shouldn't you know dress a certain way this is what they would like I mean back in the 90s you remember they'd have the warning labels on CDs and says this has explicit lyrics and that way Walmart could with Clean Hands say we're not be involved politics we're following their rules so that's what this data Society lady is trying to do it's like okay I'm giving you target whatever company and excuse these are the people you don't need to deal with and then they could say well it's not up to us we're looking at this from an external point of view well and also my perspective on it is it there's certain subjects I think that we can all agree we need to cover and we need to deal with in terms of laws and in terms of the way the government is run but a lot of these disagreements aren't on that a lot of these disagreements seem to be just on political ideologies and like liberal versus conservative ideologies and people think differently they have different styles

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rules of behavior and thinking this is why like if you had a station that played hip-hop and all of a sudden you just got a bunch of Aerosmith songs playing you like what the fuck is this is not what I want get this off the station except for Walk This Way that's because well the one with Run DMC yeah one exception that was one exception but that that's sort of how a lot of people seem to be approaching conservative versus Progressive thinking is it's like once you have this mindset you don't want to hear other opinions as if they're going to influence you or if you don't like the way they sound you don't like what they're doing and you want to get them off the channel and this is what it seems like is happening with social media platform right is that the social media platforms are like we're a country station we don't play Heavy Metal get that shit off our Network like we are a progressive Network we don't play conservative get that stuff off well if they had said that we're Progressive Network we have like a service that would be honest and fair but they claim is no we're Banning

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people who are doing X Y & Z yeah and you know for people that are like oh my God they're talking about this again fuckers listen this is really important shit this is gonna decide how we this is this didn't exist before okay and now it does now we have this unbelievable ability to communicate and I'm enjoying it right now talking to you all right we're all enjoying it too if you're tweeting about this writing comments about this but if this really branches off into one side gets to do it and one side doesn't we're gonna have a fucking tremendous problem in this country if you think that this problem that we have right now and its it's just starting to be an issue over the last couple years if you think that this is what this could escalate it's like a serious conflict which I mean almost like it's absolutely reasonable to think that violence could come out of this with the Trump presidency was the escalation before trump it was okay we're fake news was this left idea that like this you know these new sites are putting out lies your if your point of view is different to mine it's not just for

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illegitimate right and a lot of people when they're both in booth and said you wanted legitimacy okay I'm voting for Donald Trump for president and now he's in the white house so for you to say that for people to say that these ideas you know are evil and shouldn't be discussed those are separate Concepts because even if you think they're evil if from your point of view it's in the White House are you going to pretend this is the most powerful man in the world it's there's a big contradiction there but one of the things progressivism offers many people is this idea of Truth and certainty knowing you're one of the good guys and knowing you're in the majority and when you find that that is not always true I think that causes some cognitive stress you know I would absolutely agree with that I just think there's a real problem that's happening now with some of the accounts that I'm seeing getting banned without reason without reason for things that are like parody accounts RP donked mmm so I interrupt you he's the one who made this great meme during the State of the Union where he tied President Trump and all the he said footage from the state of the union of the Democrats looking pissed and he put it

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of the song Everybody Hurts right this 2-minute video it's a joke to all right you could see on certain live you don't have to be Republican or Democrat to to laugh at sourpusses they got his copyright strike because it's like they're not have the right to use the music trump had retweeted it he put on another one he just got suspended for a week he did the video from my book so they don't here's the thing if someone is a name you can say hey delete this tweet it violates our guidelines right you give warnings you could call their manager they don't do that you're just vanished overnight and there's something very Soviet about this because when they vanish you your entire archives get managed to and it's like wait a minute this person is bad and dangerous don't you want to show other people as an example of what to avoid like this will get you banned so you can modify your behavior accordingly but what they want apparently we will looks like what they want is for everyone to be self-censoring yeah and to be afraid and that way it's like instead of saying we're since Sharia sits like you made that decision on your own why no Trump has been talking about this

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because it affects so many people that are his supporters right now and he's been discussing that the idea that these people need to abide by the First Amendment and then there's your argument either they're a private company they can put on whatever they want and they can decide whatever they want or they're protected by the First Amendment are you know I had Tulsi gabbard on the other day she was running a lot of her I love her too and she's running a watch I asked to do my show she wouldn't reply really yeah why I don't know she didn't reply I don't know on compound media I know gasps digital oh you're yeah it's digital that's even more disgusting than compound media that's the problem and all that good ways and all the good ways and I love Louis I love all those guys Savages they she's probably got fuck like I'm Savage adjacent like I'll have those guys on you know what I mean I have officially gotten permission that the room we are recording is called the gas chamber oh Jesus yeah you could say that I could say that yeah you're allowed yeah pretty good put that privilege yeah that's pretty much yeah maybe she will

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um I'll tell her about it but she was on her and I are besties yeah but so it's not super the time I really do respect the shit out of her I really do you know I'd love to call her Madam president I think that would be dope she's smart man she's so measured she doesn't have all the answers and some of the things that she says are things that you say you know unless you're gonna we're gonna have to work to create more jobs like those kind of that kind of talk is like politician talk and I go okay well what would that mean and we'll have to figure that out and I think she's sincere but these answers you know don't really exist like how to fix inner cities like how to like these are the like someone that some of the big issues that she discussed we talked about like horrible neighborhood that have always been harmed right like how is this like we're going to fucking Afghanistan trying to fix it yeah and we're not trying to fix Chicago the South Side Chicago what's happening there why why are so many people getting shot I can we can't fix yes funny back in the day they had something called slum clearance and the idea was if you tear down these old buildings and build new buildings somehow the

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I'm just gonna go away and this is a big motion it's just like yeah it's the buildings fall fucking content house is asleep they have decades and Decades of crack and bullets flying through them that's so crazy but she's great because she my biggest issue is anti-war yes and anyone for me who's first priority isn't let's stop killing people yeah so that I'm a fan of yeah and she's also a veteran yeah 16 years yeah I'm a big fan but you know I think this country needs more you know we need we need real plants we need like someone we the way we engineer software systems you know search engines operating systems for cell phones they should engineer Society I mean we should really be looking at it in terms of the potential for Prosperity opportunity all these different things that we don't cover we just sort of leave so much up to chance because we buy the all the bullshit that

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I mean I think we all know at this point the not everyone's on an even playing field we're just not but we don't think there's anything a lot of people know that well they're fucking crazy and that's the problem yeah yes they're fucking crazy if you don't think that being born in a crime-ridden neighborhood with violence all around you and being exposed at an early age fuck's your head up not even mean that I think the fact that says admit that a lot of people aren't hard working oh yeah there's that today and like to say that out there is shocking to many people's I guess some people are bad some people think that just because they show up at work and they don't want to that they're working hard right right over them yeah you fucking you just got lucky are you do that you know what I read that was one of the more hilarious things that I've ever heard of crazy Progressive person right if you are successful it is because someone else got fucked over that's so disturbing but it's such a crazy way to look at it it's like okay somewhere down the chain or if you have an iPhone someone got fucked over that is something lost

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I thought no nothing but a lot of logic right no no logic is someone had to work as a slave and Foxconn to make these fucking iPhones for like 15 cents a week or whatever they make over there but it's that slave was it making 15 cents a week that slave would be dead that's what they're happening squirrelly right because but yeah but is that okay like when they go to third world countries and set up these sweatshops and like I knew someone who had won and they were like doing fucking mental gymnastics to try to justify and I was like wait a minute how much he pays people and they're like they were going to starve to death of wasn't for us Mike are you sure they were there right they were there they probably been there for thousands of years like where'd you go like Guatemala where is it Argentina like where you said I'll give you two examples that are maybe I can't speak to specifics a second world example okay North Korea which is obviously my beat yeah that's your B so there is a zone between North and South Korea where they work together DMZ motherfuck know but it's like this enrichment Zone and you can work together

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right so the North Koreans worked at the South Koreans kind of put it together and the government takes like 95% of your money and also North Koreans who work in Russian logging camps where the government takes like 95% your money their slaves there a hundred percent slaves wow but they're beating down their doors to work in these locations because they're providing for their family and they're still wealthier than the alternative now this is a very extreme situation this isn't like I don't know third world country your friend is a sweatshop in but there are circumstances where a lot of people on the left and on the right don't understand often that politics and economics is about often you have two bad choices like what is the alternative it's like what do you like for example you're going to put forth the law what are you going to do about people who are going to look at this law not in good faith like there was that guy was named Zoomies udy who said I'm trans and he just made a video but blue b Zu B yeah he just broke the woman's dead rats forever yeah but wasn't here we go out by the way they took those records away from that Australian woman

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okay guy that was Australia right wasn't the world the power lifting Woman's World Record she broke like three of them so it's not even about trans stuff it's like what do you do with any law when someone is going to act in bad faith and if you can't account for that you're not being responsible with your proposal yeah this isn't even a law though what we're talking about with the Trans athletes it's just it's loopholes to some weird people don't want to be seen as transphobic in today's climate so that allowing Preposterous things what was that like for you and you were talking I remember when you were talking to Adam on this show that got pretty heated oh yeah I'm ruins everything yeah it didn't get heated we just I mean I never got upset we absolutely disagreed but he had some crazy Notions about competition that didn't make any sense either like that somehow or another the sports are designed to favor men what yeah it did make any sense it was a lot of it was

► 00:21:59

of rehashing okay my opinion I think it sounded good to him but I don't know how much actual thought he's put into it was actually interesting is like in his show he's well researched and no one's opposing these this data that he's putting out so he gets to say these things it's one of the problems with like writing a blog or making a video about something where no one goes actually that's not really true this is why that's not true let me explain and this is why you're wrong and now continue so when you can just go on these long unchecked rants that's where you get like Flat Earth Believers that's what that shit's from because they watch those videos yeah and they go oh this makes sense but this is why it's so important that unorthodox voices don't get the platformed because even if that person is proposed putting for things that are completely full of shit their criticism and their perspective they might have some truth in it and at the very least like when I was at Charlottesville and I talked to these people by talking to them it makes me think through why do I believe what I believe

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why is my truth the actual truth and I'm going to be challenged on My Views and I'm going to have a better grounding for them as opposed to like you're saying I'm sitting here just giving a monologue and no one ever calls me out of my bullshit yeah I think I see what you're saying I think what they think is you have to silence these bad voices like the anti-vaccine movement that's a big one right now people are saying you got a silence and even so they're taking anti vax videos down there taking NT fax Pages down you know I don't know how much they actually know about the science you know I don't I mean vaccines are incredible for health in terms of what they've done to protect us from diseases they've stopped smallpox they've stopped polio and when you see these outbreaks of measles that is a direct result of people not getting vaccinated you know does that mean that no one's ever been hurt by vaccines no no it doesn't matter there's a vaccine Court people been injured people have died that's a fact but

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that's I think just a part of medical procedures and human beings men a lot of kids die every year from circumcision yeah they get infections they lose their penises yeah it's like very common like way more common in terms of like the numbers per year than you would ever want to hear how God okay people die from things they get infections people get have allergic reactions to certain chemical at then this problem is now those vaccines can say we're being covered up yeah now they're honest it's the truth they are being covered that are being covered up yeah so it's very it's I would think it problem is who's right and who's wrong like if you're a person and you have a child and you terrified can you go to these websites like oh my God I don't want my kid to get autism like but they're saying the vaccines cause autism I'm not vaccinating my kid I'm not going to take the chance and that's where a lot of it comes in yeah if you watch those videos and you watch a video that's not done by a scientist that's not up to date on what we know about what cause like I had Peter hotez on

► 00:24:59

some very knowledgeable about vaccines and very knowledgeable about diseases in general and he was just scribing the the what they think the causes of autism are that how it takes place in the womb and how what's most likely happening is it's just expressing himself at the same time that the kids getting vaccinated and your correlating the two things together well there's also the movement of not regarding autism as a problem or or door Coda you know children of deaf adults you know you have these parents whose kids are deaf and they refuse to get them Cochlear implants to give them the ability here because they think that's losing Deaf culture now to me it's you never heard this no this is the thing yeah for me everything is a thing because you can see when you think about it for a few seconds you can understand where they're coming from because you want to be like well you're saying I'm bad because I'm deaf and I was like but then you hear people that are like trans disabled do you know what that is where that was the cut their hand off because they feel like they're supposed to have no hand no oh yes

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he sees he sings this is what I'm saying like they're all I'm lumping them all together because what they are is all of them are these weird variables when it comes to human behavior and thinking and patterns and biology always weird variables where you get so many numbers if you have all these people 300 whatever million we have in this country you're gonna have a few thousand of almost every fucking variable every weird variable good Lord I'd Lord yeah all I know is the politics at the health stuff I don't even want to wait into that dude I was why I was there was an old website that I was going to was that body modification extreme remember that guy BM e he died when the lizard guy no the cat guy his name was Shannon Shea I think Shannon Laureate is how you say his name but BME expiry modification extreme was the website and he and I became like pen pals going back like he sent me some stuff on I wrote something once about body modification

► 00:26:59

what kind of weird shit people do and he's like hey man if you ever have any questions feel free to ask me there's my website he sent me a password to his wet because it was like one of those things had to pay for membership I was like holy shit you go to this website and it's just it was just this was in the 90s okay and the most freakish weirdest fucking body modifications and there's a whole culture behind people putting horns on their heads and doing weird shit to their skin maybe it's just pulled out and tattooing their whole face my friend Melissa she had magnets implanted on her fingers I don't know why we never know for what I would I think the magnets well you have to pick things up You Don't Close Your Hand fuck is wrong with tree frogs magnets well people think that magnet like we're Magnus is a wristband supposed to be good for you here's autism but you get the vaccine gonna get the magnet you know it sounds stupid but they use magnetic therapy for veterans that have PTSD and CTE because there's areas of the brain that can actually stimulate these very powerful

► 00:27:59

magnets cat zingano UFC fighter she went down there when she was having some serious repercussions from a fight with Amanda Nunes she got really battered badly in the first round and her hormones are out of whack for like eight months afterwards she was all fucked up your cortisol levels were all fucked up and finally she went and got smoked her sparring was offered timings off she was like I just have to rush people I didn't have any sense of timing oh yeah she was on a real problems with a brain and they fixed it they fixed it with magnets these electromagnetic pulse I'm just saying words that I don't understand so if you're a scientist you know I'm sure that the fuck are you say this I just tweeting it you fever you're spreading lies listen angry scientist I'm with you I'm retarded listen they throw these these these waves at the brain and somehow or another these electromagnetic waves stimulate areas of the mind and it actually forces brain cells to grow and forces neural connections it's really interesting stuff cats

► 00:28:59

I know explained it pretty pretty pretty in depth but it really helped her so it's weird that a magnet would work for that but those are like really strong ones I don't okay little ones around your wrist that's the thing anything but it might I mean I don't know the fuck do I know yeah I'm not spending the $24.99 and that fucking bracelet yeah but it's got an English guy that's selling its that's how you know it's legit it comes with a mop come to the free Chamois member the ShamWow guy he's dead isn't he didn't get his really you get bit by a hooker no no it's the other one who got the OxiClean guys did Billy whatever oh yeah mom's alive yeah Billy was his tune up yeah is that what it was yeah he had a lot of coconut system apparently was not cutting it out he had a heart attack right uncle is Mega that oxy money that clean water parts that you want to fucking party who's probably had a yellow Lamborghini dick implant just kill me that part up I'm sure he's a great guy what's the middle of doing a television show they were doing a television show about them yeah he was well he had the pitch man he was

► 00:29:59

sitcom or something it was like a reality show reality types or they're calling them around doing pictures and stuff there's an art to that shit those guys is he he got me to the by shark tank before them I think they were helping people do stuff sorta MLA Kitchen Nightmares I'm friends with the sun oh the shark tanks under the Sham well they made their ends up killing me son yeah well that's cool I'm sorry so that's this Sunday but I was just joking around you'll miss junior don't shout about the third oh they're probably mad were talking to his dad I'm sure Billy Mays was a good guy but didn't eat well he's your friend whatever yeah that's why I could respond anyway do was partying the ShamWow guy was the guy got bit I think it's hard to keep track actually think he bit someone well that's yeah I'll let you get someone like Marv Albert did Marv Albert bite someone yeah did he bite the lady I thought she bit him to I get my stories are confused because two dudes dudes fighting too many

► 00:30:59

seems that's your problem is it is man they saved me from the measles but again to big fight with they made me Dumber what happened oh there it is oh god oh he bit her happen a few times I think the ShamWow pitchman brutal Beatdown yeah so they just went to war oh my God he did that to her eyes Is that real I mean that might not be that looks like makeup though looks crazy that's like smoke again no didn't look like makeup to me most symmetrical so black eyes that's what happens if you smash the no that's the look yeah she she had his tongue and so he started punching her until she realizes oh my God in her hand on her damn mouth tongue when the continent in the face oh my God people are crazy

► 00:31:42

that's math right you had to guess what's involved there now it's something crazier than math I really like PCP or like a bath salts remember that if you're grabbing someone's tongue it's bath salts think bath salts were mess though no yeah I think it was I think what it was was math with the I think they altered a molecule so that it doesn't fall into the protected schedule 1 drug see that you can do things like that like that's why DMT was illegal but five methoxy DMT wasn't which is actually stronger uh-huh as I said they missed that one here it goes what's that drug the last 10 minutes oh what is this bath salts well first of all here's another thing I think there's a bunch of different kinds of bath salts for sure yeah for sure you got the lavender I mean you got the phone ringing get the lemon but I mean nobody I don't think anybody has a patent like you can't call

