#1119 - Howard Bloom

May 21, 2018

Howard Bloom is an author and he was also a publicist in the 1970s and 1980s for singers and bands such as Prince, Billy Joel, and Styx. His latest book "How I Accidentally Started The Sixties" is available now on Amazon -- https://www.amazon.com/How-I-Accidentally-Started-Sixties/dp/1945572914/ref=la_B001KIRZ9U_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1526939581&sr=1-6

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the offer of the Lucifer principle the author of how I accidentally started the 60s and just a brilliant brilliant guy I have been a fan of his for a long time and it was cool to get a chance to sit down and talk to him and did not disappoint the guys just he's a waterfall of information please give it up for the Great and Powerful mr. Howard bloom

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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just a light up with your wizard over there so we've been like right next to each other on Celluloid what time are we in that was the culture hi-bred Harvey and it's you me Richard Branson and Snoop Dogg yeah so you were just saying right before we do the podcast you were in bed for 15 years I was in I got sick in 1988 I wasn't able to make it out of that bed until 2003 but y'all I was absolutely certain I would never make it out of that bed what does what did you have its called these days this month it's called m e c f s up until now was just known as chronic fatigue syndrome CFS but it's real serious if you get a bad case of it so I was too weak to talk for 5 years too weak to talk you didn't talk at all

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not a bit I didn't have the strength to pop out even a syllable and I was too weak to have another person in the room with me for 5 years I have a person in the room my stress levels are off the charts and the slightest thing would just a crack my wife try to keep me company so it we have this big king size bed and she would lay in bed reading a newspaper and the sound of the page-turning went through me like a cannonball and she it just tore me to pieces and she had to build a separate room in the front of the house and live there because I couldn't tolerate anything did you think it was over yeah I thought first of all you don't know you have a sense of humanity and you don't know it and something like this that wipes out your entire future every dream you ever had for yourself

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robs you of your sense of humanity and you don't know we there is a sense of humanity until it disappears so it took me 3 years I had to rebuild a personality from just about scratch because of the one area I could handle at least most of the time was the internet you know the internet hit the music industry in 1983 and I have been lusting after it for years cuz only academics had access to this real high-tech thing and I had it took me 3 years to realize that every day I was trying to go up to my front room office and work and that sitting was draining me of my energy and since I only had a tiny amount of energy if I lay there horizontal in the bed

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my voice would eventually come back so I had an assistant take two computers cuz in those days two computers was about half the size the processing power was half the size of your cell phone and I had him hook up two computers and a Chinese box Don't Let The Chain anybody tell you to try that Chinese don't invent things they do and this was a box that allow me to control both computers from one Monitor and one keyboard so we have the keyboard up on phone bolsters so that I could see it when I was laying perfectly horizontal in bed so I could still see the keys and I rebuilt personality online cuz I couldn't get any further than to the bathroom and back that was it built a personality well everything I had and expected I mean I was going to write my first book and I was going to I'm a nerd from science I got into science at the age of 10 I got into theoretical physics of microbiology I felt built my first Boolean algebra machine when I was 12

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my code is on the computer the one science fair Awards when I was 12 I was taken to see the head of the graduate physics department at the University of Buffalo and disappeared into his office for an hour my mother wondered what in the world that happen to me cuz it was supposed to be a five minute courtesy call we were discussing Big Bang versus steady state theory of the universe for an hour and when I was 16 I work at the world's largest cancer research lab and I came up with the theory of the beginning middle and end of the universe the big Bagel Theory or the blooms Royal model that predicted 38 years in advance dark energy and then I ended up getting the rock and roll business with this background so when

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I imagine I was going to write my first book I was going to leave the rock and roll business behind cuz my field Expedition and rock and roll I'd learned I thought as much as I was ever going to learn from it and I work at Michael Jackson Prince Bob Marley Bette Midler ACDC Aerosmith twist pissed Queen Billy Joel Billy Idol Paul Simon Peter Gabriel David Byrne people like that nobody nobody has no idea of what they sow in the different names with chronic fatigue syndrome and he's already said that he has my lightest to make understand it in to the point where they could chest for it do they give you a blood till they don't know what causes that there is no like a friend approach me at one point and said the Duchess of Kent has what you have can you write her a letter about how to manage it so instead of a letter I wrote 14 or 16 Pages or something like that that's so when people have

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this I send them this pamphlet explains how I got out of it but work for me is not necessarily going to work for you or anybody else was it a gradual slipping away of your energy or was it a casual it happened on March 10th of 1988 so March 9th you're fine March 10th March and March 10th I'm fine I fly down to I think it was Richmond or something like that to go out 5 to be taken by Jeep 5 hours into the countryside to meet with Linda Womack that's Sam Cooke's daughter and her husband Cecil Womack who is wrote The Rolling Stones first hit he and his brother and they have this big aircraft Hangar sized Farm building it's going to be there home the right now they just had it built it's empty it doesn't have heating yet and it's March 10th it's still the end of winter and so we going past the sheep and into this building and there's no furniture in

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Aaron I sit there and interview them for 5 hours and find out that there's something called a black coal mine and culture and the gospel came out of those black coal mines I had no idea that blacks ever got involved in Coal Mine much less that that's how gospel culture begin and I they drove 5 hours back to the airport again I sat there on the plane with my little TRS 100 the very first laptop computer looks little Gizmo that ran off of double a batteries and and then I forgot my my laptop on the plane I don't do things like that somebody was a little off the next day I thought I had a cold my technique for handling I called worth your fucking ass off a minimum what you want a half miles and do your work so I worked power to my way through it by Tuesday

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I was so weak that my staff had a pick-me-up under the armpits and drag me off to the elevator and throw me in the back of a car service car and ship me out to park to my Brownstone in Brooklyn. I don't know how I even got up the stairs and it was all downhill basically from there 15 15 freaking years right but so but I still had I had gotten halfway through writing my first book my plan was okay I'll do what I've done with all my rock and roll bands when my book is ready to come out I'll go do every morning television show with every radio show every newspaper in the country I'll stay at Hyatt houses were the sheets are Sonny and yellow and where they make the bed for you you don't have to make it yourself and I'll feed you food and stuff like that and I'll promote my book that was my vision of my next step in life my future well if you can't leave your bedroom that's all gone

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that's all gone and you have to and I had to walk into my office one day and say I have no idea what's happening to me I could be dying I have to be out of here in 2 weeks and I gave the whole thing to my staff biggest PR firm in the music industry he just gave it to them and the next day I got a call from West Coast competitor offering you a lot of money and I had to say no I'm sorry I gave it myself yesterday so and and and I wish I had to reinvent myself with what little I had the books were still in value my science was still in value and I had to create a new me online

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WC create a new you online and see you say create a new personality what do you what exactly do you mean by that like well I couldn't walk anymore anymore it was your body that way my body but you have no idea of just how much of your personality is your body and your vocal cords and stuff like that that you take for granted her instruments of some internal you I had to invent an existence let's put it that way online and how'd you do that when I got online God I can't even remember what came first but at some point because I was fact-checking my first book but how to do this all laying there in bed I got hold of Napoleon Shawn Joel who is the the Anthropologist to Chronicle The Fierce People the Yanomami and South America people who are really I mean the more people you kill them or wife

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it's a simple as that and Yanomami culture and I wanted him to read my book my first book The Lucifer principle of scientific Expedition into the forces of history and he said walk people are out to destroy my career right now I can't get involved with anything controversial but I'm King member of the human behavior and evolution society and you should be a member while he introduced me to a social group in which I could interact as long as I can continue to type so this is a message board or it was all done via email so just a group of people that you can interact with but yeah and I've been working on my writing since I was 16 years old science is my base but I got the book I got at the age of 12 by Albert Einstein you know sometimes it will grab you by the lapels were feels like the author's writing this directly into your face and Einstein said to be a genius is not enough to come over to come up with the theory only seven men in the world to Penn understand to be a genius you would have to be able

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come up with that theory and then express it so clearly than anyone with a high school education on a reasonable degree of intelligence and understand it so Albert Einstein my hero said schmock listen up you want to be on original scientific thinker you have to be the best right or you can possibly be so I've been working on my writing since I was 16 years old I was late. Took me 4 years to get around to doing it after I gave you the orders and one when I was put on the human behavior and evolutionary Society Group Well I can write my fucking ass off so people were impressed and they gathered around me fortunately now admittedly it's all on a computer screen and it's all via keyboard and there are no living humans in the room any place but it's save my life to be able to do that and then I found it to International scientific groups of my own and I wrote three books because those were things I could do

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do with that keyboard as long as I have the strength to do the keyboarding and I didn't always have the strength to even lift my hands and do that but I did most of the time doctors giving you a purse don't know a damn thing about this eventually my first wife why lost because of this I thought I lost a 34 year marriage because of the illness she persuaded CFS doctor a doctor who specializes in chronic fatigue syndrome to come out to my house when he was going to a party in Brooklyn and see me and the most useful thing that he did was hand me a piece of paper with an email address on it and he said this is another one of my patients she's in Texas I want you to get in touch with her and the two of us went out like Hansel and Gretel holding hands going into the forest looking for treatment modalities work looking for treatments that might possibly save us for amaryllis so when I tell people to stuff I taken they say okay for can I get this room and I send

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to my doctor my old CFS doctor he says oh I don't give those treatments well he gave them to me but he gave them to me because those were the things that felt like they might work and he allowed me to try them and I ended up with a every morning I give myself a shot with 3 different things in it have to CC of magnesium 1 cc of oxytocin and about to cc's of Santa cobalamin which is a liquid vitamin B12 so B12 magnesium and oxytocin oxytocin the bonding hormone oxytocin the stuff that creates trust in Euro economics experiments oxytocin with if you're a mother and you just giving birth to a baby when you put that baby to your left nipple for the very first time you feel in some cases like you've just taking LSD because this chemical goes coursing through your body and it's a trip and it makes you trust everybody in the room and everybody walks into the room it's on

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pitocin and oxytocin I been on oxytocin now for 20 years and oxytocin it turns out also does something else there is this little experiment called parabiosis take an old rat is brain is aging it's hard as aging his kidneys are raging you hook up the circulatory system to the circulatory system of a young rat and guess what starts happening to the old wrap his brain starts reversing getting getting younger his heart starts getting over his kidneys start to get younger so I'm about to be 75 years old in a month

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and I do between 400 and 700 pushups in the morning first thing that's crazy yeah that's a lot really crazy but when they try to figure out what is reversing the Aging in the muscles of the Rat the part of the Rat the brain of the Rat the one ingredient they were able to isolate and then use on other rats to get them to get younger instead of older with oxytocin so in all probability the reason I can do between 400 and 700 pushups in the morning at the age of 74 and when I was 19 the most I could do was 92 and I was working really hard at it is the oxytocin

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she never heard of it to be taking that as a supplement well it showed up there was a doctor name something like Seastrunk in Texas who was using it on CFS patients and my friend the Texas patient that my doctor found Seastrunk and got his protocol out of him in other words exactly what he used to treat the problem and we gave it to my doctor and he sat on it for 6 months until he can retire jatate it is all right idea and then and then he prescribed it for me and it's done wonders that and a bunch of other stuff have done absolutely wonderful I think you look better without that I mean I was on my way to Moscow once I finally got out of bed I was going to address an International Conference of quantum physicists about why everything they know about quantum physics is wrong and I was fine or I mean this is my first traveling since I gotten out of bed and it was taking a huge chance cuz it was a huge chance of throwing me back in the bed again and I flew all the way to Germany and was doing

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just fine I was exhilarated that I was doing so well and then halfway between Germany and Moscow the CFS symptoms began to come back and that was scary and then I review what I was doing and I realize I've missed all my afternoon pills and I and Anna soon as I was able well we had to find a bed in the infirmary which is scary at the Moscow airport because there are people walking around with machine guns and military uniforms and they want to take my passport away in order to allow me to lay in a bed in the infirmary and so I could be disappeared at any second but when we finally got to our hotel and opened up my drug roll I took the gabapentin and within 15 minutes the symptoms were gone

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wow so did you have you ever tried to isolate individual ones that remove some of them from the protocol to see if the guy wants removed one amitriptyline it's an antidepressant that's what I was originally designed for and I figured I don't need this anymore I'm perfectly healthy it was a big mistake I started having these blinding stomach aches when they went out for a little I mean for months and months and months until I finally got fed up and started researching on Google what do you do about stomach aches well guess what one of the primary things you do to stop stomach aches it's amitriptyline the very thing I had gone off of so I had to go back on it so it's a whole network a mesh of supplements drugs and lifestyle I don't sleep the way normal people sleep I sleep from 4 in the morning until 8 in the morning I get up I listen to magazines on the Kindle while I'm taking my bath and shaving and all that stuff I need

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with my assistant I give her her marching orders for the day I go back to sleep at 11 and I sleep until 3 and then I get up for my second work day and that's what I do on my writing and all that kind of stuff to you do you sleep in 4-Hour chunks wife for our trucks because it's better for you my body was refusing to do The 8 Hour thing so one of the first symptoms of CFS is insomnia okay now Joe if your body is refusing to sleep for 8 hours straight listen to your body give it what the hell it wants and so these are the hours of my body demanded and they I had been working off until 8 in the morning from roughly 11 at night or something like that and losing track of time and it was very disorienting and once I started this two periods of sleep a day my day stabilized and there's other stuff I mean listening to Pandora you would think what does that have to do with your illness while I work

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could a cafe that's a vital part of things cuz I'm surrounded by people and I slowly build community in this Cafe other workaholic writers like me a neuroscientist novel novelist and all kinds of people who just sit there and slave away all day and I'm listening to Pandora that gives me a sense of life for some reason it says it says positive is an Elixir would be and it gives me a sense of control over my environment and I don't hear the conversations going on around me so I can really focus on my work I've written for books this way so far and cafes all of this stuff walking 5 miles a day into bursts I'm in there I am going through a meadow in the middle of a park at night how many New Yorkers do you know who go out and walk through a park in the middle of the night bras yeah right that's what you think but I have the time of my life looking up at the stars out in the middle of the meadow and being were not supposed to be supposed to

