The Best Way to Find Someone to Love & How to Come Up With Better Ideas

Feb 12, 2018

So the dentist has you open your mouth wide and while he is poking around in there with sharp instruments, he asks you a question. Why? You can’t really answer. I’ll explain this and other fascinating things that go on in the dentist’s office.

Since it is Valentine’s week, I think you’ll enjoy hearing my discussion with Helen Fisher, author of the Anatomy of Love A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray  (  Helen has been studying how people connect, fall in love and stay in love and she has some great suggestions on where to go to find love and how to keep the spark alive in the long term.

Why do retail prices still end in 99 cents - as in $29.99? Do retailers still think we don’t know that $29.99 is closer to $30 than $20? It turns out that pricing strategy still works and I’ll explain why.

Everyone has creative ability. It’s just a matter of understanding your particular creative process and how to use it. That’s according to Roger Von Oech, author of the book, A Whack on the Side of the Head ( Roger has been studying, researching and speaking about creativity for years and he will help ignite your creative thinking to come up with better ideas.

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