#1308 - Eddie Bravo

Jun 4, 2019

Eddie Bravo is an American Jiu-Jitsu instructor, musician, former UFC analyst, and is the founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.

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and I love them and he's fucking crazy and I love that part about him too sometimes this is a naughty one we went we went nutty for a little bit but we got it back on track please give it up for the Great and Powerful mr. Eddie Bravo

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The Joe Rogan Experience Train by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day

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you are my brother good to see you as always always good to say thanks for jumping on this short notice for the folks who don't know I was supposed to have Kevin Lee on today but Kevin and I we fucked up was partially my fuckup partially his fuck up the hill Beyond on Wednesday edgy but I was in the neighborhood getting pumped my friend getting getting solids you've been lifting the words how steady are you lifting now

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I try to get three days a week but shit gets crazy sometimes and I could only get to 225 stop for just a couple weeks I start at 51 just start getting so weak even on trt everything starts slipping your body's like we don't need to be lived to now I'm sure is fuck I've been I've been rolling with little people the last few months like what kind of little people Hobbits wish them up do you think so I think Hobbits would be extraordinarily strong but hairy feet they're probably on a lot of like some kind of now man I bet their feet are fucking so stronk never Foot Locker all right have you seen the size of their heels they have giant heels but I bet their ligaments and shit are different

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yeah you know it's weird because they are they're all bear this is weird about the hobbits right there barefoot they got furry ass feet they have giant feet because you know obviously they had to wear those those feet over the shoes but even in the books didn't did it didn't they said they had big Harry's look at the history books yeah that'll hold the shit out of that easy to hold right there maybe maybe my thinking is if their feet are that Harry they got oh Jesus Christ what happened that lady don't do this to me Jamie this is a podcast that a person that's going through someone's got it was a gout inflammation oh man that's real did you think that was a hobbit picture oh you didn't know that's hilarious oh my God Google image got you again isn't that L that's an algorithm that's the Russians are trying to fuck with this show know that is is bunions first of all that's a painful thing that happens to your big toe some of its genetic and some of it is putting your toes into pointed shoes for like long periods of time like people have to go to work

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ladies particular they wear like super uncomfortable shoes at smushed her toes up like that your toes aren't supposed to be like that I've seen this thing on Instagram where they could fix that yeah they've been bands yes well that's real well the they have Yoga Toes there's some shit that you use that you can you shove your feet in between these like Styrofoam things and stretches about apparently that's supposed to be good for them Vibram shoes is good let's go make those I run in those thinking suit or something they did get sued propaganda a bunch of pussies really yeah bunch of behind but you know I used to learn to yeah look man they're harder to run in no bullshit feel good though I like I like them but once the make a grip the ground all that shit came out that they were like a frog there was that's not what it is I think they had made improper claims if I'm not correct I mean if I'm not correct if I'm correct if my information is correct I think they made improper claims I think that was what the the word was the word was that they had said some shit in the people gotten

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I heard like they said it would keep you from getting injured it's all based on this idea that you're supposed to run Barefoot yeah they said Mexican revolutionary yeah in the mountain ex was like fuck you we got shrubs but those guys up in the mountains that they're talking about in that book Born to Run I feel like they have some of them made their own shoes with like tires like they cut tires and made their own shoes and they're running like a hundred miles up there something crazy like that like they have insane endurance and they live up in that mountain and they just run around oh speaking of Mexicans one of the main reasons you're here I want to talk to you because you're my favorite Mexican and now we have a Mexican American heavyweight champion of the motherfucking world that's crazy how crazy is that that's insane Akiva La Mexico yeah Jesus Christ I didn't know Mexico had a heavyweight boxer oh my God Andy Ruiz is the shit he's the shit he's what America needs right now with all this border wall crisis shit heavyweight champion that's Mexican yeah come on son and one that's fucking good and one that

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it has a big belly he knocks out a dude who looks like he's chiseled out of granite I mean no one has ever had a better body than Anthony Joshua you've only had a different body know what's in a better body he's like what is he like six seven or some shit I Sam I don't like oh god dude Anthony Joshua is the one of the best-built heavyweight boxers of all time he's legit he was a champion all that Olympic gold medalist the champ knocked out Wladimir Klitschko I mean he's a fucking monster from the UK from the UK yeah he was the champ and he was supposed to fight big baby Miller and Big Baby Miller tested positive for the Mexican supplements ironically enough

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boom that's Anthony Joshua I mean come on son how tall is he because he's gigantic that a 12-pack because Andy Ruiz looked short in that fight six ish shit yeah but that's huge Ruiz is like 62 he just looked tiny when he's standing next to Joshua Joshua was a giant of a man and just fucking jacked what does it say is wait listed us 249 249 I wonder if that was for the last fight because I'm sure with a giant dude like that it varies back and forth but so I was out to dinner and I get a text from Brendan Schaub Brendan Schaub hit with the spoiler alert he said fuck Joshua got knocked out and I was like no like oh what happened and he goes he got fucked up in the seventh round Mexican and he goes I'm sick I go you're sick I go home happy as fuck I'd like I couldn't wait to come home and watch it I love when crazy shit happens this was my favorite thing in fights look at that guy look at me

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no disrespect champ but he jokes about it himself I'm trying to get him in here too oh that would be great if it is body I mean it looks like a regular dude what if he got shredded how much would he wait why would you wake it gets shredded no but if he doesn't fuck out of here might be a middle way I would feed him on the sneak tip I'd wake him up in the middle of the night with some great Mexican food that dude needs to stay exactly how he has see look he's got muscles under there like look at his stomach he's just got some body fat on them but here's one thing if you do have great cardio one thing that body fat can do is it can protect you somewhat it's like we're an eight sweaters I've joked around about this before and people think I'm bullshitting and I kind of am a little bit because I know most of the impact gets in there but if you were going to fight a guy and right before you fought him he puts on a vest made out of fat and meat and stitches it up and it sticks out like fucking 10 extra inches you be like hey what is all this what are you doing you can't put that on

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if you hit him to the body and he barely reacts you be like fuck I can't believe this guy's cheating with his fat vest think about that shit yeah good cardio and you got some fat around your gut that shit might protect you look at Daniel Cormier yep fade or will get fade or you're dealing with these giant dudes giant dudes who can fuck you up with one shot there might actually be an advantage to having a gut and that's not bullshit at all hmm it's not ideal in the lower weight class looking back guts he brought back a party pack Suds I'm bringing them thinking to grow my own your how great would that be healthy barely hanging on tired working out it's only day two dudes with guts that could be the new thing

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yeah dude are you kidding did you see that that gif on Brendan shops page of DJ Khaled is that how you say his name who's a big fellow himself climbing out of a golf cart with a shirt open let me show you that I don't want to read the caption see my problem sharing this is I want to know who the fuck made this because it's really funny I wish I knew the dude give him credit you know oh it says that they're the creator of the the GIF can I see it yeah put it up on their form Jim hold on James Timmons ghetto might be a problem copyright issue somebody might have stole it from somebody else you got to talk in the microphone people yes ma'am okay

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look at this all the big men all the big men headed to brunch with their shirt open today after the end Ruiz win he's bringing back gots dude that would be a man did he super friendly we like really nice guy thanked his mom she told his mom after the fight you know we don't have to suffer anymore we this is changed our lives you know it's beautiful it's pretty good the last I mean I was I was crazy in the boxing before I saw UFC to one side you have C to I kind of just drop boxxing but I was way in the boxing had stacks of Ring magazine all over my house I wouldn't throw them away I was way into it and all we had as Mexicans in the heavyweight division was Alex Garcia Mmm Yeah

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he was he broke the top 10 yeah he was up there for a little bit but he just you know that's that's the closest we ever got unless there's been someone else since then this is like 1990 I haven't followed boxing at all well that's why I was big for mexican-americans when Cain Velasquez was UFC heavyweight champ that was the first-ever Mexican heavyweight champ in Combat Sports yeah right am I correct yeah it's weird though when MMA people aren't racist in MMA really as much as boxing the really raised like boxing I'm always going for the Mexican I don't I don't give a fuck you don't know we talked about this but engine ever met you go to guy I don't care what nationality you are an MMA or I go for the I want well like like if someone's fighting Melvin manhoef I don't necessarily want Melvin manhoef to win but I definitely want to see Melvin manhoef go Melvin manhoef on somebody you know what I'm saying yeah for sure oh yeah you know watching a certain guys watching guys that that are known for their knockout power and

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watching those guys to even if they're fighting to jujitsu guy right I don't want them to win and that was why who was it was it Akio not know it wasn't was it akiyama know it was who was was it Yoshida who beat Melvin manhoef an arm Bardem I think it was yours wasn't akiyama I think it was akiyama hmm I think akiyama I think sexy AMA fought him with a Geon hmm I don't remember who fought Melvin manhoef in Pride see if it was a Melvin man who versus akiyama

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I'm wondering Ki yeah sexy young you can say sexy AMA who killed him sexy Ami was it Chevelle oh Michael Chevelle did he I don't know who who named him sexy AMA oh no he wasn't doing he wasn't doing Pride right

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he was in Japan but I don't know if it was Drano no yeah well he does one now and he was doing he was doing all the shit on Access TV you know he was doing a lot of shows of Pat miletich he's doing a lot of different things but he also does a lot of my time to yoshihiro akiyama takeyama you gotta want to submit Heroes Heroes not about that one oh wow that was the K1 promotion right I think so wow

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it's crazy how much this sport has changed and just in time you and I have been watching it yeah Jenna from when you and I met in the 90s when we're doing Jiu-Jitsu and you are a purple belt yeah I didn't miss shit back then I was on top of every goddamn MMA fight now I'm just like I'm lost there's so many promotions don't know it's impossible so many UFC's and it's not it's hard to keep track and I don't have time to keep track everything streaming I love like what is it on ESPN app like how do I watch this once you get it on though once you figure it out once you get it it works once you get in it works it so everything is on ESPN app yeah so you can get on your phone and I saw like a shill

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for the company now well for but I'm not but I'm saying like for me like when I watch fights it's pretty fucking easy once you get it hooked up the problem is people that don't have their TV hooked up to the Internet which is quite a few fucking people then you gotta watch it on a laptop that's not ideal your phone that's not ideal I'll do it though but that's the good thing about it is I've done that like I've been out and I couldn't go to see a fight I couldn't watch the walls at home but I have like an hour it's where I could sneak away and watch like it one main event yeah and I get to watch it on my phone I'll take that all day I'll take that all day yeah what about like what's that function mirror is that what it is yeah where you shoot it up to the TV from your phone that's dope you could do that oh yeah yeah if you have Apple TV if you have Apple TV or if you have Amazon what does that fire stick is that what it is Jamie remember yeah Chromecast also Chromecast and there's probably a few other ones you could probably do that with two but they have like a USB slot I think you just stick this thing in the USB slot

► 00:19:06

is that am I saying that yard you don't even need it depending on what nearby your TV right built into it now lot of in Chrome things which is interesting right it's like what if a new company comes along and they want to get built into that that system how do they you know because when you get your TV does your TV have like the option to get Netflix mine does yeah it's like you don't need an Apple TV it's like one of the options no no no no no on my TV I have a setup you have an ATV dude it's like I got it I can 2006 or something damn so you gotta upgrade yeah it's time to upgrade it's still a flat TV I don't know how like then you need it so I'm going to go old school and I'm going to start riding a bike and getting around a TV when I'm fucked up Davies with a dark in the corner could boxes big old box you put stuff on it put stuff on our lands a shelf to the first time I got a TV um I got like it was a big-ass TV like my first TV that I bought when I first got on television it was like 30 inches or something like that

► 00:20:05

it's like look at the size of his fucking TV was giant like from here to here like that big and I remember sitting the stupid honking inch I remember sitting the stupid thing on the floor and I had it had to be so far away from the wall because it was all this extra shit behind it there was like tubes and stuff and Bazookas there's like that you know those wires and everything and this big box and fans and stuff remember bulbs there was they would be bulbs and they'd have to change the bulbs and it make you TV brighter remember that yeah yeah I don't really know the mechanics behind the TV so I just turn them on and then we break down and kind of Shadow cheap nowadays to Tommy's are crazy cheese crazy we were just talking about that out there how much like a TV that for ten years ago would cost and now it's like the same TV is like a couple hundred bucks yeah ten years ago was like 10,000 15,000 look who I remember when I first moved out I had a little you know everyone starts with their little black and

► 00:21:05

Little Boxes you know what I mean you put on clothes hanger and for the antenna and the first TV I got was a 19 inch color TV shows like 300 bucks I saved forever for it but man that was my pride and joy Mmm Yeah man no ramanujan living in the days before TV when they first invented it was all radio it was really angry theater movie theater existed first right I'm not wrong in that right yeah how much after the movie theater did the television get invented like what year was the TV I think the 50s that's when it came in the TV came in the 50s yeah bro that's not that long ago think about how much dominates people's time yeah but first TV started appearing in homes in the late 20s early 30s oh shit yeah I think color is one of those like the 50s or so late 20s hold on how many TVs had homes in the 50s only nine percent of American households had TVs in the 50s hmm

► 00:22:04

want to 10 rich folks wow

► 00:22:09

imagine just being alive back then when those things started happening and being some some dude who thinks way way ahead and look through this and those whoa where is this gonna go people 50 years are going to look back at this time and go shit remember when people used to actually open their eyes yeah we're going to be like in some kind of Matrix yeah for sure I remember when people lived real life the one outside they live life stupid fucking dummies were so lucky we could live anywhere yeah when VR gets so good that you actually can just live any life you want you know it's inevitable yeah they're mean they're getting closer and closer to it if you look at what we would have seen if we were person living in 1920 when they turned on that first TV me what was that like those people probably like in awe the probably thought oh now they can't lie to us on the radio now we got the truth in our living rooms now we got finally we got the truth we get to see

► 00:23:08

is really going on in the world please bro the 1920s you know what they thought they were just give me something to look at yeah when you love to go back and talk to someone from the 20s and what about their nightly walk like what the fuck do you guys know how boring was like that why do you think the Hopscotch and shit like that and jump rope you know after a while that's that just seems like so much fun yeah reading books and shit horses no one people read books

► 00:23:41

I rarely read I get almost 90% of my reading I get done and with audiobooks 90% yeah that's that's way easier yeah it's great to do while running to would like it does two things at the same time it gives me something shit to think about the kind of like propels me while I'm running don't do that do I would you worry about getting jacked what do you mean getting Cat by a cat oh to worry about that man yeah I worry about that legitimately I've been hiking more than ever lately and sometimes we're on some Trails or have a rock ready to go I carry a knife it's a good mood I carry knife when I run it's a good movie yeah it's not likely it's not likely people come and God you're paranoid two people were killed by Mountain Lions last year and a kid got bit by a mountain lion just a couple days ago Jamie I'm getting over a cold folks I'm sorry if I sound snotty but

► 00:24:40

if two people got killed by werewolves

► 00:24:43

would you go out when the moon is full you would like fuck that if two people in Seattle got killed by werewolves when there's a full moon you're gonna lock your fucking doors and my in Seattle when I go out to where am I in Seattle well the guy who's the werewolf could have got on a plane and went to San Francisco it's totally possible yeah right or just walk but if you knew there was a real werewolf there was on the full moon was possibly going to kill somebody sometimes he didn't sometimes a full moon comes and goes and nobody dies because everybody's smart they all stay indoors yeah yeah for sure you know you'd stay out of the fuck you know the odds would be astronomical just like like Jaws like you know if you get dropped in the middle of the ocean you know the way this guide will take this guy has a fucking mountain lion is that so what is that that's not a mountain lion that's like that's a domestic cat that a bobcat that looks like about her cougar looks like a know that's a domestic cat see those ears it's like a really wild domestic cat what is it called

► 00:25:44

see serious shit see it's it hisses Adam the guy might be a dick the guy doing that fucking with that cat might be a dick he's trying to get it to hiss I guess they have a good relationship it looks like those what are those two they look like that we have no no holy shit bro that is a for what kind of animal is that length is it I don't know to student the video doesn't say what it is I saw crazy I saw links in real life once it's crazy looking like a big these big giant fluffy feet I saw him up in Alberta weird crazy feet like almost like they're wearing shoes very strange-looking cat like a big old furry cat in the woods and Canada so strange man you look at me like what the fuck are you you ever see a links yes I would I'm not too sure what the difference between a links and a cougar that's what I saw I saw him one of those motherfuckers I was like what is that the fear bro they're super hairy because they're cats that live

► 00:26:43

it's like that won't the long legs right there Jimmy that's like exactly what I saw and it was in the snow to or it was not in the snow rather it was it was in the the forest floor like green to and they the feet are designed so that they can move quickly over snow they almost act as snow shoes like soda wolves like wolves have big-ass feet and they spread out that's what it looked like we were driving down the road and we saw that guy on the side of the road they re like why is that what the fuck it's so weird to see one in real life you see it as a zoo you would even look at it you'd pass by that stage he's like what the fuck is that looking tigers at wack-ass little cat and the crazy polar bears but if you see it in the woods man it's like the greatest thing you've ever seen in your life like wow look at it look at it like a porcupine

