#1303 - Tommy Chong

May 23, 2019

Tommy Chong is a Canadian-American actor, writer, director, musician, activist for cannabis-rights and comedian.

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my guest today is a true comedy Legend I listened to his albums when I was a little boy and he was one of the very first ever cultural figures that was pro-marijuana he's a he's a hero amongst donors please give it up for the Great and Powerful mr. Tommy Chong

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come Charlie's gentlemen how are you sir I'm fine man great to see you again man you too Joe I tell everybody that one of my first ever experiences with comedy recordings was listening to Big Bamboo when I was a kid my parents had it and they let us listen to it we open it up like a big old packet of rolling papers and pull out the album's back then the actual record you know and so I've been a fan for a long time I can tell that I can tell how are you deliver the weed I'm fine man couldn't be better I'll be 81 right wow that's amazing it is it sounds crazy to say because I'm fifty one that sounds crazy to say when I say it I'm like Jesus that true fuck I'm 30 years older than you wow that's some but I feel good man you know all the systems are go again you know that that makes a big difference in the life you know yeah that's what I found out

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only use is the pussy that's it yeah that's all it is drink out of the Fountain of Youth and you'll live forever really yeah okay yeah what about if you're gay

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well I guess one pot so yeah I had to think about that one well I guess might be dick for that I guess it no I don't know it has to be the fountain

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it has to be the phone so even for gay folks got to be pussy to well how long what's the longest living gay guy that you know that's a good question

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huh like Bob Hope man he was he a no-win later no no that's my father used yeah you know because it's more romance well what happens is your body when it reaches a certain stage it starts disintegrating because it's getting ready for the recall in the reboot and you can new body in the way you go again but if you keep this body healthy it feels that there's no need to to leave because you obviously still got more shit to do yeah you're still enjoying it yeah you're still producing you know are you exercising everything oh yeah what'd he do I've got a trainer now yeah but my main exercises Tango Tango Tango realer I will turn you on to tangle tangle is over

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6u U the whole thing about Tango is it's so intricate it was a the original Tango was a mating dance from Africa really and what they would do they added that the tribes the young kids would get together and dance and flirt with their feet and so when the slaves got taken you know from Africa and put on the boats in that they ended up Crossing the the foot dance with the Adagio French dance the dance of the brothels and so the so then the ended up with the music or dance called tangle which was a combination Tango itself is a word that means small drum it's an African drum just like Mambo is an African word that means storytelling really yeah dude Story Time with Tommy Chong the oh yeah man I was until I had I had nothing but time and I wrote a whole paper untangle

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so anyway tangle like I go to Argentina with my wife a lot and it's very tough dance to dance with your wife you have to dance with a stranger and she has to dance with a stranger why is that I think it's your to intimate to personal you know each other too well hmm if you're a stranger then all you can respond to is the dance signals like the man has to lead but he has to lead in such a way that it that you can't see him you know he can't pull her around He suggests okay like if and so he'll suggest a certain move and then the girl that hurts partner will understand that move and then she can do a couple of steps and that certain way hmm like one is called the fuck I can't remember the term ultros oh ciao

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which means back and forth and and and out of those combinations once the guy gets the girl going into Ocho's for instance then he can move onto a he'll stop her with his foot and then you move on to another series of moves and they're all designed and but the stranger you know the woman has to really listen to the moves if she's dance with a stranger or a teacher hmm and and that's how and then it has to be close Embrace and the woman has to be cuddled up against the guy not always but for the most part so you're not looking at your feet at all and it's all about feel and so you have to feel the other person's body and it can get so intimate man is that you really fell after good dance with a good Tango teacher you really feel like I haven't a cigarette well and relaxing

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did you did you study this did you like take classic I got turned on to it in Paris I was teaching I were finishing up the Corsican Brothers and I was we got offered to do The Cisco Kid and they sent me the script and in the script said tango dancers and so there we my wife and I girlfriend at the time but wife now we used to drive by this place that said tangle and neon lights and so we stopped and and took our first tango lesson from this Georgian Rosie a couple there George was too old to get out of bed he was what is in his 90s or something he was in bed Rosie came in met us and we and she showed us the first little bit of Tango well my wife shall be who was an excellent dancer she's been studying dance you know ever since I can remember you know and so she started doing salsa first and then I found

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about that nice had to learn salsa but then we started learning Tangled together and then she went on to really learn how to dance how to dance with the pros mmm me I'm still struggling to be a pro and it's very hard it's like MMA fighting you know like she's a pro I'm an amateur hmm and so when I when we go down to Buenos Aires like we went down for her birthday I was the video operator because I didn't know how to dance hmm you know that well I take lessons almost 20 years but it's still don't have the skills to to be a professional like that but yeah so I went down and videotaped her and then I came back and I made a vow of Isis this is embarrassing you know because people know me from years ago and I still can't dance it's so so it's about time that I learned so I I gave up everything

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learn Tango and now really but what you give up golf more than anything really yeah there's a lot of guys right now they're going crazy why would you give up golf for Tango well actually it worked out really well I played a tournament golf last week and I did the best I've ever done if you lay off something you forget all your bad habits well that's true too and you probably am really enthusiastic about finally good loved it and I wasn't I did good I got about two pars incredible for you know for me I'm you know I got about a 36 handicap something like that but so but I gave up golf because it's too much energy was taken too much energy sure you got to walk around all the time yeah I would also imagine that the Tango dancing all the movement in the footwork would actually probably make you more steady and stable balance better so it probably could golf game better oh did totally I noticed that with yoga yoga makes pool better in some weird way like makes you stand Stronger Yeah Yeah so younger there's also a pause

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comedy has someone asked me about the secret of Comedy races supplies in the tank was supposed to hmm timing the timing waiting yeah waiting and using that that silence you know before you say something to give people the time to formulate their own thoughts about what you're doing or to concentrate on what you're going to say next and that's same same thing with tangle this you yeah well you know that's me with puu on Dancing With the Stars yeah oh shit how hard was that to do oh it's incredible look at that snake cane or every what the hell is going on here good Lord he's saying to her there we did it we did it we did it wow renko tank looks like Randy was crying what's his name Kevin Hart Kevin Hart was the judge yeah you give me a 1000 that's do

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can I God look at look at this she had a carry me officer wow oh man that tore my butt up man imagine literally serious fucking training for that came right I came off that with rectal cancer whoa I got I found out on that show wow how did you don't think you got it from dancing all right I think I got it from no of smoking and and the stress from no smoking weed no smoking weed I quit smoking weed during the show why'd you do that I thought it would help me with my coordination or something well with me being there relation listening you know yeah because it's hard to learn things when you're stoned some that's what I'm saying yeah like in Jiu-Jitsu most people agree that it's not a good idea to smoke pot when you're learning skills but it's a good idea to smoke pot when you have the skills yeah yeah it'll calm you down yeah when you roll and already know what to do it's like it

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active then you can smoke some pot yeah but like learning like if someone shows me a new move when I'm high I can't even figure out where the body's gone like winter where's your arm what is how am I doing this to get too high and then what am I doing you get baffled yeah yeah well that's the same as Tango well so you really think that that happened to you because of that see I had prostate cancer and and it was a kind of prostate was so slow acting lazy ass doctor said well we won't do it we'll just leave it alone and you're probably die of something else before that happens and so is his attitude that was their attitude Jesus Christ yeah it happens all the time you know because you know prostate can be very slow and I had a slow one and it's black I had a biopsy when I had to find out because I was going to do the growth hormone and that's why I checked out my blood to make sure you know I didn't have cancer found out I had prostate cancer and but they did a biopsy and I think that could have done it

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to biopsy they can we take a piece of your so you think that taking a biopsy could have caused damage which could have led the cancer could have could have caused the cancer cell to hit the the rectum the way it did and so I got a bag now I got a class me bag and so but now I'm totally healed now and I'm good to go you know the only thing they so I don't know if it was the lack of weed and stress and and the fact that I had prostate you know so when they fixed the rectal and I got the best one of the best doctor could genuine what they have to do they had operate they had to take out change the plumbing from from the front from the back to the front that's a class me bait so um so I have no more rectum wow so I'm a virgin again I'm kidding and then you put the bag around to the front and

