Simple Strategies for a Fabulous Relationship & How to Develop Mental Toughness to Handle Hard Times

Oct 12, 2017

While it is hard NOT to get angry sometimes, anger can take a toll on your health and lifespan. I’ll discuss some research that explains what is and isn’t worth getting angry about.

Then, what does it take to have a happy relationship? You are going to hear some of the simplest, smartest and easiest advice to follow that can instantly start to transform your relationship. And it comes from Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret ( Her website is

Also, you’ll learn about phubbing – or maybe it is spelled pphubbing. Anyway, it’s how your cellphone can mess up your relationship and it affects a lot of people - maybe even you.

And what makes some people mentally tougher than others. Psychotherapist Amy Morin, a columnist for Forbesand Psychology Today has had to learn the hard way. She went through some difficult times where mental toughness was a requirement. She is author of the book The 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do ( and she has some terrific insight into how to handle the inevitable tough times that life dishes out.

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