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go to the park at night while they let you I have been thrown up 6 times by the police because I'm over I've overstepped their boundaries I've been out there after 1 and they do close the place at 1 and throw us all out but now with the New York Lord unless you're walking a really big dog you do not go out into parks at night and put the put this whole lifestyle together and it's not just any individual ingredient that's making me better I'm happier than I was when I was 19 I'm stronger than I've walked a lot more slowly than when I was 19 but in terms of push-ups and other exercises I'm stronger than I was when I was 19 years old that's crazy and it's only apart I mean right now I'm Co designing so he write it hurry I'm the guy who worked with Michael Jackson Prince Bob Marley and all of those people and I'm covered in signing a multiplanetary mission a Kel-Tec right now

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in California to do a bookstore reading my first one on the west coast for how I accidentally started the 60s my current book but then I have three presentations at the annual meeting of the National Space society and I'm On The Board of Governors of the National Space society and I got some important things to do there and then they let me sit on the board meetings I'm used to be on both the board and the Board of Governors and there are some important things I need help this group accomplished and then I go back to New York and get hopefully if I'm lucky and my planes are on time I get to New York in time to get some sleep and to get up and do an interview with a British filmmaker who's making a film about Prince and meantime there's a film being made about my life call Surf the catastrophe it's a 60 to 90 minutes filmed and they finally getting after a year of shooting they're getting down to the editing and it's F3 time Grammy winner who is my director and

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one of the camera man who's been with us through this whole thing a couple of Sundays ago my director got his first or his third Grammy or a me and my for my camera man got his second Emmy so there's all kinds of wild stuff I have 15 projects going on at once and I'll have that yeah I was going to say that it seems like you get very energized me talking about the amount of different things you're doing all at once yeah it's a sad part is you juice because for whatever reason if I refuse to go into any Niche I refuse to go into one specialization and see the balls close and I mean get buried there and my goal since I was 16 years old and working at the world's largest cancer research facility has been not to be a mole digging a hole so deep you can't see anything but to be the eagle flying over the landscape and taking each of those small holes as pic pixels and a big picture so I do all the science

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turn auto. Yes autodidact bright well I read two books a day from the time I was 10 and by the time I got to college remember I'm there with the at the age of 12 with the head of the graduate physics department not just the physics department The Graduate physics department at were talking as equals which is really weird so so by the time I got to college I ended up with for fellowships in Neuroscience I realized that for me graduate school be the Auschwitz of the mind I felt I was in a box car on my way to the end of everything I wanted to understand in life why is that well because since I was 12 or 13 years old I wanted to take all the Panorama the full pallet of the sciences and I wanted to use them among other things to understand x-static experiences I wanted to understand how Hitler put together this

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performance Torchlight parades were 15 guys walking down the streets of rest of each other caring torches at 10 at night and people only going to Rivera live at Linden the big Boulevard are packed so tight that if you pull up your feet you wouldn't topple over because the crowd would hold you up they were crowded in out of the side of you supporting you and people have a sense of being a Lyft at of themselves having a Transcendent experience and becoming part of three things I invoke One Tribe

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I'm right one state I'm for one but it gave them we all need a sense of being a part of something bigger than ourselves I wanted to know how that sense of ecstatic dissolution into something bigger than yourself happens do you think that would in Hitler's case that this was an accident. I think this was yes he did was absolutely and he was preaching to people to bring them to a state of extacy how to how do you know all this how did he know what yet

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knows how to achieve things that he may never seen a tree before in his life it's intuition we're all built with certain supernormal responses inside of us certain gushes of emotion you can hit if you hit just the right stimulus and he hired Albert Speer to be as art director so Albert Speer what are direct these massive events like the best but it was Hitler who would go into a state of ecstatic preaching is it premiering in tongues but preaching in one tongue German and who could bring that audience to that ecstatic level he went to disturb you to study someone is fucked up as Hitler though and look for the genius and his approach especially as a chew yeah you bet your ass horse but I figure if Hitler could use this for evil

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the big trick is to understand it and use it for good and in fact that turns out that are rock concert has these ecstatic elements in it and you know you hear about audiences getting off that's what the people on stage were constantly trying to achieve that's an ecstatic state is this what was fastening to you about rock in the first place because remember if I go on to grad school I would have been giving paper and pencil test to 22 college students in exchange for one psychology credit and how much was I going to learn about Mass ecstasies the forces of history in that college class not say you had this for Sight because for many people the idea of going to grad school and becoming a professor like that was the that was the golden pot of the end of the rainbow that everybody knew I was going to be college professor from the time I was 10 years old but the closer I got to it the more I realize that this is like being put in a sardine can and having the can weld it over you

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it's it's a big mistake and and I I started a commercial art studio with a bunch of artist that I can work with that one day I was in class I was I was very serious about poetry poetry set a lot of the tones of it taught me how to lead a life mean the Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock says block listen up the way that Einstein except he doesn't mean he's an anti-semite so he's not going to say she want t s Eliot but he said listen up if you don't start doing this the heroic stuff that you feel will Davante to find you and bring young women crawling to your ankles and kissing your knees if you don't if you have that in you that vision of what you want to be and you don't start it now today this hour you will put it off and put it off and put it off and when you hit the age of 50 fuel suddenly realize you don't have the life force you don't have the life energy to do that anymore

► 00:32:23

your whole life will have been a failure so if you have something heroic to do start it now so I was in a poetry class cuz poetry had had a huge influence on my life and one day the poetry teacher the Poland residents in her why you said when everybody leaves the classroom

► 00:32:44

close the door I need to talk to you well that doesn't sound good and he said okay you sent me in the bowling Out Chair and he said look you last year I asked you to be on the staff of the literary magazine you never even showed up this year I'm telling you you are at the literary magazine the minute you walk out that door you're if you don't even have a faculty advisor not get out the door

► 00:33:07

so I turned it into a sprayer Metal Graphics and literary magazine so I knew a bunch of artists and one of them was being thrown out of his apartment and it was the beginning of the summer his electricity was about to be cut off his phone was about to be cut off Anna's Furniture already being repossessed he and his wife and child were sitting on a beer mug floor crying when I walked in and I said look you're a bloody genius give me your portfolio I'll take it out for two weeks I'll get you work that'll get the allow you to pay your rent and then I can move on and get a proper summer job well it didn't turn out to be that easy by the end of the summer

► 00:33:48

I hadn't gotten a single job I got New York Magazine interested in doing a feature on my art studio but I hadn't gotten the artist in the other artists in the studio a single job and I'm an obsessive compulsive so I called Columbia where I supposed to go to grad school and said you know I have a back problem I won't be showing up this year Joe the truth at any price including the price of your life as one of my religious principles it's the first rule of science the second rule of science is look at things right under your nose as if you've never seen them before then proceed from there the truth at any price including the price of your life for example about my book to Muhammad code how does a profit brought you Isis Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram or how much am I didn't read in Jihad so when people realize I was writing this I said you can't write that you'll get killed

► 00:34:36

who the fuck here's the first rule of science is the truth at any price including the price of your life and if you tell me I can't write it cuz it's going to get me killed I know that it's doubly important for me to write this because nobody else is going to have the guts to

► 00:34:50

it's all about that it falls on me so screw that you seem to be approaching all these different things whether it is sitting in the cafe listening to music being surrounded by people poetry the ecstatic state that you are studying when it comes to Hitler or rocks rock music seem to be looking at this is almost like a form of not necessarily Uncharted energy but undocumented has almost as if it's like there's a there's fuel out there that you are your tapping into and utilizing that you know that everybody's kind of aware of but I don't think they're thinking about it the same way that you are what I'm looking at this in the context of everything from the Big Bang to what's going on our brains while we're having this conversation in the future you and I are fashioning through our actions and this point I'm looking at this in terms of very very

► 00:35:50

a very big picture and and I get Disturbed when it looks like I'm going to get tight like I've spent so much time on sun space in the last few years that I'm afraid people are going to type me and I refuse to be tight as the space guy cuz I need to have access to every feel that I can possibly understand because I'm in the process of putting together a big picture when you say you worried about being I mean after all you've accomplished how could you be typed all it's really easy but by who but I'm not partly by myself but also by others interesting by yourself yeah you worried about yourself I yes I absolutely in order to be happy I need to be in a dozen filled simultaneously that's fast many much less intense about it but I share a similar desire to be fascinated by many different things the same time and you got to see where they all fit together that trick and and the real and the tool for this for me

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when I was 12 years old my parents I've never paid attention to school I read two books a day that's it so I read a book on the under the desk teacher who cared about the teacher and my parents are going to send me off to a small private school but they made me promise to to work in school I'd never worked in school before and I forget where I was going with the story but there is one experience I had in this little high school it's really relevant and that is okay by the time I'm 16 years old I'm going after the exact experience for four years in scientific terms when I'm 14 and hear about a book called The varieties of religious experience by William James I spent 4 months looking for a copy of the book cuz there is no Amazon yet if I knew books in Buffalo isn't that easy and then I'm 16 and I've been elected the head of the program committee and my school the program committee this every day starts for the entire student body with a 45-minute morning session

► 00:37:50

and I am see those sessions and I program two of them so the Juniors come to me and they say could we're having a dance could you please advertise our dance for us and they don't understand the irony of what they just asked if there's a dance anywhere in Buffalo New York people want me to park my feet elsewhere preferably in Cleveland or Houston Texans and so this is really weird request so I put a piece of music on the turntable behind the stage when I get up on the stage and I'm incompetent I Can't Dance I mean I could spend a year in dance class my parents were trying to make me normal didn't work and but I dance and it's not like any dance you've ever seen before in your life and I see the girl that hates me most I see her pupil start to dilate and then I see all of the people's 350 sets of pupil 700 eyeballs dilating and then I see their faces melting and then it feels as if their energy coal

► 00:38:50

this is like a big amoeba and reaches out a pseudopod and a pseudopod send cell through me and the energy goes up through me as if I were an empty pipe reaches something just above my head and is transmogrified utterly transform and goes back down to the audience again in a continuous feedback loop

► 00:39:10

and I have an out-of-body experience I'm convinced that I'm on the ceiling watching all of this happen that I'm not under under any control from me I'm in control of this energy and finally when it's all over remember these kids do not like me in the school not at all and and they do something as if they have practiced it all their lives and I know for a fact they have never done it before they surged down to the foot of the stage they pick me up on their shoulders they carry me out of the auditorium they care me up the walkway to the building above where we have our classes and then they put me down they never did it before they never did it after work now for football stars not for anything that's a scene in the movie well I mean it might be what is that for me and after while I've been there after the ecstatic experience by then at that that the car was the forces of history for 4 years of my bloody life what did you think you tapped into that you did you think you would somehow another Manifesto

► 00:40:10

no I I knew I tacked into a part of me that's in there I mean when my parents tried to drag me off like I I have we're going back in time let's go back to when I was about to be 13 years old okay and and I realized sometime when I was 12 and a half years old that I was an atheist I didn't believe in God 12 and a half I have a six and a half years of reading to looks so you know you can sometimes Park something just out of Consciousness in a closet of your mind and keep it there so I kept it there cuz I didn't want to miss out on the presents for my bar mitzvah and plus it was the only party I was ever going to be invited to my own bar mitzvah party right who could resist that so it wasn't until after the bar mitz who is over and all of the thank you notes have been written hell I was able to to admit that I'm an atheist so that means that

► 00:41:10

my bar mitzvahs in June by the time I'm finished with all the thank you notes it's August well what's just around the corner September and in the Jewish calendar this High holidays so my parents try to drag me off the high holidays and they get me as far as the street that the synagogue is on and then I refuse to go any further so I'm hanging on to these sturdily American Craftsman built doors of the Fraser blue car by dad drives and my parents are at my ankles trying scratching my socks trying to pull up toward the synagogue and I have a sudden realization Galileo had his insights by taking these newfangled devices call lenses putting them in a tube and pointing the tube which was designed to be used for horizontal viewing so you could see an army coming over the Verizon towards you long before they can see you

► 00:42:06

he takes this tube and he turns it in a totally unexpected Direction up

► 00:42:12

and another guy Anton van leeuwen hoek who uses the same high-tech devices lenses because he suck Draper he sells fabric so he uses his magnifying glass to see how tight the weave fabric and his raid Innovation is to take these lenses and turn them down and look at pond water and look at his own sperm and I suddenly have this realization while my parents are shredding my socks and trying to drag me up to the synagogue

► 00:42:41

there are no gods in the heavens there are no Gods beneath the Earth

► 00:42:45

so where are the gods right now in this scene they're in my parents and they are talking with astonishing Force at my parents and my socks and if there if the gods are in my parents then the gods are in me to sew my task in life is going to be to take that lens that Galileo turned up and it turned down and turn it within

► 00:43:07

Define the gods inside of us meeting finding those exotic experiences and that Dance Experience was the most Primal of these ecstatic you can call them spiritual experiences but for me it's sexual secual secular sorry spirituality I got sex on the brain

► 00:43:32

that was that was the closest I was going to get to what Hitler had some and forth those speeches that Hitler gave I don't understand German but they're the intensity that he was giving me speeches out I've seen this before with radical Islam speakers or with you I'm in different religious leaders there's something about what they're doing that is it's almost contagious like you you you see whatever they did the energy that they're putting out it's so compelling it's visit it's a bizarre thing that human beings have this this compulsion to pay attention to people that have achieved this extreme level performance well because they seem locked into a truth that truth speaks at cell through every muscle of the body is the preacher on stage

► 00:44:32

having a kind of out of body experience of one kind or another because something deeper inside of you takes you over and performs through you it's not you but of course it is you so if you were going to come to me and when I was in the rock and roll business and you wanted to be my client I would give you a lecture I would say

► 00:44:51

you have to understand something if you were coming to me to fashion and image to Brand you and to make you a superstar I'll get you an appointment immediately within the hour with my best competitor but if you were to work with me you have to understand that music is not an exchange of pieces of plastic it is not an exchange of downloads that is not an exchange of money it's not about markets and branding and all of that stuff

► 00:45:21

music is about an exchange of human soul when you sit in front of a blank piece of paper to in the afternoon to write a lyric you know you can never write a lyric again cuz you have no idea of how you've heard lyrics in the past and at 4 in the afternoon very often there's a lyric there my job is to find the self inside you who wrote that lyric and introduce it to the South that says hello how are you fine thank you very much and all the ritualistic aspects of life when you go on stage you have the kind of experience that I had you