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that's all they did there and then I had then they but they did the swept prostate clean with the radiation they said we're down there anyway so we might as well do their prostate to so they fixed the prostate and thank God I never had it taken out because now I can I got this sleeping giant has awoken again the sleeping giant I woke the sleeping giant up I think it was a weed that did it to him plus my gorgeous wife but yeah I started getting these urges and I thought whoa oh oh oh what's happening here in I'm doing testosterone and that's probably what did it yeah the tosses Susteren and then and then I'm going in for a shot tomorrow that's it's a new procedure that they use apparently to help induce labor because it's all about blood flow down there mmm and so it's going to do sighs I tried pills I tried Viagra you know doesn't doesn't work enough

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so I'm going in tomorrow for an injection of some some help to blood flow to help the giant get a little more awake now when you went to jail you how to stun your your your case was horrible I mean it was it was so depressing to hear that you were going to jail for making bongs yeah I mean it just the whole thing was so sick and that they were threatening to put your family in jail and that's what they sent you to jail you couldn't smoke pot for a while after that right years how long probably three years because you're on probation probation pre probation before you went to jail pre-trial because if you get caught in you end up getting tortured what the whole time I was there nine months I was there I couldn't smoke they tested me all the time they try to catch me hmm there's nothing to catch and then a year after that I was on probation and I never smoked I can quit that you know I got willpower you know I can quit I quit smoking I quit drinking I couldn't eating bad

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what but you had to wreck well for one thing that happened that was great was that you became even more of a hero to the Cannabis Community because people knew him you truly were a martyr and it was outrageous it was so it was so wrong that even people that didn't smoke pot really kind of fuck you arrested Tommy Chong they come on man like all the terrorists in the world are criminals or rapists murderers I know you got to put Tommy Chong and yeah like what are we protecting our serving what are we doing here which one which one is that yeah they were just showing off showing off but once I got a message once I got in there I was in there with a lot of people that were unjustly incarcerated I was in there with the orthopedic surgeon for the Rams and he he he had been in a tax it wasn't it was legal at the time he did it which was that he had a big car collection and he rode off the car collection somehow and then the IRS

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in people and next thing you know they came to him and said you all this money and if you don't pay it you got to go to jail and he couldn't pay it so he went to jail this is he's Arthur Pedic surgeon he's like super straight the straight is one of the strangest guys ever met and there was another guy that figured out the OJ tax scheme you know how OJ can keep his money from the enchanting because he's in Florida yeah well it's a it's a law that a loophole that allowed you know OJ to keep his taxes I mean tax-free money and so so this accountant figured out how to do it and he started getting rich people so they didn't have to pay taxes and so rather than to change the law or do anything like that they just put his ass in jail because he could and they put them in there for a year and he wasn't doing anything illegal nothing illegal except

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and then they told him you you're going to get out in a year but you're not going to do that tax thing anymore wow yeah no no the government the IRS is creep will do not want to owe them money especially if your Trump well they're coming after him right now right what are they coming after him for now they're like New York state is allowing Congress to subpoenas tax returns so yeah Deutsche Bank they got his accountant is account nothing to do with the federal government tell everybody why would you want to be president like why would you want to do that to yourself unless you're super clean and that even if you're super clean they're gonna make shit up about you know the only reason Trump did it is because you're putting so much money you think so huh oh for sure for sure how did this loser billionaire get get financed over and over and over again and guess who's a laundering money like crazy from Russia the guy that needs the money

► 00:23:12

no the whole Trump family is going to go down you think so pretty sure taxes me Al Capone to Donald Trump you can't evade taxes so do you think that he owes taxes that he owes Putin he always Putin so much money that he's scared to death how do you know this

► 00:23:34

Common Sense okay so it's a guess or know figure it out okay let's go down the history Comey is a FBI right more FBI Trump was attacking Obama with the birther Obama's a President Obama has got control of the FBI CIA everybody so Obama said okay find out about this trunk guy so they found out about him

► 00:24:08

but the thing is they can't really do anything unless he becomes president other than that he just walk away free no one gives Vision you know what here's his really bring you anything unless he becomes president yeah are you mean the the FBI there's no breaking the law that there's no law that says that you can't deal with Russia right only law says you can't deal with Russia and be the president of the United States writing time right the only time he would break any laws is that if he became president right and he has to be compressed it and he became president thanks to call me

► 00:24:46

because Hillary was going to win no matter what they say Hillary was going to win until Comey said oh it's been a real boost of came out and they knew they knew back in Obama time that there was nothing really wrong that Hillary did nothing nothing but they told her to release emails and she deleted 30,000 of them so yeah but she wasn't supposed to do that that's illegal and she was using her own personal email server instead of the government's which one it was I don't out of laziness and convenience more than more than anything illegal you know she wasn't looking to get financed to her hotel by the Russians you know she wasn't looking for money hmm her and Bill had money they got money are they are there is a little fishy little little stinky sipping stuff around their mouth but it's normal it's normal politics so so my theory is that Comey and the FBI said

► 00:25:46

let's get this guy so you think they'd let him become present so they can't get them I think bars part of the part of the the co me gang this you know what's going to be hilarious about this this video when people watch this they're gonna go how high is Tom Tommy Chong Julie annual Martin made Trump president so they could prosecute them yeah yeah it's an interesting Theory yeah I don't know if I buy it but think about how think anybody's control in the strength that well but something about puppeteers are that good listen it look at everybody that was around Trump that became chief of staff and everything else right I'll military right why well because Trump Trump's got his finger on the Button he's got ability to get on the button hmm and so in order to keep him in line they got people around him that can keep them in line yeah yeah and if bi they can infiltrate anything they infiltrated the mob for years they infiltrated the the hells

► 00:26:45

do you think they couldn't infiltrate Donald Trump's gang but do you think they were trying to I absolutely will be just because him going after Obama with the birther stuff it's a start yeah you mess with the present look at that not many people were saying he was from Kenya right there was some some ridiculous Photoshop analysis and his birth certificate anything anything to keep a black guy from being a present yeah and that's what they find out and and and if bi in the federal lives you know Against Racism and that's pretty pretty pretty straight pretty heavy you know until Trump got him it's so so so anyway this is my theory that that that someday he'll be asked Theory right there yeah like like I really feel that Giuliani is part of the the scheme to keep Trump you know why with hope well you gives them hope you know hey they can't look at your taxes you're the president for Christ's sake you know you're the supreme leader you know well he does

► 00:27:45

have such there is some things they won't do when you're in office absolutely won't indict you for certain things absolutely it's what they plan it will look at mother said he says I'm going to hand this off to the Congress you can impeach him here's all the evidence you need to impeach him and know the Democrats have got to figure out are we going to impeach him go through that or we just going to go to the election and beat us a selection and then then arrest him after the election who do you think is going to beat him in the election anybody anybody you think Joe I don't think I need them oh yeah really oh yeah you are hi uh no strong weed we getting it well look at look at the Trump the trunk backers for instance right can you find one thinker in that backing group well I mean who are we who were talking about same thing you know the can-can think racism bind you right but which is racism racism is ignorance it's a part of ignorance I

► 00:28:45

got to do it I had it in my family you know so I know exactly I've been I've been you know kissing close to racist and I know that mentality and so here ignorance yeah pregnancy and ignorance doesn't stop with one thing it carries on to a lot of a lot of other things right like work and like all sorts of things and so when you look at the people that are opposing Trump you know the the women the the kids the intellectuals the Liberals progressives all those people they they want a good future for our country you know the other ones they just want to keep everybody else owed or perceived enemies it's perceived enemies that anybody anybody with a gun that's the whole thing you know if you have a gun you're not very intelligent why is that because you're paranoid

► 00:29:46

women if you have a gun you're not intelligent because you're paranoid

► 00:29:52

having a gun means that you're afraid that someone's going to come and attack you mmm you know right and and so that having a gun is like they want to arm teachers for instance that seems kind of crazy yeah that is so stupid it is so dumb wow you know just like the ones that knew no about guns like the cops that didn't go into the school they knew the guys got a AK you they're not gonna go under that school was their little pistols and so they didn't go into the school and the ones that rush to guide the ended up dying so what I'm saying is that if you if you have a gun and you if you think you need a gun for your house for whatever if you think you have something that's worth someone else's life then you are ignorant I don't necessarily think that's what they think they don't think that the gun is worth someone else's life they think they don't want to get their life taken by a home invasion yeah which does happen did you see that video of the guy that had a raccoon on his boat

