#1304 - Brendan Schaub

May 23, 2019

Brendan Schaub is a mixed martial artist, former pro football player, and comedian. He hosts a podcast with Bryan Callen called “The Fighter & The Kid” and "The King & The Sting" with Theo Von both available on iTunes. His comedy special "You'd Be Surprised" is available now on Showtime.

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call you just let him know I'm thinking about drinking right now I wish I was drinking but you can enjoy it just for the flavor just for the taste there they taste great it tastes like a regular Heineken but there's no alcohol but it doesn't taste like there's no alcohol all of Heineken 0 0 has great taste comes with just 69 calories you can pick up a six-pack next to Heineken original at your favorite local store today my guest today is one of my best friends on the planet he's a former top 10 UFC heavyweight Contender he's the host of the fighter in the kid podcast he's the co-host of the co-hosts of that podcast he's also the co-host of the king and the Sting with The Great Theo Von he's the host of below the belt on Showtime and he has a new Showtime special that's out right now his name is Brendan Schaub The Joe Rogan Experience trained by day Joe Rogan

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I guess my night all day hello brother yeah does it feel like having a Showtime special I don't know I feel the same little more stressed out stressed out yeah stay away from them comments on who's a whole deal with all that stuff man he put it out you watch it you hate it you get better forces you force you to work I fucking hate everything I do so there's no just no getting around it you're gonna hate it hate hearing yourself the editing is powerful and the worst but you'll get better you just take some of the criticism to Heart understand what people are saying for sure just fucking keep on keep it on my brother I'm happy about it I just I don't I think I'm stressed out this week as last week as doing publicity for like New York like hustling doing all that yeah I saw you too Breakfast Club Charlemagne you and Charles may need to get together okay you guys would be great I was listening to his his audiobooks very interesting he's had he's some real bouts with

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yeah weird weird anxiety yeah where'd anxiety right unicorns I think yeah I think it comes from talking shit think when you talk a lot of shit you worried about shit coming back at you and you like Jesus what did I say at least that's how it is for me it depends if it's like legit like when me and Dana are going out oh no stress yeah I just want that because it brings out like the horse evilness and people you know oh I hope he cares him up I hope it'll jump in yeah and then you're like oh I don't I don't really want this juicy Gaffigan and Neal Brennan no dude no way Gaffigan lit Neal Brennan on fire what shit on his Embers know for what Neil started it why you started I'm gonna I'm gonna send it to Jamie I'm going to send it to Jamie so in my sober October text message group and listen I love Neil but when someone gets roasted someone gets roasted yeah something and it's even better because he started it he started it for no reason no no no yeah

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I tried to be so snarky here Jamie I'm sending this to you right now Jim Gaffigan is a mama Monster fantastic I'm not Sylvania 300 it wasn't he amazing oh I saw that and hence when was he was Van Helsing was it really oh my God is amazing right I love those movies laughs are fun I love when my son gets into that stuff just fucking animation today is so incredible I find myself sitting there watch the animation going this is a make that the shading and the just a detail of it he can get into it with even if it's meant for kid as a parent I'm good man to watch the Despicable knees oh yeah great great / freeze Appraiser for all three of them are great but I love farts are you with the 80 soundtrack it's not the Creator from South Park and isn't there another one with just the fucking yellow dudes the minions yes good to know good to yeah I saw that one little longer we're ganna gets a little weird when they get to London but very good yeah they're good man it's so funny when you so this is the text Brennan service so what happens is

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Gaffigan puts up a thing saying hey why are you looking at your phone you can be watching my Netflix special I made them all for you and he says Neil says which one has the joke about food you say like a food and then you talk about it and I'd be over here dying and then Gaffigan says Neil it's the special where I have three microphones One microphone is for jokes I pretend I can't remember that I read off a card One mic is for emotional manipulation of the audience and one microphone is for mentioning the Chappelle show and celebrity friends

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boom that's like a claw or that's like one of those bombs it goes off in the distance he just here and we're just like this with we got a little frisky happened got a little frisky telling ya guys fire back yep sometimes guys firebat A little vulnerable spot right there the liver was exposed and with Neil just bad out thank you for your time thank you yeah you're supposed to bow out there you didn't do you fucked up you supposed to say ouch you got me there's Nothin just joking man yeah like sometimes one king of Sting Theo and I roast each other and he's so good at it sometimes I was like I'm going to sit out man go ahead man I got nothing I've ran out of material deal go ahead ruin things he says are so Theo like he Theo is like there's a few guys Theo's one of them Sebastian's another one that have the like a style of Comedy that you will never be able to explain to someone they got to go see him like you got to listen to him because and

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so strange we're at most the king of thing podcast is mostly me saying something pretty average and then Theo just saying them up most outlandish thing you me laughing my ass off the fun has shown that if you guys go back and forth at each other it's very funny so funny man yeah he's in the unique dude very unique dude as unique as they get yeah he's nice to you right now I got ya he's in Australia Australian tour right now he goes yeah this is this morning was yeah my got a koala come what come to the hotel and I went oh shit man those things have chlamydia so make sure you wash your hands and goes should have some things to he better watch his head

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he better watch his hands oh my God that's so Theo but that's so silly Road he was that way too Brody had that Unique Style to he's so special man yeah so special is very unjust know it yeah you just know it meant people were asking what it's like to work with deal all you guys I said with the oh it's like he's the LeBron James of commie so creative I'm just that shitty coach on the side trying to manage trying to manage this ballgame not gonna fuck it up man he's but he's just mean there's other guys that are funny but they're funny and like a regular way like oh he's really good at jokes are great he's got a great presence he's great on stage but Theo's like try to explain that you can explain that you gotta go to some magical cluster of dark magic from New Orleans

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we're whole say something I'm like there's certain guys I can watch and I'll go oh he's definitely his IQ might be higher than me mine but I see how he got there with this premise of a joke with see oh my God that I've no idea how he got the I've it's not happening you know who gives me stress when I look at his schedule Russell Peters yeah he's kneeling like she's all over the fucking pie back-breaking goes to Africa for like six weeks look he's all your Michael Bisping almost got fucking robbed in Africa did he really - doing a movie the fuck was he doing Africa doing a moving and animals 19 I don't know what it was he's doing a movie got a little liquored up his cab dropped him off and said your your hotels over there he get out of the cab is like where the fuck's my hotel cab driver drives off he's like looking around for the hotel is he said like ten dudes just started rolling up on them saying I want your wallet you know if you want to live you'll give me your wallet yeah is this South Africa is this South and just like South Africa Ghana these are Pretoria fuck man so he ran and he got away

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yeah you got away yeah but food poisoning hot right yeah luck he's a big fella you know he's an Oculus fight big fella knows how to fight and they probably could sense that a little bit but if there's ten of them they're usually don't get probably Hammer to the Mosin what if what if it was ten Francis in Ghana then you're giving your wallet and just the homies route this is one Francis and gonna fuck you gonna do nothing what the fuck you gonna do ya think I don't miss being ready is it was telling me that when he was running here am like 27 marathons in South Africa and when he went through certain sections South Africa they go stop you are not running through this area we're going to put you in a car we're going to drive you to her it's safe and then you going to continue your run guys but you will get robbed like he's like there's areas where you just will get Rob I have no interest in going to Africa girls like oh it's beautiful very cool I want to go I'll do you really yeah I want to go I want to see what those animals look like in the wild I would love to see you know before we fuck Africa up got 12 years they say before

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everything's gone forward the way humans are fucking up the world there's no going back if we don't make a change now now it's from the essence of Michael Jackson's well that that from the ending of little dickies new video of saving the world but it does say it's like Earth dot org is like that's a quote from them I don't think they know see the reality is they know there's a real problem of carbon in the environment they know that human beings have put carbon in the environment and unprecedented levels and they know that the Earth is heating up rapidly but they don't know like what exactly is going to happen there's some models they predict none of them look good they don't really know but there's no one really knows right like some people are like uh global warming sent pre-lab see our president doesn't think it is it's real but if you go back to like the 1990s they were predicting shit was going to happen the Never Happened same thing with the 2000s but here we are in 2019 you know we should listen to them because we're definitely fucking up the only fucking up the more the whales and stuff with

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like trash and stomach and I heard such a giant problem there's also to many people Mmm Yeah but what are you gonna do well there's two schools of thought on that even the schools of thought on people is what happens is as the world gets more and more westernized as people start developing careers people have less and less kids and that if you look at Japan and you look at some westernized Nations they actually have a shortage of kids and they think that and this is purely speculative rights just theoretical they think that as the world becomes more and more industrialized Western eyes and more technology and more advanced that people will start to have less kids that's a fair point but also even Americans they're having kids later and I think less is well yeah it's a miracle but also isn't there parts of Australia and Africa where no one's really there so if we had to we could colonize that and like make it more livable brother the only the parts of Australia where no one lives

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one wants to live you don't want to live in the fucking Middle where all the crocodiles are and shit but we could figure it out yeah you can figure it out a couple Crocs field a lot of snakes everywhere that will kill you I mean there's a lot of parts of Austria Australia is huge it's as big as the United States so big and that this giant Parts Africa to MMM giant Parts where we could live if we had to put Australia has less people than La know the whole goddamn country you've been there right yeah bunch of it there love it you can speed you think I'm sure you've done comedy yeah yeah a bunch of times the best yeah Sydney Melbourne Melbourne is great obviously too though have a great time have been in New Zealand yeah no never been straight off of Jurassic Park would you do there comedy no shit why is it our New Zealand when you do this I think like a year and a half two years ago I did a story of Australia and it's pretty much just starting to they'll create this out no openers came out cold oh my God why did you do that I don't crazy no one hey man I wasn't sure like uh I'm heading good Australian just go by yourself and you didn't

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ask died sweat it dude here I am Showtime special this fun they'll get experiences well they're good people I like the people everybody I met from New Zealand it's like very similar to Australian people very down-to-earth super nice yeah it's a beautiful place man means they did The Hobbit there for a fucking reason yeah good morning good food good people yeah I could not that I could ever leave LA but I could see I could live somewhere like I can live in Australia me too it's a very American but clean like yeah but that's the driving on the wrong side of the road shit like get it together folks we invented cars the fuck are you doing over there in the left lane that is strange do you know where that came from yeah now correct me the okay this is it bro science but when they were developing it was that like the the wagons with the horses is for sword-fighting right yeah for horses and sword fighter oh yes you got it yeah that's why you swing a sword with your right arm you want your right arm to be facing your opponent so you wandering on yeah you don't want to do to be over here on this side

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reach over try to hackers make sense here's a here's a little loophole like if you want a dope-ass like rear car you can get one with driving on the right and it's gonna be cheaper so if you want like a Ferrari F12 PDF like a limited one you can save money if you get one that's set up on the right because they're hot on the right like an English garden be yeah really because they're harder to resell because there's less less people throw them away oh come on Jesus because drive on the right who gives you still no dope ass right can I switch it out be expensive Price Is Right on the other side franchise what are they gonna do switch it out they have to change everything that's nightmare I saw they did that to this rev ology car this 1965 Mustang they built one that was on right hand drive and looking at them like this is also screw you like why would they do why would people not come to an agreement on which side of the road to drive on it's very strange in the world dick with it yeah and it's difference differs from like in Europe it differs from country to Country yeah it's almost an ego thing now right where they're like nah fuck it refuse to change

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most of the world's on the left oh man we don't care yeah well Germany makes the best cars or some of the best cars we're sure they're on the left Europe is the best cars and they're on the left right yeah Marik makes some pretty good cars but really the reality is they can't go toe-to-toe with Europe they just can't dude I was I was at this private car dealer and there's those pagani's mmm have you ever seen those it's like a million-dollar car right yes some of them are you know you looking yeah six seven million dollars put 500 danis there's Bugattis that the rear brand new Bugatti and then there's all these limited edition Ferraris Lamborghinis and he goes oh Floyd bought that one you can sit until he won't kill you and Senate and was all like carbon fiber has a cow much is it and whatever the new Bugatti is but there's a mark upon them because we like 20 of them were the fuck it is and it was so expensive I got nervous on it I'm good man here's your last seen on it now I don't feel comfortable I'm good I just didn't feel comfortable open this thing I don't know I felt very million dollars so

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yeah you could buy a car that's worth more than most people's houses 99% of the world's houses yeah 99.9 percent the world's yeah he just working that thing around and you just driving around in this thing that you can sleep in and then almost toilet you can't do shit and shower dry fast as shit drive faster shit 25 G's just change the tires though is it really yeah every year it's a little driving it but I'll sit right here it's right to see how it's already 5 scratching go back to the beginning of that video look at the longer side underside of the things Jack and that's all carbon fiber so he scratched the fuck out of it man yeah well those cars they scratch every time you hit a bump every time you go over curbs and that is so low Jamie that's I mean that's when I have my little red car the little red Porsche every time I leave the comic store it's scrape embarrassing snowing and it's so sad sad I didn't mind the other day is taking my dad to get ice cream I hit the front of my car great with my night

► 00:21:11

ruminate my take is we want to give a fuck damn I'm so disappointed so sad I know it's just a car the right it is just a car it's the problem nice things they become little velvet prisons but you gotta drive them like the dealer I was talking to wear all these freaking dudes by these million dollar cars he's like you know what bothers me is they don't drive them none will drive them and for them it's investment then they flip and years from now because we want people that drive the cars and now what Ferraris doing like if you want to ends oh you want a certain like limited-run PDF or the pizza if you want some of those real limited edition ones they look at your history because you have to own like the past ten Ferraris another yeah they have a weird Creek and if you want to get a special limited edition but date now they check if you've driven it if you're just a collector they don't sell them to you anymore oh my God certain ones they go back and look at your history got all the old Ferraris to qualify to buy a Ferrari certain fries sir to get on that accusation like the on the list let's go if you want to if you want like the new whatever the Superfast the

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The Limited PDF they're going to do yeah you have to own all the V12 and certain ones before that that is hilarious because that just shows you how goofy people are like they know that people are goofy and they know that all you have to do is like sneak in on them some sort of exclusive thing that nobody else can have so when you roll up but it looks like a champ and no one else does yeah even if it sucks even if it's a sucky car you know I like it though because some let's say some billionaire Rich billionaire was Daddy gave all his money he can't roll in the frying back I'll take that that's kind of cool now it's a little extreme with the 10 and the yellow know the V12 yeah but what do you mean that they can suck it you don't like it and it's because you can't well you probably I don't know I mean who knows if I use though that's the thing each bite use their alright cool dude that fuck's gonna buy it now she get it from him nothing to stop it like an illegal streaming you guys are just dumb business people how about you make more cars stupid well no you don't know what become Tessler Prius

► 00:23:11

could they say how much can they sell how many of their leave it on the table think about that one I think they care right many people are how many people are buying Ferraris let's just take a guess let's just say worldwide a hundred thousand people are buying for ours maybe would be two hundred thousand maybe if they just stopped being Watts has to be two hundred thousand four hours out there instead of a hundred thousand I don't think they want that dumb if everyone can have it you don't want it right that's just weird man well girls that way with purses you ever talk to girls about certain verses shirts they get weird about purses so hard to get that person like that was shoes though I don't think I'm less you that Purge your kind of like that you're knocking it but you kind of like that in my life with well with your custom cars like one of the reasons that make it really cool as you're not going to see that Custom Car anywhere else that is specifically designed by you that's true but that's not why I like it I like it is because you can get something that you can't get anywhere else this looks but not on me and as far as performance like like when I get the like a shark Works car like the white car that car you can't you can't just get that

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car it's a 6-speed manual they don't make 6-speed manual GT3 RS is anymore it has a 500 18 horsepower engine you can get that they boarded out they put fatter tyres in it they beefed up the suspension they changed everything for sure look like you're processed right yeah okay it's pretty custom can't buy those Camp I'm right but honestly I'm for gel that car is like that's a cool looking car hell yeah it is but if you had a drive that every day you probably believe your fucking brains out unless you're one of those Renegade dudes let's just start Lorenzo Lamas back in the day wore cowboy boots dust in his hair I feel like 10,000 jobs that every day at the end of 2017 the total of Ferrari built and sold cars in the whole company history is a hundred nine nine thousand two hundred thousand ever you said 200 thousand year but your clothes wow I was way off to 10,000 year it looks like I just read some see that's dope that's why it's so hard to get one yes yeah it's kind of cool yeah look at

