How to Heal Emotional Injury & How Trust Works

Jun 2, 2017

If you use a wire brush to clean your outdoor grill – you should stop because someone could get hurt. I’ll start this episode by explaining why. Also, we don’t hesitate to treat physical wounds – but emotional wounds are things we tend to shrug off and assume time will heal – except sometimes it doesn’t. Psychologist Guy Winch author of the book Emotional First-Aid ( explores these wounds caused by failure, guilt and rejection and how to treat them. Then, your personal and professional success depends a lot on how well people can trust you. Consultant and speaker David Horsager, author of the book The Trust Edge ( ) explains how important trust is and how to be more trustworthy. Plus, look around and you will see a lot of fashion mistakes committed by men. We’ll discuss the big ones – according to Esquire magazine.

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