► 00:45:55

are out of your own body or danced around as if you were a marionette you feel a 17000 Souls coursing through you to something higher being transmogrified and channeling back to those people in a continuous loop my job is to find that Soul inside of you the dances you on stage and introduce it to the south of hello how are you fine thank you very much so if you're willing to give me 6 weeks to study you and then come out to your environment and see you and your environment for anywhere from 1 to 3 days my job is secular Shamanism find that fucking soul that dances here I'm not really hang out it would be a very intense interview with John Mellencamp we started at 9 in the morning at his home in Seymour Indiana we finished at 4 in the afternoon John look the way that he only looked when he came off stage he looked hollowed-out he look like a scarecrow he had empty Caverns where his eyes should have been he was why

► 00:46:55

it was totally wiped and that interview allowed me to find the authentic John Mellencamp and preacher to the press and turn the Press who hated John Mellencamp around think they hated him because he had signed with Tony to freeze who was managing David Bowie and Tony defriest thought that his magic came from changing people's names David had a volleyball named David Jones and it changed it to Bali and so he call John Johnny cougar and then he did something It Sounds devilishly Clever but was the opposite of clever he had a book made with one page on each of all of the dominant critics of the day one page picture a little write-up on each of them and the Press perceive this as trying to buy them

► 00:47:49

and they don't like being bored so they rebelled and the word went out in the press that John Cougar was a prep that he was just an obnoxious horrible human being and that is music was crap and so even my friend Ken Emerson my impression from Ken Ken was at that point the record of use out of there for Rolling Stone and eventually he be an editor of the New York Times Sunday magazine very influential magazine Nationwide and my impression was that can broke his review of John's album without ever opening the shrink wrap

► 00:48:25

without ever listening to it because everybody was assumed in that community that you knew what John's music was crap and you know what his personality was crap and if you open the album and listen to it you would be expelled people would Sean you at the next launch they wouldn't want you there or the next shiter listen to it had to the group thing could Ben Stout is tremendous within the Rock Creek or was tremendous within the rock critic stablish with The Rock The Rock critic send it cuz it's so much power back then so crazy. They were so rigidly conformity in for us now this wasn't unique to the 1970s and 1980s because Carlisle social commentator Thomas Carlyle in England and approximately 1832

► 00:49:19

wrote about the pop culture critics of his daddy and his daddy pop culture was novels and plays and how and compare them to sheep and he explain how if you take a cane and you put it out the Sheep walking single-file you can get 2000 Jeep all walking in single file and if you put your cane out in front of the lead sheep and the lead sheep jumped over your cane and then you withdrew the cane every one of the other 4999 shape would jump at precisely the same spot even though there was nothing to jump over anymore well that's how I perceive The Rock create a late and my job was to turn them around but my job was also to see true ecstatics like Prince like John Michael Jackson was not an ecstatic on stage Michael Jackson was incredible astonishing performer who had studied his crap from the age of 9

► 00:50:17

and so he worked out every single move in advance John you never knew from one day to the next what Prince or John Mellencamp we're going to do in performance they didn't know how well do you know Michael Jackson very very well and he was the most remarkable person I've ever met in my life and when I tell people how remarkable they don't believe me he was you know you want to die and Jamie are on a certain level and we don't know where on a circle level cuz we figured these are the range this is the range of humanity if we go out and meet anybody on the street or even anybody famous I work with Buzz Aldrin these days is another person pretty much like us sorry and Michael Jackson's case he did not fit on this normal playing at all he was on a plane somewhere were you've never seen a human being before so the first time I met him we were at his brother Marlins house it's

► 00:51:17

little house with just enough room for one big room on the first floor and another big room on the second floor with little tiny staircase between them and there's a billiard table in the middle of the room and their arcade games which at that point in particular 1983 no human could afford arcade games less you were Steve Wynn and you were actually equipping an arcade somewhere in the middle like we're in this room and Michael and I are standing next to each other so his elbow is at his left elbow is it my right elbow his left knee is at my right knee and we have a meeting with the art director from CBS I'm condensing the story there's lots more but we're having a meeting with the art director and she walks in with five of the most gorgeous portfolios you've ever seen in your life hand carved cherry wood hand carved leather and these are from guys I know because I was I started in pop culture

► 00:52:17

give me our Christmas and these were my legendary competitors and and Michael opens the first page of the first portfolio and he gets a square inch into what a postage stamp size piece into it and he goes and his knees begin to buckle

► 00:52:37

and he gets another to square inches into it just lifts the page a little bit further

► 00:52:44

oh you listening even further Michael is seeing the infinite in but they've been things that even the artist didn't see it with such Infinity as Michael is singing and by the time he gets to the full page he's having a full-scale aesthetic orgasm I have never seen anything like this in my life I remember the first two rules of science are the truth 90 price including the price of your life and look at things run under right under your nose as if you've never seen them before and then proceed from there Michael is seeing the infinite in the tiniest of things and you've never seen a human with this degree of all wonder and surprise anywhere in your life and I will never see another human like that again in my lifetime Michael was beyond belief

► 00:53:32

Harley beyond belief and his commitment to his audience to his the people he called his kids oh God I forgot to turn this off the call so let's find an Android to a God how do we I know we pull down from here with the stuff to people for people don't see you right now because he has literally a Batman utility belt with two Kindles give to Kindle strap to you right I have to be doing with them know I'm petting dogs and that Yanks them around at the best quality sound that I've been able to get is in $8 headphones

► 00:54:32

what does that the wiring goes why is it the best quality sound those cheap-ass headphones has the best quality bass straight wires with clear covers I mean when Apple got rid of the microphone Jack to headphone jack on the phone while I would be annoyed too because of that yeah such a high quality sound right around it with Electronica but when it comes to my phone my phone and I do not agree on what command is so whenever well when I try to pick up the phone and answer it hangs up when I'm not trying to do anything on the phone it interprets that is a hand gesture of some sort and does something which the Samsung Note 8 people think that Samsung's got a little bit of bloatware and they're so since you're an Android guy you ever consider using like a Google pixel 2 like well I like I like I like a big screen

► 00:55:32

pixel 2 XL screens while that would be very neat 6.2 would be terrific start asking a question Nate well I need to find one that's also got the headphone jack on the top they don't have a headphone jack tooth right if it's tuned to your cell phone you can't tuna to your Kindle and you can't tuna to your laptop and I need to be able to switch between those three devices simultaneously great so do you have that Kindle Fire HD application where you can listen to it and then as you're reading it it picks up back where you were listening well it's supposed to do that but sometimes it really whips out and takes me 30 pages were thrown away from where I was reading and it becomes hard to find where I was reading all this out and you know this is why I cursed Jeff Beezus I hope he knows what he's

► 00:56:32

in space better than he knows what he's doing with the Kindle HDX I just don't think he could possibly know all the things he's doing like in terms of like how he pays workers at the Amazon fact I would have imagined that when it comes to Blue origin is rocket company that he is not cheap I didn't even know you had a rocket company Elon Musk SpaceX and Elon Musk are they here and he's the tortoise so he has launched the same rocket 8 times now and landed it again yes same Rock the same rocket so he's demonstrated multiple reused the problem is that his rocket can can only get to the fringes of space it can't really get into orbital space

► 00:57:29

yes sir that's it wow that's a real job

► 00:57:34

haven't seen it before I don't know doesn't look like CGI are you

► 00:57:41

this out it could be but he's actually wants this thing eight times with the golf ball inside of their I have no clue it's probably just demonstrating that it that it's weightless ordinary time of Super Genius dude incredible shit and this is how it lands Atlanta same way that's exactly it you got it and he wants to read and he's been were using him I think he's not 11 were uses so far something like that but Ilana saying that he's going to get so precise in his Landings that the Rockets will land precisely on the brackets for which they took off so that was on the same pad maybe I was a fairly small pad that the Basil's rocks out all controlled rocket elon's you saw after the Falcon heavy launch the pictures of the two boosters Landing simultaneously within a hundred yards of my dresser so you have to

► 00:58:41

bring that up sometime because it's going to start watching Amazon Prime videos they're putting out there putting out some really great show, which they're trying to somewhat compete with Netflix and if you have a third is right there

► 00:59:00

what about that's that's it that's the money shot simultaneous call here as up until now NASA which has been dumbed down so much it's ridiculous by Congress and the Senate has Congress and the Senate insist on designing a roll rockets in order to Bruce jobs programs not to get us to space is that what the problem is it is it it's a funding issue to write it's like you have to have immediate results for the amount of money that you guys are worse than that there's a little call the Alabama Mafia it's a bunch of senators and congressmen from Texas and Colorado and Mississippi in all the states that have rocket jobs and they have designed a rocket called the space launch system and it's going to cost 30 billion dollars to design it and it's a throwaway rocket so it's going to cost 1 to 2 billion dollars for each flight

► 01:00:00

stupid you think that yeah because it's designed for jobs and bring result is we Americans haven't had access to space on American made Vehicles since 2011 that's a long time that one time when we do get access to man space is going to come from Elon Musk it's not going to come from any of the major space companies and 3 billion dollars a year is sunk into the space launch system is turkey and another turkey called the Orion and that's money that needs we need that money to actually designed the habitats on the moon but I buy mining equipment to mine the ice on the moon and turn it into Rocket Fuel and breathable oxygen and drinkable water and there are tons of things we need but nessa's not producing them because of trying to compete with Elon and Jeff Elon and Jeff know a secret if I volunteered to fly you to New York City and I told you I'm going to do this for free I'm not going to charge you a penny all you have to pay all the expenses and then I bought you a Boeing 737

► 01:00:59

for $325,000 and allowed you and one friend to get into this thing and then I flew to New York and then I flew the plane out into the Atlantic over the Atlantic and plowed it into the Atlantic Ocean and discarded it now when I'm doing this all without charging you anything you realized so when you want to fly back from New York to California I'll buy you another 7:37 another $325,000 and fly you back and then I'll fly the 737 out over the Pacific and I will ditch it this is the way we do space at Nasa right now so how much would it cost you per ticket for you and a friend to go from LA to New York and Back Again approximately $325,000 per ticket how often would you fly from New York to from LA to New York not very often if ever so that's what NASA is doing with the space launch system

► 01:01:59

gobbling up so much money there's no funding left for the stuff we really need to do do you think it would be better if they just Private Eyes the entire Venture I would be better if they offered were to call Cox programs where you ask companies to bid on getting a rock at wherever you wanted to go and doing with that rock up whatever you wanted to do and then let Elon Musk and Jeff bezo sand United launch Alliance which is a big company under written by the government that is. I can never remember the names of the companies but it's bowling at Lockheed Martin combined and allow them all to bid on this because of you I was going to bring it in for 1/10 to cost Alana's develop the Falcon heavy for approximately 2 billion dollars is developed all of his rockets for approximately $2 for all of them it's causing NASA 30 billion dollars to develop a turkey

► 01:02:54

how they keep doing that in the face of these guys like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos don't care they simply want to maintain their jobs in their districts plus if they feed the smack the space military industrial complex the space military industrial complex will kick back contributions to their campaign funds as a result of an evil spiral Buzz Aldrin call Z's the Darth Vader's of space for Lockheed Martin's in Northrop Grumman listen the big Aerospace with traditional Aerospace contractors so the conversation set a certain number it's a ball of senators and congressmen who are screwing us up because a country a country that dreams big gets big a country that looks up goes up a country that looks down goes down we cut we become accustomed to looking down because we don't have that glorious option the Moon is way behind us

► 01:03:54

does end and Neil Armstrong walking on the month that's a long time ago that's two generations 2 and 1/2 Generations ago and Kids In America have lost that dream of creating a paradise above the sky because mass is abandoned them and it's message been forced to abandon them by these congressman and Senators who steal this money from the NASA budget but if that money were used look that 3 billion dollars a year would mean that you could develop an entire Elon Musk baseball program and launch roughly 20 Rockets themselves me they must know it's his butt all the politicians are they able to dictate what the actual scientists and Engineers create. Say Hey you must create something that is disposable. Yes today space shuttle leftover space shuttle technology

► 01:04:54

and we been there they mapped out the specifications of the rocket that they want these guys are doing what process that's right it's not possible it's easy budget and one of the tracks that they smack the space military industrial complex is known for a long time

► 01:05:12

is you try to parcel out jobs to as many states as possible so major programs like the the latest fighter that the Air Force the Navy are being told to use those represent jobs in roughly 45 States each

► 01:05:32

that means that if you were Lockheed Martin and you want to keep your contract for a plane that people are claiming can lose to a 1951 you're a MIG all you have to do is hit the congressmen and senators from those 47 States and they'll all back you why because they're counting on your campaign contributions where are you going to get the money to give them campaign contributions from the billion to three billion-dollar nipple per year that NASA has been forced to extend you or that the Air Force has been forced to extend to you it's a very corrupt system that's a dirty memes that the Russians in the Chinese can develop equivalent aircraft for example for 1/10 the price and deliver them for 1/10 the price match super Geniuses Jeff Bezos in Elon Musk imagine where we would be if they didn't exist

► 01:06:32

music they don't even put that out there on Friday or Sunday at the National Space society's annual event I'm talking about China's new Silk Road versus America's Highway in the sky the new Silk Road the Chinese government's going to put in a trillion dollars its total of a 20 trillion-dollar project it pulls together something like 66 countries and 3.3 billion people and I co-founded and shared something called the Asian space technology Summit in Kuala Lumpur last may just about exactly a year ago and it was obvious being in Malaysia that China has bought Malaysia's heart that Americans don't count for much anymore because the Chinese are already spending money they already on 15 to 20 points on 15 to 20 for spurious which is the port of Athens the city that was a cradle of Western Civilization guess who owns it the Chinese and they're upgrading Lee Sports

► 01:07:32

do things that no Port we've ever seen before it's been able to do so because they have a big Vision a really big Vision they're going to dominate the 21st century the 20th was the American Century this is going to be the Chinese Century unless we counter with an equally big vision and the big Visions are not coming from Donald Trump in Washington DC or from senators and congressmen they are coming from precisely the people you fingered they're coming from Washington they're coming from California they're coming from Elon Musk on Jeff Bezos the two guys who can save us by opening a platinum Highway in the sky what does that mean Platinum Highway in the sky means a space economy one meteor called something like a man at 3:35