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definitely cool that's it it's a cool car I mean this is the reason why people want them they don't want shitty cars no they're good car I wouldn't mind they did there is a I think it's a four or maybe it's a I don't know if it's a for eight but they did make that in manual what I like to go out in Civ what I like about like custom cars is that they're mechanical like when I talk about like muscle cars or Porsches or stuff like that what I like is that they're mechanical yeah like they're all stick shifts manual transmissions feel the gears and you feel the burn I like that I love that yeah that's I mean two that for whatever reason but I'm also into that fucking Tesla that Tesla's got me hooked yeah for sure I think puts a smile on my face I know you does it really oh my God more so than when you're Porsches nope yeah not more so I'm gonna walk a different smile different smile yeah it's like why the future is weird yeah because it's just it doesn't make you so much more capable no no no it's not ferocious and no and Ferraris for

► 00:26:11

more about what was that noise the engine explosions behind your ear mid-engine car that's a different thing a muscle car that rumbled a fucking big ass V8 and a fat tail pipes that's a different feel you know completely different than what you get from a Tesla's like wow every other car just seems stupid it's like you just making a lot of noise but it just this thing just goes quicker it goes places it like with the Tesla does it violates what you think the laws of driving are in terms of like how quicker car can get from there to there

► 00:26:47

and it does it with no sound but with Sinestro there's no torque or anything it's just 0.4 price it's just a thousand foot-pounds of torque is in just like if your video gets the rose you back like the craziest roller coaster you've ever been in yeah because 0 to 60 and 2.4 seconds you have the little Chris one yeah that's all I always leave it on Ludacris and I never switched off that shit why would I yeah I don't drive you have to drive it like an asshole but when you want to it's right there it's it using up more of the oh yeah eat that battery kid if you want to drive what do they say kids 317 miles my like like Grandma drive it yeah the like Daddy drives it gets like 170 like that like it 170 the way I drive there are saying that people applying for driver license so she kids like our kids I don't know if they even be it into cars he has talked to my dad I went how cool is it like tigers has all these been all these cool cars hopefully he's into cars when he gets older and my dad's like yeah maybe if he even wants a driver license

► 00:27:46

now it's solo of kids pass the driver's license test because they Schubert everywhere are like what what do I pay for a car it's gonna go great thing you don't have to think about like that that does help a lot like you know think about drunk being drunk driving drunk you know going to someone's house after the bar it's Colton option but it's not cool that kids there's something there's some Freedom about driving like it's there's a good feeling there is to it there's also the problem with things like uber is you're going to get into a car with a person that you don't know and I'm sure most of them are great I'm sure but every now and then you're going to get into a car with someone who's fucking nuts and they going to have some crazy political podcast on want to talk to you about Hillary Clinton's emails an option now you know that you can click the they don't talk to you do you want to talk no that's a new Option they're doing they don't have to abide by that I don't think it's like a preference for the rider like hey by the way as I get in your car I really would prefer you don't talk to me but the driver is like you're in my car fuck yeah but most dry

► 00:28:46

resume likely click don't talk if he's like hey I'd like did you see that no talk or the move is he got music app they can turn it up then they usually don't talk hmm But there has been a thing to your point where there's been people you know faking like the Uber drivers when the sign on and murdering women there's that yeah there has been that I heard about that recently do you like I've been in this and I've been having terrible dreams I didn't get off of it or just figure out how to deal with manage it better but I was doing a show on Sirius with Jim Norton and he brought in this the guy who basically created mine hunter he was this like he's interviewed all the serial killers and speaks to him and they brought him in I think his name's John Douglas they brought him in he's just talking about his fascinating let's go shit so I got his book almost finished his book I'm like this is great man and then start listening to a podcast he's on it's just about like murder and death and I started looking up all this Charles Manson stuff and I've been having awful nightmares and been a little depressed and you know me I'm it's very rare I'm down it's

► 00:29:46

dark fucking world man yeah you watch those True Crime shows oh fuck your head up dude it makes you scared of everything but it's also going on it's going on in very small numbers very very small numbers but it is going on what it is is people that have been abused people have been fucked up Psychopaths and people that have been through the correction system through the penal system yeah that's a lot of it's so dark men there's not that many of them and this guy has three daughters I was like how can you accuse done about this seven-year-old terrible story and I was like how can you go home and sleep he's like eventually you know it's just a job like it does affect me a little bit and I'm like you just lock up your kids like I'd be like just from here new I don't my son going to school I don't I'm leaving he's like now you learn to manage it and he did say things like that this is the exception like there's some dark stuff out there but though these gentlemen that and he interview Charles Manson you saying how he's five to and he always has to speak over you no matter what's going on

► 00:30:46

so they're in this room there's three people and Charles Manson he got on a chair and stood over him and shouted down to him was he saying I don't pray trying to convert them into it you may call me man he kneeble made me eat your garbage man to man man I'm a product of your Society man he's fucking crazy was crazy got to go he has a quote those reading again I'm too into it man I'm quoting Charles Manson what's going on with my life he was saying that used to be like you were the exception when you're crazy now everybody's crazy that's what Mance was yeah hmm he's like used to be kind of cool the in thing to be crazy now inside everybody's crazy well he made it popular

► 00:31:27

the fuck do you know how popular that fucking crazy serial killer is and all his followers oh my God even to this day like I was reading this article in Rolling Stones how many books and even merch and to buy locks of his hair is 50 grams going for 50 Grand by locks of his hair and how he sells merch that's 50 grams locks of his hair yeah how much is a lock like what does that mean what does that get you I don't know if you could lock up and passed out on the bed cut a lock in half you know I'm saying what's up with the say how many go let's split it put it in here bro how many hairs what's up man yeah I'm gonna be a big piece though what if he shaves his balls and you give like a Saran Wrap baggie of his pubes how much is that 100 G's piece of his probably dick piece hundred G's do Charles Manson dick piece he was married when he died some the crazy bitches fine serial killers in jail and marry them happen with Richard Ramirez The Night Stalker actual thing to in right yeah they some women want to be around killers and even

► 00:32:27

in particular guys have killed women how crazy is that it's very crazy can you imagine when your daughter's in there to say 22 marries a serial killer in prison least you know she's not gonna die but safe look there's people out there I don't have to tell you that do a fucking terrible job of raising her kids you know it's one of the reasons why people like you people like me people that get into being a parent that really enjoy it when you see something like that it's even more disturbing because you know that when you see a serial killer or someone's fucked up that person was a baby that had a terrible life but almost always they just got a shitty roll the dice to got bad parents usually the moms its relationship with the moms at fuck him up not so much the father's usually them it's a the mother-son relationship really yeah it's usually always Mother's Son and that's what usually causes the whole Dwight Norman Bates from psycho so so dead on right yep he's dealing with his mom dress up like his mom's you're that guy and he's the one who literally he's Jeff

► 00:33:27

Dahmer Charles Manson it when there's something like he's talking about JonBenet which you know I'm from Denver when school in Boulder that was the JonBenet Ramsey murder case was such a big deal yeah and still cancel that out they can't they can't sell it and I had a buddy my strength coach Doc Kris rented it was like a fuck a ghost and moved in there like right after the murders anyway so he handle it you freak out now he's cool he's from Louisiana like real tough dude don't give a fuck but does he go there must of the chromosome down there yeah it'd be pretty crazy move in there even though it was a great deal and is a great spot of it home it was for sale for years for years I think they might have knocked it down they should I drove to the O j-- Simpson should knock it down they should take out all the dirt and replace it with new dirt yeah they shut this doing everything just knock it down and dig a hole all the way to Hell whatever the fuck dirt was they're so dirty men but that dude he was just talking talking and it was fascinating I say a word and then went to John Pinette I'm like ooh I'm going to chime in here because I know this

► 00:34:27

and I know it well and Jim asked him a question there was like my time to jump in I go yeah but yeah it was probably the parents right or maybe the Sun and he has to acknowledge me this entire interview I don't know if Jim remember the noted this and he goes what do you say I was and I could tell I fucked up I guess it's probably the parents or the sun right and he goes absolutely not absolutely not Brendan and then goes on how ridiculously of an assumption that is and I go well for who does he think did it he was it's not them he and he goes to use the promise is the narrative that got painted outside of that when everything the media was going crazy and even the put the Boulder Police he goes they were so far off and he listed like ten reasons why it wasn't them and I kind of felt like an idiot I went very cool I'll buy the book I'm gonna shut the fuck up now the only problem was that of a handwriting expert had connected the mother's handwriting to The Ransom note dude get him on this podcast

► 00:35:27

fucking fastening your own promotion right now yeah I have no idea who killed Johnny Douglas this guy's you remember I don't think he knows no no he knows it he can tell you from his 70 years of experience dealing with murderers it's not the parents but he had like evidence why it wasn't like I said the same things right on balls deep and JonBenet grew up around it it was like such a culture phenomenon could he say who he thinks it is yeah he did I forget it but it's not the Paramon who's alive I don't know you gotta have a marker it was so fun I'm telling you I've listened a shitload of show ships and I was so into this man I didn't promote my special I was there a pro and special I didn't say a word I made one stupid combat jump and his family and then he was like shut the fuck up those fucking shows are very compelling man why she's got it crime shows what do you think why are we why like why am I drawn to him I fucked up why am I drawn to this circle you are fucked up you're just like everybody else because I just like Charles Manson's pubes on eBay how much you pay 70 G's man I can go bad

► 00:36:28

72 put his pubes they plucked him out so it has some DNA and I'm dude you could recreate Charles Manson what is it Charles Manson's hair $2,400 that does is deal bag of hair off the head of Charles Manson was obtained July 2016 from an associate of Charles Manson I know that's Leo a will be certificate of authenticity will be included upon purchase by the way do not learn there are no certificates of authenticity when it comes to Charles Manson's hair it's not like there's an accrediting body who's like a light hey we go over every aspect purchase that shit's weak demand you want that 1970s here strain you don't want the update it you want to be there when he cuts it off really yeah you want to film him cutting it off then you want to vacuum seal it and sign it and film the whole thing you put it in one of them fucking vacuum bags or brass shell and then seal it yeah that way no one's touched it chops right off his hair you got video footage of it you got a video footage of him author

► 00:37:27

or autographing the bag the fuck is wrong with us while we talking about this is fascinating to me did you watch The Game of Thrones finale did you get bummed out I got you know what not that somebody else wrote I think they did yeah it's very strange I thought they did I love I did like season 8 and I was gives the other Seasons hey Liz who's fucking good everybody know right now spoiler alert hold up what is today Thursday yeah but some people enjoy Sunday some people have jobs pregnant done Ding people work all day for days some people are called read the New York Times like put it on the front page of the paper I was like yeah we're clear bro yeah but they did that because they can do that not because they should do that the next day is a little fun well I think I think I think movies is you got a week movies you got a week TV show two days damn especially for that what are we not supposed to talk about it because you're busy that's insane did you like it I can what is no I didn't I thought satisfied left unsatisfied when they made spoiler Homeboy The King

► 00:38:27

I was like what in the fuck are you talking about he didn't want it the whole fucking see all the sudden everybody's fighting to the death over who's the king there what it ready to stab their brother killed her mom they'll kill anybody they'll betray lovers but now this guy's like alright I'll take it now that's like you should be the king like okay like that works great how about that one guy that just stood up and is like maybe I could be the king that likes it down like this it has this just Sopranos like what are you what are you doing with this guy Bobby Lee had that guy Bobby Lee had the greatest I thought of such a good ending so he says when everyone goes you know when the decide who to be the king and then homeboy who's crippled is like I'll do it and then when they're Wheeling my way he just looks over and he has the fucking white walker I knew that would work and then it closes you know what should happen that's Bobby Lee's idea Jon Snow should have fought to the death with that dude was no dick yeah I want to see that this is good to the death they hated each other hate each other how about that dude was like yeah just like yeah she go killed my girl see you

► 00:39:27

big deal just you get on the boat what the fuck yeah that's that dude is no way they should have fought to the death did you like episode 3 I tell you what I like don't don't don't like when the the one that the Hound knock the mountain off of the fire that was dope that was pathetic just that was a joke me John by fire they did that was a dope seen that shit was dumped the best scene in the whole fucking series though res when another beds best scene in the whole fucking series when she was telling that dude that he betrayed her and then from the darkness the dragon's face appears and you're like oh Jesus as for I was a powerful scene those dragons are so fucking cool sorry I'm so happy there's people out there that do special effects like that shit was dumb used to be kind of like semi corny like super corny remember what was that movie there was a good Dragon movie with Matthew McConaughey back with Matthew McConaughey was jacked I'll fuzz don't just brighten up and show homeboy from Australia was in a to Batman fucks his name ah

► 00:40:27

fuck what's his name Christian bitching Bales and bolted fire what is it called rain of fire yeah the dragons in there were corny compared to the games of thrones has to be believe I me see let me see a video that poster looks sick obviously we can't show it on the podcast or will get arrested and will castrate Jill carnahan's just talking about this bro this fucking movie was not a bad movie it was a little corny but for a dummy like me who really likes dragons it was great stuff it was an interesting movie but the dragons it's just crazy how much because I want to say this was probably 2004 am I correct for that to 2002 I was pretty close yeah pretty close um you've been on to but the difference between what the dragons looked like 17 years later in terms of like special effects even dinosaurs from Jurassic Park one to dress Park world yeah like look at them they look not shown you much they're not that's that's the dragons Vision that's kind of gay

► 00:41:25

why is it dragons Vision homosexual I'd I wish see what I said when I get home and I felt like if I did I say that because you're a man why is that and we've been doing our whole time I know why we learn it I know we got to reprogram our brains dude how about with Charlemagne I went I said bitch I went out that bitch is hot and he goes he goes into that 19 you're still calling women bitches I went no but you are but yes yeah but why would he says I went got a good point um sometimes I do it on accent like when we're watching fight when we do a fight companion go down that bitch is time but you don't it's all here's the thing man contacts yes don't make more words toxic it's all about intent like what are you trying to say like if a girl is a beast and she's just a badass woman and she walks out and she's got I'm good I'm good and she's got like this crazy tight skirt on this Bangin body that she's worked hard at it in the gym and she's got a beautiful dress and she looks great like damn that bitch is hot that is

► 00:42:24

negative it's not negative is it derogatory though but does it not but it's not negative if you go you fucking silly bitch to me I'll laugh hold on the floor I'll start laughing like you can call me a bitch and I think it's funny yeah but if you like hey man you know you being a bitch fucking made fun of me on the podcast bro that was a bitch move I'm like hey whoa whoa whoa but in different same thing is like when if car drives by bike then that motherfucker's bad yeah but if the guy roll down as well as a came motherfucker right right different different yeah it's intent the problem is when you have a word you can't say that word is too much goddamn power it's not that you should say the word like don't get me wrong like there's certain words you probably shouldn't say because we've all agreed that those words have a negative impact the F-word probably right if a chief we've all probably one we stay away free fall agreed yeah we've all agreed it has a negative impact on people but the real problem is intent the real problem is homophobic behavior in that in that

► 00:43:25

home fuck homophobic thinking homophobic ideology thought processes thinking the gay people are bad thinking there's anything wrong with being gay that's the real problem if there was no problem with that at all I just feel like I feel like it's not the right move to make words the problem the problem is the way people think and behave and I think ultimately this is a real problem with language itself because I think language is too limited I think we're when you have magic words you can't say and they have all this extra power connected to gives them power Lenny Bruce talked about that in the 60s he had a great bit about that about saying all these words because you could take away the meaning of them and it won't hurt anybody's feelings anymore but don't you think if let's say you are a homosexual and gay is like that's what yeah I refer to you as gay as such a negative connotation because growing up gay meant like not good mmm so I'd like God you look gay dude right right right yeah cars gay right right right yeah that's that's a problem that's

