#1218 - Gad Saad

Dec 19, 2018

Gad Saad is Professor of Marketing & Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption and author of “The Evolutionary Bases of Consumption” and “The Consuming Instinct”. Also check out Gad on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLH7qUqM0PLieCVaHA7RegA

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give it up for the cash app and give it up on my guess I love this man he's been on many times he is a brilliant human being he is a professor he is an author and he is my friend give it up for Gad sad

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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hello Godfather how are you sir buddy you to take and what's up with you people ask me how do you define wealth you define wealth when your young daughter before you step on the Joe Rogan podcast form

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writes this to you. I love you that's very cute that's well thought a billionaire yeah it's valuable wouldn't say it's well I think you're not being accurate with your words by the way I will probably keep this for ever born you should yeah definitely don't put in your pocket would be sweat on it so while we were talking right before the podcast started about what I was just talking about the previous podcast about patreon and what patreon is done 2D platformer Sargon of akkad in what I think we both agree with sloppy use of language on his part but he what I don't believe he was saying something racist he was using a racist word though he was using it to describe someone who's actually using it against white nationalists are against white supremacists and end the saying how ridiculous they were being and that they were being exactly

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they described and when they're using racist terms describe black people but he did it using those terms and it it wasn't a good speech like what he said and what are things that I'd said on the previous podcast is when you do podcast you're not mapping out what you're going to say you're free flowing sometimes words come out clunky and I think that was what was going on in the case with him in this particular conversation that he had it wasn't even on his page and patreon decided to ban him and I think for him that was something the tune of like $12,000 or more a month yeah quite a bit of his income

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you know a lot of us then suggested that people move to subscribe star which was a another platform that came out of nowhere and they've not been shut down how they get shot down I hope I'm not miss speaking but I think PayPal and stripe decided that somehow they're violating their terms of the turn the terms of service for whatever reason and apparently any payouts that have gone out are safe but you it won't happen through PayPal or through stripe so we have to find some alternate platform I think payoneer some so it's getting difficult to to even receive the generous donations from people so a lot of people that are doing podcasts and doing these YouTube shows they operate on donations which is

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a really fair way to do things because you're saying you have a subscription-based service and you are asking people to take for Sirius satellite radio or something like that you might not be happy with the content you might you might choose to cancel your subscription but these people can get what they get all ready for free they choose to donate because I think it's valuable to them which is really interesting though I'd like that that format that model because for the longest time people are trying to figure out how could you make money off the internet with the idea was advertising revenue and Sam Harris has a length flea rant it's very accurate about this lady puts on his podcast often it's like a 7 minute rant explain why he does that and why he prefers to have people just donate but the girl right and he was one of the biggest patreon people it was one of the biggest accounts on page when he pulled his picture on 2 days

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you're right you know that was a huge statement because to him that is incredibly valuable I'm really curious to know what the founder of what his ultimate trajectories going to be as someone who teaches psychology decision-making studies decision-making whose house going to business school I think I'll be a wonderful case analysis down the road follow the car would will teach it of whether he just doubles down which it seems like this is what they're doing cuz they released a statement that didn't seem to suggest that there was any sort of possibility of reflection on their part do you have a sense of whether the market will allow him to sort of realized his thinking or do you think he's just going to double down all the way to hell I think the storm will be completely honest not what I would like what I would like is for them to support free speech and for them to make a differentiation between what is actually hate speech and what is a clunky use of line

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which which is what I think is Sargon did he use of language and I think sargon's a very intelligent guy I've had them on the podcast I've talked to him he's very bright and he died on the show several makes great point. He's a very smart guy

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when he was on it just what is on someone else's show doing that you know I felt like in this one of things I said in the last podcast I feel like if people decide that what he did was offencive to them to the point where they decided to not renew their subscriptions or not continue to send him money through patreon that's probably the best use that format in the best way for them and the market to decide that's really I think how it should be done is that the regarding the n-word and I'm sure Jamie will now double-check what I'm saying as he always does there was a dean at some University I think about maybe in Seattle I could be wrong but at some point had suggested someone a task which book a student ask which book should I read or I can movies at Sun and I think the title of the book was the n-word and she had I think the dean was a was a

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amongst taken have simply recommended that book but she said the word out loud outside the and she he or she got into trouble so I wonder if we should have just sort of demystify this word ending if if if people weren't so I mean we have to now say the N word we have to say the r word I got banned from Twitter for 12 hours because at one point I was interacting with some schmuck who I called retarded degenerate

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what's my brother was I can have the exact combination of himself and how was banned for using the r-word so I mean where is this and how many more words do we have to remove from the Lexicon we don't give these words so much power don't don't be so sensitive me I know talk about these kinds of issues in the past but does it not seem to you outrageous that someone who recommends a book with the title being the N word gets in trouble Netflix Netflix that was forced to resign due to my friend Tom Segura comedy special and my friend Tom Segura it has a bit in his act about how there's certain words that are just gone you can't use anymore and he says retard is like that word you can't use that word anymore and he goes out and it's not about using that word he would he's basically he's not like he's not justifying the use of the word

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you just simply stating that this is a war that you can no longer use so they get attacked a bunch of letter writing campaign from mental health organizations and you know people dealing with people that have disabilities are saying that you are you're being ableist and you're being discriminatory and all these different things and they're basically trying to silence him even though if you look at the actual bill itself he's not using it to describe a person's it just essentially acknowledging that the word exist so this guy was an executive at Netflix says in a meeting you can't use that word because that word it's like saying Niger around black people just says that you're going to get in trouble now I know I said it in the earlier show to I just say when I spread Sargon of our cards thing

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it is preposterous to say the n-word and I've said the n-word before and in most cases I will say it but he actually said the word and the reason why I said the word of the reason why I just had to work is because he was trying to demonstrate like that this is an offense of thing like saying retard is just like saying that he is fired for that simply making this comparison that you know and we're talking about uncensored stand-up comedy by the way this is a network that features that word prominently on several different comedy specials in multiple situations whether it's Katt Williams multiple uses of the word Dave Chappelle I mean that word gets thrown about like a beach ball at a fucking concert that word gets tossed around a lot but this guy saying it because he's white I like you enough of your work here sir speaking of Comedy

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answer the political correctness with comedy in my forthcoming book I have a section where I talk about professors who got into trouble I think we've all heard about the comedian getting the trouble for violating some politically correct victim but professors many cases very very high-profile professors getting in trouble for incredibly innocuous jokes on how she had brought a list of names that I thought I might not remember them can I mentioned a few other cases sold Lazar Greenfield who was the president elect of the American College of Surgeons and the editor-in-chief of a journal called surgery news in an editorial a few years ago what he was talking about the antidepressant benefits of coming in contact with sperm in other words it and this was based on a peer-reviewed scientific paper actually 2 of The Office of that paper. I know quite

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friends of mine and they had demonstrated that women who have protected sex versus unprotected sex end up scoring differently on these depressive measures and otherwise there was some sort of protective element to actually being exposed to sperm and so in his editorial he made a joke it wasn't during Valentine said so now there is a gift that a man can give a woman that's beyond flowers or chocolates or something to that effect

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you have to step down from being president of the American College of Surgeons had to step down from being editor-in-chief because a whole bunch of women were very offended by that sperm joke now the the the authors of the paper and question wrote a brilliant respond response where they said how how could he be treated in this way when all he was doing is actually literally reporting the data the findings from are peer-reviewed study so that's one example another example is certain I think it's third Tim Hunt who was a Nobel Prize winner in 2001 who who he basically he was in Korea women and science conference where he very the way said you know it's a real problem when you have women your lab they fall in love with you you fall in love with them and so it's better to have segregated Lodge his wife by the way is a staunch feminist

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is a very prominent scientists and she confirmed that he's hardly you know a rabid sexist he went through all sorts of Hell book I discussed several other views example so so imagine you would think that's a unblemished exemplary career as a scientist up to getting a Nobel Prize could potentially protect you but one comment that someone decides can Unleashed it tsunami of outrage and your dad I think the problem is reacting to the people that are reacting to the camera it's not the common itself it's the cowards that are running things that give in to that and the Netflix thing is particularly disturbing cuz it was internal it was people that were working in this department that apparently went and protested and they just decided that his use was egregious and he shouldn't be able to say those sounds with his face

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letters from people asking me what you know I'm facing a similar situation what should I do at my answer is fight back hard drive had a couple of these situations I had a guy on Twitter they got the guy whom I refer to as a retard started started contacting my University trying to get me fired when it when it wasn't working with his tagging my University on Twitter he actually contacted the HR department Human Resources department at my University this is a random person what's a troll the troll and you gave him what he wanted attention and then easy to start a run with it video game exactly Ashley recently on the Rubin report the the the the lady question contacts me to say look here's a complaint has been filed against you know my first instinct was someone

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it in my job as a professor at the university has complained about me which I couldn't think who that would be but I would think that that's where the the the template of their influence over me would reside know they had actually taken seriously a random person on Twitter contacting them and finally you can play under the guise of he's a student why is not my student right I mean if it's to the cost me in an alley to mug me I can't fight back because bro he's a student or I'm allowed to Quebec him right so this is a guy that I'm just having fun with I mean I'm doing it with us tomorrow we're going back and forth the size that he's willing to go as far as try to get me final that's supposed to had succeeded let's suppose that I hadn't fought back because what I do with University I said are you literally thinking that it is reasonable for you to be monitoring what I do on my Twitter account at the example I gave her as an analogy I said if I see you coming out of the pharmacy with your daughter and I

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feel that you're speaking to her in a Curt manner that I don't agree with other parent can I report you to the university and that pretty much out of the conversation very quickly but the fact that they felt sufficiently embolden to actually reach out to me to address this complaint shows you how chilling the environment is it is right but let's play Devil's Advocate sure if I was someone who is taking your class or if I was someone who is very sensitive or someone who has certain ideals or morals and the professor whose teaching the class that I take called somebody a retard

► 00:22:49

I would I mean just being honest and I love you date that I would I would say why is this guy doing that like that's a stupid thing to do like why you engaging with these people online and if he's right these base insults like that distasteful insults my wife falls asleep I don't feel like working on my scientific papers or my book or whatever I'm tired and I'm on Twitter and I hated your advice to try to not engage with people some idiot catches might o g I use the word octagon and do MMA sparring I go on Twitter and I have fun with some idiot we both laughed it off and we move on it's just part of my personality

► 00:23:49

I could be deadly serious and very academic and scientific and as you correctly point of the past I could not take myself seriously and be just one of the guys so this is a manifestation of that now that this person felt sufficiently in Bolden in his indignation that he would try to fire me that's where you should be focusing sort of I don't think that's real I don't think you really felt so emboldened I think what it was as he recognized that there's a climate today where a person like yourself who is a professor who uses a certain word that is deemed to be a fence by society that he can call you on that were to get you caught but you got caught up in a net of your own doing sir I'm still here smiling and looking sound so that's okay you do look 10 do you regret using that word at more than anything I regret that I ever get sucked into the spot that's that's because it's a slippery slope today it's retard tomorrow tomorrow and the next day

► 00:24:49

yeah well that's true in terms of like people don't understand calling someone a retard like save your 30 year old person today or 25 year old person struck 25 you realize that that is a forbidden taboo War when you and I were twenty-five that word was nothing right that word what you would do to get truck called it by your teacher I mean true that was and it was known to be someone who is retarding your growth or retarding the class or saying things that were retarding development of ideas and and logic moving forward your your your roadblock your pile of rocks in the road right you fucking retard like that's how people talked about it but that's how they said it but then it's become a new word that's victim to this war on words but you're not saying you have Down syndrome right

► 00:25:49

thing is you're a dumb person you know and that terminology like especially the word retarded it is not even used medically right so it's it's not a word did to say that there's no Nuance in this word cannot be used up again about a really stupid fucking person trying you know I as you know you probably know because I've sent you some clips of my infinite soccer skills I used to be a very serious soccer player now if you you you know this as if someone follow my moves in MMA there's a lot of trash-talking right so that the amount of 9mm a professor and someone but the amount of trash talkin that by both the Stout and was the recipient of actually allowed me to be a better person today it's it's a form of antifragility right I mean by so so when you create a sanitized environment you're creating a fragile system you creating fragile human being so if if the

► 00:26:49

the worst state in my 54 years on Earth is that I use the word retard on this person I'm doing pretty well big deals cuz the climate right you know what you're saying is this is a stupid person you don't you're not accusing him of having your not mocking a a mental disease or do I store a genetic disorder it's not what you're saying and everybody knows that but they just decided that this is a new word that is now taboo a new sound you can't make with your face when I move on to other Shore so first I wanted to say that I was very excited last year's completely different this is a very hard sideway last year one of my former professors at the Cornell won the Nobel prize in economics that's pretty powerful yeah yeah that's the first semester of Cornell I took its course his name is Richard thaler maybe you should consider inviting him here I don't know if he has a lot of these podcast but tell he should do

► 00:27:49

he won the Nobel Prize for really the the area that I started off and before I know the girl with all the evolutionary stuff that most known for I came out of a tradition called behavioral decision theory of you do you know what that is at all. Totally know classical Economist have this stylized homo economicus this vision of how someone who is rational ought to behave and they're all these actions of rational choice of example if I prefer Kart 8 RB I prefer car beater car seat I must prefer Kart 8 car seat that's a that's called the transitivity action someone who doesn't abide by this is behaving irrationally if I tell you what do you think of this hamburger that has 90% fat free it's the same thing as telling you that this hamburger has 10% fat those are two isomorphic statement it shouldn't alter your preference yet we see repeatedly that people