► 00:32:42

bath salts wait come back barely got high on this it's best salts because of the name Bethy oh no the bath salts is because they were selling it in stores as bath salts not for human consumption wink who are no but you didn't let that everybody the chemicals Bethy own no cath oh okay I misread it okay what I'm saying is they are labeled it bass also they could sell it but everybody knew it was math okay man that's bath salts over they should try smoking that but it's in that house Althea was around for a long time Salvia was around for the same reason 5 methoxy DMT was around you missed it in the sweeping schedule 1 drug Drug Act of 1970 okay missed that one those two of the most potent ones they missed Salvia divinorum and five methoxy DMT that's why they're always changing it because if it's slightly different than you could say something that's exactly so see if you find that like bath salts is meth because someone there was a guy there was a guy who got a who's a homeless guy that I think they shot him he was biting someone's face off in Florida yeah I remember

► 00:33:42

yeah and they said that he was on bath salts that's the first time I heard of it yeah and I think someone said that it was meth that he was a because like that cat stuff there's but it's like you're saying it's just a bunch of different things they call it was a hundred made with oh mephedrone so it is a potpourri how appropriate you could beit could basically sell whatever you want if you're selling as not for human consumption and also that probably they probably put smell into it so they can say no it's bad it's all dudes really must talk you know they probably threw some fucking some they have like a little cat and mouse game going on for a while where they would have it's the same thing with one with that K2 spice stuff the right is synthetic yeah thanks either spraying all over that supposed to be terrible for you right - yeah way worse for you than actual but they would outlaw one little chemical and then those guys would figure out okay tweak it and make it th three seven nine okay now next week is 380 and they just would keep doing it every single week literally and by the way that's the same shit that they did

► 00:34:42

steroids with like the clear when Barry Bonds and all those guys that ball go Scandal that's what I all that stuff was about now they just change the like that points up in drugs and stuff around a little and it doesn't show up in this than the test because it's not the thing you're looking for the way it's been explained to me as a lot of tests for things are very specific so when the testing for something and it's just a little bit off so I can you test negative for it but it has a similar result or approximate result in a different way huh yeah I will say though with the bath salts people were breaking into any place that had mm-hmm gas stations any store that had bath salts if they think they had them with your windows are being broken your doors are being broken yeah you're not going to have that it's a mess tomorrow that's that's yeah those are methods that's meth-head activity Jesus Christ do you know what did you ever know anybody there was a method no yeah I haven't known a few people it's weird to see it because it's so visual the results well not always that's what's interesting what's your

► 00:35:42

when you see people that are completely fucked up and picking the skin off their face and they weigh five pounds and they're falling apart that is worst-case scenario there's some people that I would call functional methods and what these people are people that are on amphetamines every day or almost every day they're constantly on amphetamines and some of them get prescribed by doctors they get real irrational they start thinking that everyone's out to get them they get real mean and nasty towards other people very defensive they're always they're always attacking and thinking they're persecuted thinking that someone's attacking them it's very strange and these people can function like this for years years and years and you get the same with Adderall addicts yeah that's a speed isn't it the same thing yeah it's very similar to meth it's amphetamines right it's just a different release like what Adderall is Duncan Trussell is a great joke he's like as if as a scientist took cocaine and went I can fix this

► 00:36:42

makes people talkative and aggressive and insulting and mean and because it like it highlights some of the worst aspects of people the bitchy pettiness I love that stuff that's my brother father but it's not that's why you do what you do with a smile thank you that's true snarky people need to be having more fun yeah but you are your positions are always even if I don't agree with them their rationale I see your thought process I see where you're going well thank you that's a huge compliment not a method that the Jews are doing what's happening with the Nazis are the one big one I get I interviewed a Nazi for the book and I said to him I go look what what do I supposed to do when they cure people come at me and say the only reason you care about North Korea and its concentration camps is because they're anti Israel and he goes what do you want me to tell you there's idiots and every group as I like

► 00:37:42

right there I couldn't because they're anti-israel G right way to think about the idea that Israel is youth North Korea is just absolutely amazing but I get that online people connect everything right but that are really into nutty conspiracies there's a network of connections that they then if you're not talking about it what they think is the most important issue you're clearly being dishonest because it's the most important issue must be a shill well yes Mossad that time over there and Korea are interested I did bring an American be over there North Korea hey I wanted to talk to you about this I don't know if you know anything about it but essentially Google has pulled the plug on Huawei today meaning they're no longer allowing Android updates on Huawei phones and they're not allowing the Google app to work on on Huawei phones or excuse me the Gmail app to work on Huawei phones if you had an old Huawei phone with the Gmail app you're fine but going forward

► 00:38:42

no Huawei phones will be allowed to have Gmail anymore what's the reasoning it's a very good question Marques Brownlee who's Marcus has been on the show before and he's probably one of my favorite if not my favorite tech reviewer on YouTube he had a point about it he you know he put it up on his Twitter and then I filed the feed he's like this is very important I follow the feed there's tech people that are saying there is no reason for this there's no evidence is there not pointing to anything but then when I talk to people that are experts in foreign policy and they explain the way China Works and China's relationship between the government and Industry how they're inextricably connected and the ah yes every business works for the government they were saying no there's a reason why they're doing this like this is these guys are playing in this real long game and to Aid them in any way is extraordinarily bad for our country yeah I had Marion Smith from this game of Communism of my show and since my focus North Korea

► 00:39:42

isn't that much folks in China and he and we all think in the west that you know China has gotten so much better than it was which is true but he goes it's still really really really bad and one of the big I think Fair criticisms of the corporate press is how much they're focused on Putin and Russia and it's like you calling him a dictator the shit they're pulling in China is an order of magnitude worse and something that they're doing now they stole from North Korea North Korea has something called sung button and everyone on bun s Ong be when sung fun everyone in North Korea got interviewed and there's several iterations of this and you got a score based on your family so if you are family was born in South Korea or priest or landowner that's a low score if you your grandfather fought with the great leader Kim il-sung that's a high score it's divided into favored class wavering and hostile and there's like 51 subcategories and this determines everything about your life where you live where you go to college and China is now starting to do this they're trying to implement a social credit

► 00:40:42

system based on your loyalty to the government which will allow things like leaving the country and all sorts of other opportunities and that's scary scary stuff and that's what needs to be I think covered much more in the west the problem with that is it becomes like a game and people going to want to have a really high school of course that's it because people are so weird when it comes to scores and games but we get so like you have to have a high score or else you're not getting food that's our job right right right yeah but it's also like people covet it although they don't tell you your score oh jeez you have to intimated it oh yeah it's scary yeah so you got it fly right and so you're always nervous your that's what they want you're always nervous it's not transparency self-censoring as well yeah right it forces a system of self censoring like Twitter yes are you saying that Twitter is like China did you just say that Twitter's like communist and those words yes now we got a ways to go for communism some of the techniques they use are very disturbingly totalitarian yes

► 00:41:42

disturbingly so the other thing is yes they are private company it's funny how the left is like a soon as you criticize Twitter their private company they could do they want but any other private company whatever a private company can be criticized and if you know you're perfectly appropriate in a free market to say what you're doing is screwed up and give us answers or we're going to use another company I think when I talk to Jack about this one of the things that he was saying is that they're considering an open Twitter like they're going to have Twitter where it's like a safe neighborhood and Twitter where it's like the wild west okay and I said please do that yeah is it please do that you know I mean but it is to block people this ways to avoid people I block people liberally you know it's weird though block lists when you never even had an interaction with someone it's like a blacklist yeah and you go to their page and they're blocked your just blocked just long for no reasons people have block list for anyone who follows President Trump yeah it's like if I'm a journalist yeah I sure as hell better be following the fucking president right no he's saying first of all he says Larry shit yes on the reg look he

► 00:42:42

what's your favorite Trump tweet Rocket Man when he was calling to my favorite one has on him John own rock man what's the the one about the haters in the losers yes that's a great one but he did that before he was president yes like 2013 it's still my favorite trunk to grow far oh yeah every time I speak of the haters and losers I do so with great love and affection they cannot help the fact that they were born fucked up I would like if he said that now as president now that's one thing he's really doing a great job as president and that's wearing yeah it's amazing what did you see what CNN did to him during the campaign he said boy that's really up so he didn't say it they played the clip that they believed him yes we talked about this before yeah it's very dishonest yeah they bleeped it to make it look like he said something that I didn't but he's cursing us Blue Streak in the white house anyway we all know this but it's funny I like it I think that part is funny like I'm not I'm not happy with a lot of what's going on but I'm very happy that he's

► 00:43:42

this ridiculous person I think funny and I think it's very healthy for us to have less reverence for the president because when a president on a pedestal he's in a position to send our sons and daughters to die whereas if you look at him as a clown you're going to be much less more skeptical of is this man going to war for the right reasons is he doing these things for the right reasons and I think that's very and that's what the founding fathers wanted to they didn't want the president to be looked at as a God yeah that's an interesting point that I think you're correct and I think this idea that its behavior unfitting for a president that's what we're thinking that a president is a special person right special job and they'll act accordingly like a gentleman and they're human beings it's a stupid job it's a ridiculous job for anyone you saw Biden went after Trump and says oh being presidential is always yet by definition he's always being presidential because he's the fucking president and you're not well Biden's a weird guy do you see all this videos him sniffing those kids oh what is that about and it could just be a sweet old grandpa

► 00:44:42

else with some sweet oh Grandpa's don't want to fuck kids they do do that the thing is it would in a sense be make more sense to people if he was just like handsy right it's like okay you're all right right right this is like I don't even know where to put this where do you put sniffing yeah it's so fucking weird that he's just a weird guy did you know about the plagiarism from back when he was running for president he ran three times yeah I think he's fucked in the primary because his track record is pathetic so the first time he ran was an 88 cycle right he announces in July he has to fold by September because this plagiarism Scandal right he runs again in a weight comes in like what sixth in Iowa has to pull so here in terms of his history running for presidency it's been very very poor he's a good backup man he's like right right because the steady reliable result yeah she's stay the fuck out this look it's they're gonna eat him alive so ugly it's gonna be ugly you're gonna hate it bro and you're not going to win they're getting the I don't think he's good but he's the front-runner if you look at the Democratic

► 00:45:42

goals in terms of the Democrats yeah it was a fun runner at this point in 2003 who Joe Lieberman because he was the vice president of Canada from Gore you everyone knew his name what happened with that guy he lost at hearing where'd he go he went right didn't he he what they he lost the primary in his state of Connecticut then he ran as an independent Democrat won again by re-elected he killed Universal Health Care because they needed 60 votes and he's like fuck you we're not doing it so they had to have this Obamacare market system is because of him and now everyone hates him didn't he turn over to Republican no no but he endorsed 30 became a Nazi yeah the fact that he gets called one that's the funniest shit ever why was wearing a yarmulke people call them and not so that you'd never suspect it yeah sneaky it's we're sneaky hmm

► 00:46:40

I just think if we had a design a system from scratch there's no way we'd have one person at the top of the pyramid right doesn't make any sense it doesn't it doesn't need to be pyramid yeah doesn't it could be a series of silos yeah this is no reason I mean I guess the good thing would be that person can veto stuff and get things done sir so if there is some sort of a if he's a reasonable person and he really works well with others and doesn't abuse that power

► 00:47:09

one thing he has done those the what I mean I'm just gonna sound ridiculous but it when he has Kim Kardashian bringing cases of people that were unjustly prosecuted or unjustly imprisoned and he releases them like I like that I like that she does it and I like that he does it takes a lot for me to get angry but when people were clowning them and I'm like Kim Kardashian you can say a lot of shit about her she saved people's lives she's helping people in a tremendous way you're gonna tell those families that it's Kim Kardashian fuck you she's helped 17 people be released from prison in the last three months and I think it's also very disturbing how glib a lot of people are about prison yeah and it's a really I don't know what it's like and I don't want to know what it's like don't worry it's no joke yeah so but it is a punchline and it's like you're laughing about people being traumatized for life and possibly having no possibility of returning to society if this feels that people use to be able to laugh about stuff like that because

► 00:48:08

would be like laughing out of it work you know you go to work and you like a OJ's in the Candy's gonna take it in the can remove if you would go to work and you'd say something stupid like that and it wouldn't go anywhere but when you say something like that on Twitter or Facebook like whoo boy remember I mean people find out he say that inappropriate thing remember that what Justine Sacco of course you have some I was flying here for this show and someone tweeted me hashtag his malice landed yet because that was the hashtag for her oh yeah she tweeted out a joke she gets on a flight yeah and it blew up while she was on the flight right and when she lands her life is really down back yeah it's inside out for a dumb joke yeah that jump Joe could have been something that you would just say and then the next day Bueller the fuck is wrong with me I was on Ambien and alcohol and trying to be funny and that is something that the evangelic a left is very scary about about being about if you take if you take a joke and that's inappropriate in some sense and they're the ones judging it's inappropriate

► 00:49:08

your life should be ruined that is crazy and totalitarian yeah it's um it's also it smacks of deep insecurity and fear that you experienced personally and you want to turn it on other people the same feeling that people have when they're bullies the reason why someone's a bully is almost always because they're not confident in their own abilities so they want to somehow or another by being cruel to someone else they exercised this power on someone else and it's somehow or another relieves them of a certain portion of this inadequacy that they feel the stress they feel that's why one of the reasons why a lot of people are saying that bullies contrary to like what would think would be a logical thing you should teach them how to fight and they would do wouldn't want to do this the reason why they're doing this to people because they're insecure that's the same thing I think when you're when you see these Twitter mobs and people attacking people the thing they fear most is that they're going to be attacked themselves the thing they feel oh yeah

► 00:50:08

they feel social on the fear social astra's ation they feel the fear that they they're being standing up on their own two feet and being an individual and I have a whole chapter on dark humor in this book and I'm shocked that they let me publish it because Bonnie McFarlane great comedian she has a bum she was roasting Jim Norton and she says to him your show is so unlistenable I'd rather hear my daughter drowning and it's like are you gonna do with it but you know let's say let's break this down are you gonna tell her as a comedian or as a mom that that's not appropriate oh she's so funny they only made me cut one joke I have everything else in there and the point I make is something might not be funny for you if you're an assault victim right you don't want to kind of that's fine but it's not that's me and if something's not for you doesn't mean it's not for anyone what is the new right this is the title of your book yeah a journey to The Fringe of American politics what what inspired you so the circles I was swimming in started going into developing to the scene as it was happening that culminated in

► 00:51:08

the Trump presidency in Charlottesville so I was there as this was happening but circles we discussing this kind of the anarchist circles the the what they call Race realism the racist you know they all right and seeing a lot of it happening this being discussed in the press and people not knowing what they're talking about I'm like all right someone's got to write this book who's been there and understands it and it might as well be how do you understand that like what what a what about it you know like the race realistic because I'm the one of the points I make is this is not one scene where everyone's in agreement these people often completely hate each other and disagree the only thing that unites them is their opposition to progressivism and this is you looking at this as a journalist when you say sure yeah but with the way you're saying it is like you're a part of these groups well I was at I'm like all right I went to all the meetings you know I go to Charlottesville and interviewed all the types I had you know and it's what their points of view are and if you're going to engage with this kind of thinking which is somewhat prevalent on the

► 00:52:08

judges you have to at least understand where they're coming from and being dismissed in the power for sure but what I want to say is because I don't want people to misconstrue you so someone could listen to this and inadvertently Miss Consortium purposely misconstrue and think that you're a part of these groups I know so yeah it's very clear in this book who I agree with it but not when you're in that book absolutely yeah in the book but the way words discussing it in this conversation you're saying the circles that you running yeah because a lot of the people who I was friends with fell down this Rabbit Hole they fell down the rabbit hole of 90s and racism yes and that's who they were friends with fell down I'm not naming the same yeah because and it was very disturbing them in real life correct wow and it was very disturbing to watch as they start throwing aren't terms like HPD and RX is that Human by diversity that's the code word for different races right Schumann biodiversity is the code word for different races yes and what's the other one HB n RX anorexia reaction

► 00:53:07

so this is basically America's this decadent Weimar Republic and we need to return to like hardcore Euro reaction Geo Neo okay yeah reaction as I was the hashtag before was the all right but it's not the same but it's a similar enough so and a lot of these guys are really cerebral you know they could tell you about the history of England they could tell you about you know all the science and show what went wrong with with whom with them I don't know what went wrong I think one of the things that goes wrong is when no one's talking to you and you're just talking to each other yeah you're gonna start doubling down because there's no one hitting the brakes you know what else happens what you say controversial things people attack you and then some people don't attack you they support you yes and then you gravitate towards those people that support you right and then you get that endorphin rush you get the light yes you start seeing that with people they start embracing really weird Fringe ideas they become a part of these Fringe groups they get praised by these Fringe groups and then they elevate to Virtue signal for that

► 00:54:07

inch group and so it you could be either an average person in the mass or you could be a leader in The Fringe so it's big fish in a small pond and you could be one of those who knows one of those who knows right people know what the fuck is going on right so not gonna get me with this scam so my line is you take one red pill but not the whole bottle you take the Adderall bromo-dragonfly One's Gonna I know what's happening starts - in weapons and your backyard yeah rapping yeah yeah so then it's an interesting and there's also a long history of this stuff so how did you know those guys in real life did you know them from work did you know I know them from like like Anarchist circles so yeah this Anarchy thing like how serious are you about that hundred percent say 100% serious so Anarchist think this should be no cops no anarchists don't think they should be government cops know God is security oh private security what if you're for what well same thing you know one wants to have a scenario