► 00:30:52

no he had a raccoon eyes but yeah he's are you can track any any any know it was a wild raccoon and he filmed it and he's 20 miles out in the sea and she's his raccoon and so he filled himself kicking the raccoon off the boat into the ocean into the ocean he filmed it and then he went he posted it because he had no idea how ignorant that was had no idea was the raccoon dangerous was it trying to buy we're actually it will fuck you up they will fuck you sure sure but like the what the wild the wild guys the wildlife guy said this get a blanket so it over and put him in the in the in the bathroom yeah until you close to shore they kick him off yeah you know but this guy right away freaked out and use it this is my blanket off my boat well see that's that's the form of ignorance that that I'm talking about it's also just fear is fear that's what that's what fear is fear is ignorance right but if someone has a gun in their house

► 00:31:52

to protect themselves from home invasions home invasions do happen and people have saved their family with guns that that's a real thing you don't read about that much oh you read about a plan if you go looking for it really yeah there's a lack of indoors if you look at the the overall there's they have like a pie chart of gun violence in this country and an unfortunately large number is suicides and I start talking about how many people died unfortunately large number of suicide by gun and I feel like if people are going to kill themselves with a gun they'd probably kill him so little pills or anything else of they had that as well right and then there's justifiable homicides by the police there's there's people that are protecting their house there's a bunch of different news gang violence as a bunch of different things to get lumped in when we talk about gun violence but certain percentage of them are people that are protecting their house or their help their family from someone who's trying to hurt them yeah I got it happen to case I'm in business with it with an ex-pilot from Vietnam

► 00:32:52

and I'm quite sure you he has the sidearm in his his house but it would be useless because it's so locked away and so hidden by the time anything happened by the time he got to that gun and got it loaded and founder are making everything else yeah maybe or maybe he could keep it right by his bed no talking to his house in this and this one instant and then what if it's your daughter something coming in at late at night and you mistake her for while you open your mouth and say something and I should go shooting into the dark or what if you have on the set of Seidel Tendencies and you've been wanting he sees one thing I learned about guns because I grew up with guns to I grew up in the country and which grew up in Calgary Alberta Canada oh really oh that's right you're Canadian yeah great so guns guns were talking about moving back up there oh no I lived up there oh no no no no but

► 00:33:52

grew up with with with guns where you where you actually needed a gun you know like especially when the when the Hawks are coming down to get your chickens or you know you know some stuff like that but I seen the gun culture in Calgary and it turned me off because I seen kids they would take a stray dog in tightly and bring them up to the field time to a tree or something or post and then shoot him oh Jesus shoot him that is Sport you know in and they couldn't because here's the thing about guns though I want duck hunt with my brother one time and in the field and a got bored waiting for the Ducks to come and so here comes what they call it set your phone yeah I'm sorry it's okay I don't you rest it so there's arrest this is ringing he turned it off

► 00:34:52

we went dark any and we're waiting there for hours where the duct come over my brother he got bored and there's a muskrat swimming across the thing so he shot it with a shotgun and he walks out into the middle of the slough picks up the Muskrat as a duck's flew over top of us just stupidity man that's definitely stupid but there's responsible gun owners don't you think well it's the are like II was in Army Cadets and when we had practiced I'm a sharpshooter by the way yeah yeah I got some some what he called patches you know Sharpshooter 300 yards so so I know how to handle a rifle anyway but when we go shooting we would have to first of all we never got the weapon and until we March down into firing position then we're handed the weapon and

► 00:35:51

and bullet and then we put the bullet in shoot the target and another bullet shoot the target and then when we're finished we had to pick up all our casings and give them back and if anything was missing no one laughed until they found that missing bullet and that's gun safety yeah then the gun was taken from us and put it in an Armory it's only used when you're going to use it you know just like walking around the skill saw you know you can have a license to carry a skill saw but you don't have a skill saw strapped to your side and you can take out and yeah try your skill saw any time you want it is the open carry thing is very strange let me see people walk around with gun strapped to their hips and Arizona like okay their targets why don't you do that your Target and well yeah it's like the bikers like it bikers you know the Hells Angels and the Mongols in that they're the only crime in Senegal but I know that advertise on their back look at me yeah

► 00:36:52

look at me I'm a thug I'm a you know I extort I do all sorts of beat up people kill people are and I write on a big hog you know he is crazy but people do that for recognition yeah see that's like Mass Shooters that's what they do it for get their name in the paper yeah look what I did look at the useless old me on the side so useless and what's the craziest thing about Mass Shooters is this not a thing I mean guns been around for a long time but this is not a thing that's been around for a long time this is a fairly recent thing that keeps erupting over and over and over again I don't know you were too young to remember but when I was a kid the crime Comics were banned you're banned they were banned because you're a bad they showed violence the comic books comic books wow and they were people up in arms about comic books and now you got video games who are you gonna be a mass killer

► 00:37:51

well how about movies you know I mean so many movies movies John Wick movies is everybody's getting shot everybody yeah my love it when a my favorites is peppermint with peppermint what's up Jennifer Gardner I've just you know at all what I get out she's a Superhero oh or name is peppermint the name of the movie is peppermint your the Chamois you have come on Malik must eight months or so I'm really not that long ago yeah it's great but I watched about three times now and the at yeah why have you watched so many times I think Jennifer Garner was kind of hot oh okay and this here is see her to see you with the guns in her and the third time I realized a lot of it were stunt stunt people how can you tell just I seen it so many times it wasn't I'll transfer you looking for everything I'm the reason for that little thing but again that's the kind of violence that we got down and people get him immune yes

► 00:38:51

especially specially people they get stupid you know like when I was a kid I saw my brother died recently and there's a whole picture photo thing of him and I when we were kids and they used to get put under the Christmas tree Six Guns and we're when we're little guys we were three or four years old I had six guns strapped to my myself you know because Cowboy Roy Rogers and Gene Audrey and that was a big deal you know you had your six gun shooter but you never shot anybody you just shut the gun out of their hand share that was the old days yeah right the good guys always Shop people to hand the shot the gun away from him all right you got me different world yeah don't going from the old days to Big Bamboo to what where we're at today where you're actually in the weed business

► 00:39:51

it's now no you know what Charles Choice which is crazy right it's like you were arrested for just selling glass how many years ago Italy 1503 eighteen oh three oh three sixteen years ago both real 16 years ago you were arrested for just selling glass 2019 yourself a full-on we'd really in for five countries that's crazy Germany Spain you can you were so ahead of the curve yeah but you also you were one of the real oh geez that paid a price yeah yeah and you know now it's got to be nice to see that your influence had something to do with all this it did it feels really well really did all your movies me you guys made we'd look fun yeah it was fun yeah but everybody made it out like you know you go from if you think about propaganda positive and negative you go from Reefer Madness with the most negative to the Cheech and Chong movies which is probably the most positive most positive up until like half-baked that was the most positive weed stuff we ever saw right

► 00:40:51

it was super super positive is all just silly yeah fun crazy this is silly humor ghetto humor yeah you know a lot of ghetto humor and and I wanted to be the rich guy you know the kid of the rich guy cuz that's what the 60s happened you know all the hippie you know in order to get laid you had to be a hippie and so all the rich kids on the growing their hair long and you know yeah through you know living on the streets all that stuff yeah yeah you guys popularize Vans to and we you know yeah you know we used to we used to say when we'd be on the radio or some of the radio shows and I was really popular on the right wing radio shows because well I I would inflame the whole Quran they get all pissed off at me because I would out people you know like like I had it Danny Sullivan you know the race car driver ha ha I saw yeah Danny smokes pot you know

► 00:41:51

you got mad at you for that they went nuts I think that's why I got busted really because I was in St Louis on a radio show that Ashcroft listen to and I think Ash Cobb heard me and the hit went out people forgot how crazy that guys yeah do you have any tool alive that's a good question but do you remember when he was singing he had a song that he sang that he wrote about let the eagle soar this is where I yes when he was attorney general and it was so creepy and crazy that this person would say he had a whole album of gospel music like he was a psycho I would love to climb inside that guy's head and find out what kind of gears are spinning around in there I think I did I think I ended up in jail for my prop for everything yeah he had a whole song that he sang on television he said I think he's saying it

► 00:42:51

it was either front of Congress or something along those lines where he know he was giving a speech somewhere and then along with the speech he wanted to sing this song Let the eagle soar like she's never sword before it's so it might hear it see if you fight Jamie it's it's so bad they got 10 seconds from a Daily Show moment has ended they did with it

