#1335 - Jim Gaffigan

Aug 14, 2019

Jim Gaffigan is an actor and stand up comedian. His new stand up special "Quality Time" will premiere August 16th on Amazon Prime.

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Great and Powerful Jim Gaffigan

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The Joe Rogan Experience Train by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day

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and gentlemen one of the greats Jim Gaffigan how are you sir thank you thank you it's great to be here great to see you man I'm excited that you're doing a special on Amazon yeah I think it's important that there's a bunch of other platforms for all of us to do specials on and when a guy like you goes over to Amazon legitimizes it makes it a big deal it's exciting yeah it's it's fascinating how the the outlets for specials has changed so dramatically yeah when we were when we were kids it was just HBO yep and then Comedy Central when I release Beyond The Pale it was that perfect moment we're in every dorm room in America Comedy Central was on yep you know it shifted from MTV to come to Central probably because of Chapelle and and Jon Stewart and so but it shifts you know it's like the Netflix was big and

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and we see these other platforms coming out so it'll be it'll be interesting if I can convince people because everyone goes to Amazon or someone in their family does so if I can convince them the next time they're buying paper towels and socks to just go over to Prime because they everyone has a Prime Membership that's the weird part about it right it's like it's shopping but it's also like the same as iTunes it yeah people have asked me though like what if you know will one person ask me they're like what if someone doesn't have a Prime membership and I'm like this are probably not on the internet who are you right they probably can't afford even you know high speed internet looks like but I don't know it is going to be interesting I've watched tough on crime but it's like it's like every time you you know I think comedians we like the we like to explore and do things different you know even you know

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rooms and stuff like that we kind of are risk averse but there is always the possibility of like I don't know I mean it comes out Friday there is some support but I don't know and I know that Amazon is this enormous company but I don't know I don't know they could I mean in the grand scheme of things you know my special is really not that big it's not as important as the toothpicks they sell on Amazon so I don't know if they're going to get behind it or not it's so weird that it's an entertainment company and also a massive shopping outlet I mean it's huge it's two giant things but they do support like mrs. mazal oh yeah that everywhere yeah so if they have a hit they will get behind it and make Billboards and I've see a lot for flea bag as well I've seen a bunch of ads for that so I think they're really picking up their support but I haven't seen any support so far for how many

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those are there that they've done besides your yours comes out Friday mind comes out Friday and then a week later there's four that come out Monza Bowden has one coming out for sure and there's three other people with him and then I don't know they you know there's also something of you know the free flow of information isn't as as dynamic as you'd imagine because I'm like a nerd for like if people follow me on Instagram they're probably like yeah we know you promote so it's like I'm not shy about saying I'm coming to Atlantic City and so I'm like hey when is this going you know what how can I help and there to like there's a little bit of an attitude of like we've got it you know I mean we know all the information there is or they don't care I'm not sure yeah I think the probably overwhelmed right it's probably a new thing or they just

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you know some of how is explained to me was I released Noble ate my special before this independently Rhino through a lot of different plants why did you decide to do that well some of it was I got an offer that was attractive I knew that I mean I love Netflix I have five specials there but I kind of looked at Netflix I always describe it as it's a it's a swimming pool swimming pools are great that you know a special having a special is kind of like a floaty but like Netflix there were just hundreds of floaties in this in this pool so how do you know people are going to watch yours you get like a week at Netflix for for accessibility and I also thought that it would have a greater impact internationally I don't think it did for me personally and it was

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I'm going to try differently you know it's weird to is you never really know what the numbers are no you don't know that they don't tell you you don't know the numbers and it also shifts like so like the great success that Segura and Ali Wong had and you know like we're comedians we watch all of the specials on Netflix I mean whether we watch the whole thing is another thing right yeah that's like with Ted Alexandro and I were always like I'm like did you watch any goes I 10 minutes did you watch that it's like the best comment is I watched the whole thing I watched Chris Rock's whole special right you know and so I wanted to do something different you know I was offered and it's it's you know it's a you know it's expanding your audience and I also understood that a lot of people consume things on demand look I have young kids so I'm just I'm still buying on iTunes like it's

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in 81 you know and people consume things on demand I was convinced on that and so it went we did this kind of like everywhere but Netflix and then there was a second window that was on Amazon Prime and it got a real a lot of viewers and so that prompted Amazon to approach for this special so independently when you release your last one did it like a production company come to you and say hey Jim this is what we wanted yeah it was comedy Dynamics and they were like we're going we're going to distribute it we're going to sell it piecemeal different places and so I was like yeah you know what I wanted on airplanes right right and I you know I have Netflix but not everyone has Netflix hmm and also you know the swimming pool metaphor he can get kind of lost in there so yours was available on Apple TV was available on everything it was on available on everywhere

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yeah it was even in theaters you get a sense of the numbers from them oh yeah okay so that Netflix is the only one doesn't give you the numbers the yeah supposedly Amazon will give the number supposedly I think they weren't gotta get in a room with them I think that they you know it's it's going to be so interesting because I have no idea but I also you know just as how we consume specials has changed I think that you know getting I think special serve almost there very personal for us right by the way your last one was great thanks but it's very personal for us but it also indirectly serves as like an infomercial for our sin Summit sensibility yeah for sure so it's like you want other people to see it so they can go yeah I like this kind of stuff and so the appeal of it being in different places was appealing to me yeah I like the idea of a to I mean I really do enjoy that Netflix is God

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and so big in the stand-up specials because they've given so many people opportunities and expose the world to so many great Comics I don't like the fact they don't give me the numbers that's all I'm doing yeah but I do like the fact there's other options now I think it's great I think look HBO now has a streaming option you know they're trying to get really behind HBO Go and hopefully more people do that so HBO specials will be what they used to be used to be if someone got an HBO special like holy shit it would transform they're like oh my God like Kennison and all these different people we found out about them because against Bo yeah I think it's going to be interesting I think that you know seeing what Disney plus does and seeing you know HBO Max and apple but it's I had to I had approached Amazon back I think with my special obsessed I wanted to do it on Amazon they had prime at that point and I was like I'll give you give me this amount of money and you guys own the special and

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like at that point they weren't you know there there were packaged goods company they're like no will give you six cents for every View and I'm like no no no you don't understand I'm gonna drive people to amazon.com and they're like nah we're not interested but so it'll take some time so it yeah you know we might think that apple and Disney will step up immediately for comedy specials but we don't know I don't know I think in the future there's not going to be anything on live television except Sports I really do yeah I definitely TV like the idea of like tuning in at eight o'clock on Tuesday night as the only time to see something yes we're take out what pointment television is absurd that's a great way of putting it yeah appointment television it's just it's insane yeah release date and that's the one of the other great things about Netflix like when stranger things comes out you get the whole damn season yeah yeah definitely and so like the binging thing is really it's absurd like there's there's got to be

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some consequences of that yeah it's unhealthy we're just not getting enough sleep now this my friend of mine she told me that she was up watching stranger things till 6 o'clock in the morning she had to get up at 10 to take your kid to school yeah it's just there's and we binge it look like like there's some reason behind it yeah there's it's just convenience just get obsessed I want to find out what's next oh yeah they left me hanging yeah it's next you like one more just one of those suckers that would wait you know like I leave my family I don't want to sound too much oh but we watch Jane the Virgin cuz my teenage daughter was really into it so as a family we watch Jane the Virgin I don't even know what that is it's a TV show it's amazing yes I mean it's one of those things were my family would be watching and I would come in and I would kind of criticize it and then after like two episodes I was like move over it's totally it's a telenovela it's about Hispanic culture

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it's it's great Jane the Virgin what's it on Great Performances it was on the CW I don't know that's hilarious I feel like in my adult lifetime the CW appeared and I still have never watched the show on the CW look if you ever watch the show on the CW I don't believe so right it's a real Network yeah but a member of the WB yeah I think the WB was I think the CW is something like that right there was a few of those little Fringe networks way back in the day like I remember the Wayans brothers had a TV show and one of them yeah there's it's one of those weird networks that was I think it was owned by CBS but they're like it's just kind of like

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you know like it would be team shows mmm like teen romance shows and you like the show Jane the Virgin I liked it I liked it you know I'm not ashamed to say it don't be here like if I asked myself six months ago would I be on Joe Rogan's podcasting that I like Jane the Virgin I would say no of course not well I remember when you know people used to think that being on one of those networks wouldn't do you any good one of those little small networks but then TruTV put on Impractical Jokers and those guys are selling out Arenas amazing that fucking show is so crazy popular it's you know it's fascinating watching that show because I you're trying to understand it because but I think it's the authenticity I was guys they're Pals and it's not manufactured right and and I think people like that yes it's very appealing you're like you know and I think that's also like