► 00:44:24

showing great my vernacular then the problem is it's such a good sound to for that thought fun word the same thing is like calling someone a faggot you faggot like that word like when you say it like that even if it's your friend like your best friend it's got that second make us laugh because it sounds good it's got a pop to it there's power in with that so that it starts with a fuck you it starts with an F it's it oh yeah pressive has zero to do with being gay but you can't say anymore no it's not actually people's feelings like when Mike Tyson goes I'm gonna fuck You Til You Love Me faggot right right right they make sense yeah you're a fucking calm faggot that was what your fucking hit your thumb to fuck him who was the fucking reporter he was yelling at share because that guy is that guy did he vanish off the face of the Earth after that I'd like to know was that guy I was ringside when Deontay Wilder knocked out Brazil I was all broken up for that with my brother row

► 00:45:24

dude bro dude that guy it's and I've been a lot of fun I've been in fights I've been knocked out I've been at UFC fights reduce get knocked out I have never in my life heard someone get knocked out like that my brother goes oh my God my brother's a brawl dude oh my God and what they satisfy next to his family hmm and it all ruined it for me because you can't cheer I saw the wife I just I just went oh my God I didn't cheat I wouldn't care anyway but I was just like oh my God and this is the funniest part is my boys shouted to Brian Brian Daly at Showtime just so in between rounds probably two and three Jim grazing to come interview about your Showtime special that'd be cool they tell me the day before so I had this nice outfit my brother's working on did you really think it was gonna get to run under for I didn't think one round but I thought there was a chance they sent me there and they're like Jim guys gonna come then cooked Goose what I should I get out of here huh don't dude I'm telling you man

► 00:46:24

something special so special man yeah such a good dude you've never you hadn't had a mockery on here that is amazing he's great we had a great time how passion is he's a sweetheart he's like a really nice guy that was my problem with him going oh I want to murder this guy I want to kill this guy and I want to exercise my right my God I expect that from these for lack of better term these animals these guys who are at your level but he's such a good person my god dude don't do that I think they can paint you into that box I believe that's gonna just go away but I always did it's gone it's gone it's gone his performance is so spectacular I think it goes away but I think it's also that was his legitimate mindset that time you know I mean that guy if you listen to my podcast when I interviewed him and talked about how he got into boxing because of his daughter he's do it on yours as well talk about that that's a special person man I mean he became a bronze medalist in the Olympics after a year and a half of boxing that's insane so specially that's insane man you got to imagine he was Bob if he was in a year and a half of boxing and he's indigent

► 00:47:24

Olympics he's going to be having matches against guys who have 10 years experience easy hundreds of fights 100 amateur fights yeah hundreds and he's got like virtually no experience and he's not like the slickest guy in the world either so he has to be able to take a shot but he's got two giant advantages huge reach and ridiculous power and I think lettuce is because yeah and I think because of the fact that he's not a big heavy weight I don't think it's his tired as they do I agree I think he came in the flashlight has the Heavy Seas ever been he came in at 2:23 and what did he really went that's interesting because usually to 14 to 13 2008 this have motherfucking he punches so hard man he's the scariest heavyweight knockout artist since Mike Tyson hundred percent when he was watching out for you great great when he's walking I looked at my brother I went I went you know how you feel right now you Goosebumps I went imagine being on Mike Tyson fight in his prime how that fucking crowd must have felt yeah because when he was walking out I felt so bad for Brazil because I

► 00:48:24

we're next is family I'm like he's such an underdog he's gonna get knocked out just a weird feeling I think we're going to see that with John tie Wilder I think Deontay Wilder is the new Mike Tyson hundred percent I think he's the new Mike is not hard and what since about him is everyone gives me shit like you're such a homework she worked for Showtime no no here's the thing about that Joe what people don't realize is Deonte while his fights are on Showtime he's an independent contractor he doesn't have a promoter he's his team you know the sodas own offered him hundreds of millions of dollars same as they offer Joshua know he turned it down you know why he wants he wants to fight Joshua's fight Fury goes well if I'm with them that's going to limit me fight inferior Joshua if I'm independent I can fight Joshua can fight Wilder if I was optional for Wilder I'd be terrified right now why do you think they are not Wilder rather of Fury Joshua fewer be terrified of that mind that mindset definitely easier fights yeah but he's the scariest part of all time in the fucking 12th round when he cracks Tyson Fury and drops them like that you like in the 12th round

► 00:49:24

he still has this ridiculous power and he's only getting better but I think what happens is him it's more likely especially looking at the way promoters work you can get Joshua verse Wilder before he get Fury so I think so I think it was just time so I'll take it I think anyone yeah I'm fine I want all three of them I do take these fuck so it these fucks its contacts remember these fucks owe it to boxing yes to the like see a box and a fight each other well it's one of those rare moments in the heavyweight division where you have three unbelievably compelling guys and then one of them was a former champion who by the way the last fight was a draw and I thought he should have won a decision so if you look at it I thought he should have won a decision but I agree with the result to this is what's real squirrelly Creech because the way Wilder don't hurt him dropped him and then knocked him down and almost had him flatlined in the 12th and if you go over the actual count the actual 10 count from

► 00:50:24

one to ten from the time he dropped which is not what Tyson series job is Tyson Fury is jobs get up in the referee says nine and he did that he did that but if you go buy an actual clock 11 or 12 in it yeah you go buy an actual clock but eleven-twelfths yeah Tyson Fury lost that 10 count but fearful 31 the rounds yes tree one more round hands down the outbox mm yeah right that count was longer than 10 yeah he not he should have if you were just going by 10 seconds Deontay Wilder has a real argument that should have he should have won by knockout here's the thing that's why I like to draw yes by the draw fantastic perfect cool run it back let's get a clear winner yeah Joshua who's this animal out there who's just this fucking he's so damn good he's like Honestly though what the fuck is a 10 count for if it's not 10 seconds why is the referee human are account human are there should be in every fucking Corner every corner wherever the fight is it should be a clock and then when someone goes down someone else not the referee hits that button it is we left our second one

► 00:51:24

oh you can really shoe three four five six could you go one two three four yeah five yeah but he goes one that he's jacked up with adrenaline there's a huge knock out the crowd I want a guy to get up he might want a guy to get up he might want to help him as he might take extra time to rub the gloves on his chest cracked ask him a couple questions you could you go and they grab that towards me walk towards me what's today's date you can do all that shit you can give them a little bit of a break do you like to human error part like sandwich baseball like the Ops they fuck up no all the time to the greatest of the greats like Herb Dean and John McCarthy have made mistakes you it is impossible to not fuck up Herb Dean is the goddamn gold standard he's the best of the best of people working today and he will occasionally say that he made an error John daughter yeah hazing amazing fuck nothing people make mistakes they're human beings and I think they're John now bro their job is so my fuckup all the time I do commentary and their job is so much harder than mine so much harder

► 00:52:24

all I'm doing is talking while the fights going on what they're deciding if the fight ends I disagree but you're the voice to have fucking mad it's his bro it's not that hard to watch another organization go watch another or when you're not working since I'm not being different and I'm not being humble I'm just telling you so that for you brother I'm telling you it's a tough fucking gig go watch another fight go watch go watch the Zone with Canelo fought it was so bad it was comical who is doing the commentary not sure does it matter not good it was so bad it ruined the fight that kind of is so bad it was entertaining well they were so Pro Canelo and they just weren't it wasn't professional done you know who I like that is in a world of shit right now you get you talking MMA or boxing whoo Paulie malignaggi was the best why'd you spit on people what's he doing he's a great commentator man to me the best place he's the best know I think my number one favorite wow here's here's

► 00:53:24

my three top that I get excited when they're doing the same as mine Roy Jones jr. Andre Ward and Paulie malignaggi I think you could Andre and Polly they're both you can swap out the reason why I like Roy like hers Roy highest mm yeah that's okay though this is why when he was at his best he was the motherfucker of all motherfuckers he was like Floyd Mayweather but he was knocking people dead he was putting his hands behind his back and not just people out he was doing shit that no one could do he was fucking people up Roy Jones jr. went on a street for a long time where he was he had this freak athleticism in this he didn't even throw Jabs half the time you think is under appreciated oh my God so like you because the enemy well you know when Glen Johnson kayode him when Magic Man kayode him but that but that was but he had this run of greatness that we should appreciate like like when I think of Anderson Silva I don't think of him bitching out because

► 00:54:24

he got kicked against coming there no I think of anesthesia but of course fucking front kicking Vitor Belfort front kick and fucking you know all these guys like of course I think of that yeah so it's weird with Roy because he's current like he just got knocked down Russia like six days ago or whatever did he really no but you recently got knocked in Russia but I thought he won his last fight think you won his last fight that's going to be his last last hopefully see ya Paul he's amazing though but Polly when he when he was going to fight that bare-knuckle I want a little bit of rent on my me and Pauly are closed man went on a rant how saying I don't think you should do it and it I feel like he's punching down he's won the best commentators here's a job so many people want then of course mean probably work together so we're breaking down the Wilder Brazil fight in New York and there was this weird position here this there I felt like there was this weird kind of well of course I mean you're telling them not to do something that he's definitely going to do yeah I know so you're resisting his idea but but if but if I was doing something you didn't want me to do if you're doing something

► 00:55:24

and we have an open conversation there's no weirdness like I can't we talk about if Polly went up to him is like dude I'm doing it so not this fuck out doing hopefully I get McGregor out and also I'm just kind of bored with my life man this could be fun for me I went oh cool man I support you there's no I'm not shaming him I agree with you I feel where you're coming from and I agree that I would want you to tell me if you thought it was fucking up and it was a bad idea but I think that with a guy like him you know this is he - I don't know what kind of options he has nobody's beating down his door to fight them you know that I know that Connor didn't want to fight him he wasn't interested in that and I don't know what other what other options he's got when I say for boxing but but also somewhat then that's what I'm truly great it sounds in the game but he if he's gonna fight a bare-knuckle boxing fight like this got it here there's got to be a financial motive for that that's I would hope that the only thing that makes sense is that that's a financial motive

► 00:56:14

but listen it's showtime pays them Willis Showtime pays him well do they what yeah man yeah so it's like to do that you know you look at the paid it like automate I think 50,000 for last fight so let's suppose say they paying triple let's say pain quadruple say he's making what is that fucking $250,000 that enough to do a bare-knuckle fight when you're making six figures you know you could get your face fucked up to that's the reality those Knuckles man I'm changing my tune a little bit but not all the way down you got a little bit enjoy a little bit but here's the thing like you do get caught up more in bare-knuckle boxing but you're also not kicking or using takedowns or anything else in bare-knuckle boxing I think it'd be way more brutal if there's take down and kicks because with the baby I don't think the best guy wins also and bare-knuckle because you know Polly has way more fighting experience than are termites who's got more Scar Tissue so if there's a guy with a ton of scar tissue your faith opens up like a it looks like a murder scene taking Charles Manson Murders

► 00:57:14

because of the knuckles yes cut you up so he might you might Land seven shots to his to but your face is fucked up they just listen nothing Cuts you up more than elbows and elbows are a hundred percent legal in the UFC and the hilarious though unless his ground and pound Mmm Yeah like stay away like I can't like old Jean can well he does that how about Johnny Walker Johnny Walkers got nasty really good fuck if he really hurts don't heard from at all right I think he recovered like whatever was wrong with his shoulder recovered but the reality is if you're if you hurt yourself so bad that you can't move your arm after words coming from someone who's had some shoulder injuries that to me is like you got some damage in there you know why else it's alarming because when he did it his adrenaline was so high usually you can go through some shit and if you got hurt bad enough we're drilling you I mean you're you just want a huge fight you're doing the worm yeah after Victory and even feel the pain that's why I'll fuck there's probably damaged that yeah because you're drilling so high it numbs everything imagine of that one's of defining his career

► 00:58:14

help develop shoulder problems I hope not Marley go over Globe has had some serious shoulder Palms ever since the John fights also 70 years old how dare you he's been fighting in Brazil since he was 3 but when John grabbed his arm and yanked it back when Glover was the top Contender member John gottman that over hook and ripped his fucking arm up my bro that was I never saw anybody do that before I was like that's genius that's a really smart thing because the your fucking super vulnerable in that position no one really thinks American strap sandals yep just yanked it Hidalgo children's the goat hands go not go close well he is him and the best expression in terms of like what I've seen in the Octagon is Mighty Mouse but he just didn't fight the fear level of competition except for so Hooda we're finding out so who knows the fucking man he will definitely find that out so it and might imagine he know I love fucking my mouse at him or John can do one or two at the problem with him being number one is that that weight class the the

► 00:59:14

margin of error is way higher so if I go if I Zig left when she was Big Bright right am I getting knocked out I can learn from go back if John zigs left when she went right by Glover he's getting knocked the fuck out maybe the margins are so small John can take a shot but if it's Rumble Johnson is getting knocked out maybe yeah we don't know we don't that good but the thing is true that Sears Mighty Master when he beats her who to write suit at seven fights the first time I smoked them so who gains experience then he beats them mmm yeah so that takes the pound-for-pound that takes a little off of Mighty Mouse but I think he's jewelry with decision when saludo beat him it's so tough to tell me yeah it's tough It's fucking listen if they would give to Mighty Mouse I want to be mad at I would have been Maddie how about your boys Sage Northcutt yeah Cosmo logs and Cosmo killed a guy he's a beast did he change his still in the hospital 17 fractures in his face yeah I know he's still not want championships and killed a guy outside of that now because you know Sergey kovalev did yeah I know kovalev killed a guy in a fight um

► 01:00:15

Cosmo Alexandra is a world-class Muay Thai Fighter mean John Wayne par fought him you know he thought Nikki whole skin he's world-class as far as striking it's a completely different level but I guess because it was an MMA fight he was willing to take it but they stay foot they fought stand up or manage and Sage took that karate stance in the dude circled off to his right and landed that fucking right hand and it was on the Bizet hardest right hand I've ever seen I was can you imagine I can't think just from a world-class Striker with flounce gloves on and he's circling into the right yeah and it's like a fucking bomb it's pretty goddamn strong and Cosmos a beast of a man he's a big thick dude see I mean a big thick dude with multiple World titles to his name don't you feel bad watch this again you feel bad for sage yeah it's a terrible match up I don't know why they agreed to let him fight that guy boom it's just not smart because that because the the

► 01:01:14

soon stand up like he doesn't have the experience no no no he's I mean sages good he's very good but these these kind of losses are terrible for a few for his future because their mismanagement losses in my opinion agree I think sages what 22 like look at that punch that lands I mean that is ferocious from a world-class Striker yeah that's before the left full blast to that is a full blast shock oh right you can't you can't get hit cleaner than that though you came here it's be hard to hit a fucking but meanwhile 25 you ever seen him when he fought Nikki holtz-eakin Cosmos yeah yeah you gotta class make sure it's can fuck him up there's a devil there's levels but in MMA sages and even remember he shouldn't be they shouldn't be Shin SE Marine well Cosimo Championship know why would why would I bring this this study this American stud who looks like Rye you from Street Fighter and go hey first fight here's the most world-class Striker we got on the roster well because they want them to be

► 01:02:14

and I think that if I was chodri I would be looking at like this when a guy like Eddie Alvarez gets kayode or a guy like Sage Northcutt gets ko'd or a guy like Mighty Mouse gets tagged and has a real fight on his hands then you're showing the whole world like hey these guys that are coming over here that are world-class Fighters they're fighting world-class Fighters like either getting knocked out I get that here on the other it's a great thing for him I think certain certain so with Eddie Alvarez veteran he should be fight Hall of Famer Bellator Champion UFC champ give him the best she got he's seen it all right me tough to get burned past them Sage Northcutt Mighty Mouse give me the best you got he's seen it all good luck getting past him Sage Northcutt you're investing his future he's not ready it's because we've kind of fucked a man well I think so you're trying to get an American Market but Cosmos on an MMA fighter that's the thing this is Cosmos first MMA fight what is sages takes him down smashes them that would have been great yeah but I mean that could have happened to see when Cosmic I say stop

