JRE MMA Show #77 with Cedric Doumbe

Aug 26, 2019

Joe is joined by current Glory Kickboxing World champion Cedric Doumbe.

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he's give it up for Cedric Doom Bay

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The Joe Rogan Experience Train by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day

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boom alright we live it's going on man what you got there text messaging people know the shut your phone off yeah just put it on silent silent mood how long have you been in America now for your you're only here for like two weeks right yeah I came for two week and yeah and three days and I see inviting me on the the UFC and did you enjoy it yeah was great it's my first time at the that's the first time we really even at

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maybe even you've never been to an MMA event really no interference so boring you know you know that now is pray bidding friends yes and you can't hit a guy when he in on the floor so that's why used to be boring in French because they fight like striking and then when a guy take you down and then he's just be he and just a mission yeah oh that's interesting so they're MMA rules when they would go to the ground no striking at all freaking so that's why even to the body

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D even in the book oh I think yeah in the body that can okay but you can't punch to the face so boring that silly never I'd ever been in there I mean me even friends but UFC a two-for-one was crazy especially the fight the Diaz fight and and and the main event was now as a kickboxing champion and when you watch MMA do I know that you've been training and I know that you spent some time while you're out here at AKA yeah are you

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thinking of eventually make your way to the UFC I'm not thinking that's what that's what I will do you will do yeah what I will do that's what I want to do you know yeah as you said and the great champ now I 5 belt my my first Dream before growing was to become the yeah the greatest kickboxing in the world kick boxer in the world I wanted to beat the everybody in my division that's what I did

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before Nikolas can was the the cham Cham yeah and defeated since six years yeah he was the greatest in glory and I was like how how do I'm going to beat him you know he's so he's so strong and I believe I've been in yet twice I bet everybody so after that before people was asking me do you think to go to MMA because I think you should do something great and I was like no I don't like him at me I don't what I don't like like wessling vision

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like this kind of sport I'm a striker you know I was like no I like it and yet two years ago I was like damn I think I like it you know because I I tried once and I really I really like it what did you like do you like MMA training or did you like mmhg to MMA training and you just so I was and I was watching Jiu-Jitsu all the time on TV and more I watched widgets I was like how is so complicated is so yeah it's not only two guys who are rolling and making strange stuff under

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the underground is this more than that so I was like oh it's complicated it's very it's not easy so right yeah I wanted to learn that I wanted I wanted someone to teach me that and yeah I was thinking about every man now I really want to do it I want to do you know what kind of McGregor couldn't do you know he was the best in MMA in one combo spot and he wanted to be the kind of my voice mail or email with yeah in another

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combat sport he wanted to be the greatest into combustible different combat spot he couldn't do it he failed and that's what I want to do and I think I really really really do it and the best in kickboxing and I want to be the best in MMA and I think I will if kickboxing was as popular as MMA do you think he'd still have the same desire to do it yes yes because I just want to be the best yeah because I'm young you know I'm 26

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my dreams came true you know I'm the best in kickboxing my nickname is the best yeah I'm Ready the best so well I'm a big fan of yours and I was really excited to get you in here and one of the things I was really interested in is it you just sort of changed your style and you were more movement oriented and you would win on points but then you start fucking people up you started in like people like Nikki holds get it said that about you that you're a mover Rena yeah you're a runner I was trying to say in the nice

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that's why he saved but man you change that around yeah you're knocking people out because yeah my first my first big big fight in glory was against Nikolas can and this was only my third fight in glory as I beat the the ranked number two who was Mutual grown up as I beat him the put me a title shot right after and I was like Nick Jonas

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and is really really complicated you were like 24 right yeah I was 24 that's very young yeah fight Nikki holdco yeah I was I was yeah I was I was impressed by him because he's very good is very good and I still I still impressed by him because for me it's a very very great champ it was and I was like I would not knock him out I used to before Gloria I used to fight every month some time I went to fight I used to fight three time a month and I use Reno times a month

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really yeah because of tournament I used to knock people out at the first round and when I saw Nikki I was like okay I will not go for the KO so I trained myself to do all five rounds to make points and to and to stay myself like funny in the ring and yeah and make a lot of movement heat jokes play with the audience share you know and that's what I did and yeah and I kept going

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that way after Nikki I kept the same style the same side as Samsung and once I failed you know I lost a fight because because of that my my diet wasn't very good you know I make a good first run and then I was tired as fuck so I couldn't do the the job what I wanted to do and then I took a diet now my stomach my dad is perfect and what did you change like what were you eating before

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I was like okay I have to prepare fight I I start two months before the fight the D-Day and then before I was like okay still two months okay start tomorrow I start next week the day I start to move to multiple and then we are two weeks before the fight I'm like 10 6 kilos to lose okay I start today and then I come in a fight week and I never started the diet and I started in the hotel in like three days

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before the fight I had five kilos to lose six kilos to lose three days and I was like okay I don't eat anything no more now I just trained trainsona training with no food with no food no that's silly no water and that's why that's why that wasn't smart you know it's so hard for people to believe that world champions do things like that yeah but that is the case sometimes and sometimes you need a bad fight to sort of snap you out of it and realize hey I have to be disciplined

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many many months out in advance right you know what the first thing grow is say to my manager before when I won the first item they say et cetera is very lucky because we don't we don't even know how how does he come he arrived at this level with no no diet no you know those trying to usual trainer nothing there was there was very surprised and yeah I think I think a lot about this and that's why now I'm very professional and after

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the that diet I start to knock everybody out so what did you change in your diet like what do you eat now now it's like you know my diet in France is she's very famous you know my name is Cecile golden coach his name is golden coach yeah God could that's a real name and yeah and she took care of many champions in France and the yeah she I cannot tell you exactly what what is it

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inside my diet because it's so complicated but I thought hey I don't want I don't want you to tell me how many grams and this and this and this just tell me right what I need to eat Monday Tuesday Morning evening and that's what that's what she did she just follow her and she just kind of interaction I have a meal prep company someone who makes the meals for you no no do it all yourself not yet yeah yeah there are some in France in Paris especially but I didn't choose

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it so what kind of food do you eating I love African food but Africa is American food is really really not good for my diet become a lot of oil Latoya a lot of meat so good it sounds great it sounds great but for the wait no I used to eat Japanese food Japan I really like Japanese food Sushi fish as jarek food is really healthy so

► 00:16:13

like Japanese food Korean food or so that's what I used to eat when I'm I go out restaurant so now what does she have you eating now yeah now I don't have to prepare any fight I just keep on shape so I eat what I want me which one I know what I want today today yes but starting September and then I'm going to start a new diet and yeah morning is like two eggs two eggs and how much do you have

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to lose like what is your normal weight my normal weight in kilograms is 85 85 what is that like one - 70 what is that how much 85 kilograms to pounds maybe one night 190

► 00:16:58

yeah it's one sixty one point two point two one one eighty one eighty eight and you have to get down to 170 170 yeah so it's what I say when I say that in any case it was like you good oh yeah MMA fighters lose a lot of weight yeah but before I was before Oh the biggest thing I did is in seven weeks I lost 15 no 17 below kilos oh wow