► 00:55:07

like if you go to a bar we're not paying for the doorman if you're going to a hotel you're not paying that security the point is Whoever has an environment wants it to be a safe as possible okay stop right there okay because if you go into a bar if you're buying a drink the bar is taking some of the money from that drink to pay for that security track it's the same thing as you paying taxes it's not the same thing keeping tax let's just look at it this way it's just money into a pool it's not just my butthole please if you throw the money into a pool but did you me let me explain okay if you throw the money into the pool okay and obviously taxes get taken from you it's different in that regard but if you have a certain amount of money certain amount of money is going to go to protecting sure the people and this is the idea of police force and this is the idea of a bouncer at least a bouncer is more likely acting in the interest of the club started trying to keep out bad people trying to keep people from getting sued but the money for the drinks goes to that some of it a percentage of ghosts that sure much like your tax money some of it goes to the cops sure right correct but the big difference is

► 00:56:07

one is voluntary and one is forceful and one is a monopoly and one isn't so if you had a free system you would have more security because the streets would have someone doing security and the bar and the store and they will be complementary to each other as opposed to you only have to dial nine one one would it look how many dating sites they're all right wouldn't it be great if instead of one number you had dozens of places that are going to offer you security so like private businesses that work like uber you give them a call when you getting raped like you press a button it short one with a dude what we have and you press a button and someone shows up we have that now and we have no I think we if you go to a apartment building or a business building there is going to be security there already you're not going to yeah you're not going to call the cop you're going to call it those people just book readers sure soon they're playing with their phone they used to be book readers other phone player slow I'd rather they be reading books and shooting dogs so that's where we are right I see what you're saying in terms that's the grossest shit ever

► 00:57:07

see SWAT teams show up and yeah to people's dogs and people get and that's the problem with having a monopoly is there's no consequences yes so let's see there's all these cases where you know dogs get shot the flash grenade in the baby's crib these people aren't fight like a Eric Garner the only person who got in trouble for Eric Garner dying is the guy who filmed it I mean if you are a cook and you are serving food and you undercooked chicken it's a mistake honest mistake and someone gets sick that shouldn't be your job but if you're a police officer often and I'm going to get a lot of heat for this and that's fine if you something bad happens as a consequence of your actions there have to be consequences that maybe this isn't the right job for you well often times our is if there's an inappropriate shooting or something along those lines but I think you're right and mean I've experienced abuse of cops I think we all have and I also think that it's very very very difficult to be that guy absolutely and not become abusive not become worn out by it not become

► 00:58:07

in the stressed out I'm a big supporter police I just don't think that it's a job for everybody I think being a cop is like a lot of other jobs that are especially that one that's super fucking difficult the I did you just hire people off the street and run them through some tests and they're going to make great cops I agree it's crazy I agree and what happens is when you're a monopoly you don't have to be efficient or effective I think they should hire former military that's what I think have at least a higher people know hire people that have discipline hire people that that have gone through some experience in actual combat who know how to handle pressure better and then make it a very very valuable job and make it a very like very strict codes of conduct and behavior and an action I think another problem the police have in their defense is when you have public streets people have certain rights and they can act have where they like here in la la you have all these tents and I thought my understanding is the government said you can't clear out those tents that is hilarious isn't it

► 00:59:07

the cops can't do anything so they are hamstrung for being able to do their jobs whereas if this was Private this would not be happening well if you go under underpasses and Ally folks I don't know where you live but there's a fucking Campground then literally they have tents yeah everywhere I went to side in no Skid Row was a natural place I didn't know I went there last time I was here they were they the whole block is covered in tents I was unbelievable people who don't know I love to take them to Skid Row it's amazing downtown LA's insane like you go there you like what is this well what with this is failure this is failure I mean cultural failure failure to address these members of our community Fair failure to provide Healthcare failure to raise children correctly failure to keep people from drugs failure to provide good systems to get them off of drugs it started in New York to DeBlasio who is a real charmer that one like now if all you go into every subway train there's a homeless person with all their bags yeah and this there's got to be a better alternative than that even for them well there's somewhat oh Donald Trump jr. posted a video

► 01:00:07

I was all over the news the other day when he's talking about the de Blasio he's like this is I'm driving here I'm Liz has out my window and filming look good look at all these tents if you look at all this homeless shit he started following me on Twitter and now I live in fear of like saying the wrong thing and why I don't know it's just like holy shit because North Korea is my biggest issue by far right by far but what do you in fear of getting on followed by Donald Trump jr. she ain't going follow you well he better not know I have friends that are friends with him okay like good friends like my good friends and they're good friends with him okay I'll slide into a like them they say he's a good guy but a slide into his DMS do it he's just in a weird position man if he wasn't the the the president's son he wouldn't be under so much scrutiny like he's a great guy okay it's like everybody's just like you're the president's son but it's weird for me given that that was my beat that I'm like one step away from being able to influence policy on that issue well the most important thing to me well I get it yeah what would you tell them

► 01:01:07

about North Korea I mean I wouldn't even know where to start I would just I would think I'd have a lot of information about helping with the psychology had a kind of influence them how to basically manipulate them hmm also how evil they truly really and truly are I'd always to keep that in mind so it's the dance it's a very delicate dance with them hmm do you think he's gonna get in trouble with Russia who which was Donald Trump doing you know you think he will I don't know I don't think so I don't think so yeah no thing anybody's think it's over I don't think it's all over it's not out of think it's over because people after three years of reporting now you can say with a straight face what there were three years of reporting over nothing if there's smoke there's fire in a blah blah blah so I haven't been following it that closely I saw Justin Amash you know just tweeted out that you hear this whole tweet storm that he thinks Trump should be impeached based on who was that Justin Amash is a congressman from Michigan he's a one of like three Libertarians and he turned he said he's like

► 01:02:07

actually read the report which most people have not in Washington 800 pages right is it yeah and he's like I think this is their stuff in here that's impeachable whoa this was a big deal and then all the left were like Republic even Republicans like Justin Amash he's like no no it's just him it's not there's no like it's him it's literally just had to like him yeah there's only two like him it's opposite like them it's Thomas Massie and likely that's the three of them and Rand Paul for Rand Paul's an interesting cat I like him well I was I want to talk to his neighbor the fucked him up that because that's such a bitch moved out such a bitch that is such a bitch pack all the money wasn't even look I know yeah I think you had earphones on to its and I'm not sitting here like some badass but come on what the fuck you doing yeah how about that guy kicked Arnold Schwarzenegger yes oh yeah he kicked this kid drop-kicked Arnold Schwarzenegger I think he was crazy South Africa he was saying he was screaming out help me I need a Lamborghini while they're arresting them you made it it was the best

► 01:03:07

it's WorldStarHipHop made it he's on look I mean if that's what you want to look what really happened to Arnold nothing what's really going to happen to that kid probably go to jail for actually I don't know you don't know South Africa it's look at look at Otto warmbier in North Korea he steals a sign of he's dead so you don't know what the law is like in South Africa I could be think it's not as bad as North Korea it's not as bad as Miss Korea come on well did they look like it yeah II II listen if you're if you're drop kicking people out of nowhere that's a problem when I was talking to Eddie Izzard Yeah Eddie ran a bunch of marathons in South Africa 20 was it was to sell to it was a designation it was the same number as the amount of years that Nelson Mandela was in prison so it's 27 so he ran 27 marathons but there was areas where they're like listen man you ain't running through here like this is this area you want to go to we're going to take you going to put you in a car we're going to

► 01:04:07

I've you way the fuck past here and then you keep running you know running through here like you'll get killed you'll get right yeah you get U carjacked this is where I'm going to get shot you're not going through here and that's you know there's parts of the world that are like that and Arnold Schwarzenegger when he visited South Africa what's the worst he got drop kicked in with poor technique okay when you say the kid had no follow-through right right barely knocked a 71 you first of all even though Arnold Schwarzenegger 71 years old he's still a 71 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger course he's still a tank but I mean even if all over kid dropped yeah he didn't even know it was coming right he gets hit in the middle of his back and he just whore well he's fine it's kind of impressive I got your present you do what do you got ready okay what do you like best about me what the fuck this I got this this is the most Joe Rogan thing that's like a thing of girl says to you right which is about to trap you what that's the are like your

► 01:05:07

D I like everything this is the most Joe Rogan thing I've ever found what is it there you go well we got here take it

► 01:05:16

whoa what is that it's a mini Museum so it's got 29 different things from all over the universe encased in lucite wow that is fucking dope dude yeah

► 01:05:30

wow got a piece of the White House piece of the Hollywood sign is some Amazon water giant sloth claw I think thank you you are welcome to that'll go right fucking here yeah here's the book that tells everything about oh thank you very cool that's a where'd you find this I want on one of my rabbit holes in the internet and I'm like holy shit this would be perfect for Joe internet rabbit holes oh that's dope dude thank you very much so get the other bag oh yeah oh there's a bag for y'all but bag feel like I need to have it out though I was nice bag right here I got mine on display just gets so cluttered this is a ridiculous to ever keep saying I'm gonna clean it up

► 01:06:14

so I'm going to happen yeah hmm so tell me more about your book why are you why are you breaking this these buildings is that that's a dog whistle that's a dog was the cover so there's a guy named Ben Garrison and he was a regular conservative artist right and he would have drawings about like Ben Bernanke or Hillary or whatever the Nazis took his art replaced all of his drawings with Jews so instead of the great wizard of debt being the FED it was a Jewish caricature and they did it perfectly and they also invented this whole back story about him that he was his closet Nazi and this poor guy in Montana if you Google him it's like knots and he's like why is this happening to me and the Photoshop work is perfect So eventually they calm down and you know he now he's kind of like a regular cartoonist in the story got out but that's his artwork so the people this poor guy who was talked about a victim of Nazis it's very rare nowadays to have a new victim of Nazis and he's actually one of them well meme cultures very strong right yes and

► 01:07:14

those little humorous images that get chucked around all yeah there's a lot of dirt bags that have really profited off of other people's meme work to might like my friend Don he's terrible I don't you works right he works for a meme site yeah although cycle trip back those sites are bad man some of them just flat-out steel and some of them steal and then they'll attributed yeah somewhere like they're just say your name and sometimes they don't even say your name they say uh name of like a fake account that doesn't even adjusted just attributed to someone well we got what do we got it from that person because they know that it's at a hundred different account yeah but because bunch of people have this guy's like you you'll find something you like oh this is funny and you put it up but then these people that they make these giant sites with all other people's work and the curate them they make millions yep like the fat Jewish yeah yeah everyone hates him yeah they sell this is one of the this is like one of your big issues with like people who are like take content and basically really appropriate for themselves but first for sure would stand up comedy yeah but the thing that's happening with

► 01:08:14

memes is like your if someone sends you something like there's a bunch of things that my like Eddie Bravo says be hilarious ones all the time he'll send me a funny meme and then I'll send it to Brendan shop and I'm not asking who made that mean so but the joke Brandon doesn't think that I made it myself so it's not like I'm stealing my joke but I'm definitely not crediting the original Creator because I don't know who the fuck it is right and those things fly around they fly around so but that's all with in good faith the person with in bad faith curates a website and then starts profiting off of it they find a loophole and then they make deals with Comedy Central and then they also have people who actually steal stand-ups bits and turn those bits in the memes and they put those bits on their their mean pages and they do the same shit they'll do it they just their content need errs they need content they're whores parasites guess so they just they'll hire people to do it they in the people that they hire they'll steal

► 01:09:14

jokes and tournament to memes it's real it's real problem that that's that's that's I mean that's like become a joke because some people are like oh this is a rare Pepe right it's like please save it it's just like you know could even though you can replicate you know the Pepe lawsuits going on I talked about that in there no the new one that's happening right now Alex Jones refuse to he refused to settle out of court so they're going to go to court they're gonna figure out whether or not Pepe you can use Pepe the Frog but I mean I talked about this in the context of it's like if can Andy Warhol uses Campbell's Soup can it's the same thing it's like if yeah someone creates it but if someone is using it in a kind of a broader satirical context well it doesn't though because Andy probably couldn't do that today yes it could I think the assume we tried to make a lot of money off of Campbell's Soup cans corporations had more power back then and less accountability because now with social media everyone to lose their minds on Campbell's right that's true that's good point I think that you know what they

► 01:10:14

we Campbell's did when he did this so he paints all 40 flavors of Soup cans right put some up in a gallery Campbell's just like what the fuck is this like they didn't know what to do right and they didn't know who to call this is unprecedented so they had a storefront and they had the cans of the window to go why pay a hundred grand you could get it here for a dollar so they try to own it in their own way that's smart that's smart great advertising for them yeah I mean gigantic advertising but that's the other thing is like with this meme culture people like oh Pepe means white supremacy it's like you can't Campbell's doesn't say what a Campbell Soup can means different things mean this is not news different things mean different things to different people and if you're using it in one context doesn't mean other contexts aren't legitimate that's how art and images work yeah I mean that's almost like what happened with the guy in Montana right somebody takes his work and then turns into Nazi stuff and all sudden he becomes a not right that he actually do with it with Pepe the Frog because that guy who my area he's so upset I know because he how they did the hog what they did to him he had a cartoon where he killed Pepe

► 01:11:14

so all the trolls are like oh that's interesting so they took all his other characters and made them full-blown Nazis the Heinrich who's the wolf instead of having Reflections in a sunglasses had the SS oh my God they're like oh you want if you want to throw down will throw down asshole and that's when it happened here wolf has a Nazi name already not they gave my last name is Heinrich something else but that mean I'll tell you what I can do all my God I no no this is not see what do they call it that's a Nazi wolf yawns I cannot see what maybe they what was the that's hilarious and he thought he could just kill it off that's like the platforming he thought is going 2D platformer Pepe let's also like let's suppose I decide to kill off Paul Bunyan what the fuck are ya how are ya I can't but I mean it doesn't mean anything like the idea that he's gonna kill it off and they're gonna say oh well we killed it oh no can use it anymore his name was originally land wolf so they said all his first name is Heinrich land wolf and the some people pull it up and the glasses well maybe we should have FM imagery here but man-wolf as opposed to what

► 01:12:14

I will fuck does that mean the funny thing is about Pepe was it was always so Bland and lame well that's it for it was adopted as a meme like when you say like feelsbadman like it was like this is so low blood sugar bothers me but it's also the idea of you're saying that because Nazis are using it you can't use it as feelsbadman like right if you're giving it okay symbol then they're using this way you can't say oh that's okay don't make any sense yeah you can't say something I go okay yeah Mouse if I do that that's white supremacist yeah that's know everybody for years is a guy had a whole series on my Instagram page of people doing okay sign course including me back when I want how do you Rings yeah this is Radio Days Bill Cosby doing the okay symbol it's fucking come on man you guys know this is not that's not what this is just because people are using it and saying it is and they're investigating people are investigating people there was a guy who is on television they blurt it out yeah I need a binder

► 01:13:14

an assembly and the other thing is we're at a point now where it's more easy to give the finger to someone than to say okay yeah he's you blur the finger out nobody cares yeah but if you do that like well what is he doing - he's touching his fingers you can't even do like you're holding a joint because that's like a white power giant like if you like doing that like a roach that's bad that's bad how do you have to use a roach clip it's a ploy by the roach clip industry but there's I have a list in there all the things that are called racist milk show a dinosaurs become races because that's what the trolls do is they make it let's see we get him freaking out about milk and they got it picnic

► 01:13:56

my favorite one the trolls dead was the free bleeding movement like that's the greatest thing that people have ever accomplished that they actually got women no no that's not your no no your there's two think you're confusing two things but free bleeding was a woman who made it but there was the pee on yourself no no free bleeding was a 4chan troll no it wasn't the girl running a race because she was she was actually smart about it she said this is to create awareness toward women in third world countries who don't have access to sanitary pads I'm yeah I was reading a whole article on the 4chan the creating the free bleeding move okay I could be wrong so you see if he could pull that I know there was a legitimate example of the free bleeding I think that was post that part of putting it up they've done a few things like they all said pee on yourself to fight rape I heard because that's one of the big arguments that to fight a rapist if you're actually in that situation peeing yourself that'll turn away and it's like you shouldn't give people advice it's like listen if she's actually getting assaulted what should she do in that horrible circumstance and then it's like pee

► 01:14:56

Ian yourself to show your support for victims sexual assault wasn't there a senator somewhere that actually said that if it's a legitimate rape kits and are not taken Todd Aiken was a run Alicia this is amazing Todd Aiken was running for Senate in Missouri and he's pro-life and they asked him a very common question for life people what about if it's rape and he goes well that's very rare and he goes but my understanding is if a woman is assaulted the body has a way of shutting it down now there's a book called sperm Wars and apparently and again I'm crazy scientist don't get mad at me didn't work that's the book Soldier it's not true no no it's been disputed it's been debunked okay thanks there's no evidence that sperm acts as anything other than sperm that attacks the egg and tries to get it pregnant the claiming that book yeah is that rape is more likely to result in pregnancy than regular intercourse the point is he got read out of town on a rail and then Reza Aslan who said on Twitter you know what I hope he gets raped

► 01:15:56

and if you take his comment out of context it's very disturbing and it's kind of serving in context but Reza's response being like this is a response to you being like yeah if you get raped or not gonna get pregnant and he got the the new right one after him Reza and got him fired from CNN years later is that what he got fired from he also called me as a shithead yeah so they're like they use that and they use the other tweet they gave it him what's really free bleeding stuff has been online there's an article I found from 2004 oh crap so it's been online for a long time but but it has a charted question picked it up as a troll in 2014 okay so I started as a real thing it's been a thing online out for a long time until this blog so 2011 there's another thing but when you fuck but when you find in 2004 was it a troll no it was all about my vagina yeah my vag dotnet yeah yeah I told you wait a minute wait a minute I knew I'm glad I got this right okay you got a right to my vag Fortune has too much power long my vag dotnet some lady

