#1370 - Brian Grazer

Oct 24, 2019

Brian Grazer is a film and television producer and screenwriter. He co-founded Imagine Entertainment in 1986, with Ron Howard. His new book "Face to Face: The Art of Human Connection" is now available: https://www.amazon.com/Eye-Contact-Power-Personal-Connection/dp/1501147722

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history of Hollywood and an all-around super humble curious and great guy and it was an honor and a privilege to sit down and talk to him please give it up for the Great and Powerful Brian Grazer The Joe Rogan Experience Train by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day

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Its a bright Hawaiian hey good thanks for being here man appreciate it yeah I'm psyched about it I'm psyched about having yeah I'm getting now adjusting to the sound in your ear yeah my ears and is it muffled it has it all sounded all right good perfect alright cool so we were just talking about your books and I try said let's save it let's save it for the podcast because I wanted it to sound fresh okay should we sit so tell me about you wrote two books I wrote two books and you

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as you know him a you know movie writer and a movie and television producer said mildly made some fucking amazing movies wow thanks thanks Joe my pleasure yeah and in all this I think you know my whole life and whatever those stories are the movies are and the successes I kind of think anyone that's really focused can can do what I do so that was kind of the end product of the first book which

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was it was called a curious mind the secret to a bigger life and that book is really about I mean how much do you want to know about it everything with everything tell me okay so basically I couldn't read it all in elementary school and it caused a lot of trouble a lot of Shame and then a lot of trauma did you have dyslexia I had dyslexia very very quite a cute dyslexia and I think

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out in Woodland Hills which was the fancy part of the valley I grew up in the flats of Sherman Oaks actually is a little kid going to Riverside Drive Elementary School and then later two Nobel Junior High and then later Chatsworth High School and in elementary school I couldn't read it all and they didn't classify it as dyslexia that was just your slow your dumb you why can't you answer this and then you'd say I

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can't read and then that didn't make sense it just didn't none of those things computed really that somebody couldn't actually read a word and I really couldn't read a word so when you can't read a word then you find ways to survive cope and not have the teacher look you in the eyes and say okay Brian come to the board and answer this question because you're never just going to produce more shame because you're not you don't know the answer

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possible so I found that as that went on for a little while for quite a while around the fourth fifth sixth grade I really looked at people I really looked them in the eyes to learn and I found that by looking somebody in the eyes you could engage I didn't know this then but you engage their heart if you're really doing it with sincerity and interest you can engage people and move them and evangelize things Young

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get people to like play on your team and or you play on their team they pick you and stuff good things happen except the Reading part but it enabled me to learn a lot just by looking at people and talking to people and my God this one Mentor this little grandmother her name is Sonja and a little Sonja she's like 410 I guess you know and she would always say to me he'd see me

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once a week minimally always once a week and she say you're going all the way you're going to make it big think big be big and she had all these isms because half my mom's side of the family was Jewish my dad's side of the family is Catholic the Jewish side the grandmother was my mentor and the person that really was the single person that I could kind of count on in life and she constantly tell me how how things would go great you have a gift for gab should say and and every time she says

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said you're going to go all the way I'm thinking there's like absolutely no empirical evidence I'm going all the way anywhere except my parents were always arguing let's put him back the teacher Miss Stig said let's put them back so I just wasn't going anywhere I didn't think so so that gave rise to me give rise to the fact that I thought the way I can really learn a lot as have these kind of curiosity conversations and once I graduated college I did this on a weekly

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basis and have still do it to this day once a week sometimes once every two weeks but never more than once every two weeks I never I'm pretty militant to I'm extremely militant about it like how do you do it like when you mean well what I do is I think about it's often

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and I know you do something possibly similar to this and and but my system would be I bombard myself with now I can read of course and I was able to start to read like in high school can you tell me how they fix that like they couldn't fix it it's not about how it wasn't fixable how to dyslexia reverses words on you right this is the way you view letters and yeah well it's great initially as a kid it scrambles the letters

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then when it gets better it reverses the words and to this day I still start on the right and go to the left so it takes like really thoughtful discipline to make sure I'm always starting do you mean with the sentences or the sentences with a sentence really so you'll start at the right end of you should read Hebrew or something isn't that everything to go right Chinese or something different languages do that yeah I guess they do but incidentally

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when you have dyslexia it's very hard to learn other languages so I would imagine very very hard so um but I can read and I bombard myself so how do you switch it around

► 00:16:21

like when your brain is making you read right to left yes I I started to learn just create like just like an exercise a discipline where I could like income as in college I was able to read I get forced myself to start on the left and go to the right is there a certain mechanisms that's causing you to do right to left I do they know what the cause of this is not that I know of hmm not that I know probably

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something neurological certainly genetic

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I mean I have no genetic Trace but it has to be a letter within your genome right to get having to guess so you learned how to read you learned how to figure it out and then you said you have these conversations at least once every two weeks so how do you do this like what do you organize them they're structured they're structured they they they see there's a Randomness to them because often you have to I have to it's not like getting on your show

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where everybody wants to be in the show I say that with a compliment of course but I I'm begging people you because even though it down with you I'm begging him to sit down with me and I'm groveling and I'm calling assistance directly I still I have three assistants but I make all of my own phone calls always you know why because I have this discipline of getting to know assistance and going hey it's Brian is Richard around or and I just like I do that that's so refreshing

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NG from a guy who's a successful as you are because so many times when people get that successful you insulate yourself with a bunch of other people who do all the calls for you and open all the doors for you and you just kind of stay insulated in more aloof yeah well thank you thanks well I yeah they did people do I mean look there are producers that are sort of that are you know let's say we're in the same category say milk that just do it differently I made a lot of deliberate

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he says through trial and error I saw I went through the 80s where power guys had desks above the other chairs that are on the other side I'm the power guys always had black lacquer furniture they did all these power things and I thought I want to I want artists to like me relate to me and I always did everything to create a democratic environment because not that I

► 00:18:54

such a cool guy but more like you just get so much more out of a creative person by not intimidating them sure yeah and I just saw you know my peers and sometimes often you know someone maybe a decade ahead of me you know I don't know so close to say names but but just those sort of tough guys you know and I didn't think that was an effective I just didn't think it was effective and I wasn't making these really hardcore action movies I was doing movies that were

► 00:19:25

they're designed to a might ignite emotion hmm and feeling in fact even when I do public speaking I say oh they Brian Grazer dead or whatever they might say but I goes I'm I always say I'm in the feelings business not a movie producer to I'm just a I'm in the feelings business because I feel like that's what we want out of a cinematic experience for me sure the movies I'm interested in doing or TV shows

► 00:19:54

that as so because I I grew up loving those movies of the 70s and I'm captivated by things that move me emotionally and Elevate me emotionally so you make these phone calls and you arrange it conversations so you arranged basically a podcast that no one's listening to this kind of like it exactly I never thought of it in those words that is really

► 00:20:24

buddy you should probably record them eyes so I've done it for say 35 years really yeah didn't record any of them the first 15 years nothing I didn't write not really notes either and then the second ten years that was you know I'd say 15 was nothing I just did it because I felt like that could inhibit somebody or I felt like I was trying to do these sort of down low in a way like I didn't want to commodify them

► 00:20:54

you know like industrialized by conversations right and I had friends go like oh can we be part of it and I tried it once with a couple other guys during my thing and it fractionalized are my attention yeah and it it when I found the great thing about the conversations the one-on-one with no one else in the room which that's all I do again I've tried it different ways is it it create your what you're trying to do I'm trying to do is like

► 00:21:24

create the best date that Isaac Asimov favorite had or or you know or I mean I've so many people you know just Margaret Thatcher I'm trying to like I'm trying to be have no idea of time and space and I want them to have no idea of time and space and because that is like your best date yeah and I always think like what is my best date with a girl at my very for me Brian because I my best data is I'm not

► 00:21:53

I'm thinking about time and it's just becomes almost like a biochemical event it's just things are evolving yeah and I felt like I could do this with Noble many Nobel laureates with Sheldon Glascow who converted the four forces of days as nation of of nature to three and I brought his name up because well first of all I knew that your show you could you could do whatever you want and and was shelling class codes like I usually try to do an hour

► 00:22:23

hours but I hung out with this guy shut up my whole day down for six hours wow just because I was so captivated by him and he talked about multiple subjects so basically I am always got somebody that I'm really wanting to meet and it's takes a year at least or he sometimes years to organize this to get them to say yes or to be in the same city or be willing to say yes and meek fly to New York or some other place it sounds like you have

► 00:22:53

have figured out the benefit that I've experienced from having podcast and having these kind of conversations one on one conversations but you did it just for your own personal edification yeah it's it's kind of amazing but it's I I have gotten more out of talking to people like this and it's it made me grow more as a person and made me understand more about communication and how to talk to people than anything I've ever done in my whole life because you

► 00:23:23

don't normally have this completely unfiltered it's one of the reasons why I like headsets as well because it locks you in it's like you're your volume of you talking is the same level in my ears as it is in your ears we're all on this one that it's not like there's distance between us or any each other's ears and we're talking there's no phones there's nothing we're sitting across from each other how would I ever organized this I thought about that with so many different people that I've had a chance to talk to like how would I

► 00:23:53

I ever get Sean Carroll the astrophysicist says to sit down and just talk to me for three hours and to cultivate him I would never get him to do that no I would never get him to hey let's put headphones on and you just tell me about stuff like explain to me about dude no one no one would ever do that but because of this thing called the podcast because I can share it with all the other people that are listening I've had this chance to have these kind of conversations and it sounds like you've done the same thing but without an audience

► 00:24:23

exactly that's really brilliant that's a brilliant way that you figured out that this is a great way to to to expand your own understanding of people by being one-on-one with these brilliant folks yes exactly and and and maybe you do this too but I've found I mean I do meet a lot of people I reach out to me people that are you know expert that's many different things that I that I don't do of course

► 00:24:53

course but sometimes I just I've become really motivated just to meet somebody because they're so uniquely committed to something yeah they're so obsessed and I've even found that I've learned a lot from Uber drivers and Baristas and stuff for so I but I do reach out to me you know people that have really had a very intense committed to a really intense journey and

► 00:25:23

find have triumphed in jazz very contagious yeah they're kind of energy that those people exude yeah it is it's inspirational to isn't it yeah because like even the who was it Josh you might know this guy Josh wait Nick yeah okay the guy that was the subject of Searching for Bobby Fischer the Chess Master the Chess Master now is like martial arts exactly and he was able to like succeed in both templates or formats do we say his last name right

► 00:25:54

wakens said it how do you know it's wait I don't know it's wait Nick wait he's he's a student under Marcelo Garcia exactly I wanted to go this is of course you know that that's right yeah he's very proud very proud of that he should be he's amazing yeah he's he's excellent and Josh's wait yeah wait skin Oh wait can you have it right thank you very much want to get it right but brilliant brilliant guy and and he's amazing on if you ever

► 00:26:23

come on Tim Ferriss is podcast I did accident yeah excellent episode I think he's done more than one episode in fact yeah so your chance with him what were you saying no I just thought like this guy he's so committed to Excellence like it's just not and it made me like as you were just saying made me think about that as a premise like just complete commitment to Excellence yeah because I don't really think of it