► 01:03:14

it's a Grappler okay but he knows how to Grapple say just taking guys down the octave down before taking Cosmic dance easier than said he's trained with me and Richard black sea Islands and fuck us up today yeah the nightmare yeah so I thought for sage I'm like what well so are you building Cosmo he's older man well he's only 34 37 is he 3:7 has 1000 kickboxing matches like you're invested in and now it's up to be from a business aspect doesn't make sense to me I think it does though because it shows with two giant results over the last two months that one has world-class Talent there and I think it makes people pay more attention to one not me put me off of them really yeah that's fucked up no see listen man I must say Trio is a fucking more Thai Fighter I mean that's his bread and butter he fights Muay Thai stand up his bread and butter so when Cosmo goes and fights in an MMA fight you would think at least in one area is

► 01:04:14

to be at a disadvantage if States age chooses to have a stand-up fight with a world-class Denna fighter that's just bad strategy that's States ages game those especially young Fighter game but he's a mixed martial arts fighter then he should become a kickboxer if that's his game is just to stand up and strike a people to just stay a kickboxer well because if you're going to fight listen man if you're going to fight in MMA in MMA you could do everything what do you want to do in this fight don't you want to win okay good I want you to win here's how you win you don't stand with one of the best fucking Strikers in the world how old is he 22 Sage come on yeah yeah but you just tell him this is I get an exercise in strategy you you keep that side stance that's fine Batum in but then shoot and so you just get the clinch and drag that motherfucker to the ground let's wear them out I'm with you which he's never done any fight ever so put Letty has taken guys down before yeah but let's say you serious manager and they go hey here's cosmical hold on let's just let me go through this with you stage

► 01:05:14

Rose you beat a straight world-class kickboxer in MMA he's also 37 years old a lot of Pros cons okay but he's 37 can't take him down he fucking starches you and your face is broken 17 places in your your career is probably not going well the trajectories definitely off the rails what are those cons that's true it's just if you look at the way boxing is always done it and it's been often criticized but there's some real good points to it about developing a fighter you give a guy a fighter a difficult fight that you think that he has the advantage in but it's an advantage that will teach him some things like the when the guy fights with them what is this Jimmy Cosmos ninth fight was against age oh he's had a bunch of MMA fights why did he say that he knocks out everybody he said it on his his his what the fuck is his Instagram post about it know that it doesn't fight MMA he's no fucking joke oh Jesus Christ yeah starch everyone well Championship goes here you go yeah he look for years I guess oh I see 18 so don't let that fool

► 01:06:14

you know make his he's training with the best of the best as well bottom line is as a striker he's superb and he's fucking but then it's heartbreaking thing is pull up the Nikki Holtz can fight Nikki holtz-eakin knocks out Cosmo Alexandra that just shows you how many times in levels there are two put that Nikki whole skin just lost two region hersel just lost to him it got dropped with Annie It's so interesting man when you see levels upon levels of pain levels and you don't necessarily know that these levels even exist unless your balls deep in the fucking sport like you see a guy like Nikki for her first of all Nick he's like one of the best hot body punchers in kickboxing ever and this is a kick boxing fight as opposed to a Muay Thai fight as well so no elbows limited clinching and you can only hold for like 3 seconds when you and throw a knee you can only like you can only hold while you're like think one knee at a time or some like that they have weird rules you know here's the thing the fact that Cosmonaut Alexander

► 01:07:14

went toe-to-toe with Nikki Holton I'm probably gonna pass on my young 22 year old yeah wide-eyed youngster fighting him Nikki whole skin had an amazing career and glory to some fucking incredible fun to watch Joseph Vault Levi were knocked him out in the last round yeah he's a he's a beast man super super tact although and It's just tough as shit yeah I mean look it's just the way these guys are standing friendship just checking everything looked perfect perfect technique Perfect Defense all we dropped him that left hook yeah look whole skins a monster this is by the way a kick boxing fight Holt's can also fought Cosmo Alexander and knocked him out in one FC this is this is It's Showtime in Amsterdam this is quite a few years ago it's showtime was the shit managed to get it on Access TV back when Access TV was hdnet remember that Mark Cuban's fuck machine that was dope that MMA live with Ron truck yes I should go on there all the time that's fruit and yeah and who's the other guy that posture it was on with our boy Marlon Ella no no the other guy there was another guy who's on Kenny

► 01:08:14

any rice Kenny Kenny Reitz any rice yeah that's right yeah what's tomorrow on there too for a long time I don't know was Marwan that Morrow was on there make great am I going crazy crazy Kenny was on there though Jenny was definitely on there but truck is the best they just have all these great kick boxing matches from like Amsterdam and shit but you see we're cool now has pfl on it if you go to that is if your balls may have pfl he was on that hmm I'm Steve times the eyes have been on a couple times but the what the first nine Seasons it was hosted by Kenny rice and then Morel came on later yeah I can use to fly in from Kentucky I remember just fine do the show fly back out like for sure more yeah yeah well maybe really likes Kentucky they loved it have to what do you like it about it I don't know Kentucky Derby once a year keep you there so what it is bourbon I want to go to the Kentucky Derby to let's just cross a acid

► 01:09:15

I'm so down for that and we're didn't wear suits like Dumb and Dumber yeah shipping do it never gets lost our fucking bourbon got next year take acid and go to the derby at Buffalo Trace Distillery whatever that oh yeah is it out dude I drink whiskey almost every day now I'm gonna really all that's happened in there I don't know dude get older get my get the palette for whiskey really a lot of stress about cigars do you like cigars nope not my thing yet I like olives I used to hate all this love olives now and whiskey dude I don't know why us that's hilarious what was he is this I'm a little more by the way what's it called again Jamie plans yeah that's Blends Blends it is delicious that I've no idea it could have been seeing herself anybody could have brought it on remember honestly this can't be cheap just feeling this goblet

► 01:10:14

this girl named goblet they got in this Game of Thrones goblet is sick do don't get me Johnnie Walker White Walker whiskey shot at time Feldman White Walker whiskey bring that shit up Jane White Walker whiskey limit emissions limited edition I'm not drinking that zombie piss the bottle so sick I don't want people touching it really it's a collector's item and

► 01:10:37

carton we collecting bottles of Game of Thrones oh my got that shit bro is it sold out

► 01:10:45

don't give a goddamn Enzo Ferrari though they want not for you to have any birthday

► 01:10:51

oh God yeah dude how dope is that pretty cool Johnny Walkers a white walker yeah but what do you want to be aligned with the biggest fucking assholes in the realm Come On Johnnie Walker I would say with a Johnny Walker with the Nazis I wish it would have on T Walker Nazi vodka would you would you buy that know why the fuck you buying White Walker whiskey that's quite Walker bourbon or whatever it is there's a gift Bro Fuck that he can see the white walk and drive my Ferrari home bro for me I'll give you hammered Dad wouldn't mind stick around she's some arrows she smells getting the flow tank relax my friends from relax so there's some other good fights it happen this weekend oh dude half out the Saint Joe's versus Kevin Lee I didn't see a bro so busy I've been I was at the Wilder fight I missed that I notice on just look good and be Kevin Lee Kim needs a new camp Heavenly needs a camp yeah yeah I think Kevin Lee should go to Pharaoh sahabi that's my advice or Jackson's well

► 01:11:49

reason why for us a hobby is because Kevin Lee skill set is very similar to Georges st-pierre's it's a great striking Leduc very athletic creative and grumbling timing of this takedowns no one knows how to coach that better than frost a hobby it's a good idea yeah not bad at all that's what I think who told Aaron Pico just went to Jackson's yes I think that's a great move to no pico happy no yeah I hooked him up with my boy Vinny chairman to so I told him that I think that he should go to frost a hobbies and I told him about Vinnie schwarmann who's an incredible mental coach you know he's got obviously champ I don't actually believe that if he gets a shit together and goes to legit Camp because remember it's coach passed away right yeah and then Coppola's who is very close for that's a shame amazing amazing guy and so he passed away and then it was like he was like I'll just stay here and put together this kind of ragtag group and we'll figure it out at the UFC now is at such a high level to compete with the guys who's competing with you got to have a good camp man like a legit yeah ouch head coach leader it's no

► 01:12:49

Danny a small camps or small gems a little don't have internet no I'm not I'm not trying to be I'm just saying that an athlete has a small fucking window man like Kevin is 26 right so he's got ten years it's last month's three out of his last four yeah not good you'll see don't play with that Chen before that he was of the PFF eating guys and pretty spectacular fashion right Robert folds his death had a tremendous impact on him as a fighter as a person and then he fought some really great fighters to on top of that you know and a like winter man I mean from the jump of that fight from the get-go when he hit him with that spinning backfist you let him know like this is you're in a dogfight I said that Tony Ferguson fight was a dogfight dogfight a dogfight yeah these guys have dogfights and when the Toda Ferguson fight he had a staph infection clear a hundred percent and you look good though 2020 Down Johnny Tapia choked out got his mouth look fucking good man look when you have you've had stabbed before right yeah it's awful and the way it drains your body weight robotics that drains your body well the staff

► 01:13:49

to I mean if you get it too as far as where it is with him he's in a full infection he has a full infection so it's in his blood stream but the thing that fucks your cardio and your energy like no other in the the antibiotics fuck you so bad they do but so does the staff especially when it's that bad I mean he's got a fucking giant squirrel growing out of his tit remember that would be killed DC nuts family that's I saw it immediately he walked in the Octagon him like he's got staff I got that staff howdy and I say I go hey to DC I go is that staff that was like staff to me and they go do not talk about the staff he goes that looks like staff to me Joe these he doesn't give a flower like bitch you're talking to Daniel Cormier can help and when you talk about the guy who knows that better than anyone that goddamn Marina got here it's a wrestling coach listen we would be doing a massive disservice to the viewing public if we didn't admit that it was staff it's a far it's part of the drama it's part of what makes the fights interesting but my take on Kevin Lee is he's a great guy I really I'm going to have them on again he's gonna come out against the best he's a great person I like

► 01:14:49

talking to them we already have Marcus I put them on the food truck diary okay he's great I'll text you but the shops with you what are your own I don't worry about it but anyway I'd visit there's a defining moment in a Fighter's career when they realized they need to make changes they're not doing things the way they should be doing them and they need to make some changes but I think one of the reasons why you care and I care especially with Kevin if it was somebody else some other guys won't mention names but with Kevin I go well no he can't be chant he just has to change a few things here she is kids Champion the other kind of my God she keep doing you know he hundred one hundred percent is the skills the mindset and he has the full package he looks good speaks good dresses well has the skills sign me up he's a good person to we talk person you talk to him he's getting her feel it yeah he's a good person he's just gotta make some changes and he needs a maestro he needs a fucking conductor he needs a Greg Jackson get there without human can't get there without it these days Duke Rufus I'm Mike Brown at ATT yep do that Dustin Poirier on future Diaries and

► 01:15:49

amazing I'm saying that my brand I doesn't poori on but he's talking about Mike Brown how great he is and just in the diamond pouria and he started talking about his wife dude I'm balls deep in the chicken waffles eating the food truck you know stuff and he starts talking about her and we're probably 30 minutes in a nice Sergeant Ariat he starts containerized he's just talking about how because I was telling like this it's a long journey however you're not like I can't believe you didn't stop at some point like you've been doing since you're 18 I haven't stopped and he goes I wouldn't he was on say he was I said this before I would have stopped like I thought about retiring and my wife told me I can't she's like give me these pep talks like that's nuts man telling me when he goes oh she drove me my first fight my first fight before I get out of the car I get emotional he was before I got in the car she told me world champion do I get shit I'm like dude you give me fucking chills like well not because you are champ people always interim champ I don't care the two-party chain one of the best fighters on Earth pound for pound yeah 45 great yeah top three great the best

► 01:16:49

r45 pounder ever and he's without a doubt one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world Dustin beat him yep yeah there's no doubt about it so he said he's a champ in some form he still he has a belt and you made it and I told him I said I'm terrible at this so this is me telling you spray me deflecting what I should be doing but you know you're going to fight could be and I said I don't give a fuck how that fight goes you've done it brother when you were 18 you decide to go on this journey become UFC champion you had all these dreams your wife how many sacrifices you guys have a little girl now and you're there man I said I don't care if could be beat your ass for five rounds you've done it dude how great I went please it would also hear that though nobody wants to hear I don't care if could be no no but but well I'm telling is you've succeeded mission accomplished mother yeah mission accomplished how crazy that their mission accomplished what did he think though probably doesn't think like that I probably think she's still on the quest I don't think you can too you think like that do I think

► 01:17:49

the guys who have that weird engine and I'm don't think like that I've never like I've never felt more not to make it about I've never felt more pressure my life to come up with new become a better comic than when I release my special of course I'm like oh shit now now the work starts that was whatever do you how to work star never satisfied with myself more than like 15 20 minutes a week most I wish I could teen minutes where I was I couldn't tell you was I thought in 20 minutes a week I'll have a glass of wine I put my feet up I'll kick back and then the little voice in the back of my head it's like are you doing everything you can do get up come on kind of a shit done and of a demon though isn't it Joe like I represent like my one of my dreams was to buy the car that I bought and I bought it when bed my girl goes the how do you feel it exactly the same like I think what you like material things they don't matter at all and then next day we wake up my I get it with my son every morning and we always watch Cars on YouTube and she was what the fuck I'm watching different car she is what the fuck you're doing

► 01:18:49

Mike look in the next car she like there's no way I'm like I need I need goals yes is about about our house I swear to God the next morning because what are you doing truly are you look at the next house

► 01:19:02

I don't know what to do now that's normal my message to Dustin was enjoyed but don't get the thing about stuff though as opposed to like goals is like stuff you could always just keep buying stuff and making money to buy stuff and then you find yourself being one of those people that just does stuff for money because you want to buy the stuff I have never done that but there are people like that out there right you know I've heard Steve Harvey talked about money like how much money you want to make per year and and someone was making fun of it and I was thinking well he's in this Vibe where he's trying to get stuff and make money and you got to make money to get stuff and you get sort of in this game of accumulating more and bigger and better things for me the most important thing is the stuff that I put out if people like it like if I do a podcast was sick if I do a UFC and I suck If I Stumble through something or I make a bad call or it's not that shit will fuck be up for days and there's nothing to do nothing I can do to

► 01:20:01

except you could get an Amber gearfried it's like there's nothing that would wouldn't do a damn thing so same with a podcast if I do a podcast it doesn't go well if I do a set and set doesn't go well our stumble through a joke all I care about is the stuff that I do in terms of like agree like progress I focus all my progress on that I'll distract myself with stuff but like look this watch cost like 50 bucks or something I don't know yeah the entire color that's a taser not 50 military watch what it's like 300 bucks maybe you know I'm saying but it doesn't matter whether that 500 or 300 bucks or this is 22 Grand on a big deal 22 Grand it degraded does it matter American money gasps don't hold cash no big deal Rolex is just me talking yes talking shit you just talking shit just me but but no Platinum Rolex my point is is this like that doesn't make you happy doesn't make you feel it doesn't make me feel any way none of it the more I learned the more I

► 01:21:01

these material things it doesn't mean she doesn't help nothing that means shit is your friends and your loved ones and what you're trying to do with your life Bob Dylan said it best he said they said you know what success to you he goes not having to work for assholes and waking up going to bed doing exactly what I want yeah boom that's yeah you're doing it you know I'm already doing that yeah the only time I ever felt I guess somewhat successful I'd really don't but the only time so I felt a little successful is when I turn down a big gig on a major Network Duty be I went mmm not kind of good man I'm good doing what I want to do and I own all this stuff and I don't I don't wanna press to do it do you imagine what it'd be like if you had a boss remember the shit that you guys are dealing with it Fox were telling you to stop cursing on the fighter in the kid hilarious imagine how bad that advice is think about how many fucking millions of downloads of the fighter in the kid have been out there how many humans on the planet Earth if you can see it overhead map of all the people in the planner the light went off every time a dude was listening to fire in the kitties like holy fuck it would freak you out

