#1280 - Michael Yo

Apr 9, 2019

Michael Yo is a stand up comedian. His new stand up special "Blasian" is available now on Amazon Prime.

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we're live your cheese figure out how much I think these are 270 milligrams of caffeine if you drank three of these Jamie that would kill you right there kill you know it wouldn't kill you fuck you I thought you walked in with three copies I was like goddamn Rogan you're gonna die like straight-up tie up to show one is for you and hopefully we won't need both wow I don't know I've tried both of them before a show which is like 500 plus milligrams I'm addicted to coffee though man I will just drink it when I'm I don't even need a high I'll just drink it I love the smell of it it's so good in the morning man it's the best and I love it with cream I love it black I love espresso I love it all see II got rid of drinking the whole coffee I'm now an expresso Drinker really two shots in the morning a double shot a double shot and then like couple hours later another day I'll do like eight double shots throughout the day because to me that's better than drinking one coffee yes but it's not it's not is that it's actually apparently espresso has less

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caffeine in it then coffee does even though it seems like it has a lot it doesn't but you have to drink more acidic acid like shit yeah he's like shit but it's definitely an acquired taste I enjoy it but it's one of the rare things I drink is that big and I'm holding my finger up like yeah two inches inches yeah it's that it's 2 inches and it'll take me 10 15 minutes drink it for an expresso yeah it should be like a slug why are you so slow I like it I like the Savory my mouth like a gentleman pinkies out pinkies is only one way to do it with these fat Neanderthal fingers because if you're holding that little tiny yeah well you can't get your whole hand in there like a man like a man drinking it expresso writes like a beer stein novel a rhino horn it's a tiny little thing you cannot look tough drinking an expert but I drink mine in like three seconds to you just pound and then I go to the gym well I do that too one time I drank five I have an espresso espresso maker and I put five caps

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in there and I filled a mug up with it like a coffee mug drank it and I ran four miles no was it as fucking animal through the hills like I was being chased by Wolves you're just Holly fuck am I chasing you I was like why did I drink so much so what is espresso at what does it say there Jeremy okay coffee brewed see but it all is all depends on the company because Starbucks is extremely caffeinated yeah see Starbucks is way up the chart look at it there Starbucks tall is like closing in on 200 and what it looks like about 270 somewhere the range of 270 milligrams of caffeine but that's a coffee that's not right expresso so coffee it would be better to go to Starbucks and get a tall coffee that there's an espresso see how low it is it's below a hundred yeah so that's why I'm drinking so many also when I drank five I guess I think I had five paid 500 milligrams which is basically less than drinking two of these things thank you Daddy

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caveman Nitros these are the shit yeah I live off these goddamn things are responsible for half my productivity basically I'm too chicken shit to go on Adderall so I just I just drink this stuff all day what is good move good move I there's nothing wrong with coffee man scared Adderall but people will admit they're alert they're addicted to coffee and everyone's like me too if you go dude I am so addicted to Adderall they're like okay Joe dude I'm not calling you are like the your you're gonna think I'm lame but till five years ago I didn't even know what Adderall it was good no I think you're smart like I didn't feel like all my friends in Houston they do it and I asked my friend like I text him and I go hey man what you got what's your a tea and he goes yeah we got Adderall I was like what are you talking know your address to go to your house like literally he thought I was talking about Adderall and then he splane to me like when you're in a club and you want to stay up and you want to stay like energize you take Adderall and I was like okay but I don't

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drink so I can stay up till 3:00 4:00 o'clock in the morning be fine what's fascinating about Adderall is what they've essentially done is taken an amphetamine and made it so that if you prescribe it for a condition right like they give it to people what add is one of them right whatever the fuck that means and it's very debatable whether or not you have it or don't have anybody here think I have it for sure if it's real it's real I have it but they give you Adderall which is fucking speed and because it's a medication that you give to somebody who has supposedly has a condition and by the way I'm not diagnosing you if you're out there you're getting frustrated with me right now just listen to me it's fucking speed maybe you need speed maybe you're that person that needs speed maybe you do need it legitimately as a medication but there's a fuckload of people that are just doing speed so by somebody giving you speed is supposed to slow you down so you won't have ADD that's the reason they say legit if you have the legit add

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look I have not doubting that some people have 100 bucks I have worse than I have yeah there's a spectrum right with everything but for some people when they take Adderall or similar type of substances it actually lets them focus and they can they can actually be on track so by speeding it up somehow it focuses at it I think I don't understand them it's I think the idea is that it's proof that their system is wired wrong which is why when you give them that speed they can send her out and mellow out my friends my friends a doctor and I was talking to him and I used to you know just pop by to say what's up and he goes hey man just to let you know the more you go to a doctor the faster you'll die and I'll go what yeah he's like I just wanted to let no yeah yeah he says the more you go to us you come to us the faster you'll die I was like what are you talkin about cuz a lot of doctors are crooked and they'll give you something for what you think you got and then after that wears off they have to give you something else so now you just keep filling yourself with stuff to fix the

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the thing that was wrong and he goes some some doctors are not good people and he goes to more people go to doctors to Fascinate that put it in point my mom be breast cancer twice right and my dad's never been to the doctor he's 75 years old never been to the doctor once because he's like well soon as you go to doctor they tell you something wrong you die you know literally yeah but if you have cancer you should go to a fucking well he didn't have cancer my mom did right but if he had cancer you should go to a fucking dog but I don't think he would go even if you had to yeah he's just your mom beat it twice and she still here yes she is in the second time should be cheating even tell me she had it doesn't your dad want to beat it if you gots it no uh my bad is kind of dues like hey I've been through a lot I'm fine like he's he hates going to the doctor they'll only time he went to the doctor he had a back problem and that's it like if it is old school what if you met a good doctor like a doctor that he likes like a guy plays golf with her some shit yeah like my dad my dad is not social it's not no no no I'm totally weird your so social I I'm totally opposite like my

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dad's story is crazy like he you know he went through segregation he got a PhD in nuclear physics well oh yeah my dad's a genius but shit by out there talking shit yeah I'm just telling jokes I'm a failure because your success at it so he's gotta go all right yeah yeah you know he's the one that told me to drop out of college really yeah I play football for the Oddity say it though he said you need to drop out of college and not smart like Michael you need to drop out of chase your dreams oh no he's like my dad's whole thing is I got a PhD in nuclear physics I know what wanting to be in school is and and you don't want to be in school and you you got a personality go do that but you're dumb like literally he would say that my parents were not supportive there were just not support like Mom and mom wanted me to be a doctor but she knew I wasn't bright enough to be a doctor so like my dad said you got to drop out I see I don't think you're not bright enough to

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a doctor I think you're not interested in being a doctor now see because I see how you pursue stand up and show business you're a bright ambitious guy a hundred percent want to be operating on people that are on anesthesia it's fucking head lamps on and shitting rubber gloves covered with blood get though I don't like I don't want nobody dying on me that would be the worst having somebody die while you're working on them and then you gotta go tell their fan hey man sorry my bad you know oh the pressure of those people Jamie was it used was telling me yesterday about the guy who's the EMT who sees tell me tell me what you told me he said he said he was listening to the podcast we did with Louis J Gomez about people getting head injuries and he has been doing I believe for like 15 years or so like doesn't do it every single day because you don't work every single day but on the three day basis or so every day he works he sees at least one person dead from a head injury whether it's an elderly person the slipped on ice something people fall and hit their heads oh yeah like that's why please folks if you're listening to me and you

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punch the money and knock them out please don't do it just go to a gym get your frustrations out don't fight on the street you could kill somebody or you can get killed even accidentally even if you really don't hate the guy that much you punch him in the face they go unconscious their head hits the ground people die all the time I mean I've told the story about when Kevin James used to work as a bouncer in Long Island a guy that he was working with punched a guy and killed him really yeah Kevin Kevin wasn't there but he knew the guy and the guy accidentally killed a drunk guy drunk guys coming at him he punched him I guess I don't know the whole story but that shit happens all the time I've seen guys and it's not about the punch though it's about when they hit their head after you getting hit by the world yeah think about that think of the world just dropped on your head that's what it's like your body mass bouncing off a completely especially concrete there's no gift so your head just cook clock it sounds horrible why listen to someone's head bounced off

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is one of the scariest fucking sounds horrible even if you do it to somebody and you wanted to hurt them when you hear their head bounced off concrete you like oh shit like that's not as simple as like you punch them you punch them and then you know whatever they weigh a hundred ninety pounds with all the mass of gratitude all their mass and gravity pulling them towards the ground with nothing slowing it down but meat and head clang bone shoulder that reminds me when I was 10 years old I was sitting on the curb and this is the first time I saw death in real life from a head injury I was sitting with my friend on the curb and a guy was driving a motorcycle and he was speeding up and down the street and right on Iris Would in Houston Texas he's flying down a car pulls out and he hits it back then they didn't wear helmets so he literally flew up in the air and landed about 20 feet from us his head hit first and exploded like a watermelon and this is like I was 10 years old watching this so the

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next more you know the police come my parents give me to tell me don't look at it to put II my go out there the next day it's just blood stains everywhere and his wife is picking up his hair that's stuck to the concrete and I remember it so vividly I was it next door neighbor was Eric and we were sitting on the curb watching this lady pick up her husband's hair that will start in and that's the first time I ever saw death and it was hot and it was a gnarly death to it was like that Faces of Death stuff like it was bad it was bad I never rode a motorcycle because of that yeah there's no there's not a lot of reasons to ride a motorcycle other than it's awesome yeah just fuck the fucking danger I took motorcycle safety classes and then two of my friends wiped out one of them got hit by a car and one of them fell going around a corner fucked his shoulder up I after that accident probably about six years later you know when

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Willers were big back yeah and my friend same friend that was on a curve we were three willing and and where I grew up there is bunch of ditches so we're going and he thought he could go down in the ditch and come up the other side but I think he forgot that is flat on the bottom of real ditches literally we're going and we hit the bottom and I flew up and literally half my face was like just wreck it was in the hospital and I and we didn't have helmets that's ours and because we're young and dumb and just wanted to like stupid stupid stupid plays Elite shouldn't like when you let boys just wander around it's never good it's never like the dumb shit that they do that they think is okay let's try this hey take those fireworks and stick them in this tree the old rotted down tree let's blow it up whoo yeah and and the problem is I think I think I think today parents at least we know more I feel we tell it but like our parents at least my parents

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it really give me guidance you know they were kind of like a figure it out on your own mine too yeah and it was that generation though - yeah like my parents is the parents that didn't tell you they love me till I was 29 and I forced him to is that kind of thing wow yeah that's different yeah my parents love me all the time my parents were hippies oh my stepdad were hippies I don't know maybe it's not in a good way and a good way really nice people yeah yeah man that they didn't tell me shit those but like what to do it's also why your grade so bad like I don't what the fuck do I do tell me someone's I'm Winston but they've worked man you know like when you have like if you have a full-time job in the wife has a full-time job and you're raising children man how much time is it really leave I mean I don't get home until six seven like when you get out of work at 5:00 like by the time you get home the kids been home from school for three hours already exhausted just want to eat and go to sleep yeah he's not learning anything about each other for like five days a week

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well I that's my mom worked for my dad so I got to see my mom a lot but it was a type of relationship where when I was growing my mom's Asian my dad's black I guess there wasn't that hey we love you I mean I knew they loved me but they didn't ever say it is it and the only reason they said it is because I was dating a girl at the time and they use the I love you think all the time and I thought that was very strange because I've never heard people just say it all that I love you I love you I love you so I called my dad and I was like hey I love you and he goes any hung up like literally he got like kind of like he was just like okay you know it's alright cool and then he hung up and then now after I got married and have a kid now we say I love you all the time you know so because I don't want my son to grow up wouldn't know I love you see eautiful yeah it's just this is a different time for them man it was a different time it's a foolish insecurity because if you say you love you say I love you to someone either they love you back and it feels great

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or they don't you don't hang out with him anymore well I reserved it for people that I love and usually they love you too yeah sure there's something wrong with your wiring this is looking at it wrong you know yeah now that's never happened to me Joe and I had somebody I love them and they said nothing back it can happen is it dude clam up sometimes tell friend you love them they love you man thinking yeah this is not for me this is too weird man I grew up in Nebraska but I think it's also a young dude thing too when you're young your Macho you don't want to say I love you to another dude now when you're when you get older like actually if you live in Nebraska yeah but I'm just kidding Nebraska don't get uptight somebody sent me a box in Nebraska t-shirts collection or Huskers wants like listen something wearing that okay my wife's father is from Nebraska is he yeah there you go it's a good time it's got a spot as any

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it's a used to suck they don't suck as much anymore I mean the internet really I mean what's there to do in Nebraska let's be serious like pheasant hunt think it's a good pheasant hunting okay they got the Cornhuskers warrant they got corn if you just want to be alone sort start a cult I think it's a good spot start out great yeah if you want to start a cult oh you got to live in an attractive climate you know I think that's why that's why the whole set placement Arizona that everybody goes to Scottsdale no no the other one Sedona yeah that one that's the one we're all the cult leaders go to how do you explain Waco then that's the armpit of Texas it is but it isn't here to Dallas pretty quick from Waco okay that's it you know recruit you down Branch out Waco go check out a cowboy's get come back after every bar yeah no yeah I couldn't this whole Court thing I don't get it so don't is a weird one right because it's all like crystals and healers it's all people looking to be spiritual or they've given up on on traditional religion but

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seem to need that sort of vibe yeah and so they get into like spiritual stuff and channelers and healers have you got any of that stuff I knew it all day long all right when all about channeling bro I'm gonna channeling yeah right I mean no no I think we I really do believe and I've been believing this more and more lately though that our understanding of what our memory is is very limited and that the reason why people are scared of things some things is probably because there's some sort of genetic memory of someone that they knew like I bet your kid will have somehow or another that knowledge of that motorcycle accident and that feet there's I think shindo that goes through DNA really yeah I do I think that's why kids are scared of monsters you know why is kids scared of monsters why are they scared of bullets or fires or you know why won't this give me the there

► 00:25:05

scared of something that I was scared of growing up know there's animals used to eat people yeah that's what I think I think monsters represent like Jaguars and shit like you going through the jungle try to get some water and you get jacked that's our ancestors all of our ancestors every single human being on this planet came from Africa all of us 100% of us everyone Absolution black white all of us got eaten all of our answers okay in our DNA it's wired that's cats out there bro what are you afraid of monsters in the dark those are cats man we got jacked by cats like all the time yeah yeah so that's why everybody's scared of things under the bed what's in the closet they're hiding their cats big cats looking to get you I don't know about that

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this is very scary for a moment but I don't believe in that why do you think that animals have instincts right look here's a perfect example we have instincts right but what kind of instincts animals have weird instincts like they all sniff each other's assholes yeah I'll piss on spots where other animals did they don't nobody had to teach my dog how to do that my dog I got him when he was six weeks old and I've had him for two and a half years that motherfucker will sniff something and they see somebody peed on it he pees on it but he learned that from his he didn't learn that from nobody know he learned that from his dog people without like when he came over he didn't know jack shit so he learned that from us no I think it's in his DNA okay yeah I get that but what is the DNA like doesn't your DNA carries some traces of information on to your own children like what I noticed in my children okay they share certain weird traits that I have that I don't think like like obsessive-compulsive traits that I don't think they see

► 00:26:54

because I don't really bring that home like especially like the workout stuff and like some things that I really get kind of psychotic about martial arts stuff my my middle daughter has that in a crazy way and I'm like okay this is me if I was a girl okay like if I was a little girl this is me like what is it was this my memory that seen her or is it do I have like some weird obsessive Gene which is it it is the DNA because I see my son he's only to just turn to but he makes facial expressions and looks like he does certain looks that I do and a my wife goes he's acting like you right now do you think he's act like you because he sees you act like that or know him like you know because he knows in his head that that's how you really wired like that because when I watch it he doesn't like a lot of this stuff he does I don't I don't even do he just does that like my mom oh I'll come over and she'll watch him she go you know he's just like you when you were this age and

► 00:27:54

so we're yeah it's in the DNA it's in something right whatever it is whether it's in cellular memory DNA some sort of genetic information gets passed on but the parents the child you can say that about Athletics though like if you called that's a little different though but it's in the DNA yeah it is in the DNA but it's not an ethereal thing like a thought you know what I mean yeah like set like here's one a fidya phobia or Arachnophobia fear snakes or spiders those have you ever seen anybody who has that when you were on Fear Factor with me oh my God that was the worst I should say you were you made it out bro but gradually yes no do you remember I was in one episode one I was the pilot episode of feeling episode that's where I met you for the first 60 can you believe 16 what 2001 yeah what is that whether it's 8K 13 years ago we met because that was that was right after 9/11 yes yeah right after and they flew us down and the first time I met you it was that

► 00:28:54

Saddle Ranch and you're like welcome this dude oh okay this is later this is later as wait later when we did the new season of it in like 2011 yeah you tried to get me to eat that spider yeah that's what I was acting like a bad bro dude dude that's not a normal thing and you just chopped it like a chance so this whole scene I'm acting like a little bee how industrious little little fearful you had each sheep's eye Brow eyeballs thought I heard what you had to eat dude now those were disgusting you have you ever did you eat that eat it because I felt bad for you guys that was before I had hardened I've been hard into the world yeah you guys were episode 1 season one it didn't seem right for me that you guys would have to eat these things and I didn't eat it so I said if you guys eat it all you too but they didn't show it like they wouldn't show it on television that I ate it because they didn't they like they didn't want it to look too easy yeah so weird but it wasn't it but yet oh my God I remember biting down into it in a kind of like burst and then that retina the you had to just shoot