► 00:26:53

it you know that you know these sort of creative puzzles that way you know creative puzzle would be like you know a movie or a TV show or a documentary and I could go on and but you're okay Jay-Z asked me because I knew Jay Z because he was very obsessed with wanting to do the soundtrack to a movie called American Gangster which I produced great movie love that movie did you attack oh great thanks

► 00:27:23

I like that one a lot too but so and I said as much you know as a as impressed as I am with Jay-Z and his level of you know Master himself I said look we've already done the entire score I mean you can't do it it's been done he said we'll look I feel a kinship to Frank Lucas who was played by Denzel Washington is a ends up being a drug dealer like the biggest heroin dealer in the in America at the time

► 00:27:54

and head of like his own Mafia that he creates and so anyway the bottom line is he feels this kinship to him he wants to do this he's very dedicated I said it's already done as much as you know Superstar you are and how great you are and he said look I will do a second album I don't have to be the primary album that's on the screen I'll do a second album and I said but I only have three weeks he goes I will do the whole thing in three weeks and he did it well and I went and saw him he

► 00:28:23

the singing he did the writing he did he engineered it he did every single thing so the guy does the king of hip-hop he goes to work and I was really blown away because he still you know how he has that grit in him and and it turned out to be like for real hip-hop lovers they really like this album I guess it was everybody loves everything he does though yeah Jay-Z put out something that was shit he does

► 00:28:53

doesn't really yeah he's kind of brilliant actually he's a yeah he doesn't he's a brilliant marketer he's when he says things that are very insightful so he wanted to do he's after that he we got to know each other and then he said hey I'm going to do I'm going to want to do a festival festival with 24:22 different artists and all different types and it's going to be a

► 00:29:23

of Park in this called we're calling it made in America would you produce it and and I said yeah and I knew that Ron Howard could get a chance of directing it and I thought it'd be really good for Rhonda be around Jay-Z that's a good thing for him it's a good he's got a good Aura and the right one for Ron and I thought well so we joined him I said what is this about you know what's the premise and he said it's about democratization of Music itself there's no record stores anymore

► 00:29:53

Amor and and the walls are down you could you know you can get you know there's a crossover between hip-hop and you know trance music and all that stuff so and I thought that was kind of cool and then I said if you're seeing this movie called because it didn't have a story that this concert they cheverus the Amadeus he goes I never seen Amadeus and I said well it's about genius and he asked about it he goes that's what the premise of this will be an immediate

► 00:30:23

Lee thought had this idea that it should be every artist every human being has a little bit of Genius in them and he made it very relatable and that became the thesis of what this documentary became and he only had that like a week before we were shooting wow so it's kind of remarkable that's pretty remarkable so you've been doing this for 35 years and you haven't recorded any of these these conversations you've had with people okay

► 00:30:53

y'all be staying

► 00:30:57

in the last 10 years I've said I've recorded some and sometimes they do face times and they allow me to like Admiral William mcraven who I really wanted to meet you know that Navy said the Navy SEAL that created SEAL Team Six and just recently sort of doesn't speak out publicly but had a point of view about the president and the whole Oval Office and stuff like that and and he's a really

► 00:31:26

I think I but I said can I face time because that was the only way so if somebody can't meet with me I now say would you Skype with me or FaceTime at the time I started there weren't that did the tool didn't exist right so you would fly to them I just lied to them it's conversation yeah that's so amazing that you've had this commitment to do this I have this cute yeah I do I feel it's a really yeah I've it's important to my life and I just it's like a hobby that you're completely

► 00:31:56

committed to doing and it's for me I'm a person that gets better I can get better all the time I'm open every minute of every day for self-improvement like if you said Brian did you think if you gave me a note about this experience or something and you said you know you probably better if you did it this way I if I could integrated or simulate it I would then do it good for you that's a beautiful attitude well II know how foul

► 00:32:26

lamb and we all yeah all of us if you're human if you think of yeah yeah it's just that's part of being us yeah so you Embrace that except to yeah yeah you have to constantly seeking self-improvement yeah they did the big part of the big problem is holding yourself prisoner to the mistakes of the past don't do that and just constantly looking to get better at anything you trying to do yeah and I think having these kind of conversations like your

► 00:32:56

talking about will make you a better more thoughtful person to yes because it gives you a level of communication with human beings that it just it's very rare in this world very rare that you get to sit down across from someone and sometimes I have these conversations with people where there's no one around like you know the back bar at The Comedy Store we sitting out with a buddy and we'll just sit there no one's around just he and I will just shoot the shit for an hour and a half two hours no one around just talking and like those those are rare

► 00:33:26

moments where you're not distracted or you could just talk about things you have ideas and someone brings something up and you consider it and then you add your own thing and they consider that and then you just go back and forth and you get a better understanding of each other yeah II agree with you I amazing that you're able to do it and get away with it yeah let me see we're both sounds like open-minded to if as long as we're kind of disrupting our comfort zone I think and and being open-minded to that your

► 00:33:55

you're then being open-minded to like the value of human error yes yes oh yeah the value of human error that's great way of putting it because it's sometimes some of the it's not exactly human error but human error for sure but you know some it's often the thing you failed at or the ugly thing that happened that sticks in your head and your makes a difference in your life makes you better fuel for improved yeah feel from here with ya the feeling that you get when you fail at things is very valuable

► 00:34:26

because even though it sucks and it feels terrible it does force you to sort of recommit and reconsider the first of all we consider the consequences for failure the feeling that you get when things don't go well which is a terrible feeling and then it also makes you aware of the commitment that's necessary to not fail to do well at things yes exactly yeah it's enlightening sure yeah because sometimes you think that's as far as as far even if you feel like you have you've accrued all the facts you've

► 00:34:55

table sometimes you don't know that there's that going back to Josh there's this extra level of Excellence that exist there there's still more room to go and you realize oh I could fill in those inches they can be filled in yeah yeah but something like what he did chess and also Jiu-Jitsu there's so many levels to it there's it's such a multi-faceted discipline there's so many different possible moves with both activities chess

► 00:35:26

and Jujitsu yeah and you just see there's the physical element as well which is a big part of it physical fitness and then also mental conditioning and your ability to stay on task even though your body is physically exhausted and then the discipline to make sure that your body is conditioned so that it doesn't get physically exhausted as quickly or as easily right yeah I mean both are that's a very intellectual discipline that people don't consider they think of physical things as being like Meathead things or grunt things but is actually

► 00:35:55

we a lot of mental stress and and strength that's involved in discipline that you you need to have in order to get your body into a position you know where it can perform like Josh's can on the mats yeah it's very very hard mentally to do that because you have to have all these battles where you want to quit you want to give up early to take a break you want to rest you don't want to you don't want to go today but you know you should you know all those things must be overcome

► 00:36:26

in order to achieve the level of Excellence that he's achieved yeah and it probably because you've done this yourself so you know what that feels like when you use that when you said you don't want to get exhausted or get yeah you that probably takes tremendous amount of focus because you get exhausted when you're nervous right because you your heart beats faster you breathe less are ba bla that's when you know in like swim in surfing or something that's when you can choke you know sure yeah

► 00:36:55

that's when you run out of air because you're so nervous and you're scrambling around and but it's the guys that are relaxed like you were like outside you have Laird Hamilton he's so trained to be able to be under the water for I don't know how long he can do it yeah he's very very accustomed to that kind of and it doesn't freak him out he goes okay there's a very good chance I'm gonna get caught in the Impact Zone I'm going to be taken under and he doesn't freak out if he freaked out it would be a problem yeah I mean that's as big as life

► 00:37:25

death yeah business is riding the biggest waves yeah yeah you got to be able to keep it together when that water Wall comes crashing down at your head yeah so I have to imagine two different thing but in you know in Jiu-Jitsu or fighting that you've done which I think you still do Jiu Jitsu correct yeah those things those factors they're just different environment you don't necessarily get nervous what did you just do that much unless you're in a competition but what you do get is exhausted it's very physically demanding yeah I bet

► 00:37:55

you get very very tired and you really should be the more conditioned you are physically like the more strength and conditioning routines you you go through the more your body is in shape the more you can perform it's sort of like racing right with a race car but you can actually add horsepower to the race car through discipline and you can add better tires and you can add a more Supple suspension through thought and activity really yeah through yoga and

► 00:38:25

wow different kinds of training it's like you know like you're involved in this thing that's a physical thing but it's also a mental thing in racing no no in what you in Jiu-Jitsu Jiu-Jitsu yeah like your body is the race car yeah right got but straight through my strength and conditioning yes you could actually a dryers Yes actually yes bigger end yeah yeah yeah I get it can do more yeah that makes so much sense yeah and through repetitive drills you actually can hone your nerves your

► 00:38:55

or neuromuscular system to the point where these grooves are cut so you know exactly how to turn and how to move when you're moving and you doing Jiu-Jitsu and everything sort of goes and flows automatically and that that requires extreme amounts of discipline yeah bet know that yeah I'm just imagining it as you say it because I don't know that much about you just so I've gone to some fight in you know some fights that the friend of mine are Emanuelle yeah okay you have see that you'll see guy yeah so he's really good

► 00:39:25

and then my daughter's obsessed with she's obsessed with martial arts yeah Jujitsu she trains hmm so what she does for a living but she trains and she loves the community of people yes she got injured pretty seriously injured and then she she didn't want to be indulgent but I said look just pay for you to start back early and you can just do one-on-ones which cause she didn't want to well how'd she end her so she got like

► 00:39:55

choked off from the back I don't know how that and it her neck yeah created a stroke in hello yeah multiple Strokes in her brain but it didn't affect any part of your intellectual capacity but it was really pretty it was very serious she so she got caught in a rear naked choke yeah that's right yes and the choke and I don't have her multiple Strokes I've never heard of that before I will let you I will email you exactly her

► 00:40:26

what happened to do but she got through it and even went back to training again she goes back to training she is my phone I'll show it to you later I think multiple Strokes I'll be like all right that's a wrap we tried that she just loves it and she now you know people are a little she does one-on-one so they don't do that move whatever that move would be again I'll get all the information and just for your own curiosity send it to but she's back in it she loves it

► 00:40:56

and she's fully recovered she's fully recovered did it have any she had a little nerve damage which and we're done honestly it's a little nerve damage that that is now in her foot so periodically her foot will become completely black and blue whoa I know if I do so but she'll get through it because she's really strong mint mentally she's

► 00:41:26

she wasn't always that way but but we've you know my wife and I've sort of helped her with tough love like you can do it you know that kind of stuff sure because she's she's a she's a therapist she's a you know she's a psycho sheet her name is Sage Grazer on The Joe Rogan show I mean I'd everyone loves her kids right sure and so that's so that's what she does she's an actual therapist with

► 00:41:56

you know like patients well I'm glad to hear that she recovered from that I've never heard of anybody having a stroke from that before that must be terrifying yeah it was so back to these conversations that you've had over these 35 years the ones that you've recorded what have you done with them you just you're holding on to them I just keep keep them people get so mad at me yes because I tell everybody they should do a podcast how mad the people get hurt me yeah right I've done because I think so many people can but you definitely should well I should because I