► 01:08:17

has more resources than the gross domestic product of England France Italy and South Korea combined in one meteor meteor I want to forget to throw in India India's in that list to combine on it yes seriously wants us to develop that space economy they have to do their part they have to deal on and Jeff are bringing the Rockets to the table right now reusable Rockets like the 737 is that we have now that we turn around in LA and send back to New York and then turn around and you work and send back to LA for 35 to 40 years each they advertise their costs they allow you to get a round trip ticket for as low as $220 on a really good day that's what's happening with space but where's the mining equipment going to come from

► 01:09:16

that's something NASA needs to be working on plus the mining equipment for the moon to turn the moon basically a new fuel station House Rock I'm just think about this while also thinking about all the other things because I do my best thinking what I'm thinking about 15 things at once and that's why the music is there cuz my mind is empty if I don't have it cuz that's another threat going on at the same time but you were talking about Quantum physicists right getting everything wrong so you creates that has five heresies and heresy number one is that one is that the a does not equal a that's Aristotle's Primary Law of identity know it's not always true one of the laws is the theory of entropy is so fucking wrong that it just means that all everything is falling apart and then in order to make something positive happen you have to share

► 01:10:16

more negative energy not really negative energy more dispersed waste energy and in fact the universe doesn't work like that the Universe in the very beginning at form quarks for from nothing but motion

► 01:10:31

works for motion are you kidding me yeah the first things from movement are you joshing know and then the parks had to get together in groups or 3 cuz this is a profoundly social Universal they couldn't survive and one form of cork like this with one up into down or something like that is a neutron and the other direction three quarks is a proton and all of this is anti in Tropic and then what do all of these billiard balls do what do all these particles do 80,000 years later they begin sweet themselves together in these massive social agglomerations that look like big potatoes and those are the beginnings of galaxies before they form their spiral arms and stuff like that and then within the the spiral arms of these galaxies Gravity Balls are competing with each other to see who's the biggest gravity ball in the biggest wins and what does he do to the losers he swallows them and gets even bigger

► 01:11:31

is it possible for that gravity ball to confront another bunch of Gravity Balls and beat them out for size and swallow them eventually what happens if you get so much gravity and so much matter in this gravity ball with the gravity ball explodes that's called a sun a star and around it are smaller Gravity Balls that managed to hold their own in competitions and their planets and moon how the hell do you go even this short distance into the life of Galaxy what's been around for 13.7 billion years with precisely the opposite of entropy happening what is the official definition of entropy how's it defined by Webster's Dictionary do you know it's usually a weasel definition weasel yeah in other words it's deliberately obscure but every priesthood has a shibboleth the shibboleth is a magic word if you can't pronounce that you're dead and so every tribe

► 01:12:31

want you to believe in something that's impossible remember the Red Queen or the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland said sometimes I dream up six impossible things before breakfast that you believe in something that's obviously fatuously wrong and that's the at the end and the shibboleth for being considered illegitimate scientist is preaching allegiance to pledging allegiance to entropy of the unavailable energy in a closed thermodynamic system that is also usually considered to be a measure of the systems disorder that

► 01:13:12

is a property of the system State and that varies directly with any reversible change in heat in the system and inversely with the temperature of the system broadly the degree of disorder or uncertain Tina system so that's what they're saying it's the degree of disorder or uncertainty in the system obviously that's a very lucid explanation on you could recite it to a five-year-old didn't understand exactly what you were saying or to your grandmother it is a little weasel you're right it's a very easily it has lots of outs

► 01:13:49

so my God problem have a Godless Cosmos creates did monks that along with a bunch of other assumptions in currency in the 19th century when this was formulated the metaphor of the day was the steam engine it was the hot new technology it was to the 19th century what computers are the 22nd century or whatever were living in that 21st century sorry and so what they realized was you take this Steam and you push it into a piston and it

► 01:14:28

throws that piston up into the air and then the Piston comes back down again but then there's waste the steam then has lost its energy and it comes out of an exhaust valve and you put it in for hot steam right so this was a theory about the waste that comes out of the steam engine but now that we don't have any cars yes they produce exhaust now would you say that solar power and solar power does not produce last so where's the entropy of the Universe I was telling you the batteries are all gas at that age compared to the square inch compared to the construction of a galaxy and all that random stuff in the universe all those random particles first of all they're not random they all participate in something the universe rings

► 01:15:28

like a Gong and it's early days it has pressure waves that means that these Elementary particles are squishing together and forming a wave. Yes it's there school June apart and they're forming a trough and then there's school gym together again and that wave ripples across the cosmos the way that you see waves were playing cross the Pacific when you're flying to Hawaii is that in Tropic is that disorder constantly increasing know it's the very opposite what the universe does it takes every form of waste and turns it into an opportunity it's on me what we call this place Earth what are we naming it for the excreta of warms the shift of worms because they produce what we call soil will think of the meaning of that word soil when something is soiled

► 01:16:22

what is it like it's not covered with Ruthie loam it's dirty so and we call it jerk when it's in the earth so we are taking this and Tropic stuff the ship that came out of worms and we're firming in it and plants are growing in a trees are growing in it flowers are growing it is that entropy is that a continual slide toward disorder it's the very opposite it's a continual slide toward order and higher degrees of warm how is this Theory been received well or your interpretation of it that's a good question because I really have no answer the people who I sent the book 2 in the early days all them except well including a Nobel Prize winner and I think three MacArthur genius Award winners all said this is a great book and one compared it to

► 01:17:22

Lyle's history of the earth which gave Darwin a lot of ideas and to Darwin's Origin of the species and asked is this really a great book like those two bucks and the answer has been yes it is the Lucifer principle this is a god problems all I got was Cosmos creates and and let's not forget for the sake of the audience we're actually here to promote how I accidentally started the sixties is my newest blog V right it's my 6th book but it was actually written during those 5 years when I couldn't talk the first draft was written during those 5 years so there I was laying in bed not able to talk and I know from all of my research that when you are a human who feels of no value to your fellow human beings you begin to dye your immune system goes into under the performance and stop protecting you from diseases so I needed to somehow maintain a social set of connections despite the fact that I couldn't talk on my own wife couldn't walk into the room and read a newspaper

► 01:18:22

with me so what did I do I figured okay most sick people turn out what are called repulsion Q's she was a drive other people away I don't want to be near you when you're sick and suffering ever really don't kind of name a b c you have to put out attraction Q's the opposite of repulsion q's and what's an a number one attraction to it sure so there I was reading Dave Barry and reading PG wodehouse in these guys were lifting me for an hour or two above my misery giving me this Transcendent humor they just took me out of my stay at that point so I tried to write Transcendent humor and I wrote the story of how I accidentally help for movement on the west coast that have no name and then I left the country when I got back the loose Empire the time-life Empire had given her the name they called to the hippie movement and I tried to write it is absolutely and it's funny a manner as possible and then when I was finna

► 01:19:21

writing it I wrote cuz I couldn't talk I wrote a letter in those days they had to be snail mailed because most people didn't have email back that I did but most people didn't and I snail mail my friend Eric Gardner because Eric Gardner has started out in the music business as a roadie for the Jefferson Airplane and I wrote Eric and said Eric I just reading this book could you get it to the Jefferson Airplane cuz if I can get them to say something positive about it about it that validated it cuz they work he acted in the 1960s and Eric said no no no I have somebody better

► 01:19:59

send me the manuscript so I sent him the manuscript and he got the manuscript to this other client of his in the other client came back with a quote that says it's a Monumental Masterpiece of American literature and filled with why we went to experiences and non-stop waves of scientific comedy routines and non-stop waves of hilarity and compared it to James Joyce and said wow haha and it and signed it Timothy Leary and I thought this can be for real this just can't be for real but it was 1995 and what I didn't know it took me 15 years to find out

► 01:20:32

is that Timothy Leary got this book when he was sick in bed like I was he was dying of prostate cancer this book reached him 6 months before he would die for us to eat cancer and I had written the book to be on a plane of humor that would yank you out of your body and yank you up to an ethereal plane of humor cuz you were trying to do that to yourself I needed to since these two guys have done it for me I need to do my best to do it for others and to attract people to stick with me cuz I sent these things out as letters the chapters out as letters to friends helping a few friends would still stick with me and when Leary Reddit apparently it did for him what wodehouse and Dave Barry had done for me and I was stunned when I found that out absolutely stunned so yes Virginia you can be in the worst of all possible circumstances and you can pull together something from those circumstances as a gift to your fellow humans and yes you will doubt that it will ever be a value to Any Human on

► 01:21:32

Planet cuz that's what that's how us humans feel about most of her Endeavors but someday it just may save somebody who's in a position equivalent to yours that's amazing that is amazing what are the other things that the quantum physicist got wrong all of them for for that was a four-day conference in a pound Sinaloa just outside Moscow 50 miles outside of Moscow it was a worker's Paradise built in the 1960s and and all the people are all the physicist we're going around drawing the same diagram on napkins to explain what they were talking about it's a diagram of how short was yours equation manifest itself and 1 single isolated electron

► 01:22:17

well guess what Joe there's no such thing as an isolated electron in this universe there's no such thing as an isolated quanta of light and it's isolated photo of light there's no such thing as an isolated anything mean when you look up at the night sky what do you see stars some of those stars are 13 billion light years away II 13 billion years for that light to get to us but we can still see those lights with a telescope is if there is like flooding the entire universe from those Stars how could this be how could there ever be a particle living out of town not wash in like gravitational effects electromagnetic effects from all the other things in the you or at least a good many of those who is this why is this misconception prevalent it because the the equation fit certain very artificial experiments that were set up in the lab

► 01:23:17

and once an experiment is done and accepted than everybody who doesn't get the same results thinks he's doing it wrong and does it over and over again till he gets the same results and the explanation for some reason a lot of people into yours think we're on our own no we're never on our own we're always under the influence of other human beings and look at the stars is reaching us they're not the terminating whether your girlfriend's going to argue with you tomorrow like your horoscope says but there is that influence of merely being able to see them so I was basically lecturing these guys about a social Cosmos in which conversation information exchanges constantly taking place all over the place and the fact that trouble shirt equation assumes and isolated

► 01:24:05

and a day and there are no isolated under these in this universe and when I was finished I expected them to throw me out of their conference

► 01:24:13

and instead they sat there is if that's a bit my bar mitzvah and I just on I have to or whatever it's called that you do at a bar mitzvah and they were my uncles they were all sitting back their faces were they were smiling you know that Radiance that redness that infects a face looks excited about something it was astonishing and I couldn't understand why and then 3 years later I have a collaborator in theoretical physics public Moroccan of the Collision suit Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Science it's impossible emailed me and said dr. Richard off the man who ran that conference the man who gave you such a hard time about your credit card he's just written a book you have to download it from marks of work which is the leading site for free prints in advanced mathematics and advanced theoretical physics in the world and so I downloaded it put it on my Kindle and listen to the first half while I was taking my afternoon walk these long walks to the park and be very helpful and when I got to the cafe where I was

► 01:25:13

cleaning those days and got my laptop in front of me I wrote to dr. rudick law then I said doctors are called I don't know if you remember me I'm not crazy American who spoke at your conference but I've just read the first half of your book and it's phenomenal he used every concept that I had given in my presentation every concept and I got one of those almost instant e-mails back and email it comes within 2 or 3 hours and drop said remember you didn't you read the first half of my book and we are credited in their my partner so to at least a bunch of quantum physicist from 11 time zones gathering in Moscow what I was saying made sense quantum physics doesn't make sense to me well I've tried really hard makes about the same sense of that definition you were just reading Adventure big chunks of it and then I would understand sections of sentences

► 01:26:13

have to try to put them together with the other sections it's hard it is. But one of the most important things I think it was in the old war who said this I'm not quite sure but one of the members of The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics sad that basically a particle exist in many states simultaneously and it's not until its measured that it collapses into one state that's one of the basic principles of quantum physics well guess what meals every particle is being measured in some way all the time all of its life by other particles that are basically taking its measure and then responding essentially nothing isolated nothing is isolated in this particular Cosmos you were talking I want to watch the video where you were talking about that there is essentially Universal brain well yes because you want to write right now we're going to be talking to possibly out of your 500 Words it's more like 1 million total viewers and listeners

► 01:27:13

so it's probably closer to 3 yeah so we're going to be talkin so let's say a hundred thousand of them or two hundred thousand of them and they're processing what we are saying right now there bacteria in your gut a mine who live in enormous Colonie Center Norm is bacterial Colony if you had it on the palm of your hand it would be the size of your hand but you couldn't see it while you're saying you thinking of the vast numbers of people to listening and watching or you just relaying the information like are you

► 01:27:44

cognizant yeah both both because I won't remember Einstein gaming my marching orders you have to take complex ideas and simplify them so much that I mean was a high school education in a reasonable degree of on intelligence can understand them and I want to make good radio for your audience once you get what I'm trying to get at is once you have got it established in your head that nothing is isolated that everything is connected when you speak are you aware when you're speaking that everything is connected I mean are you are you actually consciously thinking of all these different mind taking into account all these different mind blowing things that you're saying and then applying them out in the world I think so I mean you know if you hear air coming out of my mouth that's what's turning around in my brain just your you're such a bright guy I'm just trying to understand if you are in the moment or if you're in the moment as well as being consciously aware of the spread of information but my obligation is

► 01:28:44

do both simultaneously at any rate the anthropic Theory doesn't make any sense the I mean look there I wasn't a bad right so you would think I'm totally ice later I'm not your not I'm not I mean once upon a time I wrote an essay about the card weld a car came up with the idea of I think therefore I am he trick or treat in Amsterdam he rented a second floor apartment and he was trying to isolate himself the way that those particles are isolated with a shrug losers equation the particles that were being drawn on napkins in Moscow add so that he could strip everything away and find out what was the most basic thing was basic Axiom the most basic thing we take for granted in life and he came up with I think therefore I am now think about this for a minute

► 01:29:41

while he was trying to think this out he was needing a rubbery Gum Eraser with which she erased as in he was sitting on the second floor which means somebody at event of the architecture that he was sitting in the concept of the floor and the concept of beans that go across from one wall to the other that were holding him up he was looking out the window and he was looking at the hats that the Amsterdam men and women for wearing as they walked by and he was fucking the cleaning lady who he made pregnant so how isolated really was he

