#1301 - Laird Hamilton

May 21, 2019

Laird Hamilton is a big-wave surfer, co-inventor of tow-in surfing, and co-founder, with his wife Gabrielle Reece, of XPT Training (Extreme Performance Training).

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The Joe Rogan Experience trained by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day all right sir come on man very well thank you first of all thank you very much for the coffee machine and they saw I just learned that it's turmeric I used to say tumeric I used to not even think there was an RN there for some strange reason well in Hawaii it's olena so it just depends on which country you're in yeah it's a what itwhat itwhat is it's a root right yeah it's in the ginger family and is it why they're called olena is set up is that just a Hawaiian name of in the Indians probably have another you know in India it's probably one of the most use you know our Roots they it's in every are all Indian foods is full of it yeah that's really healthy for you right it's great for inflammation yeah just and well gut health too hmm so you gave me this layered superfoods coffee machine and I'm addicted to this now this is coffee with turmeric I've never had it before well there's some other minerals and stuff in

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you so if you're addicted to it it's because there's things that are good for you yeah like I crave it ya like it seems like something well your body wants it yeah you know I think sometimes people think Cravings are based on negative like oh I just it's bad because I crave it but I think Cravings are natural I think it went but it's you know we abuse it when we use garbage but when you craving something like that I mean there's you know a bunch of minerals and a bunch of good fats and there's a bunch of good stuff in there yeah it's hard to tell though right like sometimes you crave sugar sometimes you crave ice cream yes there's some Cravings that are not good exactly other ones are exactly but the system of craving I believe what is part of a natural human thing that we have that was meant to Crave good things but we abuse it with what because sugar in nature is meant to be safe that means it's safe to eat right right right throat so yeah so then we so did but then we abuse it by disguising a bunch of garbage with sugar and then people think oh that's crazy

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that makes sense yeah because whenever I lift weights I crave protein yeah crave like fish or chicken or steak or something yeah but you're yeah you're beating up muscles you want protein yeah but it's an instantaneous Craven yeah like it's like right away I'm like our gotta eat something yeah so you've got me cranked in the sauna up your wife told me do you crank yours up to 220 degrees is that real that's true goddamn man I get 2 to 10 I'm like this is how long you do a 220 well depends on how how cold you go into it oh so if your if your body if your core temperatures way down you can you know it if you got off a stationary bike and your core was nice and hot and you went in there you know you'd be lucky to get 10 or 10 or 15 minutes out if you come out of a ice tub or you've been outside with minimal clothing you could go in there and for 20 minutes at 220 so it just depends on you know where your what your court you know where your core is that how you do it you do from a nice

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I will do it from a nice path they just you know I think you just break it up it's just like anything any kind of training you just want to constantly stress the system and if you're used to a certain pattern you know go into it hot like if you go into a sauna hot coming off of some cardio that it's twice as hot if you go in cold then you can go for a longer period of time and same with the ice it mean if you go into the ice cold the ice will tap you if you go in hot you can be there so they're doing some studies now on hot yoga at a Harvard the trying to figure out if Hot Yoga mimics the positive health effects of sauna and so the idea is that you know because you're straining and resisting its mutt it feels much hotter than a hundred four degrees you have a sauna there was a hundred four hundred five degrees of be nothing for sure but yoga 205 degrees is pretty rough rough well because again core temperatures so we do some stationary bikes in the sauna wow and that I mean that's just it's like you can always up the ante you know it's like a weight stack just slap more

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lead on there and we'll do we'll do we'll go in this with an assault bike I have an assault bike in one of the saunas and we'll Crank That Thing Up and you know I mean you're lucky if he might be five or ten minutes in your your but I think you know we're such good adapters are dead you know our adaptation is amazing and you do some stuff for a while I think you did pretty soon you're like oh I can handle you know an assault bike and at a survivable pace you know yeah survival that's a rough machine rough night I have the Rogue version the Echo Bike yeah that thing is fantastic I love it for sure all four limbs yeah all four limbs is one of my all-time fit to to badas I do to bodice prints on it my all time favorite method of cardio for sure for sure well low impact on the system you're not beating every the joints every all four things are working you can throw in some nose breathing in there something and breath-holding intervals or something just to yeah till we're eating suffering you were explaining nose

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eating too many out there yeah how nose breathing is better better for you because of well first of all you were designed to breed your sinuses and your nose were designed for breathing and so you actually admit a gas in your sinuses from my understanding gas called nitric oxide which is a vasodilator it helps you absorb oxygen so by breathing through your nose plus you reduce the amount of intake that you have and that gets you CO2 tolerance so all of a sudden you're breathing less volume I mean you know from the fight game with soon as a guy goes to mouth breathing you're like toast you know that right that's your first giveaway so your ability to deal with stress and breathe through your nose I mean everybody should be be breathing through their nose in their sleep walking around I mean we somehow we became mouth-breathers in the last 200 years and they're not sure why there's a great book called the oxygen Advantage by Patrick McDougal that he actually is on our Board of

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Speedy but he he you know kind of realized that our issues really stem from mouth-breathing chronic mouth breathing which is scrubbing our CO2 and keeping our CO2 levels down which is the marker to absorb oxygen so when your CO2 levels are down you don't absorb the oxygen from your bloodstream the cells don't take it as soon as the CO2 goes up then the then the body starts to pull it out of the blood interesting so smaller amounts by breathing through the nose actually makes you absorb more oxygen well keeps your tolerance and holler yeah but definitely get your CO2 tolerant up but the smaller volume helps your body become more tolerant of higher levels of CO2 but the note the sinuses themselves emitting gas that helps the lung absorb the oxygen is and that's you know that's what I've been led to understand I'd had a broken nose until I was 40 my nose was useless I couldn't get anything out of it it had been broken like who knows how many times yeah it was all the inside was all Caked Up with scar tissue and calcified and when I got it fixed

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it was like the world change it was like I couldn't do that I just couldn't breathe out of my nose I would go to yoga class he tell me to breathe out of my nose I'm like I don't have one well I could smell farts yeah that's that I can smell gas and gasoline like it has to be rough for me to smell it but now I have a real nose yeah I always encourage people pull it if you have a broken nose please get that deviated septum fixed well as you know it's surprising if you start to nose breathe even if you have struggled because of the that gas helps you open up a lot of people I mean I'm not saying that you have that but a lot of people actually will gain volume after a few weeks of forcing themselves in nose breathe they'll actually start to open up all of that that system doesn't make sense so it's your body just adapt and try it forces it to to open but yeah no it's all about nose breathing no I didn't think I just thought it was just more difficult so it's probably a good thing to do for discipline absolutely and if you can do your cardio and and retain a nose breath

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your you have another gear because then when you go to mouth it's like you gotta it's like having a you know blower in your car or something you open up the you know you open up the air and it's a whole new game so by being able to sustain a high output of with nose breathing then and like I said it's all about the tolerance for CO2 it's how much CO2 you can handle in your system you know like that's why altitude screws people up because the CO2 jacks up and they don't have a tolerance and then you get all wonky and you feel like crap yeah it's and it's interesting you're talking about Cravings because one of the things that I've noticed since I've been I cranked up the to the the temperature in the sauna for the first week to 200 degrees and I'm going to do into 10 for the last few days and you crave it now I crave it like when I'm at home I can't wait to get back in that goddamn Saint again be why when I'm in there I can't wait to get out weird there within lies the struggle yeah I mean ice is the same way like I have an addiction to ice and you know recently I've been just came back from Hawaii and I'm like dealing with this ice

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machines broken down and waiting for the new one I keep calling the guy goes hey when you gonna put the thing in and he's thinking it's like a luxury like yeah you're gonna know you got it what do you mean ice machine at your house for him because I have a to like restaurant sized ones to move them yeah and why have a lot of friends but but but he's like what do you need that for and I'm like like just just get you know he's got the tubs I'm like but I my body craves you get it listen your body is just craving the things that are bringing the hormones and do em it's like why you crave exercise you know I have a theory that the reason why people are hooked to cardio activity is because it's forced breathing that people because you wouldn't willingly just sit on your floor and breathe heavy for an hour so your body's like okay let's go for a run like let's go to you need to run you better run you better run and then you go run and and then the body gets that absorption of gets that oxygen then it really wants to feel I feel like there's probably several factors because also I feel like when I'm really consistent with my workouts I know that I'm gaining momentum and

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no like you know I'm consistent everything's going great I'm in great shape right now I got to keep pushing this yeah that feels like it's it feels like a like just it just positive results are being achieved and you can sort of get addicted to success well and a but also to the body the adaptation if you ever put yourself under some real severe stress in multiple days the first day you feel like you're not gonna be able to make it the second day you're feeling you know like you can't really can't make it the third pretty soon the fourth day the bodies like oh this is the new house we're living in like this is where we're at okay well we're going to adapt and modify and then pretty soon you're doing even more your then you were doing the first couple days and you're not even feeling it yeah and so it's like we're an amazing an amazing machine you know we're an amazing creature just the way we can handle the load and the and especially in this in our new world where we you know don't have to do much yeah yeah unless we want to you know Eddie Izzard is yeah the comedian yeah he ran a series of

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marathons all around the UK and he did one in South Africa and he was on two weeks ago and he was telling me that when you first started doing it like the first few were really hard but then your body's like well this is what we do we run marathons and then like day three day four things started picking up day 5 and by the time they 10 came along he's just running for sure yeah for sure I got a friend ran hundred twenty five in a row and then he ran the Boston after that and then he had a fight in Vegas and he ran a marathon in the morning and then he like knock the guy out in the third round and after I mean he says he ran a marathon in the morning and then fought that day holy shit that's a cool is this Tom Jones yeah Muay Thai seven-time might die world champion Jesus Christ Tony Jones yeah what the fuck man you run a marathon a day you fight imagine but dude knocked you out after run a marathon I be like that I'm done this is not me yeah I'm gonna learn how to play golf yeah fuck this yeah muy Thai fuck this fuck Tom Jones yeah

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that's crazy so he had a hundred twenty-five marathons in a row so a hundred twenty five days of marathons to Boston and then he ran the Boston when he got there he ran across the country what he ran across the country that's how he got there so he did run a marathon took a nap yeah eat some food ran a marathon took a nap it's what's a fuck buddy buddy shows you that you know that ability to adapt and what we can you know what we can do it's amazing how the body will just when you push it and you keep it'll just be like it'll ramp I mean and I think for us in this in our new world that we live in that seems so crazy but probably in the past we were like oh yeah well we went all the way down to South America and we did some hunting down there and then we you know trekked Marathon or two per day and we came all the way back to Alaska you know like right you know that was just our life a lot yeah well especially when they used to persistence hunt you know when

► 00:20:22

just run an animal down get animals are great for Sprint's but for especially like gazelles and things along those lines but you know what though you know what the real technique really is based on is that are breathing that breathing is what gives us we have an ability to adjust our breath so we can actually adjust how many times we breathe promotion where a lot of these animals are breathing for a rep every rep is a breath so every step is and we can do multiple steps in one breath and so that wire that's why we can outrun a horse at the end of the day you always see the in the cowboy movies the horses laying dead in the desert and the guys still going along but because the those mammals are breathing every breath is a rep and you imagine how tiring that is like you're a horse run right there breathing every and we're we running full speed but we can just do a breath and then Deuce five or six or eight reps and that gives us that endurance that's why we can run those gazelles down because those guys are just breathe air

► 00:21:22

breath doubt that's interesting well I'm always very appreciative of guys like you that are in my age range you're in a 55 yeah I'm 58 love it yeah it's me limit your but you're also very fit and very active and you keep going where as a lot of guys around 55 like it's a wrap turn off the car yeah it's does not much in the tank and so I like to see guys that are in my age bracket are a little bit ahead of me like oh he's going so I can keep going to full spin I think a lot of that is just thinking and knowing that you can because I think so many people feel like hey I'm 45 it's time to settle down it's time to relax and you know and wind down this exercise you know I bet you know I think by Dai Li I think that people use that as just a disclaimer to not do the work that's like now I'm 45 so now I don't now I don't I'm too old yeah right that just that for me I think that's a way out right that's a way to go hey I don't want to do the work anymore and you know I have

► 00:22:22

my one of my best friend just passed this last year and he was 85 when he passed and and he was crying he did the Iron Man 10 times the first time was in when he was 50 and then he's done the Race Across America three times I mean does just he was just an animal bang iron every day ride the bike just just at 85 he was doing all that stuff an animal an animal tell the day died I was like and his name was and this is the irony was his name was Don Wildman and so like that's his given name no I'm serious that's it's amazing his given here I go anybody named The Wild man's got to keep it up but he was you know like you're talking about when you can see it right when you can what does it look like when I see I mean you look at it's interesting to see in sports right now we have a lot of athletes right now that are operating as they're the oldest that you know that they have seen and I believe a lot of it has to do with the fact that you know that they have some examples but they're also not take accepting that hey now you're

► 00:23:22

old like that's because that's a decision like hey oh now you're too old oh yeah you know you to keep doing that it's like yeah you're gonna do it all the way until they throw the dirt on the box you know like we're going all the way full speed until we're not and then when we're not we're not what did mr. Waldman die of it was eventually it was a cancer that he couldn't get fight through chemo and so but it was within like a couple weeks like he just was like shut it down it was at one point he was like the he was little bit like the Eveready Bunny and and Humpty Dumpty like he would just like double knee surgery like within like he had a broken leg and he'd be on a stationary bike with a crutch on one of the petals and he'd be pedaling and crutching when the other leg I mean he was just absolutely out of his mind and and the doctors be like oh you're healing faster than a 30 year old I'm like yeah well he's because he's just a car deal monster and so he's getting that blood flow and and he we were hell