► 00:42:26

I like doing this so much I just I really probably like you I'm just super interested in people yes I'm curious what I'm really curious part of the title of your book yeah so in the that's so that was so curious mind I realized that jeez I've done 35 years of these at that time I might have been 30 and my kids my four kids don't really know what I'm doing you know like I'm really spending a lot of time hustling to get Edward Teller to meet me too

► 00:42:56

the year and a half two years or Daryl Gates it was the craziest meeting of all time Daryl Gates the LAPD police chief wow wow was that the craziest one okay I'll give it to you for a quick I'll give it to you okay so I really thought this guy he was you know what he's one of the most well-known and most accomplished police Chiefs and America I think there are three of them and he was one of the three in a century and

► 00:43:25

and then Daryl Gates I knew created was one of the creators of the fundamental curator of SWAT which is bringing para military tactics to the LA Police Department he started out as a bright-eyed strong-minded clean-cut guy working for the police department and because he was sharp he was the driver to the police chief which was Chief Parker

► 00:43:52

and then Chief Parker the LA there was a riot called the Watts Riot not the LA riots but the Watts Riot and the police went in and they were not qualified to be in that situation and they kind of failed at at they felt they failed at it and Daryl Gates was like by the chief side the entire time and he kind of vowed to himself I'm not going to let that happen again

► 00:44:22

and when he had the opportunity because he became later police chief and I'm not not much later became police chief of Los Angeles Police Department he instituted SWAT and other you know para military tactics and a mind discipline that was pretty you know was like creating you know like martial law people would argue and and then we went that kind of produced an environment that I think many think and my scythe

► 00:44:51

myself helped an environment that caused the LA riots because there was a lot of inequity I think human and Equity felt I know I'm getting this kind of political and you should not me with your point of view please on the LA Riot yeah well I'm I moved here after that okay I wasn't here while that was going down right it was pretty intense yeah and the LA riots were a direct response to the Rodney King trial yes exactly and yeah that was a crazy time I mean

► 00:45:22

the reaction first of all the reaction to the video the video is Arbol watching Rodney King getting beaten like that then you also heard that they had been on the high-speed Pursuit with him and that there was more to that video like that was yes and of their altercation apparently there's much more physical altercation before that video maybe if someone saw the full thing they would understand well okay you're dealing with a while person is on PCP these cops are doing everything they can to detain him yeah but there's a

► 00:45:51

east of the police in these communities in the first place because they had seen so much police brutality right so that reaction that Riot was not just because of that one correct way she yeah it was an accumulation of different events yes different interactions people would had with abusive police Boiling Pot sure yeah you know and then the whole Rampart unit and there was through is so much corruption there's a lot of shit going down yes during that time so all that just boom yeah of it exploded it

► 00:46:21

bloated and so the thing about this story is they're saying about ice but I I took I got a meeting with Daryl Gates it was ten months on the book ten months wow and ironically the day of my meeting with him was the day of the LA riots so I thought it had already happened 2,000 buildings on fire and everything and my office

► 00:46:51

gets a phone call from Daryl Gates office confirming my meeting with him I'm thinking oh my God Parker Center is under siege you know it's like the whole city is under siege he still wanted to keep the meeting at a meeting that was on the books for 10 months I thought that's really crazy so I went down I had a guy drive me and I went down and they zigzag through like a security clearance thing work no other cars could get through there was really

► 00:47:21

are you know like we see this now often but they did initiated this this kind of maze that the car would go through I get to the I get to the I'm get to the front door a couple of police Chiefs of police officers escort me in they put me in a room they Joe guys they didn't give me a cavity search but just about everything but you know took my clothes off did everything really yeah I did they think that you just asked

► 00:47:51

right little guy movies I don't know that you would go Rogue I don't know I know there's like that there's no evidence of for sure that's crazy so then I got upstairs and he is sitting so calmly he'd already ordered two tuna fish sandwiches very you know utility you know very utilitarian the sandwiches and we had the potato chips and said you want an iced tea I couldn't even swallow I couldn't eat my food because it was

► 00:48:21

I'm so shocked by the whole thing that he had so much he was impervious to everything that was going down and the city council was on his TV and on the TV out there and you know guys a police officer running and go Chief you're on TV right now and they're yelling and he goes he says to me and to them this is nothing they'll never get me out of here he had so much hubris it was it was it was amazing and I thought well and he's so calm about

► 00:48:51

about it and of course they did they did get him out so I think the next day actually because the city council was really a very liberal guys on that board people on that board rather and it's a long insane story but I had my meeting men lunch meeting how long was the meeting normal like an hour you know it was a flower so you just have lunch and just pick his brain and yeah just have lunch and ask questions you know and try to act not be nervous or upset about

► 00:49:21

and what's going on in the environment and the TV's flashing you know like archival footage that they'd shot days before you know where the day of and buildings on fire and the Korean Korean shop Market somebody getting killed and all that stuff they were showing on television and he he was just kind of a matter of fact like this is just what's going down this time we'll it's a spaz wow I know it's crazy well it sounds like someone designed for the job so I couldn't record that one yeah

► 00:49:51

ously but so so anyway I did think that my kids should know about all this stuff and and actually Charlie Rose of all people said you should write a book and so it got on my mind I mentioned to a couple people they say oh you should write a book and so that I thought okay I'll write a book because I'm going to write notes on this anyway these 35 years for my kids so that when I passed I'll have this they'll know this was a very big part of my life beyond my career but my life and so that's what the first book Is

► 00:50:21

but it synthesizes many of the important one on one conversations I had over the 30 years and then it connects those the synthesis of those stories to narrative storytelling for example in 1985 1984 I met sting you know the lead singer the police because I thought wow he'd be fascinating to meet because he was like a school teacher in England and now he's like a rock star I just thought that's kind of an interesting transition like the biggest one of the biggest

► 00:50:51

rock stars I meet him I get him to say yes wasn't horribly hard and then a year after I met with him he calls up a 1985 and he says I'm having a barbecue at my house I think some interesting people be here and that was right after the amnesty tour and he took a woman named Veronica danègre 1985 along with other Superstar she wasn't super star she was a held in prison a Chilean prison and tortured every single day of her life for 18

► 00:51:21

months and she went on the empty seat or only for a few days as evidence of somebody that can survive you know like she was hopeful you know still like most people don't survive torture either from the torture that self or they sadly they commit suicide because they're they're just so much trauma so much PTSD so it's just so she survives I made her and I say how do you survive and she tells me that while she's being she creates a story that she's living in

► 00:51:51

the entire time so there's reality and then there's an alternate reality the alternate reality is the story that she creates that she can live in that alleviate some of the pain and the unpredictable pain of torture so now that's pretty fascinating to me and I really sat with those those insights

► 00:52:14

now many things happened after that that I was able to use that like I became when I was stuck on a beautiful mind because it wasn't cinematic I thought well how can I make it cinematic and I thought Veronica denigrate she lived in an alternate reality well that's exactly involuntarily what a schizophrenic has to do they live in alternate realities so in the movie A Beautiful Mind make it really compelling we

► 00:52:44

it in an alternate reality and made it a thriller and realize oh my God there's this Epiphany and you realize that was not even reality right and and that's what blew people's minds and that's why the movie kind of worked because it was it drew you in so deeply into this character that it became like the subjective experience that every audience every audience member could feel like the pain of that in the insanity of what that must feel like that was another brilliant movie

► 00:53:14

well thank love that movie when you say make it cinematic what do you mean by that exactly

► 00:53:21

Well Ron and I realized that Ron Howard who directed it and won an Oscar and he we realize that in order to make it really interesting you have to see you have to understand the mind of a schizophrenic so therefore you have to see somebody's mind how do you see somebody's mind other than just graphically you know where you know like through graphic design and with that that's not very interesting you know

► 00:53:51

like the insertion of graphic design or voiceover narration that makes it kind of a documentary so but we thought like but if you could if you could have an entire story kind of with the military and paranoia and all that that's exactly one of the dimensions or realities of a schizophrenic mind so you get to film it with other actors and other people and that's that was that's why I mean when I say cinematic mmm so basically when you're seeing

► 00:54:21

the 25 minutes of living in this alternate reality with Ed Harris and all that stuff craziness it blows your mind as an audience and then you reflect later like wow that wasn't even real and how that guy is that guy really going to come back and you know you make it seamlessly cinematic with the rest of the narrative him trying to cope with schizophrenia itself said becomes the merging of an alternate reality and

► 00:54:50

our reality and the actual reality is when he's you watch him in that level of pain and just trying to survive you know like cope with meds and the wife and and then we found the way to make it

► 00:55:06

you know kind of work triumphantly because it was love that was the most powerful force it was that one person decided to stay with this other one person the wife Alicia stay with John Nash that's so interesting that you pulled that from that woman's experience I did surviving torture I credit her for that one always because she yeah so so that's how so I found that all of these insights you know that

► 00:55:36

referring to the ones that you have when you're you know behind just getting off stage you realize wow I could talk to my buddies or this new guy for a minute those random moments that you get to talk to somebody can often produce a story or an insight and emotional Insight that you can transport to something else you know that I found that all these conversations that I was having were like kind of like I see these stars behind you they were like stars or a constellation

► 00:56:06

ation of dots you know of and and that you just have faith that they somehow inform you and make you better and smarter and that they connect someday well it's so insightful that you look at these conversations that way because I mean I really have felt that effect on me personally over these doing this but the fact that you've like sought it out just as an education just as something that expands you because we really are our combination or an accumulation of all of our experiences

► 00:56:36

the more experiences you can have even if it doesn't feel tangible in that moment it broadens your perspective it broadens yeah well I think for you as well because you still do stand-up we were talking about that some of them might Works in my office saw you the other night and you remember who she was she goes he won't remember me and you did she used to be on kill Tony kill Tony is a great podcast that my friend Brian red Bannon Tony Hinchcliffe do and this podcast involves

► 00:57:06

uh comedians going up and doing one minute of material in front of these professional comics and the professional Comics either say hey that was great or they shit all over it or everybody makes fun of there's a band it's a bunch of chaos and it's all done in front of a live crowd and Vanessa was on it for quite a while wow okay that's good yeah she tries hard I know that I mean she was a hard business yeah but as I saying like when I watch you do stand-up because I made a point to

► 00:57:36

catch up on it

► 00:57:39

you're really really good and you telling I'm watching you tell stories that are comedic story you make them comedic and I could I think I can tell and you tell me if I'm wrong but sometimes you don't know all the answers to that story and I see that you're grabbing things that lived in that you experiences or insights that lived in the environment that you've have or had because I watched a couple of scenes

► 00:58:09

very closely and I know you didn't have it figured out and you got the bigger laugh from the thing that you pulled from someplace I thought this whole you're just a really good actor or there's a little bit of recreating that yeah when you're doing that and stand up but often times that it's a combination of all those things it's a combination of actually improvising in the moment and figuring it out in the moment and then figuring out in the moment in recreating it

► 00:58:39

again yeah and recreating it again the same way you did before but being in the moment and and being able to bring it into someone's attention as if you're recreating it or give them the feeling that it's being recreated so that they can they can experience it they can it can so when it's what stand-up is like there's Revelations that you repeat right there's a moment you and then I'm like wait what the fuck is that about but you have to be able to recreate that