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seven weeks elapsed time I came to Aki was 95 95 Miz is 200 202 plus yeah 95 kilos we got a calculator here what is it to 10 so you were 210 pounds yeah and seven week later I lost 15 17 kilograms because of Cecile yeah but was very very hot but your energy levels okay we're you know that everything was good I was

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just training twice a day and diet diet every day every day now kickboxing is huge in Europe I mean yeah it's very big people with big people are mean I had Rico verhoeven on we discussed this like how enormous kickboxing is in Holland and in Europe and in America for whatever reason it never caught on I don't understand I've been a fan of glory and I've been trying to tell people about them for a long time I cannot

► 00:18:28

blame USA for that good the the legalize MMA so I'm amazed just more more attractive for people you know the people who doesn't know shit about about fighting the just watch MMA is like oh two people are fighting in that's interesting you know keep boxing and like things like sport like wait I kick boxing if you doesn't know the rules it's kind of yeah you just want and you don't you don't understand you don't

► 00:18:58

I understand but MMA is more easy to understand you know yes just a fight yeah wow yeah two people so I don't I really don't know why kickboxing is not easy it's not maybe at the same level as MMA in USA but what's crazy to me is boxing is very respected in the United States and MMA is very respected but one of the things that people like about MMA is stand up there like the Striking yeah but the best striking is like Glory

► 00:19:28

or Mort I like the best Elite kickboxers are the best strikers that's right but I think people love the cage people love the blood so small gloves no that's why that's why people like people don't like you two don't like how you say them now down like KO another yeah they don't like to brag and one two three no they like Yak the light to see to watch KO so that's what I think that's what the president

► 00:19:58

referre yeah I mean me well is there a movement at all to try to get em a full MMA legalized in France I think in general is going to be it's going to be okay so they're going to have to allow strikes on the ground yeah everything every soon sooner in January so in January January okay and I think you have taken the coming so probably you have seen Paris yeah for sure okay that sounds wild yeah well the more guys

► 00:20:28

like you get involved in MMA though the more complicates kickboxing though because like when Elite Fighters world champions like yourself make a jump to MMA then people might look at kickboxing as a stepping stone instead of as a valid individual sport yeah yeah that's right but you mean when a guy is Step from kickboxing to MMA yeah that like maybe people won't care as much about kickboxing because they'll look at it as a stepping stone to MMA yeah yeah

► 00:20:58

course and yeah yeah that's right that's what I that's what I wanted I want to do or so because I think for a guy from kickboxing to to go in mma's it's not really difficult for him if yeah if you learn the ground game rustling take never addressed take them defense if you learn that it's gonna be a more simple than a guy who come from wait I you know meta is is really different like

► 00:21:28

kickboxing kickboxing when you fight in kickboxing you move the lot already you noticed and standing Target mmm instead of wait I will tie you did if you watch my weight I fight they don't move a lot you know the price till and the fight is is all about powers for kicks for punches so what do you think that's different because the clenched because the elbows knees like because of the the movement the movement in MMA they stay still and in case

► 00:21:58

boxing the there is no you know there is no break you know the just keep fighting right 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 and then in Muay Thai is more like one one one album knees and yeah also by the cringe is good for me because then you know in Malaysia the red the Thai clinch yeah this is good for me now in France is it easy to get wrestling do do you get wrestling training I in front I get grappling threatening I think here in USA

► 00:22:28

call the BG noogie Brazilian jiu-jitsu no get yeah that's what I that's why I'm training in France it's very what about takedowns or takedown defense wrestling but you know this this style of yoga training I get is a little bit different like as BBG because we start on our feet uh-huh and and we use the west and then after the takedown we continue right so it's not

► 00:22:58

I can no limp equestrian right but is they call that loot a livery okay you yeah snow luta livre is what they called Brazil but I know what you're saying yeah so in America most Brazilian jiu-jitsu this start on the ground already they'll start on the knees or something like that to avoid accidents because you know you got a class full 40 people rolling around together and they trying to tackle each other and yeah blind people blow their knees out and things along those lines yeah that's why I'm training in that in Paris

► 00:23:28

for a big team the coaches mediate man is very good and he say for the photo shoot I'm very very good I learned fast for Island very first course you're an elite athlete yeah now at 26 what how much time do you think you need between now and when you have your first MMA fight you know what is my dream yes no is now I beat everybody so it like I'm getting bored in the kickboxing you know I still do

► 00:23:58

ending my my title because I like it because of the cash price also and my dream is I still in contract in for one one year and a half

► 00:24:12

little bit more than one year my dream is prepare myself to MMA during one year so I think that time and after the end of the contract directly go to UFC and take the Champ for that direct title shot or a top five ranked guy I really I really really would like to fight Nate Diaz

► 00:24:42

all and Tony Perez form of my first fight MMA to Y2 to show only to shock the world to show everybody that a guy who come from kickboxing directly his first fight is against top guy in MMA and he he fuck him up that's what I want to do and I really really believe in me and I know I will I can and I will do it now

► 00:25:12

have you been in talks with the UFC does UFC know about your plans notes yet not sit well they do now because of that is but I think after this show right there yeah now they're gonna know yeah so your training at AKA was at the first time you ever trained up there no it's my second time second time when did you train before before was one years ago November yeah I came here after my glorified I broke my ribs so I took a little bit

► 00:25:42

it vacation in Thailand and then after that yeah I just fly to a case on Rosie and yeah I meet I met everybody DC cab it wasn't there but I met there a lot of Great Britain teammate the the Western level is just amazing there so I made have also yeah have your men - yeah see so that's a great camp for a guy like YouTube because it's very wrestling have yeah yeah that's that's what I love what I do

► 00:26:12

like yes I want to train you know what did I say to me G in friend I say I want to train wrestling busy like I want to be a world world champion of wrestling you know yes I just want to thank resting like a restaurant I don't just want to train my takedown defense or shit like that no I didn't I want people to be afraid of me and on the ground you know what I learn fast and I really like it I think that's the level I wanna get and how

► 00:26:42

how's it going when you train it AKA are you hanging in there like you find it uncomfortable like fast food on of course as a striker in strating yeah I'm my level is higher than anybody else in AK but in the ground yeah they're fucking fuck is strong yeah everybody did I thought everyone everyday I top in a guess yeah yeah for the moment and yeah

► 00:27:12

the say I love you have plans on tapping yeah of course yes for the woman I thought and because I'm learning and this I learned very very fast like the show me once and then I get it you know five minutes later I get it and so I feel very confident for the future in MMA and I think I would do it well I'm hoping you do it's always exciting to see world champions and particularly kickboxing make that way to mme too

► 00:27:42

the UFC and for guy like you it's the perfect thing because you're so young because you're 26 and you're already a very accomplished world champion that's right and I think I'm thinking about Israel adesanya you know mmm he made I couldn't do it you know but he was very smart yeah it's real the way he planned it he really worked on his takedown defense and made sure that he by the time he made it to the UFC he was already at an elite level yeah it wasn't it

