#1326 - Maynard James Keenan

Jul 29, 2019

Maynard James Keenan is a singer, songwriter, producer, winemaker, and actor, best known as the vocalist for Grammy Award-winning rock band Tool, Puscifer, and A Perfect Circle. Look for TOOL's catalog coming to streaming services on August 2 and their new album "FEAR INOCULUM" releases on August 30.

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The Joe Rogan Experience trained by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day

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ladies gentlemen my favorite farmer hey you're my favorite farmer and your favorite farmer yeah I actually know that many of them but you're number one all right I have a feeling that I don't quite Farm the things you would rather use what do you mean like marijuana so we try saying I wasn't going to say it but if you're gonna bring it out I love wine to do you make fucking killer one okay I'm a fan of you want socially there you go I have yet to try your food but I want to I didn't even know what an Austria was until I talk to you see didn't know our that use Falcons to kill birds and Dad fucking thing you sent me is dope as fuck so you have hired Falcon you hired a person in a couple that raises Falcons to kill pigeons that are fucking with starlings sparrows anything is anything that's messing with the grapes they have the these Falcons come through and then the thing is the collector birds in the area will have a memory of that so like if you have this Hawk come through

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the vineyard and they just pulverizing those feathers everywhere that the community of birds kind of go I don't think we should go this way we should go that way the cage with the feathers everywhere and then the pigeons and the other side is like what yeah that's a snack I was in Venice recently last week I'm still jet-lagged I'm completely fucked I haven't slept solid in five whole days my body does not know what's going on I'll go to sleep completely exhausted and I wake up two hours later feeling like shit and I can't go back to sleep all right but when I was in Venice there was a guy with a falcon he had a falcon with him and I was like why does he have a falcon and then the fucking pigeons come in like crazy and when the guys there with the Falcon the pigeons just ghosts they're gone they take off so this guy stands there by the dock in Venice as the gondoliers pull up and he's just got this Falcon to sit in there too so that the people can eat their food the pigeons are insanely aggressive it's a ridiculous place

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until they see they see that Falcon done fuck this yeah you're see videos online where the Mongols use the use Eagles golden eagles to hunt for wolves come on dude it's wild and ego which way is like what 15 20 pounds they fuck wolves up they swoop these wolves are just running for their life as death swarms down from the sky we were going to use the Drone to get some footage of the Falcons and we're like the she's like yeah that's probably not a good idea and like yeah because the blades he goes no no your drone because the Falcons will go full force into your drone and destroy it so whatever you paid for it try goading your insurance company and going hey my drone broke what did you do flew near a falcon they're going to go yeah good luck well peregrine falcons don't they go like that 200 miles an hour to the fastest animal on the planet boom fuck fuck what

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200 miles an hour destroy your drone and when that doesn't make sense what do I owe this is the Mongol so look these dudes run the wolves are running away the Wolves know the fucking drill Two Men and this Eagle just comes down and Jack's the wolf and that's how they skin these wolves look at that two of them boom good God yeah they are death from the sky and these guys raise them and then they were the wolf hat yeah they welded to the skin The Firs everything but it's just so so that's it what are we talking about what did you whatever you want to talk about fellow are you got some news yeah so I figured I know there's a lot of there's probably some tool fans it'll probably tune into this specifically to hear some news yeah so rather than being a dick and waiting to the end it tell them I probably should probably tell them up front are you like softening in your age no not at all I just care I just care about the as long as things have taken for us because we're a very difficult band were very stubborn and we're you know we're kind of ignorant to what goes on in the rest of the world and so

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people are like guys come on guys and you know I mean to their credit like we did the whole betamax thing didn't work for us and neither did LaserDisc so we have this new thing called digital media and streaming we're going to try it out you're going to extremes and you think it's a new thing streaming like Spotify that's yeah you're in yeah it's such a brand-new is brand-new yeah it like works on your phone or something to us it's brand-new what are you doing with it we're going to put some songs on it now so you can listen yeah you're not even like plugged in anything correct so here's what I'm going to do now because this is by the time this actually are is just will have already happened but you're filming me doing it right you're gonna upload wheat I'm going to do a thing that mean everybody know I'm a I'm a tweaker do you have it prepared and everything not really so you you're doing this because your fans which are very rabid you have rabid fans the tool fans are particularly enthusiastic they're pretty they're pretty aggressive they yeah

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it's because you guys are awesome thank you fucked up made an awesome band got some radical fans okay so when this if you release the side the idea was that if you set it on the podcast without letting them know first yeah they deserve to hear first they've been very patient with us very patient so this Friday August 2nd

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don't 'dump-dome the catalog the whole catalog catalog goes up on Napster on Napster familiar with a pastor it's I've heard of it's great that lard guys are upset about it yes you should talk to Lars about this he's got a whole thing he's going to try to figure out figure out undermine them he's gonna stop it in stride cattle goes up on all digital and streams doing on this phone right now as we're talking streaming

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so up until this time Matt's you never have had anything up and available know you'll like what's his name Garth Brooks yeah he doesn't have anything up either

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no comment Garth Brooks doesn't he just wants his but it's kind of like a good artistic Choice he doesn't want his stuff to be broken up into songs he wants you to download or to buy his entire CD because he feels like there's a correct order for songs

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he says that that's what he says yeah we tried we tried that one before him people are like no no we want you to hear a whole album as you know in sequence and people like like you play them live

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like oh yeah which I we've never played right let's start to finish but of course I'm not the guy that said no no we want you to hear it yeah that's because that would be an absolute lie yeah your Garth Brooks has some weird things of course Garth Brooks is being currently harassed and away we go by Tom Segura so it's up its up there beautiful it's out there in The Ether it's out there in the theater so why have you guys not had anything on streaming up until this moment bye yeah no I can't I love my brothers I'm just gonna take the fifth on that one okay so there was some sort of internal discussion or no discussion or no discussion not just the the typical Tool Time of like what was there was a meeting hmm well again this is what you get with great artists you don't get great artists who are also the best promoters correct the ones who the best promoters usually did not the best artist here's what his also

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going to do it today yeah you doing nothing is this like one of them late-night things we selling knives oh yeah extra yeah do you want a knife because I sell them you can also have some old stock in beta and samurai swords yeah no I'm going to announce the name of the new album like that you do it on your phone first Fear of a Black Planet and for Black Planet I don't fear and knock you Lum young white guys putting out an album called Fear of a Black Planet would fucking really go over well and yeah that was the least woke thing you could do it yeah how much Ronnie Wood by the first copy fear inoculum is the name of the album dear inoculum who did you come by the first album I'm not going to say that again I didn't hear what you said I might have said Cowboy Journey

► 00:16:09

cowboy Cerrone yeah well you say that I don't know because he's where's that cowboy hat and I just assume that he's got a lot of black friends that's it you're out of line I'm totally aligned with all these blocks and now he's going to be mad at me now I got to apologize just joking he probably won't hear this all right probably too busy jumping to jet ski over a bridge I'm just jealous of his hat so August 30th you and the math you got some money you gotta have your own yes I do like Sinatra at its that's if you weren't so cool that would be a douchebag hats in Breaking Bad shot right there I like it like that I like it on you I like it on you looks good on you it does if there's things that people like you could pull off one of those Buckskin Pioneer jackets with The Fray You could pull you know that have that what does that stuff called the tassels that hang down from the size of the track and away we go and away we go yeah put it on Instagram as well we have just I just put it on Instagram first we'll get it on Twitter in a minute because I got more important things now people will shut the fuck up they'll leave you alone I like that little set up to that you got there

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laptop / iPad I didn't know that they made that kind of a case that doubles as a keyboard right yeah look at you all right Farmers with technology right beep beep boop beep beep beep so how's the wine business it's good we're a little late this year things about two weeks behind so I wanted to ask you this because this is something that like a lot of people that are dealing with in the Arizona area that you guys had a lot of rain right yeah yeah so I know like hunters and people that are like into the wild life and everything that it really excited about this fall because there's so much moisture it's likely the animal population to be very healthy yes and I mean it's you know with anything there's there's always going to be both sides of them with with extra rain in the spring comes extra foliage extra ground cover extra grass right and then fun root systems know then it then there's extra fires because then when the rain dries up you have all this texture

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fuel yeah so fires there's probably get a lot because they are pretty intense Fire season I've been evacuated three times yeah I got evacuated in October we came real close burnt three houses right in front of us we were in the epicenter of that woosley fire oh God yeah it was pretty crazy it's white but you know it sucks and it's terrible but if you live through it the thing that it lets you know as you're not your shit you're not your stuff oh yeah absolutely when we left you know we had a weaker kids up to clock in the morning and I said to my wife I'm like you know so we're fine we gotta get I'm just grabbing my laptop and some fucking underwear you know go to store and buy new pants and like if you lose all your stuff you're alive the only thing I know I make sure I know where it's at is the is the photo album yeah the photos that I haven't scanned or would rhyme iCloud or whatever got the photo album the dogs and then remember to grab the family yeah remember that that's important but

► 00:19:08

have him it's like natural there's something crazy but that's one of the things that I really do miss about living on the East Coast with horrible Winters is that there's something comforting in the brutal force of nature that is forces you to recognize that you are helpless you're helpless to the Blizzard yeah Michigan I remembered you know the drifts on the side of the road fuck five feet ten feet yeah it's crazy you still make it you still make your way to the school to get there you get there but this is something about people are so fucking cool when it when it's really snowy like everybody's more humbled like oh shit it's like it puts you in your place yeah it's good yes

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we talked a while ago there was talking about this