► 00:59:09

yeah over yet even though like a beginner's mind I have to yeah like it's brand new fires right right and so that is how you're thinking for the people in the sense that like horse yes so if you go to see a great comic like Bill Burr right and you're sitting in the audience and bills on stage you're allowing him to think for you in a way right like he's taking you on a journey so it has he's pointing left and right and yeah we're going straight and you're just going along with it like this is the right I like I'm letting him take over the

► 00:59:39

reins of my attention and my mind yeah yeah so you know it's a there's a craft to that yeah you're the passenger he's the driver in the Formula One car yes yes and so any great comic whether it's Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle or figure it whoever it is yeah when they're on stage and they're killing you are allowing them to think for you yeah that's interesting so I love it so they're trying to take you on an organic journey of understanding whatever the fuck they're talking about yeah and explaining it to you in a way that's going to like resonate like this

► 01:00:09

how you would know they're allowing this is how you been I'm like Jolla who the fuck brought the baby and then that kind of stuff yeah moment yeah yeah it has to feel like you really realizing that somebody brought a fucking baby to a gun range or whatever it is whatever you joking around is funny right that's interesting yeah so so it is these conversations are are really kind of valuable on so many levels they yeah they're not like like sometimes people will go

► 01:00:40

people sometimes just want to get to the end you know like how do I make the money you know but it's the journey is really valuable you know door and there's a lot of people that get into podcast specifically because of that they think there's money in podcast like how do you make money and podcast yeah I've had that conversation I'm like well make a good podcast that people like yeah but then you got a simple yes we do that is to actually enjoy doing podcast right that's really the best way yeah

► 01:01:09

people like that sounds like a lot of work it does you also have to do it over a long enough period of time where people you know like one person tells another person tells one thing that I've never done with this podcast I've never advertised it in the sense that I never did anything to make it grow I know I just did it I just kept doing it I never did anything like I never took out ads I never went on shows to promote it I never did anything to promote it I just did it mmm and I did that on purpose because I wanted to never have any

► 01:01:39

thought at all about growing it I only want to think about doing the best that I can write like it just came what is that make it a commercial experience I mean it became that they came to yes but even while it's become that I haven't changed I've changed how I do it because I got better at it and because I became a different person as I've gone through my own personal Evolution but I don't change my thought on it which is just do it just enjoy it and do it and do the best I can and

► 01:02:09

I whoever I'm talking to try to connect with them you know and some people like you I'm connecting with really easily it's okay thanks great enjoy its conversation it's great it's easy okay but then some people it's like a little bit of pulling teeth yeah some people it's harder it's you're doing heavy lifting yeah but for still enjoyable yeah of it's still like when it's heavy lifting it's like okay how do I solve this yeah I totally know what you're talking about I had this female rapper at my house like really a big and I'm good

► 01:02:39

good at like creating conversation it wasn't almost impossible it was like almost record is that one freaking out oh my God I'd like to hear that one yeah yeah and then how long did it last oh finally you hit something no finally I hits to think something finally two things one thing was she liked to talk about this going to reveal who it is I ended up liking your so much she liked talk about

► 01:03:09

Inge and Basta tution okay I know that this and pinch and she's like she's got a master class on this like she's genius okay so that that she could do but it took a long time to get there mmm like really a lot of very polite to me but kind of looking around a lot mmm and then I have to go with you well we're just not knowing that we were relating to each other and then she's very Street and then when she hit it yeah I thought it was really fun

► 01:03:39

any and how she diagnosed the street that thing that wow she's like a scientist in the sheriff oh yeah well the hustlers are yeah people that are you know hustling so she was really good then then she and her husband decided they're really interested in some art that I had on the wall and that produced more interested more art and then she they wanted to know like why is this worth so much money while house house pricing work I say well dealers you go what do you mean by dealers I go what's it did so I explained what deal

► 01:04:09

is where Like Larry get Goshen kind of sets the market what does that mean and then so then I then they were very interested in that wow so then it then it got to be kind of longer and then I had to go someplace but it worked out but it worked out really well it worked out and so to your point it was really really hard to figure out this puzzle and then we act accidentally upon a way to crack that puzzle and that was really gratifying

► 01:04:39

ying and it was good enough that I'm talking about it on your show so it was memorable for sure so it elevated your people skills you had an asset to your game did yes I did yes I did and you learned about pimps and hos little bit and pricing and I don't pricing on that field you know in that field let feel like it isn't filled it's just a suppressed field yeah she was really mad about the idea of a pimp like why would anyone give a pimp money

► 01:05:09

I understand I don't get it yeah okay so yeah but she just protection right yeah I guess she wasn't acknowledging that his protection maybe every shirt yeah so so there's that and and so the other book I wrote Because this kind of ties in you'll this is kind of interesting because you asked actually so what happened is

► 01:05:35

in my house there was a new person that started working on our you know like our staff at home kind of thing and you know like you know working on the house staff kind of thing I don't have like I'm not like Butler's I'm not gonna I'm not what do you mean by house staff just like we have a we have people that you know housekeepers you know that either cook or they clean or they but it's a team of a team okay there's it to you yeah but I

► 01:06:05

to mislead you and make you think like I'm living in like you know it's not this is my picture and I'm picturing a dude with a napkin no it's no no no no no it's so crazy that's what I don't know please don't tell ya it's not that I'm glad you pointed that out and then he gives you a top hat no no yeah yeah yeah top hat and gets my tux ready every day to the Rolls-Royce rose petals at your feet yeah yeah Thurston Howell no yeah no it's not that it just is

► 01:06:35

just like an organized place so get it you're balling talk something and so she apparently should work better so that's funny so such apparently she worked at our house for like almost three months and my wife's she says to my wife I really like Brian a lot and my wife said well gee if you talk too much she said well I haven't talked to him very much but every time he speaks to me

► 01:07:05

he always looks me directly in my eyes and it makes me feel like a human being and I thought of the Simplicity of that I thought wow just by looking at somebody directly in the eyes real not looking behind them are you just looking at them it immediately is an equalizer it says we're both equal where words both species on this planet the same species on this and it makes me feel like a human being gives me dignity

► 01:07:35

mmm and then I thought that's pretty powerful I mean this is only like two years ago and then I retrofitted back all of those conversations I was alluding to like 35 years of every week a curiosity conversation and I thought well the only reason these conversations were good is I've must have been really looking at these people in the eyes and we are really dialed in otherwise they wouldn't share these private things or these insights they wouldn't share their heart with

► 01:08:05

me if they didn't feel I was present with them right and so that became kind of the thesis of this book and that's why it's just called face to face the art of human connection because then I set all of this I thought to myself we're living right now in the loneliest deck they'll only time you know in our generation it's like an epidemic of loneliness there's a it is actually that all statistics point

► 01:08:35

oils will admit that one quart of well one quarter of them will admit that they're incredibly lonely like where they can't almost cope with their loneliness what do you think that's digital lives I think it's digital lives for sure because they don't they're not even used to talking now because everything is a text and you know with kids and I have a 16 year old kid who just turned 16 they text each other when they're in the same room there's they're watching Netflix and there what texting each other like who you texting him Johnny Johnny's

► 01:09:05

there is very the couch just talk to him he's right there yeah so here is weird and this like dating you know that's why these kids they just ghost girls or ghost guys like just vaporize because they don't have feelings they don't when you don't talk to people yeah because you're really out there you're feeling when you're doing your feeling people all the time when you feel people you have empathy you feel confused feel their feelings right yeah for sure

► 01:09:35

sure and when you feel people's feelings you try not to hurt their feelings right yeah yeah when you're actually in the presence of yeah instead of digitally and when you feel people's feelings and you meet them and demystify whatever you think you heard about them you tend to like them more for the most part and you tend to love as opposed to have War you know so it it really is important in our in our lives from multiple levels like just looking at people and

► 01:10:05

going out of your way to connect yeah no I agree that's what this book is about basically and doing that reaffirms it in yourself it dubt exactly it reaffirms it myself because it right it's like a tool you're right exactly do you get it Beyond get it but it's like I learn off of it every day because I'm not perfect but I make sure that when I get into elevators I practice what I preach I put my phone away I don't go in there

► 01:10:35

elevator and just look at my phone I look at people right I'm just cool like and relax you know gel and then often you make just you make people feel better if you're actually looking at for sure yeah for sure I've the last week I put a 1 hour limit on my phone use oh wow yeah put a 1 hour limit on whether whether it's a first day every day ya apps whatever whatever I'm using and that's a good thought about using the foot like thought about looking at the phone

► 01:11:05

Lee yeah and not you know I've got this thing now that I'm doing where I just grab my phone I go no and then I put it away I just because people are really really addicted to phones are really addicted and you don't realize until you look at that screen time yeah that reading that you get at the end of the day you like five hours I'm sure I'm in that maybe for a lot of us are yeah but this that digital connection the connection to you're missing you're missing this

► 01:11:35

action to other people and it also there's a certain amount of anxiety attached to it where people are constantly checking their social media and checking checking their emails and their mentions and and going back and forth with this and that look at it this and that and it's like you're not in the real world your only living on this little tiny device this little rectangular device is weird yeah it contributes to lowliness and disconnection and unhappiness unhappiness yeah yeah

► 01:12:05

and I don't know what the solution is other than abstinence yeah other than getting putting them away well it's some point I think we're going I have this feeling that the privileged people or sent it I don't want to say it that way I think it could be the most scarce and valued commodity is being present with human beings yes and it's like you know the cool kids they do you know they are listening to vinyls right why

► 01:12:35

I think the people that are

► 01:12:38

good at it a rare the people that like what you've done you've practiced this idea of sitting down and talking to people on a regular basis looking them in the eye and having meaningful conversations that's a you've making you've made a choice you've had asserted effort to do that and that's not common and most people don't have good people skills I mean I've learned how to not interrupt people I've learned how to not talk so much I've learned how to listen

► 01:13:08

I've learned how to interact and I've also learned when people are not good at it you know some people you're talking to them and they're not even listening to you they're just waiting for their turn to talk yes there's a couple of guys I know that do that it's frustrating it's frustrating yeah well cause you kind of go what's the whole what's the point is it yeah we're not connected or not like we both like or I'm sure I'm sure you've meet people that will ask you three questions basically at the same time like Bam Bam Bam and you're trying to answer the first question then you

► 01:13:38

Eli's now we're sharp enough to know that they don't really want to know the answer yeah they're just just on Adderall firing questions about that about this the sky's blue how do I know it's blue for you I was just I just had lunch with one of my funniest close friends his name is Jimmy Iovine and he's a music producer music producer and he and Dre created this beats and we have known each other like I guess 30 years we were at this restaurant called when he would say it's Greek restaurant Beverly

► 01:14:09

and our waiter Jimmy goes out dudes on a tour because he was like I mean like he just I said it's too much Tony Robbins from he said now it's Adderall yeah but he was just like you couldn't finish this ends or we said okay we think we know we want we're going to have the Branzino he rattled off like ten dishes we go we realized we couldn't stop them hmm we knew what we said what we wanted right he don't want to hear

► 01:14:38

here he wanted to do the other nine yeah so that's a common thing today incredibly common there's a lot of people in speed a lot and the doctors are just over we actually in speed that's what Adderall is yeah so you think people are really that's the thing I don't know that much about the legal speed Adderall is legal speed prescribed by a doctor if you went to a doctor right now you went to the right doc yes and said I just feel listless I'm having a hard time connecting I'm having a hard time getting