► 01:22:01

see that number and that fox guys like harsh cleaning up wife you know what that guy told me to I started arguing with him and he kind of got my face went just like you have your black belt in the Octagon I got my black belt in TV cool shit God did he really say that it's got his black belt TV let me tell you got fired from Fox by the of course you did the dirty little secret about all those guys they don't know what the fuck they're doing they find talented people who have no idea if you get special account and be done yeah if you get fucking Max Kellerman you get all those guys those are the guys that are on your television show television shows gonna do well if those are the guys are doing commentary for you they're excellent they're compelling you're going to listen to it that you're not a great producer that's not what that shows great use a styling you fucks yeah when you telling a podcast the one free medium left on the planet Earth when you can distribute to millions of people and no one could tell you what the fuck to do there's not another thing like it on Earth not one not one maybe websites but it's telling a good luck

► 01:23:01

the read content can get yeah and to be able to have that with no producer no executive no filter and have it available to you while you're doing other stuff right you could be mowing your lawn right now it's in your ear you're running it's in your ear you're driving to work it's in your ear you're on the subway and get to know people to like if let's say you were 2019 Jay Leno that like that's what you write this like doing the shows this willing to do in Johnny Carson at the time right let's say you're that guy of states that overproduce show ya no one really gets to know it did you know Johnny Carson from The Tonight Show do you know Jay Leno no no it's when they went on do stuff after the fact but now people know you pretty fucking well you don't know me pretty well pretty well yeah you down on board you're not yeah it's different it's different but even Conan talked about that how you know when he was doing the cone and I heard mine Howard Stern and he was doing he said what I do the Conan show and you know we had a band and it would I was going through this interview but at the stop it like I was in balls deep in the center of human I have to stop it because

► 01:24:01

the bands playing we got to get to that or we're going to the next bit he's like no no just let me go man let me have this conversation yeah so he's even come over to podcasting and even Howard Stern goes well that's one of the reasons I want to do long form is because they want to overproduce all the stuff but if I have to get to you know I want to talk to somebody I want to get to know him I don't want to cut to commercial breaks I don't have to cut for this band or this bit you want to do let me talk to this guy well there's a lot of guys that are still caught in their podcast up with commercials they'll stop in the middle and do a commercial do you guys do that we've done it before I don't know if we currently do we just left our current advertisers a nightmare we just signed with Paragon shout out to Paragon so you know I don't know sometimes we might sometimes you might go to be honest with you but you know what we are doing is you're going to do it you're only gonna do it once right once yeah but what different-looking this thing is so when we do our read I don't you guys do it before and there's no video but we do it mean Theo do it together on camera have fun with it

► 01:25:01

part of the show yeah different animal that's that me if you're doing read for you to read this financial thing and it was and you can save I think $75 a year and I when I hit $75 a year you know I didn't pre-read I was $75 I kind of crack and then seal goes yeah a smooth $75 here you go dude Financial people get mad at you I don't know I don't give a fuck where laughing so hard I go yeah go ahead and get $75 is that really what they're offering I'd forget about 70 7575 but well 7,500 looks much different dip I forget what it was because aren't 50 bucks couple oh yeah something super low and I could not stop laughing then co-starred laughing they left it in I feel like that Reba do better than the others may be but it would be do it would do better in terms of financial I mean about in terms of clicks but probably wouldn't do better in terms of people like going there and using the product and its people immediately funny great they got a matter doesn't matter

► 01:26:01

yeah we got we'll find someone else yeah that's the thing it's like an animal you have too many podcast sponsor dudes days I say no to them every day I get tons of coming in yeah I bet but it's not it's got to make some sense has can connect with what you're gonna be a good thing too it's like got to be a valuable product yeah you gave me the best advice everyone when I start doing advertising on podcast because it's a while before we start doing you better believe it man you sell shit people in stop tuning in they're not going to believe you I've had a bunch of things that I turned down because I researched it and I was like what is this how's that work yeah but once Granite that was like oh this is sketchy there was one of them they want to do an Uber for babysitting I'm like get the that's a fuck hair out of here going crazy the biggest argument Kalin I ever got in our fucking 90 year relationship is Burger King came towards us and I I grew up eating Burger King man I grew up in the Whopper with cheese not every day but I'd fucking have when we got down American Ryan said no yeah he's a can't push that off and we have the straight up argument

► 01:27:01

hmm how'd it end I think we did bird came read shot at the Burger King hungry and they're open yeah fucking Whopper with cheese the best burger on planet Earth that fuck you in on our oh that's not for which he's also not Whopper with cheese and ketchup only makes with this want to take you to a doctor right now get a cat what do you like I do have CT what do you have a fucking double from in and outside no I can't UNL guy to our Five Guys Burgers half a Burger Five Guys over in Five Guys to it yeah but we can agree on one thing not five not not not in and out what's in a name

► 01:27:39

number one much for number one I like five guys and I like in and out like Five Guys number one though yeah I think I like five guys better because Five Guys offers bacon and also jalapenos speed of in and out of sudden turn to sometimes take a long time oh dear you the one right up here well five guys my guys doesn't do the drive to like bitch sit down come on in and they have milkshakes in and out that's a big plus if you're ready to fuck your body up with some poisoned food that tastes great the milkshakes do it to you they'll give it to you dude I've been so stressed out with this special out my diet you might work out something create my Dyson all I could girls pregnant yeah pickles and ice cream cheese to my girl might be pregnant again she teii yeah yeah man been eating pizza every night oh I don't know what it is dude little fun time gonna find well stress they've actually said that the people under stress make poor decisions poor decisions eating everything has been great last

► 01:28:40

really yeah people make poor decisions food-wise I did by frying of eat pizza every night maybe you might be on to something yeah I think you're freaking out I'm not freaking out though little bit you think's okay and we'll figure that normal no no you're not freaking out but you're under stress you look you know what it is just showing getting judged by hundreds of thousands of people's very weird it's weird yeah it's weird and every time I do it I stay off line for weeks yeah that's what you told me sniff line read it like I do my best I trihard I do my best and you might like it you might not like it but I do my best and when I'm done as long as I know I did my best I can just release it yeah I've been able to do that for triggered and I did that for strange times when it was over I was like I'm good I'm good I mean you might like you might not like it but I couldn't have done it better you don't my thing is is the I think with anything as you get more popular with its do podcasting or stand up or whatever you do if you're an artist you put on an album if your pain and put out of painting if you're a fighter take a flight it's a big fight I'm going to try

► 01:29:39

more eyeballs in your lot more people that love it then you lot of hearing it more hate because you're out there more yeah so I'll see you being shoved down people's faces yeah cause you know you do a lot of press yeah man that's why I don't do press it's one of the reasons why don't you gotta love you don't have to I don't do class on the road I want anybody to have to listen to me I don't I don't I don't you had such a different level that I have to do I don't think that's a little you know I'm saying like it but I don't do it for stand up anymore when I go to towns on a new president more yeah but when you're getting a hundred percent your fan yes and and also with with the special it's different because I didn't want like our group like you guys who vouched for me or especially Showtime who was like let's give the kid a special I didn't want to embarrass I want it to go well for them like you know ya know know what you're like I want them back I we're proud of this which they are so I should be good with that you know and I know you guys are proud of me so I should be good with that I'm alright give a fuck you you're trying to get better at something that's very difficult

► 01:30:39

to do some say the most difficult and you put out a special two years in which is ridiculous I would've told you not to do it of course you want to come to me with but I but I knew you were going to do it yet so you guys know me I mean we went down there we helped you out we open for you we you know it was a time it was a great time and you're going to look back on it like an eight years from now when you have another killer special out well you know like or several down the line when do you think you'll do another one do you think you wait another two years like have you thought about three years before I was talking to I think this week I don't mean a rep you I think it's me cool to look back and go holy fuck you three years in this way did you have four years from now see the progression for your son see the progress yes but and you can go back and look I think it's me fucking cool man yeah oh a hundred percent yeah listen man there's some videos me from when I first started out there terrible there's no way you're not going to be going to be terrible yes sir you're just learning how to do something against like judging your roles when you were wiped out versus your roles as a black for sure it's like you don't know what you're doing yeah your fucking

► 01:31:39

flailing around it's real similar yep it's fun man it's we're going to say though it's about specials most most like especially season one Savory I think three years what Kevin say for welcome to say Jeselnik just for neck has a really interesting thought process on it and he was telling me that he does he did the podcast recently and I love him by the way I do to he's great he's fucking the common term an outstanding he's a new special fasten yeah and it's on Netflix it's available right now just came out amazing was it called thoughts and prayers is that it I think thoughts and prayers anyway that might be as other one he's got several he put his new one just dropped on Netflix like a few weeks ago yeah I don't think it's thoughts and prayers I think thoughts of personal fire in the Maternity Ward close fire in the Maternity Ward so what he does is he works on the material for a year like in LA he just does like little little sets here and there how much together put together is our then he takes his our on the road and does clubs for a year just clubs from one

► 01:32:39

to then he does theaters for a year 3 and at the end of that year films so every three years yeah which is not a bad idea if you don't get tired of your shit the problem is you do a lot of sets like I'll do 4 sets a night sometimes I get really tired of your shit I get tired I get a new bits yeah it's so shocking that many times yes it's hard it's hard to stay motivated to the same bit yeah yeah but it's also look I feel so lucky that I can do it I feel so lucky like every time I go to do a set like I went to the store last night and hanging out in the back with Fitzsimmons and Ian Edwards and Owen Smith who I'm trying to convince Owen Smith never write again because I think he's the fucking own Smith can bring him up to you gotta come see him that guy's a monster G % o Goshen the other night he's like Owen Smith is so good and he's got this gig where he's always writing but there's a there's a writer's strike right now he's a writer for like a major how dare he comes and shit but dude his stand-ups out

► 01:33:39

of control so he came with us to that's super nice dude he's the bass really nice super so is a little Josh Martin Josh fuck Josh to cheat a Santino's fucking a made it was a killer show we did two shows The Improv we're doing more of those too Ian's a fucking killer he's a writer too yep same deal same DNA I try to talk to him about it too Ian's been on the road with me for years and years he opened for me when I did triggered he took I've taken him on the road for years he said something about this guy in the world nice he's so nice to be nice it's guy so Santino Santino's a nice he's a man's man Santa has that guy I love talking about me to of close bond with and shut up a Cheeto you know who I'd podcast tiger belly did with Bobby Lee yeah I told her I said you owe it you owe it to comment your fucking special menu at least 30 minutes and he goes and he goes I think is my rogue won't have me on he's disappointed me on it I just think you get your shit together to a specialist Vault that's not true that it won't have money every time I say do you want to come on my podcast he runs away

► 01:34:39

sleeping he gets panicky well he doesn't wake up to one but he gets panicky I don't know why he's a great dude he's got stuff in his head that shouldn't be in there it's also smart duty is not to say oh yeah I love Bobby crate on here dude I've been friends with Bobby Lee since 96 comedy for hot no not dude forever best just started doing kind of a thing because I'm about to be killed a strip club in San Diego that's why we started Mexican gangbangers are tattoos on their face and long black hair Bobby Lee's trying to tell the girlfriend to give him a lap dance and I had to grab him and drag him the fuck out of here I'm like listen to me Bobby listen to me those guys are serious we had to get the fuck out of here now and he's like fuck those guys are gonna do shit I'm gonna I will fuckin leave you here I'm like I'm going I jumped in my super turbo and we fucking hauled ass out of there and Bobby leaves in the back seat is like probably shut the fuck up they were gonna kill you you have no idea like certain dudes you looked him in the eye and you go oh this guy's for real they got the idea of a white shark yeah and like look I'm not the most street smart dude I'm not

► 01:35:39

saying that but I can read a room though I can read Predators yeah I've been around a lot of fucking Stone Cold Killers in my life and now I saw that guy was like okay sir I'm gonna just take my little friend and stuff them in the backseat of my fucking Japanese car peel out of here is it Toyota Super yeah dude it was scary Bobby was so ridiculous so you're not gonna do shit oh my God Jesus Christ the get in the fucking car man come on so funny gotta get out of here that was my introduction to Bobby Lee because he was working at the lawyer Cummings just saves a door guys yeah so I started I don't even remember how we wound up at that fucking strip club because like all I remember was like the world zoomed in like I was looking at it through a toilet paper roll a group and I'm looking at this Mexican gangbanger who stood up with his hands out there like this and and Bobby Lee is act like it's not a big deal I'm like oh my God we're gonna die holy fuck it was like that just moments where you like oh you almost got hit by a car whoo like that's that's what it felt like

► 01:36:39

like I was like oh my God Bobby like that guy's a real criminal like this is we gotta get out of here and his girl was one of the dancers and Bobby was apparently trying to get his girl to give me a lap dance we ran out of there man we fucking hauled ass I drove very fast and I got off the first exit and I turned around and went back the other way just in case someone's following me I was making sure no one was following me Jesus I was like this is real Bobby Bobby Solaris we're talking about loyal Comedy Club I'll tell him how like specialist to me let's be honest I'm not staying in the condo and I'll sell alcohol was great because they've redone it and Jim Carrey stayed there and he's my hero so you know for me especially us man we have a job because I wish I had the same kind of admiration for that that comedy store La Hoya condo he goes because when I was there I forget the comics name is some gay comic he goes he she they used to take like 14 dudes back there and run trains and come all over the walls he was that's why the walls were blue for a long time with aha

► 01:37:39

I don't know if that's true he said Christ Bobby I don't know if that's true what about obviously it's a lot of he's a lot of adding to that you know like maybe it's running guy busted on the wall you guys came you know Gabe isn't any or running a trait that's not that far-fetched yeah you know what chance do you know who The Hodgetwins are yes it was because yeah they do you know bodybuilding yeah they have they have a fucking there's a there were reading an article about man getting pregnant like that women aren't the only ones who can get pregnant and because the way they talk you know you know the way they talk but they're big all jacked dudes you know and I'm on the podcast there grab you and they get seriously amped up they were talking about busted and not inside dudes ass cannot get them pregnant no matter how steep you go in that man's anus and then fair and they're like yeah they talk fucking like because dude because people are saying some crazy shit that's not that's a crazy really are you yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

► 01:38:39

real argument you know Yale started putting tampons dispensers get the fucking the men's room because they said not everyone who men Straits is a woman

► 01:38:53

hi my son hi welcome to the upside down world did you ever did you ever watch a stranger throwing some to come for this what you were watch stranger things like yeah I love that we're in the upside down where in the world is upside down right now that's what's happening so just flipped over to the other side people are getting their so Progressive they're literally denying science for feelings do you feel like a woman then you're a woman yeah the fuck I get here again identify as a woman you feel like a man well then you're a man and you're pregnant amazing man bro congratulations you're going to make the best mom dad whatever the fuck I ever Dad Mom these dudes are coming and dudes ass and say that it's a funny it's a funny little thing but they did you find it that's looking for it they made me I stumbled across something else they just talked about which you're just talk they're all over YouTube there yes what does this mean to formally transgender man who now identifies as a genderless alien oh yeah I seen that do we show that guy before his surgery and shit oh yeah he's an alien

► 01:39:53

a surgery to look like an alien I don't give a fuck just don't force it on me that I have to if I fuck him call you a him yeah I say congratulations to them yeah their graduations you gum you've made it yeah congrats man a lot of people want to be special but they don't want to work for it and the problem with that is you get that kind of shit you get people that are pretending to be something super special they get attention so they get attention and you're not doing anything and there's nothing there

► 01:40:18

you know what I really love I had Eddie Izzard on who's probably one of the most famous transgender people ever and just how did I was transgender I saw your picture just decided he that's what he likes and we once you get past that and just talk to him he's amazing humans a human man he's amazing I don't care what I care is when you say crazy things like men can get pregnant that's insane that's not real have you had customary on the Navy's not use of know it was run for governor I don't know what she's doing now but we count I went to lunch with her afterwards and normal shit man normal also talks like like like you might go when you were in battle this and just talks like like a fucking human like a he didn't give a fuck I want to wear a dress yeah everyone's looking to you because you got the physique of mean you gotta fucking miniskirt on all right whatever who cares you gives a fuck what once you get used to it like you're used to the way people dress period yes used to everything you know

