#1273 - Ron Funches

Mar 26, 2019

Ron Funches is a comedian, actor and writer. His new special "Giggle Fit" is available now to download via Comedy Central, Amazon, and iTunes.

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and shinya Aoki so tune in to see how both compete in their inaugural one debut and make sure you stream a new era Sunday March 31st on Bleacher Report live so you can stream all of One championship belts live on Bleacher Report live my guest to take is a hilarious comedian there's a super nice guy and I see him at The Comedy Store all the time and so please give it up for the Great and Powerful mr. Ron funches

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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woodlife is it working oh my Jesus in your man pretty sure we're talking about people getting a getting emotional on stage of people get angry on stage that it shows the audience can feel it you can say the exact same words and with with like a fake anger as were saying like Brody was really good at like he had he would fake be mad at you and it was Lewis Black yes you can see those exact same words just like a smile to it right you were saying that it there's an odd or hint hint of an odd that is a little Wayne that let you know that this isn't this is a joke about the thing they're mad at yes you know we all see those set sometimes in like someone's recently broken up with somebody

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and you can say something funny but like is to Fresh is too real and people just don't want to hear it makes you feel uncomfortable we were talking about how weird it is that you could actually have something that sounded so similar to that but we could tell the difference like with the exact same words with enthusiasm just something's off about something soft. That you know it's funny versus something's off battle we know the person serious and a person like I was we were just saying try to explain that to someone who doesn't understand English it doesn't understand human communication I feel like what how can you tell when you know it's fake intent behind the word yes body language imposter is in comedy so deep I love about it for sure yeah I mean

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what we're trying to do is convey intent or trying to figure out a way to sneak ideas into your head where maybe didn't see the punchline comment yeah it's it's a very strange like what one of the strangest ever suck cuz it's always said it's almost like a form of mass hypnosis do you feel that sometimes I can give me all the sudden you're in the groove yeah a lot of ways it's one of them is a fresh start in my acting class I will talk about that with with my acting coach and I feel like there's a point like if I said really going well where I'm in the present moment of enjoy saying these words but at the same time I'm I'm in the future thinking about what's coming next time surveying everything is going around me and I'm also still kind of like judging my

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Alfalfa what just happened to this thing happens when you're kind of like time traveling in a way where you don't exist so from that it when you said it's going really well that's the thing that my girlfriend and I talked about it that you can hear the set to hear these jokes you can see someone set multiple times but they're really good often times you don't remember the joke like how many times people go back and quote a joke to you and they've got it half wrong because they've heard you a thousand times but they don't they got the joke half wrong because you've hypnotized they don't even remember you know yeah or some people remember shit you don't remember anymore that's a weird one and tell me a bit when is that from 2014 and I don't even remember that

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I'm coming from 13 years is now now I'm getting the point where I like that I tried two or three years ago now works yeah I remember that that time you what you're essentially a PhD in comedy when you get 10 years in like if you have do real 10 hard years of comedy and then after that it seems like some some guys didn't mean it all depends on the artist right but some guys have their best work like 15 16 years in there just starting to catch the groove and figure out what it is it all cuz it's it's only understood by the people who practice it it's it's understood in a way by a lot of people who are comedy fans but that's similar to like me being a fan of music I don't know shit about music but I know what I like I know it went sounds good yeah I literally don't understand any of it so I think there's those kinds of people to

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comedy is such a great when your peers what's one thing I loved about doing my special other than like people singing it being able to like I wanted to just make some put something out at all he's done like small little things are guested on people's things and I was like oh I been doing comedy over 10 years and I'm show a lot of potential I want to present and when I put it out and in people's reaction was great but my peers is what really made me happy that what I would get text from this was your our this is you presenting who you are completely when people can see the stuff behind it when it's not just like joke punchline joke punchline when people can see like oh you set this up you did this ride your structure is right and then you just for yourself that's what really

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make me happy and comedy yeah you're a funny dude man I enjoy watching you I've watched you quite a few times The Comedy Store now in the main room very very funny man it's cool to see a guy like you put something down its representative of you real you real stand-up what you're capable of doing it's a nice group to be a part of man and you sound like you think about it a lot like I really appreciate that when people think about like what it is we're doing how do you do it right on paper do you write with a typewriter or do you just write with just have ideas and just keep working on them text you no more efficient than a hunter like I'm not constantly like oh I need to write this down if everyday I have the structure but I'm constantly like I try to make my house that we were constantly always joking around with each other there's no folks everywhere there's like a little bowls of like with Post-it notes for me whenever I ideas

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I tried catch it and then I have to make sure that I work on it you know that becomes a different just constantly keeping myself and motion so that I don't get stagnant I don't just do the same 1015 over and over again. Click know that's why I think especially my first moved out here it was always about like how I got to show these people that I'm good so I got to do my best work my best work and I did that for about three months and I'm like oh I don't have anything in the kitchen I don't have any backup you know I haven't been building anyting up and so I learned very quickly I think I'm having a like follow people who are completely not like me stylistically having to follow people who I grew up watching you know I did not the other day where I had to follow it was Sebastian and then Ron White and then me and then I was like others know I'm confident in myself some people know me but when it comes to that

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I'm the bottom of the totem pole and we'll know it's 3 and I have to go out there and just show them that like I'm capable I'm not going to mess up the momentum here I'm just as funny as he people you just don't know me you haven't met me yet that's the thing then listen to a lot like this rappers all the time but like this rapper 2 Chainz where he said like I just had to wait for for the fans for the game to learn what I already knew and that's where I'm starting to feel now a new copies of like I know I'm good I just have to wait for people to to catch up on my way and I don't if they don't they don't they do find this very Jazz of you remember that

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I mean it's hilarious now and see how many states have legalized it in full disclosure Ron I smoke marijuana was young Jamie before this podcast finally slowly being removed the 90s when I start exploring first start smoking weed I guess it was not even the 90s I was like 98 or 99 somewhere around then I want to start smoking weed and your drug addict you were drugged out of marijuana user wrong with you man get your shit together they put the stuff on the screen when it was going on how many marijuana does it take to overdose

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Sammy Sammy the amazing quote whatever hashtag pot to blame Tyler 2015 as prices in his account but yeah I think 2015 I don't know whoever made me laugh my ass off. That's funny that's why I fit health-conscious person wearing about weed she just a crazy person she was like Paula Deen but she couldn't cook food

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marijuana don't kill you Ron funches people still like that there's a lot of people they get the soccer weed moms and everybody's like all that school and then you still get that like I did a podcast other day in the first comment or like either a bad job you know I could have just done a bad job you would have been so weird it's all true I just have to go to this place to Englewood Wellness Center so it's kind of in the hood area a little bit sketchy and then we're going there

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within a year or two later the guy who ran it got shot and robbed there

► 00:17:12

so that's how dangerous weed was cuz you had to do it on cast it wouldn't let Banks use checks it wouldn't I wouldn't accept checks and credit cards so everything was weird even though it was a medical and it was legal you had to get it through nefarious ways and then slowly but surely the stigma start to erase what how do you feel you're wise man how do you feel I should have qualified that I felt like I set you up

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what do you think about making all drugs legal do you think that that would ever happen and given what we know about Prohibition sounds like an interview given what we know about Prohibition like how bad it was for alcohol and I popped up the organized crime and caused a lot of problems

► 00:18:03

do you think it would be a wise thing to make all drugs legal

► 00:18:08

that's a tough question for me I think that's I think you have to start I guess that's really trying to give people a lot of credit about their intelligence and their decision making right and that's what you're trying to leave toys that the that the individual is very intelligent and they're going to make their decision no matter what and that if I put any stigma to I just like you know like you know prostitution things like that you're pretty you're just adding extra jail time after obstacles extra life-threatening situations and you also penalizing people for their own life choices instead of propping up organized crime LOL as well as brother prop propping up organized crime but if you seen the effects of drug addiction which I've had on occasion you is hard to go like yeah you know I 100% agree so it's it's not that clean now I don't think that would be my answer is I don't think it's that clean I think that it is a case-by-case basis what do I think

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marijuana should be legal I have absolutely do I think that you should necessarily the lights heroin no I don't think so I don't think so either but I think

► 00:19:18

I think that's a real problem with infant televising adults

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but the real problem is like if you are 25 years old or older and you decide you want to try cocaine who's who's why why can they say you can't do that why says who says ooh Why is it a white wine if you catch me with that can you put me in a jail grows from the ground is a plant they take that plant a process that they turn into cocaine they still use it legally for lidocaine and medical grade cocaine they still use it for the flavor of Coca-Cola they still use the leaves they still use the plant like what says I don't even do Coke but who the fuck do you think is making money selling Coke because there's a lot of coke it's the one thing that's completely wrong for Saturday to go in Miami and there's so much money did you see Cocaine Cowboys the guy who directed it was on the podcast yesterday

► 00:20:24

is new documentary called screwball about Alex Hernandez and steroids in baseball

► 00:20:34

A-Rod how to say friend that it was here that got no that's an errand that's the way it is the guy from the Patriots make the murder my apologies Alex Alex Rodriguez and this guy made a documentary called Cocaine Cowboys and it's all about how crazy during the big cocaine days Miami watts and I one year the entire graduating class of the sheriff's Academy the police academy whatever it was they either were murdered or they were arrested for corruption the whole everyone the entire class or the entire graduating year like ever it was a wild west chaos and there's all these Pirates bringing in millions of dollars worth of coke and they had bags of money buried in their backyard it's fucking crazy I think it's great man it's great it's a two-part series of it says there's two parts

► 00:21:34

Black Mafia Family you have you ever watch any documentaries about them don't that makes me always interested what did they do cocaine Outlet in the early 2000s out of Atlanta and they transits at one point they were running like most of the south-south he's had by this dude named Big Meech and then they decided like we should legalize and get into a rap but they had never done anything like that before and they were very blatant about it so that all of a sudden they did they have this thing it where they are introduced interviewing police officers and it had this big billboard when you would landed and Lana that would go food that would just say BMF we own the world and they were just out there and they would throw these big parties with tigers and stuff and they only had one recording artist so it was just like they weren't good at pretending not to be drug dealers

► 00:22:34

cancel it it's very interesting to me well that whole rap businessman I mean stop and think about rap music other than some country and I mean really small amount of country with talk about murder and Men you know I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die few Johnny Cash me some Merle Haggard Waylon Jennings maybe some some of those songs but when you get to like NWA you have a totally different level of aggression you know when you get to Ice T's body count when he was doing that hard metal shed New Zealand fuc the police or I'm a cop killer I mean it's either NWA fuc the police or Iced Teas I'm a cop killer never heard anything like that before talking about real Anger from real place