► 00:24:22

after snowboarding in Chile the last summer not this one but the one before and I was with the with the guide and the guy goes hey you know all your buddy and I'm like eyes 84 and he looked at me and he's like yeah no I mean but how old is he and I'm like he's 84 and he's like yeah he's 84 like check it out buddy throwing he's going fakie and like I mean he's you know he was but he was are you know he was our poster tile he's our guy we look like we go I mean and I've had a few of those I think you know that I've been exposed to in my life where there's guys that just those are the guys that I always admired I always admired the guys that just were always going full speed and never never sir can't you know they didn't succumb to the all that all that pressure from society like hey you're old now we can still do that what do you think your kid just all the bullshit that you can feed into and and be a victim of yeah we have these preconceived

► 00:25:22

tons of what it's like to be 30 what it's like to be 50 what it's like to be 85 and some people like yeah you can fuck that I'm not interested yeah because they're never looking at a jazz some as some like feeling like they're like they're never going all 35 you feel like this at 40 all you're slowing down now although you know now you know you just you lay down it's like you know I always say if people stop doing something like they go oh I'm going to retire now man I'm getting old in the sport it's really not that they're getting old it's just that they made a decision that they want to do anymore and they just use the age as a like a disclaimer like hey I'm good you know yes for some folks I think it's a mental tiredness it's pressure keeping up their enthusiasm is probably the difficult thing and that's why I think a lot of people look forward to retirement right they look forward to those golden years for they just holding hands and walking towards the sunset just jump on a sword I mean no I just it's like at that point you're just so then you're just alive dead yeah

► 00:26:22

you know you're just you're dead but you're alive like but I think for some people look forward to some day where they don't have to struggle then they can't be on Earth yeah you can't believe you can't I mean like I'm sorry the system is a little bit designed to struggle everything that we do that's good for us as a has a certain amount of stress is like you want to get that sauna want to get on that salt bike you want to jump in that ring you want to hike that mountain it's all stress driven and the fact is that's our universe that's the or Universe we live in and and so if you got some other and you know and I appreciate let's hack our way through it and I think there's waste that hacking supports us we can hack our way to but only support the things that were doing yeah but thinking that you can just hack your way through and not actually suffer it's impossible you know I also think you don't appreciate the good times unless you suffer absolute absolute I think I appreciate food more when I work out

► 00:27:22

appreciate life more I like doing things more when I struggle absolutely I can tell you I know sitting down is an incredible thing like when you go wow this feels so good just to sit down yeah because you're straining so hard yeah for sure a lot of people don't recognize that that's a lesson I think people really need to get drilled in their head it's not that tricky right no it isn't rocket science doesn't like elaborate it's available for everybody just move yeah t move just keep going drive it hard yeah and I can promise you you'll sleep better like everybody we have a lot of sleeping issues right now and I'm just like well people aren't tired enough yeah my daughter was like oh yeah you know having a hard time sleeping and now she's been banging tennis balls seven hours a day and I'll tell you and I don't problem sleeping out right I've been real well I'm like yeah and I you know I think that a lot of it's this lack of movement where this we just stopped moving yeah and then your brain races because your body

► 00:28:22

not a getting exhausted so you develop all this anxiety and all this weirdness hunter-gatherers did not have the need for ambient I guarantee it there was the other day there was no melatonin there's no need yeah yeah yeah the Melatonin was was you know created in their retina from staring at the sun and the early morning light I mean that's they were up they were moving and they're up early and they were and they were and they were going until dark and that dark it was time to lay down and then you just did that and you were not sleep issues were in a problem back then it's interesting I'm learning from my dog because my dog is up first thing in the morning when the sun comes up and then when it starts getting dark out once he eats man he's just laying down he's like what's up oh shelling over here oh yeah well and I'm constantly studying my daughter would have brought him but he's getting his nails done today is it really yeah yeah well cause you just ripping up the floor he's got some hooks but but I watch him never leaves his bed without stretching first

► 00:29:22

in the morning first thing don't up dog down dog one for up down dog and then full speed 80 miles an hour like the rocket and then just write to the couch and lay down and then just be totally sleeping then just Up full speed back to the couch and lay down I I'm glad I got there's something to be said about that thing a little stretch full speed lay down full speed laid out like but no warmup no warm-up that's no warm-up but people need warm up do you agree I don't know if I gotta know I don't know but I don't know about warm up I think warm up is being alive I think you know I mean I mean every word that means what's that what about if you're going to lift something heavy do you think that you should warm the muscles up first

► 00:30:02

well I think if you set the thing up and you put everything on and you set it all up here already starting to warm up and if you're psyching up and get in your brain ready to do something aggressive I think that you've already the adrenaline's already going and you got a lot of stuff I mean I know if you just get up off a chair and walk over and try to grab a giant bar with a bunch of weight on it and lift it that might be a problem but that wouldn't be you would never do that in nature when you were going to lift something heavy it usually there'd be some lead up to it whether you walk to the place that you were going to and you got the thing and you know I mean you know I don't know I don't know about about because I think there's mixed opinions about you know people say don't stretch before you work out and that's been the most recent thing before it used to be only a loosen up before you work out I'm like I mean my dog does down dog you know up dog down dog and that's only after he's laying down mmm and then he just goes full speed I mean well I know that if I do more tie if I'm hitting the bag or something like that I don't do go

► 00:31:02

at first yeah break a sweat yeah I do the first two rounds I'm just shadowboxing yeah I'm just I mean I don't fully full blast the bag until I'm sweaty yeah but that's just my thoughts I mean I just I feel like that's the way you're supposed to do that's what I've always been told yeah when I mean I think I think I would connect that more to part of his because of what we are now hmm because that Ontarian because there's yeah we're not we're not what we you know we were not fully in our in our nature Essence we're not we're not wild you know if we were wild I think we wouldn't need as much any warm up we when you're wild you don't need a warm-up but I think because we're not moving as much because if you're moving all the time you would already be warmed up there would like to see a human from like 5,000 years ago I'd love to be around like a hunter gatherer and see what they looked like a pain threshold was crazy first of all there what they could endure you know their pain threshold was just ridiculous

► 00:32:02

robot arm and yeah like we'd still be operating with broken stuff no problem yeah what did they do they just kind of like tied it up or something I don't know what that was that was when they Advance into medical right yeah right A lot of them probably just hobbled around till it didn't hurt as well that's where inflammation came in everything got inflamed so they would hold it you know naturally the body would hold it in position so that you mean inflammation is designed to kind of immobilize a cast it would you know if it was your ankle or just get so swollen I couldn't move but Nick still be on it they'd still be rolling it just they wouldn't be moving it around because the body would naturally do them the future of humans is not look so Rosie when you really think about how we're slowly deteriorating becoming these gelatinous balls of meat and what issue and the bodies are connected to the brains and so that's why we have some mind issues to because at the end of the day the bodies aren't functioning correctly so that's not feeding the brain correctly and so the brain that's why we I mean I think that

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you're really physically well then your thoughts are physically well I think it's definitely it definitely helps but people do not like to hear that you notice that have you noticed that yeah absolutely the if you don't even like you like you seem like a happy guy you don't I don't think you're on any medication you are but some people who are ya want to think like no no I have a medical problem and I need this even if they don't exercise they go no you don't understand and then what if I say okay but do you ever exercise they get mad at you absolutely they get mad but after looking at your you're suggesting I'm lazy you're suggesting I brought this upon myself because of my behavior I know I have a disease no way again I think that's a disclaimer that's a way out to not have to take be accountable be accountable like hey that if I was out doing moving and doing things that it would actually make this go away you know I mean I think that you know I think a lot of a lot of depression is

► 00:34:02

to that you know I believe I icing could cure a big proportion of depression just because of the hormonal response to the system and the you know it mean normally when people are depressed is connected to some sort of hormone imbalance yes and to have a doctor try to figure out what that is it's pretty elaborate pretty tricky well they've shown in studies that regular exercise is as effective as ssris or more exactly yeah exactly I think also diet because of inflammation like the inflammation for sure leads to all sorts of different ailments which could lead to a depressed feeling feeling of unwellness well just eat a bunch of garbage for a week and see how you feel yeah I can I'd be depressed or just drink some lyrics superfood turmeric office Stuffs the shit so the sauna thing what is the benefit of getting it that hot

► 00:34:58

well as people around me to me in my mouth this is honestly my problem is is that you know if if a lot is good then even more is better than you know that's a little bit about Kens good then he's got to be better even better but you know I think part of it is the Natural Evolution if you're sitting there doing time at you know a hundred eighty degrees and you can go in there and you're you know you're hanging out

► 00:35:28

and then just 20 minutes it's 30 minutes you might as well just try to turn it up and and my understanding is that the Europeans I mean I you know you look at a sweat lodge and you I mean it ain't 180 you know if you go into any kind of sweat lodge if you go to Europe all the saunas are much hotter like it's like you go to a rush and you know steam thing it's not like those things are you know I think that they're pretty conservative with it I think I think you just listen to your body if you go in there and you start hallucinating you might want to step out you know he might be like hey you know maybe I ate something wrong or maybe I need to just give my body a break but I think you just use your you know use your your own feeling as as your guide and you know I know that I if I if I'm high properly hydrated before I go my tolerance is substantially greater like I can really measure it I can be hydrated go in and be like oh yeah no problem and I can go and dehydrated and feel wonky and be like yeah

► 00:36:28

not as good to make sense yeah I definitely have adapted I've definitely adapted to 200 degrees because when I go to yoga now it does not seem nearly as hot hundred five degrees even at the end of the class might this is interesting I was thinking of the last class was like this doesn't feel that bad exactly yeah well that shows you right there that you're adapting and then all of a sudden your tolerance you know the thing I really like about the sauna is I think it really plays into into overheating as an athlete it over you know you're overweight and that's usually when you have issues right now as you overheat and then you and then you your performances is encumbered right you just hit and so the more your tolerance is for the heat the less the more you can handle overheating pretty soon you don't overheat and then you just don't have that because that that's one of the factors that gets an athlete I think is in any performances you overheat if whether you're fighting or Marathon running or basketball or any sport when you start to overheat your debts usually when you're you're toast

► 00:37:28

you're done you start losing your motor skills and you're taught if you can build that tolerance up and I think like you said hey if you go in 200 and 220 and then all of a sudden you're at yoga you know you're at Hot Yoga and it's a hundred and five and you're just like yeah Cam's right now - yeah it really does make a giant different because I've only been doing it at 200 for a couple months now yeah really into 10 like for a guy said last few days yeah but you have been doing it this hot for how long well I've been doing it for a while like I've been doing it's been up over the last couple years you know I did one I did a protocol that I heard on dr. Rhonda Patrick's show and and it was holding a one-hour a one hour straight at somewhere between a hundred and seventy to a hundred eighty whoa so that's another and you if you do that ten days in a row I was doing it twice a day for 10 days in a row and you're supposed to get like some sixteen hundred percent hormonal boost like your whole body just goes into this radical

► 00:38:28

Ramon the 170 to 180 somewhere in that range interesting 171 say one hour straight and I was doing that and I did it twice a day for a 10 days in a row and and and and and and at the end of that you got a different gear it's like all of a sudden you got OD and your and your and your and your gearbox interesting well it definitely increases the red blood cell count correct absolutely yeah I mean I don't know all the science I just usually go off of you know I usually go off of instinct and then and then I and then sometimes it gets validated by by science and so at the end you know you I mean I I think and I and there really isn't any any studies on it but I truly believe that that that he is better after performance for Recovery then ice I mean I think ice is comfortable well I had my have a whole thing about paying a relationship with pain and and I was doing a thing with I

► 00:39:28

hip hip replacement and I was set up to do all this icing before and and then I learned that icing suppress the the healing hormone igf-1 there's a healing hormone that helps your body heal and pain is kicks that hormone off that's how the body knows so when you suppress pain you stop that healing so you go a nice you suppress that hormonal release of igf-1 it's the healing hormone and all of a sudden it's going to slow your healing down so if you do it because it makes you comfortable like hey if you've been you know running around in your overheating and you're gonna go a nice tub because it feels good that's one thing but if you think that it's going to benefit you I'm not sure I don't know yet I think he could be the better benefit because you got heat shock proteins which deal with damaged cells and for all that stuff and I'm not beside this is just stuff that I hear that I'm feeling and then disclaimer were both yeah dog yeah yeah yeah Dennis Miller this is my opinion I could be wrong of course so I hate him the but you know so that

► 00:40:28

that that and and then they talk about growth hormone that your body produces growth hormone in the heat right as another one of the side effects and so from again from my understanding and I'm not a doctor so I when I heard that I go over and heat should be the thing you do because after every game every football every basketball player every athlete goes right to the Ice Town yeah I think if you're going there for Comfort okay cool that's great but if you think that that's actually the thing that's really benefited you know really going to bring you the best recovery maybe maybe Heats going to bring you the best recovery but it's gonna be miserable because last thing you want to do after you finish a workout it's go sit in the hot box right it's not yeah interests happy but these but for injuries though for injuries he say you should reduce the inflammation but if what you're saying that that's interesting right well the more pain the more you know you know they'll say no pain no gain right snow through them no pain no gain no pain no gain I mean everything is painful like if you go in the heat is just comfortable going to work out you get sore I mean no pain no gain