► 00:28:13

he got a title shot in glory and he lost and asked that he went to UFC you know so that's what I want to do I want to be the only one to to be able to yet to do that you know and Glory Kickboxing champ and then UFC champ he fought Wellness right win this yeah very close fight I thought it was very cool I thought he won some people tell you yeah and some no yeah

► 00:28:43

but Jason Wellness is Elite he's the lead of course yeah very very high level fighter what glory is like so exciting I'm such a fan I love watching man it's like one of my favorite things to watch it just it drives me crazy that it's not popular and I was very excited when it was on Spike TV in America it was there making a big deal out of it it looked like they were gonna you know try to promote it as much as possible and they tried it for a little while but then they stopped and now it's on ESPN a little bit and it's on UFC

► 00:29:13

pass which is great I think the the country will grow is very very most populous in Holland I think yeah friend is also popular you know yeah some people recognize me in the street when I owe ya friends yeah because of Glory is very popular in Europe well mortal growing heart he's is he the guy that you're fighting next is the guy who want me to beat his head next I don't know if I will fight him next did you have a fight scheduled next

► 00:29:42

just not yet let's crawl growing Hearts been talking a lot of shit yeah a fuck about shit you know I'm the money fights all right looks like it's working against me but yeah I would like to fight Milton next because when we fight each other people really really like it it's a great fight is very good it's very good fighter is very entertaining and yeah people like it so but you've already beaten them so if you already beaten him yeah of course yes it was

► 00:30:13

what did how did that fight go I'm trying to remember I I won by point but was it a good fight for me you know wasn't a good when I look at that fight today ya for sure I'm saying that it was that four years ago how many years ago was yeah four years ago five years ago yeah yeah four years ago yeah before the Bell yeah for five years ago was in Paris and yeah I won the fight and yeah for me it's going to be interesting if I fight him because I thought everybody

► 00:30:42

buddy in that division so I don't know who they're going to be going to be my next opponent but yeah sounds good for for Myrtle and then yeah it's going to be it's going to be on the rematch you know on the rematch rematch rematch for them so from then out one year plus then you make your way into the world of the UFC no matter what even if Glory comes with more money if Gore he's like listen Doom Bay we love you stick around

► 00:31:13

I really I really like Glory you know Gloria's my my first great experience as yes a real champ and they're doing great job for me you know I really like Glory but I have to think about me first right and the Legacy yeah my legacy and I I like to do what I love to do so for the moment I love kickboxing I love defending my title I

► 00:31:42

I love the the Gloria even you know the team I love everybody and everything in chlorine but tomorrow I don't know I don't know I just gonna follow my my goal follow my my needs and yeah I want to be the the I hope the first French UFC champion and that's what I that's what I want I want

► 00:32:12

check the one I want to I want to write my story and a new story people never heard about it so even if Glory come with big big big money no I just want to follow what I want you just have a plan yeah a plan and I would get more more after that so I mean not fail I'm confident so you've been out here now you went to the UFC event and then you did some training at AKA like when you are

► 00:32:42

are outside of Camp so like whenever your flight is scheduled how much what kind of training you doing when you're not in Camp are you mixing it up now and trying to do a lot of jujitsu a lot of BJJ when I'm lifting Kemp what I do so my my conditioning trainer Valentino got a jewelry follow me everyone is with me today and we just train strange conditioning because before this was my weakness the condition

► 00:33:13

I used to know everybody out at the first round so I never trained my condition I never took it very serious because I used to knock people out at the first round so when I did my first five rounds I was like goddamn the condition is so so important so that's why I'm training a lot you know strange for sure conditioning and also yeah when I'm not wanted I don't have a fight kick boxing fight plane I train busy

► 00:33:42

gee I train whistling MMA and the J is completely different condition is crazy when you when you wrestle with a guy and then you you get up and you're trying to strike for you're exhausted yeah your arms are filled with blood yeah nothing legs yeah they're crazy now what kind of strength and conditioning do you are you doing and how often are you doing it like say if you're if you're preparing for a fight how many days a week do you do strength and conditioning when I'm preparing for a fight

► 00:34:13

everyday everyday everyday is not of course it's not the same training but every day I see Valentino and we trained together yeah every day I trained more conditioning and strange more than kickboxing really yeah I don't have a trainer in kickboxing what that's right yeah really people people don't believe doesn't believe in what I say that but I train yourself I turn myself that's insane I have of course my friend in

► 00:34:42

friends or old hold meets for me for sure I can make a little bit for my myself he'll miss for me and we just talked together we just plan a game plan together for a fight we just talked I'm My Own coach know that is crazy I never beat at your level yeah to be your own you've never had a coach of course I had a fabulous teach you that's me after that he couldn't teach me anymore because because of his job you know when I when I was young

► 00:35:13

and then I just move from to Country and countries and countries to learn to learn to learn and then came back in France Paris and I just turned myself that is insane how many world champions just train themselves I think nobody how do you do that that sounds crazy but why didn't you get a another coach I don't know because I didn't find a coach who can I don't know can just teach me I really don't know that's a good question I don't I don't know why did I

► 00:35:43

but I didn't found a new coach I don't know I thought about making any trips to Holland or the Thailand or you know Bordeaux in France sure yeah so I was raised that's why I started kickboxing I started with full contact you know full contact sure Rick Rufus was yeah really yeah wow I was watching Rick roof roof his brother Duke is one of the big coaches in MMA he's name is his brother Duke Duke Rufus yeah

► 00:36:13

yeah yeah he's a friend of mine just great knife yeah he's out of Milwaukee yeah Rufus for yeah so when I thought that food-contact I was watching all the fights of regret proof is the jet specially a recruit Force against webcam and wow oh yeah the first and the second was crazy crazy crazy yeah recruiters against understood like fine yeah so after after my first coach couldn't teach me anymore I just

► 00:36:43

just float to Amsterdam because of yeah because of Karma and you know in my mind I was thinking about okay where is the best kickboxing the planet hold on so I went to Holland BT regime was famous because of real common because of Remy bonjasky sure and I want to majority might render maybe two years you know I was flying Bordeaux Amsterdam during two years and yeah the

► 00:37:13

it was under a magnet it teach me a lot you know I learned a lot there and when I figure out that I couldn't learn any more else in New Jersey I just went to Belgium because I met samyama juby is a very very great coach for me is the best coach I never I never had why wouldn't you spend your camps with him then

► 00:37:35

why yeah because because we meet each other at an event in France and then I saw one of his fighter he was fighting and then when I saw his technique is his condition he was you know his first round was looking the same at his fifth round was crazy a very very high level condition his name is Muhammad and do was very crazy and I say that's that's like this I want to fight right it was

► 00:38:05

technical you know and I say that's what like this I want to fight I went to Belgium in Brussels and I trained with him also two years I was driving Paris Brussels Paris brucella two years during two years I trained with him and I best with some you that I won my first bill against Nikolas can he change if you watch my file before Nicholson and the fight against the Gilligan is completely two different fighter so why don't

► 00:38:35

you do your camps with him now now because you live in Bruce's okay I can't anymore so that's why I left some you but some is still in my corner when I fight has come you know but I don't train anymore Masami so there's no one in Paris no or in Bordeaux that you can for me the best the best the best trainer the best school is in Bruce Wayne's the Queensbury Jim and I never found another