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guys yeah I think there is so much beautiful people that we consume so so much beautiful people that were shocked when we see a regular looking person yeah we're like wait a minute what did that person that person must be a bad guy I used to have a joke about that they seem like you can hang out with them too if they seem like regular guys that would be fun to hang out with yeah it's like oh I want to be with them no look when I first heard the premise I was like oh this is but by the way it's been going on for a while quite a while yeah I was doing shows in London and we have the same agent and they were doing an arena three nights in a row and London it's crazy crazy it's amazing like who the fuck saw that coming when I heard about it from Ari Ari shaffir was telling me these guys were selling out theater so I was like really oh my God it's incredible how big they want 5,000 people like what yeah what and that was years ago now it's they've moved to Arenas yeah and and they just keep going and they

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like a whole multimedia show right let's show videos and all kinds of crazy shit and they interact and and they're also like the they're still the same guys yeah so they were always those guys yeah yeah wasn't like some cute boy who's trying to act like he's right one of the guys right like a record company produced boy band yeah no that's who they are well that's probably why it resonates with people because it is authentic I think authenticity is really important I think that's what people like about I think that's the success of this podcast is the authenticity that it's not prepackaged there isn't look I mean people that you should understand it's like even it's it's a it's a weird thing I I don't know I don't know if you want to talk about this or not so I won't talk about those a weird thing to me it's and I do it but like did you because I did this back when it was at

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the ice house and it's like wow it's amazing yeah it's pretty crazy it's pretty crazy yeah well fuck saw that coming I didn't see it coming yeah it's like it's a perfect example of doing something on your terms and it working out yeah for sure and also 0 promotion of it I never promoted at all I never did any television shows to promote or took out any ads or did other people's podcast to let people know about it I just kept doing it I just felt like let me just keep doing it I enjoy doing it just keep doing it and it become totally 100% built by word of mouth and so what articles that are written about it do you read those or no no nothing I don't think it's wise because also like generally when there are articles written about comedians your kind of there's always like all right let's see what this half day of research your entire body of work that night

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is there would be like New York Magazine would be like the end of stand up come yes and you read the article on your crowns I guess oh they followed that person they don't even really even do stand-up so it is there is no point behind it but I'm just kind of a sucker for trying to understand where the Zeitgeist is trying to steer things but in the end I think comedy you know Seinfeld describes it as like it all comes down to butts in seats mmm butts in seats like they can kind of promote

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you know like the new best thing but you know those people show up to shows they you know they're not told where to go I think what's also important to note is that the narratives no longer being controlled by media like you can't an article in Newsweek or on a website or a some YouTube piece it doesn't Define things anymore the the landscape is too big not know media outlet has any sort of Monopoly on how to define someone or something in the people decide now it's really a meritocracy in that way yeah if you if you have something that's good people find out about it and they like it and you can write all your hit pieces that you want they don't work anymore it doesn't work you know you'll change a few people's minds because they'll buy into it but then if they investigate themselves of all you're a piece of shit journalist this is a terrible article about something it's you know it but I sometimes think

► 00:22:07

like I have two theories on this one I sometimes think was it always like this and I didn't see it or here's my other Theory my other theory is that in the collapse of traditional media meaning the collapse of newspapers and and just you know television news bureaus that there because there's no money to pay someone to be say like a movie review my what my father-in-law is he used to write movie reviews in Milwaukee and he would review the movies and now is his job and that job is really only present in very rare situations otherwise it's just the opportunity of someone that does it out of a passion thing meaning someone who has a blog or it's someone who is doesn't need a financial incentive so in other words they're like

► 00:23:06

I got 50 bucks to write a review of this thing or so it ends up not being close to objective does that make sense yeah no does and I think if you're going to really study something like if you if you want to know about a person you know say if it's a politician or what you know an actor comic or whoever you're writing about the idea that you're going to figure them out with just a few hours of Google searching is kind of crazy it's absolutely great meat and and the the rushes to Define someone in either very flattering or very unflattering ways the this that's really where most of the energy goes most of the stories are either hit pieces or their fluff pieces that seem to be propped up by a publicist yet there is I feel it's though like I did this movie that came out it was just a small Indie comedy where I was a guy

► 00:24:08

who had two separate families and they didn't know about each other so it's like he's a good guy no but he had two families and it's a comedy it's set in the 90s and you know the reviews that didn't like the movie that didn't surprise me you know or the criticisms but like a lot of the reviews were kind of there was a tone of like how dare this white male have to fit like they couldn't get Beyond look it wasn't like they would insert like a social commentary on to a platform that was not for that yeah do you remain like it was there was there was a portrayal of and there were great female actor actors that played my wives and there was some reviews there like they under serve them and it's like you know the movie was really about

► 00:25:07

my character and his son you know and but like people were frustrated about story but because of the day we live in it had to be kind of deciphered through this kind of social critique that is just absurd and it wasn't here and there was a lot of reviews like that well they feel like there's an obligation discussed that now too if they feel like there's some sort of an imbalance sexually like good between genders on a television show or intersectionality it's if it has something to do with race or gender or politics or they feel like this is something that must be discussed and one of the things that I hear from friends at the the are very frustrated so when they pitch shows when they pitch shows the network of they have a story an ideal if this is what we're trying to this is the thing they're like okay where's the diversity yeah it's like one of the first questions they're like well it's about an Irish family that lives in the Bronx like I don't know what to tell you yeah

► 00:26:07

no it's this is what the story's about like well where's the diversity you have to insert diversity to meet their criteria like you can't just have a you can have a story as long as the person's like you could have a story about it Haitian Haitian family and it just be all about the Haitian family no one's going to say well what about white guys we need to get some white guys on the show no because if you inserted the white guys then it's the white savior short they can't be the white guys yeah I just can't wait until we're done with all this I mean maybe it may be long after we're done when long after we're dead but when there's no more racism in this is no longer a viable storyline and they like no one gives a fuck if you're Chinese or Indian or from Pakistan with legitimately don't care they just different varieties of people and there's no judgment whatsoever I can't wait for that time but until then we just have to deal with these observed people that pedal in this this narrative that you have to have you know x amount of like I was reading something or someone was saying that I should run for I should

► 00:27:07

moderate the presidential debates and the Army and someone's it's never you make them all smoked pot before sure it's not going to happen but someone said why do that when you can give it to a talented black woman like okay I'm out we're out we're not not talking about the way here's the thing it's and I think you'd agree with me I do think there's an imbalance yeah we do have to correct it yes and I do think that like you know and it's great that we have the the knowledge and the foresight but humans we're just clumsy no we're just clumsy you know with you know we're just like let's just stick this here when when you know creativity is much more complex than that like even even any comedian we could have Carrot Top here there's a Nuance on every joke he does like people can sit there and be dismissive but like he's like you know what I can't do that joke before I do this joke yeah whereas people just think it's like no just stick this in there stick a speech in there but I

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his feel is like when green book one because I saw it after the fact I was like it's you know like there's this this belief of oh you know you know if you play a disabled person you win and but it's much more of like that movie winning was like oh yeah you know it's it's you know the great crime of America and race so it brings that up it also deals with you know homosexuality and like the struggle of that which is profound I can't even contemplate it but it's like that's why the movie One hmm and it was also we love Italians we America loves that ain't gonna talk like is he who doesn't love that America loves Italian Philip Boston and you know that's you know that's there's certain things that America loves so I was like oh that's why it won I'm not saying it's a bad movie I'm not saying figure wasn't great I'm just saying that's why it won

► 00:29:07

and it's weird it is a little weird but it on the other hand one way to look at it is that like does that the idea that there can be no Darkness without light right there could be no there can be no real appreciation of true diversity without an understanding of racism like and it did to have it around and it's ugly as form makes you appreciate the people that don't express that that aren't racist that are just even-keeled people that appreciate everybody well you know there's there's also this too is that you know I'm I tend to lean left I'm pretty liberal socially and but and you know when Trump was elected and like there was a women's March and all this stuff there was this I had this thought process of like how do I how do I you know contact how can I contribute how can I help make this country better which is

► 00:30:07

sounds grandiose which it is but the thing is it's like I'm not changing anyone's mind hmm I really believe that it's like and if anything I think at my shows it's like people are kind of like break from it yes Jeremy like it's we're all thinking about it all the time they're like all right there's a tariff a Chinese tariff what does that mean I don't know what that means is that our American farmers destroyed what's going on but like when they come to my show they don't want me to rehash it yes yeah no I think that's one of the keys to your success is that you provide a vacation yeah fun silly well-thought-out comedic Lee brilliant sort of vacation from it also not pointing out that humans are we're absurd we're stupid yes yeah we are so stupid like we just think humans think we have it every generation we think we have it figured out yeah that's like the the the sure adness of

► 00:31:07

makes me concerned but yeah there were people at a time that we're like here's how we serve the how we solve the flu is we're going to put these leeches on people trust me it's working like they they were convinced that would work yeah yeah makes you wonder like what how we're going to view this generation a hundred years from now or two hundred years from now it's going to be fast I mean I've got to I've got a 15 year old who is so my children are there so fascinating and you live in New York City I live in New York City yeah which is Crate I always we talked about this a long time ago that that's a wild place to raise kids is it I don't know I don't know me I feel like there is