► 00:19:55

this idea of this sit down remember I kind of talked about that a little bit of money figure out how to like how to do this and of course I'm so busy everything that the weather what I got going on I would never be able to pull this off of near bit of like hey I'm going to be the executive producer on this idea that I had right so I thought this might be a good form to go hey you and I t-ball it up to go somebody around with this because I think it I think it's something that needs to happen and we can take about 5 minutes to Riff on what it shouldn't be okay right because I think that's really that's kind of what it what it comes down to is trying to make sure that we're not it just doesn't turn into some other clickbait reality TV show right right because that's not really the point of it so what do you think okay well you and I were discussing there's like all this stuff going on in the world Airways divided and freaking out and going down the dopamine Rabbit Hole of of you know clickbait

► 00:20:55

we can talk about that mmm I feel like the polarization of everybody everybody has a position they're taking up The Stance and this cause and I get that and to feel connected to feel like you're part of a movement to for Injustice or whenever I got completely get that you need to do that but I think that's some point when you start fighting with your neighbor you start to kind of lose connection and I think these things man these are just there a poison in terms of dividing people and forgetting to have these conversations openly so the concept we're looking we're going to lay it out the idea is that we find six different people from completely different backgrounds that have a very strong feeling about something that they feel strongly about just something whatever it is and we get him on camera

► 00:21:52

or in writing whatever they state that they State their position and the idea is to get these people together with each other

► 00:22:01

and not far not talk about what they don't agree on find the things they agree on and just build on the things they can agree on hmm and then at the end of it we go back and make sure we re-interview them and the internet the way that they went into the thing whatever their statement was about who they are doesn't change they believe what they believe but in that without compromising the core of who they are they end up finding in somebody else and agree to disagree position where they can actually talk to each other and find out what they do like no I feel like one-on-one in person with no one around people are much more likely to have those things the real problem is when it's being projected to the world and you're looking for likes and you're looking for people to agree you're looking for support and that's one of the really toxic things about the phones and social media is that everybody's playing for likes and The Virtue signaling in the throwing up the

► 00:23:01

gov of righteousness it's right so common and I was talking to a friend of mine she's working with a young woman doing a research paper on the very thing and she kind of hand me some some research that kind of a kind of suspected of like what about this doesn't this and kind of not not off topic but kind of on topic the purpose when Oxycotin first came out was that they discovered in that drug something that interrupted and helped fix people who are you know meth heroin addicts it was helping them get sober and getting off the hair on because it replaced that feeling that they were getting the dopamine womb like feeling that Escapist thing that they were getting from heroin so they would get you know easy oxycodone problem is that unless she cut your hands off you can't you're going to take another one somebody please conditioner

► 00:24:01

so you just replace the heroine with another thing that's like the dopamine dump and this is they're now finding that that whole process of likes and validating or not validating you know that you could depress because nobody likes your post and your concert was like a rat you know basically the analogy of the of the rat in the aquarium that's keeps hitting the cocaine button yeah it's the same thing it affects the same part of your brain and they're finding is that absolute connections so if you can't go ten minutes without looking at your phone you are an addict you have to understand that the actual chemical reaction and your body to the to the charge you get on that and the fact that it's fed by adjusted titles whatever the headline is if that's not getting it

► 00:24:56

they're just the headline to see if it gets you now and then you click on it that's the one and then they adjust that one and it's the it's the rat hitting the cocaine button well I'm glad you used that analogy because one of the things they found out about that because some biologists didn't like the they didn't didn't jive with them the rats with the cocaine so then they thought about the environment the rats lived in and they said well let's look at this environment because he's rats are in a cage this is a very unnatural environment there's lights on these people staring at them so instead they put rats in a very rat-like environment Woody and grass and trees and natural rat World guess what rats didn't fuck with the coke there left it alone right they only hit the coke when they were just destroyed like their life was top turned upside down and they're living in this completely unnatural environment they're living in prison so when you're in prison you'll do the Coke but when they were in a very natural world they didn't find it attractive at all okay so on that note I would suggest

► 00:25:56

her just the people will have now have read those things that I put up about the new album and everything so I'm going to request I'm going to beg people who have seen it now I'm not sure where this is going live at this going you know tonight it's going to go up loud you tomorrow okay great I'm going to beg as a favor to you and to me for people who read that news in her excited about that news to do us all a favor turn your fucking phone off turn your computer off to your TV off go for a long walk

► 00:26:27

just go for a long walk somewhere even if it's in the mall or whatever just go somewhere else go out go talk to a stranger

► 00:26:39

and just find out something about them

► 00:26:43

no matter what it is just go talk to somebody just get go out of your house and go have a conversation we can get people stabbed yeah probably please look unless they have a knife and do not talk to them because they have a knife that I did that is that cover the lawyers if I said that yeah you don't want to do not approach violent unstable people don't do anything dangerous yeah don't do anything dangerous but just go out just just go out for a walk you have a family you have young ones do you how do you approach that with the kids we can see you can see the the fight and the Fury and the in Crazy the crazy meltdowns that we have with our five-year-old when we're saying it's time to come to dinner put your iPad down right and it's an absolute fucking meltdown and it's insane and when we actually get it away from her and we take our mango and we have to explain honey this thing is not your family we're your family this thing doesn't care about you the stuff

► 00:27:42

other end of this thing doesn't care about you we care about you she looks good let's go get the docs and we'll go get the docs and then within five minutes she's forgotten about the iPad because he's playing with ducks she's playing with Doc's right we're in the you know we're in the Aviary with the finches and we're on checking the wind we're checking the firm answer she comes down while we're trying to record music and she's like sitting on the bed listening to what we're doing hmm she's involved and doing things and she forgets about this and you can't forget about this I'm telling you you can do it yes you can do it I use it for you know I use it for business but I try I got caught up for a while there I would like find a video game on my phone I'm going to play this video game for I'm not like spent like five hundred bucks and and the in-app purchase doesn't shit and like wait a minute I'm doing the exact same things that I did when I first started the game it's no different I just need better armor so when I got to buy the armor those in-app purchases of the devil yeah so I delete you know I delete those things just get caught up in it then you can't it's something you don't

► 00:28:42

people don't realize how you've probably heard it with a bunch of people in here saying something like it's rewiring the way that we think and the way we behave yes and the only way to undo undo that get away from it is to literally turn it off or unplug just walk away go do something well I know so many people have switched to flip phones a bunch of them just like they have drug dealers no Joe Comics mostly they have a flip phone to make calls so someone so drug dealers know and then they they keep like a computer for the other stuff or an iPad like re my friend Ari he he will you can call him on his flip phone he'll talk to you but if you text him you're making him do that fucking thumb thing that we used to have to do we hate you four times to get an f and get that being a part of a bit yeah you're a nightmare and that's what's so he doesn't have

► 00:29:42

apps there's none of that but he'll do like Instagram and Twitter and shit on his iPad okay yeah that makes sense yeah it's the only way he does it yeah that makes sense it does make sense it's like for him to he's he just recognizes that he can't heal if he starts getting on a hill he'll be on it for seven eight hours and I'd be furious at himself like what the fuck have I done I've done the same thing and even though I've got three bands and three wineries in a restaurant and all those things I still waste I end up wasting time on these things and I could get I could get more done if I didn't have these things in my way you read comments I try not to yeah because people just because people are just you know they're just there they need to have a voice and they need to be identified in the just there are a lot of mean-spirited things out there and I feel like

► 00:30:30

the war will living in right now there's so much back and forth and there's so much posturing and there's so much disconnected disconnected disconnected behavior that you we really just need people to

► 00:30:43

reconnect with their loved ones especially in your community because as things are progressing in the world the population and climate change which I believe or there's some stuff coming you need to connect with people really need to figure that you think this shit's gonna hit the fan yeah I do whoo yeah when how much time we have well I'm at thought you had some connection with the I'm gonna go North okay I'm gonna go to some wooded area all right well you'll be fine I think the the moon I think is going to happen right now I think I think and your based on some of the things that I've kind of seen online and you know the chitchat and hearing overhearing conversations with with people that are you know part of NASA and those kind of things and they kind of go we've got 400 years in the planets done whoa 400 years yeah so if you think in certain you know for me I'm a my plan right Brenner that means that if it's if it's you know if we're not here in 400 years Wednesday when does that start well that started yesterday really let me know when you think about it there's

► 00:31:43

natural resources and more sorting with all those things that start to kind of fall apart and then we are diseases start showing up and weird fungus is the take you out that didn't before well another thing to think is we love only been human for quarter million three hundred fifty thousand years whatever it is this going to be something next yeah you know what whatever it is it's coming right it's going to be something that can survive this so if this stuff can figure out how to cool itself it'll become selfs freely it might make it maybe your child a huge age for I met AJ Lee when I was seven years old he's completely stable yeah for sure it's not like you who thinks the world is going to end in 400 years I'm such an idiot why did I say that out loud I have anything bad thing that I don't think the world's going to end but I think it's very likely that human beings will be drastically diminished absolutely I'm and I feel like that's the I guess I should back up that's my point the thing

► 00:32:43

we just are so arrogant about is that we're somehow included in the future which is not included why not included we've only been here for again 300 whatever thousand years right that's not that long yeah you know I mean even neanderthals it's have half a million years before us right so going back to now though and us getting along now and surviving better over the next little bit going back to our like the people talking to each other yeah how do we you know how do we tear this up somebody can take it and not ruin it with a reality TV show because I you know that every reality TV show you see it's been manipulated you know they'll they'll poke the person than they know is going to blow up at some point so that it causes drama and again the dopamine dumping everything oh my God yeah they're basically doing clickbait in terms of how their program in the total right so how do we how do we make this so that it's not an opportunity to make a buck and to do that like the genuine healing moment it can