► 01:15:08

motivated oh I got the thing for your barn wow you go and you'd be like I am organized and you know what is about me it's about your fucking kicking ass and other people that are slacking they're all losers this guy's a loser that guy's a loser that is deadly really fit Larry it is not that wrong mindset that is Harold mindset around - it's basically a low level math mindset yeah beat it super jacked up

► 01:15:38

listening just talking and so much like assaultive yeah well you can get productive you can get a lot done with that but you know it's just there's a lack of connection yeah there he is empathy yeah it's not really real well yeah it's a weird sort of vibe that going to look for it and I'm going to prospect for it was you'll find its mining for gold today I didn't realize there's gold in them thar Hills you go prospecting for people that have a better at all you better have

► 01:16:08

large cargo to put it in large train box I gotta check it out because I thought was funny when he said it and I thought he goes no no I'm this is really true like what you would say to me right now because no no this guy he's actually on it and I go yeah really and he says yeah how does a guy become that guy he literally was on that table a lot of writers lot of journalists yes a lot of journalists a lot of people that have two deadlines and have to push and they run out of energy a lot of them are

► 01:16:38

on Adderall so extremely extremely common extremely common with very productive people very ambitious people business people people that do a lot of meetings people that work 12 hours a day 13 hours a day it's it gives you the energy to do that and then they take Ambien to crash and there's a double whammy going we know that's not good no no no no no no yeah it's yeah it's there's millions and millions of people that are on that stuff did they ever if you ever ask somebody on the show like

► 01:17:08

I went well I don't did anyone ever tell you their honest yes don't really tell me yeah like a comedy clubs or on the show no I've had people tell me on the show they take out a roll I've had people in real life tell me they've taken out our all mean I've had people Justified I've had people talk about it with a little bit of shame that they like to not be on it but they're on it because it helps them be productive and they got to do what they got to do yeah but but the real Revelation was I have a friend who's a journalist he was talking to me about how many journalists

► 01:17:38

it's are on and he's not on it I go how many he goes Fucking all of them I'm like are you serious legal Duty would have blow your mind it would blow your mind how many of us because it's so effectively we wouldn't I wouldn't let you know I've never messed with it yeah but if you do Jimmy you've tried it right how was it did not like it I had to call off the next day at work because I thought I could go to sleep with your perfect a little bit yeah just to do some artwork because I know I'm going to have to do you have an unusual Constitution like Jamie biggest

► 01:18:08

marijuana does not affect him whoo like literally he can take a thousand milligrams of play video games or buggies or more okay thousand milligrams put most people under the couch for life to be like no mining wow Jamie can handle it I cannot do that I can't do it you know there was a minute I was single and a girl said to me let's have one of these lollipops she pulled him out of her refrigerator oh so we took a little lick of a lollipop she whatever

► 01:18:38

and it was it was interesting and it wasn't terrible the next weekend I see the girl again I'm at my house with and she hope I'm not going to let me see if I'm think I'm okay here but she says I got I got more lollipops that and I thought well that was kind of fun I take this like lick on this lollipop oh my God it's so freaked me out I called my doctor dr. Dennis of an gelatos

► 01:19:08

is that his name I'm not so I'm saying that's okay he's good and he I said I need you to come over right now and sleep and sleep over he goes he slept at the he did he slept in my bedroom at the foot of my bed that's that's a good doctor he was so good I said he's writing Westwood and I was in Malibu and I said I said I'm serious he goes look this is what will happen I could tell you exactly what happened it goes up and it's gonna come down everything

► 01:19:38

I go I don't think I can survive it I'm too scared so he said he'll sleep over and he slept over the whole night yeah yeah that's the problem with those he was a good deed goes lollipops and candies and stuff like that you've never done it have you what oh I don't know all the time man yeah constantly I don't think so yes honestly you did really yeah add some smoked a lot of pot eat a lot of pots where oh yeah I got a box of it right here but you seem so down

► 01:20:08

can you yeah he's surrounded by it though so you can actually this is all these are this is weed that's not weed want to smoke it and see if you go to Pluto yeah I don't want to that's my type I don't believe he's that fat one right there that's wait a second that's weird right there yeah okay you told me that you guys tell me the truth let me see let me see that our big box does it stay on the way it's got filled right now we could open that for ya this is he one of these I'll put you on the moon now I can't do anything I'll need my doctor

► 01:20:38

yeah that's really wowed by like to smell of be to pot and stuff yeah that was good but I know it's not good for me hmmm not my thing margarita tonight maybe tonight actually eyes - yeah I like margaritas I do to this he got all your stuff careful with these snacks no I'm not going to touch it okay this is what's that one this is a real issue can you do it during the day if you want to die some spray ya know you can yeah of course I mean can you do it during the day be functional highly functional yes I can yes

► 01:21:08

yeah I really admire well yes it worked me more than have me it works with my are so high functioning yeah but it just makes me more sensitive that's what marijuana does to me but the paranoia I kind of just embrace it you know the paranoia that comes with being really really high wow I just meditate calm down embrace it and enjoy a wave yeah yeah a lot of the freaking out comes from freaking out yes I know absolutely me you like you frickin

► 01:21:38

now tell me like oh my God I'm freaking out yeah I'm watching myself I'm going oh I'm out of control and think I'll freak out and then that's what happened sounds crazy but it makes me a nicer person wow yeah makes me nicer I want to be better I want to be a better person because I've laid in it highlights all the flaws that I find in my own personality and my own life well all the whatever things I've done that I'm not proud of or that I think our mistakes highlights them and it makes me think you know more diligent

► 01:22:08

he'll be a better person jeez it's good hands is my sense of community makes you more sensitive me getting in contact her high right now well this is sober October feeling so I'm not doing anything can you do that I guess you can't yeah I'm not even an addiction but me and my buddy we should dig it yes fun when you and your buddies are cool with it yeah we do sober October so okay the entire month of October every year we do something like last year we did a fitness challenge that think it's like Ramadan yeah it's like Ramen

► 01:22:38

not for us and the year before that we did Hot Yoga we had to 15 Hot Yoga sessions over the month she is yeah this year we have to do 10 classes of any kind and we have to read 500 pages of any book yeah so we do it like to test yourselves yeah but just is it and it's fun and cool will join along and this year we're all wearing these whoop straps so what is it Loop strap Loop strap is it's a fitness monitor that's it works with this application that works on your phone that it monitors heart

► 01:23:08

variability so it tells you how first of all tells you how much you're sleeping which is very revealing yeah tells you what kind of sleep you're getting it it gives you like very detailed analytics shows it how much do you sleep can we just stay in that one cuz imma sleep apnea so I know because I go to an app I have an M okay so do you use a CPAP machine I do yeah I do I you guys in a row use a CPAP my friend Chris Ryan who's here right before you use a CPAP machine is my thing like this yeah I have sleep apnea as well I got 87 lat I had a bad day

► 01:23:38

seven that's the score that's the computation that's like a coefficient how many okay I don't wear glasses but you can see it yeah it says 87 but like what does that mean like how many hours okay five hours and fifty two I think 30 set was at 5:52 yes usage hours it says five hours and fifty two it says good yeah okay in the seal get good to seal it so you had six many interruptions event six events per hour it says oh that's not good well it

► 01:24:08

probably right I had a bad I didn't sleep this is 0.6 is that the same thing as 6 know what does that mean oh so you didn't have six an hour yeah 16 hours a lot well it's just weird because it says 0.6 and it says 5 in the corner what does that mean five total over the five hours of sleep look sound what are you you wizard well he's thinking he's measures pot he can do it he's like a pound of pot not a problem it says mask on and off for so you took your mask off for time to P2P

► 01:24:38

twice and then twice because I was obsessing over something you know I had to break the obsession I understand yeah okay I wear a mouth piece dude those are asses down on my tongue yes he's my tongue from falling back over oh hole in my mouth oh so it's not about your teeth it's about falling back yes yeah what is that thing called what's that called when that happened who doesn't matter what it's called but you have dr. Kevorkian that is named Caribbean no I'm working a murder

► 01:25:08

yeah he's the man he's roping yagnik rope obviously whoops mistake but yeah it just keeps your tongue from falling back I have a fat tongue that's my problem fat fat wow closes the air hole geez yeah so it keeps it from doing that a lot to be said about yeah I guess yeah so yeah okay so with the loop strap does is it monitors all-mountain probably meant but it also measures

► 01:25:38

heart rate variability so it tells you whether you're tired or not so if you've had a hard workout and then you're still a little beat down the next day it'll show you on the application like you'll be here's your heart rate your heart rate is responding to the fact you got extremely stressful physically stressful day so good stresses and bad stress is exercise and lack of sleep all those things are monitored and it gives you like pretty detailed analytics so we're all wearing these straps and we're doing these 10 different classes like we've done tactical gun classes and yoga

► 01:26:08

this is in boxing classes and the whole idea about the month is sort of just helping yourself like doing doing things that are good for you self-help great got it I yeah like yeah self-help yeah like this is the month of getting smarter better getting learning some new shit you know meditating getting getting an education reading you know 500 for the guys you have some seguro stand-up comedian Bert Kreischer another comedian

► 01:26:38

and Ari shaffir and myself and we've done this for the last well the first year Tom and Bert had a weight loss challenge and then the second year we said okay we'll all jump in will all be sober this time because they weren't sober the first time like they just lost weight and we'll all be sober and while have you look to fulfill these number of hot yoga classes with 15 90-minute hot yoga classes and then the next year we have teen 90 minutes yeah wow and then the next year we had a crazy

► 01:27:08

fitness challenge that got a little out of hand so we decided not compete with each other anymore because we were literally going five six seven hours a day of working out yeah seven hours a day of cardio it was banana suit that's it was nuts yeah I was getting high on exercise and so then this year in your group I know think I know why now this year it was just just just a fitness classes different classes 10 classes and then 500 pages of any book just reading something pretty great that's

► 01:27:38

fun yeah it's gives me something to do to like we look forward to it and then a lot of fans do it along with us so a lot of people go sober through the month and joining with us and you know fans from the show Say Hey I want to be part of this now they just jump in I mean you wear whoop strap to you can compare the amount of sleep in the amount of exercise that you get to us but more importantly for people it's nice for people that maybe don't even know that they have a little bit of an issue with substances I mean maybe they're not alcoholics or drug addicts but maybe they just surrender

► 01:28:08

drink a little too much and so they'll get this break for October because they're committed for the entire month and then what they see is like you know what I feel a lot better and you know I don't have a problem but I do feel a lot better when I'm not drinking all the time because I'm going to comedy clubs you know have a couple beers hey you want to do a shot all right let's do a shot and then the next day I'm like oh then I go to the gym and it's like a little bit more of a struggle but this entire month you know what does it say of 23rd this there's none of that it's entire month is

► 01:28:38

just you feel drunk yeah and you realize like that is an unnecessary tax right in your system alcohol in particular you know pot doesn't make me feel like shit the next day but it definitely does some wonky things to your memory pot the first roar oh yeah for sure we all have pot memory all the hot pot memories weird yeah it's definitely definitely does something to remember I mean that's pretty much proven okay