► 00:31:53

there is a socio-economic cultural more diversity my kids walking to a subway station sure then if we lived in the suburbs for sure and yeah you know it's you know they don't have a yard but like I'm kind of like I don't know it seems like people that have yards there like paranoid about their kids getting snatched anyway so but I don't know it's what I also you know I feel like there's a lot of convenience in New York that I like and I also to be perfectly honest it's like in la-la I feel like I feel kind of smothered by the entertainment industry mmm and maybe it's my insecurities but it's like no I think you're right there's like you drive down the street there saw these Billboards and each of those Billboards is saying you're a failure look at this person this person this is their fifth show where they're going to

► 00:32:51

and that me nomination and people don't even know your name yeah you know so it's I mean obviously just fate had it where I stayed in New York because there's plenty of reasons to live in LA well first and foremost you're a comic you're always recognized as a comic but you do a lot of other things as well but like being you do a lot of other movies and television shows and stuff but being in New York City I think in some ways you get the best of both worlds because you can many clubs to perform in many clubs to practice in but you also don't get that sort of scrutiny of the the agents and the managers and the entertainment industry so you can work on your shit and then on top of that you're not surrounded by the business yeah you're around fucking regular folks just hustling and doing things and I'm traveling constantly to so it's but there is yeah I just like do it I mean here's where I think I'm doing the doing it wrong or doing it right it's like I just care about

► 00:33:51

good stage time qualitystage time whereas I think

► 00:33:57

you know even you know like I don't work at the seller in New York City and that's you know some of that goes back history but like some of it is I just want stage time and I can eat dinner with my kids put some of them to bed and decide to do a spot go do the spot come back and Wrangle my two other kids to get to sleep whereas if I went to The Cellar or if I had to make the journey the drive-in Allah it would be a different commitment what's the thing about the seller that makes it more difficult well you know some of it is is peers and friends like I don't like the idea you know the hierarchy of I always kind of get you know a little bit look I'm just kind of like I just want to do stand-up I just want to do it I spent a lot of time hanging out in comedy clubs and some of it is like in at the cellar I don't want to bump some of my friends that I started with right and I

► 00:34:57

also don't want to get bumped by somebody else hmm it's like I you know I you know I'm not going to abuse doing a set but I'll go in and I'll do 15 minutes it won't disrupt anyone's night but I also know that at the seller you know there's gonna be people that show up sometimes there's a pack of three or four people that are going to do sets and everyone's kind of off for that night but also it's you know it goes back like 20 years ago I'm a low-energy kind of comedian and it used to you know I used to put in a veils at the seller and it would kind of determine I would get you know like you get a spot Wednesday at 1:00 a.m. and so it like I would be bummed for the week so I don't want to I don't want to give my power away yes it was I just want to do stand-up she'd rather just do good spot yeah and and also great and I look I love the seller but I feel like that's also the the

► 00:35:57

the room is far more interactive whereas I want to try out material but I don't know it's shift its shifted because the seller is it's a great club with a great complex I mean there's three rooms so but some of it is I'm now at the point where I just want to do one set and I also don't want to like I don't want a friend like Todd Barry looking at me like you're bumping me yeah I mean do you call in or do you just show up I call it yeah so I'll call but it sometimes I'll decide it like 8 10 I'll call Gotham and I'll go is it okay if I come in and they'll say yes it's better if you come in at 8:40 or nine ten just so that I don't screw anyone yeah and then you know but like a Gotham Seinfeld always goes there too so it's like I'm like I got to get there before Jerry well that's the beautiful thing about a big city like New York particularly about New York there's so many different options in Los Angeles we really only have

► 00:36:57

Comedy Store The Improv the Laugh Factory and then the there's a few on the outskirts but New York City has so many more options it's amazing

► 00:37:07

the transformation The Comedy Store has gone through yeah like it is the I would say it's probably one of the most important clubs in the country Beyond a doubt maybe I'm thinking it's like up there right as like the Surefire thing if you're an audience member you go to the store you're going to see a great show but like 15 years ago I don't know if that was the case no no it wasn't the case in 2008 yeah yeah it was it was pretty doubtful wow who is responsible because that that comes down to management that has a lot to do with it it also the internet a lot of us talking about how great The Comedy Store is also getting rid of the old management firing them right they found the old guy was running the place with stealing money and they fired him if there's how many is a piece of shit anyway there's so many stories where it's like and then it was revealed they were stealing you're like yeah yeah they did a sting operation caught him stealing money oh yeah I was

► 00:38:07

bad guy but just running the place poorly to yeah and he was a reason why I was in there for seven years yeah yeah so I came back and you know all the talking about the store with comics on podcast to get people so excited about it and then you'd look at the lineup like on a Tuesday night it's just a murderer's row and also those rooms are great with the layout of the rooms are like great for performing yeah they're not kind of like this you know like I love Zanies in Chicago but it's like it's not like the stage is 3 feet higher than the audience is it's almost perfectly designed and laid out yes yeah yeah you don't want to be above like the store like the original room is probably the best room in the world to figure out if you drugs or any good yeah because if if you have any weird Fad in your material or just extra words or fakeness or it just gets exposed in that room yeah I love I love going to different places and I call it purifying a joke he doing spots and anywhere now I'm

► 00:39:07

probably not come on now I'm an old man get the fuck out of here your entire going there yeah come on maybe I'll go I'm up at 9:30 all right I'll go I'll go if you want me to talk about go I'm gonna go bump you I'll call in for you I'll make you bump me yeah I mean it's just I've been doing this all this promotion for this Amazon Prime thing there's so many shows like their shows at him like and I've heard of them but I'm like how many like it's getting to the point where people like we're doing individual shows for just one person like I feel like I'm like I'll do these shows and I'll be like all right you know and I don't want to name but but you're like I think like I'll look at my publicist I'm like it's their people that listen as he's like yeah a million people on my really there's so many people Jim that's what it is it's just that used to be the

► 00:40:05

there but like it's strange to do a show have a great time you know you really kind of engage in conversation and it drops and no one says anything on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook well there's if you really stop and think about how many television shows are in terms of like shows you can binge-watch it's impossible you would literally lose your entire day every day of the week just trying to keep up with the hits there's no way it's impossible and then you have how many people have talk shows how many men is James Corden and is The Tonight Show and there's Colbert when did you decide to not because you used to do those shows yeah was there was it's a time management thing it's a time management thing and it's also I don't believe that they have a good format I think that format is nonsense I think the format of waiting for commercials and the audience being right there and playing to the audience it's not it's not an effective way to have a conversation it's definitely not an

► 00:41:04

active way to express ideas that are complicated you want to be able to like are them out and long-form way and you can't do that on those shows you just can't it's Yen it's out and if anything weird or controversial comes up you stick your foot in your mouth you never have a chance to take it out nobody really gets a chance to see how your mind really works like what what are you thinking what what what where is your head at how do you come to these conclusions what's your thought process who are you as a person are you a good person are you trying to do good you flawed are you what are you and you find that out in a long form conversations like when I had Bernie Sanders on one of the things that people said was most interesting is like Skies not a cartoon he's a really nice guy I see him on these shows and he seems like this fucking cartoonish character but now you see him here in his long-form conversation word is no interruptions at all he's just has a chance to think and talk and express himself and you go oh now I know the real Bernie because I never knew him and he's goddamn debates me

► 00:42:04

aiming for 12 seconds about health care about taxes or whatever it is

► 00:42:10

it's fascinating like all right here let me let me ask you this okay Nick because dumb give me one of them let me try the how beautiful they're delicious I go Richmond a flame and you used to you used to do the true right I used to dip and then I used to smoke cigarettes like there's my wife has thank you videos like you know we have all these old videos of us doing stand-up and she was transferring them to like DVDs at the time now we're gonna have to get them off the DVD and she would find these videos of me doing stand-up smoking on stage whoa back in the day son and she was like what are you doing and I'm like yeah it's the smoke I used to you know I had yellow fingers cigarettes before I go on stage even recently I smoked one is to propel cigarettes last weekend it gives you a crazy head Rush before you go on stage I like it

► 00:43:03

it's my I want to smoke cigarettes sorry for this smacking in the yeah microphone folks it's a terrible thing to smoke cigarettes but there's a weird Rush that you get from from the nicotine I was like it's a Head Rush it's like you feel good yeah fires in your brilliant you feel it the first couple times and then you're chasing it for the rest of your life well the only mobile money into a garbage can once a week these smoke a cigarette once we for you on a date that's a real that's hey kids out there just listen just listen Uncle Joe just smoke one cigarette a week and it'll be fun well I'm thinking maybe your nicotine gum might be the substitute for that because what I'm getting is the nicotine right I mean that's what the rush great modulus start smoking cigars before I go on stage

► 00:43:49

I am either the the nicotine gum it used to curb my Hunger I used to curb nothing does nothing nothing at all curse it it's like but we're talking about this outside I'm like there are times when I've been more in shape than others but I feel like at this point I'm like you know what maybe I'll just go it all in and fat guy I might just be like you know what I'm just I'm just going to go all in you know like you know I'll just you know I'll take the place of Pinette you know just do that here I mean you you seemed thinner though than I've seen you before I'm not I'm not I'm not at all but it's just I have low T I don't know what that even means like I see those commercials testosterone yeah do you take testosterone I take testosterone you seem like you drink it every morning and whoever like but like I feel like I just need like energy yeah that'll give you energy your body is dying and it is dying your endocrine system no longer