► 01:16:56

experience with her free bleeding so she just lets her 15 years ago heart watt bleed sorry

► 01:17:03

okay you got that one that I've taught article was so fucking convincing that's a problem and it's a problem you know and that's what people in that are arguing for D platforming or saying when they're like 4D platforming anti-vaxxers or D platforming flat-earthers or anybody who's got information that's just not accurate in terms of the other things climate change I held on subsequent to that my big answer is you guys reported wmds for a long time and hundreds of thousand people got killed because of this misinformation so if that's going to be your standard you're going to have 2D platformer the New York Times as well so it's a very double-edged sword when you start talking about of people give misinformation they have to be banned from these social media sites you need someone to be able to check the Orthodox point of view no matter what it is that's true there's no denying that we send Jim this is the poster that's the guy didn't know this was about a poster it's a fair use issue with the Pepe and Alex Jones oh

► 01:18:03

and like they're arguing is fair use and he's arguments not blah blah blah so interesting not just because it's a meme or something yeah there's the poster there is a person behind Alex to to the left of Alex it's good question of these people are I know who all of them I don't know what that's like a cigarette in their hand or a test tube or a tampon years is that what is that is that a blunt what is that so the Sharpie that you're writing something on the Alex is back it's not a dude or a guy who fuck is that yeah who is that I never buddy else yeah whatever we could be here for days it's a diamond in silk okay oh no it must be diamond and silk the two of them whose Diamond itself there are these two black ladies who are Trump's biggest fans and they go on social media they start ranting raving I've seen one and that one of them always drinks blue wind blew one yeah and it's like when you're so sick of his bloosh bullshit these are drinking literal Kool-Aid it's blue she's got a blue Drew liquid it's crazy a green one here and she's a tramp yeah it's going on there its racist but wait a minute

► 01:19:03

she's drinking Kool-Aid like you can get can you get green Kool-Aid no I think it's fine wine glass I think they have blue wine now what

► 01:19:13

look at the looks at her face she's always seemed sad I don't know which one is Diamond with one silk ones are always active really upset the other ones just like why am I here it's a good move if you just want attention if you don't really support Trump if that's it everything green why not just get super outrageous see and they testified in front of Congress that's why I love this timeline it's like this is where we are they testified in front of Congress my Facebook censoring people yes because Facebook or censoring them they said what do you see what's going on with Alex Jones if you write Alex Jones name on Facebook it says only you can see this post I do like his name I do live streams a lot right and if the live stream was my thoughts on Alex Jones live stream the second is uploaded to demonetized and they later has to get re monetized once they see it's okay so the default setting is and that's the other thing of all of these people Alex Jones is the worst one like you have actual full-blown we need another

► 01:20:13

the cost types and he's the villain yeah well he's got a big platform that's the idea the idea is that he had a big platforms they have to shut his the other lie there like oh blah blah Sandy Hook I like you weren't upset when the Sandy Hook should happen you're getting upset about him now years later because you're being whipped up into a froth by the corporate press about it you wouldn't flip saying he should be be platform 7 years ago

► 01:20:37

when was whenever it was standing here when it was something around them right five years ago well it becomes something that is a talking point right like that he needs to be D platform to you either agree with it or you don't agree with it and I think that's the case with almost what is happening with our

► 01:20:59

something happened up there I always at The Purge no I read the perch and all those guys are here messing with electronics okay no there's no perch here yeah okay good we have security I would not do well in a perch you'll be fine dude stay in this room this room was bulletproof is it yeah all right good good to know yeah you'll be all right man okay good are you worried about The Purge no are you worried about the apocalypse no natural disasters not at all nothing solar flares taking out the grid no nothing I'm not I mean there's a satellites going one of the best books no more serious idler at this is my response to people on the far right and I'm using that are determined accurately there's a great book by Arthur Herman called the idea of decline in Western history and he talks about you know every 20 years it's a different group on the left on the right and they're like the world's going to end and he brings the receipts and it never ends up happening because people are smart some and we have a huge asymmetry in wanting to stay alive so I the idea that the last of what a pain

► 01:21:59

swept by the Black Plague I would say would be the last apocalypse we were doing so good so far do you know about the people that got the black pet excuse me the people that got the black plague because they are eating them Marmot liver is that what it was it a liver a killing but they thought it was the fleas from the rats no no no no there's some recently recently recently got the black plate but it's useless to get the fluid out of the rats the last time that happened the United States I think was in the 1920s and that was in Los Angeles actually the last evidence of the black leg Yeah but you don't die from it anymore oh you could definitely die from it but they died and 20s I think they died in the 20s I thought it's still okay maybe the people died this year from the Black Plague ocean people that ate the liver okay kidney I think rightly Kiddin couple you know yeah all Marmot kidney yeah Marmot it's like a vole yeah yeah that's what you please to be 65 million years ago yeah some weird little mini Museum

► 01:22:59

these people hate it hate it and wound up dying from the play what was the point I had a point about and the world are we worried about the apocalypse yeah you know that idea that people have always worried about the end of the world and it never happens sure that's like saying I've always worried about dying but I never have I'm not going to die I'm not going to die I won't I'm not going to be there you're gonna die but I'm not going to be there how do you know what do you mean how do you know you're not going to be there but I mean that's a dying means ouu not going to be there when I die so you're not gonna die right Buzz I'm not gonna keep you alive or not so don't even worry about it because what I'm so over you won't be here so who cares I wouldn't say so who cares but I mean if your entire life is focusing on you know avoiding death as a very bad mindset yeah that's for sure that's what I'm saying is and I think people are operating with a very small historical timeline and the more I talk to people like Graham Hancock with the describe the overwhelming evidence

► 01:23:59

something pretty severe happen to the human race around 12 thousand eight hundred years ago most likely comet impact or something along those lines other other people think that it was actually a solar mass coronal ejection that made lightning storms like rain storm the lightning was coming down like rain all over the world and just killed everything and this thing Could Happen easily at any time not easily oh yeah easily okay yeah common impact or asteroid impact easily thick easily or not easily in terms of likelihood because it would happen easily turn likelihood it would have happened by now no no no it has happened there's a lot of evidence that it's happened it's just we're dealing with a small timeline the ideas could could you get lucky and it won't happen in the next 60 years or so while you're alive yeah yeah I could have an orchid hit tomorrow that could happen to okay I'll take that bet it's a good bet if I mean it's good look your perspective is good that's a good it's a good to not worry so to not look at it like because what you're up to

► 01:24:59

our yeah if you don't have power to affect the comment as I personally don't know it's true knowing it's coming who cares erratically what can I do about it just live and I think one of my heroes Albert Camus great French philosopher you know his point about living to the point of tears right and I think what really I find sad in this culture is cynicism and hopelessness and it's like we're blessed you know we have this I mean there's beyond beyond the internet you can find people who are making amazing things more opportunities than you can count and if you're just going to sit there and mope I mean you're blowing this great gift that God's given you yeah well I think a lot of those people that are moving that are concentrating entirely on the negative aspects of Life they're doing themselves a giant yeah service and they can't it's almost like they can help it I think there's a lot of people that are affecting the way culture shifts today that are probably clinically depressed and one of the things I resent enormously about culture is this idea of something is joyous or fun it's less it's less legitimate are

► 01:25:59

Stickley and that is such a disgusting horrible mindset and we need more joy and more happiness and I for me because I want to see JoJo see why last night okay yeah do you know who that is you don't know who that is she's a YouTube Star my nine-year-old blobs are so how to observe how to go to Jojo see was birthday concert last night okay at the Microsoft Center whatever the fuck that is I know because Bert ran into her at the airport loves our to have it because berta's young daughters to yeah she's all about positivity yeah believe in achieve fun times I'll upload a video later I said I was like is it all like saccharine like Disney stuff or is it sincere this is Sakura is a gal I don't like that yeah yeah yeah yeah like yeah she was taken old Queen songs and reworking the words cleaning them up she's like those mean people she was she's cleaning toning down Queen song on down some Queen songs oh this woman is the devil how dare you

► 01:26:59

take someone's art and and appropriate it and make it like take out all the energy yeah she this is Corporate culture at its worst but she's doing it for three year olds bro so to sleep five year olds and they don't need to be listening Queen over there it is oh Jesus Christ loves Freddie Mercury bro it's problem no she doesn't is she loved him she'd respect him she's fucking 12 she know oh she's 16 excuse me yeah should know any better he does know better how smart were you when you were 16 smart enough not to try to rewrite Queen I bet she doesn't have a say in it I bet whoever's pulling the strings gets her to rewrite makes it even more nefarious of course the Disney people are the the sensors whatever it is a producer's what am I wrong that's the LIE where's the LIE what song was it they do to them turn remember these they did we are the champions she sang that the cap is I mean someone's a loser yeah no time for losers so was it but the most that changed her no time what

► 01:27:59

no I don't think this change that no time for recess oh my God this is horrifying yeah this is like those videos to this is like those videos they made for like Mormons where they took like Hollywood Blockbusters and cut out all the sex and all the cursing yeah and it's like you are evil vampires horrible monsters she did Crocodile Rock Elton John okay and she changed rainbow Chevy to Rainbow Beamer so Crocodile Rock you know my theory is that that song I tweeted this out years ago what I just imagined Elton with a bunch of his friends all getting high as fuck right and they're like all right let's try to think of the most fucked-up lyric and Eric felten you're going to make a song about it they're like all right how about like a like Crocodile Rock it's like all right I'll fucking do it you fucking shits and Nails it not the fuck is that even mean what does that mean but I'll tell you what man the word crocodile means something different to me after watch that Black Mirror episode titled crocodile I haven't seen it holy

► 01:28:59

shit if you're listening to this ladies and gentlemen and you have a sensitive heart and you can't handle really fucked up premises and a really fucked-up episode like her fans don't want you don't watch it because it's rough it's really good though it's but it's like holy shit it's one of those ones where they I'm not giving away anything but at the end when you're when you're done with that show you feel like you need a fucking shower you like whoa oh geez it's dark okay there's nothing to do with the reptiles I do like dark it's just dark it's dark I just read this book by this woman Cynthia car called fire in the belly it's the life story of this artist David when you arrive at you I don't know anything about and he was in New York and the early to late 80s when AIDS was coming up and as she tells his life story you hear the story of AIDS permeating through this culture and that book is as dark as fuck because she'll have a scene where he's like oh he had dinner and then Tada and the next sentence Keith Haring died on this day at age 34 and you realize

► 01:29:59

this was like for them like they're hanging out phone rings Keith dead and these are men who are the symbols of virility early late 20s early 30s just dropping like flies and the thing is there watching each other die knowing I'm next that's gonna be me in a year from now and they're getting dementia before they die so they're talking all crazy at age 30 so this book really fucked my head really bad they were giving him a zt2 yeah yeah didn't help no but that was later at first they're like we don't know what the fuck to do is go good good luck at it's like we're dying I'm sorry should I suck dick it's like what the fuck what the fuck was I supposed to do yeah they were calling it The Gay cancer yeah I didn't know what it was they did and then when they're trying to fight for Education people like we're not going to teach kids you know about sucking dick they're like dude we're dying and they're like sorry about it and it's this book really got with buckets I had it specially cuz you know it's real

► 01:30:50

yeah did you ever hear a bug catchers of course black Chasers about Chase rep Chasers yeah that's again we're talking about things that are just fucked up about human beings when you look at the Spectrum of behavior bugchasers are people who tried ye men of e right because they thought it was want the ultimate symbol of being gay well I'm sure there's a bunch of reasons that was the big reason well sure there was the probably that but probably they felt bad that other people had it and they wanted it and there was other people that just wanted it because they're crazy sure another people hated themselves they wanted there's also that guy in Germany who's like I want to cut off someone's dick and eat it anyway and they got someone signed up for it no you said I want to I want someone to cut off my dick and eat it and I want them to eat me Ryan so someone said sure let's meet up yeah that's right I got her a hug and so the guy cut his dick off and they both shared his dick and then kill the dude start eating them and then they arrest them and they didn't know whether to charge him because his voluntary yeah it's a good

► 01:31:50

Point Yeah well yeah I don't I'm not a fan but I mean you still like

► 01:31:57

you can't that's murders like it either is murder or it's not murder like if you're in a gay relationship with a guy and the guy says okay this one I want you to do I want you to beat me up and rape me you know like oh okay can I get that in writing can you write down what you beat me and then you know if the cops come he's like you beat me up any rape me I don't know bro listen here he wrote it right here he wanted made a video tape you didn't you show the video and use your safe word he said he wanted me to beat him up in a bum and the cops are probably let you go but you can't murder right you know I'm saying because consensual sex is obviously legal so if you have consensual sex with someone it's legal but if you pretend to be fighting them off right and then else likes you it's fine it's roleplay but murders never roleplay

► 01:32:47

you know I found when I was doing research for the book The National Review Who's My Favorite paleontology journal in the late 90s as the gay rights movement was coming up into mainstream Consciousness they wrote an article comparing the struggle for gay rights to a struggle for necrophilia the like will be the difference like we fight and they talked about how right now in the European Union perverts are fighting for the right to be violent toward each other in bed in various ways it's like yeah it's like rough sex it's adjacent to vanilla sex yeah like it and now the ark the articles are the conservative case for gay marriage it's like you guys have no fucking shame then and you have no fucking shame now at least be consistent one of the things that disturbs me greatly today is there is a movement and I don't know how big it is but it's a movement for people to try to recognize pedophiles as a sexual distinction a sexual designation rather than a sick disease

► 01:33:46

similar to being trans or being gray or that some people are just born pedophiles well I think what's important there is it's not just a crime because a crime can be fixed and treated so I think it is important to understand these people will always psychologically be pedophiles and you're not going to get them to be like straight you know homo no therapy that's ever been shown that I think it's like trying to make someone who's gay it straight is it really that much so that's my understanding if that's the case then is there an argument that we should be more compassionate with them as long as they don't act on that but that's the danger because the other thing what they don't understand is from their point of view those kids are giving consent which they are right the kids saying yes so they're like look Bobby that's what's scary don't even know if they do right but no but they they don't think of statutory rape being a thing and I knew of a different this what II in turned into place long ago and there was a librarian

► 01:34:46

if they're like a guido type you know and grower guy guy and years later he was arrested he was a schoolteacher he was arrested in an undercover sting trying to meet a kid who he knew was 13 or 12 in a park to try to sleep with him right this was a Jeanine Pirro who later became a fox commentator he got out of jail and I see him on Facebook he's married with kids and it's just like you think it's fine that that's just scary shit it's insane and it's another thing to be switched gender to if you're going for young boys you're going to go to like regular aged women I don't see how that would work right right and this is something that's such a taboo topic that I don't think once it's for a lot of people correctly once you start talking about kids and sexuality their hackles raised it is a PC subject because it's like why even introducing this into the conversation where you going with this it's a very very very slippery slope well if you're trying to say

► 01:35:46

they're trying to say that this is something that people are born with I don't think there's evidence that people just are born that way I think there's evidence that people become that way from sexual abuse yes that's sure to absolutely I think it's probably never heard of anybody that grew up in a normal household wasn't abused is that the case my eyes I'm not in a position to talk about this at all I think we have probably a very few cases of pedophiles on the record explaining how they came to this point of view right but eat in either situation born or abuse I can't see how this is something that's going to be an emotional level you're going to be able to turn them away well it's also a super the idea of that being in your neighborhood yes this is in your neighborhood you've got this guy who likes to fuck kids and he promises not to do it anymore they did a few times they locked him up in a cage now he lived down the street and he locked up in a cage where he was traumatized also further traumatize oh yeah so and also if he promises not to do it but knowing when he's looking she's checking out

► 01:36:46

son or a daughter yeah

► 01:36:50

mmm I did not expect to be talking about this today I know of course that's that the human mind can be that it be imprinted in your abused when you're younger that you go on to do that same thing that was horrific lie done to you that that is a common thing that happens with children that makes it abuse doesn't make sense to you it does make sense and it just to me it's like that way I'm not I wasn't abused I was enjoying it could be right you know that that way it takes away the trauma because it's like oh this is how I've always been so it was okay nothing happened to me and you don't have to deal with the trauma that way well that's what Milo and when he was talking about being sexually abused as a child I think that's what he was kind of doing oh yes I was saying that I was the predator and I was going out for the I talked about that in the book because if there was anyone other than Milo people would because he was older he wasn't like 12 he was like whatever 1814 now that he's like so I think he was like I don't remember how old you know know if he's eating this fine it wasn't 18 but it wasn't 12 think he was a teenager but if sure

► 01:37:50

if it was somebody else people be talking heteronormativity right and it's historically not that weird for an older gay dude to go with the younger guys especially when everyone was closeted to kind of initiate them into the lifestyle this was a thing but it's Milo now it's all my God you want pedophilia blah blah it's like there's different standards for gay people to frustrate people and that's appropriate and acceptable and people understand that in other contexts well the problem is society as the way we understand human beings and the way a person's brain works when you're young you shouldn't be allowed to make those decisions because sexually in particular you could get coerced you can get you can get you can wind up doing something that you don't want to do they can be straight guys that are 14 years old chair talked into having gay sex by a very charismatic 40 year old man who gives them things the idea is that this is a bad thing for the boy it's bad thing because you wouldn't want to happen to a girl why would you want to happen to avoid but I think it's a very different phenomenon for a 30 year old man to sleep with a 30 year old gay man