► 00:41:28

so if we go with the old that old you know no pain no gain I believe that the pain is associated with the healing because of that hormonal response that pain brings into you so I would attribute like I had a fast recovery but I attribute some of it is because that I was not suppressing any of the pain so if I think if you take pain meds hmm that's depressing healing so if you say hey I'm so uncomfortable I gotta pop pain pills to endure this because it's so hard well then just extend the healing that you're just going to and and the more you suppress the pain no matter which way you do it with its ice pain pills whatever it is I believe the longer you extend the healing the more pain you can take I mean inflammation is the marker for that healing hormone so again reduce inflammation I don't know if that's that's again I would like to a doctor to in somebody to tell me that really has a study that's that they know that they've really looked at to tell me that that's really

► 00:42:28

working that that the icing I mean if you do it immediately right when you get you know you snap your ankle you go right in a nice tub bucket and keep it from fully you know in flaming maybe and in that instantaneous but doing it over days and I think that's just paint I think that's just comfortable making more comfortable that's interesting because you always see basketball players with ice on their shoulders ice and Ernie's like right after games is they have for clay comfortable yeah I was just thinking they have to play so many games in a row though yeah but it's also Comfort right Comfort like I mean I think it's because it feels good if your shoulders all jacked up and you numb it you know just like a pain pill would do this is just a topical numbing icing just creating a you know the guy that that created rice which is like rest ice compression and elevation he came out last year and said I was all wrong so no he did that guy came out last year well then the last two couple years he should feel really bad Well everybody's been

► 00:43:27

so he came out and said you know that he he was you know that he takes it all back so you know I don't know I mean I just think well I think there's no absolutes I don't but I I be interested I've been trying to learn about it like hey can you really tell me what really is the best thing or maybe it's heat nice combo you know that that heat nice combo because that does so much flushing to the system you know squeeze down the ice squeezes everything and then all of a sudden heat expand yeah so your contraction expansion and that I know that that is a you know but that takes energy to that tires you down yeah more than you know then then the heat but the you do do ice bath heat ice pass Heath back-to-back yeah I'll do it like sometimes I'll take I'll do it on a Sunday I'll do like seven rounds of that stuff you know nine routing you get you get time you get you get you know your well that's why we want the intensity right so the colder it is

► 00:44:28

shorter you have to be there in the hotter it is a shorter you have to be there right so if you're hanging out so if you could get it down to 15 minutes and you know three to five minutes in let's say three minutes in the ice and 15 minutes in the in the sauna then all of a sudden you know let's say 20 minutes around then you're you know then here you go you got you know two and a half three hours you know that's why 170 to 180 you do a whole hour versus yeah but that's a whole different protocol that was just a one I heard about and then I just try I tried it but part of it is because hard to stay in that thing for an hour straight at a hundred and seventy I mean it's that's not an easy task are you listening to anything in there you you just just the beat of my heart and bring anything in the music or anything yeah I listen to music or something like that or a more a podcast or get somebody else to suffer with me yeah so get some try this try this hard try to get somebody else and maybe they come in for half and then they're back out and then they come in for the other part of something when I'm on the road

► 00:45:28

I try to get comedians to come in the sauna with me at a hotel and it's only like a hundred and fifty a hundred sixty like I'm out like you're out and 15 minutes ain't shit so it's all but it's all what your it's in your brain it's in your mind it's we're so you know Comfort domesticated horse Estacada words oh it's hot it's cold it's this and you know we're just we're not is this something that's you or is this the whole surfing Community are they into this kind of stuff no I mean II but you know it's interesting is because I'm a surfer obviously everybody thinks all you know all the Surfers in your friends with the Surfers I'm really actually I'm not I really am kind of outside of the community itself I have sir friends at Surf but I'm so not part of you know and in my career I haven't been part of the industry of Surfing and really so in a way I'm I mean I have friends that surf that come and do it and we've definitely

► 00:46:27

it's been some influence into I mean Surfers in general least the the good ones are you know training and and and using these icy protocols and so they're they're they're you know they're they're aware and motivated but the but surfing in general is you know I mean I don't even know what half those guys are doing well I would think that they would be looking to you I mean if I was a young Surfer and it's a man I fucking love surfing I'd like to be doing this when I'm 55 was Laird Hamilton doing yeah but I don't know if I think sometimes the you know I mean I think for a lot of obviously it's changed now but in the past I mean you know and it happens a lot with the younger people in general is just like don't tell me what to do I can eat whatever I want and do whatever I want yeah I can go to Taco Bell and Burger King and and still and stay up all night and still you know rip you know our do our do my thing and it's true probably in every sport

► 00:47:27

and then and then you know I always say there's a thousand you know 20 year olds and then there's five hundred thirty years olds and there's 250 40 year olds and then there's like you know and then he just go as you go and there's less and less and you know I always loved that the term the victory through attrition you know when you just the last guy if you're this allows guy and you're standing you don't have to be any good you just win you're like the winter you like you won you're the only guy left yeah I like that just you you've been following this just to improve your physical performance Just For Life absolutely absolutely and and you know I think I really cherish I cherish feeling good I cherish feeling good like I really enjoy feeling good and so that drives me towards you know wanting and like I said either whether I had Paul check years ago went and did an assessment with him and he's an interesting guy very yeah it watching this stuff a lot online yeah and and him and I

► 00:48:28

an instant connection and and but you know I love the philosophical approach to certain things like he said and this had a huge impact on me you know 25 years ago or he was like you know the three white devils are white flour white sugar and white milk and I'm like hmm okay like off of milk drink that yeah yeah yeah just put cacao in it but if you put raw cacao and raw milk together that's a powerful drink yeah that's for real but if you put dead milk homogenized pasteurized yeah just abused and then you and then you take some really bad cacao if there's any at all in it with a bunch of who knows you can't pronounce it you know he said if it wasn't here 10,000 years ago don't eat it and it has pronounce it don't eat it you know and then the three white Devils I mean that's a philosophical hard time with turmeric though yeah why let's just say the word I struggled for now yeah but it was your 10,000 years ago so yeah got some five yeah

► 00:49:28

those are good pieces of advice though yeah but just to look at food that way it's like people go what's your diet like a plants and animals yeah plants and animals like what you like yeah don't make it difficult don't be like well I eat this and I think that the stress around that stuff is crazy but II really believe that to truly be to have Optimum performance and to be to be Optimum that you have to have the whole every spoke in the tire that you need every single spoke that you have to have a good relations with your family you got to have love and you got to have good things with the kids and you got to have friends and you got to have your health and you gotta sleep well and you gotta be hydrated you got to work out and you got and you got to have a you know your business thing and you got to have I think you just have to have all these things to really have balance and I think if you if if one of the spokes isn't tight that there's a bump in the wheel and then you're just not gonna I don't truly believe that you you're performing at your

► 00:50:27

to them because you need your head needs to be clear when you go into your performance whatever that looks like I think that's excellent advice I think that makes a lot of sense and it definitely keeps your mind clear you know you have your bases covered covered you're not just you're not here but there but somewhere else I mean and I know I've dealt with not being having all the spokes good and I know that the how that feels and I know when it's good you're you're clear your good yeah you're and it's how we're meant to be I mean we're meant to have that be real clean we're meant to have that there be some balance balance yeah got to have it yeah that's why I mean even overworking

► 00:51:05

people think that you know they think that's a badge of honor yeah like oh yeah I worked I think and I don't sleep and does that I'm like yeah well your then you're compromising yourself I told the Elon Musk that did yeah I was I went to SpaceX one time and I pulled him aside he was standing on and go hey you know you got to take care of this put my hand on his chest I just go you take care of this but you got to take care of you what'd he say he just yeah I don't know if he understood his widow but he I don't think he barely a person I'm just saying I don't think you know I decided I say that with all due respect and yeah but I don't think you understood what I meant I didn't I felt like you know someone like that if they were really taking good care of themselves getting the right sleep getting in the right food getting a workout all those things imagine imagine like if they can do what they're doing you know burning it on both ends imagine what they could do fully balanced well I don't think he'd want to do any more than what he's doing I just think he's so obsessed with getting Tesla to run correctly and went on he was sleeping on the floor of the Tesla Factory

► 00:52:05

durian work in 17 hours a day I mean that's that is that's an insane person when he was just there all day long trying to make it work in it obviously it does work there amazing cars everything's yeah it's beneficial yeah that this drive that he has but I agree with you like for overall enjoyment of life that's not the way to go but I think you have a blockage there though to I think if you don't can't pull back and look at it from a distance you when you're in it I think you get too detailed and then you can't you know you can't be I think you I think it could be better because of that I think maybe I'd be profitable yeah it's hard but it's a hard fucking business yeah I mean you're you're competing against you know the big boys yeah right but what's interesting is loyal even though they are doing that they've managed to he's managed to make something that's so different than anything else you have one that know I don't fuck man they're crazy I was reluctant I told

► 00:53:05

by when we did the podcast yeah but I was like God damn it I like muscle cars I like here in engines but I drove that thing I was like oh other cars are stupid they're all stupid they are their archaic they are paired that thing they are one and only and you see all the company's going that way now you can see I mean we were because my buddy while Ben and I were into electric stuff and and we went and there was a guy that has electric dragster and we went down and with this electric Tracer and it just smoked any Top Fuel dragster like Beyond and but it didn't make noise so no one wanted to watch it so I mean and you're like what happened to no no no smell no noise no flames you don't tell good stove burning gasps no no no pollution yeah no pollution so people were like oh that's no fun so yeah but when you drive a Tesla like I have a the model S the he 100d I think that's called when you drive it it's effortless like everything just you just go where you want to go like I'd like to be over there it's like a video game yeah I got a sudden you're over there you

► 00:54:05

to get used to it because I've been in them and driven driven them and it's interesting how the body has to acclimate to the acceleration because you're used to that gyorko that shifting you know for years I can get their gear all that delay like a it's like a c versus DC right normal cars are like a see a little gap between the power and when you get that you know it's the body has to get used to the I'm still not totally okay with not looking where you're going and just flip it in on autopilot but yeah I guess that's yeah the Next Generation well that's fun on the highway but you know I look where I'm going I keep my hand on the wheel but it is fun to like shut 10% of your brain off and just let the car kind of handle the speed and when it does it well does it well does it well yeah well I just like I said I think you need a person who's as obsessed as Elon Musk is to make something like that but I agree with you if if she wants to enjoy his life well just live longer if you have more ideas great flu it's like just be I am only speaking that way I just mean in the way of optimizing him right

► 00:55:05

optimizing him for because of his he's so amazing you know that okay let's optimize your amazingness by by making you like be healthier let me take care of yourself so you can be around longer and maybe do more great things right so it's again and I'm just speaking personally but when you try to look at optimization right like you're here you only get so long you know what are you doing and and are you really optimizing it bye-bye you know burned by by taxing the system and not not getting all of it that out of it that you you know but I guess in a way it's kind of like unhappiness you know people use that as a workout so that's a little bit makes you tired and your get hungry and you know yeah yeah there's always that well that's the choices you make right like sometimes you just get stuck in the momentum of the choice that you made and it's very difficult to like take that pause and go okay my doing this the right way maybe I need to reset when we need is take some time and really consider if this is making me happy

► 00:56:05

and how many years I'm going to be able to do this and sustain it yeah well that's a tricky thing right that's a that's a that's a self self you know analyzing yourself and putting that up is I think it's easier just to keep going the direction we're going to caffeinate and take some Adderall and keep it again Go full speed how long have you been living in Hawaii well my mom took me from San Francisco and I was six months old whoa wow pretty much it was only a technicality what that I wasn't born there which actually worked against me because you know when you're not born then when you're not born there then you're not from there right there law you're not morning right and you're like oh yeah but I've been here since I was you know since I can remember so let's just put it that way right time every actually worked they still hold it against you the six months that you were oh yeah oh yeah we missed you bro oh yes months where were ya you were paying about if your mother here yes in the state but but yeah since I was a little kid I mean I my mom

► 00:57:05

I mean I was born in San Francisco and she took me when I was a few months old I have a theory about people from Hawaii there's a groundedness that they seem to exhibit that is universal it's almost you you very rarely find completely frivolous Dopey people that live in Hawaii they they're not I mean I'm sure you find some people that are not that smart but there's a groundedness there that's so many of them have because they're on a volcano yeah no Chanel and you know it's interesting that you talk about that because yesterday we were having a conversation about what is that right and we have a Turk couple terms one of them is Mana which is a power from the land another one is Aloha which is our kind of a spirit of how people act from Hawaii but I believe it has a lot to do with Islanders I think Islanders have that and and it has a lot to do with it has a lot to do with the ocean being around the ocean that the ocean surrounding you and the ocean is the most conductive substance on Earth so elec electrically and there's

► 00:58:05

this thing so you get influenced by this you know and I think energetically the nature is so powerful I think it puts us into a there's a certain kind of humility that you have when you're in that you're next to a volcano that's 14,000 foot and you got a 2,000 foot waterfall and you got a giant wave I mean this is stuff that kind of goes oh yeah we're just little ants yeah they're just little specks and we don't it's humbling but it's also inspiring energy but and energizing yeah gives you power right the mana mana you have always wondered what people that live and Beach communities are there so chill like I wonder is that because of just the humility that you get when you just looking the ocean you're looking over it have you ever seen that book no called the Blue Mind the guy's pretty interesting and he does a study of why we gravitate towards being on the beach why all the most expensive real estate is beachfront and that something about when we stare at the ocean they did all these studies where the it just totally lights the brain up that our whole something about the