► 00:44:49

produces the hormones you lost me then a line I mean that there's this is when you see an older person when they have diminished muscle and their masses like shrinking that's what's going on their body doesn't produce the hormones in order to keep the mask on so what you have to do is two things one you have to lift weights that's one thing and to you have to supplement your hormones too hard to know I but yet some of it is I'm so focused on eating on I sometimes listen to my set while I work out it's like when you work out you have to focus on working out yeah but that's a good thing to do I do that when I'm on the elliptical sometimes yes--and to listen to Comedy I think listening to sets is one thing that not enough Comics do they record their sets but they don't listen to them because it's gross and you feel it's annoying you don't want to hear it but it's way the way you learn and I feel like I mean I don't know I would like to know what you how you feel about this but I feel like the amount of time that you spend concentrating on your material has a direct result and how

► 00:45:49

it is and how good it gets quick especially when you're producing special so you abandon all your material you have to write new stuff for me the process is greatly accelerated by physically writing physically writing is very important I devote a lot of time to sit in front of a computer staring at it smoking pot writing things out looking at notes writing things out yeah performing those are critical but also listening listening to those recordings and then writing notes on the recordings yeah for me the process is it shifts all the time right so there's sometimes you just give birth to a chunk it'll bring it just comes out and you're like oh my gosh thank God and sometimes it's just like your chiseling away at Granite and it's just bit by bit underneath but for me it's doing these longer sets like doing an hour and 10 minutes I will and it's a shift from before it used to be like I needed the sits Assets in the city to like build piece by piece

► 00:46:49

but now I'm kind of all talk about like something that happened when I was a kid and then I'll polish it over a long period because in an hour show it's you know I believe you have to do a material every time you do a theater and it has to be new because you want people leaving going I'm coming back when he comes back yeah and so but the writing process it's always moving for me sometimes it is it's a lot of times like something will bump me and I'll write it down on my phone and then sometimes I'll write around it or I will just go on stage and talk a little bit about it are you when you are doing sets in the city are you ever doing long sets like an hour not usually because it's I mean my when I'm in New York you know having five kids it's just just the commitment for like I'm looking at September and I'm like oh my gosh like the the

► 00:47:49

nights alone oh you are gonna be insane and there's going to be you know you know my daughter's and soccer and there's going to be all these meetings and there's just innumerable things so like Emily's school assemblies you know like chatting with the principal who talks about it their philosophy and so like there's there's a commitment but like doing the our I don't really usually do it in New York but what I do do is I will I like to do I don't know what they're called now but all chose in Brooklyn which is it'll kind of like I'll do material that would work in a comedy club but like in in Brooklyn in front of like a more I don't know how to describe canisters hipsters are more precious audience precious dear I mean where you know like when I go on stage in New York City in Manhattan I'm a white guy who's like family

► 00:48:50

when I go on stage in some of these rooms in Brooklyn I'm a white man you're I mean so it's a different experience and it's very important to see that because how I characterize things you know it's it's good to like be educated on like a you know all right maybe that does sound a little picky pull back right right and then I'll go on the road like I used to like a great example is I used to have back when USA I'm sure USA Today is still there but I said all this material that I developed in in Brooklyn about the USA Today how like it's just like a coloring book you don't mean and how it's just kind of like do you like news but also pictures of nose and it was just great and it would kill and Brooklyn and killing New York and then I would go on the road and people be like what the hell you talking about I like the USA Today that's what I get when I travel yeah I mean or it's got a great sports section so it's like there's so much value and

► 00:49:49

traveling around with material because you gain different perspectives oh sure the road is so critical for that yeah get a sense of how people especially when you doing clubs I found that the wrote when you're doing clubs you really get a sense of like the feel of a city whether it's Cleveland or call yes yeah I mean I love the fact even you know how you know doing a talking about you know I make a point of not doing too much material on having five kids but like I'll do like if I talk about having five kids in New York City in at a show in New York City people are like you're crazy and then if I talk about having five kids and Boston and I'm generalizing people in Boston might be like you're crazy I came from one of those families and if I do it in Utah people be like yeah we are crazy for having five kids so it is the same joke and it's the same point of view but it's tweaked a little bit and it's so fun kind of traveling around

► 00:50:49

and learning that material and learning the impact and how it's digested well Comics have a unique perspective on America because of that because we don't just go to these different places but we also perform material in all these different places so I think like we've been talking a lot with Comics lately about like what was your reaction to Trump winning the election Comics saw it coming more than most people who live in LA because most people live in LA a very liberal very left-wing convinced that you know this is even it didn't matter who you voted for Hillary was going to win California no matter what like we were this was a pro yeah Democrat State and when Trump won I ran into people that were shell-shocked they couldn't fucking imagine I mean I think I mean I was surprised when he's done I was definitely surprised but that being said I wasn't surprised by the the logic behind

► 00:51:49

some of the people that voted for Trump last time that are sheepish to admit it now yes I understood some of that logic but I thought it was fascinating because there was a time for me because I tour with Ted Alexandro lot and he's like an octet he's like he's like an Occupy Wall Street guy like he's like very Progressive and we would tour and he would have during the election he would have some material on Hillary and some material on Trump and it worked every worked on Texas worked in Tennessee which I think is the most conservative place outside of Nashville and and so it work everywhere and then the election happened and that same material and it wasn't just the context of the at post-election it was like I described it as people looking at the ceiling is that people didn't want to hear it and I think some of it is people like we deal

► 00:52:49

it's all day we need a break from it but it was both sides yeah so like Trump voters were more emboldened kind of like that's right and then also the left people were like please can I I just want to hear Jim talked about horses for 10 minutes dear Army and so there is something fascinating that occurs and there's also something fascinating about International shows because when Bush was when w was President there were much more people coming up to me going how dare he you know start the Iraq War and with with Trump they're like yeah you probably didn't have anything to do with that yeah I would say that's my takeaway yeah it's people are definitely fatigued I think we have finally we have political discourse fatigue it's never ending never ending and is if it's how much of you is your life if you really stop and think about if you're alive for 75 85 years

► 00:53:49

this planet and most of your waking time interacting with people is discussing politics how much of it actually does affect your life other than those conversations those conversations it's a giant part of a lot of people's anxiety giant part of the Ark but the real life like getting up in the morning fixing breakfast for your kids taking them just how much is fucking Trump play a part in any of that we did I did a CBS Sunday commentary on how all conversations lead to Trump like it's just every conversation eventually gets to and then Trump did something like that but it is I was also thinking like because we we live in this very precarious time and you know a very divided country on a lot of different levels and there's so much drama and there's you know you know environmental disaster and pending and and again to my point of like the we

► 00:54:49

finally figured it out this is the most dramatic period but compared to World War II know this is nothing nothing this is nothing I was in Central Europe what like human beings like we you know you know and we're going around this terezin this place outside of Prague where they stuck all the Jewish people and with my children and my children who like just want to play on iPads were just mesmerized the like what and and the takeaway was not oh the Germans are bad and Nazis are bad the takeaway is oh humans are crazy like it's just a matter of months that these same people that were your neighbors that you would go to their kids birthday parties you were waving goodbye to because you got their apartment and I'm like oh like it was terrifying like human beings it's very easy for us to go yeah it was the Germans it was

► 00:55:49

Germans that did that you know is lithuanians did but it wasn't it was human beings that were like manipulated like that yeah if we catch the wrong leader yeah we're right next to you that's that is a World War II helmet that's a legitimate World War II helmet and a bayonet wow that it's a good reminder it's filled with little holes and shit there's apparently places in Europe where you can find thousands of those things just scattered out there the others are areas in France that are impossible for people to go to because there's so many rounds that have been shot into the ground there and so much toxic chemicals and stuff from World War Two that to this day they don't want people traveling to I mean it's an enormous size the size of Paris it's in Fraley yeah see if you can find that that's amazing like there's a list today from the 40s so like when I was in Prague and you know you go on these tours and

► 00:56:46

the punishment like they would just be like and this I also learned this in Greece they'd be like they'd be like okay so as punishment we are going to murder an entire Village so we're going in your like what and by the way again we can characterize this this because on the internet of one's going to Gaffigan was defending Nazis that's not my point at all is just that human beings like it wasn't that long ago when like rape and pillage was the go-to tactic it's like I will conquer than will rape and kill it you know there were some guys really you know what can I just pillage I just you know I got a girlfriend now and I don't really feel like raping but we were talking about Kyrgyzstan the other day that to this day twenty percent of all marriages begin in kidnapping what yes 20% so one out of five marriages started with the groom kidnapping the bride like that's how they had to get married because he