► 01:38:50

sleep with a 16 year old gay man as for 30 year old boy sure as opposed to 30 year old gay straight man to sleep with a 16 year old straight girl I think you can make that argument that it is a little bit different but I still don't think it's okay I'm not saying it's okay I'm just saying you know there's a clearly it's different it's different yeah especially if the boy is like very a very obviously gay which you know everyone for high school remembers or if he's not a virgin right that's true to that first girl the first guy for that girl will fuck with her head for her life for many women for him it could be wasn't his first yeah except that's a very big difference too yeah yeah you don't wanna be that first guy that's a lot of work I don't even mean was gay I mean with straight to I don't think I ever had a virgin in my life I've never had a virgin thank God so much work as its I connected if you like forever I thought you met physically reach too much work no no no I mean yeah I should probably clarify yeah I mean being connected the upper it's to

► 01:39:50

want to be like the third guy you don't want to be the first car girl has sex with you were always my first Michael I'll never forget I always thought that we were supposed to be together forever and ever because I believe in movies and fairy tales that you were and I listened to the Queen songs with the nice lyrics didn't work true Jews he was concert she explained everything is like a movie yeah you yeah that's a thing right like people do get emotionally attached to romantic stories that they see in movies they want their life to play out like this fictional narrative and the left uses this a lot because you'll have all these leftist ideas and culture and movies and that's where a lot of people get their programming and then it's like you know for example here's an idea you don't see in culture that people very often knowingly and consciously do the wrong thing that happens every day people know they're doing something fucked up you don't really see that that much in like TV and movies and that's a right-wing message that like you know people sometimes are

► 01:40:50

basically evil and yes and run into someone at that point in their life they're evil that's a fact yeah sure that exists all over the world or like and it's also even on a small scale like if you're in an office and someone's getting chewed out and they're getting bullied for whatever reason and you're sitting there and you keeping your mouth shut you're not Hitler but you know you're doing the wrong thing but you're trying to protect your job right you're the boss come down on you but a lot of times you have that space and you still won't do it hmm and that's knowingly doing the wrong thing and I'm not saying you should be throwing the garbage but I'm saying people do that all the time these little sacrifices they make with their conscience so it's true yeah and you don't see that really represented and that's an important idea for people to understand that people are often weak

► 01:41:36

yeah and always especially if you're going Check to Check always worried about losing your job losing your gig yeah that's a real big thing with people they'll I was on vacation once and there's this guy who was a boss and he was there with his employees employed family and he was mean to his employees daughter and I are flying to watch the guy had to take it he's just talking shitty to her and it was just it was really gross because you can see the dynamic play out he was just as mean old guy just really shitty was it was just it was disturbing to see this week man like just having to accept the fact that this guy is right shitty to his daughter and he was giving her a lecture and berating her and doing it publicly look at the pain on my God that's and it is this who you wanted to grow up to be is this job worth it it was so gross I want to step in he's like just want to tell this guy shut the fuck up it's driving me nuts I remember when I was back before I started me out being an author I was working a Goldman and it was a very stressful job

► 01:42:36

and I had my review and they said oh you know if you have downtime sometimes we see you like going online we want you to help the laptop lab and I just go no and he goes what I said I wasn't hired to do laptops I'm not interested in learning laptops and there are the job is very intense and high stress so if I have down time I'm going to you know use the downtime and at the look on her face was just like as if I just been added myself as a pedophile what did it mean by use the lie was the laptop the lab lab Lab right I was doing tech support so like okay Microsoft Word Excel people had problems they would call on the Fly you got to have an answer for them it's very it's like a quiz show you living push oh and then there's a laptop lap people check out laptops they're setting up laptops which is a very different skill set something I didn't really know setting up in terms of for downloading sure yeah I got you know life where I didn't know then I still don't know I didn't I don't fuck with you work no not my job not that I'm not and I'm not interested in working as hard as possible it will also like when you have downtime

► 01:43:36

what did they want you to work extra if the point is the phone rings or it doesn't ring right it's your job to invest my job at my job is to get him off the phone as fast as possible because there problem solved so there would they were saying was while you were doing this other job and waiting for something to come up we want to keep you working for the specifically different job correct yeah no it's corporations man that's right Crow squeeze that rock right and it's like why am I busting my ass to make Goldman Sachs that extra five dollars of value fuck through and I'm so proud of myself for you after that that they fired me because I refused to work on Thanksgiving because my great grandma had died so they wanted you to work on Thanksgiving we were 24/7 what we're 24 it's a help desk wow but you must have shifts I was Second Shift 4 p.m. to midnight right every night Monday through Thursday or Friday Thursday okay and they go oh we're having you in on Thursday during the day thanks

► 01:44:36

think day and I'd promised my and I work second shift they want to be four to midnight then in there at 9:00 and I said no I promised my grandma I'd have Thanksgiving dinner with lunch with her I could have called my grandma to schedule I don't want to be that guy because I knew this is one of those you know things that look this is the fork wrote got Crossroads in your life and they go we'll find someone else to cover your shift and I asked everyone else had plans and they go well we need you midnight you know II next day for lunch and I said no and they fired me and I'm very very glad I did that and I had lunch with Grandma her mom had just died are they allowed to fire you for that if it's not your shift yeah of course they are of course well now the shift every week they would get the calendar today we scheduled it right oh I see so you wasn't you didn't have a specific shift like a Michael every day you come in at 8 o'clock at night even been I usually did or Fork literally when you add holidays things have to change hmm and I'm like well I don't care and I had no regrets well worked out

► 01:45:36

did but did you ever think that you'd be like this what are you what are you pundit I'ma try my what am I an author media personality I think is the word said troll tho immediately I went right to it myself but you wanted to be a troll I don't like that first thing you think on it it's like if someone says like what do you do you like troll I'm an author now what actually you know what I say when people ask me what I do I say you know those obnoxious people who have a job giving they're uninformed opinion that's me that's what I usually say interesting yeah isn't it funny that that's a job all you have to do is be kind of entertaining and have an interesting way of looking at things it's great that's it this is what I'm talking about being blessed and I don't take it for granted and the fact that like people pay my rent because of my sick burns on Twitter on patreon case burn burn burn and you used to be a Microsoft help representative for Goldman Sachs wanted yeah was it Microsoft just Microsoft or at yeah well the Microsoft products

► 01:46:36

yeah do use Windows I do do you yeah you don't use apple I don't know you seem like a guy you seem like I use an Android phone to I have an Android phone ha ha a little bit of a contrarian I have a little bit yeah do you like Windows because that people that use Mac's or just like following the Sheep herd I use Windows because that's what I was professional on so I haven't changed in all this time the only thing that bugs me about Windows I have to constantly be updating giant you turn that shit off you have to turn that shit off why because like trying to update sometimes it's crashed my computer oh when it updates yeah I'm not rolling that fear of the computer restart how often do you update your software never what if they fix like vulnerable like they're gonna they're gonna invent new words it's fine it's fine that they get the squiggly line when I write the word meme well I what I worry about is like vulnerabilities to the system I had everything backed up in three places I'm a crazy person like that okay so you ready to rock and do you run some

► 01:47:36

run a VPN no no and I'm not hiring that shit too whoo would you I won't you say that on there shit they're gonna think I'm gonna get swatted down and get you gotta get smarter a pirate they're gonna fucking are you sure I mean Madonna with the I got a musket Madonna has an eyepatch yeah you just see that thing see I think it's a fashion thing but it could be a glaucoma thing what

► 01:48:02

she's got an eye patch hmm maybe she's just a fan of Slick Rick do you know who's you know my favorite comedian you'll hamburger yeah sure I love me like he's my absolute favorite comedian so where and when his jokes is what do you call a senior citizen who can't help but expose their genitalia in public Madonna and he says I'll sad it's a weird act he's so funny oh he's the best no it's a strange strange act but he's just basically Tony Clifton yeah as it has to stand up but better but better but material much better material yeah better presentation I talked about Kaufman the book because he's the first troll and it happened was the first sure yeah I agree and there's this great he had this character Tony Clifton people don't know who's this like Angry Lounge singer and Tony did this bid he would perform I think it's an Atlantic City and he said hey my wife died whenever I look at my daughter's you know Stephanie's eyes I see her so that's seven come out and do a song sits on his lap they sang her

► 01:49:02

cracks he smacks her across the face it goes are you fucking it up the audience is bullying goes don't boo me just gonna make her cry more and it wasn't even a kid it's an actress you know what I mean or is that is just beautiful trolling yeah well he used two coffees to go on stage and sing The Mighty Mouse theme song like just the lighting Us Part yeah here I come to save the day he did the special and I think was ABC refused to air for two years and one of the parts is like Pee-wee's Playhouse for peace peace Playhouse he had a girl from Sound of Music and she's like oh she's starting to you know restart her career he called it has been corner and she comes out he goes so at what point did you realize you weren't going to make it in Show Business I've it's just like she's in on it right you know but it's just sitting there not like oh my God even if you're in a it's kind of staying and she's like actually real I'm trying to restart my career he goes well I don't think it's gonna happen for you but good luck at it you're just like oh my god well how about when he was

► 01:50:01

women that was a stick a sexual thing but yeah I'm sure but it was also trolling is this yeah yeah yeah screaming and yelling oh that's the yeah that part but yeah but I didn't that I'm not a fan of shoot the fucking people at the wrestling arenas they wanted to kill him yeah they wanted to fucking kill him I they thought it was real I got Dolph Ziggler coming up on my show tomorrow and he's like he come came out once dressed as the Undertaker and the audience when he pulls off the head really Brewing goes all you thought it was really good to see him you only see once a year so he fucking comes dressed as other wrestlers just to troll the audience I love that shit well when you gotta think also when Kaufman was doing this there was real discussion as to whether or not wrestling was real yeah this is a different time yeah it's amazing you can look back at these arguments that people like oh yeah it's totally fucking real know he was taken you know it's really though it was fascinating because with the rise of MMA yeah I just saw like the the WMS Square Garden we know what the Dynamics of fighting looks like

► 01:51:01

but the wrestlers it's still the same motions it's like we know that if you hit someone here at how they actually react because we've seen it thousands of times for real yeah but you guys are still like if someone punches you in the neck you're not going to be passed out on the floor was also add some wrestlers got upset because I was explaining that a figure four leglock doesn't work not only does it not work but you're setting yourself up for heel hook okay I'm like let me explain yeah and they were mad like how dare you disrespect wrestling what it's also like if you clothesline someone that's gonna hurt you no no no that's not what if someone 200 pounds hits me here it's not going to hurt my shoulder no no x file okay then I don't the fuck I'm talking about there's no I'll fuck you up with a clothesline how that's like dude you just hitting someone that been the head of your forearm you could fuck somebody up with a clothesline really a hundred percent in the neck 100 bucks not going to hurt you no I mean it might okay look every time you punch somebody to break sure I'm sure but no

► 01:52:01

you clothesline someone that shit's totally legit not only that people get ko'd from that all the time it's like a like a leg like if you kick someone in the neck right like if someone gets neck kicked they go out right sure the times you could do that with your arm same thing same motion your shin is stronger for sure than your forearm but especially this way see there's two bones right there's the the ulnar and what's the tibia fibia now that's your leg okay out of the tibia is I broke the fibula the the the smaller one or the tibia which one I broke the little one which one's the big one which one's your shin your tit your femurs the top and then I legs Beulah I think it's the fibula I broke it I broke the one what's that tibia is the bigger one yeah I broke the smaller one that's fucking gross it was really painful they couldn't do anything about it it just it was just a hairline fracture oh see that guy just like she said clothesline by this dude boom okay all right pop wow but the cop doesn't know how to land it

► 01:53:01

he went down with it to he probably broke his fucking arm let's look at fuck that cop broke his arm see that's really using his arm it definitely works out okay yeah like in the UFC well the thing is like my point was I think the big where's the Big Bone where's the little bone I think in the front this happens all the time guys get kicked in this bone breaks but actually sometimes both of the bones break but it with a spinning back fist when they're Landing it a lot of times they're Landing it with their with their forearm what not Landing it with the actual fist what about the Randy Savage if you're jumping off the top rope on your elbow won't you break your elbow or kill the person if you're landing on his neck you will hurt them for sure and you'll slamming down the elbow it's definitely got more Force but when you getting on top of someone and you're smashing with elbows which you can do in MMA you can generate incredible amounts of Force if you ever watch a guy work out on the heavy bag where the heavy bags on the ground they work the ground

► 01:54:01

I just boom boom I mean you think about that being a fucking head it's a creek but and if you're 200 pounds to 50 jumping off a rope I don't know about the small point I would think that would I mean break something in there it could it could just really hurt hitting them now he's that's the yeah parkour he doesn't hit him yeah right sure but if that were for real but just that first of all the reality is just that alone I mean even though we only like bounces off of them a little bit yeah he's he's just got it down where he lands first with the feet if you watch the impact if you slide your right yeah the feet land first and then he's absorbing all of it and just he lands the the the side of his body on the guys chest okay but it's a secondary impact boom see how it collapses yeah to it's like E12 and it doesn't hit him that hard but he had some hard enough that sucks like it ain't fun to be a wrestler yeah it's so it's a tough gig but that shit would work clotheslining someone would work it's just not ideal the ideal thing to do if someone's

► 01:55:01

just Palm in the face if you could close Lyman you could also just pop them in the face well that's that the good thing about the palm of the face is that first of all it's extremely difficult to break your palm like this think about what you can do okay this is an oak table and I'm slamming my hand into I have no pain at all you can't do that with any other part of your body you can't kick it like that if with your shin you know you can't punch it like that with your knuckles even your elbow or kind of hurts more than your palm the Palm you can really fuck look at the Funny Bone to yes yeah but you could fuck somebody up in the now bone though sure like in Muay Thai it's one of the eight points of contact but a palm strike some as charge now you just smack him you could have a tremendous impact on your hand and still get away with it and knock someone out John hack woman who is Chuck Liddell's former trainer trainer of actually current trainer for still works out trainer Glover Teixeira just one of the best guys in MMA he has these little videos on his Instagram I

► 01:56:01

it's the pit or Pitmaster Pitmaster on Instagram talking about street self-defense things and he's always advocating hitting people with your palm so when people break their hands all the time it's not the whole thing hit him in the nose too kind of that's not real that's not real the idea of brought Drive the bone up to 11 so we don't like you'll break their nose not that you're going to kill them but like that's the easiest self-defense many where even the side of the head but the idea is hitting them with the Palm I thought you're going to say when I said that's not real there was one weird kids it was like in karate movie every guy would hit the Palm up to the nose the nose bone would go into the brain would kill someone's that happened in like a Seagal movie I smash him in the nose I thought you can say that but the idea is that you could just without worry of consequences you could Palm strike someone in the face like really hard and never break your hand a regular person throwing a punch you have a real good chance of breaking your hand okay real good chance like if you crack someone in the forehead most likely going to break your hand like a rest or something else but with your palms you could just fucking whale a somebody you could smack

► 01:57:01

shit out of somebody but then you look kind of silly there was an organization that MMA more organization back in the early days called pancrase I think he might be still around but they have modified rules but pancreas back in the day they were wrestling shoes with shin pads and they were like little tiny little Speedos and they would smack each other with their hands so they would kick and punch and do some Mission techniques was fairly crude in comparison to today's MMA fighter but we got to see a lot of leg locks back then and there was there was some fishy fights to but my point is like Bas Rutten was the first guy I figured out how to really fuck people up with palm strikes and what he did is he has really flexible wrists he's a badass Striker so he learned how to pull his hands way back and he would just throw them like punches he would just do the same motions that he would do with a punch but just smash guys with his with his palms and he was light and people up like a Christmas tree and a pancreas with that it's horrific to what he fucked he ko'd a bunch of

► 01:58:01

with his palms huh CB watch Bas Rutten KO put Bas Rutten chaos funakichi he kayode funakichi who is like an elite MMA fighter who was Hicks and Gracie's last opponent and Hickson was fighting MMA but funaki I think started out in pancrase and Bas Rutten K Odom and the way he K Odom was like like like a punch but he was doing it with his palms just smashing people it's like your hand like there's a lot of things you think wouldn't work clothes lines one of them that shit would work okay that's my point might not the honky-tonk bands move though what's $100 Shake Rattle and Roll he just flips him on his back it's like why is this even hurt you don't remember this you don't watch wrestling the 80s no well how about the DDT here so here's Boss look at that knee he KO don't you have a backup before that backup before that here hold on Watch the watch I was hitting them he's so he's used look boss was a fucking gorilla back then decide

► 01:59:01

see smacking the shit out of them he's using his hands he always hitting him with a yes he's thrown him like punches but this knees what did it boom yeah boss was a beast man he was a fucking beast he was probably the first really Elite Striker that we saw in MMA where you're like whoa like this is what can happen like when he was kicking people and pancrase everybody's like whoa like this is this guy can fucking kick like you're seeing a lot of guys who are kicking the kind of like karate be maybe they didn't have as much power but boss was so he was a Dutch kickbox he was smashing people boom he looks serious shit saw he was a bad motherfucker had motherfucker he won the UFC heavyweight title he was the first guy ever I think in my recollection to win a title off of his back by from strikes he fought Kevin Randleman Kevin random is a badass wrestler kept taking them down and boss was

► 02:00:01

the shit out of them from the bottom throwing elbows and they gave him a decision which a lot of people disagreed with but I was like man you look at the volume of strikes landed bobsledding way more you you just just being on tops not good enough you have to actually do something with the position huh okay this is not a subject of extra narrowed yeah yeah yeah hey yeah this is this is the old school but you got to realize look at whole body kick fucked people up man Bas Rutten was no joke man dude he was fucking people up they nobody had seen anything like that this those guys just couldn't strike like that they didn't have that kind of power you'd see the impact but then you know like all things it caught up yeah oh good lord the UFC then they got there was some Elite fighters to start showing up in the UFC solando Vite smashing machine marker marker yeah well he was different man he was a wrestler he was a wrestler slash science project yeah I even used up real good oh my God that's two