► 01:41:17

it's just nonsense it's nonsense like I don't care as long as you're not hurting me yeah you're hurting someone else I don't worry pushing it on them I don't care don't push it on it Eddie Izzard say what like he always felt like that this is a man can have babies now look how angry shout out to the hot yeah we play this Jim can we play it or we get pulled we're probably it's all Twitter will get pulled no no it's there so here the volume to hear the audio though Ojeda no no we'll just tell people what is the it just sighs men can have babies now inosanto going to find underneath that's okay can we hear it not really yeah bro copyright laws no no doesn't matter we'd have to edit it out later haters haters you guys just look YouTube's in a weird place right now in terms of copyright and we've gotten claims on us for watching something on a screen in the background like you see a picture in a picture and you you don't even hear it and they want all the ad revenue for the entire show

► 01:42:16

about the gee that's ridiculous learn how about that when the combine guy we're talking about his dick that got flat when I was like oh she's dick popped out tag for nudity yeah I come on come on it's fucking dick like you and you'd have to pop that out and you have to pause it and just go frame by frame we go is that the - kind of pixelate indicators on there for half a second don't even know what you're looking at if I don't tell you and well what YouTube is doing is making a boatload of cash they know what they're doing oh my God that is the oh right away yeah they're on the world well between Facebook YouTube Twitter and Instagram to Facebook on Instagram no they all own the world look Facebook is changing elections Facebook is influencing the way the world were votes do you hear what they're going to start doing with I think it's Instagram they're going to start you can as the user your owner of your own page but the rest of the world can't see your followers in likes huh

► 01:43:14

that's interesting because kids in high school and I they look like an with a three-year-old son it's scary worlds with social me I'm sure with your daughter's you can understand is people suicide especially in teenage girls has never been higher because they're putting so much so much ways on their social media so how many followed somebody likes it gets if you get rid of that might help well you know they're reaching the same kind of people that we're talking about we're talking about haters but they're reaching it like local like their friends and people from school and shitting on each other being mean to each other they don't understand what that does to a person yet they don't have compassion the way a grown adult has where they understand they have perspective they understand what kind of emotional influence is going to have on a person when you shit on them like that I've seen it happen man it's not pretty but also like when you and I were bullied especially you back in the day when you were bullied you could go home you think about it but you didn't have to constantly get it right now if your daughter's bullied at school well she goes home at three o'clock and now some kids onto mine yeah and then they gang up

► 01:44:14

and then this person from another school gangs up yeah this person from Ohio gangs up and then they're all fucking taking forever seen them play little games with each other to it's weird it's weird watching kids play a little emotional head games with each other was like Jesus Christ like people are button pushers right they see a button they push it they want to see what it does they find out does something they want to push it again make it do that thing and when you find out you can make someone upset you press their buttons you know there's girlfriends do that boyfriend's to do that friends lovers family members People Press buttons but I've had family members that would do that they would just press buttons just to fuck with you and I

► 01:44:50

but even on social media it's like people can press buttons If you if you let them know that that button gets to you right and I never I always say I never punched down so if it's if it's a guy with an egg for an avatar so when I don't know I never ever very rarely on punch down her comic bat and have her that's what they want right what's interesting to me is it affects people like Kevin Durant who's possibly the best basketball player in planet Earth and he just got in a Twitter war with just like he's been known that fake accounts burner counts defending himself online yeah caught doing that he this this this guy who works a commentator and analyst for Fox was like oh critiquing them he started firing back at him then another guy like a troll with 55 followers talk shit to me fires back what are you doing but here's the thing is the message when I see all that I'm like out what the fuck's he doing like holy fuck if Kevin Durant who's worth 600 million dollars the best basketball player in planet Earth if it affects him what do you

► 01:45:50

thirteen year old girl with body issues is feeling like that's what scares ya or boy boy or girl any other kids kids are the suicide with teenage girls is lot have you ever read Jonathan hates books on that Jonathan hey who's been on my podcast Cal knows him thinking maybe count talk to him too I believe but he wrote a book called The coddling of the American mind and part of the book was about the influence of social media and what it's happening when done right is a couple years ago yeah maybe a year here's a pretty recent yeah she's have to be up to date to know he's a shit he's brilliant okay he's brilliant I really enjoyed talking to him it's it's one of those things where you go yeah this is nothing that were designed for it's not normal you know when girls talk shit about you across the you know like you see them across the Breezeway like you're walking your classroom they're over there and they're talking shit about you like fuck those bitches but if they sand it online and you read it on a Facebook page that her ankles are fat fucking loser

► 01:46:50

get that nose job lol and kids will do shit like that until we shut up a LOL yeah kids will do shit like that to each other but if you read it now all the Sudden Impact serial it becomes rigid hits you in a way that it doesn't hit you if you see them talk and shit if I see some dudes talking shit about me and they're over there I'm like you well you really took shit what are you doing what about feel good feel good insulting people fucking losers concentrate on your own life get your shit together that on lot like you ever go to the you know you've never read a comment like I've read comments before but I don't read them as it affects you the did it affect you it affected me when I first started being on the internet but over the course of my being on the internet I've learned how to not emotionally engage chalices well you just learned that is Count I know what people are like if I've done something that was poor and it wasn't good and someone said that sucked it burns but you know why Burns because they're right this is true there were because they're right yeah when that happens that's that's an opportunity to get better

► 01:47:50

that is that's an opportunity to look at yourself to reassess start from scratch just look at it with fresh renewed Vigor and understanding that the negative consequences of failing or doing poorly or you know just not putting up enough attention it's just really really pretty what do you mean like lately you're not I'm sure what's the last thing you did that you got negative but it doesn't matter I just that's how I looked at it yeah it's like but that's one of the reasons why because I'm always tweaking it like that and I'll have sets that are off and a lot of the times the sense that are off because I'm experimenting with shit I'm moving stuff around you know I'm doesn't matter but it does I don't like it I don't like it like that people go I don't know when I don't do well I'm not I'm not listening to what other people are saying I'm My Own Worst critic have to so if yeah yeah so the bottom line is if they're wrong like if someone says something and they're wrong it's like I don't care like it doesn't bother me if you say mean things in your wrong I don't care but if you're right I

► 01:48:50

air and the reason why cares because I haven't done a good job so I care more about what I've failed at then the person's opinions you can't be all investing in people's opinions of people you don't know because everyone's words look the same when they're typed out yeah but you don't get to see if there was like an intelligence quotient and emotional intelligence of social intelligence if you could find out how disturb somebody was by their text just looking at it you get a better understanding of whether or not you should listen to this person's opinion when you just look at text it could be it's very black and white yeah I mean it could be Cornell rest wrote that or it could be fucking Richard Spencer Road it's just words like it doesn't you don't convey who the person is from those words very difficult so see someone can say something insulting or shitty to you designed to try to get you they're just trying to hope to get you why I think it sucks why do you think it's so you get it I don't get to get it I guess they're helpless they're helpless so but so that's why there's so much

► 01:49:50

activity yes on social part of the reason we should be a positive atmosphere for some yeah but you're positive you have a fucking Ferrari live in a mansion it's easier handsome guy you 10 feet tall it's all good things got a giant thicker here got big dick energy it's all right all these things are possible worked for it didn't work for that dick was born with this thing yeah some say it's a you know it's work for some thinkers I'm sure it is Poor Boy you had to you had many good breaks some people have had none some people have had none and they also have a phone and they have a Twitter account and they're like fuck you yeah but fuck you and your for that's why you're stuck you in your Mansion fuck you and everything you stand for keep because they can't see a real path like if you're standing there but that's why they're looser because you because you're getting online you speaking out horses you're not happy with your lawyer there 17 like they don't get it but say they're not set a lot but there's a lot of that whether I 17 they used to be a loser at 17 now they're 27 and nothing's gotten much better because a lot of that and do you think going on Instagram and shitting on

► 01:50:50

who's successful is going to get you to where you want to go no unless you're really funny there are people than just do it come here there are some kind of juice you'll have a section where we read off the people roasting us we need it back and forth each some people are good some people who are some but most are awful there's there's people that have like formulated a comedy career from Duncan on folks online right yeah but that would be a millionaire Jenny Johnson high five like that kind of minority though yeah yeah but if you're a good writer here's the thing the world is not it's like good ideas and good writing and being funny it's not exclusive to professionals there's a lot of people out there who are really funny who never figure out a way to do happily Eyes On Ya look dude when I was a fucking Open Mic or when I was first starting out I work for a guy named Dave Dolan he's dead now he's a private investigator to this day one of the funniest fucking dudes I've ever met in my life he's called Dynamite dickless Dave Dolan he was an animal hold on hold on Dynamite

► 01:51:50

dickless day triple D he died a few years back but he's one of the rare people that I save his voicemails now you save people's voice mails iced after they're dead yeah I he's one of those guys I'm never fucking delete how do you pass away listen to this

► 01:52:08

I can't wait for this

► 01:52:13

dickless Dave him that's how Boston is that let's just it's hard to hear it because I can't put it on speaker please Dave here why does it not go on speaker

► 01:52:24

what did he pass away from cancer

► 01:52:35

it is so much longer he left me this long sweet email or a voicemail but I've never delete that he's yeah I love that guy forever but he when we were friends when he was alive I always said why don't you do comedy well how the fuck are you not a comedian he was one of the funniest human beings have had like Joey Diaz level funny he was so do it I didn't have the balls you like being a private investigator like busting people you gotta kick out of this game for him that works for him then and his brother is God cousin rather was Billy downs and Billy downzone the comedy connection oh well yeah absolutely had it in ya could he is the easier than for most people when I started working for him I had no idea that he was Billy Downs cousin I responded to an ad in a newspaper where a private investigator needed an assistant and I was like what a great what a great job like as you try to be a comedian be a private investigators assistant is going to be awesome but what he really needed was a driver he lost his license from driving while intoxicated

► 01:53:33

it is awesome he was the best but he quit he quit booze fucking cold turkey right then and there and didn't go to meetings and do any of that shit just quit gangster oh man he was a beautiful person but he was one of the funniest people I've ever met in my life that guy if he had Twitter and he would just want to dunk on people he would have been fucking you up man he would have read his shit and fall on the ground laughing he was just funny it's funny people are just funny funny is not exclusively recessional yeah I call you are you aren't you can cultivate it I know some comedians that weren't that good and they got way way way way better but I'm sure they were but being a comedian then also being funny in person that little bit of difference different yeah there's some people just as funny like Richard jeni who's autumn in my mind one of the best comedians of all time he was always real somber and person likes never I was never like serious who's depressed which is why killed himself just wasn't happy this wasn't the kind of a bug people in his own skin and there's comedians like that now even at this store so we are you meet him you like oh wow you're you're very

► 01:54:32

it's about Brody you know Brody means it wasn't that serious and bird with a rallies around me the few times when I was around him he was fun he would get dark could get dark I didn't know I'm bad I'm not gonna pretend I did we get robbed me he was always very cool yeah I mean I think guys like you and I one thing especially coming from Athletics coming from martial arts your you were more likely to like suck it up and you're more likely to not give in to the negative demons and you also more likely to exercise regularly you're more likely to so when you see someone who is struggling with something they shouldn't be struggling with you like but you're good prostrate hey you're good though it's free why are you bummed out your fucking you really good like if you are doing really good as a comic you know you'll call me up and you'll side profile fucking killed tonight was amazing I had such a great set of what that's great that's awesome Yep it's not bragging no no no it's happiness yeah happy to tell you because I know you really like to it so Brody who was a murderer you could never

► 01:55:32

say he was great you could never say like Brody fucking kill me he would he would like skirt around it like Rogan always supportive Rogen yeah they always got my back yeah Flex so it was with always deflect it he never I don't think he wanted to I don't think he wanted to accept the fact that people loved him like when you know when he had would have a great set would almost like it wouldn't Elevate him like some guys get off stage like Hinchcliffe hinchliffe a murderer who get off stage will be like whoo yeah yeah the cops or size would be giant oh high five everybody he's feeling it you know but Brody didn't get like that and I'm not saying CEOs the same in any regards to it what Brody was suffering with but you know Theo has his demons whatever he did very it's out there I'm not outting feels the same way where he'll do a set I'm like do that it's one of the best things I've ever seen man home but get the fuck stop get the fuck yeah none of them Tony it's so good dude it's a version of it meteos got his own version and it's not as Extreme as everyone has their

► 01:56:32

there's yeah but I like a guy like you were me we're very you're goal-oriented you see you trying to get better at things you see things that's how you got good at Jujitsu so you got good at fighting and so you get a good comedy everything you want to get good at you get good at by focusing on it and setting goals and trying to get better and better and when you do get better you celebrate you enjoy it it's fun it's exciting some people don't get that feeling man they don't they don't ever get those highs those highs just don't exist so it's and for me you know what what would gets mean more than anything now is new stuff what gets me more than anything is Creations like those little things you come up with those nuggets like if you knew Jeremiah walking show and walk Wagga I'll fuck how coming back oh dude I wrote down but with killed on my God oh my God are you recording right you're more like I can run with that goes there's something there yeah then I walk away unlike the highest high man it's amazing no show you what this change is hanging around you as much as I have is

► 01:57:32

um you're serious but you and I are more similar than like me or delay or me and Collin Collin delay are so silly all the time mmm Julia might be funnier off staging he's amazing onstage but he's so funny on stage Brian so funny on stage where they're constantly on like thinking around they mess around all the time and you're like you don't have to be that way I thought for the lungs I had to act that way because that's the way it because I hung up with Brian and Counting yeah and Billy is so much like this I don't want to do like I just want to chill and do my set and then talk about cars or whatever because I look at it be myself that's yeah I'm not them I don't want to have to be on and fuck around all its it I don't like fuck around all the time well delete you're the only one they avoid the real conversations they don't talk they yeah this is fake insult each other yeah this insult each other where I'm like all right well alright what else man like alive did Kalyn got boxing mitts made that have done face I make that stop someone put it

► 01:58:33

design that's amazing we did a great job hilarious though I thought he actually had missed made a I was like this is there talk to them but those guys are show that like that's that's who they are their count if the room of three or 30 yeah he's gonna entertain and he's the he's the you know the clown that's why I took him hunting that's not me man that's not that's not what I wanna do I wanna talk to you either it's like family yeah and then go on stage and be funny they look at them they're like it prank count throwing punches like a guy who's never been punched oh maybe that maybe those are real I think they put your right your rice pretty God you're right you're right brother it is no way Kitt what fake whatever I see Calhoun myth I fast forward I go to the next page I know he's so silly he's so silly getting the boxing at eight years old look at this he keeps telling me his shoulders are fine I'm like well why are you punching so slow then if your shoulders are fine what is

► 01:59:32

wrong with like you in a room with thick air he's obsessed with it like what are you fighting at high altitude why is the time Talent the altitude if there's no altitude at least your hands would move quicker that's real do you know that that that's with Ballistics with archery you shoot high and high altitude oh really yes because there's less drag to make sense there's less air

► 01:59:56

why is his hands moving so slow he's gonna be so sad weird he's been boxing with with private lessons for a while he goes Wayne thinks you know I could probably Fight Pro I went challenge stop I'll write down your pain that man money dude I love wait here's the problem I didn't you 50 something years old and you're paying that man money so if you went Cal and you look terrible you're gonna go well you're the one coaching me so of course I went let me ask some you play tennis right you can see how it you hit with a pro right because yeah I want you pay him right ago has he ever told you he thinks she can maybe compete has yeah that's what they do yeah cause they got to show progress in hype you up otherwise he's like dude you're awful never fight again you're not going to keep paying them