► 01:30:13

the Universal Mind Theory this that or this concept that shouldn't say Theory the way you were describing it is very interesting that there is no individual thought that essentially there's lots of individual thought it's all connected right to all the other people that are around you and all the people leave in around all the places you've been in all the people that are constantly thinking simultaneously around you that you're aware of and the people that you're trying to influence we can try and influence people all day long if you want somebody to bring you a sandwich you have after the get across that you want that sandwich and it specially if you want somebody like a wife word assistance bring you a sandwich and that's not normally what they do you really have to work hard and it was going but the universe at least the living part of the universe and so far we only know of Life on this planet it's all interconnected those bacteria I was talking about there in your gut they are making her

► 01:31:13

they are making your vitamin K they are making an awful lot of things that you use to survive there also making chemicals that influence your mind and your moods there manipulating you so when you go down to the corner store to buy some chocolate eclairs and you go home and you eat them in fact you can all like I just a small portion of the truck that I clear those bacterial colonies living in your gut they do the rest of the Thai dressing for you so who's really going to the corner store who's really the boss who's really driving you the vehicle of Transportation are these bacteria driving you down to the corner store so that you will feed them the stuff that they love the most or are you or will driving you to the corner store well the answer is a little of both

► 01:32:00

a little of both not at much above I mean there there's this example of

► 01:32:07

there's this fungus and the fungus has a very peculiar lifestyle and I'm very curious to find out how it got this lifestyle but it lives half of its life in an ant colony and half of its life for the Sheep so when it comes out of the phase of that it goes through in the ant colony and is ready to go into the shape it takes over the brain of an ant and it gets that Aunt to climb to the top of a stalk of grass why because when the Sheep come along to graze they will inhale the ant

► 01:32:42

what you're telling me that a fungus can control the mind of an ant in ways that we are just beginning to explore now this year and maybe last year a tiny little bit that I can actually be that precise and how it takes over the controls of that song I like the fungus that gets inside those ants and the answer aware of it so they take the Anna way because the Ant Bully explode and spray spores into the air affect the insect all I'm not aware of that one but it sounds too but it sounds similar okay life on this Earth functions the way their beehive function how does it be high functioning 95% of the bees are conformist fees and they all go out to the hot flower patch of the day and they mine the nectar and Lake have a public stomach in which they can carry this stuff I mean built into them inside of them and they have these caring here is on there

► 01:33:42

eyes and they carry pollen in those and when they arrive at the unloading day there is an unloading day in the hive and when they arrive at the unloading day if the unloaders know that the interior really needs pollen and nectar and they see you caring that pollen and nectar they stick their tongues down your throat to check out watching Republic stomach they go wild with excitement when they discovered spell with nectar they check out your thighs the carrying hairs on your thighs they go wild when I see that you're caring pain they feel you all over with their antennas are intensely excited when they are unloading you and that get you excited you feel like a rockstar this is the same kind of attention to Rockstar gets so you go back out to The Flower Patch of the day and mine some more

► 01:34:29

meanwhile there are these lazy good-for-nothing Bohemian bees there any way from 5% to 20% of the colony and they don't do a single useful thing at all and so far as you can see they don't do anything to earn their keep in the colony why cuz they're out doing Lube after Lube after lube and lazy eights after lazy eights after lazy and to fly 8 Miles just following their whims following their wins I mean if you were their mother what would you say you're wasting your fucking life for god sakes okay eventually you the conformist me start coming back without pollen in your caring hair and without nectar and your Publix on Mike because the Flower Patch the heart flower patch of the day has been thoroughly plundered and when you arrive at the loading dock of the hive the allowing be stick their tongue into your public stomach empty sorry they see your caring here is empty they turn their backs on you so savagely that you feel

► 01:35:29

if you been cut dad and it finally I mean you can't believe that the old factories not delivering anymore and it's not giving you a paycheck so you keep going back to the same patch over and over again more slowly each time until finally you give up and you literally crawl into the hive and Thomas Seeley the guy who's done most of the research on this calls you on unemployed B and you are as depressed as if you were unemployed how do we know that because your body temperature is down and you're crawling instead of walking and you're begging for food from other bees well you look for something to perk you up

► 01:36:07

now what humans use a football game movie

► 01:36:11

bees use pretty much the same thing what does that mean they go to the unloading dock out of the 200 lazy good-for-nothing Bohemian be simply following their instincts 5 comeback having found new flower patches and they are dancing the dancing excites you and they're dancing competition with each other some will dance 27 seconds some dance 27 minutes and if you find the dance of one of those dancers sufficiently persuasive it lifts you out of your lethargy gets you excited and you fly out she's giving a little in a little Figure 8 dance she's giving precise instructions on how to get to the flower patch in what the heck twins are and what the Tailwind are and you pick up her message you fly out to The Flower Patch that she has recommended and you check it out for yourself and if you get excited about it you come back and you start dancing

► 01:37:06

and ultimately the B who gets the greatest number of backup dancers wins and you all go out all you can pharmacies were now unemployed go out to the new hot flower patch of the day the same pattern repeats itself now that's a collective mind operating on the base of 20,000 independent fees and the living world

► 01:37:28

operates I'm pretty much the same way bacteria are using you to get them chocolate eclairs you are using them to digest chocolate eclairs they are teasing are scientist in the wild activity by threatening to develop illnesses that can bypass all of her antibiotics which by the way are chemical weapons that microorganisms colonies of micro-organisms used to kill entire competing colonies we stole them for microorganisms we didn't let them antibiotics so the scientists are very where the fact that the bees are that the bacteria are getting ahead of us and research and development and are beginning to develop techniques to get around all of our drugs so they are researching their ass off so is there any common brain that links the bacteria to the scientific Community you bet they're competing with each other and in the process of competing with each other what are they doing they are both creating a new options for all of life

► 01:38:30

wow so when we're talking about antibiotics penicillin amoxicillin stuff like that did these are bacteria created

► 01:38:40

creep sex bacteria make war with each other when people tell you we are the only creatures that make war their line so is this why also when especially if you were experimenting with your diet for people that have a very sugar based diet they have a high number of certain kind of bacteria in their stomach that craves that kind of sugar makes it very difficult to get off that that kind of a diet well that's interesting I mean I'm not aware of that but it sounds but sounds logical different world learning about yeah the biome it's called when you find out one of the things if you trying to alter your diet if you are in a very high refined carbohydrate diet and you try to get off of that do you have intense Cravings but there was eventually go away especially when you supplement with a lot of probiotics and then you go to a high-fat low-carbohydrate diet you start to Crave those kind of foods and the cravings for sugar and bread go away it's very strange well that's interesting cuz I am on a very restricted

► 01:39:40

the diet I have development myself developed it myself let's take it took 30 years and it's a diet that maximizes my energy and my ability to concentrate what's the title mail there were only two meals breakfast is a can of tuna fish and avocado and mango

► 01:40:02

that's at 10:30 in the morning dinner which is it 3 or 2:30 in the morning sod schedule are primarily nocturnal because of bile is so dinner is a half a pound of ground chicken a pound of frozen vegetables and apple and orange and a banana my frozen vegetables because you can get them in one-pound bags so it's precisely pre-measured for you and they freeze them when they're fresh and you can throw them along with a slab of chopped chicken frozen slab into a microwavable container and microwave them for 15 minutes I'm going through a lot of spices in so that you change the flavor but day after day and you got dinner

► 01:40:54

and that's all you ever eat that's all I ever need except on Friday I allow myself to eat sauces and cheese sauces out of a jar cuz I don't eat things that have artificial ingredients or additives of any kind normally and so I have this walking huge meal and then on Saturday I allow myself this words in absolutely anything I want to eat so that's your cheat day yeah what do you find yourself going to on a cheetah well these days I've sort of settled into a pattern that I take one frozen bagel a big one out of the refrigerator I slice it in half I put huge amounts of peanut butter on 141st I use a quarter of a pound of butter and I slobber on the two halves of the bagel cuz I'm not allowed to eat any of these things Brad not allowed to eat butter no I told the butter is bad for us and it didn't Dairy turned out to be a problem for me and I had to work out I'd work way around my food allergies and this is the time I apparently did

► 01:41:54

I'm not sure I still do but so the shoe Jonathan the melted butter and then I take these giant slabs of peanut butter and I tell them up with a leaving a little hole in the center and in the hole in the center I put grape jam and strawberry jam and then I take out the marshmallow fluff and I put out almost an entire jar of Marshmallow Fluff on top of this one half of it cuz I really want to taste the bagel naked with just butter on it cuz I haven't had bread all week and I can taste really good and I am dodging myself with this other half of the bagel how bad do you feel after I eat before I go to sleep and wealth eating put you to sleep why should you have to slog through the Grey Goose of your after me Alex perience with with your friends I mean if I'm with a friend I want to be at my maximum I want to enjoy that

► 01:42:54

blind draw myself with my mouth open and my tongue going so even having food in your mouth is just preventing you from having a good conversation

► 01:43:05

that's why it's a fascinating way to approach it so you just will also if you carve up like that you know with all that sugar and carbs you going to want to crash in about 40 minutes after you done heading that turns out to be the case anyway so I sleep immediately after my breakfast and then I sleep immediately after my dinner and that's the way the day has arranged it's arranged to maximize that useful high-energy High Focus time in feta means or anything no not really and and my experience do you know I helped start the 60 so I helped start the drug culture and that meant I did amphetamine twice it was brand new back then and whatever ever format live Doppler provigil or Nuvigil I have a friend who has chronic fatigue muscle they put him on well the stuff I'm on work so well I don't want to mess with it at this point I'm lucky to be out of that bed I thought I would I Joe I thought I would never be out of that bedroom again in my life and you been out of the bed for 15 years all sense yeah that's 50

► 01:44:05

that's right so I'm giving three speeches this week at the mean it really is here I couldn't form a single syllable I mean obviously what you said about enjoying conversation she is so parent enjoy getting these ideas I'm still dealing with how to get across the idea of a global brain but it's basically every creature on the face of the earth is since I'm like contributing to our knowledge base and our hunter-gatherer days if we were going to bring down a deer and eat it for dinner we had to get to know the mentality of that dear we had to be able a pit in our own mind so we can anticipate its movements so we anticipated the movements of lions we anticipated the movements of eagles we turned lions and Eve

► 01:45:05

some bears into totems and named ourselves after them because we were trying to learn from their very Spirit we were trying to learn muscularly and emotionally how to be them so that we could defeat them when the time came there's a connection there there's a global brain taking place right there and the deer and the block on the bison or the other creatures we were hunting even the woolly mammoth could not have lived without those bacteria in their guts that we didn't discover those bacteria until I got time by Lewin hog deer to take his lens and instead of having a horizontal to measure fabric store looking Fabrics started looking down at his own sperm which is a very I mean look at what this guy did he's a Tradesman he's not a trained scientist course the word scientist didn't exist until April 1850 but nonetheless he is taking his observations are fresh human sperm through his newly invented microscope and he's sending me observations he's discovered that the

► 01:46:05

rentable cules little animals totally independent flailing around in the sperm and he writes a lengthy letter about this to the Royal Society that what is he just John Joe to the Royal Society he's confessed to masturbation oh my God where do you think he got the sperm I mean it took me about 40 Years of thinking about it baby 50 to work it out and then I suddenly realized this guy is why does masturbation keep showing up in my life one look the Boy Scouts threw me out when I was 11 years old for incompetence at Morse code and if they hadn't thrown me out for incompetence of that they could have thrown me out for him, but it's not time now in medley I've never heard of another human being ever being thrown out of the Boy Scouts but still then invite thrown out of the Boy Scouts right for a long time is it Morris code right at Morse code. It seems so simple

► 01:47:05

uninterested wasn't confident you really never bothered to war with too much better things to do with my present better than in the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college I mean I dropped out for 3 or so I was going to back to freshman year at the age of 21 well I wanted to find the beatniks I wanted to find Zen Buddhist Satori the Zen Buddhist Age of Enlightenment I was dead serious about those things I was in the top ten percent of a class that had higher median SATs in the classes at Harvard MIT Celtic that you're it was agreed College the school that Steve Jobs would eventually drop out of very tough school and I didn't realize I was in the top 10% but nonetheless I have these things I wanted to do I was inspired by on the road out I felt the pit mixed with you first people who would ever accept me in my life reliving the time you were Carried Away by the children

► 01:48:05

well so so I I drop out of school and went seeking Satori and the beatniks and hitchhike from Seattle down to the city lights books drop which was Lawrence ferlinghetti book shop and that's were the beatniks yeah that's supposed to be hanging out and I walked into the store and it was empty and there was a guy behind the counter and I probably said something like where are the beatniks and he acted as if I wasn't even there that was hard Joe because I had a Jew for all of a kind people have been wearing their their hair their haircuts in military haircuts Crewcuts and I had this long curly hair and no one had ever seen anything like it before the closest to it was the wig that her uncle Mark's used to where was that wasn't the some of the members of the Xperia they're probably 1965 or 1966

► 01:49:05

that isn't the guy who so how could you ignore if that walked into your book store and you've never seen a haircut like that before and the person was barefoot in addition to that and curing a sleeping bag your Barefoot with since I have been verified for 6 months in your feet get so thick that you can walk over gravel it felt like the right thing to do under the circumstances I gave it up do you have any more red shoes I've I love her and choose would you ignore what you just saw that person with hair coming out of his head like electrocuted worms love yeah that's what I got something to say what's up the guy ignored me so I walked out of the bookstore looking crushed and somebody walking down the sidewalk said you look troubled can I help you with

► 01:50:05

and I said yeah I'm looking for the beatniks and he said rolled his pupils up into his forehead and he scratched me for any came out of it and he said well have you tried Colorado

► 01:50:24

well that was just a little too vague a destination for me Colorado and Colorado I have no idea he thought they might be so I ended up hitchhiking up and down the West Coast with several friends I gave up on the beatniks because there was no specific address and I didn't want to leave what year 1962 early it was two years before the 60s woke up and realize that it was a distinct decade it was two years before the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test then well I prefer starting my own groups actually and this group gathered around me and around. One of my traveling Companions and we eventually ended up in a big pink condemned house is all in how I suddenly started the sexiest and a Big King condemned house in Berkeley 3 blocks away from the Berkeley campus and we didn't care if it was going to fall down at any minute and we we