► 00:33:43

done I think it's got to be done online and it's got to be done with no one involved other than you and whoever you want to be involved I know advertise anything to do with it but I mean it doesn't even have to be you right but whoever the person is right that that facilitates this but you just can't have any producers you can't have anybody with a vested interest in its success okay it has to be done just purely for the idea purely for the exercise of getting people to communicate that have disagreements and realizing that so much of what we now people dig their heels in the sand and they want to be right more than they want to be right you know more than want to get along and be harmonious with each other right there's a there yeah and I feel like that's no look II acknowledge that there's monsters in the world there's fucking monsters there in there in there in us we have our own monsters inside of us there's other monsters that have been nurtured over years to to hate each other

► 00:34:43

somebody else whatever there's that nurturing you know nature versus nurture monster I get that I'm talking about the people that you can figure out a way to like let's just let's figure this out most of us yes most of us can figure out a way to get and most of us can go south to most of us in the wrong environment with the wrong people in the wrong feelings and the wrong drugs and the wrong jobs and the wrong Community we could be horrific neighbors or getting the coke button yeah or we could be a part of a community I just think that we're not designed for this iPhone fucking world we're not designed for it and this getting likes and you know and arguing Politics on Twitter for 16 hours a day there's a few people that I follow on Twitter that I only follow them to see how toxic social media is to their life I go and I look at their feed and I mean I know what they're doing they're just fighting with people all the time but I'll look at it I'm like Jesus Christ this guy started at 7:30 in the morning

► 00:35:43

and at 9:30 at night he's still going and he's posting every 14 minutes and he's probably reading in between that so his entire day is comprised of debating you know aoc's value and merits versus Trump and versus this and that and whether or not the Elizabeth Warren's Native American and who it's like oh chaos it's just chaos Trump Trump's he was he's got his name on buildings and oh he's the he's the politician he's not really I don't audition and it really is drinking a swamp do you know I'm not a big fan of politicians me neither yeah he's anti-politician though you might like them okay but is he in politics what is the present United States yeah I don't like politicians yeah so is anybody good at that

► 00:36:31

who if you if you had a magic wand you can make someone president who would you make it man

► 00:36:39

I wouldn't wish - I wouldn't I wouldn't wish that on anybody yeah I got three not Bill Hicks and keys and although he would because that would probably change him do you think it would yeah I think it changed again it's like it's reality TV show it's going to change you when the cameras are aimed at you when you when you were placed recognition with attention it fucks you up especially like at a young age young you know like the boy you know the getaway band like child actors know anybody child actor I yeah I'm I know people that are exposed to that world early on and it's a it's a dreadful mess it's a dreadful mess but they have to go to because they don't understand that attention is not recognition yeah and well there's development well there's developing few people have actually made made it out of that like nothing anybody else Leonardo DiCaprio I feel like he's still an artist right he's like he actually he actually he he holds his own as an artist yes I don't know what he's like behind the scenes at his house he's do that fucking shredding cast with his teeth because he's out

► 00:37:38

find come out by now okay the worst thing he does he's seems to like the fuck young pretty girls she's weird yeah I just I feel like I feel like that that poison of the attention is is kind of like that it's like that dopamine to yeah it's the same thing if the likes the like buttons well it's my things I really admire about your choices that you've decided to get the fuck out of the epicenter yeah I like this is just too much gravity yeah there's too much just too much and so I don't know that's an also like the the decision to start a winery and to like what you've done is kind of gone to the earth I mean I mean it sounds corny but really what you've done is that I mean obviously a very sophisticated farm system and you know you have acres and Acres of Vineyards but what you're doing is the earth you're growing your part of Nature and I think that grounding in nature in that way that you

► 00:38:38

it is a perfect antidote for like this rock star life which is all but I mean you know that's that's a byproduct I think for me but as far as the community I'm finding that that core of the greenhouses and you know growing growing vines it's actually kind of feeds into what we're talking about as far as the conversation because I talk to I talked to batshit Portlandia types like Turk you know I talked to Crystal kutsher's I talked to taunt Republicans that you know look at me like I'm going to start trouble no matter what you know but I can actually talk to everybody because we're growing things and we're building a small were building our community so as far as politicians are concerned the ones higher up they got there by being really good con men in Liars or feel like in general that's what we see but down you know at this level at the local level you're just trying to figure out simple problems that you're trying to solve within your state within your

► 00:39:38

Auntie within your town those politicians are you know you got to work with them but they're less crazy they're less owned as it were so you can actually have conversations with all these people especially if you have a grounding in terms of literally the ground you literally the ground I mean you're this I just think there's something it's it's a part of the whole Human Experience of growing things yeah I agree yeah I mean I think what you've done is pretty badass it's the ultimate smart move you know in terms of like dealing with the especially like the rock star world so strange because it's so image-based with so many you know I mean there's a bunch that don't even want to talk I have had rock stars that wanted to come on here but they wanted to only do it at night and they only wanted to have it with no video they wanted it to be Audio Only and I'm like look irk

► 00:40:38

I want steak I just don't want it to be meat well there was like they were cultivating a thing it has to be dark in the room I want candles like okay I'm out route we're gone this is not yeah that's not but you know guy remember like they probably they were probably messed up the reason they're yeah the reason they're doing what they're doing is because something happened to them earlier on it was like you know an aggressive you know teacher Uncle somebody that just kind of you know a dad was drunk you know there's the stuff that pushes them in that direction to be you know expressive culture are controlling and you know wanting to be acknowledged and do it exactly my way because I was powerless as a child yeah for sure right and then that's the thing you think you see with actors to and they finally get some success the the the whole process of auditioning for things is so brutal because you just do you like me do you like me I want you to like me if I get the

► 00:41:38

don't kill the bar dude and then you go through this for years and then finally do get it and then finally you're the fucking man like oh look it's Mike likes the star hello Mike Mike look we've got your your bagels ready Mike and you trailers ready and then Mike is it get me a fucking coffee look whole Mike anything for you and that people act in this disproportionate very insane way and then as they get more and more famous they feel like they're entitled yes it's treatment yes yeah it's real strange yes you know what and that I feel like that's I've seen it in in our world between bands you know my bands tool please refer perfect school all of them you get to you get 2 spots where you you feel entitled your arrogant you are greedy like all the things all those things are in all of us and you have to check yourself when they come up yeah or not and you end up being like the bands that you you are talking about yeah it has to be this way I won't do it that's kind of dumb but well bands are odd to write because

► 00:42:38

you're managing personalities you're not just it's not just like one person with a creative vision and they put it down you have all these other people and their ideas and you got to work it out together and there's all sorts of weird shit going on right sorry what you do we shut it off let's check my likes now I was just making sure because I posted that and do you know I just want to make sure Dino knew that that we posted it because then he can talk to Lily style yeah really sounds like a lot weight lifted off my chest it just isn't it yeah I took that's a lot of work Darbar we are the four of us are a lot of fucking work and just to get it just to get her anywhere oh my God to get an agreement where you're okay we're all agreeing we're going to release it yeah everything's a fucking committee meeting and it always gets shut down

► 00:43:37

what's the hurdle well success when you get successful you think you're right about everything and you're pretty sure as that individual yeah I am right and you are wrong because I'm successful and we're successful because of me not because of you and so you it's it's not that bad with us but it's like those that's the dynamic yeah there's a dynamic of like you know I want this and I've always gotten my way and that's why we're successful because I don't compromise on this or that and it's like you know I'm the same way do you find any way as a parent you sort of have more empathy for like fucked up behavior and thinking because you kind of understand like oh you you got bad data as a developing unit yeah you were fed the wrong food or a little wrong information rather you know I think like food I think we discussed this before like I think there's a 50-50 on that like you can you can only guide your kids so much they're gonna be what they're going to be they're going to

► 00:44:37

up the way they want to come up well you can try to do is go like okay let's just teach you about stow's before you actually have to learn about stoves yeah the wrong way you know like the houses there yeah so you can kind of do some of that stove work early but eventually they're going to have to do some of that stove work on their own yeah but instructor and our high school which is funny because I know we are he's of extreme Republican I'm the you know the liberal kid but he used to share a lot of really you know nuggets right wisdom and he would always have a say you know what is an intelligent person person who learns from experience who's experienced other people's experience right yeah not just your own right learn from you on experiences but also pay attention that you don't really need to play Russian Roulette to find out it ends wrong don't get close to the Bison at Yellowstone don't try to get a selfie with the by see the video no is it on your old kid the whole fucking family

► 00:45:37

they apparently got within five yards of this fucking bison know that oh come on and then the Bison charge of the nine-year-old kid went flying through the air the thing about the nine-year-old kid Landing though it seems like she landed on her feet so I'm hoping she's okay I haven't read anything to the contrary so my mind she brushed it off and she's like whoa can't believe I flip like that well I mean it's like a you know if she survived maybe a broken bone would be a good reminder yeah sprained ankle I want the kid to have a sprained ankle yes but I do not even want the kid I want the fucking parent to get one of those weird diseases were like when a Twin falls down you her disease no OK it's like it mom here it is watch a show you this bison just deleted up the newscaster boom see how she lands on her feet though kind of I'm pretty sure she's okay watch this whoop bang I think she's all right

► 00:46:25

I think she's all right the thing is did it trampled or after these fucking assholes this is the problem with zoos people and this city life that we live where people do not know what the fuck a wild animal really is yeah you're not supposed to go anywhere near those things we're going to find out they have instincts to stop predation and their instinct is to charge head forth with this fucking 200 with the do with a red shirt on to like that and you watch a salani you should have Juke them she stepped in for the little kid you piece of shit over here you fuck I mean it's a 2000 pound gigantic animal that has to fight off wolves and mountain lions and bears and yep you're going to have your kid five yards away from it I think you know we've had a lot of friends the musician friends to go yeah I want to come out man want to work Harvest you really don't know you don't want to work you really don't want to do this I mean I want you to and I can make it a pleasant experience for you