► 01:29:05

now we do on the most interesting yeah so the these go and you guys can afford to do that because you can still work yeah so the stand-up still do you do podcast still do everything yeah and then we have no remember November where we get blitzed okay that is hilarious there's nothing to look forward to right I really didn't I didn't really I definitely went Blitz you just go for it yeah when hard couple of days in November last hole and nothing super funny and your buddies are funny

► 01:29:35

uh yeah they can be fun keep each other yeah well it's a camaraderie thing to yeah the four of us it's a lot of bonding and it's very fun like the podcast we have a very fun and the one that we did when sober October was over last year was ridiculous we were we're barbecued it was very fun yeah but it's it is a good thing for people just to have that monthly that one month reset of their system yeah just to give them a perspective like hey you know maybe it'd be better if you didn't

► 01:30:05

I think you know maybe better if you took some time off may be better if you exercised and and really thought about things this way I mean we're only doing it once a month but we even propose doing it a couple times a year and appropriate approves to I guess obviously it's which it does prove to you you can do it yes and that's important yeah think it's like having an exit right yeah you know when you were trapped on a boat or you're someplace with be what you have an exit here you know you can do it well the motivation for a lot of it was our friend Bert

► 01:30:35

who drinks way too much and he's calmed down quite a bit apparently because of doing that first podcast where we did go sober for the whole month because we were we didn't think you could do it because even during the weight loss challenge Tom who won the weight loss challenge Tom didn't drink anything but water the entire month and worked out like crazy and lost a ton of weight Burt kept drinking the entire month and also worked out like crazy and tried to lose weight and what happened he lost oh can't compete with Todd doesn't work yeah but what's just it was a

► 01:31:05

dumb way of doing it you know wasn't wasn't as effective right yeah of course do you now there's this new I guess nutritional exercise or weight loss I don't want to only call it that of like what is it 60 knives I don't know is it 10 hours on ten hours off so in a sense that things intermittent fasting yeah

► 01:31:28

basically see I can't lose weight I mean I'm a happy I don't need to lose weight actually but I could get stronger and behave better you know disciplines and areas so but that particular thing is about losing weight I think right mostly it's about losing weight but it's also about feeling better and raising your Ketone levels which is one thing that does happen when you go long periods of time and you get your body accustomed to this period of time

► 01:31:58

you're not eating you know this time deeding or whatever they call it what it was it the term they refer to it as it's not just intermittent fasting there's time restricted eating yeah okay there's there's some benefit on your digestive system as well you know so your body's not eating you know 10 hours a day 15 hours a day or you know even more with some people some people just eating constantly throughout the day instead of this you have a four hour

► 01:32:28

ER window or a six-hour window or an eight-hour window whatever you decide it is and during that time you can eat but after that it's over and then you cannot eat for x amount of hours whether it's 10 or 12 or 14 yeah you get accustomed to it though yes he my goal because I don't know if I could I'm sure you could prove me wrong but I'm not sure I could do any of those really strict disciplines of any type almost so I've always thought if I do everything

► 01:32:58

moderation I might not have to do one of these things that I might find to be to start district is not hard it's not hard it's not know you games are you it does seem hard so you really hard yeah yeah get used to it though you honestly get used to it and then once you do get used to it then it becomes normal okay yeah I and there's a once you get like a couple three days four days or a week or something yeah once you get a few

► 01:33:28

Days Inn it's no big deal yeah it used to is that a way of saying that if I really committed to it it's possible I could do it of course all right okay look you're an accomplished man you can do anything you want you just have to force yourself to do it for us we just decide like they need a compelling reason right do it sure well that's one of the doctor said right yeah that doctor that sleeps over your house and write a prescription but like the thing that we talked about like sober October one of the things about it is that we all know that this is coming

► 01:33:58

yeah October 1st boom it's here yeah so you're committed for the month it's not like a wishy-washy idea nervous about it no is there any anticipated anticipatory yeah you stressed about no not really but you think about it you think done it a couple years in a row now three years in a row but the thing about it is that it's there it's a real thing it starts and then you don't you can't be wishy-washy like part of the thing that has people have a problem with diets and with exercise routines is that their wishy-washy they give themselves a way out if you know

► 01:34:28

know that you have to work out one hour six days a week yeah every day you have to work out one hour you get one day a week off your good shit yeah no cheating yeah and you write it down on schedule and you decide all the month of November I'm going to work out one hour a day six days a week period and then I'm going to write it down I'm going to mark my calendar with an axe every time I accomplished that well if you just do that you're going to get it done but if you say oh I need to work out more well that's not a very specific goal a little flexible yeah yeah it doesn't specifically yeah

► 01:34:58

you have to go there's no this is this is absolute yeah these boundaries are inflexible you have to hold yourself accountable okay yeah you have to make sure that you're accountable all right what I pick some up like that I'm going to let you know would you would you want to do like if you wanted to do something if you had a thing and you say hmm what I want to do

► 01:35:25

maybe I'm not not drinking for a month I've never that I haven't done that how about no booze November

► 01:35:32

but that's coming up maybe for next year you mean I need to warm up here I gotta warm up how much time you need to prepare a year sounds good so bright over why don't you do sober October with us next year wow how about that gives you a hole in my mind I got it I'm not sure well I'm going to try to to try to think about doing it yeah you don't have to do it yeah but I can I can try to warm up and think it's possible certainly could do it yeah you should probably could do it I mean

► 01:36:02

took a week off and then it was a very kind of gone I could have done no I could have gone well it well yes a little bit it was a little bit but I thought after the week I thought I could keep going but that I don't know it's kind of nice luxury to have a margarita glass and what is a nice luxury so I thought I don't know I no one's making me not I'll just go back to drinking right yeah that's the thing I mean I have no reason you don't like it but if I had reasons and

► 01:36:32

I'd like I didn't want to wear that sleep apnea machine and I put it off for five six years really yeah and then by the way these sleep apnea machines got smaller and smaller and smaller and less intrusive so now they're very easy yeah but it still was somewhat intrusive and now I it's I always sleep with it I never thought I would do that because I thought you know I'm leaving my wife I like to feel like I'm romantic

► 01:37:02

or something I could be inside Darth Vader no rude that's what it sounds like yeah start saying it does I don't know how I don't know how she perceives it yeah I will be honest he wants me on it she calls it the tube of life but you have the to belie fun oh that's a good way to live like sugar yeah so thank god well yeah it really does I mean he's sleeping right next to me I'm glad she wants me to live it's probably want you snore either yeah I don't

► 01:37:32

it's nor I never snored really yeah the sleep apnea that I had wasn't a snoring it was more like like that oh King Kong yeah the choking kind of thing where you dumped you you stop breathing right so it's not snoring got it yeah yeah it's scary stuff a lot of people have it well yeah it's a terrible for your health yeah that lack horrible to your health and you lose oxygen to your brain and all these different things that and so many were to leave leave that alone because

► 01:38:02

do do it I don't want to jinx myself out here I'm very superstitious so I really very very very so if I doing something right I don't want to I don't want to brag about it I don't want to do it because I then I'll think I just you fucked it I don't yeah I don't want to fuck with things like there's with an equilibrium has been found whatever that thing is hmm I just quiet down on it so you find something that works you find a good vibe yeah but I don't dick with it I don't brag about

► 01:38:32

bad I don't say anything because then I think well maybe someone that battle I you know right so I once was fat actually really GF chub like you know roles like the guys that have rolls of fat in the thing and I was with a girl who you know a very very serious young and everything and we went to her Beach her Beach was caught a little Doom you know Doom Beach little doom and she's talks to these she goes I have to go talk to these guys and they were the cool Surfer Dudes

► 01:39:02

and it was like 25 years ago 30 years ago and she's talked see these guys and they start laughing and I go what are you like what are you guys laughing at to her because she's now left these and they're back there and I see it A Chorus of them kind of laughing they go well I guess they're laughing because they said we never thought you'd be with like a fat guy and I thought wow they look at me and that's what they're that's what they're seeing and they think it's funny I gotta fix this and I that was like the

► 01:39:32

straight up October forever for me that is what's called fat shaming fat shaming yeah I don't even know that there's something amazing yeah you know you never heard of fat shaming never heard it well that's it's a very controversial thought because some people think that fat shaming is terrible and that you shouldn't do it to people and what other people say that fact it's true it does work on certain people but it makes people feel bad and some people think you should protect people

► 01:40:02

I'm feeling bad whereas other people think you should tell them that they're fat so they feel bad so they act on it how do you see it I'm Joe Rogan call it I'm the ladder I think you should tell people that they're fat if they want to know God you said I don't think you should go out for people and you can feel like they want to know you mean like they want to know I don't think you should protect what's a what's a okay give me the signal of if you want to know like your with some friend to you all right let's say you're with someone you only know a little bit

► 01:40:32

I wouldn't say anything then okay so now you're with a so we're talking about like relatives or know you're talking about a husband wife or yeah boyfriend girlfriend that's tough because they can resent you forever yeah you got to be real careful especially the ladies yeah yeah and if you're a man and you resent your wife forever because she told you're fat you're probably not really a man

► 01:40:55

that's really funny you might be a little bitch oh my God I can't believe you said that really I mean I like it because it's I don't know what you like you might be a little bitch might be a little bitch yeah if your wife says you're fat and like if my wife tells me I'm fat I'm like I'm not fat yeah we talking about doesn't work you only works if you're fat it's one thing if they're saying some yeah yeah there is one thing if they're saying something about something you can't control like

► 01:41:23

I wish you were black I don't like white okay I have a question terrible sin sounds like you have no boundaries on your show right okay the guys that have really little dicks whoo that's a rope that's rough one I even I got it I am hearing you so do you think the girl the what let's do you think and the girl the girl the guy are together did the girl ever say you have a little do they ever does it I'm sure someday they say it but here's the thing some girls we feel pretty

► 01:41:53

like rough guys we can talk about I think there's some girls who are some girls who are beautiful beautiful girls yeah are also lesbians oh yes writer yeah so some girls popular to be some girls who are beautiful girls are bisexual so they like girls and guys here's the question with those girls the more likely to settle for a guy with a little dick yes or a rich guy with is it they like girls to be girls and like God

► 01:42:23

is no matter what to have a big dick all right the way that's I think they like probably the latter that's it Robin away unfortunately Evolutions a motherfucker really is yeah I think that that's you know there's not a damn thing a person can do about that one you know you could suck fat out of your way stu stuff in your ass you can get fake boobs there's a lot of things you do if you got a little dick that's a wrap son she can do I mean it's probably just some

► 01:42:53

operations that can help you out a little bit I think that plan for the most part yes yeah cutting and Dick they usually don't go to makes guys crazy when they have sure I think it's guaranteed you must you must make them suicidal it because it's when I wanna see started throwing shit right now that would mean like we had looked maybe and have had a crazy I think I think there's certain things that you know there's nothing you can do about it you just have to handle that roll the dice whatever you got

► 01:43:23

yeah I would guess yeah that's one of them but I mean if if things like crisper and genetic manipulation and things they're working on now yeah that's probably one of the first things they're going to work on that's fine I actually never thought of yeah yeah right on the show today I think of in yourself or okay I'm gonna be honest with you but I don't think there's anything more profitable except yeah UT Beauty would be incredibly profitable for people who but not both fall that