► 00:43:14

well this is a bit the video you know it's that video looks shitty this is the clearest we got good fucker it's just 10 seconds of it okay here's the here's the video look at this check this out look up there like she's never shot before from Rocky Coast stop that's how you need to see like stop you can't nothing forever bro your nose when you can that's when you that's when you kind of say yeah maybe guns are okay yeah maybe everything's fine maybe missiles but seen a guy like that thinking that that psychopath had any control whatsoever over any laws or anyone getting arrested that guy is fucking insane he's like I was wanted to cover the breasts on a cover of yes yeah he did which brought attention to him yeah no one noticed that it's before he put a veil over exactly then now they're looking

► 00:44:15

are you see his titties he was a spooky guy he was your well yeah I found that out Bush Administration had some spooky fucking people there they really did it's really interesting that history whitewashes he's weird old guys yeah like Ronald Reagan after he died Ronald Reagan became like this patron saint of conservative thinking when I was in high school Ronald Reagan was President everybody fucking hated that yeah they hated them it was like he was a creep like you thought about him like this guy's a fraud he's a phone he's lying about selling arms to Iran the whole thing was it was so crazy to watch that guy become this loved figure I used to work out with his daughter Patty really yeah and her and I were pretty good friends until one day I came to the gym and I saw part of a movie called colleague Leah hmm and she said oh how did you like it I said I was too fat Iggy for me and apparently wrong her brother brother is very gay yeah she blew it cheap

► 00:45:14

up at me how dare how can you say that how dare you - don't you know my brother and

► 00:45:22

yeah so nothing to do with the movie just you know I'm not into that that's okay I just don't like watching it it doesn't mean I don't want you to do it that's funny I'm Ron was like super hardcore Democrat right is son it was that was an interesting little thing yeah that his son was gay Ronnie was wasn't that right wing until until he found it better path for him like Trump yeah he was Ronnie was a Democrat like Trump yeah it was when he was younger yeah see when they get older you know then that's not always happens also your paranoid yes also get paranoid and start want to tighten up the borders and Lock and Load let the eagle soar like she's never before imagined like sitting down writing that out and then and then singing it with all that emotion and passion as if that makes any fucking sense to anyone well obviously know

► 00:46:21

there is no

► 00:46:25

stop in him you know he's a fucking moron and the songs about a bird that's an evil repped like a raptor Like an Eagle is a fucking monstrous animal will eat babies they'll eat anything they can get their hands on they swooped down and snatched fish right out of fucking River there fuck I mean they're amazing creatures I don't hate you Eagles but the idea that that's America America is a fucking vicious flying dinosaur it's kind of hilarious it really is kind of hilarious that's our animal funny no I pissed off a lot of people in you know yeah not meaning to was it you know we used to say you know we used to say when they would attack us you know see what if we're right but if everything we're doing is right and you're wrong and next thing you know it's true we were right yeah well you've been you were right the whole time yeah and you know I remember when I first started smoking weed I was well add smoked it a couple of times up until I was 30 and then when I was

► 00:47:24

my friend Eddie Eddie Bravo got me high for the first time I remember I couldn't believe that this was what part was I was like this is it I thought it made you stupid I got can't stop thinking about things like yeah some of the thoughts are a little unorganized and kind of chaotic but it wasn't making me lazy wasn't doing any of these things that people were claiming it did make me stupid it made me curious yeah maybe want to watch science documentaries yeah and eat yeah and eat and eat it tasted so good I can't believe I'm good as food tastes I know it just it is one of the biggest puzzles of modern times is that even in 2019 with all these states that have legalized it there's still a bunch of people that think that pot is bad for you and it makes you lazy and I always say that pot is like any other tool it's like a hammer you could build a house with a hammer or you can just hit yourself in the dick if you're fucking crazy it's the same thing with pot that's exactly what use pot and it can enhance your life and it can enhance your relationship

► 00:48:24

in hand makes you friendlier and more calm more camaraderie more compassion or you could just get stoned all day and do nothing you got that goddamn phone ringing on your wrist he's got to do does that freak you out having that the I had one of those on my wrist for a day and I was like what really am I doing I don't know how to work it so it's decoration for me while I have a regular watch them by saying that my son got it for me there is various good because he updates my everything okay okay if it wasn't for parasites and still be riding a bike yeah I don't I don't I had one of those that I was using for a while for like Fitness tracking stuff that I got this whoop I got this other thing that's quite a bit more accurate and does more stuff your 5151 yeah good shape thank you dumb scared never let it go I work out all the time because I'm terrified of it falling apart well no you're hooked on the agenda and they're hooked on the endorphins friendship

► 00:49:24

that to it's also for mental health reasons like for me I need to oh yes eyes well they carnold you know when I when I first came to La I

► 00:49:34

first thing I did was join Gold's Gym because I read about it you know happened in Vancouver and then I met Arnold and all the all the guys and and there there was so healthy you know if he took a sip of 7Up he'd spit it out and really yeah and he was super super healthy but he smoked a joint he was smoke a joint that was another thing pumping Iron the documentary Pumping Iron saw him after he won yes smoking a joint and I do I made pot look bad like wow this guy smoke pot right how the fuck is pop make you a loser if the biggest body builder on the planet the most successful yes smashing yeah and I ordered them one time like I owed everybody in Arnold was walking with Stallone at the time and as that famous picture yeah they asked know this Numero Uno they asked Arnold you know Tommy Chong said that he smoked pot with you and and Stallone jumped in right away or no that's a lie that's a lie I ain't never

► 00:50:35

and also no yeah we did smoke but we knew how to enjoy yourselves back there yeah well I'm sure the loan trying to cover it up well we can still own the Stallone those Rambo movies I got some good stories on Stallone but you know remember Jordan Belfort Jordan Belfort The Wolf of Wall Street yes yeah I was in jail with him helped him write his book really yeah in fact we're all I did was insult him and made him crazy because I was writing my book and he was started he said what are you doing I'm writing because we shared a cubicle and I said I'm writing my book he says I'm gonna write a book and so he wrote a couple of pages and he handed it to me like hey read this you know and I read it and it was like a copy of Tom Wolfe you know why bonfires of manatees and you haven't written shit and handed it back to him

► 00:51:27

and is what do you mean I haven't written nothing he's but what should I write he challenged me I should write what you know I says write those stories you've been telling me or be nice you know is there's one rule that you got to remember when you're writing or doing anything it's called the most of so you don't get you don't just get high you get higher than anybody's ever gotten in their life if you want to put it on screen you know you don't just have a fight you have a fight that goes on forever you know that's that's the kind of stuff you need that people are interested and so he said you didn't talk to me for a boat but a month after that he was mad at you yeah you just right now show this guy and he's he wrote The Wolf of Wall Street real yeah and then he give it to you in the eye car you got something here no no no no no the last time the next time I saw him he pulled in front of my house with his car we were both on probation so we couldn't talk to each other and so he yelled

► 00:52:27

from his car he goes hey I sold them sold the book to Martin Scorsese we were so you're allowed to talk to each other by yelling yeah but you couldn't be close yeah you couldn't be how close did you have to how far away you have to stay wow technically you're not supposed to talk to each other you know but but yelling there no one's going to say anything but that's hilarious yeah no no even is that you violate your probation they put you back in Rio because you're associating with felons that's right right that's that's so crazy that someone who you're trying to rehabilitate with you can't talk to them because they also fucked up there is an excellent speech writer that was in with me and he was so innocent and they wanted what the the government was trying to get stuff on Imelda Marcos you know the Philippines and and this lawyer that I was in there was a speechwriter Reagan speechwriter and he wouldn't give up Marco's or Imelda and so they put him in jail for a year and and when he got out on probation

► 00:53:27

being a straight guy he was he went home and took a Valium to help him sleep and he got drug test at the next day I went back in jail he went he went baggage I'll see you got to be very careful when you're dealing with probation people because they got you by the balls man that's such a it's got to be a weird thing dealing with the probation officers because they have that power over you yeah oh yeah do they fuck with you not me I was too much of a celebrity and I had a lot of nice ladies and so I'd flirt with them Hello friends yeah serve with everything as I'm sure like all things right that's good people doing and bam oh yeah yeah that's good it's a job yeah it's a job it's a paycheck you know the sad thing about where I was in jail and Taft was that it's built over a toxic waste dump where they used to that's where they found oil in tap in California and when they found oil back in the day they never had a way to contain it they would just dig it