► 00:47:26

absolutely can't I can make it go Fairly seamless but you're going to learn some things you didn't know about yourself fact when you have to work hours yeah real that's why we can't go to dinner tonight we've got apples waiting I got I have some Chardonnay already fermenting you have an apples I am going to make cider in the morning that's what we're so what do you do you pick the apples now yeah I have it on the morning about 40 trees my dad and Randy she's kind of in charge of the Orchards and Vineyards greenhouses you saw the you saw some of the greenhouse footage at Randy's doing that this is my dad and her picked probably about a half a ton maybe a ton of apples already off our trees so I get back at you know tonight a flight back tonight and then in the morning we're shredding shredding apples into a bun like applesauce and going to inoculate it and inoculated with what I have I already have some Chardonnay that's fermenting so I'll take like a gallon of the Chardonnay just put it in with the with the Apple so that it would just start to 4 so it wasn't bacteria from the Chardonnay least the

► 00:48:25

is already fermenting it well that's badass so you saw knock you late it with something that's already it's a wild used it's already fermenting and so put it in with those

► 00:48:34

let it let it finish up and do you do this at a stable temperature like does it have to be waiting we knew only keep the site or we've been kind of keeping it like you know 70 68 and again a cool room not out in the sun hot and not back in the cold cold cold room kind of you know 60 between 65 and 72 but how much cider will you make with all that how much did you say I did half a ton we did worgen if there's more there's more there's more apples coming so we'll have we'll probably end up with that about eight barrels worth of cider are and that's about good Lord 200 cases Norse about three hundred cans and I got 300 300 Flats of cans so

► 00:49:19

yeah so it's fairly limited production and we have like commercially oh yeah I wouldn't it's not going to be commercially just being are tasting rooms oh that's cool yeah wow and so how long is the process how long's it have to ferment one super once they're picked we can actually the cool thing about Apple's is they kind of keep kind of just going to stack them up in the in the in the walk-in cooler on site and then we gather them all up when there's a critical mass bring them in shred them so that day I will shred them probably about a week and a half later the fermentation is done the hard part of separating them the applesauce from the juice that's that's our part so a lot of people will get them super ripe and they they crush and press them so they just get the juice right off the most and they form at just the juice other people will shred them so there's just like applesauce and then the try to press that through a very specific press that kind of gets the juice away from the what's the benefit of the former versus the latter I do the third one I make it I shred it so

► 00:50:19

applesauce and MSU fermenting on the on the must on the applesauce hmm and then I press as a starts to separate I'm starting to pull the juice out once it's fermented now if you done this because you tried the other methods and you like the flavor of this one better so how many times you've guess I guess I've done this

► 00:50:38

40 right that's because I'm a liar and I'm good at it no I've done it once and it turned out so because I want to make sure that that wasn't an accident I'm going to do it exactly like I did it last time to see if it turns out the same and when you did it did you do it based on someone's recommendation or did you have a I did it based on my my experiences with fermenting grapes on Skillet yeah just kind of looked at that process and when okay I see how we're gonna get some stuff and our cider is extremely dry that's not it that's not a sweet side of you normally would think of like slightly sweet cider this is like a acidic dry cider very refreshing and is this a side of it's available at your restaurant yeah the Osteria down in Scottsdale at the American vendors location in Scottsdale and at the caduceus sellers tasting room and the Puscifer store and the for a if someone where would like where would I go where would I go if I wanted to try your

► 00:51:38

food and drink your wine like what's the spot would you recommend well the easiest was your trip if you want to take a long trip you want to go up to up to Jerome and Cottonwood area to go to those locations or three locations of different things happening in each one of those but if you just kind of in Phoenix area we have a location over in Scottsdale and Old Town Scottsdale so I'm definitely Infinity what am I in Phoenix I've got about two nights in Phoenix at the Comerica theater there you go so there you going to hits like soon you can hit Pizzeria Bianco you have to hit their you got to get Southern rail Beckett's table number oh yeah soon back at stable Southern rail tarbell's F and B which is in Scottsdale Scottsdale has a reputation for cocaine and parties yeah but it's also got great food yes so it's a very interesting place it's got a lot of people just have escaped some of the problems in other

► 00:52:38

these and Ganda Scottsdale that is a fact yes it's a weird place I've always felt when I found we had it yeah we had some decent success up in the valley like what the vibe that we got with the farms you know farm-to-table not just any Farm our Farms to your table Vibe and the you know our Vines to your glass scenario that's funny Town Scottsdale like okay this going to go we did it we like

► 00:53:01

we're going to do more makeup implants yeah that's what I'm talking about yeah does it it's a weird Party Town in that way yes like a lot of really pretty women but the specific kind of pretty like pornstar pretty the dudes are super pretty to they're pretty too yeah handsome spiked hair yeah oh yeah they got the tan jacket damn yeah you got a tanning bed just checking motorcycles no helmet living on the edge yes I mean if you're gonna be in Scottsdale it's a great location but there's so many so many great chefs and restaurants yeah and that area the really are and downtown and if you're going to be Comerica you're right by Bianca's you got a good bianco's what does that as an Italian Japanese real Pizzeria Bianco Chris Bianco he's got two locations Town and Country and he's got one downtown but he also has his other place oh my God I'm going to forget the name right now that's so dumb I'm so I'm going to get so much shit for this

► 00:54:00

his other place and I'm right next to the other person right next to the out goes at Town & Country oh my God I'm having a brain fart it's great handmade pastas and the dishes are amazing again I'll check in with you in December yeah remember it remember by then gotta get off this CBD oil man it's bad it's right on your Braman you can't be too relaxed right yeah that's CBD fucking it saves vacations for me I don't stress out like it's I think it's one of the best things I've ever tried for anxiety it's we and I didn't even know I had anxiety till I started taking CBD I think these little jammies these are this is a this will fuck you up though this is 1 and 1 this is one part should be don't put this in your body yeah do not put this in your beauty put it you bought but you will get nervous you're gonna get paranoid but this it's a weird like the CBD THC high is a different High because CBD does something to alleviate anxiety

► 00:54:59

it sort of just likes makes you comfortable with your own demise let's you easy the existential angst is Flames don't seem so hot so you like yeah we're all gonna die yeah but right now we're not dead cool look at the colors let feel that feel the warmth of the Sun but this is not like Funk this is not functional like you don't want to I don't do this if I have anything super important to do but but just CBD oil I just find it it did puts you in a great place okay like it's but internal not topical internal yeah topicals really good for muscle aches okay it's really good really the probably the best thing I've ever found for like alleviating soreness and stiffness and stuff like that because I found I was in Europe all of a sudden discovered that they actually had ibuprofen like creamed put on ibuprofens terrible for you right really really bad and what I found out was that if you let your pets lick it they get liver failure

► 00:55:59

die so don't did you just accidentally do know I hadn't had a person who works at the Humane Society I mentioned you know mentioned that I found this stuff and like I just in desperation and Europe like she had some sore muscles and she's like don't let your pets like that because they were trying to try to figure out why these kittens were dying oh God my friend Cameron Haynes is a runner and he runs marathons and runs ultramarathons runs he's 240-mile Moab fucking ridiculous runs that last three days and he was having like all this joint pain so he's taking ibuprofen every day of Saint taking 800 milligrams not just once but sometimes twice a day and he was just constant aches and pains so dr. Rhonda Patrick had been on the podcast he was talking about the dangers of ibuprofen and about what it does to your gut biome and how much it fucks you up and actually creates inflammation and actually can cause stress or it can cause a Strokes rather and all sorts of horrible horrible things so I call him up and I said hey man that's

► 00:56:59

cops find it take every now and then for a headache but you can't take that shit every day you just can't do it and you're fucking your body up just get off of it and I sent him the recording he listened to it he's like Jesus Christ I don't have a stroke so he gets off of it all is pain goes away it turned out his pain was being caused not just by the running but by the fact that he was creating inflammation by destroying his gut biome by taking 800 milligrams of ibuprofen two times a day so the idea of like fixing himself was fucking him up like crazy that's chasing that you know yeah so fuck ibuprofen okay well me don't I take it every now and then but you can't take it every day so you're a liar no I mean just saying don't take it every day but if I had like a bad headache I'll take some Tylenol or some shit it's not Tylenol right Advil

► 00:57:50

Adam yeah it's just not something you're supposed to take all the time so yeah I did for a minute and I realize it was doing what you said yes I was more A key then I should be and then like you know bad night out you didn't drink enough water okay boom didn't hit a come get a couple yeah then you're fine you can still do that but CBD does that to it's better better for you than all that stuff seems to be no side effects okay all right the side effects is people think you're a hippie

► 00:58:20

that's the only side effect right

► 00:58:22

right you say you're in the city budget I've just talk so much shit about part and I gonna let that back pedal no I was just a part of an elaborate joke that's my smoke pot all the time and I talked shit about pot it's the people it's the fucking people that are really into pot they're annoying they're annoying

► 00:58:43

age is not in here is he no Eddie maybe he's gonna jump out from an adult table no he's gonna know this is a I got this from this is from Tommy Chong yeah good Lord that's a baseball bat Tommy Chong's not playing games and he wasn't doing this since the 70s and I still alive seems to be fine it smells scary like you just smell it you like this is going to bring back memories I don't want anymore

► 00:59:10

we got rid of those why bring those back the problem is dummies the problem is not pot it's like the problem with every single thing like it's the problem not skateboards the problem is people want to ride skateboards in the edge of fucking skyscrapers right good point that's the problem it's like with everything it's not is the implementation of the idea in a really stupid way that's the problem all right it's not pot people smoke pot with the same thing it's but you can you can apply that to almost anything yeah you know I hammer it got her if you can destroy something whether you can build something with it exactly so it's not really the hammer it's you exactly okay exactly got some people that are functional on it all day like be real from Cypress Hill I did his show he's got this hot box show