► 00:57:46

raped her

► 00:57:48

so in order for her with Rome anymore it's fun it's unbelievable it's fucking crazy here it is the red zone in France is so dangerous that a hundred years after World War II it's still a no-go area there's all sorts of rounds and Munitions and and there's all sorts of I mean there's so many Rockets were fired into this area that this shit is still in the soil and everyone why are you know this also brings up a separate Point why why is this surprise like what humans also have a really real short-term memory problem like we don't remember things right like I don't think people really appreciate you know that World War II was like 70 years ago right like it was not that long ago right like even though you know like Serbia I was in Dubrovnik and they're like yeah up there the montenegrins used to shoot at us those guys you know now we go to their bar and you're like what like

► 00:58:48

was the 90s yeah it's just it's just terrifying it's hard to believe but if you're in the wrong place in history at the wrong time like right now if you're in Libya Libya right now or Syria yeah well Libya is a failed state in Syria is horrible you Assad running it but Libya is no one running it Libya they're selling slaves on YouTube I mean you can watch slave auctions in real time right now it's a terrifying terrifying place and it's because they killed moammar Qaddafi and then the rebels took over and then it became a failed failed State it's chaos and this is right now in 2019 if you were unfortunate enough to be born in Libya you are stuck there right now and you're living and hell you're not living in Manhattan in 2019 where it's wonderful with Jim Gaffigan can hop on over to God yeah yeah say hi to Jerry Seinfeld do a sound have a meatball sub and you know do whatever the fuck you want know you're living in a chaos filled environment where barbarians are running

► 00:59:48

the show this can happen this can happen and this is one of the reasons why our democracy is so important so one of the reasons why compassion is so important and kindness and talking to people and it's also important to look at things objectively and labeled Things based on compassion and looking at things in an intelligent non-biased way so you can really get a sense of what the landscape really is if you're you know if you're everybody's a fucking Nazi and everybody's terrible White Privilege is White Privilege that everyone's a criminal everyone's bad no no there's real crime in the world there's real terror and real awful things we have more Unity we have more in common than we promote you know what I think is and I think this is also a reflection of the success of comedians podcast

► 01:00:35

is that what people don't realize is that comedians really appreciate a different point of view we actually like we have friends that like we don't agree with in fact we almost find it entertaining like let's talk to this friend because I know I disagree with him and we can have that banter and I think that particularly in this cancel culture there is and so like you get these comedians like you hosting these podcasts having these discussions and and comedians have kind of like the boldness to step in it and say hey I don't know about that tell me about that whereas likes from a societal basis there's like dumb question don't question why we're pursuing this because if you question it that means you're not a True Believer and we're looking for True Believers whereas and by the way it's it's just interesting because

► 01:01:35

I think you know I have a friend Tom shallow who I love who's who has a show on on Fox Nation and it is weird because like six years ago and I did this interview and I talked about it and and I could see the interviewer go you're friends with someone that works at Fox and I'm like

► 01:01:57

yeah you know it's like it's okay yeah it's okay he's not a Monster yeah he's not killing you know he's not putting children in cages I'm good friends with Steve Hilton he has a show on Fox he interviewed Trump by my family and his family go on vacations together and this guy it's like why like it's it's it's this strange thing where I'm like I can understand how important these beliefs are and I can understand how threatening democracy is and I can understand how we have to face our history and and all these things but it's like the discourse has to remain doesn't it yes we have to be able to talk to each other and I think that's one of the things that kind of died with the Trump election people were like you're with us or against us you were the for him or you or your future for the future and compassion and caring about everyone or

► 01:02:57

monster and there's no there's no discussion about finances or the best way to run the economy or International Trade no no you are you're with the good or the bad your binary it's 1 or 0 you're black or white your wondered zero and it that is the same thing that they criticized about W mmm saying you're either with us or against yeah which by the way being a father of daughters you know is also a line from Beauty and the Beast yeah correct it is appropriately so right it's like very childlike like that that perspectives very childlike there's a lot of people that are conservative that are very good people absolutely that's you know here's another thing that I find very frustrating I feel as though I'm sometimes and sometimes I'll get messages on social media and they'll be like you know that some of the people that like your comedy are Trump supporters

► 01:03:57

and I'm like I hope so I hope that I appeal to a lot of different people you know I it's a very strange like I remember the success I had and I'm so grateful for the success that I've had on Beyond The Pale I remember it like I came back to New York after I had done this to warn you don't know with stand up you don't know how long it's going to last you don't know what's going on and I came back and I remember someone reading an article maybe was in time out New York and they're like he's very mainstream mainstream and and there was recently A New York Times article he is very conventional and I'm like what is that do you mean like conventional in that people want to go and see me perform like a lot of people like that's like that's a crime yeah like that's he's you know you know it's like it's so we live in this age like there used to be Comedians and I think it's inhibited

► 01:04:57

some people's success we're like if it's like Bill Burr one of the best comedians today and I think people are sometimes people in the media are like you know the wrong people might like his material near like that does it Durham saying yes I do you mean paranoid but I'm like no I get that from this podcast it's a very strange it's almost kind of a you know and I don't know if I've talked about this but like you know like there's this cultural revolution that is occurring that is it's well intended but it's almost it's almost puritanical and and by the way I'm not somebody I'm against any form of censorship but I'm also somebody that believes that if we can articulate transgender terms that make people that are transgender feel comfortable there's nothing wrong with that we can adjust our language we do it all the time

► 01:05:57

but I do think that there is kind of this almost puritanical thing that's ironically happening on the left that is what we you know as comedians we used to make fun of the right for does that make sense yes very strange kind of like what you guys are doing what you accuse these guys have doing forever they don't see it that way because they feel like they're right and if you're right then it doesn't matter if you're a well-intended yeah I do think it's well into I don't question someone's motives like I don't think that like I remember and I'm gonna get blowback on this look I don't think that w-what had malicious intent I think he was well intended you know he failed at things but I think he was well intended I think that's probably a logical perspective when I think Dick Cheney's probably Satan you think so I think Dick Cheney was running Straight From Hell that's why I had that bunker deep deep down under the I think that bunker existed he was right wasn't like he was like it

► 01:06:57

that like he was like yeah I need a bunker you had a straight shot straight to hell that's what it was it was an Elvis down there that's how is he did that's why it was so warm that's what he would remember when he was in the bunker after 9/11 there was a Dick Cheney's in a bunker how come George Bush is playing golf W is out there will be a Target on his forehead he was in DC and there was a separation of powers I don't know and then we all saw they Adam McKay movie you're like how much is that true I know right how much is that true imagine the power to because Dick Cheney

► 01:07:32

look II you know I also doubt everything I always quote you know like everything I hear about I'm kind of like cut it in half which makes me kind of still think Trump is absolutely crazy but but like you know Dick Cheney is there like is he is and I don't think he cares but like there's no like the narrative has been set for him yeah there's no kind of like you're not going to believe this but Dick Cheney is like one of the funniest story tellers like you that's there's nothing there's no changing The Narrative of Jamie Wright like George W is painting he does a lot of painting it's good he's painting his kind of lovely it's like it's cute sweet stuff it's like get shows you where his mind is that this is where he chooses to spend his time Katrina he didn't go there right away well he hates my people according to Kanye West right but Dick Cheney is a completely different animal like

► 01:08:32

shot his friend in the face and his friend apologized yeah but he didn't do it he obviously didn't do it on purpose probably drunk and then he disappeared for 24 hours do you know that he didn't immediately turn himself in they waited twenty yeah it was most likely drinking they were doing what's called a can't hunt with a open up these Gates they let these birds fly out and they just start blasting them and he shot his friend but it was it could have been a mistake it was a mistake but he probably cant I'm known as The Dick Cheney apologize nice so explain this Halliburton so he was a CEO of Halliburton he leaves Halliburton and he becomes a vice president and then he gives Halliburton these no-bid contracts to rebuild Iraq after they blew it up so explain that as a apologist you know I would say one no-bid contracts happen often that's what I've heard how can you choose another one of those my heart is pounding out of my chest because I'm a real man I'm more manly than you you know like

► 01:09:32

me those you chop a real type a I'm a real like I get up I do what are those bells that you kind of cycle Bells kettlebells I you know what I eat a bowl of us for cereal rice when your man like me that's what I do I put CBD oil on my knees and then I just lift lift bulldozers that's what I feel for breakfast then I jog up mountains and just yell and then I just come home and I just eat elk meat but you know unlike you I don't cook it I just eat the elk when I don't know sometimes it's better to cook till you get what is elk meat tastes like once I'm really wishing around here to give me some not really you don't care I've had a kitchen here if I had a kid in here and I cook some would you eat some I'm supposed rat this compound you have this huge place you got a horse track in the back you don't have a kitchen here I'm going to open up a kitchen here seriously I'm actually I'm going to I'm thinking about putting together a restaurant so the friends can help anything what makes you maybe have talked about this and I haven't heard the episode but elk meat is that good or is

