What Really Motivates You & The Science of Chocolate and Weight Loss

Jan 28, 2017

What motivates you? Money is probably high on the list. But it is important to realize that there IS a list. Money isn’t the only thing. In fact money can sometimes be a de-motivator. So you see it’s complicated. Here to explain it is Dan Ariely,he is a professor at Duke University, and author of the book Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivation. He has some great stories of how motivation works that involve IKEA Furniture, Intel and AARP. Also, is it better to praise kids for the intelligence or praise them for their efforts? Some interesting science has a fascinating answer. If you have kids, this is worth hearing. Plus, chocolate and weight loss? I know it sounds like a fad diet but there is some science behind the health benefits of eating chocolate – and one of those benefits is weight loss. Will Clower, a doctor of neuroscience and author of the book Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight explains how and why chocolate is so good for you if you eat the right kind – and in the right amount. Finally, why unhappy people are so unhappy. It turns out that unhappy people often get stuck being unhappy because of certain behaviors that keep them stuck. You’ll discover what those behaviors are and what to do to break out of them.

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