► 00:54:27

it and then we just spilled all over the ground and so they would dig dig trenches of the big pools and they would fill up with oil then they would get the barrels and dip the barrels in and that's how they filled up the oil barrels and and so after the figure out how to do it right the ground is all toxic and so they built a federal prison over top of it whoa and so everybody that's worked there and a lot of people that did time their I'll gotten cancer and died so you think that's probably the root of your cancer could be could be could be he's right yeah he's he's yeah because that's where I got it and they say that marijuana does something to cancer right inhibits cancer in certain ways I don't know technically what it does I think what it does more than anything it calms a brain hmm see anytime you calm the brain you loose a fear see you know the fear is that fight or flight

► 00:55:27

you know that's your response your body goes into this fight or flight mode and when you calm that down your body just goes into relaxation mode and when you're in the fight or flight mode the other parts of your body can't can't function properly like your immune system but when you're in a total relaxed mode that's why when an animal gets hurt they usually just crawl off in a corner somewhere and just lay there and lick their wounds and and and they just calm everything down and then they let the body take over to if he'll and I think what happens with pod is it it Mellows the brain to the point where you so what you know and you you allow your body to take over but you still need that other treatments you still need the chemo of the radiation you need all that stuff you know are you taking CBD oil now yeah yeah how much to take I'm not sure I'm not good at that amounts you know but usually doesn't take it I take it I have a right now

► 00:56:27

testosterone and and CBD em and then just flour you know smoke up a couple of joints well we've got a we got a gift bag for you yeah thank you thank you thank you thank you so it's good to have it I got some for be real it scared the shit out of me it wasn't I did be real Smoke Box oh yeah be real from Cyprus yeah I know goof-hawk that's probably as high as ever been in my life really those guys go hard oh yeah I couldn't keep up with him no I don't even try I'm a lightweight but when I spoke with Arnold what is all that Dave Draper all these muscle has become around and they get a big bong and the thing was they put like a like an ounce in the bowl and then they'd fired up and then they'd suck on her so hard whoever exploded the the bowl into the into the water made it explode then you were the hero it's a

► 00:57:27

although all of us are the odds are they're taking their hit Arnold takes a big hit you know the thing explodes then they handed me it was like yeah and they looked at me like I wasn't talking now with the Chong at the time so they just looked at me like yeah okay go sit over there and then you were just a guy yeah I was just wondering almost faceless what was it like being famous for being a pothead back in the 70s because that had to be weird as you were you were you and Cheech were famous potheads yeah where I don't think there was anybody else like who else was a famous pothead no level no no I'm not maybe no one ever

► 00:58:14

name the actor

► 00:58:19

oh Christ I can't think of his name he did time he did a year in jail in county for one joint Robert Mitchum oh yeah Burt Mitchum but he was like a straight-laced guy yeah the image Been a Cowboy yeah hey guys he's a tough guy that was the image well you know what the big the big draw for pot was the sex see it was it was before when you call the soper's or hope our Quaaludes

► 00:58:53

you know the qualen thing a quaalude was big sex thing that was people would have sex on Quaaludes oh yeah yeah I've never taken a quail it was a do for you oh just in there called spreaders when a girl gets high on a quaalude as I thought take me do you think that's why Bill Cosby was totally girls of quail oh totally totally so that was the thing that just relaxes you and to some it makes you horny really oh yeah and that's what pot does for me now but but it does for people for women yeah I love to sleep with that and they love to have sex you know after smoking a joint what was Annie Hall was in Annie Hall with Woody was out and he got a little pissed off at you have to get high every time you make love with me yeah yeah that's right without any Hall I think those Antioch and I think I think everybody in the picture in the movie company in the movie he'll said yeah I can dig it yeah definitely changes the way things feel ya relaxes

► 00:59:53

relaxes you hear music so you feel things better you everything feels nicer you know I like to do yoga on it I like to smoke weed right before I go to yoga class yeah it's amazing what you feel all the muscles is feeling the strain anyone's and all the ones connected in spots and and you don't smoke a lot already a couple of talks or for yoga class I wanted to hi I'll just be inside my head I just wanted like two hits just do it it's just going high seas I'm high but I'm not blasted yeah that's me too I got I've been giving all sorts of toys you know because I got the Chung's choice we in the stores in that and so they I'm getting tons of pipes all the time and I make pipes to the in fact the the that's the Not A Pipe this is a not okay anyone else you guys okay last time was like six whatever it was six years ago last time you were on the show yeah he gave me the Not A Pipe oh good you got it at home but I

► 01:00:54

you know so now they got they got a new one I can't think of it I got it for you here anyway oh great thank you it's called easy Peyton okay easy pipe is so cool because you open the thing it's got a lighter and built in and there's just enough the Bulls holds enough for a little nug but the now get in there and you can carry it in your pocket because there's a lid and then when you want to when I hit it you just hit the lighter and you got to hit our seen one of those before it has like a little metal lid yeah slides over to your side yeah those are pretty cool oh yeah they're very nice yeah nice little Contraption all contained well the old one hitters used to be chunks choice right there kapow yeah that's a challenge oh that's the that's a different thing that's something the genius pipe ah yes during his bar at Apple credible credible what does that do well it cools the

► 01:01:54

see from the bowl to the to the mouthpiece the mouthpiece the whole thing is is dimpled inside and so the smoke goes through all this the dimples and ankles it all cools it off sort of like ice water in a bong yeah better better better oh it's so smooth well I'll cough it just thinking about it but you do the genius pipe and it's just so cool do you get all these kids are a dabbing and using wax and I watched if you ever go to Cypress Hills Instagram page I get fucking I get anxiety just watching their videos like how high you get it because they play I want to get high it's so hot and you watching the video and you're like oh my God I can't do this I can't even watch this I know whooping that yellow wax in there holding goes they go so deep these kids today rather fucking mind are heating up glass and

► 01:02:52

in the THC into the glass like I was at 101 dispensary and the guy was so proud of handed me a big jar of of shatter you know the dab stuff and I pretended like oh it's a gift old thing said it probably put it in a box and I walked away the guy is Moses does it truck to yes pie lot of money for that stuff so it was it was like a Year's worth of death oh my God and I kept it long enough to make him nervous and then I guess you know with Canada we had a deal with hash a lot and it's okay but it's a little bit too harsh cash is Harsh yeah for the highs interesting though yeah yeah it's intense High get it what do you how do you feel about Edibles I love them to sleep on hmm I love it the chocolate I got you is what my wife and I both use

► 01:03:53

oh yeah you will wake up in the middle of the night instead of you know fussing and fighting or you know thinking about it we just go and get a little little chocolate thing it's delicious chocolate to its defense eat chocolate and it's it's the best thing and you just sleep not only I slept last night but I had a couple of them pivot epiphanies yeah that just blew my mind on what how art is going to save the world art is concerned the world how's that well you look at history like the pyramids that was Art it was an art piece and what happens when you when you have big huge art pieces like that you create employment and it's not war so you're not fighting you're creating and so the people that that care for the animals the people that have to feed the mass of people that have to work on getting those rocks carbon

► 01:04:52

drugs everything else it creates employment and it also creates tourism and so you when you have a piece of art everybody wants to come and look at it and so that's what we need in the world today you see and we not only need art but we need functional art because that's what the pyramids were they were functional and a lot of people think it was the astronauts you know aliens the aliens and which could very well be you really think so oh sure for sure for sure why do you think that

► 01:05:26

well because there's nothing new in the universe you know

► 01:05:31

we've had spaceflights we've had all that stuff forever but you have Chong's Choice cooler pipe yeah that genius pipe that's new in the universe that's that's know it's probably rehashed Always Somewhere in the world we have someone yeah so no so in the universe oh you talk about you want to talk about part two Chinese Indian sure all religion what makes you think that aliens built the pyramids though well I'm kind of think they could have been really is I think aliens are just humans you know that because if they're wearing space suits were if they're aliens why did they need a space suit unless they come from another atmosphere I personally believe that Earth is the only planet in this universe

► 01:06:15

and the reason I believe that is that there are countless universes like space is endless and so space is endless why wouldn't we have our own universe

► 01:06:26

okay so you think that Earth is the only planet in this universe yes but what about Mars it's a dead Planet okay so Earth is the only live planning the only time with life in this whole universe yeah so you think that there's multiple universes or infinite numbers of universe yes and each Universe probably has Unearthed or two or two but you think this whole universe of hundreds of billions of galaxies yes with hundreds of billions of solar systems could be there's only one planet could be because we have the space so the only you mean by one planet one planet with life yes but what y'all legit nice but why wouldn't you think that there's if because it's so big why wouldn't you think there could possibly be other life other places