► 00:23:34

Los Angeles at a horrible time when in LA Police corruption and then what's crazy is in it goes the other way right back during it and then wrap becomes all these fake stories of like I murdered all these people I have all this money and it and now it's just so far gone that is it it's hard to find that mean now my favorite I'll tenta crap is like people who are alike all you know I can't find my Wi-Fi password or is there are people to talk about raising their kids now and wrap my toe here for real

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you know today was a good day

► 00:24:26

like today was a good day I mean is that is like a classic example of someone taking the art form and completely switching it up and slowing it down and make it casual and relaxed and celebratory and that's when the same dude the same dude from NWA it's a wizard of a right or to his is lyrics fantastic you know there's like when there's lyrics in my mind when it comes to Hip Hop lyrics and there's Nas Nas does that Backwards song you know he's going to act like everything is so it's like like a practiced like Orchestra you know as opposed to just being rhymes like that it's sometimes he puts things together so so interesting Lee you know he got his own special sort of appreciation for things yeah he's also very smart man has to be best if he invest a lot tech companies he does a lot of

► 00:25:26

big and that investment why is young twenties when he wrote that is a 23 when that song came out that's incredible his dad was like a jazz musician so I think he grew up around the culture of creating things and being an artist he's got that feel to it because I go to a hybrid you know in terms of it is like Jazzy rap sort of like almost like a classical trained musician / rapper in terms of like how he constructs things I didn't see Hamilton do you say it but a lot of people at once with anything where a lot of light that makes why white people get into rap I go to find out for me

► 00:26:10

I want to know any rap about the president's this one thing that like white guys have managed to infiltrate certain elements of red-bellied it's such a small number of like legitimately respected white rappers what's the number

► 00:26:28

Eminem of course Eminem Kid Rock in a rapper who knows isn't Rob Macklemore and sister and I used to love That I Used to Love bass they were fun raps occasionally I would think you would call himself more of a musician now you still Jump Around Jump Around came in and showed us and he did some stuff with be real and some other guys what do they call it was his last project

► 00:27:13

shout out to that project will find it Jamie to find it he's a shit but like

► 00:27:21

porn industry's that's right warporn Industries that's preposterous was crazy name how high do you have to be to come up that name Action Bronson Bronson yeah dude I never seen a man smoke more weed my life and never seen it he just keep going like he just took a picture of the ashtray after it was over so although all the expired blunt looks like the super buddies from that fuckthatsdelicious show your boss that that that guy was old like a legit Chef yeah yeah just that he's a great rapper great Chef Guy Selling paintings now good for him so for a billion dollars that's 1 billion dollars you fux

► 00:28:21

that's a rug with a lot of weed burns on that get that money off of people selling the most ridiculous I went to my agent's house once had this dope place in Aspen I mean this place is crazy I kill Aspen houses like near the ski lodges in shed and on the wall yet this painting and I said his kid make this and then go no that's up and I'll something fucking obscure popular artists I go what is that this is a really expensive piece of shut the fuck up your mess with me like no it was like tissue paper is like different colors it was stuck with glue and like a little piece of paper and some paint on Italy get the fuck out of here with this like what are you doing with that

► 00:29:09

no. That's why I was stunned I thought it was his kid I thought his kid made it

► 00:29:16

maybe I maybe I was dumped by definitely was but a younger and Dumber maybe I'd appreciate it now but I don't think so I appreciate all kinds of art I'd appreciate distorted things but I appreciate like just a bunch of splat you know when a man looks got to have something to it like I talk stuff out of the I get it I got it I mean it's crazy it's only crazy but then you look at you know the classic like look it up you know some Frank Frazetta stuff to know that guy on Fantasy painter from the 19th of December poster of his or a print of one of his works out in the lobby that Conan the Barbarian one with that that monster he's got a sword he was this guy that do he would do all the covers for Conan the Barbarian books

► 00:30:13

just incredible artwork like wild crazy fantasy shit this is your type of Arc when I was a kid man when I was young I wanted was the best his books were incredible is Robert E Howard was this really torture guy who was a guy live with his mom he had a fairly poor health and died suicide music 36 years old but he wrote a bunch of these books about a guy that was nothing like him about a guy who was this just Unstoppable force of nature From the Sleeping Beauty created this place called was Sumerian when it would be called

► 00:30:57

what was the Sumerian was Sumerian is that what it was or Conan Conan the cimmerian right cime the whole world and in this world is like you would like very Games of Throne in a lot of ways original shit like no one to this day has really captured the books in a movie with Arnold was fun as Conan and then Jason Momoa was like a better fit physically like a perfect fit physically more realistic is opposed to like being a bodybuilder but notice or captured like the feeling of the books cuz it looks as if some wild shit and it was all cleared by this one guy was like super depressed or just write these books about this guy who just fucked all these women and child everyone just would just smashed his way through the world and power crazyshit that was all him fighting monsters and demons coming for his soul in ear and for 72 hours and fight tomorrow for the sordid lives

► 00:31:57

this is why what you see one yesterday on Instagram somebody had a clip of a guy and a girl and they're in the middle of the rain the guys making out with the girl and then Returns on their body slams or down to the ground and I was like what you could still do that in pro wrestling you could still fake like fake violence against the chick I didn't know yeah oh yeah lyrics

► 00:32:32

sure that is crazy I saw him do that was like that could not have felt good a lady suck a blow pop up a dude's but recently oh no

► 00:32:42

he didn't want it what is this about it's just his dick you carry when you carry around blow-pop I guess you know

► 00:32:51

Jesus Christ just wrestling well whatever you going to do to sell them tickets oh my God is really sticking it up his ass

► 00:33:07

his mouth oh my God and then side kicks him in the face in the guy's got his pants down that might be the greatest video I've ever seen in my life

► 00:33:17

have the same guy who did the like the thing at the Disco

► 00:33:27

fuck that's crazy shark was chasing a seagull or you can't show it and accidentally ended up in the beach

► 00:33:39

oh my God the guys throwing water on it just grab it you just grab it. No that's dad's dead now

► 00:33:51

they can only last I'll tell us still still breathing a little bit that is crazy that is an ancient fucking feeding machine look at the face on that thing man just stop and think about what a mother fucking nightmare the ocean is nightmare things like that are just roaming around us assholes just going to be monster food now I put my foot in the back out I'm such a pussy when it comes to the ocean I was in Hawaii we went snorkeling divert the water and staring down it was cool we were by this region but all I'm saying is I just need to eat one of these motherfuckers and I'm never getting in this water again before I pass the weight limit that you could go do some diving and I would always tell myself

► 00:34:50

yeah Mitch Hedberg joke about a writing that when he gets plenty idea he writes things down or if he's lazy he has a salary

► 00:35:05

how did you lose the weight I really just changed my guy trainer that was a big part of it and my diet and exercise at all and eight multiple Philly cheesesteaks a day to a guy who eats a bunch of boneless skinless chicken breast and protein shakes and now I work at like six times a day why does it seem like I was going to die if I did so what do you do for work now these does back and biceps you know when I'm Rollin and whatnot General weightlifting you do a lot an effect on how you feel how do you feel and how much you tribute to the working out the losing weight or both of them together

► 00:36:05

the diet in and just feeling better nutrition why is it is it is very helpful, but you know what you're doing two shows a night now you know that used to be a thing for me I feel like really tired afterwards and now it's no problem I do a lot of voice overs and and other little things and sewing I'm always bouncing around from going on the weekend and coming home and then have to go to voice over on Monday morning and taking care of my son to help him with his homework and just being able to do that and not being like I got to go pass out I'm tired that's the really though the biggest deal being able to take on more so then I'm able to make more money so I was carrying my daughter around my shoulders at a time so I just get carried around she's 63 lb and while she's on my shoulders after you know 40 minutes or so of that like it's fucking rough like it starts really hurting an axe to get really tired

► 00:37:05

and how to put it down and then I was thinking like how crazy is that there's a lot of people that just carry that much extra around with them all the time they're always carrying around an extra 60 lb and you don't think it's that much of a deal until you don't have it and then you walk with it yeah you know when you realize like and it's even if it's not that like when a kid sitting on your carry all the weight they actually make a yum a thing there's a company called the Outdoorsman they make a thing called Atlas pack it's like a backpack frame but the back of it is like one of those weight lifting post so you could slide in Olympic barbell or Olympic played on into play to give you put as much as 90 pounds on it clampus thing down and that it's sitting more on your hips it's way easier to carry stilts fights fucking sucks man walking around with just 45 extra pounds in a box sucks

► 00:38:05

these are hurting I didn't play football I never did anything like that money shouldn't be hurting and just knowing it before when I was just doing stand-up to do it and then think I was going to be successful it didn't matter I was just like I'm just living for today give me free pizza give me whatever things are happening I still don't even really know what I'm doing let me know if I give myself a better chance to take care of my health take care of my body let me see how far I can push these yes but she's skills you know and then it became more about not wanting to waste opportunities that's very cool that's cool I like that so your love of stand-up

► 00:38:53

made you sort of concentrate even more on your own body not crazy like Not Your Love of yourself not you love of your body like course like this is you have to go to number what you do in your life you're going through it with your body but it was you love stand up to me like Cuyahoga do something about this fucking body like crazy yeah stand up love of fashion and all your shirts guide dogs on them and you know I don't want that anymore yeah it's like getting to a triple XL I'm happy whenever anybody does anything that the benefits are health and whether it's for whatever your motivation is the end result is always good it's always good matter what motivations positive or negative if you want to prove somebody wrong you know or you just want to do just do better have a better path you know it's

► 00:39:53

so attainable for so many people so many people could at least be way healthier at least have way more energy at least I understand that not that feeling just being like all day and every time I cheat like burgers and fries and and and like milkshakes and shit like that if I really go off the deep end with my diet I feel like dogshit I feel terrible it hits me and then I realize this is how a lot of people feel all the time half a burger and was feeling so sick and I was like man I used to live like this every meal my body is just a test of what your body is capable to adapt to it you know but I want you to start going the other way and started really getting healthy and you really in your body because more sensitive to it you really are like oh I prefer not to