► 00:27:33

if I see a porcupine I'm driving I'll stop my car like look at that whoa what are they still do they really shoot no no they don't shoot unless you know they don't shoot him no no no no do porcupine suddenly don't shoot him they don't you Tom that's a myth ah they just have Barb's so if you buy them you get stuck up how crazy is that everyone thought that growing up like yeah an 80s because like they shot you would Thorns kids fucking high probably tell their dad he shot him at me dad a cartoon or something yeah yeah that's possible to write like everybody thinks coyotes are stupid yeah like Jaws you know Jaws pretty much scared 95% of the population out of the ocean oh yeah out of the ocean well then just got jacked you heard about that guy that just got jacked by great right yeah get well they don't know what kind of shark got them but got bitten Maui I think Maui that's a lot of tiger sharks right yeah yeah Surfer a surfer no I think it was a guy standing Resort just swimming hmm died dead as fuck they found his body

► 00:28:33

they got them I mean they brought him back to the beach but he had horrific wounds he died God damn it just happened yeah just happened yeah man sharks are no joke too terrifying animal and again if there was a fucking werewolf running around the woods exactly like and a werewolf just killed a guy last week would you go to the would ya be just like Jaws they had it on the news now but the things that sharks are sharks 24 hours a day 7 days a week they don't only on full moons become sharks but what about what about guys that say that that's totally blown out of proportion they're right they swim with sharks they get into the ocean with sharks right there right I think the great wine is the only one that the divers those crazy divers don't get in the water with right but I think there was a lady that swam with great whites yeah there's pictures of it right we were looking at her Instagram page once young Jamie to remember that lady yeah is it a trick like it snows think she knows if it's

► 00:29:33

you can go swim with it or something you know like that this videos of babies playing with king cobras and then you find out that they defang them right so they can't hurt you at all it took away their venom Sac to I think that if they have a thing I might have made that up well yeah then I'm sorry is that a real thing it's a real good nut sack but it sounds like a hit up what is this shark tagged Brunswick the shark it's a 8 foot nine inch white shark that's been just recently spotted yesterday or today I guess in oceans outside of Ocean City Maryland oh yeah yeah they this is the way it's Twitter account Works they like it speaks in the first person what what if you kill somebody I'm sorry he was tasty I think it's still going to keep up the Twitter account if we know that shark killed somebody

► 00:30:16

look if it gets hungry enough all these assholes are over fish in the oceans you overfish the fuck out of those oceans eventually those sharks they're going to turn on each other you know that's what's happening with snakes in the Everglades do you know about that too you know about the Everglades nope anacondas and pythons and shit mostly pythons because dudes had them as pets in there that I'm gonna let him go and either find him now there's 17 18 feet long anacondas are pythons shit they're eating alligators they did a study they deserve video of that oh yeah yeah they're photos of it and there's video this video you can watch a mutant alligator and Florida and Florida goddamn they're Giant and they're they're infested so you do not like a biological survey of the Everglades and they were down like 99% in some animals like deer 99% Marsh hair like no like 98 percent 95 percent raccoons that kind of shit they don't think they are they anything are they killing people to all the will they

► 00:31:15

sure some fucking rednecks of disappeared and they just don't guarantee a guarantee I guarantee if you wanted to get rid of somebody man take them to python country are they are they do anything to your elder population of these things which you can do if you ever seen the Everglades easy to set up traps do you kidding Shoujo and Bravo he's our young Geniuses with that kind of shit bothers too many of them you don't earn 50,000 of what snakes yeah there's over a hundred thousand pythons yeah how did they count they have rough estimates based on corn quadrants so like what they'll do is they'll take like and it's not it's not a hundred percent accurate they unless they tag all of them which they case they're assholes issues just killed them but if you because they're an invasive species for people don't know they're not from Florida at all so they're just devastating the ecosystem and they're turning on alligators they're eating alligators now because it basically run out of everything else to eat it's a crazy fucking animal so what they would do is they would take I would guess like a chunk of the Everglades you know like a hundred square yards or something like that and they'd measure the amount

► 00:32:15

then they would do another one they would they would do it like several places and then take an average and then calculate all the square footage and that's why the be Pro or con the think I got hundreds of people would have been killed already know because I don't think that many people first of all go in there and I don't think they want to eat people I think they probably don't know what the fuck a person is where they see a rabbit or some other shit that probably looks like food people are wearing clothes I'm just guessing I know they do Jack people though overseas there's been a horrible videos of guys getting cut out of giant snakes and everything that I've seen that that's crazy yeah some poor villager yeah woman missing and they find this making it go we found her like they know that for this motherfucker Bounty Hunter kills gargantuan Burmese python gets 375 bucks and and earns our undying gratitude little size of the thing dude 17 and a half feet so these things Florida what like like Advil or so Everglades where were the Everglades iyami

► 00:33:13

the Everglades is a giant ass Gulfside middle like the both sides kind of depending it's a big swamp land show Eddie an overhead view of the Everglades because the Everglades are fucking bananas

► 00:33:26

one thing that they found that was interesting yeah that shit yeah so that all that stuff is dance Dance swamp that's just Monster Soup the tip of the dick of Florida is Monster Soup that's what that is you got some leaves you got some basil you guns fucking snakes you got some grass you got some shit growing out of the ground and you got fucking alligators and snakes in a Aliens vs. predator battle to the death Howard Howard Joey describe the Everglades was some cocksucker these fucking dirty white people with the stinky feet all you want a fucking snake oh what do you want your oh I'm a Wiccan get the fuck outta here the guy kicks his fucking kid out of the house the kid can't feed the snake next thing you know Monster Soup

► 00:34:22

shit I mean it really is down to these two super Predators battling it out to the death and right now I mean I don't see any pictures of the alligators eating the pythons do we have video of alligators and pythons sir eating each other okay so I guess it's good at least everybody's eating everybody I'm rude he's got a hold dear and its body this Florida the same article Jesus Christ man they can swallow a whole deer that is so nuts they're not even as wide as us imagine not being as wide as a person and you can swallow whole deer says it file it had a 35-pound white-tailed Fawn in it it was eating a hundred and eleven percent 11.1% oh no a hundred eleven percent it was a thirty one pound snake eating a 35-pound dear oh my God

► 00:35:15

oh my God yeah they don't give a fuck I didn't read that part oh my God that is so ridiculous yeah they can eat their whole body weight would you ever see that you've seen that we've showed that video of the frog or it was a frog or a toe that ate the mouse sure the mouse is bigger than him bro he's fucking eats it he just I didn't know the Toads did that I had no idea this video this is like the little white mouse is in this cage just like looking around with this frog and his frog just like slowly comes close to him slowly comes closer and then swap just half his body and you see the smiles trying to kick and get the fuck out of there the Frog just like slowly just chokes him down hmm I don't know idea insects that's what I thought too if they figured it out

► 00:36:03

see if people believe in evolution right I believe in evolution if people believe in evolution why do we think it stops with us why don't we think these goddamn frog is going to take over maybe like one of the first the first signs of it was this Pepe the Frog controversy on the internet David's shots fired things to come these frogs are going to start eating meat now pump Frog maybe these frogs are eating meat that's what's going on I'm gonna get smarter Pepe the Frog was that around before Jamie what is this Jamie oh I've seen this rock has a snake in its mouth Miss Nicks fuck yeah tacking a cat whoa the cat comes over to us why the fucking snake cats are ruthless bro

► 00:36:45

cats are ruthless

► 00:36:49

as just a compilation of frog eating shit well there's one that's like super specific that I found on here's our hands that's not my stuff that worm look at this one here's one it's oh the only showing part of it it's just it's a bunch of shit like look how he gets that whole Mouse in his mouth down this isn't even the same one so there must be multiple videos of I guess that's a toad is that a frog or toad I honestly do not know the difference in that one but I think frogs are like green frogs live in water right and toads hang out on the grass right I think they when I was in Costa Rica the first night I was I was in I went with a bunch of friends and they had this Mansion dude right there in the jungle we talked about the I remember and and the first night I doused my whole but I knew the bugs are going to come out so I was when we got them like oh my God I'm gonna get attacked by bugs so I

► 00:37:49

I went to the neighborhood store and bought all their off and just use it like moose all over my body and we sat we're sitting there as the sun set we were at the pool there's like 10 of us at the pool and as the sun was setting all these frogs just appeared out of nowhere it was scary and the guy that lived there said trust me don't be scared they're going to be your friends like what do you mean goes trust me we're gonna need them and go for the bugs it goes yes so on the sun went down we're out of pool in this Jay-Z tight Mansion at a pool in the middle of the Jungle and there's all these frogs everywhere and then the bug started coming you never saw the same book twice and he was like Braveheart dude they were all these frogs just you just see them attacking these bugs it was it was like a war he was crazy in the Box lost the bugs law frogs jacked like like like those white walkers do they fuck them up to wow that's an amazing was very entertaining is very entertaining with

► 00:38:48

sitting there going holy shit get those bugs fuck those bugs huh why doesn't someone make a documentary about that it's crazy the war the daily war in the jungle when the bugs come out fucking frogs eat bugs and frogs

► 00:39:05

what up what a weird place to choose to put a mansion when I get you want to be able to scream not getting trouble I learned one thing I learned about that trip is there's the people that like that shit or the people that will like they'll see a tarantula and pick it up and go and try to scare you with it in the fucking eat it or whatever like you have to be one of those people like you know people like me who are scared of bugs I am not a jungle guy I'm a snow guy I wanted I just went to Lake Tahoe we went to Squaw Valley that's my shit snow too cold for any bugs the jungle if I never go to another jungle ever I wouldn't give a shit I had a horrible time that the last time I was in a dying cow and had a similar story about when he was trying to be a buged scientist what's that called Fuck it you're trying to be entomology and entomologist and he was hanging out in the in the jungle with these people and they had to put turpentine on the posts of the like the platform with the tents at onto the ants yeah because the ants will be marching through the jungles he didn't hear them walking you can

► 00:40:05

hear them yeah you can hear the ants there's so many of you can hear them fuck the fucking jungle dude fucking jungle that's why if you have a choose between cold or unbearable heat and cold yeah the thing about cold is it's like you can get warm you know when you're hot you can't really get cool it's hard you can get cool in your house but you can start a fire in your house and you just wear warm clothes outside and you just live smart yeah it's like the challenges of it's interesting when you look at like population in the world

► 00:40:43

because in this country it's not the world but in this country all the places where it gets really cold population gets limited like it's only going to get so big but one thing's like sweet real nice like especially like la like whoo people just Pile in but I guess New York's the argument against that because New York's Phoenix those opposites like superhot their melts everybody yeah people like to party down there you like your party if you like to party you go to Phoenix no man is where I live I live in Phoenix open carry state the fucking Sheriff Arpaio makes everybody wear pink underwear and pink jumpsuits shit I'm crazy I think if you look at where people live I think generally speaking white people like cold and darker people like we heat it seems that way because if you look at the North Pole would not likely if you look at the North Pole looking down on it all the surrounding countries they're all white right but you know why right

► 00:41:37

because they want to be next to the they want to be close to the North Pole is that why they won't be Santa's first stop hey there's that it's supposedly a magical place the North Pole well it's because they don't get any vitamin D up there because it's hot as fuck where they're from and sunny weather from originally and then as people migrated and got these Northern climates their skin became paler and paler like like a solar panel for vitamin D that's where you get it you get it from the Sun so because they don't get much vitamin D because there's no fucking Sun out it's cold as shit it's cloudy in England and Ireland and all these places where people really really white as fucking cloudy all the time as cold as fuck so you're not getting that vitamin D plus your whole body's covered and fucking minks and animal skins and shit that's why they're all white they're all from the same thing that's what's weird about it but there's also some some growing evidence that there was a whole gang of different kinds of people they're finding these new

► 00:42:37

people called denisovans they found bones of them so they think there was like maybe a bunch of other versions of human beings that we just lost in time and then you're going to probably find it as people like get further and further into DNA testing to find more and more different versions of people and people there's supposedly a Lost Empire in Russia called tortilla we've heard about that no yeah it's supposedly a race from all history for different reasons I don't really know that much about it but it keeps popping up on YouTube if I was a juvenile I would make a joke about the name of it tardy Tia yeah I'll make a joke

► 00:43:15

would you say let's say something terrible like what Giardia I can't think of any wonder why they didn't make it okay um that guy Graham Hancock wrote that book did you ever listen to a podcast I did with him recently not the recent one dude he was talking about the Amazon and that hidden civilizations were at one point in time in the Amazon than European settlers or European explorers rather came there and gave him smallpox and it burned through the entire fucking population just like it burning through the Native Americans same deal and just wiped out these huge cities people just abandon these huge cities and he was saying that at one point in time they think as much as 20 million people are living in the Amazon and they had these really big established cities so now they're using this stuff called lidar it's like light like laser that they shoot from a fucking plane and they make maps of the Jungle cities are find various cities dude it's crazy it's amazing to watch because the first European explorers when they went to the

► 00:44:15

Amazon according to Graham Hancock in his book which is called America before the first European explorers when they came to the Amazon they were like oh my God this is incredible these they have these massive cities and sophisticated culture and they wrote back about it then when people came back hundreds of years later everything was gone it was all just engulfed by the jungle because all the people died off after the fucking European explorers came so the European explorers came they spread their diseases they came out how many boats over how much time they wrote things about it and everybody fucking died they died like a just don't like a haunted curse like they brought a curse to a place and then the jungle overcame the city grew to the pillars of the floor and just took over and now they're finding it through all this new sophisticated technology with a good scan through the trees and just get images of what the ground looks like and then they take this image of the ground you can see these grids see buildings

► 00:45:15

amazing the irrigations that they could survive in the jungle with all that fungus and bacteria and viruses do dogs and all that shit but smallpox takes him out smallpox Jack them they weren't ready for it they didn't have was probably not a good not all positive probably a gang of diseases that the I mean smallpox for sure killed a lot of people during that time period so they assumed it was smallpox and smallpox most likely was one of the diseases but I bet they gave him a bunch of other diseases to these fucking people had no immune system for any of the shit the Europeans were running over there just and I bet the same thing would happen if someone from there went to Europe but they have some weird parasites and weird shit that if they could somehow and I mean I guess you'd imagine like people that live in the jungle must be exposed to certain parasites are certain certain diseases or germs that they don't get in Europe either for sure transferring them back and forth like that probably wouldn't like if they went and visited like a giant ship full

► 00:46:15

of amazonians went to visit Europe they probably giving him some strange disease hell dude can you imagine I wonder if those guys brought anything back I wonder if they got anything from the Amazon people and brought it back vaginal parasites how dare you believe you went there man imagine the kind of sexual diseases they had in the Amazon but they were immune to that Europeans were like just died and how the fuck management everybody small assholes must smell like oral grown under dicks there's no deodorant they probably didn't use soap and you probably got used to it you know they say people are used to Smells you get that's why people that live in those towns where they have a factory and everything smells like chicken shit or something like that those people get used to it or when you drive when you're on the 405 and you pass by that Budweiser plant it smells like has that weird like almost fried yeah it is weird fried food or yeah what is that you drive into San Pedro and it smells like the sewer

► 00:47:12

you know when you're on the road the 710 or the 110 is there's certain places there's certain places where you you like in New Jersey when I was a kid I remember there was areas grow by that had factories and you could see the fucking smoke coming out of the factory there was just spewing into and use it would stink the whole fucking City would stink and if you live there that you just had to accept that you know if you live there there's no fixing that that's just what the town smelled like that was your reality it's crazy what do you think of 5G and all that scared that's I'm terrified of are all that shit scared yeah because how much long-term testing of they done zero or negative numbers the damn people off their putting them up dude is that what when when I'm driving around with my family my wife is obsessed with recognizing plates she's always calling out Florida Oregon she's her and my son they got a little game they play they're always looking at the plates I'm always looking at cell phone towers and sad

► 00:48:11

like dishes I'm always paranoia yeah all satellite dishes point to the southeast for some reason or other and that's what I always tell them they don't point to the North in Southern California that just DirecTV satellite that's all sad words all satellites but every Saturday this shit's point mean for all consumer consumer satellite every satellite dish that I've seen I'm obsessed with under everywhere always point they never point to the north they're always pointing South East all of them the great majority of satellite dishes that you see are probably like DirecTV or doesn't notice all of them all of them but you go it's crazy I don't know why I don't know why but also those cell phone towers I was on this website called Smart Meters murder.com Smart Meters murder sometimes I was trying to remember it smart meters murder.com dude you want to get your fucking head blown off go to that website and read the documents that they're pulling from

► 00:49:11

for an agency's dude scary we talking about scary that we is kicking in so you know what you're gonna have to go check that shit out but it's like on 5G but back from back from their documents from government agencies right from 2001 July 2001 is like this whole I don't know how big like 400-page plan for the world it's a plan for the world or to my who wrote this plan the way you're holding that here while you do it it is quite hilarious it's the perfect like if someone was talking about a conspiracy theory and they had a blunt and they were just like in the full bore conspiracy shock while they're holding the joints so scary dude that I don't even want to talk about it let's change the subject you know if you want to look into it go to smartmeters got caught Smart Meters murder.com but it's carried I have read want to talk about it I have read things where people are questioning the the like whether or not 5G is going to be healthy but I haven't seen anything that verifies it is

► 00:50:11

or it isn't I haven't seen anything that says I need to look into it but just in the what I'm worried all told is that I really think that Wi-Fi signals all the various signals that surround us all the time I think they have an effect on us and I don't know what that effect is I don't know if it's negative or positive I don't know if it didn't it dulls the senses it's entirely possible that it does something to dull the senses because it occupies an area I mean if we have the capability of recognizing the fact that they're the thieves you signals around us all the time cellular signatures signals radio signal satellite signals we're surrounded constantly by signals are we absolutely sure that our body doesn't have the capacity to recognize those signals even though we don't have like a really clear method of taking those signals in and then translating them into visuals or into audio but because we can't like take that Sirius satellite signal and then that have