► 00:28:49

don't behave in the minors prescribed by classical economic theory bite bite homework in August so big faler is the gentleman who demonstrated how many of these actions of rational Choice are violated in behavioral finance and for that he won the Nobel prize in economics and he came after the ones who originally wanted in 2002 Daniel Kahneman you probably know his book thinking fast and slow as I ring the bell and his collaborator Amos tversky where the pioneers of that feeling that's really the tradition that I came out of my doctor Supervisor was part of that gang of guys who spent their careers demonstrating that classical Economist or wrong in my case I became frustrated with that whole Paradigm because it became clear that yes Economist have it wrong how many more demonstrations can we show that they are wrong I was much more interested in knowing why the brain is structured the way that it is enhanced at 5

► 00:29:49

devil change theory but I just thought that I would give him a shout out since he was a former professor of mine that's pretty awesome I'm just happy there's people out there trying to figure these things out so I can read what they saying repeatedly if I know what I'm talking about I want to go back to Target things being fragile and anti fragile I mean I think that's a really important Point develop and I don't mean develop thick skin like become accustomed to racism or sexism or homophobia or rudeness it's just I'm not saying that we should just tolerate those things and we shouldn't seek to improve our culture we definitely should but as a human being this

► 00:30:31

celebration of all things triggering this is getting upset at every single thing that comes your way and making it out to be some massive complication I think it's a direct result of how easy Society is and out simple our lives are complicated in intellectual ways complicate an emotional ways complicated and psychological ways to take a lot of the way people live their life is very unnatural but simple in terms of not worrying about Predators not wearing about real violence not wearing about real strive never worry about food made it's very rare that people in this culture in this day and age are starving which is a huge problem for most of human civilization most of human civilization people had a struggle to find food now for the most part it's very rare and I think all these things have let us to seek enemies where there are no

► 00:31:31

and to go out in and find these problems that real or not that big and make him out to be huge right because they're fragile when you know that the idea that that's one of the reasons why I like that expression snowflake like some some people get really upset if you throw that word some of the ideas that every snowflake is unique and special and that you you are unique and special maybe maybe you're just lazy that's true to you know this is this is an artwork I could link what I just mentioned about classical Economist to the social justice Warrior ethos show classical Economist viewed The Human Condition through very cold calculation of humans are these

► 00:32:25

that lately instantiate these algorithms without any emotions right if I prefer Kart 8 car BF4 car be the car seat I much prefer Kart 8 car seats all actions of rational Choice there are no emotions in these models at the other end of that Continuum lies the social justice Warrior because all of life is through only the triggering of the emotional system there is no engagements with your cognitive resources it's all about outrage anger frustration and so in a sense their antithetical to each other the classical Economist and his worldview there are no emotions the social justice Warrior and his worldview there is no cognition of course the the right way to be is somewhere in the middle the right way to be is to know when to engage your cognition and went to engage your emotions yeah it's not the issue right is that there's always the middle and the things are rarely black and white or 1 and 0 but often very complicated Will Harris

► 00:33:25

going back to Aristotle had argued about what we now would call her I would call the inverted-u shape for the most things the middle is the right place to be all things in moderation light if you have too little of something it's not good if you have too much of something that's not good somewhere in the middle is where the right virtuous and Aristotle had thought of that several thousand years ago I'll give you a specific example I'm not sure if I mentioned it before this podcast perfectionism right follows an inverted u-shaped if you have too little of it you're not sufficiently detail-oriented your work suffer if you have too much of it which I'm happy that happened this place to report this is me then it could be stunting because I check my work seventy-three thousand times before I sent it off because God forbid I might have a, wrong. So there is some happy medium of perfect on the perfectionism scale where we should all strive to be will Aristotle said that for most

► 00:34:25

that's where the optimal is that's where the inflection point is that makes sense I mean I'm not want to argue against Aristotle I thought you just said you not want to argue against fate YouTube

► 00:34:41

I'm at 112 argument either one of you I just think most issues that people are arguing for or against one of the real problems is that they are married to their initial point and they argue that looking for a victory they're trying to move ball across the line and they do it by any means necessary and right cluding by Miss labeling people by mischaracterizing your positions on things and the categorizing you and some really easy to dismiss place like you are all right or you're right you know you're a fringe right person Ur mean how many people have been called a Nazi over the last couple years and you can call the Nazi so when I was supposed to speak and August 2017 at a event titled the stifling of free speech on University campuses it wasn't a University campus it was shut down the irony

► 00:35:41

hilarious icons with myself Jordan Peterson another clinical psychologist Horan on the table and Faith Goldy a journalist anyways and then we held the event about three months later but the people who shot us down had put out a Facebook page where they said we don't want these white supremacist Nazis in Toronto this is to a Jewish person who escaped persecution Lebanon so yeah but it's insane

► 00:36:11

it's cute it's cute it is it mean if they can't they can't be honest with me this is not they don't honestly believe what they're saying but they don't care cuz they're just trying to move that ball right and the fact that style rated and that not just tolerated but it actually influenced your speech and you guys weren't allowed to put on that event I've been to a shame shame on the university for giving in shame on them for not putting your foot down shame on them for not examining who you are who Jordan is who who are those people are lying you you are a problem you call these people white supremacist and Nazis you are a problem and you're a liar and you're defaming Leesburg this is defamation this is your you liable this is terrible what you're doing is something that we should shun but I think it speaks to what you said earlier when you said it's all about winning getting the ball across the sky and that's that nothing I talked about in the book is the difference between deontological ethics and

► 00:37:11

consequentialist ethics ethics is where you have moral absolutes it is always wrong to lie that would be a dental logical statement the consequentialist event would be well it depends on what the consequences if the light is if if if it were to spare someone's feelings then it might have been okay to lie right now and so I argue that the problem with a lot of his enemies of reason is that they have a consequentialist relationship with truth right it doesn't matter if you violate truth if there is some greater goal that you're pursuing was I come from a logical perspective when it comes to truth truth is truth no matter who lose feelings is hurt as I truly think certainly as a scientist you truly have to have a D&C logical relationship with truth this is precisely why I went to a lot of people ask me do you think that there is for a bit and I couldn't even mentioned it last time I was on the show 16 months ago is there any forbidden knowledge that you shouldn't do as a scientist and my hands

► 00:38:11

there is always an unequivocal no as long as you are honest and adhering to the scientific method you should be allowed to Traverse any intellectual landscape Alexa Landscapes can be problematic when they deal with things that are very uncomfortable for people I'm a big one is IQ right that's a giant one and that one has triggered so many accusations of racism and

► 00:38:40

what it was I don't know who he is his name is Noah Carl he's a young thankful stock at Cambridge University who from all I know it was a very reasonable gentleman who has been invited to speak at a conference on intelligence and because of that a bunch of folks decided to put together an open letter arguing the Cambridge University should not hire this guy in Swan this is not become the the standard Way by which debates are are resolved you you sign these open leather sofa have another guy on and you should definitely check the score the sky out his name is alexandros he is a physicist Janoski's know he's a physicist at University of Pisa who is also a was a research scientist at CERN the

► 00:39:40

nuclear Research Center in Geneva he was invited to speak at a gender and theoretical physics conference everything is about identity politics and of course the narrative was going to be in a women are discriminated against in physics and you know we need to help them improve their lot and physical Swan so he got up and he presented bibliometric data so let me just for your viewers explain what that is metric data is is data that quantifies science I forgot what I want to know which discipline sites which other discipline I will look at citation patterns across disciplines does economics eversight physics physics eversight economics right away to parametrize science that's what he did is he looked at for a given job in physics if a woman gets a job versus if a man gets a job how many citations did they have citations basically how many other

► 00:40:40

blacks I could you work when you published it so you and I might have had published 50 papers but you've been side of ten thousand times I'm inside a 2009 there for your work is more influential even though we both publish the same amount of papers and he showed through very objective data that for a given position women were getting the job at much lower citations well that was construed as terribly offencive terribly sexist Nazi like I'm so over 1,600 scientist using the the Appalachian particles for justice I'm not making this up words you can go young Jamie can check it out yet and you can't even read their letter and it includes I think one or two of your former guests who have become a very antique fan of Auntie fan not antifa because they're sounding like an electric hours in

► 00:41:40

who are these people I think one of them Sean Carroll

► 00:41:45

I hope you know that is so he's on that list and I don't know I don't want to miss speak but I think maybe Neil deGrasse Tyson is on it but maybe not so that one that would hold off on our but definitely Sean Carroll is on it because I even tagged him as it had come on my show that's discussing so the letter was basically it starts off and it says we will not tolerate that someone within our community I'm on paraphrasing will question do you Manatee of anyone based on their race their gender their gender orientation he did no such thing all he did was report bibliometric data to either support the contention that women in physics were being discriminated against or not. Should not yield in an open letter the chastises the way that they did the only thing that he did in correctly and my nephew and he's admitted to it he came on my Show recently

► 00:42:43

at one point during the presentation he showed his bibliometric profile vs. to other women that had gotten a job over him so he personalized that any and in doing that some people thought that that was inappropriate and that's true. Maybe it's not a nice thing to do to present you know your CV versus someone else and a public conference maybe we can discuss. But the idea that we can't use bibliometric objective scientific data to either prove or disprove a narrative is insane and yet sixteen people decided to sign that letter narrative the accusing people of sexual discrimination and then the scientific data shows otherwise they're looking for a quality of outcome right there looking for an equal amount of female physicists Nyala Mount that that's

► 00:43:38

you just you're not going to get an equal amount of people interested in it so then you what you really have two shows you have to determine that there's been something that's holding those people back from achieving that goal that there's some sort of a concerted effort to keep living out of that feel that's what you be demonstrated and when you demonstrate that I think here's the here's a glass half full version of that you're looking at that big blue bibliometric data with that shows that people are encouraging women to get into this but it's the opposite then instead of them being held back there actually they're looking to even out the playing field and help these women along the problem with that is that it makes it look like the women aren't as capable as demanding as effective as the men with their work and you know that's bad for everybody that I had for women and for men it's bad for science because it makes it look you're not being objective which is all we want every everyone who's not a scientist like myself what I want more than anything is to know that you're if you're a scientist I want to know that what you're telling me is a fact

► 00:44:38

I don't want is your own political spin on that fact because you don't want to be criticized it work by radical feminists a radical leftist or any people that might in some way potentially misconstrue your actions in your thoughts as being sexist or what or fill in the blank homophobic transphobic whatever it is you're scared of I don't want to hear that what I want to hear is it you're looking at reality there are brilliant women out there it's brilliant men out there and a lot of those brilliant women choose not to do the same field as brilliant man and as long as no one's holding them back that shouldn't be a problem to problem is got to be in someone being held back someone discriminating someone trying to keep you out and you you're going to have to demonstrate that I'm sure that exists I'm sure that exist I'm sure there's women out there that hearing is right now that I've experienced all sorts of discrimination sexual discrimination sexual harassment and they have their own personal stories this is true

► 00:45:38

but that not is not necessarily why the data reflects there's more men that are successful this it could seriously this is this is what people are really uncomfortable with seriously represented there's differences in the sex of life and I know that so hard to believe but this is so hard to become from the first time I think I came on your show when I probably first discuss my you know Evolution psychology research mean it's a fundamental tenets of evolutionary theory that there are sexual dimorphism right now I have to sit there and lecture the Senators that there is such a thing as male or female but meanwhile while many of them scoffed and laughed and tried to mock me it turns out the few days ago there's not Elementary School your teaching young kids that boys to menstruate so literally every satirical every hour say that I have prophetic Sapphire because every time I try to look for something that is so outlandish that it can enter into

► 00:46:38

might you know Sapphire two months Three Months 8 months later it proves to be true so I forgot about one point I argued that I wanted to compete in the octogenarian under 120 lb category in the Judo there for and then because I can change my identity on a daily basis because Harvard University thought us that I'm late are going to fight in the under eight year old category allows you to change it on a daily basis Harvard University came out that's actually discuss this in my Canadian Senate testimony Harvard University's lgbtq A+ A+ and Stars by star and send it to the hashtag my sentiments exactly they came out with a pamphlet that said not only can we change in our tires are gender identity but it's can fluctuate

► 00:47:38

on a daily basis so I could be he she gets here Monday Tuesday Wednesday so I took this idea and I said well I identify as an 80 year old under hundred twenty pounds Monday but then I'm going to fight in the Judo competition I used you to because my brother was an Olympian and you know as you kick you out of here I'm going to fight in the under eight category on Tuesday because I self-identify on Tuesday as being a child now it sounds insane a Dutch gentleman who is 69 years old do you know the school decided that he wants to use it on dating apps then I introduce a new term and then that proves to be prophetically the satirical I find a new condition called transgenderism by proxy

► 00:48:38

so so if if if if you watching now enjoy this if Joe and God have sex if I self-identify you as a woman then I'm engaging in heterosexual sex so it's not about new self-identify me back the guy that I'm having sex with i self-identify as a female well if few weeks maybe not even a few weeks later some trans activist on Twitter came out and said you disgusting transferred just because you have a use the term a dick in your mouth doesn't mean that that's a dick if it's a woman and I called this trans cunnilingus it doesn't mean it's a dick if that person won't fight as a woman so just because you have a dick in your mouth that doesn't mean it's a dick because that's a woman