► 00:40:53

you know you still have that balance. Have fun there something wrong with an ice cream or something like that every now and again some sort of a dessert that's it really it's the they just think that your body has to be accustomed to getting what it needs that's what it is and for too many people to running on nutrition deficit so when your body just not getting it and what it needs for long periods of time then you develop chronic inflammation and all sorts of other problems and this is what people really suffering from you know there's they're suffering from a nutritional deficiency is probably lasted for years they probably never if you know some people they just did Goten 15-20 years without even thinking about their dying as you do dogshit you just eating stuff that doesn't have enough nutrients and your body just starts to get weaker there's no way around it and if you just just turn that salads eating healthy fission and and you know some healthy meat and just take some vitamins to take some vitamin supplements real simple

► 00:41:53

sketch sucks multivitamins can you sound like a whole thing at athletic greens or something like it get your fucking Health Online and once you do you like

► 00:42:04

this is all I had to do and I'm disbursing now mentally so much better much clearer much happier much happier if it's to the point where people poison their bodies to get mouth pleasure and it's constantly pushed in your face everybody always knows cheeseburgers 50 Cent salad like five $6 you know is you have to make that effort you have to be able to want to cook at home and it's not it's not easy and then that's what I think

► 00:42:41

we become as a society less cool and less appreciative of effort you know yeah but this also there's something really annoying about people that want you to eat healthy and you're having a burger and fries out of it and some asshole next use got kale with shaved pecans and talking shit about your diet while they're pouring fresh olive oil on top of the shity salad come on man leave me alone

► 00:43:18

you know either one why I enjoy something gross as long as the the majority of your diet is really healthy and you can get in those fuck off days it doesn't matter that your body will bounce back just don't don't put it in a deficit yes the Ho Chi Minh coming from and that's why I have to I have to keep reminding myself cuz I get frustrated when I'm at the like these parties or whatever and see up food everywhere and crafts everywhere and I might have to stay or focus on this diet cuz I'm like I'm 36 now and I want to make sure that I'm at my healthy is in that pipe

► 00:43:58

return this data set when I'm 40 and I'll because that one day at natural aging process cakes and I don't want to be like kicking off still being your own to 30242 from 220 lb I want to be like 200 and be able to Kohl's to be a high old man old man yes to maintain to then it is to like it if you're in your 50s and then you start working out that is hard and it's really hardly it's hard for me when I get out of shape like if I get hurt or something like that I take a couple weeks off if that's how you feel I like woah it's way harder to bounce back way hard work twice as hard as it was when I was younger but you got to be disciplined to stay on the horse yeah that's what I've been trying to do now is I think you know when you're younger or 22 teens or whatever you don't want to listen to anybody sell

► 00:44:58

all my friends are 50 years older and they're like hat you need to do this now because no one cheat meal for me is two weeks of work yeah

► 00:45:09

do you do anything like athletic that's fun like that's one way to get good workouts in like if you play a game you like tennis tennis very fast-paced people like doing that gives a good card like Townsend tennis boxing count in the boxing to look anything mean to have to box a person I don't recommend you do but this but just hitting a bag it's like it's really too interested in the boxing I tried to pro wrestling for a little bit I went to pro wrestling school taking Jujitsu or I thought you could but you're a smart guy I think you'd figure it out pretty quickly it's it's it's a very unusual thing because you think of people look if you thought of someone who just does Jiu-Jitsu you think like a like a jock itch type person but the majority of them that are really good or really nerds

► 00:46:09

he born at all like they're similar to me that is kind of like The Other Side of Me video game nerd I mean I mean it with all due respect that there is some in there in a lot of ways with some things but they are there they're very like Jiu-Jitsu Geeks they're like people that are obsessed with anything else whether it's music or video games or physical therapy wires you to have a deep understanding of all the potential moves it's very complicated in terms of like your ability to when you when you're rolling with someone like say if I roll with a guy and I know he's like a brown belt or a black belt or something like that we're having an argument conversation with techniques in the more of the 12 vocabulary you have and the stronger you use of those words are as particular the basic words the better your chance of winning the argument that's what it's like almost like this

► 00:47:09

really complicated debate with physical leverage and I feel like that kind of reminds me of your style it definitely it like it's like a lot of what I try to do is like figure things out in the in a joke form that what's that like that's what I'm trying to do over the last few years I think so in that sense it is kind of similar because you try to figure something out like it's it's like a puzzle like there's I know there's some juice in this puzzle like how do I how do I turn this into a bit why do I think this is funny what do I think I can say out of this that's funny and also people do that and so in that sense yeah it's kind of like to put it on so it's very humid it's humbling very humbling cuz you getting strangled and you like you just power

► 00:48:09

I just know you don't like my instructors Jean Jacque Machado he's very famous Jiu-Jitsu black belt world champion super nice guy one of the nicest guys in the planet but every time I would just like a it's a matter of time before he catches me with something it's just it's not whether or not I'm ever going to catch him that's not going to happen it was just a thought to such a total different world and a lot of that is his deep knowledge and understanding something in you being a smart guy I think you'd get into it because you love pro wrestling so it's like there's like at least you have a mindset for watching guys do things to each other and manipulate each other which is half of what's exciting about pro wrestling right some guy pulling off some crazy move even if it's working it's still a crazy thing these guys are pulling off on each other together my problem is I know they're getting hurt

► 00:49:09

and then not even really fighting right I mean it's there hitting each other for sure it's all real and they do it way more so keep watching a guy who's fighting in the UFC they have practices that they can control so if they know that they have a hurt you know back or hurt foot and they'll put Shin InStep hats all I'm they won't they won't kick still do things with a workaround whatever injury they have with her when they're in the camp you can't do that when dudes are throwing you some you got a bad back and some guys fucking picking you up okay well you know the other job that's what moves but I do really like your point about these they can take some time off you definitely make an agreement with each other don't slam in my back is fucked but those guys get beat the fuck up talking to Dallas Page and Jake the Snake two guys have had on the podcast with Trump

► 00:50:09

especially Jake stories fucking crazy man when he tells you his story and what a nice guy. Big giant nice man like just genuinely friendly and and happy that everything's going well for him now

► 00:50:24

crazy but that's a rough business is my point like way rather like real grappling I feel like real grappling for like if I was going to tell person like what will be safer for your body I think pro wrestling harder on you

► 00:50:43

I can see that you watched some of that stuff with knowing what you know now about brain damage and knowing what you know now about is that it's not even concussions necessarily as much as it sub-concussive trauma the does knock you unconscious but just rattled your fucking head and the repeated impacts of those those guys are getting it all the time all the time cuz I watch some older wrestling in it really makes me cringe has it got a lot of guys taking all these chair shot straight to the face straight to the face that's all Ken Ken Shamrock sound like a gunshot is crazy

► 00:51:22

dude what is it about people getting smacked in the head Tom Segura has been sending me these Russian slap championships his videos have you seen this yet oh my God these guys stand in front of each other and smack each other in the face full clip

► 00:51:39

but some of them are doing a terrible job they're hitting with their finger in my finger and then there's other guys that are basically doing like a ridge hand strike to your the clipping guys on the chin like this and they fall through that looks like a slap but this is not a slap this this is like a karate chop their like going like that to the head mean it's way harder and then some guys are like a Bas Rutten Palm strike they're hitting like this the doing like a right hook to the head like that brutal knocked unconscious I like to see it but just with like older black moms

► 00:52:23

do used to be the dumbest thing ever it was called like xarm and they would take these guys arms together and let them have an MMA fight what it was an MMA fight / arm wrestling competition and they were taped together it sounds so stupid you can't imagine that Not only was it real but that the guy who created it was one of the original creators of the UFC like it's such a crazy idea they just went for it man look they tape these people together their arms of taped-together the can't even move away and then when they say go they start fighting armbars Sky foxes guy's arm up to he broke his arm on the table 100% if that guy keeps pulling on that thing he gets his arm snapped I don't know if he actually broke her right there but if the way the leverage of that tables that guys getting kicked in the fucking head was tied to that guy's arm it's crazy pin his arm

► 00:53:23

or tell him to win what what didn't work me didn't last but that's real this is the other one chess boxing this is a legit one too I think they box first and then they play chess right

► 00:53:43

I think it goes back and forth so that you going back and forth that's a good move

► 00:53:49

but seriously if you need to tell you what do you win

► 00:54:02

who that's also be really fun if there is people who are horrible at fighting but really good at chess just lay down to chest why do they have headphones on focus focus people probably say it looks like the fight was first yeah

► 00:54:33

by the way Nitro to probably isn't even a real move I just said some numbers and some letters I don't understand anything when it comes to playing chess out loud guy that was in prison prison he learned how to play chess with his words you know with it it was just in his head and he was at this place that we used to play pool at White Plains New York to call Executive Billiards classic old school pool closed it down or something like that or something but this guy was playing with this kid who is like a world champion chess player and his kid would come by and play pool is really young kid like like 15 16 years old and the two of them were sitting there playing chess with each other by just saying you know night to Queen to or you know whatever the fuck means and the guy would go stand there go up to the six Bubba Bubba and they would go back and forth

► 00:55:32

I was like why are you so I can imagine what they're seeing what are they singing their head are they seeing like these things move around in three dimensions are they looking at it as a grid how are they keeping track where they're fucking piece is it was humbling very humbling that I do not have what was interesting to me too cuz there's a very young man that goes like 23 or 24 I got to see how fucken smart this guy was Getty still wound up in prison because someone smart doesn't mean they won't go to jail to things I saw talking to that guy and he was in the middle of the game once and he was gambling with this guy and this is the guy from prison was like super smart guy very sharp guy and he was talking to the guy was playing you said dude my wife told me if I don't get home by 10 she wants a divorce

► 00:56:28

and 10 rolls around and yells out I guess I'm getting a divorce is like 2 hours later it was hilarious he just he he said like as a started playing my wife's husband to come home by 10

► 00:56:45

those are weird times man growing up in like a suburb of Boston which was a really nice place I grew up in this place called Newton like real quiet quaint little Community to go from that took the city pool halls of New York was really weird for me very very educational I got to see all these like Street Hustlers I got to hang around with these guys be friends a lot of homeless guys like I had guys that were like a pool players that one up staying on my couch and nowhere to go you know a couple of them and one of them who became my best friend this guy named Johnny but it was like a week all these weird places gambling that is weird strange places with these guys who like these semi professional players playing for hundreds thousands of dollars just be a big crowd of guys all gathered around if you want to in the morning and I'll be thinking these guys have these are older than me men like they don't have families like what are they doing this is a whole separate culture