► 00:51:11

a player in our head because of that we assume that we're not taking it in in some way that's what these that's what this report although we just go amazed about it's about baby that's why I say this is why sentence because when I feel the the least foggy is when I'm in the woods when I'm in the mountains when there's no cell phone service there's no Radio Service there's no Wi-Fi there ain't shit that's Warehouse add lights don't work when someone's in the woods but no no satellites do work you could actually not in the wash no in the would she get a dish you put on the roof of your car you could watch TV it's a new thing that Steve rinella donilon's work on satellites no phones work on cell towers put the GPS works on satellites so your phone still works as a GPS unit when you're in the woods even if you don't any signal so you can find your way out with a map if your phone was on you know there's people that say the GSP the GPS GSP the GPS is also run by the towers to they don't need to go into space that you could triangulate your position from Towers along but that's what you probably

► 00:52:11

could try it triangulate your position from Towers but you couldn't broadcast as such a gigantic area like you can with satellites you can see satellites the people that think the satellites aren't real they need to talk to somebody make satellites there there you can see them with telescopes they're up there we have the ability to tune into the very specific spot in the sky with the DirecTV and you'll pick up the signal that's how you get the signal you tune to the spot in the sky with satellite is and you pick up the signal the real people have a problem with fucking everything that's ever existed everything everything's fake everything's fake

► 00:52:46

people think the reality is fixed it is how many people think that we're living in a simulation really really fucking smart people thinking that's ok that's ok that that isn't crazy do that that's the craziest thing about all conspiracy theories like people that are not on that side there's a conspiracy theories aside and then there's the people way on the other side those motherfuckers are totally into man we live in a computer that is hilarious that's not logical that's illogical well the the reason why they think that is because someday there's going to be a program but there's only the vehicle hey you ready true it may be true maybe we do live in a computer right but dude there's no evidence no there's no evidence tying these conspiracy theories of if you look into each one individually damn meat maybe it's true maybe it's not but there's actual evidence is it enough evidence to prove it one way or another who knows but don't talk shit on but it's not the same be like government conspiracy it's Jude I've

► 00:53:46

heard I've never heard anybody like that's easy to categorize people like that nobody people believe that I know that nobody on no no okay for sure haven't done any service service this is all based on the people that I come in contact with did I got I would say people you know 80 percent of my students better than a conspiracy theorist I don't even think about it they're just like regular people they don't they don't they don't concern themselves with right you know what I mean they think it's amusing that I'm into it but they're not into it at Salerno to mean but those same people when you transfer Duty you know Elon Musk says that we might live in a computer and everyone's like it may be true but dude there's zero evidence that we've am not fucking computer what was the evidence where's the evidence what did someone someone propose some sort of theory that proves that life is a hologram

► 00:54:36

wasn't a hologram that life is a simulation someone proves something you'd like to see that I Tried reading this book The holographic universe but I didn't get into it maybe I should reflect think it's not true I'm just saying there's that oh I know no what I'm saying is it might not be the same fucking people that you're talking about that do or don't believe but people definitely get rigid that's cool to believe that you could talk to people like you know Elon Musk said it it's right it's like a cool thing you know you're like wait on the letting you could be way and just like oh yeah we might live in a computer now it's interesting that's that's fascinating to me I think the reason why they say that is because one day we will and we all know it we all know it we all know that one day you could be in something that's as ridiculous as what you're experiencing right now and it could be a simulation yes yes but they believe those are happened yeah well really not be might not necessarily believe it but they're entertaining that's what the theory is yeah we might we might be in a computer simulation yeah you know what I mean serious might be living

► 00:55:36

computer simulation yeah maybe or maybe I'm not saying we don't I'm just saying dude there's no evidence of this might be the keywords might so to just explore an idea like are we living in a simulation doesn't mean you baby nothing wrong with that that's what I'm talking about that's like a conspiracy to that should be one of the you should love it's logical to lump that in with all those like 9/11 conspiracies like 9/11 for instance there's lots of evidence that was an inside job but that's a crazy conspiracy to most people but they're if you look into it there's scientific their science supports it was an inside job but Diane but then science despite stir no but there's other scientists ever disputed don't know for sure but there's evidence right I'm not saying but what other choice or not I'm just saying I don't want to go into a nine one one inside job coming up my whole day that I'm just using that as an example like as a that's a crazy conspiracy theory but there's a lot of evidence whether it's true or not who knows you know what I mean I think it was an inside job but a lot of people don't and whatever

► 00:56:36

there's zero evidence of us living in a computer science but we're not talking about the same people they might not be the same people that believe one or the other they're different lumping them together no no no I'm not no I'm there are different people I mean I know but the people that don't want to believe that and don't want to look at the evidence I'm saying aren't necessarily the same exact people as the people to believe when there's no relation you're right I have there's no poll on it I haven't taken a poll I know this is what can I say it to nine one one you just went you wanted to talk about it so you can got us into it that's that's yeah we don't have talked about 9/11 I was just using that as an example I know what you're saying yeah people believe weird shit they definitely like like the people that really want to believe in Bigfoot or the people that really want to believe in UFOs like UFOs are coming back right now everybody's talking about you ever bigger than ever stronger than ever that should tell you something Dave Foley he's hooked Dave Foley from Newsradio remember Dave Foley hooked we he we text each other almost exclusively about UFO evidence here and Omega sine Omega threes I was the big what's this

► 00:57:36

New York Times a couple days ago wow what is that Navy Pilots report unidentified flying objects here's the thing though we don't know what kind of shit the Chinese have figured out we don't know what kind of shit the Russians figured out we assume that we know because but we we didn't let them know about the stealth bomber or any of the crazy shit that they were building Area 51 we didn't let them know do you know me I was balls deep into the you know community did I might add the first tattoo I got it I got an alien on my left arm in any Joy any ARB I was always into fucking ancient Egypt the conspiracy side of the ancient Egypt there's the mainstream egyptology I was into the the oh look what Graham Hancock is saying and UFOs mmm ball fun the style fun there's so much proof in my there was so much proof that the government was trying to cover up look the why are they covering it up why are they covering it up look at all these guys from pilots from the Air Force or saying they saw UFOs Pilots

► 00:58:36

Navy are saying they said UFOs dudes from the Pentagon it's got to be true that's a dude that's a dude that's a CIA pilot he's saying it so when your when your balls deep and you really want to believe it you look at it that we like look there's all these government officials saying they saw UFOs and they got their own UFO story you know and then um you know you listen to Bill Cooper and he was former Office of Naval intelligence officer and you know and and when you hear what he says shit he wrote that book Behold The Pale White Horse He was that guy said crazy she said there's a base on the moon not that guy that's you're not to Behold a pale white horse he said there's a base on the Moon yes yes no he at first didn't eat at first now you're talking about no Lear you're talking about oh no Bob Saget friend that guy's crazy to try totally what does that guy say he says that there's millions of people on each planet and they're all every planet has millions of people is he the guy that owns

► 00:59:36

can walk around which I don't know but he was a part of his dad owned Learjet right right I forget what that reason is seems like a super rich troll totally when you see what he says the crazy shit he says I'm like this guys having a good time fucking with people yeah totally totally but Bill Cooper says that because his job was to prepare notes top secret notes classified shit it for meetings with high-level people in the military and he was based on what he was reading was like damn UFOs are real look I have proof so that at first he was like for sure UFOs are real them for sure they're hiding that's what he was saying he was preaching that then he learned later they let him whistle blow he never got busted for whistleblowing that they they want him they wanted him to leak that UFO that's what his conclusion was he started to realize wait a minute they want me to leak this and then

► 01:00:36

he he he got to the point where he believes that all UFO abductions like like the he believed that everything was a product of the government all UFO sightings abductions they're taking you in its he believes it's like the CIA doing that shit and he that's what he was really about before let me ask you though he got murdered man they went up to his Ranch and fuck them up if they wanted a really fuck with you this is what I what I think they would do they first of all they would put acid on your shit they put acid on your door knob or something like that because there was a dude who found something I forget what he found some old thing and as he was opening it up he just by touching it was like some old thing it was dipped in acid and he went on an acid trip for like six hours so this would they do they dose you up they somehow or another dose you up whether touching a doorknob just finally guy

► 01:01:32

there's some real recent story it's a guy that was cleaning a board like this a soundboard that's it what it was he touched us what it was like Thomas girlfriends I think I'm fucking high yes and they did ended up testing and that's exactly the story that's exactly the story so they could do that to you and then sneak up on you with some special effects where some fucking crazy mask and fucking flashy with lights and you're so crazy high you don't know what the fuck's going on they grab you and put you on a desk and tell you you you've been abducted by aliens from another planet you don't think they fucked with people and did something like that do for a fatty that is the documentary abducted in plain sight no I have not which ones that do it's not about exact it's about UFOs well it's sort of sort of this guy he was married had a couple kids he was tight with the family who had three daughters he was a predator so he corrugated he targeted the twelve-year-old and what he did is he

► 01:02:32

that's like fuck with the mom fuck with the dad fucking the dad you know next with the dad sexual relations in Suffolk the dead not fucking Adam did that jerk them off oh Jesus they talked about this on the bus the gadget jerk him off they got jerked him off he got he convinced the got a jerk him off how we're so he wanted blackmail on the parents right so that once he took the daughter they couldn't say shit and that's a black man because he jerked him off and he fucked with the mother too and there was a secret so of course that guy doesn't want none of that shit so let's say I take his kid he's gonna take he has to take the daughter horseback riding so and they were like okay so he takes the daughter horseback riding and what he does is he starts telling her that there's all these alien abductions going on and we got to be careful for alien she's 12 years old so he set her up so when he does he drugs her she wakes up she's strapped to a table he's got a speaker with alien voices coming out and the Alien and she wakes up she didn't know where she's at like oh my God and this this alien voice says that she is

► 01:03:32

responsible for saving the Earth she has to marry that dude she has to marry the dude in the alien voice you have to marry Bob and you have to have us but you can't tell nobody and the rugs I don't know and then she passes out again she wakes up and she's not strapped she's looking around the trailer and she's the guy he's about he's pretending he's all fucked up and she's like waking him up and he's like you know as fake blood on him or whatever and then he wakes up and then she tells him we've been abducted by aliens and I need to have your child oh my God I tricked her so from the age of 12 to 16 he owned her dude the they end up catching him with the girl like a week later FBI gets involved and the girl can't tell anybody or everyone dies so such as so she's obsessed now she's back with her family the guys in jail for like a day because we you know what he does is he has his lawyers send letters to the mother and father saying to make him sign like that

► 01:04:32

it was consensual what he threatened to Blackmail so they signed it and let him out they signed and they let him out and then he goes to like the next state over but that shit she's like she's 12 13 14 and she's obsessed with him she has to save the world so that's an example of and then it turns out it turns out that I think the guy was CIA probably and he knew that he knew those techniques that's how they get people they fill them up say there's all these alien invent abductions get them all scared and then boom when they do it they believe it Jesus Christ yeah so that's just MKUltra shit did she got MKUltra I guarantee they did that to people who are like political enemies fuck you why wouldn't they do that Daisy huh it's easy it just seems like something they would do to just seems like it makes sense and then Bill Cooper said that the mutilated cattle thing that were saying oh you left those are taking them because they're you know they're the organs were taken out so surgically that we don't have the you that but what Bill Cooper he was

► 01:05:32

he got balls deep into that he started getting into breaking down what's really happening with UFOs he's gone oh shit we're being played where the government is pretending to cover it up there they want to push it they want people to believe in aliens so what do you think that the cattle mutilations worry think they were testing weapons on these cattle the Bill Cooper said it was really simple all the cattle were found by military bases and what they do is they went there constantly check checking radiation levels around bases constantly so what they do is if there's cows they'll routinely take a cow take out its rectum kick out at like certain organs surgically and then they dumped them just to scare people just let him it'll kill two birds with one stone they really needed to get some radiation testing but that's always good it's always good to push UFOs it's always good to scare people with aliens I wonder if those those cattle abductions if they coincided with areas where there was like some sort of toxic dump you know there's something ammunition dump

► 01:06:32

or something like that like anything where some kind of like do they have more of them around Nevada where they did all those nuclear test I'm not sure but the gist of what Bill Cooper said was something wrong found near military bases and he knows like once he looked into it is like oh I know what they're doing they're checking radiation levels and they're scaring people at the same time mmm that makes sense because it was surgically removed right like people can do that like why would that eliminate the possibility that people could do it of course people could do it but you know people like that only aliens could do that and then they take it and then they move it to another place so that the blood is not in a spot where they find the animal that's all it is yeah I'm a crazy that's how they catch poachers you know do you know that how they catch poachers that way sometimes they find out where the gut pile is it's like say a few you didn't really have a tag to shoot a deer and then you shot a deer in another place where you're not supposed to be but you have a tag at a different place you you just because it is some places where it's easier to get tags you just take the deer out of the Forbidden Place take a

► 01:07:32

picture of it or something like that and then go back home with a busted people because they like Park Rangers recognize certain mountain peaks and they're gonna know you weren't there I know exactly what you were when you when you killed this deer you were in a different place and then they go to that different place and the coat they look at the fit the picture and they try to coordinate and then they find the gut pile and then they convict people of poaching that's happened before hmm they look at the photos yeah yeah so like so that's a Bill Cooper that makes sense that they would do that they would do it because when you if you think you took that animal and killed and cut it and left his big bloody patent and put in a truck and then dragged it 10 miles away and dropped it off their people like this is crazy there's no blood at the scene of the crime all the Bloods missing it's been surgically removed like no one can do this this is impossible really has literally no blood on the ground yeah because they put it there you fuck you fuck wit you think aliens came this far to fuck with cows imagine if we went all the way up to like Neptune shoot go for a sandwich

► 01:08:32

got there fuck up your Gophers your Neptune is Jack them cut their dicks off throw them back that's funny that's exactly what they thought aliens did and it's hilarious cattle mutilations are fucking hilarious in that regard you know it's gross to though that they did it so many times that it became a thing that people look for and then they let all these people who believe in aliens anyway that had all these people just stood there trying to scare her there they're trying to scare us with aliens for sure maybe that's what book Bigfoot's about baby Bigfoot was about do let's create this mythical monster and have people afraid they don't want people to move in the woods the thing about that's not good that's not good for the NWO right the new world are they want people to go into cities so they create these big party that's so funny it's been around forever though dude they talked about in the eyes

► 01:09:32

and there in the Native American culture before why I bet you're not taking that job at the Nazis like have a better if you go to Germany they have these mythical creatures that they created to scare people out of the woods if they're not doing doing that damn they got to give me credit if they start doing it because that's a good Illuminati move right there right that's how crazy deep you have to be if you're a conspiracy theories if you go so deep you think that the CIA was in the Native Americans before Columbus landed a real Pro you don't even understand it had a different name it was a sandwich made of American women station they talk to European maybe the CIA of the Apache because you know they had to have some evil Elites that lie to their people right maybe they wanted to keep their tribes together so they said there's they created these monsters are you can't go out there were gonna protect you you got to stay here when that be a good move for her probably exactly what happened right and I got these crazy stories of these monsters yeah man you gotta stay here they have American CIA

► 01:10:32

yeah Native Americans maybe just groping Empires 101 you create you scare them with aliens we got a threat from up here so we need to protect you and then we got threats down here to Jaws maybe Jaws is a CIA movie let's keep people out the ocean we got to keep them in the cities it's all CIA bro everything I is all-powerful Imagine they just work for good instead instead of just trying to you know what infiltrate the Native American Community most I'm sure most of the people in CI really legitimately trying to stop communism it's just like a few key Cowboys yes Cowboys yeah and anything in the cops right when you hear about corrupt cops that doesn't mean all cops are corrupt but did you ever see that documentary on New York the 75 Mike Dowd he's been a guest on Joey's podcast my podcast he was a corrupt cop and deeply deeply deeply deeply corrupt that means I heard people no no we got up to that according to him he's

► 01:11:32

going to tell you murder people getting caught for it but he went to jail and I mean he says he did not believe them just to clarify but you know dealt with drug dealers and you know I was driving around a Corvette and shit like living like a baller it's scary were all selling drugs and they caught him and you know they put him in jail for a long time then they put out this fucking amazing documentary it's called the 75 it's slowly talk about just everything he tells them he spills the beans about getting involved all these drug dealers and you know role in these people over taking their money and then go into business with them it's crazy it is a crazy documentary you like you get anxiety even though you know the guys still alive while they're telling the stories like he's us Christ they were just doing blow and going crazy and just in robbing people just straight robbing people showing up at people's houses putting guns to their heads Robin of their drug money you know like it was nuts man like there was hits out on them it was crazy it's crazy it's a crazy documentary but this is like there's a guy who I should know who the current guest is on Sam Harris is podcast

► 01:12:32

get that up in a second but he was talking about it you know they're talking about like absolute power and absolute power does that old expression absolute power corrupts absolutely you know power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and what they're talking about today and I was when I was walking the dog was listen to this they were saying know what it does is it exposes you more than a corrupts you exposes corruption and like in need to give some examples about like Richard Nixon like that Richard Nixon when he was when he was young his Professor told him not to be a lawyer because he has like really shitty ethics like it's exposed him when he became president and that's when the power got to him and that that's an interesting that's an interesting subject like what does it like why does someone become out of control corrupt cop well it's a exposes them exposes something in them but in his case when he was saying was the whole department was corrupt when he got in there they were corrupt people were corrupt the day he got on the job people were telling him what to talk about what not to do