► 00:49:38

you are giving sex to a woman do you know yet is a 9 inch penis in your in your thing but it's a vagina Yale put they put tampons in the men's room yes sir I said that not only women of course I hope that's true that's why I have a hard time getting it out cuz we aren't the only ones who is there god dammit what boys canopy reads to children to be taught the latest victory for transgender golf I love how they say that the latest Victory latest Victory Fortune who wrote that story who wrote that box Helena Helena fuck off of Victory that's nonsense that is God damn nonsense but can I tell you what's not Victory that's crazy kids kids don't know if you want to tell kids that sometimes people are born in the wrong bodies that seems to be true to seems to be real evidence that in terms of the way

► 00:50:38

brainworks mean you if you want to call it

► 00:50:43

the problem is distinguishing it from normalcy in a way that makes it look inferior right right is not the real problem so if someone has this condition they shouldn't feel inferior and you shouldn't be bigger than two words in my mouth should have live it being supposed to end discrimination. We shouldn't change our understanding of reality to celebrate your unique person exactly what one of these I talked about in the book all of these idea pathogen I argue some of them come from really Noble places I think so as well Chapel the empty slate premise tabula rasa was born with empty Minds is a profoundly idiotic position but it really stems from the noble hopeful position that if we were all born with equal potential tea we could all reach the same and trajectory only the environment conducive for us being top athletes top scientists. Mathematicians then we would have reached

► 00:51:43

there's nothing inherently at the start at T equals zero that differentiate an insanely stupid and wrong but it is a hopeful message not extend this to other contacts right it shouldn't be that you are defined by your biological sex you could change it in any way you want that sounds very liberating right so I think a lot of these idea pathogens what I call these parasitic ideas really come from an ocean of trying to liberate people from otherwise they're the shackles of reality show is in the form of of delusional thinking but that is rooted if it's Genesis comes from a good place I couldn't agree with that more and gender dysphoria used to be considered used to be considered a mental disorder

► 00:52:34

but isn't it right what listen to what is it okay let's be honest if it's not if it's is it a physical disorder it's certainly not part of the default value of human Expressions do certain male and female is the default values we are a sexually dimorphic species now for all sorts of reasons ontogenetic developmental reasons when the brain is getting piped in utero things can happen that alter those default values now you come out with gender dysphoria you shouldn't be discriminated against you should be treated with complete respect you should be free of bigotry the Greg doesn't mean that there is a spectrum of possibilities of which. One is one of the four bodies it's simply isn't it's wrong to argue that but in the same way that feminists like to argue that there are no innate sex differences because that they think would help alter the sexist

► 00:53:34

Pasquale this is what's happening with trans activism that's why they are consequentialist when it comes to truth screw truths cruelty screw biological common sense in the pursuit of freeing the world of bigotry you should be able to free the world of biscuit bigotry without constantly attacking truth well and here's the other question if it is not this is what I was getting at is it is if it's not a mental disorder

► 00:54:03

what is it a physical disorder is it a disorder at all and if it's not a disorder why must it be treated medically why must it be gender reassignment surgery why must there be exhausted as hormones introduced into the body wise all that happening it rhetorical question or or just what it means kind of rhetorical there's no one here but if it's not a disorder then why are these gender reassignment Physicians here if you don't have to have a sex change to be a woman if you're a woman with a big dick and broad shoulders and big hairy chest mature woman right what is the need for the doctor then if you're already a woman if we decided you're a woman so you just want to change your appearance to outwardly match how you feel in words what is that seems a disorder 12 right there I'm not sure if I don't even speak but I wonder if I think in the DSM-5 gender dysphoria is listed

► 00:55:03

it is listed as a condition but it's not accepted by that in terms of like public reception and certainly in terms of trans activists or lbgt activist or anybody who talks about these things in a progressive way that is of taboo like the actual medical nomenclature that used to describe those conditions is taboo for there's I don't know if you heard about this case there was a physician research scientist at Brown University who published a paper very serious data scientific day that I think her name is Lisa Lynn Pole or nipple I can remember it was published + 100 very serious scientific journal where she looked at the social contagion of transgenderism how if you know they're definitely seems to be wild literally that is social contagion if not now that paper was published Brown had advertised it

► 00:56:03

Iowa's population of poppy Review-Journal while the trans activist game after that paper and brown decided to at least pull it off of a serf promotional so I reached out actually two two I think her name is Lisa to get her on the show but as you might imagine she was a bit that said yeah she's probably Shell Shocked Shell Shocked and so I'm not sure if she'll come but again he was a serious person who probably is a is liberal she's at she's a physician deals with these issues who was simply talking about the fact that there is definitely a social contagion effect that is taking place she's a Nazi yeah there's people just really really crazy when it comes to gender that seems to be the Battleground the Battleground between logic and science is breast on gender and I have this conversation with a friend of mine about the the gender pay Gap and he was arguing it as if it was a thing where there was a man and a woman

► 00:57:03

working right next to each other doing the same job in the one was making $0.78 Tomatoes make a dollar and he's a smart guy and I had to explain to him I said this is not the case I go there they doing different jobs they're working different hours I go you or your spitting out propaganda as if it's true and he was reluctant to believe me he was like are you serious cuz I'm going to be very upset if I find out that you're you're you're lying to me that I'm lying to you I got this is adorable your you going to beat you don't even know what the fuck you're talking about and you're going to be upset if you find out that I'm lying I'm going to be upset if you don't fucking apologize to me when I show you this so that I sent him the information I sent him many articles on it and I sent him any critiques of the way even the president United States discussing this because they're doing a very politically correct way it is actually disingenuous I showed him their the actual raw data that shows that men work an average of I forget what the percentages

► 00:58:03

more hours that they are more likely to die on the job they pick more risky jobs it's a totally different thing this is not discounting actual sexual discrimination at work which I'm sure exists but this is not what you're looking at the raw data which is what they're trying to say the $0.78 to a dollar they're saying this is just systemic sexism across-the-board there's no other explanation for it so I showed him know there is other explanations for me it's different jobs it's working different hours it's this probably a bunch of factors testosterone making you more aggressive making you more risk of taking this all sorts of different factors his response was sometimes the perception of something is as important as the fact you motherfucking to come to your house and smack you in the face yeah but it's interesting that you say this because

► 00:58:54

what you are trying to do there is is use information hopefully it tsunami of information to get him to move away from his anchor position which is something that I discuss in great detail in my book and I think I've come to a similar realization to you regrettably in that that is that often times all the information the world is not going to help it want to lose as you putting your hands in your lalala. When he was trying to find a way to say by him saying the perception is sometimes more important than the actual facts trying to say that he was trying to say that women are discriminated against because these facts are paraded around in a way that make women feel bad and because women feel bad that they're making $0.78 of the man's. How old is it is just as important as the actual reality of how much they make a my God damn it this is you just spun a web you spawn a bullshit web and your legs are out wrapped up in it you can't go anywhere now speaks to

► 00:59:54

I don't think I discussing the books are you familiar with poppers falsification principle know so proud papa was a philosopher as a general rule I hate to read most philosophers because they engage in a lot of highfalutin bulshit that really doesn't get us anywhere but philosophers are size actually are quite helpful and that they really help us understand the epidemiology of how to learn about knowledge create Knowledge Test knowledge and so-called pop for argue that if you really want to test the theory you have to be able to falsify the theory that which cannot be falsified cannot be considered a scientific theory right if the observation is this way it supports the theory of the observation is this way it's falsifies of food kits for example fate is not a scientific theory right because if I step out of my house today and the truck hits me it was my faith if I step out of my house and the truck doesn't hit me it was my fate so there are no conditions of the world where whatever is in saturated is not my faith there for trade tool isn't is not part of view the apostolic

► 01:00:54

well so to speak to that point they were talking about earlier how when someone is anchored in the position you can't give them away from it so I talk I have a section of my book that is currently titled all roads lead to bigotry I tried to give an example of a few examples of these if you say that you don't want to have sex with overweight women grocery overweight women having about women than the argument as you are fattest right you are judging us based on the folds of our skin and your dehumanizing us if you are someone who is specifically looking to have sex with someone who is overweight you are fetishizing are skinfold so if I love having sex with a fat woman I'm a bad person if I don't want to have sex with a fat woman I'm a bad person and I demonstrate through many of these examples how all roads lead to victimhood right I give the example I think last time I was on the show of a woman who had done a study demonstrating that soldiers

► 01:01:54

the soldiers had never raped if I'll send your woman gym over that case then now she what she had understudy hoping to show that they was rampant rape of top senior women she's couldn't uncover a single documented case of about single women being raped by IDF soldiers are Israeli Defense Forces Soldiers What A Chicken Coop from that well the IDF soldiers are so racist that they do you minimize these women so much that they're not even worthy of being raped so if you rape the Palestinian women you're an evil Jew if you don't rape any deposit in women you're an evil Jew and sort through all of these examples I demonstrate that all states of the world lead to you being a bigot and. If you like fails poppers falsification principle except the state of not choosing at all meaning meaning if you like if you don't choose between a fat woman or if you don't love a fat one

► 01:02:54

or you don't not want to have sex with that one just have sex with anyone wants have sex with you right like that's the equal outcome I mean essentially that's what they're looking for it because if you don't choose

► 01:03:07

what's really interesting about people is if someone doesn't have your principles audiological you're allowed to sit on them and body shame them like how many people called Trump disgusting made fun of his little hands and how many liberal left-wing people's talking about how much how much he had must obviously have a little dick speaking with I don't want to get into this at all back to what did you think I know it's a bit cold news now but what do you think of some of our common friends' response to the vet Cavanaugh situation

► 01:03:44

are common friends responses some of our friends I thought did not respond well they did not follow a deontological he feels as far as I'm concerned example example of the presumption of innocence should be something that is so profoundly a non-starter in terms of ever violating that that tenant okay that to the extent that we didn't come infinitely close to establishing that he was guilty of anything it's a non-starter that you don't there's no repercussions that should befall him and many folks that we both of us know we're not of that opinion so for example one of the one of my friends thought that well this wasn't a criminal case this was a job interview and so we don't need to reach the same exact thing level of evidence evidence to determine for him to be potentially guilty I thought that was a professor who said that his name rhymes with

► 01:04:44

Sam Parris concerned about Cavanaugh's ideology in terms of his record on privacy his promotion of the Patriot Act there's a bunch of issues that people had real concern those seem to go away while this was all going on when is really confusing to me like there's real reasons to be concerned about this guy a Jordan Jordan said put out a tweet and I might have been the first one to two critique and forth I where he said if Kavanagh is confirmed he should step down

► 01:05:24

I thought that was insane why why Rosetta you know subsequently experiment and now there's no thought experiment right there wasn't any sane person would think that someone coming out 36 years after the fact 5 minutes before there's going to be the Vault saying well somewhere somehow someplace not sure he may have been the one

► 01:05:56

is not going to like she was saying may have been the one who sang he was the one and she was saying that he covered her mouth and that he was trying to get her pants off but she was wearing one-piece swimsuit and read into it I don't know what happened that's the real problem no one knows what happened other than her and him and both of them are dealing with 36 year old memories but I'm saying right here I've already said this on my show I remember I think it was a 1983 I was at some summer camp and Hillary Clinton took me to the side and had my way pretty sure it was 93 maybe a 1984 Jetta way with you yeah yeah I'm pretty sure it was Hitler pretty sure Pro kindness your kind of confident with her. Look who is someone that I know well who is a professor at UC Irvine who is the preeminent researcher on memory and I I witness testimony as someone who has demonstrated through many

► 01:06:56

Decades of research that our memory is unbelievably inaccurate unbelievable ability to remember syrup to identify someone I testimony 4 weeks ago is unbelievably suspect let alone 36 years ago that's the true there are traumatic events that you can remember very well particularly if someone tries to assault you or something happens to you that didn't get seared into your brain that's a fact mean I remember I remember being beat up when I was 7 right I'm over being humiliated my stepdad and when was he really hit me like once or twice or some like that but I didn't do anything about it I froze and my step dad came and rescued me I remember that don't remember all the details but I do remember that I felt humiliated and that I lost and I do remember that my stepdad had to rescue me I remember that like you can remember stuff from 36 years ago it

► 01:07:56

is it is possible but the problem with this story is that they were drinking they were underage they were really young okay so you're dealing with all these factors there was some sort of interaction physically you know was she someone willing was she someone into him what she completely resistant to an early I don't know she doesn't know he doesn't know but there's no demonstrated pattern of him doing awful things and then on top of that there was a couple at least two people that had completely fraudulent claims side that came out and they were ideologically ideologically opposed to him so they concocted these stories that turned out the fall part here's my feeling on that if someone does that intentionally they should receive the same kind of punishment I could not agree with you want someone would get

► 01:08:56

they were convicted of those acts intentionally falsely accuse someone of rape you are literally subjecting them to the punishment of rape what if the prosecution goes through what if that person wind up getting incarcerated locked in a cage separated from their family to taken away their ability to earn a living you should be treated the same way you were trying to get them to be treated I think it is almost an equal act to rape itself and I hope I don't I almost would argue that it is more diabolical because the rapist does a horrific act on you once every single morning that you wake up as a false accuser knowing that you have put this person in prison and you go about your day you're engaging in this form of rape if you like so I would disagree with that because I think if you rape someone that person who got raped has to deal with that the real pain of being physically

► 01:09:56

Violet and the Diamonds in prison for 25 years and getting raped by 7 guys rapist is far more awful cuz it's physically doing something I had a guy on my show Maybe not maybe not as many people as you have but I've had quite a few amazing people make sure one of the most poignant ones was a gentleman that I invited and I was lucky that he accepted my invitation was his name is David McCallum McAllen so maybe last January he had just had been released from I think almost three decades in prison for a murder that came up but wasn't him who did it all the reason why I invited him more than just because it's an incredible story is that I had seen his response to the unimaginable Injustice of your contract he went in when he was 17 and now he was in his late forties and