► 00:59:05

Rison and about the ocean itself that that affects our whole well-being and and part of it we don't even know why but we're just drawn like why you know why is why are we drawing their why do we you know and and it has it has you know an effect on our system I wonder if that's because we evolved to be close to the water because that's where the Bounty is we can get fish and while we evolved from the water that's true Anna to do so here we follow that the the whole aquatic ape Theory you ever yeah no I haven't really you know haven't I haven't I haven't really studied that I mean you know I know that I know that when you're around dolphins and when you're around Wales how and like you know it's interesting today I was in the ocean and I felt something was around and I could feel it I just knew something was around and then it just five ten minutes later big sea lion kind of popped its head up and went but I

► 01:00:05

feel before but but you know when you're around those animals that are in the ocean you definitely feel a kindred spirit with them unlike you do with land animals you know you don't really have that mean I mean okay maybe a wolf or dogs because we were connected with them for 30,000 years we have that relationship you feel something with a dog but but with a sea animals like I say when the Dolphins come around and you're you just feel some kind of there's just some there you know and they say they've done some studies with you know Dolphins how they affect kids that have you know different disabilities and stuff and how it totally helps them and and so there's some healing ability and actually dolphins are capable of having a collective Consciousness that's why they when they get surrounded the big ones don't just jump out of the net they everybody stays together so they but but again you know the Aquatic ape but the that were from the ocean I mean listen we call it the super life right the ocean is the

► 01:01:05

is the reason why this why we're here and why we can be here because if it wasn't for that we'd be Mars and be hard to live there yeah this is this something that attracts you to it it's very strange it's very tricky when you stand there just so you could it's peaceful just to sit down the beach just stare out at the blue it is yeah well the blue mind is a great book that's a beautiful book about talks about that and the science behind that and the effect it has on our system but you know it in a way watching the ocean move is a little bit like watching a fire you know how fire is mesmerizing you have a fireplace and you just watch the Flames move well the ocean has that movement and a all sometimes I'll go to the beach and I'll do a headstand and stand and look at the ocean upside down which is crazy because now it's the ocean is is the sky and the waves are moving opposite to what your brains used to so it's you know it's something when I'm doing

► 01:02:05

board at the beach do you think you could ever live in a city I'm I've stayed in the city for a little while before I mean I moved to Manhattan at one point did you really didn't yeah I lived in Manhattan when I was about 17 or 18 I had some friends that used to come to Hawaii they lived in Manhattan and they invited me back for the summer and I lived there for summer and you know it's dangerous for me to be there that was how the danger because you're kind of more credible wild you're a little more wild you know your little more like an animal and then you're like you're in confinement you know and there's just not enough nature like I go to Central Park and swing off trees and stuff but that you know that's the only set only didn't so much colder you the time like 17 or something like that you felt like a real urge to be around nature always yeah always pulled pulled to I mean I would just go to Central Park all the time wow that's interesting yeah I was just neat I needed that and you know people don't realize when they live there but when you when you're in a place with

► 01:03:05

cement buildings you know they're tall you're in fight or flight the whole time because the big yeah because you're you're threatened by these big masses that could fall over and hit yeah absolutely and you intuitively you're living in that and then the noise and all of the all the people because you know I grew up sitting in the back of the class right I go to restaurant I find a chair against the wall like I go look for a chair and go where's you know I'll sit in the corner I want to see what's coming I like see what's coming so and you go you know you go to New York and there's just your bombarded from every single angle right and so you're in fight or flight you're just you're constantly on guard to you know you don't know what's gonna you know I'll take my chances in the ocean yeah I love visiting yeah I love visiting yeah but as far as living there now I just don't and my friend Jeff lives there and he's like the energy of the city who talks about the energy it's amazing I'm like okay let's

► 01:04:05

therapy to yeah retail therapy some retail markets why every woman in the world moves they're the only shop shop and then your friend goes there's a lot of energy here that like is all the people people are moving they're doing things it makes me want to do things yeah but I want to do things anyway I don't need that yeah yeah well we weren't meant to live stacked on top of each other that's not in our nature that's not in our biology now is there an abundance of everything yeah there's a lot of things that make it attractive right it's a tattoo there's a tatra I mean there's beautiful women that make it attractive there's all the food you ever wanted makes it attractive you know there's all there's an abundance of stuff and there's always something to do you go to the theater you don't have to be self-motivated you have to be self driven right could just there's always three you know ten parties and a bunch of things and speakers and scientists anything you can think of there's every aspect of it right so I think that's has an attractiveness about it but in our ass

► 01:05:05

it's do we belong in these these metropolises they don't really have any in nature that we so we wouldn't actually that wouldn't be a place that you know and we can only handle so many people at once anyway like we can only have real intimate relationships with like a hundred and I don't know 330 people or something some crazy yeah it's like 150 yeah yeah yeah I'm what I'm fascinated by though is that these things exist everywhere and its cities exists in almost every single country there's a place like a Manhattan or like in LA where everybody's just jammed in together like what is it about people that makes us want to live like this that's an interesting thing that's an interesting question why are we attracted to that to that well the abundance you know that we're all and were were drawn to go where everybody wants to go a little bit like sheep you know like we all go where everybody wants to go opportunity I mean there's all these things that you know why does every why does why does every city draw every young person from the

► 01:06:05

side right because of opportunity that and excitement possibility the possibilities my friend Michael Mouse was on the show yesterday and he was telling me that he was choking he swallowed a piece of food he got it stuck in his throat and he went to a table in Manhattan he was in Manhattan and he was like I'm choking and he said this to this table people and he said this woman just stared at him with no reaction like didn't smile on anything and he coughed in the food came up because I was choking to death and she said well you should take smaller bites like just the harshness the harshness of New York it's like the the value of a human being is so so much less because there's so many of them yeah it's what that's it that's a drag that's a problem in the Earth yeah I know our value for and we become such a voyeur we become such voyeurs of like wall this watch you die yeah I'll just I'll get a video of it and put it you know post the shoot stuff my dad's I mean

► 01:07:05

instead of like wow that guy's needs help he's hurting let's let me help him right now it's like Wow Let's see you know I mean we you see it's a it's a strange phenomenon you'll get more help when there's less people around then you will when there's all the people around yeah like the old 80,000 people know I'll just sit there and stare and a guy that's bleeding to death yeah we're when there's two people there one of the people will tourniquet the guys leg right right right look if you met the view saw someone in the woods fall and break their leg and was just you to you'd feel totally connected to that person or as if you saw someone as a hundred people around the guy falls or gets hit by a car you like well that ain't my problem that ain't my problem yeah and everybody goes that's not my problem is everybody yeah diffusion of responsibility yeah happens in large groups of people who feel like somebody's gonna handle this and the dummy and no one does yeah no one does they yeah there was a video that I watched recently of this guy there was I don't know what was happening but it was outside at night some sort of a nightclub sort of situation this woman hit this guy and this guy knocked out this one woman and then another girl came out

► 01:08:05

he knocked her out to and the guys filming it someone's filming and they not doing anything about it no one's no one's tackling this guy no one's grabbing the guy runs away successfully and then the LAPD put a thing out looking for this guy Mike how the fuck does the guy with the camera live with himself how did you just say film exact guy punched two women exactly yeah exactly and less you're a woman to and you're like I want this guy fucking me up too I don't know why you just hit him with the correct then if I mean you know whatever I'm just saying just you know drive your car drive your car on them yes what you know but it's it is strange how we lose our humanity and these giant we're doing it more to now just with all of the there's a bunch of factors that are playing in into into that right into into US kind of separating ourselves from the person next door there right there but we're we're over here you know we're on our right we're on our device looking down and they're right next to us and we're like it's almost like we we think that that's an invisible screen yeah

► 01:09:04

there's also a thing about Hawaii that I've always found interesting is you can kind of know everybody so you can't be an asshole that's a beautiful thing yeah you accountability accountability gotta be going to see him at the you're going to see him at the store and five minutes so either you work it out and you agree that you don't like each other and that's just like an accepted thing and or you work it out and you get through it yeah I love that why I love that about small towns to small towns have the same thing but something about an island and it's a small town with a notion around it so there's really nowhere to go and you live on Kauai yeah I'm up I grew up on Kauai how many people live there about 60-something now 65 thousand or so that's hilarious yeah that's less than the Big Island which is pretty yeah but it's big yeah big giant enjoys like a hundred something right yeah I mean I think the malli for a while as well but I grew up on Kauai kauai's my the is my you know that's my that's got my heart right Owns My Heart so gorgeous they're gorgeous and then you've got Honolulu which might as well

► 01:10:05

be Chicago or something absolutely it's like City prompt absolutely they are real City problems well and and and heavy military so they have a huge military you know and the military influence has a city like any city that has in them up there next to it there's an effect that the military has on the city for Honolulu has that honolulu's connected to the military just got Pearl Harbor all of that stuff so and then a million people which is insane and say a million people it's a gathering pay Honolulu means the Gathering Place so it's like where everybody goes to you know that's where the state capital is that's our whole that's our that's Waikiki that's yeah why does that one place become so populated I tell him I don't know why I it's it's you know I think it has to do with if you look at most places that cities have been created it's usually some geographical design some shape like a good Harbour yeah and obviously honolulu's an incredible Harbor so great Harbor great protection

► 01:11:05

um so that probably has a lot to do with with the fact that it was developed like it was is because of the nature of and it was you know I used to say like if you went to Rio De Janeiro and no one was there and you showed up one day with a boat and there is no one had built anything it would be amazing if you showed up in Manhattan and you went up there you know Hudson and you pulled up onto that Island you'd be like wow this place is amazing so most of these places you know if you're in Paris and you went in the Sin went around it you'd be like wow this so most most of the places where cities have been developed our amazing geographical location and then they out of necessity they were easy to get through with boat you know that that has a big factor to it there's always some sort of you know strategic there's something to a stress you know being a strategic part location as well but yo I don't know why Honolulu other than great for Mooring and

► 01:12:04

reason and protected real protected all that Pearl Harbor stuff is very protected and so that made it very easy to develop if you didn't live there with you think you'd live

► 01:12:16

maybe another planet either you live in a mountainous would you yeah I love Alaska you know I but I don't think I honestly you know both Gabby and I have been splitting the years for since we met and I realized that I'm I'm nomadic like I'm or I'm that I really like like the animals I like to move in a season it feels more natural actually and I we kind of with my daughters we kind of influence them that way but I don't want to be anywhere all the time that's what I really realize I realize that I'm not good that I just there's well you'll get caught up in a domestic with your neighbor and you'll just they're just there's something about being in one location all year round and it feels more natural to move according to the seasons right like hey it's summertime energize you go to you know we come to California in the summer the surface down in Hawaii in the summertime that's when the waves are flat so there's they don't I don't have the c 2 which means I

► 01:13:16

shifted to other land stuff it brings a whole set of opportunities it's like why would we go north I mean why would we go you know in north in the summer because it be a more abundant but in the winter you wouldn't go because it'd be too harsh so it's a little bit like that mentality where you move more like if you're hunting and Gathering you definitely be moving according to the seasons like you know where the fruit was when the fruit was you know good and you'd go where the hunting was great when the hunting was good and all of those things and that feels natural for me to just be you know to be back and forth but it's to do like six months in each place is that what you do yeah so you'll Malibu and your Kauai yeah that's nice well and then you get to see both things to both things and what you provided open your mind open your mind and and energetically Malibu is very powerful like where we are you know it's like Indian mountains and the mountains meet the sea and there's some you know people don't realize how abundant that see life is to they always old Malibu they have like a preconceived idea about what

► 01:14:16

Abu is but Malibu's has a Malibu means gateway to the Sea and chew gosh that's a that's an Indian word Malibu is the gate which is a in a way as the valley that opened from the plains Where the Buffalo were to the fishing and the and the ocean so there's there's some you know something to that place that that we feel comfortable and if you're going to be here for us it's a can still be in the ocean I can still have that nature part by then I can run into you know Allah and try to expand my brain a little bit yeah it is really a weird spot right like Malibu is got a weird combination of really rich people that are completely detached in there on pills and the like that PCH is a terrifying place to drop one of the most dangerous so many fucking drunk driving accidents and it's winding yeah and yet the ocean so good job houses all right and Cliff on the other side narrow winding and bad drivers yeah yeah all our drivers in America are fairly well it's even there's something about that range to the devil

► 01:15:16

these bars and restaurants are people drink there is yeah all right that's a that's a wickedly dangerous road well this this detached people and then I'll I've had friends that had their kids go to Malibu high in the like Jesus Christ everyone's doing drugs it's all fucked up and the children of these rich people are often neglected raised by their nannies oh yeah parents aren't home and not there just to have that contrasted by some of the coolest people ever at the you and you have some of the people that don't want to live in town that work in the industry highly successful that want nature they want nature and they want to be in there and they'll they're willing to drive that Coast Highway every day and go to work in town to have the balance of being in the sanctuary so you know it's what we always say Bright Light Dark Shadow I mean it's the nature it's what you get with it you know with the with the greatness you get is the you know the destruction of the tracks weirdos yeah it does yeah there's so many strange it's eclectic people eclectic yeah which kind of makes it