► 01:13:32

about and they beat some guy up or something like that and it's like this never this never happened you know like they have these little what do they call it what is that expression they have four

► 01:13:44

four cops keeping their mouths shut what the fuck is that what if there's an expression there's a there's like a code

► 01:13:52

is that called the CODIS it's like almost has like a snitch is need stitches code of some even think of a Chuck Norris movie Code of Silence but when you got the power to just Rob drug dealers and your you know young guys doing coke yeah you're crazy he's a really nice guy though my God literally Returns the police officer Code of Silence Code of Silence Chuck Norris movie it was a Chuck Norris movie right it's good one back in truck was doing those cop movies I love that shit when I was a kid the wall of Silence him and on a Code of Silence all that's coming up as I just kind of I think Code of Silence is the name of the Chuck Norris movie pretty sure but um yeah man I just like this corrupt cops most cops are corrupt I think that's the case with agents with fucking anybody you know that's just how it goes man I have a bunch of cop friends they're all closed made a Mad Dash you know it's that that's what I'll call it diarrhea - yep running into that can I know there's cops out there that you know are probably a couple of them out there fucking people up

► 01:14:52

and maybe for sure for sure but the cops I know the cops that I come in contact with they've always been cool to me yes always been cool to me well also to you know they're not pulling you over there also in the martial arts you're famous martial artist and a lot of times your training or learning from them or where we were talking to him like UFC events so you know this how Sita Big John McCarthy yep yep yeah it's like great guys I'm super Prokop but I know that there's bad people in every fucking line of work it doesn't mean cops are bad doesn't cops it's a terrible fucking job the problem is when when someone does do something bad man it changes everybody's opinion about what cops are like this two videos I saw last week of cops pulling people over with guns drawn pointed in the car one was a Mexican family a guy in his girl and one was a black family a guy in his girl this is the same thing the guys driving and the guy then the cop has his gun out pointed at them and he's telling this black kid to shut off his car and he's like I'm not going to do that is like I'm not moving my hands he goes up

► 01:15:52

give you give you an excuse to shoot me I'm not moving my hands so his girls filming it and he's got his hands up it's crazy to watch man I don't know what happened before that I don't know what the context was I don't know I don't know I have no idea all I know is this guy's got a gun pointed out this guy in the guy's not threatening him it's not sin he's telling them to shut off the car in the guys scared to shut off the car because there are there are videos of a cop telling a guy pull over the guy you guys let me see your license registration and he reaches back as well in the cop shoots him this video that you can see that but what about just people is my point but I gotta clear but I know the whole story right you guys maybe maybe they ran his plates and they go oh shit we gotta yep we got a hot one sometimes I'm sure they'll never know you know sometimes I'm sure that's the case yeah but with this video that wasn't you know nobody provided that information in that video you just seen a guy pointing a gun at a guy and I don't think he has his you know he's just had his hands up look it's all fucking we've talked about this a hundred times it's a hard goddamn job you're pulling people over you never know who's going to shoot you

► 01:16:52

you want to go home to your wife and family and every fucking day you're pulling people over there lying to you every day you're dealing with people that are breaking the law and they're not happy to see you every day and you know I think that's where that absolute power corrupted comes in corrupt some fucking people

► 01:17:12

you know there's some dirty birds out there

► 01:17:15

I think in the future though ma'am you're going to see less and less of it I think it was probably a hundred percent of the way things ran like many many years ago and now it's way less because it's just way more transparency you know you know that Cocaine Cowboys documentary seeing that Billy Corbin stuff yes you know how the class of the graduating class of Police Academy in Miami one year a hundred percent of them either where's murdered or went to jail for corruption yeah whole class yeah yeah that's crazy but that's what happens when places go sideways you know when things go so nutty

► 01:17:55

yeah it's crazy like the Scarface days yeah so crazy I am if someone if someone told me to do you know the CIA produce produce Scarface to distract from their drug running I would just need a YouTube link you know what I mean well the CIA even if they didn't produce it if they really if there's some Cowboys in the CIA were selling drugs even if they didn't produce Scarface they certainly benefited from it and someone because it made it made drug Smuggler for all the drug smugglers and they were all Cupid never all Mexican like but it made it sound so the problem there was some guys what was that guy well didn't didn't the Barry seal bring in over five billion tons or 500 billion or five billion dollars or something like that a big billion yeah of drug money and hey Tom Cruise movie on him yeah wasn't that is not what it was good yeah it's about that right now that's about power it's about berries yeah yeah what is that movie called the time

► 01:18:55

his work and made American made that's a fucking excellent movie that's an excellent movie and for people who don't know how all that shit went down you watch that movie I don't know how historically accurate it was is it involved to see I hate oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah and they essentially talk about exactly a we just talked about it Cowboys and the CIA and how many people were making money on the sneak tip son bring it in that cocaine bringing that yeah yo I don't know if it had in the murders of the two kids though because that's really how they got busted they got busted because they were dropping off Coke out of these planes and two kids saw the drop-off and they found the two kids near the Coke and they fucking murdered them and then they put them on train tracks and said they got high and fell asleep on train tracks families did an autopsy and found knife wounds on the kid they knew something was up and then they investigated and slowly but surely the pieces start to fall apart

► 01:19:55

and then when Barry seal was murdered he had George Bush's phone number in his pocket when he was murdered is that in the movie too honest I don't know I don't know I don't know if that was in the movie but that's that's what happened on his way to testify I mean they weren't even hiding it they just let this guy get shot up on the way to testify he for-sure brought in what I would call a fuckload of coke who Barry seal for sure a fuckload who is his boss you think it's good question it was an Arkansas all right somebody probably got a taste you know it many different stages right was the coke coming in Arkansas Mina right Mina are that was that real was that a movie who's made a movie about Mena Arkansas bro it's good movie I don't know it's hard for me to watch any movies unless it's an animated movie from my kid like going to a regular movie can do I know it's hard can do I like him at home well Google this was I would probably a lot that we just cover that needs to be Googled the website about the accuracy of the movie

► 01:20:55

oh good perfect that's what was going to ask to who decides how what's accurate or not right I mean right right and they let him go and certain certain times they caught him they let him go and people didn't want to let him go so like crazy documentary or crazy movie but what do they call that what a docudrama what is what is it when someone makes a movie about it's not really a docudrama though it's not it's a fucking movie it's like you know we never know how much is true we're talking about that goddamn wrestling movie with Steve Carell with the Mark Hamill mood or Mark Schultz movie oh yeah the Gary gave and Mark Schultz yeah yeah the Gary Goodridge thing where they replaced him with some Russian dude in the movie that's a historical event when Gary Goodridge fought Mark Schultz that was a historical event Marshalls dominated one of the best guys in the sport easily just wrestled him to the ground with ease and we got a chance to see wow this is what happens when Olympic gold medalist wrestles regular martial artist but in the movie they decided to just change that

► 01:21:55

no reason like they could do that with anything so who the fuck knows well the Bruce Lee movie with Jason Scott Lee yeah man that was filled with a bunch of bullshit eh it up he had a famous fight where he learned Wing Chun doesn't really work on American yeah it was it was in a YMCA he was fighting for the right to teach foreigners Kung Fu because the elders that lived in San Francisco or Seattle forget I think the San Francisco they didn't want him to teach foreigners and they said if you beat this if you beat our guy up then we'll let you teach foreigners so we had this fight it was in the YMCA but in the actual movie it's in a fucking dungeon dude it's like a cave and the elders are sit up my more the Rings it's like the fucking Rings that's right it's the craziest they didn't have to go that far but I guess it was just the YMCA did he win the fight yes and what he didn't use hungria in real life he had a he hurt his back doing squats or deadlifts it really bad here it is so that's when he wrote his first book Is when he was like a

► 01:22:55

traction is that what they call it when they yeah your backs and some kind of spinal or some kind of brace but so but in the movie

► 01:23:04

The Dude kicked him in the back and broke his back yeah tricky yeah I'm gonna kill ya and then he's there's a famous appearance of his at the Long Beach Convention Center back in the 60s it was like a karate tournament and he did some demonstrations he did the there's a there's video famous video of him doing the one-inch punch it's in front of it's like at the like an ibjjf tournament he's not doing a demonstration and in the movie it was a real fight and he fights the same dude from the dungeon it's a rematch oh no they made that they added all this dude what the fuck you guys think it why would they do that to his life was amazing in you know in reality are they doing something on him right now though isn't something happening right now some new Bruce Lee thing that I read that or my just hoping there's a movie coming out about a dude who was a famous actor in the late 60s

► 01:24:05

and early 70s and in the movie he's i'll he's a stuntman yeah he's a famous Rich stuntman dude and in the movie there's a Bruce Lee part where he's in a Bruce Lee movie and also naquin Tarantino movie called once upon a time in Hollywood he shows that's it is like oh Bruce Lee's in there yeah oh nice but it's not is it CGI Bruce Lee nor is it after it's an act they should have went with the CGI Bruce oh yeah cool got call make a new Bruce Lee movie all CGI they do that shit here imagine around the Illuminati doesn't want you to know how good they are that yet okay so if the Illuminati created Bruce Lee what would be the reason well they would if they did it they would let you know hey fuck face we already can make movies out of anybody anytime we want we could have someone talk like Bruce Lee

► 01:24:52

look at that when wait a minute that's like Bruce Lee did I got looks very good what's that CGI doesn't look like I'm right there I mean it's close enough is that the new Bruce Lee this is just from the trailer so is that the dude only piece we can go you know what that CGI no no no it's not see Joe know for sure it's CGI that first sky right there first clip down right there CTO it's glasses and he's wearing glasses face he's wearing the fake as fuck it looks like a CGI video game like they did something to his jaw it little butt looks like a CGI face so he has an unusual looks real but that's because you see him in a different angle watch back it up to where he's at the side what if they're doing taking to me hold on hold on me that looks Jesus Christ Eddie fine job nice job he's getting very different I know you got to stop everything yes top is exhausting could have the off they wanted to wax you could move fast and furious with Paul Walker right they recreated his facial well they need to do a Bruce Lee movie they can't have it fucked up at all it has to be super

► 01:25:52

it has to be it has to be really Bruce Lee asked totally and you know what you could do it like that movie man this is like 20 years ago the Final Fantasy movie where they did animation but they try to make it look real yeah old people they got that shit down they got old people down harder to make a young girl look real so that kind of had a stellar cartoon effect but older people shit look like real people yeah they can do it with textured skins right yeah I do it with dragon and that was 20 years ago they could do movies that are full CGI that's really hard to tell well it's also because your brain doesn't have like a reference point for Dragons they can make a dragon look real where it's like a like you see Game of Thrones so they have the Wolves yeah the wolves are always just like the hare moved they don't have hair down five years away from here it moves to go to CGI Shlomo like that yeah it's always super slow Mount that that is something that popped up here on this video yeah Michael Mo that's two dude so when you see him with the glasses and seeing from the side

► 01:26:52

he should that's interesting I don't know if they could do the CGI yet for a whole movie and make him with Bruce Lee's face it could do it perfect wow that's crazy so they could have done that

► 01:27:06

but then again if everybody else in the movie isn't like Steve McQueen and all the other famous folks in the movie like they use in different people for them or that would be fucked up imagine if in the future all they ever make is like Charles Bronson movies Steve McQueen movies Bruce Lee movies and they do it with regular actors and the regular axes get paid like scale these are giant ants and they do fake any need to faking on them and they have new Bruce Lee movies and they have some dude I would be a lot cheaper than doing the fourth how row glad it up Princess Leia back she's not even alive anymore I didn't see the new one yeah so there you go do what you want with it maybe I did is that the ones with the they're doing it now she's in the more recent one that just came out and the one before that too I guess I think I saw the most was the most recent of them there's a lot of them I think I'm I think I'm one behind I think I missed I haven't seen the new Avengers

► 01:28:00

I've managed to avoid all spoiled by when they start doing like like they'll take Angelina leaves face and Angelina Jolie and put it on like you know Beyonce's body or something remember that song see how big old titties like Angelina Jolie I mean that song yeah during the song is a great song that was a big hit for like a couple of weeks out about that yeah Angelina Jolie got some big-ass titties that was a song that was the whole it was like different people that had some big-ass titties that was the name of the song she's in that new Maleficent movie they did some crazy shit to her face man they turned her into some like Dragon lady's and some wizard lady or which lie yeah there's a lot of Satanism in movies man it go dark with did you trip out I know I know we have different opinions on like what's a up there you know what the sky in space but do you do you notice do you notice watching kids programming that they fucking bombard kids would space right

► 01:29:00

dude a they get hammered with it and every movie their space there's aliens or space there's aliens well not everybody but a lot of movies yeah it's crazy it's retain a blast him with it well there's a lot of us you look I see forever it's important for kids though totally important period man I want to see Brian Cox's demonstration that he did they did like they do a show they did it in Downtown LA and I was thinking I would love to get Eddie Bravo high and have him watch this like a fight companion this is CGI is this fake yeah why do you think it's fake how much do you think is fake that you see in space and

► 01:29:40

you know Wernher von Braun was a Nazi right yes okay he was brought in from Operation Paperclip right right we had any Jacobson on did you listen to that yeah yeah she talked in depth about I mean that's how we everyone agrees on that yep everyone agrees that he directed all six Moon missions yep everyone agrees everyone agrees that him and Walt Disney were best friends where they were best friends Yep they're best friends they worked on Space together they were like you know jumping to a lot of conclusions today in this day and age you don't think anybody's like when SpaceX shoots rockets off into space or when you know Amazon has a rocket company now these guys are going to be able to launch satellites and even have consumer flights I just need proof man what about economic life option I see in the future would you be willing option everywhere so I'm like okay you know when you're teaching ability to do that removing hold on you know you're talking about that foxcatcher movie or like you said it a couple times on your podcast we like once you've once you saw that they

► 01:30:40

right after Gary Goodridge out you were like I can't trust this movie I can't for the whole movies I can't trust that he may be real it may not be real but I need some proof I got you that's exactly how I feel about space no not space the government the government having coming any government agency whatever it's a government agency I look at it like foxcatcher you've lied enough where I'm like I need some irrefutable evidence otherwise why do I have to believe it I just assumed and I realize your get it but SpaceX is in the government space space private company know they're subsidized by the government to subsidize do they got like four billion dollars or so they tell them the fake space no one's trust in NASA no more so that handing it over a let's get let's do the side thing and everyone's all into space now hmm that's that's one way to look at it I think it's when you saw that you saw that that Tesla launch so that would be talking about when it launched with a claim to launch a roadster and their face did you see

► 01:31:40

footage the actual teslin space yes yes I saw that and you have a dude you I've always known you as a dude had a strong vibrant vibrant bullshit meter you've always been that guy you're gonna watch that evidence and go oh oh oh okay you can't just buy that dude you can't just buy the let me see it dick you'll see let me see the very first thing there's a very fine day the very first don't poison the water okay you want me to get an honest honest reaction or sting Elon Musk said on his in his press conference the first thing he said is like well I think it's impossible and ridiculous and and if you can tell it's real because it looks so fake that's the opposite of logic that there's logic and reason and then there's the opposite of that no we can be hell it's real because it looks so fake is the opposite of Lord that's just something he says because he's a fucking genius and he's taking a picture from know the reason why I said flying through the air the reason he

► 01:32:40

that was because all day when they did that all day all over the internet was like fake fake fake fake fake something so glad to have Lomas please hold on yeah challenge statement this is so ridiculous let me see it Jamie why come on let me see the video which one what fucking watch our video was short one just go to you just face the wrong one that got edited some trying to find the one that's from space we could just lie just abandon the subject so first I just you know what I just it maybe real space out maybe real good exactly why but they know seen him shoot the rockets off I mean literally people like them they want to see a rocket anytime you see a rock at you you see it go up and in see a go down in the ocean no launch rockets you're judging Rockets that's what it looks like because what you're seeing it go over the curve of the earth Eddie you're seeing it go over the ocean you seen it go up and over and so as it gets further away that you can't see it anymore it looks like it's the only thing that's going up but now

► 01:33:40

is going girl LOL it's not going parallel to okay okay okay okay okay so there's already a fucking space they are shine it is spinning yeah okay I understand that that's what you believe but you gotta understand why I believe what I believe because because that's what you see but if you had someone explain it to you you still believe it the other scientists explain to you know no physics were not know he's finishing nowhere no explanation I need evidence you need evidence and then when you see evidence when you see that Tesla that they launch and you see how fake it looks it looks so fantastic but just because something doesn't look real it doesn't mean it's fake but it doesn't mean it's real I need evidence I never thought I would have you look at everything I'm see that you haven't seen with your own eyes might be fake maybe I don't trust it's a liar you don't trust that yeah everybody's like a simulation you know right I had a friend who lied about everything everything about his life where he was from all the

► 01:34:40

he did he was a wrestling champion he was he had everything then I found out like two years into the relationship little by little that he lied about this and he lied about that then I find out that he lied about everything is one of those guys that lies about everything and that's how you do the government yeah exactly so he may be telling the truth and even total Liars will tell the truth throughout the day a lot just to get through the day and that you have to tell the truth to get but then you know at the drop of a hat that kind of lie about their life in some crazy way whatever I understand your logic Eddie what's going on here that's understand your logic but you also have to assume that most of the people that are telling you the truth about this or that online that also don't have proof that also are talking about these things and they haven't shown you you haven't seen it you haven't been there just like you haven't been you know examining satellites these people they you don't know if they're full of shitty they could be real like