► 01:10:56

he had such Grace such lack of anger I mean it literally was he was Buddha and so I thought how powerful it would be to have this person come on my show if only to talk into this unbelievable a bit I mean and I told him I take on the show that if it were me I would be so eaten up by anger by a sense of Revenge I want I want to find a down anyways this is a great guy you should use it if I check it out he's writing a book about it's pretty amazing story people who lie to try to punish someone who didn't do anything that's an awful crime and I think it should be equal in punishment to the crime that you are falsely accusing someone of doing I really do I think that's the only way to stop it the real problem is with false rape accusations is that there's very little punishment at all that happens to the women for the most part or the men men who

► 01:11:56

is man of falsely raping them visit very very little happened why do you think that is I don't understand I don't understand why people don't think about it the horrific thing I think it's partly because people are afraid of doubting someone who has been raped if you what one of the more horrific things you could do is I can imagine if you had been raped and then you I told your story and I came along and I have no knowledge of the actual event and I could come along and I go by Dad's a liar this is bullshit it never happened nothing happened to him he's just a baby he just wants attention so he's running around here he was wearing a short skirt and he went out that night and you know and that's that is something that does happen so I think that is so disgusting someone who doubts someone who has actually been a victim that people are scared of that and then also there's the kid gloves approach we don't treat women accusing men

► 01:12:56

of things the same way we accuse women accused you know men accusing women of things men accusing women are things where if a man accuses a woman of violence which you okay dude you going to be fine if some woman beats up her husband which does happen and I know a guy he's girlfriend's to punch the shit out of a man and all I brought you got to get out like you are you're literally being abused you're being domestically abused and no one's ever going to care what you got to get out of this relationship because you were hitting her if a man is hitting woman to Dan lock that motherfucker out that's how I feel and I'm sure that's how you feel to that guy's a piece of shit for instead of a woman hits a man I might just keep your hands up man daughter hate you this is from me a man whose friend was murdered by his wife one of my good friends Phil Hartman was murdered by his wife so dementia does a woman who's always insulting him always like publicly

► 01:13:56

saw this publicly humiliated salt at my problem she was also on Zoloft they want some sort of a settlement with Zoloft the family did because she was doing cocaine and Zoloft the same time it's known to have a Psychotic Reaction but she shot him in his fucking sleep man mean women do commit violence it's not as common but it's still gross it's still an egregious crime but good luck trying to go to get someone locked up for it good luck getting anybody be sympathetic even me did you ever I mean not that I can possibly be on her side probably wondering how is someone so gorgeous as her choose me that's actually share with you and I was I was hoping to only discuss this for you to only see it in the book but I can you open me up Joe Rogan I can't help but share said I came close to

► 01:14:56

probably being a victim of some very serious I have never been sexually abused or anything but I think I escaped one Natalie and I when I was a child in Lebanon so this was during the Civil War that this is all discussed in the intro to my forthcoming book it was during the height of the start of the Civil War where nobody would leave the house I mean everybody's being butchered LeConte Center we're trying to leave Lebanon for obvious reasons my father had been stuck out of the country he couldn't get back into Lebanon it was myself my mother I believe my sister was there and a male friend of ours who was stuck at our house and in the middle of the night there's a knock on our door. This is in the middle of the most brutal Civil War you can somebody knocks at your door it's usually not a good thing and I go to the door to answer speaking about remembering you were saying earlier about this is I'm 11 years old

► 01:15:56

cusp of turning 11 I get to the door who is this the gentleman says it's me I think I remember his name was Ahmed Mohamed one of the two he says it's so and so now the time in Lebanon in our kitchen we had your mother how in restaurants in the old days you'd have these in the bathrooms it have these sort of towels that you could use to wipe your has not yet not not disposable dry cloth towels so we had a service where this gentleman would come and in our kitchen we had one of these days he would pick them up laundry them and then bring them back to this gentleman who that's our only relationship with him knocks at our door with some other guys and says hey open the door. This is the end of the Civil War knife at that moment I opened that door if I don't have the instinct to go call my mother

► 01:16:50

I don't know what the trajectory would be so I go to get my mother and now the guys growing more insistent we call as there's a whole interaction that takes place but we refused to open the door for him at the time there was still some sort of police presence in Lebanon that the unit used to be called 16 in Arabic the number 16 maybe for the precinct or whatever we call them up they come over the guy comes in and they're the policeman said so what are you doing here knocking these people doing the village of war is all we went up to the mountains we brought some, Grace and for them and saw the policeman looks at him and says you don't know these people other than changing their towel and the middle of the spoodle Civil War you're coming here to give them these fruits if I ever catch you here again whatever and then the guy looks at us says I'll be back for you or something about it within a week or two I come over the exact time.

► 01:17:50

I'm almost certain I don't know I'm surmising but I'm almost certain that this guy with his buddies was coming over not because you wanted to share coffee and cookies and my feeling is some bad stuff would have happened that night but through the grace of the cosmos we were protected so cuz I've often been asked what was the scariest moments caught in the Civil War and there were many many many things that I saw but nothing scared me as much as bad interaction because I'm sort of pretty much knew what was in store for us dehumanizing happens during war leads to all sorts of horrific acts 6 casting scary you probably dodged a bullet I really did. So fortunate to have actually been asked to go back to Lebanon many times and at this point might know some pretty prominent people big politicians so on and I really have a mental block I even get Lebanese folk sayings

► 01:18:50

we know people will protect you and someone I to do you live in Canada now some of the greatest country is the world's ever known why go back to fuck that amazing I love it for my favorite City you know what I love about it it's like a big city but the people are friendly like it's a small town don't know how the hell you guys pulled that off we just good people do you feel a difference between Montreal and Toronto because of each I do I like you like what what is it that you don't like for me girl I do love Montreal Montreal

► 01:19:34

it is the conflict like the attention of that complex seems to me silly ridiculous that the idea that you going to secede yeah good luck congratulation to be your own country than nobody goes to Randy going to make it really speak French that's so stupid then they make they put French signs everywhere I get there trying to like cling onto their culture I get in the cultures wonderful the food's fantastic is great people Montreal Montreal but I love them more so I learned English microphone truth and I fully agree with you about the stupidity of the French protection so I invited us for a few years I was invited by one of the big business schools in Montreal HEC which is a French acronym I've been invited to go to talk there they were interested in potentially making me an offer

► 01:20:34

and so I said are you assuming I'm getting my talking and an English right because I mean my whole scientific of yours been in English even though I'm feeling really like you to to give it in French I thought that was so he's all broken it was so small-minded right even when you don't see Israeli people saying hey how come we're not doing this in Hebrew you don't see the Japanese saying why is this happening in Japanese write the two groups that I see doing this are the Germans and the French but weather be in Quebec or in France and I think it's in part because they don't accept that they no longer the big bully of the world right now but you shouldn't be protecting your heritage through draconian mean strength so when you have language police going around measuring whether the French sign is bigger than the English one you're getting stuck in the weeds

► 01:21:34

but it's such a beautiful city in the people are really nice there too and they're hardy people in Montreal and people in Toronto they're Hardy folk because the winds are Italian ices Varsity is over there but it's interesting in that there's so much nicer than the people that deal with the adversity in the cold climates in in America there's something about the United States when you deal with the cold kind of people are mean I've been asked that I don't think I had an answer maybe I think it was ruined when I asked me why do you think that many of the sort of people on the Forefront of the freedom of speech and debate all stem from Canada and I don't think I had a good reason do you have any any thoughts as to why is it just a that's one of the reasons so that does not have a First Amendment so Canada is not have the same what we have here in the United States is fucking beautiful it's one of the only

► 01:22:34

places on Earth where is is literally a part of our law that you should be able to express yourself freely and that this epic is something that permeates our culture it permeates our identity it's something that we all cling to freedom of speech is very important and this is one of the reasons why we get so stunned when we see censorship when we see the censorship that it just doesn't make any sense it's not justified what you guys have over there is a much more slippery slope Human Rights Council souls and all that weirdness that we've seen time and time again with people getting fined for jokes and I mean there's there's a lot of like very very weird stuff that you guys have to deal with up there because you simply don't have a First Amendment it showing you think that that that causes more people to come out of pan of the defending freedom of speech be

► 01:23:34

next us you're right we're all spouting off at the mouth and fucking shoot a nuclear bombs into the atmosphere mean this is your living next to a bunch of fucking wild Hillbillies is what it's like this one it's like if you live in in Canada are you living next to United States like one of those fucking crazy assholes doing but at least those crazy assholes can say whatever they want you know I mean who knows if this podcast would be even possible in Canada I don't know I mean we could have gotten in trouble for some of the things that we've said along the way it's entirely likely right speaking of prevention the human rights tribunal I think at one point I discussed on the show The the indigenous woman who argued that she should get 10 year despite not having published anything you can tell that story story or or or maybe say the first time because it's something bigger than I'd like to discuss Canadian context

► 01:24:34

others just now push in Canadian universities to have what's called to Envision eyes the universities so in one case the case that I mentioned briefly before you had a professor in the law faculty of the University of British Columbia who was in indigenous woman who had not published much of anything I have. I have been given every single opportunity gel extensions on her tenure and so on and then finally when she didn't get tenure she filed a complaint with the British Columbia human rights tribunal arguing that her condition is an oral one and therefore by forcing her to write things down you know

► 01:25:16

are they have an academic writing me some believable on land and you shouldn't be forcing her to swim in a swimming event exactly is a right but by the way is Judaism is base also an oral tradition so by that logic all those Jewish scientist who won Nobel prizes manifestation of indigenisation while they are two other instances one annoying but not so serious and when I think very serious the annoying but not so serious as we're now at every single event and can't get in University to say how you getting out diplomas you have to first self-flagellate and apologize for sitting on Stolen left right so here are students who spent years getting their degrees this is there a moment to shine this is about them but you have to first hear about why we're all evil because we've been tricked transgressing on your native land that's one example the more serious example

► 01:26:16

is where it is no longer appropriate to say that the scientific method is the way of knowing that they are alternate ways of knowing that are just as valid self example in the Indigenous way of knowing

► 01:26:33

now I've argued that when it comes to content specific knowledge for example if you're going to study something in the Deep North where the Inuits have lived for thousands of years they're going to have local knowledge about the Flora about the fauna that is truly valuable is in fact scientific knowledge that's what I'm saying that's why I'm saying it's a conference Pacific okay we should be appreciative of that knowledge and listen to it but that doesn't mean that speaks your point that it is outside the purview of the scientific method there is no episode emology that is there is no Lebanese Jewish way of knowing there is no Joe Rogan way of knowing there isn't any transgender way of knowing this information is just the scientific method the only game in town while they're arguing that know there are ways of not just like the hashtag sign

► 01:27:33

Must Fall I measure the sun on the Rubin report did you know Cape Town one of the top universities in South Africa where the students were arguing that it is ridiculous that we only abide by the scientific method there are all sorts of other Booga Booga Booga Booga. Just Dance and make the rain come down do you know it is whatever it looks spiritual Shamanism ways of knowing that are that are outside the purview of the scientific method and that is grotesque and so one of the things that I argue probably doesn't make me a lot of friends at the university is that there is no indigenous way of knowing please Google hashtag science Must Fall I need to remember this website for Know Your Meme and I got the video of where it starts there you go again

► 01:28:33

the fortune thing I know it's real no but the original idea is that you should decolonize your mind into a Boston Scientific Method and replace it with a new understanding of scientific inquiry this movement was started by a group of students known as follis at the University of Cape Town who want to decolonize science from Western modernity as a an offshoot of the ongoing fees Must Fall movement protesting increases in University tuition it's one thing can ask going for it to ya that you guys have no wish to Mission Healthcare and student yeah but it's worth it I mean I've said the time of time you looked

► 01:29:26

I I believe in the hybrid form of governing in a hybrid form of of culture and I think that I've support a lot of socialized ideas to try one of the reasons why is because I see socialism work with the fire department with the police department with with things that we all agree that we're going to chip in and pay for and the fact that we don't do this with health care that you know if my neighbor get sick the community has to chip in God damn it. Guys been paying taxes is whole life he's above a viable part of the community we should be taking care of our own this should be a primary thinks like this to strengthen our community to strengthen our civilization one of the primary things you we should be taking care of each other physically I should be like caitian you should have to fucking being dead a quarter million dollars if you get a fucking education don't we want Les losers don't we want more people to have education do with my more people to have some sort of Pathway to see

► 01:30:26

wouldn't that just logically lead to a stronger economy a stronger communities stronger civilization was that logical Africa answer to the extent that they are now no longer any barriers to entry to get into University Circle in Canada is not a financial one you get I think a misallocation of Paladin resources where everybody feels compelled to go to university where in reality many of the folks in question I believe me I'm the last guy to argue against education my time I'm all about lifelong learning but it doesn't have to be through the formal channels of getting a degree compulsory I well it is compulsory unofficially in that it is now no longer acceptable to not have at least some entry-level degree was it we should concentrate on that is an issue that should be the issue not this idea that somehow another education should be expensive