► 00:29:54

but yeah you had to chew on that red and we had to eat three of them yeah they weren't good no they were horrible but you know surprisingly mild it a roach I'm not not bragging to say a place like much just a roach even though it doesn't taste like much like why don't you eat a roach was that part of the show you how was it was a celebrity Fear Factor and there was a young lady who was scared to eat a roach and she was gonna get eliminated from the show and so I said listen I'll make you a deal I'll if you do it I'll do it and she's like you will I go yeah well and she wouldn't do it so she made a deal like three worms she decided I'll eat three worm-like we negotiate the three more times and so then I ate a row I remember when I was on that show the question they would ask you in the survey is what's your fear of dying and I wrote down dying under water because that would be my biggest fear is dying underwater and so the our last stunt was when they dumped us on a water and my

► 00:30:54

still send me screenshots of that because that's when I had long hair and I put a bunch of gel in it and they dumped me under the tank and literally it look like a squid now we collect my God you if you can Google it Google Michael Yo fear fat and it's my friends will just screenshot that and they still play that to this day they still play that episode I think that all of them they play him on different like TruTV or something like that one of those I remember else I remember that when we were talking I'll go because you were what show were you on at times radius you are on news radio well that was a couple of years earlier hey you are look at that what happened and okay so that is she Bible Michael Yo sheep's eyeballs so at the end at the end I go to Joe and I go hey man I can't do the last one look at that I can't okay so this is you talking to me because Joe goes djoko's hey I go Joe I'm not going to be able to make it

► 00:31:54

this whole stunt I can't hold my breath for that long and you go I'll just make it look great for the camera so what I get

► 00:32:03

I was gonna try to talk you into it but I wasn't good enough at it then I did I had to figure out how to talk people into because I know there's some people that were just psyching themselves out yeah in the smoker one our episode the guy that we thought that was going to lose no oxygen yeah it's fucking system he's having no oxygen something and that's when they cast it Fear Factor Alpha personality and then it just became a Hot Fest like if you're a sexy of it it was also you know they kept ramping up the difficulty of stuff like the last season scared the shit out of me when they were launching a car through a moving train and an explosion happens when the car looks like what you're gonna kill somebody like it when I came up to your I think it was the last season you're doing something with a donkey dong don't you come down to cancel yeah yes because I remember showing up it just has come here yo

► 00:33:03

I thought everybody was gonna quit when I showed up that day they brought the paper into my trailer when they told me what it was gonna be I don't think I knew about that one before some of them I had known about knew about before but I don't think I knew about that one I think when they brought that in I had no idea and I was like you can't do this I'm like no one's gonna do it first of all they're all going to quit but was hilarious is I'm sitting there next to you watching them drink this up and then we're just laughing dude how about an intern had a drink it and in turn had a drinking I think they only got like $100 what for what well there was like part of the thing is that they would have to test it when they would like say here's some Fear Factor info so like say if you had to eat like kidneys yeah right how many how many kidneys can someone eat in a minute uh you know like how much how much meat can you actually like consider gusting dried meat can you consume and so what we had was certain interns that would volunteer

► 00:34:03

for it and they would get like an extra hundred and something dollars and I would always give him money to I was given a couple hundred bucks on top of it but they would they would eat whatever the fuck it was and they would determine all right well Mike usually can put it down like like like no one and if he could only get through three and then some other producers coming up fuck this we're being pussies making me for well I would like for you guys are crazy and this is like the debate the big debate on the set would be like how much blood should they drink one gallon one gallon of blood like plastic they never drank blood but you know I'm saying like yeah how many horse dicks they never had a horse dick but they did eat like what what's the X and Elk dicks and Dyrdek's but the donkey come was the worse oh yeah and I even remember at the shoot you were like yeah I think the show's over after this like they didn't air it I think they didn't are they hurting other countries though oh did it really yeah so you could get it like in I think it's like Dutch and so it's like you hear you hear us talk in English but then they have Dutch subtitles

► 00:35:03

yeah that that was that was such so stupid it's so Doug are you surprised how stupid people are to go no no no because I think people are like look it's an experience I'm here for the experience I'm gonna have some fun this is crazy but when you get to donkey come you could kind of being rude yes folks you know you got donkey this donkey that but then the donkey come is like an advantage of their need for Fame in a weird way I know you are but hey they want to give it that's the game and I remember you showing it to me first and was in this large glass container and they and it wasn't a little they had to drink no no they have to drink a lot yeah it was like the for mention rhino's horn beer mug fucking large chug it was has yeah you know what's even more offensive donkeys are there not fertile look at it there it is oh that's him yes so that come is useless it's not just come

► 00:36:03

imagine it's like it's come that could never even be babies okay smell shit but I remember when you used to do stuff this is disgusting I remember I used to do stunts it was actually a delicate like people in other countries actually ate it sometimes like sometimes yeah like Balu so that's not that's just being nice just being me okay that's no other country is doing that just for fun I gave up on that whole this in other countries this is considered yeah he gave up on that a long time ago yeah you had to push the envelope on that now one of the things that made things gross smell wise was actually really expensive cheese they would go to this expensive was if if for Marjorie what do they call one of the call one of those cheese places yeah that's like Italian for chief for my foot wash it for majority is all for mushroom isn't it French to something like that sure proud yeah Jamie's my that's my translation of I'm dumb so there you go but anyway this

► 00:37:03

he's that we would use was disgusting it smelled so bad but apparently it tastes really good if you're into that kind of cheese like Bourdain was really into stinky cheese like he would talk to me about it like with passion like that just the the fucking stinkier the better like disgusting smelly cheese and The Taste is fantastic I be like wow I would think that the smell would return we want case but absolutely I can't I don't know it's like one of those things where I guess you catch like the right Vibe like you going in with the right attitude there is no attitude if it stinks fuck that dude I only had to eat anything that smells and they would squeegee it off into a blender not many blend it up with the other stuff like worms and shit would make the worms taste horrific or smell horrific oh so you were just messing with this smell sense so it can make it seem like it was worse than the really waking it worse because it smelled worse so it was making more like smell it but

► 00:38:03

people just start retching what it was it's a ridiculous fucking thing it's a ridiculous thing like to the show is really silly no but I love that these people wanted to be famous and it to bro but I was at but let me tell you no no but I was different because how it happened I was in Austin Texas and there was an ad in the paper that goes hey have you ever done anything adventurous and I was like no let me go in for this Kathy I was a radio DJ out there at this radio station so I go in and then Mikey they call them the chimp he was the casting person yes and literally two weeks later three weeks later I'm in Hollywood shooting this thing and then I meet you and then I remember going up to you because I was in awe it was the first time in Hollywood uncle and I knew you from Newsradio so yeah how do you do it and you gonna just fucking be yourself you can be successful and that's what you're doing right now just fucking being yourself and then you're doing too

► 00:39:03

we're trying let's ride this and way I did listen whatever ridiculous piece of advice is be yourself just good luck whatever you do don't improve Beasley you are right now forever good luck just be yourself that's all you need bro that's it do I tell you wrong just believe in your dreams and make a vision board I was just trying to get me out of space I'll just be you all right buddy it's that is the right advice of especially if you want to be an Entertainer if you can figure out how to be yourself as long as yourself is actually something interesting and if it's not working yourself yeah and then you even said that about acting is like I remember specifically say ah acting's not hard it's just you yourself and you play that emotion and I was like oh that sounds easy like if the Inca in comparison to stand up in some ways but it's not like I disrespect like the kind of shit that like Daniel late Daniel Day-Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio well yeah when they when they get into a fucking role in your life

► 00:40:03

God damn that guy just own that shit like they get into what I'm talking about like sitcom become acting yeah sitcom act and they were hiring you to be so cheesy I thought a hundred yeah so is it a slightly dumbed down version of me who is in to slightly more conspiracy theories than me when I was on Newsradio that's how I was yeah it was basically me like they wrote A lot of that conspiracy shit in after I talk to them about like JFK and fucking you know UFOs and stuff you believe in UFOs oh yeah oh my God Lily yeah yeah see I believe in there's other other life forms out there that's why don't I don't think they're coming here they might the anything they might well why not think it but just because here's here's one thing I do believe most people are full of shit it comes to like most of their stories like it's hard to find a person that could just tell you what happened based on what they really remember people want to Jazz things up and they want to add salt and pepper they have sex with me

► 00:41:03

to test that don't they don't necessarily tell you the truth they tell you what they think is going to be an engaging story that kind of represents a truth maybe especially when it's a weird thing like you saw something in the sky what did you really see how long did you look at it for how many seconds was it well I mean here's the problem I have with UFOs and I believe there are UFOs but I don't think they're coming here I mean why would you say that because that means they're 10 first of all if they're coming here that means their technology is far way more advanced than ours right so why would they care if people saw them they would show up if I was an alien and I was that far ahead of us I would lay in that bitch right in the middle of Times Square and be like what we are here why would you do that but why wouldn't I well I am I operating in fields where nobody can see us are you aware of how we treat uncontacted tribes yes to a point but but but what I'm saying is if you're

► 00:42:03

that's how our Advanced they know if they're coming here they know they're they're way smarter than us right because they've traveled here right and we don't even know other from Far distances we can't even imagine and they're here they don't have to hide it's just like they do it because they have to hide or do you think maybe they do it because we can't handle it because we can't handle it why would they care if we could handle it or not because here's the problem whenever any civilization has ever encountered a civilization far superior to them the results have always been catastrophic every single time every time Europeans have invaded North America every time the Spanish visited the Mexicans every time this has happened it's been a disaster and this is human beings if there was something that came down here from another planet was so unbelievably sophisticated that it could travel through vast distances in space and had insurmountable impossible technology

► 00:43:03

we would look to it for all of our answers it would become our new daddy it would completely disrupt all of our governments would disrupt all of our religions it would disrupt every single belief system we have and people would fall apart they wouldn't know what to do psychologically it would be devastating look I'm not a doctor but I'm not a psychologist but I know most people would not be able to handle it I understand that but why would they care because as my whole point because why would they care about because it would be affecting our culture they wouldn't care why wouldn't they care well why would they care we care about animals bro there's a reason why we have Wildlife protection agency's we have that because we care about animals and animals don't even know where a thing okay if you're a deer living in the forest and you're two years old you might not have ever even seen a purse you don't even know what the fuck we are but we're trying to keep those deer alive we spend billions of dollars every year protecting them we do that because we care about Wildlife if we cared about a rare monkey that we found in Indonesia in the for some strange monkey we would do whatever we could to make sure that

► 00:44:03

monkeys populations thrived if there was a way to help them I mean that's one of the reasons why zoos exist they take rare animals they try to breed them in captivity and but we're also sharing the same Earth what would they maybe they look at the universe that way and maybe look at okay nuclear civilizations like our civilization I mean our civilization is a very dangerous one because we're a bunch of semi hairless monkeys with nuclear weapons I mean we're fucking nuts bro yeah we're obsessed with sex we jack off to our phones where we're taking pills to keep our dick hard we're all on speed maybe I'll have a baby this is these are we're at and we lie we lie about shit we lie about things that people did do us we pretend people think did worse things we pretend that we didn't do things to people we lie about stealing we lie about money we lie about all kinds of things mean people are so so you're thinking you're thinking aliens are thinking about all that before they come down of course they would why wouldn't that because why wouldn't I guess I'm

► 00:45:03

coming from a human point of view where we don't give a shit about anything and it's a thing that's not true we do give a shit about things that's why when you go to the Galapagos Islands you're not allowed to take your shoes you walked around Los Angeles and walk around the Galapagos Island because people have done that and they've gotten seeds from their shoes stuck in the sand over there and the ground over there and then new plants grow that are invasive species then we're worried about ecosystems that we really are and that's why humans this we're worried about invasive species on when new species get introduced to new ecosystems it's like we're just talking about this yesterday Everglades my people are doing whatever the fuck they can to get this pythons in the Everglades these assholes are released pythons and there's a real fucking redneck Jurassic Park going on in the middle of Florida yeah you know we care I lived in Miami man and at the time I lived in Miami talk about like did radio out there right yeah yeah why 100 miles after Fear Factor after Fear Factor it landed me that big gig after list throws on Fear Factor

► 00:46:03

radio was radio back there oh yeah real it was it was like huge man but I remember they had these lakes and if you go back like 10 years ago and look up Florida people were just jogging around Lakes getting snatched by alligators yeah like just alligators did not give a damn that it would just snatching people yeah and I was like why are people jogging like really I like stopped jogging well we definitely don't jog near the water know and that's the thing I believe like eight people within six months got snatched just jogging my not real oh hundred percent probably about eight to ten years ago just jogging I didn't know that that there was that many deaths ever from Aldo yeah they were getting snatched one of my favorite ones was a guy who was running from the cops near Miami and he was in a stolen car parked his car on a bridge jumped off the bridge and landed on an alligator alligator jacked him and

► 00:47:03

out of the cops and they were just sitting there going well there you go guilty imagine did you jumps off the bridge splash car that would be this look

► 00:47:16

oh my god dude that guy didn't even notice until the last minute no that's what I'm saying like that happens in Florida at that time that is so crazy that is such a big thing that eats deer and shit look at it opens its mouth on them but meanwhile it tries to get away from people well what's interesting to do didn't even speed up yeah like I'm gonna explode off by really tired yeah it was fun for a while to fuck these things man fuck these things but the craziest thing is we were showing it yesterday that pythons eat them alligators whole but not we show this video to done-- python 8 this fucking big-ass alligator and it blew its body apart apparently another alligator came along while it had it in its body and tried to eat the python and so then it was like this disaster of a python with an alligator inside of it with no head oh yeah but the whole thing was that this Python and ate the alligator and then once they eat at the can't move because they got a fucking 900 pound alligator but you love that shit I can kick I know you

► 00:48:16

you do problem with them I just I do love animals eating other animals like think it's important to recognize that we're we're we're very insulated from what the fuck is going on by cities yes and that in houses and cities and even towns even if you have a towels rare that a fucking wild Predator makes its way into your town but man that's the whole rest of the world that's the whole world including the ocean everywhere is all just predators and prey predators and prey predators and prey we figured out a way to insult but but in insulation the problem is when we're isolated from it we neglect it as an aspect of nature we put it in some weird Berkeley oh my God this is weird now that's not weird that's normal that's normal life normal life is big things eating little Earth and you don't respect it got it really don't respect it when you don't see it like yeah my parents want to go to Africa on a safari I'm like man you can have that yeah I would go if I got one of them like Jurassic Park mobiles that they have with it's all roll around the circle you can't get in it

► 00:49:16

these people are just in regular Jeeps with a long keeping their Jeeps we're Lions just walk around like how dumb are you and most of the time nothing happens no most most of it but it could be one or two times where if you're in it you know like years ago a woman who worked on Game of Thrones she was there on vacation and she got pulled out of her fucking car right she rolled down the window to take a picture in the cat came and snatched her out of the car but don't you think people kind of like that deserve it like people that roll down Windows and not safer like that's like people jumping in the pit at the zoo the other day well then take a selfie the roll down the windows thing I think is really just it's what we're talking about that you're not around it enough so you don't understand what it is but do you have to be around it to know hey these are wild animals and think they can get away with you that they've never had anything happen to them I'll give the never been punched all these this this is a cheetah cheetahs are actually not there they're actually very curious and they're not dangerous to people so this whatever has no idea this thing is in his backseat know he's filming it oh

► 00:50:16

he's filming it so he's not moving is the rule don't move I think so man I think the move is don't move don't don't want to scare them you definitely don't want to go ahead motherfucker you don't want to do that have a fucking rip your face off they don't have claws they don't have claws like a cat does they're more like a dog yeah they're a weird animal they're like a weird cat dog thing you know they're super super fast like I've never seen one run in real life but apparently people who I know that I've seen it say you can't believe how fast it is you know one thing that blew me away I was reading about it that hippopotamuses kill more people here than all the animals combine all of them all of them yeah all of them and it's just like people just like don't respect hippopotamuses and they're fast and they're strong and they'll rip you apart they're like a giant pig yeah they're in the pig family what about cousin to a pig or some shit yeah and they're vegetarians yeah like they're just killing people estimated 500 people per year

► 00:51:16

and anything to kill 500 a year they're aggressive and they have very sharp teeth and not only that man people think there's 750 kilograms what what is that dude people that in pounds that's more than 5,000 pounds 2.2 times that so yeah oh my God that's that's well people don't respect because they think they're slow to so when they see them I think they run like 24 or 25 miles per hour wear like a hundred a person that runs a hundred yard dash in the Olympics I think average around like 29 to 30 miles per hour away this hippos were all 19 my okay so that's still fast yeah you're barely getting away well that's me I probably can't run 90 miles an hour I know I couldn't I'll probably get eaten fuck can you imagine you're like 20 yards away from this thing like it's not going to be and then it just runs up on you well they say if you ever get chased by an alligator to the thing is to Juke them go left and go right yeah I don't know that picture is terrifying here's the shit out of me