► 01:51:24

no clothes zero clothing during the day and my I guess co-leader was a guy named eckhoff who had the body of an Adonis when we walk down the street together women could not take their eyes off him and but they slice through me as if I were weren't there is if I were invisible that everyone wanted to sleep with him and he have the sense of somehow he had lived a life up to that point with never having a depression never having a doubt never having a psychic pain of any kind it was uncanny was Unreal and I remember Michael Jackson still the most remarkable person I've ever met but the cost was pretty remarkable and sodick set the tone being naked and dick would go into the bathroom to do the things you do in the bathroom that leave the door open and continuous conversation with you while he was in there going so that was the norm for us and I was the spiritual leader of the group and sold of Youth time I was 19 or 18 years

► 01:52:24

Salt Lake to be a spiritual leader at 19 it feels very good when people believe in the things that you say it feels very good when you're hitchhiking and somebody takes you to MacArthur Park in LA and they're all these guys on soap boxes and orating their heads off about Marxism or the coming of Jesus or whatever and and somebody in the crowd while you're just watching what's going on walks up to you and says you look like the idiot in the. CSP novel so he doesn't mean that as you look like an idiot he's talking about something unusual and and I start explain to him what I'm doing and before long all of the crowds around all the guys on soap boxes with all the Marxist than Jesus lectures

► 01:53:10

have abandoned their speakers and they're all listening to me while you can tell I really get off I'm talking to an audience have anywhere for one person to a hundred thousand people whatever I don't care it likes me up and so did it feel good yes so you feel like that doing that as you're calling yes yeah that that's what I'm here for but I'm here to write the Books to go riding with boxes I will only proposition writing is very lonely you have to isolate yourself that's why I do it at a coffee shop we're out of the corner of my eye can see humans around me and where I can spend 4 hours in at MV profoundly rude because when you're in the middle of balancing 7 ideas and your fashioning a sentence if somebody interrupt you for half a second all those things can go crashing in Texas here because I need the energy of other people

► 01:54:10

live in New York City my friend Jeff said that he wouldn't live anywhere else he loves New York City because it gets energy at all the people that live there I mean I tried Seattle Portland San Francisco San Pedro and oh yes in ways I never imagined I never thought how long did it take before you realize that that was a spot for you because what I realized was I don't fit into clicks clicks don't want me and I'm not comfortable with it well I I'm generally not wanted and cleats I don't really have one but that's really sweet that you can pick people one-by-one and put them together into your own Clique and if you put them together in your own Clique you always maintain a certain Central role even if you would Meyer the people that are in The Clique and you really want to advance them and you're still

► 01:55:10

accepted I'm around giant groups of people so often because of the UFC doing commentary and these huge Arenas fellow people stand up in front of thousands of people and and then the podcast reaching out to people I need alone time like I have the opposite requirement amazing if I don't get like my writing I have to write a long time right when everyone's asleep right I wait till everyone goes to bed and then I do my writing and I've learned I guess it's a discipline you know how to be alone in the midst of a lot of people I need the energy is the energy of these people are not distract that we are built to take in input from other human beings and to give out put two other human beings and when we feel unnecessary as I said or immune system goes into under dive

► 01:56:10

and so we need to be around other people now if you're a writer and you were right and I right as you said you need to isolate yourself so I figured out a way to be out early isolated in the midst of a bunch of people I need the energy from those people because otherwise I do my best writing when I'm feeling the energy of my audience but you don't get interrupted it does fuck you up you don't know why I simply Sprite I say right but I do it without Ever Lifting my eyes from the page I've learned to discipline my eye something like that cigarette of the day where I work well I'm respected there are no and lot of weirdos out there well in that spot that could be so

► 01:57:10

you know we need social info we desperately need it so as you said you can only be alone after too much Social input yes now I do a show called Coast to Coast it's a crazy weird Flying Saucer shell yeah it's 545 radio stations and the one night that I mean they'll call me on no notice and say we need you on tonight about the Norovirus we need you on tonight about the killing in Texas the school shooting in Texas we need you on tonight about the Gaza riots in Israel you just jump on and talk about in my life

► 01:57:50

5 hours 6 hours notice because I like to put in 3 hours of research and bought one night I was walking out in the middle of the meadow in the park looking at the stars and my phone be answering now at 11:40 at night or 12:40 at night when you're communing with the Stars you don't really want to answer the phone but I'm on call for coast to coast yes I've done at 237 that's crazy and they call me the human computer so cuz I can ask me questions about anything did you do as well hours and that was a fruit that was really a hoot I didn't show once it was a highlight of my life well art was one of the most energetic talk show host ever seen in your life so he would call at 4 in the afternoon and he'd say okay I want you to look at this website so I go look at the website and call me when you look at it so I could call him again and he said okay now look at this website now gradually I got the idea that he

► 01:58:50

trying to tell me that there were extra extra Galactic Civilizations and if they were coming to Earth and signaling us through crop circles and a whole bunch of other things but it was the way he did it he did it with such energy he lit a fire in you absolutely wouldn't even if you totally disagree with everything he was thinking he lifts that fire I used to drive home from the comic store at night and I was the only one of the only things that I would listen to it was AM radio and I would get it from I believe it was a San Diego station and you can usually get it better late at night riots in the morning while driving into the valley and I do listen to The Coast to Coast with Art Bell right at a lot of people take a lot of people did that a lot of a lot of sexuals do that as their secrets in and cuz they're awake late at night and there's nothing else really on the radio and this at least he's is a little bit of your brain so I do Global I do global history I do Global geopolitics I do

► 01:59:50

can I mix I do psychology I do murderers I do bacteria I do stars like your own show while I was asked the guy who created the show with Art Bell greater Coast to Coast with Art Bell he wanted to do a radio show where I can have as many nights of the week as I wanted and the guy who wrote conversations with God would have the other night so you still podcast I do not not a podcast I do a YouTube oh okay thank you wanted to put it out as a podcast as well you just take the audio from it while I have very little time in which to do this so I know how to put it up on YouTube and doesn't get that many hats I mean where I used to do TJ can K2 show with him the Amazing Atheist he's fabulous for 8 or something like that you do not like that. I like him too and so he had me on for 2 years running and then said you got to start your own so I started my own and he course at this point has

► 02:00:48

950000 subscribers or something like that I have 13 thousand four hundred subscribers and wants to get setup it's fairly easy well the recorder we'd have to set me up at meantime I set you up but look at me I'm a Buzz Aldrin said 12 years ago we've got a presidential election coming up and we've got to try to get space on the agenda of the things that candidates were talking about we've got two years in which to do it and I said okay I'll form of work to do that so I was to do this let me ask you this cuz you're this big Coast to Coast Art Bell fan

► 02:01:31

UFO stuff do you pay attention to me when when people contact me on LinkedIn and their major Prudential as they do a UFO magazine or something like that I don't have them I used to love that stuff I think it was so interesting and intriguing tell ya I start actually paying attention to it interviewing some of the people that are involved in the movement you find the same thing over and over again it's just wanted disregard for reality brightest absolute desire to prove something instead of looking at the objective facts proving that aliens are real proving that we've been contacted profanities I witness testimonies are legitimate let me try to get across a weird idea okay once upon a time in the 1940s there were two guys Konrad Lorenz and Niko tinbergen who got the Nobel Prize for inventing a field called ethology which is a certain kind of observation of animal behavior and Niko tinbergen will go off to the coast

► 02:02:31

Cliff's around northern Europe and he would observe the sea birds in the Seavers would go out I don't know how many miles 10:30 40 miles out of the ocean to feed and bring back food for their young and then they would come back at the end of the day and their nests they have 200 Nest next to each other but the nest have very low walls so when the Sea Bird came back for her fish and Waddles herself into place moving her hind back and forth to get him placed a incubator chicks to warm the eggs cheat off of knock an egg out

► 02:03:07

and when the egg was knocked out of the nest the bird would reach her beak out past the egg and then pull her beef back into her chest to pull the egg toward the nest and she do it over and over again until she got the egg in the nest and Niko tinbergen have this weird idea I wish I knew where it came from that this is a reflection I like when your doctor takes a hammer and Hammer is your knee and your wife shoots out and you had nothing to do with it he figured this is the same kind of a reflex any figured that if you ever reflex you need a trigger for the reflex like that patellar Hammer that have her journey so he look to see if there was a trigger that triggered this yanking your beak back in in order to scoop the egg back into the nest and he tried building artificial eggs to see if he could find out what the queues were in the egg that were causing this reaction in the word

► 02:04:05

and finally he got super egg which means I was bigger than the normal a it was Browner than the normal Ag and he put the real egg now if you were the bird that real egg has your genetic Legacy it's your genetic future a lot is riding on that egg a lot of you and the phony egg and the phony egg would attract the bird so strongly that you would ignore her own egg and yank yank yank with her beak until she pulled the phone away again to the nest and they continue to do research with this kind of thing and they discovered that they could trick some songbirds into taking a basketball into their nest and then when the poor little birds tried to get on top of the basketball to incubate it they would slide off and I'd be very frustrated and they will climb back on again slide off again it was cruel so the phone is like fake tits and the idea is that they bring these

► 02:05:05

reflexive reactions well underline what Adolf Hitler was doing underline what I was doing dancing on that stage underlying what you do in front of an audience when you get incandescent Lose Yourself and something else talks through you all that is related to some super normal pattern in us so Hitler was basically saying the world is about to end and the kingdom of God is coming except the kingdom of God and his case was the world will be controlled by the master race the blond and blue-eyed Ariens and all other people will be Slave people or will be exterminated but it was this golden Paradise that he was inviting the Germans to in which they rule the world because they were born to rule the world so how did you describe the stimulation super super normal stimulus

► 02:06:05

is like super normal stiffness of this extreme Behavior write the podium right right and basically Hitler was saying I was talking about the equivalent of extraterrestrials he was talking about this magic quality of the Germans he was talking about the shared soul of the Germans and how the people in Vagner Hoppers and the gods of the old Germans had been in the soles of these people and he was evoking the groups all the Zeitgeist the amiss cases the vulc Geist the spirit of a people and the Flying Saucer people are after an end of the world that in which the world will be remade and a guy named while there was a Jewish kid from a backwards down a really backwards down the only had been trained in manual skills and he started preacher preach the the world as we know it was about to end and we were about to enter a new

► 02:07:05

how to paradise and because he was Jewish he figured it's got to happen to pass over because of Passover you put out a cup for Elijah and a large is there to proceed the Savior that's the guy who will save the Jewish people so he went up to the holiest city in Judaism to Jerusalem and he had a dinner this Passover dinner and they put out the cop and that's when the kingdom of God was supposed to arrive his prediction of a kingdom of God arriving at that particular Passover ceremony turned out to be utterly wrong and in fact the Roman sees him and nailed him to a cross and he died

► 02:07:48

it was the opposite of everything he predicted but the religion he put together with Sarah and the religion really that Paul put together cuz Paul was an international figure you know he was comfortable in the global world of the Roman Empire but what Paul put together Around Jesus was a super normal stimulus and it evoked super normal response supernormal reflux and the Flying Saucer ideas that we don't care we are on Earth but there is this race that's above us that can save us that's pushing it the same buttons Hitler was pushing it the same buttons the world as we know it was about 10 when there's a new Paradise about Germans will rule everything

► 02:08:35

so we are built to receive certain kind of stimuli God knows how we got built that way and when I went out in quest of the ecstatic of God the gods inside of us at the age of 13 I was looking for that super normal those super normal responses in us and for the super normal stimuli catalog though and when you're doing art when you were doing commentary when you're doing comedy you are hitting the buttons you are creating super normal stimuli you were testing out jokes until they reach just the right shape and you know what you were feeling the audience what that shape is and then you repeat that shape knowing what its impact is going to be on the audience I wrote a new book

► 02:09:23

it took me a long time to write all of my previous books including how I accidentally started the sixties and by the way it isn't the same 1995 manuscript I have 20 years of additional processing and was able to put a lot more meaning into the book and hopefully it's still really funny but I was able to write a book in 6 weeks the first draft in 178,000 word book and a normal book is 90000 words so this is almost twice the length of a normal book and I was able to do it because I had told all the stories in the book and I had felt out how the audience was responded to the stories and I knew the words to use and they were a well Worn Path in my brain so I simply put down on paper

► 02:10:08

Federal vocabulary but used it's the audience who shapes you by giving you feedback and eventually you perfect something so it's like Niko tinbergen super egg I mean eventually able to make eggs super eggs that had a glow on them had polka dots on them that were absurd but they still had the ability the way that Flying Saucer myths have the ability to revoke the sense that there is a paradise behind the world that we know you don't like a preacher on the pulpit that screaming with confidence when you see any of these things like even when it comes to fake breasts like you're seeing something like you know what you want you want a woman to be good at Berry children right to have the right hip to waist ratio that she's a design to breastfeed as large breasts

► 02:11:08

even though you know it's fake it's still hits whatever that genetic button is inside of your head y'all and the alien themed the idea behind at the archetype is kind of like space Daddy it's like you know I know we're stupid but just like this guy who screaming on the pope it has all the answers like thank God someone has all the night will space daddy is for the atheists Ryan space Daddy some people you know what I've listened all these people down here I think they're full of shit but space dad is going to help us out well that's the general idea of a joke you're passionate to be a super normal stimulus space Daddy might be real somewhere because I have to tell you that there's only one place in which we've ever discovered any evidence of life and it's down here on Earth so I'm a skeptic about life being anywhere changing to a different scientific perspective

► 02:12:08

there's this thing that I call a super simultaneity super synchrony and when the universe starts as a rapidly expanding sheet of nothing but space and time is space time and speed that's all it is and when it precipitates in quark's which is unlikely how how can space time and speed become Sparks Grant the fact is that they're only somebody like 16 different forms of those quirks and there are gazillion of identical copies of each Park everywhere and they all spring into existence at the same time fast forward a couple of million years galaxies all are pretty much the same and all of them spring into existence pretty much at the same time at least the first generation of galaxies Stars ignite within those galaxies all following pretty much the same principles are all just big Gravity Balls

► 02:13:07

gravity Gravity Balls all the way that's planets that's moons all kinds of things so there is this tendency for the universe to do the same damn thing at pretty much the same damn time pretty much same damn everywhere in this Cosmos and we do know that there are biomolecules carbon-based molecules being formed and Interstellar cold gas clouds Interstellar Hot Gas clouds all kinds of unlikely places in the cosmos but those are very simple little molecules even though we call him biomolecules a simile means I got carbon life depends on molecules in the case of your genome if we yank just we took just one cell you wouldn't miss it so we took just one cell from your body and we took out the Gino but could the problem what do I was actually the Gino Gino and we stretched it out cuz all tangled up in the cell