► 01:31:26

would be difficult so it should be something that's only sought out by People Reno NV that what's the finances that don't allow me to pursue your interests you know I mean just as a professor for 25 years now there are students that I see very early and it can a given semester that I know they're not they're paying for entrance light they just don't have the sparkle in your eyes and no amount of coaxing on my part is ever going to bring the bottom and I try I think everybody should be available but you can tell that they're there because they don't have it maybe those people would have had a much more lucrative trajectory what its Pursuit trade school so so I think we have to also be careful about how to locate the town I know that that absolutely makes sense and I think that is most likely played out over the difficulty of pursuing an education just like it is with everything else every everything

► 01:32:26

sounds like whatever you whatever time you want to be a stand-up comedian it's not everybody gets to do Carnegie Hall like there's there's there's a weeding out process of the difficulty of achieving success and there's a lot of people that fall by the wayside and don't make it and this is just Naturals and that's part of the process but if you say not everybody's a comedian that's true but Open Mic nights available to everybody true and that's why there's so many comedians that actually are good because they do find it through because there's no Financial barrier-to-entry if it cost you know $35,000 a year to bosua an education in comedy and you had to be $200,000 in debt before you can make a living on the road right there wouldn't be a God damn thing to laugh at how to get example because obviously, he's one of the rare things that is a self-educated process you have to do yourself. There's no other way you just have to pursue it but I think

► 01:33:24

this is the rigidness of university studies you know that the rigidness of courses of of determining what people should and shouldn't learn what they should and shouldn't be educated in who you know and also that the randomness of the professors that you get like you could get you and get a wonderful education I'm sure or you can get some dipshit and get taught about you know how gender is a social construct and you know when you're sitting in class all baffled looking at your penis going what have you done to me he fucking monster you know it's I'm at the point now in my career as a professor where I'm facing a bit of a fork and that I remain as passionate about teaching students but the meat this meteorite appearing on Joe Rogan and then having 10 million people watch and maybe be excited about Evolution psychology is so much of a bigger platform that it causes me at times

► 01:34:24

anxious when I have to put in all the effort that I have to put in to teach class of 14 people each of those mines is not worthy of being educated and being inspired and so on but I am facing at this point of my career I'm at the myth career point in my life where you know I could turn on my laptop and put up anything and feel 25,000 people watching this Nothing Compares your phone but it's 25 of the amazing always remain as passionate once I walk into class I'm just as passionate just as committed but to the extent that we have this fixed pie of time and become so difficult to ever have the 12 students went out against the 12 million students prospective tenant enhance this experience for you I would treated the same way that a

► 01:35:24

vegan treats performing lot like I do this podcast and every time I do this podcast am reaching millions of people what if I decide about you know what I can't do the Improv anymore it's only 190 people do The Comedy Store it's only four hundred people in the main room that sounded estimated amount is too small but doing that doing you know the belly room 70 people in The Comedy Store belly room doing those little small rental homes your skills that I'm not going with individual human beings it keeps you real seahorses semester where we have to miss two classes one because it was Canadian Thanksgiving on a Monday and then there was the provincial nearest first or ours vs. ours is the second Monday in October yours is also called Green Bay plays ballast that's called American Thanksgiving

► 01:36:24

call November 24th motherfuker right or whatever it is Thursday so because of Thanksgiving and I missed the second Monday because it was the official provincial election in Quebec and bike University decree we have to cancel classes and show the way that I made up those classes and I asked as soon as I said well you can come in on a Sunday as the university has dictated or weak I could post them opposed to lectures online and then eventually I asked him would you prefer if I posted all my lectures online and then I came in and out of stuff in class or would you prefer that I actually deliver the material live in front of you and actually a lot of them answered in a way similar to what you just said which is there is something intimate about delivering the message right there physically tangibly that you can't capture online 100% live performance in any way shape or form what it's music or comedy or I mean I think teaching is

► 01:37:24

form form of live performance pictures when you have someone is disinterested in this listen to have no energy and a teaching even the information where is if you have someone like yourself as passionate and engaging and articulate and give life to you like it's fun and it makes the educational experience something that it it's it's it's a performance are real it is you know what pisses me off though when I receive the teaching evaluations usually I get a great score very well but once in awhile you get someone who enter something that you know who is Elijah I'll give you an example someone says he wasn't accessible to his students will the reality is there wasn't a single time that a student ever asked to meet me either during office hours or if they can't make office hours outside of office hours we could do a Skype chat with you do a phone shop I've never said I'm not meeting you I don't have time with it's never happened yet someone because they are poor

► 01:38:24

affected by the cloak of anonymity because the teacher evaluations are done anonymously can write whatever they want and there is no opportunity for you to rebut now of course the reality is this has no effect on my career, I can easily say who cares what they say because probably like you you'd like to think that every single person in that hot is it going to hopefully find you funny in they walked away Entertain You know because of your set and there's no way for me to read about them especially when someone's lying about that that's that's really annoying but I feel like it's like Yelps course you ever give a read Yelp review I like you read them and you'll see all these wonderful reviews the restaurant was incredible the food was fantastic to dacor everything about it the the waitress was amazing the sheriff came over to our table and greeted us it was so good and then you'll see one person everyone was rude and my food was doll the same place

► 01:39:24

always love to do one of my favorite things to do on Yelp is I will go to a restaurant and if I'm interested in this restaurant oh wow look at this got four and a half Stars that's fucking great and then I'll find a one-star and I go okay let me click on their profile and you will see a fucking tornado of 1-star reviews of everybody fucking laundromats grocery stores they hate everything it's so Universal right it's so common and then occasion like one four star review of something like a movie theater or something when they're probably on adderal that day or something it's it's fucking weird it's weird how many malcontents are out there just bouncing off of things and just angry at the world honking their horn in traffic and writing one star reviews I've actually thought of starting a project and I had to research assistant look at it I mean exploring it for me

► 01:40:22

you tell me what you think of this hypothesis so you have one start up to five stars that's going to Amazon on travel Expedia whatever it's called hotels restaurant do you think that the amount of words that people use across the five stars changes in other words for example hypothesis by be the more negative the review the more words are you is because I'm so probably help nobody steals it because that's an idea that I'm hoping to test a soon would be no way to testicle difference between 1 star and 5 Star reviews on Yelp there we go make that large please

► 01:41:09

2014 way behind bro how many businesses on Yelp Yelp the best way to find local businesses relies on user reviews to help the viewers find the best places both positive and negative use your help on this Mission pause reviews on Yelp for the best. Let's see if that is a part of

► 01:41:38

is that what it what they're saying put up

► 01:41:41

yeah it's a weird analyze how the language present Bubba Bubba Bubba and 1025004 + 58 Yelp reviews using the data sheet continue reviews of businesses in Phoenix I'll spell Bubba Bubba Bubba okay when comparing the most frequent two word phrases okay but it's just the words to use so but that's also probably look at that one star is so there's certain words that come up and run star that's not what it is though good great happy and contrast a one-star Yelp reviews used very little positive language and instead discuss the amount of minutes presumably the next section here is three word reviews and so it goes on farther to go back to where I was reading now it says very little except five-star Yelp reviews contain many instances of good great good contrast the one-star Yelp reviews but but here's what's in

► 01:42:41

use very little positive language but instead discuss the amount of minutes presumably long and I'm fortunate Waits at The Establishment that's interesting Las Vegas one of the cities where the reviewers were collected was swipey is prominently so I don't think people have to wait yeah that's it that makes sense you were talking about the amount of words in the review is exactly the size of the chest the size of the reviews is the statistical analysis of the the word kind

► 01:43:14

Miami 7-Eleven so I published a paper in 2014 in a journal called Evolution you and behavior what are we looked at each give me a chance to give you a bit of a backup so maybe I'll talk to her about the framing effect if she if I tell you that up Burger is 10% fat versus 90% fat free is the same description is just one way you frame it positively negatively so I took this idea with one of my former doctoral student and we applied it to the context of mating so for example if I tell you you can go out on a date with this woman and 7 out of 10 of her acquaintances think she's intelligent this is exactly like telling you that three out of 10 of her friends didn't think she's intelligent right so I can either frame the information positively or negatively and this is called the framing effect because just how you frame something causes people to change their evaluation of the person okay I'm so what we wanted to know is whether

► 01:44:14

men or women are more likely to succumb to the framing effect within a mating context if all I'm saying yes before I am not to put you on the spot but I guess I will can you predict which of the two Sexes is more likely to fall prey to the framing manipulation specifically in the making, that's what I thought we were friends say she's account yeah but that's because she's hot information I could negatively framed information looms larger and the psyche of women specifically in The Mating domain precisely because making a form a choice has greater consequences evolutionary speed for the woman exactly what this is called the parental investment Theory so we took parental investment Theory and if lighter than this context to a framing decision and

► 01:45:14

showed that when it's come specifically to the Nathan context women are more likely to succumb to the framing effect that makes the reason again stems from the fact that there is what's called a negative negativity bias this the same failings information looms larger when it's negative than its once faucet of precisely because we've evolved to pay more attention to negative information rather than positive information and so that got me thinking about. Hypothesis that I just told you which is in the consumer contact do I spend more time as a consumer trying to justify my very negative decision and therefore that's why I got the word hypothesis if any bastard steals. Hypothesis I'm going to know the Godfather always knows article that but it doesn't it doesn't do what he was the amount of words the review has a lesser negative effect review that a 3 and 33 words indicate

► 01:46:14

increase what the average amount of words in the Yelp reviews 130 words so the more words that the more likely it is to have a negative one star review so it's already there multifaceted analysis model explains 25.98% of the variation in the number of stars given in a review this sounds like a low-percentage but it's impressive for such a simple model using unstructured real-world data by the way comes from a another principle which basically says that when companies are trying to pay attention to people outside of fight they are dissatisfied customer ends up having much larger influence than one satisfied customer if you like the velocity of someone whose fist is much greater than the most certainly and that's why people are terrified of bad reviews and you know they don't really take too much here's a problem this is a real problem fake reviews there's a lot of companies in them

► 01:47:14

these really unscrupulous humans who will write fake reviews for your business there are positive reviews and make it look like your business is amazing and I guarantee you they use very few words cuz it's trying to bang them out they just have a bunch of fake bulshit account and you can pay someone and there's those services that do that is there anyway restaurant is there any way to algorithmically identify who the fake review of it because of the structure of the words they use are the grammatical what are you know it somehow faked is I don't think so because I don't think the fake reviews are done with a bot I think it's done was actually human sitting okay maybe if you know if it's in broken English Premier all done in India or something like that I think a lot of it is just people finding a loophole in the system I actually heard someone discussing it in a restaurant we're in a restaurant waiting to see and this guy was

► 01:48:14

telling the owner of the restaurant you know I have a service that can that I know of that can help you and they'll just leave you great reviews and it's enough you know you have an amazing restaurant me and you should you should use this and he did not like you're lying to people to foods good I keep all these weird just the right shoreman if I were to point to a fault that I have it's probably other than perfectionism is that my mother used to always say you need to realize that the world is not as pure as the Purity bubble that you live in and so for example for me to lose weight through liposuction is a form of cheating because if I don't go through the actual process of consciously altering my behavior I don't care about the end result

► 01:49:14

fat you will say Hey you look really nice and thin now the fact that I did it through clothes and artificial way to me doesn't count to do you think that that's too brutal of a standard or would you support is it not to brood over standards actually based in logic because the people that don't alter their behavior but instead get liposuction almost always wind up putting that fat back on because they're they have an issue Behavior they have an issue with their patterns you know the number one pattern if someone is thinking about losing weight the number one pattern that I would always encourage people to do besides change their diet to reduce radically reduce the amount of sugar in bread and pasta the which will end of itself eliminate a lot of weight is intermittent fasting meaning to have a Time feeding window give yourself 8 hours a day and what you want to eat for 8 hours when at 8 hours is done you don't eat for 16 hours and that is that is law so you just decide what that time do window is you decide when you going to start eating during the day Bay

► 01:50:14

and when you want to eat dinner and when you're done when you put that fork down there is 16 hours between then and the time you ever stop food in your face again it just doing that you will lose a lot of weight and is a healthy way to do it and it's and it's mimicking at or closer mimic of our evolutionary reality Iceland or evolutionary all that you did not have shelves where the food is available everywhere in pantries in fridgerators in Super Mario is a strong proponent this is a plug from for a friend who's the antifragile Nassim taleb is someone who's into this intermittent fasting and I think he swears by it if I'm not mistaken a lot of people do I do I've had many many nutritionist and people that study the science of nutrition absorption in science of fasting is a real science to fasting and Dom D'Agostino has done some extensive work on the positive benefits of fasting so is Rhonda Patrick disgusted

► 01:51:14

but intermittent fasting and that time feeding Windows just it's so critical if you can just do that at a friend of mine his dad just lost a hundred pounds doing that over the last year-and-a-half yeah he Alters diet you know just decided he needed to lose weight but the big one is he just had a time to wind down that time to Windows 8 hours per day I organized and it was an April a mini-summit on health promotion from an evolutionary perspective than sign lighted several Physicians who are very sympathetic to The evolutionary approach to identifying Ways by which we can promote Health whilst recognizing some of these evolutionary imperatives maybe I could share one or two so far so it turns out for example that did you know who is there when you look at the young man who suffer from erectile dysfunction do you know what's the one behavior that these young men because usually of course. This function is something that is more prevalent as you get older for YouTube

► 01:52:14

to suffer from this condition as a young man is it anomaly what do you think is the one Behavior this year

► 01:52:23

it's quite obvious what Behavior that's really detrimental to your health think of the worst one alcohol and worst drugs smoking smoking so heavy smokers are likely to be the ones who are Vitality probably decreased and that's one of the side effects of their body is probably like bitch you're so sick you shouldn't be breeding and he's looking at you know how I say as a metric of your overall health and so I had