► 00:39:05

the under the team is that kind of learn so I cannot train with any coach you know and I just read myself my my friend hold me it's for me I train with Valentino the conditioning training for me with more important than than the kickboxing everybody knows to keep up now we know how to keep both but the difference we will be make with the condition for that's interesting you know there's a there's a thought process that follows those lines and

► 00:39:35

Ma and it's Marv marinovich and the sky Nickerson and they've only trained a few Fighters but they've had very high levels of success because of their conditioning and what they say is that you already know how to fight so just let's concentrate on the conditioning it's get your conditioning to a super high level and that when you're fighting you can just go yeah that's right that's what I say every time when I when I give advices to people to see what should I train these days

► 00:40:05

this technique is it listen

► 00:40:08

between two two fighters in the same level the same experience what's going to make the difference the condition in the fight you know if you fight one two three rounds and then you fucked up yeah lose the fight right if you tried five rounds and even if you're not good enough technically you're going to want to win the fight for sure because you don't get tired yeah now another crazy thing about you that people might not

► 00:40:38

I know is that you're a comedian yeah that's right your stand-up comedian yes right which is hilarious before with yeah but you for you to be a world champion kickboxer and a stand-up comedian that is a very unusual combination that's right because froze my first Dream and the still still my dream today is to become an actor a comedian and before before I started combat sport yeah I was doing stand-up I was I was

► 00:41:08

was in high school so I was learning commission stuff actor acting I really I really like it and then come the compass pot and then I started to improve myself to become yeah more to fight to fight to fight and then I iced up a little bit Yeah stand up acting but three months ago I was a played in a small movie short movie in France yeah I played as gonna he's gonna go out in the future

► 00:41:39

and she'll few weeks now when you do stand-up and Paris are you working at comedy clubs like do they have comedy clubs in Paris is not in Paris comedy club in the in vital in the Border yeah I was very young I was I stood young but I was yet 18 19 and so Bordeaux has Comedy Club yes coming too close it's all obviously in French in French of course yeah I didn't English right have you ever done comedy in English and you never know

► 00:42:08

oh yes one in the you can find it in YouTube is I was I was teaching people how to cook how to good article cooker a great chicken yeah I did I did that with Glory I was promoting my my my my second fight against Nikolas skin and I was training in Belgium process and I did I did it with great Glory

► 00:42:33

spend it on YouTube so is that something you would think of doing once you retire from fighting yeah that's I really want to do it that's my first my first my first way that's what I really really want to do in from in the top of my bottom of an in the top of my heart does that's what I want to become because I read that you if you had to choose between being a famous comedian or a famous fighter you would choose to be a famous comedian yeah really yeah really but that's so crazy when you see how good you are fighting yet you know

► 00:43:03

people people doesn't believe me when I say that but if if I didn't find if kickboxing didn't found me because I think I didn't find it isn't found kickboxing kickboxing funny if he works in the never find me I will follow my my way in comedy stuff yeah yeah for sure and so now I'm good and kickboxing so I just follow myself well you better than good now how did you

► 00:43:33

you become how did kickboxing find you you said it found you because I was I was 16 so ten years ago I was 16 and I was playing soccer I was playing soccer and I wasn't that good I was yeah just I was just fast you know but and in front of the goal I was falling no I wasn't that good you know and one one day my cousin just just called me and he

► 00:44:03

hey in front of the house in the neighborhood there is a gym boxing is there I thought I thought I thought that was boxing like Muhammad Ali magnificent I said yeah if yes but so what he said yeah let's go try your it's going to be maybe it's going to be funny you know I saw I saw people goes out from there the harder how you how you got the black eye yeah black guy this is good it should be funny I said okay once we're gonna

► 00:44:33

we're gonna go there so after my my soccer training I went there once I tried and I discovered that it was full contact with legs with high kick middle kick was a little bit strange but I just follow I just train getting better and better and just I like it so immediately like you caught the game immediately after my first training I went there and you know that that I you know that my mother was against that she

► 00:45:03

no no no I don't want you to fight I don't want you to train a boxing I don't want any boxing in this house I was I cry when we when she she say that because I really like a full-contact combat sport so I cried when I when she told me that and I was training but she doesn't she doesn't know that he doesn't know the no secret yeah secret was secret how old were you when you had your first fight my first 1717 and so like didn't know she didn't know

► 00:45:33

oh no so this was for contact or don't think okay so he's maybe three years from contact and then I yeah Pig let's explain to people don't Know full contact is no leg kicks yeah no for contact is no low kicks locate yeah like yeah like yeah that's what I like him kick the legs yeah launching me The Kinks yeah you guys serve different terminology it's called Low kick in and yeah we call it leg kicks a cake yeah but low kicks is correct low kicks it correct so you just

► 00:46:03

kick the legs which is interesting because that's very effective and you're very good at that yeah it's a big part of your game right now so but I'm better in boxing because I started with with full contact and he is it a bit is a little bit similar than than boxing the way you move the way you fight because no lowkick know like kicks right so yeah it's a little bit 7 oz boxing and when I was training for contact I was watching a lot of Muhammad Ali

► 00:46:33

Lee so I'll move ya little movements yeah I'm better in the in boxing when I fight kickbox when did your mom find out after after one year after my first fight she was like we're one what was your I see now I was in the soccer training and see why do you have gloves and say oh sometime I go to watch Boxing and say I told you I don't want you to watch and do to fight Isis

► 00:47:03

no no I'm not I know I'm not training just watching she said no I don't want it and every day I just went to the to train to train to train and he doesn't see me with any black eye or things like that so one day she was very very tired and I say yeah Mom listen I went to the boxing training and she was like okay and then the day after I went to the boxing training so I was like okay I think

► 00:47:33

cuz she didn't see me with any black guys I that's that's why she was scared first right she might yeah and then she just accept the thing because I make in French we call that foxing I just I just went to the training like fuck it I like it so I do it and today we call it what do you say in France forcing forcing yeah frosting like we just we just go you don't care you don't care if someone to say don't do that it's like fuck it

► 00:48:03

like fuck it and let me show you a video okay with my mom so it's very funny because some time I sent her this video I say look at you look at you you didn't want me to fight first and now look at you and now she's very excited yeah well I mean she must be happy that you do it now now that you're world champion yes it's just watch you on television that's my motivation my month all that's beautiful yeah form is everything if I

► 00:48:33

come true my story is is is amazing my mom did everything for my sister and me

► 00:48:44

look at your mom oh that's amazing yeah wow that's incredible man oh man that's amazing that's amazing and now she's like that and I got to be so crazy imagine if you're a mother you give birth to a boy Heba give birth to a child and then you grow that to the raise that child and then you watch I'll become a world

► 00:49:10

happen yeah I must be crazy just good baby yeah baby Flora fucking people up and she's like and when I when I sometimes when I talk with my mother I say listen I really I do my best in the gym I train everyday harder than harder

► 00:49:31

to to knock people out and I really hope that I will never get knock out because I don't want you to see to see me yeah fall down you know I don't want want her to feel this this kind of emotions or yeah I just want her to be to be happy that I won so you train very hard so that the actions yeah there it is other watch the video here yeah that is an amazing video