► 00:57:45

you know when it was in a lot of a lot of ways was very underworld e i was obsessed with the two men just want to play pool all the time I wasn't very good but the guy that was a very good I was around a lot of cats are very very very good and you got to see like the excitement of these wasn't just excitement around

► 00:58:09

and that they were playing this game for a lot of money was also the excitement that we were bending the rules we're all just a bunch of men hanging out at the Smoky place at 1 in the morning on a Wednesday in the end everyone is in it together we're all just in some way deranged Darryl Lix you know some weirdos from society the configure their way to be able to be at this place at 1 in the morning on a Wednesday like why the fuck are you here man I told ya responsibilities no one there had to be a responsibilities everyone there was some sort of either a professional Gambler or they had like some one of the guys was a fireman who they would do would put them on the 24 hour shifts and they have a couple days off and just come to the pool hall and hang out watch guys Campbell when stand-up know yeah man that's one of the reasons why I fit in there from stand up you know like starting to stand up from twenty one that runs pool hall guys

► 00:59:09

23 or 24

► 00:59:16

too many people out there think that there's like only one way to live your life like there's a there's a bunch of ways to live life there's a lot the whole lot of world and everybody wants you to think that their way of living life is the way you should go about it too real tricky because they all want like the sort of confirmation bias they want they want you to confirm it when it looks more like a confirmation desire they want you to confirm that they're doing the right thing she would become happy and you know they did come up to you and they go hey man I'm really really excited that you you told me how to do it this way because now I'm just living my life much better thank you very much people love to hear that I am with my life the right way you want me I told them I would have never got here if I listen to people you know to possible they don't even know what they're saying people give you advice when they're absolutely not sure what they're saying they just subtract they practice on you they get sometimes people give

► 01:00:16

vicence real sometimes people of great advice sometimes we were really mean well and sometimes people just practicing you know they said they're only going by their life experience so that's one thing I learned from that Chris Jericho another wrestler where he was just like you don't listen to unsuccessful people because they don't know how to do it why would they tell you course they're going to tell you you can't do it because they couldn't do it a successful person will tell you you can do it most people I know like if you tell someone that I had one go try, do you know if you want if you have the balls to get up there and do it are going to support you you know

► 01:01:02

and there's displaying those people out there

► 01:01:05

I'm both sides there's plenty of people out there that will give you good advice and really care and you know want you to do well in your life and there's plenty of people that don't want to see anybody doing any better than them and they're not doing that well

► 01:01:17

is a lot of that a lot of that that's a sickness that we got to forgive people for cuz I had it when I was a young man for sure and I think many of us struggle with it so I think that made me realize that I was looking at stand up the wrong way and turns are like other people stand up and I was looking at other people stand up is like a comparison to mine in that I was judging who's the best who's doing better that is so stupid like I should just be a fan of comedy and do comedy and so I shifted the way I thought about it so it's instead of like when I would see someone killing I be like I wish I thought of that pit or guys doing so good shit now have to follow him instead somewhere along the line I got to a place where like this is great this is funny like I love the fact that this guy so now I can become a fan of Comedy again instead of like being wrapped up in my own creation of it producing my own stuff

► 01:02:17

not but maybe a year or two ago and the beginning relationship that I'm in now has been very helpful. She's a big fan of comedy and she always wants to watch Comedy and so then I'm always like okay I have to just not because I just have to enjoy these people to your right there are great and an inn

► 01:02:36

I had to learn like I don't want everybody to be doing the comedy that I'm doing are I'm not special I want to see all these different types of styles I think I mean the fact that me and you are in this room together we both respect each other's comedy it in our, worlds apart in Dana you know each other because we both know that what we do you know if I was to try to be like you that would make no sense

► 01:03:08

what are you doing I just need to slow down matter of Kratom a lot of people on that Kratom not that I respect the fuck out of you men and I are out of respect your process do you know you're talking about it as a as an art form as a structure based you know what you use structure things you know how to set things up is so important and we don't have anyone to tell us how to do it we have to kind of like learn from each other and learn from the book The Great to the past that we can you know we can watch but it's in in a lot of ways it's sort of an undocumented art form in terms of the creation of the art form and part of the problem is that everybody has their own way of doing it like that's why I asked you what you write down do you do you type do you just have some some of the best just have ideas and they don't write yet and then they go on stayed a lot and then they work

► 01:04:08

ideas Outlander on stage and they work those ideas on their head and they keep everything in her Hat knows a lot of guys who don't they don't write a just-right in the moment it right on stage ideas made flesh them out and they continue to work on them they just stay active they never have to actually sitting right and there's some of the best and then there's guys who write every day and there's some of the best to do it I think he's just you accept you just have to care and you have to be trying to get better yet it's got to be effort and and not going back in like what I'm trying to do now is is be a little bit more picky cuz I go I like to my special going to go write a joke and I go out your basic doing an extension of what you've already written and we don't don't do that like let's try something new let's go somewhere if you don't have it does just go up there and and relax bit live life a little bit of most materials personal anyway you know I don't really do a lot of topical sofa

► 01:05:08

me to generate material I usually have to be active in life and that things happen to me yes yes yeah I think

► 01:05:19

I think it's really important be around a lot of other people that are doing it really well too and I'm one of the things I really get out of La On Any Given night I can go to store and watch some of the murder you know all the time anyway, I'm one person like six seven eight people killing their own way and you just around that to just get this like extra juice out of that place man you know it get extra juice out of La out of the store a lot of times have the Improv it's like there's just there's so many of us here it's crazy Hive of comedians if you really stop and think about it you know I mean Gene Diaz in and you know a cigar is here that you know you're here D'Elia I mean it's just fucking every week that place is Mom errands here it's like Theo Vons here just it's chaos Sebastian see you all the time all the time yeah I mean

► 01:06:18

it's one of the weirdest places ever in terms of like a hive of comedy and we're so lucky to be in that Hive man vide watching all the shit go down in 2019 you know the time for stand-up yeah that's the thing and then like to bring it up all the time but like when something like what Brody passing happens I have to go like that of all the time and worried about what you're making ends realize that the true GIF is the time that you get to spend with these truly unique Minds you know the people who don't think like me at all people who is IC jokes every day where I go off like how like that was in the air for anyone

► 01:07:05

that's the weirdest feeling right when you like fuck how did I miss that God dammit Tony Hinchcliffe has a joke right now I don't want to give it away but it's it's one of those where he said he doesn't know God I miss that so good Santino's got this bit about candles that I'm like in Austin with him he's great I love him to Jorge Perez to Jorge Perez murdered murdered in Austin city, I wanted to go to the comedy club for a goof I need to do more, clubs it's just such a different thing that such a rich comic do the club as a goof

► 01:07:47

it's like you make a decision what do you want to make a lot of money or have a lot of fun and it's not bad but it's some it's a different Choice it's like the choice of right now for me the choices allow about you're trying to make my ship make more sense and more reps in front of different people and and and more feels more different vibe every time you go in a different place audiences different education theft new people when people are like I was like I want to go to Huntsville Alabama to go to like I want to go to these places that you don't expect to see me and I want to see because I think it would be cool though just bringing people really say why are you here and I want to see that's why I'm going Australia I just wanted to make my, travel and I will I will learn I'll learn how to I'm sure I'll go in there and I'll say something is to American and I'll be like

► 01:08:47

okay for my writing an alternative Americans and I said that a good way like in and they're like a degree nicer than Canadians so I can get a Canadians who it where I say the 20% less douchebags in Canada and the United States you can always find bad people everywhere but then you got people from Australia I think they take that another 10% said one of the nicest people ever they're so nice great man there shows are a chosen for their amazing you know there were there at the appreciate then they know most of our shit you know they understand most references and things that we will talk about it but if you knew a few about them it would we would probably help them relate to but that's it's a weird culture it's it's a place that I would totally live if I didn't live here but I live in America or didn't live in Canada

► 01:09:47

I want to leave America what is it if I did you find a place to visit and then you find those places like to me like Italy is nice to visit her live here but then I go to Amsterdam this is life Portland Portland Portland sort of fashion to solve after that when it became legal to have weed there to write a lot of those places were compare themselves to Amsterdam way back in the day you know it's funny and people would actually go there to get high that's like the very first High destination like people trailer broke going to go to Amsterdam get hard I like going but just for the vibe of what we talked about earlier of no Stigma and there's no like someone if you know if I drop something on the ground where the people are all you Stoners Like That nothing like that I love that feeling it's a dumb thing here that's just a remnant of propaganda and dumb stoners

► 01:10:47

you know I mean there's always that time will you run into someone is too high like a man just fucking up the whole stereotype man you perpetrating sir smoke a bowl and others not coming out of your nose get too high or too weirded out by life and look bro slow down or right now you're okay I know everybody's okay yeah the end it is horrible for everyone and anyone but right now you're okay so if you can't be happy now when you're okay and you're worried about the times we not going to be okay that is madness all right so I got a police off out of Madness and be in the moment and the moment everything is fine it but that's a tight wire walk when you're high as fuck right there so I could I wear when you're sober

► 01:11:35

that's what it is

► 01:11:38

did you see that you did let the dude off the Empire guys I've been with my girlfriend I go to the craziest thing would be if they say he's not guilty cuz then you have to go. Happened what happened what happened did he bribe somebody or did some new evidence come for today at a bad investigation did the two guys that were his Witnesses did they get caught lying about something else you know the witnesses against them they might have caught them lying about something else and I don't know what to do and they have to abandon the case cuz then they obviously know that is a lot these guys lied about something else but I don't understand bro I'm in my guess is maybe the way they were going out to an investigation wasn't really aboveboard and if they if they if he's just like I'm not guilty

► 01:12:38

does evidence they don't have you know that they don't have what they really need to have you know that I don't know the game was going around like

► 01:12:47

okay yeah well then those two Nigerian Maga guys did a tackle it's so fun yeah crazy yeah if you wanted to like a good twist in the movie like this is a crazy scene in the movie crazy music is playing and you see jussie Smollett come out in slow motion please sunglasses on and get in the limo to the music for pulling on a like one ongoing story and one of those Tarantino movies at 4 stores like Pulp Fiction he's one of them can you find out the some behind-the-scenes Shenanigans and shit that led to this

► 01:13:47

is for the longest time Chicago has been thought to be a place that is like a you know like things can happen there you did you can make it happen right is that a fair way to say it I love Chicago I don't want to be disparaging but there's been some some cases of corruption most of our mayor's and stuff go to jail scene in the movie was the scene in the movie where someone's Chicago is the most corrupt big city