► 02:01:01

it mildly it's a great documentary on it smashing machine oh you saw that yeah it's amazing it caught him they were that documentary the purpose of it was initially to catch him as the scariest fighter on the planet this guy who's just this Goliath who just dominating people in Japan but in the process of documenting it he was falling apart that's the him when he was as biggest he would say his his neck would start at his ears and he was very skillful as well I mean just really gives All-American wrestler with one eye rightly Tressler and just just gigantically that upper left-hand picture upper left look at that one same one yeah but click on that that's the one I started with no why is it no that's different it's very different the same photo no it's not it's just different if exact photo yeah but look at them that one looks like shit go to the other one again that's a different version of it look at the fucking Jesus Christ that is insane the fact that a person could get to look like that

► 02:02:01

that is insane there's guys that look like that at my gym at fuck you all at Harvard Fitness who are listening to this show in the locker room while my scrawny ass is right there you don't even notice me well you wonder like what it's like walking around looking like that well you could find out if you took all those same steroids yeah but they're also like six you know yeah you'd be a mini version of the yeah I did yeah likely priest yeah do you lift weights yeah what kind of shit do you do I have a split six days a week you have a trainer yeah oh we'll get ya go off you try shout out to Michael Wolfe yeah he's trying to get out guy yeah he's a deadlift but it's also important for me psychologically and for people who are depressed or anxious I've some sites have a lot of time down time so if I go to the gym I can tell my brain I'm objectively a better person than yesterday and I did something today so it really helps with keeping you mentally grounded I'm never going to get jacked but I could I learned this from

► 02:03:01

Matt Hughes Matt he was the first one to take me to Jim really yeah Matt Hughes the first want to take you to a gentle authors book and I realized I don't have to look like marker I could still look like a better version of me yes and when you have that realization it's very liberating the mental health benefits yes antic and and people need to realize that and the thing is other people who are like really odd like the first day I went I was all nervous and I know what I'm doing and there was a guy I wish I could thank him he's like you're done with this machine and I'm like yeah it goes but thanks brother I'm like all right no one here is judging you everyone's doing their own shit and if you're if you're happy you're working out and if you're fat everyone's cheering you on yeah they they're like fuck yeah you're getting it good for you know the opposite of what people would think yeah so no one cares it's I really recommend it yeah there's a lot of gyms have a good culture of support a good culture of encouragement you know like this is a reason why a lot of people that are on Instagram our fitness

► 02:04:01

but there are also motivational yeah this is the culture of these communities like when you see people doing reps like come on come on you got it you got it you got it like that sort of support is there's something to there's endorphins you get released when you're all pushing each other together I mean that's one of the big rushes of martial arts training is that you're pushing each other you work out together and then afterwards over you just everything seems to be more normal and I seems more rational and I have people follow me on Twitter instead like Jack people and they give me advice and they're very supportive that yes and that's the thing that's the real big misconception I guess from those movies the sales event rom-coms will tell you that the guy who's like a big guy's a bully and sometimes he is but most of the people were like serious about Fitness they want other people to be like come on this is this will be great for you yeah I think most people's experience with bullies is really high school stuff right it's like jocks in high school and a lot of them are just as we're saying insecure and a lot of them are also probably it's probably their experience

► 02:05:01

expiry at home at home from their dad and I think that's changed a lot because thanks to the internet now I think the jocks respect the Nerds a lot more when I was working with use and I met all those Fighters they could not be friendlier or more like hey you're you're doing your thing I do my thing I can relate to that that's awesome so there was no look at this pussy or whatever like that yeah well Fighters are a lot nicer than people think but there are because they're so disciplined is that for sure and they know what it's like to get their ass kicked and it's humbling Mas oyama who's a famous karate guy he he said it's not that Fighters are any nicer is karthika he was calling it you know karate practitioners were any nicer it's just they're tired from training he might be right but they do behaved nicer because of that it's a both that I think it's also one of the things I love about the internet is that if you're doing your thing now and people respect someone else's doing their own

► 02:06:01

sure thing yeah as opposed to when we were kids there be that one weirdo like I had this tweet there's two types of people right if you learned someone is a guinea pig breeder there's two approaches you're weird with the fuck's wrong with you or sit down and tell me everything yeah and I'm very much and people follow me or the second one it's like you're doing your thing it's gives you joy and passion I've never heard of it let me know I want to know dude I watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain's old show was called No Reservations and he was in I forget what country was but these people bread guinea pigs for food oh yeah South America Cantonese yea they had guinea pigs running around the house well they were all over the place yeah and then when they wanted to cook something they reached out and grabbed a guinea pig picked it up killed oh yeah cooked it all the other Kenny pigs eating fucking hell oh yeah there's such a really dumb but they don't it's it's it's a good argument for eating guinea pigs it's like they don't seem to miss their friend I just got a someone just

► 02:07:01

held me a contribution 300 bucks Adam and he says go out to dinner by something stupid chance to get me pig hold on no matter if someone says this is for stupid things I'm like all right it's an order it's your money so I bought some stupid things give you some money hey what's up I got this and I'm like elephant is unethical hmm there's they recognize themselves in the mirror they have a social structure this is giraffe it's stupid I got a giraffe leather wallet let me see that you go

► 02:07:31

wow but it's nice and it's due to wraps are so nice they're dumb they're like cows are they dumb or are they just donít they're done they're done oh sure but positive to run so I just tests on my friend owns my friend's parents each on his ooh and I got has I've gone with him to different zoos giraffes are very dumb but they're so peaceful that they little kids feed him at the zoo this one of the only animals where they let people feed them that's true and they just reach out with her tongue I got never forget that my daughter was like to take her to the zoo and her giggling and laughing when they think the big crazy tongue comes out and grabs the lettuce they can clean their ears with their tongue boom yeah I would that was a joke that he's to have about how they're the only animal that I could point to that's a wild animal that doesn't seem to have any problem with domestication yeah when they're at the zoo that like another day with no liens and just strolling around did you ever know me to eat that blue planet where the lines are trying to kill the giraffe in the desert and she's just kicking him in the face

► 02:08:31

shit they kick him and break their fucking Jaws are no Gel really dangerous for Lions when they fuck with zebras or harassed yeah giraffes zebras as well yeah but whenever they're fuck with any animal with hubs that's probably one of the reasons why they have hooves yeah it's like a weapon same like they have antlers I mean it certainly helps him Traverse difficult terrain helps him run protects our feet where do you where do you draw the line when it comes to like leather or different animals it's a good question yeah I I've gotten very very interested in elephants you know in terms of like their social structure and what they're like and learning about how intelligence yeah are and how long the memory isn't I don't want to have anything to do with elephant leather Ike or Ivory unless it's pretty bad a queue a long time ago that had elephant ear as a wrap okay and I didn't think anything of it but now I figured yeah II that's my line like they have elephant wallets and I was like no I'm not comfortable

► 02:09:31

but here's the thing that pigs are super fucking smart pigs are real sweet and when you domesticate them like people have domesticated pigs that alongs are well fed they behave a lot like dogs the only difference being of course if you fall in the pigpen they will fucking eat yeah and they had to do yeah often that have that's a very common way for Farmers to die they fall in the pigpen in the following scraps of clothes and like oh my God just a puddle blood my buddy the fuck is left there yeah so I now thankfully they're coming out with this kind of synthetic food you know the synthetic man-made people know that mimics pork or chicken mimicking its actual chicken cells or pork cells whatever yes yes and that's going to be a great day yeah they're brings me to the the Beyond Burger that people keep it Google this because I want to make sure this is true someone sent me this I didn't have the time to check beyond meat test positive for glyphosate let's glyphosate glyphosate is Roundup asantos is

► 02:10:31

fucking dangerous that try to pretend it's not but meanwhile the dishing out fucking lawsuits when yeah one couple got was it two billion dollars to get a two billion dollar ruling against Monsanto and other guy got 5 million it's just it's a 2 billion because they got cancer being pesticides I'm like give me the out drink that shit with your bill you got a good lawyers were there yeah they're probably gonna lose and I mean that seems like a lot of money of course but I was reading that that you know if it's a meat-based Anon meat-based burger that supposed to taste pretty similar to meet I haven't had one no but what I'm saying is now they figured out how to take yeah sales and replicate it actually is meet no right but it's and the place has no animals being killed right which is the ideal it's wonderful the dangerous for you but this glyphosate thing I need to find out if this is correct that's the only reason why I brought it up I just remembered and I think it's important for people to have this is one of the best things about that whole kind of paleo Whole Foods situation of know what if you're going to act in a certain way towards your food know what you're doing yeah and

► 02:11:31

happy to draw that line about okay what you're comfortable with and defend your decision yeah yeah what what are you willing to kill you know my friend Chris Pratt hell yes a he's got a farm he's got like his own thing that he does and he takes lamb and you know he he puts the rod on their head and perk yeah and puts him to sleep and have no idea what's going to happen and then they just died instantly and he made this like really detailed post on Instagram about it and people got super upset with them you know that that he talked about this as a peaceful thing and that he has these animals that he loves and cares for and you can see pictures of him like touching them and holding them and then later they're packaged up as meat and like but

► 02:12:18

but you saw just a steak you wouldn't have a problem with it like if someone said look I cooked the steak you'd get a lot of people like ooh that looks good but if it's like I killed this animal and now I'm going to cook it people like you're a monster everyone has to other than getting hit by a Carson if people have to put down their dogs and their cats yeah so maybe this is not and that lamb is being bred for that purpose and it's being done painlessly that's the important thing and I'm sure that lamb had a good life and it wasn't a factory crowded shoulder-to-shoulder existence is torture situation yeah I'm sure but it's a very quick life you know lamb is a baby sure Lambs a baby Nature's about us eating babies yeah I've now haven't had mutton haven't had like a sheep sheep the you know that's such a British thing and it's always like in these old story books you read but like now I don't think sheep get become adult unless they're for their fur are their hair well I've had wild sheep my friend Remy Remy Warren he gave me some some wild sheep back strap it was very good so

► 02:13:18

wild sheep that he killed but then it while I'm here I'm going to try hagfish have you had fish that's that weird fucking slimy thing yeah at the bottom of the ocean how do they cook that I Korean barbecue the real place here that has any I like oh it's some super legit Korean barbecue yeah they're cooking hagfish well I'm cooking it I guess technically what does it taste like I haven't tried it yet I can't wait what's the reports not that good I'm not surprised you like sign me up well I like since I have a zoology background I like I'm like Noah but I want to eat at two of every animal you have you had jellyfish yet I have it's tasteless it's weird like plastic yeah it's the sauce the head and chest strange I ate at a restaurant that's in the win yeah it's in the win and it's the only five-star Chinese restaurant in the country or in North America it was insanely good like you realize like wow it's true like you don't see a whole lot of gourmet right like super high-end Chinese

► 02:14:18

grunts what did you have anything weird there yeah I had that I had jellyfish sea cucumber a - no I didn't have that I had Abalone that was really that was not that a lot of times it's like credit cards Apple yeah it wasn't that to yeah I've had a bologna before and I liked it I liked it I don't I don't love it it's expensive to what do you got Jamie so from a couple articles I just found the the issue seems to be in pea protein which is what is used to make these murders and article what I found about what you were saying is The Impossible Burger actually tested 11 times higher when tested for glyphosate than the beyond meat Burger which is there's two different versions and what's an IEP protein protein chips every day is that a problem so there's an article about you getting some glyphosate what does that mean not good that's P protein could have its own concerns the detox project a research organization looking into pesticides of glyphosate has been looking into it for over a year it says that there's there is an issue this Hawk we can hardly physically protein anywhere the results like those for other

► 02:15:18

products tested for the popular pesticides aren't pretty it's a very we can hardly find a clean pea protein Source anywhere Jesus Christ's all got glyphosate there's that I still don't know what glyphosate does to keep glyphosate this is the idea okay and please Google this because the argument was glyphosate is great because it just kills the weeds and bacteria and it doesn't kill people okay actually drink it with a problem they're saying is no no no you have bacteria in your body so if you're taking in glyphosate you're killing the bacteria in your body it might not kill you sure but it's not good for you and it fuck's up your system okay this is the argument I guess that they use to present in court they must have used this to get the jury to award them to billion dollars in damage cancer yeah yeah that's not a Monsanto parent company bare feet faces thousands of Roundup cancer cases after two billion dollar verdict

► 02:16:18

cases right now yeah listen man this thing I don't know see there's this is what the problem first of all I'm a moron I don't know anything about any of the science behind this when I read this I see two different cancer just like so many other things I see people saying there's no evidence this is just there all hysteria but is that the people that work for Bayer is that like their PR firm that's putting this out there to try to like alleviate people's concerns and stop some lawsuits in their tracks they try and do influence public opinion on this or is it real science that shows that this stuff is very bad for you but there's definitely a bunch of people online that are telling you that it's horrible for you here exposure to glyphosate base herbicides in a risk for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma a meta-analysis and supporting evidence I don't want to switch off my pea protein then good bro hemp protein but that should get tested too what am I saying just start eating steak I can't like I talked to eat that much this problem bro

► 02:17:18

no fucking thing that's ever happened do you know what David Frank is yeah is that his name hold on I'll send it to you Jamie is a fucking hilarious guy who is this big steroid it up bodybuilder dude that's also very very funny okay and he's one of those the Bro Science videos well he's very he's paralyzed always talking like this let me let me find his she gonna get me all swole I sent it to these guys to my I have a fight companion Twitter feed that's going I'm not Twitter feed text message group text here it is Robert Frank almost like

► 02:18:02

more ships yeah it's him a son is do you hang on a second do you know what it is Jamie and Robert Frank six one five private it is oh no oh so he's gonna sign up million followers but I don't follow it's one of them deals because he says a lot of crazy shit all right so how long does it take okay hold on a second I'm gonna text it to you right now how long does it usually take for those people they have to be either one of those dorks has to sit in front of the computer or someone's doing it for yeah yeah he must have allowed me in all right I'm sending it to you right now bam

► 02:18:46

okay it went through do you go through

► 02:18:53

anyway it's hilarious take that and post it Solaris this is no taken anything out know need to know need to try to make it smoother it's hard to put the calories down though is my point no it's not open your mouth chew swallow will you baby your grandfather would have died for a steak like this Jesus Christ listen to yourself you saying all the shit that you would get mad at people if they're saying about any other subject it's hard it's hard to eat all that food it's hard it's hard to get by in this world it's hard it's hard it's hard to get up every morning it's hard I work hard I work hard how fucking hard is it to eat steak look at me bro just eat it cook it eat it put some salt on it delicious maybe like some steak sauce do whatever you got to do to get that steak down your stomach sir get some grass feed grass fed grass fed grass raised it's got a darker richer taste it seems like a lot of work grass-fed know just cooking steaks all the time not that hard you learn how to do it to you

► 02:19:53

is it yourself a nice Grill all right I'm in Brooklyn now you're in Brooklyn you got a yard no no oh England Brooklyn come okay get a cast-iron skillet I can get one that's all you need it's not going to think of my house yeah it'll stick up your house okay how's the steak house smell good people will be like these that Michaels living good thinking he's got the steak life maybe not going to do is I put your box browser grass-fed when we look just cut it for me let me see what you got you got a medium rare oh yeah kosher salt yeah Crush like a tiny Crush Michelle I got her it's the thicker so that's why I use I like the pyramid salt what's that it's shaped like a pyramid that crystals really yeah they do the same way no crunch here if you want to cook a steak like a man correctly you need kosher salt okay how many cat how much grams of protein and stake a lot so I need to know shove it down your fucking mouth I follow my macros everyday well too oh do you really getting serious about that I've

► 02:20:53

Ben because I have an eating disorder so this is a way to Direction okay yeah you have to look I mean it's certainly more for Wild game which is mostly what I eat then it is for store-bought meat okay but store-bought meat I would guarantee you that there's more nutrients in grass-fed meat I don't know if there's more protein it doesn't seem to make sense but if you look at like it could be more protein because they might be less that or whatever but more fat yes that's true too of course it would be more protein if it was leaner yeah the same amount of ounces yeah but there's also a bunch of other shit mtor and essential fatty acids that exist in grass-fed meat it's all good stuff okay let's get some steak and stop with the pea protein bro okay sorry proud some not eating your feet the might be fucking you up man I wonder I wonder how many people are getting five what are the dangers of consuming glyphosate other than Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma maybe this is what you're seeing over and over in people if they're not kill my gains

► 02:21:53

my gaze how they pea protein is helping your gains there's something about knowing that you're getting all your protein from peas all of it some of it just makes you 60 grams a day

► 02:22:04

what are y'all doing endocrine disruptor oh that's just no joke that's what life is hell fuck of her disease birth defects reproductive problems and animals oh Christ what is this from I just typed in dangers of glyphosate I don't want to get you I don't wanna get a birth defect I don't know what that is pull up whatever you SRT Calles find it might be horseshit we should otherwise I'd argue ask oh you s right to know right to know hmm that doesn't that sounds it still doesn't mean anything like what is it what is that based on that this does not look for Janet look at that top news on the right

► 02:22:42

trial for Monsanto Hometown it's all Monsanto everything's Monsanto this is another shitty Miss just news story from today they're all over the news right but you got to be care this this is not real story though look at all the top news is all my click on their contact I bet you it's just some it should have a some dude GMOs