► 01:10:32

fantastic yeah it's a wild animal why does it taste like dear you're like been a deer well Venice and you're like oh this is good you know if I have really strong mustard and I'm not hungry no man it's just prepared poorly this is delicious it's all of it is how the meat is taken care of after the animal dies whether it's cooled quickly and how its processed that's all it is how it's cleaned how it's cut up how to vacuum sealed and Frozen almost immediately after the animal dies how you don't let in the glands like they have tarsal glands that they can get they have hormones like a lot of times when you're shooting these animals it's during the rut so they're they're breeding and this is why this is when they they get these hormones and these tarsal glands they put the any why don't women on them or Alec why don't we eat more out because it's a wild animal it's an illegal animal to sell you have to go out and hunt them yeah but why doesn't someone just starting out Farm because it's an arc we look down on those well there's a lot of there's a lot of factors are first of all you

► 01:11:32

bye L meet Lobby yeah no no you can buy it from zoos New Zealand New Zealand sells a lot of it and I think there's some places where you can buy commercially raised elk in North America I'm not exactly sure if that's the case but it's illegal to sell Wild game and there's a difference between an animal that's been penned in and force-fed and just you know big bales of hay and whatever how you or a wild and this paper yeah I'm interested in wild animals because I think wild animals are healthier also I think the karma of what you're doing is very different you're just going after a wild animal that's in the Rut and they wind up killing each other they get killed by mountain lions and wolves and bears and what I'm doing is I'm dipping my toe into the natural world and I'm circle of life I'm going after them the way I mount line will go after them she's using a bow and arrow and I'm getting them to bring in the back and then I eat that one animal a hope for a whole year I'll feed my family you know Tom Papa yeah Tom Papa is a giant kitchen ready

► 01:12:32

that's it with bread out of yeah it's like you wouldn't pop it like at your restaurant you have to have Papa to the pressure yeah he'll be the bread man yeah and especially good for fun pets and kids sell the weed and then anybody can sell the weed today right I guess anyone could today yeah but but like you love elk you wake up and you're like you know what I want out I had to do you want to make a breakfast well who doesn't have help for breakfast do you have the auxiliary I had sausage yeah sausage breakfast and do you make your own elk sausage no I get that made I get it made by a butcher that I know and so do you think that when I come back because I do this podcast every six years do you think when I come back to it as well as often as you want oh thank you you just didn't have the right phone numbers do you think that we will that what is the what is the do you think that elk is the new kale that you are going to that we're going to track it back to hard to do

► 01:13:30

did you go out and get it yourself is very difficult you have to be like really committed to learning how to hunt and then to be fit enough to climb the mountains and then what are you T bracket back you have to carry it out in chunks yeah chop it up and then you carried out chunks of quarter it meaning you take the legs off and you take the back straps you know that there's like grocery stores friend is not the serve elk and there's a different experience while you're saying is why wouldn't someone listening to this start an elk Ranch and said of think the legal it's not like no it's not legal to sell Wild game and there's a reason for that it's and also when you have these Farms there are farms at Ray's deer and some other animals there's a real problem with chronic wasting disease and certain diseases that get easily spread when all these animals are eating off of the same food source so if they have like a bin where they're all eating out of and they share saliva actually contributes to the contamination of certain diseases and there's a real problem in this country with something called CWD which is chronic wasting disease

► 01:14:30

it's and wow it's the same exact thing of is mad cow disease it's just hasn't jumped over to other animals jumped over to mice but it hasn't jumped over to humans but if it did jump over to humans it would be a gigantic fucking problem and part of that problem they believe stems from Farms from farms that are raising dear it's very controversial real and there's people that oppose the world where do you go to hunt elk because we're maybe they want a tie between different from where I hunt elk I go to Utah every year go to Colorado is a great place to hunt elk Montana is a great place to live great elk hunting area just gotta go into the you joke what you should come with me Freddie yeah so you can take out an eye unlike you I wouldn't quarter it I just drag it back throw his arms back enough and I'd put some kettle bells on stick your dick in then you kiss carried out like a condom you just sit as so they're big animals yeah like if they if you mess with a charge you elk most of the time won't do that but ammu certainly would move

► 01:15:30

boosters Mastiff fuck you up that's a joke right there there you go yeah I shot that one in central California and so how do you get that on an airplane well you have to quarter it up chop it up into portions freeze it and then stick it in like a Yeti cooler and then I'll seal the Yeti cooler and you have to bring it through customs and then they have to they have to look at it not Customs but TSA they have to open it up and check it inspect it and make sure it's frozen human yes not a human yeah and then they wouldn't really wouldn't know if it wasn't human as long as your package that you could say it's wild pig idea holla and so what is that thing there that is for my friend Adam green tree that is an Asiatic Water Buffalo that he shot in Australia yeah he's a buddy of mine to give to me so I decided to put it and so how many how many elk have you shot like you you really go every year to a year to eat it yeah yeah about now I can eat one in about

► 01:16:30

Smart's my family eats a lot of it I give a lot of it to my friends and do do people it's like they are your daughters like elq again sometimes yes get annoyed we a lot of meat and a lot of elq's do and it's healthier than beef oh yeah but why is it healthier it's got more protein per ounce it's got more amino acids it's a darker richer color like if you look at grass-fed beef versus grain-fed beef one thing you notice is the grass fed beef is a darker color the meat Siddharth cars because the healthier animal that's what you that's what beef supposed to look like what don't you eat I eat a lot of things to eat fast food occasionally yeah occasionally but I'm not I'm not rigid like I'll eat In-N-Out Burger I love her yeah I'm not that rigid like what you write out a lot in Out Burger are you imagining that it's an elk burger no no I'm just enjoying it do you consider yourself an elk Meek elk meat Advocate yes you are human elk become you want to convert

► 01:17:30

no no why not buy a ranch no no no I don't want people to buy it like that I think this I'm not even saying that you should go out and Hunt I'm not saying that people should do it but I'm saying is if you did do it you'd have a completely different relationship with your food when I'm eating something there's like a real good feeling that I know that I harvested that thing I was out in the woods I chased it for days I was trying to like get the wind right so that might the wind is on it my back blowing towards the animal I got a sneak up on it slowly I have to figure my way to where I can get a clean shot on this animal then once I kill it then we have to drag it out of there we have to cut it up and tear it down and we aim for the head or do you aim for the heart for the heart but if you have a high powered rifle there's a lot of people that are chefs that shoot him in the head there's they think that it's quicker like you did they die quicker they taste better but they taste delicious I don't I don't really think there's any need for that if there's a there's an idea that if the animal has too much adrenaline in it like it

► 01:18:30

spooked there it will taint the flavor of the meat but what is the universal I hijacked you're not worried but what is the you know what is the unifying thing that comedians UFC fighters and Hunters all have in common it's difficult we're doing difficult things that if the unifying thing yeah this is a difficult Pursuit samedi Point yeah it's comedy is an extremely difficult Pursuit the idea of taking an idea crafting it and then Distributing unit performing it in front of people who paid money to hear you talk when they can talk to yeah payment you're not you're not doing there's an audacity yeah you know doing flips you don't have a fucking multimedia show there's no pyrotechnics but you're just talking and people pay money get a babysitter draw and you got to make sure it's right man because they'll get fucking angry at you yep the is there's a direct correlation between how happy people are when you make them laugh versus how angry they are if you don't make the

► 01:19:30

by the way I believe that you know people talk and my tickets are are not high or anything but I think people care more about their time yeah and they do about the money yes it's like because if you're a parent you're like I got this is my one night yeah better be good yes yeah it's like it's like what about go to a restaurant and you're like really this is my entree yeah yeah I mean granted I eat out every night but but what are used to be healthy when I used to be healthy and I'd have that burger like once a month you'd be like this is my burger oh yeah and it's Bassett Eber now I have like two burgers a day yeah and it's like I'm always happy well that's good it's good but the thing they have in common is that they're all difficult things ownership martial arts are incredibly difficulty there's no bullshit martial arts either hit someone you don't either hit you or they don't you either win or you don't it's like it's really cut and dry and it's just a matter of how much effort you put into it how much you learn your craft

► 01:20:30

how much you've recognized your weaknesses and short up your holes in your defense and your offense and then you execute when you have two which is means like when it's time for a fight you perform you rise to the occasion or you don't very similar to going on stage not with the same consequences but very similar in terms of like rising to the occasion if I think I'm saying you have to be you have to like stand up you have to be doing it like it's not you know Eddie Murphy is amazing but the reason he didn't just pop back into doing stand-up is he understands I took it like like I'm friends with him but he understands you have to do it yes often to be I mean that's by the way Chris Rock amazing that he literally took like 10 years off and then got back into the ritual and the because it's a commitment yeah there's nothing really that fancy about it but like when it comes to UFC and you have to you can't just pick it up right but hunting you

► 01:21:30

and pick it up right well or know you can pick up some kinds of hunting right like you could pick up rifle hunting for certain animals all you have to do is understand how to keep your breath under control how to not flinch when you pull a trigger how to aim how to use a weapon properly and have someone who puts you in a good position where you know you have a guide maybe that helps to bring you along bow hunting is another level of commitment that requires athleticism you're most likely going to have to be in really good shape because you're going to have to go into the mountains and just the altitude alone and then going climbing up hills you going up several up and down several thousand feet of elevation in a day and there are two grocery stores there's groceries are no grocery stores and serve wild up and shot yourself fascinating fast I think because sometimes I'll look at you know the the community of comedians which I truly enjoy Arie and you obviously do too