► 01:53:05

mention this in several lectures and then it actually came out in a promotional campaign I don't know if they watch my lectures is that take Health Canada where they had a advertisement with simply a cigarette that slip that was it that's the whole right now that is exactly what an evolutionary health promotion approach would be like an explain why the typical approach with these types of social marketing campaigns is provide people with more information and that would cause them to alter their behavior if they're behaving in a maladaptive way if you like it's because they didn't know any better she'll tell them the likelihood of them suffering heart disease when they're 73 but the reality of course is that when I'm 2173 is a long time away I'm Immortal I'm never going to Discount that information but tell me show me vividly that I might not be a

► 01:54:05

how to perform with my really hot girlfriend well it doesn't take much of an evolution psychologist understand that people respond to this ship to draw another parallel from the women's part at women turn out to be the ones who are overwhelmingly most likely to expose themselves to the sun when it was either the spiritual natural sun or artificial sunbeds even though they're much more knowledgeable than men about the effects of sun exposure so it's not because they didn't know any better than they were doing the behavior because they know more than I had to do it more so they do it more because of anesthetic reason because they think that they're going to get that help flow I'm going to be at tonight's party Tony's going to be there and I need to look good for Tony so if you simply tell them that when you going to be 74 you might suffer a greater incidence of melanoma who cares on the other hand if you show them aesthetic ravages to your skin that increases their attention to your message so the bottom line is learned what are the evolutionary trigger is that

► 01:55:05

get people's attention and use that rather than simply provide them with more information so that is one applied reality of this approach to smoke in the first place why don't think that's necessary in evolutionary tree I think it's just because tobacco is I mean is addictive right and so explain the initial first desire Stein start smoking the first time you smoke it's disgusting I'm going to I'm going off the cuff here so I don't know cuz I haven't thought about that exact question it turns out as you probably know that if you don't start smoking by the age of 19 I don't know why the number 19 maybe it's because it's the end teenage years you're almost guaranteed to Never Smoke right so so the tobacco companies really have to get you when you're a kid use for eyeshadow like Mike I have a cousin who started 33 so that they are anomalies that's so crazy isn't it so my feeling is it's probably a funds if I'm going to link it and some way through an evolutionary mechanism

► 01:56:05

probably just pure Conformity right to the extent that the young kids think that the school to smoke they just going to imitate others what do you think you want to look cool they see that character that smoking and just takes that big deep dragon that exhale on this looking a rebel they don't even give a fuck about their house looking them out there just smoking cigarettes and probably wearing leather looking like a crazy person to know that I've never taken a single puff of my entire life to graduations have you talked to you I smoked a cigarette when I was 15 I didn't like it I quit my sister stuck with it for a long time we did it together I was fifteen she was 14 she smoke for a long time after that so why did you do that for I have to go back to the time when I was fifteen and ask myself I probably just want to try it I thought it was cool was it an adult thing we did a lot of adult things that were gross like

► 01:57:05

Red Liquor and let you know there's a lot of things we did that you were supposed to do because it was supposed to be like a cool person think right but it's gross I've done it since then before shows cuz I have friends that were smokers and I'd rather that there's a nootropic benefit to nicotine and that one of things a Stephen King said when he wrote his book on writing one of the more it's a great book by the way on writing if anybody's interested in writing but be coming from a real master has been incredibly prolific but his attitude and his philosophy and writings pretty unique things he said that he struggled after you quit smoking because of the synaptic the the the synaptic benefit the of the cognitive benefits of smoking was really beneficial for is riding it like really fired up is writing and so a couple of times back my friend Tony Hinchcliffe he quit recently quit like about a year or so ago but he would smoke and I and a couple of

► 01:58:05

smoking before I show it to give me one of those things to try that I have no fear at all that I would ever be addicted to cigarettes as zero fear it's not possible there's no way in my mind said that I would ever allow myself to be physically addictive but using it as a tool right before I went onstage I found it to give me like a little bit of a charge shows like it's kind of interesting not valuable enough for me to pursue and not necessarily even better than other nootropics or other you know cognitive enhancing things like coffee or you know for me the real one is breathing and moving around I just like to get my blood pumping and take some big deep breaths and fire my brain up and get my clique like here we are ready I had a cup of coffee earlier but the stimulation of actual dialogue enough of talking to somebody and then talk to intelligent beautiful person like yourself don't you love me this is it's exciting it gets you fired up in this is it gets all the cylinders pumping but

► 01:59:05

there is something of cigarettes there's definitely something I'm at founded what is it that made you feel so confident that you would not fall prey to its addictive properties why do you think that I'm not a loser. I'm not doing anything stupid with my body I don't I don't I'm not doing that but you don't think that not attractive properties could over overwhelm your willpower doesn't exist there's no door you're not getting in wow it's not does no fucking way I'm going to get addicted to cigarettes if you believe that pussy so you can call somebody pussy but I can't call the word pussy is ridiculous is a as an insult because one of the most wonderful things the world has ever seen at speaking of pussies did you see my probably not but I put out a sad truth clip

► 02:00:05

regrettably apologize to the trans Community because it turns out that I didn't know that my marriage was transphobic you know why you're married to transfer yes how because some trans activists have argued that it is ridiculous for heterosexual men to strictly want to mate because we talked about pussy is too strictly want to mate with women who have CiCi's when there are some women who have nine inch penises that are just as much of a woman and I argue that now that I've learned this it's ridiculous that I focus on only building a life as a heterosexual man with a woman that has a vagina not with a woman that has a nine inch penis and therefore I apologize for my friends like with the fat thing that you just just choose whatever and then be happy with what you got that there's no discrimination and all you just managed to fall in love you just got lucky and it's an actual events at last vagina

► 02:01:05

right who has the vagina that's not surgically created but had I been more Progressive and open today did you ever date a trans person know so that you don't have to date a bunch of people like that didn't mean I like to say that you never dated anybody is over 6 foot 5 will your tall phobic such a ridiculous statement that doesn't make any sense you know to say that you've you've never dated anybody that weighs more than 300 pounds do you know your your mass phobic that's ridiculous it's all stupid people tell me but this what they're doing is it's a bunch of people that are pushing this idea of being open entirely open to all things trans that you as a heterosexual person should not just recognize that this is a woman because they transferred from a male to a female but recognized even if they haven't transferred and recognized them in terms of sexual selection turns of a date but and that's just fucking stupid because you can do

► 02:02:05

side right you're not into certain things like I'm not really in the girls with short hair you can decide that it's not my thing I don't like girls with shaved heads I don't find attractive like a woman can say that too I don't like guys are creepy mustache and nobody gets mad at him but if a man says to certain people I'm not into chicks with dicks then that guy's a piece of shit or what about there's a thing called sexual racism where you specifically that you are not attracted to a particular Asian men I don't like black women not supposed to instantiate those sexual preferences if the racial Q is the one that's causing it to either be attractive or not. Someone what do you think about

► 02:02:52

well this certainly Beautiful People of all Races that doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me in terms of the person selection like if you tell me you've never seen a beautiful black woman like you crazy like you have met enough black women if you tell me 17 of beautiful Asian woman like what what are you saying I just beautiful people in this also you should be allowed to to be with whoever you want in terms of why is it it's always sex right because like obnoxious people example I don't like friends or loud get drunk in public what are you drunk phobic know I just don't enjoy that so like in terms of sexual selection as you could alter your level of obnoxiousness you can grow out of your box as well I know some people conceivably fear is a immune

► 02:03:52

part of you okay then some perspective about the tall vs. short woman volleyball player I want to date a guy is 5 ft tall you know are you what are you what are you are you that is one of the biggest problems of being a very tall woman because one of the one of the so there's something called that sort of meeting and evolutionary theory sort of meeting is basically birds of a feather flock together and that's very much the mechanism that drives met Choice much more than Opposites Attract so one of these sort of made in cues that people most a sword on his height. So much that women want guys that are only six foot or taller is just that the woman wants a guy who's taller than her right so if you look at that there is a study that I've discussed in the past that took that something like 720

► 02:04:42

actual couples and I think it was only a single one on AM 720 where the woman was taller than on that once a woman gets to be over certain height she's 64264 3 her potential pool prospective suitors really shrinks and so if you have a daughter you really want to pray that you didn't get too tall because boy or her choice is going to be limited because few women want to date a shorter guy and then yeah when you're at six foot three 6 ft 4 woman that's got to be a tough spot Beneath You're basically relegated to Big athletes are big giant people the other place where you get this sort of a sort of amazing is where you get women who are super educated that makes a woman gets the divorce her marriage prospects because the more sophisticated women are the more they insist on a high-status male and therefore as I get more educated as a woman they are just fewer men who are as educated or more than me and

► 02:05:42

for I'm doomed to a life of solitude that totally makes sense that totally makes sense especially considering that men you know in general they get insecure around women who are more successful and more educated and more intelligent very rarely are men comfortable with a woman who has to explain things to them, so I think I have another theory which I'd like to at some point test maybe someone will steal it now so when you have a couple that gets married very young they are judging one another based on their made value of 18 or 19 right sole Tony is the high school quarterback and so he's the hot guy and I'm the cheerleader and then later he stagnates he doesn't go on with his career where is I go on and become a physician I'm a Cheerleader so I've 29 there is not a huge inequity between our two mating values on the maidan market right so when we were both 19 the fact that we

► 02:06:42

roughly the same mating value made us a very attractive stable couple but I'd like to at some point that said maybe some graduate student will write to me saying that I work with this on you and I got your shot I have a theory whereby I think that in many cases where people end up divorcing when they married young it's precisely because that which started as Equitable mating values at time t 0 turned out to have a huge Divergence in our trajectory on the maidan market and that puts a huge strain on the magic especially when the wife status is going up the best way to ensure that the marriage ends is for the status of the woman to keep going up and down of the man to either stagnated Bow Down

► 02:07:31

that's going to be doomed that makes sense it make it make sense that also be no obviously the young marriages are rough because people grow and they don't necessarily grow together we catch people 10 years later and they're off times radically different people but then it's also the thing that women don't seem to for the most part respect a man is not doing as well as them and that's a that's a giant issue even the guys doing okay like say if your guys making $50,000 a year that's a very good living he's out there doing well but you make 300

► 02:08:08

300 Grand a year and fucking losers over here what is 50g like you're kicking ass you like some big wig at some big Corporation it like that. Seems to be a real sticking point and with men especially if they have a household where they contribute in come together they big pile all the income in the man starts spending the woman's money on stuff you know he starts buying stuff got a new fishing rod at which get that with your money or my money you know it gets weird right and incidentally speaking consumer psychology stuff that I study when you take a very rich woman and you go out on a date with her even though she obviously can't afford to dinner and she can afford anything that you're going to buy her if you exhibit Q's of frugality cheapness that's the perfect way to ensure that you won't have a second day so it's not so much a question of you know it's an old sexist the ritual where buy men were wooing women it really isn't on a signal of your commitment to

► 02:09:08

so the best way I can I get many of these letters were people ask me a professor what are you yell at me dating advice well you do have to exhibit generosity when you go out that's not true gift getting that she'll give you the top of the fancy term for courtship rituals across animal species so many species you have typically the male engaging in some form of courtship gift-giving and depending on the quality of the gift will determine whether the female will mate with your not well so much of what we do in Market in context is exactly that but it's the exact same phenomenon repeating itself in the human context right engagement rings write the fact that you were supposed to spend a quarter of your yearly salary on this rock that's what I'm not enough everybody needs it but that's right it is that right when you say a quarter of the year

► 02:10:08

so much money but here's the but here's the reason here's the reason you ready it's what's called a zahabian signal I don't know if I've ever discuss this in the podcast I was basically the idea that for a signal to be honest it has to be costly otherwise everybody could imitate it right so I think about Rites of Passage in different cultures right if you want to demonstrate that you're a top Warrior The Rite of Passage has to be brutal otherwise if it's only we all have to do V sit-ups than every male could do it and then the females can determine the The Pretenders from the real guys right so you have for example bullet ant you know this one can you put your hands to takes a lot of courage and it is a tribe in the Amazon whereby you take the bullet ant is supposedly the the biggest purveyor of pain that is humanly possible to experience my friend Steve

► 02:11:08

and what if he was in Bolivia I believe and I got stung and in his heel, the heel and he said it was just he was delirious with Zayn and he said the last few hours then it goes away right so what they do in this tribe is they take a bunch of these ants in the order of a couple of hundred one is enough to cause you agonizing impossible Delirious pain and they sedate them through this compound and then they interweave them in these gloves these Leaf Guard so that when they're coming to they come out of their stupor and you have your hands in there they start viciously biting you stinging you and you're supposed to withstand. Penny without screaming you have to take it answer you could have almost going to this religious fervor this kind of incantation and you have to do that ritual 20 separate occasions

► 02:12:08

reminder check my different times on different days 2020 before you are admitted into the tribe of Warriors whatever well now let's make it back to the engagement ring right if all it takes for me to convince you of my honest intentions is to buy you flowers and now let's go back behind the shed in because well then a lot of cheaters are going to convince you of doing this when they really didn't have a good invention but if it takes for me to spend a quarter of my salary to convince you that I don't know so therefore this is a form of us about the hog and secondly because the Harvey was a Israeli ornithologist that studied this type of behavior this costly signaling Behavior using Arabian Baba's which is a type of bird so here's another example of a hog and Signal you probably have seen this up when you have a predator that's looking at who to attack you often will have gazelles starting to