► 00:59:56

I can't believe how high they get their high all day long and then they keep going we got so high before the show started I was like well we must be done we're going to go sit he doesn't show called The Hot Box and you sit in this beautiful old Cadillac and smoke weed and talk about life and I was like well surely we're done we can't be smoking more wrong it gives you these bats of weed and climb into the car and it's a just a fucking thick cloud of smoke there's be real there's a fuck around but he's Lucid completely functional you talk to him guy exercises its healthy it's real friendly real friendly seems fucking since work out great for him yeah but not for everybody as yeah I'm like I'm the pot guy that's under the table freaking out yeah that's what do you think of what bothers you when you get high

► 01:00:47

I think just paranoia anything annoys a thought you know they're trying to get me like it's super like paranoid paranoid even if you just get a little box yep what happened try a little bit of this was cvd throw pots yeah no yeah yeah thank you you know stick with wine yeah you fuck with whiskey yeah I do I got a thing little collaboration with with angels Envy bourbon out of Kentucky they took some of my my fortified wine barrels and took them in their finishing one of their ports and one of my barrels come on girls yeah so as Port the same as whiskey Port is a fortified wine from Portugal right so you can also there are whisking there an alcohol company yes yes o angels and E is is bourbon that

► 01:01:47

Ryan bourbon in Kentucky and they and they basically they have a whole thing about their Angels Envy bourbon is finished and in Port barrels so the get they'll find you know how to get in from Europe or get him from California whether you know their fortified red Barrel that's had wine in it sweet Rich wine and they finished the group and in these barrels hmm so now they have some of mine to do a special caduceus collaboration you one of those people that I talk to that I go where the fuck does he get the time because I do a lot of things but then I talked to someone like you I'm like no I don't you do a lot of things we its organization or just organizing your time and delegating yeah I mean because that's really what it is is when you get when you're younger you want to go I did that I did that I'm doing that and then you realize I can't do all of that so we always have friends we are team of people like I can't we have a Puscifer store in Jerome Arizona

► 01:02:45

and it has cut and so we do we do Printing and shirts we have a barber shop in it we do a full new and used with the barbershop yeah weird football guy yeah Barbershop I don't use it except for you know the manscaping new and used vinyl on top floor with all kinds of paraphernalia like you know band stuff but also like a whole kind of the gelato shop do people go there hoping they're going to run into you probably but I don't run it my wife does she's absolutely I couldn't do that I couldn't do it all without her she runs a top-to-bottom all the ideas for all the plaza from merch is all it's all her she does she runs it it's great we just had it a popcorn machine oh yeah let's just just you do that and you just who to

► 01:03:34

yeah how long here's the thing I do Jujitsu I just don't do it very well because I don't focus on it all day I've learned about Jiu-Jitsu over the years and now I'm doing a little bit of noise hi I'm I suck at that too but I'm doing some about a bag yeah gloves what kind of bag the fair projects projects yeah that's a good bag for you especially if you've had some hip issues because it's a very it's it doesn't it's not hard it's a good bag to hit I've got a couple different bags out there that tall one knows the one I want to have because I got the shorter fat one right yeah seems pretty heavy yeah that's a different one than the ball mmm the balls good yeah and all SEC yeah the sack one yeah for knees that the one that I have that heavy bag is great because it's it gives like it's good for tendons and stuff because like a lot of people you hit those big hard heavy bags and you know you can do that when you're young but as you get older and you've got 20 years of blasting into bags full power after a while your joints

► 01:04:34

start the fucking they just start to say fuck you yeah well I'm finding that for me my friend taught got me into doing the Muay Thai because he's like look we do Jujitsu so much and on the road you're like you know you got some a queen only we can only find this black belt in town to train with you and he's to 10 to 20 so I'm you know trying to deal with this weight and like I'm kind of sore now for the show and I meant that that's not good the bed is not eat if you're traveling to the beds never ideal and you're in the boss you're bouncing down the road and some like it looks it's like a a coffin right that has some kind of palsy all the way down the road here to gloat about trying to sleep so we he went let's do some let's do some white tie because it's more opening your it's left right you know you're kind of going back and you're doing more twisting and just that Rhythm and it's a good workout like this easier on your joints to yeah so I you know I got into it for that reason just to kind of stand upright more so you have someone holding your pants

► 01:05:34

you sure yeah well he's got a lot of you know all of the world he's got you know great trainers everywhere so we will then and it's funny that you go into one guy and like yeah do this what are you doing don't do that with the limp in the last guy said I was supposed to do the like you know different trainer different yeah you got a lot of that for sure there's a lot of people that know for sure that they have the way to do it watching the infinite number of how you wrap your hands videos on YouTube no bro this is the way you do only wanted only one way this is the best way my favorite is the ones you slide on and then you just spin it and they Velcro on the It's like got gel that goes over the knuckles down a slide on like a little glove it's great all right I love that I can only has like maybe like four feet of actual wrap these slide these things on you go like that right but the headache of me sitting there like washing the tube like some guys get super serious about folding over the knuckles 22427 X and then you put it over the knuckles then wrap it down and through the fingers of the back

► 01:06:34

for the gloves the gloves are supposed to be the padding little more but here you're also what helps is really strengthening your hands there's a lot of the problem that people have is that they don't do anything with their hands they just hit things like which is fine but to really reinforce the structure of your hand you should use those captains of crush grips Smash down those things they'll create better tendon strength and like that stress that that like a mullet and sitting like a Camaro and do that hand thing like this those guys can't use the captains of crush ones those motherfuckers like a hundred sixty plus pounds do you say you got one that's like 190 or something would you got yeah that love the level 3 is 280 what do they look like it's like a knurled steel pipe or aluminum outside and thick heavy spring it's like a hand gripper but it's like a real legit hardcore one and so I'll do it this way then I'll flip them upside down and do it that way and then I'll also know I do a lot of chin-ups and a lot of stuff with my

► 01:07:34

hands that's what it looks like you've seen those fucking things but those are just not supposed to be like in a Camaro doing that no okay not anymore those guys are dead well Jesus goes to 322 oh my God 365 yet only like five people in the world ever done that is so crazy that's according to what I was reading yeah I've got 240 pound that's not so how far down do I go let's see where we're at with this and this let me see you sure yeah start with the 60 now but I mean it just being that map's you want reps okay but you just want to be civil sit around the idea is that it had like a 10 all this most I've met guys who are Fighters like really good Fighters that have small hands and I mean small hands meaning like the structure that hand I mean the meat the meat of the hand they have they don't do anything where they're gripping all the time or pulling all the time they're Strikers so they just wrap their hands up and you know when you're just doing this all the time and throwing punches you're not really making your hand stronger

► 01:08:34

the way to make the hand strong as you've got to squeeze tennis balls and squeeze you know there's different putties that they made grip gaze yeah gripping Keys is fantastic doing like if you grab a Jiu-Jitsu guys handles hands are made out of wood like a really good Jiu-Jitsu guy like and a lot of that is just gies and ge-chan ups and shit when you throw the ghee over the chin-up bar and do that that's that's fantastic to when you do that yeah don't fuck with that pussy dude you do know gear just key I do mostly gay also yeah yeah but I'm you know I've I'm finding on the road it's just traveling it's easier to do the noogie because I can rinse that out and hang on shower and just dry by morning do you use special soap and make sure you don't get any fucking cooties yeah that's enough it's crazy yeah cooties are real man oh yeah they kill people well I notice like you know and it's been I remember as a wrestler you never really saw this stuff you saw a little bit of it but like nowadays it's like they're getting

► 01:09:34

qualified at regionals because they've got a spot on the Mac and they can't go Russell and they've worked their whole season to get here and it's like yeah we clean the mass we do all this thing's we clean the stuff like where did you get that well staff is in your body and particularly when people blow their nose you know and they wipe their nose on their face and then they roll that's tough your nose has all sorts of Staff inside of it and people get staff in their noses well if they get an abrasion in their nose and that stuff gets into your skin and you don't clean it out it's also your body has to be healthy and one of the things that happens with wrestlers or any competitive athlete is as your body is going through training camp you are building your conditioning but you're also compromising your immune system like when I was fighting I used to always get sick I poor nutrition I wasn't really that smart about it but I was always getting sick before like big events also nerves to yeah nerves conditioning all that stuff breaks you down so with with athletes it's that are doing any sort of combat sport where you're getting

► 01:10:34

matched and you're really susceptible to that stuff so you got to like defense don't soap is my thing I fucking love that stuff because it's all-natural you're not doing anything like when people use antibacterial soap on the hand the problem with that is that kills the good bacteria to okay what you want is something that really reinforces the healthy Flora but prevents all the cooties from growing prevent staff some me that yeah it'll list of I'll have him send him my friend guy Sakura runs a company he developed it because he was a wrestling coach and these kids were getting staff and ring weren't shit and trying to figure out what the fuck is this so it came up with these natural cures for it's all just tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil okay it's just healthy and after you train just wash your body with it and leave it on you leave it on like you see suds up leave it on for a minute or two and rinse it off and then if you got any little scratches he's got some ointment you put on the whole and it's all natural it's all just good for you healthy and then also it's good as probiotics