► 01:43:53

same depart well somewhat gym area yeah beam like cousin whatever it is Cosmetics I guess yeah yeah yeah not just Cosmetics but even you know people that are not one guy with a little dick cream not operational no going on operational mean maybe one day they'll be able to do something yeah the shoot a little virus in your body and also interpret our let me something I can happen yeah I mean it's not insurmountable

► 01:44:23

scientifically yeah there's so many things that there are there are already doing with genetic manipulation yeah it's not outside the realm of that outside the realm it seems possible let's start calling our scientist right now call them up and see what's a say yeah so anyway that you learned about fat shaming I got that that's can't believe you didn't know about that that's like in the Zeitgeist right now is it yeah people I miss the people for fat shaming Yeah Mmm Yeah James Corden got mad at Bill Maher Delmar was mocking fat-shaming who think maybe

► 01:44:53

should be shaming people more to him directly no no oh just Bill Maher was talking about on a television show that maybe we should be shaming people oh I see I see and then James Corden said I have a problem with that and you know he's talking been beta bunch of Fat Jokes which I found were kind of kind of weird I'm making fat jokes while you're being upset at someone's calling you fat is the yeah he thought he could get that one by you we did that one didn't give my nobody in the all

► 01:45:23

so does have a comedy talk show so it makes sense that he was making jokes Yen comedic in his but it does because he doesn't like I got sucked it's it's it's not something that you can't fix and that's one of the things that people have a problem with being sympathetic about it and that was Bill Maher statements bills and obviously very slim man yeah but it's not something you can't fix it's a problem to fix it's hard to fix hard probably requires discipline and also

► 01:45:53

your gut biome is probably all screwed up from eating bad foods and you know you probably are accustomed to certain certain Behavior patterns that are unhealthy for you yeah because the times you're eating the kind of foods you're eating yeah all that and fix I fix mine with but I mean I wasn't fat in the that really you fix it was shame I fixed it was shape she shamed me I start jumping rope and I started with I do all everything

► 01:46:23

with an achievable goal I just did a couple minutes and I just kept going and then pretty soon you know I did the rope with the that had a counter on it those plastic beads that gives a little weight on them and a nylon rope and nylon cord and you could really wet get it going yeah I could do 200 beats a minute for 30 minutes and you're holding your body very tight so it actually I didn't think of it that way but it really strengthens strengthen my core yeah jumping rope is

► 01:46:53

amazing yeah so you obviously do yeah it's great you didn't only to warm up or mostly yeah I just do what kind of get going yeah yeah yeah but boxers that's why the boxers use it so much I mean it's a staple of boxing work yes it is yeah yeah yeah you're always on your toes yeah so it keeps your calf's condition to know helps your body ability to you know yeah shift movement mean strong calves and strong feet are very very important for boxing anything that requires movement football players a lot of football

► 01:47:23

all players use jump rope hmm to help their ability to move side to side and helping Mobility yeah great work out to just great cardiovascular hmm yeah right it's very trendy right now to is it another Trend because another trendy thing get the antidote to Fat shaming well there's a lot of videos online where people are doing like these YouTube workouts of jumping rope and then they also have waited ropes which is makes it more I used a weighted rope to yeah I used to go everywhere with the these

► 01:47:53

up so far in an airport I'd be doing it I remember being on a Tarmac in Greece in Athens waiting and I was doing it I would do it on in the rain I would all always every day I did it that I did with no fear without fail for almost 12 years wow deal trainer personal trainer I do now I didn't then but I do now is because I think what helps me so much also

► 01:48:23

sure it helps me get into the gym without fail because I don't want to him have him wait Derek by the way Derek I shouted to Derek because I said something about I'm doing Joe Rogan and he goes oh I listen to them all the time I go give me some inside really start collecting stuff he had fact I could even show you he wrote notes I didn't read them because I didn't feel like I had to but literally I'm sorry but anyway so Derek

► 01:48:53


► 01:48:55

what would so long and this is embarrassing and I didn't read it so okay so every morning it's good morning bro good morning bro good morning bro that means here morning bro and this is it hey bro you wanted a text about Brooke is yes deric ah bro he sounds like a bro he's a guy from Detroit he says bro a lot yes I don't he's not a I don't know how Bro e but he does go hate bro and actually I've even said to him a nice way of don't say hey bro

► 01:49:25

morning because it just doesn't hey bro like that and I want to say you gotta chop it up a little bit makes it up hey fella fella bad be funny I call People Fell all the time yeah I think it'd be funny you said hey I like that like a strong guy going fella so fella I'm going to try it I like fun yeah hey fella I mean everyone you're all year millions of listeners will know that I'm ripping from you what you gave it to me

► 01:49:55

you said you could say it that is so mine I like it Helen I say it all the time or how do you do hey fella I say like that like if I saw you I'd like hey fella I like it now I'm thinking about now it sounds weird because I'm being self-conscious but yeah but you'll get when you don't want them off the show you know tomorrow you're gonna get back to go back to normal I like it I'm gonna feel that yeah it's not it's not an issue okay so what is Derek what kind of advice to give you on the show yeah

► 01:50:26

it said I don't look at it but when he gave me some advice he said you know he told me your background first of all I didn't realize the chronology of your background I didn't know he knew Gino's New Jersey right he just knew all the stuff oh so he didn't sure zika pedia well I think you do know he did more than Wikipedia no no I know that sounds what yes that leads you to Wikipedia But I pop that on them so it wasn't like

► 01:50:55

that was today so he didn't like go let me just tell you about it he didn't do but start looking at a smartphone he knows your show really well he's a him he's a guy's guy you know and he's a pro he's a straight talker guy he's a real yeah he's a broke his will no wonder this is bro that that expression is weird because it used to be like first of all black dudes owned it yeah what up bro it was like that and then it became White

► 01:51:25

eyes like dorky white guys okay here we go I'm gonna give it to you right as you seem interested in everything okay I like I like the Rogan podcast because it's casual conversation so I should he always he always sets the guess titties and weaves to topic seamlessly I'd leave it alone that okay but he says everything is awesome I mean your son's broke your solo you said I just like how you would be perfect what kind of stuff is Derek having you do oh

► 01:51:54

Ali physically well okay so I get in there I do an elliptical you know for me I do it as high as hard as you could possibly do it for 20 minutes so it gets everything kind of going and for my rotary cuff so it Lubes that up a little bit and I have some injuries there were dying thing about it the rotator cuff by doctor

► 01:52:18

you know him an eel elat wragge okay he's away he does have teams and stuff like that when you say I don't need surgery eventually I will have to eventually I might have to have surgery he says I'm a surgeon that's what I do but I don't want you to have surgery you don't need it you're going to have the same strength you would have and it just will hurt a little bit and and this is a rotator cuff tear it's a rootkit rotator

► 01:52:48

laughter have you ever had stem cells no is that a good idea oh tell me how definitely okay oh wow I'm getting this from the man right on public I'll talk to you after it's over and I'll give you like places I would go and talk to I have a full-length rotator cuff tear and it's gone from stem cells is there any thing and nothing negative not for me and I I know of ago negative repercussion that's fantastic I love knowing that you know certainly can help you okay

► 01:53:18

all right matter of fact the place where I go is the world of place I go is in Santa Monica and I've been hearing their I've been going there for years what's the name of the place lifespan medicine oh it's not Marc Forster no no life spend okay I don't know you'll explained life everything I would love that thank you so much okay but there's a lot of different treatments that they can do now that for soft tissue tears things like rotator cuffs and muscle tears things along those lines they can it's amazing what they can

► 01:53:48

do now wow okay that'd be awesome so what does he have me do I do you know variety of different have to wait you know multiple you know curls he mixes it up so it's sort of cross training so I'll do dumb things cool I'll use those little slides that I love put on your feet and you there's four different things you can do you open them you do the push-ups you'd and I like it because it's hard Joanne I think I do it all in the morning I do it at it started

► 01:54:18

6:30 wow he shows up at 7:00 this is what my Monday Wednesday Friday goes like this for me from 637 I do my own stuff just elliptical elliptical just get going and a few other things you might I might even do those little slides he shows up at seven hey bro he's hey bro and me and then he worked we work out till 10:00 to 8:00 at 5:00 to 8:00 so and then for five minutes he puts a that bolt on my

► 01:54:48

legs and calves you know to like Lube you know make my muscles more relaxed but bullying about like a neuromuscular steel inner yes thank you okay alright electrical muscular stimulator electrical muscular still Yes simulator and so we do that and then I run next door and I play tennis for an hour usually one-on-one tennis with a pro name Buster shot of the best shout out to Buster yeah

► 01:55:18

after that so half-hour lip to go and then you do the weights yeah do this different kinds of physical work out of business can you play tennis for an hour tennis for an hour so wow so you're done like what 10 a.m. no I'm done exactly at 9 a.m. sometimes I go I have to leave few minutes early but like five to nine or so you run right from the gym straight over to tennis oh no missing time and right next door nobody right next to our yeah right door Skipper enhance house okay Bamm-Bamm

► 01:55:48

yeah and so then I play tennis and then I rush back and I take shower really fast and then I'm on the road and then you do you work now I go to work but I'm up early actually at five o'clock real doing work and I'm looking at videos and I'm reading things and 5:00 a.m. every morning that's your thing every morning I just wake up at that time coffee coffee you lots of coffees and but I get excited about the day I bet that's great I get really excited about that means you're doing what you're supposed to be doing

► 01:56:18

oh good you enjoy what you're doing I really enjoyed about it I really excited about it I really enjoy what I'm doing and I Joy enjoy my life I love hearing that from people that are successful oh good because it's it means you found the thing that's fulfilling yes and it continually fulfilling yes which is the real problem with a lot of folks sometimes things are fulfilling initially but then they lose their luster yeah but for you as many movies as you made as long as I've been in the game that you're still getting up at 5:00 in the morning yeah

► 01:56:48

supersize the day not feeling like I have to I just want to that's awesome thanks yeah no I mean it's really true I'm really excited and I you know my my life is good my kids are great you know they've gone through some changes they all kids do and they're really in the right spot you know they're my youngest kid just turned 16 he plays football at Notre Dame he's not a big kid but he wanted to own it he wanted to own a choice and he's really disciplined

► 01:57:18

really really in and he's he's just so not a pussy he's like you know what I mean he's just a tough guy that's awesome and I'm really proud of him and happy and you know like I go through the rest of the three as well for total what other kind of things do you like to do with your day I mean you're obviously a guy that's into self-improvement yeah so what other kind of things you do meditate at all I do meditate I do TM I do it once a day but I know you're supposed to do it twice a day are you supposed

► 01:57:48

twice a day supposed to do it twice a day but I having in night is that how you're supposed to do something like that yeah but I don't I can't pull that off so I don't demand that upon myself I don't depend upon myself things that I that I can't quite do I know I should and I'm trying to my sorry my friend Tom pop it does TM and he won't tell me what his Mantra is will you tell me what your Mantra is now - crazy I got I had two of them because actually Deepak Chopra

► 01:58:17

he years gave me one I 15 years I have to be honest 15 years because I was really in need of meditation to stop these Cycles gave you a mantra he gave me a mutt came to my office taught me how to meditate and gave me a mantra and then I start you know I dropped it and then recently about five years ago Veronica was my wife who is a big shout-out to my Wi-Fi she shout out to Veronica thank you for third shout out to that yeah that's good and so she and