► 02:14:06

it would be 3 feet long so there's a big distance between a tiny little molecule of ammonia in an Interstellar cloud and that huge very complex highly ordered 3 ft long molecule model of some single molecule that's your Gino and we haven't learned very much at all about how you go from the simple molecules to that incredibly complex molecules the origin of life is still one of the big puzzle but again because they're super synchrony and super simultaneity all over the cosmos pretty much the same thing happens at pretty much the same time the odds are that there are millions of other planets that have life those are the odds but I said a lot of side because we don't have evidence of any life and we've been looking since okay I'll tell you a story and seems to have nothing to do with anything but

► 02:15:04

once upon a time a manager gave me an app to work with was Earth Wind and Fire and that's why I read all there lyrics I read everything about them I studied them like at someone scholar I always did and finally got to their album covers and when I got together with the leader of the band Maurice White for lunch cuz I haven't yet learned to set up my boundaries and tell people only work with you if I can see you and your own environment for between one and three days that wasn't quite at that point yet I sat with my cup with with Maurice Maurice if I got you right you believe that approximately 11000 years ago people from another civilization someplace else and now our galaxy are beyond our galaxy came to this earth and brought us all of our technology and left the messages of their Technologies in the pyramids have I got that right and Maurice smiled and he said yes

► 02:16:03

so I said okay there is this scientist from Cornell University and he has just had a tremendous success with a science series on PBS the most-watched series on PBS has ever had and he's trying to put together an organization to find extraterrestrial intelligence so if I introduce the two of you would you be willing to do a benefit concert for him because right now he's struggling to get money together and Marie said yes so we Tracked Down curl Sagan's summer Cottage telephone number for conference call between Maurice White and God what's his name again billions and billions and billions of planets Carl Sagan and as soon as curl got wind for Maurice was coming from pseudoscience conversation was over cuz Carl was already gambling too much

► 02:17:02

are ideas that can get him totally laughed out of science

► 02:17:06

so it was unfortunate but it's ever that was the early 1980s

► 02:17:12

probably about that actually probably about 1982 just sit down with Maurice and sort of explain what we know so far though every where you can find it all over the place to make did he have like a source that I asked him know I was too busy trying to put this this thing together and it was unfortunate yes it would have been neat if the two of them had been able to sit down and talk I crawl as I said you know when he had his first wife Lynn margulis in the National Academy of Science Award winner and I became friends and she was kind enough to almost Mentor me and dorion Sagan Carl Sagan's oldest son has been a friend he's an absolutely brilliant science writer you read his essay change your perception of the world. And

► 02:18:05

just by having the television show The People in quote legitimate science were saying Carl's not a legitimate scientist anymore but that's really what was in their hearts from people about Neil deGrasse Tyson Neil deGrasse Tyson was ever a scientist out cuz he's primarily been showing most of his life and you should see him Joe I

► 02:18:35

when did I see him he was at God knows what event and why I was probably there because a friend was giving a sold-out lecture at the American Museum of Natural History and I didn't realize that Neil deGrasse Tyson was going to show up and when he showed up on stage cuz I consider myself competing with him cuz I've always wanted my own television series and Neal has been ahead of me and everything and I'm older than he is so it's even more pieces of grid that we pick up and carry in our shoes and walk with so at any rate I saw him on stage I couldn't believe it that man is astonishing on stage he's behind your imaginings on stage so I went up when it was over and it was Buzz Aldrin who originally introduced us via email and said I'm the guy that Buzz Aldrin introduced you to 12 years ago who's been emailing you every once in awhile ever since and he was in the middle of a whole bunch of people who wanted to take selfies I don't get a lot of graphs anymore they take selfies

► 02:19:35

would line up to get selfies with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Neil deGrasse Tyson turn his back on all of them in order to give me a lecture about how hard it had been to make himself indoor showman and it looks easy but it takes Decades of work well I appreciate him giving it a little lecture but all these people were waiting for him but he is amazing so we talked about that incandescent power when you go Transcendence on stage and you become an empty pipe through which something speaks through you even though their words that you thought out for years but all of a sudden they're speaking themselves through you and how it's the essence of the forces of history that ability to give people too since they been yanked out of themselves and are a part of something bigger than themselves that's the super normal reflex that is the most profound and it's the one that grabs history by the balls and changes its direction

► 02:20:35

who is music Meister Lee did they just didn't have it when it came to the understanding of civilizations from 11000 yeah right that was getting special to me that's why you and I liked of mine that are breeches the people around us and us too that's that is so attracted to people to think that we got it from somewhere else why do you think that is partly because no individual creates the stone tool I mean of particles across the face of the cosmos it's it it hits the Zeitgeist with just the right suprarenal stimulus and all of a sudden it takes off and we're all aware of the fact that we didn't do this and we're all aware of the fact that there is some super normal intelligence but we don't realize that it's we who are the neurons and in the same way that a hundred billion darts now 86

► 02:21:35

billion is the figure Seabright 86 billion neurons in your brain well I got news for you Joe the folks and science are saying that 86 billion neurons as you which is a bloody miracle and they're right it is a bloody miracle that Joe Rogan emerges from 86 billion neurons working together you're more than 86 billion billion neurons working with 7 billion fellow human beings and the whole bacterial world and the Plant World and the animal world and it's all contributing to who you are minute by minute by minute so we are individual cells in this collected rain the way that individual neurons or individually quite stupid are part of the collective brain that is a Joe Rogan or Howard bloom or anybody listening but it's Ancient Aliens right I mean that's like one of the longest running shows on the History Channel because it because what we we

► 02:22:33

become is something larger than ourselves it's much larger than ourselves and so there is something that's super normal and we can think about is something Supernatural but we ache we ache for salvation and I'm trying to tell people I have a book called the Genius of the Beast of radical revision of capitalism and it says that there is an underpinning imperative in capitalism nobody gets although capitalist have to obey it in order to make money and it's saved my neighbor me Messianic save a hundred neighbors you get $100 save a million neighbors you got a million dollars and the book talks about material Miracles and about secular salvation when I when Joan jett's manager came to my office and said look I got the surgery she's been turned out by twenty three record companies could you just as a favor get me one line and cash box that a record company will sign her and the record company will make her career

► 02:23:33

how do I had a psych any listen to me once you get a record company your troubles weekend that's not when your troubles at the record company will through every conceivable obstacle and some inconceivable obstacles in your path and you have to have a Panzer tank Brigade strategy and if you if you let me do the strategy if you work as hard as I do 17 hour days 7 days a week if you do everything I tell you to do I guarantee you will have a star in 2 years

► 02:24:01

what she's been turned down by twenty three record companies where where is there left to go doesn't mean she should stop no I only said this to two people in my lifetime but I will give you a star the first one was to the manager of a band called Rufus which had a number 3 single on the charts at that time I'll tell me something good I trapped him in a limousine I pick him up at the airport and knew we were going to be trapped in rush hour traffic and said look I know your band has

► 02:24:32

Prides itself on its democracy but if you let me put all the attention on your lead singer and you cover my ass with the band I guarantee you I will give you a star those are the only two times over the lead singer I was talking about with this band called Rufus his name to see if you remember her name cuz this is a long time ago Chaka Khan sure prediction come true you did but are we off track here we are off track but I'm going to have to do with Ancient Aliens this desire that you to know that we got our wisdom from the Stars well it's not directly about that but it's a casual you tap into something bigger than yourself and occasionally I had visions

► 02:25:16

and occasionally those Visions came true and so there's something super not Supernatural but certainly super normal about being able to have two versions only two one with Chaka Khan when was Joan Jett there are ways in which we form a larger collective intelligence and we can sometimes tap into it but if we can't then we better believe in something higher than ourselves or we have a hard time making it on the face of the Earth

► 02:25:47

a very does this make sense it does I don't know if it necessarily make sense in the context of people having this desire to believe that we've been visited by extraterrestrials that we've been shaped and molded in and helped in that I mean I had a conversation recently in the podcast with someone and we were talking about genetic talking about people being product of genetic engineering bright primate hominid DNA crudely explain with my limited knowledge is that that's not really the case right we know how humans evolved from ancient hominids write a lot of mysteries but but there's here's the deal imagine that there is a higher intelligence Tire we humans have a thing about how sure and we're not alone crayfish have a thing about Heights lobsters have a thing about

► 02:26:47

lizards have a thing about ice mommy dogs have a thing about ice showing that we're not alone I look for a higher power in the sense of up there somewhere it makes not architect I've always said seems like what we're going to look like when it has artificially shaped our DNA then who shaped the DNA of the architect of the large head the guy's a tiny body is it we are slowly but surely becoming less muscular more reliant on our minds right our minds will get larger a sex organs will be thought of as being problematic and the cause of many Warrior Wars and strife and it will eliminate those and it will exist almost entirely in our minds and that this is what we're looking at we see the gray early and so Ray seems to be a problem with people right pick sides and decide which ones better or worse and so they will be no more race everyone will be

► 02:27:47

1 homogenized homology Amalia's ation what is that word I'm looking for

► 02:28:03

whatever a collection of all the races brought to one form right everybody will share this form so the v no Pros or cons nothing better and everything will exist in the mine so it's another version of the kingdom of God and the strange thing is that the kingdom of God was going to arrive at any minute right and the first Christians waited around it was going to happen at any minute so forth it was going to happen any day now that I'm in Decatur Century now Millennium now and so did Jesus religion disappear because it made a prediction on prediction didn't come true

► 02:28:51

no not really so apparently the religion is somehow a super normal stimulus even though it's predictions don't come true there's something in us that needs a higher something was in the prediction of religion just wait around cuz it's going to come true well it's been very hard to justify that after it didn't come through tomorrow and it didn't come through next year and it didn't come through. The Scrolls in correctly hang in there for 2000 years that's astonishing when it's basic prediction is utterly false that cater so there's some group that decides they know when the next William Miller in the 1800's in a few years ago there was a group that I decided I was going to take place on a certain day right and they were like are you ready and you know there's the Rapture is coming right took these Billboards out and then it came and went and in many years

► 02:29:51

and they said all we made some calculation right made some mistakes there's some errors but well I happen and happened in 1840 William prediction everybody sold their goods and we're waiting for the Rapture and it didn't happen so William O said I must have got my put it by my calculations were wrong went back to the calculating board and came back with a new calculus calculation that was a year later and amazing number those to remember those Jack I never saw the May 21st 2011 he is coming oops religion even after got it wrong twice is still around it's the Adventist religion and it's in two different sects in there at least 22 million of them planted around the planet and Michael Jackson and his mother word Jehovah's Witnesses like which I believe is one of the William Miller faced religion so if you fashion the religion right

► 02:30:49

as a supernormal stimulus like those eggs with polka dots and Dayglo that still were able to Outfox the real eggs or out stimulate the mother it'll last and we humans think that we're all about rational prediction and control no we're not but in the face and then the understanding tat in the greater view of the universe what we understand what the universe we are so miniscule for I pay attention to it the more we it's just sort of

► 02:31:21

embedded into our Consciousness that there is there is a vast Universe out there and there are so many possibilities and it's so overwhelming that this this framework of religion or a culture and whatever you want to call it become sort of like a Scaffolding in which you can sort of operate inside of this impossibly large thing right we exist in and yet still have no that's a good hypothesis that it brings things to add to a scale we can comprehend I think of it is almost like a bridge to evolution of us being wildaid creatures to us having language and comprehension and this concept of our position in the universe it being so small and then what is the point of all this will at least give him a point so they can make it to the next juncture while there is a rabbinic idea and this is from 1500 or something like that probably in Poland and the rabbi said God left creation half

► 02:32:21

shall we should be forced to finish the other half that's the version I like I like because it puts it puts the onus about us. I wish I had my computer my laptop here cuz I read you an epigram that I wrote that's my favorite but basically it up for all we know while it sits in the laptop I bought one way or the other the fact is every time we do something new like inventing the smartphone which Steve Jobs did we add just because of Cosmos is never done it before so far as we know and even if there were civilizations on other planets they be taking the path different than ours so we are like the search Arby's our entire civilization is like one search RV and a possible Cosmic intelligence assuming that there are other living things a conscious things intelligent things

► 02:33:21

eventually we will patch all these pieces together but right now we're patching together the pieces from

► 02:33:29

trillions more than from you if they're just as a trillion cells in you alone then think of all the cells were patching we got there when we bring together all the creatures of the sea all of the creatures of the land all of the microbial creatures all of the visible creatures and somehow allowing them to influence our Collective rain as we influence them imagine what life would be like for bacteria if they couldn't have you was a vehicle and they couldn't force you to get into your car and go down to Ralphs and buy those them those damn chocolate eclairs bacterial world would not be the same you have given bacteria new powers and they have given you Powers you wouldn't have without them possibly powers that allowed you to evolve in the first place all they think it changes your personality now writing did the gut biome actually affects the way you think about the world that you live in so that you get from cats

► 02:34:29

that's over a cat, but it's actually what it takes over a rap rats are normally repelled by the smell of cat urine and when toxoplasmosis takes over in a rat's brain all of a sudden the rat attracted by the smell of rat urine why because the toxoplasmosis spends its life part of it in the mouse or rat and part of it in the cat so at a certain point it has to drive you over to where the cat is likely to find you in order to get itself into the cat now think about this how the hell does a bacteria Lord or bacterial Colony cuz they think in groups of 7 trillion how did they think out how to drive the rat as if it were a robot

► 02:35:18

and if it were tank and they were at the controls how did they manage to evolve a lifestyle in which they spent part of their life in one creature and another part of their life in another creature how did they know the anatomy and the brains of those creatures so incredibly well we have no idea we haven't even considered the question it's a fascinating concept because they give the cat the bacterial The Colony has to actually get into the cats got right produce or I can't reproduce outside of the cats got right which is just insane right and so it has to figure out a way to get into the cat's got in the best way to do that is to get into a rat and rewire the rat sexual reward system we had sapolsky on the podcast broke it all down for him talking about it you just trying to imagine how long this took world supposed to use one of the MacArthur genius Award winners who said that the god problem was a great book The Gods grout