► 00:52:16

that scares the shit out of me I mean look at that guy's Airborne he's launching himself in the are trying to get away from this thing not look at that yeah they chase after boats in the water they swim fast yeah that's hot fuck you up man the try to fuck you 500 people a year dude hippo husband sees hippo bite out wife's heart what oh my God oh my God imagine why falls into the water and that you see the hippo rip open a rib cage ah I would be a hippo Punisher I would go back to Africa every year and kill out every one pill every one of them I'd be responsible for hippo Extinction they'd be like you can't do that I'd like but I'm gonna

► 00:52:57

- man stop me dont I'm killing all the hippos why not I'm killing all the snakes for if everybody anyone new got killed the first day that something gets killed by a fucking python in Florida when a human gets jacked we should send in the Marines just go through the fucking swamp and kill them all just like they're the enemy you just get a giant line of human beings go through and kill those fucking serpents there in the Bible okay yeah they're in the Bible snakes Elite your baby they will go through them all I mean are they get cocky with monsters living in your fucking neighborhood is there any purpose of them though yeah they kill rats but the problem is in that area it's not established for them so there was this Rich ecosystem of mammals and reptiles you're talking about Everglades right now yeah okay it used to be there was some snakes the cottonmouths and stuff like that and it was alligators but then there was like Marsh hairs and raccoons and skunks

► 00:53:57

gone they're all gone this is they're gone there's nothing left this just anacondas look at that pythons and Nile crocodiles now if this is that was another one eating a fucking well let me ask you smile Gator and be honest with me if that guy got eaten like a guy that actually tracks yes reptiles do you feel sorry for like if you putting yourself In Harm's Way yeah because I want that guy to be out there won't be a monster's if you ever look into an eye of a snake and you go oh this thing doesn't give a fuck about anybody like it doesn't I was watching this video a crab and it's a crowd a mother crab just sitting there eating its babies it had like thousands of babies all around it that are just hatched like a couple weeks ago and it's just sitting there eating its babies and I'm like yeah fuck you yeah thank you you're going in the boiling water and I'm going to crack you open I have you ever heard him scream when they go in Bowling Green Oh yeah I don't think they're really screaming I think it's probably are escaping their body look at this

► 00:54:56

she's eating her kids this is crazy I was I was at a friend's house and they caught crabs and they would throw them it and I think they scream man I think it's like I know I've heard you have vocal cords but then I was like what they make what is that video Jamie for people to just listen it says monster Red Crab eats babies the Dark Side of nature yeah she's a national telling you Joe bass great know they make a noise when you put them in a hot boiling pot of water what is that bottom of her she's got a charcoal briquette stuck under her doesn't it looks like one of them little baby's gonna be like today they can't they can't sleep I'm gonna come right back out it's so gross she's such an asshole she's sitting there eating her kids like that anybody would give a fuck about crabs uh well I'm Italian I want them to go extinct but that's one animal that we in our house kill ourselves and no one has a problem with it it's like if they brought him a rabbit and you got to throw it in the water like Fatal Attraction like that was the only

► 00:55:56

to keep it nobody would eat rap no no no and we throw them in like a lot a lot a lot of movement I'm telling you they're in the water that most of the time most people even bother taking off the floor lobsters lobsters we do not give a shit about hops you can either get in there get in there you fucking bug you see what's crazy is the this whole Animal Kingdom thing but one thing that scares me that you were doing when I walked in his playing these fucking shooter games to the game is a real problem Jamie and I have been going to war for the last what two months on this died like two months ago yeah maybe like that so I'm in full-blown addiction mode now what is the threat like II what's the thrill yes do you see us were all sweaty and adrenaline ya know my great ass time I walked it looks like I just finished working out is like crazy I mean I were going to war we go to war we talk a lot of shit to we go to war

► 00:56:56

I tried I tried it's fun it's fun when he kills me talk shit to me it's rough like God damn it he got me fuckers is that a game where people can go online and play with you to know we don't blow it at people okay now we jump online this is the game this is it this is the game yeah dude it is a fun ass fucking game it's called quick Champions okay and people right now listen and going goddamn it he's talking about but me and Jamie have been and and Jeff are their employee been playing this fucking thing okay see this isn't bad because they're like characters like I was playing one where it's like human beings like it when you shoot somebody like I got scared when you get scared to go into the next room because you really that nervous like it's freaks me out these shooter games are too realistic I grew up with Frogger dude this is like you're always in like some sort of a castle Yeah and the people that you're shooting against it unlock anything like a person they look like Okay cartoon character but the graphics are sensational

► 00:57:56

more importantly like the gameplay is very precise and you you have to have like real hand-eye coordination and skills like you learn things like tactics you learn how to move around Maps you learn how to control resources controlling resources is giant like that thing that's guy just picked up yeah that's like a hundred and seventy-five health and you want to get all the armor that you possibly can then you also want to be like clever about weapons choices because you're always engaging at different distances different kinds of fights like sometimes you're stuck in like a corridor and sometimes you know you're in an area where they can't shoot you but you can shoot them if you use the right weapon man you need to bring back to old-school Atari that one red button that ran jumped that it did that one red button did everything on the joystick you never killed a guy with a railgun once you kill a guy with a railgun you'll understand what if I don't want to kill a guy with a real person I mean I usually he's laughing why you do it right if he jumps at me and I shoot him in

► 00:58:56

there with a railgun both laugh like he shot me in the face of the day with a rocket and I was like hilarious dude in the mughals like in the market like right in my face and I exploded like my whole screen just becomes a big bread splatter my fock it's fun I can't handle it man it's too much for me I'ma what the older I get I'm supposed man I need a man up I used to be so aggressive you're a big dude you're strong that's why Nobody messes with me so they leave you alone yeah it's about time because of it yeah what it's like it's like like like you you like fight and all that stuff like I can't even like if somebody punched me in the face today I don't know how it would react like I don't know I used to be a bouncer at clubs play college football like I was a tough dude now and fall apart dude it'll get you a gym no no I'm in shape but I mean like a fight Jim no no why no notified a little bit no not to fight people what do you say you don't worry about it I never worry about it okay well then don't worry about because I'm at home

► 00:59:56

30 sleeping my night stand up I know I saw you the improve the other night I know nobody's gonna jump on stay I'm talking about family oh man you never know people crazy cause anyone to dude jumped up on the WWF and attacked who did he attack he attacked bread hardness like speech that's crazy yeah always got to be like how old is you know it's do you want any stroke survivor so fucked up and I got tackled him yeah Jesus quit but Joe seriously you think anybody's gonna jump on stage when you're on some dude could easily do you would fucking kill him now this there's a lot of people that can kill me don't get confused now - I know a lot of them haven't been here all the time yeah I get that but like I just don't see me doing stand-up talking about family love and to do because I hate family and love I'm a jumper no no it's that's not rational no yeah right I mean a rational person would do that but you're not worried about rational people anyway okay so so say I started to go to a fight just like where would I start at like what would I do I would say you should try

► 01:00:56

because it's fun it's really good exercise and you'll learn some stuff okay you learn how to do it it's a technique based art whereas like say if if you like there's there's guys that I will do Jujitsu spawn we call rolling okay this guy's that I will roll with that are weaker than me smaller than me and tap me every time I roll with them and I'm a black belt okay like that's reality like if there's there's guys out there that a hundred and fifty pounds that I could roll with that I know will tap me virtually every time we roll because their technique is sharper they train more often than I am they're more focused the more in the groove but I also heard you say like what are your podcast you got to watch out who trained with because they might just try to hurt you that's trying to I need you gotta go to a good school with good ethics because a good school with good ethics they get rid of those guys did you know do you know one in Studio City I'll do it sir I'll get ya know finest do it I want to learn there's a good spot just a little further than that in Tarzana okay machado's where I got my black belt so John Jacques Machado I trained there sometimes and

► 01:01:56

used to a place in Malibu but closed down because the fires but they they have an outstanding Jim it's like one of the best in the country and it's in that area like as far as teaching yeah top-notch like but there's a lot of really good Jiu-Jitsu schools now it's not like like when I started in 96 it was hard to find a good gym there was only like five of them in all of California right huh because it was just starting out like 93 is Wen Jiu Jitsu sort of emerged in the public Consciousness because the UFC and then they were the gym started popping up popping up but I was really lucky there was like Hicks and Gracie's which is where I took my first class and then Carlson Gracie is I thought they were like the same and the other one was closer so I just switched to Carlson's I didn't know shit you know was wiped out but and then there was a machado's and then like a couple other places how long does it take you to get to a black belt like for you some guy took me a long time I was a brown belt for eight years but it was just because I wasn't training as much as I should have liked that you don't they don't give them away

► 01:02:56

like you have to be a real black belt but who decides what is some I just watched instructors and you do know okay everyone knows it's like like you know when a guy is fucking killing like he let's take like Theo Von for example like Theo I love him he hit a Groove some time ago whether it's two years ago or whatever it was and I remember being in the back of the store and I was like dude this motherfuckers on fire yeah he started hitting that Groove that where were you go and sit down you want to watch is set you know and I think when that happened in Jiu-Jitsu it's the same kind of think I start talking about like to add Mike has been tapping everybody good he's just his Jiu-Jitsu so sharp and you're like man I'm gonna watch him roll and then you watch them really like to that past that guard pass and God started asking like how a few training I'm going five days a week now really yeah I'm take it to private Spa fuck then you know like this guy is on the quest and you'll see a guy go from white belt to black belt in three years

► 01:03:56

they have to be super exceptional like really unusual athletes unusual mindset unusual discipline it can happen most of the time like a garden-variety estimate is like 10 years is realistic okay white belt to black belt for a regular person if you really train hard and you really dedicate yourself but freaks can get there quicker like BJ Penn he won the Mundial switch is the World Championships after three years of training three years of training he was a black belt one the world child will be doing that to BJ's a special guy though I just also got legs are like arms he has leg dexterity like no one on the planet yeah I got chicken legs Le sigh that's actually good is it really yeah you could cinch up triangles on people with chicken legs yeah for real and our stitching up people everywhere now just think about it in terms of Leverage guys with longer limbs like a Roger Gracie's it perfect example he's a really tall long guy so when the best Jiu-Jitsu players ever they can

► 01:04:56

things with those limbs that are shorter person can't do in terms of like Leverage from joints and stuff like this like there's the advantages to every frame like there's a guy like who's tomorrow pal har has a famous like tank of a guys like five seven 200-plus pounds and just rips guy's legs apart and he uses this like short style to dive in on people's legs and get them in heel Hooks and bars and rip their legs parties terrifying yeah and that that style heavily favors being built like a little tank whereas like that long like you are you're a tall long guy you would have like good darce chokes Good Rear nakeds good good arm bars good triangles you would have lengthened leverage with that length especially with triangles because long-legged guys they can like sometimes a guy like me with short legs like I'll get my legs crossed and I have to adjust a lot to be able to cinch up by triangle whereas you might be able to just close it up right

► 01:05:56

so you'll have like more opportunities for triangles because the length of your limbs I have you would you have ever been in a point in your in your career when you were doing Jiu-Jitsu where you how would you have been in the UFC like it's your Prime like I have no idea I have no idea I would have had to have gotten way better like when I was fighting I was just kickboxing yeah I was kickboxing and first of all first it was Taekwondo and then went to kick boxing and by the time the UFC came around like on the ground I was useless because a straight white belt I would get ripped apart every day I would go to the gym and if I tapped anybody like it was like a week went by and I tapped one guy but like whoa I fucking tap Takei yeah you know it wasn't that many people doing it you know so I was going with like there's a couple of white belts maybe and then there was like blue belts and purple belts and brown belts and those guys would always tap me God it's so that's just how went for a long time when you're you know unless you're some kind of freak like some big ass

► 01:06:56

football player or some like super athlete you're probably not going to hold these guys off they're going to they're going to choke you now was it true you're gonna fight Wesley Snipes that was way later though way late that was a brown belt by then and I've been doing a lot of drinking and beating him I don't know because we never did everything is real martial artist okay well martial arts but he doesn't know Jiu-Jitsu the thing that must have been exciting though are you excited yeah because I was thinking like I knew that he was a real legitimate martial artists like he throws kicks and punches and it looks really good like he really does know his shit but I also know he never fought and there's a big difference between throwing kicks and I haven't fought in a long time but I probably thought a hundred times yeah so I I've been I've felt that nerves I know what that's like it'll be crazy as fuck to do it again that's what I was thinking about it'll probably scare the shit out of me but I think I know what to do like I think I know how to like get in there and start fainting start

► 01:07:56

been some movement and see how he reacts and then the worst case scenario is like I'm like in a scramble I'm gonna strangle this guy look at this if this comes to a scramble yeah because the the average person really doesn't know how helpless they are until a Jiu-Jitsu black belt grabs ahold of you and then you just go oh shit like I'm helpless because in a fight you really think like you might be able to punch a guy like maybe he's frightened me and he's swinging at me and I'm swinging at him maybe I hit him first you really think that but there's no swinging if it's a Jiu-Jitsu fight if you guys get into some sort of a tussle and that guy grabs you and trips you and boom and he's on the ground with his hand on your Jack and Annie on your chest you're a dead man you're a dead man because there's no lucky shot yeah a Jiu-Jitsu black belt was just going to close the distance like that evil fucking crab and he's just going to squeeze your fucking neck and there's no way you're going to avoid it and there's no way you're gonna survive it

► 01:08:56

just not going to that's why you don't fight people like you can't fight people I'm just you can't fight random people on the streets like when you're young that was the thing you could go to bars yeah like II had some friends that like to throw down when I was younger and I wouldn't do I was watching but good for you now it's kind of like you gotta watch everybody because you don't know what kind of training are doing like everybody's so educated on an is so big right now well some guy fought off a guy in the subway there was attacking with a knife with some moves that he learned watching UFC never even trained before he just knew what to do yeah he like knew what to do because he'd seen guys like get the mount and drop ground-and-pound he like knew what to do based on watching it yeah traffic is good like when you mention it I think it's good just to learn so you would feel better about yourself in case danger comes camping you want to be the person that gets to make the decision here's the thing right if you don't know how to fight and there's some drunk asshole who doesn't know how to fight either but he might come over and punch you in the face and soccer

► 01:09:56

chuny get hurt you or knock you out front of your woman you want to be the one who gets to decide yeah if I'm in a situation in some guy and he's like reasonably close to my size and he's being an asshole and he's drunk and he gets aggressive with me I can decide what to do with him hmm like I can't it's gets I don't want to hurt anybody but I'm not going to let you hurt me yeah and you get to decide like you don't want like you've ever had we've all seen these 7-Eleven fucking parking lot lights on YouTube or some asshole and both of them don't know how to fight but one guy might fuck that guy up he might kick him in the face while he's down you don't want to be that guy yeah you don't want to be in that situation definitely walk away whenever you can always we are so opposite because I've only been in one fight in my life it was in ninth grade playing basketball and was against a dude named mitama like I'll never is named as mitama Drake and I threw one punch and I hit him right in the face and he looks at me and goes what's up and I was like no no

► 01:10:56

let you get away with it oh yeah we start playing bass thank God like shit that was it like literally I hit him as hard as I could I could take a shot and it was just like what's up I was like nothing nothing is up so that's the only one hit you back no wow no because then I started you know you okay it's your ball - it man yeah did not try to get you back I mean and then I was there was a club in Houston named power tools that I used to a gay bar no it was none who wants to be right that it sounds like one that was hardcore gay but Houston the gay bar was called riches at the time but I worked at power tools and I was a bouncer so that's when I was like 250 pounds you know you are a lot bigger when I met you oh yeah because I played college football for Arkansas so I played outside linebacker so I was just stop lifting weights or do you still need a little bit

► 01:11:56

no I'm all cardial now because yeah you know like trainers any train our work with since I got a big frame to like what put some side no I want to stay lean right you know but it's good for old age to man you don't wanna back problems I'm 44 years old now yeah and I'm crazy dude dude I'm flies 51c 5502 it is so scary when you read stories about people just dropping dead like a renter age look Perry that's what I'm saying basically my age well they said what is the danger zone zone is like 45 to 55 with heart failure it's like Creighton man did I beat my body up I'm running that bitch until the fucking Wheels fall off I'm always kidding stem cells shots and I'll fucking running hills and lifting weight I still live heavyweights retarded yeah why don't you should do that word said it again trying to get that rid of that word out of my vocabulary just comes out sometimes why are you still lifting weights like heavy like that like what is it do for you well it does a bunch of things first of all

► 01:12:56

you want to change it to it's okay very good to be strong yeah it makes a big difference first of all for defense especially for defense you know like for offense for sure to but really you want to be able to defend you are defending is you have to be strong but also you just like being bigger it helps yeah I like it yeah I like being able to pick up things I like the physical ability of being so I like being in shape to like being on the run for long distances I like knowing that I can go rounds on the bag like I'll do five hard rounds on the back so you can run out and he's a messed up I can't like get on a treadmill in rock I can do like I've done the stem in the knee and it's helped out a lot but I'm still that dude that's on I'm like on the super fortunate I'm super fortunate about my knee injuries I've had knee injuries but my Meniscus I only had one meniscus scope of my left knee and wasn't terrible like I was back to full 100% function after that and my right knee I didn't have a little baby tear that I got some stem cells shot into but I had both of them reconstructed the ratios were replaced but no problems they work they work right