► 01:35:40

they could be the why would you ever repay you were there why would you assume they were but the satellites are fake see what I'm saying what do you mean it's true I'm going to people that are making these YouTube videos that they're correct but the people that are putting up satellites 0509 go by science that's it scientific evidence like real science like water is always level right we know that water is always level at a hundred miles an hour station if you don't understand how gravity works over a giant fucking sphere know if we live on a ball that's 25,000 you doesn't become friends if we do then the water should be bending everything stop with this right so crazy you don't even know what that means I do know what that you know if it's a ball the ocean should be curving at a certain rate and they figured that out here's a power but it's going around why is it going over the top and why is it shrinking everything you look at the End of the Street a street lights do that yeah but it doesn't streetlights do that doesn't know 80 Days you did on the hill not on the ocean no no but you're

► 01:36:40

at those electrical posts or whatever come and they go down that's how Street like you go right in the middle the street the very next a street light is appears to be shorter than that one and the next one appears to be sure that's how you draw shit you but is it really that short no it's just your perspective your laxly looking at an optical illusion you're actually looking at it looks like they're getting shorter and descending it looks but are they no they're not because you know but any they disappear they disappear over the horizon and then you could bring them back in but you can't that's not true no you can't you know you can see more up to the edge of the Horizon but if the edge of the Horizon it goes over the gore The Edge so when you try my wings with the naked eye you're looking at him own go in the ocean and you see it broke and their mind is a really cool hello Scopes what were you just getting small enough so you can't see it anymore example if you use a telescope you can still see that for a little while and then it goes over the fucking curve is there a more powerful alternate don't know it brings it even closer but you

► 01:37:40

more powder why's everybody had tests they've already done you can see England you could look at it you could see Hawaii too much you can see Hawaii then why can't you see Hawaii if you could see the moon why can't you see a lot of atmospheric curves the fucking curtain know if it curves okay that's what the scientists say Eddie the ones who make the GPS the ones that make the maps the ones who chart the fucking paths for airplanes and shipping routes all those people say it's round all the people that do satellites all the people that are involved in Aerospace all the people that are involved in anything where you have to calculate the fucking curve or the Earth in the the to get things to places all those people think it they're all wrong that's crazy that they haven't seen that picture they don't see that picture if they saw the picture they would get it

► 01:38:25

at a hundred miles in the ocean a hundred miles how much curvature should there be do you know I don't care it's about 7,000 feet it's about 6,000 feet of curvature so you should know before you can see no you wouldn't be able to see a hundred miles away from the ocean is who Eddie you didn't go to school for this stuff these people are talking to you did I research these all the time no but you're hearing you hearing for what I'm saying is not at a hundred thousand feet of curvature do you don't even understand what that means I don't understand what that means if we live on a ball that every hundred miles there should be six thousand feet of curvature there's there's a formula for it and but when you look there's a navy ships that can Target other Navy ships with lasers a hundred miles away it would be impossible if there was a 6,000 foot curvature of water impossible they take pictures of their target pictures at a hundred miles there's no curvature it's flat there should be six thousand feet from the pictures of what

► 01:39:25

this is something this is not your area of expertise this is one of the reasons why I get crazy about this kind of shit you guys looking to spot because you read something that someone but I know that what I just said I bet you cannot that I didn't go to school for it so I don't know but I bet if someone's dead do you stand up we live on a ball at a hundred feet there should be six thousand feet of curvature does that make sure everyone's wrong Eddie so all these fucking people just walking around Australia they're doing it the wrong way all these people that go over the North Pole all that's all that's going on those flights should I do there's no flights over the North Pole

► 01:39:58

there's no flight path maybe there's military planes to go over the North Pole maybe okay let's please just shut off a better flown all over the world I've never gone over the North Pole I've thrown everywhere I've been everywhere I'm now no one ever goes over the North Pole so what that when they go over the North Pole now I don't know so obviously I don't know if it's so painful is change the subject I'm trying to change the subject we can talk about Tony Ferguson with some Saturday what about that that's great for got any questions we've been working with them fuck yeah fuck yeah dude he's he's sharper stronger and in the best shape of his life it's the same Tony that you know you'd think like is it going to be the same Tony after you know the you know he had he had some family stuff go on is is that going to change him you know his opponents hope it changes him but he has he's the same Tony when it comes to fighting we don't get into personal stuff we just stick to fighting and the strategy he sharper than ever

► 01:40:58

it's I'm not you know you can't guarantee any wins but I will guarantee that he's going to go in a hundred percent Tony it's crazy matchups

► 01:41:05

good matchup that's like Russian Roulette right there dude they're going to be throwing bombs at each other it's real good particularly now with Donald has been on a tear like the last four fights 34 fights I mean he's just looked so good man the AL iaquinta fight for people who know how good Alice for Donald to handle a like that and drop them and you know and really put it to him like the way Al put it me now said he beat the shit out of me that's what Alice exact quote was I was very complimentary and respectful after the fight yet Cowboy is no joke that guy's on fire race not he doesn't fight like khabib he doesn't fight like Connor he fights like Tony so it's like similar it's like Towing versus Tony you know what I mean yeah and it's shit do you both get on the ground they're very good on the ground and we respect Cowboys fucking ground game a lot and you know we you know we did what we could to make sure you know nothing bad happens on the ground you know what I mean yeah but they both have everything they both have great strike and

► 01:42:05

they both have great submissions Tony's coming for war like yo he's done it's gonna be the same told ya throwing down that's for sure did now went oh don't let me ask you this because you know the answer to this one Tony had his knee fixed did he Spar during that camp because someone said that he didn't do any sparring it was like one of the rumors from someone who knew them I think it keeps the sparring you know talking about striking right yes I'm never there for the Striking and never separate we don't know I'm never I've never seen him I'm never there for the strike the show is when there's grapple his the the amount of time that it took him and take note and Big Bear he didn't we didn't bring anybody to spar like hardcore it was just like lights touching yeah because the nights were letting the knee heel oh no that's a different fight okay talking about the knee remember you had the massive knee injury and then he had surgery and then what I had heard no you're right during the pail fight oh yeah no spark no spark yeah that's crazy

► 01:43:05

light very light hmm well I guess you know when you already world-class you could do that and finally got me he didn't want to fuck her I wanted to make sure nothing went wrong get to the get to the flight it was that it was the right choice for sure and when he showed up against Pettis he looked like same old Tony he did it was stunning because you're talking about a catastrophic knee injury and then in six months later yes fighting a world-class fighter and he's getting his legs checked you know he got that knee checked he we even worried at one point in time they might be injured what makes Tony so good in my opinion just based on working with them is it seems that you know at a at the highest level high pressure fight people are aren't as the more cautious they don't want to try to do anything stupid they're not fucking just letting it swing and letting it go Tony isn't like that Tony is people want to get

► 01:44:05

point where they just unleash and I don't give a fuck and I'm there's a lot of Fighters like that but Tony when he's in there it's like like Nick Diaz they're not afraid to throw anything you know what I mean he goes in there he'll throw to spinning elbows in a row right and he's just having fun it's like he's alive and he's having fun in there and he's and on the ground he's not going to be hesitant to do something wild and crazy that's just the way it is man and he thrives in the cage and there's zero hold back he's he's he comes out guns a-blazing the whole time yeah they're both at the top of their game and that's for sure you know and Tony didn't miss a step when he got that knee injury which is very impressive even in Striking was on point when he fought Pettis and he even got tested he got clipped mean Pettis hurt him you know he knows how to survive man he's a very unusual fighter man very difficult to prepare for because also gotten less always studying always adding new weapons to his Arsenal always adding something to his

► 01:45:05

workout routine he's always adding shit he has the ability to focus more than anybody I know he his ability to focus and you see that not only in you know the Striking aspect of his game or the wrestling but you see it in the Jiu-Jitsu and that's where I see it is he has so much Focus he doesn't I don't have to reteach him shit I will show him of very complicated transition of moves like that you know in spiderweb doing the Bollinger break there's like four moves you got to do pop you got to fire him it's got to be so smooth there can't be any fuck-ups and I show them this and after like four or five reps he's got it down hmm and most people it take its take six months to get it down to understand it and he just can he just doesn't take him long to learn shit anything wrestling Were Striking anything new he's down but he doesn't forget it that's the most important thing he remembers all the shit and you know it's so who's working with him was striking a guy named Rashad and used to

► 01:46:05

I think he was like an Olympic hopeful back in the day boxer yeah most guys do that right it seems like there's not a lot of guys who just use one for all striking he's got a bunch of people to train and he's got a couple different strength and conditioning coaches he's got a whole crew man I think that's important when he's from some boxing to really into recovery like he spends a little serious time recovering he's got all these Contraptions you know those things that you could they're like legs fully armed attacks and and they inflate and he's on that all the time he said he when it comes to rehab for any injury he's like like a professional NFL player you know and

► 01:46:47

ice baths like you know at massages he doesn't fuck around man he's he's a hundred percent thinking about and doing something for the fight usually just non-stop you can go on for hours it's crazy yeah it's a fucking crazy matchup and it's only the third fight I mean it's the third from the top you know there's two championship fights on top of that that's crazy headliner right there come on man that fights going to be nuts people going to go crazy for that she's great but so huto and Marlon more eyes have to fight for the bantamweight title that's a crazy fight too man so who don't memorize that's the main event and then Valentina shevchenko and Jessica eye for the women's flyweight title so those are two World title fights they have to have those and at the top but that just shows you how fucking crazy the card is the card from top to bottom is just amazing

► 01:47:39

yeah it's going to be crazy fucking Jimmy Jimmy Rivera and pyotr Ian tied to a vaci and blog me I've enough

► 01:47:49

you moving it while I was trying to read it don't do that bro that's rude fuck up that dude's name tight weave haces an animal those are that's a great fucking fight

► 01:47:59

that guy's crazy that's that guy that drinks out of a shoe ever see him do that he does Shoe he's he pours beer and two shoes and other people's shoes till I tell someone to take their shoes off he pours beer into their shoes and drinks it oh my God it's so disgusting yeah it's so foul yeah I don't get it but I get it I don't get it but I get it he likes to party

► 01:48:24

he's like that dude in Talladega Nights what the fuck his name

► 01:48:30

the other guy John C Reilly who yeah John C Reilly is like I'll hardened party like a party

► 01:48:38

he likes to drink out of shoes fuck it he's an animal I guess like I mean if you want to really show you don't give a fuck that's a good way to go about doing it just grab a Manchu and pour a beer into it and drink it is dirty sweaty feet have been fucking around but if you died from that - if someone's foot fungus was so disgusting that even the alcohol didn't kill it and it germinated inside your gut where foot fungus is never going to be like if if there's a venereal diseases right when we all know there are because you dirty bitch like what what are you guys doing to each other you're both giving each other dirty fucking things with dirty things and that diseases are weird right people give each other disease this venereal diseases which are extra weird it's like oh you dirty people you gave each other's dirty dirty disease but nature of says we don't like this nature just let these sneaky little parasites and viruses and bacteria getting your body what if there was an even more powerful one for

► 01:49:36

the sucked on feet what if it got in your gut Nature's like this guy's just too much of a freak we got a call them call them for the hurt if I if there was foot sucking diseases you know before you make out with someone you got to tell them hey I just want you to know I got a foot sucking disease so if you don't maybe we should do this but Jamie what are you making faces for says you can get staff from doing this of course you can science confirms shoe he's are really freaking dangerous especially if you're rich why is it more dangerous that's clicky I tried to get us with the clicky bait turns out you can get staff yeah you can get stuff don't do it yeah I don't know science study to figure that out yeah because because the staff Aurora's can cause toxins and these cock toxins are quite resistant to heat they are quite resistant to the acidic environment when they can survive protein breaking enzymes oh Jesus Christ

► 01:50:31

if you drink or someone's shoe containing staff and its toxins yes it can give you an acute gastrointestinal itís fuck all that says but alcohol is a disinfectant right well yes but there's always still a risk of infection especially if you have lower ABV alcohol by volume drinks as you'd expect higher ABV drinks like vodka do a much better job of Iraq eradicating bacteria so yeah beer which is what they drank which is a low-alcohol beer or low alcohol beverage what a fucked-up way to die die you got to do shots in those things shots are fine all right dog people are crazy but the no one's happy with like taking it and leaving it where it is everybody wants to take it to the next level you know like everyone consoling like you want to one-up somebody I'm gonna drink out of the underwear bro I'll need your underwear as a fucking filter no dudes gonna be do undies this is going to be ripping each others underwear off and using them over a filter put it over a glass and drink right through your underwear

► 01:51:31

how did that Cat Coffee get found out the Kopi Luwak good idea because some asshole decided to pick cat shit and find beans in it it's a cat-like animal rights called a civet you have ya ever had that shit that Kopi Luwak Coffee no it's very expensive Satan I got it once we're out of gig in Florida Tate yeah it's like $100 cup of coffee or something stupid it's really ridiculous not that much maybe 25 bucks cash I don't remember any was bodyguards calm yeah back in the day yeah that's the animal look at that thing so that thing eats the coffee beans it shits him out and then people pull it out of the poop it looks like a little person but the things baby like the thing for Fantastic Four looks like it's baby yeah they pull those beans out of the poop and then they dry them off and make coffee out of cat shit

► 01:52:24

and it tastes delicious because what it is is the dike look at that that's gold right there is gold coming out of that cat's ass hole look at that that is a ridiculous you just see that online

► 01:52:36

taking a large look if that was a person you'd be in jail if you if you went and Googled that person shitting on a log like that he like you sick fuck long as it's an animal it's fine to look at their shit and even mine it they mind their shit for beans the idea is that the digestive enzymes from the civets body break down the beans the coffee beans that's the idea

► 01:53:04

and you liked it so okay why don't you wasn't better that's not bad out here for the guests it's not better the idea is that it's supposed to be smoother than this cat shit coffee smoother I don't know man I don't necessarily think it really is smoother it's just different some weird shit I wonder if you could just eat the cat shit just like that without cleaning it off

► 01:53:28

if you really nasty yeah 1/8 is probably just used to eat the cat shit directly you probably did but I think you need an energy you probably need to boil it that's why when you're making coffee in that boiling water probably kills all the bad stuff you know they blow did Indians boil shit no I don't know who invented that shit and how long it's been around that shit literally literally who invented that coffee how long it's been around spinner I'm looking at her right now Wikipedia to since like the 1800s hmm they noticed that these particular animals were eating specific cherries or whatever that they were leaving around and that they were going undigested so at some point I decided to clean it off and see how it taste it I guess mmm like second risk and um I was listening my friend Ryan Callahan's podcast today it's a cow's week in review and he was talking about this animal that they this bird rather that people eat and they drowned

► 01:54:27

bird in brandy they take this little tiny bird each one of them is like just a few ounces and they drown them in brandy and then when you eat them you eat them whole you eat everything the guts you eat the the tissue the skin that's that's that's where it is what is the name of it what how do I how do I pronounce it ortolan bunting order Lon and so when you eat it you put a napkin over your head traditionally when they eat it and as they eat it Bourdain was the first one to tell me about this shit that oh no it was Duncan Duncan Trussell was the first person to tell me about the shit and the so they Bourdain love they soak the bird in brand they drown it okay they drown in brandy and then they cook it somehow or another but anyway go back to that picture with those guys are eating it where you can see the go back to the picture with the yeah see how they have those things over their head they put these napkins over their head to take in the aroma 's and to

► 01:55:27

wrap the Aromas and they also do it to hide their face from God those the idea yeah kind of people are these I think it's most I think it's Europeans I think it's something that in France it's popular it's a popular dish and it's endangered not endangered now but there

► 01:55:50

it's okay ortolans could Francis cruelest food be back in the menu as French chefs Lobby for order Lon to be reintroduced on two menus we explain why cooking the rare and delicate Songbird is so controversial so that's even grosser right it's a songbird like how they named it a songbird not it's not a little tiny dinosaur no no it's a songbird it just wants to sing for you make the woods bright tweet tweet tweet nah man it's a weird little tiny animal this is why is it illegal to cook and kill an order Lon the rspb list their status as vulnerable and throughout the 1970s and 1980s numbers in France declined dramatically as poachers called vast numbers to supply restaurants where the bird is long been considered a rare and expensive delicacy some restaurants would charge over 50 pounds for the dish what does that in the Euros or Pounds pounds 8 pounds we think that cross what's 50 pounds it's like a hundred bucks

► 01:56:50

not quite but it's a lot something like that Francis league for the protection of birds claimed order line numbers plunge 30 percent between 97 and 2007 as many as 1500 poachers catching an estimated 30,000 live Birds a year so they just decimating these fucking things

► 01:57:10

the method of capture and killing them is what's fucked up about it so the hunters catch the birds using traps in the fields they're kept in cages encouraging them to gorge on grain in order to double their size and it said the Roman emperors stabbed out their eyes in order to make the birds think it was night making them even more oh okay here it goes and then how were they killed this is where the squeamish Look Away what is the name of this website so we give people that's a telegraph allograft autograph from the telegraph what is the name of the article well we'll tell it we say it at the end how were they killed says this with a squeamish need to look away traditionally in France the fat and little birds are drowned in a vat of Armagnac I guess it's like it's like a cognac or something what is it Armagnac you're probably dead on okay managing to Snuff out their lives in marinate them at the same time killing two birds with one glug as it were it says here in the article from