► 02:13:05

actually make themselves conspicuously visible to the Predator they come closer and they start jumping from have you ever seen the Student Prince called sculpting not strutting and can you think why that would be why are they not hiding why are they not making themselves in conspicuous spot why are they drawing attention to themselves when they are 50 different Griselda dependency could be pointing to why well because what it's what what that animal saying is the fact that I could stand here in front of you and jump up and down and make myself this visible suggest that it's probably a lost cause for you to try to go after me I'm super fit right it's a costly signal of my fitness it's an honest signal

► 02:13:56

the one who is not doing this behavior is the one that you should be paying attention to this is called and so I use this principle of zahabian signaling to explain things like conspicuous consumption write the reason why you buy the fancy car that the other males can't hope to purchase it's precisely because they can't afford to match your signal their faults and all the single the reason why I buy 100 million-dollar painting that a monkey could have drawn shows how wealthy I am that I could waste a hundred million dollars that makes sense that makes sense is mating stuff it's May thing and food you don't want to become somebody's dinner you want to find dinner and you want to have sex good night everybody

► 02:14:43

yeah those signals are so fast and anyone we see them in our culture and people get angry at them like you see some guy pull up in a Ferrari and you go look at those folk and loser with his little Duke right at you like maybe or maybe guy with a shitload of money wants to let the world know cuz he likes to fuck you actually on this show I think the stories about my twin a my brothers who was a big car collector 3 Ferraris Aston Martin Lagonda and I've even shared a story which I'm happy to repeat of we would go to nightclubs where he's at this is the Olympian this is the five foot three guy who we would go to nightclubs and he would pick the most beautiful woman and approach her even though she's accompanied by 6:54 you know tough-looking guy and he had that confidence I think because he had that wealth

► 02:15:42

it is it is a weird

► 02:15:46

ever prevalent aspect in the communication between men and females is how much money does a man have I mean in this is one thing that will a lot of women hate because they don't want to feel like they could be purchased and they can't they can't they can't some 10 a lot can it's a factor it's a big find y lot of women are very rude just rapidly ruthlessly independent they don't want that ever in their life and good for them but but the reality is it did a very effective strategy you pull up in that Ferrari or that Rolls-Royce or whatever the fuck you're driving and it has a big impact and get to that night club and those Studies have been done endless teen as I called you so here's one example and you don't need to have a signal as big as a Ferrari just how you dress in terms of the status that is exhibited I think of the early nineties where they manipulated the status be at the sartorial leave the entire of men and women and do want to play

► 02:16:45

different types of high status medium and you know some t-shirt order McDonalds uniform whatever and then they asked men and women one of six possible you would you go out on at work before coffee with this guy would you go out on thinner would you have sex with him would you marry him and across all six levels of relationships the status of the attire of a man had a profound effect on the likelihood of the woman saying yes higher the status the more likely she said yes that's a manipulation on women had zero effect on men no man has ever uttered the following words words my God you've got a juicy butt and I'd love to have sex with you but you're not exhibiting Q's of ambition there for no sex for you Linda that's a reality that's the reality of people are very uncomfortable within I don't think women necessarily are craving the same reaction from men because of their ambition I don't think women are ever

► 02:17:46

saying through my ambition I'm going to get a good man is not a factor but they do say through my ambition I'm never going to need a man that's because that's just looked it is a reality is there's a lot of shity human beings out there and some of them have penises. And if you're a woman and you run into many of those or four by for whatever reason because of your environment because of your behavior because the circles you travel in your around too many of them a large dating pool shit heads out there you know you just say I don't want this in my life I will I don't want to be like my mom I don't want to be like my sister I want to be independent but what you're not saying is I am going to get a bar house and a baller car and I'm going to get me a man and the only woman that I know of that I've ever heard say that is disgusting and the only woman that I ever it she's like you know talking about her success Network 6s allows her to get man she's a foul Beast

► 02:18:46

it's not healthy but it's a lot of women it's not so much of the interesting resources are good only to the extent that they allow you to send the social hierarchy right it's just doesn't explain why some women are attracted to the starving artist right because why are so many women romanticizing over the guy with the guitar but that's because they are choosing him based on his future trajectory right I'm right I am banking on the fact that you exhibit enough talent that I suspect that by investing in You by choosing you it's going to take me to that trajectory no woman has ever offered the following words you have no Talent you exhibit no ambition you're never going to step out of the basement let's have sex in the air so so it's not that women are only interested in money they're interested in a panoply of queues all of which relate to the potential of ascending the social hierarchy that makes sense you know

► 02:19:46

biologically in a woven into our psyche it's unavoidable I'm always amazed at so many people have such antipathy towards an evolutionary psychology because there is really no other game in town I mean what else could explain the evolution of the most important organ that defines a person has called the human mind right I mean you're comfortable accepting that the liver and the kidneys and the heart has evolved Revolution but you can't accept that your mind and your brain has evolved Revolution at so it's really it's an insane form insane form of science denialism that I've spent 25 years fighting and I'm not sure if I'm any closer to winning the battle it's the only form signed smile isn't it supposed to be acceptable culturally acceptable because it defines people in a way that makes him feel like animals or makes him feel cheap or makes him feel like a prostitutes and I'll makes it makes people feel like they're

► 02:20:46

an interesting leave comes a lot more for this particular form of Science deniers in from the left this is why a lot of a lot of people will write me and say why do you seem to be critiquing a lot more people on the left and the right that's not that's not showing my political colors it's simply because the ecosystem that I navigate in which is called Academia it just so happens that most of the BS comes from the left because the accademia is leaving with leftist so it's not so much that I give a free pass to the right when you have a right-wing senator who denies Evolution I'm the first to also critique him but the reality is when it comes to Yuma nature it's really the leftist who are the nine the biological basis of our human nature why do you think this science denialism is so prevalent on the last on the left when it comes to gender cuz gender seems to be the Battleground it seems to be the Battleground even in terms of transgender but the battleground of gender whether it's the gender pay Gap or what

► 02:21:45

traditional gender roles this seems to be where science denialism lives on the left in the more you know

► 02:21:58

but I always grew up thinking about the left the left was always more open-minded they were supposed to be the more educated and that they were supposed to be more compassionate people so something happened and I don't know when it happened but somewhere along the line this science denialism in this

► 02:22:18

for whatever reason this idea that if it shows any differences if there's any statistics or any data that shows differences between the men and the women that this is somehow

► 02:22:30

this is somehow an example of sexism or patriarchal tyranny or there's a reason for this that's negative so I think the reason is actually quite quite simple at the right-wing folks who deny science it's typically for religious ideological Resort for industry right so there is some pet ideology that is threatening me and therefore I'm going to deny science things happening with the left they also have been very surprised by a quasi-religious Scott progressivism okay and I say progressivism quotes right you know equality in the outcomes and all the rest of the garbage right and therefore to the extent that evolutionary theory in general but evolutionary psychology in particular is a threat to my quasi religion then I will reject it this is why Evolution deniers then to be on the right and evolution psychology that I understand to be on the left live

► 02:23:30

open parasitize by religion they're just different religions that progressivism is in fact some sort of religion and it makes sense if you're looking at the science of nihilism aspect of it because you're not looking at it in terms of an objective analysis of all the facts in the date of this in front of you you're saying what fits this construct what fits this pattern of behavior that I've chosen to adopt and I have to show all the people that are around me by QQ Sean Carroll of doing instead of looking at the actual facts of this case post-modernism I think did you have you had the grievance studies focused right fantastic this is stuff that is repeatedly wonderful podcast listen to it these guys and a gal what would the woman from Helen pluckrose is James Lin

► 02:24:30

P&P bogosian woman Helen lives in England yes and they came on the podcast and they talked about all these different false studies and false papers that they publish that were pure reviewed and published in academic journals that like things like what was the one heteronormative in dog parks so that the humping and I thought you put funny story so I'll I'll say this suck a few folks knew about this project before it came out one of them has a name that sounds like glad slap who's the Godfather now it turns out that I didn't know the which which particular studies they were sending out I knew about the general project but I didn't know the details that's how I think it was maybe 18 months

► 02:25:29

I want point I was flipping through something whatever and I saw the the dog rape culture stuff so it wasn't Hi how are you I go Park rape that's the background to some of these stories he was up for some sort of disciplinary review right after he left the podcast with me I don't know how that went or what when a lot of people are coming for him yeah I know he was is explaining that but I think what he's doing is very valuable and I think that it needs to be known and especially in terms of like people listening to this they're going to send their kids these fucking schools in spend $50,000 a year what this is why by the way people write to me even why do you care so much because imagine all of these people

► 02:26:29

are spending their parents hard-earned money they could have been studying tons of really interesting true things and it has to be scientific you could study art and you could study literature study Philosophy by creating a hierarchy of knowledge it's all good but as long as you are committed to reason to logic and so on these fields are what I call intellectual terrorism there nihilist and it pisses me off as a professor that they've been allowed to promulgate for 40-50 years untouched and so those who argue that these guys were fraud because they they innovate they submitted these papers under a pseudonym what what did you expect them to do I mean if if your a whistleblower do you not submit your complaint or using the name Jane Doe so the fact that use a pseudonym that's hardly if you're going to demonstrate how fraudulent the whole Enterprise is so what if you use the first name and what do you think don't you agree

► 02:27:29

set an idiocy cuz it's it's so prevalent and so ridiculous and there's a bunch of fake intellectuals out there that are repeating all this nonsense and so when they see this in what should be almost like onion level satire obvious and they don't think so and they rewarded and they they talk about it's one of the best papers they've read this year more Preposterous and this is just one of those things where you let people get away with things and then they keep pushing it they keep pushing it it goes further they keep getting further with it and eventually they just get away if they're too far gone you can't bring them back I actually told Pete and I hope I don't think you'll mind that I'm sharing this but went when he was telling me about the project one of the things that I try to temper or his expectations of how much of a fatal blow the project would be he I have the feeling that he was thinking that if we are successful it's the end of the bullshit

► 02:28:29

abortion edifices and I kept saying look I think it's really important what you're doing and of course I supported and I anyway that I can help and advise you answer when I'm there for you but I don't think you should think that is going to add that I think I've been proven to be right because I think post-modernism by its very definition is almost like a snake that can't be killed right to judge what is bullshit exactly I mean what percentage of an impact you think it had do you think it killed 1% of the bullshit maybe a bit more to put a number but let's go with five by the way I've spoken to you know Allen's SoCal the original hope you know that the history of this type of hoaxing know so the original hoax was done by Alan SoCal SoCal who is a physicist who in 1996 submitted a paper he's hardcore scientists and he want he was so pissed off

► 02:29:29

Aldi's postmodernist that he submitted a paper on the hermeneutics of gravity all this kind of BS and they of course locked it up because he was a physicist who is now joining the pantheon of are bullshit therefore let's accept it and then of course at that point he said I have something to admit to you guys now him and I had communicated at one point I had written an article about his health and PE correct he was very very cute cuz I I said you know this guy created some pseudo-random bullshit and he said well you know Professor side I actually spent quite a bit of effort coming up with all these words so it wasn't random PS it was very well-thought-out vs so this is a guy that you might want to have on I don't know if he doesn't the Godfather of hoaxing this. It's just got to be so frustrating to be in Academia and to see all this around you and see all these false thinkers he sees

► 02:30:29

people putting this Con game in the middle of a real learning institution and not only that but this being celebrated by other true academics because they don't want to be called out as being racist or homophobic or transphobic or whatever the fuck it is these morons are celebrating this this is a weird trickery it to me it's almost like being a comedian being around joke thieves right it's like almost the same thing like I know you're not the same thing as me you're a faker you're faking this thing we're in this artist Colony everybody else is struggling to come up with material and you're just stealing it and this is what is going on with these gender studies people you're pretending you're an intellectual social craziness ignoring the science so I have a theory so the original post-modernist were all French postmodernist I don't feel their name but for your viewers is Michel Foucault Jacque locked, and Jacque Derrida the three grand bullshitters okay

► 02:31:29

and so I have with you is this a 70s this is it decide about the sixties and seventies really wasn't the Full Throttle. I genuinely think that in the Deep recesses of their minds these three fraudsters did not believe a single thing and what they were doing but they quickly learned that if they stood in front of a crowd gathered some full profundity gibberish and you had all the hot beautiful young ladies sitting and looking at you as if you are deep poet they quickly learned that there is evolutionary rewards that come with their full profundity and so the train was off and they weren't going to get your sorry butt off the station and that's at the trajectory set I truly believe that if we could ever find some you know diary or something of these rental they probably have written my God that I get a lot of women or I guess Michelle fuco was gay maybe a lot of young men

► 02:32:29

through my trickery and otherwise I know. I don't even in a diary I doubt they'd do you think that in the Deep recesses of their mind when they went to bed do you think that they've convinced themselves that they are saying something profound old are you I know they're locked into I think this is what I think would most people are engaging in that sort of deceptive Behavior they're locked into a pattern that they know is effective that pattern has some sort of an effect of a beneficial effect on them whether it's actually whether it's in terms of the social dynamics that they exist in there's this pattern they found this pattern that they can pursue that's what I believe so therefore they are being self-deceptive to the point where they believe they're not even being selfish but certainly not being self analytical if they've hit this hot spot where they you know they lock in and then they they just follow what's effective and what's working