► 01:13:56

yeah see I just need to I listened to you and I it's like you always taking something and I'm like oh I gotta find out what that is and now I just want to get in better shape I'm in shape but I it's when you get older it's just like tough it is tough it just says he is writing it down like you have to do it like do you keep a daily schedule now shit you have to do know I just wake up and go I do have I wake up I work out like a cardio workout and then I do infrared sauna which is changed my life I do life right every morning I infrared sauna for announcing its the best you sweat all that shit out you like you feel great yeah again glistens like I think it's actually like change the game for me I have more energy now everything's better it's so good for your body they did a study that showed a 40% decrease in mortality mortality amongst all causes heart attack stroke cancer 40% decrease with people that were doing the song of four times a week well I will tell you this because the

► 01:14:56

thing is everybody wants to feel young and when you were young the thing you did most will sweat and I feel like when I sweat it just it's a it feels I don't know I just feel good sweating because it reminds me when I played Sports and reminds me even though I'm not doing on the you know I sweat a little on the treadmill but when I do that infrared site it makes me feel great mama I think it's there's a bunch of shit going on with his dad for sure like it's good to feel good like you're sweating but there's heat shock proteins your body actually produces anti-inflammatory properties it's really good for you it's really good for joint aches and all kinds of like this I used to think of the Sun as being nonsense like what do you want to fucking laying in a sauna for look what he's doing there it's getting hot yeah it's cork outputs what kind of what kind of sauna do you do though I do a regular song okay so super hot regular sign I'm telling you you need to try the infrared yeah you can yeah I mean but look it's all just about getting your body huh yeah like it's good to try to infrared I'm sure I'm sure works great but this study that 40% decrease mortality that was with a regular stange saw okay yeah that's why I got a regular song

► 01:15:56

because dr. Rhonda Patrick told me that okay Mom the studies that have been done have all been done with a regular sauna and she said there might be some benefit of for infrared sauna but I don't know what's published what is this see if there's a benefit see if this thing could say what's the benefit to infrared something cooking my organs I don't even know it no I don't think so man that I think it's great for just feel amazing after that's supposedly what happens rarely gets deeper in your tissue or yeah it's supposed to go deeper and yeah I remember us texting back and forth I was like you got it like if you do the infrared sauna for like a week it's a game changer it's just their son is too so I don't know I would like you to try regular sauna to how hot does infrared get like a hundred and forty hundred forty that's fine Gina are though to it's a difference yeah it's not it doesn't heat the air like you walk in and it feels it doesn't feel like it's that but that's just weird that's your microwave shit not into that man it's like hot pockets and turn them into a Hot Pocket Gene that's what I'm saying burn it up all my organs right now button I

► 01:16:56

I like living in and feeling that superheat you go in there and alert it feels so good love it yeah it for you do you fuck with cold you ever do like cry or anything like I tried that once yeah and it was right after the infrared sauna are like try the it's just I don't know man it wasn't my thing what do you mean it wasn't my thing I didn't know how so like it was fucking freezing that's not your thing but it's just I don't want to I want to do I don't know no I love heat but the cold thing is like nah I'm good I'm good on that understand you know it's you love it I love it I do it too I love both of them do you go back to back that's what they say you should do have not gone back to back but I've gone and done both of them in a day yeah like I like hot yoga to I like hot yoga and then doing the cryo which they say you shouldn't do it because of give you a heart attack oh doing it hot and the cold says who pussy yeah who's doing be a man who's getting a goddamn heart attack stuff up who's getting a heart attack not us not us happening maybe it to do hot yoga

► 01:17:56

I need you back into I just got to get flexible man it's just that's the tough thing about getting old and you know some ability flexibility because what they say most most older people died on the toilet because they can't get up you know they have some problem and they can't get up from wherever they are they're real yeah oh yeah oh yeah that's a crazy way to go yeah just on the toilet you always magic like Elvis like as you're dying but cam you know I just don't want to die stupid right now some stupid like you'll be reading in New York City some guys just walk in and something falls on them you know front or a person how about that yeah suicidal person lands of your fucking head I was at a d-des in the flagship in New York Adidas and like five minutes before I got there you know a person just jumped off and kill themselves right outside of the store like all out of residents Jesus yeah it's that is that's one of the craziest ways to go like the feeling of regret you must have when you feel the air under your feet

► 01:18:56

and you're Fallin can't do nothing that's a rap dude he made the decision you pull the trigger here comes the great beyond bang what goes through your mind when you're going down like that like and it's your choice you know what I mean probably filled with unbelievable Terror unbelievable Terror even though it's your choice there have been people that have survived jumps in the ocean they've jumped off like the Golden Gate Bridge yeah all the time I mean it's like one of the number one suicide spots in the u.s. yeah but some of them make it they survived that would suck or like if you really wanted to die and you didn't die Maybe not maybe you got a new lease on life like that he hit the water and like what am I live the fuck I never could get myself to that place like II like my life too much right now yeah well you're happy and that's an awesome thing but you know we're talking about spectrums yeah there's clearly a spectrum of that yeah you know

► 01:19:56

and some people I think have it horrific lie they just have what it forever whatever reason chemical imbalance life experiences that are awful PTSD whatever the formula is they have it to the point where it's almost unbearable every day and her percent a hundred percent like my dad you know he's he served our country and our me and it didn't seem to affect him at all but you know he has friends that it's affected I have friends that have served their affected by it and you know what was that movie it was about Benghazi I forgot John Krasinski did it but I had to interview the real guys that pulled off got the people out of Benghazi and the normal world is so boring to him like literally they got excited when they talk to you know how it feels to have bullets whizzing by your head you know and you shooting at people like literally the real world is so and that's why they keep going back because that's the only way they can get that Adrenaline Rush which is

► 01:20:56

no to me I'm like that's crazy but to them that's where they get their high and that's that's life to them that's how they're living and I interviewed the three or four soldiers that went out there and save these people and you saw that look in their eyes you know what I mean it was like they would go back now if they could and they hated hearing how one of their own lost their lives up there you know where they were like I could have done something about the and that's what they talked about is like why we always want to go back is every time we hear one of our one of our fallen soldiers they fell we could have saved them and two of them were snipers and the other two were on the ground and they were like man it's just it's just real life is is very tame for us you know it's almost I'm putting what now paraphrase but I would say they think it's a bore just living our normal lives in a less there fighting for our country and saving people's lives like everything else is just boring yeah I mean he's talking about literally life being

► 01:21:56

up to ten there's yes nothing nothing else that compares with on the planet other than being a police officer yeah can you in a shootout or just just imagine like a police officer walking up to a car that's freaky enough you don't know what's inside that's like you're playing roulette yeah you don't know what's inside that car yeah you know like look there are some bad police out there but as just put yourself in that spot where you're a cop getting out your car walking to a car with tinted windows Yep knocking on the window you don't know what you're gonna you don't know if it's a barrel of a shotgun you don't know you have no idea you have no idea and people have to realize that that tension they carry with them all day they might have 20 of those interactions absolutely all day and an example could have been really bad and if you have he give them any bullshit or don't appreciate or respect that they're immediately going to go okay yeah you fucking asshole and then you're the enemy now and it's horrible

► 01:22:56

it's horrible that we give a person the kind of power that police officers have when they abuse it but it's all so horrible that we create this relationship between fellow citizens of purpose a cop is just a citizen just one of us where we are the enemy if we're not following the book especially when the book is stupid like it's pot laws or something dumb like that one yeah or you're catching guys getting jerked off like Jesus Christ you know I've been pulled over a couple times and I got to say you know most of them like my dad you know they say a black thing to do when you have a black father they tell you very early on when a cop pulls you over hands out let them see it you know it's taught to us yes well we're when we're born and raised especially where I grew up so you know I even been profiled and you know like and I'm half-black you know you don't know what I really am a lot of people but I've been profiled so I know when I see when I hear the stories and I've been in cars with my friends that are dark skinned black and they've been pulled over and it's a thing where you're upset because you feel like you're being

► 01:23:56

out but me and once that cop walks over you need to show all due respect because they they control that game now it's a hundred percent their game once they pull up to your window your and their car we all should think that they are entirely necessary for a civilized society hundred percent and if you want to be able to call the police or some shit is going down you should appreciate them when they're there and you know this does not discount all the bad calls yeah absolutely not this count all the things we've all seen the shootings were unjustified punches or unjustified this is what we have to keep though perspective because there's so many interactions there's so many cops out there that are dealing with PTSD all day long because for a decade or two decades of their life they have been dealing with crime and violence all day long every day and they dress like the enemy they're not just a cop there cop who has to wear a cop outfit so everywhere you go like when you weren't playing quake and you play into that

► 01:24:56

goes quite dude has a special flag over his head you know that's a Target if you see if you see cops like bad guy see cops as the enemy you're being paid to be the enemy even if you've never had an interaction of you're a bad guy and that's a cop that's the enemy and that is a crazy but addition ask people to be but even for people that don't have interactions what cops a lot they still consider the enemy sure like because if they pull you over for speeding like I it's gone through my mind it's like nobody's on the road right now why are you pulling me over for speeding like I'm not hurting anybody it's just a waste of time well you know how to write a ticket because they have to write a certain amount to the right and that's and that's when I think it goes over the top where it's like come on now I was talking to a cop about that I said okay no let me ask you this what if everybody agreed to never speed like we made up like a six-month agreement in this country where we would never speed and know one speed it and there was no more traffic violations in terms of speeding tickets what the fuck would

► 01:25:56

but he was like people would just get laid off left and right they would just kindly yeah you just there were like I think they would just slash the police department they put quotas on you because you're a glorified Revenue collector I mean that's what those don't you think that's a problem though like when you're pulling people over and I think that it all looks problems with the police and people start from the court and that's a major problem if you have to pull over people even if you're a cop and go they're not really doing anything bad but I have to meet my quota of tickets that starts from a very negative Place terrible terrible playable Place terrible place in terrible place for both parties terrible place for the cop to bury his head in the sand and realize he's right and someone to take it for no reason you know like you catch someone speed limit 65 they're sick they're going 69 you pull them over like kit the fuck really yeah how do you can't even pay attention like there's no way unless I'm not looking at the road like unless I have cruise control or I'm not looking at the road all I might get to see

► 01:26:56

Dean I know my back up to 65 again even if I'm trying to go the speed limit but I know people that have been pulled over four miles over a hundred percent yeah but as a driver of that car going for Miles you're pissed yeah like automatically act yeah you just got jacked and in your mind you're protecting and we all know he's writing a ticket just to write a ticket it's probably the 27th or 28th of the month yep and they got to meet their quota and he just put like that's where they driving to Vegas is the worst they set up traps up and especially close to the end of the month you know if you're driving to Vegas go to speed limit because they're waiting for you I got pulled over by plane you seen this going to Vegas they have planes that now radar you they don't even and then they send out cop cars so to pull your own array Radars you and then a cop car pulls overlike yes oh my God yeah yeah and that was the last time we went to Vegas I went with my wife and son and we got pulled like a cop car came out of nowhere and my wife here's the difference you know the this shows that my wife is

► 01:27:55

right from Wyoming right and this is the big difference that's real white that that's why it's I Pilgrim that's like Casper the Friendly Ghost white it's like cowboy white right now y'all translucent color right yeah only Cowboys up there Wyoming Cowboys yeah did you your wife grew up on a ranch no shit no no no I think that cities yeah they she's grew up in Gillette this Gillette Wyoming the fuck is that Gillette Wyoming how many people they're 80 I think 3,000 come on nah seriously they're like The Brady Bunch I married into the Brady Bunch like seriously they're real life it's like good morning Michael how are you like they are those Pete's kind of cool no it's great so a cop pulls us over for this Vegas strip and this is the difference in cultures we have and this is why I try to tell my wife when the cop came over his name let's say officer Andrew he comes over I'm very polite I said yes sir you got it no problem I was speeding no problem my wife and the cop goes we pulled you over by a plane so it gives me a ticket I'm like hey officer have

► 01:28:55

great days like you too sir my wife is in the backseat with my son rolls down the window when he's walking away and goes excuse me how do you know it was this black SUV I see lots of black SUVs passing us and it's from a plane are you serious I'm like I'm about to die the cop turns back around like comes to my side of the window and says excuse me ma'am and but just a privilege to be able to talk to a cop like that because she has no idea she has no idea that's the real white privilege that's the real one and I'm like babe and I'm like telling the God tell me about telling the cops I'm saying hey baby it's okay I was speeding yeah this on stage no you fucking should I know dude that's hilarious and I'm like you should for sure I will but I will Dage it's it's just it's scared me because I was scared because she's the cop comes back around write that down right now okay that pad write it down write it down you must talk about this on stage

► 01:29:55

eight wife yeah top right almonds walnuts wife Kathleen privilege plane radar black SUV play Wyoming Cowboys white people ok we got a whole feet we gotta Tango catch dude so shoehorn so horseshoe he comes back over and he's trying to explain to my wife like about a plane and she's given this cop attitude oh no yeah oh no and when we drive off I go baby you cannot do that like you almost killed me she was like stop being ridiculous I'm like no no you really know you really killed you never know never know wrong guy wrong place wrong time wrong history wrong background wrong state of mind that he's in what if he didn't like a black dude married to a white woman for sure yeah like and she didn't get that but now she gets that because we have a son you know what I mean so I think once you have a multi-ethnic son now she's like oh

► 01:30:55

all about Moana I'm all about she doesn't like she's all about the ethnic cartoons and not the White House she's trying she's trying she's got a cheating good mindset yeah she's trying and her family's trying you know it sucks that anybody has to ever worry about getting accidentally shot by a cop and the problem I think is not going to go away until the problem of crime goes away and that's not going to happen either so like what do we do to make life safer for everybody that's a real good fucking question well I think everywhere nests for sure like people being aware of all these videos that's one thing that I think that black dot black lives matter did that people don't want to accept but it's really important it's became a national thought yes it's not just another story in the news it's a national salt like this is a movement to try to eradicate this and all the times are you seeing guys plant guns on people after they've shot them like all the crazy videos yeah you see videos of black people with no guns getting shot

► 01:31:55

and then here's the problem they go to court and then the cops are innocent you see the one where the guy's throws the gun down on the ground was it was it a taser what did he throw down on the ground there was like he shot him and then as he's coming up to the body he'd drop something on the ground when I was growing up at least I don't know when it changed but cops were supposed to shoot not to kill you but to handicap you like shoot you in the leg shoot you in the arms you guys are not that good a shot there's a lot of cops that are just not good at shooting guns I mean there's a lot of that our military trains that are very professional and very serious who are but it's like look I watched a video the other day of a guy getting in an altercation it's off-duty cop got into an altercation with this guy and he tried to pull his gun out the guy grabbed him grabbed his risk I did not know how to fight at all and probably only knew how to like shoot people yeah he gets taken down the guy obviously new Jiu-Jitsu took him down mounted them took the gun from him through the gun away and beat the fuck out of them from the mount pounded on guy turns

► 01:32:55

back he gets his back he's beating the shit out of them it's horrific is this cop thought he was safe and pulled his gun but this isn't like one example of like just because someone's a cop doesn't mean they're well-trained prepared there are those out there for absolutely but there are also some slobs like I've seen some guys that are cop I'm like bro you can't run a block fuck are you a cop yeah yeah you know like this is a ridiculous position for you to put yourself in and anybody else you're trying to protect your handicap by gluttony yeah but but at the same time we do need them we need to need to cut and because we need them to be more respected and appreciated they're not very respected and appreciated by a lot of people I think that's a and see what a huge my service what I hate about this conversation whatever side they're on with the cops are going to pull whatever they want because we've talked negative 1 times negative we said some things about and I hate how we're in such a polar place where oh you're either for more against and that's like with everything and that's what I hate you can't have a conversation

► 01:33:55

anymore yeah and that's where we're at right now it's like you can't say anything wrong with cops because then you don't support the cops if you support the cops then you'll get attacked by the other side going oh well they kill innocent people I know sure I know what container clip of anything you've said today without further elaboration because most of what you said you further elaborate absolutely they could take that one snippet and just put a little clip up somewhere Michael Yost said this or worse yet quote it this is what he said about cops we look fuck him yeah funny was Prokop like that's well that's the world we live in today yeah this is the world we live in and that's why I so horrible man well it isn't it's not it is got that part is horrible but it's the best time to be alive ever the best time to be alive in terms of our ability to understand our effect on each other the best time to be alive in terms of our ability to access information the best time for for something is going on you'll alert people that this thing like a crime is take all hundred percent we could spread the news of it so

► 01:34:55

just have to we were just not used to so much we're not used to so much that we have to deal with all day and we're not designed for so much and it happened in 35 years you know like like just think about like our parents right when we were growing up the TV was black and white and then it went color and that was the great thing for them for us there were no cell phones or Internet yeah and then in our in like the last 35 years I'll I don't think you'll ever see a technology boom like in this last 35 years so many advancements happen so quick and that's why we today can't react to them fast enough we don't know like like now parents are doing like parents that are our age are doing the same things the kids are doing where my dad never cared about playing Atari or doing anything he had totally different interests where now the kids that are coming up since this boom is so fast we're still learning new technology and now our kids are learning it with us and there's no separation I agree and I think it's definitely

► 01:35:55

in like untreated territory but I disagree that will never see a boom in technology like we've already seen I think we're we haven't even scratched the surface a lie yeah we haven't even scroll when you have but I guess I'm saying things that change the world like there was no internet Joe do now there's that you know mosque is working on called neural link and I don't know exactly how this works she wouldn't exactly explain it but the concept is about increasing the bandwidth between human brain activity and information somehow or another to get information quicker to you and have you access it in a quicker manner I don't know what the fuck that means it's something you wear on your head some do just tried it Jamie there's an article that just yeah some dude just said I might or might not have tried Elon musk's neural link like he's kind of like Bound by silence but there is a real possibility