► 01:16:16

but it makes it great to like if you're for the good group you got guys you know you go to the store and you got guys that are that are you know that lived in Malibu for their whole life since they were kids they don't you know they live up one of the Canyons and they're totally grounded and and and you know and then you got right next to him some you know giant mansion and with like you said you know kids that are neglected and yeah but there's some good ocean there and there's some good mountain so for like mountain bikes and ocean activities it's pretty you know that it's the land stuffs always going to be tricky with the humans you know you get the humans they're on land there we rented a place on the water for like three months when we're getting our kitchen done and it was crazy like you just sit there wake up eat breakfast you're on the water around is just what yeah and the place we re were at it was the water would literally come under the edge of the house so it looks like you're sitting on the water looks like being on a boat and you watch and do sea otters and all the wildlife

► 01:17:16

yeah yeah yeah amazing yeah you don't want to own one of those houses but there are nice to stay in well if you own it you really don't own it for long no not in this day and age now especially forget it you never know where to get a big wave yeah I'm always gun-shy about being on the water you know living on the water I think I when I was a kid we had to evacuate and so I'm Sami for giant surf huge surf so we had to leave our house in our house but your house got push across the road and won't eat 69 Jesus Christ so I'm always been I think I've had a thing in the back of my head like and one besides highly expensive but just living on the beach it's like no I'll go to the beach I'll be at the beach all day but then I want to be away like I want to go home and be away right and not have sand in my bed and not have yeah on my TV and you know not have like everything gets corroded corroded what do you have to build a boat yeah you should if you build a house there just pretend it's a boat and that you don't have to

► 01:18:16

worried about sinking maybe it might it might sink yeah slowly how far away do you live from the water I'm about a mile as a crow flies but I'm up a hill so I overlooked I overlooked the ocean and I could see and then I don't have any neighbors I have only one neighbor on the front and back and then both sides no neighbors so it's I've always liked being on hills and being back I just seems that's where I end up I just saw some views I think views are really good for your brain good for your brain to be up and and let everything fall below yeah good for the brain such a soothing on the mind what is this this physical training company that you're doing you're doing something xpt yeah what is that XP T is I would describe it as a kind of a it's a lifestyle program that evolved out of what how we live like what we what we do and so we started an experiential thing where people can come for like two and a half days and go through this you know get exposed to

► 01:19:16

kickers and they do heat nice and we do pull training and breath work and mobility and conferences and stuff they're exposed to speakers like what do you mean well well I'll invite you know I would invite you to come and speak for an hour or and I'd invite Paul check or we'd have somebody speak on longevity or somebody speak on you know it's just have a during the during the the experience will have a couple speakers talk on you know Nutrition Fitness Wellness career whatever just as something as another piece of the of the element and then and then and like I said we have pool training and then we try and we've been certifying trainers now to kind of help people go through the process as well and so it's you know it's really about rest and recovery and breathing it's more based on on that part it's not just another training thing of like hey how we you know how we can Hammer you I mean I think that's overplayed I think the ways we can train and how we're training is really overplayed

► 01:20:16

think we're not creating enough things that nurture the system you know and really look at trying to support people in there in there in there already you know hammering life they're already just beating themselves down it's like let's get off the red eye and then we'll go to the gym and we'll Hammer ourselves there and then we'll stay up all day and you know and I think we they need some support So breath work is a big part of it knowing how to move correctly I think that's a big part of because plenty of people hurt themselves especially in the gym without you know without some knowledge of movement in form and then I have a pool training system I developed which is the Gabby was telling me about that sounds crazy yeah that's the most proprietary thing I think we have is it's a marriage between the gym in the in the pool because I despise swimming that's exactly yeah it's a liberal I know I do I just wanted to eat if you said go do laps in the pool I'd be like Shamu and I get the floppy Fin and really oh yeah I just it's I

► 01:21:16

that's crazy you're fucking serve no but I'm saying but it but if you said hey we're going to take these masks in this fins and we're going to swim this Coastline where the waves are breaking on the rocks and we're going to go for five miles I'm in like I'll but if you said hey go down there and and and where some swim goggles where you can't even see and swimming some murky water where you don't know what's in it and we're going to swim a mile down there and you're going to do that every day that the I'd rather step on a you know Rusty Nail then do that I mean it's like that's so because of my my disdain for swimming that kind of swimming I mean I if there's it's if it's in the surf in the waves that's a different that's a different game that's a whole different you don't want to do laps in the pool you'd kill me yeah I'm gonna die I just I would rather yeah I just I'd rather hit my hand with that's so weird enjoy moving in the Water by do with some dumbbells okay so carrying a dumbbell and right jumping with and dumb

► 01:22:16

Ellsworth why did you start XP T like what was the motivation because you're obviously into doing this stuff yourself why create a foundation or well the reason why we started it it was because an opportunity to expose this stuff and share it with more people we were doing it ourselves naturally and then we have friends come and they were like this stuff's awesome and then can I invite my friend and then we were we realize that that if we really wanted to expose it to more people and share it we were going to it was going to be a limitation if everybody had to come to my house to have like a website and everything yeah what is the key t stand for XP T ly X PT life.com and XP T stands for well my my concept is is it exploration in Performance training there is a high-performance fuels a limitless life dumbbells in the pool there it is oh yeah so this is all yours yeah you should come well I'm just like I'll yeah I love that guy yeah the

► 01:23:16

well I have some beautiful guys come like I'll give you a great thing that you'd appreciate is I have this whole well first of all there's a bunch of things that happen in the water right which one of the things that happens is when you're underwater the compression of the water allows the blood to flow through your lymphatic system which normally takes about a 24-hour period it happens in one hour so imagine compression tights like you know if you wear compression it really helps the blood flow right well this is the ultimate compression the water is right yeah so then you deal with the psychology so it's good for Fighters like I'm I Fighters because of the psychology of what we can do because you deal a lot with stress so we're able to implement stress in a very controlled environment and then and then and then like for example and Grant Hill at one point in his career but I have left friend Joakim Noah who's a basketball player and we were doing these we're doing these in the water we're doing these dunking drills last summer so he trained with him and get a bunch of stuff

► 01:24:16

because you can do a lot of Highly explosive heavy loaded movement with protection because now you don't have to worry about momentum which is what's going to pull your shoulder out it's going to turn your hip it's gonna hurt your knee where I could take a basketball player and I can run him through thousands of jumps thousands which at the end of if I did that on land he would be broken he's already jumping too much in his season he doesn't need to jump more right so I could load him up and make him do these Dynamic movements but now he's protected because he's because we've taken gravity out so we're so it's like it's like saying hey we get to go trade in outer space but it's in my backyard right now what kind of results of these athletes will experience well for so Joakim in his career and I don't know how many years he's been in the NBA he came back after doing this dunking job is using this as an example and

► 01:25:07

it had the most dunks per minute that he's had in his entire career whoa he was like Duncan on it was slamming on everybody I mean it helps that he's seven feet tall but the fact is that he he noticed now you know Grant Hill was talking about he gained 3 inches in the last year of his career after playing in the NBA for 20 years I've said he's jumping three inches higher but yeah yeah so I mean we're getting well I'm that's the kind of tangible stuff that I am that I that I'm getting just that there's a lot more things a lot of it has to do with breath because in the water it's all controlled breathing patterns so everything is controlled because you can't breathe in to get to the top so if you're doing a drill where you're jumping and most of the things we do are leg driven swimming is mostly arms part of the reason why people only use her arms is because you use five times the oxygen with your legs as you do with your arms so the legs are very inefficient for swimming but yet they create a lot of load on your heart which that can boost your breath holding and so there's a bunch of other other things that

► 01:26:06

happened but a lot of it is just that environment is very protective so for Recovery to for like what somebody's got a hurt knee hurt hip hurt ankle you can go in there and start moving dynamically early before you would ever do it on land and be protected so there's a bunch of you know and then we can just ratchet it up I can make you know if I I truly believe if you gave if you said you know I'll get few Felts is going to come to your house and you're going to have Phelps for three months I could make Phelps faster yeah I was just this is this is this I'm so I'm he's doing a dunking drill and he's using a medicine ball but he's having to jump out at three feet of water right so when he gets on land

► 01:26:46

when he gets on land it's like a he it's like a whole other game yeah I would imagine a whole nother game now did you invent this protocol this whole thing of jumping and doing in the water what motivated you well I came the original concept came out of the drilled not a drill a thing we used to do in the summer when we were kids that's a Hawaiian kind of waterman drill where you run on the bottom with stones so seeing that BJ Penn does that stuff actually get a stone you run along the bottom then you put it down then your friend swims along the surface and then when he when you go up he swims down grabs it and then he goes along as far as he can and you swim and you just go back and forth until neither one of you can do it so his base kind of on that concept and then but I wanted to expand that because that's kind of limiting you just swam and you run and you can't isolate movements and you're not working it like you can with dumbbells so now I shift dumbbells into the water and and I have all different weights so depending on your skill level

► 01:27:46

you know everything we do and that's one thing about everything that I'm involved in is it usually has to have a spec it has to be able to be you know for everybody to do it it has to be old people and kids to in my mind that it's not viable unless it's it you can appeal to everybody that you need you need to kids need to be able to do it an old person be able to really be valid to really have legitimacy you know it's like okay the coffee it's has to be there has to be things that the kids can can have that creamer oh people can have it it's got to be good can't just be specialized I think the specialization of some of this stuff is creates the lack of validity I don't think that that it's valid if it's specialized and so that I could take a little kid like my daughter does a bunch of the pool training stuff right I have an older older guys that come and do a bunch of the pool training stuff you know I got Pat Riley comes in there and he trains in the summertime whether it's tough yeah yeah so we get a really broad spectrum

► 01:28:46

a people and that and that confirms to me that it's really legitimate right because then it's like no this is real like the kids can do it the whole people can do it the top guys can do it the bottom guys can do it everybody can do it that you know that that something that's that's I just think that that's the you know what what what is real so how many years have you been doing this XP T well I mean the pool training I've been I developed over the last probably 10 to 12 year about 12 years now in the pool with any you've evolved it so you start off with a couple idea why I avoid had like a velcro weight jacket where you felt crow like a yeah wait yeah Jump In The Deep End there's a little scary yeah get the jacket off and how could he get up so that wasn't that was his catch that wasn't viable if that was so then we moved to dumbbells where you can drop them right but we you know there's probably 20 exercises that we watch way to use and it depends sometimes we're doing we have a move called the gorilla where were using you know 60

► 01:29:46

70 70 pound dumbbells are you doing a curl press jump so you and your jumping on the slope so your curl pressing and jumping with with with you know 60 70 pound dumbbells depending on your size we're swimming with 50 pounds 60 pound dumbbells we're jumping off the bottom with 15 pound dumbbells it depends on the exercise so it's all depends on the person's skill what the drill is but we I have a whole I have all the weights next to the pool so we have everything from 70s to Five Pound wow dumbbell I love that idea of the jump press like doing some sort of a oh yeah it's all you'd love it it's crazy I called the gorilla curl so it's a squat curl press jump and then you when you come out of the water you just let the weights drop and then the water catches up you could never do that Al and how deep your shoulder out right right how deep you do this in the water well you very on your height so I have I have a about at eleven foot deep end and then I have a slope so you can choose every depth all the way

► 01:30:46

and then I have what you saw in that last video it's about a three and a half foot shallow end so this is the first pool I'm trying to build a couple I'm trying to build one in Hawaii right now that's that's going to evolve from what I learned from this pool so this pool I just kind of built it with you know with the hopes of Designing a program and then out of it came all the all this stuff what are you going to alter I'm going to create multiple depth so I'm going to do like an area that has 12 foot then we're going to shift back to feet and have a 10 foot and then another flat area of eight foot and then another flat area 6 foot and then I have the magic width is about somewhere between 35 to 40 feet wide and that's like if you're trying to swim a heavy dumbbell you know we do a lot of individual limbs stuff so that you isolate each limb so we'll do pistol squats and Russian lunch squats and a bunch of other you know and and movements that you can you'd be very vulnerable if you did that in the gym

► 01:31:46

the chances are you could hurt yourself but because you have that stability in that environment it totally supports you so you can you can be and go into ranges of motion that you don't have like you know you might not be able to go sink all the way down into a deep lunge on one leg and press out with dumbbells in your hand on the land but in the water you can and and the water actually makes it lighter so you have to boost the weight and stuff so there's a bunch of great stuff that comes out of it that sounds very attractive to people that have had injuries beautiful and what But the irony is is it kind of it's a little bit like what comes out of rehab where you actually get better performance to like like you know a lot of a lot of rehab exercises become performance driving exercises you know it's like she don't do that shit only when you get hurt right start doing that and get strong that way so then you maybe won't get her yes yeah you know so it comes that way to it goes both directions hmm and do you have workouts that people can follow

► 01:32:46

online if someone goes to the spt Life Is xbt Life is that yes sweetie life website Yeah we actually the thing that we have the thing we have right now this probably the most the most kind of prevalent one the thing that's happening as soon as we have a breathing app coming out so we have a breathing out that has almost every different modality of breath work and so there's some pretty cool stuff in there where you can go choose a before I go to sleep or before my workout after my workout you know during my things so we have a bunch of we have a pretty cool breathing app that were working on as well so you ever talk to him Huff I don't win do you know him oh absolutely yeah I'm doesn't he doesn't give a fuck if you breathe out of your nose your mouth I said just breathe man I know I know he doesn't get it fucker so crazy I love that guy he's comedy know I have I've had a few I've met him women I've had a few we've had a few experiences let's just put it that way but we've had him at it we've had a couple of experiences and I've done some stuff with whim I've known win for