► 00:50:01

the woman she's hugging she doesn't even know her he's crazy your last fight against how do you say his name now be a volume knob yeah he's a bad motherfucker man yeah he's very good and for you to knock him out like that the way you know what in the commode no he's very tricky yesterday sneaky yeah that guy fights very technical yeah yeah but I was so focused in on the fight because did you ever see Robin Brad you know Robin black ass no Robin black is a

► 00:50:31

and of mine and he he breaks down fights yeah he talks about like what someone did that work so well the guy who say Enjoy the acidity my friends yes yes yes that's exactly he's famous for saying bink bink bink yeah I know yeah yeah I love that guy he's a good friend of mine but he did a breakdown of your fight the way you set up that right hand the way he knocked him out is very cool it's very cool to see that getting more and more attention

► 00:51:01

is not be have is very good man so for you to set him up like that the second room I said I see what if I say I would look at my other stick around because the second one the first one for me is just warming up and then the second I feel very very good this is the most dangerous round when you fight against me because the second one I'm wrong you know I just love this ready yeah I'm ready for everything so is a very good fighter you set a trap for him though the Trap yeah the way he

► 00:51:31

set the right hand up yeah for me I I just follow my you know my my plan you know I just wanted to fight I didn't want him to read my my move my brand yeah so he just the KO came before that knees before that knee because I touch him with a left hook and the right hook it was wobbly on his on his legs mmm and then yeah just throw a knee in boom yeah so the fish

► 00:52:01

now is very impressive very impressive to knock that guy out and that's has to be so as you're looking at your career now and you're saying that there's no one else to beat after you knock on a guy like not be of its does that make it harder for you to get motivated no because for me is an why win fights one I'm getting to the top of the world like UFC champ and now yes maybe after the UFC belt I will regard we have another I don't know maybe a Olympics

► 00:52:32

wrestling that's hilarious that would be crazy for me I still get because if I now I'm Glory Champs so if I lose my title defense now I will go down we go down so I need to keep the same time level yeah the same level so that's what motivated motivated me yeah so when you were telling me that you do strength and conditioning every day look what kind of stuff are you doing today like we talked today and you said that you were running on the beach yes so today I wanted to

► 00:53:01

in first like it's not a little strange but these like I don't know how to call that in English but it's like conditioning conditioning training we want to do and I think that's what we will do after and conditioning with them as a bike is all about those amazing also also raining I know you you're different stuff also raining and there is

► 00:53:31

like he's training me the same way I have to I have to fill the same think I feel inside the cage inside the ring so does does does the conditioning training so today was a relaxed run relax running and yet tonight is going to be harder you know where you training tonight tonight I think I will turn right after the show in your gym all right here and I gotta take a picture that such a numbe my gym so I think I'm trained there because you

► 00:54:01

yeah your gym is so so fully so complete so exhausted so cool I like it so you can see what how are we going to try okay I cannot talk about you know I'm like your creative yeah you're the coach tell me what I do push-ups okay I just don't you just do it yeah sometime ice Christian like when I'm in the cage in the ring why do I need to do that and then he explained to me and then I okay let's go but I know I can talk about exactly

► 00:54:31

the the training what does that mean so did he has you do a lot of cardio exercises but I just want him to yeah that's what I say before we started training camp I say I want my casual better than ever and I want to keep my poor even improve my poor you see I got you and then we go so is there a lot of weight lifting as well no no not a lot we need to maybe twice a week we do that very poor training twice

► 00:55:01

weak legs and upper body and then what kind of weightlifting are you talking about like Olympic style trailer you can handle Bells kinda and Squad squats and deadlifts deadlift Jane's presses stuff like that yeah or moves not presses but we do it in unilateral like one legs one leg okay yeah that's what it is for you do yeah so like crossfitters mm-hmm across the stuff they do use kettlebells

► 00:55:31

well I hate to cut the bus hate because I've hurt me I don't like feeling and I have big hands so my both of my hand inside the Kettlebell is yeah I feel like oh four swings and swings yeah well you said if you learn how to do it correctly it doesn't hurt as much yeah you just got to learn how to swing it through when I put his went through when he comes here yeah that's hurt me a lot yeah it lands on your form a little bit yeah we got to learn how to just rotate it through maybe as you do it you rotate it through

► 00:56:01

maybe I don't have the technique yeah but it is did you ever get a good kettlebell instructor to show you get it but answer to yeah even though know that you haven't noticed there are things yeah I could show you a little bit but I'm not qualified to really show you but a really good kettlebell instructor it's a technique as you're swinging like if you're like cleans yeah it's time to clean as you're doing it you're just sort of punching through a lot of people they lift it up and it just boom oh yeah yeah you don't want that you want to control the Kettlebell I got ya

► 00:56:31

yeah yeah it's not get it yeah I'll show you some stuff afterwards it's I'm a kettlebell fan yeah I love them yeah but obviously you see all the machines ice are slow to seize look at the bed she's all the monkeys oh yeah yeah yeah we have Bigfoot I have an alien I have gorillas I have a chimp yeah just see the Bigfoot one that's the biggest one that's fucking huge Bigfoot's ones like yeah that's I don't know how many kilograms that is I still eat it all

► 00:57:01

it's like yeah we got Star Wars ones yeah we got a yeah Darth Vader that good yeah those are all from on it yeah we have a bunch of cool looking kettlebells but just regular kettlebells are fine you know I'm a fan I just think they're the great thing about kettlebells is they make you use your whole body Mickey's everything all at once look like no regular weight right now like isolation exercises yes do you do battle ropes you do that it would happen I like it

► 00:57:31

the most that I like is the you know the things were you run but is not electric just running yes we have one of those days that's that's from the same assault Bike Company yeah it's cool yeah are Runner assault are Runner yeah things that shit whoo that's okay aunt that's 13% harder than regular running yeah I felt yeah because you're forcing yeah your footsteps that's what I said Valentina because he wrote me a program like 400 meters to do this 400 mother

► 00:58:01

I was like he's fucking difficult in this machine I was like maybe you were stylist you know I was good now let me see it's hard oh yeah very good what about the Versa climber you ever use that one Jessica that's the one like oh yeah I use it once that's hard if I got that out there yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah now that's amazing what a colored you is good also yeah it's amazing how many different machines there are you could you get your cardio on

► 00:58:31

so the beautiful thing about it is I like it because it's variety yeah you know different things all the time force your body to adapt to different things my best running what I like to do is to run but on stage and stairs yeah that's that's Trinity prefer yeah I do too once a week yeah once a week every Thursday morning does the training I prefer because I have a big legs and yeah it's also not pounding to right because you're pushing on yeah you pushing us not just slam

► 00:59:01

it's like when people I have friends that run on concrete Mike Wolfe yeah that fear bad for your knees I can't be good yeah no he's good company I like it well Hills he'll stairs yeah I prefer oh yeah no do you run you say you ran on the beach today yeah do you have any is board up Bordeaux doesn't have beaches right not not input oh no no the bitch is to our far from too far too it was too far to go training that's a great way to run to the of you can run on