► 01:07:12

why couldn't it be the other way why can't we be the only ones we could be that's what I'm saying we turn totally could be so so there's no reason for me see that's why I have people trouble with people that are afraid of AI you know artificial intelligence yeah I think silly because well because they're smart they're smart enough to know that they're not going to enslave anybody or torture anybody or take over anything no no only dummies do that stuff you know because when you capture something you know what you capture wow their problems whatever their problems are not 16 you extinguish them yeah for what reason well the people are just destroying the Earth they're polluting the rivers they're sucking all the fish out of the sea it's not the four guys filled with carbon there to the artificial life is gonna be like you know what the real problem is he's goddamn people their dirty little litters the choking squirrels and see that's the paranoid look at it look at the

► 01:08:12

look at him what's the positive well first of all you have to remember we live in a physical Universe okay for every action there's a reaction so for every good there's a bad nothing explains Trump more than for every Obama there's a trump know what I'm saying okay so there's no limit to how ignorant you can be and there's no limit to how smart you can be there's no limit and so when you go up the scale to intelligence scale then then you realize that there's no reason for it to be paranoid about anything because if it's all written out in the all the holy books written it out you know especially the Bible see the Bible has been misconstrued by so many people because what they do they take it to what's going to suit their purposes and that but to really interpret the Bible it's written in code

► 01:09:12

it's written it's a secret code the Bible has yeah it's metaphysical terms it's not physical terms of metaphysical terms what do you know about the Bible and cold like when there's a writer called Emmett Fox should get into him yeah he deciphers the whole Bible does he decipher the ancient Hebrew version of the Bible or the Greek version of the Bible Latin personal Bible all the versions right but I mean it all comes from ancient Hebrew and when you translate things from ancient Hebrew yes you know ancient Hebrew the letters also double as numbers sure yeah and it see it see what with the people I read there's another mistake that I read a lot Mystic wise Mystic you know you know it's not he but his name is Joel S Goldsmith I discovered him a long time ago but I discovered him in jail it's a very popular book in jail and Goldsmith look him up he's all on computers and everything

► 01:10:12

check him out you're really really enjoy it give me a new perspective because what he maintains its all written in like I say in the Bible eternity say there's no beginning and no end that explains everything to me because if there's no beginning and to no end what can will it can happen will happen

► 01:10:40

you know mmm and because this is again this is my theory is in the physical world we have to learn everything that's why everything's physical like the first thing when you're born you have to learn how to breathe you have to learn how to walk you have to learn how to eat these are all skills that you have to literally learn and mothers and everything teach you you that and then when you reach a certain age you leave the planet you know at least your soul your spirit and the body the body stays but it's the vehicle and so because of Eternity this goes on and on and on and on forever it never stops what we do as humans we're learning we're creatures of we're all students whether we want to be or not you know I was trying to explain this to my one son because

► 01:11:39

younger son is a bit he's a musician you know and and I and I try to understand that he's a musician and you know musicians aren't that you know they're not entrepreneurial as some people would like him to be but anyway everybody's here to learn a certain task

► 01:12:01

and some of us are blessed and to the point like me I'm blessed I'm very blessed because I've been given the ability to do what I do and to see what I see and say what I say you know it doesn't come from me it comes from you know the source what I call the source and and that's why I could turn prison into a religious retreat because it's like a monk going you know into Hiatus for for nine months you just had a thought in your head that you're going to treat it like a religious retreat yeah and you learn about yourself and educate yourself read all the books take advantage of your Solitude because that's very important when you get a chance to be alone man that's very important time because that's when you connect with the spiritual your spiritual teacher how must it must have felt so good to be released though

► 01:13:01

anyway there was a lot of sadness really yeah I never looked as good as when I got released man one of the it because one of the inmates there it was a barber he spent two hours cutting my hair perfect the Chicano you know they just perfect I come out my wife she'll be looked at me whoa that's the best haircut you've ever had everything was it was perfect we exercise it in jail that's all you do you walk at night there's a track and you can walk miles around the track in the whole prisons out there walking around walking around that's when you socialize and talk and everything else to people in that and they all grouped together and I learned games I learn how to play bocce ball learn I played pool and I sang I had a little area where I had a my own private Studio it was the entrance to

► 01:14:00

pool hall and I'd sit in there in the Echo was perfect you just had a pool hall oh yeah we had tennis courts pool halls a great time it was telling you other than not being able to leave and even then if you went to Levi more why would you want to leave I mean it was perfect sitting that's why people go back to jail like everything it released early I saw one guy who it was sad he was crying but he absolutely there crying and I said what's wrong he's he gets released next month and he was a junkie and he knew that soon as he hit the street he was going to die he was going to die you know and he did he soon as he hit the street he died but he will toast he was funny he was they had a little game that when they opened the dormitory the first few people to hit the mess hall got to order eggs anyway they wanted like over easy or sunny side up whenever and so he could get all anxious he'd be the first guy in line and he became

► 01:15:01

getting beginning ready to sue the doors open man he do this and you couldn't run you had a walk and so you learned that this mock fast any wipe real fast and and he was he was a delight but when he got released he took his own life so yeah I hung was on life with heroin or probably yeah that's probably it was it was sad just couldn't help himself once another well uh see you know everybody's worried about socialism well I'm America's a big a socialist country in the world we are yeah we got more people in jail than anywhere else in the world and what's it what did what happens in jail Cradle to grave you're fed your clothes you're told what to do where you're told what to win the to you're allowed to study certain things you're totally controlled medical you got free medical there are prisoners that would go to jail so they get there open heart surgery because the federal law mandates that if you

► 01:16:00

something wrong with you they have to fix it and so there were prisoners that would break the law so they could get in to get there open heart surgery wow yeah

► 01:16:09

that's crazy that's some next-level thinking yeah I'm gonna go to jail so I can get open heart surgery yeah yeah what did what did they prevent you from Reading any books was there anything that was like on a could you order whatever you wanted they they had a it was weird they had a thing about they would take covers off magazines and you know the mine subscription cards they would take that out because people on the outside with dosing with the acid LSD and ship the books in there and then next thing you know half a dorm would be tripping on acid they're eating pieces of this caption paper paper area and that that kind of stuff always went on but as far as you could read whatever you wanted basically you know but I read a lot of books that it was many to read you know and I helped a lot of people

► 01:17:09

I would do the eaching you know the each HR how we do the teaching you know how to do that and the Indian grounds oh yeah it's really easy throw the coins it's really heads tails you know well though it's supposedly it's some sort of like future reading yeah thing right do you think it works oh yeah what does it tell you well first time I did it yeah I rolled it I did my explain to people how it works well what it is you get three coins and and you throw the three clients in and you get numbers from 6:00 to 9:00 and anything in between six seven six eight nine I think that's somebody that anyway each number tells you what line you're going to read and you throw it three times and you write down and then you get a sort of like a plan of what page you're supposed to look at

► 01:18:09

and then when you get the page then it tells you you know but but you're asking it because you got to ask eaching for what for if something you know and it'll answer to it'll answer you as for instance I threw mine when I did it I threw it in the first line said you are in jail for a reason whoa how does it say that it just said it and it says it how was it what do you transfer write it you read it it's been written in that book for centuries that line has was in the in that book for centuries really 3,000 years something like that and so I read it it because still they still talk about chariots and kings and queens everything that was the first sign that you are in jail for a reason Jill's are corrective institutions that will correct your behavior

► 01:19:05

that's what the E change telling you that's what the eating well what they did the updated the girls that wrote it they updated it to the modern time hmm you know it's I think it's Armstrong is the girls that they're a couple of girls who wrote it's a big thick book but it is hit and then went on there and another guy Mike thus this Chicano he saw me thought he thought was a game so he's all set for the game and what would you play in I said no I'm doing the teaching I said you want me to do you and he said yeah

► 01:19:37

so I did his and is very polite not to read the readings of the other guy and let him read it first and so I did the numbers and give it to him and he read it and he just handed me the book and he went sat on his bunk and he just stared and so then I read what what what it said and he month before he lost his wife and child in a car accident they were coming out to visit him