► 01:33:47

and I like for five years now maybe maybe a little longer so he'll keep them usually when he was in town I think the last time maybe when you when you saw him he came he comes to visit so I get them if I usually when I go with when I usually translate for him when he goes to one of his classes I'm usually like trying to all right here in case people don't understand all I'm saying sometimes I'll be with somebody they'll be like what do you say I'll be like what he means is take a deep breath yeah he's such a character he is a character guy went to fucking the top of Everest Barefoot oh yeah like well yeah I almost lost his toes do ya like what ya know he goes yeah well he's his art actually is to mow is is a is a derivative of to moan and I'm not sure if you know what tomorrow is but to mow is a Himalayan breathing technique that the that the monks have that they were they have this one thing where they dry sheets

► 01:34:46

so they have this thing the ceremony where they go at night in the Himalayas when it's frozen and snow and the guy sits there and they put wet sheets wet blankets on them and they breathe and get their bodies so hot that they dry the blankets and then the guy that can dry the most blankets at the end of the night is the is like the guy you know but it's a yeah yeah it's called to mow and it's a you can go online and look it up a to mow is a is a is a Himalayan breathing technique that that was never exposed to westerners Big until just as of recently but the whims whims work is a derivative of 2 Mo but nose breathe it's all about nose breathing mmm it's all about nose breathing and when you understand the science of it but he's right about getting people to just breathe because people are not breathing then we just had in fact we had another belissa what's her I want to say it's a Russian name but but she has a great book she trains fire

► 01:35:46

fire and police and military breathing we just had her at we did an XP T in Miami about a week two weeks ago and and she came as a guest speaker and we and was working on really trying to create more volume and then are a lot of people's rib cages aren't moving and so they have a whole you know there's ways to try to increase your movement of your ribcage ribcage you'd actually open like you you can take a tape and measure your rib cage when you're fully exhaled and then when you inhale it should expand like you know three inches or more for you to be really Optimum Lee breathing and a lot of people I mean part of it has to do with the whole six-pack abs and what's aesthetically pleasing but meanwhile when you have a real nice six set of six pack abs your you don't you're not able to diaphragmatic we breathe you're not able to use your diaphragm you're not using your diaphragm we really have that yeah because you're you you're the tightness isn't allowing the diaphragm to push down the diaphragm in the pail and the pelvic floor

► 01:36:46

she squeezed your organs together and and that actually massaging the organs which influences your digestion and everything and the deals with a bunch of acid reflux and a bunch of other things but when the when the when that's the ABS are so tight that the the stomach can expand the organs can't push this belly out then you then you have a limitation in your in your brand then the ribs aren't moving I mean it's just like guys are going to hear this and go good I'm going to stay fat I don't need a six-pack well but no but I actually if you're really using your lungs you can you'll strengthen your core in a way that you'll get core you could have six pack abs are not have core stability like so you know I mean and you know this I mean when you look at a lot of not every single great fighter is just ripped know some of the best ones ever not ripped at all or fade or exactly so let's talk about that first for example of you know that

► 01:37:46

static isn't always function right and oh and of course we know the mind is always ahead of everything I don't care what the car looks like if the got no motor doesn't do anything so it's the body only goes with a brain tells it but the fact is is that that you see some of the best athletes when you look at certain athletes you're not like they're not the physical specimens that you've ever seen you're like that guy is the most ripped and shredded a lot of times those guys get knocked out you know you sure you should a guy come on you just call this guy's gonna kill this guy and then he just gets you know annihilated by the guy that looks maybe not quite sure as hard right part of his line x max Holloway is perfect example Hawaiian guy yeah he's not like shredded I mean he's strong obviously but he looks more like a swimmer yeah yeah when you you might find that his breathing yeah might he might have better Air volume because at the end of the day a lot of us about oxygen cardio yeah yeah and Max is cardio is off the chart exactly so he's getting more movement out of there I mean you know again we've created

► 01:38:46

he's you know aesthetic things in our culture like oh six-pack abs a sign of this and that it up but when you look at real breath work and how the diaphragm works and how the ribs expand you realizes like were none of us are really doing it right you know and you can actually create more volume you know you said you like cordyceps mushrooms yes well those are actually a vasodilator those help son help you absorb oxygen you those can up your VO2 max right there's only a couple things that you can how to increase your VO2 max but cordyceps one of them beaches beaches another one you can create more volume by expanding your lungs so by opening the rib cage and creating more room that can create promote your VO2 max now when people are here in this their hearing breathwork folks who have never done anything like that they don't they're really don't understand what you're saying like what do you mean by breathwork like give us an example of like a protocol well I mean a real simple I mean they do it in pranayama they have it in apnea there's a thing called holotropic breathwork really is when you

► 01:39:46

the late the breathing system and you know the simplest way and that's why William says hey I don't give a shit how you breathe just breathe that's right yeah yeah so you know like will do a breath routine and we'll sit somebody down and we'll say Okay breathe like you're running breathe like you're running and you will tell the guy breathe like he's running another I go thats a slowrun buddy like breathe like you're running like

► 01:40:11

you know like like anytime you need any movement in any air in and out is going to as a form of breath work right and especially when you isolate the system and you're not doing it because of an activity the the fact is that when you use that system and you work it and you're not detracting from it by doing an exercise if you're doing the assault bike where your arms are working and your legs are working so all the oxygen that you're absorbing is going into your arms and legs when you're isolating you just do the breathing alone now the oxygen is going into that system and that system is going to develop and get better then when you do your assault bike after you develop that system so we'll isolate breath work and we'll just do it alone well whether we're doing you know whether we're doing breath holds we're doing some kind of apnea breath work which is you know we can do a pattern where you're doing like you you hold for 30 seconds and then you breathe in for 15 and then you breathe out for 15 then you hold again then you go in and out

► 01:41:11

hold in and out and hold that's one pattern another pattern is in hold out hold in hold out hold in hold out like you know again those are there's you know and then there's pranayama apnea holotropic there's just somewhere your oxygen in the system where you know like whims would be

► 01:41:34

we're just get that rhythm going and do that for five minutes and people go by feel light-headed I know yeah because you haven't had oxygen like that in your head you haven't had oxygen in your system like that right so again conscious bringing Consciousness to your breath we're not just walking along in life like not thinking about breathing that's the beginning of breathwork just awareness of hey I need to

► 01:42:02

you know I need to need to breathe in and out right stay conscious yeah and that's a big one with martial arts you see in Jiu-Jitsu with beginners when they first start sparring for the first time they panic and they have shallow breath and you gotta tell us okay stop right now just breathe oh yeah spree oh yeah well my your fight yeah fight or flight but it's interesting how they can't get a deep breath yeah they hyperventilate yeah well you will put somebody in the ice for the first time that has oh yeah that's the craziest want to see it right that's an instantaneous oh yeah you can't breathe oh yeah but you eventually learn what the system the system turned that's actually a an involuntary response to get out mmm right strike you you have the option so you should exercise that option that's an involuntary spot that's your that's your subconscious mind protecting the Oregon organism like hey this is your body and intuitively knows this is dangerous right environment get out and so that reaction is to get you to get out when you when you make a conscious

► 01:43:02

effort to not leave that environment then the body goes okay you're not going to get out okay well now organized I'll bring the blood to the organs all adjust everything I'll boost your hormones and so and then pretty soon you don't get that response team or once you do it on a regular basis the body just goes over here we are again back to that ice thing bring the but you know boost the hormones bring all the blood and organs you know that so but that could that's that's a similar thing to what you talked about in Jiu-Jitsu where people are the stress on the system they're stressed and so they're involuntarily you know and that's fight or flight one thing you can really do to calm like comic kids down this is the way you get yourself into parasympathetic where you bring your thing down is when you extend your breath for 7 seconds on the inhale and the exhale that reduced that'll bring everything down like if you want to calm down in your or your kids straight your look it's just all and you get them to just breathe in for 7 Seconds

► 01:43:56

yeah and I tell people think about a sigh

► 01:44:02

my youngest daughter when she would get upset she would do that should I try like you gotta breathe you gotta breathe calm down and seven seconds is a magic number if they if you can extend the breath for 7 seconds and the body goes into parasympathetic and totally lights that's what you do to like go to sleep at night like if you're having a hard time so there's a bunch of stuff to learn about the breath which is amazing I think the reason why the the breath is always been so important to me is because of the ocean sure because you know growing up when you almost drowned you know a thousand times you are is important you do get to know if you just get to appreciate like there's none down there and it's all up there and so be cool down there so when you see you can get back well I learned breath work because of hicks and Gracie I'm and watching Hicks and Gracie practice yoga is a friend oh you know yeah you know it does that what is that called that something what is this time well that's that's the pranayama yeah but there's a name for yeah there's when you twist the yeah you're really sucks is

► 01:45:02

organs yeah been his son can do it amazingly Crone can do it amazingly yeah yeah it's super good for you well that's for the organs yeah and that the ability to control your breath like that is so critical when you're sparring so critical to get oxygen these Long training sessions will for your life yeah for your life any time you're in the stress if you can control your breath that controls your heart rate yeah do you ever do 30 seconds in 30 seconds out you ever do that yeah just slow deep breaths in yeah slow deep breaths oh that's an amazing exercise axis well that's the extension of that that that section parasympathetic that's bringing in seven just a minimum amount but whenever you go into any of those long extended stuff and then and then those breath holds any time you hold the breath then you get that CO2 level and that's what gives you the anc's to you know what's interesting because you know whims done like some record breaking stuff and you have that free diving stuff where where they scrub oxygen you know where they hyperventilate and scrub the CO2 and get that real low but you have to be careful

► 01:46:02

not shallow water blackout so we don't really practice any of that stuff we do more like assault bike jump in the pool and see how long you can hold your breath while and then it's and then and then getting all five tenths 10 seconds is like that's big-time 15 seconds you're like wow that was amazing at maximum heart rate how long can you hold your heart I mean how long can you hold your breath that's um that's a challenge so you're keeping us all bug right next to the pool yeah yeah roll you roll it into this oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah wow wow there's always another you know twist to the pretzel now what are the I mean because of your hip do you have any limitations on other kind of stuff that you can do not imagine running would be a real coup yeah notnot II like deeps deep texture running so soft sand because of the foot and the articulation of the feet and not shooting on not wearing shoes so I'll do be child oosan' running and like if I'm in the snow like Alaska or something like that but I love

► 01:47:02

Barefoot and deep stuff I don't like running on hard ground I just first of all as soon as you know if you're 215 or two you know what everything over 200 pounds I mean you shouldn't be running more than a couple of miles a week if you're over a buck 20 I mean it's just it's really oh yeah it's so hard on uses on the hard ground absolutely that stuff is just pounding you you I mean it's one thing to go in a soft something that has absorption you know like if you're running in the sand or you're running are you running in the snow or you're running in some deep thick grass or something that's got absorption but yeah you go run your you know your a hundred eighty two hundred pounds and you run and you just pound everything's just you know seven times your body weight on the download and then you're wearing a shoe that's you know that's kind of deceiving you it's a little bit like a sunglass you know you think it's blocking the light but it's letting old bad light in you know you think it's a block in the absorption but you just get pounded I mean your and your feet are you know I mean Barefoot is so

► 01:48:02

port and grounding so important I mean these are these are things but I have a new but I have a cool bike that I just somebody just gave me recently called a stand-up bike which the company called elliptigo but it's a standing bike its position so for standing alone and so the postures unbelievable and you want to grind on a hill I mean you don't need running and then you have zero impact it's like you know it's so I think Runnings hard I mean I understand the high of running and but you know if you want to you want to real for me real running is Barefoot in some soft sand I had this one beach in Hawaii that I run on that that that's a little bit like quicksand and probably you'll sink in like mid you know lower lower lower calf like you know you'll sink in a foot into it oh you don't need to go far but you don't need to go and you know what Taro patches no so I grew up we got grew up farming like around on a pig farm and then with Taro patches and fishing and so I kind of grew up in a but

► 01:49:02

Taro Taro patches a is a rice paddy pretty much but right and so you we grew up working in that stuff and walking and carrying buckets and being in that mud sloshing the mud like a foot deep my but what I'm saying it's an environment like that where you have to pull your foot out and then sink in where it's absorbing the impact I mean that's where work you know I always questioned the damage versus the work right like the pounding that you and most I mean you know once you're a certain size the war the pounding that you get I think you can get all the cardio you want to jump rope jump ropes great landing on your toe you're doing the thing about when you're running every inevitably people go to heel striking their landing on their heels because they have a shoe that they so they think they're getting you know they think they're getting protected because they're landing on something kind of soft but it's still sending the you know that impact up your spine and inevitably anything you do and you and you come back and your back hurts I have to question like is that the optimum right you know and that wasn't dead lift either it was you know right right

► 01:50:02

yeah but your what about your friend the Muay Thai Fighter well he was but he runs he runs like on the very super short short step mmm balls of his feet like like and I would I wouldn't even I would call it more like a I don't even know how to describe the pace but it's a slow slow slow pace that you're landing on the toes the whole time so it's not like a run you know hard run where you're pounding so he's probably doing like 10 minute miles or something like that I don't know I don't even know what his range is you dump that a stranger passing judgment well I think running off your toes great yeah I mean there's some is the the who knows the running who doesn't right who does it I do I run with Minimalist Shoes yeah but I mean who knows but if it is a standing by that is ridiculous I wouldn't be caught dead in that thing well goodbye for me that that there that's the elliptical they have the new new one that's just a pedal I'm just kidding it looks awesome now but you know why they got a maid that silly because the guy was a runner and couldn't run anymore got in