► 00:59:31

Sand yeah Sandy's very is very good for the cardio and not for legs you know that's works out of muscles re deep he mustn't yes yes like now when you're training you doing strength and conditioning are you using a heart rate monitor are you using yeah was it brand of the Polar Polar yeah okay yeah sure and especially for the trainer because I don't care you know you must look and make his

► 01:00:01

and good is a mathematical so he keeps you at a certain heart rate you want to keep me on the do you monitor your heart rate in terms of like when you wake up to make sure that you're not over trained no I never do that no no I just I just go straining if I feel good I could train if I fist style I got Trent you know I just so funny man so so many Elite Fighters the same way I had Terence Crawford here the other day yeah same thing yeah just go train yeah I know what's up yeah I like whole school

► 01:00:31

old school things I like also new school things like you know Polo things you know yeah I like those kind of new things but for me the yeah the the compass part is it's a mind thing also you know yes don't get too much how you say that too much I like tuna technical yeah you just you have to train twice a day every morning every evening let's go you feel tired let's go training yeah when I'm sick like when I got I get a cold I just

► 01:01:01

running treadmill and instead of people say no I'm tired I know I'm trying I go training because I think the sport is the the best medication in the world really that's what I think even when you're sick even I want to seek and thus does work because when you say training you're not kicking you not sparring not spying just running just rounding hit the bag hit the bag in exploring because spring is then I will contaminate my yes my guy tamadate them yes yes that's funny yeah so when you say mint

► 01:01:31

it'll do you use a mental coach do you have no no because I think some people need a mental coach and some doesn't need for me like my story is a I think I have my of course I need a mental coach writing I am my own mental coach my story for me is a big motivation for me so tell everybody your story it's like he's fucking long but I can tell a short story

► 01:02:01

like like when I think about everything I went through in my life I'm talking like I'm I'm 55 but at least you've had a lot has happened yeah of course I was born in Cameroon and then my mom moved to Paris when I was eight and then one hour later I we went my sister and I we went to Paris

► 01:02:31

follow my mom and yeah we was living in a small apartment you know very small apartment one room you know no water we was we went to the how you say that the restaurant to ask water with big bottle of water empty we went to restaurant to us water you know was yeah my mom went through for so many things and when I think about everything we went through in the one

► 01:03:01

inside the locker room I'm stressed you know I'm nervous I just think about it and I say Hey listen look where you are now you trained for that you trained for this you trained for for everybody is waiting for you everybody is screaming so don't get no this is nothing you know so just go and and yeah do what you like to do fight overcoming hardship a lot of times is the best teacher yeah that's

► 01:03:30

right so you know where you came from so you know the hardships and I know where I want to go when I yeah well I wouldn't lend for me is before I fight the Nicholson I used to get nervous in the locker room and I said hey you want to find Nikki Moscone and are you nervous for this guy right come on I know is this funny it's like you get what you ask for yeah but while you're coming up you're like I want to fuck that guy then also I'm like oh shit is right here

► 01:04:01

there's no he's fine with me I talk a lot of shit on the internet right and when I'm looking at them like this time while I talk all that shit did I say that I remember that the fight against Nikki I make a poster on internet with his head like I recorded around yeah I carry head up and I was like that's gonna that's what's gonna happen on this during the fight

► 01:04:31

and he was like I don't care about internet I don't care about Instagram I don't care about stork I would talk in the ring I was like poured and during the fight it was in front of me and the referee was like take two cans if you want if you will if you like it was like he went back to his corner like let's go I want to fuck him up and yeah I was like oh you talk you talk shit but now you have to back it up so I remember that fight

► 01:05:01

yeah it was very interesting because I'm a big Nikki whole skin fan as well during Collision yes fine yes I remember that fight I was watching I was like wow like this guy he's got his number like you you buy that by the time the fourth round came around I was like you are your ahead on points and it looked like you had his style figured out yeah I was this is I think for me this is one of my best fight in the my best fight ever

► 01:05:30

and I was so small in this in that fight so yeah you're small enough I mean what what what do you see you said you were so small in that fight no I said I was smart so I was just mad because I didn't want to knock him out right I said I would knock him out but that was fake right yeah this was only a strategy so I know I will I will I will not I will not knock him out because he's so strong he's so smart and he's a counter the counter fighter so on yeah

► 01:06:00

I was very very smart make my points and then yeah after three fight against three fight after Nikki yeah people was calling me a runner because I was making a lot of points and and then now they're calling me in the number one power and Glory isn't that crazy yeah you find Nikki twice twice when did you find me again what was the second time I foot Nikki and then I fought Congo and then I thought Nikki again and you beat him again yeah yeah point and after

► 01:06:30

the fight I remember is a you run too much I say respect my style I respect your style just like what style do you think you'd fight him differently now hmm why would you yeah yeah I think if I fight Nikki's like tomorrow I would fight different I will go for The Knockout this time because I'm not the same file as before so I think I will I was six I will knock him out he's over and one FC now huh yeah which is interesting because they fight in a cage

► 01:07:01

Cabot little gloves too ya know oh he's using wait time way that is sometime you find a little girl they mix it up a lot a lot of a lot of different rules yet when he knocked out Cosmo Alexander dolls yeah it was a crazy crazy knockout but shows you how good he is and then you see Cosmo Alexander fuck up Sage Northcutt and you realize how good Cosmo is yeah then you see how bad Nikki beat up Cosmo yeah damn Nikki's good yeah it's very

► 01:07:30

good I like you know before before I fight Nikki it was one of my my yeah my best friend I ever like because when I was watching him against Karen gaggi the French Rider when I watch him against Joseph well today yeah it's like damn these please fucking fucking strong Aroma Daniels when he beat me and I was like because for me Joseph grunting it's not an easy fight

► 01:08:01

strong so he stopped him in the last round yeah we see is a right hook or maybe a left hook without Ali who's a really good fighter he got a little carried away was trying to trade with him yeah and the end of the fight and then yeah Mickey caught him was I was like I really really like this file and then when I when I received that email that I will face Nico's I would like this it will scan and you were only 24 yeah so you thinking at the time like holy shit it's here

► 01:08:30

yeah and I did I didn't even have a strength and conditioning coach now only kickboxer only Samia boxing and I was doing my shit alone running in the morning and just Train by myself what kind of kick but what kind of strength conditioning where you doing other than running push-ups running some CrossFit but nothing like you're doing now no no I was doing things I was watching on YouTube you know so that's pretty crazy world

► 01:09:00

been watching stuff on YouTube learning it's great what a weirdo bit like Jon Jones before when he start yeah I heard about him he was saying that he stalled MMA watching a fights on on YouTube sure yeah you try moves out yes fights yeah so yeah well some people just talented yeah you know some people find a way now when you think about those fights like and how important those fights were to you especially the Nikki holds can

► 01:09:30

why when you look back it's got to be kind of a crazy feeling that that that sort of that made your career that Nikki holes can find particularly the first one yeah right because you know my father was a little bit nervous because the story of that fight I was the co-main event and I think that fight was was made for Nikki own skin you know because I had only three fights in reverie and the premier title shot as