► 01:36:55

you that think about what here's here's how to look at it think about Wi-Fi right Wi-Fi is in this room we use it you can access you can shut your phone off and turn your Wi-Fi on and you'll be able to access all the information on the internet where is that coming from where is that it's in the air so this guy it's all around us if you can wear something that picks up on that in the same way picks up on Wi-Fi in the same way it picks up on cellular signals whether its 4G or 5G which is coming out soon which is supposed to be unstoppable and changeful yeah if that can feed information directly to your brain through something that you wear just the way they do these you know they have these electrodes they put on your head and they send magnetic pulses different parts of the brain helps people with traumatic brain injuries helps people with depression they've been able to do this by taking these little things and they stick them to your head and they send this pulsating magnet in there they could already affect the brain with external stimulation

► 01:37:55

they already know how to do that if they can figure out how to do that in a much more sophisticated way we are on the edge of becoming cyborgs and it's not far away we're talking about within the next decade maybe two decades there's gonna be something that changes a person and makes you like if you are a person with a limited education and no phone think about how what didn't but think about how little access to hundreds knowledge base you had now if you're a person with limited access to information and education but you have a phone and that phones online you have everything so that changes everything this person now can access all the knowledge I mean it's not perfect if you Google things some of the things are bullshit some articles are dumb they don't make sense but you have possibility of finding all the information now in the future I think that as going that's going to be escalated and it's going to be escalated exponentially

► 01:38:55

to be some new leaps in technology that happened that guys like you and I the don't work in the field we're not we're going to see it coming it's people are working on these things right now and they're competing with people in China and Russia and all of the world that are also working on these Technologies and they're going to get through and they going to make something and that something is going to change reality as we know it and it's probably right around the corner the same way cell phones and the internet changed our reality as compared to our parents this is going to change but the Douro thing is it right I get that your brain gets it right away but I don't know how it work but but let's say your brain gets it you put this machine on like this and then it sends it straight to your brain what's the difference of that besides quicker than you being on the computer and looking at you still getting don't think so I don't think that's the case but you're getting the same information I think that's how it works what does this guy say this is an April Fool's joke is an April Fool's joke oh is it what is the title the article Elon Musk might have let me try a neural link below but oh really funny

► 01:39:55

but let's say and I know you don't know about but let's say you put on a device in all the information goes to your brain mmm you're still getting the same information maybe not what if you ever seen someone use an exoskeleton you know next time know what is that exoskeleton is like suit that you put on that's like saved you work in a factory at allow you to pick up much heavier things like I never the movie Aliens yes Sigourney Weaver she's fucking up that thing she's inside that robot yeah okay anyway from our youth that's like a giant robotic exoskeleton this is an exoskeleton that they use for people that are paralyzed gosh it helps them walk okay they also are developing exoskeletons oh that's a chair huh well that's of the seven that's pretty dope this has extra legs oh that's pretty dope there's things that help people like that gal right there is not a big person but she can work in a factory and you can carry things that are much heavier than what you would normally be able to carry okay now they think that as technology

► 01:40:55

moves and improves their going to get to the point where they develop which essentially like an Iron Man suit that's like an exoskeleton you know the Iron Man suit like when he wears that he's invisible ink supplies he can smash things and pick things up and throw things that's going that that that is entirely possible that this is going to be our future that there's going to be suits that we wear that make us impervious look at this guy's got one let them fly around and he's got rockets that come out of his he thinks the government whatever approve that for us to get out of a chance it's not whether or not they improve approve it it doesn't have anything to do with them it has to do with the technologists it has to do with the scientist it has to do with the Geniuses that are creating these time these things because they're going to come in waves and these fucking dummies don't even understand what Facebook is yeah these are the same guys are going to stop these people from putting out Iron Man suits they're not going to tell them until it's way too late too late the world already know when they tell them they're going to make them for sale and they're not going to give them the option as to whether or not they're

► 01:41:55

they're just going to they're going to make them for people and then you can have to figure out the laws once people have them and then once grandma has one and all sudden Grandma's playing tennis again you tell me grandma can't play tennis because some bad guys want to use an exoskeleton rob a bank because that shit's coming all of its coming bulletproof exoskeleton I still everything you've said so far still to me is not bigger than not having Internet well the internet on the door but we don't know if that technology the thing that you can like talking to your phone and you could say Hey Siri when was the Constitution formulated yeah you know hey Siri what was the first draft of the Declaration of Independence written on you could you can ask those questions as cereal answers Google search will answer those questions for you but what if you just know it what if that thought interfaces with your brain in a way where it describes things maybe in symbols or direct feed of information through some unfathomable

► 01:42:55

see that literally just permeates language it's gets through all the way if I speak to use you information I speak to you in a different language it automatically translate it things like yes that's well they already could do that you know they have these Google earbuds yeah this pixel buds I think they're called really that worked would they just get rid of school or it's cool and be to tell you how to well you didn't need Scholars because you would need to know whether or not this this stuff is accurate you would need women and men who are educated in this and that's this is one of the reasons why the scientific method so important one of the reasons why when people shit on like ridiculous things like like grievance studies and a lot of the things that are overcoming universities these days where you're taking away with your Preposterous social justice ideology you're taking away from the real pursuit of knowledge and information because you want it to match up with your ideology this is a dangerous time to fuck with information absolutely because people already pooling up in these little Echo Chambers well they you know whether it's message boards or two

► 01:43:55

our groups that you're in and and they feed off of each other and agree on each other with each other all the time I'd be really careful with information these days and also you know what they have to keep Scholars to keep the real information because it's just like that one show I forgot what it's called black some black box black Black Mirror like they can change reality like literally like if you don't have Scholars to oversee this stuff they can be like oh you know what slavery never happened or this never happened and it would go away because the people born today will never know there's people that to this day will deny the Armenian Genocide this people to this day that deny that well this is a real thing yeah there are certain human beings that deny that it and what's it going to be like a hundred years from now I mean how many of those people will exist then there's a lot of those circumstances in life where you have to be really careful about what information is what's process like we have we have to you have to be a hundred percent accurate if you're saying something that is a historical record and you can't fuck with it at all

► 01:44:55

but they are now but the everybody has ever been hit with us the reasons why all religions are different right because everybody has their own little version of history mean as one of the reasons why many different religions have stories of Jesus but they vary widely vary yeah it was telling the truth well I mean it's it's thing where where what scary to me about this world today is that misinformation is out there all the time and people believed it and people just people don't read anymore they just listen to the bullet point and scream that out like literally and I don't want to get political or anything but but I remember when everybody was saying Obama is going to raise taxes and they were interviewing people that didn't even make $30,000 say oh he's gonna raise my taxes like nah he's not even talking about you but you yelling out a bullet point if you would have read the article you would have read you were fine that's the thing people are in today we want to yell out bullet points if Fox News if you watch that and they say this you're just yelling at that but you never read like if CNN is your thing

► 01:45:55

just yelling what they're saying but you don't read like me I watch both I actually read both articles I can talk politics all day like I think I think they're good things that Republicans do I think there's good things that Democrats who I think Democrats right now are in a state where there they fight amongst each other they're going to crush each other before the election even comes it's like Obama said it's a circle and fire Squad they're shooting at each other and and here's the thing the good thing about the Republicans bad or good however you take it if one of them says let's go they go with Democrats it's let's talk about it I mean it's more intelligent way to do it but they don't have each other's back I feel as much and that's why their messaging is always off that's why Donald Trump Donald Trump could have never been a Democrat like if Donald Trump said I want to run for president been a Democrat they there's there's they would have mesh well the Republicans it works because we just want to stay in charge

► 01:46:55

and whatever he says we're going to roll with you know George Bush weapons about let's go you know it's just their hundred percent behind it where I think do you think that is I want to you know I when I was like I've voted for Bush after 9/11 right because I'm from Texas you know and I think it's not allowed I had a lot of ideology ideology that o we want to pay back in its I don't want to say good old boys but it's like hey Rod let's go yeah that's the whole thing it's a man you remember when the flags run everybody's car oh yeah oh yeah and it was like we were all behind it to that was the weirdest I remember I was driving somewhere and I made a turn on the street near my house and it was one or two days after 9/11 and I never saw more flags on cars in my life it was like the world changed like everybody had a flag on their car and everybody cared about each other

► 01:47:55

he said that for and that's the thing that's sad about the world today is I tell I tell everybody and I'm not a politician but I will say this when you have two different teams that are Rivals they'll never come to the same conclusion unless there's tragedy mmm right when that was one of the things that Reagan said once we was talking about they were meeting with Gorbachev and he said I often wonder how we would put our differences aside if we were faced with an alien threat from another world oh we totally would like the idea that this global conflict that we think about in terms of Russia versus United States but there was some fucking aliens come down here War World style would be Independence Day everybody would join forces everybody because now you have a common enemy and I also believe the way the our country's being ran right now you know Trump is good at making an enemy that he survives off of enemy this person's enemy right now everybody attack now this person's enemy everybody attack him I'm not saying it's right or wrong I'm just saying

► 01:48:55

that's the way it is yeah he just fucks with people apparently there's some dude that's his head of secret security a secret service that he calls Dumbo is a dude has big ears he replaced them how he fired up dude he is he's a fucking Wild Man and he's probably on speed that's what I think but it's crazy man like I'm just watching this in Solaria seeing if it wasn't the fact that you think that like the moral fiber of our country's deteriorating is this time he does have big ears that's big as Master beers

► 01:49:27

wow well well but I know a lot of people big ears that I like dearly but don't you but but don't you believe this yo let's be honest if America like the whole country could look in the mirror When Donald Trump was elected it's a reflection of America when he got when he got voted Its Reflection of a percentage of us is sure no no but egotistical its General Fromm on a vote of some but I don't want to generalize like in terms of like say that's America I would I would for a joke yeah but I mean if you were being serious but I'm being but I am being serious well then why were there is why I was there the women's March were millions of women well let me tell you let me tell you why because I think Donald Trump here's a here's when everybody was depressed on Trump was President I go you got to look at the positives if Hillary was elected those women would have never got together to March Donald Trump has brought more people together against him Margaret we were marching Americans were marching for

► 01:50:27

after Donald Trump became president the positivity that Donald Trump has created with the opposition and the in the togetherness you had a million woman March because Donald Trump was President yet people Marching for the Muslims because Donald Trump was president he's brought for the first time I feel like they decide that opposes Donald Trump they're more together than ever and even though we say it's rip the country apart you know because you know there's some problems in this country but it has brought a bunch of people together and I don't think if Hillary was President you wouldn't have had the women March you wouldn't have had the Marshfield Muslims you wouldn't have people back in immigrants she's start executing men's that's what she would do is she would take him out Town Square and start shooting them first with Bill Bill be the first one to go ahead him on television well that was the whole thing like you

► 01:51:18

public execution yeah just like Iran are just like our allies in Iran but but don't you but don't you think as Iran do public executions is a Syria Syria does right but don't you think like when Hillary didn't stand up to build that's why she lost everybody started way before the election well as women wanted her to stand up to him back then I don't know what she did or didn't write it will just how much we did publicly and publicly why would she do that it's that seems like it's crazy to do like why why are you you're a dignified person you're going to publicly well not trash but you don't have to stand next to them even Melania Trump bounces on Trump you know she's like she's like Mom look Hilary without build didn't exist I think that guy was a dick slinging Buccaneer and he made his way into the motherfucking White House and she rode that wave it was a giant V12 sucking gasoline like

► 01:52:17

going a style blowing a big wake behind it and she was hanging on to that fucking wakeboard line Jesus Bill where are we going she wasn't got now to Arkansas she wasn't getting in the white house she wasn't the secretary of state settled down with that thing sense so it's kind of like hey you know what you got yourself into is that what you're saying well there's that and there's also she's a liar that all know how to fire yeah like and maybe it's she's a liar because she's a politician but when just you compare what was public like her knowledge of what went wrong with the email servers and all that jazz and many other instances to that just one will talk about and what Comey said when Comey was examining the evidence and what they did wrong what she said they did wrong they're very different very different thing very different things and this is politics right if you are base hears you say something that isn't true but you say it with confidence even though that evidence doesn't support it that argument takes

► 01:53:17

is and it blurs the gray area in the middle between guilt and innocent do you think when when somebody gets elected president they have a meeting without yeah and then they say these are the things you can go after and these are the things you can't because if you go after this we can't protect you from it I really believe those conversations happen in the White House like when I say think they they say they can't protect you from I think like after the Jews no no no I'm saying like there's certain organizations like the Rockefellers alone there's certainly from the Rothschild there's certain organizations you talk about the CFR know I'm let's say they had a Bohemian Grove the I just think there's a list of Corporations big corporations that run America that they say you can't go after because a lot of presidents go in there saying I'm a do this against this court I'm not going to even say the corporation because I want to live and I feel that secret service really cause these people in the president's and go hey

► 01:54:17

so you can't go after here's who you can't and if you do go after those you can on your own because we won't be able to save you because they're too powerful well I believe in that there are giant corporations that have incredible influence on politicians because they will reach yeah and spend so much money to keep them in power and get them into power and help contribute to the campaigns and then they present scratch each other's backs if the president were to go in and say I'm a get rid of all lobbyists that President would not make it through his term well it's hard to say that no it's not no there's too much money Joe I mean I don't use much right if I'm gonna agree with you in this day and age it's hard to say that because you'd have to get everybody on board with killing a president I think they definitely did it with Kennedy Oh you mean I think it hundred percent you know I was talking to you know do you have to get up at our powers no but do you have to get everybody on board yeah I mean it just to get everybody on board or knows about it because otherwise people are going to tell if you go and kill the fucking president you have to get

► 01:55:17

I'm Boris as what we're probably going to get raided by the Secret Service right now but I'm saying if you want to kill President it's not like it used to be I think it used to be less consequential not that it was always I mean like John Wilkes Booth days right they easier to kill the president and you could just roll up yeah then Kennedy way easier to kill a president 1963 than his kill President 2019 could you still do it yeah but you're probably going to get caught like you would probably get caught it let you would have to have I mean there would have to be all you would have to have a tiny small circle of fucking sociopaths and Psychopaths and they all agree to keep it hush to me it's just one person calling another person saying do this pay him off and then you can get caught but one look be have Secret Service you have military protecting them yeah it's different yeah because you'd have to go a lot of layers to get past all that

► 01:56:11

you know and someone would have to make a mistake in mapping like that was one of the things I said about Dealey Plaza they rolled Kennedy through they like what fucking security person would ever agree to let someone roll through the convertible with buildings all around yeah yeah and then also you have to take that long slow turn where you know something just drive by going 50 miles an hour and you got to get your gonna shoot him quick know the guy was driving slow it's ridiculous like you're asking for someone to get assassinated but I just I just really feel like There Are Rules like that will never ever know about but once you get in there they're like hey here's what you need to know here's what you need to know not to go against I would think that if anybody's going to tell us that's Trump I think the best thing that could ever happen is that Trump gets out of his terms in the white house he just starts talking if it starts writing plugs tell us everything yeah you want to be the king of the world right a fucking huge book on exactly what it's like the day you become the president that would be insane

► 01:57:11

I mean howhow do you think he's going to be treated once it gets out though the love them you think so little of Bush People hated Bush they're called Bush a war criminal now he's an adorable Grandpa paints no it's true it's true look man what a whatever people you hated Obama when he was in office they're going to love them within a few years I mean most people that were supporters of Obama they love him now yeah I mean he's like yeah I mean I don't know I think they're going to I think a certain percentage of the population loves Trump right now period and you know they have reasons to back it up in terms of like the economy what they think is happening with job creation all these different things that he's doing that may or may not have devastating implications depending on who you talk to that's an expert and I'm not one yeah me neither but there's obviously and then also people say well this is a trend that was actually going on during the Obama Administration he's just riding the wave maybe I'm too stupid I don't understand that stuff but I'm saying there's a in terms

► 01:58:11

numbers it's not like the country is completely imploding right now I mean maybe some people by some people's metric it's not doing as well as he would like to pretend it is probably but my thing is it doesn't even matter like when they say the stocks are up and all its what matters is your personal life are you in a better place because he's president like I think we can kind of do but yeah for some people they're not right some people like if you get routed up by Ice no you're not yeah you know I mean that's horrible this is the worst time ever for perception of us in terms of like the way we handle immigrants well you know you know the the bad part about immigrants it's all bad but you know the problem is they've dealt with this problem what for the last 30 40 years I mean and if they make nicer facilities let's say they know they're coming so they don't have enough judges the the facilities are horrible so let's say they make nicer facilities then the government thinks the whole thinking of the government is if we do that then that's going to

► 01:59:11

courage more to come because now it's nice yeah they're like bro you get over there nice your shower that you have delicious food yeah that would taco stand you fucking party over there bro Margaritas you party with the guards once you get to know them they're good guys and that's the thing is like what do you do what do you do like I think I thinks this is a problem that will take generations to fix and the only way really is a problem with it's really going to get fixed really is two ways one you got to make drugs legal and to you got to prop up all these countries all these countries that are third world countries where these people are fleeing because they don't have any possibility there's no hope for them wherever they are if they're incredibly poor countries there's no future the they don't they don't have the resources they don't have anything to do so the only way you can keep people happy on a global scale as you've got to figure out like we have the highest of the highs right I like wealthy people in the industrialized