► 02:00:42

dude in a great though that's calendar this just people counter nutshell this is a great people that do that the coach you that blow smoke up your ass could be super careful those super careful 180 students had this guy who was he was a Judicial guy and he was fighting in the UFC and this coach is muy Thai coach was like he's Bangkok ready he's and I was like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa like as a striker I was like no he's not like what are you talking about like they blow smoke they get a fat one of these Tommy Chong joints like the record look at this joint that's a firecracker for an extra stuff this in your asshole now they blow that smoke because you're like this on the other end you start believing it man you start believing I'm gonna Bank Rock fuck those dudes up I always told that he should make a shirt says Bangkok ready I think he did did he make somebody made a shirt that said do you remember that story you remember that fastening so I was there I was in the locker room and he said he's Bangkok ready there's no

► 02:01:41

not a better term ever well it's not a better term ever especially when you know the guys not an elite Striker and you Lord Jesus Christ Bangkok ready hmm yeah I'd watch him kick the bag and I'd be like oh no you better take this guy down take this guy down and get you'll strangle on son this triangle so we should talk like Sage was in Bangkok ready Sage was not one champ ship ready Sage you know he's alpha male not right is he still there I believe so left alpha male recently did Lance Palmer relief I think lamp Slumber while ago Mark Henry who's the chick the badass since Cynthia called yeah she did she go I don't know she's a mean no I mean I don't know what they're doing over there so I can't really comment I don't either but I do know that when Bang Ludwig was there they make it some giant ass fucking progress everybody started moving better everybody started putting together combinations better it click you need a head coach

► 02:02:41

Fighters need a head coach and even then you might not win right now it's tough enough you need a hot you need a head coach you need it you need a beast he look if I was if I was competing really if I was a young man and I was thinking about finding an MMA I'd probably move to Montreal they're going to Montreal or I was talking to Dustin about this at ATT there's so many guys specially guys in the OSI they get there and they were in the you know the big swinging dicks at their small gym that come to ATT and they're expecting the same attention it's you know two problems with two problems in South Florida pussy and pussy and cocaine cookies I've never tried it may be that I've never done it there's a lot of pussy Manish Spanish Colombian that's a reason to go down there bro you dick is gonna be hard every time the wind blows you're going to be excited and you cannot going to be focusing and you going to get cracked yeah so maybe New Mexico huh I also want you all has hot ass girls the other thing about

► 02:03:41

this is I really believe about some camps can have too many killers and you can get fucked up as you're trying to learn and grow and you never have enough guys that are that you could practice on I think AK because they're so tough they've injured each other and I'm like I should fucked up I was wanted to learn how to wrestle and I wanted to be like a better wrestler from France and got no I moved it back to it I agree because DC's has was writing its TJ left yeah he's on his way out canes are you already beat him go there dude that's what I say that's what I say yeah just my friends well because his fucking striking the power yes it's like such a fucking Checkmate weapon and no matter what anybody does you're always ready for checkmate boom it's like Wilder that kind of ridiculous power you're always ready for checkmate you're always ready Wilders is even more impressive than Francis I don't know about that 30 let me tell you something that is amazing 13 that is make a cut Mark fi my motherfucking words if Francis and gonoro decides to jump ship and

► 02:04:41

heavy Way by careful where you going with this he will nuke some fools Nooks of louder oh well that's gonna take a long time to get to Wilders level he's now he's the world champion undefeated that they saying but if Francis think I look fantastic on who's not ready to box a while to right now but let me tell you something archon 32nd he might or he might connect know he could get this against Waters not the slickest guy in the world we're not talking about Muhammad Ali left level bog you are Francis Ford up sort of a year and a half in he was in the Olympics but he mostly gets by on Power and range but Olympics Olympics I drink metal but it's a beer and a half into boxing I mean I think Francis probably could 12 rounds Tyson Fury is he did no it looks no doubt about it he's amazing but a Francis has a problem with grappling you think about what he did was he not have a problem with striking he Kayo's Alistair Overeem in the UFC true true but Alistair Overeem is world-class Striker I mean he's a kickboxer at the highest level winds the K 1 Grand Prix I mean he's knocked out bother her

► 02:05:41

sorry he's beaten fucking Turkish Tyson for sure he's beating some good guys transponders a little older a little older and here's the other thing if Alistair Overeem entered the boxing ring without with Deontay Wilder he went last minute I agree with you yeah however maybe well if he keeps his legs no no we wouldn't I'm sorry shape our short but it was in more time for I mean it was an MMA fight so he's allowed to do everything and I'm just doing him in a box and talking about apples and oranges right but think about that if Deontay Wilder fought Alistair Overeem in an MMA fight right now how do you think that would go he finished a man under a minute he leg kick the shit out of Sam's right he waved need you to take him down Chuck around 3 seconds but he couldn't do that to Francis and Ghana couldn't leg kick him couldn't keep him off them because tried to got my mate but if I was I'll stir and and Francis went to the Box Arena they get absolutely annihilate I agree with you but the thing that's holding well unless they focus on a for as long as those guys did but the thing that holds back

► 02:06:41

ack Deontay Wilder from people like all the boxing pundits praising him is that they think he has awkward technique is wild but his results are spectacular okay Francis in gah knew everybody he connects on other than Steepy goes night-night steep as the only guy steep a CPA survived steep a figured out how to use his championship medal and his grit and you just take downs and and won the fight their clothes take some shots is just a terrible fight that was a that fight I don't even think that counts that doesn't care that fight is so that's such a mess from top to bottom that was the worst fight maybe in the history of the fucking sport I agree they didn't throw anything it was so but the problem with that fight is because there are such knockout artist you expecting such fireworks dude it was a big disappointment I said to everybody there is not a fucking way this fight can suck that I said we can never say that because it only sucks I know whenever you say there's not a way this fight can suck it's going to suck something

► 02:07:41

pointing man so disappoint it was but then when he comes back and he knocks out Curtis blades for the second time you know which I thought Glades had a way better shot at him II II II actually thought he was probably beat him especially after the Frets and Ghana fine yes but it showed that or the directors fight but it showed that in Ghana is really got it back together again and he's fight JDS hmm they moved it though it was supposed to be in Vegas they moved it it's dangerous fiber JDS they strive for both guys really but yeah and a DS I just think in Ghana has if you're going to stand in front of him man he's gonna hit you something yeah that's the thing he's one of those I'm going to hit you with something but he became I was like holy fuck yeah man anything is like blew out the so bad he really did think that's what happened when you look at the replay he clearly got hit with an uppercut like a shelter song like a car when I was so needs that guy all he needs is a touch you he just needs and the more he does it the

► 02:08:41

confident he gets in it the better he's only been fucking training for six years do people want to get in their head see him verse John so bad members John Jones yeah what'd you think would happen I think John would take advantage on smoke some John would take him down yeah and junkie listen John easily could be 240 pounds easily just go I think what he's doing is he's gonna clean out light heavyweight there's really no one their forms and clean that out and then go to heavy weight maybe or maybe he just stays at light heavyweight and just goes down as the coat and just keeps beating up all the contend oh yes way to be DC wants that fight again at light heavyweight my come on D does he do at least that heavyweight heavyweights the way to go out and he got a thing for DCC gets past eBay which is a big if you got a gift realize like he did you say Kandi see connected with that beautiful punch in the clinch but steep a has had over a year to Stew on that it's been driving him fuck I don't think that's a good thing I think it's good for today you guys an animal I'm not worried about that I think he's going to

► 02:09:41

better I think ring rust in issue I don't think so DC's been way more active but Steve pays a real veteran man he's a real veteran and he's a combo dues a hard-ass he's not going to come in there with a lot of expectations on himself he's just going to do his best I think I'm not worried at all about the assignment and tougher fight for DC will give Donald Cerrone was taken a year plus off and then we can to fight for the title block whoo I'd like Donald to get a fight in God I wish she would do that you and I are off on this I wish Donald would take a fucking break and not fight Tony and three days notice no I agree with that too I wish you would take a break not fight Tony in three weeks notice but three weeks after his last fight but when Donald fights a lot as long as the best on reason it's the best Donald that's what he wants yes he's just like to get in the groove he likes to stay active I think for Steep and be Champion do that though name someone who's done it go yeah name one guy well everyone's different I'm not I'm not going off

► 02:10:38

measurements there's no one ever that I've who's ever fought like the monkeys Champion who's fought the most the most like the most like active like Who's the champion most I think he's pretty active at light heavyweight and heavyweight pretty fucking a pretty fucking active and I think John is trying to be really active I mean think about whole divisions fucked yeah he's gonna clear out Santo and dip out and leave them like the fucking Queen of the dragons Okay George st. Pierre fought 15 title bouts wow he had 15 title block wow that's crazy realtor 15 how about randy couture but that doesn't mean that he's years later I think I've been 15 over seven years that's still all those years later Randy Coast tour is still tied for the record of the most title fights that's crazy Mighty Mouse right under that with 14 Anderson 13 the difference is with all those guys you know I mean it's all different eras different division think era means everything because I think what John's doing the

► 02:11:38

an air is more impressive on my Randy or George or any Anderson did who do you think is a danger Dan John right now there's no one I'd light heavyweight yeah no one absolutely no one Thiago Santos I know we got to Hype it up like a puncher's chance yeah for sure I get that there's no one at light heavyweight maybe maybe you know what Johnny Walker but he's so far removed right now he has to get by maybe three more guys before we start me like I might be a threat but he's maybe a potential hope his shoulders okay mmm if his shoulders okay what that guy does is crazy he starts his people he stalked starts Khalil Roundtree with an elbow in the clinch remember that yeah Standish has that crazy this kind of elbow one of them bad boys vicious Kayo's him with that and then chaos Misha Sarnoff with a flying knee right to the fucking chops freak he's a freak but he hasn't done it like John has to Shogun who to fuckin you know no comparison with cheetah but there's no comparison to anyone who's ever fought in the light heavyweight Division and John Jones right now

► 02:12:38

was no comparison no threats but except DC but DC lost the lost twice he's not a threat at light heavyweight DC I hope you boys is Rhett anyway I think he's a threat that's right now but have you ate yes have you ladies a threat his power goes up we've seen how it works out for DC would have DC got more dedicated and disciplined with his diet so what if DC fights against deep a and says so when is this steep a fight happen is it July July okay so what if DC says okay August September let's let's plan for New Year's Eve with Jon Jones that weekend and he takes a week off goes to fucking Mardi Gras or whatever the fuck he wants to do during some drinks and beer that has a New Orleans yeah have some pizza kicks back yeah for and then goes on a serious diet with a real good nutritionist who's gonna check his macros make sure he's eating healthy food and you think that's why it's not being done no but I'm saying where he could get down to 205 healthy where he doesn't have

► 02:13:38

look Daniel Cormier if there's anything is ever held in back he's not the best at his diet and but that's what makes TC great well he's one of the things that makes him great he's a wrestler is a fantastic rest of that makes him great it's time to shit that makes him great he's got interns is great incredible man that could be to knows how fat I don't know about all that that's some people say think about that thing about the most shredded guys in the UFC why don't mean he should get shredded what I mean is she he should make 205 with no problems where he could go to war for five rounds with a guy like John Jones without weakening him I don't know if that's possible you might be right I don't know if it's in his DNA especially at his age 40 years of age I think everyone has a way to go I think heavyweight his powers up and saw that with steep a I think if he and he's gonna connect what she has in the Clincher against John that powers their the the I still think he'll be an underdog but it that that Gap Narrows that heavy weight and light heavyweight it doesn't smudge it is age I think it's even further apart now that John's being more active well maybe he wants to do that to prove

► 02:14:38

point because he beats John problem heavy well yeah light heavyweight and heavyweight dude you're the champ John if he wants to have that like see fight that rubber match go the even though he's chewing up go there and let's see what happens if you had any belly now that I'm thinking about our kind of green with especially for DC it's like DC dude if you beat John at heavyweight and you ride off in the sunset yeah game set match best of all time to ever do it right like how about this Tito Ortiz right now owns Chuck Liddell right Chuck Liddell smashes him two times when they're in their Prime but then Tito knocked him out and Chuck look terrible Tito ko'd him it looked really bad and Chuck will never fight again and Tito will always sleep at night knowing he just fucked Chuck Liddell up doesn't just think about those other ones right you don't even think about it he got it back you got it back in a big way DC we got it back the way you wanted to correct lift him with a right hand put his lights out and then punch them a couple times when he's out and that's a wrap play for and for DC it's like he even after the John loss

► 02:15:38

you went on their fucking heavyweight knockout steeper who some can argue it's the best UFC heavyweight of time he went on to beat their closest so dangerous yeah and then you unless a Beastie pay for a second time what the fuck you know you know what I was really impressed with I was really impressed with the way Chuck handle that loss did you see the way Chuck talked about on Instagram he just basically said you know hey man you know you put yourself out there you go out there you set goals you know you try and if you fail it doesn't doesn't mean you quit you get back on your horse and yeah get right back to it I try not to be so judgmental let go of all the hate and all the bullshit I was very impressed me too and I like Chuck he's a good person I truck is if you if Tito's are of rather John Jones number one Chuck's number two so far as light heavyweights great light heavyweights he's he was a fucking man I mean when he defined the early days of the UFC one of the things about the UFC was like this crazy thing was like cage fighting and here's this guy with painted toenails in a mohawk and a head tattoo and he's just marking

► 02:16:38

Merkin people biggest like was like the first big big star now he's born to trade-offs and and ghost gone to entourage have commercials and Daniel fucking Automotive commercial Live Like a Rock Star too I mean that dude went hard where do you stand remember that one interview that he did with a murder he was on something he was an altar driving shot everything and he's like is doing morning TVs like yeah I'd like to fight the Hulk I wish it was real and that great it's I love that shit the fuck is everybody was clearly on cloud nine look he's an animal man like a legit well where do you stand on letting those whose responsibility is that guys like BJ Penn and keeps losing its Define his legacy now guy like Anderson Silva where do you stand on letting us guys fight it's a very good question but if you're Dana White would he do because at the end of the day only do two commission's can go I physically yeah man he passed the fucking physical so we got to let him fight but at the end of the day if they don't have a resource or a job from the head man if day

► 02:17:38

called BJ or Chuck just like you did Chuckles like I'm not giving you a venue to find that's not happening so I'm what I wonder at what point if your day now let's say you're dating at what point do you tell these guys stop fighting because I feel like for Anderson although I don't remember him that way the new generation is remembered for being this guy for BJ the new generation only knows him as losing we know him as one of the greats hmm so I feel like I might try out today the say you can't fight anymore I don't know BJ is capable of competing at the level that he's competing at right now when he's losing to these guys I don't know if he is because it doesn't seem like he's capable of it was lost what six in a row yeah and if I look at the BJ that I saw against Ryan Hall up until the time of his leg locked he looks fucking great but after that happen fast though bro no I know I am with you

► 02:18:28

I'm saying he looks like he's fit it looks like he's in shape he looks like he's a top fighter but he almost needs to fight a young guy coming up so we can see when he fights clay Guida or you fight someone like that it's almost losing yeah and then right Holly's losing I feel like I don't know he's not who he used to be know obviously you know not but I don't even know where his head's I feel like if I'm if I'm Dana I'm going hey man I'm doing you guys a Saudi can't fight her anymore and now they might go on to other organizations but it's not the UFC so they can go on there and compete but you're not going to tarnish your legacy at the highest level here in the UFC not under my watch no so I I couldn't do it like I'll never pick against BJ I would never pick against Randy Couture I just I don't have it in me so when BJ fights like I'll take the J cuz I refuse to pick against them that's how much I respect them but at some point I not going to do it and I don't obviously Dana can't either could you be like a dude no more we're done

► 02:19:27

don't have to be friends with him like I was friends with you yeah you know I mean when Yaya Rodriguez 360 roundhouse kicked him in the face that should have been the end I mean that what that was you saw that and compared to BJ when bjbj Sean Sherk like you looking at a this is a severely different fighter whose job is it stumped family and friends or with job you know here's the thing man we can't let the fighter decide well what is it I don't think he should be competing at the highest level to support but if he still wants to compete like who's to say you can't who's to say you can't go to a small organization and fight for them who's to say I mean he's not a choice is it just he's not gettin spark'd out you know I mean he's still conscious he's not yeah I know he's getting beat but he's not getting crushed nope and not all the fights at least I mean the Ryan Hall one is probably the most Brian Hoskins are anyone's me off the hell yeah oh yeah if you get if they give him anybody's gonna do that to your knee well he's a phenomenal Grappler and it's super super intelligent guy too but