► 01:20:13

in the eaching said you suffered a great misfortune

► 01:20:19

oh it was like dead on Wow in the teaching goes on to tell you you know what to do and you know this is next month is going to be tub this month is going to be good you know and we see hope for you is like astrology it's almost the same by nomic Terence McKenna was really into it he's really into the each and he thought it was some sort of a map of time he was trying to figure out what it was and how it worked and why can predict things and if you mess with it it'll it'll tell you unless you fuck with it like glitchy Ouija board you know sometimes if you do the Ouija board same thing and if you start making it a game you know let's ask it this let's get that who's going to win the race tomorrow and that and right away the Ching catches that and knows your real feelings and it tells you you know tell you don't don't do that what do you think it is

► 01:21:17

it's a Chinese some math I think I think I think what it is is it's a spiritual way of communicating us remembering ghosts were Patrick Swayze had to learn how to move a coin remember that yeah the spirits especially spiritual people there are around us and so you give them a chance to communicate with you because they know all they will communicate and so the teaching gives it the spirits a chance to communicate so when you throw a coin they know what client what heads or tails or whatever it is number that you need me to do to talk to you right and that's that's my theory

► 01:22:07

huh can try it man yeah I'm curious because I do know that many people have used it to try to figure out what their life is about what they're doing with their life and the weirdest thing about it is they seem to find some real answers in it and they keep it to themselves yeah but the the idea that I had heard that made the most sense was that

► 01:22:31

the way the world works is not as simple and as easy as one plus one equals two left right left right walk down the road but that there's some tension and thought that also helps formulate our universe and what the eaching does is it somehow clarifies intention and thought and it clarifies like the the actual your actual the actual process is going on in your mind and it quantifies it and puts it into like a way that you can read your effect on life and life's effect on you in this and then it reads it somehow or another even though it doesn't make any sense well it method of divination yeah sort of discovering yeah what's happening yeah it's a method of communicating with the spirit world you think that's what it is oh yeah oh yeah and in the thing is you getting back to the AI the artificial intelligence that we already use artificial intelligence in our lives every day like Alexa

► 01:23:31

she is a good exam that bitch yeah I love her I love her she Harry never steered me wrong yet you know she's told me I've asked the wrong questions right but I see this is my theory is that that we are we everybody in the universe wants us the spirits they want us to be enlightened you know because the more enlightened we are the more we can enjoy what we what we've inherited because when you're born into this world you're you you've inherited taking it for granted Kingdom amazing yeah you've inherited a special in comparison to the rest of time although human history does the greatest time the greatest multitude watching it so look at this look at look at what we got now going for us know and how much effort did that take

► 01:24:30

you know it was like being part of a team and so when you're ready a booming you're pushed out in front your up their name and so you know our our duty as as students is to learn everything we can learn and to teach whatever we can teach you know and that's why there should be no paranoia because we're not here long enough so that being rich or being poor it makes any kind of a difference you know because you know yourself I mean what do you really need in this life right you know what do you really need water food companionship love ya friends yeah yeah and something interesting that you like to do yeah because I'm I've been hanging with billionaires now and what he'd been doing with them you understand you know you know they they like hit me because I get recognized everywhere I go so so it sort of

► 01:25:30

it's like you know walking around status symbol famous guy yeah you can get into restaurants and to try and for the most part they're they're hard-working very you know like a lot a lot of burdens being rich lot of burdens and and you know just with me you know it's like instead of owning a boat I'd rather know the guy that owns the both definitely enough to deal with any of the maintenance that says there isn't that's true I like to be free like to be totally free yeah yeah that's the reality of mean if you want to have a big giant crazy business you're going to have a lot of employees you have a lot of problems you have to deal with and you're the last guy to get paid yeah yeah and you're the last guy that goes home yeah everybody else forgets what they're doing soon as he

► 01:26:30

the door and years all those problems are in your butt yeah yeah it's room I went through that I had to night clubs at one time but I never bothered with the money part at all I just I just worried about the stage in the mic was working and where's us we in Vancouver when how long ago was this this was his 60s in this yeah you have night clubs like comedy clubs or like well when one was an after-hours sort of like a jazz dance bottle club and it was given to me see you there again you know hey Tommy you want a club and I said sure the guy buddy give you a club yeah well he bought a building mmm and back in then back in the day you know there was a steakhouse in the basement he says rather the cheers pay rent when you can what so I went in what was this guy's deal he owned buildings Hillman Albert Belle the most people that owned buildings don't be giving them away oh yeah oh they do free rent

► 01:27:30

free rent yes I'll all the time you get a Year's free rent just because they want to get someone in the old lady Blount you get it you get it going see you soon as we start being successful we're paying it's a $500 a month rent so he got you going so we made a ton of money in there and that's where I got the bands you know it's where I honed my skills as a musician and singer and and all that and then I got offered another club because it was going under and it was a dine and dance club in Chinatown and I thought yeah make a great strip club and so so we we took it over the Shanghai junk turned it into a strip club Vancouver's first strip club and then you were the proprietor of Vancouver's first ever sub strip club - what and in fact we did a fact we did a

► 01:28:26

midnight mass at a church I think we had the stripper dancing at the church but not stripping she kept a close eye on what she danced that's appropriate yeah yeah you got to get you there's a lot when did you when did you start getting in live shows well when I got fired from Motown because I had to get a green card and nobody at Motown knew what a green card was and so I had to miss a gig to get my green card I got the green card and I came back and I got fired and so then Berry Gordy found out about it he saw you're not fired I said I think I'll stay fired I want to be a Berry Gordy I don't work for one and so then it came out to out to LA and try to live on the beach and be a songwriter but then my clubs were calling me because they needed help so I went back and I turned the strip club into an improvisational Club

► 01:29:25

so we're doing naked improv it was great man all the girls and they were actor they're strippers that once I turned them into actresses they were a lot cheaper and a lot more beautiful the tart and they did skits and then they would take off their clothes when they had to it within within you know the the script and that's where I met Cheech because we had a straight guy and a straight guys wife found out what he was doing and haul them away and then she's came on board as a straight guy and then when when everything Vancouver yeah Bank oeuvre yeah but she chose an LA got right yeah he was up there in case of Vietcong attack from Alaska so he was hiding from the draft well not really he will not really was trying to stay out of the way let's put it down and move and then then he said he had a sneak back in the alley from from killing yeah

► 01:30:25

ZZ coming in Delhi from Canada he just showed someone else's ID and they said I had wine and back in the day yeah we're open slot slippery here yeah that's so that's why I'm saying I'm so blessed you know because everything the universe you know and it was from each end start one of the guitar players turn me on to the eat Ching back then and and my reading was Perfection you're going to be everything is perfect you're going to really do well and then Cheech and Chong and all that stuff happened and here we are and you guys had torn again yeah right how long you been torn again when you guys get back together oh wait oh wait yeah 11 years how crazy is that that's 11 years ago that doesn't seem like 11 years ago we say oh wait it's like I just happened to be like oh no it's 2019 it's almost 2020 no I know that the train keeps the rule

► 01:31:26

it doesn't ever stops what is this Jamie this is Bobby Taylor in the Vancouver's whoa that's me that's you yeah how old are you there 20 Bobby Taylor in Vancouver's cause I kind of sunglasses off yeah they did even back then wow Bobby Taylor in the Vancouver that's the motel on Sunset Strip

► 01:31:52

is that you with the Yellow Jacket which ones yeah yeah yeah that's you yeah that's me wow that's crazy and then we we went over to England met Jimi Hendrix whoa and changed our lives this is way we look when we went over there and we come back long here everybody wore different clothes wow now when you went from this to Comedy yeah like how did you make that leap well nobody really knew that I could talk you know I was in a black band so everybody else to know I was a guitar player so you know I had nothing to say other than our own the club you know and no one knew that no one knew that I was always a backup guitar player

► 01:32:45

when I got into comedy Wells was doing what happened I had hired when I turn the strip club into a improv a close improvisation Club I hired the ACT we already had which was a black tap dancer named Taps Harris and Genia black singer and they had a band and so I the first get I had tap the first get was about a pajama party that all the strippers were having at their house after and that's so they always change into their pajamas and their little 90s and that was very sexy and then Taps came comes by after the show you know so called and they say Taps do that number that you did on the show and so Taps first time you ever tap dance do you know in front of a live audience because usually it was just an MC so he did his tap dance and then and it was so good that everybody wanted on car so they made him do an encore he quit that night

► 01:33:45

yeah it was too hard work he was hired to just stand Here Comes Lolo oh yeah and so the doorman English guy named Dave and so I said Dave I need an emcee you know he said well I'll do it if you do it