► 01:58:09

Chef's argue that it's not a bad way to die quotes what the fuck but I suppose it might be less cruel than throwing a live lobster into a pot of boiling water anyway so that's how they do they drown them and then they cook them and then you eat the whole fucking thing bones and all and the bones puncture your mouth and shit and that's part of it like you taste your own blood as you're eating these fucking things yeah people are weird man you leave them alone for long enough let him get drunk and buy things reminds me of that Andrew Schultz bit that he put on YouTube which one the eating ass because if you eat ass you should not complain about other people's food none of my friend my friend told me go hey you know what Thailand they crickets he goes I eat ass because they're eating crickets because they have no food my refrigerator is full

► 01:58:58

so true to be so good dude he's arranged to he's so good yeah I'm very very fun it's my new favorite dude yeah he's awesome really really nice guy too dirty as hell yeah you meet him at what next time he's at the store the love them it's a real comic it's a real deal oh he's high level yeah level but he's a driver Tony to train Tony and we're listening to Andrew Schultz oh that's cool yeah I love that he's great and he also is one of the few that is doing the YouTube thing now where he decided to release all this shit on YouTube yeah thank God give very smart giving me some you know entertainment desert well it's also very smart for him and he's getting millions of millions of views on YouTube is blowing up yeah oh for sure yeah he's killing it yeah and you know to have it available anytime they say that kids watch 50% of Netflix on their phone

► 01:59:50

50% at least that was as I think that was the numbers they gave me I think that was what they said about my special 50 percent across the board for what it takes to come pick move Netflix YouTube 50% which 50% website 50% but that's the the switcheroo those 50% watch on their phone they could be watching on the computer but how many of them watched on their TV like with YouTube probably pretty small percentage right switches because they they're tracking this they Splinter it between like an Xbox or a PS4 right Smart TV where you can watch YouTube on my TV yeah are that shit yeah I do I do that sometimes I'm here that and I also there's a YouTube is one of the other apps is built into the TV I bought so you can get Netflix right from your TV you don't have to have an Apple TV and YouTube right for me TV

► 02:00:36

it's it's interesting how big it is now it's so big YouTubers gigantic they got a bunch of movies on there now I was watching it on my TV and just like scrolling through to see what I could but it was going to give me and it's like you're making their own is that yeah there were making their own movements but it's weird to like it seems like you don't know where to search like hey what do you do you just go into the search bar and just search just type things up I feel like my subscription I subscribe to certain people and I just go to this that's not what I means boom yeah I know I do that too but I mean like if they make a movie like they're making movies like how do you find that movie We're Gonna Let You Gotta pop up different yeah but pop up right in your face they own that shit but if it's a movie that they make like wonder how I would like to know the numbers like have they how many times have they done that because they made YouTube Originals right like they made their they finance their own most of them are shows though like like the one that I know is done the best is that Cobra kayak it's like in the second third season I think it's not weird though that they get into the production side of it like they're already a place where people produce things and then put

► 02:01:36

on YouTube and YouTubers that guy we're going to make our own chick yeah why don't you come but then they become something different right because they're gonna they're going to favor their own stuff above your stuff if you make a movie too they haven't made like why bother I think they just want to I mean I think that's what every company every company gets into this position where they have to constantly expand they got to constantly be kicking ass you know I mean no no one wants to be stagnant they don't want the quarterly earnings to be the same every quarter that's us that's a bad sign they want to be out there killing it right don't say things like that like every company things like that the NBA Finals is currently sponsored by YouTube TV that's like they're on normal TV they're broadcasting watch TV on YouTube TV which is pretty counterintuitive I have it mmm I have YouTube TV every now and then you need to watch something on a regular channel I use it once every eight months barely pay like 50 bucks a month for it never use it well it's so much different though than the network because

► 02:02:36

anybody can put their shit up that's where it gets so weird it's like this is all so new and as you can see is our TV channels that you can watch through YouTube yeah Channel 4 channel oh that's not what I'm talking about but I'm talking about as YouTube Originals okay they're YouTube's creating things yeah that was a different things but it's just what percentage of the views what percentage of the the eyeballs of America does YouTube have all of them little Hunter I mean um what okay let's just go to low number giant what is the what the low number is how many people every day don't watch YouTube I watch YouTube several times a day but what's the percentage of people if you had to guess the don't use YouTube at all 10 I would guess that maybe probably have 90% of the people's eyeballs it's like the number it technically it's the number two search engine on the internet as far as I've read

► 02:03:34

dude that hurts my bear anything and all that like it's hurts my brain when you stop and think about how many fucking people must be watching YouTube videos around the world and it's just a company but it's like so then the then they're they're they're a network sort of but you're allowed to just have terms and conditions so you're allowed to upload and then they have to monitor you should make sure you not put anything horrible up know Isis beheading something crazy like any like what numbers are you talking about how even looking at all what the fuck one of the funniest videos on your genre videos on YouTube are Japanese they're supposed to be instructionals on Japanese massage it's like supposed to be an instruction on this is It's All About instructional but it's not but they take it as far as you can go for YouTube oh can't go becomes a porn almost wow most you can you show me your titties no educationally but no but they do I'll give it a little louder show titties in

► 02:04:34

there's you laid out the nipples now there's YouTube naked chicks just I go to YouTube got a naked chick boom like he's talked about this before is my question imagine if they had porn if they got right to the part where the people bone like right to the part and then they just gave you like outlines like from then out all you see is like outlines bodies move you don't see any real dick or any real vagina BC outlines butts and dicks and vagina feet up in the air and I bet that's all over YouTube I wonder if they could do that you'll get change a couple letters in your on a real website that does that for real like huge is or YouPorn exactly yeah but I'm saying on YouTube like what are the terms and conditions is there like could you get right to the point of people actually having sex and then just all of a sudden just becomes not even an animation just because outlines you see people kissing long as they don't outlined X I'm going to have fake dicks and vaginas like high chop far can you go

► 02:05:34

taiji out to the chest back shoulders how fucked but how in all of it is just outlines just a black screen with like white outlines of bodies on a bed is the audio is audio illegal that's a good question yeah is the audio is that illegal is that okay what's the terms and conditions for Eagle go a lot of stuff but that I don't know what point a couple years ago they added I like age restriction right sort of things so you can probably do that but it'll get marked 18 and older only or some well here's the reason why I asked Twitter has porn straight up porn and I asked Jack Dorsey about it and he's like yeah we Twitter allows porn they allow porn wow so you can be flipping through and someone's discussed RuPaul core porn on the biggest mean it's got to be if not the biggest social media platform on the planet Earth it stopped to write if it's not number one in every I'm never on Twitter what is number one Facebook Facebook is number one

► 02:06:34

still are you on Twitter Weiss put things up there but I read feeds occasionally read someone's feet of the guy they post interesting stuff like Snapchat even hard but I avoid it for them I just don't have the time and yeah I only have time for Instagram so Snapchat is higher well either way it's clothes either way it's giant it's giant I mean it's enormous and they allow porn which kind of crazy because like I know they're not as big as YouTube in terms of like total minutes watched of things and the thing is that most of what Twitter is is text most of it you know so when they have porn it's not it's like a fraction of what the whole thing is where as if you two had porn it would very quickly become most of YouTube

► 02:07:18

like if YouTube just had porn

► 02:07:21

people would blow a fucking gasket because kids are on YouTube all the time did you talk to get on YouTube and looking things know some videos all Sean but he's not yeah he's like it's too young to get on the internet they look at little kids stuff there's a lot of little kid content and that was one of the ways that people were getting kids to watch they can make ad Revenue see those weird fucking videos they would find so I kids would be watching like Wiley Coyote cartoon so they watch the Mickey Mouse type cartoons and then all of a sudden it would be like these cartoon superheroes that were babies and they were getting drunk and it would fall and cut their head open I was like what the fuck is this and there was like hundreds of them and if they had made it like with a formula just so that they could catch kids in these algorithms that recommend the next video and play the next video so it eventually get to their video because it would say you know like someone from Frozen with Spider-Man like in have those names in the title Elsa

► 02:08:21

Queen Elsa from Frozen and Spider-Man this like is a large to something happened that we don't want that we missed I've heard about this recently to that's why I was actually pulling it up this is a really large YouTube channel and there's some sort of like inside joke going on to look at this vitamin 10 million eight hundred and seventy thousand eight hundred and seventy two views what the fuck that's so many views if listen if a television show on CBS got that there would be doing fucking backflips and be like look at all the views we got this is amazing you know this is Spider-Man and Elsa yeah it's um I don't know there's just something else up but yeah so we're it's not like to do that but that would entitle the trademark spider putting Spider-Man find all of them they can't find all of them they try they I think they take some of them down AI that does that I think so yeah they just they're Spider-Man Spider-Man but I think they're getting away with that because they were in a costume I think maybe you could

► 02:09:21

away with wearing a costume I don't know where those laws change outfits how many bleep are they be piderman is like at this point public domain the name no way because then other people be banging out Spider-Man movies imagine that someone didn't own Spider-Man if anybody can make their own Spider-Man movie Spider-Man was just like an archetype hero but you know what maybe run like there's some because you can put out a video like if you wanted it you know talk some shit on Burt Reynolds or have you can put Burt Reynolds and they can't that that's illegal right just put it is people's names and the title right but you but that's not what that is that's like they're making a video using copy written characters that someone created like Elsa from Frozen and Spider-Man yeah for sure I feel like they probably got away with it because they were dressed up as them rather than like drawing them like if they had footage from the movie or animation they probably all have that should copy written yeah but you could probably get away with if you have your own script and you make some stupid play with Elsa and Spider-Man you probably get away with that I don't know though

► 02:10:21

on the it's it's weird they're all like trying to figure out what you can and can't do you know what what what can you not and so these companies that are making these weird fucking that that was a people one where there's people most of them that I saw before they purge them more animated there are weird animations where I was always a baby in the baby at fall and cut their head it was fucked up like the same image would happen over and over again there was these websites are analyzing and they're like what the fuck is this why is this baby fall and cut his head and like all these different versions of this same sort of story with different characters it was just like a like a they had a pattern that they could stick it into so whatever the character was was Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck or they're always drinking and they fall and hit their fucking head it's weird weird shed but they would get millions and millions and millions of views so someone was raking in the dough from advertising revenue from that I had a friend who dated a girl that ended up coming from a family of satanists whoa yeah

► 02:11:21

broke up with her it's a long story but it's a very interesting story that I wanted to have a direct line to Satan no they broke up they were together for a couple years and shit came out she wasn't like multi-personality Satan is family father all that shit and then they brought he broke up with her naturally and but they kind of kept in contact and the last he heard she got a job programming children's TV at a large company you don't want to say the company Tom Tom Tom this is a pretty good friend of mine he's not bullshitting hmm But that's scary bro did you see that preacher the got confronted by Inside Edition what is his name Copeland Kenneth Copeland brow it's hilarious I don't know how much we can show this because this will absolutely get us pulled

► 02:12:10

this dude got confronted by Inside Edition they're doing these stories on these preachers that use the donations from their flock to buy private jets and live like a baller and so she asked some you know is it true that you said that you don't want to fly commercial because you don't want to be stuck in a tube with demons and he first of all he got caught off guard and he kind of was chilled at first but then he got mad at her when she asked that same question again he said no we're not didn't and don't you bring it up and don't you say I did that's what he says and he points out her and this pulled ahead a little bit because this is the full version of this pull it it there's a that right before that right before that right before that like she asks him what is he an evangelist yeah

► 02:12:57

yeah here we hear it a big to now we can't because we'll get pulled off of YouTube for sure but he gets really fucking mad at her she said in a but didn't you say didn't you say that you can't fly commercial because the tube is filled with demons do you think the people are demons like this lady has balls of steel because this guy's giving him the crazy eyes and he's saying all kinds of crazy shit different question She also asked about like why did why did you buy it and he's like could because he made it so cheap yeah it's like $988 he made so cheap it's like I couldn't say no that's what he says plane was it was second I was the best guy yeah

► 02:13:35

made it so cheap I could that's it re seeing it right there I had to buy it yeah you can't can't play it unfortunately the play it right after that no this is where she asks him again he's getting frustrated with her this is where she asked him again about demons now watch him get mad here hold up but you can't play it because if you get but if they fucking hear it they Hear It They'll yank us don't talk to make it jump into it Jamie did little bit like your you still doesn't matter man it's the whoever owns this content don't play any of the audio so he gets mad at her and she's about to say it she's gonna go but I'm sorry but didn't you say but didn't you say right before yep right there so watch this she goes don't you say that they were demons no look at this don't you say that I did

► 02:14:22

look at that look at that bro that's intense many tries to charmer any Treasures charmer that to me is what I would imagine a demon would look like if you cornered it like be realistically tell me back up back up right there there's a little bit before that but little bit before we use actually angry little bit before that watch when he gets actually angry like if you thought the demons were real what would you think that they would behave like wow they would just pretend to be people be all slippery what's happening here I just froze I thought okay back up so we could see him do it though back up so we can see him do it so right here she asked him a watch this watch this no don't you see that I did and then watch this my

► 02:15:07

smile just let me play stop fucking around watch this look at that face

► 02:15:16

oh your friend again I'm just an ass preacher his hand looks like that Hobbit foger looking at bro his nails are long as fuck just like Satan I would imagine Satan's not ever manicure Eddie hey thoughts no no it's you got to look evil that dude caught a sweet loophole tax-exempt status that's what's really interesting about churches tax-exempt baby the doing a government's work the government's like you doing such a good job keep these people in line here you go free free no taxes bro you're good you're good like imagine the government looking at televangelist going well seems legit you're definitely have the Lord's words in mind and I definitely not making a ton of money in the loophole so yeah yeah for sure keep that tax exempt status seems good seems super solid imagine imagine that like somewhere someone must have that conversation

► 02:16:12

whether or not they should have tax-exempt status like at what point in time you know I got with the Catholic Church how many sex scandals how many pedophile scandals does it take before you lose tax exempt status is it like a million how many cases how many cases do you need I get what point in time do you go hey maybe you guys should fucking at least pay taxes

► 02:16:36

maybe that's the deal they cut you know God for the kids but you got to start paying taxes well did not prosecute them because people aren't screaming for it what's really interesting is that if you look at some of the things that people are really rallying about today what you would call a social justice Warriors people are rallying around so many different causes those those people that are rallying around all these causes supporting and Tifa doing this you know protecting this and going after that what they're not doing is going after that church how come they're not shouting from there if you really want Justice if you really want to do good in the world

► 02:17:13

when you want to stop the pedophiles when you want to stop that if you didn't you don't see that it's too scary for people so big they got their own country the vatican's basically a country they have their own passport

► 02:17:28

it's dark it's dark when people look like they feel like they're doing progress and then you do not stop in that you're not you know like your concern is what what's your concern the sculpture of the Resurrection seen that no evil what is that again it supposedly it's supposed to be Jesus rising from the dead but it looks like zombie looks it looks like hell and that is yeah sculpture of the Resurrection yeah this amendment and they got a serp they got a serpent Cathedral where it looks like your Serpent's head it's crazy stuff you been no but I've seen it on YouTube you've been an idiot Italy yet no you should go dude is insane it's so insane the Vatican is so insane it's absolutely worth the whip you went into the Vatican yeah it's amazing the artwork is off the charts you can't believe it st. Peter's Basilica that's it right there who fucking made that that's supposed to be something about bro that looks like

► 02:18:28

and Christianity in front of Marilyn Manson's house yeah totally Marilyn Manson would be rocket this is their Beautiful People The Beautiful People don't make a great photos I would be an amazing gate right if you like the ultimate horror fiction writer like if Stephen King bought a house in the Hollywood Hills yeah that was his gait look up by the the resurrection feed does that put serpent Cathedral Vatican that's it that's crazy dude it's it's like a snake so there's a there's a thing in there called st. Peter's Basilica many night you never seen anything like that sit life right there right there look at that wow looks like come on man that's crazy come on man that's crazy it has the eyes of a snake that had of a snake and the fangs that is one area you can see that Resurrection thing right oh my God

► 02:19:28

amazing dude if you were dating a girl and she was like I don't look into a Jesus right there did I don't see Jesus anywhere if you were dating a girl she's really into witchcraft you'd want to fuck her right in between the teeth maybe I want to take you to the Vatican we're sneak away I'm gonna bribe somebody fuck you between the teeth yeah that's scary imagine they just had a bed that you could borrow and what if the what if the pope is really the king of the world looking out there was crazy what if he is though I think so definitely not he might be might be the most powerful man let me ask you this what do you think about all this alien ship that's going on right now all this UFO shit what do you think that it's you think that's a distraction this stuff is going on right now I have percent the size of just got d-class their try that's what it is the fisa Deke laughs are you kidding that's going to bury a lot of people going to jail so you think that's why the UFO stuff is out there they've it's always been about UFOs really since that they do that like they have certain UFO cases that they say

► 02:20:28

and if anything gets weird we're just going to let this motherfucker lose whoo and we're going to tell people listen we've seen the aliens we've got a hold of them we've got to alert Congress we got to talk to people and then people start just forgetting about corruption forgetting about the BP oil spill forget about whatever the fuck is do the aliens are coming trust me yes they've been talking to the government you know what my argument against it has always been why would they talk to the government if you're from another fucking planet like wheat when we visit chimpanzees we don't say hey who's the number-one champ we want to bring you bananas and sign a peace treaty with you we don't give a fuck who the leader is get out of here you don't get special deals you'll get special deals because they all eat up all the top champ made a deal to let us kidnap some baby chimps so we can bring them to the zoo oh yeah her the fuck out of here if they're coming here from another planet they must be so much more sophisticated than we are there are going to listen to us we're crazy they're doing it for several reasons in my opinion and and one