► 02:23:01

our what is it our litigation other litigating this is from the lawyers could be yes from the lawyers pushing for truth and transparency this is the lawyer yeah the food system this is looks and if there are two billion dollar rulings you can bet your sweet ass looks like they're shit people that are swarming on this subject all right would be a better source of information I don't know man it's good question what do we got here Alex let's call Alex Alex Jones you'll know he I don't know if he's up on food stuff he knew about the the plastic wrap that gives you races your kind of estrogen oh the ones that makes trogs get a juice box the next okay oh perfect American yeah okay that sounds good that's good 2009 weed-whacking herbicide wow deadly to humans cells used in gardens farms and parks around the world the weed killer Roundup contains an ingredient that can suffocate human cells in a laboratory researchers say yeah so we'll kill my gains yeah it's suffocating myself fuck that whatever that is whatever whatever has that on it fuck that stuff okay I'm going to go to more way

► 02:24:01

as carnivore die that's your move okay I'd like Jordan Pederson enjoys on Carnivore yes okay over a year huh it's helped him tremendously how so well first of all intellectually he says it's really alleviated a lot of his autoimmune issues that he thinks were slowing him down and wearing him out and making him tired and he has more energy okay the things he said he's at his Peak intellectually and he credits that a lot of that through this diet he's lost 50 pounds all these is me when I'm saying all these is me I mean that's it what about drinks I water there's none okay doesn't have any of that he drinks water and he eats me and for the below you all what I heard this I heard that and okay are you know what else I heard I heard that the food pyramid was all green at the bottom and that's not the case anymore right this is a lot of shit and I'm not saying this is for everybody because it's not for everybody it's not even good for everybody there's a lot of people with the ate meat every day all day probably terrible for them but for some people in Peru it seems that particularly people with autoimmune disorders they

► 02:25:01

achieve some at least anecdotally some really positive results Jordan Pederson has gone as far as to take a think he took three blood tests when he had a one-year in for insurance purposes in which things showed because you know obviously you're going to ensure a guy who's 55 years old just eat steak all the time like oh my God this guy's gonna die right no everything's fine everything's healthy no coronary artery disease no plaque no cholesterol levels are all fine everything's fine the sounds like it would be exorbitant though to financially yeah maybe not the cheapest way to eat in the world mean you can get Costco's takes you you get some supermarkets have cheaper Cuts really depends on what you know you can also eat just ground beef that's not as bad you don't eat as much and that's one of the reasons why when you're on with the con Elimination Diet one of the one of the cool things you eliminate basically everything that might be fucking with you except the one thing that you can write soon easily

► 02:26:01

this is one of the things they're calling the carnivore diet the elimination and an Elimination Diet when you do do you wind up eating less food it's which is one of the reasons why these people just eat steak and wind up losing weight they don't they don't take in any car unless they're all that says basically also kind of Adkins if they're not taking a carb sort of but there's a thing called gluconeogenesis and like not necessarily sort of Atkins but sort of Kido but it's more Atkins than Quito and that that Atkins Diet Works oh yeah stick to it it does work and when you keeps his way I want your piece starts to smell it's great that's when you know the party started yeah you're in ketogenesis great or yeah tell us this ptosis and when you're in ketosis man you really do have energy throughout the day because your body's not craving carbohydrates you don't have this up and down blood sugar crash the thing about the carnivore diet is this not even ketogenic really I mean you're in ketosis sometimes but you're not eating that much fat you just eating a lot of meat and a lot of it with fat and some of

► 02:27:01

without fat that's a ketosis is loquiz when you have no carbs it's not a function know here's why okay because when your body eats a lot of steak and you don't have any carbohydrates your body does something called gluconeogenesis world could invert stake into glucose so it actually convert protein into glucose okay and it actually knock you out of ketosis if you take in too much protein and not enough fat looks like it's kind of portion ketosis is I think somewhere in the 80% range if you would should be consuming like eighty percent of your calories from fats you'd be kind of amazed and actually can fuck with some people's gains they don't think they're getting enough protein because they're getting a lot of fat in a smaller amount of protein like less grams of protein might not be ideal in terms of like physical performance for athletes they think but when you when you do do that and you just eat steak your bodies as RI this asshole doesn't want to eat apples you know we have to figure out how to get our carbs yeah we have to get a figure out how to get

► 02:28:01

sugar so we're just going to get it through the steak huh okay yeah it's a weird thing that's like people some people are unaware of that but your body literally produces it turns protein into like a glucose substitute for glucose actual gluconeogenesis yeah you can do it I've done it for several days I've never done it for a long period of time but I was I wanted to try it when there were doing National carnivore month while his knuckle has there's people are so into it carnivore died is a lot like the vegan diet is they can't shut the fuck up about being a carnivore my buddy Michael ghosting who is the first person I know who's Bitcoin is that Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin same thing with carnivore Carnival Carnival carnival rides all right so I tried it for a couple of weeks I think I went from like close to two weeks and after a while it's like Jesus Christ 20 regular foods and I am not being I'm not joking I would think you'll be a problem is getting it stuck in your teeth all the time no you just brush your teeth what do you think trusting what's wrong with you you haven't toothpick at home excuse me I

► 02:29:01

every flavor of Marvis on my shelf right which is marvelous oh interesting now who doesn't know about tooth care what's Marvis is the like Italian toothpaste brand it looks really cool although the the flavors are so far the point is brushing your teeth not going to get it not stuck in between your teeth that's not going to help flossing yeah flight you're gonna get the flossing all the time

► 02:29:21

or just bite off bigger chunks like a man just swallow it oh can I tell this chick can I tell you a story about this this just happened to me yes and this is when I realized that most people there's no mind there I am at a buffet I'm eating steak I was eating steak congratulations i-it's get stuck in my throat I'm like all right it's just too big a piece I'll just wash it down mmm it's not going anywhere and I realize I'm choking and it was a very scary situation in the sense that mentally I knew there is a percent chance that I'm going to die to try to throw up hold on hold on I love you tell the story Joe Rogan so I'm sitting there I'm like holy shit I'm choking and I'm like all right I was calm but I'm like it's your life is currently in danger and there's a three people the next table to got two in there two women in their 50s ago in their 60s I go up to them and I'm like I know what to do because I was at school and I go then I go I'm joking and I did the hand motion and

► 02:30:21

make eye contact with each of them no look no affect on their face and I'm like at the very least you have a crazy person coming up to your table doing an ECMO sure you in New York yeah that's the problem is people desensitize did this to myself and it's shot out and then I go to do it yourself show me how I just did this that's so you can call heimlich like I don't know if it was the cough or whatever it popped out and all the liquid to after it and I go to them I go I was just choking and they're like oh well you should chew your food better I'm like someone was just oh fuck said that to you one lady she get that lady's name she doesn't happen to answer because there's not a human being there there's no mind and I'm like holy shit if I saw this happen and I didn't help I would be like oh my God you just oh my God holy shit are you okay it was like I should shoot your food you're not a soul how old is this little their 50s somebody probably just treat her bad man not bad enough bad relationships it was scary

► 02:31:21

the reaction was scarier than the choking yeah I would imagine well I think that's a really common thing with big cities that that sort of there's a diffusion of responsibility when there's so many people there's so many you don't feel responsible for this guy with his hands on this neck saying I'm coughing look somebody else go tell somebody handle this I got to go to work I would be fine if they had Shrugged and then like yeah whatever in a sense but there was no reaction she's probably so jaded

► 02:31:49

so whoever you are lady I hope nothing's happened to you fuck you I hope you go back in time and you have a better daddy and a better Mommy and better friends yeah and he grew up to be a nice person and I and yeah in her 50s maybe she could be a yoga teacher has life changed her mind and be like I saved someone's life today I'm going to heaven yeah maybe she thought you were nuts and you just trolling her but if I was nuts you would think they'd pull back and be like holy shit there's a crazy person or table maybe it's because of your troll like wait lesson Universe has sent your way you're the boy who cried wolf no no the lesson is you're invincible and nothing bad will ever happen for oh because you survived I survived oh do you know how to do that to someone else though someone was choking do not give a high like I think I do it we all think we do right that's the thing but it's like you have to get it right here like right where the rib cage the sternum and you push up I think people get the ribs broken all the time yeah they're supposed to yeah you're supposed to be as hard as you can oh you don't want that but the alternative magic Matthews doing

► 02:32:49

yeah as far as you can that would be very painful crack crack crack crack

► 02:32:54

you just black an old chicken yeah no pea protein there and you get in trouble for helping and hurting some course you can't hundred percent doing wrong of course you could get in trouble for shooting a burglar especially if you're a strong person like if you like that Robert Frank guy that he proved yet

► 02:33:10

no I'll check I was looking on his Twitter account I couldn't tell what the video was you might have it on Twitter yeah maybe it's a yeah I bet he does right well but isn't he like he's not the topic was get a couple videos up but it could have been this is what it looks like I'll show it to you it's for some reason now Instagram wants to send me Twitter wants to send me to the Instagram from the web and not from what happens when you're an apple one of the few that should have been in a wet mess instead of an Android why does it do that but does Android work better for that what the fuck did it for the purpose of it for the purpose of joke yeah it doesn't doesn't know the thing about Google though is that Google I have Android to have an Android phone as well but don't doesn't Google it collect way more data than Apple does I think they yeah it's my understanding there's this Gathering data and selling it wears apples kind of trying to avoid that I wanna support apple did a great great thing where they had that set up where they can't even break into there

► 02:34:10

if they wanted to Define law enforcement and that was really wonderful not just that but your information right terms of relocation information and where you're going and what you're doing the Google every time you're getting online they're just trying to do like where you at what do you want what do you need there's a great documentary called the creepy line and they talked about like let's suppose Facebook on Facebook and I want to influence elections right what if if I have an ad that says get out and vote it's going to crush people vote what if I just ran that ad on Donald Trump fans people like Donald Trump don't run on Hillary fans that would sway the election and no one would know hmm so what they do with this information is very quiet and there's not that much transparency and it can really lead especially with the shit with foreign countries how was China how they're like you know being perfectly happy to kind of sensor stuff this is these are things that need to be asked yeah I was talking to a woman who's an executive and her position was that if they didn't do at Google is going to copy it anyway so might as

► 02:35:10

just let Google sensor and this way Google won't invent their own Google sure and just copy all the code and steal the kodagu and that's a fair response that these are things that people I think should think more about yeah well especially with something like China where the government and the industry are all tied in right this is why I was really weirded out by this Huawei thing today when it came to Google and Google because you want to say well if Google's doing this clearly there must be a real reason for it but then you know about the Google memo and James D'Amour and you're like oh yeah well what we'll what oh yeah because when you've done that I got to go okay the guy just provided scientific information didn't say anything sexist you're just talking about the facts of studies right and you fired them for what you called like what was it reinforcing sexist stereotypes and wasn't the case at all that's not what he did but so many people were complaining about his report

► 02:36:10

on the data that they were asking about while also saying that he doesn't know math and statistics when that was his have an MIT degree know it well he's a he's a coder yeah so it's what happens is when you have this fundamentalist Faith you start with the conclusion and you reason you're a backward and if you're contradicting my conclusion you're not only wrong you're a liar and a sinner and have to be driven from the face of the Earth well that's why I would ordinarily defer to them I'm like wow this must be pretty serious if Google is looking to take Gmail off of the new Huawei phones and not update the operating system but then I go well no that's not the right what's going on at all yeah I don't know we don't know what's going on we might never know that is a problem when you do one thing like that like there's giant consequences for what they probably thought was a PR disaster probably have to get rid of this change to more guy let's just do it will justify and I think the culture of the company probably supported it's probably very left I demanded it didn't

► 02:37:10

ported it demanded it was my understanding the company yeah even though it's logically and the rest of that was really interesting to see outside of the bubble where the rest of the world the people actually read his memo and looked at it we're like okay what is wrong with what he's saying he's she's not saying anything bad about women right he's in fact he had a page and a half talking about strategies to get women more interested in Tech he was just relaying the information as a stands in terms of the studies that have been done that show what women tend to gravitate towards what men tend to gravitate towards these aren't sexy studies are studies where they're just trying to figure out why do more women go into Healthcare why do is it opportunity is it desire like is it is it just natural cultural is it cultural yeah I mean sure there's a lot of things and so data is not sexist to Scouts just talking about data and then when you looked at his own ideas those weren't sexist either he was just talking about strategies that you did

► 02:38:10

when it's right disagree with you they will say data is sexist because it has conclusions that contradict what they are quotes know to be true so therefore if the data contradicts this the data is sexist that's so crazy that that's the left the left used to be science-driven another logical ones the left has this is one of the big myths and I talked about this in the book they have from Woodrow Wilson on have this Evangelical fundamentalist face a segment of the left mmm there's many people on the left who are very science-driven who are like look these are the facts as work it out but there's a big segment of them which are very prevalent where they're basically like jihadis and you have this on the right as well where it's just like these are my conclusions and we're going to force everyone to fit said conclusions hmm so you think that even like when you go back to that fucking there was the terrorist organization that Obama's Professor was involved and the weatherman the weatherman yeah like that you go back to that similar almost like a

► 02:39:10

educated version of antifa I'm going back to Woodrow Wilson yeah but I mean if you went back to that it's real similar to what works so absolutely yeah and they that's there's a book called days of rage and it talks about how in the early 70s there were bombs going off I think every week in America and they weren't trying to kill people it was political they called in the bomb threat and be like look we're going to set up a bomb but the point is they they're other Sabine he's living a Liberation Army that had Patty Hearst few of them the Weather Underground they really this was their thing and they blew up a townhouse in New York City you know killed a bunch of people and now they're walking around and they're fine it's a fast and end it's all been swept under the rug like people always think that no matter what's happening now is like regards to like these like Neo-Nazi types and they'll be all right oh this is the worst time ever it's like the Klan used to be like a major part of both political parties like what are you talking about things used to be real which are Wilson is playing Birth of a Nation at the White House things were really really dark before

► 02:40:10

and the people don't have the historical context no it's easy to not know what happened before but just to think about what's going on now and where you want things to go yeah so therefore it's really really bad and therefore must be the worst right yeah there's a better there's a better way to live for sure but I think we want one of the real problems when you start telling people what they can and can't do yeah no matter what it is no matter what it is you tell people that what they can and can't do you sort of reinforce I think one of the things that's going on now in terms of like these abortion rulings oh gosh yeah which are very sketchy very scary and the Alabama one which essentially just Outlaws abortion right there making it where your punishment for abortion is

► 02:41:01

far greater punishment than the punishment for raping someone and causing them to get an abortion so well they don't punish the woman I think the punish the doctor the law punishes the doctor was I would yeah yeah the doctor gets 99 years or something like that that's right it's the doctor who's being charged not the woman that's and the question is in Georgia and Alabama maybe they'd be right but the question is why do you want this but if you regard this mother as a potential murderer do you really want her raising that kid

► 02:41:29

right force her to go ahead 99 years in jail

► 02:41:33

yeah that that's another thing is that I am very torn in this issue abortion on Twitter it's such a cesspool of people who don't understand each other one group saying oh it's all about a you want to control women's body and the other being like are you want to murder babies no no they don't want to murder babies and they don't care about the woman they care about what they perceive to be the infant so I try to talk to both and it's just noise yeah these are rigid ideologies and they're not persuasive if you tell someone who is pro-choice good would otherwise be amiable to your point of view well you just want to murder kids it's like well I don't so there's nothing to talk anymore did you see that state representative that was walking around in front of a abortion clinic and was trying to get the names of these kids that were there that were all yeah he's still on Twitter yeah no consequences that's crazy he was trying to Doc's kids he was asking for it was going to give offering money bribing the yeah huh

► 02:42:33

dollars a hundred dollars to get the names of whoever these people are it's in they gets to this one boy and he puts his boys face onto it was like just some Meek shy Christian man is a big guy he's big and aggressive and he's getting in people's face with the camera right here and then he's putting them online and he's getting a lot of attention and fame for it and it's crazy and Meanwhile my buddy Mike he has a parody account of AOC he gets kicked off that's crazy yeah and it says parody yeah why can't you do that I mean I don't think what he did was even rough it wasn't it wasn't anything I don't really awful like I've read some of the tweets I was like they just kind of funny at their a parody yeah what about staying alive I think exactly exactly whatever Alec Baldwin does to the president every fucking day on Saturday Night Live every week he's doing a fucking Trump impression on me as well he should that's their job exactly so it's a complete double standard it's and the other thing I'll defend Jack in this regard what

► 02:43:33

when earlier I'm sure the pressure he gets internally Krav Maga is off the charts off the and he even said the six pussy goes they were all my whole company was yelling at me to kick off Alex yeah you know for a long time he refused to do it for a while yeah it's it's weird that they don't see the consequences they don't understand that this is going to go to a bad play but this is they do see the positive consequences where they're preaching to their own tribe and basically people who aren't like us get to go out in the gut in the gut again the Wilderness well I think human beings are way better at expressing themselves today than they ever have been in the past and I think one of the reasons why is the free expression that we so enjoy and that we have enjoyed

► 02:44:19

you know like if you if you look at the history of what you could the message you could get out just 40 or 50 years ago as opposed to what you can get out today and then you looked at how culture has radically evolved over the last 40 years versus where if everything was stagnant like it was in 1950 we would we would think if you watch like 1950s films or read books about the 1950s the behavior of the people got away with was was way different oh yes it is today of course things are getting better but one of the reasons why these things are getting better is because people can see everything you can talk through all the details yes if you think you can just cut off the ugly stuff cut off the Nazi stuff and cut off this stuff and you're going to keep people from getting recruited so you're going to kill this and you're going to D platform this you're also going to you going to enforce assholes to say like there's a reason why they're silencing us there's a reason why instead of having people going hey no you guys