► 02:00:11

Western World right the lowest of the lows are people that lived in that are living in these places that are disease-ridden poverty-stricken horrible with no future you got we've got to figure out a way to bring everybody to a comfortable middle all over the world so that there's no extreme poverty in any location anywhere for what we want to eradicate diseases okay for sure we do right we all do don't we want to eradicate the problem the dis ease of poverty is a dis ease it's a terrible feeling to be poor and scrounging for food in a crime-ridden environment and the only way to fix that is put attention on those areas and use money to try to raise it up they're not going to raise up on their own they never have no they never and never will yeah the I just think globally if people ever could get their shit together and this is what I hope this is my if I had like a pipe dream of Technology yes the technology gets us to a place where we can

► 02:01:11

each other's minds and I think this is a possible and I think once we can read each other's minds we can understand that we're not that dissimilar the we're not nearly as far apart as we think we are and that most of our problems that we have are problems of ego and problems of ideology and problems of ethics and morals and and truth and lies and that reading each other's minds will sort a lot of that out and then we're going to figure out a way to I don't want to say like for redistribution of wealth I don't think you should just give people things what I think you should do is try to figure out a way to rebuild communities and give people opportunities to live better lives and we have to do that Global I think but I think the problem today is presented to because I listened to both sides when you travel as a comic you'll people just come up to you and tell you their views on shorts random things so you hear from both sides one side is like I don't want to just give out stuff for free you know I why should I give them stuff I worked hard for mine and the other you got other people that go

► 02:02:11

we need to help everyone out because we are the world type of situation you know the both right there was riots confusing yes yeah they're a hundred percent both right but you don't want to give people stuff but you don't want to just you got lucky yeah you got lucky as fuck you're born America mean you're from Texas I'm from Boston dude we're from like the industrialized Western World in the Pinnacle of civilization in terms of like opportunity there's never been a place like this where the luckiest fucking people have salami in it anybody doesn't acknowledge that you got to be crazy man was I became friends with this lady at a restaurant and me and my wife and son would always go in there and we got really close and she was just talking about like you know our families from Ecuador and her kids she can't afford her kids to be over here so she sent him to school over there and she keeps sending money over there but like it's riddled gangs nothing but gangs out there and if they find out you're in America sending money back the hold your family hostage

► 02:03:11

you know what I mean and it's and that's real people don't believe that they think they are that's not its writ like this lady we've known for over like eight years and she tells these stories about like her sending the money and she has a person out there that that basically you know lives in a little house and keeps everything secret because if it comes out that she sending money to him they'll hold that family hostage and they'll have taken years off and shit yeah like it that's real bad like bad and we're living here you know we're lucky we're doing this podcast but there are people struggling and when I hear people go you know that's their problem nah that's that's terrible the world you're you're awful human being my perspective sucks it for sure it's terrible and it's going on all over the world and it's creating this and I feel that you know we're creating this me me me yeah situation but I also think we need to also have conversations about it I did a I did a show in Kansas City and I always talk about when I do stand-up

► 02:04:11

politics so you know you do the local press and things and there were people to come out to my shows and Trumpets like literally wearing Trump hats with a set of front row and then fuck with you I don't know but I don't we did also I don't care what they probably did they probably did because because after the show literally in when I say Trump supporter like they look what I mean like the big Husky guy Le hey how you doing like that time you think and ago we hurt our wife said you weren't gonna talk politics so we want see you know and and then she goes he's right you didn't you know and they we wanted to see we're going to sit up front where I Trump at support our leader yes case you crack any fun he's about as orange Skinner's fucked up here I didn't I didn't because it's not my comedy but they bought all basically they bought tons of March because I didn't do it and they also said something that was important and I think this is important to know when you try to make a point to somebody when you start off yelling at them it's never going to go well if you can

► 02:05:11

saying it to him through your eyes and not yell have a conversation because I talk a lot about like you know I talk a lot about growing up in an all-white neighborhood in the racist things that I encountered and I didn't yell at them and I didn't say I hate white people I just told my point of view and they actually were open in they actually respond I understand now you know nobody's ever explained it to us like that and I think it's about conversation not we watch TV it's all about you suck you suck well let me tell you why you know it's you got to start from a place put it like this Evie I don't know if you heard of this green deal where they want to take 70% of anyone that makes over 10 million dollars seventy percent of their income that's hilarious that's hilarious it's the dumbest thing that's AOC right yeah idea it's the dumbest thing ever I mean I wasn't calling her but no know that I like her but hey good luck bitch as a expression yes I like her too I like it but I agree with her

► 02:06:11

that but I like her but what I'm saying is my friend was like oh you know if the Democrats win that's going to get passed because we hate rich people and I go that's the problem we're starting at hate the reason why you think it's going to pass because you think people hate rich people see and that's what you got to have a conversation except here's nothing the first of all you've got incompetent use of funds like where does the money go our tax where did I go yeah that if you tax the rich that all sudden all the problems will stop existing that's so silly you still have been competent people that are Distributing the money they're just create more jobs they'll be more red tape and we get one more and that's yeah well we gotta do is figure out a real plan for engineering our civilization better that's that's what people have to do and they should be like real discussion from like real experts biologists historians people who really understand who is psychologists people really understand human beings really understand what's wrong with our society today and we have an

► 02:07:10

discussion but you know that Kenny that never after but that can never happen of course I can but no no right now because of the government because they here's the thing what do you mean that can happen it's we have to look at it in terms of what real priority but no it goes by it goes by the whoever parties in charge their priorities it's not it like my problem is to make it a priority for the nation that's what I'm saying but it's not impossible but until you have a person I believe everything to be fixed this is a simple fix if you just select a person that takes some Republican values and some democratic values the thing is right now in politics you have to be one or the other like if I can if a person came in as go you know what I like these Republican ideas I like these Democratic ideas let's roll I'm Abby down the middle and less roll with both called being a Centrist yeah that exist yeah but it needs to win but that can happen it can happen all of it but a tool that has a person look but until that happens what does it mean though does it will every four years we figure out what happened

► 02:08:11

right and before Trump won we never thought a reality show fucking guy could win but that guy won yeah and you go okay well now we know that happens all this stuff can happen this is not like we're not asking for Alchemy we're not trying to turn lead into gold we're trying to figure out a way but you're going against a system that then is is you are no we the see there's a new system the new system is the system of public opinion which is readily accessible absolutely and that's never happened before there's never been a time where everyone had a say in one way shape or form whether it's through commenting through Instagram or Twitter or social media that's one of the reasons why upholding the freedom of speech in these things is so important even if people are saying things you don't agree with ya the only way this all gets sorted out as we get to figure out a way to express ourselves and there's going to be arguments back and forth but what you got to do is someone's got to put forth an educated plan like a plan that's based on science and reason and a plan that you can debate against opposers of that plan but

► 02:09:10

you have people that don't believe in science a lot of how do you how do you only but surely going to educate people it's gonna take Generations is what I'm saying it's like the momentum of our stubbornness and our past and the the sort of the systems that we find ourselves stuck in systems behavior and thinking and culture all that stuff is going to take a long time yeah we sort the wheat from the chaff we got to figure out what's good and what's bad and we're doing it we're doing it but it would do an actively and it's frustrating because you like God damn it this is the worst time we still have all these problems we still have cops shooting people we still have crime we still have Wall Street theft we still have all this stuff yeah but you know what I like him but you know what I like is we know about it now yeah where it's not hidden like 20 years ago like you heard in let's go 30 years ago you heard in wa make that sound F the police yeah and they're talking about the same things that are happening today except you would hear the song and go oh that's a great song that's not Rodney King yeah right the kick you watched him get the fuck beat out

► 02:10:10

yeah on TV and here's the thing about the Rodney King thing that guy apparently was a like we've done a bunch of crazy shit right you got in a car chase with the cops beat the fuck out of somebody before that there was a lot going on you just got to see the end of it while this guy is was he on what is he on I don't know your son I don't know if he was he on a drug I think he was on PCP PCP apparently makes you look super human strong I had a buddy of mine who got his finger bitten off while he's on PCP so didn't even know her bitten off by who a street fight yeah it's like he didn't even realize his face because he was he was on PCP didn't realize how many bit his finger off and he went to yeah yeah he had his toe removed and his toe put onto his finger whereas finger used to be was it a thumb knows his pinky fingers up put his trigger finger so on one of his any had it curved so he could always throw right hooks so is when you shake his hand

► 02:11:10

who'd give you like this weird handshake well he would shake your hand but there was always one finger that wouldn't be cut to the middle didn't move good yeah because they had it was really his toe that they replaced his finger with a toe that must look weird it was weird it was real weird yeah but that's PCP son living at PCP like fucking crazy people in Boston man he was a boxing coach yeah I don't know ma'am it's just when you get to a better place yeah we're getting to a better place but I think it's a long slow process I think we are in the I mean there's people that say you like hey to minimize the suffering that people feel right now is in just few to say that is outrageous and it's just a Hallmark of your delusional perspective that's not true this is not denying the awful things of the world awful things of the world exist but if you tried to look at this as a mathematical equation if you looked above you would say well there's a lot of problems here there's a lot of competing factors

► 02:12:10

is environmental factors like what are they doing in the world what are they doing at the ocean what are they doing in the arrow Jesus everything is warming up and people are fighting over what's causing it like they're not even paying attention this is madness but look how much knowledge there is look how much discussion there is which movements are moving and growing and people are even when they're misinformed it's still there's activity there's all this stuff going on even when you know someone says hey we're going to tax everybody that makes more than 10 million dollars seventy percent like bitch am tax and shit stop just stop stop stop stop stop just because someone works really hard you can't take all of it look stop people from stealing money stop people from but if you if people say well we want equality of outcome okay as soon as we get equality of effort talk to me yes as soon as we can because some people don't hustle they just don't and I don't know why maybe it's the way they were raised maybe they have poor nutrition maybe they'll hook worm I don't know what the fuck it is but don't say that everybody's supposed to hit the right spot everyone's gonna

► 02:13:10

to the spot and then after that spot we're going to divvy up all the money so nobody ever takes more than a hundred thousand dollars a year in the world's a better place but that doesn't make the world better know that makes lazy people happy yeah that some fucking Juggernaut like Mark Cuban or one of these billionaire characters is like hustling constantly and Gathering up massive resources yeah he's playing the game of Monopoly but he's playing it 24 hours a day 7 days a week that's his option he can do that you can't stop people from doing that well you can stop them is from doing in just things with that money and wait maybe you can do is like help someone like lean towards like a Bill Gates Type situation where he does so much good and so much charitable work and helps out so many people that he go oh well maybe it's not a bad thing for a guy like that to have all that money because he don't have to think of them as just mr. Moneybags like maybe you think of them as he does have access to all this money but he's also this incredible resource for Hope and change and prosperity for some fun I think I think like I think people wouldn't mind giving

► 02:14:10

money to something that they see being built like if there's work into it right people hate the idea of just giving money and not seeing something from it sure you know but when you guilty even if the people that don't know what the fuck to do with it and they just going to find a use for it because that's what bureaucracy is yeah I don't know man no no I don't know Joe we just I don't know either but I do know that it's fashionable to say it sucks it's fashionable to say everything sucks well it's easy to say that but like you said but I really think it starts with if the government is not on the same page and they're always fighting you can't you can't move forward they all this great stuff yours can't move forward because it starts from the top Joe that's true but it starts from the top what's interesting is one of the things that's cool about the government fighting is you get to see that like even the president can't do the things that he wants yes he has to consult with people and they have to agree on something

► 02:15:10

and it has to be reasonable they have to present it to the American people and so the people have to represent their constituents and so you're seeing this really fascinating thing because you've never had a guy like Trump in office before so you see him say he's going to do things and then you see the rest of this isn't going the fuck you are yeah the fuck you are and then you watch this stalemate you watch this this go down and you watch these people being forced to negotiate in the way Trump is forced to talk about Nancy Pelosi because she has so much power you know you know who have to call her a cunt oh yeah you have to call her told which like the fuck out of here he has a paler spec because he has now golf claps right in his face she's like is enough man I it's so fun to watch it's so fun to watch right now it is a fun time man and what social media being so big how do you how do you deal with people like that the haters because there's so many people as I call them dumb thugs but how do you deal you just there's hate in the dark I don't know what they're doing you don't read all that comment sir I don't mean shit anymore man yeah very very rarely

► 02:16:10

go into mentions if I do it's usually mistake I just I just do my best to do my best I post and I go I post and ghost you don't even look at people's feeds do you know I look at some people's feet and again when I'm bored yeah you know I'll read some things you know what look at some cool pictures I watch some inspirational shit I like going to the rocks seeing them lifting weights make pumped up want to go to the gym I mean the rock is a bit let me tell you I he Fletcher I interviewed the rock the first time I met him was like 11 years ago during the game plan and we just hit it off right game playing the game plan that's where he played a quarterback he was a lot thinner is hisses first breakout movie okay that put a needle Scorpion and then the game plan and after that interview he took some time and just talk to me he wasn't the rock then I mean it was and then over the years every time I interviewed him he would pull me aside and go are you going to my acting coach are you doing this are you doing that is there anything I can help you with and I'm like why I like and then he got bigger and bigger and the last time I saw

► 02:17:10

same thing yo are you doing are you going to acting coach are you working on your goals are you improved like literally his Instagram but in real life and I'm and it's and he'll never know this but it's a thing that's for me just average Schmo Michael Yo to take the time out every time I interview them to ask me if I'm achieving my goals if I'm moving forward in life giving me positive things positive thoughts to take that time like five minutes after every interview in this dude is booked non-stop but to actually take time and it's just so inspirational in to see him be the biggest movie star in the world and he knows everybody's name he's very respected I don't know if he has a earpiece but like this he's like the president when he wasn't he knows everybody he could be president he co-founded percent a hundred percent compressor set he can--what I perform I would too because he believes he's just a hard also comes from humble beginnings yes you mean he's in Hawaii right now and he's filming on his Instagram is talking about all the

► 02:18:10

it goes back to the check to see where he was where's from when he was poor and starving yeah you know I mean he really is from humble beginnings I mean he had only like you know it's the story of like five dollars left in his account and then he got discovered in wrestling and I knew him in Miami when he was doing WWI interviewed him a couple times over there and and he played for the University of Miami my favorite college football team so it's a thing where you know the history of 11 years but for him that big to take time to motivate me separately and you know I know if he sees me out he knows my name but it's not like I'm texting I'm not like Kevin Hart with them and just to be a random dude that he takes time out every time he sees me to make sure I'm hitting my goals and moving forward with my career and not back and then offering hey if you ever need anything get in touch with me you know I would never take him up on that but it's a thing where I'm nobody he's the rock and to be that inspiration I mean it just does so much man like it

► 02:19:10

it little things that big celebrities do or somebody that really inspires you like they don't know how much that means like just some just that little time he spins yeah it makes them most I think he does know I think he's a genuine leader he is you know it's hundred percent think that's why so many people like him because what he says is it's authentic like it's really who he is there is nothing fake about that man I don't have to be fake not have to be successful and if you want to work as hard as that guy you could be successful I asked one else like you just take a bunch of pictures at the gym like and just post throughout the day because you're always get that big from taking pictures groan oh man that guy's picking heavy shit up that's too big but you know what I left that's just too big joke stop too big for him now but he's an action star dude and he's the first action start at looks like an act like I would welcome to save my life in real life wow he's what is he like six seven or some shit like yeah he's he's giant he's a little bit taller me I'm sleeping giant yeah

► 02:20:10

mine is built like a fucking like a legitimate superhero like Will Smith was my guy but I left Will Smith for the rhyme you left him no no I see stuff well no I know but like I do what you gotta do but burning building a burning building Who's Gonna Save You who's going to save you well spent for might save you too

► 02:20:30

aliens coming at you Independence Day did you not see Will Smith save the world you modified Dogma it look I Love Will Smith but an earthquake an earthquake well if you want someone to hold one hand on the top of a building thank you and then hold your wrist with another and know that he's got you according to the movie poster that's the Roxy I never saw Will Smith holding the top of a building Welshman told me to come by the hand Will Smith can shoot a gun and get those those zombies he did I Am Legend oh man what a great movie fucking move all my goodness great fucking movie God you but Will Smith in the Rock need to make a movie together they now have because I know that that would be amazing be the biggest move in the history of no history and they bow out Tom Cruise get them all together Tom Cruise Will Smith and the Robbie every interview Tom Cruise no but only with my brain when I'm in my sensory deprivation tank he reaches out to me does he really makes a mind-meld he puts on his

► 02:21:30

a Scientology earbuds and he astral travel but I tell you it's amazing interview Tom Cruise what's amazing about it it's because you hear so many different stories do you wake up with your pants off no I didn't know not not that time where am I he sympathized bait but he doesn't break eye contact with you mmm that's what I like no he just like game hey what's up yeah and what he'll do is I get nervous no I'm not no no no that's what he's doing is he's nervous well or he's just wants you to know he's he's locked in right like he will not break eye contact like if you look over here B Prime makes it harder for you to ask fucked up questions to know what he does it I tell all my what he does I tell all my friends when you interview Tom Cruise he will take ask him a question he'll try to make it three minutes long so he doesn't have you can't ask him that many so you got to learn you gotta build a relationship with them so then you can ask him a bunch see I've interviewed him so many times I'll walk it I remember one time I walked in the room is like hey Tom I got five minutes so we're going to have to