► 01:51:02

and then he said he started the bike and he said Vikings not running and so then he developed that thing because it's simulates running without the impact that son like I said that's why I like the pool that's why and I think too it's like if you think about doing things forever mmm we're talking about doing things forever yeah right yeah so we're talking about doing things forever so how we going to do them so we can do them forever no impact wow so reducing impact and if you actually started doing that initially then you might not have to worry about trying to recover from right all that stuff that you so it's like we don't want to train in a way that we're going to have to change our training to try to make up because all the damage we've done let's try to avoid the damage from the beginning I'm a it's already too late for me I got seven you know I got six broken ankles he's like a broken your ankles again what the hell did you just do your ankle has a watch Ben program with six or seven times broke the arch broke all the medicines from surfing all different motorbike surfing snowboarding

► 01:52:02

boarding house you mess up your hip probably because my broke walking on a broken ankle for all those years that because each time I broke it I five or six different breaks and then I would keep going so I would keep walking on it and but I means I had to carry the load on my right hip so I think I just wore the cartilage out from offsetting and carrying the load of the broken leg Jesus so that was but so I mean it's so wasn't like one injury where you hurt your hip it was just slow now I just wore it out I just I said I lived a couple lives with that one I was that that was only on one life hip and I had three lives in it what is it like having a fake hip insane incredible bionic the things not even in my in my in my brain not even l so it doesn't it doesn't I don't ever even bring it into Consciousness it's and it's Slicker it's like a Mercedes-Benz ball joint I mean it's absolutely perfect wow it's and and you

► 01:53:01

I mean I've had ACL I had some nice stuff before that was harder to recover from than the hip the hip was I just felt like I got kicked by a horse for a couple months and then after that it was like no brainer jump off a cliff go stand up paddle run I mean nothing tell you to not do certain things nope really know you could like you could just start to eat you don't do anything you should do with your real one really that's don't do anything you shouldn't do with your real one yeah right absolutely wow that was the only thing I mean the guide dr. penenberg who did mine he did it to a contortionist I guess some contortionist had some blown hips and he did it too and the girls still performing and stuff so well I don't I think it's I mean this stuff is the technology is amazing and the thing that I the thing that I would consider if I ever had to do it again is that the atrophy from the the the initial problem is harder to recover from than you just go in and get in

► 01:54:02

new one and I think when people push it you know they used to try to push that stuff because they want to wait for the technology got better and they only last 15 years and all that stuff but the atrophy that you try to recover from is harder to recover from than if you would have gone in and gotten it done when you neat when as soon as you needed to have it so the one you have now you have to get a swapped out every 15 years no no no but but in the back in the early days well they they don't know how long this new stuff last they had some they had some material that that wore out after like they because there's a like a some kind of polyurethane some kind of like outer layer well like a cartlett like alike a man-made cartilage between the ball joint in the socket and so that's tough War out in the past but those out and they have this new stuff that has been in for 10 years and a lot of people are already and they've seen 0 we're on it so you don't know could be 30 could be you know could be 10 I mean I was actually

► 01:55:02

I stayed conscious in I was able to stay awake for my hip surgery because I didn't want to have to recover from the from the Asia yeah really yeah case people a month to get the anesthesia out of their system really oh yeah to try to get anesthesia I mean anesthesia is controlled death they're just foot your right to the edge of dying and keep you alive I mean anesthesia some hard stuff on your system to get that stuff out of your organs you got to do like a full detox cleanse it's not just like oh yeah anesthesia I've never heard that before I didn't I didn't know that yeah I thought you feel like shit for a day or two but I didn't know what that's a month gosh it's in your organs and stuff there's no way that's up to us Koza they can't they can't Doshi out and knock you out like that without that stuff lingering I mean you know how long does it take to when you got a hangover I mean he's supposed to do like an epidural block on your epidural block yeah and they had it so good that they could just isolate the left the left hip they did that to me when I had my first ACL surgery I wanted to see it yeah because I was like

► 01:56:02

yeah I'm gonna watch I felt like I'm only gonna do this once in my life I want to see this turns out I had three of them yeah three knee surgeries but yeah but I wanted to see it I wanted to I wanted to be there where it was pretty freaky yeah I was a CL yeah I had a CL 2 yeah I think she'll the right leg on yeah yeah the ever had a cadaver my right leg and left leg out of patella tendon yeah so now your hip doesn't even if you don't feel it you don't feel anything not even in the wheel not even a thought wow not even like like amazing and it was I was it was debilitated I could barely walk I mean I could still surf but I get to land I was hobbling around like you know my friend Maynard from Tool you know the band Tool yeah Maynard is a he's a Jujitsu Enthusiast and he had to get his hip done and he fucked his hip up from stomping on stage because he's always like stomping with one leg Yeah he blew his hip out yeah well I think mines attributed a lot to my back leg and surfing okay so I'm on that back leg and that mang leg is

► 01:57:02

loaded so I think that but but I know the brakes the brakes and the other in the left ankle and left foot and how many I had and that I was always on it I know that attributed to lot because this this this right leg carried the load for that thing for her to get your left leg fixed and my ankle ankle yeah I just let it so every time there's a bloke listen I went I went to my neig to get my knee worked on in the guy goes he saw my ankle and he goes and then he saw the about how much Mobility I had and he called in some foot specialist and they had to take X-ray they just want to see could have no metal in there there's no screws there's no nothing I just let it you know and just so every time oh snap you just let it sort of heal itself up yeah so it snapped and you just walk around on it laughing

► 01:57:48

pretty much cut the cast off the first time was I was 16 so I took the cast off and you know and I went re-broke it the first time and then and then I had broke it other ways it got a little smarter after we broke yeah but yeah that's so and then Arch the arch I broke the arch because the ankle was so callous so bonded that when I broke it I actually broke my Arch that was the probably the most painful that was the most painful breakdown in that area yeah I talked to Kelly Slater he broke his foot yeah that too yeah same sort of his was just recently yeah and his was fucked up for a long time he said that's a painful thing to snap your toes like well you're the little metatarsal yeah crazy well yeah yeah but 75% of the bones in your body or below your ankles what

► 01:58:38

really 75% lifetimes of numbers yeah numbers above but your feet your feet have like half the bones of your entire body God I never thought of that that's crazy but it make there's a lot of shit down there a lot going on a lot little little ones in their little Nubs and weird little ankle see that's why kickboxing so stupid you throwing those things at people and slamming him in the elbows knees and stuff well I fucked that cool that's big I'll guaranteed yeah I've broken my that didn't like kicking something breaking your feet yeah no but it's a little embarrassing if it's wall though oh yeah sure is that what you think no I'm just saying don't mind was I like I said I broke mine broke mostly sports-related motor Mike windsurfing you know Towing yeah well I guess with as many injuries is you had though you do understand like what's good and what's bad for you for sure yeah

► 01:59:38

you hope but you know what's interesting is a little bit like in karate where you know you when you know how to heal you know how to wound mmm interesting you know that that the more the more you understand it's like I think the I think my injuries first of all it's a form of failure I think that is taught I've learned a few things from yeah and and and you learn also how to recover and how to heal and so I think that feeds into how to train and perform I could think that's all interrelated so because you start to have a more intimate relationship with your body and know how it responds so I think there's something I mean you don't learn a lot from winning you know and succeeding that doesn't teach you anything compared to losing yeah you know he losing teaches you and anyway injuries are forms of loss short are you know on the unsuccessful Endeavors yeah yeah when you lose your and then you lose your ability to do stuff and then you wonder why you're doing it and if you're going to be able to do it again yeah oh that's tough do you float at all no but I saw your float

► 02:00:38

I think you've never done it I have it oh man I was taught that would be right up your alley I know I just have it I just I've been invited by friend has one in Malibu I just have a never you can use it for any time you want yeah I should try to kill me Tom float and come on down man they tell you one it's here I can tell there's salt in there by the way the everything's crusting up and go yeah yeah guaranteed yeah thousand pounds of absence also yeah tank yeah yeah if you're any time an ocean so I float there and that helps but there's a lot of noise in the oh no it's true it's just for but that's what you love about the pool because you're floating already soon as you go under I actually have speakers under water so when you like who really are you play music oh wow so you can get you can get lost over there it's pretty cool so what other things do you do besides the curl press jump thing like what other what other types of exercises you're doing in the pool we're doing we're doing yeah you know like single dumbbell so single means clean single arm dumbbell and then stroke get a

► 02:01:38

Rath free fall so you're doing single arm jumping okay and then we're doing whopping single arm swimming single arm swimming carrying dumbbell I called an ammo box how much weight you doing that with we do like 50 60 pounds wow doing am it's called an ammo box it'd be like if you had an ammo box you gotta swim across the river like that's kind of the concept we have cell phone we have the Yuki we have a phone do you keep one another water yeah swim with your hand out oh wow and then and then a bunch of stuff like I said single-leg stuff so a lot of a lot of like Russians pistol squat jump lunges what else a bunch of a bunch of old fast breaks where we're doing this one where we drop down you run along the bottom with two dumbbells to the other side you set one dumbbell up you jump up you bring one dumbbell out you go back down grab the other one bring that one out and then pull both of them out and come back down and run back out we call down fast break kind of mimicking like it was basketball court you'd run down you jump up twice run back jump up to

► 02:02:38

yeah and then we have Spider-Man we have I mean we they just Spider-Man's one where you swim you carry a dumbbell and you descend into one end you jump up you grab you get a breath you descend into the other end and then and then all these exercises were able to we to make them harder will do them on an exhale so you can do so we ramp up you know we can either increase weight we can create increase distance or we can do it do it on an exhale so when you developed all the stuff did you run all this down from your own practice from all trial and error like how did you develop this well some of them came from failure so you know you try to do one move and then you'd fail some of them came from friends that I was working out with it would oh well it's try this and then we modify it some some of them came for my daughter I watch my daughter my one daughter swim down one day and grab a weight and then try to swim up with it I'm like oh that's a great move and you know so we some of it came out

► 02:03:38

necessity for movement like certain Dynamic movements that the basketball guy you know one of my friends needed or and then so it naturally all the movements kind of naturally evolved I think that's why they're all so great and there's an isolation to each limb so we have an isolation so you can really see if the dexterity of your right arm versus your left arm and how strong it is versus the other one how strong one leg is next to the other one the the ranges of motion and the mobility we're doing we can do front back flips and frontflips multiple so you jump up and get a breath and then do multiple flips and and and and extend work time so that your extend breathwork where you'll do you know like three or four moves in one on one breath so we have a bunch of ways to ramp it up as we evolve because you know how it is it's like in any exercise you get proficient and then you're like well how do I make it harder while you make it longer you make it faster you make it heavier I mean these

► 02:04:38

but because you're in the water we always have the breath-holding element and then we have the distance element and then we have the weight because we have weight so we have the weight elements so those are different ways that we can ramp it you know ramp it up so when you're developing this program are you writing on the stuff down are you doing these workouts yourself and saying okay I really started to fatigue after 30 of these so we'll try to like what I have a group of guys that train that come to my house at train six days a week so there's like six days a week yeah in Malibu or and kiwane Malibu oh so because now people just show up who's the summertime right and try and summertime is when it's really like the season for training because there's no surf in the wintertime you're not going to train and then have a giant swell and be tired that would be just stupid so I never want to let the problem with it is that you get you know I tell people I go listen and probably in any sport your get the most out of shape during the season you're in a certain kind of shape game shape but you're really not in shade because you can't

► 02:05:38

can't have a regimented workout routine if you're competing not right and so and so and in my case the oceans dictating the performance right so you can be all there's going to be 20 feet next thing you know in three days and then all of a sudden you show that there's not there's no surf it's only half the size of the wind screws it up or something so you get all that build-up so we have to do things to kind of exhaust the energy but you can't be in a nice Monday Wednesday Friday pulled training with Tuesday Thursday Saturday you know lifting mobility and yoga and what are you know it's like you can't get into that kind of a rhythm and and Hawaii is not conducive for that anyway it's part of the beauty of it is like I always so beautiful it's go to the thing or going to go down the coast because it's a nice day it's a good day for fishing go to the mountain was just so much for other activities to be done we're in this environment you're in the desert and it's kind of like okay it's a June Gloom no problem just bang ironer you know ride the mountain or do whatever you're going to do so

► 02:06:39

the and but in that summer time routine I have a group of guys in that we bounce everything off of each other so I'll do will do 10 and he'll do 10 and he'll do 10 I'll be like yeah that was good OK up the weight okay I'll 20s too many are that weights too much or that way it's enough and so we just kind of its evolved naturally that way and then and then I got some other friends that are a little bit more professional we have a friend of mine PJ who's been involved with all of the stuff around xpt to write programming and do that kind of stuff that chain he trains a lot of Fighters and great mobility and and and and some other training stuff so he he'll come in and they they start to really break it down and make it you know into a real program but we have routines that we do we have circuits that we do that we know you know how you know when we're taxed and you know it's an interesting thing about what the pool really teaches you is that you know you have a

► 02:07:38

mm of energy available we go okay we know you got a 50 gallon tank and I can do three or four drills in 15 or 15 minutes that does you just there's none left you didn't do all 50 gallons right you do extended breath holds with super hard work where I can you know make the give you some things that are a little lighter and now we can take that 50 gallon tank we can drag it out and make it make it last two hours right because we do these we're doing higher volume less weight and so we're you know breathing more often we can expand that thing so everything in between just blowing that whole tank up at once right through real intense breath whole with maximum weight as you know Max breath-hold Max wait Max wrap okay we're good where I mean it's and I think liftings the same way you know it's like how many Max lifts do you have in a certain day and how many per week do you have it's real tangible in the pool the pool is real you know the interesting thing about the pool is that it