► 02:21:28

exactly like you said when there's for distractions and right now they're going heavy with it but you know Wernher von Braun the last four years of his life he had cancer and he had an assistant and you can watch on YouTube talk her name is dr. Carol Rosalyn and she said that he kept telling her over and over because they're preparing like on his deathbed they're preparing for a fake Alien Invasion oh that's what they do is they're trying to scare us into a new world order I'm done and she got the about the no no she doesn't say why he goes he never told me why he just kept telling me they're all the stuff you hear about aliens and asteroids it's all fake first there's going to be an environmental threat that they're going to scare everybody away with global warming is my opinion in my opinion then there's gonna be asteroid threats and then the final one and she says it's and he kept saying this because the final one the last one that gonna do is the fake alien

► 02:22:28

Invasion that's going to that's why there's movies like Independence Day it gets everyone used to oh we're all going to go let's call China and Russia and we all band together because it's to get us prepared for a new one world government that's what it's really all about the aliens and all that the Nazis were doing that to their own people they met in the when I was balls deep in the UFO Community we would you know they would they would show us that you know there's pictures of the German UFOs and in the UFO Community we looked at that as evidence that they must have found crashed UFOs and then they're trying to reverse-engineer them that's what everybody in the UFO Community thinks but when you look into it dude they were trying to scare their own people to look for the government they're just sharing with one of the go science fiction had flying saucers before flying saucers were something that the government or that German you look at the term another come here gonna try to create so I think they were trying if they were trying to freak people out and make it seem like it was a learns yes exactly so so will work

► 02:23:28

is over wouldn't have operation Operation Paperclip 1945 1946 we bring in over all right the guys that ended up creating the CIA and NASA were from Operation Paperclip so right away Shore now so when you look at this if the Nazis were trying to scare their own people with fake UFOs they must have came in and said dude you guys aren't on the UFO shit you gotta scare your people so that's exactly when all the comic books were all the winners so the Germans were scaring their people with UFOs before the United States compared with UFOs really yes this is the 30s that is it listen if you're going to be a master of propaganda like Hitler was right manipulation of propaganda that would be the movement who wanted to know her more than her them who wanted to control the world more than that guy that guy knew how to do it and and it's an old idea it's an old idea or way everybody the old the ancient Roman emperors they all want they'll drift for that one world government they couldn't pull it off that was no way they

► 02:24:28

pull it off because the only way to make a new world order actually happen is you got to get the people to embrace it you can't force them into it so you got a mind fuck them to embrace a new world are you gotta make them want it otherwise they're not there just laying their own little try exactly you know the little problem the little rulers will go like did we do have one world government I'm out of a job fuck you so it's impossible but they knew they theorize if there was some kind of alien threat they don't remember Reagan talking about exactly when you're in the UFO Community you take that Reagan speech from the UN and from the CFR and you look at that as proof that there's aliens but now I look at that when you look at him and like at the CFR he goes wouldn't all our jobs be a little bit easier if there was some sort of threat some extraterrestrial threat well I'm says the rule his well it's not exactly so nobody when one I'm talking about a different when he didn't make two different to he was doing it all known us a bunch of them yeah he was on a mission to get everyone everybody

► 02:25:28

you like but he's like making it sound like humanitarian like wooden would it will all our differences just seem to diminish if there was some sort of extraterrestrial threat that was getting everybody used to this shit we're going to come the UN is all about have already pulled on off they couldn't they can't do it but now we're approaching the today we have the technology now with Holograms now we could do it it's always been for hundreds of years they knew that they knew that but they couldn't pull it off how you gonna pull it up how you gonna do to know how to make that shit or making movies when you imagine what he's saying I'm I told you about this last week you said you didn't see it what is that talking about the military industrial complex oh yes yes yes I'll let me hear that you hear that yeah it was that free use the kind of my present course the President right is he talking about space for snow you can reassure people you're not looking for this is Fox News man you can't play this the news you got its Fox it's like a clip from a fox II news it's the news though yeah but I think you get pulled for that you told me to play it on play it but if the new I'm not always play the okay let me know if said let me hear him say this

► 02:26:28

friend Steve Hill to show there and don't kid yourself you do have a military-industrial complex they do like War you know in Syria with the caliphate so I wipe out a hundred percent of the caliphate that doesn't mean you're not going to have these crazy people going around blowing up stores and blowing up things these are seriously ill people I don't want to say oh they're wiped out you know Isis but I wiped out a hundred percent of the caliphate I said I want to bring our troops back home the place went crazy they want to keep them you have people here in watching want if they never want to leave I said you know what I'll do I'll leave a couple of hundred soldiers behind but if it was up to them they bring thousands of soldiers in someday people will explain what this is and if you do have you whoa that's fucking heavy now stop right here now if that was from anyone

► 02:27:21

many normal person you would say that guy's out of his fucking mind that's conspiracy there's no one who wants War but you hear that from the actual sitting president of the United States who has no reason to say that like why is he why does he have a reason say that it must be an excuse for why he didn't pull everyone out 100% And that's an that's a really overlooked insight and that's part of the problem is that so many people hate Trump that even when he says something like that that we should listen to because it's coming from the president of the United States while he's a sitting president wise talking about pulling people out of troop out of War

► 02:27:59

and people still don't want to listen because it's on Fox News and because it's the president because people so many people hate the president they don't want to hear about this that should be something that's talked about that the d-class is about to happen shit there you think so the well it is the d-class that's about to happen it's you know was that mean declassification fisa applications at the class everything involved and how the Russian investigation started that's the problem they were trying there's evidence and this is coming with the fisa d-class that Trump wasn't supposed to win there's text messages going back between two FBI agents right saying well what if he wins and goes he ain't gonna win he's good Hilary's gonna crush him like a zillion to one and his but what if he does win these are text message have been released up anybody can do that I want to keep going you too happy though his so bad folks were back from Pittsburgh we had to go I've been drinking a lot of water lately I'm trying to be super healthy me too man I thought Pellegrino

► 02:28:59

did not buy that there's no way there's bubbles are good for you you know what I mean okay let's find out okay what would happen What would happen to your body how if all you drank was was Perrier and Pellegrino and that's it no forget about the teeth the overall health of your body so much about the by its by your teeth is what that is no but forget about the teeth this water but if that's what you get but the carbonation is gotta be doing something to you teeth is all its really doing I wonder if you need something to your organs to or something so it can say something to your teeth because of the carbonation

► 02:29:37

yes it's got to that's got to be it just water and carbonation so was the carbonation is in nitrogen in the water like what's what is the carbonation its nitrogen huh man I hope it's great for you I hope it I hope asses higher acidity oh my God it's bad for you can't be good right and that's all I was looking for a while but I was happy with myself because you know I feel like you doing I'm good my vice was Coca-Cola right so it got me off Coke I don't give a fuck about Coke I got off and I'll drink Coke every now and then but I'm not I used to be like I want it like with a meal if I went out to a restaurant had ever fucking Coke out of it but now Pellegrino's it's totally satisfies me I'm good I'm good with it but then I just got away with I just kept drinking just that I think it's better than Coke but it's not as good as water I'm gonna go with that yeah it's got it way better than Coke right coax the worst but why is it so delicious dude some some food you just want a cold Diet Coke with like I've I have a fucking cheeseburger I know

► 02:30:37

Marty not eating healthy give me a fucking Diet Coke why are we playing games right you know that feeling is that it helps us get enough with a for me is good enough with your burger it's satisfying it but if you're gonna have a burger and fries the best goddamn shy Coke you work it off in the jimbacca diet that diet like regular Coke regular I don't like regular Coke it's too syrupy it's just too hard for me it's just Jamie's like oh I miss it because Jamie's Midwest Midwest to give it to their babies they put in bottles and shit but call Hop can bottle or know the debate was asking cooked and Chipotle in a bottle yeah but you like to stay at the styrofoam Cano not only to pull his got a weird flavor coat that I really like that got me back into drinking it all that's kind of sapote Les has their own kind people say McDonald's Coke as the best I highly disagree side all the same no it's definitely not thing what's weird yet they have different flavors they said look at the train

► 02:31:37

different wigs trains its original taste on the label at Chipotle which is here which I can you make a deal with Coke and you don't know which flavor you're getting let me ask you this do you think Andy Ruiz being the heavyweight champion of bring Mexicans and the rest of America closer together

► 02:31:54

I think so what if he starts fucking everybody up what if he fucks up everybody what if he becomes a man

► 02:32:00

that would be amazing

► 02:32:02

Viva Mexico man pretty crazy because interesting right like what Joe Louis was or what Muhammad Ali was during the Civil Rights Movement how about that what's his record has he ever lost things 31 and 1 1 loss but it was a split decision to Joseph Parker who's a legit world-class fighter

► 02:32:20

so one decision like 589 yeah he's young young guy and he's fucking good man like he's good people get confused because the way he looks that motherfucker throws hands and the way he punches his superfluid everything's okay bye-bye Mama ugh nasty combinations like way quicker than most heavy weights weight weight quicker really interesting man

► 02:32:46

when you watch him fight like wow so the fights the fight is Hamed vs. that bronze bomber guy well I would imagine the fight is the rematch in England and fucking Wembley Arena or some shit in front of a million people that's probably going to be the rematch and if he fucks him up again which man I don't know what happened in that fight but if I Tyson Fury to right oh yeah for sure yeah he could fight Tyson Fury I mean Andy can fight Tyson Fury and you can fight Deontay Wilder but the big money I think is in the rematch that's probably the big money is and then the problem of that is man

► 02:33:31

hold on that heavyweight division looks good oh it's great right now this is as good as the heavyweight division has been in decades it's amazing right now but the most exciting is de'aunte because de'aunte flatlines people with one shot in this crazy way and he's just built like he's built like a giant Tommy Hearns almost like you know when he just he just got crazy Power Man his power makes me just put my hand on my head and go what the fuck you think Francis and garnica box I know he could box with with the top left at the top level no I mean I think he could with training but he's a little older to you know Francis is how old are you how old is Francis I want to say he's 34 he started fairly late in life learning how to fight in period but he's so big and so powerful man what is he 3232 is not that bad that's young that's pretty young he's he in my opinion is the most dangerous one punch guy I've ever seen him

► 02:34:30

if you make any mistake with that guy it's heavy weights just go flying across the room like the think of Francis in Ghana versus Andy Ruiz would be big and your worries is a way better boxer so he's a way way way better boxer it's a big difference I know anyone who says hundred amateur fights people would see it just like people want to see Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor yeah but it's kind of the same in the same way that you know you know Conor McGregor knocks people dead in the UFC and you know Floyd Mayweather's the greatest boxer of all time of all time I mean he's probably the most skillful defensive artists we've ever seen and you know Floyd got hit a couple of times the thing about Francis in Ghana is I think even with big gloves you can't let him hit you like that if he gets if it like a Floyd the way Floyd got hit with that uppercut by Connor Connor just kind of placed it there he popped him it was a good shot but Floyd didn't get wobbled he didn't get dropped

► 02:35:29

Francis had somebody like that I'll give a fuck who you are if he hits you with that Alistair Overeem left hook that he hit Alistair with get the fuck out of here no one surviving that he just seems like the way he knocked out Kane we clipped him with that little short uppercut and Kane seemed like he didn't even know he hit yeah I think he heads stupid hard like crazy ridiculous off the charts hard I think when hits people they're just like what in the hell the only guys been able to survive that shit is steep man and of course Derrick Lewis but they just didn't do much to each other in that fight everybody else he touches you with that shit and you just go flying he had so goddamn hard that if he just went into boxing straight instead of UFC the fuck knows man he could be the fucking heavyweight champion of the world like legitimately if you stop and think about how quickly Deontay Wilder went from boxing to earning a bronze medal in the Olympics it was a year and a half meanwhile there is exceptionally talented exceptionally powerful

► 02:36:29

one punch knockout power but so is Francis like a Francis has chosen to go that path who fucking knows man who knows

► 02:36:39

if he learns how to wrestle like really learns how to wrestle and really learns how to submit people can imagine like where everybody has to stand with them because you're scared of on the ground I mean he's at 265 pounds natural and shredded the way he is with unbelievable power that's just super unusual case and I could have any any Combat Sports he wanted to kick boxing same shit be fucking everybody up just hit so goddamn hard

► 02:37:12

he hits people you just go eat ants it's hard to learn Jujitsu once you're already famous that's a tongue that is true all the time yeah it's tough because the only way to learn Jujitsu correctly is with a hundred percent sparring and you don't do that with your wrestling that Roger with wrestling but you can't go on inspiring and wrestling because there's no you don't do that you're striking yeah you don't do that with your striking not that much yeah yeah but it's polish it once you become famous it's very hard to go a hundred percent with just anybody ya know what I mean it's there's a lot on the line yeah it's possible but it would have to be well engineered by a really good manager right like someone like a Dan Lambert and comes along and says this is how we're going to do this we're going to take this as a project and we're going to bring in wrestlers and these guys are going to specifically work with you on these very specific drills we're going to help you get up and help you stay up and we're going to we're going to this is what are our job is our job is now

► 02:38:11

this we're going to turn you into the heavyweight champion the world but it would have to be like someone who had like a real specific group of guys that knew the goal and that there was no egos involved so it wasn't you're not going to bring in some guys going to try to out Russell my heard them or knock them out or do anything they they're they're working for the goal

► 02:38:30

but that's hard to do you know everybody has their own ideas you know that's one of the real problems that Fighters have at a really high levels finding people that you could train with that are commensurate and skill level but they're not trying to take you out you know 28 each other like imagine imagine if Mark Kerr got balls deep in a Jiu-Jitsu in God oh my God he would have been he would had a longer career that's for sure and you know if you got good on the back oh my God I see that with wrestlers every now and then like after six seven years you see it like oh my God they're taking the back now they're talking to people out you saw that with Jon Fitch you know it took a while he was just cool with ground-and-pound just you're getting to take down and then slowly start he started seeing him pass and and take backs and then he took Stacks Anthony Smith choking on Customs yes how crazy is that yes and get it with a broken hand yeah yeah man that was that was pretty crazy a fucking dude is the real deal yeah he's the real deal how did the John Jones FICO I don't remember Jon Jones is outclassed him he was ahead of him he

► 02:39:30

it is going to do before decision yeah five rounds five round to say okay dominant decision John just I mean he'll every wobble door knocked down and now he got hit I mean definitely got hit he got he took some shots but he was fine at the end of it early in the fight though he showed he looked very smooth very fluid the first round he looked very good very composed considering World title fight against Jon Jones I mean everything he did when he's moving he wasn't exploding wasn't blowing away any nervous energy fought very technically very good technical stand up and just look John is just Jon Jon's on another level there's everybody else then there's John Jones it's another level he knows when you're tired too he you see him when he senses like any any time where you trying to catch a break he senses it and he starts ramping it up and moving towards you and kicking your legs if you see it smells blood he smells blood he's a fucking straight up kill her man he just knows there's a lot of aspects to his game that are very interesting but he just knows

► 02:40:30

how to feel where a guy is he knows the distance in terms of like knowing how to feel where a guy is in terms of how far away the guy is from him because he's the best ever at utilizing his Long Reach but he also knows where the guy is psychologically know he knows when guys are physically tired no Susie fight next he's gonna fight Thiago Santos I don't know too much about how my God that guy he throws bricks more of a striker the register oh yeah way more way more he's got a giant hammer tattooed on his chest knocks people in another dimension he's a beast man Legit Beast which is not that's is not August is that August in LA

► 02:41:09

I think that's the Anaheim card I think my making that up it's great fucking fight though great fight for as long as it lasts who knows you know that guy he can knock anybody out it just swings wild but John should be a heavy favorite going into the fight John fights on the July card oh this is July card oh my God that's right Deep Bay and DC that's right that's where I got confused Anaheim steep ain't DC John Jones versus Thiago Santos is anyone else that was on steep in DC's is on yes yeah I don't know how I'm Paul acosta's also rebooked for that that's Anaheim as well right whoo-hoo yoel Romero Paul Acosta best body ever fight the fighting for the best body ever that's what they're doing but who's the king did he win some sort of box yes what do l u l might never fight again he 127 million dollars I give up how the cuz there's a supplement company that had tainted supplements legitimately they tested them

► 02:42:08

link and they found that this shit is its tainted and makes people piss hot for steroid test hmm so he sued him the question is whether or not he's going to be able to correct collect rather because you know when you sue someone then go bankrupt like if they're a corporation that's why someone forms an LLC so if they've got some steroid tainted shit and athlete Souza my wonder if they actually have to pay or if one that they could just disband the company because 27 million is a lot of money you know who knows the company might not even be worth twenty seven million I don't know what the company is do you know what the company is what's the name of it gold gold star performance hmm that's a big name I've heard that name before have you heard that name before I think that's a big name in supplements

