Are You Unknowingly Sabotaging Yourself? & The Amazing Story of the World’s Sand Shortage

Aug 20, 2018

When you have pain – you want it to go away. While taking a pill or two can help ease the pain, there are some other interesting and unconventional ways to ease pain that have been proven to work. This episode begins with those and at least most of them will likely be new to you.

Self-sabotage is when you set a goal, attempt to achieve it and in the process screw the whole thing up all by yourself. Seems rather pointless, yet everyone does it according to Pat Pearson author of the book, Stop Self-Sabotage Listen as Pat explains why people do it and how to stop – and it all has to do with what she calls your “deserve level.” Her website is

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” No doubt you have heard that before but what does the science say? Just how important is breakfast in terms of health and weight loss? Listen to hear these surprising findings.

I know it sounds crazy but we have a serious sand shortage on this planet. When you hear that you may think – “Wait a minute, what about all the sand at the beach and in the desert?” Well it turns out to be more complicated than you ever imagined and this sand shortage is impacting your life in ways you didn’t realize. Vince Besier has explored the sand shortage and written a book called The World In A Grain What he has to say will fascinate you. 

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