► 02:36:18

how God was Cosmos create so yeah we have all these Mysteries out of us but every mystery we solve for all we know it's the very first time that the cosmos is ever pondered that mystery and then solve the mystery and then turns the result into a tool that is a hard thing for people who acknowledge or even consider that we might be the only ones that have gotten to this point and it's summer if if human intelligence exist we know it does that it is as far as we know on this planet the peak of intelligence and Lease in terms of its ability to affect change its environment bright and we assume that if something can reach this point here that it's reach that point somewhere else but not necessarily well it would be different but somewhere it had to have been the first place and why would it be here in James Fallows new book

► 02:37:15

he's talking about I think it's Dakota and there's some river that goes through Dakota and I'm one side of the river the culture is one way on the other side of the river the cultures and other way even with all of our modern Communications Technologies there are still differences and the universe of life and we only know of Life on one planet is constantly stretching out fingers into on use territories it's constantly taking its doing the opposite of entropy it's totally taking chaff and garbage and stuff that seems like it would have nothing to do with life and turning it into pistons and pillars and fuel for life for example we humans right now you're under the influence of another end of the world religion looking forward to different kind of paradise it's called environmentalism and it says that we humans are causing climate change

► 02:38:15

Douglas this is a little silly we humans may be contributing to climate change the climate change has been the norm on this planet for 4.5 billion years this is one of those sacred science subjects that's almost like you're not allowed to talk about the ancient Scrolls belief system because of things we've done because we've sin right and if we simply sacrifice to the goddess of nature to Gaya the universal go back to being a stable a climatic lease a Garden of Eden well I got news for you this this planet has never been climatically stable in the very beginning it wheeled around its axis once every 6 hours that means we pick any point on the surface it was in out this poisonous stuff called radiation for 3 hours then it was yanked into darkness which is equally destructive and the temp

► 02:39:15

would go up a minimum of 86 degrees every whoops up and down 86° every 3 hours that's climate change plus it was on a tilt and it was rotating around the Sun and as it rotated the climate went through hideous changes over this is all way in the past when people are concerned with what are roll and what impact human races doesn't matter what we need to be after is climate state if we really want the climate to be the way it wasn't 1650 before the Industrial Revolution that's a human choice

► 02:39:47

that's biogenic in origin and we need to acknowledge that that's what we have decided and now we're going to develop climate stabilization to my questions why is it such a secret subject if you what you just said even just questioning for a moment and saying environmentalism is a type of religion climate denihilist you could be labeled with that would love to break it down in a very simple one-sentence statement and call you on our climate denial is life climate change denial that son of a bitch in the next thing you know if people repeat that do not have any and nobody will want to sign you anymore for a book on transfer anything bright any complexity or context in in what you're trying to say they don't write the dicetyl Nuance of what you trying to express Puyallup there's a blunt knew once we have to develop climate stabilization Technologies of taking her Madonna the atmosphere is a carpet stabilization technology then so be it but we have to develop father's be

► 02:40:47

has this this globe goes through ice ages and global warming say it went through answer is in technology yes we have this chemical in our gut cholecystokinin and it only goes off when we eat meat so we're built eat meat and it's a bonding hormone oxytocin it brings people together so if you're having a good meat meal with a bunch of people this is a chemical in your rights that says these are good people stick with them don't tell the vegan so if we were born to meet don't we have claws why don't we have ripping things why don't we have fur to figure out a way to cook it cuz we forgot to make clothes right you got it figured out a way to isolate ourselves from the environment in terms of Housing and you got it all the fire you got it and that means that we were born naked

► 02:41:47

you're naked aids for a reason because we are Homo to Lucas whatever that word would be we are the people of tools and we developed the first stone tool to the best of our knowledge approximately 3.1 to 3.4 million years ago long before we became modern humans so we were born in this peculiar way at that is naked and without claws and without ripping things after we develop the tools it took like fire and cooking what you decided to allow us to have artificial Claus artificial ripping things to cook our meals the big conclusion of a book that I just read on what makes us different from Underworld scientist she's been a real scientist who corrected the standard figure for the number of neurons in the brain from 100 billion to 86 billion by actually counting them

► 02:42:41

she says what made us human was cooking just what you said because when you cook you have you liberate all whole mess of calories and nutrients sources that are not available to a gorilla that's eating leaves and how do we know that because the gorillas born with a potbelly the size of a Franklin stove because it needs a huge digestive apparatus in order to handle those leaves to break them down into food right well when you cook you don't need that huge got now the bacteria that were the it's not able to go very far the gorilla he's certainly can't migrate once but you know you see Jane Goodall and and she is pleading for us to save the habitat of the chimpanzees have you ever seen Jane Goodall pleading for us to save the habitat of baboons

► 02:43:32

never the baboons are the Rats of Africa baboons are extraordinary Lee adaptive their extraordinaire Lee curious they're always finding new environments and figuring out ways to turn them into food

► 02:43:45

chimpanzees don't have that quality the reason we need to save their environment it's because they're so dumb as a group because of collective intelligence of a group of chimpanzees is so low that I only have to do one environment that's the only environment they can adapt to where is baboons we have smaller individual brains have greater Collective smarts to see not baboons have domesticated dogs no dogs crazy yeah hold them hostage and feed them bright and the dogs just kind of learned to hang around while their ideal of hunting companions it sit while we did Once Upon a Time it happened and you could say very easily it wasn't us to tame dogs it was dogs who sang us yeah look how well we treat them hold on to these dogs

► 02:44:45

I'll try to get away always that a puppy in a shoulder it's a puppy on the ground eventually stay with them in these camps but they hold them. It's not killing it not eating it or not but they have somehow or another figured out that if they keep these dogs around long enough the dogs will bark when Intruders and predators in your holidays are crazy absolutely crazy really crazy stuff remember that was we were just looking at baboons baboons have a brain smaller than the brain of a chimpanzee if you ever seen a chimpanzee do that the measure of intelligence ability to adapt okay so let's see how we measure the intelligence of bacteria knowing the bacteria working a group of 7 trillion and have a collective intelligence within that group and they have a collective multi Colony intelligence because they once they develop certain genetic tricks they passed the tracks around and little tiny envelopes for all practical purposes

► 02:45:45

so they're constantly sharing new bacterial tricks so we are told by the environmentalists the new end-times movement that we have used up all the resources on this planet we have vastly overburden to this planet we are eating it out of existence

► 02:46:05

but bacteria are 12 miles beneath our feet right now and they are turning raw rock granite into BIOS stuff now if the task of life is to kidnap seducing recruit as many dead Adams as possible into the grand project of Life who's doing the best job right now who recognizes that for every ounce of living stuff on the planet there are a hundred million ounces of dead stuff waiting to be kidnapped and seduced to recruited into the grand project of Life bacteria get it

► 02:46:40

are bacteria nature you bet your ass so what is nature telling us through these bacteria you have a hundred trillion more ounces of yes hundred trillion more ounces or hundred million more ounces of dead soft for every living outs you got and your obligation on behalf of life is to do with the bacteria are doing kid that's the reason recruit as many dead out of this possible to bring them into the project wife use technology to stabilize the environment that's what we choose yes and that is what we've Chosen and that people are. Regarding it as a choice they were recording it as something imposed on them by a higher Force know I'm sorry yeah Mother Nature is not a higher Force Mother Nature is a bitch mother nature throws every conceivable optional but she can't help it why because our planet in addition to the fact that we are on a tilted axis so we go through a climate change called summer fall winter and spring every single year and it's pretty violent crime

► 02:47:40

and we have a planet that's been ice ball or a snowball Earth twice its history the fact is the planet is on a trajectory on a path on a voyage on a mission that is scarier than the mission of Frodo The Hobbit

► 02:47:57

it is circling the core of the Galaxy approximately every 235 million years and is it as it goes through that long Voyage around the center of the Galaxy it goes through spiral arms of galaxies that change our climate dramatically it gather something like a hundred trillion tons of cosmic dust per year and at certain points it goes through clouds of cosmic fluff the triple the amount of that dust that we gather which changes the climate considerably Yankovic cycle changes the climate every 20 mm 40100 and 10000 years not precisely so yes if we want to stabilize the climate take responsibility for your decision already admit that this is a biogenic decision

► 02:48:55

and then go after climate stabilization Technologies yes try removing carbon from the atmosphere see if it works but in the long haul we are on 12,000 your passage which climate has been relatively stable that's not normal

► 02:49:13

the norm is

► 02:49:15

rapid climate change much more rapidly than we've seen and ice ages and they offer so we better damn well learn these things now when I was in Japan a few years ago in a conference about harvesting solar power in space and transmitting it down to earth which is carbon neutral and a source of such tremendous amounts of power that it defies description there was a blonde from European space agency and she said well if you guys are going to build these giant solar harvesting Farms these five mile by 5 mile race of photovoltaic panels when you see a hurricane heading for Jamaica

► 02:49:54

send out a laser beam lays the outer edges of the hurricane so that you change the heat at a certain point on that hurricane and redirect it so it doesn't hit your makeup so it goes harmlessly out to see well that's the beginning of harnessing these things harnessing disasters as energy opportunities now have we ever done that but what about fire

► 02:50:21

if you've been the first one to start playing with fire your mom would have told you what you see all those dead animals in there that have been roasted and barbecued by this forest fire you want to become one of them put that back where it belongs and fire saved us at the heart of a jet at the heart of a piston and piston of a car what do we have explosions explosions that's one of the most devastating catastrophes we can imagine and explosion what causes this very rigid and it's not that I don't want to say scientific Dogma but Dogma in terms of the way you're allowed to talk about climate change well is there a certain aspects of science that are religion because we science people are built with the same supernormal responses in us that the Flying Saucer people have in them and that the Christians who still believe in the coming of the kingdom of God you can't debate this is not something like even when I said so far as it is outside

► 02:51:21

people getting great you well one person did that was an astronomer who would going up to Canada for God knows what reason he wrote that book on the evolution of the cosmos I thought it was brilliant my friend Eshelman Jacob my colleague who was the head of the physics department at the University of Tel Aviv and the head of the physical Association in of the association of all physicist in Israel were they have some pretty good physicist sad we will talk to you he's very open guy and when I got hold of Lee I forgot his last name but you would recognize it least sent me a note saying well it's a pleasure to meet you but that article that you aren't in the Wall Street Journal about climate was unfortunate that you would something a little harsher than that meaning you have sinned and and I watch this movement developed from the beginning and it developed by using Conformity enforcers will that Al Gore movie tipped it over the top helps a lot

► 02:52:21

truth.. Just people at they realize they had mean if you want a virtue signal you get on board well what really put the environmental movement on the map was worse day and the guy who pulled that off really pulled off an amazing PR stunt that was just an astonishing PR stunt and yes yes because of the 1950s when I was the head of the program company of my high school I programmed in a guy who talked to us about what was being done to whales and the pictures were horrifying this guy was a giant he was about six foot two and I mean dogs days that was really really tall and he was most severe person I've ever met he walked in without acknowledging me I had blocked him at all he had a frown on his face that was unbelievable

► 02:53:13

he walked out with that same serious Brown uncompromising without saying goodbye without saying thank you without any of the normal social graces and he didn't have a name for what he was doing conservation was the name of what he was doing back then and it was Earth Day that put another word on the map environmentalism and that got environmentalism into first grade and second grades and fourth grades when kids wrote in imprinting age when their brains are literally leaving fashioned around some of the key things that they absorb at that age we talked about impressionable we're talking about a certain element of the morphology of the brain that wraps itself around certain things and then never lets them go and environmentalism was built to get into the brains of young people and never leave and eventually environmentalism developed its own end of the Earth

► 02:54:07

scenario you tried to develop on an 1968 when Paul Ehrlich who is a butterfly specialist said that by 1980 which remember 1968 was 12 years away so that's like my talking about something that will happen in 2003 single long ways away and he said by 2008 1980 we would get to the point where there's so many people on the planet that we have to stand on each others shoulders there would be no room for us we would vastly outstrip the carrying capacity of the environment mini the food supply would run out it would not be able to keep up with our population growth and as a consequence in the early 1980s people would die by the hundreds of millions and India and China and even the United States now runner back to those days Joe I don't know if you know the history of it you were probably born after it but I did remember all the hundreds of millions of people dying in India and China and the

► 02:55:06

how did States remember how your parents out of stand on each others shoulders in order to find room to live and I don't recall that you don't I just think that's wrong with you I don't understand exactly and so now its climate change and originally it was global warming and then they smartened up to the fact that they better cover their ass just in case we had an Ice Age instead of warming and glass what is the planet of global warming and climate change this one big-time so they are right and they are wrong we need to do these climates stabilization Technologies we must I mean we've been doing them you said it best we've been doing ever since we invented the fur coat which allowed us to get out of Africa and go to Forest ends of Asia when we were still far from being humans modern humans that the technology of the cave and Beyond. The technology of the hot

► 02:56:07

always our climate stabilization Technologies on a small scale now we need to do climate stabilization technology on a big Soul scale know that does not mean that we have to put salt water droplets into the atmosphere to keep the song from warming the surface of the Earth that we so stupid it's ridiculous it's not a reversible move but if you have a laser from harnessing space solar power and you use it to redirect hurricanes you can see what work the first time and try something different the second time the third time until you perfect it you can't do that with sulfur dioxide the droplets in the atmosphere is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard of my life but that's the first solution technological solution come out of all of the climate people smells but we need to do what they're talking about we just have to take ownership of a problem we got to wrap this up this is a conversation we really appreciate it having a great deal of fun so if you need me in the future you can get me on the phone which

► 02:57:07

how I do Coast to Coast let's do it that we had a very seldom very seldom, my own dime here and I would be happy to fly out if you want to come while I would love to come look like I would never say no to a conversation with you let's do it again fell right we shall appreciate

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we're going to start things off with my good friend Robin black does some fantastic MMA breakdowns going to talk about some upcoming fights and all kinds of shit Ben Greenfield will be on tomorrow as well oh shit Wednesday the Great and Powerful George St-Pierre that's right motherfukers and then on Thursday Michael Pollan fantastic author who has a new book out on psychedelics that should be a wonderful read and Greg I've talked to him really really excited talk to him as well so I'm up this week so we'll see you then bye to everybody