► 01:14:27

Illinois 3rd most corrupt state in the country so yeah I don't know man I don't know about Chicago I'll be talking out of my ass you don't tell me what is very hot right now is he is either usually too cold and shooty are very hot and shooting and then spring is delightful shooting

► 01:15:03

the best forever shooting to shooting that's dumb do you think the people I just my opinion or know if you agree I think the people in colder areas like Detroit and Boston Chicago there a different kind of people are hard to your people then people that grow up like in San Diego no disrespect San Diego I'm sure a lot of your heart as fuck but there's like a difference between people that have to shovel snow and deal with that fucking winter and behold up and really be fucking freezing but we haven't come outside and you appreciate the warmth of a nice restaurant or something like that when you walk in from out of the cold it is windy as hell and then you got like aggressive homeless people there

► 01:16:03

I saw the teen it was always like even my walking my walking was too slow for Oregon because I would walk and I take a look back cuz that's how my mom told me to walk and Chicago make sure nobody sneaking up on you yeah and in Oregon they didn't have they didn't have that concern you know

► 01:16:21

fuck that's a weird way for a kid to grow up to man always be worried about Danger

► 01:16:28

who won the stranger things about that is that it's very hard for people to get over that hump it's a very hard for people to just calm down after they've been in a bad environment for a long time you get wired a certain way and even though you're in a new place now everything's calm you're still looking out you're still thinking the ship could go sideways you seen people go sideways

► 01:16:51

yeah yeah that's hard to be in a relationship with me about when it was snowing and you would go outside and it would be you and your anything just want some of my favorite times of living in Boston or Newton why was I live right across the street from the Charles River and there was like this big grassy area from a house and you just look at all the white you just be off thick white snow in a muffled everything that I did look so it was sound insulation for everything you didn't hear shit you know that feeling Jamie Grubb in Columbus you know when you get up like a big snowstorm it's just like sound deadening everywhere there's no hard edges anymore everything is covered with snow

► 01:17:40

feels good to feel good it would feel like this is nice and moist cat food as long as you know is going to go away long as the plows are still running as long as you have either firewood or a backup generator or something sometime. Electricity cuts out and then everyone gets scared and idles up together yeah. Identify Ida to everybody does if you live in a place where it snows at some point in time the power goes out remember these guys in Toronto were telling me their power went out for two weeks and it was fucking crazy cold like in the zeros and below zero and there were doomed mean there's ice everywhere nice May the power lines fall down they had you know like a frozen drain had, and covered everything when I see things are breaking off and power was out and like blocks and blocks and blocks and all these people and fucking the dead of winter in a city where danger scary scary

► 01:18:40

man because you young man fire would you want to replace the burner you're in a goddamn apartment building what you going to do is fucking freezing know what's going to help you phone doesn't work stop talking about is the stuff you think about a lot though right cuz you always talk about that like we were so coddled with and you know our phones out the thin veneer of civilization that's what I think about it but I think about it more than anything is from natural disasters that's what I think about I think about the potential for natural disasters there so it can happen at any moment that end in most people have no preparation for whatsoever they have no idea what they would do

► 01:19:20

it just seems that if you if you paying attention to history at all you know that this happened happens all the time it almost just happened that one that you were you pulled up the other day that happened December some asteroid that blew up in our atmosphere that had five times the power of Hiroshima

► 01:19:38

10 * 10 * the power of Hiroshima blows up in our atmosphere motherfuker man that hits that hit Chicago right in the face that can happen I mean it's happening all over the world before it's at there's a total possibility that we can get hit with a chunk of iron the size of a fucking ocean liner and just slammed into a city and nukes that City that should happens I think that does it bother you or is it make you more free

► 01:20:09

I would lie to you and say it makes you more fruit makes me more free I don't think that's true though I think I definitely makes me sound paranoid but I've thought about that a lot and it's just I'm just being accurate but also I'm a pretty pretty good present yes pretty present to hear you know as much as I can and so if you're here like it if you present and you are aware of all these things it's just a slippery or grip on present because still be present and we're like to live is it going to last this whole thing ain't going to last these people building buildings right next to the goddamn ocean the oceans Rising you know it's a real possibility that rocks are going to slam into this motherfucker any day now or a hundred years from now or 5 years from now on don't know but one day is going to happen it's going to be

► 01:21:02

and the fucking Earth is going to rain for a million years

► 01:21:06

that's what happens

► 01:21:08

nice I mean I'm okay with that cuz it's out of my control in that regard good way to look at it but it's also

► 01:21:17

seems like we're shit because this world seems very permanent this moment seems very permanent life seems very real it's been real my whole life everyday I get up life is real but you know this too shall pass right as I had by having a stable childhood moving around a lot and bouncing around to different schools in different states where I was like I learned very quickly that things are permanent I learned also that things are very relative to whatever area you are and that's what really help me I think how's my voice as a comedian now is that I've learned very young that like

► 01:22:00

what school is very relative to wherever you are you know the things that were cool in Chicago people are not on in Oregon things that cool cool in Oregon or like grease you know how to get beat up in Chicago yeah so I learned very quickly to just be like oh joy what I do I'm just like what I'm about it some really help my life be more peaceful and that way and that's why I let you know 36 year old man who owns the shit ton of wrestling action figures

► 01:22:31

yeah that's half of the life is trying to find the balance between being satisfied and being motivated and being happy and just being against being present you know to find out what you actually enjoy

► 01:22:46

just doing it just to that thing you know those on that you can be over cuz if that's the thing I learned when I was started headlining and then I hear these stories when I was younger when I come Greg Giraldo died Patrice died and I just get these parts where I'm at that's like obviously all due respect to them not as I suppose I don't want to die on the road or like that's not how I want to live my life that I don't want to be found in some hotel somewhere I want Mike my family around me and when people who care about me and in that really made me feel a okay I have to think about more than just like each individual set at start thinking about what I want to give back what do I what do I want to do bigger than that like to do what do I want to do if I just want to do the

► 01:23:46

code for fun if I just want to like I want to move into something else on my son 16 he's going to be going hopefully he'll be going to college soon and I want to be like I want to be able to spend more time with her

► 01:23:57

yeah your life as a a comic you know it's often times I find the guys go through the stages and then the first stage kind of feel like an imposter feel like a fraud and I feel like like you know I'm not really that good at this and then you get to a stage where you feel like a professional please tell your professional then you start to take put more responsibility on you on your work for me I think that's right around 1 and have with me somewhere around ten years and I decided like half a treat this like an actual professional stop fucking off I was I fucked off a lot I went through periods of years why didn't write anything why does it was really lazy and I have the same sex I was doing TV show Shetland sitcom stuff and this wasn't wasn't work on act at all

► 01:24:44

but it's just such a more energized time right now in comedy you know guys like Santino like we were talking about all these guys that are coming up having all this good comedy around you it's almost like

► 01:25:00

I could raise his everybody's vibration like the whole the whole Community like his in the better everybody gets instead of how everybody used to approach it where would is competing against each other and then you kind of like weird feelings when you're on each other now everything's like a different kind of bought it's too healthy competition and one thing I'm really liking is a change of the presentation of people being more cognizant of like I want a present like just dressing up more you know looking nice or not necessarily trying to suit up or anyting but I see more and more posters and more more things where the people are clearly putting work into their graphic design and there are even and I don't speak for for for a female comedians at all but like I'm just noticing at random or where women are being used to be either like I am the hot girl or like I'm just a dude like you don't don't worry

► 01:26:00

I might be hot but you wouldn't know cuz I'm wearing a hoodie you know and now there's more of these women being like I'm just me and I might be hot but that's not a part of that say no and I see that like that but they'll still go out there and put other posters where they're like in a bikini or whatever they're going to take charge of that what they're presenting and not just because I mean that's how I used to dress all the time which is where a big purple hoodie or whatever you know but now I'm more like I want to look more like a I guess Mike a star is definitely something that I met you know I remember the Martin Lawrence days when he was on top of me where those crazy outfits on stage or Eddie Murphy and raw where this crazy leather jumpsuit feel like he put a lot of effort into what is Delirious it was another one I get e Murphy had these crazy costumes you could only wear if you were doing stand-up in a lot of ways I mean it was the ultimate

► 01:27:00

Eddie Murphy costume you know I'm saying what you really think about the Overcoat fix the white sneakers like it was just crazy out for the other like kind of a like you would kind of expected that look from them but with Eddie Murphy Eddie Murphy was like leather like colored leather and has very powerful was very bold which was like his comedy you know it's like letting you know if this is a special night isn't he doesn't dress like this every day this is yeah he's on stage doing a show like that yeah yeah I like it when people think about the full presentation I mean even doing that work like the playlist at the club plays before my show like I've been sure that up now because I want a Vibe of mostly fish piss so bad so I want to keep going though I don't want to stop so I'm just did Tupac casarona drink too much coffee so Jamie wants us to

► 01:28:00

about something you have in common. Talk Amongst yourselves a nice welcome to the round flat experience getting better with Ron funches and we just kind of I talk to people who admire or people who I want to learn from people who have accomplished things I want to accomplish or gotten better in some form in their life and I asked him about it and about setting goals and stuff you just set it up that way like as a conversation or do you put more thought into like I want to ask him these kind of questions and get these kinds of things questions I usually just ask people about about their goals and I asked them about some advice to give me but other than that it's usually just that some type of freeform conversation it's just it's funny

► 01:29:00

sometimes but for the most part it's just like the reason why I want to do it is cuz

► 01:29:07

as a big fan of like Patton oswalt's website the spew and stuff like that when he had that and I noticed like when I was on Twitter there's been a shift from people who were like used to be very supportive of me especially when I was fatter and stuff and then it came to think of like anytime I would try to post something positive he will be like what the fuck do you know who cares you have money and you know what I'm not on a different side of the fence because I did these things I'm a anybody can say more about like to me like talent and

► 01:29:47

success is more like this ocean that we can all drink from and it's about like how did this person get to Ocean I don't think there is people who are talented and untalented finding out their paths or it's where we are now even will keep them motivated now you know like once you people have some success with what why what keeps you going you know there's a question I would like to know from Joe he just walked back in so maybe we can find out