► 02:20:28

that was probably the the kindest way for him to lose just get tapped real quick rather than just your black belt beat up like Frankie Edgar did to him yeah I know but I guess it may be again the commission they have a tough job because like physically we can't seem to his brain but physically he's passing all the tests like who like putting job is to tell Bernard Hopkins not take that last fight when you got knocked out the fucking ring whose job was to tell Roy Jones don't go to rush and get knocked out yeah I don't know worry that's so old it's a repeats itself over and over and over guys what they got that's what makes these stories show great when they're in their Prime and you're watching on the come up and so special but it's also what makes this sport so fucking heartbreaking because you know who does do that the NFL and the NBA they tell you know they tell you now that's it and it's very black but that's because someone else to fill that position and they're not about Nostalgia there about who does the best job in that position shouldn't the UFC be that way but it's not that the UFC doesn't know who does the best job in that position until they set you up with somebody when they

► 02:21:27

over and over and over again then we saw but again the arctic's but the argument is he's not getting crushed it's not gettin spark'd out not getting knocked out that this is not as good as you used to be no it's not a good argument but he's not he's not as good as you used to be and I'm not saying I'm not arguing Job answer is still at the UFC

► 02:21:46

why does that kind of passion he isn't found I don't know why the kids he's still a draw maybe yeah that's a good question because because right now I respect is it out of respect like what is it what he's done for the game he's earned the right to go out on his own note but but the the stakes are so high in fighting it's different than basketball I don't know whose job it is I don't have the answer and I wish I did I don't know it's it's the most heartbreaking thing in sports I think I agree and I think with BJ if he would have found and I don't know BJ well enough but a few would have found a passion like I did with stand-up or podcasting or something else yeah probably would have been out and never come back maybe but the thrill of Athletics be Jake's yeah I mean he's a multiple time world champion the thrill of BJ when he was in his prime is probably Indescribable like what brings Nate Diaz back even though his money in the bank what's gonna bring Connor back yeah it's not money yeah is it goes guys were born Fighters are natural-born Fighters is what they do and that's that's what makes him feel alive so I don't know yeah the excitement in the field of the fuck

► 02:22:45

and I mean and look we're all gonna die so when people say you should look out for their health well then we should stop fighting all together correct and not playing football yeah stop doing it right stop drinking and no more driving yeah driving is dangerous gonna walk everywhere if we just walk and people get in accidents walking then we find the bump into each other it's a big deal that would be cool yes I mean it's there's a real argument for that right like this is have a small window the experience this life do it again do you want but yeah with a guy like BJ Penn the reality is this should probably be a number of fights that you lose in the UFC where you just get cut used to be three was it a signed in paper thing no but man when you've lost to which I did that third one Joe Silva would tell your manager and he told my manager like me Lex McMahon goes you don't win this one you know it's probably over we're getting no he wouldn't say that he go with we're giving him one more and he knew that was like that was your shot if he lost your

► 02:23:46

poor even if you want by decision that when it cut you you knew if as long as you got the job done you would extend I saw one of your interviews really interesting you're talking about if you bomb you could always go down the Improv and have a new set redeem yourself yeah but when you're fighting if you lost you have like six months yeah purse it just dwell on that and be like no I promise you I'm getting better stand up and like not I promise I bombed become strong unto them problem they laugh so what's up what's up yeah the life of a fighter is probably the most stressful job and all sports and certainly in all of entertainment besides you know obviously when we're at War and soldiers it's closed thing and get this part yes and I do not I don't admire it I feel sorry for them because I've been through it but that's from my perspective a lot of those guys they fucking live off that man I watch it I feel like will you try guys I got yeah I'm too nice I felt horrible for Brazil I felt bad for a Wilder when he got really God he's such a good dude I wish you'd find something else to do yeah tell us

► 02:24:45

Showtime guys in with gotta parlay this into something really cool after this he can make hundreds of millions of dollars I think Dante 20 million dollars at night yeah he's gonna go down as one of the greatest of all time I think so I think he's getting better with every fight and I think of Joshua gets hit on the chin with one of those fucking bombs away we can see some crazy shit I think about wow there is he knows how to take it to he could take it you got blasted by Ortiz if you notice in the Brazil fight he got caught he banged up yep last against Fury yep he got it he got hit in the 12th round against furiously Joshua so interesting oh yeah because Joshua crack so he does he does and he's been hit before I dropped I didn't fuck a lot of your Klitschko yeah but that fight he got back off the ground and then just Arch them I just interview with Fox Sports Lee hey and she goes who's the most overrated mainstream boxer and I answered on it mmm I'm going to say Anthony Joshua just because I wanted to hear this and he's like I fucked up my fight Wilder now but people ran with his like oh he thinks Josh is overrated no I

► 02:25:45

I think Joe I think Joshua says Olympic gold medalist overrated now he's be cliche but he doesn't make sense is amazed I just want him and wild fight he's also built like a Greek god you know might be a six-man live in might be but he's tracked it like 245 just super shredded and I've heard him commentate yeah he's brilliant tickle attack and that accent it's lovely lovely champ if I was gay I'd be so let's go champ it'd be so on yeah um what is happening with my man Shannon the Cannons Bank of the Lex let's go champ isn't trying to get a fight for every still yeah he's always trying to get a fight yeah it was too old it's like too much of a risk he's just three man horse race you know he's in rescue Horsemen yeah if you're not those three no was he fighting but yeah and you would have sure Jim Gray be moving him up to Lon what's too old to hear Jim Gray after the fight what he said was the wild he goes and people were booing him because he goes I get a not I love it but I also get why people are booing he goes

► 02:26:45

he goes champ Wilder great performance guys I hate to tell you Brazil's behind me has no one wants to see do is to Brazil no one wants to fight Ortiz next that's supposed to what was supposed to be next one see if I'd Ortiz next it's either Joshua or fiery that's all we want to see when are we going to get was doin the crowd which is Brazil got starch and I come on he's in the ring but Jim Gray is no offense so they were booing Jim Gray we said that yes that but but I'm I'm like I've been shouting from the rooftops of my pockets in the exact same thing it's hard and I and I told Showtime this it's hard to sell these fights because no one cares unless it's the ones we want to see which is why what's makes the UFC so great you know you're gonna get one verse the gym you know you get the number two Guy versus The Champ the the best are fighting the best night in night out yes they got mad at Jim Gray for telling the truth yeah it's gonna get mad that's just that is what it is Jim Gray knows the fuck it's also in the truth it's the truth he knows the fuck he's doing look man

► 02:27:45

I'm all I want to see Luis Ortiz I want to see that fight you want to see what Louis Artisan Wilder again a hundred percent you rather do you think that should be next no I'm not saying that should be next I look if Joshua and Tyson Fury decide to find and Louis decides to fight Wilder I'm fine with that you want to see it again I'm fine I'm fine with that unless Ortiz is a beast and he's the I think it's not it's not the best fight but I would watch the shit out of that fight more than Dominic Brazil know for sure what I love to see that fight I would love to see that fight instead I think they offered it to her at ease but I think Ortiz had an injury they have heard Ortiz Joshua because Josh was at home because it's June right yeah they offered it to him and he said no he want here but this is this is boxing his man is goes we want more money that we want double Joshua's team went on short notice now we're giving you I think it was 5 million he went 1000 look Luis Ortiz is liege it bro liege it he's a fucking cubicle imp and Olympic boxer no idea how old he is but dude come on

► 02:28:45

how badass is goddamn Deontay Wilder I mean he's you know how the nice cool Ortiz's yes and he cracks somebody's house Paulie it's so fucking hard so does Ortiz is not the basis that he does not Ortiz's Achilles and killer but he is not a killer the way not a Wilder that's a totally different actual fury on a killer like water when it comes to one punch power dude why is it in the world Wilder is made out of wood that dude is iron when he fucking hits dudes he hits dudes in a different way it's like the getting clubbed boom it's amazing the first thing I asked him he did the podcast Mike how the fuck do you hit so hard like look he just knows he could he can absorb shots he's just smart enough to hang on there and just stand in front of you if you're standing in front of him he can uncork on you any he is fighting about 15 pounds this is a tough fight this all I'm saying is losing this fight dude look at this he's getting his body worked he's getting beat up wow you got Club there dude he's getting fucking hurt so this is

► 02:29:45

this is not an easy fight for him and I think the rematch will be even harder I really truly believe that I think whatever Ortiz has got left in his body he's gonna come at him and Deontay Wilder knows that this guy can fucking box the difference I think is was Wilder you're dealing with a guy who is getting better with every fight because he's literally learning on the job as one of the most successful heavyweight champions of all time because he's only been fighting since he was 20 he's getting better and better and better for Lou Salty's Luis Ortiz is like maintaining right now he's in your soul 49,000 years old years old from Cuba we have no idea 7,000 fights we only lost once it's a while he's been popped he's been popped for stuff about Joey Diaz it's fucking Fury or Joshua go fuck your mother and then he dropped him and he dropped him here I think Joshua wild listen bro if we don't I'm telling you I'm down to see this fight again I'm down to see this fight again Ortiz hurl he hurt louder man no I don't lose that fight yep he hurt Wilder does The Happy Seven who I fuck

► 02:30:45

I love that guy I love that guy I love is story I love how he is as a person he's fundraise person he's great and he's also it's interesting how small he is a heavy weight so thin when he fought Tyson Fury way 209 that's nuts man she won't 9 my favorite part is he such a beast of a dad to bring a little baby brings him in his wife everywhere yeah thanks the rest of kids everywhere like I was surprised how sweet he was like he's like a warm friendly guy you love him write his blessings to everybody blessing his best talent yeah like vibrates yeah this is the real deal now I get to be around I'm excited about the heavyweight division to because I feel the same way about Joshua Joshua seems like a like a champ of a person I've never talked to me seems awesome I like you all these interviews he like comes across his smile and his charismatic has invited pulled up and asked him yeah probably got one of Land Rover V8 yeah those Defenders just find the girls I'm saying that because I saw a video of him where there's a car show with a drove Anthony Joshua around he got a

► 02:31:45

drive around one of those Land Rover Defenders those boxy look like military vehicles are about to release a new one they're coming out of the new one yeah Land Rovers coming out with a new Defender oh wow yeah they have a new model that makes sense for such hits just like Ford's coming out with a Bronco yeah they're coming out with a Bronco and they're also going to have like a smaller Bronco you haven't liked it just took the baby Bronco a two-door and four-door wait till I do like this VT version of holding the Raptor vision of the Broncos shit to see it rather Raptor so your raptor is one of my all-time favorite trucks it is such a meathead move to get a goddamn Raptor especially a meathead like you got bales of hay back there son what do you use in that pickup for us is hero thing one of my unit for being awesome being awesome it also thing is awesome yeah the thing about those who lifted with fucking monster truck the Raptors are Preposterous cars because they give someone the ability to drive like a real off-road vehicle with 500 plus horsepower and just get it from a factory and has a crazy

► 02:32:45

suspension you could just drive over the fucking Moon whatever pension I mean it has crazy travel in those wheels so when you're driving on the highway to it's like Smooth because it is like an S-Class almost yeah absorbs everything but yet it's huge yet it's a monster of a vehicle on Sand you could accessory the fuck out of that bitch with some crazy bumpers and rear bumpers tail bumpers yep it sure can side pipes right I mean side steps and shit what does that Deontay Wilder gator skin oh no oh no no no I don't support this one more pictures yeah well first of all listen first of all that's a wrap okay that's not real Raskin it's a wrap what if it was real gator skin they would have to glue it to the car rolling it you can there's like divots on the little thing

► 02:33:46

it's a wrap yeah hush your mouth that's not algis I realized I have an alligator skin I hate alligator so if you know that so I like him I don't I don't talk about it too much but I'd like a hate for scared of them yeah yeah when I was a little kid I lived in Florida when I live in Gainesville from age 11 to 13 now and we live near a place called Lake Alice and Lake outside alligators and I knew there was a lady that was walking her out her locker Halligan walking her dog by the lake and the alligator came out and snatched her fucking dog from solid and I didn't see it I didn't see it but I remember that being a thing I remember seeing those goddamn things all the time and everybody telling me that you don't have to worry about it when I'm 11 my sister my sister's 10 and we'd be hanging out this Lake and I feel like what the fuck is to stop an alligator from eating us nothing and I realized and I remember looking them in the eye and I'm fascinated by them right there amazing so I always loved dinosaurs when I was a kid

► 02:34:45

that I was sorry it is a dinosaur and I was always in the nature I'm always in to look cool nature shows and documentaries so I'm looking at this thing thinking like oh we're just used to them being around like we shouldn't allow them to be around we're just used to them being around so we think it's cool that they're around but they will fucking eat you eat your dummy chance they get so I started buying I by alligator I always have algebra if any pain always at mall my belts are always alligator that's gangster to I have alligator bags for my pool cues I'm keeping an alligator alligator like uh I have an alligator wallet I can tell you did it dude I don't like them want to kill them oh wow I want to kill them if alligators if there's too many of them and they were near you you'd want to kill them too they're eating machines they're heartless eating dinosaurs they got a brain the size of a thumb I don't like them dude how about the one that Disney World the parents that their kids are the two years yes eight the fucking kid came they had no at Disney World they have a real problem in Florida they have to scan the fucking property looking for alligators

► 02:35:45

they have to go through it they have Waters there I took my daughter my youngest we went fishing there there's a there's a there's a lake that we go bass fishing it's amazing there's great the values in there fuck yeah there is you got to be careful man anytime you got a body of water and is Lord of land around Florida yeah no swimming in Florida that's my role no so feminine those Lake swimming know any row don't know swimming there's no water source of Florida that's the rule get out of the water no ice in Tampa you want to go the beach duck you felt you and your sharp watercraft sharks too dark you got shark soup down here bitch fuck that fuck you miss to die in Florida dude the craziest thing is happening right now in the Everglades is the pythons they said that there has been a 90 plus percent decrease in the amount of rabbits possums raccoons deer like all the major mammals that live in the Florida Everglades are gone they've all been killed by pythons they took a Judas pie

► 02:36:45

van you know the Judas python is they take a python they put a chip in it so they can track it so they have this male Python and they sent him out there to find the females and they used him to locate through the you know using the GPS to locate a 16 foot python 16-foot female python that was pregnant game set match yeah so he's banging these bitches out there making them pregnant these whores and watch and these evil fucking skanks look at that thing that is that it snake hole makes boyfriend why wouldn't you do it they have to kill it but why it has also know they're they're invasive they're not supposed to be there it had seventy three eggs to me was more than 17 feet long imagine stumbling across that thing oh you're dead you're dead that thing weighs as much as you do you're dead holy fuck yeah that's probably a 200 pound snake oh my God is that it little bitch-ass hunting 1440 getting away from this like in my face if I got a knife so his name in the live I get a piece so hard God P let's wrap this up right um people want to see your special they can watch it

► 02:37:45

Showtime I'm watchin yeah you know yeah you can watch it for free go to show time.com get 30 days of Showtime for free go to show time.com promo code shop and watch it for free yay and you better do some more of those improv shows I got a bunch coming out tell me why I'm here come on let's do it or let me do it by those almost a thank you to you though brother I wouldn't have even been on this journey for in the for you man dude I'm proud of you I love you I love you too brother I'm very very happy for you man all right my friends bye see you thank you friends for tuning in to the show thank you two Heinekens 0 0 all the good taste without all that drunken stupor you could just enjoy the delicious Taste of Heineken that tastes like Hanukkah but as zero alcohol all of Heineken zero zeros Great Taste comes with just 69 calories pick yourself up a six-pack next to Heineken original at your favorite local store today thank you also to DDP why my friend Diamond Dallas Page has

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