► 02:33:26

yeah probably right that's what I think so do you think though that eventually all of these guys will die out no BS will just find a new way to metamorphosize into some new instantiation but it's always is always going to be a critical mass of BS in the University I think there's always going to be a bunch of people that want to believe in things that are not true because that makes them seem better than what they really are there's a but there's always going to be a bunch of people that want to avoid the reality of essentially life is unfair ladder system of competition there's there's just it's just unfair it's just a lot of it is just like this the natural the natural world nature itself is unfair just in general you know that the the salmon never get to eat the eagle it's just it's not fair and I think there's a lot of people that find these inequalities and find this unfairness very disconcerting it disturbs them

► 02:34:26

no end and they set out on a quest to try to morph the world into some weird utopian Fantasyland where everything has an equal outcome it doesn't exist but in people that are fucked you know you get people that look like Lena Dunham and they want to lick sort of like bounce out the playing field looks like it's not fair all right it's like how come Scarlett Johansson is a woman and how come we need onions a woman like what the fuck I guess not fair right it's not that there's a lot of things that I fear there's a lot of things that are intellectually but I know there was the way people's minds function they're not this there's people that are Elon Musk and then there's other folks right it's just not that bright and this is just the way the world so you think you think as as Fighters for reason our objective is to Simply make sure that the number of bullshitters stays below a certain threshold since we can't eradicate them fully according to your view at least we could do is sort of study the tide so that they're always below us

► 02:35:26

the number to 10% of people are going to be bullshittin the university and as long as they don't get passed out threshold we're doing a good job what is I'd like to be more optimistic I'd like to go out of Kate all of the bullshitters I don't think that's possible but I think that bullshit as a whole is very attractive to people and it's very attracted to people to pursue it's very attracted to people to engage in they don't like reality I knew what they want to change things like there's a lot of bulshit that just exist in our culture and has Trevor why the fuck are chiropractor still around why are psychic still around and there's a lot of nonsense out there and then when you look into what those what what real evidence there is that psychics a real it's almost zero and I can think it by the way to marketing so the dove the duff company they're probably the most successful campaign of all time has been one where they argued that beauty is a social construct you're all beautiful in your own way and that again is a beautiful message right because if if I am someone if I'm a woman

► 02:36:26

who doesn't score well on the typical evolutionary Q's then what do I want to hear I want to hear that there is no such thing as Evolution recuse it's all socially constructed right if I have sagging breasts if I have foreskin and so on if I have wrinkly skin I'd like to believe that there is no such thing as a universal Beauty standard and in that sense Dove has been incredibly successful because by peddling false Hope they've actually been able to pop into woman's insecurities and incense that's good Market did you see the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine that was widely criticized because they had a morbidly obese woman on who was a bikini plus size model yeah yeah and they were challenging Beauty Norms like this is a person that's eating themselves to death if you cut the assholes and sold your lack of discipline and your desire to shame people who exercise is what you're doing to make them feel bad

► 02:37:26

cuz you feel bad you can't put the fucking cook cookies and cupcakes down as a LED you to try to push this ridiculous standard and me and one of the things my point of view was could you imagine if the cover of men's health had an enormous fat guy with his gut hanging over his belt and and people saying the new standards of attractiveness for men have been changed by Michael just drink beer and eats cake get the fuck out of here that's never going to fly it's not going to fly with men but it does fly with women and by the way they the fat acceptance movement doesn't just argue that you know not being 500lb unattractive because of the patriarchy they actually argue that the medical evidence suggesting there is a link between obesity and downstream. Effects is all bullshit just that they also point to one incredibly flawed study that has been widely just proven that says that there's some sort of vigor or Vitality involve

► 02:38:26

can being overweight because they get sick less there's no no truth to that whatsoever they only they only analyze people who were healthy at the time like it's it's theirs you can go a Google the study and find out there this criticism of that study but it's 100% horseshit folks being fat is not good for you it's really bad for you when you're as big as that woman on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine she's literally morbidly obese she's fucking dying she's addicted to food in a horrible way and to promote that and pretend that somehow or another this is okay and it's we're going to we're going to show new standards of beauty you go you giant gelatinous bag of meat and tissue notice a dying person who's addicted to food she doesn't want to look like that I feel as though given that on one of the shows she spent about 45 minutes patch a Mimi there hasn't been a recognition of your slimness much much slimmer

► 02:39:26

my first came in there was a bit of Drool on the side of your thing when you saw me do it snowed rule I'm happy for you thank you please no drama about 30 and I have to register as a dangerous weapons on the door what are you doing different

► 02:39:44

great question at being accountable to the scale being accountable to how many things go in my mouth so meaning every Friday no matter what I got on the scale

► 02:39:58

you should have said so I put on 3 lb therefore I intercept that trajectory at 3 lb rather than in four years when I get on the scale and 32 pounds overweight one being in a privy to that information secondly my wife whom you've met many time answers all my stuff in my fitness pal.com so the end of the day at the end of the day she tells me you've eaten 1792 calories and you've exercised 400 calories you have 1,300 calories good now you might say that's not sustainable to be so sort of Nazi like in terms of you accountable for your whole life but for me that really works because I'm very

► 02:40:41

you don't object of oriented if I let it slide then I can wake up one day and I'm 30 pounds overweight trying to show you a thing about your back and you couldn't get on my machine that's what it was I don't think we even talked about you. About 40 minutes I know that you don't read your comment I have gone to check some of the comments for quite upset at you fat people sometimes I didn't think of that have you looked at with Jordan Peterson is doing a lot of the meat stuff right before dying so very fast Eddie's out his intellectual Peak this is over running with energy doesn't take any supplements doesn't take anything just eats meat wow to stand it I know that

► 02:41:41

it's not it's different because of Google Genesis when you have a good keto is more fat than anything it's more fat even then protein he's eating mostly protein and fat but much more protein that you would get in the ketogenic diet so he's not necessarily in a state of ketosis mean be probably at some of the time when your body has a large quantity of protein your body converts that protein into glucose in the Book of Genesis it's a very interesting process but it's one of the reasons why if you eat too much protein it knocks you out of ketosis cause your body changes it turns into glucose what he's doing is essentially an Elimination Diet is only eating meat and what I've talked to like actual real nutrition experts who really understand the process they do not recommend what he's doing tonight but I think maybe that's because it hasn't been done and studied on a wide scale before there have been a few anecdotal reports about people of eating just meat for in a 20 years and they're real

► 02:42:41

it seems to really be affected with people that have autoimmune issues people that have psoriasis people that have various autoimmune conditions it seems that cutting out all inflammation-causing foods meaning Dairy sugar all that pasta and bread all those things seem to have a profound effect on certain people his daughters one of them he's one of them and I know some other people as well I know some really smart people that have gotten into that and they experienced profound changes in their body composition they've lost a tremendous amount of weight even people are eating a large amount of me it's not something that's attracted to me first of all I think of fiber is important phytonutrients report there's a lot of stuff you get from vegetables and also I don't have a negative reaction to vegetables doesn't seem to be affecting me but some people I think it's entirely possible do and I think if you do have some really profound

► 02:43:41

issues particulate seems to be affected with certain types of arthritis it's not the worst thing to give a shot I would definitely recommend that if you did do something like that that you would supplement and I don't think Jordan's doing that at all I don't think there's any harm whatsoever in supplementing with multivitamins getting your essential nutrient nutrients essential fatty acids from fish oil the vitamin B complex D complex make sure you got all your bases covered nutritionally and then if your body just responds really well to only eating me Jordan looks fantastic every time I talk to me. So no though but some of his metrics are the LDL HDL you know that is very poorly understood and almost always misinterpreted the LDL HDL correspondence and what it means in terms of like whether or not you're healthy arterial plaque is important and then there's there's all sorts of markers that can show inflammation

► 02:44:41

inflammation in your body what your blood pressure is how he needed some people react much differently to the various Foods right we obviously know that some people allergic to certain nuts true this this think the people Fairey biologically so much that one who thinks needs nutrition experts are saying that if you just have your body consume just one thing in this Elimination Diet it eliminates so many different processes that your body has to engage in in order to break down all the other different things and then it eliminates all the different reactions that you get all these various Foods your body is only concentrating on one food all the time and it seems to alleviate a lot of these condition is also the fact that when you're eating just meat you're not going to be as hungry you're not going to you're not going to overeat as much it's worth it's much less likely that you over eat with protein yes it is that you overeat with

► 02:45:41

pasta bread sugars and things along those lines in terms of caloric intake you reach your Society Point very quickly yes and that is probably a factor as well because Jordan is lost a tremendous amount of weight and I think in losing that weight his body is less inflamed he has less fat that's in inhibiting is motion and in the end of his arteries in his body is his limbs artist fat face nonfat he's not snoring anymore which indicates he was he probably had some fat its face and it was kind of blocking and and constricting is his breathing it's all really interesting there's a gentleman I'm not sure if I'm going to get his name right he's a nutritional psychiatrist at Columbia University I just discovered recently working out on the elliptical through the big thing series and he's got a couple of short clips where he talks about how he incorporates nutrition within his psychiatric practice in Ramsey

► 02:46:41

he seems like a guy that would be unplugging so many people here for a few too many buddy shows you here's a psychiatrist who who thinks ultimately that a lot of our food related issues relates to what we put in our bodies but there's no question that information has a direct result or a direct action on how you think and feel information makes people irritated makes people lethargic does a lot of terrible things to just your body in general which affects your brain which is a part of your body heal the idea that there's somehow or another not interchangeable pretty Preposterous and people that don't take care of their body but want their brain to be healthy that is like you want your cake and you want to eat it to you. You don't make any sense you're not looking at it holistically someone who is as passionate as you are about these issues if someone in your family were there be your wife or your children wear

► 02:47:41

doing the right choices does that cause you to be that much more irate because they're sort of within the purview of your influence or maybe I'm being an overbearing ass so I would look at it internally first and then I would look at them and try to figure out like what what is what is what's wrong here is this is simply dietary thing or is it a psychological thing it would become a big project for sure I mean when there's a loved one that's essentially eating themselves into poor health which is really comment mean it's more common than it's not in fact I think the most recent estimate Google this if you will young Jamie I think the most recent estimate is it the United States is above 50% obesity rate right which is stunning I actually when I was at the Canadiens actually argued that if we wish to get rid of bigotry then will we get a lot more bang for our buck if we went after fat bigotry rather than Transit

► 02:48:41

under bigotry because there are so few people who are transgendered and even though we should condemn anybody feed a face they make up a very small portion of being facetious but I was basically saying that look if you really want to have these bills to try. Out bigotry you should be going after fatphobia because most Canadians are also bees now didn't get I said it's a sizable problem any of the obese United States here goes 2018 course behavioral risk factors adult obesity rates now exceed 35% and 7 states are but what about children as well I think they were talking about overall I think overall I think children are more fat now than they've ever been ever but I had you know that I mentioned earlier that I had read all that lets get the actual numbers again so adult obesity exceeds 35% 30% 29 States 25% in 48 states West Virginia has the highest adult obesity rate 38

► 02:49:41

percent Colorado lowest 222 shout out to Colorado adult obesity rate increase in Iowa Massachusetts Oklahoma Rhode Island South Carolina what is it by not just a adult obesity but overall obesity

► 02:49:59

what is the obesity rate in America hundred sixty million people there it is 160 million people in America are either obese or overweight nearly three-quarters of American man in more than 60% of women more than 60% of women are overweight 30% of boys

► 02:50:17

and girls under the age of 20

► 02:50:20

or obese or overweight remember I was mentioning earlier than I was mentioning the health Summit that I held at my University at one of the guys is name is Robert lustyik he's a pediatric endocrinologist he was or he was saying that many instances of diabetes and other related to high blood pressure that you would never ever see and young children is now very very Comics 25-30 years ago he would never have a single patient with undershirt of age and now it's every everyday basically it's a stunning statistic it's it's disgusting and sad to see and it's it's a no people are prisoner of their diet that's that's it most of it and you know exercise plays a factor for sure is it speeds up your metabolism but the bottom line is you got to stop eating shit and you got to stop eating so much but it's so satisfying to people especially people that feel

► 02:51:17

I just feel like unsatisfied and unfulfilled and unhappy and their medicating themselves with food cuz I get this little charge every time they stuff a cake down their mouth or they eat a sandwich or they eat a giant bowl of unhealthy stuff and I like you're going to break out into being Kevin Spacey in the movie Seven where he goes out killing people who wrote Slava definite the way you're speaking with such disdain was that since this is a disease that you're giving yourself and I understand if you don't have an education on this and some people don't but that's not the case with most people most people understand that what they're eating is bad for them they do it anyway

► 02:52:04

what would shows you that it's not only about you you don't do bad things simply because you didn't know any but I'm sure examples psychology is very stupid human psychology is so unbelievably complicated that's why I love my life that's why I love my profession every day I wake up and I'm in a playground what's the next problem that I'm going to Taco and have fun studying that's why I love my life and I hope everybody I got off and get people to write to me say what's the secret why are you always smiling I'm always smiling well number when I'm healthy I have a great family but I wake up everyday excited about the prospects for the day if you could find that have two bottles one will you were in your position your life your your your study is so it's so rich with information and it's so Illuminating in terms of like why certain things occur in our culture why people do certain things at what's the motivation and and and your perspective on it like knowing all these motivations

► 02:53:04

knowing what's causing all these different actions and reactions I just got to be loved just constantly interesting it is so much and I get to meet guys like you and hang out with guys like you for a great thing about my job so I get to meet guys like you and learn all this crush it like if I listen tell everybody about your show it's on YouTube the sad truth starts with s a a d truth you could follow me on Twitter at g a d s a a d and also I got a public Facebook page right me emails say hello weapon in these 30 pounds laptop

► 02:53:43

bye everybody see you soon.

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