► 02:42:56

you know I'm Angela thing will blow them up it'll be worth it just Pam we're going to make a hundred million because people are going to jump on it you know what I mean like people have mostly write professionally oh shit cool Roy I do it yeah that's true right give me shit that Hector Lombard pissed out for ya hundred percent that shit I got that shit son you gonna get a thick all neck what's up Jamie they got what if this is the right company I just looked up and I tried to type in the revenue they're doing all right yeah how much they worth I don't know if this is the right company but the one I just found says they did I had a cash balance of ninety six point five million as of December 31st give up that 27 million to the Cuban baby be the actual same company but it's got the same name at least I bet it's that company let's say it is a comedy come on give up that money I want to see yoel Romero just covered in Furs gold chains and shit just living like a pimp well I want to see y'all Romero and like some sort of crazy gazelle skin coat with like

► 02:43:56

full six-pack just now Minx right makes me better like something crazy just 27 million in the bank not giving a fuck 20 girls around yeah just eye wrapping and Cuban hello you that's pretty good fucking guy he's the freakiest athlete I've ever seen he moves so fast sometimes you like like what like he you know when he fought Chris Weidman I remember when he landed that flying nails like oh my God that guy could do that out of nowhere out of nowhere you you can never sleep on him because he liked lulls you into this false sense of everything being okay he moves slow you know he just move slow move slow hey move away when you kick him loose almost like he's conserving energy and about whom we just jumps on you

► 02:44:46

it's amazing to see a guy like him at 40 years of age be that fucking explosive you know

► 02:44:54

you're right at 40 with that lawsuit shit my fly fight he might go maybe once a fuckup Paulo Costa and that's a wrap maybe after that fight but if you actually gets the money that's the problem see it's all bullshit until the money is in your bank account because they appeal and you know the dragon into appeals court which they probably will right man I'd magic here's two gears yeah yeah then the meanwhile if they have that money they could just invest that money just make itself back then give them what they invested with a hey here's your money didn't cost a shit I could do that too as long as it's long enough maybe they have like 500 million that I had 25 million the whole supplement world is a weird world it's very weird and we had problems with on it with Alpha Brain early we are Alpha Brain had other shit in it with different vitamins and that they weren't supposed to be in there I'm like what is this in that we had to change suppliers

► 02:45:49

It's Tricky man when you're making stuff and you're not there for every step of the way you hire companies to do it like well how are they doing it how are they mix in it what's the vat look like they clean that shit you know and then somewhere down the run like Tim Means he was another one number 10 means 10 the Dirty Bird it's a bad motherfucker he same thing pissed hot for some shit that was just some over-the-counter stuff they found it but they think of him like six months I think they give you a long time to though didn't he they give him like six months or something like that I think they gave my long time it was like six months which apparently is were 27 million 27s nice number two men six-month suspension yeah whatever if 50 if he gets that 27 million he won't give a fuck about that six-month suspension if you had 27 million clean in the bank that you don't have to pay taxes on is that how it works no you gotta pay taxes

► 02:46:47

do you when you get a lawsuit that seems some of them are dead or tails Mike why not seems Seems ridiculous why would the government you can keep that why would the government get a piece of you getting your little career Dev I know but isn't that nuts they get up but that's funny like they've ruled that you got damaged so someone has to give you money to make up for all the money that you lost you lost twenty seven million dollars worth of Revenue we're going to make it right you will so they give them that 27 million dollars in the government's like not so fast you might have lost 27 million but we didn't get our piece I bet you have to pay taxes if you didn't have to pay taxes on things imagine how few people would pay taxes you know it would be like if the IRS wasn't so fucking ruthless chasing people down it would be like those things we you bought 99 records for a dollar member that when nobody ever paid for it the record Club yeah they would send you the cassette Penny yeah do it like a petty and you get like used to pick these

► 02:47:47

to pick this 0 REO Speedwagon who Billy Joel The Stranger and get to check off the list in the bar whatever pays no one paid I don't know a single person that paid they try to chase me down maybe they didn't want the money they just wanted to spread the music maybe they did it was a scam maybe they had ensured themselves against a certain amount of loss and certain amount of suckers paid because they did harass you a little bit they send you letters like hey man since you all those kiss cassettes you haven't you haven't got back to us remember that did you do that jamming let me how suppose call that Columbus right Columbia Records I'll send you shit like a box of shit you don't want none I don't want Hall & Oates was a Columbia House Records or Columbia Records house it was a club TV guys they're always the first time I found out about well is actually late night TV about side Dianetics I didn't know Dianetics and Scientology I thought it was like you know you gotta kick

► 02:48:47

ask Take On The World get away from your insecurities and your fear they drag you in a little bit further he dragged you in with a volcano and smart they're showing the volcano in the commercial that's way better than than like those dudes you see it freeway overpasses that are screaming Jesus has Jesus there's like dude nobody you from doing this you ain't bringing nobody to Jesus man but it's smart you don't tell them you want to get someone into Jesus you don't tell him it's about Jesus you know I mean just warrant itself helped the real way to get someone into Jesus is to lead by Jesus example and be a really good Christian and someone says well why are you such a nice person say because I'm a Christian and a real Christian is a really nice person the person be like damn I want to be a really nice person and say well once you come to church with me on Sunday and next thing you know you go to church with them really and that's how you do it's how you do it you can't be everything that's on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard in the Brea but then when the corner you you don't you see I did

► 02:49:47

you got pretty eyes they're pretty as that's going to be cut up like I seemed demonic to me man he creep me the fuck out that creep me out man

► 02:50:03

because used to telling people things like that seems to yell at people pointing his finger around the long finger nail boy that you don't you don't you say I did it make a great day mmmm imagine what it must be like to be a fly on the wall one of those billion dollar preachers just didn't must be getting pussy they must be 00 has to be right of course has to be top shelf they'll be flying in from Czechoslovakia and shit just they got the crew of actors in in on a fucking Hill of cocaine it's crazy how yeah they got a bunch of actors and plants and all that shit but it's crazy how they get people to believe in and they get put in trances and shit and you know some of our acting but some of them are like you know there's a certain percentage of people that are hypnotizable what is it what is it like you know what he wanted from and maybe it's the people that didn't get sucked into pro wrestling pro wrestling could have got them they would have

► 02:51:03

that was real they missed that and they got they got sucked into like the snake handlers and ships I'm just thinking because when you go to the you know that's those hypnotist shows the scam oh yeah before the show like this considered the scam part is before the show they go into the audience and they find people that are easily hypnotized right so that I brought him out of things they do is they let you be aware that they might call upon you and so just to make sure that your story matches we would like to know what whatever happened to you is there something that's bothering you so that we know that when Cindy the Magnificent when she calls out to you that your story matches up with a piece of paper this little weird tricks they do with yeah well they asked them to fill out these forms talk about their childhood that's why I think we should go for sure like people talk but I'm talking about preachers you that hypnotist shows yeah they take like a couple maybe they take one problem and they hypnotize them then they wake them up only make

► 02:52:03

do weird shit that they don't remember you know yeah dude I saw that before yeah I've seen it so that's real oh it's real so there are people in percentage of the population who knows what it is maybe it's 10% maybe it's 60% who knows but there are people that can be put under a spell on under a spell in at they could be in a trance yes Hannah something while they're awake they're awake and they do something under command with without any control and they don't remember it and then they get snapped out of it yes all that's real yes that's great so varying degrees but and it's real and live audiences which is particularly weird yeah Frank Santos the R-rated hypnotist was a staple in Boston when I was coming up and I was an open mic her Frank actually even ran a comedy club at one point in time and it's not his son is a hypnotist now Frank Santos we he would do stitches Comedy Club

► 02:52:54

me and Greg Fitzsimmons and Nick DiPaolo and all these guys we saw him do this and he would do it on a regular basis it happened every week he had one night a week where and it wasn't just that club it was one night away we get stitches but it was like one night a week at Nick's comedy stop and one night a week we could Giggles sorry but he would get a bunch of people out of the audience and he would have a bunch of volunteers who want to volunteer and you get the people on the stage and everybody really well can't believe we're here and they would hip and Ty's been hypnotized been hypnotized me and do this thing you're getting sleepy you going to listen to me I'm gonna count to five and when I count to five you are going to be doing push-ups and underneath U is going to be Madonna and she's going to be naked and he would do it and it would work on some people they look at people because you're not under come on come with me and he would get rid of them but then some people just be under and you would like this isn't real is this real but then you would see your friend go up there you would see someone you knew go up there and you would see people see their friends go up there and what they couldn't believe it and the person was really doing it

► 02:53:54

you could tell they were really doing it and they be so embarrassed they'd be so embarrassed when they found out that they did this in front of these people they're like what yeah you came in your pants and like some guys would actually come in their pants they would come in their pants he would tell them on my count to three and I like number three you're going to come in your pants one two three you gotta be like oh he'd seem get like super embarrassing these are good actors but you could see the embarrassment their face they were bewildered they were so confused and look what happened how did this happen but it wasn't everybody look like if they probably couldn't do it if there's a I would love to see a documentary on people getting hypnotized and like proving that it's real and doing different well I got hypnotized I got hypnotized he does it real yeah but I didn't get hypnotized to do anything I got hypnotized by Vinny schwarmann finish arming the mental coach did he make you do things you don't remember hope not now I just laid there all right and he gave it to me no I laid there and he talked to me while I was laying there and want when he was talking to me I

► 02:54:53

I knew he was there and I knew I was there and I knew I was just chilling on this couch it wasn't like I was in a trance and I was going somewhere and I was very aware that it was happening

► 02:55:05

but it was like he was put me he was put me in a suggestive State and he was talking to me about various things that I wanted to work on mostly organization and discipline stuff like discipline like getting things done and leather would just want something that I'm always concentrating on and then when it was over it was just over I was awake through all of it but it was weird it was like a weird state it was like as if like the regular world has like a crazy filter over it like when you stoned

► 02:55:35

nothing yes

► 02:55:38

it's hard to guess I would probably say yes and it sounds like maybe you were having our and hypnotized like the kind of like those dudes that don't remember what nothing all that but he doesn't do that though and I think other people can do that and I think they do that to some people but that's not what he's trying to do anybody his diet I think and I'm speaking for Vinny but I think that anybody can allow themselves to get into this suggestive state to get in this state of hypnosis but that's different than the kind of people that will think that they really are having sex with Madonna on stage yeah they took people that really do come in their parents that's great so tomorrow's people locked in there's something locked in about them but it was a hundred percent real you think those people that can't are easily hypnotizable can be influenced by that could be hypnotized by something on a TV screen maybe it's possible yeah mate maybe why not I don't know what that element what is what's causing you to go under you know I'm saying like it

► 02:56:38

just the words the way a person saying it is them looking your Frank Santos was an interesting guy has a very short fellow and this is coming from a short guy and he had glasses and he's kind of like a big guy and he's heavy you know who's overweight and it just seemed real unassuming and sweet and kind and soft and just hello everybody how are you how are you you know and it just just talking to you you're gonna get sleepy you can get sleepy go to sleep you sleepy and they would just not off maybe like whoa what the fuck he just knew how to do it and he would do it so calmly and confidently and he would do it every week and every week we would watch some people would work on some people wouldn't work on I wonder if anybody can do it anybody can put someone under a trance if they were taught the right way and they do maybe they got to do is learn something or is it some kind of special gift or some I bet it's a skill I bet it's a skill but I bet it's just like having a good personality like some people you want to hear them talk all the time dude what if there's dudes like that that they date and they're

► 02:57:38

look at him girls they can hit yeah they're just looking for girls I could hypnotize to turn ago they got alive when they take him home make him do all sorts of crazy shit I knew a guy who was a comic who also worked as a hypnotist and he could hypnotize people and I remember walking by him while he's talking to his girl and she goes no I don't want to be hypnotized and I remember thinking what are you saying her this back in the dizzay too

► 02:58:07

what if there was a hypnotist slash comedian that mastered hypnotizing people from the stage and got him to laugh hysterically at everything so you just like killing and crushing every night well I think comedy is a form of mass hypnosis it's funny you say that because I think that's what's happening when you're locked in like when you're locked in and everyone's locked into what you're doing and you're killing this is these moments where it's like the audience thinks Minds with you like hypnotism it's very similar because when you're killing

► 02:58:40

this is feeling that you get where you like it's an energy feeling it's not just you saying something and they think you're so funny so you feel so good it's like you're riding this wave and as long as you practice the material so much that you know where the beats are and as long as you're so engaged in the material that you really are thinking about it as you're saying it you're not bullshitting them you're not just saying the words because they know and you're just saying the words they want you to be fully engaged but there's these moments when you are fully engaged and they know you are and you you're riding this wave together because you know the material so much so that you can be fully engaged but not have to think about what comes next because you know what comes next but you're saying is if you've never said it before and you're thinking of it as if you've never thought it before you thinking of it as if you've never said it before and they're locked in and it's like hypnosis it's very very similar as far as I know

► 02:59:40

I mean I've never hypnotized anybody but I feel like when you're killing it's a state of mind is like your you're achieving a group State of Mind with all these people

► 02:59:50

it's weird yeah that's why I say that like specials are like at the very best 80% of what it's like to be there at the very best is probably not even close I'm probably being super generous with what a special actually is in comparison to being there live like this sometimes I'll see a recording and I'm like I thought that was better I thought it was better when I saw it live because when I was alive and I was watching the person I was in the room yeah I'm soaking up the laughs in the room they're all the people in the room everybody took they took an Uber to get there they got drinks they're they're excited they're pumped up the guy's killing you locked in you're in the room with these people can't believe you just said that ah and you're all feeling it together at home you're getting a fraction of that yeah you know it's like hypnosis man there's an energy that's being shared you know I mean you've been doing a lot of stand-up now don't you feel like that like when it clicks like there's an energy that's being bounced back and forth between two people between you and the audience

► 03:00:50

yeah for sure I mean when it works you know I'm a blue belt in comedy you know what I mean you're like a coral belt red belt you know what I mean

► 03:01:02

you know I'm pulling it off and it feels good even when you just pull it off and everyone's laughing at yeah good time so some moments great yeah feels those moments when I'm doing it because it's so much fun it's just like what I do after Jiu-Jitsu I know hang out with my students and we just talked about the craziest shit for about 10-15 minutes and then I go home it happens almost every night we're talking about crazy shit and it's the same thing we're making each other laugh and when it works on stage it's that times a thousand it just you know when people are laughing and everything's working it's great obviously when it's not working and they smell blood and you're not feeling what you're saying and kind of just going through the motions and that happens to me you know I'm still new in the game that sucks yeah that's horrible that's horrible but luckily the first year you know I was just trying to figure out what the fuck was I was going to do trying to structure my sad I smoked I smoked weed before I went on stage I don't do that no more I go on stage just clear clear

► 03:02:01

find it and it's way better because it's easier to remember all all the material writes down you know eventually I can you know go back to smoking weed like you before set because I've gotten the structure down so well that I could just go up there and it's like you know when you when I teach and I do a seminar I got that shit down on lock well I really like doing sober October I really like not smoking before shows to it's fun it's fun to do it's different have a cocktail you know what I mean I couldn't even do that a sober October everything was completely sober I like you having a drink and then you know getting a cup of coffee my blood going up boom like before I teach I have some coffee you know I move around that's one thing I do a stretch out move around Shadowbox yeah get my body loose I just want to get the blood pumping I just want to feel looser physically it's hard to know like when though you know what's when is it loser is a loser right now just kind of just I just I have just a bunch of things that I do I just start throwing knees loosen up my arms you know stretch my back out

► 03:03:01

stretch my legs out you know when it works though man when you're just like connected with the audience where I felt that the most so far was in Houston almost a year ago and just for some reason man that crowd was always a knife Saturday night yes I caught a wave they were all waiting to scream they could as soon as I walked on stage they're already laughing I didn't say anything they were just all ready to go Curtis was there with Priscilla's his fiancee and it was it was that was the best night so far I mean as far as connection and man you know you're chasing that you always want that you know you always want that same high and then the next day in Austin man wasn't it was the opposite we talked about this the last time you were here yeah you had a rough set on Sunday I'm going nice time good for you can I throw a little Houston plug not this weekend but next Friday June 14th me and Sam

► 03:04:01

a plea are doing tinfoil hat comedy Friday in Plano Texas which is just outside of Dallas and then Saturday June 15 were back at the secret group in Houston that's where I that was my favorite night so far so hopefully we could do the same thing again I'm keeping my fingers crossed but beautiful and that that I'm really looking forward to going back to Houston yeah me too I'm announcing a bunch of dates on Wednesday and Houston and Dallas are both on that menu and then we're doing another date in Colorado Colorado two nights Now 23 and the 24th at the Balco Joe Rogan.com for all that shit how about those Houston gigs used to do like back in 2004 2005 memory to go to hear ya Man Austin those are some crazy those Houston was always there for some reason fun comedy Town dude I'm ready to laughed well that's what kills and started you know kinnison started their Kickstarter there a lot of great Comics came out of Houston it was a good spot so they had like a real appetite for comedy then you know they're there

► 03:05:01

smart people that are there living in like a it's like a Texas city so it's like Texas but it's also City it's a Houston's a great spot yeah it's one of the best all right let's Wrap This Bitch Up bring it home Eddie Bravo people Eddie Bravo you on Instagram it's Eddie Bravo 10 he went to pee what is it on Twitter do use Twitter anymore I'm never on Twitter I mean it's at any Bridle but I've never either that's it bye everybody thank you see you fun times thank you everyone for tuning into the show and thank you to our sponsors thank you to LegalZoom where life meets legal you can go to legalzoom.com right now and save 10% will Legal Zoom is friends and family discount just be sure to enter the code Rogan at checkout this is a limited-time offer to so hurry to legalzoom.com and use the code Rogan legalzoom.com where life meets legal we're also

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