The Best of Something You Should Know, Episodes 1-70. Moments You May Have Missed

Oct 16, 2017

Since this is episode 113, and since the audience for this podcast has grown so large over the past several months, it occurred to me that many listeners haven’t heard many of the earlier episodes. So, for this episode, I went through the first 70 episodes and picked out some of the best, most interesting moments. Then if any of those moments sound intriguing, I have put the links below to the original episodes if you would like to hear the entire episode.


Topics & Links in This Episode

Physical Intelligence with Thalma Lobel. Podcast Episode 69

Life Hacks with David Pogue Podcast Episode 13

Safety Rules with Tracey Brown Podcast Episode 23

Smart Machine with John Markoff Episode 37

Selling Your Stuff with Aaron Lapedis Episode 58

The Risks in Life with Amram Shapiro Episode 43

Exercise Myths with Gretchen Reynolds Episode 52

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