► 01:22:30

it's like you'll sometimes run into other communities that because there is this solitary nature to it and then there's this shared Obsession like I sometimes feel like chefs or people that you know just even cooks that really get true enjoyment out of it are have that shared kind of you know like the prep time the kind of you're doing it for yourself like you know a chef will come to the table and say do you like your meal but they don't need someone to approve it they know so it's like with stand up it's it's the respect of your peers to it's like it's great it's gratifying the audience liking it but there's something about the creation of the material that is so profoundly approving and the also the feedback that you get from an audience that is separate from

► 01:23:30

like the supposed fake dare you put an alarm I know what are you trying to do that's that's that means it's time to eat help yeah no I mean I think many communities that are like important communities have are important to the people involved they have they share a lot of common aspects whether it's comedians or mean I think anything that's difficult right if there's not like is when you think about comedians there's not that many of us if you really stop to think about there's 300 million people in this country how many professional comedians is there even a thousand I mean how many people are really making a living off of just doing stand-up I mean I would venture the by be about 250 which is amazing because by the way when I started and and you're around the same period it was there was like nobody there was none by the way and Seinfeld's era there was even less no but Lenny Bruce's era there was like him and more

► 01:24:30

all like one other guy yeah insane insane insane but those others like professors mmm yes and up that's ridiculous they're all ridiculous I interviewed one guy wrote a book on Comedy and well that's ridiculous idea generally I think that

► 01:24:50

I think that stand up when people it's like when we try and figure out why a joke works so that we can figure out how to do another one we lose it like there is some magic there's some magic not to get too there is something of like there's a moment you know like sometimes singer-songwriters talk about this that like a song just appears mmm and some of it is we put in the time and we put in the work on ourselves and kind of like self-reflection and were open to understanding who our point of view is and we're embracing our embarrassment that kind of opens us to material yeah then there's also the more you do it in the more frequently you do it the more you kind of have a feel for it and when you take time off that's what it's really weird like for me I went on vacation recently to Italy and then I went back on stage after like 12 days like what do I know how to do this weird feeling it's a weird yeah you got to be immersed in it

► 01:25:50

all the time yeah but I also think it's great to take those little vacation oh you get a great perspective yeah yeah it's like suddenly you come back and you find the the piece to the puzzle yeah good work you need like a little breaks but I think that's the case with virtually everything that we all need perspective and you need discipline and you need this the work ethic to do all the put all the time in and do all the work but you also need to think clearly and you need an enthusiasm and sometimes that like it's intelligent and it's discipline to take a break yeah it is it's I find it hard I mean I also like I'm somebody like I always arrive in a market with an hour of new material but and I have there's plenty of people that they do a special and then they take a break and they hang out and they might kind of slowly develop more

► 01:26:50

tiro and to me that is

► 01:26:53

I don't know if that's yeah I'm on both sides of it I understand the value of it but I also there's I don't I don't have control of when the stuff is going to come out so I kind of want I want to be paying attention when the material comes out because sometimes you know the comedians all have this it's like you had a great idea but you didn't reach over for your phone when you were falling asleep yeah gone gone yeah ever that's I jump up I'll put a plug my ears and run out of the room if my wife and kids are talking if I have like yeah I used to not ice not but I got an idea but my wife is awesome about it like she I just got have an idea and I just have to say it to her so she doesn't think I'm just playing with my phone while we're at dinner I just go I got an idea yeah she'll let me show you do that but you have to do that if you don't do that those things slip away the like a salmon in a river like grab it grab it that's right and it's gone the bear we are the bear and then the elk is watching and then Joe shoots

► 01:27:52

calc what is an elk sound like like that but it just seemed like 500 pounds and what do they eat just are they vegetarian yes yeah they're vegetarians and what about a bear if you ever shot a bear yes you've been to brown bear no black bear they're very good they taste good and you have to shoot them otherwise they eat everything they eat each other they eat all the elk babies they eat all the dear babies 50% of all elk and deer fawns are or elk calves and deer fawns are eaten by bears 50%

► 01:28:28

yeah they devastate populations but it's a balance of life you know I mean it's the circle of life yes but it's a balance it's like you have to there has to be some control Predators yeah it's so interesting so yeah it's a wild world and I've been involved in it since like 2012 that's when I really got in so when you were growing up you were did you hunt for your kid I did a lot of fishing yeah and where did you grow up well I was born in New Jersey but I lived a lot of places I lived in San Francisco for a while from age 7 to 11 I lived in Florida from 11 to 13 and then Boston from 13 to 24 then New York then I was it nature-nurture are you because of you because of life experience or were you born like this I think there's a little bit of both personal and also some of it is

► 01:29:17

you know you've been on this self you know I feel like you characterizing this is an insult but it's not but you are somebody who's like I'm going to self-improve myself yeah try to do that all the time mentally physically everything gang but I think you can always do better right and so how do you find out if you can do better what's that look mentality was that your mentality and your early 20s yeah they came from martial arts yeah because if you don't try to get better and you wind up getting fucked up like it's dangerous like you get hurt you know because I grew up from from high school from Thomas 15 till I was 21 all I did was travel the country and fight I competed well mr. Miyagi no he wasn't around back then that's that's really what I did that's all I did and so that the mentality had to be constantly looking to improve figure out what you're doing wrong figuring out how to do better and and being

► 01:30:17

really honest about your strengths and weaknesses wow yeah well be right back so weird transition from that in the stand-up comedy you know but I think there's some parallels this some parallels because bombing on stage is one of I've lost fights but bombing on stage might feel worse it might be the worst feeling you could ever feel other than like physical pain yeah you know there is something about it Cyrus think it's weird when people will say I could never do that and and in some ways I think comedians we forget because there are particularly at the beginning there are dark days there are levels of humiliation that most normal people would go don't ever do this but comedians are such lunatics that they're like that's fine that's fine and by the way what they don't realize is there's some of us that breakthrough and we can kind of figure it out but there are some people that

► 01:31:18

try stand-up fail miserably have the perseverance and never get better that's true it's brutal there's certain there's a certain mindset that never improves and I don't know what that is I don't know if it's a genetic thing if it's a lack of brain horsepower there's certain people that just never get it they never get it and they try and they don't and they just they never they never figure their way through and there is also something about I have a big belief that comedy changes just as we were talking about you know there's a difference between political correctness and like there is a cultural Trend that's almost kind of looking for someone making a mistake that it's shifted every I call it decades so like there is a in the 80s that you know at the peak of kind of Seinfeld

► 01:32:17

stand up which transformed into his show he didn't need to provide any autobiographical information it was just jokes and there was also and it was even Carlin at his Peak he wasn't he would provide some he was granted an authenticity but it wasn't like you know I struggle with whether I'm a good dad or not it was but in this day and age there is we're such an exhibitionist and voyeuristic culture that there is a requirement of that where I think that when I watch stand up and you know and by the way I also believe that when people go all my stories everything's true that's true it's like they're it's not true it's inspired by truth but but authenticity is so important so when you hear a comedian say my girl

► 01:33:17

friend or my father and it's not true like that could have worked in the 80s but I think now the authenticity is the audience's like oh that's a great joke but that's not your girlfriend or your dad or your brother or like Joan I'm saying yeah you have to maybe if you're like a real absurdist and like it's obvious you're lying about everything and the part of the joke oh yeah other than that yeah if you just make up a story and by the way I also think that in 10 years in might be all lies mmm but like now in this Kardashian kind of reality show era people want to see a little bit behind that you know I mean I think that whether it's Bert or Segura there's the stories that people Relish in their lives and seeing their lives and sharing the experience and and that's something that wasn't

► 01:34:17

necessarily prevalent or maybe I'm just talking out my ass no no I think you're right I mean I think we didn't really know much about Comics back in that day we just know about their event prior did this 40 years ago yeah but he was an anomaly he was he was you know

► 01:34:34

so unique and wouldn't it be amazing to see prior back then on a podcast like she prior and Gene Wilder sitting down just shooting the shit for hours of incredible unbelievable but it's it's I remember when I saw when I you know was deep into stand-up maybe like eight years and I still went and consumed prior stuff again after you know being in the business it was so shocking how much had been stolen from him like entire acts you like oh my God yeah you know that's in so-and-so special that's in you know every comedian that comes from a certain area does these jokes and it was like he was really revolutionary on so many different levels forget the the true gift of like being funny and autobiographical and kind of vulnerable like people don't realize that