► 02:08:38

and get you don't get muscle soreness because of that compression so you don't get that like while I'm sorry you get a you go almost every single person that comes and it's one of the I always say you know you got to call me and tell me if you fell asleep at lunch and every guy every day every day every person you know I was in the thing and just in their desk at the work or whatever just fall asleep like guaranteed and some guys you know I fell asleep for an hour I saw 20 minutes 10 min you know but everybody why is nighty-night I don't know I think it has a lot to do with the oxygen and that and and and and the taxation of that environment but it exhausts you in a in a like a terminal way like it's good it's a complete exhaustion and I and I don't know why a part of it is the threat of being underwater part of it is though that the water is sucking the calories out of you you know because it's like when they were there talking to Phelps about burning

► 02:09:38

calories while you know three quarters of the calories he was burning is because he was in a 70 degree pool and people go what's our 75 degree pool and I go yeah but the by the bodies 98.6 so for the body to keep itself warm over in three hours it's at 75 that's 20 degree differentiation you got to keep the bodies just working to keep itself warm and that and because the water affects you more than they are it's you know it's more intense on your system they just you just get tapped so the the water temperature the the the oxygen load the the psychology of being underwater with weights you know the workload that it's taking all those things play into just full thorough exhaustion and nothing nothing I do exhaust me more thoroughly and yet more kind of comfortably than that because you're not you don't have experience doing looting well yeah wound he don't come and if I train that hard in the gym I'll feel hurt after all right I'll be I'll be

► 02:10:38

wounded I'll be a little like and if I move wrong or something I'll be like oh you know you feel like something you tweak something so this allows you to do this 6 days a week that's one of the reasons

► 02:10:48

what actually helps flush the other days when you're doing other land training so actually helps support your but no I mean we're not doing we're doing pull training probably every other day it's just I end up turning the kind of I love being in the pool so much that we have we do a thing called surf and turf so so we have surf and turf where you're doing like some sort of some sort of Burpee press some kind of lifting on the deck into the water and then a routine in the water and then back on the deck and back in the water you might be doing we have one a move called seahorse where you hold a dumbbell between your legs and then you hold your feet up in front of you and you swim like this with a dumbbell in your lap and oh wow and then when you get to their side that you do push-ups so you do push-ups on that side you you see horse over you do push up that side see horseback you do that I mean you just blow up right so now we I think I enjoy that that part of it just just being creative making it fun making it interesting that's the part that really isn't I

► 02:11:48

seeing this the dredger in the monotony like when you said oh yeah swimming laps I go that's just like drudgery just like which there's a mentality for that I'm good I can be good at that like I can get on a I can get on my board and you know I've done some endurance stuff I paddled 22 hours one time I've done some of you hours yeah oh yeah so I've done I did actually I actually did a thing on Hawaii called the Hawaii 5 we call it the white 500 we started in the south point of Big Island and we biked across the big island so 125 miles then we paddled to Maui 38 miles and then we biked across Maui and then we paddled to Molokai then we biked across Molokai that we paddled to a wahoo then we biked across Oahu then we paddled to Kauai that we biked across Hawaii and we did that in five days so that would stay six like that's when you start coming good it's the end but you're but you're gonna watch but it's what you said about you know about running yeah

► 02:12:48

Eddie what about Eddie when you know you all of a sudden you're the bodies like I was just our new house where is this is this what we do what we just what we do yeah once we once the body makes that decision all of a sudden you're good like okay I'm I'm good I mean the hands had blisters is everywhere but the the body felt like oh this is where we you know I did reach Across America with Don with wild men he talked me into it I didn't want to do it and he suckered me into into it and he said because I was like he had other plans he was because he was an operator and he's like he wanted me to go in this race and there's four it's a 4-man team you know Ram is no called the Race Across America it's a Bicycle Race Across America you start in Oceanside and in and Delaware until you biked across and each guy just goes like 45 45 45 45 and then you chase the other guy when he's riding and you get out and then you just go full bore as hard as you can for 45 minutes to the next guy gets on he goes but you're riding

► 02:13:48

are chasing the other guy and you do this day and night right you're doing it day and night and he you know we the first couple days we felt pretty sick like the you felt you don't even you don't even want water like water you look at water and you're like that's when I really learned of appreciate kombucha but but we don't even want water and then day two day three of a sudden day three you're like wow I'm stomach thing goes away I'm ready to go I feel good let's go and but it was that thing about the body being comfortable with that that kind of drudgery but I don't mind the monotony of that of that kind of like hey I'm going to go that on and just gonna paddle for but if I do it in my in a routine like something that's a little more not out of a mission right and then I'm like then you just you know I don't want to go in and do the same lifting routine did day in and day out it's just not I prefer creating new stuff in

► 02:14:48

can it interesting and and having that the distraction of the of the challenge of something new and keep me interested I did it make sense do you what about massage yeah love that live for it what kind you get only good ones but I mean well get like deep tissue I've done I dare not Point I've done the kind of almost every single guy that you can think it's usually about the person it's usually about the person that gives it and and and how if they're healers are not so I just try to find healers and what do you say healers what do you mean the people that do it because they're into taking care of people then they not doing it as a profession like they don't do it to make money they make money as a side part of but they're healers they did they they just have a gift that they're you know you go you you know you can you can get 10 massages right and and then and they're all can be good but there's just one of the people that they just have asked

► 02:15:48

they know how to touch they know what it is they know where they know how to feel it they know how to they know how to to use the system you know I've done that might the thing that I'm crazy about right now is I'm crazy about dry needling that's the thing that has been the most profound I mean I've done you know I've done all she otsu and acupuncture and the thing and just I mean I you know and Rolfing and I've done the 10 series three times and I mean I've had all those different modalities but dry needling has been you know and then I have another person that that just does I don't even know what art it is it's just massage and she just she just as able to understand the tissue no hot and she's Relentless and-and-and-and won't won't leave and won't leave it until everything releases and she knows how to release and dry needling to people dry needling is a technique where

► 02:16:48

use acupuncture needles on soft tissue and they touch the trigger point in get the system the stuff to release like it that it's a it's not acupuncture it's a different modality that that that I'm not sure if it's what states it's legal or not in I know most of the athletes that I know they used to do it a lot in Australia they do it in Europe those you in some places huh some places it's not legal yeah why I have no idea probably because it works and somebody's threatened by it I mean isn't that usually the case well yes we're someone doesn't understand it and they think someone's a quack and get those needles out of these people you don't know what you're doing is no science here yeah well there's some science behind it and and it but it absolutely is the most functional I mean I got friends with giant knots in their traps in the you know one session the thing goes away extremely really

► 02:17:48

Kent's yeah intense intense but it would dry needling is you know if I ever have my friend who is really good at it comes through I'll steer her your way because it's the most effective I mean I've you know I think as someone that you're always looking right where I was looking like what you know hey we need the heat we need the ice we need that thing we need the food we need the thing without the words of tumeric where's the you know we always are looking and so when I run into things that are effective I'm I cherish them because I know that you know and the problem is you have a high bar because when you've experienced great work you just you can't you go get somebody who does the little Mushy Mushy and you're just like I don't I don't have time for that well I'll lay I'll lay still for three hours if I know somebody knows what they're doing right but I won't be there for 20 minutes if somebody if I feel like it's like you're half-assing it yeah which is a lot of it you know a lot of that

► 02:18:48

out there and and no fault to the people I think part of it is just they probably just don't know and their intentions it's got to be your intentions why why do you do it yeah it's interesting how some people can just find those problem areas they just so it's right here and you're like how do you know they know yeah and they and they feel it with their hands they see with their hands and they know right where it's like connecting where to dig in and and how to release it it yeah that's an art that's why I said factual release it's real it's real when you're good and you and somebody really knows what they're doing that's why I say more about the people than the technique because there's the I can yeah but give me the person and but that dry needling is it's the most effective of any of the of the stuff that I've used in this person is in California that use the girl that helps me as in Hawaii and then they but they teach in Colorado it's actually it's actually a technique that they developed some guys that were studying pain is for my understanding they were studying

► 02:19:48

aim and so what they did is they had all these people that were injured in different areas and then they injected them with different solutions and they injected him with like a placebo and like saline and novocaine and all kinds of different things and everybody got better and what they realize is that it was the needle and the acuteness of the needles themselves in the areas that were painful that were causing that was causing this release and so they develop the whole pain referral chart and and then they developed this technique and it's because everybody always can miss confused you know confused it with acupuncture they oh yeah keepo Dragon that's not acupuncture this is in the soft tissue acupuncture is on the meridians and on the electrical system right this is soft tissue this is this is to get the soft tissue to release but they'll take stuff that you've had that's just like a cable somewhere or not or something to just won't release and but it's you know it's back to that no pain no gain yeah oh yeah for sure

► 02:20:48

there's always that I got a lady that does trigger point massage and it's the most painful shit I've ever experienced in my life like it's like you just want to quit absolute but when I get out of there the next day everything's like loose and pliable and I've had things that I'd like I've really enjoyed myself and she fixed it yeah and then like a day later like it doesn't hurt anymore I'm like this is strange for any it's been hurt like four months yes so there was something in there that was not enough yeah and I always assumed that that's an injury and sometimes it's not an earring it's not yeah it's just that issue it's just not renamed up yeah well in this has something to do with the faccia and some other stuff going on that that they have to know how to release it and sauna seems to help that quite a bit too and ice-crazy the combination of those two are I mean that's that's what I found is that sauna and Ice kind of eliminate the need really to get worked on unless it's super cute right like if it's not if it's super cute then there you you know you

► 02:21:48

need you need somebody to go in there and you know put the jack hammer on it but but if it's not a cute like that just a normal maintenance and and and actually preventing the stuff from getting to a point where you really need to get the work the song ends magic that's dancing it's crazy good and it seems to me that when I've been ramping up the temperature like into to hundreds and now the to tide seems more effective more effective yeah more effective well I like more intense yeah more torture yeah more torture more results but I'm a little bit you know and I don't know maybe something you can find out but I this thing with I'm a little rocky right now with the with the infrared I was going to ask you that I'm a little rocky with the infrared right now only because of just some of the something that happened to me with my skin and then and then met I met a dermatologist that was pretty educated and he was saying that you know that that that he says is that it damages the collagen and intra does really

► 02:22:47

damages the collagen in your body he's way he affects the structure of the skin because of the penetration of it and that the most you should ever do is this is on these are my words but the the most you should ever do is is you know three times a week for 15 minutes at the most for infrared for ya and and he was saying that and you should never look at it as well Jesus like it's harmful to the eyes yeah so so I got a regular solid just because the protocol that the dr. Rhonda Patrick was talking about for those I guess it was a was it Norway they did those studies that was all regular song yeah some like will give they're getting these results from regular song I'll just do regular sauna well I like regular anyway because it just seems like it's natural it's kind of like ice like people go to cry out hey want to go cry I'll go have a nice tub I don't need crap and by the way if if you want to do a real ice going on Ice tub because cryos Cakewalk compared to a real life stuff yeah well you can only do cry out for a couple minutes

► 02:23:47

yeah and you don't have heat next to it I mean you can only do ice for a couple minutes to yeah it's like the thing about cryo those you can do cryo and then work out yeah like what you can do Isom work out till 10:00 yeah and you know yeah I do that all the time in fact we incorporate ice into training and so one of the things that we do is we'll 3/4 into the training will just pull out right when you start to kind of lose some of your juice and you'll go do like three minutes and come out and then try and you have another gear so that's another little thing to incorporate ice within that within that system or will do ice as we as we train as one of the station's imagine doing a circuit and one of the station's is you know we are doing a we're doing a horse a couple months ago the last season maybe but if we were doing a lot like a an iron horse we're standing in a horse position with your arms and we'd stand in that position for 10 or 15 minutes is a horse position with your on your horse stance yes yeah okay so we're in a horse stance would you do with your arms with the arms are straight out okay you're holding okay so called The Iron Horse

► 02:24:47

whatever just standing in the horse so you stand in the horse position 10 minutes go on the ice 3 minutes come back out and they'll send another thing going back in the ice then in the thing blow you up explode you like crazy so I mean there's always like I said there's always a little you know a little hook to give it but the ice to incorporate it with in your training I think it's phenomenal like people that's why I question warming up because people go warm up how about do three to five minutes ice and then go start all your cardio and start to train right now your body just be freaked out freaked out but it's but you the ice makes you stimulated like when you feel the system it's it's cold but you're not cold like it's trying to heat up some yeah Michael Phelps in the pool heat up it's revving interesting so there's all that that's like the science of the fun you know the the for me I look at it like a laboratory it's a little bit like being an artist and playing all that stuff I that brings makes that keeps me interested

► 02:25:47

keeps me excited about about learning a learning because it's about learning it's all about learning yeah learning about your body and let me about what's effective yeah that's why I'm glad these guys like you out there I really am the guinea pigs yeah well the guinea pigs in Austria guinea pigs that again are in my age group yeah so like I know that it's possible to get staring this when I'm 55 absolutely long after that we'll listen man thank you thanks for coming here thanks for doing the I want to do your workout to yeah can I hear you have an open invitation all right I'm gonna happen I gotta I gotta I'm still after the fires I'm still cleaning so I got this weekend I should we're doing a cert so we're training some people this weekend but after this weekend I'm open for the summer so if you you want to come and you know beautiful I will do that Ben let's make it happen thank you brother I really appreciate a low how do you choose Thank you thank you bye everybody

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