► 01:34:04

and so I okay and so we became Dave was my first partner and so we started we had long hair we're like hippies and so we we were we did a lot of hippies and TNA jokes you know tits and ass jokes and and then then when we had a guitar player named gate alarm he wrote the big hit you know that during my eye he wrote the music and so gay was this incredible guitarist and he could do all sorts but he was a very funny funny funny guy and so we wrote a skit you know where we would torture the audience they're all biker mostly bikers don't come to a strip bar you know bikers in that and so the First Act we had it because when we turned it into a theater company we attracted all the theater people all the performers you know there's a stage oh boy who go work there and so what we had a mime artist and so we open the show with a mime artist and gay playing classical guitar

► 01:35:03

in this classic guitar now this is a strip joint in the on the hardened bikers are sitting around waiting for naked girls to come out here comes the here comes a mime artist you know so pretend he's he's picking flowers and smelling him and throwing the prance around the stage and and so the bikers sat through that they were yelling things like hey Elvis the remarks were that funny and then and the Dave would come out and Dave's very funny looking guy it looks like a looks like an improv actor and they come out and he sings his horrible song I Dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair Genie is my favorite wired here terrier and then just when the bikers are getting ready to revolt

► 01:35:55

I opened I kicked the door open we had doors in the back you know and I kicked the door open and my shirtless my hair is messed up and I got a rolled up newspaper and I walk over to David what kind of fucking song is that beat him to death with his newspaper and the bikers just explode the whole joint just exploded you know it laughter because we had we created that tension mmm that long and then released the release was like the Roar and then the word went out boom and that that place was packed almost every night wow what a weird world of must have been back then look at this the City Works there we are there's days that Terkel sexy at the Shanghai just there's Cheech and thus far right wow that's Cheech that's crazy that's cheap that's Dave next me wow godo without a goatee and that's you my mother says Ian the mime artist it

► 01:36:55

Wendy Maureen and Shirley wow what a weird world is it crazy looking at that oh yeah wow memories huh that was the first strip joint starting Tuesday yeah yeah wow the police were there buddy and when did you start doing albums which each each each 71 how'd that all take place well we came to LA and 70 and we struggled when all the places we could we could work then we started being a regular at the Troubadour they had hootenanny night Sunday night was I mean what's hootenanny that's like name is when folk singers would get on occasion singers sing a song hootenanny hootenanny the hootenanny night and so all the singers would saying you know and so we would get up and do comedy

► 01:37:51

in course we became regulars you know in fact Jupiter would phone us up and say you guys coming you know because they had a lot of requests and how did it turn into this weed based comedy well it was the only thing that worked in this audience the we'd see when we were the City Works it on TNA you know right but when we got down here we had a go right for the Stoners because that was what was going on you know and so we played a club in Reseda her in the hotel it was it was called and it was owned by a crazy I'm a big fan he saw his work somewhere and so he hired us for two nights and in the first night first night we had to do two shows but it was a dance club and so the dancers had to stop dance and sit down watch us to a show and it was not a good combination so the first show of didn't go very well because we're doing TNA stuff

► 01:38:52

just didn't go over and so the second show sheets and I got together I teach my man you're from here there must be a character you can do and the night before that we were standing outside and this lowrider pulled up and you go they menu tell me how to get to Reseda Boulevard and she says you're on it it was all thanks man and you don't know way and it was that character and she says yeah well yeah we can do that character and then I showed him the car bit that's an old black comedian chilled me sir pineapple you show me this old taking a girl out on a date and he just make the car up here by pretending to wash it wax you know just do the mine in the car would appear and then she's got in the car and he's driving and and then he was a red frequent a ride man and then I would come out and we're doers are skits and and went over really

► 01:39:51

well since we started doing you know we'd and and pills and stuff everybody related so you feel like you have that and then you just ran with it oh yeah yeah didn't we just improved improved improved prude and so when we met Lou Adler saws and we never thought about doing a record until we went to meaning in his office and he's got Gold Records over all over the place and we said yeah we can do do a record you know how was the big Lenny Bruce fan anyway because when I got high the first time I met the guy gave me a joint and a Lenny Bruce record it's good so - so I studied that record for months and saw that was ingrained in my head and so then we started doing the first bit we did was an accident Cheech got locked outside the mix down room that we were unlucky Brea you know old Charlie Chaplin studio and it was a little Courtyard that where the sun was beating down with

► 01:40:52

noon and it was hot and she teaches a method actor and he had a put on all the costumes you know they can get into character so he's got all these costumes on he knocks on the door and I was working the tape recorder and and when he knocked that I looked up at the door and I didn't see if the needle moved or not it's when he knocked didn't answer and then he knocked again and I saw the needle moved and so I said who is it

► 01:41:19

and I was supposed to just open the door and let him in and so there was a pause it's me man it's mean Let Me In come on man

► 01:41:29

so then it turns out what Dave's not here came from yeah so I waited idiot knocked again in a long pause the pause who is it and he's getting mad come on man it's me I think the cops saw me come on the open up you know they went into character then then I'll just wait wait wait he's waiting for me to open the door then he knocked again and then when it finally goes it's me Dave man Dave that's a Dave and he goes yeah I got Dave's not here he blew it kicking the doors and screaming open the door you almost punched me and but I said listen listen this and we we played it back and then Lou heard it we recorded it not as funny but we recorded it and next day it was all over America Cheech and Chong was born wow and then how long after that you start doing movies

► 01:42:24

seven years 78 we started doing the movies because I got tired of going Australia did you guys get accused of promoting pot oh yeah like did you get like cues like you guys are a bad influence oh yeah the youth and what was that like yeah it was nothing really there's more publicity basically you know you know it's just people you know you know what really got what really I noticed anyway it was the comedy establishment the committee and the Second City all those guys they hated us really hated us why except Bellucci blue she was the only one that loved us because Belushi was young enough that he heard a records and it influenced him but these other guys like what's his name can you think of his name now maybe it's better I don't even name them but they Howard hesseman he he was one of the

► 01:43:24

members you know you know WKRP in Cincinnati Shore he was a big end and I got influenced by him big time because I saw him doing the committee in San Francisco and they had a top-notch improv group there and they were incredible and that's where I got the inspiration to go up and turn the strip club into a improvisational Club because I love improv why didn't those guys like you what was because we were successful we took what they were doing and took it out of the that snotty tiata CO2 you know I'm so I'm so evolved he actually you know that who does records you know that kind of thing and next thing you know teachers were bad by then well do you ended up trying to do a record but they had they had no clue you know like see I'm a fighter man I've been in the trenches forever you know I've been playing Black clubs

► 01:44:24

as I can remember and so I seen a lot of humor a lot of the stand-up comics you know red foxes are real good friend of mine did you ever do is Comedy Club his yeah you never ever hear those Richard Pryor tapes from the Red Fox comedy club they would record him like doing his work outs outs fucking amazing still amazing oh yeah Richard Richard was a big friend big fan now see we had fans like that when she should I did the comedy store after Up in Smoke we broke up with loom we're broke we had a hit movie with no money nothing Kaylee what happened they stole your money with Lou yeah who's Lou Lou Adler okay he was a producer and director of Up in Smoke and although I wrote wrote it and directed most of it and especially the ending I directed I like again like again like I said before I'm not into it into the money part of it and how are you guys broke

► 01:45:24

well we weren't getting any money from our life because we had to stop touring because of the movie and so we had no Tori money coming in right and so and then we got paid you know little bit of on the movie but nothing compared to what we're making on the road and it was a hugely successful movie right totally totally but that's the way it is giant just to just they took all the money yeah yeah I mean we got we got dribs and drabs at the end of the accounting Hollywood accounting yeah at the end of the period of you know when you forget when you're gone on to something else and you get a check all oh that's nice yeah but so Cheech and I went to The Comedy Store to get our act again and Richard Pryor helped us off the stage we had about five sold-out shows polish or was a little guy up in the light boots and watch notice because she was too young to be in the

► 01:46:24

crowd and as we walked up the stage the first night Richard Serra he held out his hand and was the greatest compliment ever wow almost been incredible it was huh listen man you had an amazing life you really have it's the each English correct oh yeah it's worked on incredible I gotta find a professional you gotta get them to come in and read us to each hang somebody really knows their shit do it it's easy read it really there's only one called arms at the Armstrong Birds I'll text it to you okay and just really you know Hey listen if I can follow instructions anybody come on well listen Brothers a pleasure having you on tell people about your weed Charles choice we're going to get it dispensaries everywhere it's our website yeah there's websites there is actually the fun is finding Chung's choice because we are so Elite as far as the

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