► 01:11:34

like anything like Kim Chi's really good a kombucha is really good acidophilus from yogurts really good so what about what is it the that's in the kimchi that that works is it because they've they let it go to vinegar that the volatile acidity is what actually has the probiotics in it but yes I do I have Olive ology that like 20 olive trees and so you know we do the brine solution its salt and vinegar solution that we're curing them in is that have anything to do with that at all sure that the the thing about kimchi is it's a proven Health probiotic like it's one of those things that people have been eating for thousands of years and it's just good for your overall well-being want to know more about this yeah so cultures you know when you're eating these probiotic cultures and there's some really potent once you could buy that are eating your require like there's some that you can get that they live on their own substrate so inside the little capsules there's enough of whatever

► 01:12:33

can feed off of where they can be active without being refrigerated but there's other ones that you have to buy a really hardcore ones that you're getting that have to be refrigerated okay but the what I like about the food based ones is first of all they taste good they could be a part of a meal I don't have to I like kimchi so I eat it all the time kombucha I like it I drink it all the time and it's just it just reinforces all that healthy Flora okay you know so you it's basically got like little Soldiers the fight against the cooties you just really mean you got to think of your body as an ecosystem right your body is not just you your body is a host of bacteria so much so much those more E.coli living in your gut than have ever been people ever now it's all just a part of you so you just reinforce the good stuff and keep the bad stuff away and when the commune system gets compromised especially through hard training and then you get scratched and that staff just gets did you get a grip on you and gets a hold of you and starts to go then I get systemic main fucking people die from that stuff they really do staff

► 01:13:33

fact especially that Mersa stuff man there's a you remember Kevin Randleman the UFC fighter yeah he have the most horrific staph infection I've ever seen in my life where he had holes where he would lift up his arm and you could see a hole in his underarm we see his muscle allthe mean through the skin look at this look at this you see it up there good Lord yeah like look at that go go large with that look at that fucking hole that red stuff that you see in there that is his chest muscle and he died young man and I think it probably had a lot to do with that and I think would happen with Kevin is if I'm not mistaken he just let it go a little too long and that medication resistant staph infection that MRSA stuff that's the scary stuff because that stuff that's evolved in hospitals and because of people using antibiotics and just I do my best not to take the antibiotics if I can but if you get that stuff you gotta take it they gotta fuck

► 01:14:33

Q in a hotel room or in a hospital room rather and they just IV the fuck out of you and you dive buddies that were there for weeks my friend Denny his knee was fucked I mean he has a opening on his leg like a salmon got gutted and they had a go in there and just pull out pus and constantly try to disinfect the area and he was in the hospital for a long time just dealing with his knee and this and this is from Jutsu from Jiu-Jitsu yeah he's a world champion his his knee start swelling up and he wound up going into more time to them yeah here's my key so many UFC fighters get it and they wind up fighting on antibiotics because of it because they're fighting it off you know Kevin Lee when he fought Tony Ferguson as he walked into the Octagon I was looking at his chest I was like that is a staph infection he's got a staph infection on his chest and he wound up getting staff apparently the week of the fight he was like what we're just gonna have to fight just gonna have to deal with it in my juice but but it for him like

► 01:15:33

Tony Ferguson like he's fighting a guy with staff you can get staff from fighting a guy with staff get staff from other people too wow nasty yeah it's cooties let's not do that my friend Ari was limping around a pool table once we were playing pool he's limping so what's going on yes I got a spider bite like when you say it he pulls up his knee I go around those I know staff I'll screw my cue I go dude we're going to the hospital right now because you serious I will fuck you I'm serious I know you could die oh that is huge you have a posse filled up staph infection underneath its compromising The Way You Walk oh that thing is going to get systemic it's going to get in your fucking brain yeah my dad got bit by a brown recluse that's bad and he went to the hospital that is an area that has brown recluse right also they have to do know that's a problem with our Hospital they're like yeah you know he put some of this on there he's like I think there's something else wrong so he comes back a day later going what are these rings mean

► 01:16:33

it means now he's got a hole in his leg that he's having to stick gauze in all day long and take changing God's toys and he still has like a dent in his leg wear it like it ate away yeah what could they have done if they caught it early just giving any biotics and that's why I said you know what we're not sure just take this they didn't do that like just take this make sure all they had to do all they had to do I don't hate you deal with that thing for a month is crater and his own leg makes me nervous about hospitals when you hear about nurses get off on killing people like every every so often there's some nurse who just gave people Lethal Injections or shit just removing makes a great movie does but you know like by the way if you're a nurse I'm sure you're awesome it's not you I love I love nurses and doctors I love all those people all Healthcare practitioners and First Responders and we're and lawyers yep them to but they are some dirty people out there are monsters just happened to be nurses right

► 01:17:34

spiders don't be fucking spiders putting holes in your leg Yeah call my dad spider bait for a long time they don't live around Rouse thanks to you got serious rattlesnakes you live well then the rattlesnakes are pretty they're pretty good about just letting you know yeah yeah they just let you know they just kind of go on their way they don't really want anything to do with you yeah the the black a the Tarantulas same thing they just kind of go the other way tarantulas look terrifying but there's only the great docile are pretty cool yeah there yeah they they just hang out the nice definite at the track Sheila Hawks you gotta watch out for what's up tarantula hawk or is that a giant ban be looking thing it up fuck these things

► 01:18:17

is it gonna get a photo the world is so scary oh my gosh it to people that bear their lord and they are our by sharks I'm not sure which one it is somebody can chime in oh Jesus that thing's big okay yeah I've seen these things before yeah fuck that's huge they lay in it they they find a tarantula they jump on it they infect it with their eggs and so the trenches like I made it out of there and then wanders off and then dies and they the larvae come out of the torrential mm 0983 dirty bitch yeah

► 01:18:55

so there's their sting is like you know level them top five when you fold it in like that kind of yeah like like a centipede centipede on the list but like not above centipede really do you think that's what you have one on you that's that you bro you should be able to bite no that's me being terrified of centipedes right hand right at my new hey you know what I have now I have my not my ring name I'm just happy he's the centipede no centipedes are just throw those things like that cause me to shriek like my grandmother I got em jump up on a counter Maynard the sun appeared yeah I could it's got a ring to it I like it I like it yeah they're creepy maybe I'll fight Tom Cruise have you ever seen a centipede attack or Mouse no did I but the that so apparently the centipede sting is not as intense as the as the tarantula hawk from what I read

► 01:19:54

no I don't know who's doing this but there's they need to like I don't know man where it hurts what hurts words the tasers that the pepper spray get back to get a certain job guys how do you know a certain moment you know when you get to that bullet ant level like it's supposed to be like getting your arm slammed in a car door for 24 hours like how do you know there's something worse than that you have another one that's really bad two is like yeah we're fucking do it also $500 to get yourself stung by a tarantula hawk and we'll see what happens how long does it last I don't know this that's the thing this is this guy oh yeah what is that guy's name again coyote yeah what are you get stopped for a while I think we're supposed to get him on the podcast what is his name again coyote what is Charles cardholder I came in here he goes oh god bang look he's doing it himself get me get me look at him

► 01:20:54

out first I wouldn't be able to put that jar back on I'd be like weeping whoa oh no coyote Wilson what's his name it just says coyote right well that was his whole name coyote gets done pull find out this gentleman's name because I feel like an asshole now coyote Peterson coyote Peterson why they're called Kylie Wilson look at him there let's see how that is not wise yeah but neither is that leather hat he's wearing so well what you gonna do the bracelets will questionable as well I think he said this was the worst of anything we have like two tone pants on some of the pants that's the worst of anything he's ever done put it like he goes and finds everything that's the worst thing you can do and does the video like this watch him just deal with it quite a few of those guys it's a what a weird way to make a living

► 01:21:43

get fucked up by Nature works for Johnny Knoxville hmm I want to show you a video of a centipede killing a mouse that's what Heroes and their horrific centipede verse typed in there's a whole bunch of things that take your pick a way to go with mouse because it's particularly aggressive and the way they attack mice eat my so the third down third down watch this watch this smells like hey I'm just a mouse some kind of cute just chilling hanging out here and this weird blue floor I'll fucking Jesus Christ the thing about centipedes to is they don't just say am I hungry no they know what they do and what they do is fuck up a mouse that is right out of the movie Alien right God took the mouse is like Jesus fucking Jesus look at him he's already dead

► 01:22:35

I mean that is goddamn crazy the mouse is way bigger than him and he's burrowing into his fucking spine right now what's twitching and trying to stay alive the thing about it that's so creepy is it's not necessarily hungry like it just that's what it does it sees things it kills it McCall me I'm here with a mouse like a bison and a nine-year-old yeah it's like I'm hearing with a mouse in this weird little fucking environment that doesn't seem natural at all but I'm not going to think about that I'm just gonna kill this fucking Mouse that's what's important yeah not why am I in this I pushed to me why did I do that now why did you because I'm afraid of these things so we put it on yeah what else you afraid of get divorce papers on your arm from somewhere no I just you know got to put something on I had a friend do some tattoos I got I have the snake through the the rattlesnake on the things that you're afraid of you put on yeah well this side is

► 01:23:35

and because I'm here the dragon but this is like where I like Mickey Rourke movie

► 01:23:41

I don't know that movie you don't know the Year of the Dragon back with make you work before he went crazy all right it's fucking great I'm going to Young Mickey Rourke okay I'm gonna make you work an old there's two different humans young make you work an old Mickey Rourke young Mickey Rourke was like this like super serious amazing actor did fantastic films like really good and your heart out yeah Angel Heart without heat So what had I thought so didn't he get like in a motorcycle accident and bonk his head is that what no happen to careers over the edge yeah there's a trailer of it no he became a boxer he boxed as an amateur when he was young and then when he was an actor I think if I had a gas and I'm going to just paraphrase and I apologize if I got it wrong but I think he felt like Hollywood and acting and I know he's quote he's been quoted on this was so fake and so with lack of a better term feminine so it was so it was so soft and bullshit