► 02:22:30

these questions so I got to that point but he he's great in Nice Guy did you ever get to Scientology no never is that part of the deal you can't ask him about that well I heard a part of Scientology is for you to walk out the room saying how great they are and I just made sense I just did it right yeah so maybe yeah works it did it just that's just a philosophy on like how to influence people right yeah positively influence people you want those people really thinking the best of you well good strategy well everybody was like all these crazy is this is that every time I interview he's great I love me I love tempers some of my favorite people are crazy yeah yeah it's tell me someone's crazy it doesn't shake me I'm not like okay well my socks damn they're crazy my favorite people are all crazy yeah like literally crazy my favorite people so for someone tells me that someone's crazy I'm like okay what else you got what crazy on scary to me like Will Smith is awesome he's got to be crazy Will Smith

► 02:23:30

sure no no no not too nice to nice to Smart no you can ask here so that is e no you Scientologist I have no idea might be the problem is what is the problem is the problem I had dude the problem I have would be the entertainment before they hit they give you questions to ask and you have to ask him or literally it could be your job so they flowed out like a bunch of real dumb ones he did they give you any room to like oh yeah you could do whatever you want but they'll be like hey you gotta ask this question and it's like if somebody just got divorced you got to be like hey right we're having a divorce damn and it sucks yes women that yeah that's why I stopped doing it man I couldn't one time what's her name Anna what's her name shoot she was in Devil's wear Prada not Meryl Streep but and Anne Hathaway so they gave me the dumbest question as Anne Hathaway Kim Kardashian Kanye West were on the cover of Vogue

► 02:24:30

and right before that it was a Anne Hathaway and so they told me they go hey why don't you ask her what she thinks about the cover because everybody was like oh this is bullcrap that Kim Kardashian's on I asked Anne Hathaway that question and she goes well you know I don't run the magazine so it really doesn't matter to me I like fine so I've finished questioning walking down the stairs and go then I hear she goes why the fuck would he ask me that question I don't give a shit who's on that magazine and I was about to turn back around because I kind of got mad but I was like man she's fucking right I was a dumbass question maybe you could say I'm sorry they made me ask you a question now it is too late and it was too late yeah that's a project Russell was stupid some producers like winding you up like a little robot click click click it out there ask the question if you don't ask yeah oh they get some trouble oh yeah yeah they threatened your job with it well that's why those shows are always soaked and you know when you have people talking to his entertainers and everything is soaked and it's just seems so inauthentic like they wanted me to ask my forgiveness

► 02:25:30

interview ever was with Jennifer Aniston at Marley and Me and this is right after she broke up with Brad Pitt they want you to ask about Brad they wanted me to ask and I was like no I can't do that tell him no no I know is my first gig so you had to so no I didn't so I said what if I figure out a different way to ask so I found so what I they're like whatever you get we need a clip you know and this was when I was at be entertainment and this is my first big shoot ever Jennifer Aniston and they were like you're gonna go out there so it was Marley and Me So she just broke up with Brad Pitt so I go since the movie is about a dollar go what's the what's the what's the similarities between a dog and a man and she laughs and gives a great answer about you no one will be around but a dog is Always Forever you know like men could treat you right so I got a great answer from it and I didn't have to ask about Brad Pitt and that's

► 02:26:30

thing is if you find a smart way to ask it you can ask it but they just sometimes want you to beat this so brutal it's it's I can't that's because they don't have to do it and they don't keep the relationships they don't care about the exactly and they just don't they don't even care about you you're a little trained person that they send out a little monkey he Parson little person listen to me little person you have to listen the person who signed the paper yes the send you off and give you little fucking Direction that's the grossest I mean it was amazing because I got to build relationships with people but like good for you for recognizing it oh a hundred percent hundred I knew they were doing so once you may not even that but like recognize you gotta get out of there oh a hundred percent it's is my soul couldn't I couldn't I couldn't ask people about them breaking up or something tragic happening in their lives like how are you doing now is like when the some of them TMZ dudes it feel bad I'm like look bro I feel bad too but I'm not talking to you like yeah there's nothing good ever comes

► 02:27:30

of these like it's no disrespect to you I know you're doing a job I'd probably do the same job if I was in your place are probably if I was a kid when I was a kid TMZ was around I'd take that job yeah we're gonna do just try to ask some famous to to a funny question but it was it's just like it's not the way to discuss things know it discuss things in your coming out of the airport or you're on your way to a fucking restaurant somewhere and someone sticks a camera in your friends like come on well I wasn't doing that I was that I was we were going to junk it no no okay not TMZ yeah like but I mean there's these these junkets are a brutal assault on reality this you're saying the same thing over and over and over again you asking this everyone ask you the same question you know tell so tell us about this show yeah Michael you play play Michael yo you're my real name this is crazy oh by the way write this down Okay Michael Yo average Smo that's your your first comedy special you're going to call it Michael Yo average small micro ever

► 02:28:30

because you that's what you said when you talking about the rock yeah it's like you live average Pocoyo average smell so that would be if everybody second oh that's right you ready have one I just came out with you and wanted to come out it on Amazon Prime is free came out two and a half weeks ago oh no compilation Blasian because I'm black and H I get it yeah tiger would say something like that no he said he's cuddly Asian went all Oprah and told her told her she wasn't he wasn't black and black people got so whoo that's a tough one to swallow well I tell you what stuffer is I was up for a job in is a very prominent Black producer told me I wasn't black enough for the job said I can't hold on there's tanning booths close by I'll be back at four days and I rock your fucking world but because dude like if you go to like a tanning booth

► 02:29:22

every day I could not get black you will get dark but I wouldn't get black I can get dark you could get dark but not black you can get black well what do they want what a wonderful black like Wesley Snipes like well no disrespect now this is a buddy I guess they said but I think it was more than just skin color but they wanted a certain there's a certain role yeah they wanted a like I don't like my game you don't they oh straight-up black dude right right now all right yeah you know so I had something for the mean that's the thing man look if you're making a story and you want these characters and story like say if you have some big fucking goon who terrorizes people you can't get Kevin Hart to play that role doesn't make any sense no that's where the rock comes in right big giant dude you know I'm saying like them everybody has to have you know that's the weird thing about acting to it's like man you got to hope somebody has something that you would do good in you know like you have to always hope that someone's got a project that you could slot into that project

► 02:30:22

or you just gotta create your own yeah that's true to me that the best is Billy Bob Thornton that's Sling Blade thing yeah you know what he did with their know he apparently he was like working on some movie like it it's some bullshit part and some movie and he was like super depressed start doing this fucking character you know the does that character from Slinky and then would do it in the mirror and shit and practice it and decided to make a whole fucking movie about it and that movie launch them like this is own idea well I mean it's kind of like what you're doing you just cited to do your own thing and now you control your own destiny that's where we all need to get to like honestly this you know what I love about comedy right now is like Jo Koy was my mentors and he's blown up in comedy you know so I see people like you Joe and you know Pill Popper and just feel Vaughn who took me out my very first time doing comedy ever did it really yeah Madison Wisconsin you know at I think it's called

► 02:31:22

on 6 or 6s State that's the first time you've got paid that's the first time I ever got paid and he's the first person to ever take me out and I remember wheel and any goes you're not you're going to see grown men eating cheese like well like sharing bags of cheese it was got as soon as we got off the plane literally two men on a bench sharing a bag of cheese and he was like I told you like it was very weird so it's but it has weird a culture of cheese in Wisconsin anyway it's so you're there make it now now to yells blowing up like you're making your own path and I think what comedy now is the time where people can make their own path and control their own destiny well get paid really well I mean just go to Comedy Store and look at the parking lot now yeah thanks well it's what it is now is you not dependent upon networks anymore yeah the networks that we've created or what I was like to refer to as an organic Network like there's a network of friends like when you're talking about Bill Burr or Tom Segura Ari shaffir

► 02:32:22

these people are crystally all these like really successful popular comedians right now Theo and so and so and so Andrew Santino these guys are all we're all friends with each other yeah and everyone knows like if someone says this guy's funny like well listen to the guys who are telling you these guys are all hilarious they know who the funny people are they know what the pretenders are too yeah they don't talk about them they avoid them uh-huh and then you know who the funny people are and you just it's an organic Network or there's no paperwork but everybody helps everybody and one of the beautiful things about it is no one's fighting for scraps anymore it's not like there's TV shows and there's only like if you and me are in the audition room and we're friends but we're both are auditioning for the same role like I don't really wish you weary well I hope I might fuck with you I'm like do you sweating he doing look nervous you okay the easy gig right you're done nervous about that right you're gonna go in there and perform so you're not eating each other you know you need each other you're not you're not scratching and clawing for scraps everybody can support each other because first of all

► 02:33:22

there's fucking thousands of places to perform just in this country yeah thousands and there's not only a certain amount of comedians like there's plenty of room for everybody what I love about like are you guys doing the podcast and blowing up its Jason Segel I used to interview him a lot when he was making movies and stuff and he said the thing about Judd Apatow is after Freaks and Geeks Judd basically made his own network you know James Franco and those guys and they supported each other no matter what and I see that same thing happening now and it's get what comedians like comedians are pairing up and saying this is our group and if you're funny you're funny and let's let's watch each other's back instead of competing is now like for you know I've only been in at nine years you know I know you've been a lot longer but my nine years I saw at the beginning a lot of hate and now I'm seeing people like now jump on each other's podcast in it and actually encourage each other and push each other which I think is a great shift

► 02:34:22

for comedy right now but that's the big difference between podcast and radio because radio guys always hated other radio guys yeah there was a lot of other radio guys like I want that morning spot these guys going to try to steal it from me and he's on he's across town fuck him yeah podcast don't do that we get on each other's podcasts and we support each other's podcast it's like there's plenty of people man this this famine mentalities with fucked everybody up it is but that's what Hollywood puts out there you know just the circumstances it's not like it's an organized effort no it's not there this famine mentality it's just that this there was a like we were talking about earlier like if you're an actor you got a hope somebody's got something that you fit into yeah so all the other dudes are like you man you're competing against them and then you know you hear fucking some James Franco type dude got the role you like of course yeah these famous fuck I can't I'm never going to catch a break and this is the this is the feeling that a lot of like really depressed actors have well it's interesting because I was up for this huge hosting gig like last year and look like I was going to get it and then the

► 02:35:22

before they say oh we gave it to this bigger guy like he was a celebrity his name no I won't say his name he's coming no no no nope nope no make it rhyme no no no you know me job very safe I'm very safe Joe I'm still trying to make it like you yeah you gotta end in my ages goes you don't sound upset I was like nah because the way I'm wired as I need to get to that level where I'm getting jobs I don't deserve you know what I see why you wouldn't say his name no you playing it safe but you're not but he knows who he is no he's out there listening where they say you're better than your better in the audition to him he did this better said about you another that's what they're telling me but your agents are telling you no no the casting people are telling me this and that but I don't try to fuck you no no no sure I'm positive positive so what I get to that point I'm just like I reverse it I was like to when you get

► 02:36:21

a certain level you get shit you don't necessarily he probably even know he was going out for the show they really like hey we got a new contract and we heard you could do it you know what I mean yeah maybe but that's this industry once you get to a certain point you get gigs you start getting there watch your podcast blew up you can people send you stuff you know and that's how this whole thing works and so my mentality is I need to get to that point where people start giving me things and that means working harder okay great working harder building my brand doing stand-up I'll do that don't ever say building your brand don't say that ever again building my brand don't do it oh okay don't that's some nonsense talk they throw around brand you're building your brand man hey dude I really love with you doing you're through with your brand that's like a Hollywood thing that they sit yeah yeah yeah I love what you're doing with your brand who the fuck are you think a brand is real well brands are real yeah I'm wearing Converse sneakers

► 02:37:21

real proceed to me when I hear somewhere in Under Armour yeah I like the rock you always support tool is campaigns my buddy campaign sent me these look at that I wear them they're nice wait a minute I like them no no but but like what I know you're probably even brand your podcast is a brand I don't think of it that way really well but it is yeah but I know nothing about or not but it here in the showroom can experience is a brand but building my brand like literally there's zero thought of that okay got you know you just doing you I just just do what I want to do hey man just be yourself be yourself it's possible like I am absolutely just doing that you know I'm just really lucky that this a slot right like that I have interest that are like that I can like like the fact that I do stand-up comedy I also do cagefighting commentary yeah that's not supposed to exist right but you created it but it exists because there's a slot I got lucky that there was a slot there you know that this exists is Sport exist then I have an understanding of it and idea

► 02:38:21

appreciation for it and then the comedy exist to when I like that too like you don't have to do comedy nobody has to Comedy but for me is like oh like you could do that but isn't it amazing like when like what I'll be honest with you when I came on I was like oh my God this is such a big show it's a huge show people get nervous I talk to a lot of people that come on the first time people get nervous coming and show but we got all that booze over there well yeah but what's amazing is do you ever think about like if somebody's on your show literally whatever they're selling or like you'll get somebody on this show that becomes a regular and now they're selling out all across the country and that's pretty amazing the power of that you hold you know what I mean which is great which is great which blows me away that you know like the last time I saw that I remember you know I was at Chelsea Lately at the beginning of it and when that show was at its peak I say Chelsea Lately Chelsea Handler was the American Idol of comedy at the end if you were on that show I didn't even do stand-up like literally I was three months in

► 02:39:21

I would bring five Comedians and do like 15 minutes in between everybody and bring in sellout shows because I was on edge that's how much power like she brought comedians that were retired back she brought and that was the first time I saw like one show could be so powerful in a niche audience where if you love comedy you're going to sell out all these people shows while it's hot and now it seems like this show is that like comedians come on here and they're just selling out all over the place and that's that's a tribute to you man in your audience how they're so passionate about you and I'm not here to kiss your ass but well it's just not not bullshitting people and not having people on that suck yeah like doing your bat like I try to go after like to get guys on I like guys that I don't know yeah hear about them you know like Andrew Schultz or Tim Dylan I hear about these guys from New York and people tell me how you got to see this guys fucking funny Joe list a lot of people told me get these guys on and you know I look I am a whatever I can do to support

► 02:40:21

comedy I'm a fan I'm a fan of Comedy I love it even if I was never doing it even over decided right now I don't ever want to tell jokes on stage ever again I will always watch I love it I love stand-up I'll Always Love stand-up so if I can do something to help stand up and helps comedians be successful and it helps encourage more people to try because I think there's thousands and thousands of just unexplored stand-ups across the country they just never take a chance never do it never have anybody encourage them never think about doing it if you ever been on say I think it's a super power I really do because your senses are so high I've never been in a situation where when you're on stage you're saying your act you're thinking about something else you're hearing conversations like you're hearing a waitress take an order and you're noticing what people are doing like it's almost like an out-of-body experience like I and I can't think of any other

► 02:41:21

normal time throughout the day that would ever happen where it's pretty amazing what your mind can do when you're on stage we have to train it oh no I mean that's one of the reasons why I have to do so much stand up yeah like even for me after 30 years of doing it I still have to do stand-up for days a week I do stand-up for days oh yeah if I don't do stand-up for takes other if I take a week off that's fine nothing wrong with I'll take a month off nothing wrong with that but understand that when it's time to roll again we're going for days a week we're going to do two or three shows a night you're going to go Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday or you going to do Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday that's what you're doing and that's the only way to do it because if you don't do it that way and you don't do three sets of night two sets a night for sets a night if you don't do that you never stay you got to get laser beam sharp and the only way to get that that home fucking samurai sword Edge you got to constantly be doing it it's you that thing that you're doing where you're talking about hearing all these things but concentrating on what you're

► 02:42:21

being in the moment the most critical because they know when you're not in the moment yeah they somehow another know when you could say the same words are the same inflection and it won't work that's what's amazing about it though that's what I love about it like they all know I love how you could do two sets in a night and get a totally different reaction man it's so exciting I was talking to Dart out Rollins he was like he was talking about one night he had a great set and the next one he didn't have too good of a set he says I went to a grocery store and got on the mic just to get a laugh you know

► 02:42:54

I just needed that he's like I need to get out of my God even to get one last because you can't go to bed on a bad show Donnell is amazing on podcast I tried to talk him into doing a podcast oh he would be so good he's starting it he's already got a logo he's got it it's called it too soon with Donna were all because half as shit he's just too he is so funny Manny he's so funny actor he's such a good dude to just like a good dude you know who's who's a person that that I know you're so established now you got your crab but who's a person that like after they go on you're like oh shit I gotta bring it is that still that for you but because your crowd is soaked about it with everybody but I don't think about in terms like oh shit I like comedy this is the key to following people yeah like comedy enjoy it go onstage happy you're laughing and then do your stuff because it's you're working on it anyway it's good right if you if you take enough time and enough effort enough Care on your

► 02:43:54

raft put together an act that's good the people can enjoy it so don't worry yeah enjoy like if you don't like I that's why I brought Joey Diaz on the road with me for so many years because I knew that he was just gonna erupt that place and by the way but when I went on stage they were already already in a great mood they're all laugh at the Laugh & hard this the keys just everybody should have a good time man everybody including your opening act in the middle act you want murderers to go on in front of solutely I you know like the comics I bring aren't as well known yet but Leo flowers Nick Garrett Orlando label but I tell you any room they Crush they Crush in very one way for great Comics to get great but it's like playing on the gotta see him they got to see him absolutely there's a lot of guys out there that people just haven't seen but they're good and I know and I love coming in after energy what about what about the first time you went after a big comic when you were first starting and you did well and it kind of blew you away I don't even know when that happened I ate shit for so many years it's all I remember yeah I remember eating shit