► 01:30:14

hit me with a question what keeps you motivated when you're so successful you got a lot of money you doing okay everything you have seen you like accomplished so many things so what what makes you go to the store on Tuesday night to work on stand up I don't look when you when you get success with something the best thing that it doesn't alleviate stress but it doesn't change the motivation motivation is always to create something that I like that I can be proud of that the people enjoy most importantly there's a bunch of people to watch my stand-up I got it I got to work at it I don't want to be an asshole I don't want to be that guy that you come to see my show and you go prepare he didn't care he didn't try you don't thank you I'm not going to be that we all have bad sets I'll have bad thoughts I'll try my best though I fucken try my best and I'm going to keep trying my best

► 01:31:10

cuz I think if I don't leave

► 01:31:14

Oliva doubt in my own head that shouldn't be there if I do my best and just doesn't work

► 01:31:23

I figure out what was wrong but if I don't do my best and doesn't work you feel like shit yeah that's true but I think that still feel like shit even if it doesn't work and I did my best but I think it's always kind of this Vibe of like I didn't try my best if I tried my best I would have crushed it but I didn't try my best so I didn't really fail yeah that's a lot of comics get into when they are in front of a small crowd on more than one of the best moments when you're young, or someone says something to you and it really gives you a nice boost I can feel good about it and one time I was at the store and it was maybe like 12 or 13 people in the audience the most

► 01:32:23

it was Paul Mooney in the background

► 01:32:31

and a 12 or 13 people I'm just doing my act and movie starts laughing hard like a supportive laugh like he's with you

► 01:32:44

and then he came up to me at the show something to extend your real, cuz that's what makes you feel, like you do those real shows in front of all those people you know you do a real show you don't you don't like it say all is only 10 people always want to see if you don't have to ask you out there and do your best learning to get out of like every set is the same in like at this is my material and I've been at it for a little bit but knowing how to shift my energy for like that like you do want to bring a professional for that to 10 people but you're not going to do the same like yelling that's what I'm really learning to do now watching them I think for a lot of comedians but did that Garry Shandling documentary

► 01:33:44

help me with about being mindful some about being in the moment but I've been really like whenever I write a set list now cuz usually number it has a couple words of the first alley right number one bull shit for her as long as possible cuz I don't like I don't want to just get into it I want to let me get the moment let me look people in the eyes and see if I see something not necessarily going in and just crowd working rip on people but let me let me just go in and talk about my day for a second and then maybe that will segue into my side until it teaches me a new way to get into things and more conversational can you run at school that's a good way to do it cuz it always does feel abrupt when someone begins with a joke sometimes it works though some people can do it some people that would go on stage and they just hand over the

► 01:34:44

first joke and from there it's Off to the Races like the open up with a non sequitur but got to know where these great Italian off the cuff you know in a spur-of-the-moment type of shit cuz all those years of roasting and all those years a fucking with the crowd like you and that shoulder doing him in a towel or traveling doing that bumping mics show where they just they just fuck around man I mean it's crazy that you literally just travel with your friend and walk around and fell out it's amazing it's amazing so crazy big man

► 01:35:30

crazy gig

► 01:35:33

when you start out in Chicago with Club where you at I didn't start in Chicago I was I was a young man I left when I was 13 cuz my mom was in like she's in a little negative relationships I went to go live with my dad in Oregon and he was also had negative things so that and then I started comedy in Portland Oregon when I was 23 at Harvey's Comedy Club there some shows in Salem at this Chinese food restaurant called Lucky Fortune and then and then I just started some shows there and you know struggle for a long time and then think about 5 five-year then I got a through Conan and then was new face and then got divorced and then was like alright I move I move to Los Angeles

► 01:36:32

now my girlfriend and my mom now lives with me in the last year but is there a scene Portland started when I started it was pretty much like the Seattle and then not really much there's just a lot based off of Road gigs triple Ryan's going to Idaho something similar which is not as exciting because you guys were going through the wild west I mean you going to Montana and Idaho didn't seem like he at the time but it would turn out in hindsight to be very lucky that the one time that that Booker saw me hardcore and so is big

► 01:37:32

nothing to do with me and the position where I was like okay I'm not going to a show so I don't have to Pander to that type of audience and I'm just going to be here in so I can right now is really just like I'll just write what you like and that turned out to be the best thing for me you can perform it would love you and I've had like Portland and it's a very unusual place it's almost like I hate talking about it I don't want to give out the spot and I got the email, saying building over there is a comedy scene almost in every city people I find a way to get together and do something just seems like too much of exciting option for people who are fuc up some the show many of us so many of us you know in one way or another the so many you know 1 1/4 of a cup or another I'm so many of us

► 01:38:32

it's true that I don't know if that's necessarily the truth or if they weigh that is set up for it still go the structure that is not just doesn't work as much anymore made more sense in the past you know and also is my mom was get a good government job get a good government job and now that seems like the most unsteady job you could have you know. Just cut your department you never know until one thing I learned the stand up taught me quickly was that it's the same stress you know but now I'm in charge the stress of paying my bills just taking care of my son is the same whether I'm working for somebody else or I'm working for myself but at least when I'm working for myself I'm in charge you know as long as I have a product that I can put out if I'm if I don't

► 01:39:32

then I guess I got to go work for somebody but if I had something I'd rather have that stress be put on me than have someone to show up one day and be like we're at a business to find someplace else to work yeah and you're 60 and they just caught your whole department would I mean every fucking single politician gets in the office they want to cut certain departments there's always someone who thinks something's being overfunded Social Security seems like the last thing we need right now if you can make things if it seems like if you can make things this is like one of the a good time to be on your own because you could sell things on the internet itself things in a way that no one could ever saw before as you can set up an online store you don't have to have a physical location and you can just you know if you make something if you're an artist if your you make pottery or some shit you could say

► 01:40:32

all things do you create online but it's pretty easy to do now like this is a place where people can actually like a boy if I just did this for figure out a way to do that I'm working for myself I just do whatever I want to sell things people like it they put in their house and then a lot of people can go in that direction I mean there's people that are created when they're not interested in it but there's a lot of people who are if those people who are just have a little bit of creativity that they may be never really nurtured because your work too much and I don't find a way find a way to get through with that you are because you if you if your content and how your job is going anyway you're fine you know you're not even thinking about that but if you're upset I hate this job at that that usually that might be the case and people love to say that's easy for you to say

► 01:41:32

100% I get it but don't think like that just try to find a way through the more time you spend thinking on that's easy for you to know it's hard for me the more time you do that the last time you think of an actual solution yeah you see that I see that all the time if that's even like with my weight loss is that people owe you can say that you guys be the guy that vomited that show me know myself so hard that I threw up and still went back you know it is like to try to track wrestling at wrestling is on the ground Ono clean it up yeah man if you working out to the point of puking and sometimes you know where my body was coming from other places such an activity how long do you think it took you for you to adjust to

► 01:42:32

constant state of activity that's a great thing though that you have the discipline to do that that's a great thing really is at some it's an underappreciated thing cuz it's I think it's easy for me to keep doing what I'm doing I always do as part of my natural way of doing it but did not exercise and then decide you're going to clean your diet up and going to start exercising and you going to continually do it even though you're exhausted cuz your body's not really prepared for this so you must had a long. Of like for a couple weeks at least while you're at like having your body try to respond to this or it didn't have to do this before and now you're making it stressed out all the time as got to recover then you stress it out instead of recovering it if I was like what the fuck do what is happening here this our new life

► 01:43:19

yeah no that was pretty much how long does it take to get to where I am now to where you started feeling comfortable with like normal exercise on a regular basis strength strenuous exercise about about six months of where I am and then also just their weight goes I was about 360 when we started it and then get an under 350 was just like a real difference 300 that was a big deal then when I get to 50

► 01:43:56

then now I can about 2:20 and anytime I go over 225 I can feel it in my knees again and cuz I had to take a little break for a few weeks but now and that was really big on my mind of cuz I was like I had to take a break for 3 weeks am I going to just blow that I can keep my diet and keep my nutrition and that I got to load the find but I wasn't I didn't blow up and I was okay that made me relax a little bit more as far as my comedy are dealing with

► 01:44:36

Executives and stuff for I am very much like I can I can figure things out I can do that I have the discipline if I really set my mind to something I can usually do it it's a giant accomplishment and people undermine it because they feel like it doesn't mean as much because you let yourself get to that weight and I think it's a silly way of looking at it because

► 01:45:03

I am a firm believer that many of us who are feeling really good about life and having a great time here are very very lucky in their circumstance very lucky in in the people you're around the positive influences in your life that good things very lucky cuz she can be really not good when things are really not good and people go down spiral whether it's with booze and cigarettes and heroin or whether it's with food or whether woods with alcohol or whether it's one of the pills you can go down a spiral it's who out of the person that is in the bottom of the Spiral who can pull themselves out could you if you had to start from there instead of starting from a place of success and this is why I think people get cocky you wake up every morning which I like because everything's okay you know my life's not in the shooter

► 01:45:57

instead think of what it would be like if you woke up and you were 380 lb and this is your new life your new life is you got to get down from 380 lb to about 220 lb

► 01:46:09

you got to figure out how to do that and you got to figure out how to not laps when you're aching with Hunger you got to figure out how how did your body is no fucking energy it doesn't know how to recover and never gets pushed and you have to push it through that you have to do that to the tune of 160 pounds that's a lot of fucking way most people are not going to do that it's a lot of weight to lose how long does it take you and 1/2 years

► 01:46:42

that's a no matter what that's an accomplishment man you know in this something that I think that when people hear that that you did that people realize like I can do that to that should be done as one of the best things about it and what actually keeps me on it as when I get people reaching out to me like what I post pictures from the pastor in now and they're like man like in some ways that used to piss me off

► 01:47:19

yeah it's your set an example you know you will you do something and then people because you're in the public eye and you do this thing they see you do it they watch it happen you know I mean this one

► 01:47:34

cool things about it like you going real time you could see you two years ago you can see you now I mean it's crazy that it's not like you heard that a guy lost 400 pounds to a while that's amazing but if you see a guy and you watch him on a regular basis and he's for her parents and then I'll suddenly lose all that weight you look what look at him watch him do it you seem do it something about people needing to see shit like we need to see someone else do it and then we can do that you know what you ever even imagined if you didn't know the people ran marathons or ultra-marathons would you ever even imagine that you would want to just run a hundred miles what the fuck are you talking about no one's doing that

► 01:48:25

but then you hear about it and you see it and I still don't want to do you still want to do it but it changes your idea of what people do

► 01:48:36

yeah yeah I was capable a guy like you lose all that way it changes people's idea of what if they may be identified with you a change of their idea about what they're capable of be changed their opinion of themselves based on you pulling your life together in an awesome way publicly