► 01:24:40

that he felt like he had to do something real again so he started boxing again as a world famous movie star I got but I got Punchy he started sparring with James Toney and a bunch of other guys a bunch of legit boxers and from what I heard James Tony used to just touch him up every day and of course you don't want to be that guy you can't hang so he's in there taking fucking Jabs to the face and right hands to the face and left hooks to the face and uppercuts the face and his face got deformed and then he wound up getting like cheek implants in a bunch of weird shit right got a bunch of weird facial surgery and stuff and I don't like you know then start losing his mind but I think CTE played a factor there I think just I think there's a to me it's a logical correlations like here's a guy who's this world famous amazing movie star though nine and a half weeks and all these other Big Time movies you saw have fucking Blockbuster movie star and an interesting movie star like a really good actor and then all of a sudden he becomes this crazy guy and

► 01:25:40

in between them he's getting punched in the face a bunch of times like it doesn't take a genius right to make these connections right I know a lot of guys that were pretty normal when they were young and then somewhere into their MMA career they lost it and they went off the rails there's a there's a growing list of those guys growing yes yeah and some gals are on that list as well okay yeah so it's it's the gals are there's as they as Ronda Rousey's opened up the door for women's MMA to become more popular that's going to be more and more women that are taking more punishment including ones that you're never going to see inside the UFC just and the other thing is like just training if you just decide I just I don't want to fight but I want to train all that counts all that stuff counts all those right so are you sparring when you're doing more time dude oh thank you so much just trying to get in shape and stretch you know get down get the But yoga fuck with yoga do yoga

► 01:26:37

yeah it was awesome yeah I do it on my own sometimes it's my hotel that's all we did that's how we do it yeah my wife and I she hasn't you know she's the online service from would do that but we are opening I just bought a new place he's gonna open up a fucking yoga school yeah Jesus Christ man how are you doing all these things I'm not doing it I'm past I don't know but I'm delegating how much bandwidth does that eat up to fact that someone else is doing something that you're a part of and even though you delegate you still have to like figure out what that person is doing hey why does why our business going on during Mike's driving a Rolls-Royce like you know I mean right those kind of things yeah well I got all other good people around me we have a nice little community so you just stay chill take your sandwich is like looking for it we just look at the what's the business plan is it gonna is you know I think that's the that's a that's that was a very good for me because like you know we lived lived within our means when I was a kid in Michigan my parents were high school teachers

► 01:27:37

not a huge pay right so we're leaving you know living paycheck to paycheck in a way that putting some money away but grow our own food would hunt put meat in the freezer but then getting into the also now you know cut too many years later than there's band and there's like there's touring money and there's stuff and you kind of lose touch with understanding that most businesses operate on a ten percent margin mmm you know so getting back to those kind of things to look at this because I'm moving my Jiu-Jitsu Academy to another building we're going to put in the bag we're going to put on it kind of yoga that's what you want a goddamn Jiu-Jitsu Academy to write but you know looking at it trying to make it work it's a it's a puzzle that's worth have it's a puzzle that's were solving because if you understand how to survive this thing on that microcosm

► 01:28:27

that you can survive a lot of things right you can make sure that when shit doesn't go the way you want it to go you've done the work to figure out how to survive in those extreme circumstances in terms of business in terms of you know you know if the economy goes the way it goes and if not we got greenhouses and we have some wine so we'll eat some salad and drink wine and die happy it's good way to think but it just I just can't believe how many different irons you have in the fire and I know you're delegating I know you have good people around you but God that's so much do you ever think of simplifying do you ever think maybe I should just like pair this stuff down like in a way we are and I think this next couple of years the last couple of years has been that like establishing something in Arizona establishing the green establishing The Vineyards establishing the businesses we've kind of branched out in various ways but I feel like in a way we're expanding to retract and once we figure out what works we're going to

► 01:29:27

bring it all back in centralize everything make it simpler and it's when we're sustainable at that point right now we're kind of extended were all over the place compliment things but I feel like you know getting a few get a few rounds in getting some sparring in once twice a week three times a week then you know having The Vineyards going on because that's hard work to I don't really have time to train Jiu-Jitsu or do might die or anything that you know but you seem to enjoy all these different varieties of experiences to like Puscifer Perfect Circle tool Vineyard restaurant Jiu-Jitsu Academy there's like you seem to enjoy having all these different plates spinning yeah it's fun yeah it's my dopamine yeah if I'm gonna have an addiction at least in this is going to be some some some cumin Community attached yeah that's what I'm saying is like you seem to enjoy having all these little puzzles yeah those little things going on yes absolutely

► 01:30:26

the puzzles are important keep you alive keep you relevant keep you fresh yeah goals pause yeah goals and deadlines Harvest yeah yeah yeah Harvest is great because it's not up to you right you're right you have to do your marching to the beat of a whole different drummer at that point and how do you schedule touring do you schedule touring directly by when your harvest season is and how the winery I mean luckily with with tool were popular enough to where we can we can get offers we can do the touring you know any time during the year nothing's going to really adjust or affect how you know what we want me make is a living for doing that touring something like Lucifer way harder puzzle much it seems smaller seems like it's not on the same scale but in a way it's more difficult skill because there's less margin for error so when we tour with that and it to be a very specific way we do it because you got to make sure that we don't pay to do it right just just

► 01:31:26

start thinking about that thing you did with was it Ronda Rousey and who else was in there what else that guy you said was President oh that guy that's right Trump was in it yeah I bet my balls and lost what year was that I'm so stiff teen those before the elections yeah what I was like right when he announced that he was right around the time yeah yeah yeah that's good yeah we got a lot of flack feels like what the fuck is he doing yeah did you get all the different Ronda Rousey versions no I didn't look like that I know we've got Miss Miss Krissy cyborgs and there we have a Miss Holly Holm we have cat zingano we have met we have Rhonda

► 01:32:15

I'm the hot one

► 01:32:17

so where is no again where do you have the time to do this I didn't either these are friends of mine who did the whole video I go here's what I have in mind and they were like okay we'll do it so I don't man I'm eight I have no idea how to animate you got a lot of shit for this not really

► 01:32:35

I mean because it's just pure it's you know it's just pure comedy rights like it's not you know whatever I'm not you know I'm political to a point only when it's like when it comes to assholes so I don't like most politicians are easy targets because they're you're already know they're lying Rush speaking so that they're just it's good comedy right away I think the best comedy we've had and many years has been Trump because he's just he's such him up for you he does but it's almost it's it's what he's doing is so strange because he's not even pretending to be what we think of as a president like he'll attack people on Twitter I feel like he it's weird crazy it's weird like I wonder if the thing we talked about the 400 year line okay this is me going back to conspiracy theories and there's no Eddie's didn't sneak in yeah I didn't know it's okay that is working alright so much class right

► 01:33:34

I feel like it's almost like that is the distraction to keep us all divided and keep us all guessing what the fuck's going on and on purpose Matt maybe maybe you know if you're if you're a good if you're good conspiracy theorist you're going to put those connections together and look at the every show that's ever gone like okay well we find out that there's just meteor speeding toward Earth we can't tell anybody mmm so there's anything weird like that going on like there's a there's a fungus it's going to kill everybody don't tell it just gonna be arguing get them like you know distracted by you know you know football hey who's which who's your team football right you know just the bread and circus of it all right he get caught up in having you know having food and some Gladiators and you forget about your civic duty right how would that would have to be orchestrated by some genius component of our government that doesn't seem I think it's in another fight I think it's accidental not think anybody I don't think it was pulling the strength I think it's just like part of the progression of

► 01:34:33

what happens okay what happened the Kali Yuga Madness yeah it just it just so just it because of the natural progression of where things are going it just comes out as a symptom

► 01:34:44

that makes more sense to get that that that makes more sense to me than this Grand conspiracy no it's not I don't think there's I don't think anybody's that organized no I don't think so yeah yeah but I think this chaos going on and people capitalizing on that chaos and I definitely think there's lying I definitely think there's conspiracies but I think more than anything it's just this is the way the world is turning right now because of just how Society is set up and how disconnected we are to the natural world and how connected we are to the digital world and right it's and there's I don't think there's any way out but I think in the interim I feel like an attempt to reconnect as going to help I think generally generationally there's a way out the problem is for Our Generation I don't know if there's a way out you know I think especially People Like Us that grew up without any sort of internet and then have watched it transform and completely take over the world whereas the

► 01:35:43

have a world without internet is impossible to us it doesn't even compute but we grew up without it so what happened while we were taking over we're taking over by some sort of digital entity I don't think for us I think that this world has to be figured out by the people that recognize that we've fucked up look we were talking about learning from mistakes learn from other people's mistakes we're going to learn from our mistakes they're going to learn from our mistakes and they're going to have see people who grew up just like I mean like every other really fucked up part of human civilization that people have managed to overcome and avoid whether it's slavery or war with bows and arrows like they've figured out like thousand on the way to do it let's move past this let's figure out what the Folly of our ancestors was and let's adjust accordingly I agree with them long as we don't

► 01:36:38

poison the Earth long as you don't make saying if you're in Arizona that's a hot spot like actually hot it will be a lot of water there you have lots of water where you are what just in general Arizona has water that's what you know you tried by those Lawns and pools and Riverside in Palm Springs that's Arizona water is it really yeah I thought that shit was like color filter yeah yeah you have all the mountain ranges around Arizona and down through Colorado all that kind of filters that way and that's that the salt and sea that's all because of that Colorado River your fuck around with that place Jen just went through there should show me a bunch of photos it's pretty amazing it's insane most people don't even know what it is there is an amazing documentary on it she geologist she just she just bought it so I'm going to watch it once you're fucking crazy that used to be a place where everyone from Hollywood went like it they call it the Inland Riviera like California's Riviera and they would go there and