► 01:35:34

when he did that show in Long Beach it's like any open for Patti LaBelle like and people were coming in at the beginning it's like yeah that's absurd but someone that was someone special remember when he's doing that special in Long Beach and there was a guy who walked upright to the stage with a camera it's like get the fuck out of here man go sit down and he left that in there I left it in there and and by the way people have to understand that that wasn't you know half those people were not they were there to see Patti LaBelle yeah like that's really amazing yeah like that's super Talent that's like you know like and I think Chappelle has that she probably has like just you know I don't know it's like almost like a level of Genius where he's almost kind of like I'm gonna set up a hurdle for myself yeah it's absurd well should have been awaiting also constantly working man like he just popped into the belly room two nights ago just showed up does the set in a belly rub

► 01:36:34

she doesn't set in the in the main room goes over to the Improv constantly happening around you know I've told this story before but it's a crazy one I was in Denver I was doing the Comedy Works and so Friday night at 10 o'clock show I get done I go into the Green Room Dave's there I go what are you doing man he goes oh what's up Joe I was just I decided to come by like he decided to come by meaning he flew into Denver on a private jet with no show set up because he knew that I was going to be there in want to do a set so he just does what he wants like you just shows that when I could you want to go up he goes oh should I go fuck out hold on a second I run back on stage I tell the audience I go come back sit down Dave Chappelle's year they like what so everybody comes back in and sits down and go ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Dave Chappelle he goes up in just 40 minutes just free just does it but he's just doing that all the time it's not all for money it's all for the craft it's all for the for performing working out the material just travels around

► 01:37:34

and does these things yeah and you know shows up feed us like 18 shows at the Warner like ever try half weeks just does this is always always on top of it you know and that is why it's not just his obvious talent and his Brilliance but also its work ethic all those things are fine it's there's not one without the other you don't just get the guy who take six months off and he's just brilliant always and you wake him up he's got the best set ever no it's like he's constantly grinding constantly yeah and I think with ours with this art form that we do it requires diligence it requires maintenance it is totally delicious yeah it is do you write on paper do you write on a laptop to I don't even have my stuff here but I'm always putting stuff down but like I you know some of its bit sad Nubs you know like these are notes from like Ireland I mean I love being in other cultures because I not only do you see

► 01:38:34

The Eccentric side of their culture but it also exposes how absurd our culture has yeah but yeah no it's some of it is just and also you know it's just

► 01:38:47

just absurd you know it's like also in another country as opposed to cities it's so different and I am an American so I can just kind of horse around for 10 minutes and sometimes I'm doing the equivalent of like the subway joke you know like when people come to New York and like I was on the subway and you're like don't do that but when I'm like in Spain I'm like you know what I'm probably doing the equivalent of a Subway truck but they appreciate the research and I really do I do I am fascinated by other cultures and I am fascinating you know in kind of observing different things and understanding the history it's kind of like I think that like visiting other countries is kind of similar to talking to like a really drunk angry guy like if you're talking to a drunk angry guy and you're like I understand you I understand that like for 400 years the English didn't

► 01:39:46

you make cheese like the the drunk angry guys like yeah thank you for understanding that you remain and that's you know they're not asking for it but it's fun so do you mostly just write down notes and then work those notes out on out on stage yeah some of it it's you know like I when I was in Ireland and I went to Donna Gaul which I love and I was Donnie girl it's a county in the Northwestern part of the Republic that should be part of Northern Ireland but it was so Catholic that the British were like you know if you guys can keep that one like its way up there and it's kind of relatively isolated so there's there's not American tourists it's really kind of just people that live there and I spend a week and then I did a show in Letterkenny and and I kind of was like picking on them but it was not you know not the

► 01:40:46

form but it was just you know because it's all Gail talk you know like they speak Gaelic that's so weird was that sound like it sounds nothing like English it's it's really weird because it's you know you does have some English sounds in it not really well they'll be an English word that they'll just I think they add a Sheen to the end of an English word like oh you have to go to the airport oisin and you're like what but I can barely under it's kind of like the Scottish I can barely understand when they're speaking English but I loved it Northern Ireland's very interesting in that regard I was in Northern I was in Belfast and listening to people that were drunk talk oh yeah you might as well been on another planet well by the way those the British Isles including the Republic of Ireland there is something so tribal they're like there's something really interesting as an American that you know we have this cute notion

► 01:41:46

like I'm Irish I think I drink too much whereas like the the Irish and the English and the Scottish in the Welsh there is something that is there it kind of comes out at 11 o'clock at night like you'll see a different side like I was at this I was at this house party in Donegal the next day I ran into the guy who goes and there was probably 10 adults there's like yeah Jim we would drink 29 glasses 21:9 bottles of wine I'm like what 20 a nun and I know that I may be drink one of them but and that I don't think all the adults drank you know by the way in Ireland not everyone drinks it's just the people that do drink really do it yeah so there's like I think someone told me that the percentage of you know Irish that drink is smaller than the rest of Europe but the percentage that do drink and I can't even

► 01:42:46

better was remember what I was going to say but it's just I could talk about Ireland forever because it's so fat oh the butt around 11 o'clock at night there's something that happens and this by the way this guy was not drunk but I was at this cocktail party this dinner party and the kids are everyone has five kids so there's like five kids there's 400 kids in the backyard and this guy's just railing into me he's like he's like you're you know the media is already decided that it's Kamala Harris how can you decide and I'm like wait a minute I'm like first of all what are you talking about and he just consumes he's doing all this research this guy you know but he's convinced he goes it's Kamala Harris the media Big Brother Big Brother's have decided it's Kamala Harris and I'm like wow and it's just fascinating but it's how do we know we don't know a fucking goddamn thing about their people the the some of it is and by the way people were kind of how do you know this and some of it

► 01:43:46

but I bring that up because there was behind it was this tribalism kind of like this you know and obviously the Irish are very different than the English but there was something about this that was you know you you see it a little bit you know with Southerners that are kind of like we're going to give you hell kind of thing but like and I see it you see it in England all the time like 11 o'clock you like what happened to like Hugh Grant you know it's just like a different world well once they abandoned all the the niceties you get to see who they really are yeah with a couple of pints in them to its super authentic but it's also like that culture and I know that you're the but like the whole like oh you know what would be fun is to go out and drink a bunch of pints and then we'll get in a fight like to me that sounds horrible

► 01:44:44

but you would like that wouldn't you know no I'm not interested in bar fights I think it's a terrible idea of how people die people get crippled but people do that all the time that's not Andy Dick gotten yeah conscious do you see that oh man yeah I just saw that video he got really fucked up I'll send it to you hope he's alright he's definitely not all right he's a frail little fella you gotta get out of here I do oh that's a car waiting for you I was wondering what I have a meeting what do you happen what's going on you're a fucking moving around a Shaker you're a player out here in Hollywood now I'm not at all but like I have this meeting of you know for a TV show it's a producer meeting but it is you will last quite a lot of that you do you do do what he is it hard for you to balance because I know you've done a lot of acting gigs but I know you love stand-up is it hard for you to finally the time balance it's different because I love stand-up I am a stand-up it's something that I'll have to do I'm sure it's the same with you it's like it you're gonna do it until you die yeah right I think what

► 01:45:44

like I can't believe Seinfeld went back to stand up I'm like of course he did he's a comedian but the acting is something that I love but I don't view it as an income Source you viewed as a live view it as it's it's something that and by the way you're a good actor thank you I love it I love playing a character I love playing a bad guy I love kind of seems fun justifying you know every actor wants to play Someone flawed but I love playing these people that you don't have any sense of Doubt why you're doing something in a scene like you like this is all I can do and afterwards I love the moment when you're at craft service and there's somebody that looks at you like the character they're like yeah I mean I usually I used to play it a lot of nerds so people would be like dismissive of me and I annoyed that I'm like look I'm not the character but I love it when I'm playing someone who's kind of doing something

► 01:46:44

people like why would you do that look I'm just playing a guy that would kidnap somebody I'm not going to kidnap you I enjoyed that kind of stuff but I just I do too many things as it is so I've kind of sworn off all acting really yeah I've been doing it a couple years ago what if it was the perfect role I mean it's highly inefficient but yeah I just think it's so fun like I sent you that link to the movie and I want you to watch it okay I think if you watch it you're going to go oh I get it oh I do get it I get it I just can't do it but it's like that was like bye I remember that was like three weeks and ever you know weekends I had shows it was really an efficient it was all night shoots it was utter insanity but you're happy with the result but that's one of those where it worked it was think also it's more experience in life in general that I think enhances your stand-up and I think it's difficult for us to look at it that way but I think the more different things you do the more different experiences that you have the more your perspective gets enhanced yeah and there's

► 01:47:44

there's moments that are almost parallel that you know obviously as a comedian we love the laughs and we love kind of creating changing someone's mood and similar to you know alleviating the tension and stand up and acting like sitting in that tension and just kind of twisting a knife and the audience it's kind of exhilarating and something unique that you only going to get an acting yes yeah Jim Gaffigan you're a bad motherfucker please tell everybody when your new special drops Friday this Friday I think Friday the oh my goodness what is today Wednesday yes you have two days folks today's today and but they can add it to their watch list but next time you go to Amazon to buy your paper towels your socks just check it out check it out bitches please thank you sir thank you bye pleasure thank you thanks for nicotine gum to now I'm addicted

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