► 02:44:54

after everyone good I didn't have one good set for like Mitzi used to set me up to she would do it on purpose she would put you like one more spot in my 20s I was young little cutie face and I would go on after fucking murderers yeah like Martin Lawrence when he was in his prime oh my God he was wearing leather jumpsuit so I stayed leather shirt American the room I mean Mark in the room where people are falling out of chairs and throwing drinks at each other and oh Martin Lawrence was it's like church in is like church was an assassin man I'm telling you people forgot how good he was for a few years there was a few years where Martin Lawrence was nuking crowd just like boom yeah and I would get on after him and literally people would just 3/4 of the audience would get up and walk when he was off they were done they were done they were ready to go home we're there were there were crying there were holding their body like oh Jesus and then

► 02:45:54

get on say some nonsensical like let's get the fuck out of let's go eat and they would just leave and that was the reality of my time at The Comedy Store where midsi would she wanted you to know you ain't shit don't get crazy and you got to figure out how the fuck can you go on after all these murderer when did you figure it out took a long time yeah I don't know when I came here I was only six years in the comedy so I really I didn't have any seasoning I was really like a scrub you know I was like I had some material I had like I could do an hour on the road but it was half of it was bullshit yeah I was trying to figure out by adds a few good bits but they weren't good enough and I didn't have the confidence to go on after a Martin Lawrence or a Dice Clay or anybody who was really good you know anybody who is a really famous I would get nervous or Jesus you know but that's that but through that I figured out a way to do it you know I figured out a way like okay I have to figure out a way to grab people and let them know that I know the situation yep like all this unknown fucking loser has to follow Martin Lawrence what a thrill what

► 02:46:54

well for me watching Everybody Get Up and so I develop material for like bombing like like inevitable bombing and recognizing the bombing and addressing it with all the rest of the audience and then people start laughing you know like I had a file prior for five weeks in a row when he was a Matisse or at The Comedy Store when he was really sick and the late great Marilyn Marilyn Martinez her husband and chewy who was the door guy the comments to her used to help Richard prior to the stage and it would take forever because they would walk him because you know exactly who's in control of his body and they sat him down they would crank the microphone up to like as loud as it goes through its like you would hear the feedback ER and he would drink would probably wasn't supposed to be doing because he was on medications drinking and just just talking and a lot of it was really sad because you realize like wow this is the greatest comic of art I mean yeah he's on the wall here in the studio yeah I mean he's

► 02:47:54

he's not the greatest ever he certainly in the conversation it's like who's the greatest I don't know but there's a handful of like it is super important Pioneers is Lenny Bruce and there's Richard Pryor those are the two top in my opinion there's the ones that are most important for the art form this is obviously George Carlin and kinnison and go down the line and they D Murphy who were talking about the show to still to this day I think it was one of the all-time great well I guess I was telling you before I got a chance to talk to Eddie like two years ago came out with a serious movie more dramatic I forgot I forgot the name of it but it was really good and I asked them you know being a comment was like why haven't you shot another special and he goes I have to put too much of my personal life in it and I'm not ready to do that yet and it kind of hit me where you know if you go back and listen to his comedy talked about his real-life you talked about his parents he did a lot of what Richard Pryor did you know he's very personal and you gotta remember any murder a lots gone on in his life over the last 15-20 years and I think

► 02:48:54

if he didn't address things when he hit the stage people go why didn't he talk about that where Chris Rock and Kevin Hart they will address whatever stories out about them and go full steam ahead and I think Eddie Murphy probably respects the craft too much where he's like I can't do it halfway if I'm not going to do a hundred percent I'm not going to do it that's what I took from that conversation from him that make sense and also just think about it he has two of the best specials probably ever made back then like the two biggest where everybody still no good at Google like people still can say life and that's why you know like people still quit those didn't know looking at you yeah look he's a he's an all-time great even if he never does a joke again but he still got it that's what's crazy hundred percent God did you ever see that thing that he did where he was roasting Bill Cosby when they took away his honorary degree yes dude his timing was sharp like you were like oh my God he could go do stand up right now but the pressure of that because he has two specials it's kind of like I compared to dr. Dre

► 02:49:54

after dr. Dre made the crowning day I was always going to come out with another one and then it got to a point where how do you back up I mean the greatness of those two specials I mean it's a lot to live up to not say any ever couldn't but people are always going to say man you remember delirious and raw I wish you was like that you know and I think that's the fear mean maybe I mean you can make the argument about a lot of guys that did keep going you know yeah that ottoman talking to those guys but those guys that kept going to have a Delirious or raw you know like to net worth at like I remember first time going to a movie theater to see a stand-up comedy special 2 times delirious and raw like who does that Kevin Hart does it but like that's your that was my first oh my God Eddie Murphy yeah on the big screen and those are locked in the history of time people are going to know those two stand-up special for raw for sure Delirious I think was on HBO wasn't it I don't remember what's wrong I think Delirious was on yeah

► 02:50:54

as an HBO special all I remember that think raw was in the move raw okay so Rob was in movies but it's a kid like me going to the movies to see it and he was so big at the time and just to follow those up that might have been part of the problem with him to whom I got two big that happens to certain comedians like that happened to Steve Martin yeah and I see Martin talked about that huh I mean I don't think either one of us is ever gonna understand how famous Eddie Murphy is like what it's like to be Murphy at that time no I mean come on now man yes people see him they get weirded out I got weirded out when I met him it put it in theaters for years after it aired on HBO Delirious yeah yeah Dice Clay had an HBO or a movie theater film he did he did a misread that Odin Dice Clay had a movie theater than one Gabriel Iglesias has done one that's been in the movies course Kevin Hart has just been a few guys have done them in the movies but yeah but I remember

► 02:51:54

like you know Kevin Hart's was great everybody but I for some reason maybe because I was a kid I would it was so big to me but to me it was like an event yeah you know I'm older now I'll go to see Kevin Hart in a movie theater but when I was a kid stand up was in a vent I want us to like like that yeah because you're young you're hearing curse words and you know you're hearing all these your to this day still reciting stuff from and that's a lot of comedy specials you don't know the words 30 years later yeah well I the first special I ever saw for sure was Richard Pryor live on the Sunset Strip I thought my parents took me to see it you were there yeah no no no no no watching the movie theater okay okay now I was watching in the movie theater my parents took me and I couldn't believe it like I'd never seen anything that funny I couldn't imagine it it's so hard today for under anyone to understand what it was like to hear that stuff back and when I was at 79 or yeah when was one was live on the

► 02:52:54

Sunset Strip to that bear joke - tell me about the fire yeah there is inspirational he was doing jokes about burning himself and we were crying laughing and you're Delirious what year is it released an 83 was it really live in the Sunset Strip has whatever the sunset taped in 82 okay so I was thinking that makes sense he had to tape it twice no I wasn't 39 Sunset teen what else 80 4583 15 15 now 16 years old let's see I was why I was nine so I saw I saw both of those movies and I remember I remember Richard Pryor's like wow Eddie and Richard like you could tell Eddie studied Richard because they had the same mannerisms they yeah a couple of the same jokes to just in a different way you know what I mean so it was kind of a thing where I fell in love with Richard Pryor because that was my first exposure I was nine you know in I saw Sunset Strip

► 02:53:54

then I saw the documentary where you had to shoot it two nights in a row the first night he bombed and he told everybody to come back the next night and that's the one they shot he's yeah he shot he shot it two nights in a row first one he apologized to the crowd it wasn't going well and the second night he said y'all need to come back and we're going to try this again and so I would want the same crowd because he felt like he did a disservice to them but what that's so weird that he brought back to saying yes any murderer true hundred percent it's in his documentary

► 02:54:26

you don't believe it I believe it I can't I mean that's what was in the documentary yeah but a comic wouldn't want the same crowd to come back well here the same material unless he stopped it short well no he didn't finish the show he didn't finish the wrong with him he said he was just off like a huge it was him it was him and he goes in and they were talking about the first like 15 minutes of the set or 20 minutes of the said did not go well and he just stopped and said look I'm not bringing it tonight it's off y'all come back tomorrow night Jesus Christ and they kept the cameras and they shot it the next night and that's and that's what you have a 19th so in 1983 I was either 14 or 15 and I'm Curtis here's sorry it came out 82 this gaining shoe for every sleep okay so it was 82 that means I was 14

► 02:55:16

yeah I was eight yeah it was either 14 or 15 which makes sense comentary this is a fun fact I definitely know it was pre pussy for me see if I felt was at a train of thought forgot almost of his material yeah pologize to the audience and end of the show early leaving the audience angry prior pulled himself together gave a much better performance of next night most of the footage in the film was from the second performance yeah completely messed up his performance during the first filming of the show yeah but that doesn't say he brought the same audience back well in the documentaries that I said well because it was only one show

► 02:55:50

what do you mean they didn't shoot to show specials like they only take one night well should they filmed one and they filmed it yeah he filmed it again the next night right so that crowd I mean are you thinking of crowd he can get a crowd anywhere in the documentary instead of using he told everybody because he felt so bad that he like he cares you know that he's stopped the show he stopped the show as I am not orange yeah and he brought what the document says he brought the same crowd back the next night and he murdered it and that's what you saw yeah wow and I still remember that it's but I mean those two like raw Delirious in the Sunset Strip live from forever it will stand out in my mind is just it's just amazing and then like Bill Burr special the the black and white one it's like incredible incredible you know and I just I love watching comedy of people with jokes that I know I never could do like that's my own thing you know I don't like watch because I'm a family comedian

► 02:56:50

never watched like fam what does that mean to me I talk about family most of the time like you're okay I don't curse that much how often you curse

► 02:56:59

and our show twice maybe what words you use shit yeah yes a fuck no no no hmm But I say person real like freaking this freaking guy do you say that no don't say frickin whatever you do Frick that's a more offensive to me than fuck yeah oh no I just freaking guy it's not in my I'm sure I curse a couple times in this pot but I don't it's not in my normal conversation like I even when I'm hanging out with my dudes I don't really encourage that much yeah hmm I don't know and I'm sensitive yeah it's like it's a lot going on at my kid I'm so sensitive man I don't know that that you changed oh yeah yeah it changes the shit out of you will see biological change is also like you have girls y'all girls it's also it's a recognition change like you kind of understand life in a different perspective that I don't know if it's really available to you if you don't have to

► 02:57:59

and I don't think it is I just think it's I don't think everybody has to have kids I'm not one of those zealots it says if you don't have kids doing shoot I don't I think that's offensive I don't think that's what life's all about I think you can affect people in a very meaningful way never have kids there's nothing wrong with that but I think for me at least for being the cave man that I am it's like is very important for me to see these little girls grow up and become you know human beings that are interfacing with the world and getting an understanding of what that means and like realizing that if you can do just a little bit to make the world a slightly better place that could greatly affect all the people that your own children will come in contact with as well and they can actually affect other people and have those other people treat the world in a different way and treat people with more respect and be nicer to people and you can we could have a better world for everybody well I your kids my kids everybody's kids the thing

► 02:58:59

it struck me right away as soon as my son was born is I've never had the feeling of you I would as soon as I would die for him like his soon as I met him you know I would die for as soon as he touched me like a goddamn Prince song you know how fun that fun but it's like Gone Too Soon yeah what about that guy God you want to talk about a super powerful fucking Entertainer One of a Kind human being I remember I was a kid I was delivering newspapers I was driving around and I was a listen to that a cassette of I want to be your lover just like his first big hit hmm and I was like holy shit listen to this guy like listen to this guy and the covers just him with his long hair with no shirt on looking beautiful and the current what is he like what is going on here that was almost you know

► 02:59:59

I was like fucking 18 or something I was almost like turned off by the cover that's it right there oh yeah I was like this is just I'm not buying this beautiful he's dreaming goddamn must have been having weird feelings right and then I listen to I would you know I mean I listen to I want to be your lover and I was like God damn what an unusual dude did you see Purple Rain I'm sure yeah of course like that whole Morris Day Apollonia like that wanted to meet Prince I bought an Overcoat did you wear a long Overcoat it's not some prints with where were you too old for the Michael Jackson say the that I had the Thriller jacket no I don't want that I thought it was I talked to Michael Jackson thing was interesting because I thought he's obviously a stunning incredibly talented performer but he was so weird and so unrelatable and every way like so oddly feminine and childlike even though he's in his 30s it was baffling to me I was like I get that he's super talented yeah and then when the plastic surgery started

► 03:00:59

up in his face toward changing and morphing I'm like this is just strange did you ever see either one in concert no no I never stop dressing or Prince I saw Prince that was an amazing guy had an opportunity to see Prince at the Hard Rock Cafe and I blew it the Hard Rock in Vegas below it I should have seen them I never thought he's gonna die yeah and that's what I'm seeing everybody now yeah you should like Tom Petty's another one I never saw Tom Petty yeah I went to one of those prints shows at the Palladium like four years ago random seven nights there wasn't anybody there there was maybe 500 people there really whole floor was empty I don't know if why I don't know why I don't know if nobody knew or something they didn't announce it at the right time it didn't make it to Twitter whatever it well I only heard because my friend worked there I only that's one reason I know but well I think when we're looking at Prince now we're looking at Prince as like a dead Legend I mean he's a legend that's gone and we think of him as like God damn it he was so good he had so many great songs but I think back

► 03:01:59

then people thought of him as an older guy that they would didn't really care as much about anymore who hasn't put out relatively popular music yeah for quite a while he turned into an artist I guess they could say where is the music was just for himself and he wasn't really trying to new yeah right it wasn't any new Smash Hit no you know it's like there's some guys write that one of the things that keeps Kanye West relevant is that he's constantly putting out music yeah constantly puts out stuff that people love he constantly put some stuff that smashes and some guys lose their enthusiasm for productivity yeah for being prolific they they lose that and then they don't put out stuff anymore and then they become like Rod Stewart yeah Rod Stewart I'd like to see Rod Stewart I'm a giant Rod Stewart fan like when Maggie Mae comes on the radio I get excited I love that goddamn song I love a lot of his music he's he wasn't but

► 03:02:54

how many tickets we sell right now yeah and I'm saying will he sell out the Staple Center I don't think he will you know you know when you I know you're still working on Kanye coming on the show and that's not even the United okay now what if you want to do it but I don't want to put any pressure on anybody absolutely I don't necessarily know the podcast for the best place for someone for everybody they might not be the best place to just talk about shit but did you get better to just do music did you get to talk to him at least on the phone or what talk to him yeah yeah a nice guy let me tell you man he is so opposite his Persona like on the outside like that you see in like in Gossip magazines and on TV I I used to host his down to West Foundation event in Chicago and a lot of people don't know the good he did in Chicago if they had perfect attendance he would go there every year throw a huge concert bringing like common and all different types of Chicago artists he would bus everybody in from all over the city and throw a free concert for all these kids that had perfect attendance

► 03:03:54

it was good to interview him that way because he's such a at that time at that time when his mom was still alive he's such a down down-to-earth humble guy and actually shy and shy like he was really shy so went and this is at the time I was see stories about them yelling at sway yeah yeah yeah and I'm like this is not the dude that I interviewed well he's volatile yeah it goes all over the place yeah that's part of why he's such an explosive artist oh he's incredible incredible Sky those the people think different about that stupid Apple ad think different yeah there's people that really do think different differently that's one of the problems with an apple at to English grammar but these there's people out there that just have a different vibe they're on a different frequency their different wavelength the other ones who create great shit man he has a gift I mean he is you know a lot of people outside go oh he's out there he's definitely out there together yeah but he's a genius

► 03:04:54

he is a genius he's doing something in a different way and that's that moves our culture along that's what it's like that's what when you're doing stand-up right like if you're if you're nailing something if you really lock down something and boom you put out a live on the Sunset Strip or a Delirious or somebody that you're changing culture you're making people people are going to spread out in these ripples yeah you're gonna go to their job in the morning like we saw Michael Yo holy shit he doesn't joke about his cat and whatever the fuck it is whatever the joke is people be crying laughing and that there's ripples to that is positive Ripples and you change thing it's amazing that like when you do stand-up like what I love about it is when I was just a host doing the entertainment shows I would go into castings and I go oh you're a host go ahead now being a comedian it's the most I will say that it's the most respected thing in our industry like I was on the most balls yeah I was on the set of Modern Family

► 03:05:54

the show was huge and the actors are like oh my God you do stand-up how do you do that and they're on the biggest television show at that time Modern Family even actors respected so how castings have changed I go in now they go oh we saw you have to improv or we saw you here there and you can host this is amazing you know so just to respect you get from doing good comedy you know it's it's better to me than a Taylor Swift on stage because she has a whole band she's having a bad night she can kind of like lip-syncs Sinker songs they have actual quote it says Michael Yo says he's better than Taylor Swift and all she does is lip sync goddamn him you know when he was oniy he respected her and now that he's gone he's flip-flopping lift its flipped we gotta wrap this up dude we are hit three hours and they're crazy stop three o'clock dude what the fuck what the fuck three hours three o'clock bro no way your clock goddamn Time Warp in this room dude luckily out that was a lot of dead brother well thank you so much thank you my friend female tell people how

► 03:06:54

find you on Instagram Twitter every day at Michael yo that's why Omi specialist treatment free on Amazon Prime and now it's right now go to it blazed everybody's got Prime yeah everybody's got Prime check it out man I would appreciate it thank you my friend that was fun glad we did this to me to me Michael Yo folks

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