► 01:37:38

Nebo know while he was alive was trying to figure out a way to detoxify the water and pass bills because a lot of it is runoff from the agriculture from North yeah it's crazy the people that live around there just it's just a rotten Wasteland look at that all the dead fish the there's seating around the see there are it's like sand but it's white and it's not sand it's actually the bones of dead fish but it's so prevalent that you would think that it's sand

► 01:38:12

what a crazy ass place that is

► 01:38:16

that's one of those places great it's worse all the time and apparently if you're in Palm Springs during certain times of the year the it wafts over and hits you Millie they have dead zones where millions of tilapia will just wind up on the beach dead and just rotting and smelling through it's not like grasshoppers in Vegas yes it's crazy that's good that's in the Bible yeah it's in the Bible that is the flow Kadar that's what locusts are locusts are grasshoppers yes it's a Jesus is trying to tell us something

► 01:38:48

instead of Vegas or don't you can eat grasshoppers to that's yeah that's good tasty forgot about that part yeah well we will find a way to survive do you guys have those javelinas an area oh yeah that's a creepy little fucker isn't yeah that will tear up an entire Vineyard in one night oh well they really yeah they're crazy it's like that you see the LIE guys in Texas that the boar or like running wild there's something you don't give you permission and helicopter you go over the board heard that's just destroying agriculture the go over and they'll they'll try to thin them out but it's yeah it's just no just no stopping it we don't have that much of a problem with the emelina and Arizona but it is a problem yeah well that's at least a wild Natural Animal it was introduced javelina was yeah really didn't know that yeah but who what piece of shit brought that goddamn thing I have no idea I don't know but it wasn't it's not native to the area was abroad in I that's that's what I was told

► 01:39:48

so I know that by it's a peccary it looks like a pig but it's a peccary which liquor cousin to a pig like a rat or something yeah tween a rat in a pig somewhere Doug Stanhope lives down in Arizona and he said his neighbor's dog got killed by a pack of javelina yeah because the problem was the dog chase the javelina the mail flipped around while the while the kids and the other part of the her took off and he went and he like gourd mm yeah because I we had a we had a Doug Argentina that almost died because of big Dawn and that and that little not so little male have only no whipped around and it's like trying to fight Mike Tyson it's like it's this compact thing with spikes there are really unusual animal to haunt because they respond to calls the way you wish animals would respond to a call like if you trying to call on an elk and you're like man they're like hmm maybe I'll come over there and send a check she was looking for some dick

► 01:40:48

get close and they'll they'll try to figure out which way the winds blowing with a javelina what you do is you make these sounds like a wounded animal like they have these little predator calls or so

► 01:40:59

well you making something like something's writhing in agony and making noises and they Sprint towards it and then when they realize that it's not what they want they try to turn around that's when you shoot them right but they run like no other animal to a predator because they live in this horrible environment the desert and it's all mountain lions and jaguars and whatever the fuck else lives out there yeah they're weird to you see them and that there's a silhouette and then they turn and they're like thin you like what the fuck is that likes if you try to shoot it had on the bullet is going to bounce off that skull they turn on you can like the side shots the way to get it but like there's like a flounder yeah it really is or weird to fucking strength is that is that a introduced animal

► 01:41:43

it says that it migrated from like South America and Mexico up over a couple centuries but mmm maybe someone brought it up first well the pigs are the pigs have only been here since the fifteen hundreds of Spaniards those crazy Europeans they brought him over here for food and we'll just let these pigs go no one's going to Care hey next thing you know they're almost you know every I think they're in every single County in Texas yeah and they're making the way across the country you just did devastating things yeah they're in San Jose and Silicon Valley people's Lawns get torn up by wild pig populations yeah not cool but the tasty if you had him right there that they have that that glitter on the gland like can you process it wrong and it's a good you just gotta know what you're doing just don't fuck around with her their glands just like men

► 01:42:34

no please leave my glance away alone but you're the desert environment such an interesting thing because you think it's desolate thing but it's a really thriving ecosystem yeah they really are like just the simple things like our herbs and the tomatoes things like that they just they Thrive yeah they're very aromatic the Basil's and the the Rosemary's and things just really intense intense stuff what kind of tomatoes do grow deeper like an heirloom style tomato well that doesn't really grow well the ones that really do well in our greenhouses with a little like the cherries or little pear Tomatoes those little smaller you know smaller versions of tomatoes they do really well why do they do better than the alien ones I think that they're as far as flavor I like them and I think it's because just the size the skin contact how much more compact they are there's just more flavor and one tomato rather than the pulping the flavor I would imagine the skin in the outer

► 01:43:34

is actually more of the flavor than just the Pope I gotta get a greenhouse I really do that's something I've been thinking about a lot lately because I've had vegetables like when I said I just got back from Italy goddamn their tomatoes taste good yeah I mean you realize that Tomatoes actually a fruit yeah and it tastes great they're amazing but you get it tomato over here from the grocery store and it might as well be a tennis ball I mean it's bounces like a tennis ball at last the last for our Tomatoes don't you know we I picked on because we're going to eat them today and tomorrow yeah that's the way to live man that's how people are supposed to live this goddamn waiting forever to eat your food while just sits on a shelf is nonsense yeah it's like I got I got used to that now that we have the the greenhouse is going for the last couple of years it's like you get that stuff that's what we're making do you have well water we're on the around the spring that comes down from Mingus Mountain so Jerome is on on spring water and then we have well down on

► 01:44:34

other sites so your tap water spring water hmm wow so do you have does anybody add anything to it probably because it's a it's a town so they write the treat it just to be safe yeah unfortunately but there were other so Rado we had a well we have to we have three Wells I like you know he's site has as its own well as well as you get Spring Water we have get rights because we have the you know we have the Oak Creek and that's that's at the page spring is right there so we have water dish rights that we actually irrigate The Vineyard on those but I want to put in a well on every one of them just as backup plan did you get a guy with the stick trying to figure out where the water is the diviner guy is that shit work work for us how is that real I don't know I don't know I had a buddy of mine has built a well on his property and he had the guy come over with the stick I'm like I can't talk to you anymore I want got that going to say like they know that there's a general area where the water is yeah there's some dude with a

► 01:45:34

cell phone in the corner go watch this watch this he's like I think it's right here but it does the think it's that I've time but I've practiced but I've seen it I've seen it I've seen it done we're like he's just walking around I'll take it just goes down like oh really let's go here yeah how the fuck can that possibly be we don't know it's good here it is here's this guy it's called water witching water with oh well it's witchcraft look at this guy fuck this guy look at the way he's moving his hands fuck her too she's full of shit to look at him all I don't even know I'm ready to be controlling this right here right here oh shoot shoot shoot the fuck out of here with that

► 01:46:17

that's nonsense that's like three card Monte hey I got a soul I've drilled for Wells and Alban 444 we should just try to drill a well out of the fucking blue just flip up somewhere yeah ten ten Paces right here bam oh look a well we're under a fucking of network of Wells yeah the only thing I'm worried about Wells is every movie where there's bad people they always throw the bodies in a well like the Larsen's Tarantino he can't really fit the body down that no that's a good age kissing thank but you can try I mean those people that have yourself a little meat grinder or some Hogs guess you could remember the well baby the kid that fell down the well took like days to get them out when they got a mouska yeah it was her right yeah I said him yeah and she eventually became like a hot broad here's another guy doing it he's calling us called a doll sir I might be might be multiple names did look at the sweater I'm not answering this guy ever a bottle of water on the ground and he's like proving well how about we put a

► 01:47:17

well water where he doesn't know where it is yeah blind blind him right look he's moving his arms this guy's a dipshit he's like the worst magician ever really like moving's are nothing on your my feet even pressed up watch his hands fuck you fuck you Melvin John Baker professional dowser professional hoser he's a hoser this car yeah John if you're listening I'm sorry I'm just this is comedy I'm sure you're real I'm sure you would do what you're doing is real bro let me see let me see your hands let me see your hands let me see your hands what oh Jesus look at it it's it's moving down with my coincidentally my hands are thrusting down at the same time yeah nonsense

► 01:48:04

he's a professional dowser what's the name of the religion they have the snakes that bite him in the face Pentecostals yeah is one of those that are good at those are my favorite those are the folks at talk in tongues mmm this is not Pentecostals talking tongues I'm thinking I'm conflating them I don't think they necessarily the snake handlers why was I was raised Southern Baptist and we did some tongs did you oh yeah some allow my ding dong you have to do it like that one really I don't say it like that because that would be a shame about you know what was his name is Robert Paulson is that the guy he's like the slicked-back hair preacher he does that he'll just be on in the middle of talking about Robert Tilton that's right really amazing he is one of my all-time favorite quotes every time you write a check to me Satan gets a black eye

► 01:48:58

he's got the farting preacher that yes yeah that's him yeah yeah that's good he's a dowser as well yes it's out there in the backyard with some sticks you have a flight to head back to your farm yes sir thank you have to leave quite quite soon pretty soon so congratulations on the release of the tool entire Library streaming everywhere congratulations on your Vineyards and you whine and your yoga studio and you just Sue studio and my new muy Thai bag and crayon company and helicopter Farm whatever the fuck else you doing is there anything else you need to tell everybody about for we got here I don't know man I'm just looks like we finish this record well listen man it's always great to see you even ever briefly next time I'm going to come to your place and eat okay tell me when is a good time and we'll figure it out and I'll fly the mrs. up there and we'll get some food and some wildly all right I appreciate you brother thank you thank you bye everybody

► 01:49:58

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all right thanks folks thanks for tuning in much love to you all bye bye big kiss