► 01:10:00

was a little bit and entertaining and I made pasta and things like that they say okay it's gonna be a good good show but that gonna be a fight for Nikki you know for sure I think they say to themselves Nikki gonna win the fight because is undefeated you know nobody could beat him you're gonna win the fight and yeah is the fight just before by the very Enrico fights so a lot of eyes was there on a so I just created

► 01:10:30

dated the surprise and yeah I just repress everybody and that's why I have a lot of friends in Morocco because the there was waiting for butter every fight and they sold me so yeah was like I receive a lot of myself from Google I/O my brother I really like your style you you funny and yeah Moroccans love fight yeah it's wild people I like the Moroccan where we can find some more can people because I yeah went to Brazil during two years and you

► 01:11:00

as a lot of American people in Holland also love American people do you think you'll be fighting on the next Rico Badr Hari fight it seems like you think so yeah it seems like when is that because before that there is a December December before December there's two event in in in October and there are there almost booked so I think that for me is gonna be December it's going to be a good thing because I like butter

► 01:11:30

are you yes and yeah to fight in the same chord this my third time I will fight in the same color I think that's Barnhart I'm very interested to see how he fights Rico in a second fight need to very very interesting because good those very good system because I am crazy cardio for every way Crisco Joey's and he moves like a like a welterweight yeah so when he fights he fights like a work of it's not like a regular IV wait while he lead everybody knows everybody he beat everybody

► 01:12:01

he told me that when he was training when he was coming up he was training with like guys yeah so he's like you have to move yeah it's like so he developed that cardio and that ability from training with guys like a hundred and eighty pounds yeah yeah that's why for me and the fight he the way photo going to Jamal been said the oh yeah it was almost almost done at the first of the second I don't remember it was almost done and then the way I knock him out back

► 01:12:30

in the last or the fourth mind the Forefront it was great I was like this dude is a good chance it was a region but so smart he's very small but you know I like I really I think people like butter re because because of everything he story because of the man the bad boy yeah and he's wild yeah it's very strong and he's it's really cool to watch and yeah and when bother come when when the speaker called

► 01:13:00

all but the rally and he comes in and the mood is just you know everybody's you can see the flash of a of many phones in the audience noise rate is very crazy feeling when buttery fight he's the most famous yeah is very famous and he isn't he's a legend and he's not just a legend because of his fighting which is mean he's been an incredible fighter but also just because he's so crazy yeah it was wild shit he's always getting in trouble that's right yeah that people love

► 01:13:30

the road because of the fighter yeah but also because of the bad boy yeah it's funny Fighters are get in trouble in Conor McGregor's been in a bunch of trouble lately yeah and you know some people are upset at them and some people are not and it's just it's not good you know everything is not good but he's a wild man wild man do wild shit yeah not good to smack that guy at the bar though I watch that again I thought it was like a touch last time I talked about I thought he just sort of touched him in the head was hand I stood video yes kind of

► 01:14:01

looks like almost like a punch yeah almost like a buzz yeah he hit him I misspoke I thought he just I basically thought you just touched him in the face because I watched it on my phone and it just wasn't that clear nothing to watch on the computer I was like what does what does he do you do that my God I don't know maybe the guy said something really bad to him but either wasn't is that is not guy you know you just you know another big star so huge on doing that a guy at a bar doesn't want your whiskey with you and fuck

► 01:14:31

but he's although the wild shit like grabbing that guy's phone and stomping on it I saw the he's just a little too crazy just a little too crazy sometime I don't understand maybe it was drunk I don't know probably maybe something else yeah well I can say nothing about it yeah yeah maybe it was trying that's what I thought at first I was like he was drunk to mate but million your team may control you you know yeah yeah I like got you yeah like if you offer a man at a bar

► 01:15:00

bar a drink and he doesn't want it and you punch him in the head definitely fuck it up he's definitely making some mistakes but I love watching them fight as a while dude it's amazing how many fans he has to I've never seen anything like it or why don't ya early on early on in his career before he was a champion remember after the fight yes when you when you slap guys your name keep keep it here but the problem with him is going to be guys like khabib and he wants a rematch

► 01:15:30

could be you think I don't think so I don't think Abby's gonna fight it could be fucked him up why would he fight him again that's right I think money fight yeah I think the money fight for him is Nate nasal fighting again that's a big fight but Nate they're talking about Nate fighting masvidal you know if you fight so Jorge masvidal I think that fight is that's a huge fight as well and you know Connor may or may not ever fight again like who knows he says he's going to but if he does yeah maybe maybe poor you

► 01:16:00

I just yeah maybe but Tory has got a fight could be yeah you know I mean that's next month that's that's the big fight yeah right and khabib is the big fucking could be the only one undefeated in the division and his wrestling's fucking terrifying he gets people on the ground I think this shit out of them I see more like an AK it was just crazy babies yay he thought it is starting a compass point when he was when he was kid yeah it's a baby yeah you ever see how they play

► 01:16:32

crazy shit will Harris my friend lose Will Harris Productions been here before as well he filmed these guys playing basketball there and you want I was watching that podcast and then after that video I just went to the to YouTube to watch the video you was talking about and yeah the basketball crazy is crazy the Western basket don't wrestle basketball what the fuck are you doing and then it gets a guy in a rear naked choke guitar on the guy that

► 01:17:01

he keeps going you can't even tap like the whole thing is so like they're they're hard people over them and they are hard people I watch the Bulls go it was talking about he went there to film to behave and yes it wouldn't yeah well what was very talented Will Harris he does a great job of capturing these guys stories and put in he's a nice guy to people like him so they're they're loose and relaxed around him and he's very talented as a filmmaker so when he puts these these pieces together the

► 01:17:30

very impactful and that theme is on YouTube yes yes all stuff is on YouTube what is this Conor McGregor to face Floyd Mayweather in Japan what is today that so this is I just looked up as now that's why I brought it up there's a game show they supposedly have assigned to be on where they're going to compete against each other and this says he signed or he's going to sign for reported 10 million dollars to do it do a game show on contacts holding show vibrate contractor anything even get that much money for that like 10 million bucks

► 01:18:00

as for a game so well they paid Floyd nine million dollars to fight that dumping in yeah I supposed to be part of that too yeah tension yeah yeah yeah nozick Iowa who's a bad motherfucker but he's tiny he's so small and a lot of people thought that fight was fixed with him and Floyd I was like no like even good for good like fight commentators thought that was fake I was like watch it again let's watch it again first Shrunk The Dude wait a hundred and twenty pounds

► 01:18:30

he fights a hundred and twenty-six pounds Floyd beat the fuck out of them he's so much bigger Floyd was so loose he just wanted just clubbed him in the head this that crazy when you fight fraud marijuana you must train like like you ever did but they didn't even give enough chance like that he was couple of months yes fatty yeah well you didn't have to get in shape for that guy look so it is way bigger than him way bigger I mean floors on a big man yeah it's way bigger than tension tensions tiny he's a tiny little

► 01:19:00

as but against those other hundred twenty pound guys he fucks those guys up he's really good very good very given in kickboxing yes very very very very interesting when fight he does like wild shit like weird spinning kick yes like Japanese fighter a very good like a second Oreos I'm sure one of my favorite fighter in Japan Japan yes yes and then twins brothers Yerba Korea Robbie and do you think I don't know it's it also damaging to tensions Legacy because