► 02:45:19

are shitheads and this is a stupid idea and you guys are all ignorant fools and your perception of things is so off we're going to explain to you while it's off and we're going to all look work this out together and when they say there's a secret Elite who's running this country and wants to control your life they may choose what don't they shit Jig Is up they know shut it down this but this is there proof they can point to Twitter and Facebook and they could also say hey they're picking off the same exact people and every platform it's not a coincidence yep where is David Duke is still on Twitter is a ruin yeah of course that's hilarious is it no but it's telling no it's not hilarious like haha I know but it's what the yeah they got rid of Farrakhan didn't get rid of David Duke right right because David Duke serves a purpose what purpose because he's a good foil for the left because when David Duke endorses a republican look o the Republicans are racist when David Duke endorses ilhan Omar or Keith Ellison crickets don't you be a good bad guy on payroll

► 02:46:19

all like if I was a Democratic party I took Dave did The Jig Is up okay everybody knows you never gonna be president right now we're going to really run for office anywhere legitimate bun she's not that good with that guy Yubel how about this David will give you $400,000 a year all you have to do so every now and then I'm going to call you up but I'm just a Dave you know be interesting it would be interesting if David Duke endorse this asshole and then David Duke just starts talking about this person being a fine American and a white nationalist and all these different just make up a bunch of quotes and have David Duke put it up there a lot of people when that have a shake that off a lot of people think he's control like not him specifically control opposition is control F is this that's my favorite all right when someone's not bad they must be controlled opposition that is one of my favorite I love that Rishi dork there it is a controlled opposition is someone who you don't like who hasn't been banned yet yeah controlled opposition is a useful idiot yeah control opposition is it's like when people get into these I've been a

► 02:47:19

is it being a CIA plant you probably are it's probably one of these days for Anarchy you know the term cognoscenti like oh yeah those in the know you know yeah that's a great term and that's like that's perfect for this it's like oh useful idiot all controlled opposition I'm in the know I'm one of the cognizant you're not sneak this by me I understand but meanwhile sometimes they're right which is why it's really fucked up it's like sometimes there is controlled opposition sometimes there is sometimes just fake websites that talk about that because somebody wants yeah probably yeah somebody wants to win a lawsuit you know look at this I'm dear dear let this case of you're working on come and look at this website I found but that's what's killing babies that's why it's so important for there to be venues for those people if someone is crazy or brilliant we often looks the same right but how does a person know whether or not that websites right Orwell once we got the Scientific American we bought we all agree like okay this is legit is legit claim they're basically talking about

► 02:48:19

Elle's though they were talking about a human cells I don't know any better way throwing human cells but here's here's the problem with that was that it was going to say is at what scale Because by the way they've shown that certain elements plants in laboratory environment will destroy cells even like phytonutrients and there was some something one of the head guys for the carnivore diet Shaun Baker posted on his Twitter while back showing that you can make a lot of weird arguments based on cells like how things respond to cells doesn't necessarily mean once it gets through the organisms say yeah the only way in my view and I'm not an expert on this is discourse and having a platform where people can argue at each other yeah and you could stand by and watch and see things through otherwise if you're silencing its various as we talked before and I think any right-minded person would agree it's a very very slippery slope I agree did you

► 02:49:19

did Ben Shapiro meltdown on PBC I did yeah yeah that's a good example that's a good example like I don't look he didn't handle it well he knows he didn't handle it well and I'd like them but you know like him a lot I think he's a really nice guy I like talking to him I don't agree with him on many things but I really like him he's a really good guy and I think he's a very smart guy I think he's smart enough to admit that he fucked up he did he went on Twitter and so and here's the thing I didn't mean making fun of him it's on my insta and people white knighting for him and I'm like he owned that he played it wrong he fucked up yeah he's like yeah I got got that's to his credit yeah and it highlights to me more so than anything the problem with two things one doing a remote show sure where you're from you're in Los Angeles there in the UK sure where you know he was talking to him like he wasn't there the British guy was because he wasn't really that right and then the other part is that short time for Matt he did you don't have enough time you have a time to have a conversation

► 02:50:19

just talk but then knows this then is a pro he knows what the BBC is too but he's also a pro doing those things you just shout talking points at each other and taco which and been talk super fast because when he talks fast it's really hard to keep up with them and he sound smarter than you like he's very smart yeah and articulate any talks fast I was like whoa It's hard to he rose to prominence when he was on Piers Morgan yes talking about guns and if you thought that BBC interview was rude peers at one point just goes your real stupid man aren't you like that's your line what and bent and storm off he's just like no I just think when a government becomes usurpations that it's very important for citizens have you know and he handled a good impression we go to the sensual he handled it amazingly so for him as he admitted for him to lose his shit and also to be like I'm popular and I've never heard of you yeah that's just because you never heard of someone and I'm sure he would admit this is of no relevance to their the validity what they're doing yeah that's why I was shocked when I went to Jojo see what

► 02:51:19

last night it was sold out there so I know that I literally didn't know she was until a week ago a lot of people know her I'm just a more so than Ben Shapiro I'm the second most famous Joe here what the fuck happened and she's 16 it's like Ben Shapiro did a speech at the Microsoft Center I don't know how many tickets he sells if he does speeches but it's A Hard Sell 7,000 people too hard so you don't think Ben Shapiro could still 7,000 tickets that's a lot yeah but that's basically you're getting a two-hour speech in one hour so that's you know already half the double the value no but it's getting people out of their house to pay money to come see or hear people talk like most of these like when these guys are doing these talks unless it's Jordan Jordan kind of do a football stadium yeah but a lot of these guys are doing like mm Cedars okay this is 7,000 this is a big jump okay so seven people I bet you he could fill it maybe maybe it's possible I don't know I mean I don't know if he's doing live ones like there's a lot of people doing live shows now it's very interesting because

► 02:52:19

they're doing old-timey to the ferry old-timey yeah but it's also it's cool to see people that are interested in intellectual disability Sam Harris has some fantastic and I like some what if some of Sam's live ones to because he's funny in them yeah but she's he gets a chance to actually work to the crowd yeah you know I was talking to him about him like you have good timing yeah like a comic like some of this stuff you say actually makes me laugh when he does live ones as opposed to he's very like rational and somber when he's doing straight you know justjust conversation ones you know this is a performer and stay with me like if you're in front of that audience and their the laughs is out of proportion because there's so many of them you have that one liner it makes you want to be more on and it's like it's this medians tail and its really really exciting it's also like a nod to the crowd that you know that they're there and you're trying to entertain them you appreciate them like you say something funny like you're doing it they know you're doing it because of their and it's funny you know and what it's improv that's much more intimate you know when you've got that one liner that you

► 02:53:19

wasn't part of his speech it's great so they're doing theirs their way whether it's just conversations and it's interesting because they're getting these giant crowds and you know they're also like do produced ones too like Radiolab does a produced live one and it's really interesting they'll bring someone out and they'll play sound clips and I don't know if they have a video element of it I don't see I think they do think they have like visuals to but they're doing it all in these big-ass theaters and people love it they come out to see it so for someone who listens to like Radiolab every week and they get a chance to go and see it live it's like wow I can't believe it's here as a part of my life and this is the danger of the help them write their later Facebook stuff people are desperate and excited to hear new ideas stop provoking people even if you disagree right to my favorite people like a lot of times if you hear them talk even if you don't care what they're saying or disagree with them the energy and it's like this is fascinating it's super fucking for me it's just it's nothing's better I think

► 02:54:19

something really cool about people coming out to see these really interesting discussions to look Jordan had a debate with this lavish uh yeah thank you for saying his name I think I pronounced it right maybe you better you than me about Marxism yeah and it's sold out yeah giant fight and then they had pay-per-view people are buying are watching this is like the WEA of our times it's like how are these two people are room together I want to see this and they actually want of agreeing on quite a few things and just it was really an interesting discussion but it's also interesting that that that Marxism is such a attractive subject that they're willing to host this giant event and pay to see people debate this topic that's like this is this idea that you could fill up a whole arena for an intellectual discourse or three other I mean I'm not a big place was then you could also sell pay-per-view tickets for like what the fuck are you talking about who the

► 02:55:18

going to pay to hear that but that's cool get out of here with that shit it's not I wish school was like that I wish right there's no better way to get kids to hate learning than school every kid is so excited about the world you know going to go to the museum not every kid a lot read books then you go to school and that all goes away and you're a factory worker so this anything that reinvigorate your show does this to reinvigorate your love of learning and how much there's so much interesting crazy shit out there who doesn't love that that's the only thing the creative the jocks back in the day didn't have that space and now thanks to you and people like you it's like you know what I don't like reading books reading is not for me I could sit here and listen for three hours and I'm going to be a smarter person it was three are grow and learn stuff who doesn't love history yeah even if you're the biggest Meathead it's like the shit's interest or like these crazy animals either biggest meat had to be like oh shit that's cold you hear about this you know there's a giraffe Weevil which has a hinge in its neck but only the males and it's a Madagascar yeah

► 02:56:16

yeah yeah thing it is a real thing and I was going to say this like it's fuel for your curiosity yeah and for your creativity it's going to give you ideas it's going to like there's so much fuel for creativity right now like more so than any other time there's so much information and interesting shit you could learn and do it easily like you could just find a pot like I'm I need to learn about economics and it's fine and economics podcast to start playing it and if the person is good you know if they're interesting to talk to and they can do it in a fun way like you were listened to Peter Schiff I know funny guy yeah he knows his shit like I've had him on a few times and the way he describes thing it's like he's entertaining as well as factual as well as just a compelling charismatic person while he's talking about these things he's getting fired up and you're like okay so thats how it works yea it's so much better than absorbing it in a dry stale Manner and if you and then you go from that like oh let me tell you he

► 02:57:16

mentioned this thing let me learn about this oh there's a YouTube video about this and you go down this rabbit hole and it's just like hours of entertainment and your and you can have better conversation with the people hey I learned about this this and that yeah I feel so far behind kids these days like I mean an 18 year old today they like a 30 year old when I was a kid all right in what way the smarter they have more info you have more data they know it's horseshit and what's not when we were in our twenties we didn't know what the fuck was real and what was fake there was no YouTube there's no Google there was books and you didn't read them alive radames yeah you might have had a lot of dough yeah I'm older than you you had books we have all the read about like to find out what whether or not something is true right like we do today you know I'm saying yeah like when I was in my twenties like I wasn't like researching subjects I have read a few books here and there but I wasn't researching things on every single aspect of the world the way the access to this information just so radically different that you just have a thing

► 02:58:16

in your pocket that answers your questions what else is fast setting is Google and other organizations have digitized entire libraries so many of these books that are old are public domain and for free you can read this book from 1910 where these ideas got started and instead of hearing someone's interpretation of it now you can see where this idea developed in how they look the world back then now here's a real question yeah is that actual absolutely we both agree incredibly valuable resource is that worth giving up the data like maybe we should just accept the fact that they gave us something to change the world so of course they got super rich hey Mark Zuckerberg I know what you did it's okay it's okay take that data you can you take a picture you like the chicken richest person well you deserve it you shouldn't you shouldn't just give it away for free well I change the world in a better way no I should have take advantage of the fact you change the world in a better way to profit in some insane

► 02:59:16

tacular way we generate billions and billions of dollars the thing we don't know is how they are generating that profit that's the issue yeah so if they're doing it in a certain way that we know about all right if they don't this is where it gets tricky because there's an element of fraud in it well I think they must be terrified but both Twitter and Facebook they must be terrified if their influence of culture the actual yeah of course there's no way they can't the responsibility must be insane do you know how you know this because a lot of people who were Republicans during the gulf the Iraq War and now look back on it who were beating the drum beats and I'm not going to name names you watch interviews and they're like that shit was fucked up and when you look back and you realize you had a part to play in this unnecessary war and if you're someone who cares about human beings as a Christian or whatever that will fuck you up for life because it's like I had a little part in this like when I do my work with North Korea right if I help 10 people that's a huge fucking deal and I don't take that shit lightly I've had and here's

► 03:00:16

power social media I've had people three or four tell me I'm going through chemo and I read your Twitter and it makes me laugh throughout the day that's fucking huge conversely if you're on the side of Hillary Clinton and you realize that your website Mike be contributing to her demise oh yeah and then yeah realize it other countries might be posting fake accounts that are that are you know they have these groups these discussion groups and they're based in Russia and they want to talk about black lives matter yeah or they want to talk about abortion or they want to talk about southern separatism her all kinds of you know that Ira research group in Russia when you find out this is all happening on your platform and that your platform yes likely being used yeah to manipulate how the world is run how financial markets are run International politics and you just wanted to help college kids get laid Yeah yeah right right right

► 03:01:16

that kind of Jack the idea what about what about the kids when they were torturing that retarded kid and it was at Chicago and there was streaming it on Facebook that's your site that's got to fuck with your head it's got it well there's been murdered and the guy live streaming New Zealand he was live streaming I mean there's many many cases of horrible things that have been put on there Isis beheadings and I mean there's no way they can catch it all there's no way and we talked to Twitter or you talk to Facebook or YouTube or and you little tell you the just just I want everyone to just think about the idea that 7 billion people yeah let's be real conservative potentially three billion sure just three billion just three billion people can all send something at once wow the speed of light oh yeah ends of bits of information headed towards YouTube or Twitter or Facebook I was trying to catch it on some of its Nazis and some of its frogs and Alex Jones

► 03:02:16

bat is named problem and they just everything is flying it out of her and then Congress is like mr. Zuckerberg do you know what you're doing is like hold on let me drink my water hole Yeah mr. senator

► 03:02:31

yes we know what we're doing I think I think Mister Center

► 03:02:36

note that is known as if the senator knows what he's doing also he's not he's not he's not a monk right he's not some Scholars he's not a genius he's not enlightened he's a guy he's not stupid guys a smart guy but he's just a person just a human and has an insane connection and insane he's the CEO of one of the biggest groups on the planet where people exchange conversation which still hasn't verified me in Instagram by the way but it reminds not because they're not say how many followers you got almost 7,000 it's degrees got that's my weakest one bro yeah that's the fuck up but but it's also like Lucille Lucille Ball when she's working the Chocolate Factory right the chocolate just coming out and then they go faster and faster oh yeah there's a certain point where you're not going to be able to process this much information and scan it at any buzzer and any filter by its nature any coder will tell you is going to be imperfect and it's

► 03:03:35

weed out people doesn't want to read out and and and leave people in the you don't want to leave in like any filters only as good as its creator that's what I wanted people to kind of understand from Jack and he did a pretty good job of explaining that and then saying that it just shows you the problems with trying to monitor these things at scale but the thing I would say to Jack is one work around if someone is a high enough platform where they're contributing like the the laws against obscenity the ruling was if there's some cultural benefit here it's not regardless of seen right that's a really cool if someone is big enough in terms of their part of the public conversation you should have a manual person double-check or triple check before they're blocked you could give them a warning explain why because it's important to here's the question block for what it did if there's got to be rules when you are getting blocked if you're threatening violence against someone like you we if you're sending like dick pics to reporter you should be blocked I mean if you if you have

► 03:04:35

you putting up people's information right fine doxing putting people to dress out right you go to your home right telling people you want to pay someone a hundred dollars take the photo that you've got I photo and video of someone who's not giving you permission you're uploading in and offering this is what that guy did yes offering their hundred out that's crazy so what's up how's that work yes Kim I'm not Jack how could that work I Don't Know Jack get it but very easily that people like that you should tell them you could that would be banning your doxing people yes but someone is doing a parody you could be like take this down for XYZ reasons did the thing is I think they tried to make a differentiation between doxing someone and threatening to dock someone this is how they kept Kathy Griffin on right remember when she was saying I want names of these kids yeah for these kids you know imagine if they did and the kids eventually all their information did get wind up getting online but when you watch the full video

► 03:05:35

you saw what actually happened like God damn you people have really shifted America think I posted a picture of myself holding up a bloody Clinton Hillary Clinton head that I wouldn't be banned oof I'm not going to find out but that's a big deal and I don't even I don't think she was obviously doing as a joke I didn't find it offensive I think would be funny if she was wearing a hijab while she did the photo but the point is shit no consequences on Twitter none yeah I think you would be banned yeah almost positive you'd be banned it's for whatever reason it's more disturbing so you got hold a woman's head sure that's true then to see what even if it was Obama the idea is like Kathy Griffin probably wouldn't be able to cut Trump's head off

► 03:06:18

like he kick her ass he's a big dude if she you know she came at him with a knife I mean she'd have to shoot him and then cut his head off which I guess you could do it's not as long as she's got to use the Palms oh the Palm to the no sounds of the nose nose bone the brain would you do that I'm just trying to like run the numbers in my head there's a hundred twenty six million daily users on Twitter how many people should they hire remember when we asked and I know that's like I'm just remember I'm like that's going back over my head like how that Q if someone could get through a hundred a day if they could get through a hundred a day spending five minutes sure on each of them it's 500 minutes that's more than 30 that's you it's like it's manually there's no way you can do it and I think I didn't heart use the reporting system smart yes like you so you're relying on the users to report things that are in issue that's right that's smart but it falls victim to trolling because then someone can just decide to attack Jamie Vernon don't do it got trolls are the worst yeah those fuck oh that's huge oh my goodness that's the bad kind of trolling that's just being an asshole dude we already did three

► 03:07:18

oh how are they how is that possible I'm just an adorable and charm I guess that's something something happened I'll go with that let's go to the answer is any your book is called the new right we barely talked about it more stuff people to read yeah a journey to the house the first 12 Pages inside joke Journey To The Fringe of American politics Michael malice and thank you brother thank you that was a pleasure Joe thank you bye everybody

► 03:07:46

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