► 01:48:57

that's dope that's that's a powerful impact on people you know this, a lot of dudes out there and gals are trying to figure the fuck out of the hole they dug themselves in you know that Mike had I get out of this like how do I say Jesus Christ I hate being tired all the time

► 01:49:16

now that's why I'm a that's one of the things I love who I talk to about my podcast is and I tried cuz people don't know me you know and let him know Twitter if I'm like if I try to give advice or things night really invite to try to be positive people go that you were talking about like what are you know what do you care you running TV show and I have to go like you don't know my history you don't know where I came from you don't know that I'm like I'm a single dad of a skid with a disability I take care of them myself College Community College at once I like was like oh I got to pull my life together for this son who is different from other people and I don't know if he's ever going to be able to live on his own or are have his own job or add to prepare for not had to prepare if he does and he needs help I have to prepare for all these things and it really motivated me and push me forward and I like to

► 01:50:17

now for some reason I don't know if it's like survivor's remorse or whatever I'm always like mad I feel like so many people can do that you know or whatever but I always like people have their own gifts they have their own talents and sometimes were not told that we're not pushed in those directions are sometimes we we we go through traumas or things in our lives that damn bar light you know and I like to be like anybody can do it because I'm a testament to that because I should not be here you should because you chose the right path this is what's really critical about this kind of what movie you know we talked about people's future or what they can and can't do one of the beautiful things about stand-up is it it's a meritocracy are you really funny people love you you're so it like that so we just want to know are you funny cuz that guy funny he's funny come on in is she funny she's funny okay come on in we'll just that's it

► 01:51:17

I don't know of that many other jobs worth its that clear cuz I'll actually that's what I asked is it you got to suck their corporate dick you got to be in the office with Satan going what the fuck am I doing with my life I don't want to be here you know I'm writing down goals I just want to do Coke I want to get a Ferrari this job so that's what a lot of it is man is a lot of like weird angst you know and then you get stuck in this fucking corporate ladder you getting muted you get toned down there's no there's no deviation from the the standard office worker path you know you're in this weird Groove where is it is a stand-up all you got to do is make the people laugh all you got to do is find that shit it's funny work on it makes people that get people start telling on the front next thing you know there's agents is managed to keep going to keep going to come back oh my God you're on TV look at you keep going keep going keep going if you just keep going and working at it like nobody tells us what to do

► 01:52:17

beautiful but not everybody can get that gig so then there's other games like what big do you take it seems like you should take the game where you make a lot of money to move unless you can you can be sure that you can quit that gig in a short. Of time cuz nobody ever does trap jobs had a lot of them where at where I grew up with is this Bank call center where I was working a job unless you were if you didn't have a college education you were working at a subway are are you working at this bank and you were making like 20 bucks an hour you're making like double what you make it at this Subway but

► 01:53:01

there's no skills that transferred so if you want to leave this job you got you going back to subway you know so that people end up trapped there and I knew right away I was like I got to get out I can't I mean am not think I remember when I was a kid I was working at this place called Newport Creamery was ice cream store ice cream with hamburgers and she like that and there's a bank that was like right next door and I would always go in the bank with my Newport Creamery check and I deposited I'd say hi this lady

► 01:53:37

and then one day I heard she had the baby in the toilet and then left it in a garbage bin and no one even knew she was pregnant

► 01:53:49

and it was one of those like what like we had just a window into madness like right next door to where we are working really what that lady that we always said hi too and the lady got pregnant didn't tell anybody and gave birth in the bathroom at work and put the baby in a dumpster

► 01:54:12

dude I wish you hadn't left with this was a bank story there was a bang story and it was just a person person working and she could have should have been in a cupcake shop it was just this was a person this is a person who is mad crazy person right you have to be

► 01:54:28

you would have to be crazy version where no one knows you're pregnant and then you give birth in a bathroom and the baby wants up in a dumpster it's like that is that's the most insane shit I've ever heard in my life

► 01:54:38

yeah and I will live right next door to the ice cream place and we were all my tablet the fabric of reality had rippled we realize like someone could be that crazy in your town in your fucking town right there it was a pretty sheltered up until well just wasn't a big place you know and when something would go wrong it would be odd if you knew the person you don't know how Sheltered Reality from my son and I lived in Jamaica Plain before that witch

► 01:55:38

much much worse neighborhood was sketchy we lived there for about a year and the way my parents like we got to go fuck out of here at like two people breaking into cars while you sleep in at home break-ins and Deuce just a lot of crime especially in like 1978 or whatever the fuck it was I guess it was like 82 which is nice right parents around my step dad and my mom are still together

► 01:56:15

have a good time together

► 01:56:17

I know you don't ever wonder what you going to be like when you like a 75 year old man what do you think

► 01:56:26

I don't give a fuk mostly now imagine later is fine because I can take her to like random events that I go to and cheetahs

► 01:56:45

I try to be cool you know cuz I'm working and she has none of that cuz she doesn't care like my mom sexually harassed Justin Timberlake once it was great she just went right at the security was about to take her out it was something she just doesn't care on your podcast to learn a lot from my mom she's super dope and now she's smoking a lot of pot and just she lived she lives with you now with the weather to freak out seasonal depression people say it's real this evening if you take vitamin D tanning bed but she doesn't do it does it 3 months straight Grey

► 01:57:41

not just correct this is lack of color palette in your life yeah you don't get the Vibrance that when the Ocean looks like a dull gray even the Ocean looks tired as opposed to like if you go to Mexico like I went to Cancun way back in the day and the first thing I noticed like how the fuck is the ocean that color but look how pretty it is it's like a bluish-green it's gorgeous oh my God we one time when it and yeah same things they have a pebble beaches that is sad what should a horrible but beautiful is crazy yeah I grew up in that town which is next to the Charles River and that Charles River went all the way through Boston and the the Charles River was like

► 01:58:41

disgusting man on QVC condoms floating in it you'd see I saw one pipe and it's bubbles were coming up to the surface of what the fuck is that then I saw a condom bubble up it's a sewer pipe I realize someone just flushing your shit and piss right into the goddamn River Outlet how did this happen and I would see no 14 in a my back is this I am I finding this but you don't have anybody likes checking to see if the pipe is pumping right into the goddamn River oh my God was crazy so wasn't clean by any stretch of the imagination so to see that kind of clean pure like ocean water will you ever heard of bone fishing you know that is the type of fishing that people do it so I think they mostly just catch and release so I don't think they even keep most of them but they go to Florida and the Bahamas and they are just like the special boats that are like

► 01:59:41

these are boats you can stand on and they're fly fishing for this fish that looks like a blondes in the Stone Age is weird cool looking fish called The Bonefish see if you could put a picture of it I don't know why we're talking about this that's how I am

► 02:00:02

set smoke smog a barracuda

► 02:00:05

that's a Bonefish see that's about force that other one was a barracuda I think they just had a bad photo see the difference like it's it's a crazy looking fish man and see that water behind them it's hard to tell from this image but we're looking at is really Shallowater like at the most it's like 3 ft deep right and they just casting out they see these fish coming towards them and they catch it it's supposed to be like super super exciting you dual efficient I don't do a lot of fishing but love fishing is fun but this is fun like I would assume I've haven't done this kind of fishing phone fishing but that's what people people love like seeing a fish coming and going a biting your lower like it's very exciting yeah it sounds exciting but look how clear that goddamn water is no snow, no condoms I was watching a video today of a guy jumping with scuba gear on into the garbage patch tomato in the Pacific Ocean

► 02:00:56

you know I knew I knew that it was supposed to be like a terrific but what you do when you see it in a video you watching just go what the fuck is this this guy put scuba gear on a jumped into this I mean it suppose plastic you can see anything with plastic everywhere you look to the left and the right is all plastic like this is huge like several States large yeah this shit

► 02:01:25

this way humans are doing to the ocean this is this is what you see him jump in and it's almost did they show him jumping or is this a different video is a different video cuz you're the one that guy starts out on the boat in and Dives in in the Woody dives into is just like plastic soup it's fucking disgusting man it's crazy yeah I like this

► 02:01:48

so there's this guy that we having a podcast name is boy Onslaught and he created a device that he's using to try to pull the plastic out of the ocean and then maybe convert that plastic into know things that we can use and there I don't think it worked on the first attempt but they're they're relaunching it right then they had to do something to fix 32 still in like sort of the Prototype stage but it's going to have these machines of this giant Nets that move around to the Ocean County

► 02:02:25

spare key question I don't think it's any fish living in there I bet a lot of fish have eaten that stuff though guaranteed is probably a lot of fish with plastic in their stomachs yeah man that's gross I mean what what kind of shit gets in their system and then when you eat that fish what kind of shity you get in your system how many people were testing their fish you know I mean how many people before they eat a salmon like hold on let me check for mercury and we see how much are snakes in this so we can a heavy metal part of what sets up ppb's that they're worried about that come from what is something weird about that comes from bottles

► 02:03:03

bpa's or something like that

► 02:03:09

yes they did you going to run their first results from November

► 02:03:14

I don't know he's also this is the first the first actual pulling of the garbage

► 02:03:21

you don't listen man even if it takes 10 years if they can figure out a way to to get rid of all that plastic and we can figure out a way to not put that plastic in the ocean we can maybe what I really worry about almost as much as this may be even more is overfishing

► 02:03:38

when you realize how many different ships are out there using giant Nets and just scooping everything they catch inside that net and then just serving it to us and we like all you want sushi Got Sushi sounds good you know what like so close sushi sounds good it's ocean genocide I mean it's fucking chaotic math to did they don't have real they are real control its international waters people just cut and gnats and dropping them to the bottom of the ocean and the catching things all the time does gnats all over the place out there he was just released their Nets if they just let her but you're always felt like what you eating like sustainability a lot lately right well I think sustainability I do think about that a lot I don't know if I'm not conscious of it definitely guilty of not being sometimes I mean I'm hungry man conscious about it I wish I was more cash back cuz I'm going to put my face and makes me all sad more conscious about what I eat then I am sustainability internship

► 02:04:38

quality what I eat more talks about that I should be more cautious about sustainability but sometimes it feels like what is this what is showing me here at a crocodile God damn it what is it what is the name of the cystic 40 million views on YouTube it's a net that's full of stuff they caught a net this is Owen net does a fishing boat Jesus look out Works did you scoop up every fucking thing that's in that ocean it's really amazing that they mean what a horrific place to be if you're a fish fish we're like super smart

► 02:05:17

and this is their demise we this is an insane net filled with living creatures that we're going to eat