► 01:19:30

everybody thought he was a joke after Floyd that's what happens first no but if he led Floyd let him kick it would be a different fight that's what I was hoping I was hoping they were talking about a fight I was like it's going to be a kick boxing fight like maybe Floyd be so crazy that he said go ahead and kick let's see what's up fuck his legs up was a few Windows there's only been a few world champion boxers Vince Phillips remember when he fought he fought in Japan he fought massage

► 01:20:00

Otto Mossad romasanta fucked his legs up whack whack this guy was a boxer yes world champion coolants Phillips yeah see pull that up Vince Phillips versus masato and Vince was like at the end of his career is like 40 isn't gonna engine Vince fitted these American things American and masato just fucked his legs up and kicked his legs out from under him friends both I remember friends both that he fought Tyson there it is

► 01:20:31

Vince Phillips and you know Vince was just it was it was a fight was just a terrible idea and he's fighting Barefoot and supple I mean he really should have fought with shoes on just said I'm not going to kick because he wasn't gonna kick anyway but masato just fucked those legs up did it did it train like a kickboxer just one of the follow man I don't know because look he's getting lit up Shannon Briggs did to Shannon Shannon the cannon he went over there and he falls he's already done his Galen

► 01:21:01

I think it was K1 yes I mean they basically just set it up so you can use leg masato just foxes legs up and kicked into his arms and everything I mean masato barely tried to box with them and look at this is already done he can even punch anymore his arms are fucked up and then misato's treinen IAM I mean he's fucking those legs up man it's a like a master class in how to fuck up a world-class boxer with kicks see lick misato's already

► 01:21:31

he's get him to bite those faint sigh look at that leg kick right there oh you know he's done his leg is toast right now he can barely walk look how he's trying to walk around he's just hanging in there hanging in there he can't yeah and just there it is there it is there it is he's fucked look he's an Agony you can boom yeah the books and again the kickboxing oh you can't it's amazing people just don't know they really don't know they don't know what it feels like to be like kicked especially by a guy like you even a kickboxer

► 01:22:01

even me when I get Loki steer easy even the first one in the in the ring because you're in the locker room you just warming up you know and yeah but when you inside ring punches and kick is you feel I don't know maybe twice ten times more than in the gym it's not the same like a sparring and a fight this is not really the same no because of yeah the pressure the light the yeah

► 01:22:31

everything is different Shoring you know yeah everything even the the smell of of your opening body some people don't watch just so they stink when they fight they like to do Matt lindland apparently was famous for that he's to wrestle that way he's to not not wash himself and then like would guys would fight on the Billy what the fuck was one of them one of my lust open it it was thinking us fuck really I can say is you can't say his name

► 01:23:00

it wasn't Gloria I was like damn at the first one he clinched me I was like crazy you think they do that on purpose no I don't think so well it's a good more than things right it will fuck with your head a little bit know I was like what I think I can tell be a good move to smell really bad yeah maybe guys wouldn't want to have anything to do with you because I don't think they test for that something people would tie all on the gloves oh

► 01:23:31

is really one time when I fold in the in France the final of the tournament I was after the first one I was my skin was burning I was like blah seems like somebody put me your title on the face and the look in your eyes yeah and after the fight my coach told me call me you know this that team used to do that the put oil on them gloss for the first one and then they just push on the on the face on your eyes they just clean

► 01:24:00

a shoe and after the first one you fucked up like that's terrible screaming I don't know how people can do that if you win even if shall make the fight they don't test for that they don't check to make sure the times sometimes the referee smell the glove no no that was before it's a small organization okay not like Glory yeah you can't do this Glory no did you ever fight Muay Thai as well I foil to time yeah I'm with our rules to time to KO did you fight the same way your same style with

► 01:24:30

a lot of movement and a lot of woman yes but was was yeah old keyword the first are the first wrong as I said before I used to kill people first one I didn't care about I just go boom boom kill kill kill before Glory because now glories I love it Fighters it's not easy to knock them out

► 01:24:54

who do you who do you think like the best fighters in glory outside of you

► 01:24:59

outside of me what do you enjoy watching

► 01:25:02

if Nikolas still there I would say Nikki but a snake is not there anymore which fight I like to watch he's gone also Robin when whose melon yes really like he's gonna fight in MMA yeah he's got he's training in Florida with Henry huffed oh yeah yeah in Korean and that's what he told me yeah but now as a Reuben is gone a guy like to watch fight yeah

► 01:25:32

instead of butter Army but Baroni don't fight the that often yeah yeah I know there are many fighter I like so so we can look forward to you fighting again sometime around December hopefully yeah and then when you do decide to come to the UFC please come back and we'll talk about it and we'll make an announcement we make a big deal out of it what you mean I want when you do fight in the UFC and you leave Glory

► 01:26:02

you I want you to know I'm the best I'm the best in kickboxing I'm the best

► 01:26:32

in combat Sport and I can beat your champ and I can became become your next champ I'm the future you know I'm 26 all those people in in welterweight division arm hold or boring to watch so yeah I'm the future and I I really think I'm gonna I'm gonna beat anybody in that division well there's guys that you're going to have to fight first I'm just gonna be honest with you the

► 01:27:02

I'm not going to give you a title shot then I don't want to see you fight against a good fighter but they could give you a fight against a top ten Contender yeah that because like guys like kymaro Usman mean they earned their way of to be a champion of course you can't just jump in there I agree I'm but that's that's why he's my dream but a guy like Anthony Pettis yeah who's still an elite fighter but who just lost Nate Diaz that is possible that that's possible yeah if you came in with a lot of hype and

► 01:27:32

and you know and obviously glory is on UFC Fight Pass so they have an agreement with Glory so they could use your highlight reel of one child yeah yeah of course and we could sell it even Greek and talk with UFC and we can make something and I think yeah I don't think I will do it so yeah but is good and in special is a striker yes that's what makes it interesting yeah Paris would try to stand with you maybe but first Yea Yea as a confidence first I was thinking about Diaz because

► 01:28:02

I really like the way fight is so crazy yes and I think yeah if I fight and because also nobody could knock him out maybe I'm wrong but Josh Thompson knock them out yeah yeah you had kicked him yeah oh so far ahead kick I thought nobody could knock him off so that's what I wanted to be the first know Josh Thompson who's probably one of the most underrated fighters ever who was one of the very best in the world but then he left the UFC

► 01:28:32

UFC dropped a hundred fifty five pound division many many years back and he went over to strike force and became one of the best he's is absolutely one of the most unheralded professional fighters ever he's an elite elite fighter but he knocked out Nate Diaz with a head cold him yeah it's the only guy well he stopped him he dropped him with a head kick and then and finished him off I read the second one well maybe you'll be the first guy to submit him maybe

► 01:29:02

good luck with that yeah but listen man I'm a fan it was an honor having you in here I really appreciate your time and we're going to take some pictures you working out here of course yeah all right Cedric numbe ladies and gentlemen thank you brother thank you very much

► 01:29:16

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