► 01:58:48

I took a TM from Bob Roth Bob Roth is the founder of the David Lynch meditation meditation center and he's a very good guy to have we could you'll know we're good okay and and so we do that and sometimes we get Bob Roth on the phone because he lives in New York and we'll just do it in the backyard and we'll have him on speaker and will he'll talk through the framework of it and and then he's quiet and we're quiet we meditate

► 01:59:17

oh nice you meditate yes I felt just find it amazing how many TM people won't tell you there ah there whatever they're chanting we're told not to yeah that's why it's weird it's like what why would this how does somebody have that much power over you right is it Abracadabra is it Alakazam what are you saying I the style of meditation I do I just concentrate on my breath I think only about guiding in only about breathing in and only about breathing out it's all I think about so the when I'm

► 01:59:48

concentrating I'm thinking only about the breath in and only about the breath out and it goes off the rails I think about other things and I have to get back to track it always does there's no way around that I think old it's okay though right yeah it's okay catch ya I used to think that it wasn't I used to thank God I'm weak he to can't stay on track but now I realize that's not the point the point is to it's just part of being a person just yeah let it happen but keep keep on track keep on keep on track and you get off

► 02:00:17

track just get back on track again don't ya don't freak out about it don't beat yourself up and all that stuff but I find it very cleansing me too it does something just something when it opens you up in a very nice way is yours who's who was the who's the person that turned you on to it or is it a type of meditation that does a name to it or no not really the stuff that stuff I've read about and I started doing it in an isolation tank I started doing it I have one here really

► 02:00:48

when I leave we can look at the yeah oh yeah sensory deprivation tank shout-out to the float lab cash you ever been to one ever used one no other amazing should get one it's a great way to visit affordable ones who aren't at their Board of yeah I have done one I have done one and I liked it but I bet there's I can't wait to see yours because I bet there's a better way I did it so makeshift yeah I'm sure yeah the float Labs the most advanced ones and they have a place in Westwood

► 02:01:17

wood and in Venice they have a place where you can go and rent it for an hour but the the best thing that I found Med is was in inside the tank was to just concentrate on breathing breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth and in through the nose and out through the mouth and I got and that's all I would concentrate on is breathing in and breathing out breathing in and breathing out and then I'll kind of go into this trance when I was inside the tank and so then when I what did have access to tank I started utilizing that

► 02:01:47

outside of the tank and so I just kind when everything's any if something's bothering me if I've got something that because I'm an obsessive person so I get a thought in my head about something I'm working on or something I'm trying to fix and I just start rolling over my head to the point where I can't get it I can't get it away so then the way I can cleanse that and put my brain back on a good cycle is just concentrate on breathing so I use the same method that would use inside the tank and I use it outside the tank but I want to try

► 02:02:17

ATM yeah I'm gonna try I'm going to try to do it this month while we're doing these different classes this month I'm going to try to take a class maybe go to this guy Matt broth show me yeah well he's you know kind of all over the in New York okay so but he comes out here because he has many people in Los Angeles and he makes sure to come I think once a month or so okay yeah well I'll talk to you well yeah we'll figure it out I think he's you know for me I think the best I've met a few of them but he

► 02:02:49

without saying take it seriously he describes it in a way that I understood what it was and he has some Authority in him that made me take it seriously where is the other times they didn't take it quite as seriously it is it's kind of important who introduces it to you yeah I think I think so do yeah yeah I mean it's like what you were talking about earlier about people that are really enthusiastic about something yeah really committed and and

► 02:03:17

disciplined about it that it's very it's very contagious it is I think the same thing about meditation or about anything yeah there's a certain energy you get when you're talking to someone who's really into what they're into yeah really into if they're really into TM like you'll get a feeling and then you'll be able to recreate at least some of that yes when you do it on your own I'd imagine yes yeah and yeah we all like how it's described its and if you've basically no I'll let you okay do it yourself

► 02:03:48

okay sorry now what other stuff do you do in terms of self-improvement she should I ask for Hanukkah no I'm I'm content but I think a little like you as I've researched you that I'm constantly reading things like all of the time always nonfiction however no friction at all no I just know that's interesting for someone to produce has a lot of fiction well I would I like is I yes that's right

► 02:04:17

right what I've found in my life the the like the for me the foundational creative ingredients are ingredients to a creative equation like making a movie or a TV show or painting or is CounterPoint so I have found that I'm Dreaming enough myself you know like I you know what I've read of course all Joseph Campbell stuff so I kind of understand formats

► 02:04:47

myths and the hero with a thousand faces and and and I particularly like Underdog stories there are so many types of Underdog stories that it's so anyway so I have that basic knowledge and then when I learn a subject let's say learn the subject of architecture or physics or a little bit of chemistry or whatever the you know it's all like from an archaeological perspective because it's all new to me so I found for example when I

► 02:05:17

reduce the movie 8 Mile which is about hip hop right it's about battles in Detroit first I thought I could even go back further I'll go do this quickly though I thought I'm should get like the hottest you know video director the coolest guy and I won't say those names but they're there were the guys that were very visible at being the best at those videos hot videos and then it occurred to me I should get somebody that

► 02:05:47

coaches again archaeologically where everything is a discovery so I hired some of the knew nothing about hip-hop what was passionate about wanting to do the movie and he was named Curtis Hanson he's deceased right now but he won I think believe two Oscars for LA Confidential so it was kind of a classic American filmmaker that looked at everything was sort of a discovery lens and that's why you're able to see if I pick the video

► 02:06:17

oh guy that thinks he knows everything about hip-hop then all the little nuances that are new to the audience's eyes would have never been shot because he think oh everybody knows that stuff that to get the good stuff you know yeah and so sometimes Authority on top of authority doesn't work out well and I found that my my my career I all I did was write and produce comedies for the first 17 years of my movie career

► 02:06:48

starting with night shift and then splash and Parenthood and Nutty Professor in liar liar and I could you know all the a lot of comedies a lot of five Eddie Murphy thing you know Jim Carrey three times you know and what I found was

► 02:07:03

Jewish writers

► 02:07:06

Christian actors in the Jewish words they go Jew writers goyim actor and going him is like when Jewish people say it's the Christian yeah the Catholic got it's always I made eight movies I think with Tom Hanks but he's like the Gary Cooper or he's the Christian guy with the Jewish writers always what is that works why do you wan Zhu no good Christian and Christian not funny

► 02:07:36

really yeah just doesn't play what's wrong with you anju there's only one Jew anju kind of worked in the last Woody Allen and they weren't meteoric hits he was just like you know he was sort of dominated the ethos you know of you know I mean he of comedy in the 70s and 80s but yeah but it just didn't work

► 02:08:05

you can't really but youkai could name I mean Judd Apatow talented Jewish writer director usually he's got these guys that are were like not they're just not that they're catholic christian guys you know like our girls right I mean who's the chair the chicken train wreck that Melissa McCarthy McCarthy she's Catholic right he's a Jew it's like that's the the Counterpoint

► 02:08:35

is what works isn't train wreck any Schumer is it Melissa McCarthy tell you might be right might be both yeah it's both oh thank God thank God we got tiebreaker here so anyway do you prefer to do comedy or do you prefer just a movie that interest you like he's just interest just whatever it is but there was a point like at the end of these 17 years of like make you know what there's a point where I've definitely made a lot of you know did well financially I'm making these

► 02:09:04

movies and I enjoy it because when you're around comedy you're you're happy you're laughing yeah that's the whole vibe in the front but I thought it just don't you cannot get enough respect just doing comedy so I thought I'm gonna have to try to just do dramas because I have come close I got nominated but that's as close as I got there was no way on Splash there were going to pick and the writers are the funny guys over there they've got to Robert Benton you know like the guy that wrote A Place in the heart you know

► 02:09:34

no are places in the heart hmm and Bonnie and Clyde like they picked that guy The Classy guys so I felt like if I want to join The Classy guys I better start doing dramas and I did Apollo 13 and Ransom in a bunch of Dramas that's interesting so that's what motivated you to switch it up yeah that was what motivated me I just couldn't take the abuse any longer it's good the abuse of producing massively successful movies but well yeah I mean I felt

► 02:10:04

grateful and stuff but I just felt like I got understand you did you feel like you got the respect you deserve yeah I just feel like they're so uh comedies or so hard there you do comedy comedy is the hardest thing because when it doesn't work you hear it it's embarrassed it's bad yeah dramas the great dramas I could tell you though all those dramas that we see in the last five years they go it's great it's brilliant I mean I don't even know what happened on some of these things they're so slow right or the my

► 02:10:35

so you can and you there's no defining you know no one's class you know you're no God you hear everybody is really quite the quiet because they're asleep what did you think of the Joker okay I have to break the Joker down because I know a lot of people that are more realistically very against it yes you know my generation is really mad at it I thought as a movie that movie was really badass that movie was I thought it was really good man

► 02:11:04

two-piece Masterpiece oh my God those sequences and the going down the stairs and the music choices that was a masterpiece it was amazing I loved it now the the other this other units that you know if they're if the movies broken down into two units the one is the master of the Masterpiece were calling of the movie itself and then what's you know one of the themes that are giving life to this movie or the purpose of what are the what's the purpose I mean you

► 02:11:34

you could go well that could be you know that guy you know there could be some bad stuff in there you know or but I'm not deep enough to know I could identify it exactly and having made so many movies I can't be judgmental of it I liked it and so I just feel like people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones that I think that's a good way of looking at and how do you see it can't you asked I thought it was brilliant but very disturbing yeah but it was supposed to be disturbing and I think

► 02:12:04

accomplished their goal you know with flying colors I think it was a very very unusual moving very difficult to find any parallels with any other previous movie exactly thought it was fucking amazing yeah that when I left I didn't feel good yeah I didn't feel like that was like Wow gonna party great yeah yeah I was like fuck I walked out of the theater like fuck yeah just blows you away yeah yeah so good and me and my wife talked about it for a long

► 02:12:34

long time and I was she on it she loved it oh cool but it's not her kind of movie yeah but it was there was something about it it was so well executed and Joaquin Phoenix was amazing it was kind of operatic and sometimes they mean where the music and everything yeah I mean the build-up to it too there was so much going on and so Much Madness and so yeah you understood you felt empathy for this guy who was ultimately a monster in a

► 02:13:05

yes but spoiler alert but I felt you felt for him yeah you know I mean in that sense they managed to navigate those incredibly treacherous Waters brilliant yeah I thought it was a fucking awesome yeah good me too no I mean that directors great yeah now he's great you Phillips I'm sure you know him I don't know friends who know yeah yeah my friend Brian Cowen he was in The Hangover and he's in I was in this movie briefly to yeah

► 02:13:34

okay but I don't know yeah so that's that that's that yeah but I got to wrap this up but okay I really enjoyed it man thank you very very much you're so welcome really appreciate it I really enjoyed talking to you thanks I feel really grateful to be on your show and I feel really grateful to be able to talk to you thank you thank you very much thanks okay bye everybody thank you everyone for tuning into the show and thank you to our sponsors thank you to Teeter inversion tables they're the shit they're so good for your back spinal decompression is just so good

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