► 02:05:25

no bro it's just tilapia relax guide to getting so dramatic look at that that's a crazy bundle

► 02:05:35

of these ocean creatures and how often does this happen a day is it all day I bet it is I bet this is all day I bet this is all day for years and years and years and years and I don't think they take time off I think they keep going and if they're not there someone else is there to I think this is happening as long as they can make money selling fish and we're willing to buy fish kind of insane you think people ever feel bad about it right on the face though I'm sure man

► 02:06:15

what's his crazy the it mean this is not a person supposed to be able to catch a fish or a to fish or three fish and then you eat it like this is chaos man this is some crazy thing where you have to make filet of fish sandwiches because there's you know 320 million people in the hundred of them and want junk food anytime they want it I mean I don't know if that went to fillet a fish that suck expensive fish I really have no idea I'm just talking shit I don't listen to me but but it is kind of crazy when you watch this video and I'm not you know I'm not opposed to eating fresh but I'm just saying the reality of what this is is is crazy this is a crazy scene into not deny it's a crazy scene

► 02:07:01

I'm still going to eat fresh and I feel I feel awful about this it does slightly make me want sushi

► 02:07:08

looking at this is some crazy when I was a server like a big question question people always ask if it farm-raised there is a wild-caught and then like this is wild-caught vs. farm-raised I don't know why it would make a giant difference this seems like a lot either way yeah tell no matter what for these organisms but they're delicious and they're really good for you

► 02:07:29

how are they going to ensure that there's going to be some left that's what's crazy like the the human governments need to get together and go hey we can't kill the whole ocean cuz that is possible if you keep going at the pace then it's going now you really stop and think about what the ocean must have been like when you hear about those Japanese tuna fishermen like I did you see Jerry Dreams of Sushi and when those gentleman with the fish market and they were talking about what he used to be like he should be tuna everywhere so much tuna and now it's like a small amount and get a check to see if it's good like they're watching it happening in real time if you go from that point where that guy was talking about it today and then go 50 years from now at the same Pace like

► 02:08:14

yeah now you got to be but it seems like that it wouldn't be that hard to be more conscious about it at the very least they have to take into consideration the fact that they need to maybe develop some sort of international program to breed these things I've done that with Yellowtail they have these like a ocean sort of almost like a crowd in area and they're out in the ocean but they're only in this one trapped area and they're feeding them you know and occasionally they get out like to get those yellow tails in Hawaii there was a storm the storm Rector little enclosure and they got out now they're everywhere so all these Hamachi grade like sushi grade yellow tails are swimming around all over the place outside of Hawaii and they're breeding yes it's crazy interested but but I was thinking when they were telling me that it was her if that's what they did like maybe they should do that and just keep releasing them maybe we should be a program that all the people who buy sushi

► 02:09:14

and into that just takes a little piece of the sushi money and uses it to develop these programs to make sure that these fucking fish keep reading so you can have more Sushi extra for that they would feel good that's what I think we can leave the next generation of a real good possibility of like making things work out better I really think that like it's totally possible I think it's possible that the world is going to keep at it getting better and better and there's going to be terrible things but it's going to keep getting better and better and then we'll be able to come to some kind of time in our future worth seems like things have improved I agree with you I think we're headed towards the Age of Enlightenment because I think a lot of times these things that we think are negative are kind of indicators of that because these are things

► 02:10:14

but now we're more aware of them and he didn't fight them and people are more upset about them and if they're more public because of things are so she likes social media and I think that's a positive now that people are able to pull the wool over your eyes as easily I think what's really interesting about this time is that you got so many people that are able to communicate whether it's yourself or Joey Diaz or Ari shaffir or Marc Maron whoever these people are that have these podcast so many people have this ability to communicate so many people have this ability to you know you show the life you let you show your world in like a different way and everybody gets to compare all these different ways that people are communicating and we can kind of like come to

► 02:11:06

maybe a better understanding of why we think the way we think and which I think especially one of the reasons why I'm so hell-bent on having people be reasonable and try to talk to each other but I think that everybody could learn something from each other in this world whether your left or right or in the center or religious or atheist or what is 2 minutes too much conflict that's unnecessary is too much of what people are on that has nothing to do with you and you should be able to talk about politics or even religion and be completely calm about it and not be angry and not get emotional child bipolar program to think you're supposed to wear program to think that every fucking conversation about something you disagree with his supposed to be this angry Battle of a 1-up spin ship and gas to be I don't like it does I mean there's certain issues that like where you at though I don't want to argue over my like

► 02:12:02

civil rights are things like that you know he like yeah I don't want to be like okay well you you do don't think I'm a fool person okay let's have a point-counterpoint there's issues like that so many things get wrapped up in politics that people do forget to be civilized and do forget that we've always disagreed and we've always had different size and that's what's made us a country you know it's the fact that we were supposed to take that like you said the mix of those conversations and that's the way that we kind of had any you know that's the way we find out who we really are as opposed to who are side is painting the other side as you don't know if I feel like what I meant by people like being able to get along as you can have opposing thoughts and still be a nice person I want it if you were like a really super conservative person like sometimes I want to know why I don't want to oppose you as much as I want to know why

► 02:13:02

I want to know what you're thinking like what it what is what's pushing you in this direction what would makes you think that's as opposed to if you are a really Progressive person what makes you think this like what's going on that the conversation can be had in a way more peaceful way or maybe we could all examine why we think about things a certain way and I've been thinking about a lot when it comes to religion slightly this we're so fucking tense about religions so fucking tense lately and if it's not for like kids getting abused or Wars getting started over it but the vast majority of it is just a guideline for people to live their life and if you take that away from them or tell them that's bad for them and tell them they can't live that way then then you created this conflict it's really not your business right in a lot of ways I didn't think like that before I used to think before that like that's not what I believe so you know these people he wants to be something wrong with the way they're thinking

► 02:14:00

well that's a lot of times that's what certain organized religions painted as right like you know if you aren't believe if you don't believe you can have same branch of like Christianity or whatever but if I go if you're not Protestant Shoring at this than you're not falling it completely her and to me it was always so many of these rules end up just being yeah don't don't be a jerk don't murder people that you don't space offer their their sexual orientation or something of anything that that to me Never Dies so I'm always like I'm open to whatever you want whatever makes you not be a fucking jerk I'm for ya know I'm I'm with you 100%

► 02:14:54

remember the first time I found out there was other religions

► 02:14:58

like I don't know how I was raised a Catholic when I was a little kid and I found out there was other things other than being a Catholic and I was like what are you talkin about other things cuz my uncle was converting to Judaism and so I was like what is that mean he's going to become Jewish like what does that mean what are you talking about I was like you know 5 or something like that goes right to be like 6 years old there's more than one story they have to follow and we're not sure who's right and my uncle is going to switch over the other story different story Ghibli the dawn of Justice story and fall into this pattern now you're in this this story pattern like well you know we lost him to the Marvel Universe DC Comics for so long it was all about Batman and Superman and I was like fuck them I want the Avengers crazy as a look at it

► 02:15:58

it's like wow okay you know I don't know he's right you know who makes better movies yes it's amazing how much they've been involved in Show Business you know what I'm watching that marvelous mrs. maisel it makes you realize I call you have any bruises Jewish Jewish guys in the early days of stand-up the same time there's a lot to do with boxers back then too so thing that people probably don't know it was they were under class in a lot of ways were that you know and like that's like now it's Russians get a lot of Russian boxers how badass motherfuking Russian suit Hard Men Hard Men because they're they're coming over here from a hard place and they're fucking people up you know and it's like one day I'll be someone else it's interesting how that goes in these waves no

► 02:16:58

it's interesting when you see the waves of stand-ups come out his country's to you know I like there's different styles of stand-up now different parts of the world you know it stand-up is really a global thing now like legitimately go to English class of their own style is a lot of those guys like I've never been to Edinboro beer goes all the time he's like do they have a little do these hours I'm just a subject

► 02:17:31

boisterous just people listening listening we did Sweden and we played stock quote me and Tony Hinchcliffe and Tony was like dude it's just like they didn't like me I want to know that just polite I go in between the jokes they're just quiet there listening you're not used to that he's like okay okay okay Annie went out the second one is like you're right you're right they just so nice I thought something was wrong but it's all put in for your time and you have to have more material cuz you used to like waiting for a few seconds what's also know that's it's it's not that common art form over there I don't think they have a long history of having stand up in Sweden do that I mean maybe they don't we don't know but for whatever it is it's a it's diminutive in comparison to any of the places that we know that I've seen for the New York seeing you know

► 02:18:30

seen San Francisco this like some big scenes here where you know funny guys and girls who come out of these scenes you don't hear like a lot of guys from Sweden

► 02:18:40


► 02:18:41

yeah but they're starting to get more of them just get more of them everybody all around the world so I can get more comedy it's really it's an interesting time that way it's very similar Jitsu and Jiu-Jitsu it at one point in time does went few places you get outside of Brazil was hard to find someone who's really good at teaching at now to everywhere now it's a New Zealand and Australia Africa everywhere everywhere all over the world to buy everyone as you did to you not to spread found out it was awesome. Could be the same with stand back and everybody's doing new Styles 100% and everyone is like there's a real accelerated learning growth from the time where it starts getting put on the internet was just like around like 95-96 near that kind of comes alive from that point on people comparing the Jujitsu techniques and watching matches and and then you know new gyms opening up all around America in particular

► 02:19:41

level the sport went through the roof crazy like that a lot of my personal growth was as able to do it because I was able to watch so much, and also I was able to get on the internet and read about a lot of comedy and Twitter and YouTube or Twitter was just starting and YouTube was going I watch a lot of watching the video those things you know a lot of that stuff

► 02:20:11

in for my comedy at a early at early age about was like making a style or just how I wanted to write for myself cuz when you're when you're first starting a lot of what will work when you're first starting will set you up for failure later it's right like pandering to people riding for these Rowdy rooms or barrooms you know and those things don't work when you go to travel until if I didn't have like the internet are the only things to why to go like oh don't worry about this time don't worry about this local scene as much because you don't want to be a local a you know and that was very helpful for me

► 02:20:53

that's it for me to man I know exactly are you saying yeah listen man let's wrap this picture out thanks for doing tell people where can they see your special iTunes Comedy Central on demand Amazon your Xbox or Playstation anywhere really beautiful and your Twitter handle is my podcast gets better cuz room is ladies and gentlemen Ron funches thank you sir appreciate your man I was fun

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